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Standard Directive 022: You're Gonna Want To Write That Down

2023-10-31 | 🔗

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If you're having trouble getting things done, write those things down, write them down, write them down, not on an app not on a computer document or a spreadsheet, get a notebook and write the things down that you need to do, And then draw little boxes, traveller boxes in front of each task And ideally, actually do. before you go to bed at night. for you go to sleep at night right now,. what you are supposed to do tomorrow, right down the things that you have to do to get. where you want to be right, Things down right down those tasks, and you can you can put him in order of importance or you can put them in order chronologic
We have how you plan to get them done throughout the deck, doesn't really matter your figure out what works for you later, but for now do this write them down in a list put a box in front of each task that you need to complete and then, when you wake up the next day, start executing the list and start checking those boxes. That is how you get things done.
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