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#1074 - Cameron Hanes

2018-02-06 | 🔗
Cameron Hanes is a bowhunting athlete, “training intensively each and every day to become the Ultimate Predator” and he also has a podcast available on iTunes called Keep Hammering with Cameron Hanes.
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people. His name is Cameron Hanes. He is a bow hunter, an ultra marathon endurance athlete and just an all around cool mother. So please give it up for my friend Cameron Hanes the Joe Rogan experience do buddy, I'm good? How are you I'm good welcome? California, I know- and this place is amazing- it's pretty bad as we did we did tour in I'm ready to lift now we're going to shoot first, I don't want to have poor accuracy. Now. It's like your whole motto of run, lift shoot, yeah shouldn't, be shoot, lift or shoot run. Lift I don't know, do you would you run in the mornings, and then you run at night to write. You have problem yeah yeah, that's a problem yeah, that's too much well
I just fall back on. The moderation is for cowards, so that, like pretty much covers any psycho overdoing access, I might just be, can be like now, I'm just not a coward, and what about over training is a bullshit yeah yeah sold? but you were saying before that when you were twenty or fifty now when you were twenty could never do what you can do now when you're fifty now. So, if you tried to do what you do now at fifty, when you were twenty, wouldn't it be overtraining, I'm confused Well, I mean, if you weren't, in shape yeah enough from obviously you're in great shape. Could you do that all the time if you were in great shape and you try to keep this up like what you're doing right now, yeah? Not I I feel I don't know. I feel good who's here. Jamie somebody just walked in delivery Oh ok! So when you were twenty, did you do anything, I mean I've always been active. You know I always played sports and ran,
ok in the summers and things like that, so worked out a little or something yeah yeah. I just wanted to lift a little bit, but not you know, level? I'm at now your available I look at your instagram. I get tired yeah I do because you're doing all that shit, especially that sheet you're dealing with outlaw strength, yeah Erik Erik yeah yeah. I lost strength on Instagram. You guys are doing ridiculous amounts of reps yeah. We do it's all about the reps and it's like I don't know and, like I say, your body gets used to what you're asking of it. You know if I would try to do that exact same thing when I was young no way, I'm going to be probably be so sore. I couldn't do anything for a week, yeah I was thinking also when I was looking at was like. If you stop doing this, how long will it take before it slides off one day, because when I don't workout for one day, I'm skinny fat and weak, how might know
like how many days it what's the the longest you've ever taken off, probably hunting okay, if I'm at home- I don't, I would never take any time. But when I'm hunting, because that's what I'm there for right when hunting at least you're hiking and there's a lot of physical activity and right there's a lot going on there, but watch your videos, those videos of you guys. Ok, we're going to do one hundred reps of this story, two hundred reps of their cousin. Now I told you I'm suffering through this little tendonitis thing that I've been trying to fight off yeah. I saw I see all those reps and my elbow starts hurting when I'm looking at the screen. Yeah people ask me about my joints or about you know. 'cause they're battling different things like that, and I have no idea I mean I just I don't have I've been lucky where I don't have injuries, you know I mean that's very Disappointing yeah, I mean you know my band a little bit but not
to before were I've had to take a advil every day, yeah and I'm not anymore. Well, the the. What tell that story, because that's the craziest sorry. I've talked about it on the podcast without you being here, but I called you after Rhonda Patrick did White Castle Maine. She was telling me about the dangers of. Call nonsteroidal non steroidal, anti inflammatories. That's what I do. Profen is right and she was it ruins your gut biome and it actually causes inflammation and so the people are taking Advil every day for information. Don't even realize that taking all that advil actually is. Information right yeah, so you quit, I quit and then I wasn't, and I only I think it was maybe placebo a little bit because it's like not only did it not help after awhile, but it it made it worse. This the information so after hearing that- and who's ever going to question Rhonda, Patrick right, would never so might. Well, I better stop that. So
Since then I haven't been taking anything and then I have taken there's there's this get at the health food store it's called, freedom, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, that that seems to help you know they're trying to outlaw that stuff. Yeah yeah, apparently that's crazy, stuff. I had a Chris Bell on the park as he's doing a documentary about crate him and he did that documentary bigger, stronger, faster and yeah, and who is he brought in some guys that sell, create them and they're explaining what it does, and I tried it in what, when I tried it, the parent. If you take it in low doses, it, almost a mild stimulant, which is what it what it felt like to me, but I take it in higher doses. It relaxes you yeah, and it's really good for pain and Chris is had hip replacements. What he said about it was a positive or negative. Just don't know negative. Yes, there's no downsides to it. It's not addictive right, it's not bad for you! It's an herb, it's non toxic, it all right! So that's I mean if it's
of course, the government trying to make it illegal. You can't have stuff out there that actually helps yeah they're trying to label it with Fuckin' heroin and shit, and it's just so crazy, yeah yeah now it's but I think it's helped, but other than that I don't take anything. I mean nothing and I I feel great, that's crazy. That's the main! so, when you're doing all these reps, like so you do you do these crazy things like the lack pull down machine we use. Do you do the whole stack yeah right? The goal is twenty of the stack of everything, that's ridiculous. So how do you not get a joint pain? That is, I know now. So, just because you do it all the time, I'm not exhortation to it. Hi I can't make you want to do it. I now it's and but I don't want people to
I miss taken while the work up there yeah right. So I mean I, I don't want people to go and try to do that right out of the gate and then get hurt, because that's what I think that's what frustrates people more than anything is when they're excited to make a change of lifestyle changes and then they something happens, and then you know they get hurt yeah. I was doing Chin ups, three or four times a week. I decided. I was going to do fifty Chin ups, at least three or four times a week. Just make sure I did him all the time and then, on top of that I was doing heavy cleaning ninety pound cleans with kettle bells cleans and presses, and I started getting this whole nagging elbow pain and I didn't your pussy. So I kept working through it yeah and it would be fine like during the workout it before like it would start to hurt at the beginning of the workout, but then once the blood to get flow and then it would be fine and then, after a couple of weeks of that, my my arms, like hey, fuckhead,
yeah. This is enough for this. Yeah cleans are tough, though yeah hard. I mean, I know, I know what I can get away with. I don't do it lifts used to do deadlifts. I used to do all this stuff now, I'm like, even though I want to do I want to maybe every once awhile I deadlift and because I know it feels good. I mean my hamstrings feel good. My back feels strong where everything works right, but I just know that it's just it's just not there's, a high possibility that she could go something something gets tweaked in the bottom and then that's one side and then, as you know, I feel down my leg and I'm like not while you're taking that one hundred and thirty pound rocket throw it in a backpack going up mountains with that. You still doing that. Now it's gone right my rocks gone when I'm around. I don't know so we stole, I guess so. You live in the same or a rolled off the side of the mountain there's some due to pro jerks off on that rock. He probably is
so the rock sounds fun I wouldn't be surprised at the lot of things online yeah, there's some great people and there's some crazy people. Oh, this is mostly great people yeah for sure I find that my interactions online are almost most positive, the by far problem is that's like half living mostly non poisonous food, yeah yeah, poison. Yelling is enough. Do, is go to this restaurant one out of ten times they fuckin' poison. You never go back to that restaurant right yeah. I don't think it's one at ten. I think interactions. I have online that are negative, it's not even one out of one hundred now I don't think so. Those for me, those are the ones that I've drawn I find myself, I see the negative I go past, all these positive and then I'll say something because, just if I'm in a bad mood after a whole day of getting down by
good comments? It all have to do something then I'll be like. Why did I so Can I go back and like try to acknowledge some positive ones? 'cause, I feel Well, I saw you post a picture of a bear that you shot the other day. It was a video of a berry shot and, I said woo I looked at those it's like here we go which one it was you you, you shot a bear and you were to open its mouth and chomps teeth and yeah yeah yeah and I that video and I was like well it's a land, mine right there yeah. I know there bears crazy. It is that is the one animal that I think people have the most distorted perceptions of because a Teddy bears because Yogi and because I really want take anybody who has this weird thoughts about bears. I just really want to bring them to John and Jen's place, and Albert yeah and I want to say once you were going to come hang around and if we're lucky we're going to see a bear, tear apart a baby bear
'cause. They do that every day, all the time they get up out of their dens and they go looking for baby bears yeah and then maybe, if we're lucky, we'll see a bear, get ahold of a faun and it'll be crying and elite. Italy delete that thing alive. Yeah they'll have a different they'll, have a different take on it, they'll be like kill that yeah just people are nuts they're trying to bring wolves into California that or Colorado. Rather, we talked about bringing wolves into Colorado like ok, listen, folks, I don't have to do that. You don't already have You know I saw this the other day. I think I've put up. I think it's. What inspired me to put up. There is a video. I posted there's some great wildlife videos. That's great right, great! Not be emotional liked with that bear kill on there. The L cafe, who was crying? That was, I don't even like to see that I mean I'm a hunter, but there's one These rules are chasing down this cow Elk you know: that's not a quick process, and I put that up because I had seen a couple celebr
and I don't even know who the hell. They are movie stars, I think, or something, but they are saved. The Wolf blonde or some wolf bulshit and there like how lean there two humans and they were howling like they were wolves, Wolf and it's I don't know, I mean wolves are great. Wolves are wolves, are my favorite animals. You know call of the wild white Fang, the those books. Love those Jack London books when I was young, so I've always held a special place in my heart, but they're straight killers. The organized, that's what they do. So I mean I'm not hating on him for doing that, but you just can't have- wolves running around everywhere, while you can owner stand right in my neighborhood yeah I was uh. At home dinner. I made recording of this 'cause. I was at home. My dogs are barking like crazy, is like nine hundred o'clock at night, just wow wow wow wow wow, like what the fuck is going on and I step outside.
In these coyotes are like a half a block away my house just screaming yeah those are there's a little wolves They got ahold of something and then in celebrating some dudes me. A video, that's on his page of it's a compilation of all these. Videos from security cameras of coyotes, killing cats and dogs, yeah yeah. Those are wolves, that's what they do and those are little wolves. That's all they are. I mean they can breed with wolves. They literally are wolves. It's it's fascinating thing did the disconnect that people have predators and I'm look. If I was in Idaho or Montana, and I saw wolves I'd be pumped, I think I would think it would be awesome, but keep an eye on those things, folks, yeah, and there's a reason why they killed him off one hundred and fifty years ago. It wasn't because they are awesome because they will kill people.
They will kill your kids, they will kill your dog, they will. They will They I've seen, wolves in the wild I saw a on Prince of Wales Island, one time they came down to the to the daughter ones that I've seen him. I had a wolf tag. Actually, when I was in British Columbia, Hunting Buffalo. Yeah. I thought it was going to get a shot at a wolf. There, but I never have, but they give tags up there because they're trying to diminish the pop Yeah I mean they have too many is fifty bucks is the same as in Alberta I mean you get. You will get a better taste to go when we go out there to John Engines, and you know fifty dollars for a wall tag also. So it's not like there's a low number of wolves. You know every time I've seen him. I have been in a certain amount of August just because there's been like, this amazing animal for my entire life- and I just it's hard not to look at a wolf and not think regal and wild in You know, there's a saying that um you'll see
bears and lions in the circus, but you'll never see a wolf, they're just the commercial with the wolf to which is was amazing but well, an under armour commercial. You tell me it's pretty crazy cuz. They had this scene where the wolf snarls and they had a save that scene for the very end yeah, because it was He said that you, it was supposed to be me against the Wolf going after the silk, and then I ended up winning that little story as it was told and the needed need to get the wolf snarling, and so they brought some meat out gave his some me, but they said well actually gave it then took it away and obviously that's going to make any animal upset specially Wolf, but they once we do- that we're done with the wolf, because it's it's not going to just now out of it, and it's just going to, It's mindset for awhile about it's not going to be happy yeah there it is yeah. Go back to that. I think it shows
The end should yeah yeah. And that was actually I mean people thought that was edited in and it wasn't right. With me. Now is right there with me. You know they did a great job of putting that commercial other. It wasn't necessary. Snarling at me or growling at me, but- is there it was. It was fun, it was a wolf. I think, was one hundred and thirty pounds I mean it all well. That's a big! That's! What's up prize me is how tall they are long leg, yeah- and I think you know we were talking about earlier as far as endurance goes. Wolves, I believe, are the number one animal out there as far they can run miles and miles and miles and they're tall, and they can just you know their gate. Is or whatever it allows him to go for hours and miles yeah. I was talking about running with my dog and he's only a year old and he's in such good shape. Now 'cause here uh, as we all the time see if
we run two miles. I run two miles. He runs seven or eight 'cause he's running up and backing up and backing up and backing him, but it's amazing like what how good a shape there and right out of the box yeah, I mean he's a puppy yeah and he just looks it up that hill char only turns around looks at me comments. I know he comes running back to me. Yeah animals. You know animals have pretty much have the advantage over us on everything other than in other. I mean they're stronger strong, jaws. You know you're the muscle stronger for what they have. We have. Endurance as a advantage over most animals, attentional endurance like Elk, but don't luckily we have you know we can use our minds? Well. That is the reason why were so weak? You know it's so fascinating how things balance out. It's like the using our mind, creating houses in cities and cars and just to
in a chair all day. It makes you soft, but then you figure out how to make a gun yeah that balances everything out yeah unless the gun jams and then nature comes back into play, yeah yeah yeah, all these people that are you know into the wolf. You know, save the Wolf like the Wolf's, ok, like you guys go to Idaho when people are freaking out up there the end, though the walls are okay, how like they there's there's an art to you know when you go to Alaska, I was in on park city recently stop and when I was there, they we went to store that had a wolf rug and I was like Jesus myself selling a wolf rug. And the guy explained to me he said well. These wolves are all shot by the government in Alaska
because they're over populated stand there in these areas, where they're trying to protect the moose population. For these, the indigenous people that are so set subsistence, hunters crime and live up there. They have like a certain quota and he's like so, is actually like it's a good thing to sell these rugs because they're going to shoot these wolves, no matter what they're trying to keep the populations in check, and I think that's something that these people that have The problem with like celebrities is like they probably didn't, think. That ship through it all. They just think this is cool thing to be a part of course. Everybody wants wolves to live, go and say: we've got to support the wolf we to save the Wolf yeah, and so it's like looks like a cool thing for you to be a part of. I think one of them was would have been LISA Bonet, isn't she's a kind of a hippie Right now, she's a super hippie yeah. She got a nose ring yeah everything she's, always she's pretty. I remember that but remember it's in a find that Bill Cosby was mad at her 'cause. She was naked in a movie
she's naked in angel heart could make you work in mad at that who's, mad. That not funny funny, things workout Tirah, nickel yeah. It is ironical, I mean like I don't know. I think wolves are awesome, don't get me wrong. Folks just I don't think- and this is this- was me too before started hunting for I started taking Regul. Trips into the woods, you know you don't get it, you just don't get it You gotta go there. You do don't go there, you don't get it yeah Oh it's. We try to tell the story I mean we're telling the story and it's getting through to some people. I mean I can see it. I can see the there's. Cation there I mean, and I'm sure you get messages. Every day from people who have never hunted who are interested in it. Who just want to know what the lifestyle is, because we sort of romanticized the lifestyle in its it's easy to do because this amounts in the mountains. Are you get that
action and you get that empowerment. So I I think we are kind turning the tide a little bit, I got a message from God, while back maybe for five months ago, who was a vegan for long time. Start listening to the podcast at first was upset about the talk about hunting. Yeah ran into some health issues. His doctor recommended he starting animal products again started with eggs, worked his way back up to eight meet again is getting you know healthy grass fed. You know what ethically sustained animals. As we animals decide to go, hunting came under in shot as far as its first year. Now it's gonna be a hunter yeah. I mean I went full circle. Part of the journey of him going for full circle was list in two people talk about on the podcast and realizing this either he had his head, that these people that
out there hunting or all people that hate animals and their cruel and they're just rednecks that are going out drinking beer and shooting these animals and laughing and hooting and hollering about it. Yeah that you know well, I double points on to make their One of them is your podcast has been amazing Education, part and I've mentioned this Adam and I did a podcast, the gritty Bowman and I said you know Joe's podcast just because the The type of person, Joe, is, is as far as open minded giving everything a chance not not coming with biases are the same type of listeners. You have you've kind of cultivated or or you know they like you. Because I don't know they see themselves in new, maybe but anyway, so those people, love come in and listen to these podcasts like this. Without that bias an when
listen to it and listen to us talk about it. It's not the red neck. You know laughing because our killing things they might have thought it's. You know this whole thing. This whole thing we talk about, and so this podcast some particulars, I think been a huge tool as far as promoting hunting and ethical hunting, an uhm just the power, ment of being a hunter, and so that I don't know just just this venue, I don't know, I don't know if we could ever done that without you know the Joe Rogan Podcast, it's been amazing. I don't know, did they have you noticed that I mean with other things besides hunting, I think floating. That's a big thing yeah the sensory deprivation tank right took that that business was going under. There was virtually no tanks centers in the in the world. There's like me, one of 'em in Burbank, and I had heard one of 'em was in San Francisco. They just they were hard to find. It was none in New York.
One guy had one in an apartment in New York too, you could friend now a guy had one like on his house in Vegas that you could run out. There was none and now there's hi hundreds of tech centers all over the world and we've been using the form dude, I got one. Two thousand and two I bought a house. The house had a basement and I bought the house with the basement. Now speaking for two reasons: one because want to put a tank in there and two because the yard was big, so I can have my dogs running around the yard yeah. I want to have a yard for the dog. Could run Those are my two requirements for house. Everything else is like really wish it yeah yeah sits there and okay, here's where the bed Gus, I'm a man. You know I don't know his things that make a deal sweat when it comes to houses, the dues just don't sweat, but for men, a big one was I try to tank a couple times at this place, called suiting solutions in Burbank, don't even know if it's around anymore, but
and then uh. I put a tank in my basement and then I started ranting and raving about it. Doing these Youtube videos about it, and then I got a new tank from the float lab. So gave. My old tank away online a hand like a a raffle, not a raffle but like a random draw said, just send me an email give an email address out and I'll just pick array and in person. So I literally scroll through my email, MIKE Bank, right there in and pick this guy out and set my tank to him and had it set up and sent the salt down to a deal and then bat alone, just having that contest and giving away a tank down and then putting this video for the tank red band put together, it's really cool video about it. These tanks centers, because we talking about it on the podcast started, opening up all over the world to the point where now, when you sign up at a lot of tanks enters the first time you go there, they say how did you hear about us whether it's with the internet through books or Joe Rogan, like I'm one of the option, one of the options on a lot of their questionnaires and that
that probably has had even more of an impact than hunting. Well, it's You know it's amazing night. I hear it all that. Well, people have told Maine you and be anything without Joe Rogan. That's that's some comments that I've got hello. You can't see there you go again. I must turn in the negative ones. I know, but I wouldn't be a bony of was it for you right so dago. Well, I wouldn't be me if it wasn't, for that. I would the the me that I am now so they go okay well! Well, I put it because I was like God. I know I don't I think we've talked about it before, but this podcast gets to more more, people than CNN. Is that right, oh yeah, for sure so and I heard Jordan Peterson talking with Don lemon that's good cuz, I try
Is this more than CNN? Don't trust, CNN you're, a redneck you after that? You're all that Fox NEWS Tip Fox NEWS. Now, that's where you get your news, that's solid reporting that is legit that Sean Hannity that guy. I trust him with everything yeah. I hear you but at so- and I heard Jordan, you guys were talking about his recent, Jack Jachary, I mean he's been I'm assuming been brilliant as whole life yeah. Well, in the last eighteen months or two years or whatever, and I think a lot of that is because of here, so I I would I put in my phone, I was like I'm gonna. Do some research and Joe Rogan before this I'm going to turn the tables on him. I don't I'm gonna podcast him, so I was like put it in there, Joe Rogan influence or Joe Rogan a fact, or whatever, and I couldn't find it. So I think I think I think I need to write something quantify that, but but yeah
So many people get so a lot of people, but in all honesty like just being not even just trying to be humble, but all I'm doing is talking about ship. That's out there, it's real simple! So I'm not really doing anything unusual, alright matches being open minded in which I try very hard to do. I I die, but when you say you just do this and just do that, nobody else does the they come in with these biases. You know you say: that's a problem. Yeah. You say you just do that. That's a big thing! I think people need stop doing that. I think that's a big part of the problem we have in this world and uh. I was talking with Dan Paris from good Morning, America that he's on right, yeah, uh and he was he he used to or were there a lot of a turn, their love, toxic tribalism yeah, you know so I mean you see that with CNN versus Fox NEWS, it's like neither one of them want to look at things objectively. Fox news has a very
clear, right wing bias. Cnn has a very clear left wing, bias them and they just go to war with each other right and then the president's call everybody fake news- and you know it's it's hard to is to see. What's really going on, people want to look. Their side? They wanted. And their side and they never want to say. Ok, I see this guys point you gotta be able to see peoples points right. I mean that's one thing that I would say about vegans after I make fun of him. I say, I ice. I understand why you would want to do that and I think it's a compassionate choice. I get it. I I totally understand so what I do and I I support their decision. I don't think, there's anything wrong with it. I think it should be careful with your health. If you're doing that, though- and I'm not bullshit in this- is not me being facetious or head yeah- I'm not being a meathead, he should be Kerr. With your health there's. A lot of things that you should probably check. B12 is a big one. That's a huge issue with vegans is b12 deficiencies, and I think if you, if you
are vegan? You should consider supplementing with things that you don't have a problem with eating like maybe even some cricket protein or mollusks, like cell shellfish, people, should look at a shellfish shelf Not only are they sustainable but there it's so primitive. They don't even have like a neurological system like they don't feel any fucking pain like you could eat clams all day long. I don't know what the fuck is going on. This is we have this. About clams, because they do that close that somehow all the poor, little things just trying to hide like that. That was in there, no that's oysters I don't know anything about either. I know about bow hunting yeah. Yes, you do. Yes, you do, but to me meat, taste, better, yeah, you feel better to know, but As you were saying I mean yeah, I don't have a problem with the ends or their diet or- and I understand I mean you know if you think about killing an animal
nobody wants to kill animals right. I mean that's, not I don't know that's, never! You don't want to kill an animal for no reason. No, you want the meat of the animal that in killing. It is not not enjoyable. No, it's part of the process, weird sense of LOS right, yeah yeah, so I get there like. Well, I don't want to to kill any animals. I get it! That's fine, but yeah. Just having that, you know the biases that come with it or is what causes problem well, they're doing what they think is good to shame people who eat meat or attack people who eat meat and especially attack people actively go out until the animals of themselves cuz. They that somehow or another it will lessen the amount of animals that are killed. I think the opposite happens. I think it shores up peoples, aggression towards vegans, they get it. They firmly
at their heels. On the other side of the line, yeah kinda, like you, hit, be rainy tree hugging pitches down to go eat. Your sprouts right, I will go over here, need a burger on this. A lot of people are gonna eat burners because of that yeah, I think probably yeah yeah, my friend MIKE Rock Ridge from BC. Manhattan yeah MIKE Mike, was deal with people from Vancouver that we're sending him hate mail because of wolves now where he lives, lives in the Real British Columbia and where there's while goals and grizzly bears everywhere yeah we we found a a wolf kills. While we're out there was pretty wild, it will We got a hold of a moose calf, just torn apart and pack walls, yeah they're all over the place, and they do it's pretty fresh too, but he's shot by bunch of them and somehow or another some group of people fat.
Now that he shot wolves down where he lives. You get an unlimited amount of wealth, tax writer trying to walls as much as possible. You can kill a hundred rolls a day if you can yeah and yeah that's totally legal because they have ranchers up there and, like one of I think, one his neighbors wolf it was like in the middle of the winter. Wolf got ahold of the cows and I gotta bunch of wolves pack. People in their house, listen to pack of how it's like in a one hundred yards fucking ride, scary, freaky, shit right I live in the real. While so people are sending him all these death threats, and so he said, look every can you guys, send me one of these, I'm going to shoot a wolf in the guts yeah radio silence. They stop yeah. He said to this lady said: every time you send me an email, I'm going to shoot a wolf in the guts yeah. Well, I don't know it's probably under keyboard,
yeah. One is a little stuff. That was a tough one. Yeah yeah, you know at the BC was that they just outlawed grizzly hunting up there because of that they did a poll in adding Vancouver and not only that they did a very limited email pole with about three thousand participants right, yeah Seventy six percent of three thousand people said that they didn't. They were opposed to Grizzly bear hunting yeah, but I think, if you're going to have any kind of a poll like that, you should have to have these people a educated. First as to what they're voting about. Do you really understand what it's like up there 'cause? If you talk to MIKE Mike shot a grizzly bear in the head from like twenty? feet away, as I was trying to get into his cabin like they are fun.
Looking for Rocha San their huge and there's a lot of them, there's no shortage of Grizzly bears in British Columbia now, but it's that whole education piece, but that's I mean you could take that too. Even voting in our elections. Sure I mean we need to educate people, people need to be educated on the topic, not just hunting, but everything, but they can vote oh so counts. Let's say you can't tell people they can't vote 'cause, that's fuckedup! You can say: well, you have to have a certain amount of education or you can't vote that now. But what need to do is trust the people who do now. You know right like the biologist who actually boots on the ground and there no the what. We are doing and how many there are, go and trust those people hard to see when you're in Vancouver, though the problem is you're in Vancouver not a nice, sushi, restaurant and hanging out with friends?
going to the movies everything's beautiful vangas, so nice yeah. So you look at the amounts to whistler off in the distance yeah. So pretty yeah, I don't want to kill a bear, don't kill the bears and now, but if you just go on a six hour car ride I just go you go n, keep going north, by your car, and I want you to go for a two mile hike into the woods. Just go for a two mile hike and I want you to sit there for a day. Just sit there for you're going to see some shit right and you realize you allow. This is a different world well this world is this: is a wild world like these things out here they don't give a shit if people are real or not, they are they are doing what they have always done. The bear running around looking for shift to eat the animals are running around looking to get the fuck away from things that are trying to eat them, and this is how they've always existed. Yeah yeah, I know, and it's you know those big and it's just like the the wolves killing the cow. You said twenty feet from wherever they lived, I mean that's just what they do, but
and that's what grizzlies do grizzlies are going to kill they're going we can kill a moose calf or an elk calf or a deer fawn they're, not wasting a bunch of nrg chasing a full grown animal. Around so they're using less energy burning, less calories, they get an easy kill. They get high protein, that's just what they do but the reason why we need to kill them is we're not there. Stop doing what they do? We just need to control the number. So how often that's happening, if that's happening too often because there's too many of them than the moose and Elk numbers go down. You know it's just nineteen action, people say say: well, what animals take care of themselves. They always have been, and it's like now, we've we've always hunting it's just now that people are saying well, we shouldn't hide, you know, sort they're, trying to take man out of the equation. Now the man's always been in the equation as far as hunting yeah. I think people I have an idea about it. Based on the access that people have committed, I mean people committed some atrocity when it comes to animals in this country alone. Everyone seen those stacks of Buffalo.
Ads and when they were doing market hunting, in particular in the 1800s, and many people attribute that to hunters erroneously, that's not really what it was. What killed off all those animals was a thing called market hunting, and this is back to realize. There's no refrigerators back then, and so You know you, you weren't like getting stakes in freezing and there was not a lot of like a large scale, agriculture back then either there's there's a few ranchers and farmers, but when people had all these animals that were out in the wild and they could hire these people that were in the military. They had just gotten done with the war and they were good shots. They would be a good to make a living, go out there and shoot some buffalo bring back the tongs tongues him Tom was a they would shoot a giant, Buffalo and just take the tongue. They take the high sides- and you know sometimes it would take the meat and some and then they they wiped out almost everything wiped out most of the deer most of the Elk, most of the antelope till guys,
Teddy Roosevelt came along my wow wow wow hit the Fucking brakes yeah like we gotta protect these animals. We gotta protect this land. We gotta protect these most. We have set up private or public land Well, you can't do anything to it where people could just Roman Hike and camp and fish and hunt and do whatever you want, and we go make sure we protect these animal populations 'cause they got down to some incredibly low number of Elk at the the turn of the century right yeah. Well, I mean they almost wiped out Buffalo completely. I don't know what the hell got too, but I I know you know is, as you know, as conservationists, we like to say that hunters are const conservationists now, but also one of the figures that We shares that there's more animals now than there was one hundred years ago. So I don't what they were a hundred years ago, what the numbers were, but yeah, very low, that there's more white tail deer today than when Columbus landed in other clubs. Road didn't really get here.
When Columbus landed in the Bahamas is more white, tailed deer here the now and part that is because of farming which is really weird like like white. Well, there's a weird animal yeah, they're kind of a farm, animal yeah lot of away yeah. It's almost like you know you're doing it right as far as killing the older bucks you're almost farm you know, you're not harvesting, when they're young you're right until they mature, and so it's it's almost like. You know that crop age yeah. What is this Jamie in one thousand nine hundred and ten, the Us Forest Service estimated there were only between five hundred and one thousand Elk in Colorado, Holyshit, and now there is one hundred and twenty five thousand. Oh I'm sure Fifty thousand, I don't know, there's a fuckery a lot more than the numbers, a fuckload, ten million. Okay says the Elk population. North America stood at about ten million animals before
in settlers came and systematic wholesale hunting began. Wow! That's amazing! You alright became famous for his trophy hunting european gentleman traveled here to try their luck, Sir George Gore, I heard that guy was a country I'm just making He's a trophy hunter he's our trophy hunter for whom Gore pass near Kremmling is named, from Ireland to hunt in western Colorado. He shot elk and deer from the have a wagon. What a dick Israel hunting hill. He took prime hides in large, antlers and left to meet to rot boy. What a bad person that's that sentence right there. Not some people still think happened that I don't know anybody who ever does that's the legal first of all right. I just hope you that's a good thing. Put the the good thing to point out yeah. Is it legal to not take the meat? Not only is it legal to not take to me, you have to take the new acme in Colorado. You have to cut out the neck, all edible all the edible,
in between the ribs. I mean there's a little. I don't know about that's a long Colorado. I know yeah yeah yeah, you kill moves, you you're even take that meet in between the ribs. I mean you're, taking all edible meat there and so people say well. Are you those trophy hunters or you just don't, take the head and leave it to rot. It's like you can't do that. Why would you do that anyway? It's so stew, Well, I love you, but it's illegal anyway. If you walk down the street, if you eat steak and you walk down the street- and you saw like for some reason, someone had put coolers of prime rib eyes it just sitting there what the fuck is this here for, like once we look around there. Anybody here, I gotta take this. What is this can just leave this here right, you have to do to rot, so why would you do that when you're hunting- that's just you finding it right? Yeah probably would not eat it. Now, about it like what is I get the point
we're making the point I was making, as if you go through all the effort to go hunt and you do eat meat. Of course, you're going to eat the meat. Not only that the meat you're eating is in Sadly, precious yeah, like alchemy, is incredibly so delicious. Well, here's here's what I know. So when we go hunting and I can speak from my I'm sure I can speak for you too big for me when you go hunting, you bring back all the meat you can you eat meet. You can have that animal. You like sharing it. The typical I'll just say american but waste forty percent of their food, not on what they you know how what on done now in the garbage type thing so hunters, I know I don't do that. If I kill a bull and bring all that meat home forty percent, it's, not going in the garbage. So it's because we are we, connection with the animal to me. It be. I don't know if I'm thinking about it to be disrespectful, but I just it's so it's worth the
search value in it. I would never load in the garbage. You know what I mean, but when you buy it at a store, whatever you know I'm the same people are putting. You know, forty percent. Prime rib and the garbage, but just as a rule, we waste a lot of food. I think it would be a good thing for every single human being to grow some vegetables an if you eat meat too, once in your life, killing animal- I think everyone should do it. I really do. There was an article that I tweeted today about that forget the subject, the title of it right, But it was something along the lines of it's. Not it's not healthy to hide from the fact that there is there's death involved in eating meat crack something- and I did a terrible job of paraphrasing, find with that title. Is this article? Okay, we shouldn't hide the gory teat details of how reaches our plate right. One of those men are there.
Oh yeah and I think, that's very, very important. And I think that, like what I'm looking at right, there, life is dark and gross, that's their life. You know it's factor because the chickens, but I don't eat my chickens, yeah so do you eat those chickens like now is like my pets, it's weird but I'll call the out of some chicken yeah when you, but when you think of it like that I mean so when we're looking at this picture. I know people looking at or listening to. Podcast can't see the picture, but I mean we're? Looking at an enormous warehouse I mean enormous. It looks like several football fields, long and it's filled with chick instead of just stuffed on top of each other and that's their life until they get killed, and when you think that ok, what I'd rather do that or would I rather cure my own meat hunting. You know every would say: that's not right and
I believe hunting is a noble way of procuring me. An when you look at that, but people don't see that they don't think about that when they order their. You know chicken, chicken, nugget, they're, not thinking about that. No you know just hungry this hunger, it's just too easy to get food. I really think it's too easy to get food. That's why we're such fatsos? That's a big problem, but Also just it's also too easy psychologically, because we just don't have any any connect I think you should have a connection if you're eating a living thing just seems seems like you should understand what it is just for your own mind for you for your own, for just a for a sense of balance. Yeah and ninety seven percent of Americans eat me me and something like sixty five percent of vegans when they get drunk eat meat, but really there's some crazy number, some create it might be higher than that. I think I read was like eighty four percent of vegans
I'm just making up numbers this poll, that's fine with you! It doesn't have my name in a tweet. I read so we might as me that has been honored us so, but so a vegan drunk so meats like an ex girlfriend yeah right like next. Yeah yeah so get drunk if you're, lonely, you're taking hot dog is that right, yeah same thing, yeah, Ok, I got it still over at third at confessed to eating meat when they're drunk Then it's a hundred percent, because three quarters are liars. Super rising number of drug Vegetarian secretly meet. That is an awesome picture, her right there that problem, this thing is. This is one slash three of people that they asked British Fit vegetarian. British people is totally different animal. They I hate Hunter, they love saying cut. Did I see? Did I see I think uh they're. Actually, really, I thought I'd, no, the look of
no flushing out cut, say They do love to say, but they are the most. Illusional there's like S, America, there's no pollution exactly you know: hunting Brazil, some strange now, I get a lot of hate from Brazil, but they love me. You gotta so they invented the chew. Has Korea careers. With this we go to one went to Brazil shit. They. The place in right, Oh that's right, yeah through the plates they fuckin' chuck plates like frisbees and shattering yeah. They know how to party and there's a dinner just meet on me on main you get beautiful card. It's got green on one side and red on the other. A lot of people have into these like Fogo de Chao is a great one. That's here in LA and all over the country, but that's what they hate famous for me when you're done
to meet. You give the Red card yeah right. I feel that car. Now we like it on screen on one side and down the other yeah you tap out. Yeah we go to town, nobody can fuck with ARI Shafir when it comes to that place. Nobody really I've never seen a You go to eat, generally speaking, I'm more of a button in him I'll eat more than him, but not at that place really just something about like all you can eat. I think maybe it's some like his dad was in the Holocaust, or something like that or he's just like, because it's free because it's like you could eat just won't. Stop I've never seen anything like it. You putting all this fucking food, everyone's done, Joey, Diaz is done, I'm done Eddie. Bravo done we're done we're just saying like this like ours how much is still on green greens, like I'm still in green, I will come over. Got Lamb chops, lamb, chops, yes, bring the lamb chops
I've never seen anything so good, though especially in Brazil, there yeah all they know how to do it and they have grass fed meat over there too they're not fucking around with corn FED and all that they don't have the sick fat cows that we have over here. But it is weird how you get a lot of hate from people over there, but it's because of propaganda and the negative aspects of trophy hunting like when you see a guy, standing there with a dead elephant or some shit like that, like wow fuck, would you kill an elephant like that kind of stuff and people's mind or a giraffe live focus. You kill a people. Have this idea that these people just go over there kill things, and so this is what trophy hunting is, so they see you with an elk like. Oh you piece of shit, why just go over there and shoot that thing like this? Is my food for a year yeah like you're, going to that gun I'm steakhouse, you keep that thing on green. What do you think you're doing you're killing yeah, with your credit card and now it's uh. Well, all we can do is try to. Kate and share the
share the lifestyle. It's like. I think it's important to be leaders and and how we share that you know 'cause. I see things that I wish weren't sometimes I mean I've. I've even made mistakes, I'm not trying to say that I got call dan- and I never make him a mistake on what I post whatever, but I just think we need to be stewards of hunting and if we do it right or not, and get everybody we're not going to educate everybody 'cause, there's something that just won't listen, but we can make some inroads. I think we have an. I think I think it's important to ryleigh experiences, because I think there's there's. Things to be learned from a lot of experiences. You know, talking to you and talking to we go to Walter about just marathons and and running their son to be learned from that about the kind of mindset that it takes to do that. I think
These conversations with you guys has changed the way. I look at those things like fuck man, for I met you. I never ran home run. All the time now, yeah run all the time. You look slimmer, I mean have you lot? What how much you weigh one? Ninety six, ninety six, the same now, I'm a little lighter. It was up to like two. Oh four, when I was a fat, so okay does a fast, but you look slimmer, I'm a little, maybe a little slimmer. Maybe I'm like one nine five or one nine thousand one hundred and ninety four is when I'm pretty lean got a full six pack. Look at one before when I get hit about two when I get to two that's. When I start I go. Ok, we better start doing the fasting again yeah. When I really get, my intermittent fasting I'll, spend either fourteen sixteen hours without eating. In a day I want to eat for like ten hours in a day, yeah about everything,
and I'm actually starting are you start right now, you're in a different thing, though, because I'm dumb eating mostly fat- and you know a lot of guys- are on that carnivore diet. Now, when we had that Sean Baker in here that doctor yeah, you know the the the Bells Chris Bell and Mark Bell yeah, those guys are both on the carnivore diet. Now they don't eat anything, but me all day, while yeah mark said he's, never felt better, so he's thin looks ripped, You look at his instagram page. Is fucking jacked shredded salsa on steroids. That probably helps, but, but he looks good yeah. Well, it's I don't know one of my favorites because she thinks it's because Jesus Christ yeah look at him with a picture oh my god he does meet jacked yeah, jacked, stud yeah. It's will to but whatever yeah who's at Mark Bell. Yeah yeah he's a fucking animal yeah. I watch the what
or faster that was yeah. It was Otherwise, on that right, three, There's one of them died. Welcome, died the hit a drug problem the pro wrestler yeah yeah. That's, I is yeah. Was powerful document was was it was pretty sad. I mean he wanted his brother wanted to make it be things like a lot of us. You know- and you know it's hard to say well. He ran into the problem that I've seen many people run into this God. Dam prescription pills there so scary. They are one of the scariest things that are in modern society. An it's something that's not talked about enough. You only hear it talked about from. Family members of people that have lost people or close friends with people that have lost people, but it's uh so giant problem in this country, we're losing thousands of people every day to pain, pills, yeah well, you know, I put something up not long ago about suicide, and it was amazing how many
people send me messages- I mean how many people affected or just are dealing negative thoughts of their own and little mini battles in the society that one post, I don't know I think, need to know that there's people out there that care right, but I don't know how with when they get in the that cycle of pills. I don't really know I'm not a doctor I don't know how that works. I don't know what they're dealing with. I just know that you know social can be used. Irritating, sometimes but man. It can be good, especially for people like that she's able to reach out- and maybe you know, get some support or Hirsch Mentor or something yeah, and it's well someone they admire. Like you, that's gigantic. You know. If they can, they can read something like that. Sometimes that's all people need just a little wind in their sale, yeah just a little something something like this, and I did everything I said it was it was in the news. There's a one
look up Washington state that killed himself, he's going to be the starting quarterback on the football team, twenty one years old and he shot himself a few weeks ago and I didn't I don't want to say that well because I want to say that was an athlete. That's why anybody cares. You know, but is anybody any person who is twenty one years old, I'm thinking what to gee that is but it just That was in the news, so it happened, and so that's why I put it up and I can't do anything. It's not like I'm! I I'm. I just want people to be aware, and just have that number to call in case there was a twenty one year old feeling that I exact same way this seemingly some kid who had everything I mean the car, a college quarterback and just like it just breaks my heart to think that it they would get to that. He would get to that point
where you know killing himself as the answer. It's even harder kills me for younger people, because they don't have a lot of life experiences and they don't know that, like a guy like you or I, who's lived a long time and have seen a lot of schitt you've gone through your ups and downs and when you hit it down, you go well this six I know, it's going to get better yeah just got to figure out why it sucks address why it sucks apologize. If you need to correct, Whatever the issue is it's making, you feel like shit, self out of it do much positive things next thing. You know you're going to be okay, yeah, times when you're twenty one years old. You do you think the world's is over. You know I mean I remember when my girlfriend dumped me when I was eighteen, I've, so fucking, now I couldn't imagine I couldn't imagine living without her yeah sorry. I can't believe that this is over. I can't let you so devastated. 'cause you're fucking you're a baby right you're an eighteen year old baby, you don't know Jackshit, but
when you get older and we've had more life experiences and more things. You get more perspective and you kind of understand like what this feeling is bad feeling- and you just know well, hey I just got suck out the house I gotta go, hang out with my friends got to do much positive things go hit the gym, taking class, do something fun, and then everything is going to be. Ok, you realize hey, you know life's, not perfect, there's no such thing as a doesn't exist yet going to have up you're going have downs, but twenty one years old, it's very difficult to see that and also what else is going on his life for those pills or whether it's head trauma in a lot of football players, wind up, killing himself It's not a coincidence. Yeah, it's directly related to head drama yeah, I'm not! I'm not sure I don't want to speculate. I don't need that. It's just I just you know. I just it's horrible. I get a lot of. I just when you said well, you go hang out with your friends at sometimes 'cause. I
in in certain groups or even my friends are positive. You know what I mean so you're like makes it worse. They can so I mean that's where I see the positives of social media, and I wish I respond to everybody who sends a me and just say: hey, you know, and it's it's keep hammering whatever. But I know I know get inspiration from people online an if I get a shout out, it feels good just doesn't mean anything where's. Your t shirt doesn't mean, I don't know if it means it doesn't mean anything, it doesn't mean somebody it does to me, you know, and so I I just know what it's like to be in a small town and to not I'm not saying I don't have any positive friends or whatever, but I would know what it feels like to not have anybody to really lean on you know, So I try to think about. Maybe people like I, Us Anna man. I just think we can. I don't know together, we can.
We can do a lot of positive things. I just it just like. I said it breaks my heart to think of people living negative yeah. Each day I agree with you and I think that's one of the things that social media can do. That's positive and also podcast can do this positive is. Exposes you like, there's, Listen to this conversation right now that, if they're taking comfort from it like they might we either stuck in a city job or they might be alone and they're. Here yes, there here hanging out and they realize those people like us out there. This friendly positive people around there even if you're alone, at least you're not around negative right. You know there's a lot of negative people around and that it's unfortunate that they're negative, I I wish you could fix them all yeah, but some sometimes life gives you these lessons in the form of disastrous lives that you witness, and you see these disasters lives and you just go. Oh my god, I gotta get the fuck away. This crazy, asshole and
I live my life in a more positive, productive. Because I see what can happen if you blame the world for all your problems and do all you do is hate and hate. People that are successful and you hate on people that are whatever wealthy good. Looking whatever that pick, the thing girl within whatever the thing is that you hate on there's, so many people out there that waste all of their energy doing that and if you around them. You can't fix it. It's so hard to fix people, but I can do is see they're. Doing that so negative and just completely complete parades the quality of their life and just don't do that and recognize recognize but this is not the way to live and then go. Listen! podcast with some positive people and say: look at this guy. This guys out there eatin hell, we doing good things, he lost fifteen pounds. She went running
decided to start doing marathons- and he did this and this guy's building a house, but you can you can find a lot of positive examples of people online, today. That's that's one of the reasons why I'm so drawn to alter running. I mean because whether you like running or not the people that do that are some great positive people. I mean the savages but they're also you get so use of winning those many battles and in a long run- and you have I mean you have to, and you get from each other, so at the finish line, diner during the race, as you can get a bond there's a saying: you know he sheds his blood with me will be my brother and it's like it's not that we drive from Warren. I get that and it's not like a war or anything like that, but it's going through a mini battle and when you do that with somebody and you share that experience, you get that connection an it's like, and it's why
even though I don't know Courtney that well, I know what He does, and I really look up to her ability to just be a beast. An that whole environment, the ultra running environment and community, is empowering For me for sure and in that's. That's why I love even just being uh. People like that just makes you better. Well, there are exceptional, those are exceptional people, they they have an exceptional mind to be indoor something like a two hundred and thirty. Eight race race through the MOAB Desert, got be something special yeah, there's, there's a little thing in the back. Your head says: why don't you sit down on it? Just quit, This is enough's enough already ran five miles, yeah right this enough that you ran a marathon. That is enough, into marathons. You set the clock down. We just said down take a nap, but you have to be able shut. That off and most people can't shut that off. Yeah can't you know it's it's If it's it's amazing, I mean
my brother was with me on that last one and in this weird to share experience like with somebody, because. You can be similar, but in the course of some three days like that you're low point at different times, you know what I mean right so it's really hard yeah It's really hard to win each of those battles, because at one time when you might, I don't know it's just. It seems like It would be easier, but I think in in some respects it is, but it's man, it's it. His tough. It was all the way around. So when you're, going through three day, two hundred and thirty, eight mile run, does it it. It gets bad. At certain times where you just feel like shit and then, if you keep going, it gets better, then It gets bad again. Yeah it's better yeah, you're up and down up and down the whole time, and but you know that if you keep
even when you feel like Dogshite, you eventually breakthrough and start feeling, ok again, I don't know, there's no guarantee. There's no guarantee now, there's no, you hope. Have you ever gone. Through a whole long race and felt like Dogshite the entire time yeah, which one of those well twenty four hour run. You know, because that's usually like my first tough one of the years in June, so I haven't really. For now. 'cause, I'm always after spring bear and now I have a and training, because I've been having bear camp and doing whatever. So that's there's one right now, I'm just pretty much going to be miserable. The whole time there's going to be no the end of the tunnel other than when the twenty four hours is up. So that one I know I'm just going to have to grind it out, but that's that's where I'm like it this. Is one day out of my life? Just I'm just going to be miserable, You know on MOAB
that one started off and I felt terrible right out of the I mean I felt I was like we were. I don't want to think nineteen or maybe fifteen miles in something like that and aid station I'm going. This is not good. His team miles in yes. What's crazy is you are running a marathon a day, yeah yeah, so was fifteen miles so bad. I don't know Sometimes, when you do you ever go on a run into your legs, just feel heavy yeah and you just don't feel good yeah. So that's what it was I was like. I wanted to be fresh, and I wanted to fill light on my feet and I want to get out there and I was like it's not a good sign when I didn't, because we just essentially started the race and it was hot and had run out of water already one time and my legs felt Heavy, and so is a wasn't looking good,
and then Courtney was way out ahead and you know they're saying you know with. I didn't really know who she was at that time. So we were meeting my brother Taylor. We were thinking, will and in the seventies would win the race. So I thought well I want to go out and aim for finishing in the 70s and when you say 70s, what do you mean seventy hours yeah? So I figured because what usually one bigfoot was high, 60s and bigfoots twenty thousand five hundred and five, and so this is, you know, because thirty five miles further, so we just figured well seventies is going to get it done. And so she went out and she had there's another couple other guys with her. I think and they went out pretty hard an you know. There's day somewhere, they were- and I didn't know I didn't know at that time. She was the american record holder for the hundred the twenty four hour run should run
miles. I think in twenty four hours is Christ, and so I was like oh well. They went too fast because I've done that before in like a bigfoot the year before and I thought well they'll come back. You know so meaning it'll balance out. We'd catch up or they come back an. I think, the guys with their ended up dropping off a little bit and then she never came back. She just well one of 'em opt out totally try to keep up with her and he couldn't he wanted dropping out totally she's uh sister and she's eating nachos and candy. That's crazy drinking beer! Well, all these people like all these diets watch their macro nutrients and now, but I did want to say that is because I because I to you talk to her about that excuse me. I seen a lot of comments about that. But you got to keep in mind is raining her training, so you can't say well, I run fifteen miles a week and I'm going to eat nachos and beer right so
she's running a hundred twenty miles a week. Probably you can eat pretty much whatever you want right. So I get that, but it's also like I was asked. In about like the nutritional content of their food, like. Are you really monitoring how much protein you get versus fight? nutrients and minerals and vitamins no now she's gotten it out. She probably just needs calories. She doesn't matter really matter what how should get some just needs calories to sustain, or so just think for just the cells of your body. You would need more nutrients, I mean who knows she's, obviously a fucking savage yeah. But who knows if she really monitored her diet and eight super healthy? She might be better, maybe which is just terrifying. Maybe yeah, she's, she's amazing, she's so normal to yeah. You hang out with her like when she did the podcast she's just fun and laugh and like you would never imagine that she is just like Billy.
Ultra marathon runner. I would think you would have to be like super stoic and intense and pouches and when you see her she's wearing like it looks like basketball, shorts, yeah yeah exactly short, so it's not like in You see some of these track athletes and they got the the tight little. Sign in the right. In a singlet and they're, like you know, She is like it was the a baggy shirt and baggy shorts and then just crushing people crazy yeah. She thought I love that, though I outliers liars people that come don't make any sense like what the fuck did she so much better than everybody else. She that Thirty eight mile race by twenty. Two miles something like that. Yeah twenty two miles ahead of the second place winner and the guy who got. Second, is a stud. What animal studies in animals? Yes, she was twenty two miles ahead of him. Now imagine get warped, not just wept, but what
Twenty two miles ahead by someone is eat nachos and drink it candy. I love that I love someone who doesn't make any sense who just so much better yeah. This is like wow, we got a throw the. A monkey wrench this whole idea. The only thing I got on anybody is: can a pack out of milk now they've got a you got set on them, yeah? That was a rating you them all up, but what what I like about her? Also as I I flew home the other day I can rollers from, but it flew over like there's some in the cascades of Oregon, there's a middle sister nor sister S, sister and then bachelors where everybody goes in skis and then broken tops right there. So I filmed it and I'm like I tagged my brother and I'm like hey: can we knock off all five of these peaks in twenty four hours and and it would be it would be a test. You know- and she commented said she wants to she us wow. She wants to come, do it so I mean I just love that
I don't know I don't even she's a he's amazing, but that type of I mean, I guess, I kind of goes hand in hand with the that eating whatever you want is also doing whatever you want yeah. You know like a lot of these elite athletes say they would be like have a schedule of races and my training and this and that- and I you know whatever I like- that she would just say: yeah do that yeah, it's not a race, it's just we're just having fun yeah or just a test. It's an unofficial test. And for her to want to join in that's probably I love the most about her and those are the established trails that you guys can run over all those peaks who did the south sister Middle Sister last year, and now it's get now The south sister the middle sister is sketchy. There's no trails now running through the woods it it's on the side. The
no trees, it's not inside of mountain, so it's like shaleen, even more sketchy. Yeah I'd rather run over trees, yeah sort of he would because you know, if there's trees, are there solid ground there right you so with with the rock, there, you don't know what's gonna but you guys stepping over ship there's trees there. You might want it to a bunch, places where all the trees have fallen down generally yeah, I mean there can be win following there, but generally you can get an animal trail an find your way through. You know, but when it's just rocks, that's what that's probably the most sketchy 'cause you, because just because there's a you know: I don't know one thousand pound rock sitting there. It could just just be balanced perfectly. You might step on it that could there's no guarantee those rocks are staying there you know falls all the time. So that's with rocks and that type of country super steep. It's a!
Part of it is fascinating to me that that is the appeal of sheep hunting to a lot of people is that it's so incredibly dangerous that being up in those high peaks and stepping on Shalan like on these crazy, peaks were to the left- is just a steep drop off to the right is a steep drop off. You have a very narrow place to navigate yet it's a She planning They say it's, it's not that the animal. That's the most worry, it's just the country that makes it so I mean they're expensive that the hunts but it's just what they did to that. That's just where they live is the draw yeah. You know, I think, with both Definitely, a tough animal with a full, mostly it's just kind of getting in. If you can get your body within a range, you know you should get one done, but it's this, where they live yeah when uh I know Brian and green tree.
Hunting tar a similar thing, New Zealand down these crazy peaks, and super dangerous sketchy, territory, people, it's fast, sing to me how people get addicted to incredibly difficult things. They do it. They say I'm never doing this again cause it's terrible and then they get back in a couple weeks later, like she didn't want, go back, yeah it's a God. I don't know what I don't know. What type of g to make. But you know if you, when you've done and say: oh, maybe Ultrasaur marathons, it's really hard to get excited for 5k When you do. You keep Hammond five K. How boring I to This is more about the people there right yeah, it's not for me, I'm not now with that stupid race is the reason why I got started running
and believe how hard it was to do with zero running folks zero. I ran zero and then I ran a five k yeah at the end of those like okay, I gotta start run and it and it feels great now right. It does there's nothing, nothing that feels bad. To me than that, all to run I mean You it's crazy is my endurance for kickboxing is way better yeah. I mean way better way better. We do a hard three minute round, no problem and it's just from running these hills at these changes, your long yeah, your lungs just expand and contract, and you just used more oxygen in there? I guess yeah! Well, You see those trails that I'm running on to it, so there so steep. It's. Much of it is just pushing pushing pushing pushing it's like your sprinting up these hills your be your body's just used to those bursts in and so now. What, when I go crazy in heavy bag and then the Bell go off like good. It's crazy,
so it's amazing it's and it does so much for legs to oh yeah. People always ask you know what I do for leg since, like I just run mountains, I mean it's, you know yeah. There was a famous kickboxer from Montreal. His name was Jean Yves terrio. He was like the most scary. Kick boxer in the world in the Pk Karate days, and uh. All he did was, he would run stairs like that. Was the big work. Out that he wrote a book on training and You know what it takes to be a world champion in one of the things that he's saying this. You got to run stairs running, stairs like within the best thing for his kicking power for his endurance for yeah. Remember thinking and he's talking about how just put inches on his thighs and just radically increase long capacity, taking kicking power. Speaking of endurance if you were, but I will but Francis Engano, he got gassed out. He did
He tried to take Steepe out in the first round. He that was his. His thought was that steep is not going to be a survivor, didn't happen, that's not good as Fuct yeah, and he doesn't know how to wrestle that. Well, he doesn't have a just have a long background in martial arts at all and steep was very good college wrestler, an obviously a bad mother fucker, He took some hard shots too. He did you know, that's the thing about Steepe, it's not just that. He knows how to fight it. He's just fucking tough. There's a bunch of shit going on there. It's experience, it's just sheer toughness and grit and determination, and He also the hills out, ride out bad moments like dances and never had a bad moment right. He didn't know it sucks to do. I think most people. I know you, you, you didn't but I think most people had kind of assumed El Frances is going to win this fight. I thought it's very possible
Francisco win the fight. I thought it was very possible that Francis could just nuke 'em in the first round. He just so scary yeah. It just takes one now. I've never seen anyone in all of my history of watching anime. That's so terrifying with one punch, yeah yeah punch into this kicks her in on there. Okay yeah is that not like you know, he's not Barbeaux or someone could put you to sleep with one: kick he's not kicking people. He just moving towards you, throw in a few kicks, maybe but he's trying do, is hit you with those giant fucking canned hams, that he calls fists here and even when he was so gassed, he could barely do anything. I was taking up just take still one big tired heavy arm could do it. Oh yeah, one hundred percent that guys has unbelievable potential if he could get it together, but when he- to do- and this is critical- he needs to
work on his ground game needs to work on his wrestling and he needs to be with a real topflight mma camp yeah I mean who's trained him. Now he trains with the guy who found him um. I forgot the gentleman's name, but other guys done amazing job of building skills up in five years and the thing is, Francis is so God dam good that most people he spars with most people, he fights with, are fuct but but he runs the top of the food chain. A guy, like Steve Bay Debate, can avoid all the dangerous stuff drag him into deep water get his get him diminished, diminishes endurance and his ability and then overwhelm him, which is what Steepe did yeah, but Francis can learn from that. He can learn from that and learn from that, and he can get better at all those areas that he had problems with tired yeah, but he get. The endurance is something you can work on. You can work on all those things. I just don't know how I'm sure
tart, I'm absolutely sure, but I don't know how hard he was pushed right. It is a difference she working hard and being pushed right like if you see, if he's trained with a guy, came Velasquez, for instance, Kate, Primetime Cain Velasquez. If canes is primed, needs taken him down, left and right is going to have to get up all the time he's doing rounds with cane you're going through Hell yeah through five it's of hell when that goes off to to end the five minutes of how he just like holy yeah. You know you watch the the the training camps with DE you Cormier and Luke Rockhold Cain Velasquez, some of the footage, reason why those guys are so God Dam, good, cousin, iron, sharpens iron, that's right! Those guys are in their world champions, going at it with each other on a daily basis, and because of that, that's what turned into those fucking monster. Yeah they are today. Frances is just a physical freak yeah, but if you, that camp-
leash it yeah that'd be that'd, be amazing. It would be amazing to see what he could do. Yeah. I don't know the promise, boring with that guy yeah give you Frances parse the way they spar. DC. They hard go hard. Isn't that kind of maybe too hard? That's the argument. Yeah there's two, augments does one argument as of that day going through. That is why they're so successful in world championship fights that day and no one's fine. They know what the fire feels like them. The other thing is the they're. Also they get injured a lot. Yeah camp gets injured a lot, but it's also. There are so fucking good because they got hub, never come at off. Luke Rockhold Daniel Cormier did Cain Mutherfucking Valasquez. It's not. You can't argue with that. One camp in San Jose has some of the best fighters that have ever done this port on top of Josh Thompson, you know they had cash cash check for awhile and he was at the top of his game. Yeah some fun.
Killers of have come from AK. So you can look at it two ways you could say one they're, each there are too much or two that's what you gotta do yeah. Got to do to be a world champion yeah, it's it's hard to say I mean I was, ill to this day when Cain was in his prime, I never saw have you it like that before yeah yeah and during is that guy had was offered Jingai. It's not like nothing! You hey guys just be overwhelmed. They couldn't imagine how the fuck he could do this like, where he sing in the this second I will come around and have this look in the face and came would just be like you just woke up, It isn't even his even start to really sweat yeah. He beat the shit out him for the second round pizza shut down for the would just wilt under the pressure yeah. You see those fights where I mean not not him, but I mean even now or just an onslaught and you're. Just like man, you feel bad yeah! Well, that that was, at the other night ship, Janko
you see, that's why you saw Christ. I was like in this fight get over because they should stop the fight a long time. Rudel dot outside should been stopped fifteen or twenty times all my God is brutal. Pmr Yamasaki said he gave her the opportunity to be a warrior. That's what he said that was his his take on it. Our man I mean she was getting beat up, not just beat up the did you see the stats, the actual. Physical, striking stats. The significant strikes orlandini one ok, and Valentina she landed. One like, I think, It was some unbelievably overwhelming number like down. One versus several hundred yeah in the significant strike department, like literally landed, one decent punch. She looked like a guy. There with a big, hard elbows. You know come, and I mean just like just
power, bi sex as much someone's a fucking sexist. You notice that Jamie Jesus, this world ' camping. More Thai Kickboxer looks like a world champion woman. You Sonovabitch jeez, I'm getting I'm getting read the riot act over here. You gotta be careful these days. People turn on you. I hate that I hate that that is that really irritates me, but I think I'm going to Why is it wrong to say she looks like a guy? I don't know she's a woman son of a bit. Why would I would just talking more about the power. You just don't see women. You know the strikes nine five to two, but you Chelsea women like coming down hard like that, have you before uhm yeah cat cingano, that's not okay to that which is which is rare yeah. This is rare when they're on that that that top position an and just raining part, it's just like
Just haven't seen it that often no, it's there's not a lot of women that could throw down like that, and I'm Valentino is one of the most well rounded women in the sports yeah. She Sub Juniata Pena, offer back she It stands up. An out strikes, Holly home. She went photo with Amanda Nunez. She went to with some of the best boxers in the worst, the world champion, more tie fighter and she's just a fucking beast man using all around just bad bad. Spider. There is an argument that she won that the for the championship against Nunez yeah super close fight, I didn't think it was a bad decision, but I thought it was a. It was a very close fight yeah. So I it's hard. You know it's hard for me, calling fights, because that I'm calling him just looking at what's happening, I'm trying to talk, but I'm not scoring it right. You know I don't score If you score, you got to keep your mouth shut. You should have a piece of paper
in front of you and you know, Eddie Bravo used to do it for the u of C used to score in between rounds, and he had a great system where he would put a lot. Find down the center of a paper and it be like one on the left side and the other one on the right side, and then he would write down like kicks. Take down on submission, attempts and all that stuff and then defense. Those are categories and they would put check Mark ash masters, one yeah, and then he would go over why he thought someone one in what kind of score gear very good system yeah, and I think that's only way to fairly judge a fight right in class yeah. It's like Tina chef, Chanco's fight where you just go like what the fuck like. I gave her like ten. The two I mean it was. It was so overwhelming yeah, ten eight round is a disgrace. It's like a ten six or if you gave it just to ten eight you like who the fuck are you guys ship judge? Are you, God that was crazy, yeah yeah I ate some. It was a bad match.
'cause that grows- or I believe that was her UFC debut so to the UFC Debut against a woman has fought for the title against a world class. Riker I mean literally one of the very best strikers on the planet, earth, male or female, and just it's not fair. Those are first fight at one. Twenty five wasn't Valentinas yeah, yeah, yeah, well, Valentina fought you want to NJ check in Moitie and so she beat her. I think I think, a far more than once, but I'm below Valentina Beater! I hope I'm not wrong. A lot
I'm excited for that rose number Eunice and you want a huge check. Rematch yeah! Well, you know, rose trains with Valentina, let's remain sparring, PO really yeah yeah and that's a good camp then just so happens to their to work off each other yeah phenomenal for Roseanne for Valentina, it's going to be tough. For rose to come now. As a champion. I don't know it'll, be interesting to see how, If it changes at all yeah, it will Klay be interesting and are coming into. This fight was fascinating to me. Even though rose one by first round knockout she's, the the underdog yeah well, is I put up that clip of it when she was like saying the lords prayer there when you're up there, and he was talking about how it was terrifying or something like that I put that little clip it was now is crazy. No one's home. You guys be out before on fight night
or the fight you guys are standing there and they were showing that from the way in and oh my god that was classic yeah. She was so in the zone that you wanted was talking shit to. Where he's going to fuck you up, I'm going to have fun before this I'm debugging moment. She's talking on this crazy Shyt Turin rose just going our father who art in Heaven happy that name the kingdom come down. Be done, and she was like in this zone where you want to put her fist on her nose and she didn't flinch. That was the only one that I said 'cause. They had something up about fighter of the year. I think, but that was I get fired up for all the fights, but that was the Only fight that I was standing up like I was watching it at home? and I'm just like. Oh my god, you know. Because she was landing, those that hard punches and Wish, I don't know, is amazing, yeah. It was amazing, amazing. Alot of people thought she had a chance by submission, because I'ma units is a really good submission, artist and she's really fast. I shall throw up fly
arm bars and shit she's wild sticks, crazy chances, but for her to win by KO like that was like holy shell, it, I know our so pumped when Daniel Cormier just starts yelling out thug yeah raising the main thing ' my favorite moments of doing commentary of be just be. Next to him, while he was yelling that out 'cause it just pure men in appreciation, joy. You know his habit of good time. Does he know her than to or Dana I mean they all know each other? Well I mean I don't know how well we not sharing in together. No, I don't believe so. We are not seeing Cammie maybes she's done some training at a K. I don't I'm not aware but she's she's in Colorado. She has trouble with men and boyfriend Pat Barry, who is world class kickboxer, he's a really good mma fighters as well. When I remember him fighting UFC had some wild as fights he's a serious striker. Pat Barry can fuckin' crack. If I remember I mean I thought he fighting. Let's see who was
and it's like, I thought he was knocked out basically and then landed one big one or maybe it's the other way. Other way around yeah he was fine. A condo. Yes, he had checked on go completely out of it. Yes and it just went in for broke and check Congo caught him with the crazy part, two K, Odum yeah. That was it. I remember the fight. I was nuts, it was nuts, but that's just how pat fights he's a wild man yeah his fights wild yeah he's here I remember he was like thick and hutch yeah he's a tank yeah, it's less ruthless leg kicks the best leg, kicks I've ever seen. Have you a division? Those are those. Are those lake I just heard you talk about the other day, but those low leg kicks are new thing nowadays, yeah, Benson Henderson, started doing that a long time ago. He was one of the first guys introduce it to MMA, but he in some success with it, but not
like you're, seeing today like you're, seeing guys getting debilitated like really quickly. It must be a new, so it's a weak spot for humans. I guess well uh. There's a lot of things that more types It is known about for ever that mma fighters, you start to figure out. Okay, the same is with kick boxing in karate, there's a lot karate moves that MMA fighter. Don't are not good at, but karate guys are in karate guys come into MMA like Steven Tompkins Thompson Wonderboy, when Wonderboy Thompson Tom she he. Same Tompkins, 'cause Sean Tompkins, but wonder boy is doing things, from a sideways karate stance that a lot of people aren't just don't know how to handle like Your boy. Has these crazy front leg sidekick's in front leg, roundhouse kicks like? Have you ever watched his fight with?
Johnny. Hendricks is one of the best examples. He hits Johnny Hendricks and a gut with a sidekick and then Johnny Hendricks is still there, so he roundhouse kick him in the face with the same leg and he said John is like what, in the up 'cause. It's just something like that. Maybe see that in training yeah you're not looking at that, you have to get it. A good karate guy and most really good karate, guys he's going be to take him down yeah. But you know your boys just got that style, just dialed in and nailed and he moves like a snake from the waist like he moves backwards from the weight like he gets away from schitt. Then fires back at you good in the last fight yeah, it is Jorge Masvidal, yeah yeah. Yes, that's a different style. So these these techniques like he, is exceptionally good those karate techniques and a lot of people aren't and so more tie most the time when guys were learning more time, bring it into MMA. They were doing a few things
they were, throwing the leg kicks they're, throwing the knees to the body, the elbows norm, normal moitie techniques, but there are missing some of the subtleties. So some of the better Moy tie fighter started training with some of the better MMA fighters and then slowly but surely those techniques are leaking in icy and then the big one now is that low leg kick yeah download leg, kicks Motherfucka, just takes out you and condition your lower leg. That's what I'm saying it's even feels like it's a weeks I mean 'cause. I know Michael Chandler. He call with that and that's how we lost the belt all the nerves in his plan is like it looked like his leg was broke, his ankles flopping all around. You could swear that leg was broke and it must it's been like low leg, kicks down there, just dinner, yeah yeah. It's amazing
It's amazing how many, how many fight are like Gilbert Melendez when he fought a german Stevens Jeremy, Stephens cracked him real early in the first round that low leg kick? Can you see it immediately swelling up and then Gil versus, fallen down on the kids can't stand up on it? It's crazy Douglas Lima and Rory Macdonald. Where Donald in Bellator right into the same thing right into the lower leg. It's he had a giant hematoma who's he's on his own yeah yeah. It's a devastating technique, yeah! Well, it's interesting! It's I just love that I love when new elements get brought into this very complex sport. Yeah I mean That's like yeah, that's just been a new one for sure but this Saturday are you going to be at the keep hammering run, this Saturday is the keep hammering run where SALT lake I didn't know there was one no not going to be here Now remember that you went,
show but yeah. I did go to that, show that you went to the show by accident, the western hunting Expo's in town skiing, which I fucking hate yeah it skiing, but I'm not a fan. This is boring. You just dislike get a lot, I just don't get it every time. I do it, I'm like! Maybe this time I want to get it there today we're going to be in bliss, I'm going to I don't mountain people are good, is because you know a good at it, I did it for five years. I got pretty good at it. I didn't get good at it like. I couldn't enter a skiing competition, but I don't fall down anymore. I know how to stop. I know how to ski yeah, I just don't get it so I was there and then I was like what is a hunting expo and I fuckign snuck away for a day. I had a great time with you. It's like this is so much better yeah. So that's this weekend that show, and you have a keep hammering run in Utah. Where is it at it? So if it's the same in places last years this right I mean we start at the capital there in SALT Lake
Capitol Building, and then you run 5k from there. Ok yeah! So it's a saturday I'm a big fan of SALT Lake. I love that tattoo, it's fucking great yeah me nice people, man, all! I know there are so nice, best, I mean, I know it's weird, it's a lot of Mormons there. I know people get weirded out by Mormons, the nicest people there so nice yeah, like I don't care what wacky I believe. As long as you're nice, that's that's yeah. Be nice, yeah yeah, so that's I'm excited it's going to be. I think we we're, hoping to have kind of want to think We had a few hundred last year, so yeah nice. This can be and then will do that Saturday and then we, back in September Elk hunting oh you remember, remember Elk hunting in Utah. I do we only got to four hundred and seventy thousand views were going to do a podcast when we get to five hundred thousand. What's it out right now, Jamie
are the you a hunt, Youtube page. We might have to cancel this son of a well we're hoping to do a podcast when it hit five hundred thousand but petered out at petered out about four four hundred and seventy one to seventy. So we got one thousand today, so we just need a few more days. But good! Buddy month close enough yeah we can close yeah. It will hit by the end of the month. Hey the and then also this and the sector The interior Zinke on fry, my day is going to it's a big. I think it's a big for conservationists, Ann against we're going to protect. The winter migration routes for deer and elk from development. So that's been a big thing that you know like the um I told I told him when I met with him back in Vegas. I don't know when it was a couple weeks ago that it feels like we've taken some hits, as
and as far as the national monuments being shrunk. You down, you can argue that both ways drilling on the coast. You know a lot of people, don't like the prospects of that, so I'm, like and we could use a win and brought up the winter migration routes and protecting those from from development just so those animals can get down and get to the winter range when foods, come by, and so that's that's going to be announced on Friday. That he's going to make that happen. That's awesome, and now you have a position there. As well like what? What is your official position? That's it I'm on the international Wildlife Conservation Council, which has this not me and with North America, but I'm kind of using that as an excuse to talk about North America. It doesn't we can do it some Erica now. What is it? What does it have to do with with that? That's about like the trophy export ban from Africa,
so international hunting? Basically, so it's uh weighing in on that, because it's like, if you go to Australia and you shoot some animals, you can't bring the meat back, um well yeah, but that's different, it's different with that doesn't have anything to do with. What's going on right now, it's Africa and like with elephants coming back. So when you can your trophy back. Yeah who's going to want to go shoot, not just elephants, because elephants are whole different category, but who's going go want to shoot a gazelle. Well, if you, if you can't bring it back, yeah yeah right, I don't know if those are regulated, but it's mostly elephants and you know in lion yeah and they reversed it. And then Trump said fuck that Trump doesn't like it, which is fascinating, because his sons, yeah big Hunt right right. He called it a horror show he did that's what
My attention is because he said that he doesn't see how conservation helps elephants, which okay that's one thing, but said or any other animals, and I'm like wait a second ok, you can't say: conservation hunting as conservation to doesn't help any other animals, because we've proven here North America. It's that it's a mod that works. So I like how he worded that and lump that on together. Now MIKE was that I was Just a poorly worded tweet what's going on here, so then said, he's going to look at that ban regarding office, because you know, if there's no value on the animals, we know we know what happens and if there is hunting it's pretty much the death sentence of the animal. Well, We probably have to explain that to a lot of people that don't know what we're talking about, but there's a lot of animals in Africa that were on the verge of extinction just a few decades ago, and what
did was it's a very controversial thing, especially to people that don't hunt, but what they did was they created? A lot of these game preserves. Where they had these animals and they had a financial interest in keeping these animals alive. 'cause people paid a lot of money to come over there and hunt them. So now all these animals that were on the verge of extinction just a couple of decades ago, are thriving in record numbers, but they get hunted yeah so for people, are concerned about the welfare of these animals and their their. What wild? wife lovers. They are in a weird predicament because it's hunting that's keeping these animals alive and it seems like a contradiction like how could hunting be conservation right, but even in this country, eleven percent taxes on bullets on hunting equipment on all the diff things that people buy in this was a self imposed tax. The put on the purchase these goods, so that it would go twords wildly.
And billions of dollars. Billions of dollars have gone to preserving wetlands, preserving wildlife, habitat re, establishing populations of animals and all these different areas where their diminished right. So the amount of money that has gone towards conservation from hunters versus from PETE. Or the humane society or any other welfare group. It's not not even remotely comparable hunters are making. Friend certain would, and we put our money where our mouth is. You know we say we care about it. We we pay for it. We we put money there to help conservation and pay for the biologists and pay for the studies and pay for have tat enhancement, and so that's that, essentially, is something that needs to happen in Africa is but it's weird to say. Well, how can the United States regulate what happens in Africa 'cause? We not really, but we can say we're not going to allow that please come home so that pretty much
the hunt in Africa so yeah we're not saying you can or can't hon you can still go. Do it. You just can't bring him home which essentially stops hunting without hunting. Those animals don't have value, no and no matter how you want to, like I said or phrase it or whatever you want, if they don't value. They're not can it's gonna be detriment of the animal of the specie you they stopped nineteen in nineteen, seventy three and Every person in the animals are gone with. No. Yeah, it's very confusing. It's it seems contradictory. Like you know, I talked with about this. Also, and so that's what this is. Council is about to try to make good decision on how best to regulate the trophies coming home, and maybe we can help promote Huntington. How to do a ride in and what it means. As a council, so that's I'm in of the nat. I used that up
can talks about other things too, but so I don't know where it's all going out lead it's it's a fascinating sub because elephants are endangered in some parts of Africa, but Africa is an enormous place and other parts of Africa. They have a problem with elephants, yeah, so go to those places and shooting elephants to most people is a horrific offense yeah. So, but the problem is, I don't see the amount of money that someone has to to go and shoot an elephant. It's a crazy amount of money. Seventy five thousand! That's a lot of fucking money. How many people spending, seventy five thousand dollars to go, look at them or help them they're not going to I'm not going to now and so in when you say well that money could come from photo Safaris now and also with seventy five grand to take a picture and for a photo
safari where they have him set up is that they go on the pretty much the same route, so the habitat just gets hammered. I mean you know what a national monument or a national park here, the most popular places. You know what those look like: it's a freaking dump, so when you have those photos far as a go on the same track. Basically you're, hammering the habitat you're not getting back to the back, reaches where the poachers are killing the animals. You know that's still happening back there and then a prior to lion into where you can take pictures of it. There going down, shooting, zebras and and and Paul and and different things Buffalo, throwing him out. There said that, so that lines are they're eating, they're still animals dying, but they're just animals are benefiting from it. So when you think of like in the Bush of Africa, if a farmer there has a crop in there's elephants getting in their thrashing crop the elephant has no value to him. Has value as a crop in if the animal the elephants in their trap. It he just wants
undead once again, so he's going to shoot it's going to lay there it's going to benefit anybody, but his crop grows. That's what happens It's it's very hard for people to look at it that way, because they look at like no, I don't want an elephant to die and I know I wanna line to die. No, no, I don't want us here to die and I don't want to draft to die and what do I do shoot that other thing that war, because the ugly thing nobody gives a about warthogs you she wore hogs and smile and take a picture and our people are racist. There are racist against certain animals. Yeah, that's a fact for sure The fact is that racism, racism, okay race of our uses, ISM, are your species. I am I sent you a video about that speech. Is this that's a fact, but then people way more than I like goldfish and with regard to lions, so if lines are coming in and killing the goats or whatever, that the say in Tanzania that they're raising they're just going to put they'll be a dead goat, they'll put poison in
the pride will come in eat it they'll go die, then no more go to get killed. All those lines are dead that was one of the things about Zimbabwe Right was Bob Way where that guy that line the Cecil soul. I think so yeah that place they had to kill a bunch of lions, because people stop lying hunting there yeah and so because they stopped line hunting there, they had this access of lions and they were destroying the undulate population. So they had to go and then just slaughter these lions yeah. So fifty thousand dollars per line that they would have made. That would have gone towards all sorts of different things. Protection of the habitat, the the the the different conservation officers that work in that area instead, there's no money and then they actually have to hire someone to go and do that job right and Is the argument about British Columbia as well. This is that was going to happen up there, that the argument that you're getting from the people that are in the field that are out there every day is that, what's going to have
happen as you're going to have a bunch of problem bears, are going to have to hire people that go out to these problems and it's incredibly expensive and very very dangerous. Yeah an we're going to die yeah. So it's going to have 'em summer still going to die yeah, but animals are going to die. You know I mean: do you get mad when a bear? kills an antelope or when a bear kills a giraffe or well. They don't really do not over there, but they were over here. You know if a bear kills a moose. Are you upset or you only upset when a person kills most yeah right? And you know in Africa too, so those animals are dying. An when is hunters that are doing it numbers are very control. The harvest is very controlled. You can take x amount of animals out and this he will go to awards. You know this enhancement of a water hole. This pain for anti poaching unit which, when I was over there was one thousand dollars a day to pay for guys come in debt to control, keep the poachers out of there without that money,
none of that's happening. So instead of in a very regulated harvest number, usual kill. However, many yeah- and let's be honest about it- the vast majority the money is going towards never lodged the owners of that for sure area, but they also have people. They are hiring people, but they have a financial incentive to keep these animals a lot. It's very. It's very problematic for a lot of people. They don't like to hear it and I've read this article, that's ridiculous article that said that that's not true that trophy hunting is not was sustains these animals, and you know you can get just as much from a safari like that's, not true, what you're saying is not true that CNN thing handled it pretty. Well. Did you watch that show What do you think about that? Um? No and, at one hundred said some stupid ship yeah. I didn't God. You know I mean we talked about this earlier in the podcast. You know when people say: oh just want to go, kill stuff, and this that I didn't really like when I
whoever the hunter was. I don't know it's probably nice guy, but he shot a crocodile and yeah mother Effer, four MIKE it's going on there, I would never done anything like that and that that seemed that doesn't like the honorable hunter that I know you know so that may be a little weird. I don't like crocodiles, I might say, yeah Walker of Crocodile scare, the out of me yeah hi there, the one thing that scares me more than any pretty much any animal on the planet yeah. I know I just I. I still feel a lot of respect for the animal I'm joking around. No, I know mostly, I know, but I did to seem like a weird reaction to me. Well, especially knowing that the world's going to see that reaction yeah, I mean, if users by himself and he said that it was an honest reaction and who still had wrist, check for the animal and it's just the fact that he pulled it off yeah, it's unfortunate. It's unfortunate as a it's unfortunate to broadcast that for the world to see yeah I thought, I thought it could have been a lot worse with regard
hunters are portrayed, you know, I mean even who killed the lion he did get emotional. He showed some reverence there which, which I liked. It could have been worse. They talked about how animals are, I guess, a commodity in some respects with the rhinos. You know. I think that guy had one thousand five hundred rhinos. Did he on his property, an you know, so what better one thousand five hundred rhinos for him to have and cut off cut off the horns or zero know. It's we have one thousand five hundred right yeah. Well, it's definitely better. For the population of rhinos as a whole is people don't like the the of raising something as a commodity raising wild life as a commodity. I understand you, do you ever see the Louis through documentary the about wildlife in Africa, about those I've I forget what it was called, but you can watch it on Youtube. That to me was a better piece and one of the most interesting
thanks because Louis is a he's. A very smart guy was also very nice guy yeah, I'm just kept asking questions and pestering people and getting to the heart of it, but he also show I would like these. Dan, Lyons and they're, throwing a dead cow over the top of the fence. In the line of his hand, it apart crazy and it's it. But it's it's weird, because the the these lions there never wild like they're, feeding him and then will go over there and hunt them as if it's like a wild lion. Yeah. It's super weird. I couldn't hunt an offense, I I have a in offense, so I don't know yeah it it's not what we call over here in America, Fair Chase Brian. There is a a term that term fair chase is synonymous with ethical hunters in America yeah, and this is something that most people are aware of, that there's a code and that could
code very slightly like in some places, you can use electronic communication, meaning you can use walkie talkies to locate an animal like. I believe you can do that in Arizona. You could definitely do that Nevada. You can't do. That antenna yeah, you know, there's there's different things of what people decide is fair chase right or ethical, and it depends like Colorado. They won't even let you use a light on your site on your bow sight, can have any electronics right attack, next year site, for whatever reason they just started allowing lighted nocks. Well, that was just in Oregon too they've been outlawed in Oregon. I think I mean I haven't used it. Origin, but I think they are legal now, but yeah I mean as far as so trying to define what is fair chase right and so yeah there's a lot of these electronics for that. But what we say is fair chases, not in a high fence. Well, it's definitely not feeding a lion in a cage and then opening up the door right when the hunter pulls up.
They do that. Oh yeah, that is what they do. Yeah, that's one of the reasons why a lot of these lines that get shot. They don't know what the fuck is going on there. Headed somewhere. They just lay down, is there outside in this new environment like where am I don't even know what it is? They've been living in this very small environment and they let him out, and they let right when the hunter gets there, that's tougher to justify it, very tough to justify it. I I feel like it's. It's it's not justifiable. You're, not hunting anymore, you just murdering animal. Yes, I I'm order murders person right now. Can I so I'm gonna, I'm gonna not address that part and just address hunting in general. An hunting in general is, what's necessary for the future of animals. I mean you until it gets out to a number where maybe the white or black or whatever right. That is that's only down to a hound, and full obviously you're not going to hunt those, but by and large
thing is what keeps his animals the population viable well, and then there was also the case of Cory Knowles who went over there and Noam no, no ma'am hi Corey known Norton yep. That is his name. Sorry core. We got it. Why do you but yeah too many names in my head, but anyway Corey went over there inquiries only twelve came some people like to say right, stupid some pop quiz but Corey went over there. He spent a have a million dollars to shoot in in right now. I think it was three hundred and fifty thousand wasn't that much. I think it's uh It was a lot of money, hundreds of thousands of dollars and he said that it was undervalued, The reason why the bidding didn't get higher was because it was so much pressure on people. Do it he explained very eloquently
and very clearly on CNN an when he did my podcast about all the threats. He said: listen yeah! That rhino was killing other rhinos that why not breeding, not breeding in it, was an old rhino that was passed. Its breeding prime was breeding anymore and killing the young rhinos? He had killed a female that had tried to mate with killed another male and it was they were, this is it. This is an endangered animal and this thing was killing other for animals right, so they had decided that we have to take this out of the population so what is it some money for it to get a tremendous amount of money that can go for anti poaching efforts and all these different things? So he explained it like. This is this is an animal that they were going to kill. They had to kill it because it was threatening this same day. Population of only like a couple of thousand rhinos right right, yeah is a really interesting situation and people would like it if that was
case they would like it. If know the money is actually coming from animal welfare groups and from life lovers who just want to see these animals alive yeah the difference is very rare, that someone is going to give you three hundred and fifty thousand dollars to keep are. I know a lot and so that that's a magnified example, but that's pretty much what's happening with all the animals. I mean you're, not getting that much money, but you're getting money in exchange for their life, basically, and it's the betterment of the herd yeah I mean that's hunting, yeah right, I mean that's, that's like I said very magnified because you're getting a huge amount of money and there's only a few animals, but it's easy to see: hey this one is going to save animals. So that's really easy to see, but that's pretty much what happens with all animals. I mean you're, seen heard the other thing. Is they ate that right and a lot of people at that run, I mean they give away the villages and people know you. Could you that? Not only can you eat rhinos, apparently they taste good same thing with elephant elephant, apparently taste of
yes, what do you remember in the trophy movie? They could care less what elephant that guy killed, but they didn't like small I do remember that me because they are more meat yeah, they don't care about. They want to they care, but et yeah. That's it so As far as the locals go I mean so we here in America. It feels like you know. We take these causes- and it's like, we know where the social justice warriors for the World psych. We are probably check in with the people that actually There yeah they want you to kill alliance. This crisis is key. There was a an article in the New York Times shortly after the the line, and Cecil the lion controversy. It said. In Zimbabwe we did not cry for lions right. I know Read that one down! No, that's! That's! That's real! so yeah over here everything
Lion King everything lives, everybody's friends, but Simba is my friend. And no one saying that lions need to die. No, I mean but I'm not in favor of those high fence things and the way they keep those lines, and you would never have line you've told me before you wouldn't have one not right, no desire right so, but you understand contain and how it works and how what we need yeah, it's just a weird. Facet of human nature that we've sort of boxed. Elves in this situation with Africa, but Africa, I think is you could look to that example: and and see how it is a very complex issue, yeah, especially let's take all the wood. Steve Rinella calls the charismatic megafauna equation like giraffes which everybody loves like I had a whole about giraffes and one of my comedy specials that they are the one animal that you can't say is like is not
better off in the zoo because Like other animals, they look like captive, It contained, but giraffes are so happy babies. Freedom like I used to take my kids to the zoo. When my daughter was, I don't even think she, two she's holding out of a piece of lettuce and a giraffe, comes out head, huge giant tongue, wraps around the lettuce and takes a from a she's giggle and laugh in yeah, but there's so so confident in giraffe Savior that they let babies, feed him. Yeah! That's impressive! Another animal like that in the zoo now, because animals are wild animals don't do. But what I said was that giraffe wakes every day in the zoo and goes another day with no lie, and that's true and just sort of wanders around the zoo having they look like they're having a blast have not a care in the world, they don't mind at all being in that fast long, as you keep shocking that hey over the side there going to be a comment, keep dead, hate, baby, yeah good to go
we have connections with. Certain animals. Elephants are a big one. You know Lions are a big one, giraffes or whatever reason are a big one. Even zebras people like why you shooting at Zebra it's too much like a horse yeah. We have these, but if it's like an antelope you eat, like all that kind of makes sense. Yeah we have these kind of makes sense, animals and again warthogs. Nobody gives a fuck about warthogs. There's, no one out there trying to save the Warthog people, don't even know how many there are they don't care, you care less. No. This is not like people worried about lions and no one is out there wondering how many warthogs are are left in Africa. I see it all, I'm just like people will comment, not hunters. Obviously, but they'll be like on my page and say: well, I don't have a problem if you kill deer and elk, no reason to kill a bear right. What are you talking about never had their sausage. Well had there. So I knew you would you probably happened? But if you, if it's it's, if you have it's got a damn good and why
Is it any different? It's the same. Why is it any different? Yeah? It's not yeah, so it's just what they are just what they're in grain to feel about an animal. I think. Well, they in two dog, like thanks, yeah! That's the thing! That's the thing with people bears a seem dog like other portray, aid is being nice and the people having for pets too, like this, People have bears pets like a little. Russian do seem that people admin on Instagram do you have one Jamie. This is one mother as Motherfuker grizzly bear that he cuddles with people keeps show me videos of this guy. One day, one day I this video is going to get dark. Yeah this guy. Okay bear Just chilling with this bird, this bird, my friend when we hang out, I take him places and he likes my girlfriend, and I rub. Back but one day you ain't my baby, yeah.
Yeah, it looks like looks like a cool bear. It's dope, Look they're, fucking, awesome animals, man, I love all of them yeah, but it's a deal. If you had one thousand of those living in your neighborhood, you'd have to thin the herd. Yeah you just have to and The reality of all the stuff is super complex, and I just do not think you get an understanding of it from you know in front of laptop in Vancouver. Yet you don't know for sure, so I would I lie. Is uh. You know with regard like this International Wildlife Council, or even it just seems like with this administration and people say good or bad. Mostly bad, feels you to about One thing that I would read CNN. I listen if it's the same topic, two totally Lance is like what the heck who do you believe? So that's why I was happy to be involved, so I can actually hear, but still it's
still hard, it's still hard to listen and think. Okay, so what's going on, but but with my whole thing is like. I kind of look at it is I got somebody online, giving me advice, or you give me advice I'll, be like will Joe knows me, I'm going to listen to him. That's why I kind of want be involved in the councils, and in this part of this decision making is that they can listen to all these people talking shit all day. But if I there and can actually way n will. Then they know me and- and you know my it might, it should weigh a little more in the know. Your experience right in this, and so that's why I want involved, I'm not saying I'm going to agree and it's going to be exactly what I wanted every time, but I don't know how else to do it. I don't know how else to do it, and I know that with my voice, because you know trusted me about whatever, even if they agree
don't agree I'll ways to get to share my thoughts, and so that's what I did you know like when I talked with the stinky the other day. What is he like? That is an avid hunter yeah! That's what he now and I've read all these man. You think he was the word just like Trump. You know, people you'd think they are safe and to some people To me I read outside magazine article on sounded terrible and I was like God, that's not good. I read a few other things about him on my butt to me personally is seemed. Would listen. Seems like somebody who, if we're sitting there talking about something, we came to a decision and it made sense. That's what he seem like like a normal. You know, a well thought out person? Well, I think he's probably got it amount of pressure on him from a bunch of different angle for sure all interested in making money for sure, and they
think of someone that is pro wildlife as being a roadblock to the money yeah. I call this green greenhouse, loving hippie, tree hugging he what what he to hold me. Is he concerned. He wants to increase hunting opportunities in you know public land opportunities you know so that's it! and that's kind of what I want to hear so I mean maybe what would have to who you're talking to understand that, but It sounds as sound. Sounds good. I mean it gave me a better feeling talking to him than reading the other articles and articles about him. So then the his staff, great people, like I said just like we'd, sit here and talk, and it makes sense and even talking with Donald Trump Junior I'd, be like God, all I wish just do this right now, because it it's like, you can actually come to a consensus. The decision,
through and be like. That's how it should be. You know, and it feels like it's different politics or different, because everybody, like you, said, there's pressure from different places, but I think of a politician, I think special interest groups and these other people that are so. It's I mean you're wondering. Why is this for their own benefit? and so you don't really know with this. It doesn't feel like that. It feels like it's trying to make the right decision. You know, without being in fluid. I know. There's always going without like the special interest type influence, and I don't know I don't know the more people like you that are involved in this and the more people like you have a say, or at least are they come to you for advice you're going to get at least a more balanced perspective of what the potential hazards are. What's in certain what we need to concentrate on. You know I think we're This is what you think about Trump. What people were excited about about
as a president would be that the economy would have an upswing and it did, but lately last couple of days it's been a massive decline. The stock market has been yesterday, I think, was the biggest loss. Ever I don't understand. The stock market, I really don't get it a bunch of assholes throwing their hands in the air. This computers they're doing a lot of calculations. So that's going on it's too far, confusing. I feel like if I just went down that rabbit hole. I'd be stuck studying the stock for weeks upon weeks yeah, I just don't have the kind of time dude I got to play Techno Hunt with campaigns, hello and I, like I like reading stuff, like you know, stock market, all time high yeah, who making money. That's all I heard I heard nothing, but that like jobs like more jobs than ever. You know unemployment's an all time low MIKE. Well, you know when you have a guy who is just soul, hell bent on making money and business it's good for business yeah right so like that. It would be the benefit of having a guy like that, but then
parent Lee, there's some downsides to that shed and the downsides are inflation and a panic. Then, once the stock market starts going south and people start freaking out Then it really goes south yeah, and now it's really gone south. Well. Last couple days I mean it's I live in the moment campaign. I'm not here for your rosy view of the future. Now sorry, I don't understand the stock market, I don't understand it yeah. I I like. I like your good news. That's what I like hearing yeah I'll I get comfort in hearing people that that I'm not wondering about what their intentions. Are so that's why I enjoy the discussions with those guys and yeah. You know, if I can, if you don't I'd, I'd just say, but it feels like a sports and we took a couple hits we could use
on the positive side and I think we're getting that on Friday. So it's so on Friday. Are they going to make new rules in terms of what you can bring back and what you can't bring back behind it? Now, that's not about the international. This is about the corridors. Yeah right, so protection purpose acting migration routes for the big game, animals which is a little very it's very important. Yeah especially for animals like mule deer, whose populations are really that good right now, yeah well still need to to be get out of the high country high from you know where they breed down when the when the weather, it's to get down to where the feet is and if there's a bunch of gas Riggs in their knock Miller, do you ever do you file gritty Bowman on Instagram? You do right, yeah Brian was taking all these videos of Elk in Evergreen all ages, wander right through the town and their huge giant balls that are just hanging out near cars. I know they have zero fear of
ball, and they know that once they're, the town, that's like they're on homebase, they're, safe how they know that you know I know I did I did see that there's some nice animals in their crazy yeah, beautiful people pulled over just checking them out in there screaming and running they just migrate right through the town, yeah probably figured out along time ago. Hey just keep the car? Isn't nobody fucks with you we're good to go? but you know they have weird rules in evergreen where you kind of hunt in your backyard. Oh really yeah. I didn't know that yeah yeah yeah, if you want a certain amount of property, I think it's like more than an acre yeah. You could fucking poo blauch right in your backyard, had a full free yeah. I mean, I think, that's exactly why they made those rules yeah. I think it's by section by unit depending upon where you're at right, but in some places you literally can hunt in your backyard so I would imagine Elk, avoid those places
so they learn pretty out. Isn't it interesting? They learn quick. Well, that's one things they said about reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone. They figured it out after awhile. Now, like ok, like beginning they were just sitting ducks. Yeah, you know, but that was in the nineties yeah and now we're in two thousand eighteen. It's essentially the ecosystem sort itself out yeah and there's some good arguments that it's sort itself out for the better yeah. You know what you know for the betterment of their wildlife other plant species of the awkward you know eating a load of so it it's it's interesting, but also you should know that where they brought those wolves back, you can't hunt. Right. Is this the greater Yellowstone Ecosystem's like it's all protected right? So maybe they need it in there yeah it's hard to say: yeah, just don't bring Colorado. Fockers, don't do it there, you go, don't do it
So what else are you going to discuss with Zinke you? How often do you meet like what is this job entail, or this position entail on that council says. There's you meet twice a year, so I don't really know what about or when that's going to happen, but for me me and my my whole thing is like without to get to know. Somebody I like to have them do what I do like you, and so he said. He has a bow, and I'm like you, I said what kind of bow he told me kind of blow my kind of what did he have one now, it's an old beau, oh really, God, I can't. I got high country, something like that, something like that, but I'm like it so anyway, I said. Well, I said you want to Tebow he's like yeah, I said well, they can't take any gifts. I take
If so, I said, I said because I said that, and I said well don't worry about that. I go to shoot? Your bow? I said how about if I come back in a day see there and we and we shoot bows and he gives you can't give him a gift. As a friend I don't know, that is maybe from a company would be an issue. It's pretty regulated that makes sense, taking whatever take bribes under the table. Take a take get to have the actual below. Is that funny? You could take campaign contributions, yeah, but not about yeah. You can't take about. You could have lobbyists that are on staff they're trying to get cash and working those special interest groups come on baby well, so next BO we talked about next week me going back there shooting bows with him, yep and talk and just about whatever you know. Film. It will see his form that's right, so we're trying to make that happen, and I just like I said if you
somebody's here. You just want to be able to tell him what's important to you. That's all I want to do, but I can do that generally, better or something I care about like archery or running or lifting it's or whatever, like that. So that's. Why goal or just you know, share. What's what because I feel like I, pretty good pulse on, what's important to sportsman and hunters here in North America, and so just wanted to share that. Well, I know Donald Trump Junior is an avid archer but he's really into it. Yeah. He can you get a chance. Talk to him. Yeah yeah left quite a quite awhile yeah. He wants to do the podcast this podcast. Yes, so he he you want know me and him can talk. Talk about hunting, okay, where in Don so first, for sure
Oh for sure you, like no total normal, I mean 'cause. I possible how's it possible. You grow up, Donald Trump is your dad. You got a golden toilet bowl when a little kid. That's what I said I I said you know I go because I I haven't met. Any of them died, sounds kids, except for Don Junior, so I'm like well, but follow him on Instagram. You know you kind of get. I do too kind of a sort of a feel for what the, I said man I go. You know in talking to you. I said it seems weird to say but seem like a normal gun, which is your dad, a billionaire, I don't know, is he billionaire right, oh yeah, so seem. It's surprising he's like seems like just like? We would be right, all normal. I mean he's, I follow my instagram. I see that the pictures his daughter super cute, the fishing pictures, but I saw him on Tucker Carlson the other night, and I told him this and we were talking in vague ISS and he was like
just laying it down for awhile one minute clip on Instagram on Tucker Carlson was Fox NEWS and lay it down and I was like God. I never really had followed his political or is his public speaking type life, so I was like holy crap. This guys pretty dialed in probably the plan yeah it takes over when he by retired. He might I mean, he's forty, so he just kind of getting his feet under slides right in that world, and Trump dynasty, just like they did with the Bush, is that's right. Just now clintons cloches, you know once you're in there is like That's all they want is not interesting, it's crazy, but he, I would feel I mean man. Well, that's what they told me. I've done this. I wish that Don Junior was running for president yeah. He says you. Don Junior is very reasonable. Our man totally took if he says one thing wrong. One thing one slip up of a word which, by the way everybody does every day I do it every day.
Yeah one slip up of the word: Corey Knowlton Right, one Phuc up like that and then this dons I mean you know all this magnified ridiculous hate. That comes his way in the attacks against him and people, people right now, listening this probably yelling at their because their focus just a Ford who's person, shirt. Here's a show, he said it's yeah yeah they it's it's I mean it is really hard not to get pissed off. What's really hard to be unbiased, it's really hard to just have an account's perspective and I don't think anybody does a good job as president I've never seen a single person do it well. I've seen Obama give very good speeches. I think, he's very statesmanlike. I think he's he's very what Obama did. It was a who's excellent. Was he is very composed an r articulate and smooth, and he represented a highly educated, like
high level of human being in terms of his intellect and we carried himself and I think that that's good for the country. You know, but I think the way you look with a drone attacks. Look at the attacks on. Blowers and on the press and there's a lot of bad shit about the Obama administration. Everybody wants to sleep sweep under the rug 'cause, I think, nobody's a good president. I think it's a terrible job, but I didn't like how he he's sort of started a war on cops. You remember when he was you know crucifying. Some of the arrests they had and it started people were looking at cops is the good guys and the bad guys. I didn't like that, because maybe there are some bad cops, but there's bad everything you do. Every job has bad whatever. So when a person, instead of highlighting the people out there protecting are interested in serving the public. He was highlighting the quote: bad cops, I guess, and it I'm all in a bad light. I didn't like that were trump. He knows you know
he's highlighting good police, Work is highlighting the military he's. You know pride in the good old, states of america- I like that. So I mean I don't know yeah well. Thing that drove me nuts. The most nuts about Obama, was that crazy speech that he said. If you have a business not business use the highway. You didn't build that you didn't build, build a business. You didn't build that like that kiss me on that, is the craziest way to look at things. Yeah If I was his friend, I would said: okay is not the way to say now what he did. I think he started it like highlighted the the mentality everybody is a victim. Where is I like Trump? He says you're in control Here's your opportunity make the most I would like to different raised it very differently. I would have said if you have a business and you started at yourself. Congratulations. This is what american ingenuity is all about, but we all have to be aware,
Not just you not seeing that person. Is you didn't know that you didn't do it? I would say we all have to be aware that without our infrastructure we would none of us would be able to do it. So we all have to support this beautiful system right so in and empowering way. Instead of you didn't do it, you didn't build, yeah. He didn't do it. Credit away from people work their asses off by the way he's goes never been in business right he's a lawyer went from being a lawyer to being a professional politician to being the President Bam bam bam I mean this is, That's one thing I don't like is people who are like their goal is to be a politician. Well, I don't like that. I'd like it if there were awesome at it, but no one is awesome, but I like it seems like the best like even back in you know that you know country was founded it, those weren't politicians. Those are guys who had info So it's who made good decisions and then they were politician You know what I mean vikings lot. Lately,
shop in watching Kay and it seems like there's no good leaders, Viking, world. There was bad leaders, Sleeter suck, nobody wants. Nobody wants a got damn leader and when a leader of three hundred and fifty million people or whatever the hell we have here. It's just impossible. Sense. What's going on Jamie, I just looked up that quote. You didn't build that out of but he said it. He said those two sentences, but not in that way. Oh, if you got a business, you didn't build that a you know something else: mate that Hank Fake NEWS okay, so what is the actual quote? Here's the what's the real quote If you were successful, somebody long gave you some help. There was a great teacher okay, but what is it out of business. You didn't build that. Okay, somebody invested in roads and bridges. Okay here it is somebody help, this unbelievable american system there we, allow you to you to throw all that we have that allowed you to
five somebody, just in the roads and bridges If you got a business, you didn't build that I way to say it is I don't care even in context. Somebody else happened. Yeah, I'm somebody else we all chipped in did some will not saying I think I know that's what he's saying, but it's a way to say it. It's a shit! disempowering way to say it is that's what I don't like takes credit away from the people that there's a way to do that, there's a way to phrase that needs but in a rewrite and by the way, how could even have time to do that when you're writing I mean you're writing under the pressure of being the President United States. I totally sympathize. I get it I'm not saying I would have done better. I would have done way worse, but it still sucks yeah, It's just not a good way to say things now you knew that I don't like you, you said disempowering and that's exactly right, and so it feels like this is the
ringtone right Now- and I'm not saying you know our president is perfect- just say it. Why people you, like my people, I'm not saying that it's not saying that at all, but I'm just saying nobody's perfect, but I like that part of the message yeah. Well, he definitely that part of the message, but he's obviously said a bunch of stupid shed too, but he's also a guy who flies off the cuff. I mean this. We have to take into consideration. What this guy was his entire career he's a giant. Larger than life personality, with crazy hair, who puts his name on everything yeah and then he ran for president yeah. Of course, he's gonna stay that guy when he becomes president we go to. I don't know now the president, it's like when you when you're in if playing beauty and the beast and you're the beast, you gotta act like that, now you now you got the role side right. Why still like to let you rant yeah, you know you can't. I know it's the role being the president is this: you know this majestic top
of the mountain that we look at like how he's the guy that he's the main dude yeah we're you're supposed to act like the President yeah, that's what they say he's not presidential exactly he never has been. But you know what he's been a leader. You know you know so, here's what I know I don't see, anybody. I don't see ice over here bombing, the shit out of the United States anymore 'cause, because they're almost they're all dead there's alot well there's a lot, but they were never bomb. The share of the United States are trying to a few dummies that snuck over here and did some stupid shot here. Horrible shit, yeah, look the one thing that the military, has said, and friends of mine that are in the military, guys. Like TIM Kennedy that rejoined yeah, he said that they feel like for the first time in a long time, Terry is basically got the handcuffs off and that they are allowed to do things? The way they think would be best and lobby
don't like to hear that they like to say well, no, the politicians are supposed to control the military and it's supposed to be exposed to allow the generals to make the decisions right. There's a there's, a debate back we need in this is again like a lot of other things, because a very complex new wants conversation that you'd have to have all the facts. Your disposal, I don't know either do I but I can say, they're not bombing. The shuttle United States in like a complete redneck right and that's how I see it, but I understand there is I and we strive to military as the what the world has some dark places and anybody who doesn't think thing that you need a strong military. You need to pay attention with. Fuck is going on in Syria in North Korea and a lot of it's the world where the there is and this is in in real possibility anywhere anywhere that exists, it connects here, yeah if you see horrible tyranny and destruction and chaos in other parts of the world.
Only reason why it's nine here is because of geography yeah if they can get there, they can get here. If, if, if things go sideways in IRAN or Iraq or whatever the it is, they go sideways in America too, and if you don't think that we need military, your God, damn crazy yeah, because it looks would love it. If we didn't, I would love it. If we lived in this utopian world, where everybody treat people the way you are, I would where you don't have to worry about. If you were in our neighbors, I would never worry bout. You invading me, you know girl, cams, never going to like bring a gun over and fucking take over my house he's a nice guy. If the world It was like that. It would be wonderful, it would be wonderful, but right now it's not currently right, like that and people that I know like TIM Kennedy, a guy who's been there I was done that guy, like Chaka Willink, guys been there, go the guys that turn to when I'm, What I want to know like, what's going on over there, I want to get a real perspective. You want to get a real perspective for someone who's been in active duty in
combat situation who's been to these horrific parts of the world right, they can tell what's going on, and when They tell you that it's a better situation to military has the handcuffs off. I listen to them. That's a good sign. Yes, that's getting it yeah I talked to TIM at shot show, and he you know about going back in, and he said that same thing. So I mean I don't know it just it feels like I don't know it feels better that there were no, in the terrace issues over here anymore yeah. I mean I really wish that everyone would come back home. I really wish that no one was in Afghanistan. I really wish that we weren't the police people for the world. I really wish that when not sending young people to die in foreign wars that don't make any sense to you or I or anybody that really knows what the fuck is going on there. But is the world we live in right now, yeah, you don't get the best can yeah protect us, protect people here, yeah in hopefully protect people. Two yeah. It's just now. That's why you got to respect.
The people that are over there doing that, and it was just like you know what a sacrifice yeah and it's I want to never take it for granted that there are. You know, we're safe here things are going on, but just what's the sacrifices made by when the military, it's a, I never want to forget it yeah It is a very controversial subject with people, because if you're on the left? You want less military. You want war, you want less violence, you want less everything and that that's the totally reasonable position, but I in a lot of ways, it's like wildlife, like you're talking about it as someone who's never experienced it, and I think once you experience it and once you've been to these parts of the world at least my perspective, based on the descriptions that I've gotten from people that in there yeah. It's that it's it's way more complex. It is, there are just part of the world that are yeah now yeah this and
It's not blocking right. That's for sure, and I think it's going to take many many generations for those parts of the world to become a better for people to live in and then sort of catch up to what we think of as civilization in the western world and yeah. You know I mean the parts the Middle EAST, where the women in IRAN are risking their lives in their safety. By now, wearing a religious outfit yeah there's all these protests were these women are on the streets where, not wearing this job and they're walking around and they risk being imprisoned now, This amazing, crazy and now they they and these women are brave- is how man and they're out there just saying this enough. Already yeah and they're, taking pictures like that and they're they're put it up on social media, and you know: there's a a big revolt there right now. Just tired of it. They would they want freedom. You know- and they see what's going on the rest of the world, they have the internet and they get a chance to see what's going on in America, and that's one of the things
we always have to remember about America, YA. America might be fucked in some ways and there's would definitely have issues but there is more opportunity and more possibility for you to do what you want to do here than almost anywhere on the planet. Earth. It's a fact, that's a fact. Yeah, that's a fact in there's! more art that comes out of here and there's more comedy that comes out of here is more there's so much more movies. This there's a lot of great ship that comes out of this one spot. It's it's a great place to I mean we're blessed to live here and have we've only known this, you know yeah I couldn't imagine living someplace where it wouldn't matter how smart or how hard of a worker you are or how you know, whatever. Talented you were, you were getting out of there right and that's how it is in some places yeah- and so you know in Here- it's not like that and man. I just I just hope we never. I never need.
Forget that I never want to forget that, and I just hope other people just realize that, because like I've been everywhere, but I know that the challenges the women have that you were, talking about it's like. I could imagine that yeah the one of the reasons why I'm Pro America is 'cause, I'm pro human being yeah and I think, there's more there's more chances for well to be who they really want to be and become what they really want to be here. You know- and I suppose a lot of left wing ideas, quality in freedom and gay marriage. I think you should be able to do whatever the you want to do. I mean: go, have fun just be nice? Don't, but just could do would be you yeah Kobe you down. So when you know people
see me and it looks but would see this giant american flag behind me down and though they think immediately all right wing, all conservative, all right or whatever. This is what is this yeah? Would you support imperialism support this like? No, I support the idea of what America is yeah. That's what I support. Yeah yeah me too, so now counting September back same spot going. The Deseret is that is that locked in hell yeah, it was crazy. Yeah, it's a beautiful place. Now I now, as one of the most fun times, I've ever had yeah. Well going we're going to do it again. I'm excited me to one hundred and seventy thousand views that video well. It was a lot of fun to make two men. I just wish that they had put in the out that you shot your elk Wind up shooting out and but did the video that did not
the actual arrow hitting that on camera. So the issue was that stuff, you know bow hunting is hot beau hang on film. We are in order yeah, and so it's you know we do the best. We can to tell the story. I don't it does tell the story very well now, it is, we can is hard. You know it should be a lot longer. That's what I think I think come. I think, get things should be in at least an hour, and I think even then it wouldn't have told the whole story, because you look at it like so things that I told a friend We were watching a hunting show before they like. Well, it looks so easy to just go out there and they always shoot something. I'm like man, to shoot. One of these shows like we watching meat eater first of all, we need is one of the rare shows that they'll have a lot of shows where they don't they're, not successful yeah like I've done different shows with them. We were unsuccessful yeah. We just go out there. Seven days with us, most hunting, most hunting yeah. So when-
boil all that down to twenty two minutes with commercials yeah. It just looks like it I get to about eighteen minutes in someone's, going to shoot something yeah they got. It seems like they're, shooting things that are deaf I'm going to be there, but that's not Okay, now now, there's no especially with the ball yeah, especially with the bow I and I think well, and we can film on ourselves. We can film ourselves to make this long as we want. That's what I think we should do. I've been thinking about that a lot. Frustrated by that whole thing in this archaic, I yeah that everything has to be ten minutes. Long you're talking to a guy, does a three hour. Podcasts yeah. I don't buy that talking for quite awhile today and millions of people listen to this, so I just I don't buy it. I think an archaic, antiquated way, can the things, and I don't think it's right, and I think this idea that people of it in the car be short attention span. Listen for consumers of entertainment and especially people who love hunting? I watch a lot
videos. I watch a lot of hunting videos. I watch a lot of. Videos on science. I launch a lot of shade and watch hours and hours of stuff things that I'm interested in the people that are interested in elk hunting. Then I just see a couple guys laughing joking around that and arrow hits a big bowl and everybody's happy They want to see like what? What what like what was the struggle? There's a lot of struggle. There was a lot of data marine we did have to keep in mind. That was fun that would that would that one clip was hilarious. That was told by the way folks who listen to this or watch if you watch that clip of camera that was not rehearsed, now that just came out of no. Where we're just around we will. We will keep parents been around a little while so he's been around a lot of time. They thought that was well. It does because that's how good we sold yeah That's how good we sold hey yeah. Well, that's your sense of humor and I think most people are not aware of that. That's what you you said it's for you! You have a very funny dry sense of humor. You know that was of those fun
yeah. We had a lot of fun in this time is Greentree going to come down. To Utah. Yes. Well, I don't know this is listen under our Catia together this what we need Randy Warren, Adam Green Tree, John Dudley campaigns- me Bento Brian, make it happen. Sarah damn it up, make a video an hour long about just under armour. Let me film it just let me handle this guys are not funk you doing now. I think ten minutes. I know I think can I just want to man? I've always wanted to just share the hunting adventure just the real give it give it the content. The time to develop the story, just just let it evolve
you know do you watch those hushing guys on on you too. Now I do great videos. Are they good yeah and they got a lot of content yeah one of the things you really get their content? Is you real? to get a sense of how difficult it is in mostly what they're doing public land hunting club born and raised those that's another group of guys yeah. I should watch that. I watch those guys too, but one of the beautiful things about you tube is there's no time for yeah and people yeah but we are just kind of locked into this twenty two minutes for the commercials type thing from the outdoor channel and it doesn't need to be like I was talking with Brandon Shockey about this in and he's so talented. As far as a filmmaker goes and Even in Womack who put together our Utah, I mean without the handcuffs of a time restraint. I just think there is this guy going to. I agree too. I think the story should be what the story is, and
say just make it. What it is you don't it? I don't give a fuck if it's forty minutes or an hour and forty minutes, people watching people watch it yeah and the one you don't they watch it anyway. Yeah the ones is the idea that like to get it in ten minutes and some are another, it's more digestible in ten minutes like stop yeah, that's not real! This is people these weird ideas in their head about things like oh, but the statistics show more people watched ten minute videos. Well, if you want to watch videos about babies, chewing bubble gum or some stupid shit like that yeah yeah, the ten minutes, but supposed to be showing respect to what is one of the more difficult and misunderstood pursuits in the United right and that's bow hunting right. It's incredibly difficult! incredibly misunderstood and I think it's a noble pursuit, and I think it's also It's one of the more intriguing things and more interesting things. I've ever done in my life well
I know, and I don't know if he captured all in one film, but I just know that you know if somehow we could capture the just the more of journey, because there's people that don't know anything about it just like one or know how to get started? I don't know if you have found that do all that, but I just know that there's people hungry knowledge out there that we're reaching even with this podcast with social media that haven't been so it's like we're making these films to people who are at we already know everything right and so to them all week. Do this in a short period of time, without going to get bored because they've done this a million times themselves. Well, that's bullshit! No, that we need to make it four Bass is exactly that's who are reaching now I mean it's. The millions of millions of millions were reaching more people than actually by hunting licenses, so we need to keep that. Keep need to remember that yeah and the idea that you're even reach,
hunters that they're going to board after ten minutes. That's crazy! Now yeah 'cause, I'm like you, I watch all sorts of hunting stuff, specially you and me were entertaining- is Phuc let it roll yeah like the What were we saying? Oh yeah, with the chicken tide to the dog neck it was one of the funniest things cams ever said he was talking this guy is dogs to my dogs, killed a few chickens and my But how did you get your dog to stop killing chickens? He goes up. We tied to a dead chicken to his neck and can goes. This is tied, it's true for your next I was just out of the blue and I was fucking crying laughing, but that that was one of the funniest things you said, but there was one other one who was the other one? We had a hard time, remembering it remember the other one that you said before: yeah is even funnier than that. But my point is: he's got fucking,
end of comedy timing. That sounds like something that, like one of my comic friends, would have said. Ok, I can remember the other one. It was another one that was funnier. I know fuck. I know God, and we're we're meant that we, let me tell you that the dead Stricker tied the neck for long many times many times. It's also or two at the end of the day kind of exhausted, tired delirious dinner yeah. So that's where the timing yeah exactly well, it's like! hunting camps are so much fun like you. At the end of the day you and me, and band around laughing, cracking jokes yeah, after that the family up there, the land, family love salt of the earth out Tom Landry and his boys. They just it's just it's just fun They feel like family. When you go back out there you'll feel that this year, you know, he's a great guy. The whole staff they had fantastic. It says an awesome place and it's such a beautiful piece of land. You know this is two hundred and forty
in acres. Yeah and that's you know, probably wrapping this up, but so when you talk hunting and conservation, real quick. You know on that piece of property. Two hundred forty they could make more money by running cattle on it right. Do you realize that? But They ran cattle on it that habitat would be thrashed right there. The water sources would be thrashed all those flowers to browse that live there gone because it's just cattle If his goal of making money they can just do that, but the goal is to. Make money but also enhance the habitat and that's you know. Hunting is the best way to do that, yeah and It's just a magical place like the mule deer that we saw wandering around this big mule deer, and they have everything there all sorts of different wildlife. It's his and it's gorgeous country too. It is beautiful, yeah all right. Let's wrap this big
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next week I got a lot of good guests I'll tell you about them soon, all right, everybody for tune, and you much love to all and bye bye.
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