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#1093 - Owen Benjamin & Kurt Metzger

2018-03-19 | 🔗
Owen Benjamin is a stand up comedian and actor. His new special "How Dare Me?" is out now & check out his podcast called “Why Didn’t They Laugh?” available on iTunes. Kurt Metzger is a comedian, actor and writer.  He also has a podcast called “Race Wars” he co-hosts with comedian Sherrod Small available for download via iTunes.
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service with a special offer that includes a four week trial plus postage and a free digital scale so good stamps dot com click on the microphone to the top the home page and type in j r e at stamps dot com and enter j r e our folks i got two guys that on the podcast too ridiculous you aggressive hilarious guys own benjamin and kurt metzger both very good stand up comics both that have had some very controversial moments on the internet and i just thought to be funny to have the two of them together to talk about the consequences of getting out the the people all riled up online either way very
funny guys very good guys please give it up for kurt metzger and own benjamin the joe rogan experience we're here in the podcast on day one of the robots attacking the people it's star in tempe arizona sons killed by a self driving uber i'm not buying those things but the self driving ubers i'm not ready for this yet note that's it's not reading too i'm not ready for planes they should have those things on a closed course over a long period time you know and then let him drive around cities yeah we got to build some trust yeah i'm not i'm not trusting we have some obstacle courses self driving uber kills arizona pedestrian as all these cops this is hilarious is that an uber car or cop cars are over to look like cop cars what's the thing on the roof the camera let's drive sensors dude fuck all that yeah
not to say that a guy could have done that and not to say that this person whoever it was who knows what the circumstances were sometimes accidents are unavoidable right i mean there's certain time as were someone makes an error we don't know but i just feel better if it's a person making an error for some strange same here i think uber and lyft would have like a gang war they probably would yeah get the algorithms take over it's over they probably fought with each other don't think like that luber guys super aggressive isn't it didn't get in trouble for doing the like fake meg ryan awesome problems finally has a real is that real so the real story log in networks but it was like allegations that thing because they were probably get sued to each other so i don't know if it ever came out and yeah i know there was allegations of they were like making fake calls right is that what it was fake request is a fickle and is bailing last minute did you got the right idea living up in the middle of nowhere yeah you had the right idea with that
yeah we just got huber but it's only two dudes and i have both their numbers i see just called you could just cry yeah that's actually cool people are in your town a little two thousand four hundred so long as you know how to drink that's a fucking good place to with how well the currencies beer that's the thing so everyone can do everything but no one wants to work it's pretty hilarious get this luebbers dirty tricks quantified rival counts five thousand five hundred and sixty cancelled rides that's in two thousand and fourteen is that real and that's when it started is that definitely sounds and so it can't be fake news ha ha i've never canceled an uber i feel like really bad about it but never canceling well no if i cancel that be like i want to like tell the guy yeah i'd be like a man should be away if you have to cancel to give the guy tip that's a good move you know like say i have like soup last minute cancel this guy is already on his way over here let me throw in thirty bucks exactly
to five star really something something some styles money kim five dollars given five five bucks were cancelled ride that's not bad right that's more than fair use it in a back a few minutes you don't get anything back when they fuck with you though so i don't know you sonovabitch but who are these people that are talking view the rarely over driver every uber i've ever been to was a dream i've never had a single problem did you ever acts ever though that's the truck no that's just random people with cars all right right right no i always do the one with the like it's basically limo drivers are like off duty yeah those are awesome if you ever over acts it can get a little dicey thank you just with a random chick that's having a meltdown oh yeah yeah i could imagine i mean she's cool so it's not like it's a big thing but it's just like you know i can't
same idea cell bill this month in your leg lady i'm right here it's a very small car yeah there's people that just they're working their lifeout but to say if they run like one hundred level game there on level one and they're bouncing into the walls over and over again and they just don't seem like in order for you to give them real advice you'd have to basically move into their house yeah you'd have to give a full revamp of the way they look at things you have to go ok stop ok first of all what are all these pills second of all what are you eating third of all like why do you talk to people like that like if you talk to people like that they're not going to want to talk to you are you upset that they don't like you but then you act in a way that's very uh and to be around right and then you did you have to go through every mistake this person's band then you'd have to find out it's almost all shitty parent and it's like plumbing yeah hey yeah i get that down to the root system along the routes got into the pipes or you know i'll look it cracked because of the shifted and you're losing all this water down here yeah you do
start screaming when you feel threatened at all like that may be a thing from your childhood yeah there's a lot of that out there there is i wanted to talk to you about social media ok 'cause i love you i love you too i think you're very good guy i really do but you are the worst representative of yourself on social media i'm a bad lawyer myself it's a bad form of getting out tricky ideas it's a bad form it's just not good i mean now it's what is it two hundred and eighty now two hundred characters is better than it was one hundred and forty was very rough like one hundred and forty you know you have to really think about what you're saying a gallon like if you're falling into a well you have like one sentence but you you are without a doubt addicted and so you bailed on your phone for awhile and you went to a flip flip phone yeah but i see these manic tweets for meal and i i just want to go hang out with you and go dude what doing why you constantly tweeting and attacking people and it looks
the chaos helps me at i mean you're right right can have chelsea that stable boy yeah i see it is almost like a idea sonar where you just like i get that i get that but i get that 'cause i know you really good due to real life thanks man so when i see this online and i i see these be blurting out post it just outbreak poster just they're just like black like you got mental diarrhea mean just let me see if i can throw the word nager in here for a goof let me see if i can try to say something that's going to push people off and it's just there's this weird thing you're doing like this just so next thing like you decided to attack anthony now i'll tell you that he attack you know what happened was someone said that they had heard he said i was alt right which is like the new install can believe that could believe the year all right but i don't know how that effects everyone here outrageous tweets there's one or two
did go this guy's out all right comedian and then they see you with certain people that you've had podcast with and talk to that might also be lumped in even ridiculously so like jordan years and they love him into right right well i got to doesn't make any sense but they do it yeah like i'm in luck i've had people on that people think are all right i mean if you people this people are crazy mean there's people out there think ben shapiro is anti semitic that's how that's how now i know there's no there's no logic at all like right now martin luther king junior would be considered alt right by certain crazy people he would probably have adjusted his views don't you think i mean his views had probably changed
knowing all that we know about people today and he would be a different person you got to think that guy growing up in the nineteen fifties and then you know beans into the sixties as a the most important civil rights activist of all time he was dealing with a completely different world man there was no social media there was that there was not much consolidated power is probably very difficult to get people to march once you start second dogs on people and blown fire hoses on them you had to be you you had less protection and you have a land he had to be more more rigid and conservative then just because people would have to be like this very careful with that sucked you know we we talked about this recently i guess it was with is it danielli bolelli we're talking about about how recently slavery was was it was it danielle might have been either way it's that's crazy small amount of time crazy years ago and existed for like 10s of
dozens of years and there's more slavery in the world today because there's more people alive it's kind of tricky but there's less percentage of people that are slaves right it's kind of misleading when people say there's more sleep slavery there's way more people that's a good point yeah there's more everything way way way way way more people and there's way more crazy people and now they all have internet access yet because i was looking at this thing whether we're trying to trace you you've heard about that new species of human that they found i think around somewhere in the the range of seven or eight years ago the notions i think they call them they found them in russia and what they are is you know when there was neanderthal and homosapien there was another one and then this other one bread there's apparently this
there is many different kinds of humans yeah for sure but what the coffee thing that freaked me out they were talking about how long ago this was like seventy thousand plus years ago that they were they would talk about one era and they were talking about the amount of people that were alive that and they said some around the area of a hundred thousand humans total amount that's that's on the four or five right now just it that on the four oh five between here and like west hills yeah probably more and that's why we have such a vicious instinct yeah because at that point it's just i think you got sound like ten thousand people on point yeah this is what i was reading the article about it was also talking about uhm in sumatra and we talked about this recently there was a gigantic super volcano that blew up right and it flopped the earth out for like thousand years and we had to survive that yeah and now we're trying to survive twitter storms but we have those same instincts the same instincts that are like if you can't eat your dog right now you're going to die
right well sorry with jenny out so well so i just went on his and he already like me and i never written anything to him so i just i just posted instead he got his liposuction is as i thought it was funny 'cause i don't want to go to gay guys like why even do that like who gives a should have you blocked you i just thought it was funny but you're attacking him publicly this is the thing it's like you have like how many thousands of twitter followers you have like one hundred that's a lot of fucking people so a lot but he's a strongman like there's dudes that have messed with me way you crazy every strongman like that's gotta sting there's going to be like this disturbance of peace and tranquility for no reason just 'cause he two yeah you give a shade of you i hope you plot gessner i like you go block me buddy i love so good
yeah he's a great joke around is a funny guy man this is the problem is that like i'm a colleague of his i'm at the comedy store with him all the time yeah we gone back and forth next to each other all the time an you know just like you should attack someone when they do something really bad but you know what i'm saying i do know what you're saying like the sheets or until you absolutely need it yeah i'm all about that i wasn't like full attack i thought i was being playful the wars started you talking i'm getting liposuction talking about him being gay and you're talking about you said a bunch of different warring over that's after he said i was out in response you said that i'm an all right a third rate piano okay meghan i like dude i just did a liposuction joke but the thing is i'm not even mad at the guy at all like i want then you again do a terrible job of representing yourself it's a good point because it's
is to me even i had a text him like what are you doing i know i probably i just wanna give you a compliment i loved it you're more critical offline like one of the few people right now in this world it's like oh what the fuck you doing but online chill and so many people are the opposite they attack online and apologize in the dm and your i want to say that that's good leadership qualities are well that's very nice of you but i'm not trying to be a leader i just try to be a good person i think you you have an issue with someone you should do you should talk to them in person if you can if not on the phone but that one on one like this i do yeah that you should automatically blurt out what you think about someone's public mistakes to the rest of the world to state your position like there was a lot of the request state your position after louis ck got in trouble right right right no idea what actually happened if if the way the women are telling it is one hundred percent true then i am i think it's fucking gross and disgusting and i'm sad
i'm sad that he had that in his head that he want to do that i'm sad that the girls had to experience it it's an uncomfortable thing but i don't know that and i've heard stories about people thinking it was funny to you know there's that there was like this week thing going on the tribal stuff for it so yeah what side of it what side are you on the people were like this the lucy kate insists the first since it's so that i could commit call where people were demanding a response like a public or mods about something well i notice that in entertainment with trump it's like the lack of talking about trump is now seen as indoor it's like when taylor swift just didn't get involved but in the chaos people calling her like alt right yeah man it's it's there's so many people just waiting waiting to pull the trigger and they're doing so in such a fucking insane an ridiculously miss representative way there was something about jordan peterson man jordan
and i'm going to speak somewhere and the receipts people sending emails that he was a and all the ashes to in a racist and transphobic i just but they're just hurling these nuclear bombs of words with we literally literally node were no thought whatsoever about the consequences of using these words to describe someone who's absolutely clearly not that of course it's when someone can't argue another side they just that's how they shut down the conversation but here's my point is that it elevates this manic misrepresentation of reality 'cause they've agreed to not look at it realistically they've agreed who cares if he's not a not so we're going to function comma nazi and in doing that you're escalating what's like if there's a mob mentality right it's part of what's going on one of the things that happens in mob mentalities people start murdering people yeah jump in writing if people killing people how to get away with guys running out with a knife you're going to fucking kill him that's what people do it's a normal thing it happen
with my mentality to that happens with these kind of arguments the same kind of thing people could just decide they don't care if you're right they're going to call you a fucking racist they're going to call you a nazi they're just going to keep saying it until you believe it hundred percent like this but could not see this is kurt masterly did you see now pull up pull up cool yeah you get in there and got my camera good so you go to see buddy what's so bad coming from somewhere well this room is separately heated it says its own little air conditioning thermostats oh my god he saw the sana sana is looking good yeah this part was built this was not a room so this room is created like a radio studio like same deal as thick wall close all insulated and shared zone and i sent to the world bunker yeah buddy it's all concrete cement ship and there's a fan that sucks pot smoke out so if people are getting high he just
it's a matter what about it so playing music very scenic drive well today it is man la when it rains out it's like nothing else beautiful gets so green and then drive over by when you go over the four hundred and five when you coming over the top of the hill holyshit i think they're in this area sick like i i can't stand west hollywood area knows too many people too many people that's right this is too many people too i did i really would like to do what you're doing what you're doing i think as i delivery doing and did you return to the land of giants to yeah yeah why does my wildlings but we just yell at each other and it's all good this year it's turn to really as the god of those little people i brought home new information and golden silk where do you live again you told me in the atar on deck mountains in northern new york oh i get a boner just thinking about that wow i love it really special that you have it sounds amazing except for where you are it's got a lot of ticks that have
when did the war it gets too cold in the winter to really have that but it just started coming a little bit 'cause it's like forty where i live in the winter so yeah no my forty native forty for like a while that's why i got the sonic 'cause i just fire up and then go outside nude and roll around and it's just crazy negative forty yeah i don't think i've felt that before it's so remarkable where it's just you go outside you think if i didn't have clothing i have ten minutes if yeah it's just as wild feeling when i do that crowd therapy to which is a lot colder but it seems take like the dancing millionaire was was that the million a guide you to that italian guy the guy as he puts you two videos so i think that this is something that we have two year old guy dances on boats yeah john john luca vaci he's friends with zac efron he signs it everybody that guys hilarious he's a dj yeah it does everything he's the heir to of
i'm in fortune or something or is this grand father name gamma company gary centrum that's so funny sheehan lucas central he doesn't central fortune that guys live in a fun life you know he's like an italian version of dan bilzerian in a lot of ways yeah right that's a good thing like that old buff rich guy thing yeah but he's like bilzerian's in his 30s this yeah this guys only is thirty their heart attack in shape he did but i'm doing a lot of coke and doing he did a lot of shit he told the story was up for like two days yeah i want the dancing thousandaire guide john luca bocci solarius honest guys i think that any super doing weird stuff with his pants that very feminine like yeah like glue those shorts these italian if a dude yeah but be honest if a dude there right now wearing shorts like that came up to start talking to the men's room you go hey buddy let me get past you and get through that door well we
i have a problem now those shorts those shorts are more of an obvious like it's i don't want to be too judgmental but that's more than like an erection in asana it's not so much the shorts is the tattoos that was done tattoos everywhere everywhere it's his home have you seen another one he had himself yeah same sush on his back we got a new one called the shut the fuc up tattoo it's him going like shush on his back i guess if i had to guess if i wanted to decipher that people are talking behind back rise ways is always facing them going shush yeah i like it's pretty hilarious i like people get tattoos too you know like it's a power like you guys on the back of your head in prison look at this writing that's it look at all that writing it looks like he's got a little tiny writing all over his body is a weird guy it doesn't look like the stop talk by my back she looks like i just felt your mom don't tell anybody it's awesome it's also kind of passive aggressive dev font that small 'cause its logo who's going to take the time to read his back yeah you gotta be the real question is if a kingdom
because it's such a great body gotta stop from coming so i read he does have a lengthy his back he does a lot of body weight exercise himself that's why i brought it up 'cause i saw him on a video freezing himself did all time you wanna do it after the show show what does it do it jacks up your norepinephrine epinephrine norepinephrine levels it produces something called cold shock proteins that are radical inflammation fighters it's fantastic for people that have like it is six and pains there's a lot of older folks to go to the place i go to the goal all the time and they said it's just changed our life the people like hip issues really yeah because your body goes into this thing and i in the future doubles i'd like to do a double means i go in for three minutes i warm up for about ten minutes and i go in for another three minutes how much is it to do it a lot it's good question i'll find out i don't know it's not cheap
yeah 'cause i only saw this fuckin' jillionaire you just don't think about coming by town and throw around naked with o in whenever it's good in my mountain man it's the whole thing all the time but is is your body has to feel like it's going to die when your body feels like it's going to die it freaks out and produces these anti formation properties it's basically right yeah it's like me twitter the same thing with this honor you know berry cream like yeah we got so he wanted to meet him on tour ok like sure that this last year yeah i see my life and i was like in a bad way when i got called but anyway we got in a car in the sky drive in on black tyson pennsylvania we he tries to pass a tractor trailer you know some people don't remind trailers yeah so he goes so he goes to pass it and we sixty john which is this under this bill it is black ice know so we're going next it like a jet engine sucking the it was just a
and so i'm in the passenger seat berry was behind the driver and we just get sucked into the trailer trailers yes my head i mean it's already on my head cut off and i i had time to say what the three times i didn't talk is what what what what the and then other guys some dead i just remember thinking that he swerved and then the back end like my it going away from the trailer and the back and got caught instead where no one was sitting okay the windows blew in and then it this will then spit us out and we spun and way that in the median term shane it was and the driver was weeping call liam barry were like i swear got like high like i have never felt you do that once a year i swear i had to like sure i guess my brain thing i'm going to die but you sure my body thought it was so but it felt fucking amazing dude i never felt anything like that like the being she gonna die and they just
what happens if that sometimes when they come back they don't want to admit it but they got addicted to war yeah locker like in her yeah i was just thinking that well that's one hundred percent legit they also there's a good sebastian younger book about that i read that based on your pod tribe yeah and these people that's like the closest they have a field of each others when they're in the middle of a war zone that's like me twitter man back or we're talking about his twitter outbursts more representation of who he is as a person with it so i don't see what did you said although it would because we did you would have with the guy nothing you just blocked him he blocked on to are you sure he blocked you definitely blocked him yeah so you said something that he had wipe on his ass today is that crazy as i mean i'm not whatever i'm not worth it means never a fat guy now that's what made it so funny it is crazy like if it was like it because he sees it really handsome man so it's like that is so funny to maine to lightweight so he
don't do that no no i don't know we just made out yeah 'cause i seems like a very extreme uh it's just a funny insult how many comics if you had to guess if i'd like on their asses over i would if i had like a friend that was like hey dude i do lipo like this still like a close friend you have to wear like this crazy compression clothes afterwards really dude it's not it's not a joke then i probably want to do is fuqing surgery oh yeah right there gonna numbing your shit up and they're going in with a god dam pipe that's gotta vacuum attached to it and they're rough and you up sucking chunks to do a job out there how violent it looks like there matter how fat you are going to probably doesn't work as you don't change your habits either it works but you listen you're going to get fat again like you it'll make you look good for a little bit but change how you eat your your your static state right now where you're at you're getting fatter most people most people if they're overweight
getting more overweight they're not steady at you know whatever the fuck it is fifty over there they could keep going because this is and pattern of behavior so if you get yourself lock down i know people have done this got yourself sucked down with the vacuum down to a good legitimate size they just balloon back up and a lot of times there's a lot of even know where people get fat and weird places 'cause they took out like that i can get a little out right around the winner i feel you've got one slash four inch in there that isn't being used but it's also i think one of the base fat out your butt can get lumpy from yeah like at least if you got a natural layer of fat it's like a smooth the i don't believe exercise doesn't work i've seen people like no understand i can't develop pectoral muscles i had sugar myself this year that's right because like i can't do it it's not true it's always talk shows these guys at peck implants
we do have one of those is i know do do and what implants and how did it end up for some not so good man yeah not so good at sounds real bad they want to kill himself because of some outside here it is our life jesus christ yeah right we got work in the holy fuck i be what's under the fat my i got i don't know it's under there this step limits like on an article that there might be a whole this is a weird shape emits blood loss and maximizes post op comfort and what they're doing is going in on this person's stomach and sucking sake tubes now here's the thing this guys not even
perfect now that's pretty funny right now this guy or gal i don't know we were only looking at you saying doesn't it was already hot he just was getting a little bit just a handsome guy that's like so irreverent i think that's really funny how it works look at the little fucking edges on the thing oh this is disgusting this thing look how it like you see like when he was going back it up a little gym those little things those holes little knives man look a little bit this is violent this is really good for you i in the end it took a cat's dick so he's just scooping it out of there is this a woman or a man i don't know if someone is not that fat what the this is if they just got on a carb free diet for like a couple it's not even that looks like a not that long of weight to lose our lady who didn't need it and got it done so did you literally didn't need it i don't know i don't know her that well but i remember her friends saying how much extreme discomfort she was in he had aware ascension like this
these tights and i'm like super tight compression pants everywhere to keep all your asp is there amazing there we go so it's so dead like when i was having my asfat lucent like i had a hair transplant that's the dumbest thing i've ever done development as he did his giant scar on the back of my head it looks like a smile i wonder if that's like a it yeah my joke was that it's like taking people from a town where everybody's healthy and moving them into a town where everybody's dying there were left to like the new recruits like to hear that was supposed to be up there like those are showing out so where do you get it from other parts from the back of your head they take a strip on now the way they do it in a lot of ways they do it differently do one individual follicle at a time yeah i just was scared that was going bald those like what can you do and they tell you they could fix it they're like oh great i'll just get it fixed but it does
i'm really fix it now well how come 'cause i don't know what's his name joel mchale from sue 'cause i remember from those burger king commercials we less hair than i do now the dragon ball z her well it's real sick it's almost like more effect and they start with some really killer transplant or is that just to get a great hair man he could only didn't you remember the version commercial right now i do not nobody does it was when the office was getting popular not to buy the american one and burger king at these commercial that we're kind of like the office and he was like the wiseacre picture one burger king commercial have thicker hair actually works better every bald guys fucking with something that's more hair i remember people with thick hair follicles can get away with it like my hair would look way better but i have thin hair before the hairs themselves are thin so if someone has thick hair they could they could have some dramatic result of is the right kind of thing what days did you do it thirty no not even really thirty
would you tell me thirty one yeah i think i was twenty eight i was i just started acting on tv and also panicking 'cause my hair was yeah seriously falling out and i was like this shit it's going quick yeah and i was like well where is it going to go and she just get thicker pewbs well i was like i was i knew that part of the reason why i was making money was the way i looked i i mean i was doing stand up and i was acting in the shows but i wasn't ugly dude and it helped you know like i was getting certain kind of rolls like boy let's say somebody chick has to go through you panic because you like well this is how i'm making money and i never made any money before so all the time wow you went from being completely broken being a super struggling comic like if i got lucky as making three hundred a week three hundred and fifty a week
there's a big thing is that bad for a week if you're a twenty five year old guy which is what i was trying to make it as a comic right then i went from that to making phucking shitt piles of tv money like how do i not my back and not getting rid of this figure out a way to make this rolling but if i should just shave my head i just didn't know freedom freedom make it i think even if i grew like a thick head of hair i guarantee you it still shake my head i don't want to go to a barber i had a really nice ladies to cut my hair too i loved her it's fun to have fun conversations but i have to go to war place i just have to go wake up every four days ago why would you remind me of the dumb 'cause you don't get that i get that chilling pursuit but i was on some jb smooth he said it's like show would be like a couple athletes in like a couple comics yeah and i and is used i don't come on with fall sports but these guys use a hockey player in some football players how fucking much minority and they're talking about all these treatments they would get you know
and most of them start out as beauty treatments for for rich fuckin' hollywood women really and then they trickle down to athletes wow she said something like i oh that's why i swear to god they were talking about cryo that way like it was for fucking hot chicks kind of like a hot chick that kind of athlete right i think you go like we don't yet know you broke your arm out like kathleen turner like blue or face out from that drug rates for arthritis no way she didn't want she want people to know about some illness you get less work so she just was like all the jokes about how she looks like a man it's just took all the jokes to work and then finally came out with a gun like a good for you man if he got work at it 'cause you know people are terrified most people find out of their sick yeah i mean being going from being an insanely hot woman being gross that is a change of everything that's uh
really character character builder become rich guy who's in all his money you find out who really liked you the whole time you know yeah yeah just how you interface with the world like a beautiful woman interfaces with the world like the most popular celebrity possible yet if a woman is like tom cruise there she goes it's like michael cast as a bit about that so the same amount of day it's almost the same amount of danger two of you gotta watch so i come up on you like a famous person what worse though yeah for girls yeah i think way worse when he's here in winter dangerous and we have a system called the patriarchy took women just as a bit about i agree system to protect women from the dangers of men call patriarch and we threw it where large way we threw it away because the colleges we are missing i think it's more to talk about paige argue because i feel that young twenty real women need their own illuminati to talk about you know yeah the phillies on discuss going on it's yeah it's like a
illuminati for girls for patriarchy well it was like a house for this a definition there isn't one is that suspicious same races there is one in the dictionary but that's not the subtle one ask just any on my phone is what does it mean there's no well you can be like it's it's it means you're my ex boyfriend named jerry click of mean girls is that page okay and are in a position of power right as the patriarchy but men have been in the work place for hundreds of years more than women is that there's a real problem with the idea that constant it should be caught up but what i want to do is shoot where somebody goes on people underworld the female comedians are like no who said to their people better winning doing louis got shellacked by buy that up article people were saying that about you know what how come there's any gonna a female comedians to males well because women are treated better in our society yeah if there's another damn amount of female comedians you know women are being abused way more than ever because you don't
his job from a happy this is about support is you get less you're up so i hope there's not lot of women in it they're more does that but it is also it's just from a female perspective of female perspective of it's harder because it's harder because something happened to her they can't talk about certain things like certain things like no man wants to see a woman on stage politics stories are politik jokes so if it's funny you know i mean to say that because did create a lot of the daily show maybe right maybe but most people in the audience woman who started rule of thumb i won't rule out anything if i'll take i won't say any premises hacky just punch line so this is airline peanuts such fine tell me what your punch line is maybe a punch on justifies it right i don't i don't i will rule out any money i don't either premises or hacking people probably don't want to hear about who you know it's like look if if you can get to listen to some shared that they basically don't want to hear like oh great like this one
the black room i started so i'm talking agree with you i'm totally in agreement with you were not already drinking caveman coffee we're not talking i feel wired as far as because from that which is two hundred milligrams oh my god well i just start and one time like i feel like everyone that's empty did you black out and stuck them in i just drank one what the is this so that is shocking about me i'm talking so when a woman goes on stage to stand up most people that are going to be in the audience there's men that are not going to want to hear you talk about politics this meant i'm going to talk about sex it's harder for a woman i it's a harder position be sure in a for a woman is just harder so i think if it's harder you're naturally going to see less people doing it and then there's naturally less people inclined to do it but it's just like female mma most women are not going to but guess what a lot of women do it if you're the type that does it you fucking do it but there's no fucking
well what about the pitcher archaean and what an mma wires are equal number of women than men you don't say that right well we also do not really fans of i noticed that who do you think that's it i think it's 'cause it's an untenable argument what did that you can't say it should be an equal amount of women fighting as men because it's not well i didn't punch in the face so i think these women are this one area where we agree right it's one area we get to a golya will matter they do this better right this is they do it more they're doing it constantly some elite female athletes in mma don't get me wrong of course rivaled elite athletes are meant but used to be men they had the operation way more men fucking way more interesting thing with basketball wnba important i hope so but this is what my point is the same as stand up stand up another getting punched in the face sport to me like super fucking difficult you taken imo
i'll be right some people don't want to do it it's on a judgment call it's not like you're better at your work see i think i think you yeah because the people that left that i start i don't know if you think of when you started pp dot that were funny that left right and people that stay enjoy you can't believe you're still here it's clearly a calling it not a you gotta be able take a beating some people just decide to they've had enough that like they don't want to get off this fucking ride you know there's a lot of guys that were like big time touring headliners and get to point this out this usually go i guess or something yeah yeah they do that or they just fucking get some sort of a writing job sometimes get writing jobs these are doing tree work like me it's a little it's just a cut down trees you know i i was i like the writers guild but listen man anybody thinks there should be an equal number of men or women in any job and that if there's no clear evidence that the this is a neutral occupation that this is an occupation that doesn't favor any gender like there's gotta be
jobs where it's equally represented in men and women outside of that your job is what you choose to do with your life my boys grow up playing with fuckin' trucks and superheroes and girls grow up playing with dolls and obviously are more inclined in this direction men are more inclined in that direction that we expect them to meet at any interest and then we that we would course it is really explain it also ruins it for women it makes them think that they should do jobs that they might not enjoy and then they get really depressed right yeah or they think that they need to prove themselves by doing a man's job exactly instead of just doing what they actually enjoy doing well i mean you know there's a camera mom wanted to work and she got a job and she was she wanted stop working so yeah but it just depends on the level of need right like when if there's like a war a bad economy so i guess we're going to go get a job people do different things right it's different during the war like everybody was sort of bonded together because
you know they have a right constantly well there seems to be a much more of a i i you know sometime my girlfriend we might go you go for the college yet and we were like i realize this even ties in with his jazz right thing because i realize like or she realized like half the bad things that happened to her in the last four years were social media related honestly right or maybe all of them are thinking about it like i think all the bulshit the stress on my life that i had in you is from i know it is real though i got fed a couple fears catalogue ruin my life do it is strangers like set out i'm gonna ruin your life like where i was like wow you got a lot of did it it costs money now it's crazy that's one reason why you get tutors council for all i booked to art schools i just paid them to run it like the area and i sold it out myself and then they would just cancel saying that i do hate speech or something what i'm saying
father's one merit in chicago and then brooklyn school music cats on me and i had to switch it that day chicago broken the or like hot bids for the chicago is filled with and that such a piece like i'm a piano player number sequence gw social jihadists now dude and i thought that was like my my safe spot around my dude i'm a piano player mago is so full of like everywhere is nothing from the never ending story it's just like everywhere now well you know did you go to these underserved markets like the choice right there there's people want to want to see in detroit you grow i'm going to just write a amazing and i loved it track is at the areas and i did this place home small some market doing it was tremendous yeah i had a great time in detroit i did that film or did two shows there was talking out of your in there like seven years ago to sack fine man they appreciate you well it's easy i had to be either you know this worship because is this cult that these people are and that's in hollywood new york and yeah sure tara just there it's not view is the country
what do you know this thing that you have for with social medias you think this is like reality but it is everywhere but they don't like it that's the difference i like how it would have people being like oh no this is great but it is other other colleges and like all college kids write me that to sign a white privilege contract electoral college but at least they know it means they acknowledge their white privilege which is basically i don't know it's something that happens usually want for genocide or whatnot but we put you acknowledged and once you have it easier than other people i've never heard of bro it's unreal well they're giving kids in certain schools are given kids lectures on gender and that how some people are gender fluid meaning that they can switch back and forth from mailed anytime i maybe that's true but what's the odds that that's nonsense one hundred percent overwhelming i mean you might be someone with some sort of a psychological disorder where they do bounce back and forth between being a man or woman but at what point in time can we recognize this is a psychological
and this is just on a natural state of being like having red hair by the way also i don't give a shit like i know it's not morality thing noise that involve me but it's i message people fighting to be you know they go well white is considered default like well that's because it's a majority white population like default doesn't mean i don't know what fight is by default wouldn't it doesn't make sense so like when people go flesh colored bandaids or why am i which i don't even know if that's still travel around and it's it's it's literally a matter a matter of like populate like why are you fighting to be default or like the boring like i became a commute need to be marginal like on the margins i didn't want to be in the main to my hydration mark not going if i can't go in a fucking rollercoaster the answer the band aid things very easy at the time that band aids were invented there was a far greater population of white people yeah no there's more now it's like it like they say within thirty years why people are going to be the minority ok just looking forward to it
because my kid why don't even know your kid is definitely not white william characters in your kids half mexican yeah so we can i smoke this in here by the way i'd rather you not glass pipe chillum that's what these concert that thing they do with hash maybe but that's what i mean just a straight line so just one hitter yeah we got joints here if you want to market jointly do want to join i think it's because the students at that all this is happening because what student debt now a trillion times a lot of fuckin' no one's going to get a job from underwater vagina ballet the economy tanked all the sudden there's money to be made in their sixty grand in debt for underwater vagina ballet and then after like justify it somehow it's crazy first of all if you are an expert underwater vagina ballet that's a marketable skill team i mean yeah you should be not be broke at all underside jana ballet the social media if you know it
this is the news media start taking cues from like gossip schitt ok like tmz is almost a quaint old respectable thing now to the onion is the most valid news stories of werewolf right do that exactly this will go this waiting for you to get to that's okay but you know absolutely not drinking cracked so i never called her whenever gawker and fuckin' buzzfeed basically print media is so it's going out of business all the sudden gossipy bullshit and all these social jihadi show money it makes a lot of money everything he's got to be outraged or uplifting click yeah right my friend that works in uh what a show more but my friend there and you know you newegg from rate we can race was on its ear issues yeah i remember that yeah maybe she should be measured jezebel okay she would get sick at these j relationships pond with her fucking yeah what is cell shared too that's the thing it isn't like a big planet just like to sell i glanced at once and then it's the now these people
these problems are there claim they don't want them solve they clearly want to have the conflict going on forever because they make a living on it there's people just made patriotic the busy clergy there clergy this jihadi a a a always on feature with a hand out to help me the schools in tell kids about you know get the where will generally so whatever i know they got to like make like make problems were there aren't any problems i think it's because of our instinct to run away from a line is stronger than towards a banana let me offer an alternate point of view okay i think how often you get into bullshit arguments online and you're a successful comedian we are married with children now think of yourself as a man twenty years sold at college talking writing a blog whatever decided you're a take down all these monsters it's it's a nap inclination to do and it's also natural pick a fucking it's natural to decide you see people aggressive in one direction i'm going to be on the other side and say fuckit
people in the office will handle manlius pipe in the world don't mind me how dope is that it's cassie pipe design on instagram talking about society should smoking a werewolf bite go on mister oh go home but you can't just fault in any of these wallets it's a trillion dollar debt well that's a giant issue those kids getting fucked because it's a hustle they tell you have to do it in in some jobs you do have to do it but you should probably think about what the fuck you want to do with your life ultimately before you do it i don't think it's a bad idea he had to travel overseas to experience some things get take some jobs and then get some life experiences that you know what i'm leaning towards being of this or i would interest me that take the time to find out what gender you are don't let your birthday and tell you that i spent fifty grand on a history education that i could have gotten from dan carlin for nothing
i didn't call it but yes yes i'll do it yeah it's awesome fire history buff spartacus is sick he's a bad mother fucker that danieli bolelli i only about he's he's history well i have committed to not reading books by white males for the next month to system read more books of people of color you can read what books by white people to the way i suggest i suggest a five to one ratio people of color makes no sense what is nigerian a filipino and like a shrew i can have in common just not showing whiter st we did real recently was a huffpost editor that was talking about her ultimate goal of yeah right there beauticians being white or less contributions being white more contributions by people of color and women an she had like this whole breakdown in numbers like the numbers that they have achieved of like how there is still working on it of getting rid of the white
he's a white guy and the guard is never the bottom line women do so much they know any black people anyway whoever like all the gibberish get you here my kids never think of a single black person in my life that is ever demanded i say any of it or a great word this we could do identity should never ship that they're claiming and forty this is like people like i guess my age and not you know it's generational dude because you were in that one if you were hanging out with twenty year old kids you'd be experiencing this well now they want so we're trying to see that your dick doesn't matter though like with a racist like i can't even if it's a point where people with a straight face push segregation under guys event i you know i mean like let's save speed this is a colored space and like you know add that in the fifties and soviet union they do everything the opposite it's double speak it is a site or tolerance is authoritarianism well yeah but i we
say it again i think it's all the opposite it's doublespeak where if you say tolerance that means authoritarianism know it's what is this isn't forced tolerance yeah they don't think they don't work that way when it becomes like a mandatory behavior pattern that you're supposed to like hate speech is free speech it just doesn't who decides hey where did you got just be night stupid called i got i have well explain to people these people who haven't heard you show before they don't know bout joval witness which i never thought i never thought of as a cult honestly i never called him a call and i never really had an anger towards it but when i think about it you know they didn't help my foot it didn't help my fucking family it only hurt that's the thing with religions he never helped and that's what they showed us see some religions i think can help certain people i don't i don't i this specially marked help to learn the nicest people on the planet what i'm saying is the parts that helps were parts i didn't need the religion for you didn't but you have an accelerated mind no idea i thought people have their lives i saw a guy who's in meth head i mean this is my urgent like bad teeth and shit and then it will fail
we came in and and get new teeth and they were like a happy yeah i see one hundred and eighty is like that too though i see it's like oh sorry what i wanted to hear that story is that's what i'm talking about no i've seen that happen like i don't think atheist at all like i i have no when you were under that truck so when you're in that accident so you will join the plate like oh my god it might be going to heaven or i might be going to hell i guess some days i know i don't even have time for that until we were spread out like this is the end well i'll tell you why i feel good was if we so out of my control what was happening i mean not one part because usually i think i'm gonna die because i did something right but like it was so out of my hand it was comforting like i was like all there's nothing it's just you choose your time lunchtime and this will not my fault yeah hello mike that's right it's that's right
yeah like i shoulda tweeted that is they're stabbing i think what people this is this is the creepy part because the roof because jobs witnesses on that and that guy with the teeth he had a way to come back in or my ex girlfriend got caught shoplifting 'cause all white shoplift shoplifting if because no one never believe it was them past winona ryder was the queen shoplifting white girls who would think she would do that i would ask what they all do it so they all well i've i've almost always goes it unless you're i mean my church i'm sure the reason to be the giada hardly right now thing to do is to shoplift birth control earth but now i guess he does a galley sedate had a real issue yeah she was a real addicted shoplifter she got arrested hundreds of dollars a close to go and change in this different things put things is under closed walk out with them and well my ex got caught and she had to go and not even know like i don't even know why she did tell me she was like i don't want to i'm like i don't care but she got caught and
do community service who i think like she was afraid to do it but she said like people walking up in like thanking her for like you know picking up trash the orange vest because people just skip out on it and once do the service they wipe it from your record basically it's like you you offered a way back where you don't have it on your records on mark it that's the thing that could work for somebody that's not going to be like so religion has if i want to go back and made his witness i could go listen i was wrong i miss being part of the truth blah blah blah and i can get back in these people have create religion where they catch you in some minor mistake and they throw you into your banitsa kramer island or whatever and then fucking proud of it and the only way you can move ahead is to catch someone else so it's possibly worse than religion because there's nothing love or forgiveness of any kind is this empty button the only thing that matters is your what of the right identity i mean it's based
just the racism as religions babies with a u shame and that's why if you're the only way out of it is to not care because shame is the only way to control people but they are biggest waves ways you could any other way no no for this uh for the social justice warrior religion like the way to do it is shame not think it's important i think this is important what you're saying is that that is it follows the same sort of patterns be happier no gluten free jesus christ but you i'm saying like what you says jehovah witnesses the same thing like right like we were talking before you got here about them trying to cancel jordan peterson speeches and these people are sending these emails and professors were sending emails calling a racist and a nazi and saying he's a fascist and all these different things like what i'm saying is that when you ramp up the fake reality to the point where you're saying things you know aren't true
yeah you think you think you can do it purposely they do it purposely they think they're doing it for the right reason but they really aren't they're not they really not a fan of jordan peterson they would realize how crazy it is to say is racist how crazy it is to say he's transphobic or any he's not a nazi by any stretch of the zero he just doesn't tolerate nonsense that's all it is they want nonsense course so they're proving him right by calling him a yeah right well it's just it will look we were this is why i i think that'll just burn itself out eventually because i don't know man you can't keep throwing they throw people they throw their people away you edgy mitchell sting on yeah recently i i i i never they stick around like the hunchback in three hundred you know they're like can i get back in like they don't they don't really thrown out i said i know that guy from i started comedy ok yeah jamie was always like i think i talked with like a while ago talk but it was like you know he was always uh it felt small that i was got the impression his girlfriend made up most of most of most of him when i knew him that he met
girl he was married to and she put all that shit she turned him into who was 'cause he's just like a low self esteem dude for you know uh i can relate to that i can relate to live where someone's like alright so he feels bad they want to be part of the group but that's like how do you self like how do you like make old and and he's taught me always personal expelling i'm sure i will share but he can but it sounded like being reflecting religion and like when it went like this tests there's literally like purity test so yeah and then you heard outside ideas you better not to listen to george peterson dude it sounded so much like supposed to guard our hearts and like not even read certain things you know like and if we had doubts not say them because you might stumble your brother out of the faith well and that's worst thing there is like okay just put question side because
god forbid you say something that puts doubt in on and then he falls out of the truth so clever little tactic he got isolate people who isolate the reason they got to crack down on bullshit like comedy or whatever the fokker your facebook are who give if you give a shit something somebody tweet it i mean you must be fucking stupid but all of hurts cognitive dissonance hurts where it's like donald trump hitler now give him all your guns man like that hurts your brain and so and so we always say that again i'm so smoking these same people have been uh here been trying to convince everyone that donald trump's being run by the russians and he's adolf hitler and then government should have all your guns it's the same as pro free market but not acknowledging yourself stupid yeah both of us did i've service smoke myself stupid you know what donald trump is to me he's the guy he's the perfect first of all the perfect president of america this is there's never been an
for whatever part of urine he is your avatar man he is he is the fucking like everybody that can't think they can do a job they can't do but they saw something on tv like i could probably do that better it's high time we didn't have an expert just a guy like me like he's the city of the volunteer firemen of the gender studies professor of the fucking the star that became a comedian like all these people that like think they could just walk into some fucking he is that well that's our dna is still being like the earth is flat give me a boat third golden pushy about across the ocean like my truth and all that she like do this little small clark from lewis and clark like those original fuckin' two man comedy dual we wait like people that lewis and clark the explorers notion a blood relative to that guy how did you know that did you go to one of those allergy report now my my dad told me he just knew oh wow that's crazy who told him
why might be able to fiji warren pocahontas things i took the genealogy test it turns out i'm gay how crazy is elizabeth warren she will do this most class are you know i will say this though i had a guy on race was along time ago with the name of funk isn't showing let me ask you this but people power on this elizabeth warren thing do you care what about whether or not she's really native american but yeah she brought it up for she takes it she took a job like she rob these poor job do another teaching at harvard she got like one of those you got a scholarship for being native american she got a scholarship to how much native american she pulled her she put one on king 132nd yeah but having someone i didn't know this that should have blood quantum native americans didn't have you could be fuckin' if i'm let's say i am a chief and i just adopt your rogan i go joe rogan my son he is now the part
i think no matter what is but they didn't have to get hung up on that came about to divvy up benefits you know after like the real evil should we did the natives was in modern times back then i don't i mean that's what everybody did back then i'll give a funk but in modern times you're absolutely right there and put in modern times he did some very evil showed up at the blood quantum that what they're kind of cool about the most most native nations is they didn't get up on your amount of blood in the so you could be one like johnny that's what he said he got brought in the tribes we could play tonto that's a legit thing in traditionally a native american they were much cooler about racial shit like like europeans kind of that nonsense over more you know but she comes to the basic kidnap people and people would stay with them they should have started sebastians better vibe the sebastian younger book detailed how many people would leave since society and join the
yeah i don't know how much it was like separate countries see if they teach american history that's what they should start at the very first whatever countries were here just move out through american thousands of years should count them then we can do it it's really interesting shift like i didn't know how populated it was like they were considered fauna in canada until the 60s or it might have in australia but they were considered like fa not like i think we might be on sale in australia yeah it's australia oh the aborigines they have a terrible story they were in the night i saw quigley down under guys kidnapped the aborigine him yeah raised by white people they took the babies from aborigine families it's like look at that baby it's like i don't know like a concerted effort they were going to try to create the it's either going to people at my buddy adam greentree lives over there and australia is born and raised and he works in mining companies so he deals with all these different aborigines and they all have different languages to call
mom likes it instead of a clan or a town only relate to call themselves a mob really yeah and they have they might have a totally different name for things as a guy that lives five miles away right yeah like five miles away there's a bunch of totally different names in those people stick to themselves these people stick their selves so the the there's like bands of the hundreds of them all over the place and these all these different languages are all the losing all of them are going to lose all these languages if these people get assimilated because they're not they're not really written down a lot of cases yeah they did you see that late it was on some fuckin' discovery maybe you know one of them fucking things but oldest human language i think his case on people got wiped out by the zulus back in the day like shaka zulu conquer them but the case their language is like the oldest thing they can find a hotel that i k a e song so angie i think but the but so
this old man is telling us all as lady who knew something about like the word and it was like well we think she they come from animal noises like the lion goes by and then the words they got came from mimicking interesting as but it's so it's such critical of civilization but the case i think it's like their language is the oldest like proto well you know these have a language that's different different sounds for different things like watch out there's a lion is a different noise and watch out there's an eagle and the so biologists or what would they be will they be if they're studying monkeys primatologist i guess he's how to set up these speakers and play the sound of watch out it's an eagle and all the monkeys fuckin' duct and that's down and they played watch out there's a line and they're all looking down clever language is a language they have a language and they play tricks on each other like one guy will say hey watch out there's a lion and they all run up the tree and he gets the food
but i was thinking i told it till i was coming on he goes oh you you guys get all pothead excited about the same still learning chair never going to stop either i don't give a fuck anybody you can't shame me into getting not geeked out about like super volcanoes and chit i'm going to freak out about it i don't care it's working exciting fun super volcanoes i would love to oh we had talked about one before you got here that killed most of the people seventy thousand years ago we were talking about seventy years ago there was one hundred thousand people oh yeah that is this a rook still a thing that said that like let me trace jeez that comes from like a population about six hundred people like small changes in the world yeah yeah yeah i mean there was probably many times do in our history we trembled dwindled down to a very small number two yeah it's crazy it was really cold too how fuck man didn't half of north under more than a mile of ice and we made it through we can make
twitter guys we can make it to of but you you got a like leave anthony johnson a you know that i would point out this how much weed has steered me of course is the bomb do you many people in the last like two weeks and i mean having conversations about dieting their lives are like so and so unfollowed me on instagram and it was like weighing on them right like why did so so unfollow me how come don't follow me on something i'm like do the greatest thing the media should store man because i feel like i did everything you can do on social media by having that happen i get i got to the limits of scripture that for myself and i'm glad i'm so glad i mean i push it to promote on it but i was you that like so glad not to be talking to people on fuqing social media the idea that give a shit and that's like adults like grown adults followed me on instagram which is they who gives a sheet of gestic block joint i mean i just
it's so funny i know we're all cyborgs definitely not i was too aggressive but it's not even that much no context but there's no contacts right now it doesn't matter there's no way to take it right because it's not being said you could say it's to somebody and they go i like to get what he's saying and let's say you even he got the contacts you try to be funny someone else is going to make it something it's not that's what they do it's such it didn't occur to me do how much less quicksand like people that shouldn't be allowed to make fuckin' eye contact with me that i'm having courses within shared online no i mean just because you're getting your head that way people like threatening create whatever make sure you hear some fucking a college speaker complain about a ten time over i had comment made from you i'm going to rape and murder your nice it's explained for most people that don't know still terrible thing where i said hey if you get raped or maybe go to
on the way to posting on facebook that ucb has determined guilty in a rape case well i don't know if the brakes the brakes no one knows what the you're talking about so let's just explains sorry to discuss is so strong it's very strange shoes off the charts no i don't i only had one one slash four and it is fucking strong crank i'm trying to count right with this indicates why i want people to understand the story there was a guy that was accused of rape and you had decided like they shouldn't be tried in the court of russian media right and what you said is why you say your boyfriend for is well not so much my friend not someone you know not even defending him i'm defending but like how this is fucking cool that this is going to be tried on fucking facebook someone is sending around a message died so and so been found ucb the note clown college has done an intern investigation intermine so and so is guilty of rape so if you information come in that's on facebook no
they really say it that way it was first in an online woman group then it got leaked regular foot is it but is a representative of the u c b that said that they are you somebody didn't feel it was some girl on our own i don't know there's a big difference right she waited all day on braille of you see bay did she do it under the u c b twitter page or facebook page rather i have no ideas from twitter someone whatever it is i mean she could for mark j i i sort of my chase page it was even i think i found the problem is if you're saying the u c b did it and they didn't it's that no no they did not they did not but yeah okay she said that she said that you said the you see be determined right that it was right i saw a post that said that this is from a person yeah she said it the ucb didn't say no it's not there official word at all right ok so it's just a person would be very clear about that they never claimed that it was a person who i think was like a rape counselor something or somebody to deal with like this but there's
maybe job so something happened between probably performers something happened between performers and this one guy was being accused and he said he just real simple without knowing who's guilty or not it's you said he shouldn't be try someone on the call here's a bit of a guy that open for me somewhere with friends and i go hey can he call you now question why call me did raven vestigator on facebook i think just because i've have somebody yelled this is me not being aware of what the up up i just yell out on facebook about stuff and a following it's almost like a like a can you talk to you and then throw your weight behind you know i think it was like but i'm you know we look at is shared facebook like that like it was like not understand like how people were looking at my facebook it's ridiculous facebook anyway i ridiculous the guy in the phone and he told me some i think was a lie i mean you know obviously i can't say when the other but looking back i think we tell me is a lie that all people are accusing him because
he didn't put them on a shelf which just doesn't really make a lot of sense that you can see how do you manage so much and with that quick to pull the trigger on a how evil they would have to be a global book me he faltered yeah crazy that act they would be involved in comedy but that many at once together it's like a let me let me at eight minutes i'll make it ten or else we got a rape on our hands what was so quick what was it just use guilty this is worse because what you've done is handed to me a lawsuit you can't the fame someone like that and it's like rick but you just get sued for that and also this is if this to be convicted before you're allowed to say that like legally but to me it's not i mean it's like they're taking the campus thing of like where we're going to have a college campus kasay kick you out of school for that if you committed what he said was also a knowledge base article richer i'm sorry sir okay but it's hard that's not a punishment for rape is you get kicked out of school this is gender studies both trickling down into real life okay so the
ages i assume what let that what that go on because they don't want to be known as a school your daughter could get raped so they let these little groups and have power into little tribunal and then everybody's happy but meanwhile or what a rapist spell that's their punishment great shot it sounds like the catholic church transferring people it doesn't this any different so this is someone to me that was just like a garbage as if this guys just going to fucking cops right so so then i'm getting all these people come to me about like don't you dare tell a victim to go i don't know your victim yet though that's the thing like when a victim says a victim if you don't believe them you're calling him a liar we have to make sure you are a victim before we say it one way or the other so we're getting ahead of ourselves but this is just basic due process yet i guess argument is because historically this is like the argument on coming at me from fencing historically women are not believed which by the way by who other women because what my experience
is anyone close to me that say she got raped by probably believe her and every man in fact well i know when they've give get the fights over like that especially if you're like like white trash town where i grew up around like in i don't believe that women men are the only people stupid enough to believe women most of the time ok so that's already a bullshit thing that women aren't believed with reaching rose would never that that was because a woman away when was just believed and then there's a bunch of lynchings of black people that i think there's gotta be instances we should be very measured about this because it's got to be instances in which women weren't believed of course it's like doesn't matter full spec it has nothing to do with the idea is that you can't believe every time the larger point is you have to look at it as an individual case every case is individual and you look at it on it because that's fair it doesn't matter let's say no woman in history is ever lied about rape once well you still i have in case it happens once i'm not getting sacrificed to this state for the good of fuckin'
i mean if that should happen to make it does happen it's easier than you think it happens when you have something to lose like you're famous well clustering rape case yeah and how many stories of this going believed when when by the way with someone not believed in the media and i see a people can believe to lot none of it others though because like i said that no bearing on my individual anything like if i'm a victim we have clear double standards as like when will just believe you in one of the super scandal berry berry crimmins like because he you know he if you haven't seen that documentary and be listed call me lucky is really great fans alike because you could like i was kind of a rogue he there without a a well they if he basically he was raping his for which out but i mean as see what that would do somebody and he can i think you told us talking about on stage first or something and he ended up when it the internet was first becoming a you know nationwide thing he was uh
child pornography everywhere like pedophiles would buy aol by the hour if you were rich and you could just really trade child pornography so he had to testify before congress the senate and well had a lawyer there 'cause they don't want to change their policy which was three strikes and your out for child pornography that's in there actually the straight face like we have a firm three strikes and your out policies that crazy that that was only like one thousand nine hundred and ninety five or ninety six or something like that wasn't it just want the best parts of the dog men because bears lake where he told me like you guys research i guess yeah listen i love baseball to i love baseball with baseball but but they they are the same numbers in college men were tripping over themselves in a manly display of being ignorant of technology or something very like really is like a quotable dude like that she says but yeah well i don't know what all this internet is i just know the pornography is bad someone they where the they were robert byrd is just like a disco each of putting where
what is your agent put on anyone for the dog he was talking about how it was almost like the other war against him it was who had better stage presence that's where yeah where he was just clearly a better speaker like it like this really expensive lawyer was just like a shitty opener yeah he was a happy hours in bambury got to talk yeah there's people that you know he went over his time he went over his time buried it they had to change but anyway i wrote through him after that i saw the documents like white guys sucking my dick right now i was like crying from that documentary well anyway so i don't know why all that she came down on me people are going to bury to get him to like denounced mean like i hardly knew him he called me up and uh you know we it relies alot of this ship 'cause he did real work helping people rape victims kids were building like batman ship ok and basically he fuckin' this should stir
if you're a feminist or whatever political thing he goes i understand this is turf to them they will give you in about an actual victim so like it's you know you'll try to do something good or help someone if you go to one of these groups they great grab it and they use it as their little symbol or whatever it's ever about an individual person i talked to this there's someone at the height of things coming down i mean for saying go to the cops and not facebook and all these people like not like the system is failed well i don't know that you didn't go to go system so how do you know also you're woman i think it will but you want to call me who wanted to show you a touch of me some other creeping order herself like some blogger check who initially they baited me with these non i guess that's what staying watch on there because there's nobody talking to you on that i liked having a chat or there's what i learned there beating you to get you to say something that they can they can say call i took it down such and so i knew that if there's no
i'm i'm i'm from his dumb cold so i'm i'm sincerely interested in being a chatty cathy a terrible crime people are not sincere they they want to make a name for themselves baiting you into doing something get you in trouble and they will fuckin' funk with you is shittu camp leave you be in trouble for saying such as go to the police and not fuckin' facebook if you rate so so this one call me in the thick of it i don't know her name still okay 'cause she didn't really everything about me they're telling her i'm a rape apologist which thank you for putting that next to my name online for all time i've now crazies just come pop up around explain what happened at the improv the night this was two months ago i don't know but i need some woman i've ever met my life wanting to right after it happened i think i texted you i can't believe it i imagine assistant text me a picture of somebody with giant glasses feel like you told me in person i might have
she goes do you know this person i thought was like something from tim and eric like she's asked me about a cat i don't know where i got it now why i go to merrick personality that kind of weird looking right she's where she went in the improv and said kurt much rapes me i'm here to confront him i know yeah they said she was visibly not right like it wasn't like i mean but just throwing that around casually brutal but that's 'cause she they put they make these little shity names like that we're able what the fuck is that there's no such thing is that ok with no one's profile someone out what's a little rape yeah no that's not bad never met yeah it's a true magine that there's a person out there that's doing that it was going was great if you don't think so yeah same thing if you don't accept every tenant of fuckin' white girl fat taliban feminism you love rape that's the org it's like it's like are with the girls friend that you should have dumped three years ago
bad relationship except you're not dating has its so because this is because they're going we don't even they're so into this identity shed you know i you always yeah i think part of it is social media really communicating with all other yeah also like all these max and shattered antisocial they're like weird yeah did not the way people would well it's tricking these girls in their thinking they're going to have a little angry black guy moment but here's the thing you're not like black people you're not like a pressed marginalized minority feminine i don't know where they're getting that from you are absolutely not an identity of women together and here so i know they prove that the women's march when they kick the pro life women out see what people have to take all their garbage by people they have to take in their movement they still don't know but black people have to they are forced to bargain like a minority i get that women are half the population in women's march they kick out the pro life women that's uh
i'm sure you have when you're not in the press minority that's when you have it pretty good will go take a look we don't know but what does minority mean like being and one in ten thousand years old adaptations that story though that's crazy that you know that no i did not you see if you can find that jamie i wanna see some footage i mean i would be surprised if they were like kinda woman yeah like you're not press minority if you can afford to kick out the pro life women this is crazy march it's a crazy time too i mean none objectively with no political leanings left or right it's crazy when they're kicking out the people that are saying don't kill the baby i know it's true look at what it is i mean i'm not saying you shouldn't do it but what is it that you are a boarding well you know what it will eventually be of these are people that fundamentally refused to acknowledge it's like watching people that you get divorced argue like
the argument i've tried to argue this patient 'cause like my mother doesn't hate women she's a christian lady that thinks it's murder right i think hey maybe our killer baby i don't give a fuck i it's not my baby go do what you want the anti pro choice or super intense i don't care i don't give a fuck like if you look a person that can do it they maybe you should do it you know like i don't give a shit it's not it's not a fucking god does return yeah i you know so but you know a if you have you can also give a about your if i don't hello i just don't i don't think that yeah but i'm just saying i'm not like to hear different guys armada caffeine is so jacked up why is the women's march excluding pro life women well this is the week now we are the again you should find someone that's saying a lot of sure done it but once i thing for listen the bottom line is they go and uh okay many times of people that talk about they go it's either someone
uh noise emotional the person talking to an it's a they want to my body is a woman that's why they're anti abortion like no they think it's baby murder no they want to control it and then you talk to the other people like they want to have any more a lifestyle blog like no one really gets broken down is that one cents a woman's right to choose right like you don't i would say to choose watt light keep going like this they cut it off because it sounds uncomfortable it's a woman's life a woman's right to choose to abort a baby right and i think it is alright that's real i got pregnant i would go i would decide if i'm fucking avenue i couldn't kill i might not match side so i can only put myself in someone shoes if that's what i want so that's why i'm for so right but roe v wade is a very excellent compromised by the way it's term abortion see the late term abortion is fucking gross and i understand if it's some miserable fuckin' defect fine but if you look at the numbers is very hard to get accurate abortion numbers because so politicized
abortions are not as i would have thought because of deformities a lot of times they either didn't know they were pregnant or just hit it's kind of shady bro if you can see you can see the head lawman but like i say if you as a mother could do that that late i maybe shouldn't raise a kid you know but early on i don't think you murder anything like if you do it early i think you you know it's it is a slippery conversation now and this is what people who are ideologically attached to that left wing dogma they're not willing to have this conversation so if you have these pro life women they don't want to have a dialogue like their mind is completely made up well they better listen here's my other thing is just be consistent if you're pro life 'cause the catholic church is at least consistent pro life their anti death penalty maguey their pro life they did they were against the iraq war like ok go down the lots birth control yeah as you supposed to bring more life in so at least you're teaching is consistent i can't see in these people that are like no if you want
have your right wing no social welfare state you're going to have to can allow abortion because you have to take help take care of these my kids are you willing to do that some of them are but a lot of them are not and by the way if we went and blew up iraq news christians that want to do this yeah there's chaldean christians there ok they're like the original fuckin' christians there have babies collateral damage you call them and that's fine it happens that but ok what's the difference i mean that and some woman in new york at the collateral damage of on the way to her career she a baby if you accept that us dropping columns on somebody's fucking pregnant wife and killing their unborn baby because it's convenient for us they shut the fuck up about some abortion is your hypocrite control life down the line but yes that's a very good rent and true yeah i can't go on facebook anymore i'm in trouble it's a very good rant i mean what you say is right if you the people are very convenient it's not very inconsistent i think your abs
bitter i'm better for my religion because i'm like the sucker that would believe it right it would dawn on me later yeah we don't actually do that we're just a you know no you can watch it on your shoulder because of that and you and i've had this conversation a bunch of times because you'll say i know what these people were trying to do with their words i remember yeah well let's wait scientology words i'm a suppressive person right or an apostate chose wizard plus i'm always in apostates because a group thing should be an ally cancel title well because yeah that's a good title for at least a rusty who i like it dude the twelve apostates i get fuckin' uh uh really upset by that group like almost done with your brother once the truth is just say i'm telling the truth it's not in the interest of the group to tell the truth that's really upsetting it just really gets under my skin so it should it's like what we're talking about that brings back the same thing with jordan peterson thing when they're calling him a nazi and their call
who jordan peterson he's a professor at the university of toronto it's become very famous for battling against social justice or your ideology online specifically them imposing in one of their bills in canada the you have to someone specified gender pronouns and there if you if you don't do it it could be thought of as like a human rights violation well they have those human rights core yes the human rights council's updates over helpful counsel it's a very different thing they don't have freedoms the woman who ran it goes freedom free speech is kind of an american thing we don't really want to talk about is competitive you pronouns like fagot like it like do you i have to say that because that would also be hate speech it's like this weird circle me my nickname from wells eleven injured so it can't be a pronoun
you would have tried entity there's some control over what the pronouns will be like you could probably say you're a storm trooper right you could probably get crazy but you probably can't say you're a fagget what if that's your identity like who's to say what your identity is well your identity cannot be an offensive word 'cause your identity is lashing out hurting other people but if you identify as white sis mail that said i'm a white says jay way i got no problem i'll call you whatever the you want i got a new issue is i know it more stuff but it's it's being force you're in yeah saying he was battling gets it very early on and almost everything he said would happen is happening now in terms of this overreaction culture welcome by the way how come that for jamie kilstein had i kept asking about it that way a blues song you don't have a set and he goes i don't know what this means and i go jamie i know you got a everything on the white males now that's like the religion but do you want
if anyone outside of a young white male knows what the fox this means like why you washington heights ny i want you go out and talk to any dominicans on the corner go do you know your assists mail right and ask what they know what the fuck that means i'll stab you you have to be a white super recent thing yeah gender is not supposed to adopt it like ok i'll tell you what you want but why do you have to pick my title and it's also nonsense like this marxist it's what marxism doesn't create passwords any help out with clients and if you agree to nonsense that's one step closer to dominance that's obviously just going out where everyone knows yeah but it is really like a religion you're right it's a consent this base religion which is really you're being vegan is kosher is it that people fall into that because the controls to come by berry told me that i didn't understand the level 'cause people fucking hate themselves that's why they're online creating these new identities and okay and if you don't hate yourself because right before i had that that media should
norm i i had blood all right guys would try the the all the different things to try to flew in your life like there be people pose that they would they don't all right guys like to be a fake you then go to people you kind of know like john daly who i'm like i know about and no one where it's like and then and as you say some funked up schitt and then they think like that they don't deal with the golf guy now they'll give you from kroll show he's pretty funny too actually sunday of usually always is inches goes on to laney daily daily you see an image i trust he's like a square head okay but least whatever they they will go with him me fake neowin patton oswald's wife died somebody as me sends him a thing with his dead wife photo shop in the ghostbusters you do your shity on all fitbit alta because you're not you don't know what's funny so don't if i tell you we you know there's a whole joke thief there i'm like listen i was there and also i know call me and i know better the you jerk off at home so if i tell you just know think but i know better i was put into
that way maybe that's arrogant but i just been doing for twenty years and never had the balls get on stage so i think i just know better there out here anyone who's not even here okay knows when my fighting over right there this is useful started some jokes he fight no one has any idea of what you're saying like eyes is when i defended amy right amy and i had people like lecture i'm like don't listen who don't presume to tell me shit but they are outraged but the same as the social jihadis they'll think big the same reason i became a comic i am i could do that so the all but at least i did it you know if you got on stage and do it i'll give it to you but these people think they can do your job but hold on a second and their defense yeah they're looking at a film that shows time after time bits daddy made to specifically fuck her because she said i play a racist republican right the youtube video where they took movies fuckin' the show which by the way is it play the show it was ridiculous and it was exactly what the fuc esther w's did to me where they don't like your they think of any gender the guy destroy so they
create this fuckin' uh you know like a smear job waiting on the guy who lives right now we don't have it there were bits that were exactly the same as very mediocre bits that anyone would have thought of food relax relax i drank two but man night rose and you're talking to me this way i do i know this but you things are going to run through the wall and there's a perk shape temporary content so kool aid to get some kool aid caveman nitro but you're arguing against someone who's not even here well i was going to be applied they are going to me that's why the problem with what you're saying is they have evidence they're looking at one bit and it's exactly the same group where if i look the evidence and i come to a different conclusion right let's go with my conclusion because i was there watching process and the guys who are saying it doesn't do process guide out enough that's not enough that's not enough to convince someone to just trust me you think we're writers room that like some authoritative sheriff type shit just
correct them take the sheriff salary i'm not going i'm not going to them they're coming to maine but you're always going to you russ me i'm watching this video i'm watching these jokes they're being repeated saying just trust what jokes he talking bout sketches pika claims were taken which is nonsense i was in the room i missed the flicking cop of the room with that shake no one watch mad tv in the room sorry stop that doesn't mean anything because the bit still got on the air so what i'm saying like you might not even happen intentionally doesn't matter that's what you have to say that's not what you say say that no no but that's not it the very can't but you can't say that these people don't have actual examples of the same bits over and over again if there's spoofs parallel thinking that's fine but it has to be but you didn't really see this
the whole thing about let me just now or what time i'm very confused i'm very confused the whole thing from the top down like it look i don't give it by the way please see the evidence right you have to like to be real clear nine confrontational when you're when you're handling something like that what do i want for small number one your issue is i never should be on social media talking to any of these folks at all i don't i don't know any of you anybody listening if you have a question or a oh you an explanation for schitt i understand i don't know where the fuck you got the idea that i do so i was wrong so in fuqing answered all 'cause you have people hey joke thief really that's the word about me that i'm a joke thief from some know nothing and they just want to see i'll talk back to them most of these animals kimberly speaking think that you did steal it and you gotta explain how this was
thank you goodbye to many times i did i know but a lot of people haven't heard it and your blurting it out like that someone's arguing you in the room i'm just also pro rape first of all yeah one thing i want to clear i am pro rate yeah you're like a rape i can only apologize for one thing and that's great but not joking no duke yeah i'm only bringing up logging's why i was getting shipped always getting shit for defending me from these alt right since i understand but it's also because you're confronting them like your confrontation yeah i like so i was like oh if i like being on i like being online and also it seem like i know of no consequence to me i'm like i got all dealership going on i can with one hand sit here and answer your dumb shit i was like cocky i understand but look what i'm saying is from the perspective of someone who is a standard fan my hand is trembling for yes my address yeah that's crazy it's got some serious and what the is in this two hundred and seventy milligrams caffeine you probably have
yeah so you do twitter like me where you think it's almost like the candy crush of words and then before you know it i just pist off uber or someshit listen i'm speaking as nitro caveman t ready to start small business though it's very sensible person who's a fan of comedy like and i am a fan of com when i see like if i if i was never stand up and i this all going down and i was a kurt metzger fan i would want kurt metzger to blaine to me what i would want you your your specific words on this because you were a writer over there right so like as a fan i want to know i think kurt masters a hilarious creative comedian i want to know how this happened so you see my schedules were still for you to say it defensively the brush it off and say you know better the way someone would come at me
would it be rude immediately like who are you speaking to me this week so he realizes that defensive as soon as i have somebody come in a certain way like just your natural mode horse right yeah you know naturally did i found out that that's one is my people think i'm gonna say goes because all react to that and no one else's that guy yet they don't cut your psycho from reading your twitter is enough to do is read your tweets calling hold on 'cause i got way off track of where i get to but just what you said that girl so so what i'm saying hey go maybe go to cop syngenta on facebook announce a rape verdict i i'm not going to say your name 'cause people benefit every time i funk imagine him just go right this idiotic look at me we have a back and forth i mock the stupid lane of her stupid she said asking for any details of what happened is like re raping the victim just believe so i wrote that's likely raping i said the word ray polina post mock in her language ok she her comments takes what ira
and goes to these chicks that say they're like look what he said about you so yeah nobody cares what anyone saying to you you the person that they've heard of so they only what you say and there's no contacts they just go he said rapole go ask somebody what i did that's wrong but be able to tell you and they'll go with that he said something repoll that's all they have is right do you have screenshots of the original tweets are you know because then people complained not only could i not because i would delete anything that i put up right facebook has removed all of that facebook removed all that because the people i am offended so i can't even go show any of it the facebook took it down oh wow she didn't take fucking shit off it doesn't like nobody is reading her shift they don't give a fuck what she's saying they're like oh the writer for amy schumer show is saying i think and that's what all these people can't believe it's so easy access you and
have you get a reaction to them and they're amazed they can't believe it like i can talk to the phone the tv we built an industry around it so if you speak to them at all you're a sucker dude if you have any emotion about this i mean you're a fucking sucker don't like just don't get suckered that's all same thing happened to me without the black panther stuff 'cause i was just doing the reverse of any marketing is not the black panther well black yeah there is a lot of black man yeah it was like finally a movie with black people for black people so i was just like there's no white people in it pass who do i relate to said that really 'cause i know what you're talking about is all over that was like the whole thing and then a couple of people like jeffrey wright the actor and don cheadle they start react think i was serious and i started being like this that man i'm just doing black mirror she did you feel like a little cool that you got don shula jeffrey no not really hit you was like how do you think it
i'm like dude i think it feels work finish the sentence i'm sorry man i'm a little jacked up to his energy got me really going oh you drank too easy yeah would you feel watching you know growing up as a black man watching only white movies and i was like dude michael jordan on my wall i love karl malone it's about kung fu movies by the way still get a point you still gotta point i mean the problem is that he didn't take it as satire right by the way problem is but he's right to do is you weren't you weren't being serious you were cracking a joke about how people reacting to this movie right either because they're black and it's black to i'm at the worst level of being known we're like i i have reached but i'm not famous enough for people like he's a comedian know you brought that up when i got fucked it's like not famous enough to be like flying right famous enough to get fucked over right like i'm big enough for someone wants to hunt me but like no ones like oh oh one bedroom the comedian summer like oh we must work
for a college hr department by the way did you see the black panther know if it's yeah it's you know it's yes i think so really fucking good though what annihilation i want to see that yeah dude a trippy hospital spoiler but from that ex machina guy the guy made i didn't see it i watch that but by the way if this was such a racially uplifting movie first of all his name his first name wouldn't be black the black panther blizzard in the black panther forever yes it's like until you actually tatian forties or so it's like saying shaft is like selma lake what do you think they came up with black panther six thousand six hundred and seventy six by the way panthers are black already you don't need to specify that unless you're just letting me know that guy under the suit is black well you know what it actually is it's a jaguar it's a jaguar that has spots everywhere instead of just some no i did not know that jaguars some i did not really totally black like a black panthers it's it's not like scientific
i thought it was a bush black jack for the the if you see the really black ones you could still see like some faint outlines of like those jaguar little dots and circles it's kind of funny i like david at and borough does almost make it seem like black panthers or more hot there like black panther stalking his prey well the snow leopard is as elusive as he is grateful there all jaguars which i think yeah i think the black ones probably evolved to be more successful hunting at night because you can't see a god dam thing at night jungle if you don't know what black is i would imagine integrating the jungle now but i've been to the pacific northwest into those essentially rainforest up there like there's some parts of the pacific northwest that are insane at night too like you can't believe how
two cats because you don't see zero three rounds it's dark in at noon when you go through the woods it's dark like you won't get a tan it could be fucking new now be eighty five degrees out and it's dark walking through those woods because this canopy of leaves and super dense tree growth like it's and at night you must just hear these crazy noises oh yeah man like elk sound intense their intense yeah i you to see the sound like a dude wack my point about it being dark there turned out the word black panther black panther that she had once most likely in the junk the same situation and the ones of the darkest that the darkest it's likely to be seen and less likely are more likely to be successful because they're they're attacked ambush predators they they sneak up on things well they well to deer dear and fucking people that spirit is the king of wakanda it's come into him to become the black man thought it was technology that's actually pretty cool the suit is like i think when it cools parser movie 'cause it
forcing hit you back like he does but then the part of her is they have this this job you make from flowers and he lays down and i swear to god they give him a purple drink that he drinks a purple drink og right so he gets his other power saw jesus christ is that fact from the comic book to the purple i'm like so when they make this are they even take it like you know it's like guest star fuckin' my angelou is giving the purple drink it's written by jewish guys as long as no whites were involved it was an exploitation comic it's too old jewish guy wrote it's from the 70s like that's when it came out so just put it out like finally you know that's right let's get the origins of the black panther play luke cage that was already out and that was a fun awesome i think that she if they would like to get a superman almost like the old joke but it's jessica jones
yeah little interracial romance going on up in that netflix yes to super falter because she had both super fucking each other and they're both speaking monster should grind your pelvis to dust he's fighting gentrification well she sees him beat the fuck out of some dudes in a bar and realizes that he's one of them and she's been she's a mutant and he's a mutant they get together and mutant saxon fuct up the bed smaller alert shut out of her boiler he can lay because later like a guy who could lay pipe the way laser light yeah you look how many movies with sex scenes was there a rumor that they really were having sex on camera and it should work it was a big one in that movie angel heart it's never been true in time that is not true at all it's never true i think that donald sutherland in that killer midget movie they say mickey work really bank ambassador in nine one slash two weeks but he didn't did he i don't know i wasn't there
to believe like i like that mean you're so anti religion you don't even want to believe rumors i'm not buying into this bull shoved tripped over his witness does my first my first joke ever yeah similar to that really then you still isn't for me no i did it wrong people they didn't i was like when i was eleven this guy in my block him uncle charlie they used to rate me everyday and he would go if you ever tell anybody but i did too i'm going to kill your parents and i told everybody is your first joke yeah i told everybody and he never killed my parents i you know i thought we had a deal all black let's see how much all black audiences do not enjoy that joke at all from a fuckin' weird looking
merge like white guy did not enter laughing at that they look not my mamas yeah yeah but i will say best thing could then we started out in those rooms because there was a crowd it wasn't other comics that were waiting to get on right there was a fucking audience and it kind of you couldn't be precious yes fuckin' perform you know like you couldn't be one of these like hanging the back pocket you can't no time you gotta have performed using yeah and so you don't have a complete talk black we take just be very confident in your own whatever and crowd will go with it yeah yeah just speak funny just be funny if you bring a notebook they see it as like weakness though like fuckin' notebook i see it as weakness to do your homework there's some yeah but there's some rooms are there like that means it's like brand new his writing was lunar he's working on ship today worst is when someone pretends they're reading their notes and they do the same bits over and over again like you can't you just pretended you just looked in
booking i fell on it in the name for the what else this one what else it was good whatever this summer does that i'm like i could do that well it's just like people in the audience like hey don't don't do that you know j ray pj sure where these people called him but higher comics but i big pause within that really say they're spin the wheel yeah there's do some new thing that i think people have mistaken laughter for like support or like are you still just made a mistake it for applause what do confused after an a plus to say no it's an ideology verses what like laughter's and someone relate to pauses when someone agrees well there's that too many people they're trying for applause right my point is that you're supposed this is only supposed to be funny like the when you're just trying to like say a bunch of
memorize it and say it real fast and then to get a big applause at the end like that remembering you straight out like dude i'm not trying to change policy i'm starting to laugh when i was a kid i remember like eddie murphy german eddie murphy's the biggest canadian in the world like this one in the 80s i remember watching stand up it seemed more integrated or something like in the 80s and i swear i like when the evening at the improv in a comic strip live on tv like friday night or that's why i used to watch stand up comedy was like eleven or twelve and then the nine like does i mean when def jam came out and i remember it was like a lot and also racially a lot of should see more segregated and it was like i think the beginning of just marketing to specific you know i mean like oh here's an all black show an these head jokes on seinfeld about it like that seinfeld's market was being eaten away with def jam his mother saying it to him and i didn't think of that but the dow who is the beginning so internet now it's like everyone get just specifically you know
how was like kind of grab bag when i'd watch stand up it would be like you'd see like a ventriloquist shoots he like he already perfect kind of person and like some fucking real dry person there like lan good point it was more mixed on its own and uh you know when i play this solution i think we should do some those like rodney dangerfield type specials i call rodney would do a special 'cause i'm thinking of also but that dude we should do if you i think is also a lot of us you know if you're going to put out a special it takes you a couple fuckin' years or a year solid to have the material lockdown rock and roll but if you're going to fifteen minutes i think your minimum the way sometimes it's not enough i don't give a nice i agree i've been doing a year and a half in between specials and i think that's the right amount
yeah yeah yeah i got a nice juicy now just two in six months is probably a little quicker at either because that she gets hammered down like a samurai sword in two more hours will lewis on cell on his website and got my point is like if more of those fifteen minutes that's like you could come up with a fifteen minutes in a couple of months you know he really could and if it was locked in right right into if you were if you were doing something like that you you could do that like get a prepare set over like three or four months and have hey you know we're gonna be fill ming will film some of them here with some some of them like three months later so you'll know you'll have it all locked in you know when to go if you do that with what we precious i couldn't i don't have a schedule for the road the with a managers and managers and procedures like we can't take him until he fucking does a does the hour but i'm like i need to work the hour out so i had to do it
fifteen minute chunks around the city and just do a lot of city spots oh wow which is i'm happy without came out i mean i'm so fucking nerve wracking 'cause i'm like i know i'm not preparing this properly right right right 'cause i think these fifteen minute chunks of the material yeah really why didn't you watch yourself on the road in like small closet been writing a lot and i just like i switched managers and i didn't have an age in a book how easy it was to like book use you know right once i all these people thank you but you know i had led by banshee kramer island i can get them to do for me i'd but i find it's actually very easy to go book yourself where people actually wanted to book me everyday turns out not everybody's in this dipshit called the scenes when you like online a lot well i just think if you can clearly explain yourself and you can like well i didn't realize you don't get to see yeah they could do it without you they don't need you present to fuckin' set you up as whatever i thought you get a little
no kurt what did you say they don't they don't even bother with that but they don't care people just want a burner you entire media is based on this conflict now and they were patrice is to say like they always need us to be at war so did men versus women in white for they always see that going a hundred and this time but district you if you talk to other people that sell and that piece of did you watch a documentary about gawker in whole cogan no i did not all my god it's on netflix if you got to see because it's amazing it's very heavily skewed to make you feel bad for gawker but it it actually makes you go are you shooting me gawker like ways to feel bad for cosby it's like you can't tell me that i feel bad for donald do you think it's designed to make it you feel is there like soho logan basically because gawker this is how the news media they like that despicable should they did to louis in the new york times which shouldn't new york times is l factor of diary basically like they never should have been allowed my girlfriend made that up i don't think that's very fun
then he said that we should and he's very fine but that's what it is and nonsense i mean like if you read the article there's no crop people just make up what what did louis do i used to ask when it that should happen to him i go what did louis do wrong and they go well time at work my boss grab my tete i have black girlfriends estimate i'm like i'm sorry i asked you what louis did it's not about we're going to use him as a fuckin' symbol 'cause what did he do wrong asked for consent for on contact in like what are you talking about like why would that have to come out and why would that be anybody's business it's to make him look like he's weinstein for comedy like one scene right and by the way how do i seen that's the old casting couch which are my good get rid of that but they try to paint louis up a stand up comic as if the producer director like it is a conflict of interest if you producer come to my room there like hey but another comedian first of all you it's reasonable thank you might be fuckin' because you're not on a different power
the work comedians we don't work for corporations together okay were each into being company and the companies can with each other also are you think that what it was is just a weird thing that he liked to do and what they made it out to be is like i said it looks like he's a us a predator and there was no such anything here's a so but you never surprised people jerking off now i'm going off what lewis told maine and by the way i believe lewis by the way oh my god you're supposed to believe women there's a whole thing what kind of an emphasis on me too i mean first of all you there's no woman on this earth you stupid enough to just believe women like women no way better so i'm just what imbecile was like oh i just that if you're a woman is not every exhibit a but you do have design elements we'd have to admit it's kind of weird just do like an impromptu wachauf sesh yeah
it is weird unless like you know let's say we're talking about sex ship back and forth with someone like you start whacking put that no i didn't do that you told maine that's a point that you told me tell me the lies of omission first of all just wild just go off article 'cause i don't know what trouble gettin same way anybody's name but just read listen just read the fucking article ok there's nowhere where it says then he support he says hey will you watch me masturbate somebody i said no needed masturbate they went and said something reported or whatever supposedly and by the way the story of that that i know more about it's despicable how they frame that the guitar comic thing absolutely despicable how they frame that okay read the article nobody did right nobody reads i will read the new testament and i'm like i read it of course let it heal it he did nothing if you read never mind what i would know personally just read the article nobody bothered
so all this nonsense everybody put out of him surprised wacking off that's not even in there ok like it's the first one is the guitar duo that people thought were garfunkel and oates because all these young kids can't imagine anything happening before who the guitar so that lewis was a jerk this now they had missing a lot of shared hard do older louie jerked off in front of the new york times article i did i saw like some of the headlines and saw some people commenting it online that's ok just let me ask what do you guys think louis did that he got in trouble for i'm just i'm just curious someone to master if he could masturbate in front of him and then did it they said yes and he did it that's it essentially did to people who said no and they felt very uncomfortable they had to work with him right that is the harassment aspect up right that's the difference like if you're on a tv set right that's the only one that i went i went well that's crazy but you were telling
me something yeah i don't know what i he said i'm not going to he could say what he wants you know i know you don't want to explain why i'm not gonna take yeah yeah no no need no need to add on the two i also so far is the story to the story yeah and and but there's of a flat out agenda here no but see jenna to real a guy who i mean is mexican now i know it doesn't help his case even though your ex ago this is like the taliban this now like they have to write i've been using as little man he's a buddha statue has to be exploded you understand we now have to take all these on funny people okay that for political reasons and you can't have evidence of someone being funny that fits in the wrong group there's no stalin regularly bottle his leg see patriarchy's like everywhere and that ever achieved anything they got remove it so we're gonna for louis away louis ck yeah throw him away with harvey fuckin' i seen what i
right 'cause remotely the same i'm sending you right now jamie you gotta put this shut up you're going to cry yeah no you're right in some ways that there's there's a taliban going on but if a guy like harvey weinstein existed you know there was a real fuckin' problem for a lot of people for sure one hundred percent in fact hollywoods fuqing despicable both things what you're saying is true and that's true but the idea that search me back when they're supposed to happen in aspen louis is not a fucking the comedian who was a few more years ahead then is to girls that were also comedians i've been a festivals and had sex with comedians this is outrageous yeah you should have you not doing that or thought even industry and shut out available in a drake hotel tractive and you are attracted to them and you guys had consensual sex is that what you're saying just yeah rape or as it's known now ray this guy eighty eight percent of white
wealth is do honor decided that later teacher and i hope that that's not really his i hope someone he thinks he's a fucker and they thought yeah that shade under shirt maybe that's like you despicable because first of what does that have do with me at all say if i earn something i'm not in that when you throw those numbers up i want to see studies i want to see eighty eight percent were that's very specific number do you know siri do not notice the fuckin' ship that this is you know this is a way more white young white woman led fuckin' movement social jihadis just jihadist for the right to do white men what they've always done to black men which is like he scared me i want him fired well it's also about this grouping all the meds so congratulations you get to be like uh an inward now well it's also toxic femininity where it's like a lot of women's instincts are based around keeping a toddler away from like light sockets so it's
whatever they do it's all good it's not working field instinct to do that too is a man feeling i would keep it all the way from a life socket alright like i say like women are more designed in general to take care of very young children and men are more like seven on word where it's like if you fall down you hurt yourself and you learn your lesson now get out there which is the design that makes them do that how you mean ergonomically designed or how are they now emotionally wired to do that where it's like working women once my wife first had a baby i really was like oh so this is like makes perfect sense that's why they have breast feed a baby exactly yeah well i don't think that's uh no but that's what i mean though it's kind of like a lot of this sjw mentality is that safe space like if there's a group of people there's nothing we possibly have done wrong like protect it all costs replace almost maternal exactly yeah exactly not maternal i mean like this is the thing that makes me laugh that's the point i was making
you wanna you wanna mother society but you you killed your baby's day near what's that it has a status that smothering job shouldn't so you know aboard us maybe they'll didn't kill their babies like that you throw in the ones that got abortion then they're all what do you think about the clergy the only specific the online feminist clergy right person abortion again the club you do that we've done that we have done him is the classic because i feel bad for it's like she's like i just to be good in my church i'm in the guy who work from he didn't commit rave oh i'm sorry he did this is communism this isn't harmless the bodies stack like the number one death of the twentieth century was your own government my oh wait wait we talking to miss me you in us government is that sixty million russians
sixty million chinese and got hitler he got like that like that are we so high are we in russia what do you mean by that we talk when you say your own government like seventy all that stuff it all leads to like the way to make a forest equal is with an axe that's it and the tallest look at the hammer down like these are all we're starting to enter like upside down world and not only on the left but though the right wing tierney is more sexy that's why here about hitler because he's in evil guy but at least he had like great boots and shit but like the styling bean counter that's why as way bigger death cab we never hear about it because he's just like that
star we install and always when i was about stalin was he was kind of like a meat head and lenin was like the intellectual and start now as a thought struck a muscle that kind of crept up but he was just like a you know am i wrong in that i thought that's what i know if the weather was a little bit of both it was an ideologue did you read the of you wanted a classified when from russia that stuff don't have them working on now if you were to make these guerrilla human hybrid soldiers did reduce is when like the casino to stalin was later years were whatever he said yeah ok stalin your manager because make parrilla soldiers a don't have to eat very much and they're like what grill is actually eat all day it might not be a i don't stop so just don't you have a man have guerilla soldiers for they would have to eat a lot i mean it's crazy that well if you stop clapping first he killed you and this is one time where there's nine straight minutes of everyone clapping and like using the the people knew that the first one to stop is going to die why someone finally passed out and they killed him yet 'cause that's
so that's how far compliance goes it's just they keep getting you to comply i comply and that's a question i want guns and abortion it's like what where crystalline 'cause if you can't determine it someone's going to be like when you were saying like when do you think it's okay or not okay to have an emergency where it is a good lawrence to that on both sides this is an unreasonable argument on both sides they're not willing to give it up at all right on both you know it's funny man because like i like i said i don't care about all your kids however i don't i don't get your grass of excitement i don't get that having been said i don't get why the only thing we can do is nothing like they're like i'm very sorry there's actually nothing that could have done but if you're going if you're a gun lover or do shooter know anything about guns and someone to their fifteen and they they don't realize in a ten is the same god except a bigger boys turn sks or is it automatic guns are already illegal and they want to
like band something they don't understand but there is no such thing as an assault rifle like that doesn't make any sense he called an assault rifle is are you coming to noise in with your mouth who cares well the point is is you don't shoot a bunch of people really easy with all this is what's the line right exactly ar50 they know what's going on is a guns killing people like all this other stuff is nonsense and people get lost up in the minutiae but like you know they don't do seems what's a bump stock do you think like us in south dakota not long ago that dude's hang out with like a doomsday prepper right there's a guy that at the club but he's like can peaches that's so cool
they don't call me that guys we have so many plantations bro how many cats are going to need thirty years worth it doesn't go bad bro it's good food pictures are good when there's a hog lips fuqing canned peach is like in someone's basement homes that should last a while if you're logged like years does it last years yeah they're designed for like the apocalypse there's like fifty shades they'll do they put you guys spoke suit because he was doing it for choices reasons not yet this guy i swear god told me he's not he's a christian but he's not a good christian what is wrong i didn't i didn't try he's not going up he's not going up in the first like pick up he looked around yeah yes delivering about the christians is you could always even on the fucking buzzer on the buzzer excel jesus not entering hold on not during the great tribulation that he was planning to live through which was released the stockpiles before
is going to have to live through that and then get caught up in the second well pick up we won't be the disappearing out of his clothes guy the problem with where both of us live you and i is if the sh it does hit the fan we're kind of fought there's too many people too many people in manhattan too many people in here get a good this is no went out you really want to i mean i did carry that will not a winner but but yeah it was like a winter look if you don't have laws you're gonna go out and you could whack thirty dear and stacked the easy in your garage like there's deer all over the place up there you are going to have some fresh water hunting with your car not even wanting to know why they got so rich well they did some places they allow you to pick that deer up and take it home and eat it like after you hit it with your car should for sure but the thing is that they were saying like what do people were targeting the deer like well you know how much it costs the damage that
do your does your fucking car at like they destroy your car thousands of dollars of damage who the fuck is going to do that and that's a lot of driving for a deer that you could buy a tag for for like fifty bucks and kill with like a knife like like deer in my yard will literally just be eating my flowers and just look at me like this you know this is the village and like there do i live in boulder when you or when you get out like in the town of boulder you'll see a fucking giant dear sitting on the side of the road eating big gas buck giant antlers just sitting there and you can get out of the car and go motherfuck are you for real and this thing will just be looking at you just eating there's so convinced that no one's going to eat them if they just wander through the city it's amazing it's fucking amazing but i just was just in denver so there's a fault maybe less maybe with maybe a little less than an hour it's a cool little mountain community very very quiet
attention to the best cell they just give you an agate day it was hilarious i had not seen like a guy with like the oakleys on top this fucking like like uh white kids with the dog and i had i haven't seen in awhile that as soon as you see wait just go in denver no outside is like the mountain with others in under never levy so you know one of those around like a south park town yeah there's that's where evergreen is really is where they grew up around our grew up in evergreen evergreen it's amazing is amazing just like outside of denver like just outside evergreen has a population of elk that's one hundred strong to walk through the middle of talking really funny mine lives there my friend brian called he put a bunch of videos on his his instagram is instagram is the gritty bowman or it might be gritty bone and he's got a podcast called when you those things in person even like a horse i don't know the last name so like a life with but like i don't think
flying dinosaur t if you've been a city long enough you like i can't believe it a giant sucking animal looking at me i mean that's a look at that that looks prehistoric yeah those are elk that's great i don't know the german is but that's that's what i hear he's the got one of those but he's got some videos on his instagram somewhere of his town he lives in evergreen i believe and in these gigantic dear just walking through his yard well it is is what are the odds on his facebook is is is to love her bow hunting and barack obama what are the are thousand but that's his horn size have to do with hammer size oh yeah for sure i did get hammers on the bigger the elk the bigger the antlers the older if they keep it like she's trying to get rid of it so this is in her yard they just wandered in peoples yards and that's a female but that
probably a three hundred pound animal as big an animal you know man i'm i'm a little worried because i love shooting but i'm i'm like i think i'd be a little queasy i just want to clean my hunter like that's what one high you get you just do it yeah but even fishing i never did right it's a different thing than fishing intimate yeah fishing like i don't popular any remarkable way more into your blooded now i don't feel any remorse might elafiti hayward by the way donner party die in colorado was that there was nobody no they were in where wasn't in the sierra nevadas is that what they do i drove through there on the way back it is remember how long it was nevada the donner party yeah how long before you eat a guy me yeah i mean i'm not going with no chance starving to death you can look what kind of fucking life is this going to be starting that now we hold on my getting a story like they got trapped in the snow in the head
each other how long each other out all winter this is the need to is it true this is where father and son mother and daughter even to just print it online it'll be so it was a tragedy that any correction of it will be ignored yeah other out for months the entire winter months isn't easy they just had a standing sixty nine constant just can still like this they will know that each other the bush size by then to eat through oh man it was huge bush is cold winter chaos six of one make it through that bush yeah probably a lot of them just like you you have a four five inch bush
yeah i've never swing measuring the bush like i got a five inch purse he said he's had beards they have these long as beards and the longer the beard like the more desirable to turkey is so yeah so that we can balls on their noses a beard oh no down here grows like right off of like their neck area like way back it's a chest it's this long thing that's called a turkey beard like dinosaurs like a whole coggin bowls on their face like they got all that stuff but i figured that much it's called it looks like a disease it's all fuckedup too yeah what does that's it the red stuff resort cry when you see a rooster earlier call the red thing he never know man i've no idea what they call the red thing i have no reason to know that yeah but turkeys queue up to a little bit like yeah i do turkey slices it sounds like i have this personal issue with turkeys my pics i saw pbs thing about turkeys they will never be a friend a turkey
did you see the guy lived with turkeys know he fucking my life turkey turkey that was going on was with them for when they hatch they would follow him around the second they hit puberty they turn into prehistoric dinosaur vicious talking and they're gone except like lizards favorite stayed with him turkey boy his favorite turkey okay yeah and then one day there by a log and this would have made you should swatches as soon as possible i hope not remembering this real high but i swear to god so turkey boy one day fucking turned on attacked him and went for his eye they go for your eyes turkey boy was like i thought that was going to be in turkey boy wouldn't know he went for his eyes and uh facial reenactment with a another like it's like an actor i don't know how they did it is in the union it's like crazy because turkeys just go for your fucking eyes yeah you don't need a lot of training in my life is it turkey but my junkies
because you have big as is a huge their size of katt williams and it's like i don't it and his buddies probably didn't get like very big picture they probably weren't too compassionate weather like why do you turn on me like i should have trusted turkey and they're like i would national talking turkey man well you think about a chicken chickens are ruthless and then now think about a turkey turkeys are giant chickens well i haven't read it all going in the trees what were my grandfather who lived in the notice as a florida before he died there's all these for girl cats and chickens on their property and he feed him he put this big feeder out it was amazing how they formed the little society 'cause it would be kitten who big cat chicken catch they didn't have any interaction they just came and ate the food that's amazing yeah i mean you watch it this is crazy and they were looking at the casting kill the little chicken not even at all a little bit they crazy there's plenty of food that's super rare that a feral cat
i can keep it together i would have never thought that until i was watching too and it was adorable you see the number you disney movie for the numbers of birds that feral cats came in america every year no it's in the billions do we need them to do it be no i probably you know when you think we probably do 'cause in israel they're like rats my ex israeli she told me there like cats are not seen with egypt i lost it into a coyote last night i had to finish the chicken off yeah i had a we had a coyote in the yard caught in the arbil the chickens were out what do you all right up on the top the chicken coop and jumped over and it changed a couple of and bit one of them what i'll knock some feathers lose but one of them it actually got and killed that's why there's coyotes here oh dude it's a crazy thing to be around man to watch that in new york too by the way i'm watch the thing jump to the roof of this chicken coop nothing i'm talking about a six foot jump and it's so elegant it's kind of beautiful in the watch the way they did it was a bummer that it killed the check
and i had a scared off and now we know that they're targeting the chickens because it happened more than once last time apples like two year together one coming back to kinda lost i know we can can i lost all time once to kylie's op a fisher cat and ray kuhn i believe so you guys are all chicken farmers atlanta understood you get naked day per hand yeah no not always but close in the winter someone told now when he gets the whole damn thing ever cut him open to get all the eggs at once that's why would if we could have twenty eggs right now if i cut this jump up and fuckd this chicken i feel bad about killing chickens it's like don't kill him but other pets to maine i don't yeah my parents are kind of smart aren't committing roosters for you around like i got videos of them follow me around 'cause i give him treats so i walk around the backyard and select on the fucking pied piper of chickens like it's kind hilarious s generators any of me carrying my daughter's bunny walking in
chicks are following me i might have many beastmaster like away games are going to get a ferret so these measure how bad is how smell is master on the bravo channel you feed 'em especially when uh give him these little worm treats these dried mealworms they fucking love these things they go crazy for him that's how i get him back into their chicken coop they were pretty big chicken coop but when they wanted the yard and i want to get him back i take their worms and shake him i'm running to me and then words and then i give him a little treat every time so that they know that every time i shaky shaky shaky it's time for a tree and then they're so carnivorous right you never seen something attacked worms with the kind of passion and vigor the chicken stew no i've seen i've seen it's terrified elite chicken or dinosaurs did if you if you see a uh oh the fighting
and when i went to hawaii by the way roosters are way different than hence no i don't know where to shoot out of anybody or they also just i mean they're talking crazy about say something like oh you have a different point in me but in hawaii they have been a hurricane in like these people had chickens like that got so on the street corners it made me laugh it would look like a pimp maybe like one rooster and then like a bunch of who's behind him and he would just like you got turned around the corner and he was a while she's in hawaii every corner i just see roosters like wow wild chickens but i keep forgetting forgetting why you brought this up maybe this weekend at roosters in hawaii yeah well rapey roosters phoenix claim number fights right that cock because you know it's like when they go to rescue the fighting roosters i didn't know that kill them because that's all
we want to do is fight so they just if they bust one of those rings up they just put the root like just let him fucking fight if that's what they're into you know it doesn't i know they get him adopted or something they just fucking play something they were bred for it yes there's championship bloodlines like there's a reason why these things do it what does this say if that's what she needs to do then i would say let them do it showing us wild chickens in walmart in one of these fucking shopping cart return bar things they're covered with chicken this is crazy why is it why that's nuts man this is wild chickens out now what's the word on killing them can you eat if you want some chicken soup and you'll have a lot of money are you allowed to just whack one of those i hope so look at all of them that's crazy to have any predators see hawaii is a really bananas place when it comes to wildlife 'cause they make you lose belly birds they used to have these birds called noni birds and they were so docile people than aids or just pick him up and cracking like dodo birds are like that too when exchanges tatum extinct 'cause these birds had no fear right
i was interested over there but they did on predators for it so they have like these wild pig just running around everywhere they have to hold him down the pigs are very 'cause aren't pigs like in south america that was not not just disease but the was brought pigs that up the the crops in natives everything always talks everything up pigs you know you must watch all that pig share right they turn wild and get tusk what do you mean you guys good luck charlie with jamie pulled up here the last major contributed to the quad chicken population is always a shocker even to people who have lived here all their lives co wise wild jungle fowl is protect did i understand like all birds of hawaii the mole is protected as an important part of nature oh god that's a terrible idea the other thing is eat them so if nothing is going them they don't any predators
so this is like overrun with them not yeah you can have abortions up until forty weeks out there too but you can't touch the chickens if you have food for them they're just going to keep reading the quite the real question is do you have food for them because if there's just a lot of nature if there's no predators the population is going to maneuver been out there awesome did you go to secret each the no one's supposed to know about but it's on every map now i guess they should do that we met which once don never been to call why i've been awhile awhile who is why yp the yp is where a lot of loom i went to that in a poly coast to wear that with that told me that if he took a hell of but i would say that stand up in hawaii i know my cousin got married she lives like impossible to do single parents like rich kids it's really like a rich kid that like drop what you do in hawaii like right let's hear from here you're some rich kid or like sort of williamsburg what s hawaii right and not because you got to be the houses i guess it's expensive 'cause upkeep
this degrades slowly medieval living there was a lot of cultural appropriation you south park funny thing about it put her as a look if you go there if you rent a house don't go or resort but also like the natives come and is the only place i ever go wrong like you know i feel like a white don't like alaska i was like there's no way this was better before we got so why i felt like oh i hope he didn't look this up you know 'cause i mean i couldn't believe it i found out later because java witness publication have like these paradise you know would you like to live in a place like this like an i found out they were based on hawaii where i went 'cause i got there at night and so i didn't know it looked like i woke up this morning and it looked like the shit that i was told armageddon god will not be earth so i'm like well it looks like flicking jurassic park is crazy like these birds fly in an we were like on a cliff it was crazy dude it's so
it's so pretty love you waterfalls are in maui it took his helicopter through it it's fucking tell you something five days is plenty i was doing this work areas i'm like listen i have plans in life like it seems i'm dead i'll come live here there's no so if you like i'm going to drop out of society there's no time later i used to live in key west playing piano for tips well it is like i got is like the island is the nokia oh you know i'm like if i don't leave now this is hotel california for me baby yeah right like twenty three just playing piano for tips and it was just everything was going so so it was the same day every day ladies no actually cigarette breath just saying i'm my life forty two years old still it was too humid there's a lot movement humid that's true right too much humidity in hangs in real good you see a lot of really hot fifty year olds that's true lorida yeah yeah sure
i don't know why you gotta moisturize moisture because dryness does fa cup your scanner just sign him to lie you seem different to like less partial like where i live is so dry like i'm twenty one years old right now i'm aging fast why he is it's one of those places where you're like wow how is this america we flew five hours across the ocean to get here yeah this is a american right like what if you live there i think if you just divide live there it would eventually become a kind of beautiful hell am i only joy would be showing visitors around and crystal meth what if so i can ask for you would have somebody offer you a residency like the four seas ins in maui into what serious cash what is a current master doing stand up and i will again people come down there i don't know what to a three year contract kurt when you think three years okay yeah you do like basically what how much money does some serious jenner here three years for three years
it's more palatable than a job in uno comedy stuff in hawaii though 'cause there's no pain dude i said the same thing in fact i don't know if russ no he's he i don't know the name of the joker is decided to i got myself cell late at this wedding it was like my cousin is about to get married picture and put but you know the press had a joke about dolphin's blowhole he goes yeah but you guys don't fuck them in that hole but if you do hold on you gotta sixty nine two right side that do this girl had her i mean it was like it was really touching my shoulder and shake well and i said that and her hand like puke shot off 'cause i don't know they have to worship dolphins is a god there there is it's like it it's like it tells jokes funny jokes she got
because it's like there is only about five two it's like the ultimate if your girl that makes her own jewelry thank you could lose jade snow with colorful she shows they got the sea shells that are a gemstone there at like these rainbow shells that they're the only special you can ensure that lloyd's of which island was young on but there are problems i got my girl my accent i got broke some necklace i mean because you know i brought back all this coffee you spend all this money there like when you come back and let this shit you can't wear in society this is something wrong with his handbags like when she was here yeah what the fucki differs dude but it's also the terrible thing you trapped on an island with a bunch of lamers like they could try to get you to be lame like give you got a bunch boring people in your stock analytical models yeah they're thinking that show lost
right yeah girl bar it's all about locals in like you know kind of the locals are cool right if you get lucky and get a bunch of cool locals that must be awesome but if your locals are all dip shifts you gotta do is problems with annoying there's a bunch of local celebrities were like usually it's a fat guy that could sing and i'm like he's real cocky and it's like you know it's cool that you got your hawaiian guy but it's like do something you know i'm going it comes in there's all these covers are like four non blondes like a jesus say hey i think i see that and i'm like hey hey good job man a like i i i like you know just being nice you dumb cover fasteners i do not care act like you know this years ago remember oh my god's coffee i'm looking for guys going to die at fifty you're pretty cocky you're being really negative about this guy they're all either in the most beautifully the engineers from prometheus right or eight hundred pounds like the samoans the engineer
like this incredible 'cause my in laws are a great description of like the perfect ridiculous yeah no these dudes are fucking like 'cause you know jehovah's witnesses and mormons do it does very well when island places with pacific islanders jehovah's witnesses and mormons very well that's why brigham young university has always big samoan fuckin' linebackers cousin warming yeah and they have big family they're into big families natural so it just lends itself to their you know and that's my favorite cult even though the one of the most preposterous ones in terms of like what background origin story is when you find out about joseph smith being fourteen and one thousand eight hundred and twenty and he writes about golden tablets that contain the law work of jesus and only you could read him 'cause he had a seer stone i like that because it's such a great it's the only reason it's not that long ago we first purchases but the only reason you like funk that is 'cause it's like two recently
not a few as four thousand years do it no yeah i had it well sort but a fourteen year old he was forty yes oh i didn't know that well that's like when i think of biggie and tupac i'm like like twenty three there were kids will all fourteen year olds are full of shit practicing what they can get away with that make me please fourteen year olds yeah but he's but he's like high level foolish it well he wasn't just high level full of sherry was probably like a compulsive liar probably pathological and it was ultimately a con man i mean that's what he became the people this is what you don't realize these comments like how did he do it's like people are so complicit in that and as people addicted to that bullshit being conned and they will which is something franklin quote right about like wax patients are the biggest liars or some like they it's such a busy our drug dealer situation the con man and connie a lot of times there's this drug after i know people compulsively have to be conned
or sold or at least somehow with psychics and people who love psychics yeah they will convince themselves they will convince themselves that this person has some secret information out them and they were so all right there my guess is a great joke to my is faded under rated at your sin with the silver series going on i haven't seen it no that's one of the best hours he's a funny dude that do that makes me a july fourth write that down zero nine six yeah it's one you'll see is a the name again like under rated never feed it or some he's in detroit but on the age of old ladies like we passed pass played around to any time old ladies break out to catch in the spirit like they're like a day or a day down cent at play to eight times now that's bull show it yeah i see i can't do but he who's also about like these old ladies that go to church i know that a lady like if they go to
want to pay money to the jesus man and jesus even they know what this is a little bit you know bit you know the guys not doing his end of conning him the right way completely helpless they like oh wow this is a bullshit they want right large oh that documentaries about that guy that steve martin made his preacher leap of faith is based on that and that dude is doesn't believe in god and he's making his move based on mick jagger and he like they want him to hit note he's getting resentful 'cause they wanted to be a hack and he to try out new stuff and they don't you know that's i took if you watch it's very interesting but i'm fascinated by tv preachers and i think they're amazing i mean some of them are so blatantly ridiculous did you ever see the ones that were put together that jim baker who's the dude who made a bunch of duncan's friend makes a bunch of really funny videos with jim baker using all that survival stuff he had just had incredible edits of real moments with jim breaker talking about his survival food
and like you how you can use the buckets of survival food as likely to meet him baker yeah the bottom of the table so you eat there and are you lifted up and of survival food that's where you store it is survival civ cylinder that is that people sitting on it like it makes a good chair will put it in there you sitting on a chair filled with survival this little tails and by the way dio this video this guy put together it's fucking hilarious 'cause it's all like some of the most ridiculous things he says judas their story 'cause they got kind of run out by because of jessica hahn well now i know but he goes set up it was a power grab it's in the eyes of tammy faye that documentary because here they were con artists that also got conned by that fucking guy who is from the faith coalition or something really it's uh i lived down south that will not out in statesville nc at that time when he was big that's not like this is south but there's like a certain melody to get people to say again like farah khan does it where
again america the same is like yeah america sucks basta yeah well i don't yes they are different now is all bald what is that mean what is a basta saying it speaking in tongues it started in he's got a bunch of videos on jim baker she had a ton of videos on him i think the my own boy might suggest but he puts together these ridiculous edits of the jim bakker show weirdness and survival here it is this is like this they a show far i love when rednecks adopt hebrew shaped like it's there oh yeah i'm going to blow a now and like did my religion we said all these due words we don't know how to say and then i dated a girl who hebrew and didn't
see how off all my pronunciations word everything that's a larry es so you were was yours was straight from the jehovah's witnesses where are the my book a bible stories right guys reading the tape so i pronounce these were just how americans pronounce your bible words and the it's not free for us it's for the people that who is to say who pronounces it right i mean these lobbies work dozens of years oh yeah well hebrew though that they re created it when the nation israel forms kind of interesting they had to reboot it was like a loste language that had to be rebuilt rebuild it yeah from the ground well i guess not from the ground up i don't know they to put it there but now it's only spoken language and it was like dead for awhile yeah well there's two different hebrews right this ancient hebrew it's different right i guess yeah yeah ancient hebrew with the letters are also numbers yeah numbers in ancient hebrew so we're really weird yeah i don't think they use it anymore but that's like the original bible i mean like how many people use ancient hebrew to see if you can find a video
what ancient hebrew sounds like well my ex is parents are hebrew scholars so they well into that show i want to hear what it sounds like keep sounds like phlegm noises it all sounds like you know concerned there's examples that about like that sound it's just uh you know but i mean think about it like chinese specific sound journey is very central town you're given a choice of exam not never to china japan though it's worth going it's a finally sh sound to me that the whole me errol smith said i am may be our the it sounds like right now here in the hall hello he in a hearing things like what i apologize wow fuel production the writing process crazy looks a hold to muna she looks likely the rings elf elf language does not as like ancient languages like sanskrit looks so crazy he like if this was like on a spaceship you would think would like that look at that if that was on a spaceship
etched into the side of spaceship you holy it's a alien language i mean i know what any of those things are i don't know what one of those numbers is i don't know what the fuck those words are those letters that's an alien language that's to me almost more alien than a lot of asian languages that looks crazy well that's that's a reason to kind of doubt that somebody's translating it right you know like it's just like oh you look at that gibberish and you saw that well scholars you know the whole thing with that is that these ancient ancient ancient languages like all these stories came from these ancient languages like if you go way way way back we are right like the epic of gilgamesh just all these noah's ark similarities it's all right a lot of stuff in all these ancient stories it's all probably
thanks to some real shit that happened for sure it along the way just like what you're talking about with social justice warriors and how they behave like it's a religion there's like a natural compulsion for people to be on a group and of that group have a very clear i have to work their way up to atheism if they want it 'cause that's like almost a luxury i think yeah i think you're right and i don't know how to just tell you what i will say the dmt shape i did get more of a oh yeah there's more than there is something else there and it's crazy you know i read about that shit in high school i read some more about that guy that does the big dmt guy terence mckenna yeah 'cause i think he projects a lot of his own horsh it into it but
that's stuff that my family does or the actually just i don't the only thing when i i never felt the thing that felt so much like not making me hallucinate but like right is taking away a hallucination yes and that is such there some so terrifying about that but it was like wow that's great like where anna it is that you just you feel like they're has to be just based on this i'd say even if just shaking your head you like why would that even be in my head it's entirely possible that whatever the fuck consciousness is can pass from this stage into another stage and the only reason why i would hesitate to say that's exactly that's happens is because there's no proof one way or another but it's it's all that money gland should not proving they don't know that to him to come i can't handle anymore yeah they do not really yeah the cotton would research foundation they did a series of tests with rats and they prove that live rats have dmt pretty by the pineal gland no it doesn't necessarily mean that humans do too but they're pretty sure they did
do you like to know that your lungs produce it in your liver produces that's a fact really yeah so your body is producing dmt one hundred percent did you know that um or did you like like those hp lovecraft kind of horror stories i love those and there's a move made a one was about his pineios lanny's take is on these is plenty of grand swell up which one of them movies it stores the guy from re animator but not not it's not re animator i'm feeling it now i kind of remember what you're talking about a creepy the hang of the edges a creek with but i thought the creep because i thought we were doing but the thing that but you know whatever people say they meet entities right but i don't know if that shit is meeting entity but i'll tell you the thing that just sticks with me that i'm like how in the fuck is that possible is this but you still i i could see her i is well aware that they heard bit more than three dimensional shapes and ought it's so crazy to look at that and perceive it and i like how on earth could i perceive this shape and when i can
i haven't come back with it like you know you know you see it though and someone's art like if you ever seen alex graves art yeah awesome no you haven't seen it no it is pull up alex grey he's a psychedelic artist i mean all of his stuff is basically trying to mean art is not feeling where should i because sometimes on no no no no no he's brilliant his stuff because that is something he's his does it amaze us for two one of them but yeah he draws the coverage for two albums there's a ton of that one well that is hardcore dm tard core dmt when you do dmt you see that and you see that in a way where it's so much more spectacular than any use anything you ever considered a normal consciousness is your body there like are you are the final thing you're not thinking about well i mean obviously self yeah you look around you yourself if you're open here's was crazy because you guys so if you close your eyes it's like they're open somewhere else
open your eyes you see reality overlaid over there tell me this version influence the egyptians click on the one your cursor is on no i'd tell me that didn't influence the egyptians this painting or the these kind of tripped well did they have badges do they have dmt one percent yeah there was one of the things that john anthony west did was he was going over that sampling plan the temple in man as well the structures it's in in egypt in age it shows different parts of it are supposed to represent different quarters of the body like different shockers of the body well and that there was some evidence that the eye of horus is really the pineal gland results with that symbol is like see if google pint we'll gland i of horus they think that they're
they're so similar in the way they're shaped it's entirely possible that that's what that's a very alternative thing but look how it looks how the thing looks on the right the actual pinyo gland and look at the eye on the left whoa yeah see that wing off the side and the way drops down right from the eyeball boy that's fucking similar it's entirely possible that they read that out somewhere along the line that through yoga using methods or some sort of psychedelic drugs they found that they were even a hallucinogenic state and they were to somehow another isolate where that state is being initiated it's being initiated endogenously by your body like through psychedelic breathing that's probably where it's being listen to i don't want to sound like an immature defender but that would coincidental to me
patterns repeat over and over again that but that pattern is pretty fucking close you might be right it might be coincidental but the fact that it drop a straight line drops down right before the i showed again the straight line drops down right below the i know it doesn't hurt to egypt that's the thing like they did surgery on people in egypt look at the right way first of all i thought you jip thought the it's was in the heart and that's why they pulled the the useless out through the nose when they mummified you like they're telling other intent jeremy meeks well i'm sure they didn't know everything about the human body the way it does on what it takes significance to something in the brain if they don't think that because i think through psychedelic drugs i think when they were doing these heavy psychedelic drugs which by the way were absolutely being used by then by tons of that i could do it but i could please listen to the dude this is the
we're really blew my mind 'cause you don't even believe rumors that's what's going on again no i saw i looked over look at somebody while you're on dmt like smoke it no i've always kept my eyes closed ok two times close my eyes and what took over as look at somebody and they had six arms the hindu have somebody just said she was just saying i might even tell you this that those young told me at the the great room what is you know your time perception gets broken down and that's the craziness and so then motion it's like six is like shiva klay hindu thing and what yeah well i met jimmy on that stuff and you see some i mean it looks that way to me so much like a vision from the anti those six arm kind of god with your diet collect that kind of art like buddhas and shoot like that like this kind of shit because i saw this i saw this image this exact image i mean this as a third eye and everything in the sculpture made this for me i don't remember really name yeah i wish i could remember right now but i don't but yeah sculptor made that for me based on
this vision that i had a high on dmt i saw an infinite number of those really one hovering here and then in every direction out from him there was an infinite number of those and all hovering in vibrating around me so it's like is like fractals what do you say metric what do you think what do you think of having done it like what do you think like uh uh what do you think now of dmt there will be you know i i just i think i saw a just a couple things but i know how long ago they were of you talking about with people but you have what you're pain of it now as like you know what you're seeing well it could be anything yeah the we could be some sort of insane hijacking sensory nervous system reduces this spectacular sight dug that i found the solution to janet whose agenda affect effect that so profound literally like a transcendent experience and change your life i got the main totally possible that it's just a chemical thing what's up
so but that also saw some possibles that life itself that whatever the fuck life is an especially whatever the buck intelligent life is is not understood what consciousness is is not understood and this idea that things can only exist in this realm that's not proven also the fact that when those quantum physicist guys breaking down the nature of reality and they come up with i don't know how the they do this i'm just talking out my ass but they come up with the idea that there's eleven dimensions right and that they literally i mean and this is all changing consul evolving and been moving and they're constantly adding to this it entirely possible that there's a bunch of other shit it's around us all the time that's just not here and we don't have access to it and when you do dmt while you go to that other place that's what's so popular in settling dude it's like it's not like you're going it's like the ships here well that's why you as a skeptic it's very important to hear from you i got like so so i'll tell you what i'll because i'd rushiti a of it of it
i thought this is feels like if you ever do it like this little point let's say a little point yep this i felt like and 'cause these lies i drew that's like space year this little point that gets stabbed into space time and all this this is all they makes you like it forms a point it's like closing our eyes in looking at all of all of this ship is being cross section of your being like everything being focused into making if you could like just reverse look at it it feels like that so i feel like it's lessons i always feel like its lessons i always feel alright time to go to school sit down sit down here's what's going on the one of the last ones more profound once was a bunch of gestures that all give me the finger really they're all circuit around me like give me the finger like who who names you know sure winners now each about twitter hits hence if you tense sixty rate all negatively right jester giving you the finger like how do you feel of yourself you and constant defensive mode and then when i sort of relaxed myself they they started wagon the
finger back and forth like yep that's it that's it that's cool very very strange that the these things that you see but you can't define are constantly changing so if you try to like say so it looked like a jester it probably did for a few seconds for a few seconds it looked like a gesture and then imploded and became stars and then it sucked in and became geometric patterns and it became neon colored worms that we're making love to each other and a giant infinite bundle of yarn i could become is weirder and weirder shift all the time it's hard to remember when you're done it's almost impossible even me saying i remember lipschitz having done it for sure because i don't totally remember what i saw i remember what i remember to write down i remember what i repeated so i'm like going back on like my repeated versions of what i saw but i just i remember like flashes of
hence profound nature of the experience their emotions to it like you like it's unraveling and when i came out of it the first time it is on new year's eve first thing i did it and i fucking i guess i was weeping but when i came out of it cuz you just suddenly are awake and i'd like to but i was so out of it was like not i went i went like oh like what's up like and it i've been some crazy thing that would like look so beautiful to me but it but was like it was like come out dream i guess almost but then quote that would i be scared of his unearned wisdom i think this is someone be care be i'd be wary of honor and wisdom where i don't know if i can handle looking at something that intense i was really a low feeling state when i did and i didn't give a so i want to do it you can you can you pick up the slack you know i'm done under in with something i think i know what he's saying and i think there's a real problem with people acting profound when they just something an hour ago saying i'm not a shaman no
qualified if i shaman thing that people enjoy doing and it's like it's like jizzing out their knowledge yeah touches and a lot of that is honored knowledge like there's a lot of people that don't really have a full and my my involves are so full of having a full understanding of the topic at hand like just is it out this kind of you look sure you learn a lot about yourself when you do those experiences i learned a lot about myself learn a lot about how i interact with people i saw negative thoughts like expressed as like this dark green and black twisted sort of pattern and then when my thoughts positive blossom like the most beautiful flowers you blow it was crazy it was really a lesson in thinking toxically and then and this is probably like two thousand and eight dish somewhere around on that what that was this particular experience that literally change who i am
literally child how i talked to people literally change how i feel about people watching a negative thought being expresses his dark pattern and then the positive thought just i just let it go like oh i see i see i'm doing it to myself then right now and then you'll just relax and enjoy this is so beautiful and because you're looking at something so people that feeling of seeing beauty makes it more beautiful and it's just getting more in my tears rolling down my eyes and misses stunning stunning experience is a guide it's easy that now besides that but i i i know what you mean i wish i could remember seeing now i remember it happened and i remember the dark green and black but it's so i remember old little of what i actually saw it's a toll recreation in my mind yeah which is a real problem with memory it's a real problem with regular memory forget about something spectacularly unique an odd as a psychedelic experience which is regular member i mean i try i think of what i did yesterday i know what i did you ever get the information lately the last time i did it this is what really blew me away is 'cause
i cover saying i was going i won't forget by the i forgot immediately i think a joke joke you have to write down post to talk into a microphone like talking to a recorder like right away when you get out and then try to decipher that will still feel like i can talk i mean usually i feel like i can't talk but as soon as you can know which is do is use the voice app on your phone and as soon as you can talk hit record and just ramble first go oh my god i'm a fucking moron because now if you're sober ayahuasca to like the inner journey in battle like on the inside on the outside you just puking and projectile should jim bring like an idiot a metaphor for twelve dishes yeah we'll let you know that like would not be on social media the level one point i was i remember i would i'd like salon dot com to fucking be annoyed
i didn't notice it like because if you do it on purpose you see i don't know i didn't realize how much i was like my like you it's like a conflict addiction and it it's it it becomes like some weird russia people get journal masochism yeah no it's just a fucking thing of especially if you have the manager kind of personalities he's record at all and it's why i guess is what you to share you share this you you overcome this he's in the grips of it is in the grips of doing battle everyday puts on his father this winter she list i can't believe i mean the amount of energy that i would spend on there but almost nope only three hundred and posted on twitter but don't look who gives a show anybody says he has you've had issues with it like you and i talked about it where you like you would get in these twitter beefs and be able to sleep it's cortisol it's the same thing that addicted to gambling is actually losing dude i don't yeah i can't that's not a smart thing to do with your time i can't see why that would be good for you i know you think like you might come
material sometimes with battle it out with his manager he would show me how to like this is correct they could get would show you like use twitter to represent who you are it's just hard to represent who you are it's hard in print it's very specially 'cause my tone is so cute with jokes yes it most people don't it's not like your copywriting jokes going on there i promote where i'm going to be make people flocking buy a ticket if they want to hear you look inside the angry i can't leave an idiot i was coming strong come on i thought it was like i was working i'm in my ex would be like when you fucking get off a king facebook i'm like this is my bob ok wow like in my head that's like productive and they do right with it though i think i'll go through my twitter and just be like okay what it is not copyrighted just so you know and also also you just given people become accustomed to you know all this inside baseball ship they do with stand up is me williams like you never heard that
baseball like the insiders terms know i mean we're going to buy it they go we need more inside baseball on like like pete holmes show on hbo is about being a stand up so it's like an insiders reports right like that's how it's put out like which against this showing the process shared everybody does and that's why we do on i looked at facebook almost like uh i'm showing you i would go very clearly now how do you will suck ok not be worth reading at all in one in ten will be funny maybe but you're not paying me for this so i'm just allowing you to see my process you know what i mean and thinking like it's a diary but don't put your diary look like ants even had to be dead for a diary to come out you could just have your up like up like that and giving it giving it away for free people are entitled to it and now he's all should heads a little entitled foodies see like how so is this nothing writing about dave chappelle's our that it's ho hum because i was reading some dykehead ringback chappelle i like where do you get the balls and it's because they are
who made to feel like an insider the same is true is like in every man fucking dipshit you know jojo fuqing i get donuts like a dumb wrinkle that guys like your guy like maine to talk to like me finally everybody's about that now there are they hate like an elite or an expert hundreds of why do people over there we went on several troubling comedy do let's let's bring it back to the people that are writing so people that are writing these things a lot of them and they're in their 20s and we would all have done the same thing the exact same thing when you're in your i thought it was like oh that's right you thought just like that i want you right here hold on when you are a writer an you were dry a blog for some sort of online line publication and you decided take an angle angle you know this dave chappelle specials not that big a deal and then just go and with that you would probably do the exact fucking same thing there's a lot of people who do that well no files review it like i told you on the soccer so i would review it and say what i thought about the hour right so that's
once done and i know for a fact that's not how these people do it if you talk to him they go i gotta say i don't like somebody's 'cause i liked everything google reason right it's insane it's not nothing is based on funny i mean it was always like that but now there's an added political element of not funny here's a whole lot land section of it there's a whole section where up is down and write his left and whatever the fuck you say becomes doctrine well people like to make dane cook a punch line that i have half the people that would do that i haven't they haven't made me laugh even a little as much as they can cook so i'm wondering how we should get it free shot like carrot top people take a free shot of care i don't even see these fucking punk millennials out doing the work of a parasite crusade paris ky built those props yeah carrot top is a funny guy he's funny like he's a good comic like you go see a show it's a silly funny show but it has punchline temple think they literally just a new kind of com that doesn't have set appointment
the punch line is not only its postmodern it's not it's not in building block of the universe but you think that you could everything is that everything's post modern comedy well you know what it is it switches aren't good at it right that's the new way of the press or i'm funny every shooting activist by the way will tell you their comedian but here's the thing every single work if they like that style and they go it's like like someone saying to a jazz guitarist dude you can't play for shit because you can't play like hendrix right you know but they don't want to right and you understand that dude i understand not appreciate music or whatever how i should appreciate it i totally get that but i don't think i could just walk in play guitar but it's now a different genre though 'cause the whole thing is according to me it's all the lower case i generation like right out of apple products well there's also an applied snobbishness where the people that are not doing the punch lines feel like what they're doing is somehow another better than someone does classic set up sort of joke writing it's ridiculous
it's not better or worse and you know you don't get brownie points just because you're eclectic or because because you didn't know your alternative ship was old steve martin bitteswell dennis miller is where it gets really funny like dennis dennis miller was super alt in a lot of ways so similar he would be telling these setup punch lines about ship that you definitely didn't know what the fuck he was talking about and you would laugh anyway because you don't want to be thought of as stupid there's a bunch of people that laughed at dennis millers jokes didn't have a fucking clue as to what he was saying mark twain with danny rose largely had cancer which is march twenty read a whole book is a joke which book was at i can't remember i remember this but i remember is like having everybody review it and stuff like it was real and he was just laughing his azov i mean if you write the book it's a joke at that point it just sounds like it's almost like you bang a geyser joke in the effort he wrote it as a satire people took it as fact yeah it's like
this matter comma i want my first jokes in college is a knock knock who's there pineapple who are you to say what funny is so god 'cause it's true it's like a dot in a like a painting it's like childhood ten million dollars proudly you listen if you paid to see me you can determine if i did my job or not well you have your take on it and people have their take on it but like there's certain guys that you know they're just funny you could you could say like someone saying okay like perfect example set a punchline mitch hedberg if you say that's not fun fuck you you lying just fuck you right ok because he's clever it's set up it's weird it's right well i find it's usually for reasons outside of when i will tell you someone who's funny and they say they aren't funny or vice versa it's because they judging for things have nothing to do with the material or the phone right actually like i
people say like i don't like it guys hands juyan where we had a fair that's a fair critique you know or like sure but that's the case with music to write like you might not like bob dylan's voice yeah i don't want to hear it and that's a legit concern it's a legit concerned we could have their thing i've got no issue with that comedy is not just what you're saying it's how you're saying it's how it sounds people but why do we need to destroy this is why i was saying like if you don't like somebody's fun coming to fight you but they the the only liberal advance though there's group said they need to destroy their like but i can't trust for you to enjoy it because i don't know how you know if you want to take a but how is it different on people like nickelback i don't know i don't cheat on people like nickelback will you're beautiful of course just like i just i was
tending to enjoy the show losing people writing showing i'm like are you bragging that you were that week of a person that you were just going with the crowd and like i think you didn't enjoy it trying to hurt your feelings and i think you know that as well as i yeah i know i know that i'm just reading the triple that's not budget arguing with the nonsense person that's why i don't go on social media dude that's it says these are the people that aren't even is again you say to me but i know you don't even understand what i anybody does all my point i don't say it i read the nothing like i save it for the rogan the rogue insurance raising but beautiful way to go well i don't bring it to the rogan show that's always a good i love it i just listen it's you know it's it's fun as long as you don't get too caught up in it but the reality is if you like i had a friend who into something online and it went sideways and my advice was okay you know what happens when you go sideways right so if there's a situation where
feel like it's going sideways in a bunch of people are going to ask you for no reason step away just step away because if you engage you are essentially trusting your emotional state to a bunch of people that have no concern for your well being like they want to attack you and hurt your feelings you're not going to like plead it down to like well is mildly upset with you now they have this idea and you are the target and you as a person who's in the public as a celebrity you know this person is you you are thought of as someone who already has like some extra privilege your thought of as on who's already right already stealing something from the rest of us ready already get some the free ride because of your talent or your notoriety or whatever the it is so they feel like there's extra license to
with you yeah i think you'll agree that tour i feel like someone so big and powerful like just i'm not talking about do you see me success one of right in my mind i'm like he is i'm not even engaging with a person it's like i i don't know i want to send all your tweets to me first for you to have seven dilemma on as this is a delay you send them to me terms of if i'm down no more tweeting just i'm just i'm just saying should the berry crimmins directly for awhile well that's a letter saying what i'm saying from power of attorney like only he has my password i got even i don't want i don't listen we're friends on your password but i want to want you to send all your which to me for we should seriously try that i'll be self on let me take some barry because barry was responsible for the environment i came up in the i came up in boston that's right he didn't just create he said a tone he said uh
oh hacks good writing no thieves he set up tone and that tone was fucking wrong solid there right and they were all these big fucking men like lenny clarke is a big guy kevin knox big guy there a manly men they weren't like these need like nerdy get skinny yeah right little convenience they were fucking savages they did coke and they were punching each the animals and barry crimmins started the whole thing off he was so good and so smart and so well right and so aware of what's going on the world he set a tone right and everyone scared of him i was terrified of 'em when that guy started reaching out to me and we became friends online was like way after i'd already been television everything i was so happy right i was like barry crimmins likes me just like i think you're one of the good guys and i think you're a hero and it's interesting to me i was like that was the dawn of comedy he the
main guy that started it off did you hear that you have that with people i felt that way when you wrote to me matt oh that's nice there is a telephone yeah he we certainly hope so and so he was so well versed in politic what was going on right dared not bring up guatemala or nick agua around him but don't talk about this and he was like the last progress like bay he was a left wing dude we'd say there's no america have that we have just reactionaries and that what america is it's all reactionaries nobodys emasculating progressive right is a masculine progressive like an aggressive fuckyou you masculine progressive guy was anti racist and anti sexual harassment anti obviously anti sex abuse because what happened to him the protector he would go on stage and he would have a a look of a and like a professor's jacket on he reached into it and pull out a budweiser every time he had a budweiser in his palm
ok that was like half a stick right drank american beer and he put that shit right on the counter like right in front of you it was like half of what he did was he was this guy that was sick all this fucking nonsense around him and you know he had like this real clear intention of like this is what's going to be tolerated and this in his actors like that too and you'd go to watch him you do you would literally like he was so powerful that you would change like your political wing if you were in any way i liked about him is that he's like i don't mind anybody's believes if they're like well thought out if you so much of trend of on the train window did something and yeah and it's it's disgusting to like i like when you see that privilege when you're talking about like where people are taking acknowledgement privilege did anybody read i'll go read your scriptures when you tell me about these ideas so the privilege checklist
you ever read that the peggy mcintosh privilege who is peggy mcintosh the one that kicked off this fucking amazing which concept of white privilege that is all about he's done her ideas on male privilege the it's called the unpacking the invisible white publish knapsack i love when they say unpacking i can unpack that for you so the first white privileges you called a knapsack that's smith one but it's clearly just this rich college ladies privileges that she there is always white privilege unpacking but invisible backpack he knows every thing though when i used three will go please go go and educate yourself looking hold on hold on please through the work to bring materials for women studies into the rest of the curriculum i have often what is men's unwillingness to grant that they are over privileged even though they may grant that women are disadvantaged it's also she hates women in a way well this is a weird thing
i do you see that see this is a thing is very important this kind of person thinks that your rights are fucking privileges so most of the list is going to be things that are your basic human right and that if let's say you're not because you're not white you should be getting that it's not that i shouldn't be able to move into a neighborhood i want it's that you should be able to also but framing it as right no you have undue privilege needs to be taken away like these are my stored in way of looking at an actual problem the actual problem is real racism the actual problem is real sexism but instead of looking at that look at the people that are black see that they're not discriminated against surreal calling them somehow another there's somehow no perpetrators yeah it's a real fat chick way of looking at life will you get everything it's just a real young shity young girl way to look at the world sexy as long as you're not happy it's like well there's a great quote that socialist don't love the poor they hate the rich that's a good quote and it's also
it's also some people i be look buried to me was a sincere dude and i would listen to and he didn't he would give you the shirt does the other thing of that he's very would not really have a lot of money 'cause he be paying into the comics and he really there's a guy it was generous generous generous guy you know i'm legit am it legitimately generous with his uh adoration generous with the way promoted other comics the way generous we help people but generous like you know what he did that scene he made that scene i mean everybody will admit that there was a lot of great comics back then i mean there's steven right of course there's a lot of great guide on gavin was is one of the all time my all time greatest there's all these great guys were in that area but this guy had something special and he was by far the most read out of all of them and i think like
these kids have two roads you either like want other people to hurt or you want to protect people yeah i think you're right and i think that like sometimes early trauma can make you like just so protective of the week where it's like hey you hate when someone takes advantage of vulnerability there which is pretty had principle this thing it's like somebody have a fuckin' principle that jamie kilstein saying i had people write write and ship this is like right call mike c all facebook as it could like well if you're happy with jamie i'm like why would i be happy right do you think there's like i wouldn't that should on anybody now evil she hit me from killing myself very currency to talk me down i'll do go so do the ship that i had come in on me you can even believe okay and i'm not i'm not fucking getting into all the particulars ever again with people that publicly but uh let's if i say berry function save my fucking life he saved you with perspective he give you a better perspective yeah
i talked to him i am because i was in a bad and it do when you're ready to deal with it's like not as my this is my ignorance because i thought that you were brush it off like nothing why what dude you can't even a blind asked about it i heard you talking podcast well in what way i don't remember was a long time ago a long and i was getting fucked in ways that i couldn't even believe ok and it was becoming mad ning and then it was becoming like it's just crazy dude and uh you know i still can't get it to go through a book i'd be talking i have an agent i don't know where they went but it was like i was off the fuckin' uh you know i said no nothing i know work i had a job lined up that supposed to get that i'd fuckin' could be yeah i mean just like they get to work for shy anyway cuz i like my i was i can't believe the amount of ship for something i don't think is controversial but it doesn't
once it's a slow day and somebody picks up and grab i can't believe it's a soft target someone would bring amy into it i can't believe that they did why do you say that that's what because how would somebody for her but i didn't know there was no shell shell while the show was going on you work for another show is done but you announced it was coming with the right stop it stop it it just happened show justin so all that time before then you were writing for you know why they would connect you to her it's crazy to think you don't what i don't get is there will be no i get why these fucking social jihadis do it i don't get why normal people validate it ever normal people it's out ages people you mean about any if i can go yes it seems to be addressed amy will you please take the floor and address this adult man that's your child i think they have to do that because she's thought of as a feminist and she thought of as a powerful one
well that's because i had a guy working for her i mean i don't time to those with different scenes because j where we focused on by the jedi because like i never get any result mike i was in now i'm in the jurisdiction of them because these these people in this religion but like they believe that's there like you serve at our pleasure right and they get validated whenever someone and all these dip dipshit liberals okay a liberal or i don't know if i'm like the last of a whatever but they all standard they're like well it's for the best don't stumble your brother yeah there's a lot of people that are liberals if you the exact same way i don't feel like they're really liberals anymore because of the far left has taken over like this space of what you can and can't say to the point where you're like really on the yeah i don't those i don't get how they don't see trump is their guy like i thought part baffles me that part baffles me like how do you even like just just just
these small hands in pettiness and like it's a larious that they shoot first female president i they say not to body shame i know it's hands but it's one of the most ridiculous body shaming's ever 'cause they're not even that small i mean there's did not like regis le small hands so they say it over and over again just to with them we have are clearly body shaming it's not like you if you're making fun of his hair that's an obvious joke right every you can't ignore it but the hands would you really going after him if you're making fun of his hands he actually believe people it's gonna be all location to of course it's a whole thing even like if the hypocrisy would like if you see like why scene it's like all these people were his best pal oh yeah he's looking like am i supposed to fall for this public like the punch beat judy this time people crying but like do you fault you cry pro wrestling this is couldn't be more they'll care though it's about power that's the thing that i had to figure out where it's like you can prove a contradiction and be like meryl streep
olive garden in the front end don't you do that you engage with people online like crazy you go after people online insult them like crazy you just if we get started though churches matter if you feel like you want to or if someone blocks you yeah if somebody blocks you want that's not a salt on you but you just go for i don't have enough information sting but think about what you are saying people shouldn't do and then think about what you do when they're very similar right you can't be able to take his work or says a bad comic you can't be above it in in it that's just bottom line is going to be can't be yeah it's the same thing everybody is just fucking attacking everybody social war like cannibalism going on there they they needed they will show that's been allowed to speak to me hello i wanted that they got him out but you can't they went after bruno mars cultural prop bruno mars was appropriation he's he's a cooperating black music he's half
filipino saying that when he said that the biggest videos a daughter be kidding no bruno mars tagging bruno mars for cultural appropriation and a bunch of black artists are defending him like what in the fuc he's brown look at his hair jesus christ whole thing is so ridiculous it's not even heard of a brown guy getting that dude it's a new thing he's not brown enough he's not dark enough not from africa whatever the fuck it is if you can't be liberal enough we're going to get to like one state where some genderfluid trans gender like half black hm aphrodite but they're not left handed right hand freeways they should you know i i brought my hat on raised wars who was like very funny and get on the show and like had the worst philosophy i heard on gnomes podcast i somehow
others like some white male club and it's not saying session with diverse you know like if i had a riding in cars of comics it would be very diverse 'cause that's just who you hang out with i think i do just talks a lot he says i know that doesn't make any sense he went after me and who the fuck would want him something he was seen very nicely charred conversation totally out of context we were talking about how many when kids get molested how many of those kids become molesters and we were trying to figure that is a real thing that does happen also work you get ingrain somehow or another into homosexual being aroused sexual right here of guys in prison in prison having a call it a boyfriend no that is people get like not the same as like if you're bored you have young people young people are going through their development if they get yeah lasted it is entirely
or three hundred but not even less if they just have a sexual experience with a guy yes right maybe if well you his sheep somebody's in prior you look around for you to put it out that he he said a bunch of tweets about like us wondering like two straight guys wondering how many gay guys became gay because they got fucked when they were kids like well that's not what we said but that a study we're in a little out printed the i i copy and pasted the u r l first an actual study on that like how many times people are molested and they they wind up because being homosexual or becoming a molester them yeah i don't know there too real distinct possibilities when you completely disrupt a child sexual michael who's saying it's bad or they're not making it just to give play off of your names that says it's exactly because there's something that happens to people when they get sexually molested and most of it's really bad hypersexuality is another one people become very sexual it's a lot of weird and so we were
in any way saying that gay people are only gay because of that i don't think it matters at all just stood by scientists if you don't get it about that it's just just get his name attached years to get some swag this silly thing i mean oddly without my my bottom makes it makes me more careful with what i say yeah i think that's the good thing about it so to leave i but i'm in the past have been way more care with how i say with lace they think that it would be construed especially not weaponized well do apologies or not to the people that hate you because they want you dead and there's no it's for people that thank you i did not expect that don't understand that's why it paula gys for the people are issue or get there not comedy fans or problem they said if we learning to write so through this whole dark journey that you went on with all this bullshit you did learn that though so valuable no dewsbury
is very helpful to me and not just therapy but you going through all this and coming out on the other side the experience of doing it yeah dude made a lot of things that i kind of was told earlier that never made sense to me make a lot of like about membership last night lol patrice should he said to maine that i did understand of like kind of magnitude of what he was saying somebody until then how so look what kind of stuff just now what a devil busy this is and how easy get fooled into that like brass ring it makes you a coward well they give you stuff to to let that's true that's yeah i think that's less the case now and this is my case i think because of the internet i think comics essentially have created a network yeah that's exactly right into the network of race wars or skeptic tank social family hour joie as is charged with doing now we're all in a network together dude i learned that the main thing is that 'cause i only
really got working as busy as a comics it was not the industry for everything i've ever done but now which is really important more so than ever you can build your own thing yeah network is an organic network instead of someone owning you or having a contract with you great tellico owens fuckin' go see him go see 'em oh gertz hilarious go you know and so then people listen to listen here specially those guys fucking hilarious and we've told him true truth so many times that they believe and then the other thing about podcasts thing is amazing and then just the internet in general with comics today is that everybody supportive of each other when someone has a special coming out i see other people tweeting coat all the time
we know it is there did that in the past i talked so much shape that i feel like if i like somebody should i crank on my way to compliment to like balance out their mouth shut up it's like bitcoin it's like decentralized currency now a little bit yeah it's a little bit and there's less of this golden ring so that golden ring is just fucking acting ok that's what it is that's right and they confuse them writing about acting it's just like run groups of complaints are casting complaints not stand up it's not our world map right now we phuc up we go to that world war world is inappropriate shift said behind closed doors making each other laugh i'm not a teacher about the here to disrupt class i'm not here to help the class were in the green room doing mushrooms smoking pot drinking whiskey and then we go on stage and talk the this is our world our world is not the casting couch our world is nothing to do with auditions or this whole acting like it the the the the way actors talk to each other in our
after speak that's not our world now we're not me too in it or not this is this is a different world over the last ringling to come up with ship that's funny so that people laugh because we like that one of the last things he said to me 'cause they wanted to take his special offer louis site which he wouldn't do because berries stand up dude that wouldn't like you know go with the crowds trendy horsh like he had principles but he like i'm so sick of the untalented hijacking a very real mama to a lot of people to further their dumb career he's dead on about that it's people it's like people could you know by the way that's that's when they got one in five people are rapes okay or women are raped i think that's probably just the man a man at a rate in women could be double that okay i think it's so prevalent he just based people i know in my life okay that's happened to it's weird or something not to happen to you did you see what tim dillon wrote about all this after the whole louis thing went down tim dillon
a brilliant piece i think he wrote it on facebook but then he put on instagram and broke it up into pages so that you could keep turning but but he's explaining how this is an opportunity for truly mediocre talent to down someone who was head and shoulders far better than that of course and they do so by claiming the moral hard ground by virtue signaling by going after him and attacking him breaking down what he did are you could tell it was character by who want to get their little kick in yeah because i what you seem to not want to watch over me wish i was but are you know all of my friends my friends male monkey like that i'm not i lost respect for a lot of people during this whole thing and i'll tell you who they are since we shut the inside out i get in the eight hundred and thirty three nineteen oh shipping special you flock yeah owen benjamin as long as you promise to leave anthony jessel neck alone sonovabitch he blocked plug in special hugepianist dot com it's called how dare me edit pianist like he plays a fundamental yes sorry go ahead
exactly so power it's my website hugepianist dot com the name of it is uh how dare we shot in my town that i live in but i got it our goal weight freshman comedy central i made a while ago that people just now i've seen so i haven't let's see it i want to see it now we are when did they film this too like fuckin' two thousand and fifteen and it's on comedy central is it on netflix or any of those places it's on netflix it's it's probably pirated as you like the doug stanhope of upstate new york up in your town i do it's like this with doug does that's a doug does down in bisbee
third the whole population is booking yakov smirnoff that it's his branson there's a big dog paul bunyan when you come into town and plaid function with stanhope arizona did one in three people came to the taping like that's a lot that's amazing also he's uh i do 'cause i moved here to la so i'm doing race was west coast osh it'll be more double the studio you totally moved here when did you totally move here don't tell anybody where you live few months ago still looking for you we're going to step storm the fuckin' improv main room alright that's it goodbye everybody so thanks everybody came out this weekend we had a great time bye folks that was fine we're going to get through this i swear humans going to be better we're going to be better being people
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