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#1100 - Liz Phair

2018-04-04 | 🔗
Liz Phair is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist. The 25th Anniversary box set celebrating her 7 LP's "Girly Sound to Guyville" releases on May 4 and she will also be touring this summer.
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the job will gain experience what it mixed group this kind of cool i thought i'd keep joints and it was not quite big enough the horse oh yeah i'm out like all bent and we love i try to keep jointed didn't just stay put they all conaway like there was i have on half smashed in you like one of those bubblegum brains i don't want a fan boy out when a man but i'm a huge fan industry i really love music i think if cross is a first go term yonnondio i think our yeah i remember i'm just remember him tell me about exile and gabriel demean mr shout yeah
whose one he was a big mr show was in my happiest touring adoration like that was what we watched every night after the show we hit the boss and that one would watch mistress till he passed out does a genius show i think it's like for bob bob degrade on lou your call saw and breaking banished a lot of stuff its awesome too but there's something about the two guys together very unusual accommodation in their writing so bizarre weird but they didn't netflix thing for a while on another they still do not do you know he's done as other issues too bad anyway dave crow introduce me to his fear i am that's a nice that's a nice touchstone since it was part of my touring i feel very good about that
so you got would he have now you have a boxer out to our position is that any yet it is commonly go it's a real shoe of my first record exile and guy there with the original girly sound tapes that i made on a four track in laid eighties early nineties when you were lemon home yeah that was when i was recalled back from san francisco having not gotten a job and run out of money and drifted my way across like the bay area i mean i had less waste we i was rooming everyone from my college class moved out to san francisco basically from oberlin i went to dumb i made these little cassettes that i forwarded to friends and one of them got super busy making copies of these cassettes and sent them to every fancying in america with this
glowing recommendation and all of a sudden i always get meeting as living at home still didn't have a job and i would get these envelopes coming to me saying like please make me a cassette copy here's ten dollars in consumer north happened then turn double how awful is that i truly just like our pace i really should take him like there's about like a hundred people that didn't set but i wasn't making their cosette but anyway that sort of taiwan you is actually a person who made lotta cassettes and sent them around so i want him to think did you i thought that you were going to eventually make it or be a big singer budget was at even idea not a clear eyes
read it being in front of people like i would not want i loved being in the studio i loved recording but i didn't i was super stage frightened and i couldn't think of anything at all other do less than get up in front of you haven't played music and he really yeah absolutely wow but his heart obviously have a love of music i love playing music i just i get very self conscious with a guy called a sakharov to other words we're not gonna i get very self conscious in front of still not so much anymore i do about two weeks before i had the stage i will stop sleeping and then rule yeah you worry myself into this kind of cold sweat when i think about it you know about lucky
can i leave the country and then like i get on the stage and it all comes back to mean unlike have done this and william times is the best job in the world just it i can't psych myself into that feeling in time actually onstage maybe this is because you care about it so much probably i'm to alert we should be smoking those joints that are not we can hat i have some over here i know can't even imagine where we go with that we will do it then why did you let me know we're about ten minutes at each end your mind leaving as early wrath bigots really personal maybe sometimes you have to very awake person without good thing that's that's the more sensitive you are the more you have to consider all the possibilities and that that could keep here already partially down ufo wormhole three we talked about the part test the others this guy
it's coming on his name's doktor robert shark uneasy geologists from boston university and he's worked on theirs some real scientists that believe it's entirely possible that the sphinx and a lot of the construction and jabez far older than they think i know all about and all i know all about know about rubber drain run off how much erosion has occurred around the base of round the pit that the end it absolutely couldn't have been done depending on like the way the sphinx is built where its located the siting where its level is is far old so yes they think it was somewhere in the neighbourhood of nine thousand plus bc because as the let when back then the new i'll valley was a rain forest and somehow another became a desert this guy's a legit university professor geologists travelling all over the place but he's here for some ufo conference and the ufo people why
to him to mention the viewer foe conference like fucking christ with you if you don't have anything if you had something good but we gotta get together of fuckin mary somewhere and showed show some blurry picture of some fuckin hubcap summit chalked up into the air like there's nothing everything that everything
that they look at falls apart under scrutiny that i'll catch you video ok i'm gonna pushed back please do please let's just say what about do you know the discovery disclosure yes said the soldier project locate there was their first press conference when they got all that i'm i'm i tend to be impressed by the military you know ranking members i'm sort of like fewer if you were guarding missile silos and you say you saw something hover above it and deactivate you know i'm probably gonna check that out a little harder and there were just so many people that stood up you know in the press conference and said that they absolutely had seen evidence met extraterrestrials seeing the crafts like in hangers etc and to me like i
they didn't look like they had that much imagination the kind of people that i didn't think could really i mean did you find that convincing no here's what now on one july as a whole line a liar greer right the disclosure project itself another rather here he doesn't appeal to me as much as the people that he brought and who are mostly military eyes passionately about military anybody who's in the military is a person if you get do people together what comes out of your mind if you get a million people you ve got a shit china people that out of their fucking mind that are running around at one extra attention one of the best ways to say your view on one of the best ways to get extra attention is a safe had some extraordinary experience that separates us from the pack it's one other main points of delusion that people that are really other fuckin mine will not want to point to i see things in people i can read our us i can tell
i could kill i'm an intuitive person they all have this thing that separate them from the herd without any work whatsoever i feel like lot of these people are that they want attention so they tell these extraordinary stores nobody's they're not creative that's a very stupid because they are the same fucking story because the same story has been going on for ever they just repeat shit they already heard most of these people i think you're full of shit i think isn t barely possible that you have also been here entirely possible that see people senior falls entirely possible but a lot of those people my fuckin bullshit rate or just goes up i may mean yeah i've talked to any of em when i did that television show joel questions everything and i met with you have old people in big for people of tiny before the podcast cured me because i got to be around those people for hours and you talked him no cameras are like oh you're fucking crazy or your delusional or your way of looking at things is not objective or you're too
talking to me because you want to convince me something you know just communicating the ideas that are actually in your head your pitching me some sort of a speech sure like you ve got some sort of a performance you're doing for i smell and as a former i smell it does nonsense you'd tell me nonsense in other words it will you you want evidence our back a truck opportunity evidence mc where's your fucking evidence you don't have any other out it today i mean they exist they think they seem as off kilter in everything else they talked gas has today everything dilation relationships jobs there all screwball there almost all screwball the people that are most convincing or the people let's see these orbs flying around the pilot while the reason why they see these things is there's a real phenomenon called ball lightning it's absolutely real and its caused by the various weather conditions and they think that he gave because sometimes
by the right weather conditions and the shifting of tectonic plates that somehow another the reaction yes and that these ball lightning if you ve racine videos owed its phenomenal just flies around they even had it inside airplanes somehow ball lightning has shot down the isle of an airplane whilst in flat actually seen it have you really where these are lightning on a flight that was struck by lightning while he was pink it sounded like a giant be begun had a tin can oh yeah you were in a plane that was hit by lightning he asked holy shit that's intense whose very intense i was coming off the tour and i wanted to get back to my very young son i told him i'd be there in the morning when he woke up so i ended up going on
odyssey like planes trains and automobiles know try to get to know then click like i will be in the morning and it was terrible weather just like the worst on the east coast and we kept taking i think twice we took off and had a land before we could get to our destination and get in the plane and go off again and me being a crazy mom i'm like i'm so getting this plane and it's very bad we're flying right through a thunderstorm but i've i've flown so many times my parents took me a million places we traveled aloud when i was young so i've just been flying forever and
we're on those believe happened the lightnings going off and thunder rattling around and it's not a very big plain and my seat made i think i didn't know who he was but he seemed like a decent nice young man and like the lightning just hit the plane you get this big tagging of the you know the shock of the electricity is hitting it we drop about i don't know what i don't know what makes a big stomach drop but we drop farts like twenty five feet on an or dislike ban and this pink bob of electricity just goes like mush down the aisle in this splendor the aisle he pukes i haven't i do not let go of the stranger yoked like interior you know like it took about you know ten minutes there was i had ever heard thousand tonnes and i made it
i was there in the morning on my son work so well that's not not autumn galileo is incredible the pink none of it is still really vivid to my mind in the ball lightning it was it was a sphere that just came rushing down the aisle wow that's awesome that's my lads a crazy plain almost crashed or yeah what else there is a time that the engine was on fire and i could see it you could see it on fire yeah yeah where were you please don't you over the ocean yeah but not far we're just off outside of boston we took off nighttime again after a shout
honey i don't like it i mean it's like this that is more than the story of a certain amount of iron and it was night and i was looking at the lights the serve i forget what they call those orange light and it was over the bag to the water and we just weren't rising quickly enough you notice i was like why why aren't we gaining altitude what's going on used since him right and someone on my laughed i was in the last row and someone on my left said something like the engines on fire whatever right as the captain comes honest is ladies and gentlemen we have a problem with one of the engines we're gonna have to make an emergency landing please remaining your see and i looked over and you can literally see flames shooting out other like it because the engine was about ten rose ahead of me but the sparks were visible
the high novi cozier do you understand i bet linux like it's a long trailers sparks got another thing and so we get to the point where we're going to make are like landing and to see the flight attendants scared shitless was not a fun experience i think tat frightened meaning just like seeing their faces and we had to get into the crouch position in that position and a brace yourself position and the captain came out i think the last thing he said was not reassuring was please brace for a very rough landing and i'm i'm thinking if your crashing it doesn't he can't say anything more than that right ladies and gentlemen like that's it please prepare for a very rough
and what happened i non like mine alone on all but later what happened to my body at that moment was i went and tough is only happen twice my life for tremors like full body do you know have you ever had that its different than like nervous shakier cold chain is like full and your body just completely vibrating like at another frequency and i realize for the first time in my life that i didn't care if i was dead like in two seconds and i felt nothing it really upset me that my body my soft squishy body was gonna be like penned in
matter bugging me like i really thought like we're never doing this again like this it just became very very real that my that i cared about this arm and i cared about this lie i didn't want like it to be completely mangled and like stuck in metal and we hit the we got the ground it was a very rough landing there were fire trucks going like a hundred and ten miles an hour on either side of us spraying us with the deep celeron or whatever and suddenly like foam on the windows and are you ready for this so it was not a fine thing but we survived and no one was harmed and then had to get back on another plane because i d go home to see my kid so literally sat there and waited and got right back on another planet while and flew
well you probably like what are the odds no i just i want to see my get right but like thousand intense you mean that thing you don't ever get to experience ass unless you're like a combat person like even if your not conscious i dont want this like all screwed i don't gonna be like mangled young does and the reality of it was like right there right there and i feel in any more i'm just as stupid and reckless as i ever what but like a moment it was very real them that farc ivanhoe anything like that that's in tents and what's more intense didn't hit by law near the fire both prefect what about cessna last power of demeanour training sector you know what that is they think they think it's nice escaping from the sea floor they think this trap nitrogen and massive amounts you know cause there's a lot like dead thing
and decaying things like vegetation things i turned the trap nitrogen pockets and those nitrogen it's when they lift up then go through the surface of the water and up into the air and if a plane is flying into that is methane that methane i say wrong yak nitrogen is most air sixty four but i think there's something about it being a giant pocket that you fly i might be wrong your time on the gas arrivals is i join in the tectonic its lesson and it make a ship go down go there's no derive there's no currency for the ships and also for planes and makes it could do yeah ok this is ass explosions explaining mean we can google oh my god is how we roll i'm never leaving come stay you gonna tell me what this is incredible wooden coming just talk about your father weak oh my god this is incredible explosions of trapped methane gas are thought to account for the mysterious
theirs in siberia including this one yet so they think that has to do something with me to ass well so when biological tissue creates methane and down when they have like massive amounts of die off whether its fish or whether its plants or things like that they think that some that stuff gets trapped in the bottom of the sea floor and then escapes goes to the surface makes boats sank and even can bring down plants how'd it make a plane because it was plainly flat on don't really lost electricity would you hear that airplane lost electricity or you had any darted again that could just when she d plain if you use comfortable i'm here to dry i'm sure the violet absolutely told us that you know what i mean like he's like gets the this stuff little fritz appear over the remaining trailer buying it it's a sheet evil aid really didn't change service
you know my guide is thank killed my story i am i going are you i've been would only mean that like this whole time notes included in line could be those don't play naturally that's what i think that's the most prevalent theory i would think you'd die bubble hit you just from a lot of it right maybe have you ever seen those underwater lakes of nothing that's crazy refer riots water underwater knots though ocean is amazing it's pretty bizarre that it's right there that's essentially an alien world i have always said like the ocean is really like space like spaces above us all the time but the ocean is kind of just like space if it's right there you go into a whole other world take a other world it's on our earth but we just so used to it it's like oh yeah let's go surfing hey let's get an abode healing floating around so fucking alien world it's right there is filled with life also to live
that actually breeze water is found the while i was talking about it with my flowers at the lakes of methane underwater that's not so god damn data should raise like i'm gonna go by the lake i just took a run round the sure that doesn't even look real it's like they're going round silverlake that's that just like cruising around silver it's a methane leg you bruce i know you're like israeli methane linked to buy in other ways in what movie where there was a underwater the abyss oh yeah she has to drown to survive and you sir substitutes are the right there aliens with the assume the shape of water was grown aliens in a deep poverty this the things he abbess and aristotle pink till they were the same color my ball lightning member that pink
don't that ever talk to what sort of those you of all people that i believed about your father was a guy who was that skin walk a ranch that whole area there has a shitload of emphasising skin it's some place at this guy robber bigelow owns and he's an what what makes a compelling is he actually is and aerospace investor and he's got a company that makes all these parts and shit for difference bay ships in different pods and things to lie why did you do me this is business but he also owns this gigantic ranch in utah who went out to visit a visitor ranch visit some of the people around there that it and one that we talk to that lived around there was just regular due to think you workin factories regular guy not crazy but super normal talked him not a bullshit artist all please tell me about this glowing orb that came through the walls of his house and and
floated around inside of his living room a kitchen and then took off through the wall and i said i like the way he described it i absolutely believed that he was telling me the truth i think that was ball lightning think we have a lot in that area and so i think whatever the four conditions in that area it is a frequent occurrence and because of that a lot of these people see things than they are talking and people start looking form and then they start talking crazy and then people are talking about like they were time on a bullet proof wolf that appeared at a mist and like for you that was i got out fights reader answer but it is this guy was the only guy that make sense and i think he saw a ball lightning just like you didn't have to be on the ground like that just happen you know this a storm conditions but it does it occurs not just up in the sky that occurs light at low altitudes well you know they say they don't know why but apparently i talk to your scientists about this
show me the lightning shouldn't be possible like this shouldn't be enough power to create lightning doesn't give if you do the calculations he site but clearly we know it's true so do we do about that we don't really now we don't know enough about lightning so when you describe ball lightning he's lightbulb good fuckin lark who knows who won the obvious we don't know enough about it we don't know what the commission's are with what cause what does that mean there's not enough energy for lightning they can't you can't marshall that much electricity in the atmosphere i'm too stupid to repeat what he said and have it make any sense but when he was describing it to me way he was explaining i think i read it is well he was ex he was exe waning and what a red was that they don't really we understand how that much energy is produced in the sky like that and that if you how coolly did like what it would take to pray do they shouldn't be possible again
so talking i wished everyone expert were here but wishes that fast and so he would this guy was described we talk about ball lightning they're saying they don't know recreate ball lightning they they have no idea what caused it but there are sure it's a real thing where we can't wait recreate a lightning lab environment leave so i don't believe so that's crazy why don't they you know you're right cause we can't generate that amount of power no we literally catch and i mean maybe with a bomb but we can't generate that galileo of nor do i think we can't but i think that's what about he bore i think these people that see things in it also the human machination so fantastic your memories all fucked up memories terror you now so you see something then you decided something different you can see it i talked another lady told me she saw bigfoot wasn't she didn't seem like a bullshit artists she seemed like is being a hundred percent honest shensi much needed to design of attention seem crazy and i think she saw bear i just think she's
bear way in the desert since she saw very briefly because it was the pacific northwest and trees are very dance they she saw big it might even turn on two legs bears doo doo
thanks you saw that in her mind she saw guerrilla it was why am i looking at a gorilla and she had a story that just got concocted in her head she saw us ask watch what happens and mean i'm i'm convinced of certain things that i find out i'm completely wrong this does happen ghost i told you better back off the ghost i used to believe a great deal i still pretty much believe pretty much i think basically this is my entire philosophy and all weirdness is if you look back five hundred years to what they knew scientifically then it superstitious it's magic it's ridiculous that ignorant etc etc i believe that that's exactly what we are now two five hundred years in the future so i dont considerate paranormal i consider it future science closer future signs goes our future
science helium our future science it's all future science and i'm down for that i am ready to party with a future science i'm ready for the accepted my problem is the people who togo stories or those fucking go shows himself there's still faked glow painfully bait i really believed it for awhile like i really absolutely bought into it her planning thinker like they're watching the little there the there's all different kind there goes like the ones you look like you walk certain not ie works which are the ones that are the jet the first movie star wars and they like war their little robes and there are busy there like oh you know the first one right there like rob they don't really have faces they just how like cloaks there with us robot sellers will get only their ghosts that our little cloak creatures and they scare the crap out of me the plug ones do they move
fast and i don't understand what they're doing here but you can explain the name and you can explain demons if you think about like dog ghosts or wolf ghosts lion goes that's a demon could be the growl they have like weird eyes their hostile they scratch you animal so you you have a real belief in ghosts betrayal i am like not a hundred percent but but you you have no bide bump into them sometimes rilke and i dont see them but i feel them and hear them and the like i know go ahead on assessing the my all that little smile that's why we're talking about it goes around the weirdness podcast like i don't talk about it because it just doesn't get a good response trying to build minded but so when you but i believe you you don't seem like a liar by any stretch of the imagination but but i have a huge imagination i'm sure you do
very very great aversion tricky myself into something what do you feel what happens i just bump into that like they just if you walk into a room i mean it happens maybe once a year and you walk into a roomy walk somewhere something's going on and you just feel it and it's very very strong and you i just i talked about my just say like it mostly hotel rooms let's just say if i'm in a hotel room to her and i ellie their move if i don't like it or i'll just say alone in that room only like high inflation thou involving over two days but i really need to get some sleep you can come to wish i tell them they can come to show they want oh that's where i like this is what i do for a living and i try to like here and think what they do for a living psychpros of ghost and i found you i might just check school if you get invited to a show scare when sleep man but honestly far down the path
and pans rarely make a racket she's got to go to the shop online mike s that's nice new after reservists everywhere lee you have an active imagination and do you think that maybe your mind fucking yourself at the time by greece and we talk about lahti doing it because it's comforting cause you enjoy it probably but but if you ask me on allied attacked or test whether i think i really encountered something i say yes to show i mean there's been enough experiences in my life that it just seems like this part of future science there's a guy named rupert children he's scientists and he believes that things have memory he thinks it everything s memory why people don't want to live in haunting houses in our
we do want to live in a house where someone died he thinks that objects have memory data they can express it but that they have it i greatly that we might be willing we haven't i think it's less the object retaining i mean must be retaining something i think it's more our psychic ability to perceive the past that's what i think i think it's more like you see the chair and then you can psychically feel what happened in that chair i'm not really sure had like you're not seeing the chair imbued with some aura you're actually looking into the past that's what i think because i've had dreams were like pre figuring prenatal you i think you can dream if something than packed full enough i think you can dream ok let's say something really bad happens you imagine something horrible on another studio explodes over a couple
months maybe before then you might have a dream but let's just say something goes really really wrong or bad nothing traumatic you might be able to have a dream ahead of time that would be how you would synthesize that traumatic experience just as if it had happened before and you were dreaming after the fact before you ve ever happen i have which happened with i'm saving that for my book real movement are gay suitor but it was a very power telling our issues over the absolutely absolutely vulgar good but it was very convincing to me really hard to explore
in any other way have you ever had any other sort of psychic premonition yes yes whatever the last big fire we had no idea where those like encroaching really recently that one on the night before that fire i was out walking with my son again my son he's like all over this podcast
i don't know why cause he barely speaks to me at the moment is again yeah fine good tartu later on and i just felt incredibly uneasy and he suffered from asthma when he was young and really badly so when it would be when there is a lot of particulate matter in the air it was just bad air conditions i would tend to be very worried about him and keep em homer unix inform the teachers or whatever it was just he'd get really bad asthma attacks and so i have a predisposition to be on the alert but this is the night before no fire had started yet and i just was very anxious very anxious and i couldn't settled down and i couldn't think for months i hadn't been like that mean and i said to her like i dont know what it is brave
feel kind of unsafe if something happens tomorrow you have to like you have to be my witness that i've sense something was coming now you probably think and this horrible mother i never do this happens like i i think i like said that to him twice and our entire life and i forgot about it the next day i forgot about i didn't think about it at all until you know we were sacked in industry brown mark as we are and like the sun became the eye of sovereign have you no everyone's like freaking out and we're looking at all these images and i was so distracted by these images that i completely forgot my sense the night before and what i think that was until i remembered and then i called up and i'm like off and i think it's more like i don't know something's coming but i have maybe time maybe the envelope with time is a little bit more moshi than we think
maybe we perceive time is very orderly and very linear but maybe it's really not and it could be pushing back experience maybe i had the experience before i proceed the experience or i don't know what that is but that happened to me a lot of people describe nobody likes hearing about it by the way i never talk about this stuff in my real life because nobody likes it would mean it makes people uncomfortable and they look at you funny side is never talk about saffron the podcast but why would it make him uncomfortable stuff i'm fascinated now because our own experience it adopts i've never had a premonition that can't you but i do have a really good ability to know if someone's crazy i'm really good at that pentland no you're not crazy no i mean i don't know if someone i raise neighbour blinds that's where it
fires in the distance could you can forget not here not arrive in psychic ability though i'm just i've heard of you now adopt if you can tell summons crazier not you might have some might have some perception i think it's pattern recognition and data chunky i've met so many people they want to see things that are off little things that are off and you prove like you're talking little things are off more like you see they look to the eyes see calculations you like ok something's going on here is not a normal person is a person putting on a normal mask like the something off here just smells smells fishy either with that i haven't as gas simeon they cross me oh yeah yeah lean back she's crazy what are you people on what i was sure they were piled up for sure of my talk them might this motherfuckers after all to that kills like what it's like when they arrive
these have we're talking there's something about the way that i can really cut loose bears out as it that's not what it's about it's not about me it's about future is about children is about that society will not just be an entrepreneur i'm gonna build businesses they just start these alex jones we got him high and drunk talking about here is that what goes down here like a look at this i am in a dynamic when i got some leg that's some sudden that's what i do want somebody far now god i don't know all come out of my mouth good for good but doesn't like snoop dante things right does like a kind of joint backwards you have a brown paper you know how we only got we're literally getting higher idea jimmy you we do not hear anything because progress you can do anything you little tiny here take a tiny their weak stephanie not crazy marijuana legal it's good for you
it's a staple civilization happen nothing i don't you'll stay cool sheriff cigarettes definite now that's a cigar leaves no doubt i just berber and they tried s o clara settle a thorough and feel deep which my party took i saw but i'm sure you do you just did i just has proved as evidence there's no way i mean if we had a casual drank enough we have set a glass of whisky or someplace noon care but marijuana call my car it is wearing was like now it's ok like now it's finally finally its author i agree thirty years of watching people drink really socked there i was never much into alcohol no i prefer marijuana while your sensitive personal makes more sensitive marijuana does sure really i think so for sure makes more aware
more considerate thinking about more possible he's mean that's what people call paranoia really is like a lot of times we delivered blinders on marijuana just comes long goes hate but just take those our and put the spotlight and likely to pack your brain lily this shit your hide it's like shining a flashlight into your unconscious like didn't do their language even hard move about global it was thought to it that is what the pair noise as i agree with that it's like people suddenly like self conscious they eat himself in a new way and their liking to handle this girl that's like forty years of denial denial and in all these different mechanism
you ve kind of like psychological mechanisms that you ve utilise try to hide these thoughts from yourself or try to escape past i'm really quickly got that under control get past it move on to some new thing it's a common thing people love to do i feel like mellow good like that it's not my energy down just a nice denies them put your highness i need like at about ten percent energy knockdown wrong maybe fifteen yards half a hit that's what you mean like just just where you like new pause beat everything's fine eat fine i like that salt land that's the biggest i've ever seen so biggest wandered fine but it's it's too big did not look as key
was a small ones because a small ones there's not much saw the light comes more so others things it looks cool on paper you get it at the athens go there line that is actually an asian water buffalo friend adam green tree shot in australia that's really call the i brought it from a strategy for me when i was a guest on upon reed fly that he just put it in the carry on imagine why and it wasn't loyal down yet he always just bad blood flies exactly like put in overhead mine now you check your fit it affects our enough wrapped it i'll be must have because you would want the bones to crack a break it knocked around but he's been rounded up there yeah he's while men bo hunter and he goes up to the
northern area of australia australia all the animals essentially the large mammals are all invasive species so they have to hunt them cuz they have predators so he goes up there and shoots water buffalo with bow and arrow school but one that they form a dreamily i i respect that as opposed to other types of hunting really respect the idea of like mano emmanuelle road going out their meal i would donor sparkle just don't guttural killed and big trophy hunting can fuck off early too weird thing it's weird that it's almost like people hunted entirely for food and then they got enough food and they go on shoot that thing too and it's like they got into shooting things and it became a thing of not shooting stuff for food but shooting stuff even if you can't just like there's some animals like gum their certain hunts they put on whether the kind of have to control populations of these things
grizzly bears the stuff like that miss stearne encroaching even wolves certain populations of wolves they affect control than in the northwest but you get like elephants and tigers lions and like what are you doing what are they doing what are you a man explain to me what is what is what why does that make you feel important since you had a gun i mean a gun you stand back you you sit in the bushes for i not twelve hours pull the trigger does not necessarily make them feel important it just because they can do it in this its exciting like if you are shot a rifle yeah yeah we gotta rifle range its exciting its funding to shoot paper put paper targets out there and shoot them it's fun feels good to something about like emailing boom and hitting where you wanted to go to exciting and so once then there was a real problems in africa it becomes incredibly profit
both for the people who live there and then those animals are thriving because they protect them and have hunters come in patient lots of money to hunt them so their numbers are really healthy which is really crazy because like four the longest time most of the animals in africa that are hunted now in plentiful number we're on the verge of extinction and when they are out of them still are i mean that let me not extinction but i dont think that they have an abundance of the big five over there and depends on the apple depends on where you are but africa obviously is fucking huge virtue it looks like when they took barbaric inside of think nets overrun slightly to fit tightening pigeons but in africa theres many animals that word twenty years ago on the verge of extinction that are thriving and because of hunting
so some of them in a tiny little so we do not deny the railroad by drove on numbers you be theirs there the problem i have a people calling the lot of the people that hung over their poachers got like poachers the poachers push me this is people were poor that's all it is it's like incredibly poor people that are trapping these animals and some of us might if their shooting rhinos and stuff like that their needs are not doing it because their evil they're doing is therefore desperate they add those are that is their game i mean it belongs to them there country it's their game if you believe people on animals but but i think as as everything like depending on your perspective how much of
just like we're time out when you get high suddenly you're territory expands of what your awareness is same difference like this is their country this is their these are their native population of oil so today i mean but like taking in a broader scope that should be utterly protected and expanding territory rather than like a little theme park for rich westerners come in and gets weird of your siena deal luther rose this document areas from the uk he's got a great special that he did we went over to one of those wild game parks stay with these weirdos these are rich american people to cover their shoot shit and he was over there for like weeks and finally just really got crazy into the guy was just breaking it down and what's really going on is basically saying in this crazy accident africa is fucked you have to understand africa is fucked african dies explain it
because the only way these things are going to survive if you think that you can remove these fences and remove the prior right is p gonna come and slaughter these things and they're not gonna think at all about the future they're not gonna think it all about irving the populations of them going extent do nothing about it all we're just gonna wiping out just like they do it right they know rhinos are worth thousands and thousands of dollars a horn so they just shoot this fucking things you don't care they don't let them their children are starving if they find out they could sell this rhino horn and get x amount a hundred dollars whatever they given for it they just shoot it like that's their their concern is not for rhinos their concerns for their family or their durban extreme poverty mean that the pie rather they have over their spooky you now and in mass mask why have a buddy of mine who makes wells for the pig meat in the congo in the congo and goes up there all the time and is actually a fighter fights for bela tories one of our top heavyweights any spends like three six months a year in the
congo guy caught malaria three times animal may just be still such and such a sweet amazing person but he goes over there and he says you you can't believe the kind of poverty he sleeps grass hat grass house when he's there just like they do with these you know they sleep and they have no floors this is him over there that's him to pay i mean he's just a what doesn't leave that they put on the roof to sleep from some local plants they used to make their houses but he you know when he tells you what it's like over there in the extreme poverty these people are dying because of water borne diseases so he creates this charity called fight for the forgotten and he goes over there and they build wells and they ve built a ton of wells we actually contributed and we there's one of our sponsors the cash app they every time you sign up for they give five dollars for these people
that's amazing i mean clean water is the most essential yeah what a brilliant with come to water for waterford dot org water in the number for those people are also connected with him and they just do this everywhere they do this all over impoverished countries go there and dig wells you changed the whole thing because all these they have distended bellies could fill of parasites and have all these water borne diseases and their just dials don't go to work if they spend all day walk into the water will nobody goes a school of the pygmies like that it's their incredibly alleged created it and then unrepresented and not respected are appreciated and discriminated against and in others why this guy who's is just big hawk of a man says this is one of the concentrate on this these small forgotten people thrilling pretty amazing
anxious to see the difference is making our short such a loser hang around you have heard about what i want to eat for large is one of the fork and cargo to catch my worry about that worth it did you send it three times its created spoken not just those who doesn't he just get this shot footsteps we are looking at the really totally stop at the problem is when you get it once it stays in your system he's got and again when you got a whole and herpes like you got it can we got a cold such malaria days and years trying to him he got but when he wasn't even over there and dumb i think
your changing my idea about my nile trip that i want to take my childhood i want to get more big house both things with dyke have you ever seen and there like double deckers and then they had the top thing and it's just like a bunch of sort of like keen zones like you just like you know cool than on chairs with ice cover it is all very open air just feels like you'd be having caught tells up there at sunset walking around talking all your family and friends like one of those european orang do here's what else i do i'd make sure i had like us security bout behind me for the kidnappers and should i'd have my little secure any man that was like a really zipping fast one you know that would be good you deaf we need that for sure we're fucked up waste though crocodiles alone i have a friend who went over there he has a show called uncharted or he just travels all over the world and because of these adventures and they leave
do him into this i think it was the congo because this local village was having a problem with the people there can needed by crocodiles and everyone in villages like missing an arm by its taken their legs these poor people mean they live the only place where the water is they have to go there even create these little fences where they they lay traps fence in the areas the crocodiles can't get that's bartley still get in their somehow in fact these people are because i've gotten accustomed to eating them oh now not territorial like like a waterhole tension well animals are like their opportunists and once they decide that your food that's when it becomes a real problem so there's really like man eating crocodile tears there's definitely crocodiles this is jim shockey this is my friend jim and this guy is missing to mozambique this guy is missing and he
this guy's missing is whole arm defence or no wonder they that's my jim he's a lovely canadian fellow who travels everywhere so they they ve he's a hunter and they flew him end kill these crocodiles water lilies it's crazy may look at that fuck that you urgent you're living right there and they just go dinosaurs everywhere now and furthermore if you can if you can get rid of it i don't it must be a learned behaviour cosmos crocodiles aren't doing it's just that people that date their brains are so small and they're so so reptilian that what will there just trying to do is eat and if it's a moving they're gonna try to eat it and if it's a person saga targeting people but they found out that they can get each crocodiles i dont think that just can t any odd thing i think he'd everything that guinea the giant tongue about eighteen hundred pound lizard that's been the same exact the same form
for sixty plus million years because they re not sharks and they just go eat you that one of the good just decided starting with the facts but people sharks you get people get eaten by sharks nobody tone don't ever known urban machine israeli their eat like very occasionally breaking they are not eaten by sharks general we're not started i don't have any haste for our blood is yours we're not on the men were not on the menu but they will eat us they will buy you to get you out of there zone or they might mistake you in bulgaria the uk they think you're something you're not you're saying eat which means like you sit down you finish the meal right about that really happen usually just bite you in half and just get a funny taste like shit mobile final seal as you know there's some animals that actively target people becomes a giant problem like india in india there's this river this postcode asunder bands of both shacks
earn godlike there who will they actually hold p dachshund very aggressive and they do kill people but these are tiger sharks are tigers just the cat the kill lot of people yeah they the shit out of you but over the last two hundred years three hundred thousand people have been killed by tyres i dont know what to do with that number it's implies is insane while they just so comment first of all india's a billion people right and a lot of them are really poor and eleven by these rivers in these cats are everywhere it's tall grass yoshida video of the cat the giant tiger leaping up in attacking the guidelines on out at number it's implies is insane while they just so calm and first of all india's a billion people right and a lot of them are really poor and eleven by these rivers in these cats are everywhere it's tall grass easy india is this video of the cat the giant tiger leaping up this attacking through this on an elephant tiger run through the grass and leaps up in the air fox and model pull it up jamie
funny it's like a kind of harm what a hell of a tiger there there and train i mean if tigers in a movie is a month we want a scarce monsters era this anita oh yeah we can't wait on you too but just one and one day i can easily in on you don't pull down because somebody owns this they have copyrighted here's a guy so he's on top of herself and now look at the grass if a tiger was in a movie spot a monster then the scariest are lower oh yeah is on all night i can explain on you don't pull down because somebody owns this they have copyrighted here's a guy so he's onto but the self now look at the grass and they spy and then the things are lao wow yet it is an online jobs joam and it's going after him it knows that he's up to look at its like bitch what fire the elephant i just now that tiger toward the guys aren't report elephant uniform soothsaying out of dolphins like whatever bitch
i just can't kill me canada and uneven outside just stop on a pretty sure tigers don't kill elephants but lions do and when lions do the really hungry and they get a bunch of home and they gave up on an elephant ok don't talk about getting and talk about the baby elephants that get gang that point our desire and necessarily babies they'll take out a real elephant what is what trying is trying to save ago woman fights off tiger with a stick let's go christ lady the fourth is like a kangaroo punching ones those that i want to hear that you realise mr opponents wearing off like china figured out people were mounted the guy was so good but if you're an animal lovers gonna turn ruse dog kangaroos those male kangaroos bite the times there always like punching that was just like a really fun
whether each other he ain't gonna get his dogs so i would earnestly run right out there because it's got the diary guns so hostile look consumers are so where they don't seem real they seem to human gallagher esquires you're not thinking about it down a garbage the kangaroo does not know what to do is like doesnt notify you do here so gears factors were weird animal but about love to guide our right oh yeah for sure and also that you didn't follow up when you think there it was doing i just hiding at her planted a dog was barking the kangaroo decided a grab behold the dog and get him in a headlong and that's what they do we can do no other threats like that's like generally giving you time to react a different way than giving you a moment to not escalate yes
sure you can look at it and if you see the beginning in the video is running around the anger he thinks he sunday he thinks he's like alerting his company in the car to target if you know even seem like a real animal disunity something from it have a time we re wanna cuddle with them when i see like life like all i want is a take them our home and just cuddle without its guy pungent right and failing in their care on into a ballet you know that france and valleys really like soft that's a mamma than i did that's a duty to see he's not in our being as it is i think that's all it might be a she's not very big with also makes sense to the debts without pouches with tommy whatever it says something like something down there we got seen ale now the tales back here not accurate the piazza tales huge right always knows no that is opinions come on where's the balls
maybe there's just like my curtain for the very developed kangaroo he's not gonna win many fight he sort of a beta there where there's some giant kangaroos those big scary this one not under him hey man hey the clause yeah that scares that's all i'm saying when you put the dog in the hard luck he could easily have taken care that dog but he didn't like he kept the heard he was like i'm shutting this i really think we're michel wondering what they were gendering kangaroo like it's a girl now looks like a dude see look the difference you see no i think that there is a saying that when soup letters idea why maybe chases people muscle ro jason people yeah deserves muscles maybe it's a female because
christ welfare ringing the secret life of golfers like there's there's crocodiles on the golf course is anger is what else is going on for those tenure lightning golfers dar yeah go first thing gerald onto piece of metal yeah company is die every year from lightning strikes i say for a happened somebody i know my parents i was there and it happened he die you there is there on the club house and must have outside thought nothing will happen lightning struck to hear about that all the time right like people would have to come on how many people do you think it is fair to guess what everywhere number every year well i'm inigo is strikes over death strange to say strikes i'm gonna stay there is about struck by lightning at least a couple hundred couple hundred
got a regular golfers just got just gaffer golfers lu lu lu i'm gonna go with worldwide nine states just united states here it seems unfair ok well but worldwide i'm gonna go with twenty five or two thousand and twenty three worldwide i say three designated rights jeff average of fifty one annual lightning struck fatalities over the last twenty we asked manually said about the second do you want a year later how many guys golfers that's so i typed inaction and how many of them are assholes with a kite with a key hanging off ethically and how many golfers die each year from lightning but people are getting child rate of five percent of the annual ones happen on golf courses of action
of of anyone is we have asked him at tat time to turn have some like that not a lot here said three missed how bad i am now appear if you can't be met anyone air turn there's no way you're as bad as me that's pretty bad news about non very bad i think that's inherited to my kid socket matthew i figure if you don't have to even look it up easily like names states math i don't think you have to remember that's what i'm saying my kids like look she d found calculator for learner do that i'm delegating saying delegating acting google yeah like google figured out trusting google trust in you have lifting eminently like the big picture trust in your overlook what are these little gifts that is a clock made by t t studios to guy who's he's an art
any makes these things all out of aw handmade at a word walnut and he gets these russian one of those things com those things that are inside of it next to easy nixy tube and that's how he gets it to read the numbers and sharing saying what does it mean that just one forty seven is the time one forty seven forty six seconds he's ass does a lot of really cool shit he's a craftsman does not like really fascinating stuff his instagram page tt studios d ever check daily mail for like the hideous side of life i checked the internet for the hideous definitely anybody you check i do check daily now it's like my horrible i like eyes closed every time i do there's a dude most nice pre dover is the
it's cool stuff so what are you like what you looking for i really just want the gas i'm fine i like going to the you know the well in the village i want to know what's going on exactly what it is but then they always sneak in something like utterly devastatingly just shocking and awful i would they'd have kim kardashian so like the isis beheadings and it will be tried by so you couldn't miss it and i know that that's part of like your friend the hunter the adrenaline rush i know it's part of why i go there are because my might my system might be shocked a little bit but it's it's a revolting impulse like that's the worst of me you good sword a big tub of ice cream two new fridge every day and you know i should need new dear you just like what the fuck is wrong with me what did i do know everything
watch while those videos after it's over mike why the fuck did i watch that yeah do you think that's like adds up in your brain like how much of our stress and unhappiness and all that kind of stuff that culturally everybody feels is because you expose yourself to things just shouldn't know about nothing for sure for sure does it's a matter of does it have an effect in as far as raising awareness of consequences of devious actions or does it have an effect in that you're always worried about it and so it sort of manifests itself more often because our constantly in your head the latter probably makes sense and that we need a cup of coffee a drink and giant just try to unwind back and find a group of people that you could hang out the trust that are cool to protect you from almost fuckers coming over the fence re worried also go to the westward venus would worry about russia right over his way my russia yes i'm not worried and pest to see the thing
parking submarines overdue the power over the internet lines as wonder about that to remove like probably to let us know he focal we could good line with no problem if that happened how fast you think it would take before we got some them back up again or how how fast boil crazy that there's a line that goes across the fucking ocean and that's the internet work yes there are i'm sorry i was set and dream about those line there thinking out see this of greenish mark and then i'll see here the silence in that clicking sound at your under you know without officious eating snow here that like clicking soft and picture these lonely ass cables just draped down the side of a cliff like in the great abyss and like i just picture there loneliness farewell while that's intense well they're everywhere you mention if aliens came here and saw that the black what in the fucker these cry
is the council doing wires i asked my son what he thinks we're gonna look back on in the future and think was like the craziest thing we lived with and he said wires i thought this kind of that's what it kid would say right that lives on in the world today that is brilliant wireless charge and nine are liars i could just play live move anywhere around on the stage it enough to stand firm in the middle east in front of him like i know is a great tradition tradition in its really cool and rock and roll but i personally feel very hemmed in by this mike stan i hardly ever thought about going straight bobby brown i plan right always like all my friends just me you can't do it what it works for anthony robins he does it robotic of all popular feeling energy does it right does negro bobby brand wrangling with canada whenever its anybody whereas those its bobby brown period like you did it he did it
i prerogative that's it from the rest of everyone's life that's a bobby brown about i know a comic does that really does is that we want fucking get it there is every robins look at em big beautiful i have a place at one point i bought the box i know at one point i was like trying in my card alongside positivity look he's got some very good points he says some things that really can work that you know it's like here's the thing many brabant is like any delicious meal you do not on aided all fucking day every day and if you hear too much anthony robins like ok flock enough get it still put out the energy i go to walk a goal as its two is doing as you walk on design when he does
here's was interesting about legalise wet because he's fucking jacked and you just run and sweat up a storm get these people pumped maybe it's raining having area or could be but they do this firewall thing which is essentially here's a thing cole all my leg i'm really try all this unstable prohibiting over wet trauma i will go for it my body brown with my round if you have one of those who could be told wireless rights took it up into a backpack wireless action when the mode of free software you are free fair she's tired at that should be a t shirt to just says free fair and it's just the bobby brown thing
like a silhouette of your with just the dark bobby brown thing or we fear someone's gonna make it by the end of this body cast but i've done so many how we gonna put it up on instead i want the body brown i wanna parabolic parachute thing over my head stage anywhere i go don't they have that for sports now they have this like parabolic mike phone thing learning and link zoom in on the coast talking zoom in on exit got this thing would like it's very directional right a laser of a microphone so can be up in the ceiling of the arena and engages pointed at somebody and aching go right in here their conversations it's like pronunciation right i've using how'd you know that they can listen to what you say in a room by monitoring the window in the vote aberrations of normal human conversation has enough of an affair on the window that they can translate that into speech that's insane that's insane
they know the noises you're making base on the effect it has on a wind in a room union actually screaming just talking that's crazy that's crazy now that's real but don't you kind of just assume that were being listened to all that officer narrower now after edward snowden wallets after you know the releases of i feel like i've got at least two fans listening into me at all times said list in your house just in rio and like the and as a healing or to lose fair like i'm sure there's more we would like them to find a terrorist financing save lives furs must not suffer i actually found out that the other day cause they screwed up my knees and i ve been doing this thing very like put my elbows into my legs i'm sitting watching tv or something gonna get myself in massage but if you were listing through the audio my phone or anything you
think i was constantly that's like us ahead of our colleague rubbing mode and she's never getting off she keeps stopping what's the blockage she's frantic like what were those like the primates that are cut noble yeah vanilla does mean we're gonna get to a point where everybody can listen and on everybody that's what i think i think burly coupled decades way from that i think right now it's like content for a you providers have service providers have the possibility to tap into maybe you know all these different government groups knows tat any are found type in your tv and tab in the car on your laptop but i think going to come a maritime time without the intrusion and privacy can be the bottleneck to future technology and we're gonna get to some virtual reality environment where it is so tied tyrannically buzz
are and so incredibly realistic that whatever the fuck happens in the regular worlds gonna lose its significance it's gonna slowly lose significance to the point where we're going to accept that one of the ways to overcome these technological hurdles to completely dissolve all boundaries between people and information meaning you're gonna be able to look at anybody doing anything any time and they can be will look at you and that's gonna be the new reality of human beings and this will be after we have accepted virtual reality so once weeks virtual reality reg life is going to be so mundane because you're gonna be will create artificial environments like avatar world like your flying through two thousand and one a space odyssey who hang out the champs are going to have haptic suits on that give you feedback is going to be tied into your central nervous system it's going to recreate smells and feels and that's all going to happen it's not a matter of
whether it's gonna happen it's a matter of when is it going to happen i think when that does happen the big bottlenecks going to be privacy and i think people are going to just like you're doing now with constantly putting things on social media council show a picture their kids and constantly giving update everywhere you go and tagging all these things a geo tags i think that in the future we are going to just accept no one has any privacy and kids today are more likely to accepted than we were and our kids you gotta be more likely to accept it than their kids and keep going on and on and on and three four generations it's gonna be life life is going to be no privacy like we are all living in like a big brother type house struck and no privacy writers cameras everywhere this people willingly do it how long before everybody willingly does it to matter time right now it's a sound impossible because we grew up valuing privacy i need my alone time i know anybody paying attention what to do but once mission things
so incredibly valuable that once life changes around us and we know for a fact this is an actual is not going back in yellowstone blow we get hit by an asteroid this is life now we can accept it gonna go into the next thing and you got a deal but look at you naked alla time ella well because you don't care if you're in the avatar dimension ride the fuckin dragon over a volcano to be living in a world that so much more fantastic in the real world summit your asshole in the real world you like ahead look who cares you basically saying that we are putting ourselves in those little pods tracks yes you're saying that will willingly climbing and eventually to these little pots of google and and then powering the whole jeanne age yeah with because we're just gonna plug in i think we're gonna do symbiotic i think we're gonna become part machine i think i never burnt colony yeah you don't worry carnal economic claimed one organism with many many parts
i think i know that is that ok you don't have to you live right now you're alive it you're alive and a beautiful time you're alive and the transition between when you are young and there was no internet to now you in a doubt with his internet this the most amazing time ever we're lucky we're lucky where the most lucky because we ve experienced both we ve experience i mean when i was a kid we didn't fucking enter machines i know right now you just called and hope their home and they were at home you never found them open door to your house you were a ghost you just guide bid that i trust you will you you were ways anywhere because when places you do whatever you want you know and now the last wild ones that we are we are the last word with last of the disconnected we're disconnected and then we became connected in the ninety nineties though that's a totally new experience for human beings and we experienced both parts weeks we were there
last humans to experience no internet internet no one however experience that dealing with the experience that is if they don't have internet but the world has you know what i want to get back to what you said how long is the electricity down if were attacked on the infrastructure that's what i what we are talking about the internet but i'm sorry just like that that's an issue too that's all they're gonna blow is internet now but it would be like a savage attack imperial liquors out to which suggests a scary and probably easier to accomplish that's what i want to know how long is the recovery time because i do feel like putin sent back there but i think what they really worried about other than food is solar flares they think solar furs have the real potential to take out the entire power paragraph that's that's entirely
sport and revive big we now know that two year for sure that's only one thing yellowstone the big one that will take us down a moment we are just not what you know about the called there a volcano neo stormy normal do that's the big one idea at the time but it should be worried about that although we note bulging nathan northwest part is bulging well it's just constantly evan earthquakes they ve thousands earthquakes every year for the last five or six years thousands there are thousands and am also times that to me is not worth worrying about cause there's nothing we can do that like that emails or just the way i said they want they want to dig a hole now when a drill a home let's on the gas out while wow i applaud there can no longer where you know you want to
ass it certain sum of love out what's crises that that's happened to human civilization like many times over the course of history are giant volcanoes blown up and killed earlier bunch of that should happen to the abbey levin life cause i'm small i think only the small things thereby raising so she could possibly said about the year what had the yucatan we used to be like a more like human beings they do in future grace the evolution of the human being if you believe that nonsense today if you all the way back we were like a mole worrisome out of a more that is the area that was a yeah yeah literally sixty five million years ago what human beings are our farthest mammal ancestor is some sort of a mole that survived the yeah like
finally mulligan tanker and all the upper predators get wiped out and they can thrive it does not limit the ether and they live in the ground so that these things can live underground in so that future like underground everything as a joint mars but i think we're just gonna go underground we're gonna go to mars to those idiots poor foxglove nothing was no thank you ass the people want to do that because we can good morning goes like badlands when you're done exactly and you can come back and have pie its dumb and then you have to bring water or if you go get it and melted down but you're there ok you're on mars let's just say we're on me what do we do we're just terror cry try to start working rock can i just don't see the life there watching
people want to be pioneers and i think it's entirely possible that you gonna wanna go must really crazy people to write wants to be a pioneer that isolated crazy and see if i know a lady who lives in the arctic circle she was a two hundred miles above the arctic circle she's on that show life below zero russia but she can come out when she wants should i am back she flies back she was in the studio and others when the old one but she was sit in what we are setting in motion one person i can't even take a cruise no no but you're gonna crews in the congo that's a river but i can't take it because i can't be isolated in the middle of the ocean with people i dont think i really on the ball like i can't do it i think that's where like the next plague starts i think does happen sometimes yeah they get the neuro virus or whatever on a cruise ship will someone's is really in the chalk people with a sob
that's your move you just take a crew i like that would enable that survive that i like the stories of the people there and volume of ship really and they have found who fuck finds them there shipping lanes they get found really i love those stories i never heard those doors i restart your father you imagine seem as though i almost nothing that can fuck you worse than did fall off a cruise ship but these people they they survive it you have to think how long can swim right i mean it's like thirteen hours are walking tread water where you can try waterline that sri lanka rock you'll be hallucinating rightly used to be turning water you mean you tissue return apart what i heard one guy talk about was how he saw like he had the illusion of seeing boats come by and talk to him and he like
talk to people that were saying just hang on hang on longer was all imaginary like none of it was real but he was having like a football sort of trippy virtual reality experienced with his hallucinations that kept him alive longer there were like his subconscious but they would come in his mind in vessels and like stop talked him throw him something motivating that's crazy i guess you could get that if you gonna want us sensory deprivation tanks or something like oh you do have shut up for do while her well do you do that regularly how do you have a list patients have learnt tommy them the most extreme one i was the jungle and
there is some people that were native to this place they were dressed in western closed alec t shirts and short but their barefoot which is often the case though unfortunately a lot of people live in these dizziness villages they were like under our shirts and share the someone gets them somehow gets down to them missionaries maybe sometimes bring them but they speaking in a language that i understood but it wasn't english speak anything other than english and when they were talking i was listening to them amongst them and i was listen to them and they were speaking it is very different language and then i realized i call shit i can understand their language but i realized that an english and then proof i popped out of the spell like my freaking out about it i dont know don't go away don't go way back it was so extreme if so i could smell though the rain
i could feel the moisture in the air i could see the leaves all around me i could hear the sounds of the forest and these people in the rain forest hang out talk in this it was totally on eventful nothing was happening but they were too this language that i absolutely knew what they were saying there are going back and forth and communicating and i was following the conversation in their language thinking in their language and then i realized i woke up how you interpret that i think first vows trip and balls right there's that there's been an that tax on what i think is edible pod i've done about two different things in the tank but mostly its edible hot pot edibles has a distinctly hallucinatory effect at high doses especially when you close your eyes in your life back dislike just just visuals take place also i think it
entirely possible that we have genetic memory i think it's in highly possible that like there are certain things that people passed down to their choice during your certain trades that my kids have that i watch in them and i go kate why are you so into this are you so in this because you i happened to be in this universe because you because i'm into this and some are another gotten my genes and passed on to your little tiny body and now you're developing with this like hunger for certain certain types of activities because i literally in their cellular level of will know we don't know what's transferred we don't know how much of like what looks people certain instincts right people afraid of spiders fritz snakes why why is that but we some memory but we somewhere along the line some memory got transferred india or dna with questions like how much gets in their until i saw my nine year old daughter i die thought probably very little us prizes like physical
trade and that's it but her mind is so much like my mind like an especially her obsession with things i've never seen a little kid so obsessed with things like this is me in a nine year old girls body this is fucking crazy and talking to people that have musical town or people that have our testing talent and their children seem to have an aptitude for this like an unusual aptitude almost as if they're trying to remember it rather than learn it i like what you just said i like i think there's something that gets trend and i don't know how much of it is readable data but i think there's so much information that gets through yourselves and then i think the child is faced with their own data right their own life experience is their own genetics there on hormones in all these different things that are happening around them but i think underneath all that it's entirely possible the remains some very very distant memories which is why people survive
as long as they did because you could transfer some knowledge unto the kids probably less today than before because world the world so safe everything's nerved now about get me my leopards like it's it's totally different environment we live in and so less of it gets in there but i think there's probably still somewhere in the operating system if you wanted to dos and stirred sneaking around you'd find some weird code from different languages that you spoke thousand years ago or you know who knows whatever life explain why our kids scared of monsters those another thing that they were talking about once more on these things like they're scared of monsters because monsters used to be a real thing that you have to worry about eight people like cats like leopards and jaguar shit like there is a real problem so little kids do not github bullets or in our they're scared of fuckin monsters every little kid scare the dark and monsters because that in our view
netteke memory probably some left over shit for when we get eaten a lot in trees trees so falling and creation both so is that what you think happens like that you kind of access to memory because i was going more with like the when he caught collective unconscious like you're seeing a present day thing in another part of the world no you know it's in year things is imagination more than anything honestly to be really honest shutting his imagination languages very vivid imagination and particularly when i was lit on some i'll keep it funny i i've read a study where if something really traumatic happens to the parents of this is animals or whenever even if the baby animal is born after this thing is over this traumatic event they'll have a fear of that
this step is very poorly articulated i think the pots i'd gone through me no no i'm just like sort of a finger talking about there was a study that they did with mice and what they with my says they sprayed a citizen a roma inside the cage and then the electrical defeated the mice their children when they smelled this children had not been electrocuted when they smell that such aroma they had a high panic state yeah yeah that's what it is but that is that how they figured that out because that's seems like getting utterly now with normal science that's easy right cause there have the sense well now never they never experienced the electrocution they ve all around us now right but the smell never gave them a heightened
sense of awareness in my city veto should be shocked oh you're saying they were pregnant known only war breyman others before their pregnancy wherever there right exactly ok so what explains that genetic memory it's it's a piece of evidence appointed memory but it's one of those things it's like if you don't understand you go back to dos or see plus or something that some computer code i don't understand it if i read it just gibberish to me like those quantum physics guys read all that stuff does his gibberish so we might be getting the gyroscope and what is what's going on here no one else right we don't know one day me they will be able to read that cherish but right now no there's something getting passed down from these mice so if the parent gets shocked because they smell that thing and then the kids who have nothing to do with it they get shocked or they smell it and they think they're gonna get shocked something's being transferred to the crazy that means that we have components of our parents like
right now we're reacting to stuff in our everyday life our fears our worries our neuroses possibly things at our parents experience it's entirely possible that the neuroses of your parents is somehow or another transferred into your body why not you accept them as your own cause i'm adopted that means that two sets of neuroscience going at once wonder and worn down on one much adoptive parents gave you sticks what is this you huda another studies authors was an early research of trauma trauma inherit hurry search on holocaust survivors found that epigenetic changes not genes themselves but how they are turned on and off by other molecules could be passed down to virus children and change their stress hormones there's about what is then how does that express itself not genes themselves
how they are turned on and off by other molecules could be passed down something gonna be heightened they're gonna have a heightened sensitivity to threat probably problem where they're gonna have like a quicker response neurologic will they say that about children in the womb when their mothers under extreme stress or violence you could think they can sense for sure they're no but what freaks me out is that it's not even like a feudal baby that's reacting complete genetic material transference yeah who knows how do we know enough future science yeah that's what you're into an way and get your science i wish we lived in the future so that's what goes fit in i mean besides i think i just think time i think time is an illusion to think that a more do you ever see interstellar yes i'm more in that zone
that's it that's smacked of good science if i had a thank you so when you say times an illusion you mean like the watch israel i give it says or thirty that's in the movie starts right that's all real now that's just coordination that's it's it's in within our species were coordinating together working as an ant colony where sending signals which happened to be time signal regarding mouth to coordinate but if you go in the water and hold your breath for five minutes that's real five minutes no that's just when you run out of action so that five minutes it is the counting of that time doesnt mean any doesn't mean anything doesn't mean anything but if someone's five minutes late you like bid you five minutes late hours never mad about that we lay that's interesting
while the only time supposedly is now and everything else adjust our pathetic attempts at measuring and trying to that coordination on like you know people like that were all we're doing like how old are you you know and then that just means how crispy you are from going the sun does not like really any necessary like sorry ro ruskin cracklin who like it's just kind of that and to me like time is just it's just space like how far you away from this gravitational pull i think gravities way more interesting time interested us coordinating with well we definitely are but it's also like when the sun's coming like check your watch sick fifty sons comin up that's a real thing we're just clacking stain of and the same thing with the lungs under water the earth spends a guy with you and disagree with you at the same time yeah that's fine i think you're right but i also think fuckin movie starts at four thirty
but that's another human putting on a movie it's true you're just coordinating with round me an example of time that is a manifest thing outside of human coordination well you could the oldest site like things happening rowing time just i myself think is that helpful in any way other than for us i don't think it exists in the universe really well if the universe had a big bang and that was a point worth storm leaving aside what do you think i think we're looking at ok black holes really say there's a train right where it is worded depot ok i love that weren't trinity burrito comedy power a train deeper and there's a good giant but of a train right huge are now twenty five
tal eighteen feet wide filled with that links that that feeling like among others great mechanical power and then it leaves the depot but you're still there you didn't get on it right and it it just travels in the distance into a tiny tinier tinier tyner speck until just a little poignantly can seed anymore did the train shrink no ok so when you see all this matter going into a black hole is it really singularity are we really condensing manner to that extent or is it just condensing to a certain stan and travelling in the distance is going somewhere and that's why we perceive it as gone it is they ve never run the spire astrophysicist when they break out the wormhole but that's not the same thing that's not what i'm saying like and i think the big bang the other end of that process the
during the process of coming out that's it that's a real thought they think that well every alex he has a supermassive black black hole that essential one half of one percent of the mass the entire galaxy so the larger the galaxy the largest supermassive black hole the prevailing theory is that or one of the prevailing years it should say inside every black hole may be another universe entirely possible that there's another universe of hundreds of billions of galaxies each with supermassive black holes and centre of them and you go through that when you go into its fractal because i'm going over and over and over sounds like our prospects my philosophy and i think the whole universe is spinning i think the whole thing's spiral thankfully things and then within the spiral you get the eddies right which are the galaxies and irregularities and stuff but the whole will she bang is also spinning multiverse ideas like glitch
scientists talk about that now that that there might differ infinite nobody's are used universes yes i do that and i'm just so much more sense some kind of like the people who go out that's crazy with the universe crazy it's crazy it's crazy that look out and you see forever that's crazy has fuckin grace and when you look you're looking out sitting on a side of when looking in the middle of the whole thing all the soup of of reality but to think that that's crazy but that's crazy gets like says who why why why when you think this fuckin infinite numbers these things out there that we're just a part of some thing that so big duke like if you looked at the zero's on that number you a new be wrap your head around doing what what's a billion what measures is how many billions is this how are you
trillions isn't a billion but there's no way as there is too much there's this enigma thing i love it so much its target it has to do with why we haven't seen aliens yet before me paradox yes i think that's the firmly paradoxes like questioning war because so many and life where me some different plants could potentially support life is a hundred billion galaxies hundreds of billion each one has hundreds of the stars humming those have habitable planets and if so why haven't contact gas and like the math is overwhelming that year where the first they kill all the commerce or or that we're back or an inward and go into the wild maternity rights of its what our age where it is the the idea that we all go virtual that we become something
a symbiotic thing connected to this this hive mind this real electronic reality i can't handle self driving cars i can't do that after i can't know nor am i guess i am hardly dot self driving cars real they're here may suck right now their kill a couple of people have been saying there's like five of them on their own they ve already killed someone around the room here now i feel extremely unsafe about that i reject that with every fibre my being i drive my own car good for you conquer drug mercedes richard on her party are we getting deep we're going deep i think they'll get it down together the autonomous car down the real problem is going to be the thrill in the excitement of freedom
he's getting in your car turned the key and is going i'm good do you can't do that anymore that's gonna that's gonna be a real thing that's gonna be one day no i mean not feels extremely threatening as an american i feel like america to me is about big long roads and freedom yeah go where i want when i was kind of thing if you ve got the goods you can start a business there or whatever that means america's the i don't want to be locked into little channels going all twenty miles an hour you know like i need you want to be your salary i consider having kind of an art form kind of an art thing its export inactivity and i don't want to relinquish that to be like a thing
factory line well you might get lucky and die before it becomes now none of that doesn't dovetail nicely with my idea that they're gonna discover sunday will as we live five hundred years i've decided that's exact perfect lifespan four five hundred for me personally not for everyone would but you're so we get an after it when you work for fifty years all they'll have they'll have hormones for that they have everything together have everything for that haven't used up locket envelope will be ok it's right ecology can you not go mad you might go mad well it turns out of everyone else living five hundred years we can in this conversation before we're talking about if you found out that you were going to live this life over again every time like infinitely would you build a handle it now but why handle it now you live in right now what did you say you are now would you be conscious that this is your fifty
time we take someone's word for lacked the matrix negroes come back like five times he spoke right at right right someone came up to you right now said lizzie gimme the reality of existence the reality of existences you will do this life an infinite number two until you get it right you never gonna get a right so you can people live in this life over again hopefully fucking up lessened ass each time but most likely you gonna still fuck up and use can keep doing the same thing he built no fuckin way but if someone says you want and your life right now like no i love my life when you on that plane in your whole body was shaken you like i want to stay alive i don't want to die so why don't you want to stay alive and is keep doing it over and over and over and over and what is their transcendence is there a goal if there's a girl and get with that transcends meaning we around hogs tat he knew that wonderful movie us not that great move not that i look around i return for me on
or some movies and but i love dumb nineties eighties movies i would allow him to the gene rather i really like i mean like blues brothers might be top five easily for me christmas vacations good move who by governments did not want me as your failure in those there's if there's something that you have all been too i can live my life over many times and strive to be better at it but if there is no point to it on i have to keep living over and over and go in high school again and again i know don't you think that human beings overall are evolving yes i think so i ain't even besides i think even our trials and tribulations and the things that go sideways they revealed sideways is an option to us and gets us back on track i have an expression that my mother alas onwards sideways like that's good can it gets you in the morning
we are like i can't do it anymore young i like that and i like the idea of on very into as we sort of evolve speaking of your vote conferences i was driven in the back of rick romans bentley when i first the move to allay my friend nora was friends with him and he drove us to you if o conference and i just remember sitting the back of this huge bentley and he wouldn't talk to me like i was like not of interest enough till i kept sort of poking my head up the front seat like try to contribute to the conversation languages the hour now you just like ignored everything he said and they were too talking about the evolution of human consciousness at this crazy you if o conferences pretty funny it was very organised is just like any like now more something like anything they have some good ones you know that there's a business now that's the real issues while the first offers it there's a business is that you get to
why were people realize you did you make a lot of profit if you just start talking about ufos or talking about extra terrestrial invaders that are inevitably coming and when in and then everything gets murky like italy whose use even when science and when you need it approaches are less it's just it it's not always pure you know like some people that look at it and that are like real researchers like there's a bunch of that try to figure out what the fuck is going on and they make a lot of sense in our view there trying to figure out why they don't don't point anything in particular and say this this little feet as this is an alien baby and we're gonna u genes to prove like they found that little baby to think with a big head just a baby just deformed baby but what their relieving for his aerial phenomenon right that's real phenomenon is one but phenomena the albania is a phenomenon deluded phenomena daily to phenomena
the problem is we don't know who stuff that is right of it's our its flying around they don't tell you about it if its drones that the governments working if they forgot that kind of manoeuvre ability wired the using a war crime in europe really convinced they have they can move great speeds at odd angles is what i understand i don't see of semi they couldn't get here's the thing they couldn't get here unless they were able to actually like tests or act was a word tessier act rather wrinkled time you back that's out now rights movement and cinema the but thanks for my get my back so the fold they fold ties the event horizon i know but i'm sure
i am familiar with space media with whose in that movie lawrence fish berne and bunch other people sam the guy from jurassic park gentlemen damn it was a harris verses where the elder neither the grandfather no the one who was samuel now he was like india is one of the scientists will the top scientists they want their lord dern whose like lord earns boyfriend he english yes pressure various there yeah and does the event horizon english accident doesnt baby adjusting so proper i think he's english of these was a fatal blow my mind that moves bad asda it's one of the best horror slash science fiction movies ever they combined like demonic me lee with space was demons and space ok i like this the aliens are actually demons sort of they
through a wormhole in order travelled this far and when they did they open up a pass down on a tree the dimension dumped on top down paint well how being what we would do to extraterrestrials we think about who we are right to an alien civilization let's just say their peaceful and i mean like imagine us are worried probably bees like so evolution airily backward right it would probably be like if we had a giant hamster wheel and visited a crazy group of arm champs be like well what the fuck yeah it probably would be really aware supervise them shoot them and share the crowd descent in a slow that dan i can now officially high like i can feel it
i think that we can now there's no doubt so ok have you ever been to or my concerts no the obama no not at all i was gonna ask you because as a ceiling is pretty early on i'm going out i'm playing myself now but i'm going out and i'm playing all these sums that i haven't played ever really lives that i wrote cabinet microphone sorry people a day which mean that we with me with when are you performing out here soon i will be like eight shows it'll come and go kind of liquor shooting star through this let me know when happening now joe get down here sir june ok i'm in but it's kind of an interesting thing if you play stuff that is from from
really long time ago and it was pretty rudimentary onstage can you trick it out with a base can you check it out drunk can you go back in like reinvent your early work do you think that that would be like without ups an old fan wrought we mean if an old fan wanted to hear the way it was right like a view and acoustic version today want me just exactly hit exactly how i played at probably right i don't think you can leave that up to vote because i think it would help my voice to be stoner since i was a stone or back that it would help safe in your login and being a stone and i might you make it gets donor syn
i'm talking about black holes and show it's perfect goes to believe and go i like all that shit sobered now that this very well i think most people do not like most people at her watch those go shows or high now hear the internet is like the paranormal what's library things people were curious about in their fun like goes for real be fun it be awesome you know it wouldn't be fun if they weren't real big i mean although shows you never all shared you ve never been scare biogas you ve never actually that may not have definitely been scared never thy i'm in their animals now i've been through this my store which has been apparently a bunch people get murdered when bugsy siegel owned it is to be serious night club and a lot of you will it work there are apparently of seeing ghosts by giving my friends tomlinson goes beyond belief or do they say they said they saw ghosts are labour they would endanger human look i've never seen an actual human upper summit
told me they were grabbed karla boasted was grabbed and drag use in a dark room grabbed him and dragged him on the ground and then ran the place and slammed the door outside you're kidding that's what he said could it have been a person could have been for sure people real you know it's more likely a person is in a pitch black room might be in one of his asshole friends said to grab and strode drunk office ass yeah laying down they gotta fight his wife that went to the caused or as a fact is liable to make it would be a big and then something like came into the room he tells a historian stage it's really can interesting away tells a very dramatic go through the whole detail of it but i've talked is several wait staff wage as managers that have seen goes there com accessing ghost thereby can people for full shit get a hundred people
one of them to focus more on and that one out of a hundred might tell you some goofy ass fuckin stork as they want to be special but we hadn t that made you scared our normal staff to spin the dark ages freaked out to be much more scared of animals than anything else we need the real things you know i'm scared of real should ever seen a moose oh yes impersonal of those who desire a shower moose i stumbled you shall move he counts for son yeah good for you i ate it good for you that's true hunter now while so we'll do it after fuckin huge there like gum didn't even look like a real animal the first time i saw one in british columbia looked like it was like a scene from jurassic park we pull this we told the car over we rolled the windows downward what's here look at that time there so big i think i can walk under it and clear
you might be able to really think like their legs you little dark maybe it's the worst theirs beg doesn't make sense like if you feel you drive a car under their norm redwoods dear crazy animal grows giant doors on its head every year and then they fall off after the dun breeding the horns fall off and they re growing did you did you have to wait for a long time to get it here we were we would therefore like five days we got on the fifth day and fourthly the fifth day say animal you saw it oh no we didn't seem one we're look of this alone wolves up there either do shit yeah they try to get you to tools manage can i didn't want to but
europe there they give you an unlimited tag for wolves he could shoot thirty walls but you won't you never get thirty of their smart shit but we did come across a baby mostly got eaten by wolf crazy packer walls was hair everywhere there was the most surprising thing says fuck and hair i didn't think there would be hair everywhere course they're gonna kill us thing we have to show off the hair i have submitted a hundred every meal every meal in animal aids has i hope his courage on preparing their knives and forks things today in their shit to see ropes of hair shirt do not just eat me like nice and clean like a ball and chop me now they're eaten hair everything i used to like it does like wild forest videos they would show their pack about horses and i will try to think like is it better maybe it's better to be like stabled and in a clean would nice you know sawdust or whatever i mean your pen like maybe it's not so bad to be
kept animal i'm not sure i'd like to be a wild horse i mean it seems really romantic nor would it really be fun to great ruins tonsil but it is is there there now the same thing that they used to be there not the same thing here they ve been domesticated for so long in the same animal really do you know i say with that genetic memory bayard yeah you know scrub bulls ever thou expression scrabble scrub bowser wild domestic cattle domestic outlets broken down barriers and gone wild and is lived in the while for several generations changes their form they look different they look much more muscular though their freaky look in multi colored sometimes they grow giant antlers are giant horns rather an it australia has a real issue with them and there sir pursue progressive anything about both riding people ride bowls and political figures that's what a bull does bowser ruthless mother fucker stages out there
trying to have sex with cows and anything that get anywhere near them they'll fuck up is their giant so these things rome wild and there are different animal now and people hunt them it's very strange that is that's a wild animal these horses are still the same form as when people domesticated got loose as it is run around trying to possibly eat there not real child while the wild horses are not native to north america while nurses they were brought in north america the native americans did not have horses we brought the men from europe i didn't know that yeah well it's crazy is horses originated in north america many many years ago but then died off in north america but process bird overseas in different places like probably went across the badge land mash in all these different places where horses evolved and became zebras and all these other different animals like and then they the europeans brought
where's back to north america the horse originated in north america but then died off so these wild horses they just domestic horses they get free surveys punish any discussion they don't really they probably if you see a really well taken care of horse they don't seem to mind it i give there's a play up here that as a stable and people rather horses people by pet the who this is the horses seem so shell they don't seem to minded at all like the loved horse in taken care of and in other just treated well and fed well it didn't seem to mind how did they not mind that hugely heavy saddle and that huge heavy human rights only hugely heavy to you matter so our that a horse has to deal with the help of what is a big horse where thousand miles two thousand pounds it's like you know when you son was really little you you put on my shoulders didn't bother
i think that's what it's like and then think of the mass that a horse carries around just a bone structure and the muscle this fucking thing it can jump over huge stacks of logs with personal it's back and it's pretty incredible their insane so what we are you know if we are to carry pressure on yellow fuck itzhak here because we had squishy disk and our back and our muscles give out and we cramp and in our were stupid our concern is like a horse can carry a person for a long time i feel a little bad for now the prohibition do it when we arrived at all the horse and rode worsens now you have to pull this strap like really tightly around their barrel chasse trio because they do this thing were they when they can tell the ear saddling them they like
their bellies out to try to get to sell some space yeah so that when you let go they can go like this in their more comfortable see literally how to like yank this thing and you look otherwise you will start to slip when you're writing gesture to fall like slowly suddenly art remit sacks that's why they're always farming on the trail of the other two just for a long time he proudly do i just made that just like you said that's it but they spoke like what they saw wealthy gunnar oh yeah die spoke at a garbage can do no that's why cowboy boots are made that way now will you feed going on loose and then they have the heat all that is so that the heel slides on that thing the footsteps and with that thing called sat staring your foot lies in and locks on that stir but the heel and then if you get knocked off the but she just comes off you get dragged oh give your foot if you have like
hiking boots on with like seventeen i holes you get that bitch tie down laced in and shove them into those stirrups if that fucking horse starts bucking and you get knocked loose you're going to get dragged and kicked to death behind by your foot had to run after i get about you off rocks and shit but a few i'm cowboy boots you features come right out now only unaware cover if you run horse showing work out what i haven't been but that's why they're so slippery that's why come right off to their goofy it's my it for horse riding but like people that don't get and try to wear like big ass fuckin mountaineering boots and write a horse like you're fucked i don't think anyone can fit of figures cannot nearing voting as a chair a real issue with people go mountain hunting i always a cowboy boots her first snakes that's why they were like the other than that
two about does they had to go out high enough so that a strike wouldn't get near the top programme excellence that's pretty far too but this definitely factor like with the way the heels directed as a stirrup sits writing the heel and we ve put just comes right off and the way to tell those out it would just stand there you go flying through smart re was appointed gradualism tipsy get stuck up very for those flying out in you done that was very vivid now that i'm high like to imagine my head bouncing along the trail behind them iraq and of rocks try to stay calm just grab your head heads your hand
smashing arrive anything you're just a rag doll darkly you're awfully silent over there does he averse heaters all the time it's a good doctor really is our guide were we to wrap this up if you like forty five she spoke about her that did just is by did you drive know some get near when can people find out where you play and when you're playing live what's the best way is your website yes laissez faire dotcom ok i think i don't actually now
people find it go look for an your collection sold out is others around assures him what did you hear that went exceedingly fast and i was terrified by it i have like a complete breakdown and could beyond twitter for three days to those whose shocked ass fast ass they went i get nervous i don't know i just i would came very real very vast all when the box that's coming i think is may forth which may therefore be with you and also with the very excited about that bottom i'm about six compendium it's going was my origins basically you wrap this up if i kicked the bucket were good and we know where i came from all like collected and beautiful packaging supercool goes further one really lot of fine really ensure that fast let's make all interviews i wish you could arrive
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does one part gas was fair schools fuck took me by surprise cause we heard that our publicist like she doesn't want to do video i used to like it when someone say satellite accountability what kind of shit is that in order to really mine she's beautiful approach here but then i realized it's not even them it's like our wacky publicist it's almost always wacky publicists or not even publicists but someone who works at the palaces like we didn't know anything about video now nobody stop the video stopper from video they get crazy they get super protective everything than i ve ever done my palaces proton and i do not want my current one he's awesome annie that's it for those who motherfucking we next week my good friends chris and mark bell would be here today
the the tea behind chris bows it's his project and mark bells his brother the bigger stronger faster doc better it's amazing documentary that's how i found out about those guys and then prescription thugs was another when they did afterwards and their work and on one with cradle now i think it's called a leap of faith is that what it is the difficult awesome dude they'll be here on the night on tuesday the tenth l global we'll be back within the great by for me you see heavyweight champion all our bad mother fucker matt fairer will be or from the smoke entire yeah you card doors we need to talk cars the great four times a girl will be here as well what a fuckin weak and again thursday
april twelfth which is a week from tomorrow is the first of the weekly or monthly rather com store shows the german and french out ok thank you but if tunisian predate prove when it was pretty eight baulk at you people and that's it for now
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