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2018-02-13 | 🔗
Jimmy Dore is a stand-up comedian, political commentator, host of "The Jimmy Dore Show" available on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3M7l8ved_rYQ45AVzS0RGA) and as a podcast available on iTunes.
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today is our whole areas, guys stand up comedian, a very wise and limited political commentator in an honest guy. Please give it up for Jimmy Dore the Joe Rogan experience, the quick count to be doing a lot of fantastic these headsets or no. We should know better headsets up to you. I just feel lonely from the only guy with headsets. Oh ok get better! Well, I guess about the practical: hey. What time is it? It's one thousand one hundred and one minute after one thousand one hundred and fifty nine minutes, but the topic twelve hours did you ever do that ever doing regular radio show I had in college. I had a radio show, but it wasn't real. It was just broadcast, Actually it turned out to the campus is adjusted the campus we supposed to be going out to the campus, and then we found out about three months in it wasn't going out to anybody. I always had dreams of doing a radio show, but I always knew that I would fuck it up. You know like I would get fired or some I never thought. I never thought anybody would hire me
I got in trouble for at that station for burp the same song three times in a rocket so good, I liked it was the song. I don't even remember. It was like some off brand. I've never heard of them before, like the rib any brothers or like this and flood saga, they fired you from a college station fire made. I came in and they yelled at me, and I was like this isn't even going out to anyone and if it wasn't s day, and I do my radio shift, I would just come in and simulcast with the fm them I was was am a m with the FM station, because I want to go. That's why I want to sit next to his next day. I wonder if anybody has done this, I mean I don't think you could do it and put ads on it, but you could do it is just for fun. Object. Have your own radio show on a podcast, we just play songs. Could you do that to I think, because you can't give people a download of a song. That's illegal right, ok, yeah! That's why yeah so you can stream it, though maybe like stream it on Youtube, maybe maybe but not
still have to pay some kind of royalties for those songs? I don't know what. Even if you, making any money off of it. You have to pay. I think if someone streaming near jokes, they have to pay yeah, but the thing is nobody wants to hear jokes more than once. That's the problem with jokes: that's not true Joe really, all right for it. First of all about me blows look up your ass a little bit, I'm not actually it's a sincere. So you do comedy before I saw you, we did the two thousand and four. I think it was the aspen festival, we're on the opening night show at the Wheeler Opera House, and then I saw you sets at the improv, and I thought you're funny you know uh, but I never remembered any of your jokes and when I saw you at the comedy store a couple weeks ago and I've been doing your act ever since I've been telling your jokes everywhere I go to anybody who will listen and everybody. Pause down laughing those jokes that you have, first of all the joke about
Einstein is just so damn funny and then the joke about the wrestling goddammit. You know- and I it's it's hard for me to not say them right in your face right now. I know I said with that would be not good. If I did your I teach you, but I can't not do those are some of the funniest jokes I've heard in a long time- and I I know People are going to be saying. Oh he's such a kiss at I'm not kidding. I love comedy, and I love jokes, and I can remember jokes- that I like an my every once so to get that onto a Netflix special, because I'm worried it's going to get old, yeah right is right. Now you know it's like. It happened a couple of months ago, it's still okay and I'm recording in April. One of my boy April is like the wire that's like under the wire yeah. I think it'll be okay, because that there's not going to be a bigger
raper, whatever that Harvey Weinstein could come he's, but he's the pinnacle right like if you had a Cosby joke today. It's still okay, because he's such a rate, perhaps for quite gone Cosby. You're right, you forget, did you see the recent we're because he was at a barber shop, his videos of TIM hanging out at the barbershop talking about jazz trivia, barbershop, guys in Philly no yeah yeah actually performed recently at a jazz club, yeah I showed up at this jazz club and perform and then announced that he was going to perform at another place, he's like he's back while he in between trials wow, so that's thing I always wondered like he was still selling tickets. Still show up to see him well before the no one before anyone knew for sure what was going on. There was a couple accusations and everybody's like what is this like? What? What is this really is is real. Is Someone doing a shake down, and then they started the just the fucking tsunami
of accusations started piling in which is really incredible. When you think about it, how many years that I was doing that it's unbelievable how you he could get away with that for so long n, terrifying and then something and then now it's like you just go on a bad day and year. You get in trouble like a seasoned, sorry for Warren yeah. Now, but what's the pendulum swings, you know, I I think it's it's well. It's kind of open season on man right now and also background to be normal again, and you know it makes sense to me. No do you get this so many of these accusations that happened, you know, after a while they pile up and then there's this is like anti I male resentment, and then swing back and it'll normalize and people are sort of reacting Thi Aziz thing. They say well that went a little too far and the woman who was in charge of the before you, woman, who is a big me to support her. She got busted can you see that I don't know yeah. She was grabbing some dude's dick. She was drunk and she's just a con
first woman, no kidding yeah you have ever girl, do that? Do you have been grabbed like bill? Burr said this famously one hundred percent correct it's after shows women in their 40s, they get a liquored up. They get crazy and they is there like a little rabbit? They grab that asked him go for it and you know at did you did you feel violent no, you know it's it's anybody who it's not different, for men is just a liar: it's not physically scary! It's like if my daughter come and punches man and kicks me. You know like she'll: do that for fun, just as a joke, it's not threatening right, it's fun, silly If you did it I'd be like hey man, I'm fucking hit me like a man hits you it's different like. If a man is trying to grab a woman's. You talk about someone larger grabbing someone smaller, it's scary, it's dangerous, the real threat of ray is actually right now, for you
play Sarah Brightman what happen less. I wanted too it's just. Not it's not going to go down that way. I would like really sick. Do something really wrong with Maine? Well, there was this guy and see this is the highlight remembering jokes. I haven't seen this guy probably tell jokes for twenty five years. His name is Paul Kelly and it was right in the in the 80s the end of the eighties when, when women were in the work force- and that was like one day at a time- member that you're right about your and so things were weird in the workplace. Men didn't know how to talk to women and how to act, and then they will go all she's. Just like one of the guys member that they would say that that was the highest compliment. You can give a woman she's like one of the guys we don't have to act weird around there and this guy Paul Kelly. That's when people start to talk about sexual harassment and he said see men, we don't understand what that is Mmhm. It's like oh wait. A minute you mean you're, you're, you're gonna touch my dick. While I type and I get insurance. Well, we say that put de
TJ? Do you know the amazing atheist, Delia's so I do know who he is. I've seen his show cup, but on Youtube very funny guy. He told me he's kind of an introvert. He told me that he was working in office once in a woman who was his boss was sexually harassing him and it completely unwanted and she would grab him and he would lock up, freeze and be uncomfortable, and it was great you know he said it was. He was rude, but he's a big guy. I mean he wasn't physically in danger, I'm sure it felt super and come but it's always going to be a notch. Several notches less scary, because she can't take out her dick and stick it in you. There you go that's a separate. The thing is the violation yeah. That's like the fact that someone could- Klay hold you against your will and his menu yeah take yeah get into your body inside inside of you yeah, like a woman literally can't do that she came in golf you that could be scary,
when golfing, you told Jesus Gulf, it doesn't seem scary, though it's not same violation. What happened officer well, he said he was engulfed. He golf my dick with his he. He just took it over. Just tell you signed, joke now he'll be on, and I'm too I'm recording in April. So it's close elder only two months away. Have you done that wrestling joke an unofficial, but no that's on all the stuff. Now it's all the stuff is from My you know from my last special, which was last year to now. Well, you know I have been there what what was it? What makes? I think that's that stick in my mind also is that I've made me jealous right. Like you know, when you, I don't know, if you get gel, I still get jealous. When I see someone doing something better than me, if I want to do it and I'm like goddamnit It made me want to get out, and I haven't been doing comedy is much, and you know it's like a muscle. I think Jerry Seinfeld said. If I don't do comedy for about four days that
I notice a difference in if I don't do comedy for five days, they can notice. So I I've been I since I started my Youtube, show it's Can you stand up as much as I should and I stopped touring like I should and I miss it. I want to do another special and watching and that night of comedy at the comedy store made me go goddamnit comic damn it it was like that many times you know that feeling of just being inspired woman right yeah I was you know, I mean my site went fine, but it wasn't uh. On my game right now, right now, I have to really start working it again, which I have started an I'm going out and it's it's. My it's like this is all I ever want to do. In my life was stand up comedy and, like
a stand up comic to me was like being really ota and good fellas. Like you know, I can wait in line. I wanted something I took it. I you know, I don't follow. Rules are listen your bullshit, I do what I want. I say what I want and they pay me for it right. That's I just love that shit and it and I started doing the Youtube show and eye it becomes a job right for me and it's a grind in a innocence and good comedy. I so miss sleeping till noon and then getting up working out having all you had to do is figure out. Who am I going to have lunch with today was my big decision? Who am I going to have lunch with then I go home after the lunch. I have an app, then I go and do a show it's fine with the greatest life in the world. Why did I fucking, but you must enjoy doing your youtube. Show too. I do because through it me to discover who I am more because
is a stand up. Guy I was like bill. Hicks was my favorite guy. When I saw Bill Hicks in Chicago almost quit because I was in comedy about three or four years, and I was like I fucking know what I'm doing and before I got on stage would be like wait till they get a load of me. You know it's like that. Guy has a fucking bad assassin Chicago and then everybody talked about this guy bill, Hicks right and I was like. Oh I'm going to check this guy out, so I sat down and he starts his set. An about two minutes in I started drinking and then about five minutes and I started drinking more and about it and I was convinced I was going to quit- comedy because my whole life you know. I always thought like a George Carlin was my hero and I was like you know. If I do everything right, I could maybe be like George Carlin. For one special like. Maybe if I get everything right now, I really work it and I saw Bill Hicks, and I knew I wasn't. I was always going to be competing for second place and
and so when he died, it made me, fill up there as well fuc, I'm back to work now with the saddest thing when he died. Of course, he's my hero and You know, I didn't really know him. I knew him tangentially and it was weird to feel that kind of sadness for someone you don't know personally and uh, so that was a big deal to me watching Bill Hicks at totally changed my life, and I tried to be like him, of course, like an idiot, I try to be in. You can't write and and then one time I was dating this girl girl and might be my wife. I don't know who told me this, but she said you you don't look like where you come from come from the south side of Chicago grew up: poor, twelve kids, drinking powdered milk- and having to ship it out of me from the fucking morning till night, right 'cause, I went to catholic school tough neighborhood. Am I so she's like you, be angry like Bill Hicks, because you look like you come from privilege, money and you're dressed. Well, I always like to dress nice 'cause. I grew up poor. I was wanted to be
And so that's when I had to buy go back on the anger on stage and I was like if you watch my specials on comedy central, I'm very nice and doing the Youtube show is what let me connect with my anger, which is always what's drives me. That's interesting. That is what has connected with people and that's when I really started selling tickets and my You know everything I wanted to get from comedy in the sense that I got from this Youtube shows, and now I can go However, I want and do a show- and I just my fans will show up it's the greatest thing that ever happened in my life, where you're very good on you Youtube show and you're. Also very fair. You know one of the things that I really like about your show. Is you you're, obviously, a left, leaning guy, but you are very balanced in your criticism of the left and you criticism of criticism of the left, and so, if you have to
hi. To make your point, you don't have a good point. I agree with you thousand percent, so it's so it's such an important thing, that's being missed today. Yeah- and I don't know that- and I don't know I've gone back and forth on issues- everybody I sure can be allowed to go back and forth on issues. You know I was, I was against gun control. I was for gun control than I was against it again. I mean you know right so and to think that good people give me a lot of high I get I get more of a hard time from people who consider themselves on the left. Then consider themselves on the right today Friday. This is a new thing, though, is identical in the last decade. Right, it's because maybe less than a decade, let well to me it sense. It's. It really started with, Clinton in ninety two, but it get really ramped up until Barack Obama in like two thousand and ten, when it was clear that Barack Obama was a neoliberal corporatist. Who was going to do the bidding of the war machine and Wall Street and Big Pharma, which is why, when the Democrats got the government they had
and the presidency, the Senate filibuster Proof Senate for a few months and they had the Congress and the House and they in past single payer or even a public option, what we get, we got a right wing healthcare plan anyway, which is a giveaway to the farm farm and health insurance companies that left out to The eight million paid and infuriated small business owners in fury, aided people that were pro that had a small practice it there. There were doctors and you know, and Also it's it's sorts of people. They were is better than what we had. It was a bad solution. It wasn't a solution. What it was was a solution for the pharmaceutical companies in the health insurance company. How is it better than what we had in the way? Well, because you before those pre existing conditions and you couldn't get coverage so that I was posted so now you can always get coverage so that part was better at this yeah you can get covered. Even if you had an issue right right so and you could, then you could go on exchange and stuff like that ever had to do that. I always got through my way. Employer had my health insurance right and by the way, having health
since it is, doesn't really mean that much I got really sick and what you're talking about this before this is the best. Is this a different thing, but I got us I had up until this is could diagnose. For a few years and almost killed me right and it wasn't. It was called type of foster to make Osteomalacia world. I don't on late night tv, one of those commercials do you have Oscar it'll find true she about it in fact, no shifts side effects include death yeah, what is it? the bone disease, so my bones were admitting uh have the bottom line. Is my bones are just as having bone disintegration. So used to be much taller. I know that sounds right. There's actually true is that true, when we met, I was taller than you get the fuck outta here. How tall were you as well? Five hundred and ten and you'd shrank to fifty eight I'm a little under five, eight wow, that's crazy yeah! So,
I know right and when that happened, I was going to kill myself. Try stretch yourself out. I guess one of those things they used medieval torture devices on the rack, so I'm one of those guys who, if I want, something no matter what price I have to pay. Physical, whatever I'll, pay it in I'll, do an I'll get that thing. I want right like I'll, get it, but this book can you you mind, elaborating on this thing yeah, so so I couldn't fix it by stretching. It doesn't make sense just joking about that, but but so what does it do to you? make your bones shrink. Yes, it is. You yes gives you osteoporosis and then my bones got hollow like a lady and then my spine collapse. When I step back, I stepped off the curb and too hard and they they they didn't know what it was. I talk about too much, but they told me different kinds of things. So it's your muscles, it's their nerves, it's in your head. It's in this and
I was limping for a few years and people are always like how you doing I'm like I'll, be alright and you know 'cause no one likes to hear about anybody else anyway, and so and then, when that happened, they were like. Oh no, it's your bones. I was like you mother, Burger, so everybody told me that you should go so I started going to bone doctors and everybody told me I should go see this guy doctor. Charles sharp I called him and he was expensive and he didn't take insurance and so like well I'll, go to someone he trained so I'll go to someone he trained. I wouldn't get any better. After six months I go to some else trained. He wouldn't getting better. So if I was just about to die and I went to him to see him. I like I, was gonna, pay the money and go see him and the if get out what it was like that, and He says he goes. You know no one in the nowhere. Oh no one's going to know what this is. I go yeah. I know I've already been everywhere and he said only saw this once before in nineteen sixty eight aces and you have it.
Yeah yeah. So then he causes it. It was just my my own, they didn't know at the time he thought I was a tumor, but they it's sense figured out. It was just my own balance, leaching of hormone that makes your body leach the chemicals that I need to make bone. So Ok, this is boring, but no, it's not boring at all, so he fixed me and I started to fix you. He just diagnosed me what was wrong and what I needed, and so I need to supplements right for my bones: Unlike some people, some people take calcium. So I take this thing called you need phosphorus in phosphorus. Human vitamin d to make bone right so so so that we did that, and it was amazingly, you know he's just an amazing doctor and he's very right wing. As far as I can tell right, we, he doesn't like to talk politics, but it comes up. And he was in the military and all this stuff and he's just a great I just love he's so smart he's, so smart
and he fixed me so getting back to what I was going to kill myself. So when I stepped off the curb and I shrunk and I was strong even more. They did operation that gave me about an inch back. I was even shorter right, so I'm like holy, I like, this is like I want to kill my I was literally going to kill myself what was the operation they did. They had to put some hyper slash team so far or something like that they submit collapsing, they puff it up and then they stick some in it. Oh geez, but I saw I was serious. I was like. I cried one day. I couldn't stop. I I didn't know how to stop and my eyes popped up I couldn't see almost and I was going to do. It was like I'll just kill myself an The only thing that kept me from not killing myself was my manager. I mean he said: hey I go. You got that our special on comedy central
and I was actually one of your life. I was like what at a talk about that was the best of times it was the worst of times wow I could not pull like and I just knew I had to do this special because I couldn't let all those mother who said I would. I should move to LA and be a come. I couldn't let them win. It was about that It was about I'm going to show everybody who doubted me and said I was crazy and big. Could I'm going to show that I'm going to do this got damn special? It's going to be fucking awesome, and then I myself and by the time. So I had to get this. Anyway long stories I had to this operation in my leg it was the Bo Jackson surgery, you got a hip replacement, it was, The Bible was diet, that dying and- I went to so my doctor sent me this other doctor who invented the operation at USC, an I walk into the office, just like my doctor, predicted he's looking at my chart and he looks up. Neil walked,
I've only seen this in books, meaning what I have and I was like- that's what to Sharp said, and so he going to give me this operation. He goes we're going to take this bone out from your shin, we're going to put it in there and then you can't step on that foot for six, Straight, and I said I have a. I have our special I'm taping in eight months I go so I can't do this operation. He goes well. Your thought I could just snap at any moment. I go. I guess that's a chance. I cut it h, Oly shoes. If I can't do this special, I'm going to kill myself anyway, give buck right wow. So, by the time we got, do the special eight months later doctor Sharps treatment had kicked in and they didn't know it was going to fix it, but it fixed it there, like it fixed it holy shit that you could have crazy operation, nothing, nothing Focke, So his treatment is just supplements, yeah, yeah yeah and you take add to this day every day. Every time I eat I have to take to pay lawyers. Don't you all to your diet?
No, he just. He tells me to make sure I eat meat. I need the whatever I could and it I need the stuff yeah, whatever whatever the good stuff is still looking like. He goes here from Chicago right and I know yeah email. One of those sucking plenty now you're. Not one of those. Are you write and say that I'm turning into one of those now dammit what plant eating. Well, I saw this video about house I've seen those two work state the cut, no, no, not those- and so in the end I don't know Norway or dead. My I don't know where, somewhere over there, they have a a lot of that you have to let the cow is out of the barn in the spring. At the on this. By this one day, are you talking on the phone? The cow jumps out dancing around like a dog yeah yeah, since so they all come out. Mr Jumper, like dogs, yeah, and I was like. Oh my god, I couldn't eat my dog right, you know and that's what that was the first like Gigi's, like oh Jesus and then
accidentally saw this thing, this video about a pig and I can't eat pigs. Mark I can't and- close to not eating meat, but a lot pasta. You know I like I like to cook, but your doctor said bill passes Darnell right, whole wheat, pasta! No, that's not! I better not better. No, no, it's terrible for you The past is the same amount of gluten in it's the same amount of sugars in it. It's made. Slightly better than refined pasta like wheat, bread is slow. Lee better than white bread, but it's all bullshit, it's all just filler let's say night very, but seven, grain bread is better than horse. Shitman bread is Horsh. Good for you. Don't do this to me it just We is just not a good food, it's good, filler, if you're starving and keep you alive mean literally what they invented it for you. The ground up, Wheaton, figured out a way to cook it and and the week.
Meeting today's not heirloom weed it's all week, that's been adjusted and genetically modified so that it has higher yield in smaller areas like there's a documentary called. What's with wheat ' it's really fascinating really and they go over the details of like what happened with wheat, but it's somewhere in the early 19th century or a country weather, open early nineteen hundreds, they started altering wheat and they did it. So They can get higher yield in a smaller area, but for doing that? You, you increase the amount complex complex gluten in the weed, makes it much more difficult for people to digest and was that's where you see the elevation of all these gluten sensitivity, issues and people. I when I was a kid I no gluten sensitivity. Well, nobody knew what the fuck happened. You got fat had a heart attack and died, but they really didn't know that they were much less aware of why people are fat but sugars, we eat those. Two of the biggest problem, no kidding yeah, it's terrible for you. So when I
this chinese medicine doctor. It was back when I was feeling sick, and so I went somebody recommended you should go to this chinese man like I'll, try whatever so what he did. She changed change. My diet, so he's got got me off of white sugar. Dairy even Brown chose for you and I'm sure sure enough and like the whole and good and carbs basically- and he told me not to drink soda- and I said well, I drink diet because that's worse because of that chemicals in it, and so I was like holy our. Ok. So then he sells these herbs for eight hundred dollars an there a month supply. So I 'cause, that's all I ate he got out of his office. I like every time I eat, I'm eating White flower meeting, bread or a pizza or a pasta or a cheese or everything every he told me not to eat. That's all I ate so I was like they My girlfriend said how long you going to do this. I go at least for a month. 'cause! That's how much herbs are in the eight hundred bucks. I don't want so by this by day three
It was leaping out of bed. I could not get over how much energy I had yeah, it's 'cause. You don't have that big insulin crash when you're eating all that sugar and all that bread. Your body is just fighting that shut off all the time, trying to process it, and then there's this big crash boom yeah, and then you have to take a nap. What do you eat? I eat mostly meat and Cato's and healthy fats and vegetables, but I hunt So everything I eat is wild, so eating meat, I'm eating elk or deer, or something along those lines. You don't feel bad when you see the deer you just shot. I do feel a sense of LOS, but I do also know that there's a wild animal that had no idea what was going on until an arrow hit it it's not like. Something that's living in some pan and being tortured and genetically modified and filled with antibiotics and hormones Wild animal and their life expectancy.
Very short they get taken out by bears and wolves and coyotes and pumas. They don't they're, not making it. None of 'em are making it zero percent there starving to death there freezing to death, what you're doing is just dipping your foot in the wild world. You are taking part in the cycle of life, so here against factory farming is one hundred percent. That's why I became a hunter. I was going to become a vegetarian or was going to hunt. Those are my two options. I had to figure out what I was going to do and I experimented with Turning back when I was fighting to try to make a weight class- and I didn't like it just didn't, feel good and then, when I started eating meat, I did it for like six months and then, when I eating meat, I got way better like instantly. Instantly started gaining muscle instantly was fighting better. Instantly competed better and I moved up a weight class and that's when I became my very best. What great class. What did you find of one hundred and fifty four is one when I moved up to, I was trying to stay at one hundred and forty, and this is, I thought,
only for a year when I was eighteen, I just couldn't do it. Bring your power with your jet Joe. When you went up to one hundred and fifty I yesterday Well, you know I was eighteen still growing, still sick and all that young yeah okay, so was artificially keeping my body very, very thin. I was very lean, but my point is that I knew that there when I watch too many of those videos, factory farming, videos, factory farming should be mean, fuc insider trading and all the other problems we have in the world. That's all terrible stuff, right, terrible stuff factory farming is a God, damn crime, it's it's a horrible crime against life and the fact that we just do it and then AG gag laws. Yes, that was that's what same yeah. Those laws are criminal there and saying it's, not America, it's not the America. I thought about. I thought you were supposed to have a free press. That's the equalizer that exactly it's about us and now they get the press. You can't talk about crap. Well, the it could take it so you they could put.
Jail. If you finance, if you still have tortured and well, if you film a crime right exactly so they've made so what's there? Isn't there some famous saying? Well, you know what is the one? Exposing a crime is a crime your own will by criminals. I don't know if that's the yeah, something like that. So we, we by the way we are being living in a lawless time right. So the law only applies to the poor, a it does not hi to war criminals. It doesn't apply to Wall Street, it doesn't apply, anybody. Giant corporations have figured out a way to skirt the law. It is my money, if you steal from rich people, that they will get upset like Bernie made off. That was esl from rich people. That was wrong. The fact that, but, if you're, if you're Jack, Jamie Dimon or if your Goldman Sachs or if you and you steal from poor people are veterans, are related, that's fine! That's fine! That done you become secretary of the Treasury and Stephen Itchen Manouchian. Is one of my favorite evil characters of the 21st century. When you see him with his wife and his wife has gloves on and there
holding the money she I smiling and when she fuckin' tags like Gucci and cardiac, and all these different like big time companies in her instagram post. When you stepping off of private jet like Holyshit that I love it. First of all, the fact that she would fuck him. That's a crime that one is a thief. That's the power of money yeah I mean, but it's also prostitution. That's that's a crime, you don't think she's hot for him. I not I'm, do I'm gonna be honest with you. You know, I think if you were there, I'd, say: okay, it's got a funny personalities, good guys, probably enjoys it You know it doesn't make any sense like. Let's let me put. Let me just say this: hello, Stephen Chin is horrible and he should I would be in jail, but guess what he's not in jail, because why? Because a Democrat didn't didn't prosecute him when she was supposed to that's, come out Harris yeah, so she's corrupted by Wall Street too. So you point your finger at him like. Well, the reason why he's there is because the Democratic Party is corrupted, that's why
he's there and what did he do that? He should be good, so he well Kamal Harris is so he ran one West Bank and they enter in best to gate at his bank and they found a thousand instances of criminality and they say if we only thousand that's what I say thousand and anything less than a million instances like what the fuck it's water under the bridge can't be picking this little. That yeah you gotta break a few eggs and bacon bacon, omelet, so they said, and if we investigated, we would find one thousand more instances of criminality. She said: don't and she never had an answer for it, so and now she's the darling of the corporate class. The you know the same. People who anointed Barack Obama and Bill Clinton are the same people are annoying her. So That's so that's the problem! That's why I get so I mean if you broke entire cabinet from an email from Citigroup. Ok, so people trying to say that somehow Shin started on January 20th is with that. Seventeen are fooling themselves
That's what I'm fighting against yeah on my you. Are you one of the only people that are doing that he one of the only people that are online did that you are you're, not you're, not obligated to to shill for the left, you're right, you're not doing it, but everybody Well, it seems to be. I mean everybody else if you're one of the people that are not like folk, you, Joe Rogan, this is just a handful of people who are not sure so few there's a few that are calling out people in the Democratic Party. For what really is going on like I was. If you, when people that I knew that I was friends with we're, trying to tell me that that Hillary Clinton was a good choice and that's the same choice. I might look. I don't know if she's murdered Paul, but I know that I worried that she's murdered people, that's a real good. I really wonder like this, that's rich. I know for first of all just like you, don't even need to go there. You know there's so many other things, so many other things that we know for a fact: the Clinton Foundation, for instance, so the Iraq
or higher I'm old enough job, remember one being for the Iraq war was a disqualifier in the democratic primary. I'm I'm that's! That's where I'm from that's why she wants to Brock above the first God. Damn time she ran right and all the sudden we're supposed to it. Now. People like joy, Behar, says that's a long time ago. Forget about it once you go, tell that to the soldiers the to a mother who's going to dead soldier, once you go, tell him it'll just died in a legal war. Once you go tell that to a couple one hundred thousand Iraqis who are dead get over his along time ago. You fight So I remember when that that was also the bill was no friend to the working man. In fact he was this demise starting of the demise of this country, so at bill Ronald Reagan, scared the shade out of the Democrats so much they decided to become like them and so what Bill Clinton did was he got him with Wall Street the military, industrial, complex, big Pharma Health Insurance and the Coke brothers. He started a. All the Democratic Leadership Council with Al Gore. They had executives from the Coke brothers on the Democratic Leadership Council. They completely turn
back on the working man and what happens when you have two parties that are in bed with management. You get Donald Trump, that's exactly happened. They got it welfare at the same time they explored the prison population called black kids super predators. At the same time, they did NAFTA and then they deregulated Wall Street which crashed the economy within ten years. That's what Democrats did Democrats did ship that Dreidel Reagan could only fuckin' dream about in his wet dreams. They couldn't pass and after George Bush couldn't pass and after it took Bill Clinton to do it, Bill Clinton, Gay. The cover to the other corporate democrats to go along with it. So that was the beginning of the end. The Working Class in America, in fact now you know I wouldn't vote for Hillary Clinton and that's why a lot of people on the left came after me, and they still do was confusing to me that you were saying hey. If you want to vote for a real progressive, what about you'll stop yeah? If you could vote for a party, both here's a pro krogan, you actually agree with the grand you deal right so and we know it is like. No, that's as you throwing away your vote like how how we
throwing away your vote, so we all know for a fact, because of the Wikileaks emails, that Hillary Clinton had a thing called. The Pied piper Strat which was she told her minions in the press. Please prop up Donald Trump, proper Why did she want Donald Trump to be propped up 'cause? You wanted to run against Donald Trump because she knew that She was so repulsive to most of the country she needed someone who was more repulsive than her turns out. That was a bad calculation. Because you're. So that's called the Pied piper strategy and everybody that's why that at you turn on Chris Hayes and he would show down trump's empty podium for an hour winstead of a Bernie Sanders, and then he wags his finger at people with no money and no power for not voting for corporate just warmonger, like Hillary Clinton, who just why? Why? Why do you think the people in with me and wouldn't vote for Hillary Clinton may, because she put Havemann Fuckin' prison because she passed NAFTA
Barack Obama was trying to sell Tpp at the top of his lungs. At the same time, she was trying to get working people to vote for her. They know what the fuck was going on and that's why half the country doesn't vote but you're going to wag their finger at the people who actually do vote, who come out and vote there? conscience and they don't prop up evil, you know what the voting for lesser of two evils. Get you Donald Trump Trump with his also really the key thing that happens where you have two parties and one of 'em, you think of as this conservative warmongering party, which automatically makes the other party the enemy of that yeah, but they're not they're, not well. We have two pro war parties and that's the point: there's not an opposition party. They oppose Trump on the most ridiculous. Should they just voted for an extra hundred and sixty billion dollars to go to the machine one hundred and sixty billion. Let's remember Bernie he wanted to pay for free college, which was somewhere around sixty five million dollars. So everybody said he's talking crazy,
are you going to pay for that? They just did that in a blink of an eye. They passed one hundred and sixty billion dollars to a war machine that we don't have an enemy to fight. You know Russia spend sixty five billion dollars a year on their military. There are paper tiger. We got no fuckin' enemies out there. We have to keep inventing them in. The last less enemy they invented was ISIS Isis. I don't know you were supposed to shoot our pants over them, Joe because they have kitchen knives. They'll cut your head off with a kitchen knife. That's what I'm supposed to be afraid of what the FUCK it's it's? It's amazing how they can keep us scared, so they can keep perpetual war going. This is an orwellian nightmare and the Democrats right now should be screaming about the Pentagon budget, but there not screaming about it because they're complicit there in it and that's what's wrong with this country. That's why we can't have nice things so when, when, when they tell you what that new we're broken, we can't afford stuff, then only we can of
four trillion: dollar wars, trillion dollar bank bailout billion dollar oil subsidies and prison construction- that's not what they mean, they mean we can't afford shit like healthcare or education, or roads or bridges, or fireman or libraries, or anything that makes your fucking life better, because whenever they need bombs, they got it. Hey we're broke for social security were both for Medicare. How 'bout? For bombs, all we got by money, we keep it right there because we're not really in a war in the sense of like world war, two or world war. One we're in this weird war of it's like a calculated draw economic words. You know they're all at so we went into Iraq for their for the more oil Libya these because he wanted to go off the dollar, but it is stunning how much funding this kind of war gads versus all the different social programs that we need this country infrastructure programmes. Yes week and people always think like well how you gonna pay for that. We don't have to spend any more money. We can actually spend one, but that's money, We don't have to spend seven hundred and fifty billion dollars a year on a military, that's bloated! We have one thousand bases around the around the World
even know how many bases there are because lots of our secret. So what do you say to the argument that we need them in order to stay safe? It's not sure. That's the big argument right. The big argument is this is the way we weave destroyed ISIS because ISIS was on the way to building up we amended. I we Al Qaeda and then we invented ISIS. We certainly aided in their development. And we then we directly funded them directly on no the whole Mujahideen story, which was I'm a Bin Laden was our guy. There was a guy was our guy. He was an answer: anti russian terror, anti russian freedom fighters, that's what they call the sum of Bin Laden, yeah and then all of a sudden. They didn't need him anymore. So why and we're still in Afghanistan. Seventeen years later, three more years that were gets a gold watch.
And what do they do? I mean what what do they do to get us out of there I mean literally, what is what is their? Their exit strategy is really not, and there is no extra. Never was an exit strategy. There's no exit strategy from the Mideast. In fact, they just announce we're gonna be permanently in Syria, so and by the way, the syrian wars complete bulshit. Those gas attacks now have been completely the first time during those gas attacks. So what that's called a false flag, so What happens? Is they wanted the United States to come in on their side, the bomb Assad to overthrow him? And What they would do is if they would do a gas attack on their own people and then blame it on his side and then I've been proven. Yet they did it yes and then, as Christ and the first time was- and I think twenty, thirteen and Barack Obama wanted to bomb, and I
I knew it was bullshit. Then remember when everybody freaked out about that. Yes and then he didn't bomb them. Remember he didn't get to bomb them 'cause. He was like fuck you. Yes, he goes, let's put it to a vote in the Congress and the people don't want war Joe, so the people said fuck you and he was like him. We're going to do it anyway. But they did it anyway. They bought, they dropped so many bombs on Syria. They ran out of bombs. That fact right so AIR Force, one a which year was this- that the show was a twenty fifteen that they've dropped so many bombs in the mid they ran out of bombs at just a broken back looking a few by all. Bombs. You I mean you're going to do with them that's going to sit around and what, if somebody accidentally sets one off weather in american soil? I don't want, you can have that happened? and here's the weird thing that the left is doing right now: they're attacking Donald Trump from the right. And what do I mean by that so when they want to us. So they say Donald. Trump is a Putin puppet and the only way you can prove you're, not a Putin puppet. Is you got a bomb somebody you got
Syria, member that they were like, oh he's, president, today 'cause, he bombed Syria, member that Brian Williams, is not in his pants. He only bombed was airstrips. So that's what they're saying oh all the bombed airstrip, so you didn't you bomb the old planes and not the new plane. So what that is? Your attacking Donald trump from the right, because left people are supposed to be for detente and you're supposed to be Anti war, an anti anti empire right. So what attack. Donald Trump going to you, didn't really bomb them, you're attacking them from the right you're saying he should be more militaristic, which is fuckedup well. It supports the argument that everything is circular right, that as far right as you get as far left as you get, you really come to some sort of strange ideological point like zero point. That can't be true, but not in this instance. Because- happening. There is corporate right wing Democrats Park attacking for not being right enough when you're Talking about is where I'm at, where I'm anti war and then there's also anti war, anti interventionist people on the right. So a lot of people.
For Donald Trump. Because of that, because he he said he was an anti interventionist you're going to get us out of the Middle EAST. It was crazy to Brian there and bring our boys home at all and that's why a lot of people did vote for Trump because of that right and and that's why a lot of people said they felt more comfortable voting for drunk as he was because Hillary actually promise more war in Syria than he did and we and it's turning out to be true, because she wanted to know flag zone, which means we're going to shoot down a russian jet. Are you fucking crazy? So I I'm on the on the left? Antiwar, there's no anti war movement in the country, that's represented by local party right now. Do you think that this right, though, the with the what the way the left is attacking Donald Trump from the right? As you said, don't you think it's just because they see an opening there to criticize and to to this point out his vulnerabilities eat. What they're doing with this whole russian narrative is the staff
which meant not wanting to examine the system that gave us Donald Trump, and so they want to distract you with Russia until we get to the next election yeah, it's working, yeah, that's eggs! That's a very way of putting it distract you from a system, that's archaic and out I did and it doesn't work right and people don't really clear out asking the question anymore. Why do people vote for Donald Trump? In fact, the only time they asked that they took the shittiest answer was because racism really the same country that voted for Barack Obama twice. I was just bought double down on that. The other day essential song was saying Are there races his bird? Are there races who voted for Donald Trump? Yes course? So what that you know it's a land, Boden said it best what he said. Not all trump supporters, a racist, but all races are trump supporters. Alonso I learned and you know. I went to a Trump rally and it was disgusting and scary and it was all xenophobia and it was all race. It was worse than I thought it was going to be
he was found he tapped into that. But what's interesting about him tapping into that is. This is not something that he had been chiming on about for years. He was a democrat for the longest time he's not an ideologue, which is you know I heard when he got into office. He was like why don't we just give everybody Medicare, which is of course, the answer right and just give everybody Medicare windows. It saves money instead of food stamps is given food. He's like we have issue with people? Will they buy cigarettes and booze and stuff with food stamps? Just let's just give him food. It's not a bad, idea. That's not a bad idea. I mean if it's healthy, good food and I have have places where people can go in pick up healthy, good food and might be a very good idea. We need an infrastructure plan in the United States. Yes- and you know, FDR did that right, old people retirement. He gave young people job, he put PK people dignity, he gave him a
Bob and he said if you're willing to work you'll have a jet member that the old saying when I grew up is there going to be a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage, or something like that? Something like that, and they don't say that shit anymore, because the government is not there to help you anymore, but the government does pretend that they are. I mean yeah, it's nothing. That Trump is going on about is how much job mean how many more people are working today than before african american unemployment is that it point. Forty years, the Akon is booming all these different things, the economy when they say the economy is booming, they mean Wall Street is booming. There's there's no correlation between Wall Street and regular peoples. Lives does not well, the stock market has been booming. I remember I got called in to see an end to do a thing when the stock market crash crossed thirteen thousand. Now it's up twenty five thousand. That was a big one should moment that was just at like eight years ago. I got called in to do that at CNN. That was like. Oh, my god, we could so we've gone. We've doubled the stock market. People paycheck, seven doubled peoples lives gotten worse actually, but I have
problem with saying that, because there's just too many people you're dealing with when you say as I've gotten worse, like what Well, I'll, tell you too many people. Sixty three percent of the country can afford one thousand dollars emergency. Half the country right now, is either poor or low income. Fifty percent of all wage earners earn less than thirty thousand dollars a year in the richest country in the world, Jack MA. Who is the Basil's of Asia. He runs the the Amazon of Asia and said: you know the problem with the United States. Isn't how making money? It's that you guys don't distribute it right without some communist should come over to Are you going to let that slide back Jimmy Dore, but it's all those communist billionaires are buying up all our realestate reflected a socialist country produce all those billionaires will go to well as soon as they got in the communism or in the capital's. Rather they they did a very ruthless way. I mean you look at what it's really kind of up like. What's going on with the some of the. Places where we buy our goods like Foxconn, where they make iphones
That's around the building people from jumping off, but when Trump has been off as for only a year. He can't expect all those things change with his argument has been that those things are improving. You think it's all! It's all horseshit! Yes, why is african american unemployment, at the lowest rate this been forty years. Is that because it's on reported like me just others, people stop looking for jobs. They report they days stop, counting those as being unemployed. So there's that yeah and he stopped taking unemployment and they stop looking for jobs. They will count them right. They don't count them, but they're still unemployed. It's a real sneaky statistics. Yes, also I really like it. If someone was honest about that, I would like it to What's the real unemployment rate, that's what we want to know. What's the real employ? How would we find that out, though I don't know maybe there's a guy named Mark Blyth. He would probably know what it is he's an economist. He coined the term global, trumpism and he has a great line. He tells the elites
about how we're running they're running the economy, I'm because I'm of the butcher it. But he says you know the hamptons defensible position. It's a low lying area. He got a scottish accent. Since I was a low lying area, it's a very bad area to be not a sensible position, meaning when the people come for you they're gonna, your your head, yeah side. Military base and write and you're not up on a can get to you so a lot of gold diggers, so the job suck everybody's job sucks and we know we hollowed out the unions. Nafta- was the crushing go to the unions in this country. And you know we need Unions is one of one of the things that actually cushions the blow of the brutalities of a free market so you have unions, you have social programs, because Capitalism Fox everybody we have to have all these things in place to kind of cushion the blow of it and we got rid of them Bill Clinton, gutted welfare. At the same time, he did NAFTA
I mean, and then he closed the prison population having but people that I know that were in unions, particularly some of friends that I have that were in the auto union, we're saying that it was getting completely bloated, they were doing their two people doing a job. That was only for one person, and there was all this. There was all this real world wanton purposeful way, EAST, and this was all designed into certain contracts, somebody mind that was an auto worker. In Detroit he said we had shifts where there was supposed to be on the job and everybody knew it was real, simple thing: you work machine, so I would work for hours and he would four hours or I would work a day and he would work at day, but we both punched in and that's just It was just common and it was several those and he goes, and you were getting one hundred thousand dollars a year, two hundred thousand dollars a year for some jobs, just ridiculous amounts of money for jobs, really didn't warn that kind of income- and he said This all negotiated in the contract is like it's a good thing to give
fair wages and healthy wages in and health insurance. All these different things he said, but it was unquestionably bloated which opened the door to all these factories going to Mexico and all these other places, what would open the door for those factories going. Why? I would say two things to that: first, it. Doesn't it's kind of anti logical to think that the union would say no we're not going to negotiate on this and go ahead and take our jobs both of those jobs to Mexico so I think they have a chance number right. Two is, if you look at the strongest economies right, you look at Germany. They have strong unions, Japan, they have strong unions and by the way the union sit on their boards. Well, there's also, it was a real problem in the 1980s and I guess a little bit in the late 70s. When the oil crisis happen, America was making Dogshite cars. Making terrible car right and then Beneze or making these cars that we got damn bulletproof right, it could make it you'd buy a Toyota Corolla and that fucking thing would go four hundred thousand five hundred thousand miles on a single problem.
To buy an Oldsmobile. Another thing would shift the bed inside of a month and a half and he'd be fucking furious and everybody was like buy American buy American and a lot of people were like well, suck you man, you're, making shitty cars. These goddamnit, I bought a Dodge Daytona. I had for maybe three month Handle fell off in my hand, I went to open the door and it came off in my hand, while mother Fucker- and that was like, I think, one of the first like the first car ever bought. That's why I said well, I was a road, comma I'm like I have to buy a Honda Download, comma yeah. I can't this was the early nineties and I have to buy a car that I can rely on and the wizard thing I had an accord. He had a civic so fast it it it we're, never break, they never broke so So I would look at that unions. It's not the problem. That unions aren't the problem. Unions are an answer to the problem and if you look at the economy's everyone wants to be, let like look at Germany, by the way to german unions. Just won the right for twenty dollars to work. Twenty
hours a week and they got a four percent pay raise. So I would say that's eight hours too much. I would agree with you. I really think I was talking about this yesterday with Johann Hari, who wrote a book on depression and one of the major causes being the way people live their lives without control, doing things they don't want to do, and he was saying that somewhere in the neighborhood of eighty seven percent of the people are doing things they don't want to be doing most of the time, don't forget for a job, and I was I was making the ark. We we we've set up the structure. That's just completely ridiculous! and we've stuck with it, because it's just the way we've always done things. It's forty hour work week plus overtime, it's chaos, losing your life and, by the way, we'd be working more. If it wasn't for unions, we have a weekend because of unions right goes back to the Fox Conn think they don't have unions. They have fucking nets around their building and dormitories, where they were they work so that some people say about Amazon. Two, in my whole thing is like people like: why do you still you can't use Amazon. You can, like you know it's so hard to live off the grid. You know I mean
like I drive a car, so I'm going to have to buy gas from Exxon or shell. Alright, so does that make me a bad lefty 'cause, I'm supporting the oil company supposed to get a Prius bro. You know I mean you still put gas in a Prius, so that's right, you gotta get a Tesla, but then you rich the new rich yeah Tesla three is a cheaper one right. It's like fifty thousand, you get the shift key one on it. It's still going to cost more, you want to see what else you want to flex right, to do is get a get an old car like an old civic and then rebuild it yeah. Well, the the the I least: now I don't buy cars, that's a scam, I think, buying cars, many weight. It is for the most part, but not a few bye classic car. Well, no, that's different Natalie! If your gf and Jay Leno- and you have to get you know, you do for his new show is fantastic. It's really good. That car shows that I that's a show. I wish he would have been doing all I said the exact same. Are you kidding? Yes, I couldn't do much. I liked it. I like him. I like him on the well you
Why it's because he's passionate I like That's really what it is. You know when you would watch him interview someone you could tell he didn't give a about the question he was asking to member the bill, Hicks Bit yeah Bill or had interviewing you gotta car. Now you driving you drive and he got a girlfriend girlfriend. You know and then Bill bill. Hicks would have Jay Leno reach into his drawer and pull out an uzi and stick it in his mouth. I used to be a fucking really comic and he blows his brains out an it forms, an NBC Peacock in the wall on the wall behind him, 'cause he's a company man to the bitter end, and he said he had him reloading. Oh, my god, what has become well. That's the weirdest thing you know: Jay Leno was again one of my one of my inspirations to become a comedian in the early day yeah and I would tell people that and they were like huh, because they only knew
the tonight show and now I'm like. I don't know what he's doing on that show, but he's the funniest guy in the world. It would be like if Dave Chapelle before he, he did. Chappelle show decided to host a talk, show and then completely stopped anything controversial and completely stopped. An opinion on anything. If you look at that's the one Jay Leno used to go on David Letterman, he was the guy ah yeah I mean guy was a genius super Reggie he made fun of Corp, America like nobody's business- use a sharp comic. He was a was a I'm, the best comic, and so that's why it was funny when he, when he got to tell my child I just didn't think he showed off his talents, no, he, but he for him that was making it. He may yeah that was in his head in his head. Yeah, that's it! This is what it's all in our heads. We were like. What did you miss everything like what the fuck are. You doing. You don't want it. I was on the tonight show and a couple times
One time I was on and during the break I sat there with J, and I said I think was the first time I was on. I said: hey man, I go. What was up with that? Bill Hicks bit ago, will walk out. Yeah yeah I had to had to. I was like one of the on want to be on the show again, I'm like I'm. Once I think it was the fear factor days which is ugh in the early fear factor days. One hundred percent convinced that shows cancelled at any second now so really isn't my one chance to get on the Jay Leno show. Let me ask him some questions, so Hi Jennie like doing that job and I yeah yeah. It's not bad. I go hey man. Let me ask you this. I could almost up with that bill. Hicks thing right and his take on it was you know. Well, I wanted to do jokes, for everybody I wanted to do comedy for everybody and bill just didn't believe in doing comedy for everybody. I thought was interesting: he just he expected me to ask it to him. You had him on the podcast and he was fucking fantastic 'cause after he had retired. He told some stories about doing stand up,
mom people and about this guy fucking screaming at a priest. You fucking mother, Fucker, put the fucking and it was a hilarious thing to watch Jay Leno telling where are stories swearing like a Rockin longshoreman and I was like wow now. This is crazy or regular. Guy, like you've always been, the guy? You were just doing the tonight show thing and I heard stories about Jay that he he loved. Watch hockey comedy and the reason why this stuck in my head was because I used do that too, with tall glass we would we would if the war. If the worst comedian, the better. We actually have three specials lined up for a night. We like that this is going to be great and we found out after I found out that Jay Leno used to do the same thing when he would see a comic that he didn't think you know he thought was horrible. He would, hunt down a tape of it and then everyone would have to come over to his house and they watch it
this a story I heard so maybe this is but sure is true and I'm like holy. That's what I he did what he turned everything mild. You know he turned everything mild for many many years, just didn't it just wasn't who he was or what made me like him and yeah. It confused me and I felt purse let down by him. I felt like he left town comedy, because now he supposed to show the old people what the new people were doing in comedy, and then he just kind of didn't. But now you see him and he's like a very likable person he's fine, I could show was fun, that's troll! Look it's because exactly he's talking about Should he cares about yeah. That show was not made for him the tonight right, but he was the number one show. So what we know right it was still the number one show. So maybe I'm wrong. Well, it was a different thing. You know because, like Letterman see compassion it like he seemed will be enjoying it and when you would say like witty things and sharp things to people he would you could tell.
He was getting like a little bit of a thrill out of it was there were some excitement, men's position that you didn't sense with Jay Leno Jay Leno was just like well, you now make anybody happy. So the thing I liked about late Night CUP shows when I was younger- was that there was a sense Danger that anything could happen. You didn't know it was going to happen right right, Burt, Reynolds come out drunk. You know what I mean: yeah yeah yeah, I used to smoke yeah, you know there was and they would talk about things they were talk show. They were actually talk about the right and you don't watch a dick Cavett and he would remember he had a more
all come out with Jane Fonda and Peter Fonda right after the Ghisi writer came up and they're. All talking like this is a that's counter culture it's right on, and so it was really good. That's one shows were good, but now it shows are now they're all fluff, it's all below that stuff is what there was an outlet for that, though, and it was filled by comedy in podcasts Destino podcasts entering that in those late night shows. I have no idea what they're doing or why they even exist there. We, here there, even Stephen Colbert, like Stephen Colbert, show on comedy central, just a brilliant, brilliant show, and now he quit. Get way more money to do a more popular show. That is way less relevant, interesting or creative, but it is funny when mocks trump. It's funny how hard he goes. The fact that he said what Trump and allows it, but he uses his mouth is: couldn't Putin's cock, holster the fat they said that on CBS I was like wow. This is what happens when you have to compete with the internet, who the fuck
could have imagined thought I'd, try to Jacksonville TV, but a joke like that, because I get my car theism thing, but the joke of a cock holster, the president's men being used as Putin's cock holster that that would be on CBS. I get that you're plotting that he broke a boundary. Well, I'm I'm. Applauding it. I'm just saying it's fascinating that we've changed the what's the bar yeah: what's the what what you're allowed to do like you've changed it and because it's trump like if they said that about anybody else get it during my God, he said was look at all this Russia dossier. Memo ship that's coming out. I mean it turns out that a lot of this stuff is Horsh it people who weren't around for the first Mccarthy Rickets yet no experience, and now this is what it's like yeah. This is what it's like, and you What even the media is yeah and the media goes along yeah, that's! This is what it's like and you know I
no. I don't want to spend the anyway my time talking about it, but it's so one believe because people it's they forgot, you're talking to a wall when you tell people just go, will mean there was collusion. I got what it Well, it's collusion. What does that mean collusion that Trump colluded? the Russians hacked into the John Podesta's emails and somehow they needed Trump to help them. What the fuck right, that's the 'cause, that's what they're saying exactly and that there's some kind of quid pro quo and that now Trump is a manchurian candidate and that he's Putin's puppet and but notice, there's moving the goalpost everyday. So now No, now he's he's in bed with russian oligarchs doing money laundering. Well, you don't know, there's a sale of the home and it was a russian bought it Russian, so they've totally.
The goal posts from being treason to now he's just regular corrupt, like everybody else because of me tell you something: everybody else is regular corrupt, like Trump, I don't even know if it's regular corrupt, because we're talking about a sale of a house. Well, there are quite a few years ago that there is more that that's one thing, but they're talking about lots of other things. Right- and I say you want to talk about collusion- he opened up a business- is in Saudi Arabia during the God. Damn campaign that there's your collusion, but nobody Talk about that because Cook Saudi Arabia supposed to be on our side, even the repressive, the oxy that beheads people in the streets, but we like them because of the Petro dollar, which no one ever talked about the petro dollars. Turning it's that! Well, that's what props, up or down so right now the economy. So what people don't know is that in the early 70s Richard Nixon took our country off the gold standard and We went on the petrol dollar and what was that we? We promise Saudi Arabia the use of our military anywhere. They wanted as long as they would could convert every dollar of the oil that someone bought for them can dollar
So if you want to buy all of the site, review first have to convert your currency into american dollars, which is the real reason why we invaded Iraq the first time. Well, it has a lot to do with it. The pain, it's. Why were in Yemen right now, we're doing siege. Warfare in Yemen which is a war crime that guy just got convicted of it at the Hague, I so we're doing that in conjunction with Saudi Arabia, and why are we doing that? Because of the petrol dollars? That's what's up it's all about. Why are we in Africa? It's I every everything comes down to money, and why are we in Syria? They want to put a natural gas pipeline through Syria, and Russia doesn't want because they want to sell the that natural gas. Tell you to Europe that but this is about. So if there's a it's, not a ' babies, it's not about freedom, it's not about Liberty, Ed, You know we got stay it. Really don't like country music, which is country music. What is real country I like country like the
look up Merle haggard yeah. I like that guy, like Waylon Jennings yeah, I like Willie Nelson yeah, that these fucking pussies, who want to be with scouts and my momma, and all that shit. What who sees I'm not supposed to say please it's gonna be a time we can't say, puts the gentlest fought, cut, sucker, mother, intimate sorrow, and so a lot of people are trying to use has take me to have for puritanical reasons, and that's not what it's about has take me to is about four. In stopping men who use their power and station in life to hold over women for sexual sexual purposes. That's what that's about it's, not about being a puritan thought about being anti porn. It's nothing wrong with the lusting after a woman's tits and a Womans after is nothing wrong with that and there's nothing wrong with a woman wanting to be fucked by a man that was our normal things there. So that's! Ok and don't let people hijack that move and try to use it for puritanism. This is what a lot of people are doing. Ship is buck on sucker, mother, Parker and tips I'm triggered.
I hope, you're triggered too yeah. I mean absolutely. I mean I think that what What we're dealing with is an exposure of sexual salt exposure of sexual harassment, sexual salt, particularly in the workplace. This is a giant issue for people that have to work alongside men and women and they develop these little communities inside the little boxes that we call offices and things get really fun. Weird. If you have a boss, it's a piece of shit It's constantly harassing the women that work there and it becomes a living hell with them. This stress they're, going through I mean it is a crime you're doing something to those people that work there you're put is pressure on them, you're fucking up their life. Could you India. The last thing I would ever want to do was impose myself actually out of woman who didn't want it now. Right, you're a healthy person. I mean some people just about now. We've all been into the end goal: we've all been drunk right, we've all been to date where woman didn't want to have sex and we did and we yes
issue, but. You know I just can't imagine like I just never got it, I don't get that she doesn't like you, oh I'm, going to make her go, feel uncomfortable like what the fuck do you get out of that. That's just well. There's people that hate the opposite sex mean an I say: the opposite sex. I don't mean just men who hate women, there's women who hate men, there's people who have associated the opposite sex with rejection and pain. And frustration all their life look at Garlic Harvey Weinstein. That is an ugly fat guy right. No women who are lusting after him. It was his power and his money that got him, position where he could get some pussy and they're having power over all these actresses and then hearing whether it's Uma, Thurman or whatever you know famous actress, Salma Hayek all these superstars four five this guy off in hotel rooms. I mean it's fucking, he's saying, he's a maniac but he's a disk sting guy who
it has no shot at getting some and to appreciate him physically. They might like his personality. But for someone to be, physically attracted to him, is almost impossible right I eat himself into this disgusting shape and less you have a fetish or whatever yeah you might just into getting fucked by Java, the hut just big fat guy with pockmarks can shoot loads all over you there's no way it makes any sense, but it is going to put you in ocean's eleven yeah. Which will you know, Matt Damon, set what it what it Matt Damon say that they were trying to get him out of that new oceans movie. Well, it didn't. He say something about. There's a concert continue one or something that there's that everything is Harvey. Weinstein wasn't that it. I don't remember. The exact quote, but it was something along the lines of we have to make it. Frenchie Ation, right wing sexual assault and and men hitting on women. What's really
thing is seeing how they're acting about this in France in Europe a lot of women, especially older actions. Did you say south? Yes, that you see that's what I'll? Let you want men to be men and and France, I mean that they're, just France part on they're just different over there. They have a different attitude, the same as Brazil. My friend tag from Brazil told me once he's like a man he goes. In Brazil and he goes if you, with a girl. You don't try to fokou she's like what the fuck is wrong with you, like you're, not even trying to fuck me like what the fuck is wrong with you still get mad at you like they She like a well, I know very aggressive. I have aggressive place. I have had, forget. I was working in comedy club and there was- girl there who is beautiful. And she flirted with me and well. I she's blowing, because I was just choose beautiful and she talked to me. So I'm like oh right,
so, but I wasn't going to make a move it or because I'm considering every comedian who comes in this club makes a move on this girl she's the prettiest girl around right. So I didn't do anything 'cause. I want to be that guy right and then I would never forget by the end of the week it was the last night and she's like hey, there's a party at my house tonight you're going to come and I was sure right, so I went to their whatever cut too I'm leaving and she are you fucking kidding me and I go what she goes. I threw a party just to get you to my apartment, you're going to leave and I was like oh really want, and so we had sex, damn to be over the head with it. Yes, so that's right there you go. There was a woman who was, but you didn't want to be the guy. That was super. Aggressive against ago a girl is like hey, I just like you yeah, I just fun guy to hang out with. Does everything have to be sex? And I know every guy in the world hit on her you, you know what I honestly I mean. I don't want to say this because it's almost like,
In this day and age you gotta get to know someone forever before you welcome, I mean literally forever you gotta check out my wife. The first night we went out good and she wouldn't, which is probably worked out. We're still together and but I kept it in a charming way. Right right, I would say, honey, I'm well. Can we ask you this? Why did you try to fuck her in the first night, but that took you five nights for the waitress because I want to be that guy at the car. Okay, because I expected his work, invite yet so yeah the of the opposite of a sexual harasser. I guess so. I guess not. I look at it that way. Yeah! Yet not right. Is it not sensitive? Nothing more attracted to are you still wanna be a day yeah. I didn't want to have that reputation of that guy and plus there's plenty of women in the audience there's plenty of women right. So I would tell her, I remember the first time we were together. I was like hey. I know you I know you're going to say you want me to go home, but you're going to worry that I'm too tired to drive and I might get an accident, so you don't have to say that I'll just stay
and she's like no, it's ok! I go it's nice of you to say that you're strong you're brave, but I know you're going to worry so I'm just staying. Then then I think I did end up saying, but we didn't have sex right and like probably two more times two more times like that, but also it's you don't really know someone's personality for a long time. I mean that's part of the problem. The problem is I physical needs. They get attracted to each other in the next. You know, but there's been many as my life, where I want, end up having sex with somebody who turned out to be crazy and then you know you're one two dates in you like yeah. She seems cool and next thing you know you're hanging out a week or two later and she does something completely fucking insane and then the crazy just starts leaking out of her pores and Oh well, now what I done I've tangled myself with some person who knows where I live and expects me to call them
today and we're going to get together, and I have to figure out a way to back out of this and then you try to back out of it and they get fucking angry at you. But this is back in the old days of people that actually call you. When you re too, it was no text messaging back. Then you just pick up the phone. If someone starts yelling at you or I would just duck him for a while until they found some new guy Please answer their phone number posts ever answered. No one ever answers their phone. When I get to any phone calls from people, I don't know, I just get phone calls from numbers. I don't know like. Where is this guy get my fucking number from? I have no idea. I just looked at My can ever have. I answered a call, as I didn't, because give me like all. Maybe it's that business I just call their caught. You don't know right right, so I took one one time. It was just a number didn't come up and someone asking me for money to borrow the money. This is the person you know. I knew tangentially in comedy and an I didn't hey this and I was like
do you know that your name is not even in my fucking phone book and you're asking for money, give me that's a desperate move that must be a person who's like a gambling addict. That's what I thought right away, but getting back to this thing about the women. You know one time I had a woman when I first moved how's dating or- and I went to her house- and she was really creative and she's cute and she wrote songs and she would sing them for me. I love that shit right and I remember she like we're going to have sex and she went in. She was hanging out and she went took a drink and I go She goes. Do you want to go and she goes hill on and she's like drinking, and I go? What are you doing this 'cause? I have to have a couple drinks before and then it made me not want to have sex with her. Isn't that fuckedup I was like wow, you have to have you have to drink, so you could feel comfortable. I took it some of which, of course, it was just terrible. It was she needed to relax yeah. She had up project or not of issues or whatever right, and so that right was it
I was I'm like I can't be with a girl has to drink. That's what is going to the wind, especially when you're young and single, it's like you, don't you don't want to get stuck in a bad situation. You know like I'd seen a lot of bad situations when I was young, my own parents, other people's parents, so I'd see anything fucking sketch invite again over is going. I want to lose your problems, you know I don't have kind of problems so see here. I was the same way I had a lot of bad examples of people have no idea why these people would be with the spouse there with like. Why would you do that, or maybe that's going to happen to me because it's unconscious, so I started reading self help, books and Watching John Bradshaw videos. They have an opinion that is John Bradshaw. He invented the term inner child and all the inner child work and all that stuff. So I I got up a lot of people's heads home, getting zero air child you're forty, but he was. It was helpful to me because he broke up the family dynamic and he talked about how people act in fact come from a big family, twelve kids,
that. You know how it's like it all balances out. You have a bad kid in again angel right, you know, and all the and everything in between he talked with it, so would help me explore understand myself a lot right right well and where I can so I wanted to understand my motivations, so I did make bad choices in my life, like I had seen people around me making and because it's conscious right, so you just do what's habit. You know you don't even know why you're doing what you're doing half the time you're not, purchase of why you're acting the way you're acting or why you like what you like he's go. I like that. Why well, when I was a stray, one as a comic one thing that I definitely did is. I only gave this. I only give a certain amount of room to relationships, because I Do that I've really had to concentrate on Mycareer? Yes, I'm like, if I don't, I will, it will fall apart like there was a kid that I started out with. We both started out together and it was pretty funny guy and he got girlfriend that was just very demanding and he stopped doing stand up less and less
is doing less less sets then eventually dropped out, and then I ran into his son many years later. His son, you know they wind up having a baby in his son, was saying his dad just really regretted not getting comedy, I'm sure he's happy has a nice son and all that stuff, he a family, but it just it tanked them, you know, there's a saying. I think it might have been Carl Jung who said nothing effects, a child more than the lived life of its parent so imagine I mean imagine, being a father, and you went after your dream and you gave it everything you can now. You can impart that to your kid in your kid, just absorbs it the around you, of course. Now you didn't do that. You have all that. I Are you resent men or whatever you feel, because you didn't live with your life you're supposed to, and then you can pass that off and you x, Caleb's or
Well, I knew it was so hard to do anyway. It was going to be so hard to make it in the odds, are stacked against you. You seen everybody else drop off like flies, you see guys can't get gigs, they wind up quitting they get a day job. They work less and less, and the next thing they just completely stop doing stand up. It's so common and so when I would see when I have relations, Let's see those signs were, girls are just demanding more and more of my time. Why do you have to go up tonight? I'm, like God, four five nights a week. I have two kidding yeah, I'm like you can come with me. I've seen your act, one hundred times well well. This is what I do. This is what I do I can't I don't want to tell you I'd. I I'd me guys who they there, their spouses there were significant others aren't into their comedy all its. How awful look it's awful? What made? That's the thing? That's up! what do you? What what do you like about me? My wife is, I would say, she's a she's. A fan of comedy, but she he's been around me for a long time and she is she's hard like if
watch to stand up and it's not good to look the socks. Well, that's nothing wrong with that. Now it's good to have a good thing. Yeah, you know she's she's got an eye for a gender stands it. But I have friends whose wives hate comedy and they do stand up and that's great is crazy and they associate nominee with like taking. Boyfriend away are taking their has been away like this. Is that thing It takes away my time. You know from me with him he's off doing these jokes things bullshit? Who who so so it's super self ages. You need a better woman, someone who's deeper yeah, we just when I called you settle. They just settled. They settle. Yes might what might anyway? I I there's so many that have to I forget where I was sometimes- and I know I know we hear this, and so when I saw comedy I was dating, this girl, sweet, sweet girl
she want to get married like like. You would expect right. So I was twenty four at the time I was six years to get out of college. And bought me a suit. So I can go on interviews get a job. She me to Spavia suit and I doing comedy that the right then and so about six months into doing comedy I argan getting Saturday night spots at a real club. They would let me go up to ten minutes not I could do it on the regular show guest set, that's huge all right, that's my god. Are you kidding me? It's a god, so we go out wow part? Yes! so on a Saturday night. I take her with me we're going to the it. This is called the comedy cottage. I do my set and there was a lots of other like new comics like me, and they were like. Oh watch me. You know that was great. It was a big deal. It's a big deal, for one of our own and the car ride home she's, not saying anything, and finally, she just turns to make she goes. You really
to do this, aren't you I go fuck. Yes, did you just see what happened? Of course, I'm doing this. What does that mean that she was like she knew that I was going to be a comedian and not married to her and that's what that Wow you couldn't be both not then and I couldn't get married. Even I couldn't get married. I am brewers married to the same girl he's with when I met him. I meant in one in nine hundred and ninety one happy kids, the whole deal super happy, Super nice! I didn't solve the problem with stand up. Comedies, you don't know where you're going to end up course. So when you You don't know, can even do five minutes, not right. What can I do fifteen? Can I get paid? Can I do it? I'm see. Can I be consist? Can I middle? Can I had no no, oh, can I work in a room? Can I get on tv? You don't know you don't know you, don't
if you go to any other job, you go well. If you do this this and this then you'll get the promotion and then you get that you have to meet your number and then you go ok, I can make my number. This is there's no handbook will not only that to this day, like my agent called me this or something in New York for November, and I said I can't I said I'm doing my special in April. I don't know if I'm going to have an hour by November, I assume I will, but I don't know I go I can I can look. Pull over at some big theater and not have an hour. Yet I'm going to I'm going to do my best, but May June July August September October, N7 months, most likely I'll have a new hour most likely. But what if I only have one slash two hour, have half hour right bomb. What if I do- half an hour of good comedy, but not the best and then have nothing. I can't take that risk.
Like when I'm ready I'll call you so when April rolls around after I'm done, and I chuck everything aside, I'm on a fucking rampage for like three four months of just doing. One thousand and fifteen minutes pots right. A bunch of new shed and trying to piece together an hour. Then it's taking a month or two to try to sort that hour out to figure out where everything goes and what the punch lines are. Listening to recordings writing things down burning the midnight oil late at night. This is, you know, if I could do it, I mean I'm. Assuming that you do it once I check my active side once fact you saw the thought was funny that things going the toilet, it's over silver baby, in the sense that no one saw my last special. So I think they do those jokes. I get to keep doing this joke. What about your fans now, so I did find this is funny right. So I did two comedy central specials. Then I did my last one was for Hulu and it was in, I think, two thousand and fifteen, maybe or one thousand four hundred and fifteen and so because of my youtube
I sell tickets now, so people come out and so I got I was doing a show. Maybe months ago and I do opening joke from my special and it kills and I go you mother fuckers. None of you saw my special and then I was upset for a second and then I was like. Oh I get to do those jokes again. I'm gonna do my own special and put it on my own thing, because I don't know where that even like that Hulu Special, it's only lives on Hulu somewhere is Hulu still a thing. It's still a thing, who still think I'm taking a seesaw. Seesaw is not a thing anymore. I don't know. Lisa went under yeah, that's where it stands out. Better special Diaz had a special, really yeah bunch of guys were really funny. People had specials on c so and now so is not- it doesn't exist. Yeah I've heard
that going under yeah. They tried a bunch to see so was so anything right. Wasn't it all right and then B c, n, B c, I think you're right yeah now, like the Sony, had crackle right, it's just such a funny. I was thinking that olive Tompkins Bit about crackle, but I think it is a crackle. I can't remember how it went, but if they called crack crackle be cute, is so funny I can remember how goes it's so funny yeah well there's not enough here now then I gotta tell ya. I was happier before when you mean this happier when my whole life was ahead of me and like when I first started hanging out of Largo and doing sets at the improv and being a meeting all my heroes and comedy like to me. That was your time now, it's like, no pressure to stay on stay where I'm at or beats except. I don't know what it is. I feel, but I feel like I'm in too hard and I'm not we'll do enjoy what I've accomplished and that's I've been I've been trying to
I told you, you showed me that tank I've been trying to figure out how to stop my thought. You can come in a tank anytime, you want don't sit, no, don't come in the tank so you could cause people do do that, but you can there's a tank center out here. Probably in Tennessee, now grant place find out the name that place give a shout out so that other float lab in Venice is my spot. That was about the built, my tank. They have a place in what this would and they are the best in the world and they actually supply the tanks to the place in Pasadena. The guy who put this in my friend I put it in our studio. Just float just float is the place in Pasadena and I'm pretty sure it's the largest float center in the world. So is that help you stop thinking? No, opposite, I think in there, but I relax it's very relaxing physically
because the water is warm and you float and you could do it after the show. If you want to get another show that goes till two. If you want you totally, can I mean thank you for the lovely will be the second person outside of me to be in there Dan Harris from ABC Good morning. America is the only other guy. That's been in there. Dan is a big meditation proponent, so I tried meditating. And it just hurts my back in and what I will be really good friends back, because it's you become weightless, you just flowed in there and the waters. Same temperatures the surface of your skin, so you don't feel the water after a while- and you know you're in total darkness in total silence, and you just chill out there man, so I'm going to it's feels good feels good. I know I can I got to do it. I got to do something you know where I've I've heard this thing by Alan Watts, and he talked about how we know. I will know how to prepare for life. We don't know how to enjoy life once it gets here. You gotta get good at that man, that's that's something that you really need to concentrate on that I don't Oh, I know you're doing
yeah well right now and I'm a fan of So when you say you're not happy that bums me, now? I'm stressed yeah. Well, you gotta. Figure out a way to enjoy this. That I know that's what I'm trying to be more silly smoke weed. Yes, yeah we'll smoke a little bit more. Just a just enjoy it a little bit more. Do you know just I like smoking weed in the morning and now I can't 'cause, I have to buck and do stuff, so you definitely can yeah. He Deafly trust me. It could be done, but then I can do anything you can now you can do exercise no. I can exercise that's my problem. I used to be athletic. I still love you cornata, because your gallbladder know because of my bones ache, every once awhile forget and I'll do yoga or anything. No, not doctor told me, don't don't do anything. Your doctors told me to swim. Oh that's swimming is great, so he said I could swim. Oh, so the most boring. I like swimming now getting high and swimming okay yeah. It feels good. But you you can ever
exercise like lifting weights or anything along those lines, does your bone issue, but I would think that lifting it's would enhance your bone density. It just hurts that's. Why can't I write, can't even pick up a suitcase really really man have to be. I for often and I will and talk and then my back hurts for the whole day back yeah. Because anyway, but it's about being coming present, and I listen this guy Eckhart, Tolle Age or he'd done. I have power of now. Look he did you have so that is really getting me t still alive, yeah, yeah, yeah, so really getting me a e one thing's frustrate you. I love what he says, because the world is in here to make you happy it's here to frustrate you, so you wake up huh! Aha, I went when I'm like? Oh so now you can use your frustrations reminders to wake up
and so, whenever something it's hard, because you know you, I have a temper and like and that's the weird thing now I I hit my temper my anger Ed through my stand up and I was successful. I had special and everything but now I don't hide it and I'm really sick. Now I'm selling tickets right 'cause, that's their ultimate goal is. If you could sell tickets, then you don't need anybody and I don't know why it seems like there's some sort of internal conflict between you getting angry and ranting and talking about things that are very important to you and then going on stage in doing stand up. I don't think that they should be mutually exclusive. Now I'm trying to bring them together now so now my wife would always tell me you gotta rant on your set up set you better and you get angry, and I was Okay, when I would never really do it? Well, you just balance it out just going to find out a way to make that ramp funny and then you know find perspective. Relatable, where you
you going to this ramp but then bring it to these people in a digestible way. You know yeah, yeah or what's happening, as I'm showing videos now at my live, shows an those get me into that groove I just dropped it. Video kind of videos like I just dropped it feel about live show at the flappers in Burbank, and I did a I showed a video Keith Olbermann apologizing to John Mccain and George Bush on the view and that was yeah. What is that a he I don't know he's trying to he was talking to Mccain is recently. This was a couple months ago. He going crazy 'cause. He retire from that show that he was doing in the basement, so Trump excites the lizard brain of a certain kind of neoliberal liberal and Alderman, certainly one of those guys he pretends all the problems in our country started on January. Two thousand and seventeen
It's certainly not it like. He was great. He could dis deconstruct. What was wrong with the Hillary Clinton back in two thousand eight when she was running at Seattle, Sama yeah and you could be constructed, was wrong with the Iraq. War was wrong with Bush and Cheney, but I don't know somehow, all of a sudden now he protect its like again in Trump excites, his lizard brain and all his critical thinking. Let's go out the window and he pretends that all our part. That Trump is the problem, not a symptom of the problem. It was like a scene in a movie when he was doing that it looked like he was doing a show in the basement somewhere. With this weird background, it was called the resistance. This is the resistance, but he was also he didn't wasn't making connections like that really pretty conservative girl, Tammy Lauren, yeah name she did thing where she was covered in the american flag, and he was talking about how hypocritical it has to be standing there, holding draping yourself in the american flag and then Donald Trump Junior posts, a pic
sure of Tammy Lauren right next to him doing the same thing and Donald. Junior says it must be painful to be so stupid like in, like I don't even understand how he could have not known. He took that picture to be says draped in it. Yes, yeah like how could he not know that he took that picture, so he admitted on so smart well, that's. The thing that sent to me is incredibly articulate he's uh I'd love, the skill in which he writes is a great form faster than I was just wiped, my key dormant, that's the whole thing. I was a huge fan yeah. It was great sports. I he's got great of old school e type. Deliver that I enjoy he's a great broadcaster and you always hear stories about his idiosyncrasy's like he's a prick to work with and stuff, and you go well vodka, given what he's going to do is? Who cares? I don't I don't work with him. I want to watch it right. Well, that's the with a lot of people that are apparently one of things about being great Something is a lot of it, your fucking fanatical about it. You get crazy, yeah, completely assessed and something
It's embedded your people skills are out the window, 'cause you're, so completely concentrate on something else? Yes, yes, so I can so he apologized affair. He said that Donald. Trump was worse than nine hundred and eleven an Meghan Mccain said. Do you really believe that in his big back to that was your father is my favorite political figure of the twenty first century, and I'm like really who was a second Bernie made off? Are you kidding me John Mccain's, a war monger who thrust hit Pat Serra Pailin on us? and playing poker. While they were trying to decide the fate of live yeah, I mean that the whole thing without talking to you ma'am, said thing or John Mccain. They were in the middle of what was eggs, Ach scenario. They were in the middle of some meaning in the Senate and the we're deciding something incredibly important and they busted Mccain playing Poker yeah. It was about bombing Syria look at this,
these four it doesn't it doesn't need to hear that look there. He is playing poker, wargames, Mccain, caught playing poker on Iphone during Syria debate just talking? Imagine the type of person that could that you're in the middle of talking about dropping, they're going to kill people they absolutely going to kill. People are going to come flying out of fuckin' high speed, jets, yeah and easier playing poker. This is boring. I need to find out if I can get another ACE Asia the whole very beat up my screw you suck on it. I mean. So this is what I was so then he called Rand Paul, a potent puppet because he was against Ukraine joining NATO. I mean that's what John that Kinda should John Mccain John Mccain. You know there might be I I I said this at alive. Should I go. I don't disrespect his service, nobody disrespect service except the President United States Trump, which was the craziest thing ever I like people don't get caught. I was like how to fucking. You say that so much of the ship that he is said just bounces off of him, like
I wish that I was at the comedy store the other night and somebody was trying to say that that stormy weather is check. Other name, stormy weather is stormy. Daniels. Sorry, sorry, For me, it was weather station, a Fuqua saying it weather folk was saying it. I forgot who said it, but they were. Saying she's are Monica Lewinsky and I was like what the fuck talking about that stormy Daniel is going to tank, I like your idea for mine. I go it's going to go right off his skin, like a water on a duck. It's not even If at all he's going to say fake news, never happened he's going to keep moving and that's going to be the end of it and he's like no fucking way he's going to get in trouble. For that, I'm like no he's, not it's not going to be anything. You understand all the things that he's done so far grab him by the pussy. All these different things Charlie Sheen. I read it circle once said. When is the me, too, movement can hit Charlie Sheen answer that fucking. Never You know why? Because you can't shame someone who doesn't have any shame right, it doesn't work, that's it if, if someone's not in bad,
nearest, you cannot embarrass them right. You know, I mean if someone says to you a Jimmy, do, are you a fuckin' comedian like yeah? I'm a comedian, people called me dumb yeah. I called myself down yeah that doesn't that's not going to get doesn't bother me. You need something more than that: Charlie Sheen, winning a fucking horror, Manga yeah. Yes, I do. Document. I smoke crack my Bangor as any other questions. I gotta go back horse a small crack of time for this. I have h. I and that's how I go and that's all it's not going to work. You know, Charlie Sheen is out there doing terrible things to women yeah. He pays him. That's what he does with all that fucking two one slash two men money, that's how I always felt about. Being a comedian like I don't by you don't get to judge me. I judged you like this well you're, very aggressive. You know that you don't like
point and shoot I never. I never advocated for a war like the Washington Post, New York Times, MSNBC and CNN. You are going to judge me over some fucking thing I said, or did I never advocated for a war? I never fired a guy who was speaking out against a war like MSNBC did in the New York Times who did MSNBC fire Phil Donahue? the number one show on the network at the time and they fired him 'cause. He was against the Iraq war. Really when they fired and the first time Rachel, Maddow or Chris Hayes says anything that cost M S. N b c, a nickel they will be fired just like and why they? Don't they don't and they're paid thirty one thousand dollars a work day. Thirty thousand yeah, that's what she gets a work day, yeah and like I used to think she was to dislike Letherman. They were fantastic, an then trump excites their lizard brain and she's lost her mind, she's, pushing a fuckin' red Scare Mccarthyism and she should be she should be shunned. Do you think that he's doing that rationally. Do you think
She is confused. I've seen her being coerced and pushed into that sort that certain direction. I think she's been course and put but I think she goes along willingly as getting that three thousand and thirty KA day, she's not going to talk out against make a t shirt, she's like a drink a day. I will have your way, I it should all time I can. I still have a crazy good phrase. Okay, I think I made my may make a day and you can have your way the real problem is Neoliberalism Joe. The real problem is the system, and there never talk about that. They want also tribalism write. Anything that opposes the other side must be good right. Now you can use on them must be good It's happening right now with Trump and it's disgusting. It's like there's a way to oppose trump, and it's not the way you're doing it. The fuqing affect the way they're doing it. Enhances trumpet make some more power you keep coming at him that he go with his guy with a bit battered wife. He didn't know it gives us meanwhile
they are spending one hundred and sixty billion more dollars on bombs that nobody wants. Meanwhile, half the countries poor or low income. Sixty three percent of Americans can afford one thousand dollars emergency in the richest country. The face of the earth has ever seen all the benefits of this recovery has gone to the upper one percent people haven't, raise. You know I just saw the AFL Cio. You know. So I was telling you people give me shit 'cause. I would for Hillary Clinton right I just saw the the AFL Cio tweeted out last week that the union leniency. Unions have helped give Democrats complete control of government four times in the last three decades and they have done nothing to help unions and their Saying vote Third party they've got they got together with the teachers Union and the Postal Union and they're like hey lesser of evil, voting, isn't working. We have to somehow come up with a third party, so there talking about it now so people who are wagging their finger at me. I go hey even in unions, agree with me now that we got to have
third party. If Bernie Sanders would've went with a third party instead of propping up corporatist warmonger like he did, he could have really changed politics in America, if Jill Stein and the Green Party would have got ten or fifteen percent of the vote or even five percent of the vote, it would completely changed our politics in America, because now the Democrats, they wag their finger at their base and then they move to the right, like Hillary Clinton, wag her finger at the base and then picked him Kane. Who was to the right of her right and so what? If, if Bernie Sanders were when with the greens, and they would have made a showing now, they can't do that they can't dismiss them anymore. Now they have to come together in a coalition. Fresh but she was doing it in a calculated manner to try to get some Republicans at thought. That Donald Trump is Republic know that Hillary Clinton whole strategy was work over working people, we're gonna, try to get with white collar Republicans. No, that's not what your party, there's already a party for those people right. There's a part is called the Republican Party you're supposed to be the Party of workers and that That's why we don't have an opposition party in this country Joe, and we have two two parties, pro management.
Nissan Nissan? Has forty nine plan around the world? of them are not union. You know where those three plants are there in the United Fucking States, so we got a broken system right are, are the problem? Is the Democrats? are bought by the same people there just little, you know, and people go. Why did the Democrats keep caving? Why didn't they stand up against Trump for Daca they're, not caving they're standing up to you, the voter and they're standing to their donors, their donors, don't want the government shut down for one minute and that's what they're standing up for. They could have stood up for the voters and th and start up for Dhaka, but they didn't they stood up for their donors. So it's not like they're spineless. They appear spineless because there it looks like they're not doing there's supposed to wear what they say: they're, not an they're, not doing what they say: They would do which to stand up for the people but they're secretly standing. For their donors. They have a steel spine when it comes to their donors, which is why they just gave Trump one hundred and sixty billion dollars. Can I make one last point about Donald Trump
so this shows you how they're full of shit when you say Donald, it is an existential threat to our country, Anna Maniac, and he has his finger on the button and then you vote to give him one hundred and six. Billion dollars more in bombs. I think you're full when you say he's existential maniac when you say that this guy is unhinged and you can't be trusted, and then you vote to expand his warrantless wiretapping and spying powers on his own enemies in the country that's what I know and you're full of shit, because if they really want to check trump. They would check him on the military, the Pentagon budget and his spying powers they've expanded all that stuff. So, if he's really a maniac, those mother fuckers are the most irresponsible people in the world, giving him all this extra power for the Pentagon in spike, but they know the only reason they hate Trump kissing part of their fucking club. Jimmy Dore just laid it down you're going to get hate mail from people that are Hillary Clinton, supporters, yeah comma. I hope you're ready yeah
but getting at my expense, two thousand and sixteen thing that always killed me about Hillary Clinton. More than when I would talk to super Democrats like people that were just completely tribal there on the democratic side. No matter what I go, you know she did support gay marriage until two thousand and sixteen yeah, you know there was a sexual harass, a run her campaign in two thousand and eight and she didn't fire, the fucking guy. In fact she covered for him, and then he went on to sexually harass again in another organization. Tide to Hillary Clinton, correct the record yeah, but the problem is when you're close to her. You find out all the dirty details. What's going on behind the scenes, and it's just a creepy creepy organization. She was the she was such a flawed person for feminists map their flag around she's, not the person there was another woman running in that race and it was Jill Stein. I voted for her. Nobody
about her, though that was it was a weird one. Trump is exactly what Hillary Clinton wanted: the Pied piper strategy. You can even entertain not voting for Hillary Clinton because of this existential threat of truck any such an existential threat. We're gonna vote to expand its spying powers and given by a bloated military budget. Well saw this hash tag, I'm with her stuff to where they wanted to have one female president. There would be a historical victory, that's why so many people were crying on television. I get that because watched and Avengers Movie they weren't, really involved in the actual political process itself. They didn't understand what was opening in the didn't understand who she really was banned from beginning to the end and if you go and there's just so much evidence, remember that off camera interview when she was talking about kadhafi, we came, we saw he died. Haha she's laughing like a psychopath, kind of a person? Is that that's a crazy person now in Libya is a failed state exactly it's a failed,
it's a hair. Fine came in for terrorist slavery's back yes, and I see that yes on you too, you can watch slave trade yeah in Libya. That's that's that's success story. Yeah, it's horrific but Let me ask you a question Joe. I don't know if you like big things is, is the reason why I have a show is because mainstream news, media sucks so bad and the reason why you have this show is because late night talk show sucks so bad right, a and it's it's this style their stock. They have commercials at and now they have these things that they do and they have targeted. Never have this conversation now you would they would someone come and Jimmy Joe? Let's just this is not the time for this year's want to talk about this in your own time, yeah, time? Hillary is this a lot of Hillary supporters on staff and they're very upset right now only feel that you guys are massage Nancy. Did you see Jimmy now. I don't know
We found one I've only bumped into him and he's always been a job, very nice guy, a gentleman and a nice guy, and that could in that nothing bad to say about Jimmy Fallon, but they did it up in a segment, where they had Hillary Clinton on and her writers and his writers came out and they all wrote? Thank you notes and they're uh to Hillary Clinton, and at first I'm like it's be hilarious and then it wasn't, it was, sincerely. They were thanking her for what for being human suffering and running for bucking grits. Fact. You got shot him and left his wallet and his his there are those amazing that was a botched robbery. So and yeah sure four hundred o'clock in the morning did you see it then took anything from him, see Donna Brazil's happened to leaks it yeah. She called him a fucking hero, gotTa Brazil said that that was scared, her to death. She started pulling the blinds in her office. She should so now the Washington This is what I wanted to ask you. They wrote a hoe think about how anybody who questions set. The rich is crazy. Of course they do that they make. You look like you're a fool, because it's a conspiracy, theory and
say, conspiracy, theory, conspiracy, theorist in your wack job. But what just put something is one big conspiracy there right, but just put it down on paper was look at what this look. It real, hard facts, Seth Rich, was a Bernie Sanders. Supporter Seth Rich was a patriot Seth, which accord to Julia sounds in Wikileaks, which have not been proven to be liars, never had to retract anything there and if they've never had to do that, he saying that he leaked stuff to him and their consequences leaking stuff to Wikileaks. Seth Rich was murdered at four in the morning shot in the back. They said it was a botched robbery, but no, took anything from him and there's ever been anyone that's charged with it and there's no suspects. I don't know I don't know what happened to him, but that looks very well. You're, not even allowed to ask questions, because I covered that story. One day I covered it one day because that Guy Wheeler came out and he was saying he had all this. He saw the computer and all this stuff. So I covered that right.
Your piece of shit and you're in conspiracy theory in that, in that video I did, I literally said I don't know if this is true we're waiting for evidence. Unlike the mainstream news media with their Russia bulshit we're going to wait forever right. I literally said that inside that, and then the say I did another video which to bunk that Guy Wheeler who was pushing that that story because he turned He was full of so what was the response, though? People still this date is fucking smear me with that he pushed it. I got I covered. I would do a new show. I covered a new oh by the way. Why aren't you allowed to ask questions about an open murder investigation? Not only that this is a really look. This is uh who is a real Bernie Sanders supporter, Open, Bernie Sanders supporter who worked for the Dnc, the Dnc Absolute rigged, the primary against Bernie Sanders. He was aware of this. He was there while this was all going down, so is Donna Brazil. Everyone was aware of the guy got fucking murdered after
He leaked information to Wikileaks. If you don't think, that's a little weird, what are you looking at what what what delusional rose colored glasses. Are you looking at your party from you think you're in some Julia Roberts movie from nineteen? Ninety? This is real shit. Some guy got killed. He was Four years old, he was a young the guy who is very optimistic and had this view of the world where he gave me the car warped american flag, pants and shirt. There's a famous picture with a beer on he's, a patriot in a lot of ways he wanted to be involved in the political process. He is very idealistic is: is it probably shattered by finding out the party that he was working for, was corrupting the Democrat process an because I've said this before I've been accused of helping Donald Trump win by really wacky people online like pointing out all the flaws of Hillary look man. You can't ignore
add ship because you want one side to win. I've talked about all this flaws too there's a lot. Flawed. Human beings run for president pretty much all of them. It's very rare. You have someone who's, not flawed, extremely flawed, we're all flawed, but extremely flawed. Who wants to be the king of the world? It's very rare! Well, you know not to change subjects but Barack Obama. Everyone thinks is the greatest guy in the world. You know be in contrast to Donald Trump, because he was polite. His statesman very good seeker was I, but at the end when he was polite. At the same time, he let cut cops cracked, the heads of peaceful protesters and occupy Wall Street all across the country said he put on a soft you to stand up for unions. He over unions in Wisconsin when they took a teachers union away. He opens Arctic to drill. Twice whenever Shell oil wanted. He said, ok and he only close it when they didn't want to do it anymore. He took
from two wars to seven, he cooked out five point: one million families out of their homes instead of helping them and he made Wall Street hole while fucking over everybody else. So this guy he entity made the Bush tax it's permanent? So there was a what they say is that it looked like it was changed on the outside continuity on the inside. Well, the hope would change website had to be altered, because there was all these things in there about whistleblowers about and they prosecuted exactly, but he takes. He took it out of the website right. He had all these segment sections in the website about offering protection for whistleblowers and so they were like the worst when it came to the press. The what yes, yes, when I came to the press and people and free with the press and people getting in trouble for leaking information, they were the worst, the worst
much more so than brush they. They use the espionage act to prosecute journalist, yes and they're in there. That's a fact, and everyone turned their heads. You know Grand Glenn Greenwald used to be a hero on the left until he started telling the truth about Barack Obama. Now is a pariah right. So up to the people of you know, Thomas Frank, I don't know if you know you, you would love that guy. If you ever met him, he wrote that book called what's the matter with Kansas, which is examine what's wrong with conservatives, and then he wrote a book called listen Liberal, which came I think two years ago, and he is percent a non Grata on MSNBC Cnn. Nobody will talk to him because he could take the left any talked about out of mine yeah. You can no room for discourse. He can't even get a job in the United States. He has to write for the guardian is aware, and that's a true story. I've had my my I show people love him and he comes out. He tells the truth about the the last Frank Thomas, Frank he's got. Sense of humor too he's real personable and he's he's an academic, but he doesn't talk like one
and his book is, listen liberal is what radicalized me to not be able. Vote for Hillary Clinton. It opened my eyes to all the book. You know people still be blame. Ralph Nader is just an unbelievable if you're allowed to participate in democracy and he'll Clinton was the only candidate in the history of politics who wasn't expected to garner votes by campaigning you just were, Costa or your fucking vote. If she doesn't have the votes you're supposed to go, get the fucking votes, But that was another thing that I got in trouble for not me to four people were saying like: why do you keep talking about her health because it's a huge issue, an also I happen to know a lot about brain trauma had brain trauma. Again she passes out. They said she was. She was hot. Shouldn't take her coat up this and I've been hot May times. I go in the sun all the time. I never faint,
Ok, I don't want to run for president. Listen, you can't just fall asleep while standing up and be president, that's not that's not in the books. I got a joke about in my act like I was like if that was my mom black mom. You can't be president. You can't stand up fast. She it's true, if Hillary Fashion, her eyes, would rollback behind her head and she cracker head off the linoleum. That's just a fact and But if you say that you are a massage anist, your alt right have been called alt right for that, like you're helping your helping Tronald trump when helping Trump. This Seth rich thing is real symptom and the ignoring of that case is a real symptom of what is wrong. With this yutani isn't tribalism, you can't discuss it lists at that's crazy that you're even talking about it. I believe that you talk about it so openly. What are people people die?
try to discredit you because of this, it doesn't matter you can't do I do my cage fighting commentator that go ahead. I'm a pot addict, I smoked pot. I got problems. Listen man, I'm not a fucking. Reputable person in trying to tell political ideologies mean and just not I'm not that well read when it comes to politics. I have my opinions on things, but when it comes to things that are rock solid and clear like that, Seth Rich was murdered and people want to ignore it. I'm like what the fuck do. You think happened. It has to be some sort of a disconnect here when a person is giving information to Wikileaks that exposes corruption inside the very organization, that's responsible for the Fuqing Democratic Party, and it's murdered and you like out the conspiracy theories. No he got murdered is no kids. Yes, it was a botched robbery says who says where is How come his wallet was there? How come his watch? Was there? How come they didn't take his phone? What the fuck are you talking about?
I'm a conspiracy theorist when I just tell you the facts and this this wiki leaks thing with Julian Assange is the crazy shit ever when he said. There's consequences to sharing information with us and everything He works for Russia. Now he works for Russia. So this is the darling of the left when Obama was in office. So remember amazing. It that's so Julie decides he's just a great news. Guy with who's tough as nails at dance is creepy and might affect some girl. While she was asleep whatever whatever this can't leave he's stuck in the ecuadorian embassy. The way about that case was so fucked. So far, so fuckit he's been so fuckin'. It's because it's ea wants him so bad and they control everybody another truck. They have influence over Ecuador and they're, trying to buck they're trying to get a Halliburton guy to be there. So anyway, they might just blow play, something for gas will no doubt a bright. I wouldn't be surprised if she'd like that had more stuff comes out like the Seth rich stuff, the amount of people now. This is where I leak any conspiracy theories. The amount of people connected
Hillary Clinton organization to the Clinton Foundation to Bill Clinton? The amount of people that have been iced is stunning, but that's of them are bullshitin coincidental and you know people and they are in a weird job and people go there's a lot of people have been killed, but not, but don't you think what I love when they talk about the uranium. One story like it's debunked, right Bill Clinton, half a million dollars put directly in his pocket from a Kremlin Bank directly and then uh. Forty. Two million dollars flowed into the Clinton Foundation and it was fun to Pune bunch of mother surrounded a nuclear deal because they want to do charity. So what's the argument that was debunked date, though they say they the you few, for they say oh no, this this is. She was only one of nine things that had to sign off, but there was all these other agencies had to sign off on it and this and that it's all bullshit there was all influence, someone gave your Clinton foundation. One hundred and forty two million dollars that's to buy influence and
half a million dollars in the bill cleanse pocket directly. It's 'cause. They like how he talks pretty English in Russia. Are you fucking kidding me? so that's it's all bullshit. So people know it's the bugs NAFTA bunked, it's not You tell me why they gave one hundred and forty two million dollars anonymously to a Fuckin' Clinton Foundation that is such bullshit there, so corrupt, if you believe, Trump, is corrupt by doing deals with Oleg Ark's. This is Dylan Ratigan talking. You also have to believe that Hillary Clinton did arms deals around the country. Well, personally, enriching herself and Barack Obama is paid off by the Wall Street and uh. Health insurance companies and big pharma. So we don't have a functioning out money sector or a health care sector, it's hard to believe one and not believe the other. Two, that's what Dylan Ratigan says and I believe that fucking guy he's an award winning journalist and he said, if you believe, Trump is corrupt and then he goes and it's easy to believe it or not. But you also have to believe this. You have to believe Hillary Clinton did arms deals all around the world, enriching herself to the tune of millions of dollars same thing with Barack Obama. You can't believe one and not the other. So my whole point is when people try to pretend that Trump
the problem, they're missing the problem. The problem is the NEO liberal system that gave us trump that renders sixty three percent of the population without it my funds to handle thousand dollar emergency in the richest country in the world. That's the problem, Joe and that's what people are. If you think it's it's, it's Trump Trump is a symptom of a bigger problem. I don't even think that I want to be president. He doesn't think he up and I think he was running a dog, a house, a car and yes, like DR now peoples taste like shit, people hate him so much they want to. They want to impeach him right in my favorite parts of the election process was when he was saying. I gave you money Gave you money so again. So my favorite car seats. So I was like God, it who'd a thought Maybe trump to fuckin' out these people? Now it has? He did he did. When Obama was mocking him at that press junket
What is that thing was that the war correspondence yeah the correspondence dinner when he was mocking him, so one thing that I am that you'll never be President United States and and Trump's in there going oh yeah mother Fucker and like that, very well, could have been like healing, about running for president in the 80s right, but he never did never did I thought about in the two thousand and four election never did, but that fucking straw snapped. He did it and we're on. He did it and he was in Do you think that it's a good thing to have someone is? Is he is like in terms of like how we view a president in terms of like all the grab em by the pussy in the paying off did women missed, although the crazy shit and all the lies like he gets caught in lies a me. What's worse, Donald Trump has grabbed by the Pussy or Barack Obama. Says I'm going to fix everything for you and then he kicks your family out of your house five point: one million families of their house while making Wall Street hole and then, when he
Then he comes back into public life after retiring. The first thing he does is half million dollar speeches to banks. You fucking tell me: what's war is that what he's doing now, that's what he did yeah when he first he works. He went surfing with Branson and then he came back into. Speeches to the Carlyle Group and some other people had half a million bucks, a crack, Sebastian Chris Hedges, says what size? Why love Chris hedges? He was a guy who told the truth about the Iraq war and they have New York Times fired him for it. Which is where the New York Times you can't fucking, believe that you can listen to these make stablishment newspapers when they talk about war right. So now I fucking forgot, goddamnit Obama coming back in the office, so Chris Hedges says they steal right out in the open. Now they don't even try to hide it, and that's what that well, that was one of the funniest things about the Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton debates like bottled released, the transcripts released the transcript just a of kind of a speech such as
one thousand dollars, I'd love to hear what you have to say: yeah, that was Debbie Wasserman Schultz, yeah yeah bring stuff. People keep were so fuckedup in this country, Joe, that we nominate the most repulsive neoliberal, corporatist warmonger in the history of the Democratic Party, the most unpopular nominee ever she loses to a fuckin' game, show host. It doesn't even want to be president. And what do we do? We blame another country we live in a country. Talk about not wanting to examine the system that gave us they pull it and that's all they talk about is blaming another country, and what is the Big news of the week that we really concentrate on his hair flopping off a breeze enough, France there opens up and you see the back of his head. I mean I did a good deal on that they could come over. Look at to come over and look at it. It's right there. Well, we all knew, but if the Lotus is, it was dramatic the way Lou. It was dramatic. The way blew Open was like a wing opened rise. It was like there. If
it's like you see in something out supposed to say: yes, like up a skirt, like his head had Annas. Yes, that I heard that someone say that yes, that's a good way looking at it like his. His at his head was mooning us yeah yeah. There was, and by the way people are going to mistake everything I'm saying for defending Trump plans to shave his head, taking from guys gotta said shift Donald. Now. How long would you shave your head? 'cause? I don't remember you're having. However, it's like you in my head of an two thousand eleven. Maybe I think so he was like when I met you in two thousand and four whenever that was I I just Houston being bald, even though you weren't, obviously now in my head yeah, I do too. I look at pictures of me from fear factor. My hair. Remember you ever having here is. Nobody hang on, though it was. Yours are those guys who can pull. I I couldn't pull it off. You could pull it off. I don't the same you couldn't until you do it, and then you realize that sometimes can do gray. Hair too, I can't do. Guy pocket looks really can do
I have to dye my hair all the time, but when you let your hair go gray, you have that or you know distinguished illness who are distinguished gentleman, your you've have aged learned, and he I don't need no. I don't want to die and I don't need to be distinguished. I want everyone to think. I'm the you know the jury well when he was getting an award, he said,
I like doing the cell again the words I'd rather be send the corner making fun of the guy, get an award and that's exactly all right yeah. That's me too. I don't one ward. I don't wanna be in your club. I don't wanna, you know yeah what. So? What do you think about? The Washington post is owned by Jeff Basil's, the richest guy in the world. Handy fastening, penny sits on a Pentagon board and he has a six hundred million dollar deal with the C. I a and he runs the paper of no wait. Wait. Wait! Six hundred million dollar deal with the CIA yeah, which is like something I'm twice as well that way. Amazon Alexis doing so on Alexis is gathering up information on everything you do. Yes, it s thing Bano aged out of me, yeah yeah, it's not good Jamie. I were just talking about the new apple home thing, which has the most amazing microphones. Jamie was say and that, while the music is blaring, you could say, hey SIRI was real quiet, hey SIRI, don't you suck my dick seriously? I can't do that. Sir details, about the CIA's deal with Amazon. Six hundred million dollar computing cloud built by an outside company is a radical departure from the. Reverse intelligence, community
in bed with the Washington Post were Jeff Basos, and now he also sits on a Pentagon board. He's got so much money he's Listening to me because, like what, how do you keep going? when you have one hundred and five billion like what's getting up in the morning, so he's a megalomaniac right. So how do you accumulate more wealth than any person in the history of the world? That means kings queens! That's not necessarily true. The reason. Why is we don't count the same kind of money that the oligarchs have like, especially people, that first of all people have said that it's very possible that Putin is the richest man alive because they're, not counting how much money Putin is stolen from all the various company, he's just sort of a warped, and he all that stuff, but So we don't count all these kings and these prince is in the Middle EAST they're, not publicly they're, not public people. Ok, so
So, let's save all the people. We can count he's the richest guy. A billionaire friend of mine, who is a legitimate billionaire, told me that it's entirely possible that some of these guys are trillionaires these middle eastern guys he's like you've. Never seen. Wealth like this is insane in you know in the United Arab Emirates. They make it rain every week once a week to make it rain mean they see the clouds make it rain yeah, because they're in the desert, like yeah. I don't like this. I like it to rain, so they fucking put all that ship that they have to put in the sky, to make it rain, which they've been doing forever cloud seeding but insanely expensive, but they do it once a week. So fifty two times a year. It rains there. So what do you see see a problem with their richest guy in the world? Owning the political paper of note, and being in bed with the c I a and he's on a Pentagon board yeah. No, it's all spooky. It is like some kind of orwellian nightmare when we got so much money and you can-
I criticize him in the paper they won't. Let you know the people who write for that paper are going to run Christian post. Doug can't write anything bad about they're, not going to write the wouldn't imagine they would even dare one guy wrote something bad about Amazon and Huffington Post. He got disappear, there was a guy who was a writer for the Washington Post, wrote something in the Linkedin post that was critical of Amazon and he got disciplined at Washington Post for doing that. So that's the world we live in and then we have the government. If you ever try to tell about a crime inside the government and the government would use the espionage act to crack down on you. So we're again we're living in Ola, Ghar Ki Joe. Our democracy is already been taken from us so know that this isn't a democracy they've done studies. This is provable, was the thing about the from the Huffington Post Derell's, but was it valid? Was it a valuable criticism that was it about criticized about how Jeff Bezos treat his workers that It's been an open area of discussion that they look. I've talked to someone who actually work there.
You're saying that they get like a countdown so say in order. Come then they literally have a countdown on their tablet, and the countdown says you know like I don't know what the amount of time is, but you have to run and find that fuckin' product and get in the box and get it shipped inside a very small window of time ago. So I'm literally running, I call you run, he goes yeah. You literally run because if you don't meet your count down, he goes you can only like get away with that for a certain amount of times. Then you get in real trouble, so they also have the things things the wrists that bands that they've a developed in shock at a truck you, serious yeah! I was joking they've. I got I'm sorry, he dates truck. You will pull it up they, but they vibrate. And if you go, if you're hey, if you're moving the wrong way, it'll shock, you add, back to the right way it hurt, or is it like, if you don't think of her new Cadillac cadillacs? If you, if you go too close to the side, it gives you wings of the job like a little feeling Amazon designed to track
Track employees movements, so pesos it's been reported, which is true, is that he would rather then run How do you machine that day? So now, there's plenty there's a couple different fixes for this. The problem of the robot one of them would be unions right. So I'm, like my whole thing, is you know why, can't we unionize Amazon. Why can't we use and eyes Walmart? I know they make it hard. Walmart literally, shut down their meat packing in Texas because the meat group they mute guys in Texas. They fuckin' we're not going to sell meat anymore in Texas. That's how will fuck over the union so, but we gotta figure, the way to get unions in there's. Another thing you know Teddy Roosevelt was a trustbuster which was that he was a monopoly buster. You know fifth percent of all online purchases go through Amazon dot com in the United States. Fifty percent yeah, you know fifty one of households in America have Amazon. Prime. Only forty nine percent have a landline so more!
people at Amazon, Prime in the United States and have fuckin' landline. So what it is a real, so Tech Teddy Roosevelt would come along until we get a break this company up wow. He would say this is a first first of all Jeff Basil's, because he owns the paper. He got The trump was right when he said he's there to get the tax in his favor because he was able to go around and hollow out economies of main street little small towns all around because he didn't have to pay taxes. The income tax for Amazon and so the brick and mortar place. Is he closed them down by undercutting them bright, because he and now he's opening? brick and mortar stores, he closed out all the Barnes and nobles in the borders books and now he's opening up Amazon bookstores. Did you know that? No, yes, so sixty four percent, sixty four there you go. It's even up higher than from when I looked. I have Amazon Prime now how many of those people use it for television. This is my question because I know that Amazon started to make Apparently some very good shows, but I don't hear
anybody talking about watching them? Like apparently Billy Bob Thornton? a really good show on Amazon, and I know there was that and Jeffrey Timbor Show that got tanked. You know. That's an interesting me to story the Jeffrey Tambor won the that he was he's playing a transvestite or transgender, and here and there people and he's not transgender and there's people on the show. Apparently that were very upset that a Trans Gender Anon Transgender person was playing. A transgender person was acting now. Well, they didn't like that and the this was there was a lot of internal dispute of that which may or may not have led to the accusations I used to be. Much harder aged icg harder on the on Trans gender. When I say harder on Trans gender, I mean a no. I mean I I used to make I used to make jokes about them, because I understand right. I understand it was a real thing. I thought it was just guys having fun
right well, some of us. We all we all like to fucking, feel a little weird or whatever I I go, but you know go out in public and so but then I realize this is actual thing, with a lot of people that they're actually born, they have the different feeling than their outside. Then I realized it was a thing and so on. I don't do that anymore. Is gender Dysmorphia. You know it's. There's there's! Definitely people that have issues in their mind where they wish that they were a different thing than what they are. I think the thing that turns me more about transgender people than anything? Is this acceptance of using hormone blockers for young children, and I just think that is talking insane, and this is something that the liberal progressives are pushing at an alarming rate. It's a terrifying idea. You there's there's plenty of discussion about this online there's plenty of people that think that age six is a fine year to start this yeah we've talked we've had people on the podcast who infiltrated
this, this Trans gender Group and we're talking about their kid. Their kid identifies with the girl. But if the kid is six, this is two years too young to start- and you know, they might need to work as it's too young. They were saying. No, it's not! You know. It's studies show that that's a good time there just horse shooting they want more people to do it so that they feel better have you ever met a married guy that wants to get married because they're fucking miserable as shit? I don't want to call anybody out, but famous guy, have a conversation with the famous guys. Tell me how great it is to be married. His wife yells at him tells him what to do and all this shed, and he gets things done this way and I'm like what the fuck are. You talking about he's now divorced, okay since many years ago, Skype what was miserable but was trying trying to tell me that it's a good thing to be married, because when married married, you have to answer to someone that someone tells you what to do go to what he was telling me that his wife a and makes I fucking asshole?
it's all. Coming at all what a less someone if I it's one of my friends called me, a I'd made a huge mistake. That's, like would be you know every tear football coach. It was the right to do that and throwing buckets a gator. I think the whole thing was ridiculous, but it was literally just a misery. Loves company thing that happens, but people who are married want you to be married to now, I'm not saying that's absolutely! What's going on with people who are transgender but they're, most certainly in support of more people, doing it and Don't know if that is why they would lean towards having six year olds take hormone blockers, but if criticize that in any way you were thought to be transphobic, and this is a real issue today, where bringing this up over and over again I don't know Why anyone would think that it's a good idea to take six year old and put them on hormone blockers when they don't know what the fuck is going on with the world, their body
It's changing, they're, going through all this growth and development, and for you to chemically hijack that foreign ideology seems to me as an outsider, to be fuqing Insane, but to talk about it, you Run, the risk of being thought of as being transphobic. It's a very strange time to discuss things because you can't an opinion about it because you're a this gendered white man with all sorts of privilege, look at so you macho piece of shit yeah people like, although so your man's exactly it's like. Well, I'm a guy, and I have an opinion, so I'm not allowed to have that opinion ever I mean I understand, there's a there's a time in a place the same Mansplaining sure, but I don't think there is but to find a place to say that someone is talking down to people who happened to be a man. That's fine, but the problem with the term Mansplaining is that you don't have a man is correct. If a woman is saying something? That's incorrect in a man correct, Sir he's Mansplaining yeah. Well, that's ridiculous! So that's what it said:
too often it's turned into that. Just like. I said the hash tag me to were all against sexual harassment. I work, but we're not for puritanism exactly yeah. So it's for people hi jacking certain things. I think that what we're going what's going on with me hash tag me to and a lot of things in this society is were undergoing a radical cultural change and it's brought about by information. I think we're or way more aware of each other's feelings way. Aware of what's ok way, more aware of what we're willing to tolerate were not willing to tolerate, and if you go back to the 1930s and 1940s and watch old films where people smack the shit out of women and rape women. All kinds of crazy stuff, and it was thought to be Those are the heroes. Heroes with member the woman right across playing. Yes, John Wayne would that that member, what he does, how about there was a guy I forget his name, but he took the grapefruit right nor fair yeah yeah. What was that guy was Adam John Wayne, or was that this is just a short guy yeah. I can't okay, Mickey Rooney, no, the
another short guy fuzz it now Jim Cagney James Cagney yeah, I can't believe I couldn't think of his name. I couldn't either You did there, it is there. It is yeah yeah give me some volume. She answer volume. I didn't ask you any lip drink, I know Tom, but yeah I wish there you go down wishing stuff again I wish you wouldn't wishing well Connecticut. I have book at the in sync: it well Dick wow. It's kind of a natural thing to say, like that, so that she said that he sticks the group break grapefruit right in our face, oh well that is kind of a meat? That's a dick move. It's a ruthless fuqing scene wow now try to do that today. Maybe you know have some no name, a guy who's, uh, Ryan's Ryan Gosling, one of those guys one handsome fellows- do
so it to some beautiful young name, a girl who's, a good Emma stone there. How about that sucks? Like grapefruit interface, people fuck movies and then she just kind of cried Chezem reactor. Oh, oh, that men beat the fuck women back. That was normal, yeah, that's horrible, so that I think what those things represent. Obviously it's fiction right, but it also represents, is what was acceptable cultural eat, a witness in a film that is not acceptable, culturally to witness in a film now specially from the fugen hero of the show, I think today we're more aware than ever before of love, how people feel of how bank of? What's acceptable, it's not, and what was wrong with the way people used to behave, whereas it was just We are operating on momentum in the 30s and 40s and 50s and 60s and 70s the inter. Came along, and people are just sharing information of this unprecedented pace. Yeah yeah not about John Lennon, what about him that he
admitted to beating his girls. Girlfriends really. Did you mean you're going to sing you gotta gotta. Give him lots. I'm a break, but it was when I guess when he was younger, and he said you know I have to make up for the things I can't and I what I did I have to make up for it. I was like well I don't want to hear that right that about Hendrix too no yeah, yeah yeah, see if you can find that dude Hendricks Hendricks story is very disturbing. Metrics might have been murdered. It's very really is murder. You don't have to manage, and John Lennon beat women and children. It was just a fact: beat children who the big, what children terrible thing who is the famous assehole did during his life ever written by a woman? Hashtag me too yeah. It was a different time. I bet I bet a lot of but the terrible things back, that I guess he wasn't one to one of his kids. He wasn't nice to. I forget which one Julian or the other anyway. It's it's tough. It's not you! Don't wanna! You know Steve my
Then I met you ever read his book. He talked about how his dad him a little too hard one time when they were never friends. After that Jesus and Did you get it as a kid growing up? No, no get out of really good mother got hit. Yeah okay, my mother got it but my dad, but then she left my dad. How you your dad didn't hit. You completely made up Jimi, Hendrix australian girlfriend savages new film, which shows rockstar beating up her character. Okay, all my sides and accuracy has been criticized by Hendrix his friends for my girlfriend, disgusted by scenes depicting domestic violence, never consulted her about portrayal, ok, so that might not be true, but there was a there's another someone. It said that there was a situation where Jimmy was in the other room and he hit his girlfriend like someone was, talking about it from first person perspective. I don't know if that was the girlfriend, the fascinating thing about Jimmy that he had this gangster manager who had him, kidnapped his? manager had him kidnapped, so that he could release him so that he could
rescue him so that he keep keep Jimmy on as a client this is all that came from a really recent book. That was one of the gangster guys. Body guards are one of the the people that work for him. So it's very fast, and so he was afraid that Jimmy was going to get rid of him as a manager, so he engineered a kidnapping that he could Alvin and Jimmy would feel indebted and bring him on his manager, and this guy who wrote this book, I don't know how much of this is real and how much bulshit but thinks that murder, Jimi, Hendrix and then right after that, the girlfriend of Jimi Hendrix was thrown off of a roof. Yeah really yeah and they said she committed suicide, but he says they threw her off a roof and she knew about Jimmy's murder. Really I don't know I don't know. I don't know. I stranger things have happened in that job. Well, that whole business in many way look at should night right that whole business. The music business has been run by gangsters for a long fucking time. Look at Phil Spector,
the guys shot that woman in the face room like he used to put guns in people's house all the time in that business was run by gangsters for for ever sold the idea of Jimi Hendrix manager being a gangster's is not outside the realm of possibility. You go by back to the Ciro's nightclub days, where it's the comedy stores today that was run by bugs Siegel is a fucking gangster of joint where that's where musicians play in Jerry, Lewis and Dean Martin played there? I mean to really that was run by murderers. That was the one reason why everybody was willing to believe the comedy store was haunted if you look at like the haunted you know dictionary of like places or the directory of places the comedy store, the top places on the list in Hollywood there. It is, I'm pretty sure it's not that's the can main room and I provide there. I'm going later tonight I'll be standing right, that guy is, I mean it's crazy that the store is essentially the same fucking place as it was then wow
I I believe it's haunted. Do they killed a shitload of people in that place and there's a but that's the front door. Oh I'll, come nice. That look is an amazing yeah, that's really dark and evil yeah meatballs, evil or then now we're just telling jokes. That was fun. That night, I haven't done many sets of the comedy store in LOS that was. It was a blast. I really enjoyed that SAM Tripoli. Thanks for bringing me on that show doing his show tonight. Ok show tonight in the main room. If the place is the best, it's just soaked with him, my girlfriend face with grapefruit look at him cigarettes, in cigarettes. Nobody worked out, nobody, nobody, every look like shit and Ronald Reagan Reagan who's the girl. I know Let's take this dean, Martin Right, Nancy Reagan, that's Nancy, no exercise releases, Nancy and RON Reagan wow. She got weird looking bigger, Martin Genie, bigger.
Let's dean, Martin writing. Martin, Martin Martin, look weird too! It's just a weird angle is probably hammered gives like I always want to be those guys like I want to be dean. Martin, I want to be the rat pack I want to be. To be driven Jimmy Dore LEO that have a good chance of being Jimmy I gotta hits hard to find out who that guy is our own. I see, but if you're on the outside, maybe is it can right now, listening going God damaging Jimmy dork I'll I want to be you don't even know who the you are well yeah. I but have you ever thought about this? I thought about it like this. If somebody would have whispered in my ear, when I was eighteen years old how you I had a lot of anxiety as a kid like we're going to do with my life, I had no role models to do anything. I grew up in this blue collar neighborhood. I didn't want to do anything. Anybody fuckin' did their me too same thing same story. It's crazy right become a comic yeah and that's became a comic and
if somebody with a whispered in my ear when I was younger, I katie this is how it's going to work out. I have been a lot more relaxed and everything you would have made it. Probably not. I didn't know you had that anxiety is important, that the heart, the horrible feeling of insecurity it or pans out, because it makes you work like you, don't want to be comfortable. That's one of the things that I'd like to do things that I'm not good at This is one of the reasons why I like to do. Yoga is one of the reasons why I like to run hills. It's one of the reasons why I like to do things like archery and bow hunting and stuff, like that, it's fucking hard to do so. It's humbling, Jujitsu is very humbling and doing these humbling things, you're, always insecure, you're, always struggling you have to somehow or another constantly being a status struggle, but it doesn't mean you have to be in a state of stronger all day, all your life, but you have to uh and that feeling is. That feeling is the only way you progress. It's only way advance somewhere, you get better at things you get better at yourself. You get better at life. You have to go through that. All the time. It's a muscle that has to constantly be exercised. It's like you,
talking about doing stand up like Jerry Seinfeld, saying take four days off and you feel it take fighters off people know it yeah, that's the same thing with struggle. You got a constant be engaged in improvement and trying to figure out how to improve things. That's how you advance. That's how you advance technique. That's how I advance thought that side, Vance ideas and bits, that's how they progress if you have to, feel that fucking uncomfortable feeling everybody wants to avoid. Everybody wants to feel comfortable all that. So when I was on the road, when you were talking about how putting together your next special and how you're going to do it, terrified and I'll They have to go through. You know I was on the road I remember like even in in El Paso, Texas, I'd be working, and I would do two shows- and I would go home after were afterwards to the condo and I would listen to, all shows I went to sleep, you know now. I know most guys didn't do that. You know, but I just how to do it and it was almost like. I was embarrassed to let the other comics. No. I was listening to my set
but it was like just like that. It's like I don't! I don't want to be stuck here. I want to I have some place I want to be, and I got to get there and if this helps me get there, I want to get that. I want to figure out what the fuck out well. How do I get to be like that guy? How do I get to like Jerry Seinfeld how to be like Brian Regan. How do I get to be like those people I want to be like, and you know study them- and I just so it's that whole have you have to have a desire to be somewhere that you're not yeah, Well, that's one way to look at it, but for me the I feel like that takes care of itself. If you continue to improve so my thought is always been on the thing itself, like the craft, the bits, the chunks there's some material from my pass, I'm embarrassed as fuck about I can't go like if I youtube and I see some old thing from nineteen, ninety nine or something like that? It's fucking death. I can't look at that, but what
but I'm concerned with is like what I'm doing right now. How do I get that better? How do I tighten that up? I'm not thinking one day I want to perform it this place and then I'll truly made it that's a trap, but it's not a trap. Is, making the work better. I constantly. Improving the work and since I've been focusing on that the more I focused on that the better my act to Scott. Does that debt definitely you're you're right about that to trap. Because well, why do you think trap when you say I want to play theaters you still use somewhere with that same stupid and then right still bugs you and you think everything's going to be different and it's like I'm just and and why I think people up when they make it. It's like, I feel exactly the same. Yeah they don't know what to do with them, so that that's kind of guy, where I got right, oh, I can do whatever I want go wherever I want see an and I will feel the same, and that's when I started listening to Eckhart Tolly and I started to try to be present, try to learn how to enjoy the moment more and the doing
yeah right. So when I'm on tour- and that's when I realized also- is that when I'm on stage I'm never more present than when I'm on stage fright like. I am debt that whatever that magic is to be present, it's going to give you it's like when people say they meditate they have energy after I have so much energy after I get off stage, even if it's a shitty show, because I'm just being present the whole time, I'm not thinking about my bills or what happened yesterday. I'm just thinking about right this fucking moment and it fuels me That's why I want to. I want to figure out how I can go back to being a comedian. Well, you can be mean you definitely did it the other night. So yeah, I guess you just gotta. Do it more? I'm just pushing my son man pushing myself to get out there more and it happens to people when they get a television show, and it happened to me when I got news radio. I was doing very little comedy and I wasn't writing at all and my axe start to suck. I was having this. I have the same old stupid act that I had for years. There was appear like two years right and write a fuckin' single joke. I would just go and do the same set. I wasn't doing
tv sets and I just kept bombing and once time, a bond in front some radio- and I realize Oh, my god. I have to get back to work, and then I really start dedicating myself and really start paying attention again. I bought a recorder, so I can record all my sad sorry even stalled a Dat machine at the comedy store. I bought it really all it installed installed: microphones yeah. I changed the microphone, I bought a whole new sound system for the comedy store really now yeah, so I could start recording my sets and listen to all of them. Transaction yeah, also exist, and now just use my phone. You know yeah my amazing, but each kind of fucking God, be concentrating on the work. That's the thing man in the you concentrate on getting it better, the more you tighten it up and that's. Why the real happiness in performing is in doing a great job. It's not unlike the place, You go. I still get nerve, like it was some some places I get nervous. You know like
and the theater at Madison Square Garden. That made me nervous like holy I'm performing at the garden, but then after the show over. I was like well. That was a show normal sounds great, went well, but it's fucking May I use it when he how it because you're just mind yourself, it's the same jokes to say: it'll, just a different brand, so I used to work this club in Chicago called the funny firm, which is a four hundred seat, room, right, downtown Chicago was great room around the corner. Was the improv They made it really hard to play the improv if you lived in Chicago and so I remember I had got a got a shot to to do a set there, and I was we did have a good set, an I can't say which branch I came off and my friend Steve Segran goes. He goes it's the same. People that are around the corner, Jimmy the right here. It's the same fucking people yeah, like I know, he's right. I know he's right and but it's don't fall into that, but you went up a weekly. Are you probably fine, yeah yeah, it's just it more often it's it's the
Miss of the situation, and we feel like that's a problem with filming special you film, a special. It's like it is ready, go cameras on home. I gotta get right to relaxed normal. I want you when I did my our special for comedy central. I thought we two two and then we put it together. Well, for whatever reason we only had enough money to shoot one. I was like what I should four oh really yeah, nice four, but I could have used the first one. You know why, because I knew I had four barrels. I knew had four shots when I did it before. When I had to, I did Denver. I had two and the first one, a lady heckled me another oh! No now I laugh why. Now we have one, it's terra, right so I'm like you, gotta have four and you know I was relaxed like I did. The Fillmore in San Francisco for my last one, and it felt like regular comedy was normal. That's great place, yeah! That's! Why did my hours shows at the Fillmore where is really great place place, but I've done that place before I was comfortable I love San Francisco. I worked all the time, so everything just sat
in, but I knew I had four shows like. I feel like too many people put too much pressure. Self! To do. One and always remember about Hicks when Hicks did relentless, he did it in the UK and he did one big show and it just was flat it just and flat. He didn't seem loose, it wasn't. It was like he was just going through these motions that he had done before that were funny, but he wasn't connected to it. You could feel it tension of doing one show It's seen in many many times, and I remember I watched this girl that I was dating. She goes he's really interesting, but he's not funny, but she said it was like damn bitch. You know tough dead, don't you know that how about you shut the fuck up, have a great readers base, no a key. We set. I always thought it was that Bill Hicks hit it just it's hard to capture someone on film. As a stand up it's hard to capture that, like Dennis Miller's black and white
That was, I think the greatest example of capturing that and but I just thought it was like well bills, funny person, but he doesn't transfer to tv that well 'cause it specialist come anywhere close to being how funny he was. I think he just we. Never they never got it right. I think they need to get him at a club yeah when they say the man, your c saying mass. That said our after him exactly yeah yeah. I did that at the Houston last stop. He did himself yeah see that's, but when you do that then you're? Getting you know a bunch of different sets. You find the right one, but and you do it at a comedy club where he's comfortable, I think More people should do sets a comedy clubs and film specials at comedy clubs. I have a couple of theories for why, but one of the big ones is when you're at home you're in a living room, it's intimate he. What you're at you can Watch tv is just right there. It's not fucking one million miles away on a giant big gas screen, so it feels weird to watch something on you know the big gas giant place fifty thousand Kevin Hart did his special. I think that that it's funny-
you know, obviously the materials great great delivering every line that, but I think everything is enhanced more with an intimate environment, my favorite one of my special that I did. I did the the works in Denver. It's like, I think it's. What is that place, one hundred people, I don't think we really might be three hundred. I just saw Judah Friedlander's, and he did his all in the comedy cellar- I think I'm perfect, and it was all a bunch of different from over like a couple months. So he just- He would just press camper at great. It was it in black and white I'll see. If you do that. And you get it you get the right show. Yeah. He did. You're, trying to capture one moment, one night: what are the odds? It's going to right, much pressure on you you're right. I never thought about that that you were using in this big huge thing and people are watching it in the room and it makes sense yeah. I definitely want to do my next special in a club. Did you see Dave Chappelle's, new Netflix, special, the one that he did at the comedy store belly room? He did two of 'em. He did find a good size place in DC, which things like couple thousand people.
And then he did another one at the belly room, which is like seventy people, and I was there for that- one really yeah. I was like wow. This is interesting. Man he's like it's so conversational, but like when you're at home. It's great because it's like he right there. You see, the people are literal, it's close to him as you are to me and then you're right there, like you're in the room with them, now check that out and I haven't even intimate you feel it. You know an. How is it funny to fucking hilarious, ok, Dcs genius. We, the one in the belly room, is great too, but in a different way, because it's like more like really current event stuff. Like he's talking about Louis CK, like there is up there, so it's like Louis CK and Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey is a big part of the material that, talking about, and it was right after it happened. He filmed yes in November, so it was just a couple of months ago and it was out in new year
New year's day. I'll check it out. I have Amazon, Prime. I don't like to brag to you and sixty five fucking million. What is it? Sixty four percent. Sixty four percent of six thousand four hundred and sixty four percent of the country I wonder how many of those people are watching on tv, though that's the thing and are using Amazon, Prime just for the tv part, I I mean how many of them were using the tv part prime coming over watching, because I family member rhyme I never. I never remembered to never use it for tv now I've. Never do you still have old cable. I have Directv tv. Also, that's old timetable sort of yeah. I still have it I'd like to flip through the I like cooking, shows, and I like watching boxing and yeah, but sports, it's great for lifespan yeah. But I don't really. I don't watch the footballs too much anymore. It's just yeah, I did watch super bowl is even though I loved watching New England lose. I didn't enjoy it, didn't really the game. Just doesn't excite me anymore, just it's just a bunch
soccer millionaires and that kind of you know once they get younger than you two it's hard to get excited with all these different things right. It's I don't know is that stupid? I don't know I mean it's only stupid if it's stupid to you. Ok, I mean it. Just was a lot and now and when I moved out from Chicago to La I, just sports just seemed so much less interesting. Now I like watching sports like like boxing because it's very much like stand up comedy, there's no hiding, reveal who you are in the ring right and just like as a stand up, there's no hiding, there's no fuckin' light show or music underneath their dancing girls. It's just looking you in your ideas, and so that's why boxing and I'll and I've realized again. It's people who think I'm blowing smoke up your. And I don't like to watch I like to watch UFC. I like to watch the fighting, but only if announcing it because I like the back stories and all that shit that you give to it no one else seems to be able to do it. Just kind of rolls are it off of you. I just falls out of your mouth other
People are now, Sir, is there just is not is boring. So I don't watch with thanks very nice you, but it's just because I care about it. So yeah you can sell. It's been a part of my life. Since I was a little kid and so for me, it's very important when I'm watching this, explaining what's happening like physically, like to to understand where the Gracie brothers what that what they did and the like. Interesting right. That's that's what heightens everything when you're watching and and that's why I like to watch boxing, because those guys stories are always these unbelievable, as mother abandoned me was eighty walked Brazil for three years and that he's right yeah, you know so so that's like that's the and in this it's a do or die in it's one on one and that's why I love by well it's what we're talking about early when we're talking about Jay Leno's new show. Is that he's actually passion about it? The elements passion about something it comes through when it's real ones genuine and if they can articulate it it's it's comes through and I think, if you're not doing so.
But in your passion, about understand that from watching someone who is doing something like the jail in show or anything along those lines, when you see someone you go wow, that's that feeling that's that magic. Does that thing with someone's like the excited about it, like it's legit like it's in their bones, and if it's not your bones, you better find what is because you're missing out on you know: you're only getting to seven life goes to ten and you're not, you're not ever hitting the high spots. You know you might be I've been staying at seven forever. I've been to ten too many. Yeah like being at ten. That's the problem. Most people never get to it's amazing. Most people most grew up with, and stuff is just it's system, you know comedy open my! You know. I grew up on the Southside of Chicago and we could see. I could see the Sears Tower in the John Hancock Building, which are the two biggest buildings in Chicago. You could see downtown from where I live. Nobody ever went there. You know it was like. I guess I guess. If you grew up in the Bronx, you could see Manhattan. You never went right, so and then comedy kind of open that up for me, I went into those neighborhoods and I and I I like
this is awesome. I bucking love this city I think it was that guy said it was such a heady experience for me and thing. My whole life was ahead of me and I know matter who you are, if you kill, if you're a stand up and you kill, I don't care if you kill at zanies is one hundred and fifty people or if you kill at Madison Square Garden, it's still killing yeah same feeling as the hand. It's ten, you hit ten, you you had a joke and Bowman you hear the roar like that's ten, I had a look. There's nothing My brother the first time I got a paid gig it was in written or we Illinois anyway was fifty dollars and I was I had to drive fifty miles to go, make fifty dollars to do comedy which to me was a victory right yeah and he worked for the power company in Chicago come with us. He was fed have to pay me fifty dollars just to drive there right and I'm like yeah, but when you get there, you have to go, fuckin' work when I get there, I'm the center of attention, if there's a party happening and I'm the guest of honor and I'm going to get a blowjob afterwards, which I did
that night in the church parking lot was fantastic. The church parking only up, I was like wait, a parking lot of a church anyway. So that's the so that's why I love stand up comedy. It's like there's, nothing like it everywhere. You go you're the guest of honor read a party, that's another thing that people probably never we understand about stand up that haven't done it. Is you become attractive? Why you're just a guy right before right. Just a guy right now, your guy in girls are going after you yeah. I like what is happening in remember the first time that happened I was inside. I was stunned. I got to come out to I killed this girl came right up to me and she want to talk to him. Like this a trick. I could some girl in Connecticut I'll. Never forget it, she put her hand. My chance to choose talk to me, you are so funny. How long have you been doing this? Oh, my god, you're hilarious bit kit and I was like what is going on here. This is fake, this girl. What are you going to do to me? someone going to rob me like what's happening was so weird, even when afterwards her and I had sex, I was like this seems fake.
Real first time happen to me. I was working, does up. Maybe I should too late and I was I I come off stage and so it came up to me an she says where you going. I go I'm going to the bathroom and the help LA and at that club. There's just there's just one big bathroom, it's one stall right, so you get your own room and I go. I don't know if my if my boss would appreciate that or some like that, and she says I'm here with the bosses, wife, which I don't know she was or not, and so she falls into the bathroom and gave me a blowjob I was like, I just got a and I had to go up and bring up the middle. It was fun. It was I was like this. Is I love comedy, it's a weird shifting of roles. You know yeah it was not an remember my back hurt at the time. I just have a bad back when I was starting comedy and I've. Remember:
like sit down the sink as Michael my back, and I said I think, she's blowing, it's so funny. I love girls. Don't get that thing from comedy! That's a funny thing that Ali Wong has she's like she's like road, Pussey is amazing. She goes Rodick. Is I don't want to orbit? I don't wanna ruin her day, Essentia Lee she's yeah, it's not the same, I want to ruin her material yeah. Essentially that's what she's saying it's like: it's not a good deal for gals. Must be different. You know one time I remember, I have big mouth and everything, and so, when I started comedy there was this girl Ann? That was pretty, and I guess I must told people like to get around I. So I can fuck her. That's so people hearing that now today the right that was all it was the heart. Your piece of so I don't know if I don't even know if I said what I, how I said or whatever, but it so that I get confronted by her at a comedy club. This girl comes up to me and I I
I didn't know she was going to say she goes hi Jimmy and I go how you doing she goes. I heard you You can't wait to work the road, because you want to fuck me: and she goes. She goes. Did you say that I go sounds like something I would say- and she goes she goes. Don't you want to know who told me I go, could be anybody don't you want to know who told me she claims? She ran out of things to say yes and then she Why did you say that I go to because pretty and I'm attracted to you and she totally change I was like oh well, that's ok, totally changed yeah, but this is a dead one and we're friends till this day. But if this account and we never had sex, but he would write an article for some one of them online rags, you're, you're right, don't get in trouble for that peace, but I was a kid I was just starting comedy. I didn't know him and my from a hole in the ground right and I didn't
anything about that and when she said she was. Why did you send him forget? Why did you say that I just decided to be honest? I go 'cause you're pretty and I'm attracted to you and she's like. Oh that's, ok, I think she thought I thought I was saying she was a slut and that's not what I was saying right right. That's not what I was saying I was saying she's, bucking beautiful. I would like to dance with her. I get. I would like a chance with her. That's what I was saying she took it. I was saying she was a horse. Oh that's not what I was saying. So she totally it was that's the only experience I have like that. Yeah. It's going to be a weird time if we remove flirting an clumsy attempts at Csx and this there's a lot of that stuff. That turns out to be fun. It's funny too. They like one thing that you could say to one person, is highly offensive and you could see get another person is exactly what they wanted to hear. It's like, and you really don't know until you essentially say it or do it and you read it written on paper like yeah, it sounds terrible but in the right
circumstance. That's the thing to say. Nobody wants to admit that, like I did, it is it sounds horrible. Our data wants an we're making out and you know we're getting. Hot every scrubs, my dick and I said I want you to get on my knees, get on your knees and suck my cock shows. I've always wanted someone no kidding drops down to her knees and like she's fucking going but when she looked in Mitchell S always wanted. Someone said to me and like what I got the Jack pot baby come on seven, but you could say that to some girl, she's like no like alright It's the whole. You say, like you don't know in the moment like I just like it was, hot and heavy and crazy, quick and I was like I'm just going to roll the die
Let's just see, let's pull up, let's go for three lemons. Couldn't think now you see what the fuc happens. You never know, but whatever you got, if you don't you don't make any calls, you don't make any sales, but this is one thousand nine hundred and ninety three try doing that and two. Well in real trouble. You know, I just talked to a guy and he made it. He owns a bar and he was talking about hashtag me too, and he says you know. The thing is that women don't have to hit on men. Men are all is the aggressor right that causes a lot of problems. You know like a guy, I'll, see a guy with his group of friends and he'll slink over to try to talk to this girl and he's nervous, and he says can I you want to dance and she'll shut him down and he'll walk back over in, like God, fucking rich, you know, and then he goes. That's what because he's got to save face and don't know what that's like and I was still not unattractive women. Do, though I mean one of the one things you see from the same people whether it men or women is people that are.
Constantly shut down an ridiculed and mocked by the opposite. Sex become very bitter and angry you see it. Sometimes from unattractive women who I've been hit on by men and you see it from unattractive. Men have been shut down by women. They develop this animosity towards the opposite sex and it's very unfortunate and it a lot of it comes from that feeling that you get from someone when you make an advance- you become vulnerable and look if you're a guy, not a good looking guy and take a chance. Some girl that she's with her friends at a bar. She might mock you openly in front of her friends and it's ruthlessly painful and she's. Just not attracted to she wants to shut down any possibility. You might have your head, you go back over there, and this happens time and time again you could we develop animosity towards women or develop a very bad association with the opposite sex. You see from women. There's a
women that I know that have real issues with men and they're very unattractive and they'll say really gross generalizing things about meant. There would make these grossed manner this and man, sock and men aren't funny, and men aren't this and manner that, and then you look at them. You like well you're obese. You're you're unattractive and your experiences with men have probably largely been of rejection and and bad things on top of all realities of what men are capable of in the horrible things that men absolutely do. No denying that. But to have this gross generalization about an inch. Higher gender based on what, a lot of it is based on their own life experiences. Meanwhile, you go some really attractive. Girls like go to you know, fill in the make some really attractive girl who's always had men hit on her. She might be. All men are gross matter discussing I'm just waiting for the right guy she's, not. Lumping all men into this group, but any women that are on it,
active and had a hard time with men. Had the same response towards men that many unattractive men have towards women. It's a real, it's a fucking hard roll of the dice to be born in a way: that's just without any doing of your own completely out of your control you're just not sexually attracted to the opposite sex? So you know what I didn't realize that men had this kind of anger. George women, I didn't realize women had it or some like porn, It turns me off a lot. Most of it is like this anger slap yeah, like enforcing and jamming the cock in the on your error and all this and speeding in there I'm like what the fuck is going so this is, I don't know what that is. I like when I have sex, I like to please a woman oh. I like her to be happy and comfortable, and I don't that whole ain't so that
when I realized all there's a bunch of fuckin' dudes who hate women and angry and they get off on like humiliating them like I don't get off on that yeah. There's. Definitely that you know I had a friend and he was an unattractive guy and I watched him go from being sort of and these idealistic ideas about the one one days going like he had a girlfriend at the time and turned his girlfriend cheating on him, and you know he had other girls and they were trying to get his money and then he just became his bitter fuckin' guy over the time that I knew him. He just became a woman hater. I mean straight up woman here you hit on girls and they've. They would teach turning down like CD's, be angry. Like anger, women, like he's so and I watch it from afar associated women with negative feelings. He associate them with rejection. Associated callousness, I have a friend who's overweight and she feels like that about men. Sometimes, like manner at and you know, they're insulting, and this not like some. Some are yes, some p,
tearable, terrible some males and females or terrible when you thinking, I'm on team p and your on vagina. We've all lost 'cause, you're, crazy. You can align yourself with a hundred fifty million people that you, how many do now do you know all hundred and fifty of those hundred fifty million people, because that's a lot. You know, you probably don't even know a hundred. You probably don't even have an intimate relationship with a hundred and fifty men, so you gonna want all. One hundred and fifty million to the same group that you're against and one hundred Fifty million women into the group that you're with that's crazy. Where humans were supposed be on team human and we're supposed to I'll figure out how to get along, but along the way, we're trying to find mates and we're trying to find companionship an the the reality of that is. It is a messy proposition and some people get left out and some people get shoved aside and some people get attacked and some people get diminished and some people feel terrible about the experience and so people aren't good at it, and some people are better at it than others, and some people use money and influence.
Use, their looks and thing is just it's not perfect. This is not some egalitarian adventure so I'd. I never watch sex in the city, but my wife did good for you, Anne she good for she tugs. I watch the this is Bryan. Callen was on his like Jesus burn, who give up your day. It's definitely a show for women wait a minute. What are you saying he is sexist God, but my wife says about that show cuz it was when she's and she's like These women all got laid and it was all about them wanting to get laid and they had resiliency and they weren't snowflakes and they were answered and these women Unfucking run in heels, and you know all this. They were, they had grit right and just like, she doesn't feel that that's what's happening. Today with the certainly no role models like that, but you know what's really interesting. Sarah Jessica, Parker and Kim Cattrall Fuckin' hated each other.
Ok, there's a thing to yesterday with Kim Cattrall said she's, not my friend she's never been. I don't want your sympathy. 'cause Kim could Charles was her brother died someone. Only died and she said her a best wishes and she's like she's. Not my French never been my friend, I don't like her yeah and apparently they were just yeah, and she said you know she's a shady person, and she said all this really tough stuff about it like right after her brother died, also Jesus wow. What deep throat it was her brother, yeah yeah like the whole thing, is just like. Oh so this whole thing about this camaraderie in this union of women altogether and fighting against, obviously not Horsh, it yeah, of course, yet people hate each other. It's like the rock and Tyrese and fast and furious. They didn't really like each other. It's a scam. Fascinating she's married to that Matthew, Broderick right, yeah yeah, he was yeah. Ok, yeah! I don't know
I'll let stuff. But whatever that's a good point. I think my wife made yeah. It was a good point that women with grit yeah, I mean you, don't get what what what were the route they se the Kardashians you have sex in the city I mean what is that house housewives real housewives day how to Kim Kardashian get famous? Second there there was there's a porn tape right, yeah yeah. She really sex tape. That was apparently engineered by family, that's what I heard too it's crazy. But it's not. If you see with that. Ladies done like how she's organized it look, ins been very successfully had a plan yeah. If you look at it in terms of a financial venture, all my God, a windfall. It's unbelievable, leave, amazingly successful, but K so in a sense there, a type of a royalty in lot of ways. No doubt modern plastic royalty. Yes, it's the culture of nothing yeah culture fake, asses and nonsense, but there
Instead, I'm sure no, no, the talented doing that. I mean it's a talent, but it's they've been why strategically keeping themselves out in the public, I mean I don't I'm not uh? I don't know I'm not a Kim Kardashian or Kardashian family hater. By any stretch of the imagination, I've had a couple of bits about them are kind of mocked them, but I don't I mean there's nothing wrong with that. I know a lot of people that are way dumber than them that I don't hate. Why do I hate them 'cause, their famous like that, doesn't make any sense, so I don't hate them at all. I mean I don't even know them or watch their shows. I think to Kim is really pretty, but I just think what it says about the culture right. So the makes you like it reminds you hey. Your culture is vapid, yeah well, part of our culture. Is that and I think they came along at an amazing time, the time of social media where it's just all about likes and butt pictures that have been doctored up by photo shop and the whole thing is really fascinating, and then you know the father,
like well, I'm not getting enough attention as a guy, I'm be a check and then gets amazing amounts of attention. I mean it's I mean you could say that I'm being callous and uh, but that's what happened. That's what happened so funny. I never thought of like that percentage of male Kardashian here he amazing way to look at it. I had a bit about it in my in my last special my my my last bell yeah you can trouble. No, I didn't. I covered all my bases, but This is basically about. I can't do the but I'll tell you about it afterwards, he's on triggered a netflix on Netflix it okay, all right! Let's rap this up to me. Ok, let's try this man, I'm glad we finally got a chance to do this. This is really fun yeah. This was great, I'm well! I'm really glad you invited me and more often big fan of your comedy. I would love to do it again and hopefully, if you could ever come out to Pasadena check, listen I'm out in passing all the time. So, let's make it happen, I will do
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