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#1018 - Alonzo Bodden

2017-10-03 | 🔗
Alonzo Bodden is a stand up comedian and winner of Last Comic Standing Season 3. He also hosts his own podcast called “Who’s Paying Attention” available on iTunes
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also have a real on academy, a gym state of the art facility in Austin Texas. That also has tenth planet. You and bang more time so go to dot com, use the code word Rogan and you will save ten percent off any and all supplements. Ok, my guest today is my good friend Alonzo Boden he's hilarious comedian? He won last comic standing and I've known Alonzo for shed twenty years. I think somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty years, he's a great guy. I just love him always love talking to him, and today was no exception. So please it up for Alonzo Boden the Joe Rogan experience, German, the ones of boulder a white man. What is
up till I'm great their somber times. These are the weirdest fucking comes over our IP to Tom, petty. I guess we have to say that too Obviously it's it's a ridiculous time and like everyone's, been saying again you I mean it's like here we go again another hill again, another mass shooting and the I think the most disturbing graphic to Maine was the score card like they showed like guy got fifty eight and then the guy in Orlando got got what forty and and because it's like. Ok, you just encourage the next psycho right. Try to set the record. You know what I mean like it like it shouldn't be, there has to be another way to say it without giving publicity to he killed more than anybody else now. You know well what is listening in the future. This is taking place, we're recording this. On Tuesday, the massacre happened in LAS Vegas on Sunday, so
just a couple days ago and uh we're just going over all the details of it. I'm reading online here killed fifty nine people injured, five hundred and twenty seven, which is just fucking completely insane. I mean five hundred and twenty seven people shot. Is that right or is that like? Does that count? People trampled? I think it includes people trampled an injured otherwise, but there were a hell of a lot of people shot. I mean he opened up with automatic weapons into a crowd of thousands of people to wear probably you know, did any bullet hit the ground like there were so many people the this thing that every bullet probably hit somebody yeah, you know probably or more than one person to pen. I don't know the the power of the ballistics of the weapon, but oh yeah. You know it definitely like bullets could have went through one guy into the next one hundred percent, so I'm sure they did one hundred percent um this guy. First of all,
You know everybody's. This becomes a big gun control argument, which it should be right, but one thing that we got really taken considerations. He had a legal guns, guns, were illegal, I think for twenty five years so this isn't in. I don't know how much of this could have been helped by making it more illegal yeah you know that's always a debate first. The first problem is What was going on yesterday when they say this is not the time to talk about guns courses and it did yeah. Of course, it's the exact time to talk about guns and ammo, and I'm not a gun guy in a sense that I'm not a gun owner, but I get it with guys who- the guns always compare it to my love of cars and bikes, or you know anything mechanical or whatever. I understand it, but the people most of the people I talk to who love guns, don't have a problem with like registration, certainly don't have a problem with education right and and what I call common sense
gun ownership in it. There's some guns that I get it. You There is some guns that and again, I'm not speaking with any expertise but from the Lehman. Point of view. It's like why Do you need this semi automatic military style weapon in in you know you don't tell me you have it for hunting or any like. If there's a reason you want to collect it just like, if there's a reason you want to own a race car right, and somebody says why do you need a card it does. Two hundred miles an hour. Well, you may The reason you want that race car, but you don't use it on the street, you can't take it, you know onto the streets and the, and I think that should be that There should be some kind of rule with that kind of weapon that if it has a thing it doesn't matter if his rule this got, there were plenty of rules yeah that guy violated all the rules, the debt- I do but I'm just talking about the general attitude toward sales just did it. You can walk into a store and buy these weapons
should somehow be more difficult. You know this is my opinion right, but I think it should be more difficult to buy a weapon of that type yeah. Well, these are all illegal weapons. This guide this guy shot converted a little fully automatic and automatic to legal everywhere right, here's! It's up about this guy! This guy didn't have a criminal record. He had no army training, no religious pull Philly, affiliations, no one, has any idea what his motives were. He was wealthy he's a big time high. Which is how we got this giant suite in Vegas, I'm It is bizarre. Did you see his brother get interviewed, yeah yeah in any? Well. It's that's the worst thing about this. That's the thing about this. Kind of insanity right there is usually no outward like that, like how many people are like this. Country that we don't know about yeah. You know what I mean that have, particularly if you're wealthy, if you're wealthy, it's so much easier to hide it right, because you may have a big
you may have a compound. You may have a you know a camp, a place, you camping in the woods. It's actually stocked with it. You know a hundred weapons or something like that. I mean the randomness of this to me, that is the biggest horror. The worst thing about this to me is just the idea like you went to a concert right like that. So you did. You went to a concert in Vegas and you're, never coming home families destroyed everything I mean, and that is utter randomness of it that you can't control. Well, that's! What's terrifying about it! This, which is the strange to me. The definition of terrorist nobody's called this guy terrorist, like what do you have to be like, political or religious, to be a terrorist like how the fuck? How is this guy? Not a terrorist, this is definitely terror. This is definitely terra because you know why it's terra, because now are you going to go
a big event in Vegas. Are you going to go to a big outdoor con? You know big concerts in front of sees these towers right, and if someone could do something like this in the in the polls, you know to have those giant Edm Party at the pools all summer. There are literally surrounded by the tower of whatever hotel you rent. So next, so that's why it's terror, because now you have to be a free need to do that. Well, not only that, like this now they're going to have some sort of meaning when you go into hotels which, by the way why the fuck didn't Have them already, how I've always thought this like the airports are so stringent. When you go to the airports, they check your dick Clearly, will pack your dick. If you hit a random, you know Bing, I'm sorry, Sir, had to check your dick, your random and they literally put the back of their hand, which is really odd to me that it's ok to touch
Take me to smoothie yeah they might have had him grabbing in some guy was just like: I'm not grabbing a hard dick yeah, exactly You know it was damn they got the other guy, like I'm, not getting my dick hard, but some guy who's looking for a weapon, it's just weird that they can do that. But if you go through the airport right like airports, we've decided are places where terror exists right, so you have like, like I have TSA pre yeah. I mean I have I'm aware of global entry. You know that I have clear yeah you could do clears the best clears the best wearing worse yeah. You know where it work when they would have it yeah. You just put your fingers down bam. It's got a picture of you go right through. It takes two seconds right, yeah, but that's just to play.
I swear, we've decided, you have terror right and now are we going to decide that you have terror everywhere? No, I don't So I mean for one thing: I'm not buying into the hotel argument like there's a bigger issue. Here, then the hotel. And and the issue is the weapons. And what can we do about the proliferation proliferation of weapons, proliferation, proliferation of weapons? Yes, sorry about that in general, you start a. Where do you know, I'm too deep into this word. I got too deep into a word now, there's no backing out all the damn weapon. No, but but that's the issue. The thing about hotels, though, and this being United States deprived the issue is huge right. Your hotel room is basically your home away from home. When do you? get. What are the privacy rules of checking what you bring into a hotel? What's in your hotel, room, remote. Remember the stop light cameras right, yes and
they got sued and people got in trouble because they got that picture taken and the wrong person was in their car right though it did, that chick wasn't his wife. Is that what yeah or this guy wasn't his husband one guy sued, because he the picture was. Taking the woman wasn't his wife. They send the ticket to your house right, he got into a yeah exactly and he one suit, in the sense that you're a level of privacy. That's expected in your car, be there. Do you understand why it's illegal though 'cause it's a third party? It's not leaving the government right. They they performed it off right. They say you have some other company that sending you a taken charge. You money right. Well, and everybody was like. Well. What do you guys are having your hiring people to do this yeah, the commissioning at a place to write tickets was what we had to do. They had to re aim the cameras to only hit the license plate, but
that's, not true, because I got on the other day. You got yeah. Yes, do you have a semi picture. Me is my own. Well, it's not pulling out a little cocky try to go right in a flash of me, but but the point being in your hotel room like this in expectation of privacy and where that line drawn the other, well you're, to be drawn in Vegas, because people get freaking in Vegas, yeah right the other big difference and tell Ya Vegas story about that does great I heard, but the other big differences. You're on an airplane you're trapped in that airplane. When in a hotel like you can run, you know, I mean uses or run down the stairs. You can you really now and you and you come paired to being in an airplane, but I don't think it's a valid comparison. Honestly I mean it seems like you're still in a box You know that you're in a confined space, but I think it's easier to escape now the thing about about Vegas.
Guy told me who is a security guy? He said the thing about the cameras. Is you that you see who's with who and that there was one particular guy they kept see it, but he he kept, bringing transgender hookers to his room and like they knew who he was. He was like a famous guy and they were like yeah we could we could destroy, this guy. If we want it, you know we could we got 'cause, they got cameras we were in Vegas right. They know who's coming upstairs to your room. They know what room they're going to in, like super obvious transgender ones like yeah, like the giant football player, do eighteen feet guys build you dresses on so you know, so I had to give up at hobby, no computer connection, that's the only thing from his podcast that's going to go out viral. We knew it well, here's another thing that is a giant issue. Is that haven't heard discussed at all mental health this is really what this is all about. This is not I mean this is a gun issue in the sense that
used guns, but then is it truck issue in nice. France, where that guy just drove into those people I mean it is it uh I mean, there's a ton of different ways to kill. People and I'm sure we're going to see more of these fuckedup ways in the future, but the issue is a mental health issue, now this guys dad was a psychopath. He was a serial bank robber. He spent eight years in the because most wanted list. The here's a question right like is that genetic Why does that transfer over like? How does that work? It could be genetic or it could be that psychological thing of I want to outdo my dad this guy could be. I mean no, this guys a millionaire right and so on, like so, he he's obvious We are high achiever, but he could have that all I'm not kidding. You could have that whole where he always wanted to do something bigger than his.
Or he wanted some approval. You know what I mean some weird kind of approval thing yeah. I guess that's just speculation Remy, who yeah I mean you could speculate. You know a bunch. Mental health issue, just health issue in this country that that's a show unto itself right. We don't we don't take care of ourselves. We don't there, people we don't provide for the mental help the mental health problem. You look downtown in any city in America, Mmhm wandering the streets homeless, you that skip to and all kinds of people- and you know, God forbid, they got weapons. You know Who knows like you, talk about the other ways I'm sure there are attacks that we just don't hear about. You know where some guy goes nuts with a knife or a can bottle, or whatever else mean that's one of the big things that happens in places that have stricter gun control in the argument would be that hey, you know, that's safer for the people easier to handle. There's more
you can do some guy with a machine gun gunning down all these people, but again Scroll is not really going to help this guy was using illegal guns. I mean the issue at this point Is that there's so many guns out there like? Even if you made guns legal are going to sweep. Are we going to go house to house and if we do so you can go house to House man, people going to resist that as for every one of these psychopaths that winds up, shooting people and and getting someone down. What going to genuine normal people that want a gun to protect their family yeah. I live sketchy neighborhood and then suddenly, Man comes along and says: well now, it's illegal for you to possess that gun. Well, then, who has gone well I've see, I think the solution? in between, and I think this is another one where we get. You know the problem. We have, and I to say when it started. When you have the two sides and it's either or so it's either,
you know no gun regulations or or fart. Any gun regulations and I think the solution somewhere in between. In my opinion, it's always been like. Why can't we treat him like cars like when you buy a car, you I just did a car right, so the government knows, like Joe knows Joe. Has this car? right and then, when you have to have insurance in case something goes wrong with the car and you hurt somebody and then sell the car to me. You tell a Hey. I just sold the car to Alonzo, I'm no longer liable for this car Alonso's liable for this car. I've always thought that would be the level of common sense gun registration Well, here's another one that goes along with that with guns, you don't really have to know how to use them. This is where it really clicked up things about. Unfortunately, if you drive a car, you have to take tests, you have to pass You have to understand the registration. The rules rather mean you have to. You have to go
and the guy has a sit next to you right to go through a driver's test, and I don't see why we can't do that with guns. You should absolutely have to go to a range and show you know like the safety of using a gun and and how to shoot it yeah. You know I don't, I don't see why we can't do that and even if your family teaches you right, they say like in a lot of places. You grow up with guns and it's a kid. Your dad teaches you well. If your dad teaches you to drive you still have to go to DMV and take the test. So it's like your dad. Your mom, whoever your uncle could teach you to shoot, but you still there should be some some level of testing to to get an idea. 'cause. We have you know just a couple of weeks where you have a four year old in Florida who was looking in their grandmother's purse for candy and shot themselves, and it's like that, Emma Day Days, a safety issue with the gun, like you, don't tell the kid to go, get some can
when you know you have a gun, I think there's an at number like twenty one people a year are killed in this country by armed toddlers, yeah yeah, I believe it, I think, believe it find out what the number is. I think it's twenty one people were shot to death by baby get any. The other thing is that you brought it up like how okay, if we didn't have guns a b killing you know with knives or clubs a set like just a bad idea that that we have to have that discussion like what what what open at a mass killer is going to use that in itself is insane crazy. Just just a fact: like yeah we're going to have these mass killers. We gotta have them working with different weapons, I don't I don't know ornaments help I'm? I'm, not even going to pretend to have the expertise to talk about what it is, but it's an issue that we don't spend money on it's an issue. Not covered by a lot of insurance. A lot of insurance doesn't cover any kind of mental health.
In the? Is it the here's? The thing, even if it does cover mean the giant percentage of the people that commit these giant mass shootings, are either on the psychoactive medication or are really having withdrawals from psychoactive medication. So, even if your insurance covers it, even if you're medicated by a doctor, The there's like there's a disassociative quality, apparently with a lot of these, antidepressants and antipsychotic medications that people take that with the right nation of biology circumstances, genetics whatever it is people just can snap and then you have an issue. I mean how what are the number the people that are on that stuff, a giant number. What are the numbers of people that actually wind up and go and do shootings much much much much much smaller number, but it's enough that it opens once a year like Orlando last year and this year in Vegas I mean what the when I got again. We don't know why this guy do this. We have no idea if he was on anything, but what the is it we,
to do stop this stuff from happening. Well, I mean I'm sure there are scientists who study it and all, but I can't imagine people can you can predict it. Who shot by toddlers on a weekly basis this year, Jesus Christ, how many cobblers killed themselves? Eight? more injured themselves, ten injured. Other people, two killed other people that were in twenty fifteen last year, but. Toddlers have killed at least shot at least twenty three people this year, Jesus fucking Christ, only sixteen so five months, Oh my god. Ok, so we can't we cannot match that would no argument of toddler drivers having run over people well irresponsible gun owners, that is and and again that gets back to what you're saying the education like learn to own a gun safely to keep it somewhere, where top there's not going to get to it,
everything everything dangerous safely. You know everything and isn't it funny how you know we do kid proof. A house like like the last big things that go into the electrical sockets and then the poison in this, and that what about the gun at throwing the candy drawer? This hello, kids, never gonna. Look there yeah, I mean there. There is a lot of response, but now I don't mean to laugh, but I mean I'm laughing at the ridiculous of them. That is true, and I think the vast majority of gun owners are are responsible. You know It is another group, that's painted with a broad brush right, that the few gun nuts crazy, what the they paint every NRA. Member is being one of them, and that isn't true, you know like I said I know I know people people who, like guns and they're, not that, but the people who are not that have to accept the fact that there is a population.
That is that you know what I mean yeah. You can't say that they don't exist because they do exist so yeah. I up a big part of this. I think like any other issue Joe. We gotta start telling each other that truth you know, I mean a about about these issues like we, everyone as their their site I try to try but, and they refuse to believe any truth, you know any any negative truth about their team or You know what I mean like like like to say like we were saying like gun owners. Ok, so there's responsible gun owners and then, as a few gun, blob just use the term gun nuts and a responsible gun owners have to accept the fact that there is some gun nuts right with the police. The vast majority of police are good, but the good police have to say yeah. There are some bad cops too. You know what I mean like like within any with any any try we're comics. We know there are some bad comics
So if you know it, but I'm gonna put it out there I heard of a few, but until we until we do that, we can never have a real discussion right, 'cause everybody just suddenly. Because the wagons around there heard in like no, no, no, not right. Now it's like yeah, no we're not seeing all of you are are bad right, but, let's admit within your group, there is bad, so We can work on that yeah. I've seen some tweets from some a and r a supporters the last day and a half that are just stunned me where it just shut the up. Right. It's really realize what, where the state of all this is right now and shut the FA cup, the wait is a video. That's going around that somebody's put up about me. Talk about control is not a recent video. I don't know when it's from, but people are putting it up now. He me the gun, control argument, it would be very insensitive
for me to do that and to put that up right now, and I didn't it had nothing to do With- I don't know when it was of underneath the thing was for a year or so ago, but but the idea of that these people, these NRA supporters, would go and tweet. These pro gun messages right and get crazy with the now is exactly you're, saying, they're digging their heels and they're supporting their team yeah and and as many people have been saying and- and it is a sad truth- look if we didn't wake up after sandy hook then you know if, if, if when twenty moves at twenty one kids were shot yeah and people and I did it happened. Who oh that didn't even happen in all that you know what I mean. People are calling this a false floor right. So so, if that didn't wake us up yeah, then you know fifty eight people at a music concert. I hate
say it, but it's like it's not going to wake us up. You know I have a thing, but I mean it is a waking. Sup mean you know. I mean wake us up to the point of take some action. What's happening: President Alonso. What would you do the the well it to start with? We have to have the conversation. We have to have a conversation about their dislike. We test talk about there is This is a necessary we. It is necessary to change our gun laws or gun laws. To lax. That's the first thing, then what we need to do. We need to come up with a system just like we have with cars or anything else dangerous where you have to be trained use it. You have to register whatever it is with the government and you have to liability insurance, and that that information transfers, like the big loophole, is gun shows right. When you go to the gun show and you could just sell a gun to another person You can do that with the case yeah and a lot of states that still the case, you can do that.
With the car right. I can sell you my car through Craigslist, but I'm still going to go put in that liability thing, otherwise, I'm liable for what you do with the car. Like I protect myself by reporting it, even though I sold it to you party to party yeah. So so, If I'm in charge we're going to add those things were going to get get a handle on these guns- were going to get start tracking, how many they are where they are. Wait. We're going to collect them I think it was Australia and some other places that had those things were looked Australia if you own an illegal weapon like a fully automatic weapon or whatever makes it illegal, you can turn it in. Maybe there's payment- or maybe it's just no questions asked just turn it in and will will destroy it. Well, what happened in Australia? They had a mass shooting and they put their foot down and they said no more right or should we just and am altogether total ban them. You could still use a rifle to hunt but uhm.
The the way we have this sort of fast in this part of it is that the very few countries in the world that have this kind of fast and loose gun policy. I think yeah. We still have the wild West mentality, freedom, mentality, which bill. O'reilly did afucking had a post today. Where he's talking about that. This is the cost of freedom, freedom, yeah, cube, Fuckin' Ben phrase. No, it's not it's, not the old Dick head, and I give you an example. Joe, like I grew up in New York City, like guns, have been illegal in New York City for a long time now there are guns in New York City, but now It is many as people think you know, because what happens is when you make it Eagle and the average person they don't go out of their way to get a gun there right now, I'm not I'm not going to have on your criminal is going to have guns. Yes, criminals are always going to have guns, but you know the thing about the good guys shoe the bad guy. It doesn't happen that often and my personal belief on this- is because in that moment it takes a lot to shoot somebody
just happened the other day they just have, of day and if you happen to was an active shooter somewhere that was taken out by a good, I gun owner. It can happen you're right, it doesn't happen everywhere, all the time, but it can happen in a lot of people, get their guns stolen or taken away because in that moment, they can't use it sure and the criminal he ain't got nothing to he's already criminal. You know It was also probably used to violence. Yeah lot of people are is the violence is a lot of soft people out there that just they don't know what to do. If the hits the fan in any way shape or form, I just don't know how to handle pressure, yeah and and it's you know that happens in an eight, so they buy a gun to protect themselves but in no way equipped to use it yeah, yeah well, there's a lot of that they're hoping that they can use it or scare people off or something like that, but most likely yeah they're not going to be able to do it, but you know then there's people that say well, that's them! I want the option because
I will be able to figure it out. You know, because I'm not a pussy or I'm not there's a legal way to get one? You know you do what it takes two and you register it and again most gun owners that I know- and I may be wrong because it's not like I'm deep in the gun culture. So I'm not speaking with that expertise. I'm just talking about of the people I know who have guns were in guns and shooting. I only have one friend who's like don't want to register his guns or anything like that most of 'em. I know there fine with having their guns, Is the one friends argument uh I couldn't even I honestly. Could I love him. I love him. When it comes to guns, he's got a little he's got. Some of that paranoia he's got some of that. The government's out to get me and- and you know his thing with them- we were talking about- and I know it- the wrong term. But it said the common term, assault, weapons, assault, type, weapons right and he said like yeah. Well, what? If there's a home invasion? That's what they use, and now it's like a nobody
invading your bro cast home. You may want to get you can see. I mean you got you got, you know you had average American with a two bedroom in the suburbs and nobody invading your schitt safe. If crack. You might want to worry, you might have some cash around the house. Even if you are good marijuana distributed. It be a bunch of cash you're not allowed to put in the bank, but you and nobody invading your house? You know yeah, everybody wants to be John Wick yeah yeah fucking take out a whole crew of people breaking in your house flipping people over there are cases done weeks, bad as I love John Love, John Wick, my all time, favorite. Nobody should my round talking about John Wick when you meet John Wick, your shift is over earth, Keanu Reeves best role. Oh man, that's the matrix that seem when it when the the gangster called John Leguizamo in his like. Did you hit my son yeah? Why he stole John
which car and killed his dog. Thank you yeah. That's a great movie, ' both of them are great. I enjoyed the second one too that just silly preposterous, unrealistic, but awesome right, and if you like that sort of John type, violence, yeah, just off the charts, ridiculous gun violence, but it's cartoonish ends and comic book like right? It's not real, Anya and key and plays it. You know he he's so good at it like he plays it perfectly, but just like just like an the other movie. The bad guys can't shoot right right, there's twenty five guys shooting at him. One of them might wing him right wing created a shoulder. It was delayed, shot a shoulder a little bit yeah, I don't you know, I don't know what the argument is for not eastern guns. That makes sense 'cause I mean unless you just want a world where everybody just packing, like there's uh states where you
have concealed and even open, carry that you're just allowed. How to have a gun on your hip and just walk everywhere, or they had the test. But it's like, like it used to be here with traffic school, where you just pay the guy, and he gives you the They forget that you went or like they do these tests for carrying concealed. But it's you can do it online. You know it's crazy, it's so it's well Eagan! Do in Texas! You could do your hunting safety certificate online. There's a couple places we do most places you have to go and for hundreds of Safety- certificate. You have to sit down through. I think it's eight hours of class and go through all this stuff. Then you have to take a test and you have to understand things you have to know it. Does it transfer from one state to the other, like in other words here, appear license to hunt in Texas, that's good for some other states
the Hunter Safety Certificate in Texas. It's it's good, I think in almost every state, but I mean that's a that's a good thing. The good thing to be to have to have some knowledge of you know what safety and it's It's called a hunter safety thing is not even about knowing how to hunt it's just about knowing how to get shot or shoot yourself or shoot someone else and how a gun works and how all various weapons bows and arrows, crossbows and stuff for he'd have to do anything to get a gun. Now I mean, if you just had to go through an eight hour course to get a gun, how many less people would have guns and she had to pass an eight hour course to legally have a gun, how many fewer people would have gotten? It would probably be like thirty percent of the people that have guns now and also you know they saying it's the wrong kind of politicize it and what yeah? It is. It's time for a politician to stand up to the NRA. It's not politicize because every politician is afraid to say We need to register all the guns. 'cause. The NRA is going to attack. You know there
whole lobby machine. But it's going to take a politician. Balls would say: hey wait, a minute I can get as many people following me like in uh, which challenge the NRA and get as many people backing as the NRA has the best way to do it for these people to not say shit when they don't they share it. Then they don't get the inner right at the time they were frayed. There afraid, right now to politicians who know better, who absolute You know better, who know that our current situation is ridiculous in our system is broken in the gun laws. None of them will stand up and say yeah. Now except the ones that the NRA already hates right. Bernie Sanders, yeah yeah, I mean again. It's the team thing right: yeah, yeah They are supporting the left there supporting the right.
Everybody meets the middle in the l, each other yeah, and- and this is you know, this is not a left right it. This is Jessica to another one of those common sense issues. What we don't have common sense like I I joke, sometimes on stage I'm going to Canada next week, I'm doing a tour, and I have had this joke like. Can you explain it to a Canadian like that should be the test for what seemed? Can you explain it to a Canadian? I was doing it regarding healthcare like try to explain to a Canadian, why we've demonized healthcare? Why we gonna shut down, help you and you do you meaning that there Anti Obamacare. So, rather than look for a compromise or fix the system, just shut it down, because it's called Obamacare right like just the anger at the name. You lead like that famous night. That Kimmel did where it was like. Are you against Obamacare! I hate Obamacare. What about the affordable care act? Oh I like that. It's the same exact!
yeah and he did a man on the street and that's what you know so many people were and that's what I mean, my demonized. You attach this name to it, so people just are anti just based on that without looking at any, rather than saying. Okay, like maybe this part like the no pre existing, is part of the health care plan. That's a good idea, so we're going to keep that, but maybe that The cost of this is a bad idea, so we're going to change that. You know what I mean and working to fix it. The gun issue the same way, there's certain freedoms that standing you you know the right to bear arms and so on, and and it was written in a completely different time. You know, so we need to update that right, taking into account everything that we deal with today. Well, one step at a time: if you're going to talk about the affordable care act, if you're going to about health care at all. You got to talk about what are the real issues like? What are the root causes of diseases in a big part? root causes disease or how people eat and it's cold yeah. I mean people eat poorly
and they consume a lot of refined carbohydrates in a lot of processed sugars and they other their as feel bull there drinking every day in the smoking cigarettes like man, if you want to those choices with your life. You are going to get diseases, there's just it's almost in extra, right, then you and then you start battling the corporations, and you know best food and stuff like that, because you know why is it so much cheaper to eat but poorly, but just think of more that's because it's cheaper to produce? But what think of? out the the the actual physical numbers of people that die every year from heart disease all absolutely it's far as soon because you know look at the amount of of of fast food, we consume yeah and it's it's like fast. Food is an evil. This time, when you, you know you on a run and you want to grab a burger, you want to grab a prize or was not good. Your whole diet, okay, but right, but it can't be the only thing you eat yeah, all the time
You saw super size me right, yeah yeah. I mean it ain't good. No, it's not good to eat, just constant right now. You can't eat that much salt in Greece all the time and not have you know. Thing you do. There's a penalty for salsa well, but in excess yeah. It's all bullshit it's the whole thing, then about salt being mad four insult raising high blood pressure and all that stuff that was kind of concocted by one doctor and ran But there's really very little evidence about that. I don't know, I'm black Jody told us not to eat so now they tell you not to eat fatty foods either. But meanwhile it's it's refined, carbohydrates or the real issue fairly. This sugar, an everything, is in sugar and we are addicted. We are sugar, addicts, sugar, corn syrup, I mean, and then there's also also, like the all the studies and talk to you about red meat, but when look at the studies about Red mean you look at the criticisms of studies like people that eat red meat get more cancer. Well, the real criticism of those studies is what are you eating with the red meat,
because are you eating, like lean like grass, FED bison with like asparagus and broccoli. I bet you're pretty healthy if you're doing that, the real issues. Are you eating burgers? They don't differentiate. We need talk about people that eat red meat five times a week in the correlation, between cancer, they literally not even taking into consideration what they eat with that red meat. Other eating with white bread are they eat sugary soda this again Joe. This is what we're talking about the same thing, because it's like the common sense argument is illuminated common sense arguments quiet. So you have the the yelling arguments of of you know the meat lobby at student, whoever whoever whoever's the ant meet people, and so you know what I mean in the common sense is in between, like you said, there's healthy ways to eat meat,
or maybe you don't need it every with every meal or not every day. You mix it up or something like that, not me, but but meat is something that human beings have eaten forever, but I really healthy ways to eat many carbohydrates, sugars, say healthy ways to eat I mean what you're saying: what do you eat around it? How is it prepared right and so one that that can make it back can be the difference between healthy and unhealthy. You know, chicken you know is is supposed to be good for about, but you know fried chicken, deep, fried chicken it's been sitting in the grease for yes, the number of hours waiting for you to that it gives us confidence. Lauer right! Exactly is not you know that is not healthy way to eat chicken, Delicious resized me two you'll, never look at chick. In the same way again he's doing this here's the Dell Ruin chicken food have an issue with him, though he did a show where he was uhm. He did like thirty days. Is. That was the name of the show and one of the things that you
is on hormone replacement, surgery or hormone replacement like testosterone this things along those lines, but I know for a fact that the producers tried to go to legitimate doctors and the doctors turned them down 'cause. They said this is not how you do it. You don't do anything like over thirty days will hold on a second, so what he did for that show. He went to a quack, his quack shot him up testosterone, not him. The guy on the show that he uses a study case, and they show this guy up with testosterone, the guy started getting aggressive and yelling at his kids and his wife was like I like you chubby, I'm chubby will hopefully have a chubby family in like this is the dumbest example of the science behind, manipulating your hormones could the way you're supposed to do his first address your diet, number one you take. Diet into consideration like what are you eating? you getting these gigantic insulin. Spikes all day, like your hormone, Levels are completely dependent upon what kind of food you consume, so they what they would.
In a in a healthy doctor, the doctor that I was using this on says name, but he what it what he would do is for. Like the first couple months, the first thing you would do is change your diet. The first thing you would do is don't eat late at night. The first thing you would do is eat healthy food and they would literally check your blood nutrition levels, and say: well, you you're low on niacin you're low on vitamin d, low on vitamin b. You going to add these Let's see your hormone levels? Like then look we have this big spike. Now we have a healthy baseline. Now, we've done this for four months now we know where you're at and what you need in this. They didn't do that they shot him up with some, so that guy in the show I I I you fat problems with them ever since and I'm like. Why would you like that? Since journalism. That's bullshit like what you've done is you put together a show where you've had a terrible representation of something that, Millions of people engage in hormone replacement well, even in super
's main, even if you ate at Mcdonald's, you wouldn't eat as much as he did right. You wouldn't super, Every meal and But that was the deal, though he said: if they offered him super size right, he was going to say what they always do: yeah they they always offered up. You know up size, you yeah, but then I've heard people also say they've done the same thing. They've done that super size. Me Diane tried for thirty days and have nearly the negative responses. They thought that the the they might a sensationalized as well. They probably did I mean it's tv right since a little life in adults and yeah, and it's also you know, you talk about hormones and things like that? Different people react to things different ways. You know a deb. Their bodies some people's by an and you know it drive you crazy right that person. You know that each junk food all the time, but has this crazy metabolism, and they know gain weight, twinkie diet,
Ups, nutrition, professor, lose twenty seven pounds that there you go yeah. So what is the pull pull this up? He did it just to prove that calories in calories out thing, but here it does a cabbie out in this to the it doesn't have any hello, my own stuff go there. Who is here from the top for ten weeks mark how professor of nutrition at Kansas State University eight one of these sugary cake It's every three hours, instead of meals, to add variety, to his steady stream of hostess and little Debbie snacks. How much Doritos chips, sugary, cereal and Orioles, those two, his premise that in weight loss pure calorie counting is what matters most, not the nutritional value of the food The premise held up on this The store died. He said twenty seven pounds in two months, but here's the thing: what is his body fat like? What's his body composition, stop squat, go back You see, like he shed twenty seven pounds in two months. That doesn't mean anything they give you. Lost all of your my
muscle and gain fat, and you lost. I mean you gotta understand like if you're not taking any protein, your body's I can build able, maintain muscle mass now. If your body is not going to maintain muscle mass you're going to have less see his body fat mass in, It went from twenty eight point: eight considered overweight to twenty. Four point: nine, which is normally now weighs one hundred and seventy four pounds his bag. Stroll LDL dropped. Twenty percent is good cholesterol, HDL increase by twenty percent. He reduce the level triglycerides, which are form of fat by thirty nine percent. That's where the head scratching comes from Hobbs says What does that mean? Does that mean I'm healthier doesn't mean how we define health from biological standpoint that were missing something despite his temporary success. He does not remember. It landed in that look. Two thirds with Colin take RE battle. Yeah. He also oh, wait a minute. He also took a multi.
Weather in pill and drink a protein shake daily, any eight vegetables, typically a can of can of green beans or three or four celery stalks. Alright! Well, that's That's stupid study right then he's yeah he's replacing some Unitrans item and yeah, so he's not living on twinkies in yeah, that's bullshit and the Rideau's yeah. If you just did that without the without the protein in without the end, whatever vitamins in a different result. But people love. I mean. That's, why we're reading it right, we're reading it, because he got us national result and the way it was written, this sensational part was the first part of the article. Of course, and you had to go way down before you got to the part about eating vegetables and drinking a protein, shake little Debbie's cakes all day. Folks, don't do that. Not learned anything today. You cannot live on twinkies, every now and then have a fuckin' twinkie. You know, I believe,
everything in moderation, including moderation? That's what I believe I think that's an Oscar Wilde quote. I think it's a great quote 'cause. I think that's good. I mean even Just have some bullshit every now and then have a function. Big MAC. You know that people have the Cheat Day yeah or whatever and yeah, and you got it it's because you're human, you're human and you're going to have it and some of it's delicious, I eat waffles smothered in maple syrup. It's fine, fun every now and then to go to fuckin' waffles waffle houses on the road. Of course, I work with S. Where do you great waffle house? You have you well, the house, when they're on both sides of the freeway, so no matter which ran and you come up and you don't have to turn at the south- has waffle houses. It's like the West has in it now the south has waffle house they put they put in Dallas and in had lines around the block days for days. People like people never seen a cheeseburger
and you know who is mad water burger, oh yeah, exactly Texas is Texas, burger chain out, and step in and out came in and they were like wait a minute. Everyone is lining up for that. California, liberal burger yeah. Well, if you're, the unknown, comic and you're playing at a club and Chris Rock is at the fucking arena next door, you can't get Pist off someone's got a better product than you. Let me, let me speak from variance to that Joe. Let me speak from experience I was booked at. What's it called? club, twenty, nine or whatever that casino. Just past palm springs. I don't know if you've ever worked out there, but anyway it's one of those big indian casinos and I have never worked this place before so I'm booked to work the comedy club inside guess. Who's working the arena behind the Kotel have Kevin Hart Chris Rock Chris Rock, and I was Even I want to go to the Chris Rock show like like.
Really. Your idea is to put me in Chris on it the same week. You couldn't think of some other comic. When was this was about, it was about four years ago, but it was just one of those things. You know his picture on you know, on the cables right now had a core that and everything I was like I want to go to. Chris Rock show people at my show like. Why are you here? Why don't we all just go out and watch Chris yeah our step. Your game up, there are birds, burgers are okay, water, burgers, water, burgers, ok in and out better in and out is way better I'll. Tell you what, though, five guys fox with in and out five guys? that game. You got five cloud growth again now you go home five guys! Fuckin' jalapenos, knows on those burgers fries, you got, you got five guys.
Next to in and out across from water burger. You got America damn it. You got married five guys sucks up the funk up where they don't have shakes. They don't go with shakes, don't shape though, but their burgers are God Dam, good, burgers, good fries are good fries around Datos. Yeah the potatoes are better yeah? They seem to have a better idea of what a fry is, and then they have Cajun fries yeah cool, yeah yeah. I love them, but as well. That's why, during the game, what about during the game bacon, shake. What do you think about it? Shake it suck? My dick, I said it right here we tried the peanut peanut yeah yeah. There are few that hungry. If that hungry is not normal peanuts, unless you have a peanut allergy. Of course, which is another thing we're talking about, different people react, different things. The peanut allergies always like the best argument, there's a good new thing, and I've only heard this recently. Actually, this year, When I heard it weather like you, can would have anything peanut related on an airplane, because a passenger has a severe peanut allergy yeah.
Will some. I haven't heard that until this year, well, I've heard it when you crack. Open a peanut. You know that dust that kind of goes in the air that shit kills people wow, which is nuts Imagine if you don't like somebody got right up too much Shitz cracking in their face. That would be some CSI shipped, like they'd, have to figure out how you kill them, who opened the peanut? yeah. You know I was thinking. This is a terrible thought. I was thinking this about Tom Petty. I was like a wonderful Tom, petty heard. The news about Vegas and out of pocket heart attack. Imagine that guy Tom, petty from a distance could happen. Is that how did Tom Petty had a heart attack? Did he know about? I mean what time was his heart attack is it Sunday night or was it Sunday day. And how old was he sixty six man that yeah sixty six the loans to? Asin action movies. Yeah still live. I think Liam Liam
and was taken the second six right, I'm just thinking. If I'm a thug I can, Let us seventy year old. With my ask you know what I'm saying is that there's a certain age to age like no man, you, I don't care. How long you been right, we're training. You have listen old man, I'm in my third prime who's the oldest guy, who legitimately makes sense as like a stone, cold killer in a movie. It was it Bronson, but Charles Bronson, death she was already he's already like fat, Charles Bronson yeah. He got like the chubby face and he couldn't take his suit off or he's like he go back till like the hard times. Bronson like fifty right using his shredded shredded, I'm just find big. Is anyone in their 60s legitimate to whip your asses like physically, not not shoot you with George Foreman Funk you up, yo he's he's a puncher
yeah George Foreman's, probably sixty years old hill. For four minutes you Stevens are you want to Steven Seagal, zero, George Foreman? What's get the fuck outta here. So after cigars, craziness when it was I'm talking crazy about? You can do anything. You want ten rounds, something like that That is so ridiculously stupid. Steven cigar 'cause, all you have to do is pour water on his head and that black. It would just run down into his eyes and what does it say, George Foreman just kept, the challenge Steven Segal to a no holds barred fight boy. That would be a God dam disaster. Sixty eight year old boxing legend use Twitter to challenge. Sixty five year old Action movie star I've been looking around Skype, I'd better sixty eight year old for millers, I bet everyfuckingthing eight year old, former inverses sixty five year old cigar yeah. I bet on former challenge you one on one I use boxing. You can use whatever ten rounds and vague iss no weapons hand the handling that would be a fun,
getting disaster. First of all, George Foreman is so big He had this shell defense that he adopted later in his career yeah yeah what he would like her a lot right and he was so big, there's so much arm there. He couldn't hear out hidden anything hit. Its stomach could look with all that you know, can hurt him to the body and then he's got these hands that are literally canned hams, yep and he just bump. He would just jab people into a coma. Did you see that guy, I think, he's playing for the Milwaukee bucks his hands around the basketball? Could you see he literally his it's like a softball in his hands. This is people that are gay, bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger, I mean go back to like Jack Johnson yeah. It was a giant when he won the heavyweight champ jobs. Only six two right when you get a big guy, you know my
big hand moment earlier this year. I did a show and well look at guys, hands yeah that show him around the basketball. If you have that picture looks cartoonish that doesn't look real. I think I must have a dick like a palm tree telling Jesus Christ. It's two feet from his middle finger to the base of his hand. That's insane! Yes, yes,. Was this. Is Jerry Rice? in my hand from us, with the centimeters by hand with same size is Jerry. Rice is so yeah that makes sense. I got that glow yeah there. It is look at How old is he that is in high school then looks like Jesus Christ, while it is free to take on the greek freak. Give the greek freak he's amazing, easy Greek, yet Janice on, I can't run the cooper well lets the name and he's a hell of a ball name to take.
That's why they to Kubo the greek freak both combo on to took cones. I wanted to combo so he's from Greece, yeah yeah, interesting yeah, like what? If that guy gets ahold of like a Gabrielle Reece she's are married, you know, someone along those lines of a large woman and his large, like the woman from game of thrones that chart- she gets ahold of her shoot some super sperm in there. Is a giant. Next generation is going to be a hell of a with animals. What sport would that kid once kill another way about Aaron Judge, six, seven, two hundred and eighty playing baseball. You see how to bat looks in his hand. The bat looks like a little Quigley. The swing in a kids bat? Well you see in that, though. That's one thing, that's interesting like that guy in the past
it might have gone into football, but now guys are looking at football and like fuck, that I don't blame him, I don't blame. You know these guys, retiring at two thousand four hundred and twenty five years old, why am I going but three year career with possible concussion damage and everything else. When I could play baseball or basketball, ten years and and leave with a hundred million dollars and just everything that moves they did a study on former basketball players or former football players. Rather, in one hundred and eleven players on one hundred and ten of 'em had see TE cheese, one hundred and ten out of one hundred and eleven there's the guy who, who is the doctor behind that movie concussion. He was Reese, talking about Oj Simpson 'cause, Oj Simpson was released and he's like there's one hundred percent chance like I asked, and they even said that OJ if the trial, is today his doctor said that he would introduce CTE as a defense defense, which is crazy, because then you have to say he's guilty I think it is always I didn't do it.
You know until he wrote a book, how I did it yeah. If I did it that was the book. I know but is in tiny little and I did it, I watched the Cuba Gooding show last night the fx show I've never seen a university oversaw a cell is great. It was a great career yeah great, so you don't have as we third watch. Man did to revisit everything that is like the night. Oj got out. It's like just go away: yeah is go somewhere good canali, it don't say anything play golf and keep your mouth shut. He can't do that he's not going to, and you can't he's a he's addicted to love. You know addicted to people liking them, and it's going to always. If he go to Florida, there's plenty stupid, who's going to take right here, easy or he's going back to jail, he's going to do something stupid and violate his parole to do that, though, at seven years old or whatever he is well, if he does anything other than shut up he's, either going to die. Go back to jail. You know I mean like
there's, no there's no positive, that's going to come out of him, making public appearances. You know writing in the book going on a talk, show circuit like no like you're seventy years, old live out the last ten one thousand five hundred and twenty years. Whatever you got just live, There isn't there's money somewhere right, 'cause Florida. They couldn't take his money like that. If I move there, so yeah he's got money somewhere, just just quietly fade away. You know let people You might recognize you when you go down to play bingo at the home. I don't want you know, just wave back small brown and you know, but yeah No, I don't think there's any way, there's no positive public appearance. Now that Jake make no uhm. The attorney general. I think it was Florida was saying She didn't want him hopping around her state playing playing golf, which is by the way it's not your state, honey yeah. Just let you know you know it's fucking,
it is, but it is in the sense that she's, the top cop and she can prosecute him for any made up shit she wants out, but you can't do that. That's not America see when someone gets a fucking release right, you're released you're on parole. He released from prison. You can't just target someone because they're famous and they've been released like you're dealing with a million fucking murders or getting out every day. You dim, I'm not a million. Obviously, but you do with the shit ton of people that were armed robbers and have committed assault and rape to getting out all the time. But again Joe you're talking about- and we were talking about this earlier theoretical burst reality in theory. This is States of America and you have freedoms, and they can't do that to you in reality, hell yeah. They can do it because it's like if they follow you around right? If a cop followed you all day everyday, you would break the law. I think so. Yeah you don't know how you do it might be. Jaywalking hard drive might be speeding. It might be what
you know what I mean, but you would do something that would violate some statute. That you know about you? Would you might be? Well, maybe you you know the whole driving while black thing going. For me, we also crazy motorcycle rider. That's true. I got that. I need to ask you things. We brought this up the last time. Who is it on the podcast we're talking about a bike that you had? It was with bird bird bird called remember the bike that you had, but you had some crazy, big giant wide japanese Super Bike, cruiser its triumph. It's called the triumph rocket. Three. Is that a try? yeah. That's what I'm talking about it's a two point, three liter motorcycle, but it's so it's it's the engine, is bigger than a lot of car engines. Selfie. Stick, that's going to learn about. No no is from along time ago, man it's from like ten years ago, you had a you, had this crazy wide bike. That was a japanese bike, maybe Suzuki, no, no, it wasn't
of those route like Rice rocket bikes was it my ducati. I had a customer, no nobody! No! It was a japanese I afternoon, but it was a big cruiser. It was one of Oh, I know what you're talking about you talking bout. It's called the valkyrie rune. Are you any yeah? Oh yeah? I remember that yeah yeah that, as a matter of fact, that's what I had before to triumph. Right. I couldn't remember the name of that band. Good recall Joe yeah. That bike with that MIKE was one of a kind that we don't think the like a spaceship, you were in that Tron movie you know what there it is. That's a no! That's not it! No, that no that's about the tryouts about three! But look up. Are you an e rune yeah? So there's Valentin, isn't clear out with a custom version they made. It was a honda, I think the yeah that was it. That's it yeah you had that you man had that that bike with that you know when you bring it do you know me to the fact: yeah. I saw that thing
I was like what the fuck is this heart of, why I got rid of that bike. Show I'll be honest, polishing that thing that thing had more chrome in more places I'm telling you everything on that bike was Chromed Cosby engine the entire front end, and I was like man. I can't spend all clean and it was a great bike, though, seems like a bike where, if you accidentally laid it down, it would take forever to get that thing back up this heavy bag by eight hundred pounds, eight hundred pounds, road bike, beautiful you know, you know who bought a a group of those who Clooney George Clooney Clooney bought six of them. Why for him and his buddies for him and his buddies to rally, but six of God yeah this. You know it's like you're, not fat, like that. The cup cool that painter Is on that thing. That's custom paint now, do they still make that thing not only made it for they made it for one year
the limited yeah like a limited release. They did it for one year it must've been stupid fast. It was pretty fast. It was yeah. It was pretty fast for a cruiser is very fast. Now, though, comfortable to ride is not like the idea behind them. It's comfortable 'cause, I'm like Luciano, right now, right now I have an indian chieftain right, and this is my first like American V, twin kind of crew and I've never been that guy. Like you know, I've never had a Harley anything, but I saw this bike the dealer and if it was just absolutely, and I wrote it and- and I guess I'm getting older to some about leaning back with my feet forward and the stereo and I was like oh yeah yeah. I like this shit, like I, I remember, leaning forward like being a jockey and going fast and now I'm like now. This is me You look cruising now. I like cruising touring. I like going on trips, translate right there, the Red One up in the top middle
yeah, that's it the man! Look at that thing I got outside when we're doing a show two and when you those back to back to like keep stuff and yes things, we keep yeah, you can carry keep in their path. Keep that I use for whatever you know to keep it in her purse. Wow! That's right! This guy told me that they call those baggers that started bike and he said man, chicks, love, baggers, kids stuff. They love it. They love. But yeah. You can play members bank yeah yeah. Now, that's a big cruiser right that allowed bike. No! No, it's not loud It will be a little louder next year, I'm going to put pipes on it this winter, but I'm not going. I'm not going crazy, like straight pipes that you know set off car alarms yeah. Now I just a little bit louder now, when you have a bike like that like the idea that, like there's slower right but there more comfortable's idea. You know what that bike is.
That bike is Sunset Strip and pch, just Cruisin. You know yeah that that'll do yeah, that that is comfortable. You look good. You have stereo uses chiller mmhm. Now, when you say you have a stereo like you can hear it yeah yeah, so you blast and it's everybody hears it yeah, no, weird it. It's a little weird like I don't like being that guy when I'm at a light you know what I mean, but but when you riding along nobody's really doing it that much. You know you're passing people but yeah when you sitting at a light. So and I know guys who go with you know a thousand. What's in their bags there Saddleback is a speaker like they're they're broadcasting. I don't want to be that guy, but it is kind of nice again. This is stuff that I hadn't done until got this bike right, but now I'm realizing like this should ain't bad. If I cruising down, Unoma, HOLLAND or Pch is something like that. I'm listening to music, I'm like yeah, I can help,
here, the music over the sound of the engine and the by a lot of the the speakers are loud enough. Land systems love no kind of music. You Blair both CJ I'm chillin, jazz, jazz because right, jazz, jazz and hip hop. Those are my two we do like jazz, you want those people generally like it. I legitimately love jasmine. How is this only jazz is one of those things that, like weird dudes, put on to pretend to girls that they're into jazz. Oh, you got sophisticated. He likes jazz there there's some jazz. That is like that and I'll admit. I had to learn that level of jazz like there's a level of jazz. That's like like this girl, I dated how you listen to that sketchy, jazz, Chitat Gee, that's a shift. You have to listen to to learn
because in the beginning only meet other musicians. Understand it right and I know some jazz musicians and they were breaking it down, but there's a lot of jazz. That's just I don't know. I don't know how to explain its music played by master musicians and that's what that's why it's good, because when you listen to guy, like Robert Glasper, whose really hot now or Herbie Hancock like when you listen to Herbie Hancock play a piano here like oh that's how it's you know what I mean because he's just he just has mastered that instrument. You know so so I listen to some of that and it and it can be there's when it's out there and it's meditative and like that, but could be you might you know you might pass by might be cranking and Jay Z right. I love hip, hop, love old school hip hop this. Should I grew up with 80S now you play music at all. No, so a lot of people do learn to jazz actually play music yeah
of them are. I think I appreciate it because I have no musical talent, so the so masters of it fascinate me and in the last ten years, I've been doing like these jazz cruises hosting jazz festivals in this, and that and I found it really true. Well, you know this. Could you know musicians to that but every musician wants to be a comic in every comic wants to be a musician. I definitely this mutual admiration thing with with jazz artists, like man I wish I could play that and they're like man. I wish I was funny yeah. Well, there's there's something about they can not jazz necessarily, but people in band. They could put the same forever. Yeah one thing I can't do I get on jazz artists about that whole time now, like they they'll play like there's a track called so what MILES Davis Right classic jazz is like my wrote this in nineteen. Fifty nine and you can play it and you're considered brilliant. How does that
it works. How does that work? At no point, can I do Eddie Murphy's Goonie Goo and suddenly beat that Alonso's, a brilliant comics. You hear that Goody Google wrestling match. He did some Woody Allen for fifty nine yeah you gotta do some. Fifty nine yeah, fifty nine comedy get fuckin' rocks doing out here is not weird like comedy for fifty nine horrible yeah, try, listen to same old, Lenny Bruce, so I'm a huge Lenny, Bruce Fan of frame. Bruce posters in what my home, but have you tried to listen to it today? It's the the culture has I passed these ideas yeah it was, revolutionary and groundbreaking at the time, because the culture was so childish and infantile, and it's it's is an understanding of like weird concepts or abstract, concepts or things like censorship or or racism more any things that when he covered the one he was covering on back, then they were groundbreaking,
but now, like is a lot of the stuff he's saying, is just dull, but I think I think, a lot of those comma. Because, the the years ago we were having this debate. This is before rape. Okay, we were having this debate about Cosby you get. You got to put that qualifier in right. Yeah you always have to, and it was if he started today, would he make it then I argued yes because his comedy would have been different like he you know what I mean like like Lenny Bruce. He would I've been talking about the things he was talking about in fifty nine or sixty he'd be talking about the same ship that we talk about today, but you still would had that brilliant comic mind and he still would have been? Who knows what he'd have been talking about? Cuz? He been kicking down doors today sure so he would have been just at some. You know different, but I think those comics most of them, the brilliant, definitely the brilliant ones the top ones would be funny today. They just talk about the topics we talk
one hundred percent yeah. I think so too. I think it's just a matter of the time in the error that they existed in an. But conversely, if you took someone from today like if you took Dave, Chappelle and yet Dave Chappelle doing stand up in one thousand. Nine hundred and sixty had probably what the fuck are you talking about yeah. What are you doing you talking about a baby selling craft night? kids defeated by nine Chappelle in nineteen, fifty nine never would've, never now. Well, it's just it's not relevant right. It has to be relevant to the time you know a brilliant comedian of today trying to talk about the same subjects we talk about today. Just you. You know, I mean that's the weird thing, a comedy really does reflect the era in which it's performed. It's absolutely it's the culture that were in I mean it was. You know it was vodvil
right when, when all you had to do was juggling hit a guy with a hammer that was John Lewis and you got that'll hammer bit if we knew he would do like japanese impression and put like a cigar in his mouth. He you know, like the box to the whole wide wide done, never understood that like how does that represent japanese people, the to thing who was it to the debt? There was a guy who did that Like this thing, I can't remember, but I know you talking bout them picture in it yeah, but yeah. It definitely definitely what we just well just ended. I'm actually even in time we've been doing it I mean I but in ninety three Anne, it's definitely different now than you know than it was, then that was Def jam yeah right when I was screwed me when I was started out, Def JAM was it n and I caught a lot of hell being a black comic, who wasn't a def jam
type, that number it was like what the hell you talking about right right right. It was like I'm on I'm on NPR. You know which now is cool, but in ninety four, probably wouldn't have been the coolest coolest thing yeah. It's not interesting, like you get expected to fit into a certain genre, right, yeah and then there's like there's markets for that genre. Yeah like when Def jam was big like there's a market for kind of comedy. A lot of you saw a lot of comedians like mold themselves into that. Yeah and I always thought and- and I was lucky in that a few of the pros cool, like I remember like Cedric, the entertainer was one and Tommy Davidson was another an George. This was another who told me like just like Do you like you have not like don't worry about that? Because did the only thing worse than being a deft you two would beat not not sit, would be a fake
Jim Comic. That was the only thing worse than not fitting in would be a fake def jam. Like for me to suddenly pretend like I grew up in queens. You know. I grew up in Saint Albans, Queens Working Class, black neighborhood You know my parents both had jobs, but we had a house with a yard and two garage Roger the whole bit right, not rich, not poor, just working class. If I tried to come at you like, I grew in the South Bronx, and I have friends from the South Bronx. You know I had friends from bed Stuy, but it would have been fake. You to seeing right through. If you were from bed Stuy, you have seen through my ask in a minute. You know I might have fooled you. If you were from you know, I don't know Colorado or it took me Davidson what happened: Tommy Davidson where's, he at Tommy still out there. How many stolen drugs and doing his thing on rare occasions once in awhile, but I'll always have love for Tommy really helped me when I was New Tommy Took me on the road with him for a summer
and I learned a lot and he introduced me to clubs that I got into you know. Tommy was Tommy was Brilliant talent on the drug thing really hurt Tommy. He went to that, these days, and I think what hurt him with that was that he did the reputation for unreliability. Where he you know people like. Is he going to show up, and it was the worst thing to hear, but talent wise he it's just amazing like I would watch Tommy work, some nights when Tommy did a store, I don't know if how much you've ever seen him on stage. You know what I want to the store when he starts becoming each different character in a story with his voices and singing, and brilliant yeah. Really I used to watch that and just be blown away that he had that kind of talent, Fuckin' drug thing man, that's the run to that cocaine drug. You know when you talk about the drug thing. Is rarely the pot
the drug thing it's like! Oh was doing math coke yeah, it's the speed ones right do people or the booze, Do people into will look thing, and you know we talked about on the last podcast. I went to the coke crack thing and what happens when you get addicted to drugs like that they just dominate your life yeah. So you can't you can't do anything else, because the drug dominated now, it's heroin right. Now you got people on oxy and heroin in and you know you literally see him in an odd. I was in Cleveland um early this past summer down Cleveland oh's got this like one of the bad opioid things, and you would just literally see people on the bench just nodding like going into a knobs like holy shit. This is you know, I mean it's been there, but but when people are sitting out on a park bench just go,
into a nod. We got a problem yeah. Well, the the problem in Massachusetts to was Anti Board angel who's. Doing about it recently, where the problem in Massachusetts was that they were so giving out pain, pills to people so easily yeah and people got hooked and then we, They try to get off the pain pills because they were tightened down. Read the regulations on them. Then people start turned to heroin. That was at the in the 90s with the opioid when they came out with oxy cotton in all those related drugs. They told the doctor is not so not addicting go ahead, and the prescription and now some of those pharmaceutical companies are paying like big lawsuits because they knew back then that it was yeah. I was just talking to another friend of mine. The other day about pain, pills, got addicted. He was recovering from a surgery. They gave him some pain pills and then he had some complications with the recovery. I was a god dammit. I can't Maybe the knee surgery they had to do a
another surgery. They had to go in and causes some scar tissue in peating. There's like four weeks later. They go and do it surgery of give him more spell so now he's on pain, pills for three months, and then he tries to just get off of yeah and he's yeah. He said you have to be taken off of a medical you're not supposed to just go cold Turkey, some people do but anymore. No one told no, nobody I mean with them anything and he's all the sudden. A heroin addict. What in the fuc happen, I'm going to opioid addict. I had a tooth extracted, they gave me like. I don't know twenty vicodin or something you know for the week or something it's like tooth lately it once it's gone, it's gone, I'm going to be ok, it's gonna be sore for a day and I'll be a butt, but it's what they do. It's, how they write the script, and then you get people who will sell them right. Who will be like? Oh, I got these pills, yeah. I can just sell 'em I sold mine. When I had my knee operation, I took it was either vicodin or percocet. I can't which one it was, but it
made me so fuckedup up that I saw him to I'm in the pool hall, so I can't take this yeah. I just like me in a coma. I took vicodin once in the same way I got sick. I didn't like. I do like the feeling, and I didn't understand why people did yeah exactly. This is the high you want. I have a friend who's, a musician who is really creative on Viking, and he said he writes music on Viking and I'm like what, but what he plays classical guitar, he takes I can end zones out and writes classical guitar music MIKE I don't get man, I felt so stupid. When I took that yeah. I didn't. I didn't like that. I didn't like that feeling, but you mind being in a little pain, it's like I get it. I'm hurt yeah, Matt Cain. There is a reason. You have pain right, your body saying hey some sheets wrong here, exactly pay attention to or don't use this don't use this body part right like your elbow hurts for anybody. Saying: okay, don't use the elbow for a week,
don't pick that up. But if you just numb it's just so, another reason not to be in the NFL. People just need to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Just relax just understand that this is this is going to make. You appreciate the good times right because, like right now you're in a bad place, but that doesn't happen, then we go long time ago. Stanhope did a bit about that right about anything. You feel there's a drug for it like any fizz. Color emotional feeling you have. I didn't see that bit is another for is a long time about it yeah, but he's right, Trent, anything anything, there's a drug to make it better. When I got my nose, next I gotta deviated septum operated on. They pulled out a bunch of scar tissue two inches, my
telling you there was no pain. I mean it was uncomfortable for as much at time as they had packet packet. It was packed up with the gauze or these like foam things with tubes hanging out that dripped, like the blood, was dripping out but that was uncomfortable, but what I mean uncomfortable like doesn't feel good to shove. Both fingers up your nose just leave him there, but it wasn't in pain and my doctor was pushing the pills on me. He gave me two different prescriptions for pain, pills for vike and I think the other ones Roxy it. I like man. This is hurt. And he's like? Well, it might hurt later I'm like how's it going to hurt like what is it going to something is going to change like. What's going to change like how's, it going to hurt later like right now, which is like my nose feels uncomfortable, but it's not it's not painful, though I just, I think people just you get told your doctor, that you're going to be in pain and you might be uncomfortable, so I have some pills for you like Jesus. I better take these pills, for it gets bad, but it take these pills before I can't take it anymore
and you start freaking out. I will say this: I did fine. Without the medical use for cocaine and it absolutely works. Numbing yeah I had a ripped, cornea yeah playing ball. This guy finger ripped across and and I'm talking, the kind of pain where you just hit the ground, like you just done like your body is like don't douche it UN man, I went to the doctor and that's what they use. They put liquid cocaine eye drops in my eye and the pain disappeared instantly. I was like that cannot and he's like. No, we don't prescribe these have to come in and we have to put them in the eye, but I will say you know how you go to the doctor in your like make it better like that's always your dream like just make it so I motorcycle he made it better. The pain just went. They put up my nose when I got the the sucked out and pulled the plugs out and he sprays
heading up there I've had that stuff a couple of times, one time from a real bad sunburn. I put lidocaine all over my back and the same feeling it's like like I'm, never do never again I'll just take the pain, because a feeling that you get from lidocaine is this gross weird, like you feel sketchy like your heart feels sketchy like who you feel like you don't want to eat, but you know I probably should, but it's uh medication gives you a very weird feeling- and I was eating that night. I went to a dinner, and I was eating at this. Take place, sounds like barely hunger like. Why do I feel like shit? and I realize, like oh, they pump that fuckin' lidocaine in in my so within. It went in your system like this, and you know nose better when your sister swallowed it it could taste it contained in the back This is their pumping it up your nose 'cause. I should just him yank that stuff out just pull it out because it was really no big deal right, you know, but they have. You convince that you're going to be in agony. You know. Yeah and different people have
and pain, tolerance yeah. You know, some people are policies. Yeah, Yeah some people can then others can. You know, can take. It That's the thing about a jujitsu like jujutsu doing jujitsu, for plus years, whatever I've done, you're always in pain, you just you just get used to compartmentalizing like oh, my arms locked up, so just accept it and deal with it. 'cause if you who took a pain pill every time you were injured from Jujitsu yeah, you're, getting them all your junkie, you're going to be a junkie. You know, that's why I avoid Jujitsu good. Stay on the line is like a wave yeah. What does play basketball all the time? That's where it was. It was like my knees, always heard engine get something you know and the just one we were in this basketball league and everyone My team was like mid 30s, you know three thousand two hundred and thirty five. When we were playing these kids, these kids would like one thousand nine hundred and twenty.
He walked into the gym and they get right on the court. They're running in our whole team is sitting there. You're wrapping shut up with tape you're rubbing, bengay or some whatever language you got like our whole team is on the bench. Just warming up like rubbing in rapid looking at them like we beat him, you know we were veterans, we know what we're doing, but It was such an obvious thing at the beginning, like yeah fellas we get and now all of those guys who used to play ball with all play golf. Ok, that's the retired sport. If I came in place while playing ball on hard concrete to like those hard surfaces that she has got to be terrible for you all to stop and start and bouncing around and well, doctors will tell you These aren't made for sports. You know especially not running and jumping sports, but when you're when you're a kid nobody to tell you not to play ball right. You know. I mean it like it's funny to me when I'm watching college basketball and they're, like these guys, I said tired, I'm like no there, not there, nineteen in
playing basketball, if they weren't here, you know where they'd be playing basketball. Maybe the gym buddy in the park so yeah there are a lot of things: they're, not tired right now. They you know they may have lost, centration. They made this that the other but tired you're in nineteen year old, app it'll kind of shape, those guys around like they're, not tired, well, basketball. On a hardwood floor, seems to be, it have a little gift. Yeah, it's got a little gift to it and she need the shoes. So much better. Now I mean you, you have a put on a pair of converse. Chuck Taylor, however awesome don't imagine playing black, imagine running and jumping in bills. Well, this in our This is a matter for you, because you develop strength in your feet at the like that. What you're dealing with with these basketball shoes a sense like a big rubber cast. And that these rubber cast and all the cushioning and all that jazz, actually weakens your feet. I I don't buy it really, because I can't idea, I have one pair of nikes. I don't know what they are to air something, but they got the full air soul and there
issues. I can run it right you today, but you weigh what two four thousand two hundred and fifty yeah yeah, but so are they make no mistake. These guys are big. These guys are six, in two hundred two hundred plus all that stomping and everything like that. I guess like especially you gotta consider basketball players are playing how many days a week for how many months a year I mean and then in the offseason sound is lay around get fat wreck. They they're worth yeah. We all see- and also you got a look at how much you know money is- is invest in that player. You know what I mean like like you just what Russell Westbrook just sign for two hundred whatever million dollars, you better believe his feet are going to be take. Care of, like whatever shoes he's playing in are going to be the best thing possible for his feet. 'cause you got We've got forty million dollars a year invested in this guy gets a contract like that to the hose just start. Circling also not a been there they've been there. You know you get
hoses around way before two hundred million, but once once that happens, they start thinking. All I need is one sperm to crack the egg and I'm good right. There's a lot of gals out there like that back in ok was it eight thousand eight hundred and eighty nine, I used to play ball at Valley College all the time like pick up all, but it was high level. There were good. I played with guys who had been in like d1, play division, one league and stuff, like that, the NBA Rehab was in Van Nuys and on weekends. They would come to the gym and they play ball with us right and I got to know a few players, and this one guy told me- and this is an eighty like I said- eight thousand eight hundred and eighty nine- he said an NBA. Kid is worth one hundred grand a year for eighteen years. He said these chicks poke holes in the condoms he was like, you can't trust any of them, and that was the
she's with that kind of mud. That was back when you know five million was a huge contract right. Well, you know so I can only imagine now It seems fairly inexpensive, well inexpensive, but take care of a child. But again in eighty nine, this was back in eighty nine. So now that that hundred grand is probably half a billion, probably right and you look, I think the the average salary in the NBA, including the guys on the bench, is like two point: three million. Isn't that funny too, because like when you think about, like you say, the average person makes like what seventy Grand Sixty Grand a year ago like as that minimum wage I mean not. Minimum wage middle class was middle class like six thousand, and seventy here in California is, I think, across America. I think it's like forty something so, but the idea that this baby, would live like that is like no, no, no, no, no so the guy doesn't even know the kid crying
she's, taking care of it doesn't even know her like if, if he has to be child support, like you know, You're paying child support like lavish lavish yeah. You can't like the average person like if the average family is existing, off of fifty seven thousand dollars a year. But this woman one Half a million for voice Paper baby, it's fascinating right! It's like we have these weird rules like right. Well, how lean minute! Why is that the case, because it's dad makes right now it's weird right what dad makes, but I mean you're, not asking someone to pay for the kids living expenses, asking someone to keep to keep a kid in the lap of luxury and then the mom's going to buy a car in person doesn't get in. My old did and that's to fight the bad
Have a lot of the dads alike will just send me the bill. Send me the bill for private school. What is this here? Antonio RT come Marty to said number. Fourteen is three million dollar deal from the colts and immediately used it to settle child support dispute with a baby mama to avoid a possible arrest in the process? Cromartie was delinquent on child support. Payments to Rosa me to Pierre sounds like a lovely lady, the Alonso's oldest child aka, number one of thirteen kids for teens up to fourteen well He was ordered to pay her four thousand dollars per month. That's not that bad! That's actually reasonable! Now multiply that by fourteen that's a lot to last year and I still had a kid damn it some powerful sperm and see what you look like scroll up he's like what the
yeah, which is why you know when you get to to cap for Nick in the boycott of football and so people mad at the players. The plane is like that's why you got to play because you, fourteen kids. Captain boycott of football is like what does that have to do with transport, meaning that the the idea of black people boycotting football, and then people saying like. Why did the players I, like you, know screwing, but everybody, every black player in the NFL just refused to play, and it's like. No, that ain't going to happen. They need their pay x this whole national anthem thing along with football, is very weird: it's like football player should be playing Football UFC fighters enough to Stand there with their hand over their heart to show allegiance and and to show you know what you're. Basically, asking someone to to be domesticated
right, that's true them to follow the rules. The truth is come out, like players didn't do it, What was it online like that when the when the governments the paying the NFL to have them? Do it exactly it's yeah that whole thing, it's weird man, it's weird because the whole thing you're asking them to be. You know they have to to Then you know that you're asking them to to follow the rule. My IBM with it, and I called it the misdirection. The protests never had to do with the flag right. That's about the comp has had to do it cops and a treatment, and it was just he just did it at that point because that's a powerful. So statement to do it at that point you know, and and now that the misdirection to changing up- topic is making it about the flag and it's like no, that's not what they were never protesting the flag or
veterans or Americans, or an an again when you get into those rules at a flag. You're not supposed to have the flag on Tiesha, Richard Bikinis or rats. Or a million other things. We sell we're the flag on it like if you want to talk about respecting the flag- We wouldn't do any of that either right yeah and you do you summed it up. I mean it is it's about control right! It's the same thing with these freedom of speech. Marches like where yeah it's okay to have freedom of speech is one you're saying something I agree with right, but the problem with this whole capper things that it's not an effective form of protest too, because it's getting people start for the wrong reasons- well, it was thinking that you're you're pro Testing America itself now right, one which will be moved to Canada. The people start getting crazy about it, but to to set what he's trying to do or what he was trying to do was protest. All he's unarmed people getting shot by cops, and so he takes a need for that. But the NASH
anthem doesn't have shit to do with those cops right. Well, it just became a thing of when one guy did it and he did it as a protest and he said he wanted to start the conversation and then conversation got lost and now the conversation is completely lost. The argument is going to completely different topic and you know, but yeah what you said. Control is definitely part of it same thing with the you know, cities right with free speech on the universities, and you know when you look at a school like Berkeley Berkeley had reasonable arguments like look when we bring one of these radical speakers here and it costs. One million dollars for security who's going to pay that so like if you're going to pay it fine will let you but if nobody is going to pay to million dollars for security- and we can't have these radical
because sheer blouse sort of you know the problem with that articles. They've had those speakers there forever and then, when they started having these anti fur protests and they also start supporting these anti fur protest. That's a big issue. Well, they stop having cops go after the anti for people and the Berkeley. The literally the chief of police was literally telling people the mayor was telling them to stand down and let these people protest and not just protest, they were being very violent packing things in your setting up a reaction action event right. So if you have something like that, where breaking windows and light things on fire or doing whatever they're doing you're going to have people. That's a fun those people were going to meet there and we're going to protest the anti protest people and then next thing. You know. You've got a real issue on your well that, but that's the point. That's that's where now where everything has to be. That big, an issue yeah you're right,
years ago, ten years ago, at Berkeley, you could have had a speaker, a right wing speaker at the school didn't agree with. There would have been some protein there's outside just not even level years ago, but then it became an issue. This is a social. Effect right. The speaker brings his so immediate than and he needs to stir it up to build his social media side and then some people and then the other side gets mad, just what you said yeah and they bring their you bring. The angry groups from both sides are going to meet, and then like ok, but now it's, but because it makes the whole thing. But it's like promoting a fight. You know what I mean: it's like: promoting a fight. It's like it's one thing if two guys get into a fight, but if you promote that fight for a month three months, six months ahead, that fight is going to be huge, and this is the same thing. They promote these speakers. The
protests this part of the publicity right you know so whether speakers and there's people that are provocateurs right, like you know, Milo, you know right. Well, that's that's a little rockets. I shouldn't say speakers, I should say provocateurs more as about an Shapiro is a speaker mention Piro's, an intellectual in these guys got some a very solid arguments. Would you agree with them or not? He's he's got some real facts to go with his arguments and they were the he's a Jew. He wears a yamaka and people calling him a nazi like it's like this whole punch nazi thing and getting it just the r it's a getting so blurry, and it's just like we're talking a before when it comes to gun controls teams. You know you're on I'm on team left wing, I support and t for an arm on team right wing. I support the route. You know conservatives and Potus, like the people that are calling Trump Potus,
you, know: you're defaming Potis like woah woah, woah woah, it's fucking Trump is Donald Trump and if there's ever an argument, this is ridiculous. The fucking guy, who is the host of the apprentice, is now the guy your calling code Jojo, you disrespecting the white if this respect from Potus you mean it's like literally like the pope. He gets to this almost like people situation right and again that this these are the same people who said the exact same thing about Barack Obama yeah You know last year right, but the press, it has never been disgraced or insulted like really they install. Now we're at ten suit. We played that hello weeks ago, minds when Obama wore a tan, so that was the end of that was the end of America started me off. As far as off color clothing, it's a gang color that's right in Sandy
and then Michelle Obama wore a sleeveless dress, and I think I think that was just you know now John, do something recently saying that Michelle Obama was a man like proof that Michelle, When was man he's on some shit today. They do all that when Michelle ain't in the room, yeah yeah exactly oh yeah, it was easy for Donald Trump to call pro football players sonsabitches from Huntsville AL yeah. Let's try it on the sideline. Write a few of them standing next to you, sons of pitches, yeah fire, those sonsabitches you're fired. They shouldn't have them fuckin'. Stan the national anthem. First of all, you want have a national anthem for a game. What are you saying I mean? Is this? you're rallying up patriotism at a sporting event sporting event, you're supposed to be entertaining it's supposed to move us from all of our Daily Bullship right. If it's going to be entertaining be entertaining and they did, they did sorry. I did mean it's. Ok, they did a thing this past week.
Get the Rams game like during the national anthem, how many people in the beer line. How many guys were taking a pit? oh yeah? How many unit you know? I mean it's not like those guys not like, and everybody stopped. But anyway it's not like you know not like every How do you stopped and turned and held their hand over their heart like yeah? Well, I got my dick in my hand maybe people, literally literally into the bathroom beating people's asses for piston during the national anthem. If you tell him they can it's just it's. The protest is effective right. Getting on your knees, we it's just crude causes too much controversy and here's the other problem with it. It doesn't stop anything. It doesn't start right car. Cops won't, do anything, it doesn't even shed light on it. It just it points to you and people start talking about what is it that you're protesting we're mad at you because you're not standing up for the national anthem, it creates all this noise and I get a little noise. That's the part I called good misdirection, because initially, when Copper Nick did it
it's a meaning. It had some meaning to him and it was about starting a conversation and when it became this bigger thing like you're talking about when it became. This your you're Anti American, you anti, I troops blah blah blah blah. Now it's its effectiveness, effectiveness. Now yeah! You got to do something else, because that doesn't. You're right, it doesn't mean anything anymore. People don't even know even know why you're doing it, but they hate you for yeah, I mean it's like doing it now too. Well, why you do it? I do it 'cause. I hate puppies yeah, exactly the funk is now but he's doing it because they're mad at Trump talked yet about the NFL, so you're getting just giant groups of people doing it now, much more so than before, yeah a and it's yeah it's. It's lost its effectiveness, its losses, importance and you know, and the players a lot and players get caught the middle right. Because if you do have a thing where your team says you can't do it or you're going to be fined or you're going to whatever they're saying that, yes, I'm at NBA said that it's against the rules, the MBA
but is anybody doing that in the NBA? Yet they well? They hadn't started playing the NBA just started this week preseason right and then started in the in the past, the NBA did things like they worn. I can't breathe, t shirt so yeah. It's right and they've done things like that. Nba players, NBA players, are a bit more sophisticated in their protests, and I think there are also a more united, less head trauma. You know, yeah, probably a big part of it. They've also been encouraged, I think to speak out, whereas I don't know that the NFL players are also encouraged to speak out in I don't know what topics I don't know foot the best. Will players unnecessarily encouraged to speak out were the big difference with the NBA. The players are bigger than the team. Writes Reid tried their huge stars. Yes, so you have like Lebron is bigger than the Cavaliers curry is bigger than the warriors when the
We did you bomb at the President. I was like, oh my goodness like. Where are we yeah Are we going with a rough, a king Sooper star pro athlete is tweeting. You bomb at the present in the United States, who happens to be a reality show host man. This is crazy, would be radically. You know. Look we did like the the reality show. Host Lebron could be to present in two thousand one hundred percent with Vice President Kanye, vice President Kanye, with a fucking prozac drip who would have an ivy bag dripper right into his arm? I stand there like zoning out getting being Cute Kardashian. Is she Kardashian's? First lady, well. I know not, why not a hell not have maligned it can barely speak English they're talking about immigration's to closing the border like what the where'd you get hurt and we're choose peak and she did was be important and I don't. I don't watch hello
it's Bill Maher all the time, but apparently he did this some kind of top ten list about bologna, and if one of the jokes was she has no first which yeah that's a joke, Russell Peters said about Yoshi Yoshi He was saying he goes. He goes, you know she speaks terrible English. We talk to people. The speak, japanese is japanese sucks to like you, don't have a language if you know what real language yeah it's some it's. The whole thing is: is this this football things it's very strange. It's very strange because now they're kicked these two high school kids off the team, because they their following their heroes right so they say fuck it I'm going to take a knee to first of all you're taking a knee we should at least be able to write an essay. Yeah. Tell me, while you're taking a knee son, you know and you got to know the difference in your while you are, and while you apostrophe r ii- and you know you also got to be start. Yes,
You know what I mean like like it. If the starting quarterback takes a knee is a lot more latitude yeah. You know a second string defensive end yeah, like that. You know. If trust me, if, if you know Erin Rogers it, if DAK Prescott, that was taken. The need to be a whole different conversation. Well, it's this happening? Wasn't a big star player. He was, but he fell off. He fell off because of the controversy and all the halo. I don't know what it was he had. He had started falling off before that That's how I don't know what it was yeah. I don't know what I mean, but one of the arguments is, and it is true he's a lot better than a lot of quarterbacks who have jobs, see that was a thing. They said. No, it's not a conspiracy because of the protests, but then they showed numbers of like various backup quarterbacks who are in the league and he's better with them a lot of them and then one of the owners. I think it was Baltimore where the coach wanted him and he,
I was like nah. I don't want him because of the protest, so it became thing of what they said. They said he's not blackballed because of the protests, but then it came out yet he was blackballed because of the protests and again that that's one of those things where, and you know this with any athlete like your complaints dip, and on where you are in your career shore. Will Tom Brady even said the president was divisive yeah when Tom, already said that everybody went oh Jesus right right, it's not taking the knee yeah, but they're hooking arms, yeah, yeah, I read an arms and in in unity, because when Trump spoke out against the NFL, now he he's a minute their money yeah. You know when he's telling fans not to go to the games, those owners love him, but now they like whoa hold the puck up now, yeah, that's money out of our pocket. Everybody saying hold the FA cup now because it is working Directv just offered this gigantic refund for their NFL package, because people are Pist off the people are taking any Europe paying to see football
not paying to see people stand with hand over their heart like what Here's here's a solution. Take all that should out of the game. Yeah. Okay, if you want the players to be compliant and submissive when you're you're asking the wrong thing. You're talking about super athletes is what it what is. Essentially, a group combat sport, that's a football yes, okay and if they're not- I mean. What are you doing here, you're telling them to keep their job. They have to put their hand over there Lauren standard certain position that seems very Well. Fox Fox said that they're going to stop televising the Solange God, and it was pointed out. Well, you didn't used to televise the national anthem, yeah like you, you didn't televise it until two weeks ago right when it became convert before that, you would be listening to those three guys in the studio right up to look at coffee and
the only time they televise. It is if it was like Whitney. Houston was singing it where I was yeah. I do. That was a big deal. So well I'm a big fan of no and some in sports, because I Lex boards to be split like one of the things I love about the UFC. There's no national anthems. You have to play. You know, like I the brazilian national anthem when Jose all those fighting or the American national anthem. When Chris Weidman fight How to do that? Yeah we just said: go right to the fight here the main event in the entertainment, blah blah blah, and if someone wants to make some sort of a political statement or stand we do that in the interview and that interview will be judged based on the content of whatever the conversation is and that's how it should be this weird sort of way. Where someone taking an a is supposed to protest. Shooting people, but it doesn't say that why you take in the NY you're taking any during the anthem, the anthem is supposed to be all of us. It's supposed to be a
here, but then again group as a team like the United States of America, not. You know the seahawks versus the dolphins put all that aside for a second we're all in this together. That's the idea. I under and why he did it not understand why he did it, then, because it it was the way to call attention to it. But now that flaws. But you know what the national anthem has been historically get to your seat, the game's about to start. That's all it was yeah. I was like the the word, the last two words of the national anthem play ball, yeah but that's literally yeah. That's what we thought was part of the song 'cause. That's what you heard right at the end, the umpire yell play ball in the game start. You know so I understood what Capper Nick did, but now it's done and now it's been compromised. It's been changed in the arguments changed and yeah. It's you know him. He still
not plan, people are using the land of the free to shake their deck as they're like yeah. What is this just came out now this afternoon, maybe even within the hour that twelve hundred players, personal data, has been exposed in the league by hackers selling clothing, calling copper next data. What kind of data personal information off of a server from the NFL, PA? Oh, that was that was that a hack there or did they just have one Experian or Equifax or whatever the hell it. So there are bitcoin ransom. They were trying to say they would get rid of this leak, but it is now coming out only four hundred and twenty eight bucks, so someone's at the time. How crazy is that, though, seven, four hundred and twenty eight bucks. I know that happened to that Bitcoin Hack, yeah
wish I was just talking to her this weekend. She has an accounting company and apparently these hackers, control of your database and they have an encryption key and you have to pay them in Bitcoin to get the encryption key to get back your own data yeah. This is giant group of people from other countries, red and then engage in this, and they they target large businesses and people to be willing to ok, yeah, it's like I'd like an extortion thing, yeah very weird, right. So you you have something to lose me if you want to hold four hundred twenty eight followers hostage go ahead. I'll just start another website, you think Colin Kaepernick gets confronted by the suits. Do you think sit him down and go hey man, you gotta, stop doing this. This is fucking up everybody and I think they did last year,
and we think we did last year- we do think this goes because my question is like when the more trump tweets about this ratings down, Lf Nfl bad sad. You know he tweets that and all the trump go along with it, and then they start boycotting people. Are I see all these tweets boy, caught the NFL and all this crazy thing You know, you know where it goes. It goes nowhere because we have no attention span. Is the nation, but it's going to have to stop or well, can you, but again This is the thing we just had this mass shooting right attention now will be on. On the a and you know guns and and so what you know, what I mean any NFL will be on the back burner. We have in the past month six weeks confederate statues, right, yeah, hurricanes, Charlottesville, yeah,
the NFL. Now it's a mass shooting, you know what I mean we have. No, we have. No attention span is a nation, so it will, go away an in another month. People will be watching football they'll, be something else: yeah yeah 'cause, there's a. There's always the latest big story and and that's still you know. I haven't heard a thing about a confederate statue in the last two weeks get knocked down of them, getting put back up yeah. Well, what it you know. I mean it's that is so true of right wrong or indifferent, America has Z attention span, you did you see what that fucking, Katie from CBS at top executive. She, like a vice president at CBS, some huge position she went on face who saying she didn't feel bad for the people that got shot in Vegas cuz. They were republicans they were. Likely Republicans she's talking about hundreds
people that got shot for going to a country. Music concert like the fact that she just made this blanket statement. She thought they were likely Republicans because they were in a country, music concert. You know the the thing about that this, and this is the thing about freedom of speech to people. Forget you have freedom of speech, but there are consequences right. It's not freedom of speech without Con, to quit. So she can say that and then, CBS fires her the next day. It's like well you shouldn't have said that shit. You know you should've kept it yourself or use told your friends at the cocktail party, but the minute you made a public statement. We don't want to be associated with you, but it's. We were talking about earlier this team thing that someone could be so idea, Lee isolated there, so locked into this liberal bubble that they think it's okay to say something like that that it's okay for mass murder to exist and you don't feel bad for those rest mass,
But if you don't agree with it all share your team ideology, I mean. What did you is that? What is her name, this lady, it's talking insane yeah. I mean this is an level she was a very high level executive. This isn't like simple queen word nuisances was yeah well, she's fought now I mean she's likely Fuct forever. I mean this is not something that people forget Would it choose a vice president of business affairs? No, they yeah vice Prez, of business affairs. Yeah, hey gift, women gold road on her facebook page. She was not sympathetic to victims of shootings because she claimed most country music fans, Republicans wow. She wrote that if they wouldn't do thing when children were murdered. I have no hope that rip pugs well or do the right thing, I'm actually not even sympathetic, because country music fans are often a republican gun
toters holy! Well, you got the right to say it. You got the right to lose your job. Not sympathetic is such a queen. That could have been your sister, your mom, your mom, your daughter, someone's little kid I mean As a country music thing right. There was a a day of a lot of family type, folks that are there country, music, advance we what time of night that it all went down, but how old the like ten of those videos yeah I mean, this. This is like things, the the what I what I said was had it been a rap concert. They would blame the artists not like I did it. There would have been some serious calls of horrific racism. It's just that a white guy was shooting white people. You, because I again, you know you know it The reason I laugh because, like that's how horrific we
come as a society that that's the statement like you know. You know what I mean like yeah. It was a white guy shooting white people, so we couldn't twist the race. You know, you know what I mean like. We are today about someone writing about white privilege were so uh we're insane were insane. That that that that is the issue with something like this. You know, but but it's true I mean what you're saying is true, but we've reached that level of insanity that that statement is true. Imagine how freaked out people would be if that was a Muslim, the did this o okay beat a. Would it be war would be war war. It will be war in the streets, n n. You know not actually like no Muslim would be safe in America, I mean is: are we gonna have war on white dudes with guns? No, no. I mean the the There is white dudes with guns that got shot by white dude with guns. Everyone must be so so conflicted because a lot of those people that were in the audience like one
country, music, guys actually came out and said that he completely switched his stance on gun rights. He said I've been A second amendment advocate my entire life. He goes. I have concealed carry permits, there's people that would conceal carry permits that were on my staff, yeah guitarist in LAS Vegas Control, change is mine, a gun control? What is his name? Caleb Keeter Caleb Keeter sounds like the whitest fuckin'. Do that's ever lived Caleb good, oh boy, my name is Caleb Caleb I'm, going out on a limb here and say: Caleb Keeter drive the truck. Oh for sure you have a basketball, I mean or a baseball hat or a cowboy hat level, nine five wizard guitarist for the, what is that Josh Abbott Band,
see I'll say something like that and like who? The of that and then you go to their twitter page. Have twenty four million fires MIKE what is happening? I don't understand, because your music is a whole different world, a world, but you know the again we get back to where we started with is great and the insanity of of the whole thing, but the problem what you said about like a white guy doing. Shooting we were talking about. The ones in their team right everyone's in their group yeah, but this ruins the narrative right because, Our narrative is the Muslims are terrorists. They right. They they are. The terrorists and the black people are criminals in Mexicans. Are rapists and opiate every day, then one of ours did it to us. Some millionaire yeah a white readily in there now is a real estate investor and a gambler right. This this rule when's your narrative now yeah have to now you have to
how to change your story to make him other because point taken become other. There are people that are ' in advance of absolute up way less on this article on white privilege, they're saying that the shooter had white privilege and using his white privilege as how he walked through the. Casino, with all these guns and all this equipment and like down like what that fund like a panda, I I believe white privilege exists in certain circumstances. Not in that one yeah. That's of great battles argument. You know we look at James. All white village of the lone Wolf shoot all that fucking guy, of course, that fucking fake black guy? This, of course it's him who writes that that guy is such a race. Are you talking about the the article about the guy being the lone Wolf yeah yeah yeah? I read that this whole thing. That we're dealing with, as so many different facets to it. The mass shooter thing, but a big part of it is the fact become the narrative for the entire country. It becomes
a huge part. What everybody's talking about these people that have for whatever reason they have. This need to be a guy who gets paid attention to this. This gets back to your point about mental. Yeah and our mental health is a nation that the mass shooter is a thing yeah like you know, I think it was Trevor Noah. Talk about on the daily show. Where we're really not surprised anymore, right 'cause. He said he's been in the United States for two years living in New York for two years and how many mass shootings, this is and it's like, but Americans like yeah, you know another one and we we we got to develop some sense of outrage before we do something about this or like the onion article was talking about we just like well, let's just hope that it doesn't happen again, then we won't do anything differently and I hope it never had to do anything different, but we're just going to hope. You know and that, and
line. The thoughts and prayers line. Stop it stop it! Stop it yet Your thoughts and prayers go out to know because You need to say something right and people do, but if you're in the government, if your policy maker then you do more than just say that you have you got it. You know, put your also on the line and step up and do something challenge to chat, launch the gun lobby about registration of weapons? It was easier for them to chat. Is the hotel lobby about security and hotels, and then the channel the gun lobby about registration, a weapon, but he So here is the registration of weapons. This guy had these weapons illegally. I mean these are still like at the end of the day, you're talking about a criminal possessing criminal weapons same thing sandy hook, he got he got him from his mom who got legally right,
he got an illegal yeah, but you can still make it like. You said if you made it more difficult, if you had to take a class, if you had to If your should had to be a strange and be a percent, yeah didn't didn't, have yeah should should be locked up. Minutes mean just I just don't know but what's interesting too, is that Trump used to be a Democrat? Here's a Democrat forever Trump's of publicity, You know I mean and he's you know this is this goes back to Sarah pale. Right like I never liked Sarah Palin or agreed with Sarah Palin, but I respect Sarah Palin's ability to manipulate the media. Sarah Palin knew how to keep her name in the news. You know you know Kim Kardashian's another one like you may not like Kim Kardashian, but guess what you know, who she is right. You know who, Yes, we all know who she is. I read somewhere that she is the most famous woman on earth and I can believe that, and I had
the bit about it, had a whole bit about aliens. Come down here and try to figure out why that's the most famous woman on earth, and her by using Oj Simpson yeah the whole is that Oj Simpson, you know got out of you know like rob. Kardashian was Oj Simpson one of his journey remember. They all die cancer, yeah, that's! What's fuckedup yeah, F Lee Bailey! He's the only guy that's alive and he's broke living in Maine somewhere, everybody that OJ off which Johnny Akron cancer Kardashian died of cancer, they'll, just dump fuckin' love aimed their way lot of brothers in jail, because Johnnie Cochran died limit such until I go live you do we miss Johnny's. I thought it up with Johnny was good, but if the glove does not fit, you must acquit in everybody's life. Why is a lot of ball players doing times? Eight damn Johnny? Thank you! So you watch
the whole Cuba, Gooding Junior thing. I've only watched one episode. I watched one episode last night, but it brought it all back. Underrated actor yeah. He was. He wanted Oscar yeah. I know but then to drop it off yeah you look at and that movie he did wooden arrow about being the first black diver was a man of honor or the phenomenon movie see the movie no never heard of it. Yeah, I'm pretty sure man of honor, something Cuba. Gooding Junior plays the first black deep sea diver edge. True story, yeah a man of honor, two thousand check that he sort of being dropped off in a weird way. Would wonder what happened with him? I don't know it's one of those things when he gets a chance to play a role he's phenomenal in it, but so many times he gets these. You know ground movies, bullshit rolls and stuff like that. I don't know how Hollywood works on that level, so I don't know what what it is but some poor choices, poor choices,
after a the agent movie. Show me the money, was Jerry, Maguire Maguire. After that movie there was a big drop off yeah. It happens, you know You know same thing happened with Jamie Foxx, yeah, but Jamie. Box is still in the mix. He still does everything I mean he was in there. He was great django and that baby baby driver. I didn't see that one I heard it was amazing. Yeah, it's great movie, it's good enough change. It's just one of those weird dudes. It seems like you could do anything. Super talent, yeah, This is super personable too. That's another thing about him we had with is such an normal guy met him last. Would have been nicer, he's very cool. He did the podcast like couple months ago, so normal as it comes. There's a recent clip of him describing the potential Tyson movie that might be making and like the opening of it that they might have worked out. It's fucking, it's like a three minute.
Love him just describing it down a little Tyson impression in there. Well, he can do in really amazing impressions. He would be great as Tyson just have to do a lot of roids. Yeah it's about to get real thing right. It up there completely different body types. He would have to write it up and he would have to actually learn how to box. I don't know if he does, but if you can't I have a guy. He might have trained someone he did all leaves. He was like what alleys corner man when he played alley. Wasn't he born brown yeah, he was yeah pulled it off. He looked like a. You looked like he had been training, but there's a few guys that you don't so yeah there. He is hahaha yeah? There's a few guys, this just don't pull it off the in a fighter like even now
so crow when he played Jim Braddock, is like not buying you imagine. If boxing really was like movie fights, where every punch can Well, some fights are go. Watch aterro, Gotti versus Mickey Ward, those fucking it's literally war movie fights that's what everybody was so jazzed up about right. There was some of the most I mean blood and guts fights for sure, but preposterous fight stood right in front of each other and beat the shit out of each other. That was Hagler Hearns. That was the only fight. I saw that that was a we've had a yeah we're just going to stand here now and just punch each other until it's over. I will haggling is decided that that fight he mean he fought very strategically in most fights. You know when he fought Gabi Mugabe was a murderous puncher and he took Mugabe into deep bar and then followed him up and stopped him, but not her, and she said I'm going to jump right in your face. Mother.
I'd like they didn't like each other, they didn't didn't, didn't, hurt and break his hand like that. Why he couldn't keep punching, he broke his hand on Hagler, said yeah and he heard Hagler yeah. He stunned Hagler in the first round, but Hagler had a preposterous chin, preposterous he's. Only down his entire career as a bulshit knocked down. I forget who it was. It knocked him down but some argentinian dude, but as a bulshit, knockdowns afaik knocked out, wasn't legal flip and then he moved to ITALY and started making movies just banging italian trucks If you go to ITALY man, I know you realize like why am I trying so hard yeah a little role, Dan yeah yeah, the night mark, Maggie was not knocked down. They should that's a stain on his. Manage to go back and remove that it was not a knock down Do you see that they're going to play it play it? Let's watch oh see if you could find that that knocked down it's a bullshit fucking knocked down. They don't have a clip
of roll down, knocking down Marvin Hagler mom, and I would still be disaster. He had ridiculous muscles on the side of his head. That was like he was built with like it was right here in his temples, they said at the at the muscles that surrounded his temples were three times larger than a normal person's. That happens right. Certain athletes for sure man, some guy There is a born yeah yeah. It is show it real, quick, let's see here all knocked down, I mean he's like push down the back of his head. Did they going to show it? You know they're going to show it in between rounds yeah. Just let it go for a second here. Would you do go back yeah show just in between rounds I'll show it on the replay. So I went back to his corner. Forty eight KO's and it's sixty two five
and he's one of the few guys that when he lost his sugar Ray Leonard, he just went fuck this and I don't think he lost that fight. I've watched that fight a few times. I thought it was a decision for how it should decision privately this c. Slip. He mostly missed three miles south of the the ponds. Let's see he just kind of pushed into this forum and Hagar a bounce right up. That is not a knockdown mutherfuckers, but he took some comes from Mugabe. Mugabe was murdering people at that time, but you know we were talking about football players, boxer there's another one where they don't know when to let it go yeah like you got you got, you can only take so many punches to the head. Yeah and then a fighter's well yeah could talking. I'm going to come back now. Yeah, Did you get hooked on the fame, but she got it at some point. You gotta and it's not even when they get old. It's when they get the like. Fifty like laid.
Do you live in that I mean the dells talking about making a comeback. Now at forty eight, and I think, he's been out of the fight game for at least five or six years Where is the UFC gave him an oh um, like sort of a know, show job for a while and they said. Look you don't have to work, just come, and do some events every now and then you get a chunk of money every month, and so he was living off that and doing really well with that, but then we have sold and when the UFC sold they killed those jobs and this whole fuckin' UFC sold thing. So crazy because they bought it for four billion dollars billion hi to make the monthly not they had a cut hundred jobs in the USA. One hundred people got fired. And now they had a they had a figure out some way to build. Well, it's not just that. It's like you gotta you gotta make payments have so they sold some more of it off. They sold
some more of the assets off to some other corporations or some other people, and I'm glad I don't have to deal with that shit dude. I just show up and talk yeah, I don't. You know I don't envy the people that have to deal with the bean counters in the morning. What I mean, what is worth four billion dollars, zero darwars! Yes, It was like worth it. Yeah like I star wars billion dollars and I'm making money yeah. That makes sense, yeah Disney bought that yeah, but then they put star wars Rock hides in like a slightly different. It's Disney. You know you can get star tours the banks to come to your birthday party. Whole team of them. Probably have you done that ride at Disneyland
Yes, I'm gonna Disneyland down that ride. You go gets like a virtual and I was right. Yeah the ride is awesome, yeah an inmate again it's when Disney. Does some they're going to do it right to move the movies like this is not going to be anymore. Does judge banks movies or any of that, like Disney's, like yeah. We were going to handle this yeah. That kind of work He still he's in the star Tours movie, though yeah that thing. The little thing when you sometimes you run into him like underwater, is drawn and everybody gets excited, but it's uh but the quality of movies went back up. Oh yeah, for sure you know they don't play games. Yeah lot of money invested, we're doing a star Wars Park at Disneyland, yeah, some gigantic, he was so it was. What was it? You speak tomorrow, land or something like that with something else in there converting it making the whole thing star wars. This is it's going to be open in like two years and it's going to be insane. I don't know how
You are, but do you remember when the first movie came so yeah, you remember, the first movie came out. Fuck yeah, like like think about that when we think about George Lucas, like I'm, going to make a movie that's going to change culture, it is literally they're going to bring language change language like we're going have you know things we talk about right, like Jedi, mind tricks worse and it it's it'll be mind, boggling to sit back and say yeah, I created this whole thing got to be mind boggling, but do you think you set out to do that to me set out to just make? I don't think they did? No, he just said I don't make a great movie and hit all the buttons for people everything Ford for generations yeah. You know generations to be like you know, you know all the things you have the rebel with the fucking giant gorilla that followed him
If the gun, the whites Yoda Old, guys iota, he had the wise iota, he had the old man who is the master who's, showing them how to do it? A bastardized, Noel, raiders, villains of all time, all the best to gag until people his mind, yeah yeah, any any. You didn't see his eyes, couldn't see anything if you know motion he just yeah. That's all he did he did he just he would breathe he would agree that was the shed and imagine being a storm trooper, just an average storm. Trooper an you hear this coming down the hall you're like oh shit, I might die, I might die like. I don't know if I did my job right now, but maybe he just needs to make an example which I watch Today, though, so it's not it, but it's still. It's only still great because it brings back the memory of great. It was yeah, but no it's not the movie. It was then, but, but I sent a fax we've, never seen anything like that jump into hyperspace allow it.
Yeah. It's amazing. The special effects were terrible. Did you ever see um Darth Vader with the actors voice, the actor yeah, no yeah! You can see it on Youtube. Eight sacks! Well, not exactly because you know the actor had to do the lines with the other actors. Right that's not quite the impact of James Earl Jones, James Earl Jones, I've voice that guy has Ving Rhames is the mark. The modern version of the af Ing range is a lot of voice is doing so the UFC and who you telling you to you're talking to a guy with the boys who can't get a job because he because being reigned in those guys? Do it yeah yeah? Because- and you know I lost one to Danny Glover and I'm goodbye over medium black man. You got lethal weapon money. You didn't need this. It's a Guinness beer, commercial. I needed that competition out there bro always going to lay down for you know. By now it works, but not in the voice. Over again, I gotta start punching people in the throat
voice over games are weird game right. There's some dudes, like you, know who's. Testing. One is the guy from Ray Donovan, Fox's name, leave Schreiber leave leave, leave, leave. Schreiber but he's really good at it. He a lot of the UFC ones once for Fox, and I can never remember his name but Donald Sada oh yeah, toys, toys, the voice of Delta, it's he's a voice of juice. Is he dead? He's. Is it Donald Sutherland? My Santa right is that the right after the guy with the White Hair Donald Sutherland is the guy who was in invasion of the body snatchers, maybe a lot of eight thousand two hundred and eighty two same guy. He did. He just did the hunger games movies. He was like the president in the hunger that's the guy right. It's a movie with Helen Mirren, yeah yeah that guy he does a ton. Whenever I think of him, I think of
invasion, the bystanders then it became one of the guys. You know, who's getting paid the guy. Who does the Allstate? You know there's another one that I could have done, yeah that guy I could Dennis Haysbert. I could have done that a lot less, usually only one of those names a friend of mine used to work with him on a series. That's why I know his name you can go to any mall in America. He was also guy. He was also Major League He was Serrano in major League Jobu. Number that at all, I barely remember major league- yeah, that's him major league. I love that. Maybe that's a that was a fun fuckin' movie, that's one of those movies that, if you're flicking channels and it's on I'm watching yeah yeah yeah, Charlie Sheen back for the crack yep Wesley,
it's nice when he was paying taxes trying to act like it wasn't, Omar Epps played the same character in the second movie. I like to really Place Wesley Wesley a bunch. So great Patton Oswalt bit. He does about being in blade two and about how replaced Wesley Snipes, halfway in the movie, this was, I don't know allegedly was fucking around. Coke or something really and just was completely off his rocker. You know it was a weird time form. I've got a friend who grew up with them. Yeah I mean literally like Wesley, was sleeping on his couch when he got his first American Express commercial, his first acting job, oh yeah, and and then he got. I forgot what He did some movie, it was a fight movie or something like that and he kind of disappeared on my buddies, wife she's, always like you better.
Never Wesley snipe us. Oh you better, not disappear using his first movie commercial for western oh yeah! It was good that commercials Commercial money was always a big thing right. Then there have you ever. Have you got a national commercial back? Then you got paid back that up here. The scene where the pipe was going off. Huh, God dam hilarious, look at the computer. Can I get the computer back then so Western Union numbers into a terminal, gotta get that bail money. So that's our lifetime in our lifetime. Things have changed so radically. Stop and think about thirty years before that it wasn't much different. This is a little different, but I think it is now so you think about parents lifetimes yeah exactly
to go from radio active, live from radio to the internet, not that my mom will mess with the internet. Here, mom doesn't fall within their. We tried her church started doing the bulletins online, so he gave her smart phone like a few years ago. I gave her one of those, but they call it the cricket Oh yeah. We have like four numbers on yeah and that's all you do and well they made a smart phone version and it literally has one button that says: email a button. It says text button, it says pictures and a button that says call and it's like mom. I can't like simplest, we could do she wouldn't do it. She won't mess with it while she was there for a long time. You know my mom was still like talk fast. As long distance You know it was like. Don't worry. I got this. I got a long distance money, Yes, well, I got long distance money. That's right! Remember when member, when roaming with you would drive your car an hour,
outside of where your coverage area was should be fucked. If you got eight, in t. You still got room man at and T U. They used to just break me when I travel. It was ridiculous, really and and forget when like when you went to the festival in Montreal. It's like listen, I'm a need, my pay plus, Att money call a call I know a lot of dudes to use their phone overseas and didn't know when they got one thousand dollars bill got back home like one thousand dollars for phone call in the one guy he did. He used his data, but he kept use his phone, like he had a three thousand dollars bill. When he came back from Montreal, his dad who is on twenty four slash, seven for like eight days: it's. How can they charge you that much that's true? They cut it in half or so like that, but it was still yeah. They give you a break unreal, so sweet of them yeah, but it's interesting
competition, is sort of a race that whole roaming thing like because more people were jockeying for. Share of the market Verizon at and T mobile. All these different people, players, Sprint and They just had to make some concessions for competition. Well, the next big test is going to be one thousand dollars Iphone right, 'cause. If people pay, it then What phones are going to cause? Well, isn't that New Samsung Galaxy note eight! Isn't that similarly priced nothing's going to be up there, yeah they're, basically, computers, that no data is pretty fucking sweet man, they're bad as but that's that's a big jump. That's basically you're doubling the price for cell phone. What are the new ones now, adding new ones now or five to six hundred bucks? I don't think they are if you just buy it, but that's the point. But now you know
going to get that, you know you know 'cause, it's always been. You get the discounted price sign up for two years or so that well apparently, with this one, it's going to be just you gotta, just by the phone. They just can't grade yeah. So it's I think it's a test, because if people don't go for it, then I'll, be like oh well. We got to go back to the old model and this job willing to pay more money for a phone. If you knew that the phone was made by people that got paid a living wage yeah. I would yeah I'm I'm all about that man, I'm I'm fine with paying more for something to take care of the employees, that's the best, argument for made in America that made in America. Argument is like some people look at it, patriotism and nationalism, and I could see that there's also the argument. If it's made in America, then people have to get paid, at least minimum wage hello. You know who said it and it's been
So I think it's one of his great Quote Henry Ford Henry Ford said. Never forget you have to pay him enough to by the cars- I that's a smart quote and they forgot Henry Ford was a wizard yeah Henry it also figured out that you can make fenders out of hemp and their far superior to men. There's an old video you're, seeing those the old video of his first car know his first are that he made had fenders made out of hemp and he's banging it with a hammer the hammers is just hemp is forget about whatever feels about marijuana, Falcon stoners, always trying to push it on us. Just hemp itself as a text as a as a commodity hemp when they use him to make things out of hemp is of strange fiber, where, if you had a piece of hemp like the
is this water bottle? Is a large water bottle right? Have you had a piece of hemp that was that thick? You would be hard like oak, but lightly also would it so again, weird similar to bamboo for its. Go to bamboo, but stronger, much stronger. It's a very, very strange. It's the impact is ten, times stronger than steel hemp, plastic panels. Now you see find the video it's a crazy video, because in the video he's banging on this fender with a hammer, well anyways the video, because he had my phone to make videos in nineteen ten. This is we had to do it on a truck filled, another one of those things, the poet crank it back, yeah right, crank, yeah. You probably did like that's his car, actually pretty dope car. If you had that today drive around that whether by now, yes, he
On it with a bounces off and it's complete sustainable. You can plant it in an area and regenerate it within a year, whereas if have the same issue with trees. You try We generate an area with trees, it takes decades, so is it well. I guess it so be more Melinda Bamboo then Fiberglass, yes, more similar to bamboo than fiberglass but superior to both of those things. It's fucking amazing. It's a fiberglass cracks and breaks oh yeah. I know flight like fiberglass, but far stronger, I had a. I had a corvette, the defender, just cracked and broke off, of course, number one. We have a magnificent, more yeah, they come who made a car recently out of hemp. Lotus Lotus made a hemp car really recently an you know: people are hoping that other manufacturers are going to start using this because it's actually safer. It's
stronger than fiberglass safer than fiberglass, and it's like the similar in in terms of its weight, so stripe down the middle is exposed. Is it there's photos where you could see it more clearly, Jamie see if you like, just yeah there. It is so that is what the actual fiber looks like. It's not painted on and sealed, or it's just old rather, but not colored. So you can see that the fiber it's it's incredible stuff man and it doesn't fuck with the environment. It's actually bird, it's a cleaner process. So why is it not being used because it's connected to marijuana. That's the only reason just publish yeah. Well, it's just bad publicity up until very recently, was it legal to grow in the United States. Now I know this for a fact, because my company on it we had to I all of our hemp from Canada when we sell hemp protein, which is one of the best versions of protein that you can get in plant based
because it has a full amino acid profile, very easy to digest, and if you get high quality hemp hearts like the stuff that we sell real easy going down like it doesn't fuck with you or give you gas, like some people have issues with like way pro, even if they have any sort of lactose intolerance and some people just doesn't doesn't agree with them- happens very easy to digest. I mean I take it Hamp. Protein shake and I'll go to the gym like an hour later and have no issues working out pretty hard. Whereas some stuff just so you I fuckedup, I fuckedup up eating, but because As of all the laws that have been in existence since the 1930s, regarding hemp and marijuana, One thing that a lot of people don't even realize the laws were actually put in place to stop hemp. As a commodity, not really stop marijuana, they stop Marijuana. To stop hemp mean there was all done by William Randolph Hearst. The this in the nineteen thirties
things, two thousand seventeen with propaganda. The term marijuana was never used. Marijuana was a wild mexican tobacco. The reason why they use the term marijuanas 'cause they could instead of saying Canada which everybody already knew instead of saying camp which everybody already knew. They said well, there's this drug cold marijuana in these Mexicans and blacks are smoking is drug and rape and all the white women yeah that was literally yeah, the thirteen a documentary they talked about. It amazing thing to do with opium and the Chinese from the real world yeah. You know that is to the this day is why hemp is such a problem in this country, all that bullshit from nineteen thirty? Something is why Still, we still have issues with the hemp protein. Do you get high off of it and everything it? Doesn't it snow, thc whatsoever, it's just the fiber from the stocks. It's not just curious for the meat. Personally, I meant to try it, but yeah. Oh, have protein is amazing, but I do
Sorry likes Cb Dis, which you know really great for pain and pain, medication, on pain, tall information and things on those lines, some people a great fit since, as he gets high off of it. Now I don't understand He said he tries that Charlotte's Web Cbd oil, which is full profile, hemp oil. He says it get some high, they might be crazy. It's fits Is it is a sweet boy? Things react differently, Dave Metabolism yeah, but if we were, you know if we were reasonable and intelligent will be making a load of things with him. The for the fiber is so easy to regenerate so easy to grow. It's totally sustainable, it's healthy, maybe That will maybe that'll change, I'm hoping, maybe that'll change in time when we're slowly slowly, waking up and getting rid of those. Well, like you said, the propaganda create you know, one other thing is that people make plastic with it. You can make degradable biodegradable hemp. Plastic
Well, you've been weed, I mean it. You know, people that we've had legal weed right. People aren't running the streets raping, I am for it well yeah, but still you might have been just smoke I don't know who I am I'd, like a wake up covered in blood Joe doesn't, I meant that it wasn't the week is the idea that You know this is the one that's illegal is so fucking crazy right? Would you just go to a liquor store or just you know, go to a bar? almost anywhere yeah look and that's the lobby. I obeyed this crazy article about the We thing in Vegas like they made a compromise with the liquor lobby that you had to have a liquor distributor license to distribute the marijuana to literally take it to the display. This and no one got the license, so they couldn't deliver. It
I mean I'm sure they'd figured it out, but initially like nobody could deliver yeah the liquor companies like. Why would we deliver it like we don't want to? You know we want you drink. Well, they were running into its shortage. It was so chaotic when they first they couldn't couldn't, distribute it anywhere else crazy, but they couldn't keep up with the demand either. This is so insane, no doubt, no doubt any They still have the money issue right. They still have the issue of the risk of put into the banks, especially with sessions. Yeah sessions could be some anti weed guy had little goofy ALF one of weird fucker, that guy is You know it's just I like watching Trump on them. Yes, sort of to swallow it and eat it. You know in the beginning he was trump is real high on him, and then he wouldn't recruit recluse himself, because I investigation Russia. My favorite joke was when Roy Wood, Junior, called sessions of confederate monuments
great job, yeah he's he was a guy that was, it was TED Kennedy that was calling him a disk. Race like back in the 1980s. This guy was well. He was too racist to be a judge. Like in the Reagan era and I mean literally like Congress, was like no like you, too you're too far gone and yet this guy has a long history of crazy yeah. I know what he wants to bring back just say no days literally said that he wants to bring back the policy of just say no and the on war on drugs, stolen people in jail forever, just same. No thank you they live in the Nancy Reagan day. It's a main, and that was probably progressive for him. You know I mean that was that was a lot yeah he's a he's, moved these are those are right he's one of those guys that, like he wants it to be one thousand nine hundred and fifty yeah
that's his dream? He wants it to be one and- get all the ladies things were good. He wants to be one thousand nine hundred and fifty that they were black. People were segregated. There were no Mexicans, like Mexicans, didn't even didn't even exist in the fifty. So you know he was the only one he would be only Latino in America and the jets and the jets had West side story. They were crazy, Ricky Ricardo was cuban Cubans were completely respectable. It's like a man from Spain the man from Spain I come over to America with spanish gentleman. You know it's like there's a difference like when people started. Looking at Mexicans came became this different thing. Cuba was Vegas yeah, it was Vegas. My dad was around in that era. When Cuba was where you went on cation and gambling. The model ran at all yeah. I must be weird times on it had to be crazy, but they still have the cars from back then, and they keep them running with anything
anything, but you know you talk about engineers like. Can you imagine if, today, you still had to keep a nineteen fifty three chevy running with like engines? She just like you might think, you're creative, but here's One thousand nine hundred and fifty three chevy half of a boat in a lawn like this This is literally the professor from Gilligan's island, where you just like you just make shit. Work can say: don't remember that show they remember Macgyver, they don't remember. The professor from Gilligan's island was the original mikoda professor used to like make machine. Seems out of bananas and palm fronds and they had a show. Today. Everybody would be fucking nobody Fuct back, then no nothing ever happened on tv. Which is always have make up on it for with everybody she had heels in address on on the smart people. Look at Mariana go home want. I want Mary Ann's, the movie
Yeah move! You want her she's like Loki's, probably freaking bed but she's like she keep it in a huge, probably banging kill again. He thinks oh yeah in real life. We could. No, if you figure the professor and the skipper, were fighting over ginger all the time right and the hollows had each other so Maryann. She just you, know, slip in and out on Gilligan what about skipper that poor Phuc skipper, just bizarre attacks in Havana hit us by networking Cuba. What is that typed in this? I was looking at recent news and this is coming out. Yesterday, attacks on US personnel in Havana. What is this what's happening to them? Spies to the to the embassy under diplomatic cover reported hearing bizarre sounds experiencing So this was the audio a tax write off hitting him with sound motion.
Experiencing even stranger physical facts. United states realize something was wrong. Individuals familiar with the situation, said: yeah we do using some sonic weapon started within days of President Donald Trump Surprise election in November, surprise, election, ok, The precise timeline remains unclear, including whether intelligent officer intelligence officers were the first victims hit or merely the first victims to report it. The USS has all the situation, I'm going to date, administration largely has described the twenty one victims wow at the. U embassy, personnel or member the diplomatic community. That description suggested only bona fide, people mats in their family members were struck with no logical motivation beyond disrupting USA cuban relations yeah, It was some sort of cedar, not even describing kind of attack. It is so with some scroll down here, the first disturbing reports of
sing high pitched noises in inexplicable ailments, pointed to deliberately targeting the US government intelligence network on the Communist Run island and what seems like a bone. Chilling escalation of the for TAT spy games. The washed and Van have waged over the last half century on the net. For me, in new year's interesting, have you heard of the brown? No? What's that it's I, I was thought that maybe it was getting at this, but it I don't even know if it's actually real, but it sounds like it's real. It's a sonic note that, can be used supposedly weaponized to make someone shut them self. Oh, I did hear about that. I know when I was in audioscore member were asking teacher. If you can, if that's at a possibility or whatnot- and I don't know if we ever got anywhere- lipstick it's not a test it well. How that sounds. I don't know who found the man of your neck. Yes, it is when when they would hear it, hello
I mean hearing that stops at twenty herbs, which is a real like low base. You can buy a you have to have really good hearing to even hear that if you do sound to someone a play that sound at almost a sound like a pressure to feel like a pressure change in your head, I have a friend whose fears are up my friend John Dudley notes on the His ears are up from guns, like you shot a lot of guns in his younger and blues hearing out, but so as a hard time hearing certain things, but he can hear really deep sounds way better than I can. My hearing is good. But he he's got like it's almost like you know when One is blind. They can hear better. It's almost like that, like his his hearing is up, but certain notes penetrate the don't get me, but you can hear like like a deep sounds like an animal grunting life and he's like you. I don't know, I don't hear shit that most people can't hear it's weird, very weird, because most of the sounds up. Yes, so he does. Is that brown note real
asking for your computer. I have heard of it. That would be. That would be your best and worst podcast. Ever the brown note yet ask her cars. She shooting themselves on the train ship themselves on the plane. That was amazing, but I hate it. Yeah and he played in the background of the most amazing podcast ever like you have some really cool person in here. Really Interesting subject. Remember mythbusters tried to do this and I think they used the really really big sound system to try to recreate this low frequency content stuff almost impossible to get an. I think they didn't get very far because they don't have that government chip Bro stuff they use in Cuba. Maybe that's what's going on those people shooting themselves, they just don't want to say it. Friday. I was hoping it would say something like that yeah. I wonder what the sonic attack is like a do. They pointed out. Yes, you can they have that. I know right or the speaker can be.
They can literally pointed at you look across the street and press a button. The sounds going right at you and fucking with you here will sound is directional, so that absolutely makes sense yeah. How weird is they're, doing who's doing that must be someone in the cuban government doesn't want us over. There was just to fuck with the just a fuck with the diplomats. The Yankee spies, like this so that is something that's always going on. There's just little games, they play with each other yeah. This is they couldn't even in Cuba, they couldn't even hear him. They just were and they weren't even aware of an attack. There's later they had symptoms. Wow wow probably have a headache I would imagine. Yeah housetrip boy magic that gets in the wrong hands. Will it becomes like a you know? Technology gets into the hands of regular people eventually like tasers and shake just go, buy a taser and you could buy some sound it just point: your neighbor was mowing the lawn are giving you know if the amp is an emp, a real threat to like America or whatever, like the matrix style mpy.
Without all the electronics. With the real issue with it is natural solar blasts, any sort of solar flare mean there's there's a massive potential for solar interrupt in interruption. Our entire power grid like some as solar flare happens and just cooks, all of our satellites, the entire power we have, are from scratch, were down so no power for months B. E M p. Well, we're in Port Rico, be a MP is real, but I think you have to create so much power to have one that big. I think. That's that's the limiting fact. I had a guy in here. Peter Schiff was here with us today. This the son brought darkness in Quebec. There's a blackout caused by solar flare, like those in the 90s, eighty, nine, it's okay, the entire province of Quebec, Canada, sort of electrical power blackout, hundreds of blackouts occured in some parts of North America every year to go back back out, was different because
Phone was caused by a solar storm. Yeah, apparently like what we're what we've tracked so Far in terms of like solar activity is just a tiny fraction of what the sun is capable of in this case, the sun is capable of some pretty wild variations and if those wild variations if it hits like a real, odd end, it could just fuck her entire system. Oh well, we're at the mercy of nature. Always. You know, no matter how big our egos, get over our creations, but we build nature, It is like you know, wipe touch the minute you know to me like there's not I used to joke about that. Like look at my beach house wish to read, I stayed at one for awhile and at night time it reveals itself here in the daytime. It looks beautiful. Look at all the beautiful blue water, it's amazing! So pretty the ocean at night. It is a black. My
like space, it's a dark monster. Cuz, you don't see anything and you realize like go that is fucking. Could drill ends of gallons of water. They can just swallow up the entire city. Tons of weight and pressure like that, you know, sh SH, like snow snow, is the same way. You know it's shut everything down, just a few snow fall, but you don't live next. Just know. That's the fuckedup thing about living next to the ocean, you're literally on the edge, but you can open one of places that gets hit with you know ten feet of snow, twelve feet of snow and you screwed. Yeah, but you could see that should come and get out of dodge, but we don't know so we don't want rich people live on the edge. That's the same thing with earthquakes, I told my mom a long time ago like she be. Are you okay? I said mom, let's one day, I make enough money to live somewhere, I have to worry about. You know. So you know I mean like I live in the valley, I'm fine like I wish I wish,
the worry about fires, but there's no brush clearing little bit. Now I don't have a full kit. I have a Red Cross kit and a couple of gallons water, but I'm going to I'm going to expand on that. I have some food freeze, dried food You know a guy who went through Katrina, told Maine cash cash. He said, keep cash in the house, he said after Katrina, milk was one hundred dollars a gallon one hundred wow yeah. He said you gotta keep a large sum of cash in the house as part of your disaster kit, something I never would have thought about it yet there's a disaster. The price of everything goes up and cash is the only currency like you can't use credit cards. If there's no, Tricity, was there an issue in Houston where people get arrested for price gouging on water, and yet they would charge, and I don't know what is it? Ninety bucks a case I think for water one hundred dollars a gallon for gas or something human nature.
What are you gonna do with us? I wish we could wrap this up on a nice note. I gotta gotta end this alright anything good to say to people. Yeah yeah be be nice to nice to people. You know you know it bothered now seriously. So this is a little thing, but you know what bothers me: don't if you it'll hit the door close button, yeah Mister seeking asylum button is just an asshole. It's no time that door closed. That's an asshole move. People like it, though they like press a button to see someone almost held it hold all. You went away, that's how that's how I'm changing the world. So that's why I'm shaped? Listen. I can't solve gun violence. I can't I can't help with the football protests or anything, but if you can just not press the door close button it's a start, but there are some dumb mutherfuckers with like four kids when the elevator is completely packed like hold the door, hold the door like where you go. Now where you going where you going, and if your kid presses
every button on the elevator and he accidentally takes one to the head. We can't tell response? Let's see see, I'm not saying that he's had his elbow height, we're just moving, not saying he got in the way of saying stay away from the door close button, don't plus that door close button nice gentleman that's service strong advice from Alonzo Boden, it's the wings of about, but eventually become a hurricane. You letting someone in that. Elevator might change the course of history. Think about it! It's like when Peter Parker, let that burglar pass by and it killed his uncle Ben boom in the spider man, exactly yeah all strong words. I, like it on both plays gentlemen, thanks to you brother, Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for tuning you, mother, thanks to square space, get yourself off fuckin' bitchin' website. Ladies and gentlemen for real get off your asses, do it it's simple? It's easy anyone could do it.
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