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#1071 - Steven Crowder & NotGay Jared

2018-01-30 | 🔗
Steven Crowder is an actor, comedian and former contributor for the Fox News Channel. He currently runs his own website and also a podcast along with producer NotGay Jared called “Louder With Crowder”
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Tiffany and handed him knives. Will they had to Jared tonight knife and wanted him to? the arm, they were going to possibly get him guns and and some other stuff too, and we just had a good We had a good time talking, so please give it up for not gay Jerrod and Steven Crowder the Joe Rogan experience hello, to have the ability to go. That's nice yeah! stop by Mister Rogers Factor, yeah, Mister Robinson. It's funny. People who left the Bob Ross State every woman over the age of 90's dream, but this is what's confusing, which most of what you guys do in terms of like the Bob Ross thing in particular. First of all, that was that took a lot of balls, because this is you
Bob Ross, Painting Muhammad, which is in period but the second one, because the Buzzfeed women were glad it was you too, this action actually after meeting with you to remember and how you can top something, because we'll we'll right up to the yeah, it sounds like it should know. You should also know some seminars, student, but yeah, we were Bob Ross State after you that's parity! How can the mark you are? How can they get you in trouble for mocking something are doing here's? Why, in a system with you, too bright really to strike yeah? Thank you and you lose your privileges, whether you win or not. Neverlost, so the Bob Ross. Date sent us a message right know sing like first off. Have you no decency, you know this isn't in accordance with the law like laughing, our Lawrence was not like you're supposed to be in accordance with islamic law. When you're doing they thought that we didn't know there was a fan yeah, they thought we know like like we stumbled across this ad. So then that's where we respond. We wish one of the lawyers as Bob Ross. Well, let's welcome back to the
painting to our lawyer friends, eating from a nice big pile of shit, and we painted them eating from a pile of corn, infested, schitt and then at the end of the video really, and it looks like they need a friend put Mohammed right next, I'm going to file and it hangs above our bed. And we never heard from again they sent a cease and desist, and we we. And in pastor lawyers. Shocking, have killed the Soviets, and now we have Mister Rogers. Now what is Mister Rogers Matt about? We did apparently parodies of won't. You be my neighbor intros. How was it like a year ago. But again, how could someone put a strike on you for a parody? I mean I thought that is protected well, you know you get to the rim of parody and satire and it's but you, but even then it depends on who looks at it. That's the price you to write to someone last time. We got our privileges back really Well, listen: we've never lost a case. We've counter filed we've, always one clearly parody that Mister Rogers was your brother, you need to track each orbiting in Bahraini like their their logos there. Nothing I think hundred regional yeah no way, here's what's up
You were telling me about a meeting that you guys had when you went to New York for Youtube and They were comparing like what is demonetized and was not demonetized, and they had then just explain what happened. It's we don't exactly know because it's boilerplate answers right. We get brought out a bunch of conservatives, get brought out to New York who, like who is worthy with you. Well US the problem with people who are really cool. You know Ben Shapiro's, guys guys look forward paintings and then a bunch of fish tanks. Mostly and everyone sat there played nice and they bring out this whole spread. They bring into the Google offices. Give you a tour of the place to be a tour loses in New York, is in New York, we fly you are they ask you to fly to fly out the paper. The paper holding holding, put you up yet summer Oh, I don't know six months, half asian lawyer bill came with us and they didn't know we just for. Like my user producer
So so he came out and sitting there right next to the whole thing like number one lawyer in the state and hilarious really funny guy, so we go out, there were just sitting there kind of listening and they're just saying nothing, And finally, I said: well, you know what's happening with demonetization what's happening with. Obviously we're all conservatives here, everyone we've had our videos put in restricted mode. What are the guidelines? We don't know and they wouldn't like that's a very good question. And they looked at the back. There wasn't the obvious that later in the elephant, in the room as if it wasn't obvious, that's why that's why everyone is there and that's what happened. That was the period blood feel like well, you know things that are hate speech, things that could be offensive things that current event, maybe controversial, and so everyone sitting there yeah. But I just said I said what about what about buzz. The painting in period blood in the trending feed painting let last week and viscous C chunky period, hum feed. That's on Youtube training about that. Is that considered like child friendly and concern Those were then they're. Looking back as a but ruining the movie into like Why are we here? You know, that's the problem. People don't say anything well that is uh.
Very valid discussion, that's valid like what, if you can't me, if you can ain't in period blood and I don't think you should be restricted. I think if you Wanna paint period blood. As long as I know what you're doing it says, painting period well, one of their problem title it wasn't in the table. Add myself eat well, I might actually watch it, but here is that these women, I might I might just for the hell of all the channels, but the point is like I don't. I don't want to take that right away from them. I just I'm confused by what what is Ok, what's not? Ok, you, there We embolden the right if you silence immune embolden the left. If you silence, I mean bold and people when you said you, empower you you, you make the whole thing bigger than it has to be now. People are allowed to have differences of opinions and they're allowed to have different ideologies, but when you have a platform the more you radically restrict one. Ideology and you openly support another one. You picking a side
I didn't choose it talks about it out the laws. Is it applied? Equally right, you couldn't even respect the law. Here's something can happen with Youtube. Just give an example: people have to live alone, So there's no single party consent, state two party consent State California, with the states we have, both people have camera. Now, even sometimes in a two party consent state, there's, no reasonable expectation of privacy if you're in a public event right if you're a public protest, you can't say: hey, you can't take my picture, your their public, protesting right, so these are legal layers right. We Add someone in a single party consent state in Michigan on camera. At a public protest, sign a release to give an interview then complain to Youtube and said I don't want to be in that video it didn't matter that we presented the law, the paperwork to Youtube. It was You know with the blur the face, but did they look bad was
was it under false pretenses like did they think that you were doing one thing and then you really doing something else. So the crazy thing is this actually was a guy who agreed with us almost everything yeah. He was talking about the fact that it was really stressed about well. You know what he probably just got a lot of feedback and was like this is freaking me out. I want to get out of this yeah, but as a content creator, you can't be like. Well sorry I didn't like it. I mean you can understand, like his perspective, like him, trying to get it taken down, have your general black person and you don't know what the If you're doing you say something, you don't put it on. He realized later he was right. It was taken down Hold Elena How are mostly really we can say when you, when you put pointed out the whole period, blood thing painting in period, but what dead silence? No one said anything didn't respond to you like that, and then later that's a good question I'll get to that later in the day, so today was when they came out this next GEN News and, worse, like I,
JANET was hissing ourselves playing. This could explain it to me earlier. Laws like the problem is right. We have, I have to be careful because otherwise we'll take it a contact. So then they there. This is the news portion today rolled you to conference, bring out conservatives, and you know that the same in part, a plate which, I don't think there's anything grocery was being pasted fish in the car in the way. Here it's quick and delicious so I think it was a next GEN news. Revolution I always get around what I think it is the opposite side at these. Next we'll go with with going to colors are completely advocate against organ such specificity. So, okay, this is the exact channel. It's like hip, hop and sneakers in our Sneaker Hall, with whatever the guy from the show Blackish Anthony whatever that kind of stuff. So it's a lot of hip hop news. They come out to bad news and they will sell before we show. You know someone said from extend news: the sizzle reel and every other word is the Edward MF are, and you could see him looking back and they do turn it down because the whole channel. Is they didn't screen that no, they didn't screen it and she comes out and she's talking about news and how to create
Contentnea algorithm, knowing your audience, knowing your keys, the content, creator she's like the person on your words of it, I guess ok and shooting complaning you're filming someone Gola Gola, do sneakers, I don't contact, it and then I just said yeah. You know at this point as they've been saying we gonna get to news all day is the first time someone come out, yeah question. We just heard about the new guidelines now, which was to be advertiser friendly. It's supposed to be family friendly consent. You deal with hip hop in a lot of pretty pretty adult, pretty profane content. Have you been hit by the time was called the ad pock I said: have you been hit by this and she said no, not at all. I said: ok, no, further, questions that that's amazing. So all of that stuff is fine. It's fine! It's it's about the wrong opinion. That's real comes down, but is it fine because they're black or loud like she wasn't? But no she wasn't black. She was a white girl, nothing. She was black, really yeah,
I don't see color me saying that I'm irish, because I'm one slash four I've been talking about this, like I am more irish than a lot of people that call themselves black and one quarter. Irish, three slash four italian, but if look at me. I look mostly italian, but if I I said I'm an irish man, people wait a minute. Are you really? She was like Amber Crombie and Fitch Black yeah yeah, generically Beovich Black she's, generically ethnic? Ok like for a guy. You know it would have no problem with him dating your daughter. If you were kind of a racist, did you like the new? That is pretty really want to accommodate everybody, but if she went to like a really fucking, heavy duty, hip, hop place and start throwing that word around. They would hey she even allowed to say that. Can you go about the n word when you that white, I didn't know that she could do it with her sizzle reel. Well, that seems like a bit of a problem right. That's like one of those weird double standard room.
Rules in terms of like the language, like is, if you are in that community you're allowed to use what is otherwise extremely offensive language. Yes, your record, so that it you have to have a hood ask to use it, but you, like the platinum version, yeah to really go all the way. I need your hood to really get away with it, but especially on Youtube. I mean I'm not saying, there's anything wrong with using that language. Had a conversation. I told you about this that I had a conversation with this woman from Youtube and one of the things that we were talking about was deemed consolation and we were taught. About like why things get flagged- and I was talking about a conversation that got flagged on something is it called when someone recommend something and they have it in their feed like their their preferred playlist like a regular person, not a content. Creator they have it on on their. You know you could do that you can have in your channel, like you could just like suggest, play a sister AL yeah yeah, so it's called you would you would call it, but not their algorithms, like you would pick it like say. If I watch when you're
video on Bob Ross, and I liked it would it make you kind of it is not like you. Yes, ok, so this gosh I feel like. I feel really stupid right now, like none of us just got that one simple were on Youtube to get asses, but So this guy got flagged and it was just a conversation between SAM Harris and some other guy. I forgot he was. It was an intellectual and it was about left wing culture and it was about left wing, radical ideology and, criticizing in this. This got his channel flagged and I was like well. How is this possible and she's like well he's advocating that people? watch this and it must promote hate speech and, like I fucking guarantee you that doesn't promote hate speech right. Did you guys even watch it or just somebody else complain about it and flag it, and then I brought up Jordan by the way was just here just left. I'm sure there next week text Melanie? You know maybe yours and
she said like he's a problem he's a bit of a problem, he's a troublemaker, almighties a troublemaker. Because he has his own opinions on things like what is. I'm like what? What do you are you guys promoting a very specific ideology and anyone it differs from that is hate speech, because we're getting crazy. If that's the case, I think a lot of them don't know here. It is this: it yeah Douglas Murray Hill, and I can see it. Community guidelines strike for just listening to an honest intellectual conversation between SAM Harris and Douglas Murray who's, the guy who got who got it taken down, yeah them dance, p, et Arcx is very bold yeah. So this is a community guideline strike for By the way I listen to that conversation between SAM Harris and Doug Murray Douglas sorry Douglas. There's nothing offensive about it. It's just
they're discussing. Thank you, here's the thing is now we still the Packwood was nothing if, even if they're worse, even if I find the actual video what that is and find out what the title of it is and if maybe there's some sort of a description does it say what does it say? The just as SAM Harris Douglas Murray. Who Douglas Murray's but click on him? So you can click on him. Author of the street The author, that strange death of your ok immigration identity is lump. That's what it is so Douglas Murray is. He is critical of the open border policy that you're seeing become very problematic in some parts of Europe, and way, which is funny because SAM Harris is against the wall. Wall. So it's like that's just two people, probably with different opinions on that issue. To some degree will SAM Harris is a pretty noted critic of Islam, but I think no yeah, but I mean the immigration thing he's more he's more open borders in the states than a guy like that yeah yeah. Well, I think,
essentially saying is they're they're talking about the very real issues that they're dealing with in in Europe and Iraq's Youtube size, yeah play played a video there, Paris of us parts of Paris that immigrants have moved into and just fucking cool completely wrecked and I'm anti immigration. My grandparents were immigrants but I'm just saying that there's a real issue and this Douglas Murray was discussing this real issue with SAM Harris that got flagged an it got labeled as hate speech, like Well, I crazy men's fucking crazy, a friendly Doran, so he actually so graduate like a like a University of Michigan law. Really, some really really, I think kind of guy, and he was one of early early youtubers early doctors. First on the conservative on you to very analytical, very, very dry, very smart, and he did a video there was. It was just called in the Japanese, were not the victims in world WAR two and it was a video. The atrocities. I think the Japanese committed against the chinese model. It was like the rape of Nanking.
Didn't get yes, but didn't get super graphic, but he's basically talking about like people just look back and look at her Oshima, but let's actually look at the aspirations of the japanese empire, historical. It was removed as hate speech and here's. The thing came to me and because we have those contact, Rechlin Youtube. We really apologize and fixed it. But what worries me is what, if you don't have a million plus subscribers right. You know what, if I weren't there for him and that's the something that I always get worried about with comedy and with a lot of entertainers. Is they they kind of paver, and sometimes he's, got a close the door behind him. Well, it was okay for me to say, but now this is that's really what I've learned about it. We have all state well hold on a second we're in the boat. Were you were you know, yeah well and there's a lot of famine thinking going on in that regard. Where people automatically want to protect what they have and get nerve it's about it and they forget what got him in the first place. What makes any of Popular is the bill need to express yourself online in a way that resonates with other people that are listening now as soon as you restrict that as soon as you change that and say well, I just want to do real good.
Making a lot of money. Now I'm going to change, who I am your fuct fuct you're, just I will take it a step further and say: authenticity, yeah people like you, because you're authentic yeah, I think we're pretty authentic. We do with the show I mean we're pretty straightforward. Um people come They meet us at shows and knowing what feels like a villages are you're you're right, you can't you can't be authentic and play by Youtube's rules unless you can we agree with them, so I would have to agree with them. You have to be authentically willing to abide by people, so that's all think. There's no authenticity, it's like, regardless of the rules that they claim, which are so ambiguous in practice. There's no way to make it work. Well, I think this is indicative of the ideology that radiates throughout Silicon Valley, which is radical, left progressive, need. The marxist sort of ideology and there's so much of that going on throughout Silicon Valley, so much in the tech community, so much uber, progressive thinking which,
now, look, I think, all of it comes from the right place. I think they all want no racism. You know they want no hate speech. They all want wonderful things, but you can. Just decide arbitrarily what is and isn't. Based on your perspective, you have to look at, You have to look at it honestly, yeah. You know, and I don't think they're doing- that. I think when you look at Douglas Murray, SAM Harris Thing and the guy getting a community strike for just liking. It I mean this is crazy, so they they, they did take a nap door, tearing approach to solving the whole thing which yes and and then they refused to accept the results, which is Donald Trump Presidency. Yeah, I think they've created so in their defense. One of things that did say to me that the problem that you're with yes, you to people the problem, they're dealing with is blunt tools, they're saying these tools that demonetized things they're not good. And she said within the next six to eight months, they're going to get better. We have working on them. I don't know, maybe she's just let me let me just expressed her perspective.
She was saying that they have made significant strides since they first started, doing it and then better at it, they're getting better at isolating and one of the things discusses those fucking creepy cartoons I'm sure you've seen the way the child molestation stuff. Well, the violence stopped a lot of like babies, get hit yeah a bottles. You seen those yeah the thing I got. No, I what's good things that was nice. You know we're talking about her now that I've never seen now yeah it well. It's a weird thing where these things get put on a kids playlist, it's Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse getting drunk and then like one throws a bottle up in the air and hits a baby in the head. There's blood everywhere and the same patterns are repeated over and over again hundreds of these videos, maybe thousands a lot of them- have been removed from Youtube Right- they've been pretty proactive about and Tarantino making cartoons here. If it's locked up shipping find him see if I want Eli Roth play out on five found a weird play, playlist of like this guy dissecting candy, and make
Your voice is over it and then there's a whole list of videos that people are saying like what the fuck is, this channel what's going on here and it just got bigger, bigger and bigger- and I don't think anything such as weird shock us relive, but you took testing. There is a different in you to kids thing. No, I think he's done with Youtube. Kids right yeah. The kid thing, though, is more fuckedup because it's always the same pattern. It's like these kids get together with a parent that parents give the kids booze the kids get drunk. They throw bottles that baby was hit in the head with a bottle there's blood everywhere. It looks like the same thing over and over and over again, there's been all these videos posing these videos like, people that are analyzing and saying what the fuck is this and it seems to be for, and they seem to be done in other countries and essentially what they're doing is they're tapping in this. They have a a like, a pattern that they use they're tapping into whatever algorithm that you know creates your coming up. Next feed just yeah, so could could be watching like a real Donald Duck Cartoon and then it leads into this yeah. I don't think that's what I want really comply.
About. I think we can all find common ground like let's get rid of the many mouse being raped on you too yeah. But the problem is, I understand the perspective and it's a told us to almost a year ago, but I ask them to hold on a second, is wine and dine, and you should have your whole virtual reality set no yeah yeah this year. That's what would you do want to be the four from the policy. You know the really aggressively on this. This net neutrality thing everything, Google, really big policy once really big lobbyists, you looking, but they also okay, you're super advanced most technologically advanced company in the world. But our channels is a real life. One it's kind of the same same kind of ship, but these aren't as uh have to May as the cartoon ones get. This gets we're we're it's a fifteen minute, weird video. Just weird stuff happening that kids are supposed to watch as the x. They stumble across a because the algorithm After watching yeah soon as spider in it, this is up next get drunk and he rapes or something I don't know, it's just getting tide up a second ago. They really should, Spiderman. I won't be fooled. Yes, that would make it past our wardrobe anyway, alright
the point is you can't claim with the most advanced tech company in the world and then in our channel you're, getting ads for muslim singles and gay cruises laws like your algorithm out, it's pretty fun, but we're not getting any money from those ads like you can't find. That means that if our videos are controversial, It is not a violation of guidelines. There are sponsors out there. Who is he with Walter? You notify our committee can sponsor the seek us out because it's worth octuple to them because they want to read sure audience, whereas Youtube says well, no, it's never surrender. No! It's not advertiser friendly for the people you have on there. It's not gay cruise advertiser friendly but you're, telling me you're the most advanced algorithms in the world and you're running it's for young Turks on my video, like I really yeah purpose
it's terrible impression when you went to that one conference and you went as him. Yeah he's got some bad very disappointing. I would have thought that was hilarious. Both him, I mean first of all, is disappointing. There was only twenty people in there. I wouldn't even gone have been like look let's take this to a smaller place. 'cause, if a video gets out of this is working, parents is twenty people in this one room and then you walked in as him. I didn't want to do it right, like He had called me out and we've had people even on this issue. Of course you wanted to do it. That's why I don't know he knows I didn't want to do it. I was like, but I feel like I have to because he called me out- and I said I accept you know basically, ok and then LG right now, so he was currently talking trash. I mean it was different colours, so still comedian, who stalks Bullshittin whole thing just like ok, I responded I'm like let's hash this out. He will he will rebut every Tom, Dick and Harry on Youtube, not named Steven Crowder. So at this point I was just
to get an interview them. Please, we've had people on our show. We disagree with. We do it now, an hour, long change, my mind or sit down and listen to someone scream at me, I'm more than willing the video you did, though, were you drinking the bacon grease and you did it and I mean, did him come on man? It's funny made me laugh, but the the point is he forced my hand, but I had to do it like you. It's like that guy in diners to punch all the people who can get on a baseball diamond throughout the like, that's like when I have to do this with check, because I there's no other read course and he kept going to the audience that the only reason we show the audience Youtube, there's no other recourse. You have to train right past escalates. He goes because Lucian you're doing you doing. You know you shouldn't like you, so it's like at this point. You brought up the audience. Let's do a pan, you know there's twenty people like. I don't want to go up in Paris, the guy, but he's such just such an asshole you know there's just no way around it, so we kind of retired that character to character is only when you're drinking the bacon grease is not sure we brought it back We can. I know that's right,
nothing but pleasant dealings with Genk I think that I don't have any hate for the guy yeah at the end of my, but I laughed because I don't want a handshake with them is a wonderful moment was it was really good yeah. I just think like most people they get embroiled in conflict and then they lose perspective and then it builds up and then it becomes something stupid and I think you know His thing with Alex Jones is handled very poorly and they start screaming at each other and Anna called him a fat fox body, but God dam. You can't do that, like you, just as against everything you guys stand for you calling him a fat fuck. You It is body shamed them made. Meanwhile, Jenks fatter. This is fucking crazy, yeah, like what are you doing, yeah well, tanks put him on if I don't think he realizes that, yet only at the point where realizes that he's bigger than Alex now really,
these items, I don't know, I don't want to speculate on how you look at our self in the mirror, what he tells himself in the morning to get to that. Like I said my my dealings with Django been nothing but pleasant. I like talking to my head on the podcast I like talking to him. I just think people lose their place. They lose their spots, they lose there were there were. Their view of the world. Well, I think, when your identity, is entirely tide up in the numbers right when it's entirely tide up his only. Who did the audience stakeholder. Second, that ebbs and flows, I mean you even I mean you guys have been obviously crazy, successful show, but some shows are more popular than others, of course, and for them? They. You know this far left sort of, I guess progressive viewpoint and they've, gotten increasingly worse, Popular and well. That's your only argument when that's your whole identity is a very short time between that and when the pendulum swings, though it's even though, even though we debated Ben Ben Shapiro, Yeah. That was the audience before. Was him international yeah? So yeah was like you want the president to go through and people are clapping form and then we he was sitting with ban it. Didn't the
Dinesh one- he had that ace in the hole like that card, like you went to prison, is a tough card to get by pretty funny is funny funny the picture the gnashing prison, I'm friends with them. Well, I feel like the SAM Harris. One was a big down fall for him, well SAM just handled it better. You know when they were in had that long. Three hour, conversation in a three hour conversation with someone. You know, it's hard to hide. It's like your ideas, exposed your lack of knowledge gets exposed. Well that that's what the left doesn't do it and I know people's what it what okay, we do, a segment where the the big big a success for us this year, that we're really grateful for the change my mind and that's just right. I'm literally sit down. We put up a booth, it's as I'm pro gun change from IRAN pull I've changed my mind. Are there are only two genders to share this program, changing its wildly unpopular here in while in box here in the wrong spot, so I can tell you where to go. We had one that was like an hour long thing.
One that was in and out just Smu five people just lined up- and I just listen to them and out of the five well, two of them change their mind and then some of them we didn't find it completely unedited and everyone. When I worked at Fox NEWS, everyone in cable, told you this would not work and no one's going to watch an hour, long discussion, but there's no one on the left. Who does that? Well, they can't do it in their format, we can't do it when they have an eight. Ten slot or an eight to nine slot and there's every fifteen minutes. You have to Xampp sandwich in a commercial and then you have all these segments and you have to play. They can't do it, but that's just because their format sucks, like it all right. It's an antiquated form of entertainment. Just doesn't work anymore for even left on you too, but the young Turks. They don't do that the on and it is a long form good reference shows are there on on you too, what it? What are they like? Really, popular ones. I don't know I I mean SAM Cedar, show right. The majority report is he still fuckedup called the minority report. Once I see it's easy to do, yeah they think I did it on purpose or they mad. They thought you were doing.
Like the conservative talk, show thing where you're like no damage done wanna Kratz. I don't do that. I think they also called me right wing too, which is looking right like pick up So one of the things they were saying was that people just decide like that. These people uh that we decide to help each other out. The right supports them. Elves and they support like other right wing people, but the left needs to figure out how to do that. I'm, like fucking, Anybody on yeah I have left I think, people on all the time I have libertarians and always have people that are completely neutral politics on all the time. I just think when you box yourself, into these ideologies when you're only pro laughed and you can't see any perspective outside of that it. It becomes an issue which is so it's going to be an issue for you today after double feature, Jordan Peterson and I there probably is probably gonna come faster than you suck. I really don't. I mean Jordan Peterson. All knew it when I was when I was doing this first of all Jordan Peterson,
I'll have that guy on anytime, you know this one of my favorite people talk to just a fascinating got. But I knew that haven't you to back to back, as I go to look at all right, so mature, okay to bracing it would you not to know, but you don't what's after this variables, talk to you. Guys about is some of my favorite stuff, you've done um. My favorite stuff. You've done is the undercover shed and one of the I found the most disturbing was when you two posed as a gay couple and you went to that place where they're advocating transgender children. And transitioning children as young as three years old right? so three years old, but puberty blockers. They were talking yeah, but I think It was really fucking yeah. No, no! You know what actually three years old was Owen. Benjamin got an argument on twitter and lost his manager because So he was saying that someone is fucking insane forgiving,
on puberty blockers to a three year old kid forgiving hormone blockers to a baby, which I am fun yeah. That's not even a strong enough word. This insanity, fuqing insanity, mean your body. Even developed you're, not even close, we're not talking about eighteen, we're not even talking about twenty one, which is arguable still crazy. Like you, probably wait until frontal cortex, fully developed figure out where you are, but idea that you're going to know at three who are going to be when you're thirty At the other side, and then they act as though you're crazy. They were like. Well, you know things to puberty former. That person looks likes me with a look likes me from hook, let's play with her, let's let let's analyze some of it, because it's it's nuts, when I was I said I was like. Oh my god like what are these people saying and their intake? down. Since you asked me about that too really yeah, we have to set the blur the guy. Well, I'm not afraid
direct direct but Doctor Rex, but who shows up in pride frame and it was rigged, but that is changing areas. Kid you not business card real world, we're in a God dam simulation. This was a town hall, we're in a simulation. This can't be real guy. His name is Rex, but What do you do for a living? You know and Youtube access Youtube at. Let's play some of this, and if there's a most of the people are listening then I watching soap Well then, let's set this up in turn. So what was this? Ok, well not gauge here tonight. Here's one! Let me preface this with something: we don't like we're, not undercover journalists right. We do a late night, show what we do, we do copy the model, would you joke sketches and we do interviews and then we stumble across something and when you're doing
example like Antiphon they hand you a knife, and they talk about shooting bench people that too, but the point is an then when the media just lies about it like we feel compelled to this. Isn't our thing right? This is why this particular kind of throw away throw. We were joking, even bother with costumes. We just walked in several queer. It was what the Healthcare Trans Gender Town Hall was like. Oh my gosh, Trans, gender, townhall, transgender town, where was it at Vermont, Burlington Vermont. That place is crazy. I wasn't playing with Bernie Sanders on the way there too, it was, it was give me a money, I'm going to give it to the blacks, ok write this. Let's play alright. He has said that it feels like a girl prefers playing with dolls and, of course we don't want to discourage it. We spoke with our primary care physician. He
said. Wait until the the boys to develop we made develop is a little thing. That's me, I would say a little inaccurate from the research a little in the research. I've done the kid eighteens too late. Then it's just like okay get rid of the book. You really blockers. They just go through the puberty as anything still wind up. There's an no indication there's any damn. That's not true at all. I'm cutey blockers are not reversible. That's the entire point is not the point opposite. The young someone at the pre adolescent age going into It's going to change the way you write about no question at all. Yeah. I mean there's no way giving a kid. A purity blocker leading
and go through life with the puberty blocker and then at seventeen or whatever. The bucket is decide to take that shit off you're going to be the exact same human being would have been without using people worried about little estrogen in milk cartons. So I mean this guy say free plastic 'cause. I don't want it to alter my hormones, but I'm going to chop off my balls into puberty blockers at eight, but this is, I mean, you can't let a kid make those decisions. You can't make those decisions for a kid there, too young. Kids, remember had a Weiner five minutes ago, yeah about these things now Diagnose obtained his booger off on the couch three minutes ago, and now you're letting him decide is hormonal profile yeah. The idea that a child who is six years old or whatever would know the consequences, but them saying that eighteen is too late and that it's not that they would disagree with your primary care. Physician that too two young, based on the research that I've done. What fucking research have you done? Where you you can clear? point that it's a good idea to transition a six year old. That's a problem. Here's another problem,
I don't know if Youtube is going to ban this, because of what you just aren guarantee you. This video is gonna, get mark for D monetization, the D the Jordan Peter got flagged and we talked about this book. We talked about. The twelve rules for life talked about guidelines for living, a healthier reading. Scripts keep on potter's play a little more. This too understand themselves in the radio test, the reach of particular dying. Then the diameter and the is developing up then they'll be enough. If, if if you're going to transition another way. Oh 'cause, that's the problem. You know jazzy enough material, creative vagina. If the testicles in the peanuts are developed enough, did you know this? Did you know that in less Europeans gets big enough? You can't get a fake vagina 'cause, there's not enough tissue to invert, so this is me like now. If you decide to transition the other way, meaning if you decide to now transition. However, one of this up the beauty
girl. When she was asked about gay marriage, like gay marriage or opposite marriage, and everyone laughed. It was silly, but I mean she's conservative silly, but he's doing that right here like should you choose to transition or transition the other way you mean, should you choose to not cut off your penis? That's transition. The other way. Now not only that there's a lot of people in the transgender community think it's offensive to assume that you have to get an operation, get your penis removed in order to be transgender, most guys, making this big assumption that this is what you I have to do in order to transition. I know a lot of people that are transgender that do not have the operation. I don't know a lot of people just say: I'm in a community focus group with transgender people by the way, those two hundred percent in favor of grown adults deciding to transition. I think you should be the tattoo! Your face, get nose rings. I don't give a fuck what you do. I really don't, but you're also asking the government to pay for your face tattoo. Yes, that's true! Well, and there was another thing:
here. I'll I'll. Send this to you Jamie that was some research today that someone put out here I'll. Let's play this in awhile for this to jam a Texas to keep that's it yeah ok, I don't know but yeah I mean that was the thing is that's a good example. It's a public town hall which we attend, and it gets removed from Youtube. Because someone who handed us his business card Rex, but this is Clarias by the way like we eat the rest of we weren't nearly as mad about this, as we were just just just in pulled over in laughter at the guys name is Rex tv I had trouble getting the securing the url rights to his own issues. There was a completely different websites go away. You gotta go url yeah, I just but do you Jamie if you follow the tweet It is by Doctor Deborah so and it is article from National Institute of Health Study doctor
zero Van meter at pediatric. He k, are not sure they enter Kanawha, just well she's anti. All this one reason they don't give any leeway to Asians. I guess minority group that they actually get more crap. It's like when you're up you have to be better than everyone to get into a good college university. Just so many really good ones: yeah, okay, Dr Q Van Meter, a pediatric endocrinologist with extensive experience in gender dysphoria which, by the way, is hate speech says. There is zero point, zero evidence that the concept of gender fluidity and gender identity have any scientific basis. So this is include zero. That's the second zero there she's managed thing about cash now doesn't mean anything she's singing about cash money. Well, I guess you could
we have zero point. One percent. You could have one hundred wanted to make sure, there's no doubt yeah she's, starting those extra characters like serious, bro, she's, actually very extra. Two hundred and forty characters, part of that you say like hate speech, gender dysphoria still in the DSM five. What's up, select. The psychiatric journal use reference book, but they'd literally called hate speech now yeah. I know, but it's the actual medical condition right. What's crazy, that under cover God bless my wife. She went with us because any other people have hidden cameras, and so she posed as a lesbian movie kind of lesbian like really exist yeah she's already in Hartlepool they containing was she member said like I feel I identify as someone with bigger breasts and she was asking I get. It is covered under Medicare Medicaid 'cause, we're talking all these operations in Mister wreck. God bless America the only straight. I think we should mention that talk about gender dysphoria, so for her they use gender dysphoria to try and file it medical, get new tips on taxpayer dime. But it's
I hate speech to say it to the transgenders in the room. It's just crazy, like you can't make sense of it, but I don't know make sense of it. I just need to not be banned for just want to be the woman. She was meant to be right. Well, I mean you can mock is bullshit, I mean if you can rocket that openly, if that's not obvious, like getting getting bigger tips, because you identify as someone with bigger tips. I that's bullshit, that's why it's so funny. I don't think I've ever been more in love with my wife, and we expect that she would look at me. She kind of not in such a way that the fight is someone who has bigger breasts. Well. Did you see that guy that got busted molesting children and said he identifies with being a six year old boy? That was a really recent case. I mean people are trying this out when they get caught doing things and I'm not saying that there's not people out there that identify with being a man when they're, actually a woman or vice versa. I saw what I'm saying but what I'm saying is: there's a lot of fucking crazy people out there a lot and to deny that, and just because it's dealing with Jenn, where in Narnia now,
we're in la la land here every year, do not being real now. Well, I only ask you this because you, like you, said you're, not right wing, I'm pretty open up the fact, I'm right wing, I remember watching a show, while back and you had little little guy, Little Guy Jamie Kilstein Buck Buck angel yeah. A little guy that used to be a gal yeah exactly and then I don't know what I said, but the same kind of conversation we have here like. I don't just go and look at this through your training, so why don't I just don't buy it and he he wanted to get into a fight with me, so you want to have when did this years ago, went on the shelf reshot attached jacked, but you know a huge at one time. How was he? Oh yeah got up to like one hundred and eighty five like super jacked, 'cause, just bang and test in there, and therefore can lifting but he was saying that his joints hurt really bad when he was doing that. It's almost like it's unnatural, so crazy, but back then, when you get them on jacked jack, I think I had a roll with that guy black Phuc
Ok, here we go come on, you wouldn't have problems. Kind of. Yes, yes exactly, but the point is that then let me assist. Did you realize it's going insane like or did you no. This is an interesting guest, but he's a nice guy, and you know I'm more than willing to call him a man, and I was one of the things that I said I said look man you're a purse. Then I'm whatever your name is with buck or Fred or Wilma. I don't care, I just whatever you want we called I'll call you, whatever noise, that you connect with you as a being I'm fine with that, and if you, can can explain to me where you feel happier being a man. I'm one hundred percent support you doing that. What dries me crazy. Is people making decision is for six year olds. People push six year olds in certain directions- and I know this does happen. I know and can't get too personal about this, but I have a friend who has an ex wife that turned his child into a girl, yeah and and try
I this and was was pushing. This and kids are very fucking, pliable man. This. This is not I mean. Maybe some boys would have rejected it, and maybe he was leaning that way anyway, but she was excited about it and this This is something that a lot of people are excited when we're talking about a fourteen year old I mean I just don't thank you know who the fuck you are. You know what is a crossing Ruby Rose center, seven, the attractive M, the Lesbian, with tattoos she he said that when she was young, she, the transition and she's happy that she didn't? She wanted to become a man and she's very happy that she did and she's a lesbian and she's happy and she's open and super successful, but she's advocating this. The sort of same thing that I'm saying like let people become a God dam adult and then make these in all trouble life changing decisions, this guy saying that hormone blockers can be turn
off and then you could go through a normal puberty you're. Out of your mind, right, hey, I'm not a doctor, but I I have enough understanding of biology. Know that that's crazy yeah! That's just not true! No, it's absolutely not true, and it's one of the things we listen, anyone can get lost in the weeds and make someone look stupid. Something specific. You know whether it's I mean you were showing me that compound bow out there. It's fasting, I don't know anything about it. I'm going to be a moron, you know less than room temperature IQ. Some doctor can come in whose pro Trans gender explain something and make it sound like when we're talking about. So when it comes to that see, I won't be. I don't agree with you there. Well, I don't agree with you. One terms. We wouldn't know right as a matter. What terms are there that you don't know about a child's biological development? Well, they what they point
do they will actually there are these that show that you know the brain alterations occur before a cross hormone replacement placement therapy, and it's actually it's not true. So we had a few transgender people on our show. But the point is whether it's a conspiracy or this. Ok, I'm not a doctor, but I can't just appeal to authority. I can't just say this doctor says x, so I do have to at this point accepting that I'm not a doc, except the preponderance of evidence from the overall medical community and combine with the anecdotal and combine that with? Is there a motive here? The general here like a lot of, can it just doesn't add up with about who benefits from telling you. You know the world is flat, who benefits from Now I can understand how someone might benefit from a conspiracy. Was they make a lot of money off of this or was it in Canada? hunting Hitler thing, I'm not seeing it, but it's like ok, I understand. After war, they thought- maybe Hitler and they needed to healing for the country. Ok, I can understand that with this, there's add apps. None of the arguments presented us with formal parents to back off
turn in each of their children into social experiments. Let's discuss this element that was owned. Benjamins, take Owen Benjamin's. Take was that this guy in Hollywood and remember who it is, who is talking about transitioning his three year old and he was like you are fucking. Monster, and he getting in trouble for this, he lost his manager, starting our show 'cause. He writes for a show. Now we bring him in on Skype and we just sit and we kind of you know brainstorm and wasn't really out of the closet. Remember at that point I said own. I don't think you want this because I lost my manager, my agent, and I don't think you want this kind of heat either, not a clause in service yeah yeah. I was at a concert in the industry. It's a real thing. That's hilarious, yeah man. I think it's going to be. I don't think you want this kind of heat and heat Talk about it on a show. First, and it was almost like you spit volunteers, because any tweeted- something that was really funny from the show and then this all hell broke loose, I mean I told you, that's what was going to happen and so now he's at full bore, because you can't you know you can't put that back in the bottle and that's a crazy,
my own was the quintessential nonpolitical just sort of happy go lucky comedian, totally change! Now, if you see act so yeah listen. I know one kind of Did that on this show yeah, I mean One of the things that happened like on the show we were just talking about all the various things and, and also he was talking his dad being flamboyant as mom, being kind of masculinity grew up in weird environment, and you know he's just he's a gray. Yeah I mean it's just this is his take on things. You know and he loves to talk shit on twitter. To stir things up yeah. He any doesn't too much. I don't think it's you know when I was like. Oh one, just and I love you all and yeah I've send him a text the other day, I'm like you, I go first of all. Why are your text coming? the Green, a good distance switch to us, yeah yeah, because yeah I go you indicated you're funny was yes, I go dude. Thank you for talking crazy, like which is great, which most comedians are in some way crazy, but
You know just your tweeting too much it's like you're right. I gotta walk away from it. Well sweet liquid! This whole thing about your transgenders or something in between about this reality from the left and then I'll respond, hear anything back in like oh sorry, I was out chopping trees, yeah yeah, his brothers, an arborist, and he helps his brother means literally ran right, unfucking twenty feet up with the ropes, He shipped me maple syrup for Christmas. Yeah owns a great guy that promise within we get in the same room Jerrod. Someone else has to manage this 'cause, I'm pooping, You know it's crazy yeah. I love him and I, but I try sales and ran happen to him to we were Do I have the conversations I just feel that was also needs to do, is do a podcast and get his you know just get a stuff out there more and he'll. Find his own audience. He doesn't need all this other shit. You know there's an illusion in Hollywood that you need to be cast in things. You need to be cast a bowl, and this cast
Little thing and I've said this One of the reasons why I have no actor friends is because- couple and friendly with, but as my inner circle, people hang around with on a regular basis of comics and fighters. Just people that I know I deal in reality, the actor are always trying to get cast and things and there's a dynamic that occurs when you're always trying to get cast and things where you never want to say anything, that's controversial, you don't want. Any opinions that don't fit into the standard acceptable digestive. Old Hollywood dogma, whatever it is, and it's always left wing. Even with TIM Allen. He came out as right wing and they cancelled his flock shower and like fuck, you and fuck your show with John Kasic Guy yeah. You don't have to be all right: John Press, sick yeah as big of a as head as Republican Party as a moderate Republican, but still right wing and not for their. Like you come out a winner saying you just like to touch little boys like the difference,
career, it's disappointing would fix it. You like video about it, shows nested feet. What are you talking about? House of cards gets always never or crazy, so that so he's a different animal. That's a different I guess I didn't. I never met him, but I guess that has been saying about him forever, but here's I think this is like what Milo talked about. Okay- and this is this- is well very taboo stuff, but in the gay community it's far more acceptable for a man to be dating a fifteen one thousand six hundred and seventeen year old boy, that's openly gay then it is in the straight community in the straight community. If you find out that off forty, for old man is dating a fourteen year old girl. That guy is that guy is a piece of shit and he should be locked in a fucking cage right. But if you find out that in the gay community. It's not it's different strokes, not thought of the same, so it's different strokes. I mean I can name you several people and we worked in Canadian TV, particularly makeup. Artists were like no careful Michelle likes them young, it's a common thing.
Right and I'm not at all saying that's acceptable, no chemist, but what I am saying is what bothers me with the me to campaign like Meryl Streep come everyone coming out with Harvey Weinstein Germ Germ piece of crap get it. We all know that, but not one the person they all kinda yeah. He tried to do it with me to not one person came out and said: yeah I got three Oscars. I did it bitch, no one no admitted no one. Just like no one else is saying yeah. You know it's well known singer. This happens a lot in Hollywood. There are a lot of guys with young fifteen year old boys. It's super come you go to the the right bar on the well. The Bryan singer thing right Bryan singer. There's photos of his party there's a pool filled with boys, like literally, and what up? there's red lights in the pool and we we had a field day with it could because he could imagine where we imagined the the blood came from, but
literally of red pool, filled with young hairless boy, they were hiding it now, that's the thing they didn't have to. No, it's a fully accepted. That's why the fake outrage bothers me. I'm not! I don't I think it's a fake outrage. I think I think yes, from the left in Hollywood, not America in America is outraged that Kevin spacey ship in fourteen year old boys. Well, I think it wasn't just that. I think what really got Kevin in trouble was not just the initial story, but then that he was grabbing dicks on the set and he was just he would get. There's there's the red. I mean come on son, oh geez, I mean, if that was a bunch of Galsan you were just exploring. Asking party would be boldly painting video for Youtube. This is all wolverines next victims Let's see what you guys look like blood in the pool with the casting party for the first class yeah. But what Milo was saying when he was on the podcast, which ultimately got him in a lot of trouble and lost his
and then also is saying it on that other podcast that he did with the uh amazing atheist. I forget what they call their podcast. You know the podcast, I just know he got. Scoundrels or something like that. Something like yeah Jamie will find it when it comes back from that he just bolted to the bathroom what he was saying essentially was that when you're a young boy and you're gay, you can have a very positive relationship with an older man who acts as a mentor, and that was remotely controversial man ultimately cost him, and he was also saying that he had that done to him on my podcasts said that he was young, he was molested, but he said he please, because I was a predator. Believe me, I was a Well, you know this difference. Someone doesn't understand. I don't know where that line is yeah, you know if you are. If you try working that out in the club Nutley, I was a predator that crowd go from laughing to what you know. That's the line nice scale it back, but he's fourteen right.
If you're, fourteen and you're saying that you were the predator and you're the guy on stage you're, not you're, not the man who's talking about a fourteen year old boy that you want to suck your talking about you, in fourteen and loving the fact that a priest molested you and that you went after him. I was predator. You know when he when he was saying that it was down to that's very off putting it's amazing, she's, beautiful, she's, wise she's amazing smile. What he? What he does is a lot of it is stick and like it's sort of like a gonzo journalism. Type thing right, like you, don't know when where's the stick, where's your real feelings on these things, and then, where is the distinction between how some hetero, actual people look at this and some gay people look at this 'cause. I think the the spectrum is different like spectrum of heterosexual people to think it's acceptable for a grown man have sex with fourteen year old. Is the fucking very small.
Insanely small backwoods? You know there's no straight NAMBLA with Michael Cloud, exactly exactly there's no known as a NAMBLA bumper sticker, but for his natural real anymore. This is a real thing. Yeah someone tried to say I was a member of NAMBLA one point on Youtube in suggesting feed: nothing! Ok, alright! I don't think that was going to stick So now it is something to scale it back now it is not gonna. Remember going to like got a little thing. We got to one that was the one doing a little bit of this is a civil and what is that? But you know it as a whole. There's a zero yeah when I mean on Tuesday luminosity always forget. Ever now is the woman on the art, yeah yeah yeah. I miss of the fallen development dine in every Tuesday yeah. The lan must meet. Somebody has to show up spit secret yeah. It is yours. One thing I will say so I guess is what this: what people say: you're right? Okay, MRS I'm not saying you are so let me Was it but okay, the reason there? No, there is no leftist show up to see which led to just do not having this discussion. It doesn't just
there is the wild progressive left and the people who get in line there is not enough of a contingency today. Put it this way. James Damore A let go for what he wrote on cool, not a single person. We asked at the Youtube Conference, had ever owned a gun or knew someone who owned a gun. Youtube. Google, Facebook ABC, ABC Cnn Cbs. All of them, None of them are standing up and, having this conversation saying even the high, a controversial issue of puberty blockers with which most people disagree. They just go purity there's a new topic of discussion. They go. The left cannot have this conversation because you to draw the line before puberty blockers, you have to draw the line at how far do we have to play along with your delusion, doesn't mean I don't like buck? Angel, doesn't mean Blair, white and are you too Carol Video in a very nice, with her he's very against actual
very good yeah and also on transformed in the nether regions. Blair, white yeah, see that's what we wanted to ask her boyfriend discussed it. Super cool dude by the way seems like a nice guy seems like, but you're always asking yes, yes, why you're not allowed to you're not allowed Yorkie ask questions, but as soon as you leave as soon as they leave the room, you're like that Why can't you just ask what the man, I mean there is open as possible. You saying he used to be a man and now you're, a woman cave gets on the table now baby. What could possibly be offensive after that or more interesting talking about that sure? The reason is because my mom, who did wardrobe for the just for laughs a lot of Canadian, said, come so she just wardrobe for us now, as we've grown into these sketches and so Blair White was the ghost of Christmas past in this parody that we did, and so my mom had to go in and do wardrobe
fitting, so she had some questions every month. First case comes back to me said no, I think she had. I don't think she has that anymore like why she, because she said you know I did all this work, I'm hoping that just means. She clearly has Some lip soon signal. I I don't know, but I I don't know, I don't know what the pants when we felt. I need another conversation with your mom. That's another hilarious character. You do is that socialist french guy in Montreal there yeah you know Bernie, like we've had interviews with people. Did you meet Bernie He said he was on the fight with his in a flight with me, no hearing a selfie with them. I put on my socialism for figs shirt in the bathroom. Here's what's so funny about Bernie Sanders socialism for fakes, figs, says figs because a banned from Instagram. If you know as little things from the CHE Guevara thing anyway, you see it you'll see. If you go to the store point, is Bernie gets in a plane,
This is a right of a debate with TED Cruz Healthcare debate. What did not go well for him and he doesn't even have a brief case. So you know he's not doing work here. From DC to Burlington for Mont, and he I swear to you. I took a picture on the delete last row. Economy plus, plus with that first class curtain goes by we ask for that see because you know he can claim it. I, like. I don't fly first class, like your your what five million dollars I don't mean to say there is a hundred twenty Giga Byte Ipad Pro. I could see that in it as a battle. If I could, I could see that the saving all the money to deal with his wife's lawsuit for tanking that college in Vermont. I know that college too, yeah yeah. That story is crazy, that it was a wild purchasing scheme that that tank, the college
how do they decide to expand the land and buy and they tank the college because of that picture that just Erica but with the fuck, are you doing you're overspending like who do you think you send surprise start over spend? What we need to do is get a rich people pay with us or space I put on the shirt and they're like you have to take a picture at this point. It was like one thousand two hundred and thirty in the morning. I was only the Burlington trainee to call, and so I get off the plane and he gets off the plane first priority plus plus. I didn't get. The free cocktail might get off the plane. First done after first class. You know less than him because he's in like second back no, no, no first class and then he's economy plus plus plus always right right on this board, since it first class first class in everything, but name only- and you know he says that every debate, although, unlike my portal, I don't sit in first class, alright Bernie, so he gets out first and I walked behind him and it was like gosh. What's his name Brooks in Shawshank redemption?
is so old and everyone is walking understand. He walks down this one hall by himself with his Ipad pro and I remember calling Janice. I can't do it. I said I can't get it twelve thirty in the morning. The guy looks like he's at deaths, door yeah- and I didn't want to be that your corn might want to talk with, and I was going to you know sandbag him, but he looks so it was so sad posture. So awful is next sits in the middle of a sternum like mister burns hurdle. Crazy? It's like man, you got a set of straight like that's, not healthy, your you got to be in pain all the time if your head is like that low well we're going to economy? We give them money to block, so they could pay for my physical therapy and bear wiped out income inequality it's all things down here, yeah, but what I'd like about him was that what he was. He seemed like a uniting force with white people and black people. It seemed like he was, you know, he's doing
he's with killer MIKE a gun. You know, and MIKE is super pro gun. You know I bike. I don't like I like the fact that people can bracing this crazy old guy and stage the stage with my computer that was pushing. That was not the platform if they want to have a meeting they should have a meeting you can just jump up. It has killer, makes it in the White White House in the office right now, they'll be fine. His president, I know my president. I don't you know. I think the problem is like, even if you have people who are I'm a socialist who were on board with them with a lot of people who are pro Who then changed because they just said well, then he went full sjw. The black lives matter feminism and that's why I say even if you find coefficient he believes that thing when you're in these town halls in that they don't know that you're they all agreed. It really is a monolith in like that's what they say: you're right wing, because the truth is you could
be considered right wing just like he could just like. I could just like Jordan Peterson could just like my look at like bench and always have a widely differing views. If you were to check the box off with Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, who take your pick, they would check the same boxes because they have to, and I think that's why they're losing so much ground culture in the boxes are shifting to. So what were the the right side is expanding all the boxes. You could possibly check the left, is shrinking. You have to get in line with these. Things will be right down the line, a real center in this She does not have a real center and I think that drives people to the left and the right. I think it's a a big issue, but is this? Just too much toxic tribal thinking here. I just think we need truth. I would like that thing I don't care if you're left to right, just don't lie to me yeah Dan, to the left as been able to lie to everyone, because, if control the information delivery from grant, I know that sounds good. That's right. It's like we're talking about with TIM Allen. I mean that is right. The the yeah! I mean that's what we're talking about with actors. So you you talk to
most actors when it comes to anything political there, almost all left wing that doesn't even make sense like it's exactly yeah there's. Actually there are a few people like we had. You know like Gary Sinise in the show. We've had some big name actors where they have screw you money It doesn't matter right, but he just the nicest guy ever even talk about politics. He just builds these smart homes for veterans just because he's like a saint, but there are other actors We can't even necessarily name Hoover like I'd really like to show, but I can't yet when I get to this stage in Mycareer, I'm sure you've probably heard from those people too yeah yeah, that's right, yeah. I'm! You know. I've had people like that to say I want to go hunting and I'm like yeah. Well, let's, let's filament, no so much in one, people who know that that's how you get your food I mean, do you know ninety seven percent of the country. It's me, It really is that high or that I like, what is it you're paying for it right you're paying for the murder, you're cool with that, but you're not cool with doing it yourself right, because now
totally cool with just wanted to. Let you know like okay. Well, that's part of the problem, because people do Don't want anybody else to know. That's why it becomes so scary and taboo and very few people come out. You know it's just it's. It's a lot of the same thing, because it's like you not you're, not willing to express your authentic self? Well, that's the university like we're going to be at Virginia Tech. Is it sixth we commit which name with already people lined getting ready on Facebook to protest and once you've been seen, the show we don't know what it is. The first time we're going to take the show on the road and broadcast live. I mean it's just a powder keg because no one is allowed to think differently picture collegiate campuses. That's what the left! That's their utopia listen. You brought us something that I think change. The way. People look at Social Justice warriors that late. That was in the audience in Amherst, was puff. That was like a gift from the heavens that poor
gal it was like somebody created. The caricature used assume her gender. I did so that's again, but the role of the dice should be monetized, I'm a pig when she was screaming at you and like this is not real. This is like, but Rex this is not relax, but it's the same ship. This is this is real. This can't be real. This woman's not really. This is like a caricature. This is this is Michael J Fox movie from the 80s, where you like, there's no way, that's a real person. Remember how stressed it was about that because here's a deal like this is my first time I was there, it was Milo and Christina Hoff Sommers. At this point, I don't remember you like, like the MAC or Coca, when you do college sure go back when that was my experience with colleges and I hated it. But for the first time I know now that people are going to be protesting to a significant degree. I just want to go out and do some of his their degree. I do them like I something like I don't know what to do here, because, like they're, just gonna speak a lecture, and I wanted to just you know: twenty minutes set right. You know it's really tough
if I don't, if you don't acknowledge Heckler, if you don't acknowledge, the person. But then, when you come out and it's just triglia puff who doesn't have enough middle fingers to give I've never give anyone the things in the state of never gone, but I was like there's. No, I realized immediately. I'm not gonna be able stand up, and that was the rant that went viral, which I didn't looks like I'm just going to stay, I'm just going to do my set and then afterwards we'll do a QA. They wouldn't allow it. And I just saw her and I just couldn't. She looked like the broad from monsters INC at the front desk. I was just laughing like she really did. Yeah just or gel They want to hear something. You know I think Where is my parents? Who may be said this to me when I was young and I got cocky about something at one point and they said don't ever brag because it it it keeps us from being able to brag for you. Let someone else. Do it that's interesting,
Why is working we're putting it same thing with strictly they say it with an accent, so we don't get to brag for you 'cause. She had a tennis, I don't know so. She had work done well. Think about this. If Triglia puff didn't come out there and gave it to be jobless cabbage. Thank you for about a second. She took it out pretty quickly. Duggar didn't understand my needs carbs. If she didn't do that, we would sitting here talking about how if we just saw how we feel bad for her. Yes, like oh man that girl, I hope she gets. You know what I feel would be sympathetic, but you prevent you preclude us from being empathetic when you act like an absolute piece push it. Your whole life, like all of a sudden we've shut off this empathy for people because of the way they behave. We would all be like. Oh man, portal. You know, I hope she finds it got. I'm sure she'll find a guy who likes and you know bigger, and you know she'll Tsing get together and I've. You know I've seen some people turn around, but when she does that you're, just like, oh I I can't just be bold, is hiring see so ridiculous that it didn't. I didn't even think that way, I'm
Obviously I wasn't in the room while she was screaming at me. While I was on the stage, I probably been furious, but sitting. Back watching it from the comfort of my house watching on Youtube. I was like what the fuck happened. This poor kid like just like this is used to be someone, you know is a person who has daughters like this is someone's baby and then this? I someone didn't pay attention to her. They fed her bad food and, and she here by herself, like the whole thing, was crazy. Keep your hates me jump. I can we want. Christina Hoff, Sommers. By the way it couldn't be a nicer person like It was so funny watching her with you and Milo and she's like well. I wouldn't say that I'm not necessarily saying that yeah, the Islam stuff got. She got uncomfortable, but people down there. She couldn't be a nicer lady. I really love her she's really sweet. About that were in she's, basically kind of a lifelong Democrats Democrat. Right now, which is branded right wing she's branded alt right. She is a super feminist, but she calls herself the factual Mistan and her idea is that when you
store reality when you start biology. When you start facts, you are doing your cause a disservice, which is her because I mean an actual feminist she's. A real famous and she doesn't think, is anything wrong with being a woman she's likely due this is. His is anything wrong with wearing dresses, putting on makeup and lipstick. With your woman yeah right two boxes, she didn't check in the left column right for yeah right in there. By the way she does things anything wrong with not doing that either right. Cheese is very open minded, but but she called bull because she calls bullshit on that group? She's got shoved This fucking Nazi category, which is so crazy to me, but in the danger with that is, let's say, ten years down the line right. You refer to me as not you refer to Joe Rogan is a Nazi knock to Christina Hoff Sommers, you know what happens. Is You refer to someone as Nazi for reasonable views for just long enough. They start singing. You know what let's go. Nazi and people actually go further
Jim swings for the other way, that's what you see with Europe through sing with this far right, rice bran, because, like you know it like, we send computer who works as we brought over from Germany. So you know that there's a certain for young people don't want to go to every museum and go yeah we suck, because we had nothing to do with it. He wasn't Germany, you pay sixty five percent income tax if you're under the age of thirty, What school is free? Think about that for sixty five percent fifty but spend was telling us there's some additional. It's basically sixty five percent and it's entirely based on your age bracket you're under thirty. You sixty five percent. That's your effective tax rate so you have a lot of money that hurts yeah. But that's what see see this far right rise in Europe, because you call someone a nazi for so long like one. Second, I'm going to not see, I just don't want Paris to become a rape, then, Now, when you go from calling someone a nazi and then you see Charlottesville, when you see guys with Nazi tattoos, you oh well, that's not exactly. This is a real nazi,
This is a moron with a swastika tattooed on his chest, Dodge Challenger yeah. All this craziness, left and right. I just I'm just hoping it settles and but you said truth, that's what I like I like truth. I don't think you know. That's where I always. You know. I know people I don't think truth is necessarily in the middle. I think truth is truth, and sometimes it's so far, the right and sometimes in the middle. I don't think, there's much truth in today's progressive left, No, I think, there's an ideological war going on and I think especially with Trump in office, they feel like the gloves are off in all. Rules are out the window and anything goes yeah. I think people are flabbergasted and why tell Jamie for the shuttle like I'm, not I'm I'm not without my criticisms for Trump, but I gotta admit every time stuff. Just rolls off his back like water on a duck I started talking laughing like they were like. This sorry Daniel things going to sink him,
I have a friend of mine, who's, gay and he's a nicest guy in the world, but he's so ridiculous. He's like that's our Monica Lewinsky she's uh article, I go dude, it's not going to work. I go! No one is going to care it's going to disappear in a couple weeks or we're in a ten hour news cycle. Do you understand this? I go in ten hours, a new ship comes along and nobody gives a fuck about Brett Ratner anymore, and nobody gives talk about this guy. Nobody and there's a new guy and there's a new thing and there's a new problem and it's a new theory is a new thing and you saying that this pornstar thing this is not one thousand nine hundred and ninety four, this porn star thing: It's not going to sink him, he's going to deny it fake news, fake nose and he's going to keep moving and there's going to be nothing yeah. I don't! Even I don't even know what happened with that. But to me I was remember I I was was I gotta disconnect for a bit 'cause I've been just going going going, so I I like kind of pop my head in for half a day. Because Rooney still come like you've, been doing a comment like what what's this? What's this outrage right now, do I need to know about Donald Trump and they said no yeah just my head.
Of course it is that's it. No one cares seems like, of course Haiti is. It doesn't mean Haitian said. Why do these people from these shithole countries want to come here? That's what supposedly said he says he didn't say it. Some people say did other people say you didn't who cares so we're in a weird quagmire mire If he says yes, I did leave it yeah. It's not the appropriate thing for president of the United States to say, but does it make sense that Donald Trump say that yes, well, no! No! No! No! No! I don't know how you know. It's a shithole, because french Canal the most racist people you'll find love you mom, but they create these french lots of talk about this for planet means pure wool, because I want to get rid of all the angle. Phones right and so then they had a asian immigration because there's a lot of you know french and people from nice but disease in breeding and they were furious. So they try to treat loss to keep the Haitians out because they were, you know they did. It was just a clash of cultures. Here's the thing Haiti is whether down from center, not as a country a shitty place.
And I don't think anyone cares. More visitations doesn't mean I'm not empathetic to them, but very fortunate that they are in a bad place, but how is it racist, if especially you're, criticizing a government which comprises of black people who are screwing a black citizenry they're? Not doing it kids! Never got it right when Wilson took a picture from sandals club, med sandals. If you're going to know that as the resort, that's so funny, yeah you get a bomb. Is, I think, Jamaica? if you look this one of those places, no luck. No locale enabled the other shitholes like it's one of those things where I think, if nothing else, Donald Trump has loud people and we were trump with people. We got so much fun for me all right, because we didn't support right. I remember that, and you were more in support of TED Cruz right out. Well, it's Carly Fiorina and Ben Shapiro. I mean Carson Little bit right.
This study was hysterical, he's smart guy on the door so also crazy. Yeah he's like a Jim Henson care. My favorite thing was him with Jesus the painting Jesus on his shoulder. I will ban so you can get a neural surgeon. Do an absolute genius that, but you don't have a sense of like maybe it shouldn't be. This on myself car well, Jordan, Peterson said something that's very brilliant. He said there is absolutely no correlation with being smart and being wise. It's true! It's true! a lot of people that are really fucking smart things, but they, not wise in terms of how they behave and how they think and how they conduct their life and whether or not they pay for a Jesus. During my shoulder, it doesn't look like Jesus looks like a porter rican closely. Some dude is slinging tacos, it's a crazy painting, it's so it's so bad. I just knew this guy yes, nice! Well, everything is new. We used to have stars, but the panels were too dark.
In this room. 'cause, the lighting is different here, so we change them. The clouds got the American So people also think you're right wing When do you ever see a leftist yeah? When do you ever see the current progressive leftist, with patriotic symbolism, I think it. I usually have american flag case, but I ordered one thing Iphone X and I didn't get it yet look, I love America. I think America represents a a beautiful place of opportunity and it's not perfect, but I think it's the best place. I've been to a lot of different places. You know if you think, there's something wrong with being patriotic at the your fucking crazy? I don't think America represents the worst aspects of us. I think it represents possible. And promise, and that you have this ability to do whatever the fuck you want to do this on not a class structure. You can literally from the bottom, to the top, you mean you can do whatever What you want to do in this country? There's some restrictions. People say it's not a free country, hey man go to Canada,
more for free in Canada, Canada, you, you can go to jail for not using someone's preferred gender pronouns is a case that just was out a couple of days ago, where some woman had a sign and it was it in the boil down to like one word, but Her sign said that he a tray as gender woman is a man and your just because you feel something like that. It does not overtake by. Allergy, and it was like long thing. S, transgenders person wanted to file a human rights violation case against her and get her arrested and said that the only way this person would not would be willing to not do that was be, would be this sit down with this woman and have coffee with or explain to her. Why she's wrong? Well, she doesn't think she wrong, since, when you can't just decide that this person has to Aqui ask they have to into your particular ideology and your line of thinking. Otherwise, it's hate speech. That's not the answer, but the answer to
If you think someone is wrong, the here is proving them wrong with having a conversation about it. Like some. Someone deciding that. Not only is it wrong we're going to lock you up for it, gonna sue, you like that's crazy and I think especially. With that. Trudeau guy up there like well deep in remove a couple of bucks, and you could have just run for office with that speech- is very inspiring to look at it, probably get up there and be. If I could be a Canadian, I'm I'm a big fan of Canada, I'm a big fan, but they they've got a few problems. That's you're, the first person ever voted for was Stephen Harper right. So he's still back. Then I'm that guy I'm open about it. Christian conservative everyone who Harper is super was prime Minister before Trudeau, Stephen Harper is the canadian equivalent of a conservative. So that would be like a little left to John Kasic here in the states. He was the Reagan, the kind of refer to now yeah. He was, I mean it. We didn't have the housing double because they did the subprime loans candidate was doing really well for the first time was higher in the Economic Freedom Index in the United States. I voted for
and everyone hated him why? Because he was a practicing christian conservatives who believed in some form of limited government. Well now they but Trudeau. It's like surprise I remember, Steven Watson, was a pastor and I talked about this. And this is where the slippery slope thing. It wasn't: no, no you're, just you're, just crazy religious nutbag, this guy Stephen Boston with pastor, who I think was jail. He certainly was fine just because he said I don't care if the laws in the land I'm not going to marry two men in my congregation, I'm not going to recognize it that's what he said, whether you agree with him or not. This was years ago, and people on the left back, support. It was like well, the only effects the christian pastor doesn't want to marry do expecting. Well now it doesn't now it effects the person who says if born a man, your man and now it effects MIKE The comedian who is put before Human Rights Tribunal for making fun of a make a wish kid foundation, yeah it at a certain point, draw the line and we want to decide that we're going to draw the line when it comes to like, for example, purity, blockers
Where do we draw the line when someone tries to strangle Ben Shapiro in the doctor drew show, because he implies that the guy with the penises still a man hilarious? That was rough. That was a rough one because The guy was literally threatening violence and it was okay, because Ben had MS gendered him shipping label, then then to be fair, you knew that was going to not only that touched him, by putting his hands on him, which is very threatening. If someone leading mean they're putting their hands on me. I'm on DEFCON, nine, I'm ready to go like where's is go that's. Why he's holding on to me? We fighting yes, you're you're holding me your view gripping me and holding me in your way. Bigger than me. The guy was weighed girl, way bigger than band, but Bands Ben was strong. There. That seems out of mass leaders are pretty, is one of those guys funny the way you said it was in there like, oh my gosh, but yet he said if you, if you don't be Kerry somewhat. Joker going to wind up. If you don't think you're going to want your break going to go home in an ambulance, yeah man, it's like
you're going to beat me up because I say the wrong word. Really. Imagine that's what I'm saying. But you were a man. Writing clubber Lang of trainees will let you know. That was one of the things that I got into it with someone online about Fallon Fox, I say someone said she was always a woman. I go ok, but you know she got a man. She had apenas, she used to be man, she got a woman pregnant and had a kid with that one. I go, was she a woman, then she was even then we're done. We're done we're in Narnia again, where I can activate that woman see you too, because I didn't expect that I felt like I could say, hey I don't think it's cool if you get your penis removed to beat the fuck out of women felt like that's a safe I think it's going to be a controversy people like you're a bigot, and I was like wow. Well, ok,
maybe you should at least tell them that used to be a man. No, it's a medical procedure and it has no basis what so well in your physical performance. Well. Well, that's not even structurally true that doesn't make any sense. The physical bodies built differently. You know, like imagine, let's do decide to be a woman. Just imagine a hormone blockers in the world keep that. In fact everybody didn't tell anybody, know it's a medical procedure, but I don't want you to let us know. When you tell people you have aids much. I mean a penises much that's great formula now chat with agent. Wonderful, it used to be a felony and What's it like to be? Yes, if you know you have a fatal disease and you someone in the but without a condom, that's right a Pool party rental, but you can't just be transferred by playing spin the bottle. Did you ever see the guy who authored that? Yes, There was little leather like and yes, yes, like a principal part, it's hilarious, like Jericho, did that Guy Paso through which was people weren't paying attention. Like that's, that's crazy.
Like. I don't care. If it's, I don't care. If it's a or if you could give someone cancer you. If you have cancer- and you know you have to I mean if it was a communicable disease, you decide to make out with someone who doesn't have cancer and he gave it to them like fuck man, killed. Somebody just smoked a pipe and kiss Maine, and now I have saw fickle cancer. You know the bigger conversation on that too. Is there like Obviously it's not fatal anymore, because a protease inhibitors and all this stuff, but this is what he is you just compared AIDS, the cancer there was once a day we could compare aids to AIDS when you that leads to colleagues the gay cancer. You know that's when, when it first came out, there called the gay cancer, but when it we did a thing on that we did it's offensive. We did your initial wishbone with our new, Copperwood aids epidemic and how the AIDS epidemic was always a hoax there's, never an epidemic. Basically, if you were not doing her, Dirty needles are having gay unprotected sex with George Michael you're, pretty much safe
got so mad. I knew it yeah, because people know what they do. You, member the, can assemble yeah. I remember the kiss and bet it's terrible. Yeah so we had a guy who came on. It was actually very civil who disagree with by the end of it. He just said. Well, I guess I just disagreed because the way you said it was so incendiary nice one. Second, why is it in send here? I am the one actually trying to prevent people from getting aids. There are very, make patterns of behavior that you avoid. Don't have gay unprotected sex in a truck stop don't do heroin in the E East village like rent when you watch the rent ever see that movie? No, because I'm I want to see you crying at rent and like every every single person. Was doing heroin in the e village and having unprotected sex with each other. If you make it Asin New without getting a drum borrowed trying like home. I I don't feel bad for you at this point. We had people, they give us so much flak over the AIDS epidemic and none of them disagree with the statistics. You're, just not supposed to say it think about that for second the issue with that Folsom Street Fair
senator or congressman. You know, on top of that. But yes, the guy with the beautiful leather, vest no shirt on underneath it wander through the streets for the tire on his neck. That looks suspiciously like a leash was a hot topic discount item. Yeah. It was on sale at the hello Kitty, backpack, so his I remember was well this these laws. Only these disclosure laws, and by with you who don't know, means you have to disclose that you have a diff you're having sex with somebody right he's just cause was only serve to stigmatize hold on a second does it mean We can't stigmatize anyone or anything. Ever we can't stigmatize AIDS right Well, I mean we hate you and we can just LI delivering it into someone. I mean that's the prob like being aware of what point are we ok Right, I mean what does it take to say like well Ok, maybe we should stigmatize if I were to use an absurd example in a bit would like maybe
we should stigmatize knowingly transferring aids to somebody through unprotected, but sex as a goof, but instead we don't you're, not even supposed to say AIDS right, because HIV in an HIV gives AIDS. You know you get AIDS because your immune system is compromised and what AIDS is a syndrome acquired immune deficiency syndrome. I never got more hate in all the years. I did this podcast, then early the early early early episodes, a doctor's name, the the doctor from mercy, California, Berkeley, he is ostracized from the medical community, but he's a douche Berg. Yes, doctor Peter Duesberg, wrote an article in spin magazine way way way back in the day and his assertion was that h is a very weak virus and that HIV is appearing in the systems of these people because they have compromised immune systems. It's not aids. It's not hi,
that's giving these people compromised immune systems. They already have compromised immune systems and he was saying the reason why they're having these compromised immune systems is because of a man nitrate and crystal math and party drug. And he showed overwhelming, like in his in his mind, overwhelm evidence that all these people that got aids we're getting there. They're good is immune system is compromised because of partying yeah they're saying this is why it's so prevalent in the Gay party community he's like you anyway. Talking about how you Destroy your immune system theme on nitrate. You destroy your immune system with crystal meth and if you check the immune systems of these people, of course be devastated, they're, doing hardcore party drugs and they're doing them all the time he he said this and he published a bunch of stuff on it. People went crazy.
It was it was. It was not a scientific debate. It was more of of social issue. How do you work with, guys Crystal Meth, like wasn't If it wasn't a gay thing, here's the thing: if AIDS, something you found truck, stop people who, who were just doing math and and shooting heroin and they're all for whatever reason they're getting this disease. I would go. I bet. Diseases probably maybe has something to do with the fact they're all doing math, no, no unrelated, but mess bad right. It's terrible! nitrates devastate instant brain damage. Amyl nitrate causes brain damage you pop one of those aged was it like a moan moan strong, sold, poppers yeah they they do. It apparently opens one hour. Lifters would do those before big, like setting some smelling salts yeah different on dust. Okay, no, my trees, a potent drug yeah,
Actually some we talked about that yesterday. Ben Greenfield talked about yesterday, some insanely disgusting, smelling salt that you barely hold up your nose and you do lifts like right after that, yeah exciter, your your central nervous system. It's far I like lavender but anyway I don't. I don't know what the facts are. I'm not fucking This guy is a he is a tenured professor, the university Berkeley can't get funding for any done rock solid research on cancer is really interesting. Guy yeah, but all the other AIDS researchers denounce him. Everyone else that's involved in HIV in they might be right. They very well could be right. I don't know if he's writer he's wrong, it seems to me more like it is wrong, because no one, no one, has come forward, like legitimately yeah on a side in terms of scientific research based on what you're saying for money on it, like my my inclination is, sounds like he may be, yeah. I think I'm not offended that you brought he's talking biologist, you know, but that's what's crazy about it, that that's why
I can't think of any shows in the others. Let's say center right, others of the political spectrum where they wouldn't be offended by right so much crap, maybe he's from everything I know about HIV and AIDS seems as though he's wrong. I don't know enough to say he's wrong, but I've heard enough people that know enough. That say he's wrong that I believe them, but people are sending me messages, runs on your hands in this now like. If you went out and had unprotected but After listening to the Joe Rogan experience you deserve. What's coming, ok, if you listen to Maine, I know like that's it. Do you do drugs right? Send it in wreck spot is going on man, Jack pot come on. You can't demonize conversations, and I don't know enough about the subject, but I listened to that guys. Take on it and it's fuel for thought. You know, I don't think he's right. I don't, but I I've talked to a lot of people that I don't think you're right. I think I've talked to some crazy fucking people on this show an. I think. You
be able to have conversations you have to well, I mean I'd agree on sixty percent of things- maybe fifty, maybe it's somewhere between forty and seventy. I don't know it doesn't matter, to be ok, it should be totally fine and that's We do a change, my mind segments most time, people, that's pretty. And then you just get someone who comes up and wants to commit assault right, Charlie Puffs, and it's like, I think, a big skill kind of had to learn this because naked your nose when we first had guests if it was if it was a guest who disagreed with, I was like listen. I will not at you. It will not be taken out of context, but I would sit down for three out. Doors with them, because they would be like coming off, don't come out when you realize just repeating themselves so finding the balance of seeing there a lot of people out there now who are open to hearing these points before opening hearing these ideas being able to identify them, and then being able to identify the people who are so bought in they won't even listen. You need to make an exam full of them for the people. You can convince run and understand the two different kinds of people, the the Tripoli Puffs verses a you know. I don't know
Jordan, Peterson, who probably never saw himself as even little at all until it came out and said something that would seem to be so benign and caused an uproar uhm, I think, being able to identify those two, not so much just about left and right who can hear who won't and how to handle right, and why? Why can't you hear? Can you not here because it interferes with their ideology. Or can you not here because what they're saying logical like which one is it is it? Are you honestly listening to what they're saying and can you give factual refute. Can you give sort of a review of this, or is it just it just doesn't jive with your view of the world. You've you have some rock solid view. The world you're, not you're, not willing to look at in the right perspective spoke about under cover thing. Was not by balls of steel doing this for that one. We got give that one to you went undercover with Antifa and that fucking that one was disturbing to me because uh,
Well, you look like you've slide right in like a glove, but he liked was almost matching the guy when I got there. Guy gal we'll know and I thought our costume wardrobe lady had actually just just stolen his clothes because it is almost identical to what he was wearing his name. No idea, though, that when you're, a slender man like people assume the manual wings, I need is so much crap that weird yeah well look. What is it about slender people? There's something there right like what Is it about slender people that are almost always left wing weakness? Wow, you think so sorry, could be the same, really see the american flag is right wing. They see this this you must be. The third Reich press, one slash three I don't even know what it is. Yeah yeah right now designs That is really it was actually really nice is better known. Is that steel yeah? That's pretty cool guy make some.
That's why I can usually. I could tell when someone approaching us if they're friendlier fell by their posture in the body size, the guy walks in I probably friendly friendly queer look at one hundred and forty pound. Man like myself approach is something we gotta get out of dodge. He is a shank or screwdriver used pass it out. I did so many other self shotguns an hour ago. I know it. I know I don't know because I was like I had done to man now I get made every time I go out after he dresses Atrani anyone Davis my week flies off. She still goes along with it. I'm on everything. You've got to go in the typical of also don't want to pull the seal team six mission between Wednesday and Friday shelf. So it's true, but what Happ? and then, when you were in you wanted to go back. This year I was due: how did it get site? Explain to me how it got set up? How you did it like what? What was the meeting? Well, I mean these kind of things
Dividend the Burlington Vermont kinda gigs. I mean that was a throw away. This one took months of planning a threat to yeah. If you ever ever do to read just bechly to to infiltrating the back end of into the red, and I read your coverage: we have a guy who does research for us. Don't tell me, can I get in anything specific, but he is the only high high level, professor okay. He has. This is a six hundred and fifty something pounds Do you like being in real life and brilliant? he was the one who found the salon pedophile. That's why we broke that. She was only the file that article where the first ones running with currently actively pedophile. He sent it to me within ten minutes what is the name of the chairman say currently out of it. Wasn't a practicing pedophile right there he was he was. He talked about grooming and all that stuff and we wrote about it: not really double down attitude, and then it became addicted to get three more articles yeah anyway. The point registers, registers, brilliant disprove, those articles- I don't know- maybe they did, but they did like two or three.
But red is a brilliant researcher, and so at this point explain that though 'cause you're glossing over this for people who are just listening. Please explain what that was like those articles yeah hi Amber for certain of that, so a salon dot com. What was their first articles on the PETA filed in I'm, not a monster yeah and it was talking about, How do you know the way to deal with us again, not to stigmatize them? Like listen, I'm sorry to certain point, I'm empathetic, but we send you to therapy. You still want to have sex with kids. We take you out a village, we shoot you, we can't take that risk. Sorry, that's it! so use, I'm not a monster and talked about how his struggles, this animal? Ok, you can kind of understand, but Redge did some research down to his online message board his pseudonyms his usernames and coded language about grooming like your grooming online online, so we found all of it at least an article on it and then salon release another article where he responded and didn't What's up? My name was like my week in the right wing, hate sphere and the
on someone like we're the bad guys, because we found out that your grooming children and they released. Like we just realized. Ok, this is the thing kind of like hormone blockers for kids. Salons school with an active pedophile. Let's move on now we're not going to do it, there's no more convincing to be done here, so It was what he found and rage was one infiltrated a lot of the anti for groups. You know he's yet that's not his real name, but he has so many guys is brilliant, so he'd been doing research on the back and upon request, and was so good. So we had all this research. We knew these people were we kind of knew what they were planning with period going into Utah an as a matter of fact. We were going to go to Berkeley right before that, but then last minute we found out they weren't going to do it 'cause we know where they meet. We were on their cryptic apps, where they would text you. So these apps that you would like I don't know? If we are, we allowed to say that I don't know, I think yeah. The FBI came to us for information afterwards, so yeah we're tracking their arrest.
It's made because of your undercover thing. Well, arrest made on the people same people same people, so they committed crimes again later that day and were arrested, same person who handed him a shank later that day, assaulted so little rest. So Reggie gets you the information and then you, how do you make contact with these people? we will. We were part of their facebook grouping, so we found out where they wanted to meet when where and we showed the campus- and I walk in as Jason antifa- person. New to the organization say I want to be involved. That's all yeah x class acts on yeah, but high tech, spy, blue contacts just run a budget. We need to disguise. So why do you need to discuss? You didn't think you could slip. You thought people would recognize you I should've been could've, been on the radar we don't now they try to find this in in in Austin answer yeah they're, finding out holsters we've taken every Kennedy and they were passing out flyers when you got waterboarded know there was another.
I would much rather than water yeah he did he did. There is no joke and I'd rather do that than the CNN. Sixteen hour live stream. That's not a joke. I'd rather be waterboarded, but anyway, that's good enough, yes, so we do shop, this coffee house to me Starbucks on campus, where he will be the star, but once I found them met up, he gives me the cryptic messaging app. Was it he or she did you find out. We don't know, I was sure, was a he because there's a wedding band in this shut up Missouri sitting there with his wedding band? Iphone. Seven is brought on the side. It gives me the app and says we'll see you tomorrow. So I say: ok, see, you then gives me at communication. They did roll call it work on it ends is okay. Everyone roll call, we've got chase in the groups, yes like fire bird and only one of fiber what a good day
like all these, like Firebird and Rogue two in flamethrower nine, and then there was will will will that wasn't real name will Ferrell thing. We found immediately system so swiftly. Well, it's so easy to find. How can you figure out who will was well because the phone numbers are also listed? It scripted messaging app, there's a light, take screen shots but turns out. If you have another phone, you can take a photo love your screwed into the physical camera. It doesn't just. They didn't seem to workout this kink in the plants when they play the Snapchat thing. When people are sending Dick pics like a normal, going to see it, no one's going to say well, you can take you can't just resize. It just informs the person which is so much worse than no someone actually took it. It's like that just makes it worse for everybody right now, though, of it with the camera, like you said so anyway. I'm sorry so go ahead. So all these people are role playing there. Dungeons and dragons exactly so. We go back to our hotel, get ready for the next day on campus, where they're supposed to to to me
and get together nervous as hell. It's always so when we play, I was more nervous the day before 'cause I didn't know what I was walking. One short is going to play at first. There are like thirty seconds. Ok, it's much less. Do you have from Antifa, for which one do you want me to start with DOW I want the roll a dice. They were openly advocating violence and they were open league? They were, they were offering to give you done, not a first know. First, while others. Let that's why I say on the matter because yeah she said the funny part before. As you said, we got into a fight and you said, This, not my job description, and I said it is exactly in your job description. You have You go. Do this right now and we had security everything but You are really and then, after the clips you'll see gave you the knife and we were finding out reports with the cops that point it goes I'm going go back in. I think I really miss him like you can't they just handed you a prison shank
I told you they had a sawed off shotgun. You can't go back in there so once he was in it. Raining back is a little there are a couple times, but I'm not crazy. She got a little crazy, ok. So This is a meeting at Starbucks there. It's almost like product placement things a guy. This is a guy. I think I play it. This is tell me how to show a lot of hard tactics as the the number there for planning. I have a tool box. Full of did you bring your gun on the border between just regular right have like on the board regular right now, so I started that's a girl yeah. I thought so when a ship this one, but you know
and so I think, like I feel Jamie is one really handy jeered with an ice pick. You said or what was it? It was driver. It was an ice pick it. No, it's a. It was a sharp poignant, but is like a school. That's rich ever handle to a case coming okay, so here it is. I think they were lying though, but this is so the Cuban rented yeah tell me how to calculate your my own, a cave, ours, thirty, four area. This is the club that night fixed blade, find inches or so, but this is too strong. K Bar sponsor of Antigua now by the way yeah Really sample should is a fan who threw down okay, so What they're doing is first of all that person, stabbed anybody in their fucking life right, so these are dorks and what they're doing is they're deciding now they're going to take action. And they're going to enlist the aid of a bunch of other people. Did you think, point I'm like. Maybe these people are looking for suckers that are willing to do fuckedup ship for
She did stabbing anybody. I absolutely as it was when I showed up There was like for them when I got there, they were already laid the socialists raw running late late. I think in some time and in one I'm actually said with the the sweet: are there honey bee? It's like yeah, that's the beauty of being unemployed. I can just show up on time anywhere I want to make, There is a silver lining, I guess, but just eating shoes eating until eight Yes, this place, so she okay, so the I get there and I'm I'm for something. Okay, this is a bus. This is a really sad group of people right, I don't know about the weapons. At this point I just the address. I'm I'm expecting forties guys in the end that what they called black bloc all black rattles. Everything in it just looks like a really sad social club. So I get there sit down for a bit and like three and it's in the start telling me they start passing me stuff tell get everything you just saw an I'm thinking oh. My lord, this is not I I need to get out
yeah. I need to get out. I need to get out me while I'm on the other side of the school, because Ben Shapiro is being so me this at a school in your venture there. So there are a lot of fans, some kind of taking pictures, and you know I got spots of got spotted some. My phones been. Let me shut off my phone taking pictures and I see it injured, like they're handing me knives, quick it out like ok, I need I need I need to fast. I think yeah. So I told him I had to take a dump- and I just left without that was hilarious enough with the crazy thing about. That is that you bring us the footage, so there are cops right there. So we tell the cops because, like we've got to get him through this where is quadrant over there, because I talk about Louisiana Sports yeah. Ok, right here, I think so yeah, it's not. Let's get corrupt file file Hugo Circle and they were handing out sharp objects to stab people with. So they had someone.
Let's for local news to take two late night hosts comedians to find this out. But I wish you guys luck. Yes, you just saw correctly even being shown the footage in the presence of police officers to confirm authenticity. They, locked away also, I should note this yeah. He was the podcast in the whole story to ally offered it to him? he meant here is a brief spot when they actually put together weeks later after I video come out, so we had technology, but he put together a small little brief montage of our video that took place on his little profile bags full event will not without some controversy What happens to me? What's so crazy is like again I offered it to the local guy right people who do use April, O'Neil, they're, not they want the exclusive.
Hey man? Do you want this like to run this because he worked for ABC Local Fox or something you don't instagram videos of five you know following as he is all heart go up on the screen, so I'm like listen if you want to, and he goes what it what it so I or one this is. We tell me exactly what we had and we show the cryptic app and my horse and we're not here the police, so we're showing it to me walks away what is it? Well, I got do my job. This isn't a part of your job, this isn't about. I didn't think was at and that to me was in ST, we weren't looking for it in a silly skill of antitrust might have as wide as possible at a Ryan going down the street with a protester big yet again, yeah they want to that's what he did. He was yeah. It's from L. You see people peacefully protest thing like hold up as in SAM, hey done something like that. He just didn't have authority that he was trying to didn't fit the narrative same thing with a guy from night I didn't fit. So the narrative was the anti Trump protesters, which is what people were tuning into the news for it wasn't it was Antifa peaceful. There were snipers on the rooftops.
That little Jew Ben Shapiro think about it. This is like two weeks after Berkeley, he said, he's a smart little bastard. I love him, but he's like I could see how he pisses people off. Please brilliantly he's very very smart. Here's. My first lawyer negotiated she was entertainment. Lawyer, said Ben you got. Out of owls in your last name, and I have a contract with money at play. Can you help me, then? I think I think I can do it and to be confronted with a team. That's hilarious, but this is this. I mean this is the heat of the Antifa fight last summer, I right after Berkeley. They were really specifically And for trying to downplay the violence and the the under current, they seem to have picked up, given that up they seem to have accepted the fact that there's a lot of some of them, some of some of them, but I think this hat I I mean I hate not to toot our own horn, but I think things like this when I got what fifteen million plays on Facebook a few million on on on you. The reason we got more mileage is because the news refuse to cover it, and man was the Dean and there's some student activities advisor released in official statement. Saying nothing happened, and so we called him. So
the father he well yeah. Listening the we went to Washington what the what we meet upcoming Washington Herald or something. So the goal was arrested, the name everyone of us- and we have to make the statement that this was entirely peaceful because Honey Bee he said he is. We ought to have the police, but never actually quoted a name, so he was we speaking on behalf of himself opinions we found out, he was actually a delegate or something he was actually officially involved ties to Clinton. Yes, hi to Clinton. He was a. He was a in stafford- is support of Antifa. This like open, supportive it it's very confusing. It's like you, do You is like professors hitting people in the head with bike. Locks like this is not sound absurd, but true, it's not a wise group. This is not. This is not a smartly organized refusal of you know some crazy power, structure these. This is chaos. And it's a question earlier yeah. I do think they were uh. I think they prey on losers of society to become part of. I mean they were so quick to welcome me in because they
in the near the numbers and they're willing to accept anybody. Did there was no filter, since I got to say that if that was a real faction of anti that's the sad it's fucking faction but it doesn't matter will play Kayson yours bad, as anybody tell him later that so Honey Bee got arrested facing the guy taking a guy, that's in chase somebody's parents. I think Gucci tees no play. Sucker punch a different guy, there's something there is a desktop, but we use it as a human gender in an oh, no God. I would never do that thing. I would never know. Honey Bee was actually there, not my character, Honey Bee socialist got arrested. Raising a dude and then after jail, this texting. You remember that, yes, we wanted our knife back, oh my god did. She know because I texted other. Picture me sitting next to to Shapiro full get up flipping the bird you text,
never pictured in Nyc, in the crypt in encryption app. Also, my god, I should about the phone. The cops were, like you give me the night Synnex x vanished, so that we can come oh my god, and we told him like when it was going up on Youtube like keep an eye out tomorrow at six hundred o'clock on Youtube. So it's a recipe for teasing somebody down. Then what happens now? No, we heat for her for all this video over saying, she's got a hand gun, and we don't know the I mean I have to say now. We, I was a lot of phone calls with with the F b I ops on as with the FBI in they knew the my foot not and terribly is surprising to any of them because they were already on their radar, but they did ask a gotten a cryptic app. They did that. Did they were there to pick my brain for how they for because they are organized to a certain extent. I mean if there is an organized as the Berkeley faction or as any other faction, that's cause trouble. Who knows?
to some level they are in, and that's where the FBI used us to kind of help them. Once we were talking earlier that my take on it is If you're trying to suppress people that hardcore an and it's just a who's and that guy turns out to be Ben Shapiro and you're, calling him a Nazi did you see those dangerous man? Do you see the Yamaka on his head, yeah Ben Shapiro's and not see. Are you out of your mind like this? Is but you're so far gone that, like with every single one of these things. It diminishes the credibility of this whole movement, like the whole thing just seems posture. It's like everybody in Nazi, even a jewish guy, with a yamaka on he's a nazi 'cause he's a It's a promise to tell you the focus, yeah, what you listen to, what he's saying he's, not a white supremacist, he's he's a conservative, and if you don't think that he's correct go to him, it's good practice. Racist, wasn't good enough, yelling, big. It wasn't going to just escalated to ok, well, not to get your attention and s,
is that what happened to Jordan, Peterson and that's what that woman, who had recorded the conversation between the professor, They chastising her for showing just showing a clip of Jordan Peterson discussing gender pronouns. The professors equated her or equated him to they literally equated Jordan, Peterson, Heller and mile. You know, which is a big spectrum, while you Nablus hit well, not only that mailing office bench, there is no two people who hated each other more yeah yeah I mean and there's like all writers, not Miley, not this image grimly. Do you realize how much they despise each two thousand? Sixteen Ben Shapiro was the number one recipient of Anti Semitic Kate online number. One to the surprise me, I mean that's how crazy. It is called a Nazi.
And he's super jewish two. He said she was against each other. Get don't even like. Don't even send a text if we're getting near Saturday he's like you know they do the shaving thing where you can use an electric trimmer, the important stranger like ok, so logical and every other way like. Oh, it's so hard core with that so strange. I love to talk to him about that, such as yeah! Just so hardcore was what city to ask you. What city is that you know? If you don't, then I have been friends for a long long time, and I think you won't, This shows like listen up, but I've never planned to be a debate or just kind of was thrust upon me. Sometimes with people on the show I think, I'm a marginally intelligent person. Ben Shapiro is brilliant. It just kind of took awhile for people to find him. I think on that Ben is a kind of guy. If you want to talk about this and really
We have someone who goes in the lines down and he just he just doesn't care. He just does not care he's, not afraid of any wasn't afraid of Milo during that time, when listening to take in consideration Ben Shapiro during this time, right Ben Shapiro leaves Breit Bart there smearing his name. He doesn't like Steve Bannon. This is well known: um, Breit Bart is really powerful. Steve Bannon is getting cozy with Donald Trump Ben Shapiro can't stand Donald Trump Milinga, please the most popular right wing sort of commentator and he's going after Ben like It was a period when I'm sure it was pretty rough for him and he still stuck to his guns. You gotta respect that no- and I like him- is very nice, I had one show had a great time talking to him. I think he's a very nice guy, very smart guy. I feel like There's something happening right now, culturally, be there's so many people freaking out, because Donald Trump is the president that everything is ramped up and no one could be left wing enough, and I think this is probably one of the reasons why someone would justify having an article like that pet, thing on salon, dot com and why people, just
seems to be that, like you can't be progressive enough, like everything is getting so over the top, and so Ciller said people are calling other progressives out for not being progressive enough and it's they're eating their own the place he had thing. If you have a sense. Yes, yes, the transgender community is very upset. The you are an eight you. If you are a white woman where Pussyhat, you are mocking people that are women that don't have pussies specifically black women, because again we black window it black women, Well, I mean, like maybe you've, seen a couple, but don't say always couldn't that that is just wrong way internally, but you don't know who knows: okay, I'll give you that is take I spoke of of are dark, but the point: like that's how crazy the left wing is gotten like that wearing a pink pussyhat is offensive because it's offensive to people who are women who have penises yeah, literally that's what they said.
People of color, who also don't have pink pussies like fuck, you, like pink is obviously a universal color for women. You wearing in hats got cat ears, get it. Yet it's not a vagina. You flock, it's not like you have a God dam vagina on your head in some up, some people did some people. Did What's interesting? Is we actually don't have a budget? 'cause Lansing was really they were. Actually, I think it was Lansing MI one of the places like abandoned pussyhat, so we just want to show up with food in it, but yeah there was one. I don't speak out of turn up with land someplace out of band someplace was like we just actively discourage it and we just wanted to show up with fifty guys who are like hardcore. Come against that I'm against I'm going home on their side that people in Pussyhats and look what we didn't know but wait a minute cashless paper, new hats. They just bought them last year right and these stretches cat hats. It's not like a vagina, it's a cat, it is, but you can't have a double entendre publicly you Explain that to your kid. What's going on their dad? A loaf
That's the they like cats, How hard is that? Why they scream you can't touch my pussy yeah, it's crazy! I mean when that happened was right after the women's March and you and I were talking about him- were kind of talking, That point were sort of analyzing ideas, economics in the wage gap and we're talking about this, and why that wasn't necessarily true now We are so beyond that. I just go. Look them at their own. That's and that's that's a joke for the night of the show. That's it that really is it. There's there's so crazy left wing progressive over the top attacking each other that you can't wear had anymore, but who defends is my let's say, like nine, a Kasparian Herb Chang to who I am as innocent as an example. It would be who've them to go on a right and must say this is really. This is why the left loses right now, you're upset about the pussycats and we made like. Instead, they go along with it. Yeah,
we really should have caught that earlier. You know that kind of they got a cut. I understand that you know people who are just like it's. It's it's a a cat but you can't make fun of anything. I mean there's they're they're in this weird position where, if it's a left wing thing, you can't make fun of it. Even if it's like, obviously ridiculous you just ignore it, ignore it and avoid it because to market would the attack your own team and that that's what it feels like to me their own, shrinking feel. This is just is totally just me kind of asking throwing this to the room. Usually because questions just I I'm just asking questions black lives matter into for the it's kind of all disappeared. A little bit. Think about it. Think about the news. They're really not very active. It's been like a couple of months you think of how exponentially volatile. Everything was right. It doesn't seem like it's kind of fierce you. I think I think it's faded, because it's proof, that's not these huge graphs
true, but I think they ran out of budget thing you spent all that was I hate to say it We were talking about the women's March and it was like at that point. I think the biggest march of all time said watch watch watch next. The next one we went to Denton TX, you couldn't find forty people 'cause. They were paid to show up. It's like the sea, the fight for fifth they are these left yet or not. His intent, Texas and LA was giant. No, no, that women's watches huge everywhere. But the point is they did a follow up March and there is no one. We don't pay people to show up in your not near. The hats and giving them out. No one shows up. Beware in Denton Texas, so la they weren't paying people, how do you spell absolutely absolutely you think they were paying with some nine hundred thousand on the bowl downtown. There are a lot of p, give him a dollar and have no spend all day, but I think, what's a half million dollar budget, everyone who works for a leftist think tank. Everyone who works for let this nonprofit everyone who works for the Seiu or as a part of the union. This now becomes a part of your job description,
show up in solidarity and support them. It's the same reason they support Antifa, even though it's silly and they support black. I don't think you're right about that. I think there's a lot of people that love to March. They love some sort of a cause. They think they're doing the right thing. They think they're out there protesting to get excited about it's on a Saturday. I don't think any of these people are getting paid. Excited about it, they're out there the chanting and cheering and- and this is what they they want to stand proud and be solidified two weeks later, none of them show up. What do you mean there were many women's marches. After that, the follow up. Nothing like you look at the party when it started there is to do one. You have to keep going all of course January 20th. That's ten days ago,. This is, this is the reason one yeah yeah, but like every They do it once a year. They can gather their troops. I think you crazy I don't think that we've seen in the fight for fifteen. What's that the sea, you run all the mailing lists, run all the mailing list as to where these things meet and when I would fight
fifteen was an check for fifteen. What does that mean? That's the five fifteen minimum yeah, that's all the same thing with the women's marches. Remember we showed up and we estimate the ones outside of the big, the only people who are paid. I had speakers. Ok. Well, that's different it's a different march, but I think the Womans March is pretty legit. I think these people are doing it because they don't like having this guy in power. They want woman, there's two things going on one: they wanted a woman to be president. They thought it was going to be president, and then it was snatched from snatched snatched snatched away, and so a and you know he's he's just talking crazy guy, like Donald Trump's, he's a guy but he's going to be a crazy guy the next month, when you're doing another, ain't, no one shows up. They think somehow or another that it's going to have an impact it doesn't. It does Culturale like people are aware of it
is any impact on him. I don't think muscle even know what they want said. No, no, what they want to impact on find his tweet 'cause. It was God dammed, hilarious, the women's March or what a wonderful day it should be charging. It's Those are the moments where things like baby is self aware. You look at pro life March, two things, hundreds of thousands of all the time all the time here it is trump tweets in support of women's March. That's also protesting you go to the tweet. Was it see? I try that well, there's a street full weather all over the great country. And it's an impression: go ahead, get out there now to celebrate the historic milestones and unprecedented economic success and wealth creation that is taking place over the last twelve months do you wanna play with eighteen years, come on! That's funny, funny man, I don't give a shit where nine thousand, I don't care, if you're a supporter or not. If you're, if you're a person appreciate the comedy, that's fucking
wrong troll in right. That's you know me whip trolley. What's your name, Charlie puff puff many of them? Yes, what school remain? How many, but a lot of time to get a life punched in the laptops. People are angry at that those that's hilarious? We went to the you think about the the march or the the protests he went to and Grand Rapids the socialist March. We we we yeah that was very market, is ripping really back to what is what, but it did it to your point that they were. They were pissed stuff that the students who were like people just there for the movement were pissed off of the people that shop in this was coming in the bus loads. The younger workers they didn't show. I do wish it were people paid by the organization and that's something we found selected, the Utah Antiphon and the reason we say this is every time we show up. We found it actually from a leftist activist group. It's about what do we average a twelve of them. People who say they're interested in going
oh yeah, something like a 12th like Reggie came up with a number he like Facebook. They don't really have to show up yeah. If one hundred and twenty people say attending it'll be it'll, be like eight and it is consistent problem. We have to determine what events we go. Who or what is funny enough to cover, because even if it a few one thousand people are going to March. Inevitably it's far far less around the bullshit agar algorithm algorithms we've had so many does depend on where you're talking about like, if you're in Lansing Michigan, maybe but if you're in la these marches or John Lear and LA no, there are some, but for everyone that you see that the media says: okay, we're gonna did you. This is all hands on deck. There are forty, no one shows up We had that even in New York City with the fight for fifteen and number sense, though I mean how many times do you get people to March? Well, not even art show up for any protest right. You know how many times you can get people to protest. I mean you can only a few of those out of a person in in a year. You know I disagree, you think people just down to do it all the time to come, for him was hundred of thousands like every other month, like and then they want an election. That's different, though
Hawaii G20 group? Oh yeah, right. That was another thing we got kicked out of the Hawaii twenty group gently turning J twenty to twenty five does not occur, then we got kicked out, not much y e J, twenty eight J. Twenty, this call G twenty. I don't know why I don't know What was the socialist socialist immigration in resist Trump movement in hashtags and tension? The balls it takes to be Trump, that you really a million people out there protesting and you make it tweet like that, it's pretty funny pretty fuckin' balls. Oh yeah, you gotta, you gotta, give him that you gotta, give you gotta set up whether you agree with him or not. Just take that away. Take all that. So I went and just look at what he just did there and you gotta wonder like if Churchill had Twitter, oh yeah, you know, But this is just that he has the tools. Oh yeah, oh yeah, well, unprecedented. There's never been. I mean not only that, like he's got a style like sad like this style of saying things, then writing set and then attacking people like who the fuck is ever.
In the president, Anas personally attacked lying TED Crooked Hill. Yeah I mean he's. What is it called sloppy Steve Bannon? recalls on that cause, sloppy Steve political people either I mean just a couple, went after somebody, some wrapper or something cheesy. Did- you know that Jay Z was talking about, say, goes. Jay Z apparently doesn't understand at the lowest unemployment. For blacks ever is going on right now. Is that really fixed easy, a lot yeah? He knows a lot of poor black people hasn't responded to Eminem Monster Z, but not Eminem's, two vicious and he's white. I think That's another moment I think he might be seen in my life self aware enough was like so prefab would be like oh man, he just you just got burned with a sketch with Owen Benjamin doing Eminem thing, yeah, jewish, executive, writing and stuff. Like it's kind of killed kid called the President of Pitch yeah. I felt like it could have been better, but it
deepest Eminem off more than he didn't respond right. You just put another moment. I think. Maybe you self aware, maybe it's 'cause. He said he had the next week lights. Maybe he's like Macaulay Culkin when the criminals were coming to his house, he was like if Donald Trump responds I'll, be ready until something ok, now is it and you know it already had his next cypher written down, come on. Yeah. I have a note like the pauses and everything are fake. It's like you know, hold up. Let wait a minute, you know call and come on. It's like it's like a comic who, like I'm gonna, take a dozen from the audience. Follow it's Mcdonald's and you're like well. You know: we've done this at fifty times. Yeah, I'm saying it back. When you don't make the audience which one of those are like that doesn't work, there's a big, long, positive, but intentional. He had time to post production. Favorite things. How he's got a bunch of black people sitting around watching them? Yeah? That's my favorite part. I know they're all sitting around watching and he's doing all the talking like he's, not bodies with all of them.
Don't you think that they came out straight out of central casting you think some of them? I think so. Will they paid by the same people that pay the women to March? I think their opinion CI, you Saurus. Five hundred and fifteen am sitting through a shady cypher. Ok as one of the best moments ever on when Alex Jones got high on the podcast, and then it came up during his divorce hearing, he was out smoke marijuana once a year to find out of George Soros is making it stronger. There's did learn something of the weed I got tested for potency. Soros Mansion Soro Soros near his castle somewhere Jack up the potency of the weed. Who makes kids getting high enough that yeah she said CALL Bardok tell me checkmate. He Natalie said that he could remember his
kids teachers names, so he said well, I had a big bowl of chili today I can't remember, but she said I'm a big bowl of chili. I can't remember his even though since then no it's too much of a liability with not eating. I never mind. I just wanted Now he wants to be on. He just hasn't been an la. He asked me to do his show in Austin. I'm sorry Alex. I couldn't do it. I was in and out I was in like two hours before my shows. I had two. Shows at nine out of fly out at seven, am the next day, but very high I, like that, he's aggressively hospitable, 'cause he's trying to get us, he left me a voicemail and also related here, come on, come on, don't be pushy, just checking right now, ST come on just about which is facing us around. I think they're like if you find this guy punch him and let us know when people snapping pictures of us. It's like gotta go. This is what we did. We were undercover a selfie software and It was like I just I just don't understand. Why don't we have studios here and we can protect? You know it's like you don't understand. We are halfway to Waco or out of town. Is it alright or not, because it was really trying to be very hospitable, but we were
trying to get out of town. I've got more from that episode two, but also as like look don't you see why I love them, like you see when he's dry can stoned and we're having a great time to talk about interdimensional child molesters anyway who is Cray, Cray Television he's crazy, that's great. Tell it like Alex Jones is a fun guy. You know and look I'm not. I don't believe everything he believes I mean he believes sandy hook was fake You know, I think, he's killing it's a rough one I think he's dropped. That since then, there's tries to come up with some caveats or something like that or some some things when we're not shown for new. Yeah yeah? I don't know what the fuck that was all about, that I've heard that one from a few careless people, I'm like man, you can't say that, but then there was a vague ISS thing was a conspiracy This is a lot of people take the most uh. What we do is come up cents, another, the what the here's, the Vegas One, here's what's weird about the Vegas one, it seems like there's differing opinions on time lines, different stores, rather on time lines. If there's a deposit,
that someone may have aided him right. He, the guy was a evil fucking. He cunt his tracks mean it's almost like you wanted people to go. The search warrant document shows second person of interest after LAS Vegas Home with us, that's to the middle class couple hours, really unseal documents in a guy's name, Douglas Hager, something popped up and okay with a yeah, that's interesting, so that makes sense to Vegas Review. I mean who else is reporting this. It makes me everywhere everywhere everywhere: ok, yeah! So I would imagine that what's going on is there's probably somebody that helped him get the guns and helped him move them up into the room or something like there's a lot of sense. Yeah. No, I mean there are people saying like the bodies were Fagan, I kind of stepped up their mind. I know somebody who got shot there yeah. I know somebody who got shot there and one of the girls who was a ring card girl. Was there while it happened, she escaped narrowly with her life, while people were dropping right in front of her as she was running his Ashley,
as she was running, people were getting shot right in front of her Dan Bilzerian. Was there dantonio a lady's head, get blown off? That's right. He said a lady's head, exploded right in front of him. Yeah that's where that's where once there's a conspiracy right, let's say: ok, I think this is a second person help him, let's even say, there's a second shooter could've been could have been. It doesn't when do the horror doesn't mean there was some conspiracy necessarily to cover up a second or maybe their new information has come to light and there's often a grain of truth sometimes, and then people go there for but at at our end right? It's just someone was trying to tell me what they reported shooters and all these other casinos, but then the news never covered. I know you don't understand when there's fifty people to get murdered, bye, guys, shooting out of a Fuckin' Mandalay Bay Window you're going to have chaos.
You have chaos, people running the casinos there's a shooter. There's a shooter they'll run into circus circus to run into MGM they'll screen. There's a shooter people get on the phone. The call right the call secure does a shooter at the MGM doesn't mean, as it should consider the MGM. It means there's chaos right and you get a lot of bad information. What's the ECHO, I'm sure, to the middle of chaos. You don't know where it's coming from reflections and lighting yeah yeah, one of the girls that was at the UFC. She got her leg blown out because someone got shot and killed right in front of her and the guy fell on her leg and a Blu Ray CL out yeah one of the fight. No, no, no one of the girls that was at the event and then Dana White got a bunch of people that got shot and everything, and you know it's the best and he brought these p. Build to the event- and you know it's like we did an event that week man, I did a comedy, show that week yeah. I did a comedy show at the Mirage that Friday I donated all the money to the Vegas victims fun, but it was just like it was weird. The whole thing was
yeah, that is, it is weird to that thing: ok, country, music, festival, yeah, actually those are right wing people I mean. So I'm not saying this is a left wing extremist, but it is weird that we didn't really hear a whole lot after that this guy didn't give a fuck who was killing. He wasn't. Killed country, music people. He did this at other music events to where he showed up and scanned it right, and got hotel rooms and overlooked the exact same sort of a scenario he was plotting this. He just wanted to kill a bunch of people and then kill himself. He said by the way, here's another guy that was on some sort of psych medication. The constant in these mass shooters- and this is one of things that gets ignored and it should be fuckin' front and center in everybody's mind, they should be thinking. What are we doing to people by giving them these pills? What the, when no one is the exam x or something he was on the inside anxiety medication which which has caught by the way same kind of the Chris Cornell, was on when he hung himself. An anti anxiety. Medication is no joke and who knows what kind of a weird adverse reaction you're going to have that
Oh yeah page people react. They do the genetic testing now and I've done that, for I don't know if you've done that like now, they do it as a consumer thing yeah. Actually, my doctor actually did genetic testing where we did it in the office to check you know for predispositions towards disease Also, you can check to see which medications might have negative interactions with. And they kind of me or certain pain killers. That would be really bad that I wouldn't process super effectively and then some that would work same thing as far as even like, I think it was Celebrex, would have been worse for me to take an advil. So things like that, like this actually works better your body, chemistry, one only to psychotropic medication, I mean think about it, I had negative interactions with a list of whatever anti depressants runner like do not take. There was a green green. The yellow column, read column and most I don't know it's not entirely accurate, but they're saying that increasing the efficacy of medication by like fifty percent using. This is a guideline. That's fascinating and you know
and by the way that guy's whole families fucking crazy, that guys dad is a serial bank robber, the guys brother got busted for child. That's what Whitney Cummings brought up the other day. She thought it was. The shooter is actually his brother. I remember after the fact on his computer to did they damn the whole families. Kids dole, the shooter? Yes, when I read now a laptop that was in the room, the one of the five laptop said may be barred from his brother. That's his excuse, get into the three told pro shot himself. Well, apparently, there's someone fired a gun in the room besides him to who No! That's all in the room service bill. That was something that there is like. There are a lot of conspiracies and it's like an example where I think people said no one had been to the room for a long time and enters a room service bill. It said somewhere in the room room service, and then it looks like I think, by the amount of food that they were possibly two people in the room
maybe I've known fat people who go to the drive through order. Two diet, cokes company, feel less guilty check to see how much I eat you will. I respect you, die, go I'll, go to the gym and then I'll order, room service and people like how many people M1, though he sure bring it up, which I ordered two entrees, all the time, yeah well 'cause, usually yeah sorry for getting. You want two times of meat or you want to yeah, probably from work. If I'm lifting I fucking get hungry manuscript ordering double meat that one time we went out with him. Oh my gosh she's, just an animal but yeah double meat, double notes, just just double the meat. It's like we don't do that. Like figure it out, give me the strength, trainer and he's also scientists, and he wrote starting strength, and he was we were somewhere the server he goes up please double to meet. Well, so you want you want more. You want to learn more figure it out.
That's not a good thing to say to someone who's handling your food now figuring this out bitch, but the room service bill. That was something I read it and I'm going to that's curious right. The room service bill, that's my point with the kernel of truth, some of these conspiracies, but people One slash room service bill has two tuna fish, sandwiches and one steak: tart are for the Jews. You know it's like well, honestly, again you're, making a huge leap and It makes it hard, like there's a plus side, to meet we talk about this all the time. We feel a lot of responsibility, especially being more of an entertainment, show where it's. Because you can do this show and you don't have the same. Kind of time constraints, and you can talk about things authentically as long as you know for the Youtube stuff they allow us to. But on the flip side, Anyone can get information out there and there are people in the capitalize on that and proactively lie right and so like I get it the problem, but the solution is not to have a bunch of people in Silicon Valley determining what's right, well, I mean it's just like those flat earth Fox. You can make a video on anything.
If you want to make of it in if it's a compelling the same flatters guy he's got a video on dinosaurs, not being a real nuclear bombs, being fake satellites being fake religion to doesn't work when Chung is the yeah mind this guy and people, people ignore that the ignore that and just like aa yeah but slaughter thing pretty compelling meant to look into it yeah. Ok, no, but Keto. I wouldn't be there yeah she came at me. I would yeah. I would not be there outside step. You know my god yeah! That's one of my favorite thing to do is watch those on Youtube. All I post this on Instagram left and right yeah, but hashtag. If you just look up hashtag legit as fuck that's my hashtag I put was also make martial arts video, I have like. I don't know how many of my posted whenever Illuminati framed somewhere in there, then you're set I'm going to stop posting them, because now, when you repost them, my fucking Instagram getting flag like people are claiming them.
You know when they are not large but yeah, even if they did make them, they can claim on, say, is there as they can get it taken down from Facebook or Instagram check it out for a few bucks. They didn't necessarily film, but they get if they say. If there is, you have to prove it's not, there is a lot squirrelly people out there when it comes to videos online, specially people who are flat Earth Clayton, video, claimers yeah one one person trying to argue that with me and the whole Mandela effect. That's another thing. You're into he's, like its parents, Berenstain Bears Berenstein bears because am not Shazam SAM. That gene will check out the big thing for that. This is a really die on, but the same with a flat, Earther and said something like ok, it's an easy test. The earth is spinning right if you're spending one thousand miles an hour. Ok, you go up in a helicopter, don't move go back down if you're? In the same place it's a lie. You know it and I said one second, like I'm, not a scientist, but I know if I throw a baseball from the back of the bus, it's going to the front of the bus because we're starting at the same velocity- and this is basic physics that you will learn in high school. So that's where
Mount Saint Helens doesn't volcano, this way. Well, that's what they say do you like? Why does it do this? They just don't understand science, they understand physics and they're. Just they say things and it's compelling to people. There's photos of the the glaciers in in our check out and then like Lucas. The ice wall like that, We believe there's an ice wall. The interview, was pretty bad as well to save Donald Trump, some money, but imagine anybody keeping that secret. Imagine someone like some like well he's got round earth shill, T shirts for sale, young Jamie dot com Do you sold out pitch? it's a question of why right you're not like we're, not scientists and there's a bunch that you could? Probably someone could come and talk about the earths core and talk about the gravitational pull that we like? Oh wow. That's really! I didn't know that I feel like an idiot, but I can I can ask: why would anyone want to convince me? There's a flat earth. What or? Why would anyone want to convince you that it's round it's actually flat? I don't understand ground earth is
the property too much people just love, bulshit they get off on it. It's not it's for it. Yeah. But they enjoy it. I think they really enjoyable like. I think people get, I did about things that they can try to uncover. I think it's like human things like like, like, I think there attack us. You know like there's like a secret sort of like not a secret The thing in your head about uncovering secret yeah, you know what it is. I think it I think it appeals to the contrarians to yeah. I just like to ride a late today. Right and a lot of them are just really uneducated. I mean super on educated like could they just understand basic physics, I just a few things. The martial arts thing is a good example, because now you're, starting to starting to Jitsu and weight training. This work, Actually the guide is my security. That's true black belt! Ok and so he's just starting to come into this studio, do kind of privates with them. Am this guys talking he's a crazy insanely sanely strong do?
well gosh. You look in your own home. If I train my whole life, it would be that's wrong. You know he walked in high school to a gym. Marketers got to get some buck angel? No, no! This guy walked in at one thousand six hundred and sixteen, and I found it was corroborated by Mark Rippetoe in Wichita falls TX. So mark. We just said he said: wait. Are you talking about so, and so was a friend of mine is totally accidental and he goes that man came into my gym at sixteen years old and accidentally, snatched, two hundred and seventy pounds so this guy's anyway they're super nice guy guy super super nice guy. We church going Christian. Got a joke about him and he's like you know I know see there's something burning make the services you know. I know it's not. I know it's not good, but I wanted to kill him one point was doing security, help users don't use. I could see him walking up to him, but no, no, I stopped you can see just that little bit like guys with shortest fuse, but It's always amazing to me that people just deny it, and it's like one second show me how you talk about the flat earth thing
show me one video ever in the head, history of mankind, of Akito. Getting a fight against a mixed, martial arts. Where I had someone who believe that Steven's ago was legitimate fighter. I said: ok, that's a claim one video ever in the hip. Steven Seagal fighting and unwilling to ever gotten more crap than our Bruce Bruce Lee Video, you should know we didn't. I said he was a good theorist and he was one of the early sort of mixed martial arts adopters, but the fact is Bruce Lee would get killed by a decent flow in you see people like how dare you well that's true and also the reality is the martial arts from nineteen seventy versus the martial arts from twenty thousand and eighteen, more radical change in martial arts. The understanding of understanding since one thousand nine hundred and ninety three two thousand and eighteen, then there's ever been in the history of martial arts, Ann Bruce Lee was responsible for a big shift from nineteen seventy to the UFC.
It's very hard to find a single UFC fighter. There wasn't a Bruce Lee fan or isn't currently a Bruce Lee fan, including me and I think that what he did was introduced. This open minded approach to martial arts right, taking, what's useful from. Boxing from wrestling enter the dragon he's doing an armbar. He killed somebody killed Chuck Norris with a guillotine, wasn't ask, but I understand what you're saying but he's doing weird stuff he's doing. He obviously is a black belt in Jiu Jitsu, now play we talked about when people get really mad at is. There said he would cream anybody like new things, and so I said well hold on he's two inches shorter in twenty five pounds lighter than that weird, and so we had no kids here in the Bruce Lee Pancha School and people furious. I don't look at it like this he's twenty five pounds over into inches taller. That's a nice we as to how small of a man this is yeah! It's just not dealing with like, doesn't mean that he didn't write a good towel, didn't write a good book, the books great, but it's also plagiarized heat. Oh really! passages in full without any accreditation at all and took I don't want saying
that way, because I think what he was trying to do was just like his whole style. He just took big chunks of books on sing another different martial arts and took verbatim passages from that. Plagiarizing is not the right, not because what is it, what he did was like a collection of Marshall, it's technique and so one of the things he did see. If you could figure that he sort of that. Well I mean he was he wasn't an author. You know what he was got was a martial artist and he was collecting diff You know writings on different styles, see Bruce Lee the DOW T of Jeet Kune go plagiarize passages again, I'm a giant Basically fan I'm not shooting on, but I am not, but I'm I think also very important. I own the DOW G Kundo. I think it's very important that he did collect these import works on different martial arts and he was the first to when I first
now doing martial arts when I was doing Taekwondo, you had to just do taekwondo when I branched out and started doing more time, sorry kickboxing, they were very against it out of of the traditional very against very against trying out other techniques. They other techniques they just I was necessary and like that that is crazy. I've sparred with these guys getting kicked in the legs. It's fucking shuffle right, I'm going to learn how to do this. Yeah you guys, I'm not, I'm not going to not learn this. Somebody kicked my leg once I was like. Oh ok, Ok, we got. We got a new thing here. Change this. I gotta learn that same thing with Jujitsu. Soon, as I did jujitsu I was like. I know how to fight. I got fucking raped I mean literally like a rag doll by some guy was exactly the same size me like. Okay. Now I got to learn. This is no way I can go through life yeah, I know how fight with this guys out. There was a purple belt. He wasn't even like you know, wasn't bigger than me is like I'm close to my age, killed me and then even I mean you're black Butler accomplished, and then you roll with someone like I rolled with. I unfortunately have rolled some good guys. I travel
annual, be like oh, ok, here's a black, but this guys kicking my asan. Then I rolled with the worst I've ever had in my life, nice guy. So please don't mistake. This was Lucas Leschea. He was not. So like I've rolled with Marcelo Garcia, we've had Bhutia coming Gabriel Bella Cyborg, like all these different size, guys but Lucas lately. I think it's just like if you're a bigger guy and you go and you roll with him and he actually accidentally, he just needed a collared pole with the guy that was so hard, I put my hand out to post, and I popped my shoulder out of the socket oh Jesus in the first ten seconds and so then he gets my back and I was really able, but you can see Ok, I don't know if I still have it I'm doing this to try to push it back in and it was so fast. I was like, oh so that's
that's like marshmallows! So nice, like you, can get more pressure more pressure at right. You always never want to hurt the black right. Even though there's no chance you I mean you could hurt him but you're, not right. You don't want to go aggro on him, because these guys people want to take their head off yeah. You know what I mean, and you don't want to be that but late she was just super nice, but pop my shoulder on twelve, there's a lot of guys that are like that they roll hard or they don't roll it all. You know I don't even know there was hard. I think it was so swift from timer went off with the basic he was sitting and just grab the collar and just just like a just pull it. That's it. I guess you're kind of expecting a local tory under the like dragon will now home old school collar yank. I just posted and felt Did you find anything on Bruce Lee? I started looking it up is a bunch of like forum posts and whatnot. I found one blog post that has like the annotated thing, it sort of shows a quote from it and then says where the quote was from. Oh ok,
like the best right. My I hope I'm not wrong, because this is what somebody who I know and respect very well told me, and then I remember, reading it somewhere, but again it doesn't anything away from how I feel about Bruce Lee. I think he's very Martin in that the history of martial arts, maybe one of the most important figures ever outside of Horace Gracy in ITALY Gracie it wasn't for the truth is enough and you wonder why people feel, like the truth, isn't enough right, wrist, right, healing embellish it like the truth, was zero worship, yeah yeah? That means that It was a slightly racist caricature of you is Bruce Lee in hindsight. I can see how people might take it wrong to put tape on your eyes. No, we did do that once so, because we did him doing the Mickey Rooney breakfast at Tiff. Yes. This is a race is what he's literally is to make your neighbor, because if it's, what do you think make your own? Is a white guy? What the wrong with you there so that they would have seen? Oh my gosh so resist well hello. When these to have the guy play Charlie Chan, it was a white as mother. That's ever let his plane, six foot, three white Guy plan, a the chinese detective like they wouldn't let chinese people act back then like if you
going to make. A major role is like the star of a movie. You have to be like I have you the new spider, though yeah. No, can I wonder if that's something we should I hate this I mean I might I might get you thinking as we address the often the room was pretty clear that often Asians are not the best actor. So you son of a bit come on son of a bigger house. Stand by it. Yeah we never watched, embodies the Carreras movies. In the they just said in she did some great work I am at the point will start ok, so now, I don't know they know who that's more embarrassing stuff here you yeah definitely use. It doesn't bother me at all. It's only bare Stevens embarrass you if you read Dean Cain in the show, but no I'd love to have you ever watched. His Princeton highlight he said three, like all american records. Really yeah in football is only five.
Five hundred and eleven ton of one hundred and eighty yen to Princeton Record bottom once I met him once it's something one of the few verses Mark Dude, he did something with Joey Diaz. He did a series, he did those movies like the dog who saved Christmas. My kids would love those fuckin' movies, yeah Joey said he's a great guy. Spanish, very smart good, looking to the point of being aggravating comfortable right, yeah that fucking face handsome look at them. Look at Princeton highlight if Youtube Dean Cain light, because we all got a van to somebody's photos. He said what the nexus, the only guy that played Superman they didn't get like something really wrong happened to all right. It was like a Superman curse. George Reeves yeah reason for initial Reeves will bring the curse of brain rounds, just turned out to suck yeah
It turned out he stuck in the Bretton around. When does that happen? That would almost Kevin Spacey Lex Luther remember that was a reboot now is gone by then I left it franchise yeah, I wasn't paying attention. Was it Henry Cavill now is like when you get to the third different Spiderman, I'm out, yeah I'm kind of done with superhero films now for awhile, and something really interesting I'll still go see anything with the hulk, things online. I love in a long time freaks out, but I now Ruffalo who's like super social Justice Warriors the hall. I could do it you just separate our from ours like that's just a Bernie. I can't do this. He's. Also he's he's just like he's all right here see if there is too, which is raising those with me is like a conspiracy like I, you know Ruffalo. I am an honest because school, but I think in the brain, tumor
Does it now? Is this jerk? Is it true? I might be making things up today with a brain tumor on this mark. Ruffalo has brain cancer. We've all got a lot of growing up. Mark, I'm sorry. I love you doing as well as you're increasing the size and talks about his article talks about his brothers murder in his brain tumor. Sink biggest and bring you so that I didn't know you should will opens of a murder but yeah. It's got a brain tumor so maybe that's where the conspiracy theories are all coming from what conspiracy theories? I don't remember him: he was somewhere and I was like you know I don't I couldn't tell you wouldn't want to speak out of turn, but I'm being surprised goes far left. It was like kind of like big brother government. Well, that's weird, free to think big brothers watching but want a bigger, big brother, all right right, right, yeah! That's the problem! right they think nine hundred and eleven truther, oh, is that one hello, Mark, Marky, Mark now, as
another one of those things it's so I can look at it after the fact and you go look at all these connections like I maybe maybe just chaos. In two guys flew planes into our bunch, guys flew planes into buildings? Well, I think the problem is. I think there they're capitalizing. What we were talking about right, which is No one wanted to cover the interface you no one wants to. No one wants to talk about the purity blockers to kids and this being considered hate speech. It's true. There isn't cover up a lot of information, certainly I would say sort of a cover up there: a monopoly on informational distribution. Right that sure real. That's real people when you find that out it kind of opens your eyes are going. Ok what else don't I know so people take that and then try. Capitalize on it with locks, because you didn't know: Jay Z in the Illuminati, nine hundred and eleven an inside job, and it just goes on because there's some truth to it and you put the problem, is you want to get people searching, but it does
It's true that can run your post office orchestrated the biggest terror attack on America. Yeah, I think, is unquestionably: there was some taking advantage of the events in order the past policy that wasn't possible before and you could reactivate. The patriot ACT was drafted long before nine hundred and eleven they pushed it through and then there's there's a lot that I think you could attribute to them taking advantage of this tragedy. But the idea that they orchestrated it man, that's just it, doesn't the job burden of proof is on them to say that when I think did you see loose change? You know, there's a lot people who believe what I find it crazy about. That is that you know crazy corrupt government, the nine Slash Eleven Commission report? Ok, George Bush, like a mark Ruffalo, but then you look at the drone strikes with
So it's like all of a sudden where's code. All this goes away. There's one! That's consistent! Now I don't hate George Bush. I know I'm probably the minority here. I don't think it was a great president. I don't think he's as bad as a lot of people. You know green day thinks he was. I don't think it was a great president, but the point is I don't want George Bush to have unfettered power right, nor Barack Obama or Donald Trump. It's not selective, I don't trust any of them, yeah MIKE Bake, used to be in the CIA told me that the drone strikes are are designed, or rather dictated by lawyers like when what what gets passed and when cats pass through its lawyers. Lawyers make the final decision, like really he's like yeah lawyers. They decide like Kate. You know what people are in this. Building that are friendly's silver, choose nations, decide who's living and dying over. There wait what Wut Sonovabitch First, it was Bruce Lee now it's the Asians and the Jews together. Well, you know they do koalas with speaking boys are going to end this week. Gonna go it's a little bit past twelve
get out of here, a little bit past stuff, or rather I gotta get out of here, but thank you so much man. Thank you, Listen thanks for these videos. You guys do they're funny they're, informative. And I think especially that trans gender one. That really freaked me out. I think a lot of stuff you Do is very important glad we could help a lot of is just ridiculous, but keep that up to thanks all right, not gauge shared on Twitter and, of course, your crowder, and to it right all right, bye, everybody thanks thanks everybody for tuning in and thank you to square cash. Download the free square cash app for Ios or Android? Now, and when you or the cash app enter the reward code, Joe Rogan, all one word and you receive five dollars and the cash app will send five dollars to our friend Justin Wren's fight for the forgotten charity. So again down
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Hilarious stand up special on Netflix, it's called disgraceful, that's right right and there's been a ton of controversy and there's a groundswell of dummies that are trying to get the special pulled. Because well, he did a bit about words that you're not allowed to use anymore and one of them being the word retarded and or angry that he just uttered those noises out of his not fat mouth so we'll talk about that. Just the strange outrage, culture today of stand up comedy and where this is all headed that be on Thursday February first. So until then, be nice to each other. You fox okay, bye,
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