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#1056 - Dr. Mark Gordon & Andrew Marr

2017-12-27 | 🔗
Dr. Mark Gordon is the Medical Director of Education at Access Medical Laboratory and is recognized as a top leader world wide in Interventional Endocrinology (Anti Aging Medicine). Andrew Marr is a former Green Beret and founder of the Warrior Angels Foundation.
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and secure hosting make yourself easily create a website by yourself make it stand out a beautiful website with square space you mother and you can try it for free how about that go to squarespace dot com for a free trial and when you're ready to launch just use the offer code joe to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain my guest today are two gentlemen i've had on the podcast in the past and their work and their impact has made a huge difference in the lives the lives of many many my guest is doctor mark gordon who's very good friend of mine and andrew marr who is the one of the co for of the warrior warrior angels foundation and doctor gordon is an expert entre traumatic brain injury and his work has helped
andrew and many many others in an incredible way and it's a very fascinating podcast really interesting conversation that we had it goes into depth with with axe in information that's not just for people that have suffered from very obvious traumatic brain injury but you might have damage from things like roller coasters car accidents jet skiing it's it's crazy how many things can up your brain along with inflammation from shitty diet and a lot of other factors but we we go over that in depth and i hope you enjoy it and it's a for that for people that need this information this is i am incredibly honored that i can put this out and very
happy and thankful that there's people like doctor gordon and andrew marr out there in the world so without any further ado please welcome doctor mark gordon open minecraft checking out experience trying my day joe rogan podcast my name andrew be very careful it's two hundred and seventy milligrams of caffeine that that be donated is that allowed you can have that my friend brandon drank one of those yesterday anna particle animal cup of coffee and then on top of that he drank a what do you have some a venti with a shot of espresso in it from starbucks with all all doing it while he was fasting so halfway into the podcast he starts hurling runs in the bathroom throws up then it comes back and then throws up in a bucket at the end of the podcast literally didn't
get out of the room so they could had us heated seats if you had to take a yeah we have a he's out of it got it yeah seventy two hundred milligrams caveman coffee nitrogenated is basically like espresso with nitrogen in it so it's tough to get used to it good i'll take it before bed yeah that's a good move you have some weird dreams i take expressway before i go to bed andrew i'm not used to this clean shaven andrew yeah like a different human you could sneak up on people that's the point man daughters about so about a year ago said they had enough of the beard so it had to go when i was well when my daughter was one friend of mine died and we see on the internet we all had this guy evan tanner who is a former ufc champion and we had decided that we're all going to grow beards for him 'cause he had this crazy giant beard and so a bunch of us the internet did and i just grew this fucking werewolf beard and then i got too
point where i was like you know it was time up i was going to shave it off and my daughter i had no idea what i really looked like so i shaved my face she started screaming she thought it was somebody else and she started crying and i might touch it this is this is my normal face and then she's confused she's like i know that voice like who are you that's what it looks like oh nice yes and a half with my boys they were they were young too like so they had never seen me without it so like they thought you were yeah that's trimmed too then you see that that's because you're on tv i trimmed the cheek areas it can creep up qos gotta gq did yeah i'm trying to look fresh well i have to admit the fact that after thirty years or not your beard meeting you right i ended up with that beard and then started speaking arabic at a no work out of nowhere how weird is more academic too you know when you're lecturing on the lecture circuit yeah sometimes for but for a guy with your experience like that kind of
here it is uh it's normal yeah yeah i mean guys live your line of work i don't know and it's like counter culture so anti establishment in the establishment so that's part of it you know and like anything else you get into i don't know it felt norm right so it was like a probably a krutch a little bit and something felt right for a long time i don't think it's a crutch but i think it's definitely like a mark of the the occupation yeah remember a row of red dick marching goes book yeah my sentiment shinko marchenko i read one of his books way way back in the day i rode war yeah yeah yeah talking about guys who would address they just how they didn't fit in with like regular military guy yeah no totally totally like unconventional applied the way to say it you know what i mean so not in with authority not in with you know ever
body being the same way not down with uniforms not down with using name and rank you know we called everybody other first name yeah grow hair longer beards wrong it's just kind of uh we had to earn that right you know what i mean so that's part of it like hey i earned the right to be able to be autonomous so so to speak and so that's kind of some of it it is interesting you know that that's the i mean i don't want to make distinctions the baddest mother in the military or ones who dress like like just regular savages there's something there's something odd about that right i don't know man it's just uh like nadia though that you had to earn it yeah yeah you gotta earn it and you know it's like you get so tired of doing what you're
hold and you want to do what you think you need to do for the job you know what i mean so like what is it how how do i see that i need to accomplish this task whatever it is and i don't need to be dictated from somebody who is not going to be there telling me how to do it that goes all the way down to even like ok well what kind of boots am going to wear what kind of what kind of you know form do i need to accomplish this mission or do these things i just kind of that's those guys are there always thinking about you know not not how to have not had a fall in line man but like how can we think differently to solve problems and you know the just one of those things is interesting now for so this is a standalone podcast so people don't have to go back and listen to the first one that we did we have a doctor
recording here good friend of mine and andrew marr who is the founder of the warrior angels i made my cofounder me and my brother adam are who was also in the army and we did a podcast a while back but for the people that didn't hear explain what the warrior angels foundation is an what you guys do yeah i get some context sure show so joe so we talked about was special forces green for viber for a better part of a decade you know so i would say somebody defined by my vision of the future and so that always always led me to doing what i wanted to do in life and so you know special forces spec ops type dudes there in life the situation is pretty regularly and perform otherwise they don't live you know what i mean and so that was kind of life for the better part of ten years being in life and death situations on a regular basis and so going from that you know
i would say a high performer by know by every metric one day after my last deployment i woke up and i was on thirteen different medications you know i couldn't remember how to drive home from the same route that i've been driving home every day it was just chronic pain all the time i had these balance issues where i couldn't walk in a straight line blurry and we're going to double vision and i have these horrible migraine headaches so just debilitating that way and then started having depressed and this this is like this was just mind boggling to me because i was leaving i thought my life's purpose right doing job i wanted to do with the people i want to be with some merit to the woman of my dreams have the family that we always wanted but yet here i am i have all these physical problems now i'm starting to be depressed and i don't have a reason to be depressed and then i start having panic attacks in public in our weight room
at home in front of my kids you know like just breaking down crying and not no and why and not being able to do anything about it and and then i started to have you know and that was again like my structure of reality was fracturing around me and i i didn't know why what was going on on in the first thing you can think to do something like that was to drink i was like i got gotta i got to stop this and i don't i don't know what to do i have some screws loose or what's going on but all i know is this is so disastrous maybe if i just drink i can i can put the put the brakes on this little and and and things just continue to get worse and then my behavior just can to skyrocket out of control and it like i was making conscious decisions to be fuckedup uh like i'm i'm drinking and driving on a regular basis and i've never even
my mind like that was a wrong thing to do it was just like like man i can't function function and less drink and i got to drive so that's what we're going to do you know and then start producing just horrible effects on my family with that line of behavior and it got to the point and and as a special forces operator man all you want to do is operate all you want to do is be on the team and go and do the things that we signed up to do didn't have any problem with that are it wasn't like you know all these combat scenarios are are weighing on means been too much and i just can't handle it like that's what the only thing i feel comfortable doing i'm going to get back to it and but again like i never had any of these symptoms before so life is just spiraling out of control and not sleeping and everything else and so finally you know you sit on it till you can't sit on any longer and it got to the point where i was like
i'm not only am i a detriment to myself and probably society like i can't go out and operate right now like these guys can't depend on me and so at that i was like i got a raise my hand and i got to get some help and you know that well intended people and wanted to offer as much help and find answers as they possibly could but again all got me was thirteen different medications and i was told hey you've had so many head injuries you can't afford to take another blow to the head and this is probably going to be the new you you're going to be on these cations take a pen and a pad where you go and come and learn how to live wendy's new parameters and schedule out your meds and this is this is going to be that and so it was a medical retirement it got so bad show that my wife was nine months pregnant with our fifth child and she had
ask me hey andrew can you keep your drinking down today in case i go into labor so i have to drive myself to the hospital you know so that's how bad it was getting and that was enough not me and so she actually our son had a genetic link malformation his neck and he got sick he's like thirteen months old and it got infected and it blew up like the size of a softball and this woman she's nine months pregnant so we have to take him to the emergency room and my calf had been killing me for about three days at this point i i didn't think anything of it i just wrote it off but we are in there in the emergency room like he's having trouble breathing like it's bad like a softball in his neck well he it turns out he has to go into emergency surgery and then becky goes into labor so he's up on like the floor getting emergency surgery becky's given labor to our youngest son on the second floor so i'm going back and forth between the fifth floor on the second floor and i'm like dragging my leg at this point because it just stopped working
but you know i was all in and refused any care till get these two taken care of well get jay's out of surgery you know he's on the road to recovery get down for the birth we have our son jojo he's good to go and then turns out that they finally rest mean imaging and i have a blood clot in my leg and it's broken off into both long so now i have bilateral pulmonary embolism and at this point there like hey man like we have a very small window here this is very high mortality rate and mike laughed at him because like you know i was drunk at the time no bullshit i'm taking you to the yes it is going to kill me get in line this isn't this a long line of offenders here that that i want a shot at that but so anyway so i'm sitting there in the hospital room and i'm just wondering and waiting for somebody to come explain to me like how like the spiral out of control like this and like somebody is going say hey this is a reason that you have these blood clots you know here
what's going on with your head and all these things and it just it never happens and i remember like i got to go down and visit my son who is in emergency recovery anne i was there at his hospital bed and i had a bottle of whiskey or airplane bottle of whiskey i pop the last pain pill i ever took and i shot down the wisc i was just normal twenty four slash seven how i operate at that time try to just to cope and i had this epiphany you know that hey if i continue on the same track and i continue to just wholesale cell by everything the medical system is is telling me it's kill me and it's going to ruin the thing that i love so i and stay on that route or i can decide to act and to change what i don't like and at that point it was everything and so i made the promise to my son right then and there that i was going to do move some things one i was going to get off all medication
i was going to return to the man of my pre injury status two i was going to find a way to kill myself and then three going to turn around and do that same thing for somebody else and so right then and there and the hospital's bed and i mean this is honest to god true story i said i don't care how i don't know how but i've had enough i've had enough of people telling me my life is over and an what time you know my identity was in special forces and that was taken away because of medical injuries and i said i don't care anymore i'm still a husband i'm still a father and i'm gonna to get better and that enough to pull me out of there out of that negative spiral that i was in and to start being proactive again and start being defined by a vision of the future and my vision of the future was just what i said and didn't know was lead to where we're at today but that was the catalyst
so i started going looking for alternative therapies and it turned out like the government didn't want to for anything that wasn't covered by their insurance well that's fine i'll charge it a maxed out credit cards that's fine i'll get more credit cards i don't i don't care if it's a million dollars i will get the money and i will get back and i will solve this problem and that's what kind objective about it and i was like you know talking to everybody out there was haven't had problems like hey what's working for you guys and i got real interested in white some things work for some people and then not work for others you know you know precursor to meeting more crime how to get really scientific minded are in one objective data to be able to support things and so there's all this these other treatment modalities out there and i did every single one of them and some of them were little bit von benefit in the short term some of them you know reversed are made some worse
but it was leading to that that we got some some publicity out of it mark read about it and just contacted me and he didn't know anything else about me at that point but he said hey you know we've been tbi for a number of years now here's my credentials here's the background story on it here's some media that i've done and it was a podcast that you guys have done a couple back with when he had matt ghazni and i'm listening to matt tell his story and for first time ever through hearing am i was like holy this is this is specific to me like i got so wrapped up in myself like i thought the whole world on pause and this is is this my problem and i really oh my god this is a much bigger problem that has why reaching a that doesn't just deal with me specifically and so
i'm here in matt talk about all the problems that he's having it's like he's like taught telling my story to the t and then i hear mark say well now only that but we can identify an underlying condition for all of the things that we were just talking and we can measure it objectively and like that just blew my mind 'cause i was like here i am on thirteen medications and there wasn't one objective measurement or somebody said let's put him on anti depressant depressant let's on another antidepressant let's put him on a anti anxiety i was like there's nothing objective about that i was like wait a minute so that there was thing you're saying there's nothing they were measure somebody subjective is also a level of this that we need to move up there's a level of that we need to right yeah i'm based off the symptoms and the complaints i had it was just throwing darts like i said thirteen medications from a person who never had any issue before into all the guys that have served that have gone through this kind of thing and not just guys that have served but also when you're dealing
cbi we're talking about athletes were talking about former fighters a lot of guys that i've been in contact with on a regular basis have these issues an what mark is done which is been just phenomenal was open up a new door for treatment to these people and i have talked to so many people have an income and take with so many people that heard about you through the podcast that we've done together in heard about your work and have gone on to completely we remove these medications from their life correct you know that's the problem in psychiatry is there are no real biological markers they're trying to use radiographic studies like spect scans mri eyes pet scans and what have you as rationale for starting people on medication but absolutely you know when the biomarker the biomarker panel that we have this a direct correlation
between someone having had a head trauma rick regardless of it was mild or blast from like andrew had or slip and fall or someone coming up and hitting you behind the head or mma or boxers or move tight end there's absolutely zero that they used to regulate what they're doing it says ok today's thursday let's try this drug or this is friday or else this and we're giving you this satchel of meds as many of the vets have come up and told me depending upon the day of the week dictated what groupings of medications they were given what but let's break it down for the so what do you feel is the underlying cause of all this it's related to tbi ok great question and the answer is number one from the head trauma it elicits chemical changes in the brain that we call information and this infamy leads to disruption of chemical processes it's like you know the old
alkaline batteries or the car batteries where we used to put distilled water into it well if you put coca cola in it it totally changes the ability of electrons to be conducted just like in the brain so the chemistry of the brain altered by the information and it starts shutting down systems so that the nerves in left side of the brain i can talk to the right side or the frontal lobe of the brain can talk to the temporal lobe of the brain so you have disruption of executive function which is your ability to make correct decisions about things right wrong why do we have over one million veterans incarcerated that's because they can't make right correct decisions about how to respond to an aqueous you know approach by individual that they don't know and respond by assault or with physical or anger or yelling at people and that leads him to jail or incarceration so anyway the
inflammation leads to hormonal deficiencies in the brain and what we found is that there is since one thousand nine hundred and eighty six doctor blew out of paris found that we have design systems that take cholesterol and converted into hormones that actually and regulate our brain function from skits to a ls two parkinson's disease to bi polar to all the different disorders there was a recent article that i sent out to our journal group and andrews in it and was about management of anti of neuroinflammation brain inflammation to treat psychiatric diseases in the past six months
starting to see a lot of articles talking specifically about inflammation creating all these things that we're trying to treat with medications that are ineffective last month had a class in arizona and i presented a group of articles and one of the key articles was the fact that they found people with atypical depression that's depression that doesn't respond to traditional medication so you're on whole bunch thirteen medications and you still depressed so they found in sixty one percent of these people who were still depressed with atypical depression that the head growth hormone deficiency and then when they replace the growth within one to two months their depression disappeared and they had some official side effects they slept better they had more mental energy they were socially more adaptable and there
active scores that creates you know an assault situation they were calm someone said boo to them and they said oh who do you as opposed to getting into their face so it's a very clear and it's becoming clearer and clearer in the literature around the world now we've been doing this since two thousand and four and the information is really the problem so unfortunately there is no specific medication they talk about use of aspirin and ibuprofen in things like alzheimer's disease which is an inflammatory disease i know i shared it with you in the past that if a football player has one
major concussion on the field he's nineteen times at greater risk of developing alzheimer's between thirty and forty nine years of age because it's an inflammatory illness it's not you know genetics by itself there are people with genetic predisposition to it because they generate this thing called beta amyloid but trauma any kind of trauma to the head can elicit increased produc tion of atm would lead to these problems so the the traumatic brain injury causes this information and there's a there's a process that goes on when the brain is dealing with this information and that's was disrupting all of these normal functions executive functions absolutely end you know we have different arm
play centers in our brain that regulate whether or not you're going to be calm or you going to be hyper have anxiety one of the products that we use one hundred percent natural about eighty percent of our treatment is all natural products with ten to twenty percent being pharmaceutical products but no psychotropic or brain ring medications so what kind of products do you use taking it alone pregnenolone there's six thousand one hundred and sixty articles talking about it's beneficial effect on anxiety so we people come in on a multitude of anxiety medications within three months they're off all their medical
shin there what is i mean along pregnenolone is called the mother of all hormones it's the precursor comes right off a cholesterol the first comp changed cholesterol becomes pregnenolone which goes down one pathway to become testosterone and then down in another pathway to become cortisol which is the anti inflammatory product so we get benefits of you know anti inflammatory effect by having pretty long but if you're on any kind of staten drug that decreases the availability of cholesterol in the brain or the body you loose i have heard nothing but bad things about staten drugs don't get me going i want to get you going well because you're so many people that have this very new bigger understanding of cholesterol and a meager understanding of like what is the difference between having you know high cholesterol a low cholesterol would we know what is healthy what's not healthy
cholesterol mark my cholesterol is three hundred and fifty my ldl is an it should be according to the present standards less than two hundred my ldl cholesterol is two hundred and seventy three my which is the ldl just lousy kind an my hdl which is the happy to have the healthy one is like twenty three to four how did the numbers change over time they're all the same no for the state for the standard used to measure price seventy still now in my infancy in medicine back in the the late eighties it was three how one hundred and forty nine and then went to three hundred and twenty nine then two hundred and seventy nine and two forty nine thousand two hundred and twenty nine in less than two hundred now and we would expect our nutrition is changing the quality foods that we eat and the fact that we have since one thousand nine hundred and eighty six statin drugs which are thirty six billion dollars a year we would anticipate that the rate of cardiovascular disease should be diving getting lower
it's going up so what does it tell us it tells us like a smith kline beecham a study that was done fifty percent of all heart attacks happen people with normal or low levels of cholesterol so the question is then what's causing it well turns out inflammation you start looking at inflammatory chemistry we there's a group of inflammatory markers that we have which s d l d l homocysteine help you little pay so a whole group of them that can predict better than cholesterol your risk for heart disease and what we do in the offices we have buy a marker panel for cardiac inflammation person comes in they've got a history of elevated cholesterol my closest buddies keith ex fighter pilot his clothes for a one for
one hundred and fifty my cholesterol three hundred and three fifty we went and had ultrafast see t scan that looks at the heart and his calcium score was greater than two thousand which it's hundred or less is good greater than four hundred horrible mine was zero and i had cholesterol that was three times his so after he had his open heart surgery and his new arteries put in we went and had this paneled called an lp6 my cholesterol sky high but all these inflammatory markers low in key situation his inflammatory markers sky high even those close troll was very low yeah there's a list understanding of what what's causing these issues and people peg it on cholesta and you hear it so often so many times and you like boy
so even begin having this conversation with people i would like to if anybody is listening and you want to really get into this doctor rhonda patrick went pretty deep on it in the last podcast that we did an the newly found connections between refine sugars and refined carbohydrates and saturated fats the combination of the two seems to be a gigantic issue where a saturated fats on their own are not an issue d a small particle versus large particle ldl small dealer is one's greatest deal deals danger right but it's at greater risk when you have an enzyme called the pl a two in the blood which causes the estey ldl the small dents the l b l to fracture into two parts that because the immune system to be called then and once the immune system gets there it creates all this information and there's something that happens with ldl when you combine it with refined sugars that
extremely bad for you makes it worse yeah i extremely bad sugars corn syrup things that people drink you know sodas and cake and bullshit although the refined bread and we pray products all that stuff is fucking terrible for you well it's just adding more information on top of it and it's being conflated with saturated fat that's an with cholesterol and it's not what the issue is correct so think about if you have a brain injury and you're eating like that you know what i mean just like you're pouring gasoline on a fire and having no idea about it like that's the issue that we face a lot of time so there's the in response and then there's also the the issues with two pituitary terry glands and the hormonal deficiencies it's not only the two terry gland which generates the signals to the
thyroid gland testicles are the ovaries to make their hormones are the adrenal glands but it's the fact that the we called glial cells which are astrocytes and neural cells which generate their own hormones and it turns out that the hormones produced below the neck have a genomic effect on the body which is slow it means it turns on genetic switches to do things but the hormones produced in the brain called neurosteroids they have the immediate effect because they influence the membranes of neurons to do things so our ability to be rational because you're taking different parts of the brain and they're all working in unison as opposed to having this section that deals with you know how you respond to someone talking in a high voice to you or pointing a gun at you or pointing a pencil at you so you who's that integration of the different parts of the brain that's what each of the lobes is responsible for is how we integrate signals coming in
did the whole thing is so fascinating because it seems like there's so much to understand and for the for the average person it goes to your general practitioner and the general practitioner says i've got high cholesterol you need to be on a statin drug and then you fine not about all this people get extremely angry i've talked to how many people that were on staten drugs and suffered all sorts of health consequences because of that and then realize oh what about cutting the falcons sugar out of my diet what about doing doing all the stuff that has been shown in all these more recent studies to have a significant effect on yourself it's unfortunate that when science comes out and it's really good science that it takes another twenty or thirty years before it gets into the medical community and there's no application for general practitioner to be up on this stuff no absolutely not be cause it's status quo and it's changing constantly yes and that's what me and frustrated st all the time is because the science that's been sitting on the bench what i do what i've been told i do is
all translational medicine where i take the research that's on the bench that's already been done and i look at it in large groups and then applied into the clinical this and that's how we've had our success is because we've taken the stuff that sitting there ready to be used that's not being used because we're in the paradigm of don't do anything for years i mean every generation a little bit something better happens but it takes thirty years it's incredibly frustrating so andrew please go back to how you found out about mark and what changes you made and what happened well because i've only known you since you been happy it's been a good product but you know collect if you lower class it it ruins all the hormonal production correct right now and so that's not understood but so i marked mark found me
i looked into everything i was just saying whenever it listen to listen to that search did my own research about the neuroendocrine system and ran it by my own people and so i went and saw endocrinologist i was still in the army at this time and i was saying hey do you think that any of these problems were based off of the you know hundreds or thousands of explosions that we've around on a routine basis he's like no i don't think so and he was like i was like well can we test and replace any hormones that i'm missing because i mean at that time we had done some tests and i knew that was deficient in things and he's like i'm going to test you for anabolic steroids because i think the reason you're having these problems is you're abusing anabolic steroids and if you pass the test prove that you're not on anabolic steroids which will take about four to six weeks and we'll talk about it replacement treatment program and i was
can i rate man i got told he accused accused me of being a going to him by doctor because his levels were so low yeah he's like he's like i've never seen levels this low unless somebody was abusing anabolic steroids and so you must be abusing anabolic steroids in your here essentially trying to score drugs so he thought people don't understand what you're saying uhm when you take in a blog steroids your natural testosterone shuts down a lot of times when people get off steroids then they go to a doctor there will testosterone to shut down and they'll go to a doctor to try to get hormone replacement therapy because the only way i'm going to give you hormone replacement therapy if your levels are low and so one of the reasons for having low levels is that you've you put all this exhaustion in there and it's you know your your whole body is all confused yeah so thanks for clarifying that mark like
like hey man you think i'm coming here putting all this personal stuff on you right i like i like to make things up just because you want steroid because i want sterile one so i don't think my life the disaster i guess is funny and light which i worried that he would accuse you know what i mean it happened it happened twice joe twice well it's back they understand that there's other issues that cause your body to have low testosterone but that's what's crazy so this is what pushed the pushed us in this direction man so i was like well i sat at that point i started reading some of the literature and i was like it's not even i mean it's not even in the gray area this is black and white there's like black this drama of scan through inflammation affect the hypothalamus and patua terry gland and down regulate all these hormones and so anyways so i finally i link up with mark in southern california we run the the labs but we don't get the results back for like two or three weeks but he gives me a what he calls a provocative testosterone enjoy just to see how i react and like up
this point man like my life has just been a complete disaster i mean put a gun in my mouth several times and actually had thought about like if this is how is going to continue and i continue to have this type of negative effect on my family i think i'll just end it man you know what i mean and and i got to the point where i was just like i can't do it for my family alone and just kept driving so found mark mark found me got the information actually is there to see him in his office encino get that injection i'm driving south on the four hundred and five i'm in bumper to bumper traffic like two hours later and usually man like me and traffic just didn't mix and it to say that that had a hostile temper was like understatement of the and i realize like hey i'm all of a sudden i'm cool i'm calm and collected i'm not having any issues i'm like whoa i don't feel any anxiety
like for the last year and a half i like had this fist like coming out of my stomach man at all times twenty four slash seven it was horrible it was gone and i was like if this is any taste of what could be this isn't readable and i call my wife and we have a conversation for like an hour and that's the first time that we had talked more than two minutes and like a year i didn't say yes or no 'cause i just wasn't capable of anything else at that time and so fast forward for a few weeks from the air you know he gets the report back and he's like a man you're deficient and everything you know but we can we can fix this and so we get on anti inflammatory protocol and we replaced replace the and replenish the hormones that are deficient or insufficient and life slowly and surely started to turn back on little by little by little by little to where i'm at today i'm off all medication you know i'm clean i'm sober performing
as good if not better than my pre injury status we start the organization called the warrior angels foundation to deliver this same level of healing to other people in the exact same predicament and situation and now excited to say man three years later we've delivered to over two hundred people with incredible results so it meets with the scientific criteria we can predict we can measure and we can replicate now it's not just my story it's not just mad cause he's marks done this like for a hundred times we've done it to times through our organization where some like we did a three year tbi study cohort we took fifty eight of those two hundred people just to commit attempted suicide fifty eight individuals attempted suicide we had we showed that within three months they have ninety one percent had a fifty percent improvement correct all most everybody had at least a fifty percent this is in their subjective analysis improvement after
year nine in the let's see seventy three percent of that population was off all medication this is unheard of this is unheard of and this is people that wanted that actually attempted to take their own life i think a minimum of two times study so we are word for producing results that i've never been annotated before you know what i mean and it's through the scientific model that marks come up this protocols protocols believe unbelievable that's on our website that we got we got all that research on our website to w a f t b i dot o r g but i got some i write letters well yeah i got marks presentation we had to just edible media page a library of all this information that didn't exist three years ago it's now all in one location and all this up and i'm saying here please take my word for it you guys go out in fact check it and i can't tell you how many guys have come up to me after shows that have either been in contact with you or have been in contact with other doctors
because of the information that you've given out and it an result thank phone so and like you changing people's sure you're literally giving them an option that they didn't know existed they thought they thought their world was black and then you open the door and like oh you can be ok when andrew first came to me andrew wasn't first veteran that i had seen first guy that i took care of was in two he was active green beret and in north carolina at bragg and his wife i knew she was emergency room doc and she called me up and told me about her husband getting ready to get less than honorable discharge after four five tours of duty in afghanistan and she explained it to me i said let me send you a kit so i sent a kid out and we got the results back i told him what to do she put him onto treatment he lasted another two sign up tours or two tours of duty and was doing phenomenally well but the key that drives me on this is
is getting back into life going to pepperdine business school now guy who was attempted school five times and the fifth time he was on our protocol for two or three months he ends up getting honors and now he wants go back and give back to the va for them not having treated him optimally by going into sociology to try and help them tons and what he had gone through with us with guys who are in in wall street now and all over i mean i'm only harvard business school i mean all just all kinds of very prestigious than whites back they've got their family back there recalling their parents which is going on for a couple years i wouldn't give him a self help book we don't give him any snow actual teachings anything else just fix what was deficient and they were able to come back and make their own their own choices to get their life that is that is such a giant factor in this equation that people need to understand it's not just about motivational
beaches it's not about memes that you put on your instagram page that make you feel better about life it's literally about the chemical balance in your physical vehicle and if it's off you're going to be off and if it's off because of diet if it's all because of injury never the factors are you going to figure out what those factors are in the correct time he got a correct term before self help before all that bullshit correct your diet correct your your whatever is deficient in your hormone levels whatever efficient in your nutrient levels it's so god dammit absolutely and i don't mean to focus only on the neuro steroids and the information as you just said physical fitness and nutrition you know my daughter allison is naturopathic and she works
less with the where angel foundation to help with getting the got brain in sync so that you don't have a clue and you don't have all the junk we talked about because it they generate the poor nutrition generates more information that passes through the got into the blood into the brain and it actually there was a study that came out of who's on the b b c's last week with it we're talking about all we finally figured out that if you have personal information like disease like lupus to rheumatoid arthritis that the information goes into the brain it can cause depression well it's been in the literature for thirty years they finally are starting to understand that things that happen on the periphery can affect our brains functioning so nutrition very important is part of what's going on in this just human body is so insanely complex and there's so want to understand and so much to you have to kind of be like you or you have to be obsessed with all this stuff i didn't think i was obsessed you're obsessed by ok
pull a little up more okay a little bit what you you're doing now is just it's it's so important and so it is there's just so little of it out there for people this is part of the problem is that you have to really go looking for these solutions i mean you got to go through every door in every channel and try to find out and so twenty times they want to offer you some sort of a pill some sort of a pharmaceutical drogas some sort of an antidepressant anti anxiety medication and if that one doesn't take to give you an anti anxiety medication on top of the anti anxiety medication phuc we had lunch or dinner with the admiral in virginia beach the beginning of this year and one stories that he was sharing was the fact that his wife was diagnose that a va as having a thyroid related issues so they started treating it in the course of treating it she felt worse because they weren't
i heard the ample amount of replacement hormones so the next thing that the offers her as an antidepressant saying the reason why you're still not feeling was because the anti depressant and when we got to our and check out or hormone levels are harming levels were off into the and check a little snow course not you know what the handles god damn antidepressants out like foreign candy that's was crazy with me so i was like there's got to be underlying condition like can somebody tell me what that is i know we got were sing symptoms but can we do that and we do it objectively or scientifically and that's the beauty of the protocol because again to break it down everybody out there tbi it's a two phase injury phase one is that physical trauma or assault you know it could be a explosive blast way don't force trauma acceleration d acceleration slip fall rollercoaster anything that causes that anti inflammatory cascade to star roller coaster can cause it according to mario can in the literature yeah but
this thing man like so it mark calls at the nuro permissive environment so if you don't have a good internal environment like you're eating a bunch of processed foods sugar your leave just a low quality of life making poor lifestyle decisions those things hardly com compounding interest over time like low level blast waves and it could be something as simple as one of those three hundred well for our moving roller coasters can rock your head back and forth that could enough to be you know hey that's enough that could cause inflammation of the inflammatory cascade and then that is the hormones become deficient or insufficient what we found through our research at least are that's what our research suggests is that's the process if you don't get rid of the inflammation or bring the body back to a balance if you don't replenish or replay those hormones that are lossed you're going to have all physical and psychological manifestations that we all know about and talked about and so that's a deal can we be objective
yes we can can we measure it yes we can can we predict and replicate well we've done it forty overtime so we can so now it's like okay well how do we continue to take this to the next level to make sure this goes mainstream disseminating information on platforms like this for working projects with the government like now we think we might be able to actually affect change on a real level here in the next few years it's so incredible that there is finally some sort of a resource that there's not something that people could turn to but we need to lay it out like there's it's got to be every point right it's got to be neutral and it's gotta be exercise right it's gotta be reducing the information it's got replacing the hormones all those things together when when an individual is suffering with symptoms i call it symptomatic tb i don't really agree with the term pts or ptsd ptss specially when there's a history of dramatic trauma trauma to the body or trauma to the brain
yeah it's not necessarily i think people think of it as like stressful situations that guys been through one of the things that i've found in talking to a lot of guys who are operators is they don't have like a heist rest level because of what they've seen like there there there were the act they were the ones who were doing the things they weren't well there's the that a lot a lot of stress low people comes from a lot of the guys that were not being proactive there waiting around for something to happen to them and they the guys who the most affected by stress disorders the guys wondering when they're going to be attacked where guys were operators who are out there aggressive out there being proactive x correct doing it they had this is the situation with that less stress meditation for them going out and killing people you're probably out of the year on the offense to yeah so i mean i i i can speak from experience here your you're on the offense of you're not waiting to get on there so when you're
stuck in this what it is is a fight or flight mechanism you know what i mean you're on security mode in a non combat environment and so these guys get stuck in these fighter flight modes and they can't figure out why why am i in fight or flight like this this this situation does not call for that type of response and then you look at it like if you're deficient in these things what's the body going to do if these got these mix electrical signals or their shearing of neurons it's going to come out as a fight or flight mechanism and that's why they're stuck in this and it's called poster stress but when we've treat these so called cycle issues as a physical injury and replace and replenish lower the inflammable cascades guess what those symptoms resolve themselves whether they were whether they were on the defensive or offensive you know what i mean that's fascinating but there's definitely a psychological difference between
one who becomes a ceo or ranger a green beret there there's yet no there's no no that is well documented yes there's a there's a difference in the mind set and you know those those people are some of the most important people we have in the planet correct you have to have them one of us if world you have to have the elite of the elite you have to like in people i understand that you need to go to some really terrible places in the world and understand what's out there you know looking across the spectrum of special and then the regular army we've talked about this in the past pattern that i've been seeing also in civilian population is those people more a type get better faster they want to get better posted the people who really don't want to get better or they had a time and time again it's like if you have a clear vision of the future an it's like hey i'm going to get better like i don't care what anybody else says like they were like the tenth stop that they've come to like we've right everything we just found out you guys were going to do
and let's get this going but those guys better not not me not to mention of course objectively we can we can push to look at it but people come to us and like i don't know life doesn't workout and everything goes my way you know i hope this goes but i'm not getting my hopes up anything else those people will talk themselves out of getting better and i wouldn't believe didn't less i've seen it time and time and time again those people mentally fucked themselves out of life every step of the way we've watched and put a gun in their mouth and pull the trigger you know what i mean fortunately we've lost people to do and it wasn't like hey we got we got you the help and then it was like well such a hassle to take the vacation at the prescribed times and i'm like what what i looked into that and like that's a thing called noncompliance like a glock houma research institute put out a study like sixty percent comma patients don't take their medication on time no
that will cause them to go blind because i i i i need to i need to justify blues and some people that i couldn't i couldn't wrap my head around and like why won't they be compliant they people getting this distance rut and the memorize emotions and they get this negative negative place man and dave dave themselves right our life we've seen in people become super comfortable with repeating these really negative patterns they get comfortable because they know those patterns it's very disturbing when you see someone who's you know i grew up with a lot of guys that drug problem and when you would see they would get hooked on coke or something like that and get off of it and know that they're on a better path it's pulling them back in and not even physically like the process of doing something that's up and ruining your life somehow another becomes more comfortable than the process the unknown which is improving your life it's scary
definitely know the of the accidental they don't you know what i mean and i think at neuroscience level right they can memorize into motion because right those yeah i can freak you out yet you know that a lot of will re structure the brain through neuro plasticity and that can be their new status quo right how do you get people that are in that mind set how do you get them for you that i mean how do you get someone who's this woe is me and never works out you know is there a way i mean is there a tried and true way man i wrecked my health yeah find of i wrecked my health to reserve but we've had a couple of guys who had stopped their protocol because they didn't feel that anything was happening from it and they send me an email after they've been off for maybe a month it says jeez i don't feel as well maybe it was were are they say that we're working with the devil and all in good hands for those they love yeah yeah i stopped january accepting p i cases you know legal cases because what's the impetus for them to get better
yeah zeros when they want to catch up personal injury like the motor vehicle they're one of disability check yet yeah so i stopped taking pi so that's unfortunate because it's a mindset but that have real personal injuries that would like to get better i talked to everybody so i filter him but generally speaking i've cut down i just come to the conclusion you know the like hey i can't make the decision i can't make anybody get better right you know what i mean like all i can do is give out the information can you know someone shoes on and make him go like i literally made myself sick like worried about people like oh my god you know we're gonna lose and i can't i mean i i can't do anything all i can do is i can control my attitude and my effort and i can push out this information to the best of my ability and it is halfway you know what i mean like there's no we can do to make somebody want to get themselves better talking with the guy tomorrow his brothers at wit's end and just wreck
everything that he comes in and out of a rehab program just is is horrible place since i don't see it ended well and i'm going to talk to him tomorrow so how can i make my brother want to get better and i'm like brother love you man but we can't understand can't more somebody one wanna you know what to do that and with that disaster i don't know the tragic part of that i think is you know the person he's not thinking right 'cause their judgements clouded because of a head injury you know serving the country it's it's it's it's a bummer one of the battles that we have also is that people relationships i speak to wife cetera stranged estranged that are strange when we take on a new veteran or patient to let them know that the person that they've been dealing with post trauma
brain injury is not really the person they want to be that's in effect of the hormonal dysfunctioning so they're depressed they're angry they're you know they're difficult to be around so i try to get them to help in the protocol to get them better and we've seen a couples getting back together we have a seventy seven year old vietnam veteran who lost everything he's back with his kids now he's out in back chopping wood in boston you know just that's the reward really is to reward but people have to understand that if they had traumatic brain injury ant to paint with in one years time total change in the person told changing their now no longer the person that you anticipate how long did it take you for that transition it was a started first seven symptoms like six months after i got home you know what i mean so that's the difficult part like you not missing a limb so you don't think anything like rocking and rolling come back good to go
happy to be alive let's get ready for the next one and then boom stuff starts happening and it's like oh my gosh what's going on you know but you can't see anything and you just keep going you keep those seeing this low quality of life and then i want help and you can't get help you asked for help you're getting medication start drinking sleep gets messed up nutrition gets messed up start wrecking relationships then start thinking about i'll never be able to do what i thought i was supposed to do nobody stands what's future going to be like like this you know and it doesn't get any and that's how you get trapped into these memorizing these negative state now stuck in that for you you heard mark on the podcast how long did it take you to act and how long did it take after their tea for you to become who you are now so i'm
made that decision at my son's bedside and that was several months before i met mark what years is how many years ago this is two thousand fourteen yeah i was a social change this is that seven september of two thousand fourteen and i didn't meet him till december two thousand fourteen right so it was all a twenty fourteen was just a disaster right leading up to the hospital scene so made the decision like hay at that point it was like you know what i've always been defined my by my future but all sudden like you know like being special forces green beret was my mask we all wear masks and that's so i that was identity or at least i thought it was and so when that got taken away for me it was like what i'm going to do now and now i'm sick now my children are sick and now they're telling me like i have a brain injury like what does ad mean like that this is like just getting rocked so like being back by circumstances knocked me you know for a
here in one just that knocked me like i wasn't prepared i wasn't ready i did not deal with it and it i was until i made that decision that i was like no i've always been defined by going after the future that i want to create i'm going back to that and it was like so there was like a will you know that was to it like i don't know where it came from but like i could observe my thoughts and i was like these thoughts that are produce now are not me i don't know where they're coming from but there is a will inside me that says we're going to fight this and we're going to find a way to come out on the other side so that happen in september you know fast food to finding mark so it was like a quick like after three months of the protocol like physiologically i felt like myself again i was awful medic haitian everything else yeah how long take you to get off the medication did you quit till turkey they say you should never do that should never do that
i was just i was at a place in my line doctors no time now i was at a place in my life that i was like hey i upset i accept whatever fallout could happen but whatever i'm going to feel it's not going to be artificial imus to feel whatever it is and i'm going going to deal with it on on my i'm not going to be like beat out it was rough bro it was rough so i i was off all medication before i got to mark you know what i mean and so i didn't like her didn't have control of like my mind the way i wanted to like the way i do now so it was i had to work very hard not just to lose it on people for instance like we were uh was with my wife we're into fast food restaurant picking up some food for my youngest daughter and so i'm going there having some food i see this kid teenager in the parking lot and heath i don't know this kid throws downey's cussing custody calls causing a scene i feel like i need
intervene i don't know why so i'm like hey man pick your cup up throwing the trash quit yelling this word everywhere families are here and he tells me to go fuck myself and i'm like dude go pick up your stuff and put in the trash and he said the same thing and before i knew it i just backhanded across the face dropped him on the ground and then i picked him up and i threw an oncoming traffic flow jesus yeah well the parking lot took a right right right right rightly so you know what i mean and so i got people swarming maze next thing i know like i dropped like three dudes in the parking lot and i look up dropping the last guy and like my wife's breast feeding three my children are looking at me and like they're in like horror is on their face just the horse and and i'm like my god man if i don't control of myself like not only is this going to possibly kill me to kill somebody else you know i mean like i hadn't i felt like i i i just i don't know
happened something happened boom i came too and it was like dear god i just dropped the parking lot and i'm doing evasive in my minivan trying to get him funny but not but not funny right you know what i mean so you know it was it was this process of so it was rough man it was rough going off medication i don't recommend it for me but for anybody else but it was like hey man like i i one off of that because i just me zombie drooling on myself zombie what steps did you take as far as your diet and exercise and then marks protocol i eat you know basically anti inflammatory diet you know what i mean and that's just based off my individual needs at that time i just just so that mean by anti inflammatory diet what did you do differently
well i just learning what causes inflammation rights or talk about like refined sugars refined carbohydrates getting way from things that were packaged for me you know what i mean going back to more wholesome whole foods in the before march protocol or you know this is this is this is after i'm on it you know i mean so i didn't make any changes until like i don't know anything so i got into mark's protocol started to like return to to normalcy and then when you get to that level you start feeling really good again you're like well what else can i do you know what i mean and that's that's like the steps that we've seen so many people like we don't have to make any lifestyle changes initially like they'll make them on their own so get them back to a home asus a balance in europe environment mark as mark calls it and then used looking at like well what else do i need to do in my life to optimize it and for me man it was like i'm going to take a look at what are going to be take a look at
light sound emf like every external you know stimulus i want to optimize and make sure like it's is optimized as possible so did you do any changes to the way you exercise let me think about not really man i was kinda into olympic looking at the time and and stayed with that uh physically remain physically active through the whole thing so not a the only thing that probably could be yeah absolutely in another reason they said that i lived through the blood clots was the level of cardiovascular fitness that i was in at the time you know and so yeah but yeah that was like you know one go to like i i just always worked out always been that's always been a part of my life and so that was always there so stop with that so for three months in how did you feel what was the difference i felt night and day no more anxiety no more depression no more balance issues no
are double vision no more blurry vision no more migraine headaches no more memory problems like back on like i could go back to operating unit i mean an eight hundred and thirty three disabilities according to the va one hundred percent service related disabled is what thirty three what were they osh dude name like everything every kind of psychological disorder that you could think of like double digit like i was given you know what i mean depressed zaide insomnia so psychotic yeah all all these different things and then just a whole host of physical injuries as well that have been talking it over time but they're just like thirty three disabilities one hundred percent disabled i don't i'm missing a beat man i'm not in any chronic pain i don't have any symptom of any
things and we've that's not specific or special to me right like mark how come we've been able to take so many dudes come off of their pain medication without going into withdrawals absolutely that's we did you need to talk about that that's crazy matthew was here matthew was on sixteen medications one of the medications was oxy cotton he was an eighty milligrams a day he was a morphine sulfate two hundred and forty milligrams a day he was on fentanyl patches and in six weeks has no patch that no patches on top of it every anesthesiologist that i run by with body he was on said the guy shouldn't be walking well he flew down from but from washington to commence tolerance must have just been off the charts holler and stuff tolerance in you know he had six pins in his draw shrapnel out of the left side of his head in his right leg was shot and that's
the reason why they justified all his medication six weeks after starting the protocol unique for him based on the biomarkers he was on two medications a year later he's off all his medications and he moved to hollywood to become an actor in a fully functioning no function no paint if i come out more than anything i mean just go back on seventeen medications right no but the question was i started seeing this pattern as andrew brought up where guys were getting off for their medications and no withdrawal so i went back to the literature and started seeing the things about can ebonol ab receptors the the opioid receptor alpha invaded the mu receptors and it turns out of the things that we do modify it and module and then more recently talking about pregnenolone which is that mother of all hormones that comes off let's where they're using it in people who are addicted to benzodiazepines which are you know valium and so forth where they have side
from being on such a high dose where they're sleeping all the time they give him pregnant alone and it decreases their fatigue during the day and it turns out we're value more benzodiazepines work on this thing called the gabay receptor which is one of those really stations pregnenolone is what is what should be given instead of giving someone benzodiazepines so that's how we've been able to get all our people off of anti anxiety medication is with this pregnant law because of how it functions and it's all out there high didn't into anything it's just reading the literature that's credible i love free so it fits into the same cell receptors same receptor called the benzodiazepine receptor on the gap eighty that's crazy yeah they're like we've seen dudes that were i mean i didn't know what we're gonna do and like they're on pain free yeah no pain none and not coming off the meds with without withdrawals like what they're cut x were you did they put you on tramadol or yeah
there was a man i don't even remember but it was so long time ago because we've been off of it one of the things that show me the most about this is what ifs unlike you wasn't around like what you're kind of an out liar in the medical community that you've really gravitated towards helping soldiers helping people tbi for you know athletes football players fighters what if you weren't around i mean i'm not hearing about this from a lot of guys right well enjoy a in twenty fifteen when my third book came out on traumatic brain injury and we started giving classes very inexpensive classes for docs to come in and get trained so to date we've trained specifically on the technology about four hundred box and they're going through a process of training and exams and so forth before they become part of our network it's where angel foundation network
so that we can disseminate the information and have more people involved with this is it's such an important thing and it's such a common factor there's so many people that are suffering from depression and anxiety and all these different issues that very easily could be attached to traumatic brain injuries or and people that don't even think we've had traumatic brain juice sub concussive trauma there's there's a lot of people that have just done they just been had a knock knock on tumblr rough and tumble life and then i'll realize it but they've caused damage to their brain we see we have it should come in under our wellness program and when they're at have you ever had any traumatic brain injury they say no but you look at the biomarkers and you see pattern that they've had head trauma and then they say oh yeah when i was a there fifty three years of age or forty seven years of age yeah when i was eighteen i was in a car accident and i hit my leg
side of my head against the driver side window i did not wasn't knocked out didn't have none we didn't have vomiting and you think 'cause of that that your immune well it turns out that eighty five percent of all traumatic brain injuries are called mild for a reason don't have any symptoms yes some people might have a little bit of a headache you know or feeling fatigue but for the most part they feel nothing and then there's fifteen percent that make up the moderate to severe weather in a coma for periods of time we've actually had people who were in calm of some of our vets who have been in coleman told connors who was told that you never walk he'll never be able to take care of himself he'll die young and so forth guys married and he's walking he's bicycle running on what is a facebook he shows his pictures and so forth that listen i couldn't walk they told me would
walk again we've got three guys like that and what was great hope will blow over the same they look at the the imaging right mark and still shows damage right in the what the gray matter the right manner in the white matter but he's made new connections and so now that's why he's able to do it because of the protocols allowed him to go back into this new roper environment so what does that mean that means that he can experience new things the brains rewiring itself even though there's physical it's a certain lobes because he can rewire itself he can get better he's walking three guys like that's crazy yeah all the hormones that we talk about the testosterone extra projects from we relate to them as gender hormones male or female we reproductive hormones sex hormones it turns out that each one of them has a secondary function testosterone star it's the immune system to increase the white blood cells the cd4 and cd8 which are the protective kind of white blood cells it also
decreases the information in our body called the t one tion of the immune system and stimulates the anti inflammatory estradiol progesterone provisional now a prick mean lawndale function to improve als these conditions so if you're elderly male or female with low levels of hormones in your starting to develop dementia you need to have your hormones looked at becaus they regulate all these things and it's documented up to you know consumer what is what about the interpretation that's that's also where your unconventional caress and well it's we've i've looked at it from a shift you know x whatever it is has a range of ten to ninety so you go to your doctor and you get the blood tests and it's fifteen you've got all the symptoms as though you're at blow ten and the doctor says you shouldn't be having any symptoms because you're within that range that we all the reference range but it turns out that not all
of us are identical genetically and function very well at that specific level fifteen so what we do is we bring people up to what's called the median ten on the bottom ninety on the top you added together you get one hundred you divided by two and that's the statistical median so we move people from that fifteen all the way up towards that fifty and some people hit twenty and say jeez i feel better twenty five hundred and twenty nine and then there's a population who have had the greatest amount of head trauma traumatic brain injury where they need to go up between fifty and seventy five percent and we still keep everybody within the normal physiological range as per by a traditional medicine classical medicine and that's where we get the benefits and that's the reason why a lot of these guys have had a missed opportunity by their primary
your doctor to improve them is because they are still functioning on the old paradigm which in nineteen seventy five two major virus detections came out with these two books that are like eight pounds each and all we talked about is how all this science all this chemistry that we do for people that it doesn't apply to you and i it applied to the people that were part of that study set the standard range or the reference because i was in part of that group so my what's normal for me wasn't part of that is what the guy said was the two guys said what's what's best is to develop your own reference range based on your body and he should do the same as i've been doing over the past sixty years so a guy comes in and he's eleven and they tell him what he's normal this type that is not you and he still has a has all the symptoms right so what we do in a provocative to stop from
testing in a guy and i also do it in females is we test the theory out okay if it is the case going to give you a shot what did you say you felt like for the hours since cinderella you felt like cinderella i got three i know the disney world ok fine so he received this injection and he drove on the four hundred and five talk to becky for our and she told me a story like she was in amazement that is guy yeah totally she didn't think it was so but anyway he said back up what happens is after they get their injection they send back five days later this questionnaire that is how well they did and in big letters in the area that's for comments he says i fell like cinderella after the ball and sixty hours he was just cruising we're using physiol people dosing of testosterone i don't believe in you know everybody comes to the
this is not a by the body builder so we give physiological dosing because if you give it more consistently they get a better response so he was given sixty milligrams of a blended to stop from had a phenomenal you had a good response you could respond with the crazy thing is we're talking about from twenty fourteen where in twenty seventeen two thousand and eighteen now i mean we're less than four years and all this changes happen correct that's what's amazed and that you've started the warrior angels foundation that you have help so many soldiers since then that you've gotten the word out through your foundation we're dealing with a very short amount of time and so people have been helped this amazing extent correct and you know we ask people how they hear about us and thank god that we back in two fourteen on your show first one so many people have commented to me look at you see joe would you thank him for us we have list and list of people who would like to thank you for
the fact that you you know believed in what i was doing enough to to have us on the show first time back in two thousand four is evergreen man and people seep keep hearing it for the first time like i i i cease to never ceases to amaze me every week i get just ton of mail from people who are up for the first time like i didn't i don't think there was any solution out there man well i think this is a really good time to do this again this is one of the reasons why i was excited about this is the podcast has grown exponentially since that so it's much much the audience is much larger now so i think we're going to be able to affect and help a lot more people so for people that are interested people that want to find out more information and then they want to try to help themselves what's the best steps well so we set up the organization we had such a outpouring because of all the media like it was an overwhelming almost to get to everybody so basic
what we do now is we grant millennium health centers so much money and were helped to subsidize cost like that so they'll go with our grants to marks facility logo go there they will fill out information through his website which is would tbi med legal dot com tv i med m d legal dot com a new patient information packet put in all the information there and then they can be seen that way and let me tell you this about mark every time i treated to visit him for a doctor's visit he won't let me pay him eight let's make pay for other soldiers three does he x patients out and he goes let's pick some as out you're gonna pay for them yeah and that's how he does and you have was there a priest of absolute what you do is beautiful right right our the corporation our corporation millennium health centers inks has a fund and what it does is it under right support
of the veterans and then we're angel foundation underwrites another portion of it so you know revenue that we get from the some of the products themselves so forth goes to help pay for so people have to pay for it joe but we found that they they need to have some skin in the game yet you know what i mean that that enables like us to be a of met halfway so again we subsidize the rate were we made it's a for like it's affordable period but now it's really affordable on because the interest not taken for a whole host of different reasons but so we made it that way and so now like we used to handle every case individually with the were angels foundation and and found them and and as a hip a mad and everything else so now we funded directly into work to subsidize these rates to make it affordable so we could help more people get treatment and
about that about having skin in the game and how important it is just psychologically for people it seems like if you give people things for free they just don't appreciate it as much as you can make him work for it it's unfortunate because there's a lot of people that really work hard for something they just don't have the financial means but there's so many that that applies to that if you just give it to them they don't appreciate it's too easy comes to is it l o fortunately with very few people have responded that way the vets have been really good they've heard about us from either your show or from one of the shows or from their colleagues who are in the program and they see how well it is and they look at how dismal their life is right and they have a choice make a choice you want to live life that andrew had in the past or the enjoyment and the love of life that he has now and how could someone like me donate it's on our web w a f t b i dot o r g it's were five oh one c three so is tax deductible and
then you can go in there on top right is the donate we have a film coming out called quiet explosions top there you go that that's our trailer right there so we me award emmy award winning director is can you play that jamie go full screen the average glass wave travels at one hundred and sixty three miles per hour it says that's you got to see this video folks the people they're are just listening to the podcast you got to see the impact of these pallas's explosives so any type of entry that we need to get into a place that was guide for whatever reason to be it'd or whatever i was the guy who had placed those charges to get us in
you're not the person that you used to be i can remember things driving home i don't know where i'm at five years i've driven that route everyday i listen to look up you don't know where you're at at head to my filipina two thousand and thousand fourteen you met mark gordon almost deficiency and suicide are connected a lot of this is for the people listening something you need to see it's just a
a lot of the text on the page talking about the benefits of this how much it's helped andrew and is the name of this video jamie so people could quite explosions and we just started production this month right mark yeah month and so if you want to donate to that you can donate their that also be a tax deductible and this is a donation tree that you guys are doing and what are you going to do three three different stories of people through the foundation so we have two other can kredible stories and then the top minds in in science and neuroendocrinology and neuroscience neuropathology are talking about somatic brain injury and the protocol so it's kind of concussion you know what i mean identified a problem where identify sing a solution so not only are we bringing up for the first time ever you know what
is the real underlying condition behind traumatic brain injury here's a solution here's all the science behind it and here's the specialists in their field confirming you know literature has been saying and so we hope to bring that out in twenty nineteen you do with it when you bring it out or just the information that mean you're going to release it online you're going to release in movie theaters and all of that all of is many places you can absolute absolutely i'm not all right on how it's going to be distributed goal right now is to disseminate the information that's it as we have more potential individuals were suffering listening to this we've been training doctors we've been getting through multiple avenues for the military through the different divisions getting them on board supporting us navy seal foundation is supported us that's all we're trying to do and we've
enough groundswell in our population to justify it as android said multiple times it's reproducible their predictable there's something that i want to impart here there's a stigma with men in particular in this car when it comes to hormones and replacing hormones they're embarrassed by it they don't like it it disturbs them and they start to think of it as cheating they start to think of it as steroids they they look at in an illogical way and that illogical ways connected to i think in my opinion the stigmas in our culture that are attached to performance enhancing drugs like for cheating sports in olympics and you always hear about them the sort of negative way so there's a lot guys it the shy away i've talked to many friends are very smart they talk to me about estos room like to have it on testosterone for ten years right we could change your life change the changes the way you function i'm fifty years old my by
functions like it did when i was thirty and that's a fact it really does and i push that mother all the time some i'm not i'm not telling you this from just the the theoretical standpoint i'm talking about from the physical action perspective and i tell this to people and you see it go in one ear and out the other i don't want to take any testosterone i don't want to i don't want to go to a doctor that's going to human growth hormone i don't want to look at my hormone levels and like but you're just you're depressed and your tired all the time and your your and all these different things you're taking zoloft you're getting magnet therapy no people have gotten can mean shots and all these different things to try to cure depression like why don't you look at your fucking hormones man yeah they can look yeah it does mandate that they have to take it yeah
should not i should know absolutely more what marks talking about is your physiological optimal level right jennette hypothetical scenario that he gave earlier if you're out in eleven you know what i mean and you're just once you know point above normal with that guess what that's not normal you know i mean you're on right to pursue we'd lower end so he has a completely different sliding scale to measure that but to me would like be an objective analysis and just get a snapshot of where that's at and by may you just see what it would be like to push it up a little bit and see if life improved not in supraphysiological right physiological based on you in a healthy level yeah you might you might find out that hey man i i went up you know ten points and i'm great or you had to push it really high you're different you know different strokes
for different folks what i'm trying to figure out is why would someone rather take a psychotropic medication yeah then fixing what god has given our body to manufacture that because of trauma because of genetics or whatever you're not producing it at the level another fallacy for me fallacy is that as we get older it's acceptable to have lower and lower levels of hormones well how about that's the reason why they're getting lower and lower is because the shitty food you're eating the fact that you had sixty here's a traumatic brain injury which of interrupted the brain's ability to regulate homeostasis to regulate your hormone production that's the reason why the levels are lower so bringing it back to twenty five to thirty five years of age which has been the victim in our office for the past twenty seven years has been key yeah one of things that jump my testosterone up a bunch is
cutting out processed carbohydrates all the refined carbohydrates it just jumped it like fifty percent was like a doubled it i was like this is insane right so it tells you how port in the biochemistry is of the body of the body to regulate other aspects of it yeah and the die and exercise and sleep and all these different factors but when i the my my testosterone to it but it bumped up and then ultimately doubled i i was so can used as to why it took me so long to figure this out that eating pasta done bread and pizza and all the bullshit was having an effect not just on like body fat it's it's having an effect on your whole body being able to process all these chemicals think of yourself as a machine and people don't like to do that but think of your body machine if you have a machine or a an engine or any think of it as a vehicle you're going have
yeah he needs spark plugs you need colin right you need gasoline you need all these with different factors and if you don't have the proper amount of and well if you don't have the spark plugs aren't working right the vehicles not going work on your body is far more complex in a car but similar in that respect the analogy i like car analogies you've got a brand new porsche nine slash eleven carrera with four flat tires choose one of them to fill up and drive you're not going to be to the four cardinal harm hormones of our body and i see colleagues of mine who only focusing on one hormone how are you going to be able to have a nice level ride if you don't look at all for the key hormone and also the insanely complex way that all these different nutrient levels and hormone levels interact with each other and that they're all a part of this incredible system that takes four
over to just scratch the surface of understanding i mean i read a lot i've just scratch the surface of understanding what's going on not sure i understand it is so complex when you see the results you know that at least your down the right path way it's a symphony yeah that's something i say it's a symphony but how better did you feel you know after cutting out those things in your testosterone better right almost immediately like the big one was the not needing a nap yeah like in the middle of the day i just assumed that i would get up i would eat breakfast then around three i'd like flock and it crashes testosterone deficiency three o'clock does that and then there's also the insulin dump right from the shitty processed foods and and carbohydrates i came off all protocols at two thousand eighteen for seven months for this year to could just because i wanted to see what would happen when i thought like the brain and body
back to to inr permissive environment in the hypothalamus my pituitary gland would turn back on but wasn't the case we had know two laps to fold up but i had to prove to myself i guess emotion spiritually that you know i could slay that dragon and i could live life without it but it wasn't no by no means imagination optimized you know what i mean and then when i went back on it man like my body composition changed again and i noticed increased energy and and i thought i was doing well but i was like the life is better i'm a better person when this is optimized in so mean know proven to myself that i can do it without it but life is not better i mean kind of it we might be looking sometime in the near future where they can do something genetically where they can alter the way your pituitary and functions are some of the different with crisper with many these a genetic manipulation tools at their working on right now but as of
right now that's not the case you have to get tested and then replenish back to physiological levels all the hormones select all of 'em actually just do one you can mess up the whole whole thing right is there a network of doctors that you've trained that you you trust their work that you can recommend is there a way that people so they don't have to travel to california to meet you right on the website there so that was that address again t b hi med legal t b i m e d l e g a l dot com has are under t i network in training it has a list of doctors we've trained doctors in spain the united states cannot the new zealand australia i'm going to southeast asia to train a group in cambodia and vietnam for a project which is to establish centers in
southeast asia because there's a lot of retired vets there hello again soon lot of retired vets to set up centers so they can offer treatment and if you look website is listed all in alphabetical order we have california there's arizona there colorado florida this is the ones without the names on it are people who are in the process of getting their certification so there's a four our exam they have to take and pass it with at least seventy percent and then present two cases showing they have the ability to utilize the information so there's doctors available in many many states great yeah that's been our goal to make this net work of doctors where i can't reach people at scale in the same way like train trainers are trained doctors yes or working on with the government right now what's incredible is how much you've accomplished in such a short period of time that's what's really incredible obsessed yes driven totally driven better
there's nothing wrong obsessed people i'm obsessed with everything that people people have a hard time with that word i think it's like it's gotten away from passionate passionate i like it i mean we were taken action but like for the right reasons and like opportunities just continues to present itself i think that's that's a by product of a right way of doing things you know what i mean like a let's be proactive let's go out there let's make things happen yeah he said to me in the beginning he said we're going to be doing right things for the right reason and what will happen is things will check out of the trees and land in front of us and that's what basically has been happening we just you know money it's not the issue just the work done in the response and the reaction of our vets reaction the response been incredible as far as what i've heard and what what's come to me about it and hopefully work yeah i gotta go man dude because of this show because of you like this information has been widely disseminated man and you helped promote are
you can give us a blurb for that so thank you for that tales from the blast factory supports what we're doing that comes out next month if anybody's interested in that matter of fact we did a thing on amazon joe will then get for zero ninety nine cents so we want people to get that beautiful beautiful right so any closing thoughts that we need to get out there if these people then we cover it all i think we covered it all my last closing statement is thank you so much listen thank you i'm i'm forever in your debt and i think that what you guys are both do one is incredible and i'm honored that i could play a small part in getting this out there it's just it means means everything thank you thank you from the bottom my heart alright fockers that's it for today will see you tomorrow because such donate thank you everybody for tunes
podcast and thank you to square space go to squarespace dot com for free trial when you're ready to launch use the offer code joe to save ten percent off your first purchase of the website for domain that's it we're done for today alright thank you my friends take care see but
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