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2018-03-14 | 🔗
Mary Lynn Rajskub is a stand up comedian and actress.
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or where ever you listen to this podcast right now or you can head to one three dot: FM, Slash: Rogan, that's w o n d e r y dot fm forward Slash Rogan, that's wondering like wonder with an I dot, Fm Ford, Slash, Rogan, go, listen, and I think it's very important that these stories are heard and they did a great job, great job. Putting this together. Right. My guest is the great and powerful Marylynn Rice, Cobb she's, a friend of mine, for the comic store she's, a very quirky and interesting and very funny person and I always enjoy talking to her and we've talked about doing this many times, but I'm glad we finally got together and made it happened today and I really enjoyed it. So please. Well,
from my friend, Mary Lynn, Rice Gump, the Joe Rogan experience trying my day, Joe Rogan podcast by night all day, I'm here with the Arnold Schwarzenegger Common Marilyn Rice cop. How many people have ever on one shot: spelled your name right or pronounced it right, never ever write like it's kind of exciting? Now that you mention it 'cause it going to introduce me and it's just era. It just gives like an instant obstacle like when you were coming up as a comic. There had to be a big issue I like for the MC to bring you up or the the the dj when they bring you up with you with EMC the DJ or the and see. I don't know I never really looked at it that way. Well, somebody had introduced yeah someone was introducing me. I think I was in such a bubble. I didn't really and I wasn't on the road hardcore and I wasn't
I don't know I wasn't identifying with me as a performer. So much was that means I was doing performance art and people were laughing. I didn't know why they were laughing right, ok I moved to LA and like yeah, let's do shows like I didn't know, I didn't think got it as like your intro using me, I'm I'm a performer. I would say only in the past couple of years, by down the road proper, but I came in the back alley for everything for comedy for act Bing like if I had come to LA with a stack of head shots like hey, I'm ready for acting, it would have never happened. I just came with a group of people like I want to do. Some live shows and like no business being in la no business just doing weird shows, because that that's what I was compelled to do like I mean I could not have done it had. I said all right, you're going to do
acting and performing, especially not comedy like I didn't identify with that. At all. I had to figure out why people were laughing. That's fascinating, so when you first got into show business, what was the goal? It's a weird word show. This. Isn't your business, your special lady, I'm I'm audition ready today by the way you notice. I have a good brown in the good to her I shadow line is a woman and I'm really more of a woman now than I've ever been. What about? What's that about yeah just grown up Let it go, let it go. I look back in my twenties and I'm like you were a hot like what was wrong with you, but I was so incapable of anything like so
socially, I mean I still am, but I'm much much better now, but it's like we're using yeah, I awkward and just but that's I don't find your court, so I mean I think, it's odd. Like every time I've talked to that very fun, comfortable conversations. I never found you to be awkward. I don't find you to be awkward either. The we would just don't make each other awkward ddd. Is that weird my mind? Just went to an instagram app that was creep test, like in my own mind that one that goes in close and yeah the Little STAR gate programmed sorry, sorry but I honestly don't find you to be awkward like every time I've ever talked to you. It's been very, very comfortable, very easy. I agree, but I would also say that's kind of a recent development that you and I are speaking, was when I started coming back to the
yes, which was what couple years ago, he have three now I guess three something fourteen November of fourteen. I think it was because he had an h, others orbit since right now, yeah news, radio yeah, but I we didn't really get a chance to like hang out befriends yeah till the store. You know that's such interesting little community rights, like everybody, just kind of like like what what about a positive Community, like I, was just explaining this to some of the other day like when I first I started going there in one thousand nine hundred and ninety four. There was a lot of conflict between comedians. There's, like a mean, is it in like comedians like? Oh, this guy doesn't like this guy and she doesn't like her and they all fuckin yeah duked it out with each other a little bit. There's none of that now. Yeah. I think about this amazing quart of that place. It's amazing! Every what friendly yeah I love it like. There might be a hundred of us there on a their basis like in and out doing Sunday
through Monday and there's no conflicts, it's really fucking cool did you. I'm sure you've talked about this, a Did you you did you ever stop going there for a chunk of time or you stop for seven years yeah. I stopped seven years after I had that dispute with Carlos Radia yeah DOT this is when he was way more popular than me, like, especially as a comic. The commissar start took his side and I was like. Are you guys and I I took off and was really the comic store either it was. This one guy was the manager 'cause Mitzi? Actually I called Mitzi and gave her the whole rundown of what was going on. I told her and she's like why not just stay away from mom, and then she gave me a spot that now and then they called me up two hours later tell me that I was banned, so I said, wait a minute I just talked to Mitzi like she gave me a spot. She told me when to go up so if, if she's not running the store like who's, decide,
band. You are like what are you doing like? Do you guys understand what this is? I mean this is like a little you're having a little battle for like whether or not you're going to let people profit off of crime like this is really what's happening. You have thought crime you have in crime, you plagiarism and you're, allowing one person knowingly allowing them to profit off it and no one's doing Think about it. So when one of us does something about it, then you're going to punish that person, your big, signally, highlighting everything that everyone was afraid of. That's a good point. What is what like, what were the? What was the reason for your being banned because you were well because their end of it, my we had made a video with me, then Carlos, arguing on stage and put it all right. Okay. So there is a sign out at all that this was you know somehow or another, and in violation that should been kept inside the club and MIKE you don't get it you weren't, protecting us. No one was protecting us, my eight
stumped me over that yeah over that yeah yeah was with cursed. They they dropped me. We we have that, to tell to tell me they, in this long roundabout way with trying to say that I either had to apologize or they couldn't work with many more those that was the gist of it, and I had to make them spell it out. Okay, let me say this really clear: tell me this what you're saying you're saying you want me to apologize, or you can't work with many more were done. You there's no apology and we're never going to work together. I appreciate everything done for me and I was really nice to the guy. Who was it wasn't his idea, my agent, so you're great guy. I see I'm giving you a hug, but you guys I understand that making a choice is going affect the rest of your life. This In just a small thing. You only have a few how many years you have in this life for this year is going to be highlighted by this decision. Is going to be, and why did you? Why did the agent take that standard? They represent him as well. Ok, alright! So they need
to make nice those who made way more money than me so it he was way more valuable to them and so you gotta make this. Is you sell art? That's all you guys do. Can you not making anything you just Marilyn comes up with the show. If guy has a tour, if, if she's doing of this or he's writing a book, you make money off part, that's how you make money now here you know a guy, stealing other people's art. Your answer to that is we gotta stop peep. They exposing did he ever change, not that it even matters, but I hope he did gotta find Jesus did he ever acknowledge it, but he did it sort of. Yeah sort of any kind took it. It's hard to admit, should try one of the Should I try to read it again. Is it insane? I actually have like one SEC right cruise. You know my friend take take Fletcher, posing around store for big giant gorilla. It's his company they're, very good.
You know your internal thing Maryland. I like it when I do it. If it's too can herald a Grande coffee, yeah, that's about a chronic cough is with the caffeine, but it's strong. No, she fuck, I gotta go change. Then I gotta go work out. I gotta go in your isolation. Tank noon find yourself. I just found myself and I peed a little so you started out as a performance artist like that was your idea. What you want to that with you? right. That was your big idea. I went to art school for painting and I our got really frustrated when people started to critique the paintings, and I was supposed to be. You know, getting more serious in art, school and more conceptual, and everyone was doing something different and everyone was critiquing it in a different way, and none of it made sense to me and then
idea of having to sell that object that you made so you're going to make something. That's useless. I mean it makes it sound like I don't like or appreciate art I just for me. I didn't I couldn't grasp What the next thing to do was you know your poor, your an art, school you're, making something and then you have to go, sell and market. That thing- and I also was fresh- and kind of like boiling inside and needed to express myself. So I started doing performance, art in school and then like when you say performance art, that's a pretty open, ended description right, it's so open ended. There were so many like weird performance, art things that would happen. We I mean we had performance art class. There is a guy that, like tape, his genitals to the side and put on lips stick in a mirror, and that was his performance, art piece or the all that we would
sit there and watch it. Did you see his genitals? Did he go naked and pull it aside, or how did he do that? That's a really good question. I like how your mind just went there you're like what actually happened. I think I blocked it out 'cause. I think you could prob we get away with doing that, the guys of it being something you're doing you know and and a class someone yes yeah. Yes, you can get away with us, so curvy. I think I was focused on his beautiful lips. I trying to be polite and I look down there another woman was obese and her piece was. She had priests we weren't it where she was in a performance butter pats in like Domino's, like you know, one thousand of them in a line, and she was a beast and she crawled on the ground. She actually eat, but it was something weird mine, kind drops off, I remember specific parts of it, but I don't know. I think she just was collecting the butter pieces the crawling and that was her performance use. Another guy
this was, I went to Detroit and then finished in San Francisco and San Francisco is known for being a real performance, art history, a lot of the you know the most famous performs. Nobody knows where that was the scene was in San Francisco. So I was to stay really beautiful campus, overlooking you could see a Lombard street on one side. You can see the water on the other side and another guy's piece was to jump from the second story to a tree. Just like May or may not have made. The and that was his our is are. Peace is jumping from a window to a tree yeah what I know this. Other guy the room where we had our class. He had a bread machine. This is back. You know bread machines versus new technology, a bread maker you know, those machines you can make. I guess it just. Does the dial right right? Maybe it bakes it. I think it just needs the down and you bake it or I don't know if you bake it in the machine. No, you
bake in the machine. It's all coming back to me. He bakes it in the machine. If we come into the classroom as he's baking, it there's always like a revealing these pieces right. So we come in he's taken Plass, Sir, from the wall and put it in the bread. He said let the bread half of us get it half of us. Don't there's plaster in the Bryant. Why do put plaster his bread? It was something about. I mean, is the the road some don't, but even if you get the bra there's plastering us. So in your face, what the fuck, oh my god, see some about like performance, are in slam, poetry, butcher you that was my did. I did here's. The best part is: I got zeros, zero yeah! He didn't get any. Why I
Never really wrote any poetry, I was just into the performance of it and I see we didn't have a poem I was doing comedy. Oh no, I was doing like an awkward thing. I mean which is very real for me, but I think I just wanted to express my also had an ex boyfriend who he said comedy was his life. This was when I was like nineteen and I think I attached to people like. I thought he was the shit because he would be rude to people like that was. His version of comedy was like bossing people around or one of his bits was like having a whistle and directing traffic I mean really adolescent like, but for some reason I was really attracted him and I wanted b him anybody who was like extroverted or something that. I wanted that. I was attracted to that right. So so he comedy is my life and I do this open mic and I was like I'm going to do that open mic and I had taped like
phrases to my body and phrases from commercials are snippets of conversation that I had heard and I went up and I started reading them and then I would improvise a little bit and I'd be like waxy, buildup or whatever, and just repeating just letting it all filter through and come out. My mouth for five minutes of whatever the open mic was, and I started getting laughter, but it was like awkward laughter after the fact of that on your ball like what it. What is she doing, but my credit level was so high that the fact that it didn't make any sense just because laughter right right, right right. Well, that does that work, sometimes with just even with calm X, absolutely as a lot of people there just really the odd, and if you sod saw them, you would get it. But if you what they wrote on paper is what they said just written down on paper. You would like what that doesn't make any sense
yeah. Well, I thought you were going to say, which is similar point that that it comes in the pause in after what they're saying, even if it doesn't make any sense but you're saying sometimes people write things and it makes its own sense when you hear them yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, I mean, and but it's also just about being full for the mass. Yes, yes yeah, yeah and Most pauses yeah, that gives you especially with something is really absurd- gives you that opportunity to go what yeah you don't want to hammer them over the head with it. So you just started doing and how did it lead to actual stand up stand up? Um. It was a really fun time in San Francisco, because the comedy clubs were closing. So a lot of comics were coming to these open mic, poetry, rooms and one of my favorite rooms was in this bar and also I was from the suburbs of Detroit and so just being in San Francisco. That was a real city and a friendly city, I get thrown off and it's beautiful and they have a real arts scene, and it was the first time that I had seen like a real counter culture and people. That would hang
coffee, shops and and a lot of young people that looked like I did so or go to bars for this open MIKE and there'd, be you know like transvestite, whose semi homeless, but was you made up who was like reading her poetry, and I was like I'm a end like I'm done and I had no money and I would sit and crouch on the floor and drink like a half a beer and be like all. This is crazy and I would watch her read from her journal and I did a some more thing where I would just, and it was always I didn't I know my own mind of my own thoughts really so I write down random words and I would perform it. I mean still now it it's. You know: I've. I've progressed a bit, but it's like it forms you how the audience reacts or it to, and I just love, seeing always like different people and what what they thought
we're saying verses what they were really saying and what their intended effect was and how people were really so seeing them anyway. So so comic started, dropping in these rooms like Patton Oswalt and them Kramer and Non blink a patch, and you know that Greg Behrendt. All these RON, Lynch or more at San Francisco affiliated that were there at that time would start doing these open mic nights, but because a comic, is so versed in their own voice. That. Watching them was so. I was like. Oh, they know how to speak and they're more polished, and then that was attractive to me. So so I kind of gravitated towards, and there were all these alternative Rooms that weren't comedy clubs- and that was like I love that I just loved it
because there was room for mistakes. There was room for the in between you know. It was like that the real alt scene of that time yeah. All- seems interests. It's always interesting with like a little branch of style, comedy breaks off, you know, some people do it because that's like it feels more true to them right and then some people do it because it seems like the cool hip thing to do, and then some people is just a combination of both right Dalton's, interesting scene, you know 'cause. It also is attached that one place doesn't pay anybody. The ucv yeah. I was always like wait. What you mean 'cause they're, making money and no one else is Nick yeah. I was always like what huh like how does that make sense? People don't get paid at comedy clubs as well. Well sure they do comic store pays you. You mean like twenty five dollars,
twenty five bucks regular sets, and then you get a lot more than that. You do the main room right, the main: and they pay real money. You're saying why doesn't Ucb throw twenty five bucks, so she got into something people a paying to go there writing for gas, there traveling there right, you're selling tickets see them. Do their art right yeah? I would take that line. Then everybody should be paid a lot more. There should be a genuine percentage. It's really only the car like going back to that argument from the comedy store, yeah 70s, but that was so that your argument, it's not legit that look this is where we live and it's really important place to work out right right, so we need and where I wanted to be, there yeah and they a little bit, but if they didn't pay you anything coming, Sir, when you see be and just didn't pay anybody anything. That's interesting. So you're saying even that little amount is a is an important it's something yeah. They get special he was important when the club wasn't making any money. So if the
all of them in the old days. The are you know. You got that twenty five bucks like look the given twenty five bucks to fifteen people- fine how much money are they really make? I get what you're saying 'cause you see being you're saying: has that vibe of like a it's a workshop and then you're like you guys, are your money off their opening up new places right mean this. Is a business not tell him do your telling anybody reforms would do I performed there before right? It's just it's kind of weird. It's like these festivals. I got invited to one of those festivals once they offered to give me a pass like a gold pass or I could watch all the other acts. That's what they're going to pay me with their going to fly me they weren't going to right and hotels are there? Were you gonna give me any money, our minds with that thing in Steve Martin's book? Where he's he, where he made that choice and Get very different time very different scene. Where he's like, I'm only headlining for money. He made that conscious choice that not working. Now, like you said we, you know I work out in town. I don't expect to get paid, but it does. It makes a difference that the comedy store there is a
that system that is in place and really works you now it's like I'm a paid regular. That was a big deal yeah, because I remember I had been on on the road doing comedy really for the first time in the club. Proper, even though I had tons of stage time, but you know back connecting it back to that all scene where it would be a different thing every time- and I am not not quite know what I was saying so you know in the past four years and was when I did the six shows her weekend and you're like I'm your entertainment for the night and you know, learn how to do that like when people came out to see you yes and they got don't mumble tell them what you're talking about repeat your theme, you know smile talk to people. You know I learned how to do that and my point you feel confined by that, because your beginnings were so sort of free
Ian. I think, like a reverse, the confinement of that is serving me because I needed to do that. It took me I went about it like completely opposite. I was so organic that now I'm finally getting some structure, I'm like for the first time like that's a joke, I honestly was like, like I said, I had no idea why people were laughing. I knew I liked but I wasn't exactly sure where it was going to come, and I knew that I had a deep connection to it. You know that's what propelled need to do it. I had a need to do. It was the only thing saved me I needed to. I mean not to get all overly dramatic, comedy kind of saved performing yeah because I just is really.
Didn't know how to express myself- and it's still to this day is like an ever kind of deepening thing. You know yeah it's a it's. A very weird discipline, right, yeah. The a weird thing to get involved with the chase down these ideas and try to figure out how to flash come out Do you structure feel like you were always because I see you as somebody who's like so powerful and such such a strong point of view and build strong belief system? Do you feel, like you've, always kind of band that right now. I don't think so. I think comedy for sure makes you s down those ideas like what is what is your real feelings on things yeah, because you're thinking about things off and and and then as you're saying things to think about people's reaction to them? That's a big one, a big one! Is that comedy is allowed me to really pay attention to other people's reactions. More than like, I think I wanted to because I think
If I had my own way and I had nothing to do with stand up, I probably would be way more anti social way, more guarded and protected and way more in secure. Because I had an answer, those questions I didn't pose them myself because it made me uncomfortable yeah. So what stand allowed me to do is like I wasn't, the most outgoing person really great yeah yeah. I was very insecure and even so. I'd get like social anxiety. I I've talked about this before, but I would like talking to a bank teller I'd be. I know that I'm next to talk to the bank tower not kind of freak out, and I wouldn't know how I would wouldn't exactly know how to talk and say things and do it right, but it changed from teaching martial arts wants to teach. Martial arts. I learned how to project in front of this big room full of people with something I never imagined? I was going to do any public speaking before that it was never
the menu- I never even thought about it, but when I taught classes I had to teach them, and I was teaching you like in universities are taught to be you and I talked to some other places, some other gyms and stuff, and you know you have to give these people's attention. You have to be. Clear and you have to have confidence, and but I knew what I was doing right now- she's going to ask you that it probably helped a lot for sure. If you're nervous you let the skill kind of take over yeah, we would often times like if we opened up a new school somewhere, we do a demonstration and then we did give a speech afterwards explain what the martial arts were, but we do a demonstration first, like people would hold like boards and Shay. Need, Kickham and stuff like that which we never did in real life. We only did for demonstrations like weed train that way. But my point was like getting into stand up. I didn't have a particularly clean pov. I think I was twenty one years old I was thinking was a moron. You know it didn't have, any life experience other than martial arts and girls like that was all I could talk about,
and I didn't knew martial arts weren't really funny. So I was just relationship stuff, but hey guys. How about when we hit that block? We don't really do that in my right. Ctrl windows kicking those blocks of wood, guys mean seriously yeah. I mean I had a uh similar thing of. It helps to just even say anything and to be like. Oh, I exist. I have a voice and I'm just now, starting to I mean I have a lot of material. That's true true, but I'm just now kind of starting to build that deeper. The belief system thing you know, like I talk about my personal life, an there are kernels of things in there, but it's scary to kind of come out. But it's fun, because that's what people want you know, that's what it's like! That's what gets a going and that's what gets everybody excited and that's with
cool yeah! You know what comedies taught me. One really important thing as a person you're not done. Like there's, no, there are does not like you're a finished product yeah. I did it. No, you change depending upon your attitude about how you look at your very existence right now, a good gin shift within an hour. It could shift back and forth you could you could shift in a day or two, it's like if you take a few weeks off, so it's just going to ask you that dude? Is it hard for you to get back chat always feels weird. I haven't done it very often, but I did a cup. Other times in my career, where I got like surgery or something like that. I had to take some time off and then I got burnt out once maybe like five years ago, and I took three months off and that was that was crazy. That was really weird But then, when I got back into it, it was before I came back to the store to So it was a real issue with me like going on stage like the improv never felt like home. It was like a place to fuck around is a nice club, but it never.
I didn't hang out there. Just felt weird didn't feel same side just do set there, and then I get outta here. So I was missing like camaraderie aspect of it and I just just a special, and I just didn't want to do anything for awhile wanted to chill, and so I took like three months off, but then, when I came back, I came back with like a lot of purpose, like a really was enthusiastic about. I had been thinking about coming back for like a couple of weeks before I actually did it, but you you're always working working it it like always. It's always you're. Always you're always, in in the process of like Reaffirming thinking thing through understanding who you are. You know it varies with your health varies with how you're eating it varies with who's in your life, like your comedy radically varies like how you interface with an audience radically how you look at yourself, all that varies
so much's. Never done have you ever been on stage and just not not angry but like not enjoy going kind of not wanting to be on stage, and it shows in your performance does do you always get out of it through performing you, just making it you can get upset. There was a woman who kept heckling me in the front row of the comedy store. Just interrupting to stopping bits before I had a chance to explain and then finally how to kick and it was so and knowing the way she did, it was so it was so entitled like she was entitled to voice out. Her opinion in the middle is a what I was doing this chunk last year of my last special about this guy who broke into the White House, the guy just broken the White House. You would think it would be all these things in place to keep showing for breaking the White House. The guy just jumped across the lawn ran across Lord God in the front door, and there was only a girl sitting there, one unarmed girl, by herself he smacked to the ground and just ran through the fucking White House, and I had this whole bit about
whose idea it was to this leave a girl by herself thing. I've seen him and then I said that this is the part like this lady interrupted. May I said a lot of people think that women can do everything. Men can do right and I go well that doesn't make sense, because men can't even do everything men can do so. I was in the middle of saying that doesn't makes sense, because in the joke is explain, do I go up? The joke is lady. I've met Shaquille O'Neal and his dick is where my face is. If the White House is experiencing is Shaq Attack, I'm the wrong dude save the world he's going to run me over, but you know that I tried to explain that and like she just wanted to interrupt anything that had to do with men or women. So that was annoying and I did not have a good set that night 'cause. It was like Jesus Cry, just get the fuck out of here here on. How can she apparently done that to some guys that were on before and she was so drunk when
I was looking at their eyes? Weren't focusing is just some smart lady that was drunk that thought she could stop what she thought was sexism, probably 'cause. She was drunk there's a difference between you, then overcoming it and being like haha. That was awesome and then the feeling of I think what I'm I was tense I like this, where you're just inside inside your own head going. I don't want to be here like that sock like it's, not fun, wasn't that it was just like I should of allowed myself to get so upset, but I I came into the stage upset that was part of the problem is that I had a crazy day with a lot of up. Things happened, and I can very that enerji onto the stage there was a lot of weird shit that happened in my life. That day it was just like enough enough fucking enough and then here yeah, it's like weird shit with friends and couple weird biz. This thing is like a compounding day and then this lady was hammered and just in and I gave her the better. I try to talk her into just released an Expl
leader this is how the bit would have gone. If you didn't interrupt, I go, ok, get it see, I'm going to say some outrageous, isn't there more fucked up about myself? This is what I did so I do but again she interrupted again. I might get the fuck out just get out just get out and I was but it was really upset and this shouldn't really get upset. So when you large side get really upset, it's usually because you came into it. Unbalanced and again it's always your you're. Never done like you might think. Well, I understand, behave now. I've got my shit together. I get it, but you don't you get it right now now, but if you let it slip, you won't get it tomorrow. If you have the wrong how to to the wrong approach and the wrong dude cuts you off like off, like I come from, and you know and going to They were talking about earlier when you said you're, not awkward, you two things uh you are you're much more of a teddy bear now than you used to be. Don't you think I've never thought of myself Teddy Bear
well, when I see you now you're just like you're, just not not, thing you weren't like this before, but you just are so like positive and loving, loving and kind of like you know, you can feel it whereas, and that you know there's a lot of baggage in the past and we never not baggage but like. I was like, oh, that guy hates women over that guy hates me, but there was also went Dunkin was hanging out with you, you know he and I just broke up so that was the baggage I was referring to. But no No, I just thought you know you have such a strong enerji that I was like, oh that guy, and I not that I it's weird 'cause. I wasn't like I just what I just never pictured us talking easily yeah, I'm not saying that it wouldn't have happened, then it because it just didn't, but I was like whoa what so with that did I get it. I've said on such onstage much time so I like I, look like a so exist. Like I look like, I would be a dick I just look like you know there
like not much you could do, but if you lift weights you have a fathead, you know you look like a dickhead, there's just right. There's no way around that thing. I was like kind of watching some, your recent podcast, where it was like for of the shirts and then for the future is from the future is feminine. I want to where I want to wear. The future is masculine and you are the futures feminine and then we just walk around or whatever image of yourself, I'm like the equal but opposite like if I built my car compounded, be like crystals, lavender and soft. You know the problem with that state but the future is feminine. Is the problem with every single statement? You cannot be all down the future. What does one thing? So if you just can't it's outside of the funny preposterous, it would be if I would like to just where the future is mass. Sun and just not acknowledge it. What's up, you know the future
pack of cigarettes, while your sleeves, like the Fonz, masculine. For you know it makes no sense. No, oh and then the other thing that when I was talking about going on the road which I was going to mention coming back to the store ' 'cause, I was there in the 90s too, and it was just like a terrible place in a bad I've been laggard, vibrant, dark and dank, and what year did you get there? I moved to LA in ninety four, and I was in San Francisco for a couple of years before that ninety four bird, ninety five or did you perform the clubs in San Francisco as well. I do did bars. I never did the punchline, you still done it I have yeah, it's fucking, amazing. It's great, it's great place is amazing. I love it. Yeah Cobbs was a little strange, big ceiling. It's
Kobe and the people are way back there that are in the balcony their way back. Oh my god, I back there. My husband, who, like he used to before we had a child who used to come see my one woman, show that I did. I think he came through anyway. He saw me at Cobbs and he sat back there and it was a great assessment 'cause. He goes. I've gotten really good 'cause. I had been on the road, but he goes. It's a really hard room. 'cause these people, especially that late show like they've, just had dinner and there there and it's so dark, and it's it's like a room. I don't know some people love it, but it's a room, that's sort of seen its heyday at a different time that it would be packed out. I don't so, maybe like it if you pack it out there to see you. I do like that room, but it's a different room than it used to be the Icu, the old Cobbs. That's where I met a man. I did that's why I mentale magical Al Magical started working together in like one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight or some really yeah there's a long time ago, but the uh
It was tiny like just a little bit in the belly room. I mean it was like I like that, like one hundred seats or something like that was really ridiculously small, I think I might be off by uh it might be like one hundred and thirty, but they would stay, off everybody in there to get one hundred and thirty in his tiny little club, and I used to work it even though it would actually make less money there. Then I could at the punchline I liked it better. I was like this place is bad. It's like it's grimy, it's tiny and Tom Sawyer. The guy ran. It was like a huge comedy. Nerd would really love comedy, and so I like that and like any support, good comedy pocket. So I started going there so then, when they turned into the new place was like this is the opposite of what you guys right. You guys were the most intimate club and now, oh, I see happiness that makes sense. Yeah clubs have to be like it's gotta, be right, Tapia was going to say I came back from going on the
but for the first time and doing the six shows- and I was on twenty four- which I loved- or just full on comedy shop talking by the way, that we do that all the time I do that along time if the feeling user one. No. No, no, I like it. I like it. I just got a little self conscious for a minute. Anyway, the rooms in the ceiling and this interest funny thing. I think people enjoy it too, because they look here and people who are professionals talk about what makes it good what makes it and then, when they're there themselves, like, oh yeah, the rooms got high in this place. This place is intimate Ok, so I was on uh. You gave me the confidence to get back in it, so I was on twenty four when it came back and we filmed in London because it had been done for like two years and they brought it back and it was the end of that airing and it was the first time I was going on the road as a comic. So because my chase was on tv and people were super into twenty four. My shows packed out the fur.
Time I'd ever gone on the road right. My first four thousand five hundred and fifty minutes show an. I first hit the stage it like side, Splitters Tampa or whatever you know it's like used. All your shows are sold out an first of all my opener, and my middle are like this great it sold out. But then, when they got on stage to come off of, like your audience is weird, I gather twenty four fans and they were all they don't come out to clubs right right right. I would sometimes have a somebody sitting like with the this guy had an article of clothing that I had worn and season three. So I'm like trying to do comedy like ok, like you just want me to sign your thing, but you know in my approach It was 'cause, I'm in my own head, so I'm like high, so I name is Mary Lynn and doing doing my leg, I'm uncomfortable and that's where my comedy comes from and the whole vibe is like. You know like your tv star, like we came to see you and I and I had to adjust and like that in and then not only take it in but talk about it. You know
yeah, you know, and I would just be like Jack Bauer and they'd be like like losing their shit and like I would make somebody in the audience like you're, my Jack Bauer and then I just you know had to make like five one thousand and fifteen minutes of like let's talk about it because it such an amazing thing yeah, you know when it was to me too, but I have this hope that was the only draw I had ever been on, and I have this whole other world of comedy that I been doing, but the intersection of that was just like bizarre. But but then I you know, like you said you never done, and you never know what's going to happen and you just do it. So I would do the twenty four stuff and then I would go into my stuff. That's my stuff about my life in my purse. My life and my point of view, and then that became really gratifying. You know once I sort of brought them in like did, did the thing that they needed to hear about, which is also part of my life. So
you know how long does it take before they stop coming to see you because you're from twenty four and started coming to see you because you're funny comic, oh I'm still waiting for that to happen, I'm still hoping for a career in comedy. No, seriously. Well, then it dropped off right. So I did that same circuit a year and a half later, and there would be some super fans or be some comedy fans and there'd be some people that didn't know why the hell they were there so so then I would have yeah the guy. That knows me from always sunny in Philadelphia the lady. That knows me from twenty four and the guy who is out of his mind on drugs going you're, not funny, and I'm like you know that this poor person is like she's in superstar like. Why is she in this shit, hole and other guys, like? I don't know who she is, then that guys, like you, don't get what I get 'cause she's from always sunny in Philadelphia and then I would pick them each other like she doesn't get it, but you get it and it's like well the burden of being so versatile. You know such a cross to bear. It must have
one transition, though, once you got through the initial stages, because a lot of people would have bailed like lot of people. Ok, fuck fuck do in a row. This is just too crazy. I love it. I mean it sucks, but I love it. It's awesome, but it's it's sort of change who you are then right like what you think of your cellular a real comic. Now yeah yeah. I can't you know for so many years. I had that little like you haven't on the road like you haven't, really done it and now I'm like no, I I know how to do this talk to so many people to die, onto the road that I wish would leave. You know, like God, you got experience it you gotta go. But they don't want to do like the shitty road. Well, you have to do this shitty RD, I also learned something about myself: the shitty road, because I would not. I have a car and I'd take the hotel they gave me that would be by the freeway. That would be not even near the city and a little bit from the club and I just hold up, and then I it took me awhile to realize, like oh you like that, like I, like a certain amount of suffering, an like
city here a minute ago, like walk along the freeway, and then you know some would be like. Why need what did you get a car like I don't know, just walked over to chili's for lunch and along in grass in the side of the freeway. I like it. I like it, so you actually like the din genus of weird cities, so voice yeah or I don't know the part of me likes the shittiness of it. Just to like there was one house key ask I don't know why there was one hotel room that had like a a dining room table for ten and like this big, these big plastic flowers with Doug. It's all over them and this weird hot plate with foil on it, Anna walking Closet, but it was the shittiest most run down like who's partying in here like who's fancy hotel suite is this: it couldn't have been shittier Anet
yeah. I guess it's just fascinating Anne and I I like being comfortable. You know I like having my things, but I guess I like that too yeah I, like feeling the pain that was sure I'm just not being comfortable but also be ' 'cause. It's in contrast to your life in LA right. I mean yeah, fucking tv star, get cash. So then you do it on the run all the time. I see those pictures in the instagram that you just throw. Is it cold just throwing it up in the Yahoo? Your thing is isolation. Tank mine. Is that getting one of those blowers where the money, as I do in the morning, I just get my little room. I'm like money is just a cyclone of hundreds of miles around Maine, I gotta money, massage yeah, it's so great,
but when you're in the road and you're in like a shitty, hotel and Pitts Burg, or something it's in the middle of January, lookout in the skies like a shitty dark smoke the gray there's, not even a hint of son. It's noon! You looked out. Nothing everybody's got this look on their face: everybody just sour puss, oops, wipe and dust off the window. So, but like that weird air conditioning, your heater that doesn't really work and just blows in one area: Frank: on yeah yeah: you can't control them, fucking, asshole I had a lady in a hotel room. How did this go? She was the receptionist. God it's all a blur. I don't even remember what city it is. One of the
is low, mid hotels. She calls me I'm napping, it's like after you do the radio or something I'm napping. Oh hi, um, there's a fan down here with a bottle of wine, for you can I send him up, swear to God, I've never felt more unsafe or on the verge of a breakdown. First of all, you woke me up, second of all, year year the gateway between, but it was such a small town and it was so such a foreign concept. To her to me, I was like that's inherent right, like you're you're, the protection that I have for, should I say him up a stranger who stopped at the hotel drug. With a bottle of wine's got a bottle of drugs, for you, yeah sure, I send him up, seemed like good move, and you know what I did as I actually took his. I could hear him in the background going to know. That's ok like he actually was a nice guy nice enough of a person that would do.
I wanted to bring a bottle of wine. That was, I think that was her idea, and so then I started like instead of going with the fucker talking about. I just went, ok well come down and get it and then I came down and met him, but it was so unset, and that was her idea. It wasn't his idea, but instead of saying don't do that and setting her straight. I took the middle how well did you go back to sleep after that? Not so good right. I drank that bottle of wine. An best show. My life hung over the show. Yeah, that's creepy, it's Ali Wong has a great, but I'm not going to do it justice and I don't want to phrase it either, and I want to tell anybody what it's about, but it's essentially the difference between life. For a woman comic on the road versus oh yeah, yeah, comic, it's big difference, yeah the danger level, like that's like guys that get to get obsessed with you, you
I want to bring you wine shit and like that stuff, that's gotta be weird. I had another guy, it was the guy who held the sweater he's like it's. You sweater from season three that you would somehow online. He bought it and then, after the show he want he showed me. I don't know why. It's wrong with me because I'm like he was a really nice guy like this is a terrible situation, but I for whatever reason I'm like he needs me to listen to right now, an I stood there like what is wrong with me. He had two thick photo books of the thousands of dollars of memorabilia and the pictures of all the items in the itemized of shit from the show and again I'm there I'm looking around like anybody seeing them. It's not just me and him. Ok, yeah. You guys continue cleaning 'cause, that's the weird thing too. I missed
superstar on one end, but on the other end, it's like not really I don't have the money, I'm not bringing anyone with me. I'm you know, I'm like a regular Headliner on the braces do have security, though right most places, yeah sure yeah. They just probably know where these day should be paying attention it made yeah. Maybe they thought yeah. That's a friend of hers. That's also weird thing like when you step in the guy's got a bunch of books filled member Billy, okay like when that seems, okay, like doesn't it's just he's a very, very, very enthusiastic fan. Yes, but like a wood, twenty times there, we go. Hey, hey, hey, hey when you know, ultimately, I'm glad I did it 'cause. I feel like I validated him, even though I wanted to go like what happened. You spent seventy five thousand dollars but stuff like, but what can we do so it's like that. This is great. This is terrific. You did a really good job. She just reached out. There says there's this is for you.
And if you're listening, you did do a really good job and you have a lot of really cool stuff that no one else has there. You go and I'm happy, for. You was was it's always weird when your comic tune, your or your. Comedian in nature and um, you do something: that's not comedic right, yeah like if you're median and you do a drama show at twenty four. It was basically a drama right for the most serious. Shows ever ever write super draw. I think I messed up No, I should have just rolled into another drum she's. Like him. I had a hole in my mouth and show everybody how not the computer genius. I am like what is wrong with me. I'm a walk. I'm a cop. I've set up obstacles. You know we're from twenty four. What what from the comedy stylings of do remember with
Richard Belzer, got on law and order. Oh yeah and everybody was like what and then stop being funny. He doesn't do any common anymore. I don't think right. I think I gotta clean up my act. Should I only be funny now or should I get on another drama? Well, I think you should stay funny, just be the fun just do that. Oh, I never completed the story of going through being on the road and then coming back to the store and thinking like I got it as I've been on the road right right. Coming back doing the main room, don't got it at dry. Mouth terrible, set guy in the front row is mine falling, asleep and mouthing to me how boring I am because I'm like wow his intense, but that's also the beauty of the store, because you're like oh, that is one thing on the road, and this is another thing like you: gotta go deeper and get
Well, it's running with a weight vest on that's what I describe it. You can run faster. The weight vest on if your legs are strong, but otherwise you're going to be fucked yeah. I love it now. Yeah, it's an intense place. I remember you and I were talking about something there once like fairly recently like within the last year. We, like, I, don't know what I'm doing. Oh yeah, I told you I might be quitting I quit. Will you serious? I couldn't tell if you're serious deadly, let's meet every six days or if I take more than two days off done, I need to talk to anybody or go anywhere or do, anything I'm done like that's my nature. That's what I fight with. What brings you back what to get you from there to fuck it I'll just go. Do it I just force myself
but you don't have one hundred percent confidence in your future. Resolve like you, don't no in the future. Do you think there's going to come a time where you just a week turns into a month turns into a year and then twenty four again comes on we didn't they do twenty for the black. I wasn't racing. Yes, this guy, okay, still there! Now it's done it's done yeah! They did it with a whole new cast yeah. I think it went one season. Well, that's what happens. Fucking white people you ruined it. Thanks white people, white people: is it remote it good enough? You promoted a great for Kiefer Sutherland I didn't understand where you're going with that yeah black actor and you fucking half ass and cancel it before people grew to love it. I think that was a pretty tough, back to follow yeah sure
yeah people get angry when you redo something yeah, you call it the same thing like fuck off: it's, not twenty four and will come up with another name yeah. I think that was the high the world's in trouble starting season. I like that super cool black guy, who was the guy that played the Corey Hawkins, is that right, don't know how that gentleman is great. They fucked him yeah white people, fuck them over people, white people- that's my take on it. So are you going to do especially you think I'd like to? I like to you. Should I want yes, I think you're very funny. Thanks girl, I do thank you. I do, I think, you're hilarious, I'm glad you're doing it still like when you were telling me that they were going to quit. Like you know, you are my angel that night, you really were you lifted me up from the depths. I love that you're like. Were you serious? doesn't make? No you you lifted me up in the depths of hell.
Well, I could tell you a really down. I was like that's crazy. I know I know who is fun You're hilarious and you really nice You know, so I was like no it's a weird thing to do. It's worth thing to do and maybe you don't have to none of us. Do it really mean is going to come at one time in my life from public? I'm not gonna do this anymore, but for right now, but that's cool that you love the live, show as much as you do. This is a struggle I really enjoy struggling. I do think it's very important. It's very imp and for my balance as a person, especially me, I have maniacal genetics. My brain is just has to be conscious totally overrun with things to think about and do my brain just wants to go just come out. Let's go. We need more fucking stimulus, yet go, there's nearly always need something. So what I do is just stuff fill with information work it out, get it
run, hills and do jujitsu and yoga and burn that mother fucker out, so that I could be common. So what you've lot of what people note? today versus how I was like twenty years ago. Is this? I understand myself better, I'm better at managing my way, Whatever are the things that make you you I'm better at managing those to be very positive to just be old we're all in my attitudes very different to its overall just nicer to people, and how did you become nicer? Just realize that when I'm at my bed, best. That's who I am, and the only variation between that and when I'm at work, think you weren't nice before yeah. I was nice. I just wasn't as nice as I am now. I've always always been nice, but I've always been nice quicker to pull the trigger right. You know, I'm I'm less remember we're at the comedy store. This is pretty recently and that guy came in
bathroom when I was in there. You totally pulled like the best male like strong guy was, was so good. You I think the guy was like coke or a combo of something and again it's like do. Why not have regard for my own being 'cause, a part of me kind of left my body and was like wow? This guy is crazy. 'cause he's like give me a kiss and it like in the women's bathroom right right right and then I think someone that he had done it to someone else. It was kind of going around and then I ran into you and I was like yeah that just happened to me and you were like what, where is he and you were immediately like I'm going to beat his ass, but animal Tany asleep, like get security to get. This guy was so awesome. Well that guy was a creep. It was so creep I was upset that I wasn't there as it was happening. Yeah, that's unfortunate, that
You're always going to have to buy rarely like enjoy that, like that response that you had I that was awesome. Do you, I could be a lady after all, I just don't know how to do it. Well, miss! boat, but I've seen. A only reason why you can enjoy is because it is in stark contrast to how I behave when people are nice, so so you realize there's a difference right. It's like it's break class glass in case of emergency. You that, emergency. Already awesome, yeah creep, it's cool to see that coke dot reactions store lately, so many coke to weirdos are. There must be making a comeback in Hollywood. It must be kind of like put blind so it probably look for it there's a lot of people that fucking bright ' ideas and business plans. He is they want to fucking piss.
Ok, that's what I need if you're the overactive on the opposite, like if I see it bad out of the corner, my I'm like! Oh, that could be great right now, like that's my avoidance tactic, just go to sleep, you can't do that does work. I just lie there in The mice. Are the road is a discovering, like my hidden anger, the core like peeling off the layers of like she's, uncomfortable she's why it doesn't react? And it's like I don't know, they're in there, you've just buried them like all of your feelings in like politeness, and so that's comedy is help me with that too 'cause I early on. I was like way too. Reactive would be like what do you think talking to an audience. Members like we know you're in control, like you tell them where it's going, you steer it like. Yes, you can listen to it, but so that's it's teaching me that as well. How did like drive the train and
sort of, like I'm, going to be open to you and listen and go wherever you want me to go. You know and just react to you well, there's also like there's a weird feedback loop thing going on there because people like it when you go all. What do you think is right, so you like the fact that they like that you do that, and then you avoid the look that way, but then yeah swallow it for the rest? The day of you know, totally that's true of yeah. Well, I mean it's like I said, like being a person and being a comic very similar. In that you never done. I just never done you know, you're always trying to fix that thing. I was trying to tweak it make a little better and then that's like one, the big arguments for writing new material to the ideas that every time you write a new act, especially when you have to like a special or something like that you're going to be better
because you, you understand comedy better than you did two years ago, you're just going to be better. If you real, even paying attention and you really you're looking at it correctly you're going to be better, but God it's so hard, 'cause you're right, you want to avoid it. You want to go to that bed, try their Alan, she sure, because he cash. So all you get your pets in the bed with you know, you have to keep him out, 'cause my allergies, but then, when they sneak in and surround me, what do you allergic to everything? You have dogs you're allergic to them. Yeah, my husband got the cat, that's what put it over the edge. I had two dogs for the longest time, and I ignored it and then it's the weather and the cat- and I just went over this edge where I always had like this really bad cold and then I finally had to go, and I try to all
There are organic things in my family had to go and get that like twice a week, but when they tested it was like everything just like paper in Poland and pets and paper you're allergic to paper yeah while, but then I got the shots twice a week and with the shots to I kind of miss my allergist who have little foreman at chats at right here, an ocular eating, so you start doing a little bit and you build up your tolerance, so they can and calculate you for cat dander, real yeah, that's sort allergy shot is I didn't even know that there were allergy shots yeah and he like a little cocktail of all the things cocktail. For me, all the things that I'm allergic to and then I just build. My tolerance wow. So now, if you're found cat, nothing yeah. I've got a limb. No, we make out well you make out here and he used to be if a cat, just like licked, you are tied your hand or something like that. You would get like little little rock.
Little red area, yeah, yeah, inflamed you, one of my daughter is allergic to cats. We had to figure it out, took awhile she'd like wake up with puffy eyes, and then we got to test it and realized. It was a cat, So would you do she takes a pill? No, no! The cat went to my other daughter, my oldest ok, so she's got it in her apt. I used to be allergic to others. I remember sleeping over someone's house. It depends on like where my sister images of how it affects me. Sometimes it yeah like laying on a feather pillow, yeah, yeah whoa, and I know people that are allergic to like, like styrofoam I've heard people allergic to like certain types of I stick in chat. S is coming in contact with certain plastics. Make them break out, might be someone making this up feels like bullshit. I got the the pen wants from getting the shots that was really exciting, so the
got, the shots. Your body went into shock because of all the allergic show yeah, and then they had a boom right now is I and my allergist was like I he did it on my arm and he he said I I didn't even raise it that much. But I went home and I was reading on my cat. I've itchy, I must I must this. Is like? I like I worked out and I didn't for like a full ten minutes, my conscious, I was just subconsciously, gone ma'am, I know I gotta go, take a shower or something and then I lifted up and it was like, but traveling, and then I just was like I think, having it's like. I need to manage your own, like no one was listening to me and I'm I can. I think I mean about a dollar and I I didn't. I was look, for the Benadryl couldn't find it call my allergist and he goes yeah just come here right now and then I drove there just like so scared, because I could do it traveling and I'm like you, know, panicking also trying to like manage. But when you panic in
good things you have to act fast and then I thought those are my eyes going to close up. Is my throat going to close up. And then went in there full on Epipen pen awesome, it was really get a feel like it. Honestly I felt like I was about to go on stage who a rush yeah. It was kind great feeling, but it's almost like it like, feel Cheney and like real trouble like what you get like for a few seconds. And travel the Yeah yeah, like not even caffeine, like beyond caffeine, but yeah like a pure felt like I'm really exciting, standup show, and now I'm really excited to go on stage right now and that immediately stops the allergic reaction. Here. Wow, that's incredible! She's like we got it, that's what it is! Yeah
at the end, is a challenge. Wow, that's crazy! I've done that on an episode of twenty four worse, the character dies in the in the heart and they make back up so epic. Now Fran is adrenaline. Wow it was awesome. I liked it. I would do it every day. If I could, you should do it every day, It's a hormone neurotransmitter and medication. Epinephrine is normally produced by both your green glands and certain neurons plays an important role. The fight or flight response by increasing blood flow to the muscles now put that any trouble feel oh wow pupil, violation, wow and then the other stuff that you get from cold shock proteins. That's norepinephrine! Is that what that is? That's what that Dr Rhonda Patrick
was she's a giant proponent of a sauna and also cryotherapy, and she was talking about the benefits of cold shock proteins and one of 'em is your body freaks out when you go into those crouch therapy chambers, it's like two hundred and fifty degrees below zero. So you get this big, powerful burst of norepinephrine. You get cold shock, proteins, he's side, achenes 'cause! Your body is trying to react to the fact that you have this massive cold environment that you're just trapped in it's like so fucking cold, your body freaks out and it it produces this really radical anti inflammation process. I'm one of them is this stuff: okay, that's as a non, also known as an origin, allow it's also now because adrenaline is epinephrine. Okay, so norepinephrine that it makes I feel so good. It's like one of the reasons why I really like going to the cryo chamber. Again I get out yeah you get out you like what Ooh
they in your body under stress and then it releases that yeah yeah doctor run a is also a big proponent of that in the sauna and that's why install That's on here, but did you call it protein yeah heat shock, proteins, heat shock, proteins in cold, shocked, teens, proteins that are produced by your body to deal with the effects of extreme heat or cold? See your body reacts to strike too much heat will kill you for short, too much call will kill you for sure, but a little bit is actually very good for you, because your body has a response. That not response sort of invigorates your entire system kind of speaks to we're performing, and dressing yourself going through that stress in order to yeah, I listen to a chunk of that you're well and Joe DS,
which, by the way, was amazing the way you guys communicated that was like it's pretty cooling but the yeah, the the pyramid of, as for fix your everyday you're living there. It just made me think about my own life, which you know my it's worked really hard to like make me comfortable and here your tv and you go to school when you come home from school and how that's the goal in like suburban life is to just become comfortable. We don't realize it, but this is all because people before us weren't, we just living in the environment where people are supposed to be comfortable, but you know two generations back everyone's an immigrant and is really concerned about starving. So I have to do go back to the 1920s. Everyone worried about fucking dying. The way people died. I, during world war, two millions people died by starvation, yeah was a real concern. I remember you saying to him: you're, like you, it produced, produces really good athletes. It might not be
like the nicest situation, but there's no way to get really nice situations a who's. The world's best combat sports athletes just doesn't happen. You have to be strong as fuck mentally physically. You have to have experienced adversity on a level that most people can never comprehend so that when the shit hits the fan and that you could look at the other guy on the other side of the cage like Yoel Romero does and goes I'm going to fuck you up, because I've been through everything already and even then the uh That is the same way, so he doesn't even work yeah. I don't really relate to that like trying to fuck up the other dude, I'm going through so much city. My well, I want my point view is like I'm going to my chores and I'm so comfortable right now. Now I'm going to deliberately make myself uncomfortable in order to do what I know is. Good for me and that I enjoy doing that. I want to have success in and that takes me to another place in my life, but it's you know I do in a very small way. You know. Do
it's still really honestly the same thing? What your I was doing what you're doing is the same thing, you're doing something very difficult that you it's you struggle to. Do it it's hard! You push yourself visit recognizing and want to do it yes, and in through doing it you get a little bit better and everything did he talk about. I only watched the first chunk of it. Did he tell talk about his desire to do that or not you like yeah, yeah, a death, and how does that? How does that match with kind of being put in that system? I think you ask that early on she was like how do they? How do you choose is is just want someone who is what, if you have the natural ability, but you don't want to do it well, then you won't perform an if you don't perform. You get knocked out of the system, so there is the desire, along with it does it has to be to be as good as he is. There has to be desire to compete. He wanted to be a boxer initially said his father was a boxer. I think his brother is a world champion boxer as well he's just a genetic for
reek like there's genetics in Cuba and he was explaining it to be too during the podcast. He was like anybody that thinks that everyone's on steroids, just go to Cuba, where everybody is so poor and look at the regular people. Just the regular people forget about the athletes. He said I'll. Take you to Cuba for two weeks and you'll come back. You like I get it I get it they're just really was a slave colony. They had hard life, I mean it's, it's that's the their Africans, that's spanish and they live on an island. That's off the coast of Florida. I mean it's crazy spot. The whole thing is crazy and was run by a dictator forever and they had some of the best athletes in the world. In boxing in judo and wrestling just were world class athletes that had mental toughness, the likes of I mean it's hard, the average person even comprehend what those people are capable of and a lot of it is because of that really brutal system that you all talked about on the podcast amazing stuff, yeah amazing. You know just let's just imagining that this guy went through that you know it's fast,
that's not. What I want to do is not what you want to do, but you just think like that, there's a person out there that, can do that and look what happens on the other end. You get that guy, like Jesus, you just be in the room with him. It's just He's like a fucking, superhero yeah. It's like that. That is the product of genetics. Ruthless training resource environment. You know one of the most complex and sophisticated sports training systems in the world. With boxing and with wrestling and which judo I mean they just phenomenal over there. It's is really inspiring Different way for someone like me like, I don't relate necessarily to what does is like foreign enemies amazing, but through my own life, it's like. Oh, I can be not comfortable and like that's why it seems like a contradiction, but it's not like that's what we're supposed to be doing
com and when you get through that you have a sense of satisfaction, and then there was. I guess that wasn't something that was introduced to me or talk to me. Really, I mean I did sports a little bit. Did you figure it out just through the pursuit yeah. I don't. There was nothing that I really committed to that, my h or knew how to or if I did, it was maybe one small aspect. It wasn't really a thing, it was you know the messaging was try to get by try to try to some the job. You know it wasn't as we because you know it's not not like what was me but like just now in the even that you had choices that you could try to be something great that wasn't really something that was this. A store on the table wasn't does not that's one aspect of all comedy like then
a lot of people that talk about success or the process of it's more of like playing everything low right or like a sarcasm, yes or a yeah. It's not like the that's the since being at yes, yes, yes of being a hipster, is that you've got that distance you're? Not really! That's why I love the comedy store as well, because it's like the opposite is the opposite effect. What's your thing, yeah and ribbon super honest and open about like bombings and good sets, and bad sets and jokes to just fell right in their face like that back bar area, so brutal with people just come back there and God Zeta fat plate of shit like people just so honest about it when they come downstairs great place. I feel super fortunate. I missed it so much coming, back, I mean there's a place for that sarcasm in the in the shore. Tom sugar does at all time, but he's also sincere as well yeah. There's a
there's a thing that it's an insecurity: it's like a defense mechanism and that's what a lot of people do it for they pretend they're above at all, but no ones above it all man. You can't don't pretend you're. Above all, it's ridiculous! you do for fun, but pretending you're, actually above it all you're missing out, like nobody, believes you. First of all, it's like pretending, you're psychic or you You know magic. Nobody fucking, believes you alright, so you keep that act on fake, fucking, fake mustache, on your cape hat, your top hat. I feel that's likes that silly like doing it occasionally every now and then is fun. We all do it to each other all the time, but if you have complete lack of ability to communicate, sincerely, that's not being kept cool right. That's a defense mechanism and it's a stupid because you don't have much time give a hundred years if you're lucky they go by like that, give a hundred hours. You spend a dollar a day before you know it. You're broke that's life. My son was like how did make
how old was Michael Jackson when he died. I was like a in his 50s. He was like oh ok like that, like that, sounded right to him. I like, when people don't die in too much like Basically, that's me well, Michael Jacksons are crazies case of all time. Right 'cause he was given the administering anesthesia every night, so you can go to sleep mode dude. I was playing that I was playing out. Wanna, be starting something and thriller in the are on the way taking my son to school, and I start crying just because it's like how do you explain what he what and how monumental what he did? It's like, I can remember, seeing him dancing the Billie Jean and like how kind of like bro the mold for music and persona that he had in that level of creativity. Yeah. It was weird to be in the car with this with my kid who doesn't really
knows the name, but didn't you know Bryant is just no that's not part of his life is not part of Life maybe should introduce him to that movie. That documentary was one documented. They did this, is it yeah, yeah yeah does into the drugs and stuff and how here's? What's he doing the force hope so sad, not very long, but here's one of the more up things is something I speculated a long time ago, his doctor, who went to jail for giving him. The anesthesia also testified that Michael Jackson was chemically castrated by his parents when he was young to preserve his voice. That's what I suspected, I suspect I talked about on the podcast like years ago, saying this saying I think he was a castrato which is they take young boys and they used to do this with opera and they would castrate them at a very young age and because the body never develop testosterone, so they would do at this high piercing like haunting voice. It's very strange like we
played some of the air is only a few recordings of actual Kastra does that are available, Orckestra toes one of those, but when you play on their haunting 'cause, you realize like this is a kid that was castrated as a baby, so they could be a singer like this is fucked up an that's. What Michael Jackson's doctor said they did Michael they did it through chemicals. They chemically castrated him the same his argument is: I'm just trying to regulate a situation that was already far gone. Is that his fence. No, I mean there's no defense, the doctors just fucking, you know he just killed me killed. Michael Jackson, let him, get anesthesia until he died? His defense wasn't that he was saying there is something else right. Like Michael Jackson was fucked up, like his parents, literally chemically castrated him to preserve his voice 'cause, he was the lead singer of the Jackson, five when he was a baby, and that was part of what was gr about him was like oh baby. Give me one more chance
when I saw settlers you have voice, was nothing like anything that he would be capable of doing as an adult. If you grew into a man, he would this big old man. I want to get some pussy voice and he's like no sorry where's little Michael. He would have like you know, like Barry White Voice or something like fuck. You can't have that your Michael. You know you abc it's easy. Well. He may not have gotten that deep in his voice, but I guess if you that that's the Billy B believes that he never had the chance Believe it you know, I believe it 'cause his voice didn't sound anything like a regular man's and it anything like his brothers brothers. All look like regular growing. Last man Michael Jackson's, deep voice, that's not deep! So that's a call,
so it's still like mid range was looking it up all those places, I'm seeing that story about him being castrated or like tabloids, the sun and that kind of stuff. But it was wasn't in an interview in like the It was a UK paper and I just Google, it was the sun which is like not the best in the first read the daily mail to worship, both of them actually the same the equal. I don't think so see dumb open. That's so true, the last time you talked about this, I got some messages. I don't know again yeah. I was getting videos like this of so I like examples of his deep talk. See: that's not deep, there's a lot of checks that have weighed deeper voices. Let's that's his deep voice command. Tell you mother, fucker, you listen to
wrong people. Yeah, I mean think of how many women have ruthlessly deep voices right. I could take up right now. Yeah, I think I think they did to his voice was just phenomenal. What human nature like as an adult that is such a fucking, phenomenal song. It doesn't sound like anything that have regular man is capable of saying, like the notes that he hits like that is that he had was just haunting rain trying to think of who else is a natural. Who has a high voice school friends used to sing in falsetto, but it was very obvious when he was doing. Is that he's doing it? Yes, where is Michael Jackson, human Nature song one one of my because, because it's such a like a slow smooth holding of those sounds is are natural sounds are coming from. You know it's like this natural warm affectionate tone to it. It just doesn't seem like a man's voice.
It doesn't seem like a womans voice. Either. That's my boy! You got the rat wave talking, that's different, that's like falsetto, dancing? Thank you saying. That's like a four sounds like a caricature yeah you could dance in that way? What is it feel like dancing, Puber, Phonia known as much mutational false. I have a call in my paper sure it's a type of voice disorder, characterized by habitual use of high pitch voice after puberty, Some people get that yeah, it's in nature and the other thing is you look at his body had no muscle, like his body was like being who is a very active guy add dancing all the time, but it wasn't built a good dancer. He was building a stick. You know the very, very thin guy. That's what you would expect from and we didn't have any testosterone. It wouldn't be will develop any muscle. I'm sticking with my theory. I might have biases, but
their minds. They're mine, I'm sticking with it dig him up make feel like digging up a check nuts dig them up so Maryland. Talk about anything is important to you in this day and age jeez you can't turn it over to me, I'm just trying to figure out where you stand on things can, but where what what up told you, I cried to Michael J Access, yeah good reason, the I a I think, I'm a hypocrite in what way the gun control March that is happening. I part of me, was like I had a friend a mom who said the March is going on right outside our house like who wants to join and
as soon as I clicked on the email and saw what it was in the pit of my stomach. I was like no no then I covered it up with. I should do that. This would be a really good thing to do, and I was then fighting with myself because I was like well. You can't have both things at once. Either you want to march and do that. Or you don't like those are conflicting things. What was the no uhm? I don't want to do it. I don't think it will help But then there's another part of me that really likes when people March, because I do think it changes the attitude dude like I'm really happy that the women's March Happen Dan is happening.
But I didn't go and I feel like it's like a dirty secret. I've started that I have a bit about it. That's sort of an unformed bit where I say yeah. I live in Encino because that's where you go to give up like next next time. You see me I'm going to be like I live in thousand oaks, I'm allergic to the sun and an I described like the moment I knew I had given up was, and this is just an exploratory. I still don't have it figured out. The moment I knew I had given up was. I was making my stay away from my vagina poster with glitter, and then I merged the curb and was like that's too hot right. I don't think they'll parking at the March and went back inside. Did you really yeah? I mean that's the joke version, but I was very conflicted and, like oh, I should go and both times I was doing stuff with my kid and
it was you know a very small mundane day and I was like not doing it, and then I saw the women that did it and they talked about being in this crowd and how uplifting it was, and I was like that's amazing, like I'm really happy. This is happening. But yet why is it because I don't care and I'm weak or is it because I there's a part, the believes it's I I don't want to do it and that it's an actual belief and then I was like you're a hypocrite and then I was like I'm tired, can't give out anymore, but you via, I don't know. I think what I'm saying, although I'm a hypocrite, is what I'm saying I don't know. If you're a hypocrite, you just have you decide whether knock over you just decide what you want to do and what you don't want to do. You know and you didn't want to go Marsha, did it doesn't mean you're? A hypocrite means you just didn't want to do it. Your hip
credit if you were saying one thing and voting for another. That would make you a hypocrite, makes just just decided it's not what you wanted to do and also look it is. It would be nice you, through your one, into the six hundred thousand that were marching through the streets of downtown la but there's still six hundred thousand people, even if just watch it from the news and go you go girl. It's not even not helping you're, not helping, but I don't think your hypocrite doesn't make you hypocrite. Does it have do. You think those big margin? That's what I'm wondering. I think it empowers people that gets people very excited about that cause there's a lot of other people that think, like minded gets, people to watch gay people put it on the news people at home watch it. Maybe people feel like hey, even though some fucked up thing have gone down with Harvey Weinstein and all this other shit at least it's turning around. Maybe people are bummed out, though guy became the president, but now people are active. Maybe people paying attention more? Maybe people are more engaged absolute. So, ultimately, it's all.
And I'm talking about before you get past that adversity and there's actually a benefit to it and some time I think, even as a country, we might need that 'cause. We don't know the war over here. Everything is over there. We don't see it in terms of like right in front of us on a daily basis, but this is like a cult. Warren idea, war, and so I think that these things happening right in front of us having these uncomfortable moments forces This conversation is just going to be peaks and valleys in the conversation where people are rude and people are common, maybe there's going to be some breakthroughs, but ultimately, at least your people for a pro images. I'm well I'm pro progress, and I think that all of this comes from people being this fat dissatisfied with how things are current. So the best way to to me is a very at the very, very inspiring to me that the you know those kids came out and are talking- and that's like. I love that, but I thought about guns, yes, but it's also sad that so
little is happening. Yeah, there's, it is. It is sad, but there's two things that have to be addressed: guns have to be uh yes for sure, but also mental health has to be addressed. We have addressed, psych medicines. We have to address how many of these people it's correlation, equals causation, or not. How many of these fucking people have been on Psych Madison, and the answer is almost all of them now. Does that mean that there mentally ill? And so that's, why they shoot people or that doing the psych meds? A lot of people call these effects of these things very disassociative that they allow people to do horrific things they might not have been able to do before or inspire them to do that? There's a real argument there. It's not exam writing the people that have done these horrific things or exonerating the people that got the guns in their hands. It's not doing that, but it is a factor. There's a fact of the people aren't taken into consideration. Becomes it comes, it becomes a one or the other. Thing, it becomes an either. We need more gun control and we need stricter gun control or
We need to do something about the effects of psych medication. It's not both, and I think it's both I really gonna say well yeah, based on how you just presented it. It definitely seems like both and there was an article. There were I'm sorry interview, but there is an article that was written. I gotta remember this. There was and recently there was really ridiculous and it was saying contrary to popular belief, so these mass shooters are not mentally ill. Well, what the fuck define is mentally ill if there on psych medication there all well on anti psychotics in psychiatric MEDS and SSR eyes there, almost all so if there not mentally ill, I'm gonna say like how are you? How are you shooting people, and you know that that in itself was that exactly yeah? If you can just going to school and shoot nineteen children, you have to be mentally ill. But the point is: if they're, not not mentally ill. Why are they taking Medison for people who are mentally ill? Does a bullshit article and it's an article who knows what the fucking weather it's a control? green, point of view, that's designed to get clickbait hits or
whether it's someone who's trying to set up a narrative. That's contrary to what the pharmaceutical drugs companies have known for years, there's real effects to those things again: they're, not always positive, and it's a god, Damn crapshoot weather, not a pill, is going to work for you or not work. For you mean that's why they have Abilify Abilify is an antipsychotic. They prescribed to people who are on there. On SSR eyes, but they think about killing themselves. They like look if you're thinking about killing yourself. Try this Where is trying to stack these two together? Maybe that's your mixture and it wasn't the most number one most prescribed drug in the country, see if that's true, still a bill of an antipsychotic. Is the number one most prescribed drug in the country like we've got a fucking problem now how many These people are taking medication 'cause. They really need it. I'm sure some of 'em how many people are taking medical because the drug company, They are pushing this shit. Abilify is top selling us drug there. You go. That's fucking, Cray the top selling us drug, see this don't blame.
Mental illness. Blame men: well, that's true, too no she's right there to like. I have a a bit that I'm doing about all the different fucked up things that men do like it's an anti mens rights bit, and it's like that. I don't want to do it on the Eric still fuck it up before my special, but it's that we have to pay attention to like all the shit that we do wrong like men. When we look like mass mass shootings, is not just want to take credit for the good things that men have done. You have to take credit for all the war, like that's also what they've done man who cause all of it. You know in the bit I go into detail, but all these different things it's build up to something else, but this this also has to be addressed, but it's always men, that's real to not blaming every man that didn't shoot up a school, we have to figure out what the fuck is it What is it? What combination of psych drugs, guns and being a man is causing this? And if we just, or blame only the tools that seems to be fucking crazy
they also want to blame the NRA. Well, I see in one point because you think the NRA is helping people get drug or get guns rather more easily. I get that, but also no one who is a member of the NRA's ever committed a mass shooting, so you have to think of that well. Well, what does that mean? I mean: are you really blaming the group of people that want gun safety to be paramount and the group of people that does want their rights to be infringed or you going to attacked a group of people that are actually shooting these people? That's the real problem is that people have actually done it, and I guarantee you there's something wrong with you're looking for that bag right about now. So sorry, no, no! No it because everything you're saying I'm just thinking that the p, this person that shoots a bunch of people, whether they're on psych drugs, whether they have access to a gun, mental health issues, they're they're isolated to
the point where they can do something like that, and that quiet little statement that someone is isolated is something that we can't address, because it's so complicated and it's such the fabric of how we live our lives. It's so much ease here too, like Bleiman fight for all these things? But how do we fix? You know with the one guy who's. The his brother was just found was all that porn. It's like yeah, the guy that shot all the people in Vegas. Now, how do we address just how up people are in general or the horrible story about jumping topics, but the horrible story about that, even talk about it, the couple that had all those kids that they and like a basement, nobody new nobody, said anything people yeah. I thought they
seemed weird? Like how do we address our disconnection from each other that that we're so fun is it definitely going to be people who feel alienated, and they always want to see these people. Having time around them and they want to just flip over the game. They want to say, fuck you and burn the whole thing to the around. There's always going to be people like that. There's a lot that, what do you mean? They see people having a good time around, see people that are happy that that are involved like especially if this kid, it felt alienated in school and bullied and cast out and targeted, and then gets free and he sees these people that are having fun. He just wants to go back and just punish everyone. This is a very common theme. You know p, well, how do we change that theme? How do we help people who are in pain, we're going to have to do a lot of things right because, like think of the people that had their children locked up, who are these monsters and had they have a key
how is it so hard to get a car license? It's in and it's easy as to have a kid and raise another member of our our culture of our society or community house a possible you've. You've introduced a poor, season in toxic member to our community 'cause, you did a terrible job of raising them and one of the uh this ones went to college, and then they would. I can't remember, I think, was a dude would come out and the would be waiting for a man like so the oldest one was out in the world and still no one could how, like whatever mind melds so the oldest one was out, and he didn't say that is younger brothers and sisters were locked up. I guess God he should be yeah yeah? I don't know the whole the details. Of that I mean it's not I guess it's not. Its fault is probably what beyond in the head yeah, but just the fact that he keeps secrets like what it's horrific and you can you just think about. I mean how many people
or fucked by the time they have children like it's, not even that they're doing a bad job of it. They are incapable of doing a good job of it. There too fucked up there too fucked up from their own upbringing, but they still get morning. I mean this is this is what happens in this world people like to have sex, they have Saks boom. There's a person got a raise it, but I'm fucked up and I love math. What do you do in men in my right: it's fucking men, it's everybody yeah! It's definitely men, though, and that's that's my issue with all this masculine bullshit is a lot of these guys that are proclaiming masculinity are really bitches and that the is that real men wouldn't be doing this stuff in the first But you would you would look past most of this stuff in the first place you there's a lot of people in this world that don't have personal sovereignty,
men or women and they're- not they're, not raise. Correctly, and then they didn't go on a beneficial path through life that left them in the current state, with there there a helpful member of our community to show about family values, but you're really about it, is about thief. Community values, like friendship, you know like what we talk: about the comedy store friendships giants is very important and some people don't have any fucking friends and that's a dark place to be bullied. Your whole life don't have any friends you're on Medicaid you're all fucked up and you're. One of those guys out there that just wants to go out with a bang want to walk into a mall with a fucking shotgun and go out with a bang, there's a lot of people that think like that they just don't have the courage to do I mean even going back to that one night that when I said I don't know, if I can do it, I mean it's a smaller example, but still. Valid. You know, and you just looked at me and said you can you're good like you're doing it or you know whatever your response was
those little moments of like those are big, a real connection. Yeah, when you know someone really does care about you and so really does like you and we're not you talking every day it was just a moment of kindness and commonality and seeing the other person we fixed it, everybody we fix it, we did it well, I never have I never that you didn't think well of me or or f o. You know I never. I think I was just letting him in by you, and I didn't I was. I didn't know you, but I just like your vibe to me was like oh like he does like me very much it's not, but that wasn't because of years ago this probably would have been two thousand whatever right when, but it was never anything like I didn't like you, sure I probably was not even really on your radar or not, even a thing of not liking or liking that uh.
I know we never really had any interactions. No, I just felt your power took it first personally, I felt your power, that's pretty silly. Well, we got through that too yeah. We did so if you do a special yeah, when you think you gearing up for that. Have you thought through it, like you, be ready in a year be ready in a month? Oh my gosh too much no and a map map. I have to figure out 'cause how many comics I know, do it themselves, yeah. I think I could have the material I want fairly like within the next six months, but then I need to figure out the how the how to how there's, if you companies that do that you need, I need to make it first right. That's how you do it just make it
yeah. That's not a bad move that just making it first is not a bad mood, because when you just make it first, then you can just so to sell it somewhere and if it's good everybody looking for new comedy, you know we we're just talk in early about the Amazon Yard, a little bit scare 'cause, I I had tied up for it my first one on the road and had had an hour and then my manager at the time, I think try to sell put on a high level. This was before. Netflix is what it is now a few years back when they were for we started doing hours, I think um and they were like no and then she all the top tier people were like no like no one knows there is a comic like we're, not buying it, and then she was like. Let me sell it at the second tier and they're like no, and this whole time I was like should have just done it myself, but I think
I've been lucky enough to have get a lot of acting jobs. So whenever I'm being myself starter and then the carrot comes along and like I'll do that acting jobs? That will work so I've, never had this sort of ground get out in that way, and that's why it scares me so then, when it didn't sell at that time, I just went oh. I should have done that myself and now I'm tired of this material and then no time passes on, like maybe it's for the best, because you know once I do that, then I'm really out there, as that might be a commitment issue on my part. I know that feeling what you mean it's just hard, it's hard to just fucking, dig your heels and decide to do something that stuff like and then also the financial investment. If you decide to do it yourself, I spend a lot of money in higher crude make sure the director doesn't fuck it up and make sure it all comes out. Well, you know who do I know that did one and they fucked up the show shooting of it and he had a wind up putting it online. Was it Rory Albanese did he say?
Did he did one that someone fucked up and he wound up putting it online or he hasn't released, is yeah. He was thinking about doing it soon, some of him somebody else then Kurt Metzger. Whatever someone funny did, I did one of them myself, yeah. I know I've done two of 'em to hit myself yeah, but the best was last year doing it with Netflix. That was the best 'cause there's so easy. This is like go ahead, they just let you do it yeah, whatever you want to look like it, yeah, hey, that's awesome! It was like zero feedback. You know they just want to. There is an hour long, not too long. Not too short. I kinda want to do a fifteen minute special, so I have this thing that I've done for years- and I don't do it very often, but it's so dumb. It's like hey guys, take a hey, guys, take a break
hey, ladies fucking guys am. I right, ladies, take a break what's up with these bitches, but for like, but for fifteen minutes like some with bitches in their scented candles. They always like smell this. Try these sheets guys take a break. Ladies give us a ring if you want to, but like I just have the whole thing. Be that that's funny I like it! Fifty minutes is something they're doing now right, that's it! I heard yeah, I know, and I mean I would love to do an hour hour for sure, but that's more of a commitment to things and ideas. You wanted to have some longer th yeah. Well, you definitely do it, but we were also talking about how Amazon's doing specials now to who did Bob Sagget Special and the air. They bought a bunch of other people specials if you bought Brian Cowen Special they bought. Special, some see. So all those specials are now on Amazon, a lot of places for you, it's pretty Maryland just do it is what you're saying sure yeah the only terrified
The thing is, once you do it, then you have to write new material, that's where it gets scary 'cause. Then you left without weapons. You start from scratch and you gotta grind and dig claw your way back up. To the top of the hill, abandon all the material terms. Growl, as you were saying that I was thinking because I've done one woman shows I've done, but I'm still Poland from like that show because it's a you know if it's stuff that I still like out pull it up. I have stuff about. You know my son, being an infant and he's nine years old, I'll talk about my c section if it's late at the comedy store, I'm like, let's get into it, because I know they don't want to hear it. I'm like! Let me let's talk about it. It's one hundred am let's talk about the c section. 'cause oniom sets those are strength. Training! That's like running with weights on, like a weight vest weights,
in your back and like ankle weights to have learned to really love him. It took me so long to just even leave the house. I would you standing there at the comedy store like I had to train myself to be like this is part of it. You have to be awake. You have to want to be here yeah. It was a weird psychological 'cause. I'm part of me is. I just want to do my set, but then my resenting that I'm out of the house, like I'm some sort of princess or something how dare it's like? No, you made this choice. You but connecting the want with what it is. I don't know I mean I've talked to other people who are like, like don't do midnight shows you know, but clearly I wanted it and I wanted it at the comedy store and once I got used to it, I was like this is the best like I love doing late
not that I wouldn't mind an eight pm shot, shot, shot, forty five shot in my slot every once in awhile Nitro, I'm only I didn't even get halfway through I'm taking it easy. Well then, you're about one hundred and thirty five milligrams caffeine in it's good. It's not bad right and it's really good. Like espresso. Do you drink that kind of stuff, yeah black coffee yeah? I go both ways. I like a lot, a woman. I, like a latte If it was like vanilla, sweetener and shit now, not sugar? No, no! No, like a straight up non fat I'll. Do it all drink a vanilla latte. I won't turn my nose at it. I'll do a shot of a scratch so yeah, it's all yummy. You're kind of on a path of self improvement through comedy. Do you realize that I like that? It seems like it right, yeah like if you seem like a more empowered by this. I definitely am
yeah, that's true! Isn't it it is it is it's it's helping me! It's so reluctantly, so disappointed strange thing? Well, it's what it is! You're fighting your alt routes. So does your fighting the smugness and the sarcasm is fighting it fighting sincerity, sincerity, self improvement? How gauche is that what I'm doing sure, my god, if I could just get on a pilot, then I wouldn't have to work anymore, no commitment These zone out your name in there. You know, like you, do your best but summer writing whatever so, which easier. So much easier from a girl, you're dropping some logic.
When I was on news radio, when it was trying to get on a pilot so about yeah go on when it was smooth so easy to show up scripts good got a couple of good lines. Remember him! Deliver 'em si the makeup chair. What's wrong with that text, cumming in someone's bringing you a drink doesn't feels good. It's not good problems. You already killed Mary Lynn. He already crossed over into the dark, since, when you kill like Saturday night on the road and you're fucking, crushing right and put it all together- and you remember those dark days when you first started doing it again and now you're killing yeah Huggins. I feel it feels great it's amazing, but then I will it I'll chip away like how long will I let that feel great, you know. Maybe next morning and then it starts all over again. Then you gotta, do it again. Yeah you have to that's the thing, do
never point we like I made it. Let me sit down that doesn't place, doesn't exist. Well, I always have the bed. Don't worry you can always take those now is there. You can always enjoy those naps at pillows. Always there he got now with all your shots. The cat can crawl in bed with you, no problem. I mean I still have a lot of fear with even last night. How is your stand up on? The spot was great. I loved it. So how much I spent the entire day going. What did I do this? I'm not clever enough, like I can't think of jokes, I'm like just say the opposite. Get angry going around like I'm coming up with all devices, because I'm like you won't. You won't write a joke on You don't know how to read. Your brain doesn't work like that, like a crazy, first and nightmare, a living nightmare, I spent the day going. Oh really,
you're going to come up with jokes on the spot, like good luck with that the voice in my head, once I got there, it was delightful. So this is my real life. This isn't the life in my head yeah. It was a delight yeah. I had to call my friend afterwards and go. I think I just experienced pleasure I hate to say this, but that was pleasurable. Will that room in particular that sad for people don't stand up on, the spot is Jeremiah. Watkins show he's have show called thunder yeah? I guess it explained to really yeah those same show, but they called thunder pussy for some reason now. What you do is you go on stage and people just have suggestions like I meant people put their hands up. I point to someone and- and they give you a suggestion, Anne right away. You just start talking about it and I have real potential leads for bits from last night like
two solid ones, where what I do is I don't want to, but I do when I get home, I'm fucking tired. I've had a long day, but it still sit in front of computer and I play the recording Oh, that's good have to have two is part of the job have to clean your room. It's like those things like, to brush your teeth. I don't wanna sleep brush your fucking teeth. Gotta! Do it and so you know how many I'm sure this is fairly new. And how many sets I have in my phone that I've never listened to yeah, it's really normal. I listen to them all. You have to The only time I don't listen to the malls when I'm on the road I'm doing four and then did you erase it after? No, you save it I'll show you. I got all these bitches in here, but and you've listened eleven. They stay there leave them all. How do you know which one to go back to for stuff looks really don't really yeah? There are marked them edit. The name see at the bottom, that's good, but then you won't know. How do you remember which bit in this one
you just kind of just record it and I go over it with a notebook, but the thing with me is the the big thing is. I know when something happened like if I do a asshat ok. I went in a totally different chain of thought. Yes and this. If this branch of the bit might be a new bit, I have to listen to that bit again and so clearly go over there and make sure to common sense, but it's so hard to do you're, giving me like yeah you're, giving me the training right now of the stuff. It's like. Obviously you remember when you went off on that thing: go back and listen to it and write it down! Think about the things that said today that have helped you write like how you've had to speak. Clearly do all these things and what did that come from where that come from that comes from trial and error and focus like you're, focusing on your act that next level focusing on your act is being like super diligent about recordings and writing and that's what a lot of comics don't do. There's a lot of comics that think their grinding and
say the amount, a I'm doing a lot of separate the, not writing any new material that you can't. You have to write. You have to actually write. That's what I believe you need to. Maybe you can just right, although it makes sense 'cause, you can trick yourself into thinking that you're grinding it out, and maybe you are doing a lot of sets and maybe even though you're doing the same set you're doing it differently, so you can and that's that's fine, that's it so thing, but you're not going to come up with new stuff from that you're doing something but are you doing like everything you could be doing? It's like it's like anything else, the more more time and enthusiasm, can you put on something that better going to get at it if you're guy like save your bowler, and you only like to bowl four minutes today, but you want to be the best in the world sure not gonna, be I don't care. What you want with that. I'm in enthusiasm is that tricky part that goes back to lake discipline. Well also, I was trying to make a bigger jump, which is how do you connect to being in th
z? Astic? If you don't think about how you were bummed out about your set right and you got the store and you had a trick, your brain into being more pay present and more pumped up for your set and then when you did, it was a joy. I guess I'm trying to connect it to what we were talking about earlier, about people who get isolated and don't have friends and don't have a feedback and don't have those like tendrils of like being able to make that leap so that it you know, you start like eating yourself alive. An well, I think, was everything It's like little, never climb out of the barrel right yeah. If your three hundred do not run a marathon right, walk around the block and if you for a person who's been living your life with a bunch of fucking negative thinking in your head. Take steps in the right direction. You know take it to them, but then you have to acknowledge that step, but yeah. Something nice happening today need to remember that yeah. I need to remember it and I need to build on that. You know, and you can do,
that anybody can do that. You can just do it. Incrementally I had a great podcast with this guy David Goggins. You've heard of him so fees in Navy seal who is also offensive during that hot cast. But yes, yes, I heard a bit of that he was talking about how you know he's a fat loser who kept making exc. This is for himself and just like drinking Chai. Chocolate, milkshakes, everyday and working for an exterminator, and he was fat as fuck and they just decided I don't wanna do this anymore. He had these moments where he he went running around three slash four of a mile. Then he turned around and walked back home. That was the first time running like it wasn't quick that came. This guy runs one hundred miles at a time and it was doing how many fucking one hundred Tyler did you do in a year wasn't crazy every week or every time a we were next with some saying as we played it, for he showed us the the website he was. I think these are all the ones he didn't hear is like what the like every week or two weeks used one running a hundred miles,
but in the mountains and shit, one hundred as a twenty our race yeah. He was doing it every week. That's fucking insane, but this guy started out. Three slash four of a mile and then he quit and turned around and walked back home 'cause. He was fat and he's eating milkshakes everyday, like that's the same guy. He with these little incremental steps, and then just deciding this is who I am now I'm a guy who does what I say I'm supposed to do and I'm fucking sick Yes, I'm going to change my life. I was shredded just guys a fucking animal. I mean you just a pure or a machine made out of like motivation and discipline like you don't get more discipline than I am now, but he at one point in time in his life and buy him expressing that on the podcast, that's really inspirational podcast. It gives everybody hope 'cause. You like to think that, oh that guy hi, who is really good at this thing or that guys really mentally tough for the
girl who's super disciplined who just get complications thing after thing, she's always been like that, don't know! No, no, no she's nobody's always been like that. No one has you start off fucking up, you fail. You move up, you figure it out you some mistakes. You fall back, you get back up. You go well, that's not main on me now. I realized- don't do that anymore now. Instead, don't quit after three slash four of a mile. Now we're going to drink water instead of drinking chocolate, shakes we're going to eat healthy food and we're going to do a whole fucking mile. Let's do it and then you do that much like holy shit. I did it mark it down, write it down, did a mile and then do you take a day off and then maybe the next day try to do it again and then build with everything with comedy with I'm sure, that's the case with music with it with it with everything heights, and to recognize that that's your choice, yeah! I think I think of myself. There are some mornings where I'm like, I'm gonna sit and have a lot to
and you know another mornings where I'm going to work out. Those are all my choices like maybe that one day you're going to be that person that just kind of sits there and stares out the window. You know that would not be work towards one hundred miles that I'm trying to run that, but it might be a day where you daydream and come up with an amazing idea, and I kind of of that. I spent the day leading up to that stand up on the spot. Actually I thought we had our podcast was yesterday. I had to go back into my text and I kind of like you know how you do when you like, have something to do at one, so they get a eleven! Your like like! Well, I can't completely go. Do something else. So I kind of just agony I, and then it was like twelve and I looked and I was like: oh it's not even today, ok. So now I'm like kinda, like you know, didn't do stuff turn down for a couple hours and now you know I thought we are podcast so now I have all that time. So I'm just like we'll have that stand up on the spot
show tonight. So I really was just what you do. You need to use your lips person you're. Looking down your mind, we've worked out yeah, but now I was just this lady here she is who is it pretty girl, pretty girl? So I weirdly, but it was kind of a productive day, because then, when I got to the end and was so appreciative, it made me so where of the nightmare of my own head, that I was the it. I was caught very conscious of what I what I was doing. Yeah not. Is that got me to that then, when it was so easy. It really was like waking up from a bad dream when you're like hello. This is life. It's not that being engaged and being present and going to do this thing, it was nothing like what I was beating myself up like
why you do. What is that? What is that? Why also you've done so many shows, but I wasn't even that knowledge ing that history. I was just stewing in almost because I have the time and I just let that run ramp in my head, that voice of like oh really, you Do you think you can construct a joke? Good luck! You know I Why did I just feed that monster yeah? It's just a common strategy that people do to avoid accomplish. Thanks right and you do it subconsciously to give yourself a little bit of a break, because the pressure of like being disciplined and doing things it's hard. It weighs on you right so the knot becomes an excuse to not we're talking before the podcast about your. And I was saying how, when I did that fifteen day days in a month thing I decide, and it was nine days in a row, so I just did
hi daisy. I ended like a week early. I finished like a week earlier like five days early, but I he did nine fucking days of yoga in a row to end it. I was like this crazy. I never would have thought not only that I could do it I mean I know I could physically do it. It's not impossible, but I didn't think never like follow through and do that This seems too extreme. Now is the beaker on the hour and a yeah which people like. I do it every day. I did sixty days in a row yeah, but I do like eight other things right. It's not easy to carve out. In an hour and a half of fucking sweaty dick off and you mean you're doing your other workout still most of different ways, adding that in yeah. I'm still doing that too. I'm not just doing yoga. I'm also doing writing in podcast and Hand UFC. Should I have to do I made myself. Do it too, but in doing so I realize like. Oh you just got to just do it like you just gotta, say you're going to do it and just do it like. I did a thing a while back.
In like two thousand and nine, but when I was writing was Ray do of my comedy central special time. Our system is on spike tv down come central. I wrote every day for a month in my in my blog. I just decided I'm going to and I committed to it on, I know I'm going to write every day for a month and in doing that All I could do that if you just got to do that's a that's a key, it has to be just the thing you do like I brush my teeth. I comb my hair. I write. Oh, I get up and I run in awhile I get up and I lift weights for an hour whatever the fuck it is, did that yoga tip one way or the other like make you more thirsty or more tire. Third or more in the yeah. It definitely makes you thirsty. He fucking thanks so much. Thank almost I give you like. I couldn't drink coffee I just was like. I need oranges and water and lemons and oranges and water. We
it's so much for those that did that affect your other work out that you do like was your body just like stop now during a bunch of water? No, I mean it's it's easier, because if I was going to do the yoga I would. I would just do stuff like lifting weights or something that night and lifting weights is as opposed to. Running yeah, sometimes I'd run I'd like to run though in the morning and do yoga later, like maybe I'll, run at eight and then do yoga at one thousand and thirty. I've done that. This is not a cardio thing really. You know yoga and also like I like doing yoga and my legs are burnt out. 'cause then, like I get more flexibility out of them, I feel like your tissues, get really beat up and then they become more pliable. If you just force past that little pain, barrier I really like lifting weights and then going to yoga is amazing. If you do like squats and stuff like that, because your legs, like super warmed up and it just feels like there
lost and you just kind of pull that tissue apart, easier. Yes, yeah hashtag, yes, hashtag, fuck, yeah, alright Marilyn should be wrapped this up. Yeah, I'm glad we did it. Shall we do it again? Let's do this again I love to have you on: have you thought about doing one of your own Oh, my gosh I'm going to leave here today going I gotta podcast. They got a special and I'm doing yoga twice a day. You should do a podcast for sure you could do it. I would like to talk about the second time you come back, thanks goodbye, aided by gentlemen, good goodbye. Thank you friends. Thanks to our sponsors. Thank you to square cash. You can go download the cash app for free in the app store and Google play use the promo code, Joe Rogan, one word: five dollars will go to you and five dollars would go to our good friend, Justin, Rand's fight for the forgotten charity to build wells for the pygmies in the Congo?
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