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#1040 - Brian Regan

2017-11-15 | 🔗
Brian Regan is one of the top stand-up comedians working today. His new Netflix special "Nunchucks and Flamethrowers" comes out on November 21, and you can find him touring all over the country at BrianRegan.com
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Hey: what's up everybody, the priest EL tickets for round two of my tour went on today, as I decided to call it a name. I did the first round strange times for obvious reasons. Round to pre sale went live today if you gotta Joe Rogan DOT Net Ford, slashed tour I am in Austin, Texas, Houston, Texas, Durham, of Carolina, Bakersfield, California, Fresno, California, Santa Barbara California, New Orleans Louisiana Miami Florida, Orlando florida- this is just some of the dates after the after the month of March, they'll be more dates in those will be announced way before then, the probably announced soon, but that a bee in two a broad May and June. And Dan Daddy won't, take a break, but though three months I'll be on the try to hit Toronto
Vancouver I think Montreal deftly Chicago Nashville, thank you and others, but our animals do once more how gigs to Columbus, clean and shed light on mine, so Joe broken dot net Ford, slashed tour. All these days are pre sale, so as of today today's Wednesday, the fifteenth of November, if you go this today or tomorrow you gotta use the code word comedy so when you try to buy tickets, use it, we're comedy all this is on my instagram. All this stuff is also my twitter. Please go to. Get out, and a lot of the dates are almost sold out. So don't sleep and I'm sure, if they do sell out, were pretty far out. I will add a second show to most places looking forward to a very excited to fuckin gearing up right now, baby.
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conditions apply, that's casper, DOT, com, Ford, Slash Joe and the problem a job for fifty dollars of any mattress purchase right, my guess, day is one the best end up. Comics work today, a great guy, a fun man, a really nice guy too. Is one more successful guys out there and for good reason, just fuckin awesome. I love this dude, give it up for brine, Regan The job will gain experience with gentle confidential lie from southern California, its bright joe. However, great man. How are you long time- and I will see you in like one year and a half or sometimes cells that I see you ve got to?
new place here and congratulations. Thank you, Sir very nice. Thank you. It's huge! It's big spot tat, big plants, big plants, apparently have a lot of fun. You, a big old, funhouse yeah, that's what they were saying: you're that wouldn't games in our consecrated stuff, your actual hard on writing. What's the archery game You sure you use an actual compound bow. It's called Techno Hunt and the ever see those duplex off? Yes, you do. You know those games where you whacked a golf ball into the screen and a virtual golf ball rules around? Yes, they have one of those four archery you actually use a regular compound bow and you shoot it at the screen and when the Tipps, instead of you, a regular arrow Tipp. Do you use this flat Tipp? It's like like the head of attack, and here it is
powerful, Jamie Answer, you you shoot it at the screen and it shows you like these animals that you'd be hunting in use and actual bow and where it hits it shows you whether or not it it's a good impact like our. There was perfect show like the arrow impact, shows how fast the arrows going so you're getting that back to put in here or, if you put in your two very nice, not in this room out there in the whole major you. I wouldn't you a bunch of shit here, I'd feel like it's like there's so many there's so much opportunity now on the internet, to do things, do content my dear weekly amnesia, now people now outside that my new thing, weekly weekly Emma may break down every week how Bloomiest, subsequent how big is you're resin. Many things you ve got so many other things are not adding anything such as well doing stuff yeah, but
I've told people and this in a sound like em you, you have been so successful at so many different things. It's very it's quite amazing. I mean you have to stand up career, successful, Stana career. You are on a sit, come ahead, sit gum right. You did fear fact. Her videos, right and then you do the then? What is it? WWW W running about wrestling, you fight each average. You do that Pod gas I heard it pretty pretty impressive. Not I have mental problems and I figured out how to boil them down into a healthy mixture of activities that keeps me friendly, insane and kind, and in and generous will those very due to agree to keep moving sketch gotta keep moving can keep my Caveman braid, engage congratulation on everything. Let's Would you may still have it? You fuck
madman you, like than this guy ever to live in Vegas, but vases. I gotTa Campbell, I'm fucking crazy. I ferrari bigger yacht. Now I just I live my kids in Vegas, I like living in Vegas, but I don't really only drive Vegas thing, the way other people for that's a big misconception right alot of people believe that they leave you live in Vegas like you, ve gotta, be like Alan Nutty, gambler crazy, parading right on the clubs of white, figures at home is a fundamental way new class. It full of rhinestones seven. I do have that, but I don't wear them all the time. You don't smell, be awesome. If you switched it at that,
This weekend, I promise I'll be wearing rhinestones capes instead want to see from your honesty, abalone shell glasses, like the outside. It is like a real glistening destined classes and then just plumes lots of fun they're gone stated to the same act. Semi watch with ports with sprinkles don't go. Is that abalone he's weird? baloney shades of he'll. Take your pictures, ability, glistened reflection for the offer. The three aims I just feel you gets, which it up maybe one day right now, I like doing it the way I do it, but it'll be my ass. On the whole, I love what you're doing because you you're a guy that has been stated performing on a wrecking you ve built this massive following where you do these big giant places deleted red raw, in Colorado. That's
fucking huge, there's a giant place. I was coming old and honoured to be able to perform their it's beautiful venue. Obviously, as a view form there or Siena showed that fire? No, I'm actually entire brought on Friday and booking Red Rock for a year and a half out in the future. That's me next GIG guy in Colorado can be read rock. Will it's amazing. I've heard its awesome, yeah I need years ago when I was programme, come on. Look it up. Look the beauty in their place. May your surrounded by these natural rock formations goddamn, I fucking, love Colorado, I love In the end, the stand on that stage and look up at the oh. That's me a while ago that you son you name on the wall. Yeah, do whenever cited big, see how small it is your sweetie! That's why and I big fuckin, oh my god, so that that was when I was it. That's when I was there
Oh, you don't have a science eating you just kind of jam and honour. I think it's a sign sitting so because it links are giant bench seeding Lisbon sitting, but, like the Martin numbered off, I think I fuck that's awesome. And you did it kind of in the daytime, no it's done it started in the daytime, I think good. I think that was Joe bolster opening for who did this video was people who did my web page, but though very rather Jamie. We need to do something like this So by the time I hit the stage you can see was it was dark fire. Man, is amazing, holy shit, dude what is it? What is the sound? We have a dark because there were only four hundred people and the entire venue familiarly decisively. Madness. Has nine thousand people that's crazy, it's so beautiful to man, it's pretty cool, there's something about that was end.
You could run stairs, get gonna work up for you before you actually perform I've. Some friends who live in car out of Iraq has to run the stairs that that, where I was yeah. We got there early in the day and I walked like halfway up just to see what it was like. An plus it's a high altitude to pay out of breath just what walking up once halfway Oh there's, no way, I'm running those there did you ever do aspen aspirin count Festival back many years ago. These to give you oxygen backstage yet I've I've done, shows at high altitude areas where they will point out where the oxygen tanks are backstage and see. If you needed a racket, pretty disconcerting weird ago. Why would I need that and they go and then they'll mention artists to needed at Dino had to come off stage and Tiggle hit offer whatever I've never to do it, but I have gotten lightheaded like Guenaud Bracken,
I think I remember being late light headed ansal yeah I mean it's. I think aspen I want to say is like a thousand feet above Denver. I think aspens pretty up there cover crazy place to do comedy, festival, re rain and also when I used to perform at that many works in Denver? I didn't realize that alcohol would affect you, More intensely at a high altered it is well and I used to drink a couple of beer, before a show. Three issues at night. You know, and that their show you might have for five years in you. I don't do that anymore, but balanced. Had gone slurred, my punchline. Suddenly. I would then like to do that and what kind of being control it's not a good feeling yeah. What's nice, though right before you lose control, you gotta get like right in the door yeah. I got it right to the doors a fun place. I don't know line right on the edge
sorry, you know we need like, like a strip figure, I collect gang closer. You know why you like to shew poor, we poor last time it is similar to that when you're? Do you have a couple of beers like for something and I think I'm one of these- if I'm completely sober, I'm not as good a pool shooter, because I'm too tents right where, if you have it beer or two in you. You loosen up a little bit. Were you play better, but then you crossing You got more words just you're, not good at all. Yet that line you're talkin about. I don't play good under alcohol a good on marijuana like marijuana. Pool to me goes great, but alcohol just doesn't really doesn't to go that good, I don't like. I can't even imagine shooting pool stuff The thing is about marijuana urges you paranoid. You get different, you're paranoid
Therefore, ball is San Sutton. What's the deal with that wire, wired, the ways the two and seven together like that. I would start thinkin weird, doesn't assets? Yes, a message in this tat lily! There's this absolute! a month off. We did this me and Irish of FEAR and Bert Crusher and Tom cigarette. We did the sober October thing which Then I do every year and we took a month off of everything except coffee. And we also did fifteen ninety minute beak Romeo classes for the month, like your old fifteen, so was. I was an interesting all exercise in discipline. Cuz, you had to do the yoga classes. You had to get him in, but it was also interesting for a guy who's been smoking pot pretty regularly for two thousand and twenty and from to go to nothing. Zero is very strange and very educational, I think very valuable to guess, gives it gave me a real good perspective on
The benefits of marijuana- and maybe perhaps some of the comments to re so this, last October, the area completely sober, no alcohol is won't know no our gone just some coffee, just coffee. That was the only and even cause He's kind of cheating. I think next similar do with no coffee. Think next time a cause, Whenever I see those, guys and it smoking, cigarettes and just pounding cough. Nobody came here so that any chance, Gatt undergo and I've I've been I've been off the problems for Euro yeah. I think, you need a vice. You can't you can't maybe there are people who have gone through this world without having a vice, but I think you have to have something so you can go to to go. I know this is wrong but as long as you're not hurting somebody,
You mean, I don't know if it's necessarily wrong, but I agree with you. I know what you're saying I love that term. Vice it's a very interesting term, a garment. You see like the old cop movies, they would talk about like the vice unit. Device squat all delicate, and then they go. What's your vice, my shit I gotta via echo device you made, is like there that it should be a booklet of like all these voices that are available to people. You know what is the exact terms of vice, like Google, the definition of vice like Do they completely forget him he's a boy perturbing shadowed. China can adapt. The definition of vice immorality wrong doing wickedness: wickedness: evil: vice immorality wrong, doing wickedness whip Agnes evil. Iniquity, that's weird word: what does not work?
villainy corruption, misconduct, misdeeds, more there's more, click on more was more, is more out of Criminal activities involving prostitution and pornography or drugs now I'm on record saying that everyone should have you need or pornography and drugs and wickedness and badness in your life, you need more immoral or wicked personal characteristics its. I think those words are too strong that that that, when I think of vice, I think of you know cigarettes, yeah, I'm gonna shoot to kill a wilderness of character or behaviour. A bad habit. Cigars happens to be my father's vice, but you put cigars right and drugs and criminal activities together. I carry but criminal activities and drugs are an end cigars. How those
cigars doesn't fit in there that some well that's a problem. Rightly the problem of the term drugs drugs could be. A cup of coffee or drugs could be crystal meth they're. Both drugs rain You know your guy smoking, a cigar, gone tat. Guy is wicked, he's away it creates a wicked evil. That Jesus pornography, but we that term vice, is a strange term because we think of it as a like a weakness, and we were very embarrassed of our weaknesses in our and get out ahead of them and then explain. Well, you know coffee's my advice, I gotta get your given into letting us now? Are you have this? There's your weakness, rain, but coffee is a pretty yes, the more mile was the most innocuous. Yes that one can come to mean it is probably pretty good for you. I keep reading so hard to tell conceal, agreed one study. The
says. A cup of coffee a week can t or a day can keep you from heart attacks and another one says takes ten years after life and sick. Hard to figure out what I say the same line thing I like to have a cocktail that would be my vice and it is the wrong word. Look up how many like the idea of one before you go on stage. I liked of one shot before glanced. I do a shot of chilled peach should not soon grew very specific. Before I go stage, but it s not. It has nothing to do with the alcohol. I like the ceremonial aspect so that people are working with. We all do a shot of chilled peach. Schnapps are that's nice, for it for the ceremony aspect of it. That's before the show, after the show I have something maybe a little stronger than a chef children ass, not to relax and on Actually I don't? I don't drink that often, but I like it.
Have my occasional night out with the guys year, where you go where you can kind of ballistic. It's fun and I do it safe you're gonna Meda driving. You know: Gulf weekends, with the brothers and friends Rollin, a house we're going lit up, we're not hurt anybody here I had I'm with you. Yeah. I don't designing wrong with it. I mean what whose it was Oscar Wilde said all things: moderation, including moderation, loved to great term great great, great, close quote rather yeah, I think come. I think these benefits to alcohol there's benefits enjoy like you pay for it in recovery, but there's benefits in like bonding friendship. I saw the most fun times. I've had with my friends has been us, hammered I remember being in college at a party and everybody being in a living room, cramp,
like it was shoulder to shoulder. Everyone had beers in their hands and everyone was screaming at the top, of their lungs, like everybody like it became like an animal logistic, tribal Everybody was just like sixty people, Jim together screaming, and I remember thinking it is this: just the old men and bliss, it's just a re like an express, an expression of joy. You don't mean it would really. It was too Philly. It was so unbelievably goofy and silly what it's also there's the innovation inducing quality of alcohol, as is very poor, and for those moments right cabbages. It frees you for many concern about how you look or how you sounder, whether not you should be having this way he just right, but I wish I was I could do that without the alcohol
way out, but you can't do that you get what can I say. I need forty nine people to come over to my place, other job we're going to have some tea and then we're gonna get shoulder shouldered, scrupulous lungs, no What do they know? You know that alcohol going to gives you the freedom and the duty to be goofy. Yet it makes you feel like doing, where's, you, you wouldn't feel like doing now, if you're, so we like what the fuck is the benefit screaming, but but maybe you Do you feel like it down deep who remain I once maybe there's something down deep and then the alcohol brings good. Why would you do it when you're drunk or something that you want? for some reason why you're doing it tell you one thing that I did find when I was sober for a month is that I would go out with people who are drinking and they
could be a nor its real hard when you're sober and a bunch of people around Europe. Just talk and stupid tranche better on that vibe right you're, not even close, you know new. Never you, ok, look at the time we get the fuck out of here. We gotta get out kind. It's funny! That's like everybody has to be on the same page. Yes, yes, that everybody has to be at the same, the same level of goofing, yellow, give you dating someone that doesn't drank in euro drinker that fact to be a real issue. Start in Hamburg, nay, what you're annoying like now, you're fucking, Albert I'm not nah, not annoying, I'm drop. This is what happened. You know, even you know, even feel
This moment, like I feel this moment, drunk man, I've been there before good strong here. The problem is the physical report patients are fuckin massive yeah. Well, those are now in my calendar, You got a minute bitten. Aunt Julia, like I know when my crazy night is going to be, and I know that I have nothing to do the next day. Do you have like pdf set aside and I do not know if that is not to know he's like an electric. I drink or something. I don't do that. No, maybe I drip I gotta. And set up the ivy before I go to sleep agar. No, no, just sleep just go to sleep and how we ban cakes sleep for three days. That's other think Tuesday, food choices that they get a double
whammy from alcohol. You get the impact of the alcohol and then you get the impact of the food choices. They want to come two waffle house, waffle, ounces, for I am talking for. I am Waffle House talk to me, when the all American, with the m I get so much food that it can't literally fit on the table. There is little waffle house tables, yeah I'll, get eggs, hash, Browns, sausage, the waffles, maybe biscuits and gravy. I don't give a fuck with the That's why we ve ten. This is real food. Gimme them waffles extra butter. I just I don't even start eaten until have open like six or seven of those little packet powder lather. That's all over those waffles. None drown, em But when you get like four guys at a waffle house table it's really it's a math.
Medical problem, the amount of food that four guys are getting truly literally will not fit on the table that providing for you. I've had some fuckin amazing conversations with friends after shows at the wharf louse sure, but always looking for fights like yours, can keep look out. Anybody could come in any time and start tickets, was ass. You have you learned what kinda run out the door, the what like something about waffle houses after what I am or the possibility of fights goes through. The rue de Graf just goes is: have you looking at me like you provides leg at any moment, one could break out, so you have like sizzler stay cows at six p m to waffle house before I M in the graph just goes through. Is that fights of water
areas like web page dedicated to offer hope lies already videos seed. So many leaders guys get scars seriously that guy right negotiators, Jesus Christ beat up otherwise my good yeah waffle. Houses to something about that place. It's twenty four hours a day in the Does alcohol right? The amount of people are coming in and drunk through the roof, like if at some Waterhouse House Meeting somebody propose what we should close at one one? I am, I think, her or corporate, going to cut out ninety five percent of our profits, because when it comes after one year, though The terrible move Does it one? I am and see what happens public Tiger Woods, Chopin's, fuckin, arms off stupid ideas, so dumb so just dumb idea, you day must embrace the drunks hang over remedies. You know what else is really.
Really late at night. If you could find a lead jet mexican joint like a legit one where they barely speak, English, and now I was a place in Dallas and there was a late night place, chinese restroom, where they would serve alcohol after alcohol, which must be closed and hold t yeah. This is the cool place to go, and you go there and everybody's on the download and they serve alcohol, but Liken tee. Pierre, the called Cold T write something like that. And the place was packed and everybody had booze and I'm like this is really a secret to the to the police like the police. Don't, though, It's is packed at three o clock in the morning. Then we're all here to drink tea. You don't owe, and apparently somebody said the cops are coming.
Like arrayed was happening. I guess maybe they sound pulling into the parking lot and and old asian guy ran around all the tables. Throwing fish on everybody's table say anything food saying I want to do an asian acting a little sound racists, but he was in tell tell them We are aiming to the fish telling everybody. Tell him you're in the fish time leading if we ve got this big Jane fish are played like that, would for the cup like everybody has the same giant giant fish on their plate and a cup of tea, How to add a craving for this clock in the morning. All of us all very well do to me. May I add that many fish cooked ready to go out there I think he was just scrambling to two treading cover. What was going on channel
Boston always had that we would do shows at like nets calmly stop and it would go to Chinatown, which is like right down the street and they they serve cold. T you drink beer late at night. I think, in a place where they have been quite a few of those comedians would go hey we get a place where no two year yeah, I wish I could member the name it places, but good chinese food, like real, serious legit chinese food and annual you'd, also get beer late at night. They must have had some sort of a deal with the cops because I knew about it when I was like eighteen. So if I knew I ran. Imagine that escaped the police. In the end, the entire police force was oblivious Joe Rogan knows about this. The entire workers, is oblivious to the fact that this happening in their town highly unlikely. It is where, though, that there's rules like ok, that's why things are
about Vegas is aunt. Vegas allows you to drink whenever you want your grown adult. If you want to have a beer at five o clock in the morning, it's totally illegal. If you want a beer at seven o clock in the morning, that's legal to decide for yourself there's like magical our where alcohol becomes ok, I agree with that, but I also understand the not wanting everybody to get on. The road behind the wheel in our like aspect yeah, but does that Does it really save anybody, because at the end of the day like if you're drunk at midnight, your drug at midnight and I get home your way. Till two in the morning and then drive as at the idea we are striving to be drunk. You know if you're out their driving in you're, drunk you're driving drunk period, there's no real work around for that and if it has, ends at eleven p M or of an happens at five, a m. It's really the same situation unless you factor when you're gonna be more drunk even later,
yeah, I guess so, but I mean how what percentage of people that leave clubs or driving drunk it's gotta, be in high seventies. And they just drive like today, is like lift and uber the people using these, ride. Chair yachting sets down his gigantic but imagine that's, probably saved a lot of people accidents. I would be that's good to know yes and you ve had to listen to a lot of like really stupid stories from drivers MIKE had weird conversations with these people. They I have not been a lot of Uber's, but they tend to like to talk their rating I'll? Do they because that what they survive on is. Do you gonna write them, so they they want to float the subject that you're gonna be writing them when they get out and they I've heard a disproportionate amount of goober drivers say, and I usually
good ratings. I had this one person who I thought I had done a good job We have had rating, so I think they're they're, they're pumping you. Get out and give him a whatever the highest number of? hours. You should get ahead of that when you get the cargo, hey man, here's a deal I'll, give you five stars. Don't get me they're hereat, I five, let's go any crazy music right you're, starting at five stars. You still already there just leave me alone. Just me alone, just leave alone limit being surmount head. You talk about ratings. That Knox STAR off here. The problem in when there's a force conversation always and if you're paying for that force, conversationally. Ok, it's one thing like you won't be cordial: you wanna be friendly. Lucky I in nice meet you are, I call, but then, if they start interviewing you car service people,
from years of doing this, that there's two kinds there: the kinds of drivers who they don't talk, talk anybody they'll, they'd, that's why they like this kind of job. They don't have to anybody and then you have the type of driver who likes a captive audience and they will not stop talk. You know the real problems, Ben. If me and my friends, I say we go to car service in the road and we're having like a serious conversation and then the interrupt and start chiming in my day, Well, I think the problem is women, don't understand what men really want, but this guy right when I don't and It's like really political he waited or something like that. You're going you you're driving me three miles. I want to get into a political scientific. Then I got an I got in a cab in LAS Vegas, and I was going to the LAS Vegas Hilton and I get in
back and I said, LAS Vegas Hilton, I was already on the strip any. I'm not making because that's not too far. That won't be too much of a problem for my anus and Ass to use already ass, an trend think of another word used. You didn't say ass, Israel, where, between ass, an anus taint rectum. My wrecked, I think he said it was something like rectum. You know, forcing me into the following question: o woods with you with the erect Now you gotta any said that he had an operation. He had recently had an operation and long drives our challenge, in form, but my drive over to the LAS Vegas Hilton isn't too long for there won't be too uncomfortable, and I quite odd that had known this man for five seconds, and we were talking about that part of his body yeah. You gotta, go
how's that debts as someone. Don't you gotta go ok, good, oh god, you're gonna, managed very familiar drive. You don't have to worry about my rent from fallen out. Ok, cool see your bed At these things than I am, I deal with a lot more done. People than you do, I think, while from doing fear factor for six years, I got a phd in questionable humans. Most people, more wonderful people, but every show how to deal with one person like what Duff fleas Christ so happened. Did you do you did that for a while and then they brought it back. They brought it back. Force, seven episodes but only say
aired, because a seventh one when we have people drink, come ah now killed the show. Second time has actually happy. I killed the second time because it was mistake, shit I should have done it, but it was a bunch old friends like the people. Tat were producing. It were good friends and the opportunity to work with them and was a shitload of money. It was like I scare talked into it has come to be fun. You told us that you meant the particular so it will now had not a particular website. Can fucking believe it when they said that's what were they were supposed to do? I went with why human or from Mule Neil come where that's not so bad. We actually discussed yesterday, oddly enough, with Eliza passengers to cover v. I can't believe, come on up to date and arrive at that happen, sometimes like subjects come and waves, and even if I bring them up for whatever reason they come in waves,
I didn't mean to force you into bringing up that subject, while the other problem with the second season of fear factor- and I can say this now because it didn't happens- I was word we're gonna kill somebody I was really worried it seemed to dangerous like they there were ramping. The stance and they're making things like way more spectacular and ear you just can bigger chances and that there is a lot of downtime between dancers, lotta preparation. There is a lot of like checks and balances, and they they really what make sure that everything was tested in double tested, and they really. Opted out well, but it was still. There are some hair raising things you fuckin people. How to do. Maybe fear was too far or maybe it should have been, like mildly uncomfortable factor. Will you people, like an mildly, uncomfortable situations like hey. What you to govern talk that woman. She seemed kind of attractive, there remain, and so it's kind of a mild me uncomfortable and they
no one's gonna die? No one's going to remind she tells you there. There is they're doing a new one With ludicrous, it's kind of that way is a new fear factor, and ludicrous. The wrapper your host, unlike some of the fears like forgetting your cell phone somewhere, like fur right, isn't it some stupid like that and they don't have to eat anything gross. Which was there's really dumped and keep out, because I was one most popular parts of the original series. There was gigantic like the eating gross shit, part and Hugh I have to be honest with you that was the I couldn't watch. Then there was the heart, part for? I don t. I hear you, you know, It is hard for me to watch somebody do something because I wooden eat or drink it and I dont want. I want somebody else do. But now, I'm with you wouldn't want? Well, that's not true. I watch somebody sent me a clip of Steve O with a guy
ass mask on and I tweeted it some guy farting into to ban. It goes right in this Devos face and he threw up into the mask and I live so hard that I retweeted it, and having extended to me, is actually quite rude of him, but it was there. Response to Eliza saw less injures. Appearance, yes, should have cast a lucky. This look, there's guys get a far into this too, and that Two goes right into Steve. O's face this. He farts instead what happened, what I like most drew up right there, holster up. I'd like to bring like revive from the dead, like EDGAR, Allan, POE or Mark TWAIN, and put him in a time machine and bring em to now and go the other stuff. You did
critical chip account. What we're doing has shown that video, while they were video back then, if at all how had a cell phone camera and he might have given up on voluntary, like others ravens note buying a blackbird palms. Does anyone have like a gas mask fat guy hearted? Let's waste of time, I mean, I wonder what I mean. That's that's a real question, rightly what what would people have done like some of the great works. The people that created Amazing music, where they composed incredible music or they wrote great books or pole, there wasn't a lot of outlets. For your creativity back then mean it wasn't even stand of comedy. There was no music videos. There is nothing that you could do. You know that we take for granted today so commonplace in purely stop and think about.
But I mean it's gone too. I mean that's. The extreme but that's like NATO. Seals are fucking, maniac mean why I like that all different kinds of things get explored. I truly do I like that. You know somebody wants to do that, but people can be entertained by that, but it's definitely. That sort of the end of the line. Isn't it? Yes, it's! I don't really know what what's what what What could be more outrageous? Stephen will find it if its out their further I was with him in Vegas couple weeks ago. He came to the UFC and we we went to dinner and we were talking and we're all this and he's telling me all these things with planning panel doing dinner, my like myself on fire and then a job in a traffic, and then I'm gonna put barbed wire, I'm a jerk and unlike what were you doing all this man and then a guy's gonna, hit me with a panel, wipe the signal written in a notebook. What he says, he's always gotta take it to another place there. He recently,
Council shows in Denver, because you let himself on fire and the burns were so bad tat when he went to the doktor and I just wanted to get treated as I come in pain, they were like well well. Well, did you need fuckin skin graphs like a meal? ITALY, and so he gotta get skin graphs like all over his arms. Like like look at that, that's his skin popping although the blisters and that's all you know massive burns heap, himself on fire and then did like Fire I angels, like rolled around yeah on the ground and so he had to cancel his gigs. I think use at the comedy words in Denver. Look at that. You could see through his Can we get all the liquid in his skin when he moves work? Do that again pulled out again, that's amazing! Out of its Cumbria
that's crazy, like how you could see the other pass, roll back and forth, and that's quite fascinating for whatever reason why my interested in three that doesn't interest you, what you're in a sensible the brain region. Wouldn't you sell some tickets and might mean yeah. That's his thing I'm, going to be in San Diego and in between shows I'm going to be light myself on fire and having like a body fluids in in sacks of pus hanging from my arms than he had ever behind the just write about it. When you don't get it, do you for one fan out like a personal experience like no else needs to know, I'm gonna, let myself on fire and then I'm gonna get burned similar. Do like this law passed dance just for one persons, very intimate personal limit. Let me think I'm gonna mullet over and when a know that when over, what do you do for fun? Man besides play golf deafening weird interests,
I like watching police chases anew to dig it. Why? what bothers me is when they put the end in the explanation area. I hate that I want it It's a blue drama, don't how it's going to end, don't put in a police chase ends in shooting police chase ends and crash just put police chase. Let me find out. Do you mean for a few years back? There was. There was a thing- did on television where there was some sort of a situation where there was a guy who was, he was over a bridge and he had a gun. His mouth and it was on television de member that and then shot himself on easy. They had apologise because they showed this guy getting shot on tee. And it was like this really shocking moment for people, and I was thinking that that's not even shocking anymore. Like the exact same thing, today I will now there pull back
what what went when a guy gets out of a car and if its unclear, whether you know he's giving up the the the cameras from the news media will pull back to bed. Then people from seeing something graphic you pull back pullback, no back, because I don't know if a shooting is about to take place I don't like that part of it. I don't like to see a hard core. Let's just like the drama of you know I'm always intrigue with people are king, Arthur thinking, they're gonna get away, you know and it's like there's seventy five. It's Jason you there's helicopters overhead. Do you think you're doing they get away, Its fascinates me Zambian ever not knowing what does us some people. Though I'm in a high speed, Chase Bro, suspect broadcasts on Facebook live anywhere. Now this is a new thing. Where win are being chased day. They video
themselves. Does driving China's one two and a half hours long, as we have seen this little fields and whatnot hussy grandma. I love you says: how does he have enough gas? He stopped a few times and allow us to move the cops try to get em. Oh that's interesting! He stopped and he's hang out of the truck but look at that watch escape that the end he was he was going up. There was about of minute of him driving in reverse prior to that. What happened to tourism them and I ended up in that little ponder whatever any smoking weed. I love these people, the guy matter over their plastic faces life peaty, that's been on Friday and Saturday. I know it's because via like viral, is that if we were to use but its trending on Twitter every night, because their technically live with police like this in five or six seven different cities for by Think Friday and Saturday night,
They just follow what's happening if someone's gonna pull over for speeding or drugs or whatever it is now just kind of followed the whole like cops used to be, but its literally live His questions like that in currently this is we're living in a time. Workpeople absolutely want attention at any cost, and does this go back to that because I love those fuckin people. Those people pause for a second, these fuckin people, these broadcast people does it make it blows it out and does not those people to broadcast newspaper so odd. Today, is there there like a relic of a forgotten time, and I were we're talking like this- was acceptable, yes and seems like their dying. There is nothing left of that that won't they want exist in twenty years. It's not! It's not going to be, right on the news because it at as already like, evolved away from that with a lot of radio. You know that we have the stereotypical wrote about good and then more and more radio hosts we're going with. This is happy we needed to be arson,
jobs will Howard Stern, it hasn't done it yet. Yes exactly, but it hasn't. But yet with NEWS Castro they still have the vote, but to murder. Howard stern, single handedly killed the morning jock voice single handedly. Does it mean You seem so preposterous when you would listen to him, be himself right and then you would listen. Hey we're come up next with some crazy. Why? In regions and towns, what a funny got it right back we'll! Do it s out of action, or do you think, these shows, though, like this show that you are talking about Jamie. Don't you think, did they kind of encourage this kind of gave Europe, and if there is ever an argument that that is very counterproductive for our society. That's that's almost like you're Asking people to submit content for this wacky chase show did You say that, like it comes on a specific time, so how can it actually pay? They know people they now that chases are going to take place at a speed
the time on a specific day because of you made it live if you made it alive, show where, like its chase Friday, who's gonna run, whose guide somebody's gonna do it on purpose and by the way now they are. Walking selling cars that are so much faster than any cop car corvette. Just least a newsy are one that has seven hundred and fifty plus horse power. They think it's going to do who, under seven minute lap of the nervous ring in Germany me. This is a looking insane car that there's not a goddamn Cobb car in the world is gonna, be able catch that thing you gonna be. It will go into Corvette dealership violent things and you you be so much more powerful than any cop car on the road, but it still gonna run a helicopter right. Exactly does everything so but weird right the by one of those and they keep here's the thing like you, you know
What more law is when it comes to computer processing power. I do not It's a law of escalation, essentially that new no every year computers are going to get exponentially more powerful and keep it's kind of like bottlenecks because is really no need for them to get any more Michael expressly. So used have gotten more powerful, but not not that much more powerful, but it's gonna keep going. It's gonna be going it's gonna keep going to guarantee better and better due to force consumers right to force people to purchase these things with cars. The problem is you're talking about acceleration, acceleration is one of the things that people prize the mouse like zero to sixty three cars? It now that you can buy right off lot, they go zero to sixty in two seconds I get no joy out of that in a car that that doesn't then does. Throw me condominium to begin a car how quickly I could be going fast,
lots of I don't mind it being gradual. I don't mind if it took me ten minutes to kit, to sixty miles an hour as long as I could eventually it please you say that, but you want to build emerge under the highway true, I wanna be a functioning amount automobile, but I don't get a rush out of oh by the way I did do the NASCAR thing where you drive the the cars have ever done it down? I did it where at first. I was a passenger, somebody else drove it, and then I drove one that was a rush. So maybe I do like the zero to sixty thank YE ages haven't done it. That was on the track in LAS Vegas at their loves Vegas Motor Speed, where whatever Scott most people, who think they don't like fast cars had never really driven a fast car. I tell you what it was pretty intense. I was either averaging hundred and thirty five or top speed, a hundred thirty five. I forget they monitor it. You'd do like ten lapse or something like that Do those, though, stick shifts or is it a patent? It's a stick shift and
driven a stick in a while. You know it was embarrassing because you you do this, to get out of the the pits bright. But then, once you get on the track, urine, whatever the the the most is your it's that the whole time until you go back into the pit really. So it's just stay to get in and out of the pits simony gears. I forget if I forget three four and they you take class a class before and they took show you how to do it, but when coming out to start like all darling and a guy had to run up next to me and like come in and do the sticks, euphoria basing behind the wheel of a nets cock the guy running, alongside getting it in the proper gear. For me was last time you drove stick, years ago. I allow you know. I had a dots in five ten years ago in Could I never got used to it? No, no! I never you know, people say will you driver will only get used to it. I never did I used to hate that an
of being on a hill you'd. I really am. I drive a car to close behind you and your leg and until you get a switch it into the gear and then you go back like a foot and a half and then you're just HOLLAND Forward need a break. It is needed a handle e break and the hold onto the break in any slowly gently. Let it go it gear and, unlike other you break, I didn't know that technique There is a problem with a modern cars that are sticks if they have buttons for e breaks, and you dont want that. I was in my my my brother was driving me one time I I I was fifteen He was making a turn on a dangerous section and the break in the middle. Yet Eric That's why I didn't know what it was. So I did. I did it while was making the turn I. So. What is this do when I pressed the button and hurled it up,
and that's the only time, my brother ever punched. If you wait, sideways we're coming. They had to slam on their break, cease like why how which had it was ass. You don't and of Poland. Up in the middle. You know that's why. Comedian. Impulsive Barton poor german foreign There's people that engineer those into certain cars I give ye can block is, can block is over? famous driver and He has this Mustang called a hoon again. Is it crazy. Now, Tina Sixty eight. I believe me staying than has four wheel drive and some fucking insane amount a horse power and theirs incredible videos of him driving these things around and one of the things that he does is only
to go sideways, he's shifting gears any slams, the e break as he's driving a cake Give us some volume on this, so that big thing he's got to things next to one of them is a shifter and then the other one is in a bright and so as these driving? I don't. I don't know enough about is his methods? I would love to talk to him one day. Sixty five Mustang, it's a fucking his car man, I mean it's like straight road warrior and, as is the pikes peak, one yeah, I mean this guy's a fucking mad man. I mean a real and a master of the automobile and watch him as he's driving, is God damn mesmerizing, because he is on the edge, the entire time of this video see that right, the one on the right hand, side that's any break, so he isn't he shifting and then he's gonna poppy. Break and then he's going to shift Ford and but watches mother Fucker go
here if I was sitting next, to whom I would hit the brake right now. What does this? Do While his shifter is a different kind of shifter, its wits, This sequential manual gearbox, which means you don't have an h pattern. Will you go down into the right into the and down to the right. Instead, you're going up for up gear and down, down gear, so it is putting forward looking shit exactly on the edge all the time, so it keeps hidden the Ebro Egg and they go and sideways, and the fucking mad ran he's a mad man. Look at this, but Control has this car is just insane it isn't it is like an artist with his vehicle. He really is made ifs, especially if you're a person like myself, whose, on autumn bill enthusiast and you get to watch this guy who's just on the razors edge of of control. I mean look how he's going around his cliffs theirs
everywhere, fuckin trees and shit guard rails he's sideways. I mean this is news. Not long. Look is a trembling, it's fucked, credit, but the manipulation, the two things of the e outbreak. Where locks up back wheels and then look at that goes to go in and between these cones. Are these these stacks of whatever the fuck there, where we going leg of every. You know ass, some woman out to dinner and said I know a cosy little restaurant at the top of this hill tribes driver like that to the top you get Jimmy, dont honey, you get a girl wants to fuck you a media and then you get it wants to have you killed if we never talk to again cheek. We'd go and write a blog where a piece of shit you are So when I bring a woman to a restaurant at the tab, I go off. You know, but this cargoes from sixty in about ten minutes,
gonna die she's going motherfucker can't he can accelerate driving around citizens. This is downtown, alas, is London he's doing downtown allay to regos. He goes, do those under bridges and shit. So they closed off reach for him to do. This is a madman and DEC car is fuckin beautiful. It's a crazy card to get it because he widen the stance. A lot of people hate it because he took essentially, which is an amazing classic car from nineteen. Sixty five and eight butchered it change, did the role caging stiffened it up and did all its different shit to. I would try it just so they would completely empty all the streets of a major city. For me, too, to get where I'm going, what kind you drive? It's got a new car. I just yesterday to know what it is I think it is written on they write it on the same success, its eighteen escalate although a great a rented
I've rentals autumn, but a rented one recently too great a love of things. I just I just got that they're, so comfortable yeah, God Damn car. The guy was shown me all the other stuff, and I felt I go and just stop stop. I dont litter. Lee back massage in like I just need the gas the break in the radio you announce does to another kind of three about to change lanes and you fuck of a summons, to close, will give you. I could give you like of vibration, and let you know that like to something on that side. He said that if you don't Have your blenkiron haven't tried this shit? If you don't have to blinker on and you start to cross the line, it will automatically put you back, whereas if you have blinker on then the car knows, I don't know He was just be a singer. What, but that's really help to make a quick maneuver. That's what I said I would have hoped would have our trying to to get over.
You know the Cartagena take over that. I think that's quite strange year, I am torn because on one hand I love gadgets, and I love technology and fastened. By that, but another hand like the connection you have to the actual mechanical feeling of the automobile is, is very muted. Also have you heard about. You know the technology he's getting closer to closer to self driving cars and now, there's the moral component and thereby like if you not in charge of the car and the car is but to have an accident, a human being. Has the decision to make a moral choice if there's a way and with a baby stroller on the right and theirs. Click on the left and you have your family in the back. Making a left or right, the human can make it conscious decision, a computer car can make a decision and there actually are trying to figure out how to have them. Cars make more. Decisions and keep
with your own moral decisions, you can you can you can gauge it and go I'm more from my family or I'm more for a more altruistic, etc, etc. So, unlike what would a car do like a bit like others of us there's an older guy over here and there's a young woman, the child over here and you have to hit one is. How does a computer make that decision yeah? It doesn't, or the decision to yeah the cliff things a good one like does it right into the child and the woman, or does it go off a cliff and kill everyone in the car exactly or if you buy it, would be different if you're by yourself or if you have your family, like I will say my family, but maybe I would go myself if it were a baby. You know like human can make that decision in a split second, but a computer? What's its supposed to do while one thing it's gotten much better. That, I think is amazing, is breaking your car, can break so much faster. Now they they have
amazing breaks now in cars and though, as as technology, gets better and better. In that regard, you gonna be able to prevent a lot of collisions. The other thing is that with car car collisions. There's some talk about developing technology, That literally, has cars repel from each other sort of like our magnets do and that if they could figure out a way to make that efficient and effective enough, they can virtually eliminate car accidents with those two things with automated vehicles and then with the there come technology that would force cars to repel from each other, a bunch of repelling magnets yeah. I mean just what repealing magnets on every car so they're just the camp. They kick in guinea, closer than five feet from each other than the real questions like. What have you got to do with pacemaker needed, fucking eyes
right turn this guy. Just drops of cars are safe, but this is given a maxim auditing. That's the thing with pacemakers right magnets thanks I think magnesium road fucker pacemakers, do you see, Christian bail is gonna, play Dick Cheney, speaking pacemakers, Dick Cheney, one point time, literally the anti Christ he had no pulse. He had some kind crazy heart valve thing where he had some artificial heart in his body. That literally was pumping the blood constantly with no heart beat, so he had no heartbeat. That's strange terrifying. When you the one leave a fuck that guy Christian Bale looks almost unrecognizable after putting on weight and shaving head for Dick Cheney role. You know he looks like he looks like the guy who designed iphones. You know that
the Christian, the man who talks like this? The amazing overlaid screaming yeah my wrong? Did you studio Mamma said that is their making big announcement this week, but what so my truck have an automated trust boy. You're minor boy had clear out of your skull interesting into an alternate dimension. Just need to find my portal gun he's weird care. He's got a lot of shit. Gonna talk about guys do a lot of things. You must carry forward thinking. What a goddamn irons in the fire is trying to do a man mission to Mars. Is there any wants do? Would you go fuck that now here's the thing space space is infinite spaces in we are literally in the best neighborhood in space. That's the way I look at it. I, when I'm looking out like getting this getting the Mars is just like your you're going to a shitty neighborhood. They can't returned from
but you can return from William against the plan and go there and come back there. Then I bring and people there to die there as they are. The brain their to colonise, though their initial p will they go to Mars until they figure out how to some way on Mars. To return to earth the people they go to Mars. The first time are discussed, I did not know that I thought this was get there get on his craft and I do not believe so. As of two years ago, when I had a bit about it, it was all about them going They are dying. You're gonna die, unmarked, arrogant, dire Mars with a bunch of people that are so fuck stupid, are willing to die on Mars with you, you're still in space, say this a thing. We are in space right now that we are just in an amazing vehicle for space travel where on earth.
Here in southern such sunny, southern California, where the weather's beautiful and you get a nice Starbucks here or sitting here in this beautiful air conditioned studio but we're in space. Ok, what is in the best spot in space to go to Mars? Is this fuckin dumb sites It's a damn idea. No, no! Where were we are explorers and we will always want to know. What's on the other side of the mountain, you know, I think it's like, I think, there's no stopping us. I think it's like one of those guys that creates the very first wing suit and jumps off a cliff and embrace both of his legs verses, you taking a flight to New Zealand tat. If a nice flight had you could have a lovely dinner catch, a nap land perfectly flight attendants are our great you're, a fucking export guys and ass all broken leg rate that guy
I did that there's a guy that did the wing suit off of Mount Everest speaking, you tube clips II be passed away, jumping off some other mountain. That's a wonderful way to put it, then he passed away ass to where he died. He down venture athlete dies. Attempting twenty thousand foot wings, you jump. You know what's uncomfortable This to me is one of my very good friends is Andy, Stump and Andean. They world record holder in the wings to jump he's a fucking. A bona fide Maniac Navy seal complete, total psychopath who lives. Four thrills doing it to save and Andy. Is that he's gotten into bow hunting he's now bow hunting concept and that is his new, throw ride. He should issue put on a wing suit, jump off him with the bow, and I need to be strangers. You'd know you'd better go over and fire fire at Elk.
Your measures zip and down it's totally unethical sir turnout is a terrible advice. This Andy world record for the longest ever wing wing suit jump. Him flying over the american Flag- and this is on twitter- he's a maniac like a legit but just people who claimed by the Imo Maniac man this guy's a fuckin jet maniac, so that Obviously I have a plane can get that. I know you and he gets in a plane, would like an oxygen mask and shit It's so high that he's he's in the place where there's no air lock you black out. If you just try to breathe the air, what's the crew, this thing that you ve done. Scary eyes, you know where you are risking your there's him right. There is crazy. Fuck he's got a pike asked who, by the way, folks has very good podcast. It's called cleared hot, with Andy Stump is a very, very interesting sociology. Articular guy so needs the
oxygen cause he so higher he's means not just a maniac he's a very brilliant got, but he's a fucking maniac too I haven't done anything like that. Man I mean back in my. I guess. Who knows competing kickboxing and type window turn was probably the scariest is being in a fight like yeah fighter scary, you known especially through the put the potential to get knocked unconscious. You see a lot of I mean I've. I see a lot of people get knocked unconscious in all my days. I probably I probably seen more people get knocked unconscious than ninety nine point. Nine percent of all the people of ever lived, I think, that's that's an honest statement, cuz think about all the fight that I've called I've called more than a thousand. You have seen fights easily more than how many hundreds of events with ten plus fight on each event, and then on top of that of bent. So many tournaments type one tournaments,
kickboxing events, just let's just seeing people get smashed like per that's I've. I've taken people to fight for the first time, and there's a thing that that happens when they see look alive fight for the first time with sight. He see, look on it they say they walk. I d like Jesus Christ like like a good buddy. My Steve Panella, whose ease of hunters got a television, show called mediator and he's conservationists and outdoors and he's seen a lot of animals die, but him went to see life fights the others. They have to look at it, is our holy shit like once, once you see in your their close native, see the impact and you see guys get knocked unconscious and you see the it. What happens when someone gets kicked in the head?
right in front of you like holy shit. I went to one young. You guys were kind enough to invite when out with Hannibal Births, yeah. That was great, and I was glad that was the first time. I've never seen anything like that. Animal loves it. Yeah and it was like pretty intense weird for you. I thought he texted me and said you wanna go to the fight tonight. I thought there was a boxing Dry, because I live in Vegas and I thought maybe there's a buck match. I'm Google boxing It is in LAS Vegas and nothing came up at an odious to act about he gives me. What is it the MGM? Yes, probably GM beggars meet me at the we'll call it M Gm will get our tickets, so I go meet him and he picks up the tickets because, let's go we're going into a boxing match, we both in the door, that's the first time I saw the octagon ring or whatever that is a cage, and, unlike our today es. I don't even know till I went in there and then we had good seats close enough
and so that was the first time watching it. You guys Do you guys got my seats? You guys reciprocal. There was an air ticket. You could see it in a way that its there, something about being really close. That's that's the way to see it. Why wouldn't you saw live like for your very first, you give your watch on television, nobody here near, I'm not a big fighting guys their best, but life is always better and every every entertainment. Usually it is by there's something great about watching things on television to, because you watch things on television, you get the replace and you get the commentary that explains through lack of things are going wrong or what's happening sometimes you're in the dark of you in the audience like what why they stop in. What's going on, like you know, really know, what's going on, but an end date, the other thing about watching it live is you're. Looking through the cage so often times you can yourself looking up at the big screen anyway, but you still there right now, there's a feeling
you get and that special now, the Duma, the T mobile arena, which is twenty plus thousand people and just fuckin rockin sentence I was impressed with. I mean, there's the violence aspect of it, but I was impressed with the chess match aspect of it that there is there to pay Bull and it's a mind thing as much as it is a physical thing. However, since a watching them look at each other and figuring it there it it's a chess match. If you offer back a better analogy. You don't away, I so that our heart of it as well. I describe it as high of a problem solving with dire physical consequent What it is you mean you have us, you have the series of techniques it you're allowed to execute and then you're trying to do them on a skilled fighter, and then if you mess up, if you, if you don't have the discipline to get in the cardiovascular, shape its necessary if you're not at a cat,
that has the sufficient, technical knowledge and then pays enough attention to. And someone who really understands how to train fighters to somebody variables and is very high for someone to find the right like the perfect mix of those variables rain. And then on top of that, you have to have enthusiasm like enthusiasm. Comes and goes where any see it. You see it leave fighters like there fighters who see like oldish discussion. Stop that's gotta! Stop! I don't think you could do that if didn't have enthusiasm, now see. That's where you yeah. Now that's costs guys come me. I just don't feel up. I just don't feel up to defending my that's not what I mean? What I mean is like there's levels of excitement when it comes to the exchanges and you either are going into it does like is. Is it aware that you
should either do it, because it's a fun hobby and you're just trying to experience a very difficult thing and try it out or you should do it because you wanna be the best in the world. Does the only two things you're, just a guy who's gonna take some fights and I'll tell you what to do. Do whatever you want, but in my experience those they guys they get hurt. Like I feel like you should you should because you run into someone who's, trying to be the the world and the intensity That someone has, that wants to be the best and someone who really might has the potential to actually reach that goal those people are fucking, scary and you there's a difference between them and knew that it might not just be physical. Its enthusiasm It is in its enthusiasm in its focus. What if your goal is to be number five hundred fucked? cause. You gonna rustling, our ninety nine, forty, nine gonna. Kick you in the face will just make sure you have a good manager. I don't want a fitting put debts for ninety nine or higher domain by pull it off, but even then,
the attitude that would say I dont want to find anybody for hire you. You would like run into someone that, even though their rank five twelve, there still more enthusiastically, they want they want to get too for ninety Maria tourism is a big part of it and it is. Intangible quality like you, could see it happening fighters and for me When I watch it happened, it's very disconcerting, as I remember it actually happening to myself. So I recognise it. See it happen in these guys and, like others, Qaeda's wanna, do it anymore. It's gotta stop, but you gotta get out of this because you just go. Through the motions and you're hoping it comes out well and is not going to re like you have to eat. I gotta be there's gotta be more powerful, a more powerful force driving you. It has to be a singular pursuit. I dont really dont believe that you can be an elite professional fighter while doing anything else. You can't moonlight yeah exactly this is too fucking hard me. You can have,
there is some sort of a day job like the heavily champion, the world's actually firefighter steep immunity is actually a legit by which I makes me uncomfortable, I would I would like you to make enough money that it doesn't have to be a firefighter or do anything else in the world. But he hasn't had like the big fight. I'm sure he's made good money, but he hasn't had like the big big fights are thirty accountants? Who will I am sure that some are trying to get into it That's pretty! I'm an obviously you'd! You love it. You know it's it's something that I dont know that much about, but I enjoyed watching it on that evening. Its intense, have you ever seen. Bullfighting live! No! I don't. I don't agree with bull fighting, but I think I would like to see it live just gonna think it's like It's gonna happen or that they are not, and I think they'd be. It's like. I feel like that's one those things that are left over cruelty from from past era-
I don't think if someone tried to introduce bullfighting today in North America, there's no fucking way, of course right, but it still exists that you can go watch it right now. If you go against Spain or some other countries It bothers me that it doesn't seem fair. The fight isn't fair, it's not fair, remain on. Ninety percent. But every now and then the underdog wins every now and then that guy gets a horn right through the rectum area. And then they got a driver, the LAS Vegas Hilton, it's horrible yours, I watch videos, you can watch online. There are some horrible videos. Bull fighting on wrong? It haven't quite often often enough that there's you could spend hours watching bullfights, get fucked up, not not. For me, there's a new type of bullfighting. They do. They call ethical bullfighting. Where they don't actually fight the ball, but they jump over the ball as a bull comes out them. This is a joke norm.
No, it's a joke. There's a bunch of guys we're like acrobats, and they stand in and furthermore, and as the Balkans, at them. They led through the end they flip over the bull while and Sometimes that goes wrong to somebody sent me of it oh said you called it, and I watch the video and as they do, trying to flip over the in the vulnerable catches them on the way up and fuck and crush, have you seen on C span, though the bull debates with a they have to poems and there's the the one person and then the ball is at the other podium and they debate like a controversial issue. But Why did you that the bull debates that the humans are always win because they have a human brain hawk at a bullet, is standing there? What is the bowl representing the other like say global warming and then the guy,
will give his opinion and then they go and how about? How about you ball and adjust its stance? What the fuck are you talking about one one debate, yet I serious no, I'm so confused. Where you're going with this I'm looking at you! Well, I'm doing this going this. I thought this is so clearly absurd. It was observe weight on c span we're in this day and age. It's not it's not about not for me too. Absolutely I certainly a juggler out Jamie, a video of that those acrobat with the long debates I can't find it was looking ethical bullfighting, bullfighting with no hands I'm ever we just looked it up how a bull fighting with acrobats I know it was going to acrobat. It's kind of ass, because these guys are learnt its we're impressive what they can do their bodies anyway, but then you see, like a boy
Oh come an atom check this out fact. That thing is a big animal. He's a smoothly just trying to avoid it yeah. But this is a guy just move in, but wait till it flips. Ok, that mean that fuckin incredible come once they have their hands in their pockets. Even yet their limited guide bound says and does a giant fresh about whether fucker, but this is kind of cool because it still fucked up because you have this wild animal or you know captain animal welfare, but at least it gets the live yeah it gets the live and then pay get to watch this craziness I've seen this with cars. Oh yeah saga get here: People jumping over cars, like somebody sent me an Instagram one of a guy, doing that and got hit by a car. Oh my god, skies on his knees. Is a crazy asshole going to show
some bad examples of this. We can see a few bad examples of you really want it. So do you your cruelty person? You are safe, bull fighting goes wrong. I'm trying to dissuade someone to his watching this go, maybe etch tickets for a living. So the downside yeah, there's deaf we downsides. I watched a veto, the day of his target smashed. Is this guy? Getting its massive ideas? Look, and I guess I didn't seem like. Oh, my God, is there a whole team of these duty. This? This is a new thing, but I mean just found out about this a couple of months ago and there's fuckin a videos and a bunch of events, so this is only purse boy. This is incredible, how athletic these guys? Us is even a six year old video. But it's amazing, leaping dates back to antiquity its advisory. Oh my god that guy's amazing to antiquity. That's that's old Europe procure because
fucking amazing! It's just amazing how goodies dodging and the consequent close he gets. The consequences are awful double want to fuck you up who, as a Czech she's gonna, get in there too. You, don't kill. A girl saw diseases, honey get out of there. Looking to go down That's very over turn their back to turn on their own fishing club is the same. Clip gals out of focus my derive their Fuckin mine cricket, where some cool outfits, animals, Debbie, careful animals, Brian Regan, Devil pets. Now no, I was thinking of getting fish but decided against. You know that tanked but he that had the tv show that what they are based in LAS Vegas here and I think it shows on anymore so had them come out and there have a wall where I wanted to have some fish and we did that
thing: we did the structural stuff, and I can't You have to feed fish every day, I'm not terribly day- and I said well, you know I can do this is if I haven't electronic feeder or whatever, and so we can do this and it just now. Being way too much of a things are not going to do. The real issue with them you gotta clean the tank to I would not do any of that. I would have people come by and then the people by house all time exact, got a man. They have become once a week and it's like a is it too much of a commitment? It is allowed to have fish that I don't have any. What am I get a look at it? the aquarium most sincerely in Vegas, go to Mandalay Bayonets short, yes, that better diamonds awesome, pretty cool, and we have been doing in the main labelling I shouldn't even see the shark thing when I was. There asked that's fucking great this huge gigantic tank with sharks, women around
It's been a while, since I've been there, but I think you can go underneath them like they can swim above you, and I might have it that the case you can do that. Some places of have generally been cast jam shortly, that doesn't credit is yeah. I mean the amount of effort. We did a fear. Tractor in Mandalay Bay, and so they D gave us this tour. Of how this works and the amount of sources that are involved in running this fuckin thing is crazing your fish efficient years ago, one with a bunch of bodies, We charge a boat out of Miami and went out and we were catching nothing. Then, all of a sudden we hit this school and everyone was gone. Berserk, I'm pulling a men every thirty seconds to a minute. Fifty sixty fish fly but around it was. It was amazing to go from nothing
maybe it's similar to to hunting where you just sit there for most at a time when all of a sudden there's an oak or something sometimes it was like nothing and then all of a sudden everybody's just on fire. It was pretty intent. I had that happen once and Mexico we went to this week, we were all your chart about and I'll take you to wear. I think they were Amber Jack. I think the thing doesn't, was, but anyway, there's is literally legacy. Football size, football field, sized school of these fish fucking up these bait fish and the wires frothy just crazy without goes amazing and you can If some cv che, we can make some fish. We can cook it enough. And know we just smash the lore like instantly. He just pulling fish as much as quick as you can so long as this frenzy went on, you could pull fishing, and so then we brought them fish back to the hotel the we were staying at would bring to the restaurant and they d have liked this whole thing. They do you talk to the chef and the
have says. How would you like you prepared where we can make some of each year, we can make some fish. We can cook it in a variety of different preparations for you Did I say you're eating fish? That's like three hours old for hours old we had a for lunch, was incredible so good there's a comedian, Jim colleague and good friend of mine. He said he was out with bodies of his animals. It's part of his act in a firm, but I'm giving him complete credit, but all of his body run a chartered shuddered boat. They are caught fish except for one guy, so one of the guys that worked at one of the attendants or whatever said I'll. Take care of this. And went to the other side of the boat with snorkel and jumped opposite side of the boat and swim and grabbed the dead. Fish that had already been caught when underneath hooked, the dead fish to this guy's line, instructed shaking it like underneath the our job is to make it look like this catch and they go I got one, I got one and they pulled it up and they just the really quickly it is through it, so he couldn't see that it had already been caught and dead into the sea
the guy thought that he kind of fish words really they faked it on a while That's elaborate! It must be certain that they they for the guide already know this technique? Maybe they do this? Maybe that's the thing within make. You pretend you're catching fish, how drunk woozy factory, I'm sure, but you guys An abode, of course, are drunk yeah, yeah boat fishing drunk is ok, hunting drunk not or cannot ok, to very different pursuits. I would imagine, but even fishing dropped yet be carefully get hooked in the ass were hook in the face catching the head of Saint people get their ears hooked, someone's gonna tasks and the hopes of catches you as a wow ouch, Listen, we. I talk about terrible things. Tunnel are good things, so you're in San Diego this weekend and stocked into oh nine,
San Diego Friday. Two shows Saturday at the terrorists theatre in long Beach, as MS part, two and then Sunday and Stockton, California, how many weeks, a year detour. I try to do half the weakens of the year, so twenty weekend a year, and I will do for of those nights Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday awhile. What about a hundred shows? Damn you hit hard. Loved Armenia is what I did. What I do and how do you right? Do you write and perform in local spots in Vegas. No, I do it, and my shows, you know mean I just come up someone tried, a book ended and squeeze it in her say squeeze it in their between already established bits, and then he let it grow. Sourdough yeah- and you know I don't know what my banning averages, maybe average in terms of two.
You're gonna media some stuff just gets nothing. It's always gonna happen. Yeah, there's body, that's something the people that don't they. Ever try. Commie, really, probably dont, understand that much of our stop. It's one of the reasons why plagiarism is so awful as it is by a time a bit. Come something that actually works the amount of effort that goes into it. To get it to work, I give you see, I just dealing this idea you're still in a gigantic process that create this idea. The idea it's definitely frowned upon in any field, but us being comedians. It's it's particularly agreed just what's also greatest, because there's no recourse, unlike gum, licit sort of his now, and I can make you two videos and get people angry at the person right, but you and the like, if you have me sick or literature or aiding movies is very clear language.
Someone plagiarize is in people get five music. It's a giant issue. I has been massive massive lawsuits from people just stealing rifts right with completely different lyrics and they ve sued, for the entire value of a song just for using samples and used pieces of it. I mean there's a lot of songs that were gigantic hit songs that the people who wrote the songs, making no money because they were, it was deemed had stolen chunks or parts of that song from somebody else? I like the fact that they will can go after somebody legally, but what? If your you know like the Beatles the Beatles are one of the one of the Beatles lost a court case about having stolen a song, and I don't remember, The song was, but can only can way to songs we each other in a jury. Your Webber's deciding can just say, will yeah that's so close. It was obviously taken when maybe it wasn't right,
Maybe people thought of the same thing dynamically happens in comedies. Well, yes, definitely for sure. I've had at a situation remembered Dennis Wolfsburg Shore does Wolfsburg used to have a bit years ago. Does four wonderful communities. Note is no longer with us and he had a thing about. How the terms imbecile idiot more on our actual technical scientific levels of intent science and their hired, there's a hierarchy to them and so you could call somebody an imbecile and it's a compliment because in others there's a dumber level or whatever right, so he used to do this. Whole bit about it, And then I went on a matter that I started at the comic Strip before and then I went out on the road and I I thought I had thought of it. You don't I mean like tat, so I was doing a similar bit and for not that long and I had to come.
Didn't come up to me, and I am glad that our comedy community is so tight, this other guy sensed he said I just want you to know. Dennis Wolberg has a very similar bit, You know that or not- and I said you know what I now remember him doing the bit, I now remember it and I think that I I thought I thought of it: Probably the original inspiration was seeing him do it yeah and an I draw. I dropped it like dime like I was like, that's it, I'm never do it again. You know I mean so there There are instances where you can I'm sure they're out. Thieves- we all know about that, but you can also mistaken we come up with something that you think you thought of sword? It's? U have to really guard against guard against that in ITALY, they tricky thing. Yeah, well, that's very honest of you, but that's it. I think that is the case with a lot of things. I think we're were very often inspired by other people's work.
Though we recognise it. Why would I recognise that? Are not that's the joint hyacinth and George Harris versus funds? Yeah, I think I mean we'll everybody's influence in some way shape or form by other people's work no getting around it just a matter of whether or not that you made of just decision to copy someone verses, whether or not you you have and somehow another influenced and in your case is just of forgetting thing mean. That's that that also happens. You just make a mistake. You just forget right, but I think the Then then you have to make the decision would go right now that it's been brought to my attention. What am I gonna do about the z I'd like to think I made the right decision once there was brought to my attention: yeah yeah. Well, the definite did you definitely the right decision. It sounds you write like gonna computer like how right just
Now I think of something I don't know. I don't know how that happens on how people think of things out and how I think of things and then once I have it, then I apply a little bit of a home again put to have a beginning middle and an end say it, loud, a few times tried onstage tape and then listen and then sometimes I always feel something some of the best writing takes place on stage like I think you can have certain to clever like having read it out, but when stage there's a piece of you that goes take this and say the sauna reset, percent. I completely agree. This is way too wordy here when you're on a leash, pat or a computer e, throw a lot of adjectives and you get, I think you can get to conceptual words like when you're on stage some takes over and says tighten this right now yeah and you get right to the quick
It's weird art form because it was talking to a friend of mine, is a musician about this, and I was saying differences like you can come up with an amazing album in the studio, and you can tweak it and go over things, but we kind of have to do in front of people write like to create. Like I write, but what I write down just like what you are saying is allowed lot times very different than how you say in front of people, because once you start doing it in front of a live audience, you should start immediately trimming it and moving things around on it. You know the if somebody try to create a comedy our, but without ever trying in front of an audience like create the hour the best you can just on the computer, whatever gone? This is a good hour of comedy and then the first time you ever do? It is in front of an audience as the hour. I just wonder how much of a disaster that would you know colonies. Do that that's Carling used to do he's too.
Right out his whole special keys to write a new special every year, and he would write it, and then he would. He had two to four boys are right and he would write it sober and they would smoke pot and then punch it up and then he would go and bring it to the stage. Essentially, it was like almost like a one man show. So you're saying he would create the hour, try it on stage, but then I'm sure he would tweak it before he was gonna, make an HBO specially something like unwittingly that wasn't the finished product. I think, as top right to resign. I think ass time went on the bits we get better. He would tighten them up, but he essentially ever worked as material out any would abandon all of it. Every year is amazed. He was amazing. That's it that's a crazy way to do it right. I hear stories like that, I like it I like to think I'm adequate at what I do and then you hear something and you go if you put a bar graph of
people, talented, it's I'd, be like a blip. You know, George Carlin appear. Motion intensely creative guy, like that he didn't have to do a whole new our every year and do a whole new HBO special every year, but doubtless his, schedule- and I think the rigidity of that, like the discipline of that- is one of the things that kept him so creative and so focus too Well, he was a genius I almost saw his last show. Or one of his last shows he was performing in LAS Vegas. I was married at the time and my axe and I were trying to figure out, Something to do that evening. I said George Collins in town. And there was also a Neil diamond impersonator, so we saw We saw the Neil diamond impersonate. Ah, so my story, isn't I got to see one of George Collins last sets as a human being, I get to say I saw a wonderful.
Tackling impersonator of Christ. Is described as a good. It was a good meal diamond impersonator. He was rich. You I like that, like there was like TAT, was like really really it'll, be their Vegas is one a few places where you see a lot of impersonators there. There was An hotel- and I saw in Vegas? Unless I saw the signs for all the shows, and I realized everybody was a fake something else. There was like the rat pack and there was like a Neil diamond impersonator, and then it was the guy that dresses like all the women stars and stuff like that. I'm like none of the twelve people are here. These are how impersonators of other famous people yeah so the people can be famous and then people pretending to be those people can also become famous the weary, right yeah and they get really good at it, and that was everybody in that casino was a fake. Something else. Have you ever seen that Frank Marino guy that that's.
The guys. I was talking about me. I've never seen a show, but I hear is really good. Yeah he's got like a whole show where does famous women guess his eye? calm dragoons anymore. I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm going to say that I am afraid to say any term about anybody. Have you Have you ever known person is offensive. I don't even like to use the word person because I'm sure somebody out there go and who you call in a person lack diamond the best he'll diamond tribute on the planet. It wasn't him I would have remembered now, or maybe Do you really he didn't? Maybe black diamond was so good at it that I didn't realize during the show that he was black. Don't you feel like this? as far as like comedy. Having a bunch of landmines d get accidently step on. It seems like the most fraught with peril, time ever absolutely when he may be this factor bow
I don't know it's definitely it's definitely and Interesting time you know with everything has been going on and and what's weird about Comedy too, is that part of what makes Interesting, is pushing the envelope and be war and peace we need to be willing to cross the line to see what's over there. I dont really do that kind of comedy, but I like that there are people that do that kind of comedy, but that. In conjunction with a politically collect correct world is, a very strange place there. It's very strange place and people are looking for someone to step over those lines, so they can attack that yes, yes, there are forbidden subjects, there's forbidden words. This forbidden takes on things, in this indispensable plugging I'm in this tv things.
Peter fairly, is directing called louder milk and watch. I it that's the I'm glad I'm done with the plug Louder, milk, it's brothers from Dublin, dumber, exactly fuckin geniuses. Yes and I'm honored to be in the show, and I have a tiny little part in the thing and it's about substance abuse run. Livingston plays the main character, louder, milk, and it's about substance abuse. But it's done in a very funny way. So one of the first reviews, that I read, then I read a comment about it and somebody wrote dare somebody make fun of substance abuse there's nothing funny about substance, abuse and was just you know some personnel in the internet and then it just bothers me that people, Draw these lines like there's something funny about everything, everything everything It depends on what you wanna say about and what your point of view is. You know every subject is fair game. As far as I'm concerned, you don't mean it depends on what your position
is what your point of view on it: the idea that there is Their subjects that cannot be breached is preposterous. I raised I agree, but it just what is it? I think it's that there's more people that have the ability to complain about things now than ever before, because a social media you can be in your underwear now the that you can be in your underwear and feel like you're, a mouthpiece. Your little at home in your underwear typing like this ever you can write some good shit, your underwear, I don't care you're wearing. I guess care I'm talking about a critic right. Did anyone anywhere from San erratic I'd be a great critic in your honor where right, a brilliant, that's true peace on something, that's true, whatever their work, but I say what you say, but under My point is anybody anywhere can have an opinion about anything at any time yeah and is not an end in a way, that's good. But in a way you're gonna get some under qualified opinions. You definitely to get that.
You gonna get a lot of opinions from people that you would never choose to talk to and real life good deed is you would we them out, We can't we them out online because everyone just text, you know, An comedy is weird because everybody. Everybody has what their sense of humor is an dumb. So everybody thinks that the I've always been is that people think that their sense of humor is the correct one. When people make these absolute statements, Goan he's funny she's not funny. She is funny it's not funny or who made you the comedy barometer, you're gonna mean now, whereas other art forms mostly or wise enough to go like if somebody that goes to a ballet and doesn't like it least your wise enough to go out on a priest. The ballet you know, walk out going down. Ballerina socks. There's gotta be
critical ballerina critics. I'm sure of anything, but but just because you don't like something doesn't mean it wasn't good where, but it's no good to you mean desiccated magic, but its network Everything right. Music movies is allow things that people love that its fair, but if you, if you qualify it that way. If you say I don't find Wanna person funny there right, but to make the blanket statement that he's not sitting not funny is not up to you to say communism. Thing to a net. It's one term that applies to a bunch different styles. Royal, whereas music, you can go to sea country with western music could see. Rap Rock and roll is always different genre. Communism like that's funny, or is it not that's why it was always weird when common clubs started exploding around the country and they would be this building. That's a comedy club on it. Yeah in Pittsburgh or Doin? And
Music, like you say, a sub divided, you don't just you know, just go to music club there's the music club. You wanna hear music there. Why likes myth, but with the same kind of music comedy not subdivided not not that I'm saying that it should be, but but to just go in to a room. That's as comedy on it and and think that you are automatically gonna be entertained, is kind of ludicrous yeah. But it's hard though, if you don't know who the comics our right site, you don't know what they're take things can be. That's one of the things about it, a nice local club. I say if you live in Nashville and you go to say anything. I got never heard of this guy, but he's been calmly central was take a chance here literally have no idea what this person's take is right, and it's great that you can go to a place like that or you can go to the improv in Hollywood and you'll, see like ten different comedians one night and comedy where have you, but you know You don't know what you're gonna get correct, which I think would be part of
the fund right for sure, but you know for some people who, like yeah, I want to draw a line, a goal that person not funny so. Therefore, I didn't have a good time will tackle. You took a chance where the great parts about some slight calmly store where you get a new person. Every fifteen minutes is constantly new people. Now, will you right now in their Jamie rain? He beheld, mainly people, are always end up during the shell What what like, when you see comedy today, do you think that you would have think about when you first started. Do thank you, you to feel the same way about stand up. If you have to start Today we see how are fraught with peril. Do you think you would have jumped in anyway. I don't know it feels different right. And there's a there were a lot fewer people doing when I started and to me justice, internal quest that came from within myself that I want to do this and
many evolves. And now there is a lot of autobiographical kind of comedy and a lot of people really going into their heart and soul and talking about how they feel and stuff like. And I love all comedy. But I come from a different perspective, its more observational. Yes, you know so I dont If I were to watch all the comedy now, if I would go, I want to jump into that pool I'd like to think I would, but I don't know why of your comedy you company, is very observational very silly. I always wonder, like I wonder today, it seems like there's way more. Uncensored comedy, Then there was when you start you com is also you you're, one of the rare guys we're your fucking hilarious, like anybody can go see you anybody. You bring children all people, young people in the middle anybody menu your comedy reaches you're. Probably in my opinion, the most hilarious gather reaches the widest audience, appreciate its
Mason thing: I've figured out I do like you just figured out how to hit this middle like or this area where you could really bring anybody to your show, but everybody that I know really thinks you're a very funny comedian it's it's very unusual, go out of thousand guys like squeak, clean guys. It is not for me, but everybody thinks you're funny. So it's it's weird thing, I'm very honoured by truly it means the world. To me I mean I, I love make an audience laugh, obviously, but to have commute like what I do for you to say nice things like that other comedians, you know it's a tremendous honour. What is it is a real there. It's a feat and gaff again start to a gap against the guy who just goddamn hilarious, but squeaky, clean anyone, Ignacio in its It's very admirable. A lot of ways is not a lot of guys like you guys anymore. So it seems,
people are either squeaky clean or the really dirty, and they don't necessarily appeal to people like ball. I was like very ready comedy olive of leg, extreme, uncensored comedy, but I also love your comedy. Thank you. I feel the same way. What what's weird for me is somebody comes up to me after show and say I, like your show so great, thank you but Then they wanna, like lean in I'm, glad you're not like like them. You know that an US against them, and I feel it sing. I like them I like when they, while I was, they do too- and I like what I do. It's the old remember when stove top stuffing came out, stove tops thing in the ad was? Would you rather have stuffing is instead of potatoes and as a kid, I used to think what to think as well. Potatoes. I don't want
one over the other. I want both of them, so why can't both kinds of comedy exist and be valid instead of they'd stop doing that, but there was a bunch of comics like Bill caused me like will cause. We was always saying that the comedians did dirty comedy, there's something wrong with them. He was one of the big ones there was pushing against it say I. I don't feel that I feel it, but I will say that I think there are at least some comics who worked Blue, who, No, that pushing buttons will get a response. I would hope that it's a truthful organic message that you want to give us the comedian of happens to be dirty if it had happened to be Wanchee great, but a few stayed gone. I know if I say they laugh, then it gets to button pushing
yeah, and I find that to be a little late, less interesting to me, of course, yeah it's all about whether or not it's really authentically that person's interpretation of I've known some people like, but it's Joey Diaz. So I thought it just a very uncensored person to talking to him off stage talking on stage pretty similar same guy. As far as how, however, the world is figured out a way to turn that into an art form and there right. There's other people that are it's almost like it's almost like they could have been a plumber buttons. They decided to be a comics like. How do I make this work now that you know RO, nothing wrong being a plumber. But what I'm saying is it? What they're doing is manufactured and sort of just artificial put in the audience? First? What what will they laugh at you? I see that the laugh, if you talk about this, that the other. So therefore I will talk about this that the other instead of coming from inside you,
mentioned earlier about me. Figuring out a way to read each a wide audience which I appreciate the kind words, but I never went that route. I I just what to do what? I think there is good and wherever lands lands and the fact that maybe a ten year old, It can get into it and maybe a seventy eight year old woman can get until it great. But that's not something let me outline and try to figure that out running go well. What can I do to get this wide range? I just do what I do and whatever happens, happens fortunate that debt. It ended that way: yeah. I know what you can tell that when you're on stage too, you know- are you? Are you get really do and other special? I just a special Jesus. That's going who air not Jesus November. Twenty four, it's called. Oh Jesus was an errand on Netflix. Our some man. I have a I'm doing
specials for Netflix. The first one comes out November. Twenty first, and then I ll be doing another one in two thousand nineteen Hawaii plan. That far ahead, yeah well, it's kind of, but I already have to like move away from the material have already shot. You don't mean rights are definitely a Jew. That's me why you're too much Now those are none shocks with a is in another shucks inflamed throwers. What a bizarre first by guess, why it's a punch? from one of the jokes and long of a joke to try to get into butter. And those dreamer record that at the pair Mt Theatre in Denver. Man. That's awesome! That's where Thompson urges recorded his special same yeah yeah, yeah, Graham Theater, I think I'm pretty sure I loved proud in Denver now dendritic shit on their Friday night. I met the Balko now cultural Level, Denver so too shows public sector was almost hold out, don't sleep
then I'm due in Phoenix on Saturday the comb erika you ve done that place. Yes, it's big big in fun. There should be good times good. I haven't seen you performed well, I wanna comes you're show? What are you doing tonight? We're? U performing tonight comedy store maybe come on down fucker. Let's have a cocktail adult beverage as it were, it's not October's, and now it's not gonna happen in November. Elbow shots last night is November the fifteenth we're old- and are you there tomorrow night now now tomorrow, because it we're thinking too maybe going withered moaning. Maybe I will I will. I will definitely consider it either way will do some other time and if not tonight, then soon definitely devil. Well, thank you. Come on man Joe, I my pleasure and November twenty first Netflix. Yes,
and I'm sure it's gonna be awesome, and then this week in Santa Barbara, no San, Diego San Diego Friday, locked in Stockton Sunday and then in between the two long beach on Saturday beautiful. Thank for that o Brien regulates german womb. Thank you. Everybody fortunate the podcast that was fun. I love bright, such a great guy and always good catch up with them. Scandia road warrior that guy to our sponsors. Thank you, too. Casper Casper mattresses get fifty dollars to towards any mattress purchase by visiting Casper done com for its last Joe and using the promo code Joe. Check out terms Conditions apply: that's casper dot com for its last job and the promo code, Joe for fifty dollars off any mattress purchase thank you also to zip, recruit you. You can try zip recruiter for free by going Zip recruited,
Tom Ford, Slash Rogan one more time, to try it for free, go to zip, recruiter, dot com, Ford, Flash Rogan and were also brought to you by square cash square cash. This those way to pay people back, download the free square cash app for I o s or Android. Now tomorrow we have it. We have, in my opinion, one of the most important guys ever in The dissemination of history and this I do not say this lightly Dan Carlton's hard core history. Podcast is fucking fantastic. If you have not heard it before, please go unsubscribe on Itunes and there are some episodes that you may have to pay for that are in the past. I particularly recommend the wrath of the com, is a fucking amazing series that he did on is calm and I have ranted and raved about. It may be too much, but
It is very worthy and if they, if I ever wanted to, How did get excited about the and Karl, and I always send them to that? First cause one dollar per episode and you talking about I think that an hour and a half each and its five of them, in fact an amazing I mean just. I had no idea how what a madman Genghis Khan was poor as he says, Genghis these amazing he's amazing broadcaster, Dan Carling S, but also in extreme enthusiast when it comes to women. To history and the way he presents it is so contagious, is just such a good, podcast and sub it's so good and so well produce that to call my thing upon, as well, is kind of an insult to wake, as I just show up and talk, I have fun people on like this. Regan we sit down? We have conversations and we have a good time what dance
Ireland does is an entirely different animal. What damn car When does is painstaking research and he said whips out this amazing narrative, fucking great since two great podcast and he's a great guy too, and I am really looking forward to talk in him He has to podcast DC common sense is one of his public assets and much more casual and whose podcast on things but in general and the either one which is just a massive fan off, which is hard core history? I cannot recommend them enough. So that'll be tomorrow and then that's it. Alright I'll see you soon Denver can't fucking. This week and Phoenix on Denver almost so that both shows there is very little tickets left. So don't sleep and I see I see much loved rabbi,
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