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#1031 - Jamie Kilstein

2017-10-30 | 🔗
Jamie Kilstein is a writer, radio host, and stand up comic.
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is a man named jamie kill steam jamie at one point time was a stand up comedian there and he became a stand up comedian any podcast her he was the co host of citizens radio which was like a super lefty ultra per grass iv podcast and he did that with his wife at the time and he i was on it i was guests at one point ten of those one of the earlier guest and there and the show where more and more left wing and jamie got really caught up in the whole programme of movements and then got a taste of his own medicine it all went off the rails forum a bunch of leg wearing two him unfounded accusations of predatory behaviour by the law that going around his nerve functional but look
no jamie for a long time it he's been on my ipod gas in the past a couple times and at one time when he was on it kind of went south on us a little bit and we talked about that and we talked about his subsequent miss eric deregulation of what was said in why he's why economist characterized as you know i think it's really important about this conversation we really got into and it's that people get locked up in a teams they get very tribal with their team and he was on try progressive for awhile for a long time in till they came out and then he realized tat go my god no one progressive enough they will after everyone and by think he still holds a lot of like the good ideas lot of good progressive values and and as you are hopefully what your opinions are but
we had a great conversation i really enjoyed it and i think you'll enjoy it too i don't know if you'll enjoy it too i hope you i hope all pike ass or enjoyable and sometimes you know i get check sometimes logic instagram messages and you like a hundred of them that this is the best part ass ever and then someone this one for could socks skip pass i don't i but i enjoyed it so please welcome jamie do the job will gain experience civilization jim chose to do so a lot has changed since the last time we spoke here and for people who don't know you use to be the host of or one of the cause of citizen radio super progressive lovely podcast and you of egon
but now i was on a day to stay withstand hell i'll him i don't know it's aberdeen i don't know where i remember i was thinking like being back in the studio and i never met jamie before and i was guy runs being really nice to me i'm like literally feel like i'm likeness isn't this isn't a trick just me very nice emails and unlike but i'm a very tricky bore guy at i came in and around just lovely a nice yeah man allow change i went into hiding behind what is i only got bigger peripheral story of liked what what went sideways are like some people girls accuse you well yeah that this is look this is the fucking worse time for me to be like you know it now that our own sacrament weinstein's tangier kills dynamic his return why's he kills two thirds to say i like roads the heads like very like jury and predatory when i wrote i rode stand hope it will be when the wine sector
haven't i was i came anyone like push off this returnees like your friend guess who hears it happened so a kind of started where i was a comic for years and you know as a got more progressive it it got more into that judgment territory i guess where you know i feel like i definitely became one of those people who would just be on twitter all day and incentives talking about real issues it just becomes a cruel reminder that day right who used the wrong word that day who can we get fired that day yad its twitter mobs ever happens on the right and happens on the left is just like candies people who were sad who just live like in their box which i was like one of them right that's why i think this is such an important conversation because because you ve commas away from it and you see it for what it is i think
people don't realize it when their caught up in the swirl of it the momentum of it that it's almost like a natural human behavior pattern it's very tribal yeah well it's tribal and its physically addictive you know like i've like gone back and forth with drinking and and not drinking pod and and and that's going apart and i can tell you that the thing i was addicted to the most was twitter it was refreshing twitter it wasn't you literally get dopamine heads from bad i remember when i first try to get off twitter i like fighting with some fuckin stranger in my living room on twitter and i was like no it fuck this i'm a go take a walk i dont need only to be involved in this has life i closed it and book or even knew it i'm like walking in the park fighting with some other guy on my fuckin phone and am i it follows you like if someone's calling you cut their calling you account at dinner with your girlfriend they're calling you account when you go to like
your brother's graduation and you're just like refreshing it waiting for someone to tell you that your good and sort of so that i got it the two that more anything and especially when i finally an audience with like the left of laughed i mean just to be very clear i welcome that come on the show and suddenly like do a fuckin sean michael's he'll turn and be like i'm johnny rape joke those fucking bitch how to come in you just being a person that's what i like wasn't doing for a very long time as i feel like i don't ask me for people but i feel like me i always knew something like to find me right where it's like i'm a progressive or i'm i'm a visa or i'm just jets you and whenever i whatever become kind of currently obsessed with i was sort of like through the other shit away and kind of like a shadow over that as you know at times i would feel like a failure
that's really where the progressive i'm still hold a lot of progressive ideas but that's when i went from comic to the political it wasn't that i like wanted to make comedy my my like nemesis rate it was that i feel i feel like i've i failed i dropped out of school squatters start accommodate like seventeen and i did the things yours posted do and yeah did montreal a couple times in conan once and i had this year where ce markings are gonna happen and then you know i was kind of that guy that we're like all we like you we can do anything with you but we like you and so i started to kind of make my own audience and the audience was fucking great it was like a bunch of you know that it was started it was a bunch of just weird sweet nerdy comedy fans and then everything just started getting pushed the dirt
crazy like when i knew shit i said was i'm doug podcast when i knew shit got nuts is one was defending a trance person so already like left issue like i'm doing the right thing mine and i call this trend oh began idiot at an email that said we appreciate you using defending trans people the word idiot is able list and i want to back me heart it you're a retarded cannot exactly i wonder list for people people able as well as making fun of people i don't know i don't know what it means anymore i thought able as was just like that guy's in a wheelchair fuck him i guess like all these different terms these ever
terms like i guess idiot is able as cause fuckin i dont know there is an annual chair no no no it's able is because if you're not an idiot if your brain works well you're mocking someone who's brain doesn't work where they are not able to think correct your enable us to use our progressive me well i'm pretty progressive i mean i don't look like a meat head and a spouse some right wing ideas when it comes to like social issues are very progressive that's why we became friends you saw gay rights thing i did twitter death like you aren't that's why but i when i saw happening i mean in rubbish but when i saw a meeting with you and what i see happening just in general on line i mean i was on citizens radio when you guys first started get your honor poster i think there's something that happened where people were around the time of occupy wall street things get really heated up and people started moving way laughed and then some folks
moving way right and i'm really truly believe to this day the way left is what started the whole tromp movement it's in response as to the way left and i think all these shit heads got together they didn't like being accused of being assholes are able is sir rapist or whatever it is by the progressives so they went far right and all right i mean that the all right essentially was people who didn't identify with these men who were bankers but they also didn't want to have anything to do with these ultra lefty progressives that were calling everyone a racist everyone a rapist every man's a piece of shit i did all of that straight up that all that and i think one of the things with the ultra aft and maybe this is me like you maybe it's me desperately trying to defend myself but i think in a weird way it was harder
me and its harder for a lot of people this see themselves slipping into the extreme left and so like what i mean by that is i never thought when heard people say the extreme right is as is as bad as extreme left i was always fuck you because like the extreme laughed isn't like bombing palestine be they give us free healthcare legless trans people pests and the right bathroom like you know even that like this you'd or non vegas but i d c shooter like he was like a fuckin crazy i he wasn't able sums are he wasn't like shooting the politician screaming like you know and he liked the bernie sanders page but it wasn't we are launching wars against islam for christianity it wasn't no i'll doing this fairer for free market capitalism it was to me extreme laughed when i heard people say it and there is no scoff mamma you would say it is cuz i'm like dude like the left
just be like stand for like equality everyone has the right to an education iran has the right to not go fuck in hungary too health insurance gave you can do whatever they want but the decks the end by baron vagina endogenous really should be essentially lay down on both sides the right what would be in conservative used to be with small government and people having the government stay out of your lives and they don't worry outer morphing lay words like we will stay out of your lives book it will be like in your pussy if you wanna fuck and abortion will tell you what like whose dick you can lose out of abortion things worked its real squirrels right because the abortion thing is essentially it's a religious thing and it's a religious it's it's a moral thing and nets it's also what an abortion i mean you are ending a life but you're running a life inside a woman's body will when is it ok to do that is it ok to do that it
and as though the ground woman's life matter more than the cells or more than old none may you have that gets to appoint but initially it's like when is it defined as a life i mean if it's the most one of conception if that moment if thirty seconds later it's an abortion i give you can hold your breath and then the baby's dead in alex we found out that at the moment a guard comes at a moment of she gets hold of breath for a minute that is really what i mean is that why does that was our worries me but it but it is look abortion is fucking weird re tired pro choice that abortion is weird because like when you when it gets older when you for weeks in six weeks and it still legal and it's a fucking little baby i mean it is a little baby black man look at it it's it looks like a little baby sometimes there a heartbeat if it gets to certain age here what's going on like
i'm not saying that it should be my choice to define whether not so much to do it or not do it but it's very disingenuous when people frame this argument as it's a woman's right to choose period that's what it is it's not just that it's all no killing a baby i don't have a feminist don't like me anymore so my coat hangar up i'm out of this debate i don't give a shit bullets it's a its of it should be an honest debate why does it is a very controversial and of a very nuanced issue so i saw ass simple ass you know the right does want a woman to choose and stay out of my body it's not just stay out of your body is like what are we doing were killing a babe it's in a woman's body at what age should that be league one i think that's the whole thing that we are talking about before with these like echo chambers where you know for the first time ever i've been listening to sort of like both sides of issues first time i'm in earth time since recently well because like you just saw again you the majority of people like out
leave us up sure like i didn't ask a lot of follow up questions because your facebook feed is curated and your your twitter is all of your friends and and for the most part people you agree with and you know comedy was actually comedy now like i've been listening to like a ton of like backlogs of your show is because once out of that aid is maybe i can with another showing a great hated no i know i never hate and so but i started listening to the show and like hearing pretty equal you know progressive too conservative ideal and comedy was always kind of this cool place where you explore ideas because comedy and jokes and laughter would sort of cake the take the just a little bit you know what i mean and you can actually talk about issues and one kind of became part of the crew that would even shit on comedy than it was like well i can watch democracy now and i guess that's it
and i have my and i would feel fucking stupid i hung out with journalist and i have a comics i hung out with people where i was sort of like felt like the joke monkey and like high school dropout part of me would get really line by you fell to juggle did you feel like you had to be funny when you around those began because it because when i tried to say something like political or that i thought was smart averages be kind of like hushed cause i'm not that smart i'm not i'm good at like telling stories i'm good at like i think listening and asking like decent question but i was never like a fuckin intellectual and a lot of that crowd is and that's good we need those people right but i would i it was really easy for me to be like just shut up
you know what i mean is this all in your mind or mean you you're a human being right to me if you just talking to these people you not an unintelligent purse no physicists and insecurity that you cared around with you when you are on the whole lay ensuring regional asking this you show was sort of in a lot of ways of entering into the world of journalists also that's where i was going that's right that's what i was going like sort of way back which was you know the show started as a comedy shall write it was called drunken politics before was called citizen radio i think we'd and it may be around like occupy but it was comedy and like we had progressive ideas of that sort of what we talked about but it wasn't that we had to talk about it became this thing were progressive issue in the news that day or on twitter we had two we have to talk about that day right and it's
would have lost i don't know did you did it also largely interrupting here but did it also a u you guys went to a sort of a subscription service no we actually you know that thing i'm really proud about that show em an and why i'm definitely bombed out i lost a lot of those fancier or whatever was we we started ages ago where we were pretty early ahmed podcast and we never had commercials and we never had you didn't we they get anything if you paid it was voluntary it was like a shitty version of npr whereas like every
he s a show for free riders like astronomy socialist erroneous a show for free if you can't afford five dollars montana hours month right or other people do that what miasm harris does the toilet yea we just didn't really have like we can afford to send you like a toad bag or whatever but yes i wasn't a pay motto everything we said anybody could hear ram we occasionally did like little like goofy bonus shows for like subscribers because it allows the question so i some there was some shows that only people who subscribe can yeah now most of it not a lot diana was five days a week to rise was a lot that's another thing when you do it if i can show five days a week you gotta dig for things to be lag pissed off about to not be redundant yeah i've done five day week shows and i don't think i'm on my best five days a week i think for days a week is were i like start to break down the act anything after four days weekly unless i'm doing like fight companions which are just a guph duchess hanging out watching fights that's easy yeah you don't i get stale
a boar didn't want to force it into being a job now i think what i got out a you was that you were we're getting a lot of praise and you were you are being hailed i got such as wrote something where they called you and a great example of an ally that was pre this year about yeah but i mean but that expression was is a very odd expression i mean us i'd hate to sound like this indeed ingenuous egalitarian but i really do believe this mean we we should be allies to each other we all should be we did this idea that like there's a goddamn team war going on the jamie kills teen is out there buckin for the theme that's what it's like it's like that's what they india they reward that down this is the thing it's like so that is not a single judge bogs i think they ve got some great writer share yes there's there's something that happens with people when you write a lot of mean very
the critical stuff and you you become this this attack machine and this is how you promote your ideas this is how you push your agenda by attacking people that of i'm fuckin deserve it for sure some of them are definitely assholes but it began almost like the currency that you dealing here and that goes back to the insecurity right by the way my but let me finish all sizes are is that when one year an attack machine like that not seeing the jazzy but there's a lot of the blogs or attack machines when you're it machine it you can be an ally on the other side or not even on their side but an ally to the attack machine like and then a single you out is that it gives you this field like oh i'm not going to get attacked by them this is good and you reinforced that behaviour by ramping up the types of things that you say that they lie yeah they appreciate and
comes a sort of weird exchange there where you know it's like imply like that i think this is what a lot of what goes on in political circles as well like there's not as much bribery as there is an understanding that if you do what we want you to do and you say what we want you to do then you're in then you're on the good side yeah and that goes back to that insecurity and i think a lot of people are secure we're all in secure everyone it and when you do find that try yes and you do find people who are going yeah and the more you attack on twitter is not just blogs and remember that individuals on twitter like me like one would see like whose getting piled on today were ok cool this writer wrote something about man splaining don't need to read the article what's the hashtag that's the hashtag to say fuckin meanest funny thing cuz i'm a and i'm funnier than journalists and their
famous people are gonna retweet me or fave me and then i get to feel like a fuckin civil rights hero right that's what happened where like i would literally tweet even if not even a joke even if i tweeted summits in syria and this like sucks to admit but even if i tweeted set like passion black lives matter refreshing that she had to be like to question favoured it you know what i mean like i'm not doing it to be you know and then you can feel good about yourself then you can go not saying i did this but you can go on the street you can fuckin ignore the homeless person and you can cross the street when you see like the scary black eye cause you're just like will i'm technically the rosa parks of twitter because i fuckin tweeted that broke that writer who said that fuckin thing that no one's gonna remember to morrow but we were all angry about two jesus christ this is the first time i've had caveman coffee or these nitrogen know joe that you you're drinking at all i think i've ever done out a robot to stand i got out or are offered to me before this stanhope podcast and am he came up to me afterwards
and was like a manufacturing talk lot that out or i'll fuck you up and i was like an take like ahead of internet attack spasm so i think happens is so yeah see you get their validation rare the validation and its essentially it's an exchange and i was an exchange talking about with twitter being like this you get this does mean rush every time you tweet and refresh and is one of the main reasons why don't interact with people online very much yeah very rare that i do and when i do i'm almost always civil yeah i just don't think that less it's one my friends and i called border fucking door columns of levying like commanded under machine like i years ago let tat gaubert get a move on but i mean that's just fake no now yap and i always say that with man just a sort of sidebar with twitter when all that
it happened to me and i got off all social media belligerent explain what happened rarer right ok so under the supervision of threatening the feminine and again like the ideas at their core rat sexism is bad rapes badly grass shouldn't be working controversial issues but when you take it to that extreme on the jury i can about we're looking to sort of like who can i call us existed angry i tolerate is today the thing is like that it's u it becomes an attack machine yeah and yeah my my dad said that yesterday he's like people on the show you should say you're not gonna be in it pack machine unlike what at whether he thinks that i swear to god i myself can be like me are you pop ups derisory very excited so yes happen and what you were saying what the ally title i was never comfortable
with a lot of the the the stuff i got thrown into you know i was constantly saying either the wrong or offensive things on the show that we would have to go to trial before a stick and try to be funny and we'll have to stop and edit it out like a fuckin idiot and and i remember i did college once and was the first time is ever happen like usually they you know them do you by my like measly credits might there be like you take on in once and this time the the woman at the college introduce me she and given a comedy credits she's goes our headliner tonight is a male feminist and i remember going into the mike and being like that makes me sound like a rapist like it sounds show fuckin creepy that's what i was like labeling myself that was a label that was thrown at me and in my head oh my god i don't hate women so i guess sure but
a feminist sounds like you're like cruising around like a fuckin male feminist van being like who wants equal pay like it sounds so creepy but i took it cause they're there is so much sexism on the other side that you're like i guess man guess being an ally is good right that i like your defending people but then it gets this level where you like i gotta renew my ally dues and call somebody a fuckin rapists and that's all stock so and then this is as it were but many ass so i come on the show we have the argument about sexism my great where we had we had a discussion about den tosh as aware when one dandled tosh made a rape joe young and also there was this this weird definition that people like to use and from i'm sure you're probably where the actual definition now of like how many rapes actually occur right urges it it all came from a study that kind of on one say was out of the universe the arizona but i forget
the study what was but they essentially looked at almost end uncomfortable interaction between man and a woman wanted or remorseful sex was re pull out a lot of different things sex while intoxicated was raped there's a lot of different things they used to deadlines sex where they got to this one five and this is another reason we need to have a conversation right because like remorseful i do know that definition as but that doesn't sound like i mean the people of that sex i'm sure you of and afterwards like what do yeah young people want to call that rape yeah but like if you're fucking blackout drunk the deeds not later ok that is but we cannot allow the girls not did you get raped right cause that happened to me right as happened in me straight up has aggravated you help me
physically eyed girl swing at me i got a telegraph it they do they wind up here and there and their yelling which i'm told that's what they created a problem a guy but they yell why they do and michael you can yell before either upon someone just come in but the your stories that like i could even tell that i had a girlfriend shouted beat the shit out of me when i who is when i was like twenty years old but it happened at the same time as i swear to god i'm just dodging what happened but i will get through and after this i shoot i was breaking up with her it was at the same time that gmo davis there was like services dreyfuss type as that's what i was an acronym like i don't know maybe which is a jersey thing but it was child services essentially was our house to do like an inspection essentially to be leg is it fit to have kids here cause my house was a disaster back in the day why did they
in spain we gus thing anyone having a baby all known or no we had leg alcoholism in the family and like neighbors were complaining and screaming and like i was a fuckin train wreck and how old were you alive you like but i guess i was nineteen by mr living at home and i'm one of five so i'm a five so this guy so i'm breaking but my girlfriend not knowing the site typhus random acts inspection is gonna happen and guy comes over his is like order african guy and he said
my dad on the couch african american or african african african and so the accent and every dance the one i'm allowed to laugh at that now you could have i think there's only words i can say now it's time to be alive we were all they got i was with my friend the first time i hung out with a comic this guy louis gomes juno ass those with louis and we're hang it out now lay and i was telling him i think i wanna do comedy and and he he made a joke with the word fingering in it and i started
i feel like a fucking kid and i'm like i forgot how fuckin funny that were fingering is as a funny worry what i felt like i came out of like a comedy coma i was like all fingering emitted in current like yours so many good anyway so so my girlfriends on breaking up with her and she starts like swinging at me you can't but can break up with me like but about and i wish to say as a k we can talk about this later but like there's a guy downstairs who is going to with a hilarious access who's gonna take back take my brothers you have to elect stop and she spoke and swinging amy in sweden and less nope and she's screaming tuesday oda she was like a who used to beat the shit out of isabella wrote about it and that's what happened so i'm just like kind of like covering up and on what you have to stop they're gonna take my baby brother she storms off go downstairs this guy from child services is there and look at him and i am out of like cheers my eyes on my please i'll take my brother's like she doesn't leave here she just my girlfriend i broke up with her she never gonna be here again like i'm sorry about that and he just looks him he did he goes and my dad and it is good
women are crazy our day and i was just like all right that was kidding river i thought you would like to have seen that before and like she had to leave lucky i got like an angry woman given angry woman and we all would have been in jail okay so i i'm known as this male feminist which again kind of becomes my thing so i go on your show we argue about it to them i don't have comic friends anymore so i take this side and i didn't hear all about the rape joke like i just heard all the whole day tosh story i heard at the stand hopes for the first time because the articles i read dont have the nuances parts or hate so all i let's explain what actually asher daniel tie it was not supposed to be on states that night daniel tosh was just hang out the laugh factory and is good friend dahmer rare i asked him to go up anyway
i'll go k i don't have any talk what goes on state aid but it goes crazy all my guardian to touch steer this amazing and he goes i don't have any material amendments was the appear so what are you guys want to talk about what you know in some guy yells out rape and he goes goes here that's real funny sir what what's funny about the humiliation of violence and this woman yells out actually nothing's funny about rape like very self aggrandizing goes when defining five regular and now right that's it that's the funny parts like what a comedian does so that line was the the line that were circulating but even that first part not that that part was ignored in vienna the whole part where he's just like what's funny about it and that's a good technically that's an anti rape geographic no daniel that's how he thinks rise not is not guy nonsense the one that's a great way but that has to do with these echo chambers when my one fuckin here that word of it
i just hear the part you just hear the part that you're supposed to attack and then you'd ironically i went to one of birds podcast at the same festival dolphins comedy festival and second and bird like this whole rape happened in the audience i don't have you heard about it but i know all hell broke loose arising in the audience money so leg i don't wanna be that one above a spot of birds gonna area if he's gonna repeated if he airs the take off from work because whatever it's one of the best thing that ever heard but this we com right now yet cause i don't want wanna blood spot but essentially what happened was they stand hope it'll just get people to listen good stand hope started talking about rape and child labour in the whole show became very rape themed right and there's a girl next to me and there's a woman s to me my girlfriend who just started screaming like i talk about it are they ignored the whole time
my girlfriend i will look over and then she would like to have another for drink and wants to show and giggle and then rape or come like stopped i just scream but like she didn't she didn't leave action get up and leave and that was like it was so interesting to be on my sort of the opposite end of that where you know nothing offensive was really happening happened economic fuck man i'm next to that lady from the tosh o this this is like my karmic fate and i'm just like she should go she should leave but anyway so i was on the not com side of that and by then i wasn't doing comedy clubs i was never really accepted into comedy clubs i'm just plan for my progressive audience like a league in coffee house like that's i'm just plain random like little rock eggs for like my audience so again echo chamber it and i'm not hanging out with comics so and people like why you defend a comic i'm like i know man cause i don't think i am one like i m really consider myself one
and so yes i mean you me and you won at it i believe was very divisive i think half your audience thought i was a whiny bitch and the other half thought i was a whiny bitch you should get raped it was very one sided nobody like me i was i did not come off well i am told and but i was like i guess i did the right thing right i guess i cited with women over overt jokes and so from then on any comic that did like me didn't let me start bureau thereby sent just at our much out of the sacred either way sake of honesty the real issue came not just because of that but because of your characters and the next day yeah toll lay so the next day there's a video out about it that someone put together called the kill steam delier and similar she was taken out of context some of that shit i wore completely like own up to i watched it like once i mean at that point that point
just all hell broke like i lost my i lost my managers i was having like someone hacked twitter just wrote re bolivar it and had allowed you lose your manager they said it was because i died i died don't cooperate with the comedy community to beef air to them i was like a pain in the ass client it was hard enough for me a fuckin book and then every complicates mainly like i don't know man i think they just like through their hands up and so the next was one of those things run like i either aboard down unlike any i think it was my gun like i'm lie awake i'm gonna try to defend myself and give like you know my son add to it and that not one sub heroic work because here we're going way way way back to the real issue this is like a year
before more than a year before everything went sideways oh yeah what went sideways and why are you this super progressive egon guy but what once so an of mine and of mine i'm china about how much i can say start there as we are like girls i was dating like you were kind of like pop up and like following them unlike social media and a kind of was like a little weird girls you were day but you're married so what was also not talk about these articles is that for the last however many years before ass i got separated we're in an open relationship we didn't we talked about it on the show eventually but for a while and talk about it and which to anyone in a fucking relationship like it's a nightmare when you're not talking about because you feel like a lecherous cheating creep
catherine and open relationship or you don't talk about it so that when girls meet you and you tell them or late i like yeah right totally when you go out in a secret opium relationship you're fulla shit right and so you know i kinda did the road a thing but like felt like a fucking creep and wrote the remaining hook up with grief and and then i was finally just like we have to talk about it and at this point and i don't want to shit on anybody you know at this point you know my co host nine we were like we were pretty much like really good friends you live together and show together and years later years after mean escrow broke up years after all this shit i'm living in that way i ever had a girlfriend for a year it's like that very healthy wonderful relationship years after all this
i guess what happened was one of these girl was essential we started to try to find any girl who has been pissed off by me before and they found enough fur and article that i think are two articles came out i left citizen radio because the show is getting a ton of complaints because our in circle started it find out there what i'm court accusations which the word accusation makes it sound wines dini accusations of so that's what the citizens they were saying but there is it was very on specific what i read this had predatory behaviour and i was like oh meaning he's trying to dilate that's what a man does not tori in the sense of your victimizing someone raping someone or doing something horrible someone or even this is what my own words kind of bit me in the ass because you i spent
an entire year or years being my ghetto hashtag believe women and then you read that you go hashtag don't believe when it like you don't know what to ruin like i was always have you call girl who accuse you you know crazy you're just projecting like your and then some am reading this argument is fucking crazy and i didn't boy my style on one article d talking but the general cares about the others jasmine article and hell hath no fewer like a woman scorn i it was we bad and i read it for the first time and i don't go into details because i don't want to shit on people who like feel like they were you no hurt or whatever but the good majority the article is new fucking true there was one part were generally even wrote it like that if we make about journalism is a jazz about its one woman who wrote the salary i am i lay so this so the author
one moment in it and i'll try to make this about journalism and not about the the woman but one of the complaints about me was had a consensual night with a lady in nashville who yes because she like listen to the show maybe they're like that's predatory because your leg famous announced like mom no one else thinks i'm fuckin famous but wait a minute wait a moment that there were defining as planned tori because you're famous that's part of every time mick jagger gets laid its predatory that's part of it that's what i don't that's thing and when my fucking call me if i'm mick jagger famous you can call me a fucking predator if i'm i can barely get a plus one do a beacon festival famous like don't please do only a predator all i mean look it's there's levels
fame right and i know you being self deprecating and everything but you did have a nice following in you did i saw some videos online we did big crowd so you know it's not like peep you didn't have no give offence but the idea that you liking some woman who's a fan and her liking new like that some are another europe predator because she enjoyed your work is crazy was had how they were defining because i dont know yes and then but then it seems like dead being very convenient their definition will and and and now as part of it there is like there is another one where it was like the yet the predatory stuff specifically was there and then what is even more fucked up about the article was it said and
mckenna court exactly she also run into another podcast and i heard this but essentially with the woman said we did not sleep together at alluded that we slept together it didn't say that i was in an open relationship we didn't sleep together she told she didn't want to sleep together and i was a great noise from you that i don't want to i don't want to go further than that and so i was cool and if you change your mind we're not gonna do it got it then in the article in the article about me being a predator it's like i felt so safe and it was a great night and i was like this sounds like an article about he paint a good dude and then it said but then weeks later she heard the podcast that she was just a quote road fuck and then jazz in parentheses is one or the other from jazz about in parentheses said jabez could not find a clip right cause it doesn't
can exist because i'm not gonna call someone a road fuck next to my wife on my feminist podcast not only that the unanimous say if you didn't even have sex with evident sex right so as has just they just decided to take this characterisation by this one woman that ended in flavour they article yes very unfair no endued like so as this punishment you think for you because you somehow or another so that's why becomes easy and just to be like incredibly clear like if this woman was like her bonnet like that sucks man i've been burnt by girls do anything if you didn't if she was hurt because you didn't event we become her girlfriend right here her boyfriend rather debts on her sure unless you are miss character no known on earth characterized as you try benighted happiness assume she is probably
tell me she's probably taken out of context as well there's a real problem with writing things about people and one of the real problems with writing things about people if they don't get a chance to respond in real time to things you're saying to establish a narrative and then you keep going with it you write paragraph have two pair with knows no one responding to that i am a month later counter to i saw like the woman who wrote the article like there is a request in my like other inbox and facebook that like you don't even see and i like for a comment so like i b i get she did reach out but at that point i was that will have a glitter illegal ways to kill myself sound like i did not get back to were google ways to kill yourself yeah for real just like why put it has allowed a so here's what happened in this ghost here your question before because i had also may people sexist because i sort of made my was career by that it was a fuckin fine man
when people heard about this like and you see the headlines and this is another like problem if i click bait journalism the headlines luckily i was fuckin accused of rape there's one article that use the word sexual harassment sexual misconduct was in all the headline what is that i've no fats and we have seen that one about people connected to harvey weinstein's yanks leg about ben afflux called sexual was contrary to what does that mean but in something that you don't think they should do what you really crazy we gone and i almost lost a job i did you lose a gig because when you go home be it's like sexual misconduct stuff and like that's really scary and again i dont want to be like you know who the real victim of everyone as jimmy kill steam like me just are you ready if you say like one more time i fuckin heads can exploit tuna comments like that its brutal isabel is as bad as are at a man s i just want you slow down use it every now and then let this coffee or over here breaking like the like me
i'm gonna do it do men lotta people do it it's an easy one to do the water but that word is it's an its people using this and now i know it's over i do to their we all do that interest in it's nice to know tat no it's also a very progressive thing like there's a way like that people's hawk like when the really progressive that like dont here like leftwing people talk keep getting fucked over by the progressives mind when it is it's a way of appearing what's the word submission of or russia ass bad ass if it's not it's on the grass of way of communicating what if i said like but like a black punish like as i did a common folks like how much you know like step two made smasher perhaps again
oh so you got a bunch of people there were upset at you because you had embodied the an essential allies so it was there nobody had a reason to like me or to defend me ah one half of the twitter sphere you had progressives coup thought i was a sexual creep and then on the other have you of comedy fans who are like fuck this dude what do you want to call everyone s accessed you dont need to read the article if you see a headline i've got i attacked so many people without fuckin reading the articles were of course our people to this day that will come up on citizens radio that i don't know why i was mad at i would just figure out the story as we recover in it and be like a thought guy again of course and so no but there is no reason to root for me there wasn't a strong enough fan base it wasn't like if you know bigger comic gets accused of something more he has thousands or millions of fans
and then this small community who are accused of summit i had sort of nobody and when i burnt all the bridging in comedy and you know it or to showed up at clubs do sats and stuff like that i just had this audience and sore but i can never get fired you know like way when ali and i sort of became more platonic before the open relationship i mean there were days it was so you know i mean i would sleep on the couch but days i will go on the road and i would not cheat and i'll go back hotel and jerk off and like my orgasm was better because i'm like i saved citizen radio like i was trying so hard now to not to do anything like that and so on i lost there is no one to refer me i just had the small audience the small audience be the thinks i'm a predator or there too nervous to say anything wildly you fit the winter you you there's a classic view of what a male feminist is and that planning view is sneaky guy that
getting in tight with women in saying all the things they really want to here and there the classic story is that those women are never attracted that guy anyway and one up and go and fuck some jock somehow fuck i mean that's literally what happens is that yeah you don't say like do you but it's just thing there people theirs is well two click and i totally and i also think it was the homophobic politician who sucks a deck rage or their land now the super religious guy who turns out to actually be gay like ted was that guy's name ted that the guy from colorado from your sake and start of our public right was no monetary raise yet and so had haggard tat haggard yes and of trade of a bit about him and who didn't we have right and so this is what happens this is sort of the problem with acting like you don't have
and i always did i thought on the show my favorite parts of my show were i talked about depression or alcoholism and and we would get emails in from people do you know it its added really help them and i want to talk so much more about that stuff because i i do think it's important examined your flaws but on a political level i have myself up is like an inn untouchable i think you were doing essentially the same thing that you are talking about doing on twitter word your addicted to this positive response in your addicted to saying these things about people attacking people there it is there is a real problem on the left where there are p pull that essentially the giant majority of what they do is attacked yeah and you also get scared about what you can talk about so one of the things that would come up a lot was like fashion stories on the show but would also came up was like i fucking love
jitsu and so we would get emails from people who are like my doctor you said but i have to lose weight on fact or whatever and the first thing i would recommend like i would have died advice and i would be like to get to go fuck and egypt too and then we got countless emails from people who are like yours a hundred pounds good it did you jitsu yo i just got my blue about then i feel confident for the first time or whatever and then we get emails counter emails being like i don't want you to talk about that that's bad shaming to me and i couldn't say that's fucking crazy i couldn't say why couldn't you said because it would be fashion in the box that i had put myself in front and say that i was capable of saying that i thought it i set it off the air wouldn't you see this is where it gets real problematic when it comes to expressing your ideologies like if you can't be honest about your actual thoughts than what you're doing
bullshit bullshit and there is a the the other side to the validation of once you find yourself in a bonus is the is the policing of it yes of his application on one side and then there's liking it kicked out on the other side re like if i say this word i can get kicked out if i say that like you should not fucking come down on someone for doing jujitsu and getting into better shape than you if you don't do it i'm not saying this guy's do indeed its use your fuck you for being fat i'm saying this goes to introduce you we should be proud of this guy who saved his life that's not fat shaming and there's so much of that projection from the left where and on twitter and general worth a global why is that though the mean it really is the ideology things like you are unable to criticise anyone it's in your team because this is essentially what's going on there and set what they're using the phrase fat shaming which is obviously a progressive ideology it fits right into it
but for someone to say that your fat shaming by discussing people sick says managing their health that's fucking inside where it gets crazy but if you but what if you wanted to you wanted to talk about the idea of course i did it out and want it was well i mean i can't speak for her right but lawyers have conversations off here but i was crazy i would have found out that now and you know because you don't because back german such radical someone gets fired for being fed back that's the thing i like there's a minute grow analysis slippery role when you can honestly communicate and this is what the debate sought get silent its dine and that's what happens with you i was listening to
i think it was sam's podcast with the guy who got screamed off that campus sam harris yea jordan petersen maybe neuro though that the guy was a hollow reincarnated why these from always him in his wife yes and he was just like you sounded like the swedish guy great that i just knew i was like i fucking i dont remember when but i can guarantee there's an episode about that guy shit on who was just like i was sending my wife and i have given the progressive causes my whole life i just tried to talk to them and yet he would raise his hand and they call it like a fuckin some kind of like micro aggression or i don't i don't even know you know what happened evergreen for greece to iron out of it was yeah oh yeah did hear that episode yeah yeah
that's that's a very extreme example where they were telling the president to put his hands down that's what i said because you are making these this you're being aggressive with your hands so he did put his hands down they started laughing rank as this is really going on it's a game well and the thing is to its like we have such legit racism and sexism in this country and i feel like we should be going after those issues right that's why i think you are in this conversations very important because you're an example someone who got caught up in the ideology of things when you're in pensions were good in the beginning but you got caught up in this whole left wing spiral yeah that's the thing is if you go extreme right i feel like if i had like a big like nazi the jews like closing prop i feel like i would know i was selling out in know but on the left it's a creep man because you really feel like again the baseline of homophobia is bad sexism is bad race
some is bad there was a good thing right so when it starts to two to creep into the language policing and stuff like that for me i didn't really noticed that i would notice it sometimes and be like mad i wish i could say this and i wouldn't cause i want to get in trouble the big man ass anyway and you know so the suicide stuff was like you yeah my guided by nothing people on twenty stop doing shows oh i get it i gotta data for the first time unlike fifteen what are you doing for eleven years jujitsu stuff and you know but even this stuff like i want to put that fucking job in jail pretty right like at least something i love and but yeah i concur
warm i didn't because again remember like you're out so you fellow your audience was gone audience gone oh straight up i mean there was a facebook comment i had to stop going online but there is a facebook comment from the day before there was a jesse you know you saved me from killing myself and then the next day when all that shit broke loose like you know you can like add a comment to your comment it was a fuck you i hope you whatever chambers sounded like literally added it to his comment but you need to think about some of the things that you said and realise that you didn't really mean them but you were saying that because you want you your trading in the currency of political correct left wing progressive ideology thinking right and you are you're getting from that but you gotta these other people doing the same thing they don't really mean what they're saying they feel they have to say fuck you i hope you die jamie kills daintily don't even know you were there i think we have a real problem both left and right in this country with attacking people and i
hey to say this but i think we have a problem with doing that with trump because although he has done some reprehensible things and he said some really foolish things and his ego is dickie less there's a lot of things wrong with him right but the the attack x on him and at all this attacking instead of what of laying out a better way instead of splaining what's wrong with it it's all insulting and attacking that doesn't fix anything it's not going to end it also is gonna make his people double down exact and they're not gonna want either my poor and that's what i that's what i notice this way you can ever want to twitter argument ray i have extreme one side angstrom other sides a courier and solve this in a hundred forty characters that's the problem is also people starts insulting each other it just doesn't work not us yeah it's it becomes a contest it's like you try to do that and i go check in the negro check and then we moving back and forth and you're trying to fucking
my king and then they people's twitter bio we're like their whole biosphere like here is a list of people who blocked me it's like no man is that your fuckin that's your reza may that's your life accolades like that such a bomber i would have people block on everyone communicated with them because i somehow or other i got on some sort of a last were summoned decided i was i use that up and i don't know how to reverse it because now principle legions escaped guys and i was like i think have blocked ever ice cold like twitter blockchain or some here i would go to your profile if like all european your attack in me and i thought this i go to your profile and then click it and blocks everyone who follows you not just that like people there's there's groups that people of decide on our all seen that that that they decide you right wing decide you're anti progressive or whatever around like a hate lies in blocked by people there were like uneven communicated with this person i've i've sauce screens
out of someone saying something absolutely ridiculous now go oh my god i gotta go to this guy's pages and they go their walk on blogger which by the way you fuckin dummies all you have to do is sign out of turn out and then i go to your page and i read it yeah really block someone i'd like what i know where i found myself like looking through all those as i added as do i will you re cautionary tale my god that's gonna be what my edinburgh show is god cautionary beta male tail are you gonna do underbrush think so i will always be a complicated stand up at birth festival and was so far when fine i did at the night out understand hopes yeah pages you have like material written down stuff about like this and i have been the first time you did stand up and how long well if you're accounting like the weird like slam pony music shows i did like five six years and then the first i've been on stage in a year
i mean how so first time you bid on stage in a year and the first time outside of because i saw something that you did you you you do unlike what you're saying looks or slam poetry we take these big depressing between each lie air your pet pout it's almost performance peace the asses do an actual stand if you don't know how you can hear that there had laughing my friend if i just you know you had a single he was a kid and there was i am a drummer and also when i wasn't getting booked like after nine eleven myself is really political and i wasn't getting booked in new york so if you can i'm poetry places and i just made if i had a gay rights joke unlike our wishes to a three minute garage chunk right and so i started booked butts otherwise i really well written i saw this one thing you did in front of some big giant group of people about that the trump boys and that was to live quality show all this should happen like right after yeah
it was a real bummer right after a minnow lay a my because i was suicidal new york which have never talked about publicly before before i was very i was very very very suicidal why here's out i was just in i don't want to see like love i want to be mean by was in like a failed relationship right i didn't have friends and i wasn't doing comedy but any friends in new york i had friend i would do justice to our friends in marseilles like those guys were absolutely like the best friends i had right but i didn't have i didn't feel like i'd like a career and i had a couple friends i mean all of our friends were pretty much linked to that same sort of progressive circle right when i went home and see my brothers and i could talk how i wanted to and i could shoot the shit and i could like not please my own language it was amazing i would i would go walk around blocks just to talk to my brother neck like four
hours and you just laughin and intel jokes and and shit like that and then had depression forever and dive been self in forever and you know this is not i can't by any means blaming other people but i remember and this kind of ties in this really fucked up this kind of ties into what you are talking about with like micro aggressions and and and stuff like that i remember i tried to open up somebody very close to me about being suicidal and they hold me that i forget the progressive word for it but they said it was like manipulative essentially now you being depressed manipulative maybe in suicide by telling them i was suicidal i was telling you what you're looking for help but now with that said that the people who are like if you break up with me i'm gonna kill myself that's fucked up right right dad's like holding them hosty making them feel like they would be responsible that i guess i can
that's my bit ever i would certainly not good for does not help the totally and but when you reach out for help but just fucked up and so i didn't i didn't feel like a lot of people had my family and something that end that's why why the greens i moved to allay asset i'm out this year and i did a big show and it was great and i love la i've always wanted to live here so once my relationship ended i was like i've always want to go that way i might go to highway so i got away a man went right dude every new yorker whose leg fillet they're all
fake happy i'm like nobody they're happy happy because its gorgeous unlike worded now regarded by the pool and sunny and evans really nice duncan trestles like i want to be a new yorker man and now he's like fuck that dude i did one winner movie that though was he's moving back before this winter easily i can't do it anymore man do it just cold and everyone's mean to you and you just see and i don't like the mean era so mean and you did do in new york when like in the winter we'd be so fucking cold and then you leave the german you're so hot but ever dumb jacket on it in the subway yet a reputation off and you get on the subway and freeze and again it's like that you know it's a solution and that by the way its non region that is out of the rain o wool what's marino wool yeah because marino wall when you're wet he asked retain teat its it's also keeps you cool when you're hunters use it in a shared as a company called first light mit
and they they make like really good marino will warm clothing for hunting and are one of the first guys to figure it out that's what it is its natural fibre wool and wool it's weird thing like if you have a cot ensured on ok and you get wet from sweat like save you hike up a hill but it's cold out there sit down you will freeze your flock and ass i was really bad they get hypothermia that way but if you have wool on it retains the heat even if its wet merely weird so if you just where a base layer of marina wool when you go out again called whether you will get wet from the sweat but your body will retain he commanded warm well now i lay at the port of again hens ozma little previous i do without you i walked in and i can say about everybody in the back of my car it's not a bad thing you have to lay a towel down so you don't sweat through you see their total it so
oh yes i moved away and i met my girlfriend and it's like the most healthy wonderful relation my poor girl my girlfriend was a comedy fan when she met me and a feminist and romeo cobb's those on the clubs i would still like play me and i when we first met i think she had excited that she was gonna data comic issues like a huge comedy valued right and you know we moved in together and she would be like you know that you're but it would be like jewish number billboards podcast not let me tell you why he's problematic and upholds the patriarchy instruments to be my fuckin shit our budget as though but kind of yeah we're just gonna and now once all this should happen i get to discover all these great people i wasn't allowed to watch and i did hear these woody allen movies are good and large manchester by the sea and it was great when i met you i met you your deep in the throes or you are beginning your journey of progressive is
yeah and you are you're on your way but the first thing we did was grey only we know that's all i mean i mean but what i'm saying is but i knew people that new you from back in the day like in writing i remember what kills damages the comic com because one of us there and then neil you assume this identity but all of us are susceptible to ideology smike jordan petersen had a really fascinating take a nazi fascism about these these people that be name nazis and what's most terrifying about it is if you are in their exact shoes you are a human being and it is quite possible that you could have been patsy too and that is terrifying to herbal but that so that's a very evil ideology but ideologies in general were all susceptible to him i've been susceptible to ideologies my whole life in its i have a very addict
personalities and i think that's one of the reasons why you and i connect four hundred jitsu things on those lines because you get obsessed with these things and they become a part of your identity and i for you progressive ism was in that box was in that we'll how yeah and we all crave acceptance and comfort and and support and yeah try a bright gear and so and again with progressive ism it doesn't sound like an evil thing right now was it a gang like no parents are warning kids like i hear nome chomsky blast and out of his fuckin stereo like that doesn't happen show you dont really does it's really slow anyway deal talks like this problem i
ask him a relationship question just to change it up and he was like i'm not gonna answer that positive you say and i think i'm sorry why was trying to be funny at the end of the energy relationship question how is like would you consider it was like love like what you're whatever like aloud i was like i want to be like love advice would known chomsky and it was certainly no thank you yeah i'm wearing sweaters so goes he's he's got a very distinct area that it operates howard then i interviewed he was funny a shit wasn't harrison was fucking car he was right yeah totally resurrecting had one of his last interviews at his house surprise a funny thing to say what really old do dude war that but that was the first thing i thought where he pulled up in his little car and he had is like whole foods bags and you like hopped up the steps these outcomes now get your orange juice nose like our aid howard's in and then
couple weeks later i go we design alas argument arrears and i was like that's where matt damon used to have another cool man he was also a super cool like i did not see that coming as he just be was really high energy was self deprecating and raise dude is awesome is really think of going back to this problem one of the reasons why i really wanted to talk to you it's because i think that this does this trap falling into any ideology i mean i know a lot of people to get really wrapped up in bright wing ideologies i think it's a trap and i think that also this this tribal thing that we do at attacking people that aren't on that tribe its two men you see it with its they get rewarded for my pc myers as a whole career from it they had attacking people on the other side instead of i think there is a way to yet these ideas across where you're you're not going to piss people off and i don't think pissing people off is i think there is there a certain comfort to it but is also people gravity
towards you because they don't want you to do that to them and yet and i think everyone does that you know the pc busy element onto an unfair rag he was always really nice to me but the people is also arguing against are also kind of doing the same thing two i had this fuckin revelation today come the studio when i was kind of like we're case like battle plan mike i would have you know he really hate summit i say i'm really into a fight and for the first time ever i was like listen norman ask a follow up question but i could just because that an option before because you have your especially when you are going on msnbc in these news round tables no one asked questions no one what do you mean by that right as went on once and you were talking now this is this is one time i actually got upset you yeah but not upset it you would upset the idea well down to run around on how did the eye you were going on after charlie abdo and you were saying that the
the cartoons they did was were really racist and my thought was it so fucking what you know even if they were races these people got gun down and killed because of ridiculous religious ideology and this is what this is about says about not being able to draw mohammed well and i think that what you got wrapped up in this super progressive like defence but you dear also do it was so confusing to me because the term islamophobia is a very interesting one to now because it's always used is essentially on the left is very rarely used and the right ripe and islam promotes violence against women it is it is it it's very in terms of like its suppression of women's rights immediate it's it's very ancient walls ideas most religions dear ratifies a very uniquely suppressing one
if you should have the bible literally did you know that you have like the old testament lydia here are testament i mean the sewing your daughter into prostitution more talking about someone who is literally taking that version of it in practice in killing cartoonist for drawing my heart so here here's what i think you should be able to use it i've been trying to do where it's like i don't understand why you can't go some way you can't go races cartoons are bad and happy killing them worse mind you should kill people or if you go you know that it is long phobia racism against arab people who you're just going to assume are all muslim and adjust all regret muslim but all exactly all like extensive versions of that all my foe lack that's bad but being
exist in the name of a religion is also bad right and i think this is what you are talking about where it comes down to where you gotta pick aside derives its eaters everybody's racist or every muslim is a murder and it's like you don't have to pick us i am an post this file all out one i've been like i mean here's the thing i been healthier than i've ever been in my life my girlfriend is fuckin wonderful i wager but like five and meditated like a jujitsu save my fuckin life this literally saved my life this year s being off twitter being a social media has been fucking great it's been incredible and getting to hear like getting to listen harris's pot casket and to listen to your podcast hearing both you i say like really progressive things i don't think people know that i think they do you're just in an echo chamber but why didn't you tell me more about your saying is picking beside there's a thing
no one's running either side no this is what's going on it's not it's not like you know your site dolphins versus the raiders right you no i won t and has very clear outfits and they're they're trying to move across this line and now i don't know it any those words meant but i guess you know cyanide and really i barely do fighting but the idea that these these sides there very fluid they're moving around all the time and they solidify with results yeah and i think when people here middle or middle ground they always see that as wishy washy earlier in aside yeah exactly but but i feel like there is still there is good
middle ground like the racism slash jihadism is really good right you can say that both our bad jihadism vatican state a fuckin profiling muslims is bad i don't know what's your heart about saying those thing but also in in attacking all muslims what you are doing is solidifying their position as well and you're you're making it very easy for them to look all religions at one point in time were extremely rigid and like you said if you go back the early days of christianity go back to the inquisition mean they did some fucking unbelievably horrific things oh name of god and the name of of christianity now if you look at the more moderate muslims are today you know i mean there's p but that are reformers that are still that still consider themselves most their great like me i mean
is a tangible and her sally i guess is not no longer concerned sulphur muslim but majid does mention pneumonia a lot of them who consider themselves muslims but moving towards a more progressive ideology now this this is possible but it's only possible if you if you're not attacking save you attack back then the more radical of that base they they leave to that end they lean to reinforcing their tea would outweigh the more radical but even just the younger ones where if you are a say eighteen year old muslim kid in america you emigrated here cause you're fuckin family bombed and a rack or syria or wherever by us and now you're being profile and being called pours races names here it's like that's how you make extremists
and so it is now only as the racism racist but it's also fucking counterproductive in a way i had a great way to put it yeah it's like you are all these wars that we say we're doing to defeat is on their also creating a fuck load of extremists who maybe what a moderate and other houses in a rebel they dont have jobs right on two percent and their disciple almond avenge my family and this dude says i get to go to heaven so fuck you and this ideology and this this point of view is applicable to this whole team mentality that we do with right first left as well and that attacking instead of explained being the positive aspects of your positions hacking the other positions and attacking and add hominem attacks on these people at a time in their their structure who they are keep them as racists sexist s homophobic instead of reinforcing that the positive aspects of living
live about being open minded alec being legitimately progressive we grass you totally and i think that one of the things that i know i did and everyone i followed on twitter dead inside the progressive world as you would like try out paris if each other so it's like somebody has a progressive take on the news how do i make it like dude when when same sex marriage became legal people again will tell that to the people of burma can we just be happy about like one thing or lack their finding ways like everyone likes corey booker what can i find a quarry booker did that was like fucked out of rats or you know like that you gave another example but it's you know oh let me that it should happen with rose mcgowan a little bit right like she did this really brave thing by coming up entirely wines dean and then people coin it like whiteley
be feminism and it's like laugh is ever gonna when you you can't let the rape survivor come forward without attacking her for not being raped progressively enough like that's knots and i think one of the biggest problem everybody's trying to be the best example ride the best example of being prepared seven shit on someone who's less progressive than you there or the moraine oppressed right net ramp up the radical aspects of your progressive and the most depressed is that we say the most depressed unlike for like a white guy like me it was i who i'm not a press i'm not gonna start clemenceau like signor kills dean like i'm going to be the ally ryan a prosperous twitter was a great torrent is a great tool where we want to add a lot of like really big i think social justice victories without twitter
it became a really good like which once wiping it became a good watchdog for the police violence ran analyze specifically twitter and not just to all social media in general dissing facebook is more of an go chamber liquidity year i mean facebook i kind of just i may at least for me facebook goes a little slower and i mainly follow just friends on facebook but i guess you're right i guess facebook and twitter social me i think the problem with facebook is that people have the opportunity to verbose can write these gigantic long screen and no one's gonna fuck and read it anyway as you give people too much opportunity to be self indulgent that i did that's all i know you see it and you see a word like you see a word like racism meaning i guess i like it could not out of the corner stone area but then you also become out every fuckin articles if the progressive person i knew sheridan article and the headline looked good enough i would share the article and then that's issued that happened to me brow backfired
my how many people were actually reading these fuckin articles ruining the articles that say we could not find that quote or we cannot find whatever so all this it went down just about rights an article about use some other people read articles about you and you just dropped off the face the earth yeah so i figured fuck this i'm deleting my twitter the ep is well i assumed i mean nothing that part of me didn't say anything not part of me to say anything because unlike i no longer i have to be a real person now i cant do shows anymore so why do you say that big just because i felt the only world i knew completely was crashing down and colony things that i wasn't and an eye a sort of burned comedy and as one i do understand like i don't i don't see the big actors nation rosy them saying you tried to four girls well that's what what happens is in my world former world bf pre you know why
stan and like this is what real predators like it was just fun to go after him too to after me right but in also as you said because you sort of set yourself myself right and so my girlfriend when it happened my girl from out of town aid holy assume she was breaking up at me so i man allay their mike moreover in my cat my girlfriend from is gone my family's talking to me which is great but not am i let's something i'll say this about this is one of the reasons i i came back their comedy besides i've always loved it and i am i missed it was the only how can people that reached out to see if i was ok we're comics comics you i had talked you years not the progressive journalists now the people who knew about depression or suicide or whatever i may out even if they are the fucking article leg or if they just saw
that word it was like i will get in trouble if i i mean jim norton who i knew ass twenty two i probably ask him if you do i guess but firm like the stress factory wrote me if i was ok like you wrote me i see now stand up me a couple times to make sure i was ok prevents it was it was comics gemmill economics real comics realise that we're all fucked up and i didn't go down your road but if i was in your shoes i might have walked on your owed its very possible and to say that you couldn't i would never and opposition i would never do that i would never say those things as disingenuous it's not true right rain i wasn't i didn't grow up in your house i didn't live your life i don't have your experiences your genetics your ear your environment i didn't have those things if i did i easily could have gone down your wrote yeah and you know that definitely months later when i reached out to stand hope
i just reach out to thank him and i said so they made him laugh in his eye you come back the comedy and i was like no economy are you deaf we could boy you're the one and man after doing the festival and just hanging out with like how just fuckin bert we have dude it must show that it was so we do minorities have fun professional yeah that's all everyone's with this fuckin podcast was creating my girlfriend said that's where we were talking about this where those guys will ball bust more than anybody right i walked backstage with my girlfriend hug morgan murphy she said please don't write me a hug hug bird said he's such a metallic he's touch my started running around the room and then they have my back so fuckin hard of whereas when i was around per progressives urban diana i were were they don't ball bust but they do not have your back it is see judgment pretty much around the clock will they feel they have to know when to cut you off if you do anything though you cross the line right and
it was it was so wonderful whereas i all i want to show up before that yeah i assume they had nothing was literally to do now when you google how to kill yourself the first website that comes up as its ally its they say the easiest way to kill yourself and then you click it and it's like just kidding don't kill you often it's like heart music and you just like being recalled is actually about i guess you're as highlighted nuts
and then let me kill myself about those issues like i needed someone i could trust in my time of need and they're lying to you and then i just started looking through ways whereas like i don't have a gun yet again would now i'm gonna do with its four can have on the kind of guy i'm gonna kill animals like i just fuckin bullshit analysed and how did it go from how did you stop being a vague and like what happened there now i may i still am like a mistake would stand up well but that doesn't count right fog it doesn't if its doug how many times have we meet since this all happened last
naw man say that after hate that i have said be honest but i know i have to say look let's just go back to me the internet using predator i'll get my sharing or that have meat that i killed personally you know factory farming you can either way we can do some of their daily they go straight up you know wild has done a word the woods noise going to he's going to anyone needed here she who held there together we could but i dont know what can happen i gives me right now now chemicals that are here i will have to commercial freezers back here to view spaces fucking pretty while it's like an insane funhouse he asylum and so i said if you like the mats death comes this weekend does it yeah just fucking great so this this all journey that you been on and this is again one reasons why i want you to come on i think we can all learn something from there i hope both communities learn something from it i mean maybe it's way
we'll take it on my part but i really think like we this idea right verses left so goddamn crazy and we have more common ground than we don't i think reasonable people think all these these core tenants that we we were just talking about like we think that were a gala terrier lily they think that women should be treated in exactly the same way as men that you should be judged by your character didn't be judged by the color of scan where you from a man who did do the people that i know that are cool people we have we have black friends we have in france we don't like especially the world of comedy the the only currency that you carry around is europe personality and whether not your good whether you're funny with you work hard and when you around but that are funny and work hard they those people fuel dude inspirational totally and and i say this that i was not a good person i dont think to the standard that i would like to hold myself
when i was just like rapid in this world and we were very well yeah you live we all our but you are using a flawed operating system yeah and also like but i was just i was just desperately searching for validation i was very selfish was really depressed and ever since this happened i've i'll fuck em i beg not why barely watch the news when people like trump card north korea game like i don't know not to me like i don't know i don't watch that shit anymore you just stepped back i totally stepped back but everything for a full year europe
but i mean it wasn't i'm saying this right now like i'm like you know i'm just like walk in the roads i quite ain't kane i was like in the first four got about whom i must come for galicia continues not as popular but now why it is good not well i but i was like different times here was a chasm there was he was still it was modern day he was still quite ain't can but his son was like a street car is the fuckin isabel rose oh good and so yet so the first look i'd die with a dildo possess hang him by his neck where to him that was carried out that now that was not on the list of suicide options that they'll know in the ass hang tat he might have done something to piss off tie gangsters because he died in thailand and he died like in what would be considered either a shameful wet amuse auto iraq's fixation pierre was what they listed but what i've heard is by the way that means nothing yet but but
what i have heard is that there are people they consider that the possibility that he was murdered has created a shade haven't hineman put when a wet suit and shoved a dildo up his ass and look i can't i can't complain about my life anymore at another deal dash of the mass by tie gangsters apparently wasn't a nice guy really whether holes like taking the show from bruce i don't how much he had to do with it but like what companies like bruce legal personality is produced an actor yeah down behind just like those people ran nobody knew who we were told leave no new who was zero power yet that virtue oh what i want to say as yet i dont want to act like this fuckin like hero who just stepped back the first six i walked around like i was accused of actual sexual i had a hoodie and a fuckin sunglasses and i felt when i would mean new friends i would set them now to be like jesse you know like there's something i've been used like i was a fuckin maidens le pen i or and only two recently my girlfriend that you have to stop dude like you are owning that you're only
that is like a part of your your person when you when you do this and to a certain extent i have to write like if i meet with like an agent like any good and they don't read it and looks fuckin shady it's not but it looks all people do is a google and they look at a headline and i go out fuck that i don't want to be around that rate but further the second six months or whatever i feel like i have been my family is like this is the most present uncommunicative you ben i feel like i've been a better friend my job get your skyrocket if you have a family at my jujitsu school i have become a really good teacher i write the more i fuckin meditate more unlike an awesome boy friendly have such a good healthy fuckin relationship and i don't think any of that she would have happened if i was still in social media world if i still just woke up today i am like what's the hurry
tagged that have the tweet about watery angry about egg that's already starts as you check twitter new orders a popular asked i have to cope with a fucking joke because trumpeted a thing and age me crazy and there's part of me that i like maybe i'm selfish but i i it just i would rather be a better person and try to be a comic i also forgot that accommodating just love comedy like when people came up to me after the stand hope show i wasn't political on the stand hope show but there will i came in i was really funny and i was like other trade but you don't have to be over they fucking preacher political to like someone's day right like some search would outweigh the currency that you retraining and i generally aren't you are trading and progressive currents yeah and i thought do the best i ever did was a story about my dad and i almost intel it and i was with junior outflows very political in new york and i was telling the story that happened we're just walking on union square and she goes you
to tell that on stage and i will literally said to her i go but it's not political and she was just like no you have to tell us each a good story it's about a relationship it's about your flawed is about what was totally but maybe in flawed and and fucked up and it was the most enjoyable time i i had on stage was talking about that as i will talk about now is just like all the depression and flaws and fuck ups and stuff like that will don't be a huge just don't you find yourself don't box yourself into some entered category and that was the problem but i felt like i could talk about that stuff you now would be like if you could only take about like you have see anyone talk about other shit why been very fortunate that i don't have to just talk about that but i think i've been very conscious about avoiding weird bar says now phenomena have i've been stuck in some in the past but i think that you you can navigate this world of social media but it takes diligence and i think that
where the first generation of human beings that have had to encounter this weird environment minister is not an environment that our parents grew up and now systolic there's like a body of the information that we can draw upon you know it's not like a lot of people of sort of figured it out over the last hundred years and this is how you manage the winter firewood and you gotta do this and you gotta make sure that you drink a lot of water when you go into the mountains buckingham dalai there's there's no you know there's no history yeah so and you be comparable make mistakes you become really depended on it takes discipline man i was like like allowed under my twitter you the other day for the first time today
follow you guys and be like my twin anything and i didn't cause i just like saw those notifications and i'm like there's some dark shit bind those notifications that i like i am not clear aids can be read in it and definitely don't argue with people oh no no no benefit to the almost essentially totally stop doing that occasionally i'll fuck what someone just them in the mood for it where the vast majority of time my phone is like this now i face down i think yet if it was like jock our in ferris are or one of those guys but talking about like put an airplane mode like an hour or two before you had a bad like not turning that shit on until they have started doing all that and i just feel so much healthier and like i'm telling you that i was attacking people on twitter every day i was depressed as fuck and straight up suicidal and projecting and i should measurable and that happens is rush you have a community you have people who go you tweet i'm having a day and yet
your people being like do your awesome you know what i mean like shit addictive like it's really of course it is in that the inner that whole sympathy mining some in that a lot of people do i did all that no sympathy mining virtue signalling that sectors are there so many different things that people at energy signalling and think it's what you ve been doing for kosovo hook off fifteen ok you know how it is mean this this it's a really simple sort of way get love means it's a memoir sexes like the important issues also get pushed aside you re like cause this is like whether non transparent jail he would we are talking about that before the bar i literally is he going to jail you going to do i opened up cnn today for the first i would like as if i'm gonna jos as you know was gone the news and like i don't know what the fuck is going on is kevin spacey i saw my people getting arrested nose like i'm out without me
or goes not playing games in west africa yeah he's it mean that i was the longest running ahead of the sea ices j edgar hoover he and he is like painstakingly broke down collusion with the russians situation and what it seems to me as an outside person who does rotate too much tends to politics if i was going to i would look like the mob if i was going to tat the mob i would go after some low level people first under at has that's what he's doing he's bring it in he's doing that were in our metaphor means bringing these these dude that were run campaign in an trumpets unhinged today trumpet nobody is great but you know it's interesting to then it just came out that hilary in the dnc funded the dossier on tromp and they spent millions die and lied about it for the past year which is vital
way that's your trying to influence the political process as well and you're doing it by what you know is fiction a fictional story on tromp with hookers pm people and shall like that so this everyone's dirty and this is i think really important i think the right has to recognise that you're in situation where you absolutely of people that have colluded with russia the left have to recognise we are in a situation where you had a really corrupt career politician who almost got in and don't hold her up some sort of high standard for women and progressive ideas is a woman that didn't even believe and gay marriage until two thousand and thirteen dude i said that on stage when i was like when it will win if you criticised hilary or the people would say you're not a feminist and i would like first rule of feminism like don't kill a bunch of fuckin women overseas you know i mean like you can't thousand other problem with my whole thing is we couldn't if you criticised a woman everyone
if you said i disagree with heller cleanse foreign policy that's not that should not be called if you are like i disagree with hillary clinton foreign policy what a whore it's like ok well that's that's unnecessary but you can aunt petering racially guys you couldn't say she is a known lie there they were at the dog was less would you call crazy ladys as acknowledgement of russian politician well when their crazy ladys com is raising lady pollack largest crazy person was just not be specific to gender and its also like yeah like the whole caitlin jenner thing worth i don't hate her cat she's translator could just kind of a cut like she's a little bit of a fuckin well again causes thing about caitlin jenner caitlin jenner doesn't believe and gay marriage light which is fucked presently insane right and that's what people need it uses are you're a bad person ale card dashing that's what it is who became
a female car dashing and got what he wanted which is massive amounts of attention if you go back and look at bruce jenner when he was bruce jenner and then look at caitlin jenner goal kalen guy massive amounts of attention people celebrating yuri hero you're amazing same dumb person yet and that's the thing is i feel like you should and this this it sounds like such a waste easy for me to say cuz i'm like a white beard but it's like i wish you could just judge people as being people now we have systematic and afresh of certain groups of peace right and i think a lot of people who say just europe's people people there saying that while there is like a black lives matter rally and its single market not the best time to like say it right but we'll deal my black lives matter works at all is because its initial
is that why you are right matter doesn't work now seeing its various right thrill simple like deliveries my bugle up you know who all lives matter ok but no one see does a reason why no one saying white lives mad right because the white people on pay and oppress low and people we want if you disagree with black lives matter as an organization there because it was kind of run by one of them was of really not really a black eye you know little sean king thing i don't know he follow me on twitter was fed up is genuine black but there there's a lot of issues there's a lot of issues for sure with racism in kenya and then what are you have a group that addresses those issues in a group gets attacked by people who are one wise a group getting into an hour even bring this back to like even with the rape culture stuff it's that i did not think i will be saying on the show again which is that their there you'd have guys online who every time
woman got raped thereby what about men who get raped and you go well that's awful but why are you so rightly say it one we're talking about a woman being breaks or why do you only say all lives matter after like a black it was shot resolve the yeah but yes yeah but but but what about us is that it cannot be about you for a second and i was just as guilty of that like lives matter when they go over there races against why people it's like the title itself black lives matter that's a low bar there are saying we exist around like look at us like a look at his being gun down in the street just being killed by car right it's not saying a black lives matter therefore like white people should be killed by coupling there's nothing like them who had so mad when he's not there grew and they always want to concentrate on people dead are black they make ridiculous claim like instead of just looking at the idea behind why was black lives matter formed then they saw
looking at black people to make ridiculous claims like black people can't be races because racism is our plus influence and prejudice ashes does not react as the same shit that people on the left would deal where they were just sort of like knit peck at the very specific little arguments and it's like there are bigger things to fuck him worry about right yeah and i think it's why an organization like black lives matter gets any heat at all because right if if people just said you have of course cops are absolutely shooting black people at a disproportion rate you now i mean if you just look at these incidents is that we have been forced to see in the news been so many of them and these people march unlike without one black woman who got pull over and refuse to put out her cigarette an accomplice tone and put our cigarette and she want to be dead and or so ago dollars i think sandra bland dear yes uses a commoner sal that is a fucking
really insane story that woman that cop as a piece of shit i mean the way he was communicating with her he was not community with her like she was a woman the just got pull over speeding rack he was communicating with her life she was underhand like it with a gun he had he had to force his power on her mean we ve seen that kind of shit before and if that's not racism it's absolutely shitty police body and that's the thing that's where we should talk about an that's what we're talking about with the islamophobia where it's like you're also being counter productive right like you want to say that the cops go with a blue eyes matter to its like cool why don't you should be the most mad when there's douche bag like that who pulled over sandra bland right should be the most mad to clean up your fuckin organization to clean up your shit and you should be on the front lines martin powerful would that be like them on the front lines with black lives matter we don't want that shit and our precincts and by the way it's not even just about the way they attack black people
you saw that woman in utah that was arrested because she refused to draw blood on someone who is in a coma no i didn't i didn't see that now the normal ads in someone got taken into custody or something i take you to the hospital rather the cop showed up and demanded blood be drawn without this person's consent which is against the law she said no the copyright to the woman he's been fired i think most people are unqualified to police officers that's a big job it's a big job and i think that there it should be much more respected and which if it be a much more difficult position to attain and i think that this herein lies the problem you are asking regular people to deal with insane amounts of power literally the ability to pull the trigger and their life and we see
time and time again people get away with ending lives in a way in a matter that we the citizens don't agree with you and the the bar is kind of crapped right where now the things that you should be using hand to hand combat for using cases for the things that you should be taken for your shooting right let's see here's the thing you can't that you can't expect the average police officer to be well to use hand to hand combat on some person when they have no either that person skill levels adapting the cap is fuckin steep amy opec would it what is the what are the odds you're gonna come out ahead ryo you might get your fucking done taken away from you you might get shot i don't think they should have to use hand to hand combat i mean look it's fucking insane position or these be trained better ride like people should have more shying we use retaining like mentally of people who are out in our also there's a lot of like really frail people that are police officers i've seen them there
god it was the other day they were poland this guy over and they have this guy out on the curb and i looked at this guy it a little pot belly and these little skinny arm well that's adorable not really look if they go my disguise a victim if someone even if someone just decided to turn on him punch him in the head he would be unconscious ryan he's a cop and he's does frail cop duties ever friend who did like psychological profile house for people who want in the police academy and she told me some of the answers for why these guys guys wanted to be cops like one guy she said literally wrote like in his essay like i want to become like police officer second finally get the respect i deserve i deserve overall i mean they didn't she didn't like eating go through but it's like there are those people not all cops hashtag there are those
people who are just like there's one fuckin power they want shorted out fuckin bullied vague and for every guy doesn't have to say that on his application how many guys just internal as i was saying all that guy that he was not fucking say that like that guy was is not enough that is like you know what that they'll understand they'll see we're coming from and rode at that are so many fuckin people that they they need mean desirable it don't wanna be police officers in for a while they are these giant billboards were there we're losing how much you get to start all their habitat lame recruiting because nobody wants such options you you're a centrally the professional enemy right you bowling people over most of em of committed some sort of a crime the gonna lie to you so that you can with liars although he had she says that ever thought about that but that's another thing where f you also can't just like the car should be trained super hard to get it the bad ones we demonize every cop then those cops who have lost
a really hard fucking job are gonna be like well fuck you as you know what i mean altered our again it's that it's that balance and so much of it comes down to just like economy and people's lives sucking right like it's really easy for example for peace to shit on these like black like the inner city neighborhoods indigo what they call the cops wiser neighbourhood trashes at work as they call the cops and then their dog get shot or whatever shore and so it's like people just need i think that's why you select trumpet bernie red people need fuckin jobs they wanted their family there not reading twitter or the news like i used to or that most of us most of us who live in this twitter bubble all these fuckin so many progressive journalists i hung out with you were like ninety nine percent like somebody that more like fucking just spoiled rich kids who wanted to feel oppressed you know what i meant you know with all my like white
i was friends we're like white kids i'm like i see more i versatile and fuckin jujitsu than i ever did with the p or who are constantly talking about diversity it was a much a white kids trying to feel more progressive where or more intelligent i am very much including myself and then i started to jujitsu and i was like that's what a mexican vice like you know what i mean yes i would getting back to what we say and i think that one of the good things about these groups like black lives matter is regardless ever controversy its forcing the conversation you have to have it you have to have that i just think they have to be careful with what they do like when kids get crazy they want to block off the highway you know did i don't do that kind of shit because that gives people are very bad impression of what your organization stands for and your block of the highway and that could stop people from saving your mom who fell down and broker had open mean you gonna believe in a block off the ambulance you gonna block off people that are that have to make a flight
right here in an single yes that's how you make noise you know you cause people inconvenience no you disrupt the the very sick that we need in order to make civilization run court correctly so you'll have to do that to get attention so you're saying you still ok now i got it because the the problem is and this you can blame on the media where it's like those are the only programme they get covered if you a peaceful protest with speakers you now stand in africa is outside of someone's congressional office then it's like tat she does i want to go into your rather hold on us and you are right that the media but i think the media is slowly but surely becoming irrelevant and their real meat i don't have the real media is what's the
but the only reason why the news slits we don't even have to name an organization in enclosed the news is the news is because they have a long history of disseminating information right but people regular people are doing that now a lot of people are doing that now through different websites and you took channels and i think that that's the future in a day we don't have to be his lungs you're honest any you a real objective point of view you don't to be sanctioned by some gigantic corporation to get the fucking truth there are no in fact you are less likely to get the truth out because of your sponsors because if i mean msnbc is owned by g msnbc as the quota unquote liberal network and there are owned by like a company that like fuckin could profit of a war dave reuben had opposed that he did today it's gotta dave rubens twitter page about what people distrust the median why the media's garbage today in their coverage of this when spacey thing because all of these different
let's were saying that kevin spacey came out is gay that was the name the main headline doesn't have a cask kevin spacey came out as gay kevin persuasive came out get this was like gurgled woods and put it up put up that does i think we should be applauding well this is but but this it just shows you what it is like look at this media why scrub why does the public trust us because this let us act grounds maisie decides declares he lives as a gay man kevin spacey announced sunday night that he will live gay man may look at all these different the new york daily news reuters the daily least there saying that he's gay but they're saying he's gay because a kid out where a man now came out said kevin tried to fucking when it was fourteen so this is saying that he declares he lives life as a gay man god dammit that's
the store know that sounds like a festive thing we should all be like congratulations to kevin spacey namely that he said this in this statement where he was apologizing for this thing who still exist this is so crazy one also that's how they too but they choose to in that way because someone coming out is going to get a lot of people paying attention also i dont the link tilling pet failure always that homosexuality is isn't true but there are a lot of people who consider themselves heterosexual whether in the church or whatever you are are raping kids who it's its power thing in their sick or pedophilia is just different being attracted to kids is different than being attracted to leg men and this is like also really dangerous fer to equate like china buck a fourteen year old would just like going now no wes hollywood to leg yeah disengage it while i mean he has admitted that he did any city doesn't recall it at all
but he did so he had a problem drinking and you know that if we did not do anything is very sorry and we're talking about something that happened at least thirty years ago so here's also problem and this is this needs to be addressed because we really dont know whether or not this guy's memories accurate because something thirty years ago the problem as being fourteen years old is first of all fourteen years old yours oh god i'm confused i remember shared amr shit you are a wash in hormones and confusion in insecurity and he might how does the latter live here of my life to heat yeah me here he might have had some weird run in with kevin spacey that may or may not have been sexually predatory i dont know i don't know what happened but two to decide that he's absolutely telling the truth and kevin spaces absolutely covering this up by coming as gay to using that sort of defuse the situation as a sort of the there's almost
percent of when twitter declares you guilty this is like the news declaring you almost like innocent right where i dont know what happened to letting courts decide talk about people being accused and what not where twitter can just like be like if they say you're done like you have johnson on right yet steadied how did you read that publicly shame yet still good it s really good and it should look man these people's lives are down and i was part of all that i tweet about fucking justine's outgoing up straight i did and i read the book and it's like yeah you don't you don't think you know what i mean because it's a free shot i mean this but the worst example that is people that are completely anonymous right you're completely anonymous which is why you face a blue background with a lot of people that are just have a twitter egg and they mean there completely anonymous they have a bunch of random letters in numbers the name and they fuck contact people right it's a common thing on twitter you i mean
we are seeing a new kind of interaction with human beings and this this interaction where there is no social cues involve theirs virtually no repercussions for saying the most evil vile shit and then people take it badge of honor that they been blocked right rare yeah their twitter by means of its it's weird time yeah man i just wish i mean being off twitter has i wish it inhabitants of horrific way but has definitely made me like i talked people more now i talk to people who disagree with me i'm like i look people in the eyes more than i use to i like i'm not checking my phone you think this is a good thing to all to ultimately to you like is how else would you have escape i went of you i mean it's almost like you were in a cult because britain einstein's brother aragon recently and eric was talking about the the cult of programme
of ideology that it literally as a cult like the one the core things that people keep saying is that biology and gender are not related there's there's some weird things that people say in order to be supportive of trans people battle a lot of weird but these the things are there saying they're not simple by science and their very cruelty and everyone repeats them and they repeat m for the same reason why people in certain religions repeat religious phrases and this goes back to the press thing i was talking about where you know to me the reason that i wouldn't fully read a lot of those articles this because i was like but i want to support those people right and because i dont think trans people should be discriminated against i don't give a shit where they wanted the bathroom unless it's like on somebody right i don't care don't i think that everybody should should live in feel free as long as you're not being you know predatory
looks like when the republicans were likewise manner to dress up his women it's like that's that's men like this impose embodies riot like that's like that was that like trans people are different than men who dressed up as women and like sneaking there are certainly going to be men who dressed up like women at stake in the bathrooms because they can because it's a loophole i mean they walk in a bathroom just how thou just like there's going to be people that drive into cards crowds of people their car right it doesn't mean that you shouldn't be able to drive a car i mean that you're going to have aberrations toll like there's a million people right now sneaking into the women's room to try to fuck kid right right i mean this is this is just you can't use those individual incidences is aberrations of freaking out now and so on awfulness totally and so to go back to your called thing i do feel like you'd never got now i mean i why why god i wish i was in the fuckin way
and i were i wish would i lie because look at you and realising wrong i'm not really bad old mother no big deal at shit still exists and like god fucked it up like the fact that anyone would would think that i'm like like that with you will want you write a counter ardor show so i tell you the truth i well one of the one of the reasons that insane and published by the ministerial exactly with the red pill does it get out of here to be fuckin for jane let your old and now poor chance happy with us because we're met making fun of the radio lab they got some which from people really allow pulled down this thing with a shovel above put up some stupid flag and said he will not divide us and for channel and found the flag it was in the middle of tennessee and took it down and walked up the caravan factual above and whose highness webcam live and it was a great
wait radio loud podcast but radio lab took it down because some people complain fourchan is awful missing the whole point what they did was not awful these are in visuals fortune is comprised of hundreds thousand five unique individual walking around desire tat in this incident was amazing here we shall above so fuckin dork so the whole thing was great we could have come together with forecasts we missed opportunity radio lab and fortune like as one for a day radio lab justino there again there there on that progressive ideology team it's scary one you can hear other voices yes and there i think there's an app their attack amounts am hairs a shower tells you if you're reading too many like either leftwing articles are right wing articles lincoln's like hey we're steering a little too left you want to buy that shit out there's like an apple and out of the air goes it aggregates your new three year and that
just tells me you're reading too much shown your phone on your phone in general that's why i started reading books and it's much better and but a fuckin i fear doesn't say off of o the called thing i mean now because i still yeah so i dont want to walk around a few other way with one of the reasons that respond one google and suicide and then i should say this for my poor girlfriend when she came back and like had my back like i said this on actually brought her up on states for the podcast but she i thought she was with man she was like while i kind of which you were more predatory towards me and that's not like eminem marry you your great europe keeper s totally had my back and worry breathing decided so many girls right now warming up their fingers generated tat harbour was excited and its governments and didn't pregnant she was kidding she's just funny he just a funny person you can be funny you can be honoured to be funding and but fuck in when she
my back and look kind of walk the back and was just like what am i gonna do there isn't their part of me they didn't want to read an article i had people say to me i had one and whose book at the fuckin woman's march who called to be like this makes my job harder because when you start to call fighting with your girlfriend beer when you start to call a bad break up whatever when you dare to call consensual hookups on the road predatory it right this is what sexist point to when they go that all these girls who talk about being preyed on it it's bullshit you know i mean they point to like these in iraq he was normal situations and so it really really scary by also had people be like if i defended myself some people told me that if i defended myself i would suddenly look like i'm saying don't believe women or i'm saying that because i am defending just one person me and i'm like
they want to be and i dont want to be i just wanna be a fucking comic i dont want to be a voice for lag bridges are crazy and i also don't wanna be a voice for you know ever guy is a fuckin evil rapist right i just wanna tell jokes that that's what i'm saying on this experience in a lot of ways sort of can guide you through it so it's been happening gave me just in this in this example of how we can all go completely sideways sidewise and end sideways in no admitted lee but even before went bad it was going side ways we are attacking people without reading the full store when i written press then looking to get this sort of response by attacking people young people to say yo jamie's on our side james positive polio and then being addicted to this response thing checking your phone all time making sure
he bore on your side will your battling with someone in calling them a sexist railway ass showing how many followers this prayer hazardous retweeted you like that's all i did and and now just being able to like like wake up early to take care of myself read books hang out my dope girlfriend go to jiu jitsu all day and then right oaks and live your life as a human and just be nice to people do i'm telling you i m nicer to people not being this like fuckin progress can i was just judging everybody how can you be nice everyone just look at that guy he's fucking eating meat look at that guy he's you know he's got it fuckin bumper sticker wherever it is constantly looking to be outraged yeah the attack machine of this moment not just the progressive ideology but though the right wing
the algae is well it's an attack was surely and you can enjoy thing like you know me anytime you tweet like i went to this moving that while this actors problematical this movie is fucking racist because it s just like i don't know man i just had a good night i just want to see a fuckin movie like i think that people are getting tired of it though and this is what i'm hoping last time that this sort of balances out and that this is a new form of communication that we're engaging in and people are doing i want to say that i was very surprised because i was like tat when i told them comic friends that i wanted to go back to stand up for like improbably people and i was like i was ignored wants to hear about my shit no one wants to hear a rant about being a moderate and so many people like hush hush we're like yeah they do because there's sick of the extremes on both sides are sick of this like just ever
i'm just like all these trumped jokes are just like so fuckin just its white noise all its white noise so these progressives china our progressive each other so people that consider themselves progressives are also getting attacked like the brett weinstein's thing or me he's going call the like if you'd know him he's like one almost billy progressive guys like probably have ever had a chance to target and while i was there was mcgowan thing that was there that i heard on on sam harris's where if if something then too person than someone about but what of the avenue black persons like right now be bad to incite but what if it happened do than someone else to be that what about a black your island seeing the silencing thing is so fucked up and this will be put right do you turn people trying to get people fired but the the answer to bad speech is not silencing people it's better speech right that one of the things that neck what's his name what is his last night there was on sam harris's protest opponents
one i think that's great i was one of the really important things that he said that i completely agree with i will say that i do think both sides say that like even when i was on not the comedy side of the of the tosh thing right it's like shouting down at the the female journalists are trying to get them fired is still just as bad as complaining now tosh his joke you know what i mean by it is both sides trying to shut the other person down instead of like a dialogue nicholas christophe case that's that's his name i was at the guy was tired out via its name sam harris with a gross pop up killers any website did those grow sign up for newsletter magnesite up now sam you fucked you shall for tat little pop up guy he pop up windows
this is the new twitter work is joe verse amabel ups olaf's who knows i love him but a pop ups so he was the coda rector of the aliens to for network science and he wound up having to step down if this italy is the code director of the elles do for our science so he was a he was a professor of social natural science this guy whose wife also on the trail a cigar guy so this episode literally changed a lot of my views on everything yeah well two very important episode of in most namely abso jamie they see in the crowd basing the crowd it was about women this woman shouted him down and you know you support this is our home use must be fucking protecting us about hollow wean costumes and the wife had made a letter that shit i went out in the letter essentially said you dear people
should be allowed to have we could play some of those here you're looking at this wrecking our faith by discussing i think i'm sick watching them argue with you haven't even standing outside literally for at least five to six hours between you and holloway between last night to now we have been arguing with people who are not willing to be listened to for a long time at all i see from you is arrogance and ego i'm thick looking at you i am disgusted watching elects argue with you you're not listening you're disgusting i don't think you understand and it before i wasn't out before i was not angry per se i was disappointed maybe i thought maybe there was room for before an apology you clearly told us that you do not plan to offer an apology for your words you left the meeting last night to go home and then tweet do not interrupt me to tweet
from your twitter and then the filaments twitter you show no remorse you tried to let your wife we that conversation without having answered for herself that is disgusting that is thick and now i was angry before i was not angry four but now i am actually angry i really do not interrupt me i was not angry and now i want your job to be taken from me i don't want you to have this thought no more of our city where i will get my degree well i will go back and think i have to argue with you i miss my mother dont do it you don't do it do not do it this is not the day you do now when it came to me and then you know what we have been with me ok understand that look me in my thanks first of all and understand that you are such a disappointment to this university to your student to yourself you think that's your claim to agree with you if you want free dialogue you want free speech how it works so one speaks you listen
cut them off do these these condescending gesture if you do not work women that they wake map figures of maize most so fucking characteristic the most absurd inherited there is the car they would have sent me the most as she has my poetry cadence news like she was doing the same moves in the same delivery while she was just trying to be intelligent and say something and shut him up and science and but that's the most important thing is that she didn't want to dialogue between unwanted debate he also from what i remember the podcast he didn't need to be out there are still other four hours worked or speed anxiously resources when she was saying like you're wasting my time or whatever like he came out to try to come i have his wife's back and like calling him it came out to have a dialogue and i hear them out but you didn't forget they did beat what you say i have your job is where many get my degree and just what fucker i may i take this as somebody who lost their job
and as someone who has gone after people on twitter those people that we i had to get fired from a writing job or whatever you dont think about them the next day mike the people who try to get that guy fired on twitter whatever like don't think about him and morally if he got fired does your kids mean you'd look at an eighteen year old or a nineteen year old but the twitter intoxicated intoxicated by that moment this while you know here but the twitter my behind them it's like a lot of maize out of adults here too you know and like that do got fired and his wife got fired like i mean that's that's like some these life was done a lot of really good proposals even if we did fuck up legitimately egg and it's all the consequence of actually being able to be fired that's a problem like save you are running up the jamie coasting show you get your own podcast someone can't fire you you know that's that's really important to be able to fully incomplete express yourself yeah i mean if you
who had done something horrible the marketplace the idea should step in say we're not his show anymore we listen to him any more and that would be normal and real the problem with being professor of the universe is twofold problem writers tenure and tenure makes proof sars arrogant and makes professors realize they they can't leave and then they they suck at it in their terrible minutes really com and it's almost like winning the lottery they become lazy and weak or they become the idea and though the ideal situation as they become completely dedicated to being a profession ass and you don't have to worry anymore about their job and another completely dedicate themselves to being an educator yeah that's that's what we would hope they amp d have to worry about being fired and i really hope that the people listening to this cause i want listen to that podcast if i've brought up that podcast
my old circle i would have gotten in trouble and what do we know a lot of your shows and i'm sure there are people who completely disagree with me ideologically who wouldn't you know reed whatever the inner after democracy an hour or so and on the other side and it's like my life has gotten so much better and wider and faster and i think it's made me a more empathetic person could agree on the left you just assume your empathetic as your online yeah even though you trying to get people fired even though you gonna their jobs are being kind of attacking their insurance holding their man you're you're labeling them and the broad strokes of racism and sexism and you're calling them terrible and that's the problem where are you framing and then that makes year larger ideals which art can be correct they don't matter as more because you're you're not acting like a human being and then it's also like do you actually even care about those groups your defending or do you just want to be a sort of the right side and get your like bonus
in which is like isolated par in ireland i would like to think i was both you know like they turn i wasn't only dislike for gay people like you know but he did he to stake runaway man but it was a head on sexual sis account most cows are actually don't say i don t know a whole yeah that's what astir is is that its yeah they did cut their balls i do but even that like i was emailing with what was email with rob both the big paleo guy and it's like you know how much there's a lot of shit that begins imperial people could have in common when it comes down to like hating three farms or laugh trying to get like the healthiest like that like animal welfare and like i mean eating so many of the these paler goes like the majority of what you're eating should be fuckin vegetables short you know what i mean and and an end there just talking about health and they
talking about animal offer and that's your fascinating words like all those conversations whenever fuckin happen well what we ve done it's a real problem is jammed too many people into a small area where there's no and growing any food and this to solve that problem they ve figured out how to consolidate massive amounts of growing into these areas both agriculture in terms of like vegetables and an grains and animals all fuckin gross yeah what they do the way they grow vegetables is totally unnatural you not supposed to have a gigantic swath land not only dedicated a weak one and all the steroids that they that they give the cat do i saw a picture of a cow ones that can stand up could like its utter was so fuckin big it was like weighing down like that shit is gonna surely a misconception theirs is very rare they put steroids in cows so what to do what they do is they put a lot of antibiotics in the cows because the cows or eat
things that they're not supposed to be eating like green and they get really sick and they're doing that to fatten them up to mr hager exact and also that grain you could feasibly feed to people you can shore also the thing which will people home don't wanta grass but the he'll does much higher you know if they can get a cow they come to market quick grow faster better unhealthy there when you get a marbled stake near like those like what's that why do stuff that people cherish and love that why you stay calm their own person ass way lots it's a really obese cow is organised but if you green and you cow that's what happens to your body fat and growth chicken is another one people always think the chickens are getting pumped up a steroids steroids are expensive what what do with chickens is it's really breeding thing i'll just the way you make a bull dog or the know how to embrace the biggest mastiff they take
the biggest animals they breed in with the biggest animals and they ve got into this position where these chickens are so fucked up because they ve at them to be so large they they can you stand oh yeah when they're like clause like mould around the cage and under their jammed these little area that's all but then on top of that the real issue is these animals are on top of each other their living in each other's shit there sick all the time and that was that super chicken chicken is actually healthy but by the way i see walk around that's just a an enormous large breed of choice do that you're going to help as s mystery character it's a perspective issue to ensure if you're standing next to it would look as big but i mean you know to turkey's turkey's a pretty big but the the real issues antibiotics antibiotics is a huge issue because those antibiotics are first of all you you get these animals like pigs the worst is pigs man because pig
fuck and smart released chickens are reptiles their birds are laid their brains are fucking time you baby pace like poppies here it's horrific he was a glenn green wild article recently that he published bout these people they got arrested because they adopted these eggs they actually stole these takes from a factory farms and nurse and back but in doing so on them getting arrested expose the horrific conditions ojeda fbi's hunt for two missing piglets reveals the federal cover up of barbaric fact farms and that is a real cover up because its money and that's why what they call a gag laws and i am very aware of these these add gag
laws are fucking insane where they make it illegal for people to take footage and film that what's going on in these factory fires because they think doodle negatively impact the busy jack afar yeah does like yes yes it well so well cause you're fuckin brazier year europeans eighty nine you're denying people information gap and that deny people information like that i feel like i was one of those issues that i think i think we'll potter i think i knew a couple those guys his mercy for animals has done a bunch of those undercover operations and stuff and that's what those things that again that that should bring together both sides rats work now eating these animals right or your big then you're you're trying to stop this but you don't know what the most part is like a fuckin monster no one is like asking for like a tortured animal like this whose like caroling rolling around in their feces where it's like everybody has the right to know this this is something that i think the view
community can be very mainstream about and shooting at a lot of support and green wild always been like a softy for animals do like he does all of his like snowden stuff but do as i say team rescue tags and brazil and he loves animals and i'm glad is it getting coverage from want gladys can encourage tune kudos to him for putting that out you know he's highlighting something that's a real issue and that that if it did issue is this there's a concerted effort to deny people information because that information would change the way they feel about the food they eat now and you know the argument is that these they have have these conditions because the only way to give people food very cheaply because you have to feed in twain
people in los angeles but i don't wanna buy that arc i don't buy that argument not think that this is just how it's convenient to run right now yes and you also look like what's this shit we actually do subsidized report peopled garbage like coke and my processed food and we'll subsidized corn as well but but even that is an that's not the best thing for you now actually like when it turns into like high photos corn syrup and shit like that and where the people need to be educated doctors are barely educated about nutrition and health and if we actually had healthy food whether it be like meat or vegetables whenever in these like food desert instead as we always got mad when people like oh look at that fuckin fat person on food stamps that war is not because there like eating a ton of grass fed beef it's because like their fuckin food dams can buy them in morocco and nationalities bodies and in shit like that that's another thing we're like well that's not a conversation we have because we go you're either on the begins
or this after you their pro government or your antigovernment and say there are answers i feel like people put their heads together and work is trying to get like yeah big who used the wrong pejorative you're from the new yorker or whatever i run by think it's against like everything else does more information available now than ever before and i think more people who are aware of this information it just so many bore distracted by nonsense all day should i tony and i twenty has given i we did a gig in san francisco and we're coming back where at the airport and we're so this cow the airport and she's talk the phone about the most inane bull shit she's too given amazing rays and amazing are the two teams are amazing rays are just not there just dump i'm so annoyed with them some not even watching anymore but oh my god i'm so hungry and this has this in our amazing cheer row and this is but mamma mamma mamma and i'm supposed to be getting this thing at work but you know so far
i pay increase has come through and when it comes through i'm gonna save up my money and i'm gonna get this thing about my member so mattered but this is what you know this the average person's life it just they get distracted by nonsense they talk about bullshit they're watching stupidity want it's hard because it's getting it's getting fed you and a lot of people aren't doing what they actually want do and they don't leave they can actually do it and and they go to college because our told they're supposed to go to college and then their riddled and student debt so they get a job they hate that the stigma toinon my point was worlds gonna get too was that you in your obsession with twitter and you're you're we're being addicted to it and constance channing on it and going back to it that was you're distraction those modest one as finding distractions in stupid television shows in bad food to eat and nonsensical raises at work and because of that occupies so much of your time between your job and your family and others that you don't
time to think about factory farming told and we need now i can judge that girl when i is doing the same thing on twitter but i could feel like all minds for the cause i rise not for mindset for that amazing race minds like for equal but ever and it's like well it's not it's an i'm not making a difference i'm just doing it for for a little of fave i don't even have a fuckin twitter followers to be addicted twitter it doesn't matter you dumb into having followers not one nation i acted mainly in anybody can engage with a large group of followers just by saying something mean to someone like green walled or lack of someone who has a lot of followers it's not hard to do gland get shit from all sides we know wants to edward snowden thing came out he became a lightning rod for i mean there's a lot of people like that there's a lot of people that are doing that it's a again it's it's you need time for the distribution
information is a unique time because we have to sort out ourselves how we manage this information and where its yeah how its kitten and man i'll just say like once i just sort of started folk same on it are we re being selfish labourers like how can i just be a better person you end up like how can i better myself you end up being a better person where i'm like i don't know it's gone i dont know whose getting arrested right now for the inertia thing but unlike i know that like my girlfriend from work after i like do a much easier dope jim you now and i'm like i'm kind of fine with that you know i think it should a healthier wait a second live you know you're you're talking about yourself and you you talkin about your own sort of man management of your life
it had gone completely off the rails and now you ve got it back on track and you're feeling yourself in a good place and i now think maybe there is a middle ground right over there is a way that like if i start doing chose again i can mike be underwear and i'll be adduced you can't you definitely can and i think that having this negative experience and getting through it that's how you learn and grow i mean these bad these big moments our big opportunities for growth whereas the same grind day in day out you become like the girl the airport language is deemed an amazing range ninety four sure as other vesture as in their chairs of dry and law you know there's nothing happening right having a big moment where all these people attacked you and things went totally wrong it gave you this opportunity for self reflection in in a way that you really
probably were very unlikely to achieve without this moment i was hearing that we are going to be off the brooklyn bridge or a bigger do bag and endeavouring to which we must work to ensure that all things comedy festival you're hanging out with burden do or again there was that literally the funny as people on the planet and i can already like the funniest beyond the plenum doug p on ari he peter i'm right i might have been that after that i saw her so mature i definitely saw armies my friends here i've seen artistic salaries dick i didn t dogs taxi now if i was in the wrong circles are you could have sexually assaulted be with his dick by showing these dick you be considered some sort of a microphone pointed that out when she came out on stage naked it's like would there be women and there the be like that is sexual assault can citizens radio show you are definitely people would like they would be like their fingers would hurt from typing so much two years ago
fill the comments or are even feel good about himself isabel sharing am i a fascination with megan kelly reject jazz bells daily breakdown of begging did i name retarded show sire you know man we all we could all be nicer we get off find some sort of a middle ground at all in all we can all learn from all these experiences in oregon learn from your experience for sure yes that per annum well i'm not a predator like you i tried to train hashtags you're the lumber run down it out yeah man i gotta say like listening to like you and bird and dag am i guess i was if it simmons pie all these pot pockets about comedy i'm thinking about how do you know
just because i feel like i failed i was like i guess i should on all comics and forgetting about that like even the comics you say the most horrific shit on stage for the most part there's a lot of really cool broken sweet guys who like through all of the bullshit had my back like i remember i heard bert i told bert this actually on the pod cas maybe backstage but i told bertha like i was i'm back and listening to a bunch of his podcast i listened to the one he did with metzger could i wanted that other fuckin side to it ray i wanted to other masker situation was ass but in ito to two of kurt wants us to be known but he was devastated by that i mean like really bad law than talk on a hurt a lot he was super unhealthy mean he felt he felt it that iran age man when they come after you well and when i heard him on the pod cast and not he gets a little the on facebook boy actually heard of the particles articulate what he was talking about where he was like no i think this
for people who don't like some fuckin dude adieu c b was accused of rape i think yeah and and curt essentially said you know he made a sort of inputs already saying that no woman could ever lie in a woman is like my bible it's always true and everybody was also saying that like you see be said like they did an investigation and found this guy guilty and he was like you can't you again do i gotta know how he lent improv theatre like yes on their way to the clues i dont know how that happened or not detective snow but now this do can fuckin if he is guilty he can surely you see but he can get and that's recurred were saying right to where it is worded and poorly and it turns out that they believe guy is a piece of shit yes and courtesy the hers is that so anyway so i soil isn't it i'd leave no totally and so i listen to this interview and that has to do with again just judging people on the internet without facts roma so
i wasn't this interview with kurt and burdens really good and i think that was the first time i heard bert show an the end i was like are at the date they started talking about me and they really wrong about a lot of stuff they said and i have this moment where bert call him at once we did some weird tv show together in amsterdam and i only met him once and he i thought it was gonna be like him to be like this fucking faggot feminist that was the idea had like all comics and how they thought about me rain and he was again man i was just bombed outcry remember like jamie was nice and then like it like maybe sad that he liked and stick up for comics and i was like it was just like really sweet and sincere and kind of like even like vote we're both i remember had that turning to my girlfriend me like i want to apologize to bert more than i do these women he sounded so fight sincere and sad and i just forgot about that like that that sort of
comic camaraderie in its easy to characterize us and just lump us into this board group of asshole man that are massage nests and you know you eve that thing were jim norton went on canals well now and like that was it will lindy westerners idea her characterisation of like that kind of comedy was so caricaturist it was so ridiculous and there and there are there a caricature of like like i know feminists you aren't fuckin insane and well like you know what it's like she was wanting it to be a certainly i think a lot of people do cause it's easier to eminent stereotyping demon because like you know it making that decision where i'm like our i fuckin rare madame de listen to that podcast like i'll just get the information is easier to digest that that's cake right
cool i'm going to listen to the shows that agree with me and write me information says you're right you're smart sure good as opposed to the stuff that's like i gotta look that up like think about this and i have two maybe change behaviour of minors and people do that on both sides and that's why it is so important words like no one is the fuckin stereotype of anything that that people why we're in a boat that's in rocky water and i think it's going to rock left and going to rock right and hopefully we going to right the ship and we're going to figure out what the fuck were doing and i mean only the human race has probably never communicated clear ever we do now and it's because of our access to information there's just defiling going to be these groups of people so you know they they hall off and they get confirmation buyers and they they sure their walls up with this group of like minded folks in an echo chamber there's always gonna be that that but i think that is more obvious for what it is today
than ever before totally and i think that's a good thing you know i think did you our ability to express yourself like this on his part gas we ve been talking now for two and a half hours shown this yeah this is are very unique way to communicate bank this is a way to communicate what you really get to know somebody there someone characterizing uses why have a problem with blogs when someone writes a blog entry on you and you don't get a chance to respond they don't get a chance to see who you really are now and then when someone like me who is in a position to amplify it just it's that you just read it as factors like your ass the news this fact as you go what's fuckin called the news re that's why it's interesting to see come back and by you in the rain and then see your spots and see you realize and then go you this essentially exile period yeah when you u a year without performing jude without talking to people without talking to comics with you know but
was it was also like morgiana make like i it's not like the article was was garbage but it's not like i wasn't like a shitty selfish depressed in a bad spot person like there are taught of things i needed to fuckin look at myself and fix and am was being selfish him was i'm making this all about me and was i but it's not necessarily an accurate characterisation of who you are is blown honour no but it was good for me to fix those other things i was i didn't do that but i was kind of a douche bag so i can fix this where i know that's why i you know i thought comics believe that believe article am i was talking to dog and i was like did and read it no i don't i did they just not funny cause i was talking to diagnose again man i i know i should i don't really want to apologise because they re read it and i don't think it's and he's like none in an unknown none of us know you're fucked predator your apologizing for being a douche bag and as i i added there was the that
bringing a comedy the selfish as i saw the article and i looked at my damn generals goin out jamie kennedy and i laughed but i didn't think it was real and phallic whereas probably trying to get laid and he said and someone took it and turn into some horrific offence against all women and turns out that is actually a predator in munich fuck em is cast out from the kingdom mean that's what people do and one of the reasons why they do it is because they are absolutely terrified that they themselves are gonna get cast out from the king dude i have i totally poorly everyone has their shit and it is i mean it like that this what the other the weinstein's stuff and the like there are a lot of due to probably would be supporting this more but are just like but i
i flirted with that one girl at the office like em i like weinstein's like you i compare parallels because you have to go after wines deal with as much you know whatever vigour as you do like knuckle after the people who are fighting for and while the rhine seem thing what's unique about the one scene thing is it is one of the worst cases you could imagine sort of like the cause the thing is to drugging and rape andrea it's like when you you re read about the number of people that are accusing cosby and you like all mike did he re people for like that like a full time job next to the cause we show is rates as somebody characterized him as the worst cereal raper in human history i heard you say that a mile file deaf them be real that might be
they're coming he really might be he might have drugged and raved hundreds of women we don't even know the numbers by the way that's another fuckin example now that i think about it of what you were just saying where the last however many years he went from common two lecturing like black p bull about how to wear their pantheon how to articulate and i was talking about manners and how to present yourself and it's like oh your covering up drugging m raping people whereas like year like you know they need as will bid in the ass because hannibal who is talking about him on stage comic that's what got him has took him as i have already had a comic saying you know hey you know tell me not to swear haley's another rape and women people wait what what like the average and didn't know now mean i heard about it way back the day when i was on news radio somebody who the fuck just
hold me the other day of my friend curtis my friend curtis his mom worked with bill cosby in the nineteen sixteen nineteen sixties and she was an extra on something that bill caused who is doing and someone pulled her aside and said be careful around him he's a fucking creep la will do something in on and off they specifically said that they would drug him her that that he would drug or might be careful so people that worked with him knew he was doing creepy shit like drugging women and sixteen whom we might be talking literally about fifty years of drawing up dragon rip fifty years of joy viking and raping any did jokes about it that's if incurs document he had bits about about put spanish fly into women's drinks and about drugging women actual bits about jesus but he got away with it forever to this day
provision of information that were experiencing this is what would cause how we once things done that's why it's good and that's why you know i would never be like social media the problem because you know the the me to him pain and hardly wasting a cause be like it is good that these people are being exposed is not good when you also then go on which hans right for people who like are de l a fuckin rapists whatever well that's the difference and this is the thing that a lot of men like they see the harvey ones dean thing they start thinking about themselves and go home a god would have every girl that i have tried to fuck came out and latino john tried to you know he tried to feel me but john tried to get me to go back to his house one night and after we had a couple dream together and then you know and tat is what does it look like is it a guy actually pressing up against you and like violin your physical space or was it i've been like hey you wanna come up for coffee and there like no when they go oh fuck my bad you know thank you in and then how you characterize that mean if you write a blog about it and he
all these women that you know bill tried to fuck and newt on a site builder of cause ba john john try to have sex harvey well the crazy thing about harvey is how many of them were famous like these we like famous women with a voice and he still digital media just like he does had some crazy addiction to doing that to women why didn't you simply like he was trying to get laid out with that you are a bad person could you could get laid because you're fucking harvey wind you are a very rich powerful man get hired prostitutes mean if you wanted to if you just wanted sacks pretty obviously wanted a fuck the leading late yeah you know he wanted to stick his dick in the mouth of the woman who was in the movie and no i was watching the movie i came in tomorrow and get that boy you don't want to get that rich by one another also was us neuron queues of rape
employ in the seventies god as more women come forward with god damn right first out there but it's it out it's horrible right and it also reinforces alot of negative ideas it women have about men too it's not a problem as it there go look we were right it there is a real culture look we're right in a men do i'll do this one i think people could actually go after these rapists then again same thing with all the the middle ground issues we were kind of finding ran words like bullets go after the actual bad guys and then not make you know it there's a day where there's not a rapist instead of like looking means this example iran but like looking for like who can we will be mad if for being sexist like just going through the day right leg
there doesn't always have to be a new bad guy like you can just like go after the ledge shit fuckin predators and and and and and and rapists and plenty of actual real target that yea executive authorities need to invent that also like is that the thing to do or is the thing to do to try to educate humans stoutish to behave with each other and that this this one the reasons why this was he got away that is because he had the extreme amount of power to control the future of these women there just actual that's how he got away with getting them to do these things and keep your mouth shut because he held this increase will power over them because he could control there future career he had them the money and the influence to get them and give them the crew they desire is that lead jet casting couch cliche it's as i always real enemies ham and those girls whitney cummings knows people that no like the the
the whole inside story and she would she said is like what your hearing is all the women that said no she's i do know many amos women said yes like by gradually said ass you oh no data because it was a deal they made a deal this is how i get the leading part this is how i in our influence over editing bizarre yet more lines saga and that literally he'd they negotiated this she said he literally wouldn't negotiate certain aspects of their careers of sex and these when did it as you know some of em probably begrudgingly in some ovum willingly now some of em happily right who now standing but it's just what you seeing is does this is how this guy operate right do you saw harvey levin s name who released all the various aspects of the contract that he had where they had worked and somehow ass glass now he would get find a certain amount two thousand for one to fifty
like a little like five hundred for the thirty boy finds us like literally but negotiated into the look at us here it is according the contract of one's teen treated someone and properly in violation of companies code of conduct which obviously means rope he must members the wine steel company for settlements or judgments additionally you will pay the company liquidated damages of tuna fifty thousand hours for the first such instant five thousand hours for this in seven fifty four the third and a million dollars for each additional instance such projects like look you're gonna get ripped what we know we know you're a piece of shit so we want to play fact cells from your piece of shit ways right is a hundred percent known taxes as long as ones team pays it constitutes a cure for the misconduct enough further action can be taken translation wines dean could be sued over and over and as long as you wrote a check it keeps his job which is
crazy so they made a deal with the devil they knew what they but he does have a pile of like rape checks and could just doling out it's just amazing that this went on for so long in that they literally had negotiated this into a contract right right mind out is fuckin but it takes that to change the culture it takes the like values are to national level yes it takes that change the culture and then all the people that are tariff tired of being outed like him now will recognize the consequences of those actions and hopefully going to change their ways mean yeah you don't but he's a fucking do you you don't like rubber heard dick against your employ right like you and your play likes it gear and how do you know until you do here what's the problem i was reading fucking article another article on advertisement from it was like nineteen twenties and it was
an advertisement for a type of like antiseptic gum like a listerine type gum with the information that they got just from communicate with their friends and the people there you you know you look in her eyes out do not ask for permission rescue just do it's amazing like this it just shows you the way wife while our culture didn't ask for me tina twenties to today mean a hundred years of progress people recognise like hey no you can't i was how much information they had to not ask permission like jesus just like mean
finance strong like no no no no what if your grows she doesn't want to kiss me more harmonised our product tat sometimes here's a problem sometimes that works if the woman's really tracked doing you're really track to turn you look at each other you have to send a danger but you don't know one that fact that is how do you know when you deadly can't put then a gun mad man it's but they didn't know that nineteen twenty has been was there to tell em they were dealing with the information that they got just from communicating with their friends and the people they worked with a limited amount of media some data that gathers just important grown kissed her there are like got it in the attic and how did you meet your wife while johnny i didn't ask permission i kissed her fan our marriage wherever have a family and as i do like fuckin man chew gum to come but that was how much information they had to go off back then whereas today it mean if you ask me like hey how do you know any kisser grow there will you
so no teeth white and three shades did that's that's a different one it was a yellow ad upper left that's it that's it that's it do you know kiss a girl then learn stand facing her do now tell your intentions do not ask permission is fairly early the hedge dreamily into her eyes looked julian admires jamie look see dreamy dreamily predator no no you dream dreamily i'm not going to contact you may hold her right hand in your right hand if you wish it is well to sigh a couple times about this stage of the game what those per softly that her rosebud live reminds you of cupids bow holy shit she would probably drop her eyes and blush when you say that place the fingers of your left hand under her chin and till back her head slightly draw
her attention by the way is all like he could see it in a like you could see the cartoon of it yet all one at the guy's justly cop draw gently towards you do not hurry gazed deeply at the law of lights which slumber in her eyes sigh once more hopeful sign thing at him added and unita edit this thing has terrible writing klein your head towards her until your lips but wait all caps do not kiss her until you know that she uses listerine pepsi dumb the only antiseptic gum in the world the only chewing gum that makes it safe to kiss safe to kiss you're being a creep then you're putting the onus on a heard a use of s added that's access if she is a list rated pep sin gum girl kisser that's how i got really bad penthouse letter not a fucking dumbass one thousand nine hundred and eleven copyright one thousand nine hundred and eleven so what is it
common see common oh i m m but it looks like ie and access to justice should he fought old fought blurry fought sense common sense gun company common sense gum company jesus nineteen eleven well that's you know limited access to information just a factor that that would be torn to shreds forget if somebody try to write that today and put it in an like say esquire simply write but that's it just shows you the evolution of human culture that mean anything were experiencing that totally and i think there's a lot of good i think like yeah that's it should happen you shouldn't be creepy sign into a girl's mouth though designs doubled let our works here's the thing if a man and woman are deeply attracted each other and she's a moron in europe more only say more on thanks psycho cupids bow and next thing you know but wait a minute what
montgomery using gum should i mean it's us who will judge jim kills two thirds that should be the episode in the name is absurd the judge shave now about how we judge jamie kills team but comma jamie kills tyler were we to judge i support that who are we to judge listen come back to being a comedian an actual i want you back i think back start showing up statements upsets call in response i gotta figure out how to do that you figure out how to start showing weird you'll get back and data back and does not try to do it for that shows so fuckin fun and being around comics was so fond of roma low comedies my girl from the many happier and took a break brow yeah hey maybe that's why you take a break i'm gonna grow less amazon s sake get sick i got sick with the left arap thank you dad
sure do no thanks i'll go back on twitter s back while be careful with that yeah dimensions that worked here don't for a day they will come for you especially if they know your vulnerable groups share of thank you and about how we did a meteor was great art we will be back tomorrow with collen moriarty and own benjamin on wednesday thea thank you ladies and gentlemen hope you enjoy that i enjoyed it enjoyed haven't jamie back on again and talking to him and seeing them happy and i really do feel at ease and healthier place and i hope he gets back sent up thanks to our sponsors thanks a square space yoda square space dot com for a free trial and when you ready to launch easily gaffer golfer code to golfer i must go through with a fucking you the offer code joe when you're ready to launch and you will save ten percent off your purchase your first
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so again tomorrow tomorrow common moriarty and then on wednesday the hilarious and very intelligent oh and benjamin should be a good time so i see you soon
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