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Standard Directive 008: The Good Things Add Up

2023-10-10 | 🔗

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Listen when you make mistakes, they add up, they add up one mistake, compounds and leads to another which leads to another and they can lead you to a downward spiral of destruction. Here's the thing you know what else adds up the positive things: the good moose, the small sacrifices that you make to do things right, the just means needed to correct problems. The daily discipline required to get you where you want to get to those Little positive things add up to. And it's obvious as we know it, but here's
Why don't we do them, but are we know well as because in most cases it because they add up slowly, the arab so slowly, but you don't really know Mr results, right up one day in the gym. One day in the gym is basically imperceivable. Two days in the gym, you don't record nice any change whatsoever. A hundred days, he's in the gym and you're almost new person right. You seen those before and after pictures one day, a playing guitar. Why They play guitar. You can barely play one court a hundred days of practicing guitar and you can play literally almost any an hour of writing.
an our writing. You you've, gotta short kind of junkie, thousand word essay, a hundred hours of writing and you got yourself a whole book. So we let these things slip because it takes so long to see the progress we let them slip and when we, No do them, it becomes zero times. A hundred or zero times a thousand and that nets out to his europe. We You do anything it adds up when you do nothing, it amounts to zero. So take the small steps every day do which are supposed to do and don't expect,
some incredible results in one day or two days or ten days worth while things take a hundred days, they take five hundred days, maybe take five thousand days. They take time, but its little steps that add up. So so put in the daily effort, let that be your reward reward yourself feel gratification from knowing you move the meal. Even you a little bit rome, wasn't built in a day. the the grand canyon, took,
millions of years to form and whatever it is. You want to do, isn't going to happen in one day you have work to do, and I know it's just a little bit. I know it's just a little tiny movement forward, but that work is what it takes so go. Do it.
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