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Standard Directive 004: Turn Off Auto-Pilot

2023-10-05 | 🔗

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Listen don't be on like auto pilot. I it's really easy to slide into auto pilot mode right But whatever the god now, these these super crews controls where the cars drive in itself will. Don't do that with your life, don't get on the road and just kind of let the car dr itself, don't do that because when that's happening you're not directing what's going on you're, not in control anymore, you're, just drifting, you aren't steering the car or the plane whatever it's not go
where you wanted to go. It's just going wherever it's going, just random, unintentional inadvertently, moving forward with no actual direction. Don't let that happen with you
Wife, it's easy for that to happen. It's it's actually easy tests to find yourself with your life on some kind of a cruise control super cruise control, auto pilot scenario- you you do somethin whatever you take some action. You do something in a day and the next day the kind of work yesterday. So you do it today, you repeat that action, and then you repeated again and that little repetition forms a pattern and the pattern becomes a routine and the routine becomes a rut and it's hard to get out of a run. Now, of course, there are patterns that you can form there are routine
But you can develop their habits, that you can get of good behaviour. Of course, waken up working out eating clean writing. Reading working, you can form those habits as well and if you form those types of routines that our power it behaviour or positive habits in every good job, but the habits. that you dont intentionally form you gotta watch out for those they don't take. You anywhere positive, they'd drift down the path of least resistance, and you know what they're not obvious there obviously creep up on you. You might not even notice these little patterns that you ve developed.
Because they come on gradually and they feel comfortable rightly put your mind at ease- we're always more comfortable doing something that we ve already done before. So they lower you in but they're, not helping you they're, not helping you'd author hurting you so snap, out of that, get out of that rock tore off them. Pilot and wrap the wheel. steer your habits and your routines and steer your life in the direction you actually want to go. Take control and drive.
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