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2017-11-28 | 🔗
Bryan Callen is an actor and stand-up comedian, and together with Brendan Schaub he also hosts “The Fighter & The Kid” podcast.
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the job will gain experience i was listening to some old time music yesterday there was made me think of how depressing if that was the only music that you could hear rather la la la la la la david lynch movie that it develops in his movies yours has this sounds like there's a woman dead in a hotel and this is renewed imagine days were that tuba with a needle at the bottom of my grandfather had one of us slightly in my home in parliament has postponed the europe they had an the krona graph is called right rather than a player in a classical grandparents never listened to their sicilian than ever listen to music did your parents are you grandparents have the tv and a cabinet ah ha and they
certainly did and then the tv would die alone house folks who put the new tv on top of the cabinet they would keep the technical cabinet with the bologna tv dude everywhere i did what i had a family in overthrowing anyway now my new never ever more road cons we got mad refined crazy herbert yes phonograph not a grown up yet a cronan but they also had a chronic graph while watch right yeah yes i'm chronology goddammit do yeah those things are crazy like those how they two lists the music a tuba attached to it needle for roma do you speak of sound like dog shit my dad used to have a dust first turn table and he would there's a ritual to how you clean your lp otis ritual bear you gotta dusted off you have said cloth and although thing yet as we stated peak it that fucker liver them that's nuts
for people at home it looks like it doesn't really traffic com right it does i'd like a big old brass traffic little needles i read i read the ted william the great moment a myth that the great baseball there are ten times a good head fastball had any kind of all and he apparently could read the label of a record it was going around take his eyes could slow shit down whole its share i wonder if that's true i wonder what yeah you knows these are the things you store right like joe frazier was no tell room there are four flies in the room now the way you're sorry when devising caught him on a ghost here you fly any griffith sellers bruce lee story once was one of those heard bruce lee was in a fight with thirty men stood in the centre of olive only like way way way way where'd you hear this ever i heard you never wasn't rang who's never never sparred wants
having bruce i reflected here did you ever fight competitiveness rumoured no behave did one thing once where he sparred like this karate festival one sparring session could go out you could see good luck he hasn't got us to be able to reach a label and no good luck to everybody against a guy like dare until that is work good luck i mean veni fought vinnie shore men who is he does collar com to four lot of big my tie vents and super knowledgeable like as a striker and is also a hypnotist i got hypnotized by couple times i cannot answer we gotta hypnotize me fastening the hypnotist the mere fact you get hypnotized cause you're how two percent really given new slatted let let yourself achieve the state but you realize what it is like all you ve got this idea were like someone like turn you into manchurian candidate if they hypnotize you and you wouldn't have control your brain and when we know you're relaxing yeah
axing in your opening suggestion in an interesting state of mind that you can achieve sea like i think just think there's of a larger spectrum of the way the mine works than we give credit for and i think what i've been thinking about this a lot that's one thinks it happens with stand up i think of you on stage near killing and stand up if i'm in the audience like you ve got me hypnotized i'm up into your line of thinking in yours it is very silly so like what watching you like i start thinking and silly ways and then you'll keep getting sillier and sillier and then like i'm locked in your head it's like of four it's a form of hypnosis a hundred percent and i think that so is like being in a good place thank you young jamie's thought so and a good place mentally so as being a bad place i think there's like there's a large spectrum in the minds of all these different cheers reagan fucker you can kind of wash your steadily
statute was fantastic mysterious jets are rife why not use gas gentlemen i like that it's a good use its good jusan those guys are gross hey you guys who say it's a good juice you talk about wine it's a sexy used up tossing messages can feel like tat do you have taken a big bite on or do i have any wet dog to greatly shake itself at you have have you forgotten to a real wine tasting the bunch nerds sure have there nerves nerves die if we're going to have winters tasting we're u graded wine and stood instead it has woody after tones and theirs i was invited by a guy a law some time ago twenty years ago and he said i'm an invite you do want is where we all bring our why's he said is a good guide us is as it were to what do i bring me said i don't want to insult you but you can't afford the kind of wines that were so i'm gonna bring you a bottle from my seller so it doesn't make you look that's how that's how big these ones were
and i was there with the guy from exact ease or whatever the there are different sotheby's they did the guys that set the standard and write the thing and i was watching him tasted and down notes was really wild may leather mushrooms earth as a weird taste dosage my body mass is a huge wine head he's got his own seller in his house it's all temperature controlled and from outer strangle combat problematic papa matt a column oh oh oh oh yeah hey ok let me tell you what i got the item we get just like out the reason why this is this one socks and stay away from this one and this is this is what you want that's your groove right they are great thou annoying when he's always right but bronze been known as a new wine growers ok some of that sets a guy that's as occurs a ridiculous again one i've had that measures have drawn is a wine head our full yes m up quite a few bottles of opus one apparent
which soap is one is is not that's esa is way better than others one look at we rode here last night was mad real fresh out of advocates jesus grabbed the wheel sheesh magical fucked up of iran james i brought out like the one with the other thing you did not egg i think you did looks very familiar gradually that's a real one life so real one life there's some real super athletes we go listen that's a real one life there's some real super athletes we go listen he's an hour fuck what kind of steroids take never look like that never netteke there's there's human beings that have just the most unfathomable physical advantages sounds ridiculous like lebron james would have like an unfathomable physical advantage over someone who would have an unfathomable physical evangel review
why do the thing i s ago follows this jimmy work about lebron james i told them i can i just i left i left them one message i go i said jim i want you to be honest and don't insult me at what age did lebron james surpass me as an athlete and be careful you fuckin answer is it has become a proud man man and you're fuckin ass i hung up the phone i got a very thoughtful very thoughtful the station and i just got this twelve years old and has no question about that twelve by tommy's forty six four to thirty five best pleasant country you are now that you're not even close that he was forty six forty i think six more than in the case of any size of six nine to sixty five and i sat next to leisure who played with him and they're the same size niggers he's just a step fashion everybody as well as as an just ridiculous it will see a guy like that if he was fighting everybody would be for of course the there though lucky they are
damn lucky there's that much money a basket better he's incredible guy we'll go well you know what man some things that make great looking back bobby layer would necessarily make you a great fighter listen listen to me save it gonna beat your fuckin ass yet this he's a winner their yes there's a certain level of winners they like he do whatever the fuck you want they want jackson could have dodsworth ever i work with both jackson for a week did you yes i did and he was and i said oh what are you what are you waves and white t shirt and i was looking at the thickness of his fingers you know me i have said cause i'm playing italy again so i was i was looking is has i grabbed his hands it was this this giant me i said what
because he's a mercenary so where is the specific use have six one and a half two hundred forty pounds to turn a forty five and he was the same size we played any never has lifted weights in his life ever needed lift wait twenty when he would just as in his words i just strap at all and i hear the other team go imposing a game bosun again but does understandable jackson normally do whatever you want to you on the football field fashion everybody to forty five and stronger he was also a was it was not an m vp in baseball start nathan all strong of reality that that's on her job centres play both ways but there's no one like project free that's crazy thrown b he's throwing fuckin ropes from set of you i mean all different order one tackle one hip injury that's changed all that while it is his hip started die of some kind of criticism is poland or something from getting hit there was a very famous hit that he got tackled he could see like the impact it has on his hips when
those down every sovereign emma remembering that representing a video of your hair see the injury and suggest a ridiculous and still came back and with smash and home runs the fake hip came back and play baseball could really run anymore you know two different different wonder if they could fix that have now you know think about what is hip was then what is it is now i think i think we re going to teach you sweat on over there yet but we're getting close what i mean is like the artificial hips and one of their those are better now i don't know it do you mean called sapiens i sent you probably not but you ve harare herbaceous really is an amazing book and end its brief history of mankind but it brings us to present day and he also about another book called homeward days i think when did you send this to me i address speech i see you gotta read this book but he he talks about where we're headed technologically he's really done the research i mean really looking honestly at
what medical research what to expect in the next thirty was you say well i mean today that now we are we gonna live much longer you the money but real question hands the book with a ways we have to decide as human beings for the first time in our house we can control our own evolution so we have to ask ourselves what we want to become as a really big responsibility what do you want to become what do we want to become because that question can be answered we will have the technology to answer that question and it can get silly where you can say we could splice our genes with a lion or a gorilla but but more importantly we ll be able to nice argento synthetic biology and come what but it is a very heavy question what did you if so if you want to live forever if you become what he called adding was amoral different word for gonna get mad at you for fuckin fifty year olds
they don't know anything god how could you fuck a fifty year old you billy two thousand years old i know you'll be be so smart and so so wise people will you not gross you are you're fuckin someone is fifty years old like as a human we figured lip we only think of ourselves as like you should have you should together by fifty because we know where we live to be a hundred but the reality is most people don't get there should together period like that it's a race that nobody's women s we all know that if we just with we had an infinite amount of time we would keep getting better at getting our shit together you would not be who you were yesterday and hopefully you be much better than you were a year ago but i think about something different i gotta that's the case though but if you get two nine hundred years old i still to bang fifty year olds if she's in kid brow meaning when is it ok i mean if she super hot
very fighters vampires fuck like thirty or we're talking about people brown dog inability apparently not italy they figure out medical science and this is not outside the realm possibility regenerate tissue and you stems else to rejuvenate your body live nine hundred fucking years or are you allowed a bang fifty year olds or are you gross to actually have what i may answer is it takes time and it and it puts it on head and if the tyrol no longer has a consequence because there's that you very you don't really have limitations with the biggest thing about human beings right is that we have limitation we know ruined i as a fundamental between sort of vat idea of a robot being just like a human that really are defined by our limitations baby you know why they bring the draft around and try to get young people to get drafted didn't want to go out there forty year old fifty year olds thinks he's it won't work wonder if it gets to a certain age i one of you
to a certain age unlike cults just don't work anymore i wonder if it only works up d like fifty or sixty or seventy but a people live forever met it would be just like telling santa claus too like a little kid i can tell santa claus your five year although world because real detailed santa claus to fifteen year old what the fuck are you talking about the same kid maybe like dad you retarded like stop this is its hands i depends on how how whether or not you ve broaden your understanding their lot i will call a member but if you're caught leader in nine years old and use bang only fifty euro ladys you're an asshole delicate little kid still maybe maybe or fifty arousal macro look fifty years we're gonna let i got really hot the point is like there still be to me now they still put fucked in holy water on themselves still do it others this can wig weird shit but they'll be attracted to that nine hundred yoke of wisdom possibility sorcerer
power you to have your nine years all as you get older the mystery of life breaks down you value younger and you see something is really good at something i gather a genius and then you're gonna get you start you need to surveys where you get good at something are you just started doing enough in you go there for me there is success like sometimes like it to be really good it's only those up there's this there's a mindset for competition but to be really good at something also just requires a shit load a repetition and good toodles there's a lot of focus one of the things that you recognise in people when you you see another enough people that all agree we truly awesome its aunt izzie enough of them he started recognize this like like thing like i especially concede and musicians because zero talent because zero musical town less alas the iraqi or try to actually hold a tune jail just try that try to sing all serious don't laugh try to saint just look it's embarrassing but do try to sink our
silent night wholly might try to hit than doing right now i'm so horny so nervous it's a vulnerable about using two versus but isn't funny that likes making noises with your mouth is vital sir lean back i can was you that i will bring you gotta power has brought drew near puts something in heaven is wholly infancy tenor mile
in any event i went immediately should a dish bag senior voice whisper e i know you you did when you but you know what you had penetrated brain when you went on to do i think you are he was too wasn't going to u dont you two hundred anybody talks who like to listen to me later that's my job because my joke writing they talk about our you can say nice dress just don't whisper it there's one might i was like there's things you can't whisper in life like you can get your daughter is so cute like your daughter's so q is creeping creepy voice is recognise be nor do we know what is a fucking confusing as voice is the scary voice
now the scary voice like next on why light hair like anybody talk like any scary monster like and then they went down dark dark room i personally believe however that canada scary voice this summer and here's another that doesn't work help hottest girls all the hottest dancing like that kind of like sex as old commercials member and private disciple weird rhythm to the way their talk like that abolishing very clear parameters for vocabulary the hardest girl isn't going to be some soliloquies anear interpretation of consciousness as yet no adverse is this objective view the universe than there is the health of all its dancing such of these like really short sentences was that we were ran tune we're in tune with us realise those girls are saying looked to cut the bullshit we're done a fuck with fake tits and were drunk
that's what they're saying with their voice like that's what their voices judge where did you hear the experiment they did where they played doctors so they too they took a different doctors and and some had been sued a lot and then they just took the doctors at bedside they record them speaking and they took out the words so you could hear the tone of their voice and people said i dont like that guy in italy no there are saying they sound like that guy and without must like most of them chose the doctors that had been sued and it turned out that they had to die when a tone so that there too on and the sound of their voice was what people objected to and because there bedside manner was set mocking glad was book their bedside manner was was dominant they weren't they weren't should have understanding and listening there rather telling the patient something those were the doctors were others have their there
errors or what they did there s another door there degrees did even have do with that what they did those were the ones i got sick from our member that's from blank gray s failure like blanks are great book yet as its great men a great audio books too i got down and audio books i listen to hoof i always this mission on adios into sapiens on audio very like dr yeah it's very good way to you i like pod but i like to mix it up i gonna want or only watch documentaries like watching fiction to watch and i like to mix things up with with what i take any one of you but i think that like audio books in particular great way to utilise like wasted time yet hundred percent on a citizen in music i always this us no of course i nietzsche would how crazy was that story in blank about our work where they found god statue and this art expert looked at it for a second and went its face
how many european our came to us my back member the word kit there came as what is his name he knew bake because new no close when one is so so who is irresponsible statute was buried for three thousand years across a fully formed across his young boy in greek joseph forms like statute which is near tesla nicky or something and they too the rock the dead the marble came from acquiring near their leave and tested the mould which actually turned out to be sent airport operators but they were the mode seem legit and all that stuff but he never saw it he said can you get your money back yes taking in the lab at the first word the kind of mine was fresh fresh can crazier yeah may somebody's does here but in the crazy was right they could just see like for you and i would like while crazy statue cliff we wouldn't have but there are certain things that i'm sure you could see you there are certain things i here's one that i see all the time when people are about to spin
from all my years of type wonder at least like a little simple dip the people i was gillies i've heard you call that a lot all the time because once you learn it when you were little kid could even kicked in the head a few times i can become the party or latin america may see this little thing i was gonna spend he's trying to ban you now and use see it whereas a regular personal health lucky's hannah i see it is people hit me don't hit by that are going to see that move i gotta get out of their yeah well one of the world these guys my friend who made a billion dollars more these bodies worth some crazy amount of money and so what's your secret and he said the mirrors and windows so many said i can tell somebody's gonna pay me back i can tell some is a good investment or not well how any those you have got windows you got married for eyes and you got married rising go fuck yourself go windows a millennium money instinct you would just pick up on he got a laundry acerbity any could pick up on whether or not you are a phone you know that's a real problem with communicating with people in non verbal ways
in non person non face to face ways through problem with like texting stuff not looking into the person like it changes the way we talk to each other changes interactions and i think most of the problem that people have most of the time with each other is not talking like today and especially not talking enough look at each other in the ice gets exact and figuring alec of maybe someone's someone's right maybe you're wrong about something you to talk to them and go ok what would you think i was most do and i did that ok game what time are you supposed to be there what time did we say i thought we said that and you could try to figure out what you're looking at each other in ireland a look man i was really burn down you know it was is really important thing use was pick me up and then eat work it out he had looked at each other work there but when you go through these series of tax mess i've had text message
discussions of people came out i can do this like let us talk we just talk as this is crazy cause i don't know what you're faces making when you're making this statement i you're saying something and it's not entirely accurate and i'm trying to figure out what the fuck your face looks like what you laughing as is our well right we looked at each other causes we can work this shit out that's that is problem with reading sometimes about something and thinking you're getting the who picture what i like about daddy's russell is that he his book a renegade history united states things called here we take a look at things that i've never heard i was history major and historians tend to be pretty can servitude stodgy people reindeer and bade them at it put your average college professor is a pretty conservative guy even though he might be very left wing there there conservative people there they're not denied i'm not gonna find him at an orgy are usually or the various things and
especially with historians and when they write history they always right it from this really stodgy kind of you hear about the events you actually don't hear about what it was like in the brothels you don't hear about what it smelled like in the bars you don't hear about the noise boys you not hear about things of actually have an effect on p who were the criminals how safe for the streets where were the prime so too who is actually getting laid was there a lot of black and white sex that went on in during the revolutionary were which apparently there was one dance with a lot of dirty white ladies you got some dark too i only i can only hope i oil it's the ultimate fuck you to your dad ass it imagine how matrix just fuckin couldn't wait i now as soon as it was her veil was lifted now as they say my dad is fighting to keep you a slave faintness suck your dick
imagine sounds like it's hot dirty white girl freckles currently there is a lot of that they will do as the irish colleague and they were indentured servants then you have this black slaves a dance they would go that there be like these species and everybody would mingle belated nigh black but beautiful women and you know the black and white dues but i do these girls in the end it was mixing and everything else and there was all kinds of shit like that remember slow every was being talked about some great moral evil really back when this country founded we really kind of one of the things they say that kept slavery go another hundred years was the cotton gin was the fact eli whitney invented a machine that made it fuckin really really easy to separate the seed from the cotton and as a result this guy comes up with a great invention is rather like well without free labour down here i'm not free and slaves they should is white gold i can send it all i consented to europe and is an insatiable demand for my cotton fuck that
i'm not gonna have my all economies build on the fact that i got i was free labour and i'm making a fortune the latter's drawings gonna talk about how you i wouldn't be invented a machine that was really efficient but might have been responsible for keeping an entire group people in slavery for tat is so crazy about lady love and i were he came up with a cotton gin most of the closed were made out a hemp this isn't hemp fibre for everything and apparently it's way better than con sure stronger time i'm a demon my friend tom mccormick here the stock of hemp in his house and it was like hemp tree and its life gets from another planet it doesnt seem it's a real thing itself is so why really hard but it's really light like its white like like balsam would it's hard like oak weird call any explain to me he knows way more we then i would have liked it's an alien planet airports and airlines
implant rather its very hearty we'd an alien plant and it's like now their plan it has all the essential amino acids you you get central oils from it it has protein and in a very high protein content eat hemp seeds are great for you there really healthy and you make clothing out of it make fuel out of it have few henry ford made the first fenders on the first model t out of hand fibres really is an there's a video of him hitting them with a hammer and the hammer bounces off these hemp offenders far more durable than steel that's crazy in its insane fibre man it doesn't make any sense illiteracy is like no other five or on the planet it's a real the complex fibre and its illegal italy you'd go how have you just can't for the female plan the government is doing their best to make cds being regulated by the fda there i'll try
stop see beat these people who are trying to stop c b d it doesn't even have a cycle active effect on while the guy who invented did our view and that of the dark red web they did the silk road guy albrecht they gotta put point this out it s really important though before forget the cd oil folks diesel numbering a lotta reports online people testing c b dna tests positive rotc graduates in his turn about this so that he tried cd oil any got him high i don't what to use which company used but the the studies that i've read where people have actually got them tested met there is teach seeing someone so you gotta be careful actually have some you a job or somewhere that of european competition less worthy test your purse if you if you take cd oil for pain and information you gotta really make sure you trust the sources as i guess apparently can connectivity and when you didn't you pointed out enough i did but i've seen that tim thank the ass it were to eat i think you're the one who told me about first and it's not just
we're talking about gregg like gregg its high off cd oil mike like maybe just like a super lightweight but i don't think so maybe i think there's some we did some of em craig might be super sensitive loved weed i think we just give it a regular video already be fine am i not even just be distributed oil i've noticed some like head shops and states that it's not recreational away selling it in the same form as like dabs and concentrates and you smoke disability the same way you would smoke that heavy concentrated shit that crazy like dab rig hot torch so you smoke c b the oil that does too high dab rig then you're right to sleep better didn't work didn't take works smoking weed you have heart i'm sleeping what are they more so much but i always worry i'll do it
i worry that i go it's interesting so messages i feel guilty about being so lucky i get into my really soft bed and i refer to what i love and unlike one of the other foot gonna drop here if you really start think about how lucky you are in comparison to the vast majority of human doing sign on earth ridiculous what oh i'm what you know it's halves zero tolerance for people to talk about our hard things are today like their complicated yeah they're not art it's complicated more complicated course they are hard moments neurons denying dear pain in your hard mom but if you gonna cut into an gangrene assist way easier a little fishes you dont worry about a pox does so much more today it's so fucking crazy the time renders it still the thing this time is the good thing about it as yet
we're overpopulated yeah we're crazy yeah diseases the system we are operating under make a whole lot of sense but you could still go to them in a moment like there's a play we can go right now we can go in the woods like a girl you inga big bear these gulf reich i'll send you in the forest like others should still real still this is still here too right you know yea life is crazy unless bizarre but we haven't completely and the whole world into a city that strike guess what its that's common research los angeles is how much of it is covered in concrete and streets and industry go off everywhere like veins and oh by the way to one or two years ago no streets are but our into wildernesses expanding in this country is that wrong i do i think the wilderness is our expand there's more grazing land and stuff i don't i'm would definitely suffering from urban sprawl that i was surprised to see how little that the percentage of
the cardinal united states has actually inhabited that actually has houses and i was really small it surprised me she adam s pre small super it's crazy sound pretty senators and is too and these little areas but yeah like these people that live in these small towns all across the country does a reason also why trample on these felt totally unrepresented biology people live on the sides i also think it's because they had i think fifty percent of americans have what five hundred hours in a bank account something crazy she might be less rights are warranted our well that's pointed out as you think about that that's why get mad when people characterise our trump but i never liked when people characterized all transport racist cetera thought it was unfair because i think the machine people want to live in some dignity and data bomber eight years ago bomber say what you well but their lives didn't change for a lot of reasons on the about mr blame is a lot of reasons comes hurries speaking the same exact language so if you're gonna blame
people for saying wait under yours years i still only have four dollars my pocket here comes a woman's in the same language on by the weather lie rumours about being are being corrupt i have nothing to lose them and try that other guy did you see what dinah brazil wrote about one of the reasons why i came out with a book is after south rich got murdered called him a patriot while i didn't south rich got that that's right out there guy work for the dnc there was a bernie sanders supporter the wikileaks has alluded to the fact that he led them information you got shot from this house and it became his big conspiracy theory where people would mark you for saying it was a conspiracy and then hannity ran with it so became clearly that a lot of people that south rich conspiracy theories but it was nonsense nobody knows what happened and that guy though he was murdered his watch yet as phone with them yet while at item noted took anything from a shot him at four o clock in the morning who knows what happened but when we he start san that you gave them information and others
consequences do given information one of two things either wikileaks has decided all suddenly start lion and me can things up about people or two they were misinformed and some one was pretending to be this guy and saying information so it's possible to meet face to face or three there tell you something you did know this guy who was just shot murdered was leaking information about the dnc and other dnc was corrupted by the hill we clinton group which is what donna dnc before the primary so so this guy release that showed other the primaries were rigged against bernie sanders and that hilary are you send me excerpts from it the oda he's like did she was donna brazil was saying that hitler is control dnc before the primary so so is the implication that hilary might have had something to do with his murder that's implication burma's indefinitely information was already out browser
maybe add more and maybe they were punishing him to stop other people from doing the same thing maybe other people had more information i dont know true but there was another gather disappeared recently was a guy who had dirt on the clinton's some some guy vanished this is a really really recent civic given that one some guy just just type in google clinton dirt and this is like from newsweek so there's people asked and i don't know how many of them been murdered people suicide themselves our know how many of them actually suicide themselves right but it could let's just say one ten just one ten was an actual murder right this guy accurate i get a heart of clinton dirt campaign vanishes i'd leave trail she is really recently so they figured out when you kill people is my peers were hard to maybe couldn't do usually you people it's like damn how this body get here one people vanish tan that's crazy
disappeared where is everyone i need him whereas mr blot out i need em raising he'd be gone crazy about that one even in those areas consumers and turn in on themselves because he'd be like he's dead here but he's not really what if he's now really day working eddie he loves himself a conspiracy he gets so excited and cycle guys and community towards i could do to supernatural it's over i kill you fuck you and it's a little weird while you when i try to someone like why does enjoy conspiracies i suppose we first vote enjoys like enjoy what you like but all oh eddies always been really good at like having down people now believing it in his ideas with jujitsu
he has like revolutionary jujitsu i kiss you just really crazy rubber guard set ups and all the different things the pass said he he fixed a lot of paths introduced don't you jitsu changed a lot of things and did some things his way and when he would describe it to meals like this is a guy it has an idea how to do things and when for opposing it was i not an ominous shut that down a movie so that's interesting so brain works out right so when someone comes at him with an idea he has an idea and he's gonna try to get that idea through and when you come at him with some weak attacks on that idea and is expected he's gonna relinquish his hold on the ideas like that bitch the stomach nonsense now you don't you have any information take someone giving him real honest to goodness impossible to deny information that is going to believe in any of the conspiracy that he believes are being false or it's gonna take similar to explain him that he feelings control his thinking that is true but there
have been conspiracies that have successfully been executed which makes his halting way more confusing church so which one of these were real to say that all conspiracies are bullshit you're a victim like some reverse racism i usually skeptical of conspiracies especially government conspiracies because government notoriously so completely out of sink and not efficient enough and certainly there are so many different competing interests within government just within an administration extra undermine each other and that's the history and it was set up
that works and even if you talk about taking the moon and then that you'd have to have about a thousand maybe two thousand people to keep a secret that's a necessarily the case if you just had people thinking on a need to know basement basis with everything compartmentalized discards responsible for making o rings discards responsible i don't works i've known i don't know how it works either but i do know that you're talking about if you're trying to make the moon landing all things it would be much easier is your do during the next in administration they're getting used to fake things watergate was going on i found out tat we could somebody drugs you just starting to develop the kind of space le flexibility is weakened sort of recreate space scenes like two thousand and one that was that the big conspiracy his dream was that somehow another like tat would be like some irrefutable proof that stanley cubic was the one who worked in the moonlight and that was like if i'd found that i feel are common in my pants daddy never acknowledges that the same impulse that drives him
which is really to find the truth frightened to be sceptical of of people's claims and even evidence that's been written down here human beings have always always for the most part must be something wrong with you wanted to be in the no right i don't know anyone who doesn't want to know the truth that doesn't want who likes being deceived and so so it that's why it almost impossible to keep a secret long term in government will august somebody always knocking on the other side of it here is one of the reasons why the whole conspiracy thing is so attractive to people because there's a reward chain built to the human psyche of salt the problem is presented in front of you that could potentially be dangerous as a reward chain in israel or change its acted upon even if you're talkin about nonsense this is like some area fifty one you have foe body fuckin it whatever it is
roswell new mexico the guy who was there the got degenerate talk to my grandma told me about the coffins for foot tall coffin little alien baby is a term that lack of earth they had embarked in my aunt saw and they killed her and the forest stop stop i now can't but one have an explanation you don't feel unsafe yet see if you if i tell you that there are random things happen for example the shooter and in las vegas he was sixty four and there are no signs he was very controlling if you look at these cognitive a sociopath he had read this obsession with control but by just tell you that sometimes people wait the flock out and they just want to shoot a bunch people that's not appropriate because there s a lot of anxiety medication shore but i'm sure but there's a lot like when you say that service like now what you're saying as i have no real way to protect myself even if i carry a gun take on my vitamins where my seat belt there's always some crazy shit i didn't think about it's called fate the people have to to do that understood
and psych medicines live talk to some psychiatrists have had on the portcullis nikolay broke into kelly broken talked about a quite extensively wanna things it she went her and many other a brought up is the dissociated properties of loudly psych medicines that someone might have a horrible idea in their head but the repercussions of a real ike acting on it hills real synergy of some sort of heavy dissociated psych madison incentive in rio you don't care anymore you feel like you're alive what about your watch yourself in a movie or something you're u yours and something that dulls all the highs and lows but soon is weird stay where it's ok it's ok it's ok just kill these people like i i don't know whether or not you could make the leap from being here you could never kill somebody to being a person doesn't have a problem with council money i don't know if that's true we maybe that's it that's ec chasm too far to cross but i guarantee you if you're the type of person that is
having some horrible thoughts about like being aggressive to people and then some puts you want something that eggs you are young you fuck like it's gonna if you had it who knows what else chemical is to write like if they give you the wrong one maybe those what you're one way or the right one who turn to you the other way or maybe that's mobility into the mix throw some of this in there anti psychotic to help you all even out you know you can have a lesion on your brain the size at the head of a pin you can have a lesion of his and the right specific area the brain where it can be tiny lesion that you can't see really barely with the naked eye and it can really you a homicidal maniac that's my problem fighting i got lesions on my brain so true yeah what is it was the line i dont know i can look it up for you but it's by but you can where i heard it was in a lecture by daniel robinson do
professor at oxford an georgetown and the smartest man on the planet will does why you have to billy be careful when you punch people in the head right yes sir that's why causes well so the guy who who some sense nor a guy who captured the thirteen a girl not elizabeth smart but the other one had to chill with her kept for eighteen years she escaped finally yes that was a guide that was where it where it were that to him and his wife it was somewhere and like i think seattle astounding basement re item in the backyard in a shed for an initial russia then they live in the backyard with a daughters until i mean literally she was eighteen may they would go out once in a while israel stockholm syndrome shit oh my god and show criteria and anne she but she got you gotta pregnant thirteen i was just a turkish or i was gonna tell you about earlier to june did you see the footage where they have their cell in slaves in libya libya has iraq its libya there maybe it's in iraq to but it was living and they work you know
there was a i forget who the title usa today than an editorial that said thanks hillary clinton because hillary clinton apparently there blaming heard decisions on the reason why we went into libya and throwing more market avi who now you would know maybe more than most but video of my grim soul and apparent slave auction in libya provokes outrage worldwide its disturbing that when you watch it that guns these do tat those photos i retweeted if you want to go to my instagram we can see some of the pictures of it so they have like libya is a failed state now has in its god damn terrified in two thousand seventeen look at that in in nineteen seven my father just told a story at at thanksgiving and he was talking about how to dhabi have become this incredible countries
when he was first there are nineteen seventeen nineteen seventy one on what it was but he said you see that woman over there and she was a black woman she's from africa some warm and my supply the suggesting us that's a slave and that was in dubai i believe i'm sorry to anybody from dubai i know you guys have come a very long way but slavery was that it was order of the day for in a lot of countries and not just picking on you in a logical i want a catch issue as it was the order of the day i mean the idea that slavery would no longer be a case the idea that this would be outrageous to the world in nineteen forty b was certainly a nineteen ten as i would have been like white now and always go on slavery is is is an order is the way of life for me i think though today with the ability to film slave auctions on your cell phone and then stream that shit
i only illegals yahoo com or whatever this the more you learn about people and how similar we all are and how you sam harris had a really interesting ted talk about this about the idea that you you have to be able to have a conversation about what is the most optimal way to live for a human being what is the most optimal is it is it is true that women are at their best when having to wear a full burka in a hundred i'd really heat that's a good question is is and by the way are all opinions welcome at the table are you interested i'm quoting sam here but are you interested in the talibans point of view on physics no an end does does someone who does does for that matter and he talks about self is his point of view on string theory which he knows nothing about valid as somebody who studies string theory no but we get it there is a tendency to cargo well you know that you're culture
not gonna get involved in it even though its might seem brutal by my standards you hear this law would like like the aztecs in human sacrifice he s very taboo to talk about how is barbaric as you know that was that i am all for you and me and stephen never had a conversation about that renault literally didn't believe me when i told him they sacrificed eighty thousand was it is that the number was a number when they sacrifice the d the people who are not here tonight of two to con temple of tool can i say to you can but a pair they sacrifice some fucking insane number of slaves of it so crazy if you tell a rational personally stephen alleys high plateau executive can't be true to you i read about it negro how horrible were people that they could sacrifice i really want to say was eighty thousand people then there was the number serial numbers i don't know i mean that's crazy it's like in a couple of days all the people who worked on the temple apparently after was over they just sacrifice them while
just a many has actually want to things they say cortez was able to conquer the aztecs much a lot more easily because the aztecs had neighbours that fuckin hated them because the aztecs would go in and basically if you weren't a veto ass tat which means you a person of the sun you'd get sacrificed so so their neighbors were like a spanish guys five hundred guys really will help here how to preserve those bargain we hate him so have you been to cheat unita now dude there's a fuckin plan former chief needs over the mayans used to be had people they have the sacrifice there is this there's this like thing it's like a demon s line on its back and they sacrifice the people in the stomach area where they sacrifice people's kind of groove doubt from all the bodies have been slice and on it day out well that's why that's why oh my god i'm wrong it's way more his eyes
islam is the number of persons sacrifice multinational mexico in the fifteenth century was his high is two hundred and fifty thousand per year but go to the construction of temple too i know the cimarron contentious number by the way of course it is only going to make us you are like bullshit and historians it how did the china publish my book brom jacketed up a thousand if i was to develop a historian of the forty million people died on the shores although the whole male population is trying to be warriors it was a nina what is the sea just google eighty thousand aztecs sacrifice temple of said a word to you a con to con i forget out he said but i believe what they did was they built this fuckin spectacular struck spectacular structure and then killed everybody worked on it they just kill them
union colleagues chopper when you build a tom reform is i can order sorry kankakee killings torn apparently have a party form than in the guise thanks for work and on the tunnel now a party japan and here's some lead poisoning as well super super hammered young woman hookers than she had wellesley again as we all know this did the soviets used would do that like when when you build a tunnel did you hear the story about how we figured out that simple mere what does this year say that you will make that larger please tina t know she too to taiwan i don't think that's the same one eighty thousand came up with it with us the number of people get ok maybe i've seen it said why think also one one things have to deal with when you're dealing with an english deciphering of really ancient asked and mine code it's fanatic
so like this sounds that they made that they're trying to replicate with english words but they were really designed for english lettering you no meaning their design their hieroglyphs they have they the way they wrote and spoke very very different than the way we do you know that had a young like some of the mayan writing in particular what is it jim he traveled thousands some of the young some of the mayan languages we're like images that like like the tense we canada grab it this way he was like you have like an eyeball in a picture then he'd have a saw any other the bug the ant and aunts and then you have flower the rose and that's how he would say i saw rose where yeah yeah because we we just assume that everyone should what is like what is writing writing is some symbols that you make that correspond
certain sounds that we ve all agreed in our own personal definition that we have and in societies we all agree this sound means a certain thing we argue the parameters what that means right now whether people get super offended when someone says like like words or violence ok here and what the real via exerted on violence and passionate face you haven't seen somebody like get soul why only silas is so important for young people to understand the difference between things and it is a real tendency to equate equal for example to exaggerate you wrote a memo it google and in may in an unsafe work environment for women and you're heller now you're hitler he now you're hitler and by the way you know crab its coal mines and navy seals they have a pretty dangerous work environment as well so let's let's talk about the fuck indifference because very it's it's
it gets very weird and dangerous and meaningless and in fact in my opinion when you equate everything when you basically say you know you you shouted out me that's assault versus outbreak and my nose and we have the different examples of that it does a disservice to people that have suffered real you know why what i think is going on man could summon up in one word tribalism there's a natural inclination that we have to form of like minded groups and defend our opposition to the death and this is people are doing and it's not you're wrong he's right he's right of europe is that all of us are acting like people trying to protect our team and that is that it's an incorrect way of behaving so if you say that like words or violence i guess what i know they're not gonna go fuck yourself to a violent this is what i say i am tired of others my stand debated in and you know it much easier to be fought against i it's really easy to be against it we joy team what happens is europe do thank you let the
the leader do all the thinking you at the bullet points now and what your job as soldiers to put down the other team its more difficult and think about this for young people listening its way hearted defy what you're for defining what you're actually for like so if you're a revolutionary you want to burn down that the whole the whole the whole house what are you replace it with man that's really important and revolutionary they did with libya revolutionaries i get an action also about that's right like when you know that came they saw he died right you got a bad guy now what nobody replacing it with yes well welcome to the power vacuum you hoping to be dead before this fuckin become a disaster in a failed state well you're not you're that's my problem when when people and we are allowed to our government that look at problem go oh it's isis we need to do is get authorization to kill more of them and other place so when you talk about groups that identifies isis that's going to solve the problem my problem with that typically is that it goes back to that one favorite sayings it's not what you think why
think is way less important and how you think allows eyes if you pay attention to your thinking exactly the way your enemy snaking i'm not so sure that that's how you do it i'm not so sure that bombing shooting you're way out of that problem is the way to go it might be in some cases i think you need seal team six etc for sexual shit heads but we ain't in their defence and one has to know that the real that's like one of the most important things about the elite forces of the government or of our militaries that people need to know the real need no that's real because like there's a hundred thousand whatever the fuck there are people right now that just ready to go i have done press a button launch god i need to know thank god i pretend kennedy etc out exactly as remember this you need walls you need strong walls demanded walls you haven't seen enough bad people get right you don't get there the mongols are out there they're out there look at libya are out there
and these people by the way that are in the military that the only ones that are experiencing it you're you're back here you're passing judgment on their saying hey they're a zombie yes like hey we have the second worlds gone crazy re there's someone slaves in the streets like we need to all know that there are but that are in some really horrible parts the world right now they give you valuable information does musha kill those people does we should focus nation build now but we need to be aware of the landscape and keep this in mind though to is it's not that would be hard strength you need men like you know tim kenneth et cetera those guys who are our protectors who we can push the button go hey those fuckin as one and there are people out there they want to kill us for sure but i always think that is also important to remember that those guys are doing that to protect the softer strengthened our community the people that are created
you have people that are inventing you can have a doctor workin on a cure for cancer and have the mongols calmer and smash all spoken beaker exactly that's why you need those so you need but a problem as you knew you do need both in the people on one side dont want to recognise the people and those with a wish they didn't have to exist but they do have to crusader there's a balance to this fuckin you know and here's the thing people in libya if caverns is it a tv show in libya we fucked all the groups right in the mouth before every episode they would go that's what he does is the star is the further thought you'd us with this he does not exactly does that governs business what's all this bombs going off for this treaty will be about opener modest and ideas at every fuckin dead dog on the side of the road kick him over you lose your leg fucked your mouth was a program if you know he's given spicy his governs has the guys the presidency for german government
went to work or not starve which you want to do what you want to do you want to live my doing that is an offensive accidents on our tables are yes noble i don't even know why you do it because it doesn't sound like anyone that's ever lived it so offensive no one action is not a bad it's exactly what someone who does not a speaking should selling i would wish that i could speak arabic so i could realise how can shitty my bad arabic would be if i learn arabic rumble year out of it and try to talk to those people right now rolling the or make fun me go ahead i give you for permission to make a majority on pretending to be or trying to speak arabic arabic is a very difficult i was to learn to hard for me to my friend my friend it's so hot it's such a rich languish compared like french alienated parents are basing arrays in libya fyodor shown livia netflix live will would give my raise this is method act
this is our president would do fuck them out of everyone who can for this is president lily i like how you are behaving as president all the time guph gone to is a raise just pull out of me you got that should do the fuckin ceiling just in the rome kiss him on the mouth and leave not a bad fuckin that's that's that's a good you play a good arab despot it puts a pervert this and this is what you do you fuck everyone's mark the european until we have two of those right under they just get drunk as falcon on booze that a camel piss they take camel person and mix we hear about how the president of the long time dictator of yemen got power he was a major and the army the air he just showed up at night he was there he was just can be one of the majors and present having a cabinet meeting and apparently you can look for sub jimmy apparently he basically put briefcase tat our suitcase down and just pull them two guns and went well ceiling
there's just roosters garage and held the entire decapitated carmakers i'm in charge now he was so seventies rise as they see what a pistol grip uzi what's i'll see you later he rode the nation with what's called an iron fist for about thirty years i'm sure wash narcos right i certainly how about that farc and show how about pablo escobar amazing you know it's crazy is apparently colombia's bounced back tremendously colombia is like a really cool place to visit i've heard i've gotta keep my friends have been there i want to go badly but the most they say the most beautiful people voice remain was beautiful women on the plan were defined it is amazing that they bounced back so quickly from being under control of drug lord you know that the problem of our story so goddamn crazy it s created it ladies and gentlemen you do now
live forever listen to me make coke legal it'll solve eighty percent of our problems just make cook legal agri just make coke legal agri are we really pretending that whisky is any better than coke really pretending that i dont know coke i dont duco i wouldn't even better cause its devastating quickly so you do a lot of you can drink for forty years and before you realize what i call the fuck i don't have a house or anyone else here you gotta do below do live or die for three years and contact museum your life works i think that less people would be inclined to do it if you legal and then everybody see the consequences of its use in a realistic way i think proper part of the problem with this is being illegal is that people can't you whose for themselves agree and if people can choose themselves is forbidden and forbidden things just like a blank back during the revolution yellow more tasty mainly come more terrorist dhaka baroness sweden
i mean that's all forbidden stubby can't human should not be allowed to is the bottom line human being should not be able to tell other human beings what they can or can do with their own bodies where it doesn't make sense it doesn't make sense if you have some things that are legal like cigarettes and so things are illegal like whisky that i have a problem with cigarettes being legal and i don't have a problem with you believe me we will do whatever you want but i think it should with all other things like why how come these things why can't you tell me that whiskeys legal but mushrooms aren't like that's what years is what are we no and i we pretending we pretend there's no science i ween witchcraft days or no let me know when the witchcraft days or or cars outside witchcraft should be over now so it's over now we have to look at science right yeah ok we're u care let me buy oxy
hosts from or oxy cotton from pharmacy killings outside our control because i start my fuckin toe what do you think haven't we we made cocaine legal work the consumer would consumption go up gas for little bit lotta girl would show their anyhow it let it out do they wouldn't becoming more business then they'll never fucking complete asset joke lose out because i know you do ok and you want to start a business the other quite caregiver joke on a great good soldiers sector with a view to open a door chocolate but we want to talk to you about their passion passion it's weird to be around i was in jamaica and i am not a big drug guy but i did i did a bag oak obeying a guy sold it to me i'm smoking weed and this guy was we were hanging as you ever do blow as i am not a big car not draw guiding smoke we much
try this like i did one line of cocaine jamaican cocaine i was like this must have fallen off a boat because it it's got a yellow thing to it and i was i first want to cause motherfucker planet second we're gonna play ping pong for good three hours third of you wait to little and i hotel room and i felt my girlfriend up and tell her that i'm a genius and then wait for it i'm i wrote three four hours keep doing cocaine and basically career becoming right a three hour a bit on how god is a rostov foreign how funny is that and i wrote stand up god is ross foreign can make my girl i'm gonna find a funny shit this is a new way to this and i looked at it then i pass out before my our could give out and i looked at the should i wrote eight hours later and it was it was basically gods eurostat and he speaks like a jamaican
was the jug and i thought it was brilliant when i was back in new and will in the right state of mind if you capture the ideal give you gave their bit dave chapelle sure who maybe he can make some may not brian cowen he's gonna kill you can ensure maybe it's like you need to figure out what the fuck you were trying to say i've written things down on marijuana and figure it figured out when sober but then you tradable read it when you're sobering you tell the fuck was my point was the point here here but they did studies and people on drugs adding cocaine and had them play music musicians and stuff and there are like i thought i was amazing than they listen to what their planet i'll what that full well that the arguments made with what killed the music after nineteen sixty eight level was you know the monterrey music vermin rock n roll festival with generics and mama's involves so what what what gave birth
renaissance was marijuana and psychedelic that that was it that enhance the music for lower cocaine and heroin came in to get this deadlock and killed it yet killed it tabled i literally man ass lashes some ashes good yes lotta gets done but it's the idea behind that music i cannot show girls showgirls the movie would not exist if it wasn't for cocaine sat movie is a goddamn cocaine movie that movies a move we could see that the lead coming out of their nose while there in the end its i doubt it i thought can keep that new major longer in the pool the terrible african sexy between the girl from say by the bell what does a name elizabeth something radically burglary and this man who was the dude kyle mcloughlin clang that she was on naked issues
beautiful but there's a scene when they're in the pool where they're making love brian cowen and that if a girl was doing that if you are having settled jews if you have access to the girl and started doing that you would immediate and i know you you're a pervert you'd still immediately call doctor you you his perverted is you are as much as you love lady snug chevalier so i got society has to be that comical lochlann elizabeth berkeley and she's rap around and she's flap and around a pull you would call the police i'll call the police this is only part of it this is ok i can handle this dispatches get crazy we owe them tidies a flop and personal view comic lock laughlin all of your own face this year is the problem with this problem its flailing
throwing herself now going to college and by the way he blew out both is rotate or cuts in the scene for real here to get both of his shoulders completely reconstructed my only hope mr torres labour whom he tore the bicep tend in from the bone goddammit she's flap and around she's dying go you gotta let me know if you can do that it just right because of you die foie gras girl just lit she's crazy you my prayer let you do not break my dick too but for if i let her die what the letter dialogue you asshole she was having a seizure you kept you came in sight of her she's having a seizure and you came in sight of her do what the fuck i thought thought you killed my rig you see have a video of it you didn't see there were some poor with you ok so i can probably common yeah she was
man she's flopping around she can't blade she see any more she's dying take it easy how can you right bring her here you're holding onto cambridge inside of you might just let her go there's no she's trying go off one is trying to get away of insists on repeat away to away congratulations on all that does not involve replace german but this isn't rape and that's why mister jack maldon my mom ramadan amongst grace about it's a joke about something you absolutely knows deftly not rape and be ridiculous joke bear everybody if i had now do yesterday's i know you're running until you eddie get madame documentary evidence we need to stop doing this we to figure out what has also literal beings a literal we not start start realizing this
with we have real problems the world in this common space things about example just trying to be funny but the libyan don't like tenants basic grab your dick i get it i get it i'm not saying that asylum saying what i'm saying is we just to be super cognisant of the fact that there is real highly likelihood that we have achieved the highest level of civilization the world has ever known its right now and we need to be aware that and make progress and other were in any massive and any seeming glee important that you want to go off on your taking gee away from recognising the fact that we need to protect the crew she'll elements this amazing thing that we have right now and one of the things that we have to do is we got to avoid this weird tribalism that i keep talking about try by thinking because it's not just sexual its political
all its socio economic things i'm just a vulcan blue collar guy and i know you're a fucking parts it roger people you're in a trap human beings are born were genetically predisposed to be tribal rational them afghanistan we gotta get past if we're tribe ok we should be tribe planet earth that those famous ronald reagan speech northern ronald reagan speech he gave a speech at once it's in front congress but he gave a speech where he was talking about how quickly we set aside our differences if we were attacked by an ailing force from another world wreck and all of us would real in this case the cold war mean this is like a very scary times de where the same age very much i'm worried about nuclear war we will always were a real threat that nuclear annihilation was actually something we all thought about everyday yes and the the further were away from that the more we forgot in but if you just pay attention to libya spirit and staff ghana stand patents
the rack pay attention to all sorts of parts the world with north korea things are not fucking stable at all we are assuming the things you stay stay books are stable right here but we're all on the same god damn plan that's a real problem it's a real problem and i think we're better figuring this out than we have ever been before but there's a lotta hiccups embalmed along the way but one of things can eliminate a good percentage of em is if we can isolate tribalism and see it when it happening and call it for what it is and avoid it and it's very tough now and i'll tell you why because there used to be one of the great paralysed our religion we respond was for so much violence but they always forget religion was also responsible for a great deal of unification so there is a national narrative it is a country where a christian nation for a long time in his country and there is a national merit there are just certain things that people collect
we agreed upon and usually it started in the church or at least it had its values in the church i would argue that you know even our constitution has been greatly influenced by the judeo christian ethic all men are created equal for example is a christian idea did you know it approved biologically are mathematically based something we all kind of internet starting point it literally what our justice system is predicated on automatically equal even though lebron james i have totally different genomes needs an avatar we're not equal if you kill me you kill abroad you do the same amount of time and job theoretically that would be the idea behind our thank fishery worth more aid should be with a little more than that lie when i went i would agree i would agree and what's really interesting is out different we are how we like all strive to be equal right now i want to be better nobody else but we believe and it's a really nice starting point you know something i read that a really important that we bring it up to people that free will or the ability to do
whenever you want d like a freedom of expression beat him up pursuits breed inequality because if you give but true total freedom someday go to try harder than other yes some people get to be inside is not a bad thing some people want to be tyler perry and have a fucking island yet they remember there's a different right war seems to be tween benin and a communist and american please equality of opportunity and less than we have happily musical than theirs equality of outcome the only would have equality of outcome is to keep down the people at work harder their smarter more talented but you gotta make everybody equal that's to me a fundamental evil that is that's my problem with marxism to fuck you do i want to do this with force
it's the promises never worked now as ever worked and it almost always leads like mass murder exactly but nobody wants to think that is the idea behind this beautiful okay so marian harkin p we should just share our money and share pol pot mao tse tung hitler levies in communist alan dictatorships hitler was more of a fascist yeah and people also don't realize that the nazis were the national socialists later that's is over the real problem with the idea in execution but the idea in the most anti view possible is that we don't need it with each other we don't need to be greedy and that we can all share resources in wealth and we all get along luck and have income equality but i see this i think it's important to recognise the thought behind the best version of that the thought behind the best version that as someone who is really ones being amazing person
and they really want other people to be amazing people as well i want everybody to be fine they strive for everybody to get along silicious like combine our wealth we don't have to get rich wishes like provide for the poor super important let's give healthcare everybody before anything he we don't need the military wishes realer k you're gonna get invaded right the matter time for the russian journalist borders yes and they gonna fuck your mouth yes but let anybody but on that let me piggy back i've been doing that for ever remember that the idea of russia the smiths idea the idea behind making money was also that when you are rich and when you are an aristocrat you have a responsibility to give back your community i that's very that was now is very much ingrained in the british sensibility and even in the american aristocracy like the kennedys in this country although one you underage responsibility correct bill gates whether voice is engendered himself yet a lot of us is it if he does an amazing amount chaired amazing about may very creative whether to end by the way still lives like a fuckin gangster signing blankets put in a dentist lifestyle i mean
he's helping so many people out of the building where does the same thing warren buffett gave his kids now is it up to seven billion dollars who has come at the world a better place men and and he's got all kinds of charity but that ninety by all accounts a super sweet yes the really humble back to what you are talking about about how we're breaking into tribes i think that we have lost any kind of national narrative and what i mean by that is that people are even trust their own institutions with the crumbling of any kind of like religious institution it seems that now people are looking for they don't trust main sources of information so they don't trust most of the mainstream media is earned their shitty reputation can now it's about click bait now it's about craigslist you oughta be first not being true is not as important as being the first one with the story in an blah blah blah i think that there certainly our agendas with liberal media conservative media they both have sneaky shit that people do exactly so what happens is people i think media's favor
abilities in the single fucking digits something like other among most americans let me give you an example how this work sometimes somebody word were good article about the debate it bravo and i had about the world being flat but the are that the title of the article was joe rogan argues with someone about the world being flat it seems like you i was in the world around see immediately click it but right away the first sentence since god bless yo rogan and then he was in a conversation with his friend whose argument the possibility and the like but ok i see what you did i kind of lead he hoped you got it you did it you guys it's ok but because of that it even those very insignificant a bunch of people said may brow used to believe a fuckin earth was flat i saw that alex i bet you didn't
they didn't zeinab and having imposed both do they only that i can't stand one of those genetic cnn and having imposed are terrible but both of them do that their data don't hit you with this challenge i have just said one word to change the entire process and see what the fuck you fuck do keith overman signed off as one of my favorite things to watch i like him he's he's us spicy character supervise and i like to mr weber liberal but i think you have to have the look i'm out hu i am right now i'm an open minded friendly person the allowed for all ideas in keyed overman is as far left is gonna get and unlike the fact that he was out there i think having a wacky dude out their standing out of a cable access show background with red on one side and blue and the other and he's got his notes in front of him and he's wearing two tiny delivers these super
look when you like titular tannhauser buddies decided he's gonna step away and i said he retired party says he thinks it down jobs done he daddy things down trompe lists a series of things keep open says he's retiring from political gallery yeah and he lists a series of things you don't get that he's a can form a who knows you shall i would not want to debate that guy he knows it she did one do they did one thing though that was pretty fuckin stupid tommy lauren girl she she's like a conservative hot chick hot girl blonde hair she put a fly gone like she was like holding up a flag and a photo and he wrote some thing about not you shouldn't is the flag that way and then donald trump junior tweeted
photo of the two of them together with her with the flag and keep open and wrapped in a flag boy and said you know something about him think stupid some some anything that's also caddy to say that stopping caddy we can all and i understand you not like or because she's a hot girl that's a conservative and she says ridiculous shit sometimes and she does but like you gotta save your attacks you can't through a rocks it every target you can't stop for every day the box on the way home or you never get home this is why george washington talked about the importance of civility so near civility if you start attacking each other if i start a rumour that donald trump in meetings when he was negotiating some colleagues oh jesus your breath fuck you at the worst breath in the eu get you on your heels you back to the year he apparently that was some tactics you you just insult you and get you off your pins maniacal emotional and you're in secure by now you can't talk as much a little techniques
that's our child we superfund if he was like your uncle that you're gonna take your girlfriend tune first our dating like save you the girl is a three months in and you're in love and year europe that's your uncle's house like listen we're gonna spark we're spark this joint and we'll go meet my fucking crazy uncle he's beautiful i've heard his flawed but he's crazy and don't look at his hair and we'll just tell s and then like we'll talk about himself to seem fascinated any past the joint guys you're lucky i am here and you go in there so high that your barely alive so you got like a hundred eighty beats per minute your hearts gone what are we doing here i got off with his caddy obama's caddy george w caddy cameron when they got three times es thank you and all three times i ve seen what seemed like saying i think i will carry for all the one eyed hans and i believe only just three groups i wish and he said he said beth girlfriend
group hands down by far down from said and to they did that unlike trumpet but basically said he's very nice very funny and crime i think there is anything i doing and care was i i think you're gonna be lonely plate and then apparently drove by their club and give our role whenever a moral order and is the order there and he just blocked they were drawn by the cart he goes you guys have any idea how lucky you are you're in i in the world and its kept track he's a very entertaining do i'm little bombed out of myself tat i didn't do celebrity apprentice really because the celebrity apprentice was available or doing the second run a fear factor right and they asked me to do it and i was is one we're on a b c ass i can and want to move my family to new york for a few months and like me you know
mrs robins down for it because i don't know that smart move it seems like a lot of work for something that's not really my thing really wanna do it kind of wish i did it to yes no trump how well you getting to know you let me hang on i'm sure he's let me because the smell you i'm sure he'd be a blast actually be a lot of fun could maybe i could talk to fix things we can do some too take it down a notch would be ok he's an interested the prom with him is that he's not mention what he doesn't know that's how i feel i've maybe i'd ever since i feel it will you ever see him with homeboy just of just hands how you get gas where amount relax relax he never there's a clause that the problem is part of the problem i can needed separation from normal states of consciousness otherwise you're acting on momentum your entire life while they like child they did they did a star psychological profile out thousands of which was that he's always been on the outside so his day
wasn't allowed to remain part of the developers in new york he had a glass where and he was always kind i kept out and he is now in the media so his way of anything roy con the infamous lawyer was his mentor and said attack always tat to mean any threat with an attack listen the reason why he's president is because obama mocked him at the press corps conference member that member that press corps dinner meeting thing and obama talk and said on one thing that you're never going to be in this the president is our goal offer real sucking older new guidelines on ridiculous organ my hair and i'm still gonna be the present let you go fuck you have humble you don't know what you're dealing with here how he was amazing even so amazing in the debate it was so entertaining is fine and even george de jeff ports said you can't insult your way to the white house my friend yeah yeah can you deathly cameron you're fighting elect is like what's up
it's really ironic is one things it's come out do woven twice turning those things but politics i don't but i do know bout is talking shit i'm good at talking shit and i understand the strategy's behind talk and shit and one is jeez behind talking shit was that hilary felt very confident that if she can get donald into a position of being the primary candidate against her she would have an easy pass the white house could she fell i dont was so ridiculous that there the other candidates by even being associated with him in the same party there would be revolt it'll be chaos and if you want to be an easy target and is all this like written banter back and forth where she was trying to connect him with the most ridiculous people like of course you know there was there's just all this like strategy with ted crews where they had this idea of how you know they would them all of marginalized easy path the white house and ages through a monkey
quite right into the theories like stupid on the worst person fee to argue a ominous easily be in jail locker obviously helen and i'll make should have to make up my own facts if i have to do and i'll get caught on tape talking about how girls let you grab the pussycat just a few weeks out no prob local ruler until it was locker room torn out problems talk about uranium do not thought it was done when i heard that i thought always definite done nor present by the way which really shocking what was it forty four percent of the white women voter form because they want their dec what they want they want that offended by it i guess right lot of women right now just shut off this part gas you fuckin ass all right when i start to think you weren't an asshole quality i don't really think that forty forbes i think people didn't like hilary that entrust her i leave you look what it is in terms of
i got a good versus evil it's no an evil verses unknown in gaza is unknown arizona evil are known corruption versus sides like sort of a guy who's gonna be early entertaining financially for years but private bring the republic down but what if he decides to really look out for the american people what if he decides to make amerika great again would if he decides to bring back engineering and bring back production of goods and fuckin what decides that would have really decide that then is it better to take a chance and adding a lot of people did their grief then i also think we're realizing and we should this is something we need to all come to grips with the it is irrational illogical nonsensical and antiquated to have one person have that much power the united states of america is nonsense it's not something we need it is it's it's a value system and a rule leadership system this disease
and for small groups of people and it works very well where is it very well groups of a hundred and fifty people leaves over their dicks but soon get to three hundred and twenty million people all true together on a landmass you cannot why have one dipshit that's good at insulting people and standing in front of a camera i don't care if it's him or the next guy or than zanna assault on donald trump it's like one person and figure out a way to fuckin nip delayed and dance and do it best america's got talent for can present purpose adaptation presentation representation one of those things to get to the point people go the other ladys boring and she keeps fainting bone and they kick they hit the switch for tromp i mean because it has one availing lending and one or two things at present always talks about and governance talk about how little power they have you say that but there is real problems right now with the environmental protection agency being defended this right
problems right now with them deciding to start drilling in places in alaska the people been fighting for them drilling for decades because there worried that in extracting minnows from the ground the gonna ruin these salmon waterways legal viewpoint on judges and he can appoint can appoint judges do those things and obviously that causes a big stir in political discourse and people being active and it you're seeing like some trans woman gonna get elected somewhere and gay people get elected players and see your seeing a rebound which is what how its work that's right in those lines created a lot of civic unrest and a lot of civic organization landing size on the other side david from us talking about that he is he just sent me his book we have to be really careful like really careful of getting tribal with this again a cat a key to reiterate this but i think that in looking at group of humans as a whole is a real problem that on the left and on the right people have with getting attaches their part
you ideology they have adopted and fight guess anything that's an indifferent and not coming to some sort of a common under standing of what we really need to get by on this point while they called it's called a couple of things one is there different psychological profiles and i have heard jordan petersen talk about sort of like the left is rooted in compassion the right is rooted in respect for the strong and then what what happens is that will do things move forward is you haven't idea i have an idea and remember something is very important human beings are usually are willing to values and their had a one time let me give you an example i i believe in illegal immigration but i have a lot of compassion for people who are dying to get over the border if i was a border control asian i would probably be the guy was i come on annex i have no i'm erosion does mean that's right what it means that i can sometimes you way to values in your head right mercy and and compassion versus justice and fair play can't let me parole somethin tomb what now
gonna sound crazy for a lot of people you fall could go army and why in point time i believe in the future we will not have boundaries it places you're allowed travelling on travel right one point type more truly be thought of as equal and one that point i'm happens you allow people to freely travel all over the world why can we do that now first by you we'll have to travel i think what's gonna happen is when you can interface with another brain and that's that possible you can have an experience about one or two exactly what it's like to be a woman exactly what it's like a little way to me ass a woman i'm gonna take it i want to be a woman so i can see what's i'd have sexual abroad james but here's the thing would have sheet you complain or would you put your hands on her hips i will i am only going to i'm gonna be an absolute ex experience it so then if i can interface from the brain now we had a real problem because what the fuck does that mean about my identity what if they can't like you can't pick which brain you interface with
like you to be a girl have sex with lebron james but europe one hundred pound irish girl like shit we're gonna get you uterus borne out in yeah you want like a hundred seventy eight pounds check from ecuador the cooking and i take it i dont think any that's gonna hiding what's gonna happen have guys like lebron james who had these band sick lives who have said action to dump asthma and they're gonna sell their experience you wanna innovation my brain scan cos you this much money and now he's going to be the new drug my god you write a new drug is going to be i want to see what it's like to be well either you whoever is but ass john and will rise again correctness we arrived in the flames like a fuckin phoenix be the number one superstar again the world and when you watch porn you're gonna be able to tap into the guy's brain in your email of sex anybody wants that's how we think about dick just like he is
now measured hey you can use your favorite why don't you start over the deck ok he's thinking about dick this is a confusing why my coming i'm thinking about i bought standard he'll get mad you're gonna need dick by their brian cowen video the focus on boys get a giant dick please think about duty bottle no way before clause girl doesn't matter man wise forget all the hottest grow state about duty but hold onto brown did you come or not came a media immediately i came like a terrorist we're in a wig my mind i came like a duty rapper dynamite getting his dick the last time giving in to the headphones offline fuck you brian cowen bear it he's fucking out of growth we stick it about duty but events man you know if he's telling the truth
now for the brine count virtual reality sex video but now gaddi so medium and why i think of us i now jack between those gay radical times so i guess before after day six this is during south now that sense dream was gay of my dreams i can't believe i'm gazes so not what i'm into them i knew i was grabbed a sexual my boyfriend who may or may not have been brennan shop account member is going to get you can't really bounced back and forth from i don't know man i've actually never really had a gay we right then a chemist would look at their panting and say we really seeing yellow what you're seeing as you know you're fancy somewhere deepen ahead or thirty finally your daddy's had a conversation about truth and very nice like plural truths verses one six truth that huge debate you know i mean by that yeah so
like nature was a big our talk about plural true save you look up at a painting that painting is there are different tours why one is that paintings beautiful that's all i know it's a beautiful admit it affects me emotionally that's the truth then this would look at that painting and say we really seeing yellow what you're seeing is your eyes are are looking at lightning reflect there's a chemical and there are no getting down a chemical says layer to truth you say different kinds of true love so true love that scylla william is interesting mystery to make as i wonder if that's a relationship with yourself so sometimes you're obsessed with somebody right you love them be obsessed with the idea of being the one that can break them that can be the one that that that tames them the one that oh than the one that you know gets them too get on all other dick and just yours that's that's what a lotta relations are predicated on this terrorism is a notion of territorial rub it is a true love that we're talking amount does it matter but but does what really matter is the moments were you
together we truly care about each other word the intensity is almost overwhelming and the love and the happiness to be with each other is almost over yes that is really true love all the other he's our state though i think it is only our economies and our it last question then whether not your committed to that person as love not still of interest but like as a and inhabit in your your realm of truly loved ones like have what is your your village of transatlantic alliance are fully on that so so would i know the greeks s and so what you love your children why what is but your children that you love and ends with socrates said convincing way of looking at it so he said love difficult to find you have to define it s love of something wrong and what is the one thing man loves more than anything else think about it puss not can close this is part of port buzz is maybe
if of what you're trying to gain from it what is attend why would you breed you and your villages goddamn it you gotta dig deeper brow i think the next low life what is it the man loves more than anything else what does he want more nothing else was why dummy immortality rams furs exactly what you want to go wherever with no post heads your kids expression anybody worth a fuck you do you want to live forever with no pussy forever or liver hundred years and just live like jazzy on a yacht and gold underwear with dangers eyes out of danger there stood the dangers that safely fuck fuck a thousand years after years of excite so what you're saying about immortality is horseshit
mortality without pussy is nonsense immortality represent indifferent wash little in reality this enemy sweetie someone is in my circle of friends and so many offers you immortality with no pussy or a hundred years and pussy if you don't take noise number to lose my number but hold on how absurd architecture i can't work with you sir i would argue that your love of pussy might be genetically like you ve evolved to did your love was he is is your love pussy because you ultimately want to spread and for your dna offers voicing would be very disrespectful use particularly of college adequacy i meant vagina i'm talking about sexual relations are what about the game for bulgaria gave folk would be madness to actually instead of sex yes that o connor pussy because the gave forth
i came in i'm with you be excluding me i'm one tenth the population allegedly not one thirty eight percent quota sandiest russell there that is very sad eyes amis of dues get hard and they see do together you mustn't let us ensure avenant that's out her head and said i like that is the amateur but i think that the idea not being in a sexually pleasurable relationship for all of eternity that sounds stupid i just can't believe this i have studied the men and women in long term relations as you know the secret was a long turnover and illiteracy they fucked deep sexual connection talk at any other time you me i'm just friends with here we have a deep friendship you are you should want to fuck the person asian one of our successful marriages are like that why make those noise says we doing you fuck rise fingered noises
did i got a lot of slipping back here look that's what i i do does she does in all honesty if you had a choice between living like a hermit like all bullshit aside no jokes living a hermit living like someone who occasionally interacts with people but doesn't have any real deep connection with them or living like your in like a wonderful community of people that you care about and joy king in and carrying on and hugging each other laughing and joking around waking up hung over and getting breakfast together and you liver you wanna get how i want you know you're not imaginary now not clash need now you know you you know it you you know it this distinction your drawing my friend what can i get philosophical on the distinction between socrates nietzsche sovereignty said a man should have quite contemporaries body and ultimately learn to be complete template of human being just be a bring and
body is nothing new as he was dying to drink the hemlock is it why you guys crying i'm living in the shity shelf and it's all gross and i'm going onto a bed i'm going to be in the sky with all the great philosophers and then she goes yeah socrates you said that cuz you're ugly you never got laid so of course you wanted to gate turn reason into a tyrant ay said although seven deadly sins of the christians talk about like like pride there's another word right it's called self esteem self steam is a good thing and loss yeah sex is a lot of fun even though you never had sex but literally never has basically never got lay dave waxy added he might they they either got syphilis that's why died and went crazy or whose gay either way you never got light he had a giant less about nature and take a look at his moustache you stuck about masks here crazy mustache co without his nephew if need use gay brilliant motherfucker believers ground opium your life a circus and a work of art enjoy everything
and live dangerously don't be fucking in a mountain when you're in a mountain meditating its awesome but guess what you're not really engaged in the world i wish she was gay i know not actually been so many statutes there's so many dude that alike like real and grow sort of wall street cut type guys at a pro nietzsche yeah we'll be awesome nature was just like the whole time restart your ugly i'm thinking about good looking girl cox hopefully that's how they only internet joyce this the noise and when you think about him making behind the spectacles and what does the unifil mustache with a suit on he's doing this
as soon as they stop the camera thing about dick don't get you being stereotypical licking his lips slurp and you dont know look at em look at our faced that would be a dick slurp and type face things why so through his moustache went off maybe that's why has it must have in the first place a deuce can just really grab it and get all for fame aunt was asking about nietzsche like this brown nebulae his lips that international action those a lip handles he can grab a hold of them and wrap lynn handle singer and then use it just like push down on the shaft leaving our apologise on behalf of you all you need your whilst would you grow mustache in your face you no longer you know you was basically sick his whole life here
citizens hold that many dicks mail you look a lot of dixie lose way i don't know if that's true cough alot sir i don't know the candle on his upper lip girl without reason to have that whilst you grow dick handle in europe really because he's hiding behind his moustache sensitive but about a full beard like fuckin animal it's interesting some dude and special forces it's gotta let's neck handkerchief on those next shifts that was the problem is that was scars part of his speech forces mask why do so many those real bad us hasn't skies have those crazy like things around oh you mean am eleazer rose around those band anna type that you wanna though scarves i gotta have answer why ok ready i know this from my buddy rudy whereas who is reckoned guy saul action degeneration kelso why we were those things why do you
why do you wear a scarf here's why ready did mary for this all you operators out there please forgive me i never doubted legislate but just indulge me and all respect as on if i'm here and i'm shooting ok pop up up up and your next to me where are my shells gone they fuckin ha their spit now when that show lands in your neck and gets under your shirt it burns like a mother fucker pussy no you cover your neck the fire by both of you cover your neck oh are you aware that you open that motherfucker dig marching you're talkin now you tonight
burn marks of your body all over em like little fuckin rain teardrops down your chest about me and afghanistan when i went to of going to start when i went to do stand up at the constant i wore one of those and their end the special forces guy we're in the turkey does take that off i don't like us if we when i d or face going to catch fire motherfucker stick to it used to wear one of those and also its work where it s eyes at the sign what about mother fucker radical tourism things you to walk round scarf accuse arrange your true wasn't he was deafening the army we learned a box the army leave them he wasn't serious things all over the place he showed this shit about it to ashes he could wear a on his head still he signs a new five scarf deal what years this scarf deal some seconds
be click on it real he really might have finally guards he's a magazine i guarantee this joke what years us we use this article from january of this year a really handsomer than old was here do you ever you and i were i twenty years old juno united we first i'm joe and i preside we're at the embassy and he was stand there and we are likely to be snuck up and we are looking at him and yet born as news i had a weird knee his legs skinny compared to his body and heroic assessing we weren't taken in that we are looking at the whole body teenage girls look in on a rock star i never forgot their earliest days dude you and i went to one of the earliest ever you have seen what i was like i can't work for these people anymore like women doing a thing army was so well it was just you gotta call me saying you were going to announce a u s sake i remember you say do get this valuable why the fuck and people that work for news radio like the production people really what
again i'm gonna go to alabama to do this you have see things tat cage fighting they look to me like i was going to watch like animal porn trap was gonna watch some chick sucks and donkey digs buncher dues get fucked by mules and it's like literally i now there were they can we got you ruining your life and i think i'm gonna fight you and i realize asked i've ever that like to interfere with the best care to fight meeting or looking at mr monti and you said that sir what's this first marilla morality spontaneous he's sick for he was in a food there is about food laid out and i have an you just you are like that guy's one of the best jiu jitsu guys in the world and i looked at him he had that job and i was just like go on go i say fuck its diets or that's me ninety seven my long ago me the purport of the beautiful young man he was sweet beautiful skin or we train across him ices neither my full had a hare surely is starting to go the sure my best to hang on
their sharp your nose was an idea arouses my shoes knows fatter told me i was the same why i just out did already lange's radio show rounded off as he gets weird i attach a sharp knows skinny fucking neck ass we are like i'm a thick ice when we first met we're both skinny we're like twenty seven maybe eyebrow this rhenish out this morning it i'd i'd came fresh rash my olympic lifting class you know oil and left narrowed and my test as for the eu look how can help it you look at you said if you hear me and brian cowen together and brown was a poor boy do you know it's really sad about that picture i thought i was cut off back then sweet guy now but i mean in my mind i was gonna live alone i don't a rustling highschool said sir i'm emily first madman we so immediately had so much in common we start talking about martial arts why what
i wonder what you re armenian yet whenever that check was well when you said you'd you box and you do to do and you have to cause you'd be in jail otherwise i went on that guy speaks my we're both retards both people there you guys years bright look at you you ve been a dancing liquid to look at that hilarious pushups to wears her she wasn't there i am mary oh my god can't collaborators so she must have their women all fucking funny i'll tell you the wood and she's incredible folks her name i cannot believe we're getting married and final firearms find it has me looking back look at you how weird as i do that this day someone captured time i actually really happened with us i know actually there s ninety four dixie
where to find out what her name is manifold disrespect mary herbs mary i'm so sorry i'm i'm going to find it fifty and i'm sooner oh my god of small too we that's where we're meeting last airs and myself we're doing a wonderful of entertaining people she's a noticeable she's gonna shoot i was always involve town she succeeded in a funny mary masterson no but that's patriarchy son german middle smash the theory that is your back a last name master woman how can we cannot masterson could even mastermind measurement here i regard damage arusha i'm sorry mary she's very funny she's incredible that was a great care to share too she was one of these people i was so talented like i could she writes shit and she would figure i was wrong with sketch and i would be so and ah i didn't but then she was
roaming forever i didn't know i was a girl you been doing this for ever like i did never done cigarettes for civic typo comedy yes it's very different don't sketches very is a very different animal than do stand show you is written dick funny yesterday it's it's weird form a comedy those sketch all short things right and every week does the craziest thing about our law takes much worked like yeah like this propel show in a lot of his other shows they had time to develop sketches they weren't doing i'm all in front of alive audience like centre live does i have friends who have been set and that is growing schedule europe all night maybe i like it seems like while least come on phil hartman's explanation of it he said it was very like competitive oh yeah where people got real hostile with each other just it was never like a relaxed now fun environment again fact when he first came from sarah live and came over to news radio one the things what it was like a little stand office should first
and then eventually he like realised this if you aren't competing with me are not competing took a wilder really yea there was like an environment of esa now that was like super hyper competitively michael you wants it to be that way you have two compared to get your sketch on and if you don't you go away and so it very competitive atmosphere you could see it in filling in phil just relaxed afterwhile relaxed mcnerney we're not competing your fill hartman i'm some i can do that nobody even knows yeah ok we're both on a shorter you hey what's up and then he got paper and deeper to know him analysis in my non weeds working days unfortunately i wish i smoked we cause he used to love to smoke weed yeah yeah yeah yeah who smoke me after shows one down play music and go to strip clubs and he was impossible
he was a really interesting guy but not like any guy i've ever met like legitimately not like any government like he had an incredibly unique way of viewing opportunities and things one of things and how and has hidden really make it until his quite old you now it just roundly writers second city and i think he was cracked and city might have been grounding too i think you might be right but i know he was also an artist and did police playhouse you did something we play here we are not just like a painter yeah no use to make album covers and stuff like that like the geographic artist guys fascinating guy like when we first did on his radio together he just decided he want to get his pilot's license every time i talk to him homeboy and his pilot book out and be going over his fucking time with i keep costly have it on the cell imaging scenes he would do a scene and they would open up as pilots book to have sex with learning how to fly my daddy violating loved my father
i was obsessed that he got his path as i never got it i was i got an away in care that much well you know what it is meant freedom is like a leo die obviously i can say this now since as well kill them here relationship when you have a bad relationship you just want to fly or hers kids too and i want you know horrible store how does a worst and i remember talking you right after it again this is another thing where it was a dissociated is a cycle psych medicine was though laughed makes with cocaine not saying that she would wouldn't done that without anything not saying that the drugs responsible but i'm saying it's it's you how many different violent episodes are connected to cite medication yeah you're fucking with the very way that your brain interfaces with reality to think that that doesn't have consequences is absurd
its upset it's absurd and to think that you can see sort of poohpooh those consequences i correlation is not causation ok you're right you're right have you done a study to find out what's what have you dug in new energy lurked in these people you find out what there is our away even back engineer their personality before you start adding drugs is their way i do know what the difference between depression and psychotic madness is i don't know i'm not and i think that obviously the p like the guy the vaguest shooter nobody knew right if nobody knew what you just did that so there's a design line than he can cross or he's capable of doing that you don't know what that line of surrender they kill himself i point is we're not dealing with an exact science we're doing something that very so why bless this for anyone who has the don't use depending on how you react to it only reason why people are saying it's five they make money from it didn't make money from the ability obama will look how many people are being scrapped what why how did you
my exercise you didn't ok so just to go reach her all danger took a pill now everything's was to get check your hormones if you did you do anything other than a thorough medications term meditation detractors has hydrogen i want you to our jargon for six months integrated tells but can you but then again is that hypocritical shouldn't if i think coke should be auctioning should i think that people should be able to take a pill well in europe your objection to that is that there is an entire industry making lots of money and make claims about those psychotic drug those dress psychosomatic whenever the word is drugs did that maybe in many cases are not i'm sure that things i prozac and zoloft have their place yeah i'm sure they work for some people i know in fact that family member that real
i do well with annex i do as well and i know i know yes but if it's just like we'd is good for some people and other people can function i can't really functional marijuana shouted pretty good right now thank you you yes i am but but for the most far better i it depends on your chemistry in your body but i think what you are to as it there is people who get their people getting very very wealthy companies on on claims that are not measurable and not always trip there's there right but there is also the same reason why not think a nine hundred year old due to build a fuck a fifty year old lady because i think she's basically to phase it out in all this is what i think i think that people are too damn vulnerable and gullible and when you have these commercials where these people walk street and our cartoon butterflies a fly and they're all jolly and you're selling antidepressants and then you start listing off explosive anal bleeding heart blown area
just like the alien movie you take falls off your fico numb you start we reading off this thing why you're showing the same cheerful environment crazy music i think that alone shows you that there is a problem those commercials allow the fact that they exist away their structure and the fact that they have to say all these horrors fix side effects for like a man two minutes of the commercial it's a horrific side effect a giant of you like legitimately have and what its commercial thirty seconds it's entirely possible that tina those thirty seconds are gonna be the consequent yet have you taken this drug while europe king at khartoum bunny rabbits and wheat flour through the air and everybody smile and and there's a bunch of whistles and fuckin piano and it seems like anybody's haven't a grand old time and they're talking about death and suicidal thoughts psychotic episodes in
if you want to really good insight into how big farmer works red bengal dacres but pick farmer fucking time i think i'll just money and it's the same thing as all of it it's tribalism because if you could look at your team your pharmacy local team as being new against everybody else you can figure out a way to self fucked up drugs to people that really should be element i just had to say i to make money here tonight because we're doing this part guess that my entire act right now my new our is all about this and everybody you see me than knows that this is true that i want to say this because you're dogma teens and tribalism the theme of my fuckin next hour is is exactly this how we break up into teams so i just don't want to i think that my next hour has been influenced by this fuckin pot gas because i know that you're thinking about the same thing but we i think a lot of people think about this now because as we are running into this weird situation when we realise that you know are democracies
in some weird way being examined that's a big fractured is fracture there's a lot of this but it's been examined by people there looking at it from all it's different angles in another standard man right and we're looking at the foods it rush miner had and all those bernie sanders was gonna run twenty is others so much going on right now that's that's this intense at a very high level that we're all sort of like caught up in this thing trying to figure out what's what's gonna happen next also it's also we're having really trouble trouble knowing what to believe yes what right media we don't know what to believe what you believe enemy is this a bought an end well what is twitter i mean it people are saying you did something and that's it in the ground what what wow true is this and if the stores are all remarkably similar another some consistency i e charlie rose but what what are we that data is very interesting time because trans privacy
privacy is dead yet we still don't really know what to believe if i'm getting information from six different sources so whose actually telling me the truth about that person or that event to him that's the biggest that's to me and that was one of the biggest share in when you ass i d click beating us it gets real it gives me a really great cynicism and creates paranoia and creates the idea that i can't rely on any the solutions i used to be able to write and there's also been observed strategy of really inflated headlines that get altered later you know they say something completely ridiculous it's not really represented by the facts and then they tone it down when people complain they got all the initial hits nothin i first problem mrs do you can swear vote by saint floating things anonymous year and then
by the time it comes out that it's bullshit well you you ve lost what's also dirtied name stuff after important values like the patriot act are you suck how'd you vote against a patriot patria patria exactly like that's rude of course that's rude that's a rude dirty trick like it's about seventy two to point that out somewhat i thought of it had any balls like that was on the second floor david from the editing and inevitable called dont think of an elephant i think it was called working i was ass we need i read that a long time ago but he basically talks about how language if you learn if you learn how to manipulate language it is very bad sure you will it's really sing i read as follows interesting things about like our population do you know that eighty eighty two percent of americans can't name one living scientist yet if you ask eighty two percent of americans will say that politician should be talking to scientists they're dead there even though it
they can't name one living scientists like neil digress thyssen or stephen hawkins lawrence grasped that they say time there is a deep now only mistrust but also respect for science and others pay you visions listened the fuckin xyz if there's if there's a weapon out there that can if there's technology can reduce saw the dust listen those guys at the same time i find it very interesting that science is still being questioned like there's really questions on the right about the science behind climate right what do you see what happened recently was in texas the recent rash of earthquakes i tweeted about it today directly connected frankly i'm sure a hundred percent but but what i was always things at both sides eleven rights being of tribalism laughed doesn't want to hear anything about the differ the scientific difference between men and women that would be an especially when you start talking about transit the difference between male and female brains because what happens if your james animal is that
but if you give them a choice between women are of take them to their biology and ultimately are not a our old female will look at the face the human face the boy will look at the moving object what about lesbians loving heart is rather room like leather tusk era that story with a mohawk today's that i dont whether with theo van haircut dreamer one pinky tusky darrow came to tell us i do there was out of town member this winter based on how for example forty year old a forty eight month old infant female and a forty eight month old male will look at two if you give them a choice between looking at something moving and a human face typically female the forty eight hour old female will look at the facts is the human face the boy will
look at the moving object what about lesbians is rather room like leather truscott era that story with a more hawk be days that i dont worry that with your von haircut damer one pinky tusky darrow came to tell us i do and there was out of town member this winter they did a thing when you get to learn at how do you hear me i'd hammer that when the same age we had to learn in high school has good take keep task a barrel get along and once you learn it you'll learn how do one side are we fifty or wife whose at your now now that's a new checked that's her that's which desk at era while its and she looked like whether dusky darrow hats leather goods narrow and then there was pinky yeah pink what do you think he was like a little tougher surely a pink level jacket
no she had her shirt legacy world humans hot mega dirty mama damn right she was up answer who with her with funds and let it by what i went nice guy and the planet might be henry winkler i've madam he such as we doll he's a sweetie is a beautiful man he's a really really nice guy yes i did kevin james went with him you did die could not of a nicer you know we're supposed to duke kevin can wait they offered me a part but i was in new york and i couldn't do it i was why are you carrying excuse is not about our guide as annexes i feel backed i miss kevin i guess we have you talked to let me know i have loved i awoke and legal remedies on that sharing ashes backed his new wife did happen scientology earlier when you mentioned farmin did some album covers i found this asia due to view heard have you charles mass and song he did get steely dan what yeah what
what else you ate album covers designed by learning from america s reign cocoa which from i can now he was ass a man did you hear that the fires theatre fighting clowns yes damn i want to get a printed that go back to that see if we could find a printed that fireside theatre for yeah well yeah let's get up then put it up in the studio did you learn charles manson's song don't hear about jerked after some maize sir sir please finally may i am five or to truly matthew hey hey you're garbage man he legally media player matter we hear that's right baby without a dvd or do you blew do you do is amazing the deck i got so many people to follow him but that's a thing like
nine hundred year old people would not follow charles man's man subject but the matter here opium anywhere but that's the whole reason why lie right we're infants wages infants with a very short lifetime allow quick let me just imagine if people are to have a look at a person from my eighteen hundreds when the first start inventive photographs you see a twenty five year old like someone got his own death penalty so they looks as though weathered they look like they're just it had been the most of europe when they were topics with their debt relatives oh you there's you now and this is my care they i'll die patients having militias womb those people they died quicker they look shit what have you lived here is this what i think about our learning about developing amateur understanding i feel like i'd be like all right well i guess start the drums and then the guitar and then the piano and our master those as well and i would just figure out all the skin skills i've master tell you what you would be at eighty or eight hundred years old you believe
in the castle and you will basically be having young ladys come to the castle and give them seminars and they had actual authoritative joy you're alive well all the woman's your eight hundred and three other causes far can still be like spiritual but i'm really religious i do not want to do i need to know why i just thought be an awesome sex stopping awesome i think that's a crockett shit designedly people don't want to fuck wouldn't do it's gonna bleed me too what do you look like to sir i loved was gonna like dixon mouse wheel it's gonna be boring well ok maybe boat i don't see any evidence i've seen any evidence that's real think you making things up and i'm not really interested in talking about this so i find i you're fuckin appeal and are exhausting and their bang
you hang onto your opinions are exhausting and therefore has a you hang i don't you run with them but i go now not fit the base living here's the thing is like there's this idea that this like some higher level of thinking and there's like based physical pleasures that's not real you have a hundred years and then you're dead so you're supposed to have dialogue you gotta have years just because you enjoy some very intellectual pursuits it does not mean you should enjoy get you drink on every now and then or doing something stupid or being silly or sacks or anything women just save our friend in both these areas self right now if i put your twenty five year old or you're twenty euro body right there what would you say to yourself right now bitch really answered i'd say you're figured out how to make mistakes year eat what you're gonna learn from someone you never gonna learn from them sitting down saying listen you gotta learn from me where you going
for someone is by example were utilised for someone is by someone out there like following a lead that you know is difficult in achieving the tensions that you think are very hard to achieve an you watch nigger ok what you gotta do is getting a comfortable be an uncomfortable you got a great you teach you gotta bear down your work harder than the honest to get very honest with yourself about how are you working and that's what a lot of people are not doing that you learn and everyone has slip a job until you punch in the face of much someone's going to show you how to do it but to really learned to the point where it's a part of your normal patterns yes there are certain things that happen to people where you you see them like slow either hips back that's a guy's been kicked in the study ass i can
wrestling with raw materials at times yet where where everything you do as a reaction you don't think about it but she sent for sure those pathways carved in and by the way those pathways to be really shitty to russia shitty pathways carved into your head that then ensure your failure ensure your failure should ensure yours is your questioning yourself and also blaming a bunch of other people you gotta like you don't like people supposed to edit you supposed to i d like to make a document is was to edit when you write a book you shoulda attic thoughts i gotta kansas let em all run wild right you can't because that some of whom are really like an impulsive and there the not well fabricated and if you try to defend those fuckin stupid thoughts you're gonna be like what we're i met with conspiracy and learn what not to listen to were that's u other thing now not all fucking ideas are on the same plain that there are a lot of people you shouldn't be listening to guess and if you want to be really good at something find the right tutor there's big differences in half ale could there oh and
now if you want to learn how to kick box or whatever that dude over their ran right yeah you can in while you have you have they mean that baby good good guy i didn't and to deliver is really important is you know it's interesting now is that people don't have access to good guns tootles still have access to on line times you got you got you gonna gracie university you tube hansel gracie giving you little thing i'm kinda bravo as is all system tenth punch justice systems all available online can learn all the moves and if you're in a small town any has over i want to say go to transplant jujitsu dot com ten planets aid i want to say he has more than eighty students or excuse me more than eighty studios worldwide he has more than eighty schools so out there and they put a lot of the data of the stuff there doing stuff there we're gonna drills and things lot online yeah at amazing how many what does it say look at the fuckin
that's incredible success sun tan planet good the cities there i'll be licence that is making money trust me we'll talk later look at this though look at this this i mean this is insane that's amazing he's he's gotten huge accomplishment z a crazy number of people that follows maybe he is right about conspiracy now based deftly right about jujitsu the capture of things another one lucky he claimed that for a long time is still so put something up on its history and page i know why he believes that because it doesn't believe in a government but my position is i get that and i don't i don't trust a lot of people either but you have to trust me people that are scientists that are all agreed that if a fuckin jet engine that's heated up goes through condensation at a certain atmosphere that creates article the cloud being responsive to evidence it is in its also like you you you can't you can't mark that
so very important if you're gonna get anywhere with any violence on your rest and in your hand and you're gonna submitted to it like this this is their science that measurable size that works like so the size it goes and dear earphones that goes into the vaccines and antibiotics are beyond your black biology the science that gets food fresh food in front of you all that shit is is your benefiting from that usually the size you don't believe in it the same size your actually using to speak into well that's a yeah that's the argument word having it's it's so ridiculous at anybody would have an issue with the higher mines in the world deciding whether or not things are real and things are not real and what is and what isn't playthings so if you are using theirs was there and i don't know what he believes we could sit down and talk to me about it but my point about all it was that the very genius that allows him to lecture shut down jujitsu attacks like you to recognise jujitsu attacks is like well this is a valid to now is
shut up shut down and move forward and one of the reasons why so good a digital he so good at it it's because he doesn't like recognise your attack valid cash shut down and moose it's really interesting because he's an undeniable eddie bravoes an undeniable jujitsu genius i've found in our own eyes and saw very short he's crazy i'm very sorry to say that i have some shouts i've and he i when they gave me a lesson in if so awesome is about if i went to seattle in school you know he's the only gonna you have seen and has a submission i think maybe one of the person might have it now but for the law this time he was the only guy that'd about a triangle rear mount submission where he got a guide he got tony franklin and he got his back and when you flattened somebody out and you have someone in a body triangle it so fuckin brutally painful that tony frequent tapped it was a first guy ever to tat from body triangle and i'm
but i watched him do that i was like oh wow because i knew that that hurt but but somewhere tat from an eu seafarers i've worked guideline me he's probably forty three forty four now and he said you remind me to school i was a silk did anyone to teach me tricks and just like in close fighting bach dirty boxing and we put he put vastly now my eyes what's going on here here see it gets a body triangles last ass tap and god he's awesome is so brains he's such a great guy look at em tristram chile is about mother fucker he's gonna rooster tattooed on really as he does it was funny because when we came to my show and then the next day i was gonna bring with them and he had put greece him and we're just do a little things gloves and when you it's for a man like me for a man like me who is basically a hundred pounds and nothing about
when you feel that a man who's been thrown bodies round his whole life and punching and it's been his life and he's always fibre to twenty maybe two thirty and he s a little heavier than when he's to fight but did that its strength ambitious the density of his body as your fuckin trying to do anything they just moves you he can shocks you around with fighter you humbling and he super technical terms fuck you sir i've and was a super superman attack as it has a picture of him also has a picture of him and morey psmith being held court and me with charlie murphy charlie murphy is explain something called the chicago ridge hand that's like a technique karate too the people aren't using enough an ever may is kind of right it's a rich hand is where you would hit someone with society or handy ever know ridge andy or practice karate move you another judge i don't know shit karate move is a ridge hands like this this is eddie murphy
that's ivan savary to the right to table in the black bald headed duties more psmith come you got to bad mother to killers at the table and then come on back behind this all the on this side of it but it was charlie murphy explain in job don't know shit about the chicago and hydrogen a cloud charley was hauled in court charlie what's so funny like i don't think people that never got to hang with charlie ever really get to understand a funny charley was i recently rate storyteller is amazing storyteller but here this would hold court and you would let him you'd father ground laugh and he was just a great he was great at like being in the guy who told the story the best and i had the but it didn't trend lateness stand up is much is it europe and this is what i think happened i think he jumped and stand up like way too work and was headlines like really early
do like the whole thing like we all did like do the open mike nine or ten start do know dude he was head lining like that charlie mighty from the chapels so here i am done stand before she had never done stand i can't do it so he figured had a way i mean he did it any figure but i don't think he ever i think if you would allow charlie murphy develop the way we all dear yes from open micro to middle act headliner to hold tat he would have been a world class sassin here and he know he died is still a very funny comedian news headlines all with a world did you know you sick when you were hanged no he was in sick when i was hanging out with a hidden leukemia sometimes that all happen after after i'd say am i had seen him in a while he did my podcast in like two thousand i wanna say and twelve somewhere around there may be thirteen hey man now my friend freeze love
did you hear me eddie murphy yeah meddling in hawaii once just randomly as funny who's the craziest thing ever psyche knows who i am what this is all do it he goes you're funny mother fucker what it's down grandma hand he grip funny mother body whose merited whitney houston but i am came up to me the other day in the com is torn tomes crazy brown can that's me i was i was get my ticket flying out flying from the camera were came up any goes you're funny dead man you make me laugh alot new shape my aunt adeline rice who has as until somebody comes that you know that was rather go i don't know that was bobby braddock a fact that he looked familiar and then we sat a second certainly in size to patty key did you know
he was the first due to direct the microphone on the side of his face his headset son he heads for bob your login round and even dance included forget it it's for bobby brown he was like push the technology right and they could to retire to start doing onstage really and i said no no this does it still i think he has very little microphone does the whole thing walks and talks like this have you you ve done like letterman there brown for headset son i'm in your eyes are rich he was is he still super rich must be one of my accountant luther picture him with a headset on going without another word that the do this is like a guy if you were trying to get your eye mac fixed and yet a call india please look please leave it out it on my right there you tell me what i can tell you tat you talk that tank tabar and you guess you got that i got off your shoulders or big by the well that's where is it
a point if i was sure isn't look it does offer artists bands whilst jim responds on unless you are there to stop their hands on gal sweaty when you know when you have lou bolivia hands doesn't get in your elbows right here to have right can have ludovico black brown don't be mad we just joking around i'm a big fan and big then my pocket a bitch us right now rate falcons on its an amazing shit about motherfucker but that as the gatt aware like but not only about anybody recognize me i love it waving route i am not of course celebrity come on buddy entirely sameness you hurt my feelings what you're cool celebrity thanks buddy if i wasn't friends if you decide to be friends i hear your attitude among young man like you silly camera he had done that's what i'm i'm serious be looking for to hang out with you explain my pleasure i appreciate
about your dates which of our colleague own up albeit cobb's december seven eight nine that the schomburgh improv this can after december what fourteen fifty sixties from sicily hum and you guys please goes brand job my brother built in the night nato will you i see a wilbur women will it asked in boston night january nineteenth jerry brennan shop the over theatre named the quality you have say don't mess it he's doing good stuff in these very is is right in all kinds of finance so people ask me if i'm doing stand up the night before that you have said no but i will be if the usa but maybe behind our brendan data be heckling maybe i'll open for a little fuck in due time maybe deal a fifteen minute so talked about jokes albeit to a couple jobs would do a couple jokes i don't know i'm plan right now plan a guy like an old guys i voice
how does the extraordinary army were hanging now we're the other part contain who else is there crystal no you shot job and someone else so i was really funny to now quite a few seconds line up it's the same tripoli show comedy cow hasn't yeah he's gotta he's got a very good line up i think this one or two other comedians on edge operators in the house my main man someone else will be based shit philippe come and he's amazing diesel areas than those of the other two of those really ready at nine a brother their great goddamn line up i think of the city sides if there is real o elder eleanor kerrigan very funny labelling is one the funniest people live in of whose to be a waitress gems awake the comes to a four year yup and she was a girl that i would go to when something they would tell me tell me tell me the sky's really funny i go illinois that got really funny to go walking hack
what a wonderful human being and reminds me of the women in my family so i very soft spot for question time and i think is assessed barks varnishes time either where lover that's beautiful gestures irish the names of arrogance joe actually had married isn't a merry name though i feel issues time nokia eleanor kerrigan tonight she's from the she's when the italian side of our what this is not real euro real they eleanor's anytime nobody appreciates dahmer rare more than the irish there's over their data around dollar seven that we're talking i submit divert auguries young very pretty girls at the upstairs factory and is taking this next daphne this others those girls good looking and others
you couldn't telling us now i mean at that age you know another young they can have a goat head i'm still attract dom ira is a guy that still swinging like we all have this idea that a certain comedian age i can you get into six he's not new material anymore always right and killing he's always killing and he's killing many sits next year who pull over next the ngo looking requires like this violent way does like there's no way the right thing though it's a magazine because i didn't set a dumb really well wherever he goes back money this is why i didn't know one thou go where what's our diet in order like about you is a committee as i why
exciting is you don't really go for the latter has her flock that's where he lives he lives in the joking with other convenience dahmer where in my opinion is the best guest ever until tony heresy on territorial i'm sure he's great he's magical he's magical like i've done it with him he's magical diseases or professionally funding is so professionally funny but also there's a bunch of comedians that he's making laugh like that's what dahmer eric liked best at so its mean hammond red ban and tony and then the comedian does the sab than the audience were kommeni nerds so it's like dahmer airs just common in their fuckin with guns loaded pooh yeah yeah yeah that's it he's like i've got an arsenal you have i i was tony s go out far everybody else say that too ty show is dahmer rare is there and then another guest
we don t really have on the fire and the kid i don't even have a mere ass i am no long term where he couldn't make it came out it was i gotta get a model for love and whose release favour guest for us on the fire and unfettered kid miles famagusta don't tell me what's his keep this i don't i don't even i guess somebody asked them into question open only answer does one rules people just kind of like just don't come what a play out they didn't no they're doing they might have we haven't after if i don t right now i'm gonna die how do you not have to pay people are huge bladder gratitude here my he's got going it cannot be right that jamie out about lebron james i dont tell me tell me jamie sir no sneaker he does have a new seek her out do they have one every season yes he's got two different pairs he also has its own imprint labour
nike which is born may sponsors ohio state that's like conor macgregor starts koper moaning with you see look takes the next level did you hear anything about conor yesterday rumours are not were gone to a fight and when a pub or something an area month random shit about others even accurate and that's the problem with keeping a real like a real and hang with people eventually sums going test you someone like you were when you were to money in our major enough talk car was into that i assume he wasn't because he's a winner but mandate absolutely can happen if you want to be out there again hashtag keep it real balance it has tabled i mean he's he's walking around with more expensive watches these beauty david august suits on yours is tailored suits everywhere has he superman of shoes and watches manila lambeau their driving around ireland to lots point now that's good boy your point is born
i wonder what did it take him i mean now that he had that big crazy fight at the fight we jumped over the phone and pushed referee mark goddard what would it take to get him back in a cage now like one of its gonna be fines and suspensions i one what the fuck is going to happen quite fascinating but tell you one thing he makes things fun he does it makes things fun ask adele who is hidden a heavy bag he should say they know fight asked delay but only of oscar agrees to wear a skirt yoda worse and you gotta where fish that stockings i'll fuck if i think there's anything still see i've heard rejoins is still trying to fight silver sat on those three that it's gonna be innocent does not take their bait average owns i mean you see what happened when floyd fought connor and conor prime you and i'm not that right johnson is probably still very actively still fights roy works out all time and he knocked out some amateur by sir and may fighter last year he had some
some fight number that like there was like a contest to see who gets to fight him he kayo that guy with one punch a and get suspended fergus energy is gonna be suspended for quite a while we once if if indeed is guilty let me just a preface to if he indeed is guilty and they they don't have any reasonably is not what you're on what are you that is the move for economy greater should define many pack out i've already to antwerp made of gold and feel able diamonds hereby interests while until i get tired of doing it today on carbon dioxide me fuckin drinking during can share is he thought i was asking her drink can gunboat follow viagra agora shoe gothenburg go and make my way the pullman just taught shootin rounds off has now havana that's good
o connor macgregor nice and that is a good a lucky charms i would hire the most beautiful huge volleyball player women it is carry me everywhere just get giant super athlete women just carry you everywhere do you think he fights tunny ferguson as he that's the moon many pack used to be not the move but i think tony ferguson like i think eddie bravo had a real good point about it when he and me and brendan talked about it i think tony ferguson is the right move as far as for this the fans i think over many yeah yeah buildings are smart i think if we want to do a boxing ass the real smart move be fine i may find inside a boxing match a year but i think that have even armagh amend our fight you really gotta see a big fight somebody else first and the natives fight although it could be huge nature find anybody right now i would what i would like right now this method a thing native nay comes back at fight someone and winds conner
someone and wins connor's a boxing match they have a huge ever may find after that can huge god dammit i mean three million paper view buys huge gigantic chinese guy s for some kind of greater yes that's the fights gotta get through but that's a big fight he might not even have to get through that if he can lose but lose an a respectable manner like lose a very close i've round decision were it's like a nail biter where at the end of the rhine and no tony ferguson the girl connor's like flock and then there's like controversy india i thought conor one and the people that dependence will debated online if didn't lose a fight like that yes but of tone like them up crack some doors choke some puts amount the first round and then spit on his dick yea then the neighbors fight is worth a lot by it he can do that he's he's so loved by ireland that he could almost do anything
don't call me said this to me we're out of fight it was in between our was doing stand up thing we're like you know they set you up at the microphones and give your now so about the upcoming main demand that kind of shit and we're looking at each their negroes he doesn't lose anything when he loses because that's was crazy because he loses a fight in the support is exactly where is if not more misery he's can never seen anything like it why did they applauded courage he's just so brave like you just put on the line is definitely that is deaf accept what he says is true definite crazy the fact that he can back in beaten egg as i said the brennan after i saw lose prism ago nature too wait for you to make came back beaten and then and then knox out in first round not already avarice second second let em up its first round believe things is wasn't it wanted second round once they made it to the amount there are quoted in this vast namely man it's like to see him come back it up
what they apply just his courage in spirit it's also is he's a great shit talker yes that's a big party s he's under listen to hold a full dress is that of the way the rest is tudor etc we need to find a one seventy there is well you say that but got a new nutritionist and korea was telling me that he's haven't way less problems wait now he's crazy i've known you know it's not ok now that he's in the one seventies now really yeah that he's like way lighter now that he's ever been any time close to a fight and that here have we less problem megan waive this fight and i ve got him on a very strict nutrition ritual yes because he's fighting understated talent his team in my co work danny arme tells me i'm just afraid of look at china to fifteen have this year about him yes hosting oarsmen ingram doesn't make no mcgovern off bigger europe works now it never like he looks lay dead look posted a picture
of him training with a copy of it i was like who's the giant stud he's one the most impressive grapples of ever seen in eminent yeah it's military to take guys who are very good you know it well dos santos into sir rag doll he's his wrestling is it is it is its thumbing its different yes because i think dose andrews is better now than it was during that fight but it doesn't matter sick with the way you did a tumor like man it there's levels where it's hard to tell them it may be a striking involved when striking evolved you don't get to see the pure grappling but what i was seeing when i see is pure just pure grappling i was strength endurance technique it was just like thirty percent like their stacked up a normal commercial gets hold of you you i'm getting a mafia locally javert via nobody gets immobility size of copyright yeah but
i'd be the camera angle but it could be but he's in oh he's in front and but he's you know he's not cut and wait right there or is it is you know half way into the game he's amount demand he's hiding he does really well seventy two that's all i'm saying he posted sometimes instagram is show you why mother fucker so hard and while the speed from dagestan so hard repose the summons instrument one of his friends had been tortured now posted foe of his friend who in his stomach cut open yeah posted on his interest in is instagram this this guy this too photos theirs photo and then there's the next one and this guy stomach cut open it were tortured him about something and there's a translation you can now translate all of it but it has something you know him saying that some was wrongly creek cues they were trying again to confess but the point is this is a you have seen number one contend or at least number two in the lightweight division one was tasked activision the world and he's posts stuff on his page about how hard his invite
man is that's where i was drunk or being tortured get he's when gets in their his mind me you're you're fighting literally fighting like he calls himself the eagle he's like a fucking yes i mean he's fucking ferocious when he gets in there and he's at a level of grappling like man he's been doing his whole like crazy and eta in hence super primal level in also intense real technical super knowledgeable about wrestling jujitsu its emissions i didn't daniel said i didn't like it wrong they like they basically tussle for fifteen minutes damn daniel olympian yea said his hand fighting with him and shit so like he's a beast for of the beast when you see him get a guy like michael johnson down the ground and just own him he owned
and it was saying come sorry got to do is to you may we go to tat i need my title shot areas has been fuck out of a man who just holding him down a pounding on it was really hard for me to watch is one thing i'm like i'm unpressed with michael johnson's complete unwillingness to tap just just like beat me up beat me up was all right and through it and then events the key word but it was this ruthless was ruthless and the can all that he had on him to his arm tied up is beating the shit out of walls like wow this guy's this their certain positions we see a guy so much better at a guy that he's not dead then a guy that the guy is holding down just not gonna get up recycling it up so matter time for its beaten unconscious at a younger age assembly when shock or it gets on top of your get you down we do know unless
about your romero year will see later yet see how he's got his right arm tied up yet clamped down his wrist and his right arm became eu became a one armed defensive guys two guys been finalized hole like wrestling his whole i so thanks details it's fucking details out whereas hips are it's all the minutiae the microbes movements it is that any any ways he probably physically ways three hundred pounds sumptuous like those wrestlers like that like you know they do new when you tussle with a guy's been doing at his whole life he can make em we can we can tap you if your regular guy by putting his weight on you have to i guess just tap was additional which been askern is gonna be in the park ass a morgan now been astern gonna get him out finally a bit better ball rider killer for several years not technically dick rider ballroom or of a bar data so deep in nuclear matters your writings trans over there i write
hold on balls and look up at the moment is he way what is he's waste sites in one seventy ok let's have another if arbitrary fifty he cut some way for sure but i don't know cuts lot await you mean is not where the bayer guys in the division is a super technical is wrestling whose his where'd you learn well he's a fucking serious world class amateur ressler i mean daddy knows yeah behind that it wishes to kids now ben askern pull up then ask ruins record he could see his collegiate wrestling record here a fuckin manslaughter powerful mozilla look at that a few pull up his record those wikipedia record and he doesn't work with a lot of duke rufus guys to hear has always been a corner mad i seen him at usc yeah he just had he had some sort of an issue with post let the careers like what is left the games he was in beijing
what did he went in the olympics in law one anyone ones that what it says for phenomenal i mean just phenomenal and retiring undefeated as its marsh artist he just i think it has been a ok i think that was his main his retirement fight when in other contexts after the olympics to dave salt memorial internationally one probably near probably defeated a solar maoists and other continents go to as emma make rear because i must see who we just beat for his retirement fight you just retirement fight she knew yogi who at one in time was one of the most exciting submission guys the world and he was currently ongoing ideas rate right immediately after the attack by nicholas maybe eastward tights that's still far though you see i was recent yogi just thought better i didn't want i have decided not to ask who still fighting oh yes you have this is it
retirement fight you just how like just had at last week why i sent him a congratulations and i said mister parker he's gonna does to hear the twin brother or am i think the matthews using and values i invite you to have a twin brother too might as well and but let me ask you this does why was he's doing do you know he's doing apparently there really excited about his progress in oh he was in a coma for quite a while from the apparent we are saying is that he thought that he can make it across the tracks and then if you wait the train tastes like ten minutes to go vagina strain so he took a chair as any hit some gravel and you know you saved me sire i worked with them on warrior and you know you said to me what he has just like and put my shoes on put my own shoes i am seventy you can see where we are signed by had petrol he worries about he should he should you know and towards the end of his career he developed a compromise chin its best way
put it like you could see it doesn't everybody japan not as yet have rebound us everybody does chuckled down who the probably one of the great challenge of all time he exhibited later and collects conduct shots what does your body goes up i've been here before i see a letter and shut it down and a guy who is just rock solid for real just as chocolate bow he just a walk through bombs guys just throw bombs army walk through at the end of his great could not do that anymore so interesting how you're how light on fighting makes you more fragile yeah i mean you bodies is not designed for the many that eyewash ray of his face and his micro fractures all through his face mamma said and the doktor said is very common fighters in football players jews courier just microchip cracks all through your man must of course you think about brennan sporran chain car when all times get mugged haven't getting punched full on and having his nose shattered by croak up it was an elbow here
still coming back lamb chops it took some good shots roma big country before he got hit me here aren't i fight what omen roswell killed on big ban he's another guy would have won him he got caught with something right may i ask and does not have a twin rome i know your brother other does that's from brothers i think one of the things that i mean we're talking about in these the fuckin ass aids that we're dealing with today you now he talking with like what there experiencing i think with medical science i'll bet and fifty sixty years we're gonna be looking back and they're gonna be gone god damn and these people could even take blah blah to fix their problem they couldn't even go to blah blah blah machine to fix their brain dataset have bad brains meant
robert suppose you said in your part guest lasting he said if i was amazing since we learn more woody things they haven't setting in my twenty thirty when he has really got my god look at the way we treat it for who killed and who did things that were impulsive they their brains were just fucked up in that fix him will not just that he he was not just talk about their brains being fucked up saying that the idea of free will is a ridiculous concept its ingrained in the psyche of the american people in particular as a christian i yeah but also that you as a scientist the way he looks at things when he's boiling things down to the fuckin the very tom level he's essentially saying that your behaviour has been determined by your environment by your genes by your experiences events by all
the things that you are pre frontal cortex may develop because you were poor and under a lot of stress you may also decision as lack of nutrition and they got the guy who kid i've ankara i was talking about that the young girl had two kids with our own sure starting freight in yours father said that he had a motor cycle accident it was a normal kid banana motorcycle action is never the same here whole personality that's the keenest and story chasing got hit by a truck kennison was one kid sam can got hit truck names like out loud that kick in over genuine opportunities your personality sometimes was fastening jerking off in euro now fast that would be to change your person would be traumatic for a little bit dies a little tell you end up liking it but here's what really changes you're having a heart operation that makes sense what was so weird though you know you and operational your heart and it changes your whole personality well there's one thing about the door
two more gordon you know mark or he actually did a paper on post traumatic surgeries like open heart surgeries and the effect it has on depression and perhaps suppression of your bodies ability to produce hormones there's something about being under anesthesia for long periods of time with very key located operations at least people uniquely depressed afterwards and use he was telling me about this after the whole robin williams things happen because williams got sick he added a condition he had heart surgery in any eventually one of committing suicide and he's i'm not saying it's the court is the reason why robin whims did that but there is absolutely some connection show tween this compromised hormonal system and depression and between a compromise hormonal system and long operations while under anastasia knows why
have you had a lot of guys on about the gut biome oh yeah and how that affects europe do from having people from having criss cross or on the last time he was on i change i'm eating like four cans of kim she a week a really big asked hands man i mean fermented cabbie ass course because you're an extremist jiffy that raise listen may look at me right now you'd delay just because fucking came she's gonna be doesn't mean you have the that much ground all the time i always you're the you're the extreme can you have a little bit like the way the koreans due for pretty good i know but yea the fucking guy he gets a baby's of information i held just eat i really balls again j i play video games hours ivan ain't it i fainted i never do that by a bone broth and kim chuck coarser due course it and i put up a narrow sauce and bone brought a surprise sweat beads switch off my ball had his poor
in due course and i mean spicy kim chee and drinkin smokescreen to extremists forever now no no he's in love of mortality tones germany mortality is what he loves you out until the lights go off this motherfuckers go and good does this regime this engine is per annum corner and everything's they said i you know i think if you think i didn't have a long conversation with mr just indeed who is no he's trainer was and he's mr olympia guy he lay trains all those guys i talked to him for law cut to the chase eagle fill out you'll just do not feel just in these echo just in right now kinda machine so like argo and his is greece beautiful wife i had a deal is never foreign the olympia she had i will kill you looks amazing and i went i want a brow let's cut the chase you know everything about nutrition and everything about way lifting there's no doubt about how to build muscle he's a fucking genius talking about to your team
because i'm fifty and its get no point we're ominous start myself up when it so we had a long talk don't worry about it the point is i beseech doktor first look at her eyes see me really has no should we say you don't mention on our aid not afraid you better not first vaska gulf a boyfriend excuse you wouldn't even talk about giant man dozens of aid mary throb it just cowan our respects irian jaya these polar pictures brow i wasn't looking houses or back pine judge done and i am looking girl looking to get someone else biased waves doesn't mean you have to set up a best son of a bitch probably an orchestra is only just wanna lighted is the real problem with social justice more movement as they eat there
to try to take away any sort of blame on themselves i do think they left the illiberal left is not that is lost all sense of humor you can't be funny you gets antony i predict that this is the inevitable demise of a vast majority many of the college's in this country either and the people are eventually going to learn how to fish our communities and learn on line vibration minnow jonathan night is creating the heterodox academy know about this now so journals ice ghana is a fucking giant jonathan ida kebby believe you have an avalanche package he's a giant he wrote the happiness hypothesis lily fitness room yes his brain might not though and he based please columbia university and he was like this place you got students can report you blindly and you get caught up in front of us ever any appropriations all its seventeen to one usually like seventeen seventeen too hard core liberal sort of if this in one conservative to ever do these colleges i brown and colombia
and he's you said this is orthodox thinking it so bad that they have created say spaces where you're not even allowed to hear the other side because it might be violent is worrying too much so he said i'm really is jonathan height h a i d you have to have my various he's a fucking he's genius and he's awesome in every way and he's so important as a thinker he's been he's one of the more influential think as in the past thirty years really yes basically proving that intuition and that your your feelings control so much you are thinking he's a fucking genius social science anyway that's my jobs and i m glad it s talk about but powerful shut out the java night but he created the relax academy he's like this orthodox thinking is fuckin you know is not good for anybody it's when what we talked about earlier its people being tribal idea
we need i sex do member that thing university missouri without woman that i was an asian youngster photographer and this woman came over and she was yelling in him to stop taking photographs they had created a safe space and then she said guy gets a muscle over here take this photographer out is like this is like the first amendment he's like that i need freedom of speech freedom of the press i insist i'm taking photographs like there's an event that happen on public property here like what are part of the school i'm being hired do because she's so she comes to living them she she's a woman she had attacking them joining a child at ministerial she's a professor in training of cabin crews anybody literally raise anybody comes over his look she looks like a fanatic needs well so crazy she's not very smart
she got caught up in the moment you know that's really what it is more than anything she probably thought she could get away with doing that she didn't realize crazy it would seem on camera saying i'm i've got some i need to get some muscle over here she gonna researchers so she's thinking the same way the that are intolerant thinking she say methodology your brain works assembly you're you're in the way to get you out of the way why says goes you not a believer note point try to convert you i'm gonna shoot your cut you off because it's the same mentality you're totally right you totally right say methodology and its also like she's in a heightened state right she's in combat state she's immediately argumentative the guy's got a camera honour because nobody anybody who disagrees with theirs region evil and foster the enemy racist acts of xenophobia and when you sending out when you hit somebody with racism your racist or sex is what you do is you shut down the whole debate because you just you just label this very complex human being with all kinds of emotions who goes to some days i'm having a moment i fuckin hate everybody rather data
love everybody everybody then you hey black people than european cinema what if i was an android age bombers manner day i care about terrorists and their mothers narrowing and you know it depends where we are but when you brand somebody we do as you go your racist you said one thing cigarettes now i'm an inflate that i'm in a blow that i'd like a big boulogne and fucking strap it to your face and you are out the conversation wherever you'd have or cause you're my competition that's right your ideas europe ideas might be threatened to me more important there actually they create violence towards me there for i need to say space oh and by the way i have all the answers my site is rooted in the truth and love plus crabs in a bucket trying to push those other perhaps down so i can make my way to the tippit interpolate i love crab metaphors goddammit best way to do it is to call other people racist that's it enables woke me what what immediately give people on there he'll put what racist what
what your sex has told me yo well what'd i say when i raised his eyes were travel right that you think there's a psychological audiences to saxon that is patriarchal in another sound ah there's no by logical basis for sex not hormones now that's why chromosomes now you are saying that on ironically in two thousand seventeen there saying we're on a regular basis really yup gap as well the jordan petersen discussion city had it with some and offers a man who became a woman or woman became a man but she was a professor he eyes a professor of medicine now professor university toronto professor unlike transgender studies eliza saw the debate as a whole area debate
she sent is no sexual or by over five years is no different ideas i probably let misconception i think that there is a difference between a male and female does viet doesn't exist that those though no biological biological basis for genuinely cool but good book baboon ok but if you go through the paupers and you say i want a boy puppy and they give you a girl puppy what do you say you say well there's no biological basis come up to our electorate in parallel to that became a wise and was a competitive power the first man copyright there because she is a woman she's always been a woman sorry don't be a piece of shit she's a woman now nano now she's always been a woman just now she has to express herself at the most unique way is not used or when she was even a shared annexed by crumbs dick and choose competing emancipation she was tom she was a woman is so transfer work i can barely handle i just asked a question man she is her authentic self ok you get out of here for your when you talk to
ray from only by people that a retarded yeah exactly i feel most trans gender people would be very reasonable and not be a budget transgender people come to see me in the eye socio data gimme hugs their super sweet love that they said with the trans community loves you got love you guys like there's a lot of chance people by the way that were upset at that whole bruce jenner caitlin general bumpy asko they like this is not who we are here you just one attention examine your card ass yet exactly it being all male card ass she became a chick settle the right you know there's a lot of people who felt certainly also when they found out that bruce jenner then became caitlin jenner and then after that didn't believe in gay marriage so fuckin reared think we're done he gave you just crazy you can you can be a boy who wants to be a girl or girl once be a boy doesn't mean you're smart doesn't mean you're smart and that's a prob that's a problem and if you are an intelligent person than transgender community you dont want that
you're ultimate representation they don't you just don't you don't want someone's got that much of a contradiction where they may ask him about a one of the most crazy things he said is like well of all print personalized like what why that's ridiculous you're a man became a woman that's not traditional you don't believe in gay marriage with that's even dumber because we you're talking about changing biology and yours let some band made bull shit fuckin thing called marriage that guy shouldn't be able do they love each other but you should be able to be a girl shut the fuck up makes me angry makes me angry so it's a giant meaning that i and rubbing my eyes could not on how to respond to insanity z only time i've ever seen ellen go after somebody really ellen had caitlin general her showed she actually went after no sir i said her name is gendering some good person near your boat although democratically works strange i remember i said that on a par guess you're like bullshit like i've heard it yeah you call
way before anybody knew just how i got that because i heard it from a reliable source any you called like i'm almost a year and a half early yes yes because i knew he was already starting to famine eyes feminine nice is look it's looks also kids good school there wasn't he would show bracelets narrowing wasn't one on terra being a barrette what you and i need to get press credentials feminism site medusa magazine shuts down after founder admits it was pure satire oh my god oh my god don't gender you're pads it was pure satire the whole time you beautiful people thank you sweet spot castle rose recur arrives i thank you for being you thank you for fighting a good fight resist that's the real
keep overman i get what you doin but the real resist is to fight the nonsense only if i find the i'm not just with humor we know it michelangelo said my favorite their quote who criticized by creating a new show for you and me why you and me go to places like a high fuck we become journalist we got eyes can i say i forget it would be futile and just like this he's ok you don't get high spock agonized photographic one it can we go to places as journalists and we interview people whether we go to like republican correspondence dinner democratic venture we go and we you just you and i just bought but drunk and high we interviewed these and we marked this whole thing we get it we get a view of like how crazy the frenzy is the center of the hive for control of the queen and watch those fucking crazy assholes called the center of the hive free party worldwide that we call
free party were why we're not democrats whenever follicles are in the world i freaked party worldwide and we go in we act as unsteady serious about this i say we get nets to do this and we just fuckin travel under the carpet yeah we get one due to fell must keep his mouth shut and we never see each other i always complain about the bad guys i'm gonna see riddles do i spoke about it am i was too is it wise let's go let's go hunting with what would your ear europe dear your boy hunting i have a fuckin barbara i not get upset about i've got a problem of hunting problem of court when it oh really came she and fuckin hunting you manner and extreme of both i never seen that before from you know what this is about their everyday shoot not a reverie their real problem i give looking i got gordon arouse i got you in my arms you pull my bow back too much outing its den snapshots i'm going crazy determined wonderful time
couldn't we had more boxing russia is madame for spying but i loved so much better rod bitch but it right i'm with you let it run did you see that that where the rocks punch me in the fucking knows you don't do that and then and then i had to go get makeup through my nose so black and blue eye to get the fuck insanity improv clarity i gotta take pictures have this is ridiculous i couldn't covered it was black and blue white linen punch you i didn't idea was my look i was like obviously he threw me headgear and i go halo listen me right now i'm a gazelle right now and thereby lines out there let those people know like all this guy's training that i'm a bitch that i'm an actor fairly and i dance around a bulb jim about spar because i do with people who are and athletic the way worse than what what's that wouldn't you with punch me with his fucking glove rain than those that's when it was it was even a purple a kind of hawaii it's too to fight professionals dumb
where's ball i didn't want two thousand a hit mits and he throws may headgear and i go out i want to do this and daniel cormick goes i gotta first and coronary double legs me that's stupid another pictures with their gillis wound work you should just stick to it straight box and we could school them with skills are yeah you know me fuckin slit those two as bad about that while the worst things i want to get involved in jujitsu that we don't have to get hit i'm going to because this rustling i miss mapp work i really do first hour doing jujitsu way back when we were at crossing graces alleys you took right away at regular and it was like ah this is i got train with handsome for a year i loved you gesture i love love it i like boxing though i really like it's fun it's today challenged me like like like i'm obviously judges a whole world and its really difficult but there's something about boxing at my age i guess i like because its
i guess it's just such a mystery it's such a mystery www learning a skill and power on this gear and on top of that you are also organ out yes that's one of the facility to sign a sport like yours one soccer i'll give you place are you gonna fuckin run around a lot a lot but you're just gonna fuck unique tool but boxing actually stay pretty injury free believe it or not and you can get to know my way around here that's all their headgear you don't go crazy on each other on that fuckin fighting did you get hurt when you spar due to don't box and i swear it offences and they catch you i knew you'd like that are really good like stars eyes the great wayne mcculloch out spot with them sometimes they got broken in their wanes fuckin wayne wayne at forty four is gonna do it every wants even though is four hundred and eighty five but it we're moving around he'll hit me but it's not you not gone crazy exactly exactly that's that's the best injection
so do you get less hurt when you spot what someone is really good correct you don't win now here you tap de la you won't get hurt roads control you and you learn patterns and pretty soon you learn these patterns surprising then you go against the guy who isn't box allowed an you look good like you know it you don't you and he got do you can do in autumn i ever have fought almost one ireland he also proper look good similar what's funny you're gonna hit meets its where you punching from and work out how are you said that up that is an hour you knock it and what happens in the body that is of course that is the first that's why kickboxing so much more terrifying and might i watched you get need the body that has most boss and john wayne parts had a video up on his instagram of him fighting when it was seventeen the first titled anyone travelling parts like forty four
johnny parts my boyfriend on supporting the tidings of forty one and forty one and are still going after it but like watching yo of him from when i was seventeen years old knee and some do not bodies are a whole all punches in the eu try to condition my bosom seventeen man like crazy ninety ninety the guidelines are crazy we those needs the body son the red yeah jolly puzzle fucked savage boom boom is a real fire add some it's crazy way to express yourself you know but you really get to see a person's character in a fight that's the thing that makes it so crazy insist it's this wild may lay bones flesh and you get to see a bright your star shines so really awesome to learn defence and learn how to get out of the way learn how to block your eyes open when somebody's kick in this problem solving how to fix
what i do when when the issues are that's poem by the way i shouldn't a budget serbian us i didn't spar with rule i called days is approaching the fair i got to move around and they were really nice to me and they they they the move me around at will so let's not i hate when people let me say i sparred with so i know you did a spar even spar with them because they beat the father fuck him yes you moved around them and they were being cool and you got to throw some shit do some stuff that you learn and giggles actually relax yeah if i opened up with my type wonder who they may soon would immediately within brutally moves to my ok you want no fucking issued a scene it like so like that's not the air you haven't login air time to read the letters on the facts you can call it a mile away but you could read he agreed by the label i might well brian cowen
it's five p m i say we wrapped this bitch up bracelets pleasure my brother we need to do this more off i'm always said this before and less to never see it and i'll give you and have it hardly have feelings monopolies hey we're hang around a couple hours but i will gladly short time for the record my feelings of minorities to my fault you're busy two bits we're both damn europe is really fun though as awesome brian cowen ladies gentlemen am cobb's cobb's when and calves this ever seventy nine that while we may get shot schomburgh after december of ecology cisely whatever plan ahead you up and by the way ghostly grandma job at the wilbur theatre please january nineteenth so the symbol december ninety no general generative january nineteen january nineteenth day before you see i'll be there with an hour he fucks we love you by pay we did it that's right this episode podcast was brought to you by move watches em the empty go to envy em
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american comedian right now and he does does get the respect that he deserves our there's no bottom if you get a chance to go see that fuckin guy live somewhere he's how larry he will be at the december six benefit that we're doing at the comedy store for justin rennes fight for the foot charity and is the charity were just ran if youve you haven't seen his episodes please why stem or listen to them to them i get choked up and talk about this guy is easy fucking amazing human being and justin builds wells for the pig meat in the congo he go there any spends months of the year living in again ass hot with the pygmies helping them bill these wells that provides them with clean water and they all assist him there not just building the wells for them there helping that they feel powered by all this and
you ve made many many well we ve done a few things for them in the past and we're gonna start doing more things thank you to all the things that support is one of the most beautiful ones and because it's connected to a friend of mine i feel like real i feel really very proud that i know that guy and just think his intentions are so pure and what is done is so it is very beautiful help them as much as i can see we're gonna help more often when are we can but we're doing that special benefit on the sixth of december the college to open its also that so that allow guy but for an own spits gonna be unnatural very excited ok that's it friends and neighbours we had a wonderful today see tomorrow with own smith next week we got andy stump doug stand hope chris stapleton that's right bitches john baker that crazy doctor that only eats meat should be fun see you soon much love to you all
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