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#1085 - Kyle Kulinski

2018-02-27 | 🔗
Kyle Kulinski is a political activist, progressive talk radio host, social democratic political commentator, and the co-founder of Justice Democrats. His show "Secular Talk" is available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/SecularTalk
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guy we had a really fun and interesting conversation he's passionate and intelligent an i really enjoyed it so please give it up for kyle the joe rogan experience hello hello joe right very good there in a suit thank you you know i like to pretend that i'm a serious human being by wearing this but i'm just today well you're a youngish fellow so maybe a suit would give you more of an air of blood come come alger we authority perhaps that's the idea if you look like serious than people assume you're serious yeah i don't know that i'm you know making dick jokes and exactly sure like that's a good move smart move yeah well i had some suits made i had to do this function for one of my kids schools and i had to go to this function we had to wear close it's like a dress up thing and i really have nice clothes but nothing that like fitz and so
have something made so now i've been wearing it when i go on special dates with mrs rogan so it's like it's a suit this it's a suit jacket jaqen tailored the whole deal fits me how do you feel when you put it on do you feel like doing the fishel made serious person i feel like a serious person like if i if i dress like this like a hood unit sure i feel like a a slob i feel like a dork there's this thing that i do wear especially when i'm doing my show often times you do that half ass move where i look like this but yeah right on and the whole shorts on or i might ask what do you do that sometimes yeah sure it all depends on what mood i'm in i mean sometimes also do the whole thing and look nice but usually i'm just being lazy and we'll and i richie who's on the podcast and he made a very good a statement in defense of the su
whose it was of of really interesting sort testimony in defense of the suit in the pocket square he's a big believer of the pocket square which i think is preposterous cancel too far far i come with you but it doesn't go out of style that's the thing is like if you look at a picture of somebody from like one thousand nine hundred and six and you look at a picture of some from twenty eighteen and they're wearing a suit d l o but then other aspects of island fashion change so fast i mean look at remember the i think they were called like the really baggy jeans that people oh yeah like cabery cheese i don't know what that is i can't really change those who was something that we used to wear what i'm dating myself this is like in the early nineties late 80s early 90s it was like we're tight to like your your pelvic region and then they would flare up when i got past like ac hammer yes so
terrible yeah those didn't really make it right and then there but they did make it in the gym like if you to the gym there still guys who wear these kind of sweatpants right there like these kind of puffy sweatpants did you stay out of their minds right away there's so busy at work visa to work out clothes everybody wears you probably wear those pants because it there it is there's coverage she's only michael god i swear those try to get you wear those yes that's the opposite of trying to get layed not in those days back in those days like people didn't know any better right because my voice is that things change except powdered wigs exactly like people know where that came from no sound out on the podcast it came from syphilis yes the whole wig thing came out of royalty these royals had syphilis what was the whole story was about the term big wig and it was so who are the people was a dutch dutch kings who is the who are the kings so you could find that story 'cause it's a fascinating story what it was was
there's these i think they were brothers and they had syphilis they're just bang it everybody yeah why do people wear powdered wigs all came from a hair loss that these guys would have there goes the the or begins like many others with syphilis by one thousand five hundred and eighty the std had become the worst epidemic to strike europe since the black death according to william close clouse clouse sick c l o w e s i would say either one close i said an infinite multitude of syphilis patients clog london's hospitals and more filtered in each day without antibiotics victims face the full brunt of the disease open sores nasty rashes blindness blind blindness dementia and patchy hair loss baldness that the land so that's why i'm saying i'm healthy i'm healthy well it just became a thing because these scroll down see it'll tell you like who the people were that did it yeah so it was what you went a little too far yeah and so syphilis outbreaks by
the surge which making making victims hit their baldness blah blah blah blah blah louis the 14th it was only seventeen when his mom started thinning worried that his baldness would his reputation lewis hired forty eight wig makers to save as image five years later the king of england louise cozen charles the second did the same thing with his hair started to gray both men likely had syphilis cordier how do you say that courtiers mister krautz immediately copied the two kings they sported wigs style trickle down to the upper middle class newest fad was born so that's where it came from the whole powdered wigs with people of distinction in in court all that came from syphilis which like most things well whenever somebody tries to you know kind of like deify the founding fathers i always think well yeah
or brilliant on some things but on the other hand they wore powdered wigs and chatenoud out houses in his late yeah so like there's a little bit of a balance that we have to take into consideration there well i mean think about how much cultural changes taking place in our society just over the last few years sure you mean sure out with words that were common place are now completely unacceptable you know styles behavior and methods of expression are being criticized and critiqued it is this really radical way and i think it's good i i think there's a lot of how many floors i'd say it's good but the sentiment is good you know i think reaction and some of the over reaction like there's a spectrum right there's is going to be like did you see that there is something that came out yesterday from portland state university bogosian and james damore the google
guy in heather hyang she was a professor at evergreen state i remember with jordan peterson yeah and she was actually on my podcast last week with her husband brett weinstein weinstein can't say wine so i'm not thinking of the same person i was thinking of the person who got fired 'cause of she did not get functioning but the precise surfer playing a jordan peterson thing is that the same for no no no that's lindsay lindsay something yeah sure she was in a different university lauria yeah in canada in canada another university in canada this is important anyway so there in the middle of this conversation and heather who is a she's a biologist and she starts going over the biology of the differences between males females that are just undeniable and these kids get up and they yelling this is bullshit and fuck you and power to the people
this crazy sharing they tip over the sound system and they are the most hilarious classical liberal progressive le these green hair that guys like this afro and he's like you know we don't tolerate man like this is a biologist you you know what's that stuff is stuff is the kind of stuff that i think turns people off to the left most provides a gateway to the right where all the sudden people buy into an even broader right wing ideology because if you look at the left and that's your purse tion of the left is it's the people with the pink the are the blue there yeah just going around in their whole point is to de platform people or censor people or scream about which shapiro or whatever the case is like my whole thing is put if you're on the left and i think most lefties do this to be fair put the identity politics aside okay and let's talk about the things that we actually already have a majority of the american people with us on so you know like a class
left wing idea let's have a living wage from is not a living wage right now it'll work full time and not make enough money to survive well if you're on the can you go out there and you talk about we need to fight try to get a living wage and make our government work for us well then you do you agree to agree with you right even most republicans agree yeah if you go down the list weather's legalizing marijuana sixty percent of the american people are now with us ending the wars there was a poll that came out in two thousand and thirteen so it's old admittedly only seventeen percent of the american people still wanted to be in the in the war in afghanistan and we're hey i imagine if anything that number probably dropped even further and everybody's like what are we doing in afghanistan right but isn't the problem with polls is when you people about it you're not asking them if they are informed you just ask you're just asking their opinion on it sure what i was and is about the left versus the problem is anybody can be on either so you're going get these people that are going to this is heather hiring you know
lecture on biology from an informed scientific perspective in like fuck this man is patriarchy you're going to get that but you're also people like yourself you're also going to get people that are a of the issues and educated and are debating this in a very public way in trying to figure out what's the best possible solution to these things the problem is anytime you have a group whether it's the group the inn at ob gyn owners vegans where anybody can join man sure soon as anybody can join you can't look at like the worst case scenarios the green haired orc that over the microphone because they don't like the idea that heather is speaking logic about biology like you know you have to look at like the the whole thing sure and we don't like to do that we like to point the green hair dork and say hey liberals there's your left sure exactly and you know the break down to me is when you look at somebody like that they're in the
category of what i would call authoritarian left because they want control other people's actions they want to shut down that's speech and say your ideas are so dangerous i don't even want to hear it there's a whole nother you know the left which again i would argue is probably the majority the left which is libertarian left which is like me and many others who say listen live and let live on social issues i'm never even though i don't agree with steve stephen crowder bench pier on anything i'm never gonna you know good try to protest to get them to not speak their mind at a school is foolish it is makes it makes it look like you don't have an argument when you say i can't and then they get to go around and say i'm so person because i'm right right right you know meanwhile i say ok you want to have somebody like that go speaker college sure fine let him speak let me get the speech after well i mean i think open conversations are critical and also so i mean it's going probably probably be unpopular i don't think the way to do it in front of a large group of people i think you open
self up to a lot of grandstanding saying things just for applause breaks a lot of there's a lot of bullshit it just changes the nature of the conversation because it becomes theater you're doing this thing one of all these people and you can hear a lot of times people say say things like i'm a comic so i know when someone saying things for reaction right you like there's a way you do it when you say it like this and that's what we want everybody goes yeah you do not you do not talk like that when it's just you and a person when it's just you and a purse you are just alone with your ideas and i think that is the way a guy like ben throw in you know whoever you want on the left should have a discussion yeah there's something about the that's sophistry you know like so you're creating the best argument you're just trying to sound like you have the best argument and you know bill maher for example it does this where he's very
get the punchy one liner sure like he's in a conversation with his panel on his show and he'll be like bob and there was no i mean you can't say anything you just it was like a quick partisan hacky point you made but since people already agree with you in the audience they clap right so it's harder to flush out the ideas and really that's why i listen i've always said i'm not the his fan of debate because so i've done a few debates and people online like when i do debates but i'm not the biggest fan of debates because i think it's like the w he of intellectual pursuits you go in this person's whole point is to defend this side of it my job just to defend the other side of it and it's like ok clash but it's like ok well then when we come across it's an issue like the fuckin' sixty four genders facebook or whatever it is and actually might agree and my now put a position where
it would be like no i'm going to disagree because that's the format of the thing that we're doing is just weird and it's not normal yeah and i think that's actually very important for both sides to do like when there's something on your side the disagree with you should be honest about it and i'd say in saying that there's a side at their sides that there's are versus their side were i think we're so inherently tribal that we should resist any temptation whatsoever to form teams especially about critical issues it really important social issues really important comic issues really important civil rights issues these things we should just talk about without looking at 'em in terms of all the left wants this i oppose it or the right once this so i have to figure out ways to market yeah yeah i don't even notice a response that i agree that it's just that you know it was we were talking about this before the podcast that like what i will try to do is have conversations with everyone i try
have conversations with nutty people like alex jones i try to have conversations with people like sam harris i try to have conversations with all kinds of people but without fail every i don't have a left wing person on on some cock left wing going to happen sure anytime i have a right wing person on i'm some alt right nazi apologist it's like this inclination we have to try to label and categorize people and i try to resist those labels is much as humanly possible well i feel like what you're really good at is you can have on people who disagree completely on stuff but you'll kind of find a nugget of agreement in the conversation with that person and then you can expand on that and you can end up having a very this conversation and you're not you never we bring anybody on to try to like browbeat them limit the wrong on this issue or that issue you know i'm going to i have no desire to do that i don't know i mean look i have an
i've a lot of arguments my life and i don't like them i don't think they're beneficial i mean i think debate is good but every time i've ever been in an argument with someone like a real argument always come out of it feeling gross yeah yeah there are times in life for arguments are necessary there's times in life where you're just faced with aggression or conflict have to do something about you you have to meet it head on there are times in that but but whenever you can avoid that do and i think a lot of what arguments are and i failed in my life many times but a lot of what arguments are is the way you've reacted to the the thoughts in the expression of another person has and if you just reacted a different way or approached in a different manner or took it into consideration a little bit more before you responded i think the converse you could have gone another way i think i'm learning how to do that more and more as i get better at podcasting it better at conversations learning to just settle
one down and learning how to genuinely be a nice person so i don't i don't want to like insult anybody i don't want to be in a disagreement with someone i want to discuss ideas sure who is that who is that's septic guy from years back that he put you on the list of like jobs conspiracy blood the blood and brian dunning and then i i remember watching that clip and it was so frustrating when you guys were going back and because you would say i think you were talking about the thing and you're like i'm one hundred percent not saying it was a conspiracy i'm saying it looks like the building down a controlled demolition those are two very different things it's thing to say i believe it's a conspiracy it's another thing the way it came down look it was a controlled demolition but he kept insisting and trying i tell you what you believe as you when you cross room and you're like i don't believe that he was trying to tell me what i was saying right now is a very clear in all ok how do i say this
i don't think brian is a bad guy i don't think his brain works correctly i'm being honest i think there's the real problem there and when he does the science these videos he sounds like a strip club dj do not i mean like i've never seen his a repair son way that people talk with a take on offense yeah it is what he did but that thing is done by people that are trying to achieve the desired results like this is not that they themselves talking about a very specific thing it's that they are trying to put on an air of intellectual authority and you know he talks about himself as a science writer whatever that is that guy i'm not mad at him the whole thing was kind of foolish and it was very damaging only one i'm going to jail afterwards no really yeah not because of that because of something the did he was involved some sort of scam with was it and amazon or google ebay that's right he was involved
some sort of a scam worry embedded cookie he go to make it made it look like when you were buying things online that you had gone through his site first when in fact you had there was just a cookie that was embedded something along those lines whatever it was it was illegal and he wanted going to jail so and even his a sense of that i think there's something wrong there i don't know what that something is well there's there's a spark plug it's not screwed in a way there's something wrong well speaking of fake personas i feel like that's the worst when comes to politics and i do feel like there's very very very very very few upsides of trump in my opinion but one of the upsides of trump is that he did kind of break the mold terms of what was viewed as the right way to communicate as a politician because for him you had all these very measured people who had the proper posture and they spoke with their thumb pointed down because they i want to be strong with their finger pointing at you like that right
fist and then he comes along and he's obviously shooting from the hip and he clearly has no filter and he's tripping over his words a tremendous believe me he's unnecessarily punchy and short with his sentence is and remember there was a report that came out that said he communicates i think like six or seventh grade level or something like that nobody in the media was mocking it and i did a segment where i said you guys marking mocking and that's a terrible idea because guess what though the way he king even though it sounds stupid it's going to pierce through like you know how when some people talk it's hard you have to focus attention to listen to where they're going with it and yeah and then there's other people who talk and it's like you edit it's immediately right in your brain and it doesn't matter i agree with the substance of what the person is saying you know when somebody is in affective communicator and when he was out there on the campaign trail and he was for example campaigning in the rust belt where hillary clinton did not go right here
there's like nafta enough this terrible they shipped out all your jobs it was unbelievably terrible and believe me let me just tell you what i'm going to do i'm going to keep your jobs here it's going to be unbelievable believe me that's pretty good i see is good i do pretty good trump people tell me voice is a little off but the matter is excellent so the second thing he did recently where he said that he would have gone into the school when school shooting was going on he would have run in there even if you didn't have a gun yeah it's like i was imagine any other thing that you can't i was with him when he it's like listening to cop should have gone in everybody's idea of course the cops are gonna yeah but then he has to gratuitously take it so much further than he goes i would have gone in and then he adds without a weapon now everybody knows you're just full of shit he was there as if he was there like if true just happened to be there giving a speech at the school when a school shooting started and he didn't do anything still on the outside we know he what it to guarantee
i mean he's the guy who said i owe my personal vietnam was avoiding stds at the orgies i went to yeah so that wasn't it wasn't a scene in the dead zone yes didn't see the dead zone it was in the book in fact the guy uses someone to shield him from a shooter and that's what keeps that guy from becoming president so keep keeps from pressing the button because the guy was going to be president and he was going to launch a nuclear war assault and nuclear war this guy that was christopher walken skit with christopher walken was right thanks so he realized touching this guy's hand this guy was going to do this and so there was like some scenario that took place for someone's trying to shoot him any use someone else to shield him from the bowl it and that's what vented him from ever becoming president it was a
it's a movie that that's only a movie and it's also a it was also a book by stephen king traveling to have about a bill i read the look and i saw the movie i'm trying to remember 'cause it walking yeah that's right that's right young walking look at that handsome this bastard is a weird looking dude weird as it gets but that's what's cool about him it's great movie though fun might not be great so maybe one of those movies like i was told people we watch altered states it's amazing and then i watched it there certain things age so bad we were talking about it i don't know but actually with comedy and you've pointed this out if you go back and look at old comedy it's just a different world they were living at the end up and exactly you take the conversation were having an you like somehow get it back to nineteen fifty people will look at us like the fact that we casually curse and you know the concepts we're talking about they'd be like this is uh believe aebli impolite yeah you know what i mean well one of the best examples i think is stephen colbert saying that
president trump uses his mouth as putin's cock holster just set it on you know whatever network tv or cable whatever functions with johnny carson doing that i mean no way go back to the old ed sullivan show you know where jackie mason and banned for life because it looked like he gave the finger he did this thing right like you know this this is what i do i'm jackie mason he says he never even gave him the finger but he was accused of giving someone the finger and that was it he was banned didn't they do that with elvis when he performed like moved his hips in a way that they thought was too sexually like we can't show this 'cause there are kids that exist in the world and they would only frame him from the waist up they wouldn't show all that fuct motionless was too much fun why would elvis come on man that's so goofy like i don't get what it is about different times i mean they were just a few generations away from the powdered wigs i mean really
i mean it's such a different world i can't rap my mind around but you know what it's true that uh who was it was lenny bruce who had all these different lawsuits against him because so in a way he's like he kind of leave the way for people like us where especially because you're a comedy too but even just for the internet where we have this you know this free open platform where talk about whatever i feel like we wouldn't be able to get away with talking mentioning the sexual stuff for cursing if it wasn't for guys like that who paved the way 'cause people were getting arrested for doing a stand up set and cursing a hundred percent i have a bunch of frames lenny bruce posters in my house yeah i think he was one of the most important figures in the history of pop culture because he he was way ahead of time you know just way ahead of his time he had jokes back then that i saw people steal feeling in the 1980s wow yeah i don't even know if they were stealing it i should rephrase that i think they might have had parallel thinking
one of the jokes was about gay people that in certain place is being gay and like sodomy is actually i think sodomy still technically illegal in some places some states have yeah you're which includes going down on somebody by the i know so low jobs are technically and legally it's hilarious right but was my point that so his joke was that he was did this man if you're gay he goes they put you in jail with a bunch of men who have sex with you i mean that the joke that can last a joke they would work today if nobody figured that out today and it didn't exist and somebody just said that on stage today you know there's a lot of those though the people like they don't realize it's been so before 'cause it just seems like that happens
or even what i do political commentary and make points and it will be a point that eight people made before made me while i think i'm some fucking genius over here it's unavoidable especially with like obvious points like when i started out in boston doing stand up obviously right next to new hampshire and new hampshire's state motto on their license plate is live free or die and i said yeah those plates are made by prisoners i fuckedup is that and i'm sure i am absolutely positive other people thought that up as well 'cause that's always been the thing right like people would make fun of prisoners would make life it's like it was like a scene in movies like you're going to make license plates like that's what happened you know we need to put the yeah now you'll be making license plates yeah some reason like being in prison was associated with making license plates there and there's some 'cause you brought a prisons there a pivot here but there's some creepy stuff
going on in terms of the labor that they're getting from prisoners phuc yeah we were just talking about that with the fires that they were paid it's got to try to restore life in the santa barbara fires man how is that allowed maybe give me a month off you know a year off for whatever you know maybe if you didn't if you're not a dangerous criminal but maybe did some stupid you know some petty theft or something like that and you know you look i'll go out there and fight the fire but you gotta gotta give me some sort of break off my sentence nope a dollar a day so they make him do it and then they still have the normal sentence they don't reduce it or i don't know i wish i did i mean i'm sure good behavior deuces sentences i'm sure that probably does something but the the idea of the to pay you a dollar a day to fight a fire yeah crazy or a dollar an hour or whatever the the actual number was the way we do prisons in general the u s is really weird because i've so i feel like there's like
the norwegian way of doing stuff in the scandinavian way of doing stuff where they gear everything towards rehabilitation to get them back into society and functioning and in the u s i feel like we don't geared towards rehabilitation we gear towards punishment we're gonna punish you yeah and you know i think you could there are for their critiques of the norwegian system like you know in navy who's the guy anders brevik he killed all these anything was complaining because he's like i only have a ps2 so when you guys need to give me like a newer video game system so you can look at that and go listen man guys are being too fucking liberal fuck that guy he had like two rooms that were his salonika to afucking courtyard and shit so i think jen criticisms of that but at the same time fascinating is they have a significantly lower recidivism rate than we do so here if you go to it's very likely that you're going to end up back in prison in those places if you go to prison you know
she was like a lower level crimes they rebuilt to you when you get out your functioning member of society yeah so we can learn something from them in my mind i think there should be some sort of middle ground like i think prison should be used yes in some instances people me fuckin' punishment in some instances of course but we need to mix that in many instances with a healthy dose of rehabilitation as well so we are i don't functioning like an actual society as opposed to jailing more this country than any other country in the world yeah i don't necessarily think the punishment by itself helps anybody i mean if you take a guy you lock him in a cell and he's in that little tiny cell until his body stops working and he dies helping anybody i mean who is that helping so are there some situation so for me i feel like there are some situations where i get the idea of like life prison without the possibility i ran it's yeah i get it too but i mean why look look at a ted bundy
character or something along those lines just indefensible right some serial killer cycle path what do you do kill 'em just ask you how you feel about the death penalty but now i know who killam just come on man utd isn't enough time in the world to fix a ed gein yeah or who's the fucking clown william gacy the sound guy who killed all those kids and buried him in his backyard yet there are some people that cleveland somewhere in ohio your your your place buddy there are some people who are just the point you're making is there are some people who are too far gone when i say your place i'm not talking i'm talking to jamie for people just listening why is he fucking with kyle and saying he's involved with the cloud i mean it might not even been ohio might have been pittsburgh somewhere dark and cloudy so the point you're making is that there are people who are too far gone down like and i agree with that one hundred percent so but my whole thing on the death knell is i've always thought the idea of it in
table is something i get like you could point out all those people who did those horrific things and like there's no hope of them rehabilitating their total monsters and i say philosophically no problem getting rid of those people because you're just eliminating the a problem but my mind the reason why i'm not in favor of the death penalty is because four percent of the time and we get the wrong people right so if you have a system where you're guaranteed to kill the wrong people some percentage of the time then what we're saying is what we're going to let the state people for some of the time and that's something i just can't have my tax dollars going towards you know i agree with you a hundred percent but is it any better to have those people locked up in a cage for the rest of life to the body stops working well i guess the idea is if you have them locked up and you have people like the innocence project working on trying to overturn cases when it was a wrong conviction that i've actually you can write the wrong of getting those wrong people four percent of the time but it's fine if you say no you're going to put you on death row
gonna going to die in eight years or whatever it is then you know you'd sometimes you can't finish the case time to overturn it in so that's my whole thing about that like i agree phyllis perfectly and that's something many people to my left have come after me for and said no you're wrong you should be against the death penalty in principle but i say no i get it theoretically and philosophically but it's just that when you actually implemented their pragmatic it's like you're gonna kill the wrong people and i'm not okay with that you know now i mean i don't know if it's better to kill the wrong people to keep the wrong people locked in a cage suffering for the rest of life who where did where did we engage you live john wayne gacy was john wayne chicago chicago his middle name was wayne john wayne john wayne gacy i didn't know that yeah what it sounds william gacy i'm thinking william macy the guy from shameless i'm all fuckedup yeah well we were talking about something before the podcast and i think
this is i think is really the future whether it's in our lifetimes or our children's lifetimes but i think that they're going to be able to read minds i think it's not we're not far away for now we're going to really be able to know the actual contents of your what about you really did murder a bunch of kids bury them in your backyard we're going to know until then we're dealing with a bunch of really big fuckin' problems one of the biggest problems is people's memories people's memories are so bad there so bad so when you have eyewitness testimony and you can convict people only which happens every day and they think they're right they think they they really do believe right they really believe it that's a fucking problem man that's just a giant problem is the human memory is incredibly flawed and when someone's life is on the line and you're going to convict the guy i didn't do anything he just looks kind of
what you remember this person a murder that guy looks like well that's where a lot of the things overturned is because they have dna evidence yes that overrides whatever the tony was people at the time and speaking of technology advancing many scary aspects to it but you know the elephant in the room to me is the fact that look at what the nsa is already doing there already spying on absolutely everybody in the country they collect all of our metadata and store it at some multi billion dollar facility in utah and then like there's no doubt that technology is going to be used against us you know what i mean well it certainly b if they choose to i give you tamagotchi gay you know like julian assange or share who leaks something and then they go hey let's go pull up kyle's text message records oh look he looks cross dressing and sucking another shooting peoples mouths but whatever it is i mean they can and then they could leak that too whatever media people that they are in bed with
just a lot of ship that they can get away with well that's partially what they did with elliot spitzer because elliot spitzer they called in the sheriff of wall street because yeah crackdown on wall street and then oops look at that his his credit card information from the brothel he went to was leaked to a a press outlet well how the did you get the credit card for may shun because they knew what they were looking for 'cause they were trying to bring him down right worse than that he was actually going after brothel that i was going to say and i think it was his hypocrisy that brought him down an not the fact that he went to a brothel yeah is that you're cracking down on brothels in going to brothels at the same jobs arresting people yeah that's what he said was ridiculous it's like it's like i mean make any sense that he thought that he could get away with that but the rope what that guy's that guy was an interesting politician yeah he really did have some really good points a lot
i got a leaner well i interesting in that way too we had some really good points is a great speaker but is also free could you see that the documentary on him i did that i mean well you want to i didn't finish it though i watched part of it and then i just get bored you want to talk about a fall from grace now he was somebody who is viewed as i all this fire breather on the left to goes after people and doesn't take any yeah and fast forward and it's like oh you got caught you know sending dick pixel eighty thousand women some of them underage and i feel so bad for his wife sending dick pics while he was holding his did he his kid sending pictures of him with his kid in his arms of his that's why those scandals or it's like nope you're not coming back from that everybody's like funk well this is what i said i said on the podcast and i'm saying right now i think he's in jail right now right i don't know if he's in jail i don't know going to jail andrew you're comic you just don't know it is the
i guarantee he's a comic he just never did it and he just wanted to pop six and you know he's a real good speaker is is kind of a funny guy okay so i wanted to talk to you about comedy i really did because so i've had i i've done a few live things in my life i did a live show once and then but i also did a best man speech in front of rooms of you know over a hundred people the first best man speech i did i cried like pitch it was the saddest thing ever i'm up there talking about one of my best friends and i'm like and we used to wrestle tripoli it was it was it was pathetic that's just emotions you care about the guy well yeah that's the thing is that much me after and they they like and they were like oh man that was great it was heartfelt i was like i barely fucking said a word we can understand because blubber yeah but that's okay but now i think is a real problem the people have with avoiding emotions you know i
i'm on a roll in front of people i didn't know it doesn't matter okay well if you're to find me think that but the the second best man speech i gave i went into a thing looking like okay i'm going i'm going to crush but i was thinking that a little bit but like so i like to when i talk i like just bullet points of what i want to talk about it just a loose outline and a i'll rip off of it and what happened was all the lines that i thought would get a laugh did not get a laugh all my throwaway lines got good laughs so i was amazed by that and then also i was amazed at the fucking rush of getting a room to hang on your every word and genuinely laugh at what you're saying yeah and so every time you do stand up is that the feeling you get you definitely get a rush there's no doubt about it you crush you get a rush yeah you get a well it's uh different russian different size places like there's more of a surreal thing when you get a does
there's an area you get to like around five thousand and six thousand people were gets real it gets real weird man it gets fucking weird that gets weird like it's like you are you just you're doing a show then more than your connecting with people she was going to the comedy store tonight that's a intimate play so a hundred fifty people that's tight a small room and that's like you are you there with the people it's different that's a rush to though that's different rush there are it's all a rush but your response a to the material and the delivery sort of over rides the rush because you can't really get caught up in and go wow this is amazing because you have to be in about the timing you have to be tuned into exactly what you're thinking about you can't be thinking about all
is getting a lot of great laughs you have to honestly be thinking about the actual subject people know what you're thinking about man h weird isn't it well i think it's a type of hypnosis i think and i don't mean hypnosis like you you trick the people in the do something but i mean that like you mind meld with the audience of some sort of a weird way people know when you're on some sort of a script and they know when you're talking from the heart yeah and it's really strange because you could have somebody who's well versed in going through a script but there's well something that's missing from what they're saying and i feel like that's one of the many reasons why this podcast is very popular because you get people on you just have a conversation and your you two are really connecting and then you're also really connecting with people who are watching because you're just having conversations like you're at a bar and everybody just the talking and it's not like people come here and there like let me now
go to my point that i was going to make on this and this because that's when people start to yawn and that's actually why i think a lot of the older shows like but not to shoot on the late night host but that's why i feel like that kind of dying out and there's this giant rise of the internet because that's all very segmented and structured and you have to go in and out real fast and you know there's nothing human about it it's almost like it's celeb telling you where on this day level and you're going to watch just be on this different level to just be the person like working with spielberg it's interesting even as a amazing director this is what he does yeah this is it and also you would be like the talk show host so you'd be sitting there and i yeah yeah we feel like this was and i'll be turning sideways facing it's so it's so follow leader cop
cat because this is just the way they did it with jack paar right back in the fucking 1800s whatever the fuck that was right and they go from there to jimmy kimmel who does it the same way and then the first time somebody breaks the fucking mold everybody's like what is this this is brilliant why why are we doing more of this this makes sense i mean you could kind of do this conversation in front of a large group of people i mean a lot of people do do live podcasts yeah i feel like it's a little different though yeah we feel like that too because i don't know i feel like there's a in energy that you get from the audience where you kind of try more to do those punchy one liners opposed flowing one hundred yeah you do and sometimes it's great like i've done some five ones before with friends and it's great and we did the end of the world podcast we did live podcast from the how many store at the night of the election and during
election we realize the truck we were since you know the world matter who wins the gulf with because you're right trump one i mean bill burr was just on fire in front of this that guy's smart men builders smart not just smart but that he had material about this that was just perfect and just it's crushing and there a panel of like six other comments were all just laughing and talking that was a lot of fun and it worked that work that's one of the rare times that work but the way we did it was we had a chair said or to set up and then we all sat facing the audience and just talked you know like like a regular podcast but in front of a live route and then someone would come out with brian he would come out and give us the updates trump is ahead by eighteen points so did you see that coming trump winning or i thought it was entirely possible but that was entirely well i didn't see it coming i felt like everybody was so convinced that hillary is going to win i just felt like that
i was going to happen so i feel like one of the reasons why my my show got popular overtime is b i'm sucking my own dick in the sound so gross but but i actually predicted pretty early on when hillary it was clear hillary can get the nomination i was sounding the alarms and i was saying listen hillary versus trump is a worst case scenario because hillary clinton is the status quo she is the establishment she is business as usual she doesn't have a said she doesn't have a vision all she's doing is spewing platitudes in cliches and break down the barrier stronger together doing identity politics nonstop which is nothing but pandering and not talking about policy sometimes and then like we touched on earlier you had donald trump who i disagree with him virtually everything but the guy knows how to fucking play to a crowd knows how to tell people what they want to hear so when he's in front of a blue collar audience he's out there ripping the trade deals and say i want to keep your jobs in the country and it's going to be amazing and that's
thing that landed and when you have hillary so dumb is to not in pain and i what michigan and some ohio well hi yeah i think she went to but some of the rust belt states well the reason here winning is because of the rust belt so in my whole point was trump is a populist and admit really when push came to shove now he's elected a fake populusque as goldman sachs throughout his administration and he's serving wall street but a fake populist always beat a status quo politician right because people are sick and tired of business as usual and they feel like well i'm getting after now and she's coming along telling me i'm going to keep everything the same why the fuck would i be happy and excited to vote for her right there was so many things that were in place that were against her first of all she she has absolutely poor health and
and is admitted by her husband that she had fallen down an cracked her head open and had pretty severe brain injury that she took took more than six months for her to recover according to bill we saw her fainting time i mean cheat sheet that was creepy at the nine eleven thing eleven thing when it's just and they were all she had the flu i've had the flu don't fall asleep i'm standing up i mean that shit ain't good that's not good and that was just one thing the other thing is she's a disingenuous person when the whole anything with the fbi when he there's a video that came out where he explained what the charges were and what they had found about the emails and then she explained the version of it she's just not honest yeah then it was the whole gay marriage thing shouldn't support gay parents two thousand and thirteen thirteen that's fucking crazy that's crazy and then here's the other thing she's a woman there's a lot of sexist there's a lot of people that didn't want a woman to be president and
specially not a woman that could point to all these flaws poor health liar or dishonest in bed with wall street gets paid by bang two hundred thousand dollars won't release the transcripts clinton foundation seems kind of shady there's so many different things were against what she put the fact that she's a woman front and center i'm with her with her campaign slogan and you know what happens when you try to shop identity politics down people's throats is it a off no i don't care that your woman yeah i want to know what you're going to do for the country but the people were that were into that we're telling her that that was going to be your key to victory we're gonna be there nobody knows less about politics than de so strategist in washington dc as of right now what they're trying to do is there to fight back against their base so their base it's people like me and what we want
i'm very clear about what i want i'm not it's not hard to please people like me who are on the left we want a living wage we want medicare for all you know every other modern nation has one version or another of a single payer healthcare system we just want to be like the rest of the world we want free college again slovenia as fuckin' free college we can afford to free college we just been seven fuckin' trillion dollars on the iraq war we want the wars so i have very clear policy goals that i want and guess what bernie came along spoke about those issues he went from in this obscure senator from vermont which has a population of twelve people to getting forty seven percent of the vote in a race against uh ical juggernaut behemoth that had the entire credit party machine behind so that they were rigging the primary one hundred percent yes and that's what we learned an that's why julian assange went from being viewed as oh my god this guy is great that's how the left used of human now many people democratic partisan
like i thought this guy russia russia that's and i was just talking about this for the podcast i was watching cnn before i came here for about an hour and thirty minutes nonstop russia coverage non stop plucking russia and guess what now when donald trump goes out there and he's a fake news cnn ever so yeah you know what all they do is talk and talk about russia all day long so maybe the guy has a point so the institute questions that we have and the established as it is it opens up the door for a day a dog and a liar anna fake populist like trump to come in there an exploit it yeah so if you give people always between a broken system that's fucking them over where half of workers in america make thirty thousand dollars a year or less you give people an option between keep everything as is or take a fuckin' human bowling ball and throw it at the stab lish meant nothing to say ok fuckin' will roll the dice on this trump guy and then look at his agenda and everything that he's done since he's got elected is the opposite of his populist rhetoric on the campaign trail his fuckin' tax bill had a thirty three favorability rating and they were
about it when they passed it this is a bill that cuts corporate taxes from thirty five twenty one percent at a time when corporations already paying a historically low percentage of the tax burden and it rain it's taxes on everybody that makes seventy five thousand dollars a year or less over a ten year period i mean you couldn't get piece of legislation that spits in the face of in people more than that but the this thing is this guy is so comically easy to beat but the democrats can't their ship together 'cause they're fighting back against the grassroots who care about the issues because they are in bed with corporations the democrat in bed with corporation just like the republicans are so if you got this corrupt party establishment and they're trying taper down the wing of the party that can actually win well guess what you're going to losing to these monsters these comic book villains on the right don't you think that the part he's themselves did they there's a giant issue with the momentum behind them the lobby is a special interest groups the embedded just sort of ecosystem that they both carry with
for someone new to step in and sort of represent the actual people like yourself that that have this right very clear well that's why i have so many people that they're beholden to by the time they get into a position where they can even run for president they've all been vetted and checked and well that's why there are some keys here so one of the most important things is when you look at a politician who's running thing number check do they take corporate pac money if the answer is yes fuck not interested if you don't take pac money that means okay at least i know you're being honest in your being open and when you talk i can believe you but it's comes along that successful politician someone who could actually possibly win they do take corporate pac money but there are better alternative than say you know pence if shirts to be president then you go okay we got to choose the lesser of two evils that's essentially what we did with hillary right
right and i get any of that weird position where yeah she's got a corrupt a look she's it's gonna be a store she's a woman is infinitely more qualified than him and the less evil saying is it is a big issue because that's the game played on the american people and i think americans know that it's being played on them you know like if you look at the the opinion polls on congress congress ossola between a fourteen percent approval rating in a twenty one percent approval rating it was supposed to be a democracy so in you vote people in and then two weeks later you go ask people hey what do you think of the congress you just voted in and like fourteen percent of them are like i think they're good and we also like them so we all know that there's a problem here and the root of the problem is the corruption of the system and the corporate money flooding our politics the politicians get in there and all they do is represent the corporations and they don't represent the people so to your point in order to rise up through this system that's why that's why hillary clinton she
by the rules in this corrupt system did you know that her and bill through their entire career they raised over three billion dollars in private donations muscle areas and that's now you get to the point where it was wall to wall obviously she's going to win this is a no brainer and everybody loves her no everybody loves her unfucking wall street in washington dc but again this to go back to the bernie sanders now we're seeing more politicians coming up that are his model where they say i'm not going to take any corporate pac money i don't even want to super pac if i run for president and then happens is people know end of the day i can trust that person even if i don't agree with that person and that's why bernie sanders is the most popular politician the country by a mile and a half he's the most popular by a long shot and the reason is there even people on the right who look at him and go you know what i don't agree them on abortion i don't agree with him on this or that but i trust the guy and i think he's fighting for me well there's definitely that i mean there's he's he
he's a guy that really has a clean but in terms of like the money that he's taken that alone is very unique and that alone makes him stand out from the other people that were running for president when you look at the future though who other than him in nights the problem with him is he's he's another one he's not have good health well he's one thousand years old we could just say it's also well there's people that are his age that are in very good shape like how old is he seventy five thousand four hundred and seventy check that my friend aaron snyder had a podcast the other day with a gentleman who seventy eight years old who goes on backpacks solo elk hunts and he rides mountain bikes and exercises and does all this shit like there are people out there that are his age that take care of their body but the problem earning seventy six seventy six
ok head sit somewhere in the middle of his sternum he's got like potties conductor hosters like he looks like slumpy sort of the person doesn't and i know that's not important but it is kind of important to people you want someone yeah you're saying the optics of it matter to an extent sure i mean i get out there well there are there are a few good politician so for example rokana is he's actually from he's a congressman i name it has really usual he's risen through the ranks star trek i well he's a bad as he's a bad song yeah that's it back you know i could maybe hook up if you want to have on the podcast i'll talk to him and see if he want to come i think he would but he's a young guy and how old really smart guy i don't know exactly how old he is but he's he's young you have to be what thirty nine or something to run for congress thirty five
jamie check that hold you think jamie fact checking our president thirty ferry go president thirty five there you go that's so young i was retarded i'm retarded now when i'm thirty i was so fucking stupid when i was thirty five how can you allow people to be thirty five years old and run for president yeah so crazy yeah i mean at the same time i'm sure there are some people who can do the job anyway back connor o'connor he's bad as he's i don't take any corporate pac money he's got a great record of fight for the people he's one of the few people who remember when we were about going to syria and and doubling down again in syria will trump recently announced for staying there indefinitely so we have a permanent military occupation in syria real kana is one of the very few voices in congress i mean all the democrats should be they're saying what the are we doing here let's get it with the what's the point of being there right roe conn was one of the few who actually spoke up about it and actually said no this it's crazy one we shouldn't be there number two we have
i even had a vote on it in congress the whole idea is if you go to a military intervention according to the constitution to get a declaration of war from congress and this is crazy were nowhere near abiding by the constitution here we have to at least have a vote on it he's one person tulsi gabbert is another politician whose fantastic who was weird names we see this can a person first let me see what they look like i'm giving the sniff test this is how americans do it you look at a man about this show show and told he gathered a very curious what you're gonna say about tells you ever let me go with the roe conn a person first sure yeah my first guest on spelling didn't pull up what i what are o k eight h that's one name that can't one name now it's not too it's rose the first name connie's list watt roses first names are coming after fuq outta here with that let me see what it looks like silicon valley how do you say its silicon or silicone
silicon and now you're confusing on valley i think it's a silicon i don't know if that's right though well yeah he that fucking name i don't know about that name but then again let's see what i'm saying obama got elected president we go there's a nail or lack of the window make my scrutinizes fella mmhm well we got a lot of good things here are going first of all the diversity factor is high it's off the charts but when i love about row is that he doesn't do the fake bullsh identity politics of like i'm not white therefore you know i'm great he does in fact he's one of the very few politicians who clearly speaks up about people in the middle of the country who got their fucking factory jobs outsourced because corporations want to make more money and against all these trade deals in the red door could the teacher fired up ready for row dude okay i need you i need you to just rethink your life
like i own the shirt a young fatter merial opens to the right to i wasn't a little bit sorry mario no offense woods is at him with ted kennedy down there in the lower right hand corner yeah i about asian ted kennedy i'm sorry whoever that person has been in the tiny screen it did look like ted kennedy before you know it up yeah okay so this guy we'll see gabby so he's a congressman in california yes alright yeah yeah c t u l l inside one of the screen that's being thought of as possible democratic candidate well is a lot of people are talking right now about not tell you and i'll tell you who's gonna run twenty twenty oprah okay no disrespect to you over if you happen to see this but fuck off
no disrespect to you the rock but fuc off tulsa is kind of a i thought you were going to say that this is kind of hard so i kept insisting you show is very pretty from hawaii i like two things i like both of those things but show in twenty twenty a little too hot let me see in closing our maker a little larger rogan has spoken tells me your chances are very pretty she's a beautiful woman i mean is america ready for a beautiful woman to run for president without her wig she she's a brilliant woman and leave you yeah but she's so beautiful so it takes no corporate pac money also is against all these unnecessary regime change wars so i think also goes to spin class also does box jumps between the military she was yes interesting that's a good that's a positive she got a lot of those little colored things
sure then again she's one of the strongest voices against going to syria and all that you know also a lot of those color things on a shirt l ron hubbard number see or the seat back i was but i don't think his were legit though i'm yeah she looks she looks good i like so for two thousand and twenty i'll tell you who's going to run ok bernie's going to run again he is yes we do that and different things to ever run he'll be eight years old he's right in the fucking wave though man gh i've been lifted i'm kind of trying straighten my neck oh i tried to pull it back up into its normal position i got one of those things that hangs from the door i'm stretching my nook he's like larry larry david try looks like larry david yeah what about oprah oprah is not running bull do not run she's gonna run i'm calling her right now she got months now she knows she's running will that be fodder for us to laugh at for a long time i don't know man she might win now how bout nbc who have that dork is that was run on nbc twitter that we
saying our president like they about now with that yeah i don't know and oprah gave that speech that was at the golden globes she gave this big giant yeah and everybody was like shanda vagina let her talk and she she's a listen big powerful which hollywood is so fucking insular love sniffing their own farts and sucking their own dick wow clueless stacey dash is running for congress in stacey dash is like a republican she's like all time series on fox news supporter republican yeah she was clueless the movie yeah it's not that she's clueless i read it wrong maybe she is clueless too but stacey dash like super hardcore oh yeah super hardcore republican fox commentator known for controversial opinions it it it it it so oprah no not really i'm telling you i'm telling you is that it's going to be the first man there
not running mark zuckerberg wants to run but he might not run why don't you think he'll run is he old enough zero here i think he's old enough to like get in under the wire how goofy is that guy man i mean how does he is he movie show show the picture him like feeding a lamb or some he didn't okay to feed a lamb from with this person i'm anti land for i'm taking a strong stance on the joe rogan bottom one lambs to starve to death tune into the secular talk podcast yeah mark zuckerberg he's been doing this goofy tour where he goes to iowa and pretends to eat with regular people it was like i spoke to a guy named ted today and he has an interesting story i hate the pandering where they tried that's the thing like when they bring up the personal stories and they're like pretending to care about some random dude in kentucky right it's like fuq off just tell me what your ideas are you don't have to fake empathy ship right right right so i don't think
he's gonna run even though he wants to because i got to ask handed him mark cuban is another guy with a giant eagle who's thinking about it but i don't think he'll end up doing it i don't think they want that scrutiny like yeah lot of ship comes out yeah think about who trump was pre election in trump is now before the election was kind of lovable who's like this lovable egomaniac weird guy the he had a rolex yeah well you know let me take that back 'cause there's all that birth or sh it was pretty wacky but pre birth or sh it he was the hi who played the role of the big boss court this guy who showed yeah i'm the dungeon release date it was like bigger than life character large hair big fucking name on the buildings gold gold letter everywhere gold bathroom gold toilet paper like you
does he not know that like there's such a thing as what's the word level garish is that garrison yeah i don't think he does know that well he's old man with old people that was like someone said it best and it's one of my favorite quotes about trump that he is poor person imagines a rich person would be like that's a great point yeah yeah and he said he's a dumb person's idea of a smart person yeah 'cause he's very confident and emotes and like you say gold fuckin' everything it's almost it's almost like rappers stuntin oh yeah i got my rolls bich yeah trump is that your grill paul wall style showing all your rings in front of your lamborghini bunch of girls shaking their booty in front of you how did grills ever become a thing how do they not become a thing why don't i have one that's the real question get one paul asked me to out to us you know hook us up you could actually maybe make girls popular i don't think so i'm doing a good job with any next time tell you that sales are up sales are up
i'm pretty sure any packs are back you know what i haven't given up on but cell phone mulder i saw that yeah i saw that people gave up on that a long time ago no make fun of me don't like you would come back and stalin on rock and some we had a really funny joke i forget who it was it was a given credit but as the long lines of that's the type of black guy that's unthreatening to white people type of black friday a cell phone holder on the outside a little spoiled buckle clip cell phone holders she's don't have where'd around a cop because they might think it's a gun right don't reach for it yeah don't reach for anything yes the the grill thing i don't know bomb i think a gold tooth be kind of fly like one could maybe a fang our goal fine 'cause i think that they think it shows status but in reality it shows in attempt to hit high your status you know what i mean well it's like that jay z song ninety nine problems but a bit chant one you know if you grew up with those holes in your celebrate the minute you have endo you have window right
yeah whole asshole so when you don't grow up with much then you like i'm going to fucking get a lot and i'm going to show off that i have a lot so you know i got this shit it's a giant part of the culture i mean and even in the more reserved people like nods like who's like more lyrical artist type character father was a jazz musician sure he drives a mercedes and his pictures in front of the nice things it's just a part of the whole culture like you gotta got to have nice shit we live in a log cabin spitting out rap music nobody wants to hear anybody from like a what's that show life below zero the show where they are all in alaska alaska sure nobody wants those people rapping but i feel like if somebody does that then for that person really is about the art of what they're doing yeah not going to happen no one's going to listen to a fisherman rap like i do salmon fishing commercial like one of those dudes from deadliest catch
those guys had like one are you can't be uh very smell fish you got clean you have to have gold teeth or something you have a grill that's is paul wall oh lost a lot of weight is that beard fake uh i think it's just trimmed why do you think it's fake 'cause it looks too good it's like i'm not heating because i saw her i just for men gel to shatter my hair so it looks like he put some just for men gel on that baby i don't know he might have might have darkened up his hall i feel your pain man with the i've been dying my hair since i was eighteen how pathetic is that your hair start going gray at one thousand eight hundred and eighteen really i don't know i have no idea if it was genetics or if it's stress or whatever the fuck buddy under stress i don't i mean no not anymore than a guy who can go to a coal mine or some shit i'm privileged compared to most people so no i don't think so i think i think it might just be jeanette
i'm not sure but it's still working for yourself is a little difficult to write like not having a steady paycheck where you have to and you were also involved in the u to be monetization wave that hit after the movie pi sucker decided it was a good idea to use the n word on video game streams well just for the record when i was an awkward young white boy who used it too but within a at the end not er there's a big difference to throw it around just throw it around like sing along to lyrics if i sing lyrics i roll my window up first out of respect and then you do it and then i just sort of mouth it like yeah i don't really say it out loud so in the rap songs yeah yeah i do of course i did it in the rap songs but also just being an awkward a young white boy from your shell and having a lot of black friends growing up and we just threw it around like nobody's business what year were you and your show so i'm born and raised there i was born in eighty eight and you know in probably when i was twenty is when i left there
dude so when i was living in new rochelle you were living in new rochelle 'cause i was living there in like ninety one that's when i lived there okay but now i'm going to make you laugh because i was just talking to corn on the way here about this so i feel like i have a memory of being a kid watching fear factor you're on it and then i was so young that my mom after it was like okay it's bedtime honey wow yet so we always a little tell me what joe rogan and now i'm doing his podcast that told to make sense because that show was sixteen plus years ago right two thousand and one i want to say two or one maybe two let me ask you a question about when you were doing that show did you feel 'cause you you're a really smart guy and you're interested in a lot of different things and you know i can tell just by talking to you you're somebody who needs to pave your own path and be your own boss and it's clear so did you feel like almost like a cake
animal when you were doing fear factor because like you had to you forced to show up at a certain time every day and no i felt lucky that i had a job or to make a load of money it was that easy you know you had news radio before yeah okay i had is radio which was x stream extremely fortunate i mean that you couldn't i couldn't stepped in shit any deeper than with new great it was just total luck i literally had like three acting classes ever because i had take them because disney gave me a development deal because of us just stand up and i was i don't know they just throw money at you and say do that in the nineties they were doing that because they it's seen what happened with roseanne they'd seen would when tim allen and seinfeld like that you gotta do you gotta find someone who you think it's funny and develop show around them and it worked with some people brett butler so there's a lot of that going on and so they were
to do that and so i had a development deal and then i had a show that was on fox for a few episodes and it got canceled and then i news radio so i'm on news radio six years in my stand up career i was literally a beginner in terms of stand up like we talk to stand up six years considered a beginner yeah yeah that's a beginner yeah you don't know what the you're doing i took a guy on the road we recently they've been doing comedy for seven years and he's got twenty minutes material holy yeah it's for second grind son there's other people like more advanced like tony i have seven years and had already done enough like special plow yeah i mean it did did really varies it very in comedy you feel more is like your baby than any of the acting stuff right yeah well the acting stuff was just an opportunity to make money and it's just it was also an opportunity to get people to come see you do stand up but it was weird like to all of a sudden be acting with phil hartman and and
j can stephen root maura tierney is like i don't even i should even be here well how the do you think i feel sitting across from joe rogan we just talk i know but it's office nine right yes i mean that is true it all becomes normal man i mean i still get weird about when i meet famous people that i really like mobility who i mean they're obviously your people who are you know like jack nicholson for example is way more famous than you but i know there's not many people you're almost are you able to you so you're a little known no i'm like a c list person out here i don't be an act yeah i don't i'm not on tv i'm see list and i'm going to cage fighting commentator you know it's pretty easy to dismiss yeah more more see list i just lot of people your age no i am it's a different everybody my age knows who you are as different different world but so the fear factor thing was i had done a lot of tough after news radio that didn't work not a lot of stuff but a few pilots
so i've gotten a few meetings that i had with people that were kind of goofy there was a lot of like and i didn't i loved working with my my cat might cast my friends from news radio they were great but i had also worked with a bunch of actors who were actors they said it's not an environment it's not a job that lends itself to authenticity yeah it's a job that lends itself to conformity because you're always auditioning for things so you want everybody to like you so you sort of pattern you're like and dislikes your behavior patterns your your opinions to what take your finger and put it in the air where is the wind blowing i'm going that way sure safest way to make a living and there's uh a lot of that in hollywood i was going to say that gets back to my point about how insular they are how everybody in hollywood like yeah oprah two thousand and twenty is fucking great meanwhile pulled the fuck is sitting in kentucky like came over we put it in a big way right yeah well i maybe somebody maybe
i don't think so man struggling with wrestling with menopause right housewives all xanax out sitting there like drinking wine with her husband and pieces here he says taking an extra work but he does so when fear factor came two things i thought was going to be cancelled immediately i was really conveys went on forever forever one hundred and forty episodes and we came back to that seven more but the getting attacked by dogs and make it eating bull dicks yeah it's like this is no way this is going to last crazy and so i felt i felt like at the very least it would give me some material and it was it was a generous amount of money and it was money that what i was like okay if i do this and i keep doing this i don't have to do other things like i can be free and that having that ability to say no to things and have fuck you money and to just not worry about how to pay your bills i knew when i
the new rochelle is actually when i got my first development deal when i got my first development deal there was is this physical weight ha let left lipped lift get off of me where i didn't have to worry how am i going to pay my rent next year how am i going to pay my gas i'm going here 'cause that was uh i went from that to having some money and the feeling we got was like ok this is valuable this is some bullshit idea like having money i'm not saying like that being rich makes you happy not but having resources is a valuable thing having the resources to not have to do something you don't want to do and where you can pursue what you want to do that's valuable as well so it's fun bring that up because i covered this study that came out a few weeks ago on my show an apparently i found out that when okay you hit a certain level of happiness when you hit seventy five thousand dollars a year because i think they they figured out that that's where people can generally
pay the bills and be ok and then they said if you make up to ninety five thousand you do see a noticeable increase in happiness when you jump from seventy five thousand to ninety five thousand so that's when people pretty much across the border like okay i'm good and then everything after that your plane with house money so they say you know the difference between making ninety five thousand dollars a year and a million dollars a year even though there's a big material difference there in terms of how much it buys your happy nis there's a tapering effect when you hit that ninety five thousand dollars threshold i think also the amount of work that you have to do to make a million dollars a year figure dresses you out the you don't have time do things that you love like save you know you have hobbies that you really enjoy you feel like i got to leave those alone alone for awhile i got to pursue my career and go after korean really make it happen yeah it's hard to balance that life comfort appreciation for your just your existence here and trying to make a
thing and yeah sometimes people get that way wrong and they all in on making a living and then become some fucking harvey weinstein guy who's just all about just vices and just feeling your life up with things that try to make you happy because you've got five hundred million dollars in the bank and you're constantly working and you just sound a good example harvey weinstein so good example yeah he's ship locking people in class and whatnot the better camp would be someone who works so they have a heart attack and then realizes they never had any fun and now they're better health is deteriorated so radically that they they can't have fun and then they can't work we can even do what they do and they have to sort of reboot their life i mean i just think it's very important to enjoy your time here it's it's fleeting like kevin just had a hard life at all that yeah yeah i love that guy he's a great guy you've been on the podcast yeah a couple times i've been on his he's been on this one a couple times he's awesome
he's just a sweet a genuine sweetheart of a guy he's one of those guys were if he like someone i don't like him so we trust him that much that is his judgment richer if kevin smith doesn't like he's a really nice guy like if he doesn't why do you must be a shit this doesn't make any sense and you know this but my point this is fleeting it does like i'm fifty years old i became fifty years old i don't know how that happened it just happen well it's funny i just turned thirty i just turned thirty on january thirty first it was the first birthday where i ever went through yeah i'm in like thirty we should just got a little real i remembered as i was dating a girl is kind of looked want she was just kind of little not her fault she's a little negative she's like i really thought you already were thirty on what the does that mean hello yeah i'm telling you something's weird and you're not even you know i was thinking about my perspective you deal like i thought your you were thirty i will lead you say and i look third what bench what are you saying the twenty six
the weird thing to date for like a surface thing like i think the persons older i think the person is worth a lot of money you're that's what it was shoes a deeply unhappy person that was trying to diminish me not good won't happen not a healthy relationship now because our health really should period but there's a lot of a lot of that happens relationships right people try to diminish each other or they feel like they're in a bad position of power like they feel like don't have the power in the relationship so then they see that there's possibly a vulnerability and instead of like soothing that person they attacked that vulnerability that's how you know you're in a terrible toxic relationship struggle share yeah man that's the worst comes a weird machiavellian fuckin' game yeah it's like well the whole idea of a relationship supposed to be that's where you go to get
away from the bullshit of everything so when that becomes part of the bullshit is like what the fuck are we doing here what are we doing we will probably get addicted to that cycle there for a fuckin' for sure yeah man but it's hard to tell people while it's happening it's hard to tell people hey man you're in a bad relationship like this is not good like especially like rich guys with hot girl girls that like don't wear it doesn't make any sense and the guys like miserable in like hey man do you what's happening not your money it is not going to work man and it sucks right for that rich guy was kind of a dork he's like what the fuck did you know what else sucks the antelope has a limp that sucks the lines running adam and there is a god damn thing they could do the universe does not care whatever this imbalances but you as a thinking cognitive species like you you as a conscious aware individual gotta pay attention to that
she's going to get your money or just going to leave but either way but something's happening yeah it's happening so going back to the you made about the rat race of life and people who get like obsessed with work and stuff like that here's in fact it nobody talks i don't know why people don't think it's a bigger deal but did you know that the united states is the only developed country that doesn't have paid time off by law every other modern countries you go to europe for example that's why we win bro that's why we have people who are not well talking to me about losers lose or countries and you say why are we like these losers yeah those with health care and got white and i definitely think people should get paid time off and i definitely think i mean i've i've had some pretty intense arguments with wealthy people about a living wage and like you're out of your fucking mind if you think someone should be working for less than fifteen dollars for an hour of their time so
i'm telling you guys going to go in your backyard is going to dig a fucking hole for an hour you want to give him five how much you want to give him you want him seven dollars well joe that's a market and they need to be able to make contracts free of government intervention and i don't care if it's blah blah of years old i don't care it's a twelve year old and twelve year old digs for an hour give him twenty dollars it's crazy i mean the number it's crazy and people have businesses won't be able to survive no this is not true not true the person who is making the most money at the top of the business won't make as much money as exactly in fact whenever people bring that point out that all we can't raise the minimum wage because of reasons and stuff and things i always bring up australia i would like to point out that i may
i know jack schitt about economics ok i know a little bit more than jack schitt but if you look up the minimum wage in australia jamie i think it's like seventeen dollars and change pay you in boomerangs over there bro blower rangsan poisons in kangaroos 'cause they give you a bucket of poison snakes hey i might get up so i think it's like thirteen dollars in change and it's not they didn't look at that are they are they hellscape joe is australia falls apart exactly side i think australia is fucking amazing so spare me with the bullshit arguments really can't afford to pay people a living wage read this the fair work commission has handed down its annual ruling australia's minimum wage raising it by two point four percent to six hundred and seventy two dollars and seventy cents a week that's excellent so it means that extra fifteen point fifteen dollars point zero dollars and eighty cents per week for the one point eight million workers who are paid
minimum wage will apply from july first and equates to a minimum hourly rate of seventeen dollars and sixty nine cents and that's in twenty sixteen may 30th two thousand and sixteen that's an excellent seven hundred and twenty five year did you know that there isn't the minimum wage here today is actually worth less less than the minimum wage was worth in nineteen sixty eight because if you account for bryant the minimum wage from nineteen sixty eight would be about ten dollars in change today so people who are in the in which make less than they made in nineteen sixty eight i believe it would i think that is do you think that's people just taking advantage of poor people is that they are they do they we believe this is a stepping stone position that no one who's making minimum wage should ever consider this something that going to forever so i don't think that it's bad people i think it's bad individuals who are trying to take advantage of people i think the problem is the system and the only reason why we don't have a system like austra
he does with their minimum wage is because corporations have bought the government so if you look at the polls eight percent of people want to raise the minimum wage but we don't get that and we don't get that because there's a tremendous amount of money being poured into our government from the likes of corporations that don't want to raise the minimum wage so that's the only constituent group that has all the power and they happen to be the only constituent group against having a living wage so i that's the general dynamic behind it i do think that there are some small businesses were there like listen i genuinely don't have the money to do this you know what i mean so for those cases yes we can have a separate conversation about those instances but if you're a fucking giant corporation don't bullshit us and tell us you afford to pay somebody a living wage for in the case of like walmart for example they don't pay their a living wage and then they dump all of their workers on to the on to the medicaid rolls and on to the social safety net so taxpayers end up paying millions of dollars to support
meanwhile the people who are to walmart or running out the back door with all the fucking money yeah that's real i mean that's kind of undeniable and the idea that a ceo should be able to earn that much more money than anybody else is kind of crazy to like to whole ceo position is very bizarre the fact that these guys get payouts when companies go under and wall street bailouts god i mean stop and think about that for a second 'cause i don't think that people really got how ridiculous that was so if you own a fuckin' deli or you won't dry cleaners and you go under you know what they say tough shed care but yeah exactly but if you're part of a big bank or you're part of a fuckin' hedge fund that made the decisions that ended up crashing the fucking economy not only do you not get fired they say in order
to retain the talent of these people are going to have to pay them bonuses with the taxpayer money that just bailed out the corporation that they bankrupted that was hilarious so it wasn't just that these people got bailed out which was also very arguable are good position arguing against that's right i don't know what would have happened if we the banks fail i know how catastrophic that would have been to our economy but it's arguable like it was a debatable point it's not available point to give those fucking people millions of dollars of taxpayers money's gone to the bailout so that they can get that bonus it's in their contract correct and obama was like well it's in their contracts will flock their contracts the contract no good now because the whole company went under your banks fuct up you guys were running the banks you don't get that fifty million dollars your promise and here's what they don't do they never come out and say ok we're going who is a bailout of the people who are hurt by
they always go well what we have to do is we have to give it to the companies that just made the decisions that fucked everything up in the first place and sit down and shut up and those guys are already rich that's even crazier you give me rich people tons of money after they fuckedup and did a shitty job and goes back to why trump seemed appealing to so many people is because you have you know somebody who seems like a measured guy in a smart guy and he said he was going to change the game but then he also fuckin' bails out wall street and people look at that and they go ok you know what fuqing anything but this ok forget hillary clinton forget the status quo i'll take the guy who's going to break shit yeah i definitely think there was something like that there was also that he didn't seem like one of them he seemed like something different like let's try something different this is a new thing yeah the old thing is not working this whole person who talks this who gives these speeches in front of large groups of people i'm going to promise you change and hope and dignity and burn
and whatever else vague words that mean flowery things noises you like to hear what's his name again the guy with the short name yeah full name full name no idea i i just know me well rick back something crazy i mean how does he speak the speaker politician when does utah get normal do now he talks like a normal dude we listen very honest guy small amount if you want to oh my god clip let's break it down but i'm willing to fucking put my chips in this guise corner well he's not going to run in twenty twenty but he's also don't be a pussy he's on the radar right he's got a tan suit it's over you can't do it don't remember that ensued obama thing i do yeah to cover this event this is a very respectful gathering and the purpose is
very simple as i have had the opportunity to campaign for a year and a half across this district the best part i think this is just kidding ok meeting you come out yeah he just him going after his opponent he was running if you really wanted to boring here talking about medicare for all or something to get this guy on adderall listen he's going to get on those pills at trump's on show him on those energy pills we really have a like a lot of a lot of vigor a lot of a lot of pepin used you think trump some pills one hundred percent you think is on adderall i think he's on something like it i mean a lot of reporting on it yeah well apparently there is reporter that literally named the pharmacy where did way read pharmacy where trump had his prescription filled it where he to be on one form of amphetamine there was a diet pill supposed to be on
no it was on for years it completely make sense about the amount of time that guy spent on the campaign seventy some odd year old guy out there giving speeches and lovely and enter incredible yeah and let me tell you something everybody that i know that did at are all like i had a good i have a good friend of before yeah i have it but i have a good friend on it for a long time like coke and he got off a two gain fifty pounds it feels like it's hard form like he but his he said doctors were just handing on this stuff and that stuff in there that one doctor gave him three different amphetamines and told him find the that you like the best that's a heart attack waiting to happen if you take him all at once backed up on these things all the time and last time i saw him was like four years ago when he was jacked up on him and i'm like dude what's going on and he's like i want i can monitor mike i go you kind of like out of it he's like yeah i just so he's now he's back to normal but he's like i eat anything and i gained weight now is sold systems all screwed up what is it about some people who can't
have a little bit of something and experience the upsides of it without getting totally hooked by it because that's something i feel like that's something that i can do like i could try something and then i can experience the i love it and nine you don't you don't i mean sort of tiffany thing so for example i brought i brought you be you said you already have a bunch of i wanted to kratom kratom creating something that i have and i always feel like it it's like feels like caffeine to me i feel like it allows me to control my consciousness better so i want to make a decision to do something i feel like if i have created in me i can focus on it more i could be more creative and it's just up sides of it you know what i mean right is that how you feel when you yeah well what is like a bunch of different things one of the things that i like about weed that a lot of people art one of the things that people don't like about weed is the intense introspective
i get paranoid yeah that's what it is but that i think is where you get gross really i am i think that that fear so do i have like demons in my past that when i smoke it i'm like look get that man i am not aware i don't want to psychoanalyze but i feel like what on personal view if i feel bad about something if i smoke pot and also in our member something i did like two years ago i'm like why did i do that like what the fund was at about i think that's an opportunity for psychic grow it gives me an opportunity to examine my own thoughts and try to figure out what what you mean like who you are at any given time is a bunch of different factors right it's what's going on in your career what's going on in your personal life where is your health at how stress how many of these factors are outside of your control which your what's what's date of your success in life and all these various things and then all those things together
and that's who you are at any given time and it fluctuates it moves it goes back and forth and if you catch yourself at a good many smoke pot you feel great if you catch yourself at a point where maybe you're examining these things like sometimes you'll think about these various factors and you get very uncomfortable and some and when you were in a state just an hour ago where you are super comfortable about your life now all of a sudden you don't feel good like what is that probably there's some sort of subconscious thoughts and ideas sure you've ignored and i think that ignoring those things is probably unhealthy and even though that feeling of paranoia or whatever you want to one o'clock i call it ruthless introspective thinking right that feeling is is probably it's healthy so it's making you examine things that you're probably pushing to the dark regions of your consciousness you don't they make they make you uncomfortable so you push him aside and i think they're better off explored and dealt
so i feel i've always felt like substances that either up my food and make me feel like i want to be very proactive and create and busy and talkative flying with taken something like that fine with taking the opposite something that relaxes me and makes me feel just at ease and calm but i've always so with my limited experience with i've only smoked we honestly maybe eight to twelve times in my life i smoke some right now no i will fuckin' ship myself and realize that we look up things like there's millions of people watching us right now and i'll realize that that happens sometimes too but anyway so i've we had an issue with psychoactive substances wear so i've never tried and all the ones that do drugs you talk about on regular basis like psilocybin and stuff like that even scared of them and i always feel like the drugs that
make me see things that aren't there hallucinogenics i'm just scared of them because i feel like i'm i'll take that trip and not come back you know what i mean i know that this one i bring it up to you 'cause i know you disagree with that and i'm curious what you think about why i'm scared of those because with my experience with weed most of the times i smoked it it really was like a paranoid type you probably first boy probably smoke too much i always advise your writing i'm sure i did i was advised people in the first time this fall pot just take one little hit yes a little hat and just experience the good parts which is like a good weird kind of funny feeling and then there's also i feel like it's a turbo charger for your imagination i see religious resent that happened but i might i feel like i already have a hyperactive mind and then when i say i'm not them past my mind will go down when i smoke weed out suddenly i'm thinking about i don't know fucking naked vikings and
the stupid like it's like welcome i thinking about all this shit yeah but it's like a shock to the system and did you the first few times i smoked weed i didn't get high did that happen with you or no no no you got i immediately i got really high so i have a pretty funny about that i the first few times i see i thought i was cool i was in high school i'm like yeah i'm going to be cool kids smoke weed so i smoked it and didn't have any effect and then the third or fourth time somebody had asked me before i had class you wanna smoke we i was like yeah sure plug it let's do it didn't affect me other times why not right went and smoked it i opened the door to come back in school and i start walking down the hallway do know doom doom doom and i was like bum bum bum use feels weird and then i'm sitting in class convinced my eyes or probably bloodshot red in my mind everybody in the room knows i'm high and they're like it's thinking like
as all hi i'm scared to death of the teacher so anyway but it did there was a there was a few to i smoke weed i had a positive experience but it was like all it was was just giggling nonstop with my friends to the point where now we laugh laugh laugh and then i remember what one of us lit really asking hey why the fuck are we laughing and he said i don't know and we we kept well that's listen it's a good thing to laugh laugh i don't think it's bad thing but one of the reasons why you don't remember what you were laughing and there's a real issue with short term memory in marijuana it's one of the reasons why marijuana with nutro pics i like the combination of the two i think they balance each other out 'cause the nutro pics extent wait your memory and then on top of that the marijuana sort of flux with your memory a little bit if there's a there's real issues marijuana is no it's not it's not one hundred percent innocuous in terms of your like psychic stability will you said when you took off the month you had
your dreams or not yeah yeah there are way different they were very very intense like within the first week it started getting really crazy yeah like intense like like weird lucid dreams like just very very bizarre and detailed and bright and vivid and so you think that it's one of those things where that's not good so are you trying to avoid smoke weed less so that you don't have the effects on sleep or do you like i don't think it's bad for your sleep and what i've read is that what it kinda i wish i could remember see what are the marijuana and there's some positive benefits to it it just by passes different sound sleep quicker and you get to the deeper stages of sleep is rem
a lot of people think is like the deepest levels it's not yeah there's a deeper level of sleep the idea is that i want to somehow or another gets you to that deeper level quicker there's a lot of people and i know that smoke pot before they go to bed and it's any help very helpful yeah well that's awesome one of the interesting things about credo men why i think it's kind of similar to wheat and how people use it even though the feeling is different when they take it is that many people take it bomb they were addicted to opioids and it helps them get off the pills an on crate him if you have too much of it you just throw it up if you have too many opioids you can die from an overdose and this is one of the reasons why the fda is cracking down on it 'cause they're fucking bought by big pharma and they don't want anything that's going to compete with their fuckin' profits yeah there's no reason to ban it there's no yes there's no addictive properties it's not it's not something that's people up exactly so people take it for a cause they had ended
which pills people take it for ptsd they take it for depression they take a frame xiety they take it for recreational reasons they take it to wake up in a smaller dose they take it to sleep in a bigger dose is a substance like that that's a weird substance in terms of like i don't know any other substance where you take a low dose and it's a stimulant hope you are the same thing if you take this lower dose of opioids it's more of an upper you take a bigger dose of uploads is more of a downer what's the rationalization for categorizing it as an opioid 'cause it affect the same receptors in the brain but it does we have the same response that well that's why it's a very it's a very misleading thing that the fda did is because what they're trying to do is find a backdoor way to be like that sorry you guys can't have it because it's an opioid and it's dangerous and it's this and it's that but they're glossing over the most import point which is the one that we were talking about which is if you take too much let me just throw up that's not the case with opiates people overdose all the fucking time and actually the bigger problem is that when people get it did opioids and then because of the back down now they're they're not
grabbing as many opioids then those same people go to the black market and they get fuckin' heroin and then when they get heroin on the black market oftentimes it's laced with fentanyl which is a fucking elephant tranquilizer which then kills them so it's tom petty and prince is here and phillip seymour hoffman they were speculating that the fentanyl was in his heroin which is why he does heroin heroin right he didn't have pills yeah well he was doing heroin but um the stuff that they found in princes system he apparently didn't even have a prescription for fenton hello so you're saying somehow somehow another you got it i don't know okay you know me part one some stronger he apparently it his hips up it said you know prints done all that kray easy dancing on stage and all those years you know my friend maynard tool he had to get a hip replacement from stomping on stage you ever see like now maynard how yeah when
would saying he would just be fucking stomping on stage he blew his hip out that's crazy now he's got an artificial hip they cut the top of it how old is he five thousand and fifty one schitt human so fragile it is super fragile and i'm going to have to everybody's going to be like shut the up kyle you can't stop talking about tiger woods because i love golf and i love tiger woods mataga is a great example of the guy had fuckin' four back surgeries yeah yeah we're back surgery dude i know a lot of people that have had back surgery my good friend eddie bravo has a artificial disc in his back does he still do ju jitsu and roll stuff he doesn't right now because he blew his a c l out he has to have a c o reconstructive surgery i mean look to jitsu is rough on the body i've had to reconstructions one from taekwondo one from one from did you see what i had a third operation from jiu jitsu as well so two knee surgeries from jiu jitsu and i've had some significant back prob
to everybody get some just there's no way around it if you're if you're training hard your body just can only take so much and you were talking about the the stem cells that you guys on you know gibson with the stem cells how is it fascinating i haven't gone to panama yet to do that i've he done in america which apparently can't get the same sort of potency but there's some new research that shows that there's some there's some other stuff they're working on now that is this is it sounds gross but in bill of cold blood they're using blood from from bill nichols of people that are you know like just giving birth and they're having radical healing response for this stuff well there was a study that came out a few years ago that said when you took the blood of young mice and put him into old mice yeah different things but the same concept yeah that is that's something that erroneous lee was attributed to peter thiel the peter thiel's doing and apparently he said he wasn't but there's a
startup in silicon valley that does that that offers and guys are going there and so like a guy would go there and some twenty five year old kid who does crossfit everyday would give a couple of pints of blood and they'd shoot into your system and then you go out there talk to shoot out here why it came it can't be that simple right like that's almost too simple in concept they just take the blood from the young people put into the old people and everybody's a fucking olympic athlete maybe yes and maybe no i mean like a vampire too right it's not like the whole theory bit yeah that's the elizabeth bathory thing right remember the story elizabeth bathory now shoes interesting somebody contacted me on twitter and told me that this story might be the um distortion even though it's in the it's sort of in the historical record they might have actually been trying steal her lance they might have fabricated some of these charges but uh the the ancient stories of elizabeth bathory was that she was this
incredibly evil woman that as she got older she would torture and kill young peasant women and and like bathe in their blood because she wanted to regain her youth and she was jealous of these yeah yeah i don't know it's real though this person who said that it was a hoax it was made oh okay i can see that happening to you know if someone wanted to steal from our so they concocted some charges or it could be either or it could be both have ac knows well with the stem cell thing i feel like it should be here ready if the evidence is as solid as he was the doctor was saying yes and no the evidence is very solid that there's some janitor properties of stem cells the problem is we don't have enough evidence of what the potential downsides could be and whether or not there is a very specific protocol the did that ensure safety now doctor knew
reardon is on top of all that stuff and his books we used to have them sit around here but i think we put in our little library his looks detail all of the various studies that have shown efficacy and all the different benefits they have and for a lot of people like milk since dad was ninety two when you went in there now he's on a hundred share in mel gibson's dad was fakta mean you couldn't walk he was all jacked up and it's straight name right out so not to get all can conspiratorial but it may be maybe i no idea but maybe the reason why it has it's not already here is there some pre existing treatment for stuff like that that they don't want to scrap so that means i mean it's always possible i think more likely they are sceptical an then the fda also wanted to categorize some stem cell preparations as a drug because you have to do some the stem cells and then the in in the process of cultivating them
there's some sort of a method that they do that they believe categorizes it as a drug i'm obviously a moron system not the right person trying to ban this me too yeah dr neil reared in is lobbying to get it passed in texas god damn great state texas hello you have anybody can do it axis can do exam go off yeah they don't care they don't give a couldn't barely america does your it is it's own thing i would love it if they did that if they did it we could go to texas and get these treatments everybody that i know that's gone over there and gotten the treatments had some radical positive response well you know quite a few people have gone there there are i know countless stories of people so i know somebody who got the lasik eye surgery and they flew u uk to get their version of it because their version of it is on is is better carrier and we have the older one here and they're still waiting on the approval for the new
i'm doing it well why would they hold back approval on that so it doesn't make any sense i don't know and this is what i'm saying i feel like in many instances not in every instance but in many instances you have the pre existing treatments that are already in place and there and pharmaceutical companies make a lot of money from having treatments already in place so if you try to open the apple cart overturned the apple cart i mean this goes back to the whole creating point there's a reason why if this is something that's basically a cure for addiction to opioids why the fuck are we not sing it like crazy and the reason is they don't wanna stop making money off fuckin' opioids that is that i think that is a much more likely conspiracy because there's just an ungodly amount of money in opioid yes look at the pill mills in fuckin' west virginia millions of pills in a town that doesn't have that many people did you ever see they documentary the oxy connex press i did not know all actually i may may have the one with a go to broward county yeah i think i saw they've changed the law since then because people were going to i mean is one of the most
dick illus things they've ever had in this country they had a set up where they had these pain management centers so is one box right one building and in is building this two different doors one door is the doctor you go doctor guy hey man my fucking back hurts and the doctor said okay i'll write your prescription go next to the pharmacy pharmacy only has oxycontin yeah it's like if you only have a hammer yeah everything looks like it looks like you need a hammer here how am i going to chop this tree down i guess i'm going to use a hammer i think it's i mean it's fucking crazy this was going on for so long and then they also this i got really weird it wasn't just that these pain management centers they also didn't have a state database so if you went to doctor jamie over there and got a prescription for
oxycontin and then you left dr james office with a fat bag of pills you could go to doctor joe's office and i give you another prescription and he's paying mentioned centers were all over the place in florida so florida was literally because i mean no other way that i could imagine that this would be done conscientiously i think this is all corruption i think only reason why they would have no database it's not we're not in the 1500s matter you guys could keep records who's fucking on this shift and who's not there's a way i mean they had records back before the internet yeah this this is no excuse for this this is i think intentional corruption and what's crazy is now the pendulum is swinging almost too far in the other direction because attorney general suing opioid yeah now this is a good example of what i think is the pendulum we too far in the other direction because i have pain patients who contact me all the time and they talk about how since there's new
federal regulations over the pills what's happening is doctors are afraid to prescribe them at all even when it's a legitimate pain issue and so people check me and they go i don't know what to do because i need my pills because i have severe pain problem and i've had it for extended period of time and nobody wants to give me the pills anymore and they feel like they're forced to go on the black market now right in in now that they're eliminating crate and it's even more up exactly so what it what is the status of create i'm currently still legal still legal still legal but it's a monitored substance by the fda what does that mean it basically means if they want to they seize fuckin' shipments of it when it comes into the us if they want if they want to and it shouldn't get that shipment back now you can't get it back off exactly we're going to take your beneficial plants but it's still thankfully it's still it they're still leeway the last time the fda really tried to crack down on it make a schedule one drug the fuckin' bowels of hell opened up on their face because they opened up a comment section comments period
and like ninety nine point nine percent of the continents were like fuck you to save my life you guys are fucking criminals how dare you do this and then they had to back off because the comments were just so overwhelming so now they're trying to slowly do it again and what's happening is they just referenced oh there four cases of somebody who overdosed from kradum multistate outbreak of salmonella all right so this election's related to create exactly so there were a few cases of as salmonella tainted crate him and so the idea is another way to try to go up like we got it we got every because there's some salmonella cases at this time the cdc recommends that people not consume create a mini form because it could be contaminated with salmonella we instead suggest fentanyl which kills rhinos we well function well with the altoid size piece of fentanyl they literally kill well i know yeah like dead whale would be fucked yeah
so they said ours they said there forty four deaths linked to crate on twenty few people get diarrhea but when i'm in that's it one thousand one hundred and eleven hospitalizations the story gets crazier because there were forty four cases that they cited and said well look man forty four cases of people dying when they took radum so guess what no reporters decided let's look into this let's dig deeper and see what happened first of all one of the cases was a suicide that they counted as a death that there should be in a crate him that's layers another was a homicide let's learn state and so it's more ready to their worse and then most of them people had like five or six drugs in their system and they're saying dad's crate him so that's one of the things they did with marijuana in car accidents there saying all these different car accidents people have marijuana system but they were also drunk exactly people are partying man right there head and they crash into trees so good you feel now the california has legalized it is it because you had the medical
before yeah now this more of a pain in the asses to get we 'cause it's really nice it's very easy to get weed in california it's very it's not as easy as in colorado colorado's got it down cala rado it nailed and they there are swimming in money yeah to the point where they have to people money that track that was that's right they give a check to everybody in the state and they say i love how they take a lot of the money and they divert some of it to education some of it to to substance treatment so it they're doing the most responsible thing for and like you said they the tax on it everybody's like okay yeah yeah okay what i mean it's it's a high tax rate i think they have a thirty nine percent tax rate on recreational i think seven eleven on medicinal but here's the thing it's not exorbitantly expensive it's plant that grows easy it's not hard to grow not like some very difficult grape that needs a purse climate new it's not marijuana is not hard to grow so
there's not a lot of arguments against it for responsible adults yeah that's the thing is are we going to regulate responsible adult use of substances cuz if we do it would be hypocritical if we didn't eliminate alcohol exactly right in the worst ones if you if you look at it objectively you would have to say listen this substance which is legal and has been legal for a very long time is actually more dangerous than many of these ones that are illegal and we learn from alcohol prohibition how herbal an idea it is to just ban the substance because what happened during prohibition the mafia got incredibly powerful because they're the ones selling alcohol they're the ones making the money and then when you have a dispute our product is on the black market you know how you solve the dispute with fucking guns in the street you know how you solve the dispute if it's legal you go to court where suits and ties and you hear it out like adults this is another thing that trump should recognize when he was just sessions yeah i would there is a perfect example that god is a god damn monster
he's an easy he's the old school mentality of like i was raised when it's wrong if you put substances in your body when he literally said good people don't use marijuana well that's crazy bro yeah he's sending a moral judgment on you for that i think it's something like thirty seven percent of the country is a regular marijuana users see sam thirty seven percent of the country's bad people yeah and this is another example by the way of sixty percent of people now want to legalize marijuana across the country so this is another issue where if the democrats i did let's not be corrupt idiots and let's actually fight for something do you have any idea how big of a blue tsunami there would be in the next election yeah every democrat came out there and said one of the things were for is the realizing marijuana we're going to fight for that we're not going to take no for an answer and we're going to make a lot of money that can go to the schools they can go to the infrastructure that go to the job creation these are arguments that also appear to the right if you tell people on the right hey you guys say you love small government you know what's really big government when they knocked down
fucking door and drag you out in handcuffs cuz you decided to tweak your consciousness slightly that's that's the biggest government imaginable they kick your door down shoot your dogs you've got a bowls it in your coffee table there's there's so many examples of that too if trump really want i need to stop all this illegal mexican cartel legalized at least a landslide acts it regulated done you had you stallions as joxer cradles yeah they're exactly there's no reason for them to be here yeah and that see this is one of the things that's so frustrating to me doing what i do and one of the reasons why i think shows like ours have blown up is because where willing to say the most obvious things that everybody's thinking but the system is dragging like fuckin' fifty years behind what we're talking about you could never do the show that you do or this kind of show if you had like real series advertisers or real serious network and producer is an executives if you had a bunch of executives at above you and fill in the blanks nbc or whatever and their job
ended up on you not saying something fuckedup that was going to get the advertisers to crack down on their program and you wouldn't be able to do it you wouldn't have freedom in fact jank ruger was on msnbc the reason he ended up leaving msnbc he was too hard on the democrats so his higher we're like hey listen man i just heard from our friends in washington that you need to reel it in a little bit and he's like we i don't understand so the whole idea of msnbc is be partisan be in favor of the demo and support the democratic establishment the whole idea of fox news is be partisan the republicans support the establishment of he comes along and they go you know what your whole fucking game is bulshit both the parties are corrupt nobody is fighting for the people you're ignoring the fact only fourteen percent of the american people even support congress you're ignoring the fact that sixty percent of people to legalize marijuana if you go talk about real issues that's when they
up up and they go listen we can have you because you know hey you curse too much or this isn't palatable and it's always people above you who feel like they should be able to control your content but they do and the reason why the content is popular in the first place turn off a king being control exactly exactly they are operating in this archaic form at two the problem is they interrupt their show every fifteen minutes for commercials and it's just they break the flow of it and then they got fucking commercials for anti recents and diarrhea pills and whatever the fuck out there selling and it's just that nobody it's that this is an arcade version of entertainment and it made sense back when that was the only way to get your entertainment when the only way to get your tent entertain was the big three nbc abc cbs and fox comes along with toss the opera card up and then you got cable oh my goodness now things are crazy well cable news is really opened it up and now you wild shaped like fox news and all this
kelly does nobody close on she's telling you about fuckin' history all that stuff was really an interesting thing then the internet comes along all bets are off a hundred percent and their because alec you mean who's involved in your operation how many people three four yeah ellis well if there's a lot of my little you so she's awesome stability i mean that's that's that's nuts i mean how many people would be involved in the ryan seacrest show forget it hundreds right end of that's when you are right secrest yeah he's so but you keep something small and close to the chest i feel like that's when you can hold it and make it your own when it becomes a joke a big operation at forty three hands are in it right well then all the sudden it feels like it's stale and detached yes and not connected to anything real that people can relate to now i've been involved in that kind of stuff before i know what happens just there's too many cooks in the and everything gets fuckd up and everybody's is also trying to justify their position which is almost unnecessary i mean there's so many
missions when you work on a television set and you see how many people just standing around you oh well the fockers why are there so many jobs like why there's so many people working well a lot of it is like they've kind of created these jobs justify their position and then when there's meetings those people all have like an idea that they want to change they want to change this or that and so they can say that was my idea and that justifies the that was my idea to tell kyle that he's gotta stop doing this and start doing that and we got kyle wear a suit and he pushed back but i was right i was right now like there's all that kind of shit that happens on these got damn tv sets and it ruins the individual do like a person's individual point of view you there's no way you're going to get real unique individual point of view if you have so many people tweaking and adjusting and restricting and
demanding the support a behave a certain way or dress a certain way or stay to a certain topic or you know keep on you know you have to keep keep within these very clearly defined parameters where was it worst for you which show was it the man show when you do the man show reboots after yeah that was a disaster for a bunch of reasons but one this is why that was a disaster was because janet jackson and justin timberlake decided to pull janet booby out on tv so they crack down start being very pleasing they were terrified of everything but that's also you have a bunch of people again that aren't comedians they don't know what's funny and they are trying to impose their idea of what's funny and what's not you have a lot of that on television now you have a lot of these people that aren't necessarily comedians but they might be like super progressive social justice warrior types and now they're trying to push that kind of comedy what everybody likes and that ship gets to you know jaimes
town columbus oh in these people like without fun feeding maine and then meanwhile like we were talking about for the podcast a guy like joey diaz comes around lee and everybody's like that's it that's what we well you know what is going on in the world he's a perfect example too because for the long long this time i was trying to tell people for long as time like i had agents former agents of mine that would only you've got to stop working with that's literally the dumbest shit i've ever heard in my life not funny it's so easy to see he's like a diamond in the rough yeah in how unique he is and how just straightforward he is yeah he's a genius he's a comedy genius i think he's a funny in in terms of like bursts of time might not be the very best joke writer of all time but in terms of being the funniest i think is the funniest person they lived i've seen everybody i've seen almost everybody either live or on video i don't think anybody even funnier than joey i've seen joey some nights
ice house or some nights at the comedy store hit levels of riddick this i don't think i've seen anybody in his whole thinking he's i've tried him human cartoon his voice the cartoon the way love listen dog she says the way he moves his just end forever there tell me that that guy is not funny this is not good this guy can't work and he wasn't getting work other than like character work in movies but then the it came along and then people got to know him on podcasts and that's what really made joey and you knew that everybody who is telling you that was working backwards from their conclusion that they had idea in their mind of what somebody who's popular is supposed to be yeah he didn't fit that hold because he's too rough around the edges any curses too much and he talks about eating mass and all that and then you know i know innately this guy and he he touched something in me so i know this is going to connect with other people well i'm also i'm out there in the clubs and i'm watching joey go onstage and crush
right them telling me is not funny mike you're at your mind yeah you're just wrong i'm not seen it not only that i'm a fan of comedy i'm not just i'm not just a fan of things are gross i'm a fan on it fact if someone's gross and it's not well done it's appalling to maine and i want to yeah i know when people are just being gross for the sake of trying to get a reaction it's annoying yeah gets bad on your brain especially when you hear it more than it's it's it's it's grading joe joey's not doing that he's being himself and i was watching him kill over and over and over again and having these people tell that it's not good and then cast came along you know seven eight years ago also is i want to know him and then now when we have a mind it's like always one of our highest rated shows in immediate always so out and i was telling you before the pie two and i'll tell joe if he's watching joey don't
any guess on your podcast like it when it's just joey and lee and they just talk i like that too but i like joey with guess too i just like joey i'm going to and produce joey stand up special oh that's great we couldn't get anybody to do it it's just like they still don't get it like there's a lot of people that still don't get it and i'm hoping they get it when we put something together but we're going to film something at the ice house okay i'm going to put it all together yeah and i'm going to direct it and produce it and the whole dang and just have someone edit it and just put it together just make the ultimate joey diaz the special so people could know and and do a shitload of shows too because that's the other thing like when because to do one shot ready here kyle this is your one moment to be funny and it's going to be seen forever it's like you smoking pot realizing million people yeah exactly that that's that's sort of what it's like comic to do a special so you do
when you get into can you feel loose then you get that second one you like are we got it and then your third one like now we really got it needed a fourth one that fourth one is general like a real comedy show sure like where there's no no concern no worries no issues well the evolution stuff is interesting because it's almost impossible to start something and just get it it requires a lot of time a lot of effort a lot of cultivation a lot of attention and you know it's that book i forget who but the idea is you have to do something for ten thousand hours or whatever it is that gladwell know so it might be there might be malcolm gladwell but that's true and you know what out what i say is even if let's say you don't get there with every you're trying to do your definitely better after ten thousand hours and also you might learn what about yourself and a lot about you capable of and a lot about dedication and discipline if you just stick something i've always said that you know people like to shit on one dimensional
people and act like you know you're not supposed to actually well rounded and this and that but you know again to bring up tiger woods how the fuck do you think he got good off you know how we got golf by only fucking playing golf is able to find something that he got so fucking good at and create meaning in his life and also use that to develop parts of your personality and it's i'm in favor of people doing whatever they think suits there creative pursuits don't don't feel bad if you're somebody who's all i do is this one fucking thing right ok we can get really fucking good at it and even if it's like playing video games ok go be the best video game player in the world right might as well if that's what you're really good at and you can do the and put in the work especially if you enjoy that and there's something about getting rich ever see jiro dreams of sushi no really a documentary one of the weirdest things about is is that there's a term that
japanese use for someone who does something over and over and over again even a simple task and becomes a faster at it remember what that term was jamie remember that but this is one guy in the film i was first very sceptical but not watching a fucking movie do to make sushi get the fish he puts it on the right now when you see what really goes into it to show coonan i think how do you say it show cunanan and and that is what is the definition of that was that was it where they call it what the actual well that's it no it is like someone who practices something methodically meticulously forever until they get it and this guy was just making egg dish is like really sociable fluffy egg dish i mean and he you know how you get those
you know you get sushi sometimes that little piece of egg on it like this sounds too she takes twenty two yeah i don't eat puss either well this shut this fucking camera off this kind of pushy one i'll deal with the sushi i'm not dealing with the anyway i was like almost in tears 'cause he finally reach this state where the guy was like yeah this is the way to make the egg dish mastery of one's profession show show shogun mastery of one's profession but in that this is this saying that this guy had been studying the art of making sushi like the properly aging of the fish which i didn't even know i thought fish is fresh the the as the moon yeah really is aging they know they want to they i know and refrigerators for long periods of time that i would have never guessed that they did that with fish
obviously with me everybody knows about dry aged meet you're literally letting the bacteria break down the meat over long periods of time but what's interesting is you would never guess that there are so many different angles to doing something as simple as making that dish right but there's so much that goes into it and if you care enough to look all the nuances of it and to really get into the specifics of it then you can create something that has meaning to you and really can develop you as a person yeah yeah something in that where you are exploring your own potential for getting good at things right that's that's what you're doing you're exploring like what what's keeping this guy for make this perfect egg dish and how does he nail it is it a timing issue is it a mean is he getting the ingredients correct i don't know what ingredients are in this egg dish but why i'm even using that but for anything there's some exploration of these ideas what is this kaizen
that's the that's the word continuous improvement along term approach to work that systematically seeks to achieve small incremental changes in processes in order to improve a cincy and rowdy kaizen but i think it was show soon it says the show couldn't definition said like the definition of tradesmen isn't good enough but there's more deeper meaning when you get into the jacket ok okay so either one of those folks together yeah i actually think that this think that we're talking about right now this is of the main reasons why jordan peterson got very popular is because jordan peterson he talks a lot about stuff that other people take for granted about self improvement and like getting your own ship together right and so that was like a market that was waiting to be served for so long where people want to have a little bit of direction and struck and framework as to how do i go
about doing that and then this guy comes along and he's very well spoken and he can kind of break that down for people yeah yeah and also he he exemplifies a lot of those traits were just discussing when he was talking about his first book and um things that he said is that it took him fifteen years to write the book twelve rules book no the first of the first book first book pages on the cold war and he was talking about how he went over every sentence to see if it can be moved or criticized do you do that with your like the podcast you listen back or no 'cause they're wrong sometimes sometimes if especially if i fuckedup if i fuckedup i'll listen i said something i know that could be it said something right well i have to go back and get another out of there nine it yeah i'll do that or let you know some people say something that's really intense like the david goggins podcast
and i'm listening to that one again because it was so inspirational oh yeah i turned it on these guys talking about how he ran three hundred and seventy four thousand miles and then meanwhile i'm like great i will be on joe show next week talking about chronic masturbation he's mean he's intense intense it's not a good enough word it's like we need yeah yeah show coonan for intensity yeah he's but also you get a lot out of that there's something about operation in that form like the exemplified form there's uh that the koreans use for a taekwondo instructor it's stop on and it means one who leads by example and that there's there's something about a guy like that that really does practice what he preached which is an is so motor just by his own actions from talk about it and you know he's actually done it like you just want to like
i sit down i gotta go yeah i just want to i think you said that out of the pocket right you're like i'm in the gym the you want to do something right yes there's something about guy as like him that are very very valuable to us and i think people get real cynical about the idea of inspiration because there's so many ridiculous like not single out girls because his guys to do it too but it's so there's some funny shared about girls just stick their butt out on instagram and they have all these like motivational quotes you know accord and i were talking about it before it's amazing how many kim kardashian clones exist now i mean and eve in her own family i don't know all the names of them but one of the younger ones it's like she went to the plastic surgeon she was like i want to look like him yeah and they do give her the same face yeah yeah put the fuckes up within the but thing is the most disgusting thing whether taking fat often into their asses and they developed this diaper but i mean there's
a lot of people out there a diaper but i met a girl the other day that had diaper but she's at the comedy store and i i couldn't look away i was like what is happening to our but i knew it wasn't real i knew she okay so he's spindly legs yeah the skinny legs and the will the girl has a big like hips and a right member are crossing comics you ever our crime comics known are come as our crime that there was a great documentary called crumb and it's about this guy has a sick really eccentric perverted cartoonist from the nineteen seventies and he would always draw these women with enormous legs in enormous but but if they weren't fat they were just it was luxurious date well no i was you got it it's past voluptuous into like super athlete dna like if you could get that girl makes a male babies with it you would have a fucking ultimate warrior like that see that woman like that perfect yeah
how to have fun with a strong girl and the c r crumb that's happened to him ronnie coleman legs yeah that's actually him with his because he was is really frail dorky guy and he's got this image of the woman who just looks like a tank says he's john muscle legs and big boobs but not like riddick the stripper bewbs but more like just super alpha dna female boob's yeah he was a freaky guy like look at him he's got sock i mean that's that's who he was like the one above that jamie the one right right there like oh my god this is what he used to draw he was is drawing this enormous powerful women this guy was definitely into getting dominated by oh yeah you just shove his whole head in their pussey or some sure like look at he had him riding one i guess is supposed to be having sex yeah and this guy definitely noted in like two seconds yeah all man like he's choking them in these cards like it's always choking them like you little
it couldn't have an r crumb today that looks like it looks woody allen two oh yeah yeah well see if you could find video of him r crumb the documentary is fascinating i think you one that moving to france or something like that i think you want up leaving america but there's a there's actually if you go to video you'll you'll find there's video of him but that was the guy he's a really fast need a guy that's not him it looks just like no that's not having on the right okay guys similar left is that him there is some about we're now yeah he just looks odd who's is holding up the picture yeah it maybe it's also because i'm looking at him now is an older man yeah the lot of the video that i seen was him bothers me to look at him and think like that guy has a strong sex drive
yeah he might not it might just save it up for every couple weeks in a row one of those cartoons and lead off to it or to find a gal yes suitable exactly yeah somebody to sit on his face strange strange character though it doesn't matter jamie it's ok what's that he did fritz the cat too yeah a difference a cat he did a lot of pretty famous uh made it or cartoon comic book type things but they were all at cartoonish like features everybody was weird and you think kim has now made that that's the now with that standard see this is like a real like that those women's asses that r crumb drew i'm not justifying his stuff but they were freaked dna sure like those women at giant and giant asses and that's who they were whereas with kim she's got those spindly not yeah i like her butt is they just it's surgical creation like there's pictures of her
their online that make it look good but they're all photoshopped and we found out about that because she got paparazzi when she was in mexico they caught i think that was the one that they were showing their own way growers that way grosser they caught wandering around the beach and they took photos of her like real paparazzi photos and she was a fake paparazzi photos were she was higher paparazzi took photos of her and then she would photoshop a mop and they may made it look like everything was in place but it's not yeah it's it's uh master this what it really looks like yeah yeah so ok so if the legs match the asset i'd be totally yeah but even that asses discussion there's so much going on there because you you're not supposed to have that much fat in one play
is it a girl has an like that has legs to match it that's on saying it's a legs match the but i like it but there is those the link zero legs thrown off his little little tweak legs and then you got the s it's just it's obviously larger message it's like those guys that shoots involuntary muscles to control muscles it's the same thing like you're not that's not a real ask like i know it's like those synthol muscles are not real monster but there's so obviously fake but yeah 'cause of the legs though but the legs matched it i'd be like that's nice yeah but it wouldn't match it it's just not possible i've seen somewhere matches yeah but not like that just the whole thing is a disaster it's just have you ever watched this guy look at his face he's like i'm mailing this ship it is now i got this shit on lock oh my god he's got kids he does i mean these guys wind up getting horrible infections too and sometimes they've have well
ace gangrene and they say that there's an actual thing oh my god you say you see they say there's an actual thing called bigorexia like there's anorexia and there's bigger x body dysmorphia exists with me there's people that have body dysmorphia in terms of their facial features they just can't stop tweaking their nose did you hear about ready all about how somebody was like i know supposed to have a hand here feels so fucking far in that there's been multiple recorded cases of this where they will shove there walking hand in dry ice so that they can get it amputated instead afterwards they can say look i'm free i finally feel normal like you just and they say that to them it feels like if i had a fucking third hand just growing out of here i feel like that should doesn't belong right there's some people where they feel like their hand doesn't fucking belong yeah and what that shows is like the variation in human psychology is so sucking broad that it's scary because when you really digested that exists you also can
understand how well there's monsters out there to want to fuckign massacre people and they dream about that shit and that's how they get their rocks off yeah human the human mind very so much there's so many different paths that thoughts can go down and there's so many different weird pathologise that that the mind is capable of but the idea that you would think that you're supposed the handicapped right not handicap so you want to chop off a foot or something like that it's really i mean it's not common but we shouldn't say it's common but it's definitely documented so let me ask you what's your take on if somebody's is transgender and they want the surgery and let's say they are either in the military or in prison or something like that is that something that you think should be provided for them or no
good question i have really thought about it too much i don't think so i don't think that that's an elective surgery and people would say though it's not elective surgery but you think that other people should pay for that boy i don't know i don't know what it is i don't have it okay so if i was going to say i know why people are transgender there trans gender because of body dysmorphia their transgender because of gender dysmorphia transgender this because of that because of abuse because of you know there is there easily susceptible to suggestion i would just be talking on mass i don't really know i would imagine though that there is a broad spectrum of reasons why some it becomes transgender so them being that they literally have the wrong programming in their brain some of being that they i mean they could have thought that they were fucking wood elf i mean or
that's the first it is that weird shitpost weird but the ferry wish it too is like i've talked to some furries were under can sorry i'm thinking other kid that's the shit i'm thinking about other kinship his nuts but there's also people that identify with being six year old girl i mean there's been so yeah cases where people identify as being much younger than they are and they think they should be able to have sex with young kids so i feel like so on the trans gender one i feel like for a very long time i don't think i understood it at all and then i think i finally got it when it explain to me like okay imagine that you as straight you know gender male term they don't give it power don't do it as we do it i'll let sidewalk outside an unforced every time i go outside to wear a fucking wig and lipstick and high heels and a fucking dress and i'd be mortified because this is not who the fuck i am and why am i wearing this shit right so if you think the first
you made which is pay maybe they were just born with the wrong programming then they're born biologically male but they're really feel like they're woman or vice versa so if that's the case and it's basically like torture for them to not the the other thing well then i kind of understand that and i'm in favor them being able to get that surgery they lose me not transgender but where i i get lost in this whole conversation is like the gender eighty one i got was a male now i'm a woman and now a man again and then a woman again and then man again i just idiot yeah there's a saying is like your person at a certain point there are things that are real and they're things that are not real and i feel like it delage minimize the is the ones that are real you go to goofy in too far and you try to pretend like gender fluidity is a thing well isn't what were talking about earlier when we're talking about left wing people versus right wing people that you know the term left people anybody can join and you're going get people like the green haired people that were
disrupting weather hying speech 'cause she was saying there's a difference between men and women are going to get those nutty fockers and then you're going to get people that are just reasonable people that happen to be aggressive you're going to get that with gender fluidity you're going to get that with people that are transgender going to get that with people that are you know you just we get a wide variety it's very difficult to nail things down decide but for like everybody who looks at that and then gets turned off that and says you know what i'm online more with the right wing because an animal sure stuff like i get that feeling over the the culture issues but again the point that i would make to them is just don't forget that when i talk about politics and when i talk about where i fall on the political spectrum to me i break it down tour on policy and where i fall on the see issues and what we should implement in order to fix the country and on those issues like we were about earlier i'm pretty lively left wing and the poll showed that the american people actually lean in that direction right so if you focus on the
issues the economic issues the substantive of issues to change people's lives then you know i think that one can look at the culture issues as almost a diversion because it really is a gateway to other ideas that i think are terrible so i think the i idea of people on the left calling out that goofiness is uh good thing that you can redirect them and be like well this is what i actually for this is what people who are on the left and one improve peoples lives really want to fight for yeah well i was talking to sorry about this yesterday and there's just this thing where everyone is forced to say that caitlyn jenner is beautiful like you all except that she was a woman you're forced to say that she's beautiful and she's a hero and that's where you get the gateway
with the right people go if you're not saying that you're going to tell me represents the left then go fuck yourself because you're just not being you're not telling the truth yeah so it's i don't i hate the thing where it's like we have to care more about feelings then what's accurate right so i don't know why there needs to be a giant wave on the left of the take no bullshit approach to stuff well i think when comes the trans gender thing to there you need to be open to all avenues this discussion and one but i think we need to be open to we need to think very carefully about why it is that some need surgery to be themselves why it is is someone needs exogenous hormones that aren't native to their biology to be themselves someone who wants to take estrogen is born a male so if you feel feel that you are a woman are you feel
you're in the wrong body does it make sense that nature wants you to get surgery does it make nature wants you to take hormones that don't exist in your body which is this is this is a rational area of intention and discussion this is something that people should talk about like when you say if someone is forced to wear lipstick the high heels and makeup and walking down the street but that's not who you are with that frustrate you yes it would but it doesn't necessarily conversely work where you are walking down a street without lipstick and high heels and make up you think that's what i'm supposed to have well no because that's not real like lipstick is something choose to apply high heels or something you choose to where it's not no one's forcing you to not have those things on so you saying that those things are what you really are well know you're adding those things to you what you really are is you know makeup naked wake up in the morning take off your clothes
to the you really are if you say that you should have the right to wear makeup up in the right to wear lip of course should the the right to get your face to like a mallory should have the right to do whatever you want but that that's who you really are that that's somehow your true self there might be an underlying psychological issue there that's relevant and to discuss that puts in this category of being transphobic or insensitive or right wing i don't think that's accurate or fair 'cause i think this is a real weird issue it's very weird and i think the only people that truly understand are the people that are going through it themselves the people that actually have it an you know we can call upon those people to explain it to us but you get a broad spectrum of answers from those people as well what if so what if it is kind of like depression in a way so if some if you give chemical assistance is somebody who is going through depression everybody goes right good because you want that person to feel
like they're happy and normal sterile even think that that's good i think exhaust all of the nobody's first including exercise and diet that's a sure sure but there are examples of people who do have that chemical imbalance they do but why do they have that genuine chemical imbalance johann hari on the podcast as i saw that i saw that yeah and he makes a lot of really good points about like what is it that is happening in your life what is your your your the your situation with your relationship your career your life your health all these different things you'd be considerations are just putting some duct tape over it in a term of these ssris and all these different psych medications that they're handing out just as easy as they're handing out oxy cottons their past these and things around only over bradley short radically affect your consciousness so let's say he has all their ducks in a row okay and they're exercising their eating healthy they're doing everything by the book and if you look at it on paper your sports go yes that person should be healthy and what's on what
what's your name cara santa maria who you've had on the podcast before and she talks about how listen i was depressed and they tried a whole bunch of different any impression they finally got me on one they worked and then she says listen i want people to understand you need to look at this like treatment it like you know hey i've got a disease and they got to give me antibiotics in order to feel better the the problem it does is real scientists and doctors disagree with that and i don't know if she exhausted every other possibility and cara speech she worships at the the the throne of science and she thinks that this is the way to handle it and she might be right it also might be well that if she had rigorous exercise and really a daily basis cleaned up her diet and did a bunch of things that maybe that would be just as effective if not more i don't know so i don't know i don't know what she's done but i think that all systematically assuming that this this blanket statement called depression which could be what is even mean you're not happy with your station in life what does that mean you're not happy with your body what does that mean i don't know what it means mean
you you can tell me that you have it you know what it is when you have it but how do you know that what you have is the same with that guy has with which she has with other right sure we don't know but we do know is the human body reacts in very different ways when it's well fed with nutrients when you a daily basis you flood your body with natural endorphins that come from that exercise when you find yourself with a loving community when you engage and things that are rewarding to you all these things have a very positive effect on the way your mind works as well as the way your body feels the way your body feels has uh the result on the way your mind works to think of either one of being in
pendant of each other i think is ignorant is the same thing chess your body is all the same and there's radical look i'm not a depressed person but i feel way better after i exercise all course i mean we start their science on that that says when you exercise running read right of course you're gonna get at definitely get a boost in your mood but it's hard to do and that's all i like to take a pill that's totally true and they also like to justify their actions when people take a pill and that pills effective yeah they go well this is my i think this is what did her research for for like okay but what cost so can you orgasm anymore like there's a lot of stuff that happens to people that when they take those fucking things that really fuckem up sure so if you're making the point that there over prescribed and people rely on them too much and it's part of the culture in a negative way totally agree with you yes if if we look the example of say paranoid schizophrenia where somebody who literally see ship that's not there and it's a genuine psychological disorder where they needed very powerful drug like seroquil or something like that so in the case of
and gender ism what if it's more analogous to a mental state that's as real as that where you know what i mean like a solution surgery sexual reassignment surgery and how do we even know i don't know but then this gets back to the point you made about the personal freedom angle of where they say you know what i'm going to do this and this is what i want to do i definitely think they should have personal freedom to do it just like they think they should have personal freedom to get their fucking nose pier just do whatever you want to do yeah but should you have to pay for well that's than that into the broader conversation about who should pay for medical coverage period but is there is this an elective thing like how about girls in if i with a girl has big tits jennifer love big tips and i have a little tips and we're seeing the line is fucking blurry well it's certainly blurry because it's the same thing it's the same thing in terms of you don't like your physical state and you want to change it and if you say you would be happy if you had the cops but you have a cups and you're convinced this is the key to your happiness how is that any different than a person and you could
get mad at me all you want but you were talking about the physical state sure the physical state of someone like how how can you say that the only way to fix this or how could you not offer that is it possible ave that these people who could pursue it if you there's any surgery that can help you and you want other people to pay for that surgery i don't care just because it pertains to under doesn't mean we have to automatically acquiesce i don't think that's i don't think that's rational and when it comes to breasts other various elect surgeries and we feel that people should pay for those themselves sure absolutely when it comes to these you give about breasts well why is that different than sex change i'm not saying it is i'm not saying it is either i'm just saying if that is the case where and by the way i haven't read the science on this but i'm sure there has been science on this and they've answered the question as to whether or not doing
that surgery is effective here's the problem there's a massive massive suicide rate it's over forty percent so even a even post operation i was gonna say am i wrong in my section the pre operation that's one more the suicides are resolved i don't think it's changes i'm pretty sure see if what's let's be accurate about this suicide rates pre post trans gender sexual reassignment operations pretty sure that it's very similar but it doesn't change and then there's also because patient versus correlation right is it because they're depressed because they were in the wrong body they let them down this road and now here they are and they just can't get past it even if they have the surgery they're still bummed out there not accepted by society as a woman even have i'm a transwoman they're still not accepted by society and could that be changed by us being
open minded and loving and writers in hr is it nurtures i environment is it in i don't know in the person i don't know what i don't either but if if it is a legitimate mental health disorder which insurance to be called a used to be called gender dysphoria and now if you use the term gender dysphoria it's hate speech i terms of us talking about this might get this podcast demonetized am sure it will be probably well if he if it is gender dysphoria then wouldn't actually be able a medical condition where the treatment should be paid for it's a good question is that the correct treatment for gender dysphoria is that the correct treatment for some who thinks that they should have no hand should you chop that hand off what do you think i don't know she you choppiness off i don't that's what i don't caitlyn jenner did diligently did you did about but the muscle area statement after she did that she said that she is no more of a woman now that she was before well then hey definitely keep your dick yeah good point
if you were still a woman before it's pretty much anybody except that she was a woman which is why did this really radical thing like no well you did admit that you do that for a reason that you really wanted to do it and now it's different i mean i don't know maybe street cred letter to have the rations to fully get i mean she's fully accept by that community and become a spokesperson but you know and it's funny because she's she's super right wing on other issues remember when she went on there she was like i'm a very traditional yeah like your traditional i'm sure you're very purge version so a lot of people in the trans community were like you know what fuck her because she was out there arguing i forget it was gay marriage one in there but then there was another one where she talked about economics and she was like pull yourself up by your bootstraps shriveled prick with how much money do you have from just sitting around all day and getting paid from the kardashians she's a male kardashian this show this was especially what she's on that fucking frivolous ridiculous show and she became a really bizarre side note in pop culture
what's going on i mean when you listen to her talk she sick with the worst spokespeople ever for the trans community and a lot of trans people say that they're like we don't want her as 'cause there if you trans people are individ yeah so you let the look at people like their individuals and when somebody's put out as this is a leader of this movement then it's like way better examples the one who created sirius satellite radio she also created the satellite navigation system should be a man in fact very very brilliant person viewed her for sci fi for that joe rogan questions everything show she created a model of her wife who actually babies together then she became a woman and they stay together and she she created a robot of her her wife and she's like constantly programming it and changing in and adding you know new language and new vocabulary to it and she thinks
actually as technology improves she's going to be able to recreate her wife in a robot right by the way another great example breanna went west what does this say the uncomfortable truth that many surveys including the twenty eleven swedish study indicate that suicide rates remain high after sex simon surgery the we study reports that people have had sex reassignment surgery are nineteen times more likely to die by suicide than as a genera population to be fair to be fair i see the sources life site news which is a very very right well that's true but the national center for transgender equality report in two thousand fourteen at forty percent of the people identify as transgender attempted suicide you will be true i'm just saying that's the national center for transgender equality were just breaking up this article here which is the study plos one is legit ok yeah that's true that's legit so but they're they're reporting facts from studies and i mean this is this is pretty well established that there's
high suicide rate amongst transcends your pre and post reassignment surgery okay for sure and then keep the the we go back to the same thing it doesn't necessarily mean that they couldn't be happy if they weren't just fully accepted by society i mean i don't know if it's i i think caitlyn jenner's probably have because she gets a ship a lot of attention now yeah she was in the shadow before i'm over here i'm over here by the way now she's the front and center of fuckin' vogue magazine yeah a lot of attention speaking of who would be a better example and a better you know face of the transgender movement brianna westbrook is a candidate who's running for office there's actually a special election today and she's running for congress and she's really inspirational i know about her because i found a justice democrats which was a group that it was going to primary corporate democrats and run candidates no corporate pac money and she's one of the candidates and what you find is a the p who are really respectful are the people who they like she happens to be transgender but she's not putting
add front and center right you know what i'm saying like this person she's a person exactly and she's going here the things i believe in and i think this will improve everybody's lives and i'm going to run on these issues and it's not like hey i'm gender if you don't vote for me than your big right right right that's that's a very good point and i think open mindedness this is izzy incredibly critical in our wide diverse society and when people when people push back against that it creates all sorts of giant problems in i just think it doesn't matter you should be able to do whatever you want to do and if it doesn't affect you what do you care i think we should really be really really really careful but what we two children now and there is yeah i saw your conversation that recently and i think you made a bunch of good points like when is it ok to to say you know what okay if you want to do the surgery now you can do the surgery well there's a there's a deal going back to have their hiring and eric weinstein there was a article that i believe eric not eric i'm sorry brett brett weinstein put up
on his twitter yesterday or maybe it was heather but they were discussing this this real problem with kids who are really young where it becomes a trendy thing to to think that they're in the wrong gender and they get reinforcement from the very progressive friend you also get excited about this idea and then to intervene surgically or chemically when your body still in development you're thirteen or whatever the qr you don't know what you are yet and you should be able to give yourself a chance to grow and develop but there's a lot of people that disagree including well that are already trans gender that in my mind there probably more supportive of because they want more people to do it like steven crowder had this week thing where he and jared that gravity doesn't show with went this meeting they were talking about they did just said does undercover film thing but they're talking about six year old like is that too young to transition them and they're like no matter of
studies show that it this the good time it's a good time to do it and that you could transition back if he changes his mind and he was like what are you talking about no you can't using hormone blockers in a kid you going to radically affect the way that kid develops as a grown adult yeah i don't know what line is the proper line adulthood adulthood fully it's sixteen no is eighteen is a twenty one i think it's probably twenty five i think we fight fully developed frontal cortex only problem i have with that is like i want i hate the fact that we have all of these different lines in society like ok you have to be this age to drink after this age to do to get tobacco after this age for porn once we get a lot of those lines are incorrect and i think science will show you that the frontal lobe is not fully two twenty five years old but should also not be vote until you really yes yes i agree with that i because i screen headfucker's that were in heather highlands speech they were all like nineteen and goofy going to look back at that video someday angle with the fuck is wrong with you listen there's a lot of course they're growing their own
s doubles and they have to work for a living but that's the thing is that those people are too and also not that smart some of them some of course but this album so emerges young but you know in my mind i think we we should just draw clean line of sixteen for everything oh god you can fight for your control and what do you want to have kylie jenner's a fucking president 'cause i don't have a lot of them i don't want to baby kids i want to make it sort of baby them either but i don't think like really radical choices should be up to them when their brains not fully developed but the same sixteen you're so you're so young you don't think when did you first dirty when did you first drink i was definitely before i was twenty one party i was in high school i don't know somewhere around there somewhere in your teens yeah so then should you be locked up for that no not locked but i shouldn't it shouldn't be legal shouldn't be able to go into a liquor store and buy a pint of jack daniels in europe so i don't think we have any age laws in europe for alcohol and stuff right well my wrong about that i think
here is i think it's yeah i think it's fairly young maybe wine and things like that i think first of all having things that are forbidden definitely accentuates the desire to have them we know sure telling your kid that cigarettes are bad you can't have cigarettes they want smoke cigarettes they want to be rebels they want to drink they want to they want to do things with the adult and what age for sexual consent i mean this is it we obviously can't do twenty five for that right right so you have to draw a reasonable line were you say okay on nov people have developed to the point where there are physically mature but there's a big difference between sex which i don't think is a bad thing i think i don't think it's a disastrous thing so you don't mind the different lines two thousand one hundred and sixty allowed to have sex with each other when they like it like i think kids should be able to give
said the massage is a seventeen year old boy in a seventeen year old girl of course that should be able to make out and they should be able to talk if you want to you think it's our job to responsibly educate them about birth control and about consent and about it also you know there's different as of parenting you know some people grow up in horrible households where the the dad's massage there's no mom and this is going to have a cup idea what women are the same could be said about women or girls who grow up with uh hateful mother hates men i mean you have a lot of weird shit you have to get over as you become an adult as you move out of the nest and you become your own person establish your own ideas based on your life experiences and education what you've learned from all the other people that you've interacted with i mean it's not a hard fast rule but i think there's a big difference between that and voting on what happens with our future what happens with war what happen
with so many things that a sixteen year old kids is not ready for so but i'd like again mike i think my and arguments that is but there are a lot of sixty eight year old idiots out there too true we don't try to do legitimize their vote because i think we should but any and you have a system where you say i well you're an idiot so you can't vote it's always inevitably just flip back to be used against the the poor in society sorry in excess so well let's look i mean they are there's a great the quote from winston churchill i think he's a democracy is the worst form of government except for all others hi yes yeah exactly and that's like so that's kind of what we're talking about here in terms of drawing the line i don't know i i just feel like there's something right about drawing one line and saying everything over this but i do hear you like it is true that this is a very different thing from voting yes so yeah i don't think we should regulate sex except for adults having sex with minors i agree yeah when i was seventeen my girlfriend was sixteen and remember
i turned eighteen and she turned seventeen there was a year you are criminal yeah someone told me that if we kept having sex that i would go to jail is like what the fuck are you serious this is madness yes i mean we've been banging now for eleven months now if we could stop now it makes no sense i was really nervous i was like what if i go to jail i don't think that works that way i don't think they put in for that but yeah i remember how bad i felt when i was like in high school and i was smoking weed and i thought like if i give up and call it doing this but then you think about it it's like hold the on bill clinton but i didn't know l and barack obama was part of the june gang or some where he would want he was part of this thing called the um gang where he would he he would smoke weed there's i'm smoking weed on the internet is when he's young cigarette you sure i'm pretty sure ok because he did smoke weed a lot he admits it and then you know i think that there were charges of bush used cocaine and then obama said he did a little bit of cocaine and she like that so what drives me fucking crazy
is that you have these guys who did all these things they know damn well that what they did at the time was just experimentation there's nothing morally wrong about it and now we have a system where we lock up fuckin' thousands of people millions of people over the same shyt meanwhile they became president when they did that you're running on the eight years that he was in the office how many people were the for marijuana exactly exactly yeah not just not just for selling but for recreational use in certain states there were people who got who have my sentence is as a result of nonviolent drug offenses now to obama's credit towards the end of his time in office he started doing pardons and commutations of those sentences but the thing that drives me
easy again to get back to one of my main points here is i hate the fuckin' incrementalism and gradualism moving towards the thing that we all know is the right answer we don't know the right answer is to legalize it in fuckin' let every single nonviolent drug offender at a prison in fuckin' apologize to him not only that the hypocritical nature of having all this coincide with the pharmaceutical industry selling opioids that are killing people at a radical rate while they take contributions from us it's fucking crazy i mean they are literally a part of a drug dealing enterprise i remember my my grandma on my dad side i remember she passed away a while ago but i would go to her place and look at her fuckin' medicine thing they're worse seventy different kinds of pills i was like holy fuck she's getting zonked out of her mind on a regular basis like that's the whole point of it and i'm not even judging an older person who's looking i'm checking out just give me all the pills you want right but my point is if you're going to if that's going to be the man ld for them what why the fuck would you lock up poor people for smoking
weed doing cocaine or whatever the case is yeah i don't think anybody could rationally argue that i mean it's just seems at this stage to the game especially when it comes to things that are non toxic or or non fatal thing marijuana or kradum there's no argument against it doesn't make any sense specially when you could go right down the street you could with the cvs in by enough liquor to kill yourself instantly exactly easilly easilly right here that that table right over there will kill you yeah if you we call that for sure yeah there's a table with there with a big bottle of gentlemens jack there's a couple of bottles of whiskey to some whiskey from some place in bakersfield and a big jug of wine dead drink all that much it dead one hundred percent so sorry to change topics over a plea but i'm from new york the bagels we are fucking terrible yeah is that the water i don't know i was like this isn't a bagel this is like a fucking piece of stale bread yeah i think it's the water i think it's the moisture in the air too i wonder if the bagels are better in seattle is it moisture up their rights away
and then i'm going to try to pizza i'm going try the pizza i think today here don't do it i'm going to do it just 'cause i got i gotta compare man i gotta compare my whole life i heard like a new york pieces the back where do you live now live in the city no i live just outside of the city i live in westchester county still but not neuro shell anymore yeah it's better pizza for sure do you still go to nikis pizza i'm right down the street from white plains billionaires once but there's one next to that called mario's have you ever been there i don't think so no executive billiards if you walk out of executive and take a right and white plains nicky's on the right hand side but i heard nikki's burnt down okay nikki sad he never had white pizza before so i went to nikki's and i had white pizza my cold ship this is one of the greatest things humans have ever created when you were there were there that was there the strip large developed yet on white lane in white plains or no it's hard to remember there was some bars there for sure but overall dive bars and ship all we would do is go play pool yeah yeah you know where it is nikki's is
still there is still there i think it was only signs what's that stickers on the door was that on the door the right to the i did that looks like there's like closed down yeah i mean is there like two years ago so i mean it could have could have closed since then i think that's mario's pizza in white plains is the you have to try it is open so it is open now so they must have did it turn down and they rebuilt it because that was yellow tape over the door like police tape yeah they cleaned it up fucking god dammit the same recipe run do not walk run nikki's and get some of that white pizza or any other pizza so speaking of your stories about at executive billiards and all the crazy characters you met there my friend corn and i we she when we were in high school we would go play poker at these basic the underground spots in new rochelle and they were either rounders like the movie with matt damon kind of but they were russian they were either like weird weird fake mafioso
reduce or real mafioso do is we couldn't tell the difference we didn't know 'cause they don't talk like this and then like a jimmy give me a fucking diet coke and all they would do is sit there and smoke cigarettes the whole time and so we played cards there and you know we had some friends who did well and me my friend lost money overall but there was years later i was watching i turned on the tv just happened to be a local news report learn that one of the guys who is there god is bucking hand chopped off right in front of the place and i was like well we were in over our fucking heads now where we were in high school i know why the choppers hand off for stealing i'm sure i'm sure they were real mafia mafia guys and there was some sort of you know that's dark chopping a person's hand off is fun run of the gave it to him here go get this so it back on bich
but what's funny is they were fucking even though they're mafia guys they were fucking like they were really nice to us were little kids and a lot of mafia people who are gentlemen the thing is like just cat in the wrong situation you can tow the money you can't be a situation where they can get money out of you or they can extort money from you you know if you're running a business or anything where they offered you protection or any of that kind of shit like you're focht mann and that's why gambling should be legal because it's illegal push it underground now those guys run it and then people get their fucking hands chopped off right yeah well yeah and vague they just want do a kick your asses put in jail the vegas used to run the model or the model rather invaders to run fine and everything yeah and even a half of look at hollywood i'm sure it was financed with mobster money well you know we've talked about that many times at ciro's nightclub was owned by siegel that's the comedy store
oh yeah that used to be a total mob run joint and to this day i have and i don't believe in ghosts but i go to the belly i've gone to the bathroom several times with my friends like over the here's what i've been there we go by ourselves when it's dark just stand there what do you think is the only thing i'm looking scared hug me hug listen i don't believe in ghosts at all but i think nrg israel and i don't know whether we create in our own minds where we look at something and we're like i feel weird looking at anet rooms give you a feel you walk into a room you get a feel off the root well people have been murdered there for sure and that's the thought process about that place is that there's probably some leftover weird vibes and i know a lot of people that have seen weird ship there but i don't know i believe them they say they've seen i know i saw the podcast like i saw ghost just so you know tony i love you but i was at home going off a cough cough tony i've never seen a ghost there but i felt weird like i said i
into the main room when it's dark at night and i'll be gone by myself and i ship my pants well i gotta get out of here but i definitely believe people were murdered there used to be a tunnel that would go from the back of the comic store all the way up to crest hill which is a street above the comedy store the comic store to own i think they bought the two of them together and it was like a tunnel take booze and dead people and shit and fucking screwed them up there and throw in the back of a trunk i don't know it's a fun thing to talk about when you look at like all those tv shows that like haunted hollywood the comic store is very high on the list have you ever seen that like the paranormal fuckin' ghost hunters so stupid goofy is shows ever it's like dark in a hallway running like shit i think that's awesome over here the biggest like cock tis of a show i know
remember john john edward guyette crossing like it yeah and then he tried to do it with nine hundred and eleven victims they were like fuck you now you're cancelled yeah that's right yeah just do it up until that time but i don't like how the fuck do network executives approve shows where it's like the like in long island medium or someshit and it's like they pretend to talk to the dead how the fuck you going to put that on daytime tv like it's not complete number horsh it well that was one of the problems that happened when i was doing that sci fi show that joe rogan question everything so they wanted to make sure that i wasn't out to debunk a lot of the shows they would have on their network and i could look at want to find out what's going on i want to go some of it's probably real i want it to be real yeah that wasn't i opening experience doing that is very eye opening 'cause i what kind of people are really into these things are just women local hopeful people that have much going on they want it to be real that there's a ten foot tall fur man living in the forest or that
it's come down suck people out of their beds and bring through walls in the middle of the night and all that shit well you really took it to the chemtrail people yeah fox will then i mean they despise you now only get mad yearbook and chill geo engineering israel brow what does alex jones say to you 'cause i know you're friends with him what does he say to you about chem trails here i convince you no he thinks it most of what you see according to him but alex he goes with the weather a little bit too six most of what you see is just condensation trails that happen when you have a jet engine and you have the cold air and condensation in the atmosphere and the that's what they i mean there artificial clouds that are created by a jet engine passing through the air that's what they are you could do it over and over again you could do it right now the idea that spring something and that's something but they have aluminum and barium in it but it also looks exactly a cloud no that's moisture it looks like a cloud is 'cause it's a fucking cloud
things that i said in the chemtrail thing or do you want to talk about real chem trails here's the real chemtrail there burning gasoline in the sky above your head every day to the tune of thousands of flights you're not concentrating on that instead concentrating on the natural reaction of jet engines and moisture in the air it's so stupid i don't get 'cause there's a thing that people do where it's almost like they're trying to find the worst possible fuqing argument and then that's the part of it that they get upset and this goes back to the thing about trump where hold you on cnn all they did for an hour and a half half was talking about russia and it's like sitting there going i just story on my show last week about how the head of the consumer financial action bureaus a guy named mick mulvaney he took over fifty thousand dollars from the battery payday loan industry donald trump inauguration took over one million dollars from the predatory payday loan industry they just scrapped the rules that were supposed to clean up that industry
and now they're letting them charge nine hundred and fifty percent interest you want the fucking conspiracy there it is right there and you're talking about no no to put in if you're russia he's a major noise is any curses a lot and stormy daniels i don't give a about any of that talk about the should the matter i care about storming though i do wonder what's going to happen with the indictments i do wonder show his people pleading guilty now and you know there so the concern is that it's going to trickle so here's the thing here's the thing is donald trump a corrupt businessman fuq yes anybody who says he's not has no fucking idea what this guy's been into there's evidence he did deals with the mafia he has a well in panama which was laundering drug money so do i think is a criminal yes do i think money laundering yes would it be good if muller somehow got him on these things of course it would be but the idea
image manchurian candidate or heated treason is so ridiculous that it makes me a guy who's massively anti trump scoff and get really angry when people try to push that narrative and here's the thing there's it's an open the question as to whether or not you can indict a sitting president usually what has to happen is you have to impeach a sitting president well right now congress is overwhelmingly republican you know who's not going to fucking impeach donald trump even if prove the worst case scenario that you some sort of manchurian candidate the republicans are not going to fucking impeach him so at the end of the day when the democrats focus on this ad nauseam the reason they're doing that is because it's something that they feel comfortable and safe talking about because they don't have to talk about medicare for all or free college or a living wage or getting the corporate money out of politics or ending the fuckin' wars which they also support so they're not talk
not real issues and they're focusing on the fake scandal and sensationalism because they think it will score them cheap points with the electorate and it won't and they but there's an end game here and there's not but there is something there right i mean yes he people are doing but if people getting indicted sure with this russia thing so i'll break that down paul is right people gone died it super duper corrupt laundering money michael flynn laundering money how so so i know more of the details about flint so flynn is a guy he got what's his face smaller went after flynn and it was proven that flynn took five hundred thousand dollars from the turkish government and in return for that he pushed the trump administration to not armed who are fighting isis and the reason why is because turkey hates the kurds and they don't want us to arm the kurds so another way michael flynn was doing the bidding of the turkish government and pushing their
influence in our government and he didn't register as a foreign agent in the process so exactly so in the building of the turkish government and not disclosing that and your you have to register as a foreign agent if you're gonna take that money and you're going to do that and this doesn't run down the trout well that's the old question as to whether or not i at some point along the way whether it's with russia or with other countries by the way nobody talks about the fact that trump registered eight new businesses in saudi arabia when he was on the campaign trail and then you just gave i'm over one hundred billion dollar weapons deal he also took two hundred twenty thousand dollars from top saudi officials at his hotel when he was president elect and then he came over one hundred billion dollar weapons deal the case of well jared kushner has but you know millions of dollars from israeli banks and then don't when donald as president elect they tried to do you when to condemn israel over their illegal settlements so you have his entire administration is just a grab bag of corruption and foreign influence but it's far influence across the board and its influence also from corporations but again
people are not focusing on the corporations and they're not focusing on the other countries that their corrupt with 'cause there are hyper focusing on the russia thing and at the end of the day they want to impeach trump over russia but like i said it's going to be hard to prove and then it's an open question if you can indict i don't think you can indict a sitting president you have to impeach they're not going to fucking impeach so really this is democrats sniffing their own farts and acting like they're doing something important when they're really not and the only there they're in my opinion is money laundering businessman but he's not some sort of putin puppet because he's actually done many policies there are against putin for example he armed ukrainian rebels were fighting russia right now you don't arm people were fighting russia if you're their fucking puppet you know he also bombing syria and we're staying indefinitely in syria they just announced that recently you don't that the syrian government that's one to put top allies you're not gonna permanently permanently by their country and try to fight that government if you're in bed they're doing it
buildup on russia's border right now so if you're if you're a putin's puppet you don't have a military buildup on his border there was just a story the other day about how now the u military sending our ships to the black sea right horses fucking border so its military escalation and that's another part of this pisses me off is that if the democrats i want to resist trump resist let's see i don't want to send our fuckin' military to get into a standoff with russia i don't want to bomb fuqing syria and permanently occupy it this is how democrats should be resisting they should be resisting trump from a left wing position from an anti interventionist position but instead everything you hear from the democrats is under police found he needs to make sure that he's even harder on putin and he does more sanctions against putin many escalates further with russia listen and there are nuclear armed power do you want to fuckign again confrontation with a nuclear armed power we're sitting here living our lives just going about our business and this
i mean this is crazy we're rolling the dice and we're playing a game of chicken with vladimir putin do you i think that they're just caught up in this sexy thing yes a lot of it is sensationalism it's also what the public is really focused on right now so it's something that gathers ratings i think they're driving it i think it's driven from the top down from the alpha media down from the democrats down because again if you talk to regular people their fucking hurting right we just have been stagnant since one thousand nine hundred and eighty there's thirty people that don't have health care in trump's first year in office three million more people lost health care because he all these executive orders that basically took a hatchet to obamacare so all these people who are really hurting their they care about their wages they care about you know not being saddled with over a trillion dollars in student loan debt this is the regular care about so they turn on cnn and they see russia russia russia even if you don't like i despise trump with every fiber my fuckin' being but when i see this i roll my fucking eyes and then they have the
i have to say oh trump won't shut up about russia you talking about all day and he responded to it and because he responds it into it you're like oh there he goes again with russia yeah it's it's going tension is see how this all plays out i'm really fascinated fast and to see if you can make it out of four years well not only well i think he's going to do you think it's going to be going to run again and he's going to win again he has a chance because a fucking chance because the democrat the democrat run kamala harris if they run cory booker or any of the other corporatists he can win because he's going to go right back into his tap dance about being a populace and helping people and guess what in the first few years of his tax bill regular people did get a tax cut so he's going to look at look at your tax bill i just gave you know two thousand dollars this year we and so there is the argument that is going to make to the people and if you don't have some like bernie sanders or bernie sanders talking about the issues that matter to people well then of course he can fucking win again listen there was i was laughed at
when i said if it's donald trump and hillary clinton he can win people laughed at me 'cause i didn't didn't want it to be true yeah because in the narrative story i mean all you saw was that there was like a seventy five percent chance of heller's gonna win all their huffington post one was over ninety nine percent the election of elections so silly i know though and the way they calculate have such good articles to be sprinkling great article what's usually worship the trick is to avoid the opinion section and but if but if you stick to the actual journalists yeah and then they do good job it's going to be embarrassing for them all for the yeah you guys are all over the hard work that i do yeah kyle been a lot of fun man this has been a lot of fun when i really appreciate it let's do it again anytime thanks this was a lot of fun i really enjoyed this thanks tell anybody where they could find her show youtube dot com slash secular talk and if you want to follow me on twitter it's at kyle kulinski boom thank you every
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