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Standard Directive 019: Don't Get Behind The Power Curve

2023-10-26 | 🔗

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Don't get behind the power curve, the something then I heard first in this, The teams- and I heard a lot when I was in a sealed teams- and I didn't know where it came from in the beginning, but it's a term that pilots use pilots flying airplanes. If you get into a situation where you don't have enough power, to give the aircraft the speed that it needs to stay in the air, then you're, goin down, you're gonna go down, and if you have enough altitude, if you're high enough above The ground to point your nose down and gain enough speed using gravity, give you left, then you can recover. But if you don't have enough altitude, you are going to crash and burn now. National teams When we talked about being behind the power curve, we didn't mean it in this technical aircraft.
kind of way, but it had a similar meaning. You see you have all kinds of things to do in your preparing for a mission. You have to prepare all kinds of gear, weapons and radios and boats in odors and parachutes all kinds stuff, and then you the plan for the mission that mean have to figure out the emigration routes in the communication plans and the actions at the objective itself and contingency plans and escape innovation plans, and then, on top of that, if the present but com set of the operation of the chain of command get approvals. Have to rehearse the mission. Do walkthroughs walkthroughs, and you have to do so many other things when you are prepared for emission gear inspections in radio checks and weapons test fire there's so much to do, and on top of that you have a timeline. you have a timeline, because the target,
ass, to be hit at a certain time it has to be hit s short time because of Coordination with other units or intelligence that you ve gathered or the calculus of many hours of darkness. There are and much time. You actually have to get to the target and back awaken target in the dark So you have a timeline that you have to make. And if you don't pay attention you get behind the power curve. You get a point where you have too much to do and not I have time to do it and when that happens, you gonna crashing burn so stay ahead.
of the power curve. You should feel that power curve on your back. Don't slack often procrastinate, don't don't debate things that don't matter don't let factionalism eat up all of your time? Don't sit around, don't pontificate, get things done. get things done on time and on target and stay ahead of the power curve.
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