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#1020 - Amy Alkon

2017-10-05 | 🔗
Amy Alkon, also known as the Advice Goddess, writes a weekly advice column, Ask the Advice Goddess, which is published in over 100 newspapers within North America. Look for her new book called "Unf*ckology: A Field Guide to Living with Guts and Confidence" coming out in 2018.
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Hello, ladies and gentlemen, what's happening, you know a lot of time when do the ads I fuck up and I get hungry, and so I have like a protein bar and then uh. I wind up coughing and shit dude the ads, and I annoy myself, but I'm learning not doing that anymore. I'm also not drinking any black coffee. I drank coffee. I found was like maybe it's coffee with butter, and uh MCT oil, that's making me fucking hack up phlegm. Maybe let's try black coffee. No, I hack up less phlegm with the black coffee, but that this need to That should the knowing to you and to me. So today I had only the Caveman Nitro's and I didn't have a single at how moment I think I've gotTA fucking figured out enough time right shit. I only did one thousand podcasts. I figured out how to be
that's annoying. Here's a couple things. One. A lot of people been complaining about comments on the Youtube page being disabled. I just want to let everybody know. First of all not trying to stop people from commentating commentating commenting. That's not why we did it. It was done because we stopped the live chat during the live stream and somehow when it was uploaded to Youtube there bug in the system that didn't happen in still fairly recently, where the comma it's were disabled once it was uploaded, don't complaint, including the people that handle stuff and put it on Youtube, and it was fixed. So people that thinking that we were silencing. You were not known with silencing it's just a bug in the system. I normally don't read comments, but I did today, ok to make sure that they were up and it was fucking. Hilarious bunch of people were commenting.
All the repetitive shit that I said like they kept quoting all the repetitive shit. I said it was very funny yeah, I'm repetitive, there's nothing. I can do about that. I just when the subjects come up. I only have a few fucking things that I can say, I think I'm a repetitive person anyway, and I think That's one of the reasons why I get good shit and I 'cause I obs yes about things and I drill the same things over and over again in my head, while It's through martial arts. I do that through archery. I do that and if it's annoying I'm sorry, I don't mean to be- I just I'm doing my best. That's all I got I got a bunch of comedy dates coming up tomorrow, night today, Thursday October, if if tomorrow I am at the garage in LAS Vegas with Ian Edwards and all the proceeds we're going to be given to the LAS Vegas Victims Fund, one hundred percent, I'm not making a penny off of it. In fact, I'm paying in
so I'm losing money. But it's I think it's I mean man. Obviously it's, I would say it's a good cause, but it's it's horrific and it's the least. I could do that's the best way to describe are the comedy days. We got coming up San Francisco on October 28th, I'm at the Masonic Theater for two shows, young Tony Hinchcliffe, then November third, but the theater at Madison Square Garden and then November, seventh, at the Denver Belco Theater, which is fucking huge, his first show almost sold out. Second show: there's some tickets left in the next. The commerce in Phoenix, that's small souled out as well. Joerogan dot net, slash tour for all that good stuff. This episode, the pod This is brought to you by Legalzoom Lee Legalzoom. Ladies and gentlemen, which is your way you you, ladies and gentlemen, your weight
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geology, fantastic stuff. We also for real on Academy in Austin TX, a state of the art facility with a tenth planet. Jiu Jitsu and bang more a tie so good on a dot com use the code word Rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements my guest today is Amy Alkhan. Hope. I'm saying that right how Alcon that's how she says it right. She is known as the advice goddess she writes a weekly advice, column, ask the advice goddess. I think she's owners of the science advice goddess. Yes, scholars of the science advice got is now. I think the advice guys got a little too weird with people like settle down. She's fun, though, really had a good time with her and she's very smart, and she knows a lot of stuff so give it up for Amy Alkon
Joe Rogan experience trying my day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day he jumped again hey, hey good thanks for doing this. Man appreciate it. I'm glad be here. How's things well, outside of you know: Vegas everything's, good. I know right. You have to say that everybody I mean this, these things that happen that sort just change the whole world, you gotta think that's Probably one of the reason why these psychos do it in the first place right. So that everyone talks about them comes they're becomes their their big fire as fourth of July Grand finale before they leave. There was a very interesting post by a guy named Robert King and psychology today, and I guess he's doing research in this and he talked about it as
way for men to get or chase status and that he saw two bombs. I think one was at twenty three and one eight forty one in terms of the ages that people do this and it does tend to be men who I have some kind of their marriage breaks up, they lose their job in their forties or the young men are just chasing status. So it's it's it's it's that at least some kind of explanation other than oh someone just went wild. They just went crazy, which is not helpful because it doesn't tell us really what we can do to maybe prevent it or look at how. How do we look for these people? Who do this? well to prevent it. You have to lock all men up, not for that that's the only way I mean not, obviously not the only way, but it all men does that. So that's a giant issue right I mean it's. You never see. Women go on mass shootings, but well it about men would still be living in grass huts. So listen, I'm a man of the moment, I'm all pro men, but it's it's very weird. That
it's entirely men who do math, shootings and drive trucks into crowds, and that kind of thing. Well, I think we you start seeing women do that, but actually I don't think it's weird that it's men, because man, if you look at how men and women evolved to get partners, women just have to look hot. You have to look like you at all young and have good genes, which is what we consider Judy these. What feminists say are arbitrary standards of beauty. Aren't anything like that: they're very across cultures. Men like women, with this hourglass figure and and who have long shiny hair and who are not seventy two, because if you had sex with a seventy two year old, your jeans died out yeah this the feminist thing about arbitrary standards of beauty as a person who is deeply entrance
in science, like that's, got to be frustrating right because you're looking at something, that's not accurate. It's it's you're, pushing a narrative, that's just not accurate! There's this very takeaway, cultured culture. Take hey! You know all your personal feelings about human beings and you look at the Ma'Am all the human mammal, and it's it's very clear why the certain males are gravitating towards certain females and contrary, contrary, conversely, why certain females are gravitating NG certain males, it's biological right and this it's so unhelpful. It's really awful this idea that people should like you, for send down the inside. You know we don't see the people. If you look at porn, it's not the woman who buys a homeless man, a sandwich. You know who's in the porn. It's the one with those features that are just crossed culturally appreciated by men. What was also too we're talking only about sexual right, because people do
like you for who you are on the inside like Melissa. Mccarthy is a perfect example: she's as vibrant, this woman, and no one's no one holding her up as the standard of beauty, of course, sexual attractiveness? You know you're you're, looking at her as his fun person and that's why millions people go see her in movies and her tv shows is giant head mean it's literally what's on the inside and how she carries herself right and she is very vibrant, and if you look at that Cross Cultural Research David by who is an evolutionary psychologist. Did the big Big cross culture study and kindness was what both men and women wanted. I think that was the top the top of each list, but if you prioritize? Well, okay! Well, what do I? What are my must have seen a partner? A guy is not going to want a very old on a track. The woman as his partner. If he can do better and woman is not going to, I have the guy who is sleeping in grandma's basement playing Atari Atari,
but I'm a girl, so I don't know anything about football or video games. My boyfriend tried to educate me on the way over about some. I don't know some guy who said something insulting to female sports. Announcer CAM Newton, pretty popular quarterback, said he got a question from a beat reporter that works for the his team and ask him something about a wide receivers route running, and he said it's surprising that a girl is asking about route running or something like that, and he got a lot of shit about it right now. I gotta drop from a sponsor yeah I on further. This is that all he said, it's surprising that a girl, I believe so and then they I I heard that they went further into it off off the record. A little bit he was rude is what she said: okay, okay, we really, expect the football the quarterback to be the height of you know, politeness and social etiquette and okay asian aside this, and I think that these there are some incredible women who are sports announcer, so I'm told by the boyfriend-
and I think it's sexy- to be a knowledgeable woman in sports. However, We now prosecute everybody for everything and the reason we do that is there's too much. Media everybody's got a microphone everyone's on Twitter. So now this stuff that dumb stuff people would have said another era that would have just gone off into the ether now it it's just it's a news story: do you think it's not or is it I mean, I'm sure it is that, but is it also that we're examining behavior on a much more intense scale than we've ever? done before, and we see things that we don't like and we're highlighting those things in much more aggressive way. Then, never done before it's almost like Who is accelerating social evolution? That's going on right now and along the way, you're getting a lot of bumps and a lot of weird stuff. That's happening a lot of social justice warrior stuff, and then you got in a lot of alt right stuff on the other side and they're battling it out with each other, and it's almost like these intense
streams on this new landscape and people are jockeying for positioning on this new culture, dual standard playing field. Well, I think, what's is that now everyone has a microphone the so everyone's on twitter. Everyone can make a tweet that dog and put out a tweet that gets tweeted and re tweeted, two four million people- and so people are looking to have standing and they're doing it by putting up their opinions and they also when you're saying this about these tribes. They get signal. Look I'm part of this tribe, I'm a social justice warrior I'm on the right, I'm Antifa, and so I think that that's a big part of its they're looking for criminal, behavior, socially criminal, behavior, and where you know this guy I mean do I really expect every quarterback to have the most pc views now and okay he's going to lose his sponsorship when he says something like this, but you know if you
open. The quarterback can you're going to see quarterback stuff in there and it's not you know the Emily Post. Well, first of all, with quarterbacks and with any football players you're dealing with head trauma, You are one hundred percent dealing with head trauma yeah there is it extremely high likelihood that all those guys on the playing field are have or manic behavior, due to the fact there has been smashed one hundred and fifty fucking times a year since they were a kid and it is just a fact. There's no getting around that yeah. Actually. I really appreciate that we're starting to see people look at that and bring that out so pair no, you know, would you want your son to play football or to play some other sport? Yeah, I mean look, I have kids and I would want my kids to fight even though I'm a commentator and fighting right. I just think like God, if you really want to do it, I mean I'll support them in anything. They really want to do, but I would tell them tell it's just the upside.
The downside like if you can get out like some guys get out like Floyd Mayweather, I mean he's just a brilliant, tactician and incredibly good defensively and he got out relatively unscathed. But you really I don't know how unscathed until one thousand and fifteen years from now, when you see him struggling with his words right right, this is not worth it. Your life is life is short, but it's long. If you're, locked up absolutely and you see that from these guys have read some story about that. The other day I'm trying to think who was the guy. So so sad and this thing about it showing up much later, were you get terribly mental, mentally ill people? They make those trade. That's where they think: okay. Well, I can get money and fame this way, and it's quick and everything like that, but they don't We realize what the long term consequences will be: yeah, wife, a lot of people in the got into football, and even people that got into fighting they didn't they no know as much back then, when they first entered this sort of journey yeah, especially football? I mean football mean we really
that there was no conversation about that. Think about what the a trial. You know I've been kind of on this OJ, kick lately I started watching that Cuba, Gooding Junior Series, well yeah sort of reenacts right and it's really kind of freaking me out, is bringing back the memo of the nineties and what what it was like when that, when that, thing went down. I was with my girlfriend at the time and we were sitting in front of the television holding hands and you know like waiting for the verdict when, when they said not guilty. She threw her hands on her face like she I had just seen a horrible car accident she's like oh, my god, oh my god, she kept saying- oh my god- oh my god, oh my god, oh my God, Ann Now today they are saying the very doctor that was working with OJ said. If they were going to do that case again today they would absolutely bring up CTE yeah. I think you're right,
but that absolutely and there's so many football players who got in just not knowing who will come out like that. I think, within a number of years, yeah there was only twenty years ago, twenty three years ago, not long ago. So, twenty three years ago, nobody thought about brain trauma in came to football, which is just nuts. Possible. Now these guys are debilitated there's a whole bunch of lawsuits are going on right now, with the NFL and you're. Seeing these older players, I mean they have on real sports with Bryant Gumbel and there sitting there and there shaking and they can't control themselves like wow well. This is this is an unheard of twenty years ago. Thirty years ago, we the thought of this is never in the public discourse yeah and I suspect, if you go back and look at those tapes sort of forensic Lee, that you'll see that kind of thing this show taking an and also that, if you look at take a look at over football players, how many people
of these, these diseases and mental illness. That's related to this head trauma, yeah, I'm sure quite a bit but mean this football player. Guy that we're talking about CAM Newton. You know the only thing that's wrong with I mean it's not even wrong. I mean he's trying to get sponsors. That's the whole yeah and, if you're, whatever Coca COLA or whatever the company. Is you don't want someone representing you? That does something like that, and so it's sort of normal it's normal, that they say. Ok, we're dumping you and it's normal that he would say it. But what's always funny is the these these companies. They professed surprise when it's like really. You know you thought that this person was going to be the sort of curtain well drained in person. It's like with Kathy Griffin. Oh, you just figure
but that she says offensive things yeah. That was a surprise to you. Well, it wasn't him with with her was just like so poorly thought out. What do you? What is the message that you're holding a bloody head like Jesus Christ? Yeah? When I mean if you want to hold up the bloody head of some murderous dictator who's, you know killed a bunch of people that I kinda even then like what what is. Are you ISIS what's this message right well, I think she didn't think it out, and it was just ok outrage trying to be shocked and trying to be shocking and then the sort of the fake apology and then ok take it back with a fake apology and then it was like he's a bully and he broke me in like one month like these playing the victim card. For comedian? You know- and I know comedians have like that. Then you know what someone's going to call you on, and so you have stuff ready for that and this thing like where she's all like pour me You know I'm well she's. My career is over. I don't have a career. Now is like all right, just take a couple months off to be fun: yeah,
people. Forget there's some new outrage. Well, there's always going to be. This always has some new crazy fucking and there's also going to be a bunch of people that are probably excited that you did that too yeah well, calm down after awhile. It won't be in the news anymore and yeah. It's just we live in time where everything is hyper examined, yeah it is, and so that's standard and that's why I think we have to be more lenient with people this id, that you say something awful and then you're excommunicated you lose your job you're going to be living in a dumpster. This is really wrong. We need to understand that to be human is to be an asshole, we're all assholes, we all say shitty things to people and I try we recognize my asshole Ishness an apologize when I've been awful and make good. If in sometimes you have to put some money into making good it's it's. What this is mission calls for. But you never know right, like you specially when you run into someone in traffic and there screaming it's. I want to give him the finger like you, don't know what that poor person who's been through that day see there at nine they didn't, but at one when they
we were in that traffic incident there, probably at nine already, and then this happened that you mother fucker right, that's where they are from randers yeah, and so it really is important. People see it as a sign of weakness, but it's actually a sign of strength to say I'm ashamed. I did this bad thing. I did this recently. I shouted on the phone very bad to the some really nice person at the Kaiser Pharmacy. Just because you know she should magically solve my problem. Wasn't a problem she could solve. But after I did that I, but like all this is so terrible number. When I talk to her she's kind she's into service, so I actually went in and I asked for Her- and I said I'm so ashamed. I spoke too terribly you didn't to service. Your very kind in purpose is using it and in person, are you in person because well, I was going there anyway to pick up a medication, so it was easy here, but I actually asked to speak to her because I think it means something to people when you do that thing. Where you say you put your ego aside and say: look I was bad and I was wrong. People appreciate
that you're doing that it gives them something back and it steals from people to judge. Do something and then think haha I got away with it because you did You know it. Actually they know it and they feel bad, and I don't like to make people feel bad. Well. Also, you feel less. About yourself and I think that's as important as anything like one of things, but unless you're a sociopath, when you do something mean to someone, you feel bad about yourself. You don't judge yourself the same way. You lie get yourself in your own behavior and you go well. I'm faulty I'm like I don't I'm not proud of that. That's uh awful, like what it! What I did was a bad thing. I I feel bad about who I am and if you just did not have that huge is building up the it's weird wall of disconnect between you and reality and you're going to make more and more shitty choices. If you do that right- and you are, I think that you are the sum total of your behavior, so you can feel all sorts of ways you can feel wimpy
in afraid an feel like you don't want to apologize, but if you behave a good way, the better way. The way you want to be then you're that per I sent it doesn't matter what your feelings are well. This is one of the main issues that I have today with this right versus left social justice warrior sure thing that's going on. It's like people are being so fucking, aggressive and so rude, and so just the way maybe they are trying to silence people from speaking the way they're describing people and attacking people. It's uh very aggressive way, and it's very short sighted, because when you now that sort of short sighted aggressive, but what you're doing is like your yelling shut, the fuck up when you yell shut the fuck up, nobody wants to shut the fuck up. They don't just go. Ok, is a childish way of approaching an issue like the the more objective nuanced, more thought out way of
approaching it is to take into consideration how this with the person is going to view. What you're saying like the only way to get people to change is to sent them an some sort of an argument or some sort of an idea. That is both polite. And well thought out and there's no social issue involved in it like there's no negative back and forth, but we he knew where you're trying to get them and they're trying to get you the only way to get someone to really take into consideration. Your ideas is to have them in some way. Respect your like you and it's did you tell someone shut the fuck up like well. That's out. Ok, well, that's out, and now it's just like you're just going to win by having more people yell or what are you going to do, going to put a ski mask on and break windows like. Is that how you're going to get this done? You're not you're just going to cause an action reaction just going to cause this sort of rubber band effect. When you pull it back and then it snaps and then you've got some sort of Riddick.
Was infighting where people go full tribal and they get one side It goes against the other side, and this is what you're, seeing today and you're seeing people do it to get it tension is well you're. Seeing people do it clearly when they know the cameras are on, they ramp it up and start. You know calling obscenities and being more ridiculous about it? And it's very odd, it's very. I had to watch it play out. You know 'cause, it's so shortsighted yeah. They practically wait. Ok, you're rolling three hundred and twenty one. Ok smash the window But you said reminded me: the worst thing and can say to a woman is calm down. It always has the opposite effect. A cop once said that to me I called our local police station about some problem. The guy told me calm down. Like does that work. Your girlfriend 'cause, it's not working on me. It never works in any woman. So here's a tip dude, it doesn't work on men either doesn't work on anybody. Maybe it works on kids. Doesn't work on anyone. I tell my kids to calm down the opposite of
always like shut up for any of these things, he's rude approaches, and so the thing is when you get somebody what you do. Is you provoke somebody's defensiveness? It's a fight or flight reaction. You know this. How, first us on an emotional plane as well, and so your project revoking that whole reaction, that's designed to make you get away from a bear or some type of wild animal, but instead running in burning off all those biochemicals. It's all pulling in you, you're filling with hate, rage. So this is not a state in which you can listen to anyone, and so the moment, take it up to that area of Inv looking somebody's hate and defense in rage and all that stuff they are. There are so far away from listening. You might as well just crawl under the desk and go read a novel, it's just so pointless to even engage with them, and so the p who do want to engage, you engage on a polite level. Maybe possibly if someone is just not Totale reeled in by confirmation bias, they might listen
confirmation bias. Of course, is that thing where we believe what we already believe and then throw away any disconfirming evidence, and so you know, if you recognize these propensity's. We have to do that to believe what we believe to be tribal to stick to this side, to not listen to not change our views, the maybe of a hope of changing your views and maybe, if you try to listen to other people who You know there are differing views, who are polite and trying to engage an irrational level. You can learn something I try to be open minded. I try to take criticism. I try to not rejected out of hand. Of course, I don't take the criticism that comes from deer bitch. You ugly whore like to get those yeah, but I always think like just draw, the deer. If you're going to bitch you ugly whore, you know to start with bitch you ugly for the humor comes in regular, comes in when they're being polite weather, criticizing yeah. I love that I love that is so funny when people when they get in arguments it becomes a competition and that's a big
part of the whole insult thing. In the just shouting down thing, it's like you're trying to win you trying to win an argument that very few people ever win. I mean it's now it's usually like both people walk away, just discussed it with the LOS you know, it's very rare but unless someone is egregiously incorrect and literally have to shout them down, because what they're doing is horrific and you need to point it out to them, but that's usually not the case. Well, usually, it's a disagreement. You know most of the time right and these people think they are so convinced. It's religion. They think that they're right we're on the le we're right we're on the right where right and they are due unwilling to listen it's cartoonish. Now I saw something the other day about this: the girl at Bernard Tony Iraq's in and she's this young journalists student there, your name again Tony or accidents a I r e e k. Anyway, I can
accident yeah. What a strange man I know, she's from Ohio and from a poor family and got a scholarship to Bernard, and you see how hard she works. She's, journalist and she looks to see different sides. Things and I really respect that in her 'cause. You don't see that in a lot of people that age there's just such polarization is bringing her up it's this thing, oh, I know she posted something She wrote an article they have Columbia. Republicans were you know who know what do they want to bring in like Ben Shapiro? I love the, Did that I would be afraid of Ben Shapiro if I saw around behind her the street, if you like, all great fantastic, dark alley. Ben Shapiro, no problem, sorry ban, but he's nice I don't know him, but you know he seems fine universal know, Yamaka and everything I'm post Bush, so I can make jewish toast jewish. So I was great. Did you and so they somebody posted something about being against white
the premise- and it was really about like they're, going to have a republican speaker yeah. You know, and they were so ugly about republicans- and I thought God, if you ever talk to one my parents are up. Publicans, my friend Tom, who this christian lawyer, I know he feeds the homeless 'cause. He thinks that's what Jesus said he should do. These are not horrible people burning crosses in lawns there, your next door neighbor depending of gross generalization. It doesn't do anyone any good, especially when you talk about someone like Ben Shapiro. Right Ben is a very well read very well thought out very reasonable, and when you talk to me in person is a very kind guy, there's nothing wrong with him. He's just conservative and whether I agree or disagree and I'm sure I disagree with him on a lot of things. I had a really pleasant time talking to him and I think he's a very nice guy. His idea and his his the way he speaks is very well thought out. He speaks very quickly and it's intimidating to a lot of people, his ideas and the
the idea that he is is extremely articulate, right, wing, guy, immediate really the best way to silence that is white supremacy. Kkk I've seen people called Ben Shapiro Nazi. Where is a fucking Yamaka text right? It's whole, so amazing? It's so amazing, and that kind of thing I see it on both sides, and there is something the other day, so Dana Loesch she's commentator and she is apparently very Pro NRA, so people send her just the ugliest tweets and I'm sure I disagree with her on a number of things. They don't really look at her views. You know extensively, but they were things like You know, I hope you die in a hail of gunfire or something like that along those lines outside the NRA headquarters. But I love this one, the guy dear God, and he spelled God G dash D.
Look at how we really are gonna put the foot on the like the inched in God on the vowel sound like boy. I love that. That's like the extreme left people that won't even acknowledge the existence of God. So even as they write it, they put a like an asterisk. I think you, I have been a religious guy or something you know. Maybe so I mean I write books of the title and I always wanted to write the full Focke just it was like enough to get the in there with the asterisk and everything's funny that we're afraid of words like that, my god like what do you? What do you think you're confusing someone with an address like they actually meant? Petunia, you know asterisk makes it all okay right, there are people. I my favorite, when some people reviewed one of my books that say like this book is filled with profanity I'm well, it has fox what was your first clue yeah. It's a lot of people really really weird with that kind of stuff assist. You know what the what they get upset about. I know Dana of Matter, she's
nice. You know, I've been our show once right after that Cecil. The lion thing happened and Yeah, basically remember that she's, you know she's she's, like a right wing woman, I'm pretty sure she started at her life. I she was very left wing and one point time and saw a lot of hypocrisy in a left and switched over to the right. But again it's like we're talking about before she's very try You know she's NRA tribal Pro Gun Second amendment and they did their fucking heels in and that's it right, you know bumps. I want the bump stocks. I want to fucking full auto. Magazines, big magazines like no matter what happens right and I think you know it to be. I call myself a neither am neither Democrat nor Republican and I'm libertarian fiscally conservative and I think that how It's me identifying assertive sort. Nothing helps me to not succumb, I'm too. So much of that yeah. I have your stuff right being human. I do have views and I tend to stick to them, but I try to be
When you go in our a though I mean this is the thing is like, if you're like a very outspoken and are person and she was famously involved, one of those really aggressive videos about the NRA. See that video, that was it was like a sort of like it was really recently very controversial video talking, a gun ownership and there's like the sort of pro in a video that was like widely criticized on the left, and I think the idea do you know the subject of gun ownership and just what happens in these mass tragedy I mean it is. It is a conversation that stirs up. Try, tribalism, logic, it's it's a very complex, very and also mental health issues. I mean I want to know what was going on with this guy. I want to know this. Vegas was he on some sort of psych mag MEDS, because a giant percentage of these
are and what's what's the ramifications about and what what is causing this fucked up behavior. Is it simply? You know what people love to toxic masculinity, manifesting itself in the most horrific form or is There are some other factors mean these diss. We psych meds that they put these people on that, allow them to just deal with life in a way where they just don't feel you know I, if you ever been on psych meds yeah. I took zoloft and when I take, I forgot to take adderall every day. Do you think I am you build up it's great, got it now 'cause. I would talk so fast. I might hurt people with my speech so a lot of people in here that are on adderall 'cause. They feel like when they do a podcast. They need to be ramped up to keep up and Jesus. It's so ob. You see like slow. I want to get him drinks and sometimes ioffer him drink. Some like let's yeah, let's have a drink. I know better, even though it slows me down and I'm on the same dose is seven point: five milligrams, a total lightweight of lightweights, but the zoloft. I took
because I went to a psychiatrist in New York and you know they. They actually tried to give me like lithium and all these other things like for manic, depressive people. My friend said you're manic, but you're, not depressive, and basically it's so crazy, because all I was it wasn't some kind of inexplicable horrible impression. I did a boyfriend, I don't have any money and I was bombed right no, like I took zoloft and I realized it just shaved off half my personality, so I did the real dumb thing you're not supposed to do, which is just I thought, like fuck, this shit flushed it down the toilet. Then I would like fell off a cliff emotionally. Well think that's a bad idea. Not only that, would you do those poor fish right there, that's all that's awful e river. My follow this bodies yeah. Well. They said that there's like like noticeable like trace elements like you could actually measure trace elements in some water supplies of of anti depressant? Probably sorry everybody to go like that right in the water, but isn't it funny that that?
saying that, like I've talked to people that are extremely defensive about their use of antidepressants and when you bring But he discusses especially someone like you who has tried them and is open about like what was the cause little here I was bummed out. You have a boyfriend like if you say that to people they they love to to generalize depression as a disease, it is a disease, there's a mental issue and that no no exercise diet. Change of, of style. You know love in your life. None of that is going to fix it. Having a career, that's really fulfilling now is going to fix it. I have a disease and I need medicine for my disease see. That's such a just, a sort of wary onenote idea- and I love the research. This guy Randy Nessie. I love him, he's a psychiatrist and an evolutionary psychologist, and he
talks about host messy, it's any SSE and you can go on his website he's not university of Arizona 'cause. He was in Michigan's freezing there. Everybody else eventually moved to Arizona all these professors anyway, so he talks about how depression. You know this sad feelings. These are adaptive, and so, when something bad happens to you being sad causes you to slow down. You have the features of a sad person which causes other people to gather around you and be empathetic now, if it goes on for too long you may chase people away by this allows you to think about what dumb fucking thing you did. That may did you get in the state- and I talk about how emotions are motivational tools, we think of them as sort of like wallpaper for our head to decorate our life, but they're, not emotions when you're here be. That says, do more of that when, when you're depressed stop doing that, reflect on it, and so there are different kind depression, there's a kind that is this medical depression, that's inexplicable and that made
drugs are needed for, but often I think that doctor psychiatrists. My experience was in my experience, listening to other people 'cause, I write this advice column and I get letters from everybody, and I've been doing this for a long time since the early 90s is that doctors just say here's a pill and How did these anti depressants they've been shown that they don't really work? And so maybe it's a placebo effect, which actually is a thing, but a lot of times. It's people are medicating away, this helpful part of and in sadness, which is reflecting and wrong people to you and all of this, and so this idea of it's a disease is that that you know it's also used with alcoholism just this idea. People like to put these things in these neat boxes and it doesn't really work yeah, I couldn't say,
that any better, and I think that there are people that do have mental issues that do need medication. We're not generalizing when I think just like some people of liver problems. Some people have thyroid issues the there are absolutely people that have issues with their brains, ability to produce serotonin. I mean it's just a fact an how many of those people is the real quest and to generalize completely. Let's say you know all depression. Is a disease that should be medicated or all depression can be cured with exercise? I don't know, I don't think it's healthy to go either way. There's I know many people that have been really bad places in their life. They got on some. Even Sri and then they started feeling Then they wean themselves off and now their life is in a way better place like a good buddy. He was suicidal. He got up in the really interesting thing is when he got on medication like he couldn't find the right one, and that is is so baffling so it's it's science.
Obviously right and we talked about Medison. You talk about medication, but there's there's a lot of like guesswork to this whole thing. You know, I have to say 'cause, I'm writing a big expo say now. I didn't intend to do this, but I tried to shove it off on both Nina tight shorts and a doctors eads and they wouldn't they would right. So I'm doing it. Reading medical research. I can't even begin to tell you how none evidence based may even most of our medical care as it's so terrible, an I'm lucky that I have a psychiatrist now, who is really evidence based and one for future training, further training, because I had in taking Ritalin which just made me jumpy. It didn't really help me with my photos. Amy Jesus Christ, yeah, Ritalin, is often under our problems will discriminate. He changed. I told him. I actually started taking a self medicating. This is bad. This is before I read as much science or does taking use an excellent has like, oh, my God, the next yeah. What is that
the kind you get behind the counter? It's like some kind of like they make meth out of it. You know they have to like sign. You know, is buying it different farmer he's in hoping I won't get arrested. Meanwhile, I'm just taking it to write, not do anything. I don't have meth lab in my basement basement, so that helps but so this guy said? Okay, we're going to change you 'cause! I told him I couldn't focus. He said you can't take this. It's you know your heart race or whatever, and he said that this adderall, what it does it's different it pushes a little dope mean up out into your brain, besides being a dopamine reuptake inhibitor, which we here with serotonin with anti depressants. So red relates app, but it also goes like squirt, here's little dopamine and the first day I was on that the first pill I took it was a best right. Day I'd had really in twenty It was amazing, and so I'm still in the same dosage and everything, but this guy. He gave me my life back because it was torture to right before that, and that really was a big deal and so much of a medical care. If you look at the stuff on diet- and it types
been great on this- Gary Taubes- the Eads there other people on this who have shown that look- don't eat this high carb low fat diet. The government recommends it will make you say pick and fat and hear this high fat, low, carbohydrate diet for men many people, maybe not all, because we have individual differences. This seems to be the most healthy diet and uh, so not eating polyunsaturated fatty acids and stuff like that that we know about more and more, and you see more and more on that yeah right and so, but my doctor Kaiser, I love to save this healthy whole grains on the well. There is no such thing, this healthy whole grains. I haven't eating a bun on hamburger. Since two thousand and nine you know I just wouldn't it's just dumb. I eat bacon grease all day and I'm very healthy. I even though my doctor actually thinks I'm going to have a heart attack by next week. To truth is if you now does the doctor think, because my cholesterol is like three hundred three and then but
what I know- and this is from MIKE Eads, the doctor who wrote the protein power. He on his great blog, where he talks he's very evidence based, but explains it very well. There are these ratios. You look at. What's the ratio of your triglycerides to your hdl and so Basically, my ratios, which the doctors don't at Kaiser, don't understand, They are so good that I say that I'm is likely to have a heart attack as I am to be kicked in the knee by a unicorn. I'm so not in danger of that, and it's just terrible. They sent me this letter to say, eat a low fat diet thanks. Crazy though the doctors are doing this, I mean I understand that, went to school along time ago, and I understand that along time ago, that is what people thought that, if your cholesterol hit a certain point, you needed to take some sort of medication to lower your cholesterol. But if you eat a healthy diet, and your body is doing well on that healthy diet, like you have to any consideration like a what are the whole? What is it, what are all the factors involved in in health and vitality and
the understanding of HDL versus LDL and the balance of triglycerides if you're a dog dear and you don't understand that and you're giving advice and you're telling people to get on Staten's. It's fucking disturb it's terriblr, it's terriblr and those statins are fucking terrible for you, terrible effects that can cause diabetes. They have just the worst side effects, and this is the thing that I look at when I'm looking at search are looking at 'cause. I do what I called applied: behavioral science, so it's science, but supposed to self help? I look at what the trade offs. If I tell you this, what are the trade offs in doing where you know? Where are you going to have a problem? How worth I'll. Is this solution and and that's what doctors aren't looking at when they give people Staten's it's sort of like from the drug companies mouths to your gut it's just so many doctors are basing their decisions and the advice they give on really old evidence or excuse me really: old knowledge evidence
open, quote: yeah, cancel keys fraudulent open quote science and it's so terrible and the feature keys yeah. He did. This quote unquote research, but he excluded countries, that didn't show search is this. This is, it was in that I think, was in the 50s. He did this multiple can free study where he looked at what people ate and what he did it's like this there's an a story from the Holocaust for a guy shot, all these bullseyes eyes in the wall and some army per some came up to him said. How did you learn to shoot that way? He said it's easy. I first shot the wall, then I drew the bullseye and so that's when an sulkies did with this research and he excluded any countries that didn't fit what he wanted to say, which is eat this diet that we've been eating. Our government told us to eat for years this high carb low fat diet that actually causes you to be just hungry other fucker, all day yeah and then also spikes yeah, and so
you know what I learned from Kerry talks was actually a friend of mine, so I got an early on the low carb thing because I heard while he was writing this on that carbs. So this is potatoes, starchy vegetables, fruits, fruit juice. They sugar. These things cause is the insulin secretion that puts on fat. That makes you die medic and all these things and there's some indication that maybe Alzheimer's as diabetes, three diabetes of the brain. They need more evidence on that, but personally I do not eat sugar. I eat one tiny little ice cream thing a week, just so I won't feel totally deprived, but when I bacon and stuff all day steak and green beans, drowning in butter, I don't feel deprived and it's bad for me and you, if you can do that, that's not much of a sacrifice. Ok, I won't eat the bond big. I read that Gerry's book and I had on the podcast as well as its of fasting fan, is very controversial to a lot of people. Email me. I need to get on and refute what he said. Isn't all right. Relax
like it literally got dozens of people that did that to me, but think it's most shocking. I started following Mark Sisson's primal blueprint, diet. When I started doing it cut out all sugar. Pretty much. I mean I fuck around every now and then, but one of the things that was so shocking was my appetite like my appetite was so manageable. Like I used to, I was ravenous, I would eat and then I would be exhausted and then I would The fucking ravenous like four hours later like if I went three hours or four hours without eating, I was starving an I've regular, do intermittent fasting now were all you know. I do fourteen hours between rate between for it's really good for your body, and I lost a lot of body fat for doing that, and then the big, but the big thing was that it when it came time time to eat it wasn't like. I was holding my breath the entire time of the. Finally, it was
and that at all, it was just so normal and I was like, oh so there's some other process that I thought I attributed to hunger. I was thinking. Ok, I get really hungry, but it's not just hunger. It's insulin, its insulin. It makes you hungry in that way before I stopped eating bread. I went to Starbucks in Culver City and I would always get the thing that was the red other fatty thing, croissant whatever- and I know I love all- that kind of food so good, but I got by accident. Somebody gave me the sugar, the fat free whatever and after about two the minutes I mean I wanted to bite off somebody's arm in line. I wanted to kill people behind the counter, get something things it makes you feel so terrible and I looked it all those years I had dieted Anne. At one point I just thought, like you know a lot of money, but it isn't like me a little rounder than other people, fuck them, and I started Bobby's Diner New York City having this chicken potato burrito, which now I wouldn't eat the bread in the potato, but
I started losing weight just by eating like a normal human being and not excluding fat, and that's what that was sort of instructor. This and now I just basically try to eat fat all day, Greece, Greece, more grease, and you don't have that hunger and also, I know it's so much healthier for me to not eat, read and to not eat these. I we don't eat bad oils anymore and just another weight loss story. My boy, friend. He was Elmore Leonard's researcher, the crime writer for thirty three years, and he had to do this. Djibouti, and I begged him not to go to Africa because my boyfriend, he has his look as I'm american kid not me. This is and scared is going to You kidnapped in Africa. I knew he would get kidnapped so I just a you know. I begged him not to kidnap a lot of people in Africa. Nobody would you not my boyfriend. Yeah was it appeals talking? Is it no, he's going to mad at me for saying this, but he once got his pocket picked in Paris. He just looks like the american guy that you know do something to so and he's a big guy from
Triton. So it's not like he's wimpy or anything, but I he needed to lose some weight and- and some doctor gives like candy bars or to or thirty dollars, thirty dollars and and the thing of that being from Detroit, not wanting to be ripped off. I said: okay, if you do exactly what I say because he's a guy, so he's not like you know I'll, do exactly what you say, but I said you will lose weight and you'll not be hungry. So I put him on a diet of a bacon eggs. He could eat meat, no badge bowls and just coffee and springwater vegetables yeah. This is like this is like remember doctor at concerning the Atkins Induction diet. You have to take magnesium or you will be blocked up like Berlin Wall inside some, but he lost thirty pounds in five weeks, while sitting in his chair researching Djibouti, the book down ended up doing and he did not leave his chair. He terms librarians on the phone in the embassy, people and stuff like that, but is no vegetables are good idea. This is like the need via
women's no eventually but actually Thompson said we talked about this once and he said basically that meat has all vitamins except vitamin c and I'm sort of paraphrasing for a long time ago. So forgive me if I get this wrong, but and that if you, but if You are eating meat rather than carbs. Maybe you don't get vitamin c deficient, look at the a and also the Eskimos think it's the Inuit. I think so in some ways: a guy up there and before the star eating a western diet. They just stayed blubber in whale meat and I guess maybe a penguin here and their data penguin penguins, I think, are in our big dick different part of the legacy, I'm really good at geography, think I say South failed, people right, but I what you're saying, though, that they and they also extremely low rates of cancer, and they were just healthier humans yeah changed as soon as they started, eating the western Diet and Tom's brings Pima Indians same thing. Do they have horrible problems with diabetes? You also
so the to to throw some stuff. In there there was is also an issue with alcoholism and cigarettes. There's like the cancer in her. Tax and a lot of things that happened with the Inuit. A lot of people there's a correlation between extreme, consumption of cigarettes and alcohol. So it's not. Yesterday the american diet, it's all right. All the vices that go along with we're gonna producing this yeah. We suck we import horrible things, I mean look, we did to Not we. Obviously you and I were in a tent- well, whoever it looked like us that did that to the native Americans introducing alcohol to them, and they you know they didn't know what to do with it. Yeah right bodies, weren't used to it yeah, there's a doctor on that I'm gonna have on the podcast soon who is on twitter? I may I have no idea if this guy, we are not, yeah. Everybody is tell you right now, but this J,
common is he's a full carnivore. All he does is eat meat and he holds a bunch of records in like athletic. Pursuits is really kind of interesting you know this is not Stephen Phinney is it will tell you in a minute I'll pull him up real real quick, but he and I've been going back and forth, trying to figure out a time to get him on the podcast, but he's fifty years old and it's pretty impressive. What he's been able to do in all it does is eat. Meat doesn't need anything but me and he's an MD course. Fucking internets not working here. What's going on with the internet here, young Jamie yeah, this piece of shit laptop, this laptop in the worst one of ever had really is like connecting like it. It takes forever to reconnect yeah. I hate that anywhere. I never leave the house, so I'm always on my big computer. You never leave the house not lately. I read a book for three years. It spent three years trying to kill me so cry now. My boyfriend
me food, otherwise I would have eaten hot frozen hot dogs for three years like the meat guy. But that's not good right. I wasn't put the book in what happened so you plan in writing. This book and I thought oh, this will be easier. This is book on how to transform to be confident- and I thought okay, this. Be easy. 'cause. I've been writing this in my column for so many years, and then I look into the science and I look a little deeper and I think, oh, my god, this is so horrible and what happens is so this faster do these people these researchers? They do some research, but they don't totally support it, and then they don't work in a trance disciplinary way. So you have to support this. One's research that one's research- and this became this big thing, and I just kept having nightmares about my editor. Who is a nice man chasing me down the street, asking for my advanced back with an axe, an ex an axe, Alright, actually held like an ex right. Well, this guys, I don't even know his full his his name is S Baker. He is here and he is
here- is like charades S. Baker MD is on Twitter, name, the sport world record, holding masters, fifty plus athlete nutrition for performance and health, health care, not sick care, no medical advice here and all he does is eat meat he's nothing but me the guy I mentioned so Stephen Fannie. He is a dietary researcher. He and Jeff Pollack wrote a very good book on low Carb Jeff Alex also dietary RE, and Finney. I think by Kohl's competitively or very intensely, and he it says that eating low carb at there separately, some hump you get over, but then that is bad. It gives you more energy than this whole like during some gatorade you had that that people have held is the conventional wisdom yeah. But it's not the case with like extreme endurance, sports and there's one guy that we talked about before we got
Sean Baker, Dr Shawn Baker, Carnivore Diet, zero, carb, diet, plan guide, looks healthy as fuck fuck he's on. The writing was that the guy yeah he does mean he's jacked yeah and he's dunks basketballs and lift weights and shit, but he might just be some athletic freak. I just don't know if jeans too, you can only I'm lucky. I have good genes, you know the boyfriend exited saltine and he gained three pounds and I'm lucky so my family were eastern European should hold Jews, and you know it probably wasn't a lot of food and I don't know somehow my body learn to manage that, having a lot and having not a lot and it band. Is that better sure? I'm I'm wondering whether or not that's a really a viable diet to just eat, only meat to see is like well, the masai do it and they did and they there anyway it today. And so the question is: are you missing nutrients and I'm not the person to answer this? Are you missing nutrients and that's it? The problem with the
vegetarian there's a guy named Chris Crecer who's posted on that well, a great yeah. He, and so he has some really good posts about what you're missing. If you write to tarian people, so I take vitamins, but can you get the vitamins in the way you need in the way your body uses them from taking vitamin pill. Or even from eating enough to get a ton of this. You know I don't know bean curd or something I don't want have soy, that's the prob that's the dishonesty about vegetarianism and some people knowingly make that trade off, but I sure, wouldn't I'm I'm sorry. As much as the bunnies are cute well, Chris Kresser was a vegan for a long time, and you know he had some pretty serious health consequences because of that, but you know that's just him. Some people were fine with a vegan diet and that's one of the most important things to talk about is that the the diversity in human beings is very? It is a broad broad spectrum of what people need what people don't need, which is why some people, like my friend Brian his mom, can't even touch
Brazil, nuts, if she ate a Brazil, Nut she'd, go into shock and she'd be dead. I mean I can eat him all day long. They taste like shit. I don't totally like him, but you know: there's there's a giant curve right now. This is the individual differences thing that I was talking about before and they there's this big push to say: oh men and women are alike and groups no different from each other. But you know you, let's Jews, as NBA Basketball, stars can Jews and people from North Eastern Europe tend to have lactose tolerance in a way other people do not so where we are from where we, mainly our evolution, took place that you know I mean it, goes back way way way way back that that effects our skills are abilities, as well as our digestive abilities. You know, can you eat this kind of thing? Can you drink
sure and not be really affected by it all those things, and so that's the stuff that people don't like to look at everyone. So the way we were talking about before that people like to say it's just like this. It's this this thing this is a disease and it's horrible. You know that of nuanced, that's just so stupid and it's so sort of untie solution. What people like to do when people do that? That thing of you saying things are one way it's often in a way to. I think that people try to feel superior to try to simplify things too much. They did that so that you because we like to understand things. So I think it's that and then also there is a tendency to want to prosecute people to say you are a Slovan Lee fat person and the reason you are heavy is that you did not go to the gym and I went to the gym and I am a wholly gym goer and you are a scummy terribles, couch sitter and that's not the case. In fact, Hobbs wrote. A great peace for New York magazine about how we think,
exercise makes a thinner, but it doesn't and the reasons you were saying before for doing it for mental health. I try to do that when I'm feeling just my worst make myself get on the bike and do these high intensity intervals, because I know that that'll help me mental. Even though I feel like shit, there exercise doesn't make people thinner, that's what that's, what in this piece, says an that's what I see over and over again believe we don't want to believe that, and I think people can lose weight through exercise, but they get hungry or the The problem is, you know you exercise, you get hungrier and Europe. He said I don't have all the new ones is on the server and should look up that tubs peace in your magazine because he's just fantastic and it was a problem with all that is it's very anecdotal. You know when you, when you start saying that diet is the way to go so and that exercise does not make you thin. It's anecdotal, because some people exercise absolutely make some thin mean there's. I know a lot
people that have started doing Jiu Jitsu in lost thirty forty pounds. I know a lot of people that have done that and it works in because it's only strenuous, extremely rigorous. You burn off a time to take a ton of calories. You accelerate your metabolism. He metabolism starts Burr an off Saturday, unprecedented rate for your body, and it does work but yeah. It's like what kind of exercise you engage again. You know, that's that's another for actor like. Are you just doing like a long, slow, jog with a very low intensity or Where are you doing like Powerlifting like there's a lot of evidence that actual weight lifting is way better for burning fat? then anything else, because when you weight lift your body makes more muscle. More muscle consumes more calories and if you have the same amount of calorie intake, but now your body has more requirements. It'll start burning off some of that fat. I think that's a really great point, and I am not one to that's, I'm not in it. That's I'm not an expert in this area and I haven't read very much in it, but I know you have read this: what's the his name on shoot, I'm not gonna room.
My Mikey's read a book with him. It's so it's slow burn fit and actually I do that I lift weights, you lift them until your muscles are just screaming and I can live like eight pounds, because I'm totally wimpy but and you do it really slowly like so slowly like times barely moving and that does increase, your metabolism, it improves your heart, improve your cardiovascular system and what's the other thing it does help weight loss so the new one. There are nuances on that, and I just I say that because when I look at the tops thing all the stuff, he support stuff very well, it makes sense I'm a little light on what the details are. So, admittedly, you know, I think you bring up a good. Internet and also the individual differences things that we are thing that we are different and so some people are able to lose weight in ways that other people may be or not, but I think this you see with kids do have kids. I have kids and one
things you see is like you see, kids that can just fucking eat anything they eat anything in their skinny, and then you see other kids that they're just really struggling on a really early age. Yeah they're, they're body packs on a ton of fat and they have those extreme and a more bodies, and there is it. You know that is clear differences and I am a boom. There is both on the play around together at the same time, they're both the same age, not dealing with a lifetime of abuse, you're talking about ten year olds, and so it comes down to me too. How does your body process nutrients? How does it process the food you take in and how well does it do it and where does it store it, and so you know Kids, who are you know if you have them, do the same kind of play? You will see that one kid ends up. NG, fatter and one isn't and, and it's not enough, you fed them. The exact same things you can see that the factories just working differently in one kid judge an annex, a real you know, and the other thing to take in consideration or talk about lactose intolerance and tolerance.
One of the things that I read really recently is that a big part of lactose intolerance could be attributed to the homogenization and pasteurization of milk and that we are very concerned about diseases. Rightly so, and that's why I'm in freshness and but milks not supposed to be will sit on a shelf for three weeks. It's just not supposed to your supposed to get milk and if you drink it at all, should be, and that way it has the enzymes in it and that we're doing by boiling this milk and pasteurizing and homogenizing. It is where you're creating this dead protein liquid shit, that your body doesn't know what the fuck to do with and then the weirder ones is when you take it and you suck the fat out of it like when you have low fat milk. A lot of people don't even realize that low fat milk has sugar in it. They literally add sugar to low fat milk to make it palatable so disgusting. But you know that you're not you're, not getting anything, it's not, it might be low fat is in fat content, but is, in the affected,
going to have on your body, is not low fat at all, yeah, actually Jeff, folic. That dietary researcher basically agreed with me when I said to him, so is it basically elder abuse to feed your child skim milk- I mean here we are America were very wealthy country. People are feeding their children nutrient free food, it's so crazy. Well, they just have not had enough time. Came to study the research saved it most people they. What they have here is if you eat cholesterol, you'll get fat. If you eat saturated fats, you will have a heart attack and you're talking about like 1960s knowledge. You talk to top of the food Jane researchers say no pun intended in two thousand. Seventeen and I'll tell you quite the I did they'll tell you that saturated fats and cholesterol are actually good for you, that they are. The precursors for horn owns your body uses them to produce testosterone like your body, uses them produce hormones, and that this idea that
you eating cholesterol, raises your blood cholesterol. We can that's not true right in and actually we've been so credulous as as people, I think, probably it's not just us, it's probably around the globe for many many decades and now part of the good part of we have an all. This media is that more of the sort of the counterpoint gets out there, and so So it's been sort of a religion. People have believed this because the government put it out the American Heart Association, the AMA put it out saying fat is the fat is bad and recently they did it again with coconut oil, doing it it's so terrible, so not evidence based. I know, and I had to send it to a bunch of people like Rhonda, Patrick and doctors, and scientists. That I know am I my wrong here or is this crap and on it wrote a piece one of the researchers for on. It wrote a piece of essentially saying the American Heart Association is essentially wack. It's kind of a wack institution and they're, not on top of the ball,
yeah. I just found this with another medical association in this piece. I'm writing and it's really terrible, because what happens is soda. Doctors say that you go to an hmo. Those doctors they go by why the recommendations of these big associations so you've got the big associations telling basically medical fairy tales. There continue to tell the same fairy tale that they've told and people are basing their health care decisions on that doctors are and then Patients are listening, they assume ok, you're wearing a white coat and you went to medical school and I went to school of Google. I guess I'll, listen to you and that's really really damaging, and this is why I think Nina Taisho Colts Doctor Eads Gary Taubs. All these people I have done this work to put this put out the real science. They have saved an enormous amount of lives and stop people from having more all diseases. I really think that they're all heroic, because it's been a fight to put that stuff out. It's been a big
battle for them and they have people fighting them all the time. Well, most people that go to a doctor for advice, but the reality about medical schools. You take very little time to learn about duration writes a lot of these guys were there's an orthopedic surgeon or the whatever the their their specialty, as did the id that these people are the go to expert on every single area of the body, including nutritional absorption, is ridiculous. This is not the case and there's a great many people that know more about nutrition, an especially state of the art nutrition. Then your doctor does fortunately, but see if you realize that then you're already ahead of the game- and you can say: ok, I'm going to hey I'm going to use you for tests, yeah and trigeminal sucks. It really sorry, once in a great doctor mean there are always great doctors out there in that can give you some like my doctor Doctor Gordon Mark Gordon Love is, is also an expert, dramatic brain injury, and you know he's
of really nuanced guy, and when I talked to him about cholesterol and all these different factors and ldl and HDL and triglycerides, and he can give me a research based sort of point of view on it because he's doing it himself? I mean he's eating this way himself he's paying attention to all the latest stuff, but he's got of array. His appetite for that stuff. There's a lot of people there. Want to be bothered. They got the degree in nineteen. Eighty two and they're done. I know- and it's so terrible and see if your doctor discloses that to you, if they say look You really know nothing about diet and I'm going to give your advice, because they say that I should give you advice, but really it's not based in anything other than they printed out some sheets here, then, ok, because then you're informed, it's not like your doctor is leading you on with the white coat but most are being led on. Well, it's just. We have this idea. You know we have this idea that you know what I need to do to be
healthy. Well, you know, maybe I should go on a vegetarian diet. That'll be healthy. Well, listen if you eat cupcakes and burritos, and and if I can cheese doodles all day, gap of vegan diets can be amazing. For you, it's going to be doing. Visual great job s is, is an optimal, they might be, might be optimal for you it, but it might not be optimal for you, you know might be for me. Maybe it's my thing. You know, and but if trying and trial and error becomes really difficult for people, because most people have jobs and families and obligations and hobbies and things they to do didn't want to spend time going through Pub Med studies and trying to figure out what what is right, good thing to eat and the bad thing to eat, and you know one of the variable Is it based on the you know the origin of my ancestors? Do I have to like think about you know his ancestral. Giant people that are really into that, like you know like where you're, where your people from like, where they grow up doing. You know right boy, it's very hard, and the great thing is that there
there is more stuff out there. That's written for lay people where people who read the research explain it to people in a way. That is very clear and understandable, so people can make more of their own decision, I think than they ever could before. It was also people that are super cynical. They, like hey man, I grew up with Doctor Seuss in the food pyramid, was always weed at the bottom top with all those other stuff. But now, everybody's flipping, the food pyramid, and you just out the bottom part entirely, and so what was going to happen? five years now you going tell me what high fat is actually terrible for your brain or you know it's just people are, understandably tired of all this stuff, and it's it's like a real easy to just sort of compartmentalize. And just push it away and just listen to your doctor yeah, It really is, and the thing the point may before about the people who are dating the Cheetos and Cupcakes Diane well, of course, of
you start eating a vegan diet. You know you're not hitting Cheetos and cut case right. You know you're gonna see in a fact, but is that a good effect? You know in terms of your long term, health and We see that budgetary ins don't have necessary proteins that you get very easily from meat and when I tripped you eat like balanced amino acid profile. Foods like I know, pea protein, in a hemp, protein's very good, keen, Wah. You know more than I and this this isn't my area, because I don't care about that stuff, since I'm not vegetarian and wouldn't eat the but I see that so people like Chris Kresser, try to help people to say look here, the dl, and so you can make some choices and decide. You know. Is there a way for me as a vegetarian to get the prince, I need, or my eye always going to be deficient and how might that affect my health? What are what are the trade offs,
some people they don't think of it purely as a health issue as well. They also think about as an ethical and moral is right. You know they like they say. Look, I don't want to be a part of factory farming. I don't want to have anything to do with the death of animals, which I completely understand, and I respect and appreciate the what they're doing is they're trying to leave a smaller footprint on. The world yeah? That makes sense to what I can see that, because I I mean, I don't think that animal cruelty is a good thing and I think animal should be humanely slaughtered in capped, and so I think that that's a really good argument. I have friends who are vegetarians for that reason, who know about eating, eat and being a healthier way to to have a diet, but They choose to make that trade off and as long as you're, making a choice, a reason, choice and you know what you're trading off then I'm fine with that yeah. I know I, I think, that's and again for some people
vegetarians, probably the way to go and that's what gets really confusing. It's like. How do you figure out? What is the right way to go? One is there for you, I mean you really. What you're supposed to do is get blood tests you're supposed to do it on a regular basis supposed to consult with someone who actually knows what they're talking about yeah and really just sort of just make these choices test results and then making a a decision based on that and here's a problem. How do you find the evidence based doctor around because I'm in an hmo, so I can just switch doctors for never. But I just stay with the doctor and then read stuff myself 'cause. I can do that, that's what I do for a living, but for other p, Paul an HMO people want to find an evidence based, medicine practitioner people say they are, then you hear there at at that what they suggest and they really aren't and that's that's. A really big problem would be great. If there were, you can make a lot of money, maybe doing a site saying look, I'm this doctor and yeah. When I look at and think- and so could choose, because we try
define one for my boyfriend in LOS Angeles and like mold, nobody. No, right, it's hard I mean they're they're out there, but it's hard to find them yet to try the eight five six doctors, you go through them and these are all doctor. Appointments have to pay for them and everything, and then you find okay, you don't know anything right on to the net. It's it's also incredibly time consuming like when I go to my doctor and when I get blood work done, we have a seventy five minute consultation. We have to sit now for seventy five minutes and go over all the various micro nutrient levels and all the different levels of you know. Everything nice and p twelve be like what and we go over diet and we go over like when. Are you eating what time you eating like? When are you eating before you take the blood tests and you know how much water you consuming? Are you dehydrated and this is uh not going out and if you want to like truly optimize your health, it's better than ever, but still extremely hard to find someone who knows what they're see so the doctor you go to that seems,
like a smart if you were going to spend money 'cause that guy's probably really expensive, but if you spend money a doctor sees you for seventy two minutes and looks you looks at you that way. That seems a really wise investment in your future. Even if you're, maybe somebody who is not doesn't have money to burn the that seems a really smart place to put it if you, even if you have to make some sacrifices in other areas, yeah. No, I think so too, and I think read as much as you can for about a not just read books by people and attrition, but read articles about those books. You know read of I mean pro and con and I've read a lot of Khan and you know go over that stuff with a fine tooth comb. Look for bias, look for and it's hard to do it's hard to really hard to do. Some of the important things are to look at the sample size. Look at people look looked limitations, sometimes I'll, say them at the end. I was like those studies that do that
full size. You know you when somebody has like we twenty two people in the study. You know it does not the one you want. Look for you know and- and you can't just say necessarily- must be this number- that number look for a lot of people and what else like, if they say, something's, really significant, then I'm always. I am immediately suspicious right without warning significance. You know, there's this whole argument about p values and probably that's probability measure this going on now and well. Okay, let's take that is some people are saying: let's take that out of the equation and because that people are using this as the sort of golden thing to say. Okay, we had this finding it's fantastic and to look at him to look at the the the whole study and the findings in a more nuanced way than just the p value, hard for people only one of the things that we've talked about a couple times recently that people keep throwing around as this. These are the recent studies that show that people who eat a lot of red meat, I more likely to get cancer
and the issue with the studies as a bunch issues one they don't differentiate. What kind of meat they don't differentiate, whether or not you eat it with vegetables or whether you do with the white, bread and spaghetti. You know, and this that that's huge, whether you're eating grass fed by center, whether eating some bullshit burger you just saying you eat meat five times a week that doesn't show me, What's in your diet, right? These are called cohort studies. I call them if you see that cohort studies or observation or population based you know observational study. I call them leaked conclusions after the fact and they're, just like the of studies, because did the person like you're saying what caused this
saying that we're seeing okay, they are, they are, you know, have this effect their houses, foods right. I yeah it's! No, and it's just it's such it's such a such a crappy way, and you see it reported in the media. You know these these articles. That say, oh, my god, everyone should never eat this type of food ever again and terrible for you and it doesn't say that at all, but the reporters know that and they just don't even care. It's just click. But now we gotta bunch of hits on their article and you and you'll see articles like that that, even in like really respectable publications that have this really attractive headline, and then you read the actual article, it sounds like wait. What are you basing this? On yeah, it's really terraba land. So that's the thing what you said to look at studies. Look at the opposite. You know the opposite point of view: that's really important to look at it. It's just it's to read some of these studies. I really appreciate researchers who write in clear language. I think that's more and more important as people can get studies, there is a site
called Sci Hub where you can get studies that are protected, that the journals, don't let you get and you can find them on professors. Websites- are ways to find these studies. If you want to find them, you can lose Google scholar to look up the thing. So it's just on scholar, DOT, Google, dot com, and then you can start finding these and try to get them through other sources. If they are password protected 'cause, you don't want to just read the abstract 'cause. They can say the abstracts that part at the top or they tell you the studies about only this significant finding and we found this and that- and you will often not- then, but you will sometimes read a study and you'll see that that thing that they say they found is not what they found and that's why it's important not just be this lazy person who reads only the abstract and the conclusion, but to look at the methodology and see if there's stuff screwed up, I saw a study done by Harvard professors or they didn't have control group for their third experiment, and I thought did you forget. I mean you're at Harvard, if you guys don't know to put in a control group
come on. That was the study about. It was a study on I'm, not gonna. Remember now it was shoot it. The third part was in a train station and I can't I can't but the study was about. I just I brought it with me in an evolutionary psychology conference thinking. This will be easier, write a column from 'cause. I had a question that kind of matched remember, but it was in a train station and they should have done buddy in a train station. They did two two of the experiments that first two experiments were where they played video, those are something I think it had something to do with cell phones or something I can't quite remember or with someone to borrow a cell phone. Someone saying can we borrow your cell phone and so so and I like these professors, I referenced one of their both of their work in my book with my next book, but as a psychologist and yeah, it was a set social scripts. Psychology study- and I thought you know that why don't you have a control for your third for your third experiment, and
so then I had to do a new question for my second question, my column and I was all annoyed too, so I remembered it well, there's a difference between science and then headlines from articles that are getting about science by people that might not even necessarily be scientists or really truly understand the science. They just want to get an article out there that people are pay attention to well, I'm sensitive to credential ism, as I don't have a phd and it started out. Giving free advice in the street corner in Soho is a joke so but I've since then I started out giving advice on a street corner Milwaukee broad. So what we doing well, we just. I had these two friends and we just thought. It would be funny. So we set up on the corner of W Broadway and Broome with a card table and some folding chairs said advice. It said free advice from a panel of experts. We called the advice, ladies and like love dating and let you know when what year did you do? This was in the late eighties and then in the nineties. He just decided to do this on a whim yeah. We don't we just do it once I I
act like I'm drunk at all times. So now I'm just a weird person, and we did this and we I thought, we'd sit there and people walk past in lap, because I was right making people laugh. I once with an evening dress and I'd: go tea and a mustache just to be funny a frightened child, and we did this and people it was New York, you're free. They lined up around the block, and they didn't just ask us like about like their eyelashes or whatever, like. What can I get directions to Grand St Grand ST? They were asking a serious questions and I thought holy shit. I better know something, and so I read through all of psychology- and we are now reading psychology in school, you think, like, oh, my God for just made shit up. It was really crazy. I disc for the Sky Albert Ellis was the father at the same time there and back of cognitive behavioral therapy based flea and then started reading more and more an immersing myself more and more in science and going to scientific conferences, and then because
does this thing where I look for people to criticize me, so I can get better. I mean not the people who are like hey whore on the internet, but I would ask professors like did to get this wrong and sometimes I'd say yes, and so I learn more and more and got better and better an incorporated more science. So now what I do is sort of a synthesis from across science. I read a cognitive, your science textbook, an I use, evolutionary psychology yeah. I used that is sort of an underpinning theory to everything. So look at social science, research and say: how would this have made sense in an N astral environment because of it. If there's no sense to it, then something empty and wrong with you know what they're finding or what their concluding now so you started out doing this? You set up this card table and free advice, and then how did it progress to you? Having this column? Well
so we're doing this and just cause. It was so fun and we got so much out of it, and I learned this that, basically, if you help people, if you do kindness to other people for other people, you feel really good, so there's so if interest in being kind especially to strangers so and it's what we were doing, and so we did this for a few years and sky walked by. He wrote for the New York Times style, section he'd a little teeny piece on us like, and then it got all cut down Eric MESSENGER and then because I'm a girl, enter JU, I do like five things. Well, one of the selling may know what young man that means like you're in the garment district you're like hockey thing so I I can like get dressed, notice, I don't say, like get dressed eat not cook What else anyway? Psychology that's one of them and then selling things, and so I got us a tv deal with Deniro my partners and me and then I got us a comb. The daily news and a book agent in one of my partners ended up dying, so he said so
we I ended up doing the column myself at that point, and and then just indicated my own column, because I thought well, you know I'm writing this for one paper or not make very much money. How do I make more money and I was in entrepreneur, and so I got it in a whole bunch of papers, even though all the syndicators who do that and by way if anyone else it's not possible anymore papers, are all going out of business, but does not true. They're very they're, really struggling, but back then we want to syndicate and they said yeah. We think you write a really great column, but Ann Landers and Dear Abby of all the real estate. You'll never make any money, and so I went to an alternative. Weekly newspaper conference in Montreal stayed in like the hooker hotel 'cause. I could before the real hotel, and I just went around saying like here my little samples here. My little samples and so paper started picking up my column, so I built a business out of doing this, this out of free advice and then over the years became increasingly science based. You know had to learn
in statistics. I have a book I weep reading under my desk by Otis Biostatistics. Bare essentials. I read a lot of stats websites and try to improve in that area, in terms of scientific thinking and and Bing Statistics, so I can be better at assessing studies. People gravitate towards advice. They really do the vice columns and advice, like call in advice, shows like people love like doctor, Laura like that kind of shit, When is people calling you know what should I do? What should I do? Well, the thing that I do I just feel like I don't have a right to just give you my opinion, so before it was a science based was very reason based. I was love, critical thinking and reasoning and logic, and so but now you know I look at somebody's question and I'll sometimes think I know the answer, but I'll always read to see. Oh actually, no, it's this I'll read a bunch of papers and I looked it's called the most parsimonious answer 'cause. There can be a bunch of
answers to something, but it's like what is the thing that most close silly neroly answers this person's question and then also there's this thing. I see advice columns all the time they tell someone to do something that nobody would ever do so. I always like this sort of bullshit check on their of like come on. If anybody ever going to do this kind of stuff. Well, it's like write stuff down. W W might do it and Bateman people read those books self help books. It says located okay, right this worksheet and do all the stuff I've never done that my whole life. It is not right things down. What do you have like a list of things to do? I know I have I have stuff written. All of my house is like a it's a fire hazard with the bad enough and it's like a walk in pile. So no I write everything down. Actually, I type everything out, I'm blowhard on print, but the thing is that in books, when they say, fell out this worksheet I like reading. I don't want to stop and do this thing, and so I've
never done that, and so in this next book that I wrote. I have two ways to do: some: the lazy, ass, Amy, L, Conway or the way that's actually more efficient and will do better it's the way I change 'cause. I was just loser with no confidence and I transform myself and actually it's based in good science, I did. I didn't know that I was just desperate and miserable, but I say: look if you make a list of these problems that you the things you are afraid of this- will help you then you this is smarter, but I didn't do that. I still you still got to where I needed to go, but it's just dumb to do it my way, because you can just do a little writing work and get to tackle this stuff. You need to tackle. So you give advice that you don't really take so like saying, like take write down all the diff, and things that you have issue with and then you can tackle those you and really do that. Well, because I didn't do it based in science. What I'm saying is that I recognize that some people will be too lazy to write stuff down or they just don't do that, and so I, but I what I did is I said here, are the con.
Cequence is, if you do it my way like it's going to be slower, and you know you might not be a successful and this way like it seems worthwhile like if I could do this over again. If I, if I had a time machine and go back and say like hey miserable loser, ish person Here's, what you do and write this down, because then it's going to take you. You know this many years instead of like that many years. I would do that now, and so what I tried to do is persuade people to be smarter than I was basically well you're giving advice. Based on your personal experience like this, would have been a better way to do it right. This is a better way, an icy that, based in the science, but I really Is it some people won't do it so you choose. This is the thing it's like with the diet? Ok, you eat that cupcake you're, going to but here's the trade off writing things down. One of the things that's important about that. Is it cements those things in your memory and it puts them in, especially in my opinion, physic. Really writing. I don't know why, but like for notes like I have
what's on my phone that I keep from like comedy sets of like things that I need to do, but they're not as effective as a notebook. I keep a notebook as well and my book is not where I write and I write on a computer, but my notebook is where I write things down that I need to remember like this, the subject of bits and the important points in bits, and maybe even if it's a new bit I'll go over like the important punch lines and where they fit in and I'll write all the stuff out. But that way like for some reason when you physically write things down, they get cemented in your mind, the act of putting pen paper and moving your hand around it makes see. This is the this is the subject of my next book. It's embodied cognition is that we don't just think with our mind that our body, is intimately involved, and so- and there is research that finds you are actually going to remember stuff more, if write it down, that's why they say in class. You should take notes in pen and ink rather than typing, and so the truth is
I lists all over my house, it's just that self help book you know, read that I never wrote anything in where they said to write stuff, but I think that that's very in Horton, and also for memorization, that important thing that to write stuff. When I I I did a TED talk and I to memorize stuff for it, and I can see where I wrote stuff on the pages, so I had the type pages, but then I had stuff for a scratched and notes, and I can picture that still even now, even though I don't have the greatest memory, I don't think the place is. I wrote notes in this colored ink there's something very memorable about that where it isn't with the tight page. I don't know what it is, but it definitely works right. Well, the physicals is very important. You know if you look People who are you know, feel bad days about themselves. They sort of which down everything there is a different way of standing. If you feel good about yourself and good about where you're going and walking go
forward, I mean all of these. Things are very important. If you are depressed, it really can help to take a walk in. This is this kind of thing where you have to force yourself. It's like when I force myself to get on the bike. Now I want to do anything but that, but I know that I just have to do it because I feel so much better, not just then, but the next day it's seen two. I see an effect on mood the next day. You know what this, in Vegas, I got very just in a dark place. Did that day that had Ben, and I just made myself got on the bike and it's the time. I've felt least like that, and I mean like how dumb, because all these people are going to this horrible stuff and I'm like oh, I can get on a bicycle, but but it really is you have your own little world? That's where you and have it and you have to take care of it, and that was what I did to just I didn't want to go into the depression. Well, it's also a habit. That's a good habit to form the habit of getting to look off your and putting action to just doing something right, and sometimes it's hard for
people that you know you can call procrastinating. I saw I don't want to do it. I think about not doing it. You have to get in the habit of just doing things, get in habit of getting up and and where there's there's no option, you don't have the option to not. Do it force yourself to do and if you can do that, you will appreciate your free time so much more. If you people think that like well, I just like being lazy and I like relax and was sitting around you. You may I, but I believe you may, but you won't like it as much as you would like it. If you have comp lish your goals, First Sears so right, because then you feel good about something you've done. Something you feel good sitting on the couch I like sitting on the couch upstairs watching tv, but it's because I work so much. I get shit done so when I put my feet up, I can like feel good. I'm not fucking off I'm enjoying leisure time, which is also important. This is classic social science research by this guy, Karl White, who talked about small, wins and that's really important, and they talk about at an a make your bed in the morning and the thing you're talking,
but with feelings. I'm a big advocate of not letting your feelings, be the boss of you, that's how I say it and so, for example, I right to a timer, because I, when I sit down to write so my stuff is funny, so I you know, I always think like I'm not funny. I nothing to say I don't know what the science is. I don't know what the answer is. That's those are those immediate feelings buzzing around like little flies in my head and it doesn't that matters because the timer put on fifty two minutes on seventeen minutes break and that's all that matters? How many times you write a I'm I hands on the day, because sometimes seven reading minutes for break well. Do that you know what I seventeen had you come to the actually. I read something I didn't even read the study it just I thought I'm not sounds good. There's a thing all the Pomodoro, where you do twenty minutes, but that doesn't seem like very much you know with the humor stuff. Sometimes if it's hard, I have to just keep shooting the shit with myself and like looking up things on the internet. Like oh, look, a polar bear. Ok- and come up with some kind of joke or something like that, and so it takes awhile- and I read
somewhere saying that five thousand two hundred and seventeen, but I didn't even read the paper on it- I didn't do that- will run with that. Yeah right well run with that, and so what do often in the seventeen minute break period, especially if I'm doing something really hard is. I will clean my house and I I wish I could own pace writers anymore, so I actually like to have a team of maids in a butler Little Midget Butler. I don't know what to say if you're allowed to say major lapses. Oh ok person, sorry little person Butler my little person how bout a giant because I always love the wizard of OZ. I think they're, amazing looking so she is probably a terrible thing and I'm probably going to be happy to have people like come after me what is jamie- we just pull up commodore- is I've only heard of it and italian cooking so
yeah right the door right. It comes out of that law, the little tomato timer, it's twenty minutes, so each twenty five minute block of work as a pomodoro. Once I thought, was the money for Pomodoro's, take a longer break of twenty thirty minutes to solve your brain, relax and refocus for your next session. So this is default mode processing that goes on what happens is you're more efficient. If you take breaks, see I'm from the family of the puritan work ethic Jews of like no they're just they're, beat the horse and have it worked ours hours, but that's really inefficient, because your brain does background processing. While you're doing this. You know you're washing the dishes or whatever, and so, but I find that the thing about not having a maid and doing the work yourself. You like clean the baseboard down here or take the little clorox Wipe and do something you have the small wind, so you accomplish something, even though it's just a little tiny thing. You clean your countertop or whatever, with bleach that you've done some
thing and where maybe you're writing it's going. It's frustrating! You haven't really accomplished much. You didn't figure out the thing you needed to figure out, so you have that elevated feeling of being the having done something that you're talking about. I've heard a lot of people say they like to take breaks and walk during the walking that's when they sort of sort out all the different things they were writing about and they usually bring uh on a recorder, and then they talk into it. If they have an idea and then go over that, you know obviously do use transcriptions you have a smartphone is a transcript yeah sure. I have that dragon thing on my phone, which I really like and the walking does seem helpful. Nicci walked and I've read papers on this. That walking is helpful, and so I do that. Also, if I have something that's just where I can't figure something out. What I do is I go to the bank and get twenty dollars out, I'm just to so it doesn't seem like a meaningless trip there and then come home and go to the bank to twenty bucks really
is near my house like on Lincoln and I walked back and you know it's a short trip, but it's enough of a walk, though to walk and a symbolic thing of getting the money you like some it has no meaning it's just that you know. If I just walk to the bank, it would feel purposeless and then maybe I wouldn't do it the next time. So it feels weird. I know I'm a weird girl. What can I say, but I do that and that's just such it's. It's sort of a levy, eight, some kind of debt that pressing feeling of you have a like. If there's not a solution, I don't know and your moving you're doing the singer moving forward. That's this thing about your brain. Not just we don't just think about solutions like we can actually move in ways that help your brain b more powerful, and that's that the walking saying that seems to be one of these ways were you takes the pressure off in actually that and I, but I put things on the wall of my shower wreck things, and- and I also up things I don't understand to look at them over and over again, and the other thing too is people feel
and if they're not instantly geniuses at figuring, something out and what I like to do is go over and over and over things on this thing that I'm writing now this medical care or expose that I'm writing now the research is, I really new to me and complicated, and so what I do is I have a pile of papers. There's like a step stool. My bathroom, it's really crazy. My boyfriend goes in there and he sort of frightened by the insanity but the pile of papers. So I put them on the bottom stool and then I reread them and I put them on the top. So there's like a it's like an escalator going back and forth, because when you do it like that. You get sort of a deep understanding that you don't when you just read it at first, and I know from writing that there's an understand yeah. I can listen to somebody present their work at a scientific conference and understand it, but can I explain it to you and that's a whole diff, level of understanding this deeper understanding, yeah that doesn't make sense and when you're talking about a walking to do you think that walking has
fact also because it's a mild very mild exercise, so it's not exhausting you, it's not hard, but you are getting some good circulation because you're forcing your body to pick your legs up and move forward in your heart starts beating and- and I think it was a sort of a ignites- some systems- yeah, I think that you're probably right about that and you feel just this sense. You know because you're going forward so forwards a metaphor for success and progress and all these things- and I think that all that it sounds kind of silly. But I looked at this metaphor stuff, and I don't think it's so silly. You know a success is up moving forward as progress, and so our bodies are connected, our first language as organisms, the little we organisms. They had two things approach and avoid. It's like. Look yummy piece of plankton, I'll approach that or oh that thing is going to eat me and I'll, be
come up and those it's called there's a term called neural reviews by this guy Anderson and and adding on a guy named to hand set it in different way, but the the idea is that the human emotional system comes out of our's. Cafe user use term scaffold it. I don't think they use it right, but it comes out of the proton avoid mechanisms of tiny organisms so going forward. That's approach going backward receding, that's avoid, and so, if you look at it that way, it makes sense that walking that going to the bank, I'm going to lick buck and little tennis shoes. In my where those Asian Pullman sunglasses, that you know what I'm going somewhere. He turned on. I got the for my neighbor she's, Japanese at a garage sale list like Asian those cool man they're like those wraparound, it's basically like putting a strap. You know how they like they don't want you right. I don't fighting a photo. They put a black bar over your face. It's like the sunglasses version that they're huge in there plastic inside the car windshield. I got them at her also
because so I'm just like I'm I'm related to white out, and so I'm just hoping to not age like an old ormaz ham bag, you know by moving California. So do you spray, like sunscreen all over your face, for you no, I use FDA banned sunblock Jesus Christ. Why would you do that, because no the FDA they're wrong to ban this. They don't allow the most protective sunblock, which is with mexoryl that they sell in France. Set know french people have not been dropping dead in the streets. They haven't been dying of cancer from using sunblock with his very protective ingredient, the Fda, allows the sun block now to be sold here is called and peel and Delia's. But it's like with the whatever mucin x I used to take that they now have been in the counter and they seldom one out in the aisle that doesn't work. They they remove the active ingredient and they sell the lesser ingredient in America. So if you want to get the anthelios that actually works, you have to go to France. I buy a case when there are people bring back address. I bring back three hundred and fifty
with sunshine. You can order it online and have it now you can well. This is the great thing about the internet. Nowadays spell it and it's at and Thelios there's a little french accent mark in accent. Accent goose it's like now. Would you say if you're, a French and Tilly's until you yeah, so this stuff? is just way stronger than anything. You get here, America. What's this next sorrel, that's the ingredient that protects you from uv, a and UV b, and it's just It's really the the most protective ingredient you can also get in Canada. I got some when I was in a you know, but yeah I get it in France because I can get it cheaper there so about whole case. Like I got, you got a bad neighborhood and buy it there and some like yet pharmacy there. So, when you're taking this stuff like what is the difference between that and so like coppertone or something you get America well that doesn't, I think it doesn't protect. I can't remember whether it's you VA or Uv B, that it doesn't protect against fully the kind with the titanium dioxide protects, but also the other problem with the sun
boxes that you know do they affect your n open system in terrible ways, but I'm so vain. That means to me to be. You know like look like a sheep dog, but how did the defector and consistent well because the you're putting these chemicals on your skin instead of those or is this your skin? But at again I haven't gone outside long time, so that sort of gets the effect right yeah. They were a huge hat like that. You know like it could be a witch black cat and that helps too crazy Amy. I am I'm not so that's one of my better qualities, I guess or worse, but that's it yeah. That is an interesting point about affecting your into consistent. I never really took into consideration. I've been thinking about sunscreen. You know I because I was reading this thing about the great barrier reef being destroyed by sunscreen and spray sunscreen in particular over yeah someone. Someone sent me this message and I don't know if it's correct that the
spray. Sunscreen is the issue with Reese and not the put the you know the the rub on stuff good. I hate to be a. I don't know. If that's true, though I don't know, if that's right, see see if you find out, he did see something. I remember looking this up recently in a the issue. It wasn't true, but I'm open up again see for whatever reason, there's something in the air assault version that is more dangerous for reefs, but it kinda makes sense mean you put in this fucking skanky chemical on you and then you jump in the water I mean where? Is it going yeah? Well, it would seem, though, that both kinds would work that way, but maybe it's because the lotion- in kind, probably absorbs more. Your skin pyrgos know your sunscreen isn't good. In the world's coral reef that I faring studies, I've found those that I don't know if this one is even accurate, either by phone to other, once it's set is burying studies produced by the sunscreen industry. I believe that the input is it clickbait. I don't care scroll up and let's see what it says, get it
little larger there. Thank you, Sir Swim thing that swimmers that slather themselves in sunscreen are doing their skin a favor, but it might not be so helpful to any nearby coral reefs. That claim. EAST in a recent scientific study sparked global headlines, faulting sunscreen for the global decline of these hot beds of bio, diverse Actually it's disturbing idea that something so necessary for protecting humans from skin cancer could be doing so environmental damage. But what weight should we give this scientific? Finding not much turns out the authors of the report or who hail from labs and universities in the US and Israel found that? How do you say that Oxybenzone, an active, being in some sunscreens protect against ultraviolet light is was present in significant quantities around reefs in Hawaii in the virgin islands that were favored by swimmers and divers the term
the chemical, has a detrimental effect in the dna of Coral in both its juvenile and adult stage? Is the study was published in the journal, archives and environmental contamination in toxicology? The lab searchers expose in allowed. The research explores expose coral to high concentrations of oxybenzone. Not only did it deform coral, RV by trapping them in their own skeleton, the study found that it was also a factor in coral bleaching, Terry Hughes, director of there australian Research, council center of excellence, coral reef studies at James Cook, University, told Mashable, Australia. He thought the report's findings were inconclusive. He was paid off. The study was done in a laboratory, so they actually used artificial seawater. He explained they put tiny bits into coral in at Queria and then added some chemicals. It's not surprising. The coral didn't like chemicals thrown out them. I don't know see this is
good point, and this is something when you look at studies. This is one of the things I look at. They call it in vivo or in vitro. You know, are you looking what stuff do they pull out some cells and do some thing to them and is that an replicator not replicate what you what happens in the human body? Are there other things other reactions going on that are missing from them? You know when you, when you do that when you pull it out and just look at it in a petri dish, yeah, I would imagine, but it seems like in that environment it showed that the coral does not like it. I mean I would imagine, that's not really terribly surprising. I would like to know what are the trace amounts that they're seeing in coral and can they mimic those? studies or are they just pouring it on them? And you know like salt, for instance right. If you put a little bit of salt in your food, Can we find you eat a pound of salt, your big dead, an hour. Well, this is the thing that-
if you look at studies. This is why it's important to read them over and over, like that and to really pick them apart. If you want to assess them in any sort of reliable way, because you have to look at those nuances and think well, wait is set and I call this thing to leave the lab syndrome where you look at something they've studied something you think like that's not how works in real life. Why are you doing the experiment that way? That's completely dumb and so and this is stuff- you don't have to be a scientist, but it helps to thing scientifically to think logically, and so it's always good to enhance that thinking. So you can look at that. Look for the bullshit yeah, but for a lot of people they just see that headline. Oh coral reefs dying because of sunscreen sunscreen bad. My and we like to blame people, and I felt bad when you said that I got sucked out dammit, I'm a rare talent, yeah right you just for my skin. I will click on old tag, while also cancer right on cancer. Well see here's the thing, though, there's so much stuff, so much is more complicated than we think.
Am I giving myself problems by not getting vitamin d the natural way in by taking a little pill as I take a little pill. So that's one of those trade offs and I think, like ok, need a ketogenic diet and then I put on the sunscreen and you look at all that and you try to make the best guess you can that works. Also within what matters to you as a woman, I don't want to. Look really haggard. You know when I'm sixty five or you're supposed to be living in like schottland or something if you look at your skin yeah you're supposed to be in some marsh somewhere right, exactly overhead right, exactly item Indiana Sky like a giant sunscreen bring, and so you know when you change these things in a modern environment, they call it evolutionary mismatch. You know what Are you doing? Are you screwing yourself up in some way because you aren't getting this nutria or whatever? It is the way you body evolved to take it in yeah. It is,
so weird thing. The color of people skin is really just because we changed environments right I that's. That's the whole the whole nice thing so thrown out the window. When you take that in consideration the way we look, the shape of our noses, the shape of our faces, the shape the color of our skin turn by the environment that our ancestors grew up in that all these people. All who are say Irish. They all grew up in this place, and so they characteristic irish features now and- and it's just an I do not see what what's happened now. Is we can't make jokes anymore? I skated with twenty black eyes New York. I stopped the thing you said about the football thing I thought. Okay, I earn live I'm writing and I do really do a lot else, that if I crack my head open I'll, be able to earn a living ever again yeah. But these guys call me white out, which I thought was hilarious, yeah and and when you are not racist, I mean it's not it's not bad. To joke about race, racial stuff. But now I mean it's just really.
Third, rail of everything that you even say the slightest thing you make mention that someone's a different call I mean forget it, but also there's no negative connotation to being white. Right. So when you say you're white out, it's not bad. It's not like a charcoal, grew that people Well, I think there is a charcoal they didn't like shit. Charcoal doesn't seem like that. Insulting also black people don't seem check. I thought I'd a black boyfriend. He had chocolate. His skin was the color of chocolate right. This Preso were black. There's like so much super black. Well, I think really dark, they're beautiful those people from from Africa. I do too, with that gorgeous there, amazing until they start putting plates in their lips. That's whatever I draw the weight lifting. How do you kiss someone like that you looked up late, like? Is there food left on the plate? Sorry, well, that that is one of the this is bank. Yes, what's up there called you bank? I think the people something like from siri- that's the part of Africa that they do that. I believe
That seems like one of the weirdest sort of habits or sir do behavior patterns of people have ever adopted ever weird one of the weirdest cultural traits this just passed down from generation to generation and the larger the plate in their lip, the more cattle there. Worth when they get married. I can like God super twisted like how did that come about no idea. I don't know that area down there, but God there's does some of these cultural things that go on are really crazy? Well, whenever you see, body mutilation or which is essentially what that is. I read that also being connected, and it's very, vague now, I'm trying to remember it, but I remember it being connected somehow or another to the slave trade and that it made these women less likely to be raped oh interesting yeah! I don't know if that's true, though so I probably shouldn't always
I hear things, I don't know if they try just repeat it and let people sorted out, Google, it folks don't listen to Maine, but we were saying about why people before it now. Actually I mean you see this probably all over twitter to this thing of white privilege I guess I must when I was like eighteen, just like typhoid and and so now, if you're white you're just guilty, there's nothing, you can do, and you see this there. Some there is a video. It was in Berkeley, some social justice guy and the woman. Just it was like there's basically and that's what she said. There's nothing you can do your guilty. I wish, I remember the words: have a white privilege yeah right, a check, odd, so Kates, for God, I love that yeah I mean, but it's what it's a way to silence people and it's also a way for you to be guilty of something whether or not you're you
a clean slate. You are all on the defensive instantaneously, your you are already a guilty person right, and so they can virtue signaled. They can decide that you know you, you need to be punished or you need to be. Your opinion is invalidated because of you, the melanin content to your skin. I mean it's literally crazy. It's the antithesis. I love Martin Luther King and it said the intercontinental character and that's so beautiful and it just it's. It's so terra, this thing of your white and you're wrong and people don't understand. That's the same thing as the the races and that's been done to blacks. You know for so so long, and I I mean I'm just I'm sort of stunned by that. In this idea I mean basically your race. This is now shut up, but that's the way you do you pay attention. When when on Evergreen State college states. I love that guy yeah reminds dean of my God. Yes, my hero using and happened was they
for people? Don't know the essentially said we're going to have a they used to have a day of absence of people of color and the idea is it's a very progressive school and they said look if we have a day where people of color people of very an essay people aren't white. Essentially it's where a what it is they don't show up. Maybe with there will be a pre, she did more, maybe will take them into consideration more are, but their absence will be felt. So then they decided flip that around and force white people to stay home, white staff, members, my teachers, white students and Brett. It's like you're out of your mind like this is racist. It's one thing that you want to call attention to the value of people of color by not being there, which is also arguably not the best way to handle it, but at least you're not saying to someone that they cannot be there because of the color of their skin, which is
what you're saying by forcing these people to and then obviously all hell broke out. You know people are protesting him. They were. They were looking for him with baseball bat and ball. The whole thing is horrific, but it's this escalation, his war ideas where you're forcing your right yes and you are shouting people down and calling people guilty before they've ever done any. Thing, which is essentially what this is all about, and you know now he's not at the school anymore, more tragic schools imploding mean it's really crazy Actually, I would argue that for people who are of color to to make a protest by not going to school for a day after people fought so hard. I love that that little girl the picture of the girls in little rock going to school. You know where they segregate segregated school. Imagine being a little girl that's you going on with these police officers, to school, okay, cruising and and to value in education and to not to skipping school okay. So then, beyond that, but one
dean said his argument was, I think this is racist and, let's not do it. Let's talk about it and his speech which in the hallway there outside his classroom. I saw him and I thought wow. This is an amazing guy. Look at how rationally is measured and calm and full of grace and you know there's just mob there. You know you're calling him racist and shouting him down in him down, and I thought, oh, my god. I want to study with the sky. Can you please do a mook on course era, so I can take a sounds from you and learn how to do what you do in a heated situation, Nick Nicholas Christoff, because that yell is another one who had people screaming at him and was just class act. This is crazy. I know and they've lost, so you've lost steam from green. He is, I mean this guy was a valuable guy to have their it's so sad that he is no. It just wasn't safe for him when they're there with baseball bats, I mean it becomes a sir.
It's no longer about education. You can see why he couldn't go back and his wife to it's very sad, a very sad, but this is what happening that they're not allowing discussion. This idea that accusation of your racist- this is now just this thing. It's a just, a giant muscle, you're supposed to shut up yeah, that's exactly what it is, is a giant muscle to shut up in and it's a way to silence you and its way to force their ideas down your throat and you bring something up there. I call it a way to have unearned power over other people, and so I think that part of this, This is the NPC part is that we have kids go to college or not prepared for college this is especially true. If you go to some terrible school, not if you're the child of wealthy parents who got all the sat, training and everything like that, but so you get promoted 'cause, they want a certain color face in there. So maybe you do okay at Duke, but they send you to Harvard 'cause. You can get
there, 'cause they're like oh, we have all these asian people screw. You Asians were going to kick you out and not admit you and well admits. The craziest thing is that the race is always so terrible. So maybe if you could clarify that because people don't know we're talking about so what they do. Yeah policies, racist admission policies, so Asians, I mean I think it has to do something with the culture in the family. There. There's a you know. If you're asian, I had an asian assistant before she lived it with her mother, father and her sisters in her grandma Gramma answer the phone you did the Korean. She hung up on you, but there was a very strong work ethic that you must succeed. There were very strong family ethics, it wasn't a single parent household and that's what happens to a lot of these at risk. Kids, I speak into school. I created a program to try to help kids make it by, showing example like saying look here, I am, I failed. I slept on a door in New York on two milk crates, I'm not from a wealthy family. You have to be creative apprentice to somebody all this stuff. Kids, don't get that they don't get that if you're,
If you grew up in a bad neighborhood in your parents, don't model that sort of work ethic and the possibility to hope for success with. Why should you think there would be any hope for you, and why should you work is getting a little off track? Ok, sorry, getting up to the standards for Asians, be stands for agents, so they say: oh look! Are you asian? We have too many of these asian faces here. It's so terrible, and so we're not going to admit you were going to take the standard standards for Asians are going to be much higher than for everybody else, and so, if you get this grade, point say it's like a three point: eight and you're asian. Forget it you're out. But if you are this person of this face, color that we want we're going put you in there, even though you know but you have the same grade point as somebody were kicking out start around. Why do that? That's what it is it's like. They have higher standards for admission like
we've, Essentia Lee put the bar higher for them, and it's racist. It's racist, it's terribles discrimination against a minority right and they are a minority and it's terrible, and so what I figure minority than african Americans, bigger minori than Hispanics and Latinos. It's a big minor yeah, I was thinking, I said, was nodding and then I thought are they uh, that's fairly interesting, so what I suspected it could be wrong. This is just a guess on. My part is that when you uh or promoted to a place where maybe you aren't capable of succeeding that maybe the possibly you instead of bring your enerji into succeeding. Put your energy into protesting and saying the system is terrible and racist and unfair, because that is the way that you become somebody and you have power and everything if you can't get it through the ok I'll work, hard way which,
listen to say so. People think that when you say that you're saying oh, this group of people there stupider or worse than other people, but if you go back to the schools, if you help those kids, this is what they're doing with chargers if you give those kids what they're missing there isn't you know we're individuals. You can help people who might have been throw away people to succeed. If they just see. Look it's possible an here. How do we put the stability or you you're, a child of a single mother that comes with it? Certain comes with certain risks if you grow up in a certain kind of risky, neighborhood, there's a whole area of evolutionary psychology called life. History theory that talks about this. It's called having our fast life history strategy, it's adaptive! If you grow up in a risk, the tearable neighborhood, where things are unstable to get pre even in early. If you're a mail to be violent, all these these things that aren't helpful in our modern society, but they're kicked off by that unstable
and stable environment where you grew up. So ok, if instability is a problem, we can just say: ok, you're single mother should go back in time, getting a time machine and go find a man and marry somebody before she has you that's not realistic. We can't throw away people and that's what I see people advocating sometimes like. Ok. Well, we've got to tell people to not get pregnant without a the family had retired people, that they know you can't it's human nature, and so because they've done that, you don't punish the kids. How do we give those kids the stability they lack, and I think one of the ways is to have people going from the earliest grades and model what, for example, my parents modeled for me as these suburban, not wealthy, but to sort of middle class, suburban people work hard. Do this, do that and you will be ok well, I think so the problem with the asian folks in a university
is they don't complain and the squeaky wheel gets the grease and these people aren't protesting in art screaming that it's racist? What they're doing is they're putting their head down there working and they're working hard and that's a part of their culture. You know I grew up with a lot of korean kids and their extremely hard working to the point that I would feel like a lazy fuck when I was in from them, and one of my good friends when I was a kid my friend junk shack. He was, he was doing his residency for medical school, he was, also competing on the Us National Taekwondo team. He was going the school all day long and then he was training two to three hours a night. His kid was a fucking, maniac and yeah. I would be around him and I just felt so lazy, no matter how high, but I worked, it was so late, but he never complained about anything ever and it was the culture. The culture was to never complain just to work, hard, never complain and you're, seeing that in universities you're seeing that with their results, but you
so seeing that with the fact that, even though they're discriminated against like racially discriminated against by universities, no ones complaining about it, so they continue to do it, so they do and they do it under the guise of diversity, because so many these asian people are so successful in their academic careers, then doing so well and get in schools there pushing him out to try to balance it out, but that doesn't balance out shit. What you're doing is you're encourage ing this sort of like weird way of looking at people. You know your Not you not you! You want equality of outcome. Okay, that's not real! You know. A quality of up Trinity is real of outcome is not real, just people the equality of outcome, happens when everyone works the same amount, and this is the thing about a free society that people don't like to understand but when you have inequality in quality, is by, but in many ways because of freedom, because you have the freedom to choose to work
as much as you want, or as little as you want you're going to have in it quality, Inn outcome and there's other factors sure there is absolutely discrimination. There's sexism there's racism is always different factors that play into account as well, but there's also effort to deny that and to deny that effort is a factor in in outcome is preposterous and it sets up this fantasy land that so many kids live in today, wow they're pro no testing Ben Shapiro, calling him a fucking Nazi. That's where it all comes. There's these. You know these you, you have a campus, these kids, that are trying to shut down republican speaking on campus by calling them, and these blanket statements there, whites premises and racist like ok. What about Ben Carson he's a fucking Republican too, and his boy back right, there's a lot of people that are black to Republicans is preposterous way of looking at the world, and this is isolationist view, and it's it's weird. It's weird. They don't see how racist it is to discriminate against agency. It stare,
really racist and also you know if you look at what real diversity is to me, it's bringing in people who didn't have economic advantage, because these the people who have are hard it doesn't matter. If your black or white now. I have a number of black friends who are highly successful. Some of them are researchers and they grew up. In urban neighborhoods, a group like I did, they had a family there are the family was intact. You know the We didn't need a leg up from anybody because they did what I did, which is work hard. My mother told me so I grew up a jewish kid in the neighborhood with no Jews and they look at their house and everything like that, my mother, said to me, you know there are people we hate Jews, so you're going to have to work harder than other people, because some people are going to be prejudice against you and try to keep you out. So that was message. Not oh, we should whine about this and isn't this terrible is murder ish, as my parents can be yeah so. I don't know it's. It would be really beautiful if everybody just did the Martin Luther King thing right, just judge people in the content of their character and not
the color of their skin, not the origin of their birth or their ancestors birth. But unfortunately we are tribal and we do have these weird tendencies to sort of lump ourselves together and by the way for people that are listening to the disagreeing if you're a fucking social justice warrior tribal too you're your radical left eat tribal, that's that's a tribal outlook, you know and we would all be better off if we were a little bit more balanced me included. Well, he included too. I mean if we listen. What I try to do is to look at the other side. You know the site. I don't agree with. You were talking about this before where you may be the things you see their point or you look at stuff that you want to agree with. There was a Nick Kristof thing, a piece on: ok, here's what we have to do with guns, and I looked at it. Because we all want there's this idea of like do something. We want to do something, but something is not a good thing to do, and I looked at his he's wanting to find something in there. That would say yes, we,
Just do these things in every single thing. In there it was all meaningless stuff that wouldn't have stopped the guy in Vegas, and so I look that wanting to see something. You see nothing, and so it's the thing of being honest, being intellectually honest and on this, when your side is full of shit too, and you know when it comes to something like the thing in Vegas. We want to find some sort of solution when it doesn't necessarily exist. There's so many different factors I mean. Obviously, the access to weapons is a big one. It's a huge one. And to deny that is silly to deny that on the right, like the people that are massive second amendment proponents to deny the The access to weapons has no factor. Someone using those weapons is pretty fucking stupid. I mean it doesn't make any sense. Then to say that those weapons should not be accessible to people who are not criminals, that's also weird because you're saying like what what if you have if we have laws in this country that allow a person to go and buy a gun for personal
safety and then something like this happens where people get shot and murdered by some crazy person, and then you take those rights away from the people who have done nothing wrong. That's not good either I mean yeah? It doesn't stop it either. It look at the Charlie Hebdo thing in France. They don't know God in France. I don't know if the policemen armed, I don't think there is a different thing right, because it's muslim extremists that were acting on religious impulse as well, but they got guns, they got horrible horrible guns that killed people. I mean it it it at that. I think they might have even been automatic weapons. I mean I don't want to use that term because I don't know anything about guns this. I probably just use that wrong, but they they don't allow guns in France since they got them and I think that criminals I live near, the hood. You know you can get whatever drug you want. You know on the corner, can you get that through? But after all you don't?
Maybe they get a good question? It's it's look. Access is it's weight. Look Australia's a perfect example that one mass shooting they rounded up. All the guns have not a single one, since you know, but Australia also has less people than LOS Angeles and its huge size, United States. So you know, there's there's a there's a discussion to be had for sure and along you know the way we need to discuss access to to firearms. That's that's a part of that discussion, but it you know we talked about it. The other day with my friend Alonzo Boden and immediately people were put making article saying that we are calling for a police state and confiscation of the guns. I didn't say that no one said that, but this is the right wing you know. Second, amendment proponent, knee jerk reaction to an detainees, Lee Demon eyes, anyone is critical of the guy having access to twenty three rifles right and see the thing that that's happened with the polarization is that now just saying, let's think about this. You know, because I'm
libertarian, I'm pro second amendment, but I also think, let's look at this. That's not bad to say, let's, let's look at this is doesn't mean we won't. We want to take away everybody's guns. It means that we want to think about things. It's it's ever been a clear instance. It is a giant problem with someone having access to guns like that. What show it to me, because this I broke windows in a hotel and shot five hundred people God made available. If that's not a clear situation where people need to look at it and go okay, how does this get prevented and it doesn't get prevented by burning your head in the sand? It doesn't get profound, it doesn't get prevented by just going back to the second amendment and it just yelling out and stomping your feet and pounding fist on the table. You know shall not be infringed not how you prevent your children from getting shot by a can. Psycho see, I think, what's hard in this too, is that we don't have any answers. There's no well if it was just mental both just this or just that, because it's a mystery, so people are just grass
being at things and everybody standing their ground. The either pro gun, the Anti gun, they're saying cc, and all the disgusting stuff on twitter in people to try to curb this a bit the stuff of people using that as a ramp for their own, whatever their views were sure, and that was pretty ugly, you know, is seeing those videos. You always have that right. We always have. But in this you know when this loss of life- and it's not just out Trump said this dumb thing you know it that just barrage. I saw that video of all the people running a you know that that it was on there is that it's like a ten minute video and the police hiring among some people, don't even realize it was gunfire in here that that the debt constant barrage, when you hear that for that period of time, that gun going off so many times, and so many people being just that guys victim that was so horrible, and you see that brother getting interviewed. No, I just saw photo, traffic to ninety minute interview and is one of the most bizarre interviews of
ever seen in my life, he's so removed from his brother doing this and talking about what a great guys brother is and how quirky his brother I was and how his his brother was just he was eccentric and he was just talking about what His brother would have done in the casino people all new his brother and to say they didn't know. Him was crane, but this guy seems like a guy trying to act normal it is so weird. I mean there might be like some sort of a mental health issue with the entire family, because the dad apparently was a psycho and was a serial bank robber yeah. I don't know, but is of the sh to Rangers, where he's not like horrified he's not crying. He's not stunned. It's it's so fucking weird, and it brings me back to the mental health aspect of it. You have. There has to be a lot of shit wrong with your mind, for you to be able to do
something yeah. What it is, what it is. I hope we figure it out, but sir do too Jesus Amy. I thought there was going to be a positive interview the whole bomber, crazy girl. What can I find? This is great. It was fun I really enjoyed it me too, sold for people to their wanna. Read your column. It's advice, goddess dot, com, well, yeah, I or actually prefer they read it. Look it up and papers and some of them have changed at the name. I prefer, which is science vice got a stuck concert feel like this. Is who is pulling out of her butt, and then I have a new book Unfuck Aladji field, and I talked in a lot of your book. I know so terrible This is an accident, and actually so it's on for college, a field guide to living with that's in confidence and good manners for nice people sometimes say. Thank you. I mean there's a lot of fun. Talking to you, this great, alright folks will be back in a little bit with Russell Brand, see ya. Thank you. Everybody for tuning into the pos gap was this. Thank called podcast and thank you to our sponsors,
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