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#1080 - David Goggins

2018-02-19 | 🔗
David Goggins is a retired Navy SEAL and former USAF Tactical Air Control Party member who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is an ultramarathon runner, ultra-distance cyclist, triathlete and world record holder for the most pull-ups done in 24 hours.
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store or google play and use the promo code joe rogan all one word so the cash i will give you five bucks and five bucks will go to justin runs fight for the forgotten charity all right i am about to introduce to you one of my all time favorite podcasts we just did it i know i've said this before but i'm always being honest this is the most inspirational cast we've ever put out ever from the most inspirational human beings that possible is ever lived i to tell you anymore about him i want to let his replay play out on the podcast please welcome the great and powerful david
checking out the job rogan experience podcast by night thanks to this man appreciate it thank you for having me appreciate that the only guy i've ever had in the studio when i showed up you were working out that's what i do miss my life is my life it's pretty crazy though i mean how much time did you have when you got here i got here our early okay okay so i got shared off doing ten apiece hilarious i didn't get my camera out in time for you so i wanted to take some pictures but maybe next time next time well catch after the show you are a guide that for people you sort of embody the idea of the hardening your mind figuring out a way to do things that most people think are impossible right that's you sort of become
that guy over your life and you become that guy for a lot of people including me online we talked about you on the podcast a ton of time so having you in here has been very exciting to me i appreciate that thank you how did you become that guy you know what i grew up not that guy yeah so a lot of people put a title on me they want to they see me now they see me now as the guy that with his shirt off you can do four thousand and thirty pull ups in seventeen hours you can run two hours in five miles in thirty nine hours who do this crazy shit but with uh understand is they don't understand the journey that it took me to get to this point and what got me to this point was i was just the opposite of today i was that guy who ran away from absolutely everything that i got in front of me but not many people knew that i had two people at the like the real me was like this very scared
insecure stuttering got beat up by his dad kind of stuff in i bought this fake person that walked around like my ship dentist think you know you know yeah so that that's kind of how i did it and i do assist of time i realized that i was lying to myself online people but people it's a fascinating journey though because you are that guy now i mean you genuinely are legit badass at one point time you were a legit terrified person yes so what was the process like how did you step forth it's a this a long process right my dad should i mean was growing up i was the first black baby born in this hospital called miller fillmore in buffalo ny my dad don't skating rinks he owned bars here and prostitutes from canada to buffalo ny my dad was a big time pimp big time anything bad about a person big time hustler he was
huracan from denzel washington he was at but not that bad he went that big but that's reminds me of he was that kind of guy and beat the out of me the c opt in or out of my mom there was in more time my mom got knocked out top of stairs the stairs by her hair it has six years old on their forget this in my mind i was always afraid my whole life i was afraid i had this fucking voice this this conscience they would always be battling me said hey you gotta get up and do something i didn't want to do shyt yeah i was just afraid but i would that voice would me to get up in my dad you try to beat him up him at whatever six i get my kicked so this went on for several years and have big time learning disability can my dad didn't believe in us going to school so my dad is about the business skating rink in the bar so bar clock at night and this time able to walk so about you know
four hundred and fifty six years old eighty nine ann are going skating rink it's one thousand o'clock at night and i work the skating rink until ten at night and then we would scrape it come off the floors and we cleaned the whole skating rink up and then my office in my brother and myself will sleep in the office and my momma go upstairs and work the bar until three hundred o'clock in the morning and then they cleaned the bar up so after all that she was done with going to school really happened so went to school i was all kind of you know my disability i had social anxiety i was just a jacked up kit from living in this tortured home from the outside looking in we it an all neighborhood in there we which travel to the ghetto of buffalo new york with the skating rink was so we around mostly blacks an eyelid around mostly white but no one knew what was going on in that house that on two hundred and one paradise rd it's crazy but my mom courage to finally leave him
eight years old we moved small town in brazil indiana that's when the real war started for me in brazil in a small town great people a lot of great people and i say because what we get offended and i'm i'm gonna get to the point where they get offended there was about maybe ten black families at about ten thousand people the town and in one thousand nine hundred and ninety five the kkk marched in the fourth of july parade so so this was a i was racist is like give people good people i knew was there but there's also a lot of racism there so being one of the few black kids net you know the area you know it kind can haunt you i had stuff come on notebook never going to kill you on my spanish notebook i had it on my card going this is early 90s and so even though i showed it didn't hurt me it was jack him yeah all these features that having a kid with my father into this area here in
it got worse and worse and worse and it haunted me and that voice that talked about it kept talking louder and louder and louder than i was doing nothing about it i decide to make moves and i cheat all through school and is kind of humbling to talk with my stories sometimes in this embarrassing israel is who the i am this is what i am is what created me and copy from the fourth grade the to my junior year in high school the assignment and i want the military going to join the airforce and the guy gave me baptist is like a watered down sat and i couldn't copy on it the gabby gabbie had a test to test be ati test b we had tests e so i look to copy on this test copy and i got like twenty and i'm going to be for spare rescueman is guys that jump the airplane and save down pilots pilot sister is special operator in the air force
my score was so horribly low that is we take it again and he said hey i got eighteen the second i'm even worse i need to get a fifty out of a ninety nine s so my mom and i for a while we lived in the government subsidized apartments seven dollars a month and also food stamps and we slowly moved up to two hundred and thirty dollar month place but at the time you know pretty poor but my mom of money for me to go to see a tutor one one hour a week so for four hours a month they had six months to study for my last test i want to take the address to know the three times and i study my ass passed it pass got air realize it more things in front of me i was afraid that water terrify the water an i don't how to swim but we get everybody in this training it all special ops training is the water conference with a try to pretty much drowned your you know all
large we've been breathing and they take that from you we are comfortable you are in the water and there's only one person african americans in special operations and i didn't know anything about like a lot more negative buoyant which i am because the bone density i struggled but six weeks in the program there's about twenty five guys left of about one hundred and fifty i was there and i was never i think we'll see for six weeks of the program and i want to quit so bad but i quit everything in my life a copy through school i want to people wrong so here i am in this air force program start to get a lot more confidence but water was kicking my asan six weeks in the program doctor gave me a blood test was sickle cell sickle cell not the anemia but i still killed people but they put me out training for a week and when you go from being very uncomfortable in that water situation and then now you
after but i'm sitting back watching the guys drowned i'm not i'm not part of the activities anymore for this week i don't want to back in the damn water again so the over k mean all my insecurities for my dad from this motown from everything start coming back even no one knew how fuckedup i was kind of create this other person who was tough i live with we should all time so may not go back in the water the doctor called me back up i thought to get like a like a medical check out the military so no quitting for me they kicked me out so i have some pride the doctor said now can you will put you back in the training and i was like fuck but after a week i'm like you know what i missed one week there's only three weeks left is a chance you know i could talk to should out and go on but back the ceo and the command officer of the program and as i said hey you gotta start from day one because you missed you know that that we could training and i broke i broke
i couldn't imagine going back through that again so i made up a lie and i said man does sickle cell things really scare me it was a fucking water wouldn't sickle cell an it pretty much quit even though they gave me a medical i quit so from 19th nineteen thirty twenty two i went to the job contact p joe fast movers behind enemy lines cool job but there's no water afraid the water so i avoid it and i one hundred and twenty five pounds in that time frame i went from seventy five to almost three hundred to two hundred and ninety seven was my heaviest and i start funny things that was comfortable and the more these are found comfortable the more comfortable my mind was 'cause that voice i'll tell you about it always was there i was trying to avoid that conscience i want to be there along from that conscious and it wouldn't leave me alone so i got out the air force and i started
for job core ecolab re spray for cockroaches at twenty four an spraying at different steak and shake red lobster whenever from one thousand one hundred o'clock at night seven hundred o'clock in the morning and what changed ik watch discovery channel show class two hundred and twenty four i came home from steak and shake i sprayed down last get a big old lg forty two ounce shake while across the street a box of mini donuts from seven eleven an hour drive home for forty five minutes this big old fat guy yeah i worked out but i was fat i didn't run the p pti i i gym so i'm driving home to the tv on and what comes discovery channel so and that's where we change for me take a shower i walked out her these guys and i watched the show and it made me reflect big time on the piece of shit that i am in i'm exactly people said i was going to be so
so what was on this show that really struck home it was uhm i saw these guys going into water so i was terrified of it i mean i can't even express have you had a big fear animal the fighters have fears and stuff like that but they get over him but all these fears that you just don't want to suck an i have a lot of them had a lot of them did the person who is in front of you today and it will get into that but uh bich is what i was an that i was this guy going through hell week class to twenty four and these guys ringing the bell quitting dropping their helmet down rolling out a lot of guys just leaving it made me reflect on my fears my insecurities and i real in i thought were real men who were staying who are overcome varsity who were overcoming all these different things that had blamed so many fucking people in my life my dad my mom for not being there when i was
fourteen years old my momma get re married this great guy he got murdered and then move back to a small town in brazil and and everybody was blind i learned disability my skin color you know maybe be everything and so am i sat there for a while and i was like man i got a fucking i've got it no one's going to fucking come and help me no one's going to come help me is this me against me period and so i had to man up and i said of course start doing his face in every fuckign fear i have no matter what the it is man in these things me up and that no one people who are here in this ship they will never really under in a grass when you face these things are so many things how they keep you up and haunt you at night i think there's a lot of what you talking about so that's what did i either
be that three hundred pound guy who spray for cockroaches and made one thousand dollars a month and twenty four years old knowing without fifty fucking years old reflect on this and think about what god never became or i can totally just sack it up and fail fail and fail entire succeed so i started more recruiters up i said will be a fuckin' navy seal and every cruiser so there's a weight and height is is only weight and height limit to get in the military and i was six foot one in two hundred and ninety seven i had prior service which was a big deal so i called as recruiters up and all of them said hey how tall are you blah blah blah they get into conversations devise even qualified and by the time i got my weight hang up pretty much pretty much like know what call somebody else know try to get in the reserves such how to get the reserves at college hey steve this out your true up he said hey come on in he saw me the weight standard ulcer stuff in to get into the class
to get into how to lose one hundred and six pounds in less than three months so i was like fact that i can't do that graham i talk a milkshake and went back to eagle lab i'm going back to work man this is my life so in this job you look you're looking for cockroaches looking for roads and stuff like that and this next morning or his next night i went to work and i hit the all that cockroaches to much i hit the mother lode of cockroaches and this restaurant got the cockroaches and rodents and everything else and i said i said this is my life as it is an alive you are exactly who the did this is it i set up this going to be it for me so in that restaurant i quit my job my canister that restaurant my my spray canister got back in my lab truck and i went home and i started do not like somebody i was i became
most obsessed person on the planet earth yeah i basically i had to invent a guy that didn't exist just had invented guy that can take any pain any suffer in any kind of judgment bic negar be called whatever the fuck in the world and build a stand in front of him he said go fuck yourself had it built the idea so this callous mine and i built it through suffering i built it to down right fuckin' just crushing myself if it was raining outside three hundred o'clock in the fucking morning it was snowing the first thing is done my was we a fucking go out there anything that was fucking horrible in my life that i would know we say no yeah was inhumane and most people i had to go do it and i started callous in my mind at this point in my life and lost the weight i lost weight and i went back to work i got into that class an i went
three navy still helping someone year only god would be in three weeks in one year of to my knowledge the first night make it through the next two i did and that i just did it dennis stopping more from there and i started i to this to this process that the mine is what you created now opening doors i didn't think were even there then i think even existed in more doors open up the more i start realizing that my sure is damn near endless it it changed my whole mindset so from david goggins and i created goggins and that journey is prices journey that is hard for to explain to people 'cause it sounds so quick and easy like i lost this weight and i went through three help immature much rain with the delta force into whatever it whatever it is it was brutal it's a brutal journey every it never let's what are you happy
if anybody knows my life story i'll try to give you a just a snippet of it where i'm at today the joe rogan telling you my life to get through where i became get to where i'm at now there's no the pride half of myself that i can't really i can't we show people can i have this face at this pace that they see like are you happy what's wrong with you i'm driven i'm obsessed and that's what you see people need to hear the story this is this is an exciting story for people because there's a lot of people out there to feel trapped and they feel stuck and they feel like they can't do anything this is who they are you're a guy who felt that exact same way but figured out how to not that person and be a person you you admire how did you what were the first steps you had some slips before right because you you quit because of the water thing right but then when you went back the second time you decide you're going to lose all that weight you quit that job did did you do was it just
straight forward from there or there's some days where you just failed and then you picked it back up again my first run but i decided to lose the weight i was like i said two hundred and ninety seven about thirty two percent body fat and i went my idea was to run four miles from our first i don't know how bad it's going to fucking hurt me i used to run before i was fat and i was like fuck it i can do it i ran a quarter mile walked home walk to miss out my couch and cry with grandma so she was about fourteen about maybe down the road and try to get her couch saying i can't fucking do this i i don't know i would do i just got somebody pregnant my life was fox making one thousand dollars a month my rent was eighteen a month and my mom just kept talking with me and kept your not
enough man this isn't for you man these guys a bass mufflers on planet earth you not that and what it was and it's kind of funny i was obsessed with rocky rocky one particular an when i was a kid i come every day and i watch this fucking show rocky and i would fast forward with the little vhs tapes to round fourteen well fourteen me up like nobody's business why song came on right so when i bought the pull up record i listen to the song for seventeen hours two minutes and thirteen seconds and i'm able to visualize and dream like nobody's business and i know that i can create a vision that many people can't and i work so the vision i had was when apollo creed beat the fucking shit out of rocky
need to shift out of he kept fighting he was a dom fighter couldn't reconnect tells me couldn't really couldn't write just punchy the bottom iraqi because our apologies shem is the corner but was saying stay the down and him getting up him do you know a poetry raise his arms up in fuckin' here turn around by you in the fight he turns around and sees this guy getting up and it was the face of apollo creed that changed my life the face of apollo creed it was like just buy that motherfuck getting up not winning just buy him getting the look up apollo creed who's champ he's the best rocky had taken his soul had literally taking his soul his head goes down he looks down like what the fuck are you i wanted to be that not rocky i want to be the guy that people looked at i don't give you black me then like i don't care but it said this mother
soccer is going to keep coming after whatever the fuck is in front of am i want it that i wanted that i wanted that worse than anything in the world so that is i kept picturing me falling down and getting up in every mother fricker to call me nigger i was dumb even myself even myself i wanted feel something besides defeat i wanted to just go to distance and that wanna distance pushed me to a point of we're now go way past the distance so you go the first day you you run a quarter mile and you walk back home home you're you're upset how do you how do you move forward so basic i did when i came home and i i chocolate milkshake i sat down i gave up i see the same if i could happen macaluso one hundred and six pounds and i can't even go one slash four fuckin' mile it i started being able to
negative shit and be happy and this whole i say what if a lot it sounds corny and it sounds weak but it's true one of the recruiters said there's not many black navy seals in fact i was thirty six african american seal in history over several years because the focal water you know i mean people get mad i mean it's fucking true just get over it and so i was like net what story would it be if my fucking fat dumb lying to be friends with people insecure aas can overcome this and that would mentality like that gamer mentality just with if me it is i what if i can be if you see you man what if i can go from we're in one slash four of fuckin' mild now now we're going to war in five miles what if i can go just what if i can go in and how would that feel
i'm graduating college at the graduation thing i'll talk about two hundred and twenty four like the video i sat down watch this command office stood up and he said to the graduation gosh you're graduating buds like eighteen of he said we live in a society where mediocrity is often rewarded and you want to say something about these men detest mediocrity ann i going to be a man the test mediocrity it a lot of trouble in teams and going forward my life because i just started looking down people for not going hard as phucking shitt and i started to create different things but as for different day but i just believe that you know to my changed that is a problem that a lot of people who work hard to have you get angry at people who don't work hard to the point where you you and them you wanna you want to smack and it's really 'cause you're scared of seeing that yourself yeah that's probably true that's probably true so i guess
a lot of time off i would see people and part was a check function of who i was and i will get mad at them but reflection is probably getting mad at myself yeah that's for me one hundred percent when i people there have fastened things i get terrified of seeing that myself and i get mad at them right and it's it's not a good way to handle it now you know but it's it's natural i'm just terrified a scene that trait right and it cost me so you come back do the quarter mile you walk back home how do you regroup so idea i sat down there and i put rocky in i got my mojo rock you know what i was big time in rocky platoon my platoon i love to see people who were getting beat down and this is their scenes there seems that this drove me in people in my hell we still have three of 'em they don't you're missing singing the songs the song how many songs in torturous situations when you're when they're quickness
i can i would be some where gone somewhere can go if somewhere fuckin' there's a scene too many lias barnes shoots elias i think he lies dead and the chopper we're taking off an charlie sheen's ask him you know tom berenger rizzi lias live william dafoe i found him back dead somewhere and through the woods the congress chasing he lies to the woods and shoot him in his fucking back and all he wants to do is get to the fucking chopper he's getting shot in his back is getting up getting shot at getting up and you see this guy fighting i love the fucking guy who just fights is so i put but these things in as reminders that you're going to have to fuckin' software man this phone twenty five men this is you're going to have to fucking suffer to go from this fat insecure mother
ok who won the best guys on the planet earth this journey is could take something that is be incomprehensible to most people an these different visualisations how i visualize them in myself talk he came so nasty and dirty that i almost liked the fact that went twenty five so it became from being defeated to like i'm a mother fucker maybe maybe marvin go seventy five you know it just became this different i turn negatives into positives so i would i would like who would even think about doing that so i was at my casting who at two hundred and ninety seven who can't fucking swim that great who scared the foot of water we have the fucking balls kind of ball what's the fucking man up quit a job and go and it put everything on himself hello how i start talking to myself and put myself in different category that with you will be the next day and i kept using that as fuel in fuel no one would do this shit no one
should you the bass will around your bass will forever live and i have the us kept fuel me with the with with the right kind of message that i need to hear that was never telling myself and through time it became reality to myself so you start out on the first day and then we do start running again the second day yes i get it right back after again but after i i can't run that far right so what i did was i became dead your professional cyclist with the miles i put on the bike so i never never watch tv i had to be doing something so i the bike i rode a bike a lot to to lose the first initial kind of weight 'cause my bones were hurting so bad my body which is broken and i learn of that also i try to swim a lot i want a great but putting fins on equal is my body i wouldn't so negative point so i start fitting a whole bunch and i spent hours in the pool hours in the pool trying to get more not because going underwater
i'm the water that i had to live in the water how to become one with the water so going to the pool to scare me so i went to pull pool awful awful lot and then the bike easier i was able to run more i went from like one mile when i was a great accomplishment to and then from two to three was a big and from three to six and then they have a warning order that they give people get ready for buds and the whole thing was six miles five days a week and that was my goal and so i just kept i failed i go back to scratch are you some positive motivation i have like one day while back fuckin' defeated i started realizing this is part of the process is part the journey i had to rely this part of my process versus just saying like i used to i'm just not good enough if i'm not good enough we always say that shyt that's not good enough then try something else i'm going to fucking make myself good enough
and that became our mentality i'm going to make myself good enough and so i misunderstood a lot but that's that's all it came down to i made myself good enough and the days i couldn't run that far the next week i would do a days so back on the running if i ran a quarter of a mile our way to funk up hours it haunt me bother me i tried mon next time same day you can do more than this if i had to walk out and walk it just became just a process of grinding in grinding and grinding a good word for it it's not even a good word for it and just just go further and further and then when i got to running i go through the bike i go to the pool if i got tired somewhere malaysia tired i go to the gym yeah i well this crazy work out where i was doing volume like two three it reps of like very lightweight people say you know how come you have any like loose skin my work
routine jim became sick it became sick i was just doing three hundred four hundred reps on like chest just like for one simple exercise the best press and our racket get back and it just rip it out trying to burn music errors i can't build that muscle mass and ice became just became obsessed with it so when you doing this are you worried at all about repetitive stress injuries or the fact that your body's not condition for this and you you're basically taking your body where you an abused it right and now you're you're forcing it to live like an an elite athlete i i didn't know any better i think about it while i did i i i didn't know that working out that harbor you up i did it you yeah yeah that's one reason why the three hell week so i'll talk about a lot but the stress in my life getting to thirty four we have some serious so as this year's i know anything about this the so as this is what we use is your hip flexor muscle
basically under stress it starts to tighten up and i was i stuttered for from the i was in third grade times in seventh grade white blotches on my skin i was just i was in that case and so the insides of me are also getting up so this process is get real tight to my t twelve i can show you the in the back of my head after this show is over but i had started growing this fucking large tumor looking bump in the back of my head from my body compress so i'm six foot one but my muscles were like five foot nine because i just started just the so tightness from my so as going to t i was just getting tighter my quads everything getting tired from distress just rest in my life so the more i stress my body with the workouts my lower body came out of balance so a bunch of stress fractures bunch of injuries two birds and how i got through buds was
i gave you my third time was my last time going through hell week i basically put a black sock a four o'clock in the morning and i would get duct tape had numerous stress fracture on both my legs because my my body clearly like coming in on itself in my legs are like i was i was pronating it really bad and putting so my stress on my shins and so i would put duct tape i would duct tape my i will show you the top of 'em where i have pressure ulcers that would've size of quarters from you know how the ankle joint so the foot goes to the shin hey how you move this with the tape was so tight it is created a nice ulcer right there and i just just kept going through it we just use that tape to just support your ankles right so i basically cast myself and for the first three thousand and forty five minutes pain was excruciating but then it would go numb i would go now i'm and that's how i got through
any long term damage yeah i've been out for five years so i retired from i did twenty one years and tried this time in the air force i did about sixteen years in the navy how old are you forty three thank you thirty that's good that's good you really you look very young for your age whenever i'm stressed i get after it i fixed with every bother me so basically for the last five years everything i've done in my life being very unhealthy i've never talked about it i just kept going and it cost me pretty much i was choking my insides out adrenal issues tons of a issues thyroid issues anything within system pretty much shut down on me a lot prima shutting down mcgavock about twenty five miles to go can get bed and the doctors trying search was wrong that's why i figure out the so as muscle no one figured it out and i hit it by accident so
i've missed two days of stretching out in five years and so that was all this should i did to myself the stress i was under physical mental all kind of ship it just took me out from the inside in doctors put me all kind of medication medication doing exact opposite kind of i was on d hea i was on some different things for estrogen different things for my i was anything do with your back with your endocrine system thyroid medicine good god i was on cortisol all kind of to get my stuff in i'd like this robin my throat from like the heart was always act i couldn't run down the street my body was jacked up could is sleep i hope i was just down shut down i could a lot more than that but just give me example i was fucking dying and so i couldn't thank a guy who is this guy to i can't do shit
actually i don't know what's wrong with you man you know your labs or this is it cst is it what's was going on i knew what he that so i get in there one day and i realized man my life is over this is it but again time to reflect on everything i had this guy never taking time to reflect on the kid i was to the man i am now so at the time i wasn't working out it was best time alive 'cause i got a chance to really reflect back and be proud of who i became i never took time to do that it was like one after another get to fuch after get after get after you ain't good enough i get after it after it it i got it so anyway this process went on for a while more medication this isn't working it's not working no doctor can figure it out i'm like bucket i saw this doc about eight years before this happened like man you're so fucking tight i've never seen anybody in my life as tight as you need to
thousand hours of stress used to awesome crazy number as i would ever stretch and you know it stretched stress is bad for you so it's thought stretch was better bath we might think that i resent article you know i'm not all stretching man yeah okay it worked out so hard i have time to stretch miles one hundred and fifty miles a week i was back in the now getting after i was working a full time job and stretching and doing that my body was later getting tighter and tighter not just from what i was doing about this because you ran this now when that man and so i said no i'm gonna try to stretch out so i do anything for like ten minutes or you know out do to six minute abs bulshit so stressed out one hour hour and a half long story short man i shave my head was every morning and that bump doesn't back him
looking ahead i started realizing it was shrinking for some fucking reason i don't know why 'cause i shaved my head back and i was like it's getting smaller smaller that bump got healthier i got small that bump got oh hold up ok what's going on there so as muscle to get more and more stressed out more relaxed ever appear five years in the best shape my damn life right now from stretching out wow all it was i went from like i came in the medications i was on now i'm on a very low does that worry pill do you ever do yoga all the time and all the time and i right if i were to tell somebody want thing right now man that's so as muscle and getting that hip flexor opened up 'cause we're all stressed the fuck out it was almost worse than others it changed my life yeah how do you say nick gordius how do you say his last name the brazilian jujitsu jitsu black belt from england greek fellow
he has a great quote about yoga he said yoga is a martial art you do against yourself it's a great way of putting it percent so it feels like when you're in there right hundred percent and so you how many years ago was this was five years ago five years ago anything and how long was there a period where you couldn't work out at all there is about so i always try how to do something but i couldn't run hardly though i could run maybe half a mile and all that hardship would happen in my heart would get a fib and all kinda stuff happen and i started this stretching and also i tried to pull up every now and then but everything was just i didn't have the energy i didn't have any nothing i mean nothing was processing right for me so do you think that you just broken your body or you pushed too hard one hundred percent i sat back in that bed that night and a lot of time to reflect a signal that i was kind of proud of myself in a very sick twisted way
even though people understand it i had to do it had to do an you know i did it like i didn't tell you how it got into ultra running you know this the things that so i i i i pushed extremely hard i went way beyond what i thought was capable of my first multirace idea i was i was heavier i was in iraq the markets are trail lone survivor i was but i was in three whole weeks as you know as i said many times and i know a lot of guys that don operation now is at freefall school with morgan the trail who's his twin brother during operation red wings we're boxtrolls on survivor sure well and i was about two hundred some odd pounds an it run hardly to at this time i was a seal sounds like a bodybuilder and i did it the trainer twenty minutes on sunday all i did so i did out the card is to never body until this happened so
that happened and i was like man i gotta find a way to raise money for these families so i googled i found it foundation special operations warrior foundation and that google that ten artist races in the world i do not the orchard right the first ever almost twenty miles at one time and so what came up with badwater one hundred and thirty five thirty five mile run through death valley in the summer time i thought was a fucking stage race i know people can run one hundred and thirty five miles at one time had no idea is imposing a stage where you run like twenty miles i'll camp out and then run twenty more to get her three for mouse right so all she wanted to know which one it was a call to restructure up chris kaufman of the bathwater and he said are you all to runner and i was like i don't know what that is it goes heavy one hundred miles in twenty four hours or less i was like no i said i'm a navy seal i was in three whole weeks i was arranged i gave him some resume he didn't give a shit he said i don't you got qualify from a race in the deadline
up in two months this badwater race and basically he said there's two more races you can do to qualify and i might city of my race we select top ninety athletes in the world and you know gold your honor but i like your because like what you're doing he said come up on wednesday and he goes there's a race on saturday in san diego san diego one day where you want to run a one mile track for twenty four hours imagine get if you get one hundred and twenty five i will consider you in my race i did the math getting some minute mile it i can do that dumb thank you not to do that right now it was rough verse my tire for this race so i have my wife at the time she now my ex wife we go to war blue lawn chair ritz crackers plex that's four hundred mile run so at the start line this race a you a national championships it's like the best ultra runners compete each other to see me
now you can get twenty four hours now this big boy regular looking guy with the the way back then i would say at least two hundred and thirty least it made them more than jacked yeah oh yeah i was ripped off a cup go check out the i was i was jacked up there's a picture of me he definitely didn't look like not at all so basically i start running and i get about mile forty mile fifty an feeling pretty good i get to my seventy and it was the worst pain in my life i sat down this blue launcher chair model seventy rich occurs after mile twenty became rich cracker balls i wouldn't hydrating correctly i don't know what to do i'll drink a mile plex from our nutrition can i couldn't eat these rich crackers have very minimal water if any at all and i was just dying shut down this blue lawn chair as i was watching one is go around the circle
dizzy and lightheaded hadn't gone to bathroom it's been about twelve hours i'm at seventy miles about twelve hours which is good and looked at my my ex wife now and i was like i'm fact i started seeing like three over and once my body stopped my mind just went off and i had to go to the bathroom and the bathrooms like is like twenty feet away is that not good as i sat there and pee blood down my leg and start cramping up my back and with thirty miles to go i and my feet were broken i was just in the worst shaken once you stop running not running like that i mean i don't run it almost a year i was just doing bodybuilding stuff in give me a liquid trainer no running at all probably ran no shit no shit no more than fifty miles to whole year that wasn't my thing i wanted to be like jack i don't want to be cardio guy i want to be ripped big navy seal guy ann
in the day before this race is funny this guy named joe put me through my whole weeks aseel guys when the hardest guys out there he was in the gym the friday before i this race he was in a full body squats deadlifts power cleans up the mail you know he he's a guy that prove me to do this race here he gave me the approval go do this race and signed off on it from the gym i went in there full body hardcore squat deadlift and everything with this guy because i knew he come watch me in this race so i've always think about it man you're going to see me coming here and jack this weight in the more you watch me do a hundred mile run where you could think about that so basically i paid for so it must be came out there with my favorite thing chocolate the note many doughnuts because new my story of of my past life in but the six many don't it's out there and i have my hat pulled down anime was torturous and blood my leg and thirty
to go i to the cookie jars man i pulling off all kind of stuff based in my mind and a lot of us when we bad times in life even the horse person where we forget how bad as we are not hard time i have a thing where i take a a second to reflect on ir man you meant to be in through this you've been through this you overcame this overcame that i don't never close my mind to the fact that this can be done and i knew get up i need nutrition i need i need to get stop being dizzy so that's the first i did i didn't panic on i thirty more miles to go to get a hundred i start the process so i but surely as ever stand up and i was literally hobbling around this track walking no running at all i couldn't run my feet work in the pain is the worst pain i've been in my entire life nothing in any train is even a comperable or this last thirty miles what happened was my ex wife looked at
things like man we agreed not gonna make it time i was going way too slow and at that time my eighty one something clicked never be able to again with my mind body spirit soul everything disconnected connected in my mind knew i wasn't fucking around anymore it knew it wasn't going to quit it knew that guy was dead and buried and gone and i was going to die out here on his fucking walmart for whatever reason why i was going to get through this mother fucker i don't give a damn it made no there was no fuckin' crowds there's no trophy at the end i wouldn't even in a race in my mind there was it was nothing it would have nothing there was no nothing was it a bunch of people who know what the i was it was me against me can i use all these different dark places to start bringing out light and just fucking going deeper and deeper and it runs the next twenty mark around one hundred and one miles an i ran the next twenty miles ran at about one thirty pace
and i did one hundred and one miles in eighteen hours and six minutes sat back down that blue porta potty now my chair that got from walmart and that's when the body rule i was done and feeling came over me but also the worst pain in my life i took a humongous shitan on myself literally like i like a fuckin' law got my fucking back just so much dumb my wife was she was a nurse and she was freaked out i couldn't get up i can stand up she backed this camry on the knoll of the grassy areas at and we both lifters at the i'm sure she's decently strong i put my arms around her neck she got into the back seat like horrible this parcel lockers in november in san diego some cinder jack came back his car and she was terrified the doctor documentary the doctor specialist take me home
within a second story or the second deck of this apartment complex in san diego i got to the first x or i get a car and i could stand but with my arms or neck so i was we got pass out got this i got the first deck went down just going to stand up anymore gotta run her neck worked at my way the railing gun runner neck again walk to the kitchen area which is right in the front door i was laying on the partial liner crap was everywhere i managed she help me manage to get into the into the tub and collect like dirt economic does looked horrible just just it in the world is the worst pain i can ever ever ever be in my life the craziest thing i tell you story because right now i'm not suggesting i'm not crazy people may think that anymore they want title on me after hearing me because it makes them feel better because he think
wow this guy must be some special or just up crazy dude no i'm a guy that came from nothing anybody is capable of doing shit like this anybody and i sat in that tub she's put the water on me to call my mom up my mom was dating a doctor at the time the doctor the doctor said you need to get him to a hospital now she came back in i want to do is call chris costner the phone there a structure badwater sad fucking did it so she said the doctor said no let me see enjoy this pain she said what are you talking about i said you know go i need to go to doctor i realize that but i never thought was humanly possible to do what i did i went seventy miles at seventy miles i was dead i was at one hundred percent but i thought what i thought was one hundred percent now at thirty three one more miles after being in the worst physical shape
ever been in my life in all the all that pain and suffering thing was going through my fucking body and i said that in the end was hit me it was the most amazing feeling of accomplishment and i want to be numb i want give me drugs in a pain i the to i did this it crazy as it sounds it was most amazing moment of my entire life to overcome such to come from this kid who is delete or stem cell phone was tortured is talk to this kid this guy now who was able to overcome this amazing odds and obstacles and i call chris cost much direct are a bad water and he said the idea twenty four hour races to run twenty four hours you ran nineteen and put doubt in my mind that he would let me bad water so a month later or so about month and half later with his race car to hurt one hundred so how is it my race in hawaii twenty six town
that was all he said that's all he said crazy i mean he's a hardcore dude know how fuckedup i was right and he said he is a he say no i'm not let you win he put i've got my mind is a man i gotta do more so i was broken i was broken bad like how long does it take you to recover physically the funniest thing not this out to the store very often i had signed up for that then that has is right now appointment and me and my wife my mom signed up for the first las vegas marathon down there las vegas and that incident happened so i ran a hundred miles before i ran a marathon two weeks later roughly december fifth was this marathon that we all signed up for i couldn't walk i could not walk i was fuckedup so
ten days or two weeks after this one hundred mile in one race i did um this marathon december fifth in las vegas i said you know it's the first one i can't run maybe i can walk with my mom so i tried to go artist little knoll around our grassy area in san diego tried to run legs are broken but i can't even sit down jet can't do shit so i said you know maybe i'll watch you guys do the marathon and i'll show you guys or whatever and i said i lock my mom december fifth happened that gun went off two thousand and five fourteen days after i brought myself off and i qualify for the after marathon around three hundred and eight i think that's great it was funny but i know people here says my fog even when i tell you the story i dropped i want to drop so many names google it look it up i don't give a it almost seems like i'm making my own story up it does
it almost seems like it to you it does not technocrat tell if i would hear somebody that list of the two you know just you jo workers podcasts her some black do from fuckin' brazilian talk about this app in this happened three which ranger school ran one hundred miles book murphy brought my body about this model is a biggest fucking are on the planet or a nobody missed it do you tell my story it almost sounds like made up shift so yeah sounds crazy as you run one hundred miles before you ever ran a marathon right then you didn't run again at all and you still qualified for the boston marathon so you ran a three hundred and eight right for the first marathon you ever did every two weeks after you run one hundred miles right with no training and nothing in between but i guess better than that you see my training log actually posted up so that's i started training four the hurt one hundred
so basically what happened was after that at about four weeks what does it feel like to run that three hundred and eight if you could barely walk when that gun went off some turn off in my head an idea that much pain at all afterwards i did but something happened where i was like the gun went off and that thing came back like alright man what if i want to qualify for boston that was my goal but i was backed up you know and i i didn't run as much as i should have at all over by iraq training i hit the weights and but my but my goal was i signed up for a year early i wanted to qualify for boss this is a three one thousand and fifty nine and i was like what if you can qualify boston so we help me out one hundred and miles with the is twenty now to me now
so the mindset going into it was like i ran seven five more miles in this so i use it to my advantage so after that i ran my feet pretty much broke and i will go to the physical therapist and they had this compression tape compression tape help 'cause my feet were pretty bad and i would run seven thousand and eighty hundred mile weeks and then to hurt one hundred race in hawaii twenty six but we did climbing over a hundred miles probably in the top five partis hundred mile race in the world i would even a real runner based a lot of miles by the last two one slash two about two months i want to run it went out there and after the race didn't thirty three hours with a ninth place finisher not many people finish that that year i qualify for bad water got in i went on to lose weight and train hard and i got fifth my first year and went back my second year and got there when you
so you went you lossed weight like will you eventually way in so i went to the race about one hundred and ninety really quite a bit there bodybuilding time right that's over a short period of time right how did you lose all that way once again it just worked hard i stopped taking my protein so much i got if i was on this stuff called nitro tech and i got all the protein the stuff i started i stop him wait so hard i just became a running fool black forest got man pretty much simple man what happened now when you say you were using compression tape on your feet and that your feet with jacked up with the extent of the injuries so basically because of my pronation i never figured out because my soul as muscles i issues with stress fracture shin splints so i put how pressure on the inside of my ankles and so there's this tendon that goes
the backside of your your fibula backside that little your foot goes right i that bone in that thing was just so on both sides that even this flexi my foot was just killing me so i realize when you when you cast that thing up kathy my feet help me out me it it it locked into position that wouldn't be prone it as much so between the casting of that if you the a bad water video of two thousand and six you will see me cross the finish line with this compression tape literally like flying on my ankles because i went to the race with compression tape on my ankles and so basically i'd have adam i on my ankles i had inserts in my in my shoes and also this wedge on the back bill of my left foot so then it would keep
from so much so i had all that on just to go around run softmod the badwater two thousand and six and with the compression my walked a lot but i got third place do you always run with regular running shoes i do yeah so now i don't have those issues anymore all the stretching has my body up to where it how it should have been so my alignment is pretty good it's not perfect so now i should run regular running shoes now no more so if you see now look down there you'll see that can can you see my ex wife here in a second taking the compression take off maybe she's doing it right now right now see tape now so that's the tape where every day of my life to run wow so as you see this story maybe kind of unbelievable but there's some proof right there fuck man
so that's how it is so painful yeah i was pretty up as you see right now i'm trying to get all man yeah i'm i'm pretty used to it right there what is the most amount of miles you've ever run at one time yeah five and thirty nine hours wow nonstop yeah i've quite few people on our met quite a few people now over the last year so that have run ultras courtney to walter you know she is had won the moab ok yeah i heard about forty rather heard about it yet she beat all the men by twenty two miles some like that some crazy things she was first place everybody else second place one would with i mean you would never believe it went talk to her she seems so normal right she drinks beer and eats nachos and eats candy culture under man she's just silly and she's fun and there's no demon there now
waiting to meet a demon right you know i'm like where's your demon right how are you getting through demands a quiet demand right it's it's there it has to be this up in there has to be there's no other people that have somebody i know that can do that as a demon allowed us don't want to make the schitt yeah we got him one hundred percent has to be so when you do this and you qualify an you do that race in hawaii right they just let you in after that no so the race in hawaii yeah actually called the richer to up and then what like a big time like i have one hundred mile race i believe this i had an one hundred mile you did the boston merit or you did the vegas marathon yes i did a hundred mile house or more miles the vegas marathon with the one hundred did that budget modeler and all that this is in a very short amount of time yeah so november was the first hundred miler december it's a twenty six mile or not in las vegas
january was the next one hundred miles in hawaii no fucking crazy that is like say if i was your friend and i called you up on october 20th i go hey man how many times you run run every now and then something crazy i'm looking to put up or not but if you can put my race schedule for two thousand and seven just pull up david gaga race results you can see something really crazy and second they say this is going to and i guess so you prove why i know my story doesn't make any sense but this look at the dates of these race m okay so is the second is it just look at budget models and fifty miles back to back weekends a week is were between races so if you look here you can't we see if we look at two thousand and seven he go way down keep on going some shows races there to the okay get right to so how is it hawaii jeez look up priced to next layer three weeks later another one that's fifty meilleur fifty a month later they looking at
fourteen days later another fifty miler month later they look at less than a month another fifty fifty three mile are in june july i was another one hundred miler bad water was literally just bad water was a month after i did that one hundred miler one hundred and thirty five marlette bill was less than a month after patois they're playing one hundred was three weeks after led ville angels crest was to attend ten days a week after that one hundred mile there bear wood it was what thirteen days after that hundred milers she's correct and then that ray and the two hundred and it's a two or three point five but i didn't ran toward his tour five miles around there but was not in there was that mcnaughton race did in twenty one fifty mile race also did in two thousand and seven that wasn't listed so that way that's just my two thousand and seven year that's insane yeah so do you think that is what fox your body up no no
i still run the same mileage now we've put my body up as hell week really oh yeah you don't go through three holly one year so i was so what happens when i realized that my buyers really jacked up was i went i was a big time squatter love squad and i went through the first so we got messed up economical way through then throw kagawa the mother who gave me a die on thursday and then that's whole weekend i graduate how to die pulmonary edema it was a name is john scott it's cold as hell week the pacific ocean never warm and it the whole time the whole time this rain he pretty much just drown his fluid pretty much we win revolution he sunk to the bottom temperature was hot he missed a lot of hell week for getting pulled out for different stuff he wouldn't quit
and i mean the dying hell week but yeah so anyway after hell week ended i want to go back to the you also second phase happened i face like i could get back in the gym start jacking my weight i love jack and wait and i 'cause i couldn't squad so from squatting a lot too i couldn't even squat the bark in my lower back was off locked up and i was like oh no it's going on it was this muscle so in hell week your hip flexors are so i went through so many of 'em so fast and so the hardest part of buds i went through three times not the hell we part the there's parts but it was the initial part of the with everybody on tv the log pt to surf torture dead boats overhead over law all that shit i went to that person three times in one year and over my hip flexors got so tight that is jack me up a jack me up
if such as social always being so cold is so stressed out and everything lit up to it but this really was the part that i noticed i squat before hell week or before first i'm going to buds after after buds i couldn't find a squad team or do you just think it might just be 'cause your body was exhausted because i for twelve years so i would go back and tough it out like the good job she was quite such a i'm i was with joe burns but i just couldn't squad because that that test your t twelve so what was he doing to is it locked in up there just is pulling so i mean i it still ok i couldn't sync my ask ok so this is incredible pain and then with the weight pushing me down and then trying to push up the pay it was just it's just too much so so this is all range of motion is always in motion issues yeah wow that's important thing for my friend cam hanes who doesn't stretch he's another friend of mine who runs ultra
is he ran that moab two hundred and forty he's run the bigfoot two hundred and five is one a few of those right always listening go stretch dude support man it was specially if you work in that hard right if you're doing that much yeah you're definitely looking up he could barely touch toes that's not a good thing that's not good right now it comes back to which inside pretty soon how flexible you now 'cause i would imagine you probably have fuckin' ballerina at this point because that's when your brain i'm trying to get there i'm trying to get there so i stretch every night from these two hours there's a thing that people said that it always pissed me off like because i'm pretty fly well they you're naturally flexible people have a natural threshold like no they don't like a doctor told me i go you don't know what you're talking about i'm like you don't know we talk about 'cause most people don't push themselves past that pain that stretch pain right people put a towel on umass easier for them i just fuckign natural your natural exactly now you don't work hard enough mother fucker yeah people don't like champs aren't usually flexible but you have to force you
i have to do this right and i know it because i had a friend my friend tom radogno he was a football player jack big thick dude terrible flexibility was taken thai kwando with me and over course of a couple years i saw that dude eventually develop a full split and you go and he just did it through his mind he just was everybody else was done training that guy would be on the mat constantly russian always working out because he had built his body up so strong right all those years of squawking and lifting could help that he just you know he was all ten everything was just like this super powerful right but all very tense that's why i stopped you know that's why i never stretched 'cause i want that strength yeah that type muscle but now i don't think it is stupid yeah i think you're not supposed to stretch before you do big physical activities because i think it does we can use some watt but i don't think being
accessible overall makes you weak or not at all yeah we'll certainly doesn't for martial arts because you need that flexibility to have leg dexterity to be able to kick right it's got to be fluid where it's not tightened up restriction of the motion of your body i get it it's truth i just think people are for whatever reason and i i'm a i'm one of those a judge i've drone on too much about yoga i'm like one of those vegans it's like you got to do it man right i get a noise like a born again christian or something it's like i'm getting that way now man i get that way now for anybody does anything the hard like you know if you do anything like would feel lifting type or martial art just everything explosion at lifting it's heavy it's push push push yoga this will bounce your out shit will well man in this all these people that resisted like there was some google recently that was something along the lines of hot yoga is just trendy nonsense i've read that and then
even in the article talked about that there might be some benefits in terms of like the strength your arteries and they didn't even mention heat shock protein there's a study going on right now i believe it's at harvard one of my friends was tell me about it where they're they're trying to find the benefits of ninety minute hot yoga classes 'cause they think right near the observed benefits of sauna which they already know for a fact has big benefits because of your body producing heat shock proteins to deal with the heat right that's why that's on in here man i go in that sucker all the time and no one can tell me doesn't work it's big it's proof positive change my life it wasn't a medication or this or it was stretching yeah yoga stretching all that stuff combined changed well i just it balances out your body in those static poses or you just holding the pose and it just it works
you out in a weird way then just you just don't get lifting weights or hitting the bag or anything you just going to get that kind of working out i can't agree with you more so difficult it's crazy what you're asking if you inject housewives and shitton you like this is like the silent struggle is humbling it nobody knows it's like if you see like two doorways right and one of 'em is like fuckin' siti agli fletchers fuqing super pump iron addicts gym which is hard work and then right now is the yoga studio you like well once we've done with all that hard work you go over to that yoga studio know there's two different kinds of hard work going on it's no joke two different kinds of hard work yes or so what do you do now in terms of like you got over this five years ago you're in this bad situation when your body is not working right now everything is working great again i had heart surgery also whoa so who is your heart so i had a hole in it so
now you're not supposed have a hole in your heart be a seal and we born with it i was born with it it went undetected may push and so hard so in two thousand and nine australia across america and i just couldn't go anymore another pitfall in my life was the whole an i was pretty much off active duty steel for three years i had two then try to fix it so the hole was significantly large cabin there the they say it was as big as a quarter michael hill is hell is the court yeah that's a pretty big hole in your heart because they had to he patches i'm like that's impossible that the helix which is there in my heart so the two stamps what is the helix patch it is like a little mesh very like what they do hernias like something like maybe something like that so they work more artery in a place this patch but the three your arteries even with more artery with the camera yeah
so the cameras down through my throat wo and they put this catheter through my from or artery went to my heart they they went and they took this helix patch it they placed it in there and then they found out six months later at the whole wasn't covered up enough yet 'cause the whole i mean the healer patch was very damn big so they put go back in there in twenty ten how does the patch it here to your heart i guess your heart heals around the patch but how do they stick it in place i guess they put it with the holes at uh huh and then it kind of like inflates oh wow is that and then that thing goes in there and then it kind covers a hole in the heart so there's two things my heart right now that the heart just kind of covered up whoa ok so here's ago jamies got an image of it for us wow so so it's uh watch to this little probe right
and then they put it over the area where the injury is wow that's insane atrio atrial septal defect if i had a choice septal defect basically everything i've done i think got from medicine shift crazy duncan do i'll be done that's so crazy they could do that yeah so i was out for us off active duty for three years so i stuck i was in our uh recruiting area for three years trying to get back on active duty and that was my life three years they put that patch in yep and now your hearts one hundred percent it's one hundred percent sold percent wow yeah credible yeah i was losing blood and i was just i was bad off which is amazing that you were able to do all that with a hole in your heart that's what the doctors say and you know because they know how to seal so i went in there in the dark we have found the whole are like solid game ekg is all this stuff once again may use after i ran like two hundred five miles you know
right now you're in great shape or might be i just don't feel good like walking up the stairs is making me jacked up so did shrek he's like you know game ekg go to doctor get echocardiogram so i'm in there an echocardiogram just chilling out in there and the guy can has have little one emma my heart were both stephanie when people get quiet but did not the reason there is head is one of my heart chilling out anime what are you doing yeah yeah what's going on direct and he says i'll be right back he goes and gets a doctor doctor comes in posting on the heart the doctor gets another doctor now i'm just the fuck out i'm like can we come to your heart when his big deal so they back in i say hey we can stop the echocardiogram we need in the hallway we have a hole in your heart and i didn't know that i was here
maybe i don't think it was a sequel 'cause not many black guys are seals and he had a conversation about you know we got fixed real quick i said yeah i mean i came up i was just single he said you could die jumping you can dive in you could guide died all this stuff is basically the hole in your heart if it gets plugged with something like if they like you know the so you get a bubble from diving or something like that you could die right so i i i caught look i called look so i i got through two surgeries they put it back on i lost the give you the first one the and then how old when they realize it's not done not good enough to say take you back in you get get a bubble study a bubble test so it so that they like the please send bubbles that way safe bubbles that way to see if the bubble goes through your heart so they had echocardiogram again and they hook you up to i or something like that and they thought these bubbles through your heart and they if it goes through after six
up the bubble went through say had to tell me then hey we got gotta you know you're not not good to go so i had to take a year before i have another surgery one surgery because actually be completely completely healed so i think we're all this time you knew you had a whole right so then you had a whole because of the heart surgery might be all this time like when you're waiting for a deal you know you have an extra hole yes i do have a whole yeah what were you allowed to do with your body then well at that time they go do how you feel comfortable and so you know the hold i'm going to kill you right now but you can't dodge you can't jump pretty much what it still anymore songs recruiter for a period of time so basically it was crazy about that is before my second surgery i was actually training for delta force i want to go to delta and i was rocking
running a lot and before my second truck running running with the pack it up pack on my back with some way or how heavy is the pack five thousand and sixty pounds run with that on well you're supposed to hike or hump like rock hopping right i ran with it because i work as you know what i did right so the day the day of the day of heart surgery i did a wreck run jesus because i knew i was giving out of commission for awhile so fun matter get my last one is through jesus cry so i could do i have have my training so after my second heart surgery i could do was walk so ultra walker my fucking ass off and overtime it took a year for that thing to heal up the hill you know my first bubble i have my second heart surgery came back negative or positive the bubble went through again oh no and they're going to crack me open
oh man over that period time i heart healed around that thing nicely and i passed a second double test so the first bubble test was how long after a year it was so the first public test after the first surgery went six months and then you had to go through a full six months after that for i totally heal then you have i can harzer g right and when does the bubble tests fail after the second heart surgery it was about six months jesus christ and they said in the doc look at me and said you know i'm sorry performing at the crack your chest next time we get in there and so i sat back thinking it would be one slash three heart surgery and then that one we have to wait for six just to see if it's things going to close up right i came thinking man but get cracked the open in that bubble
got pinned up man and they go through maybe force it through with your mind i know right visualizing that's it man something to visualize holyshit man that is crazy it's crazy wanna rock run with a hole in your heart too but i did it for several years i said fuckit must keep on going man that's amazing now after all said and done everything is good now everything i mean i'm sure some most pop up in my fucking asked not to do that you know everything is good right now i'm waiting for the next thing to pop up and i had the same way also attack it but yeah as of right now in the best shape by forty three years old just turned forty three february 17th i am in the best well i'm not knocking on wood because life fuckit life comes at you dude so i'm not going on would come at me i mean i would think that you would be a go to guy for injuries if anybody i've had them all
you broke the world record for chinups didn't you rip your arm apart pull off so if you pull up the picture man is a picture of my hand you'll see i know what does it pull up our support for his hands hands out and chin ups our hands for right hand for so i filled three to our fell twice before from the got it the third time in the first time rip the shootout in my forearm and then the second time you'll see there's a picture of my hand and it is one slash three degree burn so that's my hand oh jesus man what in the fuck is going to look at you a bit by a wolf what's funny about that is you see that that doesn't create one pulled pull up you can imagine the pain of imagine i know you have one contact point that's it running you can overcome it because it has giant legs in and it's different when you have these little fragile gas hands touching the bar
all right imagine four thousand and thirty pull ups how many times you're coming on that they are coming off right now a torn seven pounds at the time because i was a bigger guy two thousand four hundred and twenty five now so almost twenty two heavier so i was a lot bigger than i am right there you look pretty that get that man so you were doing and it in sets of five sets of five so as you see i have these different people who are witnessing you you have to have your number there to make sure that you're you know qualify for the tomorrow's record as one thousand four hundred and fifty i have a long way to go another four thousand and fifteen pull ups jesus christ so yeah and how long do this over twenty four hours it was seven so i seventeen wow and i was fucking over what does it feel like in the last you know what actually is a video that we have and i was chasing this guy named steven highland so getting steven had the record
the video is my last three post fight broke the record i'm talking so much shit this mother fucker i'm like a motherfucker thought was gonna get it huh i told you bich i'm here now talk this is a cool video but i felt i felt nothing happy i have to do more i did sixty seven thousand pull ups in nine months g training for a record for four thousand and the failures so i did the first time in september failed miserably the sedation of the five thousand one hundred and eighty eight or something like that feldman these are people too much later no amber tried again failed again too much later in january 19th i finally fucking got it so after i got it wouldn't like i'm happy i got to do my fucking pull ups anymore rodger that salt was so i can check that off now
you were doing when i got here today you know what you're not supposed to do all i do is we'll get you some good get real knocks him out you don't like doing them so you got to do that's my whole life is in a like someone someone gets drunk at a certain whiskey like you if they smell it they'll get disgusted like this like jager meister something like that they smell it right is that what it's like with you champ smith along with pull ups with a lot of lot of things down right now like running out like in people don't believe it but you know i was a big guy twice in my life so here's the reason why i just don't like running man it hurts his brutal it sucks going out and i'm gonna be gone for two hours or ios i got forty nine hours running a one mile track funny i'm not crazy man it sucks i mean you know people put me in this category of you must be some crazy goal is it not man not that's why i do it though that's the only way to cash your fucking brain won't make it hard in life people take these classes middle toughness even still to the class about
visualization self talk it over elephant one bite i breathing control yeah roger that you got so for now leisha situation it's a lifestyle how are you going to react how you going to react all that training goes out the fucking door when you're in cold water and your fucking miserable it's the first i have one hundred and thirty hours of hell week in that first wave goes over your head and you the code if you've been in your life in your mind goes from our one to our one fucking thirty all that fucking self talking shit dude you anything they did not get the funk out of here but if you live this on daily basis you know how to calm your mind down to self talk will help all that stuff but usually we react we have pain we have suffered react and react about get the fuck here we got to go those people were able to control that fucking feeling of fuckin' flight insane ama figure there's a way through this it's not
to be your forever i'm not cold right now i'll let you three of 'em i'm not so now i'm a nice warm studio with you you got to think about that it's just going to end it's going to end but we don't know that we don't think there at that time it is going to last forever and then you get to sit back on right there by walking across the you know like on the grinder on the 16th 17th and guys that graduated hell week and you get a chance to watch these guys victorious and then you get a chance about that you take that hot warm shower first that comes your freaking mind why the fuck did i quit so what keeps me going i've quit several things i know was on the back end if i can quit and it's a lifetime of thinking about why the fuck did i do that yeah i hate freaking doing that no more something about talking to a guy like you that a lot of people hope that you're going to say some magic thing that's going to click in their brain everybody gets change who they are like what is it what is the thing that's why people go to these self help
conferences and they take these classes and they hope that someone's going to say something that changes the way their mind works is hilarious to me it is it's kind of hilarious to me too but what is also hilarious is that you're saying is that you have to do those things you have to suffer you have to live in it you have to become pulling in and then maybe some that ship will help you a little bit along the way period an i went to i was now is it still recruiter i got invited to mit smart ask mother fockers there man i'm not that i'm randall dumb enough knuckle dragger her guy that i forget his name but he was like the top head guy old white guy you know all genius doubt and we this panel and they were asking us all these questions about the mind mental toughness and she was answering him and i wasn't answering any questions now
but he was asked him off of theory put his foot in assen schitt you read a bunch of fuckin' books and you think you know how the fuck in my work since you're not going through hell since a kid and then all the way up until now so i know so that theory is bullshit yeah a lot of good stuff out there you can read from people but i had lived hill and when you put yourself in hell after only time you can figure out how to fuck to get through that mother fucker you can't you read somebody else's book about some theory douche it some guy who set up in their nice warm office in in rose book with a nice cup of coffee in the fucking hand no see that guy who immersed sailfin fucking hell and he thought but quitting and leaving and his wife as kids and why am i here is is is it worth it all this crazy shit is still said
if found out a way to get through it so basically that's the bottom line of it all we all want to read about how we can quickly get somewhere that's one to powerful you may get some results from it but they're not permanent the permanent comes from you i see it all time do you have to suffer you have to make that a tattoo on your fucking brain so when that hard time comes again you don't forget it you may forget for a second but you can go back in the cookie jar call it's a it's something that we've all endured i caught the cookie jar and we often see how we are but you got reflect back to pick up a reflect i've been through this i've been that and then remind yourself i'm a bad mother fucker and then you can get to that ship but if you don't believe it you have it indoor chit you just blowing smoke man
we'll be doing what was what was saying look saying what was his theories he was thrown out there there it was about i forget exactly what it was but just thought what the mind does under stress and how we can't he said how we can't do something an i did it i did what he said he couldn't do like what was he saying he couldn't do it was some but if you're bored if you're born a certain way somebody if you're boy in a certain way you can't become this way it was totally saying that with who i am now like i had born with some not genetic or or some gift from god i had to have some kind of special gift had had especially not forget was set me off because we had to be to to be somewhere you had to be born with it what was the concept and i know what i was born with and i know the battle that i had in my mind
so when he said it i said crowd ask me a question yeah i totally counted did everything he said i was like nah man i mean i fucking know for a fact that you can be this up dude really really up dude and with the right mindset it is it it sounds so easy with the right mindset doesn't sound easy it is if i know what you're saying is to cancel right you can you can but you have to go into to a dark chambers that we often shut off you get to open him up you get fight that fucking demon in their talk that mother that say what's up and we often take the wheel i'd like to take this four lane highway the easy highway has looking size has restaurants we all love therefore lane highway we always step over the shovel and all i did was i picked up that fucking shovel it has several i made my own path
and you may have big boulders and schitt then maybe getting towards it miles of the roll faster than you but going through this path of life journey over here that you make yourself that's incredibly difficult what comes out the other end of that mother is some glorious schitt then you can't even explain to people and we're afraid bottom line is most of us even the people have all these theories and ship it's easier to accept the fact that i'm just not good enough i wasn't made to do that and yeah some of us can't believe ron fucking james but i'll tell you right now man we can do a lot of shit when it comes to this pure arm guts and power and getting through we have alot or with a lot more than we think we have yeah the problem with the guy that with his theories as theories are based on results and those results are based on human beings in most human beings there's certain people that are born with certain gifts like god like lebron james obvious physical talent you know john
jones and mma obviously physical talent but there's when you look at someone who's super success you always assume that it has to because of some sort of physical gifts because people themselves and i'm sure this doctor this old dude probably had like a little gut and probably like yeah i looked a little tiny arms on this week shoulders and it probably thought well there's certain people that are just metamorphic can probably broken down all the scientific terms right you know they they they just have fast twitch muscle fibers and they'll say it's crazy that is true the very highest levels of the winners right but it doesn't mean you can't become that no just means that too painful for most people to go through so very few people ever get there so if you look at the actual results he would be correct but he's not correct because you didn't take the shovel exact that's that's the more the story does not
easy lit up st lights wrath with nice smooth roads right it's a difficult mother fucker where you're going to fail and you could be in your head you could be saying i'm not good enough it is how you get through that is how you get to that on a daily basis with nothing to say man i'm forty three i've done so much you start to become civilized the refrigerator gets full you start making money and you start i'm not getting cold anymore i'm retired which is at forty people shouldn't be playing basketball or football beat him you start to this shit it becomes i thought you might like there's people retiring at forty something years or thirty seven years old at forty three to put in one hundred mile weeks still doing thousands of pull ups two thousand push ups 'cause i'm not allowing myself to become civilized the worst thing happened happen to a man's become civilized you lose that fucking fight you you lose that while the
doing this shit i'm good you ain't good man you never fucking and that's just my mentality you may have more but you never fucking arrive you want to be uncommon and must uncommon people period common amongst uncommon people's one of the greatest ways to put it as it like if you're if you're like for me what got me in trouble with the navy seals is i want to be so bad so bad fuck my ass off that song uncommon people very uncommon but once become a navy seal your maybe still so guess what happened your fucking comment again i to be uncommon amongst uncommon people i wanted to be the guy i don't care if we can write milk if you understand me i don't give a fucc once i went through this fucking journeys path of life you won't get a whole bunch of fucking guys that don't fucking like me i don't give a fuck just like have been a lot more combat to me
here is not always that war is a mother says hey i'm here again today i'm here again tomorrow going to be here in the next day i'm fifty years old i'm still fucking getting after it it's a person that push no fuckin' limit on west possible and that's got me in trouble a lot yes i went to ranger school was a seal after i try to go to dot for twice you know light i've been i've been through all these dip training programs 'cause i was looking for in the teri garr cell is in the training these people get their asses handed to him after that get out a lot of them get civilized i always wanted to go back into training no where i want to go back to war in the war was in that training program where you see guys you can guys who are brutal guys who are suffering guys were you go so as a seal you don't volunteer for ranger school i i put in seven chips got turned down i got accepted i went twenty eight hundred twenty nine years old and they go why did you go
'cause i started becoming civilized i started becoming complacent i need to get my fucking ask kicked again when you go as a still going down to you have no rank in ranger school you could be major here this fucking joe brown you nobody do not eat and you're not sleeping so i always put myself already myself like that even our climb the ladder it intentionally fall back mother motherfukers man gets off dude getting soft kick your again you know this kind of process did you find resistance from that amongst other guys that didn't like to make the you were making them uncomfortable because that is something that people there's a natural instinct that people have when someone's working harder than them to somehow the diminish that person well so there's a lot of guys will let me for a lot of reasons and i realize that i am a guy that doesn't care if you like me or not
and when your alpha male and your guest other alpha males and we eat our own alpha males eat their own i love that shit as go man i want to eat hey man i'm all about that kind of mentality but i sometimes take it to another level now what part of it but good old boy network i don't want to be i want to be david fuckingg august too long in my life it got me rebel for two left i want to be accepted growing up i lied i would occur if you fucking like ufc and i did it i love it i love it let's go fucking watch it may be my friend be my buddy that fucking we cash it i found out through this path of life who is david goggins who am i they're going to walk up to the loan there was no trophy in the foot the wall them cancel that shop is my fucking brain no one helped me
you don't pay my fucking bills what that shitt from you don't know where man was fucking mouthwash that fucking way with you i suffered on my own and develop man who said to i am a very competitive compared to do that take away what man that personal sovereignty exactly which is not a lot of people that have that ask maine and there's a lot of people that change who they are depending upon what people want from them and that's that's me yeah important man in most people struggle their whole life to find out who they are struggle to hold the whole life to find out what defines them what they actually enjoy what they don't use our put yourself in situations that suck you find yourself yeah you find it real quick that is the thing right and that's one of things that i've gotten from paying attention to you is that you what you're preaching you're talking about is finding yourself through struggle is it so find yourself you don't find yourself the best present anubis press all the fucking time where do you find out if
i like to swim that's why you want to do is swim where do you find it out put that young people always people talk about triple down on your fucking strengths that's the fucking weakest shoot in the world no triple down your fucking weaknesses find out something about yourself you know that the good ship you know the happich it right that's why my on my face because well she talk about good times you know how to that shit motherfuckers what do you do you know what tell you to get to that happy right that's easy right i would tell you how you can help your stuff get through the times that suck real life this is real life ninety percent of your life will suck ten percent will be fucking happy you may be lucky god have a lot of fucking money have a great ask woman all this shit trust me one on one the guy he's missing something his life because you had to face up
bob and his whole fucking life some is still eating that mother fucker up almost everybody everybody eating the up but maybe you found a good way how i did growing up on how to ignore that voice as saying you ain't facing some ship period i'm not special i just stopped i listen to that voice talk so fucking aggressive people said made do you believe in god you cuss too much when i say fuck six is that you know what i'm thinking if i to make it all pretty and ship that's not what my life was it was a violent well it struggle daily to get where i'm at today i'm not going to water it down not to water down she wasn't fun any fun today i'm happy don't you think that your happiness is probably elevated by the amount of pain that you've gone through
one hundred percent so the amount of suffering that you understand the amount of pain that you've gone through makes you appreciate the happiness and the beautiful moments with much more intensity that's what week p miss about my story weak people here this off kid oh my god he must be measurable on my god what the hell is wrong with them you're missing the fucking sorry you're not listening to the story man look what i overcame if that is a put some badge of honor tattooed in your fucking brain the rest your life you can die today talking to rogan you may the story man in my happy what the fuck do you think don't miss it misunderstand the passion which i speak for not being in against happy happy first in the world but i'm not done so i'm not going speak to you like oh man everything is great now i have a lot more shit to do a lot more said today but this is in the same use of the word that you used the war
here's mentality the warriors life right this is this is the way that you can keep constance sane right and keep a good grip on who you are period there's a quote that was said on the who said it was a great quote this guy i said in the combat going to war by the hundred and that going to war tensioning we can be there eighty artist targets ten do most or nine do most of fighting one is a warrior an it's a true quote to life i saw it going through train i saw it everywhere i went there's so many people who show up to life there shouldn't even fucking be around and there's a few people all the work i want to be part at nine and i'm working towards being that one and as i live my life now what do you would you live these days right now i keep the same i'm very routine
give me more and i run i go to the gym at night time i stretch out i am just trying to develop a business card a lot of money trying to do that i'm just getting out i'm an introvert so i never again on social media i i'm i'm not big on that i'm i'm i'm big on been with yourself i believe all these if i cameras and phones and it takes you away from the most nothing in the world which is your fucking mind so i try hard to continue to grow that i'm i'm trying to break a record again i'm trying to cross death valley is basses possible top mount whitney an com i try to put those are for me but the biggest thing i'm trying to find more of myself a i can find more is to silence the world out as much as i can because it's getting busier everyday it's getting faster in the after gets the more you are listing who the fuck you are so i
track my own mind a lot and say look man i put my phone away i push it away and i go dark i go dark but it is because i have to find out i want to journey of life and we all have a different journey and i want to be in my fucking pine box and i believe you fearless forever have to fucking powerful no way in oh that thing just dies when you die i want to be able look back on my life from all day to be so fucking proud of myself forever these are temporary shipped to maine i want to be ever proud of who i was a man and change who i used to be the liar the insecure guy the guy who can would ever be proud if i died now if i die if i die at nine hundred look at myself as a problem so don't you think that also like we were saying that because you've gone through so much struggle you appreciate happiness true happiness do you think that you appreciate this one because you weren't disciplined do you think you appreciate the hard work you put in because you used to be weak yes
a self discipline yes i never had in that crazy thing about what you know you say that i have a mother for come wake me up at three o'clock in the morning say you get the and i had the trainer i have a nutritionist it was a self discipline that i had to survive it's not survived week to to to to to thrive no was a major tour ninety seven pounds man help you out i'm help at a major you're not smart i'm going i'm going to help you out i i had to work at all this shit i had to overcome and it it self discipline thanks if you don't have a i i don't look at you right because i know you're capable of more it's not discipline so much for me it's all on you it's all i knew the self part is with big we need someone who
hold people accountable fuck that shit man fact dash it we we count on people too much to get us through ship and we look to our right which were left looking for help and if you can deal with that self you can do that total accountability in one self it's not about being selfish i'm trying to create a better me so hopefully people who are here in this are taking it the right way you can say i can run a mile anybody running two hundred and five fucking miles doing fourth of venus in a bottle that shit she doesn't matter i want you to see how fucking far you can go and that's all about yourself and as we all comes from wilson guarantee you've already done that what you it's greens from watching the television show and what got you out the door got you to sort of take the first step to change your life what you experienced by watching rocky when you those those moments of inspiration those are critical for people they need
to know that someone's done something that someone's done something that's greater than they would they could imagine themselves doing and they want to take it a step towards trying to be better right that inspiration is gigantic and sometimes it comes across as corny you know people read too much of it online it because becomes drowns out you is the meaning gets lost i and there's a lot of posers there's a lot of people are out there that are there pretending that they're trying to offerup inspiration or true honest account of their experiences but really what the to do is say something that's going to get likes right now they're trying to say things that they think people gonna go yeah double high five right you know there's a thing that people are doing what they're to trying to just get social cred social medias man social a page with a picture of my fake life right right
patient picture of my foot in real life yeah period like it or not man but the real life is fuel for p right it's fuel for me i mean i love that show i live off of it there's a lot of people that i follow online and you're one of 'em that i can get something out of that i could watch a short clip of you talking i'm sure clips of this podcast people going to play these clips and go for fucking crazy runs afterwards right i hope so fuck yeah there you don't even have to hope it's going to happen that's good that's good business you're doing well is my own goggins loc basically i invested in myself i'm invested in myself and i hope that this story is can change so bodies life not to be me because a about me and i and i rather be as real as i can because we're all fucking suffering this world we're all hurting and i tried
we all titles you want to give me that you know that i did not come from that shit that's why to be so then it can so real about my own security my own fault this being affect a person i'm not the best at anything i'm not i'm not gifted i driven it's all about trying to share that message with people how about you know i speak to a lot of people an now yeah how you doing it as business i do motivational speaking but you know right now now i'm not really i make a lot of fucking money i'm just trying to build their brands i think it's possible because i don't want to build it too fast 'cause my biggest fear in life is people can rewrite through a mother that's not real i do it all the time like to have these great quotes in a in a in a mass produce i can't mass produced something man right in there in they had these great quotes and ship but are you living that mother fucker which you just quoted in how
powerpoint may sound are you getting up we focus morning about working out whatever are you really getting the fuc after are you just talking to motivate people right and i don't want to be that guy or you talking to pretend that you really quickly after it and i would make this big money over here the side which would have made a lot and they talked this ship and their office until it's gone write an authentic at all it's all this shit right yeah i read automatic manage guy employed bullshit right bullshit man fucking wake up get out live what you're saying and then it comes people can see when i talk the talk so fucking is passionate it 'cause i'm reliving my fucking life i'm reliving this morning when i got up i wanna do that shit i'm reliving everything i did i can't speak to you like all common just sucks is mess with us talking about like after this podcast you'll see man god so right now what the fuck is wrong with you i'm not going back through
man i'm not i'm not going back to the the suffering and it to become who i am today so i'm sorry i build this brand to the point where i can slowly hopefully make people from motivated to driven 'cause motivation is crap people right now this should be motivated to run it cold somewhere where there at allow my frozen shut go back inside that's motivation then go as how you feel if you and your wife for good if you and your kids are good if you're good at work you're motivated i like a motherfuker whose life is imploded ain't got shit in life and says still got forget after today man twist about so that's when you move from motivation to driven to obsessed and i want realize what you get to this person over here at the gym access part stoppable it means that you have to authenticity is one of the reasons why people are connected to what you meant your message
that's one of the reasons why what you're saying you don't want to grow too fast you don't want it to be bullshit you're terrified of that thing just like we're talking about about weak people people terrified a scene that weakness in yourself we all see that we've all seen motivational things that are bullshit we've all talked to people that are talking and you realize there's nothing really that they're connected to the connected to the words the words just a bunch of words pistou because they sound like something that someone who's you know in right and on the subject would say right yeah does it doesn't doesn't connect at all so the struggle now is to try to figure out how to stay you and get the message out but still be fully connected to that message you know it's not so much a struggle because i'm not really about i'm not driven the business i'm not i'm not jim by trying to be i
make a very small salary from being retired from the military i saw i need i'm not fast to i'm a minimalist motherfucker give me a back like a fucking ground asleep on and a pull up bar talking some running shoes in a subway sandwich or someshit not thinking straight so it's uh i believe in patients i'm a patient dude i can watch a piece of grass grow for twenty years 'cause i know that it's how you get somewhere in life by being that muck like mentality and be able to watch something grow very calmly patiently and that's i'm doing right now it's about money it's about people know me i'll keep you like me whoever wants here this is out there it's also your your your goal is to grow this slowly very slowly
and your goal is to grow this in order to impact people period as it is not about me what do you get out of impact in people it's a good question i don't get anything out of it i'm a tool but you must get there must be personal satisfaction there must be a connection to those people must be must be enriching to you it's hard to connect with people 'cause there's quite a few now they're coming in right it's my duty is my duty to share my stomach is somebody who discovered a new earth you know in in in discover the people are that in in in in a water source and food source i discovered a whole or another part of your fucking brain double people don't even know about is my job going to focus on this journey being discovery person being the person that maybe i didn't discover this part i discovered a very
important part that i haven't met many people that have discovered this part the answer a lot out there but my job now take these week people in the category that i was in it's a uh stop reading the bullshit stop listening to the bullshit and if my story of success can impact somebody is my job is my duty to there's much as i'm not really fond of it i i'm the kind of guy wants in the locker room and just be me should be me alone by myself is who i am but after get uncomfortable and tell people all the shity thing to take it feels good tell about it out of four a real level in high school i started i lied to people to be their fucking friends i don't feel good doesn't feel good at all but maybe some is doing the same shit maybe they can realize wow that mother was a piece of shit you fucking now is it
maybe seal retired guy and runs his miles in is two hundred and ninety seven pounds and pathetic fucker and wow people say why you talking so it's the fucking truth i was a fucking pathetic the my people cannot say that to themselves we have to choose these great fucking match the words that that makes that make people feel good tell your stuff to truth if someone calls you fucking fat they may be bullying you but you might be fucking fat summer 'cause you're dumb this mean but you might be fucking dumb is life man take it for what it's worth and change it that terror feeling when someone does tell you they are fat you can use that as fuel period and that's all this is about and where it goes if it goes somewhere or whatever you know i don't give a ship well you said something that i think of when i run and it's at most people quit at forty percent
does not forty percent rule man i love that quote forty percent rule matt and i i i really developed human heart surgeries and i developed that through that first hundred mile run is i thought given one hundred percent how's share it mouse seventy assfucked up i thought i'd give it one hundred percent and the gold at last i go man there had this i wouldn't even near one hundred percent so i came up with this thing called the forty percent rule basically where you is like a car you put a governor on a car and they said the car one hundred and thirty that governor stops the car at ninety one and your drive i'm thinking i want to floor but i can't go i can't go any faster with you so we put a governor brain secondly feel pain discomfort suffering all those words that we hate to say you we in this happy peaceful world we live in now we stop we slow down and if you can get through
different barriers in game five percent two percent three percent that forty percent becomes sixty six sixty percent seven thousand and eighty and ninety and then you'll hopefully monday near one hundred i don't i don't know many people probably eight hundred i mean we think were there but there's so much more doesn't one hundred deaths door though i love that i think is true i think that's a hundred percent true when you were laying in the tub had knocked on a door that is that is one hundred percent true no one is ever get his present truth i didn't give i was percent in that house in my run i did for the first time so it's a scary thing that's the this in the world i didn't die you probably save ninety nine point ninety nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine i guarantee i guarantee it man do it i don't know how to end this any better than that so let's just wrapped this up
people want to find your stuff what was the best place to go and look for it i'm just at david goggins ma'am social media on instagram facebook i don't treat that much stuff out because i'm i write these are right messages in always link that you know so on twitter to my facebook and instagram but it's just add david goggins in honor of his brother thanks a lot too much man i really really really appreciate thank you david goggins latest gentleman go after it you the fockers come on god dam that was good right i told you i did gave me goosebumps i want to run but i can't i'm stuck at this desk all i want to say thank you to everybody that sponsored the podcast definitely thank you to square space for hosting our website as well go to squarespace dot com for a free trial and when you're ready to launch is the offer code joe to save ten percent off first purchase of a website or domain thank you also to all time favorite underwear the draw
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are just so far in the brief amount of time to square cash been sponsoring this podcast so square cash the app is for free you get it from the app store or google play and use the code joe rogan all one word all right we did it we fucking did it yes we do we have a lot of lot of shit going on this week folks got a lot of coal tomorrow my friend brett weinstein will return with his wife his wife who is also great and powerful her name is heather our last name is heying you give that one a try
wiser wine and i paying must be hanging that is a white name right that's in norway should or something but i think that is yeah i guess probably changed every day everyone scared to combat these days gabby real careful even when talking about white people he called out for being raises but he and his wife are going to come on and we're going to talk about his wife is badass the legit site ants indiana jones type bad ask like goes to the jungle does experiments that kind of ship and uh we have a lot to talk about but one of the going to talk about gender stereotypes and uh her thoughts and his thoughts on them and just like he's a in time every time i get a chance to sit down and talk to brett i always feel illuminated and you don't know
his story he is the guy that was in trouble i guess you could say trouble it was in a bit of controversy with evergreen state college because they had a a day of that they would like all white people to stay home and he was like that's fucking racist and it became this big dust up and he wound up settling with the college for half million dollars cash like i said i was hoping that he shows up wearing gold chains and fursan pulls up in lambeau but now you know fucking sensible and shit anyway he's a great guy and i'm very excited to talk to him and his wife tomorrow so that will be tomorrow the great and powerful dom irara will be here this week i'm very excited talk dom again greg simmons will be here tomorrow on wednesday rather the
so why we got a lot of shit all right yeah baby i think we got neil degrasse tyson next week yeah got a lot should i'm excited hey everybody appreciate by two then must up to our hope you're enjoying these things as much as i am and stay positive out and if you just listen to that david goggins podcast and you're not currently out there so running hills run lifting weights and doing chin then listen to it again it didn't take let's do it again and again and again to change the you are be the best you
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