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#1067 - Whitney Cummings

2018-01-23 | 🔗
Whitney Cummings is a stand up comedian and actress. Her new movie "The Female Brain" premieres in theaters on February 9th.
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you get an insight into her female brain, her brains, crazy whitneys, fascinating person and one of the smartest people I know, and also where the craziest but crazy in a good way. She's Larry S, she's brilliant, give it up for my friend when Whitney comes the Joe Rogan experience and send a shout out to him and all the folks in barber shop. Now, like you, I'm trying hard I'm trying. You were saying before the show like what do you do if you're at a comedy club and Bill Cosby Walks, because apparently Bill Cosby doing stand up again like what do you do
Why isn't he in jail? I'm not even sure, like I'm not going to be funny white guy in jail, because the first first trial was. Was it a mistrial, yeah yeah, yeah Kantor's in this trial they couldn't agree which is hilarious. Like I mean how many people have to say that kind of bucket drug me and raped me? How many people like? Is there some sort of? Can you imagine? There's like eighty people that are telling the same story of you draw them and raping them, and people like so I am looking here's what I'll say like a sucker up here. You know. I'm sorry, I just don't want any black invalid near me right now, we're talking about Bill Cosby! This is too soon for this. I guess I just and it's interesting that this happened after this weekend was the women's March, and I know, like a lot of people want to roll their eyes and I was getting a lot of shit on Instagram for, like the Romans merger goes. This is exactly the kind of thing that I'm terrified of. Is that this guy?
It is now not in jail and he's just like back to doing stand up, because I don't know if we got desensitized or if we just forgot about him- or we just got sick of talking about like how I just understand how people in that plumbing- I think, he's first Well, he has an enormous ego and he's a psychopath, and I think that he is he's just he has enough fans enough people in his community still love him or he can go places and small places and they accept him and then he he's advertising it and what is that is that the people that accept him with this is that people who have their own skeletons in the closet and they see him coming back. It's like they get redemption in some way, or maybe it makes them not be in court will people or is it like a herd mentality, or is it just STAR Fox in like how do you rationalize that in your head, the star? Okay, but the dumb people that he's famous eclipses the fact that he is a psychopath? That Clinton is also. Do you, member, how was right after
OJ got innocent. There was- Diane. I want to say his name 'cause. I respect him he's a comic and he went on stage stop. He said no he's a black guy. He goes my blackness will not allow me to think that OJ did it, and I I was interested yeah. I was like why now what the did? I just hear it when your eyes and see like okay, all black people are innocent. What about black person comes in and kills your family? Will your blackness exonerate dampers like how you gonna handle it. Then- and I don't know what the demo that I mean, what we're do you know who was in that job was an all black people. I don't know any read it like I'm just I'm sick to my stomach. Okay! No, I don't know, if it's a! I don't know if it's a boy or a bit when rapists age, performing an there's not like a complete melee of disapproval. That's really scary! To me it is scary, it's scary, but
I think that uh there's a certain amount of people that get overwhelmed by celebrity, so he shows up, like I can't believe he's here. They don't like something. Manson goes up at a jazz club. It's like he's a celebrity, but he's also a Charles Mann probably less of a monster. Here's. Why I'll throw this out you he never killed. Anybody Charles Manson actually told people to kill people, and they did and it's terriblr that they did it like. Tex Watson did all the crimes and was in a squeaky from she's going to try to kill Gerald Ford, they they're the one who did the crime. So he was just this crazy who talk these people into these things kind of public mass, but that's raped, who how many women, and allegedly it's also it's also it's just. It scares me and shakes me to my core. You know not that a psychopath dislike about the things, but the people who permit it
or permissive and are ok with it and don't resist like the fact that a bunch of people not club or just like, ok, we're, ok, we're all. We don't really know what happened. We just know that he was there and we know he's going to do. Another show that he announced that he was going to do some show at a jazz club. It's like today, I think, is it today or tomorrow, and is this jazz I mean I don't know who owns. I don't know enough about it, probably telling any and I'm like frozen with, discuss it's like that's. The other thing is like yesterday, so it's already over yeah S as promised, performed at a jazz club today, but this article was yesterday well as promised. Like oh he's a man of his word. He might be a rapist, but he does not lie and he was wearing that hello, friends, sweater that he wears what he's got that Bobby Brown thing on. I don't know if that is the mind triggered. The microphone head
thing- and I mean I don't know it's just so tricky because it's like I was getting this nasty comments on Instagram this weekend like why you can now see how much for what well, I think, with what's going on by the because of that. I'm just posting photos from the woman's March, which was the march, was about a lot of things, and I think, just in the last month or so, So there's been a little bit of I roll of like oh, this is still going on. You know like there's a lot of, I think guys, and women also were a little bit exhausted or I had one guy. I talked to we've got a friend of mine who was like I'm done with this one. You mean you're done with this, like we're done with uh. Sexual predators being getting in trouble and fire and getting cleansed from our society and possibly stopping from assaulting people in the future and they were supposed to feel like gotten ridiculous. You know I think, a lot of people think it's like a hysteria or it's like women being dramatic or something,
like that and then something like this happens and I'm like. Oh, are we not being dramatic enough 'cause? This is crazy. That he's just going on stage in performing like as if everything is just kind of fine again. Well, I think he's a bad example. So I think he's nuts and I don't think it makes any sense that he's out. I think anybody raises many people, it's not adding all these people are not so, I think we're more knots for just being like ok, I guess he's doing comedy, but I don't think we are. I think most people like what, in the far out race yeah I sent it to Thompson Gora, and that was his immediate reaction, was like what you give me like, I guess, I'm thinking about the people who are in that jazz club in the guy that owns that jazz club fuck, you guys um yeah, we don't know, I mean we don't know who these people are or what it was going to comedy club in bill. Cosby gets on stage on, like I got here with the fuck. This pitch has to say, like that's what I'm thinking, I'm not being like awesome Bill Cosby's here, so maybe I should give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they think they're seeing some kind of circus show. Well, I don't think I would say anything. I don't think I mean
I think it helps like. I don't think I'll yell out your fucking right, but I don't think I would do that, but I definitely think I would sit there and watch and like study him, like some weird fucking creature, yeah, which is what he is he's he's an aberration in humanity like well, first of all, aberration a couple ways right, out liar in terms of the the the the popularity he reached. He reaches in same level, popular any did in the sixties and the seventies when the world is a different place right, and I really we've talked about this a bunch times as podcast. I think a lot of people, drug people back that I think, was normal. I
think that dropping a Mickey in someone's drinks me here was a comment. Maybe not normal yeah. That's that's better with yeah. I think a lot of people did it. I have a lot of people still do it yeah. Well, I think a lot of famous people did it back then yeah. I think they were giving out pills and I don't think I think culturally we've evolved way more than we are aware of. I think we think of ourselves as being very similar to people from the nineteen sixties. I don't think we are interest, I think, were way. I think if you go from like eighteen, ten to eighteen. Seventy five, that people are pretty God Dam, similar interesting. Yes, ok, good point, yeah! I think technology is moving so fast in adapting to bad and the fact that we have alarm systems that breakdown one thousand nine hundred and sixty to twenty eighteen way. Different, yeah fuqing way different, what's acceptable, how people think of things? What we've just is how people
I think. One of the things that's happening in one of the reasons why guys arrive rolling about the women's March. Is that it's a new thing in this? This is overwhelming amount of energy. It's headed towards this thing and but what it represents is years decades of castration, women that had to work with guys with grabbing their apps trying to fuck them the pendulum, swing hard, like it snapped fast and there's also we always talk about this and I'm obsessed with epigenetic imprinting. It's not just us, it's our moms in our grandmothers who this happened to and we carry that pain and that Sometimes I think there's a lot of guys say: hey! I didn't do anything. I shouldn't have to feel this, but this is the thing these guys saying, like I'm done with this you're, not even apart yeah like how you done with why you don't have to know. How is this inconveniencing you so, like? I don't understand how did stuck in traffic?
women's week traffic? That's it I mean, that's exactly right. So it's like a couple. I mean you're in la you're, always sitting in women's March traffic. I feel that way because actually better yet another marathon completely and the gay pride parade and whatever so it's like, I'm so sorry you're going to have to sit in traffic for an extra twenty minutes but, like you know, get your ammo. Andron? Why are you driving on a Saturday anyway? I get it. I mean it makes sense: I just I guess I don't turn office. I hate it. I guess I just don't understand why this is such a hassle for men. I don't understand why it's such an in less. You were raping people assaulting people hurting people now, things being taken away from you and I feel, like a lot of men, think something is being taken away from them and I don't know what that is. And I'm just a little bit confused if it's unfollow me. I don't know unfollowed if it's blowing up your twitter feed on your instagram. I just I can't wrap my head around why this is such an income, Yes for guys
thinking about it. I think, is that many guys they were saying this. Ok, most men, I think, are Recognizing like that, if you look at the stories like that, Harvey Weinstein. One is the worst most egregious example. Right, I mean he's a guy that did it for decades even the name because he's a pretty bad too yeah, because these works right because because be was it like Harvey Weinstein was an obvious predator. It's like hey, don't go in the chicken coop with the Wolf and here's something interesting. I was also getting about this about a lot of people. Like if you knew about Harvey. Why didn't you say something? And it's just it's such a testament to how who said someone said that young yeah, like I just got some comments or let you know about Harvey. Why didn't you say something? You know when you knew about it ten years? or would you know, but I had heard like? Oh, he likes sleeps with actresses and he makes them
unknown. But I wasn't really in that world, so I knew about it, but it was going to call up the New York Times and be like hey. I was on comedy central for ten minutes. I have idea you know like who was going to let you know, and it's also it's like the kind of or we didn't even know what we were allowed to say, and we didn't even know that there was a possibility for change or that there is a possibility that anything would be done about it like that's how ingrained in our psyche it was and how we just didn't know There was anything we just thought, that's how it was first. Well, you didn't know him. He didn't work under him, so he did come to the comedy store once I think you were gone, and this isn't like Harvey Weinstein story like it's not close to how awful to the women stories are, but it is, I think, more, like kind of funny, he came to the comedy store and I don't see it in the main room and then I left and then Tommy called me and he was like oh Harvey Weinstein came here to see you here. You need back and talk to him- and I was like I was already at the improv are already like whatever and I was like. I don't want to go, and then they
the only reason I did not go back at first. I was like fuck him for just like summoning me to come back I'm making twenty two dollars at the comedy store like I don't you know and I'd already took me forty minutes to get out of the comedy store parking lot. I can't go back in there and I remember literally just been like the lighting in there is bad. I don't want him to see me lighting. The lighting on stage is great, like he saw me at my best, and I really don't want to go back and like talk to him. I don't like know how to do small talk with producers. I'm not you know me, I'm like an erotic mass like I'm, not good at like charming and whatever. But yes it the crazy way to think of things in saying there was perfect yeah, it's going to be a disaster like he saw me at my best, like. Let me just get the funk out here but like I didn't know how bad but it was, but I you know it's like the kind of thing that it's like we didn't. We didn't catch it. You feel a little guilty, though, like what you're saying what I'm getting is that if people saying that to you like all the I didn't, do
I didn't I'm not totally there's a lot of women. That kind of have done nothing wrong, but were consumed with guilt and shame like yeah I. So glad to hear you say that 'cause, I'm just not hearing a lot of that, I'm not hearing a lot of empathy, and maybe I'm just like zoning in on negative comments or ever had a female employee and I've never worked in an office. But even though you All the sexual harassment shed in in you go to do anything yeah you got it. You got to check. Everybody did something, but it's like it, but we were the same way. It's like I mean I remember, working on a talk show and everyone to go will does that count. That's not as bad as right like getting granular about it. Like I remember I it's on. A a talk show late night talk, show and a guy came up to me in front of like a couple, the writers- and he took his hand and, like put it between my cheeks and just what my ex wife, and he was like a credit card machine and like already started laughing. Of course, I started laughing 'cause. I didn't like frozen. I was in barrier friend, no. He was like my coworker, like you know
and it was kind of a Dick comedy writer and I was like what do I do I do I'm at the time I had no concept that it was offensive. I was emotionally so naman unconscious in my twenties, like I didn't even think to do anything about it, but looking back, I'm like that was up, but what was I gonna call human resources and say that he is right. It there's all these little tiny things that aren't enough to be a soul, but are too much to be appropriate. And it's just like a gray area that I don't. You know it's it's hard for us to to delineate what makes an
Well, it's funny how cautious you are now I mean we're good friends, but we were joking around with you. We had these hoverboards and we're rolling around these hoverbikes all and you would not have caught me 'cause. You didn't wanna touch me, that's my fear, but what you said was hilarious. You wanted to say something about it or not, but you weren't sure if you could talk about it, because you were worried that you bring up a porn with somehow another be sexually harassing had to say, like hey, that doesn't work. You can't do that tonight, like you say whatever you want I've remember if you license right now publicly what you want forever. Can't sexually harass women feel it to like you know. I don't want to go. If you don't, let me add, stuttering, I'm panicking exactly. I don't want to be hypocritical and you know I've been coming The comments are a lot. I hadn't been there in the last, like six months, I've been working on something, and I noticed when I used in the times I just feel like press or any comedy club. It was like you know,
people would hug you too long, and you know you just waiting to If we have something inappropriate happen. I went in the other night, not one man hugged me. Every woman. Like hello mlady people were like bowling at main uh. No one would come near me like. I was a fucking leopard, Donnell Rawlings came up to me and gave me a hug and halfway through is like, oh, my god, I'm so sorry, my love to do that- and I was just like oh whoa like this- is this is fucking crazy. The tables have turned because it used to be women were terrified of men, and now men are kind of terrified in westerly, guys are afraid of being called out. There's a lot of that and a lot of guys going over. There right, if you don't have skeletons in your closet, though if you don't, if you don't, are you afraid, because you know you have some shit? Well, here's the thing you don't have to have skeletons your closet, so you can just have a bad relationship or someone's mad at you like. This is he's. An sorry thing is very bizarre, like this seems like he went on a bad date and they took turns feeding each other out. Blown each other and then
she didn't like it and she said that there was like. I don't know what the fuck because I was there, but there's a lot of people that are picking sides on this and here's an I'm not, using or supporting either side 'cause. I don't think, there's enough information yet and it all seems very like he had one experience. She had one experience and if they're both telling the truth, you know who fucking knows, but here's what I'll say. Just my experience in my twenties as a woman is, I was not fully formed yet at twenty two years old I did no, no, no, no, I had literally no sex I wanted to have in my 20s. I didn't want to have to understand that now that the frontal lobe is not really fully formed in human beings. Here, twenty facts: oh hey, guys in your 30s and 40s stop dating twenty year olds, just in general. This is a bad idea. You know, and I think that a really big part The conversation that, for me, a blind spot is sexual abuse victims. So the statistics are a little. Foggy, but like one out of six women are sexually assaulted as chilled
and those are only the people that come forward. Is that real? Yes, one hundred and six one out of six is the statistic for people that come forward. That's not even including the people that don't come forward, which is a lot which, and not to get too serious to the fork in the loop. I'm sorry interrupted now see that olympic thing makes me, and it makes a great olympic thing is insane that Olympic gymnastics, coach or doctor, rather that was molesting all those girls anything when I'm. It makes me homicidal in when they're doing the testimony, because he's saying that this is too uncomfortable for him to listen to these girl. I I I I saw that guy on the street. I think I'd kill them with my hands I have to, I would go. I would go back to crazy, so I don't talk about this publicly because I'm too embarrassed. That's the other thing about this. I think that guys, hello, some guys, have the side,
yeah, that being sexually harassed is like fun for us and we like want to come forward and there's some glory and it's embarrassing. It's awful and I don't talk about my sexual salt- publicly 'cause, I just like freeze up and you're very self aware there are people that take some sort of glory in being victimized. Maybe I can't I can't speak to that mean what I mean by. That is to the point where they will saturate any sort of interaction with someone? So there's people, but man, him and I said here's what I'll say that that could be true. I don't know enough about the science of that and I'm not as I can, My experience with the opposite, I minimized mine. I didn't have much time people do. I didn't come in terms of the fact that I have sexual one thousand two hundred and thirty, two and thirty five, like I just kind of figured this shit out and there's a lot of stuff that is still blind spots that I don't want to deal with and and I was only able to write about it in my book because I just I can't talk about it publicly. Like I freeze up, I get weird and scared and one of the trauma
sponsors of if you've been sexually assaulted as a child. Is that when the man moves towards you or you have any kind of sex Yeah, I'm like getting all nervous when you have a sexual attraction. You freeze up, because when you're sexually assaulted as a child, it didn't serve you to fight back, and you had to kind of disassociate right done is the that's why people get confused with that fight or flight? It's not just fight or flight freeze is a huge one. I have a response back clear about what I'm saying. So nobody is what I'm saying I'm not set Talking about real victimization, I'm talking about people that love to play the victim shore. There are a lot of people. Don't talk about real when I started that people take glory victimization, I don't mean someone has actually been sexually assaulted. I mean so and who may have had a weird interacts with the person. They said something to hide and by the way, our lives. I've done that, like you know, I get bomb to the comedy store and I'm like. Can you believe I got bombed? It's like I just am getting adrenaline and and dopamine from like
self righteous sir having been wrong or something I I know, I know what you mean from that perspective, I think when it's something real yeah, my reaction is to come. Freezing is a big one yeah. So it's like I mean so big one with assault, if people get not just sexual thing, but physical assault lot. One of the things that happens to people when they're confronted by someone in a dangerous situations that panic and they freeze, they don't do anything. They don't, they can't think literally camels serve at least twenty percent of women. Have that who knows what the is going on in some of these interactions. So for me, like in my twenties, when a guy came towards me, I would freak out and and people. Why didn't they say? No, what if they leave, because I'm froze and and I don't know what to do- and anybody who says that has never been involved in any sort of real altercation when they're in danger? This is why didn't you just do what you don't know why you did
do things yeah there's times in my life, when I look back on like what, in the can say something yeah what it yeah, what a night it did tell that guy to off for what you don't know what to do, and that's a lot of I mean that was me, my whole twenties. Why didn't tell him? No? Why did I leave? Why didn't I tell him to stop like you know, so so a a lot of it? I didn't even understand 'cause. I was too young too, and I also I didn't it took me fifteen years of twelve. Program an therapy and EMDR to even be able to save the EMDR Eye Movement, reprogramming and d sensitization motherfuck. Would you expect anyone to know what that means where you could just hear something? Your fans are so fucking smart and like there's such neurology nerds, but that's off the deep end. Well, I need you are never heard that shooting on my life, it's a post, traumatic stress, disorder, therapy. It was started for Vietnam, vets and it helps you to sort of D. Activate traumatic experiences. Have you ever done ecstasy? We know yeah it'll, be
play therapy is supposed to be amazing for people that have gone through trauma and told about this, I'm going to go to Coachella next year and try that I don't know if that's the place, but it's supposed to be amazing for people that have gone through real traumatic this that are so ingrained in their mind, like the memories of those experiences are in trauma in horrible feelings and somehow another MDMA therapy allows people to separate from that and lose the trigger and like glue lose lose this. That sounds like a way more fun way to do it, because the MTR, as like you sort of have to relive the member. And then other gets on earth and things start clicking into focus. Well, the reason why they call it ecstasy because that's literally what you feel you feel so much love and what once your brain with dopamine yeah- and I only did it once, but the thing that stunned me how comparatively insecure. I am in regular life comparatively insecure,
comparatively in secure compared to when you're on axis got it now, in addition, zero you're, so friendly, so warm and so nice that I try to be yeah, yeah, but when you're See you really realize, like you all the hitches in your person out all our holding you back it may be. I only did it once, but it made me come completely aware of insecurity that I didn't even know, that's fascinating, yeah? Let's do that yeah! Do it rip out its interest, I'm super into it. I I had another friend recommend that and I'd be down, because it's also like you know, then something else will say not to speak for all women, like I'm, not the face of all women but like with this administration. If you're a sexual trauma survivor, seeing this fucking guy on the news every day can be really triggering. I see his post what the women's March twelve
literally can't read the news anymore, 'cause, I'm too activated an I'm. Just I'm going crazy. I'm way too activated like every is seeing a sexual, predator or someone I deemed to be a sexual predator with all the women that have come for, in the news every day is activating my trauma response of, I think, he's a predator. I don't think it's just actual in general is a predator business. I think he's a predator in politics, I think he's mean if you look at the way, campaign. Do you know like about the Hillary Clinton locker Blocker up now, he's he's predatory, defines he's a bully yeah. Well, he he's a he's, a winner I hate to say it that it can. I tell you- and I was do you remember- I think it was- I don't know- was the primaries or it was like when Ben Carson, still in the max and they were all lined up. I'm seeing in this is when we all thought it was a good joke and he called all of them now he was like you've asked me for money you've asked me for money and you've asked me for money, and I was like that's fucking hot, like this
The reptilian brain was like oh shit, like that guys, a fucking winner and he's not scared of anything and with sound, I'm like that's. The alpha hits the fan following that guys old he's lived a long life he's on speed is a million, as are a lot of money in this all these reports that he's on diet pills. Do you believe that Syphilis Terry none of that, when you have, can you look this up as if you haven't already diet pill thing, though not where is that like caffeine? Or is it like? Yes? Well on these on some sort of amphetamines, apparently, according to several sources, one of that tracked his prescription from drain read for pharmacy in New York from a few years back that he was on this one type of empathy, for like eight years to take drug tests if you're the president. Now I don't even know, no, you don't well now. This is my wow do have to take a drug test. You work for you p. Black. You don't have to take a drug test if you have the fuqing nuclear phone
Well? How is that not yeah? Well, I don't know it doesn't mean, while Jeff Sessions is trying to take pot away from everybody and Donald Trump's popping pills, I don't know, he's really popping I just should say this, but what I've read is that what he's taking what they believe he's taking is: do you, member Fen Fen? No fan fan was some ship that went on in the 90s. It was a diet pill that they had to stop taking because it was super different people, but essentially speed, they lost loss of appetite, and so every law jack's a trend. Do you remember that diet pill? I took that like when I was in high school and had any disorder that, since that similar there's, all these things similar because they're, amphetamines or speed, they're all they're all stimulants and there's one of the ingredients. In Fen Fen, when the two of them are find together. Fen Phen is two different things and see if you find that story about what they think that he's on any other. This list gives you delusions of of grantor. That's the thing,
we'll need symptoms. You first will think about the amount of energy this guy had run for president, As long as higher level seem tired, yeah DOT, rumored Donald Doctor Prescribed Donald Trump, cheap speed, It's funny picture. That picture is amazing. Who made that picture with who is Jim, Jim Cook, Jim Cook, there flocking wizard, whoever you are his neck looks like a laws that made me laugh hard. The orange is perfect. It's like such an exact, just exaggerated just enough the eyes enjoying he looks like your rock salt lamp gotta be able to laugh. While this is going on. I can't you can't ok rumors of Trump's predilection. I love that word predilection for stimulant first started really popping up in nineteen. Ninety two and spy magazine road ever wonder why Donald Trump? In fact, it's so radically at times full of Nrg of Manic Energy paranoia an what does that word? Euless garrulous
your user word garrulous is like I thought like cheerful, like careless. Well, your speed it up. Well, he is a patient of Doctor Joseph Greenberg from nineteen eighty, two to nineteen. Eighty five. At the time doctor Greenberg was notorious for allegedly doling out prescription stimulants to anyone who would pay blah blah blah blah blah diet, drugs trump to continue beyond riot drugs and also be fat because he's eating a lot of terrible things. Ok, this is the stuff. Ok, Fen Fen. It's called in terms of remain first gained notoriety in the: U S under the name: Fen Phen, a miracle combination of fan, terror mean and send flora mean another stab lish anti obesity drugs, the two of them together. The only problem is with the patients taking the drug, began reporting damage to their hearts and lungs. Apparently, the combination take more, is truly the patients body so he's not taking both of them he's taking one.
Enter mean on its own, however, still prescribe trouble with thinking. Speaking or walking, decreased ability to exercise falls or unusual sense of well being, and some your nervousness- and this is my so side note, increase in sexual ability desire, drive, that's not sure, confusion. Sure th I mean so. This is this. Is doctor prescribes? Yes, this is what I thank. Why would he just check out? Well that's a good one, but it's the same thing that we bought Will you look up the syphilis theory trump was essentially like. Incredibly, Miller there. It is medical theory, many Mental health professionals believe the president is ill, but one of the causes and uh std syphilis untreated, creates like like reading of the face a manic
hey you're. The greater I can't read this is my face- is pale. It's orange skin color. Always that may help you know manner yeah. If you look at his eyes, syphilis wise eyes are white or call around his eyes like a raccoon, they're white care, okay characterized by the development of an ulcer, usually general a few weeks in a few months after sexual contact with the infected person. If the ulcers, not notice, not digital secretary, The disease is seen in some patients weeks, or months later. These patients may develop variety. Thank you of your leaning. I know so sad because I can't see Roger I want to get to I can't swivel My back, I told you that I hurt my back on your segue this item. I'm suing him. We have video cameras everywhere in this place and you know how to use a bow and arrow. I'm not doing. You know your rules, psychiatric disorder, Nero Syphilis, centers, a nurse in force, our protein protein and means and chain.
Varying widely from one individual to another hearing ability, loss of ability, concentrate, delusional thinking and grandiosity memory. Insight and judgment can become imperative. He's got everything in there duking it out inside of syphilis in the fuckign 80s from Stormy Brown or whatever, and now he's fucking, delusional thinking and grandiosity. Stormy, browsing, hair loss, stuff, and then it also makes your hair like fluffy and just exactly as Fuckin' ninety years old you're going to lose your hair. It looks like a history of heroin put all those grocery bag by bag. That's amazing! anyway. So I mean you can see why we're all a little triggered yeah, but I don't think I think people are reaching for straws. I mean he just got. That was interesting. The doctor that examined him examined him and said that he probably if you had a good diet. He live to be like two hundred years old. These catches, great jeans, that doctor examined him. I was like
This is. This is not. Is doctor the guy that killed Michael Jackson as his doctor? Who is this guy, but here's the thing after he did that then Sanjay Gupta examined the actual results, yet Sanjay Gupta said well, no, there's actually an issue here, and the issue is something to do with arteries. Something to do with the potential for future stroke or heart attack, and he was going is basing it on actual test results. An obviously I don't know Jackshit about Madison but see if you can find out what he said, he's a common form of heart disease, see scroll up and see if you could find what it said there yeah here it is. This is what is Doctor Ronnie Jack. Sing, disclose terms basic lab measurements, physical exam and the conclusion of a Kog exam known as the Montreal cognitive assessment. Additionally, and it had an echo cardio gram of his heart, as well as a stress test, both scrubs normal, although it's not a part of the official medical records,
that were released yesterday after further questioning Jackson also reveal Trump underwent the very calcium, see t scan now this is it. His score. Was one hundred and thirty three and anything over a hundred indicates plaque is present at the patient. Has heart disease according to Trump? official records in two thousand and nine. His coronary team score. Was thirty four? Does the president have another? they should be in shape. I mean wasn't Robert Taft, like notoriously. Be like do you have to be in shape to be the president? I don't know the answer. That's a good question like do you? Are there certain boxes you have to check What I'm getting out of this is its Sanjay Gupta, who is an unconnected third, unbiased. Yes is going basically just off of these coronary calcium, CT scans, when he's showing is the difference between how it was in
in two thousand and nine, which was thirty four, two thousand and thirteen, which is ninety eight and then two thousand and eighteen, which is one hundred and thirty. Three you're saying it's increased, basically doubled every it's bad couple years not everything over one hundred, indicates heart disease, I'm not going to say anything else, bad! I'm worried I'll, get death threats. We worry that you want him to get this I just I just you know millions of hiking people uhm, you know, but I think the other thing I think we're all sort of just just especially angry like when you were talking about the pendulum swinging, so hard yeah of of women. It's like having to see this constantly every day in the news. This guy is it's it's hard. It's really hard and pressing trying to be objective. This is what I find fascinating about. It is that Obviously this is an aberration. No one's ever seen something like this for no one's ever seen a president there's a video that was on go to the typical liberal, Instagram page
which is a video of him saying no one is better at blank than him, and it's like a video, that was actually put together by people to mock him, but the Trump supporters actually love it yeah play this concern for things. Nobody is better at the trump Nobody can do it like me. Nobody! Nobody can do it like that. Honestly, nobody stronger than me. Nobody is better choice than I do. Is nobody bigger or better at the military than I am, but he loves the Bible more than I do. Nobody builds walls better than me. Nobody is better to people with
Stability is a myth. Nobody is fighting for the veterans like I'm fighting for the house. Nobody has done so much for equality. Is I have his nobody more pro Israel than I am more conservative than me. There's nobody that respects women more than I okay. Isis had, I know from nobody's ever had crowds like Trump? Is that understands? But here's the thing before you could say like that, get away with along the hundred twenty, the people that couldn't corroborated beans. I know what Nobody knows more about trade than me better history of this country
as ever known so much about infrastructures, Donald Trump, what he can do it like me? No, I feel like people actually do not should do the opposite. I'm not a scientist. I don't know that much about this like or are more humble about it. We she was in president because I love them I'd love to help what a character he is he's entertaining he's fascinated. That's fine, knitting is like, but he has powers that yeah does the Brian he's doing herbal fleas ticks where, after and as the host of a reality, show yeah he's a gem. I mean it's, it's thirty to be in a reality- show great sign me up but to be running the most powerful country in the world. Well, I don't know, maybe China is now, but it is really, a scare. This is fascinating. The supporters to look I'd, love, reading his support because I'm always trying to figure out which ones are Russians Russian bot of them are women. There's a women yeah, but would love to women voted for him to deal with those girls? You know here's why
sat and I have some family who vote for him who are in exile, but now there isn't working class and The whole thing is like we? Don't we don't care? All we care about is the bottom line, our jobs, it's actually kind of a luxury, and that's, I think, a fair flaw with what's happened with this, you know women's within you know, movement conversation is right. Now the people getting mugged, Philip visibility or million hurts. You know that sort of them for the most part who's speaking up right now and, like you know, that's what time's up is to enfranchise people who don't have the kind of resources to just like you know what you're mistreating me I'm going to quit my job. You know a lot of people can't their job and they have to tolerate sexual harassment and whatever, and they don't really have a choice in the matter. They have to stay in bad relationships, 'cause they can't afford to get their own place or whatever, but but all they heard was jobs. Their thing is like we don't care about his character. We think all politicians are assholes. We just want jobs and that's what he said. He was going to MSN. He lied, you know so they
just like sort of played. Well, is there more Bob now than ever before and is in the unemployment as low as it's ever been, but he was, but he was promised by Mean health insurance. I think they'll here. They also thought there get this like magical health insurance reform which they didn't cat, but there was also he was. Sing like coal mine jobs. Much My family members were working coal mines and, like really sets fifty thousand jobs, right and there it's starting to become obsolete, so he promised kind of jobs that I think the pipeline and shut like that. So I think that you know, and they just watch Fox NEWS, an they believe everything that's when they think, like liberal news, is a lie. You know, so I think it's like the kind of jobs that they promised an. I know and, I think exactly right. It's like their whole thing is, employment going up, is what helps women, because more women can get job, but isn't in the case where, when, when you see like unemployment and and how more people or doing better than before in the economy is doing better than it's ever been before, it is like a natural cycle, though it wasn't, our
be charting in that direction. When Obama was leaving office today, I think it's the president, that's like four years prior. That usually is what caused it 'cause. You can't just like become president and all of a sudden there's more jobs or something that has to start a little bit earlier. I'm not saying Obama, I don't know that's about it. When Obama got in office, everybody was blaming him in fact, even though that's probably what the president before him sure sure here it goes I'm not gonna be gained a net eleven point: five million jobs. The unemployment rate dropped below the historical norm, sir, for weekly. Earnings for all workers were up four point: one percent after inflation. The game was three point: seven percent or just production and nonsupervisory employees after tax corporate profits also set records as the stock profits as and P500 index rose one hundred and sixty six then there was some story about how the tax break that we got here because of Trump that people got
um that California was going to somehow another impart some sort of a ten percent surcharge to counterbalance that. But- and I was like Wow- But then they said it was all going to like social programs. Well, that's a good thing. You know it's like give all for paying more taxes. If those taxes can go to poor communities. That's what I feel like I feel like if there's one thing that we need to concentrate in this country is people that are disenfranchised that live in pork that don't feel like there's any hope and then setting up community center. Setting up some education program setting up the safe places where kids can go with enough to worry about gang violence and shitton. Just making it safer for when giving them more opportunities to possibly get out of that fucking horrible cycle. Of unemployment and and and welfare and crime and people are stuck, and I completely agree- and I think about that- I'm like oh, you know, and my- and this is just my point of view because of
where I come from, and maybe it's being a women female brain whatever, but like when. I hear that I'm like the thing that perpetuates that cycle is having too soon and having a lack of access to birth control in education, and this administration is a huge threat to that enemy. To that. So I'm like what brain lobe, why once you faster than kid we'll, just just straight up Republican. It pulled this thing, I'm so sorry. I always have this problem. Have it like. I always do this. Why? What does it say about me, but it will make it like it is. Do any of your other guests? Have this problem? Ok, ok, good! Ok, I'm not do it before I did terrible radio shows had always yell at me, 'cause. I wasn't in the mic, but but Why is it the republican thing? It's always a Republican try to deny women birth control to try to restrict abortion. This is always a republic has. I think it probably will start to religion. Yes, and I I don't I I still can't understand why religion is the reason that people think women have to be Cal's and if I could have ever for the justices would so crazy
yeah. Well, he used to uh. I mean I think. A lot of it's kind of like keeps conveniently now super pro life or something, but he lives the Bible more than I do. Nobody hates abortion more than me. I wish I could do it. I can't do it in person. I was just thinking, but you don't you don't it's chilling. I don't. I don't want to hear it last thing we need is more fuckin' trump impressions at the comedy store, I'm good but burn as a really good. Really it's really. It's really good we have seen that coming and see it coming either. He did it the other night. I went what he nails it. That's kind of amazing nails. It He says that later, as the finger thing, that's great I mean Alec. Baldwin's is life like in the next level, but but yeah. I think it's religiously sort of based and and hubris based. I mean to say that women should have control of their bodies. It's just like. Why do you want me to have kids that I'm not ready for it? It's seats are economic system. It means everyone else has to pay more to
access to put more people on welfare, all the things that Republicans hate. Do you think that it's a vulnerability thing? They like women to be vulnerable, maybe maybe, and what they want- control over control over yeah, complete control of people they've never met. Why do you want to control the uterus of a woman that lives ten states down from you? How does that benefit is a sick thing that people have where they want to control people in a lot of ways? I think that's a lot of when you see people, shoulder trying to control people's language, when you see people trying to read, don't say that say this word, don't say this is where it is in a weird instinct that we need to address would use outside of ideology outside of you, know political lines that you crossed. There's a weird instinct that people have to try to control people. It's just a few. Based ST or if I have better things, that people do, they don't have much control themselves and they want to control other people. I think this is were pulling comes from, I think, this is where a lot of what sexual harassment and just the entitlement meant the way bosses behave.
Their employee, like this is one of the things about Harvey one scene that I found found fascinating is that he would bark at its employees. They would run and they were terrified and I stayed a girl and she was when I first came to la wonderful woman, re beautiful, perfect personality, terrified of a boss. She worked as an an agent's assistant hand. She could have been a the personnel and this girl would wake up in the middle of the night, terrified sure that her agent, that she was working for needed her to do something sure she would freak out. She was like constantly worried, and this guy I mean she made terrible money. It was Khan's. Stress and she work insane hours I mean they would make, should make like four hundred dollars a week and she was working
in Seattle, where they had the rules of yeah. You know, I don't know what you really made, I'm just guessing. She was always broke and then my questions for you or that it's in stock comes in drum super real thing. Yes and then what was her relationship with her daughter? She regretted her child circumstances. It wasn't done that wasn't good now the relation and then the average I get ready. It's it's only told very very recently that we were not completely dependent on men for our survival and that you guys weren't killing us in the streets. It's like it's sole reason in terms of human evolution and you know I did this movie with no Brennan and we wrote a check for the female brain and it's about all the ship. Says of figuring out and you're, so good at delineating. What's nature, what's nurture, what's a choice and what's not with biologically neurologically driven and what socially constructed? And I'm that's my fascination, unlike unlike when all this stuff happens, I'm always trying to figure out this kind of behavior will stop and then that we talked a lot about genetic imprinting, so it's like, even if your girlfriend at the time had knocked out there. Some sort of
I'm with a man, her mom certainly did, and then her mom's mom certainly did, and she carries that with her. So all of a sudden you're in twenty sixteen in a man's yelling you- and it's like flashback to eighteen, fifty like one of your ancestors was being fucking murdered by a guy. You know like we just don't think about that kind of stuff, but what I meant to say is Neil, had we used to have the story line that was about sexual harassment. We ended up kind of changing it. It's the Cecily, strong and Blake Griffin storyline about her. Because women are generally wired for consensus. We get dopamine from consensus right because we are physically weaker. I know nobody wants to talk about it when you mean by consensus that what you mean in terms of like, if you guys are arguing about something I mean we're on a show that kind of encourages you know healthy, discourse an? I know you guys a little bit and I feel safe here, but in general, in a work environment, I'm going to try to get everyone to agree because
two thousand years ago, getting everyone to agree, it made my life safer. If I'm in months pregnant, I need protection from the whole tribe, but I want everyone to agree. I'm gonna pretend I agree with things that maybe actually don't coming soon. We get dopamine from harmony because I'm less able to defend myself, especially with men. I need you to like me because I need your protection, we're not that different. I mean two hundred years ago I needed your protection, like my brain has not caught up to the fact that, like it's illegal for you to attack me, rate me now. You know I mean anything now it it. I think it means something sharp reptilian brains. You know legal part doesn't mean anything, that's true! No one that no one's gonna save you total a correct, that's correct, you could kill me or you could do whatever you wanted, but two hundred years ago it was like you know what it was there was no phones to even call to report any just much more common. I, what I'm saying today the the the like and want anyone saying that that fears alleviated, because there's laws against it is crazy. Totally
those fears are always there completely yeah. My reptile brain just made my conscious brain, I'm sort of like ok, it's less likely. This is going to happen 'cause. We have this illusion of being civilized that's all horsh it yeah. I get nervous when I interviewed Francis Engano after a fight when I got it interview. I view him Saturday night because mom two hundred and sixty five pounds six for four smashes peoples heads in for a living, and I stand next to him and I feel like a little tiny person. This is just no getting around that and here's the thing and that's why it's like that he likes me, I'm not going to Maine, but exactly what you're saying to me right now is what I'm trying to explain to people that are like. I don't understand, looking woman, why are you guys freaking out in the office is not working, those people it's like. What are we going to rape, you it's like yeah, maybe when you get in elevators with guys, I just wait for the next one. I'm scared. We have tribal thinking, and this is right now, there's a tribal boundaries that are being established on them. Male and female side, and people are picking sides and there's a bunch of men that are annoyed, that people are talking too much about women,
there's a bunch of women that are saying now it's my time to be a fucking, crazy bitch and go crazy and attack all these men and take more not trying to always eat. But there are some, but there are ok. Maybe I don't know saying: is you saying that right there we are not trying to do this? That's a crazy thing to say, because you're not always bring us all in together, I'm not all men. I guess I don't know anybody like that. I don't have an Instagram people yeah. I follow a lot of really insane people on Instagram there's a lot of like there was a woman that 'cause she's, like an editor for vogue or something like that said: here's an unpopped, your opinion, I'm not at all concerned with men being falsely accused of sex harassment or sexual assault. Let's you responsible, but they exist yeah. Those people exist there. There's the burn it all down, people that them or burn all down, yeah
but they're not going to succeed there matter? It doesn't matter, it's inherently tribal services, a tribal thing and it's not there's no nuanced, a there's, no consideration of all the different kinds of men, this a lot of men that are considerate and friendly and nice, and they don't and they're there turning on themselves, and they don't want anything bad to happen. Anybody else, but there's and who, like folk these bitches for call women overall Horsebridge and they listen to rap music. Haven't listened a lot of like really bad rap music. Lately, that is one of the rare places where you could still just be a straight up. Misogyny and then do you think, and I'm always- and I don't know the answer to this: do you think, because I think porn definitely affects our psyche and how we view do a dehumanize women just just right, especially young people, watching? Do you think that a rap
song, going destroy that schitt murder that shed beat that pussy up. Do you think that that effects the way men view women on like a cellular level, it's impossible, that it doesn't it's impossible, when you have something that's incredibly popular and you're, repeating the words to it over and over again, I don't know what percent of an effect it twenty year old, brain right weather as a five percent effective in over your parenting and what your life experiences I've been there all the various different variables that come into your psyche, like What what? What makes you human being? I don't know, but that's a factor, it's a factor it is and what is in what happens and when you hear beat that, like is that's. Why do guys cheer for that? Like? Are we also kind of on so
level wired to protect. Why isn't it like? I'm, not! I swear to God tampons out to you know it's a safety pin, I'm trying to figure out the. But that that do is on your wrist. I don't like to share a tampon tattooed over to be hilariously. What kind of monster do you think I am come on, so we gotta learn it all down with him. So it's like it's like a it's like a personal thing. It's too it's too much of a bummer. You don't want me to tell you which most of my tattoos are white. I have white ones everywhere, but you are crazy. Here's! What I will say is that burn it all down. People will talk to their white, I wanted to paint, but I want to see it working five thousand tattoos you're covered. Why am I crazy 'cause? You can't see mine too, I'm not crazy. I'm crazy, I'm probably pretty crazy. Really, you hide it.
Allow my men. Are you channel? Let you manage it and get it out. If I didn't matter, if you didn't work out every day, would you just be? I would murdering people on the street. I would probably been to jail long time ago. You would be like breaking apes out of zoos and fighting them. I don't think that I, I would have done something really stupid a long time ago, yeah yeah I, but I think that there's a lot of men that have arable, genetics and instincts and environment that they grow up in and there's a lot of once in your life yeah you you either find a way through that yeah. For me, though, the way through it was martial arts. If I didn't find martial arts who knows yeah- and I think that is one of the best ways for men to not be pieces yet to know, because I think a lot of the way yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah totally. I think a lot of fine pride and other things so that you have to send you to say it, give you that'll help too, but give you some security and give you an outlet for your aggression and give you some humility, like in Marshall,
get humility. You get strangled all the time. You learn humility right right. You get real number real fast. She should we cannot, let you go. Will you do it to them? They do to it, but it just and U Haagen, there's like real, genuine love and affection. So I mean The guys that I do jujitsu. If it's very it's it's it's very intense, it is. As it gets and here's something sorry. I just want to go back to that vogue woman for a second or whoever. That was because it's like, I think what I'm trying to do is understand like what a man accent away, that's violent or whatever I'm like. What's the root of that? What's going on what happened in his childhood like what's going on biologically- or medically or like what has he been taught like? He was failed somehow. If a guy feels the need to lick rape, a woman, someone failed him or he's a sociopath and just should be locked up for his mentally ill but like he saw it from his dad he learned, it hurt. People hurt people, so it's like when it
instead like all men. Should I don't care if they felt like I'm like what happened to her. That made her think that that's an ok, that's her paradigm are probably met a bunch of fucking assholes and something went wrong yeah. It was probably guys that she grew up with guys that were in her life. Maybe sexual trauma depth totally there's a lot of variables and I guess I'm and trying to start a conversation. It's like, let's explore what happened back then, and how do we sort of stopped that ship from going on whether it's like sexual abuse, physical, whether it's like the messages? growing up of like, and I don't know how you parent your kids, but the idea of, like all I heard he was calm down, relax. It's fine BC, not like the messages that we give calm down, relax before about what anything anytime, I cried or I was injured or whatever it was calm down. You're overreacting! That's what I heard as a kid growing up. Did you
it did because you are over reacting it caused me to I mean I was a kid right. I don't know when we when kids are trying to to to be. It is a short like it's. Okay, it's as a small balloon, you're gonna be fine. I think it is, I think, normally what kids do when they're crying? Is there just testing to see how available you are to them right? So when you go calm down, everything's fine sort of limited- I don't know if someone who has kids yeah they do that, but then they also recognize that it's a way that they can get attention. So they will react on purpose, but you have to know the difference. Yes, they'll have fits if they don't go to the movie. They like to see sure like, if my two daughters when you go see a movie in one of them wins in the other. One starts to on a temper tantrum and a look now to go, see a fun movie right, like you, can't get pissed off next time, you'll get to choose yeah. This is crazy. You can't stop your feet and cry, but cheese, seven yeah totally, but this is like I have
chance to X explained to her that the e these feelings are natural. Well, yeah, you're, gonna win some. You gonna lose some. We can't hold on to that yeah. Let it go and realize we're still gonna go to get go to see a fun movie right. It's just not gonna, be this one is going to be that way, and you know what, for whatever reason we made a decision sure it means we try to be as fair as possible, but you can't have tempered and over all the time we're going to the wrong rest. Are you know, kids? Do that? George? That's because they're little kids into their recognizing that there's some influence that they have some power over you and then to see how much power I can get and how much attention I can get and how much I can play issues have to figure out the difference. I think for me. I learn to invalidate my own reality and stuff my fee. I remain I I remember specific moment where I was like you can't rely on adults, they won't help, you figure it out yourself or don't, those feelings are invalidate those on feelings. You know, I think, there's probably a that bad parenting.
Don't let your kid to go like if I'm hurt, don't tell anyone. 'cause parenting is fuckin' confusing 'cause. You try to figure out what what bad parenting you received, I was luck. In that? My parents were very busy, so I didn't get a lot of parenting. Yeah me too same way, so it wasn't. It wasn't like. I got bad parenting. I didn't get back there yeah. I was just I'm learning a lot who is mean to me yeah. I just got yeah. I was alone a lot, but then I found things to occupy my time, so that literally became like those obsessions that I that I developed when I was young, with the very things were art or martial arts. Whatever those things became my vehicles for developing my human potential yeah and that do you think you got a lot, I contact as a kid. I never thought about that until just now
fairly. That's a big one. I can't I contacted physical touch in the first couple years. We know it we're affection and my family's always been affection. It's always been huggy yeah, you know and I'm real hug you with my family, to think as an I'm argue with my friends too. I'm I'm just. I think that's super important and I think it's also is a very important to tell your friends like I tell everybody. I love them. Yeah, that's awesome! I mean I know I I got really into jumble. Be server touch me because I couldn't make eye contact until like two year. A girl like, I would always come on the care really yeah. This is how I used to always look at people, and then I just recently started making eye contact and it still makes me a little uncomfortable. It's like a muscle, but I had something called infant disruption which is basically just didn't, get enough eye contact. So apparently the amount of eye contact in Fresno this, because I'm because I can't make it now, but isn't that just an insecure, like I used to get really insecure. I've talked about this before talking to a bank teller, I'd freak out. Why I get nerve
I was nervous, but only bank tellers are just an example for being in the bank getting ready to deposit a check in in line. There's two people ahead of me, because it was the start time for the comedy store. You don't know if it will go through that was before the way before then his before I did comedy we did have anything to do with a man or woman. No, no didn't matter. I just was nervous talking to people so interesting. I like that too. Like the first couple minutes, you talked the time I get a little sick like I'm socially awkward in the beginning, and then I sort of settle land, but I I do get a little shaky when I first talked people even now. Well, I feel that with you I feel, like I have to to say, we're friends. Now I gotta love you we're friends right. Yes, we're friends like right away if we're doing with the porn in the hoverboards like this is really shouldn't bring this up like when you talk about like now. Right. Remember that you want to say I get you know, and I also have this condition called codependents, I'm working on it, but
unfucking dealing with it it's expensive to handle it's very time consuming by your brain around it, but when I first meet someone, it's like a it's like a chameleon response, where it's like when you grow up in a alcoholic home or if you have Co. The first thing do as you meet someone and you kind of try to figure out what they want and then you morph to become what makes them comfortable. So I still have to fight that response, sometimes especially with especially with men and then with women, because he too, though for sure. Like are you in football you like? Who is this guy and how I'm going to make him like me? That's kind of what codependency mean well, men do that with other men, but they also do that with women. They'll become like what the woman It's like women. Will I see it a lot of my friends with the way they dress like they would come along, yeah, well, also women are mold men like women
get men and shape. Like you see, just little sounds like in a relationship I do like when I first meet someone my instinct is kind of like how do I make an especially with it. It has taken me so long to not be funny when I'm not doing stand up because, like the first, my first instinct is make this person left make them. Like you, when I kind of have to like manually, be like to turn that shit off you're, not five and you're, not We get the approval of your dad, like not your dad, not your turn it off, but if you just see something funny, you're still free enough to just be funny, I can do that, but it's like my motive is not I'm trying to make this person told me. My motive is just plain all the time. You know those people who are on all the time just say his name. To say his name there may be genuinely brian- isn't trying to. Well, there's a he's not getting it. He just really funny, and he loves being that Brian is Abstract, said this before there's an innocence to it, he's at his best in a group of people. Correct, not onstage, he's really funny around twenty people. If you got twenty
undergoing some web browser guys guys guys, is it on my cock, like they just he'll? Just be this he's fun? I've never met anybody. That makes me laugh harder than groups of people to enjoy. His kills me, but Joey Diaz is the opposite. Joey Diaz is not trying to do that he's just naturally it's not. I just wonder I'm Callin knows the difference anymore. Like is there a certain point? You don't even you can even tell when you're performing in when you're, not it's like just he's more film out. He doesn't care yeah. He has a bizarre ability to not care if people upset at him. It's like It is weird of the almost Peter PAN like way of moving to life. It's cracked, I am, I am in therapy and a twelve step program to get the inner monologue offering calendar. If I could just have an iota of the self esteem that he has do you have to meditate. I do
you. I lost my dad last year and meditate like suddenly and my meditations. It's I starting to sad, like I couldn't close my eyes for twenty minutes. I stop for the past like six months, but I'm trying, because I need to build the this neural pathways. Well, I feel like you're always do you know that feeling when you're running down a hill or it's super hard to stop yeah Yes, the momentum, it's like woah woah, woah, woah, woah you're still up, but it's fucking. It's tricky! That's how I feel are like you're running on a slight angle: yeah. You know you're not flat yeah. It's not here, you always like a little I'm fucking. I am sometimes uhm, I think in the last yeah I agree I'm trying to answer in a way that makes you see wrong, but I realize you're you're pretty right, and I think that also in the last couple you
here- is that we've gotten to know each other. I have been doing as much stand up and when I don't do stand up, I get a little manic. I think that's an observes a really important, like releasing catharsis purpose, where I'm much more calm when I'm not performing when I do stand up for you, get it out right, you get out those totally. Is these these antagonistic and protagonista thoughts? All these dear weird little ideas that are wrestling in your head, like you could put them into. A comedy form and then deliver them on stage. It's a very cathartic way of releasing ideas, sometimes, and then, when the audience laughs, yeah, yeah hi. I nailed this some on to something here. I got it and there's just I think that you know and again I can dot to beat that I come from it, but we also will do tricky home and I think that my brain seeks a couldn't, control or even a false sense of control.
Soothes it and when I do stand up, you kind of get to have control for at least the twenty minutes or an hour that you're on stage and everything feels like it's in order. I know my place. You know your place is a very clearly defined rules. I'm talking you're laughing, I'm talking you're laughing, and that makes me feel really where is going to the world with like? I don't know who you are you're dangerous. I don't you know like. I have a hyperactive amygdala, so it's like during the day, I'm just very dysregulated and doing stand up is just I don't know. I just feel very like I know where everybody's place and I feel safer the amount of time. Do you get calm down by working out a little. Because my motive for working out is so up. It's not like to get you know, I'm working, moron like working out to get strong and to get healthy, but for the longest time it was like to get skinny into look suckable, you know so working It was like. I was kind of hate fucking it. I wasn't like doing I enjoyed it. I wanted to be doing it, so I'm trying to sort of find a new motive. What kind of exercise do you do I
get bored and I used to work with a trainer, and I stopped, and so I started just started doing it myself, like lifting and I've just want to have a big At this point, it really care about. I'm just wanted to ask so I'm like use that machine is it called the Jimmy John Machine? I don't know the one that, like Sandwich Jimmy Dean, I eat Jimmy Dean sausage to make my eyes bigger. That makes you know I'm talking about it's a squat machine, but it has. Little helper has little claws. What is it? this message. Machine is the the the rack where the squad goes up and down nine one eight am just told turning forty catch. That's what I want you to do that yeah! That's that's a good machine to do it's good, it's good to do on your own. I just actually just go yeah. That's a Smith machine yeah! That's what I do at the gym. Those are good and then I do a lot of people don't like those, because you know if the balance on now the ideas that there's there's a benefit to all the stabilizing muscles. Like yeah, I have a real
I really don't trust myself If I do that, when I'm afraid I'll hurt myself, the Jimmy John helps me to not I'm not like a professional athlete, I'm just. I should get a hug in pill form on this day, one and I'm just getting everything the man's words on on it, because I thought again will form but I was doing like Soulcycle. I was doing like spinning for awhile just because whatever isn't great episode of the unbreakable, Kimmy Schmidt on all really out of it. You ever watch that show now it's funny, though. I've seen a couple of he's great went down for like two episodes in. I almost abandoned great commentary. Folks, if you're, if you're watching it now, I could have talked a lot of people watching it. When you get to like episode, six of season, one, don't panic, it sucks for two episodes and then it bounces back. I love it. It was just wrong, it's a letter and they made fun of spending all this one with Nick Kroll yeah. I love Nick and
and he's he's the spin instructor genius. Give it up. But it's like it's a cult. I used to go to Soulcycle and cry. I'm not fucking kidding, though, play like Sheryl Crow are like, like you know, no right and always said that I have the musical taste of a forty five year old or say I love inspirational Kelly Clarkson, I swear to God, okay, Cheryl Crow, a lan is more. Is that like I will just get in there and you just start crying because in a lot of pain and you're working, really hard and you're. Just vulnerable and we feel like it's ok to crack as you're sweating makes me sweat or tears. It's me and a bunch of flick publicists, crying budget public because it's thirty five dollars a fucking class. It's crazy! You know how much I think it's like I mean If you buy like one hundred packages, it ends up being like twenty eight. If you have a thing called a pallet on bike
No I've tried it supposed to be amazing. I tried someone elses you alive, spin class with people. We have it here. So do you do spend it you like it now they give it to me on a fan I mean I would use it and do it, but I have one here: it's like I just like it, because it's like I can get in a groove and I can check out and think about other things and like sort of like a moving meditation for me, that's how I feel about regular run, When I run the hill I love running, but now running with my dog. It's a different dynamic as always have keep an eye on him, but he he's good he's, waits and waits for me and then I run and he's so much. Given your Donnelly she's just following his that's amazing, yeah he's great he's great, but he's not all my other dogs have been psycho, so I've had to have them on leashes 'cause. They would attack other kinds of goggles. Had a bunch of pit bulls would run with them. You know in my mastiff. I just never ran with him. He's too fucking big yeah
retard on their bones, still limping a little bit too. He runs around too much in the yard. He learned yeah he's huge they're too big. There were meant to just hang out in loaf and I'm running really steep inside years. Now is a golden retriever yeah, that's great! That dog is that's great, for them running with animals is the best feeling, but me and him have this crazy bond. It's like when we stop like I'll stop when I run the hills, I'll pop because it's like you know, I'm running this big sprint up to the top of the hill and he'll he'll sit and wait with me and then he just like. I love you and you like jump up and kiss me like. So I love you too buddy like calm down, but it's like he's so excited that I do this with them. And we are grateful. We have this crazy bond thing going on yeah that so it's really intense. I've always like he's a sweet dog I found with them from the mom. We got him, but we have this extra bond now that we run three or four times Oh yeah totally well you're a pack your packed together. Then, if you're running out of date, you found some shit, I don't know it was his shit
usually ships in this area, and he just down and start rubbing on it. One time took my fucking dog to hike and he came back I like. Let him go alright, let's see how this goes. Let's see if this is going to end lawsuit for Maine, and so I let him go. He comes back he's covered in, like he smells like, like Worf came explained, explain the rancid smell. I was like what is that he's covered in like he's got like stringy looks, I'm like I said spaghetti, and then I keep walking. There's uh. Dead deer he had rolled in a dead deer carcass. So you get all the war which is covered in worms and guts, an eyeball, and I was like oh fok now I just ' Europe for adoption dogs like a Lexus Mallone, because don't they do it because my dogs, one KO, is Quixote's when coyotes shoot in my yard, my girl roles in it 'cause, don't you do it so that the coyotes think you're in the pack, so they don't kill you. I think that's why you do it wow,
fire up, that Google make sure I'm not wrong yet role in the shed so that the coyote doesn't kill them. There's a guy. I follow on Instagram that has a pet coyote, an he hunts coyotes and he use. Is this pet coyote to learn album? Hunt coyotes, I don't like the spurs dogs in the hunt. Well. Honey. Coyotes is important in areas where coyotes attack, deer, fawns and coyotes. Is this in California? Now now he's he's a hunter, I mean the guys it just a hunter period. He got one of the things he's done. He found a puppy, a coyote puppy that had been abandoned, and so he adopted it and she lives with them. It's really. What color is your local? A coyotes can't tune to human faces like they're, basically sociopathic they they're, not but dogs. You can't investigate that matter, maybe not true, because this Donna seems to be very playful with them. Yeah and and like because biting his hand and I'll yeah, but not hurting in these ease of petting it and and the dogs it's playing with other dogs. You know
you can raise because, like you know, I raise I go to this yeah I go to and work with. These displays will connection, and essentially it's like I'm, always a which once the most wolf, which one is the highest content of wolf in it like a lot and I like it, doesn't really matter. It's back to the nature. Nurture thing is that there are some wolves that were raised by the dogs that have more dog like qualities in some dog stories like molten, have more wolf like qualities, right click, the nature and nurture thing yeah. That makes sense. You know this. This is what is it got rolling in feces they're, really common, possibly dogs, ancient instinct to mask is sent which then able to animal to sneak up on their prey without detection. So you might keep her so I guess dogs with have dog proof as well, so my dog doesn't roll in my other dog shitt, only Coyote shit you know what I mean so anything that perceives fuckin' tanks cute
they're, probably not worried about a fucking, Coyote Coyotes Hunt, in fact in packs, and they learn one and they surround them, and every toy story about the guy who worked at the pet food store is not worked at the pet food store also worked at a veterinarian's place and they got this dog in. It was one of those giant pit bulls, one of those like one hundred and twenty pounds, muscular pit bulls yeah, it was covered with cuts all over its body were required, hundreds and hundreds of stitches, and so he asked the owner like what happened was I don't know he goes? I came home and he had gotten out of the yard. He was covered in blood. It was all fuckedup because I don't know what happened, and so they stitch the dog out and then they. Literally follow a blood trail up into the hills where he finds nine dead dot, she's Pitbull Pit Bull, the in and the coyotes ambush dumb and he killed the mall it's He goes. It was like homie right there exactly. I don't think it was like Vietnam. Dude was like just next
it opens right, that's torn apart and arms snapped off. He goes. Is this pit bull just killed the pit? Bull had a head, I got and their muscles are in there had him was a monster, don't know I have my you're bitten off by one yeah like a it happened so fast it. I didn't. I didn't feel anything I didn't mean to do it. I felt no pain, didn't mean it was like it. So it doesn't have and we talked about it on the podcast right, so it's like, but I just so fucking fast. I didn't even feel it. I felt no pain, that's how fuckin' precise it was so they say about shark bites. Then you, don't you don't feel the bite into the real as your legs miss actually that girl Bethany something she said it was like an orgasm is like bliss, because so much dopamine rushes to the area so that you keep fighting like actually cook felt good thing come to about a thirteen year old, talking orgasms
how God we're going to jail? Did you know that it was like in May? Maybe I'm maybe your baby, I'm putting that in there, because I want to look at so I don't have a plan. I do feel myself walking on eggshells around anything sexual machine. Now you can't be a woman, I I would say this right now. You can say whatever the what connects you know. Women are next and they should be they should they should. If women are printers and down using their power to coerce people, they should have seen her. He wants him to. You haven't seen it. No all of the south, it Wednesday I'll, tell yeah lens day yeah for sure, but I thought I don't that's. That's nonsense that any guy well there are, I know guys that have been victimized by women at work. Hi TJ, member of the amazing atheist, was telling the story about the woman that he worked with is always grabbing his making uncomfortable and she was like his boss. He was you, know real, socially awkward in this up situation, but that's super rare and I think
but this is a balancing thing is this. You know I thought was the most hilarious thing about the women's March that people are angry, white women were wearing pink hats, because not all women have a giant is because not all women out shine as it is this trans women. These are two women of color. It's both their offensive to women of now I can transmit heard this how many trans women were marching in the women's March, and I saw bunch I mean I I didn't know they were trans based on their appearance, calm down internet. I know them personally, so I knew that they were trying to sniff them out. For this thread, dude, except I mean There- was a thread on my twitter that I wasn't even involved with where these trans people in these lesbians were going at it back and forth, and it was fascinating because Lesb
ends. Are one of the few groups that don't feel intimidated to talk shit to trans people there, like so they're like inoculated against the yen, and they were saying that these trans people are homophobic. Trans women. It was crazy with working papers, for I mean for seven or eight days were going at it back and forth, but essentially the Trans women. This is what the these were saying that the the violence, the your sexual via the innocent way, intersection known, though the violence between women, women on women, violence in relationships, domestic violence, aha, that was this just mistakes were skewed because uh out of it is trans women that were attacking women, that they were in relationships with, because these women that are Trans women. They have the same behavior that men have listed okay, nation, torture, mystic violence checked, and so they were saying at the end. She was citing statistics about
How many of these women that were the the the victimizers were? Not they weren't? They would not specify their gender at birth there, talking about the current gender in which is like Nothing now you don't have to like you could get arrested if you're Trans woman for beating up a woman and say: okay, you're, a woman, I know so. Yes, I am a woman. We drank more of a man right on your business, like okay So there was a Chantilly deep, that's fascinating, because one of these lesbians had started this with these transwomen was very educated about cystic sim was. It was attacking these trans women. She was saying essentially like don't go around and say because you've been a woman for a year and a half yeah yeah, yeah yeah off rates right and because you were just had male privilege
two years ago or whatever you had a girl and was that video that that God, that comedian, we is that it yeah yeah, I I'd so I ran into him yesterday, Kyle down again yeah. I ran into on his twitter page pirates of the thing that he did with with can't. You know it's a it was general, Bruce Nokia, no Caitlin, Caitlin Jenner. I can change my love coming in here. There's no pc ship allowed in here at all, but from the beginning and give me some volume sold out before you play it before you play. This is what I went back to this is so Kyle Dunning. How do you say his name John again, Kyle Dunnigan Face Swap with Kim. Dash in and Caitlyn Jenner, and so take it from the beginning? It's uh hey how about this women's movement, huh it charge,
Now yeah you lived as the man must again. Not you few sharish brochures to make me just pain, actually climaxed yeah up me too, and can you that was you, though trash, can blame the Becca mentioned nice. What's your next question, what was I wearing jage? What are you wearing super cat? Alright, that's gonNA, Karen Karen hundred hundred bucks if a cat was worth it, that's it So that's. Where did you find out it's sort of weird noises, Graham somebody sent it to me, I think, that's his twitter, but
let me send it to me on his instagram page. He does. He does tons of this. You know him, but he does a bunch of these in their fucking whole area. He wrote her name, she wrote and Amy Schumer Show feels really funny can't remember back in the day he that cow come work. He did that cow commercial back in the day was a chick filet or something where he was like dancing with the cow. Do you know what I'm talking about? We don't have to play that I don't like, but I just mean like it was something funny he's funny he's trying to chick fil a yesterday. Why do you eat fast food occasionally on Sundays, chick fil, a is flocking, delicious, but it must be to it but couldn't go on some terrible for you or five guys, Why can't use on Sunday because they are open the baby Jesus check, Oh because Chick fil, a is fucking super religious, I'm going to have an abortion in the chick fil, a bathroom. Don't do you think that would have said any money or we yeah, I feel
I heard we're not supposed to eat chick flick is that you can't eat anywhere. We tried to boycott. I was somewhere the other day and I was glitching out there like. We can't that's a Mario but Alley restaurant. How big can everyone stop raping people, so I can eat my favorite pasta about Monique, telling everybody to boycott Netflix, crazy huh I mean that's a fucking saying only getting a half a million dollars for an hour, but it's like most for most people that still could sane flicking amount. I mean that's an insane amount of money, it's insane as her comparing herself to Chris Rock relatable Amy Schumer. You know like she's, not as famous so there's a little scale and by the way, hey disparity stuff is tricky because you get paid based on the value that you bring. You know who else was going on that Kathy Griffin, Kathy Griffin was something sing something, but she did twenty three stand up. It shows date, two, twenty three standing ovations, I'm doing a special. She would be willing to do a special, but you want to make sure she gets equal pay for a an eagle,
pay for women and she was making it a part of that like there's nothing on Shano and go somewhere else. You know there's so many outlets. Now, there's epochs, there's parking, who there's so many places just say: no, here's the thing they pay you what they think. It's worth it on how popular you are based on how popular stand up is based on what they think they can do. So you can tell yeah I mean that's why Dave Chappelle gets the most. That's why Amy Schumer got a lot. She was selling out fuckin' redone, spelling out arena. Money is not doing that for her to compare herself to those. Two people is fucking, crazy, angry and she's, basing it on her tickets, like their box office for movies, that she within like well well well so you're not just getting paid that amount you're getting paid when the special air is the tickets are going to sell because that special with streaming, you know, like future crazy when they start to boycott you need to break. We need to bring anyone Netflix. Could they headed?
said openly, Lynch someone and not one person with stop watching network. They were in trouble that, with the Kevin spacey thing they had to do something about that and they did and they did and they didn't yeah I mean they lost a lot of money on it. Yeah they lost their nine million bucks yeah between that yeah. It was all right all the Kevin Spacey. Then they can yeah. I saw them when we were when we were there yeah. Well, that was were Gore. Vidal he's go to bang dudes, but I feel like that's right, but I feel like that it had to get this bad for people to be You know what we're not gonna hire these people, because it's it's gonna. It has to be like a bottom line issue like I'm, not gonna hire a bus because it's too expensive you ever seen the Gore Vidal, William, F, Buckley Documentary now we're details. If that was at his lover, no, who does the opposite? They hated each other. William F Buckley he was.
A british conservative guy who was very popular during the day yeah- and this is from the nineteen sixties on television and they were debating back and forth, Corvette Dial and William F Buckley. To be. You know liberal versus conservative, but like on national television news like these, really our contention highly charged debates and it kind of sunk, William, F, Buckley Career, because it one time Gore Vidal, called them, and Nazi call them NEO Nazi or something on those lines and then blame at Buckley said something called him a and queer and I'll I'll punch your face up a sock. You in your nose and you'll stay plastered like lost his cool on television, called him a queer on television, and it was like this wo moment and William F Buckley's lovely. I love. When people lose their shit
but who really is yeah? You pressure one hundred and seventy snaps, like I love thinking about what, in thirty years or when you look back and be like, you can't believe you spoken to say that you know like retard. We used to just say retard retard, not only being retired is just a human who does. The word is not. The word is retarded means like to slow the growth of sister attorney that business retarded ideas like or like, like, ok, like denying someone birth control that is retarded. Retired, at its like socially retarded right, because it's regarding bright selling progress. Yes, I don't think that's a bad word. Yeah, I would, I think, is a bad thing is to mock someone who has a disability, but I don't think they do you're. Always talking about that. When you saying that word yeah, I think we have a real problem with language policing. I think we have a real problem with denying the use of the sounds. There's supposed to be: it's like you, noise. So I understand what you're saying
stand like it. There has to be context like I understand I have to It's supposed to be a sound that you make, so I can understand what you're trying to convey right and that's. But if you say that's retarded and I go you mean you know, that's sing a chromosome. You know like it's like, but that would be me saying that's down syndrome right, that's true! You know I'm saying yeah I took it. I figure out what the ideologies of the word I did not know this happened recently. Someone said in the writers room, she's, uppity I did not know that that was a slave term. We all learned very quickly that that was a term that is what it means. Yes, the ideology of it was to describe a slave that was acting out and we learn wow. I always thought he was someone who is like a highfalutin like now some rich person, I thought it was just someone who is some Berber, Kelso Trick and what participate or who is resisting, but it's actually has origins in it same with, like Patty Wagon is like offensive to irish people. 'cause it used to describe drunk irish people like
Irish people, don't care trust me! It's in one, slash! Four irish! We don't give a full. Of course it's like non irish people are the ones that were found in funny. Like one slash four Irish, I can't really say I'm irish, but if I was one slash four of black, you would be Afro. That would be a part of the community and then there was another one under your thumb. If you have someone under your thumb, it's a rolling stone song yeah, but it was it used to be. That was the thickness of a switch that you could hit your wife with that had to be it couldn't be thicker than your thumb, yeah. Like there's like. Is there any outlet, your etymology etymology of those words which I just didn't know? Do you know the term fagot where that came from cigarettes, no Six! Oh that's right right and do you know why did it turn into a gay slur? This is with this. Would piss me off on Louis C, K show on the use this urban myth that the what it meant was that a bundle of sticks was a fagot and so uh
Gay man was a fagot 'cause, they were a bundle of sticks and you would burn them in a fire. That's not true at all, So he didn't know that, wasn't I don't know it's convenient to ignore going today. His research, it's not hard. What a bundle of sticks was referred to was a burdensome woman. They would call burdensome woman, a fagot, because she was very difficult to carry around. They would be ok, so a man who act like a woman, in fact, whoa. That's what the term meant. That's where it came from. No idea, that's the absolute origins of that term. So when people They had no idea. There was a gay guy and Louis C K show that was saying that I was it was him and nicked APOLLO and Louis were all playing cards together, and someone said some and you realize why that's so offensive is because you know they used to burn people. There's no history of gay people being burned. And like which is now by the way. Even the Salem witch trials didn't burn, which is they drown them. They drown.
And dogs. This is how fucking insane Terry one Drum Hill, they killed two dogs in the Salem witch trials. There were dogs, which is, I think this will all lives. Mass hysteria Jenna life. I think they did that I'm why they think what that does the drowning? Why the whole witch trial thing happened, Conf religious fanaticism, Urgot there was a late frost in this is been proven by course they had a late frost, and when you have a late frost on wheat, one of things that happens is back to real growth on the week. It read it. It is s actually urgot- is very similar to lysergic acid, very similar to LSD, an cows were dying and she right, and they thought it was like witchcraft yeah, which is coming out that, but that could be another simple. Is this disease like in everyone had hepatitis back burger is a psychedelic and so these, people literally on acid and they were freaking to out thinking, they were being hexed by witches,
and there are paranoid. Why would only women white I think men were being which is as well. I guess a couple of men men did die, but I'm babies, they kill a couple of baby Jesus. Christ lost their fucking minds, fuller on acid but up to eight, I think you know, given the situation when men are in a position of power, which they almost always were back then and then something's happening to them. Now they would go for the weakest thing, which is probably a one or a single woman or woman is weird anyway, and just like that bitch I mean it's also just annoying that now people it is a witch on this is the way China like, without even knowing that that word is actually something describe what man used to hunt when it and now they're using it as a way, because it's funny this like men, I mean you, know man, thinking that we're like hunting them or it's some kind of like Mccarthyism or something yeah well Witch Hunt. The idea is that you're looking for something? That's not really there exactly yeah exactly you know. I guess I just don't know a lot of people who are doing that. Yeah
I think, there's a real problem. We have like we said earlier about tribalism about being on trying to map shaming. It's a mass shaming when Jeezy there's. Definitely that known for sure, but I'm saying what I'm saying is that people identifying with all women or men identifying with all men yeah like it, especially man I do like I I have this, but those two for awhile about a bumper circular saw on a car. It said girls kick no sign of that. So I tried not I hate that says some of them. I I and some of them are late. Even I mean we're getting into the service in the, but I do point I the point is you can never have that about men like a guy, have a bumper sticker. That said, boys Kickasso Bigfoot all the covert yeah. What are you doing? What's in your car, so yeah? So here's what I'll say I do have a lot of girlfriends who are conflating. You know empowerment with entitlement totally.
I have a lot of girlfriends who think their feminists and they're actually just assholes like I have that I talk about this a little bit. It's really run stage yeah. I have a couple girlfriends who are like. I need Amanda respect me and respect me only, but you need to get those photos of you in tank, tops that say Rosnay all day off your fucking instagram. Before we have this conversation or not recognize who you are or but, like you know, then I earned my respect to you know you don't automatically get respect just because you're, a woman, that's entitlement to you know you still have to like watch your TED talk and read a book every now and I still have to like be cool and know what you're talking about. So it's like you know I I'd there's. Definitely some duds, I'm one of those people. You know there are now on the team. That's attacking, and this is and there's a tribal like, and this is no different than someone like the patriots will kill canal yeah. That's that's tribal too yeah same thing: it's a natural inclination that people have, but it's also the same time like I. You know, I think, a lot of guys. I've heard we look, will you go?
Is he tall men and you think all men are assholes, it's like for me. It's actually the opposite. I know a lot of really amazing men that have self control and restraint that I'm comparing the shave. Heads too, now like in your guises, say that those are just what air, they're guilty there saying that you hate all men. No, I get the people like you. You bitter you know feminists that hate and, like you can't even say something their tribal. You want to stand up for tribe mail instead of just objectively looking at this and what's going on well imagine being a woman man, imagine being a woman who's been working in an office in dealing with this ship, all of your life, imagine being a woman has been raped. Imagine being a woman who's been, you know how to walk down the street past. You guys they grab a rousing, harassed or learn about the neurological ramifications of that to go on I ii, like sometimes we can't speak out. Sometimes we freeze like you that you know and the It's just like nobody wants to look into that research. There are some women very few, but some women that hate men there are some men
is there. A way to hold gender is a trauma response that is a one person hurt me or a couple of people hurt me and I need to generalize about all of them to give myself a false sense of safety. I have friends that have been divorced couple times and those are the trickiest ones those guys like they literally like they have this idea that there's like that uh the enemy, the enemy and they take your money. They they no pretending like you, they pretend they thank you and then eventually they turn on you and they get their lawyers and they take your money. And then I go what's going on with you that you keep gravitating that woman now that's my that is What's going on with you that you, like you, had no idea where people are very different in the big women that have as much money as you, People have real personal sovereignty in the beginning of a relationship like interesting, beginning relationship. The lock on like is going to be. The person makes me feel better about life yeah. This is going to be the person that brings me joy is going to be the person that brings me lust and Jackson. And this is and then afterwards you get bored with each other and then people get resentful.
And this is the thing about men with money that I've always said like when a man with he is dating a woman who doesn't have money, then this is weird dynamic, but I think you like it first or some guys like at first okay, the man when the man with money is dating the woman that doesn't have any money, the one and is like this guys got money this amazing. But then, when they get married, she's good, I need now. It's like now, you're another guy like I'm a rich lady. Now like now, I have money. Thank God. Divorces do number, I'm rich. See so and then they're getting. If they get a title. The money, I would say I would never take money of the guy I'm dating I'm are more. You had married, that's not a friend yeah you're, not I mean, but that dynamic of the by having all the money in the woman being like a waitress or something like that, it's a normal, dynamic yeah when it happens like men like it, because Look at me, you know I have I'm so advanced in comparison to you, she and financially, where she is. I have,
these things that I can offer that you could never get on our own we're going to fly to Paris in a private jet. I'm going to blow your mind. You know that kind of shift right and then the woman marries his fucking asshole and then next thing you know she is rich too she's got Gucci bag. In the big diamond and she's driving a ferrari and she's. Like you know, I don't want to suck this guys dick anymore. I'm tired, I'm tired of it. I'm tired of the whole thing, and then you know she's impressed anymore because she's wealthy too, so you he's not a wealthy guy anymore, yeah, yeah he's just a guy because she's wealth. I see there now equals and he doesn't have something that I can't exactly access on my own. I don't need him any exactly. I don't I've. Never I don't. I've not had money before and I've been hungry and poor before I guess I get that, but I don't know maybe it's just maybe things going to change in terms of like maybe we'll look back in forty years and be remember, remember forty forwarding old, just used to date broke twenty year. Olds lie
I mean we're going to happen. It's still going to happen. We're biologically wired. You guys are biologically wired to want to. You know, talk women that are fertile. I totally that much is that it might be a liability logically wired to want to fuc successful, mature men that are that have their shit together. They're more emotionally stable there physically more together, yeah are you my dad? I've done it, but this is not even the dad thing. It's just of a position of power like that someone is yeah like they've accomplished, something maybe that's looking to be. The new Darwinism is just as like. I don't need to date, a man who has power. I don't really need protection right, because we have alarm systems and I've a lock on my door and whatever, but we're still wired to seek man. There are alphas that have power that resources, even though you know we're now don't think that's going to go away anytime soon, less we go full socialist like we're not as a Rebol, as we were two thousand years ago. You know yeah well, would
only I'm sure two thousand years ago, men and women and had a much more different dynamic than they have a two thousand eighteen. No, it's it's getting better yeah! I think. Overall, we have less violence, we have less crime. We have less almost everything today than we did two thousand years ago and I think in, but I think that amount of radical changes happening like we were talking about before between one thousand nine hundred and sixty and today. But if we go another fifty the future is going to be even more insane, but it just might be like, like the guy, the people that driver the ones that are able to have some self control over their primordial brain? So it's like you. It's like I want a ferrari like I would love to, but it just doesn't make sense. Don't want to suck that Donald Sterling guys. Dick, do you mean, like totally like, seem worth I'd love to eat pizza every night, but I'll fucking die? That's not hell I'll get fat. You know you will just start to understand the consequences of dating the person that we are sort of, Emily attracted to and just go like. I know what that is. That's what I want, but I can't have everything I want 'cause, I'm a fucking human adult. I think there's also
a real this. The way human beings back to the way. We even think in the way. What we think is acceptable and isn't acceptable changes with the culture, and I think, like it's one of the problems with going back to like nine sixty and being upset at some of the way people behaved, because, men. That is the way people behaved back. Then we know better now, but to get mad add an a man who behaved a certain way, not I'm not talking about drugging and raping and stuff like that, yeah certain years ago when it was socially acceptable, sexist behavior from nineteen sixty. That was just normal yeah like I think this is just a part of the culture and people thought. That's how you behaved now. People are shifting and I think we're and also I think, one of the things that's going on. One thing: that's empowered, the women's movement, the powered, a lot of other movements is access to information, correct, it's radical, it's happening so fast and it's inundating us and we have to catch up to it. It's like it's happening, so God Dam,
quickly there we were just trying okay what what? What is okay now? What's not okay! Now? What can we do work when not to an access to each other? Never before have ten women, all assaulted by the same man been able to meet, other right well held through run into to do the grocery store. Hey, were you assaulted by that guy by any chance like we're able to find each other on Jenny? Were you talking about Steve Carell in the office? Was it you that was talking about that yeah? What about what you watch the old episodes of the office, which is not that long ago, yeah he was such a creep. You can't really do that. Thank you, but he was kind of like a bomb laying yeah. You know like family. So what was the deadliest like? There was. I think the perceptive said we're across is that the cell purses and he's just like makes a big to do it just like a You can have the conference room and guess what I just got this espresso maker don't make give it to you 'cause. I won't. Oh need at home.
Get a ride home, but surely the fear to it. The right home thing was a very particular could be thing based off. Today is like world right, and I think that, like I mean you know and what I know about the english version, I don't know what the intention was for the american version. The idea was to make him kind of polarizing and make it's it makes you uncomfortable, and he you know it's crazy it not long ago yeah. It was like it's like you know. It's like you know it's interesting, because so much of this is almost it's 'cause, it's so intangible, it's hard to explain, I think this is why a lot of guys are getting annoyed, because when you granular about it. It makes us seem like we're just being crazy, because so it's like you hug me at the comedy store and it feels different than when the let's call him Joe blow hugs me there's just something creepy about Joe blow and there's something not creepy about you, and I can't explain it and I can't tell you why, and I sound crazy and manic an history that doesn't sound because it's the same way with gay guys, there's certain gay guys that hug me where it's creepy. Okay, gay guys that hug me on one and out anybody, but this certain guys that
give me a mark what's up Yamaha and it's all just and friendly, and it's cool it doesn't matter if they're not, but then there's other guys that they hang on to me a little a little squeeze my back a little, and it just gets these a little little extra going on okay and I and I think that that's what we get females are kind of trying to set was sort of say with the more granular stuff in with easy story and stuff it's like. I know it sounds like I'm being crazy, but I promise there something creepy about it, and I know that I don't have proof in a photo evidence, but I am I, but the more we talk about the crazier I sound, but I think that that is just making me think. Steve crawl thing is making me it's like a hug that lasts a little too long. I had a guy once in an office. The stories like like you: don't have to try to tank a guy life from a bad date. It seems like you, both eighty two other out went down on each other and it's it sounds like it sucked but
in your anonymous and then you're you're, twenty two or twenty three witnesses like poor judgment and here's. The thing all t does a lot of cruelty involved, like somebody described it as revenge porn for women. Yeah sorry has never but it's just like look this is not these. These are not comparable crimes to like what we've been discussing, and I don't know if and I can't speak to saying who's guilty and all that sir. I don't I don't. I don't what have. I don't think there's enough for our information, but I don't think that that this person is coming forward. Equating to rape. I think women know that there's different echelons there's right. There's such sexual assault assault, I mean look. I don't know about an old and I don't know he's over there. But, like I do know in my twenties, I'm not saying this is again, I don't know, but in my 20s I had a lot of sex that I felt I was coerced into that was transactional sex that I didn't want to have you know, and this is something we talk.
The female brain movie is that men are less able to read cues motion cues on here on faces than women are I would that work so appearance? So we have a ball to cry. For times more easily, because men have a harder time. Reading the emotional cues on faces That's why women cry using other cries are because men are designed to sort of like see movement at the Honda and it right you're not designed to sort of read like she frustrated or angry. You know like have you ever been on a double date with your wife and, like you thing that hit her in the other? I can't imagine you wanna double date. That's so weird thinking about it. I've done those things really in the very early stages on him. I've done recently, but if you really annoying yeah and you gotta double date and like you have to fucking talk to the guy and he's asking one million questions about hunting and you're like this listen to my podcast. Why do I fucking do this for free and then your wife is talking to the other girl and you it's going well, and the girl gets the car and you're like a little unwell and you're like she was such a bench. I couldn't fucking stand her and you're like it seems like you guys got along great. You know
because that ever happened to you. My wife saw like that. Okay is to strike out at. Talks have she's not like she. If she thought something was bad, she would let it like right away while she would just be obvious or just sort of like sometimes there's like Basically we talked about the movie is like is just men are not as good at reading emotions on faces. So it's like if you were to say like Whitney. How are you- and I was like I'm fine- you might just be like ok, she's, fine, let's move on a lot of guys can't understand that. There's a discrepancy between what I'm saying and how I'm saying it, and it's like about just reading like how muscles move on human faces. So it's like you can look up. The difference and you know so- I'm not defending men in that area. I think that that an interesting conversation that might come up at some point is who have autism, are really going to be fucked in all of this people who can't pick up on social cues. 'cause, so much of this is nonverbal. I fear that we're going to get to a place where we're going to have like sign contracts and ship before we have sex and stuff, because you know,
that in my twenties and I'm freezing up just talking about it is that when man made physical man says to me, I would be giving off these nonverbal cues. I wasn't saying no, but my body was saying now and I'm not saying it's necessarily a guy who supposed to like be able to read my body language, but that's what was happening 'cause I froze up because of my trauma response not to scare Dan. Also we are conditioned to be submissive to men. I am conditioned to feel shame if I don't fuck a guy in a certain time I spent way to mainly I thought was the opposite. I thought you would feel shame if you've talked to guide too quick, if I got a guy on the first day, you feel shame, but if you there's a sort of like unspoken rule that you like kind of have to a guy on the third day, wow, that's yeah totally in my Do you not think that Jamies never heard of this either? I feel like guilt and shame and I'm difficult and I have a prude and I'm like. I would never see you yeah. This might just be me, but like every I mean every girl that I know that I maybe it's just my generation or something every guy out there is like. Oh, I gotta do is just get three
aids in and wear and think about all think about negotiate. So just the just the tip is like something we just right, but it is based in the idea of negotiating for sex. So if someone is starting to say just the tip, that means I've already No, no, it will come on Hubbard, just a blow job and then, like now, just come on just the tip. It's like we joke about. But that means that in negotiations going on and I've already said, no and then you just get worn down and that's like transactional sex, which I think women are I'm just I want to that all women, but some women are like sort of like. I don't want to have that kind of transactional sex anymore and, like like, I feel like I'm being used it's a blow up doll, and I think from what I understand that girl felt as she felt like she was like rush through dinner. An like went back and was sort of expected to and be fucked, and I think a lot of what's happening is that men were promised something
born and women were come as something from romantic. Comedies men were promised that women might want it all. The time and women have been promised that men like want to talk to us, and I think these expectations are clashing, so I think it's a little bit of nature and little bit of nurture so a lot of it being media misrepresentations of actual relationships and that's the models that people are acting on, maybe yeah. I think it's different for every person, 'cause every person has a different. Parents with sex, everyone has a different ability to read faces. Everyone has a different nature and nurture everyone had different parenting, and then there's a problem with like. Sometimes you really shouldn't be with that person, and you there yeah. And what do you do? What do you do? I mean I do I've literally had sex before just to like get out of there. Usually- God, God, I don't wanna- argue with this person right now, but I feel like this person feels entitled to my body. Feel shame and I'm embarrassed and like it's just all the stuff, that's really kind of hard to explain, and I think it's probably
is annoying to the guy, and I just like I don't want to be difficult and I've been so gaslit to believe that I'm difficult it just gets like really messy and then, by the time you figure it out. You've already had sex in years. Don't cry. My parking pass back citizens as part of just being human trying to navigate your way through the fucking treachery waters of social interaction and send it interactions, I did figure out till I was thirty. Two years old, I wasn't able to like articulate or figure out whether I actually want to be having sex or not. So, like my advice to my guy friends, is: do not have sex with girls in under thirty, because, like I could not, I didn't have the ability to even know or say what I want so? I was like for men. A lot of men feel like if you have sex with the girl who's under thirty, then it's fun and you can have fun, but if you have sex with a girl who's, over thirty. Their okay does that express and time it's on a fresh during you into this. You know relationship very quickly what your intentions! Where is this going? I don't know what we just.
We stand with our beach or find another one there's tender you can find plenty of women in their 30s would be likely just wanted to come down and it's working. Well, let's work this out. I mean look how you're going to have to start talking to each other I guess in like setting expectations. I know that sounds like a nightmare. It doesn't it so much drama pc, but it's also it's like so funny this is totally like. I'm probably shouldn't that's what I was thinking. Again they had dinner and afterwards, whatever she wasn't into it, and I was like that is already I never wanna have sex after dinner. I think it's discussed I'm like a full line. Yeah. I don't want anything in my body after I've eaten like I need a couple I like to have sex before I eat some was going down. You have to far I'm like. I can read it word. If I'm just to soon that any sex after dinner is not going yeah
definitely grossed out by looking. If I just like eat chicken parmesan like I don't want, you know nothing! I do now. So I I just know that I've had a lot of sex in my twenties that I didn't wanna be having that felt transactional. They just didn't feel you know, I think you know who really wants in on this prostitutes. ' and I think if prostitution was legal, see the problem. She being legal, Cecil, still shameful and still look down upon is so you can keep your job, you get to keep what I get to keep your job like I just said no, I mean like, if you're afraid of sexually assaulting someone accident or having an inter personally, a at work and all the stuff that's going on just like having sex with a hooker like you're, not getting. Tired not going to report you. Yes, but it's very proud Manic in that establishes this dynamic between a man and a woman, were it's very transactional, yeah yeah and then went if you get a custom to transactional, said
It could make it worse when you're actually with like, then your thought is just I just gotta pay for it. Yeah wow wow, to deal with your bullshit. I just be a grown up baby. I tend to get Dick sucked all time just mean if like men need to, I literally was saying the other day I was like. I would like someone to invent like a virtual the game, so that women can understand what sex feels like from like. It must be so amazing thinking about it, quite like it's more amazing for guidance for just because I like to be willing to like throw away your career, and we take that big of a risk. That's not what it is! No lights it's! This is what the way I described it. In one of my specialist I said being a man is like having a small twenty four hours, sperm factory with a very shity agreement with the union. They got one every truck. Now your
one warehouse in packages are piling up everyday and you dig is like yeah. I know in the more it stacks up more desperate. You get the more you willing to negotiate the more. I do stupid things, the nature being a human being, as men are trying to get rid of calm because making it all day long all day, long or making com we're we're com, factories, that's what we are and and when, when a man doesn't have sex for a few days you don't like I went through. I did experiment on my website like a few but many years back. Why didn't jerk off for a month? What happened? holy function wall, so desperate yeah like just touching people, just getting a hug your tickets, hard he's like this is bizarre like because most the time guys handle it by just jerking off. Just like it's like a relief you just you're, you literally are backed up by pressure and you relieve it. I don't know what it's like to be a woman, but one thing I do
So is your not making a thing that you have to get rid of correct like we have that and the difference between guy being on like day, one of no jerking off versus day thirty, it's you're, a totally different human being wow you're desperate you know and men who don't ever get touched and don't ever get to have sex are extremely desperate and it will do almost anything they will negotiate in very bizarre ways in order to be involved in relationships. That's why MC men that are quote pussy like why are they pussy? What is that that's the only option they have for these are weak people, I'm the only should we have is to acquiesce to whatever desires and needs the woman has right. You have to submit you have to and then she'll throw some pushy at you like a dog throws fuckin' your way literally. What happens? I just thought of airborne posed to hear my question, but but These men had no lack
and putting in their lives. These are men, the men, the powerful men that are going down right. These are men that could suck whenever they want tonight, but they're still there, famous magazine thing. He had the most people live on the planet. I don't know she wasn't thinking. I don't think he was a fucking addict and I think that's another part of the conversations addict and he's a fat fox who's, a food addict, then they shove all big, addict and power of the dead baby. I just stopped and things in his body. I mean it's not like. I don't, because we couldn't find anyone whenever he wants and thematic yeah story about Bill Cosby I used to
I did this casino once and I talked this woman who was one of the managers, the casino she said Bill Cosby would make the entire staff watching eat curry before he would perform, they would have to watch him eat it coming to his dressing room and he would talk to them. He will watch him eat and that's what he would do wouldn't when he wanted the when he was for eating his food before a performance. Everyone had to watch him. Then he had someone. Security guard talk him into bed at night. They had to talk him in so he laid in bed and they would talk him in and then shut the lights off and close the door He went mental illnesses that delusions grandeur, complete separation from normal society. This thought that he is royalty right. This is what I think I think the same behavior the kings. Have you see that with dictators see that with celebrities that are especially celebrities that again became super famous. Fifty sixty right right right right, you
famous sixty years or there's some people like Danny Masterson who's young. This guys, not you know the Danny Masterson one is interest. 'cause he's a Scientology yeah, of course yeah. I mean I'm not saying that it's no different! I don't I mean now. I think he's left. I don't know if they could embrace that. I don't know enough about Paul Haggis to this. Is one of the things that they were saying him. They think that he's being set up under and buy it right so yeah. I know Leah Remini. I heard her say that she was in these are fake out. I don't know. If that's true, I think Danny Masterson didn't leave like I don't think was a point. I've been hearing this for years, so you have right now and I did hey. You tell everybody. This is my phone as a phone. So let me know if this is true, but I tell you because I don't want to hear the bad about it. Ten years from now, I know totally, like you know, like it heard creepy shed about him, but it's like. Why did the young guy like that who can fuck anyone whenever he wants, have to do something like that
it's like. I understand if you have all this, but the packages in the sperm building up, but why can't you just jerk off? I can't you just someone consensually to see that's a different thing, though the rate things a different thing: yeah rape thing is d human Zing power thanks like You say no fuck, you don't say no to me like I'm going to fucking. Do this to you and you know: there's uh not sax, there's something way more, because if you can get hard, when a woman is sits, crying and wants you to stop in saying. Please stop yeah, you know, don't rape me there's something to this. You know I don't want you to do this every night and you could you could still do that. That's like some yeah, it's a really some because it's like, I I mean there could be some sort of obviously not to defend it, but some sort of service rival, instinct and being able to procreate with a woman who's not interested like our biology, is still not checked for, like overpopulation in the fact that we no longer need to force ourselves upon women to proliferate,
he says. Yeah there's got to be some leftover. Ancient horrible rape, dna 'cause there a lot of people that we're I mean king is Con yeah, his jeans or in some on God, let's right now, yeah yeah shucks. Yeah yeah, I mean it's interesting like I'm just so curious how things are going to evolve, like are the people that are going to proliferate, the ones that have the most control. Where is it used to be? Your, were your masculinity or we are value, was defined by how strong you are, but how powerful and maybe the new power is self control and restraint? Well, I think maybe people need to start looking. Each other as other human beings instead of us versus them, and I think, that's part of the women's movement that same part of the men's side of it. That's an issue that I think we have to get past tribalism, yeah. I think you know Dan Harris from good morning. America,
podcast today we're talking about in terms of politics. He was saying toxic tribalism. I love that term. You tune because that that that is, that is a across the board, an issue in this country right versus left that's an issue in this country with basically everything men versus women. I think I have to just look at each other as human beings and you know, I'm not I'm not pro men, I'm not pro woman either I'm pro human humans and and there's a lot of really shitty men out there and there's a lot of really shitty women correct and it's it's a real. Problem, if we lump everybody into well, women want this and women are not. Women are not going to do that. Women are not going to lie about rape. Women are not going to. Of course they are just like men are going to lie about shores. People are liars point. There's a lot of people that are just poorly formed human beings, and they are now a part of a righteous tribe, of people that are attacking this other tribe and it's like most people, most women didn't March
they did. Fifty million women were March. Most women did not give a funk most. Would I mean what numbers are pretty stack? staggering, but there is something interesting I think about what happens when a group of women get together 'cause. I think It has at least in my experience, especially like in the workplace, and I and I was like trying to do some research on this, and I don't know enough about it, but there's called, I believe it's called favoritism bias and it's how women in a workplace actually compete with each other, because they're afraid that the man is going to think that they're favoring, are gender, so they're actually shity. It's like click Queen Bee Cindy hum or something where it's actually, I've experienced a lot of Titian with other women, because there's so much scarcity for jobs like women, just getting in the workforce like in the last ten twenty years. This is kind of new, so it's sort of like bitchs buck in my job, oh hell. No, so I think, for actually on the same team, not to support toxic tribalism is actually kind of refreshing thing to do you like
we're not competing for a man we're not competing for a job, we're actually going to unite, like I think, there's just some people there's something that kind of healing about that at least for now yeah. I agree with that. I've experienced women confiding in me about other women like in comedy. They're, so shitty and judgmental and critical, like I've? Had women say things about other women comedians like what you really she's like that yeah like yeah she's, a fucking hatch, talking terribleness number, could wait a minute. Wait a minute! Wait a minute she's funny like what talking about the get really angry about it like like what what is it? What what is that? What that, like air city complex like there's, there can only be one woman each show and it's fun. Her or me, or it's or you know. And that's like a primal thing, of course 'cause. It's like I want protection from the man 'cause, whatever there's all that sort of like old, primordial shed, but Competition between women like I have. This is the first time, I'm kind of not feeling that and it's kind of nice for the moment,
will see 'cause. I definitely know, even though I think that you know women concern- I don't remember- who I was talking about this. The other day is that basically, people are just to stop hiring stop hiring mixed like putting mixing people genders up in offices 'cause, it's just too scary. I'm concerned with this command concerned. There's going to be a little bit of a backlash that guys or something out, it's not worth hiring women, because it's going to be a nightmare. I mean, I know a lot of guys who are like I'm not. I never hire pretty assistance. I will never hire a pretty girl to me in my office 'cause, I'm just too scared the way men are going to act which he's a little crazy and unfortunate, but it's like, but it's true, no once get sued, but it's. Just don't want to get sued. You change the office dynamic if you ever really hot assistant and she's walking around with all these other guys in the office and the other guys in the office like getting her cups of coffee, and then men recognize that, like when I see a guy, that's like skis in uh,
yeah! If you, if you have need an intern or something, and you have two women that are equally qualified, an one is overweight. An fifty five and one is twenty two and gorgeous. I don't know how they could be equally qualified, but whatever like We can hire you kind of grow. This is the liability, this computer problem. Well, the five year old lady might be fucking crazy, in the will not know how to you might drop models. She might be like really interested in the you know the some of the these were interested in make it easier to talk to her or it could be the opposite, the fifty have y'all might wise and you know very calm to be around. You can't like that's a good individual actually, if you're, if you're owned by a corporation or if you're NBC or if your Disney or something I know there are a lot of conversations about like oh, like potential liability. If someone is a fifty five year old interns like well, don't you need money? Well, that's arriving at your money! Yeah! That's that's right! Now, I'm just the PA, on the show that I was on once news. Thirty nine and I was like
Why you a European your thirty nine and he turned out to be a sock. News on pills and no nose on it was like I'm like. Do I have to tell people I go? Do you see the way he's moving like he turns like really quickly? I go that guys on speed. There's one hundred percent and you know they were like you sure I go watch him. I go. Watch him he's he's twitchy with Leonard he's, always talking, he never shut the fuc up. He interrupts conversations and he injects with these long boring stories of his own, because on speed, one hundred percent- thirty nine world internet fired him? They want to find him like right after this one job that we did, but I was like okay. It was I've just I've, talked to a bunch of people who are like bosses and they're like fine I'll, just stop hiring women. That's great! Then it's like, oh god, that's cool. They're, just so afraid of getting sued or suffered of interoffice relationships. Announcer show, so I could backfire. I am too free I'm to free to have input on this. It's a it's a you know, I think,
there's a weird dynamic when men and women work together, and you have a really hilarious bit about it. Like people work in an office together like that they'd, the way they interact with each other. It's very strange, like honey badgers in a kids. This is weird yeah, so you're you. This is your new family like STAR, where, with these people eight hours a day in the year, only a suite for far yeah, you know, I'm saying how? How long do you see your wife everyday two hours, maybe right and it's fucking and then you're in traffic for three right. So what are you doing with your life? is these people, and so then your sexual situation gets weird developing bonds with them trauma bonds, especially if you're never, but they want to forever and let's hug, each other a little and their sweet to each other for it, but nothing ever comes of it, but they both know they both know they really want to flock, but they're, not going to say a little flirty a little for Nadia. Angel, silly text messages and then the wife will
now. This is an inappropriate emotional relationship down like what is I mean I can a friend, it's not easy, yeah, my work, my work has been type thing and that sort of stuff do you have a feel for you to openly talk about their work husband? I was like whoa whoa. This is dark. I mean I remember crystal yeah I was doing, show Chrisley it and we would spend all day together every day and we were like having this relationship, I mean we're also acting as girlfriend and boyfriend and we were sort of super bonded and then because you spend all day talking to each other confiding in each other. Sharing all these experiences by the time you get home to your actual boyfriend, like goodnight, and then you and then and later I'm like because remember when that directory yelled at me and they're like no. It's like, I thought I told you you don't listen to me. You don't understand me. It's only because I've invested everything in that other person that all of a sudden, it starts driving a wedge between you and your actual. So what you're supposed to do in relationships is keep everything and hold it not for Jack, Ulat NG. Basically emotionally it's like hold like. If something crazy happens to me at work, I don't confide in someone at work. I have to wait till
at home and bore the out of my boyfriend. I know this dude, who is a very funny guy and he brings his woman on the road with them and when he brings this woman on the road with them his wife for X she does not like it yeah it's got a woman. Opening act is hard. The wife is freaking. Do you truly think I I'm all for female opening acts? Obviously, okay, do you think he has any interested in our no just want to. I I mean I support having she's nice she's funny, yeah she's, a good comic yeah, you know and you he has open form yeah. I was open for yeah. I mean it's totally possible now, but you know it's that thing. You know experiencing this thing that she can't do she's the wife. Comedian. That's another thing. I think comics also have a bond that that I feel like the outside person can never totally understand. Never world just did way. We joke around with each other yeah like if
The things you and I have said to each other now, if we said these things in an office like holy loss of human resources, would both go to jail yeah. I I think you go to jail more than me. I am the worst, but thank God that, and we see lots of those friends- writers made a lot of progress rest, because what is it? Okay, so there's this famous lawsuit on friends, the writer's assistant sued, the writers in the writers room, because they were saying something about the actress says, are saying like them with twigs or I think something crazy and they sued the right assistant sued, the writers for sexual harassment and said I'd hear all this disgusting schitt, an the there's one because they said it was part of our creative process. But it is it certainly is especially with comedians. We have said ridiculous ship You could tell us yeah I mean like well. We just like guys
First of all, like Alan, a Dalea me that we will said ridiculous chefs like about each other like like, oh god, how wide fuckyou do weird funky bro. First of all time, favorite me I'm a top interesting to give in just going to give in to spit in your hand and rub it in your butt, and we will do that to each other because it's, how we make each other less, so we need something really extreme in completely forbidden to make to the left, that's correct. I think that is so fascinating. I think comedians we just have to go off the grid a little bit. Every now and then too much porn, just we need gags and fuckin' mascara running and fucking belt around your neck we need the Amputee porn yeah? We need guarantees sensitized to regular conversation. I think we have a certain threshold of adrenaline. We need, or something when I get around comets, took me so long to delineate difference between like how to act around comics and how to act around human beings.
And I also think, like partly reasonable manic when I first see a comic, it's like a puppy, seeing it so normal, and then I just get so excited that I get to be like a big conflict like I get to be bbls yeah. Then you get to be free and I think, most all day, just being work, don't say that don't say that don't say that What's our our culture, the culture of His stand up comedy it's very unusual yeah, but this is the community. It's one of the reasons why I'm very protective of that community, and it's one of things that I thought was the we're in No it's one of the things I've said about this whole Louis ck thing like he did it to one yeah us it wasn't it not that it should do it to anybody that doesn't want to jerk off in front of him yeah, but I don't think writers or interns on our writing. Staff are the for example, too, right yeah, it's like standups is one thing thing. We just had a thing you like to beat.
Pick on someone your own size. You know what I mean come check off in front of me. You know what I mean now that now I would like to see that and apparently he did do that to some comedians they laughed and he thought it was funny yeah. I restarted women, so many dicks women that he did that too. No, I didn't come out and I thought it was funny, but there's a difference free like all my god. What are you doing and like right stop and I could lose my job if I challenge you now there, but nobody's doing that now, right, no one's be enough for anybody anymore! Think that's over most don't know how people scared to talk right. I guess I just am curious what the what the neurology is of get being able to get an erection and when the girls going stop, the worse is if he didn't get directions like three quarters hard. But if that's your thing, if a woman like is that like being humiliated as an aphrodisiac or shame, I think it's driven by shame. Yeah, there's a lot It should to that for sure I don't know
I know where to go like I was re missing about PETA files and like I'm, not supportive of PETA files but like if your pet, a file, and you have horrible thoughts. There's? No, where were you can go and less you can afford therapy where you can say hey. I have some really up thought right and I wanna you kid and because shame is the engine, a pedophile, yeah yeah and you know where to go or if you do go somewhere. People are gonna go into your disgusting and they have no. Where to quell that shame and stop the cycle right and then, if you act on it, have more shame and then it just makes it worse, and most profiles were molested yeah right so with this. Is this up cycle and there's no socially acceptable place to go expressed at the in a you can go hey I want to drink, or I want to do drugs or whatever. There's no place for them to go yeah, and it's also because it's your the your thing is victimizing children. To zero tolerance for that anywhere people want to kill. You know they literally think you should be killed, will be a place like a or somewhere where you go to go like. But how would we know if it even works? That's the
problem with the artworks bullets. Well, let's in your head bolts in your head, correct yeah I mean someone's a kid. How do you feel about the fact that if you are a pedophile, that means someone will video and when were if you were a victim at some point, it's horrible as victims become perpetrator. So it's like. How do you break that cycle without just constantly people 'cause, then you shame them into isolation and isolation is where shame thrives, maybe the day, will have some sort of a form of therapy that can literally a race inclinations neck in a race, Sir dryers that takes out on this. We were trying to do right there's like a lobotomy yeah great bring those back at work.
With whatever you have to do it in there with a drill and flickering, because when you see I mean I was reading about, the dark web is the deep web or the dark black I'm one hundred years old, but like ninety percent of it is child pornography and you're. Just like there's so many like what the fuck it makes me homicidal. Did you see that hero cop this guy? the hero, cop, guys arm blown off and news like being a lie, and then they just caught on child porn, like a flock noun Miller. Can that- What can you say that the Vegas shooter apparently had one child porn? Not surprised yeah, you know so it's like but like to stop. That cycle is just so it's like the same lady of like jerking off and someone in being turned on by them. Being scared being sexually aroused by a woman being scared, there's something fucking going on there, and I don't know if it's nature, if it's nurture, if it's fuckin' Viking should pedophile.
Also it's such a forbidden topic, no one even wants to express any sort of sympathy for if those people you want to be thought of as a pedophile, yes, sympathizer, cracked correct. That's almost like a thing that you can't fix like there, the the the recidivism rate is so high if there is a way to if it's in a Dick technically an addiction I mean, I think it's probably a mental illness or some sort of trauma therapy, because those people are traumatized right. So if you're addicted to cigarettes- and you go through therapy and you kick him and then you get back on the cigarettes ten years later, I don't care, but if you're addicted to fucking, kids and then- you live and then another kid gets fucked because you couldn't keep it together anymore. I'm not I'm not willing to take that risk. That's that becomes a real problem, especially someone who has young children that freaks me the fuck out. And I like most father's her hearing my voice thinking about this right now I want to murder yeah. I just want to take that person out of the food chain and that's it
want to take that risk, and I guess the one thing I would say is like people, you know, have a lot of sympathy for children who were molested or victims of PETA files until they grow up. You know like a lot of women who are victims of that end, up manifesting as the women who can't say no or the women who are like you know trauma. Yeah, and and freeze up and stuff like that, but those women hypersexual heights, the other thing towards the doors. A lot of we when they get involved in the adult industry were molested as children like a giant percentage in order, say it's all of them. I don't want to say it's all of 'em. There's a lot of women to do it just because they enjoy it and that's totally cool but a lot a lot. There was some they they did once were back in the day, some alarming number? I just wanted a minute right. A lot of people can never come to that to come to terms with that, I was talking to a therapist who was saying something about plastics, a lot of people that get crazy plastic surgery, do it because they were molested and they're trying to change their face. So when they look in the mirror, it's not,
person that that's what they thought about Michael Jackson, really yeah. That was one of the big theories about Michael Jackson. His father abused him yeah. You know my theory about Michael Jackson. Tell people going to don't say it again. Tell me everything I think, he's a castrato. I think he had his balls removed. I think Why is voice was so high. That was a common thing, these to do with singers yeah, you ever heard of castrato music he said she. If you quit they used, do that without messing much more than I don't know, I don't you know a lot of Shih time. That's no! I'm not eat cookies. Well, Sorry 'cause, I'm my blood sugar. I don't I'm not into the sugar, though I'm not in, could Ptosis snowboard, so hungry, yeah, there's very little. Those are no cookies have very sugar in it, though, that the glycemic index on those as extreme, how do not get hungry, I don't understand, because my body burns fat, eight very little carbohydrates. Like this morning, I eat eggs and fat beef, so you never have like sugar spike sugar.
Because you don't need to have any spikes. No I'm eating fat. Most of the time I mean you fat and meat. That's what I eat, mostly God. I need to just regroup here. I need to start from its way healthier. It's way better cognitively. This is what don't get mentally tired. This way I take four naps today. Don't take any notice. This is always so freaking tired, I'm on beta blockers too. I think that's a whole other thing, but you're on beta blockers, beta blockers, I get really bad migraines and it's hormonal I think I figured that out, Beta blockers are supposed to keep you from getting nervous yeah. It stops like adrenaline. I think, from what I've understand. And I know a lot of archers use that yeah. I just for yeah, because when you're on the like an archery competitions and nerves will make you shaking. So I produce a lot of adrenaline and cortisol at the tiniest things 'cause, I'm a viking I'm sorry that damn hug woman, Getting around me, I want to hug you I'ma plugins bath, and so
I was getting really bad migraines because of my neurochemical spikes. I would get too much adrenaline and too much quarters all when I get nervous. I take two beta blockers today my cash Jesus. You had your balls cut off today would know the winners of your life the way developing they do it to a buoy when they're very young. This actually recordings of Castro's from, like the early nineteen hundreds see even get what surgeon does that such an injury kind of put before about how I'll pull it? from there so like No, no, no because it's recording, because the recording gets flagged by you to this being their proprietary or their property, their property, and so anything that you use that someone else's stuff can get. You pulled off a you tube. You know like, is a shitload of people out there that have like these nature.
Rose, is a big one. We don't get this pulled all the time really yeah people that own things can I get paid for it like the way you would license something you would you could do something like that he could give them your address the new, but you have to give them like all the ad revenue from a show yeah insane. It's insane so like if we played a clip from the office- and we played it and you could see it on the show. We would totally get fly, yeah, and if it happens more than one time, you can lose your whole channel that's insane yeah. Now that you could argue it that it's fair use, but you don't have a license to do it and if you're making money off of it, it will not be considered fairly use. So listen to this sound, What this sound is that we're hearing for tell me what is the name of this Alessandro Moreschi Sings, Ave Maria? This is young man who had his balls removed and one of things that have open to them as they get older. They never really developed masculine traits. This guy got fat, 'cause had no testosterone in notice, restroom, there's no balls, and so they have this haunting hype
edged almost female, but not quite sound, and it was a preferred, sound so much so that they would take chill drain and sell them off and they would get their balls cut off at a young age, so they would developed. Castratos and can't handle things like this yeah, this is my what about Michael Jackson, I think Michael Jackson voice was so high. It was so high pitched and like falsetto was so pure? I really no one's going to know. I mean there's no way to know, but I'm a retard, and I have my own thoughts. These are but if I'm the surgeon who did that surgery after he dies, why are not coming forward an getting five million dollars for this story whose that serve good good fucking jail Do they for ST to be cut because balls off you can't do that. My name is real, I'm I just
stupid person who is a dumb idea, which is more likely. I don't know. I think it's a pretty good explanation. I mean because the other he had other brothers did that didn't sound like that. Anything like that here. Jackson saying sounds like a man. Michael Jackson, never, doesn't add up yeah. It was all weird fish. Well, it's also used to be a as a child and his credible connection to children. This bizarre connect when you're traumatize you get stunted yeah The doctor that killed him or was nine for killing a man wrote in a book that his parents had him chemically castrated but it's also like taking as well, I mean it's what he wrote in a book I'm reading on some New Zealand New subs. I don't know how active they do that they've done, that the child molesters they do that to Charmlessly, giving them the option to so that you don't Michael Jackson, chemically castrated by parents claims doctor this is my fuckign theory goddamnit, I'm right! I'm right! I bet I'm right well his children were in his children right he's ahead.
Sexual man, but heinous things happened to Michael in his lifetime that actually changed or had him morph into who he thought he was one of those things pointing to Murray was his, arranging for his chemical castration, his these were never removed, but injections were given to Jackson. To maintain his voice is high, pitched voice of a child that went long beyond puberty. He placed his much of the. Playing for jacksons extraordinary but difficult life at the feet of his family. I fucking knew it. So let me ask you: is this something that stops testosterone production like what's given to kids, who are transitioning and that sort of thing you're done wow? That's why I was so skinny and how long ago was that I didn't want that with some more recent thing. They did that to him as a child, and why did he grow so tall? Can you still grow grow? Women are tall you're tall, you're taller than main lot of GM owes. That's why now! It's just different yeah! They didn't doesn't stop you from growing tall stops. Your muscles
developing, oh and then what does that have to do with the vocal cords? Something about your vocal cords. Testosterone changes your voice, that's why? When a woman turns into a transgender man, their voice becomes a different theories. Is that legal? No, legal chemically six straight and if it's fucking crazy, because that's that we've talked about this and resent his doctors right is that doctors right- and I bet he is right. If you brought about this as it is right, a self published a two. What is that mean known given book deal gives a fact check book deal to the Michael bad idea. Also give a book deal that me a low; no, they did. They took it away, oh do they get they lost it. He lost his book deal when
thing came out about a header met him thinking that it's ok for young boys have sex with gay men. Not great and not great. Not a great brand community has a different take on really yeah. They have a different take on it than the straight community. The the idea of gay young gay boys having sex with gay men. It doesn't bother them in the same way with a lot. I'm I'm not. Obviously I must be for the race today and I don't want to generalize, but the actions that I've had from gay friends and talk about it says way: more common huh. Well, that was the Bryan singer thing the bright So you had those parties at his house. We had a whole pool full of fucking, gay kids and more see also defended Kevin Spacey about it and learn it's different yeah, but how young like how like? How do you know if you're, seventeen and like we were just talking about the power dynamic? How do even know you're trying to figure out where you are you're? Looking for a father figure, you abuse yourself. It's like we just we don't know until they grow up and figure it out in therapy if it was really consensual yeah. I mean it's weird that we put this arbitrary date to like
so arbitrary. You can go to war now, you're. Eighteen, like what I figured out so thirty. Two who I was when we should be allowed to vote. I say fifty I say I didn't really yeah. I mean it's so it's like I mean you know it should be a lot of drive. I drove like a maniac when I was young. I Just never should've had a car until I was like twenty three years old. When should you be able to drink? When? Should you be looking at all if at all yeah it's good question, it's terrifying and when should be able to have kids, that's a good question: because you're, not all do it for a certain amount of time. That's right and by the time you can't do any more. That's when you finally know what you're doing you know I feel like I'm. Thirty. Five is all I. Finally, I'm qualified to be a mother, and this is when you stop being physically capable and nuts. Now that you have a couple more years, we can still shoot one out I have I have my shift so nice, so I think I might have might have more time, but you have to find someone that you would really raise a kid with. Yes, it's very different. I have to find the perfect nanny yeah it's hard,
now I have a guy that I think is, is pretty a plus and if it is not all just give the how to you. You seem to be doing a pretty good job of racism, racism in the forest yeah I mean, and then it's just like. That's a very real fear, I'm! Finally, for the first time like, oh god, I have to get my shit together on that. But then I get super scared about this world like going to bring kids into this world, have a bit about that to go and one of kids today yeah. Why weren't you with all the books and Madison and ship people, were shipping kids out, take flamers? That's why we I have water in twenty years, yeah will have water, yeah yeah, we're going to figure this out. We drink water were panicking with freaking out, but that's also why we correct things. I think the technology you and I also think is ironic is it seems. I like Donald Trump, as president, is going to really activate people. Great they're gonna stay
Moving in look at this women's March, you're right, you're right, I think part of that is having to grab the president, had to get this bad in order for us to wake the up, because we're all zombie sleepwalkers he's the reason why those hats that, by the way, whoever it get a windfall of those put my now we thank you. There were people down there selling like me, what he's behind the selling of that yeah. I know it's amazing to see all the commercialization of and everybody capital, and also, I think it's gonna make as much more appreciative of the Environmental Protection Agency yeah and then there's the all the restrictions that Obama put an offshore drilling if anything goes wrong, yeah, because off he's just open up offshore drilling everywhere. You know that right, yeah, you know what he's done. Yes, and I mean I don't know that I've heard that he's on a lot of really crazy things. The environment in with state with them. You know
whether it's Bureau of Land management areas or uh- I don't know which, which organization organizations definitely state and that was public land, that's now being diminished state parks that are now being diminished and they're opening them up mining, their opening them up for extraction of minerals resources and all this is close to river. Is in watersheds, and all these different areas that are very important for different lines: terrifying tear for was the earthquake in Future Delaware. Well, this earthquakes in Oklahoma, all the time now never used to happen and all that's directly attributed to fracking the drilling these giant holes in the ground and pumping all this water in there and fluids, and all this these for fracking, it's it's it's it's gonna energize people and People understand that there's real consequences to just thinking about money,
also how ridiculous it is that a guy who is more money than he could ever possibly spend is now only thinking about money in his the I is he in his mind, he's thinking about America, he's thinking about people prospering getting jobs in this now, but clearly it's not just that. It's clear clearly, there's some personal profit, that's being extracted from all this, and course yeah, it's like his people, he's hired him and look, and I love Oprah she's a delight, but for the left to go like let's have Oprah President BCS Twitter page. This is our present and cannot letter know our president, no Oprah, let's hire another celebrity, who isn't qualified to be the President I just use wonderful because remember the secret. Remember the fucking secret go back and when Oprah was telling everybody you can have anything you want you just kind of imagine it like like,
What are we watching? Shows? It's not great, to also be like hey. Let's have this other celebrity, be president, like full lady on wonderful, I don't have any problem with Oprah, but I just think what we should have is someone who is extremely only educated, who is probably nuanced and well thought out opinions on things and someone who's got a really good grasp of what it takes to run a demo. Let's stop electing rich celebrities to run our country didn't workout! So well, you know maybe work done after an oil man yeah, maybe at work out if you're in the mining industry and then it's like just tricky. It's like the idea of being like. I don't think Oprah should be our next president you're sexist like Jesus fucking, Christ, you're racist. No, I'm not it's like. We should be able to say we don't think certain people are qualified. Also stop yelling at me. Do you read your comments on Instagram stop
there is sometimes a look and I'll see someone. That's a dick comes I just block. What the is it's hard to look, engage and like try to like see what's going on, but the kind of shape it's just too insane. It's not worth that. You just put out good things, try to be nice and is that a crazy person or is that a person that masquerades as being sane and then behind closed doors is crazy, could be bold, makes it both could be both? Did you ever hear about that? Guy? That got fired from read it and he was saying awful Shitan read it and posting all these terrible things and they found out his personal identity They went after him and then got him fired from his job at devastate his life. He was married with kids. Now live completely fell apart, yes, people in Jul by being a can't anonymously. They enjoy it. One of things I found on Instagram, if so says something really particularly heinous. You go to their page almost always private? They almost always have like a blocked page 'cause, they're, cowards, there's just a lot of like very deeply,
people that will lash out at anybody. That's in the public spotlight, like you, crazy woman, crazy question, if but man this happened to someone. I know if a man is engaging with relationships, with other women on the internet as a character? Is it cheating? No just he's pregnant having a character role play yeah, I'm well, who is an artist? Is your right or no, now like in a dinner, you know just sort of pretty adrenaline free job, yeah, probably fucking completely out of his mind, and it gives him a chart. Is it like a video game, because I was like this feels kind of video game in a little a little bit of a way. It is its role playing. You know it's like a simulation right, in a little way. It's just being deceptive right. Maybe it's fantasy right wishes. He was someone different yeah. I think is that if
if your wife is on line as a different person engaging with men as pictures of her own pussey uh. That's why it's weird dicey, right, Percy flying through the air. Literally, you know who's here. This is what's going to win fleshlights, I wonder if the Pull flashlight flashlights is going to go up robots. That's going to sex robots really a great they're closing in to your point about the right. Do you think that also works in muscle to humanizing? Yes, yeah It also changes your reward system instead of like learning should be an interesting charismatic person is caring and kind and reaping rewards of real relationships with people that care about you and you care about them and understanding real, true love. Instead of that you're fucking, this robot, I cannot like. Is it cheating if he sucks a robot like? I can't have that fight. I can't I can't do it. Did you suck the robot or not? I can't have that fight. I can't
here, then, is what do you know? What do we do? Do up? Tell me the truth. Let me I tell me you didn't with hearing you. I can't is a robot bad, but a flashlight, okay yeah! because there's no head, I guess if there is eyeballs, it gets very dicey, weird fake robot, the robot is skinnier than me. She prettier than Maine. I just want to make sure the robots have wrinkles couple crows feet: giant anime. I guess I don't want them being too. We gotta make sure these robots. I think we got it. They giggle, they laugh at your back. So we have to make sure these robots aren't too pretty. They gotta be ugly, it's not going to and how does factor be perfect? I don't like this you posted that thing that robot jumping Do you see this great scarier, so many of them Gary is shed episode of black mirror, though one with new metalhead
I haven't seen the new one. Oh, my God, the new season of black mirror is amazing insane and one of the episode so. It has a bunch of robots that are going after people, it's called metal head. I don't want to say anymore, it's terrifying, because it's very realistic incredibly realistic and probably represents something that's going to exist in the future, or maybe it's going to the other way. I'm really baby can just like the robot tonight baby, I'm tired! When you know it's over, it is eight too much send them over to the robot Cabazon yeah. Please don't don't impale my lasagna. If you allow him to fuck robots with the robot, has to look exactly whatever you. You have a spare. The problem is that we'd get the robot we'd order to will come in everything would look like if I I've had two dysmorphic and you put your hand up and just like a mirror
we put its hand up, and we would both like move perfectly in sync nightmare. It would have to age with me, though it would have to age. You would have to get older when I get older, get wrinkles and grey hairs and ship it out. So I'm trying not to think about, of course, they're all asian. Did you see the women Grace WU at the March hello, Dick I've never seen one I'm getting light headed. No, I didn't the woman at the margin. There was some. What actress named Greece will who talked about sort of the fat is the fattest fetishization young asian women not bragging to everybody just had to fuckin', I'm so sorry, that's my thing of sucking free, the nipple, I'm like only girls with great at some want free, the netball. Now your kids you're just bragging yet knows letter to it's. No women in their forties illegals, free the nipple. It's all like hot checks. You now see what they're doing yeah. I don't want to free the nipple when you come in,
throughout up once a out February. Ninth, the female brain. It's about all of It's yeah yeah! It's about all of this is where it would be, it's going to be in movie theaters and then it's going to be involved. It's like got Blake Griffin. Will it also is in it yeah Neal Brennan is initial area. Huh larious he's, like steals the moon. He is a scene with Blake Griffin where he plays his physical therapist and it's fucking hysterical. I could not cut it. It's really great Cummings, ladies and gentlemen, give her a big hug Thank you, everybody for tuning into the mother punkin. Thank you to our sponsors. Thank you to blue apron, blue apron is treating listeners to thirty dollars. Your first order when you visit blue apron dot com forward, slash road, so check out this week's menu and get your first thirty dollars off with free shipping at blue apron dot com forward, slash road
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