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#1064 - Eddie Huang & Jessica Rosenworcel

2018-01-15 | 🔗
Eddie Huang is a restaurateur, food personality, sandwich hack, former lawyer, and the host of “Huang’s World” on VICELAND. Jessica Rosenworcel is an American lawyer who currently serves as a member of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.
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my friend eddie long is one who set this up and he is very concerned about the demise net neutrality so we got just come rose in warsaw is one of the commissioners for the fcc she's one of the people that voted to keep net neutrality and place she's one of two there is only five people and though five people that voted literally change the way we are going to experience internet here and i say to america that sounds crazy to five on elected officials literally voted to see whether or not there is oversight in how the the internet is kept free who it's a confused sing and dance
inserting situation it in its is very uncomfortable it's the implications of it are variant after all and we went over those implications and we ve got a sense of what we can and cannot do and and where the sits right now so without any further ado please welcome just go rose morsel and my friend they want the job will gain experience and we love welcome aboard a cigar rose in warsaw i do it you did it sooner what about that everyone course has been on the pike ass times number one pakistan world thank you jerry what's up how are you until man i'm i'm good i just you know i wanted to introduce you to the homey the commissioner for the sis ii
ask arose and worse hookers think things where things are bad for the internet right now well you are very concerned and love people are about net neutrality and we all have some questions about it and works how to talk to you about it so maybe we could eliminate some of the issues and give us an undersea ending or try to help us understand what is at stake here and why people so concerned well people are concerned because the future of the internet's the future of everything remy every aspect of our lives is now touched by that connectivity it's a funny thing but the agency where i work in washington the federal communications commission has enormous power and control over our internet experience and for decades we ve had these policies that have been all about internet openness and what that means is you go where you want to what you want all mine and your broad
and provider can't get in the way or prevent you from looking at some websites or looking at some videos or setting up some businesses but that changed last month in washington when the fcc over my objections voted to end net neutrality and as a result all of our broadband iders now have the legal right to block websites to throttle content and to set up sweetheart paid for prioritization deals and over the long haul i could really change the net and the web as we know it now one of the arguments prone neutrality one of the arguments for people that were excited about this being signed what they were saying that net neutrality was really only over the last couple years and before that couple years net neutrality as we know it couple years everything was fine and there
will continue to be fine and that people are just panicked and there is that really boost our video that that one dude made where he was these are all things you're gonna be able to do you work that cat i do logic hi ya nuns seems like a feller yeah well he's a he's a smart guy is a season lawyer i think it's fair to say he and i see the world a little differently so he doesn't he sees this through the eyes of big business right he thinks that this is the free market let the market decide and dumb and that's what the argument i mean have you mark cuban was sir arguing against it so i was like while this is studying yet neutral for me the net neutrality thing is huge cause when i was in basra read this one book called fighting for air and documented like the telecommunications act the ninety seven skype boring stuff right don't go read the telecommunications act the ninety seven
boy like radio matter demurely grown up the radio i remember they would actually break records on the radio back in the day like firefox it doesn't hot ninety seven he'll break records you broke my boy or drew's record the other day but like recently the it's i cleared and oh i heart radio they own or the radio stations and it really sterilised content and they play the same songs every hour in every city almost around the world and i when i read the book i want to law school i realize i used because of the deregulation of radio that allowed for all these local independent rate stations in every city that were wrapping local culture and state culture that kind of eroded that means of communication and i was like this happens to every single industry we have whether its radio television but now it's coming
internet then by deregulating it you're gonna gutted again and you know like winwin technology started pop and punk has came round me that's what enabled j irene that's why my first place goes like i'm a clumsy joe because you were one of the innovators with this new technology well thanks but i think gum people are super concerned about is things getting blocked right that's like one of the first ones yes
is that something that we legitimately have to worry about is a good question here's what i know right now you're broadband provider has the technical ability to block content and websites it's got the business incentive block or slow access to some websites if they don't have a special commercial relationship with them the fcc just gave them the legal green right just go ahead and so i feel over time this is something we need to be concerned about and so this open platform next full of invent independent voices now you ve got this new gatekeeper your broadband provider they ve got a lot more power than when they use to how close with the vote it was three two and what's the argument for this plants
that's fair i think there is an argument that she won't government out of the way deregulation is gonna lead to more competition and will have a flourishing of new ideas in content if we just move government out of the way and even if your sympathetic to that argument here's where i think it breaks down according to the f cc's own data half of households in this country to have a choice of broadband provider i am familiar with this i'm one of them and provider that serves my house so the thing is if your broadband provider started blocking your content or throttling your access to some video in a competitive market you pick up you take your business somewhere else but about half of our household don't even have that opportunity behavior just doesn't fly you ever done soon it makes sense that that's an issue in my neighborhood as well and allow
yeah that doesn't seem to make sense that's an issue in my neighborhood as well and a lot of other people i know as well i mean i think they make deals where only one company would have rising or whatever has an area yet demon i realise the areas they limit the opportunities and choices and when they say do you regulation it just any time they delay he lay things as it hey we're gonna leave it to the market and have competition i think its impact what i have that when you have a country with such an inequality income inequality gap right that's the problem is that all right let's all go compete joe you're not gonna start of rising i'm not gonna start of rising right i mean like we can compete with these deeds and even comcast can even compete with horizon like you know
these did shrugging smash so there is not actual competition i think deregulation works when you have multiple players and options and that the market actually can come into play but with the economy so top heavy right now i don't think there is a possibility of competition emmy listen competition is the best regulator we now right we want there to be these markets numerous have lots and lots of choices but if competition is an existing you need a little oversight to make sure that every consumer gets a fair shot what's he like that's where the real argument lies that if there are monopolies and it seemed to be in certain areas with in regards to what kind of internet access you can get that don't have regulation then than what is going to protect the consumer what is going to protect free speech what's gonna protect it save you are on the horizon in your system is unwise and what have you decide make a podcast criticizes verizon
but it says you know hey everyone's gonna podcast criticising us i want to shut that down and they can just mr down a long time ago yeah we're not saying that they would do that but they could yet and that was harry that's that's not going you know so much of our speech these days it doesn't take place in public places it takes place on these private platforms rights we have a lot of power and we have to think about that as it is a country in a democracy how much openness we want and then how do we create a framework in washington that supports that openness and that's really to me what net neutrality was about the other question i have is right let's say do you know right let's say a service provider buys hulu right or the or they buy where they create their own shaming platform for like zulu right so they start zulu they could start to charge netflix more money for using their service
they could charge who more money they could charge you know beats more money whatever so that they have an advantage for their own streaming services and in that way they can culturally control content and you now you're so right and what happens as you as a consumer you just get online and you might not the notice right you might not even notice their taking you to the video content that they have a special pay for relationship with i think though the biggest harmless to entrepreneurship right now you have a good idea to business a service you can go online and you can almost instantly have global reach that's amazing but now you're gonna have to figure out is your broadband provider instead gonna shuffle off all traffic to some one else who's paying them on the side are you gonna have a fair shot to show your where's in your ideas to the world its harder cause us our thinking like a bad at one percent or dude and my guy if there's no
net neutrality and i'm the only person there can service calabash california wooded hills california well i'm gonna charge all the other streaming providers more money to use this and i'm gonna create competitor and every single one of these sectors so you can have an advance if you have your show with me and if you are on the other one i'm gonna disadvantages in attacks you basically who so right now these are concerns and there's nothing that's actually happening yet do this this ruling was just past that's right other any plans in place for things that we should be concerned with is there anything we can do about this current ruling yes there's loads because i'm not giving up and
for net neutrality on i want you to either we got a few different pathways ahead first in congress right now they are trying to get rid of which has happened at the f c c they're trying to use this law called the congressional review act that an effect just undead everything that the ep cecy just did so it's a little wipeout which has happened and while the odds are long there's more than forty united states senators who have sponsored that law and in the house i there's more than eighty members of the house of representatives so there's momentum growing in congress to take a look at this issue and may be fix what the f is he dead and if you're sitting out there and thinking there not listening to you we should do is something totally old fashioned you should pick up the phone call your members of congress in your representatives and let them know you care about this issue that still today is one of the most powerful ways
of conveying your opinion to those who represent you when is the vote happening on that it is not yet scheduled i think it's gonna happen first in the united states senate and later in the house i also think we are going to have litigation we ve already a few states attorneys general who want to suit overturn this we ve got some big companies and public interest groups so i think it's fair to say we're going to court and then were also seeing activity and state houses and that we ve seen net neutrality legislation introduced in nebraska nevada washington state mass she sits california lots of places and i'm not sure how that all comes together legally but what you see is this momentum growing that people are not happy with what washington just the thing that i'm worried about with states laws right such as laid out for the listeners right there people were the government will pass the federal law but then states have their own
it's to regulate certain things let's say we marijuana laws as an example because recent a lot of states past legal marijuana laws re but then trump gave people the power to enforce federal laws about marijuana more stringently right he was telling the federal government hay in force federal marijuana laws what's really jeff sessions europe's he's gonna hear his goon is doing that but so how would federalism work if states in the past her own net neutrality laws versus the death the fcc commission whirling errors are hard questions at midnight go right to the constitution what interstate what's within the state's authority but i'm just standing back and seeing really just a lot of energy on this issue there is nothing else that i worked on in washington where this immediately state houses decided to put penda paper and introduce legislation and i think that that momentum
this what's really exciting here while i think everyone understands the insane power of the internet and what what a cultural shift that we experience over the last twenty years i mean it's unpressed in human history there's never been anything like it in terms of access information in terms of the rate of change the way people look at things the issues discussed this cycle of news which is right but tenor where's now store come in and now mean why just had a fake missile attacks and everybody already forgot it's already onto the next like what the next thing we oppose he's not my phone has i think we have to fix that we should certainly happen in hawaii someone went crazy we're still learning it looks like it was a state level issue but you can't have things like happen we gotta figure out a way in this digital world that we get accurate information to people faster and we we gotta come up with better systems than one we just saw somebody
press the button and sent out attacks that said that there's an incoming ballistic missile with a possibility a threat of an income ballistic missile this is not a drill and then i've and why and everyone went crazy he were crying the streets no one knew what to do and of course as the state that was attacked in a less than hundred years ago during world war two so this is then it's not unusual thing for them get i had the privilege of working for senator and away from hawaii years ago and i think a wines are in other graceful their resilient but they live with the knowledge that they are susceptible to some attack nasa this gave them forty minutes but worse forty minutes of their life and the amazing thing to me as it took like ten minutes or so for this to be corrected on twitter took took off other half hour for our officials systems to update and say in fact this was a mistake deal once we found a figure that out you can't let that happen yet
but then once i figured out it was a mistake as a world maybe i should ask jessica if we could send like a national message on my birthday twelve march first and be like you up it is a nation wide booty co cc will now be helping that i had to ask me that's a big question no you but hu jia was saying about the internet how open things out with personally from me activities luther king jr day right in i remember reading letter from birmingham jail as a kid jonathan swift modest proposal was a kid and to pass me against world those words the three works it made me want to write and i said in writing since i was eighteen years old never gave up but no by my writing right the only play so by my writing was rowed away and i would write fantasy sports updates for them i covered them you can i covered the knicks but
all the way until i was like twenty eight years old no one wanted to buy my writing it was blogs by the end of aloud to write in my own voice and find my when audience and then he will certainly see whoa there are like we're children on the internet that like eddies writing like he's creating a lane and i talk to my wish at random house and really get you created a lane selling books to people who don't buy books non traditional readers and so without the internet without blog spot without that ability to just project my voice and hope someone can act like i never would happen i know we're living through it in real time but it is totally radical as a matter of human history that you can reach out reach around the world and build community with total disregard for geography and fine people who like fantasy sports her something like that and and build community around it that's an extraordinary thing and it has no precedent in human culture
and with translation software now language is no longer even a barrier changing and shifting as as we speak new technique she's being developed in samsung as a phone now that that note eight where you could just highlight something instantly translated in they have your buds where you could put that on the pixel where if you talked me in spanish i hear it in english crazy stuff this is all change what that does for commerce or diplomacy or your ability to talk to me across the table without having a tree and later and some monkey way try to describe what i just said no things are amazing and you want all of our collective genius to drive them and not have big cape gatekeepers like our broadband providers in the way yeah it seems to be a real issue and i think that we should look at the end that is something different than almost all other services because it
is our ability it's it's it directly affects our ability to evolve as a culture our ability exchange information it's it's so critical and it's it's so unprecedented and this is a very powerful thing and you know people with love you have it go back the old way and have you get your news on abc nbc in cbs and that's it people because they control you sure media way easier to keep the world you know formed in the way that they would like to make it easier for you later in washington to i mean there's draw disorderly chaos on the internet but it it on a creator it listen it has challenges but it it's on earth communities and created economic possibility for people like nothing our history dear i think it just is changing who humans are you know i think there's more of an understanding of each other is more
more compassion i mean there's also a lot of hate and a lot of anger and his lot of but i think with the bad there's more good yet undoubtedly there's much more good into me it feel like a freedom of speech issue like its if if this internet kind of superhighways controlled and there's tollbooths everywhere and it gets privatized like and i lived in we don't have money for roads i saw when things got privatized it's you just pay more you don't have the same service it's it's one of those things like it has to be regulated it has to be protected and it has to be guaranteed as a thing for all human beings not even just americans while just it stunning to me how many people are against the idea of having an open internet i just well you know most of the polling i think poles are always you gotta be careful right because they can ask a question one wang get an answer but the best one done was right before both by the universe maryland eighty three percent
public support in net neutrality opposed what we were doing but who are those seventeen percent dummies that's what i want to know i think anything you can get the american public to agree to an eighty three percent is i think these wonderful but i'm stuck here i want to raise a seventeen percent seriously but isn't there a bunch of people i feel like there's some and i wrote about this on twitter recently without judge i said that net neutrality seems to me to be one of those ideological issues where if you are on the right you support it or if you're on the left rather support it were a year on the right you would like it to go away some us i totally disagree with ok but i didn't give you are a democratic republic new benefit from net neutrality and internet openness if you're conservative or liberal your big business or a small business you benefit from internet openness and the history
we of net neutrality is something that doesn't get discussed enough which is that it began the first time the f c c put net neutrality policy on paper it was two thousand five and i'm old enough to remember that was when president george w bush was in the white house in other words this country's first net neutrality policies were put on paper one a republican was running the fc say it is only in recent days we have characterize this is the left right issue and i think that's a fundamentally a mistake how did it happen lake when when pie propose this legislation and passed it it baffles me thought net neutrality was a thing we are all agreed on it was like whenever touching this how did this happen well in authors a whole bunch of boring washing and procedures whereby they serve
he laid out a proposed rule may only real good i mean like how did how did you get the power and leverage to pass this i think that he was supported by people in washington including some broadband providers and was led to believe that with deregulation we would all be better off and then what i was what i find interesting is google amazon facebook these these big power players used to be very vocal net neutrality keep the internet free things like that they're not ass loud ass they used to be they seem to just be quiet on it what do you think is going on there will first i want to point out that those big companies through their association are gonna be intervening in the lawsuits in favour of net neutrality so that's true but to me net neutrality has never really been about big companies about who's gonna be the next digital platform who's gonna be the next start up and the next player the big companies
i always find ways to build relationships and manage this kind of lack of neutrality online with their leverage that come from size it's it's a question of who's gonna start something up that you and i may not see because they didnt pay off their broadband provider it's the entrepreneurship that has me most concerned like new small business so what i was saying that there's seems like an ideological rift there's certain people that are not very well versed in this issue that automatically side one way or another this is the thing that we do in this country culturally right left thing you see a lot with global warming we have a conversation with people they say the global warming so natural process natural cycle earth goes through it and he actually too than about how much research they have really done on its almost none it came into these ideological groups and those pull yourself by up
your bootstraps right wing you know that this is this sort of conservative way of thinking that that let the market decide in this is that that conversation don't think that's an honest conversation if you deal with monopolies in regards to internet access which i think a lot and i am and you are a lot of people are it's a giant part of living in america that tribal is of that year stabbing right now it's really deteriorating the quality of our dialogue and washington s find a way to fix it because we're not going to move ahead without actually having some back and forth on these things that disease like the one issue i like it actually brings people together eighty three percent of people today forty percent yet its undeniable but it that's what scary about this country now is it even when so many of us agree about something when war very powerful group a lobby the broadband companies get behind somebody was
control they can push the needle you know it's funny if my email inbox which was an explosive thing leading up to this vote was full of people writing and telling me their stories but a whole bunch of that more like you know i'm our registered republican but i want you to know or i supported the president but i believe net neutrality is really important is striking to me like once you get out of the talking head types yeah sure found is that there was really broad based support for net neutrality well what's stunning about this administration is how trumps admin trenches just go and ham for business they are gone ham for offshore drilling they're going to ham for diminishing state parks and starting a tap into
resources whether its mining or fracturing it's like he knows the world's gonna end in twenty five years of something he said just go well kittle here's the thing he does not have twenty five years the world is gonna end in twenty five years mean if europe two year old guy how much time do you have left if you have twenty five years those last twenty five years you you know you barely there get it it's insane does does nothing gonna be left after his administration with real weird it's because it lets you know like people's think while the present is how much power look at what's happening there's a giant shift in environmental prop policies environmental protection agencies been gutted is that's that's scary stuff scary stuff is how much emphasis is placed on business and how little on the world in which we live mean we have to i set out also how we get a focus on the future right yes it is not a given that we're going to succeed and everything if we don't start planning
and when i think about the world my kids are going to inherit it's going to be digital gonna be environmental consequences why don't we start doing something about that right now there's not a lotta urgency it's one of the weirdest parts of being a personal people look so short term and they all felix someone's gonna fix it yeah no meaning the attitude someone's gonna fix but look right now the economy's booming joblessness is an all time low and then just start throwing all the good stuff you're way we gabble when just start raping the environs the businesses go hey is our process proper profit to be made here what's let's go some start tyrants people yet it's like all the money goes defence into private of education has got it department of energy is good it department environments all these things are good in everything that has to do with our even present and future it's good
the only thing that's gone is business in defence and was the argument for that the argument for that is that as business booms as economy will never be trickle down more opportunities for you know businesses to clean up the environment and profit off of it yet but it's never work commissioner they can you can like trickle down economics has never worked in the history of a history i have my doubts about a year javert wherever pro uncommon for it it's it i think at the very least the trump administration try looking through rose color glasses is fast an experiment unlike in so many different ways but it's also i think made us all more conscious of our role as citizens yes people have to talk back to us and they have to speak up we need our representatives to hear what people think and i think we got a little comfortable there
we believe in the system just runs by itself but it does better when people participate and i think that there is a lot more demanded of us now as citizens no matter where you fall on the political spectrum i think it woke us all up to that fact besides just calling state wraps senators what else can people do not participate in letter writing champions get things in your editorial page you know i don't mina big papers i wrote something for the early times about this a while ago but am i mean in your your local papers tell them why it's important tell them while you built a business using online activities and how maybe going forward that's gonna be a little harder i i think i m making efforts to make sure that people understand this at a local level is really powerful what's very disturbing the people that three honey
twenty million people can give examining we have three twenty somewhere and that can be affected by five people get crazy right it's insane five unelected bureaucrats look that's who we are have this extraordinary power over what we can watch he here and learn i think that em there's something in that that strikes me as not right and the idea that in the end just three of them voted to roll back this openness so three people chain for three hundred and twenty million people that's created that doesn't seem like the end three people by the way who were not voted in so their unelected which says but banana there is no question about it that's a terrible idea i give you if people the option is it hey do you think that five people should be able to decide whether or not three hundred twenty million plus plus the rest the world
billy yet because as if you're supply caskets cut off you know how can we will reach canada either who do you think that they should be able to stop access to information between i'm realities hoped defied eighty three certain of the american public too it's it's insane and die
the type of shit that makes me feel trapped in this country sometimes because we didn't let these people you know yeah i think i think you gotta make a choice which is you gotta choose to be optimistic as is the only force multiplier we have which is you're going to decide that if something's not right you're gonna call you can write letters you can write editorials you're gonna build campaigns around things because in the end that the only way to change things and if all of us felt a little of that spirit gosh today if not every day i think that that would make extraordinary difference and we are already seeing its impact in washington there are more people showing up in the capital city for votes for marches there are more people reaching out to their members of congress than ever before and i just think we're gonna have to sustain that energy if we want to create some real i think it's about more people who have an opinion value
that are trustworthy in the community running i think more people need to run because for a while we ve i've actually eyes that even if you dont want to run or even if you want to run it it's a possibility and and candidates and i go vote like that's that's my interaction with it and to go run and you can look at who is want to run or even you want to run it it's a possibility and in number one you can like encourage your other friends to go run and you can look at who is trying to start campaigns i am thirty five now an end their friends from law school that they're like hey i'm think about running you know like i want to throw a fundraiser who should i speak too and then you know that the guy that i play basketball within a basque wally you i'm gonna try to run for governor of california my good luck like i'm going to follow what you're doing and i think more people iran but if you're not running hold the people that are
responsible asked the difficult questions like be a part of the kind of varying of that candidate and be hands on in the process of that person's candidacy are you running for president with opera does not lie in us not running i don't mind thing is is that you know i think we all to have a stake in the cats are running in and ask the questions that need to be asked as you know i don't want people to just shows up maybe two weeks before the election to ease before the deadline of the absence of ballot and i go recent for two weeks and i go check out or the like pros and cons of each candidate and after two weeks i decide but you know i should be involved more that will you identities announce your congressional run right here that too busy to busy doesn't have the problem that other people who want to run for president or whatever elected official oftentimes are too busy i may i think if you ran i mean clean up you can really doing
i've been a platform arrival on interested i just important though you find a way to participate in public life and give back whether you run or support someone or encourage your friends they don't have to be the person who was the student council president and highschool gm some people out there might then we can it's a great so joe we ve had disagreements on show we disagree about certain we just gruber what it was remember that minimum universal changed my mind base year by the way are changed i there's a knee jerk reaction to you you have talked about this sorry about universal basic income oh no hurry net neutrality lasorda nerdy yeah we're tottering about you be i think you are out on the shiny automatically knee jerk goes don't do that it's bad for human nature you give people money they get lazy but then i thought about i said no you just giving them food and shelter you give people food and shelter
you still leaving open ambition and your also freeing them up for the possibility of perhaps exploring things that they would be we truly love to do where they they have and i think we start dealing with automated vehicles automated trot yeah and tracking and shipping and driving is a giant business it's it's a huge part of what people have like there's some extraordinary percentage of men who drive for a living and if you eliminate that you're going to have a lot of people out of work you have ou we have automation is coming to factories and all these different places it's going to eliminate the need for humans cut out the human error or what are we gonna do with all those people and what are we to do those jobs and how do you give these people this new found possibilities and it is this avenue for exploring new potential career pass while the best ways have their money taken care of in terms of like food and shelter i have to give them the freedom to x
or the us yet cause it's a benefit a lot of people have and then they doing work and you take that stress off their play but i talked by the commission because we had we had a good discussion about and then it went on for weeks on twitter we kept talking and then we both came around on on things outside your decision and when i think about candidates i think about i would vote for somebody who they're gonna stay to their guns and they're gonna do what this they would and our values gonna change once they gotta dc that's all you can ask for four hours and be honest who you are and be who you are when you go to dc one look at the future of civilization rightly where are we now and with this insane change we experience over the last twenty years because the internet what is what is it going to in twenty years from now and what happens to the the average person the average human being and we have this
idea that you're supposed to show up ninety five for a job and that's what you do and then you work till your retired but that's all something that people invented it is all of this is a new thing in terms of human history this is not the only a human beings can live and the idea that this is the only way to use our tax money or resources is the way doing it currently that doesn't seem to be that logical and i would like people to have more opportunity to innovate and create and more freedom where they don't feel shackled it's a lot of people out there that just feel shackled down by just the need to feed themselves and survive yeah and also just even school like i started reading in listening these podcast about sleep bright and it's a it's a scientific thing some but are not morning people slap shit but like buzzing reading burden and listening to podcast
about sleep you will you get information it anyway now insomnia listening to pat not listen to this dude and he was organ about like did scientific things some people are on a different body rhythm they just don't do well in the morning and he looked at schools in the school schedule and the school schedule is based on mom and dad they have a ninety five based on trafficking let's try to get these kids school for high school the earliest and middle school later than elementary school after that and some people because the morning people digits at such a disadvantage in the high school let this is like kind of educational industrial complex if you don't fit in if you're not cookie cut in the way your body in your mind works you're not gonna be successful and in speaking what jos talking about his i think i genuinely believe like even some of the silliest people everywhere has some sort of genius work is not like fostering the unearthing of that unlike look there's some
there's some hilarious stuff that happens at bow house at the restaurant but i tell myself every time like our i like this guy totally master making this bow this guy totally mr butchering this chicken boy find a place where he can succeed like put him in a position to win that's a lot of responsibility it's a lotta responsibility it doesn't always work out but but usually does usually you find out you know what that guy is really good at making the sauce put him on the source that you have to find a place for people to be successful all you have to find their own final yeah the problem is it you do have a ninety five job and you trying to feed yourself and get along you'd have less
answers to innovate left left chances to take risky decisions and in just try things out that is why internet openness is so important that yes because this was a platform and a space for you to go experiment build community find communities figure out what your genius might involve which may not be what you're doing at work every day and i think the idea that washington is mocking around with that is just crazy well i definitely don't think they like the fact that people have this ability i definitely think if you could if the people who created the internet and do what they were doing when they released this on the general public it probably wouldn't have liked to give people the kind of access to information and the ability to change things will we seen through arab spring we seen through so many different
cultures that are using nets to change the way they interact with each other you know it's interesting during our net neutrality proceeding tim berners lee who invented the web and surf who invented the internet along with some real icons from early days like mitchell baker from mozilla all road us and said do not change these rules and it seems like when you ve got that incredible genius of these people who created this connected world for you and told you that this agency in washington is gonna really mess around with that it strikes me that em we should listen why don't we should listen but we also shouldn't have this place where five people get to make this decision it's insane you're goin what you just said joe it's like even even like let's say my role i just explained in my role as the owner manager at the restaurant is not necessarily always
my job to create a rule for somebody and find a way for them to be successful in my russian i'm higher cook i'm hired a manager like this is a job description please you're coming for this job you can do this right and i think what you said really open somebody in my mind which is the government should not be always prescriptive about all right we're all going to go to school at seven you're going to study hard and going to get these grades are going to go to college that's not a path to success for everybody but what it should be is enable people to be creative and find out what works for them we need to give people the freedom to contribute to society you know i think we're trying to manage the masses without looking at the needs and the ideas of the individual and every book he has their own likes and dislikes in creative thanks and things that mean how many people could have lived a life of misery but got
key somewhere along the line and found something that they love and pursued that and i think that there's not a whole lot of guidance in that regard but what there is on the internet is examples of other people have done this and you can connect with those people and you can there so many communities when it comes to i'm ended i'm not abdullah of weird but i like knife making ethan i'm the sith can menace nor no no no no i get up the craft of it i love the idea of forging things i just stay i five i find that fascinating and i follow like a dozen so these guys on instagram that make knives and hatch it's in metal work and tools and furniture and shit i'm not making firm sure have no desire to make furniture amounting to think in about it but i like watching this and i like watching these people communicate
other and explain the methods and techniques they use him this is a you know an avenue were a young kid could see something like that i want to make sure that seems cool thing like this amazing debts as possible that is to ya like when you are growing up you do that you're gonna go to some library and go to that try it lacks both to and look things up you would never see the video grants that the number people doing that all its casually and quickly legitimizes it for you as something to think about two or pursue yeah amazing yeah i am i had a knife made out of media made out a meteor how how hard is meteor steel metals iron or make it with the iron that came out of a meteor mousy fire arts may form how did you caught meteor i contacted em
y know there's a guy named steve kramer that make somebody made one for anthony bourdain year and i went what outlining oils he's gotta fuckin meteor knife i don't get a meteor knife so my kitchen knife is made from a meteor down get digging that's cleopatra and i really want to their devices made by doesn't really got a step by my knife came up because i just i still just used to cleaver and i'm so like ancient chinese will my chopping physically who is on the wrong cleave year this is it just looks cool cut you know you re at here i could yet no i could expand the arsenal at a meteor chefs knife to tell everyone it came from an area which will come into your kitchen no sort of impregnable and showed it took up a bit but i just got it resolutely but it's i just i think that this new world of of the internet in terms of like the ability to explore these communities and like you said video like see the video someone like this clark this
russell built made this clock for us that that grandfather clock dude made that all metal he well did it all put it all together mean this this kind of stuff to me is so fast maiming and i don't just like it because i'm interested in the craft of it all i like because i see it as an opportunity for people to get out of the grind yet i you can make things if you can make things el things if you have an internet action and you have an instagram account which is free and you have an iphone you take your phone film something top next thing you know you're selling things i mean we listening credible time for like opportunity escape year the biggest lie people fall for is that their thereby at something or there are now valuable it so you may be bad in this structural definition of a human being there goes to school and gets a ninety five job roby i was terrible i was terrible here i got fired from a boston market
fire from a waterworks like i couldn't work anywhere i got fired landscaper yet people's lawns i couldn't do anything but then it's like when you become in control of your own shit and you go do what you are passionate about it's like wall i became successful when i try to tell people all the time if this doesn't work for you the straight now doesnt work few like think of a way think think about what you think you're doing so i am pleased too that don't let anyone tell you you're a failure unsuccessful cause you don't fit the sterile do now i think is really important though for successful people like yourself to tell their failure stories we don't do that enough i mean i lost the restaurant could i saw it all you can drink for local like tat was like i went out in flames drink for loki sounds like a liability everything you're good at telling stories but i think that that's true generally i feel like wish i could ask every member of congress to tell a failure store they would know
or do that those people are trying to pretend or something different nature failure steward it was a terrible law student ok anything more explosive like for yourself local and eliminate stand i can tell you i absolutely never did that and probably never well any the failures get some parenting failures that save my children from announcing in public good call good call yeah like its important for people to relate bright they have to be able to say oh eddie wasn't always a successful guy like he was nineteen year old kid once to that was also struggling that's very important it's very its it i think it's one of the most important things that people can understand that failures and operate we need to learn and that horrible using a failure is really your friend gives at heart
we'll feeling motivates you to change i mean i feel all the time i play basketball yes we had a double had i was i was cooking on a grill i was making lambs cures for four hours in the morning when straight from the kitchen to this basket while game and seeing gabriel valley playing with some asian colleagues who i'm actually like kind of talk about us more forward and there's like little younger those twenty five running around me i did not play well the first game i was washed the second game and these kids power twenty three twenty four years old running passed me elbowing me and i got so mad i act and i started by yelling at damn i started my beefing and i got home and i i told my fiance about it and she's like you why are you beefing with these kids are twenty five like you're all of course you're gonna run by you playing a double hatted you came by the kitchen and lose funny because i was not willing to let it go but there wasn't i
work on myself every single day like i fail at something i failed like being like the elder statesmen in the basketball we being composed being compose i lost my components are making fun of these kids for no reason and i was like that's not me you know it basketball sometimes brings out the worst in me but i was like our right today be a better person go back that lead next week and be like a nice dude and if some kid washes me in wets me in the face of its five was sometimes you just need to experience it so that you know ok i just have to be more composed when that comes up and when you didn't expecting parents than someone hits you with that elbow you'll like what fuck you man and the next thing you know its intense boxing basketball it's the most exports is the most humbling thing for me and the bill for it i can build to fail of sport will you try anyway i try cause i try causes the thing on the worst that so i always well it's great for the mind the thing about sports is your forcing your body to do things that are uncomfortable and
doing that you're not just exercising your body are also exercising your mind and that's why things that i always try to relate to people that are now it is about physical exercise and exertion because they think that at some sort of a frivolous venture that's just fine kennedy i just want to look good use your body bike there's some mental aspect to having the ability to push through this comfort that is extremely valuable and if you don't have switch where you can be comfortable been uncovered because you ve done it a million times if you dont in you're you're gonna be panicky you're gonna be weirded by it and that is a mental weakness yes oh and that ability to push through discomfort helps you not just in physical exercise in exertion but it also helps you in work i'll give you have to push through certain work things still getting up in getting another cup of coffee figure out what the fuck you're doing figure out what what's this problem you work concentrate like focus get get out get after it be comfortable
an uncomfortable i don't believe in trickle down economics but i believe in trickle down mental strength yet i may later i start in the gym every morning and like whatever happens the jim it humbles me it gives me like you know some kind of like energy i bring that throughout the day i wore got u hooked injure jitsu why and martial arts and so the little kid i think there's something that is in capable in my life at least and that is that there is no disconnect between the mind the body that there are one thing and that you can work there individually but not really because when you are working your body you need the mind do that the intensity of my work out is one of the most important aspects of it and that's fuel a hundred percent by my mind it's not by my body and plato said that since fifth century he always wrote about like how training the body is just as important as training like the rest ear stress we'd martial arts and insist its everything casino ear your high level problem solving with bad physical consequences here you try
to avoid injury and humiliation and all these various things that are a part of martial arts and in the meantime you're trying to maintain composure under pressure and you're tired and you have to and the ability to push and pushed through discomfort and pushed through exhaustion it also feels the mind it's very important year fighting that three around five hours like my first through round fight i got so scared i was shaking the whole time i just saw myself do there's no backing out in the ring you have to go forward keep goin for it like just out of fear of oppression fighter you were just out of fear i gonna have to be up i feel like i could do anything now is first for i knew i did not have like the com in me to counter or or do what the game plan was as i just have to pressure hands and move these fee but then i got through i got locked up a few times i won the fight browser whoa i feel
you'd do anything now and so now i keep sparring and are fighting because i if i can be posts in the ring with so much kill me then like i i can be composed pod catherine immediately like awesome negotiation it is the best martial arts is a vehicle for developing new human potential men that those things are all connected and needs of its a critical lesson free for young people and if you can push through hard work out you could push through whatever redpath you what you're trying to breaches me respect too because the site you can get bodied any time you can get dropped at any time like be grateful for when you have both arms and legs in your standing on your two feet you could be dropped it any second so but i mean do do do physical active splore doesn't check i don't you been waiting to jump in this conversation i grew up in new england in cold country where in connecticut connecticut etc hartford ok you're weather
is it is it like a westport my think my girls from the west port certainly arcs in oh yeah yeah yeah she from what force i grew up skiing all the time and i still love skiing i still i need the thrill of flying off of something that makes me uncomfortable in the average of relaxing perversely so when i have vacations that's what i do i take my kids who right now live in dc with me and pretty flat there so you gotta go take him to see some mountains and you gotta go make sure that they go down something that's a little bit too steep every single time because i think you build some resilience when you get down something like that and you turn around and say well i did that i can my thanks here i think that some resilience in lebanon connecticut a cold weird and pushes not really estate connecticut thing on my way between new york and boston neil i would do you
yeah yeah yeah really has to canada care rhode island in the birth rate brings you california people you're not in boston i married someone in group embossed sorry you i feel good the athens dry your ideas i never thought you from boston wild boar new jersey but i grew up in boston howard i haven't even got rid of the hermit on tv when channels nineteen those like fuck that access tat s the hours not arrest listen my own accent i now go home and i hear people with annoying when accident it feels like sweden comforting like great putting rank libya is drugs like it's normal one can you do can you do a little bit if i'm yeah i guess you see i thought you like listen in utero i thought you were from the south for a second now known just because you will have a new england axis no no no but i've been living in washington further alive
pushes politician the sooner get rid of that if you now the ill politician like the metered talking i guess it's on i like a metro known smooth you a good thing to reduce air carrier do this thing with your hands i to do all you can do this thing what we need to do in this country i never understood here thing because when people would always tone what i'd voiceover slowdown slowdown and like i can slow down like my voice totally changes vice thought eyes is gonna come like shot out if that is true if you go back to washington you decide with your congressional campaign it's all gonna happen you are gonna slowed down when you speak yeah like you can hear your periods and commerce i just like run through said you know i would tromp as president i think all bets are off what they can do whatever you want now i don't think there's any rules
we call on other countries shit all seeing eating it crazy joe i'm telling you i really think you should write you can bring mad people together what does that mean you bring people together and also like i think number one number one like i think you'll want to if you do tat you can get the like really wild white people too like think about things that i have some perspective and why people here like the wild lings internet well yeah i believe in joe as the guy that's all right the crazy he's trust him and then like peak he he can get them to think about things from a different perspective on offers good nodded the thing dude lead you real set you appealed to like all people but i like i made a lot of people that run up on me that you know you were on jerry you're pretty left your little your little you buy enjoy talking to my guilt thank you may like i mean i come onto show so i could speak like a different audience and just like you know hip hop
asian due to my dear that's got like me goes in soy sauce argued that community is not that they would actually meet the weird thing about the listeners the spark tat is they don't do not left or right now is like a weird mixture of people but that's good that's yeah i guess so much more of that in this country right now i mean we're we're not gonna we're gonna do things if we don't start listening each other like i don't usually identifies left his people call me that but it's like your content on the show galvanizes cats from like all around the world well i don't i left either but i do when it comes to so many issues when it comes to gay rights comes a civil rights when it comes to the east across the board things you would automatically consider liberal but also the free them to express yourself like that's that to me is the market place of free i
here is one of the most important aspects of developing a civilizations one the most important ways we understand about each other in uganda open mind secular saying like you bring up there universal basic income and i was like get the fuck out of here with that and then i don't let that and i was like being either so maybe i always like to explore my reactions to things and if i have a reaction to something and i am automatically dismiss it i got it was a valid or dismiss it because it's easier than to have a nuanced perspective that's formed over time i'm in a lot of critical thinking and so i stopped then thought about it all and i think at the very least it something that merits consideration and maybe could be some sort of a project with good say let's see if that works you want some countries do experience that right now though their different than us culturally and i think culturally is part of it that is a problem well mary
is just so based on competition petition is so powerful over here and i think that good and i also think that's bad because ultimately it's like like if you could go grab trump and in and get him on mushrooms and lead and explain just somehow another let the universe explained to him this is a temper experience you're trying to gather up all this money and gather up all these resources and gather up all this influence when it is this is all fleeting it sand slips between your fingers is no way you can grasp it for real the real experience is the the shared moments that we have with each other and the more we can enhance that for the people the more you can use your power to enhance people's perspective chain people's way of interfacing with his world that we live in and
neither we're all just living together the i'll just a part of this community this competition most of the competition is with yourself most of it the van asked majority of it in those other people that you are competing with you terrorism because their fuel people instead of looking at them as the enemy those people your friends although your beer most bitter rivals greatest motivators your ever experience those are the people a push you used it but don't be toxic about it you can be it could be you could be peaceful about it yet joe i love competition because its number one it's amazing watch like you know low quits oh anthony joshua i think greatest fight like the last twenty years about easing bottle lid for that boxing match loma tangle ribbon don't that's not competition you know like that that was that as an experienced though that's that's an experienced toll
this snatching of a soul well he's an animal lama tankers a different there the maitre d notice story about his dad what is dad made him do not made him stop boxing and do ukrainian dance for four years that's why you got that dicky s foot at work where causes footwork is everything no it doesn't number association to which is crazy but what i will say it about competition is like you know what people as always we need competition we need competition like but who is competing with service providers there is no competition that eating upon a bomb you know it's like we we all live to watch great competition but you have to foster competitors you need act we'll competitors for there to be caught imagine if what we are experiencing with internet was also with food imagine if like me a certain people could bring you your food yet in like oh you live in charleston yeah you gotta get your food from mike yet its basis
like growing up eating food in orlando there's one in a category rightful flewed before you're mine get food for your money it is real i ain't the fuel that you get them the information that you get from the internet that is fuel for your mind and whether you get it in the form of actual food or whether you get it in the form of information these are both very critical things you need a why written variety of different sources for will you bring europe a good point even just let's say food delivery right started off you would call the restaurants and it was difficult yet to save the menu from every restaurant then seem comes around in there i were putting all the menus on here and which is helping facilitate you get things from the restaurant but it wasn't like for rest once we didn't necessarily like seamless because then you had to have your own delivery workforce they took a big cut of what you are making and in a lot of restaurants they didn't even break even using seamless so then like places like caviar came around impose meets came around in these supplied
service the delivery people the consumer pay more for the delivery and the restaurant makes her money and it's like woe now that actually created competition between delivery services now you have an evolution and now you know everybody gets what they want you guess i'm sure that's all happened over the internet yeah it was all in our little little folded men use they re like that's how you used to do it here and if you lived in new york you get home and is a twenty sushi met to hire fetch me three eyes putting something under my door lotta slip and fall in your own apartment cases from those four men who could look at what happened what's happened through the internet in terms of people not drinking and driving because of air that's changed when people get around if i want to hire glue goober prohibited and good when will you and further communist or lift is blocking the
damn drive or to the common store in nine or ten thousand you'll leave there's a car pulled up there which is that look it's it's an inconvenience man it's so nice to see drunk people just gettin driven around they need to be they may do we talk a lot about the safety element knows this amazing also young people are not buying cars like they used to write it used to be that getting a car entailed your freedom rights an army more like device and and where you go and what you do is virtual especially if car anymore you were segregated cause i went to school people were bustin from different parts you could be friends with someone at school but if they don't have a car they live forty five men you can't be friends but now you can meet each other what you can do you know they may not be what a rent a car or have a car but they can take a blueprint you you're not really is another aspect of the internet that allows us you don't take consideration is cellular mobile apps apps
the internet i mean it is everything through the internet but it's in this little device you keep in your pocket and twitter facebook and integral in all these different live in a mobile first were like any one is building a website now it should be built for that device yankees that's the first place most people experience online photo and the only concern that i have about that though is that you know alternately we want people to not just be digital consume but to be digital creators and some people so you unless they are you how i think more of us should be i don't i don't think doomsday bauble building things should be you know a bunch of guys in hoodies in there too honey i think oh you re the vat here now i agree that digital world should look as diverse as all of us do i hope on going for basis we're gonna fix this internet situation with net neutrality and we are also keen to diversify the universe of people who
build things for our online where we really see that in the podcast world the podcast worlds extremely diverse there so many different pot mean whatever her into you can find category and a whole shitload of people that are making podcast about it it's it's gonna listen i've ipod cast on sleeping i mean you have entire town on food right yeah food food is actually you know when i was working on this net neutrality show worked with the today show and they went to find someone who built a business online and they spent time with this woman i think it was loris kitchen and she had basically started just putting videos on youtube showing yourself and how she was cooking and then you know that morphed over time to a book and a big empires she built something from it and it's amazing if you look at how much could king has evolved from just hobby online to actual business it's extort ear its undeniable like a mean fruit for young people
listening there they're probably just a guys we know like the union like everything its its undoubted everything happens on the internet and so for it to become this that's not regulated is insane etc it's like getting our roads taken away a lot like regulation what you want is just a little bit of oversight to make sure that its fair yes i think that's a good one for the way to put it because i don't think we break in a regulation or deregulation we lose the point the point is you just want a little oversight to make sure it's air and youth equal playing ground in everybody's allowed to come to this and recognise it as the important resource that it is the ability to distribute information is critical to changing the culture the way we interface with other the way we talk that experience is that we share the way we have access to all these new ideas and information which is shifting things at this rate recalling route speed warp speed workers be it's just this weirdest time ever and so for this to be a man
he wrenched thrown into the gears of this by five people on three of true mr three sorry present company was combat stated yes yes it is it's hard to imagine that that's gonna stick but with administration it's not stunning because it seems like net neutrality being dissolved favours these big businesses that would like to maximize their profits in many ways net neutrality is the ultimate populist issue yes it empowers all of us long line so so so bright letters may cause be annoying you have to be annoying run run run comprising may arise in over to that twenty etienne over eddie joe joe eddie joseph could take a pro not doing it but good luck good luck you an opera i think you're gonna be living our best life what's that mean
the boy oprah is part of a secret you can have to work with your running so this this situation that we're in right now do you are you confident that there is real potential for it to be reversed i am optimistic that the american public are awoke and nurse paying attention now they're making a ruckus i mean with millions of people write us at the f c c when i appointed to the sea i don't think millions of people knew what the fcc was i think that's extraordinary and i'm not ready you give up while the last time the fcc within the mainstream news is when you guys refining coward stern predate the might of course does that was also
george bush administration how'd you get to the f cc so before i was appointed i served as council to the senate commerce committee and i work therefore centred iraq feller for a long time and first senator anyway before that and i'm so i got the front row seat at a whole bunch of digital issues with how we deal with our wireless spectrum how we change our television technology so you know a real common nerdy washington thing but also a new way to see how everything is changing and our economy because it digitization what's your thoughts on crypto currencies i'm you now so i have no special authority on this except that a microphone in front of me
that being said i think i fear unless interesting crypto currencies than i am and blockchain which is the ledger that they used to real to record exchanges in crypto currency its anonymous and it can be used by anyone it extremely low cost and i think there are open questions about how you can make a government and a lot of business services more efficient using blockchain that i think are really interesting and
i have yet to be explored that's what i'm excited about loquats one way of business could use blockchain does make this up say there's some kind of a u export fruit from a puts a bag of that for it on the table and i said well we know that there are certain fields that fruit comes from you know there might be a disease in it how can you figure out how that fruit got here from the field even go back through your supply chain and call everyone get them to tell you how long it sat over here and who held it and put it in the truck the question is if you can come up with a digital way where everyone as a collective just contributes to that along the way cannot be low cost more efficient and more effective yet i think it will change supply chain economics in a really big way and we don't fully understand the consequences for our economy yet but i think it's coming or that doesn't make sense kind of like a wikipedia for each thing you did it with food it is known that makes
that makes a lot of sense does year you look here's here's high level nerd but our airwaves around thus re our wireless airwaves that power all of our phones we have to divide them up you don't see it but it's like their zoned so that your phone works the television works all of these things you know but we also have a whole bunch airwaves that are only used sometimes but what if we could create like secondary and tertiary rights to use em so that our phones were more powerful and one of the best way to do that was to use like blockchain i mean there's there so many ways i think the recording ledger for crypto currencies could make our economy more efficient and more powerful and so that's what i'm interested in and that's problem because i don't want any bitcoin i know people also in journalism have been talking about keeping articles on blockchain so they like internet articles don't go anywhere you know because people can just erase the website of the website it goes out of business
all the articles on that website oh god so some people putting websites actually figuring out how we maintain our history in this digital world is actually it's a real threat yeah yeah yeah seriously not about that is like cultural preservation right if we have some sort of a software and you know it it kills a grid we lose hard drives and i mean we did that's real at that actually could be a real thing gear in black it's kind of an answer from keeping information my hope we're gonna eventually shift to voting online doesnt again do that do they think the state of work out of organs experiments with that education is the body that we should make voting easier yes that's what now said anne and make it more convenient for people but then that the thought is well they're so stupid lazy they can't make their way to a voting boot do we really want their opinion to be expressed i think
business had only eroding politician we thought about politics just let us let us not manage haven't you have a job you ve got kids you're trying to work therefore now and then you find out your pulling place is open from ninety five right that's good points halting and i know that when i voted in the election the last election potential election i think you can guess election in washington i had a week thirty five minutes before i got it in the middle of my day also so that's that's that's a commitment grim and unwilling to make its commitment and privileged enough to take that time and make it we're gonna make it here for analysis joking around and i really do think that we should make it much easier to vote and i think you should be ready to devote the same way you register to drive a maybe driver's license i think you should be live to floor i think it should be just that easy and i stations people do it online and i think if you have security number you should be able to vote
who would charge really using and i think not outside the realm possibility i think we're we're operating on these antiquated systems and we ve was accepted them as fact and this is the way things are and i just think that's nonsense does not a good system totally i mean like if you live and floor i remember when i travel florida like the polling stations were in churches and i'd go and it was it wasn't an uncommon both things go to church were i'm pretty much the only chinese guy voting you know people say really wild things to you in line like when you waiting vote am i out with a civil war they set it as well you probably go further carry harm you name it is like the john kerry year for carrying out slowly well you know but also but why do i have to go voted a church go to these church peanuts intense when it comes to voting comes a tribal superintends and you know they do you know people just
things to you in a voting line on like this discourages alot of people that may have a minority opinion in the neighborhood i think should have some sort of an understanding about what you're voting for too i mean i would like voting to be much easier but i would also like there to be some accountability like you should know what you're actually though maybe they should be like some sort of a quick online poor or some sort of a quick online universal values candidates near i think that violates the constitution so i'm just gonna say that does it the constitutional nothing do the internet the back then unequal crisis usual meaningless told ass i see now i don't know i don't want to test for voting i think we're just expressing the frustration where like a lot of people get ushered in like like sheep to go vote for people who are expressing that you want there to be accountability yes and you want people to be aware
i would like people to know what their voting about but an artistic haitian you could answer what your vote if you understand it there's something an amendment has been passed percent has been passed where you don't stand exactly what you're getting into and maybe there should be there we find out if you understand it i know you have the good intentions for but i read these cases that once you have a task for people to vote i mean the powers that be a me look gerrymandering you know like it's any you introduce that it always that's like the populace back but i do i do we connect with joe sentiment which is like a lotta people voting or are actually participating consciously in the process the army listener
being a citizens a job you actually have to spend some time and think about what you're authorizing for the world what the futures gonna look like and how you're gonna participate in shaping it merely by voting i think i think it's a real job and i think more people are aware of that now than they used to be it's also there's so much to pay attention to it is every time lasting re it is when the elections come around any just realized all the different things that are up and use go over all the different issues in all the different possibilities oh god gear california last time and all the propositions i was interesting i actually have an interesting with that year but the local stuff is really important we spend so much time talking about national elections people who round you who really have power to change your life you are often your most local representatives and sometimes i work
that we pay the least amount of attention to those races oh yeah we dropped on the street you see some guys got a sign on his long for some dude run for some shit you everyone knows is legacy a politician and a real to other people do we even need to win one of those elections yeah we start eddie that's we stop your empire saying gabriel valliere before you were a year the vice president with oprah that's we gotta do i can't do it man i can't you ever get a car everyone gets a bit to give everyone a decision at ease sixty that's with universal big if you check your thirty thirty three during the vote we settle almost thirty last three thirty seems like each year by year you're not gonna get rich you're gonna get by which is good thirty five i think thirty's good place i think they're trying it out and someplace with wealth when someone to fifty a week
thirty's good with some like our aid if you do get a job you make some money were you really pan some taxes in infrastructure is away but all in vain automation not gonna hit the economy at the same time are all sectors of the economy at the same time in the same way so i think has come a faster than we think not there and wishing for this i just think it is because my stocks and robotics keep going up that that's my evidence well you must get really convince universal basic incomes the way go he thinks that in the future that's just gonna be inevitable because there can be so many things that are automated this can be so many people are out of work though i think it will change our conception of work what we do to be productive individuals people were too much that's for sure i agree i think people were weight much you norman you live and then you're dead and you have a heart attack when you sixty is that really we're doing a mean is
our better way we have our work in three days a week or four days a week for three off for on seems reasonable i work seven but it's their asylum off so i don't feel like its work mad but none of my stuff actually feel i mean how many will you do the park ass i do it a lot but other jobs yet another idea do you have to come here i do but not of our jobs scene it is barely same i love it but also your your own boss which is wigs makes work way different makes a different thing very different than it is for most people yes that's what i want most people to escape i want them to escape the grind of having to be somewhere because someone tells you have to have an do something could someone tells you
do the getting a small amount of money why are the people make more i just think that the economy is changing and we used to be that you were there was an employer with many employees i think increasingly we're all gonna be the employee with many employers and that we're gonna have a web of contracts and activities that we use to sustain ourselves economically over time i think you saw that developing the internet and the new platforms that are coming on board there's consequences that for health care and other issues that i think we fully tackled but i think that there is change coming that lifetime employee and preparing for it with a single degree out of high school is i think something that is going to look like a historical moment nature you know there's a johnny naysayers out there those get the whole frustrated by the
like a man not everybody can do not everybody can work yourselves i guess what we're not talking everybody if you if you're not capable it's ok but there's a lot of people out there that are capable that just aren't doing their scare yeah and they d have to because we were all scared everybody was scared it seemed like comfort and and and having some sort of security is a real real need that a lot of people have and that that confidence security and knowing that your bills gonna be paid everything's gonna be taken care of that's that's that's hard for people to shake yet comforts also a huge weakness i think at times like a lot of times you know if you too comfortable you become complacent like challenges failure is like that's where i really start to examine myself in my car i be better to model growth in comfort dont go together for anybody
but then people get families and then i get families you dont want take any risks that's that's the problem as well people have mortgages and children and they they don't want to do anything that might put them in the unemployment line but to be clear that could be a really smart and responsible choice at some point we should learn a lot of people relying on you yeah that's the most rational thing you can do us real problems like a black jack dealer told me last week scare money don't make money while that year ago formed almost double down double down i'm shorn of four how did that bag he pulled a seven i got screwed that's right you gotta vague as i told you this why come a vegas to lose money it will give we get a limit value we re and money and i did tell everyone at the tables on my professional gambling that's what we're here for like if you if you hit
seventeen than always on seventy if you on sixteen than the or if you stay on sixteen stay out sixteen grumbling plus practice professional gambling she'll gambling is not yet on seventeen that's if once there shows that if their showing like if their showing a face cards some people hit i mean not not seventy why was saying sixteen comments sixteen i said the wrong thing like i would stay on sixteen even if their showing a face card on my eye just stay on sixty real yeah i'm conservative but then double down out double down the other the hit on seventeen that's those wild why people your talk here those are the people we need you to turn their lesson and how boys people listen to listen and there are i guess we're probably wrap this up just tell everybody what your your twitter handle is sir it's j rose in warsaw spell in my way i am asking that
j r o s e and w o r c p l and so your advice is p bullshit do the old fashioned thing make phone calls my advice is make a ruckus in writing without a little noise this is one of those times and i think being a citizen requires us all to speak right now make iraq is on line as well let people know and you social media facebook twitter or that chaz europe and in the port of comments hashtag that neutrality that's not what she says when i said it's like i can't believe it knows me we ve out so mister anyone on twitter and this is where i was well saying things aim thing there thank you brother thanks for putting together a really prepared it s grand portent of people talk about this not just for being here appreciated thank here but if listenin awry thanks everyone
four tune it into the pot cas and thank you to our sponsors thanks to square space go to square space dot com for free and when you ready to launch using africa joe to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website for domain thank you also to square cash you these square cash app go downloaded bore alas or android now and it's the simplest way to pay people back so download the free square cash at for i'll s or an droid now thank you also to on good oh and and i t use the code word rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements that's it for today folks thanks tunisian procedure and i will talk to your bag
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