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Standard Directive 001: Take Control

2023-10-02 | 🔗

Standard directive 01.

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Our minds are their pliable aramis minds, reliable and desirable have some people have more pliable. My. Than others, but our minds or pliable and weaken, influenced by our environment. That's what happens Music words that you read movies, box, social media. The news, the people you're out family friends, people who work with you. getting inference. That's what's happening! Think about. How you feel when you hear some aggressive music think about that, you might say you hear aggressive musicale sharply alone, but after all, Here some Sapien music or some party type music. It impacts It influences the way. You're thinking
Movies. Can change your mood, but I mean everyone. That you watch some movie. You too happy movies a sad movie its Action movie. it reinforces the way. You're thinking you, your friends, you have friends that, like to party right d like to go out there like to drink and go out to the clubs you're. Almost people also new start feeling that little urge, Other friends it or disciplined bay Gonna go to Jim early in the morning. They make you want to work out. So these are examples we might not be thinking about them. But if you think about them, you know their obvious. And this is happening all day long. This happening long, our minds are morphing from a two minute. If we let them.
If you are not paid attention, if you are on a cruise control Then you're your mind is not under your own control. We can't being cruise control You can't let your mind being cruise control. You have to be cognizant of what you're thinking to be calm, is you have to be aware? how you are being enforced. Because in this day and age right now, if you are careful, you can slide down the path of least resistance, the path path to weakness, the path to fragility and the path to a lack of control as to what is happening in our lives. it's in your life. Life will happen to you instead of life happening for you,.
Do not allow that do not allow that you have to take control. You gotta do something to get control of your brain of your mind. You gotta check yourself, I don't care how you do it. I don't care. If you eve you set an alarm every. Forty five minutes. We can all your thoughts. You can audit what is influencing you seen control its influence in you control the thing. If you think about you, Actually, control how you feel you can control what you think and you can deftly control what you do. Do not be a slave to influence. You gotta, be the master of your mind. You gotta control your mind,
You gotta exercise, mind control. That means you have to pay attention and be aware all day. That's what you gonna do so go execute.
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