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#1015 - Reggie Watts

2017-09-26 | 🔗
Reggie Watts is a musician, singer, beatboxer, actor, and comedian. His improvised musical sets are created using only his voice, a keyboard, and a looping machine.
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ladies and gentlemen has thereby doing hope you well hope fuckin groovy i'm feeling pretty good shit is happening folks lotta shit and i got a lot accommodates cover up i'm wrap it up for some more i'm trying to add chicago vancouver toronto maybe my new orleans col numbers worlds bunch of places a man a bunch places did i say toronto chicago i'm rapid it up my plan is to fill my next comedy special somewhere within the next five to six months i haven't told we decided but i'm leaning towards boston massachusetts so common data coming up the decline this one is october sixth which has just come
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of your chatter rogan get to talking with your guest excellent idea good suggestion my guess today is a great and powerful reggie watts might know him as a standing committee and as a hilarious person as a musician he is a lot of things he's a very wise and interesting dude and we had a great time talking so given for reggie watts again experience so what was the day that we are supposed to die the bureau i think it was the twenty it was saturday twenty thirty twenty third jamming thirty three days after the eclipse then maybe i was gonna come smashes wouldn't isn't it huge will common pretty big it has the repressive yes we
i beg you know the halls zacharias such a thing do you know the whole thing a little bit yeah was commanded them for a while to work as a while ago that i realized i was like super into it like art bell days yeah yeah i love our all days as the rare one kidnapped oh that's right nearly smeared i dont know i couldn't tell offers real harassing problem the ice listen to it come home from the college door there was the thing to list to get their dana clock late night driving home latterly are above all night art bell live from peru up nevada pirogue like this fenced in compound and prompt nevada with a radio signal i mean he is like in a lot of ways he was like do an internet before the internet go you re he was kind of like look like an aggregate like you music curators conscious duration but a but it does
you mean like the end to what he was talking about those also like there's a lot i would say there's a lot more people that have access to like you f foe conspiracy theory type stuff now because of the euro before then our bells yacu only source for i got you re right the idea the deep deep cuts yeah that kind of stuff we would ease ass his son kidnappings pretty dark son assaulted by hiv teacher out jesus was not put them forgiveness people out there but our bill had this crazy fenced in compound literally looked like it was in the middle of this like open prairie whose i never saw directors of it have you pictures on one who knows what i was looking at my native banana my pen like you fake people out with this
listen right warehouse yeah yeah yeah you want and we live in that situation i hurled yeah he says this is kind of like a united away he is like a mystic the lives of people are kind of like mystics they hermits they live in link is weird places because they have to be you know right conditions to receive the information gathered his house it's all a fence ten large that's where we're so weird compliments going over the he'll get he's dead windmills for electricity he's got some big sort of truck he's got back in there we gets proudly supplies he's a total proper that's amazing foul as a credible and it's blue is we wish you had he will or something it is so like a beverly hills run down motel collar
they ran rambler enabling the coughed hands and off blues yeah yeah yeah yeah leotard tower the radio tower giant fuckin tower the middle of his yard that can't give you cancer can it now should be right sure sounds goin i never would never do any what's that other one i don't know that's all i know that is that's that's a pic of the tv aerial maybe an older radial maybe seems like an old school tv thing it's a fucking huge towers he had now because he must cause ease he piper he did i'd kiss from zaire in a way as another like internet reference art bell was the first time i heard a terence mckenna outside of abilities joke one bill hicks joke o re referenced he can it is talking about five grams of dried mushrooms are what turns mckenna would refer to as a heroic dose aghast and i was like while whose turns mckenna and i returned sir cannot in the art bell show lie why turn
we cannot have this crazy set up in hawaii where he lived in corner on the mountain he was totally off the grid but way more than our bell he was in the jungle off the grid have these basins to catch rainwater he had several acres around him which was growing psychedelic plants he had a thousand books he lived totally by himself he had like a generator for power and it was completely off the grid and he built the house there dude having which up their writing and tripping and then he would leave like every six months he would take off and leave for six months and just duties tours where you would do these speak in things in life hippy places like austin texas in portland oregon i like that and they would on all these people to listen to all the stuff yeah you ve heard psychedelic salon cycle
salons a cast a great podcast i've had lorenzo from psychedelic salon on its all like old records of timothy leary and alan watts related and now i will spare you wish me to i really wish that i was releases who have no we rather nice profound and with an english sets haste with an account of he has all the mckenna recordings all homelike way back lay back three it plays a molotov mckenna was which time period i sometimes get them infused with little with leary don't he was posts leary buddy was there you know he was their during that era but he came into prominence posed leary i think the main psychedelic experiences were in the seventies yes i'm really really crazy mushroom trips with his brother dennis whose and know that amazing dennis is alive he's allied answer has been pike s several title re great guy was amazing and he's actually a professor and dennis
recounts all these tales and one time tyrants and denis went into the jungle they took too many mushrooms and denis complete we lost his mind like went away for two weeks for two weeks just incoherent right gambling had some sort of a psychotic event like in just like broke down the nature of reality itself just went way to deal was gone two weeks and they had a watch him watch over him oh my god it's almost secures exposed to such a complicated mathematical equation in it that alone a figure that came out of his own ok forget it i'm back but you know tat i came up with the idea of the stoned ape theory and it wasn't just tenant tyrant it was terence along with a lot of other psychedelic researchers they sort of formulated some of the parts of this hypothesis but the parts this hypothesis had to do
you're with human beings evolving from lower primates because the lower primates or forced to try out new foods because rain forests were receding in the grasslands and all these undulatory eating up all the plants as their growing up they were shitting leaving cow paddies and in these cow paddies the mushrooms of course will grow so these monkey people things were ass they were living in the treaty were forced to test out new food sources and coincides this theory coincides with climate data that we know about changing of the temperature is back in africa during that time in these particular regions and he thinks that these lower primates started experimenting with mushrooms assorted eat neither the flip cow paddies all time to get beetles and bugs and things on amazon right and so they look you're here and they would pick these mushrooms out to see if they could eat em well in law doses mushrooms enhance visual acuity so it help better hunter
makes you more sensitive and it makes it more horny which would make more likely to breach you'd be more likely to be a successful hunter and more likely to breed that's that's that's like that's like a triple regrettably and that's outside of the psychedelic effects right the psychic digress of enhancing community of creative thinking all these things happen when you do mushrooms and varying doses and he believed that mushrooms are responsible for the doubling of the human brain size over a period of two million years which is apparently the yes mr in the fossil record there you know i like that oh quit yes it is we re the ends of total departure the organ responsible for the fossil record in the first place gleefully understanding of what is the reason why were writing all this down mean it's because of the mine will this mind doubled over a period of two million years i think that's what they think is there's a bunch of different factors and it's no people argue about this but i think it's a really important too
be balanced about this ngo i know nothing of its either or i think there was a launch a shit go in there absolutely they think it had to do with humans filling a fire and how to cook meat cookie me allowed people to get more nutrients which allowed people to be healthier and if you can kill one animal you'd have more resources sir figure things out and start thinking up shelters and weapons all these different very things that lead to civilization that's one theory that was not why trade the throwing arm is another one the fact that weaken the role that we could throw things we could hit shit there was no one near us like no other animal and i once we think out spears we started like this this ability to do this one thing might lead us to a free time to start innovating the brain ass time went on favoured the once or more innovative more more disciplined and more
creative and those are the ones that survive long which has obviously like what we reward and people today is out gesture ass i haven't gone away now has gone away at that totally may sense i mean it's like in our view in general the idea of awareness and consciousness is a i am a metaphor aids may please would you say a computer operating says yes sir or in our consciousness experiencing itself infinitely in our but like that's like this in the form of an operating system and then the we live in binary version of isolate which it which is kind of like a game in out tonight rediscover the the than the fact that that's not true it is true but it also not true either to arrive at the paradox the answer of the thing they have lindsey within a paradox here like a joke right where everyone is that when you like here's the set up is the punchline and so
somewhere when those two things collide in a group of people will trigger a reaction and if its laugh laughter in that moment it's it's understanding paradox it's like feeling the effects of a paradox where it actually like buy you a very unique moment a very easy thing that like you didn't expect experience because it's so different than anything else you experience in everyday life yeah it's like it's like everything and nothing simultaneously like you get that quick like fish because a joke kind of does there at least opinion an end and that makes you feel like it gives them when a sense of enlightenment for it for a moment i know what you're saying i'll take a joke does it the way psychedelic experience in avonlea and others like this it weird moment when you laughing at someone is really killing like when you papa you escape from your the shackles of your normal think he s here yet totally any any assisted joyfulness because it's it's like you get this perspective
such as zoomed out perspective on this thanks such as small instant of time that idea like being on a ride in answer you're just suddenly there do you feel like when i ve been talking about this a lot the do you feel like what's going on is like a form of hypnosis when a comedian is like killing overcrowd like it's like a form of hypnosis his eye we feel like when i'm watching someone on stage in the really got me i'm not really think animal kind of allowing them to think forming i'm just like sitting down smiling enjoying the ride they take me i'm not doing any analyzing myself asbestos one of the reasons why it is very important to like really think carefully about people's attention spans and how to get these ideas into their head i think it is in a way a sick state of mind that you achieve on states is very similar to hypnosis yeah
you're talking about the effect on people or an u turn and the idea what's happened i think the comedian as well as i like it's my job to put all the p together in practice it and just tweak it into one on stage and it starts happening i feel like i'm as much of a passengers i am the driver oh man yeah that's a really great this description yeah i agree that a hundred percent i mean you know it sometimes i'll say that the feeling that i get on stage if i'm making music or even dislike griffin reference whatever is that feel like i'm actually i'm i'm watching the show or actually step out of myself and i am actually kind of enjoying the show began there will be a moment roby like us grant i'm also you can get in the way you might back and by those moments that's that's exactly i dig dig that cause it exists
just depends on where your awareness lands you know what i was feel like man i was feeling the dude run in the old school movie projector you really this kind of turning out but you have to be there in case aiming for here here for the most part it runs on its own to remember telling the unused to the movies yet there was a year there was an operator the other is a somewhat next to it just in case something like that member one movies fucked up and you have to yell yeah do you now down those are great and lower socio array of solidly the other fuck ups the chaos that immunity that's a real test of character to see whether you talk a movie theater yeah what do you mean like the kind of people that talk in movie player during a mere you really know whether not you can hang out with someone if they talk in a movie yes absolutely hundred percent the sums are talking move ethereal ok you're inconsiderate yeah totally or unless like enough for me i have this like little secret at once if if it's a brief comment
i don't really morality so much but yet the city secret get real the clear and get close to their ear and dont whispered just we can cannibalize right because the hire you your whisper is its much more sibilant and everyone can hear it so whispers assertion actually louder to promote hushed tone and it was also the people just start talking my normal ship oh yeah i took legal it has nothing to do with the move it nearly every called walking mocking oh you ass all schools can he killed by a robot lady a commodity interested in seeing how that even comes to be shut the fuck up you ve got to come it s true
was really angry the other two less roy why are you talking about try were at the moment since avatar to mother fucker its current sheets in three we're glad that's the grazing hey you know it's just coming up is put up a really worry action something that gives a fuck what's going to happen in the future you my name be alive i might kill you for talking the movie theater either you have no idea react taken a pig i'm really hundreds gets up need after this what the plight of the people that can even weight and our de now have to be filled now i need to fill my law look at it holes get lonely my face saw me i can't survive if that's tough man that's a tough racket because some people know some i mean that the
so there are people who have like this weird thing that happens when you know that hungry thing or when a legit so then they brought in canada grids however i will say it for the most part it's about discipline in the discipline turns into just nature and then you get a better sense of well how if are hungry like you know i'm hungry and that's fine yeah you can be fun i'm gonna be hungry i can live for a few days that day so so a few hours is like four hours if i'm gonna be fine did you hear about the guy that lost like more than hundred pounds by fasting for entire year he doctors monitoring and it was all parts some sort of scientific experiment and we had here we are talking about him with robert cracked is at all was telling us about it or was done doug steamer like in the sixties are known fairly recently fairly recently because the dark we're monitoring him he lost over your pounds and here's what's really crazy his
gin shrunk with him i guess body corrected for itself which is like white he went into a complete stay of key toasts right words is bodies only fuel was from the actual extra fat in his buyer and then one is by he started consuming this may he could have like really bizarre genetics we're askin doesn't stretch out this is a right for an effective manifesto four year any lost more than half his way i think that happened in nineteen sixty of the same one things safe as a reason because of raw blows talk about that they had all these color photos of the guy that look really reason you might be right but that i think think it was a recent maybe they re created it maybe that's what it was but this guy whatever it was all he did there a saying the same s table all he did was drink water and his body just eight it's fast vitamins or what he had to take them for some fire is in its staff to go through city i wish
both her pressure he's one talks about it would i think was was the most shocking the skin trunk that does that that's that as the weird thing i mean emmy will wait firstly i want to mount fifty but fifty five pound damn i just started lifting a got trainer and start listening and then basically eating like a bodybuilder so does and that's how i eat for the most part we feel better that way man way better it's crazy laser crazy like people sometimes look at the food that i'm bringing which is always pretty much the same thing what do you mean like you know like breakfast it's like this when i called the year or what he calls the uruguay shake my my trainer he has this shake that he that he digs as i half keefer how are no cup of yeah a cup of oats raw oats half cup of tea for half cup of water and then thirty five grams of j rob chocolate ignite protein oh aunt
a handful of frozen blueberries hams and got a lotta good stuff on there you got eyes dancing probiotics from the key error you got some carbs from the oda you got protein seeds we just eat it's funny could clear the problem is there's a lot of fuckin dummies that also ye could and their annoying for regular people like wanna be healthy but they don't wanna be that annoying guy the jim it's fuckin register de droning on and on about it sets in his lips and you start thinking that being healthy for idiots yes or no it gives it a better at dusk it's it's not as now that you know my the my favorite i've been lan like lifting and has it got a golden sad ailing infantry it so we gotta gods and venice and what i love about anything they get involved with assist observing like how the system works right now and like when you do get a community like what's the level of awareness like what are they focused on thus abstained
thing i really dig about lifting is that it's not what you think like i think people think they meet heads yeah no roy did barack obama and don't get me wrong there some of those pressure by an it wouldn't be filled him with that have brought about a couple but like you going to go into gold and man peoples respectful wearing unravelling very friendly various respectful the help they like rack yak their weight state i'll be they re rack if you working in they get things out of the way they think about like stuff like being in the way or not in others there's a lot of like really cool conscious hey let me help you yeah how you know that lift that you don't this point too much stress on year on his shoulder he meant when like poland le both your elbow it ever just a tip in our southern guys a great geyser annoying the guys i want a correct you in the wrong man now don't have to do that through that exercise yeah
how would i do that you just can't there's guys would just have this idea had that they need to absolutely tell you their knowledge man must come out it's it's weird any can tell the difference yeah if someone's i'm giving you a small piece of corrective advise sovereign exercise that you're doing in the moment or that you doing so it's now a critique of the exercise of its morally i'm looking at you doing this exercise and here's low peace that might make it more efficient right on better better use of young men or whatever you that's great i get that and we get that right away like uh that's dope i'll try that if it works it works if it doesn't doesn't with someone slicker enough on these giant concepts like these just just now that are too large to give to someone that you don't know right now just
fire in and out at yeah yeah thou these like physiological words yeah things wherever it may be why son who know you're saying not the way i look stupid i am totally in if weakened yeah sure yeah thanks man thank you i'm not isolate muscular reporting slippers pinnate us and whose words like what are you doing here to watch and am i thought your jerking off on mere jerking off me which are now knowledge jerking there is now george you fish they deftly knowledge to have severely yank greece get gets grouped in with man splaining which i think is like another form of its to generalise general human terms have you heard he pete it's a new one oh is that he peed is when a woman says something in there but ignores the man says the exact same thing why our great i walked i know that i know what that is another factor that has not
the pisses me off more as heater peer lovey capitalize on an idea that was not delivered in at the right timing in like but i'm just gonna clamorous mafia they don't say damages and a great idea yeah yeah yeah that's it emma jane a good person a country per job man debbie just had a good ideas the good person hey everybody damages had a great idea guys like i gotta go yet endemic what thou have it doesn't want to do is find you besides this i knew this guy was nassau here's my proof that culture like not like being in a corporate world and like one person is the boss and the other people to kiss ass on the bosman in the boss has abbas the regional common rights already tight not just gonna put his get tired of either the only time that system works is if the boss is a really good
person being a box year does the only time which is very very rare super rare because they're playing against it yeah that's what's happened what you have to exist you have to exist by while ignoring all the trappings of bosnia re whereas if we just looking at lake just from rational logistic like efficient making mindset like you want you want you want an end what the value of fish and see also relates to the happiness of the workers and their well being and not coddling too much but providing just the just the right amount of things plus little bit extra to give it the greece
it needs to go finding people to fill your team that are like minded or willing till i kind of think that way yes where everybody kind of work together almost as a family yes exactly those i'm sure those jobs exists i know i've talked very little of their jobs i know there's people like other putting together right i think that there are companies and if not there are moments when companies are like that in ireland could everything changes as a monopoly sustainable if we keep goin i feel like i know people people like to look at the worst aspects of any point in time right weather with climate change or are crazy presidential situation race relations and when are we look at the worst aspects of it but i think overall pretty undeniable this is the best time ever to be alive in terms of health care in terms of you know at the science behind to keeping people alive in terms of the ability get information in terms of our ability to communicate with each other and bull shit to get through to us
mom it's way less likely that bullshit gets through to people today than the propaganda they could speak just unlike nineteen sixties get over stats mean the gulf tonkin thing like the whole thing all reason what we're going to war zone i just think that if we can keep it together and we can keep going i think forty years from now fifty years now that's going to we're gonna realises that should be the norm and that the really help two communities is gonna be the norm in all these things as like almost like aberrations that a week when we look back in time things like people who were kings and they had people under them and they executed people at their own women back you know that only exists in a few places today it's like korea like maybe a couple of the place i feel like in the future we're all gonna move towards it's it is hard to see why we're in it were brought moving towards a better way of living yeah i mean up i mean i think in fact if i go back to that like the reality
the awareness issue or the idea that you know there are multiple mrs and that that every choice splits often makes another choice mix i'll try sir in essence if just to the added in essence if anything is possible if if the amount of realities and possibilities that exist are infinite and but we're like perceiving one point you know as a whatever consciousness experiment or whatever you want to call it but as your point of reference as you move in every choice that you make you can actually steer yourself to the reality that you want to live in so i mean i think that there's a something great about seeing the trajectory of what you just described and moving towards that future but being pro active in the way that you can at but i think really this i think that that's really gonna help all of that is energy link if we can figure out a way distribute energy so that its more equal amongst all the human beings on the planet
really some that you mean energy in terms of power actual pollyanna go paddling electoral power here i would feel like there's a lot places an earth that would benefit from some super advance for solar of years like three energy means because if yeah for sure why even ever have power plants be why have any of that stuff now and i'll be independent and we don t rely on a grid either this were no no no it decided power is the is the best power specific is connected because then you have it can manage itself and even likening artificial intelligence things like that or just really good programming it just optimize constantly in real time based on a sensor array would you know they use really good back country solar panels to charge batteries for cameras and latvia phones that's my friend adam was in montana and he was in colorado montana idaho wyoming went on this epoch back country hunt and one of the things that he did ass he brought this solar thing to charge
phone every day do insist stories from the top of the mountain amazing amazing step but that you couldn't do just a few years ago mainly one the kind of solar powered you could pack up in a little thing and stuff into your backpack and it's crazy i know yeah i was just checking out through the company out of australia that makes these solar generators than they like seventeen grand or something like that or maybe even now that many more like thirty glance aways it's this like fairly lightweight systematic amassed system that has a basin and solar array and attracts the sun automatically with the sun and accounts likes it also has like some other people grand whether data that's also integrated into the real time or stored and so it it but it's able to produce like it pretty decent amount of electricity i don't remember the numbers but it was definitely way more than a trickle charge likud alma like you could run refrigeration system on it like a small
refrigerate so you can keep food from perishing yeah maybe even gets machination going or something tat i think with a storage battery twenty years from now who knows how around this shit it's gonna be well i mean you know if you just get then seeing that the documentary note that i remember the name of it but it's a kind of kanak conspiracy ufo dutch why does it fairly recent one yes fairly dodged even greer that guy not share its is on itunes is featured on itunes remember the name of it i can find it the unknown or some year yet it seems right eye now and as yet and acknowledge did you like it there's our belly theirs the air was category belly actually are both those are tough shows for me to watch because it makes sense like some other stuff that their talk him up
that makes sense but my theory is that the level organization that they're talking about doesn't really exist like it's not that tight i think i think it's kind of messy i think it's the same thing like just look at kids on a playground and see how they organise themselves yes socially and then just expand with a little bit more of complexity or more complexity and you have these this idea like the secrecy the structure of secrecy and to get you know ancient like calls that have now prison dinner rosicrucians and masons and the illuminati in those those types of that i think that those they canning like that sort of does exist but it doesn't exist in the tight a fish tint controlled version that i think its methods
messier than i think it's people trying to influence other people using a bunch of tactics but i think that you can't have control you can't have that much control as much control is there talking with the only way that would work is if the government was different and people like you if they were if it was eight of people gotta italy wasn't people yeah they were so smart that they weren't people then that could be positive but obviously that's not the case donald trump as the fuckin present there we have proof that the government's filled with people that guy's a person you now if we show purse right there so no person has ever been with a pull off that level of conspiracy for any length of time and the idea that you kid somehow communication
with alien yes and if the aliens would choose the government of all people why would the aliens give a fuck who we picked at our popularity contest oh that's the representative the gets to speak data particular you scared the hell out of here they talk to whoever they want is the man go and check when we visit of bee colonies use me very stiff and live in the secret kind to suck some bees are you going to take him to elaborate eyes listen i need you to go back to the need to go to the king imagine some fuckin do sit in the white house we know at oval office an alien walks and i am the representative of nineteen authorities movie right does does it make if it doesn't make any sense do i but hopefully i believe and like so many things some infinitely who that things can exist and things are possible however there are things that are just like it just me
since you know it intuitively can feel some connection to relax i'll leave a ten percent margin of possibility in alike as something like that for ideas around like i can't i just can't i be real but i've seen nothing that compels me to believe that it is but it could be real unarmed saying there are no aliens or the government has been contacted by aliens alia have envisaged sure i mean not yet may do it i mean i don't think it's impossible but again i think it's not in to the extent at which yet when you can press all the data and you like formulate our story about in our daily unlikely but yeah it's like i don't know it seems you you have to kind of have to do that like a cat about that stuff it also slightly super likely to me that in the future we won't send biological entities into these places at about all these limitations as far as like what we can survive wilson
some sort of an artificial intelligence yeah maybe that's what those things are those great things the big black eyes maybe there's a robot medicines within the question is is as you know my theory that the whole of our propulsion nor the compulsion to two to constantly been king technology brand is based on our desire to make or build our son outside of ourselves yes without them the than i'm a biological means it's like were fascinating and were fascinated at simulating ourselves outside of ours yeah and so in essence we could just be that already right and so the so it's we're just like on constant care chasing propulsion system yet a lot of people that when they look at the image of the alien day they look at that image they say that it's entirely preposterous would achieve or something what even humanoid like shape mother
a massive amounts of different shapes that we have on earth yes right right is just to be mobile is not the only way to be mobile and now we know how ares came to be that we used to be crawling emily standing up right that's why we have all these issues were spine yeah spine was an entirely designed to support upper body weight that's right that's it yet india here the other thing is hits that one of my pet paves just putting this in this the spectrum of science fiction every every celestial body every planet every moon had they all have different grab is yes so there's gonna be different types of creatures now that but when they come to our planet there is indeed a really strong exoskeleton suit or they're gonna be so incredibly strong enough that it wouldn't matter also atmosphere gases like all united how they produce energy other there is such a vast complexity that we we life is
way that it is now because of all the elements that were present at the times that they were present in reality and so and even if you taken on a software love like something like those that game spore where was i built unlike generative grant entire universe yet and i would and they would kind of create on their own they down like your light touch enables the infinite jamie then you say that that god boring now because this really nothing happening in these infinite know that users and that no no no man sky gap ask so the similar idea yeah yeah that's just ass you after real you know the problem of those things is and our generator i live but it just as ocean that is the only jump around me like ok so when we start talking about whatever the yes i'll get a like it doesn't day no rules so when you oh so
this is what is as these are creatures is came out i pretend fifteen you owe us is dope start super small little one celled organisms and works all the way up to organise and getting on land you're really the running a whole planet so when these these things are happening these little fuckers evolve yeah i fear they evolve hurried you could design and that the latter is and what are you what are your tasks are you have to finance here he survive woe ever do yet loss in these fuckin buildings man then you can vs ie and like trembled with a hierarchical leadership now are these the things you're interacting with artificial or the other humans all this was sought multiplayer up here these evoke it s basically you above all the way to space fairing to their so cool look in the vienna fond of each other with sticks though i'm gonna get as such it man see see that's ever see that's the thing that's the thing about that makes us as
call human beings the human race assimilation species that's like everything that we do do we generate our ideas there all based on link our observation of the world around us and then utilizing than in some way for our for ourselves and so like you know design of things the way we color things the way they are certain chemicals or why things are in look the way they look or the shape the weather shape all of that can i see a game about simulation of course we're gonna make simulation a game about simulations arguably it children playing with dolls and figures stuff that's another form a simulation but the idea of like having the awareness of another reality and projecting the idea that you want once more with bigger i guess a more control pierre having control over representation of your idea of re of desired reality is crucial
crazy i mean that's like it's like simulation than simulation than simulation and it's it's totally at me nice piece of evidence for that year i think we're gonna get better at it and it's gonna get indiscernible you gonna be able did put some phones on and they're gonna plug some stuff meaning put some some of those greasy pads yeah some wires somewhere where the agony of connected to your head in various places they gonna hooky openness machine you're gonna go somewhere that so much cooler than reality you gonna be like flock reality man will you gonna you gonna go on do you stupid job at home de pony like thought this job come on you can put that thing on those i have to figure out a way stayin here of world like surrogate there is this trauma word what surrogate circuit the movie bruce willis oh yeah
that's right i remember remember that is all it s all about tell her presence yes boylike just in pods its color they had like a robot by eroding our younger that's right and there are people jumping off of like buildings and share because they could there were no consequences sets out they looked like underneath have low freaky yes hata sir get as well as roma average was younger with those like one of the first uses a seizure i do to make someone younger in a movie oh yeah that's right i look out beautiful skinflint that's a very smooth super smooth they just did that recently with the guardians of the galaxy to with her our russell rosa rad go did you know that feed other one time that i know the most was tron
the new try that's right that's where they liked i remember everything like espouses like this breakthrough to emulate benjamin button like faked as fuck it look it's like me it wasn't a simulation in fact but it wasn't a simulation and idea let's break with in the video car rustled looked amazing simple do he looked perfect neil really good looks dear now that looks thirty five year old caressing around little it's great did is really good and the multinational fund shit towards it you don't to hear the one thing that really pissed me off as a baby groot i hate when they baby character i don't like can't stand it gets so obvious that such areas flagging roma it's like a rumor is obvious even morgan mandy when they ever jonathan winters i didn't
that wasn't have trade of obvious things that are awesome my well tat stay worked what's ok that's all it everything around the totally but obvious things that are also does another i know that little baby grew was q lie i could not stand that opening sequencer like the is like casual armies taken out all the bad guys i'm like that so grows at all when setting out again tomb don't yelling them that is the opening sequence in london may i couldn't i didn't know you know what the dude i'm a dork comic books man of always been dork for comic books and count book movies and i'm so gillig i'll make fun of people for like a pro wrestling i got its ivory you know it's u notes i know its vague that's not the point game thrones fake tumult go back and forth argued fuckin thrilled when david or bruce
anna turns into the haug i love this get apt up i love that that that i have no problem with that so corny there i liked i late now there's not going to be angry i didn't like me when i'm angry i loathe as it is they that have you ever heard that get imagine name british comedian really brilliant kind of all guy did jerry springer the musical and intelligent take it i didn't take off now that questions like the protesting at their protests these museum is crazy ears like ears like really big and they didn't happen or something that like the theatre like decided not to do something like that is rich attic so crazy was richard thomas no no no no no major thomas it's that he's gotta be got a programme and as on tv viet nam bbc but areas uses
is this brilliant he has a joke about angli did hawk yeah yeah set aside and his whole thing just insane it's a long joke takes like seven minutes the set up is this time talking about how he he worked with annually and at the end of this in our view he said angrily you wouldn't like me when i mainly some angli not getting it and then him with spain in the whole led up back to that again and then angli not getting it explaining it again and it just goes its its i think i'm remembering it right but it's just brilliant a magnet such an abstract weird slice a way to get to a and it's just it's perfect a hog punchline ets
hawk of arguing the worse hawk movie of definitely definite step bene one goes i loved them and chopper but i didn't love em as bruce banner even those last name was banner and i thought this pretty cluster banner banner i didn't you know why all that money on that movie i went to see it high and we see high movies that movies just like offensively high what do you make me believe by what is this i am aware of the illusion your casting wizard yet the problem may the ad hoc dogs one guy didn't penalties airbus the three three or two headed dogs was two headed i remembered it was a hot dog my head and get more than one had i think because it was it was nick nobody's dogs who is the dad member
the city i d dad yeah that's or returning the jellyfish set them on return to jellyfish at the end he really had jellyfish the holy dogs will get them oh yeah now they weren't holidays on halting piss off we're let what a weird look at them that's amazing what etc so that they get to rephrase hopetown poodle mean yeah that's yeah i remember that happened it essentially turned into the hawk whereas the hawk dog so when the dogs fired up the same thing will happen to them as have that that's right yeah that's right hawk didn't get bigger or think bite him on the back and didn't get bigger depend upon how materialisation fucked up shit about life like your item with bullets he kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger yemen oh yeah that's rare remember that year because it gives absorbing the energy the ongoing an admirably clear about the matter just kept getting bigger that's could you fucking amount
and like of ever of all the superpowers that's the one that i think so appeals to kids like me when i was young i was little and worried about the world and nervous and near you picked on you like how cool would it be too just vienna just get angry and all sudden this bullet thing leave through the air he i think it's that most like freedom yeah max freedom but it was corny like the words that he would say that the eu can only read it as a comic book when you're reading a comic book different there when you hear people speaking yeah like or even in the adventures when he takes what does it look i mia lonely low in europe leads the field god of amelia puny human yeah now it's now and now if you sign nineteen seventies hawk the frame
just like around i mean comic like come out in the seventies and eighties beaten the fuck out of loki loki is kind of like a kind of fucked up in august this emotion lets them and said that he like gas than sense he would say that he would never say that that's cool yet it's like things you need only read people say yeah taught with different lucky it is like any cap i mean no one says to yeah and cap while a blast from the past tits is there any more finally learn cartoons there any more dilbert out there in the world do mean like drawn their comic strip so they are big ones of people like look forward to every day they must pay your bad to hears from some from your radiate ready three the newspaper prowler reboot
firstly its newspapers anymore i don't know man the egg and in an online publications and lists the new yorker usually don't do comic strip right it's just the articles do it's probably like a one off by an artist rather than a series like handicap or deliberate or undermine totally it may be a one off with obama tromp standing next to each other talking are something that exists there picture as well as like play lifestyle picture the punchline joke on any embryos playboy ones where i wow this is crazy i little kid get out of ongoing what the fuck am i right i now jarrow their ted's popping out the guy's china ground at its humor humor it's adult dodgy orbit today it's totally rape culture there was in playboy magazine those ads
that if you saw are those cartoons or are they saw today delay you care for it then listen to this in no way is i mean it's as it is bad now it is it is i was just going say as is as mickey rainy and breakfast at that movie yet there i mean a watch it since mickey ernie's character comes i might have ever seen which does make climbers eighty really now it makes sense that begs activities is one of those movies you hear about all the time but you may not ever see it yeah that might be the case yeah i might not have ever seen as i remember trying to see it may they couldn't i couldn't finish it because of security i just addition they play the chinese man oh god that's right or japanese is a japanese japanese asnore issuing a japanese they say he's chinese it says
story you know those guys are definitely japanese here guess at least i thought her rays it was gonna get really terrible with like mixing the asian cultures but apparently katy perry how to apologize for weren't kimono because people felt like it was offensive japanese people that she was culturally appropriating she's like had this big sit down with a no about her in one the one about and coverage on as russia's those different time when it is acceptable oh you re here right now has an answer no less grandmother data so she share apologize and shit when choose apologizing membership may dislike provider that will make your fuckin brain hurt she sitting there with a dream i hastened magazine from my black that matter in the sitting on a couch cross legged with their shoes which by the way nobody knew nothing of its yes it down that like that with ma am hey what are we doing here
my only that's jamie comfortable with this is the other way we're terrible set up have always give us a comfy chair a city and talk to each other like fuckin whom it would be different if they're my kind of organic looking furniture and they were dressed more like human people and that no while she was addressing our hair this is the thing she had addressed her hair because she did something we're shed braids he bore getting mad her because she culturally appropriated and then she also addressed her her idea of dressing up like geisha so the problem is when they went over and talk to people geishas are from we're geishas from why don't you say china knows that japan is japan yeah that's like the thing that people drowned understand so they went over there and the others the braids shed apologize for crews let's at her katy parry
dan lessons from ultra her she's a good girl she's good there so they whenever japan to talk these folks in a universally we're saying when interviewed people in the street they're happy that someone is expressing japanese culture and their way of japanese culture and they thought it was a very good thing in thing was better they don't have the same feelings about culture appropriation as some people do with fucking braids yeah yeah i get it were but as the united states rights were sent over supersensitive we ve gotten viruses you know what it is it all comes from village litigious culture that is enough we are absolutely the fact that pay even can get sued for anything i can see you at any time that just like as american culture that's what you do it's like you know at you pissed off someone like enough you can see them like and so there's a lot of like suing saintsbury enough successful cases along the way that's part of its like a fear based operating says drying
so all in people and shit gavi they lemme think was bad yet it's a curse initiative like someone like it's a good service to be able to see someone if you needed to yell ever its abuse of the indian and there's like professional lawyers i have billboards everywhere could even katy perry was worried about being sued now i'm saying that i am saying that the sensitivity is like a lie why we're so white men can culture is so like pc at this point because of it can it goes hand in hand it's like a sense of mine and i'm a metal ass her over to stand but a but i will say it's it having litigious fear base can a motivator or in causes people to want to correct things looked at her course correct to us too but something that works for everyone to avoid being sued too i mean an army not directly right by not directly but that thought process gather man says yeah that mindset i think those cause it's about like
ok well how can we make this we have to include everybody on this which i believe in absolutely but by think it should be done have a sense of empathy in an industry that that that you people fighting rights to have handicap parking like in the front row building like that's a this that's just a great idea but leg and disable that is what we will you were kind of referring to that sensitivity come comes from that were summons afraid of doing something wrong start speeding back convening beating mac and then you get people so fearful of any choice that they're making because i feel nl everytime i walk in a grocery store i'm like this entire store could be reduced to five sent the volume that it that it is right now and the amount of people in store would have all the products they need who so
the inundation of choice choice choice to his choice and fear of doing something wrong whether it's because i let him a perfect or i want to look perfect or whatever it is that all mixed up altogether and it's a recipe for seeds and bow for sure i think another factor though is that people get to complain and their people don't like what people man at them so when you have a giant group of people in munich kate instantaneously with with anybody at any time you're going to get more prevalence of complaining it's the same percentage of people are complaining but they were unable to access everyone as they were to get katy parian bitch about her where braids right so in the past ass like interest low derek days and both derek war braids and ten which is brilliant therefore that we have was nobody was wearing out ok now announcing that man and not on that level i mean was that of
in black culture back there in the boat there is what do you mean like bright its yelling nose like foreign rome think since i think the slave days ass only days yet but the grades of also been in almost every culture right braids for sure but those crazy corn rose like the rose and those that that was that yeah that was a direct reference i think tooley lord she was incorrect caribbean yes spooky yes she is ruining alive she was next door she was yes you can get anything done if your banger very interesting because you'd after keep an eye on it gonna stay but i mean at the same time if you learn to be completely confident next to someone like that i mean come on that's like max two fuckin law saying then i can you you couldn't hold it elevates i've i would have have did not want to fuck her eat
like be married and happy and successful and not want to fuck her and just i really just be they can still be in around you think just cause you what i have sex hormones positive ability looks civilising vocs someone is that hot is always a problem for men especially back then yeah it yeah i mean i think the initial making a move and all that stuff by think like obvious if you got used to someone personality like the it bows does to calibrate in maybe you'd better person you juliana pursued go round sea could if she were gray association get if she had a great attitude is a person one or two like you more or maybe not i read i do say it like i know what you're saying but i'm like at the same time i take that
there's no challenge billy ok fine how can i call you that i envy you around her i started i trust you trust me everything's gonna be i really think that that this complaining thing as what's goin on so nobody likes to have people mouth them you know and that's why don't we get matter people that's why people get matter people over nothing they love to find someone i fucked up and get mad like we're too not this yesterday the anthony board dane casual response it he had at the airport by teams e they became his huge thing they said if you serve dinner to kim jong own and donald trump what would you serve hemlock and they walked away malaria zoning also every time those two one my prayers railroad that and then i was lit reading all the responses on tansy about you know i can't get a secret service on him he's threatening protests in others why where we like they if you're really offended by that really offend
you're such a monumental pussy that you does it do don't deserve to have an opinion on to give their really bothers you to your core i can't believe is threatening potest like you are such a fucking baby that you shouldn't be a lot of talk about things that you and your ear opinion it can't get in the king it and do not allow there was hundreds of those people there were two commenting on the dmz thing and i realized like this is just a consequence of people being able communicate openly any sure sylvia because of that yet sitting in a moment he was feeling it s and you're getting so many people's opinions just u dont care for you don't want to hear you don't pritchett or respect their intellect and theirs spouting out nonsense but if you're a person who to hear that it hurts you read something that is something we really mean shit about katy parian our hair this fucking bitch thinks she's gonna appropriate black culture and this narrow fuck you ho
starts rina the panic that sets in thinking poor katy perry this there's bodyguards machine guns looking out the windows in haiti prairies in her beverly hills mansion and all these girls about fucking cut you how oh now they're gonna cut me oh no sir little water balloon walkin around her her beverly mansion with their soft soft by worry that that's that's tough man this book bitch thinks we can take our hair ass she asked you betcha has she said she said that she is worried about that stuff now i'm just making the eyes the obvious is that at least as i got an area as is like the trauma where yeah it's asian it's so funny i mean like for me i read almost i'm almost all tweets leg cause there's not that many actually mentions right it till you eat almost all the ones who come to you yet it never said that yet locked up son ba bayonets yeah no i tell people i've told people that before i mean i'm
responding to all of them and i might get everyone but i'm just saying in general it's not that it's not that bad luck it's like i can i can actually read through a lot and and it's it's always interesting like if someone brings up a point sometimes the doll attack at a really hostile angle like inverse though be like you know you're not funny bob level blah whatever mode evident whatever and mobility so i'll either do two things only there like answer it in an interesting way that cannot of addresses their point or or i'll be like ok why do i feel that we can talk about it and through a few exchanges and often times at the end of its someone's got thanks for taking the two are really gallienne in their problem as well wondering what you meant that's i like i like criticism i don't mind criticism not gonna be like if i added shitty show and someone was like yeah wasn't so great a real i can't let you right there was not great and say love i lovely having their dialogue speaking like either
something they don't answer but most things most things are ah if its if as a good point yeah i'll go for it yeah i mean the abyss communicate with people has pros and cons absolutely it lot approach you gotta be able to you get a moderate yourself need to create some like some some filters and like others family how did just process something very quickly and israel it is worth it energy or not ok no to join you someone like ie perry to you riding on this wave of popularity i mean not to say that she's not talented joke she certainly is a talented singer and performer but a big power of who she is relies on her attractiveness and cultural relevance like how famous yet is right now mean she's at par she's not like we're not could about like you know liz fair cat power someone who's just only
do inertia yeah some was only doing their shit knew they like it you don't like it now gems like she's a rocky the finest through yes the pop star through culture and yet what we do and we show me a hundred million five hundred and four million followers on twitter i'd like you twitter audit on that cause i'm not by an hundred for a by eighty five the david bowe image is pretty good oh yeah i know right in guess we're audibly than in culture procreation does she got mouldy british korea will now mostly fake while fifty eight million fake so katy perry you fuckin ho i mean ass katie's hetty joking around i don't get married we consider how she other with no shoes on work through this body of your counts bank afterward after abilities the media gives out make him
and got the whole world's five finger vibrant please never do that where malls and never do forty of reality real get some factors for the front snap does and what it is it even forty three main reassurances now now of course if you were to sit forty four out of been like absolutely the forty three fuck that placing yeah i just might not even be her fall it might be that she's so famous she attracts fake box and accounts but that's that's just joking around there was a thing recently about donald trumps twitter followers went up by thirty million are some crazy shit yes and it's not my tightly aerial quick people are those i bought it it s always are artificial inflation once like the king has no clothes men what you know that the thing me for that way you're thing about pop star like you know how you lookin irrelevance ever obsolete you and that's the thing i always feel he'll for in a way i feel for people that big
their careers on that because there the way you can always transition for it like you could do it but when you some of my journey mitchell you know who both was very striking but but obviously involved in the music that she made she was responsible for what she was making and you knew that it was her her wears a popstar is like i don't know they're using stargate from sweden there is an underwriting team they're using orientee australia they're using like what you never know who is involved and sometimes maybe she writes that because i know the sheik she was she plays guitar and rights original music well that's that about what's escaped your back and back in the day taylor swift repeating the people enjoy the skinny check sorry tat i think that people really enjoy about taylor swift is that she is a songwriter she writes or she composer on is a vast majority that is getting angry next
friends but sir prohibitive yea i sat italy's young guy has she's very sensitively and see and and and that happened hamburger obituary song about you or somewhere not just might just because they want the value of the relationships that would scorn for that just get trying to get that car dashing thing going on you you triangular fame on that song throw some bad decker way get her angry enough to put penda paper heads a strap shit fuck you up with a song though jack i'm tired don't tell them what i have strong haymakers sad about adjournment i mean journeymen right sure lot of our new colleagues i am highly summit yeah yeah i saw you probably think this saga is about you yourself it is a bad she don't you you ve bought in two party
you want to you that's a man's a survey of its madge does not get that good dick and angry he's gotta the choices angry he decided to leave his life as a sexual vagabond you can't just accept him for that sure just let him just wander through the world it's ok located a brief time of them but no people when they fuck they want to own on each other you know for him out in vain away you know how you might just have been and managed to spin a wire oh yeah i've been annoyed because then because then it's like words not really about that allow you know it's like i was the thing that happened with the common higher recently where that just got it is got in and it has got in front of it like there is a woman that he ended up gaining with one night in las vegas and that but it was a kind of a team iconic catfish low bedtime
got a tape of emerson and this is me this hearing from other people to this now informed i am but i will say the point is they tried to extort him but he just immediately this will have and told everybody is a cigar fucked up and she's lay came and as long as it comes back to me in a mick mick i am totally paraphrasing every serious about wet weather for her it's like he didn't lie how fast entities that there's people that would like target him like an opportunity to hear sort of wholesome and away would also funding yeah yeah yeah yeah what's funny jim video like they're going after nba players and athletes and then i felt players just like that to target and like looking at them the grim account no other gonna be here so they treated is like a business probably yes it's like ran somewhere between the human social areas it's weird time we're time it is a return for stuff like that you know
it's a weird time for just in the interaction that we all have with each other's has very strange six all like the possibilities of whether to go the deuce to seem like a i saw how the world was gonna go i remember like being a key been worried about the war with russia merrily ranging our like always don't worry i would have longer gets kind of fear yeah get it was an established nostalgic now once that sort of dissolved i felt like i had a sense it least his rough form of what the future is gonna be like thing you're gonna get better people gonna get smarter life is gonna advance and then all of a sudden the internet came along and then any ideas red had about what the future was gonna be like were now i ha forget who knows kept getting more who knows and more who knows entered the wood the who knows that i right now just like fuck man where is this going like i really think it's going to some weird virtual reality thing that people can apply
into and it's gonna be better than life well yeah i mean it's a nice word designing a better interface for it all the time but right now or limited till a globe glowing rectangles we are but two kids it or super into video games their essential experiencing a right now just dinner a weird in other derek right in front of the screen i'm playing games that's what i'm doing you do that our attitude an issue for a few years with quake mine they really fine mouldy earlier but i shy away from computer games now because two immersive let me now i'm a man does not good i'm not good at not doing things i enjoy constantly where my thing as i say for me there it's collect short stories so like bench watching like al choose the easiest setting an hour you're playing video games though will you not interact with other people on law yeah i'm playing by myself ok or co up that my thing
music i think games this is something time i like whereas it going in know i think what will help and i'm what i think people really dig is i think be bringing a tired of this first person shooters like it i was like shooter shoot shoot you banks blood suit i dont mind necessarily doing that i like it when it's more cartooning so i'm a fan of borderline to collect this cool like us cell shaded kind of cot looks like you're playing ceramic but puzzle solving and stuff now it's a first person shooter with guns last week's wasn't but everything is a cartoon mad maxie so you're so it's but not like crazy cartoon like just like comic book cart right right so there's like this cool joyfulness to ain't gonna video that suit look out i got some borderline too
i've seen picture adds i think it's a mall when you walk by the video games year you'd see catholics like a mad max thing like there's always like some guy with a gun he's got his fingers whose head like he's blowing his brains and then there's like some graphic like they do want a gas mask severe video see with its it's really fun game and you can have highlighted sucker i mean i don't i playing divinity to right now and a headache i like it was not that justice is done this can you play the song someone player and others is live to top up a gear and to explain so we're watching someone live on twitter but what he's doing lines it so compelling and it is empowering but why is it so compelling watching people play games at i think it's because it's it's like a movie but it's it's
it stimulates like real time action right from you know the first person point of view and so kind of exciting it's like degeneracy hardcore henry nor did not that much is shot offers person is awesome it's amazing it some of the best fight stunt work of our seeing the choreography isn't same any action super compelling i feel my seven year old now acquittal i take my seven year old to a restaurant of tvs on they stared tv little kids like stare tv i feel like that you're talking about hardcore henry pro problematical but meanwhile just tariff is finally again well this is also a weird level this is like some weird like extra thing this isn't a game it is a game looks even more like desert he cartooning this is like some like bonus whatever it is it's fuckin awesome area they use their own language thanks worries these are our people playing onto which jesus i was hoping you wanna go to talk about this case is a new game
that's got really popular layer player unknowns better get better grants popular using twitch really so the as about a royal games were like the hunger games if you ve seen that nine steps for combat supply so what can you survival what wiki use he's gonna tell you drop a hundred players drop into a map in ireland about five square anderson odor encroaches time yet and circled comes in killing you as you can and you have to fight kills that celeste smoothing all the guns and anything you find in the map is randomly placed around the maps are starting everyone starts as scratch with just a fist and you're going to survive or play hides actually there you can become the bad ass tat kills every or you act or you just high you just survives the end but meanwhile people are watching this onto which also
milo happy there thing the watch on their dutch amaze it makes sense though because you're seeing all these be it's like watching a gladiator ranch you haven't hold on if they're watching onto which can someone have a chat in the other screen where the person is playing can read the chastity where people are i've been doing very slowly and like taken talk to me while playing began tipp sometimes on miss something like also skipper scope and i pay you missed the scope for you mr awesome gun go back and get it right my question is is it possible for them to also be monitoring the other people in the game and tell you where those people bar it's not that's called stream sniping in that's cheating thing that weird handled right now as is being handled you can delay you're stream a little bit you can hide different things that give away location them interesting like it's a setting that you can have can you can't with angora that's a big problem with people being the chat with each other a little bit like mighty mouse is actually doing this too and he did accustomed game with all his fans and a hundred people like that we're just watching my jumped into we're all playing
reality amazing to notice people end up going to attack them because they want to be the guy that mighty my game or whatever but like one has the wanna kill that's amazing he's gonna yet but the thing i like i like co op games so i like fighting i with other humans linking like like people either like that are they're coming it's what i discovered and i was playing i am a called the game with max max the new one yeah newness max max or robots exoskeleton oak and by my walking tanks yeah that's crazy it's like a hugely popular game but i was playing and it's one of those like massive the player raw games and link every time it's arts like there's all these people run around you don't know if you might might but i didn't and i would just get killed within milliseconds jeffrey play was real
play unreal no no unreal tournament yeah on real and unreal tournament does that was another one that kind of like oh god it came like quakerlike way i like and dad all these crazy cool weapons yeah amazing the raft us what these are there all they're all that its massive weapons systems your switching what constantly you get raft when you can get you can collect ingredients to craft weapons divinity two is an interesting so far fine oh yes a huge game it's a massive madeline there it's it's gorgeous i love mac suits like you doesn't like being like yoritomo being the hawk yeah this is what you get to be like this massive machine some it's it's it's really cool but ever since like so bad at it is closely linking killed he's fucking dance today and it wasn't if i am to those like this is cool it's it's could you imagine you know you're
often these like situation to school but i also like playing cooperatively so if i was doing this plane with other players and i had team i guess that would be something i would try being on it against other human beings to solve fact in much time you have to take your life to play these issues here's the thing that you might get into warehouse scale are our pv our views jeez i've heard that there are further there they're trying to set up wasn't it was near place there was doing a virtual reality in utah wasn't it like a new talk now you think salt lake city that yeah yeah their setting up a whole like environment here they have one set up its great they did that gus busters thing madame two sides wax museum in new york for the ghostbusters yeah this year the future mercury magazine it's crazy like you wear a backpack it's a backpack computer so your wireless and then they have custom goggles
they fit on you look at this shit and in all of this has mapped and environment so you're holding the guns you look down you see the gun begun moose when you move it so these people why through yes environment decisions and so that's so so it's mapped so this is what you're saying in the rear and if certain things depends on how one the one i hope that in the future with real time data capture with cloud capture you'll be able to pick up objects like it'll back should be able to track of teddy bear and you reach out and the teddy bears there it's lined up well see naturalists legally grab he squeeze it and in real time the the system is reading it sets actually putting while the objects in the room yeah and then the floor rumbles steam that comes out you know kaliko ride but you are the victim
component year hijacked so right now just ghostbusters is that what it is ghostbusters pastors and avoid the void is i think its public i think you can go there yes so the void but there place that's opening up hopefully in in los angeles which is totally rife work of a huge we are committed diana monica yeah really the others like at least like five major players in like santa monica area in meat major pillar here's what you mean by major play like people humans are yellow time player like weaver elective stars they have they have titles that their working on and there they have experiences you know well what some people call simulations experiences interactive experiences or just like puzzles or whatever like this people innovating for vs of their company their production companies that make our la videos they'd think in code they they could they create software
or are they just really get a capturing there's like in aid i which does ex vehicle capture or our voice metric captures got yes a does lot lot of people here so technology is here and it's always being innovative but at warehouse scale is the perfect marriage for people is switching i lay who like to be active might feel weird about sitting down in a chair and just staring at a screen controller in their hand but they can understand naturalistic movement right around you can in warehouse gale you can actually see the size of the room and feel the breadth of the space so would win that protection video it seemed like they had chairs and tables in areas like that but the actual textures on those chair that was all added later yes on the ground
objects were real yes but they list some of the ex somebody options yet young like the major obstacles are there yet a table the chair was crazy because they have a chair in the video game that was it seemed to me to be very differently the bridge all totally does our man it's now as not one the one it's just like a basic representation saying that future you will actually be able to just how like a movie sat yeah and the system will be able to it we will already have a pre loaded pre scanned you know sized version of that room but then they'll be sensors that a real time column waiting at russia that it's like rock solid when you reach out you like i don't feel i had to move my handle higher to grab this re use reach on its right that's a one for one representation do you think that the chair is better to the ground whiling these people are walking through their whereas this of their doing us this was called the arse studio b arcade this might have been a yankee archaic duration and this fog insane
this isn't a future man it's gotta be really really weird and i mean it's gonna be so weird i mean imagine like if the mapping become so like rock solid that you could reliably run up a flight of stairs oh my god that's so crazy i mean that sounds like concerns i would have liked gets now it's not and then one it comes because wireless i mean where one the only way to get away internet the only get to the internet was to have an ethernet cable correctitude rise very now that silly unhappy to achieve any where no i know where to get one deal the all the only problem with a year is that the processing power so for a while it had to be tethered to a pc rather have pc backpacks one now i guarantee you what they're gonna have is like one of those you know you get one as fast charge battery pacts for a phone we reach hardier totally the india bet is seen as hook up to your phone
everything's gonna take place all the processing is gonna be on your side let you gonna have a blue tooth headset and you're gonna be able to go out into a park and do the idle be like blue tooth for five fifteen point of like you friends you just have to walk across the park like you member when you first got an iphone and you had to do the fingerprint a bunch times i can also does it's different ways the side here on the back that's all you have to do you like ok define you parameters are however in the park buddy i walk through the park together and criss cross and then once a computer outline of daily ok processing begins in ten to ensure area avatars trousers transfers see that's the thing it's like you know you know you have augmented reality in virtual reality out many realities and staying with microsoft holler leaden seizes this real time like basis we can see the environment around it wrapping it so it stereoscopic leave maps it and it creates a really quick texture man
of the environment that you're in so imagine that mixed with like eighty behind i forgot the name of the project but it was my early microsoft project where took its basically scraped all relevant types of photos and like stitch them today there and created virtual three environments of locations based on photographs that are everywhere on the internet so can recreate applause in italy and in using like and an interpretation like the a i software sticking together but will block so engine that eggs listing already just because people are passing by with their phones are taking pictures that taking video so all of that data is now present according to the location that europe mixed with headsets that are able to scan in real time collectively that also gets process and stick together cross reference together so that instantaneously you can have a mapped alma one for one game zone in a giant park like pretty quick and just like i described it by like using things it
in the headset that are tracking in real time and then transmitting it or that are complete internal to the headset and then also networked intelligence to simultaneously and then also probably some fake staff that they create visually and with three sound totally we often see like enough you're doing an avatar you see the dragons flying overhead like us no that's the poland's does that if these tools slits they're not even like regular speakers there slits that are above your ears that pointed down and psych almost like hypersonic sounding like sound that can be basically paper thin so am i move the access you can't hear it and then if i move it back on access and you haven't moved your head you'll hear it specifically in one tiny then slice of audio and so it has to be very precise its form of that but they're just pointing down and they can stimulate dolby five point one by normally saint think about house a crazy like your god your ear plugs rent
look at this little tiny ass speaker there's little tiny speaker what is in your ear munitions too loud the vote was absolutely if i listen to music sometimes it can get too loud these then i gotta get you better had advanced he's a great there they're good what's wrong with him they learn from what i found there ok this they have allowed a high and is not go your hearing not good for you like things that are softer my ears but i can hear clearly it's about with producers desire for this fox your ears i would say like sure sure is a rather it depends on what you use it for i have you i can't be ear pods actually sound really fuckin great yes i like your partner better i like better than the headphones that come standard anytime headphones are included there like they're they're ok but they're not great i mean on an apple standard better the most but
airports or more precisely if once you sound natural they sound like i'm really surprised i'm prepared for them not to sounded lost every time they use them but they sound good because they're not they dont seal the ear the sit the ear but that design is so ingenious that everyone i'm workin out i'm like like on the bench gettin up jump in is still not falling out and they sound great sounds all natural monopoly and like a high and pair of like a crazy amount of and i put in some like crazy headphones some are these whatever planner magnetic but bullshit like little tiny wednesday require much power phone with power fine but i put those in and unlike out wow that really small like i have to adjust to it's detail where is the ipods like as soon as i put them in like that's just sounds like a nice perfect frequency curve feel very flat in real a strong endorsement pretty good yeah i'm mixed emily i was
ray impressed with them i bottom and never opened the box really says there there easy to pare pair man and its cook determine my genes overtime ridable tired and handled in this wire wire get fucked up yea decided pull it out and it's so fine they cause the weight snaps clothes magnetically so satisfied how long is a barrel at last no suckers i think its eight hours real i think with the case the charge sweetheart young change right there better their parent the apple watches yes i have the new able as soon as you get the three out to serious three but what's the deal with the three was what's better empty now you can leave your phone unharmed yeah just take your watch my amphiboly off with your life to do that i mean if i'm going to a concert or something like that like you know i mean i'm in the i think what great about this myself people talking about like what do you think about the apple which when they first announce it there if you will like it so stupid you already have a phone why do you need
you know why does your watch need to be a phone and sing all these things related to that and as you don't get it it's about having to not manage a physical object it's the one is on your rested just raise on your rest the hold the whole day me unless you take it off road ever but must have time you just leave it on the whole day and it's always there you don't have to manage it like him if you want to make a call you made a call if you wanna take call you know you of your your pods you can do a full caught call you can listen to music on it how much power battery was something have so i think el tee what is it like six five hours hazarded or something like that you live in a half a day for you it's a rat get get it so that thing works better that's like all lp bit by bit realistically you're not gonna be on how to ease the time so depending on your usage it'll either get last emmi in that five hours talking i think of you lte like talking something that but i think for me
i'm like around sixty seven seventy four percent every day really at the end of every day so i can go a couple days without charging it actually who pulled moved i now i like i like your rebel like put snip man now wireless bad they're gonna be everywhere sooner yeah what did i found yet and that two or the watch rather than just get the eight pleasant to setting out on us a unique ten as well are you again next year crazy person i have like i have learnt that the almost every tough cause i want to know android could ever have a team obol accounting eighty two you can see want to learn androids here yeah fuck around with it some always like updating i just want to know how the up like with what's the view i philosophy like what do you think is interesting because there to do to diverge but the very similar verily i like to check out like i once a difference that's really frustrating that i find us do that that's frustrating that this doesn't do that if it wasn't for air drop yeah
jobs kind of keep me on board yeah i got realise how much i like that once i tried the google pixel which i really liked yeah that's a great fuss great phone and of the pixel two's foreseen better but yeah samsung galaxy no eight might be the best form the world they sir you have the aim of the eight plus its very beautiful and no plus is now under way out and no yeah galaxy plaza but the note is you know some malaria same thing right but adds got them obviously the pan and as a couple other features the cameras the same but it's it's just got a couple extra features i to stick with the smaller what you think about it plus the plus yeah i love it the screen is gorgeous maison right is so it's the colors are just insane it's really beautiful once you have no bevil yeah you look at it there is a battle
basil why does he bevil might have said and as i said the group as it often enough of vetoes i case basil but a decidedly through i count myself out on desk a job man but that did so much more pitiful than seeing that edge that edges like the obvious edge to borrow the iphone we're fingerprints can argos and the ep the iphone speakers the chin looks clunky yeah it's totally clunky and it's you know it's it's where it's the next step before augmented reality glasses gear that your phones or your founded are your glasses when i look at the no eight red ban as the note ate it looks like minority report on looking into some like while ago the hot that's a yell screen you're holding the screen that offscreen yes this is like the future it is pretty red yet it legitimately used to me like a big step up from like a regular phone i look at that unlike that this is obviously next level
yeah i got the essential phone two just to see what that display was like can i get a preview for the iphone ten and iphone x going to be insane it's going to blow it all that looks for it looks it's it's great i mean i will say that their product design has been like there was like a where am i the last few iteration of computer i mean i always get the new i get the new everything from apple pretty much and then just either sailor like fine like someone who needs computer whatever even to that but so i cycle through alive technology and just for while they ve another the laptops her they were cool like some nice improvements i mean i like the you know the macbook pro design is like pretty cool i like the strip i thought i was going to be i make this drift becomes an issue with me cause i've fat fingers and sometimes i had serious yeah i designed disable site its desire for further for laptop but i did two billion matter when i say i hit the button israelis as serious as able visualize ensure data assholes
that sounds i'd rather not that's me its chosen its also means it's right there yes right there where the fuckin delete ie is the finger slips and goes up there yes falls in their boom which relate to enable siri now you bitch see right now cancel no it's just learned you know i mean just learn i want my technology to learn better it's not learning railway this the thing about being a must switch windows on the bar is kind of interesting but quite an average i never use it either never use i would prefer mechanical buttons for sound too i agree with that i'd its way faster way faster does this reasons is you have to press it once and you have to press it again and yes i just a sound one i was surprised and a minus like normal i now probably a keyword come waking letting it command apple or plus the only other point that i would have is i really like attack tile mechanical feeling keyboard when i write
bigger cable yeah a bigger key throw you travel on like this one cause it's like this new macbook pro but in the last macbook pro ass most kind of machine a bit yeah this was more like it it seems like real positive feedback when it looks and really like is the one novo think pads they how you're amazing keyboard that works it like you feel where the keys are like yeah tight faster with it it just feels like more surgery yeah my fingers just canoes indicate with a better yet these are like flat like the fly rectangle not very high off the ground you know so because the fact not very high or for the rest the keyboard you not sure what you're touching so yet i'm such a view calices i guess and if he s fingers yeah i guess you have to just understand the spacing of it but it's almost like their preparing you for typing on a glass green the same way open your eyes rate in and see i'm not a big fan of that i think we should be able to speak to our computers yummy
and they go you just gotta keyboard you touch do ok i don't want that the whole thing for laptop in the first place totally saw me a screen and a keyboard yeah that's fucking do either the dear do you have the echo or any of those things yeah i got an echo of never set it up don't use it so to me as a gift i get it but to sit down i go only get back when i was a i use it for my lights in my house really nice so i'm going to bed i just feel like computer turn it's off can you king of change the way talk to a case i shut the lights off bitch no i will see it needs to do that need to be audited it's gonna get their worry condemn these lights and then and set it up above the sing like you can speak to its super fast as i say like i'm in the living room and i want the lights off and i ought to say computing computer turn living room lights off and this walk away and it gets it it's like immediately on its like it it hears that that prompt it
on i'm saying the sentence naturalistic we i'm not saying hey siri how many times have i gone to the bathroom today did it you ve got i'm sorry i don't know the answer that whenever i read that long that long why would i you by the this is no there's no reason for me to use something that takes that fuckin long to process its faster to do voice dictation in in a google app right though you get so it's but that's a combo it's like the voice did better and google maps better it is better yet there are groups are better like the official intelligence is also note keeping itself as well yeah i mean there you can do a little bit more with google assistant then you can with syria also like the name i don't i it when they name a eyes faintly catana fur from microsoft and like i don't like in my don't wanna
quarter i mean i get it i like court time she's great ella halo however i dont need a personality wanted to be a computer and i wanted to do it like it is to do i don't need to hear like ok you know the sunlight today is really beautiful but i'd watch out where some sanskrit unless i wanted that i want that option but i also want it to be neutral fry so your time i want any i had to learn what i dig and just kind of do that there should be an option for whether you wanted to behave like a corny human yes some people i mean i get it you want some like they were like a low friend or some i get it i do that i do not have like a couple different versions of it enough even if i may work mode ice change to like computer voice i'm just like children having a good time with friends a change to hay party person voice hey right this is a great idea hey play some miles they as you know what i was just thinking to that
here's my name it sounds like a great you had asked me what as you get like me have you get like johnny hookers voice get the regret talked a jolly hooker arroyo we you get you get linguists and language experts and mimics too like all sit down and create a programme so they can it can actually do impersonations off of like inputting adios it could actually become that person living jamie just pulled up lie bird liar bird layer liar bird allows you to create a digital voice it sounds like you that one of our fellow shop for voice thing the ideas centrally that journey available for free you can make your own disguise i love it and yet it is it's very good is it is getting what if you like fuck with it but that's what i want is if you have forty in its of your audio they they basically have you a demos and i think it does
from sports you're ok oh my god now i love him states is considering in addition to other option stopping all trade with any country doing business with north korea that's as you know you'll do you know you know that it's him you can tell it synthesized but united tim sound raising now pretty great zaza remaining general kelly general matters the military leaders at the white house deafness north korea that the middle section was nice the frightened we're not ragged why wonder if their adding that river aberration that weird if it thinks that part of the audio the call to the one of do they're doing then on purpose because as you talking about the president like can you do audio version the president pretend like that like you might get and like real trouble because that already could be used if he never actually said about not doing business with north korea and they did make an obviously fake version
it's pretty it's pretty find another lang another person it's pretty terrible has just demonstrated the restroom real quick now bogus play me some bravo buying their doing entertain my tweets and putting that through tat thing that's where the let's hear it thank you to all the first responders people helping each other app terrible we view as americans wisest a terrible crime june this year the way they have it set up like a few and me did it today they have specific sentences that we would need to read to head the syllables and i think they're taking speeches and they probably try to find the words as opposed to going directly to their computer program was built for the ongoing issue those it doesn't sound good those dont because they didn't actually have a bomber reading specifically for them into their they just took speeches probably found the words that right but even if they took speeches it sounds so much shit in the actual speech itself handwriting sounded like my friend who shouted to me said he did it himself and got really surprised that he just type the sentence and was like holy shit that sounds like me
they're gonna be all of how people saying all kinds of crazy things this is that this is not the adobe photoshop when this is i think a small company so their propaganda adobe's better make p a few people back in our sailor you here to set about mantua this pretty fucked up a night what will far can and then that guy says fuck em and system shit about him the next thing you know do the reality tv show editing trick richest set off camera and you shall somebody's reaction to what they heard riots and add to your friend like took the falcon pissed at you really easily that could be an app your phone just like that app where you put a puppy dog knows on housing i did for it as soon as someone like gives the green light to that on the apple store the google place or something
to figure out a way to use that to make weird copies of people do have ethics on others ethics get the fuck out of here you advocate shut up once you pay in the pool europe extracting that stuff out and stop at least they have samples areas public aware yeah first to raise public awareness to make people realize technology exists by releasing audio samples from the digital voices of donald trump and brok obama second we want sure the additional voices yours we are the stewards of your voice but you control its usage no can use it without your explicit consent shot your whole shire hall that's like saying i can hold my breath forever shut up you can you can control that they have some want here website with a try to pretend like they can control the digital voice that gets printed using their arab like the fuck you can this this once you ve
some technology like this all your silly words at your writing down that doesn't mean anything to you where you going violate all the laws and known laws of technological progress and with your does claimer and release that's as s not yeah it's not really possible because they can they can tell us as a means of emily it's that sound they re most she never that's synthesis rats like that's the computer that best it can do right now now for sure it's gonna get better for show the knocker real troll it like what has gone to that stage it's that crazy thing it is a matter of time before we have no idea what the fuck is real but at that point when i desire and obama impersonator why not as good obama impersonator even the best obama impersonators yes to facsimile you know there's some alighted ac you're saying that thick but the computer hasta mean unless assists audio being claimed hack it still ec simulating it oh you mean like a physical laws
eddie that'll be easy of definite video that they have already done it with video will you won't go out jimmy streaming on the very bottom of the site they had this little like disclaimer agreement regarding biometrics idea and here's how he disclosed biometric data we may also was biometric data and the falling circumstances law enforcement worn centred set etc while a while so you basically its zol cia sigh ops man the fuckin same people keep in the man have you been movement he let your neck keeping the man they lied and play with a fucking at math firstly got their fingerprints man and fingerprints off your phone this data to collecting dna from new screens need turn you from being stored on a third party server which says we're fucked other data is getting scooped up by the russians the russians i've always people talk and shit tat they can have didn't have heads
industry dog shit about donald trump threatened to kill em dolls shrubs can you crazy paranoia he doesn't red and that singing supporting nuclear war going on in the united states only get out as bomb and bill gates mark zuckerberg is different i am sorry to protect him at his mansion because he feels it i shall try to assassinate because you want to be president thank god i vote no man dude made facebook you went make it a barely any watch that movie were they say that's why they are faced with a gentle facebook i think you stole it little but not so much as like someone who might like being a ban and they like you make up and they make a song tat was kind of based on some rifts you know that some of the cycle sorry did he steal it a little like chris walks ex wife steals money from him do that by just going to court and steel in it to make
this publicly well you know what they deal divorced italy i wanted you motherfucker you money is i heard i heard the pillar chris is act yeah amid eddie you're eddie murphy would definitely talk about oh yeah what eddie murphy stuck by with johnny carson remember his johnny carson and give up like hundreds of millions doors you briefly having sex with wow gary now let me now briefly but yea i this entire life contrary to what i would add that met equalling then tell fucking single joke it wasn't even deal but that stealing right sets some stealing too did he steel in that way that johnny carson lifestyle i mean me not to i think he said he had an idea of what to do with it so and that's but i dont think that he's necessarily i mean i can be proven wrong anymore but i think he's he's a salient innovator in any way at the key refined an idea that was pretty obvious bright myspace
existed right yet he board register yeah fuck used friendster i did jane use one of the top also i love friends jamie friend strategically wherever we go to friends now it's so sad its is out there it's yet still there but also my something still there my spells to spare still exists is one thing to go back to my man there's gonna be a mouse i think we could bring it back i think you could have made but widely twenty friends to live in the i'm friendster living the game friendster is taking a break the redesigned there came about through indirect passion to make a difference over the what pigott deference make your bank account ho year over the years we have built a vibrant community and received valuable support and encourage when however due to the evolving landscape and our challenging industry the honor and gaming online online gaming community did not engage as much as we had hoped for profound development
in gaming in gaining industry has also led us to rethink our strategic priorities we are thus made the decision to take a break and paws our services effective june fourteen to thousand fifteen i saw a break kids he quit two years ago you fought yet that's it it's a who had so that the hard core two years any gotta say like if you know if you and your government taking a break in two years you not taking a break me more no right yes i had each other and to give its yes it's it's pretty safe of a friend and then for the internet i mean multiply the tent and maybe someone they come out with a new one which were realities augmenting reality based were all space almost happened like when i was working with them and that they are doing stand a comedy in nice it's a basically like a face book of visa so social we are and that was really fun and they really
after amazingly where they were like the coolest there really cool just in royal and i hung out when they know like together in a graveyard with like five hundred of their fans owing to slick fucked around for our and forty minutes here at his house with the boy a small team of people make sure you're so again hit a get a motion captures suit our motion sensor suit anna yeah it is media and stand up i'm moving that character that's crazy we're in my living room dislike hague mean that dat easily could take the place of touring yet it had sometimes weaken interface and you could be on stage in front and even if you how about this the people go to a place the people
actually go to a theater and you just get live yet aimed in the theater have violated that with some concerts right like alive broadcasts like simulcast still in theatres year like role rather summit that is a very different than a hologram known as different like immersive like they are that it had to do other than wrapper key flaw they were saying like he couldn't go gonna be rights were not so that what they agreed to do is have him be a hologram oh yeah they did they heard a screen projection technologies derive a problem because people don't like him now he's he inside the crowds i guess what they very let when he performed yeah he's he's crazy fell right he's a wild one that chief keith i seen him on the yet another graham days crazy wrapper gotcha wild aware well tell you very aggressively crazy
so they had him as a hologram on stage as israel people want to show let me hear this was so strange the other and doing in japan for a while they have like pop stars artificial intelligence it's usually a sustained in one place i think the whole again think so like will i am situation member he couldn't where you can walk around the room and talk to someone blouse you're so weird the japanese technology can they can work but it's like an obvious curved huge screen command if you went somewhere to watch a hologram you'd be so angry the person's isn't there
be there and now you know that you have to let us beware to go somewhere publicly and to watch a hologram i feel against the future than us so many doesn't live anymore right by tupac liquidated they made to baulk way more jacked than it really is now than they did tupac one they had a mighty across tupac to shoot progress insane shake across the eu really live like floyd may whether that pretty why you looking to look now on dude now the unease super jack tupac that's a two part is doing judges five times a week right at tupac's got a six back he's got big muscles this outbreak was there really is that video footage near and from cartel but they made a hologram failing so i know what i mean the footage though degenerated while the general this is all the is also jihadi devil was it about it every hour that's part of the problem
if somebody double jacked too should tell them due to their laugh the weight for couple years sharply to bark here i don't think they would have been able to track his will this guy who they use the body that will they got overzealous cause he's way too big i mean he's like twenty pounds heavier right i i think and this is why ratios wire disguise now carry this guy's jack is closer mme fighter he's public time woodley almost they have a sidewise eyes cap years captain jack kazakh he's billig georgina pierre does a good that's a good comparison not quite tyrant woodley levels but pay fuck jacked yet side by side they don't have one to find a real one and a faint let us now it was actually a hologram what they're saying what then well said she i generated then special effects studio made it yes expensive cd yeah see that's what i'm saying so maybe they used a body
will the movements and then they got overzealous when they want to give him six backs and and and pacts and just like they made alleys star star wars figurines are like all jacked they're allowed any super muscular out like that the flag easy i walkers jacked here really is like is ninety star wars or something like that that's a separate oh bullshit people wanted superhero bullshit back down like if you tried to put out a figurine of someone who wasn't jacked people used to secure a veteran i knows accept its to slow down the thing i once avail looks like the thing i don't wanna fuckin she because otherwise it looks cheap alex lazy it's crazy there's what yeah but that's not there's only one way does not this to show the thug life tat to get the whole yeah they got that guy's way more jack trust me how they're gonna that's my yeah yeah see i mean come on
skip yes is smaller ways is what it looks like a lightly boxer yeah yeah that's what it means in shape her he's deftly and james fabulous zack i mean come on guys super duper jacked gotta know where they get those four porsches five you gonna be that jacked but you really have to not eat anything that's bullshit i now like you can't be fuckin around all slightly slake alek straight prayer teen super cleanly just broccoli chicken breast egg whites no bears no no now on beer at all no not like it water no salt no sound no solves in fact one day or probably fast or you'll like over water like by gallons gallienne than not drink for today is probably direct if we do the azure ethics made one are you wouldn't would you let em at a level that actual waterways or now fuckin slimming down now tell me the way very did
i mean that we are going to have real life hologram really fight in real life we got to watch it you'd be i'll say you see the way the fuck i am man don't make me look more like that i really am it's more immersive den a video game that's my actual body they took fuckin hundreds pictures they have you stand they rotate around you with a camera they have this thing that's in the round you and takes photos of you oh yeah how these different precise angles you have to do all these different things will your body here to do things the arms if stammered your hands up if any fists hitherto diana combination biometric cap capture and optical capture that's what and so they skin you there you they're scared they put basically scandia the optical information mixed steps for the the city yeah it's great that like the looks like a person a real person that's that's not a person like so i mean you're faced as look a little uncanny valley here
video game character thereabout five years away from that not existing right five years away from just freaky the fuck out reality like avatar did a great job yet that city was like i mean path of it was the actors face right but the rest of it i mean it looked very natural really cause that barely four movie like avatars that they can have something that's not a real thing i would thrill challenge yeah reduce see jive a real for shortcut or yakima thrones do doesn't with wolves and as real careful how they shoot it like i am legend with whilst method it with lions and was kind clunton yea
we as on bees and i am legend they were perfect as their this failure to real failure as they go yet a fantasy craig you have a point of reference what does this james from logan that they digitally did his face and like almost all these actions scenes case whether he didn't do it or not but have little pieces came out i wanna just came out this week i just saw it did a day to really cool little three minute piece about the digital doubles what it's called of logan someone wants to watch that is that the stock is the sunshine and they kind of show the break out that was the actual club in austria the breakdown of how they ike added all each civil peace to it to make what he saw from other little foot camera angles and then this is incredible critical that's so they do just got a cat s in essence sand is this thing later here in a second i'll show you how all the cameras that they used to get here actual faith so this will i yeah what that's
in the whole scene i didn't have scenes procedure does not question why that's incredible that's incredible will you know it's fucked up even let's see gee i these still made as obvious as a real fight scene with actors in a stunt mia we're doesn't movement israel but it looks very obvious that its fake is what i'm saying oh now it does get two men but in the movie i did not know someone i mean i mean it looks very obvious that it's a fake fight meanwhile it looks great because you can't actually her way punch the guy can actually have the guy shoot him first you now and he absorbs the bullet and keeps going in and cuts the guys had offered us with his claws but they could have done something along those lines that these choreographed like they would choreograph like fire seen in six million our man episode yes i like alma
punch you all you stab me first to orbit to shoot and while you re re re read well that's my thing with with like tactical scenes and fight scenes for me it's like it it can be easily have to balance the believe ability level so so if it's kind of cartoons acts like violence or whatever then make sure that the physics flow together will you act like captain america winter soldier one of my favorite of the morrow movies just the fight scenes credible they really really well done every bad ass pre bat like one foot in winter soldier gets hit and he likes slides backwards knows i was that thing we're a guy gets hit me slides back rely pavement gets torn up knees i hold the stance but the physics on it looked round we got the exercise i ah that's great and they were just pay attention all these little subtle physics details and that's what makes me appreciate the fight or like seeing gina carano fight like
fight in moving as having take ahead rye so so when he gets hit she knows what it looks like when you get hit by certain where certain anglo it whatever nothing that she's like the best best but it just as an example somebody actually does make contact or has had experience in that the the rear actions are a little bit more believable also deprive more willing to let people get close closer sure and also you don't feel like you being treated like a fool exactly that's why i'm done sometimes because its otherwise it's just like you see the people waiting for the next hit like me i see this first by scenes where people standing around in a circle and one guy goes in and everyone else is waiting would not work like that man now they know everything's gonna wait well that's the is this one guy at a time ok now then ok now you try it tony god he's really good ok walter it has to be some light that's one of the things that i found almost in eagerly
impressive about john wick john wayne is preposterous yet leave avoids cs arms there they balance that shit so when you get it out because you see it as choreography right but it's so fucking tactically magic carefully thought out and stylistic gorgeous the all the ingredients go together any seeing those that footage of him run and three gunter training aspect and rock and through those korea is it he's dealing live rounds and so when i see that movie i'm like shit these guys know what the fuck they're doing that fucking around there like using special forces as for training these and specialised team of martial artists to create a customize version of martial arts just for him my friend he can machado did a lot of the jesuits who choreographed cure choreography for that's who i was watching yet and i love their whole thick and take on in their approach its artistry yes that's like that
it is there was no like everything that he did woodwork yeah there's no jump up and cake to deeds and had the same and she drew a window and shooting i my way in the hague manner men and it's like if you trained really well and that situation presented itself the way that it did you could do that yeah it's possible and but also very cartooning to totally yeah that's all those so great about it so it's like it's this perfect because the whole world was heightened like the whole house hell in us ass ends having like grew courts so it's already in that world decreed efficiency all in all it is just like lethal efficiency with it or the kiss of artistry and uniformity and john wicks personality does so so samurai that you believe that he could do all this and yet be effected by killing all these people get was like other people is killing our art are player yeah they're all players the game and they deserve it they killed his dog yet
this doug you gets in the way not that it's their fault but if they decide take him on then he detested it's just professional yeah he's a profession nor even in his revenge she's perfect works out for the part where should the did and now telling it sets communicated but other than that i mean he's i d love that characters so much of the stunt driving and that's not see that's him that's a fifty one year old man fucking strewing it and unlike you know what if anything even if you like that type of staff or if you dont like that stuff just watch a scene look at the artistry where i prefer to think about how old is now hearty train and then dreaded facts my sitting on a couch going i can't lose i can't lose thirty pounds right and with i mean i'm talking to someone who has no help it's just them alone going i can't it's like man if anything is possible any anything is possible you just have to fuckin do that shit yet with that that movie is like it's insane
masterpiece of that john there's the there's a lot of those whew style movies are fun and everything done what i think what john wick movies did as they took that they boiled down the story to like there's no there is no big unity as to whether or not there is bad people and good people whether i shall always fuckin yearbook absolutely should kill them all is actually going to is awesome here and it's ok because it's a game that's that's the whole thing about it what's a brilliant about it's it's a game but it allows stuff men tactical expert forward movie made yeah because it's really that's what it is it's mostly that the stair the story kind of takes you along in an interesting but it's a pretty narrow pathway s like the apocalypse now of like to shoot of tat tactical thriller learn how to go whatever you call him whatever you would call the zero like the masterpiece of those either if you get a chance chick at this guy every servicing strike back no it's cinematic so to show
he had suddenly docendum axes real anymore i know too many networks i now kinematics people's thereby remember that we are going to do yes soft core i now the porn relay wholly she hey did you ever had and this is crazy to lie down on the bed and did the ladys leg and naked legged drape around the man's bodies he knew what was going on latvia happily this i now then the physics would trick you up like ok way they're lying his dick doesn't worry earlier doesn't look re housing having sex with area having sex with the could give her vagina at no way reaching or actual energized way too low what does he ain't you know like the man was he was the rise by that soak ya like you doing and how does that to feel uneasy out that's great if i could just obviously someone in a studio adding sound later domestic
jeanne worries about those through a series of move a man you well remember those a manual goes to paris a man a manual goes to italy there were all like daniel steel point now because daniel steel like it would be more for the late he's a re mary i got you you have your re election is like this exotic travelling lady with fuck these do in hotels in these movies so corny that's right but you would be so excited about it was soft core yeah and i would like to extend the sharing we first guy cable you know like i'm appearance richly originally put there
turning to show tie our cinema unless he's a man you well for a manual three that is the reason why i was wholly everybody was your little kids like communism titty i can't believe i'm gonna see adding our eighty unlike some more so yea like i'm about to see some real adults the wheels of shares lady as long as you don't see genitals we wouldn't would do not tar generally et cetera brat breast there ok yeah vanessa joan your hand and one of his walk around and public irish afeared does oh yeah that's true liquors irish of fear our sphere salmon medium good friend of mine thinks he's faint more famous than he has obviously but this i this manual the corral hot a manual was hers he's gonna have you heard she's
she's getting hacking function to be more hot oh jesus really beautiful undeniable like that that that eighty is beauty daily that guy's level geier eighty is beauty here's the scale fuck the pool i please fuck the poor guy why have a cobra and lower left corner cause it's probably someone's like channel their reproaches dude remember what happens as what is set out the window maybe this taken that building soaker is maybe i should go to that build exists buildings tired she slipped she's like pretend to be a geisha joe appropriation yeah till the known that is that is that has some actual forming a ritual is stick dance of some sort that guy i had a like transfigure wars going on there is mounting him montague and kissing his face this i'll see see other whether there was a brief moment did no ordinary chose vienna yeah it's just like the idea like theatre sex so well it was that the beginnings of like figurine
the loophole between pornography again romantic movies with its essentially has almost leno plot they could write the plow like all which skinny at the paris will figure down we get there you that's what i want you to look out the window where fuckin by can we are mourning bob shows up a yacht another story to make it look like us a tv show the tv five gets off the boat i can't leave you here i didn't know your coming yes let's go get a drink then they go into the next room next they instead they start make an hour i missed you so much i miss you too have made some mistakes i'm so sorry i can't do this why not just one night is just one night all right the smoke cigarettes bed together yes back then every smoked i never illegal it's like a after six posts fuck thing i just like the smoke
gotta because you know it's i don't smoke now the irish vote now good for you well my tears did dupont avi that's a tough one man i get it my mom quick call to turkey that where we are thirteen years ago good for his eighty now jesus she's ok yeah how smart for she smoke like probably sincerely lay teens see that's what every long term smoker they hear that story of long as i just know one to jump off his ride i'm gonna be ok but her number those bugs bunny movies warplanes but crash rep for the planned hit the ground bugged by images above yes and it plainly crash nebula cry i love that that's what it is that since your mounted a third is like what i'm ok i'm eighty gotta i'm done well that was spun that's it you mean no enemy die of cancer from lung answer like away quicker than that
my dad doesn't my dad died from where he ain't he had heart trouble first and then the head like a bunch of heart surgery is because you had like a high saw it wasn't overweight is thin sounds like one of those like then fat type flash and so these out the genetic issue i don't know what it was is like some kind of like build out because he was a smoker is a heavy smoker he kind of heavy food salty whatever anna and i just added up and then they got any got heart problems than emphysema the name to seem to turn the lung cancer in the end and then my mom like lest he should see discovered show me i'd like a ten percent functionality or no like thirteen percent functionality of her heart and i just happened to be in canada the times have brothers and sisters and haven't of either the friend of mine it for christmas and it happened the day after christmas
so she was like i really don't feel up to their head to the house when they like yeah you feel like got barely any coronary functionality right now and so then they put into two stands a third of her heart is not functioning one of the aims of this doesn't work anymore pretty pretty a lot of issues from dislike high fat i sat i saw smoking young and older the thing is people used to think it was high did you read that thing in the new york times about we're out that all came from the reason why people think saturated faz bad for you yeah i know that certain amounts of fats and certain fancy awesome for you in summer yeah see you ok from the new york times i mean it all came from the sugar industry sugar and she bribed all these scientists and then you have to pay much man apparently was only like fifty thousand hours they break the scientists to study to our report some bogus findings push
the blame away from sugar and onto saturated fat signing of agro industry yeah to this day people things saturated fast that is something i tweeted earlier today that i was really about sacho alas are only able to put even cholesterol cholesterol is the precursor it's like what you need is a substrate for warm sure sure now absolutely but saying like there's so much of it there is a giant take last rules not even edna dietetic terry cholesterol apparently doesn't even move your blood lipids a lot of its genetic it has to do with whether you have high cholesterol is to do with your lifestyle if you're you your sedentary knowledge on sugar and carbs was it so this this is something i posted earlier today fat one fat people rather when people eat saturated fat the risk of stroke drops if they're all no avoiding refined carbohydrates there try glycerine also come down they are saying is that when people eat saturated fat in conjunction with eating
a lot of refined carbohydrates like white flour and gender it's not good for you at all so that that that saturate fat is bad is the wrong culprit like century that might be bad for you if you had refine carbon hydrates cause you like you're just fucking your whole system up but if you can remove the refined carbohydrates saturated consumers have a lower risk of stroke and they their trial sir i've come down to you actually get healthier by eating saturated fat without carbohydrates that's is wholly makes sense it does make sense with this is out new shit man it is imperative that they it looks like they just kind of finally went like it's kind of true is only true in combination right it's only two in combination but you'd struck the one that we know to be bad causes many many studies riled showing that low carbohydrate diet are beneficial for a bunch of different toto so when you take out these refined carbohydrates it turns out the saturated fat is good for you
haven't we now know for welcoming carbs refine carbs good i mean i look at it again but we do know how bad they were i think we're realising now more how bout there and how important saturated fat and unsaturated fats are and there's a lot of saturday two fats even for plant based folks you get a certain danger from avocado was i thinking little bit of it from cocoa unwell certain brianna javert from coconut saying cooking as bullshit about thing was widely criticised by saying what that was the hardest and wrote that andy these are designed to get together in on it actually published an article about it what we sent essentially that i can hardly associations kind of whack attic there research is can shitty like other bad there behind the times as it will make you be the cutting edge nutrition is what words so confusing is com
gently revolving around the latest science so if you're not using the latest science a cutting edge needs you not using latest cutting edge nutrition you re talking about some shit they discover the nineteenth seventies theirs yeah sure to bid a possibility that tehran is tainted yeah i mean totally make sense i mean that something like ten ma am i fail my thing is like i just tried to eat like what would a diabetic do like that you know that good start in place and the other thing is this like simplicity you know for me chicken breast lean fish snapper brown rice oatmeal steam ugly steam kale egg waits a white protein but even egg whites egg whites another nearly is healthy for his eye jokes
sir i yet at or for you a gives have more protein in em there's this there's all sorts of vitamins you get an egg like as you say you don't care guess what i want the powder the link that more protein but a good percentage the proteins and more cholesterol yet the clusters really the thing for me like a j j robbing by printing that stuff is so fuckin crack and gray and mix is really well if they thou think they could put the yoke and there i don't ever use plant based protein like p proteins really good for hemp pent protein if ye from a good source you have used all of those things i guess egg waiters leg the most easily one of the most easily absorbed yellow annexes kind of simple right away like about is that it simple and comes from an unrefined that issue in a refined to get it to a powder right that's what i would say that there is the issue in the de hydrate rehydration process it so different than with hemp we essentially just getting the plant fibre grinding down to a fine powder and then you eat it yes votes
series digest it's almost like like squeeze juice except further dried plant first as dehydrated liquid product like re my legs colloquy yeah yeah what china i mean the acoustic yeah guess they are they start that way if you cook them or i mean it you could have them raw while you can if you don t know the source idiotic swirl apparently catching salmonella though from backyard chickens are there that's that is an issue now listen far far oh yeah yeah ran there's that huge movement yeah like urban movements people who do so because other be careful if you don't know what's going on don't don't ya just because you ve got it in your backyard does not necessarily mean it's a hundred percent safety or i may this yet no idea my things like i just need some pretty simply do you eat fish yeah
yeah what kind of feel like fatty fish like salmon supposed to be before you and i do like salmon and i like i like coho salmon taste really good if you can and then i like hamachi how much is just the amazing mackerel a day macros gray snapper is really nice for like just like a nice lean peace officially grass when the basic de vigo fishing i know used to montana group in montana i used to live no not fly fish just like boat fish rockfish where were you i like lake illegality am i forget the forget the window rainbow lake i think rainbow lake and thence flathead sometimes went to bozeman last summer my family we went whitewash rafting donna galton it's amazing do you get soaked oh you if you're in the shade you're gonna freezer dick off as a whole that water glacial going off it like the only one of the few times i noticed between a shadow yeah
shadow yeah view in the sun you guys for africa dry off while we find here but if you're in the cold in the balkan region waters called man you're so for some sick take one step into the sunlight merely since like breathing tat gallons weird because there's a lot of people that fly fish in that galton river but almost every buddy releases the fish that they catch yeah i got you yet more like the sportsmen yeah take on his eaten you just trick in this fish stick out hook in his head and then you poland the shore then let it go letting go like how many times if this is like a stream where a lot of people on this river if a lot of people fly what are the at a fish gets caught and release like several times in his life and that it is something
applied ok again are you getting her jesus again or maybe like you know i don't mind it because i'm still life i don't know i haven't we would term would suck you don't think that they have nerve endings the in their mouth the way i think it's a yellow the alive the tissue in the mouth of than new throat is like almost like a fingernail it's late robbed i see yet that makes sense yeah because i was the thing it's like i you know i love fishermen a little bit of a pussy about killing our era and so i have to collect get into a mindset in two to do it munich i could do if i need to survive in a can of course only eat i don't have a problem with that what about ugly fish like a flounder it doesn't hurt ass if it doesn't look and i was the kid trying in that step on a thousand hours just like very much even though i do you mean although i will say i'm really stuck to memphis meets memphis meets meant smith strata san francisco their growing stakes chicken
now is that actual steak and actual jacket or is it a vague and alternative from the cells of animal christ you gonna get zombie idas nea i am in some places gave a bit but i do think that it's an interesting day because like i was begin for like seven years and now i'm not you get mad people mad at you because i know i've gotten some people i thought you were at that you're a vegetarian or that europeans are you open minded man yet i thought you were the thing is i do care and i m pretty particular about the sources of my protein very particular but but i am excited about this idea because it grew predicted it poses an interesting question to someone who is choosing to be again for ethical reasons or health reasons are known if meat was able to be grown like saying that you liked me before you became one you like a lot of its re how that unlike the ever ask your reasons makes sense for health reasons dolly ye i would feel like you noticed problem
it is bad for your worse unless unless you feel unless you feel bad when you by certain things not like emotionally but if you just like have a reaction to meet some people do have that miles fine will it do you know this a real common thing recently you know about alone start tick disease people getting allergic to meet their some i'm aware yeah something that is in the bite of the tick something called they called alpha gaol for short and when you get this he developed this allergy to this stuff that exists in red meat and so when people get bitten by this one particular tech they literally develop an to red meat and it can subside over time but for a lot of people they have did they stick again and fish afterwards they literally become allergic to eat me so they become healthier by unnecessary see that's where the that's where the whole saturated fat argument comes out of sheer aggravated millions in high it is there's all confusion about whether red meat is bad for you because a lot of these
that is it showed this direct correlation between read me and heart attacks but they don't do was differentiate what kind of red meat they don't make a differentiation between red meat that's grass fed passer asia cattle is very healthy or bison verses a fast food burger white bread banya and french fries and a soda with all sorts of sugar in it yes he because you because the fact that people in had made on a daily basis they don't take any consideration what the that red meat well there's a giant difference between eating a piece of grass fed meet with vegetables yet you enemy lad our water maybe a yam verses eating a fuckin carl's junior double cheeseburger with fake bacon just dripping with ere i mean sugary says sovereign sears resources i mean you make the but people
and so the correlation between like it's not a good there's these are not good tests because a correlation between red meat and cancer you could say maybe maybe in button on the way you guys showed it the way you guys showed it is just needing red meat with a bunch of other shit roses reading at red meat and living a healthy life yon eating with vegetables and having a what would you call a balanced diet you can't like say that it's all the same there is no great at nightfall agree with that i mean for me the red meat as like i'll just feel better from that eating it all the time right and i just prefer chicken due to a lot of people have different they have different reactions to all thanks should i know several people that have silly acts were they later can consume any bread i know that you people that have that yet again people there is obviously differ than mine
only with a vibrant feels good faith a big ass sub like a fucking yes draw me some if those great wilds going down here and have it already relay it likes it crash times it's not it's hard to remember that like well i just want the thing the difference which a and in and out double double with a bun versus prodi in style with the lettuce its own italy different thing i completely agree i mean i'm enough man it's like now filet mignon resembling tat s a really nice because it's like a very lean cut by blue cheese on the twelve i don't know that i can go there like a like verbal blue cheese and i'm in here now men ran jamie's to white bread looming and no a blue cheeses turned to a cheeseburger to sleep i have read now brow
she's with a little crumble blue cheese with some fuckin look at you ten years the problem also like philemon yonder boring cut like a otherwise the cut rang a share of the fat shares the site cooked in there and you get a fuckin nice dark surface on the outside slice anna's retina mentally gonna hunger fat your mouth so much better tasting than philemon on top of blue cheese with a rib i i will say that at pacific dining car and what they do but they make the most per big filet mignon there's like nothing on it is just just the stake but it is like the most flavour complex piece of the downtown one or the one that's downtown one to the downtown one is like twenty four hours a day is near how's it look at us so i've noticed stake pacific cargo downtown area four o clock in the morning you could i need to go we d like a house shall pacific dining car dare
these data for sir the story is where was gone is bullshit places to eat that place that place rocks now just let it get that hair judge her vibe too it s really cool a dig them have you ever wanted santa monica have not now excellent is it about excellent account super old school stake house again at their summit about that i like when they have a relationship with the with the with the kind of our honor but i will say i m excited about a groan stake right eye excited about southernwood some doesn't have to die ethically comparing if klingman taste it tastes as good as the original and you're just like now i love i'll above these then he would obviously i would choose the one that was just one hundred bucks yeah i mean just because i will just should see him in a guarantee the empathy the emotional thing well i even just for efficiency sake cloud is thus saving his environment from methane yeah neutrality
i think that currently the promise we don't need cows anymore will have to start murchen those cow i'm just gonna fuck and just grow they're gonna be like you do online search a photo from his house in long island and use it that on is just infested with dear and that they literally going in and give giving these these dear operations and there what year they're trying to remove their ovaries they're giving them birth control piles of china was different ways my grandfather's their proposals and even someplace they are those neighbours they're giving their triumph i want to do because there's no predators and there's just a fucking astounding number dear that's you know it's in a
is it just human civilization i read this it's a domino effect ricky like fucking sort of but the real issues is no predators me they're really does mean old if they released a bunch of wolves area they don't care that i agree that that was a human decision they don't say it like that causes ecosystems were perfectly and i come in and we're like i dont like those trees over there in a bird goes away and then like that bird was responsible for this thing in that louvois blah blah blah and then i don't like it i my kid i was like the way they have sharp teeth i lacking one bit mason haven don't look very very friendly so so whatever the reason patent so that's kind of what you get yeah he was a perfect system gas but once you monkey with that perfect system once you monkey did out you irresponsible you deserve aachen dear everywhere you gotta keep away now and i now here keep irrelevant live around there's our huge pay me ass because they crashed into those things all the time and you die had friends it run into meets and moved here goes
scared went into a tree its it gets us take stories like some guy have pickup truck was gone like forty five summit that fifty hid it had a moose and miss just walked into the forest now after probably broke a lot of shit shit they walked away it'll probably hopefully he'll see the video on youtube very recently of a guy hitting mozart highway canada launches it into the air i mean launches it like the motion steps out into the role of both this guy hits it is car the people that are filming intellect holly share and is most just flying through i mean fuckin flying twenty thirty feet through the air happened to that knowledge is to have a video that is my not of man i mean might have that amateur so tough there there's areas right here me sir tough since goes driving
my guys yeah that's not life damages dear mother most the other one that i saw honestly jimmy was different maybe it's the same video from a different angle is that's my god my god it's incredible that's dead issues like he's scared and these plan dead who doesn't want to buy up deadly that simply dead and cars jack modified as pro totalled cave and bent frame that's just so bad weather you know it's is there implicit in idaho montera they have those underpasses or those overpasses images pretty great house the animals gas yet an answer i was i think that's so i mean there's like so many things we could do obviously it's it's resourceintensive and whether people agree with that are now but we could will we be in harmony with things we need money for guns do not have time for that right doing that on six hour our tis a project to do that on the one or one from outlines oh yeah
get this should guarantee the genetic diversity the mount minds is threatened by the wanna one yet mt minds on the ocean side and there lay breeding too much of them outlines over there and you re too hard for them to get across to want a one to find other lions and decide as you go deep until i see me valley in those areas so apparently dared to china got some way to mitigate that won the best ideas is really wide strip of land these things feel comfortable in again pave it i mean economic you'll put out there and yeah i've seen it they look great to show little money but you know what these do that shit i mean it's like we have enough shit humans already like even even some of us have been minus mental problems mentally issues it's like that that's why have so much it's just it's it's crazy even when i was like me i was never like destitute bows definitely very very poor and wasn't sheriff i would make one
and turned to borrow a lot of money for for a few years and things like that but you just realise how much you have i mean interference if your comparison in comparison like i can always find water i this fine water and if i was social enough i could definitely gain the trust of people to be able to let me crash for awhile and on a couch so there's always a way to survive even if there are low that is the reason why i bring that up is just because like nature its outcome our job to be stewards of of nature should be better at it it certainly as in a lot of ways we certainly should be responsible that's why it should be so much more of a big deal when something like some the company pollutes a the era no shall gets that is it is such a giant you can't let your loss over with a clean up now will you done as a debit like that all thing that have with bp in the oil spill off like they desert they didn't entire ecosystem i mean that eco
the people have relied on that area for fishing other peoples and then the people that live near by and then the people that had a clean and apparently the people have a clean like cancer yeah i know bueno clean gasoline spill oil spill all day that should be good for you that in turn would you gotta if it's like i'm fuckin last three m a three m ask then paper mass that should be sufficient definite he's going to filter out all the talks getting your dna so terrible man i mean i mean enough at much of deepwater horizon oil spills disappeared because of bacteria let's get oil eating microbes didn't it didn't they poured that on their did that yes the thing that some new shit they're gonna use actually for plastic as well the chemicals used to disperse it kept underwater make it more available to the microbes that live in the proportions the ocean what's up with those facebook things like right in front of it just like an issue with the
website called shitty shielding roseanne you fox you see everything that's amazing i s love and someone super smart figure a giant issues with something simple microbes microbes game like oil or fungus fungus fungus is great fungus like getting oil from meanwhile those microbes you gonna get eaten by fish in those fish are gonna become huge starts thinking through and i got on tyres motherfuckers coming into killing us we're gonna go out there and kill him i hope so there's no reason at all i mean if they tried to really fucked with us be good there's like a new we'll go to war with a fish and feel good about eating them maybe what is it bacteria are evolving t plastic we dump in the ocean well the revolving to do it without us doing that's good an alien man like the movie alien like the guard geiger alien here you mean the as you know morphia yet you see i oppose this thing an instant
a couple days ago that i saw from my nature is metal the instagram account and its cuttlefish here she now cuttlefish jack's other fish get your disease lawyer s watch this is new and see real look at that yeah there's like some ethical our i think an underwater frog but the way it opens up like a flower in pairs thing into it i mean this is incredible as it stands and then she circa etc right system like it keeps a close to stay in camera yeah and then it only opens it last seconds and probably maybe the color mesmer as it was not just of the sea and enemies literally takes on the shape and texture of the sea and enemies that's amazing the the out of camouflaged it has is insane there's somehow or other i guess related octopus weaken which bear the
we can do the same thing the change gear the camouflaging is insane i mean natures like way more advanced and will ever that i mean what we are nature but put its is like our point of view looking right nature which is just like an evolution of vienna s milan we well the octopus like what the fuck are you complain about do you have a phone ok you can fly in applying the terrible at each in that you can turn into the gulag coral reef is a fuck is that a kind of fish there pretend to be a coral reef so my rub a crab what are they feeding a crab that credit the kind of look at that fucker what a weird lookin freaky alien creatures and loves propulsion system is greatest undulates signed it so cool it's just i love it of the also really low spiders having spiders urge the king of camel wash play that value king of camouflaged cuttlefish
and we have hardly looking the delicate a gallows smile to him and he's cute i think they mean the same kind of cuddle i think it's cuddle with a see tee no that's what they man that's a dinner look at how it is becomes like whatever near one is its down stuff yet let's get it looks like other fish of that octopus legally this act was it's on the ground and cephalopod these things are just that daft is so cool await a fake it missis it is also a lion to us that's the thing about la my gun like crazy enough to look at how it looks like the bottom of that thing than its in looks more like a cathedral then octopus right right you know it it's like you were talking about before about the idea of aliens visiting us like why would we think they will look like us at all well you know i mean data they could
be spheres of energy july there just like hey guys what's up why do they have the language even when i m areas convey intent well that's why i liked it was the moon came a recently oh yeah yeah the one up but the wonder when the memory one we i rode off at first yet and i went back and watch it lets pretty fuck it was called again like that who jemmy runner bulgaria cept apply arrive their arrival your arrival i really like that i liked it eventually first sought when the girl died also get the fuck out of here you can get me with i know i know i know and then like man at change quick yeah was very interesting is like and they were something totally different yo yes the way i feel a site why would we assume that everything would be physical when we have things like wifi we have like lou really all of the world's data coming to
you on your phone from space with zero connection you take that thing spend that phone around there's nothing physical can it so why wouldn't we assume that information travel from alien to alien life widely had wanted they need a language they need why do they need to be able to touch things and see things and feel things agree at mit information delegation my biennale they that's why you know like when people talk about doing dm two year you know or are even ketamine like that come dissociative intelligence is that bull ard intelligences bela began dissociative like that they feel around them like almost an insight and i can tell it as they like everything is pure conscious as to everything is conscious around you all the time all the all the time it's entirely possible maintenance like that's what you are always of aimee as far as we know it vibrating proof weird particle we just don't have the senses to deal with whatever the fuck
deltas around we have this year to deal with all our biological needs of our imperatives what we need to concentrate on nor to stay functional has a flesh bag where a division of conscience yeah we re literally lifeforms were forms of life will you body literally as an avatar for consciousness so yet and like the envy that's what call the biomechanical consciousness transport system that's good name for it you wanna talk checks
i was just going to get in the hot tub with our biological transit or at a soul containing vehicles whenever one amateur assembly but here too hot tub fills agnor caught on over here listen over there so some somewhat some women would it be like yeah that's cool like i had left and then you're like yeah gaza tattoos a great above their go for that they like you saying he made me feel good about my choice dig it thanks man some as joint if you have a hairdo like yours when you pull up our talk although that fatuous guys made that here kind little fucking guys can like tapped into an awaits yeah combination change man's common issue a strange man strange man he was the guy guide debord on your shirt whose guide aboard a key to port d
our aid in key carrying when he started the guy who started this situation is stare kaliko philosophical artistic movement in the fifties in oh yeah use french and they get basically credit is collect data is mixed with like some different our two of like artistic techniques and some philosophy how they would do these exercises to kind of shake their orientation like they loved disorientation so they would in a drink a bunch of absence and walk around their town white and act like a group of us would like act like they were too wrists and their own town and they would like look they would navigate by looking up at the buildings as opposed to a street level so they do things out or take maps tourist maps of other cities and superimpose them block for block leg on another city or they did jokes like we are we like canada bits where
one guy just as a bishop and actually led a sermon it and not madame agenda when you don't ever say it like that dairy but they will frankly run like prank stirs they will acknowledge that dumb nets with em they're they're there i pass and they were credited malcolm mclaren was is and was a situation is and he created kind of partially created the sex pistols as living man gains for his passion i once the punk movement is kind of associate with situation is cause they their whole mantra i mean it's a distillation but its leg provoked to the edge of violence woe note with us as interested in was ever documentary on these guys there might be i've never have never found when i've just like there's the society spectacle which is one of the books he wrote an there's two two books that he that he won't gdp boards the society the spectacle in india yes self will self takes a walk through the how does it work
ben ben lynn values of petty they been ethical you can use any of betty of belly and is astonished by the precedents that the right way to say the precedence of the boards nineteen sixty seven masterpiece which so accurately describes the shit wherein interests better today s society respect and more fuckin issues with a twitter thing shown up right there in the pictures the fuckers with your browser such as women and price fucks with it pro ad blocker is kinda weird i would it is maybe you ve been hacked son he came be he did he was ass he is he has a maze managerial about that guy you haven't i first my first moved to new york i a friend of mine a performance hours took me to this experimental that was in a garage williamsburg way back was still pretty shitty sin city
can you walk in the garage and they have this theatre piece on gate aboard and it was amazing i'd as soon as i can cuz they kind of explain what it was about in the journey and blah blah blah but it was also done in a style that would have been situation is so we're just like on these boards that were on top of buckets for seats for bleachers and then they were passing around like beers looks like people are just drinking beers and watching this play and it was amazing and it really inspired me the way i was like i dig i like it i like that printing hacking social hacking it's nice provoked the point of violence is used to the idea of violence just where violence under annoying neighbour basically but somebody's gonna purple which is even more no yeah soup what is more than just like he's an annoying presents a hundred this person's doing purposelike andy kaufman rights situation astir here
necessarily maybe have described themselves that but that's he's a perfect example of that or any warhol more kaufman frank as warhol was is creating art well yeah but his whole like con artist kind of vibe whether he would have described here and now but the fact that he was kind of conning but you know some of the candle soup soup can ride around a con little they play enjoy looking out there they did but it started it's kind of like when i see it like odds limit of a con like in the factory idea you know it is also a little bit of a con it's little over a hack i mean it conscious really intelligent philosophical way right it's not to say that he's really trend phobias not that he's just like this and and people like a yes i like it that's right in our awry re a little always weird when like people pushed back against
when trying to push what they think is too far like like they become these big cultural arguments as to what art and what's not especially when things are funded like t member piss christ do you remember you remember that was dammit what was his name i was just starting out doing stand up sows the late eighties god what is his name what was his name ok isn't that what i was thinking out there is that was why i was appeal is another guy there was the guy who was famous for that kind of shit god dammit very controversial artists who did a lot of like weird so actual an odd stuff and like the late eighties early ninetys and it became a huge issue
as people were mad that it like some i was being funded and put up in museums or state funded interesting got damage on the tip of my talk cameras guy's name these are like pieces of art like six year end up piss christ was one of them would piss christ was was a jar of peace with a crucifix in it spain a museum high do people like what in not fuck is this and they called it piss cries and people who travel from all over the world to go stare at best it dastardly ray you out of it as the audacity to just do something like that and it has been core that i mean that's my fair the art is like i'm going to my favorite moments in kind discovering that was when i was going current couldn't i was gonna cornish culture the arts in seattle and every i think it was every tuesday
thursday or maybe every wednesday one of the middle weekdays they would allow students to throw a concert in the theatre in the south poncho healthier and you can just sign up for it and you could do it every wanted and one day it was like all the i guess so calm performance art the musician concept a musician bad asses like all and state and it was like and arnold on cello as guy even king on violent or viola and guy i'm base dislike five or six people on stage all bad asses tim young and was in the theater and like maybe twenty three kids and am sixty seat theatre just like children scattered throughout the seeds they started playing and everybody was plain through distortion petals and they just started playing these distortion drone
like all of them and then eventually just sounded it did you saw people doing things on stage but all you get here is for like we in our and here and i have ear plugs in and i can't and everybody cleared out like everybody cleared out and i sang to the end but i started like a started like head bob because as mr realizing that static whether you sing visual static or audio static after while you start to hallucinate and you start if you start to hear music and static if you have eventually when you d focus it's like those in other there's magic i schools where he lay ass was the hold your thoughts and then also and i can see the three dimensional image same exact cotton concept essential
well your mind is creating the structure the geometric structure because it wants to find structure and static like rye energy so like jody fostering contact and shrewd stare at the start trying to find patter yet an exactly that's exactly right yeah yeah similar thing and so when i started like i just couldn't stop like pet behead bang essentially because i really slow and then afterwards they they care to mean they're like ok you're one of those lads remo the best players saying that to me and i was like that so cool like you didn't i didn't have to explain anything at all to get you anything so for me when i see duration pieces things that test people's patients i love it i love like seeing people can't stand this interesting now just wait hang in there now against an pissing people off i love it is like there's or not imposing them off just making them frustrate it is a certain amount of frustration that i think is fun to play with it
at least one i'm doing comedy a little bit of that is is good just like low doses here and there right it's kind of my my thing i like it too good feeling but i see people willing to relax yeah yeah will you just like i'm just fuckin with you just keep that in mind when i'm doing something that seems kind of frustrating right and if you can keep up those things in mind you can relax and go for the ride right if you if you want you can just be like this fuckin saxon leave which aspire to the media never is not forever never nothing s it's all dependent upon like whether not you're good at delivering the ride a right the total aid designers as a reward that's the thing he mean that's what you doing i always plan off of something else what a joke is it's like an adaptation subvert the expectation like and there's so many different ways a few different ways we can do that send there's gonna be people they just have different styles that they enjoy like this people at her gabriel iglesias fans as p
we have taken a tar offence rights freedoms and where people at her fancy both totally italy now i'm going to those mike i like anybody that's funny yeah i like i like any music that's good yeah that is a good way to say results may vary agenda results but like you know if it's just like it's a sincerity in emu we all knows i comics of watching other comics up haven't seen before you can tell pretty quick when it's it's coming from an honest place yeah you even if it's like their little near you can tell the nervous their current plan a cool front like you can tell the jokes the point of view is coming from an honest place what's also i think we ve lost there with de jays desire is like when i was a kid i remember dj playing songs nose like sincere appreciation for the saucer plank thing they had picked this song they really want you dig this all and you find a dj
you like you really enjoyed his shall all he's gonna be often three savants gaza shady place great music here listen to him talk about the songs and it was like this are then take thing to adversity like a jack fm station where we go jack them all their heads all the difference all the time yet twenty unreceptive fade right into the music to do likewise yeah you get that with ghip ghisizzle so donate now to not just can share mr hager high military across all things can it is time public radio international in peace iceland and that all time corvo common does my morning ritual zone and act before they were podcast this is different they what other things you're here and there are things concern
i love wait wait i'll tell me who it was a good that's it it's a pretty fun time it's the pretty biting actually in its lightning fast i mean the wit on theirs awesome npr radio labs and pr as an irregular whereas on the best podcast peer amazing that the i've learned motto radio loud than i did from all my years of barely pay attention like for you you're out i quote radio out more than i quote at most books i've read yeah night i agree a great there there absolutely fantastic i mean there's just like a lot of cool shows on their there and kissed her do debbie's del because they play so much dope music i kids i discover like pro eighty per cent of music i'm really what station is the case here we had said ninety three point three or eighty nine point nine i haven't listen to a radio station in fucking years turn on the radio in years it's cool i just get the app stream it from from it
i listen to music when i work out sometimes i'm driving yet malta tomlinson apart ass now ninety nine point nine city of licence santa monica public broadcasting yeah owner santa monica college how weird here they're moving they get they got new location but they're like one of the most influential radio stations in the country i think that's the place where henry rawlins has the weekly shall yet totally fanatic nice fanatic did round his great i mean you just get like this can have more like eighties radio free bright rodya ladys underground geyser nappy really he's really warm voices i was a new one from orbital coming out with a single that's definitely definite geared more towards the kids from the ninety nine these if you remember that time here is a new one for me like that got a shit where early raw ya i feel like a warm bath and i would ask you got the senate
and from a flat tire eminence just like this weird angular grow sounding music and merely how are you able to talk like that and play the attractiveness great well i love the fact that people can supply wherever they want we need more of that i totally tried for a long time to do it the other way it doesn't work no algorithms amerika spotify now to get all that shit which i don't really dig but not as much i mean i sometimes will do a radio station on apple music but i like choosing islets and albums so ass i was soon out for a long time and then i'll switch to another elm or i'll switch to like three songs of a record but i like choosing when i'm listening to on occasion i have discovered cool music by using the radio station but really for me i'd rather just a case here w then there's a real human go unheeded this out there and it a rare treat me like that alike gotta keep an illusion more old school and constant music discovery and listening we'll just have
after you know that this is rare now you know you appreciate the absolutely we have to come back to it i mean organic shit i mean that's why like anything i look like technology it's like we're still come primitive its organic enough it's none were not an afterthought moon it's not like you know new technology should be like switch i went to a restaurant in the day and all of their furniture was made with like metal pipes in like would like this ball and you know like tax or crafty sort of fear yanks we are touching wood and use his brow
on the wall like dat side soon that though the menu was written in a chalkboard yeah totally but want that shit now other they like the personal touch it it makes them i remind them of being human because we're so digital most of the time have somebody gives you an ipad the menus in the ipad night a lotta now bring back a shock board of air do not like to see this special chalkboard the nautilus wipe now to go well what we're gonna beard euros what now sweater us grounds that's why i think monitors tee you should only be in sports bars and then keep them out of all the other places i'd love to just go i'm not a drinker but if i go to a bar with a with a friend i love when i go no bar this just a bar is and what i mean is there's no fuckin television it's off maybe just in case for animals does he broadcast or something does there are people gathered there whatever but i like it when it's like that no fuckin monitor people are just chillun haven't conversations with the general
that's what a bar should be so you may re maybe show blade on every screen oh yes said dreaming twenty four seven projected enough erected on its varying just to soften the light because otherwise you get that screen glare which was jack like an asshole super old school where random fuckin horse yes i do i do to drive a horse that's that's the technical term rhyme one while we're gonna long for the days were engines were real one day or inability memory back when cars made noises and you could hear him come and be a totally i am a more used to drive him yeah does my fair at saint an eye robot has i'm goin manual they're gonna three hundred miles per hour and in the country or another prison the values that are you crazy going to switching to manual these speeds man so one day that'll be a thing of the past the spiritual wheels them i mean come on i was sick yeah the carpet rotate while it still maintain the same speed forward how yeah that's right
come into our spheres yet they haven't in fact factory floor robots like forklifts now oh yeah every what they call that type of steering but it's like crab it's basically crab like so we can move forward sideways anyway how many years you think we have words still we will drive your car i think we have probably ten year ten years zanzibar yeah yeah i feel like it's gonna we been we're gonna realise how much safer it is people some assholes gonna fuck up with manual they had a crash into a school or something like that and then we're gonna go enough with the manual and area the deuce semi manual work you can you can you can steer can try within certain parameters but if the computer senses you're going off the rails again guide the car back well you know that's why so there is such a demand for really old cars that have like tactile feedback here so expense so like if you buy a nineteen seventy three porsche
which is only two hundred and fifty two hundred horse power engine of those things are in good shape the worth of fact load of money now true because we feel everything we drive in that area that every bumpy dry if over you feel that there is no such power steering it all see the area like yet heard and the steering wheel yea your proof you feel the force it's that we asked you an interpretation we turn hard it's harder to turn yeah way hard area you gonna let you get a really gotta be present within every bit as like with like new power steering it cannot be absent minded be taking a pretty hard corner the as easy to roll the car while difference in also the newest power steering even opposed to the last generations now they homebuyers that's electric the ads plaza why're you don't feel my way here whereas i draw gave you veering feedback depending on how much load was or reckon penny and yet i was love like i thought that the perfect happy medium yeah well those really
old cars were so light like those old portion is an old bmw could be him w two thousand to daddy binding lange's allows a light you didn't have to have like power steering yeah well what people are doing now there there pulling the transmission and engines and replacing them with electric road feel in the handling of aunt by the battery you get the bigger the battery cedar get i mean it's not loud but you get this great fusion of lake you ve got the classic car look what you ve got the speed and the pick up saying this little tiny be into until the end of each other and you doing there are sixteen three point five seconds i saw summit did that with a nineteen sixty five mustang they took exactly five mustang and turned into a electric cars with such steadily say it's a beast another one utopia raise ails you looking at this classic old school muscle car and yet it has i get tesla
nobody else like an electric muscle hands yachts mother i mean remark you know that the roma rumack are rhythmic there estonian are i am a sea they this electric car for electric motors for each we'll get over thousand horse power daisies zero sixty three point to some like that through punches maybe even faster than that and are no no and no not look at that two point three that in saying this because my card is two point three wheel cardio tesla p one entity damson look at this thing this thanks beautiful it looks like one of those electors who pays those new lexus coops yeah yeah man get amazing yes if they can ever yeah they're gonna be the things beautiful yeah it's like
it's crazy and so does it is definitely does factual steering and actual power cowardice power distribution these things are gorge it can corner like a mother fucker and because the commission this monitoring traction all the time if to each we'll with an electric motor that has instantaneous torque you're able to steer the car with acceleration while xavier coming around a corner to pay them in the way that you're driving you can actually push the car round the corner with the wheels using the input the steering wheel so your directional steering but also victual staring at the same law so that car is a fast disgusting it's just leaving this tesla behind now just leaving it leave aliens part yet and this guy this actually does some good shit so there's like some like young rich cuts that always my class but i like that guy he's got a razor ferrari you knows about for on the phrased history love is
that's what we're here for i love or are we as hybrid that's what i was crazy romania now there remains gonna win i now really i think so let's say three two one oh my god off the line instantaneously not even close its see later later i mean it's linear power curve rise it's actually serve its a curve it's a perfect curve of absolute power lessons seen now where does one get one of these remarks you how far can they drive i dont yards yet you can go two hundred feet perch fire how those things drive for illicit guess i say they have two and twenty miles on them bodies can i say i say hundred and eighty miles to allow us to do and i must say you went lobata have on top top end of to twenty five years
the link that an electric cars a huge deal what's your tesla get what's the longest distance you drive three forty that's pretty goddamn good so i think there are three ways you think about when ass lever the land they like had a bunch of people what does it say two point eighty kilowatt i can give cause us to under five miles so they don't funds are actually driving dr cycle yes i like a maniac say one fifty yeah maybe not even one forty when we think about during the hurricane florida tesla released a bunch of these cars that they had restrictions on the amount of distance they could drive oh yeah so they did it remotely and they gave these cars more distance o ye they control speed by govern top at top speed i think actually literally have a threshold of how far there they like you could pay more when you buy them
you buy one you can have the option to have a tune and fifty miles gas tag or three interview miguel damages unlock this inability exactly interesting so the same but kilowatt batter excise battery here i don't know about that unlike the weird i think i think is is the battery system is modular so you can add or take away from it without like a huge manufacturing cost of changing the shape of the battery which isn't that which is what tesla does you can either like a long a body the car than add more packs or you can shorten the body of the car narrow it less packs but i think it's before you just fucking people over i just you have the capability just a software thing i'm not gonna crossing the extra money unless the idea this is but it's so weird it's like more than when i just make a competitive lease for the battery capacity that you want or or authors that they're like but why
buy it for a sum of smallpox now if you want to pay more later we can unlock more better hit the problem instead of like say if you buy it engine and has a hundred horse power and then the others another option you could buy the v six and that only a three infidel or spartan psych or getting the visa has eight anaurus power narghile at using zena pain us that's really what it s shores because as the sense we act battery pack like that that that i don't like that doesn't leave sense i mean less attention only the crippled some of their cars and the other the given you an option to not but we want you to pay more well you know the same exact hardware it's an it's an inept purchase well it is i know but it it's it's way different because you're talking about like a physical it's like almost if your phone
pay more you phone as tuna fifty gigabyte yes a hundred totally that's really what oh yeah but it's like also the same as like getting a video game and you like i've got the video games they like would you like to unlock more contacts at sea that's a journey around right your video game is a portal to a journey to physical device that has the capability drive in fifty miles like now you can have the three fifty i'll give you too well two hundred miles also hella how many too like realistically i'm only driving like maybe thirty one the day i but that doesn't matter firms are saying that if you want to go across entry if the idea was like you could in the future will see doesn't make sense that i know that this isn't it the real thing stupid just doesn't make any or else it's like the idea of how to make money where i guess
we just want to like unify the manufacturing process so that you can create a higher yields or something like that you're gonna like the man a man to man i'm lookin like johnny johnny blue collar consumer fuckin pass i am prestige on i want to say to mr radwan we're gonna rapids patch up yes inside trap it out this is also man underrate i've looked at their like oh you should you should be honest shows be honest surely now you pete with you and i ran into which are the first time we have met a plane oh yeah you will find a londoner something theatre this is very randomly that is international play we were like one seat ahead of each other we took this always put the south and remember that shit that's right it was a long time ago that was later it was you me and tony inch with my god a while ago a long time ago i back i think we were on our way somewhere in europe i want to say
then that's us worry area no answer from london to from a lot of randomly so crazy raising time travel man hundred a year was that young jerry thousand january twenty fifty craze is this thing at the moment we took that picture we were signed montana taneously talking about this moment reflecting on this picture crazy so in a way we will we were at times of crisis we were we were time travel on a time travel ship i would still now we're done say goodbye good by everyone sleep well goodbye o ladies gentlemen thanks so much thanks so much thanks everybody for tune into the podcast and thank you to our sponsors thanks to on it go to o in an item use the code word rogan and you will save
ten percent of any and all supplements thank you to blue apron you can get your first three meals for free if you go to bed hu apron dot com ford slash brogan day you also to levels legal zoom for special savings go legal zoom dot com and use the promotion all rogan at check out that's legal zoom dot com promo code rogan we did it folks we got through another episode cobb ray easy my guess tomorrow is my good friend and hilarious and interesting and intel in person whitney cummings that should be gale time and then speak it a gale times
jim norton is here on thursday he's not gay but whatever maybe is i don't care to fuck man but he's awesome so that on thursday and then that's a fox don't be greedy target but next week i got alonzo boden come in amy alchemists come in i think right oh brand looks like russia and are going to make it happen we're trying to figure out ones the best time so that's it let's talk soon ok bye yeah
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