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Standard Directive 002: You're The General. You Give The Orders.

2023-10-03 | 🔗

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You are the general that is in charge your life in charge of the war, the war of your life. Some people talk about being the ceo of your life, I'm telling you you are the general of your life because it's a war, it's a war going on the battle, that's going on in your life to be stronger and smarter and faster and better. So that means, as the general you're, the one who decides what you do and how you gonna. Do you come up with a strategy on you?
You create the tactics you as the general in charge. You make the plan and you give the orders to the troops. That's what you do you direct them, because you are the general, but you gotta remember this. You are also the troops. You are also the troops in your life. you have to both plan and you have to execute the the ideas that you come up with as the general in charge. Your also the troops that have to make those plans happened just like on the battlefield,
Sure the general comes up with a plan, but it's the soldiers that fight for you as a person you have to do both. We often forget that. We often forget that we don't remember that we actually have to execute the plant a lot of people Forget that. So I have a thing that I do that I find it makes it easier. to do this. If I separate those two elements in my head right, I separate those two elements in in my head. How do I do I write down things that need to happen? I write the orders to myself task lists that The general in me ass, a general me doing the right.
This is what will you do? Here's the plan, here's, what we've got to make happen and then the soldier receives the ores. The soldier sees them, the soldier reads them and then the soldier executes the soldier doesn't ask questions. The soldier doesn't complain the soldiers, I hesitate the soldier executes. Are you gonna get that soldier port of your brain, working better before. We are supposed to do execute. So that's what you need to do. You need to say. Britain clearly understand those two parts, your brain, the general and the soldiers?
when the general and the soldiers both do. What they're supposed to do. That's a united front and that's an unstoppable force. That's discipline up and down the chain of command, and that is how wars are one. So we, the general, be the soldiers and go win. The war.
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