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2018-04-11 | 🔗
Matt Farah is a car enthusiast and the host of "The Smoking Tire" seen on YouTube and also a podcast available on iTunes & Stitcher. www.youtube.com/thesmokingtire
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he is you might have seen his videos on his name is matt farah you might have seen his videos online i've been in a couple of them the he's got ones and smoking tire he does a lot of them where he does one take or he just like cops in someone's car for the first time and drives of them and they talked to him about what he did with it reviews a lot of cars just very knowledgeable in entertaining german so please give it up for matt fair well again experience join my day joe rogan podcast by night live ok what the fuckery just tell me by joyce i'm at parallel sorry buddy you can see again just talking about rolls royce yeah because i was hearing your new ball or studio which congratulate thank sick admiring your skylights and we're discussing the rolls royce and the starfield ceiling they do yeah which is they put all these fibreop
lights into your headliner and it looks like the stars and it's i think it's fifteen option i think but i fast so bad i still felt about us and not only will they do it so you can get your standard star pattern which is just whatever the guy just random bright random lights or they'll you exact constellations if you prefer right if you're one of those astrology people yeah or they will make you you know the sky directly above your house if you give them a cordon it there's a photo op bad so bad it's like you it's so awesome your boss and so hard you are still driving around with a car with stars in the roof well so the last thing i said before you hit live was that they ve just announced they have come out with a shooting star
so i don't know how it works i'm not sure exactly what but i guess you could do you can get shooting stars that you're still does crazy what are they going to make the whole thing a big lcd pattern or something yeah yes sir i don't know i guess you can read you could run a and an led or a fiber optic line that that works in a kind of a tray i emailed once i got that press release because i get press releases and i just delete them model you know but when i saw it shooting star ceiling i responded further info and video on this and they said they'd get back to me so i've never in one of those things never no you must what is it like in there it's like sailing like yachting phil hartman really really old i think it was an old bentley i mean really these old older than that like thirty it was old man i wish i paid attention to cars back then but back then i just try to get on tv i really didn't
when when i was broke i always love cars and i was a kid but then i was broke my attitude was like don't think about some shape you're never going to be able to afford so just don't they look at you now joe rogan all toys somewhere to park them somewhere to park he had this old baller looking thing it was like it was like something out of citizen kane yes just this incredible incredible and you on june fenders the whole deal think you shifted on the tree probably i would say if i had to guess something ball with phyllis like i would say bentley continental s one would be the most likely it might have been candid it i don't know what on automobile but he loved that thing he would just have this giant smile on his face with that thing take a picture with phil hercule smile you understand that dude love boy cars that's great phil hartman's but like that some lines yeah i wish i could remember because like i said back that like if he asked me to like there's cars that
i don't know shit about like rolls royces are bentleys but if you show me like an old porsche i'd be like oh that's a seventy three long nose you know that well we all have our areas of nerddom like muscle cars i can i'm a good muscle car guy understand most muscle cars you could pick him out in the lineup but well bentley and rolls royce were weird one because they have sort of this intertwined history where they were separate and then they became together and then they became separate again so there's a lot of rolls royce and bentley bentley's that are old leave the same car those are that's like super baller level you like okay look forget about it just get a car that's no sound like you can't hear anything holes is are really amazing because there's so fucking cool dude commands and even even like to a lot car guys especially like you know you are such like a manual transmission you know you want your car i know you you want your car to be like really close to a race car i like it being dirty or i could be in
do you like i want to i want to feel the rocks is our drive over from right here you know with this you would appreciate a rolls royce has ability to make one hundred percent of that disappear you know i'm saying like disappeared entirely there's really need details and like you are the word flying or floating or sailing is so true because you don't really drive you just kind of fucking will it down the road and you know how like your porsche or a sports car i'll have like the thumb grips on the wheel at nine to three like im so most royce has thumb grips at four and send eight really you drive them underhand hand every action under let me fill us this it it's that you yeah it's under hand yeah so relax because you don't even lift your arms above shoulder height and then you know your car
tachometer right it shows your rpm's is there a rough indicator of how much power using right roughly not exactly but for people go crazy about the lack of a technical term roles s is don't have tachometers they have a power reserve gauge which shows you how much power the car has but that you are not using at any given time whoa right so if you're if you're coasting along it's at a hundred going down a hill maybe you're just off the gas off the brake coasting your power reserve so if you're coasting you are using zero percent of your engine right and the idea is to keep that gauge low because do you want to be able to pass cars and and crew who's down the road while using that twenty five percent of this cars engine wow
so pamp there stupid horsepower right like crazy right like not like crazy crazy like four four to five hundred so high yes hi hi we are not work gets is not funny that that is saying that it's not that hard for kerr of today our standards are so crazy are blown out our standard the internet has us all up units i was reading about a new me jada which by the way my you like one of the most underrated cars ever the new miata but anyway miata the other great like for the bang for the buck oh yeah for a fun little car to drive that kind is real nimble gets around their fucking great but it was only like one hundred and fifty horsepower that's it is that's the new miata one hundred and sixty horsepower i think that's like like you hear that like you like what yeah but there's a company in colorado called flyin miata you know them right you know where i'm going with this kind of them yeah they put an ls3 in one of these so
one that has a five hundred and seventy five horsepower ls three it's a great i must be insane is great you know why because it's got these long legs you know like it's a little car but it's got the court that long legs so you're you know third gear is good for like ninety wow that's great now when you're driving a car like that is the balance fuckedup by the ninja similarly no it's actually similar weight it it's i think the i think the ls conversion is like i don't want to say exactly but it's like maybe that's the older car me that they do it to a newer one as well they say it's a few extra pounds in the front but actually have to use the rear differential from a camaro so a lot of the extra weight goes in the back and so the cars maybe a hundred pounds heavier with the v eight in it but but it's four times the path to get what is the weight of a miata like is two thousand three hundred and fifty that's
and then that just do that that thing in the picture was called a nexus set which is so that that xoskel something that says flyin miata on it this interest photograph actually sorry podcast be we've got to two vehicles on a track from flying me out of the one in front is an exoskeleton car with really nobody worked work on it all and that's called an extra set so what is you buy that chassis and you buy a miata and you take up start the miata and you put all the miata schitt on this chassis and so you end up with like a one hundred pounds thing and you can put turbos and you can put v eights and you can do all different kind of stuff is it street legal yes it is street legal carb legal and then the thing behind it is called a bauer catfish did you say carb legal
as far as like emissions yeah yeah yeah i mean if you use a car legal like the e rod engine like like jon ward like sir at the stock miata engine for sure yeah if you use a card legal engine it's a carb it's california the defendant crazy i've driven them there for their fast but you know not nothing about extra sets design should be taken from this statement i don't feel safe in them i'm sorry i'm not trying to insult or in the open yeah it's just it's said to me right now i like having them yeah id around me but it's way safer than a motorcycle true but a motorcycle i was thinking about this a motor say google offers an experience that cannot be replicated and if you are going take the kind of risks involved in writing a motorcycle that experience yeah kind of worth it in to me you in short bursts whereas i don't think the experience of driving a car with nobody on it
is worth you i don't think changes either but could you get a lot of awesome car with body work yeah but it's also like the love the motorcycle is like 80z you either have it or you don't yeah you're either in a convertible or you're on our site yeah and the way in the leaning of course is is really and is that thing anymore throwing than a regular convertible honestly meets faster home that's not fashion all convertibles now that even though the having the no you know the no roof right i mean you just feel connected elements yeah it's crazy and you can go because it's so light you know you can use in a relatively mundane an engine and go very very fast i imagine one thousand two hundred nodding i mean there's nothing you can you put imagine imagine a corvette engine in that thing which you can do you know i mean yeah people are crazy i drive some ship that is
dangerous i know you're one take video series that you do with your kind of people let you drive there fucking crazy hot rods no souped up cars like woo i've just retired from driving peoples personal cars yeah good for you i just saw this i might go to reno and brother says this is these weird software guys built this thing henry no that's called attests londa that's a dd here thank no you didn't it's electric that is a tesla drive train in a nineteen eighty one honda and it weighs twenty two hundred pounds and it it runs like an eight second quarter as leiria awesome right i just love that these people like that out there the nerves are winning that hold their winning a hundred percent well the test launder the up side died you know weird but i'm i i figured out i roll the dice you know you got to know when to walk away know when to run no count your money yeah i think the dealings done i'm sure yeah good for you you you made out
one of the rare few that beat vegas right i mean either i decide when to stop or a lawyer does you know that's so true i just what we were talking about this is so amazing that the horse power wars it's because of their steady increase every year you know you come out of the two thousand eighteen corvette expected the always always to go under seventeen may we the same thing if i could for just put a new engine in the mustang three hundred and fifty gt another going so there's always something there they got the gt500 common welsh it going to go up to nine hundred horsepower like the crazy there it's just much money like not even a lot of money like you can get a hellcat for used hellcat like forty five you know what i mean like six bucks a month seven hundred bucks a month and you got one hundred horsepower you hook me up with one of those when i was in denver when i first met holly central specialized rover red hellcat to him the mountains and i remember that with the astronauts outfit on fat
right it's a great car now they have a wider baby seen the liner body work i like that and so you get it's actually got quite a lot more tire under that's what it that was too good i had a complaint it doesn't have that muscle car pass a call now it's our white audi hell cat does yeah there's something about those fat tires in the rear may i'm like as a old school muscle had dork that's what you want i saw you know motor reader matt de andrea not son adam corollas podcast condos car guys he just posted a picture on twitter of he saw your old sick fish on it somewhere that's funny it was not in a it was not in this this it was in a bit of a sad state honestly i wasn't really yeah we just what was a little tired looking beyond the picture yeah someone and that's unfortunate yeah it was a cool looking car when that thing came out yeah the football player reggie what's his name british reggie bush's i'll really be better off the guy that i sold it to take his men around yeah it's a it's a great looking car that that year
like all those years like seven thousand and seventy one does those second generation barracudas that's a special look and i think a lot of cat is in that same kind of look looks pretty close it's pretty close but i really wish it was the same size hellcat is one hundred and twenty five or one hundred and thirty percent inflated over weighted scale version of that so those seventy seventy one kudos a are are the most valuable muscle cars that there are today anyone's right the hemi cudas are the rarest and and most valuable of the of those they they're the ones that only get over over like a million usually that's incredible for car that was what and thirty dollars new okay ninety seven five thousand was it was a five thousand i don't know my research yeah doesn't go back that far really let's take a guess let's say you guys think it was like for i think like
five to six thousand would right out of the question hemi cuda all right for for the main motor let's go with eighties five hundred and eighty five hundred bucks ok you go eight thousand five hundred right thirty thousand i'm going to reread i think you need to re evaluate twenty six hemi cuda i'm gonna play a a dirty game prices right i don't but i don't wanna go right above my does you don't need it jamie coming in with a dollar us all of when in the shelter for twenty six thousand four hundred and twenty six cuda which year nineteen seventy seventy yeah that's a goodyear well the years of my favorite year one thousand seven hundred and seventy one seventy one the same i think really 71's got four headlights service she said she's getting too yeah seventy also has the smaller grill face like the teeth are small in their front which is what i had i had a seventy whereas seventy one has the full real yeah yeah yeah it's really more aggressive i think seventy one might be a little better looking to be honest with you i can't
all of one year is more valuable than the other seventy one i think it's probably the best are the results in jamie window sticker yeah three thousand four hundred and thirty three three thousand four hundred and thirty three dollars oh my god the duffel jamies one dollar wouldn't want it that's there it yeah jamie pull up one thousand nine hundred and seventy one barracuda knows that is that's my i think my favorite look in any muscle cars in nineteen seventy one barracuda it's just like this uh aggressive american yeah we're left with that i mean that is that is about as looking aggressive as a grill can get this got a mouth full of teeth it looks like a barracuda it really does really does actually fucking nailed it man they were better at actually i think naming things what they looked like back then god dam that looks good i do still think the corvette rate looks stingray ish i think
so we're a little bit works kind of yeah that looks like a fun barracuda those it does that looks like it's going to get you i just found a way for you to spend another million dollars joe rogan i would never buy one of those i don't like i'm weird with shit i don't like stock old cars because they drive like garbage bag by yeah i've zero interest in them you got your vet right yeah but that's like a modified bob pro touring chassis and one hundred percent yeah and it's got a ls1 so it drives a supercharged yeah it comes with a normal car driven this stock one of the of that year no it's not good your did you die at the street he hates me he we live in the same block and he's gotta original he's one of those original guys he drives around with a paper boy hat on drives around the neighborhood and his lawn chair at cars and coffee and play fuckin' sock hop music funk those people his face when i told him that it would
none of it was original except the shell outside i go it looks original demogod damn thing in it the inside i guess the shape of the dashboards original funk him well he just was like look man i like them to drive like a car that works good yeah like why is it bad to upgrade the brakes is not your fine but this whole thing that it's somehow another like doing a disservice to the vehicle by upgrading the brakes these people are asked some mps man it's an awesome if you're if you're going on the lawn at pebble beach you keep it a ridge yeah other than that i mean especially look it'll ever i mean and you you'll love the depths of the internet look it los angeles driving circa one thousand nine hundred and sixty and then los angeles driving today you know the heat the traffic or the old car is not meant to handle that shit you want to drive an old car here you need to upgrade do think it's cool that breaks when i find out the dude
drives an old car i give him an extra level respect you know he's going going through he jimmy smith my partner and ufc now he used to work for bella tore nine were so the ufc he drives one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight firebird several doc stock stocks feedstock breaks everything i'm like whoa does he know what have you let him driven drive your m5 geneva suck he doesn't give a fuck he likes old muscle cars he likes in the way they are he had a camaro i think and i think it's camaro got hit by some asshole and totaled it so he's all right there's another those guys in my hood in venice where i live there's a lot of old old daily drivers for sure but i don't know i can't
do it i just don't need that in my life and experience you've got to realize that you're not going to hit the brakes real good that's not worth it to maine i like to drive too close to the people in front of well even if something steps out in the road yeah i mean how many times you been driving a deer steps out in front of cars a bunch i was driving down the road in video that's been viewed about three million times in a guy was dragging a log on like a fifty foot chain behind the ford explorer back and forth across the road all my god yeah fun it wasn't the most viewed video on reddit for twenty four hours on my god knows crazy just dragging a log like i'd like a log like you know four feet by two feet giant tree trunk log assholes out there member in turn one of those cars it's literally like a boat oh my god but you know what else is like tires is a big difference to like you know
old porsches used to be called widow makers and shin but you take one of those old 70s turbo porsche that you know volumes about how scary they are to drive and you put him on michelin pilot super sports and you're like oh we thought three hundred horsepower was scary that's cute is that be funny or scared or three hundred or so here's my log video look wait watch this boom log that is okay that is so god damn crazy yeah they're going to why and i was in a supercharged lamborghini her con making like nine hundred horsepower look at that and look at the road this guy is just jeffrey dragging a parking lot that god does not seem wise but i totally i tie choked i mean i had an opportunity to to throw bing are there at this person instead i just talked to myself and the way you know you're better off you're not going to fix that guy if he so stupid he's driving a giant logged on a public road yeah thirty little
it looks weird looking look on the other side of the road look at the marks like the log actually as i go up you can see the mark of dirt like moving back and forth across the road was easier to see the other way i guess but jesus don't do that people yeah i mean i guess he couldn't pick it up it looked big so i guess i don't see how that's not appropriate so it only got why would be so convinced that the log is going to stay at as to the chain i don't know how much you know about logs in chains you know and he's a right handed vance chain scientists in the specialty of logs out there tracking a log behind a car on a public road is a big gas line to do our easy four foot log right the chain is not going to hold up that long is going to bounce and go through someones fuckin' windshield god dam i got it wasn't mine in a borrowed look look how
long it is behind his car it's so crazy it's an i mean that we need to like you know go back in the video but see that like trail of whatever its leaves on the road there like that trail i had notice starting like a couple like half mile or so before that on the road and the trail is going back and forth across both lanes of traffic and there was like a couple little signs down just yet let's see some crazy should too you mean you're making obstacles for people that are driving especially if you're on motorcycle rider motorcycle and you around now you're telling dirty kill somebody yeah it's legit like date motorcycles wants and on the road they just don't you're putting it on the road a hundred percent that's two motorcycle also does don't get clotheslined by logs and chains
my buddy wipe it out on a turn on some sand was one of the major reasons why i was taking motorcycle safety classes i was trying to get my license and was going to get me in a couple of my friends for fear factor we were going to get a we're going to get motorcycle a couple of guys that work there and and as things went on we were like flock this couple of they they two of them went through with it two of us bailed alonzo boden is all about the bike all about the bug yeah how many months broken i don't know how i see him he broke his arm on a bike couple a couple years ago that betty did yeah he doesn't don't seem to think it's a bad risk ties of war i ride scooter have a little yamaha scooter that i ride around venice and running errands and go to my office and stuff like 'cause i can lane split and it makes my life a lot easier yeah but i'm terrified i had a motorcycle and i wrote in the canyons maybe four or five times as terrified i have no problem washing car you know a little bit in the canyons but on a bike like that gravel
yeah it's really fun i get it motorcycle people i'm not saying you're wrong you're just braver than me yeah i'm i'm route or do i have to come to a lot of surgeries i know what it's to rehab from serious injury and like i am just so not into the idea of it i mean i've had two back surgeries in the same same spot so you have those discectomy zero yeah how was that did it work for you yeah first one lasted like eleven years and then my bad decisions led to it being re injured and the second service fine i'm an the the bash now that i've been in like ten years so that's what are you doing i do seven days a week of cardio i built a gym in my house i did seven days a week or cardio yeah i got one of those arc trainers it's awesome is that like
sort of like an elliptical machines like this artist elliptical machine i've ever used an it's i do like forty five minutes a day on that i used one of those really recently it was great it's amazing that was really pretty cool down before it yeah yeah it's like hotel the video that bad boy it's it's like a hotel quality so no pounding your cardio envy about as i get nada and i'm i'm out in forty five minutes a burn according to the machine i don't know how accurate these machine counters are but i'll burn like eight hundred and fifty calories and forty five minutes and i do three days a week of weight training for an hour and also you can then daily doubles three days a week and i haven't i i haven't had a cigarette since october twenty sixteen yeah there is yeah the ark trainer i have the one with the arms yeah yeah the guy behind him to get the arms yeah i think it's it's it's a discovery is serious work out man i sure what it is a really good workout yeah it really is so and i do speed bag of the twelve minutes a day and speed back
which i like i said you could do that's what year are you hurt your arm yeah yeah we're we've been talking about tendon issues folks was never add tendon issues and i never had him until this elbow i mean i've had it on elbows before but i did it smart and i didn't keep working out this time i tried to meet head my way through it yeah again and it it flared up pretty bad to the point where for my it's later it wasn't healed is a slow healing thing right super slow downs didn't have any blood supply so i gotta bunch does that why the platelet rich plasma works so well yes is it just gets a rare is very effective yeah the other thing that's the i think the most effect as we're talking about is those there bands and actually suggests know the twisty blue thing that i use it looks like a big avatar dill doe and you hold it out in front of you i wish i had it with me and then you twist it like that then i hold it like this and then i let it untwist yeah so i got one and then you like and when you do the untwisting it strengthens
for me that was my if you're on the inside i'm on the outside so i go the other way yeah they would be there's another one they'll show they have diagrams for different cross you could do but it's a big difference it's but it's just those kind of muscles don't get strengthened a lot my muscles in my hands are picking things up and i'm doing chinups and rose and stuff like that but i would never do anything twisty so start to add that the amount of driving i do isn't good for me right view back now for hotel my hands are for anything it's been a long time already do you put a lumbar pad anything no but most cars i drive have like real sporty east you know seats and a lot of them i'm lucky enough to have adjustable lumbar mercedes right now is killing the seat gain per se okay missile fire what are they doing just they they work with
the spinal center in germany to develop all their high end seats and the seats on the the s class the amg s class is are so ridiculous it's like they have okay so they have a simulated hot stone massage function that works it's boss how it's like a nine zone massage seat in the s class coupe so while you're driving his you a hot stone massage yeah what is the difference in a hot stone massage and a regular massage the air pockets that get inflated like you know it's it's behind the seat the leather there's like these pockets of air like old reebok right pump pom up and d the inflator man slate them in sequence right to simulate mediating or whatever it is well the mercedes s class heats those pockets
so they're actually the not with hot air that there's a a thermal thing on the surface it's so gangster it feels like a hot stone massage awesome yeah i took it to the next level they have exactly i got i've got the two hundred and twenty five thousand dollar car i got it for a week i drove it around at road trip all this i ended up like writing twenty six hundred words on the seat the hot stone fate has the fans behind your neck below the hot air because it was a convertible so you got the convertible yeah god dam that's the see there jamie look at that go for the front seat that's the the front seats are just just delightful it is but it is amazing that we are in this look this time six zones it's a that we are in this time where the technology has gotten to this level where cars date they're working so hard temp
upon what is already ridiculous all my terms of performance yeah i'd have you have you experienced any of this semi autonomous stuff yet none no i but i haven't i'm surprised as intellectually curious interested in cars that drive themselves they can go fuck themselves you're not interested in a brief experience into the world iam iam it should be but for the most popular folk in mind 'cause those cars again take away our right to drive it's well you should join the human driving association okay this is real so the word was beginning of starting a lobbying association for the rights of human drivers will it sounds like a goo fright now but it does matter to me no it doesn't to me yeah because this is the what we don't want to ever have is a situation where you some in your autonomous pod can you say take me to wherever it goes no joe yeah they're not going there today because of some political situation yeah the government tells you the war on driving is here take your side oh my god what the
and is that in rs america on the left there i think it's a sign i think it is it might be a older car carrera whale tail like my nine hundred and what is your nine it's an eighty seven that's we're building year built build what does that mean oh so you may windows offer rally around yeah the it's called a senior project my friend lee keen is a reporter racing driver and he built one for himself and it is most glorious thing i've ever driven uh and it's thing that you love about a nine hundred and eleven applies to this on loose surface there it is that's your car that's not my car my car is going to look like that although it will be a different color and have a roof rack and it'll be it'll be slightly slightly different that things crazy that actually is a richard tuttle build from england if you look at james is keen keen safari ken and you'll see closer to mine tunnels
that made that he green card the my this is my video of driving lease car and it is see look i was fatter there so it's just drifty woods oversteer ann you know that rear engine kind of snapback thing that everyone is all afraid of in nine hundred and eleven is the pendulum thing yeah well you get that when you slide and then it catches and comes back on a loose surface there's no catch so you slide it but you don't have scary snapback it just drifts and comes back and rip you know there's lee he's building the thing but it's probably really good to have a rear engine bias it is looking real it is the most controllable delightful and you've got four inches of extra suspension travel so la speed bumps ruts
think about this in los angeles right so you're going to drive this rally car around la yeah it's not a race car is the streetcar why is the streetcar yeah and then you know that looks like so much fun journal in the dirt oh my god we have so much desert here no one cares you got some mirages trails like there's no speed limits nobody gives a shit i gotta be honest there's two videos that made me get really interested in older porsches one of 'em is the chris harris build with the tuttle and the other one was you driving that project nasty joey silly he's a local as well yeah that car i was like yeah that's it yeah that's it to like get it down to the raw dog yeah he took everything out of that car and richard tuttle who did chris is car in england is like the rally you know master he's like a there's there's the project yeah then there's joey who build it and he also i love the little things he did like make the exhaust come through the rear bumper and those
the wheels on it and the fact is no carpeting at all like everything inside was stripped away his instagram is a motion engineering and that car has been through a few changes since this video was may look for now the the change the bills right wheels different like there's a bunch of different stuff but it's amazing and that guy he used to be a part of this business b b i autosport he left to go start his own business emotion engineering and he is a man master of chassis setup up i believe it yeah that's a very very impressive video it's very interesting video and that's not like the highest horsepower vehicle right now it was really light though it was i think how horsepower did have i remember three hundred and seventy five three eighty i mean it was it was fast there was not a slouch at all but you know have you seen what singer is doing now with this air cooled engine yeah it's crazy when you sent me that whole thing of the price difference between uh
nine eleven engine air cooled engine that's got two hundred horsepower verses one's got five in or yeah i like wow yeah the exponential curve of porsche horse power costs as you really scare my then was to under fifty thousand dollars yes is like okay if you today to buy an engine right an engine on a stand what that engine does is portia air cooled so a porsche engine for a porsche that is earlier than one thousand nine hundred and ninety five three a horsepower is going to run you about forty grand and that's a ton of for not a lot of horsepower four horsepower will run you about a hundred grand i mean hundred thousand that's an engine on a stand nothing else you want five hundred horse out of that motor turn fifty thousand dollars just for the end just the engine why is that 'cause that sounds so crazy
the other cars because a lot of techniques that you would use it to make horsepower in other cars you cannot apply to a porsche engine you're limited on displacement size so it's not like you could shove like a nine liter v eight in there like a four point two is about as big displacement as you can get in that case and that's with like a stroker crank and bored out so you're increasing both the length of pistons move and the the size of the hole to get to the five hundred horsepower mark you have to run some highly experimental cylinder heads singer to do that i don't know if has been on the show recently but sees working with singer to develop there's a company called williams that is a formula one team they are developing the cylinder heads for singer so chris
this is a part of this is doing to development arriving for that yes great which is a good decision it's amazing the engine plus the videos will be at right so you most of their doing a four valve air cooled head which as far as i know has never been done before all your your engine my engine all the art valve engines and and they're doing a four valve engine so it's gonna cost a million and a half dollars is two hundred and fifty grand this is why yeah so crazy custom cars are a million dollars now is not nuts i mean you really want if you really want something next level it can easily be a million as jamie pull that new singer nine eleven singer nine hundred and eleven williams engine it's green yeah but it's i had a lot of that but who is the japanese gentleman who takes those porsches and stuff so many rw b yeah
got a lot of that to it well are you so are w b is really interesting because in japan they like the singer don't you think that's a god damn gorgeous car yeah don't you think it's an odd choice to artificially different stop sexy that is artificially differentiate like the way he's got the fender flares he's just he's making him looking at a gloom on the whole class carbon fiber yeah the holkars carbon fiber why did they fake like they had like extensions okay so i don't want to disappoint you but as a rendering and not a picture of an actual car far as i know the actual car does not exist and i think if i had yes they put those over fender lines on the rendering so you would specifically noticed that they have white and it let stand would be if i had to guess the final car may not actually have a scene there you know what man i'm not i'm not mad if it does it looks amazing jamie can you make that bigger again
it's also real that's crazy that that's not a photograph i sound like a render tj almost certain that's not a real car right here i'm almost certain it's not a real car i be there could there could be someone screaming at their whatever right now saying i'm wrong but i'm pretty sure reflections in the window in the building you please look in force in the last three years they're good at this dude well i like videos i absolutely believe it i'm not arguing against it i'm just saying so good yeah but anyway if they make a car like that holy shit that's a gore oh yeah and they will it will look like that but it may not have those seems it's pretty similar to what their car looks like and what are much different than the wider i saw one of those that might have been the best looking car i've ever seen in my life it was a silver like a matale alex silver like a bright silver singer yeah and it was online understated like lori god dam see if you find that bright syllable
silver singer have you seen one in person before a close dude your mind would be blown they have at a minimum minimum forty five fifty thousand dollars of leather in one of those cars in the interior the leather work in the interior of those cars is unbelievable it beyond anything from any manufacturer that really oh yeah that's it that's a sexy motherfucker right damn that's a good looking car yep that's very very nice what is it about certain shapes right there whether it was a really does is they to still you know the best of each generation car into one car yeah and so you're looking at a highly idealized nine eleven but you can't eggs klay picture what came from where and why jim it's gangster and those folks those wheels for whatever reason they just work like specially that green car those we go back to that green card they made
they made him real big on the green car but the design works so well there's the williams engin god dam it looks good yeah like that's perfect so girl down jamie the the williams look at this so so you see the air intakes that's where your rear windows would be so there are no rear windows there are only those air intakes that go directly into the engine cool that furnace off no not cooling that's the actual air intake the get into the combustion chamber nokia yeah the cooling its air cooled so see that silver kind of nipple on the right side there is the center of the fan it get schooled in from the back there now like this is basically the same size as a regular inline six or straight flats yeah roughly the engine itself is roughly the same size yeah so what they've
one is just engineer it to the max oh yeah well they have them they have what are in theory are the most advanced cylinder heads ever put onto an air cooled nine hundred and eleven looks incredible and they're going to stick that the car that was originally what ninety three something like that yeah something like that yeah ninety one to ninety four god isn't it funny though that something unbelievably appealing about those air cooled cars that is willing to have these people pay a million dollars or at least the currency is half a million dollars on this car just because you feel it more yeah when you draw i have it it's just kind of feel to it there's a certain the kind of mechanical brought to it that's really really you can't it's income parable really it's very unique yeah bald there's something about those old cars particular the ones that don't have power steering you get a thrill
out of on this a weird surreal even when you're not even driving fassel what we especially with the porsche when you when you have no power steering combined with front engine car it sucks no power steering when the engine in the back is okay because the front of the car is pretty it's pretty light so yeah you don't need too much muscle but the nine eleven steering is just super super direct yeah it's super direct just i don't know manage is it just feels like a different thing i had a buddy that had a volkswagen bug growing up a lot of power in it but those volkswagen bugs those fucking things like when you drive them around they give you a little smile on your face 'cause you're i've been like this little tiny thing that feels completely connected with the road it's very capable but
like you smiling when you drive when those are you seeing a rise the ultimate volkswagen is they're taking in germany they take the the bosses the micro buses and they and they chop them down to the beach you know compress and they put full porsche floor pan drive train and so never that nine hundred and ninety six turbo you had the all wheel drive so they'll put that whole floor pan on a microbus and they'll go to like track days and beat up on race cars it's crazy there looks actually look here's here's one is so crazy five hundred and thirty horsepower porsche nine hundred and ninety three by turbo powered volkswagen microbus the same with the rear window see the intake on the rear window their dad so great and that's on a racetrack oh my god he probably weighs nothing right nothing an i mean look what happens god forbid you crashed one of those before wow that's crazy
i know they've been doing that yeah well basically common what is the old three hundred and fifty six engine yeah or no no no i think someone was putting an older nine hundred and eleven engine in it or a nine twelve thousand nine hundred and twelve engine yeah four source hilton yeah nine hundred and twenty these are people are way too much money for them really op it you have like for like thirty forty thousand dollars really they're so slow yeah that's a slow after all right yeah yeah you need to you like i get that it's feel and yet nine thousand nine nine twelve have field but at a certain point there has to be some pace associative sports cars now when they made those cars it was the same shell on the outside there's a nine hundred and eleven yeah yeah they just like d contented it cheap and everything and then put everything that old engine if somebody wanted to hot rod and nine hundred and twelve out and like put a crazy nine hundred and ninety three engine in it and to all the suspension it would still be at nine hundred and twelve
and that weird there's people that convert nine hundred and twelve loaded into nine hundred and eleven all the time yeah but people know yeah the needle in the now but that's what's so crazy about it is that you it's the same good stuff he has a nine hundred and eleven what it looks like on the outside but do the numbers match that's the thing we're difference with porsche people i mean the difference between four hundred three thousand dollars and four hundred thousand dollars will be the most minute insignificant bulshit of this was delivered with you know leather covered vents in a leather covered fuse box fuckin' fuchsia steering wheel and it had the light wait glass so that one's four hundred grand in that one's is forty
that's really what it is it's the only muscle cars you know same thing it's just one of four delivered in plum crazy and yeah automatic transmission on a tuesday with a white roof and a come stain in the back seat from the factory i love those auctions where you see pushed agreed in people's eyes just going off is when the people like well they'll get in a bidding war and overpay for some by forty grand and still feel like they want yeah they feel like the school out of give rule laws that mother didn't get it yeah i went to bury jackson for the first time ever this year i had to see it in person it's a show is it out should show yeah yeah yeah it's crazy and you know it's in and but barrett jackson itself what they don't show you on tv is that you can buy anything there like you can buy fan they had a
jet turbine powered fan boats whoa that you could buy like it's thought it's like the auction and i'm going under and then like mile of swap meet eash it and you could buy custom made cowboy boots and tempur pedic beds and you know home furnishings in terrible art and watches and that it was an massage chairs anything to think up bro it was it was just such a like cd of commerce damn and uh there's like a lot of cars that don't make tv that are either amazing or very very sad in their own what do you have to do to get in there do you have to is like a location thing to just walk in note to set a car in there so you just go on their website and apply to sell a car i think i don't think there's an i think they're happy take your money and try and sell your car i don't think there's any restrictions i like eric andre i'm going there
i can just pinto i mean i don't know i don't think anything other than someone figuring out the joke before he did it but i don't think much i think you could probably do it but for the most part the people that are pretty serious about this was a lot of dealers who was a lot more dealers that seem like they were selling to each other in terms of the actual buying in the selling button yeah i mean there's a lot of that car jackets out there love nascar jackets and then you see that they have the higher end auctions too which sort of resemble the pebble beach ones do you still have that crazy corvette sold it oh i have a crazy mustang now which again it's a fox body yeah it's on the cover of car craft this month and it's in speedhunters as well as it did a great article in speedhunters dad is a ridiculous car it's awesome to hear a switch on your show you guys were saying on fox bodies you were him called it like that first piece of shit ever fuckyou rut why did you decide to soup up that car
this is a car while i had i wanted in high school but is my highest it's a high school you know the high school reliving car while will will over the top men's pulling up to high school with that thing to go back in a time machine bro i went to actual ten year high school reunion in a orange lamborghini as a goof and there was literally not a single soul outside when i parked it upfront zero people suck their arrival it couldn't have been more wasted schitt is that funny like that's what you want a car like that it's like eighty percent arrival yeah yeah one hundred percent arrived hundreds up again now if they see the lamborghini there's my mustang if you see the lamborghini on the way out of the reunion it's really lame it just was not the best looking year no the notchback and the notchback is better mine was a police car wasn't yeah patrol car wow that's the notch back there
and it was cheaper to get those i remember you can get the five engine right within that and the point of that is the police cars were the lightest ones so no air conditioning no sunroof no fog lights no power windows no power door locks so that was the lightest v8 powered mustang ever look my my interior i'd love crazy fabrics so much at badass baddass cholo fantastic i actually like it i thought it would hate that oh it's like a 70s outdoor patio furniture keep that image backup there jim i like the were getting jonah interior today i can never go like that would just leave that they're like the gauges man everything you did there porsche style steering wheel lock depot i love that love the shifters at hearst yeah her shifter and then the center tray in between there rakharo seats is from a seventy three mercedes two hundred and eighty
and then the pattern came from a modern fabrics and it's like a outdoor patio furniture fabric so it's like v resistant and spill resistant one of those wheels jamie click on those wheels on the right hand side where the wheel the wheels i have a it's called their h r e r s one fines which is our three please forged wheel and i'm running two hundred and ninety five tires at all four corners so there eighteen by ten and a half at all four corners they're awesome must handle amazing oh sticks so it sticks like a gt3 it turns in so hard and i'm running suit the tires or sport cup 2's which are like the gt3 tires an tires and what is way car think three thousand one hundred and ten wow so it's pretty good it's got really good brakes really handling it's medium fast it's about three hundred and fifty horsepower so it's quick enough i'm going to leave the engine the way it is well it has crate motor in it right we
you could use some more could use a little more and so if i keep the car long term i'm going to take now that engine and put in the three hundred and fifty engine yeah if i keep the car long term how many horsepowers five but it revs to eight thousand two hundred that's what it's really about yeah no i heard one of those on in a video so great it's like texas on anything a mustang it doesn't it sounds like a something more italian yeah yeah i was going to sell a ferrari yeah well they do at the different firing mortar and they also i think it's an awesome is going to have harry me what's wrong with the flat plane crank changes the sound g t three fifty exhaust two thousand eighteen g t e it's pretty cool serious yeah well i'm terrified that they're going to come out with the gt500 i'm going to fall in love it could happen i'm going to fall in love it could happen
has a very yeah yeah that sounds amazing yeah but i think you have one videos open in the background jamie 'cause i'm hearing double goddamnit jamie it's ok son of a bich list but look at that oh that sounds so good it's not it's very unlike anything else on the road very distinctive that's that's that's one of the most special engines how do you car thirty seven seven hundred pounds they're all heavy why can't anybody figure that out because people later chose people want features right everybody though some people don't want that this
people like you and i are so fascinated by something like singer like you don't want to spend that kind of money but can't have light and cheap and fast you got to you got to pick one if you want light and cheap you it's your miata you know you can't have a if if there they had a thousand pound mustang that had the features that people demand for a modern car it would be two thousand dollars you'd you'd have a ferrari you know yeah but even for hours at that light you more that's true that's true nothing what what what is the latest thing you buy like a porsche boxster man there's a lotus lotus of our own four of four ten is under three thousand pounds i think which is a really really really really nice car i drove that little one to little things each yeah i drove that a few years back yeah i see a florida beach you up like that does it didn't have any horse power though was very of our four hundred and ten the other one no diggs or of exceed yeah the really the one where it doesn't have any
panels shouldn't have anything else it's kind of interesting 'cause it's like it's like this a little go kart lotus thing yeah so that's what i drove that's the of a sport and i just drove that and it's really really good yeah it's really nice and that's also a manual transmission it is yeah it's a supercharged camry engin believe it or not really yeah how many horsepower four hundred and ten supercharged camera is also beautiful it's really good looking and it's got a bad thing that's kind of titanium exhaust got it so unique in a sea of nine elevens it does stand out why you would like that kerr thank god that could that would be a good one for you like you need another one that's per car too but that's the other one that's the least yeah the lease is the one that i drove that gray one that you just clicked on jamie i drove that that's a beautiful looking car but it's got no ball no but you can stun those like this is crazy how slow this is they made
you might have driven the smaller engine one they made some that were a little faster way yeah the base almost like one hundred and eighty horsepower and then they go up to two hundred and sixty or two hundred and eighty but there's something thrilling about it driving a fleet yeah so how much is that thing where you think twenty five hundred or something light it's a very light yeah nothing and it's beautiful this make beautiful those lotus is are that they will be thirty thousand dollars used cars for the until the end of time the lease yeah absolutely bottomed out at thirty grand and you can buy him and sell 'em at thirty grand all day isn't it funny how cars were with almost nothing and then like a seventy three rs america and it wasn't it wasn't are some erica just in our in our seventy three rs is worth a good million dollars now it used to be worth twenty thousand dollars just a few years ago mmhm i've had that happen i remember i saw those for sale and someone saying this is the perfect porsche it's not the most power
alright it's only two hundred and twenty five horsepower some like that but it's so light and so fun to drive and i was like get the fuck outta here with two hundred and twenty five horsepower well it's like you know the world the world has become more automated right everything is faster more efficient but less involved in less mechanical and at the same time you've got especially with portia a younger audience a very wealthy audience you know that has has really decided to use the older collector cars as a currency that you can drive and investments and rich people out there right now and making anymore in one thousand nine hundred and seventy three nine hundred and eleven so that's one of the things that people have a real problem with with singer is they're taking those cars in the shop in the fa cup taken in nine hundred and sixty four and just wrapped chopping the shit out of that taking one hundred thousand dollars car and turning it into a five hundred thousand dollars car that if you can get on the list and get one and you take it home
it's immediately worth seven hundred on the open market i bet right 'cause people want to wait a year flipper market for a singer it's like you name your price name your price if you wanted to get a singer made how many years is even his waiting list two years three years so two years three years for waiting less than a year to make the car and then making it by hand with carbon hi crazy i've seen the videos of people visiting the factory where it's going to get there you should go i should go back here don't wanna go in there will introduce you there very chill it to do it i'll start doing numbers in my head it's just all this i mean there's and then there's a whole cut singer i think not dwell on singer so much but they opened the door for a sub industry below them that's doing two hundred thousand dollar you know builds that are like halfway to singer you know for most people that's for
like yeah thats when was the last really excessive yeah yeah most most people i bought you know i'm doing the safari thing but i bought my eighty seven carrera and its stock and i almost didn't want to start modifying it because it was just such a nice thing to drive around it was just lovely well that's recent enough where they have like good brakes yeah and it's a super light car so you no is good and i think that what's great there's a series of shows now called redwood redwood car show for eighties and nineties cars great did great because he's our cars you can drive right you know they have air conditioning they have reasonably you know modern whatever you could just start up and drive and do it it's like old eighties bands is and just just as great great scene of 80s and 90s cars at rad
a bunch of shows around come come out and say hi i'm at a bunch of them but you know and people like i age i'm thirty six are seeing these cars as collectible now and it's going to usher in a new market too there's a lot of good invest and made in 80s and 90s cars yeah yeah you know what would that's crazy good looking cars do there's the mean like this is like an eighty six acura acura legend that looks mint how do you mind an acura legend just like that he love that thing first cars and he said this is eighty seven legend that's a great car car that i had that i wish i didn't get rid of prey it's so clean i had the last the nsx really two yeah with the headlights fixed the fixed headlights you shouldn't have gotten rid of it got rid of it big dollar car right now it's hot i loved it i loved it too that was uh nascar i don't know what those things weighed
twenty eight sweet i'll tell you what if you like that car that lotus for ten i just showed you you would love that that is the new version of that car right yep i don't know if i want the new version though i don't think i like the old version the thing no the new version feels like the old version with like bluetooth with bluetooth in your basic saturdays there thought that was a great car so light they are very end durable you can drive home yeah people who signed the hot mean what how did they figure it out so much better than the americans did when it came to reliability well they just built like light car and then put their accord engine in it pretty much but i mean all their cars so i mean it would go through across well we were talking earlier about land cruisers that's like god we most reliable cars the history the free yeah why the fuck are they so that and most companies like american companies do that same age
you get a 1990s ford not as terrible luck with that terrible running right yeah i know but one thousand nine hundred and ninety five land cruisers driving through africa right now land cruisers are specific or an interesting example specifically because i went on the press launch for land cruiser so i know this most cars are to a ten year service life the land cruiser is built to a two five year service life the land cruisers parts are almost one hundred percent unique to land cruiser they they they share very few parts with anything else in toyota's shut up and that's why you look at you go it's a full size suv why is this thing ninety thousand dollars because every thing on it is industrial grade designed to twice as long as like any other car it seems like it when you drive a want to text absolute absolute text and they're over here but i think in the in the eighties and nineties i think the japanese design and production philosophy was just so far beyond where we
yeah we were making during those yard absolutely i mean i have eighty eight mustang you just saw i have an eighty seven porsche and i had an one thousand nine hundred and ninety nissan skyline gtr the porsche and the fucking skyline are same time same time period yeah their compared the hunk is ship is my mustang i mean those skyline bad adhere man awesome scotland manual yeah yeah i sold it but i e i doubled up in six months though their hull think about what they did with the t r when they came a nissan came out the gtr the new with the new is well you know this one dude i've only driven one of those twice but one time i drove one the most remarkable thing about it was i was taking it turn to to hit an off ramp and i was a little late i was like oh that's been like i got to change lanes and it just went like this cross lanes zip yep
like nothing there's no lean there was nothing it just defied physics yeah i like this thing is crazy it's just it's calculated how much mass is leaning this way and it to flatten everything out electronically so actually the new acura nsx that's like the purcari one six hundred and fifty grand does that same thing that the gtr did in nine but it does it much more seamlessly so you think you did it mail yeah that awesome driving that just happened the c r you're like wow the gt r is doing all this awesome right in the end a sexual like on the booking here right cuz you can't cuz it's so so seamless like the gtr it's a mechanic you know all wheel drive system with these clutch packs and whatever so you can hear it like unplugging around in like me power and do all the shit right the nsx rear wheel drive gas engine and then
electric motors in the front wheel so it can do all kinds of funky with the front wheels the two wheels can going completely different speeds from each other it's completely independent of what's happening at the back all this computer algorithms but it's magic front end what's frontend that cannot happen within the constraints of like normal rotational physics well yeah dude you should work for acura i should sell cars you got my dick hard for an nsx me it's a good buy right now people i want them to see why i don't know because they're not like the old one like you said you want the old one that people want to stick and simple and it's complicated in but if people are looking for a double clutch supercar that seems to be a really good bargain to great looking car it is i had one for a week it was awesome awesome and apparently the power of seems very accessible right
sorry i'm sorry it's uh it's very forgiving and very easy to drive and it makes you feel like mario andretti hopefully it not make him anymore i get they've got to make him for a bit they've committed but i think uh you should buy if you think you might like on the tinge of responsibility when the viper went out of business and never viper of so pastors it's such a preposterous interns like i thought anyone else ac ours with the wings yeah vented hood and shot on my just for it just because it's such a douchebag car yes so it seems like i've if you were to list off like the check boxes of things that you personally enjoy it seems like it does actually take most of those boxes in there yeah right from the will only looking like a besides that it really takes the rest of us yeah it looks like godzilla is dick it looks like this sort of like super autumn a try very shredder but it's all american to such a ridiculous thing to build what's the matter what's so american about it is that rather than you know porsche
developing this insane gearbox you know that can shift in a micro second and nissan doing this crazy fucking all wheel drive system and you know whoever here are doing their torque vectoring electric motors fibers just like more downforce we don't know manual gearbox just adds more more downforce the the stickiest tire you can find you can pop these things out get even more downforce and that's the old that's like the whole yeah so let's just put wings on it and it'll be fine but meanwhile they brought it to every race track and they were very abstract there breaking records yeah it's crazy it's the most american thing ever yeah thank you all i was going to bring your gun the biggest fifty caliber machine gun ever desert eagle it's america big all american do it's super america yeah but then they stop making them i'm sorry
because merca isn't necessarily commercially valuable sometimes but come on the age of trump did you bring it back bring it back vipers for everybody coal everybody gets a viper job in a viper for every call my it's the most preposterous american car would you agree well we have some preposterous vehicles here in america i mean the fact that you can get a pic truck version of an escalade is pretty funny you know i do not still i think they may have i think i may have stepped on my own joke but that's ok let's see preposterous it's up there it's pretty awesome the four g t is pretty preposterous yeah very good a very good way that's a super charged super car though it's extremely super and that's is that
is john cena in trouble for selling his ford i don't think so i don't think the contract in four simple you don't think so i i'm just going by what i've read i don't tell people the story is so to get one of the new four gt s right uhm it's what's called malik ation race car okay so they wanted to go win the twenty four hours of le mall in a certain class the da l m g t e class in order to raise that class it has to be a streetcar right so you have to build a certain number of street cars you can't just build a dedicated race car that would be called the prototype class ok so they had to be i think the number is four hundred and ninety nine that's four hundred and something for fifty forty nine whatever it is four decides that the and will outstrip the supply and they're rather than you know yes bittering or whatever they make you like apply so you you have to be social media star or a celebrity or someone you had to like tell them
why you should have a ford gt and what you were going to do with it and how you were going to share your four gt with the world and then they would decide that you had earned the right to buy their four hundred and fifty thousand dollars car and it came with the contract that you couldn't sell it for two years didn't want to flipping him right which he is exactly what john cena when it did like a for an i'm sorry but so rich like why would why would he violate the contract for couple hundred grams is huge very huge person armos how huge is he like so enormous well he's just enormous like with i bet he's probably like six three or six for if you search for he can't fit in it so took delivery and can't fit in it that's probably why he would get rid of it rather than having a how you're tall mister cena is but i'm so sorry when my head hit the ceiling that's probably
zak yeah he's probably six to at least he seems the guy who should be even longer and taller than he is because he's so thick it's almost like they chopped off a foot of his arms in every place you on a giant but his wrists are like tree trunks whole area six foot two fifty yeah see how say probably close it be close six foot two or six foot six foot two hundred oh well he's shorter shorter that's not well i don't know why he sold it but he did maybe even for him if it's two inches for you maybe he felt squashed in look i drove one day i don't know what it what kind of sacrifices to buy it but tricky fox like me might be a good car good for you so the seat is fixed and the pedals and steering wheel are adjustable you can adjust the seat how bizarre yeah the pedals come to you yeah i don't think i like that that's what you gotta do man it's we have to do because of the shape of the hard dictates that the seat back angles a bit tent the camp can you just make the seats
i put the cd is our largest seat no you can't the car's solo you did see a c rail is like inches his precious and yeah the roof is forty three inches from the ground that's like this whoa it's a real old law it's that low it's forty three inches from the roof to the from cricket ground yet compared to all the car it won the mom by the way in the year was supposed to you park it next to a nine hundred and eleven levin is like six inches taller than one of these things well that makes a really big difference the twenty four hours of le monde us you're talking two hundred mile an hour straight away speeds like that's a huge difference so they've designed to the car without see trails to get everything even further down you know it's adobe looking car i saw one that was black with red stripe that was the press car that was when i was driving around here leno's got the same color to god that's a pretty cars gangster that's a pretty car carbon fiber wheels let's switch are lovely
carbon fiber wheels so there's two kinds of weight in a car there's sprung weight and unsprung weight which is with was so sprung weight is weight that is most of what you think of as the car the engine the body anything that is sprung on the suspension unsprung weight is wait on the car that is not sprung on the suspension so wheels rotors tires suspension components that aren't sitting on the suspension right so it's like rough calculation but like roughly one pound of unsprung weight it will translate the feeling of five pounds of sprung weight meaning like if you are able to pull twenty pound is of unsprung weight out of your car each wheel is four pounds it's five pounds lighter than a stock wheel okay so you know about twenty pounds unsprung weight of your car your car will feel like you pulled a hundred
well and it will stop start accelerate turn better commute a totally in all it'll perform better in all areas so to go from forged aluminum wheel which is twenty three or twenty four the five pounds a wheel to a carbon fiber wheel it's like eleven pounds a wheel you you're pulling so much unsprung weight out of the car it'll feel like swinging a baseball bat with a weight on it and then just throw him wait away yeah mass massive massive massive massive difference in the wheels are so expensive i would engine like how many companies make carbon fiber wheels one one dole garden revolution in there from australia the the only making for the four day making for for you can buy the wheels they have fitments for a few different cars porsche gt
is one and they make them for fort we do me a favor jamie and pull up the photo of that black ford gt with red stripes it's on my instagram if you have my instagram handy the one i drove up man um thanks credibly the the road presence is just obscene and makes noises that only thank god damn it makes noises that only race cars make there's a if it sounds like you know those pops in crackles you get from most of these modern cars in the end dump the fuel in the exhaust and jet and it's just it's cool but it's a synthetic e sound it's programmed right this does that not programmed it's just like fuel into header bang it's just so race cars so nice and this goes
like five hundred thousand dollars we have four hundred and fifty if you can get one but you can't get what you can't get less you know john cena the i mean the rumor is he got like over a million for his but also someone who ordered well that makes sense flipped it he flipped it and so they're suing him yeah i read that it was thrown out they sue him for breach of contract for selling it but he claim or claimed that the contract didn't say he couldn't sell it oh so it was uh herbal agreement somehow i don't know maybe is one of those things they just hope nobody would call him out on and maybe it's on enforceable you know i mean how how do they sell you something and then and forced the you can't sell the thing you bought right now i can't do that if you really owe you literally can't do that i don't think that's a forcible i think once the contract is signed in in you take possession of this object that's yours did you whatever you want i think morally i completely agree that america motherfucker but ford fuckin' hats off you made a dope ask are that thing
it's extremely extremely crazy it really in it it's it's unlike anything else on the road because even even the very very very high end supercars your lamborghini aventador's that are four hundred grand in your v ferraris and all that stuff for fundamentally their road cars and even when you they go racing with them they they sort of take the road car and modify for racing this is so clearly a race car they had to build some street cars you know an and it's rocking rocking it looks amazing it's not an air brake on him the active mean so the bill back to the rear picture yeah so the wing the whole wing that
that whole wing that goes across the back their lifts up when you hit the brakes well it lifts when you start driving quick it lifts up and becomes a wing wing right and then when you hit the brakes it flips up and becomes an actual air brake that's it is extremely effective imagine what it this is when you break you the card nose dives into completely eliminates the dive so the cards squad straight down blouse wild it's fucking gorgeous yeah i think it keep making them i don't i don't think so why not ford i fight against lose money on every single one they make if i had to guess kind of bulshit word we run in here i know i thought you were going to fix all this i thought that was that's what i heard make american cars great again we have the glow economy is its global economy like american collect
we make a bunch of like the hellcats are built like in canada so again like we make bmw x fives in south carolina well we may not afford tundras in texas toyota tundra toyota tundra yeah toyotas make couple different cars here in america right trying couple cars in america i think japanese automakers probably have at least as many auto workers in america is american car companies do this is definitely same car i was driving press star thing right is just really the buttress is like when it goes by you can see right through the side of the or you can just see the air there between the tunnel and the pod that's so pretty yeah damn maybe the best looking car ever seen it is so cool it was so fast as far as like american cars that literally might be the best looking car ever seen i give it it's my money i want
by the older gt the two thousand and five one 'cause i like the manual transmission sure and i just think it was that was just one of the cars ever made do you ever drive one of those yeah what's that like the best really the best the best best yeah because this is a race car right and and everything that comes with it that one it was a road car and it was let's make the best road car we can make and so it wasn't a particularly successful race car but as a good car it was just glorious the ride in the power and the style on the sound and you know it's they had to develop that car very quickly the last time i was on this show we were talking about four gt s and you know so everything is overbuilt so you can run like double stock horsepower and you can run almost two hundred and eighty miles an hour in the fuckingg mylan these things on stock arrow and people do crazy ship within like twin turbos element stuff i should not crazy expensive but it's it's proven science at this point and uh new ground yeah wow it's
actually 'cause they're supercharge from the factory right so they're meant to handle forced induction so the turbo system you take off the superchart in the turbo system sub sub plant it's just runs more boost but it's a very very strong engine and so they're not completely different systems they just they both for sarah just they do it in different ways and when you buy one from the factory how many horsepower did it come with five five and fifty five fifty back then but yeah with no trash control the last last car the viper the same year fiber might one year but basically the last car without traction control stability control yes a a lot of people would crash oh yeah i would imagine yeah my it on it it was yeah it has traction control not working so no it has anti lock brakes but i don't think it has traction control hit really i think the next model did 'cause it's the rs
huh i don't know how fortunate for you if it doesn't vary rock ri loved your car had a lot of fun driving your car there fun cars man that's great i think maybe the next maybe the next thing i buy might be in rs they're great i know they're getting so expensive i know but it's safe money in two thousand and seven year two is like that's the year the one afterwards they became then they started having traction control make sure that's true i'm pretty sure it's true two thousand and seven gt 3rs no traction control pretty sure there's a period of two thousand and nine the two thousands up to and end of two thousand report she was using the engine called the mets car engine which which traced its way back to the mall it was very wrong strong amante that yes we salem ans le man's the movie with steve mcqueen hate that movie who stinks does it yeah
mcqueen movies stink wow you are a crazy person how dare you i like the image of steve mcqueen i like what he represents like this broody american from the ninety in 60s you know like one the last of the real men yeah i mean i like steve mcqueen based on the photographs of him i've seen i don't like it's movies like the mom was interesting because it was like a snapshot of time like what's the other one bullet bullet yeah well interesting it's like you're looking at a snapshot in time it's like well it is weird sanford said why is san francisco so empty and pull it works it was nobody alive back then people did the tech companies there's very few people chat traffic was nothing back then talk to somebody about what traffic was like in nineteen sixty in allentown when i think i just brought that up earlier in the show well i'm if you're ninety four and i remember when i moved here it was nothing like this really nothing it's gotten one hundred percent worse it's like
twice as many people here it's i feel it's it's so crazy get on the highway on a saturday night just into la on a saturday night then you're stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for no reason no one's dead there's no accident is two spoilers reading a book right now called traffic it's about the science of traffic and it they did a study in la and saturday two pm traffic is worse than any weekday rush hour in los as everybody's out yeah yeah everyone's out doing their dude you know when you go to another city like if you go to a big city like seattle and you like you're there with them and they complain about the traffic to go to personal self shut the fuck up second of all what i'm doing must be wrong then because i'm dealing with way too many people you guys have got it right this is the right amount like you got a lot of heat not too many people i get a medium size city that's not la yeah yeah and then traffic makes sense it goes in it goes out yeah like here it's just like by the fence the scooters
you want to get out before it gets all blade runner e what can happen well you know it's like those dudes like magnus walker live in downtown la us dread locks in this garage yes warehouse district those guys like that right he likes that ship would like to be in an urban night i'm super october venice when venice when that tsunami comes i'm super you're yeah you're right on the edge mean it's not good for me not looking good all the cars and don didn't get my room app was the app that wants to give us access to early warning app says you have sixty seconds for your phone de is that what they had in hawaii i do what yeah there's a there's an app now that's working in california but the senior it's the you're about to die it's it's an earthquake about to hit they they apparently have it depending upon the magnitude earthquake which is really scary is the higher magnitude possibility the more time you have so they can
yeah then give you up to a minute to know your foxville ville i'm just and what can i i'm thinking about one again the minute no where no we're worth getting i think it's a like a my closet do you have stored food or anything embarrassed that i don't have a list of should i need for probably should probably get for an earthquake that don't know you must have a room in this fucking palace here but if you hear i have meeting here but i have i do have commercial freezers course you do for l for elk right yeah but i have emergency ration ok have freeze dried food and you know that could last me a few months how would you like how would you physically get out of the city you have to you would really be fucked just our walk in would you icicle the real the real would be the cars to be too many cars right is way too many cars for the ever see what happened when the hurricanes we're heading to
access people try to escape or florida like floor the last one you can't go anywhere and they just she got stuck on the highway i could you run out of gas in the hallways nobody scared and desperate it's not good hurricanes you see coming this earthquake yet thirty seconds you know it hurt i think my scooter is the what's going to save me it's going to be going to going to go somewhere to eat you gotta get away with a bunch of tasty yeah they're going to hunt you down and put me on a spit yeah going to keep you alive so they could eat you longer 'cause there's no refrigeration just going to tie you up and cut off parts of you eat in front of you come here in this file this yeah i mean this the move come here will help you i was just about the space there who was a float tank so awesome everybody should have one i just might my real concern is the just that the mass of humans
does the sheer number is so insane and i don't think it's i don't think it's sustainable i just number people that are there's never the time ever in human history we've add masses of people crammed in areas like we have today in order to urban areas you mean modern america modern mexico city is like that jammed up the quite a few places that are like the population verse higher now than it's ever been recorded human history and so the popular in the cities is higher than it's ever been we've never had matt we never had twenty million people in the city before america like we do i'm in la was as stay through the smaller population than los angeles county is that all of them cycles like thirty something states almost all of them la county twenty million people yet is like sixteen something right i think that this is like on the ten to eleven nine
math so looking at this this map and it's one tiny little area of california and has more people if it was a state then almost every states state except florida the texas since new york pennsylvania ohio and given illinois illinois god damn that is just oct in so crazy i don't is it no if i didn't lift yeah it's not where it now so where would you live you didn't live here i've probably like i like colorado along colorado's good state mountains are good a like i northern california but not san francisco like math and the yeah yeah we'll farmers get up deal that we're due to keep knocking on your door yeah you what is arm colorado i think i like utah talk i like utah utah is very underrated those people are very nice thank you things you telegraph fuckin' mormons or do it mormons or friendly some the nicest folks ever
i spent like four months in saint george where is that it's the every corner southwest corner of utah right at the arizona nevada corner and it's like the town nearest to like zion national park i was doing landscape photography for awhile that's one of our gorgeous science awesome so pretty and actually if you to bring it back to cars will show on nbc show on nbc sports called did and did a national parks the roads through our national parks here in america are glorious glorious yellow yosemite zion west valley s canyon all have amazing roads going through them yeah and just the view that you get we're very lucky here got a lot of cool uh california we got the best roads in america possibly we got some pretty good some pretty ones you know that just place where everybody goes to just to drive to fuckaround that angels crest highway god that's
that's right was this morning for care yeah you will be driving up there my focus our s was having fun we adjusted the suspension and so i need to shake it down those are fassel cars very fast i work of mount tune on mine so it's making three hundred and seventy seven wheel horsepower and four hundred and fifty five wheel torque from a four cylinder and we have adapt k w ddc adaptive suspension adaptive coilovers that awesome the car's very very fast right now and that's a really like cartoon right now that's not so light it's small but it's all wheel drive which adds to the wait and see it's it's it's super heavy but it's not a it's not a featherweight portia life so much that my little last may three thousand three hundred and thirty four but it's got a lot of stick an portia portia fuckme ford the irs has this trick all wheel drive system you can power oversteer so it's not like
the front wheel slip you get power to the back like it has uh what they call a drift mode which send up to one hundred percent of the power to the wow so you been you get crazy when actually yeah oversteer and slide it engineered craziness in this the new and the new m5 you know is all wheel drive in the new amg e sixty three is all wheel drive and you can electronically disconnect the all wheel drive through a button in both of them well yeah so you can get drifty as well get drifting mister harris yeah i want to get drifting whatever yeah what do you think of that new cadillac what is the a6 well what is the first eighty six for the super cruise i think is the new big cadillac that has a giant engine in it now it's putting a six hundred horsepower engine what is that thing called somebody got six c two six three see that what it is i don't i'm gonna say the wrong thing i haven't i saw this thing got me excited about cadillacs
well there's no no not that one it's the seats in the i think it's called this he eighty six is their biggest one is the brand new the brand new one has a crazy v engine it has no no no it's not for sale yeah it has a twin sister on dual overhead cam v eight which is like the most advanced general motors engine ever and it's gonna be a cattle exclusive engine which hasn't happened since member the north right that was relaxed time caddy got their own motors they're making a big deal about it being cadillac exclusive like a camaro go fuck yourself yeah because that stuff that's sort of what cat it hasn't had right is right you know they cadillac like they actually the cts v is the lightest fastest car in its class as the best beer in its class has the most horsepower in its class so many singles and not sell them they canceled btsvs they cancel ats vs like what do you mean romans buying those by while
i mean i'm sure is a few reasons with victor the infotainment system that queue system is really pretty terrible sucks fat dick a lot of people don't make it the test drive because of that yeah that that thing is the like a liability not good it's very bad he tried to like i was i rented an escalade yeah and i was going through all that to try to get the navigation like what the you man how bad cars forever i'm good at this i know i can't figure it out the navigation where is home home is the fucking home button so that there that's why that's one aren't they switching over to carplay now or it works with the android or apple phone yeah you can get those yeah that's what you still that's doesn't get you around the touch buttons and stuff and then he there it is the ct8c t8 dot net fuckings i mean if that actually artist's rendering them boy that's what it's really good that's a c six it looks like that will say cadillac has a really nice history of coming out with very bold
concept cars and then not building them oh come on catalog seriously make that they have they built end building water township forever tour doesn't two cadillac was always the car like my you know grandfather's day yeah i made it you got a cat i could put that back up for a second please that thing to me look it's like a modern version of what i felt like a cadillac should be well that's not entirely different from bentley flying spur if you put hello bentley flying spur that looks similar but that again is a rendering that's best looking cats are never seen it is no longer rendering i hope they make at way because that is like the best looking cadillac i've ever seen it's aggressive i mean aggressive for american cars aggressive cells that chrysler three hundred saved christ and when i say best looking cadillac i mean best looking new cadillac that's what i mean i don't mean like the
mobile style old school cadillacs 'cause i really feel it's unfair to there because it tells those are works of art yeah i mean like what what year would that be fifty seven el dorado would be pulling tail pullum system fifty seven and they're like seventy five feet long big body coming up big so the the and on bags you know with us steel wheels yeah so there's your fans look at that yeah jesus christ that's a chopped roof all my god that when they've really gone batmobile that looks like a bad yeah god it's beautiful though fit man i wish you can't bring things back but that would be nice yes stream impact in all yeah that is how that folder that's like a fifty five maybe seven that's a custom eldorado seville but you know do you
would you roll big body like that your full day god i mean you would take it out on sunday and then you go fuck this car and then you would drive something that you could actually drive as part of the thrill of driving is the interaction with the road right and like those cars are not interacting very well no there's so much weight you're moving around their sloppy whereas like you got into like an old seventy three porsche you could drive that thing yes even like stock from the factory drive nothing no problem yeah so american car the older american cars like you have no idea where that limit is coming it's like well there i'm there i'm there the wheels falling off i'm gonna treat woo yeah they're just there was no communication
in the steering wheel old school lectric steering is like a terrible zero communication up that i used to be so afraid of old cars and then i started driving old european cars now and oh it's just us this is how this is supposed to go it's just america well it's a product of their environment right like in the 80s those can gm guys that chump cigars and they're off the rack shity suits they never left detroit and if you go to detroit it's just fucking potholes and it's straight lines and so of course the this would ride like shyt an air would float around and not handle 'cause there isn't a core over three hundred miles you know now you get the cts v because these guys and they go to the nurburgring intestate yeah it's a global you know my world now yeah it's a totally different and you have a good vintage these closed minded morons built cars for their own city and sold them all over the world with no regard to the fact that they didn't work for shit in italy
anywhere with corners in it you know i found that's interesting that's a good point it's set up america the it does do you go drive a fifty seven cadillac in detroit and you go well this makes all the sense in the world right the roads are fifty straightening yeah beeline coffee this is your coffee yeah this is really good that's good on you you mean you did you go to the place where they know i went i worked with this company beeline coffee and at first the star sponsoring my new watch podcast called watch and listen to your office work i watch doctor yeah in logical extension from cars to this is a delicious coffee and so thank you yeah i got i brought you some it's a light roast medium body single origin ann hudson a long and son watch thank you and um that's the back of along chronograph oh that's the back yeah the back this beautiful that's amazing that's all anything that looks like gold that's gold so um glass or sapphire crystal so there's a crystal
back in the front yes they call it a display back oh you could show people you can admire the hardware within it is crazy when you look at the detail involved in one of those watch is lot of wells with cars so many they they've they they rose up in parallel i mean the obvious connections of timing races and stuff like that and wearing wrist machine on your wrist that's called dealing as i went to advertise my own watch for sale you can do that ok that one on the far right that's a panerai watch is called a rattrapante which is uh also known as a split seconds chronograph so it's actually two chronographs laid on top of each other so it would be used to measure the time differential between say two cars on a race track
well that's the most complicated movement panoramic i think that watch is about thirteen or fourteen grand that's a beautiful watch very nice watch it's pretty that was a demo i sent it back he said it back to send it back i said i said most of them sent it back as opposed to giving him grand a month three what she does and how it works yeah it's part of my so i have a sponsorship deal crown caliber dot com what is it what is what is a sponsor oh well i started this watch podcast so there are title sponsors so they gave me a budget for a year but i can also loan out watch is out of their stock if i so desire i wanna try something so it's like a chick trying on jewelry hotels jewelry for men right yeah it is yeah she only jewelry that you can kind of get away with pretty much i could do that a fat diamond ring on it but it's going on with this whole no but it makes sense if you have watched look that's jonathan ward from icon that was his case you brother jonathan is really into old weird watch is all his instagram as well
he's an old weird anything i fascinates me that guy he's the most interesting person that there is he's very intense he's like you like you guys both like do so much stuff i don't know where all the hours are in the day like here uh his business and he's makes videos but also see like every weekend in syria will put up like a hand like he made from scratch leather like where did you find the time for that yeah you too i don't know where you find the time to do all this shift in allusion because the the time i sent here is very easy it's just conversation you know it's fun it's great i haven't got like you get the top cars i agree it is fun stand up comedy i've done so long it's like a part of my life yeah it's normal the working out stuff it's like if i don't do it i can't do the other things i'll go crazy i won't be balanced and i want to stay healthy so that i do
it just seems that you seem to churn out a lot volume of content and you so travel i've seen all that kind of stuff and yeah don't know it's a lot of content you told me the universe rewards hustle won does i i have that engraved on the back of the first rolex i bought myself really good for you matches from you that's dope and i sort of lived on that mantra for quite a long time until recently i'd actually just totally burned myself out on it a bit you can bring yourself out you got to be real real conscious of how your body feels right and that's well yeah i like about what you've been saying the doing cardio seven days a week and well that's what happened i weights i've spent so much time working in focusing on is like look as long as i can stand in with my arms i'm gonna keep making videos because this it could all end tomorrow right but my body complete we fell apart and so i had to go all right i think it's time to take care of this i'll stick with it here's a car analogy here because this is your meat vehicle and the difference between
five hundred horsepower engine and a hundred twenty five horsepower diesel is literally how you take care of yourself and if you and turn your body into a race car you really can't unless you know obviously disabilities or something wrong with you right most people the issue is just will yeah will in their mind and discipline and then knowledge right how to do it correctly and i've lost large amounts of weight several times in the past ilost i've lost i lost fifty and then i lost a hundred pounds and then i lost this past two years another fifty so like i know how to do it what are you doing now differently but this difference with this one is i wanted to do it every time i've done it in the past it is drastically interrupted my day to day life it's like you go to fat camp and do it or you do whatever you know it's takes away from something this one it was much more important to go i have a job i have a life i have to figure out how to make this work in within that life
so it became a lot more hotel jams really doing that really making sure to just do that when you're on the road and that road is really hard yep it's hard with di very hard i don't i didn't change my diet that i just started exercising a lot my big prob wasn't that i ate badly it's that i would eat big meals spaced very far apart so my body would go into like storage mode but now i try eat smaller meals and more of them and it seems to work much more efficiently well everybody's body is different but for the part one of the biggest most significant things you could do is cut out most sugar cut out most refined carbohydrates red is my achilles everybody i love you guys got read out we would fly off you know especially what you tell me the volume of exercise you're doing now cut out the bread cut out sugar you would lose ridiculous amounts of weight you know jordan peterson was on my
broadcast news talking about autoimmune issues that he had and what he did was cut out everything except for meat and vegetables and all his problems went away i know i've done the can style the cave manny whatever you wanna call it you know all protein and fat cut out the and and vegetables and kind of the carnal mind like its works i've done a i've lost weight and i just i i couldn't stick with it because i fucking love bread so much and i just don't want to kill myself you know what i mean i want to it's like it's like grow a show or something if the what is going in the right direction and i'm okay pushing forward let me just push forward right i'll get there i don't you know so directions not saying that you don't want to kill yourself i get it i love bread too and i love pasta i'm a big fan of lasagna and i just love italian food i really do i love pizza but i just limited to one day a week
it's probably good one day we can allow myself to eat whatever the kai want and if i decide it's wednesday night if wednesday night i go out to dinner and i you know one man i want the fucking spaghetti and meatballs let's just do this then that's nine that's the night i cheap now the other six nights i eat normal yeah i respect your your it makes it feel better too when you get that cheat day yeah like then it really counts if i get spaghetti with meatballs with grated parmesan cheese over it i fuck digging get in on that on whatever friday night by all just let your enjoy yeah gloria it's not just a regular spaghetti and meatballs because it's dinner which is normal in on wednesday friday whatever who cares no it's the one day to window he could that pizza the cheese maybe this is what i take home from this one maybe i take home the cheat day philosophy from the show two days good the other thing is your body if you get into that habit your body won't be craving those things anymore
a lot of the reason why you crave is because your gut bacteria is being supported by that diet and then you sort of like going to gut bacteria with drawls that makes you want more in the blah blah blah easy but you gotta do is get your bike woman check like to start eating a lot of probiotics like if you can stomach kimchi i don't know if you're into that i'd like to take a look at me like korean food i'm gonna how much i can he proclaimed she is a daily thing for me really yup ask dophilus yogurt is good if you get a your first you have the time to just i don't i don't to find the this is anita yes is can't go to the supermarket takes ten minutes to get some food right now it it how do you eat is amazing i when you had a run around the city this is why i'm surprised how you how well you do it because running around this city you could have a whole day that's three activities and it take all day to do those activities and you barely have time to eat in between the just bad at bringing that stuff
with me you know i know he's a better at hearing my own whether it's bars are and she or whatever to bring it with me so that you don't get at oh my god i'm starving and then murder when you leave get me your address and i'll have some on it stuff sent to you cool 'cause we have some new on it protein bites little there coconut and cashews no guilt i like coconut and cashew machine for each one of these little squares and therefore hello yeah back then the next thing yeah they're heroin i like that yeah i'll have some sent to set that in like three or four hundred pounds of elk well i want to tell you i killed something would when i went i will i went hunting i went bird hunting quail i you john i didn't i can't you to with a ball hard but they are delicious and delicious food it was really the dogs the dogs were so impressive the dogs were amazing well trained soap super well trained with his place in south georgia
the the they had the most brilliant we train dogs like i've ever seen the dis found everything i think i got like ninety birds and it was a lot home alerts so you want a full dick cheney full day without comments i didn't shoot in humans this fellow i really enjoy that did you cook to quell no they they sent me some which i can cook at home but they they they were doing in there they were turning the quell breasts intellect not gets looked like a man get to put a quail breast and then like the drumsticks banging absolute delicious and what did they cook the the when you say like i get so the breaded any other breaded and fried it and it was like a whole well breast was like a pop in your mouth now yeah it was really good it's a delicious meat yeah yeah they're they're crazy crazy tasty birds yeah but i didn't i is it super conflicted about the hunting portion of it and
i don't know why it felt like my dad was like that's like fishing was likely not it's not like fishing but i didn't feel as guilty as i thought i would you know what man it's like and this is crazy thing to say but i'm going to say it anyway it's it's make an old relationship like oh like you run into an old girlfriend on the street and you haven't seen her since one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine or something to see where this years old it is long i'm going to run into each other and you start talking to each other like oh i remember you i quit smoking weed kill something no not even that just you you is a relationship with hunt an animal like people feel it very quickly with fishing 'cause fishing carries very little guy some people like oh is it hurt is it is it going to get her some people get like that with fish most people don't give a fuck about fish little kids
laugh my kids laugh and it's this flop wouldn't die fish has a fuckin' hooked through its head and my seven year old thinks it's awesome my god she's so happy that this thing is dying yeah i think that's crazy but if that was a rabbit she i never have that react right right there's a natural thing that we have with with we have a hierarchy of life you know things that are closest to us we feel more connected to we don't feel connected at all the bugs open groove about bright vegan slap mosquitoes all day long nobody because a shit about that left but there is a lie he care about when things get warm and get around and see if they get like too close to us yeah i when they when they get too close to mammal like people freak out yeah wants us to a south african safari last year and it was like you i couldn't fathom
someone going in hunting a leopard or something like that that's a weird thing that's a big game shit that's a very weird thing two very different thing it's not it's not a it's a it's almost like what that is and i'm not saying the sadism maybe a little about what it would that is is like it's in aberration off the original idea and it this is the only way to look at and people get mad at me that are hunters 'cause i'm a hunter and like what are you saying that it's not the thing to do yes you're doing it on just to come population there's no reason to do it but what what happened was in the past the only reason people hunted was for me right you barely could live anyway and when you went on a hunting party didn't go for sport you want to go to kill things when you have so much food that you don't need to worry about food you've already been shooting all these then they start doing these things called slams they called doing
slams of the grand slam there's a doll cheap slammed as a sheep slammer rocky like a bighorn sheep slam there's a white circle jamboree no no you try to kill one representative of each of the subs thank god we are yeah it's a big thing it's a big thing with these guys a poker run column like the the the big six are the big gate in african after its big five is that what is the big five yet thank five most dangerous animals to her foot it's like cheetah lying in a hippo rhino and that whatever the leopard that party there's a bunch of these kind of slams they haven't for turkeys they wild turkey slam you get the goulds turkey get the osceola turkey there's a bunch of different turkeys all over the country one of florida this one in codes different turkey point being people start
collecting it gets it gets weird well that's the trophy right yeah i think it's weird it's like it gets to this weird place like you don't think they should do it like okay are you eating the turkey you are okay that's cool are you eating the deer yep okay well then i have no quarrel but when you start going leopard lion lie i said she elephant with the other one yeah yeah i mean the only reason i should now fan is of the elephants going on a rampage through our village yell at people and you want to protect people's lives and i'm on teen people other than that what the kelsey shooter now if i'm not in a class is the i saw an elephant the the biggest often i've ever seen as far away from me as you were sitting right now my god and i almost had a heart alive yet africa on this orange fog it's scary see but i think things are amazing it was amazing it was amazing but like you just know because you what you're doing the reason i was so close is because we were watching them push
he's down with their trunks like four industry is just from from oh my god from film like it's nothing you know what i mean like you'd crash a car if you hit one of those it would crash the car and like there to from from from and they're right next to you and if they go form on your jeep that's the end of that you know it's located someone was trying to explain this to me and i should really be honest about this guy was trying to me that when we think of africa we think of a country it's not a country it's continent and it's a way bigger because its north america we'd seen pictures of you know state stuck in the middle of africa africa is fucking huge he's like unfortunately there's places in africa where they have over populations of elephants and encroach on human civilization and they do have to hire hunters to come in and do it and kill him or they don't hire him the hunters pay the money goes straight to the village the meat goes to village and people get very excited about people hunting these elephants
and when i hear that probably seems like a sort of short term solution to the village right the village doesn't give a shit about the elephants they want they want to eat probably right well they share their contingency eat their crops becomes a big issue and they eat the fuck out of there you know i should like they only sense keep the guardian melatonin you no chance so what's was this to may i remember you know what we were saying this i was like why the would you want to kill an elephant we know there's not that many of them he's like yeah this is why it's complicated there's not that many of them in some places it's like in la there's no grizzly bears right now but if you go to montana the people that live in montana are going he's greatly but start hunting these things they just declared them open four in wyoming they're they're not they don't have a they just started hunting season and it's very controversial
in the end date written down sure not anymore no no not anymore at all now they have a lot of them and the people that live up there the people that have been mauled or no people have been mauled the like a suction enough enough i get it they made a great comeback yeah but you know if you're in chicago two zero bear yeah so it's in this is a tiny place in comparison africa so when i was saying that like i thought that elephants are endangered danger like yes and no yeah they're endangered in some areas we had good point the fucked up point in the most dark point about all of it is that trophy hunting is the only thing that keeps those animals healthy this is what the fucked up i was talking my friend campaigns about this weekend when and this is what i see trophy hunting i'm even talk about normal hunting for meat like impalas or you know ii lands yeah it isn't big game animals that people hunt for because our delicious and even them in some by
by there's a lot of areas in zimbabwe that are not high fence they're just open enormous areas all the money that would come from people hunting there would sustain these local areas sustain these lodges so it make it viable to keep animals alive and stop poachers a big okay then anti poaching right exactly yeah only thing the funds anti poaching so here's what happened the so the lion went down only want to go to africa anymore to go hunting and all these businesses are going under so there's nothing stopping the poachers so the po watchers move in and kill everything kill how about that other ways how many elephants were killed last year by people something like four under hundred or google this legally killed elephants the number of illegally killed elephants thirty thousand come on thirty thousand most of them killed illegally most of them are poached they have this one elephant
that last elephant that was dying yeah the mail are excuse me right now right now i'm white rhino or black right his friend was in a black right on yeah they have that that poor with armed guards around twenty four slash seven because they were worried someone's going to kill it shooting cop shop the fucking horn oh yeah like the poaching is way scary than the hunting and the only thing that protects the animals from xing is hunting it sounds so founder of and so forth but you to look at it honestly yeah they said something similar to us in south africa about that that that the for the for they need the funds because the anti poachers you know they they're all over the player i only and then here's the other problem when you say poachers these poachers what you're really saying poor people
that's what you're really saying their poor desperate people they don't know what the fuck to do and if they could chop off a rhinos horn and make some money they're going to do it if they can shoot that animal that's not there and use it for me they're going to do it yeah they're starving to death i mean they have no options there's appears people in parts of africa that are living in grass huts my buddy austin ran he goes and makes wells for these in the congo and the stories he tells you would just make your eyes tear up this is human beings and their living like this twenty four hours a day for their entire life and this is this is the norm so we're talking about poachers we talking about people that are fucking desperate you can call poachers you could dehumanize them with that term but they're just poor people and the only these are none of them the movie stereotype poachers somehow to be a couple of them but most of them aren't now here's what's even crazier most of the anti poaching agents used to be poachers nothing else do you know it's not surprising now they're poachers again because they're hunting people they got out of jail
not out of this position that can't be anti poaching oil because there's more money now they just now they come poachers again perfect this happens to a lot of us going well so this when campaigns was explaining this to me when he explained to me i'm like well of course so they don't even know how many animals are left in these areas where people have banned in them that's great branches that were once thriving wasted see the thing is most of these animals a good percentage of we're on the verge of extinction just thirty years ago because people just over hunting them and poaching them and do whatever they wanted him then they started putting value on people would go over there to hunt them so people keep please huge areas that populations boom tia because they were taking because they were they were a resource and this is this is conflicting to people it's wild it's very while i just went to the galapagos on vacation which is interest have you been it seems like you're kind of spot the want to kill anything it's it's like hawaii if there were never people so it's an it's a completely empty hawaii
is it about the same size as a white the big island or when i was a chain of i know it's a chain of ours is five thirteen or fifteen islands whoa yeah non as big is the big island but most like maui on his own buildings on them there are two or three like towns with like twenty five thousand people and the rest of it is nothing national park ninety seven percent one but they talk about these the giant tortoises you know and there were like potentially a half a million of 'em on the islands and it went down to like one like they sound like the last one and they tried to breed it there's three varieties of tortoises and the one of got down to one and they tried to save it and they couldn't save it and now it's like you know in mom just fuckin' taxidermy dan on the glop agos islands but these giant tortoises live the two hundred but the the
all the passing ships would just like grab a few of them and they eat them on the ships and they completely decimated the entire population are all gone in there trying to bring back i don't even know why we started here but we'll take forever to grow right yeah amir ever yeah they have thousand years on a live like two hundred years yeah and then the the whole rest of the islands what's crazy about them is nothing's been hunted there in forever so the wild animals have no problem with people no problem like your face to face with sea lions and stuff i could be to black birds like what kind of wild bird would let you get within like a foot of it but there's these giant blue who did boo bees that have no problem with you just being right here watching them like when they have a baby right there and they won't even fuck with you wow and like huge lizards and but underwater the density of the underwater sea life was insane hammerhead sharks i think baby hammerhead shark is the cutest animal i've ever seen a baby hammerhead like this
do you know why they develop their eyes out there and the ends like that presumably it's echolocation or or radar sonar type of thing better range i think cuz they are in darker waters if i had to guess are really really cool to see in person though there's nothing like a hammerhead shark is in the galapagos where they had that thing that they were doing with judas goats do you know that yes that is it from the goats wait while captain cook dropped off a bunch goats on those islands yeah and they did it so that when they came back did have something to hunt and the girl
this goes for ram the island yeah and the old happy yeah that was a big problems they're eating everything and then we everything inside and then what did they do with the judas the judas goes had like disease or something no no no no no they they took one of them and they said they knew their damn and then they sent him out with the radio collar on also here find out where all the all the goats are they would gun them down from helicopter is then they would keep him alive there we go that's the judas go we keep him alive so they've got all these goes down he will move it to all my firm yeah although makes new friends and he would go makes new friends and then they would locate that new path otherwise it's very difficult to locate packs of goats if you're really going to put it the population they wanted to wipe them all out yeah there was they i'd like seventy five thousand go to a crazy number of good but they were completely over running the whole the whole thing well in there yeah train sharpshooters from were sent to i'm just goats once found the go to be shot
they're either in the head of the hard to ensure a quick death what ever she's using the stop lie and the shadow no one ever called him in the arm yes not a member with that could there in a helicopter you know even a steady go back to the police and keep reading let me you not they're not even in the study a place with a steadily shoot do you have a good rest from at one zero we had like many guns they were supposed to do they just gonna those fockers down while i like that in the heart or in the head to ensure quick okay more using high powered weapon lee and military precision stop with your military precision who wrote this many people including the plans or because raiders had misgivings about such a large scale slaughter of goats however the decision was made that the galapagos ecosystem under the threat and their threat found nowhere else on earth was valuable enough to justify their actions yeah they're invasive species history was written by the winners yeah it's just it's funny it's funny that they were essentially preparing
for people who are animal rights activists writing this that's why they're writing you know they're shooting them with such precision it's actually very funny because you know to the galapagos is ridiculously restrictive cannot set foot on a beach like there without being like without a naturalist with you the whole time and you can't more than like fifty feet from the naturalistic ever how do you guys do it did you hire someone to you go yeah organized thing it was like us a smallish yacht with like thirty people on i heard the check your shoes today should on seeds in your the so yeah they rinse off the bottom of your shoes and then they hand sanitize you when you get back on the boats they said they've had real issues of people that of tramp tonya on plants and then come to the galapagos now those plants grow there yeah well there's one island that has i was expecting tropical right hawaii is kind of tropical none of them plants native the name like none of them all
jungle plants were brought there like the glop agos one island that has jungle on it and all the rest of them are like volcanic rock an cactuses and shrubs yeah not what i expected and why was how come this island has a jungle on it and the rest of them is it all these plants are native they were all brought here in like the one thousand yeah hundred yeah so the plants that were brought they like those plants won't look at that yeah but i don't i'm not sure what that is i never thought that was awesome that looks like an artist rendering to maine we're looking at this crazy tree that looks like it's right out of the lord of the rings dragon blood trees of it's called it's an awesome name for that tree on touch it in my yard and you gotta big building here can we get one of those that i need a dragon blood tree in my life look at that thing that looks like avatar island that floats number that one that floated but it's a great second reverse is very cool tree it's uh
but the same naturalist that were like you know preserve everything are giddy when they talk about shooting goats from a helicopter yeah well they they they look at the goats as what they really are yeah they're an invasive species i mean there are life forms in the it's not their fault that they're there but like i was trying explain my friend i have a buddy mind who's thinking about hunting he eats me and like if i if i'm not going kill my own meat like why should i why should i have the right to eat meat in this moral thing and he's like i'm thinking being vegan but i know it's not the right move for my health and like we should try it see if it right move your health it might work good for your body but if you want to shoot something the thing to shoot would be wild pigs because they have three four litters a year each one of them they get four five even six babies and they fuck like crazy and they eat hang in there and they might be for five hundred pounds million get big kill you one on one of those a year you're golden you mean it but they get the point is they they they get destructive
and there's nothing that kills them where do you find these welfare everywhere they're all over the country now is i don't hunt show where is it the hunting issue its people live in san jose or have a problem with wild pigs going through their backyard and fucking them up yeah it's a real issue 'cause because no ones paid attention people are getting their highway getting going to schools stopping at starbucks doing the normal shed while this is happening there out there in the bush earning it the thought and they're making babies and there's a shit ton of they're all over placement all over from bakersfield on up north in california filled with wild pigs yeah they taste look at that they taste like they taste like domestic pigs currently exist in fifty six of the state's fifty eight counties wow yeah where is that what state is california shall for fifty six the state's fifty eight counties of wild pigs so when you say everywhere you're not around no they are a biological plague there
wheatley invasive species in their design to live in places with wolves and lions and mean but their origins are right they taste good fun ama really better like domestic pork great yeah especially when you cook am right like you take a ham and you slow yeah brian it made for a few days first do i'm telling you god damn delicious not surprised delicious take everywhere they eat everything ground nesting birds like fucking anything on the round they just they're just all the time up you those lawns digging in people anybody just want to be ready you just they have habit things he locked and loaded in your yard and well in texas they just shoot him i mean they did get in hell after sales hello called the yeah i was nothing in a guy was telling me about shooting pigs from helicopter there you go apocalypse now is what you want to look up it's a guy that name is not a poor no no no no it should be probably is too but it's
a guy named pig man who i'm buddies with this text or text each other i know him you in pay text me and i text him back like okay it's crazy but anyway he he's this whole thing is eradicating these wild pigs hit with ted nugent where there shooting machine guns out of fuckin' helicopter and they killed two one and something of them in one day thirty feral hogs and now in thirty seven states look at this one point five billion in crop damage yearly i mean like the like the anti pig propaganda film this two point six million hogs in texas alone do you know how crazy that is and again delicious they've got a bunch of brucellosis and a bunch of different diseases so ted nugent well how dare you
tell ted nugent how sucks well he's definitely got issues yes so they're up there with machine guns gunning down these wild pigs out of helicopters and party is like they should we'll will do this but party is like they have to do this because of don't do this then these things keep breeding and there's more of they don't a the numbers what's to stop these things from just spreading the entire country and becoming a real problem well already a real problem so what do you do which part of you goes that looks kind of fun it very fun it means if it wasn't a life form yeah i would i would want to do that with like targets like do they can they do that and put all nba targets out there wouldn't be as fun you'd want to do it with but the thing is like this yo mama and her babies and i mean it's the whole thing is it's kind of fucked up because
the there's not a whole lot of other ways to do this here's the thing it's like you got a ok time on these enormous ranches so what do you do you going to have people go out there with you know hunting camps and slowly make their way through the bushes and that they would might kill two fifty of them in a month yeah or these guys get to and from dot org the efficiency of this process this is extremely of yeah it is an epidemic don't mean what they're they're saying is accurate you see all these pigs i mean look at that and populate is that these guys are gunning down and this is just a mission of spares the shot right there that was like right out of the godfather said the pig hanging from a helicopter the helicopter look at that but it's not me that freeze frame on ted nugent's face was an extra creepy coming oh wait i that's a real show oh yeah this was a goof another so that's real oh my god yeah
episodes on pig man's show you see as a person who loves animals eat and also eats meat i understand conflict i love animals love wild animals i love pets i love but i also eat meat and they do too there's a weird relationship going on with people and animals but that to me in modern world is one of the weirder aspects flying around a helicopter gunning down feral pigs that destroy cop crops billions of dollars in damage and are spreading across the entire country what else do you do it just seems so unfair it's it's one hundred percent again solitaire one hundred percent fair but the question is is it unfair if you're jogging through the woods and berry too is that unfair that seem unfair to probably also unfair i mean you barely levels of unfair barely able to sustain a nice pace and go jogging if you gotta run
so there just trying to drop a few l bs it now and you want to get eaten this grizzly yeah i can know where i don't know man we have weird relationships with animals you know i know you eat meat i do i obviously no i don't feel too guilty about way either i don't i eat meat from the grocery store i don't feel too guilty about it i'm sorry to say well yeah that's life i what do you know do you do you feel bad about factory farming i tried to buy good quality meat from good quality play this is an but that's the that's about i don't write i don't know i like farm raised fish and you know i don't know trying good shift if i can i prefer to eat high quality things yeah yeah but i don't know to talk about cars more yep do we want to do you want to end yeah what else is what else seeing images of we are had we just got it we stumbled into a an area of dead animals
and this is your show so that's what that's what's going to happen i didn't mean to bring it there this is when i get to talk to you so what are you going to do it happens i'll tell you what i'm interested in man i'm interested in that new corvette zr1 are one drive next and on monday and tuesday at rd atlanta that thing looks ridiculous seven hundred and fifty horsepower see that's what i'm talking about when when are they going to stop i think and horsepower on a regular car that people can buy it yes yeah you know who will probably do it first actually in terms of like a quote regular car with one thousand horsepower would probably be a electric electric 'cause it's so easy to make that power look at that thing it's aggressive she has aggressive and you see they had to put this monster power bulge in the hood there center so know the score read zero six was out before and it was very fast six on fifty horsepower but it had this issue where it was he'd soaking where in like it was you
lose power because this the supercharger would develop so much heat and it was a small supercharger to fit under the low hood 'cause every the low hood is sort of a thing for corvette and the way to make more power while also i'm creating less heat is to use a bigger super charger and spin it slower as close to a smaller one that spun faster so they had to put a bigger one which also which raises the hood so you did with the you don't know yet even driven and those guys say your your vantage point to view point i don't know i haven't i i all report back people that have a wheel but i think it's definitely a big a big old cowl hood i have driven there's a company called callaway for them yeah it's a they modify of flat there's a car man yelled back to that image you just have the the aero package is certainly aggressive look at that thing yeah a beast yeah that looks so good
so i i have driven of a corvette this generation that has an engine like this and i can that drove single the callaway aero wagon they actually turned a corvette into like a shooting break like a wagon guard it's not that bad it's pretty cool but it had seven hundred and seventy five horsepower and it was the scariest cars i've ever driven that side profile that look you can get it as a convertible wow that's amazing a0 one is a convertible they do anything to extra stiffen it up actually the reason they do this is they say that the roof itself is not contributor towards the chassis rigidity so they can sell the car as a coupe or convertible without any los of rigidity that's what they say thing drives like honestly it i think you're a douche if you buy r one convertible wow how dare you
thanks a lot bye bye the cooper now if the roof off you can buy the coop and take the hard roof rafters on the same this this is not the same it is because you don't like a douche convertibles produced packs of the fall the top performing corvettes engine track package with an aero kit in a can convertible go back to the picture of the red convertible again jamie right under their people who suck how dare you who you son just what are you doing with the top down in allocating amazing wing like a player me can you bring outside on the call and what's your verdict convertible and summer double t esto music and let people know instant and free driving with if you could just buy yourself just you and me by yourself not to convertible girl for us to know convertible yeah we look desperate out there by ourselves you guys in a convertible two guys in the convertible is weird that's a good point guy and girl
it's a very good point three guys in a convertible is still weird still weird for you here in two thousand and eighteen he convert well not their game but any portable two guys in any convertible is weird what are you losers doing it real men don't put the top play by yourself yes you know what i know i saw the maury i'm just driving around yeah you can tell someone to real bad driver it's real sure fire way to tell some was a terrible driver if they've got a convertible and it's like a they put windows down but the front windows go down in a little back windows stay up like three series bmw where they don't notice those little rear windows or just still up by themselves it's all someone's a bad driver never check their blind spots will even when you drive in a convertible with the windows up like stop for is even worse two guys in the back too
that'll be for that's an area in venice i see that i see all the convertible mustangs loaded up when i see that i was look those four guys might one of those guys dead weight wells guys a pain the three of them hate yeah yeah one of those guys always short on how much he puts in for the tab it's funny one of those guys and you pay it and we have a do we when i'm do better call peyman fuckyou that look so good though pull that picture up again it's a really good friend hell out of it that looks amazing red with black that that zr1 convertible benz fucking in dude and it's apparently faster around virginia international raceway than the t gt we looked at and the ford gt is like a race car race car this thing is like a big trunk in you know them and it's a for all intents and purposes pretty normal car that's all
some ally it's not you know it's not there's not a lot of sacrifice going on with driving one of those you know you you get in and you drive it and it's got a big trunk ins for reasonably comfortable and easy to live with but it's interesting that this is like this game of like okay let's look at watches there's no real improvement in performance right i mean they're beautiful and but i mean the performance difference between now and ten years ago is not clear yet yeah i know mechanical watch no i mean it's it's a there's art history and there's technological complication i mean it is there's complex and for the sake of complications so they'll have watch is like to use for example imagine a car okay and from the outside roughly like a normal car for four wheels in driver seat it one engine and it has four
for transmissions coming off of that engin all of which come back together to make it the car one wheel drive hum right imagine that applied to a watch so it'll be like one main movement that goes out the four gear trains and then comes back into just an hour and a minute hand well why would you sync up four gear trains when you could do the same thing with one and it's like well because we can it would be like building a car with two engines like that's not smart but you do it just be like i built fuckin' car with two engine less you're talking about like the nsx engine we have the engine yeah electric exactly exactly but i think what i'm getting that is that with computer and with cars those are the one thing you expect an improvement every year yeah just that nobody's going to accept the old way no changes building less your singer and singer making something custom well that's
that the singer is what examination what the mechanical watch kind of industry is you know the position it as a luxury item from a time gone by right sort of thing you know where is actually if you wanna talk about innovation this right here is a grand seiko which has a move men called the spring drive movement in it and it is one of the most advanced and unique mechanical movements available in a watch today so this is a seiko it's a grand seiko which is so the difference is it's like think about a lexus think about alexis a seiko is a lexus a toyota is a lexus lfa this is a grand seiko is built in a different factory from the regular secos it's built by hand completely i hand all hand finished and polished it's milled
exotic materials it has a cool movement do and so watches i have a watch podcast watch and listen and so on you tube well he's beautiful yeah i mean i have what is called the display back on this so you can see the movement in the back how high the level of finishes when you've got sass iron titanium and dumb so spring drive movement is without getting crazy crazy nerdy about it is actually a true innovation in mechanical watchmaking so run the chronograph on the front the top button not here to watch the sweep of the chronograph hand the big secondhand you get a perfectly smooth sweep the smoothest possible sweep that there could be it is it is it is it is how much is it watch like this worth around ten thousand yeah mazing yeah god
but it's is this watch three hundred dollars what has you shop the shop no g shock to the dude three on about g sharks are awesome as far as like ionic satellite but it has put its polished so that it can seem to be the date mother fucker do g shocks are dope ag shock is a watch guys tool watch like the functional durable uhm ji it is a total watch guys watch you get g shocks for like five thousand dollars you know but yeah they have dude i got a five thousand dollars g shock that's that right here hold that up that's john our lord's own design it's i think it's based on the duisburg yeah duesenberg gauge cluster the water is called the doozy and it's it's got a complication on it called the jump hour complications so the it's a basically just the black face almost looks like a bathroom scale and it's the two windows hours on top minutes on the bottom and the minute
sweep by slowly where the hours do not sweep by slowly at fifty nine and fifty nine seconds the hours click overwrite fast so it's a jump hour's to a slow moving hour he designed the look or design the internals he designed the look the face the complications and he worked with a swiss watchmaker to design an actual unique movement to use for this watch you design the case and that's crazy it is awesome that watches twelve grand he's moving fifty of them i believe it yeah he tried to use the face in that vanta black ship what is that vantablack is the darkest the blackest accurate as ever existed all i saw the paint a building with it looks like it looks like a negative space do get a picture of anti black it doesn't look real and it's the most black that that that that's something painter
vantablack it's so black that it absorbs all light and you can't even wait a minute could you paint a car in that you could accept in the environmentally it's it's not it's not a good day booked up penguins i was going to die apparently he's black g wagon bro fox bro need my g wagon ventolin around the black is so they'll see what year and the black has the vantage has van to blacken of the senate's and it's you'll see it's ninety five thousand dollars and the vantablack is just the black background when you said ninety five thousand dollars balls and made my balls go like this they went bro they got watch is that are one million dollars is a million dollars you can buy million dollar watches right now three hundred bucks g shock or do it there's a what's called and jacob astronomy up it is like wearing like a sapphire fish bowl on your hands i swear
it's the craziest shit you ever seen so ridiculous it's like baracchi the oil chic look at that is is a no jamie top right picture there see this as a gold case the sapphire case uh the whole thing so what if you bump into something and shattered by your hands that's so stupid you know glass was not glasses sapphire cinderella mother food the whole case is milled from a block of sapphire whole case can go fuck itself seriously what's a million dollars you deserve you deserve that thing to break that's crazy looking it's a serious right that's a million dollar watch yeah earth is that yes the earthier the planets are spinning around spin around in your line of video of it moving it's nuts look at the stars yeah oh it's got like a rolled if you drove your rolls royce it would manage our washer be like what what you could coordinate this guy with your starfield ceiling that is a small earth that's crazy
and it literally has a continents in silver and then some blue star thing what is the water made out of you think it's going to be like it's i have no idea and it dies something but then there's a diamond son on the other side my god there's a ball all the time in the fall that sentence or some of them have different different stuff on him to the notice one dollars you have to be to be sport a million dollar water that once already checked it has got a central store let me check the time on my million dollar model talking watch it's crazy right that's crazy yeah there's some rich people doing some really really weird rich people things right now that seems preposterous that thing with all the diamonds in the bottom of diamonds yeah that's like some steampunk futuristic wow it's it's weird it's even more so than you know cars it's like 'cause a car okay got one thousand dollars car kit ten thousand dollars car hundred hundred thousand harm it like
when you zoom in really close computer version it's cg i but that is pretty much much yet yeah it's a logical signs there all my god what is that's the red made out of that's a hamburger something pry ruby the sons of ruby it's ruby the suns probably yellow diamond the mother that is incredible yeah see i don't get it but i get well you must have been able to appreciate that someone is making a machine that it's in a little fish bowl on your wrist look at that dragon and look i mean look on top of the crazy artistry of this in the ridiculous price in the jewels and all that stuff the mathematics of that machine work that is not that's not just like that for nothing that does like moon phase you know the what astrological sign it is there is an actual function who do that one with the dragon and it you gotta be kidding those
i come out of a little kids gumball machine so crazy right goes crawl up to that's amazing looking and scroll up the images though they had those three watch is together please you ever look how good those things look i mean that is that is a crazy thing when your arm it's so crazy right that's a million dollars and if you see someone wearing one in person it's it's big it's it's of you know that it's so big really people are there actually i mean you'd be shocked at one people are doing with certain with machinery in and mechanical watch me watchmaker would be overseas it's like the fight against friction is the whole thing right at this tiny little spring and you need to get as much power out of it as possible so they engineered these like mike programs of friction out of this stuff so they they err work
i star trek yeah and uh that's pretty yeah i think this a little once closed it looks like an edge star trek communicator now how much is something like that go from like sixty oh sorry i was going get higher i was going seventy five i think you can get different version but there don't hold me to the price it's expensive but what do you think it costs jaime ortega seventy five yeah that's what i was saying seventy five the top the top article should have it the whole day the article usually has a price if you scroll down to the bottom of that article it should have it that's it closed right there so you can read the time when it's closed so that on that watch it's eight twenty seven oh yeah and what does it look like when it's closed go up that's closer that's closed yeah and then that's another version with different tops yeah the clear top or the the metallic were and then there's a carbon back and that's a pretty watch yeah it's pretty looking
if you scroll all the way down it should say the price no sixty eight thousand there you go fucking expensive it's this there's some wild stuff there's a company called h y t that is that makes watches that have a liquid that moves around and it tells you the time based on like almost like a thermometer the liquid goes up to this level there's a watch by a company called evan d v o n that's a belt driven watch for you have like a series of conveyor belts on your wrist yeah there's h y t so the green the green lit with that goes around the dial it's like a nuclear ooze that like flows through the dial yeah so it it changes depending upon the time yeah yeah yeah so that goo like it flows go back to the one with the green goo top so
oh my god fills up around the dial and then that would amend it is when it goes all the way around is it a minute and now it's an hour that believe it's awesome right that's amazing you look down and that's how you know where it is in the hour and it had it had a typical hour hand yeah and then this one it flows around the skull too you know how much does something that cost a hundred grand or something she's axel rose is actually sponsored by the believe it or see it works right it's on brand for him i think this is about one hundred grand so when you say sponsor what do they do they get axle to wear and i'm just a wary eye wears one yeah i fall these dumb watch spotter instagram account thing is if they sell for upwards of fifty thousand so i think it's i think it's more than that let you know fifty seven plus yeah they're expensive man steve cross selling watches two hundred and eighty five thousand eight three take a look light high end model which ones that one but it's there's
you know there's some materials in this stuff they use crazy forged i've been there will come ninety five grand used for a skull one yeah let me see that that's pretty yeah there are really crazy i mean it's you can get lost in this stuff i mean the the machinery of it in the the what do you think the the liquid as it goes around that far i don't know they may have a different picture with the different liquid so that's how the minutes go yeah and then there was an ally is so crazy the press that let's see if this animations here's the link here's the liquid going so cool that is fucking dope i love the fact that people are so creative yeah they can figure out how to things like this on something like a watch so you look at that look at the red do rolling around the skull oh my god i'm in love with
it's so cool it's amazing i'm in love with this and then look at it goes back but it goes back quick it goes back quick and resets oh yeah eyes fill up when he goes back out you oh god has some really next level like there's bellows and pumps and it's like pumping like liquid around dude right i had no idea yeah i know i did people doing this to have people are doing crazy things that is fucking like on a more so that's really crazy so i have a watch that is called a perpetual calendar which is like a traditional complicated watch so it does day of the week dates of the month month of the year four digit year moon phase power reserve okay and that the time obviously it has all of those functions and it you if you keep the watch
you know it's a mechanical you gotta keep it wound up if you keep it wound and running it will be accurate for all of those things without needing any an adjustment for about three hundred years likely like leap how many days are in the month that you're in like all of that shit yeah i iwc per page big pilot's perpetual calendar seat this anymore it's all an act like a like a watch that looks like that like a classic look in yeah they got the big pilot perpetual calendar i like their watch is iwc they make beautiful watches that like that right there to me that's like perfect looking in i like normal yeah big pilot yeah yeah is it orange hands down well yeah that's it but go down one on the left bottom left or a yeah that's the one so it doesn't it's got a lot going on when you have that's the one i have a beautiful one yeah and it's it's big it's big and chunky and heavy we see it's got the four digit year
and then the month at the at the six o'clock mark day of the week in the second hand at the nine o'clock and then the date and the power reserve at the three hundred o'clock and if keep that running that'll give you june third two thousand and eighteen friday whatever automatic it knows all the math hundreds of years wow crazy i have just keep running just keep it running so you have to just put in a perpetual watch me she had no more where it and or where fortunately i like wearing it and it has an eight day power reserve so if i wear it one day out of every eight days it's great so as a battery assist know know the spring will keep going for ten days yeah yeah eight days well yeah and then you see in the inner gauge at the three hundred o'clock position it says days seven hundred and sixty five four thousand three hundred and twenty one right this one that it's in his empty gauge but normally it stays up by the ds s in days when it's full
yeah and it shows you how much is left this one this watch has a has a fuel gauge as well you know this is my channel zse look right down here at the seven o'clock position that watch as a fuel gauge as well very helpful that's crazy my favorite mechanical watches the fuel gauge is that an actual fuel icon it looks like one kind of yeah it does kinda look like well yeah wow that's dope so watch is i have a podcast about all this called watch and listen with uh i do it with the watchmaker who'd like to take it apart camera she's the man watch is or connected to like extreme materialism and a lot of people's eyes like they don't totale yeah it's one of those things where people like oh god you're in the watch is making must be a dude totally so fair argument yeah 'cause watches also were used as trophies and flashy shedden but they're also cool there are also cool yeah it's like get it that is true i feel with cars let me look if you every person who buys
a you know ferrari law ferrari is every one of those people a whole a douche now some are and some are what percent the ultimate enthusiast seventy five might be fifty now it might be fifty might be might know the there's an through cs and there's douches in everything and everything yeah and the thing is does there's a reason why those things are highly coveted because they're amazing now you know the watch i don't want a million dollar watch but that watch is the i would never wear it if i had to do it if you're in beverly hills go in the store the jacob store in beverly hills get frisked essay thing on here right now i'm sure they must be wreck really worried about him walk in that store he gotta get buzzed in do you really mean okay thank you the cells of the dude you could smash and grab like six million dollars right now in that crazy somebody just did that recently
in england they smashed and grabbed a watch store with machetes yeah 'cause you know there's thing in england going on right now i don't know if you know it but they have london has for the first time ever passed the united states past new york city rather for the most murders really ever since each stabbing each other so the london mayor hundred of london on twitter wrote a tweet has been getting him tortured online saying is no reason to have a knife oh i see that yeah knife you be we catch you you you regular dive i open packages are carry a knife i want to cut a piece of rope i have a knife on me said ok not anymore no in london this guy saying if you have a knife and you're caught with one you'll be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and and of course united states were going crazy over here like oh i thought's gun problem that is a fucking gun problem you're going to ban nice what's next fucking scissors we do where you
where is this going to end yeah yeah i i do have to think that i think we have a little but the problem we definitely have an issue we definitely have something going on but this smashing grab these mutherfuckers used machetes gangster gangster 'cause they knew nobody had a gun yeah try to use a machete in dudes behind the counter of shotguns yeah real problem yeah there's a homemade machete a hoe made machete ok so there is that how they know it's homemade 'cause they caught the guy that says quotes homemade in my how's the weather right here i want instead for good for you like i guess he didn't get away no good attempt yeah but it's again watch is like when think about something smaller jewelry and watch is something that's this little something you fit in your hand can be worth one million dollars it's not only things in life or something that fits in your hand or the million dollar
yeah and there's also a lot of the mainstream brands like a rolex and whatever there's a lot of false prop up the value they intentionally you know they don't build as many submariners as they could rise they want to drive them the market up demand up and keeps the used values high in this is there's a e entire eco system you know based on new and used watch values and yeah well i think the crazies value thing and anything of like high and things that people love is the diamonds yeah because they're not even really that anymore you did not just read you can make him in a microwave now it's not a thing on my credit article they figured out how to make diamonds in a microwave how do they do that i did the same way they can make a mil app just someone figured out process carbon and eat you know when they make in a lab it's really interesting i don't think they can make really big ones in a yeah i think they're can only make like one or two carrots i might be wrong down with getting cremated and being turned into a diamond
she figured out a way to make diamonds in a microphone and it could change the diamond industry oshit it's over bitchez april ninth just happened oh yeah i read this article and i just notice now it's business insider i don't trust them look at this yeah placing it tiny fragment of a diamond carbon seed in a microwave with varying amounts of carbon heavy gas the result is a synthetic ethical diamond with the exact same structure and chemical compositions a a diamond that came from the ground work so well experts reportedly need machines to tell the lab phone gems apart from the natural ones estimated by two as in twenty six the number of lab made diamonds will skyrocket to twenty million carats so then here's the thing owns the natural diamond bad governments now in the toilet do you think so he's gonna be like this is natural to ship came from what if they can't tell the difference though he go to a machine like this mother fockers gotta machine who's got a machine would want to know they would want to know i need to know is it machine certified that it came out of the ground i don't know
blood dialogue i only want blood diamonds i got engaged a few months ago and i gradually thank you and i got a great deal from somebody who i'd nicknames blood diamond is not a diamond i sure you but i just love calling him blood and had it gets very upset can you fucking stop it i don't want to wear this thing around anyway going skype one time and yeah well that's the thing too it's like they've got that business on lock down do you want to prove your love and your commitment to relationship well you need to buy one of these you can't buy out fucking a car well you can't buy our own engagement car i tried to do that actually i was going to those with an engagement jeep wagoneer that's a good move it was until they get that you actually want they want the diamond show their friends platinum matt stepped up asap tap
clarity is dead effect it's amazing he stepped up did mike step up mike didn't step up matt stepped up i did step up mike's wife photos broken diamond girl reeves told you know it's really work that's easy's bro she need assisi if a girl found out that you had a fake diamond the dowser thing that happened to an aunt of mine the fellowship found i'm diamond she has she's getting divorced and she went to bring a ring and she found it was fake downtown traffic tracker someone fake diamond cufflinks who was somebody that saw someone in business he gave him a pair of diamond cufflinks any went and looked and they were fucking cz's if that's the case if you did to that guys ready to fuck you he's about to make some go down like it's gonna roll mueller mueller i got steam in right now fucking fake diamonds you don't respect me mister trump
in fact you drop it there giving out fake diamond cufflinks for years oh my god hilarious he is hilarious do they shrink his hands for those pictures on purpose no 'cause his hands aren't little everybody this causes hands little there's something he does with his hands that make him look little it's like he does a lot of stuff like this it could just be little in proportion to his head which is gigantic and getting bigger apparently poor baby he's going down now and when they raided his his attorneys offices here's the thing that too in order to get all that stuff pass through republicans have to agree to that yeah like there's like in order to like actual republicans people that should be his supporters had to be i read that everyone that signed it was in a d of his administration he's in trouble yeah it is their rating your layers office yeah you are so and if it all goes down that he winds of getting in trouble not even for russia but for paying off a check to the s sex with a man
legends of porn chick that takes this whole thing down listen man i need justin martindale an apology he was saying that he's the monica lewinsky for this administration program on this way but she's going to brush this off it's going to be nothing nobody cares everybody knows they know he did it so it's it's not even a question of whether he did it right but it's a matter of whether or not it's legal the camp yet pain finance violation if the lawyer is on yeah that that's a campaign finance payment in meeting to knowing about the payout is like admitting to obstruction it's like a whole other when he talked about it in that interview when someone caught him getting onto his plane and he acknowledged the lawsuit whoops just he fucks up man he doesn't know how to shut the fuck out now that his whole life has been about not shot in the back up about same whenever you want like that's his instincts and also you this position you like you said ability
i want you to be a totally different thing now wants to be presidential yeah you always trying to pick fights with joe biden on twitter you're not going to change the site seventy year old billionaire here not going to change that guy he's been told yes one thousand times a day flash forty do you think should happen with them how do you think you going to kick him out yeah i don't i think it's not going i think it's i just don't see how you can make it through for you i don't know it's only the one year yeah it's white here and very much very bad it's it's very bad while we've been going on paul ryan has announced that he's going to not seek reelection god will talk paul ryan's probably sees the writing on the wall yeah what is that apparently he had some kind of realistic challenger democrat that his is been really ramping up their campaign he does not want to stick around to see how that's going to go really want to lose he doesn't want to get humiliated yeah wow that's what it is you think
maybe just tired of losing no way now maybe needs to get paid for all those fucking bribes like now it's time i saw today that the former speaker john baynor i said yeah now on the board of a major marijuana yeah he went he went all legalization got how do you how do you feel about this the legalization situation i hate it i hate to lock people up we're getting hi lock him up but compared to prop two hundred and fifteen compared to seventeen to eighteen what do you think but in california got it while the third percent sales tax yes was inevitable but this is what i like about that it's still reasonable you can get high on a very small amount of money for a long period of time okay i don't think we should be call and complain about that too i think we could show that there's a real benefit to legalization that benefits communities by at schools firemen police officers whoever can get that money and i think that's where the money should be allocated and i think you could get billions of dollars for the state just doing that and i think that is a real
positive aspect of legalization that might be the one thing that's going to be the straw that breaks the camel's back across the country when people is that you can make real money and that real money could be beneficial to things that commute these need you starve out illegal drug selling illegal ugh selling with the real problem is always been when you make something illegal only criminals going to sell it then you have criminal mentality you have people that have guns and gangs and those the people that were scared of not businesses if we were scared a this is me trying to close liquor stores nobody gives a about wineries you know we're not does a drug stores of wall winery is a drug dealer they are listen to you and talking about wind yeah just so delicious drugs yeah i mean i'm form how to present a loved one that's not my point i think my point is cell and one yeah yeah things should be legal yeah i think should be legal and one marijuana is legal tax the out of it and give that money back to the community and everybody benefits people like you and i who are responsible grew i want adults pair taxes and are good people and we'd like to get high occasionally we should be able to buy it with
no worry about being locked in a fucking cage and that money should go to schools that money as you go to fix the streets that money should go to cops and firemen that's what it should go to the and the we know where it's being out with no idea i've no idea no idea i would hope it's here goes i'm joined the board of anchorage holding say already holding a grudge sorry because my thinking on cannabis as a bob that's my man got high yeah i was anti and then i got some of his good right here i'm convinced d scheduling the drug is needed so that we could do research help our veterans and reverse the opioid epidemic ravaging our communities yeah yes i agree man i would add to that get high i would say so we can get hot yeah put everyone out of jail i think there is there evidence showing weed reduces opioid use it is right well it really depends upon how it's used it can benefit
people with some kind of pain i don't think it's realistic to say that some people that are in horrible horrible pain would get the same reaction from marijuana i get for opiates people with like really bad burn as for instance right it twenty four seven contradicted it not for not medical reasons i'm talking about if you're become addicted to but you know oxy's does better drugs yes is better drugs to get you off area there's quite a few i can help you probably the most powerful in the most efficient is ibogaine because one like i had a water i begin ono i begins on i watched i is a hallucinogenic that is for from south america's dimethyl tryptamine i but gain is from the a bogo tree and it's a set from breaking open the head that there's a book called breaking i'm sure had ok i'm sure you did but ibogaine is like a ruth there's something i have an experience i'm just talking out of what i've read essentially uh
ruthlessly introspective twenty four hour trip that wires the way your brain views addiction has a high level of effectiveness interesting in rehabilitating people like just just killing the desire to do opiates huh doing that in america mexico i go to mexico can't go in america silly america of yours is it like a sweat lodge shaman type thing or is it possible some situation hospital type situations there's my buddy ed clay runs a i think he still does runs a clinic down mexico and he started it because of his experiences with pills he got hurt got on pain pills and had a real bad hard time with them went to get on i began to get off the pain pills it worked like a charm and he was like holy should i need to let people know about this you can get your life back yeah and it's not something you get addicted to it apparently something they want to try hard time doing it again it's like it's rough yeah it's like you
that was enough that you could do in dmt exactly it's one of those things is enough he did it once yeah in college and i'm sure that was sufficient you get a lot out of one yeah i had a plaid plaid world news from flying around it was it was a full out of body shots yeah it's pretty nuts yeah i think the difference in i vs versus to dmt is ego dissolving and very hallucinogenic and you see these amazing visualizations i began seems to not have that but instead be like deeply like to the cellular level introspective and just and there's some sort of a physical action that happens in the way your brain the way your brain looks at addiction changes pretty do you need to be like coach through it or it just happens you should probably i think all those things should be done in places where people are going to feel safe and where people have done it before and
people have experience with people that have done it before and a real center that have it has you know real nationals in medical health staff that's that's what you want and the only thing that's keeping that from happening in america and keeping millions and millions of people from getting off pills companies drug companies drug companies lobby to keep all these very helpful things illegal and we're slowly but surely to work them out in the way we going to work them out of money that's why i like the fact that marijuana is a thirty percent tax making fifty i don't give a fuck what the join how much is the joy in his you i can get you high all think about what a drink is yeah if you go to a bar you drink too much to drink cost eight dollars yeah eight dollars worth the weevil fox you are strewn many days yeah men of many days two days maybe one day
how much is a job you have a day of our if you're buying a pre twelve dollars twenty five bucks this is twenty five bucks that's dawlat cigar this is john one other put you on pluto yeah you'll be over there with david bowie i know but i was twenty five dollars last month and now it's thirty three dollars a shot a mcallen those well over twenty five probably at any bar it is right all fine fine my tax on my weed or good fine thank you i ten years i've been buying legal weed and all of a sudden i want to buy illegal weed cuz the taxes and you just talk to me guilted me even back in legal i'm happy to pay and i think that it's you know you stand a good man maybe took a few i get i get it but what i'm making that point money don't know no you're not but some people would yeah but i'm saying the money if it goes to a good cause if we really can change the way people perceive drugs yeah because it's not there's not a war on drugs that is a lie there's drug
everywhere there prescribed you can get him at the drug store you can get him at a liquor store you can get drugs there's a lot of drugs it's just certain drug right the is that they can't you know corporate eyes as easily so way to get it in is not through the corporations influence but through the influence of the consumer of the consumer to consumer paying exorbitant amount of taxes on these things willingly is going to change the opinion you know i like weed being legal i'll pay the fucking tag that's right there we go i was just curious i mean i look selfishly totally selfishly write my own benefit i as a guy who jumped through the one hoop and got a forty dollars medical card was happy to have it be called medicine and get it yeah have it legally and not pay taxes on it right now it seems like it's the same except some pain thanks a it is the same but it's progress because the money going to community community i hope i hope
is that going to work out so let's say i guess i hope it those towards law enforcement i hope it's debbie between law enforcement education how about that but i hope it goes to education but i something tells me it's not just feel like it's going to be so much money like colorado had to give tax money back to us so much do they really get refund became it back 'cause there's so much money being made by weed let's like alaska it's like the oil pipeline exactly you have very same state taxes boss i don't know if they have state taxes but i know they gave people refunds they gave people money back because they made so much money on taxes that's awesome fucking amazing awesome and because i that happens in california keep my fucking thirty percent sales tax real estate went up fourteen percent since marijuana was legalized instead going down like a lot of people thought although rails things to move out going is part gonna be honest rates your friend of mine wants to open a like a cannabis club and there's only
and there's a small area in the green zone where you can do that and i'm like great here's your map of the green zone ok what's for sale in the green zone nothing not a single building a place we can get high like publicly yet it would be like a cigar bar yes the there's a lot of rules and locked and there's a very restrictive about where you can put it and you absolutely under no circumstances can have a drop of alcohol anywhere on the premises interesting so money comes in with a beer you're fucked you can't take yeah gonna kick him out yeah yeah but it there in west hollywood you there will be is where you can go and smoke on premises that's going to be weird huh yeah go get hired a bunch of strangers yeah it makes sense in amsterdam because it's uh walking city right you can use your coffee shop tore you know
walk around the city and ground coffee shop coffee shop and sightseeing it's really nice sober up but in la what are you driving from coffee shop there aren't looking come on nobody walks here where you going to drive there is going to be like that scene with ray liotta in goodfellas with the helicopters flying overhead he's freaking out i remade that scene frame for frame and it got kicked off youtube 'cause you have to use the real music and i got trademark infringement but i did it frame for frame with the helicopters what do you mean you did it i remade that helicopter chase you with me and it into for a car review i was reviewing cadillac and i did the fucking thing right through the again i want to look at helicopters and we did what was the problem you two do you have the same music at the actual music yeah you have really you does right yeah you have to use the actual music otherwise it's not rolling stones what is it it's not layla it's layla no fucking hell that
side whatever it is you have to use the exact music and it didn't work and i got kicked off of youtube just too bad such a lot of time made in that well they're really good spotting copyright music now or anything copy i thought could get away get around it if i didn't monetize the video but it didn't you know when we get fuct whenever we put up a video of like any nature thing like the bear killing something or something like that it's all those are all bought by someone almost like patent trolls when people put him up they just take it down you have to offer money to start putting some things or something yeah yeah all that stuff gets yanked down off of facebook yeah youtube and facebook those are two places that stuff gets facebook like i don't put videos on facebook anymore 'cause it just gets stolen immediately so their revenue is what do you mean get stolen it's very easy for someone to rip your video off of you now in facebook will put it somewhere else on facebook and whatever versus if they re up
it is somewhere else on youtube the software algorithm will generally catch it you know so the software algorithm in facebook is not as effective now they don't really give a shit they don't care they too busy selling your information so totally jamie was watch in the video of us our server how to go right and he should know the answer is he did what had to go again today yeah i was watching right before you got here in this i don't know where she was from but she was saying like you're the ceo of this company and you should know some of these answers and she was like listing all the shity didn't know yeah it's like this is ridiculous and i afterwards now they've shown which i guess it's part of now public information his notes oh no that he had like as references that he was looking at i've only seen one picture of it just very weird stuff that like seems blatantly obvious that he should know or should
say that's different from what we maybe we think we should yeah i think they should be able to tell us i get the impression that this company grew so fast that they don't even know what the fuck is going on in there well that was the other thing he was talking about their influence on possible so that we're going to continue it will continue don't worry about it he was talking about his influence on all these different upcoming elections that were coming up and about how they want make sure that there was no bots that were influencing these elections and i stopped and thought about it i oh my god in that moment of him saying that i realized like what pressure he must be under what pressure that companies under there they went from being a thing where people could share pictures like up hey this is us on our summer vacation you know if i can i'm going go to the on friday that's what facebook kind of was right people would talk about certain things in the news they would have opinions you put up something a bunch of people comment on it that's what it was now with this last
selection and with him testifying in front of congress what i'm seeing is facebook being like one of the most in important sources of influence in the world today in its now really being completely managed well i hope you like the russians the russians and maybe there's a little bit like google needs to be looked into it it's going on my mike so go also probably like they have a data i think someone was just looking into this now people downloaded their facebook profile there like my files one gigabyte wow how much data is in here right people found out a way to download there's and find their information what what the face it's not about me right there's also one of the google has on everyone and it's much larger to the music i don't i'm not shocked you know i wouldn't be i wouldn't be nervous if it wasn't
for that that do memo thing really changed my mind about a lot of things not because you know it's a check this near and dear to my heart but because i had the way they were handling it was not there when we were being honest they were they were being honest about the science they weren't being honest about the reaction they even they were describing it we're talking about the james the google memo i don't it was at the sexism thing was that yeah well the the he was talking to women in tact jay lane why women would prefer to not like why some women are not influenced by this is the way google handled it was very in maybe very nervous because they weren't being honest about the information you are being honest about the results were be honest about what was in his they're saying he's reinforcing harmful gender stereo types that's not what he's doing
what he's talking about the science of the difference in the psychology between men and women and why women would gravitate towards different careers maybe that's why more women aren't intact maybe ways to get women in tech well you've taken that angle before right with women and fighting and women in sports right yeah there's some women that are not going to want to be into those things or somewhere that are going to be on the mend it's less likely that a woman is going to be in a fighting than a man i don't think that's extraordinary to say but a lot of women are into it it doesn't mean that it's impossible but it's just we're looking at human beings if you're an outlier in you're a woman who really loves to fight there's nothing wrong with that i'm not saying anything with that but i'm saying it's much more rare than a woman who wants to you know to become a nurse or do something that's traditionally a female caregiver sort of a position which is common hello this read as did the letter memo indicate like this that science says women were less predisposed
to becoming programmers or something like that no no it just was talking about gender like choices and choices people make and why they make them based on ali trades and how why things are more and certain things are more common in males certain things are more common in women and that this would indicate why there were less women that were involved in tech and it wasn't some systemic sort of discrimination campaign right on by men you know but my point was we're talking about them having all the information you have like google and yahoo how much in they hold on you the last nervous if i didn't know about that how they handle that google memel thing because my we are being honest about what this is when the guy wrote you be paying the guy out to be a villain you think if you fire him and drown this that this story goes out and then you guys get to look like social justice warriors yeah i know you don't take the heat from the what you know is in a
projective analysis of this issue well i don't i'm not sure mark zuckerberg has a lot of send it to be totally honest in this case he's totally honest and he's mullis sorry or he's totally honest and he's almost comically ignorant about certain things yeah he's i think he's almost got to say he doesn't know but the problem is if through the nose he should know those yes also part of well here's the thing he should know now him saying he doesn't know what if they can pull up an email when what if they have access to all of his emails and it shows that he knows that they did i was talking to yesterday about it and we were like we're about the facebook recording thing is anybody going to bring that up and it was brought up and he said that they don't record audio facebook doesn't you were talking about it with google weren't you we we with google that if you talked if you were talking in a room about a certain subject have you had that happen right as the apple home pod
you've had you've been talking about something in a room and then had pop up ads pop right no i haven't never have known i believe it though has if you had it it happened to me before or not i know i don't know how i couldn't tell you what where the signals went but i've definitely had strain it could be a coup in but i've had strange ads pop up that are i read that that i don't know if it's accurate though when i was reading that people have tried to prove and it could be people on facebook side just to give a propaganda that that's almost nearly impossible to do right now just because of the technology would take to record your audio habit and buy something and then deliver and add to you based off of that in amount of time it is probably possible i could have looked at something similar at a recent time and it will just was just far enough away for me to not make an exact connection i don't think what it represents though is that you recognize that is potentially in the future
for special things like a lex and things like home pod in the yeah i mean the voices that are designed to listen to your voice yeah that's the whole point of them yeah you know salt is good i don't know dude i get a lot of this i get a lot of shit done i'm real productive you know i can i can i have thing is that i would be very difficult to find that can be delivered bro i had i have a i have a private two thousand and one mercedes sl500 five my traffic car us perfect for traffic and nice big clarion system is great i love my traffic car and you know it's got the old school removable hard top so i need to get the stand to put the hard top i wanted to get off right amazon twelve hours a standard for a two thousand and one mercy delivered to my house
that level of convenience yeah i'll give up a privacy little bit well but i'll give it up you can have it that's what's going to get us that's going to turns into machines just give up a little bit here in a little bit here little bit little bit there i don't want to up all of it i got him definitely opposed to drive vehicle tracking yes you know like like about having a car that were that knows where you've been and tell somebody about it which a certain company does do that what what company is this will tesla's know where you've been well don't don't they all by virtue of the gps but teslas are wirelessly connected to tesla so so part of the reason tesla semi autonomous system works as well as it does and part of the reason tesla is doing what they are the company is your cars test was on the road are collecting mapping data for test law you know in real time so they can you know be ethical with
data or they cannot and odds are they don't give a shit where you're going other than to help them figure out put the next superchargers and and what not and in general you have to assume it to improve your experience but if you extrapolate this two years down the road and some of our privacy get worn away you could end up with a car that where you know where it's very easy to subpoena the records of your tesla and find out exactly where you went so a test be the worst car if you were like a bank robber yeah now if you want an easier okay got under miles analog analog fuel tank thank you transformed jason day from that's what you want big fuel cell black late model car with that in invisible black again vantablack vantablack a black car no no one they haven't right now it's been painted anything like big in it yet not motherfuck i have
the car on the way there's some weird environmental with vance a black because john john ward was telling me that there is one no that is velvet my friend out of it that's velvet do yep that's real yep well wait a minute that's not that says vantablack but that's not vanta black that is a velvet car that summer day oh wait a minute this this world this is not a vantablack black possible says it is there i'm telling you they haven't painted a car invent a black so either that's fake or it's of the velvet they're doing now i think that's a computer yeah it's yeah would what it would look like now what it made out of that allows it to get to this level of darkness you know i don't know it is just damn crazy looks dope joe please don't put your
to make a valid we can't be friends anymore if you can do that i saw justin bieber once driving around in a leopard print audi oh he's gotta do it if you were to three years old and drowning impose he'd probably do this is i think this was years ago is a pride nineteen s pride trying to keep them away from sprint have so i think are to say look stay away from my dick will it cover who of your crazy guess has rolled up to your studio in the dopest car design come to mind to bilzerian roll up in that six by six he's got the lab god told you i wasn't cool so gross that's disgusting i bet you didn't even really believe me and now you see 'cause i knew he had a chrome that's our fisker karma wasn't out yeah i'm just re released that thing i heard they did though yeah
i bought all the assets and the started blowing up trying to water when the flu i have over one for review this is a cell night lead the klein yeah i wonder why yeah yeah you got a big mouth drive through a puddle yeah electric cars man there's a bright future is just i don't want to jump in yet and i don't want anything driving for me true have you driven electric car ever yeah i've driven a test they're nice they're nice yeah it's weird feels weird it does but in an urban environment you can see why it's a nice experience when i drive an electric car is the chrome fisker when i drive an electric car an i get where i'm going i am noticeably more relaxed than when i've driving a gas car especially if i'm driving like allowed sports car right right the yeah those vibrations and stuff go through your body and kind of like stick with you versus the serenity of that silence i just have two hundred and fifty
mile range of the noise that schitt yeah yeah i know it's they need infrastructure like there can how many teslas are in los angeles there's an embarrassingly small number of superchargers in the city there's not a lot of places to charge a tesla outside of your home and they really need to to do the infrastructure and they need to come up with a faster charging solution which porsche it seems may have done russia has a new electric car coming out called the mission e which is a tesla fighting thing and they supposedly have a fast charging system that can do like an eighty percent in ten minutes or something well yeah so you know that's crazy minutes is pretty close ten minutes is fast if you pass yeah three right you have three to five yeah ten is fine ten works yeah 10s good and if a competitor's good just you tesla's you don't you can't charge of for free anymore you don't know
the model three is in the new ones they don't come with free charging in these mother fuckers that's how they get you five dollars rocks first ones free you know they get yup no more free juice how long is it free for few years at two thousand and thirteen the model s came out and for years or so so what happens when you pull into the airport and you go to one of the electric spots credit card are you have a you know if something yeah these mother got a paid play my friend why figure out how with all the sun in la to have a solar powered car you just just not possible with photovoltaic cells to generate and much do takes so much juice to move a four thousand pound car down the road yeah how much more than turning on a light or playing a radio like that mass movement it takes so much energy fisker
something on the roof that powers the radio right yeah i know there are a couple of company fisker was one someone else did a photovoltaic roof where it it like circular is the climate the air when it's really hot out or it can pre turn on certain things things and shit like that yeah yeah but it's not enough to run or charge a car one if that's going to change in the future i'm sure they don't have solar panels really come that far yet will text lisa solar as a roof tile you seen this yeah tesla roof tile yeah were there trying to do a tesla solar tile that goes on your roof that then will feed into the tesla battery pack that hangs on your wall and then can be autonomous basically based on the grid yes and you give money back to the reason they do that they don't want you being completely off the grid they don't want to give the dogs right you know people are really worried about that well
i'm building a building right now so get this la you know i'm a democrat well i will make you want to hang yourself building ship so i have to prep my building for solar panels whether i put them on or not if i put mon on there ninety two thousand dollars to cover the roof in solar panels and i will pay they pay themselves off in seven years so i generate swelled one thousand dollars or so a year in power then after that i'm fully positive in the city will pay me every year and they pay themselves off in seven years in the lifespan of them is twenty years so i potentially have many years of free power while him so you building i'm building a collector car storage facility here's where i plug it it's called westside collector car storage it's going to be in
vista ca which is the sweet new part of la beautiful area yeah do you know where the clippers practice facility is using that is right next to the fox hills mall right by lan venice it's conveniently located uhm i'm going to storage for one hundred and fifty cars it's going to be secure climate control the whole the whole deal so you're doing it as an investment or is it just a business you as a business ground up screens for customers is not it's not for me and we're building a cool studio there like this like you've got instead of my shanty little studio now going to do a podcast from hell yeah yeah and the podcast studio is going to be elevated so we have car stackers so i've twenty four hi stackers and the stew is elevated and will just look out over this tax cars yeah it's going be killer but i have to with a lot of california environmental craziness i have to put a fire hydrant in the for the city like i have to do it for the city to get a building permit
well it kind of makes sense if your fucking cars catch on fire you got a lot of gasoline in that one spot yeah yeah the the fire system that we have to build is incredible i would imagine yeah and we have to have auxiliary pumps it flows three thousand five hundred gallons a minute and every are so the stacks every car on a stack has two nozzles at it frightened what now every car has its own set of nozzles why yeah so if a fire starts over here it's completely contained over here and i the ideas they they check on automatically when the wow yes incredible yeah that's every really neat four years into this now so broken ground yet hopefully next week wow clinics with for years i'm permits just got just got approved while dies dope dude come back on when it's done dobby great come back i was done those are motivated let other people know thank you we've been doing this for like three hours and a half is there anything else that
so any other shit going on i'm just happy to see you i'm happy to see you so i didn't get to come to your new year's show because i read these traditions two years in a row all over this place i know i like your new special took the one where it was cropped tight yeah i like i like that very much doing that with my next one too i'm trying to make it like you're sitting in the audience that's great idea behind it like chappells tiny one he did in the belly roll yeah i was at gotham comedy club when he first told that iceberg slim story when he came back from africa i was friends with chris mazzilli and he said come down ship als back you know chris yeah i'm back in new york she has a corvette stingray like yours doesn't really yeah and chris truckers and that that special good and judah friedlander's was amazing exit on netflix yeah it's called a because the best country in the united states it is so good all right beautiful checks out good thanks for having a nice time on my pleasure ma'am my pleasure the smoking time
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