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#1063 - Tom Segura

2018-01-11 | 🔗
Tom Segura is a stand-up comedian, and hosts his own podcast with his wife, Christina Pazsitzky called Your Mom’s House. His new special "Disgraceful" premieres on Netflix on January 12. http://tomsegura.com/
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a brand new Netflix special. That's coming out tonight at midnight it's called disgraced, disgraced, disgraceful, disgraceful because his mother, while he talks about it his mother in he named it he's hilarious is specials, are awesome and I love them so give it up for Tom Segura. The Joe Rogan experience. What good are alive sort of sort of life were were were rock and roll and we're dogs dog. So we talking about the game with Because we figured this probably good for the podcast Owari? Finally, After that, I paid it off in a big way. Man big way in a big way. So if you remember
when we were doing the weight loss challenge. It was like whoever wins decides. The sporting event were all sports fans. Basically, you know and and I said at the time I was like: let's go see Barcelona I think I wanted to say: Barcelona played Paris, in the you know, some tournament cup, some child, that they were playing in an. I was like the premier teams in to be fun, to go to Europe and make are you pay for it? You know yeah, so I told That newly I'm going to like look in Malaysia, and he just left so never heard from him again than four months later. You know how it all it all played out when he got back. He was getting fucking slammed by people because he was supposed to pay up this bet, you know right and people were destroying him. You know that I mean on line they were using I'll share your piece of shit, probably worse than that, but anyway
Once we got we got to like hanging out once we did this sober October thing. He was just like right before that. Actually I think he was like we were going, which means like what do you want to do right, well? How about I go things like you know, you pick the event. I go, I'm a big college football fan. Let's go to National championship Game now, remember in twenty two thousand and thirteen season, two thousand and fourteen Fsu and Auburn played in the rose bowl out here and birds and Fsu alumni, big, F fan. I was like. Let's go to the game Ann. I remember that we met. It was like we got somebody who had student because they both always
national championship. They allow students to go to the game for pretty expensive, but much less than the general public can go for. In other words, there 'cause we want students have the ability to go to see their school play, so we got like student tickets, for I think they were three hundred and fifty each and that's pretty expensive, especially for student, but I remember Bert treated me. He bought the ticket from me and we went to that to that game and he left that fucking halftime of National Championship game. While you leave, he was I'm tired. I go see the kids been drinking he's one of the best, his left you there yeah. We were sitting in separate sections, but I was like. Are you since I was like texting him he's like so you're by yourself and he was by himself yeah when he knew more people at the game, because a lot of his friends that he went to school with were at the game too. But I'm like you're gone. Did you just see the kickoff return just the the lead just like swung. He was like home. I was so
How big are so weird. I gave him ship for it. I still haven't shipped for it, but it ended up being This amazing finish so anyways. When I tell ARI, I want to go to this kind of thinking. That's the ball because that's the only experience I have so. The Atlanta. He buys tickets and I'm like I got, you know, find coach. You know that he's like no, you champ for bird burgers, coaching! We're just go coach good with extension, cool, but burden from somewhere else, so you he bought the ticket, he got. An Arab can be really nice house, few days in Atlanta and then it's a you know. It's the big thing is game day. I'm thinking like that's cool. They got these tickets and you got the you know, but I think it's like a reasonable and then we get to the stadium, it was a total fucking disaster to get in because Trump went to the game. So it was raining- is wet secret service everywhere.
Who our lines to get into the venue, and I paid a guy, a security guy, one hundred dollars to walk us through the line which is which was almost impossible 'cause. It was so packed, but I don't know he just started walking through the line like in front of people. People were yelling at the security guy, which was like so uncomfortable he's like a young black kid and like old white people with the fuck. Are you doing he's like I'm security? like you're, not security. You piece of shit like right to his right in front of us, and I was like God dam like. I just have never seen someone flip out like that, what It was highly unethical. We should have done it. We just work in a in that line and then Burt, of course, Burr in a crowd like that he's like it's, okay, I'm famous were famous guys like yelling, that to people which is like no, he did. Absolutely his eyes. They were everywhere. We went, we went to a restaurant, they would come up like hey. Can I get you guys something to drink and he like? Do you recognize this like
they were like. Why was he serious? I mean, I think it's part of his, like you know, whatever style and then- and they were like I'm sorry so part of a joke or part of yeah. I I kind of a job I think not okay, he's like halfway in the middle, because one time he was like we're famous comedians and the lady was like. I know you are he's like also be for him shut up and he was serious, I mean he's like half serious he's like weird. But it's like you see him in his element. It's like him in with crowds is really like. You realize really enjoys it like. He really enjoys the large groups he enjoys being recognized. He and like sometimes we were walking and people were like: hey you're, the guy. I seen you on Facebook he's picture picture
talking about how like people would say, like Tom again they're like hey, and then they would walk away. They wouldn't come over to me, they're like high and then they'd walk another way, but with birth or like, ugh, you will take the shirt off so yeah. They love they love it and he's like in his glory with. It is perfect. So anyways we get through this horrific line into unbelievable one point: six billion dollars stadium that they built in Atlanta. I mean it live it's amazing, such a beautiful just stand alone stadium. You know so state of the art. It's incredible! We get in. There already got us fifty yard line. So right in the middle, like twenty rows back and like these are fucking amazing, like you couldn't ask for better seats. It has like some club access for, like
free booze, free food catered food prime rib like Jesus, I'm like how much did you pay for these tickets? He's like oh yeah. I want to know three thousand five hundred dollars each wo re are you fucking? things like how to do it, how to over it on tickets. For us now, yeah File, unreal man, that's amazing, I mean Those are great seats to like those are absolutely amazing seats. You know when the Mcgregor Mayweather Fight was going on. I was hearing that people were buying tickets for a quarter million dollars, fucking retarded, that's so dumb to pay
much money, you save that right, yeah, but you're balling pretty hard right now I mean I and back in the desert, hey yeah. I thought about some of the the your well. You can do now yeah, that's true. I would be like that's impossible yeah, so we're talking to Jeff Bezos before the shows now the richest man in human history. It's like it's inconceivable, yeah he's worth one hundred and five billion dollars right, which is just like what the he's like the eighth biggest landowner in United States. You know that he just buys crazy. And I'm not stun- now, of course not three- thousand acres of Texas. Well, that's a lot! That's a lot! Yeah! It's a big! yeah, I'm sure it's just out pretty sure his DC home was either uh, It was either a museum or a hotel before he was like that, should my house now it looks like a museum there like it's your house. I wonder what he's like to hang out with 'cause there's a photo of him see if you could find this photo at Jamie is a photo of Jeff Basos. One nineteen, ninety three and he's got
vinyl banner above his death It says Amazon, DOT, com and it's just him, and this jank little Fucking IKEA desk yeah like bad clapping, yeah, kinda, chubby, typing away, he's like got some muscle on his Jackton TAN and probably got a supermodel friend, doesn't now it's got a wife for greater normal yeah she's, an author. How, on I know He doesn't schedule morning meetings, so you hang out with the kids really yeah wow. I read all this stuff. I wonder why he's going so hard hum now when you hit one hundred and five boo, Boo billion yeah, you would think he'd go we're good. I now I think you just start really collecting if you're like, because you he bought the Washington post. You know it's not like he's like. I love journalism, right, the call a newspaper
You know I mean like what do you at that level? You just like I like what the falls. Are there any for sale or something you know he's got Washington Post is one of the weird ones where you get a link. Someone else send you a link, and you click on it and it's Washington, Post article and says you obviously love great journalists right sign up like off. They don't even give you the free reads. I feel around your time to give you ten for I I signed up after I you know I kept clicking those elements and watch the post. I feel, like click number Under like going to read this: you want to or not yeah I'm not I'm not paying yeah, I mean I, I suppose paying for journalism, but I feel like, should give us a taste If you get a little taste, so it's tough to trust journalism these days, it's tough to trust like how fucking weirdo your article is going to be that's true. It's journalism is tough watching. News has become man, I remember when it started to skew to personality and taste. Now it's like off the rails,
it is off the rail. That's where the money is. I know, but it's like yeah you're totally just going with who, like you're, gonna watch, you can select. What do I feel like leaning towards yeah? Then you watch that Tucker Carlson yeah- or you know, yeah Rachel. Maddow theory is that's the picture. Oh my god. Isn't that crazy? Yes, he looks nothing like that. Now, yeah, it's hundred and five you'll do he's sitting there with that Amazon dot com banner. I hope that still hang in somewhere in his yeah. I probably shoots loads on that that what do you, the army, God yeah, crazy that he started. I remember Amazon being a book thing, it being a place to buy books. I remember thinking how weird looking online book store. Why would you just go to the bookstore store or you can see the book right, click and all those books or shut close. It killed all of 'em. It's only a few left. Well,
little guy, who got a deal with on dot com to publish a book. Is Amazon Onstar Publishing books and they blackballed him, because this he had had traditional outlet deals before and you know his books to be front. Dinner in Barnes, noble knowledge in a different place is a pretty popular author, but as soon as I amazon dot com. They like fuck, you shut him out? They shot amount of all those stores, yeah and I was like whoa. If there's like a weird book war going on that, I didn't know about there. Both tried try them in those, but people are trying to keep their business model go and driving you know, and he ever doing it by threats is never the way to go. Probably not no. I mean the best way to go. Is when Amazon publishes a book to people actual on a body in your store. You dumb shorten your store. You know I hate that these super rich guys, they'll. Never they never in their interviews, taught have like
the only one who will talk like what it's like to ball at that level and make it sound like the things you want to ask Mark Cuban I've seen him in interviews be like. I got a lot of and like knows that, like that's a genuine curiosity for people like how far is that you have two seven hundred and forty seven he's like yeah man, it's pretty cool right and he talks about it, but I saw interview with gates. This guy was all those questions you would like to worry about like when somebody asks you to like when you ask for something that someone's going to try to ask for more because of your. Known wealth he's, like you know, my charity really is a big just like dodging all those questions. Yeah like the fun ship that everyone was right. He kept going back to his charity were like we know, you're a fucking charitable guy. Tell us what it's like to own six Things were. What kind of should do you have it he's like Xanadu House, it's like seventy thousand square feet,
well he's got a house. I think it's on Puget sound uh It's somewhere in the Seattle area? Yeah you wanna, DINA, DINA Medina, says Otis, I think is. Call it it's so freaky. Okay, that looks like using an ad blocker when he pulled up which pull up nineteen crazy facts about his house. Okay hundred twenty three Nine dollars disable your ad blocker, so we can read it this. So we we were in Seattle and there's this thing, that's near a bridge, where you you go under this bridge and they have this these clear walls. We can see the salmon swimming. Up the salmon ladders. They have everything set up with these clear, like glass its walls even watch it. It's really pretty badass yeah, but the guy who is there who is the god of this thing, who's explaining us, you know how this works and which kind of salmon you're looking at the whole deal he
like you know, my uncle worked on the bill Gates House and starts talking about Bill Gates House where Bill gates, houses and where he lives, and I remember thinking like how weird must it be? you're so rich that all everybody wants to do is talk about. Like okay, my friend worked on your. As a like. What's it like, and he just starts describe, skills. Well, he has like some sort of a submarine access in case he's getting kidnapped, like someone's, trying to jack him They can get in a submarine shoot out into the river. I'm like what I don't know I mean how much of that is even true. This guy seems like yeah. He was miss it. A little piece of his brain start, really adding stuff yeah. I was thinking I was like how much This is urban myth. I know that they were reporting even liked. I don't know when the house was built, fifteen whatever years ago, that even back then there was in his house. 'cause super high tech. Of like. If you walk in a room music,
a any and left the room music would died out and pick up in the next room, so that you know had it which at that I think you could probably regular person, probably do something like that now, but, like that was unheard of yeah. I think you were a pin you put in pin on in that pin, as you walked into different rooms, recognized that you were the person see it's specific colors that you liked so they'd be like back lighting. That was just like to be a his kids, like he's big on he's the one that started the giving pledge, which is for billionaires to give the overwhelming majority of their wealth right to charity so that you don't pass on billions to your children right you like, so his thing is like I'm going to leave my kids money, but not like crazy. That money. Would you like yeah? That's you know. I totally get the idea behind but also like. If you grew up with his you're his kid and you're, like oh,
we got lions this year and then you're like you know, you grow up and you're, like I'm a whatever photographer, now my dad left me: five million dollars but like this is one million dollars is great, it's great, but my thing is like it's such a step down from what they are you do. I feel I feel even remotely bad for so I don't kid gets five million dollars from his. I don't feel bad. What I'm saying is that that adjustment has to kick you in the balls. I mean the exposure that they've had the lifestyle is like it's not it's. Unfathomable to us like we can't even it's beyond their just like it's like being the prince. You know it's like your dad is Sultan of Brunei and then he's like well go fuck him. I mean they're, probably adjust it. I don't know why I assumed that, but I think that, like he and his wife seem like such reasonable people that I bet they've. You know prepared them for, for the for what's coming,
well, they've got to figure out a way to make it on their own, and how do you get a kid to do that that stuff right now? How do you get a kid to do that who's who's grown up like that right, yeah, think about that with your kid like as you're starting a ball out of control yeah, I think about it for sure like how do you at and then like how to not? You know you want to prepare your kid for that, and then has how will a boy and a maybe a specially boys align with their dads, usually in a certain way, no like with compares himself to you and your success, but you don't want him to feel like You know he's less than right in your shadow sure, especially but if it goes in a comedy, oh, my god, I love your daughter to go my seven, it's hilarious, she's, really funny,
does she ever like. Oh I'm sure, she's like this is not what the Fox comedy is now she's knows how to be silly. She seems around the house on the tv doing it not really know she flipped through Netflix, and makes fun of Maine really yeah nice jeans dad. Says: mockingly, read it yeah, she's, just ruthlessly funny This goes after a seven year old is the younger yeah yeah. She goes after it all the time series that going after jokes, that's hilarious, yeah, she's, a she's really funny, but I see her becoming like a Youtube character or something? Well? How do you had it? What do you think about as far as like them, not feeling you know overwhelmed by your success or status? If you ever think about think it's less likely because their girls, you know, but I was actually having a conversation with Neal Brennan about this last night. We were talking about another famous guy.
I don't know him that. Well, so I won't use his name, but he has two sons and at least one daughter. The daughter highly motivated he's, not worried about it. All she kicks ass in school, she's awesome, the suns are fucking insanely lazy and they just sit around. They know that when they turn twenty six, they get a giant check and their twenty five now and boy, they don't do that's terrible super worried about it. I would choose to do you know. That's that's a nightmare man. Well, it's like it's so hard to actually do something. If you don't have yeah. It's so hard to to make. Something happened in your life right to start a business too to enter into a career, to become successful added at it to really focus and try to get good to the point where you're successful at something you have to have a fire inside view you have to need to achieve. If you already have a ferrari and you already living in a mansion, you already have.
Ten million dollars in the bank. You already have all your bills paid. You don't have to get up in the morning. If you don't want to yeah the idea of just because I mean this discipline machine. That's out there to try to kick ass in this life, be so actualized soul, hard so hard to pull off. Can't you got a like dial back to on the spoiling. I think I went to high school with the grand son of a billionaire and they they were very present and, like the area, you know- and you know they drove like used cars, the the grand I'm saying and had. Obviously they could have gotten way more, but it was like instilling this you're, not just going coast through everything and they got jobs and as far as like I know about now he's doing now is like he's working. You know it was really working, even though he's gonna Herrett, like just crazy amounts of money Bryant, you know, but I mean part of it too, is
just the nature of that person? I think you can try to not go crazy with them. You know taking care of gifts and all that stuff, but some of that drive has to come from within no matter what your social economic level is yeah. I would imagine some of it. I think, there's people that are the crawl bridge, that it doesn't matter, doesn't matter they're, just they're, going to succeed, they love it. They like succeeding. They like working are they like getting things done, but then there's like what What is a kid to be a lazy fuck like I come home is on the couches with their feet up and they don't yeah. Did you do what I ask you do? I was gonna yeah, but some happen might called and I know people like cars and girls yeah. I think it's some road just I mean I know people like that who you want to shake yeah. You know what the is wrong with you, but they, I think, a lot of times they just it's almost like they fear doing the thing
Yeah scared, they're scared. What if I do something and I suck at it- you know that kind of thing: there's, definitely that yeah. Well, you see that in a lot of like your comics that are sort of starting to make it comedy yeah. He. Like a lot of like sabotage. Didn't you know that stress of you're just doing MIKE Nights and also new store and get paid in, and then some people start moving forward and other people get left behind. Sure members remember those days, of course, I remember thinking like my boy, there's a lot of people here that are sabotaging themselves yeah a yes see the stress of stand up, particular so open ended, like you could make of it. What you want you put in as much as you want you either can be successful or not depending upon how much focus on and how much talent you have how much driving discipline, you have a couple of breaks in a couple: breaks a bunch bunch of factors and sometimes those
actors are just too overwhelming to some people in the toilet. You see them just start: tanking it they're drinking at the store every night, yeah yeah 'cause, it's the truth is that it's scary yeah. I remember when people handle it different ways like I remember the people who be like they would just like this? Is it you know this isn't going to work out? I don't know why we're doing this. Oh yeah those people- and I was always like. Oh dude- don't talk to me anymore negative not just to sort of eliminate that pain of failing yeah. You know they just they're trying to like just address it now come on we're just normal guys were going to happen. There we go, and I will just get a fuckin'. Regular job will be working for Amazon or something yeah. I know what you talking about man, he added people who were like yeah. This doesn't.
And I can't make any money doing this. I remember that a lot too, like you, can't make any money doing this. I was like well, you can make any money right now. It doesn't mean you're going to make money later and they're like well you're going to get to later 'cause no money? Now? You know it's almost as weird: do you remember the day? admin deals years we you around during the development deal I was at a tail at. I was at that when they were like they were like two years ago, you would miss six thousand dollars yeah. I was is there for the development deal years, but I kind of it was working during most of it is during most of it. I was doing news, radio really hot. I was doing this news radio and for that, they were it would go to Montreal. They would do the common festival, they would have these sets and they would I'm back and they had half million dollar deals and they were just it and they were convinced it was all fucking happening for them
I remember I had quite more than one conversation with one of these people that were trying to put me on their show, comics that have Never work since, like do not hear from them, usually my show yeah bro, my shows guaranteed who's going to happen. It's guaranteed go to air, it doesn't go there. There's a million dollar backup deal like they had all this stuff that they were telling you about like they went the opposite way, instead of like being like terra, side of the future, to the point where they were just like letting themselves off the hook. They were super confident in this weird delusional. It's definitely happening for me thing odd man, yeah, it's odd to subscribe see that would always scare me 'cause, I'm more. My just more life perspective is like you. Don't you don't react until like the check, clears yeah. I never I never yeah. I don't go like yeah. That's definite happens now. It's always like to wait and see, but those people that it was interesting because they know, none of them made it yeah, none of 'em,
and they were all convinced, but it was a weird convinced. It was like a few. What yeah you're not even that good yeah. That's what I want to tell my course. You got lucky man, you had a you're kind of cute, yet decent, set in front a very willing crowd. Yeah and someone took a chance on you, because people are going. There was a he Thomas, which is it describe it to people. There was a anytime time. They were just talking around development deals like a regular person who probably had no business being honest If you get one hundred thousand dollars development deal. I literally just missed that. I think said that the last big one that they talked about was like five there like that was like one of the last big six development deals which is basically go to Montreal, which is the just for laughs, big festival the executives. Go they all basically party for a week. It was like an excuse to do work, and then you know they were,
many people of those checks, and we literally I went in the seven new faces class and they're like two years ago. So when I get a hundred, fifty thousand hours for his fifteen minutes at eight hundred and fifty is like one of the big blue, the last big ones that failed like they. They had a record. There was like a tallying of like this person, this person, this person, this person all got them. Nothing came of it and then they like went all in in five on a couple other people and then that didn't pan up some. So they're like it's like these development deals. Man it's done. No. Never it never happens. Now you never hear about it. Now I got one in ninety three. I got it. Element deal. Ninety three wow yeah, the first one or John of the the festival yeah I I went to festival with a deal. That's crazy, I had to deal with Disney. Yeah now they that should never happens.
Is the weirdest thing in the world because it was. I went from being fucking broke yeah, like you know, I'm making three hundred dollars this weekend. If I go to this place and do a set on Friday, night yeah and then you know, get six figures, yeah did you think, were you like? This is crazy right. I think I got one hundred the first time and then there was a second part of it. Where I got fifty, it was just like what yeah it's. I was eating. Lobster every night, didn't you your account manager calls right. You thought I had a gambling problem so funny. It's like nope, just liking, yeah and he was like. How are you spending so much money and I was like I'm just spending money like this is how I'm going to live from now on yeah he's like that is uh. But it's fucking thing I've ever heard in my life. Why those right yeah those right, yeah you're right. It just took a chance yeah, that's so cool it could have not terribly wrong, but the the the thing was weird about it. That was the most incredible thing.
Is that, once I started working and once the money the check came in Ann, I did the thing about my bills anymore. There was a physical feeling of relief like a physical feeling of relief yeah to go from being broke. I have no idea how you going to pay your bills just trying to hustle up a hundred or sad or seventy five dollars set somewhere to go from that? To just not having to worry about money, yeah instantaneously continuously. You know after taxes have x, amount of dollars in the bank and just go on, but that's in the bank yeah, that's crazy. I know, but then the feeling, like a lightness of being like I felt physically, lighter
I felt like it's so much of your Leica consumes you for so much of your life is like there's this bill and then there's that bill. It's like it's on your mind, all the time yeah like shit, and I got no. I got these weeks of work lined up but like then that other thing is going to come up, so I better. I need to call it 'cause, it's all you think about, but I think it goes the other way too. I think that when you get to like this Jeff Basos level, I think then, all of a sudden it's a burden, 'cause. I feel like the lightness. The lightness is like Bryan Callen had a saying once and it's I've repeated it a bunch of times. I think you nailed it. He said you want to get rich enough so that you don't to worry about your bills, and you don't have to worry about how much things cost when you go to eat at a restaurant, that's great as everything else after that is bullshit. That's true! That's true! Yeah yeah! All that other stuff, like
hiring stuff and jewelry and she'll like that, like we done with all that now, you're right and it's like there's that thing too, when, like we have enough money to go to restaurants, and sometimes you go a restaurant and they were like in the special. Is this kind of meat and there's a lobster on the side? And it's not a not a problem always feel like it's weird. When I tell you that price. I know you're likely fracking embarrass me here. I'm good, but it's an odd thing. Sometimes they tell you the price and sometimes they don't. Sometimes it just tell you the special. We have rack of lamb as it sounds good, nice restaurants, a lot of times, there's multiple items. Does market price yeah, that's weird one and you can just be like. I want that and they're like you said, so and then they just bring it to you and they're. Like that's four hundred dollars, a watt yeah. What kind of market is this? This is crazy.
But don't you think that if you get to the point where you're worth one hundred and five billion dollars just Focus on you alone is a lot spell overwhelming less overwhelming, and also it's like to the bill gates thing is like it is the thing that everybody probably sister, ask you talk about it. Yeah! It's like everyone knows. You have a fifteen inch Let me see it, let me see it can I touch, you Can I submit your photos This is crazy. Like knowing that about someone. It's all everyone, so yeah. I think that Nrg, you feel that everyone is like you're super rich yeah 'cause, we're all fascinated, especially in this country, with accumulating wealth. It's like, I feel, like it's I feel like it's heightened here, yeah for sure. Well I mean, think about how much of the culture is about. Balen yeah, you know, and it's all about young entertained.
Culture, is all about showing diamonds and stepping out of Rolls Royces dude. I don't know his name, I am getting a jewelry He bought, and you saw that and has an emblem with sixty nine and it spins he's got like diamond. And then he had like he had like two hundred grand in his waistband. He just took it out with like at stacking the money. It's just like it's a fascination with like how much should I have an audit should I could buy like that part of the culture. Now it's been going on for a long time. It has been it's coming up from poverty. That's what it is right. It's the idea is that these guys were all like super poor and then they made it and here but this is what happens when you make it it's. You know it's kind, also we see that in like hip hop a lot here, but it's also what you saw with a major drug traffickers. They all come from extreme poverty. All of them.
El Chapo, Pablo Escobar Super super super poor and they accumulate in crazy amounts of wealth and then they're like look at all my yeah. I know it's like. If you see this like the parallel. It's the same thing yeah like when Pablo escobar- oh my god, when he had hippos and chit If I can zoom in his house yeah, he had when he built his prison You know he will serve time, but I'm building it and there was soccer fields and then he would fly in national play, like play soccer with me today: yeah, ok and even after all, that he was like man. I want to speak anymore, I'm going to get outta here, I'm leaving yeah, so my health built his own prison. Columbia and they had Joey It's got me on this show 'cause I watched narcos, which is a great Netflix series and then there's another series. Surviving Escobar and it's it. It follows: asking
I had a right hand. Man uh his right hand, hit man killed like three hundred people for him named John Heidel Velasquez Vasquez, and it follows him from like the day they got Escobar and this guy turn himself in and it shows him in prison and how he just ended up. Starting the cartel from basic from within prison. It's a fascinating series, yeah, that's it and as a new Netflix special, I think what happened was that I feel like it was a. It seems like it was a colombian series that they acquire is what it seems like. I'm not sure, but it's really good. I mean it's, it's all in Spanish with subtitles, but it's that's. The real guy in that picture right there is that guy still alive yeah, his nickname is Popeye an he fucking murdered, so many people and they had such a dedication to their bosses. That's one of the things they followed them like.
Just leaders. You know like, if he's in an interview pop by this guy, saying, if Pablo Escobar had told me to kill my dad, I would have done it. Whoa like I, wouldn't hesitate either they have such devotion to the boss To release Tabs a deck, maybe it was the game. My dad is a big hassle, so I yeah. Of course I kill him Just that movie that's coming out now about uhm. The lady from cocaine cowboys to focus her name, but he said the Blanco Selda yeah, it's Jennifer Lopez knows Catherine Zeta Jones, that's right and she actually made like not as hot, really yeah, I mean she's like eighty now This is one hundred and fifty years old. She weighs six hundred and fifty Yes, you know we took pictures of a picture before we.
To the game together hose together right, I have a t. Shirt on Burt has like a hoodie like this with pockets and then a jersey over it. So it just looks so much everybody. Everybody was like Jesus Christ, birth did you put on four hundred packets that picture 'cause? He there's like six layers on my photo. It was all they were all you look pretty slim there, though it looks like all we got fat for awhile, city, yeah, yeah, already got to Sirius Candy addiction, quite a bit which is terrible for you that the sugar fat just getting fat from nothing but sugar yeah, but he just decided to cut it out of the way yeah. I good look good. It was a long time ago, but the way he did was pretty interesting. Just said there on the front more
that's a good way to do it didn't join weight. Watchers didn't do anything. Here's a body that responds to that pretty. Well too, though, you know like I feel, like there's different. Definitely different body types and he's the kind that could probably make a slight adjustment and see things sway. Well, I guarantee with bird it's booze, bird, just cut off the booze, I mean he would lose a massive amount of weight. He goes so He goes so hard, it's bizarre yeah! Now he goes hard. Man to the point I was really stunned that he made it through sober October. Oh stunned. I think you really respond to challenges. He left he likes. He likes the challenge like he always showed, how he speaks in hyperbole and he's always like yeah. If you go like but you can do. I can definitely do that. It's always media. Yes, without consideration of it. He's like. I can definitely look into that. Yeah now are you said when
and this weekend because birds like I'm, definitely doing definitely doing the LA marathon, and I think it's in April and always like. If you do that, I will show up in roller skates. I will fucking kill you. And birds like there's no way, there's just no way and we were like what are you talking about like you? Can casually roller skate a five minute mile there casually not even know sweating, no he's like after after ten miles to your feet, will hurt and like so just push through it like why you think you can push through something in somebody else. Can't we just fucking push through. It will beat you I'll go, take a nap and get back and then still beat you like I'll. Definitely definitely the half marathon he did and he did surprisingly well. I didn't think he would do it. How long did it take him to run a half marathon want to say it was like in the two hundred and forty something like that right, something like that. Maybe two hundred and thirty five.
Forty, five, something that so is that is that a clean split like? Can you say? Oh, that means you would do a five hour marathon S Arelina lower yeah. Would be slower. You desire yeah that that second half everyone that I've talked to said, especially that last stretch like those last five miles, are supposed to be most taxing. You know yeah. Meanwhile, my friend CAM Hanes run a marathon. Today, it's really really crazy, really crazy, walking, psycho I know and you watch him. You know I pull up. Instagram and I'm like just fucking positive man, just do it he's getting up every morning before work. He's a regular job is running fuckin' miles and miles at six hundred in the morning, and I heard it was ok, at the only thing that made him seem human was him talking about. There was a time he said it was hard to run a mile or something yeah. He was like yeah. I remember when it was hard to run a mile series you had trouble running a mile yeah when he first started running like everybody else right a weird thing that maybe doing a lot more yeah. Well,
I do it now too, it's uh, I'm kind of amazed. I think back at like where it used to be difficult and it's not difficult there anymore like well. How come it's? Not it's almost like your brains like well, It happened like what changed how come. I can just run up the section now and hustled through here and push pushed on this corner and get up to that ridge and go over the top and then to the next top? And that's where I stop now? Why did I get so much further yeah? You brought your body. Doesn't It's almost like your brain doesn't want to believe that your body can get in better shape right. You know you can. You know like when I workout and have worked out for a long time and I'm I'm fit and I'll do like on the back or something like that, I'm no, not gay. As tired as I used to be, but I don't want to believe it right. As that is weird why your body is like your brain. Is it's like trying to keep you from progressing in a way? I don't know
so it's like your brain has memories of the times where you were getting tired, doing stuff that you're not getting tired anymore yeah confused, what's happening here. I've been doing I hired a trainer and part of our workouts has been bike. Sprints, like stationary bike, man, to get AIR Don Sprint, or do you do just like a regular bike sprint. I mean it's a stationary bike right, so I don't know what type of bike it is, but it's like it'll be like a max out thirty. Second sprint and recovery. I've never felt as close to dying really how it's like me specially on. Like the third sprint. It's like you know, lungs, heart ones. Are it's just like yeah? I I I I. I have a whole new respect for cyclists, just doing those stupid sprints. I do they just it's so taxing. You know. Just where did you get this guy? I found him just searching. I met him and then start doing work. He just been giving me like
one on one and I've been doing uh, just mixing it up so, like will have like strength days where it's. Power days, you know like higher lower reps and then you'll, throw in core stuff and then will do Rep days. I like the mixing it up. I grant I get bored, you know, and course it's been fun to like work out with somebody who meet knows his and it's been like super challenging. What's his name when I was name just give me his first name, others to do two different guys two different guys go to two different guys. You two trainers. Three, I some right now, your kids can relate to you, man. They had three trainers: dance on Thursday, get a six pack Sean and Kelly. So how mix it up. Why do you go to three different people as you can and passion yeah just to make it challenging different yeah, just a different, really miss the truth. Yeah through different shit 'cause. I know that I'm going to get something different out of them on different days
how many times a week you working out now. If you got three different trainers, you must be hitting them at least once a week, each guy I'm doing like three or four days a week, yeah Tommy buns can't shape. I'm super strong man yeah. I don't know why, but it did happen. 'cause, you're famous. You recognize me Terrell friend that works here at this bar is a big fan of yours. Will you sign the back of this to her? He was how about video, and then she goes. Okay takes his shirt off in a black, cigar bar in Atlanta, okay, yes and then he takes the camera, he goes like up up his stomach, let's fuck
Of course she was like that's bugging optimized, for she loves him, of course, and if you were there, this is him in oh yeah. I saw this happen here. Dude. He just he's a find booze and but everybody was dancing. Oh yes, and just him he got the vibe going man. I'm telling this is natural element he's also about nineteen drinks in nineteen dollars early, he looks hammered yeah. I mean that whole that whole store was dancing with him. The Routh I walked in and knew him he's drunk to look. You've got hard dancing, This is like the whitest fish fan ever that's so true, like jumping up and down with his legs together, these guys knew him that it was he was in. He was in Heaven man boy, what a little weird life that Bert Kreischer,
says: he's really is the party I follow. Yeah is the machine I think for a while. I was like that's your act, I'm your friend with us your act. And then I hung enough hanging out you like. That's really who you are man, you really the party guy. He enjoys it yeah, but it's so rough on your body. I don't know he pushes through it's amazing. He gets up the next day and was like I'm really on it, but you like you, don't notice right, you know, yeah we went out to breakfast on. Was it Monday? I think it was Monday. Yeah went back to the day of the
name and my friend Justin lives in Atlanta. It comes over picks us up and he's feeling. This morning we sit down and just breakfast place coffees when we ordered breakfast, he orders eggs and toast and bacon, or something and then he's like all right and then, as the waitress walked back. Oh, could you send him a waffle, also like in front of him he's like. Well, I go you like waffles and he's like yeah. It's true. She said like this massive awful he's like this was a really good decision, thanks man totally tearing it out scarfing. Yeah yeah. I know he wants to do another challenge. He was deaf not doing something to keep bringing things up and are makes. Videos are thrown at us, yeah yeah, which I think She would probably again.
Something that would benefit him the most, but other people would get benefits from. It too was a go phone free social media, free for a month. Well, that's ARI! Ari! Does that all the time that he does it all the time? That's like me asking you guys to Jujitsu yeah no, but I think, like I respected the challenge in terms of like yeah. I do look at that shit too much. I do you know yeah it takes. It takes too much of your focus away. Witchlike already talked about, and then it was like easy: it's not easy for your on it. He brings his charger with him. We go, we went out. I was like, why is it kills? My battery runs like you, have seventy percent. How we're going to run out have used it a lot he's always on it. So I was like that's actually a good challenge for you. Yeah. You are consumed with it, but he was like he was pretty hesitant to accept the problem with that. Is it's a it's a tool for work? That's the point, but ARI's thing was like:
You can have your assistant, the guy, that helps reduce your podcast. You could send him things be like he got post these things. You can post these promotions for my shows and blah blah blah, but you can't be on there. Consumed by likes and consumed by comments, and that whole thing I don't know it was just it was. So that that idea is not a bad idea. It's not a bad challenge. Good luck with it! I'm out, yeah I don't know I mean I think the physical stuff is really really interesting in the physical stuff. The most interesting like even for me, a guy who does yoga on a regular basis, doing fifteen of 'em in a month, I was like wow. I gotta lot to make up what would be another good one. I don't know We me some of that last nine days. I did nine days straight, you know of yoga, and it wasn't the last nine days. I had plenty of time to go, but I just decided to burn it all out in one shot. I was like I'm learning a lot about myself like I've. Never done anything
is that hard? Ninety minute, hot yoga classes nine days in a row with no days off like if you just don't give you self a day off your body starts to adapt to not a day off. You can accomplish way more than you think you can yeah. That's what that should tell me. Do you ever have like those? I remember being on the road once and having a deadline for a writing packet? some type of submission- or they were like- I was getting paid- send it in by this by, like tomorrow, yeah and I was doing so much writing in the hotel room and that when I submit it and everything was fine, I was like I can get a lot of work done in these hotel rooms, but I needed that experience to tell me that yeah 'cause all time, I'm just sitting around these flagging hotel right, you just watching tv flipping through the channels and not doing shyt, watching those fucking pawn shop, shows. Throat fucking twenty pages, yeah yeah yeah. If you just make yourself,
Do it or you have like for me, I have to have a little have to, but one thing does help is going to have a schedule of shit that I wrote down like I have to work on my acct for an hour a day for five days. Look at that in there yeah like that's. I give my I think. That's really reasonable? I give myself five, hours of writing a week, that's too, since white flight work at the working on it more since I know my special special out tomorrow, should Tom Alarms, Netflix Special number three in the pipe, but it yeah I'm excited French coming out, I'm excited for, but I also have that that the new special, anxiety it's back to square one, but that's where the material comes from right, totally yeah course, and I'm actually I
Personally, I love everyone works this way. I definitely work better when it's up when it's a hundred percent out another was not like the month to let you know it's coming out in two months when it's actually out I feel the fear and the drive more. I could eat more yeah when I, when I know it's all, it's gone now, yeah, it really fuels me me too, yeah same thing, but it's the scariest fucking thing in the world Error ACT, yeah, that's scary, thing yeah! It's scary. Is your ears, so terrified of being up onstage with what I, what I call without weapons yeah, nothing yeah his. So you have to like really Ok, so I'm getting that shit done and then I found myself on the store with notebooks and going over the ship before the same thing you just really tight and in doing a couple spots tonight like yeah have like all new should have one hour. You know I mean you literally have like one day yeah and then in one day
yeah they have all new shit. So now you can go up and just whip out. Some polished smooth, sucking sharpened, wet, Well, I actually thought about it and it's like you know. I've been I have been for the last, especially they're, so really focused on the new stuff, and I go so tonight's. The last night do I feel like doing Well, I don't want to say that thing one. Last time I was looking over like the the bet- and I was like not really- I think I'm done- you know yeah, so I'm I'm trying to focus on just all new now, what's we're being forced into position for a good thing, because you have fan because the fans want to hear new stuff and it just Let me think about that always used to pity those old guys back in Boston that never wrote yeah that they had that same hour that they would do for a decade. This was so nice to me it's crazy to think about now, because back then and there was no social media, and none of these guys got on television so
If you didn't go to see them live. You did not know the material yeah. Now this really wild easy to think that that was the norm and that guys would polish and act together and put it together, and then they would just work and they would never right, and I fuckign never right like the norm now without question. I feel like it was kind of debated for a little bit is definitely wanna. Special comes out like that shirt is gone. Yeah like that's accepted now. Like you're done with that totally well. I had a conversation with someone at the store a year ago. 'cause she did a special and then, after the special she was still doing the same material. I go. What are you doing? I go because I don't think most people see now go woah, woah, woah, woah woah. I go I guarantee, so they're coming to see you they're paying to see they've seen your work. Yeah like which is why new material, why the fuck are you touring yeah? I can touring now with the same exact act that was on comedy central.
Six months ago, you can't no whole, no specially people paying you know the it's. It is weird in that you will. I ran into it a bunch of times, but it's definitely a minority which is the person who's like. Why don't you do that? One bit right, because it's because you know go watch on Netflix, yeah yeah. I I think I may have told you, but I did one people were asking me to do some bits when I was touring. I think it was not two thousand and seventeen two thousand and sixteen there were like Do Are you going to this benefit, so I just doing one show at a club how's it going to try this this thing out. This encore thing, So I did my help. I did my new show and then and I said so people ask me to do some bits that no or whatever I forgot. I got into it so, and I got this huge round of applause and then
I would be, I would start it and they would be like a big big applause. How would go through the bit to complete silence like they would just watch me do the bit they know and then, when I would end it another round of applause, like that's horrible, like those the worst feeling ever in the reason, because there's no lab 'cause, there was no surprise like they're like do it yeah. Of course, they knew the whole thing yeah I did like the Espinoza you might you know whatever? No this one as the something like oh yeah. We do know this one and then go through it and they're like yeah. I know where is that was horrible? My one attempt at doing that. You know yeah I don't even know how to do them. Yeah. I know it was and then that people were like I was like. I forget the next line there like it's. This like people knew it better than I did yeah somebody asked me: something about the uh a bit about people breaking into the White House
about the woman who was guarding the front door of the White House by yourself. That's on your last night and I had to go back and watch it again. I was like oh, I forgot all this yeah I'd literally forgot how it worked. I forgot all the different beats and it's not. Like in a day is not to come together. Well, no, it's terrible! I did a private event in Vegas for these rich guys, an I was like just flew in and I was talking to them like five hours before the Show- and I just you know I mean like I'm doing my current show and the like how we were hoping you do this this this, and this, though- and I was like all right- so I went up to my hotel room- pulled up Netflix STAR watching and making notes, and then I downloaded the album. So I could listen to it walk around, and I was like I didn't like forgetting thing that you think is a throwaway is actually like a connector yeah, the thing yet Faulk and I was doing like half assed versions of it
the show wow. They were still like on board with it. But I was like that's not how that goes. I knew I was sucking it up. How many Do you have out now you have thrilled, which was a white girls. White girl Cd Cd, two hours there can an. The normal is a special, mostly stories. A special and disgraceful comes out, so five hours of recorded yeah Kim is like stopping imagine that if you had to like do your whole catalog like a Bruce Springsteen concert? yeah. You know I mean the thing about like a Bruce Springsteen or any of those guys is that on any given night, you could bring back that one and really get it sharp again for like five nights, yeah and then kind of drop it and then do it. I mean yeah. We go like that sold,
do that yeah and I just let it just goes further and further away from your mind, but they asked to look if you go to see Bruce Springsteen in he doesn't play born to run yeah. It's like what the kind at piece a shows that I wonder. I wonder because I feel like this. He then, and though he's famous for doing like for our shows yeah, so maybe ever does skip it, because how folks like I have so much energy and Macy's on those trump diet pills it's got to be. He definitely gets tired in every photo of course, and they married he's married. He still sore outer shell. He's always like this does not like just bail and all this God, God incredible. This is the inside story about Bruce Springsteen in his concerts is that people get bummed out on his wife. There did like they. Like,
Bruce without his wife there better than like Bruce with his wife there, like a friend of mine, her friends, enerji change. Her friend is a crazy, Bruce Springsteen fan. She goes to like tons and tons of concert's season. Ever we're all like multiple times a year, all the country crazy and the people that are like super hardcore, so there's a different enerji that he has got the wife sick, the wife sick. Is she sick she's? Not here Yes, I would like to get fucking pumped when the wife's, not there, it's hilarious things with his wife and his wife's part of the band right. She does what the tambourine or something that's important, Manish. It worked out that tambourine tambourine shows bunk yeah, I don't know man, I never! I can't imagine touring an working now. You know with your wife all the time, my wife and I we always talk about how like it's really unique. We can do our podcast together and we have fun doing it yeah but like when, anyway
She leads. This is not like a guy thing with someone will be like hey. What do you guys ever tour together and she's like that is fuch 'cause. I don't know where we're two different people. We do our own show like no like not well. You guys are in a rare situation till we were both really good. It's usually not that it's usually one of use really good and the other one is uh yeah bad. Ok, I should definitely not too bad to the end user. Actually can't wait. Man actually selling tickets, yeah and shows and like give me that money? Now you give me money, you give me for this, yet yeah I'm excited for, I think one of the best comics in the country and she's awesome man. She really isn't yeah Christine deposits, key, don't sleep on her yeah. I mean I remember saying that to her one night, like four or five years ago, at the store she fucking, crushed in the or
and uh. I came up to upset we no bullshit you're one of the best comics alive. Yet that set you just did right now as one that, like it's not just funny, but it's insightful she's smart she points out ship that other people are pointing out real writer, too yeah right, like writes a lot. How does she right? Did she sit in front of the computer and paper and then computer and then a pen and paper but yeah a lot of notes and a lot of writing lot of actual your time has been that time working on it yeah the time you got to do you know that's the difference between someone who produces a lot of material and someone who doesn't like I've, these conversations with people before was like. Oh, I only write on stage like alright yeah. Why is that? because it's the only way it works or is it because you're lazy- and this is how you justify it- it's probably more that more. That's for sure that I owe I write on stage stuff is like you. Why do two yeah?
on stage stuff but don't be like they give it out as it is with with the teenagers me crazy is I I see them giving it out as advice to the other young. All right. I still write a paper. Do suggest the a I right, onstage minutes, why do it? Okay right Is that the only way, and is it the best way and isn't it possible you're missing. I think what happened was too is like when Louis got like really really popular and he was just like. I never write anything down. That became like folklore in a tent like attractive to. Alex. If you like. I got to do that so he said he never attaining yeah doesn't right. Does he write down like bullet points, really yeah, just all in his head? So then people are like you know. I think I think it I I started to hear that more when his fame really exploded, and that was a big thing. You know I was like not even write it down right now,
Ok! Well, I guess. If you're doing stand up every night, three or four nights a week or three or four times a night like you Those New York sets and you're constantly working. Constantly in your head, you can get away with that. I would I guess you could, but I would I always like having at least a bullet point list like when I wasn't writing anything long form down, I still like to have that. What can I just to see it all here like like how the you know, the movie plays out and they really should move this over here in this right here I couldn't imagine not having any of that written but I just think that the more time you spend focusing on it, whether it's more time you spend just writing stuff down or looking at bullet points or just the more intention you put on things more attention, the more focus. Definitely it's going to have
the better you get him know it better. It's like getting good at anything. Yeah! You put a lot of time into it. Yeah I happen for you. Yeah comedy writing those one of the weirdest ones, because everybody does it a different way, yeah, everybody's got their own weird sort of style, and no one can tell you exactly how to do like you, never tell Theo VON how to write a joke right. No special is it his axe, so odd yeah, you know I know I think you like miss pronounce things, but that's like, but it's like disguised, so well, yeah. You know it's like it's sh it like that where you just like. How do you come up with that? Yeah, it was an accident, sign like that, you know and then, like I remember, Karlen here right on no cards because they did not know cards and clubs and then kind of shuffle through them back that shit and throw it on the ground?
I saw him and I saw him when his last tour is that universal amphitheater and he for like his last. He called them like individual pieces like his bits were. It was really a heavily about the writing. Yeah, like the specific word play, the flow you know, rhythm patterns out of his coming is very melodic like that and when it got like when it was like one of his closing pieces, it was like five pages. He brought out the pages and he's like I'm going to read this because that's how I'm Emma I said he. I memorize it by doing these shows and reading this. So just so, you know for this thing, I'm going to look at that. He told me at six thousand people that wow and then he would, you know better now and then flip the page How was it it was funny man, it was great, it was what it was like the second to last special, I remember the like it was:
It was a really well constructed. Piece of writing is a little threw you off a little bit to have him be reading it yeah. But he I would say when he when I saw the show that piece was probably at least half committed to memory. He was still time trying to, like you know, repeat, repeat, repeat to so that it would be in his memory. We are still really funny, because the really funny we use It also how how old was he succeeded, six thousand nine hundred and seventy right. I think he died at seventy something yeah. He looked. He looked older because of you know he went hard in the paint too and the drug use seventy. We apparently had a pain pill problem for walks, remember there was a time when he committed off to rehab and uh. I think, was wine and pills. He was taking pain, pills plus cat, damn opiates man. It gave people they didn't get. You
yeah, but you gotta think that your memory must eventually at some point in time, start to give out. Yeah you doing these long monologues. Oh my long long monologues He would write out his whole act like the whole hour and then just start doing it. Yeah. It's like what do. I do one every year like a book almost set six months- was a turn around that will yeah every year. He ended up doing fourteen nothing special, that's crazy, yeah. What are you up to now? You have quite a few Only if you combine albums an specials one million two hundred and thirty four thousand five hundred and sixty seven I'm on my eighth. This a lot to lot.
They're going to catch him. Two eight coming up yeah! You know where you're shooting yet Boston. Are you arguing Boston, yeah? unless I just changed my mind, Sorry Boston would be at the Wilbur yeah if, if I and I have one other idea in mind that I'm still bouncing around in my head in my head. I'm thinking about that really yeah really great and your kids are in my sleeping, that's awesome man. That would be a hit for sure did I did? What did you think of Chappelle's pals, two specials I thought was really enter, thing to see him. Do this big polish national and a big place, and then do the little special in the belly most likely. This is with this, but the Bell Room felt weird. Well, the I mean I personally my take on. It is like the second one, the veteran who wear underwear in the practice of calling that a special is really not a spy In my opinion. What you're seeing is what here
recent, definitely LOS Angeles. If you live in San Francisco, Denver New York places he likes to frequent What is what you see Dave Chappelle known for in these cities, which is he would drop into clubs, an like spill out everything that's on his mind, so I mean I don't know if it's more like semantics but like it's not a special to me. It's like you, seeing one of the best guys do a workout set like do a a loose riff that it's only been six seven weeks since the special was shot that is that plays before it right wing, which he toured for like a year with that, you can see how like polished and you know I mean so I think it's really cool if you're a big stand up, nerd to see the other one. Like that's what happens a lot in those cities that he he'll just buy into and like yeah to, should that's on my mind and so you're, seeing like it's it's it's masterful, but I think it's
like I don't call, I think of it as separate. Then a special you know like because the special to me is like you tore you prepare and like you presented right, I mean, I know, I understand you very well yeah, that's a separate thing is a special, but I'm saying that within that there's something really specific going on which is like this is like in the moment, almost all topical commentary and like that's how that dude works. He He just he will walk into apparently like I wanted to get on stage and like talk about his he. He loves topical stuff, so it fits perfectly. But it was it's very different. It's not I mean you can see the the total different, the contrast. So if you, if you watch one after the other yeah,
you know you're watching toward proven, like worked out stuff and like here's, some should I thought of basically in then last week, right right but a whole hour of it, which is really crazy, yeah, so prolific, yeah and the fact the it worked is doing the two of them together that we're got to see the polish special and then you get to see the Fuckaround workout set. So it's like, if you watch the big pool, especially like I need more yeah really interesting to see, I think, just to hear people go back and forth on which they liked more. I thought that was really interesting. I've seen a bunch of people at least online. All They like the valley room. Well, the belly room was so intimate to be in that room? I was there for one of those shows it's so interesting to be there. When you're watching someone filmed from the seventy people yeah, it's so tight and small yeah, you can make it a little bit. You know
yeah and the people in the audience were they were fucking, On the show I mean the people that got front row seats. They were. They were featured prominently in that in oh yeah kind of, entertain the idea of like a really small special what that would be like yeah, there's there's different and the comedy right. This is like the comedy that you do for. Seventy people is just not exactly the same as the comedy. That's new for seven hundred or seven thousand and the way present I mean he basically sat for most of that yeah. So that's that different. You know I mean usually, if you're in a big two thousand five hundred cedar you're not going to chill sit on a bench mark, Meron Mark, I think or Cosby Olds. Cosby yeah? He was always sitting even as he got old, yeah Cosby did it not just old school Cosby but old old. Yeah? Although copyright didn't Cosby will tour again now now I think that's done it's over yeah yeah.
Thanks to our member when he was touring unilateral cations would not, I think, would the is not worth the trouble really. I think so yeah they Luthor again. You think so. Yeah yeah, I think so too yeah yeah, I think ill, take a year off yeah and then he'll do some show. Most people get mad and there via and then like. If not you know, the real thing is like the corporate side of it. Another words channel or network that would want to, let's say, host, show the special, but he has such a dedicated. No one's website following is like what he ended up developing he's sold chosen and made millions. You know when people were doing the like download my special thing I think he could book a venue shoot something and go back to his five dollars model and do really well. No, I'm sure it could
and people would be really interested to see it. Of course, Netflix would have him on. They still have his old stuff. I want be's all star yeah, I mean yeah. I was on a flight after After all that went down, I watch is the special from DC, which I thought was really interesting to watch it. Knowing the DC one is that the latest one two thousand and seventeen uh, but just to know that it was like right. Around the corner that he was going to get busted yeah yeah, beating off in front of people, weird thing to get caught doing too, so all the things that people have done, that they got caught doing all the rape accusations and all the horrible shit like his is the most pathetic and also kind of the most innocuous yeah, just humiliating just beating off in front of people. I know it's like his kink it likes, but it could be. Way worse. You know like what he actually did is a good thing to do. People now they watch me beat off yeah yeah. I know
a bunch be bold, he did it too apparently laughed yeah quite a few comics that I've talked do no people that he did it to somebody, the data yeah in which she thank not happy. But, like you know, I don't know man. It was like weird. I know for a long time that story yeah. When I MS said before as a well, I mean I knew it and then, like every other person, I talked to and How many do it? And we were all like that fact that, but also I mean this doesn't excuse it at all either, but there is something about something at least that, as you know that something somebody did a while ago. So it's like well my supposed to bring this shit up to him right, you know like how do you know, but it, but the other thing is: how do you even know that they did it because one of things, it happened during
the whole like? Did he do or do not do it thing before it came out? Was someone had told me that it was bullshit and that what he had done is take some pictures with feet? comedians with his dick out just being silly and stupid and like it and and the town please delete those pictures were just have. Fun? You know not only in trouble, I mean. The story I hold heard was very specific. Yeah and, like you know, is basically one of the stories reported in the times- and I was like I remember hearing that and the person was not you know, was pretty upset about it and then a lot of people heard the story and then I don't know you know another year would go by and two years and three years and you're like ok, I mean that's bad, but like So, as my role in it, you know, as somebody who knows the story. Now it's just one of those things where you be like yes, fuckedup story. I mean it's like somebody. Tells you something about someone that, like hey, you know that guy he in punch someone fifteen years ago right real you like that sucks. You know
fifteen years ago is a long time right. I mean kind of it's like. Is there is there like minimize the wrong. But, like I said, there's some part of the conversation about how people Warren become different people as they get older, I'm sure a lot of people that are in their 50s and 60s. You go like you know, we're not celebrities you'd be like do you know that when this guy was twenty six, he did this fucking horrible, stupid thing or something like Jesus. Like. Well as long time ago now I mean I was kind of at least that part of the conversation exists in this right. It's it's it's something really bad and he's being punished. So that's we're not saying that it's! It's definitely has not been excused because he's being punished, but it's also old behavior yeah, like that's the Dustin Hoffman thing, yeah, Dustin Hoffman. This is where it gets really strange. A lot of his stuff was thirty years, right so, like nineteen
five inch, it's like so I think part of the difference to between the Hoffman stuff and Lewis, and maybe everybody else is Louise Admission right. That's very diff! because even like the stuff I her with Hoffman, he is like he's. Definitely trying to justify Asians and the behavior and like that's what people did you know so he said oh yeah he's, like you know, on the set like you try to like get. You know you have to break the ten, in or there's the monotony to it, and so people would have these conversations and say so. It's like he's trying to appear as to be less account. For what he said. Yeah Rez Louis was like these stories are true right. So it's, I think, all those things end up, affecting how your redemption goes because they're like somebody's like I did this shit. I was wrong right and I think in this country people love punishment like are you punished for the thing you did we hate like?
somebody getting away with something so part of him? I think coming back will be the people realize that he paid a price deals, he lost shows, lost money, definitely lost a lot of fuckin' touring money yeah. That day is probably at least a fifty million dollars day for him. You know with everything together, so this is not crazy. Yeah I mean what a weird kink check off in front of people. Yeah I wonder how you develop, I mean I guess I can imagine I need to develop it. Do you think that you could even do that like? I was trying to think. Could I even asked hey? Do you mind if I jerked off in front of you and then get hard and actually blind. Well, that's the thing I imagine he had to be leaking right before that like to come that fast. It had to be something he's thinking about. Like all day, you know like hanging out and then like hey, do you want to hang out like you, wanna come back or whatever may come and like so as he's getting closer to doing it, I'm sure it's it's! It's the only fuel
it's on his mind. You know, so it's while also likes to ask me that I'd be not making so you're like hey. Could you go from fully flaccid to come, these people are like. I don't think so, man, I don't I could do that now. Tanks are fucking, weird kinks are weird. You know, like I had a friend and him and his girlfriend used to tie each other up. They tie each other bolt up ball, gags the whole deal and he loved it. He would talk about it with like great glee, yeah I'll, be like. Why do you like tiny each other up like what are you doing? Yeah, it's fucking great like it's just some. About like trusting that person to put that rope in their mouth. I wonder how much how many of those kinks develop later
Do you realize it later, as opposed to like the the more common theory that everything's tied to childhood, so that, like yeah I've been, you must been tied up or something as a kid once and then you somehow relate that to sex, but I wonder if the if you like, you can be twenty eight, this time thing is awesome. I guarantee you can yes date. One crazy person, like you, have one girl who's, just a wild animal in the sack yeah. I just want to tie you up you like all right. Let's do it yeah and she doesn't hear love it and it's amazing and as we need answers was Jim oh yeah, he would go deep with this. He gets all sweaty and chittenden. I start bugging out yeah, it's blinking yeah. Nobody embraces their kinks more than him, though I fucking admire that so yeah yeah everything whether it's trainees or any anything that he's experienced friends, because he says that he loves training. So he does yeah he's definitely support.
The is the tranny is somehow or another negative yeah look. These are that we make and now Chappelle was like. That was the thing that he like brought He got a lot of shit on the old one or the one from a year ago, yeah, and so he brought up the again, but he's at Trans people yeah Israel, specific on that part yeah. I guess his Iphone Cheney's man? Well, it's There's! Certainly, a lot of thought policing going on and there's like it's policing, yeah. We have to wonder, like How much of that affects the way people actually feel and how much like and how much of it is just people trying to control the way people communicate and dictating the languages because, like go to far end the spectrum. There's these new gender pronouns,
that. There's literally emser yeah, there's like seventy eight of them, which I think are utterly absurd, absurd, absurd you just a year make believing you You've make believe language you're acting on these new words and it's not like there's some Universal Agree, and going on and everybody? It's not like, Remember when MS was a thing yeah there was, MRS and Mister but then there was miss and Mister was married or mister was not married. Women were like what the. How can we don't have one of those yeah so they came up with Miss, but it never really stuck now, but nobody uses Miss. Now it has to be like a real formal, raven then would you were MS is they were never in the They might, you know, might write MS if it was like. I don't know piece of the journalism or something to it to indicate
That person is single status. I never hear that yeah, but you don't hear it spoken a lot. No, but they were push forward for a, and that was something that was like on the board well. I have been accepted by the common vernacular yeah ship It is zero. I also wonder like how many people are just professionally upset at that's said wrong. You know like the they're. Just with the reaction to everything is like it's like their their job is to police and react right. If I can no. No, that's, not. Okay. With that, it's like almost how academia exists today, you see like the way the people are on campuses. It's like function, not a reflection of the real world now to can everyone's feelings at all times. Why is not how it works now. No, he will get upset and get offended at things. That's fine, but like that everyone should like dial back everything they say to make sure one feels protect. That's the house
it works. What's been really interesting. In the last five days, there's been a battle going on in my twitter mentions that I haven't dived into at all really but yeah. But lesbians have been going at it with Trans gender people in my twitter mentions, and this is like long going conversation they going back and forth and remote the civil, but what's in, thing. Is all these lesbians, one of things they've been saying it's been a dive in every now, and then I read some of it and go in water. This is crazy I gotta get out of here, yeah, but that lesbians. We're trying to say that a lot of the violence that happens in supposed lesbian relationships is actually trans gender men to women well, they switch over and then beating up on their girlfriends and they're, bringing their masculine toxic violence in the world of lesbianism and they're, not willing to be honest about it, and there was
all this. Like this crazy debate, going on back and forth as lady was citing statistics of how many I wonder how accurate that is. I don't know so how many women in which she was a lesbian, and she was pretty pretty not that you're, a fucking expert, one hundred percent on facts, if you're a lesbian but but she was pretty adamant with a lesbian about who had and stuff like that, well, the other thing she was saying: lesbians like women, and that doesn't know any lesbians that want to date a transgender woman like that used to someone who used to be a man and is now a woman. She was like that's not what we're attracted to where it would actually women wouldn't that kind of negate the argument, because they're like she's if, if formerly male transgender women are beating up their lesbian. Friends, then there are lesbians out there. There are some that are dating and uh. Added to these transgender women yeah. It doesn't get it there right now
yeah, so she's saying they were not ended as they will your stats than don't back up your argument, because that, clearly, what you're indicating you're saying that these transgender women they were formally men, are dating women beating. I think she was and people, she knows that her friends so like Elizabeth and Sarah aren't into it. So that's supposed to it's like how else could you know I mean you have to have like a poll like how many gals out there into eating pussy like eating fake pussy, yeah yeah, that's a wild. That to consider I'd, never thought of that yeah and there was this going back and forth with lesbians, verses, transgender women, and then they started getting some people started getting Hasta I'll, like let's just cut the you have a y chromosome you're, a fucking man, and then whoa there was a lot of going on. There was a lot of you us to assume Ann
not just assume we want. You want us to just go along with the idea that you absolutely are of the wrong gender, and there is no way that you could just be crazy. Yeah is no way you could actually have gender dysphoria there's no way you could actually have a mental illness. It's impossible and that's that's. One of weird things about any group right you're going to have a certain amount of people that are mentally insane, their mental, they're going to show you any group, any group So there's a certain. If you have one thousand people, there's a certain percentage of those people that are just going to be insane yeah, but when it comes to under we're supposed to ignore that were never supposed to, You're out of your mind, you know you're, out of your mind, your yeah no definitely a woman born in a man's body, and did I tell you, I support all the Trans rights and everyone doing all this stuff. The only thing that I ever go like that doesn't seem right is with athletics, oh yeah.
It's the only thing where I feel like it's, not that I don't feel like someone should be able to play any sport compete but like want to dude transitions to becoming a woman. As I I play basketball now it's like come on man yeah, like I get it you you, you have the right to live your life in play, but, like you, have all those skills that you developed as a man and now you're playing against free alerts, small ' or you know, yeah- take that to say that, like you can't bring that up. That that's offensive is a ridiculous to me. Well, especially when it comes to fighting for yeah. That was the big one and This is where I really understood like how bizarre an defense that yeah, how cult like this this ideology is. If I can see you transition to a woman and fight women, there will always be
Have one twelve murder charges that would be the fun part. It doesn't make any sense now, of course, not the bone. You're so different and people that deny that are fucking crazy. I know that silly man. What if I like transition anyone man and as a Powerlifting well I've done that and they're winning and breaking all these records books they are, and why are we? Why are we not stop being like that? Doesn't know that I we want to save people's feeling. Exactly and what's really fascinating is in the process of being super progressive? You you go Tord. The most maligned part section of society which is like Trans, gender people and so every the Alps Who also has been Marge. By society like women, women get put on a do it there they get put in a less protected category, your and trans gender women right, so a man become
a more protected class of woman yeah then, natural born woman herself. That's very interesting. Is. It is very true, also yeah, it's crazy because all these women that got beaten up with that man who became a woman started fighting in MMA fought two women before forever disclosing the fact that she used to be a man, because she said it was a medical issue that had nothing to do with them, which is just shows you. How completely really insane the logic behind. Although she still fight this. As in a but now. Everybody knows she lost to a woman who she did yeah, who had actual one who wound up yeah. I said actual Fuq off yeah which is what did you say about Superman? Did you say what did you say? That's wild right that a woman beat.
Just not good, no she's, not good, not good fighter, no she's, a strong yeah like d, is nothing you. You don't look at her and think like she fights like Chris Side border, she boxes Clarissa shields, no she's, not that under even Billy talent, it right. She is physically ways of different, so man, yes, a man for thirty years, had children. This is when it when I knew it was crazy. I got a person with someone online with this woman was like she's always been a man. I go even when she got another woman pregnant and had children with her She was yes. Even then she was a woman. She was a woman she's, a that fact woman who got her pregnant. Why just hang up what? What are we doing? now like this is so crazy. You gotta tap out of those kind of like even Bruce Jenner when he transitioned to Caitlyn Jenner and then eventually got his surgery right surgery become. She said even before
the surgery, though it didn't change anything. I was always one hundred percent, a woman. Ok, the So this surgery well because you're thinking that gender is just with genitalia as a mistake, you personally and that's what is it it's gender is not just genitals with senior. Right, so so it's also it's racial reconstruction said something fucking stupid and I just let you know how dumb that. So what is the difference? Someone said that there's gender and then there's there's biological sex and that gender is the operating system and by logical sex is the hardware one hundred percent agree. That makes sense, outrage over Trans gender, female weightlifter, who destroyed her rivals by hoisting nineteen, grams, more than the runner up now
is a contender for the Commonwealth Games, uh, yeah, yeah, guess what? Oh, my god look at the size of her Phuc Laurel. Got them gorilla so Mary International Weightlifting Debut in Melbourne, stuff on more than the second place, yeah. What in fucking holy hell. Oh, my god, look at the size of her yeah. Can you imagine if you're, a biological woman, who's been training and working hard, all her life yeah and then all sudden, you have to compete with this and you're. Like I'm, first place, it's like she's giant, look at the size of her head or formerly male head yeah it's a giant woman, that's just the way to get metals. Well, sandbagging yeah, that's what a lot of it is that's up, and that is of that's what that is what a lot of it is. Don't wanted, not fatter, yeah sandbagging! If you don't know what it means is like you
get that in martial arts tournaments. Like say, you would have a tournament and the tournament would be like for blue belts only which is like one rank above white belt, and then guys would be like a black belt in judo and they would enter into the Blue Bell division and everybody right and they're, like oh built in that right yeah, but he stand back and look. You know what they're doing yeah and everybody knows there do you see that shit and you see There's a lot of that where people just want to win and the way they can win is by competing against people that are not on the same level. Sure, if you don't think that people do that when they switch over from being a man for thirty years and then competing as a woman and not tell them and just smashing these women. So I don't think there's something in that that you don't understand athletics. You don't understand competition, you understand sandbaggers and you don't understand the kind of people that wouldn't tell people about that in the first place sure yeah, but they don't. Want to look at it that way they wanted. Everything has to go through the filter of being progressive. So you have
the air on the side of being the most open minded the most liberal and the most progressive, which I'm one hundred percent four. If women want to fight a transgender woman, if a woman wants to, I think you should be able to, ride bulls. I think you should be able to skydive. I think you should be able to do fuqing bungee. Jumping, I think, do a lot. You should be able to a lot ridiculous. Crazy dangerous shit. You should be able to do flips with Bmx bikes. Why shouldn't you be able to fight a man yeah why shouldn't you be able to fight a transgender woman, a woman? to be a man you should be able to. If you're a man, if you're up for it yeah if you're a woman rather than one hundred and thirty, you want to fight one hundred and thirty pound hundred man, no, no trans, gender, know nothing. If you want to do that, you should be able to should be allowed to. I don't advise it. I think it's terrible here for you yeah, you gonna get pummeled. Well, if it's a good fighter, there's just what is this? It's going on here, body
older. We show me Jen, Powerlifting Categorical, says this person can't decide to compete as a man or a woman, and this is what they I can't decide whether to compete as a man or a woman. That's what he used to look like on the left, fuckin', hey man, then, oh, my god, it was super jacked and now he is on the right. An easy, but he looks he's still a man says he hasn't transitioned. Yet so. This is like both. He lives his life as both I think this is where you're seeing that there's some of these fucking people have mental illness. But there was an episode of radio lab where this one guy there's also a girl. Switches back and forth and under pressure he changes like he's, Paul or re sending, and this is what on what radio it's podcast and and but Radiolab is so fucking left wing and I love them they're amassing but they're so left.
And so progressive that they are unwilling to note and and even even address the. Posterus nature of this fucking person. Who's like I just switched Noun Cindy right now. Now I'm back to Paul went back to Paul in the conversation in the conversation like I just turned over like did you this special creature that can just go back and forth and and switch genders, or are you a lazy, Paul, Slash, yeah. We would, very violated pages wishes in the story. It's an unfor, Instead it would, it would ease we pull up as their note when they had to change the whole story member they had to go back because they got mad, that they as gendered them, and the original how they misgender. If she goes back and forth better, keep up at the moment. Yeah so they miss gendered. How were they called her a him or
him or her, which ones the misgendering some miscommunication was between the reporter in the actual person there talking to the person's fucking crazy, you can't just go back and forth and back and or if I cut the you know in this. This thing is just look at the pastor's yeah come in. They will remove references to the name. She no longer recognizes that mean that side to go full female? That's what happened when he saw me credit for men, so at one point in time during the show she's she switches come on. Man call now and Paul now now in fact Cindy Cindy's light you can use happy Cindy's loose, so he doesn't care psychiatric help at this point, the point in time. We see here's the thing, you're not allowed to say that when it comes to gender, when it comes to anything else. If you like, oh, I recognize a wood, elf, I'm a wood, elf, That's how I that's why I identify yeah. I I'm a sprite yeah, be in the
flying around with the butterflies like people go. You probably has an issue that goes schizophrenic yeah, but if it's a guy, built like Brock Lesnar who's, like you know, I've always identified as man this often woman who people are like yeah, who danced with cool yeah. You should respect that yeah. We should respect that when it comes to gender gender is weird thing that we allow all sorts of very logical, behavior, wild yeah like these seventy eight plus gender by the way they are adding more there's more like there weren't enough there's more gender pronouns now than ever before, but like if it's a guy at a bus, stop who's like. I am the president. You don't go like. Oh, we should respect the flag out of that right now, right you just like. Ok, Jennifer is the leader of the free world. Yes, should address that you're supposed to be like hey stand over here. Yeah when it comes to gender were supposed to we give
but a lot of leeway. Let a lot of things slide. Distro yeah, true yeah, and I think it's for good reason. I think the good part of it is We recognize that there are people that really do wish, that they were a woman and would like you to call them a woman, and why not let the let the guy become a gallon and maybe they'll be happy that way, and it shows, I guess it shows up and kindness on our part to just allow that to happen. True, but the The problem with that is, is the God dam slippery slope and a lot of this weirdness it's going on is people trying to control other people's behavior and one of the ways they try to do. That is try to get you to use words that they've made up yeah
This is where you're seeing how preposterous it is, the level the number of pronouns is also seventy. Eight I mean I until recently, and somebody saying like I don't identify. Okay, I understand the concepts not right too hard to understand, but where it's like, I also have free reign on a hundred words that you should possibly know to address me by yeah. It's like when you I can. Why are you bothering everybody yeah, so you get off on? Would you become special? That way? Of course, you get special rights, special privileges, special attention, you get it's just special consideration, I remember number my yeah on my yeah yeah. I've had on my profile on Twitter for a long time like if you read my first bio sentence: comedian. Fezs comedian Zim's are half a mile from, but nobody respects it well, I didn't even know. Zim Zim is a big
this bit. I know xers, eight z, h, e r or z e aria, zooms in yeah. Those are these mother, there's there's just so many. What does it say? We really feeling dog can so does it say there, because it's a very sweet, we're really feeling dog constant want to thank the people of Australia for bringing it to our attention. Well, then, we saw this this clip or this guy. If you hit view there he's like doing this video and we just heard about sales, I've never heard somebody say that he a key player known, I don't know he dole dog kinds. I like dog on I've, never heard dot com. I've never heard that before it's really good, yeah he. He drinks a beer he's like dog cuts. Is it australian guy would like Fuckin' egg and then all these uh people were like that's right. That's one of the things we like what does it mean they actually got really great um explanations, about how
how common it is. Their only see this guy wrote well. First, guy goes no problem. That's how we talk a dog in Australia, is a dirty rat or ugly person or a dishonest person. We use it to put people down. So it's like you know somebody, you say dog. A dog like is like a shitty person, okay, so said something right, there's a lot of shortcuts here too I like shyt, can't he said it's two insult. Because dog is a common insult. So in this guy is a total. This guys, a total bogan, which is like a white trash redneck. Now I said, if you say you fucking dog, cut to the wrong type of Aussie. You might stair with a sharpened toothbrush multiple times, and he said it's a snitch in bogan slang, so a dog, a snitch, a dog one is a snitch, so mad is a good bloke thick
is a like: a professional bmx rider, a at countries, bird dog kinds of shady person see your mate. He ditches you for a girl on a night out he's a fucking dog. Oh yeah it Did you see your mate, your buddy? It's teaches you for a gal to Fuckin' dog night. What's he supposed to do like what? If you can get layed, about to hang out with you man, you guys have plans. I don't know The point, I'm like what, if she's, really hot like that changes, every Kate, Upton, Prime. If she's super she wanted hot banging out right now, then your friends being a dog come for getting upset at you. I think interesting. Kate Upton interesting You know what, since I don't came up with her I'm having a hard time pulling hot chicks names for references on the fly and why the other day I said, Jennifer Beals from Flashdance like where what a man special place in your mind, that's why I guess yeah we all go
like an era I have that would do that to be a Kathy. Ireland smoke shown yeah yeah she's. Eighty now yeah, that's because in there was a time when I was really struck into her way, a prop yeah, I mean I'm sure, when, like that sports illustrated was coming out, I was thirteen or something so yeah that would have been prime time yeah. It's like when you discover what a hot woman is when you discover what hot woman is she's like someone's mom, No, definitely don't mix Pierson! That's what she used to yeah, so that right there to be so hard for those women to let that go yeah. It could be that hot yeah celebrated for it and now to be just like a regular little nice she's lady with piles, nice gal, someone's mom yeah. I think of the thing about the size of the sports clips addition would come out is that they they were kind of household names and kind,
Not so you felt like you knew something by learning their name. Do you know what I mean like as it wasn't a movie star, uh model was like learning that name I'm talking about like as a teenager, in a bizarre way, you thought, like you, knew them better 'cause. You know their name, you know so like I would be like oh Kathy, Ireland, Elle, Mcpherson and then people would catch on, but you'd learn their names and feel like you knew Oh no! It's really weird really yeah, I think so, like you are better than people that didn't know their names. I think at twelve and thirteen definitely was like a sport this thing. Yes, it's like knowing stats like fifty six, nine, two hundred and forty five, so you can really fuckin' movement that you feel, like you know, more yeah. That was always a thing right when you were young till it be able to pull out sports stats and players names to know the entire lineup. It's really crazy yeah I saw this thing are dealing You know he can name for like forty years who played in world series and like like the two team,
it played, but I'm talking about you can be like one thousand nine hundred and fifty eight he's like that was cardinals versus Mets game. For this happen like he knows, he knows like a span of forty or fifty years by memory wow they got some. That's some really really ridiculous stats to know well he's Fuckin' banana baseball fan yeah, but this level of it is really I've never seen anything like that before. Why doesn't he do like sports radio then did for awhile. Didn't he he's acting that he did with Nick Depalo was not like a sports radio show, I'm not sure, I'm not sure, What is he doing now? He checked himself into rehab right. I, So as he was doing this show with Anthony Cumia and then I think he checked him often a rehab, I think so, which is good yeah he just did. He did that last or the new season of crashing. The HBO show PETE Home, show he's one of the guests,
or one of the stars he's when he's a cast member thou, isn't, I think so because he was on it first season and he returned, he loves the drugs and the hard ones. These are true: addict, yeah, yeah yeah, like you, gotta, wonder, he's so funny, though hilarious and that's uh. I said that sports knowledge. He has freaking crazy. Do you have sports knowledge? You have a lot of sports knowledge. No, I mean that I know some random things where I know I know some things like. I mean Basically, I guess I like college football and so like I can. I can hold a conversation with different levels of college football fans like I could. I could talk to a super fan and and hang with them in that conversation, but I'm not like. I can tell you.
Every championship game for the last twenty, no, not right. I remember people teams winning and stuff for sure, but I don't. I don't have a level that you'd be like to what type of autism do you have like that is like so like savant level ship, where it's like you're such an expert in one field. You know, like all these weird stats, you retain I'm not like that yeah yeah this your senior Al Franken draw the United States like that. Now he's got this weird ability to draw every state like him. Well, now all fifty states he draws the shape of them puts it together. In the end, he draws the United States by free hand really yeah, that's very with his ability to do that. Like like this like this, this is before everybody knew grab butts what that's already impressive is yeah. I know he does
the entire country completely free hand and it's an accurate map of the country. How is this possible because he's a real? patriot. This is one of the things that's kind of disturbed being in sad about this whole Al Franken thing the worst they got out of him. Was that He may or may not have grabbed someone's butt when he took pictures with them. I don't know if he did. He didn't but this is basically at incredible and he's resigning he's could be a senator and now he's done, but didn't get him on anything like completely horrible. Like he may or may not have scrolls in someone's butt. Few peoples butts how many men lives a few bots few buds view, but it's like That's really impressive, actually very impressive. An this is yeah,
I mean, does California the whole deal but come on others, even those Alaska and Hawaii, and do the states hum yeah. Two thousand and three grand, but here, but that's a factor yeah well. He was all high on his performance yeah. He just was feeling on the Viking king of the world. I could see how it could happen. I had my butt grabbed a bunch pictures we women for sure after shows yeah. I would never got money now. This is not. I don't do it, but I could see how people but would get grabbed bill. The was talking about in his podcasts like this is a particular type of woman in her forties drunk little loud getting. Crazy. The ones grab grab your they'll say like nipple, or they'll say something in before. You can even say no, the loom they're going for it go for it. Yeah yeah, yeah, there's some and they're always boozed up there, never like yeah. That's always alcohol yeah yeah alcohol, is the catalyst for all shady behavior and decision.
By the way did you see that born strong doc? You see that onside born strong. Is this documentary about the world strongest man, competition? No, it's really fucking interesting man, and these guys are such fucking. Like now normal species of human. You know I was like the Iceland guys, yes they're doing those Powerlifting competition and they do it like that. Go to the Arnold Classic every year, and these guys are such bucking beasts men I mean it is like it. It's not mean this. Dude doesn't have leaven hundred pound, Deadlift Watts, yeah, Eddie, six, two four hundred pounds yeah. This is so unhealthy for you to be there, but that guy is interesting. He was national champion swimmer, whoa yeah as a kid, a good
yeah yes, lean and thin and he he's competing against guys most of the guys he competes against our like that guys. The next smallest, basically, everyone, all the other guys like sixty eight thousand six hundred and ninety four ten, four two thousand four hundred and thirty and the swimmer guy. Last eat like all day and they explained the physiology look at the size of that guy, six, eight, four hundred and twenty seven I mean they're, just Jesus Christ, so there's so crazy. But this this level of competition is this. Is the guy from game of thrones right here he's headed or two, but it's like the physiology of eating that much to sustain the muscle, and eventually you have put on the weight like you need the fat and explain how you know this guys like his physique is like that he's just kind of.
Put together that way, but most the guys have these big barrel bellies and that the doctor explains how a certain level of consumption the these guys all basically get bellies. You know like because people are like why they have to get fat and, just as you think that they saw explain it so, when you're that big and you lifting that much weight, you have to be fat. Yes, that's basically what the guy says: game of thrones guys not really that fast, but I think it's but he's the one of the unique cases where he, is actually like built to be a fucking Viking in other, the other guys, are eating so much to sustain themselves, be able to pick up and recover from all this crazy weightlifting he's a guy who, essentially born walking around six, eight three hundred and ninety five or whatever yeah like he's a unique the other guys have to eat crazy amounts of food?
I mean they show what one he's got. It would blow your mind. He forced himself like nine times a day and he has to he said has to yeah, and it has he ever tried did not do it and see like if he's less strong, I think so yeah, I think we're the force. Feeding yourself makes yourself stronger, yeah yeah. It really is interesting. I mean like why why you get stronger for fatter or do you need to not much food to keep the muscles up, and if you do eat that much food to keep the muscles up. There's going to be a certain amount of fat. That's kind of, I think, that's more of the way it goes. Did you talk about steroids? no. Not really. No documentary then feel like this guys? No, no one. No one wants to admit it. That's a weird thing about that world. That's this!
Bloomberg. I look at him on the while he was all lean and yeah gay porn, oy yeah, not that he was I'm just saying. If you run it was a film about a guy working out in the backyard and a bunch of guys showed up to suck his dick. That would be the guy if it moves real life. The fact that one of those guys could just become a woman and just enter into women's weightlifting competitions and they would be like respectful, yeah she's, a woman she's, always been a woman God. She beat the competition by an astounding six hundred pounds. Weird really crazy. Yeah beat the second runner up by forty pounds. No big deal it's normal supernormal that happens now. Everybody does it now. Now we're going to look back on these days and it's going to astounding sort of observation on mass mast. Thinking like group think like what happens when
people, are scared of expressing them. Honestly yeah and and expressing controversial points of view because the time of the culture yeah like what it you know what what ramifications it has like by the way. Here's here's! What's weird I'm- and I don't know if it's good bad is not a judgment call, but I am I know so many people whose children are now transgender a lot yeah five or six, where I don't know any before when I was growing up home in California yeah, but one of 'em in Canada, but yeah really important. What's this Toronto furies Jessica Platt is, cwhl's first openly transgender player? Now she used to be a woman, and now the a man he's man as a woman and she's playing women's hockey. Ok fact that that's crazy yeah hockey.
Or this yeah Jessica yeah, take that fuckin' mountain from the game of thrones put him in a skirt, see how many people who plows over, like God, dam human, going bald on my god that dudes so fun strong things it's just. If you're going to place boards, there should be There are physical freaks, their women. There's no doubt about that. There's some women that are just physical freaks and there's some women that also take steroids. That's that's another very controversial issue because you have women that are ingesting. Large amounts of male hormones and changing their physiology, and then they also compete against women. But then, Women are just women. What about them? How about looking out for them? about not letting them get their head smashed in by saying that this times down to it's not fair, but it's also it just it just shows you how silly people have gotten in about how weird we are about looking at
and that everyone is so and because they don't They don't really have a personal stake in the game. Everyone is so concerned about being viewed as being incredibly progressive and open minded yeah that they don't want to criticize. So it's really interesting point, because if you really put yourself in a competition, you care about, say like it's important to you to imagine yourself competing in something where it's important. To you to win, then they go but we're going to have this person and those are the circumstances you would be the first one to be like that that is not fair and those women get called bigots, really strange yeah that is very Stroh's women get like attacked online. I think it's much women. They didn't want to fight that engender, man became a woman in MMA and they got called bigots and Transphobe and and the trans people that community is like
super aggressive about defending that intellectual turner from defending that idea see that's an interesting place is like where, where you go, because you have to have empathy for let's say the strange and a person who's like, I want to compete and you're like yeah, you should be able to compete. But how is? How is the circumstance? Fair, both sides, you know to those women. That third rate also wanted part of part of the wanting to compete. Is also wanting attention and wanting everyone to know that you're, a man who transition to a woman and that there's but there's a lot of energy in that there's a lot of that are paying attention to that and anybody who says no, that's preposterous people. They want their private, see when it comes to these matters and they they're? Not they don't want to be open to the ridicule bullshit bullshit. They want attention. One hundred percent Why the competing with doing that's? Why they're, letting everybody know that the first openly transgender woman, it's a lot of is about means
It is about transgender rights, it's about transparency and showing people. How many of those folks are out there sure lot of it's about Horsh? It yeah there's a lot of attention, a lot of it. I mean for you to sign up for that competition when you know, what's what yeah exactly attention getting things like Powerlifting and MMA Lex to that there's some sort of a difference in the mail frame, there's also a lot of horse when it comes to like what actually happens to the body. Yeah, transition and how much strength you lose and how much bone mass you lose and there's a woman named doctor, Ramona Crut sick, I think that's her name and they interviewed her and she's one of the very few people that's been interviewed about this as an actual endocrinology. That's, not a gender transition. Doctor is put a lot of them. Are a lot of the people that talk about these things and have these these questions about these things that are hashtag experts yeah their.
Lee transition doctors, so they have a vested interest in sort of pressing the ideology that there's no physical advantage in that these women. You know they once have been under these hormone treatments for x amount of years. They become physiologically a woman and there's no distinction between them a biological woman, but this one Dr Ramona cried sick. She wrote an article for I want to say he was. It was either sp, nation or bloodyelbow. I forget what it was, but they interviewed her and she was I only do not lose bone density, but you maintain because you're taking estrogen and she's like well there is that, like a man is more bone density, they're, thicker, they're, built different and that you would lose a lot of that in your transition to being a woman, but you don't lose the bone density because estrogen is actually what causes people to maintain their bone density when their older when their women, like that's one of the things
happens to women when they get older, get osteoporosis. What part of the problem is that your body doesn't produce as much estrogen as it used to, and so you have a lack a bone density. One way to heighten that is just supplement with estrogen interested actually maintains bone density. So it's a good yeah, but they're not the same as men because they don't have Oster anymore, and if they're not taking exogenous testosterone, they definitely have a disadvantage against men. But they still have an advantage against men about against women rather than for mechanical advantage, of course, but it's also a mental advantage. Is a reaction advantage. The a reaction time is quicker with Mandarin is with women like there's a bunch of weird 3d space recognition advantages that men have it's like and then there's the thing that people want to pretend that there's no difference between men and women. There's that group, We know group no, but that seems like so stupid entertain the idea, though, that,
This is a common thing among the most ridiculous of the progressives. Is that there's no biological difference in the sexes? What well don't. How can anything so dumb, but but it is dumb but it shows you how insane. A lot of this thinking is is that this group think this mass progressive thought process yeah that they just accept things that they're totally irrational and then repeat them as ad nauseam like we played this one clip where it seems as a transgender man to a woman to man, who's saying she was talking. Jordan, Peterson Debate and she was saying is no biological difference between the sax I'd be happy to unpack that poor. You really like all you do you have it on pack, yeah biology, sure and just no difference at all in our by Allah Just now, it's not real. Ok, there's, no biological basis, inch, insects and Jenn Watt
but I say this is an argument bigot. Yes, I'm sorry are you transphobic a big it? This is an expert no but she's teaching at a college. Well, that's yeah fall, but that's what I want to go. What's going on, there's a lot of that going on colleges where people are teaching unbelievably ridiculous, go for it, but go for Donna Tom, a bunch as done the three hour podcast awhile, that's not the kind of bladder for it alive to by the way we can go over back to school. Now, it's too late will, I would tyrant. He comes in early later on. People are parking in front of our garage again heads, so young Jamie, this game, Tommy, buns and fear and Bert Kreischer when
This is a game that you were interested in as well. I was watching it is actually a really really good game. They were. They took the side of Georgia who turned out to not be the victors, but the final five minutes of the game was insane and you, as Non football, fan, probably watch and enjoy it too really yeah. Now let me ask you this is this I was going to ask: is or any other sport like football. That has that kind of tension on the college level, because it is basketball the kind of attention to people care as much about a championship game in March in March March. Madness! Well, that's what my around this is market day, but not baseball baseball. Now now they do have a college world series, but nobody gives a about that summer when unspent tension, but that's it as far as in terms of other sports right now, there's no other ones. Yeah just trying to think wrestling is old, got a little attention, but it's very small, but in their world they sell out arenas and whatnot. It's just not tell
right, but in wrestling it's really only other. I mean it's like wrestling fan. Into any into a national, a national thing. I feel I'm pretty sure. Not every college has a wrestling team just like they almost all have football team team of all have a basketball team. They don't all have wrestling teams yeah. You know one of the things that they were highlighting. I was reading this article about the coaches and about how the 'cause we're getting these large bonuses for victory and there, it was. They were saying how crazy it is that the kids that are playing aren't getting any money, but these fucking coaches, making shit tons of money and, at the end city profits massively from the successful football programs, and yet these athletes who are damaging
a brain, damaging their body and then a large percentage of Amer never even got to go on to a career in professional sports. So I was just pulling this up. This is not a pop up, but this summer I think it was right before the bass will season started. This scandal happen at the world. Rick Pitino is, I think he might have been running the athletic program. In some capacity. Don't know if it was the a d is definitely that is like one of the top basketball coaches in the country and he was getting ninety eight percent of the cache of this deal they had with Adidas, and one should know about this deal so raked in ninety. Eight percent of the cash from the University of Louisville's current Adidas deal. How is that possible? It's hard to explain how it can even happen. If you watch the movie blue chips from the 90s, they sort of almost tap into it, but this that was at fifteen years,
even before this is happening. So there's a whole extra world going on, but he said is what funny the reporter asked him. If some of the proceeds will be shared with the university he says in quotes it's for the athletic department, junk reply. How do you say his name? Jerick Jerick, replied it. It's for the student athletes. It's been earmarked for them hi. In fact, under the current deal with Adidas, which explained, which expires July first. Ninety eight percent of the cash provided by Adidas goes to one person Rick Pitino now suspended head coach, that's fucking! Crazy! Look at the next sentence is almost like, two thousand and fifteen two thousand and sixteen for example, one point five million went to Pitino under personal services agreement with the apparel company, while just twenty five thousand dollars. What do the program? According to the contract obtained by the courier journal under the state's public records act,
the year before the department got ten grand and he got one point. Five million is incredible: why they pay him so much? How does it work? He can recruit it. So he can recruit the kids to school because he's got the name and whether or not he's got some sort of ability to sell them also you know- I don't know that, but he can bring them in because he's got a uh, almost a franchise of national championships, or at least ability to be on national tv. And that level of exposure tournament, I'm telling you about like he'll, get your eyes on there, which gets you with the NBA contract, which is the old whole dream We can sell that they can sell that dream to them. Then A deals are the best deals in the world. The guaranteed contracts to play. And the shoe deals. Those shoe deals are big. Do the shoe deals for those guys for NBA guys for the top tier guys, which is of course very select view, but it's nine figures before they ever play ball? Like
they're signing like one hundred million dollar deals Jesus or they play professional basketball. That's crazy, yeah! They fuckin' amazing outrageous amounts of money I mean we were talking about under armour about how what was the player. That said, nobody wants to play in under armours having Durant said that he sank the stock, by saying that, because universities have deals with sneaker Comp, and that no one wanted to play for Maryland because they didn't want to, with under armour a want to wear under armour and everything, hilarious. Struggling ever since? Really? Yes, it's a sing to me. The way under armour has been able to compete period like that is so outrageous. That
that's a former University of Maryland student athlete, I think, is a student athlete and that he was able to star in apparel company athletic company and really actually compete with a d does and Nike I mean that is so nuts. It would be like you starting a fuckin' car tomorrow and then you're like yeah, you Porsche, Bmw, or a joke are. Would you like, like it's working, that it's that's? How nuts that is to break into that field? Reeling yeah, fuck yeah! It is men that they have that Schitzo lock down. They have such deep pockets there levels of endorsements and like what started doing the underarm. Got it, wouldn't even pay. Like now they have paid endorsed athletes, but first people were just liking the gear he was
one of the first ones that developed that you know that, like tight, fit, breathe right like compression gear right and like he developed some of it and would give it to like former, like people, he knew universe. Amerila were now like in the product I like to, and so is my boy. You know through Some more of that and it was like that it was like you know, just kind of a very organic way of developing of like some would be like if you bake something in your life that takes good. Like you make me another one for me and my friends, it was like that I was reading something really interesting when they were saying that they are fucking up the brand, because they've put them into discount stores but they're trying to raise the sales and by raising the sales they put him in a discount stores by putting in the discount stores they're going to change the way people look at the brand. It's going to be worth as much. That's, probably very realistic man, that's very interesting. Weird people think so
and now I give you saw a pair of nikes at a discount store. Would you like go folk nor cure we're? Not. I can wait that, wouldn't that means zero. Yeah now that means that Nike has outlet stores which is like discount. Now, yes, you know so that's kind of weird but it is true about how I mean the other. One is like that big baller brand. They are basically attempting to compete in peril world. That's the farm ball right, yeah! That's the guy, the guy, not crazy thing, because the sun was arrested. Yes, China for shoplifting. Yes, the China! He is China yeah he shoplifting and then Trump He got amount out and, and the dad says he didn't get him out. It's that that's a man and the dad is Trump's calling the data fool. What happened that Trump's? I mean well that guy very brash. The hardball yeah yeah yeah, but I mean I think you know. Thank God knows what he's doing man as far as as far as Pr. Definitely, no she's, going to say some wild shit. He knows you were
like, oh, my god. What did he say and then he knows that that gets him more press and like it, it kind of feeds itself right and people act like he believe the fucking easy shift that asshole just said he's like yeah. That's what I do and that's why putting me on the show, like when was running for president of percent is the same school of thought, and now, though, that guy, so he has a son in Lonzo place for the Lakers who's. A first round draft pick like a top tier slayer. UCLA, then his other son was two more sons one of them was on UCLA's team. This year got arrested for shoplifting in China. If you I hadn't been released? If it wasn't high, you know highly publicized thing. He definitely could have gone to jail for a while, China, China, I don't around. You, know right so but anyways when he got out and came back mark pulled him from like from Musial UCLA and also pulled his sixteen year old son at a high school and
flew them to Lithuania, where there now playing both of them were playing professional basketball in Lithuania and professional air quotes Jamie did the airport has got to a bigger quotes, yeah for sure. Well, I mean there's. Definitely some some good players that come out of there, but it's like uh it is a circus over there. If you see like how it was when they arrived, it was like some crazy, reception, you know. So what is he trying to do now is try to start some new league he's trying to a couple things. He started a brand big baller brand and they now that's like the ball and Bacon Nk but these shoes they're, basically five hundred dollars, retail sneakers and if you like, that's expensive, like not big, baller bits, that's what that's like, but are they like made by a real organization? Well, deed is no no. He says there are no no they're not made I'd, definitely not any and by the way, the sun, it's in the NBA turn down
real money like real money, because he was like the father demanded that you basic The pay to develop this brand from the big apparel, my guys like give us like a billion dollar contract and like developed this brand. What and they were like no we're not doing that and he's like when we're not going to talk to you about endorsing my there one hundred percent. Yes, then now he's had like there's so much conversation about the brand that he's definitely elevated the awareness of it. What we don't know what nobody knows is like to what level are they actually selling this apparel? You know like are these because they have everything they have. Shirts and shoes are getting. They just got it rated, an f by the bit better business right, because they're issues are not the ones they sold. The pre sold a bunch of shoes and there's like the ones that people are getting our
what they bought or pest, there's no way to return, find a great fund or exchange them yeah and they're just telling people. That literally, I think I read that the customer service people told me all you must be a broke baller then yeah you're not satisfied yeah, that's literally won't my God, but he's also, I mean he's so anyways he's he's he's about These kids to Lithuania, they're going to play basketball he's like he basically says they're going to be on the Lakers from my three sons are going to be Lakers. We have no idea, really politically whether the two younger sons even have we don't know to be fair, whether they're going to be a NBA quality players. Yet no like that for clearly one is the one is on the Lakers, but so no, that's going to pan out in any way shape or form. He also talked about developing a league for, like kids, that are coming out of high school, that don't.
Go to college and play in a league where they get paid, like a salary of you, know, a reasonable salary which is an idea that a lot of people think is fascinating. I don't know logistically whether he could pull that off. You know. That's kind of a right, I mean, but the idea is one that people talk about for years, because college athletes generate a lot of revenue, we're getting yeah college getting pimped out. One hundred percent actually in like football basketball, Tell me what I was talking to Jamie when you went to pdf about the the how big the game once they are. When I see like in god- and I was saying, is what about baseball's baseball, I don't know nobody gives a what college baseball basketball is a little bit. He said that Van is definitely those of those are the Big College football get the at that time. That's the end? It's worth billions of dollars, many billions yeah yeah, which is crazy. Those kids are getting paid that doesn't make any sense forgot, free scholarship, Joe you go
school for free, no great get twenty five thousand dollars a year's worth of free education, yeah fuck, you, I you agree, not Gemma, said. There's a couple. Kids, like interesting story came out earlier this year, he's on one of the teams. That did really good? U S, c r? U c! F! I'm sorry! Yes, yes, kicker was a youtuber as the season started and he got in trouble because he was making profit off of his likeness. On Youtube, so they took away his ability to do that. Oh my god. I think he left the team. Oh my god, you fucking monsters, like you know. What do you don't own people that that's what drives me crazy yeah. So you don't own people they're, providing a service that makes you an extraordinary amount of money. Yeah yeah! You keeping all of it a deputy Pitino thing, five million to school. I get angry, I guess Fulton Gray. Is it out of the money That's the argument thousand dollars. I know I think the thing about the people who
who really argue the free education thing and like how that should be a value is because they ain't worth. Hit, but that's why they think that's awesome, like your skin level is not impressed, right and you don't generate millions and billions of dollars. So you go slogan one hundred thousand dollars worth of free education there it's like yeah, but like I'm, bringing ten million to the table. Bro, that's thing and here's the big thing, is damaged they getting in that for years, how much Which they do into the in football yeah in high level division, one fbs football lot of those dudes playing the playing. Basically with you know, the next NFL players, so yeah they're, fucking, each other up, fucking, each other up and the odds of their body getting damage to the point where they never compete professionally or very hot. Oh definitely yeah. So if you think of like there was a
think about NBA or excuse me. Nfl players like how many of them make it into the fourth year. It's very low, now the not for Longley Very college yeah. This is a the nickname, the NFL who not for long yeah. The average NFL careers like three point some season so yeah, so think of that you're. Basically, and to do to out run that through college, make it into the pros, Why you really from a business perspective, you really have to support guys coming out of college early to the NFL I mean, there's people who are like, What about road closures in the funk out of here? I read a book pictures go back, go back, my free time, then yeah go back. You still going to be twenty five years old when your career is over. It's fucking, nuts. I know there's millions on the table. Millions, need to come on. I love you everything about how poorly handle that I think about it now, a lot. If I had been
twenty two inch, rims, look: here's ten million dollars I'd be like watt I would definitely not have been like yeah do able to handle that well, yeah, I think about hardcore, I think about like what. If I won the lottery, when I was twenty like donuts, you go nuts yeah diamonds. In my jacket, man check got diamonds in my jacket. Buttons are all out I got diamonds on my Dick hole daily. Yeah, I think uhm it's like, we were talking about earlier about a guy being rich and having rich children struggles very important for you yeah, it's very good for you. Very important for you. It builds character. It builds resolve, respect now, yeah, respect money that like to sell how many professional athletes who make millions of dollars work out as far as my friend Cameron, hands, right? Think of that, the as a regular job dude works for dip,
water and power in Oregon. Does it really yep nine five regular job during his lunch hour he doesn't work nine to five. He works like. Seven dove for and one of the reasons why he's got an extra hour in there is because he runs during his lunch break. So it's like two hour lunches and runs for two fucking hours runs the hills and then comes back and finishes? the the eight hours a day. I did feels good all day, though, to Savage yeah. He doesn't feel good. You don't want Is it a all the like small time, yeah happy to say happy in pain I don't know man I mean he gets shipped grimacing in pain. He's like this. It hurts there's like it is a mindset of those people that can do those ultra marathons. That's a different world inside your dough menu yeah, some darkness, and they're trying to
What was that woman that smashed all of the morning to Walter yeah she's on the podcast? Yes, she did you listen to the podcast she's, not she's, amazing she's, Nachos drinks, beer eats candy. Using candy, which is hanging out with what's going on in her brain man. That's what I want to see. I want to see a see, T scan, she's straight up, savage I'll. Tell you why? How did she tell us about how she had some sort of retina, Adima where she was almost blind, because her contacts fuckedup or something like that and her her eyeball. We're bleeding and she couldn't see and she fell cracked or fucking head open, like like blood pouring down her head. Still, one see I couldn't see her where feet were washers run. Her brain cannot be the same. Not just tough, there's, there's mental toughness that some people have that is almost unexplainable explainable, a don't like what makes them that tough, I don't understand it. The
the block out all the negative voices the stock mean well think about. Personalities right like a personality like Burt. It could be the life of the party, that's not me, I'm not that guy! No I've never been that guy. I mean I can I can, with we're all hanging around together? We're all drinking I can make everybody laugh live, be silly. We could all have a good time together, but I don't gravitate towards that thinking that kind of behavior where is Burt, can walk into a liquor store and having everybody sing along to, I would die for you. Yeah he's got his phone out and people are dancing and yeah it's a genuine personality type to his that's his personality type. Some people have that personality type where they'll get up four hundred and thirty in the morning, and you know it's dark outside, and they relish the fact that they don't want to put the running shoes on and they won't don't want. Hit that mountain and run they relish the fact that there's their skin struggle, they like it, they like it yeah they like the pain.
In the like the the stinging of the the the long sister, your long struggle to fill with air, they like it yeah true yeah. They like also the fact that other people can't do what they can do. The like the fact that there's people that are in bad, the the comfortably asleep while they're out there doing it and it gives them an edge sure. Now what what makes a person's personality to be this outgoing extrovert, like Bert Kreischer? What makes that stoic individual that can sit and go over. You know an account. Who can just sit and go over things for hours and hours, a coder, some to sit in front of, computer and go over one thousand and twelve hours a days worth a certain set yeah. It's a different kind of human right yeah because I mean both of those personalities. I could never entertain. You know just so far from what I am I'm fascinated by personalities yeah. I just find and there's so many variables like as to what
the a person who they are and and how it changes overtime and who you are the more you consider yourself, and I did a podcast yesterday meditation it all about Meditation Dan Harris from good morning. America, whose big proponent of meditation and this guy Jeff worn, who wrote this book head trip very, very interesting guy? Who is his meditation teacher and we're just talking about thought, processes and and the the mind and and managing the mind of man in the way you do things don't do things and how much of these little weird kinks and pitfalls can just trip you up and fuck you up in your life, like imagine, Louis CK. Without this desire to beat off in front of women like let's say he did that ten times in his whole life. Imagine if you could get to him before those ten times and go hey man. Look your oh nice guy you've always been like friendly to people. You give good advice
This is a comedian. Just can't beat off in front of people yeah. We got it's going to cost you like fifty million dollars one day yeah. What yeah. You think so. Yeah yeah one day is going to cost you fifty million dollars. We just beat off in front of people not going to work with you. So just don't do that. Don't do that or here's what you could do, pay a hooker and say I want to beat off in front of you and she'll. Go ok and then you give her one thousand dollars or whatever costs, and you beat off in front of her. You could do that. Maybe, like that's not the same but like what would make a person what makes a person tech really yeah What is it inside your head like it's? All your experience is really that become your personality. I think there's that. This your experiences there's managing your particular biology yeah. You know there's so many so many different things because, like
you're at the age now to where you can see like with your children. You ever see how there a certain age. Now but you go like. I saw that trade in you when you were one so yeah yeah yeah. You see like the stuff, it's natural in someone, the natural, right right and then you sprinkle life on top of that starts to develop who the person becomes, Well, your son is probably just now starting to talk and you'll start to have little conversations with them and start see you in them and that's where it gets really weird, I don't You've inherited all my craziness. You see that you're a kid my nine year old in particular. Really she got a lot of my crazy inner yeah. He need you totally see yourself yeah. She gets obsessed with things like obsessed or she just should just do them like A long like we went on a vacation and we were walking back the resort she did cartwheels. Way back from the resort to it to the is half mile. So
just have a over and over and over again she just gets nuts about Is it the kind of thing we like hey? We probably stop doing that or no let her do it I don't I don't, I think, is long your kids aren't hurting themselves and it hurting other people the more you say, hey don't do that the more they're going to want to do that sure it's natural! What I try to do is encourage healthy things. That's it I try to like when it comes like candy sugar and stuff, like that. I tried to tell him yeah, taste, great taste, amazing, but you really only supposed to have a little bit of it for because it's bad for your body You know, I don't I don't just give them the hey. You can't eat candy, hey! You can't do that. I'm like little bits good it's a little bit is fine. Let's have a little bit, let's enjoy it, but let's understand what it is like, let's are you aware of what it is, but don't be afraid of it don't run from it? Don't you know nobody side, because they had ice cream once a week, sure
It's going to hurt! You don't have every fucking night yeah! Just don't get crazy, don't let it become a part of everything who you are an one of the as I do. The most, though, is encouraged them like. What are they? What are they? enjoy doing like what do you enjoy doing? You know like youngest one loves. Art loves to draw loves it just constantly drawing I'm like, let's draw. Let's look: let's do smart, it's fun! It's like there's something like find out whatever it is where you can find this avenue for expression and I want to encourage that as much as I can, because I feel like if there's the in a slide that will guarantee you some satisfaction or some feeling of accomplishment or some some but with some way to fuel your passions. It's fine, something that really hit your switches find that thing like you found right. You found it would stand up, yeah total mean, but you
in doing something else on the stand up. No, of course not. I mean at this point I don't know. I tell people that all the time. Actually it's like that's the Can you become aware of, I think when you get older, you like I'm so lucky that I do the thing I really like doing the most yeah. Do the thing and then you meet people like, I mean people at time, but, like I talked to people who, you know, I'm just not happy with what they would just like. I'm not happy with my life and this and that and like what is it you really want to do, and then I don't know like real question real question. If somebody wanted to trade lives. Jeff Basos! One Trade lies. You get to be Jeff Basos! You get one hundred and five billion dollars, but you can't do stand up anymore now, because I love it, I love it yeah, that's so hard for people to imagine yeah well, no it's like I mean that that I know it sounds like I'm a cool amount of money in that like who the fuck would turn that down. But it's like. I don't really feel like I'm turning something down, because I get so much pleasure and joy,
boy out of doing what I do just that I made that deal and he came back to the comedy store and you watch somebody just kill and you feel like fuck. I want to go up and they're like nah man, you gotta, take your spaceship home now and you're sitting around writing things down. I think you're funny and you never getting into people you take it out, see if you can make it work. Do you, member ta, Magna, he's a real, funny comedian and apparently he lives in Thailand now and just fucking retire on his writers, guild money and uh. Is mortgage is like five hundred bucks a month, and Neal Brennan went to see him last week in Thailand really yeah He was a comic yep, a funny comic. I knew him from Boston, really good guy, there's Tom Magna a good guy, he's retired their lives in Thailand, good for him just on the beach came back and apparently he writes still he'll still like right right stuff for people, but doesn't give a fuck anymore good for him in
Yeah I mean I hear about things like that and I go wow. He did it. He figured out a way to do it. He figured out a way to get off the bus yeah, I don't think I'm getting off. I feel like I'm gonna George Carlin, this mother fockers keep driving it yeah, I want them to die in a hotel room somewhere, eighty years old on the yeah. I don't know how I mean. Sometimes I I think about like how like cat damage, how much longer my gonna do this for hands. It feels like there's too much time still ahead of me You know I mean though, but I mean like I go like wait. I'm gonna do this. For twenty five more years or something that's fucking, nuts. The only thing that sites me as much is outdoor stuff. So you, They love that yeah kind of jealous of all your hobbies, but not not mean just that. You I'm jealous of of the fact that you're passionate about like hunting shooting pool Ju Jitsu! You know,
archery, also my god dammit. I wish I had like a that. Much passion for at least one other thing. You know I just think crazy? I think I find these things and I get obsessed with the idea. You know I'm lucky that there's a guy have to manage those things. I got to be careful like I'm the I'm lucky. I don't know how to fix cars, If I knew how to fix garlic. I entertain this idea for a while of building a car from scratch really of getting a frame and then starting put suspension on it, and I said no, you gotta stop like you can do this. Will take too much time. You can't do this, I can't- and I would like it I would like it. I'd start, Byron things. Surprise! You don't move at least get a place in the woods. I think that's I'm scared of that too yeah. It scared of that too You know when we lived in boulder. I liked it a lot too. I liked it a lot. I went to that house yeah. It's beautiful, yeah, so peaceful up there right
his words in mountain lines in your dog and chips. This is weird, but I don't know man. I just have to For me, it's always like make sure like there's. Like there's two MIS there's the manager me it's like: hey, hey, hey hold on before we fully mark on this journey. Let's take a look at where this could go wrong. Let's take a look at where this can go before I release the hounds, then there's the other part. So I just want to just go: do go for it! Yeah thanks! You know I wanna. Be, though did do you will Khan? I don't know a bone with me. Bow hunting. I'll go to arrange first to see how much I dig I haven't I've shot an arrow, bow and arrow, but it's been like twenty five years. I got a range here. You have a range here as indoor archery range in this place. Okay, This weekend, I'm getting a thing called Technohunt installed, techno Have you ever see the video game where you hit a golf ball in the virtual?
golf screen yeah. They make that with art, you're doing that with bow hunting here, yep. So there's the animals walk across the screen. You shoot at the animals with the regular compound bow and instead of having sharp pointed tips yeah. This is it. This is the game right here. You have a tip that as a flat head, like the head of a nail, and so these walk across the screen and you literally shoot at the target and like watch it'll show you like it's going to be like less yeah, I haven't come out this weekend, Bro see I hits re shoots it home. You would. Get right there right behind the arm, Bam Perfect shot. So it's going to be like feel shows where the the thing him and it shows your score on your vitals and stuff like that very cool you're going to be really into them serviced. Crazy Burton I went to top golf. You know that is that's
Vegas right top, the top? They have one in Vegas and they have like twenty five locations. They're all over the place. Yeah we stayed. We stayed there for like ours, ours, but with we're gonna play like around, but it just became addictive and fun. We just kept kept, What do you mean? It's not just driving. You have like a bay right and then like your own. T and you the if you put your names in the system and you get real, golf ball, an they track, the balls so like when you hit it there's targets. That you can go for points when you hit that flag. So it knows Legare hit the flag in it like so you get like eight points and then it will be like your next balls worth double and if you hit Blue flag is going to be like sixteen points so like, and then different games within the system. Go just for like chip shots go for distance anyways. We just we. I thought we were. I thought we like an hour. I think we say four hours that's great
easy and- and we were all I we have another top golf- we were really really into it and you guys on and play golf. No, I mean I you know those two used to play like I said he played really, a long time ago same with Burt, the bill had much better shots the meat, but I was equally obsessed with it. Like I didn't care that I was even shedding the bed, while has, I was having so much fun doing it so many different things. You do that's why people tell me that they're bored I mean in you open, there's something you do, but even then there's so many physical activities that you do that are free, no yeah. There understand I'm not bored by any means. I just like you know throwing myself into an activity like that. So you need a hobby, I think so why you get into jitsu na. No, I don't like a guy. I I did see the gun. I never liked showing I never liked. I never liked wrestling at Wrestle now. You're hated it Tuesday. I just don't like having like guys. On top of you yeah- and I don't like you know my neck being
Any of that like I never liked. You know. I like their own punches, that's cool! I like that, just taking them high class learn how to kick the bag. Learn how to hit the adds maybe learn how to use your defense move push away like that. Maybe ographie unfold, ladies, tries to pinch your after showing sweep the leg sweep, take it down. Get some good press next day Did you see that thing with Josh Homme from queens of the stone age. The later stories like her flash was really fucking. Bothering everybody, oh wasn't like that. She wasn't supposed to have flash going, but is not ok. The way that that ship went down man yeah you're supposed to go, hey Lady turn the fucking flash off and he was wasn't
this thing, I was trying to take the camera. We like kick her in the head, or she said he was kicking equipment around and he accidentally kicked. He made a bunch of bull super delivery. You could super yeah. He kicked her in the face is like right here and secure a heads or the mug yeah, the mug as well in his defense. He might have been like super frustrated. If that was the case, someone like flashing his face by the way we see losing your shift on stage, and this happened? Everybody can it, but not? Ok, not tickets. No. No, no I'm not saying something. I've wanted to kick someone. For sure. I mean over the course of a whole career, yeah yeah. I've wanted to kick someone. You know it's interesting. I watched uh did long beach. I did that uh was it the terrace theater forget theater is in long beach, big Ask theater in long beach, great theater, really weird because there's no, you could never have this theater today we completely illegal because there's the
way to get out like the rose the rows are like Seventy seats long there's no I'll in the middle. So there's I on the left side eye on the rights it, but the whole span in front of you is just seats. It's amazing! perform they're still there yeah, that's the place, yeah yeah. Look at that! Oh yeah, crazy man, you gotta, get up, take a picture. You got a piston here in the middle, your fuct again. Could you forty people, especially if you're overweight, if you're a big fella? and you trying to get through all that, but anyway, when I went there our the For me, that was where Richard Pryor did his live in concert from seventy nine. That's we recorded an. I went back. Watched it after I got home and I was like holy shit. This is crazy. He pulled up to the same dock where I pulled up here. Roxanne with his wife goes to the same back area that I went to then I watch it in the beginning of it. There's a fucking guy in the front of the stage who's getting
like Richard Pryor's on stage he's standing there taking pictures of Richard Pryor. Why, who is filling a special and Richard we're just going to sit down mother fucker, stop taking my picture. Like he's saying you haven't, even in seventy nine, it was an issue, so I take a picture Just a guy in the audience: it's not a professional photographer. Will you see that phone thing? Are you going to do that? Yes, I'm doing that. You are, that is ok, it's tell people, for my shows upcoming in Austin, Houston and Durham North Carolina? There's a company called yonder they take your phone, they put it into a bag and you you keep your keep your phone, but they have to in your bag. When you leave so you're, not making any phone calls you're, not doing anything axew, not filming you're, not doing anything. I watched Chappelle special when Chappelle that- and I was like this- is it yeah and it It's fucking, amazing, how much more tuned in People are like when they don't have their phone yeah, especially just checking your Texan
time you're on stage I mean how many times do people just standing there filming things, so I just did a show. Where was like four throw dark house, and you just see see the light yeah but can be no light yeah and I was like doing and doing talking talking and then you know it's like trying to finish a bit I did, I'm like hey man. What are you doing? What what are you? What are you doing he's not even listening when I ask him what he's doing and then his friends like hey, he looks What are you doing? Some donuts for work? Have you bought these tickets to do work? I just I got to do it. I gotta know now you
bring up the whole room. I gotta build it don't realize. I know, there's like fifteen minutes left and he's like alright and he flipped it over like put the phone down, not not two minutes later he's back on his phone back on it back doing things I was like, and I actually knew to not say anything at the second time because I didn't want to. I didn't want the show to be about that 'cause. I was like this is going to be negative as yeah right, but thankfully the staff noticed and they went over there and I'm doing this from now on. I think this don't I mean like look, I did some people, don't like it. That's ok, but it's going to make a better show, here's the thing so people know 'cause. I know a little bit about the other thing too is like if you What if I need you can? Actually you can leave the showroom yeah and they'll unlock it for you. You can make your call yeah in the lobby, but it's just keeping people. Tuned in Indonesia and not distracting people. I want to see love the The Beatles show at the Mirage.
Using the Cirque du Soleil. Show is incredible incredible. This guy in front of me has his brightness jack to the fucking roof and he's texting people So, while I'm trying to watch the show this guy, has bright phone yeah and he's just sitting there texting yeah, it's all over and over and over again completely disrespecting all the people around them. Everybody's got to go like this, because the place is pitch black. A lot of stuff is going on because there's like this stuff comes from the ceiling and people descending and they're doing this acrobatics and this dick headed is constantly on his fucking phone yeah, it's like just do you want to fuck experience things for a minute you know, I mean, like you go to Cirque du Soleil, you go to Joe Rogan. Show it's like you, fucking went you decided to go to the thing like. Don't you want to experience the show yeah just watch the show for a minute you gotta force because there's a certain amount of people that are just not going to go downhill. It's it's not cheap. The thought she'd be a cost money yeah, but I
feeling it's going to be worth it, I think so too, and I'm definitely going do it for special yeah good understand from now on, because my two specials I've. I doubt with people like sitting in the front row and second row to stand in their hold, not phone up in front of you, this holding it right at you, like you, don't think. That's distracting only was weird live your life, I think, is especially good thing to do in a big big venue: yeah yeah yeah. So that's it folks. So if you come into Austin, Houston and Durham for taking in front in the back of your phone up, it gives the phone up. You did your special in Denver right at the Paramount yeah. It's fucking great place, it's great lovers, schitt! It's still! It's still Favorite man is my favorite city. I think if I move anywhere? It to be there or maybe Seattle. Those are my spots. I would love to live. Well, I love actually downtown Denver. I would also think would be amazing to live like twenty minutes outside of Denver Yeah
delete everything into it. Golden live in the woods would be amazing. I really. I think it's in my future. Do you going to sell out of California. I don't know man starts getting older. I don't think I'm going to do it in the next couple years, but I think in my life I will move to Colorado at some point: yeah I really love it. I love to all aspects of it like I like the culture I like I like the outdoors. I like the people, Let me there always have meet great people there. They have all the interest sure you want from a big city, you have access to everything. You know yeah great restaurants, you have great at you know the big sports they have attainment that they have everything you want. The people are cool, two. They really are it's just not pretentious like a lot of people that live in la San Francisco or New York, yeah they're very laid back but they are surrounded by also, I think, there's something about being surrounded by the rocky mountains. I think it's good to start taking.
So seriously, just look out and yeah. Second, the vastness of this! It's incredibly there's a great night man. I had such a fucking lucky night. It was awesome night to do. This I'm trying to do red rocks, but every time I look for a date, I gotta look two three years: advanced yeah, it's like Tuesday and Wednesday nights. I heard about that. I was talking to them about red rocks and they're. Like people will take a date, they don't have a one because its years in advance, yeah now well that's what they offered me. They offered me a bunch of Tuesdays and wednesdays and they're, not and like in twenty twenty or something nineteen there's like Tuesdays and wednesdays in twenty nineteen, all this available, yeah wow- I was like sing a Friday yeah, but the echo the place that I do normally I like that. But that's like five. Thousands somethin wears red rock is like nine nine thousand, it's a lot, but you were doing to Balco to Balco yeah and it's ten
yeah. No, it's not. I can do enough people, but it's just I like people want to go on Saturday yeah. They want to go out and try tonight don't wanna go on talking Wednesday yeah hike to some some weird. Have you been at the Red Rock amphitheater? No yeah! You need to be the shift that day, I heard it's incredible. Brian Regan was and then he was telling me how he performed there. There's video of it. He made like a whole film that we loved it. It was amazing, not a lot of comedians, perform that, though it's pretty it's pretty special yeah yeah, it's gotta, be you gotta. Do it yeah all right. Let's wrap this up up. Everybody tomorrow meeting tonight midnight tonight the great call Tommy Buns special comes out on Netflix, don't sleep! This is what you do. You get up early and you watch the last one. First yeah mostly get jacked up will be a warm up and then discrete. Why disgraceful?
it's how my mother described my stand up, one time she came and saw me on this tour and she You know like your. Coming like a man, yeah, and you know it was a good one like she came to a good show right and they came backstage and it was like. My dad was like a lot of people here, buddy kind of money. You get total dad question and my mom my mom was having everything which is like amazing little a your language is like if these personal ff A F, F, now I was like thinking of titles, and I was like I love upsetting another, so I called it disgraceful that solarius your mother. The strong spanish accent, very strong, that's funny. Yeah yeah
it's a lot. It's areas when you speak Spanish in front of me. I've I've talked to people about before, but it's funny when you speak Spanish in in front it to people. Yeah and expect it yeah. I talk about in the special oh yeah. I have a bit of bad because it throws them off. Guard they're like How do you do that so white? I now and then then my sisters are darker, like they have a darker complexion to me to do that. Yeah, especially if we go like if we go the sun for a few days. They turn in to Fuckin' Incas, I just burned so yeah, it's very just. You can tell it's genetics like my dad's skin and they got all right, ladies and gentlemen. That's it tonight midnight Tommy buns on Netflix. Don't sleep, definitely watch it any. Thanks. Brother love. You thanks for having man. Thank you very much anytime, bye,
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