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#1075 - Duncan Trussell

2018-02-08 | 🔗
Duncan Trussell is a stand-up comedian, and host of his own podcast “The Duncan Trussell Family Hour”.
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We don't even realize it's went by it, flew by the great and powerful Duncan Truss the Joe Rogan experience join my day, Joe Rogan podcast by night all day before we even start the podcast rest in peace. John Anthony West. He died yesterday want to call Scott my favorite people that ever gone the podcast, the first and only full gas that I've ever on Skype, the only so I did it on Skype is 'cause. He wasn't feeling well and he couldn't fly to California. So I said this guy is so important. I generally like to have conversation with people when they're in the room. I think they go. More friendly and their smoother. That way, you can work through any bumps easier. That way you feel, but it feels like it's real, I mean, but he was so important to me. I would have fucking taken a raven note, You know I mean he just if you
never seen the dvd Series Magical, Egypt, it truly an amazing piece of work. It's I think. Six Dv Ds all about the history of Egypt and the immense complexity of structures that are built there. The priest and this guy had for what the Egyptians did was just off the charts he was injured, so deeply engaged with it. It was such a joy giant part of his life and the path Russian and the curiosity that he had in the knowledge that he had in these Dv Ds would come through and you would just be like holding your face, watched him when all my God, these are amazing. Just what the crazy time in human history, this weird blip in the middle of North Africa, where these people just went way past everybody else just wait,
they passed and they did it along time. Man they did in this one in spot. For who knows how long that there was thousands and thousands of years and Graham Hancock, then John Anthony W are the people that are really at the front of the line in terms of the public eye of pushing the timeline back and there's real evidence for yeah sure I mean Hancocks getting super vindicated. Regency is, and you know, John Anthony W have indicated as well by Robert Schoch who's, a geology from Boston University. He went to Egypt, and he studied the enclosure that the sphinx was in and he's the guy that determined that you were looking, that were created by thousands of years of rainfall which would push back. Would what we know about the the about the climate was like in that area. Which is it back to somewhere around nine thousand years ago, which is crazy, 'cause, look However old it was it's real. The pyramids are a real thing. Sure I mean
everybody gets real, weird about pushing the date back like when it happened. There's no way it happened. Thirty one thousand years ago it definitely happened, two thousand five hundred pc, but maybe maybe, but it be, if it did, let's just say it all- was it just came out of nowhere somewhere around that arrow? Why don't crazy spot man me forget about the the confusion and the conflict around the timeline? Just what it is those people work on another level? What is the main reason? People get so pissed off at Hancock and West for trying to push the time because they've been teaching one timeline for a long time. They don't want to admit they were wrong. If somebody publishes a book about the timeline and it just, definitively says. We know now that Egypt was a you know, Hunter Agriculture, that somewhere around three thousand BC erupted into this incredible civilization.
They just been teaching that for so long I mean they've been teaching out. Not that version of it, but there were there version, is more accurate than what I just said. I'm just making up numbers, but the point is what they've been teaching is probably not right and if they wrote books about it, they've taught Classes about it all these people, it's ego, it's just the ego of scientists. There is one hundred percent, some ego involved, because there was a conversation that John Anthony W and Doctor Robert Schoch had within Egyptologists in the Egypt. All this is on a television show that was actually on tv was on, like NBC was called the mystery. I think it was actually narrated by Charlton, Heston and it was all about John Anthony W West Work and about Graham Hancock's work and Robert Shocks work, and when they brought this geological evidence to these Egypt, just they were openly mocking it like laughing in this weird w gold. What
what evidence is there for this civilization back down like how much evidence you think would be there, but you have to realize how long, though he's talking about he's talking about? May Ten thousand five hundred BC, maybe earlier they think it might have also started somewhere around thirty thousand years ago, which is just fucking bananas. Oh there, it is mystery. The saints powerful Jamie find it online. They are John Anthony W up. He literally dedicated his life to absorb being as much information as possible about the nature of the construction time periods. The hieroglyphs I mean it's just an amazing amazing body of work that that guy put together, powerful, Charlton Heston looking into that And so I would hang out with him. I don't care, even if his wacky wanted to talk about guns all day. I really come on.
Oh hell, yeah, you hang out with Charlton Heston who's gonna turn down Charlton Heston. Remember when Charlton hasn't got a gun on tv and he was like Dell take my rifle when they pry my cold dead hands off of you did he hold up a rifle when he said that are up by imagine I don't know man. I think he probably did so. Why not? Why not? Why not hold up fucking massive symbol for your cock? Your harry Potty said it it's real! It's just as I imagined you will never take my cock from Maine, it's even better, because it's a musket. Why not just hold up a rock just like a rock? any crank who's with rock yeah people get fucking really passionate about that. That guns circumcision I am off. I am all for responsible people being able to guns, but I'm also
completely in agreement with people to say that there's too many people out there committing crimes with guns. So how do you? How do you? How do you clean all that up? I do not know well, it's worth thinking about. It is worth thinking about, and it's worth talking about and people get upset when you start talking about it because they wanted to be just now. We have a right to have any kind of gun that we want, but there, but- they're missing one of the real big problems when you just weirdly seeing the very beginning of it dude. And this ties- and you know what you want- must just blasted of Kerr and his face. He blessed test live this way. There's a tassel of floating around the planet now and like the the way that connects with guns is. This is an example, the technology falling into the hands of like a private company. This isn't the government. This is like even fucking bad ass. Yes, I go to burning man musk a duty, Just a burning man shot a fucking Tesla into space, which is now I
yeah it's going to rotate around the planet. For some certain. I don't know how long it's going to be up there, but it's going to Mars, oh that fucking things he put in orbit around Mars missed one pass Mars. You Duffy line will guess what man that could have been my mom, my mom you've been on that playing you fucking ass, so you fucked up illan. You could've done better dumb, dumb with your rockets that can land and shooting a car into space but that is what happens when you take it out the government's hands and put it in a genius his hands, but he's got a very unique ability to get things done. Sure that boring project that he's doing under la flamethrowers there's certain guys that are so so part that everybody goes 'cause. Ok, sure everybody is steps, back no way. Why do you want to dig holes through the bottom math list we went to the La City Council meeting is like look guys. I can fix this
traffic thing when I'm going to do. Is I'm going to drill holes underneath the ground, I'm going to put your car on a high speed? Sled, you don't even drop starts out like this. It's like, ok guys, so you can remember it used to be at the banks with the suction tube where you take the tube and your mom put the check in and it gets sucked in what I'm going to do that with fucking buses. Under the city. What do you think write the check, they're not going to? Let you do it, but the thing where it connects to guns is it's like we're, looking at very, very, very beginning of private individuals having access to Techna, Oh gee, that normally was in the hands of the state governments, and this is the very crazy b think of it. I didn't know he was shooting it at Mars. For some reason, I thought that fucking thing was going to like rotate around
earth which made me worry that, like we're going to end up with like a ring billionaire cars, 'cause it'll be like the coolest thing for billionaires to do shoot. Your car open space also great way to dispose of bodies 'cause like there's that astronaut in There- and I keep thinking like I bet- that's Wanna e lawn musk's enemies. I bet he that could be a body in there. No one would ever you manage of. It is just magic visits to some who robbed you. I must get a business deal, yeah just shot the guy and have one of his flunky stuff him into a car yeah. You never buy. Just disappeared, you just disappear that could be fucking anybody, man, control to Major Tom and then also what's really bad ass about this is the flat earthers are now like really having problems because of the so many sent me. A video today show me that it's fake early on twitter. So me this is fake. It's fake brand. What is
take like what you're saying the moon, the sky, the guy the car, your mom take take, take back, make your moms flat as fuck man, your moms flatter than the planet, earth Bro and the earth flat, but is it this like the what's crazy about the John Anthony W stuff in the Graham Hancock stuff is like in the way that flatter and delusional insane way sort of forces you to imagine yourself existing in a universe, that's completely different than what you thought and I think that's why it's really appealing like it's an appealing, cool, beautiful hilarious mythology, which is hello. How cool would that be? If we really were on a flat earth and like if I just keep going
one direction and hit the ice won't hit, the ice will be over the ice. Well, now we're in the land of the grades you now I'm no longer does your hand, I'm not it's like it's a freeing feeling because like even though it's not like, I travel enough to feel stock. In fact, in California, which is an insane thing, there's a little piece of us that knows we're never going to going to space. We're never gonna get past. We're now we're going to how do you get off the map? You know what I mean like there's something in a human that wants to get off the fucking map, where you end up in a place that hasn't been charted yet and that's an experience, that's gone, basically like that, I mean I imagine swaths of the Amazon, perhaps or like someplace deep deep in the Arctic. Maybe in a cave or something, but it used to be people just didn't. Fucking know you could go off the map and you had no idea. I think that must have been the biggest rush. Wish to be on a ship and looking at the maps that you guys have an you're like fuck dude. This is
we don't know where we're at here. Man like this is unknown, uncharted terrain, so flattered is a really I'm not. I don't believe the earth is flat. I think it's more like a triangle shape, but that is a big dick. It's a giant Osment Dick at the we're looking at the head of the dick, and they just don't want us to know that 'cause, it's kind of embarrassing fucking earth looks like a big spinning, Dick. So Cgi bro shaped like a it's just big, blue and white fucking, Dick Green yeah. Why do people want that? We want. We always want things to be weird right. We want like the flat earth. One is my favorite one, because. It's just would, could you imagine their rice images. They were right. Imagine if the whole planet thought the world was round and there's all this information to show the world is round for thousands of years ago, people were doing calculations or stick and sticks.
Is the ground and equal distance and measuring them and trying to see if there's curvature and the zones in people that suspected the earth was round way before they could ever figure it out. They were trying to settle the moon is around the sun is right. Yeah this is RON huh yeah? Probably this is round yeah. She would kind of think. Well. How big is this fucking thing and then, if you get up high enough, you can kind of see like well if it is really big. I see like a very slight curvature like maybe do or is on my mind, fucking myself right and we just sat around and mind fucked yourself into thinking that it was all a scam yeah and that the world is actually flat and then gravity isn't real, either everybody's wrong yeah except guy on Youtube. It's exciting
magnets pull people into the area of your life gets so exciting. At that point, yeah now you're you're, you feel danger yeah you're, risking your by getting out there because the NASS holes are gonna. Take you out if the Clinton find doubts and Clinton Foundation finds out about your your theories, yeah you're, being flat, your father come get your going to get. You said now you live it now you get to live in, maybe I'm not very. Happy world, but an exciting world, because you're seeing vans, you're seeing fucking like create now this is by the way. This is not say that there isn't some massive, huge, unknown swath of reality, that sitting right in front of us at all times, that's actively being hidden by the United States government. The military has the technology that they finally detected the thing, and they don't want us to know 'cause. They know if we know who the fuck knows what the reason is, but They don't want us to know just yet. I'm not saying that's not the case, I'm just saying with flat earth in particular freaking the fuck out man. What do you know? What do I know
What do you know man? The fucking problem is, I can't talk about it yet. Oh my stop. Getting the check there, like you can't, like will tell you, but you can't you can't completely reveal? It seems like one of the videos that would play before you, like. First loading up half life ten. This is the new new half life. The government is hiding a dimension. We have access, it just come out that they picked up some kind of UFO, like the government did release UFO video I always assume this is Captain Skepta go over? I always assume if the government is ever saying that there's ufos or something really crazy, like that, it's to hide some but they're doing like Guatemala, it's like they don't want anybody to be paying attention to something weird. They are doing well well just start talking about Ufos everybody's, like for real, like a real spaceship. You got
the video man. I mean it's a really huge question mark, which is in their rp go out there. If you like. Thank you. It was said to have answers to why they're descended it. This ideas, there's a garage dissemination of information, that's happening because they're they're priming the pump and then it splits into two versions. One of the versions of the stories is fuck. If you want to dominate a planet, get them kind of like subconsciously, subliminally primed, for the idea that you know, I think, there's some really advanced technology out there and there's there's aliens riding around in it and we make contact we've make contact with. They call themselves the Galactic Council of Celestial elders, and they've been making contact with us for the last fifty years and they've been instr
acting us and how to not only reveal themselves to you but to let the technology come out in a way that is not going to be completely catastrophic for our society. There, peace, loving, wonderful beings, but we've decide to follow their instructions to the t, and so now there ready to introduce themselves and then suddenly an alien is on tv and suddenly the government is using a completely made up thing to try to dominate the planet by saying no it's aliens, we found them when, in fact, it's project Bluebeam right. That's that's! One of that is the other ideas all that shit's true. They there's a thing that happens when a planet reaches a certain level of technological sophistication that it gets contacted by buy some kind of order. Council, federation of cynthian Technological.
Civilizations and they sort of begin to like walk the planet through phases of of getting that shit out into the world in a way that is it going to fuck up their planet and they know how to do it. They have a system in place. They don't come from the stars. They're, not something detectable by telescopes, They're, like in the DMT realm, are there like existing in some alternate dimension, and technology is just one of the things that they use to communicate with us been toying around with this idea for along time, most of the time when I'm really high, that idea does are a life form that they're not it's not as simple as your creativity, pudding together some pieces that weren't there before. I think it's that, but I think it's also so you're tuning into something you're tuning into some weird, like some of the
idea is almost seem to write themselves, and it could be because the subconscious process of your mind, but it also could be, could be because these what ideas are and what just a concept of thinking is it's essentially the seeds of creation right everything. That's ever existed on earth that humans have invented and built, came from a mind. They came from thinking. How do I put together this house yeah? How do I put together this skyscraper? How do I make a plane how to make a tv? How do I make of this? How to make it that, like we're vessels for ideas, were like sitting there with all these neurons firing, electricity going left and right and all these area of our brains, lighting up it's catching ideas and when I'm super gone, especially on edibles. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a river of ideas, and I'm naked and I can't hold the fish they just flying by me. I'm like Jesus just trying to get the
ideas? That's right. It almost feels like these are not my ideas. These are ideas that I'm working on I put in the effort to go out and fish for these ideas. Well, it's kind of like a match, and if there was a technology they could like. We send out the signals into space, I'm satellites with with with records in them, but perhaps other civilizations are blasting. The plan with ideas at that are designed to be picked up by the scope of the human mind, yeah, and so what you're doing is you're actually like popping into an alien frequency which is filled with all these various ideas that are part of the cultivation of a planet. To like try to get it to the point of like being able, make contact in there they're just seating seating us with with I don't when you read like John Lilly and read about Tesla and read about a lot of the great inventions that have happened. The people you had that opinion is moment.
It wasn't like there were scrunching their fucking forehead. It was like the idea came to them in a vision. How many terms you hear over and over again it came to me in a vision, a dream to know that the very notion of science itself came to supposedly, like the birth of science came from a dream that day cards have, Really yeah, he had a dream that I forget exactly the term that heat the way they use it. I'm sure it was decipher too right, like what did he originally speak? What language the car Descartes speak fuck. I don't know man like, I think it was like classic nerd he was. He was out like at war who's like campaign. His French he's french? He was. I believe was like he was on a military campaign in the army or something along those lines, and he signed up for adventure to go off into the military and
during that time period he had a dream that something about to be able to harness nature. It would be done in weights and measurements. I forget exactly the term see if you can find the term That was essentially what people say. This is really when you talk about the very birth of like the earliest. You could back the idea of modern science like the ethics, the ideas, the concepts of modern science. Well, don't you from injury done to it goes. I mean before to cart, we're dealing with like it gets really interesting, because you're dealing with that alchemists, like John Dee, who are who are, I mean John D, with someone who is who's. Twenty John Deere is this, like you know, Jason Louvre. You know that is he's an author. He just wrote this fucking badass book on John T use this one of those people that kind of like Crawley I had this huge impact on society, but we don't,
we know alot? Would most people don't know the funky wise Bryant, but you've heard of like the? Nokian tablets are like the Nokian angels. Basically, John D was like alchemist. Who is working with Queen Elizabeth to try to turn then a gold which is a you know, a big pursuit back then, which is like if we could turn if we can transmute metals in to go cold, it's like I mean yeah. They all tried to do. That right was that when they first started, recognizing elements like when did they first recognized elements? I I don't I I don't. I probably that it's must be through alchemy, because they're like trying to break things down to their fundamental they're, trying to break things down to like their fundamental components. The movies are about that someone trying to make gold. Well, I mean it's it's one of the great pursuits yeah and it's actually that's good that there's it's. What we're still doing. Only we're not trying to turn lead into gold were trying to turn led into a thinking machine. That's what we're doing now, because better than turning matter,
the goal. If you can turn matter into a fucking thing that is thinking and sent eent, then it can figure out turn lead into gold by its advanced ability to process data, and you are an alien race. You would be concerned got nuclear weapons for sure, but you would really be concerned about artificial life share. What do you? What do you assholes about to hit the switch on? Have you thought this through? Would like those minions in despicable me where we just wrecking shit and eating nails. We just trying things sticking electrical sockets in our heads. Do Can you imagine if beings in the DMT realm decided start setting off nuclear explosions? I mean? Maybe that's an earthquake is maybe one we have an earthquake, it's like a nuclear test in another dimension, shaking our planet yeah. I said it, no, it
fucking believe it. I can already hear the link people being like what the fuck are. You talking about man June eighth, one thousand six hundred and thirty seven Descartes Cutco defies scientific method, wow interesting, he yeah outlines his rules for understanding the natural world through reason and skepticism forming the foundation of the scientific method still in use. Today there is a a term that he had that he came up with like in a dream, see if you can find that, because there was like a phrase that he said obviously translated from French, I I'd there's. I did the reason. I I the the cart buddies me that one no, it's not. I think, therefore I am, but that was obviously an interesting one. He liked it do shit like- and I could be wrong about this, but I clearly remember reading about this. He was like what do you call it? A mechanist early keep
leave the animals were just machines basically and so so like he would like and Jamie. If you could look this up, so I don't get a with people being like that's a diff person, but apparently he would do shit like hold a dogs beating heart and it's in his hand. While it died. Oh my god- and he said things like people who are afraid to kick. Dogs aren't really my students because they know shut up Jamie sure this not like propaganda if there was infowars dot com back then what's going on here. This is why I'm covering it with like I'm, not saying he's out there kickin dogs. I think he was kickin dogs. I think the cart white, but I just found this pretty rough. Maybe they all kick dogs back then. In a nutshell, fine for a philosopher, Rene, two cards didn't believe. If animals had souls to test his theory, he nailed his wives dog to board and chopped it open, while the poor thing we're still a long guy, fungi creator, science with a nail in dogs to fucking bored. Or would you read this? How do we
This is really it's own: Fuckedhard, dot, com, knowledge, not knowledge, nuts. I hope you really are knowledge nuts. Now I'm nuts for not with us. That guy definitely looks. If I can nail dogs to boards, look at that face mum. Look at date. Okay did Squire Mmhm the greatest minds are capable of the great is vices as well as the greatest virtues. That's a reset. After cut open the cat duty that so that that's like if it's the father of Science is also like. That's Jeffrey Dahmer level, shit to like he was not. I think people did a lot of that back then Ellen dogs divorce. I just think that, with the I think the value of life was severely diminished. I think back then, the sixteen hundred people are dying, left and right of everything. Yeah he got a cold dead break your leg, Dad get gored by a bull, dad everything dad says it all. You got infection de
said: well, you have the flu probably dead, but that's definitely in Europe like in India, I'm not saying in India it was like utopia. Never sweet animals, but in Buddhism it was still it was like. There was a lot more compassionate like That's true! Why do you think that happened? Why does like, like Thailand and places that are buddhist places? Generally, I mean obviously there's violence everywhere, but generally more of a peaceful vibe right, buddhist nations and booze kinda little bit. More obviously flaws with everything. Yes, anything involving people you're going to have outline but over in all, like one of the things that my friend was telling me about Thailand, he was like dude, there's no crime over there he's. You just go over there he's like everybody, it's like really easy, really easy to get along with everybody, and it's like it's super safe. When he gets robbed yeah. It's really rare.
Yeah. I don't I mean I don't know it's I I don't understand why that way of thinking emerged in the east and that connection with the self emerged in the ease first, what happened in the last, which was basically decimation of a previous religion, paganism, whatever you want to call in earth based religion, connection with life and nature, it was really interesting to me about that is that the dna of paganism is still in the cyst it's almost like we absorbed it. Yeah, like I say we, I mean Christians, christian nation well, give her a christian nation. This is I'm I'm. So I'm sure we talk about this in the back. I said something I marvel over all the time. I think about it, a lot which is the catholic Mass. It's when you look at the Catholic Mass and you look at the new testament, the last supper- and you look at you realize, like in the fucking synoptic gospels and then any of the
schools. There is no, where that Jesus is saying what you do is take a piece of bread and butter. These prayers over it to create to to create my flash that, then you eat it's, not there. The ritual isn't there and this, but but the interpretation of that has to turn then what is called high magic. It's called like it's says: ceremonial magic, where you transforming bread into the flesh of a sacrificed, God and people do that, every fucking, Sunday and like this totally normal magic. What are you talking about? I'm not in fucking magic? What I do is I eat the flesh of a god that was sacrificed by a father God so that my sins could be purified. That's not magic. When did that original?
the sacrament well, I've read that it has something to do with. It goes back to Egypt that it that it's some kind of high magic Egyptian Rachel sure or is the mushroom. They probably had a big bag of mushrooms and everybody came up and they put it on your tongue and they said good luck, yeah yeah. This is the flight he on the other side. Well, I mean they said yeah, they said I'm. You know this is the flow Should God eat this debt and your member remember who you truly are, and they gave you this psychedelic! Can you take it and you merged back into the divine and realize your true identity, so that for the rest of the week, you were able to hang out with people and not be a complete asshole 'cause. You know you share the same soul and that you're basically made of love, as opposed to thinking that you and I are separate and that were mostly sinful evil things whose flesh is impure. I mean that's another fucking sweet gift that came from fundamentalist Christian.
It is the concept that our bodies are evil. We can't be naked around each other. Even now, like you can't take your clothes off around people without seeming completely insane. You will get a wreck if you go outside in your fundamental. By that you were born into the universe with you will get arrested like you can't walk around as you are. You have to cover it and close or, if you're considered, to be a fucking pervert pervert nudist, your psycho, so yeah, the fundamental vehicle that we are soul rides around in is considered. Profane to do Dan. Like you see a fucking dick when you're like walking down the street, some dude decided you're like fuck it. Well, you can see a dick accidentally at the bathroom does bother doesn't bother you the in the bathroom. It's a for a moment today, profane the world with your fucking dick. So it's like that's the
when you start really looking at all that that the traces of not just pagan culture, just insanity from fundamentalist if the universe that has its roots in what appears to be a MIS meaning of really beautiful story, then it's like mind boggling, not just a misunderstanding, but probably a conscious. Miss representation of the original store. That's molded to suit whoever's needs is in charge at the moment. That's right! Yeah and people do I'll. Tell you man, Catholics they feel guilty like they should I'm catholic, your Philly still probably feel a little bit about a little bit. Did I was I mean, I'm not catholic really, but I was I went when I was in first grade. I have this Alister Crowley poster. I was going to bring the occurs. Seven all wow, one thousand and seventy nine. Yeah. It was the year the year, the month out, that sounds. It's a weird sounding name a year. Rather one thousand and seventy nine feels like saying something wrong:
wow, that's amazing man, yeah one thousand seventy nine. So this is way after Jesus yeah, almost a thousand years yeah, they started doing the magical ritual and- and so it's like to say that this is connected to christianity- is really it's. Actually. No it's Christianity is a song, and this is a dance people decided to do to it. You know what I mean it's right to say that it's like we did. It has anything to do with Jesus, yeah is not true, unless you're going to say that Jesus transmitted the data after his death into some kind of mystic or see her who had the vision of this. Now I'm not knocking the Fucking Catholic Mass. I think it's beautiful, but let's just admit what it is magic, it's ritual magic you're doing you will magic and you're doing something. That's been going on for a very long time, probably before one seven hundred and seventy nine that dude wasn't like sitting around. Like hey. I got an idea. Let's start saying prayer over the
bread in the bread is going to turn into flash. It was more like hey, You know, we've been meeting doing these rituals secretly. Why don't? We just incorporate the story of Christianity into this ritual that we've been doing for a very long time. Do sort of pure are purifiers cells by connecting to the universe and acknowledging the fact that existence itself is predicated on devouring flash of some other being not. You know like we're, always in the process of inhaling the universe exhale in the universe, eating each there in the universe, eating itself and so the masses. This ritual lies version of like the hold. We are eating, the flesh of God and everything we do, and it's something really beautiful about that. I mean there's no getting around by feats life, even the very factions of of
people on the left and the right and people that are animal rights activist versus people that are butchers You put all eating something: that's alive, I mean you can make the distinction that the plants aren't offering like the animals do and that's why it's okay, I I agree with you for the most part, it's probably a lesson stream form suffering, but it also might just be a complete, misunderstood life form here like fine hang out. So much about plant communication and I've read so many things about that. I hesitate to talk about it because I really want to have all my. Tease sliced and you know eyes darted, because it's such a complex issue, but it appears in they communicate. It appears. There is almost like that they're using the soil and the fungus in the soil and the mycelium. They all have this weird ecosystem. It's not just like one plant by itself in the dirt. Now there's a network that to it did to Jamie there's this thing: I've just this
I gave me this thing called a MIDI sprout, which is it picks up. I guess the bio electricity of plants or anything for that matter, but plants, I've got it. You stick it on plant and it goes into like your whatever your music system is, and it translates in the midi. So you can transfer in turn the electricity of your plan and the music whites yeah. It's fucking cool, yeah Yeah. That sound is the sounds that's coming from a tree. Well, it's electricity, the tree being translated into the which is then being translated into sound. So it's it's a way to convert the data. And the music, it's like you're, converting that bio electricity and it's not like that's the sound of a plan. It's not making celestial noises that just sending in g and creating MIDI, which is then being translated into the sound. So it's a way to observe the data instead of looking at it. I guess on a cell go for whatever you would look at that with yeah
turning into into audio, so you can hear the pulsating kind of like rhythmic flow so that that's measuring electrical currents in the yeah. That's it so there's that much of the variation that it's like going up and down all the time like that yeah yeah it it I mean, I don't know that the total mass I find it, but I've I've got one on my on a plan in my studio. Here's my take on it. The most potent psychedelic experience is DMT, DMT exists and so many different plants it's in thousands of plants they they have no idea. Why yeah, but it's in them, and if it wasn't for Mono, Amy, Semata, Mata, Monell, Amy's, oxidase, yeah, right model, a mean oxidase and which is what MAO Inhibitors. What are if it wasn't for that that we have this in our body, we would be trip one salad, he'd be tripping grass, you, certain grasses you'd, be blasted off to the center of the Universe for some sheep DMT is poison like they get a of of plants have DMT,
they fall over stiff as a legs and bucking up in the air. That's Canary in the coal mine, you take she bound of nature and when they start dying, that's what you eat. I think it's full heiress grass in particular, I think, there's a type of grass James. If you could find that grass to kill sheep, but it's a printed grass apart a rich gap, filler stamina, because the memory of the kid again hi yeah, dead, fuller, induce, Valera, daggers and chief portions of the lower brain as seen to be damaged, and, oddly enough tinted blue, there is possible agents are the alkaloids contain in the various failing species there we spread. Rumors that can there are whispered fucking rumors a DMT website to that whispered? Rumors he's got in science. Looking for whiskey, whispers, whispered, rumors hippies, divine moment of truth. Is that the one that I'm in is one of the
Spong made one where they use a rant of me with Jim Breuer, that's cool. I was Q. I barely remember what I said, but as me, brewer we're high on pot. Lollipops are Jesus and they took that and took part of it and made it this really dope, music and with a video to it. I don't know if that's their video if they made that video does. It looks odd only similar, like uh tone down like a pencil. Drawing of what you see when you do to him. Yeah man yeah, it's a sound, that's beautiful! Now are the good old days, Honjo weren't, those good all days now. Do anymore, though, because it's a now. Why would we well it's a league?
Well, there's no need and also once you've been there. It's not like. You have to keep going back. He wants one, that's enough! Nothing! Then I don't need these fucking and what I need to do right now get a better accountant tax breaks. You know when there is there's some fucking great accounts in the DMT realm. That's when I'll start doing I get their accounts of your consciousness. They look at you going It's the bass, it's the best yeah! That's pretty. Did you get away finger, waggle either and then, and then and then and then and yeah yeah, like I don't know, and it was like when I had a wacky thought like I had a bad Arafat, when a rank. I was on the wrong page was a that's cool. Yeah love that I love the in different psychedelic states. I love how you witness how you consciousness is forming your reality in the most extreme way, not as though you like your producing matter with your thoughts or anything like that, but you can watch this
undulation or this flow going from when you're a negative and dark. It's interesting how different psychedelics portray this phenomena, but still like on acid- you I I might see, depending if I'm taking on of, does Easter seeing like the faces in the in the stucco of your ceiling. You know- and it's like when you start getting really depressive or scared than the faces. Doing like what like hissing at you when they see again and they or even when you're looking at yourself in the mirror, a similar things happens, you're just what watching the way that your projection, it's coming from. The incessant flow of thoughts in your mind, is reflecting on the reality itself and it's a constant like shifting of light. That sometimes is like looking into the deepest layers of hell, but then sometimes
You see the most beautiful sweet, incredible things, because you're not being freaked out by the flow of thoughts. In your mind, that's the number one track. You know. This is why now in my old age, I re Do you Stan? Why am a good practice? Meditation chanting, whatever it may be pairs so nicely with psychedelics, is if you have one without the other, well you're missing out, but also your you can really like going to some pretty terrifying places that you don't resolve in the way that they could. Potentially, if you are doing the work putting in the time before you take this, I get out like you know not to sound like an all guy got you got you do. You know meditating mentor armed, but it does help a lot. Well it it's there's a weird way. We we want to dismiss it that, because it seems almost like a pompous thing to ever. Say you meditate or you encourage people met yeah.
Take the the same as I was have a cream thing. When I tell people do yoga, I know how say this again yeah, I really mean it like. I feel like Okay is one of the very best things it'll pair with cannabis use and with like a, I think it it alleviates a lot. You know. Another thing is really good is running, and I think both those things alleviate a certain amount of anxiety and they create. There's a blood flow through that when you're really pumping hard up the hill, yeah you're running huffing and puffing, and you make it and you check your pulse and you recover quick going to another he'll run, there's there's a stimulation of your body because it's being forced to work hard, that's euphoric, and after it's over your brains, but it with all these wonderful chemicals. You feel good, you feel friendly and, like I think that paired with psychedelics it, I think exercise is one of the most overlooked so important,
it doesn't matter what style look what you enjoy doing, but just got to get that blood go you got to do something, that's where it's take a spin in class or a yoga class, or go for a good hike, do something where fucking and puff in, and you really getting in some work. He really sweating in your body will just feel better well, this is what you just said. Exactly applies to meditation and also your fucking right probably even talking about it. Is you sound virtue. Signaling on pop is India, and when you hear the ice talk about meditation, he will say I don't it's a when you want to meditate like don't don't even like if it seems like appeals to you, give it a shot, but the the the definition of it sat what's funny is when you think about meditation your and will summon up something that you think meditation looks like. So you
means like sitting down on a cushion with some fucking candles, or it means like whatever it. Is that your mind summons up and usually it's pretty austere, and usually it's pretty requires like a temple space in your house or it's inside fit your head off. You need a rope exactly. You need some kind of like shit that you're wearing Brian, because your mind is trying to push it off. It's trying to, like your mind, will is as one of its functions. It seems to like not want you to sit still for a moment. And watch. But what you just said about exercising is true for I it's like there's so many different versions of it and I would argue running is a meditation working out is a meditation and that to think that it's there's a separation there. There really isn't none there is either. I always just said that about martial arts, that I believe that martial arts were moving form of meditation, but that doesn't mean like missionary meditation, isn't different and give you another
A valuable thing at the right, a different, valuable, that's right, yeah! Well, it gives you the ability to, Reading there's a great book, I'm reading by Pema Chodron called the wisdom and no escape, and she talks about how when people start meditating, they think I'm in this. I want to be a better person and she said: that's actually an aggression against the south that you are right now to be like yeah, touching yeah yeah, that you're actually being like a gray do to your own self. She said meditation is not so that we become a better person. It's said that were able to be who we are in the moment fully and to begin to experience fully what it is that's happening inside of us, because for lot of people what's going down is that there is a dude. This reminds where I just watch the Texas
chainsaw massacre. It's probably like the 16th time. I've seen it but, like I watched it and like man, I I had a some, very strong, mint tea and, like I was watching it and was like. Oh, my god. This is fucking unbearable, like I can't deal with I'm going to go crazy watching this fucking thing like the woman by the end, is all bug eyed and covered in blood and, like she's, lost her mind. Cuz these Texas fucking cannibals, have like driven her insane, I'm feeling like that. But then I realize, like oh my god, that woman running from Leatherface in the whole family, freaking out and screaming how many people are secretly that woman, inside of them house constantly running in terror from parts of themselves that they can't do deal with knowledge or look at, and so meditation is kind of like going into yourself to that creepy fucking ranch
house in the middle of nowhere in your heart and then exploring the places that you I want to go into. You know what man it's as it's feeling them it's instead of cleaning or fixing or repairing it's going in there and feeling the whatever it is for a lot of people. It's just grief, he sorrow, regret, regret or a you know, and it's going in there not being fix what I up seven year. To get out, because this is not time travel, but what I'm gonna do is for ten minutes. Five minutes, I'm gonna. Let myself feel this thing that I've been trying not to feel by distracting myself with and incessant flow of thought Brian Eno Dad dad is. That is when you start lightening up a little bit, because really all you gotta do is feel as they, I think the maps people say feeling is healing.
Never heard that no, but I think I have. But the thing was like a kid show: that's a great kid show. It shows some good shit, fuck yeah they do man summer on the ball. Yeah yeah, you know, there's some kids movies that are oddly psychedelic dude. Are you, like? Kids, are psychedelic like to appeal a child? It's like you do have to create some crate z like I. What kids show isn't find me, a kid show that isn't The most psychedelic thing, including Mister Rogers, like Mister Rogers, is like that's some trippy shit and down there man. Well, it's fine bring up Mister Rogers Cuz, here's one! I want to think that I was going to say we're talking about gun, control and violence and all the different issues in this world. What one thing that we do concentrate on is promo being being nicer. He
no government official does that presidents don't do that. They don't get on tv, they saw or just say it. We need to work together, but they don't they don't ever say fo. We just got to figure out how to be nice to each other. That's right like do we not and conflict anymore, but were designed for conflict, and here how you get rid of that go, get a fucking heavy bags, go run hills, go to your class, eat better stop? Drinkin is so much coffee or alcohol or sugar. Whatever your your devices, that's with your body. Yeah get you get your body in order. And get your mind in order and just be nicer to each other. That would fix almost everything if people just overall decided, you know what male female, whatever the fuck, whoever you're talking to this, let's just be nice to each other yeah which is, they do this? Can we all just work on this? No one's seen work on this, like there's no government
Jules is no big state of the union address. In the legend of our problems, we have with each other ridiculous for family here, yeah her brothers and sisters. Yes, we're all immigrants every single one of us is in again I'm not saying we should let everybody in but whoever is here, you made a you. May as long as you're, not a God, Damn criminal, you made it woo, so growth of tax dollars and get taxes from him also forget were all immigrants coming from Indiana the exactly we're all immigrants we come into this dimension and have complete dj as to what was going on for the last thirty thousand China point yeah. Also your american yeah yeah. That's it so we're all immigrants in and I could hear about this, I'm starting to run. But I have to tell you this year, but this canadian couple there's a gay couple that had twins and they did it through a surrogate and they mixed up there jizz, so that no one knew which you know who's jizz was who's. Well, one as an american citizen, one is not yeah, so the kids were born and they did a d
and a test on the kids because they wanted to find out whether One of those kids was a dirty canadian yeah turns out one of the Mets trying to sneak borders one day old, fuck off, so they sent that little fucking tear Just back to Canada. Gay couple married in can sues US government for denying citizen to the child. Hey assholes, let these fucking people come by Jesus Christ. Understand man like people like Jeff sessions, see a picture like that. I feel, like they're, looking at somebody taking a dump on a crucifix like for a lot of these people. They can't handle the idea of gay people having kids. It's not like they're worried about citizenship. It's like a lot. His gnarled. Five Roxy were running things, they're terrified of gay people yeah, you know that's! It's! I'm sure that you ever made that decision it wasn't any to do with like I. This is citizenship. Laws
is like hey man, we're not going to have this futuristic shit where we're doing some kind of jizz Kat combos. Here we're not doing jazz combos in my country, just use like one of those little things you star with you know like if you want to make a a better We hit a little blender raining in other ways. Can electric away an electric water batter? That's what they do they jizz into like a mixing jug. Now they use the fucking they use like smoothie machines, man. They just ensure positive. Above mine was telling me today about he was in Berlin and when you to this this club and they had three different floors. This club, like one floor, was like a hardcore like punk that scene or electronics in or something like that. And below it was a hardcore gay club heard his class hardcore gay club. They would have shit,
I they would shit in the tub where and seal it up and bring it in there. They g is all over the stage and they would dive on the judges like a slip and slide and slide around each other's GE's, the piss on each other, and this is just to wait. I gotta get The jazz in the past do you, but help me understand this shit. The tupperwares shit thing like a problem is I opened up with the tub where shit I went too hard off the gate I should have. I should I should was. I should have started with Jim. On the deck yeah and then they slip and slide then work their way up to piss nights on their end, these craze mother, star, bringing and that's what I should. What my I did, but when I don't understand is like they're like through the the lip inside slide. It's like yeah. You know it's like the fucking fun night, you're like enjoying like some physical fun with your path, but like Are you bringing in like shit and pepper. Where, like, what's the likes, melon shit, they like smelling each other shit, so you just like hey, take away
of this great shit, I had the other day will do you know how some guys, like the smell of their womans vagina, they want to get in there and smell it yeah. You know, I wonder, how much those connected 'cause. That's where you put your dick. I wonder if you put your dick in butt's, all the time would be like. I want to smell your shit. Like it's associated with, like remind you, fucking or something MIKE. This is what I want you to do. Want you to shit a Tupper Ware and bring it over. Are you serious? You want you to shit in that thing, and over and don't wipe your ass Tupper Ware like why not foil, who knows man I mean you'd, have to be really fucked up to want to smell someone shit that bad yeah. I smell each other shit. Maybe it's just like a naughty thing, like we're being naughty smell, my shit yeah and I'm transporting shit like you're, like I'm bringing
it somewhere, I can bring in a lunch to this place is by the way I've heard of this club man. My friend was telling me about this, because I don't know if it's the same club. I think it is so I've been here all this shit about badass Pearl Anna is man that it's just like crazy over there and this one club my friend, was telling she went to everyone hands in line. There's no show vips, everyone. Stand in line like part of the experience of things you stand in line for like a long time and there's one bouncer he's giant he's like this giant scary, german, I think he's got like a glass eye or something, and he scans you. So you stand in front of him and he he looks at you and like there's some kind of soul scan and if he decides you're ready to experience the psychic effects of in a sing dude sliding through come 'cause. You know for something 'cause, it's not as though he's trying to like he's, obviously try keep it cool in there, but he's also trying to keep people from lose
in their minds because, like the one wrong person goes into the sub basement and sees a bunch of people, huh, Bing, tupperwares, shit and doing you know in a slip and sliding through jizz. You know That could be. That could push you over the line that could lead you straight to fucking mail bomb land. You could just end up in a cabin building. Devices of destructible happen to Kaczynski. If you took any of the people from the Trumpy bear Commercial and put them in that any club why those guys are smelling each other shit and tupperwares enges it on the floor, and just in each Other'S- they just wandered into their accidental e they'd. All start, fucking, probably have you seen that video the Trumpy Bear Video I put it on my instagram last night. I was watching tv in this fucking thing came on and it's like a TIM and Eric Sketch. What is it? It's: a real commercial for real, stuffed animal. Let me this. The Trumpy bear
Now you got to see the video, though, can you play the video just go to my instagram wow? That's why I put the video up on my end, so that's in the upper corner make that larger and give me some volume to payments this great american Grizzly introducing the Origi Trumpy Bear this Israel Fearless Super plus am now tell me this doesn't seem like a TIM and Eric Sketch watch how this goes on, like just find the secret zipper and pull the american flag Watch and on any american appraiser. Bless America, God bless Trumpy. Bear Trumpy bear sits, proudly at the front of motorcycle for all the world to see and loves to cruise, with his bro I'm a former marine and I'm proud to have Trumpy bear ride by my side yeah once a marine, always a marine.
This is a God. Damn TIM and Eric Sketch look at this. When I ride with Trumpy Bear, he makes my golf game great Trump Trumpy Bear can pop up anywhere simply styled his trademark hair and place him in his favorite chair. I left office. Guys will love in the tough one America love Trumpy Bear business is great, but business is great. I'm great! I love you Trumpy bear. I am fucking way better if I am proud to own the Trumpy bear, and I will always be proud to be an american way hold on hold on hold on this is fake. Did you see that guy's name Is war? Warholak? That's frank! That's frank war! Holick like an alcoholic for war, go back.
Corporal Frank Warholic, that's a gag these things a gag. Do that, but it's on the radio or it's on tv. Rather, it's kind of a guy. Looked it up after last night. It is for sale, does a real process of real product. So, but so this is a comedy sketch. I kind of knew it had to be. There's no way. It could be that bad. Oh, my god, I know what it is they've made. Only sketch, that's comedy for people like anybody who's paying attention, but for people so dumb that they don't realize it's a comedy sketch and they they think the way the people in the video thing. It's like a honey pot for Dum Dumbs It's brilliant is on one level: it's like a really funny: catch on the other level. It's just like people, like God. Damn I've always wanted a trumpy bear, so they make this bear they sell this bear they pretend that they're all patriotic and they just made the dump. Of course it is what's wrong with me. I am the storm. Of course it's fake That's pretty sweet, but this is the world we're living in right now. I believed it was real because it is a real product, but when the lady pull
is our flag. I got a little suspicious and then the other guy said once a marine always a marine? I'm like this is a TIM and Eric Sketch. It's pretty subtle man like I like it. Definitely I've seen commercials that shitty for sure TR official areas once a marine, always a marine, but my boat. Thirty, because I work. What do you a lot? What do you think you know we're? Not we were we make really shitty predictions whenever I come on your show, but what's going to happen usually, but what do you think is going happen with Mueller and Trump. I have zero idea. I'm fascinated by the so process. I'm fascinated by his disdain for the intelligence intelligence community that to me seems to be like one of the craziest things. A president ever done is like literally half beef with the FBI to the point where the FBI foils a terrorist attack in San Francisco in the present doesn't even mention it on tv doesn't praised
does make a big deal about how good our government is that we've been able to stop these terrorists. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to build this wall in the first place and tighten up illegal immigration. This is an opportunity to prove his point and he doesn't talk about it because he's a he's got a beef can't be put the FBI, do do you remember when that FBI agent came to your show, you remember that when they happen yeah, that was one of the weirdest. That was like really weird. Why was it weird because the dude like the way he did it was perfect, as he got like it made. My heart leap because he's like he like he like he had his head on my arm and like a cop style, you know what I mean right in any like lifted is, is sure it up to show as FBI Badge and I'm like. Well, I don't know exactly what it was, but I mean I could pry magic few things you might be resting before, but then he was like, then he was like really cool and he's like listen to your podcasts and he's like he's like he was
being really awesome, listen man, you need those people and everybody doesn't think they need. Those people, you have an unrealistic view of the world, you need Sheepdog, you need them. You need people to watch the criminals. You need to people to be able to solve crime times you need people to be able to stop terrorist attacks like they did in San Francisco. You need anybody, thinks it said they don't need him. Look. I wish we didn't need him. I wish we had a perfect relationship with all the other nations and everybody just decided to work together for the survival of the speech she's a whole and we weren't so concentrating on owning resources taking over governments and controlling parts of the world that have you know things that were trying to steal or get or buy. But it is so as long as it is you're going to need behind you going to need intelligence community get any the army can need the navy. Can these Marines can the the Airforce but don't have the? I think, the police, the police, like that we are the police still east and that's in there's a check
action balance system that's been proven to now. I don't agree with this because I think this is a crazy reason to fire guy. Specially guy was a war hero, but General Patrias He his whole thing. He got busted 'cause. The FBI was looking into something, FBI was looking into something and got the head of the CIA in trouble, so they go after each other wow. So there's kind of a competitive thing, apparently eared yeah, sometimes they don't get along. Some is the CIA and the FBI in it. They don't see eye to eye on certain things, but this was a weird because it was about an affair. So I have all the shit that he did bad like he had an affair. I just guys out there right smashing worlds with these days, the mother of all bombs without the fuck. He didn't lunch that one that was after his time, but they need launched all kinds of crazy bombs over there right just shooting drones. Like fossils, that's all good! I already put your penis inside the wrong person dude
that she luxury it's crazy. We can investigate for your penis, Did you dirty dirty boy in between killing strangers, you're out there putting penis in the wrong person, we can big, all the accidental drone death she got for us, but we can't take as you shoot your dirty dirty semen inside another woman. You will only express' love for one woman in this world. That's it! You can only feel up for one person at a time and you're definitely not going to put that general cock in anyone else, but Lydia Pitr. Yes, your, why you swore an old sir, so far, sort of a function so fucked up it so sad, so stupid. It's scary like what the guy didn't fuck his wife anymore, that's a problem between them yeah! This is nothing to do with. Thus not is he still a good general, nothing yeah! It's terrifying! I mean that's rude
really where we enter into the land of absurdity, but this is where it got really observed. Like you know, people that think that there's some grand scheme to protect people and protect generals. There's video of him when he was walking from city College in New York. Where is teaching and he'd have to walk down the street. Where he was going and the students were surrounding him screaming at him, calling him a war criminal. And he did a constant who's teaching there Wow follow him from there filming him. So the guys of the cameras are filming him and then people running like fuck, you, Q and he's he's on his own dude he's helpless. If somebody just they just jump on, they just jump on no one stopping them. I thought people like that had like eternal guards or something turns out. Nope turns out nope, no shit. They cast that guy. I saw it mean. I don't know if they've rectified the situation after that day, but that day he's by himself look at this turn it Give me some volume on this is crazy.
This is crazy. He had blood all over you I can pay. This hyperbole is not necessarily shit. It's crazy Imagine that guy sexting sex, the fuck out at some lady, oh yeah, missile sent it at home. Here's a bunker buster about when he comes. He whispers in area, boo, boom, curls, up command, letter, C me yeah. So what do you think? But they left that guy alone that's what's interesting, then you would think that the amount of influence, like I had the mean that guy was one of the top generals. If not the top general in the country right, wasn't it yeah, I mean
He was a huge war hero. There's been two instances of shit like that happening where the other one was the Michael Hastings ones. Remember that one vaguely this is a fascinating one. If you really want to fire up your conspiracy theory here, I really want to turn a bitch tonight. Michael Hastings, was a journalist who was embedded. I believe it was in Iraq, it might have been in Afghanistan, but he was embedded in the Middle EAST somewhere and something happened, oh that volcano erupted remember when that volcano erupted and they cancelled all air flight for a long time. He is trapped over there with that, and they got way too comfortable with him, and so they started talking around this journalist the way they always talk, and then he was joking around about Obama and making fun of Obama, and they said a bunch of shit. They probably should have said, but just what fucking soldiers say when they're over there, risking their God, damn lights or something they probably don't even understand you would want them to
leave. This is all for a good cause right. You would want them to believe everything that the general tells them sure if they got a crack. Some jokes, the president's expense, to alleviate a little stress while we're out there killing strangers yeah no on an intolerable, intolerable, mocking the leader of the free world, while you're out there telling strangers. You can't do that, so they made this guy resign. So here's where it gets crazy, Michael Hasting, starts telling everybody look. My life is in danger. He's like people are threatening my life on a daily basis. If anything happens, I did not commit suicide. Cut to him driving down. I think it was sunset car going uncontrollably fast slamming into a tree. The car exploding the engine flying from the car yeah he's dead as fuck. They fine and feta means in a system, but that's adderall 'cause. That's what all journalists around there all on adderall right, so they try to solve,
and I was on methamphetamines when he drove into a tree k, solves good job, Dick Tracy yeah. Let's just forget about it, we connect the dots who is quite easy. Meanwhile, there's people that have said with absolute certainty that with today's cars, it is incredibly possible absolutely credibly possible. To control the car from a remote place and make the car do what you want it dude definitely definitely definitely definitely, but I mean this. Is I love this line, this direction, we're going in here and because you it's great, because it's like this to me where it gets remember that thing that people would always say that government is always what is it five years ahead, seven years ahead, remember it! I have a tattoo on my ass, did you get it at club in Berlin? You gotta know the governments ahead Bro, but
which is true all that money that they have so where it gets really interesting is when you start thinking about what it means in relation to light computer, and tell a jance in AI, and you start realizing, like meant whatever the shit is that they have access to at this point compared to what we thought they have access to, is so powerful right and so dangerous that anybody who they want to take out anybody want to take out. They can take out. That's a problem: it's Appr, that's a problem and having anybody to have that much power. What do you actually over the rest of us? It's bad for them. You know- and Kennedy talked about this when he was in office. He talked about secret societies and and keeping secrets from people on this is Generally, it's a bad idea across the board for humans. It's just bad for human nature and for groups to have ultimate our surveillance. Change your life. It's AVA mean
Snowden proved it it's. Obviously it's too easy. It's too easy for people that work there to check on their ex girlfriend. So what the fuck up bitch is up under email. Do you think there are secret societies out there that we're not really aware of? Well if their secret societies, that we're aware of that's because someone along the line open their fucking trap share and they, let us know about a secret society. That's how we found out about skull and bones right. One of those pussies told her mom you know Mommy made me suck your dick and they film it now, I'm in the order? Isn't it like a glass coffin like last dick, you say class, sucking glass, Dick? I thought no way I thought you lay in a glass coffin on you and age is on the glad like you're laying down and you're looking up through Glasgow often, it's raining jizz. What, if you do that to a guide to become uncontrolled, be hard and just shoots in his pants. Well, I think you're, take it in the glass coffin. Oh, I don't know if they like put you funeral garb or whatever, but my guess is like I mean it was me I'd be like you know, I'm going to. I prefer to be naked.
You're, gonna, fucking, splattered jizz. All over this fucking thing. I want you to be weirded out. Looking at my dick, let's go for it: man, I'm going to lay down face. First, just stare at my hairy I'll try to come on the coffin from inside come on it from the while singing ABBA songs. But but do you ever like? I love thinking about this stuff, because I do think that there is probably and this is kind of what we're talking about a little bit before, where the maps don't work anymore, I think a lot of people like to live in a place where there's maps and they imagine that's all. There is, but I'm pretty sure that there are sectors of society that you just now ever see an you never will see because they have around them. This impermeable wall of wealth, like you're, not going
to get in there like places that have membership fees that are like six hundred thousand dollars a year like yeah. I know a guy lives in one of those gated communities. That has a golf course and the golf course costs quarter million dollars a year that, because that it's this wall, where most people ganak get into and then also that's crazy. People are living in compounds people living in massive compounds that have entire t names of servants like Dude, there's people who have eight nannies for their baby. Did you know that there's people who have discuss their poor and they can't afford fifteen the normal family. Fifteen nannies you got all the different languages covered, the different styles. You could have gay nanny straight Danny see the kid likes, but that's when you think about that that there are these enclaves of wealth that are compounds surrounded by not just like financials but Literal
calls with armed guards standing around the walls an inside these compounds our communities of a servant class, their communities of survey since that are having to serve these wealth, siper wealthy people. That's a king and a queen. It's a futile compound, that's being separated from the rest of the world and we're at least the Duke and duchess said, do can a duchess, but I mean that prides. Basically, they know different. It's the it's the same fucking thing, because a lot of the people working in there are illegals, so they don't even have recourse to normal laws and stuff like that, and so what ends up happening in these compounds is there's people who are untraceable, who live in there, an that is when you end up in a fucking space suit sitting in a God, damn Tesla
in the mood for some guess, you could easily just go near. You could put a disgrace nanny in that fucking thing. You know when they're really gangster, when they have white nannies right pretty pretty white nanny, the wife has to sit around like there's some who's, always at check only to check me a husband, not quite check me, always a check. Yeah keep moving around check yeah. She conveniently dropped her keys in front of Luther yeah. Look at our pick him up that dirty patch card fashions to she picked up the keys, monogamy so dumb believe I left these keys here, let loose fucking nanny would just let the nanny like they might kill the wife. The wife knows too much. Let the wife join until she knows about the offshore accounts we have to offer. She knows it the taxes. Did she knows more than that? She knows more than that, because the kids, what ends up happening in these compounds is you do start knowing things and you start knowing real thing:
yeah, you start getting the real downloads about like what's actually happening, because these little fucking compounds there, all all those people are. Can next to each other. They send each other Christmas cards and they go to each other's parties and stuff and like they talk, walk in and they know stuff man Luther looked at the landing gear on Bro everyone come on Bro she dropped her keys. You really think she dropped did you see that I did see it. I heard I heard yeah I was there. She drop the keys on purpose and stuck her ass right up in the air he's getting divorced. We gotta be careful here. Folks, you gotta, keep this family together. Well, these people sign like disclosures like huge non disclosure agreement so like there's like there wrapped up in a veil of secret the anyway, but that's not have to worry about where you have to worry about, is Harvey Keitel from pulp fiction that you have to worry about. Gotta worry about someone making a phone call and some guy who works with some fucking Ray Donovan in real life guy who works for rich people
yeah. We can make a lot of money. Imagine if your friends with a billionaire and this billionaire is he's in a situation. You know this is fucking guys. Just you know, he's got pictures of my wife and yeah no. It's grace. China is trying to get some money on me man. I don't know what to do well, so we can make this disappear for a tidy sum of two hundred thousand dollars done done done and then all sudden that guy just isn't around anymore yeah, I think I just gets picked off and- and you ever like, would investigate it gets paid off and then it's like nothing happened. Staff or you just disappears just to take him into the middle. The ocean. Well didn't wasn't there, just as billionaire canadian couple that got executed executed in their house yeah? It's like shit like that and they're part of some sketchy deal. What would their connected to it was the Clinton foundation. Was it Jesus fucking Christ, Jesus Fucking, oh Joe with you and your conspiracy theories about the class.
Yes, it's all coincidence. After coincidence, after coincidence, yeah oh gee bring up Seth Rich again. Let it go. Let it go no suspects shot in the back front of his house four in the morning. No robbery, while it remains phone remains watch remains probably investigator and he's a guy who gave up all the Dnc leaked emails. He gave them up to Wikileaks, no just cool since yeah must. Nothing coincidence gave up the linked emails that show that the Clinton campaign absolutely work, their fucking black magic to get Bernie Sanders knocked on who got out, dude? How about hunting man, murdered, canadian billionaire couple: Barry and Honey Sherman. Several people murdered them. It says several wow crazy, that's crazy! They got whacked, they
it fucked up, did they? What do they do? Didn't have a big enough army around them. They did not be on it like a dukana, dutchness and you're, going to hang out with assassins. Try to a money on security. You know if I was running a security team. I'd show them I'd, be like take a look at these guys. They try to save money on their security team right, okay, says a tangle real to discover their bodies dangling from a railing near their basement swimming pool. I like that. It's a suspicious, like I yeah. This seems a little suspicious. These billionaire just hanging here looks like they were. I strangled and die, they died, a form of strangulation called ligature neck compression, and that means so many rap to rope around their neck and choke them. The garrote, that is, that is a personal way to kill someone very personal yeah. That's intense shit man, and these are old people, seven thousand and seventy five years old. If you, Google, that is, not a pretty picture that you get back. I don't want people face us that I can. I can print out that yeah whatever yeah, and you don't want that. Don't want that to happen to see the
is. This is why I think it would be scary like to be friends with a billionaires like it would be scary to be friends with someone way up at the upper ops, because, like you almost don't want that level of, access like it's almost like look man. You guys do whatever you're doing up in your compounds during, from the iron skull come on open the portals pull out the squids, I'm enjoy my wife down here. I really don't want to know like I I I would prefer to like to just speculate. Well, here's the thing man, I'm sorry in right! Now, please go ahead. It does levels, everything right, there's, there's levels to the weirdness. It's involved in immigrant communities that all keep the same language. They stay together,
really hot together their signs in their same language and then becomes like a Korea, town or Chinatown they'll, just huddled in that area and staying there, there's weirdness to that. There's weirdness to billionaires, don't get together, all just going to billionaire shit together or going to hang out together any special clubs, leather chairs, with the buttons on them. You know those leather chairs that likes mushy, they have like puffy and then the buttons and the little buttons all over him. And it's a high back leather chair sit there and perhaps there's a little's night stand right next year with a cigar ashtray. I looked at that little cigars transferred and they bring over cognac and sift cognac like a and you talk about where hide your money. You talk about. You know how you got rid of syphilis before the wife found out talk about how you're you're helping Trump get into position, to make sure that you could drill in Africa or wherever the fuck you're going to do it. This is what they do. They get together. How who else is going to know what they're talking about
right and have to hang out with other billion? It's fucking generational and some of them start going crazy like that cock that cock boy, you know the cock boys making as dumb sure to be seen that fucking scene, you seen this shit. How you got this this is like boy. This is the is K, o c h. This is the progeny. This is like the demonic, Antichrist progeny of like The coke brothers yeah car, it's not cock, God, a dude. This is like this the end. This is what the Anti Christ looks. Like everybody thinks the Anti Christ smart and fence in like in like nefarious and focus like Demian, no dude he's going to like make fashion shirts. Like look at this shit see we got here in their air, why it Coke make sure it's about money. I drank blood this morning. This is where the minutes this
shirts are about money. Can you can I see those pictures again that looks like pink handcuffs with keys? How is that about money? 'cause! That's what I paid for it would be are you? Are you allowed to show these videos of him like dancing around in shirts and shit? It's actually been removed. It's unavailable. Somebody got it dude, it's the weirdest shit everywhere. It brings his whimsical ideas to life with his rep now blasting shirt brand. Why Ingram so Wide Ingram is a shirt brand yeah, but you got look up an inter with him 'cause, he says shit. Like daddy, told me I could do whatever I want, and I am his check, that is girl. Make that bigger god damn I approve I approve I'm on his side. If a guy who looks like that can get a girl who looks like that, you go boy a man hater. My one of these.
Asshole men that shoot other men down. I'm not. I see that guy. He didn't even bother even think once about losing weight. I'm not either I'm just using wait. Look at my zeros, I'm just using that as an example of the progeny of billionaires like these people are like. This is like something that this It's spilling out of the mansions man like look at this says here bless this oafish coke Ahran, his hideous shirts he's a flu when a guy and now we're talking about I'm good for you, sir. I'm sorry co he's smart, he's Lee looks like the guy who was sold the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, member, the dude. What's his name, the guy I've Newman yeah, no man, he looks like a human and he he's back sing. Ten me get the fuck out.
It also looks like he's, been spending a lot of time in the skull and bones com cough and what I have been absorbed, all the energy you who come into my who knows man, it's just it's just weird over there and another look at him. I hope he has a giant dick. I think that's the deck in the left pant to the left, with the yellow is so it's kind of bulges out with the hell yeah it's his giants. Fat like a Quaker Oats Box, scary scary. That's him! It's like! It's like one of these water bottles. That's what it's like! It's fat like that terrifying yeah in the end of it, quivers Terrell States like the Demma Gorgon's mouth on stranger things.
The end of it, it doesn't have a slot. It has like a little flower thing at the very end. Every time we do an episode together, we end up describing some form of alien cock. Every single time like I know that I know the last one we had a description of it. Yeah Well, very immature. How dare you, I think, it's important to like speculate on the different types of potential alien. I think that I think Cox go away. I think Cox. This is a temporary situation. One hundred percent yeah. I think that's what aliens are? That's you see. The aliens have no Cox, no Cox no miles we're going to get rid. This mouth communication, we're going get rid of this cock in pussy it's horrible. No, no we're gonna, mind meld. It's gonna be like the empty. Every time you know, you've got one of regular sex. If you could, if I could give you the gift of being able to travel through space wherever you wanted to go, but you had a nub down there, your gone now like Doctor Manhattan just sitting on Mars by myself, all bored that fuck that I like it here.
He'd rather hump. I like America right here in LOS Angelus God I like it, but you wouldn't to see like floated the edge will tiny little dick crime is flying nurse through infinity like this no looking down- and I have like a dick like shrink Doctor KEN's Dick. In that the hangover they made it look so small. You can even see it number. That would be what it was like. I know man if he still is yeah and you might live forever with no debt now lying through space. Justin. Now Ob Bog Board, listen man, I'm not into deals like what's going on right now. I want to hear your Heaven deal. I don't want to hear your space deal, yeah good, I'm good right here! Well, I mean don't you ever. I mean this. We are in this and I think we tell we've done this so many times. It's we're, gonna, repeat, of course, but like do you want, I do worry about you. Sometimes they have because it's like, I think, you're going to get.
I think it's finally going to happen. I think one of your fucking is going come in here with a briefcase and he's going to show you something, and I don't know what it is like an alien piece of Espino. What it was going to be Tom Delong was hoping he had something. No, I think you're you're you're accidentally going to get access for some reason. I think somebody's going to give you something or show you something and you're in like I worry about you, man cuz, it's like yeah cuz, you got like you now have a platform that is, unlike any platform, that's happened. You know cuz you're doing like a comedy, podcasts radio show style thing, but you're also interviewing people about really heavy duty. Shit. Sure you, like pepper it up with freaks like me from time to time, just
right up yeah but, like you have you have you make it sound like the the other people on the on the main agenda and my packs pepper apple Duncan Trussell? Well, no, I'm just saying like what the do. I know if you're having people are you talking about you and I have had my all time. Favorite thanks. I feel if I have my all time, favorite group of people that, like a handful of ten people to pick for ab, just do podcast them forever. You are one hundred percent on that. Yes, I appreciate that. Is you and d as in our is a few other people callin, but there's a just a list of people that are just for ever yeah and I love doing podcast you don't you ever say that you, son of a bitch, if it's between you and some fucking scientists prove to me that telekinesis is I'm going with you. Please take Scientists will do a gas after, but you I'm telling you don't like knowing all this shit and so much times. We've done this podcast where you and I have started talking and Haley. They stands up on my arm and I'm like dude like we. We should,
talking about some of this shit like like it gives me the real e b g B's and then sometimes I'll admit this to you. Sometimes when I'm superstar and I'm thinking about the pack, as we've done. Sometimes I think to myself Focke Ap Cello does in something like. Maybe you did end up. Getting some kind of little like shoulder, but with them where they're like not literally your shoulder up, you just brush shoulders and they were like hey We love your show. We love, your show man. They didn't even say anything. They just showed themselves to you a little bit to be like hey, look, don't Fuk around man. Don't fuk around like you could talk, we don't you're funny. We like the way you talk, but don't fuck around man. Don't you ever think that? No, because I'm not like you got damn plus, I don't keep those commie ideas floating around inside my head. I gotta God, Damn american flag behind me Duncan Trussell, don't fuck you're talking about I'm friends with a ton of cops. You got in american flag with a fucking
cal's skull above it Jeff, actually an asian Buffalo from Australia that was road by my great friend, Adam Green Tree, wow, one of the best bowhunters on the face of planet earth wow. He shot that thing yeah, but I mean it's like a brother to me. Remember my friend remember when we did that show we did that yeah this time I show, but it was kind of do the show progressed. We became increasingly sort of despond realizing his were both so retard. Tell him that we found where maybe we were going to find an alien like both of us secretly thought it became very frustrating because you saw the same thing into everybody. You saw this delusional belief in illogical things that they would argue they would argue illogically they weren't objective about the actual evidence versus what they wanted.
The perceived evidence to point to yeah they're, all biased in which I've been buys before ever has been bias, but it was just pulled delusional everything. Everyone was delusional, everyone from the first UFO Guide to the first chemtrail guy to the first Bigfoot guy. They were all either liars or delusional, or they had errors in their thinking, and he usually, we talked to a guy like that. One do that we met. That was in the trailer the told us about the balls that we fly through the air. Yes, well after that, I heard a podcast with a physicist. A guy was a lightning expert. Who is talking about ball? Lightning, the don't know what causes it. They don't know why it exists even and this guy that was on radio lab. It was fairly recently, and this guy was actually saying that lightning itself doesn't make any Sounds like it's not supposed to exist. If you're measuring all of the energy in the sky, to something that we don't know about what the formation of lightning is, that shouldn't even exist, shouldn't rassam all right, but this ball, like
name, is not only possible. It's been observed many many times, and it's even had inside of an airplane. Where floated down the file inside of an airplane, and multiple people witnessed right. People seen ball, lightning, they've, gotten video of ball lightning right. What it looks like is the exact with that. Guy was describing to us that this thing came through his house and and which is disappeared. Yeah member he's talking about totally remember and he did not seem like a liar to me now. I think he saw ball lightning and I think that area new. That Skinwalker Ranch place in particular, is for whatever what because causes that phenomenon. It happens more frequently in that area, it's very possible, so a people over there, that's awesome, shit man I mean, but but this that was disappointing, That was the most revered that was revealing in the guy. That was a weird area. There was a weird weird area, but
don't you like. Imagine that do you ever do this game is a fun game where you start thinking about who the smartest person, the planet must be like the continuum of intelligence game where you start thinking like okay, I know I somewhere on the continue of intelligence. I know: there's people that are probably not as smart as I am- and I know, there's people who are way fucking smarter than I am, and then you start thinking to yourself who are who are those people and what and what are they up to? And then you start thinking see. This is why I think about. If I were you, then you start thinking like fuck man. I've got this podcast that lots of people is here is it ever happened where maybe some really intelligent person, his manipulated me in an attempt to get me to disseminate some kind of information out into the world. Good luck manipulating me Duncan Trussell, I'm an american yeah. Ok, flags don't run or something what happens.
Color is at least I know what's up, but you wouldn't even know that's the thing you would even I would know. How would I not know these people are people, let it be like if if someone is super so good at manipulating people that they can manipulate me yeah change the way I think about that yeah. Well, then, good luck right I mean, but that's like The thing is like it. This is it again, I'm not trying to make you paranoid or anything late, it is, but it's fun to think. Is this like this? Like? Ok, like, let's imagine, for the sake of just fun, we establish their these fucking billion. And they live in these compounds and we've also established it. Certainly people like mice, Michael Hastings in other people they get killed. All the time might have, but I think he got killed because he got a fucking major general fired. Well, they What what what we established? A major league general there's separate powerful people who use technology to kill people to have their way. So that means there. There is some group or series of groups of people that are
doing like highly nefarious actions, razor power or I'm just paranoid or you're. The dots here, maybe he was on speed and drove into a tree. The honestly I do not know, but that is very fun yeah. I think that it's a conspiracy and they killed him very fun. But if you look at Occam's razor, you know if you applied Occam's razor, the most likely scenario is that he just drove in the tree. Does not accept that summer, except here is a way to kind of help out with Occam's razor with these kinds of things, it's just think. Okay, I have a hunch one thousand dollars and I'm going to put bats in this awesome casino where the truth is revealed. So. Are you going to put the money down on him being assassinated? Are you going to put the money down on him being on even and driving into a tree after he said. If I commit suicide, it's not a suicide. I got to meet the guy, he might that might have been thrown.
Don't get to me that maybe he wanted to leave a fucking story. Maybe this guys, like you, know what I'm just going to have these people think did I go yeah it was a fan's Mansur you're doing no do you. I know where you put your money. I know where I put my money if it was like fifty bucks yeah, I'm in a band on conspiracy, because this is exciting, right, lose fifty bucks, I won't feel that I feel, like I wanna hoping to win. But you're like dead, I'm just saying man. How do you deal with being on the fucking radar man because, like the thing is like if there, if there is an inch east and controlling the pair and the reality tunnel like we know that there is a like truly a award to control the paradigm, because if I can control the paradigm is a thing. This is, I agree with you, but I don't think it's united front. This war Well, the paranoia is most tightly fought between left and right. It's most tightly fought in government in the real things
We're doing is commentating on the sidelines yeah. You know, if I'm in influencing any buddy, I'm influencing people by pointing them to information that I see that's already out there right, there's a big difference between what these people or in power against each other. This, at this got to be some people that are influencers that get access or get shit upon, especially the age of trump like if you're an anti try me if he finds out you're against him, he's got like he's very vindictive yeah 'cause, Don Lemon, a moron and right. You know he shits all over those CNN host and CO, CNN, fake news, but Sean Hannity and Fox and friends help raise them tweets like an information war going on with these people, but they're paying attention to right and left right. Ask like me, that are like what what am I mine, I'm a fence sitter, you know I mean if I can RON Paul was running for president. I probably like I'm in right, see how this works right. I like what he's saying I like to ideas he he was. He was a guy that, when he was running for president is was like okay well, this is guy is clearly a very honorable person he's clear
a very honest person. I mean by all accounts, let's see what he does deuce, let's see what he did will see what happens, see what it's gotta be better than just knowing you bull it right. So many of them are just so obviously bull you that, u listening to, can speeches in you, like God, damn I don't resonate with you at all right. This is that presidential type of a dress, yes, where I talk in a way that you've never heard or normal person talking your presents before and you might say to yourself. Well that's weird man, but I gotta talk like that. When there's a lot of people know you, don't you don't that's not real, and I don't understand it. Your you put a shield up in the shield is a an act of a presidential act. Sure or you have a Strip Club Dj Act right. You have a morning dj. I relied five o'clock past the hour here we go led Zeppelin houses of the Holy the ocean yeah. I mean that's
fucking voice. I've heard that voice at one thousand times it's a God, Damn costume the people where you also have a fuck voice. Don't forget that I don't have a fuck boy. You don't oh come on. Let me put it in talk like you, when I'm fucking, I don't date, come on guys. Don't talk like that crazy puppy in the dumb cough at night. You you, you, don't have a fax voice come on when he was. He he Tom, defer ha it's time to fly. Do do do do do this summer. Shame in wanting to fuck fuck it so sad, horrible person, it's sad, but she vagina yeah. China needs to get scratched
Yeah man, it's one of the definitely one of the like tragic parts of society is that people feel shame about that. I love the scene in game of thrones when cease. What's her name says so so so so the beautiful Circe. Thank you. One search he's walking naked down the street, they're, going. Shame the shame bell. Shane had the shame Bell app on my phone. I used to get the shame Bell app woo yeah, I don't have anymore. Why is it too? Much is too much power addicted to shame so much before people delete their facebook off their phone. I know people that, like regular, delete their facebook fuck this. They just take it off there. I can't do this anymore man to my power with the shame Bell man, but people there's a lot of dudes during that I shame ballot, girls, all the fucking time and that's the the worst you're ruining the whole vibe but you know what is 'cause guys feel terrible when a girl leaves them and fuck somebody else. They want to make it like very difficult to have a new man having sex more than one man
you dirty little bitch you hussy yeah or if you're like not if you're poly amorous then like that they call you a cock, because you don't care that other people are fucking. Your grave that hippie talk for when you move to Cuba or whatever the fuck you're going. I don't think I'm not listen. In America, you get a fucking wife, not sit. Greedy bitch bitch is some even number people over here. This ain't, China son. You want to go live in China. It's like fucking, ten guys, everyone chili, I'm going talent and guys everyone shit you're, going to wind up, but fucking other dudes. Well, fuck it come coffee. All day baby, that's what happens in prison. People get crazy. They start having sex with men. Just you, gotta figure out a way out. Of prison or having sex with men to figure out a way I gotta get ready to come, come Gotta figure out a way out with the best way your hands are going to have to fuck guys or something shit is bullshit. That's what happens if you live in China. That's enough! I don't have real real lesson
to learn, but if there's more than ten to one men, the women's but don't they have, they have some crazy problem over there. I'm not making this up. They have joking folks, obviously I'm joking, but there's a crew the problem over there with the ratio of men to women. Who is the ratio? Let's take a guess. What the ratio of men to women in China. I meant something like six thousand and forty might be hard bad news. We might be higher stains. You might have made that up. That's a dangerous ratio, it's a spooky ratio. I've read the ratio integration, Spooky fucked up a ratio. Well, you know for a long time they had limitations on how many children you can have, which is just fucking tension
thanks. They messed up the whole thing. It's not just that band people were killing their baby if they found their baby was a girl. I mean this is a real thing. It didn't happen everywhere. It didn't happen all the time, but there absolutely were girls that were drowned because they were girls. 'cause, the family wanted a boy and if you don't think that that's the case, you're delusional, I think you're delusional. I think if you put those kind of restrictions on intensely poor people, in some of 'em in some parts of the country there in terrible poverty, and you tell them they can only have one kid if you wanna have a boy 'cause the boys going to help them work right. I don't know if these stories of them drowning Baby girls were true because I wasn't there. Those stories persist whatever's nope them, but I don't think they know. Either if you weren't there, while it happened, brutal fuck, it's a horrible thing to think you have a baby
and then just drown it because it doesn't have a deck. Do people have done that people have left babies in garbage cans, mean people have done a lot of terrible things to babies. Yeah when I was a kid, I worked at a place called Newport Creamery and it was right next to a bank in a girl that worked in the bank was pregnant. She never told but she was pregnant? She gave birth in the toilet and left the baby in the garbage. They found the baby in the fucking garbage dead and she got arrested, and this was girls to go to waste a good shoes was a bank teller. I would go to the tower she like she. She seemed awkward You know she wasn't trying any dates or anything. No, I did not. She wasn't tracking, but she was a large woman, which is why nobody could tell that she was pregnant. She was big and she apparently had been pregnant and didn't tell anybody and nine months pregnant at work. And just had the baby in the in the toilet and threw it in the trash can- and I don't know if she didn't take the trash out. I don't know how she got busted. Could you imagine going to the
the bathroom and you taking a shit and you like? Why does it smell like, Maybe in Iraq, is that smell, and then you look into the wastepaper basket. You see, and I that is so fucked so fucked up. That was a real person that I knew the country with the highest. Under disparity of birth, isn't China? What is it Lichtenstein, where's that terribly sad place let's find out what the ratio of men to women in about thirty three million more men than women. So it's like seven hundred and thirty, three million men and six hundred and eighty There are some like that: okay, so it's so it's like nineties, that's like in the nineties is as as Christ, man, that's crazy. It's still a large number, thank God for sex robots. That's better! Though three it's better than I thought it was, within one hundred and fifteen mails everyone go ahead. Brother, one hundred and fifteen males every one hundred females. China is in the country that most story, that's crazy. Imagine
you're in a room is one hundred and fifteen dudes one hundred girls. It's like a crazy musical chair thing: shit I gotta find a gal. This ones were in Liechtenstein is one hundred and twenty. Fix mails to every one hundred, but there's only there's less than forty thousand people in the whole country. So it's even worse so because 'cause there's less less possibility. Fuck man. Imagine there's a country that that's a crazy country. Thirty, seven thousand people, that's a crazy country. That's that countries like Burbank. No, it's not even Burbank. Now it's like What's thirty, seven that take a part of LA thirty, oh Jesus, Christ, thirty seven thousand. That that's nothing out here like bowl,
there is one hundred thousand and boulder seems so quaint. That town is one slash three the size of boulder. I mean that country is one slash three, the size of boulder. That's amazing, wow when you think of it. That way, that's amazing, as many people as in Culver City, massive Culver City, was a country where everybody else at thirty. Four thousand, that's amazing. So it's Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills as a country with all dudes. That's amazing, with all dudes, just like
really that gay couple things that it's fuck imagine people have a real hard time with the idea of gay people raising kids, they get real angry. I just can't think that all gay people are the same like. Why would you not think that some gay people would be good at all kinds of things? There is going to be gay people that are great carpenters. There's going to be a bit like gay people, just like straight people is going to be awesome ones and it's going to be ones that are fucked up. The idea that they wouldn't be good parents would you rather have two gay parents that loved you. Then, mother? That's a fucking crack head and a dad it's piece of shit and beats you two gay people that let you be yourself, you know just there? cool and conscientious. They just happen to be homosexual, the love each other. They hug in front of you. You realize like we're all wrapped up in this bullshit of you know: men and women shouldn't be together.
Heterosexual people like ourselves, we get weird when you think of someone is homosexual. I'm fully in support of it, but when they started fucking right in front of like hey, I gotta go where is like. If Duncan sorry, bang his girlfriend right in front of my building eleven. Do you want me to Let's cheer you on how we want to watch, I want to handle just watch. Don't look at me when you come, though, that last time was weird. Look over I can't, but just like being guys kiss in public and part of me is happy for them. Part of me is like that awesome that there's so comfortable in twenty eighteen now, seventeen at the time- maybe even sixteen I've, seen it a couple of times and one time I was driving and I was going from the comedy store. I took a right and then I will down, is it Doheny which treat Is it one of the streets that goes right to Santa Monica Blvd, which is
full rage, gay central into just dudes in the street? It's party and there's this big gay club with guys on poles and shit and there's two dudes and they were hanging out and they they were belt looping, where we're like to each had their hands on the others belt loops like anchor in in and they were just grinding on each other and kissing, and I was just I was in my car- was like oh Jesus Jesus moving, don't stop here. I was like terrified terrified like the car was stopped and they were right there, like belt looping and making out okay simulator. You have access to any experience. You want and you're in it. For I don't know one hundred thousand years you're like some like some immortal being how long for you simulate fucking, a dude Joe? Well, you know what happened: Marlon, Brando, yeah fuck prior he also fuck Marvin Gaye. What are roster wow? He just really into talented black eyes. Yeah wow
but you're not answering the question. I'm sorry in this simulator how long? How long you start have you decide to have sex with a guy like in a similar, it's like for the for it for, like ten thousands of years you're having you know any kind of, you can you can literally fuck anyway party that you want, this simulation and you're you're in there for a long time, so you go through fucking, every single possible iteration of woman. Ever you just fucking fuck it three ways: Sixways one thousand means of ways you're like your just laying in a rainforest of beautiful pussies squirting on you and fucking, and everything that your mind could think of sexually your jizz doing it. How long before we start adding cock into the equation. Well, I think if we did an experiment where we both took journey like that, where I'll see you will be just like, we are now, but it would be one hundred thousand
gears of whatever you want later. Yeah. Ok will show up one hundred years now you have dick on your breath and I won't. I would have gone through the whole one hundred thousand years with no gay sex 'cause. I could do whatever I want. Why would I fuck dudes? I would have said pretty girls and then, when I was done having sex with girls, I would take a nap or I do some other shit. Meanwhile, you'd, like I gotta, stick it somewhere me. When can I start fucking dumb? It's true man yeah, I would. I would get to the finish line and I believe, nor do you finish line would be like I made two hundred thousand years, one hundred thousand years, the race, no dick for one hundred You have made it with 'cause here eternal you just have you just have girl, friends, man. Why would you start sucking Dick as well? It's about that time. You look at your watch, but after a couple of years you like wouldn't know for this pussy couple of months come on.
And why is one hundred thousand years any different than twenty years did twenty years ago but you feel less likely to suck a dick. Can you feel today, no you're the exam same God, Damn human being other than you've learned and gotten better at life, your desired like the same ship? First of all I wanted to. I just wanna: go back, go back, as you said at the end of a hundred thousand years, I I've I've gotten my breath. Okay, here's the thing in my simulator in my, simulator cocks are going to have different flavors. It's not going to be cocky I'll be like out toy. That's how they get you They guarantee Cox, to get the biologists there. I hate to say this to you, but you dicks dick taste, terrible and you need to get it. You get it minty in this way is away and then guys are going to say edit and then they're going to get mint in their mouth just like. If, if you suck my dick you get in your mouth, do you want to feel it just try it. I don't know it seems weird will get. You meant. I will fully admit that the end of the one hundred thousand years I have
dicks in the sack simulator, but the fact that you think you haven't. I would like to do a poll like I'm going to make it to the end. I do in a cowboy hat bare chested, that's riding a horse. Right and off with every fiber of my being, but I make it not on my bare chested on bare chested with a bandana like I'm close, I'm close, I'm shaving my chest with a straight razor in the front front, mirror at the barbershop. I'm super close to going gay, but I don't I make it to one hundred thousand years clean, cowboy boots on with no send you lose, you lose the race wrong. I fucking win. I don't have a dick in my breath at the end of the race and now have dirty memories. Either you have dirty dirty, yes, idea of butts and shit tupperware and slip and slide, which is
what kind of dinosaurs that's right. You can have anything you want. You can but fucking unicorn in the sky, yeah. Why? Not? If you could do whatever you want, if you can do whatever you want, you would like full chart like if your life was a virtual experience that you can control with your mind as if you have a control panel yeah, you would start stock index, not Maine bullet point. Rather bangs I'd be fighting. Vampires I'd make a whole world. I would do a bunch of shit at fly. You fly suck a dick. If you ever heard the Alan Watts thing about this. You ever heard Alan Watts talk about this. I wanted to talk about law, but not about that. Did you really know he talks about? He does this great thought: experiment which is like ok, If you were able to do anything, you wanted. You've definitely heard this, but you
if you're able to do anything you wanted. If you are an infinite being omnipotent and you can do whatever you want, you would experiment with making everything and you would try everything and you would do everything we're talking about infinity year, literally in this state of creative flow for infinity and you're going to. He has a great lecture that I'm going to butcher. You should look it out, 'cause he's so such articulate genius, but like the essence of the thing, is eventually eventually upon doing everything and creating a universe and creating planets and cry. Sing a planet where there's life on it and being a god that communicates with the beings on the planet, you're going to start thinking to yourself. I wonder what would happen if I may, made myself one of the beings on the planet and couldn't remember that I was God and that's what you are that's what we are is. We are one of the experiments of the divine. Seeing shit. I wonder what happens if I forget what I'm capable of creating anything that I want whenever I want that I've made the entire universe. Let me turn myself into this hyper limited version of myself
with no memory of what I was and play that game at that level. 'cause, it's a lot more fun, it's amusing! It's exciting right and that's and that's when Alan Watts starts talking about which Cox he would simulate inside that machine now. No but yeah, it is, if you ever heard Marshall Mcluhan speak now, is some Sing Youtube videos on and with you could watch Mcluhan talked and he doesn't look anything like you'd expect really interesting, but his calculate not in an unwanted calculated, his cyantific dissection, of like what's happening with media and what's happening with technology and where the future lies is so fascinating. 'cause, it's from the 1960s,
No he's talking about the media is the message I think is the name of the lecture in the book, and that was the same book where he wrote. One of my all time, favorite quotes that he in beings of the sex organs of the machine yelled like this guy, had no internet. He had me. Nothing was like anything to in the bet most what Tronic they had it's kind in calculator yeah. I had nothing the computers they have work, giant rooms filled this shit. You know like yeah, but somehow another he saw where it was all going. He was seeing things and pointing things out just with the very nature of uh, our ability to communicate in our ability to innovate and where it was all headed, yeah, fucking, fascinating 'cause, you think about how did play out and no one saw this common man, but no one saw Carmen, was what we're on right now internet this fucking new thing where people
just find out the answer to like we've done so far today about scientific questions about Descartes periods that these this was. Did and when did this happen, and one thousand seventy nine white that you're getting a download, unlike anybody. Ever lived yeah. It's amazing, everybody can do it. This is the thing: that's that's making the boundaries between us and the leaders of the world This is why there's such a problem is because we have all the information to everybody. Has all the information and the only thing that's keeping it all glued together is tradition. The only thing that's keeping the hierarchies into the position of power there at right now, without being completely abandoned and restructured from the bottom up. The only thing that's keeping them together is tradition. That's it. What do you mean the only thing? That's
keeping government and just borders and nations, and the whole concept that were existing, that there are a bunch of different countries and there's a bunch of different lead errors in this guide controls the tradition, the only thing that's keeping that together as tradition, the only thing if we have eh actually can communicate with each other in a way that four does all of the current limitations and all the pass them. Yes, it's something the bypasses all that stuff it takes. One of the first things going to go is the illogical traditions, but but it's like its traditions being guarded by dudes with guns they are, but those dudes with guns are going to die. New young dudes with guns are going to take their place. This is just mean I take generations, but this is what happens with ideas. It's just happening so fast, now, yeah and some of the people with the old I do they were born and raised the old all right, there's still around there still stuck in this uh
assistance right. But then this new system is blossom around their trapped and their shitting bricks, shitting bricks and they're trying to stop it and they actively trying to stop it did you. That should Jeff sessions said. I don't mean to keep harping on that guy, that he he He said that, like he just came but again saying that he thinks that the opioid epidemic, as they call it is being partially few will buy? Marijuana is a gateway drug that a marijuana is getting people on it. Painkillers, which is a complete right. It's not I mean. Not only is it is it wrong. It's like they. They can show statistics that seem to indicate that the opposite, the opposite yeah, but that crazy is saying it publicly like it's real and it's not just the fact that that man is allowed to continue having his job, which theory radically somebody who's in his position,
be so hyper aware of the data on all drugs because a person in that position, then we need a person. Just like you were saying. We need shepherds like this fucking fentanyl ship. Yes, I of my friends, he lost his his his wife to this signed up, so many people are dying because of this. Like I know a couple, little die from it. It's terribly killed Tom, petty, it's so social prints terrable, but we need so we need to have some regulatory forces making sure that these poison, but they're not regulating that they're going after the stuff is the most innocuous, safest and most beneficial medicinal. Could you imagine, having a podcast with Jeff sessions, to see you sitting across from Jeff sessions for three hours and talking to him about things due to I've heard, and this is like I, I hate to see the smells like self now. I her I hate to say this. I don't want to say this. I've heard these are
funny and he's like likes to argue and he's cool hang out with that smiley sucks yeah. You want him to be like smell, say that, but if you wanna podcast, I bet you chip away through all that all those that party personality. Now these p cool. This is a problem and these people they're not lizards. There not lizards, that's a problem if they were fucking lizards, if only sessions was a fucking lizard, but the problem is it's like they're, not like that they're just they're, confused again, yes, master sessions, your podcast is wonderful. Thank dear father. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you know. The problem is, we have to have compassion for these people because they're not bad there sky guided informed yes and they can be turned around with proper experiences right and if there will going to abandoned their previous notions, but the problem is so many people are so invested in their identity that it's impossible for
going to give up their notions, just like the egyptologist that don't want to look at the possibility that maybe they've been doing these fantastic instructions in Egypt, a lot longer than we think right, which is entirely possible right, doesn't mean that the great take about each one. Last time, like the no one, is doubting that the great pyramid of Giza was constructed that somewhere around two thousand five hundred BC crash to the previous order, will all the data that we have right now because we've been able to carbon date stuff that they find like in between the stones there pretty sure that it's somewhere in that range, you know they're off here there little bit, but there's some other construction. That Jonathan pointed out that's buried under sand. They find it's like wait like. I have been buried for who knows how fucking long and it's a different style of construction, and it looks really old like one of the things about the styles of construction and that thing they find in in in Egypt is a lot of it is, but Creedence and after a while even the sphinx itself, you know when they found the sphinx in one of the things that one of the people that is
is in some of the ancient hieroglyphs, that's attributed to being alive that the same time as a scroll I forget which Pharaoh, but he heard in a dream that if he uncovered the sphinx that he become Pharaoh of Egypt because it was covered in sand like to have written down at that time, and this was like two thousand BC or something crazy like that. It was covered in sand back then wow. They don't even know I mean there's so little. They know about who made it and why you know the answer to this and this private dumb question. I'm sorry! But how deep is the sand? out there like how far down does that focal very good question? That's a very good question. What does sand here's? The other thing isn't sand from oceans, beating down, rocks yeah and that's what's and is yeah. That's! What's the most fucked up thing about the desert? There's there's! No god damn ocean, but you've got so much sand.
It is mostly from watt. Isn't it? I think sands mostly created, probably created a few different ways, but I think it's mostly created by shins beating down rocks right. So that's just time you're, just looking at you're, looking at the craziest fucking stamp of time, we can look at how long does it take for an ocean to turn rocks into a god? Damn desert holy shit dude? Why? What is under the same mega lick meet the sands of the Sahara Desert. Scientists have discovered evidence of a prehistoric mega lake, there's a monster down there, using images of windblown sediments sediments produced by running water in bedrock seen by radar beneath the desert sands. The geologist pieced together the profile of an ancient cool? So it goes, the sand goes sixty nine to one hundred and forty one feet in the Sahara and three feet in the Simpson Desert. Don't know where that is the depths of sand varies
widely around the world. Nine hundred and forty one feet wow one hundred and forty one feet of chests, and so am I right that sand is created by the ocean beating down rocks. I think that's true most of the time, and maybe it's not true all the time, it's so nice to be so stupid. They just ask questions on figure it out, like you get to know like it's great, no idea, yeah. I was talking to Neil Degrasse Tyson the other day and he was trying to explain to me a scape velocity like he takes my shoot. Let me see your shoe. He takes my shoe and he goes now. If I throw this up there, it's going to come down, but if I throw it hard enough, it will escape. The pull of the have any of the earth and once it's free will go on for ever yeah. This is what is cool yeah like you. Try to like put that in your head, like wait, a minute. What goes on for ever? Isn't that the problem now this at sky. This is great
to just dummies. Talking! Isn't this the problem with the moon? Is that not the problem with them moon? But if you just on the moon. You can escape the like. It's easy to get out of the escape velocity of the moon. No, it's one slash six gravity or yeah. I thought he started the moon. You could let you fly no, no, no! No! You can be a radically, you can jump higher and if you believe in NASA Bro there's some videos of God, jumping around on the moon. The problem with the videos of people on the moon is that there are videos that look one hundred percent fake but guys fall forward. It looks like they get yanked up by wires. There's a lot of video that looks fake as fuck. I don't know if it's fake, I don't know if it just looked fake, because it's six the earth gravity and we don't know what that really looks like until you see it play out, but there's some videos of guys falling down face first and getting yanked back up. It looks like the yank by chords. Have you seen
picture of the thing that looks like Jim when, after we talked about this last time, some people sending videos of NFL players doing the exact same thing in the end zone. Yeah super app cleats or three or four guys doing throw their body, but they don't have a giant pack on their back and wearing helmets or wearing helmets that shits light compared to what the astronauts are wearing. Dude astronauts have like they have a suit that keeps them pictures. Graphics from concept is the suit. If the concept is there not even on the Fucking Moon and then that students could just be paper mache, but some of the ones were there pitched completely forward and they just go badly. What it is I'm not saying right now. I would love to see it. It's interesting, so you you're, still wavering on whether we went to the moon more weight. Now, I'm too dumb and uneducated to really know but I am wavering more on the possibility that some of the footage was faked in this super quick. It's a five second video. So it's like no instantly boom. That is not the same thing Jamie. I can do that super suit,
bullshit. I can do that that guy goes through I'll. Do that right now find another one. The guy goes to his these and then uses his momentum. The pop up from his knees, I've seen some that look pretty crazy, though man too, that's ridiculous. The moon ones are way more Papa. I seem better examples in that there there's a super athletes yeah, what they're doing is springing up and you can see the Connecticut Energy from their legs forcing them up. This super athlete right. They do show off those go, do back flips and shit all the time they are physically capable of doing things The normal person can't do but they're not physically capable of defying physics, What you're, seeing in a lot of those moon videos, looks like someones defined physics like they pitch for and they bounce back up. I think they shot a bunch of shit, and I think so, the video. If you're, going into space and you're experiencing deep radiation, the Van Allen, radiation belts and from the sun did you can't even go through the fuckin x ray machine at the? airport. The old x ray machines with film. They wouldn't let you because if you went through
the film. It would kill your fucking film. So how are they getting these perfect videos and photos, and none of them are fucked up by radiation? It's entirely possible that they did go to the moon, but they faked a bunch of the film footage because they wanted to have something and they couldn't really bring anything back, it's entirely possible. There's faked footage from the raw which is one hundred percent. Is president the footage of Eureka Garon when he circling the earth for the first time he was in Iraq in the first guy in space. It's fake as fuck dude please inside this tiny little compartment and also there's they got room in there for a camera, get the fuck outta here bitch, you see a light source this way in a light source that weighs got Dooling shadows behind him. 'cause they got light setup in there, 'cause they're, filming him inside this capsule he shot up the space? You really did do it, but they couldn't fit it God. Damn Cameron is tiny. Little caps, right. It's there's no room, so they just faked it after the fact sense. Of course, it makes a lot of money. There was no internet back. Then there was no Vhs tapes back. Then
they broadcast something on tv as far as their eyes and their mind goes. That was the uh. Only time people are going to see it right. All they have to do is show it to you once pull it off. Nobody ever imagine you would be able to pull it up on your phone or two donors, like you and me, we'll be watching on a podcast race, even find the video of your again from inside his. What would you call those things Todd Todd's? Would you call it your guarantee in space you watch it. You go, get the out a rare you watching. You go watt. That is fake right. That is not him or this not him in space. Rather, SIRI is blast off character at a time, and he is he's getting on. The bus is heading to spice. Are can't believe that your your show me, where are you right season as they look at That's it watch this. Are we good
and turn off. Look at the lights. You see all that back up back up back up, stop pause it with the shuttle's chatted to laugh, show to the right this lights in front of a they have lights in there he's in this tiny little cat, this tiny little pod how's it lit up. No, maybe they just have. Why don't I mean? No, I still windows. Why couldn't have lights in there, Joe 'cause, I got no room had it seems like there's enough Did I have lights back then think about this? These candles campfires campfire in there I saw a few breakdowns of the moon landing to that said, it would be way way way harder to fake it back. Then it would have been to actually just to read that too. I've heard that too, but I don't think we're talking about faking going to the moon. You not understanding what I'm saying we're talking about faking footage, we're not talking about faking going to the moon. I think they probably
did go to the moon, but I would imagine that at least some of the footage you're seeing his horse shows a hot at from what I I was an obvious. It live them is like a one hundred and forty minute live stream senior. Actually, no, it's not know. If you, if you just have people in orbit, it wouldn't be hard to fake. Look, I think, would be harder to go there. It would be to fake it. I think going there if they did go to there, and I think they probably did was an unbelievably difficult thing to do, but like faking that they were there, how hard would that be like like after the fact? filming footage filming footage of them in orbit. You can't I've been a mile of film. It's really interesting to watch You know that all my shit's missing, you know all your footage that it's the weirdest thing falling man yeah, I mean, I know you doing you being skeptical guy, looked it up, but look yeah. It's missing! Remember! When only that you know what else is missing: telemetry data, all the ones
does it show the location of the capsule, whatever the it is on the list? I thought from what I read. They still have that data, the just the regional like paper. It was on a threat from magnetic tapes, got re use because they needed to okay. Well, why would you say that unless you just want to google it and find out, that's why I read. I read one last time unit. Would you would you read? I read that the original tapes got written over because they needed the magnetic tape, because there was a shortage at some point right so, but still It is still somewhere else. There was a short they recorded over the original tapes of the Fucking Moon landing. How much of a shortage of magnetic tape. Do you have where you going? court over all of the video from a mother Fucking Moon, landing Hank? We gotta presidential parade from seventy six. You want to keep that yeah. Keep that keep that's a good one! It's like if you were
I want to lick your families. Vhs tapes like we want picnic from eighty two yeah. That was when my key threw up. Save it, save it there saving everything, but they record over the Fucking Moon landings it. Let's just fucking record over first time in human history, literally the craziest thing in human history to ever record over at it is the dumbest thing. Human, I'm not saying they didn't do it they might have. They might official story. Might b legit casino, but it might not. Where do you put your money on the moon landing because you know what I'm detecting Joe? When are we first got to be friends, as I recall, you didn't really believe in the moonlight. I didn't believe it at all, and then you went through a phase because of the podcast and having a lot of conversations with different people are something happen where you started shifting your ideas and thinking we did go to the moon start shifting ideas about everything I landing is just an example. That's an extreme example of a position I took, but I think represents their eyes. There is
history to that story. Yeah there's a lot of mystery to still to this day, there's a bunch of weird shit, connected to the moon, landing a lot of it. So when and people have there's not shut up, you know there is there. Is there a bug weird shit, connected to how about the fact that give a fuck in moonrock too. The Prime Minister of HOLLAND, Neil Strong and Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. I don this plaque in the give this moon rock this guy in HOLLAND and it turned out to be petrified wood. It was fake, But it's onto so much weird shit connected to the moon, landing that go like wow How that creepy speeches that Neil Armstrong get twenty five years after the moon landing talking about uncovering hit the truth, truth protective layers that are you great deeds that could done to those who can remove one of truth, protective layers. This is a speech he gave
so much weird shit, some people say: there's a alien well except people, ridiculous. No! events that, but there is evidence that these people are talking really weird about the moon landing Jamie. Can you pull up clean set? You know what Clinton said in his book he wrote a book called my life, and in one of the chapters in my life he talks about a conversation. He had a carpenter when people landed on the moon is working in a construction site and the guy said. I don't believe it for a second those television fellers. They could fake anything he says back, then I thought the guy was a crank, but after eight years in the white, I was starting to think that maybe he was ahead of his time. This is what bill fucking Clinton RD in the his book, my life wow. Why would the fuck? Would you ever write that if the God Damn present United States for eight years and years, hey, maybe the guy who thought we didn't go to the moon was right. All right might not be right it. It might be that they faked some footage. They did take some photos, there's a photo of Michael Collins, who's on of a moon, walk from like Jammin, I fifteen, and it's
not a real photo, it's a photo of him from the test runs they did it's in a warehouse and they blacked out all the background. It's been proven. They reverse the image and blacked out the back. You could see the two of them if you overlay them, they line up perfectly. It's the exact same image, so someone whether it is a overzealous pr agent for NASA or a journalist at the time we should actually made that photograph, but somebody did and tried to pass that photo office space. So there's some deception. We know that one is a hundred percent sure. So then you look at the other ones. You look at the videos of has falling down getting yanked back up and bonser. I like their on trampolines in some videos where they're hiding behind the lunar rover like what the fuck are. You doing terrier, your dead sure you can jumping around on the moon like you're having a party up there right. Is that real? How come I can't get a fucking regular camera through radar machine, the x ray machine at the airport. You guys can fly through the
Asian of space and that should comes up well with those cameras were insulated. There were different kind of camera. The camera to act, not true house dad said it? They were the same God. Damn cameras writes a regular camera. There was no specific protection. There's nothing unusual about the protection that those cameras at it's interesting and you've like gone back. No, I haven't, I think, is the thing that I'm not taken any position agnostic, a hundred percent, because I don't know anything about. Yes, I I don't know anything about the physics of space travel. I don't know anything about the requirements of technological requirements, but I do know it's one of the only things that happened in nineteen sixty nine and one thousand nine hundred and seventy two and it's a lot cheaper, easier and faster to reproduce. Today, it's we, so here, it's very weird, so we're doing this only time in history. People have been more than four hundred miles near the surface. Was those moon missions, all the APOLLO missions, man, everything since all space shuttle stuff inside four hundred miles satellites,
you know like or a space station right thing you talk to people about that part and they'll say like we just don't need to go there anymore. Maybe we don't maybe they're right, maybe the right. It might be right. We don't know, but it's you think they're, not right, but it's interesting how rabidly people fight off the note Here's the other weird shit about the Nazis, were running our space program. That's a fact: operation paper the promise of cannot see they brought all the scientists over like legit. Ninety two hang Jews in further fucking rocket factories in Berlin Budget, guys who were wear tattoos from the Holocaust identified worn. On talked about him being in there. Nasa there was a guy was trying to get us to the moon. Yeah. Do there's a lot of weird and people now you're getting do deep into it. It's the Nazis doing some kind of thing. They're like trying to fake the moon landing like it's him out too attached to the Nazis. I think the Nazis were the best rocket scientists available
right or one of them other than the one that we had here and then once a russian tattoo was a lot of competition to get the best rocket scientist, but some of the best rocket scientists were in not to turn share. So when Nazi Germany fell, operation paperclip took place and in operation operation paperclip, they brought a number of, c scientists from Germany secretly to America and one of them they put as ahead of yeah. This is where the this is, where it gets. Really So was explaining all this to me about how basically it's the thing is like, okay, you thinking World WAR, two there just rounded up all the Nazis and they just disappeared, and it's like. What do you think are the Nazis went and there are about the ones were really good at making cool shit yeah. Well, bare aspirin. You know, like the idea, is that the spring yeah. Well, look up, I'm so sorry to ask Jamie: do you mind looking up bare aspirin and cycle and be like and and and the jewish slaves were, I think, working for bear after. But when you look at like a lot of the corporate, the idea is that the didn't really go any
or they just started corporations and some of the biggest corporations we have right now or do you know why Zyklon B is I clubby, because I can't be took the smell out of it? Zyklon a was the stuff that had a c agent in it that it smelled terrible. So you could smell our so when they used it. The gas that the people in the concentration camps they I changed it so that it was undetectable. Yes, did you know what to say what is our team's quicker the trigger her today, the LAN frustrated with us changes that can So, if you guys are the bare aspirin company is finally apologized for the inhumane acts of its parent firm, including using jewish slave laborers during the Holocaust, holy shit, yeah, yeah and there's all kinds of examples of this where gets really weird, is like this is what this is. One of. Great conspiracy theories is, I think the Bush family is somehow wrapped up in it. That's where it gets. Weird is like that it ends up getting
captain to american politics. It's like! Oh, do you think that the Nazis just became rocket scientists? You think they just do you like they became pharmacists, pharmacists and they started running companies and corporations and then like they in there here and there, descendants have lots of money and like to think that they, when anywhere, is not the Nazis, didn't really go anywhere. They just went deep into hiding. They just think back into the immune system of society. Like you know the way AIDS hides in different parts of your body. They just hid in the shadow, and this is one of the reasons people are freaking out about the kind of like friendlies emergence of some people, who are like clearly white nationalists, who were just kind of like being like interesting, accept. Didn't embrace, for you know, what's at least, have a rational conversation about how I want to start a white Ethno state. You know that kind of stuff, because it's doing that well, I mean
the something Richard Spencer talks about who's, taking that guy in and and talking to rationally? Well there's these a lot of these people are getting like a lot of air time right x. This is a bit of an exaggeration, like maybe talk about Steve Bannon like Steve Bannon got into the White House and a lot of people think that he has it been proven. I mean it's really easy to call a guy at white. Nationalist has been proven. I don't know much about I don't know but honestly, I think a lot, and I think I think some of these people, it's, I think, it's a. God. I mean you're going to get like a fucking. I'm going to get an avalanche of like you're, a fucking you tuck tuck, but I think like, for example, when you look at Trump's real, when they were saying asking about the KKK and he's like I'm not going to talk shit about this group. I don't really know I'm remember that, like or the fact that a lot of I think you paraphrasing he. I think what he said was a little more acceptable. It's still weird. Can we look at it? It's like a little tip toeing. It's like if someone's like, hay kkk. What do you?
Thank you also said something about. There was people bad behavior, on all sides on all sides, and that's one of the one of the white nationalist groups pick stop on that and said specifically that Trump didn't criticize I am specifically so. This was a good thing. The whole thing was very good for them right, just like a white nationalist group said that, but that could injures him just not doing a good job preparing what he's going to say about something talking off the cuff, which I think he does with most things. I think does most of his shit off the cuff yeah. You know he said that and one of things that he said, but in the wrote that book the art of the deal he doesn't make plans. He just does it just goes to work and get things done and just yeah Robin Stick. I don't know that the thing is like it's generally like when you think of certain people right. Are they a white nationalist and like when I think you Joe, are you a white nationalist know right. It's I don't simple. It's simple! It's like there's no like! Well, you know, even a nationalist or I love 'em
but I'm not a national right, exactly yeah. So the problem is with some of what you what you don't want this one thing I don't want. I don't want there to be a blurry thing when people think of me about whether or not I'm a white nationalist, you know what I mean like. I don't want there to be a like well maybe he does have some kind of ideas that are based around the importance of upholding european culture, making sure that we do everything we can to prevent people from having sex with people from other races. I don't want there to be any question but, like I have zero problem with everyone, humping everybody whenever they want mixing the paints and doing whatever there's no question. I don't care, like. I think it's where some sounds like water races would say. What do you mean
trying to divert attention away from your races? I see what the fuck you doing. Do I see what you're doing man this is virtue signalling, but race virtue. Would you do me a favor? I hate to dwell on this one more time, but you please go. I want to make sure I'm right about this, that the Hasselblad cameras from the moon landing weren't insulated in any bizarre way see there are except they were different cameras. They were made, especially well. They were made. For this chess yank, they also had a special film about developed by Kodak special film. Is that true, because I've read that was exact same fellow men just don't know who, but who says it who says it has a big break down on to look it up? Okay, I had a pixel which, This is too many dis to many different people, commenting on it that, like you like me
like I'm muddying the waters myself by not exactly knowing what the fuck I'm talking about. Well dude, I mean that's like that. Stupid. Look at the camera warrior by historic. What is this? Who wrote this? How to pick? So? This is a pretty much, but this is fucking shell to shell site. This is CIA front in the shadows, the lighting see pull up the lighting. Why is it so well lit it's in the shadows? Goddamnit there's a guy behind it with one of those big reflector booms. This is on in Nevada, there's a tarp back there and if you look real close, you could see seed, copper stones, listen to look at all that gum, wrapper fake ground. We got fake. That ground looks no man. Look at that shitty, tin, foil, on that spaceship, yeah super likely that just landed on the moon, it's just more fun. This is I abandon the idea that we didn't go to the moon, it's more fun. To think that we didn't go to the moon, it's more exciting, so I have to be careful going that way,
that's why I changed my opinion on it. 'cause then I started re looking at like what the fuck do. You know about space travel almost zero, but what do you know about bullshit. I know I'm good bullshit, I know about bullshit and when I watched that press conference the Post APOLLO eleven, perhaps it's MIKE someone's pollution yeah it's weird here, but I think it's entirely possible that they were forced into. Accepting some stuff that wasn't really kind of knew it, but that they probably did go to the moon. I don't understand how your this is. Like get back and forth in your head, but when I say alien artifacts on the moon right away like now, I don't think they leave ship behind. I think if they're smart, the clean up, have you not seen the cleanup getting wrecked on the moon? There is a division of aliens, no evidence that looked at face on Mars. We've looked at moon really well get that picture of the spaceship that crashed on the moon. Yeah. That's true! That shit looks crazy, grill. Another thing that you space ships. I think they get to a certain point. They just travel through dimensions.
I really do, but I think that more and more, I don't think a ship's exist out other than like the really crude civilizations. Like our look at this the canal annually. Well, that's super real, which one do the one. The one that looks like it's most drawn with crayon fuck is that's wrong. That's an episode of STAR Trek Bro that looks like a ship like the eyes of mountain line. Behind it come on where, where do you see eyes would look at? This? Is fucking volcanic book? Absolutely isolating! Look! That's a fucking Topa graphical map that you're isolating a tiny little area and you're choosing to look at it. You got this ship. How dare you you could look anything in MOAB Utah and decide that spaceship that this is why they don't want to go to the middle ground, supporting there's a hole in the ground. That's a ship, it's not ship and look at that trail it's like our bobsled trail, you it's interesting. We look for get on the moon or in space.
In general and a normal thing in space is fucking amazing, like if we find a microbe on the desert floor. No one gives a No, she lives in the sand is incredible, nobody's going to pay attention, but if you find something in Space- and you can prove that this thing exist, it was a living organism, a primitive organism. That's on Mars, so we know it's? Some life existed on Mars right and then taking another step further. If you ran into some dude who was jerking off in your apartment building, you open open the wrong door and some dudes in there jerking off and screaming at him. He's an old man he's got a tank top on what the fuck. Can you tell your friends would laugh at it. But if you found that guy in the moon to some old jerking off on the moon, man, imagine that's, we found I went to anyway. Go crazy, realize realize like like that we literally are in a simulation, and this is we find out. There's a guy on the moon, jacking off and he's got box shorts on and socks with crocs and he's just sitting. There is potent knuckles up yes in there hunched back not
up on the moon and he got hurt, but he's got mouthfuls a dirt, that's until he gets by that's the creator of the universe. He just gone crazy. The creator of the universe went insane now we just jerk off on the moon? Now it's an old man. He looks just like an old man says, like the universe. Is so infinite that there's an infinite number of pot bill that lives can exist like someone explain this the other day that the Finn is so vast that literally it's entirely possible, there is a Darth Vader somewhere like a real legit, Darth Vader, who runs an empire like it's a real thing right somewhere, that's how many possibilities exist right. So, if that's the case, why can't there be a possibility on the June of an old dude who eats dirt? He's got a tank top of spaghetti stains he's not going up on the moon. We find them with the film on front page of the New York. Times they found old men jerking off in the moon. Do you think they tell us they found man jerking off in the moon. It's like that's what they find space probe lands and then right in front is a game, but look at this guy's great balls
he's I'd love to see that I like to see the the press conference and yeah Ask half has got to out spaghetti stains all how to give spaghetti stains on a shirt? No one? No! No! No he's eating dirt on the moon, jerking off on a probes. Now, what now? What are you going to do now? What is our civilization do? How do we deal with this? Well, the same thing like this Ilan Mosque car in space. It's, like you, see the image of that car, find just what you like wait. A minute wait a minute. We just re is this really going on around- am a God. Damn movie like Whatsapp, here's, this guy really spent one hundred million dollars, shoot a car in a space. What the fuck is, this sure he's got a camera on its broadcasting images of a manikin find going man, cascading levels of absurdity- that's what's happening, we're seeing cascading levels of absurdity and like the more that it the more that absurd. Happens, the more normal it seems, and that's kind of this is what I've been. Thinking is like what what the apocalypse really looks like because
But he thinks when you think about the apocalypse, when I think about the apocalypse, I think of meteors volcanoes. The classics, ocean dying light, just cataclysm right right, but really it's like more like absurdity, starts Avalanche Ching in that time to the point where things start happening so quickly that we can't even catch up like now, we got to do with the fact: there's a fucking Tesla infinitely flying through space life, it slams into a spaceship. That's coming to visit us that which is exactly can fucking. Imagine that, could you it was like the the alien overlords like they are finally ready, let us visit and they they come in at light speed and then the moment they re emerge from light speed. Whatever comes to the windshield hit, some right in the face takes the head: off the emperor yeah. It's just just
explosions, just like in star wars. Boom boom boom, Laura Dern the wheel, are holding on around that's what happened? this new STAR Wars movie, spoiler alert member when they, when it works, be they went right through that one jet or the One space yeah, that's probably gonna happen due bird hits, a meteorite hits a meteor that wasn't going to hit earth and then our culture, sorry, so that it does yeah. Oh, my girl didn't like yeah there, there is now. The lan must kills us. This stupid, fucking car flying through space just is fucking car out just grazes an asteroid, clink, and it just goes so yeah right la yeah, we don't know man right hits the laugh factory, that meant center that's the fucking main place? It smashes land? May God laugh yeah
eighteen semis and it hits the laugh factory. No one can hear. No one can hear it's. It's it's so loud. Everyone's ears explode, You know if you're nowhere near at your ears, explode in Kansas ears, explode from the impact and you're never hearing ever again, ever no one within a file one thousand mile radius ever hears again people in the Bahamas like what? What what was that yeah? I can hear you yeah. I can't hear you it's crazy. The earth rings for a million years. That's fucking crazy. This and when the earth got hit by that one that hit the Yucatan sixty five million years ago and rang for a million years just to drone, just like it got cracked like of
wrong for a million years, do that's fucking crazy. You ever heard the descriptions of how deep they think that thing was in the earth within the firm now, second of impact. Now it's something bananas like a miles deep into the earth within the first second of impact. That's how big that thing was com, Manhattan side as chunk. Yeah man, I love that because that's reality isn't that funny! That's the funny thing about existing on the planet is because is everybody walks around imagining that the world we're living in is permanent, permanent and stable, and not just our world, not just society, but your own life. I like people while around through their own life. This is the thing about that act that terrible it keeps happening with the Amtrak train crash. It's like when you think about that you're just going to work. What do you so
the thing that disturbs me the most, and it's disturbing me a lot lately. This is a real issue, people that were on left were saying that they were happy that it happened that God had done something to kill these politicians, because there was a lot of right wing, yeah, GOP, P, people that were this acting like. Could you imagine just saying that not not not only thinking it it's saying it on Twitter, like you're, so confident? So you right? Yes, with your desire strangers dead in in a fucking train accident, yeah actually died in that accident and the like group going to Heaven someone's dad's dead, yeah right, someone's mom that we are was a male or female. It died, but someone's mom dead, someone's sister dead, and you look good. Really in Chicago God, a plan for them, fall down because they're on the other team yeah do that shit, terrifying, that it's really
sad, but never used to be the left. That's what's the scariest thing to me, the left was never like advocating violence they with the exact opposite during the Vietnam WAR. They were the hippies through the people how to bring the troops home they're the people who didn't want war. They didn't want violence. Thirty one hate they date, not denounced. Eight they're, like they're, like talking about via It's being? The answer? Has certain certain political movements? I a bunch I sighed turn hi on Reddit that I liked a lot called liberal Baptist. Have you heard of this good ideas like guy you know? Can fundamentalism of any sort really like the ideas when you're? saying that your religious you're not really interested in and uh persons, soul or saving another person. What your interest, but in doing, is creating an ethical hierarchy that you can dominate by being at the top of the ethical hierarchy right. So what you run
into with this shit. That you're talking about is people who don't really seem so concerned with how society is supposed to be, as my which is using their refined system that they've come up with, which is like they called being woke, or you know what I mean it's like this crazy it's hard even keep up with it right, but they use it to try to dominate the people around them by making you scared to speak. Your mind was ideas is, like you know, one of the like. I I one of MIKE the gas to my podcast, that I get yelled at more than anybody else for having on Jordan Peterson that really pistol people after I had him on my podcast because they feel they misunderstand him and they think the Jordan Peterson hates transgendered people, I think, are they think that he's a.
I I think that he's they think that he's like alright. They think that he's like some kind of alt right spokesman, an the truth of the matter, is I don't, I don't fully know all of George the Spectrum of Jordan Peterson's views on thing. Because it would take me a very long time to do that. I know he's fucking smart. I know it was really cool for him come my podcast and I know we had a really great conversation. They didn't really talk about that stuff, but it didn't fit the narrative that they want the narrative that they want. Is that he's a hateful person and that he hates transgender people, and that is a big it and he's just right wing, alright poster boy, but it's not real problems. People aren't to adjust that once they stand on that stance once they have that position that this is I'm left wing. This guys right wing he's a pig things like that's. They just make up their mind, but can it can we throw? Let me add one thing to this: okay, a match in this imagined
Jordan, Peterson, and I don't honestly. I don't know, but just imagine there is a piece of him that doesn't for whatever, and I, like it d, I don't know, I'm again, I'm not saying this is it. I have no idea, I'm not implying it either, I'm a magic short Jordan Peterson, I don't know I'm trying to think of some offensive thing that he had just imagined he had some piece of him. That was definitely politically not correct, right. Okay, that doesn't mean that all the other shitty sang is Inven validated by some piece of him. 'cause people are made up of lots of different pieces. Well, that's basically in a way, I'm not category. Sing Jordan Peterson the way you categorize Descartes, but that's what he was saying right that with great people. They also have What was the word? He used not great sin, but great was the word he used,
The word that expression he ain't got they've got should got yeah great flaws lies in, and out is this great vices that he said this is to me where the big problem is is that people have lost the a ability to be nuanced and people in, and that to me is where things are really fucked up right now, which is like you were through the baby out with the bathwater, and I'm not saying like. Oh, let's give a platform to people who have like hates yeah, but but the idea that we have gotten to the point now where just like free balling and throwing around ideas just like we've done all over the place, I guarantee you. When I look at twitter, there is going to be at least like five people being like you, fucking Cuck piece of shit, only because, like I'm throwing around ideas, because my hope is through that process, I'm going to get closer to the truth, and I'm going to be able to look at myself like what you said about the cock, the coke boy,
You know what I mean. I liked it because you're right and I like what you did- and those comedic is funny you're right, Dude Why am I giving that guy hard fucking time is going to do? He can't not be born of cokes on right he's like he can't change his birth yeah. He is, he is meanwhile. What is he doing? Is he taking over countries? Africa, noise making could queue, charities, bang on a hot woman, yet right. So that's to that. But I white I like that having these kinds of interactions with friends, because it helps me a g just even though I don't have any real animosity for the coke brother from that kind of thing. And look at my own fucking pattern to be like. Oh shit, yeah, that's like that's something to think about like I could be more compassionate there. So my point is what but what ends up happening and what leads to someone who started off being you know who's uh, who considers themself part of a group that was that's trying to stop war, that spawned the hippie movement and now they're like thankful, that a train accident happened that is a result of grad
Julie shutting down their ability to understand that a human is much more than just one fucking thing: Jeff Sessions is not just an anti marijuana person. Jeff sessions is probably an elf in his suite outfit that and a person who's got a lot of love in him and he's done a lot of good things for a lot of people, but also he's got the worst fucking con. Septa. What marijuana is in that sucks, but that doesn't it validate any of the love is expressed throughout his life, and this is unbearable for some people to deal with, because we want a Darth. Well, it's because we are inclined to gravitate towards tribalism. It is a part of being human being, it's always going to be a part. It's the same reason why those Egyptologists were rejecting these from John Anthony West Robert Schoch. They weren't a part of the tribe new people coming in with some shit that they didn't figure out on their own there's a thing that people
do on whether it's male versus female you're. Seeing a lot of this one comes to this me to stuff one of the weirdest things that happens is that you start getting this day if I'd wear the manner matter to women in the women of the amount of men, even people that are non offenders and non victims. Well, they sure up on teams. And yes, it's good. People being exposed for doing bad things to people, but it's also very dangerous for us to men and women be on opposite teams. Were humans were supposed to be nice to each other? It goes back to what we were talking about earlier. We we I don't say that enough. I really do I think we say that enough. I really think we need to it needs. It should be reinforce and it sounds like. Oh, it's a fucking group thing that your advice bro be nice.
Each other. Yes, it is. My advice is not my only advice. I think you should also get your shit together. I think you should have some fucking discipline. I think you should eat right. I think we do a lot of things. You should read books. I think you should pay attention things try to educate yourself. You should try to be aware about objectivity and tribalism. Where are the influence, but I also think it would be really nice if we all just agreed to be nicer each other and it just have it as a conversation that the country has an ultimate the world has, but that list of things you just ok before that yeah. I think that all fits into the category and kind to yourself, and I think that the way you're going to learn to be nice to other people is by learning how to be kinder to yourself and being kind to yourself means treating your boy the better. You know. That's that's loving yourself an like this actually one of the things this guy Jack Kornfield taught me, which I like a lot voice talking to him about man, you know I want to fucking get in shape and, like I feel bad 'cause. I want to be more in shape and he's like. Ok, but the way you're talking about it, you're
getting yourself right now, yeah get in shape because you hey who you are getting shape, 'cause. You love yourself enough to want to feel better. So saying that changes the way I'm looking at it yeah. You know I'm saying, like you just saying that, like yeah right yeah, don't I hate your body love it by getting it healthy and then bye living. Your that's loving changes. The intention around from like I'm going to destroy my fall myself and replace it with a better self, it's like I'm going to love this being. I am right now and the way, to do that, but you know what I don't need to have five beers a night. No, I know I don't need to pour the booze into the thing every night as much as I have been, I don't need to smoke cigarettes. Are I don't eat whatever the thing is and that attitude of, like I'm, not doing this 'cause? I I'm not doing this 'cause. I I hate myself. It's just. This is different ways of me, jokes for me to express love into my own world.
And then from that radiates out, that's what you did. I mean that's what you do is like part of what appeals, I think, and you that appeals to people is that you're sort of radiating this, like way of being that offers a lot of people a sense of like oh shit. I could probably do that. I could probably do that. It draws people in so this kindness that you're talking about It's contagious! Yes, it is contagious and, and it should be- and it's our cultures operate on the momentum of the people that are in them right. Nazi germ, he is a good example, SOS Denmark, so is Nora. Yes, really interesting, cultures that are very different from other cultures. China is very different from Ethiopia. I mean yeah, they we vary widely in the way we behave yeah and I think, there's a bunch of different styles of of being a person, and I think the problem is- and this is a problem that I had as a young man. I had an ultra
repetitive issue. I was competitive with my friends can edited with other men. I was competitive I would shit on people that I didn't know. Look at this fucking loser. You know it's uh, natural thing, yet young men go through and it took me until I was probably in my early twenties to realize how toxic that was, and I moved myself out of it and instead start celebrating people around me. I changed my via to because I I was very flawed as a young man, but also super hyper self critical. So my hyper self, like I always wanted to be a better version of myself, but- and I would I wouldn't do it the right way like it was Jack Corn, Feld's, idea who's who at corn field Jack corn fields id? I didn't do it the right way. I didn't do it his way. I did it the way that bear early educated twenty one year old man who is mostly just read, books on combat sports and Bing philosophy and psychology. I have very limited amount of information in my head, but I really
is there was some flaws and the way I was thinking- and I realized I- was spending all this energy getting mad people that I didn't know hating people that had things that I didn't have- and I really I was sitting around thinking about this once and it was, as I was, becoming more successful as a martial artist. I was real, causing that one of the things that was holding me back before was my mind, and it wasn't just my physic talent, my skills, which also got better, but it was all so that I had a better way of approaching competition that I had when I was younger, but it didn't carry as much anxiety. I was still hangs. Anxious, but less society, because I was more a piece with being around all these different people instead of fuck this guy. Who is this fucking? I changed my strategy and I changed I am and then, as I got, the comedy I was alleviated by the actual real threat of competition, which greatly relaxed mean it was a giant weight lifted off my back, but that carried a little bit of that in the early days of stand up. I would look at other comedians like fuck this guy right, I get jealous
of guys that were doing successful that we're doing well, rather that were successful. I got jealous of guys were funnier than me like. Why is he fucking funnier than it was? stupid thought process and it took me till I was in like two thousand two hundred and twenty three I started realizing. I gotta snap out of this. This is unhealthy. I'm wasting this energy. Where should be concentrating on positive things, so I started supporting my friends I saw Being like a more complimentary person, I started. I just went out of my way to just be nicer to people be nicer to people not because they could do something information just to be nice, but I feel good to be nice and I slowly cultivated a better philosophy, and it took me awhile man. It took me until I was in my 20s till I really like, as I was like getting closer to thirty is when I started really getting good at it with comedy. You know like comedians on the road helping people yeah, that's foster, Bing other career, telling kids that were like seven years before you know, but to me like they were they out seven years after me,
seven years ahead of you could do this. Anybody could do this or just do it just do it and if you fuck up learn from that fuck up get better. This is the thing that you can you're your funny person you just you have to do is just keep doing it and you're going to already made it. Yeah now. This is the so this thing that you're talking about the thing that I that the rom dos people teach me with is invaluable to me and it really in tires is here. Is that they talk about? glasses girl, name, Carly Baba and how, when he was teaching, he never said here's what this is going to do for you. He was never like This is why this is how it's going to help you. He was always saying here's, how This is going to help the people in your life and so the moment make that little shift where working on yourself, as it's called, is not about doing something so that you can fucking have a fucking six pack in April, but the moment you start new scarf on to Calvin right horse. Shaving shaving your stomach, but the moment you
start fucking doing this stuff, but, as you know that it's going to directly help the people around you in ways. You can't even imagine like you, don't even know yet, because there's going to be a moment in every single person's life, where someone comes up to you, who's a lot of trouble and they need help and it not be money, it might not. It might just be something you could say to them. It might just be something you need to be Lou sit in that moment and because you've been like you know, but not paying attention and your blurry and you're angry in your fucking shut down that you're not even to see that person that person is going to just be another face, the crowd you don't even see, but that's the whole point is like this practice. Your practice. It ends up helping so many fucking people, and if you want to get excited about something, at least for me, what makes it really kind of difficult for Maine to get.
Super excited over. Like I don't know some kind of like thing. That's like going to give me an extra thing, it's way less exciting than to think that, like shit man, if I can be more com and more can I did then, the next time around somebody I love and get angry, I'm not going to hurt them, because I learning how to not react to my own bullshit. You know getting better at life. Yeah, and this through trial and error, mean that is a trial, error, honesty and you We have to realize that we're not all coming from the same starting block. You know some people came from abusive childhood. Some people came from super supportive and loving childhood. Some people are spoiled his children is that they are the people that struggle the most. Sometimes you see in kids that grow up in like really rich families, the parents weren't hands on there, so disconnected
really weird entitled, and they have a very distorted version of the future and those people. It's very, it's very hard to adjust from a place of bounty, place of struggle and success and and self realization yeah, almost more difficult for some of those people compassion meet growing. As a person who didn't have money, you know and thinking as when I was a child, my families on welfare thinking. I still can remember. At least I have an idea of a memory of us drinking powdered milk. I remember that I remember being really embarrassed with people would come over our house. We have powder We poor you and that memory of being a young man of being a struggling young comedian, doing a bunch of odd jobs trying to make it like this. This real hunger in worry, I'm at one of the most imp, nursing moments of my young life I I have this thing fall out. It was like
the management company was interested in me and they were like a music management company and they were thinking about branching off into comedians. This guy was talking to me about it and it was falling apart and I was driving with my girlfriend, and I was twenty one and the whole thing was so frustrating to me that I start crying tears rolling and I remember she looked over and you are you crying. I was like yeah fuck, yeah and she's like like. She was like mocking the fact that I was crying. She couldn't help herself. You know she was same age were both like twenty one right, we're both kids, you know, and she just thought it was a bitch move. It just be crying about being frustrated about your career and I remember being so embarrassed like. Why did I wanted to let that out to her like? Why did I let that out in public just frustration
did not knowing where the future life, but that frustration and that hunger of, like wanting to figure out a way to get out of this cycle of working shitty jobs and figure out how to do something that I actually love. Doing like be a comic like that that burning hunger 'cause, you don't have shit, that's where it all comes from what you don't know where the fuck you going to pay your rent, you not having a scape route? There's no net, you gotta figure this fucking thing out man, you not figure it out right now, right now it's falling apart and nobody, nobody thinks you're any good. You can't get booked like fuck you trying to figure out. What's the next job you're going to get, you could feed yourself when you try to figure out this weird thing that nobody could really tell you how to do yeah. You know, but then going through that struggle. That is everything, but people need to hear that you went through it too. They need here that that, during the dark days where it doesn't seem like it's going to workout are you alive? Can you see? Can you talk? Can you think get better get better better whatever you doing get better, so you suck at it. Now everybody sucks it
everything when they first start. That's the whole thing about getting good at something, but if you love it and you're really honest, don't lie to yourself. Don't lie to you look at it for what it is, look at it for what it is and work on it, whatever the fuck. It is whether it's writing books or make music composing computer code, whatever the fuck. You want to do if you suck at it, get better but look at it for what it is. Look at it for really what isn't that's one of our biggest problems. One of our biggest problems is that people have a really hard time looking at things for what they are. If they're not flattering it's right now they wanna think block. Those Gore focus goes a pussy Now, like I shot a fucking rocket into space with a car on it? Ok and he did it with his mind and figured out how to make these calculations. You figured out how to make enough money, so he could shoot a car in a space if you don't respect that digging tunnels under play the. Let him dig. Tunnels is an earthquake ridden area in this mother fuckers. Do in holes in the ground were worried about fracking.
We're like Eli must got it. He says not yeah cause an earthquake. It's not going to cause an earthquake. Yeah we're worried about people tracking we're not worried about. Elon must turn in our fuckin city into swiss cheese yeah. But you know man. The thing is: is that the guy you're make like creating an image of the guys like, like you, that must be that guy is real. That's real! That's me twenty one right and then you fell fucking queer and you felt like shit, that's the important thing is like that. That's all, coming from feeling like shit and when you get around somebody who's, acting like that. If you've looked into yourself enough to see where you feel like shit, and then you get around somebody and you realize, like. Oh, this person is like being a complete fucking cunt to me. Right now feels like shit, and this is the I want to see the Dalai Lama in Anaheim and your party
rom dos the Dalai. Well, this is like not parting with. I would love to party with the fucking Dalai Lama. I would love that I'm really might never find my cock if I got a chance to party with the Dalai Lama in space forever. It's another thing to talk about. Do any I'd love to be around that guy man just 'cause like when he was like so far, down in this massive places. Little guy, you could feel his the Energi, the rushing off of this guy into the room. It we tripping- maybe he but anyway, but anyway the thing that he said that stuck with me. As he's like one of the things he said is so simple, and it reminds me what you're saying now. As he said, you can always be kinder, and then the other thing he said, and it sounds so simple, but really people don't realize that you could always be kinder at any moment and then the other thing he said is, if someone being unkind to you. It's not them being unkind. To you. It's an echo is what he said like it's literally an echo of the Uncw.
Minus people being cruel to them throughout their lives and that shit is bouncing off of them like sound it's bouncing on to, and so, when you get around someone who's like being a shit. What you're really experiencing is that there a lot of sorrow from a lot of places. You don't know, and that was a mean you're supposed to lay back and let them like. Spit on you or be a shit at. Do you or whatever, but it also it helps you find a little bit of compassion, that's all just So you can be with that person and let them be they are without adding more suffering to it right which only compounds the situation. Well, you have to learn how for responding to that behavior to and and adjust accordingly get and do the hard work and look at yourself and more when people get super self indulgent one of things they do, they don't think about how other people experiencing them like if you're around people like for
fucking, the fucking worst luck, always fucking happens to Maine is same thing. Everyday. Ok, I'm at work, fucking boss knows and I wasn't miked it put in the world. I put folk in six thousand five hundred and seventy percent of the work in what did she leave? Why did she leave like that? Yeah those people are gross. I gotta go man. I can't which don't do what is the worst thing people do to you when they would show do what you think Do men need some advice? I need somebody, hey hey! No, you don't you what's going You want me to talk about you. You're making me focus on you, one hundred percent you're, not asking me for help, I'm not doing a God, damn thing for yourself, you're, not helping you self at all what you're doing is making me concentrate on you. Her broom full can really feeling depressed right now. Well, do something about it, so I'm not saying don't reach out to your friends, but I'm saying you got to do something to man. You can't just
always talk about your problems. Manifold can talk about my problems. You really want to hear him 'cause. That's all you talk about. Yeah but your whole life a problem right Jesus Christ. Maybe that's the way, you're thinking. Maybe this way you're behaving, we mapped out your life or not saying that you shouldn't be there for your friends when issues arise and there's certainly all of our friends are super support if we've all gone through some weird shit in our lives, we've all been super supportive, but if I'm super supportive to you, I know you're super supportive to yourself yeah. I know you're working on yourself to not just relying on me. What should I do to learn which,
tomorrow, when you think, if you could sit down here with me for a few hours and map out my future, I would really appreciate it. 'cause, it's just fucking hard out there for me bro, you got it easy talking, bullshit dude, your fucking, you know man fuck. You got a good head start your white car from North Carolina FUCK, you dude it's. What is man's come up these toxic excuses for why their life is shit without ever looking inward and they want you to admit your privilege and admit your foot advantages bro, how 'bout you Dunkin yep! do folk admit it was easier for you. That is familiar right, but not dirty asshole who, but the question is like 'cause, I know exactly what you're talking about, and I know that person and I know what that is, but the quite when I, run into with that is is there's a part of me that, like what you know. Sometimes you just have to put someone you have to like avoid their present. Slightly put him on blast
I thought you were going to not put him on blast no 'cause. It doesn't work that doesn't work, but I I maybe it does for you- I don't know, but it does work, there's a they just came out of you, but right said, but there is a thing of like I this is. Where I might just be fucking, naive or crazy, or what took over the line sweet I believe that with anybody daddy that you're around if you've cultivated, love like if you can really love them, even in the to that cyclone of bullshit that you're talking about, if you could look through this clone into their soul like into what they are, that's love and see right and love it, then the cyclone alstare calming down a little bit right in front of you. I think it's possible that I think it's possible that, if this is why I think it's fucking worth figuring out a way to cultivate this shit that you, talking about, so that when you get around a turd cyclone like that sort, so you know that you, actually you become potentially the person
who like not by giving them money or giving them advice. But just giving them love and letting them be this cyclone of shit for a second and having it for real. You might be the thing that that, just like mosques, fucking Tesla, it's the meteorite and sends it into earth. You might be the thing that day kings the meteor of their life and prevents the catastrophe e that they were spinning towards it's entirely possible. But it's also entirely possible that, like most things in life, you need a lot of various elements. You don't just need one person that you cling to. We need to look at humanity as a whole. We need to seek inspiration in the great work of others, and you need to look at yourself in a way that you think, maybe perhaps other people look at you, and that is something that a lot of people don't do and that lack of introspection and self critical thinking is one of the reasons why people don't change because they don't adjust
like you're, not the guy. You were ten years ago. I've known you for along time you're a better version thanks, 'cause you've adjusted. I mean not that you were bad, then I love you back, then. You are awesome but you're you're more together, more filus ethical, more at ease with the Yourself person that you were of ten fifteen years ago yeah, but when we were living together in the eye we lived together when you were in a bit, got down spot you're, a totally different human now yeah, that is cool yeah and you are beginning and that's a thing man because you are like in those moments when you are like when we're riding in my fucking mini Cooper and I'm trying to listen to Elliott Smith, and you know I'm depressed and you're like dude. What are you listening to what the fuck you, ct I'll. Never forget that and I'll tell you man in my head, I'm like what a dick you know to be what it has definitely been a day yeah, but but, but that what what that was was like the wood. It was. What you're do doing is helping me like get out of that. Vibe station that I was wallowing in it. Yes and I know
needed in it and I didn't it in those moments when were doing doing that. I was like in my head resisting and I'm like you know, but it did that's the other thing when you decide to help somebody in that way, you can expect it's going happened. There shift or change is going to happen instantaneously, but because of that, I still to this day Ok. When I put on Elliott Smith, I think it at moment man. I still hear your voice in my head going going took it. What are you doing, because You know what I mean because, because and I'll tell you why men, because sometimes you can and listen to Elliott Smith and not be wallowing in it, just really pretty and sweet, but don't listen to that if you're wallowing, because it's like it's all, don't feed the wall, don't feed the whole yeah, don't feed that wallowing peered inside you. Don't you don't need to feel that, like everybody experiences loss and everybody experiences bad moments, you just going to you you're, never gonna get life perfect right so during these by
bad moments which you gotta realize is just accept. It feel it get through it. Really it's a journey that you're going to get through but realized that there's better ways to navigate it. Then some and some ways are really bad. That heroin is a really bad way to navigate it but doing heroin and start fucking listening to Elliott's american girl holding a knife over your stomach in the middle of your fucking bedroom going fuck it man fuck it man, and I can't do that. You can't do that. Well, you can you can, but it's not. It's not help these way to go. That's going to give people around you and you yourself, the most joy. It's not necessarily selfish. It's self indulgent for sure I don't necessary think it's selfish! I think it's just it's. It's a pattern of b gave you that you can get trapped in and I think we've all been in bad situations where you just feel like shit like you get in a pattern. Behavior and you feel trapped, but you gotta
you got to learn from other people- have been through those patterns and learn from your own experience is getting through pattern because you get you well that's a thing man, it's like when you get around and someone he's like a teacher figure like you, early get around money is no he's like really doing it from love and not trying to fuck in like fuck with you, because that's that can happen to the words are piece of Your to your right right, like put you down, then yeah, yeah yeah. When you get around somebody's like doing it out of out of love, there is so such a massive difference in in the in the way that feels and in what they do quite off a lot of my teachers do, which is really fucking cool like in the same way. You see me kind of shift. You are my two choose from the US camp like in the beginning, when I was actively trying to offend them 'cause. That was what I would try to do is likely to be funny not be funny 'cause. I was thinking if I can offend these people about the practice their teaching me and they were
Ok, you can't say that or that's blasphemy or anything like that. Then I know to get the fuck out of there 'cause it like you know what I mean because you were, you were calculated. Thank you calculated with what was one of my teachers ragu. I would like his name's ragu like spaghetti sauce. It means it means a different thing and I get those are you named changes in the house, my name's spaghetti o's, but listen Bro, don't think about it, like that, my master, Spaghetti O's taught me study. What did you say he's a male he's, he's an amazing and like in the same way off in the same way, you're doing that with it. The same way. You do that with him. I would try to do that with like their teachers and and and the, and I would try to do, too, because I was like fuck. If they get mad at me right then I know, then you can. If there's a thing, I don't like blasphemy. I don't like the idea. I can last the man that freaks me the fuck out, but it was like win them curly baba. Tell me these stories and I'd be like you know, I just don't. I just don't really believe that man,
I don't know. If it's I don't know. If I believe that shit and where you are remember, saying that walking in this at the retreat with them in a and he gets a big smile on his face. He's like yeah yeah. I don't blame you for not believing it cool man this is cool and like it's that that's the you get around a real teacher. What I'm saying is the place that you're at they let you be there, but they're not like in the sense that they're letting you do the pattern that you're in but by allowing that to happen in its own way and then adding to it. The intention of like I think, I'm going to you grow here. That's when you really start changing, not when someone's like you when were in the car and was now Elliott Smith and you five recognizing in me a lot of sadness and a lot of up mess. You weren't scolding me dude, you are giving love, but the way you were giving me love was by making fun of me in this
really sweet way, and then it worked. You know what I mean it was. It was so that's the thing, that's what I really teacher sure does and that's why it's like you know it took to learn how to get to that spot is one of the most important things you could do. Well, it's also from a selfish standpoint, when you have a good friend that is all sudden looking for a place to live, and then they could live with you. It's cool cool, it's far right, but it also feels really good to help some money and to help somebody that you love and you really care about. So I mean I don't even I thought about it for three seconds when you called shut up and you were in a hotel room, I go to come live with me. Yeah, it was like instant snow white, a Duncans live with Maine. Stanley as got a place to live dude. You never have to worry about not having a place to live. I want Did you do you know, and also you were I've had a lot of people that have offered the tank to anytime. You want come on by using tank, you only guy who use it on a regular basis.
Tate live with me. He didn't touch. The crazy like thought this. He might he got in there once I don't know what that was not his style at the time you know, but you were in there all the time and you were writing journals and ship and get out of it yeah. We would talk about it. You would talk about your inner voyage when you go in that tank and just think about your life and how your your you know. What you're? doing and what happened. What went wrong and where were headed to and just looked at the the stress of trying to be a professional comic? Is it fox? You know how I know it fucks you because it fucks me every two years, every two years I abandon my act and put out special and then have to write a whole new one in a God, damn sweat and just thinking about it right now, like Thompson, girls go through that right now, our going through that right now, that's it's the shedding of all
you've got yeah, and then you got to start from scratch to terrifying. You again and that's the thing that makes you keep growing thing, makes you grow older, but it when you're, when you haven't had any success like when you were in the beginning of your he just it just yet happened. Yet you don't really believe. If can happen once you do. Have it happen, then you all, I see just got to get through that, but do the the thing you're talking about with the comedy it's? It applies to everything and it's like the it's. A good you're talking about it with was telling me like. If a snake doesn't successfully shed its skin, it dies, and that did so a person is the same way in the sense that many nice clean to ways that we were thinking.
That's who we still are when we're not yeah and and and and you have to say that you learned what parts of yourself you to. Let go a flake and you have to have the guts to let go of it in dude that That is one of the craziest things when you really have a thing that you've become attached to for a lot of people. It's a relationship that sucks you end up in a bad relationship, a bad job. You end, just come to attached to some version of yourself that you just aren't anymore, who you right. You got let go of that yeah, look of it n n and letting go of it is death. It's a form of death. A key feels like death, so people want to avoid and what ends up happening. Is you run into people who are just fuck even don't even realize, did their valets covered in bags from all these previous, their horn and they won't? Let go of all these things. All
is ways they used to be so that's the What I've learned is that, through this active, like scanning south, are looking into the south you'll find places where you're stuck where you're stuck For example, you were saying I get jealous. I was getting jealous of these people. I was getting jealous. Well, you were stuck there. That was the plan. Wasn't. His job was worse than that it was toxic, didn't like them. Yes, mad at them. Yeah, you are stuck and you are attached and you were like in that attachment was making you unhappy, are heavy that feeling is literally not just that week. We will we a weak, really bother because all the energy that's being put in no weak in my one of my so I air, yeah, not not weak, like tired, like did have the energy week like. Are you right? You bet you just jealous. That's you, that's you now yeah. I know
and these are like you know like when I'm do when you get a real, that muscle, spasm yeah and then you go to misuse and that that moment, when the thing finally gives way and you're like oh, that place in your back that hurts so bad suddenly just feels like you're back again and you're like well, the same thing happens with suffering. So it suffering a lot of people's lives, lives there repeating suffering some blue, a karmic muscle spasm and it's like until you literally push into in the same way you get rid of a muscle spasm, it hurts man ran into you like get the blood flow going back in that place and really go deep into. Why do I get jealous? You know for me the thing I just figured out: that's how find me just jealousy in relationships. It's like. Why do I do this? What is this? This is just like you're saying it
week it's not a good look. I don't like it and it's indulgent like while you're doing it, you realize it's gross, yes and you keep doing it. Yes, you, like, oh my god, I'm being a bitch, I'm going to keep going. You fucking, texted him first stat that is so humiliating and stone bear sing in so up and so brutal to the person. You're with yeah, so I got that thing I figured I figure out a let now I say: let it go. It's delusion alley, I'm not putting out there that you can conquer it. You know a terminally parts of your identity or whatever, but I've been able to let that go and that feeling of real being able to let it go. Wow man, that's to me this is one of those monumental things when you could start dropping these things and it's different everybody. Everybody's got their own fucking muscle, spasm, but you'll know what it is. You know what any people
to do right now. You know what it fucking is. We are incredibly so we incredibly susceptible to patterns, incredibly self yeah. And if you have a pattern of weakness and you accepted over and over again yeah, it can define you yeah. You have to be really careful that you got it well, yeah and but in what's the beauty of it, though, is the very fucking thing. That's hurting you like that. It's also simultaneously the thing: that's like your that your fuel for improvement, yeah, it's like you're. Turning your trap. This is such a cheese. The thing that I thought I said and I'm not I'm never going to like make it a blog post or things that get me, but I did think about this. It's turning your trash happened to a trampoline. It's like you find this. Are you of a self help speaker? I can see you right now in a theater. I know that I do like a big screen behind. You is turning your trap into it. Sure travelling now give me your money. I know that's. Why has it? I deserve to be made fun of for an I'm not going to ever use that in a book or in a blockbuster anything, but I really do
like the concept of like finding the your stock and realizing that that's to place. You should avert your eyes from, but in fact more than likely, that's a door, that's a fucking door and you can go through that door into a whole new existence where you're no longer horrified by yourself, and that that is really writing. It's really fucking wonderful moment. You know not. In comedy, but I think in anything it's always a powerful thing to improve its it. That's one of the things that's good about Doing things you're not good at. Is it you get the oper you need to see what happens when you work at something and then you improve- and I think that applies to everything I think, if you look learn how to play game. You get really good at the game. I think that figuring he's out in your mind, how to get good at this game apply to life I do is you could get caught? it up in a game like chess or whatever it is, becomes your whole life and that it's almost too much right
It also use things like chess or a lot of different things like we have people of a heavy prejudice against video games. I went out, but this it's been absolutely proven. The video games enhance many aspects of the way people think and problem solved. It's been proven in their studies done doing that people are doing on it, but we associate video games with waste time slacking off being a loser. Meanwhile, Jamie with the we tell me the other day about how much money these guys make when they're playing twitch thousands of dollars a day, if not so under two thousand dollars a month. One hundred thousand dollars a month playing fucking video games. How is being a lawyer better than that? You fucking It's is it about making money. What is it about because these twitch guys got? You beat face yeah you're out there, just making people get divorced and raking the cache. This guys shooting aliens on twitch anymore, yeah you're, a loser. Yeah he's flying private
is got a diamond crusted rolex and he plays video games. Do you understand crazy. That is your over. There were our family law. Do you watch twitch now see, I think many grown men that things to dip, my god greasy plate. I play a lot of games man. I only have so much time I played I played pool, I shoot archery. I did you that first of all, you got to watch twitch just for just for the sake of a definitely don't of the fantasy. You know, I guess you don't have to you. We need to look so you could see the how one, how it sounds when you hear about every when I first heard about him like that, there's a scene mighty mouse, do it it's real entertaining and it's really funny- and it's like when you're looking at like that, come the the forms around these people and like then you were.
I was like man. There really is something really soothing an addictive about watching this to to be seen, not twitch care, trolls people, and I what's it called Myspace the what's that world for you. What no? No it's like our chat. Now, Dr Jack, there's easy. This dude goes into different video games, playing a character and trolls p inside the games, and it's some of the funniest fucking shit. You've ever seen like he goes into what second wife he goes into. Second sign. Somehow x it into a like enclave of people playing the part of bikers in there, and he goes in there and they're like they're, acting like bikers, so they're like. How did you get in here, John I'm seeing on here is like. Does this very calm voice? You need to get out of here and he's like I do. I do you know. I I I'll I'm going to go, but I'll be back tomorrow and they're like no. You will not be back here tomorrow, you're not coming back. This is our place or you had to show the
you show that on was looking up? Second, life isn't allowed on twitch for some reason, this it's a streamer look up. Second life art. This is our place. I don't know if you can. You'll even be able to find it or place dude. It is the funniest shit, so there's a video that he recorded and then you put it online, so you can watch it any trolls shit tons of people this way, man, if you find it found a video, says extreme angry extreme, angry ranger for a hilarious strolling. Is that probably at second life, three fingers? What can I see it I don't know what it is right away the that's the. I think it's probably him, but go back and look at this is our place. Biker second, wife, well I maybe someone on Twitter can help us find it because it's like a pretty famous troll video, but it's like the funniest fucking shit. Man like I watched it a million times. I'm working on twitter right now to see
was there ever trolling before the internet? Yes, it did. I think I think that's it man, second life. They will shut her down and I will I paid fan that somebody wearing a round the clock. I think you should speak to me more. It's one, one of them as, what's the what's the one so she's talking yeah realize different one. What's the one in that yeah, that's his second wife! What I want that you could come to a Fucking Mc Motorcycle Club, the Asian tell you something story. I am fine mist. I have a reputation that precedes me. You can go anywhere and you can mention mine nine months. Actually, why am? I am fine, miss you know one because hi, my famous and people that can't be like. That's not him. That's amazing. What's the one in the lower in the the action right there, I was hooked already now that
the point, is gonna shirt watching video games as a as a blast. I wish I could finance it's weird look watching games is a blast I like watching. That's that guy. The doctor is respect. Yeah, do is look like There's a lot of things. That's interesting! I like watching people play pool. I do right. I don't even play golf and I like watching people play golf because they, market in which I do? What should I do like you think, is going to make it yeah, I think, is going to fuck up. Look at me sweating. Yes, it's fun the thing about video games. You can do it from the first person. You could look at it. Their perspective yeah and it's fucking crazy to watch me I went to. I went to the is Khan. You know Blizzard has Blizzcon like in, like I lucky enough to get in there. Man I got to watch like e sports. I got to watch people playing Starcraft in an auditorium, and it was
awesome and the energy, and there was so fucking intent before there. I don't know hundreds hundreds. It was like shit tons man. These are like famous player here's do these are like world renowned Korean Fucking masters in like when they're know anything about Starcraft, and you see what they're doing it's incredible and it's just like you know the applause the fucking people are like, yes, super complex, so fun to watch. That's what I'm talking about with this people that have these prejudices about video games. There super like video games, especially like star craft. They are super complex. They require a multi level. Thinking, oh yeah, oh yeah, you can't you can't just play store, are crap not against those guys. I mean I've seen you play it before too, and I'm like what are you doing you moving shit around like what are you doing like I'm setting this up, and this is for later like what I know like what is this. I tried to return to it. Talk about like feeling old, go back to try to play Starcraft after a couple of
actions have come out and you're. Just like. I can't what the fuck man I have to learn. You don't have that kind of time, I want that kind of time to like work, learn how to do fucking. Burger rush is again. I liked all my god. This is a talk to go to arena, looks like ceremonies in Seoul for two thousand and fourteen legal of oh, my a football stadium. It's like a giant soccer stadium, so bad at all, my god. It's filled with people. That's like fifty thousand people. There yeah that's cool man, that's insane it's so big in Korea, holy Shit, dude, look at those people the size of the place to. Why has not caught on like that here suck us there's a overwatch league. They just started this week or this month, that's in and burn
bank. I like the old Johnny Carson Theater, those shares yeah, that's cool dude. When I was addicted to quake, I would watch demos all the time from this guy named thresh, see if you could find thresh quake there was this kid God I wish. I remember his name. I think his last name was Fong Dennis Fong there it is Dennis Fung, he was the best and while he was playing before he retired, he was the best like he was so good that people would watch his demos, and try to emulate his moves and what he would do was he would figure out a map like absolutely perfectly so we have these one on one duels, and this is another thing that surprisingly complex is playing dual's in. This is quite one that we're looking at here! No, it's not looks like quick. Three hold quick one tournament this it Is it a new version of it? No, it's deathly, quick one! Okay, so do you see this shotgun shells and she'll like that. There's all different stuff is rocket launchers, and this didn't have a railgun. The railgun changed a lot of shit and quick too, but the
point being that you would have these strategies 'cause. You had a map and it would all be about controlling the responds. So all of the items. Well, it's a rocket launcher or shotgun or whatever the fuck. It is you're picking up and the ammo it would respond as well as the health. So it was all about. Controlling, where the responded keeping your health up really high and then making sure your opponent never gets any good weapons right, and so they would. It was really cool chicken? They chase each other around the map, this one to just everybody uh I mean any last couple times to me was you know start now, but he eventually got to a point where he was the Michael like right. There boom sees that guy boom Jack some. He knows. You're going he's fired rockets down hallways, he anticipates you're going to be going down and when you would watch guys play. Is he like right, that guy was there and he's just waiting boom boom and he could just kill that dude and I would watch these
guys in these demos and try to learn from like how they were maneuvering, there's another guy called fatality and good at it and there was different games that guys would play to the was this game and some guys went over on real. They played on reel to reel. I've got the armor yeah. I mean every time a response. He's gonna, be running back here. To get that armor running back, did get the shotgun shells making sure that his opponent doesn't have a rocket and just keep William and then, when he responds you chase him down, kill him again or we can- and these are fucking really complex multi level games. You have to think in advance and you have to plan things out and guys would even have timed things that they would put in program. So which show on their screen rocket launcher responding in ten seconds nine, a a right yeah, it's crazy! How when this came out, it was so badass, and now it looks so ancient it looks weird but but go to quake. What is the Qu
four one? What is the new quake? One quake tournament? What is it quake champions? That's call quake champions there's one you can play online now. These call quick champions came out last year, came out last year now watch this arena. That's what it is quake champions arena that it, but look at the graphics now, but it's the same kind of the kind Sept right say you know this. This guy is playing a one on one against someone, and theirs is crazy. Maps looks bad at hot mail. When was the last time you played quake forever to terrify you go how to get back in. No, that is our problems. You're like why I'm too crazy dude, I'm telling you. I can't do this. I used to play this shit for eight hours a day. I told you get a t1 line installed in my fucking house. We're looking at is so fucking funny that I just mail them with a real gun.
I had a real problem, so I prefer archery in a bunch of other things that I get addicted to, but I could easily get addicted to this yeah. It is so fun. Looks super phy, socket shooters what you, but you don't you just don't play M we decided to do that. Would you come and play here, yeah, of course, okay? What what what we're thinking about doing is? We have a conference room and I'm thinking bout turned to a LAN party room cool and have it set up, we'll set up quake games and then we'll, maybe we host a server and let us certain amount of people online yeah, and then we have what we call death match. How come with dental match is, like you, have ten people on a map and I was going crazy. Can you respond with all your to do that too? But what about? Why? Don't we pick up a new one like this? This
Buckingham with this when, when people in this game, it's called battle grounds are saying: battlegrounds, yeah man. This is bad. I don't want real physics. I don't want to move around or move around real life. That's the thing about quake, as you move way quicker than you do in real right. It's like you, bounce and jump in your hidden tree campaigns and flying through the air. Oh man, this game looks pretty cool if you a queer look at finding people. That's why I think you'd like to hunt people you're, hiding a peoples and I'm not even one hundred people bro, I'm in one hundred millions that can move faster than people with rocket launcher dude in by that's a quick. What about Hearthstone Joe? Why don't you start playing worth so you want to cast bells like you. Do you have to be naked again? I like over watch them 'cause. That's a little bit more yeah over watches into that. It's a third person thing right! No! No! No! This is just weird. This is the one I was explained, the Overwatch league. This is the viewing of it. So I said I was you can view it yeah, but I like watching things through someone's eyes that oh there you go yeah first person with over watch. This looks great. This looks great yeah. This is team base.
You should do. We should have an overwatch league I suck at it. You know as good at it as Pemberton. You can get pepper generally, just look at him, so it. Is this something that you play with a pc? Or is this ok? I know plans on all of 'em this ones all I can play Xbox Games once you play with the mouse and the keyboard. That controller is just so. Why are supposed to be making an update soon, so you can do that actually mouse and keyboard on Xbox. Oh well, that's what they should do. Cows are taking so long to do that. Lizard is so bad ass, but they were working on that years ago. There's still a thing like Xbox said recently: they would allow people to play against people on Playstation network. Sony doesn't want to play friends with well see. The thing about computers is: when you have a mouse and a keyboard, you could just have so much more precision guys get really good and they also auto aiming it keeps you in the box when you're using those they've made it a little bit better. So those little hand controllers are more accurate than they used to be, but man get the same when you,
when you have a mouse and keyboard like if you watch that guy Google Fatality in the eye in fatality was a number one. This guy would hit people with a railgun in the middle of the air. So often it was almost like you, a psychic, crazy, and you would watch him playing you watch through his eyes and you realize how bad you are at the game. And that was part of the reason why I got so addictive- made it to number one on that new game I was talking about. He did this sort of Twitch Channel says right here. Yeah. That's him he's a savage. I met that kid in Vegas, very nice car is not kid anymore, I'm sure he's in his deep in his 30s now. I think this is a long ass time ago that he was running quake unless he was six. There is dad dad bod gotTA fucking golf turn on just dropped his kids off their fucking, how people online? I love it, man that this is like such a better future than I predicted. When I was a kid like. I never imagined that we would be able to watch people play video games or that you could make a career out of plane not just occurred
here, but make more in a month than lawyers make in a year somewhere out. These people are all painting and playing music and stuff. Alright, we're going to do it and we're going also do pool on it right to set that shit up. We got plans technohunt. We do this techno Technohunt thing. Have you seen the technique game? Yet only are you like posting and install yeah? I want to. I want to check it out that we have thing live. There's forty thousand people watching and shooting arrows at this screen, and then it's been downloaded like three hundred thousand times in the first twenty four hours? What's the ETA on this man like? When? Are you going to fully turn this into like a video gaming compound was pretty close, really closing in on it were closing in, but the Technohunt thing thing fascinating, fascinating about use a a regular. So so it's real! It's like like real world right. A compound bow yeah like a real compound, bow yeah you're not supposed to is a powerful one supposed to keep it down.
Seventy pounds, you can't jack it up like mine, is jacked up to eighty four pounds, but I tried to eighty four pound one and it didn't break it. So we'll see. I'm excited man. I love this compound is crazy. Ass, yeah! I can't wait to see what you do with it. It's like you're, just barely Growing it right now right like well any suggestions. You have man. If you want to do something here, we could do anything you want if you have an id The I do I like the video game idea, man, let's do it the idea of having some kind of like twitch laboratory years, pretty cool yeah. I think starting. Let's do it so you heard it folks Duncan Trussell is in for the Twitch League Don Thomas at least my kids are going to do. How do you come home daddy? What do you play games Please, gentlemen, you could follow him and his antics on Twitter or Instagram, but you don't use facebook do now there you go.
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