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Standard Directive 013: If You HAVE To Say Something, Ask an Earnest Question

2023-10-18 | 🔗

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I often recommend that you talk less, they think before you open your mouth but face it. There's gonna be times when you really feel the need to say something. You want to make a point, or you want people to hear your side of things And when that happens- and you feel like you really have to say something- let me make another recommendation, some think first, but if you really feel like you need to make a statement that you know hasn't value instead of making a statement instead, try asking questions. Try asking in earnest
instead of saying. I don't think this plan will work. Ask something like pay. What is the exact outcome that we're looking for you ask and earnest question instead of saying that doesn't make any sense as something like a mushroom sure. I'm correctly, can you explain it again. instead of making a statement, this is dumb. Try asking Are you sure this is really the best way to move forward so you're. asking questions earnest question. I dunno about you, run our sitting there saying that doesn't make any sense right. Why would I ask a questions wreck person, people's need to deal with that maximum
Effective way to let people know what you're thinking just tell em. Well, unfortunately, people most people, they don't like confrontation. and when they get hit with confrontation, vague defensive and they stop listening, and we don't move forward, so don't do that. Instead, Ask an earnest question at an earnest me. that you mean question you're, actually asking what the outcome is that we're looking for you're actually asking for something to be explained again, because you are following your actually really wondering if this is the best way to move something forward, if you're not asking it or question. If you don't really mean the question You sound like you're. accusing people or you asking leading questions and accusing people were asking leading questions also makes people defensive,
so be careful, don't attack people, don't be offensive? Don't criticism? People with your tongue instead ask oh no questions will lead you to solutions.
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