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#1091 - Daniele Bolelli

2018-03-14 | 🔗
Daniele Bolelli is an Italian author, professor, and martial artist. His podcast called “History on Fire” is available on iTunes, and his most recent book “Not Afraid” is available on Amazon (http://amzn.to/1SYRwpU).
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My guest today is the host of the fantastic podcast history on fire. He is an intellectual with a voice. As smooth as silk and an accent them. should long for Europe he's a beautiful man, an amazing guy and always a pleasure, talked him. Please give it up for the great power, Mr Danielle ABLE early will gain experience with young people, mainly the man with the most fuel flax in the world. Just read: Itunes review sane it's kind of. We are listening to this guy, describing this horror story with the accent from its how lucky making your pizza, while he stuck indefinitely your noise. I am making a pizza. What I'm talking about these what's happening,
and if they could see you, you look like a professor that was kidnapped by a biker. Gang forces came nearer this Red Brotherhood, jacket, leather jack from his native Americans, with his big red. Faced on, I gotta bandanna. You You mentioned a motorcycle, so your message, eight, that's that's! Next! You could be unlike some easy ride or type moving ray. I could see it carrying a shot gun to idea. So why are you dig in doing this part gas? Are you kidding? a fire, how man I'm loving its memory for well, that's booted away, I loved doing it. It's a royal pain in the ass, the research your podcast. Much like Dan currents is very different than I was feel ashamed. Calling my podcast cast podcast sit down to talk, but yours is like it's an audio lesson on history and in depth
audio lesson on like very extreme aspects of history gets any know that part I enjoy, because the storytelling parties also Newbury Spina story, make it exciting connected with pop culture. Do something that's fine, that's the pardon. I love is the Mont prior to that of brutality. Search just calm been through boring historical book after boring historical work to find his little now gets their amazing yeah endanger spin it into a narrative, that's the fired. It gets a little old some die or you're like man? I got really need to read two hundred hours of stuff. Forty one thing: that's a lot you. How can we imagine? No, when you do that when you going over comin over all these different history books- and I was different papers written on various times- do are you like extra Ding chunks and putting them in Microsoft word than going over and then how do you do form it? Well. questions, cannot do foreign as scrimped. You are how much of it
So everything is completely right now, not exactly because otherwise they need sound like romantic our guy Irina seeing roaring that it doesn't sound right. I just stakes super extensive notes, kind of like if you are to give a lecture, you never do you're, not gonna, sit down. I read it by you. Goin tool, you know you have something to keep you on track to mature is like a. Where am I going to extricate great there trying, so it sir, as detailed as possible, without turning a team to add dry guy reading stage type Austin yeah. I mean history such a fuckin, awesome subject, because people are crazy and throughout history, People have done so many crazy things that it's just it's it's such a great thing to know. oh like when you, if you only had today like We only had our current era. and we're looking around how fuckin maniacal people are crazy. The world as well
God how this happen? we get here and there You just listen to your pie, cast any of this shit's been going on for Africa. Serious test is that good Tosh circulated is in case. You are logged in good time and there is much to complain about. Yes, is much. We can do better without a doubt, ladies and gentlemen, but this is as far as good as its ever been by far too human psyche, some very weird place, because there so much amazing staff, the human being stalled or just as much and Anders the amount of horror that can be unleashed throughout that there has been a leash throughout history
I people against other before his death insane yeah? What is like when you go back and you you go over history, what is the most confusing are disturbing era. Hannah to me is not so much a particle hour period because the same bathrooms emerge a lot of the time had different point in time. He's is more those moments you know when when mob mentality takes over because in reality the average person is not don't ever the award of you, where I think the average person is evil. I think that I think the average person is weak which means that, when in conditions where everybody spoof anyone there actually is very easy to jump on the bow wagon and in some cases, then a very ordinary human being can do horrible actions. You meet them for being
and you think pleasant person good enough, but you put them in their own context and every seen thirsty shit. I just need them. I just finished right now is to piracy. It is probably the most disturbing now I wanted what particles, flower. Some thought basically test. One was Harry Man. I need this Syria's on kind of comparing couldn't trust on the sand. Creek sector of the shining Colorado in the eighteen, sixties and then me lie in Vietnam in nineteen sixty eight and actually split it, because I had I did the Sun Creek and they add them. This guy Burial Cooper was the martyr made. Podcast is an amazing broadcaster and he cover me lion, and I mean the third app is we're gonna sit down a kind of charter them? What does these old mean about the human nature? Why do the recent white that particular story and destroy stories? Interests means because it serves to brutal massacre of six.
the UN's, but in both cases that are sold he or she would refuse to participate or actually try to stop it. They are not the majority and minority, but they are there and they try. So is not just a story of people that we not only staff is. What does that mean? One guy when or there hey go, showed that three year old, one guy you, Sir, and does it and the next guy goes no. That's not. We are screw you, I'm not doing that. That's what interests me is like the individual element of what make people in the exact same circumstances, one person go down a really dark path, and somebody else, instead of in the balls to say, That's no way, I'm that's not what we do with the native american Masker would. Who was how many people were the ones refused Z, never hear about that guy about the horrific actions of the soldiers yell at which
was demonstrably, but there was also like knows these one day I am what's a guy named sealant Marseilles soul? He was talk about a guy with balls of fire on because the guy he and a couple of other officers or refuse to lead the man and their ban because they were divided in different companies. So they are companies they in no are not participating in these days is just right up slaughter. These guys are not even a real targets. These are a bunch of civilian, so day refused. then sailor soul testified against these commander at the inquiry and any was promptly murder shortly after now, so he's like too crazy story, but still to this day there are people from there and tribal every year they ever sat a money for sale us all because they say it is now being forum a lot more of us would have died on that day and he d that really brave, seeing and pay the price for it. So, and I shall looking for Heroisms, you can do a lot worse. Now. Look at this guy story, a guy!
was seriously in all stand up for his conviction on the most extreme circumstances so can't out, but I admire that dad how to be incredibly difficult to just imagine. What those people are doing. Minuet when you hear some of the accounts of the slaughter of native Americans assist terrifying. That people can just look at, one and just decide. That's not person or that's not ass. This is the other day to be eliminated, so it's gonna call these kids Kelly's women and it happened all over the country. I mean there's, there's two things that happen: a native Americans, one, the big one, is disease and wasn't on purpose. There's this big myth that people put like they put smallpox and blankets and that's all bullshit rent is pretty much been paid when that they didn't really understand bright bacteria are diseases. There's one story: that's it ballsy bullies not proven thing do
in closing. I shall you nobody understood, but didn't Ras order first, and that are plus years completely unintentional. There's one thing about the french Indian WAR were doing a break. The British are talking about it, saying one of the commander saint. Maybe we should give them some blankets. The Small box hospital, but in a while we do know that he suggested it. We have no proof whatsoever. Daddy was actually done that's probably other Ruwenga started rank, probably, but in my the cases would happen is just that the Europeans came over and just inadvertently introduce name America's diseases and ninety four none of them were wiped out. Yet that's it crazy number. If you really stop think about it, it's gonna see there are probably the most dramatic demographic disaster in human history, because you know I never before you in a situation where a whole continent was not exposed to a series of disease. Essence, of course, inordinately immunity to first I neer exposing. You know you don't need to even I've Smallpox Hawkins niece S.
Bought him the next. They have the villages that Vienna yeah. That's crazy he's just it's amazing that if a group of people just has not come in contact with something that other people come in contact with all the time and just God we got a cold, be find some chicken to take a nap. Meanwhile, these people just dead. That's realism off that's pretty way. Aliens don't show up is like those motherfuckers are dirty. You're, amazing, Joe out the bee's knees owners are we with our whole planet will die or maybe the opposite. They know they'll kill us exactly, would have like some super advanced diseases. That's the other persevere. I guess it's just immune system thing right of your means is not prepared for it. It is the there's a great book by Guy named Dan Flores, while he wrote to but one of them actually element and actually is a paper that he wrote about the Buffalo. And he saying that it's really interest. and because he compares the initial encounters that Europe
inch settlers had an european travellers had before the native Americans were wiped out, and they talk about how many animals were on the plains and they make it a direct account of it. And then after the Europeans, in common, Ninety percent of the native Americans have been wiped out. That's when the Buffalo Population increase goes to the roof, and you seeing these gigantic packs of millet would be packs herds. I guess of millions and millions of Buffalo, and he say that's directly attributed to the lack of predators, kurdish means, lack of native Americans. They were preying on these buffalo, of course, really interesting. Yet a guy you on the Parkhurst once right, yeah. I look upon again. I love that that was also his book. Coyote Amerika. I want DUMBO that book changed the way I feel about Coyote ICE Village fuck those running over now, like those little wolves hours, there was a great up. Is it I enjoyed
Did they are so gangster? One just stared me down the other day. I start my fuckin car and just now because he was in it was a kind of not allowed, in this area. It was fairly late at night and use them. Wrote a somewhat just pull, over and see what this coyote does and he is fuckin stood. Like thirty feet, my card staring at me just staring at me That's right there, just like whatever dude what you gonna do. I'm about run these words. You never see me again or a stick around. Maybe you fuck up I'll eat, you re restarted figure what to do right here, those guys don't mess around. That's crazy, that This can live and it becomes lately embedded in our society like there. We had a bye just lose the Germans name that we had from the department of Parks and services. Saving fine sky, but
he's actually biologists who tracks coyotes and he tracks em all over the state and even tracks mount lines. They tag them and put those cars, armaments, stuff buddy that there's a pack of Cairo? Does it lives in downtown Ella? Then I believe in the heat of everything they found some abandoned building and aid.
a dead end up in this abandoned building and that's where they live, how those guys are resilient, they thriving anything to thrive. You'll like crazy anymore story, so check this out about Kyoto. There's my mom went for a walk with their dog undergo he's a big Mean Doggery, so they are walking and they see ahead of them. These little girl, properly penny or sold with this tiny little five bound dog type of thing and there's a chaotic, maybe like twenty yards behind there. That's clearly stalking them in the morning and see it and is obviously aiming for two five pound therein. This chest, and so my mom yell at their like hey watch out, said the girl freaks out because the dog and fewer she save pelted. Isn't your folks, steel still
in them down, and so that boy, my mom kind of let their dog go and dug chase the chaotic off, and I was that, but I was like man, those guys don't be, yet you don't wanna leave little dogs, you don't already little girls around kind, always like why a ten year old is walking that, though, by ourselves, let's crawling on the best idea day on theirs an instance that happened a few years back Nineteen year old girl was murdered, not murdered, killed partially eaten by Otis, Toyota, Janius yeah. I think the bits chunks out of her tore apart. She died in the house pressure the nineteen year old and allowed the air, but there. It was unusual circumstances and then one of unusual circumstances that the coyotes in this area are very limited in terms of what game is available so much so that they ve been known to go after moose that these
little high odious actually go after moose and of successfully taken lose out ass. These are gangster Kyle Jack's. When you look at the data. Look that big powers that are really being ones like fifty pounds. I washed away. The other day of a mother. Moose tried to stop these wolves from eating her cow. Loud in her can seem that says rhetoric, yeah she's run around stopping these wolves and their circling her, and then they just grab a calf and dragged away and she's fight, not the other walls and stop, and I'm she stopped shit out of a few of them. She knocked a few of them up more satisfaction, thought when I said I wonder what sucks There is just in Brown that gentleman for a nice guy. We give a lot of interesting incited to like what happens in. You know like with biologists, how they how they track these animals and what what
The problems are but we'll we're we're in such a unique place in southern California, because there is such a massive population of people, but there's all these predators that are served like entangled in our system. Now I Cox everywhere every way, look, there's hawks, swooping down, snatching, doves and shit. In my my daughter, I got a little dog. I always felt little certain nasty rats, but I started liking. These takes like ok, I must change my mind about it. This is a cool dogma, steel, like eight pounds or some grass, unlike you can't let him alone in the yard, not because there is probably not k, authors in the yard, but there definitely hawks around there's definitely ours. That thing look like a big rabbit, arrogant as an adjective recycling seat, and you cannot leave him in the yard like that. Cause mean that's how it is. That's when you have greater what's around, you need to keep your eyes open, yeah, there's no getting around it, there's no getting around it! You and when we look at
how horrific the wild world, It's not a surprise that people who are just like recently civilized over the last year, like really realistic, but that's the thing had housing years. Yet every bodies like there's these really dark thing in people's minds, swear It's an problem. The tabled most people are never gonna, pull the trigger and glenora there, but that's part of We are as far as human beings- and I think that's why enjoyed wind is the sun. Creek me lie because his story, that's not trying to bash any side, is not like or local, was bad Americans doing. These massacres he's more, though, are horrible people. There are also great people belonging to the same side. Show it to me is not about one particular group of
People that one nation order, one ethnic group or anything been the bad guys is on an individual level. What is that makes one guy go down these whore indissoluble directions and other people instead chosen in because that's what you boys now, as you ice choosing, not to beat up person and that's what fascinates me yeah. You know it's just there's a great book by Sebastian younger called tried. I have you read it around. No one: can it wasn't an interesting when they talk to, but when he talked about all of the people that were kidnapped by native Americans that chose to live with them and then when they were taken back by the Americans by them? the settlers in other like there's some gone back gone back, the native Americans and they went live with them again, No one went the other way, no slaughter. Which is really crazy, something not flat that in a bad euro make on culture of the tiger, there's a greater Benjamin Franklin Course. I'm gonna butcher,
as I had only remember to beginning something about nor European West tasted, savage life and a bicycle, gone too can be, are to come back to leaving our settlements or something like that, and I'm like he added see something because it's fun yeah the way there in their campaign, hunting and fishing everyday day, and you go back in these assholes, where powdered, wigs and bang wooden Malaga Table Fair, but it appeared sanction fuck, that's hilarious, but that area here you that's what I beat about cultures right for some time that romanticize native called sources like, although they are all you, know, hugged threes, then talking with the former creatures of the forest and unlike right. Well, yes, I know there are like in what you manage all right. If you are captured, special in these two, when, like French and yet more our stuff like it, I were going on. If you are capture by adopting an eighty, their aid, one of two things happen. The good wine is that they like you, then they decide to adopt you and I
You end up by the police in one of their dad family members like if they lost abroad, that or rather than you become that person formats Is Europe Association weird thing that they did it's very weird? But but the thing is the adoption process was so through a road that D. Love. You, like your the real deal, do end up feeling like your part of this family, and you know everything works out. Its everything is great if they don't like you dead, they tortured to death over three Napier that so insane. If these are the same people, the rights they can my sweet, as must also be women's or really messed up. Seem culture seeming dvd to us do, think. That's just because people have evolved big dealing. With tribal warfare, and we have to have that switch. I think he's because the thing at interesting about natives is that he wasn't there racial thing. They adopted anybody. I didn't matter what skin color you have that they did not have a barrier to, but it is a big inside out
I don't know if you're part of hard drive and you may become part of our tribe race doesn't matter. You can become part of our try, but once are part of our tribe you're one of us, but if you are now part of our tribe Dan De Seem rules, do not apply to you, you are the other. You are an enemy. You are in in that case, that's when it gets really broader yeah, even with other native Americans. That's the thing that people need to really didn't like. We, especially people that only have a peripheral understanding of native American culturally The reason why sewer called sues gazettes- a native american word for enemy, yet they call themselves Lakota people right exactly All the other Indians will, in fact, these crazy ass authors and take you to help with the enemy thought that they were just dominating. It's it's really fascinating. When you consider that these people had these hunting grounds and we're trying to protect, and one of the things that they found is that
there are areas or wildlife, thrived and the wildlife thrive I in these, like God, grey areas because, like this One area would be one native american tribe and then there are hunt, in grounds went to a specific specified distance, no obviously always in conflict, but then pass was another native american tribes, but in the middle that's reed final, the FUCK animals verses. Do I get it? Nobody finds me they are worried about killing each other into azure zone. So it's not that it's crazy that they figure that out. It's like. Have you been to Yellowstone, it's beautiful rise is amazing, one of the things that really crazy. We go around the tourist centre, there's elk everywhere, just lounging around they tell you dont get
more than twenty yards closer to an ally because they will charge you occasionally. They, like tartar people, taken five Zelda dash fraternally Woody's like hey, that look like little did. I did it. I was out there and I've seen elk in the wild warrior, but they figured out the wolves. Don't to the tourist centre so I got an idea and then they realise these people are different than the people that hunters our another! They put it together like like one day in August. Go wrong right, civilization, kid collapse in just go right to Helstone. Go to that fuckin tercentenary meet everywhere, more darkened the you need their hundreds of among the lawn deter centre. It doesn't make any sense, but I dont know what it is like, what is the intellectual process that allows and Elk I understand that these people are not going to try to eat me.
and that the wolves are not going to be around these people. A burly took some really stupid dialogue to stick around people before realise those are the good ones so that everybody was looking back at length. I they didn't get killed Frank over there, the feed num peanuts. Here we can try to you. I wonder what it wants I dont know if we really know like the mechanism that allows them all as a group to go yeah you just chill out around these people arrived lie down. Please light out without us right. mud and other national Party seemed the most animals like they are by its scenarios. That is always is I say that no there's never been like a non warring successful group of humans because only takes You can really be a pacifist around somebody, weazened Gaza. Here you, this
to go in a man, more peaceful, happy society, and you got your asking by there's a great story about the origins of not even before the United States like british colonies, in what will become the United States. Everybody else about the prima throng riders behold, the Puritans they show off. All of that would usually people Don T or that they also sell, played a little windy store in his book. There was these other set them ankle. Mary Mount. There was just down the street from blame of, but they were completely different. Interpretations of Christianity was pretty much, but he Christiaan Paganini mix with a couple of christian ideas, the exact opposite approach of the Puritans they were. Evan drunken orgies, windy and native tribes. They were ill as yet they were the equivalent of like the HE piece of the sixty nine, that's just having fun and period. I started getting energy because when new people would show up on the course they would take a look at the Puritans they would
take a look at matters amount than me like I'm going to marry mouthed rap unit, as these guys are, we ve been dead, sell for life sucks over there, and so, of course, that was bad competition. Even some purely tonnes were see you honey, I'm God for a couple of weeks and sought the hard core guys decided well began to have that, so they got their guns showed up and close down Mary Mountain and that's the problem like eh my guys now beat them, plays a heap peace and actually got there. to gather and trained with guns and staff. They would have been able to keep their community goin wheaten those values- all you just do need its meaning almost. the fence, otherwise somebody out squash, which is exactly what happened, was that the four the name Loyola Mary Mount. Does it come from those people I adopted, because you know what I've? No. Yes, I'm gonna but by then
Sierra Leone. Does it strike me exactly as I, but I can. I rejoice with NEO, not about its wiles confuse you. I never heard that before, but it makes sense that there be someone that would deviate. Who is always so and looks at the waiver. One else is doing in just as this is fucking not for me, man tottered, but it always goes bad, like there's, never been called where you know they got together, form the commune and just really were cool each other. We actually fashion It is exactly the thing you say the why? Why can what's so them here? about power its them. But it is one person in power the one person in a position of power is almost always view serve and they almost always use that power to their own eatable, eagle, gratification and dominance. They always fuck all there. guys wives dazzled sold at father a bunch of children? They take everyone's money. You know it's unfair. fascinated by that kind of stuff, because one is
is that you, you see when you, if you become famous or if you do something that gives you a lot of notoriety is I know how I feel around certain famous people, like our melick of talking first time I met Anthony Bourdain, whom I respect a great deal. I was like a little school kid. I was I was just such a dork as I do that fuckin love your shot like slaves is genuine. I love is writing to you. genuinely excited to see him medium in still to this day when I talked about dark out so when You know you take a person whose not and I'm used to being run celebrities. I've been around a lot of them, but when you someone who is not used to being around someone who is in this position of admiration they don't know how to handle it and they just they just give in to whatever you know, beta tendencies that have, and this alpha just takes over It is a natural thing that human beings do in these small
isolated groups that don't get checked and it all as always, is the man who is in charge of it. of abusing which again it goes back to that part of human nature, is why do you have good on that, but you can have a great life. You ran joy, be nice to people making. You are in a position of leadership. We use that to make sure the whole thing grounds mortally everybody stick a narrow that were yeah. Let that peace is me off because in a word to me, is I understand it and I dont understand it because I am I getting I've, seen it enough times that I know your exactly one hundred percent right, but at the same time I really dont get it because you can t live a great life. No one is denying you all the good things that you want just be a semi decent human is not that hard come on. You would think it that hard. But when there's no one checking you look you're in Oregon Woods Zone of got this Fuckin Europe never really lives together and you just bang everybody
It makes it easier for all their gold. It's the people, for whatever reason when there's a person that is the king or purse, That is like some, you know caught leader whatever you do you Messiah, whatever you want to calm people just want that person to have the answers. They d gravitate towards that, and I think that's precisely one of the thing that box me up I've done a lot of people who are willing to put themselves in the position of like I am your big leader to meet there. to be a leader? That's also that's great sort of the now based approach where people should intervene. Hilda Yarly, thereby ya, like sobbed leap, moving sinks along to mature everybody's, taken care of ram, that's a leader, but that's not because he's not all bills. Most people need exactly what you say: deeds they need their father figure to lay down the law, to be very
dogmatic and so retaining their. I know I told don't worry have hold. The answer is good. This is bad and people love that they love that in dictators, NED loaded, ready, jewels called leaders. They love eighteen in everything that type of personality gathers a whole lot of full lawyers who need the sum body to look confident and sure of themselves. Another method whether they already are anti chronicled, show people with bite, yet seems like a pattern that just sort of gets established. Human beings from being a child and having your parents, don't touch that. That's how come with me is the way to go this, which have to do this. put issues on details. You decided to work. This idea dares to say do that and then you also you Norman. I may tell you what to do any more and then all along comes the cult leader. The up. I got the answers, guess what they're coming straight from gods, fucking parents- France, no shit, but that money
that's what it's about the same people who get away that would be like your parents valuator your shoes at her like fuck, you re. Suddenly somebody come along with our twenty or thirty. Tell your shoe. You like! Oh, you are so why me listen to. This is the way to my shoe, oh great master, exactly this chess had I'm no man is just it was interesting. I don't know if you have been following where I M done Carolyn the stuff that he has been saying about. These are therefore common sense. I have listened to a lately, yet he hasn't be releasing IP some lately that probably why you haven't, because he s kind of shut down when that is not officially down. But in these thing is my approach, meaning than talking my approaches to be come. What somewhat sobbed, though, somewhat like Lee and not be overly dogmatic, one way or another to sink my feet to make things together and that something that most people don't want in the current climate. Most people
on the very black and white type of approach. Now I disagree with done, because I think that steel, daddy's and enormous need for what it provides an. I dont think that just giving up is the solution, but I do added because it three doesn't take much. You know if you start screaming now very dogmatic: either super leftist or stupor conservative approach. You get out to market a bunch of followers. If you are thinking on your feet and just goin these thing: yeah, you're, right boss, let's look at the other side and constantly having you know what any decent human being should do. Just meaningful, actually honest and thinking sings turn on people don't respond to that cause is not that easy, or rather people do some people there yet, but his number wisest way a minority compared to what you got by being a black and white kind of day yeah. People desire of very clear resolution in very clear thinking. In terms of like
me friend. This is a black and at issue this, but did I think, Dan they also felt overwhelmed by the times genetic. This too seems, like everything so far, dab I'd, rather not talk about it to sit back, and I now see what is it is really happening everywhere on for now. I swear I spent an hour on the Ford which you were back on what I was played in by that was played remembered a second movie of Lord of the rings where there's four, although Katherine being is all I can do this anymore. I daresay guy Back Abad, yodeling, I'd think eight. Eighty two step my gave a shitty SAM, because I was trying to do that for damage. Skier motivating Monday miserably failed. So I respect where is coming from He said that when he was on the show recently who was talking that same thing in this kind of put that part just on hold long as he keeps doing his podcast Harcourt. History is just so port, and I think I think him and you are providing you
providing and entertaining and interesting history lesson that really was available before me before you could get a book on tape and it is really well written work and it was read by someone with a good dramatic flare, was exciting staff but noble really got into it? I would the numbers, if you can, the numbers of people that have listened to his podcast near podcast in comparison to like before you guys were around this, probably a radically improved number people that know a lot about history for particulates. Things like the Mongols, I'd everyone thought about the Mongols until I listened to his podcast, which apparently right now, if you're in the Ella area in senior valley at the Ronald Reagan, museum museum or library? What is it? Does a giant kings
and exhibit railway yeah. They have the boughs and all the story stole in textiles and all the different things they warn their Europe that they slept in all kinds of crazy shit. Also Duenna go I mean that's us over nears all right are close to it. There were twelve hundred, yet ass, often ass, close to a thousand or so yeah, but It is worth area check it. They had both there Quite a hundred and sixty pounds to pull back. I know who the hell where disguise it will place a hundred if our boy, it's insane and Emerson animals, there must have been so fuck and strong Europe with sixty pounds. Had your life holly hell. This is heavy handed in six decency. Y ever of compound bow in the camp. bow. I don't have a regular like a recurring themes. Gosh, I believe they invented the recurred to invented they were around in the era when the recurved was invented, which is by the design, the bow, it pulls its
gives you more power. More energy gets released through the arrow, but with a key down, but there's a big let off. So it's only difficult safe. Yet a sixty pounds bow it's only death. It's sixty pounds for the first six inches arrivals poignant back then, as you completely pull back, is like an eighty five percent. Let off so much easier to whole right. They were pointing a hundred and sixty two what time delay and it was hard or of course am, and they could a perfectly on horseback, whether I already knew full gallop is like Huda. I mean they apparently he's too timed arrow release. While the horse was in the air deck is, then you don't have the Even this now does guys This makes it s. The dead sea areas that bandied under Mongols is one of the greatest of all of us. I urge amazing its. I think it cause a dollar and episodes go through.
tunes get it for. I got dollar or I don't know what other whatever could now do you have if you're sheep, I android, but it's a dollar and episode and it's worth fuckin hundreds Dalia. It's amazing. I've listened to it. Noble at least six times. I did to stop bringing up down, because by now people are accusing me off You know you like, then, probably a little more than a thorough sexual men should always give praise beautiful guy he's awesome. nothing wrong with that. I love, then, is one of my favorite ailments. Listen you're, podcast, fuckin, arson, two men and I really particular enjoyed your first one because you talked about that. One store that you brought up on freaked me the fuck out and at the end of Spartacus Rebellion Day they capture old remnants of Spartacus Army and crucify, every single one of them on the way between the Naples and the cap, Lubbock next to Naples, them Naples in Rome, every whatever thirty forty yards nurse. New guy crucified and thirty yards down another one kind of like lampposts all the way between these tools
it is, and how many miles is that that's like a hundred twenty, something like a hundred and twenty miles of crucified people, where you, every day, every thirty to forty yards, there's a new one and then another one and then another one and its debts in TAT kind of story. Since the last time you were on the pod gas, I went to Rome II that by travelling entropy dude, it's out, that's one things. Were you just have to like? No one talk to me for a second I'm eternity process. This you know like we had a great guide, who is a professor was a really. It was a really cool. He guides p in the meantime, and he was so excited to talk to me because I was so into it, of course, because most time in people just like barely curious about what he has to say, but you know we talked about the significance pineal gland in the Pine Conan in them in the vat again, and you know it takes it on a tour of all the different artifacts. That's
that's a trip that I feel like, but just going there, especially the Vatican going near the calcium, was big too, but going to the vat. Can I just seeing all that our work and getting standing of what those people were really up to four hundred and hunt, Birds of years to come during the world for hundreds and hundreds of years, and all this artwork see live in person, sort of reset my perspective. That's amazing. Nets are always a place that here
never once in your life. You got to do it, you know it's just I don't know if you have been there's a place, castile some tangible, which is kind of close to the Vatican. But if you go to the top of this castle bicycle yet panoramic view will fall off at all from then it's so spectacular, adjust its while you, man, Revalue, sealed the buildings, you see everything and then you come back down and you just as we are walks and- and I was a senior wanting that I swear own- I was blown away by you. No desire to stem Caravaggio was debate there, never that guy. I love that guy, because basically, what happens with these duties he was around in what was the end of the fifty nine, the ILO to fifty nine that authority sixty nine that its and Caravaggio was straight up against their like he was probably the best artist of the IRA to me he's party to best artist of old eyes. Like you look at he, Spain takes an interest in seeing what you could do. It
and but then he had this life on the street. Does it as a leak that armed gangs there he would just get he at one point keel the guy in the will was wanted for murder every time he would get close to power in the old way up. That's gonna vodka, for you, look I'd narrating pain, is what year was dismayed around nine cod. good. It is That's insane! I mean that's, that is so close to photographic. And you think that this is in the sixteen hundreds and these people they couldn't even Dan still form? I mean how do you think he did that? Did you have a guy pretend that he's getting choked they do this off from his mind. Now. I think he was models. There was actually one of the scandalous is that things will aliens miles well
but that was not the sky I did. I was part of the deal, though the scandal of power at whether the fact that you know the church was commissioning a lot of he swore Monday's clearly was not the most by your guy there. Since her eyes view of Christianity, I hate these guys we're Jesus and his followers were poor man from the street. They were not the cardinal in purple, or so he use the small dose more than once for the virgin Mary. Is the hookers that he was leaping with real and soda charges. Like you, dont use a hooker for divergent bury. That's just not ok. You gonna be like you. Gotta worry. Ok, next time and again, he does it today that serious, whose paintings the Virgin Mary Sue, finds a woman it's, our neighbour is Larry, there's one. If I remembered that there's one where there's a,
kid baby, Jesus with Mary squashing as an egg safe that pops up there is great because it was day there was a big shot at making a big in a church was trying. Ok, teepee togethers, be a good boy, cause you're the best paying third areas, but your fucking crazy. So please I don't down. He turned Cindy's painting where the virgin Mary has just begun. I just joined in a red dress, she'd, baby Jesus he's back me a squashing. snake supposed to symbolise the naval staff and air like yeah. That's now are we bad. the one that The virgin Mary India Susa Freak out while she was he so lover hooker. So, yes, that was part of the problem than the baby Jesus Squash snake was diction
Those are the other thing that this guy was explaining to me was the penis sizes of the roman statues. They were all small because big penises we're supposed to mean stupid people and an act of caresses animals that which you now a part of the civilised, amazing culture that Rome represented. So there was, but I didn't I could happiness. Yeah well, wasn't micro, but it was definitely not that's, not optimal, yeah. I was like this. I was asking us like what do you think that, as we were trying to figure it out? whether we are talking about it before the professor give me an answer, and also maybe they just like had little or dicks back then It is just that we went and he's like now and it's just I think they probably associated big Dick with rape with like those
barbaric ends and the more as all these people come in and chop and people are in fact in the shit out of everybody and like none, and I we don't want that, can now little tiny, dicks lectures sophisticated debts of its tickets, that people in re, poetry, animalism, maybe there still now another deal with exact. They were there. We clearly made by the art is one thing they did do, though, in certain areas they covered the dicks with leaves it, wasn't initially where I do and they went back on a lot of em and re purpose them and put new leaves over dicks. I think you know right now that I've gotta be about seven punk beds, boring the name from your like sophisticated. These will be the name of your band coming out tomorrow. We have good bands, sophisticated Dixie alike, that name that's a good one. Yet it's a weird thing that people have done throughout history is like sort of trying to trying to control artistic expression and trying to have it represent the time
and so you don't necessarily get a full version of what was going on them, but you do get a version of the suppression which gives you insight into the full version of the times de facto, in other, their coven covering dicks leaves and stuffs so strange, and sometimes they would have the pain. Thirdly, giving the eighty did version of the painting, their public consumption, but then the same guy. What commission? It was like, ok Gimme, while for my I bet collateral swiftly, who'd have old, who way more explicit style, women, they didn't have pornography back then, so they must have been beaten after paintings and stuff had to be mean it had to be thought of. As being arousal inducing so much so that what it the victory, an era where they put legs at of tables. They would put dresses and yet they would rapid the legs of the tables, because you know they are legs the earlier bear. They may give you I d,
Switching, I don't know about you mind, but do not look at the leg of the things that really does and wait for me said something to it, but we're people that's so or any right at a table, lag smooth, but that's what you do. You really have problems right when you look at the lack of a table and you got all excited, is like man you're, that's not good, you'll be what our revisit your life choices up a deal that point fastening. The people must have agreed to that too was of Jamie. I just looked it up. It says that at a regional from a satire that was written in people, I guess took it as truth. I so it's not real yes posing, but they deftly did cover the land they did. But the reason why naturally says: there's poking fine Americans at some length. I've come on this point the myth that the meat is two core- that's prosperous, far house parlour in nineteen hundreds and as a cover. This is nineteen hundreds right. This is some. The victorian era is when they did this outcome.
Eighteen, thirty nine, an Englishman roadside tie of american tour. He wrote the american president easy to use the word, limb and place of leg. This is the industry, to then he says he visited aboard school young Ladys near superstar, sorry Square Piano Fort with four limbs. The mistress of this I wish had dressed these four limbs in March, trousers with frills at the bottom of them. His exaggerating and not subjects is exaggerating or not. So jack to speculation, has certainly poking fun or whether whether move Maria more yet is exaggerating or not is to speculation. He is certainly fond. You find Americans like a test having page dozens book showing old black my panel for of it, in tears. I saw not one example of a table piano or any other piece of furniture with skirt around the individual legs that's interesting
bullseye. It always heard I like the legend, so much matter hadn't. You always heard that from today professors. I remember hearing that from a history professor, I'm all off the between boring haste the fund legend or we thought we'd be out like did they d be war where more stupid, and they were the acid topics and good about this era. Exactly were now you because some Look at it dresses the people everywhere in other, when all the way down to the ground mean does not really much different then what we see in the Middle EAST Snap, it's very simple, I mean what we see the Middle EAST. They have to cover their face. The hijab in the whole deal and they're the head scarves, and that's a little little more extreme, but not much hip mean Dave Day more shit, they went all the way to the ground. He showed any ankle loser mind. It's great yeah! Well, repression. Does it yeah? I wonder
If there were more hyper sexual eyes, then we are, I bet not. I bet, because a porn we're probably more hyper sexual Azra nurse. I think frank arguments there, because some people say to more Europe rest of the more than your gun obsessed with its own. That's all you think about all day now, whereas one that's kind of indulge more immediate is less likely to obsess, then again the maltese people worse, what dictate to internist porn, but I dont know if that idea works, but yet that's the wheel. Nepal is the problem that an airport is the availability. Who is this You don't have to go some way at least back, the day when you had VHF tapes, Dvds, like that, you had a good store him how to buy em, you put him in the tv sit back and get the remote control yet others. process there was more involved minors to minor work, yes riotous now, just far too easy is far mean how many people that work that have jobs go into the bathroom locked. The door beat off
That's a lot of people, listen and right now to win a decidedly diamond that right, I beat not right now, stop it go back to work. Jesus is watching. That's what I hear yeah just it's interesting. I guess if you have to think about a like, they were trying to control those people and trying to control their urges because it was beneficial to society an official decided that these people needed to do their fair share and get to work, and they couldn't be staring at legs all day and dinner, engaging and impure thoughts in Vienna. That's the that's the problem with any kind of probation its completely misunderstanding Oda. You won by insurance, as you do not say nor to seeing says you're, not gonna duties, yeah, guaranteeing that people are obsessed with this right
The work has a sand story that I heard ones that I thought he was a lorry is carry member. Where did but Guy GOAT was then mass they're saying hey annoyingly pool at peace and happy. I wanna be just like you. What do I need to do said muster says: ok, just for the next twenty four hours, dont think about monkeys like monkeys, never thought of among his him. I was that gonna make me a light and some others are shut up. Norway come back in twenty four hours, don't think about monkeys peddling, okay, well, becoming a light and he's gonna be a piece of cake is all I have to do is not think about monkeys and, of course, the next twenty four hours become. The most monkey feel dollars on his life has really couldn't think about respect for being the bore you make something get double. the boy to guarantee that people are gonna obsessed with it. It's like even think it like drinking at twenty. Whining. U s right
growing up. I don't even know if there was an age in ITALY where you're supposed to not bring but he's not dead, glamourous united What's your grandparents have for lunch, and you re our maybe six year old than you wanna try a little wine and they give you a tiny beat saying he should have a little are, you got a headache, suggest gotta and then one day you do get a little more. You got a headache and you go oh shit, you're right, ok here and you kind of law now to drink, but I don t like we ve, got away cool. Now we got all these boys and people drink, throw up all over the south is like TAT just cross. Why are you doing here? I think there is definitely a healthier attitudes than America. Doubt is about alcohol, but also like wine, is a good way to start who'd like Eastern Africa with whisky shots. The way to start to pose a mom. I first times I've got drunk was on Jack, Daniels and two years for me to smell Jack Daniels, not want to throw should he get those triggers in your head. We smell it like Yeager
I started to smell Yeager mice and just bill. I think about this. Getting violently ill will Are you trying to purge it from your system? So you don't die yet its did. Tis, true from kids and tell him it's that that its taboo, but then you drink it, and then can't wait until these fuckin people can tell me what to do anymore to help him myself, Cole, Glasser Whisky. I mean it's kind of like that goes also. We do. shown in general. You know when, if a parent has to come to the place where you say these are the rules you leave on their might all funding to random. That's like raising the white flag in that meeting. I've lost all ready. I lost control. I don't know what the fuck I'm doing is, of course, all day we're gonna do is wait for you to turn around and the weak. Secondly, the senior prohibiting the aren't coming across as a dictator. You come across as an asset. Instead, you can teach somebody like look man,
you can do whatever you want the goal areas we want to make sure we both want to make sure that you are happy in your safe, simple enough. So, let's figure out a strategy to make sure you can be happy and safe and we are on the I'm on board. Whatever that's a lot easier for people to respond will be like ok, so you're, not just the keel I was trying to squash my life. Your somebody was concerned about me not ended up dead, fair enough. We can work with that yeah, but parents have to work yeah, and there are many time exactly I'll. Tell you, your parents right, good despots Muslim, sat up overnight busy right my work over here. Fucking, you get my lectures, ready, is like hey, hey, hey: what about whisky? Don't fucking touch that shit get out of there that letter cabin right, the armament, I'll, get it and wait to drink. Has the diskin refund? Of course gotta be this taboo forbidden the soul, but that's the problem with forbidden stuff
It never works, whilst also italian food and wine seem to go hand in hand, and in the end, its I think I mean did that used to be what they drank because they were concerned with getting sick right and one of the best ways to not get sick was to drink wine. The alcohol content well yeah the alcohol content would keep the water from a mean that give you just drink water. Times most of its sitting, still give you get some bad fuckin water. Writing it bad water. From a lake I mean how many they didn't know jack shit about parasites back then how many people got some terrible diseases from drinking water and should now sure a lot earlier find some water, Gower, thirsty, timid, drank and or even creek you drinking to create. And you think I got- is a beautiful stream? This is clear water yeah, but a beaver Turkish. Yet a hundred yards lack of Haiti's ya know about it. You get was called Beaver fever
for real, that's what they call jarred. They call it beaver fever, The other can be good doubts, terrible so these to drink wine to prevent what they would call travellers disease, because people would take these those. What are those things called, though the leather things that they would carry wine and I want to flash with flask. What are those that those leather satchel J? I know what you're talking about why it in I thought they use flask forgot, but I'm not sure might be there's a term. It's like a leather bag, and it had like, on the end like cork, just drink from that and that's how they would hydrate people must have been just hammered all day when you read the statistics of how much people used to drink. It's amazing that anything ever got banned cause it's just people word drinking morning, throne
and her there must have been her risk to each other than just just imagine like a whole civilization. That is a drunken bar one. I am angry dry, it's funny cause. I never, and I mean I've seen it and after that I get it. People get edgy and we are aware Wendy. drink too much. But I never got it because to me like if hunky like that's when I'm happy a hug people forget. Why would I want to be in a bad mood? This is also of these four you're, a nice guy, That is why it is that comes out the yeah you're fuckin asshole. Your job, I see yourself if you just barely keep in that asshole under the surface, is barely one her eye and stabber, but in club elements stealer women, and then you get a couple of drinks in here not this. This era apples a great social lubricant. It's great fur released, innovations and letting people communicate with each other more freely and have fun, but
This is also it room. moves doubt in that not good! Writing tat is critical. Yet, like doubt, is one of the pieces of the great puzzle right. The good. The great puzzle has many ingredients in one of those ingredients is doubt and doubt as important. You should look at anything you're about to contemplate NGO now think about this when we think what could go wrong when you get a couple of drinks faggot, let's go. Let's go and the next thing you know You know you're on an internet, meme cold might be area right, Ashley. We talked about yesterday like some of the most more ridiculous ones, but there are so many those out there and almost all you have to do without We are totally right and I think what you are saying about that there is a greater Alan wants, the guy who popularize ASEAN and always amend all of that stuff. He had these great line. He called led the wisdom office. Do what you do. You know this idea of thread real careful stone bearing now begin shortly,
Obama taken which doesn't mean the promenade than people taken, a concept to fire and that turn it into having balls and not be name right, stand that that's not a solution either. That's the other side of the problem, but there's a sweet spotting between where you can take stances, but they are careful stance as they are sent in stance. Is that our very willing to be changed at the drop of a diamond showed good evidence do to change them here? Is that to me is what intellectual honesty looks like yeah guy, Three. I think it's good to be aware of all the possibilities. I should tell people that when I was teaching Tag window people they wouldn't compete if there really really nervous I'd, be like the really smart, People are really nervous because You are aware of all the possibilities of everything they can go wrong. The people that worried about it at all? They usually dumb. There's that, but also to me there are some people like I look at some of the people were able to keep together in
What kind of like chocolate I right in thinking that pride before a fight dry, I can tell by look at those guys interests be like you'd or something I don't there's somebody bear a yard. Confidence for sure me Chuck had been knocking people unconscious many many years, and he knew exactly what to do and I think new. he's good at there's that former- and I think there is the other side is knowing that? Ok, I have decided to do it. Fear is not gonna help me oh you know about me to make a decision on sovereignty or by right. Now is not going to tell me so, let's figure out many was he lobbyists dares my girlfriend fights Mme. Professionally knows that the ashes wise can attention to your escapades online, but she's, crazy, insecure. Has she literally at that shortly Delmore Door? She she took a nap right before a fight, and you know like forty five minutes before you have to whereas the boiler- hey radiant she's, like ok, ready to roll.
How would you not sleep for a week properly or out you manage to keep together like goods. Do icy do the ice asleep for fights it's good. That's all some yeah, but your you just, can get yourself into a more calm stare. It's so much better than frantically, running around and freak out, fretting plus its if it free your pain, I would sleep like right in the bleachers, I go to sleep there and everybody else be nervous. shit, new sleeping, exactly look at me. I'm supposed to fight that guided. I was sleeping, arrive before defied hailed, nor like the first to match you did when I was that's because you know you're in the locker room and there's a guy sitting next to you goes out for his match, combat back silent only cover unblotted. There tell you. Ok, you got ready, gargoyle max, I'm dying right, rusty kid, how the hell and she's all like la la la where'd, you mean heard Jim. No, she literally live across the street from me. That's crazy, That is where I- and it was funny because I used to say it
what a universe has a sense of humour, because they use to sail that. I, like I'm kind of I can get along with anybody, but our own assess early clique with a lot of people. So my things I e. Where do I find somebody? I click whistler across the street, and I see that my path in adopting at what they are like LUCA Larry? I do. I was that's why I was looking at the universe going like. Ok, that's funny ha! That's the this definite little things it almost like slap in the face yeah there's a whole system gone on stupid two year, pay attention ETA. Like you, I know you make opera, but the secret might render motherfucker opens, got three billion dollars seriously. Lilies of the do, it seems completely preposterous intellectually, I always want to side now. You know that they treat things don't happen for a fuckin reason. You decide
They happen for reason afterwards there, because it helps fit your sense of order. My it's! The funny thing is, I completely agree with that and I so. Can we agree with the fact that sometimes things click it away? They are like ok, you're fucking, which may be set at us to think about people all the time out of nowhere again, the mail from out of nowhere like I'm talk this guy and ten fourteen years, and also I get an email or you know you run into them somewhere, like planets. How is it possible running into at the airport? Byzantium makes sense. I know final reconnect, it's very strange there. those are the times when you really humbles, you are making, Ok, the universe is such a weird place and what I understand is, like probably zero point zero one percent of. What's out there, you were connected in some other, whereby our way that we haven't figured out, and maybe we'll never well, maybe will become symbiotic. Maybe it will become more completely ingrained technologically before we figure out the biological connections that we share, because I think there's I think
like the obvious answer, is that we all have, but I think, there's some other stuff going on. We think about someone and boom they're they're, calling you on the phone. I did. That, just to me, is to court until sometimes sometimes it's random short. Like say, if someone that you talk to all the time and then they call you about just coincidence, no big deal, but there's sometimes man, where you just your time. About someone and also in the fuckin phone rings, and go look at this. This is crazy. Given talked him for you, excite calling you write to exactly do something to an and you ask them my party colleague, just stop right now, I'm not saying like why you call I'm saying like what was going. I like what cause you to call me. We feel that what matters most of all is the rise in the bud. You can also telling people creepy to write you tellin someone's creep
the site is something the lie, but are you pick up here and vital? It is that which that I really do think that there is something that you know. Verbal communication is a very small. in which we communicate our so much more to it, because in our times when you walk into a room and you already know who you're gonna like and what you don t you and the ones that you dont, then you need ban the next. Whatever long it takes you to find the reason why you don't click, but you already night there's that something there is going on in this smell and I think most people drastic. Perception, so they are like no. No. I need to find out the rational reasons. Why would I have these preconception sign to music if you feel it just partly good reason for it, If you have a strong feeling about it, I would draw state rather than not factor. Yeah trusted, rather not as a good way, and you know don't trust it like that's definitely
which you that's, what I do not buy new, it do not burn your people at the stake. That's bad idea now we're done you're right. It's amazing to me that the United States is such a recent sorted experiment in self government and No one has done anything like that. Since then. That's what's gonna really amazing to me want to stop and think about all the wacky shits take take. Place in America over the last three hundred plus years and no one else has done that. No one else has a milk fund spot in Australia and, Australian government has allowed us to carve off a big chunk and right, that's good call it. You know whatever then Daniela land more for it that I swear I'll be a good leader I, while screw earlier wise. Maybe what was it seems like What is its also amazing is that the United States It has managed to become the number one superpower in the world, as a group of all
crazy emigrants that into one spot they up the and the story of the United States is fascinating because yet dawned and probably never gonna happen again, because you know that was the product of a war that did not know about Oh there's these other cause, you know you'll find now knew its exciting it. Seventy now you know what's out there and I, unless you go for space exploration, nothing like these will happen in the history of planet shortages The only way can happen is a reset civilization. Reset, like you'd, have to be like a bunch of people die like most people die up all colleagues, smart people lose the knowledge of what was going on before on yeah sure you can ever posts grammatical kind of story, yeah Postscript Hancock, that's entirely possible. Damn that's entirely possible, although I did read something very recently: did they think gum? What was the super volcano that killed most people on the
planet. Seventy thousand years ago, they found one pocket of humans that actually survived and thrived in Africa, but they think that the entire population of human beings. At that point, seven thousand years ago, the entire population in the world. only around a hundred thousand people asking and then drop down to ten thousand ten thousand people because of the Super Vulcan. So the super volcano blew a wiped out. Most life it wiped out most people it plunged the Earth into some sort of a nuclear winter forget where was once it was bad. Earlier Indonesia October. Where was that Indonesia, Indonesia and much Sumatra killed literally ninety percent pay and ten thousand were left so seventy thousand years ago we were down at ten thousand humans which makes all the things about racism sources,
Let do let's that's a good show for cabin heart or are even that's a light crowd for cattle, how exactly such ten thousand, we take them like a fuckin blink one. Eighty two concert ten thousand people, man and another thing that you stop and think about that. That's insane Ten thousand people night before in Denver, I did to show their five thousand each that's ten thousand people, that's the fucking entire population of earth and that now became seven billion so Many thousand years later, it's not for so weird where such an weird animal You could study us without being us. So I know you can remove all of Europe cultural goods. Options and all the other things that you have just sort of accepted in establishes fact as a human and just look at it completely objective.
You believe what nutty animal? This thing is, what the fuck are we doing here. That's why you never that's all to study to you. One psyche like what makes people choose this, because that's the beauty of human beings we have choices that you know I was here. Was there only so many things you can choose other walls, your euro yeah you could ever was that adopts one strategy, one another, but the range of choices is pretty limited, ass humans. We have these things in the range of choices and is fascinating to see what is that makes people going one their actual in a completely different wine in its one. It is funded, and what's fascinating to me about human beings of today's I've, never seen a time where people or more trusting more interested, rather in other people, doing what they want them to do. Like other people, thinking the way they want them. The thank other people behaving the way they want their people want. It seems to me or more
our concern with controlling people's expression and thinking today than ever. For and even more so on, the left, it seems like I'm, seeing this interesting trend today, where people. Like it's almost like, we don't like where things are headed. We dont like what's happening, like the president is so people are being real adamant about enforcing certain types of behaviour and that, in turn,. Just like we're talking about suppressing people from drinking alcohol, then turn makes people rubella, of course, less is more people that are leaning right today than ever before, and I attributed entirely to the people on the left piano the thing that's funny about it is that most human beings, even if you just look at United States right most people, are not dead, extreme right or the extreme left. No, there majority are not right. I think a lot of stuff is also a little bit media created in this
since that is like, let's find most batch sheet crazy person on that side. Truants put the spotlight on them which make everybody go like what the fuck those crazy people and that's how it's kind of like if you're too, He could you know, though, Westboro Bus Baptist Church and make it be representative of Christianity like it's, not you, nobody, if you keeps putting the spotlight there, you'll Korea, disperse sexual, would create a backlash and it becomes the seeing where, like that's on a funny thing, that I was in autism because I really don't like political correctness. I really don't like academia, I really don't. You know there are ten thousand of these sinks formulate. Yet that's I'm completely on bored with no liking subtlety sinks, but then there is another side where I have been teaching a university since two thousand one right, I don't think I've seen once a case of the kind of political correctness that I see in articles in media once and how
like I was doing the mad. They had probably maybe eleven thousand students in my class us over the course of desires, and I haven't one person ever defend particle commune he's or make an argument. Even a Mamma. colleagues which I am issues for other reason, that's never been one of the themes sunlight! I keep hearing about it. I read it on papers, but why is it that when I spend all that's how I make my leaving I'm college campuses all the time I heard you ever see it in some thinking. I'm not saying that he's not through a cautious number of quarterly stories are through there parliament, But what I'm wondering is how much do they get blown out of proportion? Because you get colleagues because amazing were an interesting narrative which Dan some people also leave off right kind of now? even unlike our match is something where you are put into
bout light on rear exception and making the norm versus how much it's a real thing, because you know you would expect me. I teaching south Californian sounding also leave me Santa Monica Zone, mostly better places around round. If these seeing was as dominant is advertised, I shall be running into it all time right and I don't like that's that's thought would be since it unites, would be paying attention, and yet I don't see it sound like what's going on here. That's interesting, why think the instances are more frequent than ever before, but I also think of you put it into perspective and think How many universities there on across the country I mean there are hundreds and hunt. Two thirds of universities- and if you have one incident, that breaks, out one month in one place, secular and It was about one conservative speaker, this go and give a lecture and everybody freaks out those crazy and that all the people of green hair
fuck it bang on the windows, its it becomes something that people are worried about spreading, and so I think that's one and that one of the reasons because, like you, I'm sure you familiar with the story from Evergreen Universal Aragon state? No, that was a fascinating store and people who are interested in it, Google Brett wines dine and evergreens they college and you can listen to him. On my podcast. I had him on right after it all went down. What had happened was theirs and called the day of absence at a traditionally been people of color would stay home just so that people would recognise that, like all whether or not there we miss them and we missed their contributions and their an important part of our community, I think well silly to stay high added value, but I think it's not a bad thing for people to recognise that everybody plays a part and if these people feel marginalized, given a little extra juice. That's fine, but the real.
those hard core social justice worries decide that's not enough. Instead, what we want is all why, people to stay home and, like you can't do that, of course is You know. You're telling people stay home verses allowing people to stay home, in which case you miss them already. opposite exciting. Telling these. Why people fuck off so Brett, who is like a fiercely progressive person, was telling me like you, are making a mistake here you getting outlined. This is not the way to do it right and then they went crazy and their fuckin look, inform baseball bats and they ate it they literally kidnapped classes. They held teacher. They held the principle The president, the school in this room Even when they went to the bathroom, they escorted him to the restaurant and brought him back to the room. They wouldn't let people leave the story,
amazing, not any fat. That stuff is complete, ratchet crazy, like a right. That is crazy. We completely agree on that is layer that these ridiculous that has no place anywhere. That's bush that you don't do stuff like about is just seem seeing as liking. Jordan Petersen thing in Toronto. Yeah. That policy was a stupid policy and he was right in Oregon against some, not arguing that desired midday, our role now, I know you're not quickly ride my issues. from there to arguing that Disease de super prevalent thing psych from one story are one study dare to say? Instead, you know, there's a communist conspiracy to brainwash as all these like. Ok, what we are starting from a completely understandable parameters and taking eat like twenty five steps too far. Yeah, I agree, I agree, but I think that what what's happening is more of these unusual situations are occurring, and so people tariffs this spreading like wildfire across the country, because.
Kids are very easily influenced, you know, and there are also I d listing. You know they ve they want to change the world. Maybe they grew up with the father was an asshole races like fuck there's, no racism, Novak ISM in the corner, but in in writing EL street, but isn't it and if at the end of it, does question not as something I'm sure off, but what I want that is our match of these is a media media. You, told them and are much Israel and I think about sign off it, Israel for sure my question is how much is some welders certainly media influences people in it influences people a bunch of different ways. It shows that you can get attention for doing so and things it shows that other be born in support of maybe what you thought: Will your radical ideas in the? U fine other radical people as well, but I mean that's all So the argument for not publishing the name of school shooters right is because a lot of these people think that this is media fuelled by people that are seeking attention. I think they're, probably
insurance, certain respect them, but it's also just a part of who we are, and I think it eggs. Us really can iter and taken responsibility. What is significant about broadcasting ideas and how much influence these ideas have people who absorb them for short term it for sure I think my shoe it some of the seeing is that all Then he becomes separatism thing you become Megan when your guys do that, and they showed us that the lithuanian sinks, then both by the thirty torreons, where my guys Dewitt I'll turn the other way in Britain is not through to me. That is not a word particular ideology, or another kind of goes back to what you are saying about human nature in general. Do military uneasy you not this idea that you want to control what people think they are. Choices is horrible, regardless of what we are doing it. And in that case nobody has a monopoly on these, because you have seen hardcore really
Just fundamentally spoofed without irony is you have seen her in all eighty steady ology like communism. Pushing articles are completely right. You see people on the political left, people in the political right everywhere, Is that it's a virus? You know it's a virus of the mind are when it the covert these desire to squash or other choices, and I find it equally hall Rebel, regardless of what you doing it, yeah an elite doses. show where the narrative becomes look at those guys doing it, and your only peeking one side is lying. There are some guys where I see even they desperately trying to be. Like no unfair look. I pick up my ass listening to somebody windy, saying I think he was more right wing. Beyond that and he was saying all this time. We are wrong and I was I go. Look about. That's kind of a self greatest, that's interesting! Let me listen. We a wrong because we are just like the laughed and you should hear what the left at the end then for the next hour fire. He goes on about the laughter like that lots. I've got it,
he's a motherfucker bag, doesn't you're still a partisan Shelly. I know that's like now been honest too. It is in that I think, will sneeze when it's an ideological battle, when you want to score points, as opposed to say look, there are certain things that are fucked up, that our evil totalitarianism, regardless of we charge, devious a thatched with these bad yeah. About. We agree on that. You know that's. that's kind of where some sometime, I feel a little scared kinda, wait! A narrative gets bushed that he began. Semite rhyme reversals your tried to think what you would probably know better than most, because you ve been teaching and universities for so long. You would see their you you're on the battlefield, I think a lot. What it is a lot of what you are talking about before about people. Doing horrific things is that their cowards, and they just give in to the whims of those around them and the mob mentality, and I think that happens with the right way.
Ideology that you see expressed in horrific ways like you know what it's, you now Amy filling the blank could be Charlottesville shall be any these horrific things that have happened where rightwing people got together and protested verses. what happens with the left. I think it's a lot of. It is just people wanting to be a part of a group, people wanted to be, part of this. This thing that gives them they give this feeling of being in a try and solidarity, and they go along whatever the ideology of the tribes pushing obsolete, and that means Sacha danger because, as you know, that sense of long guinea, something that all human beings crave. Do I get a or another and sweets. The same theme that make people join called says the same thing that they make people join some hard core political position is the same thing. The make people join bike are getting. The seamen thought it right is. We need to ask our try by our group with the same clothes, witness
My ideas we stand for because it feels good to have other people were embrace. He was one of them were three too well as a result, but of course, in a price to pay easier individuality. Brac was you have to kind of sacrifice, the complexity of who you are in order to feeding neatly into this box, yeah and you kind to have to look at you. You have to shut out objectivity, because if you, if you look at things objective, we gonna civil we're fucked up to- and this is this is make any sense. And while these are my enemy, there's people that are on a bad path, exec on down or Iraq, have gone down, road to offend lived over and that community of found myself in this one spot that leans laughed and so on lean and left to right. Well, how does that stop This is my question about all that kind of stuff like what could ever happen. What could you foresee happening in history where people could look past that and sort of figure down. Go. You know what there is God, be a better way to behave and think- and this is price probably one of our main concerns, because
if you really look at what, if you ask people what Our main concern. Well, war ashore, the economy, that's that's big and you know and then is a host of other things and laudable crime and educational is different things. Well, what what is causing all this conflict, what it, what is causing it all a giant savage of what we're talking about as some sort of a weird tribal behaviour or you'd get a group. You become a part of that group, and then that's what you identify with wish. That's it you reinforce, and then you get some sort of brownie points for reinforcing the ideologies of that group and you enough you're, the most rapid person there's the Steve Ban and of that group everywhere. Rises up and gets behind you, this motherfucker, that the final Align psycho supporting our values. And then you know you find these communities online, where people just their constantly signalling to all these other people in that group
that therefore supporting this ideology and they get all these likes and me, like, I failure likes on twitter, and on Instagram Survey, that I feel that shaping peoples opinions and behaviour way more than anyone is taken into consideration. Funny I mean even the fact that you know the algorithms make sure you only see the staff that you are radically Gleich. Lastly, you start seeing the same threats over and over Starbucks. He really is creating equal chambers, and that's really not good is fuckin. Honourable you know it's weird and What people like with people dont like a lot of People like you just really stupid. I mean how many girls are getting fat gases just for likes on Instagram, we allow this so very very interesting time for human beings, I feel like for you as a person whose is deeply knowledgeable about history. Study history of this history podcast and when you look at today,
ever try to look it today in a perspective of some one in the future. Trying to teach about today, and the thing is that as much there are obviously cycles in historian that our partners that are recognisable and all of that, today's or so damn unique, because if you look at just forget everything else, if you look at the way just technology s shape in us ass, a hundred and fifty years are, unlike the previous two hundred thousand d, are soon on the staff that has happened in the last on their fifty years from electricity, the refrigerator internet, radio, Tv David, it's like the pace of technological development is something that nobody has ever even come closing. but he studied before. So we are in a place. Where is where reeling uncharted territory yard the you MA am?
and as evolves. So much from one were happy monkeys running around, but we are now. We have these tools to do stuff that we are really not, but if we are to deal with a large degree and sweets kind of big open question how where we go from here because there's no previous Malta, that you can say well that one time three thousand years ago, when the event in the internet they handled these ways like there's nothing like it. No the tools. We have our disposal, sir, unlike anything that has ever happened before. saw her does not allow the cases are. You know, usually he's three. You can see all you learned his lesson you can laughing, learn about you, one major and the human mind works, but then from that you have to predict how the human mind will be applied to a context that, unlike anything, any other contacts that ever faced us before and then the big concerns that the human, will create an artificial mine that won't take
the consideration, any the previous cultural ideals that we supported and they just go run rampant D. It has created a robot that haven't raving about extra recurs, called to eat a robot E. Eighty. Are it it, operates on biological material, meaning it fee is fuelled by eating bodies, ok what could possibly go wrong with their ideas that on the battlefield, I'm sure than I talk about this. They ve conveniently leftist. Like one of things, Well, maybe could he plans medical Peter Rabbit or some think right, or maybe fuck and people, like my My number one concern with all this stuff is that I think it's happening so fast and so many things are taking place in so many different round. When it comes to innovation that this stuff will just catch up to us before we recognise it happened and will be too late. For short, I mean, even just forget everything else. Even just the whole love atomic bomb, seashore
for the last ever since we started from the nineteen forty still today, there have been some seriously close cause yeah there was remember to wander, was wanting to nineteen eighty citing right before the end of the cold war, where there was a Russia. You know the guy goes to his. Or in job where they are supposed to look for me, cells from the United States and nothing ever happened day after day after day and then one day, there's a bleak on their aid are on your like, oh shit and he's the guys. job to coolly superiors and then, if he does, the odds are they are going to press the button and he like, I'll wait, let's come down. Maybe is wrong: all Americans are not that's stupid. They will not send one atomic bomb Do they send a band of these must be a mistake, level, relax three minutes later and other bleep, another bleep and other places like oh shit. There certainly get a bunch of atomic bombs. These is the real deal and a guy steeled doesn't do what he supposed wikis feels like If I make these coal nuclear war starts, I need to be three thousand. Was in
convince the evidence. front on this pretty solid, but I still don't feel it and then five minutes later the beliefs go off. It was a mistake on the radar and never like some random leap and the guy promptly. The bottle of vodka straight because you like did all the almost caused world war through. Exactly and do you know most of us all their lives. Now some russian, though, didn't nineteen eighties, who decided not to do what he was supposed to and then demand or because of a stupid mistake, is to be the bag in the radar. That's believe, that's when you know that debt technologies, we have our way too much for our decision make or way, not enough, because it should be better. I had sex exciting picked out that as the others. I see nothing but wasn't a flock of birds, or was it my own to know what the real thing that's that kasza terrifies me. You just have the ability to do something like that without the the understanding or the discipline to create it is,
really nuts and I was like in ITALY giving a baby a gun like the baby. Didn't figure out how to use gone, they didn't invented, they don't know how to load of around, but they just fuckin pull that China by and people can die that that can happen. People get killed by toddlers all time. People leave their person there and their bag toddler picks it up shoots himself shoot. Someone else happens all the time. All the time yeah some human beings have access to all sorts of technology that we would never be able to figure out on around here, and we don't we with those great with the great responsibility that comes with using those things, There should be some sort of a great knowledge that you have to acquire about the thing itself, like some sort some more reasonable facsimile of like what it took to create that thing, like some deep intensive programme, like hey you wanna. Do you want to learn how to drive a car like
This is our an engine was devout right. This is this is how breaks work this out and you gotta know you can't half ass it s all right. You know the same should be said about guns. They may be said about everything we just have access to too much shit. They were never be able to figure out on around the EP and the like well spoken: try the etc You see what happens all might be. Our approach to say excited like learn how to use it. Then we can talk about you come up with new ones in Russia. Come up with some new supersonic missile like just a few days. Ago they announced at their boat it better off. You better, have not hearing about it. Scary staff will allow all your old guest on the Jerry be are now in your compound which floated stuff to survive. Yep all colleagues when zombies attack you dont, want to be a survivor
mean you, maybe one your ancestors to survive sea should survive, but if you answer she might get raped and eaten right, but also of surviving doesn't look like a fun one here. I ll give you around in Indonesia seventy thousand years ago in the one blow, and you were one of the survivors near picking through the wreckage of civilization, non good Times stuff into Hock man. But then again, if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't have Disneyland which is very important, for he wasn't them. No Netflix no was for them, no Iphone because of people. Indonesia YA, because people did eat those dead, people up I'll, kill those people. figure out a way to somehow another get enough nutrients from whatever the fuck they ate to compensate for the fact there involving nuclear winter. That's not man yeah, it's crazy in its, but it makes you realize which is we the people there,
listening to that has two people that are alive today. We're not gonna make it this. We are not going to make it everyone, so hopeful that the human race is gonna, make it and that's why reasons why we have offspring and loved ones and friends, and even if I'm gone, I want everyone else to be happy. Taiwan. Here don't cry for me, but no one's making they're not gonna, make it either you just longing their life like everyone's life is going to come to a wall, everyone the game works, but working with that, grandma dying grammar died, but she was seven years old. She died. She was a wonderful woman issues, love by many areas. Go with that we're not cool with everybody diet. Once the dance. This is the end of the experiment. Is the end of the process fuck now sought. The end is just we're gonna everyone's gonna die no in a restart with monkeys. It's gonna, taken
a few million years, but the champs will eventually become people again. It's it's gonna. One gram says that if anybody's gonna survive is gonna, be the people living close to hunting and gathering conditions to aid at are seen. As you know, the most backward people in the world are the ones why, We have a short that making eighty national, our colleague dick situation yeah people in the Amazon of sunlight that they're they're, probably the only ones who have a chance. What's managing she just going around the story about this new company that can upload your brain, but it kills. You watch yeah a start up is pitching a mind, uploading service. That is one hundred percent fatal. I think they're taking Ike people that are already terminal patients and what not that's there a sort of uploader mine. Yet no, I didn't I give you some bullshit. Scrambled version of lawyers it's gonna, be all swastikas like we found Grandpa's, brain and upload it now, and you build a look and it was thoughts. Our dicks grandpas all day
send a nazi memorabilia prince of your brain uploaded company, its chemical solution, can keep a body intact for hundreds of years. We thousands as a statue a frozen glass. What the dear that some day in the future scientists, will scan your bricked brain and turned into a computer simulation, so they did not. Do it yeah, it's bullshit that way. Someone like a lot like you. though not exactly. You will smell the flowers again in a data, ever somewhere. Why? Why ok stories a grisly twist, though fur tomes procedure to work its essential that the brain be fresh. The company says its plan is to connect people with mental illnesses, to a heart lung machine and ordered to pump its mix of science. Terrific and bombing chemicals into the Big Carter
arteries in their necks. Well, though, still alive though under general anesthesia, thank God you put them under before you kill him because we want them. They expect any pain for they go into the great frozen last statue beyond doesn't waiting list courses awaiting last bunch, a fuckin idiot Jesus Christ. People are stupid, You know hundreds of thousands of people signed up to die on Mars. You know that to have the opportunity to be one of the first people to die on Mars. Hundreds of thousands of people signed up, don't wanna be the first to be. locked in a spaceship for six months with a bunch of other people, so fuckin stupid, their will die on Mars. Many get there there is talking about. Social justice, the entire way or the other way of Italian, another egotism and social justice and Elon Musk on First Mars, explorers good chance you'll die chance, I about a hundred percent, you die when you stay here. Stay I get good
and shall die you're dying, everyone's dying, you're gonna die. That's the fucked up. Think we Dont want nobody dial. Once we're cool with the small groups, people brown the die in caves. the part of the world. If we could be convinced their primitive there, they hold these ridiculous belief and we don't even know them rise, we're just gonna kill him with robots. Somebody out there all cares. It's not. Us too, I think is. The rate of change is out so fast is. Can we allow dumb shit like this happens along the way courts like the Bell bottoms of technologies like what is a fuck? What I'm thinking it's gonna keep keep but I like that. So many think about even most of the stuff there we do today like which foods are ok to eat and which ones not how many people like to go. Look at that is gone, he hid their own plans. So, let's make an old though we do not need not plantier. Are we sure, that's all Gregg, eight there
so how like these languages, steely did. Let's try one more time mighty he's gotta, aren't stomach that duties, old carcasses and shit de I d like Express some are another in a way that everybody would remember, though, probably songs and shit, yet, because Secondly, that the other thing I will you passing formation in a society. That's not let that then. Yet people did it. I mean when you think about things like the Uli adored, the already salient monies law. Gas compositions completely passive Don orally? You by the time they are old than Thou, was saint duties down there or did say that some protein same thing that humans were able to do it like memorize all this stuff really saying you know, I was thinking there. Day about songs. I count crazy. The technology of my remembering things through songs are because, if like he's single all the songs. You could sing along to the words now think of how many poems you could recite it's like very,
here or stories Egon. What poems, maybe they rhyme. reciting story verbatim almost none very few but like we at the cost the day. We're talking about grammar and sentence structures stuff like that, and I brought up those A b c after school things I conjunction junction words function heard were phrases in clause is, like you know what it is like you know, just a bill, the Capitol Hill, like they explain of God, sees things in a way that you could remember fuckin. decades later. You would never remember you'd, never remember if it wasn't for those things, though, the guy I am name are used was like one of these, but like back when they had the council of NICE Ie and a kind of decided. What these Christianity going gonna be out. What we decide to beat the make stuff,
This was on the losing side but part of the scene. The meeting seemly popular is that people don't know what is theology songs, exactly equity, salubrity super complicated thing about. You know Jesus Beast kind of, like God, the Father there are, but not really, and that an x ray brainy staff put or like silly song bed. The guy would seeing while its baking, Brad and staff with so was. I mean the closely popular because he figured that out. People pick up stuff. It is people pick up stuff. You know me to this day right like programme don't you think that's our pro now take the place of a noun casino, those nouns over and overturn, really where you down, for that ended at least twenty days. That's cool debt that stuff for whatever reason sticks of course, I wonder why, like me, things. Rime and and putting them in song has a particular profound effect on your memory. Eighties funding, as even when you look at babysitting o day respond.
music so much. They have that immediate. Like some sounds that click with the the developing mind of a baby, you don't need to have culture, you don't need to have no legs, you don't need to have as baby. You can still pick up seeing some remembered. I mean you know somebody put some music and one no two goals and a immediately recognise it like. I know as is right about one I enjoy and is so, as we know the other day by the way, is fucking? U areas in in ITALY. This is this little kid is partly two or three are sold and dad keeps trying to play like children song to babies. Peace offered like No, no, no one is what do you want, and you say something in today's: I archive fine with duties again and whole lot. The law let thy billions to pay just light softly. So happy like. Yes, let us all. We are talking about earlier amazing that kid grows up to be a big rockstar rights. Imagine
the whole out. A lovely is a baby compound about blank cycling. Now, that's two basic, I kind of did than a lot with my daughter is, unlike I hate to do this to you by your my daughter and I wanna LISA too good shape turbulent baby stuff, all the time so is like even to this day like she goes to bed within that x, like there's Andrei says it Lula by, of course, into my land that exist in our course staff is for today, but like at night, when you wanna go to sleep, both are like the more Milo seems like one Andrews, plain acoustic, get our or like little Weena or something that I can tolerate. Don't give me any baby shit staff, because I just tell you right now should not abated, but he or she was a little unlike sorry, I can I like it, though the thing about baby stuff is a baby's like baby stuff or even little. Kids like little kid stuff, like my kids, like a lot of really fuckin dumb shows but they'll alright psych, what can you do
can. You say no. You can't love that because two fuckin stupid, but it's not stupid to them. I can Alright it if we balance it with something guile sub like ok, largely that's fine. I got eight, it's part of your development stage, good for you right, but give me something here: ok, let's let let's find a middle ground. they are, or we can listen to this a musical watch, something in that I recognise I may have done irreparable damage to my offspring because I realized. Like the other day, we watch a movie and my daughter's comment basically say disease. Last thing I ever was like. It says: good ass.
And the barbarian that I was like. Yes, I'm glad you're my daughter. She was talking about the books and talk to you about the movies. All of it she loves. You know the one corner. There was Martin, I know the origin of the nineteen eighty two and, of course he I read their old albertini, our stories, and how can I change the language slightly sometime in the language is a little like you need to really ever crazy vocabulary for an eight year old Vietnam reallocate that's kind of peak it a little but then general of the good stuff. Is there I feel like the best Conan could have been Jason Mama. They just. My shit movie hadn't described was like myself. he's very he's, looks like a fucking barbarian, like you believe our fact vague giant guy and is also not build. A bodybuilder raised, felucca, guys and really good shaved, which you would think Conan would be. There is right, I think he was the best Conan
He's seem to me to be the boss, realistic, because we use a little bit more Jim time, but not nothing crazy, but probably had escaped that at something the centre. Frustration when you see like if all the elements are there on the screen. Writing soft sawder says like come on my socks less throughout history, dog shit, but he was fucking great as Conan like he believed it up now just looked. Evil now often looked like a guy who really was a sword fighter who really did live in that area, whereas Conan play by our Swartz an idyllic wait, a minute was guys got no armpit hair days. It's really lily shave down building a bridge it as it is. It was frequently big does. Actually, picture looks fairly reasonable. Their rights Raising. You know now think about new is actually quite a bit leaner David. He was ass Bodybuilder day there, yet I was just so that he still does definite. Do you been doing
bench pressing. It wasn't someone just swine club bells around and you mean he didn't get this muscles just by pushing the wheel of pain that was part of it to write this deftly that little bit of that to a man on that not have been the last couple of years. I've been play in a lot in by ward white screen, rioting and stuff, I'm so excited with that, I'm just getting cause. You know that seemed to like its historical fires. Stuff like about storytelling, and I realize I am not doing that in whatever field I mean a weather I'm teaching most of its historic Ireland when peace through fires storytelling, and so I started playing a lethal. It's getting rioting said good, hookups memories. Much fun is like it when you writing. Well, there's the staff that looks, Drive, few, like they are old, mostly historical fix. Some kind of stories- and one of them right now looks really down problem- is embody of frightened me to chop off my balls and Neil them two or three. If I talk about his, I can really bring it out because no one actually has a shot and making it.
ok that are out seeing swear, seeing much more much more kind of early development. Like, for example, why so you got outside the Frankfurt as at the painting, so sad that granddaughter of Frank wants to develop one off one of the characters that I wanted to present: a girl she's, the one who does it all year. It shines yeah, she's, also she's super Sweden and I love and she started asking- I show their saw, my writing or charting she liked it, and so she want me to develop like one of those correct. There are seen to wear, create award around like a gleam of thrones meet corn on crossing it. I'm like that's what you're asking me to do. You see like the dream job ever it like hell yeah, I wanna play with that's: that's sonic fun, Obi outbreak. So for the wedding Those movies no shows when done correctly when executed correctly are some of the most entertain. Compelling thanks weathers game with rounds Lord of the rings or this, Conan ones which just an
great job and those are fun but their Campi yeah. I mean the first I was greatly otherwise, our painful though a radar represent robbery. Howard work than already Howard's work is still to this day. Never really told Leap encountered a yard at Amazon he's gonna be Duenna currency area they get if our citizens are going too far out, maybe there, if they're doing it, whose play Conan overnight it. I don't think they picked it yet because I would have announced that I see there Just say it seemed a veil remains. The are gonna, try to stick to it, a murky our stories so Unos, let's see, but I got the shackles they could pull out the the big money. get Jason Memorial get back in the hunt. I know that's the. the code- and I thank you- may have the eyes. Like six foot raise Billig approach, it house he looks like he would be a bar baron like he looks perfect, like paid called drug ass, barf ascend, whose purpose is he's? U buy it? You see here
plain that Roy, like I buy that he's a savage he would be awesome, they did them and they'll be epoch, the app theirs. A bunch of stuff there doing that they are doing but equal to Lord of the rings on Amazon Jesus Christ. There that Jeff basis got a little too much. Cash am all for it like the. What more do it all look? Amazed? It mean here they have that really good Billy Bob Thornton show to the people cannot Helena about why haven't seen in either but people. What is a colleague in that Billy, Bub certain show on Amazon Jimmy. I find it sure I don't. I don't know what it's called, but I know that people keep Raven about Goliath. Thank my third of gas must be really good. And you know the problem, what those his wits- weird more than half the households in this country- have Amazon thing: Amazon, Prime right, like fifty one
the household, but how many people are actually watching those Amazon videos? That's a good question. I think once they start voting this kind of money on some of these big shows the odds that that percentage is gonna, get always pretty damn high, let's find out this of Amazon releases their numbers. They don't do they do probably not did they do the same weed Google see if what how many people watch Goliath on Amazon, they will find out who's date, No one has any idea how many people are watching things on Netflix other Netflix Netflix day. They just don't tell Anybody, nothin and clearly must be a good number because they keep producing short book about ass mining aids- or you know that it's working for them, what they do now is how many people have subscribed to networks and that's insane huge number, but the action. The number of people that watch everything don't tell you shit. I've ever come
special networks, they don't say enough, then they go great job. We like it. if you have no idea you like it, why it's great people of it again, How many people have lots, says network and they don't give you any data which don't have to and maybe as good, maybe we will concentrate too much on the number I mean like us. I want some are saying that the Oscars this year, the Oscars is you're down by you know five million people they stood up. for twenty five million people, like wit, we do indeed, who cares why's that even a thing acts why we ve, because training on a careful of yours, but this this is the kind of information they give out is the top bend first season of a? U S, produce Amazon original series ever over its first ten days, ETA mean shit. Now have this season no other season one had a higher season completion rate through ten days or that's it
then, must mean- is a really good show, so people binge did the first season can you get Amazon, prime on I'd done Apple tv part of apple tv socialism, or they have given those fire sticks? I can watch it through my teeth. My tv has a thing has marked tv up or get it through there, and it says it arrives and apple tv and over on a country's as December. So, oh so last December, December's of twenty seven, ok, so we haven't now, but still Netflix is just so much more popular. It's like Q tips once it lays, becomes the name right. I gotta get back to you on cotton swabs, no mother fucker as a tutor if they now it's like Do you want to watch? You mean video, a moment's netflix, but we have Amazon streaming. Video, bitch net Flex dust utter Netflix only took over that recent I could give me a fucking Iphone these
oh shit, fake, smartphone nonsense, I've yeah! It's pretty recent, just male before, like they took over blockbuster first and then there like, and now it's uh streaming yeah. You can still get dvds at think, but I ducas not you get, dvds still, they don't have the same offerings, their staff that they dwell on DVD, that you'd they dont Ivan streaming and vice versa. So, like four ample. What was I watch you know was, I think it a last seasonal vikings. For example, I see that last vitamins here, I'm watching it now, and I want season to its good that the goods that either Now, don't tell me, you don't tell me
goes down the fucking. Crazy. Two seasons are also son of a game of thrones. That way through Netflix, for instance, yeah yeah, I can render dvds of aiming, for example it, but you can shoot through their stepping up, but you could only get gaming thrones dvds, yet we are paying the next year like, but ten bucks a month rent. Those so these debts with Netflix was started one two three, dvds, a month, that's weird so Netflix Dvds has gaming. Thrones Netflix streaming does not exactly and thereby thing for why these every day you can get that's. Why they have a lot more on dvds than they have just streaming. There's a bunch of stuff that I wanna watch like gazing point again of Thrones Viking. Some of that stuff is
I used to freak out and not having a physical dvd player in my laptop like this ridiculous, so I bought one of those ones that plugs and of canary used at once. Railway sat there by diarrhoea just watching all on stream. Guy anymore, I downloaded from Itunes and re sit on my laptop. I don't it's this is also knew, but yet we're so convinced that this is what this is. The future rises it Netflix period and what else fuck off flocked in. I think they're doing comedy specials on Amazon as well, Pretty sure Amazon, Prime, did Bob sag its new special and a few other people. Learn nets allowed a cool things because Amazon is trying to compete with Netflix, yet they are trying to come up with an arrogant apple. Can you seen amount of money shows and he's great for content, because there's two day, there's probably more
possibilities for people doing stuff than ever before. Man, underwear before you only so many studios, producing only so many movies nigh, are so much more breakdowns on their joint is on their brands. Unethical. Jim birds are Netflix, who else Tom Papa cigarettes over eighty peppered tone. while the great Fitzsimons so there's quite a few specials their available on Amazon, Jim Norton, very interesting. That might be where the was that one that is closed, that yeah see. So maybe that is they have a lot of money near. I bet that's exactly what is interesting. It says, continue. Watch your watch from the beginning. That means Geneva.
I was watching it interesting yeah, I hope it works mean. I would love to see a bunch of different viable outlets for people to release films and tv shows and stuff like that God knows, Netflix has enough money They are so does Amazon they have done a fuckin money, yeah Apples are doing that though they gonna try to do that. Create original stay have that they have that one Jennifer, Afghanistan and Reese Witherspoon show it's comin out. Soon, literally look, I'm came so or not. Games about plan of the absent like where pouch your own. I am Gary views on again the China Gimme throw up they're, not dare Vivum. They haven't all necessarily been successful, but they're trying to about thrown up if you're down near to those Ladys and its don't, listen to me, I'm just just make it fun yeah. I think it's good. I mean I'd like to see more. I just did
in terms of like your ability, sit down and do absolutely fuckin nothing and zone out four days, there's never been a better time thoughtfully. There's so much stuff available apple is purportedly investing. Billion in original video content, while Jesus Christ guy, so our police that to the mix Gary VIII, B or smile on his face has a guy sleep. Stuffy does because it worthy where's every. I'm pretty busy! That's what that guy? That's exactly what I will ask about always like how does he managed to like seventy to carry your seen? One and an old man didn't work out and duties, and that is, I think, you one color, in their like really three jawed organs going around than there are like you have downloaded your consciousness in thirty four embodies doing so is that none of them would fuck up hard core. If I did like its debates hard enough to manage my insanity with one life, five three lives go, not one of them: a deadly go off the rails with Athens. What I do is its more
it's an illusion that I'm is busy as people think I am not as busy it is busy, but it's less busy with work than people because the podcast gases you now sitting here with a friend like you talk for a few hours is pretty easy. Does not that hard and then working out will thus mandatory have to go out, and then this this and of comedy wow, this kind of a passion project. It's interesting and I without the right, like I know at time, dialogue held my family to my kids go to bed, which is usually can now eight issue. That's why leave right The gun restore like I know I've had it pretty much locked in I get. My pack has done before the kids get home from school.
Some hanging out with them round our know how to do it. I'm workin out, while their at school for the most part already impressive, though because that means you have. If, because you really stickler, you do ever so much stuff on your plate and the way you make it flew, there's that something in terms of time management. I think that would be people willing to pay courses from your now to put it all together, because it's a scale right there. You have to be really steadfast in what you wanted what you don't want to do and when you don't want to do something, just don't do night, but the is unable to do this. Entire really started workin for myself, like the working for myself in the ability to work, if you have a bunch of different jobs, but your behold into other people schedules it's almost on manage yeah. That's when you can't do it, but that's why I'm guessing I'm trying to do I'm tryin to as much as I enjoy being into classroom on trying to being the classroom, less and less moral line and the more parlor custom
I'm tired of me. Somebody else, scuttle, nigh imaginary, like driving. Is I don't mind if you put me in the classroom? That's great, but if I have to drive an hour and a half to get there and I'm stuck in traffic, is this just now Do you feel like this opportunity, like real, viable opportunities for people now to get an education online, legitimate, full education- it's definitely emerging, I mean I'm allocates part of the problem- is that the universities gonna have a monopoly on the diplomas, which is something that riots untie need for them. It's not that they choose, who I want to be able to say that there are ways to do it he's also. They need that piece of paper and the core so far, only the official university staff that, but otherwise yeah there are a bunch of ways there's like even when when was he like today. So that is all that is starting to release on seeing the fatty acids it out. Something called, I told the change of name, Sir, a renegade universe, stop stop people figure, douche bag,
I gotta do apparently get otherwise simulating. He asked me to do these about he story of martial arts. Like a man. I've done that's a course. I'm actually done it, you see lay and he was so much fun no time. That is how I understood and charities out. This was a virus. I only at me and I usually, you need a phd to teach Oda, and a white guy going into an asian american studies, an apartment goin, you know, yeah gives you naughty some knowledge on American and I do all the autonomy- and I never too and, of course, in asian american studies, but I will love to teach for Europe, and it is why, at by the time I was there with the peach about history. Philosopher martial arts, they were like yeah you're, a hired. Let's go
as I ok now. Why would they wouldn't want you to be asian? Because you teach you melanesian subject I mean they don't want you to a kind of works. That way, because of the way you know most of the people who speak taking a bunch of classes in ethnic start is usually people who are from that particular Rodney Grant you ve had I'm kind of people always look at me like her. What's going on here, cause I do teaching and american Indian Studies Department. I have taught Indonesia American Studies Department, but when you look at every yeah? That's usually they are people who are from that particular ethnic group who are mushroom enough to digging that much to be in that field? Zira Zat issues like push back. If you not, I mean it's kind of to be fair. People have been breached cool about it because I mean I've even add the situation where I thought as part of an ethnic clutter ethnic studies class. Where do I like? Four people write, and there is the african American studies guys and african american guy in the chicken alerting us generating under
and I was doing all the one I will try it. I was teaching the american Indian Study Section there like how you just any place my friend, the native lady who the fuck? Are you white guy kind of thing right? But you know the thing: was there jack you and then one sided my seeing the first few last they were like now he's gone. We like him it's all good, and then there was no bullshit and like. I would have expected to run into a lot more push back. That are really wasn't one on in your favour about when it comes to martial arts, although it is mostly asian and origin, it very so widely DAS, Chinese, Marcia, japanese korean- it goes on and on tie. There are so many different styles yet and then, of course, South America once Priscilla and you did you got into the acts of glory day, in my opinion, have revolutionised martial arts more than any other group. I think that one part of the country in South American Brazil, they had more of an impact on martial arts. I think than anyone, because there
essentially started. I mean they started the ultimate fighting and which have just to see if their martial law was superior and they proved to be so, as least on its own, by its out at first. You know, for. I knew about it. I think that stuff was theirs the whole period from. When Japanese is large were kind of crashing, because nobody was dressing as a samurai anymore? Do not win that stuff didn't make sense any more and Jujitsu was seen kind of his low class activity for again stare. Send you known there was less and less popularity format. and then when you go to Canada, creator of Juno started. He was these nerdy shopper class guy, but he was very passionate about judo. So he transformed budgets could recall into Juno gave it the whole
Spain is like noise, not this thing to beat people lab, like all the thugs who have seen so far, where using jeweled was a form of education, and I didn't know that gets a super cool story and then he star sending people all over. The world were spread it, and so they go to war. Ashine then mix with russian thing in it he sat on bone and then come out here and then wait, but, as you did, your G2 when Meda goes down to Brazil and all of that size like that one story how its beans is also, and then you end up with the joy of globalization, we're like when you see like hoist going to facing a secular rob. I knew you know brazilian dude trained in there. What originally was Anita martial arts transformed into these brasiliano think wearing a key going again Circle was more of a catch ressler. What started more through western wrestling the whole lot Yossi areas is like you. companies guy was a more robust wrestling by its one. That is crazy. The jacket
he's especially Sakharov about were way influence by contrast, but which is American Folkestone yelling now. I didn't know that that Jujitsu was used by thugs. The add that was the, of that he's away with Japan rationing polarities because they used to be sort of the samurai arts ranch. You do that stuff, but then to summarize and that you know by eighteen seventy source, so that was the collapse of the summer ice. Really wasn't there. from forty stuff anymore, is like in the only people who trained where mostly gangsters and kind of rough guys or train for because they got into fight on the street hummed and cannot because he was this kind of secretly child. They pooty mean to strain in Georgia, suitable penalty, Beale De Map, meaning some strand any- was a complete nerd, but he loved Jujitsu.
So he's like not our now, don't put it down, it's a great art for other reasons, and he had his own way of spending it around the city. There was the old stuff yeah to beat people up we do today is a form of education. Is a relationship with your body. Any bicycle invented a new function for it. So the japanese society went oh shit. We can still do that staff and now there is a better reason for it. That's beating the time aims, that's not the same duties or why we with training the seventy nine regret these actually feet the context of our time. Ok, let's the Jordan then do they have texts where you can see that, techniques or we could see what similarities damn. Yet there are bought ancient Jitsu Manuel. Where there are. You know that their wings and stuff like that and then by the time Conall comes around even start diving suit. I drafted awhile rata footage of,
the films of you utilization at a Lord drills. They look goofy as hell, because now sped up and a more money and stuff, but they yet there is great stuff, and some of those guys are just that assets from day one I mean some of the old Judo guys they had the reputation for dress being killed gamble for short Judo I wonder how much jujitsu has changed since then to now, because, obviously, in putting much emphasis on the ground. The Brazilians really refined, all submission techniques to a razor, sharp edge and really chain a lot of the original set ups and the way you people enter into submissions loves you what it used to look like even that's funny, because if you look like some old, Jordan, causing Jodo where they abbeys very ground oriented disguised lag locks real, like you, cities, Japanese, guys from them in twenty, like locking each and you're, like, oh, my God, the soda stuff that today's hot sun These guys were duenna, probably wasn't as a refined buddy was like men, they are doing it guys wrestling?
trusting was loud leg Sacco. They were leg, locking when you now the Americans were really into presides Jitsu stuff, Is this what you got here Jim sixteen today D, the history of Jitsu or your Laura. Why that they dressed up in, like I kido kimonos with big flowing pants and the guy's going somewhere, it sort of risk lock go, go stops wrong. Raptor. Was it like galaxy like his wrists, locking and getting the interesting and the other one and looks at he's got face about full mouse yak years, a half natives on one side he's gonna under any other site, sooner formerly gonna spin around. That's lobbying right on his face see that they have to get a look at it and these images- or there are just trying to figure out like what's the best wait a minute.
Delete the bonding- it's just amazing to me how much of it came from Japan. I mean Japan so many interesting techniques and that one area it was so vital and so important when it came to the development of martial arts. Japan, as that weird, like this story between China and Japan, is very similar to ancient Greece and ancient Rome in a lot of the developments came from Greece. A lot of the developments game from China but then both the roman and Japanese took those ideas and then ran with teeth and systemic eyes. Them gave them a lot. More of a structure gave her. I made them way easier to learn and to teach now and then popularized them as a result, and it was I yet. How do stuff works? It's a lotta interest. To that. I brought it to other countries. In the end, I was part of candles vision, cause candle was not a nationalist. He did not have these Japan FUCK, you everybody else,
society off like these Universal Brotherhood of mankind, so we need to bring our staff so that everybody can benefit from them, so he Santiago them but all over the Lord, that's amazing it was even ninety two particles. I didn't three parts Syria's on increased, didn't fire about the other Roosevelt because he was just such a crazy. Motherfucker right is like no one american president of the wildest took out there and he in like ninety, No five! Ninety somewhere right around there, he had a guy sent by colonel debt towards jeweled or to the United States precedent. and so it was what is one of the very first american savour tool to learn some Georgia. He was such an important precedent, it was for him. We were never national public lines we have today, and yet he was also he's I, generally speaking when you talk about: U S, president is like different degrees of what I don't like it, Look. I hate this guy mildly hate this guy. I really hate this guy Toto
was one of those do it's right. I mean there's some stuff that he didn't say they are like host. Ok, that it wasn't so good, but so much of it is also what what did you say. They dont like where I mean. You ve got to give him a pass for when he lived, but he of course there he sighed about race corporate what we would consider cool today, yet not yet some pretty heavy rain. He started a lot more racist anyone that so I also giving ready for that for being adapted yeah variant. the boy than calling I regard, but clearly some of his writings was pretty freaky on and also he's one of the guy who just never swear war. He didn't, like you, know, he's like war, yes, using launcher idea. The art of Egypt, too, is worthwhile. Or in every way than all of our off Linux, combine President Theodore, Roosevelt nineteen o five? I agree. I agree me and Teddy Roosevelt same page good,
you even seem like he lost citing one eye. While he was precedent because aspiring to hard heat way to higher because he boxholder right. So he'll see noisily vision, you he lost Only one somebody thumb the president, probably one of your mother fucker, while its gangster Ass President De La
big game hunting to Managua when all the world he did for wild got really when you think about it, but my favorite was vote stories picking up but ass. His in nineteen twelve he's running for president again as a third party candidate, which was calling itself rate, could yes challenging board the Republican and Democrats he easiness car waving to the people and somebody shooting for just a few feet away to straighten his chest. But at the time he had these fifty page speech yet but appeared so he had all the written notes in his pocket. He had his glass case in his pocket, so the bullet deed heating, but it was low down by going through the glass case on the speech, but still huge, took a bullet to the chest, you're bleeding and staff and everybody, oh, my god. We need to take him to the hospital and it is with coffee sand. He said that there is no blood coming out he's. Ok, my long soaring thought they haven't been Pierre. So what are you talking about hospital? I got a speech to give This shows that we too short-
Aberdeen blood that she goes like yeah, I'm later than trying to my. I don't know if you know I have been shot about. You takes more than these to kill a bull moose. Why then deliver ninety minute speech before subtleties attendance finer than I could we now go to the hospital two that are like I short now? It was also back, then I pray you better. Not guide dogs hangs with data to rub the dead shaken and your or probably what could they pass? We do to fix their back. Then, while yeah mean hard times right, hard times great hard men, soft times, creed alone, week- benches were seen up and around our streets. Today, that's exactly one of the things that Roosevelt Hamburg Zone over and over here this whole idea of the strain of life. The idea that you know he came from and not Burke class super latest bag. On an EU realise and a lot of people back in our thinking. You know our are growing up to be a bunch of weeps compared to pampered, and so he said,
Lucian, since he was a teenager, was boxing wrestling hunting. Just these very tough, mainly things, and so that's what he thrive. On this whole idea, like yeah, you need to get a great court about. You have to keep your barbarity stance in order to go along with civilization, and I was like that's perfect. You know that the best of both worlds, some advice at a blast start I mean I knew about him, but once you get to do I see it? Is you really need to know your stuff in and out soil so fond study,
life because of the stand out like that in the times that he did not only nineteen hundreds mean really really pretty significant. That's that's! Actually, one of the things that I dig about that. I do a little different from the way then approaches arc or history than tend to look at things from the big picture. He styling you big picture stories and I love that, but I also like John pinning tool I liked by all of us. I like some time telling the story of this one guy and what he really man to be these. Indeed, while in this story so I did United to the Roosevelt Idead one on crazy horse. I did want on caravan, showed a painter we're talking about. I gotta catch up. I gotta get up one day. You dig. I did Jackie John some you're, not a first black. Have you a champion tat? He saw no. My fair region, Chauncey story? Is he a pull over spear?
Of course story you know it's about. Is that's exactly ass. The little girl I gotta do textiles and he said the word by you. What do you say? He said you know: what's my favorite Ajax US stock, I wonder if those tell the story was rapid was he gets pulled over in some south or state? I believe you with Georgia at a time when you know being. I was Texas moment, Jordan, every idea, as there are not many but had Carson Jack Johnson was one of the guys. Revolve is fast cars and she was speeding, so they pull him over and the car is a high point. This is gonna cost you the only fifty dollars, and you know better than you could Bay Europe, take it on the spot in cash injections of police CUP cash out start it is a hundred under copies. Like I don't have change for that kind of money and is like not two hours from now, but I'm driving back in the same way and are gonna be doing the same speed so that that does pay you
I hope that was true. I refuse to listen to any way, tells very different fuck that story, but the victorian k I am tabling, ignore or give you that when they take thou on, but I wanna keep that Jack Johnson story. What that are too, Annie that he did in public feet that Barcelona to things like defeats Euro, it's it's our law is that he was a dude. We, nineteen o five nineteen o six around that time, was making a living as a black guy beating up. Why guys in carrying guns leaping with white women who say that it did it and he did and got lynched. Amazingly enough, amazing, I mean how did they keep that from happening? How they keep deck? I love me with racism that existed back. Then me you're talking about just a few decades. After slavery, p he's parents were born in slavery. He was the first generation of somebody was not warnings live in his family, and you know they said
dicey, deeds leap with a gun under his pillow. They did say at times, while the amazing thing tat has a fuck you I mean how sleep, I imagine, being a black guy at the turn of the century. Back then who was just in the kind of races the owl. You think we can comprehend something to about the civil rights movement and all the other hosing of the protesters survey that that was sixty eight, that's the mellow start yeah, that's lemonade, chilled out by then there are Theodore Roosevelt and Book Archie Washington for dinner at the White House, and he was the first time ever gonna buy guy, was officially invited for dinner at a white. I was right after he had the dinner. There was such a backlash like some some senators from the south started fleet been out than I forget. The exact words by one of the guys at one We said in our after an unprecedented de seeing we aren't. Gonna now have to lean shut down
Nay Garcia our state to put them back in their place and your, like. I'm sorry tried again that the? U S, Santa Rosa, Andy was party to accepted that was Just thou in Delhi ties about Jack Johnson said you know why didn't Jim Jeffreys Keeling that brutal based on that in the staff that you read, the courts are like come on, somebody must have made a task as they couldn't be: dare racist as in the elevator yeah we'll use, Johnson one the title, I believe you, nineteen, oh wait. I want to say, but all in vain interpreting easier. She was making a reputation for being now this fine, just amazing, that a hundred and ten years ago we were that fucked up. That's yet so recent well when, when he had to fight with Jim Jeffreys, was the old undefeated. Why champion you know, because when you want the title and any started date, thirty throwing a bunch of white guys a theme that crash as the great white all right. Then events.
the writer Jack London started this campaign to bringing Jim Jeffreys the undefeated. Why champion back from retirement redeemed? Why Thrace and James Definition was a beast? Variety was a whole commands wrong, knocked out Orpheus opponents, but he had been retired for awhile, and so he comes back. They have these fighting Reno Nevada July. Fourth, nineteen ten by tying to fight is over inject Johnson crashes him and we as the title deal, defends his title. These there are riots in twenty five states and fifty four densities. at a time the riots, our dialect, thousands of people, are dead because sized jacket, Johnson I beat and given preference and where they listen to over the radio. The tat wasn t really like the ad, like partly group news assigned to the newspaper, and it would be a guy in this public square, screaming jobs on dry land and laughed talk. That's how they did it wow that he's crazy. It's so for Us
he's good at the end to box. There said he knocked the news of send my talent therefore, was going on the everybody. Just walked around back gentlemen and look at these people out wandering through the streets even like. Where, There was a fight going on like there's no announcers, so there's no car. Monetary right? Yes, it sit down and that is, there's no have either. I know now. This is this is Jeffrey. Clearly, Jai Forestry in training camp then there. It is their eyes in back. Then you could. clean Shylock in box in which was kind of Jack Jonesy style. He would go like dabbled bicep controlled. Usually he would keep you there, so you can hit him and there once in a while. He would break free through an upper cart and go back to clean. Do you is fucking jacked for the time we think about this time, like people back then
Then there is no fuckin supplements, yet they barely knew how to work. Exactly you know, even when he's punching like his technique is very different. dead and also they had to be really concerned about breaking their hands. They were fighting with these little tiny asked gloves and it s like Emma, may gloves with thumbs in some of these flights like they were scheduled for in seeing things, I believe these one was scheduled for forty five rounds, for how many around the girl, I think, fifteen forth at two p m, in July, Nevada on their hands, contained degree. Whether who does that two hundred and ten degrees in Fuckin, Reno, yep crazy, I run a crowded that's a good point. Jamie look. They all wear those goofy asked fuckin hats, Why did I ever did I wanna looks like save one aware: a nice hat Y Y know
ready succeed becoming black people in the audience now, many of them that they say that the band before Jack Johnson came onto the ring shortly. Before they announced the event he came on. The band was plain: these popular song of the time called all Koontz look alike. To me, Why that's right before he goes on this is like one of those things. Roy people are hoping that the ban guy loses so that their millions of people are paying attention because they want Jack Johnson to lose he s, not that their hoping a good fight it takes place, would see who wins they wanted to get this guy off the throne. This wasn t them about box in these was about railways. We kind of amazing that on Wednesday Did you hear the other in the thirteenth round? You gotta be a different kind of human to fight with as little gloves for as many round these people fought, yep, nanos, geisler, fascinating.
or who, out of you covered on your podcast biographies. Let me say that you really like it change how we feel about them check Johnson was also I had so much fun. Studying, though, not all by other field on our some of my favorite, it's easy unforgivable, blackness, yeah yeah. I was the first thing when I started. Did he surgeon? I was where I started. I started watching the embers noblemen three, which is great, and that kind of gave me the basics of the story, and, unlike ok, I see where all of it it's a going. Now go back to the tedious stuff for free diverted them book about human blogging, only formation and stuff by the local entities. Yeah, I loved I want so who else have you done that really like cursed it out, for the big ones have been crazy oars Caravaggio Theodore Roosevelt drag Johnson, deserted biographies. I've done craze. Yours is a fast anyone. They still doing that crazy, South Dakota, sculpture of him yeah, I mean,
Not only does it forever because the guy you started a project is long, the bad, so second, they depend on private money. So they are not really move any kind words also isn't gonna fuck, because there is no pictures a crazy worse. We literally have no, I willingly alike, However, if you doing this you're just essentially like guessing, I mean you will use your face completely there. I think they should use my friend. Why not the way that some better story right, Derek as there was a guy he kind of events is almost like watching a marvel thing about walls. It ain't, you know he has the superpower, the guy was a beast in warfare, but everyone he loved around him died, and so you have. This kind of tragic figure of the guy was a beast, but for all spyware can protagonist once he love will he fought naked caught little pieces of his body off like he cut chunks of flash off all
where's bottlenecks, entire body was like a mosaic of scars. There was some, yet it was even before, like a couple of weeks before the battle of the little bigger- and it is, the famous battle will cost around. All of that There was a sitting board. One of the other main Lakota leaders participated in his Sundance. Now, one of the thing they did was kind of catholic fifty flesh, offering only Sharm. Where do you kind of cod, these like pin size needle of your flesh, but steel and the whole point is to go into these strands partially from the pain partially from behind the racial powerfully, prey or and all of it and the stories that's dimpled than Andy's vision that they were gonna be attacked. The troops were gonna reach their camp, but they were gonna get crushed, and so the vision was even at a battle shortly. Thereafter, symbols like yeah he's wasn t to these wasn't close to our camp division is the are attacking our camp and that's when supposedly the whole little Begone thing. That's why they are feeding kind of like we can handle it where good, with the situation
those true the whole. You know vision yet dares to think about that kind of a culture where the stories that days, like a lot of the time in order to get a reputation for being the guy who can say hey, I had a vision and people actually believe you. You need to have proven something along the way. You need twelve in anybody can see. I had a vision and is like yeah. That's great show us: how can you now seal that dude, yes or no? If you can't shut up you're, just not losing it in what can you say? I have a vision and then comes true exactly as you said. Well, in that case, people like okay, now are paying attention next time. You have a vision, please tell us, but if you say- division that these up and nothing gap and everybody likes shut up your dress. I just would wish we knew that, like him, going into state of mind where years almost dying, because right now, like
What was that a man called horse movie where they do that thing. That's us that arms to your nipple and hanging from the ceiling Sundance I've been actually tool. That was illegal for a really long time rights than they brought it back in the open in the 1970s seventies and I'm being two hundred and seven sundown a thriller they do that yeah you wash, it gets us on ended by their nipples. They usually don't get suspect that is not new policies. Just yet the chess muscle well, they dont go under the motto is just came, but they go up on top and a day They usually don't get suspended, but they dance attach we'd noticed at all to the three and then when they want to break loose, they just reap right through one. You know you got like these workers size, the scar out of it and which you know any
think about the whole idea of sacrifices, something that they do. We know the religions pretty much twenty four degrees in backing the day. Animal sacrifice was huge. That has one of the things, and you know these guys. Avatars, you shed blood, that's your energy, that's the one seeing and that will give them. Into your prayers and all that stuff, but yet first time I ever saw it. I was I holy shit. This is intense. Don't you think, there's probably also something to that where they are trying to put people through something to make them stronger. There definitely is that aspect that is like. Yet. This is not something that somebody as Willy nilly like. Oh I'm, gonna Sundance, tomorrow's, like I, you don't mess around it now that this ritual, in fact, is probably strengthen their resolve and make them better war. you're, just by having experienced such a horrific ritual which a ritual practising ripping meet off your tits
one story today say it looks legit like a white guy died on how you Alex. I goes free gnawing, silks the days and then speech right now, exactly the there's a store that they say about crazy or is that when he was a kid to toughen him up, his dad killed a turtle that they were going to wait. But the story goes that the turtle heart keeps beating after it's bad for a while and carved out the turtle and pull out still beating art and gave it took his horse tweet Heathrow and yeah right her heart- and I recommend that you beat him yeah, we more kind of fuckin diseases, you give fraternal heart but outside cook that well done right the only way to our some good Thurtell heart yeah, I mean look out, parasites and shit or internals turtles eat everything right, but that's also, what's funny like
You think about, like walls or you think about people who leave a super close to nature and equally stuff that if we try to day where dating Teddy Sack on Them- and they were fine, speeding up, googled it and came up right away while turnover, just off. Did you hear about that guy who just got fired? I think it was in Iowa whose school teacher he fed snapping turtle puppy in the middle class, what the hell I did not hear that yeah yeah he is currently suspended. That's what you think, they're yeah this guy, he had done some other dark shit in class before it is teacher investigated for feeding puppies to snapping turtle. It's cool
go, go see the image of the guy in the beginning, in the article again go back to the video and paused in his face they had various fuck wizened. It show his face again: Missus face Goofy prig illegally a vulgar incomplete. I go, there is www them. How well you know of you, leave a puppy. Will the snapping turtle he Willie He will show you. How going don't tell your mom. Don't do that DEC we have animals. Are we like more than other animals at the fact that we like poppies a whole lot more than we like those dirty fuckin, stinky hard, headed turtles? Leave us hurry, pocketed the alone I like TAT, so it is some anymore sort, cool, there's, fuck them. We have a profound nepal.
percy! Fine by me. Don't you think, do your problem or wherever that the average person, because you're study of history I mean the the hypocrisy of the human race, are most exposed by Over them and the wash these patterns repeat themselves over and over and over again- and I mean it says- that's why to me- I'm completely fascinated by need nor workings of the EU one mind, because the way that people can- stream stories to themselves to justify staff that in another account this would be considered completely insane. That kind of goes back to that, like the average person is a flag in the wind that can go anywhere. You know how ridiculous see that, like Twond their dear signal, if you tell people slavery, overwhelming majority of people be like, of course, to live at school. What what's always leave at it, kind of a car. You, your antislavery, are you insane and if you say today, you know you're gonna have like one zero point: zero. One percent of the population would be cool with Dayton and yet too are the same people
two hundred years have gone by, but suddenly what was completely normal? I one point is consider bachelet. Crazy. Today is weird: it's weird. It's constantly changing costly of it doesn't always Nina makes sense. Just this is what's the news. I hope this is the new way of being there's, always a small percentage of the population- that's not gonna go along with the programme. That's gonna, be like no disease is stupid idea, but by the averages just gonna go where wherever a critical mass steel think they're gonna go with it Listen Malaga wrap this up, but always a beautiful thing to talk to my brother. You go check out annually by lilies podcast is history on fire, it's available on Itunes and you're on all the social media things deepely on Twitter, you D, bologna and scams. Well, Instagram he's the only one. I don't do it
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and that's it we did it. Ladies and gentlemen, tell you about Daniela below, is accent so smooth. So thank you have, but if tuned into the bargain We had a double dose today, so merryland right, scab is coming up. Next very excited talk to her as well hope you enjoy that one. I'm acting like a dinner ready. Do it already did their protest. I enjoyed it's very good. I would definitely tell you if it wasn't. Our best have ever done. C4 soon see offers determined. Maybe look stupid, see you for civil So these soon you fuck around
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