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Warrior Kid Podcast 1: Ask Uncle Jake

2018-04-13 | 🔗

0:00:00 - Opening

0:02:11 - How hard is it to become a Navy SEAL?

0:03:34 - What's the best food to eat?

0:05:17 - Did Uncle Jake have a mentor growing up?

0:07:48 - How to keep on the path after the book is finished.

0:11:55 - Was Jocko like Marc when he was young?

0:18:39 - Should you try to motivate people that are okay with being average?

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This is not the Jackal Bog cast. This is a new podcast called the Warrior kid Podcast asked Uncle Jake. It will be a separate podcast from the Jackal Bud. Gassed it'll, be on a separate channel that you will need to subscribe to separately, and the reason that I did that is so that kids don't accidently get exposed to some of the more mature content from Jacko Podcast that deals with things like war and violence. I dont want them accidently listening to applaud, cast that might not be appropriate for them so on breaking them up. But if you do have warrior kids and you want them to
listen to uncle, Jake, talk about life and the challenges that kids have. This would be a good part podcast. Do it on. I just putting this one episode out on the Jackal Podcast Channel, so that everyone is aware that this new podcast is out. If you want to list to it. This is the warrior kid podcast number one asked uncle Jake pod cast is based on the way. The warrior kid books of which or to the first one from wimpy kid to warrior kid. The navy see away and the second one which is called Marks mission and the books are about young man they mark, and he faces a lot of problems that all kids face and in the book someone comes to
Pimm solve those problems and that someone is named Uncle Jake, who was a Navy seal and who stays with mark his nephew in the summer time, and this. Gas is for kids too, some more lessons from Uncle Jake and also get a chance to ask Uncle Jake some questions, so these questions are from a bunch of warrior kids out there for Uncle Jake, and the first question is from Mica, whose twice years old, who wants to know how hard it is to become a Navy seal while they answer that question is it is pretty hot to become a navy seo. First more, you have to be very good physical condition because, you'll training you do lots of exercising you do lots of collapse and pushups and dips and running and swimming in all other kinds of physical exercise.
But on top of being in good physical condition, you have to be mentally strong as well. You gonna do things that are very uncomfortable. And very tiring in many cases and can actually be quite miserable. Sometimes you will be cold, you will be wet, you will be tired, as a seal and so in the training you have to get used to those things by doing those things that are hard on your body and on your mind, so
answer. The question is: yes, it is hard to become a seal, but it's also important to remember that, even though a lot of people quit the training, a lot of people make it through the training, and you can make it too if you want to, but you gotta want it bad enough. Alright, next question: next question is: what's the best food to eat in this is from someone named Kyle Ung Yong, warrior kid named Kai was five years old in Scotland. Well, this question is all kinds of people that debate all kinds of things about what people should eat and I'll try and keep this simple as I can, in my opinion, the best things to eat or foods that haven't been processed or produced inside of factories, meaning that the food hasn't
created by people. So things that foods that are created by people include things like candy and soda and cake and juice and putting oh chips and that kind of stuff- and I remember hearing from one warrior kid and and of the warrior, kids dad and we talk about it in the first war, kid book. Those are the kind of foods that make you weak, but a week foods now the foods generally that are much healthier to eat. They actually come from nature. These the foods it make your strong things like vegetables, fruits, milk, water and then you ve got proteins sources like chicken and fish and eggs and stake and pork. Those kind of things that come from nature are what you should try and eat, not things that come from fact.
Greece, that have a really long list of ingredients of what's in M watch out for those affairs ingredients that you dont know what it is you can't even say it be careful of those kind of things. Our next question. The next question is from a warrior, kid DDT, Junior and he asks don't uncle Jake have a mentor growing up and they answer that. As I had a lotta mentors growing up, I had all kinds of mentors and in fact I still have teachers. So I learned from everyone I still do and not ever one has a person that that reaches out to mentor them right. So you're not always can have somebody to life. That says: hey I'll I'll show you the way I'll be your meant her. But what good is that you dont need someone that wants to be your mentor. You can learn from people.
Without them, even knowing that you're learning from them with them, knowing that that they're, your mentor can learn from them by watching what they do and trying to learn from the things that you see them do that are good. Now, what's in first thing is. You can also learn from people who do things that you know all about when you, when you see people doing things that are bad or things that example hurt them or hurt the people around them. Then you can learn from them not to do those things. So that's what about having a mentor and again just because have a mentor. They might not even know that their your mentor but you're learning from them, because a mental The teacher and if you can someone and what they do with their life. When they're doing good things You can emulate what the people are due, got her good? That's a mentor for you, and also, if you want someone, that's doing bad things and you learned not to do those bad things.
That person can be a mentor as well now, another good place to get a mentor is from history. And you can learn from and towards in history. By reading about history, you can learn from from great leaders in great explorers and great invent yours and scientists- and you can all the lessons that they learned and you can about them, and then you can apply those lessons in to your life, so I guess my answer, this question is find your man yours everywhere you look by observing and watching and learning, from the people around you now and from people throughout history by reading are right next question Next question says: how do I get
on the path after the book is finished and I'm not reading in every night so that the book he's talking about his way the warrior kitten There's another book now called way the warrior kid marks mission and this or your kid is asking hey, I'm done with a book what I do now- and it's it's a good point because in the book if you notice in the end of the first book uncle Jake leaves he goes, he goes off call and there's a reason that I made that happen in the book, because even if you have a great mentor great teacher, they won't always be there with you, and what you have to do is remind yourself of the lessons that you learned so after you read where the warrior kid one of the things that that I talk about in the book way the war you're kidding, you can write down the warrior kid Code and hang it up on your wall or you can
make up your own warrior kid code and hang up on your wall, so you reminded of it every day, and you reminded that you need to stay on the warrior kid path. Another good thing to do is set up a routine that keeps you the path so that every day you do the same thing that you know is good, so, for instance, wake up early in the morning. Do so A work out in the morning clean your room in the morning make your bed in the morning get ready for school you're ready for your school without anyone having to tell you to get ready for school, you get that teen going and you do that every day, you're automatically on the path, and another thing you can do is you can write down so notes every night of what you did good that helped. You stay on the path and things that you did wrong
that took you off the path of being a warrior and what you can do to get yourself back on the path for the things that you that major slip off a little and that can reflection everyday writing down what you did right in what you did wrong, what you did good and what you did bad. That will help you stay on the path as well. Now, in the first warrior kid book again Uncle Jake, he leaves he leaves at the end and I'm want to read from the first book you're a little bit. What what happens when Uncle Jake is is leaving here we go to the book. Only my uncle Jake could make being left by myself sound cool, but I still wasn't buying it, ok, but who, going to train me and help me study who's, going make sure I get up in the morning who is going
make sure I don't go back to my old lazy ways. Uncle Jake answered quickly. You don't need me for that, any more. As a matter of fact, you never needed me sure, I showed you the path, but you could have founded on your own. You know what you need to do to stay on the warrior path, hard work, discipline, study, good food, keep your room in your gear in order set new goals and work hard to meet them. Keep in Jujitsu. This is all stuff. You know. As a matter of fact, this is all stuff you can actually teach and share with your friends and need to do that. You need to become a leader to help your friends learned stronger and smarter and better teach them to be the best they can be used. Changed a lot over the summer. The other key You will see that you
become a leader now and they will follow. So that's one more thing you can do to help you stay on the path is you can become a leader? You can get your friends on the right path to you can get them interested in the things that you are interested in and that way you have a group. You have support. You have friends to help. You stay on the path while you help them stay on the path are right. Next question and this question came from a whole classroom. In a little warrior kid video that was sent me think it's mister, Forbes classroom he's got a bunch of warrior kids in his class, and here is the question Was I like mark when I was his age. Well, being so that is yes and it's not just me. It's all, kids! That's why kids relate to the book because
We all know what it feels like to be mark in some way and no one is great at everything every One has struggles in their life. Everyone has things that they are not good at and sometimes we do you like? We won't ever be good at anything, and when I was a kid, it was all kinds of things that I was bad at. I wasn't a good swimmer. I wasn't great at spelling. I had one year where I was absolutely horrible at math, but the lesson that Uncle Jake teaches- which sometimes it's hard for kids to understand- is that to be good at things actually have to practice have to try, you have to study, you have to do the work, and so yes, I was like mark when I was his age, but Equally, I learned that with hard work and discipline, you can get better at things on four didn't learn that as early as March did, but I didn't it eventually now,
that doesn't mean that you will be the best at something. But if you work hard, you can definitely get better and that's the first book. Well, some kids at school are really smart, a really good at sports, and that happens in life too. I can tell you I was never naturally go aid anything I want the smartest- and I wasn't the strongest and I wasn't the fastest but when I was, I was a hard worker for my life, the hard work how I was able to overcome the challenges that I faced. The another thing that happened that was very similar with mark when he was a kid is mark, loses his temper and some time when I was a kid I lost my temper, like most kids, do and kids need to learn to control that, because, when you lose your temper, you make bad decisions into. Things that you should do, and so I wrote that I wrote about that in the new warrior kid book and
when the new work and welcome to give you a little sample of it so there's kid in the new warrior kid book, name: Nathan, James a name. James, a little bit of a different kind of a bully he's a bully that picks on people by calling on names and making fun of em, and he makes fond of mark and keeps making fun of mark and mark This is his temper and throws a paper machine pumpkin at his head and it hits Nathan James the face in it bounces off his face and it hits Miss Carpenter, his teacher and markets and a bunch of trouble and Uncle Jake picked him up from school and wants to find out what happened, and here we go to the book he kept. Calling me plate face plate face yes, face uncle Jake laughed, he laughed it's not funny. I told him it's kind of funny. He said I don't look like a plate. I told Uncle Jake
you do have a pretty round face Uncle Jack said. No, I don't I told them I want to hold on this. I have to admit I was kind of yelling. I was really mad, really mad sounder than most faces. I mean you ve senior face in a mirror right. Uncle Jake asked me still laughing a little but I couldn't believe this uncle Jake was agreeing with Nathan James and saying I actually was a plate face tears, the flowed down my face again. I could feel my blood begin to boil yes, Jeanne my face and a mere and no I don't look like a plate. I yelled I couldn't stop myself from screaming. Like the whole world was against me, even my hero Uncle Jake, suddenly Uncle Jake pulled the car over to the side of the road putting into park and said your face right now and tell me what you see he flipped
the vice or of the car and pointed in the mirror point at the mirror. At my face I looked in the mirror. I dont see a plate face, I barked an uncle Jake. Ok, then, what do you see? He asked I sat and looked at myself. My face didn't look like a plate, but it was brought read my cheeks were covered in tears. My nose even had slime running out of it. What do you see really look at yourself and tell me what you see Uncle Jake asked again. I looked at myself. The tears the runny knows the red face. I knew exactly what I looked like, so I told Uncle Jake a baby. I look like a big baby uncle Jake smiled and nodded, and why do you think you look like a big baby
I knew exactly where Uncle Jake was going with that question and I knew exactly what the answer was. So I told him because I'm acting like one uncle Jake nodded his head, I'd say: that's a pretty good answer. What does a baby act like well, the mad and frustrated and they scream and they cry and they throw things. Yes, they get frustrated in this. Dream and cry and throw things that sounds familiar uncle James Uncle Jack said with a knowing look on his face, but do you know why they do because they get mad or frustrated, but everyone gets mad and frustrated those are called emotions, anger, sadness, frustration, and there are good emotions to like happiness and excitement. But here's the thing be these can't control their emotions. They don't know how so they scream
and cry, and that's what you just did you acted like a baby, warriors have to keep control over their emotions, especially over something as silly as someone calling you a name. So that's another thing that I wrote about. The book is losing your temper and then, when I was a kid I lost a temper and, as you grow up, you have to learn to control your temper and Uncle Jake teaches mark how to do that. Question, number six here: she mark try to motivate people that are okay with being average when he knows they have the potential to be great. Well, that's all. Good question from a warrior. Kid in my answer would be yes, you should always try and help and encourage people We also have to remember that. Sometimes people don't want to be encouraged. They just want
left alone, so you have to pay attention when you're encouraging people to make sure you aren't annoying them too, and sometimes the best way to motivate people is just do your best, so that they see that hard work works All right: well, that's all we have for this episode of the Warrior kid podcast, And if you want to get one of the warrior, kids books, you can get them at warrior kid dot com, and if you want to warrior kid t, shirt or a Jiu, Jitsu Rash guard, you can get them at a place, called Jacko's store, dot com and that's it thank you for listening. Thanks for reading the box and now go out their train hard study, hard work, hard get after it and be a warrior kid.
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