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2018-03-07 | 🔗
John Dudley is a pro archer and host of "Nock On TV." Check out his podcast "Nock On" available on iTunes.
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hey ladies and gentlemen how you doing just announce a new date it is in chicago chicago june eighth june eighth i'm going to be at the chicago theater it's just went on presale today they are almost sold out we will probably i'm going to say definitely add a second show so this is seven hundred and thirty will probably add like a ten o'clock chicago theaters a big gas place so we gotta get everybody in and out marlins march 15th were new orleans me and the golden pony tony hinchcliffe and then we are in miami on the 16th and then orlando on the 17th we go new orleans two dates in florida then the 23rd and the 24th the house in pasadena haulage boy and then define improv is sold out on the 13th in the 14th and then we're coming home
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didn't we we fucking did it my guess today is a he's in my close circle of really good friends i love this guy he's my archery coach and uh sweetheart of a person and uh probably like one of the most education comes to archery and learning the art of archery which i think is an art of expression um and maybe even a martial art could be considered that very very few human beings have as much knowledge and none are better at distributing it then my friend john dudley so give it up for john check it out the joe rogan experience join my day joe rogan podcast by night is that sound everybody knows something like if you play that sound people know that's an arrow right yeah but it may be throwing knife food but you notice and arrow thing right we do dang right that's
as i will boy right there that's a midwest coming at e s sometimes i hear you on your podcast them like man he is so midwest areas sorry about that don't acknowledge as it's awesome i'm actually more of a half breed over the south right yeah yeah i was a red neck for awhile and then then became a yankee my the people of north don't give the they don't give a what people think from north or south but this the people from the south my family like your per yankee now yeah and that weird it's a little weird they lost that's why the lower the number one more thing imagine i mean we here we are several generations removed but imagine growing up
like the late 1800s when it just happened and you deal with yankees there must be outlawed murders right people killed northerners and northerners killed southerners and must been a lot of that it was ruthless i'm sure how the fuck did that happen that is a crazy time you think about the history of this country that just two hundred years ago we were in you know less we're in the middle of a bitter war from the n versus the s americans fighting americans to the death big fields full of dead people um my dad was at one of the fields i forget which field it was um but he said you know it's one of those memorial places in the south and he said the feeling or something you know it was gettysburg and he sent you feel it he's like you feel sad
yeah so i get sound i know it sounds crazy and he was saying i don't even believe in that stuff but you feel it like you there you like oh yeah we've been in a few memorials a few memorials and a few big you know like specially like military cemeteries you just you know another one i felt it like exactly what you're saying i went to two historic part of custer where they lost the battle and i blocked the whole hill and everything you can feel it there what is that do you think there's like memory in places hell yeah there is yeah it probably is right i mean this probably an instinctive reason why people don't want to live in a house where someone was murdered yeah i don't want to live there i don't want to live there again like
there's a house that jon benet ramsey was killed in in colorado they can't sell that fucking house dude i live there nine years ago years ago somewhere with that nine years ago and they were selling it then they still can't sell it it's a beautiful house it's a really nice neighborhood cancel it they have changed on the street they change the name of the street still can't sell it i'm not kidding they just can't sell it as it does it have like him store ucal everybody's terrible sightings and stuff or is it just the killing just the killing and the hold the darkness all behind it i mean it's just it wasn't just a little girl died but there's all this darkness she was sexually active there was something like someone was probably molesting her someone in the family or someone else who knows they think some of the fan i'm going to kill their they don't know who it was it's never been solved no ones ever been tried it's a dark yeah i'm not moving their fault that they can keep that keep that house i think they should
level that thing to the ground and maybe even do something with the ground ernie fit scoop all that shit out and put some new dirt in yeah i'm not kidding i'm not kidding like that might be the only way who you gonna throw that mojo on though you gotta put that turn you gotta put that dirt somewhere yeah he's worthy of taking it right where would you put the dirt you have to exercise it you'd have to build like the most awesome park for kids like you have to turn that house into something positive i don't want to do anything for kids there for sure that would be bad taste but you could always take that big scoop and kind of put it in a freak party desert or something where people that like ghost and crap can go out there and play in it or camp on it or really likes little kid ghosts you want like some old man ghost can tell you secrets the treasury securities thank you ever seen a ghost no i do not have you ever experienced something that was like super creepy do you know what a couple of my friends at the comma
store have claimed to have seen ghosts and claimed to have seen things an i with many of my friends that work there and comics and stuff we've gone upstairs to the in the dark district ourselves out one ran out of there stone out or mine i feel it we have to go well you go into the main room at night like give me a hug hold me i'm scared it's a it's a weird place man people for sure been murdered there it was bugsy siegel's nightclub in the nineteen but wasn't 30s or 40s or some shit with zeros nightclub yeah there's definitely some mojo there too yeah for sure how do we it going down the path of death i mean all i do is write a werewolf in that picture go to my instagram john dudley is riding the werewolf we're trying to figure out where was patrick mcgee he made that werewolf and it comes in two paid pieces you slide out and well patrick he has a new movie out i should pump is new movie out if you're into
ok have a good picture man oh my god it's uh it's got five thousand likes already i put it up two minutes ago that such an awesome picture but pat mcgee who made that just made a movie a movie called primal scream i think is what it's called it just came out is it a legit one or like a horse movie yeah monster killing people i watch that can people in the woods i watch that yeah good good reviews i hope it's good i will i'm i love me a good big for movie and it's not a whole lot of them i think we would just saw big for a long time ago yeah for sure i think the but but dumb what would you do if you actually ran across one double long would you take the take the penalty double long prove a point now
open up my camera on me but then people would call me a fucking liar that would be a bummer if you really saw a big you like god dammit he's real never won you think i'm crazy 'cause nobody that i know that believes in bigfoot i'm always learning aren't you everybody know that you got i think your art yeah even if you got a picture new don no one's gonna billy yeah then you're gonna be dead all the good faith that we build up by being honest all these years people will flock that guy he full of he faked a big foot side and man yeah i wouldn't i wouldn't shoot it definitely not but i think if it was real i really do believe that if was real this is the this is the the trailer for omaha see and pat mcgee did this with the all special effects like suits and than an actual make up and prostate
x and all the stuff that they used in the old movies like he doesn't believe in that cg i i think he's got a point let's see yeah it it's just too it takes away from it does i mean you look back at some of the movies that scared the al scared the hell out of you when your kid you watching down here like what man did they it just seems so much more real but if you watch something to where you know it's fake it's yeah almost can't picture the fact that it's flesh and right and you need you don't feel it like this some of those transformer type movies there smashing looking like i know this isn't happening just so you don't it doesn't feel like a real explosion doesn't feel like a real robot just feels like horsh it yeah but the dinobots pretty they're pretty dope what's the dinobot said diner version is one of the transformers yeah yours well schooled
go bots in transformers were the bomb man when i was a kid that in the cabbage patch kids so isn't it crazy that that became that transformers became huge hit movies it was a dumb toy right yep was it originally toy yeah transformers they were cool i should say dumb toy then runs a collector there freaking out right now dumb to me about that yeah go bots transformers they were i mean before that you had you know army men muscle men you remember those those little pink rubber muscle men they're offering and jack to know what i remember remember stretch armstrong yeah home part yeah never made a movie out of him did they my boy what's funny is they didn't have they did have some of that stuff
are they hard little muscle then there's something that looks really gay about that they're all pink there are pink in both are pretty cool just wanna just around about gas how many dudes of stuff those up there also like hundreds or thousands i'd say thousands yes right thousands of people have those in there and we're going down that road already why not if you just put it we can pull out we could go back to the us teenage mutant ninja turtles right did not start off as a was at a comic book was a comic book comic book yeah it wasn't a toy first that's my boy he really got into i don't know what it was but he had this peter pan doll ann i think because he didn't have a brother or sister he would be the shit out of this
peter pan doll an he wouldn't do it when everyone was there but you know as adults you kind of you know you end up coming around the corner see if they're ok or whatever maybe right downstairs for awhile and i come up there and i mean he just got his back to the door just fricking power drop and peter pan just kicking this thing in the face punching i mean sharing and i just laughed out were like he doesn't do with anyone else but for whatever reason peter pan is just his little brother and he just kicks the shit out of that sucker peter pans bich what about robin hood there
robin hood toys ever did ever kids ever get a robin hood toy we need a disney movie of it so i'm sure it got around now but that was because of the story right robin hood the disney movie was all because the original robbins library physical like action figures were they popular don't think so i don't think so no maybe when that kevin costner movie came out they sold a few but i bet they didn't a lot of you i forgot that was a movie how bad was kevin costner's form in that movie was it ok did you watch it and go home i gotta go like when i see karate movies and we get the phone yeah i don't know elvis doing karate i sent you a text i'm like i watch that so along kevin costner and christian later if you like give me to check out that feather the feathering on the back of his yeah remember when the duck feather was like yeah style yeah the
here somehow another he goes here feathered ways in the fucking forest nottingham with perfect haircut he's gotta soup come on man get a supercuts right down the street did you get that haircut son do you see that haircut i got the other day look how they made arrowheads is that real is that really how they did it yeah i don't it looks like he's pouring a full metal one wow that's dope yeah they would melt it down and poured into cash it looks like nothing out like a rocky mountain cut through somebody look at this show and i'm making the arrows in the bows and ship yep wow try for their egos dry firing it they possibly know did they use scales to figure out how much the aeros wade back that look at this scale know that fucking guy on the right is killing me that's about how everyone would cheat with that equip nowadays morgan freeman was in his wedding plus what in the fuc beyond the wormhole this is hilarious this is so dumb
kevin costner fan don't get me wrong i'm not a hater but damn kevin costner's been in some stinkers now they're getting better oh yeah they learn little head coaching will get him wasn't that good release that i just split another one it wow look at his skills she people don't first and splitting and arrow is fucking stupid it's costly it's it's not wise as well at least there is no cgi in this for sure i mean over the elect a feather or you're fired or is he trying to curve it around it i don't know what he's doing well he's looking he's going to cut the string like this it all the drama killing maine i wasn't i was going to hit the drama is killing me that's a slow as era right thank you how much is anne seconds three i don't know thank you shot that an axis deer to yeah sure i'll island i've never seen anything like those things john and i hunted axis deer in
hawaii where they or brought over i was reading as a like a gift to the king in the 1800s hosted that today actually how did you yeah probably i'm pretty sure i knew it already but i think that's exactly where i was reading it yeah but they i've never seen anything move as fast as those things like you could shoot at that's forty yards away and by the time the arrow gets there it's nowhere near it it's like young yeah you need to load those fast twitch muscles in a ufc fighter of today like i really just be concussion city would be i've never i've never seen an animal react to something so quick but it makes sense that they evolved around tigers tigers and leopards schitt roll the dice imagine being tiger and leopard preferred food and that's the other thing about axis deer
they are delicious yeah yeah one of the most delicious animals on the planet and obviously tigers must know this oh i bet they have to know it yeah i mean there has to be a correlation between something that's extra fast and extra delicious i really think there is well that makes sense not really right 'cause like i don't want to eat a hummingbird pie taste like shit i think a lot of it's their diet how much they're actually having to move around too yes i think things that are running a lot like full speed it seems like the meat maybe isn't as tender but it's hard to say that's true well uhm what i found is that chad ward method that your friend whiskey bent barbecue he's changed the way i cook meat i do that reverse here now and i use a meat thermometer always the only time i don't is when i i will saute back
slices or steak slices in a frying pan like a cast iron grill i'll put some butter and some garlic salt and some cracked pepper and i'll just cook him pretty quick on a really hot skillet i like cooking like that yeah but when i cook like a roast or something like that or a thick piece of meat i always use chads method yeah it's the way to go get it get it internal temperature i get it to around one hundred and twenty and then i take it out and just
here the outside in the frying pan and let it sit for ten minutes and oh one thing that a lot of people don't realize too when it comes to cooking the really good roast or steak or anything is i love having those softap yeti bags or the smaller cooler and i'll take the stuff and actually you know kind of rapid just slightly in foil or butcher paper and then put it in the cooler and let it actually stage in there and just stage in that moisture while i'm doing my vegetables 'cause it takes about twenty minutes to do vegetables and then take it out right at the very end to do that reverse sear normally when i put it in there it gives me time to get a cast iron pan hot enough with the butter to reverse here so it's like really good for timing in it it really helps break down that that protein a little bit and it just makes it that much more tender that's interesting because i was doing that for a while but i was doing it after i did the seer i was i was taking it right from the group
well and then i was hearing it like i have the pan ready i'd see it right grill and then i'd wrapped in foil and put it in the editing but then you don't get counted that crispiness of the seer which he like who is it stays moist and everything yeah yeah stage it first start your veg and then like you know probably two minutes before you feel like you're going to pull your vegetables off just get that but are going in that cast iron pan
do your reverse here you know you can do one side and then as soon as you flip it pull your veggies off the grill and you're literally you can go right back to the you know that one side your verse here and take it off in your sermon hot everything still hot well that's one thing that i really give credit to stever now up stever nella really got me interested in a wild game cooking and then hank shah who he had on this tv show who's a brilliant chef in this case it got a couple of books out one of them is buck buck moose i thank and then it's got another one documents or one of those i had it sitting here for awhile too we moved everything off this table still get so cluttered most trying to ever was always give me books and also there was just sitting here just got one there was a stack it up in a million in the year there is look that moves recipes and techniques for cooking deer elk and moose by hank shots off
some it's really good i do know is books really good too he's got two of them hunting cooking while game i feel so inferior to those guys when it comes to cooking oh yeah i almost like the fact that that people really like my cooking or at least the picture what i make people are really into it because if they knew that my knowledge of cooking wild game is so limited its route it should be hope for anybody to be able to cook that easy because i'm not those guys right i mean i think if you know i would love to do that but i'm not as simple as it gets when it comes to to grill and stuff yeah but i'm telling you there's a new art to that simplicity like just you describing your method for you know like letting it stage and then see bring it and what we learned from chad when we cook that wild pig yep that was amazing that was so good and i think there's
there's something amazing in that simplicity because a lot of people fuck that simplicity up like that simplicity is real common one to screw up people just over do it or overcook it or something goes wrong but uhm now really turned me on to all the various really fascinating dishes and he had several episodes of his tv show meat eater that are just dedicated to cooking i don't there's not a lot of hunting shows that ever have that it's always just about hunting and the shot of the animal getting shot and then every smiling and high five and that's it roll credits it's pretty much yeah six thousand and seventy percent of all those hunting shows and his really stands out because it's like this guys of real chef i mean amateur chef but he's a real chef he knows a lot about cooking and he makes these delicious meals and they're interested like it mixes really cool elk meatloaf was a really good i've never done anything with steve
past we've actually been within the same group of friends talking at times but we've never actually done something where we had to have a communication just the two of us but yeah he's a fastening the very very smart i would love to actually a ta with remy and i told remy i said i would love to do just a weekend getaway where we just go back country and all you teach you know just i want to just follow remy and see some of his you know just as natural like camping and survive type skills and then actually do and on the mounting coaching thing with remy we were talking about doing a show where i literally retrain his way of shooting while he's retraining my way of back country hunting and little he's doing his element i'm doing mine and were able to just do it in the middle of nowhere that sounds cool yeah i'd be pretty fun
well i'm really fascinated by what remy does and uh tim barnett in a bunch of those guys that have really be taken up solo back hunt back country hunting where they backpack in and they'll go in twenty miles yeah backpack i mean obviously my favorite stories adam green that's fucking crazy bastard or good friend adam went all the way deep into the mountain of colorado and then again uh went came out for a bit and went to idaho right that's when you had all the grizzly encounters but twenty eight days just living out of a backpack and put his camp on its back most of the nights carrying it around and just living literally off your back and there's an art to that and remy does
just do that but he also solo films everything which is incredible well that's well well i don't solo backcountry hunt but i definitely have really most of my tv show experiences all been from self filming i mean i've been doing twenty something years a lot of what you saw for me was also filmed which a lot of people don't appreciate how tough that really is until i mean it is hard it's hard enough to uh to hunt and be successful but to film it is like a whole new level just to bring the cameras around with you and like with me like if you watch the show solo hunter or timber not the other guy that's on each other ways like holding it tripe
running up that hill while they're also holding a bow and set it up and put the camera in place and then trying to draw back and trying to get the move the camera because the deers movin like go pros helped a lot i'm just fascinated by the people that choose to go deep into the woods and live by themselves and do it for long long periods of because it's a it's it's a very interesting and solitary pursuit like when you're out there with there's no tv there's no phones there's just you you only and a backpack and a little tent maybe a baby you're keep it under the stars and then you get up in the and do it all over again and some of these guys do it for like two thousand and thirty days at a time it's crazy it's hard for me to i don't actually like to post i don't even if i'm out camping on a hunt i actually don't post when i'm doing that just because of those guys
respect for those guys it's who really really really do it i mean honestly i i understand they're doing and i don't you know it's no different than you know there's there's people that post photos shooting archery when when the when i look back and see how long we've really done it needs you know them they build up her purse on a but there's also guys you guys have done twice as long as me but there's guys like me that have done you know possibly millions of aeros arms it's it's hard to to see people like make pretend to be that right right and i feel like i'm that guy if i if i post a picture of of me out in the back country in a busy
it's not the same as seen adam post a picture in a bivy or remy or ranelagh we should explain ability to people don't know what it is it's like a combination tent sleeping bag yeah yeah i mean it's like yeah you can stuff it in your bag go out and you're more or less hunt just laid on the ground you got some little bit of cover yeah sometimes people bring pads sometime is a hard hard hard core dudes don't even bring pads there you go there shoot now playing wake up and all i hear in elk mmhm actress is served yeah well that's crazy all got camel on the baby can can you appreciate that though yeah i feel that way it's not just in the hunting world it's like that with a lot of things
uh well you know why if i ever i have trouble posting pictures work now i know what you mean yeah like i'll make sure i make sure people that are following me and trying to maybe be motivated by what my daily routine is i like them to see that i'm going and things like that but to actually post that i'm doing it because i do it to stay healthy it's not my life right an archery is my life so that's why sometimes it gets hard for me when people are pretending to do or and i guess i don't have a problem with people doing it but i don't want you want him to do it but i don't want to be enthusiastic about it but i know what you're saying yeah i'm just i'm trying to show respect for the people that are literally putting in the grind for those specific things the same as what i have done with my life for archery right now that's all i'm saying i know exactly saying
it's like well i don't know i have a different attitude about that with stand up comedy um those i really really like when new people get into stand up comedy and it's that's contrary to like a lot of professionals feel like i was talking to a friend of mine the other day she's very fun and she was telling me that her uncle was a thing get into comedy and she's like oh oh god no you know but when people ask me like hey man i'm thinking about doing common like you could do it yeah anybody could do just figured out it's like everything else it's like jitsu or martial arts like fit fill in the blank it's anything else it's like music you learn the chords you figured out how to play you can do it you might not be able to do it but that might be on you yeah i mean like whether or not i think if you were at person he thinks and you like comedy and you people laugh at you like you say funny shit sometimes you can be a stand up will you will you do it i don't
people think it's a lot easier than it is they don't really know they don't see there's no way you could there's no i mean think about all the hours all the time all the different sets but i like it people get into it so if some new kid is only doing comedy for three weeks throws a bunch of pictures on his instagram page about going to an open mic die and i'm happy like go get it kid well i mean especially when it comes to art form there's kind of a line there 'cause when it comes to competition i'm very very active in getting people involved with trying to compete because i always felt like even as a coach when i help people that were maybe not up to the rank that i was i felt like once i felt the pressure of them pushing my heels it always elevated my game for sure and i've got friends that i've got friends that are within different fields that i'm in and they actually have came to me and
hey we want to show you exactly how we're doing this in a way i'm a competitor because i'm in the outdoor business but there's been a few times where some of my friends have said the reason we're telling you exactly how we do it is because we know that you're going to do it different but maybe a little bit better and some of them we're still right now we know we're stale we need to push and we need someone to like push past us so that will our competitive drive or push through well you know what you're in the outdoor business but i'm going to steal a page for my friend sturgills book not a real book but he said the other day he's like he i'm not really in the music business i'm in the sturgill simpson business like damn that's right he's right 'cause i'm not show business yeah i'm in the joe rogan business one hundred percent like
i'm in show business in terms of like i guess i work for the ufc that's show business a show of the comedy store that's show business but that's where that's my gym that's where i'm practice being the joe rogan business and you're in the john dudley business you know i mean what i was saying before i wanted to let you continue thought but what i wanted to say was you feel way because you're a legit guy 'cause like what you've done like people don't realize there's a lot people in the archery world and there's a lot of people in the bow hunting world to talk about bow hunting and they're really into archery but your background as a competitive archer is just insane i mean you really like most people don't even know like you really did it all over the world i mean you compete in international you flew millions of miles mean that you did the whole deal and it it's something that you because of the
bags that you know you put so much effort so much hard work into it and your solidified as completely one hundred percent legit you're very sensitive to things that you're not legit in so that's why you're a very authentic person like when you thinking about like all the running like when i post pictures of running often think again i'm running but i don't even have like a real job campaigns out there right at twenty five miles a day that fucking crazy asshole he's one of my best friends i can't really i really think that i'm right i mean i know i'm doing it but it's been chas running i didn't want to use that example but it's an example of that is the perfect example because yeah i don't post pictures of me yesterday i actually did arm day i'm not like arm day all the time but yesterday was let me have some that alpha brain yesterday it was a legitimate arm day and i thought cams already this arm day and he does it every day so
yeah i don't know how he doesn't get tendonitis oh now 'cause i'm he's been over this dude even though he doesn't have tendonitis in his legs that's true he's you and i talked about i've shot a right handed bow my entire well i shouldn't say my entire life when i hurt my shoulder i had to shoot a left handed bow but um for the most part i've shot right handed bow my whole life so my my left i mean my left pack is bigger than my right my right dealt yeah my left except and then on my right side my right trap the way my whole right side sits in my bicep or also from pulling a bow my entire life and you and i talked about you know if you really wanted to balance yourself and stay symmetrical you almost need to shoot left
and as much as you shoot right hand but that's the key with martial arts but in a way i mean that is what cams doing he's running right it's all lower body and then he's literally lifting upper body every day which is a balance i mean people are going to people are definitely going to say we can't train upper body every day but he trains lower body everyday so is it like i've thought that many times while he's doing low weight high reps not always solo either by the way that guy strong as fuck like you be kind of stunned that strong is like he came over here and he picked up my one hundred and twenty five pound dumbbells and he was doing presses so he's pressing two hundred and fifty with dumbbells you know and he's it mean is it is a crazy guy like i don't know anybody like him so he's doing he's doing low weight high rep running he's doing that i'm saying he also lift two hundred and fifty with dumbbells
and the only weighs like one hundred and seventy five pounds and it's pretty crazy shit he's a flint one hundred and seventy five and i'm two hundred and twenty five he's a madman like i've met a lot of people that have a lot of drive but he very unusual drive it's really it's real weird have you ever done the math on sometimes you shoot most of the time one hundred aeros but i know there's been times where you and i have shot where you've shot where i know shot over one hundred aeros and you've shot double that because normally when i'm about saying i've had feel like i had a good practice you're like yeah man i feel really warmed up right now you know where that comes from comes from playing pool when i yeah when you play pool this is this is real high level competitive pool and i was never high level but it when i got to be as good as i hot i was always a bit what you would call a b player it takes a lot to become a b player but i was always a b player and is a is in a play
in a player like borders pro and then it's pro which is like stratospheric like you know earl strickland efron rayes best of the best top of the food chain this is different level but when you play pool as you get better and better one of the things that that you get the developed by just feel and the feel really kicks in with me about eight hours in so i'll be practicing i'm not joking eight hour day and had a full on sickness go ahead pull that you're trying to do is offer mike how addictive are these god dam on it pro invites holy i want stock in these right there it's still gonna be on these figures so good i ate four of those this morning and i told myself i was only going to eat one i was just doing some shit around the house before i i made breakfast and my fasted window was up and i was like
now i just have one of these things at one when i'm definitely have to an eight two 'cause there's two in a package and then said said fuck that emotion another package i ate four of am so is it seven grams each so that's twenty eight grams of protein i ate inside of five minutes these are so good air from his first the other day i said for anyone out there don't do it 'cause if you do it whatever these whatever these are you're going to go from like this is the new on it these are the protein bites coconut cashew in dark chocolate actually good for you i didn't have these andy stumpf had these first and he gave me these out of his backpack where we go in oklahoma we had done we had done quite a bit of a ride on the bikes for the day an i'm like i am starving to death right now and he pulled these out of his backpack and i just said to tell me
did you bring and he's like i don't know why i don't like those are going to be gone these are dynamite is in the morning i'm always i i do like to fasten the morning before my workouts how may i am with was the window you give yourself i normally don't eat until about one thousand and thirty or eleven in the morning and what time do you eat at night before you go to bed seventy that's good that's a good window yeah and honestly i i'm like marvin but i'm not ready to cook yet or you know normally for my breakfast i'll normally half an avocado do a full avocado with anywhere from like four to six eggs and if i have any any meat leftover from the night before i'll slice that and have it with but these things on the way to the gym if i just feel like i don't have anything in the tank these have been awesome yeah they're very low glycemic index low sugar and even the proteins not ridiculous
it is seven grams is that per bite or is that for the whole bar read that shit according to say most frequent serving samples do that was oh my god it says one bite yeah one bite servings per container to yet is because we won by eight well it's the bite is like the name for its not supposed to be like how you can fit that whole thing in your mouth home of the line to me that's a by it but they're called protein bites why wouldn't be once 'cause you already bid out of it like you been out of again that's two bytes that's ridiculous you can't be one bite mean you could do it if you had to if i wasn't on a podcast i would have done that like nothing people get real mad by the way they're going mad at you for chewing on the mic can't be more annoying than mel gibson's frequent pen almost shot myself in the face with that freaking thing i couldn't say anything to him he's sitting over here i had
dude if i were nice guy he's a nice guy was he's fried there's a circuit that dead it's hidden overload and there's a black area where it used to be connected to the motherboard well you know more than me what's funny is you know my one of my followers is the brad of all as he does all heard that guy on your podcast those great podcast by the way he made that yesterday which is kind of hilarious john dudley death dark your face over mel gibson other celera's it was funny but you have whatever that pen was my god i can't see that i'm in terrible yeah well you know what it was i just don't think you can just sit and chill and one doctor neil reared in was discussing all this at a really hard heavy duty scientific stuff went in regards to stem cell research and all the different mean he's had i mean one of the reasons why he came on he wanted to come on the podcast and people like
why did you ask him about his wife what did you ask him about the that's not what he's here for i'm going to be respectful to the guy i'm a fan of mel gibson he's a nice guy would he asked is he said can i come on the podcast and talk about this stem cell research they're doing in panama and the treatments that they gave to my dad at ninety two years of age now he's thriving it almost five hundred great podcasts and you know i'm i'm i'm a belief in stem cell because you actually introduced me to doctor roddy mcgee in las vegas saved save i mean potentially you save my archery karere well read text message from surgery if i yeah surgeries are freaking hit or miss right so that's what i'm saying i was like with my shoulder surgery that i got out of there good i know a lot of guys that are into their third one for the same type of thing but really i got
the injections the first time and went back for a second round because i think one of my tears didn't take an literally i took completely avoided surgery because of doctor mcgee and we should talk about this because i don't know the exact specifics of but it was called with the original treatment was called the original treatment that you and i both got a no longer baby does this past weekend but it's not bailable anymore it's uh it's because they believe this is where they're trying to make legal but it has to go through a series of there's a whole process that has to get it passed because they've declared it a drug because you take he is something about umbilical cord stem cells you take them and convert them and then that somehow or another the in during the process they believe it's become a drug whatever that drug is i had a full length tear of my rotate now this is from an mri full length tear of my
it was painful it was a real problem doctor i'm a guy in las vegas nv shot whatever that baby dust is in there gave you some and uh the most recent mri that i got which is over a year from his no tree but i knew that it would sell a lot better but i have i just haven't got it checked it's gone funny enough i was with you both times right the first time which i mean i didn't say anything about but you you've been struggling to shoot a lot because you know you just it's wear and tear i mean the bottom line is it's wear and tear over life especially with you and i we do a lot out of active stuff but for you to go back and you and i went in together last week and when he said he looked at you this confused faces said yeah he a new mri night terrors healed he's freaking massive massive
it's a tear that would have normally absolutely required surgery or i could have just been in pain with an unstable shoulder you know what one things and i'm realizing is that over the years of essentially being engulfed in martial arts most of my adult life and even into my teenage years like at fifteen i became a fanatic like from then on martial arts always been a part of my life i've done some ruthless ship with my joints both my knees have been reconstructed about some real problems with my neck in the path ask both of my shoulders of causing problems it's just explosive crazy shit your arms are getting yanked in weird directions foot windmills that stuff that's easiest stuff that's probably saved me all oh well now i really think that saved me because that's shoulder stability because that's controlled you know all that stuff that i'm knowing that's all strengthening all these muscles around it and that doesn't bother me it doesn't give me any pain
give me pain is like off angle punches like you land on someone's elbow in a weird way and you feel something to her right now even thinking yeah or getting caught in something like more and not tapping i've done that a bunch of times like a shithead do you're a meathead you know you don't want to tap but you gotta tap but you don't want you like just got to be a way to get out of this without tapping and then you get out but then you can't do chin ups for like three months that's happened thirty times in my life like no joke like where i didn't tap and then i'll fuckedup for a few months and they would tape everything up and keep rolling will you me up with with damien in des moines for ten planning and i really wanted to do jujitsu classes with him but i'm so afraid to do it in a class because for me it's my arms are my right right and i mean it would literally be like turning a light switch off in your room
my friend max aberle he's a professional pool player he said the same thing he was really interested in trying to do so really you so scared getting his arm bar getting locked armbar unfucking his elbow or shoulder up and then he wouldn't be able to play well it's a real legitimate concern two days ago i don't even know if i told you this but uhm andy text me and you stop yeah he put me in a group text ann needed closer an jocko reach we're in a group text in joco wants a bone wants lessons he wants does course he does so kind of like a knife in his teeth what full draw yeah and like just make something whole break in half 'cause he's like he will break it yeah and i thought she had if i've gotta have jocko
over i know we're going to end up working out 'cause if he's at my house more than two days i'm not going to skip two days of working out so i thought i better hit the fricking squat rack 'cause i'm more of a bike guy like most of my leg workouts come from well they come from kettle bells or they come from from biking 'cause i like to bat bike or truck and i thought well explain rock to people rocking is where you just have full waited backpack on essentially in your just power walking you're almost going for an outdoor wall and the outdoorsman which you actually sent to me thank you i kept telling you i want to do you know some now i want to do like pretty much i want to pretend like i'm packing out elk orders to prepare for it and you said dude you gotta check out
even called atlas trainer and it's available at outdoorsman xcom dot com not a sponsor just nice people that make good stuff there there they specialize in optics really most of their businesses in selling high end binoculars to hunter needs to know that yeah there there there the optics authority there amazing with optics like they do a lot of you ever listen to hey scott outdoors podcast not it's got a really good podcast super specific to hunting anybody and it's not like this podcast whereas like will talk about cons of shared and how many dudes have little rubber also meant up their asses chase cuts not talking about any of that but he's had cody nelson who is one of the owners of outdoorsman's and they go into like edge to edge clarity high end details of swarovski zeiss vortex like all these different
by knows and they they talk about you know all the different aspects of like what's what's the best to buy was the bishop for this price point for that price point and they get like super geeky an in depth with that but there's no better resource than outdoors dot com like they they have everything they have all the high and stop the really good deals but they also have this alice trainer which is because their whole thing is western high and see when i think most people that don't know what hunting is or did did not in the world which is me prior to twenty twelve they think of hunting as fuckin' elmer fudd some do with the orange vest on shooting some poor innocent animal what w hunting is and this is where it gets really weird it's fittness with with mental strength discipline and then thank you so much involved in it you're dealing with mountains so you have mountaineering hiking it's a tough mutter with a weapon it is it that's what it is
people own appreciate that document get him to the trying to get him to because come and you are more absorbed like his backpack should they were talking about would remy doesn't regular basis aaron snyder and snyder who does an amazing podcast called cafaro cast it's a it's a coffaro is a real high end backpack company they made like real rugged backpack specifically designed for hunting an for military and tactical and stuff like that but snyder when the guy runs it is a serious hunter and he does those crazy thirty day trips like out in the buds out in the woods just living off your black birds that's wooden bush put together and would hanging out with adam greentree too much they called the bush i think we're leaving officially killed this those wings you have too much body what is too much mass and you you can go through too much alcohol like i have to think
but you probably like forty pounds heavier than me so i have to have to put it in consideration know how much to take in no you don't this is great podcasts are made by ends in alcohol yeah well that one nine but it was all of us you and me and ben brian and sam salt and then after you change orients jack i go grab it you just keep us up occupied yeah remy shane dorian been o'brien my wife chazey fresh and my boy was there i think i got everybody got everybody we said remy right yeah yes shane general ones jack or you want to try this mcallen mcallen brian little brian would you want to try some local stuff we got some stuff i just got from people stuff over here i'll i'll take this sucker over yeah i mean it note here
that was b and i have no idea what that topic was we've shifted gears so many this is a bowers bowers whiskey in this from bakersfield i was just in here's field not a sponsor went away and not a sponsor but nice folks that left me a nice glass of a nice bottle rather whiskey so beautiful bottle oh i didn't know this but that area bakersfield like that whole area that's where that's where there will be blood was all about you ever see that movie with daniel day lewis i love that movie i didn't know that but he was amazing in that movie beyond right actually really legitimately like that movie all i love her eyes but that's all right wing it's more ice could kerr he get a chapter that was that was at least twenty ounces you could die we're not driving like we're going to be shooting arrows luckily there's no one here i know and we're
run by concrete we're surrounded by concrete by the way how great is that set up by the way i have to thank you for hooking me up with those block targets awesome only my arms are long enough to reach crosses table anyone else you would have came up way short dick against the wall but these guys that do this this this this hardcore back country hunting it's sort of what we're talking about before was worth there's levels to this and the way you work out is to stay healthy and to be fit in comparison to some guy like david goggins some maniac some campaigns type maniac right but there's there's levels to like everything like some guys just want to go out and try to hunt for their meat and you know go out and have a weekend hunting content or
cala rado wherever they want to put orange on for seven days then they're totaly content with that and then there's guys who take it as far as you can go weirdos well and then the weirdos amongst the weirdos right guys like adam adam green true goes lives in the mountain and facebooks the whole thing and instagram lives the whole thing yep yeah it's a thing it's not what everybody thinks it is the thing and i think that thing gets clouded up by so so much distraction i think a lot of people don't know what the thing is you know so they think of it as being some look at that little ice goose creek in ice in the jre is that a yeti ice bucket i'll be darned is it now regular have an ice bucket we need an ice bucket for everybody who wanted one of these jre you're sweating tumblers they're gone they're gone in twenty minutes i underestimate sounds like my releases
yeah i only ordered three hundred of them but order and order in two thousand now so i fuckedup sorry sorry will get him as quick as we can hopefully yeti if you just find ben o'brien on instagram and yell at them don't do that poor guy that cheers thanks for having me out my pleasure brother were prepping people hate that sound they hate this out slurping they hate the sound of chewing i get it going to treadmill right now you're on the treadmill right now you think about quitting and you hear someone chewing slurping like block this podcast man fuck this well i got off subject but what i was talking about i was going to squats right because i felt like for yeah yeah least need to do one hundred and thirty five once but
say when i was in rotties and he was bending me all around check my arm when i hold a squad bar that is what gives you my pain right now do you get massage often i get i normally get it about four this year i have a guy that i'd go all with the oklahoma for about six hundred miles but his name is lester phillips you fly do you drive i drive down there she's yes names lester phillips and he's at a massage yeah he's at he's actually at a a fitness building called body masters but he is is amazing at breaking apart scar tissue and literally getting into areas that most people don't take the time for and then normally go for two hours just for one joint jesus christ are you sober at this whole time yeah but
even some well it's arguable but it depends on if you're doing something that's very repetitive in your sport then those particular areas build you know it's just like i would it a lot of times he tells me that my my my bicep in my forearm connector on my right side or a lot like what a fighters are that's a right hand prominent where their numbing impact yeah in the same with my left because as you shooting it's just constant hyper extension so you bill let's scarring in there and when the scarring isn't you know it's restricting the muscle for moving properly you know he talks to me like he said if if you have long hair and you and you get out of the shower it's not all the fibers aren't going the same direction you have to like get all the knots and stuff out of there so essentially is trying to break up those areas where the muscles aren't flowing back and forth
um smoothly so even though i don't have necessarily terra feel soreness at times i would say maybe even a chronic soreness but if i go and actually have that broken apart it's extremely painful to do but my performance afterwards is just night and day different yeah i think you should do it a lot i really do and i said i i'm it's hard to find the person that's the problem that's why go so far you know is to find someone that really really knows what they're doing do you have thai massage place in your town no i don't know iowa yeah no ties up yeah yeah this is a ton of 'em around here man and there you know not not very expensive but amazing like i had this lady that walks on my back she probably about sixty years old she walks about on my back grabs my wrists and pulls them up and popped my back like yeah yeah
but she she stretches you out man it's like a part of the thing is massage and then once she gets in that tissue and loosens it up then she starts pulling on your arms stretched new out thai massage is legit is really shoulders jacked now my lesson helps it from lady trying to rip your arms out of the side that would be fucked without her be fucked without a lot of different things but that's one of 'em yeah but this stems research they're involved in right now they're what they're doing right panama because it's not legal united states that was just yes yeah it was amazing right they're going to doctor neil reared is very good he's amazing they just passed a significant hurdle in texas so there real close to being able to do that in texas an it might happen as soon as the fall so somewhere around archery season then what you might be let's go like bill to go to texas
all the same stuff that we're going to get in panama which you should do man if anybody listens that pod as for anybody talking to talk to someone like me who is benefited tremendously from it and i haven't even gone and done what he's doing which is complete next level in panama but i know tj dillashaw ufc bantamweight champion he's gone there twice now fuckin' had massive massive recovery from it it's amazing we are in an incredible time when it comes to medical science recent technology nation like what they're able to do and fix and heal people you know that have had really significant injuries that would have been a giant problem before have a friend of mine she works at the ufc my friend heather she had a achilles tendon injury firm rottie yes he did the surgery yes and she six weeks later walking around without a limp dude she told me
it would be six months where she would be in a cast if it wasn't for this new stuff that's crazy she's walking without a limp remember when you were in there and i was a rowdy came in and he had told you about the mri and said it really looks like everything has grown back together yeah it's healed yeah i i just said that some tronche it right there i mean that's that's like to be able to reconstruct something without having to go under the knife for someone for me i went under the knife with my shoulder and i know so that the difference in recovery between literally not being able to almost function a part of your body entirely versus them saying take it easy and work your way back into what you want to do those are two pair i mean they're like can
clearly different universes right being in a situation where your you know one you have to take pain killers which that's not cool to having to have someone that you're dependent on you know pack pills in your arm and keep you steady for three days in bed and you can't freaking move around then you got this big wedge under your arm and you're walking around versus we will really went in went through the process in ultrasound they find the place to target you see a syringe literally go in no different than if you go and get a tetanus shot you can see it in the ultrasound actually watch it go in it goes in comes out and then it's done i mean and you literally go home and you're in these things just go to work yay yeah i mean i'm really really hopeful for the future we just went into this past weekend roddy looked at the mri and uh
he was stunned at the fact that my rotator cuff had been completely healed but i still have a some little tear in the labrum area so we shot some right into the joint but again what there they are constantly innovating so now they're using ambilocal cord blood in no they're having massive results with umbilical cord blood and then using your blood and the prp that was cool crazy to watch the machine very cool it mixes it all up and then puts it with the stem cells and it's like where living in the future man 'cause i almost feel like i got jipped but you know what i mean he did 'cause it healed you yeah i mean i had a hard time carrying a jug of milk with my right arm and a lot of people have found that hard to believe because you know my arms aren't small i don't think in average but i had a tough tough time care
being a jug of milk and a hammer fist position and then got the mri so off you know actually three the areas where i just pretty much abuse it tore apart and got those three injections the first time two of them took i ended up actually roddy had me back there for a fox news thing because i sent him a video of me doing sixty pound curls three three weeks after the first stem cell injection and i wasn't even able to carry a jug of milk i was doing sixty pound curls for sets no pain no pain so i went there and did that well then it ended up slowly coming back where i felt pain in one area of the three hundred so i had a different i had an injection then but what i had at that time was what we refer to as baby dust
but now you and my wife sharon had prp which was you know really really cool to see that machine work p r c mix with stem cells that's right yeah right so it's it's an actually the very first time i came in they had a some he asked me to do a light workout at after but then the second time i came back you had me do a workout before yeah i did that me as well and then and then injected it and then we talked about the benefits of like the sauna and what that would do for it yeah and then now it's already at a different stage so i mean it's no no no doubt the direction of this is just it's like anything it just gets better and better and better and better what's interesting about roddy to what's great about roddy i should say rather than interesting is that roddy is a student of medical science as well as a practicing physician insurgents a good point yeah so he's con
only up on all the latest stuff he's not stagnant in any way shape or form he's constantly monitor every time i have a conversation with him he's there's some new research coming out of this place that shows this and he's just constantly on the ball with and so the most latest thing was this weekend i mean this time i saw was just a couple of months before it's definitely on point with his stats yes oh what yeah we can't really mention on the podcast for we were i was i had some speculation this activities taking place in there in las vegas rather on a daily basis what they would be also my real big question was how many time does a gay guy come in another guys asan yell out woo in vague iss oh how many times he ric flair an roddy was correct right he was like not every day and i think i think you're right everybody else is like all day every day i'm like what are the odds jamie just came alive
as this by the way this was at a very nice dinner good steakhouse it was very good yeah the um shout out to craft steak at the mgm grand it was delicious sometimes we were having some of the best that this could offer meanwhile joe got some subjects that were probably only probably only i don't know illegal to talk about in a comedy situ you can talk about anywhere now for now for like the next couple months and then to make that illegal yeah yeah vegas is a great place to get meals it's like one of the best restaurant places in the it really is i want a shout out too i want to hook up with gordon ramsay you did some you did some video those about hunting and cooking wild game but you're missing out man you gotta do is right way it's wrong
don't know he's missing out on this kind of a cheesy rifle hunt with a hog but i think we can do way better and one i think you need to learn bow hunting just because you're missing out if you don't here's the problem let me speak for gordon ramsay real quick 'cause i'm ok i met him briefly and shook his hand let's hear that i think i know him very well for all one thousand four hundred and fifteen seconds he doesn't have the time and the guys like eighteen different tv shows i was watching him yell at some dude who's cooking somewhere he was yelling oddly enough the guy was cooking elk and gordon was complaining about the elk it was complaining about it being tough and it is inedible good complaint and the guy hated his chewing on he said it's tender and delicious i'm more the guy i think gordon got a little he's doing a tv show man oh yeah i want to be cynical playing a character i want be cynical but there is a first of all the guy did step way over the line
he said he was trained by some of the greatest chefs in europe and then gordon ramsay called him on it he said i never said that and then they had video they played back so the guys obviously dill doe and then on top of that unfortunately buddy sometimes in life were delta i've been dill doe i've been a dill doe more than once thought you said people do not have a dill doe but i have been one not that way not in the actual mechanical sense but anyway this guy was trying to explain uhm you know is not a chef but then there was video footage of him saying that he was a shaft but the bottom line is nancy's planted up in these like talking about how terrible the food is in short now i'm like that's his show is shows about sort of like kitchen nightmares it's like i show up you show us to be a teacher has to be a nightmare for kitchen nightmares to be to work that's the guy that's a gentleman when play this want shane this young man is young man on the young man a shame this guy but comments are awesome but don't you
i think this is a lot like a guy who doesn't we know archery talking shit to you like your gordon ramsay and yahoo like you i've been finger shooting my whole life i don't need a release you know i don't use a site because i shoot instinctive and like well you're just not going to be accurate you know i'm accurate and then he shoots he misses the target and he like see i told you and then but you are a nice guy gordon ramsay is a professional asshole and i don't mean that in a bad way but i mean when someone fucks up guy comes down you with the hammer of truth it's brutal to watch the house seven year was so annoyed at me it's like why are you still watching that because we were in the morning here and she's someone else you want to roll around on the hover boards and i was like just relax one second what's your the code they were the guy was like talking about gordon ramsay did not know how to cook elk and all right but then i was watching him cook alchemy
thank you to do it later but brother yeah see that's what i mean he needs to learn but here's my argument you don't have time for archery there yeah but i'm crazy actually i have a real money i need i need i need gordon to get crazy he's not going to do it yeah well he's not the same guy i think archery find the people that you know what i think are truly a game of tetris right as well falling in place you gotta figure out where it falls in place you can watch the english so gordon give it a try basically the same thing yeah right yeah that's her that's her i mean she was completely she had no literally no perspective to hunting before we met i mean imagine chair and i met on a plane to france we met on a plane back from france right
she was from england from the us i just happen to be routing through liverpool i pretty sure we talked might not but on the podcast i know you did maybe not but it's great yeah it is a very good story better and then you like damn why didn't get her number and then you met her again holly would we need the movie called love at first flight this is it we can have nicolas cage play an archer but i'm just going to go out on a limb and say terrible job 'cause there maybe is from england does not mean that they are the same thing that him and her just like artie lange is also from america and he is not same as me we are different he has way more experience with pharmaceutical drugs and heroin and i have more experience shooting animals with a bow and arrow and it will always be such yeah do whatever going to do in this life you know i don't think he needs to go out in a hunt with a bone one thing is it would work
are a tremendous learning curve right especially like my first princes were bears over bait is a much easier proposition it's a very controlled situation but is i mean i think controlled situations are important for beginner it doesn't matter sure restoring when you teach people teach people how to fight one of the first things i suggest always this bar and advanced belt they spar someone is not going to hurt them little mark talked about that day we talked about a sparring yes right yeah and we can you can read it market night it we we we have i also bring yeah mark and i actually i played played a video for him that i was really disturbed about we we actually played yes sir in the podcast did you have sturgell i haven't watch it yet no yes sturgill brendan schaub and bryan callen we talked about
heavy sparring that there's guys they're hitting each other as hard as they possibly can and all that is is like an eagle exercise you're not you're not getting better you're hurting each other you're fucking each others brains up and market hours talking about that like how many guys get turned off to sparring because they or with someone who just beats the shit out of him in a bad jim rather than sparse with someone who teaches you just to get touched you just get touched in the face so you know you got hit you know and someone who's fast but has control and then you learn how to operate without the fear and points as of like a wild jim brawl which is like really common a lot of gyms they they have brawls where it should be just sparring but instead you really just fighting all the time you're fighting constantly those people always wind up with brain damage like almost always server is real real issue
with a lot of low level gems or gyms where people haven't really considered the consequences of their actions did you that's fine did you play that video that you showed when we were at dinner knocked out is that what we want yeah that's the one yeah yeah mark was like this would never happen ever jim never happened marks amazing i think it's important i mean any type of any type of beginner needs it controlled situation and you need training wheels i mean yeah it's important and there's that feeling well this is what i've been preaching forever is that feeling of not knowing how to do something and trying to figure it out is crucial as a human being i think we're human stagnate that feeling makes people feel weird they don't like being a loser they don't like being a beginner they don't like it but i think that feeling is crucial because when
get really good at something and you get stagnant and you don't worry about it anymore there's no growth there's no movement you know there's something about that that's very detrimental to the human psyche is very detrimental to your growth and your constant self examination which a lot of people don't like but i think is important this is why i think it's important for peace of mind because i think it may bring rocky moments where are you you don't like what you find and you just feel like god can i just just just be cool everything but i think through to that path those rocky moments you get to uh stand yourself in a very pure way versus on you're standing the projection of who you would like people to think you are which is what most people exist in most people exist in this world of slippery shoes and shiny fucking cars and
ties and wearing the right things and saying the right things all those they're sort of designed to project an image that's not necessarily you it's a cheap way of getting people to think greater of you where is the only way to people think the really know who you are is see you doing something hard see you doing something difficult they don't know who you are if you show up in the camera start flash and you're on the red carpet you're in the perfect suit you hop out of a limo you got a gorgeous girl farmville know jackshit about that it looks amazing i'd like to be that guy everybody would but they don't know god thing about you they saw you at mile fifty nine of a two hundred mile race and your shitting yourself over a cactus in the middle of the floating in the middle of the mountains like campaigns then and they would know who you really are and i think this is also one of the reasons why i go like you my little my litmus yeah is hunting
hard if i'm if however really i'm at a point where i feel like is this going to be a legitimate friend or is this going to be someone that i just do business with then that's that's where i test it is in something tough because those people to me those people put themselves you know i probably you're probably the same there's maybe six hundred or seven hundred pm people that i talk to on a daily basis and then there's like a different tier to that but that is my litmus test if people can can do those things and really prove themselves like at the tough tough tough times if they kill him yeah if they can handle it those are the people that i want around me that's true people for fuel right
yeah because when you're ready to be like god should i just take break right now and there's still going you're like i'm not going to let him beat me he's going to ride me at the end have you seen jocko's video it's just called good you haven't seen it play at jamie find that is one of my favorite videos on the internet a lot of videos in the internet there's a lot of countries in the world that jocko and i met we literally pass each other in an airport pretty crazy took we both had adjusted time to take a selfie in we text it to you remember that yes it was amazing play it 'cause there's one thing i know that jack would never flag us off youtube one of my direct subordinates one of my guys that work for me he would he would call me up or pull me aside with some major problems some issue that was going on and he take possibly got this and that and the other thing and i look
i'd say good and finally one day he was telling me about some issue that he was having some problem and he said i already know what you're going to say i said well what i'm going to say you said you're going to say good he said that's what you always say when something is wrong and going bad you always just look at me and say good and i said well yeah when things are going bad there's going to be some good that's come from it didn't get the new high speed gear we wanted good didn't get promoted good more time to get back oh miss i got cancelled good we can focus on the other one didn't get funded the job you wanted
got injured sprained my ankle got tapped out good got beat unexpected problems good we have the opportunity if we when things are going bad don't get all bummed out don't get don't get frustrated if you can say the word good guess what it means you're still alive it means you're still breathing
and if you're still breathing for now you still got some fight left in tel so get up dust off reload re calibrate re engage come on son dane of that doesn't make you fire yeah i hope you need to go to a doctor can people here that on the podcast if download on itunes that yeah i hear that for sure yeah we're playing that listen if you listen in empty friends in here i'd punch someone in the face right now i want to shoot a broadhead through someone's neck that's what jocko's all man when i run i'd literally hear that sometimes when i'm fucking exhausted i'm going to hit the high heels never ran into that if i did i wouldn't
be here right now to die of a heart attack somewhere out of frickin had a cardiac arrest listening to when i run because i really believe that listening to music when you're running is cheating what try it 'cause it's easier are you kidding i'm serious yeah well i think that when you run should be in your mind you should be here such as with your socks with your thoughts alone and i think that when you run and you listen to music it's easier therefore it's cheating it is right now last i asked you to hold most running with your walkmans with your ear plugs on our go five miles than their ear buds but i think it was a friend yeah different to go two miles in five miles to i can do two miles in twenty minutes the key do two miles in the hills miles is probably easier to overall it yeah
it is turning in our room right so you have really music you britney spears gets you through the last three don't have to it helps with like the mind games option i'm sure that's the whole idea is cheating on so is wearing shoes then yes right right is wearing wearing is cheating yeah it's ok here we go we're watching of it the other day that jamie almost made me throw up was a dude who was carving off of his callous is with a knife he had cow says there was i think he had a knife out and he was carving the cows is often a dog was eating them well i don't know about the dog eating in part but i've definitely card up calluses he's ever seen houses like this i mean i don't know this guy would have been walking barefoot for several years i'm just pissed because last time i was here you talked about the what i talk about last do we have that coin flipped over saying yes please although
look at this look at it thank you come on look at this list the carving off chunks of his callous with uh marking knife dude and the dogs going to eat that of course he will says man cuts calluses off his foot with knife like mister feeds on youtube right now he's moving around though he's alive look at look at this look at this look at this look at this come on son god dam play knife anyone who's a trial anyone who's watching with the podcast who's listening with their posturing up please youtube this dog dogs going to eat it a starving dog i like that beagle dogs confused it's like a mile exist blue cheese or is this humans blue cheese there's this little trimmed so hard video get over i saw that video i had to take a leak like
five hundred o'clock in the morning i try i always do this man i was i'm thirsty at night and i'm like you shouldn't drink because if you drink then you can wake up in the middle of night you're going to have to pay you know that thing but on my bed i'm thirsty fuckit i'll deal with that later i'm a live in the moment kind of guy oh yeah at five hundred pm or am pm and i'm thinking about when i'm peeing i'm shaking my head thinking about that dude chopping cow says office foot with a god dam cleaver i like that i think they could serve that with a cheese plate that car probably runs barefoot well last time i was here serious calcium you talk to me about having the bells in random places so that as you walk by and you can just grab him do a few sets yeah go to failure yeah right yeah now if we can re running with no music because it makes it tougher he don't wanna be pushy all those people running with music you heard me
people listen the rogan podcast right now while they're running turn off jesus right so i don't really get pushy i listen to music all the time when i'm on an elliptical machine if it makes you feel better you told james hat fill that hetfield that you listen to his podcast that more is new record that morning yeah you're working out i did that was in the gym lifting see see this that's okay do you make that mongoose bite i like the fact metallica still going hard like eighty five years old i went to their concert in iowa my buddy torsten his wife trina she works for q prime hooked me up on some tickets to the metallica concert in iowa damn and they
freaking rocked see what is this jim breuer to open for metallica in the world wired tour get rid of the god dam pop up son of a bit translate what is this jim breuer is actually the one who there he is oh another pop up jesus christ welcome to the world we live in a pop it people are so greedy it's crazy yesterday sherron was looking 'cause i'm still i still have my real wedding ring on their wedding ring i have mine too i know but have you seen any of those weird videos of people stripping their fingers off on pull up bars and stuff have a friend who had to get an operation not a friend a dude i know we had to get an operation because while he was doing just great now he knows he's not on the list well i know him but i don't so i don't know his number
he's like i don't have your number or your email and never emailed them anyway his his wedding ring bent and dug into his finger while i was training something happened imagine strong like an arm bar has to be the pressure on your joint whatever the fuck it was but it dug into his fingers so deep that he had to get it so we're talking to you jitsu bantering jujitsu oh my god oh my god indeed we got pictures digits i have been jimmy fallon horrifying injury that caused ring have you ation it does his bout with ring ambulation of for finger injury that looks and sounds like something from harm movie ok let's see it was his wedding ring as well yeah rip the skin off his whole finger i think i'm down i'm down for the tattoo let's see that bone i'll get that queer ready and waiting to try to you know that tied to the guy
i tried to get it but they talked to us out of it two different tattoo places said it was the jinx said if he if he do it it's like the curse that's not true my friend big john mccarthy has that should have been married forever happily married give it to sorry john how long can it last time he's almost dead just kidding hey that's ridiculous you see sorry per night he's he's the bad madam he's a great guy nice but i'm just a kid or super but bring these are archaic you know there's a company it makes a rubber ring yeah yeah really that's what i was talking about you trying to put that shit on my wife it spit my face here's what's weird my share and was going to buy me that for just because i kept telling her like i'm worried about ripping this finger off right mainly because my wedding ring is definitely too small so she i was looking at some of those silicone rings and
we were literally looking at it on her ipad in my kitchen i open instagram and started looking it's like sponsored ad buy that ring company isn't that what's weird it's very weird we were just talking about that we're just talking about that the other day that use this we stuff you and me and whoever was on the podcast we're talking about like having a conversation an if we have like alexa if you have like certain things that like listen to you while you're talking like maybe even possibly siri and then also you'll go to google and what you were talking about like slick trick bra heads or some shit like that will show up in your google ads like what in the fuc maybe siri siri is a total fricking she is a peeping tom he's a two faced little hoe child
too faced i think she's siri she doesn't have a single face your two faced bitch connected is that a bad thing though i know it's it's weird and it yeah that's not bad what i mean at that potentially you could view that as something like i would probably want to buy that and now that it's here in an easier way for me to do it that is kind of i'm just going if you say oh my god i'm going to die out here at that time siri can step in and say would you like me to call helicopter from when you're looking at rubber rings for your wedding ring and it shows open your laptop yeah there somewhere but she's a sellout this let's get to the bottom of this well it certainly exists with google because of i've looked at like cheers i looked at some milk in it over there i'm alright sadly i smoke pot though you didn't know you did a little don't tell sponsors
i might have made that part up this that the problem is like you looking at something super obscure like like a casio watch send my casio casio yeah alright it has it's good one i like this one it's like a pro tech it absolutely doesn't look similar and an accomplice in it totally doesn't look like it it is a casio oklahoma but the but then all sudden it'll show you whatever you search for whatever it was whether it's surfboards or fuckin' hilda berg tents will be for sale and you'll see like amazon dot com ads for like what you like looking at zeiss by knows the other day i read aloud if you think about it yes actually yeah but then i read a review on them and i actually googled them but then like everywhere i went
i went online i would see a little google ad for zeiss by knows i'm like this is kind of creepy but that's different i think if you google search it in the grid you are but if you're if you're on someone elses device in your home kitchen it's not like i was looking at it on mine right i was sharon's ipad then oh she was ordering me a ring on her ipad and we were talking about it then i open my instagram up and here's the silicone rings as a sponsored recommendation within my instagram feed he's backing up
in the back it up back at our our drink order go back to that g mail is free for a reason these are all free services were using and not paying for so you have to give up a little bit to get these cool things need to give up here i get it your prize lynch here's my position my hope everything i think of is out there i'm a professional talker every every the most up ideas i've ever had have all been recorded very true one hundred percent true there's no getting around that i don't have any come up with some crazy stuff anybody would any but i'm telling you there's nothing special about me anybody would if you didn't have a job and you had enough free time and you weren't worried about paying your bills
i think you were on your for you were in tune with the universe anybody what we all would it's nothing special about me cheers andy poplin dystonia it's not about that freak jumping off cliffs flying around close it is video today i know once when i know good good for you i'm glad stay away from this this is a bad drug he's a guy that is a drug the government doesn't approve of california does jeff sessions in town today reef whose talent people might stop letting mexican people are watching this one it's actually five feet away from me but it looked like a fog machine in hollywood right there like some horror movie yeah
do you know member when i talked have you ever listen to my podcast with mike slinker with tax yes i've listened every pod as you've ever done that's crazy not khan dot tv not not on broadcast yeah mike actually went to doctor mcgee did he yeah he couldn't pull his bow for almost a year because he had so many problems in the shoulder and he was really dreading the surgery he was worried about his down time and i told him like man you need to to call because there's a pause really you don't need the knife and so i went down there and he ended up getting an injection i think in september of october october and then he came hunting with me in november
and we actually shot together and he goes this is the first time i've been able to shoot my boat in a long long time it's crazy wow it's amazing is so cool that there's something like that out there for people and there's a bunch of different versions of it i know people that have really good results for some places they take this stem cells out of your fat they like to give you a little baby light bow suction pull some fat out take the stem cells mix it up his joints people had real positive results with that it's weird that we did it the way we did it with the blood but then there's also the out bone marrow which is supposed to be more painful it's supposed to be more painful but it's also supposed to be really effective daniel cormier had that done he had good results with that he had that done with a knee injury and he was concerned like that i think i believe i don't speak out of school he sure was an m c l was
and the big one it wasn't the acl the acl is the big one that's a tough one it's a stabilizer one that's the one it goes through the center of the knee i've blown blown both of those out heavy really yeah bowl cut on honor yeah both of them reconstructed yeah the first i had done with a take a chunk of your patella tendon with a piece of knee cap and a pc or shin and they open you up like a trout and they fucking screw that baby yeah i don't know if i've ever seen the front of your kneecap yeah you can see it there's like that's a big cut normally get those barbell jeans up these are bye bye mine are to also not a sponsor you can kind of see awesome guys well it's was a great product there's flights in your calf out there that i'm not flexing that's just so my calf i am i'm not i am i have large your flex i'm not saying it's harder rock i'm not at all look look alright see i'm loosing
netflix am i so wanna look cool this is great now but it was it was in pain for a year a solid year like i couldn't neil yep no kneeling there was no kneeling going on if i had to suck dick i'd be in real trouble i have to lie on the bed let dude not my face there was no way i'd be able to does the alcohol talking the point is is painful but the other one that i had i had it done with a another planet i had it done with the cadaver and that what you did his ways are in but way weirder 'cause you're thinking about it yet some dead persons parts in your body my father well i shouldn't say that share and step dad has a pig heart and he's pretty proud of
well he is a pig hartley yep grew in a pig what you mean it's a pig heart like it's his no the used a pig valve in his heart okay they can't do that with a whole heart i don't think so but they can do with parts right yeah super similar apparently to people with certain organs the point with a thing there might be a time where we use genetic engineering to manipulate a pig grow human body parts yeah the real close apparently to figure found a way to combine and human there mantis grow bull on paid to human transplants jamie just pulled up article from polish means website sciencemag dot org and this is 'cause they've apparently there's apparently enough similarity this is coming from a dummy by the way settle down
enough similarity between pigs and humans that we might be able to grow their organs grow our organs rather inside of them and so like if you need if you need it new liver or kidney or if you need maybe in my heart something they could possibly rohit inside of this genetically altered pig 'cause they're really close to us is welsh it man it's definitely freaky it's freaking ship because one of the things set i've gotten more and more adamant about from around wild animals is that that's really the only way animals should be i mean there's one thing like your dog like shades yeah i don't want to to be wild she's sweetie right you know i mean she wouldn't make it that's a different thing she wouldn't make it was different thing a pet is a dick
something anybody thanks to started if that's a family member my pet other family members my dog might you know who if i have an interaction with the dog it's like it is there's i love them not the same as the way i feel about a wild thing a wild thing i want to be wild it really bottom to be wild because i just think that we fuckd up we got real comfortable with this way raising and treating life outside of our own species on are you sure right and you'd be right yeah even our own is been i think the whole i think the whole picture is completely different now people won't get it i mean we want our our pet dog to be
part of our family yeah but the reality is if they were legitimately out there in the wild they would be dead that lick my kids got rabbits they're useless they don't give a fuck about these rabbits preach fact about this and maybe like we have to give rabbits bug ok ok will get rabbits they don't give a fuck about those rabbits they go like a week without even looking at those things they just don't care and the rabbit stay chill with the chickens in the chip so everybody's good rabbits having a good old time there selfish too here's the thing with rabbit is is small prey animal that has to adapt its environment so if its environment is them being outside by themselves all the time well actually expect them to be domesticated there basically wild in cage yeah they're not constantly getting direct contact with people but i think some people could be argued the same yeah for sure
but once he was gone i am let you see this yet okay let you finish your point to do this it did just such a difference between them in a dog like did the idea of that a rabbit interacts with you with the way of fucking dog does is bananas you're losing main if you don't tell me you like dogs more than you like rabbits i can't talk to you 'cause i've got dogs that are like little people right i mean they're like my friends like marshalls my friend one year old friend that i have his one friend who is one years old he's literally your best friend and there's he there's like do nothing separating you from his best friend no we're super tight were like this as long as it doesn't steal food off the table which she will if i'm not looking but that's your side to his side yeah he's one hundred percent dedicated unit even if you
old food from his side he would still be your best friend the next day seven hundred percent he just kind of the rules can be stealing food coming on the table we fucking savage like dogs would just jump the table and just don't realize how like oh that's of course the food is why would he but there it's amazing you been able to stop him from jumping up there the moment he gets in the room that's what's really here's what's crazy though if people had been really go out in the world and defend them fen defend incels like our dogs would that are likely family members there would be a very clear line drawn yes but they don't and that's why we're delusion and then there's movies disney movies bambi all that crazy shit yogi and boo boo all these that rabbit movie 'cause we got on the subject most recent one no sharing brought up that movie that was like the darkest kids movie is at ted
no it was a it was a rabbit movie of rabbit movie what was the name but look it up jamie it was like it was can here's one of the i don't know in the darkest kids movies it was where it was all about rabbits and i'm trying to think they name of it was i don't even know what that is i there was youtube video showing pretty much it was like a highlight reel of that movie and it was too i think marilyn manson song and it was crazy it's pretty dark i think it was called bright eyes or maybe that was the theme song to the movie bright eyes a dark rabbit dumb dumb dumb seriously you need to look that up on youtube clip by eyes magic bigfoot by just seven foot rabbit that tries to bite your head off with those giant teeth
i don't know seven foot grab it i don't know if i'd be that terrified terrified seven foot grizzly i'd be way for sure seven foot crocodile way more ok here we go komodo dragons you find it what is watership down maybe yeah that's it that's all this is pressing rabbit movie it is dude i remember this he needs to watch this watershed boot camp down trailer if we play it will get yanked off of youtube but can that we can't play any clips too it's crazy today was on my way hold the phone back and it's not good ticket take a leak jamie shown that while we're talking about alligators or crocodile she got to see this this is actually
one of the guys that dragons yeah this is a new short film coming up this is one of the guys that is he documents wildlife um mao phone and he's he's a hex advocate but he wasn't a hex advocate first he was at well that's a swimming hexes it is a feeling that agents is the axe it h e c s rather is a is a company that make some these suits that apparently the idea is that they block an electromagnetic frequency that people admit is yeah you're good an electromagnetic current there's something body admits that they think john dudley has left the room has to be i don't know this is the the most honest way i can say this john is a big believer in this hex system
and i don't know if it works but i know a lot of people think it works and this is a test that they use there's a machine see if you could find they have a video of it explaining how it works an in video it says it in there there's on the website there's video link see the video link yeah come see it says videos third from the other there's something where they show they can swipe their arm some sort of a machine that is designed to detect electrical current that comes from your body and they do it with just a normal arm with like a shirt on and then they do it with this heck sudan and the heck suit it blocks whatever that frequency is and so idea is that we're assuming that somehow another the animals might have some
sort of method of detection by way of the actual electoral energy that's come from a person do i know if that's correct i do not i do not know if that's correct it's fascinating to think of though because i won how many different animals have this interesting sort of ability to detect things other than just smelling and seeing like maybe there's a feel maybe they have a feel and apparently these things are particularly effective with predators which kind of makes sense i guess that predators would would feel the electrical frequency that's coming nervous weird animal or something is trying to run from it and um these things are really active apparently with coyotes and this is this documentary or this little short film rather uh dances dancing with dragons perfect timing i just explained hacks to at
i'm a wizard without knowing schitt barely got through high school this is so finally this signal whatever the human signal is i mean that the fact that they can detect it in this machine and i walk that detection it's real it's legitimate so something's happening that the machine detects i think we would be foolhardy to believe that animals can't detect that as well now is that mean that it will work on everything i believe are i'm a believer too but this is what i think i think it's as a whole is so many factors when it comes to getting close to an animal i think they have so many senses i think they could smell in some insane way that we can't even imagine thing here we can never here they're just tuned in the i d that would be it but they wouldn't have the mother ship that we haven't really thought of this would be a good guess for you its name is forest glen today is actually he's got some really cool stuff coming up that i'm not able to talk about but i
i know you enough to win the things over yes i know you enough to know that it's in your wheelhouse but this is all one hundred percent wild i think i don't want to say it wrong but i think is it a certain place down this yeah yeah absolutely so this he just had a documentary that came out he's in a document he's in a heck suit that actually has a pattern that resembles the saltwater crocodiles wow did you notice that part i did not want but i only did one brought it up so be mimicking he's mimicking the behaviors of a saltwater croc so that he can literally maybe within a few inches of them so did they
probably really dangerous to try that even the way he did it but did he try it without the heck suit like they try like a like a rash guard with the same yeah yeah there's there's there's a lot of really good videos showing the difference between how much interaction you can i was certain animals that especially ones that it's scientifically been proven to test to sense it yeah so you know when the wildlife community things like sharks and shark week obviously have a huge amount of funding behind it migratory birds same thing so all that stuff there's been very good documentation on you know electromagnetic fields and what animals can see but when it comes to like the hunting community obviously there's not a lot of big funding behind it because it's a much smaller community but things like this things that are on animal planet
discovery channel i mean these are things that are at i think higher level of maybe testing versus what we have in the hunting side i just know that me personally as a hunter i've experienced more like up close interaction with it so i just used some of this stuff really really cool that that's like a placebo effect that you maybe just wearing a really good spot with really good win dan you had a few experiences so he put it together and he said this is what's happening is it possible it's possible but in the same sense i'll leave that up to you i think it's possible to but i just want to brought it up because i think i think it's possible but i think people want one or the other right and i think it's also entirely possible if there's a machine that can detect your electrical magnetic frequency or whatever the fact that it when they do it over that machine there is i've seen it yet ok so
it's happening there and why are we assuming animals can't see that well we simply can't see at night they could see at night yeah right things that we can't do they smell things we can't smell to hear things we can't hear we have intuition why would we and their intuition is not thousands of times sharper than ours they run away from fuckin' crocodiles and chit do you know that um know when you did the podcasts with james hetfield you guys talked about bees a lot do you know bees when they go to and from certain flowers actually they leave an electromagnetic signal on that part so that actually other bees can see that and know that something is another be had already been there to pollinate that area i've got a video i can show is that actually shows that but ever tell you about my experience with bees on fear factor yeah
which is super cool yeah they got together this was a crazy moment they had trained bz communication contest yeah these bees of this guy had brought in who is a beekeeper and then we were doing the stunt on these people and they put the bees on these people all the sudden this local beehive emptied out and came to visit they all the bees got together in the middle of the sky and talked and we had to sit down for like one slash two an hour the guy was like you know we're not going to do anything when i get we have to step back and let them work this out so he just knew he knew like these alien beings are going to communicate with each other now they're figuring there lifeforms man and we're just like oh it's just peas no it's not it's a little weird life form that can fly that somehow under the figures out they exchange information with these other weird life forms they realize hey we didn't to be here we're not trying to take over your community we just we showed up 'cause we're doing fear factor you know the wiggle dance the little thing
yeah the wiggle dance they say that's they assume that that's actually an electromagnetic dance it's done to where it gives us note to the other bees to where they can actually know what they're communicating so they can say things yeah do they know like how complicated the speech can be well i mean obviously if a bee is sitting in a hive in my bush out front yard and he knows to go three blocks down two blocks over and get into those purple flowers that are in someone's front yard they must know pretty dang good the two they now i mean we just we just left there had a heck soutane they probably wouldn't be able to figure it out be screwed that's an
interesting idea man that there is really some sort of electrical field wo electrical fields of flowers james emulate the sensory hairs of bumblebee is holy too yeah a hexagon a bumblebee and he's like nothing's getting pollinated listened what that says electrical fields of flour or stimulate the to re hairs of bumblebee so their hairs are feeling where the wind is pulling them they're feeling some sort of electrical charge to a certain little little green metabolic fuck man that is is 'cause they can't send emails they don't do anything that's really we've so slapped on bees they're dying off like crazy 'cause they're super cool these are super cool there super cool yeah yeah yeah people that don't give a fuck about bees like those are like the most hardcore the most
record radical republican guys are great will figure out mechanical beast don't worry about it it was a black mirror these people are like that that was a good show dude just sharing and i started watching that because if you did you watch the dog one with the robot dogs yeah we watched watch them oh this is all like well within the realm of possibility all of it it's almost like a warning show it's a gay fuckos is what could go wrong every the episode is that is that did you see that the v i don't want to give any spoiler alerts about with the video game that they put a chip in your brain you see that one yeah holy man that's second i have been it's going to happen my cover so we're so far we're so fucked
it's going to be bad it will get bad it's going to get really good too i think it's the it's at the same time yeah that is true it's going to get weird and it's going to get really good i'm very optimistic you know a lot of the most i don't know a lot the most informative stuff that i learn each and every day or from my boy that is in college right now harry yeah and actually i think he's in charge of his science club social media i forget what it's for get the instagram you'll have to look it up maybe i think it's like simpson simpson chemistry club or something but he's every day every week he posts different chem facts like chemistry facts sign
this is crazy if you're someone who doesn't really study it there's a lot of ridiculous information out there you looking at that and you realize any of the stuff that we're talking about it's one hundred percent possible well yes every new innovation builds on potential new invasions of branch off of them and they were always constantly pushing the curve it's like they're not ng stagnant in any industry like there's nothing we're technologically everybody stagnant whether it's automotive automobiles like they're they're getting better and better every day computers better and better every day phones better and better every atvs better better it just never ending it's not do they are on this constant state of innovation an progression that is really stunning to watch we were almost like watching some cascade of complex that is reaching some infinite point
the newest latest htc vives these virtual reality goggles that you put on derek just they're letting you know hey this is the future the future is other realities in pill form other realities are going to be able to put your hand on a building it's going to send you into another dimension i mean there's a really things are going matrix like real matrix within fifty years do you think you do you think it will d sensitize mean they video game well back in our day said music right music was what desensitized people yes right that's the basis of now they say video games this is right yeah so now it's wrong priestley said video games are causing violence which is like come on man i don't know if it's causing violence but i would certainly i would certainly think that people desensitized to blood and gore because
i mean you're right back when back when we were well you would have been before me but like grand theft auto is a little bit after my time like for me was mortal kombat oh yeah the adult population couldn't stand mortal kombat because you rip someone spine out and held it up in the air was it called when you talk about that though instead of being desensitized aren't they just not sensitive enough yet because they haven't been even exposed to so like you right the pencil your head around about on a combat lived through vietnam like that they yes all of that and we did as kids your heart percent correct powerful joy yeah good point that's a very good point very good point that's a super good point because that's really exactly what's happening they're not experiencing real violence and maybe that's the answer maybe it's like the
understanding of what real violence is would would make you more respectful of real violence so the more disconnected we are with real violence the more almost as good as cartoonish expression of violence as being an alternative for being bored being an alternative from being like bullied or tortured like instead of something to be avoided it's like your your to ronna before you exit this life like you'll you've use it flipped over the board game you've pulled the plug out on the video game this in this is what like extreme violence as it seems to be more of that maybe even than anything definitely could be i mean you know my boy is he's going to school to be school and he's been you know he's able to to look at luckily he works veterinary clinic in our town and he's person
only been there for surgeries and all he's been there for several years so we've seen a lot of things but the doctors were originally telling him you know hey if you feel a little bit sensitive this or if you feel like you might pass out let us know but you know here it's been with me through a big portion of you know his life so he's seen one is things seen things get shot he's seen things get field dressed he seen things get broken apart and he's seen things get cooked for the family so he's literally seen all the stages of really what life is support you know it's living dying and then it's being consumed by what is living so
you know they were a little bit surprised by the fact that he understood all that but i think because he's experienced that he did understand it offshore i mean he's experiencing it in a real life scenario versus in a video or in a book right you just there's no way to learn life from a video or a book what you can do who is get exposed to ideas that will intrigue you and you want to have those experiences but there's a giant difference it's like the difference train watching porn and having sex it literally is right i mean that's the perfect example yeah it actually is it is the perfect example but you have to experience things and until you do you don't know and you know we're always battling for you know people take a seriously or always knowing for our our position in the social food chain and all that clouds the way we communicate with each other to i think we just have to get we're way better at this and i think operating on some wearing
this weird snake shedding of the skin stage we're just gotta shake off all the stupid shit that was in rented by slave owners all the dumb she that's been like involved in our system from the beginning we have to realize like no one knows the fox going on we have to look at everything from what it really is an forget about the past let's what can we do right now what do we do right now and do you think it's like a lot of things in life where you really really like something and you almost go too far and then in the end you think ok we've gone maybe a little bit before going to back things off do you think that's the truth we're doing right now do you think we're almost becoming too lenient and then we're going to get to the point where like you know what we have to have some sometimes a plus i'm disappointed to wear is a starbucks the other day i thought about post
but i didn't i actually thought about sending to you but i didn't but it was it was in a starbucks and it's and there is a bathroom that said any sex and there is a male a woman and a guy in a wheelchair and i'm like since one since when is a person in a wheelchair a sex like it's almost like they're afraid to put something on the door to where they just make this broad is possible right and it's like you know we have to have we have to have some line otherwise it's just nothing but grey well there's not here's the thing man i think all this is in response to the idea that men and women are competing against each other i think that's where we gotta cut the shit i think if this idea that like there's a different like
there's no doubt that you need women an you need men we need humans right we need each other yeah so we've got to figure out like why is everybody so hung up on gender is there an imbalance whatever that imbalances it's gotta be corrected but it's got to be corrected honorably and it's got to be corrected honestly like we have to be nice to each other all of us we like each other girls like boys boys like girls that's how it's always been and any aberrations of that can really fuck your head up but i think they're more abra then there are the norm and i think we have to figure out how to make the aberrations lesser and lesser and no one's concentrating on that instead they're concentrating on boys versus girls and i think that's
easy it's like if you only like men i can't hang out with you dude you're going to say some fuckedup shared about women and i'm going to go that's my daughter that's my sister that's my mom like you can't do that this idea that like we're on a team and we're on team dicks teen vaginas trying to focus steel are gold stupid it's stupid it's stupid we can do that anymore just like we can't do team white people right that's not yeah it's not teemo fuckin' beige people if you all beige people all based people spanish guitar team come on what are you doing it's all the same it's whether it's whether it's orientation whether it's gay straight whether it's black white male female asian italian people next people interesting people different people we have to learn that we're in a global community like you really have to figure it out
and we're closer and closer than we've ever been before but along the way we're going to get ridiculous shit we're going to get like people that are completely overreacting and in all men are sexist and all men are rapists and all sex with uh i sorta vaginas rape is is this a lot of that going on right now but those are the echoes of the farthest reaches of the idea and then that idea will pull back into the middle and then the general consensus will be established if that's what people do did i ever tell you about the time i went to india no i didn't i don't think so i went to india for just short of a month for coaching and you did tell me this on our remember yeah it's a pretty good story but first part was i wanted to try to blend in i never been to one slash three work yeah just hit man in america in america you know do we take pictures together like it's like it's cute
looking up your armpits so you in your giant for a place that doesn't have giant people i told him i said i would i'll come down and coach i work for a month but i said i'd i was more worried about my safety than anything so i said i'll come down but you know i really want to i want to have a good flight you know it's going along way said i want to if i'm on the train because i knew i had about four or train ride i said i want first class you know start finish and i don't want to sound like a prima donna but i also knew that i was going to a third world country so asking for first class doesn't necessarily mean first class here right so anyway first class met that my seats on my train had vinyl covering on their so i flew into my airport got the train i was trying to blend in had some old
blue jeans on gray shirt literally stepped off and it was like the dj frickin scratched the wrecker from like song five to song one is like an literally every single like a sea of people that were two feet shorter than me just literally stop train stopped everything stopped everyone looked the six and a half foot dude standing in this indian frickin train train depot ann uh i thought alright so i'm going to show for blending in and went up to the first class train loud which was pretty much changed a train lounge that had seats went up there made friends cockroach that was in the bathroom and then get on the train did about three
we have four hours on a train we stopped a few times times 'cause there were some cows on the tracks you're not allowed to mess with the cows i guess so we had to wait for them to naturally move off the track team beep there is actually two dead bodies on her train have i ever told you this there are two dead bodies and they put the dead bodies in the on the floor of the aisle between the people so our seats vinyl on there the first class the non first class did not remember at one point i looked back in there is two dead bodies that had sheets over him and then in the far back the train like where the trains connect there was actually a an indian guy that was squatting down pretty much written his dong backwards so that he could take a leak while
in between the trains like you open the door and he was squatting down letting rift between the train and yeah sitting there thinking oh man i've got twenty days left here but in saying that once i got to where i was they were probably the best students i've ever had because they were the most disciplined everyone of those students wanted to get out of that style and they saw that being a national level shooter was going to get them out of that lifestyle so every single thing i taught them they took it to a level that was far beyond what most people here would ever ever ever do did they build as well do they build bows they put
did you teach me how to do all that stuff to their peeps some other some some of the people on their national team are peep sight which is the small little circle that's in your boat string that it allows you to kind of it's almost like if you can imagine will you ever rear sight in a front sight so the peep sight is in your string it's a circle it's your rear sight and then you align it with the front sight theirs was here's was made out of wood they would have a stick with a hole drilled in it and they would put that in there string so imagine someone like that in your they're giving him instruction and every single thing you tell him to do they'll do it to the tenth degree because they want out i mean it was extreme motivation because i felt like everything that i was doing from a training point of view was inadequate to what they
doing the only difference was they didn't have the education that we had they were connected i remember i would actually have to go to an internet cafe and i would have to pay for five minutes of internet like dial up internet to call sherron so i mean you look at people that are like that they want it at a level that's so far beyond what a lot of i mean we're just floating in the gravy over here i mean it's it's true but it's true it's totally true yeah you look at some of the some of the people i've i was a keynote speaker at an uh an international coaching convention in brazil before the olympics there and you go down there and you realize some of these
people are they it way more than the people that have it easy yeah and that's the case though right yeah that's the case that's the people that are hungry are the ones that are really struggling to make it and that's what gets to alphys neo learning to stay on top when you have it easy when there's people that are literally investing every single day in getting to that point yeah it's that's the fuel that's one of the weird things is very few people who grow up with like some crazy inheritance plan and means dollars in the bank ever let's go on problem i think it's a giant problem i think it's a big problem it's a giant problem with those people anybody that goes up in that scenario where you
you are never really taught the value of accomplishing things and then it's not just about securing your fate it's also about managing your consciousness and accomplishing things is good for you and you can't think it's not you have to just accept it and learn it and think of it as sort of a growing experience and if you don't do that you're not going to grow and if you don't grow in fact you're going to be sucked whether you're rich or poor it's you're missing the thing the thing is now how many zeros and ones you collect that's not the thing the thing is how well do you feel while you're going through it and if you're doing it wrong you gotta figure out what it is well obviously having a million dollars in the bank is not doing it right if the dude still taking pills and super depressed it's not the money right so what is it what's the thing and you and i have both met a lot of people in that category i think everybody you talk to me on the everybody that goes through it's hard life is hard there's a lot of people that have fallen fallen into that cat
it could have been me it easily could have had a different scenarios different circumstances different parents you know different neighborhood i grew up in any case it can go wrong you you you can didn't go down the dark road and all the sudden you're that's that's the case for all of us do you feel like i feel you know a lot of people look at me as an archer i've been have made a very very good karere i couldn't possibly have made it better i think for for shooting a bow for a living i don't think i could have made it better and there's definitely archers that are better than me i never claimed to be the best i just claimed to be the one that is willing to share the most i don't claim i have the most natural tile talent i just feel like i i'm willing to share the most but i don't know i also feel like if
like there's this i don't know this part of me that feels like if i didn't even though i don't have necessarily talent the fact that i and willing to share it i think it takes it to a different level because i don't know if i've ever shared this with you do you know about my past as a kid yeah you told me a lot of different things about you burn your house down accidentally i did okay yeah so a big a big part of why i actually joined sports to begin with because originally i was a skater i like to ski and you know it is it really into organized sports the craziest thing is you abandoning football yeah for archery yeah well but before that the reason i got into footballs because my dad was such a great athlete that you know i played with matches an took it too far
ended up burning the house down literally had nothing my mom was in poor rico on a business trip my dad was at work burn her house of the ground uhm i remember being there when my family was sifting through ash is literally trying to find some thing to salvage from our history as a family and my dad was such a stellar athlete that i felt like the only thing i could do to really make him proud of me at that point was become a good athlete so i focus on becoming a good athlete and that was my drive was because it was because i really liked it it was because of the fact it was because of guilt it was because i really felt like the only thing i could do make my dad who was a military guy
someone who had definitely earned his st creds i felt like the only thing i could do was become this great athlete which he was in order to earn his respect in kind of did that in order to make up for the fact that you know i had this one moment as an adolescent where i literally burned down every single thing or family ever had holyshit man i mean imagine going imagine right now when we're done with this podcast you get a call and you realize your house was on fire and it's different now because we have phones but imagine we don't phones every single picture you have of your family you know every single one is gone every you every single thing that maybe
sign for you in the ufc is gone every single your black belt that you got from eddie is burn it's gone like that's gone every single thing from right now until till you were born is gone that's what my parents las and it was because of maine so it's just you know what man they did lose you i think ultimately the difference between you making a mistake to burn the house down which is horrific or you die it yep that's the big difference like everything worked out look here you are everything is great well and that's that's what was great about my dad was the fact that once that moment send my mom and my dad have never ever brought that up they never hold that they've are held that over me it's been me from the outside looking in thinking they
never mention this because they know that i feel so bad about it but me being competitive as a as an athlete was because i want to make my dad proud from that aspect and really that competitive drive as football player and track or whatever else that that fed the archery side is when i went to my archery tournament for the first time and i sucked at it i was naturally competitive and really wanted to be better at it now not that wasn't because of the fire but that was just because of really because of a principle that competitive sports put in me you so it it's crazy how it's crazy how all these little pieces build character you know that's why and
for weeks ago there was a really big r every tournament and i actually got wind which i'm not i'm not being on in a feeding in or buying into negativity at all there was some some negative that i heard from other leaders that are shooting now and shooting currently saying you know why this guy why is this guy popular wise they successfully is not even shooting right now is not even competing and you know yeah dirty green monster yeah envy yeah exactly is john dudley yes and i've been pretty you did that on his last problem that's not going it's pretty good though i don't know i feel like i feel like these people that
that feed on the negativity they don't understand that all these little things that have happened or building blocks an i want to use it as innovation to the people out there not everyone has a perfect picture people see where maybe you and i are now but they don't realize we also had huge hurdles before we got here and it's how you address those you know and how you take adversity really who defines you and it's a really really good opportunity for you to to set a precedence of i had hardship i made over it and you know you can become inspiration for people by having that obstacle and then overcoming it yeah well i think that's the big
one is that we all learn from each other now most certainly learned from you tell me about your struggles as well as i have from most of my friends that tell me about their struggles or things that i've read about things that i've seen in documentaries or think we we learn from each other and you get where i think for all accumulating data as far as like how the world works what's the best way to behave and what's the best way to and we're all in the middle of accumulating all this data we're all taking it in from each other we got to be open to it it you got to be open taking it from even like although it seems kind of corny sometimes like i read some shit by the rock or i will watch it kevin hart instagram video and i guess fuckin' fired up my going to do this man i mean if it's not jocko saying good or if it's not jealous dope or when i think about that david goggins podcast i did very good dude i think about goggins in my cheese
yeah i just i can't even understand that kind of mental intensity that was give me out man who is freaking me out in the most impressive way like i just like he was one hundred percent that guy was one hundred percent seriously ready to die on a foot race he's ready to die one hundred percent is looking at he's not lying at all is now nope artery he's taking it to the darklands he's going to take you to the darklands will you follow well you follow him to the darkling damn those seals and does the same with took sort of dark landmass with the kilo in this particular universe yeah well he'll do it with everything he's an animal but that but those those people and they can express itself differently in all these different exceptional people like john go is different and him yet yeah i'm kennedy ten jenny is different than anti there they're all different but also all in credibly exceptional there's something that they give off and i like that though when you to
talked about the exception among the exceptional that's what i think he called it david goggins called it in common amongst uncommon people that's true yeah that is very very true that's the kobe bryant killing people right there which is i mean i read this thing about kobe bryant the other day i was just reading i don't know anything about basketball ok and i always refer to jamie anything happening at times is there in basketball have zero idea i don't know how long it takes could take it today how many quarters i've no idea i would imagine if you say quarters i'd say there's four of am he say how many periods i don't know how many halftime but it was reading all this stuff about his high school coach saying that they would get there an he would be shooting baskets in the dark 'cause they had so in turn the lights on yet he'd be there
an hour two hours before everybody that he would show up at these practices everybody would be at breakfast and he would show up with ice on his knees and he was fully sweated out like he just done three hours of work and that before anybody did anything there's people like that man and you can hate on them you can hate on them you could decide that this not worth it but you got to the best thing you can do is knowledge they're doing something that makes you feel funny yeah and that makes you feel fun is your sense of under and who you are it's testing testing how you feel about yourself it's testing how you feel about your place in the universe is testing it you don't want to know that there's some crazy kobe bryant motherfuck are getting up at four hundred in the morning you know doing deadlifts like ship i want to sleep but i also want to be number one bro yeah former lakers player and head coach byron scott
he once found an eighteen year old bryant shooting in a dark gm two hours before practice i used to do that but footballs thrown footballs into a is actually into the lawn baskets it's not uncommon man it's not uncommon if you if you really want to trade i i mean you know my sleeping hours are super super regular there's times where i feel like practicing or sometimes you'll probably get up in the morning and i've already built your bow and i built it or five in the morning because to people that are except among their field they can't sleep if they know that they have to do something
what is with them is it as you guys are talking about this he just tore his achilles this is part one is the last thing they did he tore his achilles but in order this is like a rule in the game he had to shoot his free throws as it's a we had a weird stipulations so he's walking back out with no achilles and he did does this it was pretty pretty impressive wow you barely walk man holy and no crying or nothing but yeah well that's how you have to be want to be a winner there's just no way around it it's wish holla so i got the money holla look at my mentioned at that point it's just subconscious taken over anybody that doesn't think that something like kobe bryant doesn't deserve mansion and all the money has just does not understand what he just did this wishes in a row with no achilles just shut the fuck up i don't know should about basketball i know that was amazing i've been pretty i've asked
they've been pretty stuck on this subject in the last few weeks um i hardly ever ever ever look at negative i mean i really don't read it don't look at it but there is a really big archery tournament about a month ago and there were some other pros that had made some comments about me just saying you know how is john dudley on a jre podcast he's not even competing he's not even doing anything and you know people wanted to know how i felt about that and i said the reality is there's several art chairs out there that have ten times the talent of me no question i'm not saying that i have that but what really is shitty about that situation
is when someone has ten times more talent in me and they do a tenth as much to me that's a big so you think there's a lot of people out there that are not realizing their full potential so because of that they're critical of other people because maybe even they're looking at their own self and if they feel like they're not i don't know i think their time i think i think they're looking at the problem is is that people do that right yeah absolutely you commit yourself when you are not looking at what you're doing when you're so occupied on what someone else is doing you at what your true talent is so is that my problem is my problem that you have ten times the talent of me but i'm doing times more with it is that is that my problem as a big numbers okay let's say two times ok ok let's say
say you have twice the natural talent you have more but you're less right yeah i know i said i just feel like there's a lot will doing that yeah there's i think the actual i think the majority i think the people that are standouts are people that don't have the natural true talent i think jon jones is a perfect example if he was able to literally one hundred percent maximize his talent how good could he be problem is he's one that has ten times the talent but he's screwing it up and there's guys that have half the talent that are bigger stars because they're actually doing it the right way
and their maximized there almost there almost doubling their potential because there working at it in the right fashion versus someone that has the true talent isn't really maximizing their talent hum i know you're saying yeah but i think here's a good sign here's a really good sign this is an easy way to decipher it
when you see someone complaining about someone else is success anytime you see that anytime you see someone complaining about someone else is success and possibly equate again till like some injustice in the world 'cause they don't have equal success the person's making a mistake there making mistake and even the way they're thinking if you criticize something 'cause you just think it's bad well that's certainly your prerogative right now if you just if it's especially if it's an art form or if it's something someone created that's one thing but if you're upset that someone success that doesn't make any sense quite well
wanted to be successful they did the thing that it took to be successful they became successful and what's your point you don't have a point your point is going to a movie it's a little bit little kids version of what about me what about me well i and it's not fair it's not fair that some people are born billionaires it's not fair it's not fair that some people are born with birth defects where they don't have feet it's not fair that some people they their fucking brain doesn't work this well is yours there's a lot of schitz not fair yeah look at what you got looking what you got you're doing well and you're worried about someone else is doing better why not just look at them why not just look at him and go well what is that guy doing different what is she doing different than maine how come she's so much more successful how did he figure out how to do that and look at it that way don't look like you're angry at those people that should is wasted it doesn't do you any it does zero good for anybody involved not you not the person in your person your trying to figure out why
it was fucking good that said it's just bad for you it's bad for everybody it's bad for the person thinking negatively it's bad for everybody around them the best way to do is like huh like even if you're not even hateful about it like here's a good example like if a movie is fucking giant in the box office like wow i thought it sucked they like it whatever but if you freak out hose for clean up movie jumanji or you focus should me bro mongie before computer ship you know people get crazy the crazy look i made eight hundred million dollars for can draw mon ching can't it's not good for you man it'll let that go yep the way about you monty what about yourself she what she might it's pretty good it's hard twice i haven't seen it yet it's pretty good i thought it was very good through well done it in hornet though in the rock together you can't miss jack black and one of the best performances in years and
is the hot redhead check she was great too jim like trouser thunder though i think jack black was good just one of those farrah fawcett posters with that chick i just looked up and up weird it's not a sort of related the jurassic world did you see that movie when it came out a couple years ago yeah yeah it's the number three all time grossing what are you kidding me hatefuck the godfather chris pratt if you want archery lessons legitimately does i bet he does legitimate you know did you see that instagram post he put up of his sheep or lamb that he killed he had a pet lamb put a bolt to its head and you know and chopped it all up and people freak the out the movie either i didn't see it that's got some ball and some a some post a picture of a rub in on a tree hunt any said said something about trolls your what's up because freddy the two thousand eighteen what's that this is like a wrap around
yeah that sounds like a this is new album no crap he he as though good that's not it there's a video where he shows the lamb that he's actually taken apart in the video it says it ok when i ate it all well now this is what i meant is her photographs is actually photographs of the butchered lamb and people lost their fuckin' shitman that's that's not it it's actually like photographs of the meat and like there's a roast in the roses areas right the one in the middle yeah and this one it's a legit am it i don't know if that's necessarily exclude that came from as i've been saying is it honestly sounds like it says look at all this there is food we will eat off him for a month
is wolves becoming yarn as we speak he lived a very good life he was grew shorn his hooves medicated he wormed in no antibiotics necessary surrounded by laughing and loving humans including children to whom they provided such joy nuzzled pet and loved every day no stress will travel to his final destination trauma free just a touch of a you sda certified want to his head he goes to sleep the uh she don't even notice it's like unplugging it tv then walka walka he's going to butcher name waka waka my bouchor walker soccer side job then why cats are rapper it is definitely you're so white waukee butcher we're not magic you definitely white right now the meat is
friends family and gifts soon though it may be available to my followers as we test recipes and open up to market oh my god it's going to murder animals for a living gotta get some things dialed in first including mer murder of sheep just kidding like he is i it is with the laureates how would lose him to get a ball the guy when has a a list actor ever considered opening i agree a meat shop and showed a photo on his instagram of the honest procurement of meat in an honest way you see that post i made today now which one might have my airplane mode on so i can't post it but i think i made a post uh it was a google search that i did there
where is twenty one independence a legitimate scientists that found that if you eight hundred and fifty grams of processed meat per day your chance of cancer was eighteen percent higher holyshit just think of that number now is it night writes what is it what do they think it's causing that well so i mean it yeah preservatives that part wasn't clearly defined but i would definitely think it was preserved based but they don't really know though right they know it's processed meat that's really dangerous yeah they don't know what it is exactly so that's what's awesome about how you i hunt i posted it specifically to actually some axis backstraps from hawaii last year because i think i think it's may be ignorant for people to
automatically make a post saying you know you're a killer just because you post a picture of you know free range organic meat that you decide to choose a tough watch um versus i know what you're saying but you gotta look at it from their perspective i do even if they're not right and there's no right here the thing is there's there right and you're right it's everybody's right that's this really was fuct up about it like an animal does have to die you know that is a fact and that does bother people including you and me when it happens and people don't realize that but that is true they don't but the the understanding at the end of the day is that this is the cycle of life and this is what life is really all about so they're right in your but this whole this expression of outrage like you should be expressing that at burger king you should be not burger king just you know i'm not singling them out anybody that has fast food which i've eaten many times
you want to live in a society at twenty million people you're going to have to live in a place most likely with this model where you going in and out burger and i like it and out burger i like him they taste good i go up there we went there in vegas they got damn good right it's hard to beat so i don't necessarily hate those things but you have to understand what all this really is you know the whole thing is crazy you're here a very short period of time as are these animals all of us and stay alive all of us are freaking out one of the things get eaten and we're all it's going like well i just want to be the best version of me i can be your right and there right they just they have an experience what they we have decided that an animal should not die there's no play an animal should die so they can live and if they can live that way that's their choice there welcome to that choice
they just don't understand the merit of your choice the merit of your choice is just diametrically opposed to what they think should be an should not be a thing a person does he shouldn't be a person that kills animals but when you're engulfed in that world and you're living in the woods when you're doing your going through these seven hundred and eighty nine ten day hunts you get this understanding of what this world around these things really is is is crazy beautiful complex interaction between predator and prey and it's been going on since life was here yep just what it is and what you're doing is a hunter is just figuring out with your softap bitchass skin and your fuckin' shaky knees bad angles weaseling yourself into a position where you can jump into the food chain with wolves around that fucking conversa so we had about wolves did that change people's understanding of the wolf is
yeah on the first time you came on the podcast talked about other wolves are trying to take your elk away from you too that's a crazy story yeah i mean there are my all time favorite stories yeah there i mean there's an interaction going on predator and prey the whole food chain it's not like it's stablishing it's written in stone every level of the food chain is being competitive with the next it's not like it is a very clear cut concrete step to where every step is clear humans are here wolves are here grizzlies are here axis deer here turkeys are here would i would inject one other thing cwd yep wasting disease kills here allergy medicines right this thing diseases yeah diseases are creeping in and killing deer left and right and a lot of people feel like these diseases were created by people forming those do
meal deer taking them out of the wild environments and letting them like like eat off the same food and constantly exchange bacteria with each other and that's what created this thing i've i've old people many times that i feel like mother nature is a form of karma i think mother nature will take care of herself i think as things below that level try to occupy their own status i think that's the balance that's a check that's in process i think mother nature natural i think if you decide i'm not going to shoot any turkeys i'm going to just let these turkeys go as wild as they can i think i'll send mother nature comes in and says uh i'm going to throw a little trump garden here called blackheads disease this is going to kill every freaking turkey
in your area and i'm going to regulate this according to things that always happens yeah it over and that's one of the things in its services in hawaii right disease yeah and then you look at white tail in areas where maybe there's been you know i guess quote unquote trophy owners to where they've not really i guess regulated the population of whitetail deer to point where you know they're trying to grow trophy hunting so to me try to grow a deer with large and yeah larger antlers so there may be shooting less numbers and then all sudden here comes this little thing called the e h d which kills every white liquid drink water i don't know some of these chronic wasting disease each different its image that actually live in the mud
on the receding water line on a pond so as you know as a wife tail deer would go into actually drink uh midge fly lives in the in the soil on the route the receding water line and it would go into the nostril of the deer and then literally within forty eight hours that tears debt if it if it gets that that virus look at the name of it episode zoo epizootic hemorrhagic disease so it's like a nimbola type disease i think a bola is that is that it is a bola a hemorrhagic disease i'm not do you have to be so hard me too never had a people in my life this is awesome we've had did ip before the others the difference in wolves and coyotes i saw that picture it's an amazing picture somebody got a picture between this majestic black wolf
fuckin' white glowing eyes wolf looks amazing kind of like me these two coyotes like fuck all this we're gonna get away from that thing man that is so heavy real for me h d to to code is run from a black wool how do we concentrate on the what's that do you think you guys could talk for a few minutes yp go for it q together and talk about sports sports all right jamie yeah i mean this is the first official podcast rogan's head actually like the second or third time in a second time yes number not on broadcast the flex that yep no this this is pretty pretty epic right here to make rogan actually go that means these consumed more than he's talked that's pretty powerful that happens from time to time i know i like that
switcher jamie's actually told me earlier he's trying to make a profession out of video gaming which i would know about our fashion but i stream from time to time on twitch which is an interesting thing that you said your son does it a little bit he looks at it yes is it well i used to play quite a bit are we had two accounts one was death by dudley on playstation and the other one's bald hairless yeti what are you playing with them thank you guys play at like at times we did yeah we were big modern warfare guys up we really like that and actually i met i met several cool dudes during that during that online play how you know one hundred silly i felt like if i was competitive archer and i will i've been online prior to my competition i feel like i almost could have helped
some of my performance anxiety when it comes to competition because there's so many it's so like into beta and the guy that you're going against that it's you can almost freak out and you don't do things according to a systematic method which is really all a video game is it's if you follow the systematic method you can overcome the app algorithm right for sure yeah but that was rough this is one i got to go now do you god god what are you going to talk about whatever you talked i'm gonna really there is a six oh at sears is so hard it was crazy it was entirely to better it i talked about my to on find video gaming accounts with with my little dude hairy one was death by
and the other one is bald hairless yeti what do you play mainly modern warfare stuff yeah anything that you kill someone cookie urine on on me and young james talk talk about the implications that let's hear about this what is this what is it about i have three copies yeah there's a lot of caffeine thank god you got that wish somebody down balance is a you'd be talking out of control is when a drug or podcasts one of them right but there's something fun about getting together with a really good friend just get lit up smoke a little weed track a little whiskey and have a good time to have a good time today's been a good time that guy's a good guy
john dudley's a fucking good man i love that guy he's fun and is also a master something that's very difficult to do he's a master not just at executing archery but instructing it teaching people the fascinating thing that archery man to me it's super important i think like everybody goes to these like things were like what's important to them like to you might be guitar amp you know might be a certain drums drumsticks it might be whatever the fuck you're into you know that might be important to you but archery i think is one of those things that most people miss you just don't get a chance at it you know how that looks good that looks like it'll be fun but you don't know where to go and you never do it by far most people but once you do do it you realize like oh i can learn about life through this weird thing i'm pulling that string back
and i'm launching a pointed stick at a target and i'm learning about myself like what learning about how i deal with situations where i have to execute correctly under pressure even if it's just a minor pressure of hit a target of the major pressure of hit an animal he learned to that jamie would you show me track does this game i feel like we should i show this to you awhile ago but this is called the hunter call of the wild we tell people archery part of it should we tell to him it's compound bow yeah it is got a real bow why you go sideways gangstas price so you can see once you pull it up to aim he better i'm hoping i can get better pull it back over there he goes wow that's legit look at this john dudley this got damn archery video game where guys pulling back a bow and looking through a site like you would like a real
compound bow sight that's amazing with the whisker biscuit powerful whisker biscuit and you go on a lot of people still rocket a lot of people still rocked this is about i wish the biscuit was infallible i wish it was the way to go seems so easy i you say the name yes your biscuit yeah but it's definitely provocative people no we're talking about it's a larger addressed the arrow go some people definitely do most people don't most people listen to this podcast probably don't but type of archery rest with the aeros it's it's very controversial this is how geeky archery is it's very controversial should you have some fine mesh that sort of cradles the arrow and the fletchings will pass through that fine mesh possibly knocking down how many feet per second by five feet green green button cyantific i don't do that so it will be an hour so will be
real conservative and say three three feet a second which is probably knocks off more than that but some people like because of its simplicity there it is as a whisker biscuit and then the fletchings a pass through those fine fibers slow down a little bit but not too much that literally like training wheels for your arrow with john dudley believes in is like this crazy drop away type thing where they have an arrow rest it drops down he even makes his own error rest yep nock on arrow rest that elevates its it is the nock on elevate the shit yeah it's a it's a subject i want to talk to you about never talked about that ever oh so a bunch of my ust members are going to shoot me in the face for talking about this because in the face yeah literally in the face because thing that was
ongoing thing for when i was on the us team we there is a thing that went on about how long we could go at a tournament before we talked about this particular person so during my time on the teams we actually had a person that was she claimed to have medical disorder or she didn't actually claim to have it but supposedly it happens but she claimed have a disorder where she had attachment to items this girl that was on my team actually end up marrying the eiffel tower are you serious i'm not kidding didn't she had an attachment to things she actually yeah she actually thinks filed some claims against suppose obli filed some claims against a bow company that this book
i actually had a rubber laminate on the limbs of the bow marys eiffel tower is at her wow she maris is famous manual rodham any buses with oh yeah yeah oh my god the former soldier who lives in san francisco she has been in love with objects before her her first evacuation was with lance a bow that helped her become a world class archer she is fine end of the berlin wall and she claims as to have a physical relationship with a piece of fence she cedar bedroom what in the fuc way by doing what are we doing people we can't we can't do this we've gotten too crazy we gotta pull back we gotta pull back
here's the thing bridges bridge she made who is she married the eiffel tower his pitches merida bridge though just kissing hold on but but the fact that she just say baby love the public object crank that i want to hear this crazy lady i feel very very blessed to have a piece of my sweet oh jesus stop i give up i'm out i hung in there as long as i could the meaning of the bridge spell meanwhile weight middle of all this there's a lot of people like me that have shot 10s and 10s of 10s of thousands of arrows trying to win a medal for the country right but that's
accomplishment enough bridge yeah to meanwhile she's team bus she literally she i left with her bow one night at a at an event and then got an infection from the silly go on the limbs and the rest of the team had to deal with this problem when you say infection i don't know where the infection was but i have them at lo now what i had on my coming to step away from mike wilson but hey how good was she has an this
pretty sure he's actually like sonovabitch how good was she as an archer she must been very good she's on team right putting a hand on the ball now good time actually look like pot holder but she must have been like a world class archer right don't do it don't do it to me john doe and i would say decent good asher decent deer so here's here's the thing okay so she married the eiffel tower mhow how that workout out i think she's still french people were piston this is true this is one hundred percent true french people are pissed because we can just goes over there gets his fiance visa mariza tower right so now we got a dual citizenship meanwhile she's got this thing
for the berlin wall yeah okay well the berlin wall the flirt first of all so what berlin wall is always like being real sweet and giving you this extra long hugs berlin wall fall within asked for it jamie cannot course she's she's in love with the berlin wall who's not how but she's married question for you she's married to eiffel though so here's the listen to this i want joe to listen to this i just randomly picked a spot her last name is eiffel though she literally took the legal name her name is her name originally was i labre and i had to travel with her but now it's iowa i eiffel amy i have to send you something someone sent me today that i sent to brian town i'm gonna send you it in two seconds legal scholars who did the thing about france
moves to see just you could probably google it france moves it's on npr so it's legit france moves to make fifteen delete the legal age of consent for sex and because a bunch of dudes got in trouble for having sex with eleven year olds yeah we were talking about this for another but not only that started about age fifteen the legal age of consent for sex like whoa there's a there's parts of the world that are just not where we are right now they're just not if you don't look at that like you gotta who saying this who sang fifteen quickly what fifteen for what an eighty year old an eighty year old can suck a fifteen year olds that was just said i'll kill you i will fucking kill you yeah here comes with deadlines violence coercion threat or surprise is not proven sexual inter with the minor even one
under fifteen is can and i don't know what that means which is in fraction and not a crime it says uh attention attention sexual which isn't fraction and not a crime come on i will put a trypan right through that guy's face yeah this is even blink this is a correction necessary you have a cultural issue as a cultural issue correction necessary no you can't fuck ten year if anyone has a problem with with guys that are i guess but that's hunters like idiots like this that's terrifying that is as terrible but i think there if i i think this is what happens with people man i think people get caught up in whatever the other people around them are doing in there these weird mob
mentality may think that's how worn craziest thing i've seen in a long i mean that's and it's today two thousand and eighteen march two thousand and eight i mean we're talking this is on the news as of happening right now in europe they go well alright let's make it make it illegal to fuc fourteen year olds like but you don't now that already on the books you could nine year old over there right how will they have to be is age limit at all i just saw effective baby mature bonjour sorry mercy that made me turn it should make your stomach turn it does but here's the thing if you pay attention to history or if you read anything about the truck is that why don't we learn from history though that's we have learned a little at what point when does little
we better than we were one hundred years ago better than we were two hundred years ago but in the past it was like really commonplace mean if you let me know if you read anything about socrates or anything about play doh like that time of the world like men having sex with children and little boys and stuff was like extremely common extremely common what yeah yeah in parts of the world men having sex with boys was extremely common for humans even in like what we would consider like classical cultural culture you know intel agent civilizations like the ancient romans the ancient greeks that like is a normal part of life it's really weird you know we want to deny that but there's undeniable proof that that's a fact that it's a war it was way more common in those ancient cultures than it is today what is that but how did that have in like why do people allow that like why did that take place i don't know i think
there's you freaking out over things and adds need to step up and beats a mass ok in two thousand and five the core d decussation francis highest criminal court stipulated that coercion is presumed for children at a very young age in quotes that's an outrageously blurry formulation that in practice has largely been applied to children under six what this children above sex above six years old six potentially considered not raped when violence cannot be established it also how's the state of paralyzed shock experienced by many victims in all all the more so children two equal consent that stare right is wrote this vikings barbarians as barbarians is it this is this is ancient european barbarian law that's in place for
dozens of years and they never caught up they never re fixed it you gotta fix that this is crazy you have the internet fix that crazy you could have sex with someone under fuckin' nine or six or whatever the fuck it was that's nuts yeah that's this isn't repulsive this isn't sixteen two this is two thousand and eighteen yeah this is not the time for that that it's amazing that there's still exists that's amazing in uh european civilized really exalted culture like france it's still not the france it's weird they fight so passion
only about some things but then they have something so stupid i think their digits freer in a lot of ways which is bad and good at the same time it's bad in that regard of taking care of children and like like fucking with children's head sexually where they just dooming them this life of weirdness and you're making it legal so there's no legal recourse some guy got fucked by some old dude when he was six that's crazy that's real luckily i don't know anyone that no i don't either told me about that i'm sure it's happening though if that's the law how the fuck is that the law house at the law who said monday is good to maine right down we started this podcast literally in haunted houses and somehow we have come full circle to the problem with this craft problem and also the gift and it is it's both things
our our guide andy and i went to france he was an awesome brunch too because that's an amazing story it was amazing went to the french alps on this bow hunting unsuccessful bow hunting trip for tar and even though it was on it was fucking awesome success without necessarily harvest so most beautiful right it was awesome we went there and i think kill cliff has a little short film on it yeah called i think it's called high ground but andy and i and he got into bow hunting because of you uhm you spurn interest to shooting a bow and then actually you makes me one time and said hey is it cool if i give you a friend find number to i want him to learn archery a little bit better and so i said yeah of course an actually
you and i admit a indian vegas even though we don't totally remember most of it so i said yeah of course and then and then i become became friends and then i went to france and then we went on this epic hard hard high altitude hunt i was actually introduced to andy bummer front tait fletcher take flexor nose and from the crossfit world 'cause andy was he was was in somehow or another responsible for something in the crossword something important in the crossfit world some sort of liaison i don't know what he did i think in the was there i don't really know because i'm in assam about that part but i know that he has background in it i think he was there kind of towards the beginning of it i didn't know that's how tate yeah that's how i met andy i met and
through tape 'cause that's crazy paint new imca states big in the crossfit world i saw it last week tate actually was following me on a post that i made an i was like this is such a small world these are great it really is yeah he's awesome it really is he's the caveman coffee guy he's one of the owners gave him and keith jardine yeah just so you know lisa mackey all those are beautiful the four four nitrous deadly for a normal sized person luckier god dam you be dead or you wouldn't be able to shut the fuc up if you will like you know duncan trussell sized bouncing off the walls right now how big is duncan buck fifty maybe what is a buck fifty for the gas seriously yeah it looks bigger than that now he's uhm maybe an inch tall
more than me i think he's fifty nine and i think he's more slender wow you know cameras powerful give a look at people and go home how much that guy awakening i am how far can i carry if you think that when you saw me as of this do the blacks out we better have an ambulance i can get up to him when i carry this big gas you would have it meant something i do it so obvious load you've ever carried on your back like when you if you been like packing out an animal if you had to guess definitely moose have a whole quarter i think at one slash four and ahead how much is that i don't know you to have someone help you get it on get it up there to where you can get wait you know get that weight over the top of your legs do the moose quarter is fucking heavy
yeah i shot a young moose it was not a very big morse who was a fork for kid moose horse yeah i was young young in in british columbia with powerful ben o'brien yeah you guys right where i bear hunt yeah when i met ben urine monel now well yeah exactly which is right s of i swear i was we had to take a picture carrying that quarter on my shoulders over in magazine yeah in fact so heavy i didn't have to walk with it though i just had to carry it how long did you have to carry a moose shoulder on your on your back the second round one of our how large packet out three foreigner yards us on set you know while i'm ramie warrant ruined his body carrying a move
about to leave it i think you said it took several days of going back many many miles in they go miles in grab like one hundred pounds of moose me a moose by the way he might seven hundred pounds of meat seems if you bone it out you have set even trips you know however people you have you have seven individual packages of one hundred pounds of meat you gotta get out yet through miles and miles and miles of deadfalls and cliffy rocky fuckin' you might get clift out you might take a wrong path yeah hey crossfit what is it eighteen point three how about throw two hundred pounds on your back and literally go from one interview town to the next yeah he was telling about it was like that that sounds great but like what incredible mental fortitude
this guy had incredible mental fortitude that he figured out how to get through all the things he said fuck that me to leave back there some coyotes deleted who cares it's not going away i'm not going back it's not worth it he went back oh yeah and over and over again i think i want to say it was three or four days of packing out this moose yeah i bet that's the that's the real western hunting that people don't understand they don't understand this this is not elmer fudd with an orange jacket shoot that deer you know hates animals this is not that this is some crazy physical endeavour that's highly you need another one another one yeah drive in today but you know ella grams caffeine you've had more honest one thousand milligrams caffeine perfect amount are that right there is why ok hunters are willing to to argue with
people that slam hunting and say that we're just killers because if you had to put eight one hundred packs of your rib eye steak on your back and walk it five miles home would we feel more passionate about it well that would be ridiculous i'm still just do eight trips but it's straight one hundred pounds in your back it seems excessive but true i mean if you have if you have a minute that's not even enough that's not even enough i don't i don't think they really could complete the cycle i think you have to be there you have to be the one who pulled the trigger or you have to be there when it happens you have to see with difference between the living animal and animal because if you don't then you're formulating your entire picture of the world based on
formation that you're only getting from a video right it's like we were talking about the difference between watching porn and having sex it's really similar the difference between understanding this in terms of like watching a video and actually being there like oh this is what it looks like when a cow dies this is what it looks like in the hanging by its ankles and gut it this is how i feel about this now i had one feeling about this before when i was nicely insulated by all the pride's got a nice white styrofoam little tray with saran wrap it a nice piece of rib eye oh look at that i'm going to get the fuckin' for cats out there and start the grill woo we get all excited it's not their fault it's just we are we even through our entire developmental process where shielded through one of the most important parts of life where is your food come from it should
like one of the number one things you think of where is your family are they safe where is your food come from those are question number one in question two right well it's a lot like that with the job too i mean we've had people that have work for us or like okay this is what working for this business is going to be like and then they come and they realize what this is completely different words i've been the same i've worked for companies that i've really really liked and i go though and then i realized holy cow this is a whole different thing yeah verse this is what it really really is so it gets tough i mean you know it's hard to that's why can't really judge anyone because unless you've been in those shoes it's not really fair to build an assessment easy now for one in
relax no you're you're absolutely right i mean is nothing wrong with letting someone know the doing something wrong it's negatively affecting others yep that's that's that's a good thing but there's a there's a bigger issue that's liked it when people are like constantly going after other people and attacking the most vicious way most likely it's because they're trying to divert attention from home from how they are or that that it could come back at them you know this weird dance that people do with liking and disliking other people his son always healthy you know and i've been studying this for the longest time and i still don't understand it totally have my van league assessments of how it all is sort of falling into place but i don't know totaly how it's working but i know that the people that are the most pleasant to be around the people that are most the most friendly the most understanding the most objective in the most just just loving just nice people
down the friends that we all have that we know they're like that this is the people would be around you know you're going to have a good time every time i see you i know i'm going to have a good time we never have a bad time we have fun times oh yeah we def well i think not a nice thing like how come that can't be replicated everywhere i wish i could i totale wish it could i feel like i feel like people that haven't experience hardship don't appreciate the good times as much i feel like for me anyway the fact that i've experienced times were really struggled and i've had to either up my game or or decide to quit which you know that's your choice is either either you step up and you work hard enough to where you achieve it and then at that point you really really appreciate it which is something that i experienced when you talk to
me about kettle bells i thought ok well i'm not good at this so either i'm not going to be able to relate to joe or i'm going to learn to do it right and i ended up going down to austin because i'm i wanted to experience it a little bit more to where i can appreciate if jose doing a windmill with the frickin bigfoot what is this what is this like it looks easy when i watched youtube video but then can i grab a frickin chip and do it and i'm i'm going to do it without having my shoulder hit me in the side of the face and then i'm thinking ok joes doing this now with a bigfoot i think it's like ninety nine ninety i don't know i was somewhere in the night let's just say it's a ninety pound ninety pound kettlebell you begin a real is that i started out with a thirty five pound one when i struggled with it and then but but it's also
so i've been doing flexibility exercises since i was a kid so the win mail is not as difficult for maine as a lot of other people it was actually pretty easy for me to pick up because my body is used to whipping like everything is kicking or write all that kicking and schitt kicking is a lot of it is with your hips lot of his with your wasting your hips when you learn how to like really throw power into things that's where it all comes from so the windmill it's like a natural movement of that like those muscles were already addition is strengthened i feel like i'm at i'm totally inadequate when i look at you i do i do i mean i workout everyday but my physique i feel like a lot of people look at my physique from a distance and i think oh that guy is in really good shape but then like i look at you an sometimes your abdomen protrudes a little bit and then i've been a rooms or joe takes his shirt off
he's like a frickin he's jacked don't let him fool you workout yeah he works out i'm trying to fool people yeah he has a little bit of an abdomen that goes out further than this packs it's it's only meaning believe you have that skin because i've been in my life you're sick sticks out further than your pack deck boards versus my pec deck well i'm going to show you some of the ship that i do out here will do a little work in out here but one of the things that i've really gotten into is there's like a circuit glute ham machine that does your lower back and then i do these elevated sit ups and then i do compression machine or no no it's like now that's the third one that's the reverse hyper that's the third one
but i do this whole series of things that i'm doing for abs it's tremendous for abs and back and i like the sturdiness of your core yeah i just i feel like if i just do these on a regular basis it makes it just a giant difference in how my body moves and how stable i feel i feel like that's why you're good with archery is because your core so solid i think it's a really really good foundation another foundations those club bells i'm really in this club bells i do all the shield cast with those clubs there's something about when you do that when you're controlling a twenty five pound club doesn't seem like a lot of weight but if you could slowly control that when you get a boat when your hand you try to level that beau it's like you're you have more control of your by you have better understanding of the all the various speeds that your muscles can move at we could just slow it down slow it down there it is there it is there it is and i feel like the more you
ranks in those muscles particularly stabilizing muscles of the shoulders with like reverse kettlebells bells kettle upside kettlebells with the bottoms i love those those are great because those are even a lightweight you do it slow and it's well i do those big time hammer curls to jolt to deltoid full salt milk shoulder press on all with the vertical cattle bell and then but don't sleep on those with males too because it's the same thing it's all shoulder stability action and flexibility yeah being able to go to the floor is a big big aspect it's huge it's huge and it's just i feel like it's long as don't over do it i don't think is any danger of injuring yourself i think if you do it correctly it's actually the opposite i think it strengthens everything strengthens the whole chain from your arms to your shoulders to your cord to your hips to your legs the whole thing get strengthened 'cause everything has to move i want to on it academy i think last summer
sharon and i were down there for actually i think it was september we were down there for the hurricane rb we're down there we raise some newer you're feeding people an area up to yeah we raise money cool of you that's very cool part of that is because of the house fire i mean obviously when i was someone who lost everything so understand where that comes from so when the is actually on a hunt with andy in alberta when the hurricane happened and i was complete disconnected from the news i got a text from here and that just said you won't believe what's happening down in houston so ended up coming in and i looked it up with wi fi we're in town and then i showed any and i said man this is terrible what's happening down in texas so he's like i
wish we could do something i said well i'm going to so i just ended up going ivan offering auction off my bow during a live feed and we ended up raising thankfully there were three bitters i don't know if i can announce who they were but there were three where's that bid about fifteen grand i think it was thinking twenty let me think is about two thousand two hundred bucks or twenty two thousand and then we had one person that offered to match the other two so it ended up getting to be thirty one thousand that we raised went down to houston and then chris he who was doing a lot of a lot of really cool things for getting supplies into the houston area crispy the hunting boot company no
speed that's his instagram i don't know it's a dude yeah easy guide krispy i thought you meant crispy boots no so we ended up raising a bunch of money down there went down you a lot of people to man i watched a lot those instagram posts it was really very very cool crispian archery country filled a full trailer list supplies in sharing and i flew down to houston or will first we awesome then we drove to houston an went down to a church where we did where we ended up eating a lot of people and then delivering all these supplies that we raised with the money that we got from auctioning off this bow which what it's like to lose everything so i was pretty in about it that's awesome yeah it was it was dynamite super rewarding feeling i don't know where i'm going dom listen man is a good story it's just cool and i remember
watching it online like wow that's badass you know and i know how sincere you are about that stuff too you know i think it's a great great expression great thing to do you did the same thing for vague iss i mean you're passionate about certain things and you know we've we've had a lot of doors open for us from different communities texas was a big one for me because i worked for sure company for many years in texas was one of my states as a sales rep um do that's one of the few places i live i didn't live in california 'cause if you play set there was an lai think in northern california think of like san diego i like san diego cala rado montana yeah once i get out of one to get out of california that on my colorado montana in texas texas texas in the mix baby i like texans man i'd like there's there's a stereotype about the worst texans but they're not the best texans so you never met the best tech
that's the best texans like oh you're like some cool combination of smart an old school your full combination of like hip and progressive and so you want a tiger and also you have gone you want a tiger he could get tired yeah oh you remember you see my bed remember that bit you saw the little bit that i used to do about taxes it's legit though it is legit texas has more tigers in captivity than all call of the wild of the world more in texas and my joke was like one dude is like going through the regulations like she don't know you get a tiger or up to order it up and then they were found out he goes modern know you get tires neighbors got to got tires he's like man about let this fagot out tiger be healed tiger world fucking ridiculous joke that's based on a true fact that there's more tigers in activity in texas than anywhere in the world but text is the thing is texas
two thousand and eighteen is not texas of even two thousand and eight and definitely not text no way it's better and smarter and it's a it's a good place to be men texas is a good place to be one of my favorite spots it is cool i love it there man i like the people there's sort of it's a weird combination like a mystery it's a cut i think it is i think it is to it's a completely different i mean it everything about it's different is it true well i always explain it onstage about bucky's will take it never in a bucky's which i went to the first bucky's on that he on when i took supplies down to houston for the hurricane that was my first time at a buckys and i thought is this a fricking costco oh but with fuel doesn't make any sense the way i describe it on stage so we said this is like if you we're in the middle of a full
cocaine binge someone came up to you and said dude i want you to make me the ultimate gas station with hundreds pumps are you can't believe how many pumps there are it doesn't make any sense it's like god dam field of pumps it doesn't make any sense we go into this building it is off sucking warehouse filled with pickled alligator dicks accounts of jelly beans and chuck norris action jeans and camouflage yeti coolers and smokers like what the fuck is this it's huge i mean it's like a fucking god dam foot caulfield sized room filled with jelly beans different kind is the camo and real tree there's a buck right there you can see that's a mild bucky's that's a bucky's in the booth that's on the edge of fuckin' wyoming or someshit chuck norris there's so
any pumps it doesn't make any sense look at that right there how many pumps is that one hundred and twenty three million four hundred and fifty six thousand seven hundred and eighty nine ten eleven sort of ten acres standpoint two thousand one hundred and twenty two jet center portsmouth services and double it might be on double down double one hundred right and there's two on each one so it literally might be two hundred fucking pumps let's crazy why doesn't chuck norris make this series two awesome he used to davis die stone apparently so what let's see these do you have any non anymore but i used to only put him on his pill lace up in the front they did and then laced up in the front let you do sidekicks there it is spam it has a gusset looks like they had a in the crotch area i like that the might be beeline maybe i don't need to get a little longer inseam there for that that cowboy boot cake well back in the day
i didn't understand about barbell jeans they didn't have that type of fabric technology i do have a pretty good kick this have you ever seen i'm sure it's very long it is still making later today or way to look at that and i'll dress shirt some beyond that gentleman right there will always have my respect him and bruce lee or the reason why i got into martial arts one hundred percent today watch it norris movies when i was a kid one of my proudest moment about life and chuck norris doing why was i ran into him to kickboxing event in new jersey like way back in the day and he gave me this big hug it was one of his events that he had he had bill needs to give me a big hug i was like holy shed chuck norris knows who i am damn right it couldn't have been happier no wonder you're unbreakable you'll be sucker was beaming and then will later i took a picture of me and tate tate again
it was a award show that they did for an old school karate master and chuck norris was there and a bunch of other old school american black belt hi guys there telling these awesome old school karate stores and asked me to be there and speak a little bit and i would i mean i do anything for chuck norris like noble go corny as you want or watch is chuck norris changed he changed my life for real if it wasn't for chuck norris movies who knows i might not ever got in martial arts i watched him like lone wolf mcquade in ships like goddamnit might be cool ever lived did you laugh the other vegas when we were talking about what my wife sharons name was supposed to be people know what she was saying no the fake name you gave either eight name my wife name her dad
actually wanted name right bruce lee that was a crazy story of all time i forgot about that dude share and if you do can i rude if you knew if you knew sharing you would laugh at this but her dad was in the nunchucks and all kinds of swords and went to my wife when my wife was born didn't know what she is going to be so they'd he they wanted her name to be bruce lee but if you knew sharing you knew you know she is far from breasley do we have anymore alpha brain we need another once more they go uhm i made a deal with my wife i said i'm not i'm not naming the kids might just have veto power but is not fair i go i just it's like really good story do they grew in your body i'm like i'm not i'm not tell me what the name am i mean i will one hundred percent be there but i'm saying like this let's not pretend this isn't
even proposition like you're doing it like twenty nine point ninety nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine percent of the work like you just as long as you don't call him fuckin' applesauce or something crazy this is my kid pixie you're not going to torture them with your wacky bullshit but pixie yeah i mean i just gave my suggestions my feelings but i was like there's no way it's fair for me to name the kid you know actually she did have some goofy as name for dudes and i might add a put the stand on i know how hard it is for guys like a guy like john or a guy like joe that's those are good names they're solid solid there is do you can't fight will use your name john like what are you talking about i i'd assumed like a fool and a cb junior high and i actually i've always loved frogs i know your frog tattoo frog tattoo jamie google a pixie frog what's a pixie
so the real thing i used to have several i had pixie frogs name like jamies little controversial right as i say i got yeah chip for that little bit 'cause it's a girls name is that there's no other fuckery those mutherfuckers who came first kelly kelly's like always a back who came first though it's pat was on so like when i was like a lot of kids damn you saturday night live freaking rude impact shelleys another one shell used to be a common name for a gentleman was shelly finkel shelly finkel you see one of mike tyson financial managers yeah pixie frog they're pretty big shelly she does a bunch of shelly's a bunch of old jewish and there were shelly sheldon sheldon yes shelly kelly shelly i know dude name kelly gotta fucking tattoo on his neck
a punch in the face is it use anymore except for like if someone's being a dick yeah you're right on the wax back in the day you know the crazy thing about dick dick was from richard yeah and then how is that possible jacks from john how is chuck from charlie i looked at one up these are all like that i think that jack things like irish and they were just learn how to talk i think that's fuckin' ape might well my dad's middle name is definitely straight outta a page my dad's middle name is doi boy deal why like exactly like homer simpson know homer simpsons adult cover look at that oh my god it's friday would be out of my tank is what's happening to this show dude i used to grow in the same no this is a pixie frog but you're just not just pixie frog or fifty five eating a fucking rat with it
i will poking out the camera i would have to buy mice to feed my topete feed my pixie frog because he ate mice to look at the size of that go back to that one please look at the size of its body with the full mouse in his body he just expands like a water balloon that's crazy that's such a crazy powers like frogs and i thought they were really cool specially pixie frogs they were super aggressive they would eat something up to their size holy like you could put a mouse in their cage the same sizes them and they would tackle it encryption smoke it after i had have you ever seen him it's a little tiny mister right so my house ohmygod ohmygod would go all the way up joe my god take that picture and send it to maine big picture that sends me that might be the greatest picture ever seen in my life
it's a mix tape save image so so my cb hash it out of me with that zombie handle was pixie and i didn't know that pixie wasn't cool until someone else like address me on it but i always thought it was because i could trick it's like the most demonic ruthless thing funny animals eat an animal their size footlocker did not a whole lot that sucker they get mine was the size of a dinner plate and less that kid and pixie himself no we were looking at the i man might look like was this big that little looks like he's about seven years old no that's an african bull frog what it is so that's what it's a pixie hello this is how big my frog was we're holding john dudley's holding us a typical ice tray the we get in a hotel room i would call and i suppose i buckets rather force that rabbit all
oh my god look at the size of that rabbit might be a small girl no it's a big rabbit i could tell by his feet right it's a gigantism look at 'em all so there's another one here at yahoo there monsters i had how to videos of mine just smoke in mice that's crazy to think that it could literally eat something they are so cool fuckin' python they found in florida in the everglades that aided dear one hundred and ten percent of its body then you saw what have you ask holes done you fucking weird skynyrd loving muscle car driving dip shitz keeping pythons in a fun sing terrarium in your bedroom with mtley cre posters on the wall and you do acid decide that they go in your yard now dear that one hundred and eleven pounds there fuckings
huge man look at that there jesus christ oh my god it's so big this thing is so big this guy's holding onto it is is that a biologist that's got it what do you see this have the head he he is holding on to the mouth in the head controlling the body an inside of it is this enormous lump that is apparently a deer that's bigger than its whole body in terms of its body weight difference either someone one died 'cause it was going to eat an alligator you see that one thanks so this is how gangster python they are getting off with alligators anything that can unlock its jaw is pretty gangster too they fuck with alligators look at an alligator and go i'm going to just try to eat you i saw i actually went to a comedy skit at riviera member you're talking about that look this thing dude i i don't interrupt but go to go to the upper left upper left corner you get the best example this is what happened in da
right 'cause the alligator blew out the side of his asshole we're trying to eat this thing i mean literally happened it literally swallowed up this fucking hole gator face first and the alligator backed its way out of its asshole and they both died in the everglades but this fucking snake is so big it's true to eat an alligator that's bigger than it yeah it doesn't care dies crazy fox have let these things loose in the united states of america it's simple math that that comic that we saw at riviera i saw in the late 90s i think you were there at that time you were talking about which is kind of crazy but he he actually hear jamie cutting a person out of a snake wonderful good times this is india system place at john dudley
and looking narrowly escaped death by train set on my train is dead people oh my god it is a fucking person boo this is what you need to learn folks just because you watched nature doesn't mean you know nature just like if you watch porn you're not getting late it's the same thing if you take anything from this podcast take that nature is like where you go where you go we're talking about bc and you you go bear hunting tell the people how crazy it is up there you're in a forest filled with monsters oh yeah well they don't they don't watch the news it's all out they can't can i eat you well pretty much like this my mouth is this big you're this big i think you can fit in it yeah that's as simple as it gets that comic riviera that time who is it do we don't know i wish i knew because it was actually a good rules are really good bid he said yeah he
he pretty much talked about the fact that here is so sick of people getting complaining about how fat they get because he said you know literally it's simple math people your mouth is this big your buttholes is big at some point there's a bottleneck and he just said it's far head between your mouth in your in your asshole it wasn't dom irrera what i don't know not so long ago i mean it was twenty years ago at most that sounds like something dumber air which he just said listen to simple math that's your mouth is this big butt holes this big yeah why are you complaining about being fat well that's the real set behind that um sixteen hour fasting you know eddie bravo breaks your mouth teen i was doing fourteen while but he said that sixteen is really where all the benefits happens alright i'll give it a try so i tried sixteen
i see it there's definitely something to it is more alertness i processed food better i think giving your body a smaller window to process food is really wise i think it it also in aids you it gives you discipline gym it's a little but it's just a baby baby amount of discipline but it's enough it's a lot it's not it's not really to mean you it's not but to some people that is seriously it's all relative but i'm just being honest with them with ease they need to get past that it's not really a lot but the benefits of it like how you feel when you finally have your first meal when you cross over the line like you feel better and your body works better and you have more energy that's a fact as laurie absorbent faster unite both their big faster so i've i mean i fast i normally eat last maybe about seven hundred o'clock at night and then i normally eat again about ten or so in the morning
so i mean it's it's quite a bit of time and when i eat i'd legitimately feel like my and feel my body absorbing everything the time consuming right like it's processed everything else that's how it's supposed and that's really what fat is all about right that is all about you just keep stockpiling even though your body hasn't process instead i don't know where to put it over here and you bodies like stacking up fat over your body instead of utilizing it for few years not burning off enough calories yeah you know that is that's what this whole fasting thing sort of normalize is for me at least it just gives you this opportunity where your body says let's just digest everything we got here let's just do this and then and this dude wakes up in the morning would be burning fats is the way to go and then you feel good you have more nrg bodies using ketones
specially if you're like someone like myself that i'm not eating a lot of bread if i eat bread once every two or three weeks it's a big deal eat pasta once every two or three weeks it's a big deal do you feel like dogshite wouldn't do no no but i don't go crazy i don't go crazy if i don't go crazy i don't feel bad but if i do go crazy if i eat like a big piece of chocolate cake and some scream i feel it way more now way more now yeah i think you're more in tune if you're if you're conscious about it i think you i have a better understanding of what it actually does to you that's the problem with people that are in the lifestyle of doing it every single day is they don't really realize what it's doing to him i think there's that i think there's also obviously a tolerance that you develop just like people develop a tolerance for alcohol people develop a tolerance for weed people definitely i think develop tolerance for sugar and when i don't have it then i feel the full brunt of sugar and it's like i remember i took my family
to get cheeseburgers and milkshakes and i had a big assfuck in vanilla milkshake it was so good oh my god i was drinking as big as like twenty it's a vanilla milkshake and i was eating his cheeseburger and i hit the also hard after his over i had a sit down i could like what kind of bitchin' my the time get taken out i get like hamstring buy a cheeseburger the a milkshake but it was just clearly that i've been eating clean for so long my body had no idea what to do with that giant dump of sugar but how much sugar do you think is in twenty ounces or eighteen i don't know how much it was like one of those you know those sunday drink things they give you a word yeah gas oh god glass filled with ice cream milk jake today i was in the airport in des moines and i got a coffee
one hundred grams oh my god twenty ounce chocolate shake nutrition information how many take how many tablespoons is that one hundred tablespoons is one hundred oh my god it's so crazy was in des moines airport this morning i got a coffee and a guy behind me got a coffee he was like i think he was a baggage handler for the airlines i really came up and i poured nothing but half and half in my coffee i'm a big i actually feel like i thrive off fat now right because that's what my body wants he uh the screwed the top of jar of meth no yeah it's pretty much he unscrewed the top off the sugar and he started i was actually like god dude can you do that again i can video this he unscrewed the top off the sugar and started pouring his coffee and he poured and i was like oh my
god is that a lot and then he kept going and kept going and kept going and then he tipped the thing down put the top back on the sugar and then poured in freaking three and analysis while i was sitting there like dude that is that's it's literally like two or three times what you're saying ann the problem is this guy that was half my size needed that to feel like he could get the day going or it's a bit messy big crime is job so bad he just wanted to go into a diabetic coma in the middle of the fucking middle of the fuck this insolent about one slash two a pound of sugar let's do this okay i love it it's got myself wet what's that no it's okay it's just my pants it's just this nothing scenes i think my bible genes are wet look
embarrassment this is for your own good ladies and gentlemen is for comedy it is no computer no how many tablespoons of sugar is in one hundred gram it's a good question when i think of one hundred grams i'm thinking like a baseball of sugar that's why i think it's a lot a major league baseball of sugar so it makes sense yeah for sure is that legit can i see like a physical represe tation of one hundred grams of sugar one tablespoon equals twelve grams that's eight eight and a half that's so crazy what does it look like it's not quite a bit but baseball is bigger than any all huh eight and a half eight nav is bigger than golf ball it's i'm just being conservative how many golf balls one keowee two three i bet it's two golf balls jamie well
that's a lot of these damn puppy snorted that affect the beyond cloud more dragons look at that corridor that's krista give proportion that's crazy holy nuggets that's all are you cereal shake no wonder why it's two cups joe that's that's comparison there's one hundred grams right here i think it's comparing well one hundred grams to cups so it's one cup it's one cup but look at the size of the one hundred grams that's nuts so much sugar and that's what's in a milkshake i gotta go to the doctor this happened here so but i still have to go to the doctor today because of it let's write this up again it's already four o'clock tomorrow's let's see if you're interested in a high level archery instruction and information knock on podcast you can go to itunes you get on google play it's on is it on google play stitcher stitcher
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