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#1017 - Jim Norton

2017-09-28 | 🔗
Jim Norton is a stand-up comedian, radio personality, author, and actor. Tickets to his tour "Kneeling Room Only" are available now at http://jimnorton.com and also check out the "Chip Chipperson Podacast" available on iTunes and the Riotcast Podcast Network.
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the job will gain experience was ever talk you after yes who asked one great dick slingers twentieth century certainly did last time clearly had a place where guys could go to be ledges yeah go in seattle a mansion where everybody knew there's gonna be a bunch a hose that's why they weren't here they want they went there on purpose and it was guys like we're notorious for hanging on the mansion foregoing all imagine parties to georgia i went twice went once for a marijuana policy projects thing think that was a company that was putting it together our hosted something in theirs bands and stuff like that can interesting that's funny and then the time i went was for fear fact we did something for fear factor with the playboy playmates due to meet he'll never
a man now never him and he's i think at by that time is he is old and i think you just why a chill yeah you this kind of done i never went i try to get it to go tried to get me in and i guess they did they go the major i guess it have credits i'll come on that's it we're why was i couldn't get anyone really like you up the issue is nice but they said now how argos us by two years i know i didn't if i d go like a highly qualified to go with this fucking girls and flashing really crazy didn't have enough credits i guess so where maybe they didn't write credits or maybe they just didn't care i would have you know me i did not working in that matter bosnia whatever credits yeah how grows yeah she said something like that but does she was trying to be really nice likes you try to let me down easy could she fell back we're friends to go if you just don't qualified to come here and look at these tests is really hurt it was weird place because it was super outdated like you heard about the grotto
the grotto outta the grotto and has a phone from like the nineteenth seventies there like what is that they left it like for play for the via the old school vibe i guess or they d never updated it as we like you know he's sold the place or it was for sale but one of the key heavy out of purchase was that he had the live in the building until he died yeah yeah but it was like some preposterous amount of money like two hundred million dollars something crazy while the land is really valuable so so what do they do it then doing knock it down i mean you're known astounded to it is it like kind of died on the vine anyway already london will you join us and we have a son and his son probably inherited it is such a thing who's running the magazine data for while they have no nudity there terrible idea such fucking psycho mechanic fucking thing with no cars in it who wants to read that shit stupid it's like having a new york times article with all adds like woody where's the fucking intellectual
stimulation harry functionality and yet that's a really bad no one is a terrible decision here well they were always in his weird area right because you have to was like the only acceptable pornographer like lead flynn who did a lot for free speech who did a lot for exposing politicians but they would show vaginas an asshole and because of that he was always taught us a gross guy now able even their social commentary was primarily as a kid was one it might whose the feminist gloria already known glory or am i gonna steinem and i think it is a goal steinem parity but it was get her licking two girls pussy that period blood it was like some kind of vital thing what do the most vital political colleague he really showed his disdain of those people who is great he's a cop the guy still alive the fucker be shot you know
paralyze like we back in the day right yak and seventy seven maybe was that lay my i think it wise i over seventy six days can still get a bunch of casinos and stuff he still out there kicking it but like who the hell is by an hustler are you all it's funny mentioned by my manager got one today even born in many years could this than interview for them and that was actually really good interviewing they quoting the accurately simon december's harshly which is actually the echoes why so far by the hunt for the first time probably in fifteen years today what lotta magazines do that or december comes out instead an earl that's so fuckin stupid why we protect like new cars it's a two thousand and ten will have the fuck is even possible since two thousand and seventeen monkeys i it's gotta be something about the anticipation of getting it's almost like a holloway movie doesn't come out october thirty of creatures like a halloween by then so it comes out like it also september fifteenth and then by the time hollow incomes the move
spanish you like following nobody makes sense because they not pretending it's halloween it's just a hollowing moray like their pretending that's a december issue but it's not descend it's not you i don't know the thing they come alec way in advance usually a month of before but december this is it is kind of a new car thing is always work its way ahead sixty six six months before the year turns over there are already saying that a two thousand eighteen model is twenty seven april we talk in the other twenty eighteen model as to where it's like tricks you know it's like when you buy something to cost nine ninety nine make it ten dollars you fuck what is this what is this stuff they want to say under ten dollars here i don't know it just looks better within ninety nine and ten i dont get it either it does for dumb people yeah that's what it is like your ear appealing to people's mind like that the little party monstrous save a little guess that's better nine ninety ninety better jobs
i don't know i mean comedians have addressed the gas thing for years there's a book about this it's called predictably irrational the hidden forces a modest amount about ten years ago maybe interesting so it's playing playing on the irrational thoughts that we have a sort of this but like specific anecdotes about like was like a best by ad and why there's three my wash machines and there really turning it should by the minute but they have to other price ones goes into things just like that rather different aspects of life you all my fair ones are when you're in vegas you see voted best buffer my guy that's ten p m show like pie who who voted for less buffet if they did vote on why who are they they have to leave the house they were you going to fucking parfait voted in twenty minutes we're gonna miss the buffet vote cares but there is good but face in bad but face right like wears a good buffet big deal goes above as i have like fucking love a good but if you want to convey his great rules are in nice the wind
hotel in vegas has tremendous buffer the window tells tremendous period i've worked through but never stay there it's a phenomenal hotel are very high and play so it makes sense that their buffet would kick ass in here and allay they have a good one at the four seasons on sundays as might have been delayed buffer yeah i've done the four seasons and maui and they have breakfast parfait what a great way to get fat it is rather odd tremendous they make your waffles they have the waffle thing right there something so i'm making your while all when they pour the waffle stuff into that low press the added value have a waffle i'm just think you're right now but in the butter on it i did last time i put peanut butter over that motherfucker and then i put butter and then put sirop yeah i felt great for about fifteen
and then afterwards i dislike does but even you feel for can terrible how much do you work out like i'm surprised at you don't because you'd be burnt through everything you yeah but you know what it is man has nothing to do with that it's an insolent dump your body just and all that sugar our system new bodies like what the fuck is this in its clean probably worse for me because i dont do it very often give your body gets eustace sugar if you drink sugary so does all day in your eaten white bread all day and if your body gets used to processing that stuff it has a better handle on what to do with it whereas of me and only gets it every few days when it gets its i walk phocas especially like five overload like crazy like up man a split or something like that you feel it lawyer i lit hard on no i was foolish i fucking got four sushi and that that yogurt
stop on santa monica it's my favorite place in the world without cheese no it's called the ogre start on santa monica and i have been there for days rubbing allay for four days i've been there four times i can't stop shovelling that should in my favorite but can play lies it so good i don't know man i've had yogurt that was it is good it just i we start right to offer the best sushi and then go down there and have some yogurt stop treat yourself will jimmy you doing good with your life well you know i was having a sad day monday and literally like a fucking fat girl i got i ex girlfriend whose my best friend anyone got yogurt i'm like i'm really said we wouldn't got i treated myself tool the why will you said i just go up and down i'm just relationship nonsense i'm a fatalist what you're doing great i will do ok you know how many people would fuckin kill two being your position successful touring stand of canadian sure vessel pod castor successful radio purse
now they loved by all chip is a great bycatch of that to the successful podcasting than the norton empires the fuckin thing that you do with mats knives area like the best emma podcast in the world thank you we have a lot of followed them thank you you do it's great i love that we try to do i love em to but yet it was a thing wrong i know that i know that it's a fun gig and i love doing it but it's one of those things is not about like feeling like i've been having been blessed like showbiz is given opportunities are fail but i'm not some unlucky guy logic aid and give me a show they give me a million shot its copy and annoyed yourself for certain things so it's not about like i get a good apartment i make money i m very lucky that's rational like when you feel endowing like a rational don't know you you can't you can turn it around with your mind no on two emotional guy react to emotionally but the next day i had a great weeks since then get auctioning can i talk to me like i'm just being kind of fuckin criminal you have a girlfriend shit here but i am also not cheating
how did not cheat on not acting out it's fuckin crazy man also may be part of your witnesses like dealing with the fact that you're not expressing your normal behaviour patterns yes giving up its against giving a huge addiction like i still i still look at porn stuff not acting out not having fuckin girls who else is a deadly citizenry dude i come out here i got funding not eat pussy deadly pussy while sometimes that's what i'm not him a very fresh boy naughty a better now there's a whole ecosystem around here there really is adding lotta gals that are loose with the sex slave decided to profit offer that yeah and they saw just have sex some men and not have to work a job and summit literally just people have known for a lot like there lay people immediately after the business and their just as dangerous because and i mean for me because they ll do anything right
and today they like the fact that i'm open so that i call my god guys think i'm crazy golly so it's hard just to be unfaithful it's hard to not be fuckin i mean fans are i've been talking about this week i went up and down a bit sad and i'm great ambition i don't have a hundred governance six years i'm talking about them family or we can you gonna girlfriend you're forty on your being norm so jesus you rotten toad can i talk about my life being healthy for one week before fancies secular as well we're gonna get one person of complaints about everything yeah occasionally bosnia now is this like yeah you gonna get that and he's got a point to its probably annoying to him which is why he said it but she it or she yeah well shut your mouth fucked you know but i gave us i gave her a sarcastic apology i'm sorry i didn't mean to share something good all keep a negative and she asked you about it's all good she believed the analogy that's where well that is a fake few
going on between me and and bert crusher and tom secure and people for whatever reason think it's real and so they getting mad i'm airing out our dirty laundry and public they couldn't beasts more obvious but i think it is even wrote a day sir at the end of my letter with all caps i mean this is this is like that thing pray for joe this is what is burke crises are for a good friend is a fuckin raging alcohol he suddenly he drinks six doubles a night yeah he's doing it twelve drinks a night and i go i serious use every night while that is pretty i can even imagine doing that lay out it's incredible so we said you thank you it's already said yes ok so then someone said sober and run a marathon i was like stop you guys he's gonna die yeah has first of all nice to pretend he runs but he really runs on a treadmill and unlike dies running you lifting your legs up in the things coming towards you is not the same different scenarios
running on the railroad unease like barely again in a couple of miles and any takes a lot of breaks is not running a fuckin marathons anytime soon and absurdly saying that he could do when after a month yet right so we ok how about no drinking the entire month of october and you gotta do fifth seen hot yoga glasses in a month which is fuckin hard core that's right that's hard core i've done it i love you how yoga but it really does we're really wipes you out here likes you especially if you not used to engendering and of what we are going to really be beyond the ball so everybody read that and then a couple of fuckin days ago they starts and we're gonna be tough really sober know we'd know our volume whoa whoa whoa whoa first volume fucks i'm only doing this to try to see if we can get bert so but i don't need to not drink i can not drink for months it doesn't bother me taken a month off of booze doesn't bother me at all but meet taken a month off a we'd like how do you expect me to write i use it to write i use it to think about things are
to enjoy things i use it as a like us sacrament almost deal with you could try your month without like you know you got to go back to it and that you're not doing a director of it but i don't wanna be bullied by a welter yet our should fear was supposed to see burton tom had a fuckin contest and they were if last twenty five pounds are we supposed to take them on a trip to wear they chose and tom to go to europe to watch soccer game bert wanted to go to watch some crazy football game and are completely whilst on the bed and then took off with asia for four months and me hold in no way do take off it's about went off the grid and don't think that to want related should fear i know what the fuck you up to you to feel any responsibility pay that bet you son of a bitch anyway i want dub getting them when i get them take it so some basketball game important big game right so was a big deal flume out first class the whole deal put him up in a nice hotel paid for everything so i pay
and because they did actually lose the wiser and so they like we gotta come up with a new tax and somehow i got involved in oregon involved to end you're trying to shame me and acquitted pot site i've stopped smoke but all the time when i go on vacation i don't smoke power for a week at a time go anywhere where are you know i mean some in europe for ten days on that smoking weed it's not an addictive issue but it something that i enjoy i could start doing things that i enjoy but i this sounds like an attic sameness i don't have a problem with it but i really don't have a problem with it i like it like pot and that willing to not do it for an alcoholic friend and a welter and then thompson i was dressed up like a medicine man lately i what the fuck is he took it he's when he's warrants some crazy stephen seagal outfits got wouldn't beads on shit some crazy hat are they lose fitting clothes but he's wearing
you put away ragged no ok guys and tremendous shape are good for tom tom lost the weight and kept the weight off because time is really disciplined which is why he just did another netflix special and like three and a half for years he's done three net for my derives yeah he's he's an animal various licking his hat he's fucking had jesus carlyle nice big to create lasting and the beer nice in tremulous good a love it but he's fucking healthy look up the thinnest faces but look at the picture above that look at above that that one see that so he's fucking out my guys it's the feather and what does it look like who is an alpha look like i've seen that pits photoshop sooner baby what is that outfit from their looks like or who where do dresses like that's like cigar looks like stephen seagal me smoke in the back it could be like some buddhist monk or something like that but these motherfuckers to shame me in its two quitting we'd son happening boys in fact
i everyday day knocked over never thought of trying to choose from month to see to see how i give it gets weird for you it might be you might get some really good shit out of it if your color yeah i mean i would but maybe another month maybe do november november but these this month it can suck my dick ominous get i everyday you won't be shamed into it you'll do when you wanna do it i'll do it if i want to do and if i really had an issue from a man i can't get a day without failure to reach and for it to do things like i haven't smoke part today today a running about to podcast alex smuggler weep for pod but nothing today nothing zero no issues here i think would affect me different views you is a good example of a guy like you you function well let you smallpox you do jujitsu like i didn't do that a lot of people to do just this one part its huge energy has a clear and you would think like a lot of people have a misconception is easier to what they think of it as being a bunch of like really aggressive mean and guys like attacking each other but it's more much more bunch of like
really smart analytical stoner sensitive nerd type characters who are also like very strong quiet because they digital overtime or if they live weights and get really good shape a lot of those guys it's because of jujitsu and then of course is people who come to it from like football or wrestling complaint that they have a different at a lot homes they fall into like a jiu jitsu mindset which is a very relaxed friendly answer jujitsu people are super friendly very affectionate too like all the guys that met by hug ie and friendly and i have noticed a combat athletes that is a gentle is too like god we brought hopkins have talked a lot and when he sits right next to you and literally he's a spin vader space but it doesn't feel menacing or funny year physic almost like you just and affectionate gentle guy it's an odd feeling that you get you can people just doesn't feel uncomfortable well you know what bernard is so confident in himself he doesn't exude any like insecurities arriving us a mean he's an all time great yeah area is no dishonesty
no human being that knows boxing that would argue that bernard hopkins is an all time right i remember when he first tito trinidad years their he fought felix trinidad and i believe he was thirty six at the time and trinidad was in its prime and everybody really thought the turnout was gonna run over and he beat the fuckin shit trinidad and it was weird controversial fight because he was input regarding took the porter weaken flag and threw it on the ground nobody went crazy i'll kill him tat you want to get i turned his head and get him get em china brought with them and they did but not pick them apart while he picked them apart locked him up and then years later when people wrote him off again he fought kelly public finances after kelly pavel get knocked out remained steward and he was thought to be like the guy you know everybody was likely padlocks gonna fuck up or in our hopkins bernard hopkins beat the shit out of him to who finally knocked you osier last fight they want your smith is fifty one i'm pretty sure i do
is it a fifty fifty one he wanted to be fifty i marry i think he had for forty nine fighter whether or not he wanted to fight when he was fifty he want the fight may whether for his fiftieth fight that was i remember him talking about that right before turn fifty yet he was told there would never find him he so much bigger yeah i guess you start cutting weight or maybe just saying that but he talked about fighting floyd before coming up at him going down the valley floor that's a fact like i did i'm using cleaner reforms are but i think that he was talking about that when you this forty nine year because floyd tiny man the me floyd natural one on her forty seven pounds finally like when you waiting for the fight with tawdry wait one forty nine and bernard was fighting one seventy five it's so much large made he was talking about coming down its automatic does the conversation ravishing they would have had to catch right but he thought his guide joe psmith junior whose a young guy was a murderous puncher and he just get fucked up and not through the ropes and he fell on his head it was horrible yeah
yeah but he had such a great he's bound to get enough he had to go down sooner or later but diarrhea just like a nice dude and i love guys like that who don't try to give off that shitty energy and i only have ever gotten that energy off of fighters won't you won't get it off the successful ones because get successful you want to have as few things that are in your way that are cumbersome as possible few issues and few distorted sections of reality as possible in order to leave your way through to the top yeah nominees exceptions to that where you have like finance physical specimens that are incredibly dedicated and dealing with a lot of demons like thyssen in his pride in our but i don't know would work in emma may the same way organ boxing like i just don't know with all the variables in boxing like with eisen or in mme rather with thyssen like in his prime hague it is weighed towards guy bob and weave and throw bombs and figure
wages smash them who just so much faster than everybody and see it so are you afraid of but i wonder if you ever want to see that kind of person dominate the way ties and did ass a may fighter like i just don't know how you and it's weird i never care what their face looks like when they walk into the ring like you know when you were you don't watch videos all got he looks frightening but you what did it out and he choose garments high steep notice when you want any he couldn't look happier so calm josie although won't look the guy in the eye is terrified is this kind looking down and be in humble you know they did none of that stuff seems to work with those guys because every one of them noses so many ways to lose i dont know what it is but they they don't seem to try that shit with each other like box some guys do it was a big thing with mandalay silver silva vandalized stare guys down big time you known merkel croak up in him had like the greatest stared down the history of pride it is both stand each other with superintends i'm dilate margaux when you talk about hysteria that's quite whatever
here he came over to you a fugitive doesn't eight or didn't you are on our show on unclear how can you talk about the start merkel crook option when over his fuckin stereo gwig watching stared at this this is merkel verse eventual evangelist intimidate everybody but merkel was the head of an anti terrorist squadron in croatia he didn't give a fuck any was a world class kickboxing look how fuckin tat completely unease completely uninhibited by that's there he beat the holy shit out of angela here the first got a really flatland vandalism head kicked him into a coma wow that's why i'm here is the second time they fought the first they fought was his first emma may financial is we're wacky rules like they can only be on the ground for thirty second and they have stand back right yeah bade the heat marco wasn't really doing emma may mean you sort training and emma may but ventilate was champion machine
vanity was a world class fighter and so they had some sort of a weird arrangement an arrangement was like limited a time on the ground and a bunch of other wacky rule on efforts life we i would have no unfinished anyone those either thing maneuver finish anyway then decided there was gonna be a drop in the rounds wherever they timid around well back then were ten minute first rounds and then you'd have a five minute second round in a five minute third round of rosa championship fight but i think we its vander lay in him they they shorten the rounds as well i don't remember the whole deal but then the second time thought it was a legit pride emma may fight and mercosur already fought a bunch of pride fights and he got into the groove and it become like one of the best heavyweights alive and he just beat the shit that way i've never seen that stare down that was really intense internal that's that was an intimidating there that's mark on this problem is not moving not movie you have it that you
we deal with a ten year the head of an anti terrorist again who got police group i guess police crave sunday morning a fuckin like my niece the head of an anti police but if you're like an anti terrorism cop allowing us face you have i mean you have to get information people by his most likely seen a lot of people die you thank you croatia is a hard place man mean he's a hard man and a hard place and on top of bee like a soldier he was you know and the best kick boxes live before you want to demand so the right man he was amazing he was he was a very good as a kick boxer but really came into his own as a emanates fighter because here style of kickboxing was unique uniquely effective in emma because he was very explosive and fast whereas some guys would be like more dude biltmore methodical or technical like our nestor booster peter system
other guys that would they would stand in front of guys more and just pick their shots better morocco which is blast you would like one one or two single shots but that was way more effective and emma may like the explosive very fast yeah i do so i would like to see us wonder boy went to his kickboxing fighter who like fifty seven and always a kick park china liked him check box kind of like the i'm goddamn online i should do that aligned he's god knows what i'm doing is not helping me in budgeting off so try not to much but if it does so many fun things to watch other jerking off during the day because it's so ritualistic for me that when a jerk off during the day and night ok i can be a person and i don't have to think about that for the rest day it really helps my day go much more product have you ever thought of meditating de meditated nor am i getting like you know before that this idea we started your point is that you have an issue and he's right a network for you'll be an edge well you're talking about some new issues like my throat but i've got another four years our shores
who the fuck me up that opposition to the pot does that for sure really smokes too much we before shall get fleming i think it a combination of maybe coffee and eggs like the age can't do it i went to like one of these alternative doctors i thought maybe maya my dream adrenal glands we're fucked up so what were you gonna cut out the azure cut out the coffee and i can't stop with the growing fruits good for before a show like apples you know certain fucks granted i went round the corner i wondered how nice veggie thing a pure vegetable juice spyware celery and of a conventional just blows because it dominates the entire juice i omitted it's great for clean out your system is a really good voice of throws your fuckin pipes free get seller it uses one of the best juices like if you have to take a shit you know i've been stupid exorbitant anew medication with that's supposed to cause diarrhea and i
but i have not been shooting and i'm usually we had occasion for i just why its call its prep it see you don't get hiv and i'm negatives christ i know but i dont even brain needed now because i'm a fucking relationship by starting to take it on like i'm just gonna be smart gonna fuckin powers that smart to take a manifestation of the leg is an art there like aids indications now hiv medications like completely stop it from there you don't wanna have it i don't want to get it yeah i wanna get it out i'm only taken for a little while to stop in a relationship and i gotta go they want you to be tested after a month to make sure that your blood is ok you're there is ok kidneys they want like look you over you get off that she is a barrier i just got imagine it is anything that i mean anything that gives you diarrhea well it's only for a few days but it didn't give it to me a little stop me from shooting and giving constipation dead yeah it let him be good it is
it is now that's a thing with like like in a lot of pain killers gives you constipation yeah i won't take if i get in once after i have my sinuses fix mom but the start the proper took it out how many more than what i'd like to go back and see the guy and get out you know how to do it take that shit i just what one point i ve been crazy something i just want to make sure they don't get that yeah he died i would rather have some kind of a genuine beyond forever work but my while i'm fucking acting like an ass let me at least one of the pot gas episodes i took the most amount of heat for early in the day was i did a pike with a guy named peter duisburg he's a bite just out of university california berkeley and he's a are respected biologists has done a lot of great work on cancer but he's got a gun controversial take on hiv and he does i believe that hiv causes aids he thinks it hiv
is evidence of a weak immune system tease me and he thinks that when people have hiv it's because their immune system is compromised it's not that hiv compromises there immune system although her and he feels like all these people that are catching aids and getting hiv what's happening is they're doing a lot of party drugs are doing a mule nitrate and crystal meth and that's very very prevalent inside the gay community in a gig eyes party a ton right and they're they're doing a lot of drugs and he points to the high correlation between all these people doing these parties and hiv his work is widely criticised and legitimate scientists and most people just do not agree with them and they say that the young next between hiv and aids is rocks out an undeniable but he thinks it's not in its and
we get mad at me about that one i'm just talk to this for you i was a biologist she california berkeley i mean i'm figure is gives its gaza legit scientists but he can't get funding for anything is essentially blackball from the academic community and it it was really we're talking terms like has anybody debated unicef no normal debate me you know is it almost like what our thrash or as you say that a direct injection into the bloodstream will give it to you how does each play no well i don't know what our thrashing doing but what he was saying essentially was the transfusion the here one of the things about hiv was if you got hiv arthur s country season for what reason though all i don't know i've done that much has i'm wrong right when what he is saying is that when your immune systems compromise that's when hiv showed itself that hiv is a very weak virus and that it only shows up in the immune systems of people that are compromised ok in that
as you say we all have it or you can catch it like no its not saying we all have it but you say you can catch it but he sang the evidence it is only in people that have a weakened immune system again and is not something i believe you're gentlemen don't get mad at me can you guess like why white where we and others it so many a million different cases of people obviously were you know in very weird ways or again to blood transfusions or they are born with it we hear it says arthur ass says he believed he contracted hiv the viruses causes aid through a transfusion of tainted blood during his second round of heart bypass surgery ninety three first learn of inspection here's the other issue that peter duisburg was saying was that what they were giving people when they first test it as for hiv was easy tee and then a he is a medication they used to use for chemotherapy but they stopped using it for chemotherapy because it was killing people quicker than cancer was killing me
i mean was just a brutal brutal drug and they had a bunch of it in his mind had a bunch of lying around after that and they decided to try to use it on aids patients and the air ryan ray introducing outweigh any one or another and i guess the conspiracy thing is they take farmers pseudo coming at all these drugs that they wanted to get rid of a needed or did they think that they were just trying to do something else i mean out the obviously wasn't a smart thing to do is you don't use it anymore and didn't help people eighty do not help people with aids i mean people it took eighty died a lot of them lot of em an aids back then was essentially a death sentence but there was a lot of but i didn't do anything that got aids they ve got hiv and never got aids they just took care their body and it took a holistic approach and use nutrition i just think its super controversial like anything else meanest people get cancer and don't die there they get curative it but then there's people get
cancer ravages or system kills them so i steve jobs and he listened to people i thought you didn't try like alternative met like steve jobs should still be alive he had like they had a pretty durable form of cancer pancreatic knife i thought his words they said a fairly curable one that he had listened with friends and tried to go so holistic and they said if had gone and just had treated he probably would have survived it well there's probably a lot about going on yeah how is a lot of fuckin wacky people with their work days but holistic madison did i saw guy do a ted talk i'm bay sickly saying like god strawberries are really good because its they they cause other anti i angiogenesis or something which is about it stops the production of new blood vessels and that's what beat cancer like this he literally have convinced you can eat buck and strawberries and get cancer in large quantities so if you hear somebody talk really knows there talking about even if they're wrong right a lot of you
and thence by without someone the problems would like youtube videos right where people have wacky conspiracy theory as long as i speak with big words gonna say things in complete senses and they sound articulate you start to believe them they want the one thing that has been proven to be effective with cancer some forms of cancer is kido gigantic giants diets where you're fat based we need a lot of avocado and cocoanut oil in your body burns those rather than glucose and some cancers feed off sugar so to starve them you you go on a very low sugar diet and a very high fat diet and apparently theirs real science that shows that there's some benefits but certainly certain kind against a certain kind of cancers it doesn't affected all soaring kind of brain cancers doesn't affected all it doesn't matter what fuck you do you better go to doktor yet i mean it you do both
you're the doktor and try something they have another caught a lawyer the fuckin hospital with you that we have to choose between about say jamie what i just google honesty of jobs the both of you are actually correct from what i just found like it he had pancreatic cancer but he also could have been saved potentially but then this next thing also says he lived for twenty years with it so he didn't have chemo radiation suasion pancreatic endowed with eighteen months or their say at the amid the athena the treatment killed him different kinds of pancake answers to believe that it is not like that desire hodgkin's and non hodgkin's lymphoma one is worse than the other with a beggar please jesus christ and said steve live for twenty years was cancer it seems he did not have chemotherapy irradiation treatment of all the relevant actors but who whose answering this this what is this this is bullshit she by go up there right there walter isaacson he's writing steve jobs biography he told sixty minutes that stephen
fuse what could have been potentially lifesaving surgery but you have more than one surgery right didn't you have his liver replaced hers i feel like a liver transplant what does that makes a guy not want to surgery that might work like debate become delusion one and that their that or are they afraid of the surgery or they willingness to die like fuckin zapper hagar the doktor and died lucy fifty six was romans apple out it was a cancer i was just colon cancer or prostate the surgeon who gave steve jobs and new liver and two more years faces new questions that ceretani thirteen where's the saints has both memphis house reject convalesce were later bought the man s house the doktor you he bought the housework steve jobs was living yes it is the guy who is treating george harrison border the guitar to sign fuckin hospital sign this real quick yeah yeah revelation came with the
end of the southern transplant mark baubles say that name peruse squeeze para paris a paragraph eight bess gooey breschia pressyur pressyur pressyur front paid store rosy r r u s q you i parisienne front page story thursday the memphis commercial advocate peace paints a vivid picture of the lifesaving operation although it takes most the details about jobs for the walter eyes and by our graffiti blah blah blah blah blah so why what is the question how to jobs move to topple list it's one of those things frank underwood in the version one prepaid somebody jesus how the fuck do you think he s a capitalist the only have fifty billion dollars you can move around yet when the way you're emailing is because something you ve invented to propagate the fuckin top of the list fast i wonder what killed his liver one if it was medication like medication for i know it
and do just died from pancreatic cancer and he had it for quite a few years i met him at him in two thousand and fourteen and already had it and he just died it says he wants refused tim cooks liver transplant africa's he has the same rare blood type of la woe tim cook would have given steve jobs come a chunk of liver boy that's the tents now than anyone have taken over the company a well known to watch you must have been there you gonna give you wash your liver or indeed my boss a hat jim i guess obviously there are good friends which imagine that's intense meant liver is something that regenerates hospital where jobs receive trance it was given forty million dollars by him while that's how you do it i guess he was appreciated a lotta a slick that's they get the file on yeah what do you think lines was to be fair he fucks there's a way to cut later affording i didn't come here you give them money the hospitals probably to save a shitload lives we went to
before we came here we're at my my radio agent anti cancer he was like sixty four sixty five was not that all that he had a cancer limp letting the lymph nodes any fucking was getting low the better we thought and then when did you start the relation between these people in these like super hard stress jobs like agents it can can i know struck by he bob was not a stressed guy though unless he swallowed all that he was a very calm guy like little he was a gentle and he gave you bad news gently but firm he was a very very unique guy he was not stressed unless he swallowed it and never showed it but he seemed like a very soon guy and with something with his eyes when it for breeding thing just died i guess we're on the table and i on another detailed fuck man but yea was not that old emily was again a sixty four when you're on forty nine so you some sixty foiled that's fucking that's a grasp obliged i wonder like you know
see there's somebody different factors the plane to like the lifespan the difference in lifespans too lifespans a hundred years ago two years and obviously there's been some big answers in medicine but i wonder like how much our diet plays the amount of cancer i mean it's gonna have a huge factor all its sugar all the bullshit people leave all the preservatives smoking pollution they say that just living in a city can take up to ten years off your life that's also although you lately it's probably the air and by his the stress to keep people in the city are just as i stressed yeah i am sure all that stuff goes into it i mean we try to what we do but i try to eat healthily girl chicken one when i never took into consideration until a couple years ago i read an article on the effects of brake dust like when you around high popular an area and people costly hitting the brakes really here when you're in traffic autumn those breaks
you know you're clean your wheels and yet that break shit over we'll show that stuff in the air the black city shit that should gets in the air and if you're in a place like save your in manhattan look you know second floor walk up your windows open you're just taken breakdown breathing that in all the time you wipe it off your fuckin furniture and shit you ve seen on your table something you never no one ever thinks i'm here anyone discuss break does but it is something that all over the place where we find dust back their jamie a good is that does that we keep finding back there it's all black yes probably just like allayed dirt sir dry and dusty around but its black of an amendment that i see two miles to and rain but a mean back there it's weird because we have a close garage door
comes in under the air gag we have this work out equipment and when we wiped the work out a common like we go back there right now and put a wet paper towel to that reverse hyper machine the top of it it's all black like blue does with their stuff behind that asshole i'm warehouse back is many times i've been in this room i thought this was the entire room i had no idea what to call fuckin sectional letters dated debtors a room back there and there's another room behind it ok i just find new ways of freeways to trying to kill you what is a saying that the i refer to a sickening progressing twice the average in people living within a hundred metres of a freeway the connection between particulate matter and are every thickening were statistically significant for some groups yeah that's what they're talking about that's break dust and and shit that's coming out of exhaust the apes coding ellie times point five million people live in three hundred meters or freeway and allay basin last year we found the freeway pollution travels much further than that as much to thank
in five hundred metres from the source fuck all that so if you are then i wonder if it is the same in manhattan and i'm sure it is but or maybe cause manhattan has letty play a lot less cars going by your street in manhattan than you do there two thousand five metres is far how far is that unlike feet miles is an admirer mile a mile echoes a kilometer with that that's fucked man everybody a mile from the highways gettin poisoned jesus you hope it but how old is that's guardian is still happening as much later hour break our breaks made me better now than they were of years ago it's the same thing not the same thing as two thousand ten break through this i mean there's no different they dared they're the same fuckin things i've always had these paths they preston and they wear out yet to replace him and when their wearing out the grinding down that powder isn't going anywhere so much i figure out a way how to contain that it seems like we're doing now is it just it just goes out into the admin
maybe they should be like contained like where the powder the brakes would work the same way but the it would have to be like sucked us last year into some sort of a pouch or something you have to change it like a filter colonial if the change a priori time but that seems like that would be like a real viable alternative like some sort of encased break thing you know me doesn't seem like outside the realm of engineering or can they make the brakes if that sounds unfeasible can they make break out of something that is actually just not is bad for you is already they can do that might be a little bit of effects wiping anything you breathe if britain sawdust sucks warrior its particulate matter like you taking things you're taking a certain kind of dust into your lungs and becomes an irritant says i'm good not good jamie i am sad several as people who live near the highway daily do the highway and i have my lifestyle psychics roger if i can do
that is our only then we should this and you don't have hiv glow cheaper rubber on you gonna be fine i can't tell anybody come in you but everything's gonna be ok it's fucking a party killer i get a lot of rules but dad condoms though i can work well be a problem this definite problem my shrivels how many guys have gotten aids from from regular sex probably very few few trolley very thought but it should have it i'm sure i'm sure it somehow physically possible but you probably have to have so many things lined up to get it from fucking a pussy or even funding it ass you have to have so many things i am sure it can happen though yet what's its the issue as it has to get into your body but i know that people get sick all the time from having caught then getting someone's blood in their come out i guess happen to people in hospitals and have done so dream like cut their finger while they're doing it and they get infected by the blood of someone out that's that's common rights associated with cod on your dick i know when i heard that
told the story most eurostar side a threesome iran jeremy over the porter who is he i was it was fun it didn't feel necessarily sexy but it was fun but actually yeah everyone per year was a gulf you know is a girl in his pocket or so he went into the bath beautiful koumongoe any fact another one and he army but rubbing alcohol on his dick and that's a good for i think he was doing pretty sure he didn't have a copy or did it before he factor i think to make sure there alcohol yours yeah to make sure that it was clean there were no cut said it so hard core it is but united it is probably seen a lot of action might emulating keep things off it yeah if that guy doesn't have aids who the fuck is getting aids yeah you now amounts to think about that you're not looking a muddle lucky guy hockey eternally prior yeah me think about that if that doesn't have aids fuck you i mean i do realise that role the dice way too many times and i'm really unlock allow really grateful like a fat man you ve just stop what's up
oh you're you know i just think it harder to get like for a man than it is for a woman it seems like unless began you let someone coming here but you can hit harder i think it's hard again i want my doctor nobody right i think it is work is harder for low income or article five one hour rubber or not this robot does not i think that the european economy is harder to get unless you are killing your dick and she's a cutler pussy and they happened just go air tight against each other i mean to get for a woman like you gotta think like all other everything exposed right now that air maria inside their vagina as all like open tissue right it's all like absorbing they have the worst ritual and they darrell set up but i think the air i was told years ago by a woman or to now feel that such aid is such a delicate virus that if if you like she's legal low job you won't even get it from should like because that you your view stomach kills the seamen like you you can't give a blow job
which i don't how true that is but she told me that fuckin she lived in elton maryland i remember she's really cute girl i met at a road gig i'm a fucking town she lived in algiers down you this porsche blue and worry about it yeah don't worry about it stomach assets why global issues really use a wonderful practitioners drained about a gallon of seeds and tommy we're all gonna be mine out in maryland good girl crazy though that so many diseases kill people from sex ya mean syphilis gonorrhea those are those give fatal without you know like that's isn't syphilis what killed al capone i think so yeah believable even to bring the twenties it was nothing they can do for i right yeah but i'm just amazing that untreated so many diseases taught me think about how few things other than like severely com from our immune systems it get hit by the flew out those people that did i from the flu rashly its old p bore young pete really young people the tunnel frail they want to getting
second dying from common goals and things on those lines but most people they give from it can you imagine shooting cancer are your dick you for that was like fucking that would be like that's where we have a problem if you could if you could give somebody cancer sexually i know they sit or a section three cancer as possible while hpv reigneth human below my virus can give some women ovarian cancer yeah or you can get in your throat if they had it for meeting pussy isn't that what the michael douglas thing was they said that any fucking catherine data jones put the kaiser she's like not true plus we're getting a divorce all young man she must have been when he went to start talking about that divides look at her pussy seven so annoying michael throat or an oral sex photo of him if i get if you google throw cancer and oral sex michael douglas come yeah that's gotta be a bummer yes he approached keeps mouth shut about that but it did she was like correct me if i'm wrong wasn't she suffering from like some serious mental illness like some some ruthless by poor type
shit i think catherine zeta jones is like pretty open about mental ill i didn't know she was that's right you know somebody that hot ladies the price to pay yeah he's always you know you did someone that beautiful her private struggle struggle catherine zita jones bipolar disorder well you know it's true because instead people celebrity yeah they always getting a lot of us yes she's too hot as the problem natures just gives you a fucking by now you wanna be hot how about a little crazy to review their visas issued a full and you want to hang yourself during a sank a commercial hague what can you tell us she says i torture my husband had a tough you years from husbands cancer tool in public i don't buy poured sorted now the hollywood stars back with a new film and fit not not really knew how article could she's kind of ash off the face of the map yeah under like when people theirs i was looking at
pictures did a day of some movie star that i forgot to whose name was but he was like a ton of movies and that of the guy it was important scars overs sunburnt tom berringer and then just vanished you know he kind of dead man i don't know why did we have never been a school teacher the devil worse than the white school teacher in the black school we get it we gather your rescuing i'm fuckin hollywood asshole does the worse the shall fight for and how great was she in dangerous minds moment gang this paradise song and she was gonna go in there and with that accident and she was it was funny issues this is why people fairly their music was getting lame where i think he was bob dylan lyrics she was teaching the young ruffians with that's a desperate wiping
but wanting to go it looked like eyes our stuff school and they really are so like oh shit these troubled times like i was strong as i could be that's what it is a key we check that it is a bad dylan's only ever shoot homeboy oh my god she wrote that down out of who should you shoot catherine or fucking kyoto gilbert grape with that hair till she was really hot but not now and yeah and showed a leather jacket i'm sure she was hard or even indoors wars or leather jacket she was not her actual not good gangster was the exit it was southern but a kind of went back and forth from tennessee looking were lost in the hours when they keep i think they make a decision one day first they have shooting is forty minutes into the film forty minutes off deep into the movie that's the furtive shooting and then they stop
somewhere else they changed the action and it just changes by the time they get afforded in a similar way picture her with coolio together now go on coolio one fairfax did you really here and he was so high i mean so high i would open up his trailer door and just get a fuckin ferocious contact high just from opening the doors like why i i guess naming guy why don't i don't know i did what you recall mark marinated yokul never mind the buzz cox and one of the guests on there was coolio and i do with monday wonder mike from the jugular gang coolio never mind the buzz car might yet more merit it was a british show it and mark merit hosted it here in late two thousand and he was one of the guests does anyone he loved me we had so much fine i some years later and yet no memory that we'd ever met so not i'd i d love he literally i told us he literally of these bowing to mix i said something fucked up so you just enjoying it somewhat the guy will definitely remember me sick fuck and dumb slick rick i
i say to the comedy seller one time we took a forward together some years later in the airport nuthin why have you not remember begun born stage from the audience foes king a show and they brought me up on stage meaning that they produce richer so horizontally out of those guys like me they meet so many people that their their hard drives is constantly folders constantly deleting files which is understandable it was just the circumstances that we're we're like right not the fact that it was like me like a bad interviewed people and their normal mabel i get back i've done radio shows and another who the fuck your terminal area oh yeah you and slick rick at this where my favorite photos industry using the audience another comedians would talk to him so but i was i just told my love them and dynamic picking a photo you after the show and manage the owners in there and you have done many were so great and so fuckin requiem so did he get shot me i or something i don't know how is i believe he got shot we did something like that was in it children story like do something similar in real life when you went to jail like that that rapid odin story but i don't
exactly how is i went i thought maybe i thought you had an interesting story for that but maybe you didn't i interviewed coolio before you one fear factor ass don thirty one he was telling me that this is eddie ovaries already done this he's lived a thousand lives in a thousand universes and he was just so barbecued it was like inspiration allow i was listening tombs woe but because he was so high like i think it has had no nerves go and then he distorted did the event like it was nothing on afraid complete of some balanced thing if we know what it is around some beams or some shit fuckin amazing nobody died do not show i look back at sometimes in a disco who are they doing it again with an another host yeah with ludicrous that's right ludicrous donut they did it wants to go to keep doing it apparently was kind of a flop was it you don't you want because what when it was done it was very timely but now with the internet has gotten so much faster than we can watch everything on our phone it's kind of her
you can t real life deaths so it's kind of hard to see people doing crazy stuff when you can turn on and you see someone do without ashore on they just doing it well it's also they did it without the original production team and the regional pretty seventeen like that they did they cut the budget substantial so look can't cheap and then stunts worn is dangerous like the original production team there wizards maneuver really good at that kind of show and they did a hundred and forty eight episodes of the first season and then we came back we did six more so there is a mean they had massive amounts of experience of putting together like this dont people the the bees dont people be stunts we're all the gross things like all that stuff was i think they didn't do any grow stuff time around the lawyers by got involved they probably now is
read the lawyers and highly and then they like word lawsuits in the matter what you sign is starting to do so the lawyer march apply that shit out what they couldn't get insurance well with nbc the second interim adoration of fear factor in black what was it like two thousand twelve or some points out we did it again to those eleven thousand twelve when we did it again they were off a thing was eleven they did it was off the deep and scary like that went way to the door there was dangerous i thought was dangerous like that some stunt they were doing well it so much more intense than the stuff that we had done before this is fuckin weak somebody get hurt here you do not want to do it after a third i guess second season of the new information he said when do it well they cancelled because people are to drink come why could have automatically out of the second see that's what gotta get so the relay they played horseshoes for donkey come there were three horseshoes and in no no matter what you had a drink some come
if you landed a perfect ring tossing alien to drink a couple ounces but these drink these deeds were drinking like beer signs of come neither can we have complaints network go they went too far terms you gotta hold the footage and they put nbc past i mean they think they passed they they said okay to all this dance right so they they they cleared pile of thee ridiculous stance that they want to do and this was the most ridiculous like getting people drink come on television the was just like it so over the top and that's the idea was that they couldn't have fear factor the way they used to have before they had to be added be bigger sure matter crazier affair factor and so the second version of it which is completely over the top a little too much and they pushed it too far in yeah they drank donkey piss and donkey
and it was twins so one twin had a drink the piss she's drinking piss and the other girls drinking come why lot of love a mug come oh my god what a great girlfriend you must be the one fucking ass it was interesting a lot of the girls wanted to drink rather than drink the purse of course they have experienced for their day to day the pisses a grocer thing come they'd like i e commerce lock rate but i've drank it nice guy drank come and look at that their huggin they are common their shirts it was deep man this i've been two times ever in the history the show where i said to the producers hate don't known to this and that was one of em you so they shouldn't as has too much it is too crazy god i only on a calm shot a cobbler turbulent there my god men children in town with me my fuckin stupid big head hovering over you're telling me to do it
you are in charge yardage hitherto up like you i mean i wondered when i wanted i wanted them all the wind is part of the problem with doing that show them yeah i mean hopefully wanted people to did you know i was like a coach provisional speakers much that was a host tell him you can do it won t get in their head and just tell them like look he has put one fund for any other and just don't don't entertain any thoughts acquitting because a lot of quitting is this in your mind illogical is this your mind saying man we can't do this but we should find a way out man fuck this is just to uncomfortable whereas if you can just force yourself too those aside and dont entertain those thoughts at all he can get through a lot of things you can't get through here yeah that's our part of what you start telling you it's all a single were pushed themselves over matters i should talk about re longer and the whale push you pass will you think you can go about my problem is all stop what i think i have to stop but i guess there is this
stuff in the reserve type but it just feels like there's nothing there well it's a mindset it's like if you get your mind accustomed to convey it's in your body that enough is enough and then you start entertaining those thoughts and thinking of those thoughts more than thinking about concentrating on the task in hand you start thinking about boy fudged quit now i can quit autism comfortable feeling stop all this heaving of my breath or burning of my legs or whatever it is you doing that can also all the nervousness can stop like you see lot of times before fights within several instances over the course of the history of the eu have see most attempt doesn't happen but several instances where people get anxiety attacks and you can assure me that to a lot of different things right say some people just have anxiety and well what is an anxiety attack what some people believe that a lot of what's happening is the mindset that you are entering into a fight with and that you
or allowing your mind to just sort of run rampant rather then corralling it and channel in your mind into very distinct pathways a very distinct ways of only beneficial thoughts and the eu vacillating deviate from those thoughts but always bring it back to those very important thoughts and to have some sort of a mantra like you are here to do your very best that's it and all thoughts of quitting if your body fails on you that's one thing but let it fail don't don't don't entertain those thoughts on my god now it's time to quit i stand here don't you don't i retain those thoughts and there's a guy named david goggins we ve talked about in the park ass almost too much but he's a very famous endurance athlete jose these names here and he has the world record for the most amount of chin ups in a day and how many some insane amount raise doing he will do sets of five we just five chin ups and he does them over the course
it was over a thousand right but he doesn't want you two thousand year that way and burns arms out and how only between one takes little break do five tiggle to break relax it'll do another five tiggle break relax little over and and he's attempted more than once because one time it in this form to thousand tom i yeah so that guy of his statements is most people quit forty percent most people could at forty percent with a capable of i think that's absolutely accurate i am i think about that all time i think about the time i'm on a hard run i gotta know when you one unlike hills and particularly go no when you just fuckin exhausted in you running the risk of falling down and you really can't breathe right like you're you're really push like us but if you like things like sprints or he'll sprints
you will reach an aerobic threshold your reach a place where like you really can't going for you your heart beat is a hundred eighty five beats a minute he can't do it yet your beauty your blow your shit out in your it's gonna fail but like when is it killing and when are you quitting cause there's like some uncomfortable moments when my heart's like a hundred and fifty and sixty were if i was feeling like a pussy unlike resisting break here breathe you now which is what burke russian if i have to have a man that's a lot of its mental to the quitting yeah it's why not you look you feel like your mind telling you like on the treadmill i can't do much earlier exactly can't do it it's fuckin boring too that's why we're running outside i dont like running i think running a tremor would be great if you're a fucking awesome movie in front of the piano save you watching platoon and you run a treadmill enshrined funding or apocalypse now and you didn't listen to it i mean you get into it but i like run
outside because i know where i'm going in its that's part of the goal like i if i reach this peak that yes it's a mile one point six miles and then another one point six can you run of either in real life or in a trivial ranchero mills are you a bit of if you had to look with which one can do any more on a trip you can for sure hundred first of all the way i run i'm running all hills i got really run flat but when run a flat rate short periods of time its own flat in between hills i fucking hate hills dirt their terrible but here's the thing i kick box yesterday for the first time in months i had done any any pad work any bag working for that and i was through rounds like it was nothing it was crazy idea was so different their courtiers better my party is way better just run these hills but do it i'm committed to doing it twice a week i try to do it three times a week but i'm committed doing it twice a week so did it today did monday helen
they take it around the house and our my mark out an hour hookah as fuck and prudent at the end of lost several pounds of water completely exhausted and drained but and i do other stuff i have waymore durance and i feel great after the great now like i'm so relax like after that happens just feel so good feeling like regular life is not as it's not as hard because the running is so difficult i try that i fuckin hate running so much ground subordinate jim belittle manhattan yes but they still apply can we count this little place you could run their you not run you know you know what you should do monotony there's nothing wrong with that i mean running is definitely a good thing songs you doing it the right way and run and the balls your feet now in the heel and but try taken yoga
you know i like yogurt i like women with yoga bodies that fucking long live long lean like for acts as a sexy look i wanted or acts like they did they just have a good public an insect body almost longingly insects what's that you into bugs no but that's it working comparison had bugs me i don't care for them three times are your blog catcher nor those guys are crazy man fuck that they actually almost want it you have to do they want to hear that i think you know what pressure tell people what we're talking bug catches are guys i've only heard it being gay guy baby the shriek isotope doug latin fuck i'm trying to catch hiv or local factors like ice fucked area i mean like ice fuck them to catch hiv like david they wanted i personally think it's because then the pressure is off that's my guess i dont comprehend i think it's a self eight thing now maybe i think the same reason why some people on amputate their hands a keyboard is not yet
that is kind of a knotty thing to do to want to catch you know why i don't even want to now even though i know that this medicine that stops it what we're talking mothers yesterday's like people it why do people like fish nothing it's just to show that europe your past everybody else's thinking of his hard core like i'll take a whole fist right up to the elbow so women's pussies are weird though man i was i gave the guys i was very rarely girl used to like you ever get all of the day i would get i've little hands to but i'll get like the first for my part of my knuckle and that would be our dirty talk there she would go crazy when i talk to her and tell her i was what i'm gonna do it i'm in a commoner curl the thumb told us an account the thumb she knew that the first was gone and she got fucking nuts even though just talking dirtier elsie amateur crawl the thumb and she knew tat men always partners five peculiarity birch yeah i could never all of it i got i would get it like this like like a prey mantis like your poking bird yeah what
time is touching the four curled fates cheating into cheating later fist somebody i dont get it my asshole zero ability of more than a finger who yeah a whole fist there's a video the knicks war and sent me and now whitney we're talking about yesterday where there's a dude these hold i do not like in front of them like a sort of a backpack on the front in the guys around him and he's got his fist all the way up the elbow in the skies ass it just keeps like popping up and then i ll hold my guy yes hold them up but he's got his arm wrapped around them and then the other arm is just go on in their credit the vaulted us guys who amazing their pioneers for sure that reminds me of holding up i was watching susan to again of the ultimate fighter and is once thing where they do a how long how many rotations around the heavy weight i think they were either a middle way or what do i do we held club
top of the heavy lorries i've never seen that he was going around like how many different times can you go around this heavyweight body without touching the ground i figured ten fifty i mean it was fuckin like a hundred or two hundred times to interact with the ability to hold somebody else up is this but see the thing about something like that is doing a contest site that you gotta realise that person's blown their body out four days after that if that's on something your custom to and you're doing on a daily basis that's like when us to china contest like david goggins i give you do that don't plan on fighting in a well you raise your arms you gotta be blown out a gear your legs gonna be blown out here you're gonna get fucked up it's definitely good skill to have but doing something like that you could do a one time to find out what you're max's but don't plan on recovering from anytime soon that's the thing about people and injuries like one of the big problems with it
he's with emma fighters jujitsu people a lot of people is over training meaning you're you're not prepared for what you're doing like a friend my friend campaigns runs a marathon a day he runs a marathon everyday what he had a bill up to the does he really guys is training for this two hundred and thirty eight mile mob race in october so if you if you're wrong to earn thirty miles his ideas he gets a marathon in every day so his body just constantly used to this sort of stress but for him it's not a big deal i kill run a marathon i sent a prob but if you try to run a marathon every day your body would break down you'd have some serious issues on the first day i couldn't do it yet but again you might be able to do it maybe i'll take you eight hours you might be able to get through it but you gotta be fucked up for a while but if you built two it slowly over time you could develop the kind of muscular and
since that allows you to do something tat you get condition to it so i doing something like how are you doing like these rotations around someone or you do like how many times he climbed to the top of a thirty foot rope summons something that is also something you do all the time and you just try do once like a television show for fur funds he's sure are you go fuck yourself up now listen not solitary things along those lines like when you trying to do is many as you can you're doing as many as you can any body weight squats can you do maybe a hundred like ok let's even get to five hundred which good luck walkin we ask couple days does if you try to do that like your cover does it know this guy does china does you do like the perfect military ones probably isn't even see i'm sure your boys full body up keeping chin observe what think shipping china where they flop around like a fish or by combining the magician
the ones were they go they lived up and then they go higher labour they pull their full body and above all the muscle up the fact that you just shut up and then you do a dip it's not it's lotta people think it's the best functional exercise a thing it looks coon everything down but they don't believe it's it's a vest functional anxious about the guys that can do that selling i've always i've looked at guys do these guys do these guys these guys a freak caesar door guys where they work outdoors and they can just to an endless amount of of things outdoors hold the bar sideways illegal you with this guy doing he's doing my chin ups and dip in doing this the artist sideways incredible the upper body strand and control yeah notches strength but i just can't control these able do all my god he's fuck i think he's been blown and a hurricane lotta people do those really called flagpoles can you do that i've never done it yeah why am i saying that surprise and of course i can't do it yeah it's not easy but i could do it so whatever
and what does that make these guys like like i can't i don't have that kind of balance that guy's he's doing a dip to a handstand i can't do that indonesia yeah and these guys they all wear gloves which i find interesting i guess they do that because the bars get sweaty you're still slept play such ends up yeah i used to work little finger list gloves i worked out just to keep my hands on my curly from my son men like days yeah exactly keep my hand smooth and says whereas those causes one shake hands i'd i please i was i was other road users i should do when someone come over he curls as he is a thing it was global curls fingers into the glove and give them a fist fuckin worth crazy aided shaking hands with people and he would go washes iman whatever at some guy he washed his hands and i came over shook his hand i should like to go to the bathroom again so funny that he's just he's such a pig age germs he likes
ok honey and his tea like uses the big mama's boy like to be he's he's a very interesting guy dice he's also in a lot of ways a pioneer because he was one of the very first ever superstar stadium can mean yes he lies there was no one like dialogue even kennison never hit that level before steep martin i think at one point had that but in the end he had a tremendous misty till tuesday and was it was was the biggest common in the world for longer shore but dice had stay were here he came out like a fist and just punch do everything no one so i m coming there was no s and now it was just as fuck an animal i remember the first time a centralized play i was a girl they know anyone would forgive us for michel my girl eighteen hours at her house is a committee or this guy so dirty stood wash dangerous for the first time i swear you remember yeah rich apprised my favorite pilot i remember the first time i saw them but i remember first time i saw it i the first time i've played dice dice cosette
this girl and dating her name was martha some nicaragua and we're in my car i think i was like a thing i was nineteen and were sitting in my car playing this dies clay fuckin howling laughing i couldn't believe out durham was now funny it was it was it was it was dirty and it was funny do you do have florentine on now oh yes i have jim on a failure florentines hilarious used to do as you'd make his girlfriend mixed tapes of all these romantic songs and you'd put fucking bids from the day laughter died and the data today didn t just a line or to play i get a really nice on our continent big red chair talking here about it as a glass of milk do my favorite heck align ever all because dated and talking about drinking milk and slipping i like it's come people a slip unlike at somebody's load and the guy so mad the audience he can't grand
what you say is yours you're about funding is a bottle of milk use what dice had just said on stage while we explain to people the data laughter die was when dice was on top of the world he decided to bored at danger fields on announced so danger fields in new york is historically been like up a poorly attended club sure we would do shows that it is poorly attended it is did it show there once were i think my spot was probably like at nine o clock and i got there at eight thirty and they're just a couple of comics hang out the bar what's goin on and we go no one here yet and i go what once here there's no audience so to people showed up again all they said i we're here to show any member scotty the big guy that big irish in our bodies bobby rather body idea of bodily was scott i'm sorry actor bobby he this way ladies and gentlemen and he brought these people into an empty room melick white
and they sat them down and then the empty went up so i started to show a half hour lay because that was the first time people showed up and we all did sets for two working people have done it was really weird so dies decides to poured his album bear unannounced with no material he had no preparation he just winged it the entire thing and its both brilliant and terrible at the same time it's a two c d think as it was it was up there for fuck it ours it three nights a fucking three nights and he was up there with that's dice danger fields from the special juliet sense when you didn't write ronnie danger special we don't carry toward with him now i know that he was on ronnie danged fills hbo special that broke and then he came back and did the day the laughter died but only as any pictures nineteen nineteen don't kick
kennedy was with him when he did those those seen ass i'm so jealous they got to watch those taping some candy was like his body out or something right well in manager body i when i first our authorities who is like nineteen ninety seven and it was kennedy was the road manager in a bodyguard rodney fabio why and that ideal who's that he's right these why we get managers as iran his wife or fabio married some misgivings fabio kinky mary was short open my tat outrageous so that data laughter four comedians there's a guy named mike donovan whose abbas commie legend flint hilarious hilarious companion and he is i want to talk about the dale after died and we were the back at a comic connection was just laughin until he was crying talkin about dice do an impression of nixon while is eaten how to mix in and that is not a crook a big says fuck me
doing a nixon impression while is eating as an for whatever reason might dunham unthought of the funniest thing i ever heard no life uses cry and laugh and like the zoo brilliant brilliant out but it is rick reuben produces a boy that album and what its of which it odd masterpiece it's it's it's it's a beautiful that he did that because there is a flow to updating its greatest why king a comic mine just fuckin randomly bounce from joke to joe to bomb to join and just really exploring and grabbing for shit yeah there's no material preparation unite how in tallies is totally add living there that's the album covers i remember getting it in listening to and being soak a silly that cosette one young people i didn't know i like you we would like it now that your socks what is this but chris
is that the seller one night i forget how and he was the best comedy i'll never one of them she saved dated after dad left i buy you ever that's also the best commie album for him because he's a comic and yes he thinks it's where's that guy just went up there and had no fuckin no preparation way however idle harder but your prior albums and i did and yeah there better comedy record but as far as being a your thing to show like word comics do sometimes to work stuff out he literally like you said papa this game he's fucking eighteen ninety nine wrongly soul the million copies of the two the two working eight hundred thousand unhappy maybe even called it the day the laughter die he didn't give a fuck he would go up sometimes and literally like you see how long he could go without getting a laugh and clubs he would just fuck around and see how long he could go and not get a laugh my favorite dazed insult dice
when you find someone the audience and go look at you look at you could your fuckin hair do you get on people and they would know the laugh or be upset and it will be it was almost angry at them for being alive he described women's tits and any eddie goes look at those big fat fuckin mother fucking fat fuck and text and it was really a dirty epidemic my god that's emotionally the best description of tits evans that's a big ones that's how you feel that you can't get the words that that will described the lust of big breast more than fat fuck and mother fucking fat fucking do something so guttural about that unlike that's the greatest description of tits we're given as far as emotionally for a guy will you no dice did to that nobody else ever done before or since is he created punchline that everybody wanted to repeat ass those guys
amazing who wanted to replete what's in the bow bitch iq point the microphone to the audience and they knew the punchline unable to yell it out and cheer yeah modern day left i've tried doing upon me with no stupid poems no power you call him not even i am i doing that like rather williams did in the end the arm called their reality what a concept which was the first thirty on my behalf was robert evans reality we can't before employer and he and somebody elder mark and robin grows about doing more come here to do some different like he'd he's didn't nicely and people club but he didn't go no liked with dice they hated and that night and they just trying to connect like we're a poem i you at home they gilded they almost we're being pumped there
for equality show and of the most famous comic alive at the time yes came up and just eight dick for three hours dick for three fucking our pre night period it's a nine our fuckin ball munching but he also use funny merely he dies change the language they people what political correct start if you look back two when it really kicked in it was they were so disgusted and angry dice that was what kick political correct plus the internet was really kicking it there's a lot of factors but died sid the one who is the human the straw that broke the vote held a people i can't i can take any more we have to stop talking this why while he went on mtv member the he did a bunch jokes they didn't approve and a band him from mtv for life and couldn't remember today that's a god damn it mean badge of honor right now we ought to be an empty we now but back then it was like holy shit they banned from anti viennese and criticise them for that
but he went on a curt loader was on tv talk about how unfunded terrible unfunded period jokes renounce like but it was this this air of like pompous ness like a news talking about this like this point restive you know kurt loader type character that was always like the guy who told you about the amazing cool new bands yeah was telling the dice just terrible and on funding you'll never be on mtv i can and i remember thinking that like while they ban from sire i live there and then from mtv he didn't give a fuck or can you again i can you told me that the guy again you may have told me this to be for he went out he was thinking of doing that might have been better not who's the guy johnny did johnny how with a month whose name on your member fuck it my god you know i mean it's the hit the janitor they travel with four years is i will not noodles you know something johnny
he said he said today you wanna be a teardrop or a tidal wave which i thought such a great fucking p give advice to give someone before he went out on live television with that dilemma now i mean now lives all the dust has been settled who with joy what's it was his journey damsel hot hot cup strategies that are detrimental to ride abnormality anxiety a comic i dont know used ices guy he right wrote with dicey toward the method used to road manager one point i never meant to those kennedy was there when i came in inventing in ninety seven was the name black fuckin forgetting ship you well like just like slick rick should happen does it want you have two experiences in our you talk to someone who lives in a small town about a small town and the stuff that he does in that town that motherfucker you to remember everything here but talked about i was the world and to stand up and takes pills to stop get aids
what a sigh of relief i wish fucking nor are they want them was nervous our ban was when i took the adjusted digress recycle was to take the i was so and they say hiv and i fucking took this oral test you can get from cbs weird thing you just did they said it's like up a good up until the last three months to signal a high ninety percent accurate now hundred percent but you do too good precursor the bucket blood so i did it and you after you you you rubber you're gums once each and then you put it like this folding like almost trapper keeper and you close it and they say happens is is a red line and it is who red lines your positive the one red lines stays there and they said do watch the progress be little freak out don't watch it course you watch it only for a second because i literally thought i saw the beginning of a second line and i remember closing it and i like i have hiv i was fucking kin
instead i went i where i went down the fuckin store bought a couple or ex bars on like this have a nice fucking protein bar and go back in twenty minutes river was and i stay black side to photograph i couldn't believe that i was negative light came back it was clear i wish i was a hundred percent can there said hiv was scary man wanted time is like that will you dont know if you have it and if you do have it it's a death sentence you're in the eu it was neither that those died because now the so many medicines recently supplied three months ago to so many medications you can take but idea of having to tell a partner and like who's gonna wanna fuck you at that like that just a rough one you i mean i've done dating someone may i tell you charlie she'd get it i dont know and if you noticed that was the question matt lauer i dont believe asked i want get into it so yeah so matt lauer in him talk is he was getting blackmailed yes he was there in theirs as to shit tunnel lawsuits because yoda unprotected sex
without telling a bunch of people that he had it that's crazy i mean that's that's crazy even if you're down to zero then you still got to tell him turn the zero to eight year where the words not visible because they cannot get down towards undetectable and i really do think you can pass it ten zero that would you won't be pass it and prep we want to get it but i i think you're obligated to say it your obligated to say then you let that person make the decision were uniting youtube you can't make that decision for them you know for sure but i mean this all cocaine party thank everyone just having terrible judgment he i imagine it is quite a bit of dirty behaviour in the sheen residence times doing tremendous amount to blow yeah they would talk about him doing below that would kill a normal size person i heard somebody should what i've heard about the blackmail and i don't know i really wish i knew you'd like that i don't was that somebody got a picture medication in his messenger iders is video of suckling ass dick my vote
that too i've heard that burma the shrew omnific easy i didn't know that he has been to hope that was taken about him knowing more who knows maybe when you cooked up like that film it let's do yeah saga to carve out yeah i mean we have kid that's raffoni otherwise who cares respected deck who gives a fuck you grain platoon when you give a shit but your area the fuck mutually whose really believe me very unsung film idea on wall street it was good and how they are very good most him in martin sheen together fuck crazy i think that to a certain point in time when you doing tat kind of drugs like you do crazy dissociative pile a blow when you're fucking you don't know where the fuck you are you right now you costly paranoid they set his teeth right now it looking a few pictures teeth did not have a new and amazing shape machine also doesn't know how he contracted the virus but told lauer it had nothing to do with needle swallow than it does have a good idea what happened
my means me miss actually had nothing can never did anything when needles rumours about the act this health recently emerged the tabloid press so where we are where's yet now at now like like he's trying fuckin radio dark no i just did a filmy did a film the nine eleven but people trapped in an elevator he's they critics did well you know he had some conspiracy theories they shouldn't have cast us who gives a fuck it's a movie none of these people are dead or alive they just did a movie will do member he wrote an open letter to president obama he's a big fan of our jobs you and your friend of ours jones and he asked don't call me up hey man garabin she wants to talk to you in the hague he's a fucking gary busy and gary busy to me it is like gary abuse is completely out of his pocket my bulgaria busy as an excuse for mercy denmark like lacks they would know helmet and caved his head in real bad that's why gary when you look at him one eyes up here he's got that channel challenge already thing on
here when i was up there is cause is literally skull destroyed in a motorcycle saxony hit a fucking curb with his head right yeah and see in that picture if his eyebrows are up and makes it look like he's okay but they'll i'm going to guess the one on our right his left is the one that drew yes that's what it looks like is left but we ve had it been a couple times when it came back any remembered might i thought the appealingly keys lupi but he's not like out of every year he knew he wasn't it he's a little naughty but he's always been a little naughty but he knew he remembers lines you can take an act see how right eyebrows up yeah right eyes up and left ones down yet he had a significant brain injury there is i am or that before that accident he was a pretty normal
he has that injury i that's fucking tito inequality isotopes library that fucking wide open look at you get when you guys are both eyes like that they're fucking could well there's a little bit of that but i believe the structural damage to his actual skull itself i think a more most positive the he hit the curb without a helmet is when ella didn't have helmet laws and he wiped out and curbed is fuckin beer green and was lucky to be alive you i remember correctly i remember one that was blue fuck motorcycles they germany they i watch elizabeth website i go to i want to live terrible things i shouldn't watch but tom fuck it seeing these the motorcycle accident always watching car accidents is that really does remind me to drive safe what you can control everything but i say burning to death in a car fuckin cut in half i'm like me it's not his fault oh yeah when under a tractor trailer he was texting and driving in that's what it looks like you don't fuckin do it some
we really cautiously drive i buy way when you open your porch last where we did find by an equally well you're responsible poor stryver like you don't drive like an animal at all now you know you are pretty much around the limit maybe a little over but you weren't a fucking maniac no i'll drive fast and would never drive fast and affirm the car either i dont dickhead driver occasionally have dickhead moments pressure rare when loans around here but i don't i don't put anybody else and i don't believe in driving like no sixteen delightful dr who was not frightened at all it was kind of did you get nervous when you get in the car i know i've jim with you before but if i didn't know you i might but just having a pushes just known as somebody who move that our particular so loud yes so bouncy in
but if you do a lot more to lose and i do something i figured you'd be driving safe like i'm like you believe is all your driver the guy was nothing like hey you don't just lost my fucking how i got no gig those driving announced i ve to red lines tat my child norton i just put a new engine in failure did you want to go with the guy was gallows ship more lose than you do but we save comfortable around like those cars because their light in the responsive and it's like riding a ride like disneyland right of where you go get it doesn't i don't like and i want so like people how fassig i've gotta too i'm not gonna that fast and i'll drive that fast and i like cornering may come into cars that like grip and now feel good when you're you here you are connected to the machine bmw drive i got other shore there for they had i had one this did the wheel is a kind of stiff and they
that that's for its cause high performance equips the road while they have a bunch of different settings you could put on a bmw especially the m cars they can make the u can vary the stiff diseases of the steering cause they're electronic power assist but the wood if you want to call their lives are really responsive that's a bmw they have an m to two tiny little cards like when their least least expensive m cars but most enthusiasts think it's their best why i don't know i've driven i had you add the xxix i drove away three and around rate car i was leasing them they were really be cars and i was like i want i kind of wanted the least machines your cheaper have never driven reselling fuck mercedes with cheaper this was a much cheaper like machine the bmw just two big i live in the city i have a car i like to drive a thick for what you i might dictionaries i kept out because years ago i would ride around and look at fucking hookers thats what s tat was lying i did
let me that i am i doing there now like i'm totally out of that the actual cruising don't prepare people yeah yeah i'm here how for dirty videos sometimes in movie of girls who are doing things just did i mean but than just paying for sex the sex trafficking should just freaked me out too much awful they freed me out too much and i am all for consensual like women look here i too to a woman once who was she's i guess you could say human escort she had she had done porn and she stopped doing porn and she said the way she said ass she liked she said she had clients and i was like we're how does outward and she's like well off the record there's a bunch of guys that i've had sex with in the past and i like them and they pay me go over there and it's almost like people i really like and i have sex with them and i really many times a week shows only do it a few times a week and i pay their bills you'd icloud i was like that after i stopped by going on certain sides girls daddy i knew it was a port
philip i knew their lives they were they were in their real names you buy new their facebook like you know what a person's life is and there is choosing to do this on the site is aid you have a chemistry whatever they like you and be some of them are just dirty i've played it your dirty and enjoy why didn't know her too well and i didn't ask too many questions but from what she was saying is essential you know she had done porn she wanted to pour into and she and want to be just a quorum quote hooker but she had few guys that wanted to have sex and would be willing to pay her i guess it pale a couple thousand bucks and she just have sex with these guys couple times a week different guys and should make for five thousand hours a week and you won't have to worry about shit she could do it ever wanted to do however as long as your body holds etc i mean that when i talk to this quite a long time ago she was public thirty six thirty seven at the time so it's like maybe i can do that anymore maybe now she's fine thirty six forty seven fifty and maybe do join how much they try
find an older sugar daddy i think are guided if that's what they start that's why when they want a wife up to like we're yeah that's a hard doing for men like a lot of men do not want a shack up with a check that had sex for money i don't mind it lay i don't want them doing when i'm with them but i somebody with a pass i really needed because my past so fucked up i much prefer yours as to what the fuck is this jamie the korean grandmothers yourself sex how do you pull the subsequent i'd what what do you have tab i got it wrong with you i saw the story the other day i don't remember as a video on the back it's called bacchus ladys i believe it's a drink cod bokkis so they walk around selling the bokkis as an energy dream to live there are forty and fifty year old women but neither elderly women are doing it too and so you by the drink but you're buying sex is what your end high guy that's what it says southerners did your way around the loophole appropriate suitable fast like you by this
drink and i'll give you sex like street vendors with energy drinks but when you buy it from them you're really saying had come with me and where i guess why that's where is this happening on korea guess ass pretty ass more work around so the guy's body are you drink knowing that they gonna get some sacks that's what tat video described technically is you know but i just i've known to many people women have known who were like pseudo forced into a by a boyfriend and one girl was talking to recently issued a year my boyfriend i mean we can do it in chicago to one point with any hidden united what amazon man it is many people i don't know their story if i can aren t there's just consensual i'm fine would it be illegal i don't rare but it freaked me out that there are too many people that i didn't know enough about thing i never two places i never went to those places too they felt too much like the russian mob or the asian whenever was controlling them but then even peep
i thought i knew i'd like i can guarantee it right and i can well that's right ethical view what you were thinking about them being forced into that life over time it has got to me like because more by go talk to different people and at first you are the feminist a quarter going to say that but then it was certain people it said certain things are somebody says something there's some feminist that think it's empowering for women to be able to choose what to do with her body right i know i know a woman is a very smart woman and when she was younger she had done and she's an artist she had done some sex work but it was just like she fucks some eyes for money and like it for her was like easier than working i must say that i think it should be legalised i think that people should be able to do that i just personally as is getting older i'm like this is not what i want to do any more i think boring you what's also in its anytime soon
being forced to do something and then this potential shame attached to it like there is anything wrong with sex and i know you don't either but when you attach the potential societal shame aspect of it like your behavior your choices could shame you could be a real problem in the same thing with sacks right like people having sex who care everybody up sex we love sex people most people love sex right but the idea of you being caught on phil having sex is terrifying for a lot of people which is really weird is really weird like a we know you love sacks but if we see you haven't sex machine yet really we right because it's almost like this why hate when people breaking these hard drives in the cloud for these celebrity could it's weird i thus he think that even if you're not doing something you not supposed to talk to you why you talk to a girl who wants people hearing them it is embarrassing and its private i'm very open about most things sexually in my life
still i want people to read specific things i've said kid just feels like an inviting applies invasion and it's it's also like you didn't write it for other people to hear in this there's things you say to your friends right that if they took out of context people jim nortons a fuckin asshole realities shit like like even in just like this thing that i did with are you know our assent and text messages and i put it on instagram is are i thought it pretty obvious that it was in just like that so many people thought it was really the context of your friendship and people you don't understand i don't know you and then there's also the comedian factor like the way we talked which other on a regular basis is so different than the way a lot of folks can because if you are going to fuck off his job it did ninety five every hey you're controlled by human resources and that the office standards of behaviour as you have to follow some sort of a fire
guidelines of what's term to do what we can get terminated for those people are on the edge and to tiptoe non fuckin broken glass every day it's scary serious extremism is a corporate environment now and i'm fucking i'm a fucking dirty comic and i'm more careful around the women there than half of the fuckin new cast as you your baggage is like i've i know that as a fucking dirt bag i don't feel like going ahead on the women at work not just ask him gently geopolitical now ok and fuck off one even worse what these guys warrant just doing that they were sexually harass the lily crazy it's not did they were hitting on a mean to office environments are just whitney coming to a very funny about that i want to say it is it's one of renewed its about work in an office but this oh much sexual tension when you're stuck in a room with people for eight hours a day and of two people are attracted to each other work side by side on a daily basis occasionally they too the water sensation of things saying those voting
things women are allowed to do whatever they want essentially it's really this year we have already if idea woman says i'm dirty you it's kind of funny but of a guy says something unwanted and dirty it's disgusting because why well because men rape in their more dangerous and scarier in other physically more gary so a guy treating on a woman space and saying creepy unwanted sexual shit has an air of danger to yeah where's of a girl is sansom creepy on want sexual shit to me and go hey stop and i began don't i know it's never precursor to her making you do it yeah it's never she's gonna grab my head force we eat pussy their great thought that business being to do it that's what my greatest turn eyes being made female ticketing
the programme has snippet factor for your mouth here we ve all the mayor packard around someone do that and have it there was all right now about another now i d girlish arrogant contrived i'd say that you try to push forward out and she shot monastery seven on my chest in horrible monastery seventy something girls put their reduced infection cheese we're not my best moment what it smell like no police had a smell i don't remember having a smell you have explained that it was modest i knew exactly what a wise we call knew what it was now it was a bad it was a bad scene but the issue is really fuckin ceci big fat ass yeah but if you go too far yeah just like every other solano really care about that but why not the farmer face whose idea was mine
then she said i have to make i heard what you said you have to issue an i think she's i have the fort she said i have too far far here we had always dioxides did lictor ass and she's a greater europe may we were kind of that's it derives from the now that we are not that i know of somebody must have your terrible way to feel like why didn't i just our first i don't like to shower the up first i that i like this like a cent i literally like you like that you like your sheep i like them i tell you like i'll tell the girl from dating you and i like you i literally have through girlfriend deodorants out real i fuckin dumont think little yes but i have to talk about the way you're saying yes but i have to like them it has to make its a chemistry thing that's nature telling you we should finally you shouldn't following through some people sent repulses me the smell of their mouth or the small their skin repulses on healthy people probably
or even people that i'm just not meant to breed with but then there's some people the underarm smell the smell their feet when their stinky like i do it makes me could not dirty i know i do we feel it gonna want just a little stinky inside oxen sneakers because clean a whole can someone here so orderly but it's clean it is give me intense your eyes lynette like another saxon sneakers costs clean cars do you feel like a creeping you're talking to a girl and you say to help i want your feet to be a certain way yes i would say but you want to let her know don't make them dirty i dont come over and flip flop serb bite of iran on a floor without you i mean like i like i'm a hygiene person says sweaty yeah but i've been out with girls i told them i don't shower for three days g makes me crazy and what do they say great really the good ones obviously they fuckin love it but again if i don't like you and i'm not attracted to you said i have no desire for that
i know i meant to be a sum you know chris ryan doktor chris ryan was a friend of mine was telling me that women when thereon birth control pills there a bill ready to smell whether or not a mate is sexually compatible with them gets hindered by the birth control how it fox it up when they have women that are non birth control pills they can literally smell a man's clothes and find out another sexually compatible sexually compatible with them just whether another practice to whom like there's a literally a specific sent and that sent they think is not just like whether not your sexually attracted to someone smell but whether or not your biologically compatible with em yacu member back in the day when people would get married they would do blood tests to see if they could have kids demurrer i dont there was a thing that they used to talk about like people would have tests
to see it i legitimately scientifically valid but they would have tasks like a blood test and i remember people talking about this when i was in high school like that mary people how go and have these blood tests to see if they could not not pregnancy nano not pregnancy but why there are not they were compatible like as far as like raising healthy kids there was some weird i mean it might have been bullshit fake science they tried to pass off back in the seventies and eighties but i distinctly remember people talking this is like before i was anywhere near blood typing compatibility yet blood types of cattle eyes by a b oh we're ready something here and given the are each factor of positive or negative a b o in our age in compatibility happens when a mother's blood type conflicts with that of a newborn child is possible for the mothers red blood cells to cross into the past
or vetoes during pregnancy here but that some in cuba ability between a mother and a child i think it's between a man and a woman and the way they have this it's probably bullshit but it was something that we used to do a lot i remember like people talking about i remember people going about it when i had a very very limited understanding of biology saws probably in high school and even before that but i was like white blood test if take a blood test unlike what if love somebody anymore you're married to him we find out that you take a blood test it doesn't work out like has outwork maybe the war maybe that such a nature thing like maybe if it's not meant to be it can still work like you i mean nature may work on this fuckin base level what yet still gonna work but that's like letting you know it work like you i mean it may still work fine if you sent is off road but the clothes they make said there was a girl i had come over should come over fuck around and shit wouldn't her under arms it smell and it made me fuckin bonkers man i was so attracted to her since she left a jail
get in my house the fucking corporate i smelled the armpits for six months yourself jeff its dude i'm fuckin sniffed the armpit and i'm not a guy who's and to toys work loading like as far as a woman i don't usually want their panties the currency now i do i do a lot of trying to figure out a way further fedex overnight me your panties i've never asked to go to my life never tell her to put him in a zip blogging platform of course of course of course that was never want to hold a tape is it blocks what doesn't open up yes but i mean that's really also aware that actually want that but this growth jack it hung in my closet my fucking smell that drove me phrase you four months imam deja vu with today's parents is that you should be getting blood tests to for genetic screening because they can find out if you can have potential diseases are that namely dear but that's to today's parent but a website that knows that a common practice to i mean it's just this was like an article that says test you need to be getting before pregnancy and people
does your check up for a man and a woman ran prenatal vaccinations and then sexually transmitted diseases you to check for two in genetic screening it says there's like pry overall blood tests was very interesting because you don't hear about that anymore it's not like you know you don't hear about that from doc turn here about that when people trying to get pregnant you don't hear about from newlyweds disown here the blood tests at getting blood tests to make sure that you kids be healthy or i wonder now though it there's so much stress put on disease shit like aids the eye we still say get a blood testing attested and all this stuff is handled but maybe we just don't talk about the other aspect because the big one is hiv or whatever were hey like you know get yet a check to see with the disease is your family has they maybe we're still talk about it but it is not being phrase the same level this is why i don't think it's true because we went to a very good doctor and you know i have five kids inevitable fuckin test
the shot losin there may kids i just do it i mean i just don't i don't know maybe i dunno about the science of all that stuff and i just don't know why was never discussed but i do remember being kid where that was a big deal like that apparent these two parents would get a blue a test for the married to make sure they can have kids and just never here but that's it anymore yeah i don't you remember hearing about it back then to be honest but it does make sense like agent lets you see it there's gonna be like it is an obvious problem that will sharp through the blood tests will have and where does it say you could have a different kind of blood than me like your blood i'd be a in mind might be like your blood is in my body i'm fucked yeah my bodies is sentiment compatible so that's it so strangely we vary so much biologically that we have different kinds of blood
one is not good in the other i mean there's some blood that are universal i believe it's o positive as a universal blood donor anyone can take it yeah that's what i have i believe my blood can go into other people's body and its oak ethic five estralla i dont know what i am i probably should well each part no i dont fifty cheese i now i'm busy fucking know that never check the busy getting panty sent to me now i know i'm not really big on the undergarments though i mean now you know couple girls have had a method there are sexy what is it about women wherein those stockings when the straps it go up to the under thy heart you seeing something you're not supposed to be reinforce all red cell donor has type o negative o o negative i think a more positive so plasma donor has a bee blood type are h engender
our age negative blood is giving to our each negative patients in our age positive blood or are aged negative blood may be giving to our age positive patients universal red cell donor has type o o negative blood type figure out what i'm talking about the i don't know much about the blood stuff at all the assistant what we're drives me sexually like i know what i mean it is weird how some people can be like really pretty but you don't find them attractive at all and then other people not nearly is pretty but you think they're so sexy i've dated people who will this trigger words that we all like so the trigger word proof that goes a long way like it's done the dirty porn words do you know what i mean you like that she shut up now for me it's not it's on upstairs words of that kind of shit i'm not analogous amount of dirty as you but for me it's just a personality thing are you doesn't mothers comfortable
someone is comfortable in their own skin and fun to be around and and and passionate you know but also like affectionate like affectionate to me is very sexy see you have different that we all those thing like i actually yours is better because to me that a more normal thing to be and then just a healthier thing without eating thousand whistles and juggling and illegal i see it one would like perfect features and she's cold and she's not not friendly i don't want our tract of at all yet does nothing for a woman is like way less like classically attractive but she's very affectionate and very kind and sweet and fun to be around i find that very attractive that will vary from me from person to person i can go with kind and sweet or i can go with this certain words i like when they say that some people just get it and they know how to talk and they know they know your fuckin triggers and it's just
it's an owner share you mean yeah weird kinks yeah man although not as crazy with this again the personnel not crazy i just like her lover where the fuck like what is it though what would he give you really try to examine like what our kinks like where is it coming from what what is it about like trigger words and weird things and weird stuff that like gets it turned on good and what it how you're interfacing what the world is it how you are you're choosing to address all of your issues and they can escape them with like really like crazy behaviour and that like maybe have all these anxieties neurosis and that through this really bizarre dirty talk and freaky behavior you can escape those it so naughty it's so off the written because you're not a normal guy right but none of us are for working in show business your stand up comedian right you getting paid to talk crazy shit on stage are you not normal right here
the world is a normal you wake up whatever the fuck you want less if your radio show rent so it's a different the whole world you live in it for it and then you have others kinky shit and then you get added addictions too dirty stuff and so like whatever is about like a girl say somethin like that she's gonna go with me on this crazy duration for my mom yeah yeah it's like you're you're like escaping though the troubles just for a brief moment with all this insane behaviour they could be that and i dont know sometimes i wonder liquidating it's almost like if you eat too much ice cream is diabetes it'll come with that that could be the diabetes like just to whom success and all the sudden instead of three to make this a fact it takes eleven it's just that you can get the same effect from the same thing like when i was growing up i loved lesbian porn fuckin love to girls all i got a job in knots now place they related ahmad interested does not work for me when i was on news radio one of the guys who was a writer a news radios a very nice guy
but he was a never she sort of fellow had problems with women and he was a writer news radio and in his moonlight time used a pseudonym and road for porn and so it took me to appoint set is my first point set ever and it was jill kelly and janine sri no he'll kelly i know the name jidenna i mean one that used to be married to jesse james character the bikers oh yes yes and her thing that she only did lesbian porn that was her thing right so on and it was just so like clinical very like those weird like they were there doing this scene here that's her yes she was on the brink when aid to our cover she beautiful beautiful woman so she's she's got the sea
it is lesbian see i think she was like a cartoon character that came back to life for some ridiculous shit great so she looks like now cheese slaughter now that a year but is that like that's a mugshots she went to jail i forget which you went to jail for but not good anyway things go south right that's what we're talking about earlier from these girls they get a little older and although the pressure of the forbidden behaviour just the societal pressure and all the things that led them to be that way in the first place come crashing down on but for the seem like they are the two of them were on a bed and there are even shows pussies and there is like this in others sound guy with the fuzzy mike that's on a stick this hovered over him and then there was another guy that was over there doing something was literally eating a sandwich where these grocery nato's pussies that he was so disinterested and then there
the director and then they were i am aware that we were there watching so she was sort of putting on this sort of self conscious show like in between like takes they would like they were caught and she like keep eating her pussy intuit sets up like i love my job i love job but it was like convincing herself tat she loved her job and it just like super me out here i've been on a bunch of those that you're right but this is different energy depending on the set like i've been i hosted the award showed the area with jamieson so got tijuana her sets and watch you actually doing a lesbian seen her husband the time j ai issues directing it that was like a fuckin said there was a wardrobe there was craft united me like that was said it was a high energy at the crab service or we georgie i know i thought i'd just hot dogs you talk to night but i think i just watched her eat pussy i'd like this agenda janus and she is the biggest ever in business you have to watch this happen
and then we went on another one i saw another one another day where it was like a lower budget average budget where was two guys in a girl two girls imitated you guys and that the directive was don't come on more male limit more elegant more that and there of their amazing people they can function sexually under those conditions totally on sexy sexy is one i saw was a very low bachelor your guy like one guy with a light and one guy holding a fuckin camera and a couple and they like a couple who is real amateur ashore like sex and die the guy could your hard for a little while he struggled to bear put it they were real people that was the hottest one is felt to closest to real sex don't make sense that like yeah that's actual sex i dont like them like those the too much the fighting in apulia stop it i daily cup girls important like minor one girl would blow me and i could never come from her she could
but it was a yeah that's not settle down easy just little fucking packing up and down on a piecemeal and a gag on purpose hey hey hey hey hey hey there's nothing for me a little gag who likes there are guys in light of that kind of brandon irons isaac canadian going to giant dick rose here he's fuck you know there's a big porn active the fuck enjoy severity joey you know that guy is joys a good friend of mine in india i met him at the award show in two thousand january to doesn't for four he's old gentleman rallies have you ve been late fifties early sixties maybe they still do porn always know you shoot it looks a lot of transport like jellies fuckin needs a naughty boy he's about great director because he loves you you don't love is directing likes what he's doing so the first thing i did i shall was in like september two thousand for i think and i watched it enjoys house
stairs i have seen so much poor shopman house and brandon oranges upstairs with his girlfriend brandon i urge the throat fucker he's a good guy oh brad iron sunday that guy was canadian do at ease in canada he will fucking ripper throat apart and it's not my thing but ask him why don't you get your dick baden like it you seem like such a hard way to have sex and i don't like you gotta be uncomfortable like you and me i get a bad spanking over i don't like to physical menacing somebody that she's not my energy also promise i give you get hard if that's like exciting on film like is an exciting you in regular live or is this like an act that you're putting on a film in like how do you like how sexually how does a transit what can you do both he might be i just can't get his deckard anywhere like not yogi down could literally fuck during a house fire one of those guys that thing matters to him he was afraid of these guys or aura manuel ferrara
these guys the men impressed me more than the women just because they have to keep their deckard i don't i don't know allow the newer guys i just don't worry watches much with big names but the fact that these guys function under these conditions where's my dick is very very susceptible to having an issue while pre viagra there were real superstars right they were real guys we're just freaks and now is chemically enhanced superstars leeward viagra was hard on like i've been taken say allison over mother they emit he's been three actually three or four months now just stopped could my dick was hot but without it i'm like i can't even it was like my dick was caught at half mast unlike you training your body long so i stopped taking talk to someone a that vice what to satisfying no i just knew i knew myself tat was taken at the right time and always in their horny i'm like if you need one take it but i haven't soldiers were lying psychological god here all the time i thought there might be a chance that night papa
cyrus the seller and hope for the best you can chew optimist certain irreversible yeah i villages and they would make you feel great but i didn't need it so i stay it was tat you i didn't needed something what's a genius thing that nature is done to make it so that there's all these different factors that keep you from getting erect right nervousness fear anxiety which makes sense because you really shouldn't concentrating like his further for a human male sex is so overwhelmingly interesting right that you if you could get it up in the face of danger it would probably be terrible freer survival mechanism right right do you you look the midnight of garden eliminated the garden with amid an egg of good in the garden of evil is out there having space using the film good and evil and the midnight gardeners i'm fucked up i know what you're talkin
midnight in the garden of good and evil yeah i never really lightning article i remember the movie i there was one thing in the book i remember very well something happened and the you fucking the girl and like some came like they're fucking outdoors and there was a bad guy was coming with a gun or something and she said what she remembered is that what they could move she's a primary stayed hard while he was inside me he kept his erection i'll even of inspection and on fiction something tells me it was nonfiction but i could just be hoping i've always envy guys like that but i'm not like so funny thing the envy people were healthy i ended nocturnal necessarily totally healthy right because you're really healthy you'd be thinking about your own survival someone's gonna gandhi that's true whether he wishes in the area he right but yeah but like with what you are or the way other guys are who just a human i kind of like this girl we connected and feels right like those guys i i envy you are you ever completely comfortable
i give you ever like relax real i totally now at peace question no and i thought that recently like i'm not comfortable around my own friends like i love my and some guys guys comfortable around them right but i'm other times emily culturally and sometimes in the radio where will going by anyone is no time to think when he's a fucking sick seven comics in there and you just being animals everybody's moving in punching in shooting at each other on very comfortable because there's no time to reflect or thank you just kind of doing what you do comfortably but in that environment i realize it after a while i felt like just really alive and great raw in the moment z in the moments largely at flowing and close to doing something and not thinking but when i'm thinking i'm always worrying about this that's pushes fuck fuck me up in sex you but i'm not comfortable too often which do have you ever tried to being
yeah i don't know what to do like i think it's all shame based some trifling and leave our talk about things that helps but if it doesn't really give it hasn't help to the point where are never comfortable now at forty nine it's like boyd this whatever this pattern is that you followed your whole life right might not be the way to do it mom just guessing i think you're no psychology now but that's a good point i mean it's like i don't know why i'm never comfortable a much more than that but that's why ask is asking about yoga that's what i wanted to ask you about meditation to just a wonder like maybe you can train your mind to relax when it comes to certain things or train your mind to not entertain in so many neurotic thoughts or i train your mind to concentrate on positive things and eventually build that out the same way you build up in durance like for that we're talking about those guys doing that exercise worse recalling a person i audio you burn yourself out unless you did time or like my friend i'm a runs a marathon of day he's used to it does all time like maybe
you can do that also with your point of view like maybe you can do that also with your mindfulness with is thinking about the world self around you know you could maybe entertain those those same thoughts these neurotic thoughts maybe those thoughts maybe it can too like an indifference racer giving in to the idea of discomfort and moderate is quit now may it is the same sort of thing they maybe these are mental patterns that you can sort straight away from keep your mind on a positive track and like come up with some like really good ways of thinking about things cause you're obviously a very smart guy in your in euro obviously very sensitive guy i think a lot here now but if you let that thinking in that instead he swore a run amok without any control that a disciplined right that seems to be the issue and i've i've had those issues myself in the passage when there is why bring it up mean i'm not i'm way
healthier now at this point my life and i've ever been before because of really worked at it and worked at being peace and being common and also of worked at all the strangely ass sort of influences that fuck with that and sort of eliminate them and then doing exercise sort of as a drug in a lot of ways like this one of the reasons why exercise so much is because if i don't exactly looks thing it say mind thing i ve don't strain myself vital if i'll do something really difficult all the time do it every day i do something five days a week i don't do it today our days where i take argument fighting more than one day off my boss let's go and what we do and what it's almost like a dog that you don't walk you ve ever diane diane i know it when you this
one the reasons why i thought about away back in the day is my dog be so much calmer if i went played with them for a few hours of owed to go for a walk and through the ball and he ran around he be chill but if i didn't he black man i was gonna do have an erotic die no i have a dog doesn't get any exercise yes physical requirements for him to be content i think people are physical requirements for them to be content to but i think unlike people are dogs rather people go on these sort of downward mental spirals of of self hey self analysis of neurosis neurotic thinking of the u can get yourself and he's really bad patterns of like shitting on yourself or looking yourself in a negative way you know and i think you tend to gravitate towards these negative things sometimes you realize it in a new bounced back but it's like what is causing into gravitate towards them and why can you never
she's just a few moments ago an hour to we just like till we get is so at home and in just read a book and have a cup of tea and just d ever feel like that we just comfortable and relax watson movie netflix and chill out always restless if you know anything about the mental pattern and i've been changing the physical stuff is what i got to do first thing to bring the body of michael phelps so i have to stop doing certain thing and this thing if not on this girl is is a live i on girls before when they were here but she's not here yet and we're still in a relationship and for me to night miraculous but i'm not we had a fight recently i almost did i started fuckin tech text you can't what you do or sabotage things and why you're so it won't come up and down lately but if they whenever you're not doing something you it takes a while for you to adjusting gallagher right when you feel
then that's what their job is not to know she was she just not very good at it no she was like yeah no i not only an knowing i shoes very nice once i start getting familiar with them i forget why was really fuckin suicidal i called you i like calling a therapist was a bad day working to which it now call cheese with the same stuff around feel like a failure just the same shit that every has the same feeling like i'm worthless talk to her and she was being nice but you was not being helpful a rescue me but i wonder just simply to give some kind of an answer or trigger me to ask myself the question therefore do they need trigger you to go why am i doing it's my fuckin there that's what have fun doing that stupid fucking chip is the biggest thing in my life and i love doing it character and wise it the way i don't people love it like the pod kiss emphasising a little about my only get a fucking empathize with me i just need you to just give me a city
i should like to say something something don't just be okay this is where we're at right now i'll see you next week you really might not you know i'm answer in places like a champion a therapist with her anymore right well i think therapists approach sattler comics right is really good ones and there's really bad one sure ones its people think are really good and you might think suck in i mean just i'm gonna nears i mean a few years but die feel better now that i have a long long way i'm unhappy now just month fucked up lately i'm kind of going through this huge change other than that i feel better than having a long time like life is good let's go i love the radio showing the way i have fun with samuel i really do i guess i enjoy working with sam he's a fucking goofball and i have fun i love doing the thing with matt like i just i have fun doing that stupid fucking chip is the biggest thing in my life and i love doing it
why is it that way i don't people love it take the pod care sticking to hate this week so we didn't know i d women did no chip wasn't was a very ugly experience lazily women they would just from this maria manassas boyfriend kevin under girl he runs this play they do all these after showed that he's a huge chip fan sousa hey while you're at it you can use my studio because i have a park here because that's usually are you teach you to different hair every week look i've got a fucking humiliating face it make these do you put a dinner wiggle everyone the glasses doesn't glasses the column queen gave me to fuck but it's so often well we release is alive one and it's the people i really an hour in twenty minutes long we did at the village underground and it's sold out
ass an aching of scylding years humiliation look ridiculous character its unity is in and it was a fungi colony anthony fuckin sam was on i was therefore bobby kelly was just so silly and peep i think it's almost like everybody's greatest fear is to be that unaware like that's a weird why do people like this could the jokes stink terrible jokes and theirs said with conviction voice has people around him who know him doing it we can allay was mean sam and experts a was on whose fungi but who d wrestler who for china in there the important used extra there's a great guy he means more than a guy for china but that use the reference period a noble now but those jim through secondary chip is trying to go with it but you know what to do and these fuckin for girls they have no idea is kevin wanted it to be a train wreck
kevin undergo he wanted the train wreck so he had this girl hidden tom always going agent orange maybe there s a huge podcast from new york so i can do it and are trying to go with it and shift just abrasive can't they didn't know what to do i was the only time i have ever been humiliated doing chip i was embarrassed and comfortable and i also like this is what it supposed to be this guy stinks i suppose dismal disliked on the joke loved the joke it and then they get the jokes are also the fund point with people who love it is at times give one my ex girlfriend really new chip three times what we do know is so bad and shoot like that's arabella like she loved don't you think the people there of ship will actually love this episode then because this chip interactive people have no idea who he is if they really love chip if they understand the chip chairperson really is they're going to go
bananas dry kind of logic do it i can't watch it i was in power is doing i ask you say cause you what am i doing the dead and he goes it was really on the now belt i wanna get it there are people really who didn't videotape too are we visited everyone i owe nvidia and its on youtube for free like i was it on itunes is well offer free i make no money from the air and i said i want to charge the video i want to do something with it some day i don't know where we're going to do and a few months i think this licked i've got twenty five episode we do want a week he does library is volume hawking slammed jack pumpkinhead i'm com what state was the pay you where you go jumping in area or now
you gotta go honolulu hipster here what's that say fuck in honolulu headstart walking upstate new york a pizza garbage honolulu in hawaii you i know stupid nonsense now win you came up with this character when you're in a well what made you do this liquidity all friends hated it i think it's over this draft and drove me they hated so much because it was humiliating gallery actually i didn't i just kept do with the fact that it was so much fun and at times i anthony legged first hated it but then anthony started to love it but then open never loved it it was always kind find a duty i knew a deep down uncle polly hates so i would always capacities to fucking megan sick is he couldn't get with uncle anthony force could you more comfortable now doing without him the radio
nash much earlier we stop liking further i mean the reality as we are you know i don't know i really mean that i wished to go to bed and real life like i don't want that to happen to him so we simply stop like each other so that nobody he was enjoying his afternoon show much more without me then he was with me i got the morning spot spock would have you know i did that he was annoyed him or whatever they like to be a sound we're hungry but you have to do is show is good i mean you know he human shroud those guys they were having fun so people like you didn't like it but he satellite use having fun anyone little john hume fire like what happened with the technical reason was was hit filmed rolling campos our booker taking a shit now i know will be well fill me doing two thousand nine but he was being a good boy out of their use be degrading being ass and then not showing it to i think couple the comics and i guess i no exactly i heard about it
after the ball had already been rolling somehow role and got nervous and he was gonna release it and maybe i'll be with tee i dont know what roby said tom i really don't but i think that it got back to one of and bosses and then the head of the talent department spoke to him and then once human resources got involved then things change and i remember there was a clip of it was getting bad and there is another producer in the studio paul and he was videotaping it and i think he but on role inside and i've he thought he was being a dick told me to give me the dick to me and i was like yeah cuz you chose rolling in this whole thing like making a like thing that was really uncomfortable and then publish yo i thought it was wrong and enshroud goes like he was having fun we all saw the tape he was enjoying it was laugh it and when i heard that i'm like oh no he just said we all saw the tape so like that just made it end again maybe they're going to fire anyway i dont know i didn't tell
that shit but he thinks that the company was out to get em i dont know how to get don't and what they said to him privately but to me he had two months left on his deal and no company wants to fire you two months out because because potential loss that's what they would much rather let you ride it out and then just not resign you will seriously in a weird place because of podcast yes a minute just in a very weird place that the idea of paying money for these shows that are gonna get interrupted by commercials and to have to listen to them only when they come on and not have them on the man at such an inferior distribution movie on tibet like now now there on demand is on your phone and our after its up you get an hour after the area but live you can listen live on the phone london yet what i'm saying is on your radio like if you're in your car and you you too you can't just pick i want to the tuesdays open anthony show for jim norton sam shall i can't pick that i
no if you can unless you have a phone there might be a way to do that i hope hooked up the i think so yeah private i think you could do that like serious radios only playing what's playing right now i think so you are i don't know i mean i don't have a thing where i could just pick the episode how is a party has played in a car you just get there's a bunch of different ways one you can do it we could stream live through you to some people do that needs play the audio and if you have it set up you can play the video some people do it where you while you're on sticker stature is right low bit rate version meaning its the audio qualities not as good as its compressed but its way get it downloads of you have some sort of a plan where you want to get less data per month allowed believes data or they just get it off
itunes but the thing about it is that you just if you have your phone blue tooth up you literally all you have to do is press play in immediately play whatever happens so that you want a scroll through scroll through our stuff if you go to russia siri not to operating system you ass i asked for yeah you can play it for syria if you go through of yellow dot do use it do you use itunes ideas ass tat i never look at podcast standing had eyes like my most the recent ones while the ones that i subscribe to just take one click it and boom noughts plan yeah i mean just it's done differently on serious he had the abbe have to use the andaman is pretty good but this i think is an hour after an urge you can get it forever i believe i don't know i don't we listen to the show me i never listened to our show i listened to and drives like while i kind of like it its new we funding and anthony back in the building
loud common as a guest in our inability i fought for three years for that and literally right after fire they let him anthony backing after opium far yet how much will you give them i dont know to be brutally honest i dont know think that he actually kept about no do i know the real numbers i did i ever tell you how many people are acting as an never i dont know if they know i mean i don't know how they would track that they may but they don't i've been a part of me is that i really want to know if you will give us the negotiating power on the part of these that i really do want to know but the fact that we're getting raises i think we're doing ok like i'd that's the only way i can tell you is that i know that they wanted to keep me how the contracts ok we must be doing ok but night no what the numbers assist it's amazing how quickly became a different thing you know like like i remember one howard went to serious issues like while hallelujah finally we're i get on answered ratio and then it became still just radio and stood area still alive and i have to pay for it announced ten bucks a month
and mean he made out like abandoned me he made ridiculous sums of money from a sure but where's the future and it seems like that's a embassies like almost like investing in mean if you're if you're someone has got a piece of that's like where's that go like how you gonna you can use it in a tunnel you know thing with serious and this is this like scary for job security but they are really scottish good at getting big name talent like beetles child all the studies are there any good at getting good good name big name people doing shows like ferguson's on trying to channel yet are not a faction where are you as our own faction now faction talk here i hate the name doesn't say comedy but whatever it is what it is it's all and green or written and alice then craig nicht apollo was a very funny show hustler nick is a fucking sadly funny i love that i did so he's just a fucking raw fuckin bark outrage
funny guy like malignity isn t about nick he's never afraid to trying to be funny like i've done a lot project what can we do tat crowd for two years i've just on a shitload of stuff back back that's like nicholas before going to fire lines out and have always admired him for that because sometimes they were sometimes it out but he's afraid is a funny fucking dude and he's unafraid to bark stuff be who he is like i love that he does a great show he's are really surprising that radio garlic but go into breaks knowledge stuff but for a long time with already remember that's right yes i was sorry show but i remember watching the one blow out they had or nick was trying to do so that's right you are you are you didn't just wanna come fuck off here you can't let it get you like that we'd have the blow out i've been through them i've seen a meaning never had one love i want my fucking i just what the forward to his book and i want to say that too bad i'm proud of it i fuckin love him and he's doing show is already now roared the asia
the greatest named added great billboard for it and it's really funny man it'll only release strive to do for the two the compound yeah how much is aircars ass you don't know i argue pay what though you oughta be a free one vomica how china it up and in our second occupant well firm that whole compound me oh yeah yeah yeah skip the beat his life is fuckin doing great isn't it great things are most shot a real budget much yeah that's a little areas they did a young compound media i like to call it compound media too because like the aid show a great personal timber now can you get telling you phone lawyers in get it i have the feeling that in the car you can listen to it in the car he's be i love a material my favorite people ever he's literally somebody who i don't however not be close to this now and create like i love sam level these guys i've worked but anthony there was a weird it's a comic that happens when you're going back and forth bezonian it's an energy are staging and with him do it
there are jim norton laugh compilations i never this amount should listen to the old show a careless into it but those i can listen to because they're all anthony just making me laugh if anything funny shit it's anthony saying funny shit that every time fuckin me like he would literally make me laugh with that we laugh then this member gets on like i never get to fuckin feel that way what's crazies now stand he's not stand up he's done it a little bit in that ruining yet he try to the couple of women without like in montreal a couple years ago now yet after you ve been fired oh my god you know no this utopian anthony were supposed to do a show together to hold two comedy show in montreal i was part of a show but i'll be home for some reason for whom they are only going to do it so anxious by himself and hosted the show and start shit on the canadians and he was really funny first time ever instead you a fucking funny while put it the comic room patrice said that about him he said he said anthony access funny faster than any person i've ever seen patrice didn't handouts
you have not them known as the poor boy like dollar complements again patrice his reputation but anthony has that reality to reaching grab funny from anywhere and he's as fast as any comic with her head on the net competing in there who was faster than had they been as fast as him greatly per tree to borrow geez there's no one here but i will go in there about circles run anthony staggering how fuckin funding is weird it's like he's a comic never became a colic that's i've always felt about being around the added in even die said that abundant dice with shit on open anthony when they had a few together he was saying that anthony's actually counted these actually most likely comic but he never did it he never did it and anthony has an ability brewers and amazing storyteller too an amazing story tell it whereas an could do that about i keep the retort he would talk about like you don't beat a tin knocker and stuff i have no knowledge of our interest in and anyway have me on the edge of my seat listening to him talk about it you just has a gift for explaining
things and for walking you through a louis has that the ability to explain and amazingly interesting fashion and ethnic unjust jumping out of voices and do impressions and here i am i never get sick of rambling about him i got to work with him for a fucking deck i get to work with the funniest guy in the fuckin world for a decade like as much sucks it it's over like i'm grateful i just wanna do it again a hundred percent have you thought about doing i would love to know we're going to sam i mean you don't get along anymore but i will i too have anthony with me and sam but here he's got his own show it's not gonna happen i love salmon i have a very good chemistry and comfort level like i do i like him and i trust him on the air then we'll all be just got back i am not blaming him it's ok always have the problem too but what about you don't show with anthony compound media compound media is getting more enclosed environment and seriousness and because of gigs and other things i gotta promote i just can't i wanted to stay and also serious pays more
we want a negotiating intently i just couldn't was again you i wasn't any use him as negotiation tactic right i want to do i couldn't do it on these two onto close to him we particularly want to come back and when he came back to her they came back i mean who's singing that fuckin ike not that we went to springsteen sprinkling now who played our guns and roses played at the fucking the apollo so this really right after all big fight or so scott greenstein that neither andrew and like you can come in ethnic campaign on a really delegating command a great i texted and commend tomorrow the minnetaki command but security hadn't been told so i'm on the show away i know anti communist give your fuckin surprise for the audience he's being held up its security could in fairness they needed an email from a sky they didn't know that had been ok it took about an hour forty minutes but he got up and see him walked out ah fuck it was so
yeah he was happy very rarely threw out of space it was so good but it but you you just go right back into that and sam is so perfectly not momentary just kind of go back into it in you flow and you know so i miss him a lot by uncensored conversations they just hard to come by and when you're under the corporate umbrella you're not really uncensored does always gonna be something i can't say somethin get you in trouble which is why i was always encouraging you do a podcast like way even way back in the day has like you should branch out you should do something on your own aside i feel people wouldn't why voice up you wouldn't want it or there are sick of me then uninterested but again the closest i've come at this point is fucked dumb ship i made you my sunday by literally loving doing that its freedom and its and do what you love then but you know i mean i know you love doing the salmon jim show too but i really feel like even that show would be bigger if it was just accessible to everybody not on syria it might be again
if one were you left in the contract and it is something i would do is a podcast it absolutely is something i would do as a podcast but they don't want it in their favour besides the fact i gather human resources and you know you can't go around fucking grabbing cliffs telling never fuck with us creatively like literally never yeah but a single thing with congolese arise where you guys got kicked off the air valleys homeless guy queues at that was that what you write thomas charlie and he's a website that bush he was a funny fuck endued here's how that gap that was before series of extreme merge right and what sunk we're almost happened was that made it to fuckin breed bar or bright bark and then got two drudge and then became a big deal and i heard later the people who are making that a story where the people who worked in terrestrial radio who did not want that murder to happen so the origin company pull them off if they were literally scared that it was
going to hurt whenever they needed in congress for fucking to make this merger attic sensor yeah so they say is merger in danger like what's that got out there and can you the way we should now be off the air by dumb is crazy as it was that were terrestrial radio saved us because k rock who they wanted me off fuckin show those kinds i fucking hate that they wanted you re actually ratings word is good as they used to be and they thought i the problem as a whole fucking shit has i was there in the afternoon we'd before indication i will be happy before their every eye lonely yeah do you saw i remember philadelphia before you right now you don't it didn't happen before i was on there was no feelings now before i was on i was always there it's indication so in our aim anyone can arguments remark i know i know i know i know i do that i live we will do that alone i i do i didn't realize that people don't talk themselves i didn't we why's that an with chip and characters i thought and i've talked about this our shall i do it all the time by myself you have come
nations by full blown ship at all four volume talking a woman character illumined once in a while i think of something edgar i'll say it a lot there is another one is a bad character asia has dry teeth he that does not a whole lot to him but i will do and christianity touches you and a sharp fingernails it's an ugly an uncle paul i do them you do them when you're alone completely alone why and i do what i'm a lot if i drop somethin argo ok it's about it oh i'll walk around like myself and a full blown conversation like are the this this is i'm not i have actually embarrassing that as i took a shit today and i got but i was dying i went to the fucking my computer and i had to shit again immediately and i said up and out i shall just jostled a little more loose and i walked back the toil i said those works from alone i do
all the time dude i tongue and i didn't know i thought everyone did that but sounds like no i'll think things but i dont say them ye i would imagine most people think things but a few people talk to themselves i'm sure occasion bizarre i'm off in the shower i do it allow just full conversation for me when i'm alone i'm happy did not talk talk so fuckin much talk so much doing a pod gas so much to stand up so much doing you have seen commentary when i can not talk at all fuckin yeah i dont know what it is like things that just kind of come out i work through things where i work through this girlfriend argument you whatever it is in the moment and i logically talk things through but you that's rolando character should come from his start thinking of it not talking to weird voice and obesity their resonate with me i stuck in my can head man and what is back in my head i bring it out on the air and that's when it gets stuck it nobody else has had like its bothering me for a month if you're gonna hated you know and i lost
to bring that stuff out for threat that shit come from spain single personal only to say ok brain a single theory so my family are always a good time brother anytime you gentlemen seminoles do is more often employed by get worse yeah near him only all tickets or on sale if you want to go and in dallas and lost in this week in the money is going to the hurricane they can i hate saying that it is cheesy but i feel worse going prostituting tickets go to check me sam out or go to the gym norton dot com and i go to chip chairperson riah kiss you too has all the chip podcast up there and this one week is gonna be a fucking doozy fashion norton these jam you ever body for tune and into the show and thank you too palatine bikes go to one palatine dot com and enter the code rogan that's oh anne e palatine p l o t o and dot com and to the code rogan
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through another crazy week of shows you pay belarus maize next week the great alonzo boden will be with us love alonzo always fuckin whereas russell brand will return who amy alcan will be here and i will probably have one other podcast as well so will see then thank you everybody fatuity and presented the fuck are you guys and protection
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