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The Debrief w/ Jocko and Dave Berke #21: How You See People Outside Of Work Effects How You Work With Them At Work.

2022-02-01 | 🔗

Mind your persona outside of work.

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The city Joggled Debrief, podcast episode. Twenty one with day Birchen me Jocker, willing, Dave Burke, let's debrief what you got How you look at people outside of your organization makes a huge difference in how you work with them. Inside of your orders, and so it is a situation we ve got an elder. We ve been working with for a while. I was you and actually a full day workshop with them, so it their leadership and management team is like me in fifteen there, folks and this company. they do? Postproduction for a small aircraft builder so this company built aircraft people by the aircraft from the company, but they have six or seven companies around the country. The deuce until the aftermarket updates, some upgrades and makes a modifications and stuff so the work that these smaller companies do. This company that we are working with his one of these companies have to do
really precise job meeting the specifications of this large aircraft company. So when the clients, the customers get their product, it's exactly how its post me it's an airplane, so very tight tolerances, chair. So parent company to make sure that these other smaller companies doing this after production work that that to me first, on correctly, they sat and inspector. So then Spectre, goes round of these small companies and make sure that all the set up in all the work that are being done, myth that specification. So they know the cutters many happy. So this company, we're working with, is having a problem with this inspector, because as they describe him, he's super condescending and hard to get along with So the question is: how do we deal with this guy? so the way to describe the situation a sky shows up in these kind of got like a checklist list, tenant clipboard, all these things that he's looking freakin inspector he's an. I was an inspector. How would have clipboards all over the place, a checklist solely man I have a small steel ruler.
I know what I'm saying small steel rule is arbitrary, measured, some stuff, that's what this guy. Does man, so he goes around he's looking at their shop and how their tools or set up as it marked correctly house, all the safety procedures and he's also got this publication is manual. That's really use a sort of the guidelines in this manuals. Maybe does cover all the details, so they have the sense that he applies and subjectivity com. It's not a manual he's gotta come up with how it should be. He'll come in one month and say: hey this. What I need he'll come back the next month, and even of its not on the manual he'll make a change to the moving the goalposts, so they say every time he comes any move the goalposts and the dish, as if this guy goes out of his way to find things wrong. And at the end of his two day trip bring the whole leadership team in here into Office and then a lecture them on how they need to do a better job and there's a single rapid, this company, that sort of the Liese on for this guy, and he is the one that asked a question
This relationship is a nightmare. How can I this guy, to stop being a jerk, that's the direct question. This situation, this inspector, this guy, and how do we make this guy? Stop being such a jerk? the solution of the answer. Is you actually care make this guy do anything. What you can do is actually We can change our viewpoint. We can change our perspective, we can some ownership of what he has to say and actually try to make this guy part of the team so when we started talking about the way to solve this. The motion Morton thing I wanted to start with was how does our team view this outside guy? From this other But what is the review of that and so even asked us it hey? What are you think this guy's number one deep down. What do you think this guy's number? One real goal? Is comes. What are you really trying to do so? They went around the room, MRS Sommer things. They said he's here to find problems he's here to make us look bad
He wants to show us that he is in charge. He wants to talk down to us and they could tell- and I think you're doing is probably what I was doing. They can tell from the look on my face and my reaction that their answers probably warrant exactly right. until someone on the team finally said something that I thought was was pretty awesome. Remember? Even where she was sitting sitting back corner, she had a stand up. to be heard- and she said he's here to help us and everybody stopped turned round, and I'm ok say that again she was he's here to help us and in that way That was that is the line that sort of made everybody realised that we can change. Our view of him and so listen. If you ve got, inspector is like in this case. If you ve got sub contractors, people outside of your team at the coming to work with you, you
necessarily control, how the hour, how they act, how they talk, but you can one hundred percent control how you look at them, how you view them and how you perceive them that led us into doing some Way, and we can walk through some scenarios and the first area was he in of pushing back against all the things that he said. What have we took ownership of it, of his criticism and feedback for us. What have we took ownership and things he said and said: yeah you're right. We can fix those things. And instead of moving the goalposts are accusing him a boon moving the goalposts. What have we thanked him for digging deeper than the manual said and exposing some places where we can actually get better. Even if it's not written down, we talked about hey what, if every single time he showed up here, we thanked him for the work that he did and took his input on board and try to correct them And what have we listened to his condescending rance?
and instead of like sitting, there are their chairs with arms for the king Mcwhirter. We took note and wrote them down and. What would happen if the relationship of we did all those things with the rights of get better? What to get worse, and there is an argument that this publication of that we want to make input to this publication a we should be able to influence this publication in and make it more clear what of good relations with and make it easier or harder to change that publication and if we had a better relations, would we do better or we do worse on these inspections, and then I can, I ask: other question to us? What do you think this guy is like his day to day life for this guy? Is this? Guy gets in a plane, flies seven different locations once a month all around the country, and what do you think he's met with an ass and that message his life. Isn't this guy's life is a nightmare. This guy works for them company he's, given it
clear and illicit things each. I fly around the country to make sure these other companies do exactly what they are supposed to do and more than likely, none of these companies are bone relations them their pushing back. The arguing, there's friction and it's probably understandable why he is the way that he is so what which echo. Why don't we take some ownership? Why don't we build a good relationship and what are we make it our goal, that of those seven companies he worked with. He actually likes arts, the best that were his favorite place to be where the people one's work. With what happened to us and what would happen to that relationship? If that's the viewpoint that we took root then try to get him to stop being the way that he was. What have we took ownership of how we were in charge prove the relation there and apply that solution to the problem makes sense yeah makes mercy in this before it makes. Perfect sense is just so funny the what one
I've done before that you did mention it is you got close, but some I would gain things so that's it, the next level and maybe maybe because you're dealing with professionals when I would game, if I think, that's probably dealing with like Michael Tune, not that my platoon wasn't rational, but their young there just more before who breaks if you could have fun with it with the other. Interesting thing is when you was that the? U rattle buffer list of you know when when his court, showing us show trying to show us he's in charge or court talking down to us, are called make us look bad. Those those. When will you feel those feelings about? Someone else does such obvious? indicator that your ego is being offended and you just need look. Is there a point, zero, four percent chance that this guy is legitimately just a jerk,
there is there that possibilities exist in the world and its. I don't even like to say that, because. well, the chances are they aren't and here's the thing, even if they were that person. what's the best way to handle that its by being cool it's by due to what you said like hey imagine when somebody's going to tell you something and you take out a notebook and and and write down what they said. That is such a powerful tool on nine ten different levels. The number one in two levels- number one you actually are taking me from Asia. Europe builder hold onto it take action on a number two telling them. I really care about what you're saying enough to put it in eternal documentation summer right this down Which is awesome and then thank you. Why
a incredible jujitsu tool that is to take somewhat too too, to maneuver And make someone make someone attitude, someone who's coming at you, someone who's hostile to say? Thank you. I appreciate that feed back. I'm writing it down such an incredible to people. Don't use it yeah and to your point, those tools work everywhere, part of this problem mesh initially, as they had the sense of Oh, this guy doesn't work for us, so we have the normal tool available. But to your point, is that actually doesn't matter? You don't have to use that technique, because it's not really a make it, how you should be, whether to Nazi guy inside Guy, your Bostra supported your peers, whatever it might be, so the
thing about that. Was it also Sir dispelled the idea that while we have to interact differently when their outside the company, could we not have these traditional mechanisms to get people to stop being the way that they are listen to people treat them with respect to check all the same things apply and the other think about that as it I'm sitting there sort of facilitating this discussion, the feedback, how she came from inside its federal, saying, hey, he's here to help us He's here to help us find mistakes, so we don't deliver something to customers, pangs of time, money and and that they end up I'm happy because we didn't do these things and that perspective on its own, the part about was cause. There's about a month in between my onsite visits with em an inside those two visits they had this guy come out and I might say, like others I for one. Eighty, but I joint, listen to them talk about. He was kind of startled at at at how nice they weren't, and even this liaison sort of apologized and just how easy it was to get moving in there
direction with God. Just by doing exactly said, you hey man, thanks for being here, pretty these inputs What wrote down this roman effects when you come back, we're gonna, get this thing taken care of and he's like? Oh that's, ok, great seen a month so One the path is almost one right on good stuff right. What's an excellent report similar in the vein of relationships because you are in charge Does it mean that everybody's going beyond borders? Your plan, you used me to build relationships up and down the chain. Any still need to pay. Attention was going on around here somewhere. This one up and talk about it, but I also want to talk to you about some things that heard you discuss in the past and I think it was when you are working for the admiral I get to adjust. minute. But this is a situation here. Where were we? going directly for a small company and the president of this, company brought us in. So if there's a big international company that owns, I don't know why separate smaller companies he's the president of one of those smaller companies here in the eye,
dates we work with him. We haven't been with him for too long. he's relatively new to the company, but he's kind of putting Georgian and has what he feels like a lot of free rein or run this the smaller company that he's he's in charge of an issue. He gets into the seed? Is the presidency starts making some fairly big changes he's making a lot of personnel changes and they were firstly well received, but they were expire if he was off boarding bunch people bring new people making a lot of internal changes inside of the organization, and he wasn't quite aware of it- is starting to create some friction and in a few months, basically, because of of the cost of what was happening. Is the border actors, so this parent company kind of came in shut him down, shut down his plants and the hardest part. Him about this is that they did it publicly, and so what happened was as he's making these changes a letter, comes down from the parent company boards of directors. That says hiring freeze, lateral movements are frozen, and so
he's on this email. So what's the email to the whole companies like a hundred twenty people, all the at this email surrounded him. Get a letter. His boss, in hey man, we needed doing this aid. The whole company just mean his whole, his yet this one small company of a hundred twenty people, so pretty public thing come straight from the board of directors and it's a hit it big hit for this guy kind of shuts down as agenda cousin Roper around the chain and he had the sense of he had a lot less influence and less power to do what he wanted, then thought- and he was blindsided by this. He didn't see this income at cop things to think about here one is hate. Listen, and I saw this in the military others in my time, in the military. A lot is, you can be in charge, but you always have a box and maybe the bosses and therewith you maybe that bosses in another country, maybe that boss of that another company, maybe that bosses at a different location, but you, the President s company, you are completely autonomous, you got some leadership and you have to maintain a good
they should with, and it's not a licence to operate on your own, and I saw this especially when I was in the thirty five is as running this ep. Thirty five squadron and nobody knew what was going on now about the airplane. Nobody knew what I was doing. Nobody had any perspective or insight because you know about the airplane, but that didn't you, just ignored my leadership and my boss was, on a whole, another hold different base, and you talk a little bit about, this, even when you're italian bruisers, your boss, wasn't there with you at short base or likely, your boss was, I thinking in foods revolution. And my boss was an AL these seventy miles away. and obviously there, some some things about that. There are important, of course, you gotta, keep your leadership and Lupi gotta. Keep them aware, you gotta keep them, onboard through planning, gonna work up as much as you have to work down. But Something I wanted to talk about a little bit too is, Sometimes, when you're doing the right thing, when you are making the right move, doing the right thing and you have an agenda that is actually what, in the best sense of the company that doesn't always
that everybody else's onboard other people have their own agendas. Other people have their own plans and I think you called it the little Other of alignment was agenda. Something along those lines and an agenda by itself is a bad thing. Having an agenda is ended up, isn't a bad thing, but sometimes agendas can actually be a problem with they are moving in different directions if they were somewhat self serving or or not aligned with your particular agenda, and you have to be aware of the people around. You haven't agenda and my tent here is to reveal that somehow his boss had a negative agenda. Its erect is that what makes to you. What seems right, what seemed the best interests, the team other don't always have that same perspective. You have to be aware that even when you are in charge even sell, even you to be the seal, you so
the recognizes the people around, you may not be on board at your plans. Have to be aware of that, and I think I'm right, but I remember you talk about having to think strategically for your admiral on what other leadership had it in the best interests of their teams, because yeah the milk, all one big thing, but the service can I want things for themselves, their navy wants to the Navy to be in charge them. Wrinkle wants the marine corps to be in charge in these relationships are high levels you beware of other people's agendas and how other maneuvering here's here's a cool thing to do and if a smart thing to do in? You got your little agenda whatever it may be, and then. Your boss, has his agenda whatever. That may be guess what the best thing to do it, support your bosses agenda that that's now is there a chance that your bosses agenda so far removed in the direction where you believe You should be going with your team that
makes no sense whatsoever. There is a chance but generally speaking in any organization the Bored and organizations are trying to move in the same direction as the as the elevated parts Organization, the others know. There's no device and in a company, that's like a we're over here. Trying to lose money is needed. An accomplice in hey we're trying to treat our people badly. That's that's not happening, so If my boss has agenda, that's a little bit different, I might I might make a just minced my agenda so that We come in a little bit cleaner, so here's but when we got to remedy, don't we want working from my commanding officer at first you're working for another commanding officer for like two weeks so that way. They do trip big or legal relief in place there. Subordinate units replace the other support its leader, the other sporting unit before the senior leaders
get replaced so. I ruined there anymore for the seal, the commanding officer of seal teamwork. and I know, but I dont know well and one of one of my guys who I was friends with whose seal who, then there was your team one and working for me, officer he gives me this piece of Intel? He says hey This commanding officer is guilty one. He loves the. He loves interpreters. He loves air arabic culture heating, Our interpreters are so important And so you might want to talk about the interpreters little bit, so I said cool my commanding officer from tilting three, and the commanding officer Jilting one came out for a brief from me when I turned over I gave probably a ten slide. Brief six of the slides work individually, profiling, each one of the interpreters, and we had and talk about the importance of interpreters and talk about how they bring this dynamic capability, the battlefield malva stuff- and it was all true
it was all true is really smart. It was also the most full support, for the commanding officer from voting ones agenda, and so he literally, was like you get it what's going on here and as it were that thank you, sir. and when we submitted that night you operations to go out and do a direct action mission. What do you think he said Andrews approved? He didn't mean to see anything else from me. I aligned with what he was doing, It made sense. It wasn't like he was saying: hey what we you do is, you know, go out and where freakin orange strobe lights on our heads, he wasn't saying that he wouldn't say that he noticed a particular mobility that we had. He realized the power of it, and I said, oh, that's, a great capability. I agree boom. here's what I wanna brief you on shore I tell you our capability Cemetery Army, snipers, we have, but they know what else we have. We ve got the insured, We get a great turnover for
your guys. They gave us great turnover and that meant we were alike that meant we did a bunch of operations for that commanding officer. So, by the time my commanding officer took over, we done, a bunch of ops and he felt comfortable what we're doing a bomb we continued. There was no, there are no lag, there's no gap, so I think that's a in port. Thing like you said: you want to understand other people's agendas, give a common example I give this is you know you got laid and you got staff in in drug to dump too and if we only had ten set night vision both leaf and south are gonna want all that night, this being a want of all and there to be pulling for. All of each of them will come to. Happily be like a jockey, nor think my balloon really be better with the night vision it uses comes in hay brought there, but I think we'd be better and that's what they're gonna set are you gonna have a natural, positive ten
in your organization of people's better fighting for their own departments, divisions, platoons. Whatever teams and that's ok as long as they don't undermine Baxter lie in order. To improve their own position. If labour camp comes in, the case does Haydock, we know what the types of braced, we're doing here and Charlie Opportune, we're doing mostly night operations? We're going out on these direct action missions at night says doing over watches during the day. It just doesn't make sense. Ok, that's a legitimate! if staff cut comes to me and says: hey you know, when we maneuver into our over watch positions with, we can be blacked out, we're gonna be way more clandestine. Once you do in a direct, if to indirect actions, but guess what? reductions loud and they're, making noise anyway you're the most well used. Whether these are by the false arguments is don't happen, but if it happened there just,
presenting cases you and that's. Ok. Now, Wave comes to meet, as you said, guys, didn't even site in their lasers. They dont does, and that was a lie than we got. A problem is undermining its ally. So what I have to do is to work through the natural tension. That is to exist and then I have to get. I have to present alignment To the team and say, hey here's the decision. I made what what do you. Wanna do a month of night ops, a month day, ops and using a flip club and that's what it whatever but I've got to align. Those agendas because those agendas are going to exist, and agendas are ok, you mentioned this that again, This can start going off course. Can only go so far off course. If you're ultimately aligned if we're ultimately aligned. Go now we'll. Go off course anymore: they will never touch you get here. What else? Why am, I think, I'm missing whatever you are talking about when I was working for the animal, the teams
recollection was is, is there's a there's almost assent, sometimes of competition amongst teams at that the best example. I can come up with an end, and maybe I'm a misplaced in that it was something you saw when you're in the EU the annual, but you would go into these meetings with. I thought you did or I've seen them where each other services there is represented, You know the Navy's there to advocate for the Navy and army. Is there an advocate for the army and the money is there to advocate for the Marines an end in the big picture? Yes, we're on the same team, but you would see sometimes that and sabotage Just two strong aboard, but that they would manipulate the discussion to make sure there agenda, which was a sport thrown team, ended up being supported and coming in with this altruistic idea, like hey here's, the assets, I have here's the experience. I have used the turning of I'm in the best interests to do this, and it is actually the right thing doesn't mean ever rouse him go. Oh yeah, hey Jacko, you're, right you see people manoeuvring to go yet Jacques US
but better suited than I am for this body exactly and more than anything it just the awareness of that is, you know, want to walk in blind the idea, The other people going to push for their agenda does they're trying to sabotage it is built on a submarine you but you gotta be aware of that, you can't go in there. Thinking oh that guy would never do that that like actually used be prepared for him to do that, and so just that awareness of people manoeuvring for their agendas, you can run up against. You can get closer like we're getting close to this actually isn't. It was a message for the team, but just because your pay, The best plan doesn't mean everybody else can go. Yeah Hey boss? We should do it the Navy way the army's is going to cause roll over and give you what you want. You sign it happened. I didn't know your talk about that big picture. Yes, because there were times when I was in the Pentagon, and I was sitting meeting yes and- it needs to be the ultimate fly on the wall. Job is Vienna is being an aid, so yeah, I would be in meeting, and you could see those things happening Clearly the army would.
The best for this or the marine corps would be the best for that or the Navy would be the best for this, and you can see that. so a Kate, sometimes homesick, we sometimes there would be. You know what makes the most sense. Sometimes that would happen. Sometimes it was well, but So that is a good warning. It's a good thing to think about being right. It has its limits yeah I like that being right, has its limits, so this is a lesson for him. The kind of clothes out was this one hurt. You know this. This set him back a little bit, but the lesson of hate you gotta pay attention that we describe and when you elevate to ultimate position that you want rear and charged. It doesn't change the dynamic of relationships and alignment still are critical. You may interesting and if you got- this level detail of them, but why did the? Why did Abad stop this and why?
it could have been. Was here's this prayer, It comes on board starts going, okay, I'm to make some vestige spent the money there might have been some one of these other guys at one of these pure companies. These sister companies was that would have given him all this money for that and it might have been totally legitimate, the wealth, Oh he's just taken over. They gotta go into this market area, but this other guys go negative. I should get that money. You should let him higher more people. You're. Not! Let me hear more people. I need those envy jeez exactly at so and then what is the border instead of they just shut it down? You might the easiest move for them freakin does makes sense, doesn't make sense on Fourchan. It is not only is. It is not a closing argument. Were you a case caused on that one hundred times, It doesn't make sense, Roger we're, going or slower sold. I gotta tagline for you you're an attack,
my tagline is don't believe everything you believe dont believe everything you believe I was I've been reading a bunch of now. I guess it's nothin. You I've been reading about your mom and read a bunch of Mcnamara and about Mcnamara and J F K and L B, J and war thing I was focused on a little bit lately wishes the events I was. I was reading some stuff unless some interviews with Mcnamara about some of the events that led, the Vietnam WAR, or at least events that led to this escalation in the Vietnam WAR. One of those events that led greatly To the escalation of the war in Vietnam was the Gulf of Tonkin events these, tax airports around attacks that happened.
I, the North vietnamese Navy against american ships and look I'm not gonna. Do a jackal full rendition right now and give like the full rendition of what happened or attacks on August secondaries attacks on August forth. This was nineteen sixty four. The first attack that took place. in hindsight was an actual legitimate attack. These needs. We are these of nor feed me Navy boats they attacked, they shot torpedoes, directed, torpedo, boats, little torpedo, boats actually read about them. They could, if they could travel fifty knots and that the Americans they could check, were bigger ship that can we travel like twenty twenty two twenty five knots of something like this any ways they fight? torpedoes they fired machine guns at these at this amount the ship? The? U S, Maddox and in kind of broke contact and James Stockdale, was overhead and attacked the vessels as they were gone away.
so it was, and it was the whole engagement was about twenty two minutes. So a twenty two minute naval battle, between small. But U S, Navy, shipping of Anne and three nor feed. ships, so that happens, but it was sort of unexpected. because it was unexpected was like waiting basic. Why? What just happened? It's like when somebody slap you in the face for no reason: you're: u dont immediately. You may not immediately upon some actual level what just happened or somebody that you do not expect comes up and verbal. He starts going off about something and you are not prepared for that. You, so you sort of don't even believe that happen, and you can hear people say that, because I can't believe He just said that they comes in here yells at me- walks out- I look at. I can't believe he just did that right I mean you came in and you say
the socks. I keep believe you're gonna do this. I got you went berserk totally out of character for you you to walk out like a dude. I can't believe you just did that. I can't believe he just did that and guess what? Basically, We believe it happened, it happened, but we did what we believe it happened and it wrapping our minds again around this. What had happened on August second and on August forth. This there's another air quotes attack and this attack. It has navy. U S Navy vessels firing at targets on radar for up for a couple hours for two hours There, the: U S, Navy, is engaging targets at sea well. There was no targets out there. There was whether,
there was bad weather. There were storms, the way radar works. It can pick up things strangely, these guys were hyped up about what had gone down a couple days before Admiral Herrick who's, the guy that was over there on scene, reported back that the eventually reported back. That the all this fire was due to court, freak weather end quote, were eager sonar met. So- you're a zone, our guy you're a norm and two days ago you get like hey that there isn't it. You think it was an attack on their wasn't attack. We propose an attack so now you're you're, watching radar block closer and you start to believe like there's. Only someone attacking Us- and you believe, that way. The second there's a movement over there on my radar hey we need to send, wants freakin bombs at that thing, so hope, so that's what they did they, had a two hour, see battle and by the way also Stockdale was up in the air again
but nothing out there. I'm laughing, but it's not funny, guess what within thirty May, of this gun. This fake battle, L B, J Present Johnson orders retaliatory attacks against Vietnam against North Vietnam, and they were big attacks It was this sort of the beginning, has now we're a bomb. Next thing you know the Marines were landing and. Why? So? Why did this happen? Why did this happen? What why did these two cases? Why would these cases different one? They didn't believe that this was happen with this could be happening I made, for they didn't react and the next one. They believed that this could happen, and so they, just post their belief on it and started a friggin war started a war that you know was
Billions of dollars in a hundred fifty thousand wounded Americans in over fifty thousand Americans killed. So it's like your first topic today. The way you perceive people that you're working with well what believe about a situation it later we impacts what you see and how you react so just because you believe something doesn't mean. You should believe it. keep yourself and Jack anything that the ban. And I think, to twofold: one- is having spent a long time, military school. I got to unpack a little bit of Mcnamara and just. The frustration in retrospect. You know you enough, you seen the stuff in hindsight, and then you just did a pot gas not too long ago about it and dumb.
your drawing the connection between this. Like you could polemic make this toy innocuous, We're doin, meaningless event. This big tat or hey. I'm misread the radar. I did interpreters crackers lamp debt because what happened two days ago, so I react in a particular way and and. I'm not a big slippery slope guy, I'm not a big in all over reaction guy, but but drawing a straight line from those things to that that escalation to what and over the next year, eight years and how powerful, how influential GO is going back to Mcnamara, going the elder J, when you care so much about how you are perceived and how you are looked at, and what your image to the world looks like that, what you will be willing to do to preserve that image and the power but that has yes. We don't need to be talking about full scale, war scale war. Every time it affects all of us, how easy it is for that trap and even the phrase don't believe me,
and you believe me think about how that is, Wait a second. I believe this we have to recognise that I sometimes shouldn't and the hard thing and there's catastrophe hidden inside that, if you can't do that or theirs potential catastrophe had inside out, if you can't do that yeah because belief exists on unto itself yeah right. Yes, it's not like you choose to believe you just believe. Yes, you can't and modification you can't choose to believe you can't will yourself to believe you believe, that's what's going on so to quest In that belief is a very important tool, it's a very important tool and the other thing I think I talked about. This have talked about this cup times on the underground podcast, which is just that if the fort the idea first reports in how the first reports are wrong and why the first, two wrongs. First reports are wrong because their one person's perspective, there's a bunch of emotion, tied up and when you would
dave when you get when there's a shooting- and you see it from Europe. You know brick. All that you're hiding behind and there is a machine gun fire you get, you I have one perspective and it's your perspective and when those round it closed, you believe me, that's the freakin, that's that's d day. Yes, I said that but guess what does that feels like one round headed towards you? It's war, three in your, my what's going on it's when you get a report, that's what you receive and you receive a first report, filled with emotions and its one perspective, and you have to watch out for it and part of the report. Part of the report, part of it Calculus of the report that in your head, is what you believe so don't always believe what you believe
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