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#1001 - Mike Baker

2017-08-21 | 🔗
Mike BakerĀ is a former CIA covert operations officer. Currently he is the president of Diligence LLC, a global intelligence and security firm.
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nice guy i enjoyed talking to him but also i think his position as a former covert op nations officer with the central intelligence agency up is he gives you valuable insight you get to see what all these people really operate what's really going on behind the scenes and conversation we had we disk we covered a lot of very interesting areas that i think are you just it's it's hard so as an outsider as a civilian it's hard to get a grip on these things including the kennedy assassination went into that a little bit we went in too many things going on in the world of politics and world of trump and ganas tan and many other issues but uh enjoy talking to mike he's a very good guy and uh i hope you enjoyed this conversation too so please welcome mike baker
the joe rogan experience german will live the president's now blinds been staring at the sun all day trying to see the eclipse those photos of it mike baker help us out what what are we doing and well i'll tell you that's probably again it's a it's an indication that they don't have a lot of discipline and in that communications department of the white house no one got in the message don't sir sir don't don't look at the sun not only that definitely don't look at the sun while people are looking at you is christ the whole world is going to mock you don't you know that everybody knows this since they were a kid right even even if you've never been involved in an eclipse every kid knows don't look at the sun it's the one thing
that every child learns somehow you know what i try to do though i'm a fucking idiot i took a two dark sunglasses i put him on top of each other that'll work but one pair then i put another pair over it doesn't work folks yet but it looks good it does look good i only looked for a second ok this doesn't work but you know where i could look at it i can look at it through my pool like the reflect oh sure yeah see the eclipse yeah but never really got fully dark here you know where to so now i just came down from uh from idaho that was up there in the mountains with a few days and it would just it just hippies from left and right and they've got tire state just overrun with hippies and there i mean there look in people's ranch is there just driving up on fields that have just been planted there just stay here it's like they don't even think and so they to get my you know hey god bless him i don't know that i was intellectually curious enough that really you know worry bout the clip there's a balance in the you know what i think
a lot of intellectual curiosity is great and a lot of hippie values are great but then you go too far into the hippie retard gene pool and you get these dopey hippies hippies that you know they're the worst hippies hippies that don't really want to do any work but they want universal basic income they want all these hey man these one percenters they have plenty of money so that noone should have to work ever they just passed the past attacks up in seattle that's going to probably get struck down but it basically was up in seattle god bless him up there they decided but they're going to go against the state chart at which says you can't have a tax and income tax and they've gone ahead and done it for the i think it's for the top two so the only tax that only tax that we tax people are doing something right because you know you got to make this thing more equitable that's hilarious
that's really funny well what's interesting is that's the whole reason why a lot of companies like amazon and microsoft is the reason why they've located to seattle u fuckingg studies to pull out and then you would have any jobs and then you'd be poor but somebody is going to pay for that we came from we moved out from fairfield county from new canaan connecticut we moved out to idaho which is the world's greatest move and that's not all the time an edited sucks i said over and over again stocks and it was already closed yeah i mean but they know it right yeah okay can know it and but you live in a sucky spot an they their plan the plan of the governor and the rest of the crew there is when you need more money tax fairfield county which is home to new canaan the greenwich and darien in the people that work in city or the people that are working in finance and with what they've had over the past three four years ever since the guy there's been running the shop is
you move out i mean every ge moved general electric the entire operation which general electric said went to the state and said i know people think why are we talking about this but they went to the the state house and they said you can't keep doing this you can't keep backing it up on us to pay for everything we're happy to pay and we are parent or fair share but so they did that like i said we're going to move the state didn't believe they've all relocated to boston they've got who else moving to edna i think the large insurance company you know now connecticut is known as sort of the insurance capital right there leaving hedge funds equity groups moving down to florida and again great pay your fair share but at a certain point everybody to contribute something right you can't just say that's what you're going to do and i'm not in the one percent i wish i was it used to be when you're a kid you wanted to be rich right now you know i don't know what people want to be in the middle you want to be comfortable
yeah that's how you want to be comfortable i did i don't know i always thought to be pretty cool to be wealthy and all and i think i'd be pretty good at it my friend bank accounts at best once and it stuck with me forever he said you know what you want maybe you want to be to point you don't have to worry about your bills and go to a restaurant and not worry about what you order he will get everything other than that is bullshit yeah because everybody know what and that's that's a good point i guess because that's you take that stress out of your life and then i get well i guess you're going to worry about it so people find it yes dress they'll find stress i mean like look at these assholes it by these five hundred million dollar yachts i just realized like i don't have enough problems in my life i need to buy a can floating city and i got i gotta hire a crew of one hundred and two eight main yeah talk to him about me every time i turn my back now i want to suck my wife yeah damn it inline symposiums made finished this is made of i came up with bows and had a real thing i think it is yeah i think there is such a thing as a boatswains mate this always
i dislike abin flow right i mean e the the the people that have accumulated too much well the special when it comes to like hedge fund people in finance people's like what are you actually doing right and you're using that money to influence policy not policy allows you to extract more money from the system and it gets real slippery because occasionally you guys up and which is the whole economy right kind of money is like very creepy but we talk about someone who's developed illegitimate product they sell at their successful they work hard they made something sinister building business exactly yeah yeah the hiring people there are nice there's a there's a house sounds for sale up in the hamptons now there's a house for a hundred and seventy five million dollars seems logical yeah hundred seventy five million dollars but you know what it's on the beach so it's all it's got water front to it so i guess that explains the price tag but here's the thing about a water fund anybody can walk in front your house yeah that's true that's if you
problem malibu this is couple months other i'm friends with and their sons surf and they live in malibu they have a house now but when they were surfing in the water in front of the house he's got it comes out and yells and screams at him you know get the fuq off the beach 'cause you know he's a ten million dollar house right there on the beach and would you talking about like we live right over there you piece of and like not only that anybody can be on the speech this is the ocean you con yeah we don't only we don't see any private beach signs up and ate it in for the most part that's true up in the hands i think this actually has some private beach frontage which again so the hundred thirty five million seems somewhat reasonable hampton's most expensive home there it is right there one hundred and seventy but look at that we've got a lake got a link and then further past the leg while they all lakes yeah what is that is that freshwater or brackish water it must be brackish water right i guess i guess it would be pretty bad as delta fish in your front yard like that i wonder if the kitchen appliances convey
how big is this house is that wait a minute that over view was the entire property baller do you know what so it doesn't think but look at that picture though does that look like one hundred and seventy five million dollars in your mind when you think the whole thing should be played in gold forty two acres ok there you go that's what that's what it is yeah oh the ford family ooh ah ooh yes the car company so eyeballing on mustangs if you get i think you're right if you get to that point where you can enter in the idea of maybe i'll put ten percent down and then i'll take the rest of the mortgage then yeah you probably got too much money as we have that scene in the big lebowski when you meet the big the other lebowski and he's in the wheelchair and his wife's offering to suck dudes dicks for one thousand dollars you know it's like that's the kind of that that happens you get a trophy wife you buy yourself a mansion and your days are just filled with stress such a great movie it's a great movie god i used to use that movie to judge whether or not i enjoyed peoples opinions
about okay i told people they said i couldn't make i could make it through the first hour do not you don't find this funny cheese i let my kids watch it i mean admittedly the two youngest locked away but the older one you know so anyway yeah i'm taking him fishing more more walk to alaska in the morning examiner how but salmon nice and we have to say i mean aren't aren't you know interested in us will go after somehow that mrs silver salmon season right now right okay so you're on the open water yeah well go yeah we're going to catch can which is really interesting place road by itself and then we've got take a plane out of there about about forty five minutes outside of two little place call yes bay and they have a really good operation up there and he spent a lot of time
be honest with you if the fish aren't biting then we just go hiking i'm going to take my boys to be the first time for him to go up there and he's gonna be great it's got but just now emptied the freezer of the salmon and halibut and rock fish from the last trip some time to stock up again but it's it's just a great time of year is not a great thing to have fish that you caught in your freezer they can go back to that you know was only like an hour old by the time he threw it on the ice yeah it's it's fantastic and so van and just also just get up there people have been up to alaska get up there and see it before it melts i had what it said i think it's good so depressing it will be fine you worried about it uhm you know not in the sense that oh my god if i don't quit driving my wagoneer the glaciers are going to be all melt away you know i'm sure we have some impact it's like everything else right it's the truth is in the middle somewhere right so i'm sure we should all do our part but do i think going to the polar bears are dying off
tomorrow i don't know but yeah well there's definitely everybody with their ideas yeah there's definitely some issues with polar bears in areas that have less ice but the polar bear population that this is something that i've read about canada at least in canada the polar bear population is higher than it's been in years now there's there's not a shortage of polar bears but we go over there to like they have hunts for polar bears they pay people to take them on polar bear hunts but then you can't bring polar bear back to the united states so you can keep it in canada you can like if come from europe and you want a hunter polar bear would you imagine trying to pack a polar bear back into the states you can see what the reaction would be i think it's yeah everybody should do their part right there's no doubt about that and i don't be a douche and but the problem is in part it's like
both sides they latch onto one piece of information right so like what you just said you know the polar bear population grow so that once i will latch on the se see there's no such thing as is climate change in the other side will find one piece of him in that latch on to that and then and like i said i am a big believer that somewhere in the middle is where most of the truth sets but i'm sure there's definitely polar bear problems higher n right in the ice caps and we have seen in some some issues where talking about polar bear starving up there and the lack of ice contributing to starvation deaths and yeah so uh but it's it's regardless i'm looking forward to allows guide it's regardless of what happens in the polar bears i would have a good trip but i think it's it's beautiful state people should get up there if they haven't been up there it's amazing yeah it's one of the rare places that you could go to in america that is like real wilderness it is a really wild place and you can get yeah exactly and it doesn't take but it doesn't take much
get up there i don't need money i just made it doesn't it's not the effort that people i think sometimes imaginative and yeah so it's it's it's it's a great trip kids really looking forward to it and it's weird that it's the united states visited the mapletree you think about how it put together that's a fascinating story what that's worth people that's another good interesting read is how we cobbled this country to and sort of some of it was you know just incredible genius on the part of some folks some of it was serendipity some of it was you know short sighted vision on the part of the russians are the you know the the french here well this up with right with that last yeah the russians up yeah that would they give the tests like fifty bucks wasn't much money it wasn't much no self we got it i guess we got our money's worth out of that by now yeah but anyway so yeah would do that and and and as i planned this trip of course their school starts tomorrow they're they're all three of them are
elementary school so the school starts tomorrow and and i gave my kid the option is to do you want to you know he starts in fifth grade i said do you do you want to stay here so you don't miss the first few days so we looked at me like what the crazy exactly said she went idiot i mean that's how it but it's what size said he didn't say that how old is he he's just turned ten he's going to learn more in the would absolutely absolutely for a couple of days have a good time have a wonderful experience and chris leaves around 'cause of course the grizzlies are out looking for the salmon i mean it's it's just fan they said you know they say that the safest time to be around them yes when their stamina yeah they just fat and happy there stand there don't bother you yeah and so you know now so apps to my ten year old in my wife said it's going to be my fault it's on my head and i can't blame her that would that would be true but do you pack when you're out there you packing a sidearm no no we don't because we're when we go up there and we're going up with what about a dozen other
guys and they and they do the lodge in a small little so it's not i do you know i say lodge is a wonderful place family owned it's it's not a fancy for this at all but it's a great little spot and they do a great job the guides are fantastic so will have a good time but yeah we don't we don't take any anyway this i mean it's just yeah i know that makes sense as long as the people up there i mean you probably won't need anything known as the bears have fish yeah yeah they really have no there's an area that we've shown this video before this enormous grizzly that gets right next to this guy who's sitting there photographing these bears eating show the river and the bear literally couldn't give a fuck about him this looks at him and just wanders off and there's actually statistic that no one has ever died in this area no no person ever been attacked or killed in this one area just because it's just overrun with them so preoccupied this time of year but it's also you know you talk about
things changed around the planet and salmon runs are you know really being impacted right now by a variety of reasons you know it's not just one thing but so anyway but that that'll be good and i know that everybody was really keen to hear about my upcoming trip so there you go well you know i mean it is interesting to hear peoples take on the climate issue because there's hard left and hard right hard right is it's a cycle it's always happened this way in your impeding business hard left is we're all going to die yeah and then miami is going to drown mean al gore dirty predicted in that movie an inconvenient truth that we were going to be covered in water in twenty fourteen right wasn't it two thousand and fourteen they were predicting that the ocean levels are going to rise the point where we're going to have to start evacuating some of the coastal cities that's right he missed that one just by a little bit yeah yeah but it came out with another movie twelve people some more inconvenient truth yeah and
snow videos watched it i don't think but it you see bill nye when he was on tucker carlson show no was very it's really very interesting 'cause bill nye who is not really a scientist what is he is he a he's an engine engineers near that yeah yeah signals stands took a smart base to have to be smart but he recalls bill nye the science guy he's bought by the way as an undergraduate degree so even my phd i got one of those and they were they were talking about climate change and tucker carlson and i'm willing to absolutely believe that people have an impact on climate change he goes by can you tell me how much and then build it kind of got flustered and you know he got like confrontational defensive is really kind of interesting 'cause tucker kept when we were talking about science so i give you tell me how much have an impact have people
but what are the numbers is it a narrow range can you give me a narrow range here yeah it's just what he does is he publicises science for his own personal benefit is that terrible show on netflix bill nye saves the world which bit you're nuts even share ok you can call your show bill nye saves the fucking world you're not saving the world with this crazy god dam song about gender and he has no my god you see that that was that was stunning who the fuck greenlit there like i love netflix but hey the little quality control is not a bad thing let's have somebody on set to go hope wouldn't say what in the flock is this like this like i said they're like in the old but that movie good morning vietnam yeah somebody that sits there and reads through his material before he does it and i saw that clear
they don't have anybody who has to approve his content that just shows you where his mindset that he's willing to say yes to that that someone who wants to acquiesce with no uncertain terms to the left like he just wants to every meanwhile he a film out of a movie or a television show out years ago or he's describing gender and it was basically saying there's two genders and it's about xy chromosome mean which is what everybody's been told in science and biology class then he has this show just a few years later where now the tide has turned politically well this is such a weird subject about gender and sexual identity and gender identity and so he's got the songs about you know like what that lady singing that song like hey this is fucking terrible like all you're doing is just like the same is president trump staring at the sun all you're doing is setting yourself up for ruthless criticism that's going to diminish any potential legitimate point that you actually have but i will say this
i don't think he really got pilloried for it right i mean nobody really he there was some there is some mine yet i think some people not one of them but i think bill not for the most part he knows it it's it's it's a very comfortable place for him to do or for a lot of people if they say look i just want to get the adulation of the the last of the far left and then fine i mean that's what you wanted to do it but you see people that kind of shift their position and are happy to be there because they know they're going to be coddled and i so i we get why he does it because it's a base of it's an audience that he knows is going to stick with him as long as he says the right things and apparently he doesn't really give a shit about science so he's happy to say anything well i think he does give a shit about science but i think it gives you shitton more about people liking him and fitting in with this crowd of people there's a weird
it's going on in science in it's there's nothing well it looks science is fantastic it's gas critical for our civilization i'm not a science criticize or but there's a weird thing about people that are part of science we their own egos and their own need for positive affirmation sort of supersede any critical thinking so there's certain subjects that cannot be discussed there's certain things that like there are almost like it's almost like science religion so there certain subjects that are aren't even open to scrutiny well i think it's right on the part of it is also we have gotten to point where you can't and i know how you you walk it back but you you can't have acting ideas in the same statement of the same sense and an idea if things conflict all the time right and the and it you can have truths that collide with each other and don't i don't necessarily make sense so but
it seems as if now everything has to be an absolute and whether it's climate change so you can't say you know if you if you just have this middle the road you know discussion where you say well look of course you know i'm sure have some impact i don't know what that is and then you know this is a problem we do have to do our part and we do have to work to try to be the best we can be but that's not good enough gotta you gotta got to be a sort of totalitarian about the whole issue and it's now just that it's any arg i mean it just seems as if not just the millennials i'm not wanted to be done you know the young kids are the creation of whatever we want to call nowadays 'cause i know a lot of good kids they are out there that are working hard or they're in the military and it's a fantastic group of folks so i think we're just find that right but there does seem to be something about each success this generation and we've got now to a point where people have a hard time processing this dissenting opinion idea an
that starts to shut down debate and it starts to shut down idea that you can have a discussion about science where you have you know these conflicting ideas and how do you how do you resolve them that used to be the whole concept about science is test theories with what works in anyway when i think it's because we're attaching egos and personalities and virtue signalling to to the actual hard data itself but here's here's the thing that we should all be concerned with pollution we should all be the concern with human waste we should all be concerned with the damaged we are doing to our water the damage we're doing to the environment there's a host of different things that and beings are involved in that are creating irreparable harm to the environment we should absolutely be concerned with that but what's weird is that you hardly ever hear about that you ugly over here about doing something
curb the plastic in the ocean and doing something to eliminate that some of the sewage waste that goes into the ocean during the uh there's a ton of different things that we're doing that are huge issues but instead you hear about climate change and it becomes this ideological left versus right battle which is just very weird to me and i understand that climate change the real issue and if the ocean water continues to rise coastal cities really are fakten if the temperature does rise we really have to migrate to more and better climates but they there's a lot of other shit going on to seems to get ignored during this process usually i mean you know i'm old enough to remember when plastics that was an issue right plastic bag or or you know keeping the clean or don't be a little bug i mean it was more of a it was things that you could accomplish right which things that you
do the community could do so you would have these community drive to pick up trash or to not use plastic bags or two yeah whatever it is and it was stuff that you could do an let's see some results in it it felt good about it and you know who knows we've gone past that now and so now that's not good enough because you know now we've got to save the planet will you save the planet these little steps at a time right if every week every community says well i you know i'm sorry i can't do anything about the polar bear so fuck it i'm just going to worry about myself but if you if you bring it back those little things like you would you know maybe implying then i think we're better off yeah right and eventually you you do make a difference but if all you do is talk about climate change and save the planet people just get overwhelmed it's like a lot of other things in life and you just think fuck it i'm just going to focus on other ship it's just so strange the climate changes become this weird ideological debate between the left and the right and is it when it comes to play
mistake there's a solution that's been around for years for plastic there's biodegradable hemp plastic it's exist for a long time but they just legalize hemp farming nationwide federale let people grow hampton mass quantities you could turn that into plastic you would never have to about water bottles again you never have to worry about garbage you would never have to worry about anything 'cause it's all be plant based plastic which israel biodegradable you put on the ground it becomes dirt so much that's that's the hold up well federale hampers been regal since the 1930s it is i mean in all that goes back to william randolph hearst connie people into making it illegal so we didn't have to switch over his paper mills from would sonovabitch that sort of that's yeah hurst that's right i forgot you know he's again yeah wow yeah amazing him and harry anslinger and you know what they did is they organized an actual campaign against hamp as a oddity
demonizing this thing that they called marijuana which didn't even there wasn't even the name of cannabis at the time that marijuana was a name for a wild mexican tobacco they applied that name cannabis to say that there's this new drug that's making mexicans and blacks rape white women you know he was a piece of shit that william randolph hearst yeah he print all these articles in his papers and they made reefer madness and all that stuff all those movies that they made back in the day have you ever seen makes me want and then and then of course they made citizen kane and that turned first into a household name in and you well it seems like the nine character you orson welles i wonder what he did orson welles in the fund for them a little bit don't you think yeah yeah yeah when did movie come out citizen kane came out in long yeah people are like why are they talking i want to say was the 50s always earlier that wasn't it yeah
the one party j o r k own pictures still to this day to move i was on an airplane i conclude i was i was on an airplane not too long ago when i was looking to the movies the arm i watch anything arming and that'll not and susan cain was on i couldn't which was a strange it was right there in the middle of all these typical marvel and dc com movies that you would expect on a plane that's odd so sorry watching it and the dude next to me in the seat next to me kind of starts you can tell when someone is watching your screen right over there finally attachment images what are you watching and he was not he was probably a couple years ugly but not much i said i watch citizen kane never heard of it you never never heard of which i guess no big deal fine but you know jerry lewis died and people probably saying who's that he's like probably one of those dudes at the gym it talks too much yeah he's one of those guys that comes up to your bench question might doing this
or even worse though you should drop your shoulder a little bit with all those fucking guys is what you'll do is you'll stress that and then that'll be better for you and you'll ok thank you those guys they use big words convince you they know what they're talking about so speak and of citizen kane orson welles and conspiracies my last night i re watched the episode of geraldo rivera's goodnight america when they enter boost the zapruder because you know dick gregory just died yeah yeah yeah they introduced this a prueter film to the american public thirteen years or twelve years twelve years after kennedy's assassination and then i went and read that paper the articles that was printed a couple weeks ago you even tweeted about it about the cia questioning the official story of the jfk assassination yeah that was in
wasn't it yeah yeah a guy what do you think about that lots of personal that's approved a film i aid that's the most watched piece of film and in history film has a real which is really interesting but yeah it was interesting that the you know typical with a lot of these things that the headline doesn't necessarily actually match once you get into the body of the story but the idea being that the agency had concerns over the idea that perhaps cuba was behind the assassination what the russians to some degree or more someone more likely a combination of of the two look i think you know i'd do i think that that he could have taken shania it was not it we i was not as i said i'd have been up in that book depository from that point of an advantage plan did a story on the on the the whole issue pharisee theory and what could have happened and we tried to find some new witnesses and you know could be
made that shot yeah that was that was is it no effort with someone who had some training it was you know it wasn't the world's best shot but he had sufficient training to make that shot now that separate from his motivations and any potential support that he may have gotten during the course of that and i think that he in his mind he genuinely felt that this was going to get him into the revolution right that this was going to have a very unhappy experience in russia when he was over there living came back saw what was happening in cuba desperately wanted to be part of that took a unexplained trip down in mexico which could well have been in an effort to find somebody who could support his his desire to to take some sort of action whether he had formed in his mind that's what he was going to do with the time or not so you know we is there still a possibility that cubans which would
the intel service there would have had to file on him and he is a very very well known quantity obviously by that time for the russians russians are solely responsible for the cuban intel service so there's a massive file him and they knew you know who they were deal what they knew his weakness as they knew his name motivations they knew what to do in terms of trying to get leverage obel you know information on him so i think that the jury still out i'm not and i'm not a conspiracy guy but i think there's enough there that says you know yes it's kind of like what we're talking about climate change i believe this but this is also could be true right i think he could taking that shot and for sure and succeeded i think it's also possible that he may have had the encouragement of in particular the cuban intel service through the russians there because at
time in particular they didn't do anything there cubans didn't do anything without the russians support blessings and direction so that is entirely possible i think if there were a variety of other things that play you know was it did they help him get the the weapon today i mean it was her actual logistical support in there i don't i don't think so but maybe i'll maybe yeah it's a fascinating thing and yet again nobody wants to think that something that impactful could have been just one guy who you know had a dream about being a hero of the revolution they just it's such an awful thing to think about you want something bigger you want something more behind it and it's it's i will say the one thing that i think there was something else too was the mlk issue of martin luther king assassination get it out for sure but here's the thing about the lee harvey oswald assassination you know a lot of people think that there was people
in the grassy knoll and that they shot at the isn't there was more than one shooter that's possible too and here's the problem with people saying that oswald could have who made that shot of course he could have one hundred percent could have is it likely listen people throw three point shots that have no fuckin' business on a basketball court and they hit nothing but net it happens all the time it doesn't mean it's it's not likely that a guy get off three shots that quick but it is possible there was more time in there than they originally thought there's been there's some misinformation out there about how condensed that time frame was now after they've you know research into a fairly well it did that time frame extended a little bit but he had apparently he had he worked up there so he had the opportunity recce that site so it was like he was in a blind waiting and figuring out you know what am i going to be doing here and that's a tremendous advantage and clear daylight targets moving right in line with you there's no wind not only
it's not that far shot no it's not it's not like everybody thinks it's like one slash two mile away or something like that i mean how far was it was one hundred and fifty yards or something like that yeah i'd have to go back and it's much fun but i've still but i've stood on that spot where the limo was i was on the site it up there and i looked down and it's not that far make a bow shot on a deer you're going to shoot a deer rifle you be like oh yeah that's definitely an effective range no there was no how far is there we go two hundred and sixty five feet eighty one meters that ain't shit yeah that's a bow shot yeah you could shoot a an animal with a bow from eighty meters if you're really good and there's no wind yeah that's a really close shot so the idea that he couldn't make that shot he's a badge not that is so fucking stupid he absolutely could make that shot we looked at it could make that shot from eighty one meters that's nothing we looked at the grassy knoll issue we looked at the other that what the train yard engineer reported seeing with a sort of
smoke city thought he saw over by the fence line and and yeah you could you know from that position they open that place up we were able to go back up there and you could see it we ran a couple of tests and fired off a few shots and that's always fun if you want to have a good time take a rifle to dealey plaza and fire up your shots without the tourists knowing what the hell is happening and the dallas police by the way which tremendous during the course of that but why did you do this we did this for awhile back for a show called the american classified which isn't running anymore but it was on on travel channel jesse ventura did that he went up there and with the manly kerr carcano same rifle and but first person impossible shock no one could make the shot by camp with a camera i love jesse i think is awesome but yes everything to be conspiracy right now he's significantly on that side it to the point where you know that's he's leaning always tordsson spear
see what to do if you wanted to do every investigation i in this company that i've got we we do a lot of investigations wheat and you've got a bill just with the homicide case or anything else you've got to build it on stable ground right right so you have to start from you very basics because if you start building d as an investigative inquiries on something that's not sturdy underneath it you know not based on evidence in fact and then you gotta problem the whole thing becomes back then usually comes toppling down so you know you got to keep open mind about all these things and i think it's important right now people are going well i'm sure that agency the cia was involved so i'm trouble source of information i've heard that before i said you can't talk credibly about this because you know the cia was involved in that he is a thing of the cia was involved it's not you but there not was sixty two last time i checked i was not there in nineteen sixty two and also i will tell you this much or is it sixty three it was sixty eight
sixty three if the if the agency had been involved this is the honest to god's truth there's no way that secret is still kept people can't keep their yap shot they can't and see could have a way of coming out and certainly a lot quicker now than they used to so now the idea is the secrets then i mean we're talking about so long ago how much yeah i'm talking about more than fifty years ago like it's like you know it's like get out it's like the db cooper issue my biggest the reason for believing db cooper died and is shoot is hanging up a tree in and that's a vast wilderness up there is is that people just can't help themselves at some point people talk or somebody like somebody associated with someone nearby or somebody involved or something on their deathbed better the system this should have of it's you know the idea
that they've maintained this sort of secret over period time i find hard to believe i'm not discounting it and again you gotta leave a little space open for something that could be just amazing but anyway so that's that was that but yeah i agree that shot was not was not a tough shot eighty one meters ain't shit and that's nothing particularly those conditions and i won't say those conditions were ideal unfortunately for that event people are there's a video of me shooting a fuckin' hard drive at a one hundred yards a hard drive started on the edge or winters getting rid of some hard drives without be fun to take it to the rifle range so i take it to the right for and obviously we're dealing with modern rifles or probably more accurate but i'm shooting something that's basically two inches high laying it down on the ground at one hundred yards and blown into smithereens that's how accurate rifle is at one hundred yards you tell me
couldn't get a headshot eighty one meters that's crazy again no see no way and of course he could could light did he go who did he that's right yeah but also the the question is you know when we it's a pretty good indication as to what he was thinking and what is obviously what his motivations were and that's important it's something with the russians he definitely was involved in a lot of weird she with communism who knows what his entire full background was because there was a lot of covert ship going on and did he did he expresses a desire to do something like this to the russians at some point and they you know that ok well here's an interesting opportunity right yeah they would have they would have sparked on that and they would have thought about it you know would they have actually you know play on words intended but they pulled the trigger on an operation trying to push him into doing an act like this may in directly through the cubans exactly especially so like this crazy fuc might go ahead and do this for us so after the bay of pigs
people have to realize it was a lot of people pist off in kennedy we locked out of people who said hey everybody who share hated kennedy and i'm so when an infamous video where he's banging his head on the table we will bury you yeah yeah i know it was it was the the the environment was right for them and they and again the russians should be surprise anybody and when you talk about what they did during the selection i mean they've been doing this forever there you go back to nineteen forties and and the russians were or you know spending a lot of time and effort and money here in the states trying to us out of the war back before him invaded russia and when they were alive with the nazi still so they a lot of times they set up an independent association supposedly they paid off a lot of unions and union members journey listen they were doing everything they could create this or to strength the idea of isolationism just to keep us out they've been doing this for as long they've been around right so anybody who says i can't you know it's it's it's shocking the russians would be engaging this is that's ridiculous they've always been a gap we by the way have been engaged doing that with them what that's right here for
i've heard that online i find that alex jones story do believe thing that bothers me the most about the kennedy assassination is the universal support for the magic bullet theory i think that fucking bullet is ridiculous i've shot things i've shot a lot of things i know what happens to bullets everybody that i know that's a marksman everybody know that's a hunter they see a bullet that is hit bone it looking never looks like that when a bullet goes through two bone comes out looking like you should it into a pool of water that's what it looks like i don't buy that at all and the convenience of finding it on connolly's gurney on the rolling into the hospital look guys we found a bullet got it and it's perfect god i don't buy that for a second and the problem is there's more or metal fragments in conley's body then were missing from the bullet itself i think that bullet itself you look at that bullet yeah no i know caddy here that thing did heitsch it it's exactly right
condition of this with people that have never shotguns and they will actually proven that that that that that that broke bones bullet breaks bones they get fuct motor jacketed when it's jacketed bullet breaks bones it gets fucked her about something that's going i mean how fast is a bullet from that rifle go got to be kind of that that would be interesting thing to pull up but i would imagine it's in the thousands of feet per second it's got to be when it hits bone gonna blow when it was wanting it as it was is always distortion even if you know what i mean it is so i don't when you have a conversation about this and it is somebody who has no shooting experience or you know it just think that's fine i understand why you're fascinated by it but do when you do your research you know it's like with news read every right read the wall street journal read the new york times read the financial times we raise the economist but read everything before you form opinion writing in everett everybody
so silo nowadays and you get the same thing with conspiracy theories i absolutely believe this and i'm not going to i'm going to discount everything else that's out there yeah and we're just not pay any attention to it yeah but it's hard to say and here's another thing the magic bullet path people like well how is that possible well let me tell you something that's the most evil thing about the magic bullet there is the path of the bullet 'cause bullets do wacky it when they hit bone and you can't predict it at all i know a guy who in iraq they show a guy in the head from the front and it now his eyeball the boy came out of his eyeball back forward ricochet made inside of his skull came out as i know you can't i mean again you can't for you right you can't predict it now try to model these things and figure out what would the l there's an unknown there and so yeah i agree i think that again it's it's one of those things where it it's never going to get resolved and it it's going to
you live on because a it was such an important right in the history of the country and be i i keep going back to that same thing people don't want to believe that really awful shape can happen sometimes in a very simple straightforward way and so it's much easier i think it was a broad based conspiracy there were lots of moving parts sometimes bad should happen it's just simple as it seems that is possible conversely people don't like to believe in conspiracies specially when it's involved in an assassination of president right you know the reason why they came up with the whole magic bullet theory in the first place is pretty shady in the first in fact the reason why it is 'cause the guy got hit by a ricochet underneath the overpass and they saying that bullet on one of the shots from lee harvey oswald in the book deposit ori so they said well alright so now we have less bullets that could have had kennedy we have all these wounds and we have to tribute a series of wounds to one bullet right right so
the thought process behind it but this is a prueter film was the one that got people weirded out by it but i tell you but man i've watched that film a bunch of times and one of things that does a don't jive is if he did get hit from the front you know it had goes back to left but why is the blood spray out for see it's it's it's weird to play the impact of the blood is it's like blood sprays forward and then his head goes back into the left he could have possibly been that he was hit from the front and the back at the same time that's entirely possible i mean that is a tactic you would do right you would roll someone into an area where they would be in crossfire and they get shot well sorry they came in if there was the grassy knoll was in fact a second sight for a shooter then by the time it hits that corner and starts just before the shots were fired from the book depository and oswald if you if you're going with that if you had it
another shooter up on the grass you know you're you are basically looking right at the front of the vehicle and the way that it it's addition in the noles kind of turned and then it's just that it's just that there's not a lot of concealment up there right and they had they had the fence the picket fence not the original one there anymore but it's basically in line with it and you can do this plenty of pictures of the of the previous fence it was up there at the time then you had that yet you did have the trainyard engineer report sometime after the fact that he saw a puff of smoke that he wasn't quite sure what that was all about and had seen a couple of people back there so that was you know that was that's an interesting thread to pull on right and i think that that it's been it's been researched ad nauseam doesn't mean you couldn't still
find something else doesn't mean anybody is going to really find a conclusion after the fact right virtually today no that's right and yet you know moods it's like everything else is time marches on you lose you know you lose witnesses you lose you know people that with and then even witnesses when some his shot now this shoe the presley's shot not credible you have five different stories in five different people and gunshots heard from the moon nobody does get that functions from out of robbery just what you know your car accident you say you say what did you see if you separate people out you're right you get five different versions from five different people and and i was so yeah i wasn't now witness accounts are tend not to be particularly reliable and you've got to you know you you you got to take him and then you've got a you know match it up with other information you can you can pull together frantically but it's a it is fascinating you know who knows where it's going to db cooper's back news little bit because there really yeah they initially was because the bureau was saying i can't wear clothes in this case and then there's some talk
over the past day and a half two days that they might found something up in the wilderness that might be a piece of the shoe that he had and i know they haven't they haven't bought him that one out yet buddy for more new evidence of parachute believed found but how they know that parachute thing about that i mean it could be but the thing about something that's that long ago we have to realize how many people die in the woods every year yeah yeah and when you go and you come out the back of that plane good luck yeah and and also he was in a suit he was wearing loafers you've lost his shoes so he hits those that wilderness he hits those trees and it was cold that night and it was wet and there's going to be a manhunt on in the morning no yet is he had his his parachute and he had the the bag with the money they given him so now that was it and so no wilderness gear at all no well not today no
maybe who knows maybe underneath his business suit he was wearing something but actually know where i think so what was the time of the year it was late in the year oh i think i think i have to go back and check again but i think it was november one part of the country up in the wilderness up in washington state dead before thanksgiving given the that guys dead yeah i mean it's just yeah can i can you make your way out of there and get you a it's night time and you know that and and you know there's got again this could be a man hot stud even in the shelter now lestrade wouldn't survive up to but there's been all sorts of theories he jumped out and then some people madam while home may sorry yeah i guess i could look at him right how you gonna be able to be no this would so silly people do jumping out of an airplane with no gps the odds of finding hi is not is not a flare like what it what does he have how you can look it up now i will just find them in the woods that's why the guys and hear no there was some talk well you know because the some of his money was found you know after the fact stacked in a in
little part of the river that seemed unusual right it seemed like it would have had to make a pretty amazing journey from the wilderness down through the stream system out to the river and and then be found on this sand bar and it was all stacked one top of the other it it had the light it had the serial numbers and so there was some thought that you know how did that they did it naturally just float down there and end up on the sandbar and covered in sand eventually was found by some kid that was on a picnic well you know i wonder if you saw that increasingly slowly how long would it take for you get now is two hundred thousand dollars back in the day little bit here and there now by a bicycle seat goodbye tv known say nothing but track bicycle
he's miserable kid you know peddle my way to california where the weather is coming into rooms got fifty inch tv for fox going on here you don't even have a job you'll probably be what the hell are you doing where did you get that transistor radio well if it's a kid who found i'm sorry i see what you say yeah yeah yeah no he reported the kid was with his family reported finding a really the bureau went out there and dug up the entire area and in a fairly large effort trying to figure out was there more money there how did it get there run all switch test i think if they found his money is dead going to jump out of a parachute and then leave the money there was some thought that maybe he was doing it as a ploy right to take kind of distracting and think ok okay he's dead because the money's there right but again in the category of you know it's never going to be resolved i don't think and and it's a fascinating stories america's only on solved hijacking my right about that i think i am smack is only on sol titles at all the money to the final no i was just a small amount it was not it was not a large amount so he did not if you if you put
headed there he was smart enough not to put it all there yet so weird story that db cooper ones a weird one 'cause a lot of people like they tend to look at him like some sort of folk hero there is a connection with him that they were they were thinking he was this guy who had shop i want to say shot family members in murder family members and then went out and did that crime there some suspect that was on the loose from some sort of a homicide that they connected to the db cooper case they thought somehow there's a potential that they were related the same guy he loses some of his charm if that's the case yeah we just a guy that's you know thinking i'm going to hijack a plane for some cash where do you get your money had the word the cash come from they brought on the plane may land and they they got the crew of passengers and most of the crew off of their sh and then everybody was in the cockpit with the door closed when the unit in the
days in the in the the back door would open up a number of steps and he went out the back door they had a back door indicator it which is how they kind of sense about where he would have gone out and ok anyway i sound like a db cooper so how high was he up there when he jumped up again i had to go through my notes i think he'd rather marshawn flight no no no no no no they drop down to i want to say about ten thousand feet i can't remember yeah but they're not really sure because the door came down he could have been there for any period of time and he had instructed them to drop down i forget again what altitude he said but you know it's just it's amazing that these continue to go on an we love mysteries mysteries and conspiracies and which is why the the new trump administration is so interesting well he loves conspiracies doesn't he he believes a bunch of crazy ones like he was just
re tweeting that one about um was the general that uh they trying to partition yeah dipping the pigs bullets in pigs blood yeah and there was never an attack coelomic attack at thirty five years that's not even a true story now but again who why why you doing this why don't they just stop yeah it there's no there's no i didn't vote for him i didn't vote for her i just thought we have done better in a country the size right from you one thing he's doing he's fucking it up for future idiots idiots where do my don't know i would not underestimate our ability to hire somebody worse do you think they'd never going to be as someone like maybe the a new version of him like someone like him but they dial it back a little bit yeah yeah maybe so i just think people always say well this will be a course correction and we're going to go back to having really respond and thinking what did this is america
don't don't don't don't imagine that it could actually get better in that regard we could be even more dysfunctional from a political point of view but well what's weird is i was watching this interview today where this guy this fucking pencil neck dork was supporting anti violence in saying that the only way to fight against fascism is violence and i was like oh jesus and then there was this other guy next to him who was saying no that's not true the way you fight it is with a peaceful protest like just happened in boston like that's the best way to where was i want to there was more than one hundred thousand people in boston wasn't there but how many people in boston came out let's see if we could find that out and it was completely he's full in the in the not nothing there was like four hundred regards with the kkk banners yeah it's a small small group of assholes and you think ok but here's the thing this is where this is where the president trump is just such a
and he's a great case study at some point i'm sure i'm sure people are already you know writing up their grant proposals to do a study on on his psychology but you don't you look at you look at that the first and you think if you like the first amendment then you got to be all in right it's not like you can say and that's the kind of the beauty of this country you know you gotta let that duche bag speak right and that's what it is it's speech but we've gotten to the point where now words by some folks are viewed as violence words aren't violence i don't think this is just my own personal opinion words aren't violence you let everybody speak because that's first amendment you go down you want taken in choosing pretty slow slippery slope right and so here now yeah but we can all agree that there there's no space for them there as well but there's also no space for
violent you know counter demonstration there is space for protesting it 'cause it's there absolutely wrong right i mean that's that's again this idea that you how you should so the argue both right now you can't respond with and yes you guys you should you know you shouldn't be here in know if you going to hold those views it's it's abhorrent you are by the first amendment and so that's fine doesn't mean we have to like it or in any way condone it but but you get it okay that those sort of french ideas are going to exist and i agree the best resolve it is peaceful mass the piece of demonstrations to show you know sort of the weight of where the good thoughts are yes and then political process yeah right and sure that you work for the political system is this well that may be but anyway
just encourage ing people to violently attack people that have differing ideas in them that aren't being violent is for the answer now it's in it's it's just not the way to do it and and because i don't actually hash this approach to your right right outside she is to produce yeah i mean literally you're enforcing your ideas to the point we silencing others with actual violence which is the mark of a totalitarian state all now is if you say you can't have these views well yeah of course we can all hate those views but again it's the idea that what you say is violent to me now it's not here's the other thing that trump fuckedup he called those protesters anti violent protesters like or an anti police protesters come on man that is not what they've done are protesting against police there might be a few amongst them that's a stupid shared about the police right again just like with the other side where you've got i mean what do you got one hundred or two hundred idea who would imagine
heading one thousand where they were where the function these nazis hiding anyway i mean that's the thing you know that didn't didn't fly in world war two you know so that somehow now you could have a resurgent not that there is i think it's a small group just like it's a small group on the left right that wants a violent solution to this or you know he believes that violence against police is somehow answer which is insane but again there you truth is somewhere in the middle right yeah i mean they've got somebody you did get rid of the fringe and now we gotta figure out a way for the folks that are in canada the summon space yeah to work together and otherwise i mean a and i think the democrats care whether republicans in fact they're happy that she is not getting done but as an american again i didn't vote for him i didn't vote for her but i would like to see the government work now who did you vote for you know what i just
i can't i could you too high now i couldn't bring myself to do it i couldn't bring was and i hated doing that right now a a because i'd be voted top down right yeah with the with the call it yeah yeah yeah i mean i what what i did was i died you know the state elections morning you know those sort and that's fine i but it it to it's very painful to say i can't you know i think we justify doing that and i know people and people lose their minds they go well that means you voted for him or that means and i know it just me we should have been able to do better in a country this size and you know maybe maybe hold your nose and vote for the other side i don't know but at least she represented the conventional approach to politics right that's true yeah i know that how does that super conventional i don't enjoy the a lot of aspects of her personality and what she's done with akarere another obvious deception the
the clinton foundation which is just riddled with problems and now doesn't even exist anymore apparently they shut it yeah yeah yeah i wonder what they did with the remaining balance probably just as a horse flying in from russia what are we going to do with this we got all this money we're going to transfer it somewhere where there's gotta be a place to store it and put it in my pants wad hundreds fuhrman is bad he was it easy to merry m a or is i guess he's not dead yet so i don't kill mall but he's you know he's he's amazing a political individual like i could make you i think that you know i met him once overseas this sounds dodgy but in saudi matter at a party some release and so but he had the ability right now again i wasn't a fan this early but i you know i get it you just want whichever administrations in charge you want it to work you can't really move forward
so you met him in it and it's true what people used to say about him which is he made you feel like you was talking right to you and nothing else was in right he wasn't one of those guys that looks over their shoulder thinking miss or somebody else should be talking to him and and so yeah he was a charmer friend of mine told me he was talking to him and a woman though and clinton like essentially almost turned his back to him and like oh like sounds like forcing them out of the picture that he just probably just going to block you right here is going well so these hundreds i got stacked in my pocket man in a party a party in parliament in there in saudi arabia get drunk with that dude yeah so you know and i tell you what i mean george bush said big i like to sit down and have a beer with the bush family good bunch but i know people are going oh my god i couldn't stand it policies but you know sometimes you just it comes down to a personal thing and you think yeah you know maybe the guys got some
you may not like his principles you mary bid be sticks with them ray looks extremely reasonable now yeah exactly right one time where the supreme court had a ruling that he didn't like in the there was a a speech where he gave in and that i've seen it quoted in put in print and then you know so much of a video of it but he's essentially saying well you know we have to uphold the decision of the court you know i'm i'm not happy with it but you know this is the way our system works and and then they went to trump talking about the supreme court you know not backing his travel ban and all the different various things that is lost in court and he just goes at man he just like in i just like the the the personal attacks and there's no it emmie the profit is no discipline in the white house in and i know that everybody thought well let's get something different in there let's get a businessman let's we don't want the politics as usual and well you got that but there is a recall aren't there is a need for the machine to work in a certain fashion or innocence and
you know yes there's lots of things you can change in that that's a good thing right there should be some change in that government but the way that the the the place works in washington but the communications there that the lack of discipline i mean for crying out loud they just they just put in place of the new communications director of the white house twenty eight years old she's twenty there will never done this sort of thing before and she's the new communications director she replaced scaramucci have his ten day rain and why did she want to replace him because she listens as he just wanna do what trump says he just said you yeah i'm usually got for the job i mean she's yeah she's here the girl for this and she's worked with in that row oh organization an i guess just viewed as loyal loyal yeah that's what he needs yeah he needs loyalty above all else yeah and so so so that's it but i mean there's no consistency and you see these things happen you see you know these messaging get out and and he gets ahead of the message or they need to play catch up then and people like madison
john kelly now and pompeyo and others are trying to race to make sense of some of these things and there's just self inflicted wound after after wound for this administration it's like one of those homemade derby carts that they roll down a hill where you know the wheels are going to stay on and you kind of can't look away like wow how long is it going to take for this thing to happen completely falls apart start doing tumbles down the hill to get a name that got to come up with a name for that cart the name your soapbox car but yeah i i don't i don't know where it's it's it's gonna go i just think and there's a guy who's been in the intelligence community for so many years and years you know step back and there was also a real issue with him being at odds with the intelligence community and diminishing the intel community yeah that was a strange sort of an interesting narrative it didn't really it got overblown to some degree i mean people in the sense that the people at the agency you know at the end of the day they just take
whoever's in charge they take their marching orders from right it's not and i know people don't believe it because you know everybody likes the feature films and everything but it's a pretty apolitical organization whoever is in the administration they're going to prioritize their national security concerns your task comes out of that and then you march on and do your job and yes the directores an appointed position an you know john brennan was certainly much more political in the previous administration and then previous directors have been but operational level you know street the street level people just get on with it they're other humans of course you know they may have their own personal preference but i'd spent a long time there find the curtain and you know they just tick on and do whatever you know there are people that weren't happy with obama there people who weren't happy with bush people not happy with trump that it you know they just tell us what the priorities are tell us what that asking is and will get on with and go out there and do the collection operations were supposed to do it just seems like the
no one person that's ever going to be able to fill that position it seems like that position also gets bigger and bigger with your responsibilities get bigger and bigger and its residents yeah yeah yeah i just it seems to me that at this point in our and our our his the history of our society we kind of have to look that position and one whether or not it's even logical to give so much power to one person was like what you do i mean how do you have to question the idea to create a council of elders counts that's right everybody sits around like a hand carved desk in an underground layer makes decisions that seems awful good i would like it yeah it could be like the knights of the round table yeah yeah yeah yeah you know what i don't know i i think virtuous people come in and do an attic by committee i wonder if the founding fathers yeah i'm sure it's been all switched them reporting on and i just never read it but the founding fathers if they'd consider that as an op as an option probably not but
one is an insurance committee the kind of population growth we've experience now the real problem with the founding fathers is as brilliant as they were there's no way they could have ever seen the internet common in our this is now nor could they have seen people wanting to stay in washington for thirty six years forty two years and become career politicians they were all just interested in doing that and serving the way they were supposed to and they felt obligated to and get the hell out again back to the farm or whatever their job was nobody want to stay in washington for any longer than they needed to so yeah you're right they have foreseen all in accord no definitely not and so does that mean what does that mean though i mean that's why it means amendments to the constitution as we've done in the past and think about how crazy it is that someone forms a new country and then one hundred plus years later it is the preeminent superpower in the world by far yeah that's pretty crazy
these countries have been around for thousands and thousands of years like imagine a group of freaks and misfits that branch off from america getting a boat and float over to costa rica or wherever and take it over yeah and then and then it becomes the super power it is astounding and then again going back to what we talk about towards the beginning was cobbling it together understanding that we need to take to get our hands on everything west of the mississippi now clearly there were some issues there but you know with that vision that says we're going all the way to the causeway the water we have to it was we can control it right and that's i mean it's sounding history you're absolutely right but you know hi it'll be a seem to see obviously this is the pro the stupid statement people here all day is is you know where we're going to be and and say another two hundred years are we now because i've got a theory that says were every generation is making it easier for their kids and eventually you hit a point at the minute returns and everybody just a big pussey an so
that's my theory i haven't come up name for you're not alone yeah just because he did it because he thought that that that that that could cover different soprano yeah that was a great great child wonder yeah i mean i wonder how much there's going to be there are parts of the world where obviously things are way more difficult and are here and maybe we're losing some sort of a competitive edge because we've made our lives so easy and haven't replaced the can lenience of civilization with something that tempers are human in stinks like some difficult tasks right of pass did for young man you know something that develops care there instead we're making say space is spaces speaking words violence and you know making it we have trigger warnings and there's no winners don't matter when we don't have to win thank god my kids are getting old enough now where their sports leagues no longer you know for a while there was just drive me crazy as it is apparent
go into a game and realizing that they weren't keeping score yeah because they didn't want to know my god that's the whole reason why people get better you fux mean while the kids are keeping score the kids know for sure don't want you to blow smoke up their right in on it they come off the court in and it's like you know what i would like the the oldest toy scooter he's ten years old and he plays a lot of lacrosse he's been playing for five years and so he he really likes it he does he does well but you know i'm not raising the you know division one champion there right i mean but he plays others sports too so there's sort of a well rounded ness there but we came off the one day and we were walking along and and all the which kind of march and often the game was over and and he says do and i said you know you could have done better i said i just get the impression you didn't try as hard as you could what do you think and he looked at me irritated he looked at me like i can't believe you didn't just say i did great and so he said what and i looked at my
walking along and i didn't realize that parents were within earshot and i said well look scooter do you want me to blow smoke up do you want me to be honest with you and to his read it he said no we should be honest with me even though he wasn't happy about the honesty so you should be honest with me and so we tell kids that they know better if you tell a kid that they're great and they're doing wonderful and they didn't what do they take away from that they take away from it that you're kind bull shiting it unless they're just super super young they pretty they get it at a pretty early for here now here's something that's important to relate to children that you are not your accomplishments you are you and the only way you are going to get better at accomplishing things is to be one hundred percent honest about the amount of you put in and what the actual result of that effort is whether it's a failure or a success that does not define you the
find your participation in this particular activity it is not you you are an individual that will hopefully learn from all of your endeavors you're never going to learn shit if you lie to yourself he never learn shyt if somebody this nobody scores a point in there are no winners and there are no losers your body is amazing that's not good because by the way it's not good because there's going to be people out there that are fuckin' driven psychotic and they're going to get ahead these people that are task or and in goal oriented and they have an idea ahead of them going to try to figure out how to make this happen they have a golden want to reach it you're competing with that person in any form of life and they are not burden down by the bullshit that we give so many kids today they're going have a massive advantage and this idea that this kid who's been coddled and
we'd like he's always going to be a winner that somehow another going to be happier is fucking crazy if they cannot kid can't process what's true was not in the kid can't process criticism yeah right constructive criticism i don't do stand there and berate your kid of course that's what you that's just as bad as it was yeah no absolutely the guys that stand and use everybody's seen him right yeah the dads are sometimes the moms and stay on the sideline and break their kid because kids jeopardize sing a scholarship to some more unschool morons but i think you we absolutely they've got to the they are able to assess that that equation effort and result yeah and compare to what's going on around them and and then i understand is a one of my day and and then one of our boys it you know they play basketball and they enjoy it but it's not their primary activity right now so they tried out aau
and they got in but not at the top team and they were upset about not being placed on this top team and i said you don't i i didn't i didn't say quite this way but my my point was you don't deserve to be on to yeah because you're not working as hard as those kids that are working hard and that's their thing they want to be there and so they put in the effort you are happy playing and you you could be there but you're not doing it yet right and so therefore you hey don't get down on yourself but be don't certainly don't get down on anybody else because they put out the effort and accomplish something that you didn't write so i mean it's you know i was trying to find that balance it's just i don't that we're not doing our kids any favors right now i just think were were it not not obvious as a broad brush statement but in general terms i think society is
doing us any favors and you see that that going a daughter that's in college and she talks about her her classmates and others and you know sort of conversations they have in class and and the discussions and what passes as debate nowadays which is not much right the idea of the old debate where you can you can voice your opinions and they can be different in some oz and you can hash it out and you can have a winner and a loser but that's fine you go away and you come back the next day and you have another rousing debate in that class doesn't really exist you know it seems like anyway because the everybody afraid of saying something that might be offensive or not offensive but just might be upset there are no there's a difference between being upsetting and being offensive for trying to nurse the world i mean that that that really was what it is we're trying to all the hard edges hebrews yourself on we're trying to put a cushion but you need to understand that when you fall down it's going to hurt
that way next time you're thinking you might fall down you'll correct your path yeah that's the whole reason why people do difficult things you difficult things i understand your boundaries to understand your limitations and then to try to improve those try raise the roof on your expectations raise the roof on your whatever meditations of your abilities learn from whatever those are and improve it's like interrogation training you interrogation training when you're working with people the goal is to show them that it's ok at some point they're going to have to talk right and so when you're going through with the training the point of it is to get them to that point they realized that ok you know at the end of the world i know that at some point i'm going to end up talking i'm going to say something i'm going to have to do that because i can't otherwise i'm either dead or i'm completely broken and the id if you you do that and then the rest of the training and beyond that you're building them back up because they understand that now if god forbid something should happen they get picked up and there's actually
vacation going on i don't mind they understand that and they are the process it so that if they do get to that point where now ok i'm going to have to talk i'm going to come up with some saying it's going to and then it's not completely devastating it you don't leave them completely broken and they can come walk back because they understand i got to that point i understand what my boundaries are and but i can we within that i am aware i'm going with us so that we see here using interrogation training like a an agent gets interrogate yeah i mean in service training in general for for you know for our our outfit for the military you know it's it's basically the same we do out across this is not interrogating an enemy combatant or no no i'm talking about you being you know it going through a terrorist training is is what do you tell them to do like in that series like say if someone gets captured in afghanistan well yeah i have been whatever well i mean it he bottom line is you know you you you try to avoid talking right but it depends if it is you got to assess who you're dealing
right you got to assess what you think their parameters are what could be coming down the pike in other words so how is this that's part of the training to is understanding what different groups what different places we could could mean what what that it would that interrogation can look like how bad it could get so you're you're processing that part of it is understanding what it is it's okay to give up what are you what are you gonna say that's not going to put anything in jeopardy anybody's lives or any operation in jeopardy part of it is you know you then you've got i understand you got to stay close to the truth right the problem with it if you where you start getting people out on irrigations is where they can't remember what they've said right the closer you are to the truth the easier it is to remember what you've said so and in these things i mean if it's a bad situation in your in their day in and day out you know and you're j there but you slipped up patient in there knocking around and there's no food and it's you but you're going to have a hard time keeping track of even the basic things so you're trying to keep it as close to
through this possible and as minimal as possible in terms of damage you go in you know in typically at you you thought through all of this thing you do your homework at a time and god forbid something should happen and you won't use it won't but anyway point being is you know the ideas in the a training portion of it you want i understand that you know everybody's got a breaking point and that's just that's the way it works in someones summits let's hear some it's further down the road but everybody is going to break an you don't want that to devastate the person if it should happen you know knock on wood but anyway uh apropos of nothing now it's important i mean it's it's an interesting topic because uh understanding that there's going to be severe penalties and that there's going to be concussions in there you know this is a bad situation you're in an understanding that going in is going to help you a lot more than if you go in
from you know soft but how did world i don't think there's going to be any adversity what so ever know that's right and that's all wear you know just to finish that thought is it the interesting thing about people talked about the patient program that we had obviously right and we don't want to revisit that and you know the left at a very fine but grabbing the moral high ground and saying either you're talking to people or at all torture ok but the point being is that even if you don't ever intend to use any enhanced interrogation techniques you don't want to tell the enemy that because once you tell them that you're constrained by the army field manual as an example that's all you can do guess wat every mc out there fighting us and wanting to harm us is carrying a copy of the army field menu in their back pocket they don't you know despite the fact that they did for awhile they don't live in a cave and so
once they know what's coming down the pike that's their incentive is gone right to talk to you because once you know once you don't have that unknown if you're not sitting in some you know squad box and the temperatures you know up and haven't eaten in your thinking what the hell they going to do to me next and you have no idea if it's gone and you don't have that anxiety that tensing's id then you're okay right mentally you get yourself to a nice happy spot you're comfortable the feeding of the just asking question there's just asking questions in your you know you can you can hold out for a much longer period of time and yeah maybe there will be some clever person working in turkish facilities they develop a personal relationship over a period of time you know but you know what by then you're operate information is lost its interest right the shelf life on that stuff is not particularly long typically so anyway
that says yeah but when you when you're in a situation where you have to extract information in a very short period of time because it's critical because lives are at stake like india ticking time yeah and if you're stuck in some situation where you know someone's got a dirty bomb or what have you there's a terrorist attacks being planned you know this guy has some information what is the best where to get it out of them is there a fast way there's you know what is not really 'cause it's all depended on the individual and that's where it's some listen in on the eighth day he just again i did the argument got sort of corrupted hijacked whatever because the water boarding because it just became such an emotive issue it's an enormously labor intensive process even in those cases where you think we just picked up a high value target and we feel that they've got regional information that we really need to know related to whatever it's it's it's
not as if you don't go in there and start beat him over the head with a two by four nobody nobody does that maybe some maybe some liaison partners you know in you know fourth world countries you would surface world growth world what's a fifth world country yeah i never heard of the new jersey connecticut that's gonna get outside of yeah demo is the president of the fifth world nation of connecticut so happy you know it's down to the individual is knowing your homework it's it's having all the information that you can at your fingertips about ok well who is this who is associate who else have we picked up in have they said up to this point you have anything like that that you can walk into that if you walk into an interrogation and you had done your homework you're screwed right it's going to show out really quickly and they're going to figure it out for the most part you know not to say that there every detainee would be a lex luthor but they get a sense pretty
so you really got a it buttoned up have as much information as possible so that you know how to direct the conversation if anything is set at all volunteered at all is there any credit to it what can you do with that information can take it back and get it corroborated by and uh new series it's going to shut down man siri is transcribing everything you said yeah look at that now cia man at doing that they what about about using uhm like chemicals like what about mdma if they ever tried giving detainees ecstasy uh no i mean i don't know 60s made the 1960s i'm sure i would say you'd be you'd be surprised now i i don't think in history still listening to me that that big for other sinead will this rather i don't i'm you know what it is not the government it's it's it's google i hate to break it to you now google but you can listen
right now on youtube yeah fuckin' covertly attack people's phones doing that as stuff so it's you know what they are and again i don't know enough about ecstasy to get on the team if i just talk to him if i just get along i'm telling you you give these guys two heads off a can tell you everything is getting my massage that'll be your code name it would be so nice to you this changes everything that's they'll be so nice to you that we just we just give him like some delicious food and give him a ban robin just go listen man america's tell me what you know about that plot that we want to know about yeah hello anybody up man made they can't be your friend how could you do that you kill people that can't be your friend you're right yeah i think that would work i don't know why we didn't think about that but it seems like it wouldn't work but you know why you haven't done that yet have you done it no no i've done it trust me it'll work it's getting people
two hits of ecstasy i'm sorry after the show i tell you what i do will get on the jet and will go back to headquarters in like one meeting saying is bullsh it seems like i'm joking around because i knew the what that stuff does first of all it kills all of your inhibitions gone all love your anxiety gone all in all of your insecurities gone what you're left with is this over serotonin over dopamine state we just love everything in everybody if you could give to enemy combatants i guarantee you if you could talk to them you get it out of them that they would never want to discuss yeah i think the people won't buy it when i say it but there are tremendous constraints on what cannon be done if people had gone through and actually read all those doj memos that were released but they going to talk about the chemist
yes i'd like to see that lab coat on some fake glasses so i look at look smarter than him give me a stethoscope wonderstuff or maybe like in club gear just show up and take him out for a rave high water pants italian shoes now you're talking sort of the 70s hustle just bring me in town and just let me try it once yeah i can fix a lot of i don't i put the idea forward i'll see what they say and if you know the reason why they don't think it would work because they haven't done it yeah if you get anybody in the view or anybody in the ca or wherever who has done ecstasy they would i said this and they would not want to say they've done it so would be a real issue but if i'm telling you you give people two tabs of ecstasy and then start asking let's also would have been much happier facility oh yeah can you open up in the next day or the next day next day is rough you fucking i don't remember the first time we only did actually once but the next day i did it i was in uh coffee shop trying to read a box
magazine i literally could not read i was like i can't even like concentrate enough to read a full sentence like this is terrible and it was just much that day after it's going to couple days that night i went on stage and i was terrible i went onstage that night in day cause if you went to that show it back in two thousand and one or whatever was i'm sorry please apologizing has terrible shots well i just had no enerji my brain was just like i felt like my brain was a dry sponge like someone had just squeezed all of the juice out of my brain yeah see it says after effects i just you know i think not for now but there's ways out of that there's there's just keep on it not the nutrients that you take called five htp five htp actually converts to serotonin in your brain is the building blocks for it so what you do is while you're tripping you're supposed to double
on on five h t p and it helps you as you come off of it your serotonin jumps back up not a hundred percent though but to a manageable state could you do have to be chemists though to do all that just got most people just by a couple of tabs at the club you know call it good but if you're really smart you actually take l tryptophan an five htp because l tryptophan converts to five htp and you should also take adaptogens like some vitamins different things as well to assess what is edwards in turkey yes ok so even though it started sandwich turkey club turkey club while technical ecstasy apparently that's bullshit that crashed the people always say from turkey that you know puts you to sleep apparently that's all car lease oh yeah that makes sense yeah in massive amounts of mashed potatoes and stuffing just like you just overeating i can believe that yeah although i do love stuffing
this information back i'm dying after bring it back it's happening right now yeah i've been right now they hear us they are now listening to that in the in the watch center they don't know it's only because they don't know in langley that taking notes right now you know he i am right i'm telling you i'm right just try once doesn't hurt anybody the not gonna die they might have to change some laws to to to get that to happen saying bring me and there's no losses i show up with a suitcase and a smile get you guys and you have some tickets goodbye old now will get you a lab coat get your special this guy was lowered even knowing you know just let me try it once again guaranteed to someone that some someone is not totally despicable like you just got a like a little issue with this guy talking it just changes your chemistry just will it will a race any in the vision it's a sounds on very mingle alike it does but it doesn't hurt anybody that's the thing yeah yeah
i think right now people are losing their minds 'cause we got back on the the interrogation thing everything i thought that was over and done with you on your side table in the business yeah well i just people in general i think everybody just people just get so tired and we don't have any good entirely war on terror nobody wants to talk not that i want to talk about it but that's what happens you think where is the end where and people just tired of it i just want to move on i don't want to think about it and something happens in people are reminded that it's still going on there's still people out there that want to hurt you and yet we're all just so exhausted from it well i think that's also i mean you could you could make an analogy to some of those stupid lines that trump is told that he tells so many lies they just like i can't even be i this can't even be a scandal there's so many of 'em you just get overwhelmed by it to the point where you can't even you can't press
is it any more it's exhausting it was awesome in an end of the idea that it it kind of works both ways right it works in the sense that the tweets in the the bizarre statements that things are exhausting and then on the a on the other side the people that want to make all of that stuff the death of the republic every day it's the death of the republic that's exhausting and you say who's who's running the shop who's keeping things moving forward i don't know you know i mean we got so people in government some really hard working people sure trying to do the right thing an yet it's just i'm not i'm not particularly confident right now what do you think the worst case scenario right now so he you're not calm well i think we could have we could see the market you know kind of stall point i mean i think people have been amazed at how the market was and not just resilient but you know blasting upwards and apparently no concern for how
shoveled the administration has been over the first several months been on a steady increase since two thousand and seven or so now that means maybe the crash yeah but since that the recovery take along time it took a long time to come back but then yeah right i mean it's not it's not what i'm talking about is time since the election you know the market show disability of kind of ignore what was happening right what was sort of the you know that pasadena reporting on a sitting room courage though by his berg remarks about business and curry tax cuts yeah absolutely and and the and some of the deregulation which has you know it's okay to be very you know it's it's at this kind of a fair amount of deregulation but tax cuts so much and and so i think now that you know the market's starting to look at that and think maybe we do even issue here maybe it's not you know all going to work out the way we thought so maybe that slows down i don't think north korea is going to be watching any missiles are not suicidal right i mean they're not
next to see and i just can't do it kim jong on what's the fox is name the basketball player with those shipped his lips rodman rodman rodman over there with a little bit ecstasy kim young and that's what i'm saying i can see i do that definitely does ecstasy so that's not now i can get behind that's an operation we could we could work on because that's not targeting detainees and they have all those regulations we gotta worry bout but i think you know if rodman you know willingly offers up ecstasy and kim says fine then it's two consenting adults it we don't even allow robin go back over there anymore right it was yeah i think americans are allowed to go back there yeah but not right now i suspect although from the wanted to i'm sure he'd be late i'll go yeah yeah yeah it's our answer to to everything sent alice he was a hell of a ball players they want people forget people thing because you know he's gay such an interesting cat yeah but people forget what a great basketball player he was yeah we just sort of went crazy yeah yeah look at him remember this
picture oh yeah yeah sad as i want to be without a book he had or something well i mean you can't knock the guy for trying to be unique yeah no he's unique but he was again he he was available there are definitely was man that's a good look i haven't seen that before i got a jacket just like the tropical jacket with all the palm trees and he said he's wearing around his neck is that a fishing net or is that it could be anything yeah that's man it's like a silver mister t thing see i could look at that and say i could never pull that off i could never do could i couldn't do that like for christmas yeah man halloween but not not for christmas christmas and besides it chris when the season arrives i put on my hand made new york giants sweater from my daughter i don't take it off until after the christmas season is well yeah it's pretty manky by now but yeah it's a great way to do that but it's a giants
oh yeah also giants fall yeah one of those guys just cling to it i took link to click glories maybe so many wealthy well you know i'm not in the government anymore so no no i might those days or even the possibility of those days i mean unless maybe i get older and i just you know i wanna see kids just slipped out of tab you know see what happens to tell them to calm the down yeah yeah is only one way not told my kids look if if if things get bad if i start to you know i'd be god bless my my mom's ninety eight and she's all there she's great my dad passed away when he was ninety he was all there and so i've got a out what i'm hoping to make it a good long ways but you know that i've also seen folks
deal with the problem of it on said dementia and and and the alzheimer's problems that that that create horrible things until my kids that in awhile i've told them i told the ozone is just we'll that out to the back and you guys all take turns shooting at whoever whoever wins gets the house so is that we really really we told them what the yeah the oldest one i says sure yeah yeah he'll he'll win my ways he's pretty good shot yeah but if i'll go to jail you don't want that night idaho i'm sure there's gonna be some of the books that says it's ok to you no access to that that's not true you're right and where do they have that assisted suicides in california california and i think oregon are you pointing to something about idaho about people that were going up there for the eclipse and i i retweeted it was fun areas from the sheriff's department lincoln county sheriff that that guy knocked out of the park because everybody was thinking the same thing every was like because literally you get you know the happy is a data maybe that
hepatitis not fair let's call yeah they just they they're they're very camper or their you know their vaults megan van again right in the middle of a planted field a freshly planted field because it's not not everything is fenced and gated out there there's a lot of space and they come on or they'll so take care like i said i'll take their prius up in the back roads yeah it's not going to workout it's not going to make it funny thing was about the dogs too yes or dogs ride in the back of the truck and occasionally some slow learners take a tumble yeah but don't go to pet them they will bite you it's down her truck it's their truck and you'll see that you'll see people they they get upset because you drive around with your dog in the back of the truck and be they like walk up and want to write pettit don't do that don't do it don't even know he's a good dog but that's his truck the other
about people having guns is yes yeah everybody up here has a gun this is idaho and the wildlife wildlife will kill you yeah i mean you kill you and it will hurt the whole time you're dying yeah that sheriff it was great said great post yeah we got great law enforcement or not i just got stopped i was grew up in the mountains and i was racing to get to the airport on sunday yesterday an so i was coming in the canyon and heading back into boise from up in the and it's doing about well i i know what i was doing 'cause i'm sure i've told me what i was doing restart me said you were doing seventy six now this is a is a nasty ask following the river in the oven for most of the way and you know you should be doing about three thousand five hundred and forty but i always just hum it you know and i was thinking about making good time here and then sheriff was out 'cause he's trying to catch hippies
he stopped me and we had but if they're just great you know that yet if you show me respect and polite it's like a lot of places right it's not just died right the guy was like yeah you know what yeah i'm you know sorry again i give you you know but yeah how's everything else and you end chat and have a great time having a conversation you don't mind getting the ticket and you bob young but anyway we must make you way privileges showing yeah now it's happening right there is that what happened a bunch of white privilege right yeah all right after that you know what that's probably that's probably the case now i feel bad not be know what to do on my i'm gonna double i sent into the county that's beyond what i'm gonna pay twice the amount that i should lance nice just so that i i i self flagellate yeah it's not like it's a hobby most cops are great i've always said that i think that it's cops like most people most people you run into her fine most people you run or great occasionally run into an asshole and then you have a problem then you run around going all people are all assholes no maybe one out of a hundred
you know and i think with cops it's an insanely difficult job insanely stressful did you see that video that one officer who was trying to that fellow to stop any was ways where body camera and so he'd he'd it does ask them to stop in the match the description of i think of robbery and it's been on it's been on video quite a bit and so they they all sir trying to understand i'm trying to stop you won't stop he says i will taste you and he's coming around right so he's the guy won't take his hand out of his pocket the officer sees it is he answers pocket when he gets kind of sorts you know hi and that chart there any to any kind of gets around and he sees the hand and he starts saying take your hand out to your hand tag and its body cameras running in the guy pulls out a weapon that shoots him repeatedly and it's just it's all there on gets its it's it's a perfect example of how difficult that job can be right and is still
so i know whether that videos available yeah it is available i've seen it yeah there's a bunch of those i mean i've seen one of 'em where a guy pulls over one man and the guy was a vietnam vet gets out of his car's got a rifle is yell and get back in the car put the rifle down put the gun down and the guy start shooting him and he's shooting multiple rounds into the guys car and the guy starts screaming and he goes around by the passenger side and kills him that's all like on camera and video you have to realize this routine traffic stop pulled him over for speeding or whatever it was and this happens and it can happen all time and that's something that's on a cop's mind every time you pull somebody over and you might think hey i'm a good person i'm not anything so i was going five miles an hour over the speed limit you know why i got his hand on his gun once this guy freaking out well maybe watch that video you know maybe he's thinking about his kids maybe in my getting home to his family right exactly and that's and there's nothing that the and again with this idea that you can't say two things that that some people might you know take all that the counter
yeah any time this is a you know a case of police brutality deal with it we got it and it was hard course but it's a terrible job it's a difficult job and it's a dangerous job and those did those two statements can co exist yeah right and there's an so you can support the police and you can also support efforts to stop police brutality wherever it takes place and ensure that it doesn't but you can also support the police this difficult job they do when they efforts they try to make that protect communities so yeah the last want to do is alienate them further i mean it doesn't do anybody any good you have to nine the idea or the possibility there are any good cops will that's their crazy but it's a really convenient thing for people to say the police because you don't get a lot of push back special and something happens you don't get a lot of push back you look like you know you're some sort of a hero it's very slippery slope and the people that want no cops well ok well what about guns
you do now you can just let criminals run everything no no the good people with their flower is going to take over ship breaks down really quickly really work an it's been a long time overseas and some pretty difficult and firemint san you see sort of the the worst nature of people or you know and you know i agree with that a vast majority people or a good you know they wanted to go they want to do the right thing don't want conflict most people don't conflict right and and but but things can break down and people can do things that that other folks that are trying to do the right thing couldn't even imagine right and yeah so anyway like shoot cops yeah yeah i mean you have to think i would never shoot a cop wise is copying so mean to me 'cause he doesn't fucking know you right right he doesn't know you you're doing something wrong he's pulling you over and you got to comply and be polite and calm sir and try to
use a search situation be as friendly as polite as possible yeah and that's not and again that's that's the same with you you can give your kid no matter who you are you can give your kid that same advice prime look the law enforcement has a difficult job and you know it you so just if you're stopped just comply comply nobody's ever i mean you just gotta you gotta be nice and smart about that and i told my kids out and i tried it demonstrate by like when i i stopped you know the sheriff came up and kids were in the car and i died i was polite and i was saying cat to the window and i said i don't have any excuse i was racing to get to the airport i was speeding i know it and i have no excuse and that sets the tone immediately right dance right now it helps it he looks in there and he's a big dog and the kids and everything and he said that brings it down a little bit there's no doubt about and so other situations they might be more on edge because they don't know they're not sure and
you also yes yes well there's problems deal with it we got to take care of it but we can also acknowledge the fact that the police have had damn difficult job and it doesn't mean that there aren't horrible mistakes and horrible cops and people that are under pressure that do terrible things you know videos of people that compliance still get shot it's yeah it's a terrible tragedy no absolutely they make this a did they make mistakes they had the wrong mind set we are not trained properly and so there is a ptsd doubt and they're just not designed for that job in the first place it's very diff cold tell who's going to crack under pressure the pressure of the dated day situation that a lot of cops find themselves in yeah now it's yeah but did you write the idea that would remove law enforcement and somehow we're going to live in a peaceful community crazy anarchist drive me fucking nuts now we don't need laws man shut your fucking now you get rid of all the laws and you know so basic income that's going to be a panacea what do we do about the gun
we gather them up and melt them down not mine make martin luther king junior statues everywhere now you know we were talking before the podcast started about um what's uh really go wrong in afghanistan and yeah trump is going to make some sort of an announcement and you were talking about the idea of privatizing the military over there and you know bring in contractors talking about from the point of view that i don't agree with that yeah and that is that and i you know i you know i in terms of disclosure right i mean my company diligence we gotta security services group and starting back in two thousand and three we started building up a fairly significant presence out in iraq right as as private contractors
adding support to the infrastructure operations that were going on out there and what's the benefit of having a private contractor for the for the military as opposed to like well terry for it is that time most of our work was actually for the infrastructure companies right because military not going to be providing support and they need the same level of security and they happy burton's building up some sort of a new business there they would hire you guys to come in exactly and so that's an important effort because you know i need the same level of security that forward operating base or military base or facility would need you know with it's not going to allocate resources for private companies so a lot of what the private contractors we're doing with that and then also private contractors i'm getting contracts to provide addition security support or logistical support to the military call jerry facilities where they can't you know they afford to allocate resources to perimeter security into the degree they would like so private contractors come in and help with that or providing
port in the movement of dignitaries or we whatever maybe point because we're out there for for quite some time for doing that and we were there at the beginning of this private contractor thing right and people start becoming aware of it and we started working with groups including erik prince is group that we didn't work directly with him but what i mean is that the various groups are out there doing these contracts in this work rising they start to start to association or start to get some sort of sort of grip on how this thing would look right so that there was some consistency amongst training and what would the regulations for you know the various companies for weapons and everything else complicated but it has a long story short she know we had up with a four hundred people is out there to medipoint providing security and intelligence support so i've got some experience in this an now what's happening with afghanistan is that one of the options it's been being considered is is he
heading over we got about eight thousand four hundred troops out there right now doing mostly training missions training operations and support for the afghan troops so the idea was well let's let the private contractor take that old let's let's move that out and must not have the brave men and women of the us military engaged afghanistan ad nauseam you know and this idea is being pushed to some degree by art prints in on he's you know said things like well you if you you know if you want to keep having this conversation you want to have a conversation ten years from now frying let's the military keep doing it you know or we can be more you know somehow efficient they explained it who erik prince is from black water in black white and black water and yeah it came out of uh well the michigan based family betsy devos the cat the education secretary a sister in the current administration and so he black water in a you know they they they became sort of the face of fried because a they they can't very well as a private contractor business exactly contracts that was good the
had some issues and some problems very controversial very controversial they sold the business renamed it and renamed it again and yet he had but the point being is it the idea that somehow you going to privatize this operation in afghanistan expecting then if you i guess there's a thing 'cause he said well it'll be about ten billion dollars a year which would be a savings on what we spend now you give private con factors a ten billion dollar tree off to eat at you think they're going to end it anytime soon there's no fucking way we want this thing to just drag on ad nauseam fine privatize it and and put that profit mode up there you think somehow it's not going to happen and i can never get a dry i say that as a private contractor in you know and that been involved in my your honesty now they're not i just it's just it's the wrong thing to do and if and and on top of that if work in and i guess the but the overlying the thirty thousand foot view that i've got is that if it's important enough for us
be there then that's a military function that's that then we have to commit in a way you know we're not right now we've been in this sort of stalemate situation right over there and now we're somewhat surprised sure people are surprised at the taliban is resurgent well where the hell did they think they were going to go the taliban don't have anyplace go so they're going to wait us out this was entirely predictable that some we're trying to sell them this pseudo federale democracy and then can people don't understand for the most part i don't think maybe i'm just too cynical but they don't understand what the hell we've been trying to sell it for all these years so doesn't diminished all the pain and say price and suffering of all people that have been out there and lives that we've lost it doesn't diminish it at all what i'm saying is that we need to think about what's our what's our end game what's their objective so if
we're worried now about the taliban re surging an isis you know kind of coming back in well defined but let's say this is our objective and to meet that objective then we're going to need more troops on the ground and let's see how that plays i don't think a lot of people are going to be happy about it you don't necessarily do things to make people happy if it's a national security interest we decided that's in our national security interest then yes we need to commit do it but handing over to a privatized you know force to me is is is is just slightly have insane it doesn't make any sense and you know it's always for people to stand around and talk tough and say we just need more troops you know well i don't know that the objective is sufficiently clarified to say that we need more troops i haven't heard i don't care whether we improve the literacy rate of the afghan people buy another percentage point or if we build another route i don't think that's in our national security interests and so i think we need to be
more clear about why were there are what we're hoping to accomplish at some point we wanted to be there so that way they wouldn't use it as a playground for terrorists to then develop and plot and plan and and and attacked the west again so maybe the thing that we should have done was go in there kick the shit out of them that like we did in tora bora and elsewhere explain to the remnants of the government if you allow that and again we're going to come back and we do this again and we're very good at that were very good at strategic operations and we could have done that and maybe that's the thing we need to do now and then that governments been corrupt for a very long time karzai government holyshit or completely corrupt and yet we all rallied round karzai as if he was he dressed well when i was out rather was a heroin ds eggs yeah at the awful and you know in the current government is is it any better ball at their little more clever and hiding their corruption but it still exists and more importantly the tribal society there doesn't really get this idea of your strong so
central government they kind of runs counter to thousands of of self governance out there but anyway so that's the so what you're going to say tonight i don't have a clue but i think he does he's got limited operator which is going to say we're going to cut and run we're going to leave that's one option we're going to increase the number of us troops on the ground that's one option is right there it's up there you go four thousand more troops to afghanistan is that is that good now here's the thing about comes to operations over there what are what the objectives are one the things that i've been hearing from people that are in the military that i know is they say we are happy that trump is supporting them trump is kind of essentially giving the range the military saying look this is what you guys do i'm not get in your way in fact i'm going to support you and they are to be one of the few groups that is fairly universally happy with his decisions in that regard and then people that he's appointed i think that's right and the law enforcement as well i think it's if you feel like you've got top cover right now then
you know that was one of the problems we've talked about the or can we talk about briefly about the idea of the minister of the narrative of of of a battle between trump in the intel community yeah we had to community had a problem with the previous administration because they kept shifting the goal posts they were going to criminally process the people in the agency for aging in that interrogation program and rendition program that had been approved by the previous administration that creates some ill will so the did you know the military and then to some degree you know others in and certainly lawful to feel as if they've got this top cover from the i ministration that is a good thing and if you're if you're willing to not politicize all of this and and make every decision related to nash security based on how you think it's going to move the polls than that also a good thing as long as your getting good solid advice and you're consistent in your decision making process all those things are good i don't know enough about
to know how he makes those decisions but just have a good day in madison's group pompeii was a good person john kelly services great guy mcmaster people are solid people who in any other ministration would people would be saying yeah it's great you know they're very highly regarded but it's sort of there's this cloud over because it's trump right and people still not sure how things play out in that administration but if he does listen i think yeah that's a good thing but sending four thousand more troops that's not quite fifty percent on top of what we've currently got what is that allow us to do well some of those troops are going to have to be involved in security operations of the trainer some of those tools you can have to be involved in you know logistical support intel collection support so you know will it make us more effective in defeating in the short term some of the push back from the taliban and and identifying and taking out more isis will sure ok
and then and then what i guess that's my question and then what what are we doing with our objective in afghanistan today in twenty seventeen what is the objective i couldn't eloquently not that i could look when we do ship but i couldn't i couldn't state what are end game is there i think it's i would suppose in a big picture it's to create a stable society that will be a bulwark of some form of democracy if we ever done that i mean we ever had successfully been involved in nation building we have yeah i think about post world war two now i mean that that was again different time yeah i mean so you can't compare necessarily you know chronologically so like when we've invaded places or when we've been apart of what's going on in libya we supported that revolution and now it's a fucking complete disaster in a terrifying part of the world yeah it's a real hot mess an nobody wants to talk about libya and
we didn't have a national security interest in libya and we allowed ourselves to get in there and we do that um lot of pressure from the french and the italians who did an and i think we felt it was somehow i don't know why but maybe there was a feeling as if it would be easier more containable somehow but i mean chip there's more tribal history more tribes in libya than in afghanistan it you need to get like one hundred and thirty some odd tribes in libya so another thing i watched recently as a country yeah so watch kadafi death again recently watch the whole picture of him and the whole thing was just fascinating to watch his brutal evil murderous dictator all the sudden get caught by these common people these rebels like you know outside of his palace and freaking out and there's all locked up in the weird thing is he was he was our guy
dictator we have renounced their weapons yeah he had gotten on board for the most part on sort of a counterterrorism program to provide assistance or at least support or at least not impede i'm not saying anything yet he was able to complete sonovabitch but it's interesting isn't it the dynamics involved and so we decided it was better to support the fresh italians and topple him and now you know it's i mean but that's there's a case using this case to that we have these dictators we problem up and then after a while but jesus this fucking guy we gotta get him out of there like saddam now sort of same hussein lasted a long time in that position when you think about the horrific nature of some of the ship that he did and his son did sons were completely monsters yeah yeah and that's a good point i mean but in all hey how did it how did his since when they were at as with iran you know how to that
help our overall sense of strategic foreign policy so things happen an you don't you know you don't get to pick and choose sometimes i guess maybe you do but that would be it would be kind of a strange world but you gotta deal with sometimes with the people that are out there and you know uh so it's i don't know four thousand more troops in afghanistan i is that going to somehow solve a problem it's going to i suspect can down the road again that's like vietnam what would you do where did the vietcong have to go they had nowhere to go right right it's a totally different situation though isn't it 'cause the viet cong really didn't have any threat to us well what i mean is what do we think was going to happen right they were going to outwait us they were going to have lasted so we're going to the suffering was nothing in their minds were compared what we were going through and how we were proud sing it so i guess that's what i mean you can't yeah everything is is is but i mean with this what would you do or
you were in the situation to call the shots like someone said hey mike baker what do we do about afghanistan you know what it's it's it's i'm not saying it's an easy by any means it's with web at a it's above my pay grade but be i think isis creates a different situation there if we hadn't seen isis develop and star to impact to some degree things that are going on in afghanistan then i think we could be better off just say ok we're going to figure out a way to work with the taliban i mean the taliban at this stage of the game could be contained within afghanistan without allowing their place to be used is a shelter for terrorism i say that now caveat now we've got isis and that's a different kettle of fish because they're at odds with each other so what are we going to end up in some weird fashion supporting taliban in their efforts to you know about isis i don't know
so it's a it's real weird yeah this is what talking thousands of years of history of failed efforts in afghanistan and do i think do i have who bridge to think that we somehow we're going to solve this now so you know maybe maybe the answer is just find that point on the curve or you can support an existing government you can hold your nose and live with it you know that corrupt and you know but at least there working in the counter terrorism realm you know and they're supporting those sort of interests from our perspective an yet i don't think we're going to get
a point where we see a stable self supporting me pseudo democratic nation exists there i just don't think it's gonna happen so that's a she usually on satisfying answer but do you know maybe it's maybe it's like pollution you do little things you know and hope that it helps and maybe that's were doing here you know if you just start from the point of using it we're going to create a bulwark of democracy yeah overwhelmed it's never gonna happen so you don't do anything back right i a part of me just i i hate the idea of leaving right i mean i think a lot of people do who losing we're going to create a vacuum right right and i am quite for that's typically what happens in a particular you know and a present said they would see that and they would see an opportunity now we know they've they're at odds with the taliban taliban pretty brutal could they handle it on their own you meaning could they destroy prices on their own man who knows maybe but it certainly complicates the situation but now
actually if we just decide to somehow another support isis now that's never going to happen whenever it now means he's been out of town how about i tell ya yeah they're battle against i cited see that more i could see elements of the taliban saying look we just want appointment self govern right ok we get it you never imagine a scenario where the united states would support the taliban because they're at war with isis and the taliban could soften their stance on some things we reach some sort of common ground look we're kind of on the same side with iran against isis right we're not supporting iran in a way we are in the sense that were we're trying to kill the same people right so who would have thought that you know five years ago so it's not sound nutty isis is yeah yeah
everybody can agree everybody could agree it's the one group that everybody can agree on but yeah i don't know it's interesting so that's what the president is going to talk about this evening four thousand more troops you know he could have said we're going to leave an the people that hate trump would be up in arms so you could say we're going to add four thousand troops are going to be up in arms you could say we're going to give it over to private contractors they be up in arms it doesn't really matter so there's going to be a lot of opposition to this regardless if there's clear defined mission with an end game fine i just haven't heard i don't know what that is yeah and maybe they maybe they've said it i just haven't seen it well it seems like the only way we're going get peace and harmony in the world is if there's no fifth world fourth world third world or second world just one first world everybody has like suburban problems yeah yeah it's not even possible no i mean never society where everybody's on the same footing impossible
have universal basic income and across the world i get rid of law enforcement in one percent yeah exactly everywhere i don't think that's it yeah it's not gonna happen and and you know that's so disheartening for people though a guy like you as someone so many years of the expo in intel agencies that i would say that there's nothing that could ever be done that would give peace in the world like generations from now we're still going to be dealing with the same issues we don't i mean maybe you know if the chemist can figure out a way to get us all set next to see that's going to solve it now i don't know you know it's the way it is it's human nature and you know we have we go through periods of plus you go through periods of prosperity and and during those periods it kind of helps to lift everybody up and they get to a certain level that they didn't imagine before rush still trailing but are we ever going to get to a point were all
you know we're all the same i don't i i mean i hate a great but i don't see it as well here's a perfect example the united states in germany right great war in the 1940s and now we're absolutely apiece mean in germany is prosperous and it's a great country and everything is great i mean i would wonder what would have to take place for this to be a worldwide thing where the rest of the world sort of rises up to an adequate level of civilization and we no longer engage in the potential global war that we're all looking at right now but we really looking at the possibility with russia and with n korea and all these different players be some sort of a twisted world war three going on russia i think this is rushes punching over its weight i mean at the end of the day russia's got a g p you know equivalent to a mid size the u country
right i mean so they just you know i put in is very clear he wants to rebuild the soviet union to some degree in some fashion right he's been done it through some territory doesn't do energy policy through met like they always do but you know i don't think russia but to your point yeah as with are you germany could we see away that the un iran for example could find common ground and suddenly forty from now be at peace and not only a piece but supporting each other's economy and you know have that sort of fraction and i don't know i don't think so i don't think so i'm good i'm just thinking i'm just like it just at a certain time it just it's very frustrating to think that i guess pace of progress is so incredibly slow when you look back in history this is probably the same
it's time to be alive ever so there's been some progress from yellow roman times to to that there's obviously been some worldwide progress so sure yeah yeah longevity and and you know stamping out disease and all of us those things that weren't artistic enough for what its if what it's worth to greater be alive and people that are walking around every day you trying to find a reason to be offended or finding that you know it's because there's real conflict yet that they have these issue right is that that the the the hordes aren't coming over the border right to you know to to rape and pillage sure and write this food no display easy to find it did find the plague the dead from the bubonic plague on sept six right now where was that was in arizona figure was god dam arizona so what it's a in response joe are pio getting arrested everybody's mad woman if that's what it wasn't there some talk about trump pardoning him yeah what is he areas
my plague in arizona fleas found carrying the infectious disease there you go underfell and that's where it's going to be it's not going to be this is my for what it's worth i put this along with my big pussey theory but it's not going to be the n koreans fire and often miss or whatever it's going to be this idea is going to be a pandemic something that we didn't quite coming right mutation of a disease or something 'cause i do believe in the idea that you know nature takes care of it eventually you know just like a deer deer or whatever and and eventually the overpopulation issue becomes a concern and and and that's how the earth tends to reset itself and that is always how it works yeah that would suck but another reason to be in idaho bubonic plague and they have very human cases in new mexico that article said and then they found it in please in arizona yeah well everybody goes to your doctor
survive the winter so i don't know what else has been going on what you tell me because the inside track yeah well there is that man with a suit coat on yeah i know i get that and i can shoot up what i have in here also was a pocket square up i pulled it out when i do a tv interview i pocket square and get a little classier now people tend to think you know what you're talking about when you have a hanky or clearing that from guy ritchie explaining the pocket square to make a schooled minutes it's raining so this is not something i was working on in developing this is his theory no it's not his theory but he is very well educated and very well thought out in regards to his choice of suits and a man wearing a well tailored suits him is he started still married him and no we got rid of the check along time ago remember naked with her well there you go i remember but not as soon as she started seeing guy ritchie i was living in england at the time an she just suck
and out of nowhere had a british accent love it yeah people do that's fantastic i love i love when white people talk like black people i love it's my favorite for a chinese guy talk like black eyed that's even better now i would have you heard that i've seen it many times big and of transracial like people that i think they're the wrong race yes that's a new thing it's one of the few trans things you can mock still can you yes okay only when i'm go happy that we would be able to sell well that's right yeah naacp in spokane that's right in the identified with fire sean king that's why i think it up yeah he's another one but he denies it he says that it's actually it's all that everyone is wrong his mom his dad his birth certificate people he knows they all lied to him
there are line everybody else and only he knows oh well this is an affair with a light skin black man or something somebody who knows exactly exactly it's just i can't i can't find enough nrg given everything else is going on to be offended by very much frankly i just don't care i like people that live their own lives if you're happy god bless you happy i'm waiting for a news that i am ever offended by things like that i'm amused that's a good way to put it yeah that's a good that's offended i just you know so those are the check from spokane because she got in trouble because i was mad at her she changed her name legally too the blackest name the world has ever known would hear young jamie pull up pull that name up with this is uh is a wonderful name
i would encourage anyone that wants to be transitional to do the game the same thing and k e e c h i i don't know how you say that and it catchy omari diallo that's her new name here we go again niccacci ammar a d i l o d i a l l o holy smoke i liked it description though they give her she's a former civil rights activist and uh well i guess she was fire a former africana studies instructor what's africana she just had to give up the civil rights activist thing yeah silly goose it was great when she had like a flow like look at her over there with that yeah full white family orange spray tan from lincoln county montana little ruth ann's girl she feels like she identifies with black people more she likes the culture more
and you know there's always been people that like the culture more and talk was sure like what are part of the culture you don't you don't say you are a new thing now isn't that a love creating art they've got the people that are offended by the idea of appropriating like if i opened a mexican restaurant people be offended because yeah i shouldn't do that i should just i have eight why why did you do i know black people that were furious at her and then other people there are also black they were laughing hysterically at it i thought it was but i think i mean it really doesn't affect you these postures and not only that don't be infuriated by the fact that she got caught i mean she's mean this is this is not like having any undue influence this is all ridiculous not exactly and also it again it's this idea that people are walking around looking for reasons to be and then it just seems exhausting it's everything and so i don't i don't know how people do it i don't know how or why they
do it maybe they just don't have enough going on in their lives have enough objective iti and they get caught up in the momentum of being pist off about something but their culture approach or pretending you're something like look how many fucking people pretend their native american because they make some seem more spiritual cheeses that's always been an issue yeah there is a little bit more in elizabeth why i was just trying to remember her name's right is she going to she's going to run in twenty twenty so it's going to be a problem you lied and said you were part native american to get some sort of a scholarship that's right harvard was it hard yes oh look at that yeah i will say this world is so funny after when when we went into iraq in two thousand and three early two thousand and three people started looking at the business opportune is it rock right i remember there was a whole no idea excuse me that there was going to be
all sorts of business opening up in iraq because i don't know why they were thinking but so then it became people looking for contracts government contracts commercial sector contract do business in iraq and so the idea was suddenly there was a mad rush to open up minority owned veteran owned and women owned businesses so the idea was if you had a like an inuit indian you know ask who was supposedly in charge of your business that gave you extra point when you were waiting the bid for a contract that you were going for so there this cottage industry you know much like to get see no business of trying to find tribes that you can represent in order to i'm done to open up a in york essentially a tribe to have a casino right gives him in a certain advantages which so it's an interesting well we live in well the native american casino business is very weird in that regard
also that a lot of people in these areas because there are certain percentage and i think it's as little as 116th native american you can get a check i'll give you the casinos raking in the cash the people that are a part of that tribe all get free money yeah so these casinos are just generating like fuckin' billions of dollars yeah because some of some of reading i wanted some of america you know marginal but but that yeah there are a number of that to do very well and you know what for some of these i don't know about you but some of the i say what i if you want to be depressed go to me on this this certain indian reservations in this country that are just awful oh my god i love her poverty is just alcohol is down and yeah exactly substance abuse and lack of opportunity lack of educational facilities for the kids i and that's just not that's not right that's not we should be far better than that there should not be
yeah it's a native american reservations are very strange when you think about like how long ago it was at these tribes people were you know roaming the earth in nomadic fashion and living the life they did before the pins came and that now they've become the segmented part of our population that's sort of a part of america but has their own kind of like nation inside of a nation weird rules like the way they have it up in canada they call them first nation people but in canada it's real weird in regards to wildlife like i don't know if my words up there but they can shoot anything they want all year round and they have it that way and watch and state as well right with elk you know the hunt all year round the rules are so different fishing sis and why do you spot lights for for moose this is so like the drive at night with four by fours the the mussida spotlight they freeze they blow him away with high powered rifles and they can kill
as many as they want all year round the same with priest ago spotlighting kangaroos i lived in australia when i was younger work on sheep station england and australia lived i did i've lived in a lot of places but i'm i'm now in the i'm i'm in my last place now hello i'm not and i'm never move but yeah we used to go in australia and worked and lived on a sheep station out there massive property we get into the back of the truck with the spotlights and you go out and those kangaroos are hard hit to hit they are tough hunting guys do not for population control yes down of them yet it's just lying around yeah yeah yeah i mean not be delicious you know it it it can be you know depending on how old they are and right which i could but the the tail is actually the tastiest part why i grew tail yeah i'm about all that but now i don't mean the as i mean the tail they have a big tail 'cause it balances about it so i've seen the money yeah you go in real life yeah so
but anyway they are hard to hit they completely unpredictable in their movement i don't want you know and they just and they move fast and the the jump the other defenses they can clear to me impressive i know what i'm talking about play the video i think these massive herds or packs or whatever you call them of kangaroos roaming across the field like some people have no idea what the numbers are and i have friends that live in australia would tell me like there's places that are just infested and there's nothing they can do that do yes they they literally have to gun them down because there's no predators it is what it is dear that's exactly right i mean we got a dingoes not gonna bring down a you know a kangaroo well good luck feral cat you know i mean but it's yeah so this they just they're all over the place a great little animals so yeah yeah they're kind of cute tasty and i look at these fuckers go bouncing all over the place
kangaroo cull starts like dad jesus price so many of 'em and oh people are upset i guess people are upset at the kangaroo call it was going to have that well the only got stuck in her friends it's not good yeah i mean whenever you have an animal that doesn't have any sort of a natural predator and then you just free free ball it exactly yeah that's what i mean in australia such interesting place you know every time they introduce a species to try to solve the problem pc are reflected off yeah yeah it's just and it's no it's it's never ending i was trying to explain to someone the other day about the cats there yeah that they they hunt cats like like what we think of as a p that and they like why and like listen i know it doesn't seem right but the feral cat population is just run out of control like we did a podcast once we pulled up the feral cat population in america and what it does that they killed
billions of birds and rodents in america and some was like no that can't be right and listen this scientists who did the study of shocked cats are murder look at a great cat named charlie who's now died but he was he was not to captain most part but he would he would kill chipmunks and he would lay the chipmunks out in a row to see right yeah yeah and he was incredibly efficient we try to keep him indoors but you know the guys we just want to be outside killing something so it's fun time then come in and you open up a nice fresh can of cat food for him like thanks dad it's got a little bit of chipmunk in his tooth but the feral cats yeah in in in the in the ransom you be out repairing fences or something and you know you just cannot get off of that that spoke the horses are you'd you'd put your hand down that picks on him up they do they just come out of nowhere and they just
you know the yeah they're not with their nine because he's not a kitty cats hello kitty yeah they're like a wild small predator that's screwed extremely vicious and you know and they killed thing all the time though the feral cat problem in the united states is insignificant china does in australia australia they dave devastated ground nesting birds and also to other species because they're an invasive species and there's nothing again there's nothing really god dingoes maybe but you know that's that that i can i can't get highlands news now so dingo it might be
where you live is fascinating because you've got you've got everything up there you got chrisley bears yeah yeah that you guys got a healthy grizzly population i have a buddy who went black bear hunting up there and they could not find black bears they just found our lord a grizzly okay yeah this sorrow's lee after grizzly after grizzly it's amazing i mean it is and it is it's such a good thing as and when you see the sort of the health of the of the wildlife population just it makes you feel really good you know it's not and it's you know it's hard to lane i mean people i was up in yellowstone and once again i'm always amazed at how people interact with wildlife when they're not used to it and yellowstone is probably the best place
to see had happened he has so many tourists during the year the the busy time of year and they'll just the it has no regard for the fact that it's a wild animal right and we're and even the price and the price now kelly in a hot second if they get pissed off yeah and you'll get these tourists it'll you know get out of the car and you know and and the husband to be taking a picture and tell us what the a little bit closer get closer but now maybe is doing it deliberately right but but it's it's okay is it yeah yeah yeah she looks fine and but it is it's an amazing that's another place for people if they if they haven't been to yellowstone go to yellowstone yeah like a zoo to people you see these gigantic furry star wars you can things out there i mean that's what buffalo looks like when you see it real life like that is is that real yeah so there's so big they are massive and then and we were in we were
and at one point it was getting to be twilight and came around corners with a couple of the rangers and and there was a vehicle stop it was one of the calls a mini van it was stopped on the side of the road and there were half a dozen people out of this minivan and they were all kind of in about you know in the in the as they just get a little bit in the field they're on the side and in one of the doing and then it became clear that there was little calf out there little bison kaffir was gotten separated from the herd and i guess they had seen it but now i could hear it was kind of over there bleeding and and they get it they want around you don't even believe that they will make yeah make noise yeah yeah yeah not not bleeding although that that was probably the next step in this caps evolution was they were trying to figure out how to round it up and get it back to oh my god and the rain
as you know said ok here we go again and i said i mean like this happens unfortunately people don't realize its nature and so they to get out and i stood there listen while explain these people look this gap is somebody's dinner now you know it's going to be you know found and devoured by other force of nature on the rules yeah and and is it is that wolf populations coming back up there which is great it's a these people were horrified they they were amazed at the ranges wouldn't do something like i guess catch the calf put it in the back of the truck you can drive it to the ticket to the zoo take it to the zoo take it to the herd or take it home and bottle feed it's not much you can do and most likely if its mother left it behind maybe there's something wrong with the mother as well yeah yeah i mean it who knows what the ng was behind it but it was it was interest it's a it was a good lesson but that that the the places and that the park system anyway i am i think we talked about that before it's just astounding in this case may
zing home my god yeah and the natural law with the rather than a national parks that with that we have and in idaho in particular you guys have a lot of public wilderness you know into the frank church wilderness is in saint john the size i read of really good book called the big burn if anybody's looking for a book to pick up and read it's about this massive forest fire that took place mostly in idaho and it was during the course of of roosevelt's time and it also so it also covers teddy roosevelt and his efforts and the way that he got you know kind of turned on conservation and the beginnings of the firefighting profession you know for forest fires not and
it's a fascinating read i mean you think about people they have really every book about a forest fire but it's it's incredible they weave in the history of the time of the administration and how they were declaring parks and and what they were doing and and how they hi to tackle this fire and what that meant for future conservation term and and it's it's it's a fascinating books was called the big burn i'm drawing a blank on who wrote it but if anybody's out there listening in wants to book pick it up how did they try to stop a fire back then especially a massive wildfire you know doing a lot of the same things they do now right cutting lines and and and and trying to deprive it of fuel feed it back on itself it was just manpower to share manpower and trying to
the the smoke towers and and you know you in creating a back then that's what they were doing they were just trying to tower well you know it out the middle no where you try to you try to space out these these outpost diesel points on the top of the mountains we can identify smoking to try to catch it you know like you've got an electrical storm boom then all of a sudden you see some smoke and you realize you're probably going to start a fire you want to get on it as quick as possible so then nowadays will call in the smoke jumpers and they'll go in and that's insane job to try to contain it put it out but there's always been debate what do you do do you let it burn do you how do you write how do you deal with it depends i'm sure about the weather forecast as well weather forecast in that part it down it was politics and it was me back then in roosevelt's time it was all the timber barons right in the mining barons and the railroad barons and you know they weren't interest roosevelt's idea of claiming land for the public right and so
it was i mean it's a fascinating is a fascinating read and and again sort of go back to that same thing we talked about it for out of this nation to cobble together and how did end up looking the way it looked and roosevelt had some real vision no he really did i mean we're so thankful we should be so thankful because of that vision we have this incredible national park system and i'll just public land i talked to wildlife biologists who said that that's one of the reasons why we have all these issues this was like bark beetle tools and all these different dead tree issues that when we get a forest fire today it's so out of control because we don't allow these burns to take place which they do naturally in nature right yeah and that's part of the you you because you get a match what happens if you if you if you don't do that you develop the fuel over a long period of time and then you get a devastate fire right and and also penn and the carbon from those trees burning is actually good for the ground the soil it didn't know it is it's very it's an
the ability of the land to bounce back i mean you know we see it in idaho all the time i mean you get up in montana and other parts parts wyoming you see i'll quickly yeah the environment can bounce back often do you see like wolves and grizzlies and stuff like that where you are wolves and then grizzlies grizzlies installed yeah they'll still you know they'll try to keep to themselves but we've seen are willing to elk yeah more wolves we had a lot of everybody's got coyotes this case over there so resilient they're like the cockroach of the mammal yeah they're pretty incredible but it's yeah it it's a man i i'd say if if you're you know if you're looking at an accessible trip you know i get that is all the time what would you do where would you go in if you had like two weeks you know it'd take the k
and drive them somewhere i would just point the car towards utah idaho you know montana wyoming and just you know just head up there and then just see what you can see you know you got plenty of opportunity to the tremendous number of them excellent parks and dina show kids something different yeah just let him understand these bath vast lots of land that is open wilderness and take the electronics away too yeah yeah yeah yeah hide those in the trunk god with yeah the kids all start to start school tomorrow and they know as soon as the school year starts that's it they don't get us to like tronics now that's cool yeah no more i mean less they have homework or something like that it's just too easy to find like a scape in that from life and that life is critical for young minds even being i was reading something about the power of boredom and how important it is for creativity that is
yeah kids are never bored they never like have to think of something to do they you know just a look at their phone or look at the tv or look and it never activates that part of their brain when they're searching thinking that's really interesting i've thought about that but you're right because a we tend to it would plan everything for them ok now i got to go to your whatever your hockey last night go to lacrosse now it's going to be baseball now you've got chess club what are the hell you doing you're right and it's also kind of goes back to the idea that we used to manage these things for ourselves right an so we go out and they would organize their own teams and i worry about that too i mean i like a god you know he just the ability for kids to meet up at a playground and say okay we're gonna and you know maybe it happens and i'm making too much of this but we can have that because bobby keeps getting picked last and it's terrible for his self esteem meanwhile bobby
and become a software code or that makes the ai that runs the world that's right that's what happens all the chicken get along bobby bobby gets piston bobby becomes mark zuckerberg or elon musk i just said chicks in my love to say chicks i don't know if you can still say check so they checked out just like you can still mock transracial people all games all the broads that's where you get all the broads are going to want bobby they've coder third one isn't it 'cause you're not really that broad yeah i've had that happen and aims were not really private dicks from the nineteen thirties so i guess is that what it what day mostly a dame was i i i i don't know i think of the maltese falcon or so that was a game a private mode so i mean i mean they would say that they would say yeah the game you know walked in my life changed right but bronzes aware one 'cause it's fun to say oh my god are you guys fucking broads dizzy broad i love saying that i feel like i should be smoke a cigarette while i'm saying bring a cigar for sure yeah martini
there's not a whole lot of things that chicks can say about us like that though like bros it's sort of like how black bean it'll never had a replacement word for the n word for white people like hunky this does not have any negative impact it doesn't work but it's a throwback it's a real historical throwback hunky at all isn't working the last time i heard anybody white trash like whatever it doesn't hurt yeah but like broads is a fun derogatory term for what women don't i guess bros their brows duche bag yeah there's probably there's probably more to the pros in that respect a white oriented though browser always white people here rose and it's black guys i didn't know that i don't know it's jamie we got your younger he'd be a fuckboy oh that's true that's true but that's for better people to like black people like that see in edwards is a hilarious bit it's uh it's everywhere it's universal though it's across the board so we can
i agree on fuckboy yeah i don't know what that since i don't i don't is it mean like i gotta see ease interrogatories term yeah okay okay yeah because i mean in some circles who knows maybe that's a good thing i don't know right yeah yeah some colder of once a boy it's yeah i'm not sure i'm so sorry it's like speaking italian wrong i'm sure i'm not get it right i think you got it right because if you're in a situation where you like an old broad who's got a lot of money and you want some young fuckboy yeah he wants car right now yeah so he's not going to football is not going to sell for prius you had some personal trainer at cougars got to spend some cash yeah she gotta get him a ferrari like the guy on the was it the the clippers that guy the old man with fox name dial sterling sterling memory had that broadly got her he had abroad right hey did i ride though she is a brand she isn't rod yeah and he got like a ferrari and a bentley and bought our condo but the broad used to work in the steno pool right i mean you know don't let the in the steno
all right let's get in the office environment back in the 60s i think that's where no pools yeah nogra photographer full yeah 'cause if you need it that way yeah you know you're not going to get you know marge to come up from the steno pool and she would take notes and then you do the or are they on paper and post it in the mail and that's how you got business done and then select low that systemic i look at that see how there's a lot of broads in that steno pool if i was one of those bras i'd like i'd rather be a hooker around here taking some dudes in there though probably not be a steno pool now maybe just ok guys and do they allow him to work with women back then i don't think so put steno pools to cubicles and back again wow fuck all that you learn about stand up pools i learned about fuckboys that's uh rat one slash two though isn't imagine working in a place like that was like what where are you going from here and the other one was the the telephone command center
so we take that picture up on the upper top colored picture look right there the one with the color in it no girl holding up the sign that swimming in the steno pool by in peril oh god retro guide to make it in the office yeah i think that modern office equipment there and the whole lower left hand corner it gives you a sense of the the date of that book no more writing with a crayon scene days yeah the office environment is much more dangerous now i think it's much more fraught with potential hazards and land mine look at that that recording device there boy look at that thing see he was talkin into and transcribe all that that was going on like a dictaphone what is with the guy with them all the older hat this is a movie has like a spire something though yeah that's
because you know we always to work dressed like that i don't know if you can zoom in on that but that was actually we would get that after we completed training they would actually give us an outfit like that the entire white yeah and then the bowler hat like this nice then we would set off on our adventures what's that new movie the kingsman so what is bunch of spies out there kicking asked and i have not seen that each new deadly skills i gotta kill people with a pen there teaching work skills like how to use like improvised weapons yeah sure field experience so yeah i mean you know it's like knowing how to fire whatever weapon you pick up off the ground it's simply knowing you know what would work and most of it's common sense right i'm in terms of what would actually you know do the job but yeah i mean it's it's just it's just a field expediency which is good was it matters very practical information be polite be professional and have a plan to kill everyone you meet that
madison mattis oh i thought you were talking about john madison james madison wow they were tough son of a bitches back then no madison ok mad dog mattis yeah sure love to say mad dog did he yes he was absolutely in love with mad dog or that name will you liked it 'cause he had his own like hitman yeah you know i don't know what do you think go and do you think he's in for four years and not anymore people i'd be profess no but have a plan to kill everyone you meet and that is that's the kind of guy want in that position you want to go with things like that anybody doesn't understand that well i'm glad you're not in that position yeah because in that goes back to afghanistan we're talking about what's the end game if you're going to do this don't let it draw a kind of let's not do this thing where were dying by paper cuts or do you wanna call it just and that's kind of it's been i just feel like we've been in a holding pattern for years now when it comes to afghanistan without really knowing where we're going or
where we want to be when we get to the end of that road and and you know so like madison people in general in the military understand if you're going to do something you do it win that's your objective and i that well maybe four thousand troops is not exactly doing it to win it's doing what they feel they can get away with right and i don't know where that gets us at the end of the day yeah i know this whole trump thing is getting weirder and weirder with every day so even predict where we could be six months from now forget about four years from now or three one slash two years from now i think that when you look at some of this but he does you really have to wonder about his mental health and i don't don't say that like you know there's a lot of people that are saying that they get i think because it because they would like to think that he's mentally incompetent to be writing vini in for their argument but when when i read that i don't know what agency it was was trying to get the the ip address this is the people that visited an anti try website
about that like sessions was working there that's that's it yeah it is i could have visited that site if somebody sent me a link you gotta see this crazy anti trump site that doesn't mean i'm a part of that community or anything like that you can't get ip addresses from someone who visits things online either side anytime i don't care which administration it is i mean you can argue i mean yeah it's just the potential for abuse our i've always agreed with that idea i'm up small government person so the potential for abuse of power is is always there and and needs to be monitored you know such as catastrophic yeah because as soon as people lose confidence and that's one of the biggest issues with trump as a president if people lose because confidence in the institution like one of the things that very disturbing to a lot of people was that when he had those russians over and he was explaining how isis is thinking about using laptops as bombs like jesus fucking christ this is top secret shift you're not supposed to say that because then this could potentially compromise
people that are embedded in isis that are distributing this information like you have a bunch of people that you're giving up information there's a trickle down effect and it also diminishes the potential for people to trust the office right this person we see that all the time you see that i mean the previous administration had problems where they sort of their desire to rush to the podium to declare a victory in some there was a disregard for sources and methods disregard for for the importance of its secrets are good on in many cases when it comes to intel operations you want again you want checks and balances that's i completely get that and because people are like losing a myself going i can't believe it's the cia guy talking about checks and balances because you know i'm sure he doesn't believe it but it's true the place you know for that is in the committees and
on capitol hill where you're supposed to have an engaged aggressively curious inquisitive operation up there between the various commit he said i suppose or charged with overseeing the work of the intel community and often times they do know exactly what's going on they just play this game where they disability now it looks like this political blowback fairly well worn path between langley as an example in capitol hill for the briefings telling people is what's going on this is what's happening and then you know the general understanding is there going to be assholes if it becomes politically expedient to do so they'll disavow that they knew about it hell demand ins for a you know and it's just so it's a game it gets played sometimes man yeah i think i think that it's it's it's hard to say i've got i've got friends who are very hard left and they're convinced that the trump's on his way out in the not too distant
uhm i think that's a lot of wishful thinking but i don't think he's going to make it for years i might be wrong doesn't seem like it i think he's also incredibly resilient though his is unusual in that regard he's also a guy though that wants love and respect and wants to be a winner like everything he does like in regards to you know bill those decisions mean tank something person himself self to declare a victory right yeah you gotta wonder whether he would put someone in position you know to say like the fake news is so out to get him to what we've done is we've created a structure that's the best people for the job and then i'm going concentrate on business and helping them from the outside me you could escape i have some sort of escape route there's not again it's sometimes seems as if there's no grown ups in charge of the messaging that comes out of the white house right and that's been the case since day one basically and part of it is
you know maybe people say well that's the way he likes to play he likes to play people off of each other and he likes the chaos anything never ran a big organization people imagine or thought if they didn't if they do you know if you can spend a time up in new york and having watched the try organization for years and years and years if you hadn't done that then you imagine it to be this massive organization well it's not it's always been kind of a family business right and it says so so the chaos it's around that shouldn't be a surprise what is a surprise is that you know he wasn't you know he wasn't sharp enough of what i don't know what it is that uh to understand the importance of inserting the discipline in there and at least if nothing else being consistent and disciplined with the messaging that comes out and just quit the tweeting people say i love it that's what makes in him you know if from people it's entertainment that at reno it's like it's a portal for fun i
for fun i mean that's what you're getting out of it you like you're seeing the stupid shity rights and go oh my god and you correlate of the time so he writes it yeah yeah so it was two o'clock in the matter is that it is and i don't want but that's the thing i don't hi in a again i get it i understand that people you know people who are excited to have genuine person who is not a politician in there and there's some benefit to shaking the system up for sure it needs some shaking but you know how much shaking is actually been done i don't want that i am yeah i'd rather the president spend has much time watching tv or tweeting and working to try to accomplish something major in the way of tax reform or even the health care good luck yeah we're not going to get that done i think there's also a real problem from the top down when the commander in chief likes to personally insult people i think
you do that you make that kind of behavior not just acceptable but standard yeah well it's like well with your kids and they kids you know if they were probably more to the point it's like people we talked about this fact nobody keep their yaps shut right so secrets get out there right now and that's be cause we've created this environment if it's ok for a former defense secretary of number head of the cia or whatever when they get out to write a book right and they're getting paid millions of dollars to write that book so you know they got a cough up something interesting if they do that over a period of time and they've been doing that then people down below think well why the yeah right sign the same agreements to keep our apps shot but maybe it's okay right so it starts at the top i think you know and and and it's just with parenting you know i mean they got to see you do the things you tell them to do otherwise kids are sharp enough to think well you're not doing it right so you know so i think it's it i don't know where i was going with that i tend to get
i tend to get distracted but hole in district this is a distracting subject because it's really difficult to see how do we get out of this like ok we've obviously got this guy who's running the country's got a lot of things that people don't enjoy they don't like they see a lot of problems in it and they don't see a real light at the end of the tunnel it's like what's the best case scenario is this guy going to get us in a fucking war with korea so we realize like all korean us we know we're going to war now this could have been avoided we got to get rid of them mean what that's the worst case scenario that has to happen where we can survive as a country but still just recover from this that was the north korea thing is is you know is it's kind of frustrating sense right because nobody should be they're thinking that and i'm sure you very few do somehow we got to that point north korea because president trump is president right we got to this point with north korea
we kick the can down the road for two and a two decades of failed foreign policy with north korea and in part with china and so they've been very clear but what they wanted to do and now they've gotten to that point where they created the weapons program and the ballistic missile program that they want or that they are close to having an you know when you add to that point you naturally lose some of your options in also the decision tree get smaller an you know trump happens to be the president in office now when n korea reaches that stage and n korea is pretty consistent in the way that they've been behaving you know they're always doing this i think they throw their teddy out of the cot when they get upset and they want some attention or they feel they can get something out of it do they do get something or china get something that then they're willing to rain them in to some degree and just like you
trump could well be the guy sitting in office when iran gets to that point because anybody who thinks iran is not spinning the centrifuges and continuing to work on their weapons capabilities is is somewhat insane i mean that there is no john kerry said the whole iran deal was based on verification you know and we don't verification we don't have we don't we haven't gotten access still does some facilities that we would need to see we signed off the previous ministration signed off on the study or an assessment basically just to get the deal done because iranians insisted that that in integration into their capabilities at one of their military sites come to a close just like we suddenly got answers and we were satisfied that there was no we just ok that was part of the deal so and that investigation but we don't have that verification so trump could have my point being trump could just be sitting in that seat
when n korea gets where they are when iran possibly you know 'cause i could happen sooner rather than later and then yeah then you'd like to think that the person in that position will be national yes no more reasoned i read an article today that is saying that that him saying all that crazy shit about fire and fury at the world is ever seen my i've actually been what heaney need to say you're dealing with someone like north korea and that the i mean was obviously an opinion piece right the art the argument was that when you're dealing with someone that's as up as kim jong when you're probably we better off having someone as crazy as trump as president is going to say some ridiculous shit like that so this guy goes alright this guys just as nuts as maine let me know it could be in a quite frankly those messages that those things that he said were probably more in terms of how china receive them then how n korea received an on only twenty plus years of
your diplomatic language and restrained talk didn't really do anything it just kick the can down the road so yeah maybe maybe a different approach in a measured fashion but the problem is because of their sort of the chaos nobody has the confidence to believe that he doing it in a disciplined reasoned way right so they don't look at it and go yeah he's saying that's a message he's sending they just look at it and go he just got blasted off another tweet tip scott adams scott adams is the only want to believe this is some large clever master plan we may scott adams dilbert dilbert yeah i know but now scott adams like the most rational logical intelligent trump supporter that's ever lived it is not really a trust for use in vote for trump because he talks about these things he doesn't want to vote for president because it is on have a stake in the game but he believes it trump is a master persuader and that everything he's doing is because the art of persuasion it's very
insurance interesting yeah i i did falls apart under scrutiny well kind of fell apart with this article these these arguments with a podcast with sam harris pretty fasting i mean it's it's it's i can see where people i've heard that from trump supporters with a jack about how he's he's everything's measured everything for in his own way is is is actually disciplined as i've said numerous times that i i think if they lack discipline as a no no no no actually this is all part of the plan something wrong it doesn't look like it's part of the plan because you've got other people that are in those senior positions that seem to be scrambling to catch up to the plant and it was part of the plan he'd like to think it was you know it was it part of a conversation amongst the the cabinet yeah anyway yeah so i i don't think i don't you know i i don't think we're you know missiles are gonna be flying between n korea i think china may actually see at this stage of the game they may see that they need
to affect the different mindset for n and they may be doing that and part of it maybe again not necessarily because it was a reason thought out plan but trump's comments the trade imbalance with china right and if the chinese legitimately thought that we were going to you know put that under the microscope and maybe attack them on the trade imbalance in a serious way then they look at and go ok if we can get them back off then yes we're willing to extend ourselves and actually listen to the sanctions and take part in the sanctions an exert some additional pressure on north korea that maybe they weren't in the past because china always acts in its own best interests and so they're looking for something what are we going to get out of this maybe so maybe that's you know in any way in the mean time it seems to have resolved itself to some degree but i do worry that you know once again we just kicking it down the road i mean until there's something some sea change where you know maybe somehow we can affect the unified you know korea with
china's assistance it's going to have to be with their assistance in blessing obviously something along those lines to get actual deterrence off the and more of a removal of the nuclear threat you know we're just going to be doing this same conversation another couple of years when they rattle the cage again and we have to figure out how to resolve it an the further go down the road and the better their capabilities get the fewer options you have so well i'm sufficiently depressed thank you very much that's my job meet up again at six months the shitta fan sorry no it's always fun talking now i got your insight i went off on a tangent there don't we both did that's part of the program cool man thank you brother appreciate it thank you all right folks will see you soon bye thank you everybody for tuning into the podcast and thank you too sponsors dams dot com ladies and gentlemen you don't have
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it's amazing way for you to make a website can't go wrong for free trial and ten percent off your first purchase please visitsquarespace dot com joe yes i'm going to be back on wednesday with peter schiff financial wizard never heard him talk talks very he used to be on those shows but there's like a panel there's three of am and talk real fast 'cause the other people going to talk over you have to shut him up information he's also one of those guys that went to occupy wall street and kind of explain to a lot of hippies how capitalism and business actually works and that you know but he actually is doing out there is bring jobs and hiring
people so it's very if you've never heard it is very kind of hilarious when they try to battle with him when they try to pull the one percent card on you but i'm going to want to get real insight from a person who understands the financial world what the fuck is actually going on whether it's something we should worry about there's a lot of things that are people about credit card bubbles commercial allstate bubbles and entertaining guy and i'm going to get drunk again last time we got him drunk little bit he's lightened up like we got him got him uh couple glasses of whiskey and all sudden he was like he was cool think expected it to be more combative then on thursday
thursday we have sean carroll who sean caroll who is a scientist um he works for busy work for the nasa unfucked does he work for let's say he's a cosmo not just a physics professor specializing in dark energy in general relativity he's a research professor in the department of physics at the california institute of technology so that should be as we have fascinating conversation um twitter sean m carroll but sean those tweets he's gotta sean m carroll is his instagram or excuse me twitter page
and he's got an awesome twitter page with really great information on it he's just constantly updating it with really cool informative articles and here's one seven earth size planets orbit dwarf star dwarf star nasa and european astronomers say who they're excited by the discovery i'm a science dork i love reading shit like that so i can't wait to pick his mind so that will be leon i said thursday yes that'll be thursday then friday atlanta i'll see you mother lana tavern two shows sold out and dc warner theater on saturday to show sold out is like individual tickets available if you want to i will come by yourself you know you gotta do what you gotta do
so that's it folks i will i will talk to you soon thank you appreciate the fact that people buy
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