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#1101 - Chris & Mark Bell

2018-04-09 | 🔗
Chris Bell is a writer, director, and filmmaker known for the documentaries “Bigger, Stronger, Faster” and  “Prescription Thugs”. Mark Bell is an elite powerlifter and owner of Team Super Training Gym in Sacramento, CA. Together they are currently working on an untitled new project about food and health.
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it is in my opinion the best way to use the services of the us postal service so go to stamps dot com click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in jre that stamps dot com and enter j my guests today are the bell brothers chris and mark bell chris is producer and creator of the fantastic documentary bigger stronger faster which is uh steroids and prescription thugs is another amazing documentary that he made about the prescription pill industry that crazy turn of events while he together the documentary chris has arthritis and he had to have a hip replacement when he had his hip replacement he got addicted to pills while he was making a documentary on pills
it's pretty crazy i mean i really really can't recommend both those documentaries enough and he just made a documentary on crate am called a leaf of faith that uh is yet to be released it comes out in may and uh in the middle another one right now on nutrition he's a great guy and his brothers awesome to brother owns super training gym in sacramento ca and it's always a pleasure to have the two of them so please welcome mark and chris bell the joe rogan experience trying my day joe rogan podcast by night all day gentlemen yeah thanks milk on how are you fuckers doing great man great to be on the show again great to have you guys here you know i was watching your instagram the other day and i was looking at you with fake hips doing crazy fuck heavy deadlifts man that's amazing i am starting to deadlift a little bit more because i've been doing this carnivore diet and i feel great
and there's no reason not to write so figure it out if i can do it and it doesn't hurt dan now why not so i was going to about four hundred pounds but i think i can still do i think i and even get stronger now so what i am so happy about is this is something squatting and deadlifting it's something that was part of my life all growing up i was a powerlifter all all up and he's the one who got me into and shit and it got taken away from me i was really sad and disappointed became a drug addict and an alcoholic because of it and now i can lift again so i feel good that it gives that unusual for someone who's got artificial hips be able to do something like that you do you how many people do know that have artificial hips well do you know that add colin who's greatest power lifter of all time he has to fake caps now right yeah i think so i think he still squat six hundred she knew yeah he still listen awake eddie colon check him out he's a beast fake hips quat and six hundred
it says that it's like one of the most effective replacement surgeries that they do is replace it's a great in a big deal i think it's a great surgery before i got it done i mean i couldn't even get up out of the chair i was i be stock you know i would i would stick places and before i got to die i couldn't really move at all and then after i got it done they had botched one side so one side went perfect the other side for two years was all screwed up and the doctors didn't know what what was screwed up about it the the cop there's a cop and then is the ball that goes into them the cut came loose and it would it would shift around now they think the cup comes loose because when you do both hips the same time name the hammer one hip in the one side and then you're completely like a dead body almost and they flip you over it's really an island actually when they flip you over they think that's when it hit might that that socket may come out so they're starting to question doing them both on the same day now yeah i've heard
people getting one done and then a couple months later i would recommend getting one done because then when i got my other one when i got the one that was messed up redone and i had one good leg one in a one leg to recover on it was much easier i didn't have to have the special toilet and all the other stuff you can be on crutches instead of in a wheelchair probably right if you only had one accident i actually wasn't even on crutches i came home from the hospital and that day that i came home from the hospital i was i was one king i even climbed a ladder in our mom yelled at us yelled at me because i climbed a ladder and she's like what are you doing just kind of hips or you know i gotta change this light bulb now i would think that one good benefit about weightlifting would be increasing bone density i would want that in order to have artificial hips especially as you get that bar the guilty down deep into the bone just got a texas scan done yeah weird going on we got really weird going on we had a decks a scan done and dr jacob wilson told us that our bone it was a bone men for the mineral
then intensity it was mine was like off the charts but his was way off the charts yeah we also got a muscle biopsy done by doctor andy galpin and he's like you that guy he's a going on with your with my muscle his muscle he's like but we need to talk about this more so it is called steroids so he said he wanted to interview me more and then talked me more about like what i've taken over the years yeah it works get a works fantastic what people do it i just think i heard you talking the other day about thrown a roundhouse kick and he said it's a second nature to you and i think for us we've been lifting for so long sure a lot of this stuff even when i was a drug addict and alcoholic the entire time i i try and every day i wasn't doing i have a job but i still would make it to the gym every rights ingrained in us write something that we've been doing forever so i think your body's just designed for it it's essentially designed for not designed but you've sort of designed it and i and i think it's a
then found us you know like look like we did kind of stumble upon it but i think it's something i found us and it's you know i i i strong right out of the gate he was stronger the gate and a member my mens in the garage and they were benching the bar maybe a and i need side and i was you know doing a plate doing eight thousand five hundred and twelve years old you know he was an animal when he was young is just something there there's some sort of strength my mom or mom benched which is thirty five yeah she's been mom convinced one hundred and thirty five like right off without ever lifting i want to say i think she bench one hundred and eighty five she might the same day so joey diaz say immigrant mentality give your mother from where she she's polish right there you go i just got some people i'm just white yeah as i am next one is three in me done we he i got it i got one of those things done and i yeah i'm like irish and attack i'm like only four percent of time i thought we were
more but it makes no sense our grandmother was directly from sicily so i don't i don't understand yeah we don't know what's going on yeah well even if she's from sicily who knows like how what happened she was over there yeah she came from yeah yeah i know i need to get mine done they want to get it done for awhile it's pretty some of my allergies the young man yeah you know people get mad the people not really native american day it really amassed actually i thought it was spiritual people like i could drink so much because i'm irish and they find out they're not yeah just drop the actual like that happiness and alcohol are people get really upset 'cause they're not what they've been rooting for people take great pride in uh for some reason so dumb where you from who cares about their control over that yeah i i wish i was something stupid i'd like but there is there is not like one right yeah polish is a silly one but there's but in my mind there fucking hard people i've known a lot of polish people and like their fucking tough people like you want to
j check that's a perfect is as i say aren't some of the fighters pull your allen can walk of itch that that the beast no no that woman i should say yeah those ladies are tough is like when i was a kid watching pro wrestling i've been put ski yeah fox didn't now he works at a certain love in vegas does have polish our right to go to that's true because i am a sick that guy i don't know if he still works there but i know that a bunch of the wrestlers work that she does i know the godfather the rest of the godfather he still manages cheetahs yes and i think some real talent there in real life is a real pain to it i was watchin some clips from last night from wrestlemania and ronda rousey was with kurt angle and i was looking to kurt angle's body is like wow that guy's gone through some damn he's actually got damn beast he's been through damage lots of next surgeries but you could see it in his arms than x
surgeries you see in guisarmes 'cause their arms atrophy yeah he's at your feet a lot because his fucking neck looks like a god damn tree trunk he just got this net it starts above his ears right his arms are not nearly enough to say as they used to be their nerve i think it's nerve damage right ackley yeah i'd pat militants in here a couple weeks ago from yellow pat and he's got one on the street smaller than the other one five through to be here tomorrow he's got the same mission savage snacks neck issues for what it you know the guy and i had a call disk in my neck and i was getting weird numbness in my hands and then nerve pain in my elbow the ulnar nerve goes on there and when you ignore that shit and then keep training it keep getting your fucking neck yanked on then the disc starts to decay and the pressing against the the the nerves and the the the spinal column worse and then it starts atrophying and cutting off the the nerves to your arms and you get to the point where your ship to shrink and it doesn't come back a lot of that stuff
in your sleep to like something is aggravated from training but you sleep where do you sleep with your neck all twisted you know that happened to brian shaw but brian shots four four hundred fifteen pounds he said he wished he had a good story for it why is arms at your feeding but it was and he lost his grip strength a hundred percent he's worlds ross strongest man ask for time off his grip strength and it was mainly all through sleep got a sleep apnea study done and then he got a c pap the c pap help actually cure everything you try to do any and everything he was doing all kinds of different things to get as and strength back and it turned out was mainly sleep he's too big to sleep on his side whoa that's crazy so you have to sleep face forward i think it has to sleep on his back i should get one of the massage tables just sleep with his whole is facing the bottle i want to do that you fall asleep those things keep from snoring yes the thing with me i have a fat tong and if i lie down on my back my tongue i have sleep apnea too but i i wear a mouth piece i don't this year has some reason people tape in their mouth shut
you could do that this time of the where a chinstrap and you can breathe through your nose and it will help 'cause if you breathe through your mouth and your tongue falls back i'm not remembering property not be having prior would wake up with headaches i just wake up tired and with headaches and then i went this guy doctor koropi and he's in encino and he has this mouthpiece it is essentially it's a mouthpiece with like a tongue and it presses down like a tongue depressor presses down on your tongue and it keeps your tongue from falling backward it was a fuckin game change oh shit i just want app just changed yeah i try to see pap for one night of my cat this fucking robot bullshit machine out of my face and mark didn't like it he got scared yeah i'm claustrophobic so it scared the out of me really yeah i hated that on my face and i tried the nose one i tried the mouth when i could do either one of the mouthpiece happy sleep apnea really really bad an it's cleared up a lot
i just losing weight i think and i say that that's a big thing yeah that's a factor that's a fact for a lot of people to fatten their neck and everything to sort of that i mean i was again got so big you can't actually fatter so i mean i i can see why yes the thing with weekly interesting thing you get so big that you can't sleep yeah there's still some shit on your shirt and spilled some coffee there that's the worst yeah well i keep it from getting a stained so tell me about this carnivore diet because i add sean baker in here and he talked to me about it but he doesn't how many science you know there's no like he doesn't have any like real tests or any law term studies or anything like that and you know i'm person who believes in balance and i think that you need nutrients you need plant fiber i think there's a lot of healthy stuff that you get from plants big believer in eating meat though but all meet guys doing all me yeah i think there's i think i've signed it i think there's
holes in one at a time yeah i think there's some i think there's some holes in every diet i think when you go and you make the decision to only eat meat then some rational thought should come into your head maybe when i switch all the way to just meet all the time maybe there's a possibility i'm going to eat too much meat and so maybe it would make sense to bring in some fruit and bring in some vegetables just so you're not eating too much meat for the simple reason vegetable have been shown and there's you know you can get a study to show you anything but there's stuff a study that's been done on two hundred thousand people that went on for fourteen years and they studied vet study every type of vegetable and they were more neutral than they were harmful or good for you they found that fruit was a little bit better sorry again you can have any studies saying women what is the study it's called the pure study they said it's the vegetables are neutral what does that mean their neutral it is really help you that much they weren't necessarily great and they weren't necessarily bad
i don't know comparison to what the i don't know what their standard was from what they were looking for exactly but the main thing they were looking for was it being protective in terms of your heart that was their main the main thing they were looking at so they found out the saturated fat is protective of your heart they found but the cholesterol is actually protective of your heart they found out that all is but now it's all like you know without you can't making tons and tons of salt because they something is going well so i'm gonna kill you if you eat a pound assault you're dead you know salt those things it's really good for you it's an essential mineral tuculet to a certain extent but if you take too much of it so i think any of these things can be done too far i jump
on a carnivore diet just to give it a shot and see exactly what it was about and i like to do that 'cause you talk to sean john banner yeah he was he was on your podcast i got inspired to do it he was already doing it so i was like alright let me try it out i tried it out got leaner felt better and i was like this is pretty cool and why do you start it so i was doing a ketogenic diet for over a year lost a lot of weight on that was doing great for you look really good manually very thin and healthy i appreciate the netflix health i still have a long way to go in my opinion this is a work in progress but i did it was really simple it's a dietary intervention i went through sobriety as you know drug fedex in an alcoholic for about six years and when i went through sobriety that's an intervention like there something wrong there's a problem we need to fix it so my problem now was arthritis and i something that was like an intervention that would get me from you know being arthritic in pain and not being able to lift to
being able to lift so some of this maybe a placebo effect of me going like well i'm on this diet and i feel great and whatever and so i'm now lifting more some of it may be a placebo effect and that's ok with me if it is but i feel excellent this guy and i think the reason is i'm getting a lot more protein in i wasn't getting enough protein on keto because i was listen to everybody say well it will knock you out of keto sis if you eat too much protein and that's what i console being told that i wasn't muscular i didn't have i wasn't being able to put on muscle well you were constantly testing your blood levels using a meter yeah every day about three or four times like i'm crazy with it because it would knock you out of ketosis the things that we're not going taquitos were just like mainly anything with carbohydrates i wasn't really having too much of a problem with protein 'cause i wasn't eating a lot of protein but there was things that if i cheated on my diet for example of course that would usually kick me out of ketosis
but then i also got to a point where you become so fat adapted that you become what we like to call metabolically flexible metabolic flexibility just means you can switch from being a fat burner you know mostly a fat running for the most part is i'm eating high fat but then if i do eat something with sugar in it it doesn't really affect me that much because i because i'm used to a ninety percent gone with the fat so i can kind of move back and forth between those two things but what i realized on the carnivore diet when i switched over to carnivore the whole time thinking man if i could just have an apple i would feel like i would feel so much better 'cause just eating this steak it's killing me and it's driving me crazy is it killing you just mental i wasn't ready for it i wasn't tough enough to just say ok i'll just have stay wanna play eventually well you automatically use intermittent fasting almost 'cause you're like you don't always have a hamburger in your pocket or you don't always run through in out burger or whatever it might be but yeah you end up using you
rising some intermittent fasting and you're like fuck man the only food i have to eat as a hamburger steak overall salary it was hamburger steak and i'm like well how 'bout an apple so i talked to our friend stan efferding who is a bodybuilder and he's huge act and he's also a powerlifter and soup do you in years old too and fucking jack soup one of the smartest guys i know and he sent that study that i sent to you with about the fruit and i don't know if watch that or not but basically they did a large scale study with fruit and they found out that the fruit actually would drive blood glucose down instead of instead of bring it up when taken with protein like red meat and so i'm like looking at this going like well i'm going to drive my glucose up i mean that would be the one thing i'm concerned with whynot have some fruit and so that i'm in talking with stan about it he was saying like i think fruit is totally fine and i think you can have as much as you and so i sort of switch sounds crazy though because that's sugar
how did you how is your body now your voice you exploit glucose level they've done studies where they where they've studied fructose so everybody thinks fructose is really bad well they think that because of high fructose is really bad it's outside of fruit right but for some reason the fruit has these phyto nutrients it has fiber in it and the these things sort of like protect you from what's going on in the sugar they actually there's phyto nutrients in fruit like say an apple there's certain fight owner it's in there that won't allow your snow i want to test in like absorb the fat and so it she helps you to digest things like red meat that have high but there's other factors and fruit that help you digest the sugars in him and it's not like it share it out i'm not a doctor i'm a filmmaker so i started basically ask the question is will lot of people and start figuring things out and then it's trial and error right now i'm mean the trial trial and error part and it seems like it's been working
be good so now are you getting your blood work done yes just got my blood work done from last month and it everything improved from quito to con before i didn't really have any cholesterol issues i and have any where are my issues like that we've had our blood work done probably four or five times in the last year or so i would say yeah and you know not all the numbers are fucking great but for the most part it's been pretty healthy the cholesterol is been good that triglycerides have been good the world's not good just not the not high range of the know of what it what it shows you on the on the and then we also have other people for what in terms of like the triglycerides and the cholesterol and stuff like that we're talking about well what you saying what's not good no i'm just saying irene everything everything's been pretty good like this last time i did have my
add one of my markers a kind of high both had high c reactive protein and we don't not sure why so that's something that we have to looking at what is c reactive protein it's a marker for inflammation and my see reactive specifically of the heart double tap this mine was really high on kido but then after i went keto to of where it came way way down so i don't i don't know where it is right now i also had a really hot mind registered really hired a know where it was totally fine with all the blood work i've had done in the last one i had done it skyrocketed people were saying well maybe it's 'cause you worked out beforehand or right you have to what you consistent in when you ate when you get your test done with you guys
a fast and so i might have up are you up for sure yeah train the numbers and it yourself out of the way you train you train like them the blood work it's it's you know it's a snapshot in time yeah and we hear that a lot right and i think that that's important or to realize and recognize that it's just you know this one snapshot in time and we we only change all the time so particularly important with dietary cholesterol in went with cholesterol in the blood the weight registers if you have a big you know fax build meal and then go and get a blood test versus you fasting it's how is your body absorbing this is what's really important how's your as absorbing these essential nutrients not like what what happens right after to eat 'cause your body knows what to do with that stuff my cholesterol was one hundred and ninety which is good i mean i want they wanted to be under two hundred but i thought is it really interesting was my hdl went way up from like sixty points went up
going from keto to carnivore how are you eating a lot of fatty cuts like rib eyes and stuff like that mostly rib eyes like a lot of dietary fat i like a lot of like meat fat i think there's a certain point right 'cause i don't know before i i was doing a ketogenic diet the fat is free flowing because i you make your bullet proof coffees needs done and everything clinton brawner on everything rental and you have given him when you have a stake what's really nice about having a steak is you're right about sixty five to seven five percent fat already like just eating corn for the box you eating corn fed beef is that we are going to eat both i've i think that the difference between the grass fed and the green fred there really isn't a substantial amount of proof of how much better that is i do know that grass fed beef it has five times the amount of omega three so you always want to pick grass fed beef when you can but a lot of people can't
board it and also the for me the best meat is at costco that's the best tasting meat that you going find i've been everywhere by wise costco better it just taste the best i think they shop around for the best i think they'd alien and fuck some like expensive butcher shop it's quite a costco i think costco outstanding do not costco is all organic now too that's a weird word that word is so loosely defined shores organic well we didn't spray it with a fucking chemical right before we gave it to you so there is a what is exactly organic after you have to pay to get organics that is too that's a weird thing you know you have to pay a lot of money 'cause i remember talking to bulletproof and the guy was telling me like you have to today asprey please tell you pay money to get recognized as being organic so i would like i said with fat
great yeah sure i know what i'm saying you have to pay to get it to be i wonder if that's true yeah i don't know if that's true yeah it it's true i mean i'm sure it cost money to get tested and to make sure that your certified and says something like that had to pay money for him i mean there has to be some sort of testing testing cost money but when you we're looking at the standards like what does that mean it means no antibiotics no added hormones right is that what it means i believe food means no pesticides right yeah i mean excuse me for plants and vegetables and fruits and plants but the one thing that concerns me with grass fed meat is that you but you be more expensive cut but you're eating an animal that is eating what it's supposed to eat now you're eating like i've had wagyu beef and cold beef is delicious awesome and that things dead that's dying animal that's like eating a giant fat guy about to have a heart attack
i mean all that marveling that's not supposed to happen like you shoot a bison i got a free range price and you get a dark ruby red hunk of i mean that's i had saved animal i completely agree with you but there there isn't science to really support that eating the cow that was fed with soy or corn is necessarily way worse and so i might just be but for waiting for that to come out it could be one second you just said that there's way more omega fatty acids and grass fed beef give fatty acids are essential short brain development muscle development there's there's so many benefits to those central fatty acids and those are more present in grass fed meat wouldn't you just assume that grass fed meat is more nutritious yeah i would i would say that it has more it has moral has more omega three it might be nutritious and in that that particular way right i say like a you know is the cost benefit you know i i the other day
i went and bought grass fed meat from whole foods three thousand three hundred and ninety nine a pound for filet one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine a pound at costco for afla the costco one is so much better the one from whole foods is almost not edible like a ditch didn't it didn't taste good it's real tough piece of and so tops filet whole foods i don't know why they have crappy meet for some reason grass fed stuff sometimes a little tougher did you get a sponsorship for costco right before you know not not actually mail super suspicious email ships but what i'm saying is that i've gone out to uh a lot of places try to find what i thought taste run the best thing you know so for me sometimes i have to you have to eat a lot of meat and if it doesn't taste that good you're not going to get through it so i prefer to have meat taste better i like for grass fed baby i like to use grass fed beef patties 'cause they were
fatty fattier knighted really those tastes find me you know but the grass fed steaks just don't really taste good so i just kind of switch back and forth i think these are some of the smaller issues these aren't the main things that were really trying to fight my brother and i we just took on to do another film and yeah he now we're doing this one together on nutrition and we're just trying to find out some truths i mean we're trying to find out about grass fed organic and all these different things but mainly we're just trying to figure out how the fuck do we help fight obesity how do we help fight diabetes how do we help people gain control of their diet and i think that's really truly were talking about his control and you look at something like a key to and i in my opinion it's one of the few die that can really help people with control of their diet because it can help break up the cravings and that's really ultimately i where are fighting against it's against cravings of all these convenient foods that taste so fuck
good well the craving her face all the time find carbohydrates and sugar so those are giant an excuse me when you hear about saturated fat being dange it is dangerous if you take saturated fat with high levels of carbohydrates and high levels of refined sugars doctor rhonda patrick went over that in depth and it's really fascinating the reaction that your body has to the high level the carbohydrates in the high levels of fat so nobody is either fat burning or carbohydrate burning so when you combine the two of them together you have a nightmare you really recipe for disaster but it's not the saturated fat that's the problem it's a saturated that in conjunction with the refined carbohydrates and sugars and one of the things that they're finding two is one of the big arguments that vegans in particular if used for high carbohydrate diets in in relation to obesity is look at asian cultures and asian cultures you have low levels of obesity but high levels of high carbohydrates but you know you have high level
diabetes yeah i want to say you don't have to fat to be yeah diabetic well how many people in china for hundred million people my diabetes well there there's something there's less record their level slightly lower than ours in terms of diaby but japan's level is higher than it's pretty high right yeah japan's level of diabetes per capita is higher than ours now let's say their body fat levels are probably pretty high too no no their body fat levels are lower than ours with growth horse or look at you and i and not the three of us were not gross but americans were fucking gross we fuck dogshit we we eat the win every weekend speaking of dogs so we feed our dogs shit the only two like species on the planet that get fat are human being and the things that we feed my friends cat yeah it could be a dog but it's our pets and people definitely gives a good fat ice cream you know uh
grew up like that we grew up beaten oreo cookies have on you know a plethora of ice creams and different things and i'm happy to go to the gym and do you know full on swat work out you know work up to five hundred pounds and go home and eat like you know half down ice cream just because we didn't know any better it's not true it wasn't a full work i was just a squad as heavy as we could then we went home in a nice but there's some benefit for eating some sugar post a work out right yeah i know jim mister penny he believes in that like he's into like gummy bears and shit like there is a big shift though in what's going on in nutrition and what people think about that that post war about carb window and all that kind of thing yeah i think a lot of people have shifting away from that kind of stuff a lot of people been shifting away from six meals a day a lot of people than shifting away from fat the cardio and a lot of these die it's very like sort of myths that we thought that we needed to do well can anyone going like weight if you don't eat after you workout you don't lose muscle you don't do that you know these things don't happen so do
we need to do that like it could be beneficial or it could not be but we're starting to realize that you know maybe some of these things that we were doing our nessus i think there's science behind it too 'cause there's money to be made so i don't think it really matters exactly when you take in your car but i think if you were just to have carbs throughout the day i think you end up with a similar pump and you end up with similar recovery levels i know there's a lot study showing that but there's probably not a study showing if you took in three hundred grams carbs just normally versus dumping some more in after work out well you guys know rob wolf right absolutely awesome he's great but one of the things that rob wolf is done is pretty interesting is he and his wife will eat the exact same thing in an hour later they tasted like close and they have very different results and this is something that's really important to emphasize everybody's body is different sure and some people just can't like i have one daughter that can't she's lactose into she drinks milk starts farting seven years old things hilarious she
still there but it does her stomach a little bit and you know but so i like a little ice cream to and she doesn't want you to she was there's something really important to tell she knelt she knows like she can hang out you yeah and i was like well that's his jokes but my other daughter my nine year old zero problem so it's a it is it's just a physiological thing and it's a weird roll the dice mean human beings that we very i color her we vary in height we vary we definitely very in our dietary needs and that's what makes it so crazy to try crazy to try to any sort of nutritional advice because you know you can't talking generalizations you can't say this a work forever but i can't get on here and saying all meat diet i think you can work for everybody in some way i think most people aren't too much sugar yeah saturday i think that in that in that one is cars yeah that's that's what we're trying to define by doing a documentary what are the couple things that we can point to and say everybody needs to do this
is a mess and then these other things are like i just wonder if your average american only eight hundred carbs every day if if people wouldn't be you know next week probably hydrate requirements for athletes stuff like like my friend cam hanes who runs like when he's training for these ultra marathons he runs a fucking marathon a day that guy need more carbs than the average guy who sits in front of his desk in his i can here's work are by nature really more fat you know like maybe only you can store two as in calories of carbohydrate in your body at one time but the normal each person has about forty thousand calories of fat just hanging out on their body and they don't even know it right so we have a lot more energy available to us asf asked that if we learn how to utilize carbs are also crucial from one workout to the next so if you're anybody that ever does multiple workouts in a day of any of these mma fighters crossfitters they're doing multiple they absolutely need carbs and it's a good opportunity like forget
the card window necessarily it's just another opportunity to eat get into calories and so i think for them post workout shakes and those carb shakes could be really beneficial it's with athletes too because they're always trying to find the optimum performance and you're experimenting and if you're wondering how much your mind fucking yourself how much of it is just because you worked out too hard like where's your energy level at its said you didn't sleep good is it your diet like what is it you know and they're always trying to figure it out it's a big commitment a big deal to actually stop what you're doing and and to eat because it takes you like twenty thirty minutes to actually eat my take it ten twenty minutes to cook the meal and then you have twenty twenty minutes to try to digest and you're not sure if do an mma you have intense workouts yeah or if you don't cross that are some of these workouts can be really intense you're not sure how that's going to sit so sometimes for me i'm just like fuck it i'm to use intermittent fasting but i don't compete anymore so for me it doesn't matter as much well intermittent fasting
this is absolutely beneficial and i think one of the things we talking about one of the benefits of the keto diet that you also get from intermittent fasting is when you're body goes into fat burning mode your hunger goes away it's the this thing as i was writing and if it was gonna brands wharton things i had a really poor relationship with food before i he started the ketogenic diet and my i do women too let's not talk over each other no sorry we're all doing it but let's try so but yeah not being hungry has allowed me to have a little bit of feel free now i feel like i'm not you know attack the food i don't need food all the time i used to think the food all the time because i was constantly you know eating things sugar in it i used to go to the movies and because i'm a filmmaker i love to go to the movies and i used to go all the time and i had rule where during the movie was my only time i could cheat on my diet i could eat whatever i wanted and it turn
into a clusterfuck because i have you know i have like the little pretzel bites with the cheese that you dip in and out of sour patch kids and twizzlers and i'd buy three back is candy and pretzels and i need the whole thing there in the movie 'cause the movies usually suck and i need something to do keep my my stop with the shitty movie so i would eat the whole time you know an obviously that didn't work you know and i i was dieting besides that but you know it isn't doing anything because i was just killing all the you know all the progress i was making by doing this ketogenic diet and not being hungry allowed me to just sit back and look at food and go i want that and i want that because it's good for me rather than say i need this now because i'm hungry do you still do cheat meals now what once in awhile i shouldn't say no because then somebody will catch me an answer with piece of cake and be like that guy's a liar but the as i don't i try not to but there's things that struck that are cheap
for the carnivore diet that somehow like come into my life like somebody makes a new bar and they give it to me and i like oh here try this bar and i want to just try to see it's good so yeah it's off my diet and i'll eat it but my cheats are much less damaging than they used to be my cheats now are with some people call health foods now when you say carnivore dot you to you saying that all of your meals are just meet yeah are there there are just me yeah i just need the staff steak usually or grass fed beef and then salads no salads for the most part every once in awhile like if i'm at a restaurant or something in a salad creeps and i'll have a couple bites of it but i'm i'm not a vegetable kind of guy i've never really liked them but i do love free i like the sweet stuff but i don't like the vegetables that much so how much fruit do you did i know about two hundred to three hundred this is a fruit a day like an apple like maybe two apples a day probably something like that mean how many meals it may be one and then about two meals a day like two maybe like two
make sure you know maybe for burger patties or something like that so it's not a whole lot of food that i'm talking about i can't eat like dr sean baker he's an animal it's about four pounds of meat a day is a big giant do yeah a six five is a foot taller than i am so that's pretty crazy right there so yeah i i there's not a whole lot of food i think a lot people want to hear all meet there just thinking downing these giant it's a food but i'm not that hungry so i try i do have to try to hit my protein goal each hey though which is about you know i need a certain amount of teens i need like one hundred and sixty eight the protein or something like that i went off the rails of the night appear lueders in brooklyn i saw that we were we were also excited who was so good but we were you can stay and then i was stuff from the steak but french fries were there and it's a weird thing man when you eat steak and there's fries you could be stuff from the steak but you fucking pound in those fries those salty fries are still god damn good palate fatigue is a big thing
and that's what professional eaters do yeah they go from like they'll be eating ice cream and i can't eat anymore to the youth some french fries because yeah it was also a salt or something the song ride food with salt stuff more in there if you look at like brian shaw the world's strongest man they were talking about before he uses dextrose he takes puts on rice which is a sugar and he puts it on rice so that eat more rice jesus yeah we get bigger showing it bigger yeah so you could maintain maintain his his felt four hundred forty pounds body that's fucking that's a totally different than one thing one thing that we try how to do is we tried to not celebrate you know i think that being issues like you do want to sell right here and there you wanna have some fun here and there but have control all over that celebration like yours celebrating you know your your buddy's birthday he never even talked to and you're getting drunk and eating fucking cheesecake and stuff
celebrate when you really want to celebrate when you really kind of quote unquote need to maybe you celebrate after you lost twenty pounds but if you celebrate bites cheating on your diet it's actually like more harmful to you that is a real celebration you're hurting yourself rather than helping improve yourself now we do need to be we ny times where we do have fun and we kick back and have a couple drinks but drinking or over eating a lot of those things even you're trying to stay on your diet they will almost always lead to cheating i noticed that if if i overeat that's what that's when i get hit with a craving sometimes so somebody might think i'm going stuff myself with a bunch of burgers and stuff myself with a bunch of meat for me it doesn't work that way kind of makes those cravings creep back in yeah for sure i mean but it's uh so psychologically it's fun cheat apple
give yourself a little break at some linguine clam side saving like on on a on a carnivore diet there's some things that i i i consider them like slight cheats like going in and out burger you know getting like flying dutchman you know that is no judgment is at a paddy had an two pieces of cheese and a patty that's eating well it is the cheese 'cause of the cheese and it's not grass fed or anything like that so you're like who knows what i'm eating but at least it sort of fits on my but those are so good that even once in awhile you only stop it in and out and get a couple i get it with the lettuce on they give you way too much let us i think they don't like in the tire had a lettuce and and i'm like how do i get through this you don't like let us now not neither one of us love salad i said on instagram other day that salad is fake news and people got really pissed but what i meant by that was just that people are dumping tons of dressing on it and
not getting in and getting what they think they're getting an especially like a lot of salads that you get at like restaurant or just now they're not even very green or anything that said that thank god awful a very as you there's a couple dressings like marxists in may address thing that's that's pretty good maybe avocado oil yes i think things like that and he and he says i made this dressing i want to be able to dump as much as i want on here in a more i dump on the healthier cats and yeah i like that idea lance is going in a circle eat a lot of wild game and wild game doesn't have much fat at all like if i you tell about that chipotle main that's the show that started it like crazy after he said by the time of this morning with with the stake i was really i take it a slice of piece of steak duncan i'll put it up glob of mayonnaise on my plate i'll dunk the steak in the mail but it's chipotle lime mayo and it's made with avocado oil so getting all these healthy fats it gives you some nice taste and again 'cause i meet moose and elk and deer it's
very lean meats if i'm not eating like a cow not in beef my meat is more please let yeah really wouldn't be able to do a carnivore die on those kind of meat tranny that it's it's to lean right yeah i would think so you have to had fat you assume the rabbit starvation yeah rabbits extremely lean and you can only rabbit and literally starve to death yeah people have experience rabbit starvation she crazy is because it's so lean google that google rabbit starvation what that means because someone told about that and i literally never looked into it other than what they said but it's so lean that yet yeah your body it doesn't get enough fat to butchers typically add fat to wild game like when a chop it up and stuff now protein poisoning protein poisoning also reserved for does rabbit starvation a rare q malnutrition thought to be caused by a complete absence of fat diet
oh that's interesting they protein poisoning so because if you just eat rabbits you just have like a fucking room hanging around rabbit you me but most people would eat rat the map is with potatoes and you look at that survey man cannot live by rabbits alone the meat is too lean add fats in a few carbs protein to lap in i guess that's what a rabbit is and you can easily survive rabbit meat in is billy to lean yeah it's interesting cleaner than can i guess yes yeah well those little fuckers just run all the time i found it interesting on a on a ketogenic diet i was up around two hundred grams of protein when i first heard of it that was just drop in fat like crazy just when i'm in a that's not a ketogenic diet two hundred grams of protein fat fat you said pro two hundred grams of fat and i was dropping they say protein yeah yeah the total grams of fat and i was just dropping fat like you know like crazy but then then it
and to a point where it stopped i think that's you know what everybody needs to know is on any of these diets they eventually plot our stop and then you have to sort of figure out how to get around that roadblock and continue to like lose more away or do whatever you're trying to do well with some people just too much protein knock you out of ketosis because your body takes too much protein and reverts it to glucose i think that's a lot i think it's overstated a lot though isn't and i mean i think like if you have a couple grams over going to be in trouble but if five hundred grams of protein some crazier even like even like three hundred grams of protein so while you're get to too much and you're going have a problem but i feel like for most people that's not going to be the main issue you know for me it's information it is the big difference is when i eat a lot of carbs if i go off the rails and i'll cheat and have pasta or bread or something like that i experience more information parents more soreness in my joints i feel i'm on the you get more fatigued you get what you know like tired you get that
insulin crash you get all those big factors that i don't i just don't get when i eat clean when i eat just meat and salad and vegetables and high fat diet and low carb my body is just way more efficient just it feels better and the big thing that i keep trying to stress that people is you don't need an app that fucking afternoon nap which i just thought is something you need all that is just your body recovering from lunch from carbs yeah your fucking carbs at lunch if you don't have that the day is much more efficient i get more done i have more energy you know it's like people say how did you like all this podcast to podcasts a day like no i eat good eat good and it's not hard it's not hard your brain is functioning all day long but man if i stopped at noon it had a fucking pizza and then try to do a broadcast i'd be here like going oh this is done yeah i need to sleep i just got tired you get exam we've been doing this diet since the mid 90s since like one thousand nine hundred and ninety three i think
was around the time we kind of started we've been doing him on and off for a long time and more recently i used it drop seventy pounds but i think one of the one the things with keto that i noticed was it all it doesn't really matter that i mean he ptosis all the time i think the effort to be in ketosis i think is important getting rid of a lot of the carbohydrates that you have the effort to kind of eat a little bit more fat but what i no this is i don't think i need to really go out of my way to eat tons and tons of fat don't need to be dumping tons m c t oil on stuff i don't need to there's enough that usually in the stakes that i'm eating a lot of time to get rib eye sometimes we eat bacon eggs things like that i put up on my instagram either day about seven or eight foods that i thought if just stuck to the seven rate foods for full of days you would lose a lot of weight and the once was amazing people right in back in like holy man lost ten pounds lot of people do lose weight off keto there's no doubt about that even mark
assistant who was one that got me into it mark goes on and off and he thinks there's some benefit to going on and off key i don't think you have to be in ketosis all time ketogenic diet but even when you go off your not switching your diet to spaghetti you know you're not eating you know fucking bread shit like that they would love it if you switched up spaghetti right that's your thing well i like it i like it when i cheat but i don't like the effect of my body for an hour i just like the taste of it like linguine with clams is one of my favorite things to eat but the way i feel afterwards not my favourites without bread and butter why is that so beautiful why is that so it's amazing so you know people are out in california they don't even know we always talk about this hard rolls used like a buttered roll in the morning and we have to grow up in new york so shoulder buttered roll bagel with butter it was the best thing ever and out here they don't have am thank god i'm actually glad they don't have now you know what i've had that i fucking love sourdough bread with grass fed butter and honey oh my god
i'm honey on top of the butter old so she's is all this ketogenic sounds amazing with all this stuff going on i've been wondering when somebody is going to make some bread like figure out no it's a terrible it's not that bad no food is good i like the bread i make eggs which is another phrase i had tried out w haven't tried a lot of good stuff i know they just wanna holes yeah i may try the waffles i tried that and good the donuts and stuff like that but i found a lot of those things for me they have way too many carbohydrates for me they do way too many but i think isn't there something about the type of carbs they have diapers and am usually goes yeah yeah don't raise your blood level yeah well i you know i don't regular waffles on a regular basis but if i'm going to cheat and i eat what they have you know and they also have a very low sugar syrup to the taste very good a with some butter it's just yeah it's the best option if you're going to
do something like that exactly mostly eat real foods like feel better when i eat meat and vegetables that's one off when i'm you know i had jordan peterson on and he had some pretty serious autoimmune disorders and his body was really in trouble wow and his daughter had similar problems and his daughter went to essentially a diet of just meat and greens and now i think she on a car diet and she's got a instagram page to documenting it but he went to meet and greens lost a shit ton away let was losing i think he said he's losing you say like seven pounds a month for something like something along those lines lost a ton of weight and looks great he said he's thinner than he twenty five years feels great always autumn auto issues were done i think a lot of what people are dealing with is information that's caused by too much process carbohydrates too much simple refined carbohydrates
insurers and and inflammation is to disease so you look at what they call the five scourges of health they are obesity cancer cognitive decline heart disease and diabetes those are all metabolic those are all things that we get through food and over half the people that are in hot today right now the united states are in there for metabolic issues so that's crazy it is r as in most that so more within half the people are in the hospital are there because of what they ate in this and if you see a direct correlation between the amount of refined sugars and carbohydrates human beings have adjusted and start eating to the eyes and diabetes and heart disease and all these other issues and you know one of the things we were talking about before the podcast is sorry i went running today for some reason i can't stop coughing people are dealing with a lot of various health issue
and they're always trying to pin like one cause of these health issues yeah and one of the real problems is when people develop these ideological answers like veganism is one of them they do not want to think that there's any healthy about me and that what they do is the only way and this is the way and like i'm watching this there's a thread right now going on twitter between some cockamamie vegan doctors full of shit and all these people is citing science and he is getting pissed off and he's showing his degree and photos of his degree now like look mother fucker this real science to the fact that dietary chal troll is necessary it's a it's the building blocks for cells i mean it literally is it's the the it's the reason why your body is converting it to all the sex hormones can chester all saturated fat your body processes that it's healthy for your brain
healthy for your heart all these things are fact he's not recognizing the fact that the issue is not saturated fat is saturated fat in conjunction with all these other things that's a problem with these studies one of the studies they did recently with a show what that people who ate meat more than five times a week or much more likely to have heart disease but that's not a good study because they didn't say what do they in the meat with what are you right yeah are you eating it with brett are you eating as a burger are you drinking a soda with it this is not a good study a good study would be have someone you know get a large group of people put them on a carnivore diet have a large group of people but mike kilo keto diet a have a large group of people i'm standard american diet let him eat burgers and fries chocolate shakes and sodas and let's let's find out what the fuck it is put people on you can i have had tons of friends looting sam harris who was on
vegan diet and his fucking blood sugar was off the charts you had to try it was trying to figure out how to stay healthy like he tried he tried it for a long time he felt like shit and then he went switch to fish and he like just doing that too and then he went back to me yeah now you tell me the answer the answer always seems to come back to being in the middle somewhere right like someone veer off so far and we're like oh man we got doritos and we got cookies we got all this stuff being thrown this every single day and it's convenient and then someone will say okay you know no more carbs and you just go the complete opposite route and you end up with something like a car four died but i think just if you're just sit there and think about stuff logically it would make sense to me that you can overdo it on me like i think you can overdo it on just about anything that's why i lean towards balance and that's why i like vegetables but i can talk to guys yeah i think your balance is probably is probably ideal but you know the ballots of the average americans not great because i think they think they can just grab and
and reach that's their level of balance well i think the average american is just trying to feed themselves they're hungry and they're tired and look there's a great top of henry thoreau quote that most men live lives of quiet desperation and i think that applies to so many different things and one of them is work most people are fucking working all day and they're sad and they feel like and when you get bad day you like fucking wendy's drive thru comma odd baby hit me up with one of them fucking double cheeseburgers chocolate shake please did they get a little reward and you know and then they feel even more shitty and then they crash let me get up and they do it all over again with the fucking egg mcmuffin and cup of coffee with three scoops of in it and this is the this is for closer that most people are on and it all started with them going to bed too late 'cause stay around to around on their phone or watch tv v i went to that too late they woke up later than they wanted their tired because i can get to sleep they were supposed to get that they drank the coffee right and it just it says
things snowball snowballing after another you guys doing this documentary like what are you trying to document were basically just going around interviewing people that are sort of in the know you know that right in these books like mark sisson robb wolf those are some of the people that we interviewed and asking him you know basic questions about diet and nutrition and sort of seeing what where they stand and then we sort of we shot about fifteen interviews right now and then it's my job to sort of figure out like how does this all correlate together so we don't really have saved this ingenuous for me to come on and say this is exactly what we're going to do is i have no idea what it's going to be and i think that's the beauty of it we shot bigger stronger faster i had no clue how that was going to turn out and i think a lot documentary film makers they go in with like here's the point i'm going to prove
let me find all the people and string him along and then figure out how they fit into the puzzle and if they don't conveniently fit in my puzzle there out and i just i don't know i developed a different way of doing it i just like to try to get it much information as i can and think about it a lot and then put it in a way it makes sense to me so you basically doing the opposite of a lot of these propaganda films like this is one of the problems that and a lot of people have heart disease or all these various issues they paid into some of these propaganda films so there's uh couple of vegan ones that are out there right now what the health that's been widely did you missed by scientists and a nutrition experts and and i would love to interview him or any of the doctors that are involved in that because you know why not let them see if they're sure let them speak their mind let's hear what they have to say and then let's talk about it you know and i i think that's that's another interesting thing because the i think i also feel is like the guy
that made what the health i just feel like he has good intentions also yes i mean he's not trying to kill people kill people he's trying to help people just like i'm trying to help people so he's over here going like this guys trying to help people eating meat he's crazy the problem is i'm not doing that to him i think like there is a lot of benefits to a vegan diet there are a lot of people that could benefit from it can everybody benefit from it i don't know there's a lot of things missing also so i definitely question it but i don't shit all over it i don't think that's the way to help people that way to help people sort of bring them together and figure out i think it's very rare that people do it right i think if you do it right and you have some sort of b12 supplements whether it is you know from like greens like what are the use of
algae yeah the allergies of that dominic deck it's dino uses right now there's a lot of that stuff that you can you can get your b vitamins from and and if they're not opposed i mean this the well some of the simplest organisms on the planet are mollusks you know and i know that people think of them this animal life but there are more primitive than plants mean is there certain clams and moloch seen things like they don't they don't feel fuck and sure they're not suffering they literally don't have the capacity for pain and there one of the more primitive life forms on earth mean we deviated from them six hundred million years ago or something like that they're barely an animal we can call them an animal there but see so what we say is because they move you know because lamb closes its mouth we've decided that that's a living playing lance moved to i mean do you have i don't have to eat them the rats yeah that with the things that were venus fly trap jazz thing is plants are far more calm
it's in their ability to communicate and their ability to even express' predation pain and protect themselves through various chemical means to protect themselves from predation they change the way they taste to keep getting eaten and there's been studies also that play the sound of a caterpillar eating leaves next to plants they recognize that sound and they change their taste profile which is just fucking crazy and those are those are chemicals like lectins things like lectins and stuff that can be very damage when lot of people don't know but if you cucumber and tomatoes and stuff like that you're getting a lot of these lectins that a lot of people are they have adverse reactions to so a lot of people be eating you know variax the vegetables in their diet not understand why they still don't feel good they need look into that they might have elect an issue you know yeah it's it's entirely possible so
like when we when we started this film you know we were going to call the war on carbs that's what we were talking about and that's what we've been talking about for quite a long time but as we started to go through the movie were like oh i don't know war on carbs like maybe that's going to isolate and it's going to pigeonhole the movie into one style but as we interviewing more more people realize that the problem is carp's it's a problem with a war on refined carbs right yeah that's double oils and sh and sugars you know better which is a refined you say cars time a pizza basically an ice cream and all the all the excess things that people are not really oils refined carbohydrates refined sugars and these are all product to the modern world modern just realized world and make all products western they called diseases western diseases because they didn't used to have these diseases on that level countries and then when we started exporting you molasses and we started exporting rice and everything else we're exporting to the
other countries that didn't have it they all got sick they all started getting sick they will start their obesity rates went up there diabetes rates went up and that's just proof right there that if you eat that stuff you know it will have the consequent well one of the one of the great ways uh i've seen someone talk about i forgot it was it was discussing they're saying look at humans teeth people did not suffer from the type of tooth decay they from now what is that from what from refined carbs streets in sugar that's what it is an especially sugary drinks like people would cost drinking soda i mean you were just fucking torturing your teeth just throwing acid on your teeth all that ice can't believe i used to eat all that stuff when i look back you know man i used to eat all that and look forward put two right now and i guess i thought i felt ok but i really didn't you know i like thinking back on i'm like i feel way better now but back then i thought i was okay i thought i was doing a good job you didn't know anybody
i mean that is a thing and even doing a low carb ketogenic diet i was still eating a ton of vegetable oil you know and stuff like that and that's just it was that's why we well just like i do okay chicken wings they don't have carbs and i'm but they're deep fried right right it's terrible you know it's really not yeah i mean just stuff like that i'd say that you still have in your diet and know about i used to have i was doing a low carb diet so i'd figure ok i'll make a big salad and i'll do this you know dressing all over at the addressing full soybean oil i like that you're not thinking about it yeah yeah so when you set out to do this what was the motivation just because your own the health benefits that you found from adjusting your own diet i think just yeah i just like to help people you know i like to make films that can help people find their way find what's good for them or what works for them and you know they can take it or leave it i think falls in the category of addiction too because the place that he came from where he was addicted to drugs and alcohol
and he was able to overcome a lot of that i think the ketogenic diet i think without it i think it would have been a lot harder i mean i think i think the ketogenic diet played into and i think the reason why what i did a ketogenic diet in rehab so when i not to rehab i was like i'm not eating carbs like that's it so wide that help you it helps with your cognitive function it helps you to it help your brain you know helps your brain work better happen and so when i when i to rehab you know about two hundred and forty five sounds and i came out at like two hundred and fifteen from doing go die and i started training again a little bit but i was oh very sick and i is like i was i was messed up at that time but i wasn't right mentally or physically i was just oh can you know and i was ready for a change and so you know it was very humbling you know still is actually even talk about it so getting knocked down little bit helped me and also help me to start back over and start back over
with weather weather head on my shoulders you know 'cause i used to think i knew everything and now i think i know nothing and i think that that's important 'cause i have this belt mentality now that i use on everything and actually got that from talking for breezy over doom that's like he was always always think there's learning right and so i asked him one time i was talking about something he's he said yeah i have a white belt mentality towards everything i think i've heard you talk about that as well yeah and i think that's important though because we think we know everything we start preaching all this stuff and then i turned around and go wow i really don't know what i'm talking about a lot of times i really better think about what i say more and even now i'm just a lot more careful about making absolute eight minutes i don't make anymore absolute statements or things like that because you want to be sure conveying the right information of people what were you saying before the podcast started you were going to bring it up again about veganism coming from religion yeah veganism started with the seventh adventist church i believe so there was a group of people that
church and the guy that led the church as part of the church like you know they were following the jewish kosher laws or whatever at first and i was like no pigs or whatever else shellfish i think no pigs are shellfish and then the guy just said like it just sort of took to next level and said like no no animal products at all and so these people that were in this church were like the first real group of a vegans the church of seventh day adventist i think is what it's called is where it came from like one thousand eight hundred and sixty three is when like movement i get started sure i'd started early i'm sure people would do earlier than that obviously but i think that's where the the roots came and i just fine that really interesting because it does seem like a religion it seems like today it seems like a lot of time you get i i get called out on instagram and stuff like that from people that are vegan sale
i can't believe you do this and blah blah but i would never go on their page and say anything to them at all well so their proselytizing mean that's a big part of this whole community is it's there's a moral high ground they stand on it and then a lot of these people especially people with vegan in their name and their screen they always go after people try to shame people and what they're doing is in uh in many ways is a very good thing the non participating in factory farming right they're not participating in the horrors that we see in these fucking peter videos we see cows and pigs pigs and chickens are just being tortured all that that is disgusting and that to be eliminated and shouldn't be a part of modern culture but in terms of like the humane raising and killing of animals look they're not going to live forever and i don't or what you say i'm not into animal suffering i don't think they should suffer but if you try to say that people are not herbivores or that people are herbivore's rather and then we're not omnivores you're crazy
it's just not true it's not fact and they show picture these are not the teeth of a carnivore these are the two that were not carnivores stupid or omnivore that would be a good test inns and everything we look real similar in our teeth to fucking chimp champs arm divorce an the human diet is a very complex thing can you attach the human diatta ideology then it gets really really because you're not dealing you're not dealing with peep letter being honest about die battery like what is really important for a dietary requirements how you bought functions what the studies show if you look at it objectively the objective the first thing anybody should say first thing of across the board gave it all the fucking sugar that's not yeah get rid of the refined carbohydrates eat more vegetables i think you guys don't eat more vegetables eat healthy get some form of omega fatty acids recognize that the omega fatty acids you get from flag
seed oil or not as bioavailable is fact from studies not is bioavailable z mega fatty acids you get from fish and meat but just not the meat the protein you see well broccoli has fifteen group this is not is bioavailable you fucks and you know it's not it's just not so you can get by of double protein from plants you get it from hemp you get it from keen wah you get it from peas pea proteins very good but it's not as good as the protein that you get from meat is just not canon sustain you yes it can can you be a health person and live a fucking bounce life on a completely legend died one hundred percent but i would recommend eat free range eggs you're not hurting a chick in nothing gets hurt it is free food we have chickens they roam around the eat vegetables nobody eats them the chickens live a fucking hell the life they lay eggs we eat the eggs the eggs are healthy as fuck eat those find a place that has free range chickens eat the eggs
it's i mean it's not vegan but it is vegetarian if you want to get to dairy and you don't want i get it man i've seen derek dairy farms it's fucked up you see with doing a cows you know what the way they they treat from the way they raise them and just the whole idea behind it like making them lactate the only time but how's lactate when they have a baby right so they keep them in the state and it's just it's unnatural and that is a reality of dairy production and if you don't want to be a part of that that's one hundred percent noble but we have to be honest about new nutrition requirements not about the ideology of veganism and this is the problem with these people and so many of 'em especially the ones with vegan match their identity because they use the name i'm vegan warrior this is vegan prince in the vegan defender they're fucking morons who joined a gang and what they do they start eating plants they start talking shit and they go looking to just go after anybody who's not on the same page as them and
the real problem is people that watch a movie like what the health or something then think well that this is oh my god i'm killing myself by not being a vegan no you need to google what the health debunked and right now the actual science is what they're talking about is bullshit they're not being honest what they've done is make av in proselytizing movie that trying to get to join in because that's what they do and a lot of these people they give up a lot people to get to a point where their health can't take it anymore and i fucking give up chris kresser perfect example i don't know if you have interviewed him for you not yet but we will he's fucking brilliant and he was a macro macro biotic vegan i mean this guy was all off the charts with veganism anna actually realize his body was falling apart and gave up on it there's some people that phone that restaurant in california and hollywood what is it called the something cafe thank you
two data and yet these people were you mean the health was falling apart so they decided to raise their own cattle and either on me and vegans found out and they got to ask the rats and people for go after them yes man it was a terrifying thing for these people they're older folks and they they have their own farm they were raising their own farm animals and they decide to start eating them and when they may these posts about starting these people went after them and you know it's not this not kindness and you know this is not someone who's compassionate he's a fucking cunts that are in a gang and that there in the plant gang have you taught enough sure you've seen it by doing this carnivore diet thing if you do anything outside of that they go out to you yeah start jumping and just so everybody knows i you you keep mansion and you're not gonna talk us into like in vegetables or whatever i i do eat vegetables occasionally if you have to know i would say the running away my ketogenic diet before i went on the carnivore diet was made
only a vegetarian like mostly vegetables i would eat a lot of vegetables big salads and all this stuff and i throw little bit of meat in because i was very concerned about eating too much protein so i'd only eat eighty to one hundred grams of protein a day now i eat double that and so that's sort of what the switch was and it's just an intervention for now i feel i feel that i used to think that the best healthiest diet for you them being would be a vegan diet with like three or four ounces of meat thrown in at every you know just had the animal fat in animal protein thought like that would be really smart now i'm starting to think the opposite i think front low in your body with the nutrients that it needs because our bodies always in search for nutrients that's why were hung we're always searching for the nutrients that we need the vitamins and minerals that we need and all that macro new chance we need if we front load it for questions give us a chunk a nice steak your body is not hungry afterwards and i thought that's what's happened to me where now i'm sort of moving my body what it needs and it never it's never asking
for what it doesn't need i saw comma the other day and one of those animal videos when those horrible factory farming videos said because of this view yeah i'm sixty percent vegan now with my diet what the fuck exactly what the fuck does that mean but that's the type of morons we're dealing with people that are not looking at themselves or anything honestly they're trying to stand on the moral high ground and if they know they eat meat that can't so they say i'm almost all vegan to fucking couch murder does forty percent almost everybody who eats a balanced diet sixty percent vegan exactly i mean that's so ridiculous thing to say but this is the problem is people they're not just eating things their posturing like out there publicly posturing on their position uh on morals and ethics
you know you see it all the time yeah we see in every aspect of fitness we see it you see in all areas but i think there's also a difference between you know survival and there's a difference between performance and i think now we're asking our bodies all three of us at the table we're asking our bodies to do some demanding things so i think in that case is like maybe we do need a little bit more meat especially if meat is going to be kind of our main driver more calories than it kind of makes sense that we would need a little bit more that then maybe your average pay so what you said about the three ounces of meat every couple meals probably make sense and probably great for survival the other thing that's real be interesting though is that even for those of us have been trying to seek the truth and for those of us have been trying to eat than trying to train and it's not like you like oh there's joe rogan one hundred and fifty years old look at that fucking guy you know we still don't really you know you're not insuring anything right but you're trying to
is live the life that you want to live the best way is it possible that you can live it yeah if i live to be one hundred and fifty those last couple years are going to suck effect last couple i mean i'm not convinced that people won't in our lifetime i mean with with science and fucking stem cells and they said right now if you're born today you have a chance of living to be one hundred and four is like the one hundred and four i'm going to live to be one hundred and four bitch for a car he asteroid but the thing is just follows you and i and a lot of other people listening we started three thousand and forty years in you know what i mean we started too late i don't know when you started eating better but i know that it wasn't your whole no no it wasn't my whole life i was certainly high refined carbs injury died up until ten years ago i mean i really got into i mean always been supplementing with vitamins and i've been getting my blood work done for a couple of decades now but the real shift was switching to key
organic do you know where the shift came from me and you're probably not going to believe this the shift came from he after going to the show where i first met you very time we first met i don't even know if you remember it it was out at the ice house in pasadena and i came up to you and talk to you bryan callen and you were talking about diet and you were saying man can't believe that delete all this shit and like you know you say every town i go to the first thing i do is look for the whole foods and i find the whole foods and i go get my food and i'm thing i'm like man i travel all the time joe rogan can do this like why am i not doing it i'm i've been so lazy with my diet i'm so fat like what's going on and that that day actually really made me think about a lot and i thought i saw you as an inspiration after that day i started really dig in a little more so well i spend a lot of time in hotel so what i would do is i would show up at a place on thursday and i'd be there till sunday you know special not doing comedy clubs in the road so i go to whole foods i stock up on can be
future i would get a bunch of healthy snacks a bunch of raw almonds and things along those lines so that way i had something to my hotel room all the time so if i'm writing or getting done working out or something like that i'm not in candy bars i'm not rating hotel minibar and eating bullshit that makes all the difference in the world doc and that's how i travel now too i just have everything ready to go yeah get to bring yourself a big k the bottled water you know make sure you got stuff in your room that can sustain you and if it kind of to bring some sardines in a can yes i do a lot of that i bring sardines i bring oysters bring oysters with me this is my first sardine i've ever eaten was like two days ago actually i just so because you guys talk about it so much d'agostino we went and visited dom d'agostino and interviewed him he just kept talking about sardine sound like finally i got to try it they taste just like to
the fish the great summer bro i can't believe you've never had sardines are awesome they're great it sounds gross it they sound gross but i had him like about two weeks ago as well maybe it maybe a month or two the wild planet one yeah while planet they have olive oil they also have mac roll and a bunch of different things was used to the ones that my grand father get we like peel the can down and then it was like these little little fish in there those the two girls to me that's what i remember seeing and as is our good man they're good i like sardines a very healthy for you as long as well one thing though you have to say i was eating a can or two a day and then i said i found arsenic in my blood that's right i heard that yeah and then the doctors like just lay off that let's do another test in a month and then was gone and so it's just they they there's a lot of heavy metals in the water and they're they're are low on the ocean floor mean they're down there with all that shit
speaking of fish and stuff like that i do think it's important for people to get some omega threes and if they are going to try a corner for diet and uh do that is either eat the grass fed beef or to add in some salmon so i add in salmon twice a week usually just pokey or something like that just eat it what about oils what about just getting some fish oil and taking that in i so i like i like whole foods and i like things in the all food environment and the more i do research on things and look into it the more i realize like the whole foods are really where it's out soon i don't know i mean i'm i'm i'm sure there's a lot of studies on it and things like that but i just feel like the the way that the way they make fish oil in the way that it sits around forever and stuff like that i don't know so i don't use it you know one of the things i do use because i can't i can't stay and eating it so i can stand to eat the fish i like the fish i like sam and i do not like liver but beef
liver is the highest and nutrients you want to talk about a super fruit is like these true super food away really more than keen wah i mean there's so many nutrients in beef liver but i don't like it so i take beef liver tablets or capsules or whatever love liver and those station right i don't know i don't like it i don't know how to cook it so i've never actually made it all you do is take a dusting of like ketogenic flour like almond flour or something like that put it on there and fried in butter just fry it yep slice that baby up then fried with onions do you like onions you're going to see a youtube video that i got some elk liver if you want to try that'll fucking if you think beef liver strong you take l clever you like yo looking at some liverwurst i thought it's pretty good well that's a different thing it's pretty good it's different kyle kingsbury he recommended the liverwurst and recommended the liverwurst ann i was want to do it and
yeah that's just like mixed in with other stuff or something really good and i don't know what's in liverwurst that's a good question its liver and kidneys and heart let's find out well all those things are great organ meat is the best meat for you and liver in particular that's why wolves when the alpha is established in the pack the alpha will always eat the wolf or eat the liver first and one of those there was this crazy thing that this guy was doing where he was living with wolves and uh he had established himself as the alpha in the pack and one of the ways he would do that they would have a kill and he would plant a liver inside the kill and then he would eat the liver and growled all the other will let him go because he's got the liver once the he had to leave in or to help someone else this guy had a farm that was being attacked by wolves and so he set up some speakers and had some other wolves howl and it essentially try to convey since these wolves that were killing these guys
animals that a new pack had been in town and with these big speakers these other wolves like holy shit is a lot of fucking wolves here let's get outta here literally work but he was gone for awhile i think for a couple months and when he came back the other wolves were like fuck you mother fucker where the alpha now and he almost got killed by these wolves it's terrifying to touch him whimpering in front of these walls while these wolves are like inches away from him with their teeth big fucking wolves man why did i do that while he was studies on wolves and they were all contain and in this large fenced in area which is also highly criticized because there's some videos on youtube what you can see of these wolves attacking this one beta wolf and one of the reasons why that behavior so accentuated the fact that they are contained in a very small area it's big in that is a few acres but it's small in terms of what a wolf's natural roaming would be they do say that animals tend to go for the liver like they know about it so if you look at sam and there's a
be a bunch of salmon in a river and like there be a big chunk taken out of him but the rest of the body would be there in a reason why the bear would would just basically rip out its liver that's what it was after that's when that's out there in full sir plus or salmon everywhere they just go get four or five livers because it wanted to eat that so it's like looking at the salmon almost like an egg and that's the egg yolk you know that's that's important part yeah most animals like most predatory animals they go for the guts first it's really weird and i am back in the day i think when i used to kill things i would say even human beings we all the organs oh yeah i mean organ need kidney pie and shit like that i mean that was they didn't know they were doing it for you trish and they just don't want to waste anything now i think they are getting the right kerr is great too i don't smell cars and then i probably went with what tasted better right like you know have actually you know you if the heart tasted great yeah yeah that's yeah the hardest it doesn't taste the best the best is like backstrap and
which is the loins or are the tenderloins you which is the inside that stuff is most tender and lot of people feel like it's the best some people like in how they like new york strip it's like a it's got a more richer taste but most people don't find the liver to taste the best but it's just 'cause it's a strong flavor i don't know i've always liked it i was like liver and onions beef liver desiccated beef liver capsules actually taste like a fuck i mean when you when you burp on now just one when you take him and you can drink as much water as you want you're always going to get that little like wolf but at least like a fart wow outside do you eat the mean it doesn't taste like that we eat the meat of the liver doesn't doesn't i don't think your diet should behind farts now chris kresser is a big proponent of organ meat and he said when he had a bunch of autoimmune issues as well and he said that eating liver an heart and kidneys and stuff like that all that stuff really helped him tremendously i wish i like liver
more this is not that i don't like it that much force yourself to eat it matter force yourself to eat cows liver when you don't really their problems are getting calves liver most the time just kind of fucked up i think though you're right if you do for self that you end up actually like an hour you know sometimes you can eat it in a place that cooks it well if you go to a really good restaurant that serves liver and onions a good restaurant that serves it it's delicious it's just got to find someone who knows how to prepare properly and you teach your kids to eat healthy or is it just kind of like they just watch and they kind of pick off of some of the stuff thing it's really unusual they've been eating from the time they were really little i started hunting in two thousand and twelve so for the last six years they've been eating wild game so from the time they're little like my seven year old she doesn't know anything different she's eaten beef for sure she hot dogs and normal stuff that kids eat but she's been eaten elk and bear and deer and you know moose her whole life this is the wild d she's eating like basically
all the different things that people hunt for she's eaten since she was a little kid you guys talk about nutrition and all yes yes one the other thing that my kids eat that's really spectacular to watch as they love kimchi specially my youngest she loves probe alex which is crazy yeah we give them probiotics in supplements we give them probiotics in your in terms of yogurt and ask dot phyllis and in these little by okay formulas that they're pretty rich and they taste pretty good to the some sugar and unfortunately but but getting your kids is into really healthy probiotic foods it's interesting what's interesting is how quickly they snap back from colds hello distant they are to them and how quickly they snap back for them because they have this healthy by this healthy immune system tenchi is i had some kimchi today i needed almost every day i get this there's a a company called mother in law's kimchi it's my favorite and i'll buy like five jars at a time and i go
those in like two weeks you'll see it by itself i can she would most time slice meat and put him working on it and get two of them together don't people bury that shit like in their backyard or something like koreans do yeah they make a pot pants in there buried in the backyard really good for your gut microbiome and the more we find out about that that's why i say like what i'm doing is an intervention i'm not gonna just eat meat forever right because i i the next the next step for me is once i get to the point where i feel like i'm leaning to where i want to be i still want to lose about ten pounds and are you really yeah i get leaner beautifully and still have a lot of belly fat that's been around from my drinking every day for years now so the upper apps come in but then the lower abs are still so technician up shut up peter luger peter luger going off the rails i've been on a strict diet for two weeks and i've lost five your what's your diet just meat and vegetables that's mostly
any sort of rhyme or reason or you just eat as much as you want when you want or i got a little fat i got up to about two hundred and that's when i'm fat and i like to be like right now i was one hundred and ninety four after my run some probably like one eighty six amazing we weigh the same exact weight one hundred and ninety four this morning just became best friends yeah god did we just become yeah i'd like to be i think if i'm real if i'm shredded i'm down about one hundred and ninety two when that's think i think i'm really so i think i could lose another four pounds i think being mind full is a key factor now that you're like i'm getting fat hold yourself the standard i tell people all the time try to be made something different yeah the only way i know how to like build up any self esteem or you know build up self respect or any of these things is through training or through diet i can't really do it through business meeting i can't do it just threw like reading a book you get mode
divided by watching a youtube video or something but that last you a couple hours maybe it last year for the week maybe it helps point in the right direction which is cool well the thing about it for martial arts especially for striking is when you lose weight you move faster it's like if i if i went out there and hit the bag and i put a forty pound weight vest on strap that fucker and i would feel slower i mean i just would i just there's no way around it well even ten balance makes a difference when i used to fight one of the things that i notice when i would get down close to my weight classes i just move quicker 'cause i was carrying around less weight i felt i felt like there's less to move around my my my these are essentially as strong probably lost a little bit of muscle when you lose weight but most it was there but my body fat was body weight was down several pounds and i would just move quicker he must be tough as a
to gauge that to the like when you lose too much like me yeah like want almost want to avoid food to feel faster use few fight you see that with a lot of ufc fighters when they get down to low in weight they just can't perform properly in this that i think there's a real issue with mma and that issue is there's not enough weight classes that i i'm i they just be more very very strongly about this i think there's giant gaps like one hundred and eighty five to two hundred and five drives me fucking crazy to twenty yeah that's a tough area to because of guys can be so muscular that way or skinny it doesn't well it's real how tall they are yeah but it's really like what is your optimal and the idea that people would fit in between that twenty pound optimal either this way or that way is crazy because those two oh five guys a lot some could be heavy weights like jon jones jon jones could be the head which the world one hundred percent no doubt about it no fucking doubt about it yet he still weighs two hundred and five when he fights and he doesn't have a hard time making that weight now if you're a guy like
hey hector lombard who's fought at once evan dean just really packs a lot of meat on and he fights at one hundred and eighty five of it when he fights one hundred and eighty five he could he's also fought at two hundred and five before i believe if he decided to fight at one two hundred and five and john jones decides to fight at two hundred and five i mean hector's my height and john jones towers of me see looking at is a totally different body size and wholly different frame that twenty pounds is too much man and then from two five to have you could get some broccoli mother that or francis in who has to cut to make two sixty five that's even more impressive right because he's natural i mean he's not even barely lifting weights i mean that guy's just that's because hi gantic super athlete it doesn't really left now she's huge he got that big from working in a fuckin sand mine oh this is me he literally is like conan the barbarian from the robert e howard and see nigerian he is
from cameroon i believe right i think the source of income he's there's videos of him on his instagram from yesterday of him back in the same sand mine and he's wearing his fucking reebok jersey with his name on the back of it digging sand with all the guys who used to work with it's fucking crazy but that is hard labor and it's good there is do that all day dig fucking say all day you know fucking strong you would be just carrying twenty pound hunks of sand and shoving and into the top of that truck all these efficiency he's beast but he's he's got tremendous genetics his father's bill like him too there's a have him on his instagram when he was three years old standing next was father and you look at his daddy like apple on the tree they are baby you know he's
pretty dangerous coming up like to the title more than anybody he knocked out for breezy over doom was one of the best ever he knocked out alistair overeem he beat francis in ghana who everybody is fucking terrified oven francis been blowing every yeah the water including alistair overeem i just think and not but you need to santos also former heavyweight champ and i think steve pays the best of all time so steve pays able to beat you and beat you by using his wrestling and using his smarts and using his his octagon allergens in just his overall fight iq q just knows how to fight better he just got tools in the toolbox france can learn an he is an incredible athlete and what he has over everybody is power he has more power in his punch we have a machine out there called the power cube and that machine
francis registered the highest ever power punch by like ten thousand units whatever the fuck that means so tired in was a super powerful heavyweight boxer he scored like one nineteen i think it was and for one fourteen and then it's a scored one twenty nine hundred and twenty nine thousand and you see it when he hits and that's about what you can write you a little bit more than that so that's again i can't live in the face yeah the i hold the record right now until some well hold the road one fifty two thousand one hundred and fifty two from a kick butt again look at this site of my level carrying around one hundred ninety six pounds all day running hills with one hundred and ninety six pounds try doing handstands and running up a hill with hand you just can't your arms are not that strong and also you know checking my whole life he's really only been training mma for five years yeah so he's it's fun to watch he's amazing to watch it's like a old tyson fight
yeah even the match even a fight with us the pay was kind of scary because he just can't get it back up and it was like watching a mike myers again more movies or something michael myers in our freddy krueger some just can't back doesn't have the salim experience it doesn't have the wrestling technique but what he has is incredible heart and desire and he's very hungry to learn and i'm i'm very hopeful that he's going to learn and i really really hope that incorporates real rigorous wrestling program because that was one thing that was lacking from his last was last training camp and fought for steep yeah you have seen needs a three hundred and up club i think so you know to have that have that weight class and then having only fight for a minute and rest for like five minutes but there's nothing the issue is is not enough fighters there's not enough guys but not big boy
yeah maybe just like put you saw it on the back burner for right five johns and soon do whatever you want you know you know i'm i'm a hopeful that francis still i mean he's a little older in terms of like being this news sport at thirty three you know i really didn't start training until he was twenty eight to me is kind of crazy was homeless yeah i mean you are talking about are amazing story that's like right out of a movie the guy was homeless came from africa where you were can a fucking sand mine and then gets to the one contender spot in the ufc but there's has now like alexander volkov is a volkov volkoff the guy who just knocked out covers you doom he's this this is
the giant died like he's a huge i the six seven trees yeah an incredibly skillful so there's there's these guys that are coming up that are like at the higher end of the week class has his last name book off right i what i was gay confused because russian say things with russian accent on the volkov for self volkov it is fine if that's the case if used at all he is fifty six seven he's incredibly long and efficient and he has real power he and he's hard to hit man but his game name is so well rounded the difference between him and a i likes you know francis is he's not new to the game i mean giant guy who's been fighting for a long fucking time so he is a real of martial artist when he fought for breezy over doom
i could tell early on the striking exchanges like wow for might be in trouble but this he's long he knows to stay on the outside and he knows he's got an excellent sense of distance and it's got legit knockout he fought for up man that was that was hard to watch like wow this guy's he's left yet it's amazing these longer body types have been so good anderson silva bones jones yeah a lot of these guys have you know you i you know when i that you think someone may be shorter stockier and getting inside but did you these are being seems like a huge sees a saturday night margo bed sharapov say that five times like i said before we came on the podcast as soon as it came on i'm going six two one hundred and forty five you couldn't find a skinnier gaia thought and then i saw him fight in man he was so impressive but fast and strong at one hundred and forty five and six two i guess voice was you know he wasn't real tall but he was like six one right but he was one hundred and seventy five
and you know he was obviously fighting an unlimited class and he was fighting guys like dan seven at the time he was two hundred and sixty five is then but he's got muscle on him like is kind of jacked like when he looked at me like a perfect frame he's almost like listen to little tiny luke rockhold in a lot of ways but with the way more dynamic game he could do everything that guy who was really interesting to watch first time i ever saw him fight to dock eyes phenomenal he's so talented does the first time i saw him fight live and is is a different thing when you see someone live like you see someone in a video and you go wow that guy is good but they see him five and you know brain has like a little computer where it's seen or you know you've got it got a database especially me i've seen so many fights have a database of how people move did you see that guy moving like what what we're looking at here because i i've seen that i love seeing this next level that next level thing like whether it's
you know conor or whether it's tyron woodley or is every now and then you see next level when you go like tyrant read to maine he thought los condit and it was a moment in the condit fight where he stepped forward and snap carlos with a straight right hand was like whoa that's like ten percent faster than should be yeah can i mean like you get used to world class athletes moving and then you see someone like edson barboza a switch kick that's another one you like but baby you but to me the big example that is nerva commit office wrestling copied takes how my god everybody but but he was good how failed those charges brazilian you to black belt world champion or rag dolls on rag dolls everybody michael john i mean it's not who he fights he ragdoll this guy in the getting i thought it was over right away as a car this is over and that but i can say did did
well did well very well the thing about hi clint is he's a legit crazy person like that guy's crazy trashes hotel rooms he's like you look in his eyes like this is the guy i don't like a couple people home this is not a full village in that head that's a example but what i'm saying is like he's legit maniac and he's not scared like he'll fight anybody you could wake him up at three hundred o'clock in the morning and he'll fight anybody being crazy thing he he was running around the hotel lobby the day when when we found out that max holloway could not make weight and the new new by the way i should say could not make weight i believe max were made the way new york state athletic commission which they made some days that they made some big errors and i'm going detail with a couple one of them is they wouldn't let paul felder fight paul felder the for this it is not ranked paul felder is a fucking killer he is a straight up killer and
him versus could be would been a very interesting fight because paul is a big one hundred and fifty five he's very big very very strong he is an expert world class striker paul felder is a dangerous dangerous man for anybody one hundred and fifty five pounds and he's a ground and pound expert he's also get very good defense in in everything very good defense standing up very good defense on the ground we felt as well rounded i would be intrigued in that fight and they offered it to felder felder this but yeah and then the others doing new york state athletic commission set inside now yeah i was like you guys are out of your fucking mind you don't know shit about fighting if you don't think that guy could fight for the title 'cause paul might be fighting for the type coming here from now or whenever i he's fucking world class so that they don't know all that and there saying well based on the rankings for the rankings are horse shit their arbitrary there made by a bunch of people that i think a lot of times are biased they have terrible judgment sometimes the guy will fuck a guy up and then you look at the rankings and he's below that guy he just fucked up in the ratings explained
there is no other way to tell if a guy better than who we fucked up they say well past experience is so suck fat dicks that doesn't mean anything beat this guy got beat the guy who beat the guy that guy beat him well if he was number one now he's number one that's how it goes you can't get knocked out still number one that's fucking bananas and this is often the case see a guy to beat a and he still below the guy in the ranks like what the fuck we do know how to play the guy how did they end up getting i appointed them the last time he was here he was the next guy in line he's on ain four or five fight win streak arm and he's beaten some very good guys like or he must be all ross pearson beaten some legit guys need look i quit can bang any stuff shit and he's got a wrestling background which i think played a big factor in that fight obvious he was greatly outclassed by a guy who i think is one of the greatest lightweights of all time and now that he's the champion i'm
very interested in seeing but i think what we saw in that fight that was very intriguing was the fact that iaquinta was able to get back up that i quit one few guys that number amount of's ever thought that has stopped a bunch of takedowns and then until late rounds the guy in alpha they didn't even prepare for a five round fight yeah he was get ready for three round fight with paul felder so mean props to al iaquinta mean anna great job as also animal and major props to the contractile bach and that kid that fazza beat that kid that was lucky in savage 'cause he ate everything was smiling he got punched in the face smiling and coming on at the end of the fight the end of three rounds of a clinic i mean it's a be put on clinic you did everything jump spinning back kicks the house ethics which kicks him with a switch kick that was like jesus bach took a couple to the net and still kept and still kept
blood coming out of his nose is mount a second remote out sticking his tongue out of it and then as a b is like what the do i gotta do this guy at the end of the block me i've got him pinned up against the cage and he's throwing bombs was crazy the for the whole place the entire bar oakley center on their feet were going nuts fuck i stood up on my screen i was screaming happen it was phenominal phenominal that's what i you know and that was some in my mind i was worth the price with vision and mission for the whole paper you card this is our best fight for sure yeah for sure but this see albert do that shows you that you know al is a legit world class fighter you mean definitely is not on the level of could be but nobody thought he was coming in i think was a in a lot of is an upset just the fact that he was able to go to the distance and you see what could be did to so any other fighters me mauled everybody else and he hold out for a lot of the fight i mean look the guys the best wrestler at one hundred and fifty five mean ever he does
things to world class guys that makes you just confused because he's not it's like there's certain guys that are doing things like yo rodriguez is a perfect example he does wild shit it does like jump three sixty roundhouse kicks he three hundred and sixty roundhouse kicks bj penn in the face and you're like what the fuck so this is like a guy doing something to the other guy with the other guy just can't do that he can't move that way number office doing standard stuff but he's doing it it's it's a high level that he may world class fighters question their career he takes them in malls them and they have a different sense of where they fit in the universe it's crazy to see somebody come back from that when they get the beat out of me getting getting hit so hard you like what makes you had some fighters and stuff that that i've talked to in the past and a lot of times they don't even know that how fucking bat crazy they are i did pro wrestling for a handful of years and not
wrestling a lot of times we'd share the ring and and so on and a lot of times the ufc fighters they would say you guys are fucking easy when you guys doing in there if i can jumping off the top rope i'm like were crazy with your doing is fucking out of this world well i've goofed around about pro wrestling before but my honest feelings all bullshit aside this is one of the toughest professions in all of entertain little it is unbelievably it is okay though that's why i was in just based on fact it's not you it's it's not a sport it's entertainment but you have incredibly athletic to do some shit they do and the beating those guys take this terms of their body it's it's very under appreciate asked as you just watch it to go it's not real they're not really fighting but no they're real hitting each other with chairs the really jumping off the top rope and slamming each other i mean all the crazy and they do the the told those guys take on their body is on unbearable but what was about kurt angle like that guy
has gone through a fuckload mean see if you can find that sure i think it's on ronda rousey's instagram page ronda rousey with kurt angle at the end of their match and you looking at it fifty olympic gold medal with a broken neck and he's going to gold medal with a broken neck was broke again won the olympics broke free can not not like broken in half it was fractured in a fractured his neck and he still won what the down it wasn't supposed to now not that a good one but the one with their arms raised is it on hers maybe it's not there it is right there look at that look at his arms manufacture feed yeah look at that left arm i mean that's crazy looks like no offense jamie looks like jamies arm jamie got big arms you do have big arms i mean you do but you have big arms for a normal guy he's damn go rilla for normal your athletic
i'm not saying anything bad but i'm saying that for the size of what he used to look like go back to look at the size of his fucking neck dude what is that thing right below his ear what is that that's his neck what is that at your that's like he's gotta go for living in his neck you know the way the guys train their neck is crazy the way they is bridges and shit and flips good for you man i don't think so there's an article about that recently where they were describing like the dangers of neck bridging yeah you know it does strengthen your neck what wrestling i do a lot of that's not great for a i think rather it's kind of part of the par for the course right with collegiate decide wrestling gear with that iron neck i like it yeah i i like it love that they use for some let's see that and i felt i felt strong religion they felt stronger follow it's phenomenal i actually use that didn't know that i had an issue with my neck until i used it and then after i use it on wait a second i can turn my head
yeah the now so i think it's great one of things about it is the range of motion that gives you and for grapple i think it is mandatory i think it's a mandatory thing for i fuck my neck up for a bunch of reasons one from being an idiot not tapping to from getting injured and still training but three because one of my biggest moves is the arm triangle so in the triangle when you grab get ahead arm choke when i got the guys arm trapped here i'm using my neck so i'm constantly like pinning things down with my neck and you're rolling for fucking hour night or whatever it is is a lot of pressure you're putting on your neck and then defending things with your neck and everything gets inflamed and everything is injured and you get these little micro injuries that never really heal because your back training again that iron next it works great though i think we both looked at it kind of skeptical we first saw and then the guy did a demo for us and we both used it and thought it was really
you put this weird helmet it looks weird in the beginning to this thing you know and then it works great but i mean even one of those harness is with uh wait just where your you know just constantly conditioning your neck your neck needs work out it really does it's really know you're serious about training when you have a fucking neck harness yeah man yeah i always have one back in today i'm a big believer in working out your neck and jean jacques machado my jujitsu instructor is a very famous quote he says never trust your neck yeah never trust your neck you know like if you think that you know if someone's choking you is like don't just think that your neck is strong enough to handle it fuck that protect your neck yeah kurt angle looks he's got over twenty inch neck or something makes cute looks like it's pushing his head off his fucking shoulders yeah it's like two of my thighs holding his fucking head up but i mean it's probably just to porters neck with all the injuries of the guys have i mean i'm sure he's got fused discs or some i'm going out there right does he yeah he had surgery
dc actually you know he was addicted to drugs now he's doing a big thing on sobriety ann he was he was heavily addicted like opioids for a long time yeah actually he actually the point where i believe it was situation where it was either the drugs or he gets fired and he basically got fired from but if you're really store is whatever whatever but sort of went down a really bad road and it's good to see him back and be happen back being like like's as healthy as he can be at this point because he went through a really off time you know i love you documentary prescription thugs and i've shown it and rec send it to so many people i just think we live in a crazy time you're hearing all the time someone's cousin and my brother or this guy my mom p get injured they get on pills and then they wind up dying or they go down that road and they become addicts it's it is a fucking
not so silent but epidemic in this country and allow people feel completely helpless because they're getting prescribed these things by their doctor so they think they should take him and and you know you watch your friend drift away i mean it happened one of my family members i watched my family member so from being a normal guy to being a total fucking loser and it's just because he hurt his back and he got hooked on pills and the next thing can't keep a job and he's always on the pills and he never did check when i knew him i grew up with this kid he it's totally normal and now he's all fucked up and it's just as it is still messed up i still fucked up he doesn't he doesn't want to get sober is at the top can i can i don't know what to do yet you can't hold someone's hand you can't you can't i mean he in boston i can't fly to boston and fucking hold his hand we have a cousin who's an alcoholic an he's is 30s you know he needs a liver transplant and he still goes and drinks in this fucking yeah and damn you know an it's just a shame because we love him
their cousin but there's nothing that we can do to help him i've tried to help him so many times even often are offering to bring them out here and to go to rehab for free because of the people i know and he didn't take me up on it and i that kind of it's crazy how we lost our uncle we lost her brother to from this kind of thing and it's brutal managerial it runs rampant it does and it's so easy to for people to get lost losten mean schaub schaub broke his nose in the crow cop fight crocop cop smashes nose with an elbow and he had to get his nose reconstructed and when he got his nose reconstructed they put him on pills next thing you know he's taken pills all day long and it's four months later and his buddies grabbed i went to his house and they they opened up his medicine cabinet they threw everything away and they go this is it it's over i'm not doing this anymore man and he's like you're right you're right and he went cold turkey and thought luckily is a strong guy mentally in and he got off of it and that was it and he likes to talk about it cuz it's it's
one thing because because i would have never thought that i would get addicted to drugs at such a sickness i remember the last the last time i did percocet i was at a ucla usc game and i took a bunch of going to be sitting through this game the whole time i'll take the whole bottle i took thirty of take this game biscayne thirty slash thirty pills with me to this this is even gets even better it down in my seat and right behind me is the doctor who runs the who owns the clinic where i got my surgery done and meanwhile i'm high super high talking to this doctor full time on the pills that he prescribed for it to me you know i did thirty pills in that game you know crazy did the doctor know that you're pulled up i mean we had to know i mean i don't know but it's kind of like it was maybe it was a weird situation but you know getting getting off those pills
was necessary it would have ended my life for sure now if you had gotten a surgery tomorrow like say what if your hip fucked up and they had to go back and redo it would you take the pain pills i would do i would take the pain killers as long as i was in the hospital like whatever supervised when you be scared though that you would now jump right back and you think that's over i don't think it works that way you know like i don't i don't think it be a trigger but i wouldn't take him at home i'd use kratom or something else and who knows i don't know how good creighton would work after a surgery right right right right we don't know how we're create them did help you right helps me phenomenally every single day yeah my friend cams on that stuff too he was he had a real problem with ibuprofen for awhile and then doctor rhonda patrick did a pa outkast with me where she was talking about the dangers of ibuprofen and all the different real
vera side effects of people have from ruins your gut microbiome it ruins your libido and your sperm count too well this is the gut microbiome is really fast fascinating because it causes inflammation and he was dealing with inflammation issues so it wake up his hips would hurt his feet would hurt his knees with her so it eight hundred milligrams of ibuprofen they would do it several times a day that's what i was doing but it was a cycle so that was what was causing the inflammation because it was fucking up his gut microbiome so he gets off of it and then and then he this means like you can't fucking believe this man he goes i'm often all my pains gone he kept run because he's an animal yeah so he said it's the pains guys like the pain was being caused by the inflammation that was caused by ibuprofen like holy fucking shit and he just thanked me if it wasn't for rhonda patrick you know who not mean people get strokes they have all sorts of things you're not supposed to take that mean it's fine take it i got a headache take a little ibuprofen you'll be fine to kill you
take that shit eight hundred milligrams a day for a couple of years will fuck knows what's going to do to you but is not designed for non steroidal anti inflammatories on a daily basis on very high doses over and over and only combine you know the advil that ibuprofen and the acetaminophen that it works even better so that's what i was doing i would take about advil a day an eight tile and all day so i'm killing not only my liver but my kidneys also an i've known a lot of people that have had transplants because of that have a kidney transplant because they're taking too much maybe profen now your documentary a leaf of faith you still doing that we face shit yeah it comes out on may 29th and that's all about kratom yeah it's all create it's sort of a it's really about my experience with kratom it's about my journey you know okay i was this guy who lifted weights and did all these things and got her and this is what happen to me and i just i sort of tell the story and i
the store i go out and discover you know is create i'm good or bad for you and we talked we talked to both so the issue we talked to the congress people that are trying to ban it we talked to them that are trying to save it with their calling an opiate now yeah they call it there was a real recent there's a recent redefinition of the show that you and i did and in the movie you'll see it it's very pivotal like what you do is awesome with this podcast by the way but what we were able to do from that show is like basically you kept kratom legal with not even knowing it so we did the podcast and then after the podcast at the end of the podcast you said hey if anybody to help where can they go when i said they go on this website and they leave comments for the dea well twenty three thousand people or maybe 24th one thousand people i can't remember left comments after your podcast that's amazing the dea said whole it will wait a second we can't this illegal there's people go crazy but what did they do recently they definitely
last ads they're totally illegal that was the fda not the dea so the fda came out and i be so this is why realistically recalls creating an opioid and war it's against using this up and i'll tell you why no no no not at all like that the fda is the idea is doing the right thing here i'll tell you what have you done with crystal i'll tell you why a lot of people are getting creating the wrong way their packaging it the wrong way and they are not testing it and not testing it we have things like a salmonella outbreak i heard about that hurt you know put twenty eight people or something in the house also i forget how many people but there was a salmonella outbreak and that's because a company buys crater from overseas from like indonesia they get it shipped here and they don't test it for contaminants you know so the company that i did the film with a company called urban ice
they test all the product for contaminants three times during the process you know you want to supplement company you know how it works you have to test your shell independently it's very important party independent testing and that's what people aren't doing and so they're trying to so they make it cheaper and then companies that are doing it that screws because now they gotta try to make their product cheaper to keep up with other people but they are paying for the testing each time well this uh permit businesses almost on the honor system you know it's really it's really crazy my friend aubrey whom partners within on it had he was explaining to me how those big dick pills work you know anybody with gas station the hard on pills he's like those pills most of 'em have cialis or viagra times and so they get busted somebody bust and then once they boston they go all sorry they change the name of the company they sell it again then they get is it again and they just keep doing this little shuffle were in the same thing with the crate am industry basis so what else is in create am if you buy
i'm somewhere what could it possibly be other than well places that happens sometimes yeah and there's different actually happening leading to the point where people died so in sweden they put fentanyl in with kratom an ninety and nine nine people died find i don't want to scare people off of of taking it because i use it every day and what was for a company that you use because that was the guy that's brought on the yacht counter but nice organics that complement ice annex yeah and stuff i've used and it's great yeah that their websites natural organics with an axe on the end dot com what's interesting to me too is that in low doses it's actually kind of a stimulant almost like a cup of coffee yeah barton high doses it's more relaxing yeah do you take it take it occasionally yeah we have some in the back yeah and i'll be saying something yeah yeah you did yeah and i thought because the thing is that not everybody he's in pain but a lot of people feel stress stress is a big deal you know and crate am really helps people with anxiety ptsd
anxiety but i think that's the problem we're getting into can't really tell people that stuff 'cause that's like illegal according to fda now i can because i'm a filmmaker right i would say take too but for the most part like a company can't tell you that like you as the owner of an it can't say take this pain pills in this like take this much alpha brain it will do this for your brain could you say the wrong thing sing an fda is all over your ass right so that's an issue like the way that the way that item needs to be marketed is like basically the way that compliments are supposed to be marketed is you know that you're taking for a specific response that the fda doesn't let you tell people that which is just really screwed up too 'cause i think that that's a prob it's like an issue you know like you should be able to say what it does the problem is people make way too many health claims so with kratom they make the health claim that it will cure opiate addiction and that's a huge
claim to make and it's a ridiculous claim to make it can help somebody get over opioid addiction but to say it is an opiate addiction or to say that it even even will cure your pain or help your pain those are big their claims then supplements are allowed to make and that's the issue with people coming down on it but it is nothing like what helps you over an addiction there's so many factors first of all there's genetic some people have a genetic propensity for addiction it's just a fact that runs in their family and i don't know if that the nature nurture but because i don't have it in my family but some people do i know people they drink wine i'm drink and they get fucking gerbil eyes and they're off to the races that was gone they disappear you know people like that right yeah and there was a big difference my dad says there was a big difference between our brother mike an me and the way that we get it so i sort of fell into it but mike was kind of always that way
into a because of surgery because surgery and constant pain because of you you have the mike fell and it is an art ask your osteoarthritis is my brother mad dog he fell into it because he was an animal he was who is that again yeah he was the guy who's in the king of school ahead of everything that was mad dog he was always always in charge always had the most friends with super popular but there was something some void inside something missing that would turn into drugs and alcohol it's like when you know someone that has that it is such a helpless feeling 'cause it's not a god damn thing to do about it i first experienced it when i was in high school my dad was an architect and uh i got a lot of gigs over the summer working on construction sites and so i would hang out with a lot of these guys that were carpenters and laborers and this one guy that i worked with is a great guy but he couldn't fucking layoff the coke
yeah he couldn't he would get clean you said this is it i'm getting my band together i'd like that's awesome and good for you and then you come in hungover fucked up like just looks like you had the flu and it's dark yeah it's dark and he is dark and stop keep going back to it i used to go in my bathroom in the morning hungover every day look in the mirror and go who the fuck are you like what is that fat gross wrinkly old dude doing in a mirror like what happened to you your movie was ninety six percent on rotten tomatoes about but steroids and end health and trying to figure out this is good about for you and now you are just fucked up drug addict and i would just cry and i had nothing like nowhere to turn i felt like i couldn't tell my parents because they just experienced it i felt like i couldn't my brother because he's in the fitness and training and he's gonna be like come on dude snap out of it you know i think it's what it's what i thought but what i thought didn't happen as soon as mark found out about a said give me a big hug
hey we're going to help you you know and i think that's most people's fear is that it's going to be really bad but i should everybody is going to be really really good when you come out better than my wife was a big part of it and the advice i was given we tried always give is just don't give up on people you can you i want to overextend yourself because you are going to get fucked over by people that are addicts you will get screwed over but you just tell hey whenever you're ready i'm here to help whatever way i can help if i can help financially if i can help you whatever way i can help i'm here to help just let them know and then that way you can always at least feel good that you you at least did some of your part there and with him my wife was like we got to get him the hell out of los angeles we live in sacramento just like we we've got to get him up here so we flew him up to see keep an eye on not not that is not not without its to hunt one hundred percent yeah just not be on his own his the was things he doesn't have any family down here and stuff and so we did that took him under under our wing and you know got a
often in the diet i think everything yeah i think everything helped get him to where he is now i i'm so proud of him it's on label the sounds kind of dorky you know in some way 'cause he's my brother said we're supposed to talk shit about each other all the time you know but i am really proud of him and he's been an idol of mine sent you know since i was a little kid he's a reason why i lift he's a reason why i left so hard and he'll get motivated by me and he'll say dude i saw you doing that crazy shit he's like i'm going to go in and deadlift but it's lee him that's motivating me he's the driver a lot of this well you really do look a lot healthier and when i first on any looks fairly normal thanks again shower in praise of what i saw you today i was like you look good mad like like i really appreciate all someone you see them they just look vibrant you telling some healthy so we first started getting sober it was hard you know he was losing weight he was doing everything he's doing everything good but he still was getting sick all the time and he looked sick you know i man is he he told me that
truth is he really doing okay and it did took time it took a long time the best thing for me is being able to give back and able to come on this podcast and i know after this podcast i'm going head up on social media a million times and a be like bro i'm dying i'm sick i'm drunk right now brown crying and i'll be like call me you know i mean i call these people that's awesome literally how it literally call them i can't even believe i'm talking and i'm like i'm do you know of the microphone right yeah and so what's really beautiful is being able to help these people and then know forgetting about the people because there's so many of them there's hundreds of emails and texts and things are poor you you help them and then you move on to the next guy but then three or four months later you get this you know thank you letter
that says like hey i completely turn my life around i'm completely fine now you know and i'm sure some of 'em still go the other way and you can't save everybody and you can't help everybody but sure can try you know well you definitely make an impact and podcasts like this always make an impact there's people out there that are listening right now and they might be in their car they might be sitting at home just trying to figure out the fuck to do with their lives sometimes uh people need that little extra juice that little extra motivation that they get from here and somebody like yourself that's gone through it and came out the other side healthy and like fuck if he was crying looking in the mirror and feel like shit and he was addicted to drugs and and he came from a healthy background and he came from a background where is making a documentary about health when it got really bad you know when when you start i can in the morning it's really bad yeah alcohol became the worst part of it worse than worse than even the pills and i just remember start selling alcohol in la at six a dot m
i used to live right across from gold's gym in venice and i get up and i walk across the street at like you know five hundred and forty five because my car was parked at a park cross street right by the gym i walk crossed over by the gym i see my friends going into the gym for a workout in the blake hey chris what's going on united bmi be going to the liquor store that's when i knew it was like really bad things needed to change so you know i i really do you think that like you said it takes somebody just like that little thing there's people out there that are listening to this just hit me up hit up somebody and tell him that you're hurting because people will help you need other you know not going to do it on your own of the people period the side we have the lone wolf is total horseshit i need to help other people in order for me to be fulfilled for sure yeah no yeah yeah i mean we all together in this thing yeah i want i haven't him at at my house you know really helped me a lot to just this no
and that he was safe and non he was doing the right thing i'm married i got two kids i don't fuck around i train i fuck and eat try to eat healthy i try to do the best i can each and every day and having him with me made me more accountable made me more you know more full bore about everything so it worked out good for both of us did you ever investigate i beginning yeah i looked into it i talked to the top i know i do know the top by researcher on ibogaine will doctor deborah mash explain what that stuff is and what it can do i will gain is a substance that you get from africa set found in africa and basically you can you drink it i think they make up some sort of potion or whatever and you drink it and then it literally will turn a a year heroin addict around in about a day about thirty six hours they say they go through some ritual i'm not sure if the ritual does anything the doctor i didn't even really know if the ritual date anything but it's part of the placebo i guess but it to really work if a
schedule one drug here in america you can't get it here it's klay fairly safe compared to a lot of other things so there's been some that's on it but like maybe fifteen time or something like not not super high and it definite z medically supervised but i don't think it should be illegal at all i think it should be i think i gain create a more the answers to the opioid epidemic well the has an incredibly high rate of success ms of like people taken i began getting off till i think i will gains incredible friend ed clay open up a clinic he when down here a issue with pills as well and i'm pretty sure i don't speak at a school but i'm pretty sure came also from an injury and then he got i had a pill problem and there was trying to figure out what the fuck do with it and down to mexico went to another nick and then said wow this is a minute fixed him up totally and then open up his own clinic
one thing i didn't understand is i interviewed this doctor deborah mash and it's probably be she's in florida she tied in with politicians which is always a problem and so she's a hundred percent for idle game but she's also against crate i'm which makes us that's because she thinks that you know kratom is you know because i will gain you have to go get it medically supervised and medically done and she just thinks like giving people crate you know lucy goosey kind of stuff man i'm a hundred percent for clinics opening up and then giving the money the doctors and give the money to state just if you can get i began to the hands of a lot of these people it's so ruthlessly introspective not for my personal experience but op arbors taken in yeah i know several people to add is taken i know several people to take it and it's completely turn their life around with a had this intense twenty four hour experience where you just exam
in every single aspect of your life in this really alien way and then after it's over you like i'm never drinking again why i'm never taken down again and they were there really do change their life and it's also not just an introspective experian it also re the way your brain does the addiction i'm not qualified to speak how i don't really understand it i don't i don't know if anybody understands it actually but it's exactly how are we can explain it a hobby can explain like the mechanism this as some sort of a shift and see if we could find that had as i begin cure addiction to define that but it's in credibly effective i highest rates of success another super high rate of success so we might be getting in california it's on the back two thousand eighteen is legalizing so assignment if they legalize psilocybin that can fix a lot of p able and that's also something that you don't die from you know nobody's overdosing on psilocybin the ld fifty rated some
what does that do what is it does the magic mushrooms that yeah and and that's for mental health right fermentable johns hopkins university did some studies on it and one of things they found is soldiers with ptsd this is one thing that maps concentrating on now especially soldiers with ptsd and anybody with ptsd rape victims of violent assault victims in some people some real hard time getting past past events and psilocybin has incredible effects on that but mdma also does and right now maps is involved in some pretty heavy clinical trials with mdma and there they think twenty twenty one is a is the time where they're going to have mdma clinics and it'll be legal because we have so many soldiers are coming back from war and they're all up and they have no solutions to put these people on pills and anti depressants and all these different things anti anxiety medication still
i've been in mdma have shown to have massive powerful beneficial effects that's something that i really want to do i want to do the mdma treatment i think that with a lot of people understand is when you have an addiction there's like these there's deep seated things in your in your mind in your subconscious that drive you to go to hills or go to the drinks or whatever and it doesn't just go away when you get sober you sort of work a lot of it out front but some of the sub conscious the you can't workout so i might manage there's still things habits i don't like about myself there's still things i want to fix and i let me connect you to aubrey because it loves him he's really tight with those guys that are in the middle of those studies right now and he's actually gone through that protocol and i don't know how very little yeah yeah yeah yeah contact him and talk to me about it because he's he's deep in the stuff you know all introduced me to when i went down to your on it gym yeah yeah he's what call real psychedelic warrior and that it he's in there he's in there
the time it was some crazy shit you know it but there's the real benefits from it i mean real the benefits and we've been we've been really robbed and it's it's terrible we've been lied to we've been robbed and there's a lot of but using recreationally and i'm not against that you know i think you should be able to do over the fuck you want you can drink whiskey recreationally which i do i don't think anything wrong with doing mushrooms recreational and there's some people think it's terrible and you should there a meant cattle use them in a ritual to setting i say you should do that too if you want but of using recreational i've had a great all fucking time and also came out of it with some insight and some a different way of looking at myself and looking at my life you know in this country you have to list you area as a side effect to a supplement or drug gravel so euphoria is something that we all should have like we should all be happy right so
with their listed as a side effect is if it's a bad thing may experience you for ya oh shit i better not take that right super fucking happen don't you think that things that induce euphoria we should be handing those out like crazy you're too these pills or maybe like rehab pills kind of in a way like almost like treatment pills because they help you you know from the inside out almost well for sure with mdma which you get in pill form is actually made from the bark of a tree from did we go over this the other day when boxer from malaysia or some shit something like that there's a tree and that is a real issue now in this country with his bark is big as you know this fucking wars going on to try to get there three and it's not a very common tree either it's like i mean it's rare we were we could be a situation where they chop down all the trees that make ecstasy before we make it legally they did it with cram in thailand so the highland made crate in the legal because it was cutting into the heroin at the
the heroin trade this back in nineteen forty seven they made it illegal and cut down almost all the kratom trees and if you see the documentary that the guide i'm vice morris hamilton morris yeah he did pharmacopeia show on crate and he goes thailand thailand like find like the only remaining kratom tree know he like he finds it and drinks the pray time in a hold that was really fascinating that they that they did that so now it all comes from like you know malaysia indonesia or whatever it is it's crazy that they tried to stop the one thing that's safe because it was cutting into the fuckin opium market of course i like create him too i use it before i workout a lot of times you get really and even just for creativity just like if i want to just sit down and write think of a new products or whatever it might be really want to help you in that way how so i like it a lot i don't know see what it know the mechanism is behind it but it does give me a set euphoria it does make me happier one thing i've
he's notice about training is that when you feel good you can lift so much better and it just makes you makes you feel really good because you know try it you're trying to lift with some force just like you hit in these bags and stuff you're trying to put something into it and if you can't put them mother turn on it that you want to cuz your shoulder hurts and makes you grumpy this stuff really matters to us so for me for lifting wise it's like i like i can go all in i was actually just saying the other day when i'm sitting down and i go to get up specially out there so he's like squat workouts and stuff it's kind of slow you take it takes me a minute but on a crate i can get up and run off right our it feels like almost i would it similar to getting out of a hot tub with feel going into the hot tub like man we should just kind of i don't even know everything's a stiff right kick it up and down this
there is so good i gotta do the sideways trot down the stairs every morning and i get in the hot tub and i can sing up the stairs naked fucked up man sometimes i have pain in my hip when i don't run hills so we don't any sense man and i've talked to doctors and they don't understand it i'm saying look when i run hills every day or not every day every week of one like two three times a week right i has a in that hip could just be getting a lot of but not in the hip flexor i think running hills and running running in sand i think is really really valuable even pushing sleds and stuff because it slows us down we're not that running is running can be great sprints can be great but regular spring for some of us who are over forty and you haven't sprinted in a long time probably not a great idea but to run up a hill or sprint up ahead
makes you go slower because the intensity fire and this doesn't seem it's up by now and i think that's it but it's also i'm putting all this extra muscle around my hip and like this something about that that's great thank you very but it's something about running up hills that dude i take a couple weeks off like i was sick for a week and then the week before i was doing a lot of other different shit i didn't it starts till like get at me reverse hyper doesn't help with that with that or is it is it in the hip it's like the front of the hip the side side it's he's not going on as you got get in on the hip circle hip circle what a shareholder band yeah yeah circle been gay yeah those are great it'll help yeah yeah that that side as i like the call is that what it is so i'm i'm telling you man there's nothing like running up hills in the rue the hills and i run it's all rocky terrain some jumping from one rock to annex it's steep like that he
so i'm running up and i'm you know i have to take a couple of breaks to get to the top it's a half a mile up and half a mile in i have two different courses around well that several boat did one the i brown the most the full length of it i could i as long as four miles or i could do i could break it up one or two most of time i do two how long are you runs two hours to miles takes about forty minutes because of the hills it's not it's not two hours i mean it's not forty minutes i could run you know it probably do it in its fifth one thousand five hundred and sixteen if i was running flat that hard but it's hills it's not really i mean i would call it running but it's more like hill spring after these ruthless hill sprints and i dread that along time ago that a lot of football players prefer hill sprints and then i saw that gray
jackson and mike winkeljohn john on train the fighters in albuquerque they have them run this crazy mountain and they run in a straight up the hill and this was like a big thing that they did to to really build up and darnell walter payton gary rising roger craig yeah goes on on the team in thomas and walter pay used to run hills lee throw up now mostly throughout i think modern hills is great especially for bigger guys guys that are two fifth the two six thousand two hundred and seventy have joint problems it's going to be really hard to get out there and run yeah 'cause you're not it's not dropping the weight down instead you like you're almost doing like lunch it's like over and over and over again right and you could walk back down the hill take your time then you can walk back down the hill there's evidence that shows if you you know do five eighths branson you have long period you can have as much rest as you want between you'll still get great results for fat burning so yeah it doesn't take very long to do a work out like that it changes your cardio too i mean i really does
i mean i force him to do like that with me sometimes but can you you can't run right with your bad have not really run by pushing his legislation a sled is really hard okay he has a thing called the tank which is a kind of an amazing sled with wheels are you pushing you put weights on it so we push the tank we do all sorts of stuff like that that are different i can go on a rowing machine as fast as possible i can go the call it aradigm did fastest possible so that when i got out there that the eco bike from rogue i haven't tried fucking tank it's like an air dyne steroids it get these big ass i can handle this is looks nice it's so good it's so good i things list to something as simple as that and those like say you get the mischievous like five hundred bucks yeah nothing will change your life just feeling like mark said five to its prince on a day now completely he comes up and trains with when he comes up and to me a lot of times you know he'll say i can
do that i try to you know how everybody in these kind of big circuits that we do and we train our asses off and probably sometimes over do it but and he joins us a lot of times they'll say i can't do this i can't do that but you don't really know unless you try tonight i'm sympathetic towards the fake hips i don't have him so i don't know exactly what it's like but i might just try or try a different variation of it and he could won't and then he'll kind of drift off and the next minute i'll see and i'll see him either trying it or trying or doing some other version of it and i'm like alright get it working 'cause he's at least doing something right do you fuck with the versaclimber yeah we do that a little bit sometimes done things rules yeah we just do you hate your life we do a circuit with that and i have a bike that's on steroids too so from australia forgot the theme that damn thing in our two oh yeah
of the ski giving all those things are rude yeah we use that and the roller and we do a circuit of all like all three or four those exercises yeah that's awesome yeah i started reading it adding in a lot more things like that and cardio and stuff like that because i'm forty five he's only four one hundred and forty one so as we get older you start looking into things where you want to be held you know when i do it for your health so thinking about those things are we definitely i don't care about powerlifting anymore i don't care about my numbers i want to lift heavy weights assistant lee but i don't care why a single rep maxes anymore it doesn't matter you know right when you talk about your die it and its impact on inflammation do you ever think that if you on this diet when you were younger you would have had to get hip replacements yeah i do i re when i was younger well i don't you know it's about it really is about a decline banana in tissue
cartilage tissue like where it was is there when i was young and then it started disappearing and then by the time i was twenty eight years old it was completely gone and this is because of inflammation and because of arthritis there's really no reason for it you know my doctor said that lifting didn't cause it it might have spent it up the fact that i needed to get the double replacement surgery but he said like this isn't something that you know lifting a weight cause is a natural process your body when your body breaking down you know whatever so i don't i don't know a good test will be five years from now how i feel you know because i have their joints in my body a lot of them but i was just going to ask how are your shoulders how are your elbows i screwed up my shoulder i tore my rotator cuff and i tore my tricep awhile back and they never really heal healed properly so that that's an issue but the rest my other joints that are injured are all fine and feel good now
so what about your needs well my knees were when i got my hip surgery ten years ago the doc she said to me your knees are next then they need to be done probably like in a year you know god so you show me that ten years ago at doctors got a ferrari and i'm making payments on that condo in the alps and haven't had and then let's see i'm trying to think when this was i think like around when i finished prescription thugs so maybe like two years ago i went to a doctor here and i was just in so much pain and i said look i can't back on opioid that was that was my problem but i need something what was the pain in everywhere every joint my lower body my like my ankles my knees my hips and the guy bye basically just said you need to go get a full body mri so i get a full body mri and he tells me that there's really nothing wrong with me and i'm like i don't what you're looking at but i can't walk in the morning and he's like i you don't you don't really have you know you like your you don't have
cartilage in your knees that's going away but like you know you do have it in your ankles and you and didn't really for me any solutions and that was at that point where i realize like if i'm going to do anything a doctor is not going to be the one to help me you know so i think a lot of times people are always so concerned like did you ask a doctor and i'm anomalously doctors never really help me you know it's myself always helping me it's me researching things that cause the pain that that really helped me you know so that's that's what i had to do was go out and look for it myself wow so when you do you ever go back the doctor and get him on the ten years later i'm still walk and non of any pain and i should go back to him and say hey you know they they you know they screwed up my hip and they left they they left bad hip and me for two years and i went to the doctor and i went to my doctor and i said doc this is debilitating and so he take a tissue box and he throws it on the ground and he says pick that up and i pick it up
you said you're using the wrong terminology it's not debilitating she wouldn't be able to pick that up and i it was the rudis thing i've ever heard a doctor do or say like ruthless like real so i'm using the wrong word but big guy i can't i can pick something up off the floor it hurts and i was trying to tell him like you don't understand this hurts and he's like no you're not hurt your fine he actually told me to go back to the gym and start lifting and then two years later he calls me back and he says i know what's wrong with your hip we screwed it up oh jesus so she ever think about call when the doctors on late night tv yeah injury doctors i don't think that's the you don't have to wait to get paid i'm sure yeah but see they fucked you up man now just do the shit out of asshole tissue box thrown douche bag welcome parents part of what happened to you is like you had pain right that was that was preventing you from moving more right like and then you just kind of stopped like you did some cardio stuff for exercise but you weren't able
the squad bench deadlift you weren't able to get some full range of motion and the before you know use it or lose it right los range of motion when did the pain go away well i'm a lot of pain when i wake up every morning so yeah it goes away when the thing is that the diet has helped clear up like a lot inflammation it's also helped clear up a lot of body fat which helps you in a better more advantageous positions when you're lifting you know that you can't even bend down deadlift 'cause you properly you're you got it getting away and all that stuff like that so gay those things and that helps a lot losing weight in general always going to improve health markers and you're always going to feel lighter and better for the most part and then it was at just like losing weight and then when i started taking kratom with a ketogenic die an really reduce my inflammation is when i started feeling better so it's sort of a car nation of those two things and continuing to move it's a daily
struggle it doesn't go away you know is this is because your austro bust your so when you woke up this morning hard to get out of bed yeah yeah you know what actually this morning i felt good so you have good days and bad days do you ever fuck with hot yoga haven't but i keep hearing you talk about it i keep thinking like granite something i have to go do i was wondering like how that would affect your hips like how you're like do you full range of motion think i would probably feel great but right now i can't move enough to get in those positions so i have to take like a pre they get in the yard i just take a yoga class and you do your best like they always say that 'cause you know a lot of people in my class that have some serious issues that can't move wow or this one you girls and she's fucking courageous manage this ladies so overweight goes to show class and she does her best and you know i'm not and i see here and i want to say some two are but i don't want to say something to or i kind of want to be the guy go hey you know for a giant lay
the you fucking put it up there i don't want to like you know i say hi and i smile at her but she's cool he just says she's every bit of four hundred and fifty five one hundred pounds i'm just guessing she's enormous but she does it mean she tries she you know she's got her arms up she's been in for it she's doing her best an if you just keep showing up it'll get better like you're not going to be able to get into those positions initially but if you keep showing up i think the hot yoga might help because when he's warmed up you move around really well that's what i'm saying to workout your like oh fuck it now i'm going to deadlift once he's warmed up yeah a lot of people don't warm up enough yeah i agree with you one hundred in a yoga class where that's already warm that helps a lot but we need to understand that the more intense the exercises that you're going to do the are you warm up needs to be so if you're going for a two hour walk how much warm up do you need pop none there's no there's not a lot of intensity behind that but you're trying to run a forty meter sprints then
you better warm up for half an hour and probably minimum so you don't tear hamstring same thing with trying to bench heavy or squat heavy not just the exercise itself either that's a mistake i think i think you have to warm up with other with other means and the easiest way to warm up is through your upper body so you go in the gym and you can do curls and shoulder stuff if your shoulders healthy that's the passway skierg is a great way the fastest easiest way to warm up your body is through the upper body a lot of time how would you mail 'cause like your knees and your lower back i mean just in general this is and everybody in general a lot of people the needs lower back and some of those things are going to take time to warm up you can warm up faster just by just by getting the upper body to move when you utilize your upper body you get your heart rate up a little bit faster and it's just it's more comfortable it's just easier it's easier for me to say hey you know hold this band pull it apart do these curls
sweat going yeah just you just move your arms and throw some punches like who can't throw punches anyone can throw some punches i know if you guys i can't do any good ones yeah no you can't do any good ones yeah but you just move around that's how you warm yourself up you gotta make sure you warm yourself up i like to use the elliptical machine i do ten minutes on elliptical machine completely nothing going on the intensity solo that's great and there's no impacts know nothing you do it at your own pace not really karen everything mark and i do all the time is walk we walk every single day and we started a thing like a ten minute he does has a hashtag ten minute walk and after after you eat every time right so yeah you try to do as many ten minute walks in today's anybody but then hashtag is now they're going to put a picture bunch of pictures of dicks hashtag ten minute walk this can be all dicks that's ok he likes that stuff yeah i got a lot of time with plants i don't know
hey now it's even worse because the center here and he's like some inside joke about eggplants consummate plan well eggplant to decorate we're constantly looking for the right yeah sure one hundred percent so i don't know yeah oh now you're getting a dick but it's so funny i'm so i'm so old i don't know any i think the kids are doing these days i just found out it'll be i don't know shit anyway people should be going on a ten minute walk it's low hanging fruit easy to do just we try one hundred today it's not hard one thing i'd like to do is body weight squats to do this can do squads will do a set of one hundred and it just gets everything warmed up so everything lose your legs burning pretty in a weird spot right like your quads near your upper knee yeah like right here this part
right where you're need connects where your quad that can do spots what about it what about a wall sit how come a wall sit so hard it's fucking hard i did that the other day it was brutal it's a harvest fucking exercise there isn't it's well well in karate they would have used at a horse dance long periods of time just like this just standing at horse dance like heart this be a minute any like oh shit how long am i supposed to do this you're not even leaning up against the wall yeah no lean up against the wall just a deep squad with fucking just stand how and we just and therefore i never but it was not my instructor was never into that uh well i didn't i took karate for a very short period time that's a karate thing that wasn't talk wando we never did that karate kids coming back oh my god is it will smith junior again no no it's cobra kai it's a show about the cobra kai netflix on netflix but in and he comes in and he has a competing dojo i believe how old is ray
macho now five thousand and thirty two least he looks great like what is that guy on here's the trailer for it on some youth shit look at colebrook i let me see this strike hard pushups terrible punches who teaches people no mercy very particular number one oh god i don't give a if that was that was cut off right now that was great that is the fucking trailer we need an mma movie getaway there was one warrior more daring warriors good only problem with that movie is they had people fight over a couple of days which is just like shut the fuck up they did a bunch of you would they didn't have to do in that movie they just you don't have people have need have people fight more than one time in a night if you i think someone getting a brawl and then you've never seen anybody fight and then they look like the next day 'cause i meant ken shamrock fight tito ortiz and then i
and then the next day i was like holy shit can his whole face who is swollen up he had sunglasses on it that guys not fighting anybody today i mean he would he you fucking animal but that's not healthy your body is dealing with all that i don't even like when they fight more than one time tonight and they got away with that back in the day and i know glory so does that for some of the kickboxing tournaments but it's fucking dangerous just not smart guys get concussed and then they again an hour later two hours later that's crazy smashing machine was a awesome that's my favorite documentary ever that is one of my top and that's an accidental fine that's one of those documentaries amazing doc that is a lot like that movie icarus where they stop order to do one thing and along another yeah they found something way fucking crazy and that's a documentary on mark kerr who is one of the scariest mma fighters of all time and he was jews
too lewd but there was such an ironic thing with him where he was an animal but he was so afraid to actually fight which is really cool where i was such an interesting angle i could say before he goes out to the cage time like i can barely take a sip of water cuz i'm so nervous yeah i was around when mark kerr first started competing he's uh the first guy that ever saw first of all he was a john i and these to com specimen for awhile well then they call them the smashing machine but he's the first guy that ever saw that submitted someone with a look at that the fuck outta here marks marks like i can improve that in my gym but look at just keep that up there second those traps when he was at the ufc he submitted someone with a chin to the eye socket he held the back of the dudes head and go his chin in the guys eye socket and just fucking drove his chin into his eye socket dan bobish yeah
first time i ever saw somebody submit someone that way but seriously everybody asked me what my favorite documentary is 'cause that's what i do and without even the patient was a smashing machine it's a great okay hit me on so many levels it really reminded me of our older brother we were he reminded me a lot of mad dog while marker well you know he has substance abuse problem and he was also like a guy at the time it was early days of mma man he was fighting back when it was just crazy the raw bare knuckles and you know fighting in these weird rings and chairman he was the early early days of mma you ever read the book blood in the cage i read some of them really good i never finished you had pad on a last week and actually i did it i still want to do a film with pat a scripted film we've been talking about it we talked about along time ago and now i'm sort of started i have a little bit of clout now started to talk about it again but his life it was insane he had to brothers that died and one
yeah they ended up going to jail for like fifteen years and he was the runt of the family and he ended up becoming first ever ufc lightweight champion you just overcoming adversity crazy it's an amazing story you know pat's neck was so fucked up that his discs fused together on their own wow get so much to generation of his disks that the two bones they sat on top of each other for so long they fused the part with people these developing an operation like had an issue where a doctor and said that he had an operation there gonna fucking operation like your neck your fucking the two bones they have no disk in the middle another fuse together i've never even heard of that before you never heard of that before no fucking tough you have to be to deal with kind of pain or your neck confusing itself your neck is like this asshole it's not going to go to a doctor so we're going to be the doctor when you see what went through uh he's probably one of the toughest people in the world you know just he's been through a lot very
what do to voice talk to him he's there he's all there i mean long career in mma you know he can't dance avrin finished that book if you get a chance it's amazing ok listen to the audiobook when you run or something is great really good book those old says there's nothing like 'em in there never happen again what's great about that book also it tells the whole story of the how the ufc started how got started and all the players involved that tell the whole story which is really rooted john part time sports illustrated really really good writer that guys bring a lot of good stuff he wrote a great book on pool too yeah he wrote a book about it delicious but he brought the pool bucket book on statistics and how they sort of shave and all that stuff and kind of basketball no he's a very good writer ok cool when is do you think this document is going to come out the nutrition one random one well the creative ones come out soon may 29th and then what's going to be on how's it working people get it well hopefully will be
like netflix amazon whatever i'm not sure exactly where it will be yet we've partnered with the orchard and there distribution companies so right now they're in the process of figuring out where it will be but i'll let everybody know it'll be on it probably start out to tell you the truth on itunes is the normal route and then you know you let it play on itunes for awhile and there there's a whole system to it because it makes money in different ways different places and unfortunately for doc country film makers netflix is sort of your that's your graveyard at the end because you know you want it to be on netflix 'cause he has access to it as a filmmaker they really shaft you yeah you know because they'll buy so they buy the film from the distribution company and then like all that money just goes by to the investor and then it's like i don't get i don't see any money out of it so the anyway to make documentaries and making profitable and make him really really cheap and a lot of times we don't do that so we end up
listen some money on it a lot of times you know when it's just the way it works yeah yeah this this nutrition movie out of my head millionaire money has a hundred percent yeah hi but you know the advance just doing a food documentaries they do really well so it with a food documentary you have a chance to really make a profit where as the other stuff it's really difficult pat and the term meathead millionaire yet trademark yeah did you i got all kinds of stupid shit trade nights that's a good and that's a good thing that was my nickname for him we've had millionaire well i know that icarus did really well and it did really well for bryan fogel you know but that is a great i'm breaking a life changing documentaries also things break out like that like that movie first of all it was involved
when we get bigger stronger faster there wasn't an international scandal going on that we were sort of happen to be following and shit yeah so in a way he got he got lucky with that but he also made a great film he took it and made it into something really good so i think that was cool but you know it was what akr is the movie that was you know we didn't we didn't have something like that in the movie we didn't have somebody like admitting to steroids that was like huge so i'm out at sundance it was sort of a shocker to a lot of people like this is at sundance this is crazy i can't believe this sundance and and it did really well it got really good reviews it did really well but it didn't have that like one thing that broke it out and made it super size me in other words there's something missing some element where it wasn't a thing that everybody had to see although it was a really great film i think they don't have that one thing i thought it was really good as well but yeah you didn't he got super lucky
well yeah you know you could see what i'm saying that there wasn't one thing we have to see it 'cause of this thing you know it's like yeah because there's always the thing about cheating in the olympic games it's always been suspected but to get it so confirmed yeah well you have the guy that did it and he's running from the russian mob or whatever you want to call them and they're trying to fucking kill him and now he's in hiding he's still in hiding to this day in america in protective custody and they're looking for him yeah they're looking for him i think it's crazy i think it's crazy first of all they did did the film and i think secondly it's crazy that he wasn't even a little bit more protected in the least by the filmmaker at the filmmaker kind of threw him under the bus a little bit but that's now so we wanted to in the film yeah i know is it was weird though it started to feel weird i felt like
i don't know i mean like there could be protected but changes names that russians knew who he was yeah i i well i don't know i just i just felt like it was i don't know i felt like i was little recklessness filmmaker and i just felt like it was a what would you do differently s tell you truth i i really i really don't know what i would do differently i just felt like man this is like a wow wow well as i'm watching it going man this guy is going to get in a lot of trouble he's going to get killed because of this he threw me and so i don't i don't know maybe i did i don't know maybe i do maybe i'm just talking on my ass but you were rigging the lympics now what would change daft that was that the russians essentially are barred from the olympics and now they compete in the olympic file what's interesting is they had don catlin in there and on catlins guy for america that does the same this thing doesn't and he was going to he was going to be the first guy member then he backed out and he said i'll give you the russian guy 'cause he knew the russian guy he does it for america he's the guy that's our doping control like
our design control died he's our our what you sign a guy or what he he's glad it did all the drug test for the olympics from like the eighties on right but you're he's not the guy that dope sub the america not really clear i just say that he doesn't open up here i got it tests them right we should tell people what it courses to if they don't know we're talking about so this be a standalone podcast it's a documentary that brian full who made where he decided to rice rice ride his bike in a race clean completely cleaned and then do it on steroids see what is times would be how much how much benefit he would have and in the process him filling this documentary the guy who hooked him up this guy gregory from russia who is the head unbeknownst to him some of the russian state sponsored doping program he was he thought he was getting a guy who is it like the russian you sada that was gonna tell him what the cheaters use that turned out
along the way everything got exposed and he was like look i did this for forty years i don't everybody and anybody on drugs and like you said every single athlete that was in the only fix was on some shit and then explain they did it and everybody's like what the fuck and then gonna pull the russians and then the other thing that expose is the the collusion between what ida and the ioc and that they all were for each other and they switch roles they go back and forth to each other and that they're not going to punish the russians and that yeah did the but what they're doing now is a kind of have to because all of that movie i mean that movie and you literally change the olympics i guess what i'm saying is when i did bigger stronger faster and we go around talking to the experts you know i'm not the expert so they would mention don catlin i'd be like what's up with don catlin and they'd say oh man if you get him to talk i mean the sports world will just crumble and everybody kept saying i heard it from like forty people that are experts they just said like nobody would believe in sports if that guy expose what he
and so that i interviewed don catlin but he just laughed when i asked the man is like i have they don't know what they're talking about you know kind of thing and i don't know ok you guys later and i said well up charles sallis is an expert he said the whole sports will crumble if the if they knew what you know what do you know and he said i don't know anything hello i mean what you're not you're never gonna get an answer like that something has to get exposed to a different way so right i shouldn't i i can't say without a ship well shadow beyond a shadow of a doubt that that's the truth but i'd suspicious of that guy i should say and suspicious of our system i don't think they're the the ones doing it the way that the only ones that china had a record numb for gold medals when they hosted it doing it just as bad as they are i wonder we're doing better obviously when i when i can call i mean do you so so when you say we as a country state sponsored a marrow donor program and i have not us i don't think state sponsored and i think like me
some people doing something somewhere as some sort of network sama shenanigans look if there's one balco there's ten there's got to be more than one yeah i think so there's gotta be more than one guy that's like telling people what to take there's a lot of that get out there but listen man keep me posted on your movie let us know when when this nutrition give a name for it yet we we've been to more on carbs we talk about the street cars were debating whether or not that's the right so very catchy thing especially now because people are so aware there's so many people that are switching to low carb high fat diets and having some pretty spectacular results there's a lot of evidence behind it you know and if yeah you you were saying before i'd like to see some take all these diets and compare 'em and they did that the 70s or the 80s i forget when it was it was dr gardner from stanford and he was a budget
and so he took a vegan diet vegetarian diet the atkins diet was the died it's time it wasn't like a keto diet on the dash diet and the ornish diet and he put them all together and they did a lot like a pretty big elaborate i don't know how big it was i want to say but they're pretty elaborate study and at the end today the atkins diet basically one most weight loss best health clear improvement atkins diet and the is a vegetarian and he said at the end of the study this was a really tough pill to swallow you know i think that really interesting thing they did this study you know that atkins had a bunch of heart attacks yeah heart disease is two hundred and fifty eight pounds when he died and someone was saying i heard that stuff was a true though no no oh no he was true that's how big he was when he died and it definitely had heart disease so definitely did but the question is did you have heart disease before he did stein was even on his own diet i mean
this diet based on science in fact and and efficacy but did he follow it or did you just need ice cream and fuck off all day we don't know he died by hitting his head right fell on his fell and hit his head but see this all came from a tweet that i read from john joseph from the cro mags who's pretty rampant rabbit vegan and badass you triathlete and very very athletic guy right arm he is the one that said that i was a wow is that true and he said that the guy died of heart attack and that his wife was covering it up so i went to look into it and it's very difficult to say because even snopes added as inconclusive yeah yes like oh like he might have a heart attack and fell and hit his head it's but i mean the guy had heart disease but the question is what some people have heart disease in its congenital they're born with issues there is there are there are people that are more i mean they're just more like
we have heart attacks just like this people are more likely have strokes and more likely to what's right is just issues that people have so we i don't know whether or not he was born without if you had that but also if he's at two hundred and fifty eight pounds he clearly isn't i want fucking diet unless he's a giant how old and he was guy he's in his seventies i believe maybe late sixties pull pull pull up the the wiki on him i'm numb dr atkins was his name from robert robert atkins robert actions that you know they had yeah that's the thing was like you were talking him the guy but the diet that he created is different than the actual guy right and we don't know if he was doing his diet so we do all that work the people who were doing his diet that were in the study coming out on top is well i'm saying it like the guy who created crossfit he's not in shape right the glass man he never see him yeah he
some issues i believe the manager and stuff that don't allow him to do all the stuff that crossfit does right but yeah he's is seventy two and he died days prior to his death he fell and it is had an icy new york pavement new york's baba baba blah admitted april eighth he underwent surgery to remove a blood clot in his brain but went to a coma so we don't no it says that's how he fell and hit his head we don't know why he fell and it may very well have been that but here it says meadows amazon offer office a year after his show that atkins had a history of heart attack can jet congestive heart failure what is congestive heart failure and hypertension just a minute that's not good his will refused to allow an autopsy thing that is interesting because it is well it will refuse to allow an autopsy because this guy wasn't healthy yeah and maybe wasn't even following his own advice but he was was his weight when he died may because it's going to say that jamie his wife might have fell
he's gonna get ripped apart and his death and she didn't want that maybe seventy two years old so that you can find out what his weight was we die because i'm pretty sure he was two hundred and fifty eight pounds and if you're to under fifty pounds at seventy two years old that and good man now does the say wait i'm very very sure that he was very heavy i'll just write in the school robert atkins two hundred fifty pounds when he died i'm pretty sure that's how so here's the thing was that from the diet i mean it does how's that possible minutes the guys making people lose weight on this diet and he himself is fat and him elf has serious heart failure yeah two hundred a pound is down release report by new york city officials outraged the act and actions people so he had a history of heart attacks and congestive heart failure and two hundred and fifty eight pounds
only exercise that he probably didn't but that doesn't mean anything i mean you overate obviously too but it's like was guy following his own advice we don't know darryl out of people that i think being cream is tempting to spaghetti tempting you know who doesn't like a good meatball sub every now and again who knows at the end of the day we're all in this race who can see who's going to live the longest right and right there i think that's there still like real conclusive proof is there that one diet live longer forget it with another longest 'cause that's really out of your control whatever the quality of life while you're alive that's what i think if you're two hundred and fifty eight pounds your quality of life sucks and less you're a giant unless he's is francis in you know i mean really literally that's like in ghana's weight class how the fuck yeah i will see that house that big less atkins is fucking china picture gorilla mean how is he have two hundred and fifty eight pounds that's good i agree with you quality of life like if i'm here here know i'm going to get
extra two years but i'm going to be like week and even one and i able to do anything like what are those two years worth it you know i feel that the best diet is the one you can follow an utilizing a ketogenic style diet utilizing intermittent fasting i think it helps kill hunger i think it helps kill cravings and so i think it's a diet that in my opinion is one of the easier dietze to adapt to it might be hard for some people that really like carbon they might have to find something different but for me it's always worked for him it's all worked well his essential atkins diet did put people into ketosis ptosis and that was federal isn't really the item the goal of it wasn't not old again he also and weird to eat a lot of like bars and things like that yeah i in charge yeah sugar alcohol in a lot of things in there that probably are just not great for out imagine those actions was a really good if you like to fart yeah i mean that that stuff is for the they make some crazy stuff some crazy like chocolate caramel
yeah i like it anything that's going to be like that can't be good for you anyway rivers yeah it's all fake and has hot farts yeah whether you doing a ketogenic diet a vegan diet or any diet you should set the real whole foods all foods and one of the things randolph taught me with us you know buy things that don't have nutrition labels on him and just that simple thing when you think so if i buy meeting in apple doesn't have that in together ok god gentlemen let's wrap this up big strong fast on twitter mark smelly bell on twitter tell people about your gym training gym in west sacramento the gym is free or having a seminar a lot twenty sorry and if you want to come straight out the gym how the do you survive jim it's free they had million odd because i got a lot of products i invented a product called the sling shot people does work out of your jam i let people whose work i my gps work good luck going to fuck
okay the cycle that india jim okay we we we welcome and i i that's awesome i love helping other people love teaching other people of coach other people you beautiful you're being at all right we'll and tell people where is again check out my website markel sling shot dot com in super training him is in west sacramento california all right that's if folks back tomorrow with boss rutin low thank you everybody for tuning into the podcast and thank you to sponsors squarespace go to squarespace dot com slash joe for a free trial and when you're ready to launch use the offer code joe to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website for domain thank you also to the cash app you can download the cash app for free use the pro coco joe rogan one word the cash app will give you five bucks and five we'll go to our good friend justin wren's fight for the forgotten charity and i'm
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