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#1112 - Cameron Hanes

2018-05-05 | 🔗
Cameron Hanes is a bowhunting athlete, “training intensively each and every day to become the Ultimate Predator” and he also has a podcast available on iTunes called Keep Hammering with Cameron Hanes.
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i guess today is a great friend of mine and we were both hunting together in the grape island of the a lot ninety but i feel like it i feel pretentious wanna do that like i'm pretending on one of them everybody why people say one night they say let not any it's awesome paradise call what you want my good buddy kaman names the joe rogan experience from hawaii right before it fucking blows up and sinks into the ocean just in time who we barely made it when we flying above the big island as we are flying above what's matter ok as we are flying above the big island a six point nine earthquake blew up yeah that's not good now andorian fucking lives there
out the window and saw the island like explode in sync remember dad i was so sad by at least i mean we had a good hunt people were surfing though yeah about those waves and worried about a tsunami now it's going to sink but it's going to get bigger that's what it is i mean the whole thing is a fucking volcano people are shocked wait the volcanoes volcano yeah you live on a god dam volcano i wish you would have been on a fly over how yeah i was looking at the like the map of what the way we fly we fly so we can't see it the entire way yeah which is bullshit yeah 'cause it was cloudy which also bullshit they would've been cool i even asked the guy like which way do we go yeah that would be awesome for flew over that thing yeah living on volcano though man good place to visit though as beautiful oh stunning yeah it's great
and where we were we were on lenai and um lanais an interesting place three thousand people twenty thousand deer right anne and so you do the math you think hey this is going to be gravy there is way more dear than people but god it was it's tough hunting yeah hunting for sure well this is one of the best examples of if you want to make an argument for hunting like this in certain situations this is probably the best example you must control the population is animals they don't have any predators and they evolved round tigers they come from india so axis deer they were a gift from hong kong to king command may the fifth history lesson one thousand eight hundred and sixty and i was getting it all into it today and i wanted to make my post about as awesome so they would
what was the number that they shoot how many they they should a week just to just to have people the population said fifteen hundred but not a week was it now i think it was thirty a day okay yeah they're saying the shoot thirty a day right because they have to go at night yup with an with night night vision scopes and shoot does yeah to take him out just to take him out yeah so many dear when we were there at night we got the first what we got i got super lucky thanks to you you you let me tell that dear but when we landed we went to scout we got the car we went looked around and within five minutes we saw a buck feeding in a in spot creeped in it was it it just gives you a sort of perception of your chances of success though yeah because for the next five days i got nothing until the last day but in fifteen minutes i got the first deer but when you get there you realize how sweet
on these things are yeah like there's there's nothing like these things now it's a you in africa in it in the antelope there are pretty quick also just like that beat just because of ends in hi n as in yeah this is what she just super jumping twitchy but in these dear very similar to quick when we were leaving that night when you and me and adam were in the truck were leaving we turn the lights on the truck and you could see highlander aids deer in front of us yeah it was the craziest like it was like a crow how to be let out of a concert or something yeah or basketball yeah yeah that's a bass what games over is is is that they're coming out of the trees yeah crossing the road into the open field where we've been hunting and just hundreds you can't imagine if you haven't and you can imagine if you if you move there or if you just went there for a few days you kind of get you be like okay what do you do about these things and what you can't given birth control i mean they eat
so how are you going to stop them from breeding you're not so and we're can introduce tigers to lynn i that would be cool but maybe my way to do it yeah and they're going to start eating people just hunting it the destination for just getting good deer meat yeah i was thinking about it too that stretch were those hundred year across the highway you know that i mean it's a straight as can be you can see i mean great visibility but the speed on this thirty five i don't think it's because dear are always jumped out in front of cars there oh yeah for sure people would be dying so it seems like why is it thirty five this is like it should be seventy but some dear i think it's also because the like where you going slow down here there's no hurry what's the hurry man yeah relax i mean three thousand people in the island maybe that yeah that's part of it too dad island so relax and the people are so friendly that's an awesome awesome place it was a
anytime i going to hide i mean i'm thankful for the experience and for seen animals but also meeting the people you know like bob the butcher they're just like these people that ingrained in in your memory and you know that's it that's such a special part of the trip also yeah the experiences very unusual because it's really not a place like that that i know of anywhere on the planet that's just a small island with a small population of people and a massive population of the most delicious animals in the world and even though there's so many of them good luck yet we had our friend ben o'brien he went home empty handed yeah so one of us in a group of very experienced hunters in other than me everybody in that group is super super experienced yeah you know an still is no cakewalk these things are switched on and now
dodge arrows like they're in the matrix i crazy it's there's no give no i mean it's a you can do everything right you can you can thank your head i travel all the way here i'm here to hunt i need to take meat home doesn't matter those deer there's no guy means there trying to stay alive and they what's up they get hunted i don't know if it's every day because when they're when they're ours fall off the box probably are hunted but the killing goes at night they're hunted most days out of the year yeah so they are as well as wired as it can be i mean because they're they're used to pursued pursuit adds different and say like white tailed deer like white tailed deer seemed to kind of know when hunting season comes around like when there velvet drops off and other velvet off and then the the start coming into season that's when they get
sketchy and nervous 'cause they know that guns are going to be going off yeah arrows are going to be flying their way but you catch him during the summer they just kind of chilling these things never challenge or in the winter after season right there just there more focused on food yeah i'm putting on some weight to to make it through the winter so other than hunting season they are more chill but these things i don't think they ever get a day off they don't get a day off and they can't give him a day off 'cause if they just if he said hey man let's just leave these animals alone man if they did they all die either of starvation or they would like add a the go population the island because people brought goats there and the goat literally had decimated the vegetation to the point where the island started going into a drought understand this but somehow or another if you eat all of the vegetation the
stop following in certain areas or there's a lack of protests reciprocation or a condensation doesn't gather because there's no no leads to catch capture it one of the ladies who lives there was explaining it to me why they had to kill all the goats and she was like trees were dying everything was dying and there process right now of in maui they have this job again dick area that there are trying to eradicate deer from and they want to sensitive it in to let the forestry grow because the forest doesn't have a chance to regrow with again same animal axis deer 'cause they just eat all the little baby trees as a little trees are coming up they just choose those suckers up and that's what they eat they eat shoots and they want brown yeah yeah new growth yeah well it's a i mean as far as i our trip goes and that was another thing i want to mention to you said the group of people been was one of 'em but we had just an awesome group of hunters that are all our friends exactly
and some of the best bella hunters in the world and it was a man it was a good time turn the stories from everybody was is then undoubtedly an amazing meal cooked up some meat one night and it's good as his cooking a good man that dear axis deer is so delicious it's incredible yeah it goes with my theory that the fastest things are the most delicious because they trying to get away 'cause they know they taste good yeah maybe i might be something to that sammy how good is salmon they give me the book out of here i don't like fish but you don't like fishing i like hell i like white white interesting yeah shane shane dorian big wave surfer slash awesome bow hunter ramey war in our body adam greentree a samsung halben o'brien yeah
well i don't know will's last name will from yeti yeah i don't know either i don't know yeah nice guy yeah great guy but i mean what a fucking crew yeah so awesome it was great it was just so much respect for guys like those guys who are at the top of their game you know i mean but honey i don't think people realize how hard it is so when i see these guys go out and they're successful with basically a sharp stick you know it's on especially an animal like that so a lot of these people it's new country like adam hadn't been there i had i had never been there when you see guys author and do that on a new home new country for new animals it's is impressive well were really did like look at that that's the god dam a team taking me and kimmy out of the mix anwyl let's be honest
he got a deer though he did get a deal just talking with him he do that but i mean but i'm saying is like you and dudley and adam and remy i mean straight assassins and shane i and he lives out there but people don't know like you world on as a big wave surfer but he's an awesome bow hunter i mean he's a really excellent and does it all the time out there spot and start crawling around the bushes is crawled mean you were there the last day when i shot my last dear i crawled of a mile yeah to to these yeah they were up on the hill i always watch you guys from an elevated spotted on top of the hill and i was when you is there a blocking from a mile i could see you easy you know i mean it's binoculars no problem and then all of a sudden you're gone and so i sent alex a text i'm like why are you guys from because i would have to really glass really guys in the back there's a head okay now i see you guys but it was crawling
for a long time we think how long i would say an hour for an hour an hour yeah to get a quarter mile and it that is a lot of work yeah you know you got a boat so you had a bow in your hand out didn't have anything but you're my i will not bow with each yeah whatever you crawling step an it's basically doing a plank for an hour yeah i was i was winded by the time we got to where the deer were and alex i take a deep breath take a deep breath so we got within fifty five yards and i'm like we're right here in this is a good spot where behind a bush but it like the shoulders are sore from as i was doing pushups yeah 'cause like your you're crawling like a cat so you're and you're trying to be super quiet so if you saw us do it people that are listening your cross
but you're not just kind of crawling along now crawling as quietly as you can give me a deep respect for camouflage tune like i was going to camouflage face mask and hat and i had a camouflage backpack by the final day i had gloves on i was fuckking fully camo we we took the shoes off crawl in a lot of it was in wool socks just so you could be even more quiet yeah yeah there's there's no you that you can't take to greater measures on being more stealthier quiet on these and yeah and i immediately i put up the post and eyes i saw one negative comment i'm like i'm out now and read this one of things that happen and while i was there was my phone fuckedup i dropped my phone on the first day and when i drop my phone in the first day it just went haywire wouldn't work anymore and so how to get a new phone so i ordered a new phone had it shipped to the island and when
i was doing that i didn't use anything i didn't use any apps i didn't check my email i didn't check twitter an i felt better i felt better he went cold turkey i went cold turkey for three days yeah and while i was out there going cold turkey i was like i feel better like this is better like checking all that stuff all the time i do i need to know about the mueller probe twenty four slash seven do i know i don't need to i don't what about stormy daniels do i need to know what the latest stormy daniels lawsuit is if i was a super billionaire character i'd give stormy daniels money and coke please stop no but everybody i don't i don't here do you want money you want money i'm not even saying that he's not guilty hear that she's you know she's in the wrong i don't think she is but what are you looking for can we get this out of the news i don't need to hear this anymore he fucked you i get it yeah well how do people sucked a lot of people since that time you know it's irritating what you pay one hundred and thirty
five thousand dollars like okay so you're going to just keep it on the dl right we're good one hundred and thirty five yeah get the money now she's talking what kind of so that i don't think she has that money anymore i think she spent it oh she needs more mine like she needs more money i think she realizes this is an opportunity for you know i i know how to look at it because it what one hand i'm like well i think we should hold the is it up to higher standards and you should be able to just lie all the time and be the president because how could we trust you if it comes to something see it's like a war with china or something crazy or invading iran let's just go off the charts craziness yeah i gotta will trust you with every day if i can't trust you that you you to tell everybody that you bang a porn star yeah would be great if you just had a press conference in lee's german who cares yeah who cares yeah
i i just i guess i enjoy sex a heterosexual man in this lesson line yet just before he was elected or whatever has like i should reflect this point star but i could help myself i'm a pig yeah but i'm doing good job as a president economy is up yeah employment down thank you goodnight support support the troops support the nra but there's one thing so you say you can't trust him because if you lie about this stuff yeah but okay so you say another president how do you know they're not lying they are lying so i mean i think they've all lied i think look one of the things that i had a conversation with a friend of mine about hillary clinton and he's a he's a pig hillary clinton supporter to the point where it's like he like who did the cavaliers had on he might as well have a hillary clinton hat on he's like hillary clinton says i'm sure they do i'm sure they had them i'm with her this guy is a him and his wife are both like super hillary supporters and i'm like it does
and bother you at all that she deleted thirty thousand emails and bother you at all right like they told her there's a probe to see you must just to leave the mall that doesn't bother you but that didn't seem like maybe she's a liar and then when you hear call means account of what happened versus her account of what happened she's clearly not being honest and doesn't bother you and make my i think in comparison she doesn't allow as much like what are you talking about like these are lies it doesn't matter in comparison right so my point is i think anybody who gets that level of that business yeah his slimy in one way or another the use the everyone slimy maybe but we would like you to not be yeah great would like everybody to not be yeah he i don't know i think the only way to get to the bottom of it is get him on the podcast i would love to get on the podcast
i love to get drunk so there's drink that's oh that's what i was wondering so you know most people have podcasts that aren't the us almost joe rogan but that's almost true right now most people do have podcasts now i know that located now let me finish so most people that do they'd be like they got this get this dream guest list you know the wish list and i'd love to have these people nothing about you is like it seems like i don't know i'm not you but like the court to enter are the people you're you're interested in more and turn to you then say like the the like a the president i mean so what how do you do you have a wish list of guests i don't have a wish list now no we were talking this on the plane ride i don't i like talking to my friends
yeah i like talking to you yeah i'd like talk an interesting people like the sleep expert on the all the day matthew walker like him or pete you do like yeah i don't leave three hours a night so i didn't like that so i'm in the minority here that you said that that guy you monday we have michael chandler and look at that i like i like talking to interesting people they don't have to be famous to me at all right some of my favorite podcasts are people that are famous at all yeah just a like people that are interesting i mean that's obviously pretty blanket statement but i like people that are doing things that are unique people that are that are like masters at a craft people that are working hard people that inspire me i be inspired you know like i like talking to people who are curious and have studied thing you know whether it's sean carroll or neil degrasse tyson or some people that
understand things that i don't understand so i could pick their brain and ask them questions about stuff that to me is interesting but trump have it sitting out with troubled to me like a lot sitting down with my friend alex jones like be like ok like it would be the best i would be like ok if you talk to him for three hours yeah what kind of crazy stuff to come out and be awesome i really think that if he wasn't president i would like him i would really i would like him i would think he's a character if i didn't have a business to do with him when i was worried about like you know screwed over in some sort of a deal or something like that yeah i would like him yes think he's a wild and he's a character yeah he's a fucking seventy will do with crazy fucking her he wears a red bat baseball hat everywhere it's as make america great again on that's also you can wear that hat in bars could you imagine that he is so divisive like she's so the people are so conflicted one inside of the other against him that if you wear
that they will kick you out of place is what do we live in where you can't wear something that says make america great again yeah how that would be considered anything but positive house i don't know right here but he's people hate him so much and that's so that's to me even a great accomplishment from what he's done is like he's got so much hate and he still look at all the positives that happened well most people don't take any positives happen because if most people live my most people no no i think there has been well i think most people live in an echo chamber yeah and if you're like my friend who's a giant hillary clinton supporter all you hear is trying the devil yeah and you know he was like completely convinced that it was going down trump's going to be kicked out of office in the first
sixty days and it's like trust me it's not going to last year i think it's not going to last year a year later he's crying he's fucking pulling his hair out it's going crazy yeah you know like member keith olbermann these old man he retired that show he's like need to do this anymore it's just a matter of days that six months ago yeah i think when the when he quit the resistance i don't know what it was it wasn't soon enough i think he just had to take a break i think he's losing his marbles will not that but they're so interested in the negative narrative that it they're not they won't even promote anything positive so it's like when he was a not saying all the rocket man stuff is like trump is going to cause a nuclear war ok now he's talking and now they're in negotiation with north korea and south north and south are talking and he's like trump trump had nothing to do with it like how could he almost our nuclear war and then have nothing to do with what's going on it's like you it can't be both right well i guess it probably could if they will
listen let's not start a nuclear war how about you and i talk like ns korea let's get together and figure this out this crazy at home on the other side of the country outside of the world rather ok so he deserts for that some some respect he's very he's a very interesting guy in the fact that his methods are so outrageous in outside the norm then i don't think these world leaders know what the to do with him alex calling a rocket man yeah i know you know and then like my buttons bigger than yours what yeah well this is crazy it says crazy shit and but that's what he's always done yeah so he's consistent we just expect him to do something different because he's the president right you know yeah now you're working we're talking about this on a plane to that you're working with what is your position in the administration could you actually have
wildlife conservation position now in the government right did you ever fucking think that was going to happen now no i didn't how the hell did this even come up oh god i don't know i'm on the international wildlife conservation council low yeah i that's legit as a hell of i got a the business not a business card but if i did just get a belt buckle for the i should i think about the belt buckle so i've been i was like i was like you say you did you wanted a belt buckle and i'm maybe i'll give him my belt buckle that i wore on the hot but then i'm thinking so i gave you the buckle them like maybe he wants a new belt but no no no yeah in the box with this week custom bach none on us i don't want to be disrespectful and try to say here's a use bell you know the used one's blood on it yeah it does perfect yeah yeah ok i just wanted to say i wanted to make sure you were good with that 'cause i wasn't i just want i want you to want to what you want basically so
international law of conservation council so i don't know how it started 'cause i'm like man is some powerful people on their safari club international people super successful as people on a political campaign type tribute and then we got this meeting there sixteen of us on the chinese dress like this and just like s however it's for sure just like this did this and everybody else were in susan rice and i'm like do they give you grief for dressing like that and not to my face but maybe later in oregon hillbilly that's probably so yeah i don't i don't know why i'm on there i don't who contacted you um sector the interior part so like you're in the middle of a run running mount pisgah yeah
i gotta call washington dc shut my lock up sort of god and i'm like oh my god what have i done this can't be good 'cause it was after ok so trump put out the tweet and he said something like he doesn't al hunting for elephants conservation or helps wildlife it's a it's a horror show doesn't yeah elephants or any other animal something like that house like what in the hell is that what do we talking about need no elephants talk about elephants that's fine whatever but he said or any other animal yeah so i took that tweet i posted a addressed it in i don't know if he saw it i don't really know but soon after that i got a call for this thing and so because i was you know i know from his africa and how it works and the hunting is necessary over there if the animals are going to survive if that's a complicated story this complicated situation
but people people don't want to hear that now so an example of in tanzania there is the largest hunting concession and i'm trying to think how bagel us i i can't put that in the not brown how big was but they've been in business for forty years so hunting concession is is they have from usually america go over there they pay for that for the access to the land and they pay for the right to hunt these animals so this i had been in business for forty years they went out of business because of this import ban obama put an import ban on the ivory of elephants coming back as trophies but also back online yeah the online thing was right after season warren and it was done as a political measure right so he put a ban on you you can go over there and hunt and still it because we're from america we can't say what's legal in africa but he can say
what he did was say we can hunt him whatever 'cause i can't control that but you can't bring him home so now to go in and spend seventy five thousand killin elephant or fifty thousand kill a lion if they can't bring home right so that basically shut down hunting and this outfit in tanzania that business business for forty years they closed they went out of business about i think it's two months ago now and what happen this is when they don't have the the concession they can't pay for that land it is given back to the people and for us here they'll be like oh that's great you gave the land back to the people know it's not good to give them back to the people there 'cause that people can't do anything don't have any money they don't just like so what happens is poachers as soon as the hunting concession moves out poachers move in and kill every animal
the only reason the animals that were being protected in that hunting concession was because there was hunting in their these this outfit would spin and i think in the last three years they spent over two million dollars on anti poaching efforts two million dollars to protect basically their investment which is those animals that were in there yeah they kill a couple because because elephants were haunted and they ran the hodson probably lions but by and large there protecting the majority the herd well give me the give me those numbers again because you would you would give me the numbers on elephants legally and illegally killed right so so and i ask this back in our first international wildlife conservation council meeting and this peter was there and all these animal rights activist psychos that could be disrespectful but anyway these extremists were there and so it was kind of heated and some point some cases but i did
this question how many elephants are killed legally in africa each year and the number is about four hundred four hundred to kill legally the entire continent yeah yeah which area so big that you can get america the united states of america ok you can also get all the european countries you can fit a lot of schitt in africa africa's huge huge place yeah and so there's some there's some areas where you're not going to hunt elephants because there's not there's not enough or they don't there but there's some areas where there's too many elephants it's just yeah that's what's confusing do people here elephants are going extinct well yeah they are in some places then another place is the problem is with local farmers they have these plots of land and the elephants come in and eat everything and destroy their land and they do anything about it what do you do this how big is an elephant how many thousands of
ten thousand pounds adam shed ironing other huge issues but they can't do a damn thing about here about elephants they did the people that they're like the elephant is ruining my crop yeah that's what i need to eat yeah i mean kill the elephants going to lay there and run there's these people are starving and it's there's a food chain going on there in humans here where we are we are so far above the chain that were like sitting in a platform looking down watching it there embedded the ground level in there it's the whole it's a whole analogy of you can't have first world people solving third world yeah that's you know point of and it's just we we people here have all the answers as like you have a everything you want you have an access your fat you have you throw food away what are you talking about do you have no idea what it's like in africa so there four hundred elephants are killed legally
two thousand or post ear thirty thousand and the reason that's happening because the hunting had to move out the hunting close down or hunting pays for the anti poaching efforts but when hunting money isn't there the poachers run rampant thirty thousand elephants that's why they are double is such a not hunting is such a hard thing for people to swallow because what i've this is from the point of view loves wildlife i think this is what people want what they want the humans to lee leave the animals alone and the animals to live in this state of bliss where they exist perfectly in the balance of nature of predator and prey all plays out in a natural way without people going over there and shooting elephants then sticking their tusks on their wall we've all seen those pictures these giant fat fox holding a rifle standing over a lion you like this just looks wrong
looks like american gluttony makes its way over to africa and some guy it's a line with a rifle now he's standing on its head and he's going to put it on his wall and his fat fucking now somewhere that bothers people i get it i get it too i mean i'm not arguing that but you gotta fix africa first yeah and you're not trying so this idea that if you just leave all those animals alone and stop hunting them everything's going to be fine no they're going to be wiped out you got two people have to look at it pragmatically first and an idealistically clings pragmatically you have understand that these animals twenty years ago were on the verge of extinction so many different antelopes so many different would call game animals animals that people eat we're on the verge extinction until they started is shooting these big hunting concessions and having people come in from europe america and hunting in africa then the community started a because of someone's paying you know
how much is it to shoot like a neil gai or something like that maybe one thousand five hundred so think of how many of those things get shot some of that money goes to the and some of that money goes to the professional hunting guys anti poaching conservation efforts and then you have it's a dented numbers there's more for those animals today than there have been in decades and it's all as people put value on the yeah it's all about the animals have to have value and people say no will to me has value being alive it's like ok well it does to you it starts to you if you live over there if you're not pouring your children aren't starving to death a picture of of a line is amazing ok that animal is beautiful there's value in it being alive but he got i understand those people need to eat they need to work so they're not working for the concession at the hunting concession goes out of business like the largest one in tanzania did after forty years were they going to do we can go get a job at the mill you know what
no it nothing they're not industry over there so what happens is they some of those i don't know for a fact but i would i'm going make an educated guess if they would go from working as anti poaching officers or are helping keep the animals live as as part of anti poaching program straight to poaching jahmal that that's happened back and forth both ways right yeah former poachers became anti poaching officers when the opportunity right itself and they were great ones because they knew how the hell were you were the weaknesses were were and that saved animals but it's just like it's it's sad because that you know that last two months without that hunting concession there without the anti poaching program in place i guarantee it's been a slaughter the animals that were being protected are now just being slaughtered by poachers and again the difference between looking things medically in looking at things idealistic idealistically idealistic lee we would like all those people
i forgot to have plenty of food and plenty of opportunity for employment and plenty of things to do with their life but they don't yeah you know and the situation that had emerged with hunting concessions is superior to the situation that's in place now and it's also superior for the animals cells including the alliance in zimbabwe they had will look this up jamie see if you could 'cause they had to call i think it was something along the lines of two hundred lions recently because they had omitted anjali population because they weren't kept in check because the until it the way these above balance of nature works out as you have to have a balance between predator and prey the only way to keep the balance of predator as humans that's it existing was the key yeah probably loud drive reserve will call two hundred lines to control a population explosion claiming hunters have been scared off by the outcry overseas align the whole
i thing is so weird because what people just jump on it you know that you watched the lion king simba no don't kill simba and oc so he's got a name and all this craziness it got to such a weird point where there was this discussion about cecil's brother that cecils brother garrett of jericho in like oh my god they killed jericho and then people were relieved because they thought it was a favorite line and it wasn't cecils brother jericho so it's like they're watching it god dam reality show it's like keeping up with the kardashians in africa like what do you give a shit what the fucking name of the african lion is that you're crazy yeah it's not jericho all it's it's it's michael the line so it's okay yeah that's crazy still unfucking lion but this shows you this first world view of this while life situation that is not ideal by any stretch of the imagination i think part of it like
that the whole cecil lion thing it gave people purpose as i also have something to stand for i have a purpose now and that's where i know people are struggling out there finding what's my purpose where my doing you know the spinning their wheels i don't i don't know what they do but that gave them something to fight for yeah and it wasn't right it didn't help anything it hurt those one hundred lions could have been two thousand dollars each to a hunter ten million dollars into went to zimbabwe stayed there or or at least employed people but now they were killed there's no game yeah it still sucks all across the board it sucks whole situation sucks these weird high fence operations where they lions loose and then they let him out of the cage and then people show up that day in the lines on the what the fox go on and they shoot this line and then stand that sucks too i like that
all things weird it's not look wildlife in africa in the high fence wildlife is not feel by any stretch of the imagination and these animals that we're going extinct and now aren't because people hunting them it's fucking stop change that's a strange balance yeah like that the only reason they existed so people can come over there and shoot him like with it but i don't i don't that i mean i would like them to just exist well the thing yeah but people aren't going to contribute money to pay for the anti poaching just to go take a picture it's like you know he's going to happen if you go to the missouri breaks or something like that you go hunting mule deer like those in the that's what i like i like animals that exist because they they're they're they're they're they're spot this is where they are like if you go to the missouri breaks and you go up into those those hills and and look for for mule deer those have been there for thousands of years mean they have found skulls of deer of white
tail deer in florida that are two million years old right they're the exact same animals two million years ago so for millions of years longer than there have been human beings those things have been in that form running around north america and wherever the fuck they can that's what i like i like that too but don't forget that hunting has played a part in keeping those numbers healthy down here in el there's more deer at their number big game animal north of big game animals north american now than there were one hundred years ago and that's true hunting and conservation that true but it's also because one hundred and fifty years ago people went fucking ham yeah wiped out most of 'em well real bad when there are we mark hunting before refrigeration exactly yeah but but we've learned from that yeah okay this is how this is how we need to do it how hunting fits in this equation and that's were you know we talked about the national wildlife conservation council that's given me
a way in to talk about a bunch of other things yeah so one of those and we talk about animals north america is ryan who is the secretary of interior he created this new i guess it's bill i'm not like this political expert i'm a boner right i wear a flannel shirt and baseball hat but he did create this up i'm going to call it a bill but that protects the winter that we column wildlife corridor so it's where the animals can go from the summer summer range to the winter range where there's not going to be development there so he do that 'cause that's how those animals like in montana make it through the winter if there in the summer they make it through getting fall and then all of a sudden winter hits they have to have a way down on into the low country it to where they can their winter migration to where they can survive the snow and in where they can make down
there's good feed down there if there's gas rigs or middle mineral extraction efforts going on that impede that then they might get hung up up there and get stuck in the snow and ice oh here realizes that he realized the need for that he created this this new program that's going to make sure that there's development in their keeps of the corridors open and that's that's why our numbers do so well is because there's people like that with the vision on keeping our animals healthy this is another thing that we talked about on the flight that i think is important to bring up remember when there was this talk about the state monument or the national monument you talk and patagonia put that thing on the page the president stole your land yeah explain what actually happened because it's not what everybody thinks it is and rinella said it best if you say the president stole your land you're not being accurate with your words now not what happened it was it
patagonia did an awesome marketing job i mean in that there's efforts by efforts by saying the present lan from what i've heard resulted in fifty fifteen an increase in business for them so it worked great but with the truth is is a lot of people like obama when he before he left office did uhm overreach on the national monument protection in so there's protecting the national monument and then which is a certain area he protected he wanted encompass two million acres in that national that designation which seems excessive what zinke says the sector and he went in there and he said that's in so that's an over reach i want to scale back to what it was before obama did that now why that excessive though this is what gets confusing to people people think the protecting land is never excessive right what he wants to do is make sure people have access and what and it's like okay what's the
difference between with the the way it is under obama the way it is under sankey it'll be zinc go back to what it was before which that would be still forced still federal land but you'd be able to and i'm not sure if if it was wilderness or how the access would be what but what zinc you would say is that like i would build wonderland all the time that two million acres because i might considered by some to be elite you know because i can walk for twenty it's not everybody in the united states can walk twenty miles to get somewhere so they want to put road systems there's road systems already systems already but wants to maintain the roads so but if it is a national monument right then no road systems like what is the difference that i think the road systems would be gated off and it would be walking walking on foot track traffic only instead of access the roads now why did obama make it
two million acres and close off the road so i'm not sure so it's still federal land so it's not like the government sold the land off now no mining permits have been issued no no plans to drill or anything like that now when i when i looked that up because i wasn't sure about and i talked with zinc you about it just because it's such a now i'm learning all this as go also and i was concern when when i read the press install your land what's this about and so what what this is what he what he wants to do is he wants to just make sure people of not abilities 'cause it's not like we want roads on every mountain but have s two national forest so people can drive in four by fours you know but those little off road on existing rugs on existing roads and it's just like now never force now has roads right right
designated wilderness areas because then i talked about that too i'm michael okay i understand i understand access i said that's great i want people to be able to enjoy the great outdoors also but i also putting the eagle cap wilderness which is oregon's largest wilderness area three hundred fifty six thousand acres of no roads and i don't rose in there right i don't want access in the middle of the heart of that wilderness because some of the most steam beautiful country in the lower forty eight i like it like that so with let me build protect those areas but this wasn't and this one this is bears ears and and utah this wasn't changing anything opening up anything or this big nefarious plan of of mining and strip everything everybody's work right right they were but all it did it back to what it was before and
that time when i research that there had been known mining permits that from what i understand is there is no manner there's not there's minerals in there but not enough to warrant going in there and setting up a full mineral extraction mine so the building reason that they change the distinction is to allow people to have more access to that wilderness through roads that already exist in the wilderness would be national forest land yeah so why the uproar then why's everybody so confused is it a lack of communication is it a lack of understanding about what the difference in the distinctions of the two things are it's just eighteen you negative negative saying it's something changed you know obama had it this way zinke scaled it back that right there is like why what's going on not really doing the research but he's not he's just putting it back to where it was because he thought that it was a reach by obama so it's just you know these these out
it's there in business you know everything going good there's really no reason for people to get fired up and contribute money you some of these some of these it's political in some respects businesses political sounds very cynical though i i see what you're saying but i think that we really what's going on is people are very concerned they see any movement in korean cern genesis yeah but even the businesses like patagonia's businesses about the outdoors as their whole business yeah so they see anything that's a change in the trump administration specially in in the beginning when it came in people are really worried about them and in terms of environmental concerns right because they had opened up offshore drilling they had a lot of things that people are really freaked out about they had opened what was the area jamie in alaska where they were going to open up drilling that was near salmon runs that people are very very concerned about the
concerned about the idea of money above nature yeah like and then i was me too right and who is making that money you're not making money now i'm not make any of that money so someone else is going to make money off of what's supposed to be our land and our public land which you and i could maybe go even though you don't like salmon we go see fishing in this light well it could get fuckd up by someone else making billions of dollars in oil or natural gas or whatever that we do if they contaminate that i don't want that no i know you don't want that either in the devil from pat ago and you don't want that either so when they see something like this come up there red flags go up they want to get that you want to get people activated because they think that they might be a chance that if you protest enough you can stop something like this happening before it does right because if you do look at like what i've been in alaska with that big oil spill in the eighties or what happened with the b p oil spill in the gulf coast like that sure it's devastating yeah something like that does happen someone else is profiting making fuckin'
billions of dollars while our our plan that we all share is getting up you're not making a nickel off of it i'm not nickel off of it and they're making billions of dollars and their fucking up the leonan by the government by or anybody else whoever is opening it up giving them access to drill to do all you open up the possibility of ruining something that's amazing well so there's who's going to be balanced though there's you can't just say no you can drive past this point forever you know what i mean there's always so are you saying that about the eagle cap wilderness you don't want them there's gotta be areas there's got to be here is we have to protect wilderness areas but for example where we elk hunting in colorado right big bowls awesome elk hunting there's natural gas wells all over right it's great out yeah they've got so they get out there not yeah they're not fucking it up so i don't want things wiped out in a huge mineral
fraction mine where there's used to be beautiful what i don't want that beautiful rivers are polluted now but you can just say we're not doing anything anywhere doesn't work so there the balance just like that where we've hunted in colorado there can be a balance but the real concern that the average person has me included is that someone is going to profit and by doing that where where it's not going to benefit you you or anybody we know it's going to suck it up for everybody else yeah that's the real concern out for sure i know that's why i've tried you know that's why i've wanted to be involved like yeah i council which has nothing to do with public lands in north america but giving me a way to get in there and try to learn more that's all i'm trying to do you also were involved with it when jason chaffetz had that proposal in utah to sell off public public land you
one of the people that sat down with him and got his take on it and ultimately because the outcry from people who loved the outdoors and hunters and fishermen that was stopped we were very interesting and that's he took a lot of but he seems a very reasonable guy i think so too it's uh he's out of it now you doing his fox news how is it responded yeah yeah he's so he's completely he's a congressman out of utah back to dc and talk to to him hr six twenty two and that was they wanted you sell what they determine disposable public land and i'm like okay wait a second who says what's disposable cause what's disposable to you might not be to me maybe us a great hunting area so i don't really like there
wasn't really a way to determine what was disposable right that's what caught my attention and other not just mine but even people like stephen ella and a lot of people in a loop and in the know and i got advice from let's see randy newberg even ella joel webster at the theater roosevelt concert conservation i am all those guys are really experts in the field backcountry hunters and anglers you know i don't talk to them i did all those people are super active right getting people to complain and protests as it's about one that i did get a chance to go back there and i did a podcast with chafetz and yeah he pulled it it was gone never happened but yes that's i mean we just need to be educated on it and i just don't like the the i don't know with
that education jumping jumping in on the bandwagon saying yeah the president stole my land right what was that even true well you know i always defer to right now when it comes to things like this because he's so well versed in it so when he said that you're not being actor with words yeah look into a deeper but i didn't really understand it totally until i was talking to you and you were explaining me the distinction between it was before obama was in office yeah bomb a changed man and then bring it back to how it was before so it's still federal land yet once sold off now it's not it's just giving people more access to roads but amazing how when something like that happens this is gigantic outcry yeah and everybody freaks out yeah it's a it's confusing it can be confusing 'cause i'll read two different things and i'll be like yeah what is it that that's going on i don't know yeah so that's where i'd in on people say oh will z q he was lying to your face on my i don't know maybe but on video doubt it i i
he doesn't seem like that guy he seems like he's you know i asked him about he was getting beat up because the national parks advisory board wouldn't he wouldn't be with them that's what it was and so he got said zieke dozen care about national parks and he won't meet with the advisory board and and so i asked him about that because that was in the news and that was just like man he maybe he doesn't care about glad you know i mean i didn't know what was going on so i about that i'm like well they resigned in protest because you would meet with him what was that and he goes well you yeah you're right i would meet with them he goes here's how it went i can i'm in a secretary of interior in charge of i don't know how many different councils just like the international one i'm on in this park advisory board that we're talking about and i think two hundred and sound that he's he really i think he over i don't even stop thousands who plays
dollars and all he asked was for these advisory boards he wanted a report but not that said what have you done and in the last two years what are you working on now and what your goals for the next two years once you provide me with that report then i'll get up to speed and i'll meet with you they never did it so he made with now is it that said the story was he he wouldn't be with and they resigned in protest but the other for the story was he asked him to do something so he could get up to speed educate and what's going on and never supplied it well if they are the typical government employees and what is the typical government ploy brent lazy way i i'm a government but we'll go in typical do whatever little people i think i will think of the thing of incompetent lazy yeah you know entitled
crap yeah and they've got this job and like also he's asking them to provide not not just tell them what they john but tell them what they're going to do and provide like a framework for the future that make that's a work on some of the lazy fuck if you just kind of half assing your job is showing up and i'm not saying they are i don't know i don't know him but also they might have resented him for whatever their preconceived notions of who he is coming into this job and they were i don't know if all twelve of them i think there's twelve but i think they were all democrat although sonovabitch is so i mean obviously he's a republican and he's just unpaid volunteers also unpaid unpaid volunteers yeah and that's all i'm i'm an unpaid volunteer on that counts it's like you don't do this for money you do it to make a difference yeah but if they're going to be
volunteer you have their unpaid volunteer and if he asks you to have a plan you should probably have a plan yeah in other words why how are you doing it yes i guarantee you there's someone out there that would have a plan yeah and it looked as specially when it comes to something that's important as national parks and public land things that are like really dear and important to people yeah this is something that you know you want have whoever these volunteers are if you're going to appoint them you want to have the best ones for the job right so it's asking want to write a plan up and that's that's the only reason see it's tough because we don't have their take on it right well i i read what they wrote and what did they write a said that he wouldn't be with them an so he wouldn't treat me with them until they did what he asked they didn't say that he told me that that's what he said right yeah well that makes sense yeah i mean i'm kind of in his camp that's if we're looking at it one hundred percent currently yeah no and he told me face to face that's what happened so i mean you know
you can say well i don't believe anybody i don't believe it i don't believe what you just told me i don't believe it at some point you have to be like man seems like he's telling me the truth and i believe it and that makes sense yeah it does make and so they would not want to do that you know yeah working on well i'll check my email and going for oklahoma work sometimes i look at pine cones yeah so i mean to me he seems like hard working pretty demanding but he can i mean he's in there trying to so the curve interior before the same key i had not i'm like what are you know what that is you know so yeah that's what that's what kind of involvement that person had in hunter in the lives of hunting people like me or fishermen and so when i do you know who wasn't come to find out her name was sally jewell who is obama's appointee before trump appointed zinke so i like the fact that
zinc is at shot show he's had me out there i'm on this council is at least i have a seat at the able to say and i don't know i might get kicked discount so i might never get invited back because i'll ask him so what's going on with this but right now i have a seat at the table so whatever it's it's i consider that a win at least i can try to find out and and learn yeah it's it's interesting thing because everything that i've heard about him that i've read in the media unless i'm reading like a hunting website or something like that down everything i've heard is like that it's a horror show that he's bringing on all these trophy hunters and there was an article equating you with being a a trophy hunter and that this council that he's put together is just as disgusting sort of justification for trophy hunting and they're only putting it together so that wealthy people bring back there elephants at the shooting africa yeah yeah i've read that too i mean for me
and i'm not i've never killed him then i've never killed a lion in every person so even people on the council that have they do care about animals they care but their volunteers just like on the parks advisory board and there i want to make a positive difference you know i know every person on that i don't know every person personally but i know they care about the people of africa why they understand how it works they've been there they've seen it the guys who i've hunted but there personally awesome people hard working people the one guy on my last trip there to tanzania in his daughter i in college and he'd been a professional hunter over there for over twenty thirty years and she was callers now getting their degree i mean explain with a professional hunter over there is not what we think about it over here when we think over here a professional haunted the guy who hunts that is really
no hi guys sensually guide a guide yeah they column ph is our professional hunters so i mean because of hunting he's able to send his his daughter to college and i mean and now that's gone yeah i mean i was i'm not saying every person a lot of a lot of them yeah and there is not getting any better because in right now so that policy trump said well we're going to review it on a case by case basis so he didn't say he didn't say okay it's legal now everybody can hunt and and go and bring their trophies back he said will review each one a case by case basis so that still doesn't make it that good hunter because they say well i'm not going to book a hunt if i don't know for a fact i can bring my trophy back yeah it's not really that much better well you just saying that freaks people out like trophy like you saying true it's an animal it's an animal's life you gonna bring it back yeah yeah i mean like that that does that distinction is one of things that triggers people hello
so i mean i see heads on your wall right here that's a trophy also you ate the meat of that elk oh yeah so i mean it's not like you can't be both a trophy hunter and hunt for me dynasty but most people are not blink bringing back line me now they're not but it's also not mutually exclusive to be a trophy hunter and eat the meat or on the elephants those none of meat is going to waste on an elephant that's true that there was don't understand their elephants are actually they actually taste good there was a documentary julie just yeah i haven't had often i mean i had i've had crocodile and i've haven't lyon over there but um um that meat is i mean the villagers that live there man it's dave they need it the there was a documentary on cnn recently called trophy there's a scene in there
for the hunter shot an elephant and it wasn't a big one and the people making fun of him for shooting they're like he's the small they wanted a big elephant with lots of meat yeah okay so he he got his quote maybe they wanted more meat so you can have both and that's i'll say trophy hunting because guys are going over there for the meat i get it i mean that's not why you go to africa you're going for that role but also that meat isn't going to waste yeah the meat is going to the villagers is not going to let it rot and these people i've seen it i've seen videos of it it's crazy they show up with baskets on their head filled with ella meeting there carrying around like one hundred and fifty pounds of meat on their head yeah i mean it's is really not what watch these people just run in and get chunks of elephant and they need it it's it's really important protein for them yeah the solution is very very complicated africa
it is such an enormous place in the poverty is so intense many options are so limited yeah for these people there it is this is not like a simple like band the trophy hunting the animals would live peacefully in the forest to tweet tweet bird bird that's not with every hand dies yeah it's not just that everything over there is really complicated and i always tell people to watch the louis theroux documentary he did a thing on this hunting thing in africa and he was over there for a long time and when he was over there you got a sense 'cause he's louis is really fascinating british doc three guys yeah and you know he asked fantastic questions and he's he's the polite in the like kind of pastors them over and over and over again until he gets to the heart of the matter but at the end of documentary you realize like this is complex this is not as simple as hey these mean people want to go over there and kill animals in treat them as objects the whole place is kind of
very very confused yeah it's a mess there's a the video right now jamie could probably find it but so there's i think there's three hunters in there over there i can't remember if they're they have bows and arrows or spears but what they do this lion kills an animal for am to get meat a run in there the chase of the and chase off the line in and steal the meat i seen that cut cut the leg off the i can refer the wildebeest can't remember what it was cut the leg off of it and get out of there before the lions 'cause if you run at a lion sumter i'll be like whoa that's weird now back off and then before they figured out they'll be like wait a second kill you did not but in that in that hesitation time they try to cut off that we can get out of there so you know
when you're here in america making decisions for people like that it's like i got a problem with that yeah yeah what you said makes a lot of sense that it's a first world different third world problem where people are literally starving to death yeah they're they're trying to figure out how to get a new reservoir i've they need protein that protein as like gold back there yeah it's some yeah this is it this is the video and this is on discovery channel we can't show it but these people are running in human planet if you wanna watch it i think it's on netflix ok cool places yeah it's pretty since the lion the lines basically covered with blood it's crazy the lions just don't know what to do they see these people walking out them with look like weapons and they just take a chance and bolt but what a fucking chance that is yeah yesterday at those are bows and arrows looks like
things right now staring at them yeah intense what's have video it's a title jamie a ceiling went stealing meat from line yes check it out so i mean until i i don't i'm obviously not everybody can go do this but you need to watch this just to get an idea of how rough it is it's just you know that the measures i'll take to get some protein i mean that whole cecil the lion thing just created this uproar if you steal we kill and nobody is hurt that's when you relax jesus christ yeah there you go you feel happy he goes with it hindquarter slung over shoulders his family and so to me you know hunters in are vilified by a large majority of the population here where we've said before ninety nine six percent of america eats meat and
are the ones out there getting themselves and like i remember that last buck i killed an illinois to care i was like take ulus on taking care of that me and as i i got in the animal as i the bladder out i can't remember what happened but like a drop of urine dropped on uh the little piece of the back can i was just like what i was not happy in because that meat is to me it's everything is everything for the hunt and i was so disappointed in myself but i mean obviously the meat still good but that i want to be perfect when i'm when i'm taking care of it meanwhile there's people that ninety six percent of people eat meat and we throw away what's been been figured forty percent of our food goes in the trash food waste is insane in this country and i think anthony bourdain just did a documentary on it right i don't think it's out yet but he did a documentary on food waste
so i'm worried about one little tiny piece of meat on an animal i killed and people who throw a forty percent of of what they i into the garbage they're judging me yeah well there's a lot of that out there man it's it's real easy to be negative you know that's one thing like like i said about put up my post about lynn i i just the solid or couple negative comments and like i'm not even reading this stuff like go have at it folks wait just walk away how did you how did you know what they said if you didn't read them because i put it up and i saw it immediately afterwards so you read it read like a half a second of it but my point is that people will be negative yeah 'cause it's easy to do 'cause they're douchebags well they don't even look they're not even thinking it through it's like you you focus just like killing animals people like to just make a statement
or get a reaction or push a button or fuck with you yeah they want they want a reaction that's all it is so you can do one of two things you could ignore it you can interact with argue with him back and forth you could block the comments yeah all those things are kind of fucked yeah just sucks it's i've got i've been pretty frustrated i've whatever i'm not going to say i don't read him 'cause obviously i read him but i get frustrated man it's just hunting people don't hunting cause even hunters will say i'll say i don't enjoy the kill an i don't enjoy the kill i enjoy getting me that i can feed my family myself you don't enjoy the kill in that it's not like yeah this is awesome but it is like a it's a relief it feels good is that your hard work paid off it feels good that all the ethical
consideration that you put into making a perfect shot is all worked out and the amount of work that's in all in making he knows seven yard shot seventy yards a long way to hit an animal perfectly yeah and then have it die in second right and then to get that meet there's a new enjoyment that comes out of is a good feeling but it's not like distance shoot a three pointer at the buzzer phenomena championships and everybody jumped up in the air it's not it's not fun people say well hunting as for killing is fun it's like no it's not fun is that for me is not fun at all i'd like i killed two box made to perfect shots they went not far or down in seconds and that was a huge relief to me that's why i do what i do every single day and like i said i posted on to be merciful ann i don't enjoy when i'm not as perfect as i want to be and i killed a bowl you're in colorado
as with johnny hamilton which you know johnny and he back cow here at this book comes up the hill he stops at fifteen yards an imperfect right behind the shoulder it perfect he ran stopped at thirty hesitated again i already had another erawan boom hit on right beside the first shot first hole and i might double i was so convinced he was down it was just like oh man that felt good got two in him perfect through the lungs he's going to be done in seconds he wasn't done in seconds and i i don't know what happened that was testosterone 'cause he's coming up the hill he is bugling he was super fired so i don't know what was going on but ended up it wasn't as quick kill what i have in my mind what to prepare for what i'm happy accepting and
and johnny knows i wasn't happy i was just like i was so disillusioned alive for i don't know maybe maybe twenty minutes twenty minutes something like wow that's crazy yeah yeah is it possible i don't know i have my dear so tough and that's incredible now it really bothered me it it it it upset me i wasn't i was disappointed with myself i was just so there's nothing you could have done better right i didn't i don't know but if you've made a perfect shot i felt like it was perfect but you know if it's perfect animals dead in in ten seconds right so i don't know but when i watched i've killed a lot of bowls i've went through the process a lot i would take those two shots on any animal anytime and fill one hundred percent confident he was fifty yards um
this was something that i was really concerned about when we film that under armour hunt in utah like man is going to be on video this is you know it's a big animal you know it's a it's a big deal i to make sure that this thing that it's a perfect hit yeah you know and so the feeling of relief that i got when i saw that it was a perfect pass through and that the arrow he was bleeding and pull pull sides again exact spot i wanted to hit yeah and watch him walk way like unsteady legs walked about two thirty yards and then tipped over yeah it's an amazing feeling of relief but it doesn't feel good but doesn't feel good i like you know it's not fun now there's a feeling of like accomplishment but also have remorse yeah and they're tied in together yeah it's um
and for the animal like with a bow with a perfect shot you know on is box that i killed they didn't know i was so it was just i know they didn't feel it wasn't like there's a rifle report bone shattering in their diet from trauma there dying from him ridge like your bowl that in utah that took off his legs were wobbly because of blood pressure had a blood pressure last because of hemorrhage that's not painful you know so that's that was a perfect scenario that's what we prepare for and that's that's our goal and when it doesn't work like that that bothers me and so when people chime in on your page or on my page and these uneducated comments trying to trying to tell me how i feel or why i do what i do man that does not make me happy no i understand it's the
i need to comment on things is a very strange thing because the ability to talk to people is very different it's very difficult to have an audio since to sit in front of someone that you know pick a person famous like morgan and sit down across i don't know why i picked morgan freeman but it's very it's very hard to be in front of them of him to be able to sit down talk to someone and to look them in the eyes you would choose your words properly and you would have a conversation but if you just like what's on your face bro like you just what's all this black spot in your face you dumb fuckery just put that on twitter right anne it's easy it's easy and that's so it's a human being communicating another human being and saying something insulting and it's so incredibly easy to do yeah two it's too easy yeah i don't know we don't really understand what we're doing with that and when it comes to hunting there's something about the fact that ninety i think it's ninety seven percent actually eat meat
somewhere in the range and maybe three percent do it them ops three percent like what do you think it is nationwide if you had to pick nationwide like how many people nationwide kill their own food is even five percent okay well there's i know because i looked 'cause i was curious how many people i'm reaching on instagram so there's thirteen million license hunters thirteen million thirteen million money isn't there three hundred and some how many people are in america i think it's three hundred and twenty is three hundred and twenty somewhere in the range three hundred and twenty million yeah so what is that under five percent yeah yeah it's not a lot very small amount and how many of them are only eating that how many of them are spending so much time hunting that they can live off of the meat that they kill themselves yeah now
which ones maybe one percent that's why even i saw people like we had a picture of your freezer back here full filled with me and they're like you know saying eight that i thought you you know you're just killing which you need to eat but that's just somebody friends were there for those people some of the folks are talking about i do eat it i eat all of it and i'll go through that whole freezer in a few months right and i guess i do a lot of my friend that was the key is that i was going to say is every guess that comes you ask if they want game meat and they count that fucking mooch he comes over here cancel anymore steak yeah meet l i'm not using a lot of my friends have you seen his body his major acted so he does want to respond that right right yes he's a beast so i i was i thought he ate stay looks like all day everyday if you ask him he'll say does he talk quads all the everything top to bottom but mean
i give me the way to a lot of my friends and they love it's it's like it's fucking hard to get out meet we're going to get it now i see a lot of people sending messages at they want to know what this whole elk me things about so that they want be involved they want to know where can i buy elk because i don't have it or they want to start hunting but yeah one that's what we talked out when we loaded up my dear in your free yeah to phrase it is that they're hunters are providers it's that's a big feels good able to give me that food to me it's it's everything now it's either to feed my family or to give my friends or not my extended family meet up harvested yeah that is that's to me that's as good as it gets yeah i had a michael hunter in the podcast recently is the chef that runs that restaurant antle antler in toronto getting protested by vegans they gave him a bunch of meat and cooked it and put it up on instagram and he was
like this is so awesome it's and it made me feel so good like look at these delicious meals at this guy prepared who's a professional chef with meat from an animal that i killed i give away a lot of that meat but i eat it every do you i eat almost every day i eat some sort of game meat yeah if i'm home that's what i eat yeah well you know we had a we a bunch in illinois and i yeah as what are the sticks called the that bob the butcher he accesses jacks access yet he makes like a pepperoni yeah like a pepperoni out of axis deer that sensational sense stational he's a really good which are to look what he's done with all the cuts and label them only gives you an envelope that has all of the recipes or how you should cook each individual cut yeah if awesome man yeah it makes me feel look i never saw any of this when i was a kid i grew up in the city i never i used to fish as to eat fish that i caught but i never
it was involved in hunting at all tells in my 40s so when i you know i see comments from people that probably grew up the way i grew up in they don't get it never never involved it but yet they are eating meat and it's just it's because no is holding them accountable what they're saying and it because it's easy to say well you got a little dirt to learn animal can get a little slow down it's so common so dumb now imagine that's what it's like if you have a little have a little dick you just want to go out and kill it would be a lot of death out there it's a lot of little dicks maybe we should show on just to prove prove earlier wrong so let's look at that bear attack the self made very poor bastard forgot to do that well that was one of the weird things that we were talking about how warning graphic mountain man mauled by bear while taking a selfie with it go full screen in this please god his stupid fuck so this there apparently was injured dumb ass in india
side he was going to go and take a selfie with only saw it hitting you stupid fuck i don't oh no it's got the guy that's why oh it does yeah they're hitting it 'cause it's got the guy he's already fucking this guy up so baron india yeah that bears look at it oh jesus christ that's not good now that is almost free look guys get shitte jujitsu what he's going to do oh see look at that right there you free bro you're free oh oh it's tearing his hand apart that is ok i gotta shut this off at dogs dogs bark bark bark bark bark oh man that's yeah it's a ship way to go folks god that looks terrible
yeah one is no one have a fucking gun does no one have a knife does not have a baseball bat and go and clock that fucking thing in their head nobody's doing anything yeah they're like it's over we've lost him wow is that the bear or that's the bear is that what it says why they would show it after this is wilbur looks like yeah this is just some stupid video of a barren as do yeah bad file dad to take pictures bears it's a real common thing in yellowstone they have real issue with that or people trying to get real close to bears take selfies with them i've done that before well i think it's diff you've done a while bear hunting yeah but i've only done it with black bears yeah like you never turn your back going crazy like that oh no but in black bear it
will still not save mart can say is smart at all it's definitely not uhm yeah but it's you know you can read bears bears have personality or attitude just like dogs yeah and so it's uh if there's an aggressive bear coming in probably not going to turn my back and yeah i have one dog that i will let my kids that might my mastiff my kids could ride that dog they do anything that dog is a loving dog he loves everybody yeah and then i have another dog that's a shibu eno bulldog i don't let a by a with a yeah he's the littlest dog dark he's an asshole like if you like try to get him to get up and get out of house in the morning to growl at you like listen mother come on go outside yeah stop well you ground grounded come on man you for fourteen years get up go out yeah it's he's in pain a lot it's really hard for to but the point is the other dog he's old too but he
this is a sweetheart he's got no aggression in him twords people just sweet sweet dog that's just person now these bears are just like that bears that are counts yeah there's actually there's a petition out there about banner i don't know something about maine but it says i took a selfie of a bear than killed it which is false the bear attack itself yeah if i did not kill because it wasn't old enough so just to dispel any rumors those petitions are fascinating you know i mean people don't want you to kill bears here's the thing people don't they won't don't want animals to die i don't want you to kill animals how do you feel about animals killing animals because if you don't want animals to die one of the best ways to stop that is to kill bears but if you kill bears get more angry at you for killing bears mountain lions an lions than anything else maybe elephants which don't kill anything total herbivores they kill people elephants do
occasionally yeah mostly when people do something stupid like with so they don't go out of their way to kill people i think they do i doubt it i think the us i think they kill people of people where they want to go like hey asshole how about you get away from the elephant butt the the problem with that is like if you growing crops like were saying in the alpha source heat your crops like get out here in la yeah hope skews me desktop yeah yes rap kid elephants can be aggressive they can but they're also with constantly and you know there's just something to me i like elephants i think they'll every look awesome they're cool i'm glad there are they're real i know they're smart i know they have like tight bond is in their community and you know kill one of those to eat it i mean it's like this have other animals to eat in his i just but fall starving to death and i was living in a place that only had elephants for sure killing kill yeah i mean if that was all i had to eat our friend brian steve
said it tasted delicious he said he ate one in africa did he said it was like one of the most delicious steaks he's ever had in his life and i was like what like how is that possible endangered elephants and tigers kill q1 human today in india is growing population squeezes habitat yeah but this is a crazy situation man india's fucking so overpopulated it is a very very small place what is he doing trying to get over that fence staring that car house and human deaths since two thousand and fourteen so they kill people one thousand human deaths in four years whilst tigers have killed ninety two people in the same period so elephants kill way more whoa that's nuts at the end of that bear selfie thing it said two other people were killed in that state in india and they were both trying to take selfies with elephants dip shots
there's too many people in india i mean india is grossly overpopulated india i think is smaller than the united states right isn't it like what size is india i don't know i think it's smaller than the contiguous united states but it has a billion people in it yeah slightly more than one slash three the size of more than one slash three the size ok a billion is a lot yeah that's a lot of fucking people yeah so they get triple we having a third the size yeah no third larger oh i'm saying right it's slightly more than one slash three the size of the uof a third are size i thought you were saying one slash three larger than i thought i was saying too but i just know i reread it and it makes sense ok one slash of us but has three times the people for half the size of russia oh my god jesus christ
yeah i think you may have your date is killed us crazy honey fix up place you know yeah that's the best part of i don't there's africa is some places in africa also they are i know that because malaria medicine is good people aren't dying from aids there's a lot of people how big is india compared to the usa look at this india fits right in there my favorite is how big is africa go to how big is africa is africa layer so that usa india china eastern europe germany france spain italy switzerland netherlands belgium portugal in japan anne gray britain all fit inside of africa fuct that's big yeah it's big area phuc
yeah that is crazy africa's amazing though man that's crazy when you look at that on a map you like like wow yeah congo is as wide as america is just the congo the true size of africa man so when someone says like elephants are endangered in africa in some spots some spot some spots they're overrun that's just like yeah grizzlies are endangered in la really in danger in la unless you go to the certain bars in santa monica blvd downstairs for days now i didn't know that was a gay reference till recently even hang out with not gay people i guess you don't hang you just gotta read oh read on these people have to hang out you have to hang out with them you have to actually go there like i need to know guys about gay well take your pants down first
hey speaking of i don't know or speak but we need to talk about connie just oh jamie got crazy connie conspiracy theories theories well first so first of all he's like he came out trump recently sort of he wore a make america great again hat on but he also called trump a bald thief white he did yeah well yeah caldwell bald crooker kanye is a lunatic yeah so i could care so what he says about jamie leaves and jamie sleeps with a picture of kanye under his pillow stop people that should take to relieve that some people lose everything it's not a it's a it's a pendant with a picture well his picture on in it jane right big fan of two things nuclear
weapons and trump yeah he loves nuclear bombs and he loves physics class yeah from before here's here's here's what i like connie is a lunatic but i do like candace owens who is also new on the scene in my fox news world you love that i love you love conservatives and candace is just like she oh walked in from work the other day and i was like started fox news on of course i'm watching on my who the hell is this you say it isn't of course because fox news blaring propaganda through your house all the time you ever switch it up like have like cnn on the bathroom i fox news on in the living room i watch it i do watch cnn alex jones says two hundred one hundred and thirty pm to watch infowars exclusive on canyons canvas and kanye nazis got exclusive i don't it didn't happen every year cycle i've what is he going to say
during tennyson connex so of them in together but is he talking about them but everyone thought they were going to be on this show together then for awards exclusive you probably kanye gates jones i could care less at connie says i'd like what candace says well jamie thinks that all this wackiness with candace owens and connie is really kanye just getting people hyped up about the release of his new album which will be out in a few months yeah so he's getting people fired up you think that's what's happening jamie yeah there's a internet conspiracy it's been like not proven 'cause it can't be proven yet but there's a long twitter thread in a few like reports now blogs or magazines if you will that sort of leads like an andy kaufman esque type performance art piece that he's doing that maybe bring up a conversation about some of these topics is actually talking about were maybe we'll find out the album comes out in connie a is doing performance art then what's the point here's a here's a problem is the
is a certain amount of him that is undeniably insane then you've seen that like that thing that jimmy kimmel mocked where you had that little kid he used to do little kids saying things that khan said and like you have like all really yeah like he would have little kids say they should ask him about hey don't i his nice guy now you may be like i'm i don't know i would he's like he cries about hunting about lions sea yeah know why me some medication those guys take things in upstair estrogen they just get real watery yeah i will do really well that i feel like a sometimes when conor mcgregor was talking about the support he gets from ireland i had to hold back tears did you being honest being honest now interviewing him he started but the love i get from these people from ireland my that must be amazing that acts
yeah now i get that i get that that's different than jimmy though crying like drumming up stupid for cecil the lion yeah the line something is weird but why i think it's weird you know there's great article that was in the new york times in zimbabwe we don't cry for lions right happened right after that this guy was talking about his family members that were killed by lions we have a very idealistic view of what a lion is and i'm a big fan of lions i'd love that they're real i love they exist i love you can see videos of them one of my favorite documentaries of all time is a document relentless enemies and is about these this one pack of lions that got a river changed its path and they got stranded on island and his one pack of i of lions grew enormous because all they have to hunt is water buffalo
instead of his variety of different game animals all they have to hunt is huge two thousand pound animals so they grew jacked like hulk size line with a female lions are as big as a regular mail relay it's about amazing doctrine eighteen so you can find some images from it the way they look is just tracked there's so muscular they're fucking huge like female lions six hundred parali can amazing but the documentaries incredible because water buffalo are so big and so hard to take out a knee like us keep up okay so they need like six or seven of am just jump back in buffalo and drag him to the ground but those things are solid muscle too yeah buffalo yeah there giant but because of
this i believe this is over the period i think it's a short amount of time that these things yes a short amount of time that these lions have lived on this one island but they did it a whole documentary about it because all this on this island are hyenas cape buffalo and lions in a few birds and see others so there's nothing else from there to hyenas yeah imagine what a hyena take this like awful awful this is great imagine me pigs you look at a pig like how could yeah taste good i don't know wild pig is king delicious and they look disgusting in africa they say hyenas are which is which is not seem like laughing at you and then that was that was the whole thing like an alpha female has a dick remember that yeah it's not cool no it's bigger than other things so
a camel also made the small this reference about hunters what is this pokemon go delta alliance from planet earth yeah you can't really tell in that picture see uh i'm google enormous lions relentless enemies as close as i could get yeah i know there's video on it you can get it so i said some planet or two or that we wanted this document can't show that right right right but this is planet earth two but the doc just is just just google relentless enemies documentary so this is this area where the kind of stranded and this one and it's not a very large spot but in this one
place yeah there it is it's really fucking awesome now yeah don't come see if we get some good images of how big these things are you can't really tell they just look very eel you watching sex while watching bank go to the second one not that one but go back to the the page the good the second what relentless enemies lines in buffalo this is the one so this is a this is the actual documentary and there's also a pride of lions at a regular size on this island to which is really confusing to biologists to like what the can't really tell here now but see how jack these females are yeah it's tough tell here but here they they're trying to take out this cape buffalo look this this is crazy yeah piling on it yeah the females are much much larger than a regular female pretty brutal
men evolution it's fast any shadow watching struggle to survive yeah hard out there for a pimp death is never pretty now but in the thing is people would have a really hard time if a person was doing any of the things that lions too yeah i mean you would think that would be awful but do you have hard time with lions doing the things that lines to say no because that's natural people do you realize that the only reason why people even exist is because people did what lines do the differences difference is humans have compassion so i mean animals there's no they don't have for compassion out there you know i mean it's a concept i put up this video on my instagram this zebra had just zero full had just been dropped it was
just barely standing wobbly legs is lying in a big male line walks up to it kills it like it been alive minutes yeah i saw that video does life that bomb yeah but not as much as the one where you sh you had was it a moose catherine l calf catholic yeah there was eating alive and screaming out its mother there just a few feet away trying to figure out what to do and grill just tearing apart that sucked but that's what they do if you don't control populations of grizzlies that happens all the time and it even today right now with the populations as they exist right now in places like alberta they estimate that fifth percent of all moose elk and deer calves are killed or fonts or killed by bears they just there's tearing apart yeah half and that's what happened up in british columbia 'cause they did that they did a vote in vancouver essentially to vote on whether
grizzly hunting should be allowed course people in the city you know just like here don't think there are hardly any grizzlies so they said no and so the new i can't remember what the parties called but the one in control now said hunting is no longer socially acceptable and so they can't hunt on annual see what's going to happen with the other animals are going to have to hunt but they're going to hire people to hunt them happens in those situations is what happens in california when it comes to mountain lions and they still get hunted but they get haunted in a very hush hush way hire assassins to go after these lines that kill dogs and cats and you know schedule joggers and this is going to have to do the bears but the problem with that hunt vote the way it was explained greedy did a podcast about it and what they were explaining was that was a very
all percentage of people that even voted on this yeah i mean it was like just a few one thousand people voted on it and people were unaware of the consequences that there needs to be a balance of these bear and these animals the animals are going to decimated the bears getting crouch and human populations and then on top of that these bears like that there's been this whole business of guiding an outfit and for these bears and the biologists are not talking to the they're actually in the woods on the ground about that the population numbers if you talk to people like my friend my clock which read who lives up there is hope it'll tell you there's a lot of bears there's a large pop lucien of grizzly bears and it's very difficult to determine what the actual relation is if they're not listening to the people that are on the ground every day yeah yeah not the ideals of people that are in boots on the ground i don't want to know when you have a vote on something like this no ones take the consideration these things like you just
bears about which killed kill a bear yeah amazing know i i love bears the answer more physician of animals is one of the more dangerous things that people have done with civilization we've decided that animals like us there are friends they have they wear baseball hats and ties god it's just weird it's it's and we do it from the time kids are little you know give him a teddy bear and then you know you tell him oh you don't kill real bears do you like grill is going to kill you do you understand what a bear is yeah like bears that thing with that guy in india that's it there it's a monster i mean it's an awesome monster i'm glad they're real yeah me too but their meat is delicious it is not the other things like people could another you can eat bears like people get mad at you for killing a bear but they won't get mad at you for killing a pig because pigs are ugly like a wild pig like wild pigs
the one of those one animals were vegans and animal rights activist don't have an answer to write you know they really don't like seeing people shooting out of helicopters they don't like seeing people hunting them but if you look at the actual numbers i would love to sit down have someone from peter or any animal rights activist group sit down with someone who really understands the wild pig infestation problem the the invasion species that doesn't have an picture editor that breeds four times a year can have as many as six to eight piglets in this letter and there are just just fucking there's no tomorrow and there having tons of them and just destroying billy is a dollars in crops every year what do you do about that we're going to do tell me what to do animal right people they don't think about it because this is not a balanced nuanced reactive approach they haven't looked this whole thing what they've decided the killing at centene beans is bad
speciesism is bad you know that species is i do use a specie i'm a speciesist god every it is when it comes to bugs now fact everybody is at subway hey you want some bacon on that yeah throw some bacon on there but if you don't but that's if you eat at subway bro don't eat it's everybody's needed subway vegans don't need subway vegans at what three percent yeah what is the number of vegans what's percentage three percent what what's the percentage of means at our concerts not there are almost seven hundred and seven hundred but not not wesley town now he's not cool yeah me too ian edwards alright in edwards is one of the best friends is a big he's a vegan so there's two yeah i know i know i know a lot of cool begins but there's a lot of vegans that are just super self righteous like once once there on that team there super self righteous yeah and ask him how much time they have in the woods yeah
now my man how much time you have around bears how much time you have yeah get a lot of time in the woods to form that opinion do you really understand you come across a bear tearing apart of a cub or killing a calf elk you know i mean constantly i don't even when i put that up i don't you like to watch it i'm a hunter i've killed of animals i don't like to watch it but we have to show it you how do you think they feel about animals killing animals do you think they feel it's okay because it's natural i don't know what to think i wonder if it's just a convenient thing they just look past allow law not listening yeah i'll i'll i'll probably mostly what it is yeah because if they really did want to like what is more beautiful wow that's objective
what's what's more beautiful adira bear i don't know but i do know that one doesn't eat the other deers don't eat bears you know so i feel like if you if you felt like they were both equally beautiful you'd want to protect the deer from the bear in man i don't know i know as a hunter i people as ask me what do you enjoy hunting them out it's what whatever i mean i'm i i respect and i'm drawn to all that i like being close to all the animals so it's it's i don't really i can't i have a hard time reading room personally well for me i just like the ones that are delicious and they're all this is that we hunt yeah the variety of it i just like the fact that i'm not getting meat from some fuckin' factory farm yeah that are getting meat from the store and from burger king they're still shooting on hunters and saying you got a little dick like you being silly you being silly now
i know but i'm getting so we've talked about this every single time but the number of people reaching out is growing exponentially daily on who wants be a hunter who wants to provide for themselves and their family and really sees the draw to that and that is it's the control way it's it's everyday everyday concern people have in the real good concern for getting food that hasn't been taint with antibiotics and hormones yeah getting nash there's no more natural organic food in an animal that is literally living in the wild until you take it out i didn't even know you're there until that arrow hits on the most perfect life up until that time generally and it's it's the it's the way it's meant to be really it's you know he humans have hunted up until very recently that's for for most of our existence would you to connie hunting
if you can't i'll take anybody hunting would you take connie would you take him would be bear hunt i'd take him there just bear is good because you know it's like when we you your first bow hunt was bear just because it's it's pretty controlled there's a lot of bear you can go on some of these hunts an if you went on an axis deer hunt for your first time you quit that stuff so with bear i think good first hunt and then i can i like to explain why we're bear hunting the bear were for looking for the big old mail here's how you identified i like being right there so if if i took connie a hunt hunt in it would be better hunting do you think he would be able to do it i i mean he's he seems crazy but i don't know is connie there bear hunting spot like three hundred acres in wyoming so maybe he didn't look on ebay
three hundred acres in wyoming is probably going to build a sneaker factory out there that's a good in country right there that's gorgeous now why did he buy one hundred acres filming are finishing his album right now i think you feel right are there we go with the album again i mean it's a it's all i'm telling itself to work for connie telling the truth james got a side job he added on that i mean he's also apparently building i get in the interview he talks about i think is build some houses are some out there to morrow com imagine kim kardashian wandering around wyoming oh that's when people are going to really want to get rid of the bear population 'cause wyoming's got some fucking grizzlies and magic the grizzly bears take the kardashians well i think you know i think people like she's why laughing jamie this terrible that would hey why is this stupid he's in wyoming like goofy stupid like that's good but he's in wyoming think about the album sales of crazy yeah so
yeah if feel like covered her would be fat and fun horror movie cinderella here in the woods i think people like connie and i don't know bout camera but man archery is a discipline people need so i mean some discipline i think archery be they can be powerful you know i sent you that quote i think yesterday about there's like a there's things you do in your life where there's before you did him and after him and there's a definitive line right there i think archery can be a line like that where everything was before and now everything after and stop powerful well i think difficult things are important for people to do you know i mean i think challenges are extremely important if you don't have a challenge you know that the human mind you know we we're talking about time being the devil's playground yeah right the human mind needs challenges you need something that stimulating and intriguing to you and
bow hunting is insanely difficult archery forget about bow hunting if you just want to eat vegetables all day archery is insanely difficult and it's something that requires concentration on all these different levels like mental concentration you have to focus on your posture in your form and make sure that everything is right timing the release of this shot is right all that stuff choir so much of your focus and so much thought it cleans your mind yeah it cleans your mind of all these other things all the bulshit and the life stress goes away when that arrow flash through the air and shoot it's that boy i like it feels amazing that's one a lot of respect for ryan zinke when and i went back there to dc 'cause i took him a bow back there and there's a huge group of people standing around he's shooting an arrow at a small target in a gymnasium and you know i mean you're putting
put yourself out there 'cause there's no guarantee you're going to be very good with a bow well he's doesn't have experience with it right now no not especially now with that bo i think he shot one at the western hunting expo but i shooting in the air like that the arrow was lined up like you shooting you know it's cause i instead with a site that's how they used do it right like a lot like i saw some old pictures that ted nugent he used to to compound bow release without a release oh without well i don't know if used to release but i know that he didn't have a site right and he was like looking down the there oh yeah like a guy would do with a recurve bow yeah now that's really good at this maybe that one right there so that that's a little more that's a little more yeah well that's it that's a comp well that's a recurring thing isn't hard to tell because you only look at the top of the riser but this is anna recover count and i can't tell canto but it
ted nugent is an irresponsible idiot well he's also got the boat canted sideways ways yeah yeah that's sort how you do that yeah see there well that's he's got site on his yeah yeah looking down the arrow that's how he used to hunt yeah he used to shoot with a tiny little stabilizer no sight and shoot instinctive h switch it up a few years back and started shooting with sorry sites yeah you know but so anyway so zeki was put himself out there and i feel like hit the and it ricocheted off yeah hornet i right and so i respected that you know but you're taking a chance an i just think that that stuff like that is good for people so you know connie included manage you want to shoot
a few arrows and kill a bear i'll go i have time for that managed revolutionizing fashion it's actually going to wear dresses men are going to wear dresses someone 'cause economy that's with james town period yeah connie just wearing dresses and then other people going to join in yeah sound flip flops in the bottom look like mountain boots slide slide this is all true yeah the the dresses other than address part if you want to have your finger on the pulse of what's going on today with the kids he had young jamie vernon can does he's he's my go to liaison for what the these kids are up to yeah fifty year old men are not the fox happening it's hard to pay attention to it's hard to pay attention to everything that's
sure i got a young jamie yeah that's true busy i can't i can't keep up with everything well at plus you're off social media now while not often i posted twice today but not getting a flip phone instead no no i've discipline i'm not like arisha fear you heard me ari got no fuckin' discipline all right yeah he talks about it the key if he gets his phone in his hand like he's like i can't because i'll be late for everything i'll be like twenty minutes late i just i just gotta sit down i can't get off because i'm powerless wow that's crazy i don't get that that's not good but i do know that not thinking about that stuff for three days maybe feel better is like a cleanse i think ultimately there's there's a this amount of pressure in being in the public eye you're in the public eye on social media or public i do a podcast or anything like that so
doing nothing but bow hunting for six days like was a rib was a very difficult release yeah in that difficult in a difficult task not difficult like i need to go back to it quickly difficult in that like bow hunting is hard to do so in doing that thing and concentrating on that thing only i wasn't thinking it all about like twitter or you aren't distracted by stupid show the news what i liked that last day it was i loved let's see so i killed a buck earlier in the day you guys had been on some stocks you came drove down loaded the backup took it to bob the butcher and then so i think later in the morning normally when it be like ok let's go get something to eat will regroup and come back in the afternoon but you're like no i want
honey you know you were just so tunnel vision phone based on hunting and it was so i was like i was so excited so we were out there and it was getting by this time and this finding deer glassing in putting together stocks and at this is like it it was seriously one of i used to sound stupid of say the best day of my life but i mean that's a perfect day for me it was fun it was it was it you guys went down that stock you and alec then i found that that bad it blocked by a self the wide buck in is just like what a great day it was an awesome day and that's how i would have done that by family was now to just been doing all day yeah i want to come back others brought some snacks and water and stayed out yeah yeah that's one of their to do you know it's yes and it's you know like i said it's it's like clans yeah something about the the difficulty of especially when i was by myself
about time for a while where i was stocking on the block by myself without alec without anybody in like this is like it's such a singular focus yeah you thinking about one thing you just check in the wind checking your range try to close in on a put and bushes in between you and him so cassie you creep in trying to and and that's there's something about that that so it's so primal resonates with your dna there's something about it were like you get if you get one of those animals and then you're eating it you're gonna remember that moment forever yeah i remember yeah you know it's up it's not just like get getting something from arrest from the grocery store it's getting sent your something out got has action you've connection to it and that's video to little bit on that dear i killed that day and i put on instagram story just little clips about where i was with the bike was kind of the the strategy taken off my boots and all that and so the people
i sent messages saying that that was fascinating now i'm like man i'm still up how long does this instagram stories day up no but i saved it on the highlights okay well that when you saved is it listed under it says access stock yeah so it's people can check it out and it's just like i was in the comments and reading read the messages and people saying how fascinating it was and how educational and i'm like on one hand i'm like that's awesome on another hand it made me feel bad for him because that's just i've done that so many times and it is its power full and it feels like the way it should be but i feel bad for people who haven't experience so i feel good for you now that you're in that in that but the people said messages that i'm like i would love to almost be able to share that with them somehow our or i mean
as good as i can do right now that's one of the hardest things for people to get in to get started yeah yeah 'cause it's like the learning curve that's what i was going to ask you is then hunting now what was the first beau went on what year was that two thousand and thirteen or one thousand four hundred and fourteen so for years something like that yeah yeah so for years and it's i don't know it's what what what's changed from that first year to this year for you i mean that's for sure yeah having more under my belt understanding how little i really know it's like one of those things there's a great expression that i think from dennis mckenna that once the the bonfire of under standing grows the server
his area of ignorance is railed right is that the bigger the bonfire the more you realize like the more you understand the more you realize how much there is to learn right now one of the things about hunting with each experience actually and like lynn i which is so it's so difficult it's like the most difficult but at least what i've experienced in my short amount of time doing it the most difficult kind of hunting spot in stock doing things that are just fuckin' wired super pressured the stock is the most difficult that i mean if you if you have the backpack in the mountains yeah different kind of different kinds of the stock of these and getting a bow ranger making the shot yeah that's it's almost as hard as it gets on the animals that i've haunted there's some antelope in africa that are just as quick but back pack hunting is probably the yeah physically right yeah i mean there's a whole different challenge in a whole different knowledge base
that you'd have to delve into but as far as stocking and getting killed with the bow these axis deer you're right also like i would imagine that backpack hunting in the mountains is also more mentally taxing because you can't just go back to the cabin can't just back to the lodge you're out there in a tent and twenty miles in and if you break you're gonna die yeah yeah you have to take that bring up and crawl out of there it's a little better now because people have way more access than when i started when i was there is this you would have to get to the top of the mountain even get better cell phone service if that was even possible but now satellite phone yeah yeah yeah a lot of people have which which is nice but still it's a intimidating for a lot of people yeah the barrier for entry is very high yeah it's very hard to get started i'm just really lucky that i got started because of a podcast that i got to meet ranelagh and got into hunting and then got to meet you and then got into
archery and bow hunting and all that stuff and but it's for someone on the outside that's looking in it's extremely difficult now but here's what you do you go to archery pro shop most people have those i know there's one down here in san diego performance archery i met eastwood at one in riverside and it's called riverside archery back home it's a bow rack but there's these pro shops that that's what they do every day so the key with any hunting any archery hunting you're going to do shooting that bow and shooting it consistently getting those reps in and that's where you can control the experience you get you know that kind of comes slowly but like what you've taken control of is the repetition and the discipline was shooting an arrow on doing it accurately so once you control that part of it the hunting experience is going to come stock experience the learning the animals that's going to come but at least
get that opportunity to make the to make for shot so for new people who are interested get to an archery pro shop get set up with a good bow learn how to shoot correctly and do it a lot and then you branch out set up the hunt it's just it's so difficult to execute a shot an animal yeah it was a way different people don't have any any idea how much anxiety and how much adrenaline is pumping through your system when you draw turn back on an animal yeah consequences are so grave everything is so high stakes it's just it's the you give this one shot like here it is especially is save your on backcountry hunt you twenty miles in there there's one hundred and ninety inch mule deer just standing there a feeding you get this one shot this is your one shot you haven't seen a deer in six days can finally see a deer and you draw back in your arms shaking and just try and
go to your shot process without flinching and fucking panicking and just slamming that trigger like its foot door in a month or something and there's a lot of it four one a shortcut and i was the same way i've been on house like that i've been on nate simmons fill me on a hunt where was in eagle cap wilderness and i don't i'm trying to i'm trying to think if yeah we didn't see god i want to say we didn't see an elk for something like six days i killed a buck on day seven i think bowl and a eight but there is a long time in their whereas like what are we doing yeah it's really easy when you finally do get that operate to want to shortcut from seeing to holding the hours in your hands and being successful and that's where people rush it they get back in to get that arrow on its way in desire because the sooner and arrow can be going towards that animal that feel like the closer they
the holding an animal to make it a good shot but many still have to go through if you say you can't skip the step anxiety is a crazy thing man yeah crazy thing it's like that adrenaline and that the the feeling of discomfort is like this like unser indie feeling yeah it's just very hard for people to handle but that's with in case of anything where you have to perform anything where it's difficult to do what it's like oh my god is it happening it's happening right now why yeah the brain is so wired with all these different chemicals that are excluded when that moments happening when there's this final event this is it here it is oh my god ready action that's where i think all the reps you've put in paid off 'cause on that first box so
fifteen minutes into the heart it was even alec who's been doing that for thirty years has never had a hunt that played out that quickly that perfectly but i think you told maine i'm always i'm always trying to get into the heads of other hunters and and just want to know what the thought processes but i think you told me that when you bow range of that buck right out of the gate on early in the hunt didn't you take a few deep breaths and relax do you say that yeah yeah and that's a lot of people their tent their tents because there's so much going on they never relax an that shot is just not going to be accurate yeah but when you can relax and then just like in your backyard you come you focus your just as calm as you've done one thousand times and you can pick that spot level bubble and slowly squeeze that trigger that's when it works that's super hard to do well it was happening so fast that before we
it we kicked her shoes off and we're walking know just with socks on just creeping through the grass and we got to forty five yards he's like do you closer i might this perfect stop right here yeah they got it yeah and i just went just took a couple of deep ones yeah and it was feeding and then i'm like ok i know what to do you just did and when when the walk when i heard that impact the arrows are holyshit there it is yeah yeah that was perfect execution yeah it's a weird phelan man one selected that really happened did that really happen they were standing over the to it and then i sent you a picture of it said boom yeah and as i say perfect execution of killing the animal of the shots is it perfect execution of the shot i'm not saying we're executing that some people don't understand it's hard to do it's not there's so much physical action involved in
pulling a bow back and being in the position and making sure you're not torquing the bow and leveling the bubble on the site and and pulling with uh muscles and making sure everything is in line and there's no flinching or extra movement in your concentrate the exact spot you want that arrow to hit as the things releasing all under extreme anxiety and pressure and this thing is that moving is going to keep walking what's going to happen and there's so much involved but the feeling and it's over the relief and then knowing that i'm going to have this organic meat that is the most delicious meat in the world that i'm going to be cooking and i can't wait to cook it yeah i haven't cooked any of it but uhm i can't wait i'm going to cook some tonight yeah well i mean i think it's uh full experience for almost anybody in this one i know not everybody can han underwear who listens to this is probably ever going to hunt but those that do will understand
you know and it's not always going to be comfortable it's not always killing animals not people aren't going to have warm and z feelings about seeing an animal dead but they are going to there's something about taking responsibility for the meat that you and that's going to be i don't know if relief is are a right word but it's a it's just the connection that i think they're it's going to make more sense well one thing confuses people with you is and they find out that you run ultra marathons and you're working out all the time like why is he doing all that stuff like why do that to be my very best when i'm in the mountains when i'm hunting people i've seen people go what like wait a minute wait wait you workout every day you run twice a day you run ultra marathons mid to test yourself so when you're hunting you could be at your very best yeah yeah that's right i don't think people understand how much it means to me i feel like
oh it to the animal to be at my best i feel like if the anima suffers long then then believe it should that's i don't like dealing with that i don't like that's so i feel like there's weight of that on my shoulder where i need to be at my best as a hunter and to do that i put in work i prepare every day and just want to know that i'm going to merciful when it comes time to kill the animal now you're also going to be in shape enough to get the position to get to the animal an have your heart rate drop down and also the state com yeah this is why you do so much cardio yeah yeah you know on this hunt i felt all that worked out exactly how it was supposed to quit very quick clean deaths and then it all i can about that i killed just a couple days ago that second box as able to you know there's something about putting
the a dead animal on your shoulders and packing it out that you know it's just part of the process it just feels right yeah but for a lot of people that seems so crazy like when you run a marathon a day so you could be in shape to go hunting down can't you just go hunting you can a lot of people do i'm not i'm not here i'm not here to judge anybody years tell somebody that they need to do what i do or they're doing it wrong i'm saying that's what people that you know hunting this such a personal journey people say maybe hunting is fun for some people maybe for some people it is fun to kill an animal i don't know for for me is not people said oh you can admit it it's fun i'm like it's not fun it's like i know what it means to me what it means to me is i need to be at my very best to be a very best i need to run a marathon a day i need to work harder than i've ever worked so i'm at the top of my game on the hunt i don't care what you think about that or i don't care
hear about your mindset i'm not talking about you i'm talking about me and that's people hard time with that well they have a hard time believing first of all that you run a marathon a day even you saying that i'm like match if i didn't know this guy i feel like he's full of shit yeah it sounds a fucking meme under marathon you supposed to take six months off and do nothing it's true i don't know what they say yeah it's true you know it's uh and you know and it's not all that what time it's what i do as i get up in the morning i'll get six miles done faster cardio in people then people also like to to say why they don't do it is because well i spend time with my family like shut the fuck up i spend time with my family too so anyway i get up while they're still sleep there sleeping what am i supposed to do so let's go lay in bed by him wake him up i want to spend time with you wake up kids yeah so i go before anybody's up time i run is at lunch and i i got to get out of the office i got a regular nine to five job drive
the insane because i'm meant to be in the mountains but hey i got a job it's the best job i ever had on i want to do a good job for the company i work for been there twenty one years but to be on my best there i need a break at lunch so i say they said hey do you want to be superintendent of the water department on mike i'll be superintendent but i'm going to run everyday at lunch and if they i said no you can't do that i'm like well i'm not going to be superintendent then but they said ok you can do that on my car i'll come in early i'll stay late we'll make it work so that's my second i can't spend time with my family at lunch there now and come to my work and in a lunchroom room with me so i go running how far do you run at lunch at lunch i'll try to get if i if i'm trying to get a marathon done a day i don't go to the mountain i just go flat and i get at least thirteen down lunch so copyright nineteen yep before you even get home so then the last run of the day on my
stay home from work i'll go to the mound and i'll get that last seven or eight done and that three free runs a day and that will be a marathon today that's a lot of fun and running now it's not well it's not for you because it was fine i don't feel i feel one hundred percent healthy i don't feel banged up i don't feel anything that's a question always get well how do you people say well how do you and how do you what do you have which muscle at first of i weigh one hundred and seventy pounds i'm not i don't have like muscle everywhere so i'm not big but i also eat meat all the time every you know you about the lions and wherever with with the river they were eating just buffalo and they were jacked you got have protein so if you can run a marathon a day if you're eating salad you're going to hundred forty hundred and forty if you run marathon a eating steak times a day you're going to retain some muscle so that's what i do i know what my body needs for calories and i know
when i'm at my best is when i have best calories to burn so what i do i make sure i'm eating nonstop but you're also nothing weights i do how do you have the time to do all this i'm like listen to the schedule like this is ridiculous and then you should yeah and then you hang out with your family yeah what campaigns at the family the family time is about from i get home at about six hundred and thirty till about and then people will be going to bed at ten so that's fox news time hanging out and you know this stuff is all you fucking watch the fox is well in the evenings that's really what you watch tonight we'll actually get coins got damn these liberals we watch the voice or american looks on the american on american idol with brians on there so watch that a little bit sometimes my daughter so i sent me my other day she loves the voice an an so it's fine it's
try to get into that so that's what i do an i can if i'm just the close reps like during the work week is jen we just at my house just you know twenty yards shooting my bow and that's it's just and then when i lyft on monday wednesday friday i lift right after work and i'll go outlaw strength and sometimes make the trainer dude hammered let's take a home at the same time so on these days i'm not going to marathon done today on those three days do you feel like shit days 'cause you didn't get your marathon then now lifting his heart ellison is hard but in the back i'll be honest i'm not normal i get it but in the back in my mind i'm thinking i kind of suck a little bit 'cause i didn't marathon that is so crazy yeah that's why thinking like when you run an ultra and
if you run a hundred miles or more what what kind of dean and so going through your head when you're out there running around i don't i don't know if it's i don't know what it is it's like the moab two hundred and forty right you ran two hundred and thirty eight miles in three days and what we thank while you're at day two one slash two what i'm thinking is i'm honoring myself by getting the absolute most out of my i don't think i've i've reached my limit i think i think if you're not in the most out of your body you're not you're not taking advantage of your life not you honoring your life so to me need to find what my limit is i i can't halfway it halfway because i feel like that i'm not man that's not i i can't live with myself if i if i don't feel like i've i'm give given and everything that i have the weird thing about running is like as run more your capacity to run more increases
so you realize like oh like the body has more capability than you think because you just have to get it custom to this amount of work and then you just do all the time and then it gets used to it and then it those expands and then your threshold and what your expectations are they increase to so in the beginning you were saying that when you first started running like running a 5k is like holy shit this is harder at 10k is brutal you would never think man can do a marathon right now you fucking doing a marathon every yeah and this is same person it's not like you know i've always first time i i'd run in iran a ultramarathon you know it's not down no no no and that's i mean that's everything that's everybody and everything you work up to yeah and so that it's not from from me i just feel like i'm finally getting to my potential i wasted a lot of years not living up to my potential so i
what i do the running videos and i'm smiling i'm going to good mood dust genuine 'cause i'm like this is my potential yeah i can't be happy sitting at home watching tv i'm going to do because i love my family i'm going to hang out and do that but i can't be i don't feel like that's my potential this is the thing that that i think is very important for people like you and i think a lot of people it's that in a chi even goals and in pushing hard there is release of anxiety that i think overwhelms a lot of peop for most of their life most of i know the people that are overwhelmed by anxiety and most of those people that i know that are overwhelmed by anxiety don't push themselves i think is a connection there yeah i think that basically pushing yourself to your limit all the time whether it's
bing weights or jujitsu or running or whatever you do that strenuous i think it's a requirement for the human body that we think of as an option i don't think it's an option i don't think so especially not for mental health i think i think it's really critical i think i think really hard exercises one and i don't care what you do whether you're swimming or what whatever you like whatever you enjoy our mountain biking but i think really hard exercise is one of the most important requirements for like happy healthy life i really do i think you know man i could say that maybe i try to justify what i do to try to put logic it maybe even what you're saying is is is but a justification i don't know so i don't know if what i do is right or what we should be doing i don't know i just know how i feel when i do it but that doesn't i don't have regret
sometimes like even my kids now that they're older and i really struggled wondering if the message i've been sending to my family about average is a failure you're not giving your best your not honor your life basically and then i'm like maybe that's okay for some people maybe not everybody needs to run a marathon a day in define in their happy it's like who am i to say what makes somebody else happy just like i get mad when somebody tells me how i i feel i can't say why they need and so then i was like here's my kids my boys who are eight young men strong all the potential in the world have i have i said just a regular guy who has a job and comes home there's something wrong with that and i'm like god did i screw up and it's just
it's really been bought because my son quit a good job as a deputy how old is kenny joined the army because he says he has more to offer this world that's hard is it hard because well it's hard first of all because your son is joining the military and you like wow my son go to combat and i could lose him yeah but is it also hard because you feel like you're high vacations for yourself might have set a bar for him then maybe doesn't line up with his initial expectations you've made him think that whatever have made him happy before is not good enough right and that's what i thought and you know i was like it was a it was hard to deal with when he was leaving and i'm like what did i do write an so i told him you know
i'm sorry if i ever made you feel that that being a regular average person or something wrong with that and he said you know example that i've said growing up was the to work hard and achieve menon big goal kohl's in and that's and that's what he wants to do and so he he said he said that was for him and then my my younger son who's in year of college now he i had the talk with him and i just said i'm in know i'm sorry if if i've done something to make it feel like you know being being average was a failure and he said that he wants to graduate and he wants to join the service and maybe try to go to special form two for the same reason and so i don't know i don't know they don't act they act
completely fine with it and they love you know they love working hard and have big goals to achieve and that part feels good but sometimes i wonder if now i don't know i just second guess myself i guess yeah it's hard high expectations you put on kids it's very difficult like you want to say i just want them to be happy yeah i just want them to live their lives on there right like kid has their own personality and you know your three kids are all uniquely different in their own way and who's to say i mean who's to say i think all you can do is live by example and and support them and let them make the choices did they decide to make yeah problem is the choices that they've made are you know very stressful and dangerous you know i mean it might turn out today might turn out like tim kennedy or someone like andy stump an awesome human being but it's
are you as a parent this is this incredible the stressful pressure filled situation where you have to re evaluate how you raise them dm and and at what i always my what i told them growing up always was i don't care if you're the best at whatever you're doing but because because everybody can be the best but i said just give your best just be your best and so that's why if coasting or whatever i'm like i think you got some more you got some more in you that's all everyone room but the thing is about people that coast about stuff they have like a thought of doing better and they just don't put in the effort they feel like shit yeah you know you they feel like for you telling them that but they feel like shit for for not doing well yeah yeah especially if they have ambition if he unrealized potential is a very fucking horrible feeling i'm unrealized potential and unrealized expectations are just like this feeling
we haven't done enough will keep you up at night yeah it will fuck with your head and that's i just know how i felt not giving all i got and i don't want i don't want my kids to feel like that so i would just say make sure you're giving your best beer best that's it an uhm but then i was like whatever none yeah so it's i can only speak for myself you know when i when tanner was born i was young i don't being a parent is like i feel better now than i was when i was twenty four years old and you know hopefully pretty maybe more different with my daughter she's also a girl so it's it is just that's a different
man it's like there's no blueprint on how to be the perfect parent and now i'm like i hope i did ok yeah just there's no blueprint i mean what's the blueprint we be honest give them the best version of thoughts on life that you can give them time with them when you can yeah is that what is the blueprint i mean just try to help them figure out their path in life and it's also hard too because you've got a full time job i mean how much time do you dedicate to them you know how much time can you have yeah i mean it would be great if i'd be like i'm not going to work anymore i'm just going to hang out with the kids all day i mean it's not realistic and do it and then also to be the sample i felt like needed to set for the kids so they'd leave they could achieve whatever they wanted to i had to put in work myself
i can't say you can be amazing while i'm passing stuff you say that you didn't reach your full potential until like later in life like when do you feel like that was i haven't no but i mean you realize that you're like really pushing to reach your full potential now i still don't think i have a but you're pushing towards yeah i'm doing more and so i'm when did that change um god i don't know maybe maybe maybe when i did my first hundred so those two thousand and nine i felt what what soccer sacrifice was and i don't know you know hard and when roan and i would do super hard hans i felt like i was and all i got backpack hunts get into the back country yeah two thousand and eight i mean i always i did heart hunts by myself and ego cab but there's not really a great
chance of dying in the eagle cap you know it's you could but you know that i felt like i was i was given all i had on on the hunts why are the most to me and then that same time so that was two in two thousand and eight and at the same time is also ramping up what i did with running and pushing my body one hundred milers things like that because you realize that you needed more endurance is realize that i hands i had i had been doing what i've been telling my kids not to do i've been coasting you know it still was more than a lot of people are doing but to me it like i wasn't living up to my full potential so i'm like want to do more and then add to moab and what when i meet people and cp
or that are doing amazing things it's just it shows me what's possible and so that's why i know i can have more to offer that so fast the thing that you know he's take these steps towards this journey and then you realize as you're making these steps that your city for work increasing so to push yourself further to test your body and then you know of a marathon seems out of reach but then a marathon becomes a normal thing and then a fifty miler and then a high my lower than two hundred and five mile are two hundred myleran now you were talking the other day i guess candace was considering a five hundred mile are yeah yeah she asked and i know that ridiculous courtney and i said both said we do it and it would be amazing it would be we walter yeah yeah and so that's i mean that's what people that do those apparatus is live for the next big challenge and you know when you haven't
when you cross the finish line like i did my lab and courtney did she dominates had a great race and that race but she when you can finish the finish line in your smiling you like got a let us some more left so so that's why the sound of something epic like five hundred non stop is so incredible that sounds so insane that you one two hundred and thirty eight miles would be basically halfway done yeah that's all i know but listen when we one hundred miles in yeah one hundred miles is a long way in i told my brother was with me taylor i go you know it's a different thought when you're not even halfway way you've just done a hundred a hundred is hertz yeah but you're not halfway so it's the same thing it's really not that it's just changing mindset how many days you think you need to run five hundred i'll well i need a year can i do that
and every year i need ten hours sleep at night i was listening to matthew walker doctor matthew walker i need ten hours of sleep a night one minute yes yeah i had three days i had a one no she she slept twenty some minutes till she lay down for twenty minutes and she couldn't sleep yeah and then the one time that she slept she slept for one minute i did that exact taylor was there an i did the exam same thing for one minute because he was watching the watch and i fell asleep there's a picture and i woke up i was like how long as i say he goes a minute i'm like to go in for whatever reason that minute it does i don't know what does it do but i have no idea said she woke up she was angry that they let sleep so long whoever whether it's right she thought it was longer yeah and he was like no you only slept for yeah oh shoot let's go yeah that's that's one thing i learned in the first two hundred i did richard that race and that was a mistake i made is i
asking how long he'd been sleeping that was what you said he sent me a quote but you said you go fuckin' richard because he is like said that he says as the greatest day of my life and joe rogan road said richard but he he was sleeping short durations like fifteen minutes i didn't realize that your body will reset that quick these are like need like an hour yeah yeah yeah makes sense yeah yeah and plus you know i'm sitting here is not like is i am yeah god it's really hard to be good at ultra marathoning ann also be able to want to pack an elk right hello i'm a muscle will wear what i way is not going to so i i i i kind of throwing myself the category of richard in a corny as i can't my i can't do it what i do right celebs i try to be be the best of both worlds and it's just you're going to give up in without being built like zack better who's like one for
forty you ran an he's one over and he was on the podcast last week here and us record of one hundred miles in eleven hours and forty minutes averaging seven minutes and forty one forty seven thousand two hundred and seventy was it seven hours and forty minutes so i think he ran yes seven minute crazy seconds per mile which is madness yes that's amazing so fast as any is so impressive and these immediate are oh is he eats meat he's like basically on a carnivore diets like steak constantly's on a very high fat diet high fat high state high steak and protein diet yeah well so yeah i mean to be to be the optimal endurance athlete ultra endurance athlete in the mountains you need to be lighter yeah i mean i'm just way too much so but to be able to pack out an animal you need to have some weight on yeah i'm doing it to be the best at bow hunting
doing it to be the best runner and i'm not saying i could be i don't have the talent the i'm pretty tough but i mean they're they're super tough and super talented what is a talent for running what's a talent left foot right foot left foot right foot it's not in the sand it's not like you're there's a town there's a drought it's endurance right yeah i don't know if that's it now but it's theirs great endurance is a thing it's certainly a thing yeah and managing the body to get the most out of that and most most of it is is in cornice add this to she didn't realize how far she could push in the pain she was in so her first hundred she quit mile she dropped out of cashews hey how's it right and she's like i can't do this and then she quit and she's like wait a second i quit for no reason i quit just 'cause i was in pain
so then after that she realized pain is as part of the deal and a quick sense in and went so she just didn't realize that the pain quotient of those races yeah it's it doesn't feel good this call for doesn't feel good doesn't mean you stop right yeah so and that's that's the key most people can't push that push through that amount of pain it hurts you know the worst pain i've ever felt but what hurts the most at it depends like i've run and my foot starts hurting i'm like oh my god this is i probably broke my foot maybe stress fracture then all of a sudden my other knee hurts i'm like oh my ok my leg mint is got tight 'cause i got dehydrated is rubbing on my bone and like oh wait other right hip hurt this just like everything hurts different things your feet get beat up
the blisters you're getting dried out so things are just things are different in your body like i got a bone on top of my foot that rubs and if i get dried out that stuff's not sliding well enough so that rubs in it swells up more so it's just like all sorts of things happen yeah people want everything to feel good don't fit comfortable and it does you shouldn't push too hard but it just feels just be comfortable you just be comfortable yeah so that's the biggest thing as people an you know there's this guy to that's that's been following me i love i love the guy and he's like so he he's a pictures he follows along he's like well i want to do one hundred mile are and kisses sounds amazing right right and
signed up to do a hundred and one my brother just just did recently called badger mountain and hadn't done it before or i think he came and round piscos did about four summits ones about sixteen als or whatever and went out and he's gay two hundred mile or after that and started throwing up like mile thirty threw up like thirteen times and couldn't walk dehydrated throwing up and it was the hardest thing to do but he had to drop an that so there's your getting your body to a place where you can run that far and then so that's part he hasn't been there yet and i think part of that was he wasn't taking insult there's a lot of lot of things that go on with pushing your body that hard but he got fifty miles done for me i thought that was a great success because those people just because they want to run one hundred doesn't mess necessarily mean you're going to there's a
things i have to go into preparation in the tactics and fueling and everything else learning just like courtney did learning just like he did he got fifty in and now we signed up for bigfoot so going to two hundred five miles you saw is gone from dropping out at fifty to two hundred and five miles yep and i think can do it a sickness you guys sick in the head i things guys are all getting sick together i think he can do it but in that this is part of the process of learning what what you're capable of right and it's not it doesn't happen like that when you say take salts in like what do you what are you doing on the call escap so it's just salt pills but that's all gives high blood pressure it's bad for you is your you're right but when you're sweaty nonstop it doesn't give you high blood pressure for not bad for you okay so fucking bad study from like the 1970s that people recite salts in a central mineral so when you're when you're doing and how much you taking in it take
salt every hour and how much salt couple pill capsules of s caps so it's a couple caps like like and if you don't you won't make it really now wow nope so it's just your body just gets too dehydrated yeah dude efficient and what is the water in the salt lake has it what is it what is what's happening when you take in salt i don't know but you know but it does it yeah yeah i'm not sure but all i know is like remember the first time i did western states her only done once but it was a hundred mile or two thousand ten and i got to mile fifty five i've i think i was dragging as come out of the canyons of soup hot in there is you know 90s or hundreds of the canyon so you can't pop out onto mile fifty five and i was hurting ann and sean misner who's been a very good mulch
for a long time he's like if you take insult now i haven't so he gave me some salt right then and it made it took a little albert made the biggest difference that just salt see you never taken salt before head i didn't take it first fifty five miles i also then you you just got to get in that community and understand what they do and how they survive and how they feel how many people are doing that like say if you do big foot how many people are entering the race what i did which is two years goes i think seventy some now i think she's over over one hundred in all these races wow it's a what candace bird always says two too hot two is the new one hundred or one what what what used to be a hundred was like a long way right now is two hundred and two there is a new one hundred when did this change the shift over that might maybe two thousand and sixteen
when i did bigfoot may be right in there that's really recent yeah so this sport is kind of evolving right into hundreds the two hundreds are and it's evolving based on how far people can that are willing to push themselves are continuing to go past the boundaries yeah so when this five hundred does take place when they think that's going to happen she hopes do it next year you gotta quit your job quit your job all day i love you need a sneaker sponsor yeah i got your agent i like i like to under other one beer agent taking over from here ok do it yeah you can tell yourself i'm going to sell you now i've i've terrable definitely terrable at business yeah well you can't be good at everything yeah that's a fact it's not possible with the number one thing i hate more than anything is when business screws up my passions
no one right i hate the business of hunting that sounds weird because i'm probably sitting here because the business of hunting but i can't stand it i know what you're saying the business of like the industry involved in hunting gear and goods and all that stuff yeah yeah i love the connection with animals i love doing what i do and i know i have value get it i mean i have a value because i put my name on stuff and they sell it i hate it that's why we get it i don't know yeah i think does this two are correlated you know i'm for can terrible at the business part of comedy you know i mean i just i just want to do it i don't i don't like in about the money part yeah i know that's why i have managers and agents right they take care of everything so that i can just be free and if you're not he you only have certain amount of resources and if
you put all your resources into the business side how are you going to have the concentration to do all the other things you're doing right practice shooting and running all the different things you want time will fuck with your head to you gotta and this is one of the things that i was thinking of when my phone didn't work for four days or three days whatever it was was that how much time i'm wasting how much energy i'm wasting like can only interact so much with other people's thoughts ideas and information and you we have a lot of things already in your head that you're going over and thinking about managing and the more shit you stuff in there yeah make you better doing those original date it dilutes it yes and also eluded my my peace of mind like i think you know you
only have a certain amount of resources in your life and you have to choose what's important to you and what's not yeah you know and i think it's really easy to get diss track it's really easy to flood your brain with nonsense and excel yeah i'm not i'm not i'm good at a few things so i try to focus on the house yeah now i'm not and that the business part you can take that over for me yeah i'll take it over for you i'm not even but i'm good at i good i'm good at what i'm good at is i know people that i like and what i like about them what's interesting about them yeah and i like promoting people i guess one of things that i've gotten out this podcast that is there's a lot of things that have gotten out of this podcast that are really like unexpected and peripheral but one of them the ability to make my friends famous yeah like this gas is made joey diaz famous and arisha fear famous and duncan trussell famous all these people that
think are amazing there are a lot of the i got a chance to let other people know about them yeah and not so the only reason why they became famous it became famous to the talented but it gave the this unusual platform right and i that means a lot to me to help people like it that's something that's very very rewarding to me and it's almost along the same lines of being able to provide as a hunter and provide food like to be enabled provide to let people know you gotta see this guys guys awesome or even things people don't even i don't even know people like their documentary see documentaries documentary film amazing i want to tell people about it i like promoting things without any expectation of then coming back to me in return i like i just like to eat like people say like all you know you're doing ads for products on your instagram never have everything that i've ever put up instagram and is my own stuff and like my fanny packs or something i sell anything that i've ever
put on like people accused me of like working for vibram five finger shoes magnolia i like them right i like them i don't want anything from them you know this is i wear him all time this is why i think they're good i think they build you freed up i know my feet are stronger 'cause i run with these things you folk and she'll like no that's not what i'm doing and it's like that's one thing having financial independence that's yeah it's really rewarding is that i don't have to think like that you know like i've been offered up to do i can't because i it was something i'd super believed and then i made might consider doing it but i could never do it with some nonsense like coca cola or something like that because that skinny tea with the skinny tea the skinny tea i see the girls do it what is skinny t thing on instagram see this fucking guy i go to he knows every go to him pay all the young kids know he's got what's that called again what do you know it's going on
the liaison no no he's uh the duncan say it where he kept saying it what do you know it's like popular once a term i i have add dinner yeah i don't remember doubles duncan kept going on about lil b these guys also saying that my kids do g yeah like the kids knew and like the others a word site guys yes yes like i said us jamia jamie's i'm not as like eyes be i know it's floating jamie is online all day and he's just ever ever since the eddie bravo podcasts justin blocking people yeah always are blocking rampage everyone just to show people that's that's like most so what is skinny tea what is that like detox tea it's like a thing that people come out date posted a picture i took my tea everyday and it's making detoxing
right and getting paid to promote those yeah well wasn't that you are telling me that gary vee was saying that you know you can get a lot of money for your instagram posts yes i saw like on a good morning america thing he did that if you have one hundred thousand followers i believe you can get up to about five thousand dollars that's crazy of a million and ramp ramps up way high twenty there was there is a a post yeah i'm changing my tune i'm going to sell out now i'm offering my services to anything that sucks there's this girl and i can't remember what she was in a movie can she's sort of cute but kind of unique looking she was getting sixty five thousand and histogram post and twenty thousand a story post what yeah she said she bought a house for doing wait a minute i need to sell out would do
what do i do i sell out to who do i sell out to anybody everyone vibram's how much money you got you know i've been promoting for free you owe me only thing i would ever promote is it's like the same thing i feel about the the stuff that i promote for free he would have to be something that i like believed in yeah i like i like holy if we to me and said we put more in a way that you are if you is that with the little witch of motor balls like yeah shoot him every day there are some because they they actually put your picture up being you beautiful yeah well no i mean you joke around you are joking about you like helping your friends but i don't know how long the powerful joe rogan how long powerful joe rogan been around the saying yeah i know but but the point is is like now that this is powerful because if i put
hey where did you hear about or would you start following me from or where did you hear about what i do i don't eighty percent is joe rogan show joe rogan experience and so it it's been a saying for a long time but it is powerful it's really crazy crash was at the airport and is lady said she's in her sixties walked up to us bert kreischer and he's like what the fuck yeah he texted me goes do that was crazy yeah he's like this is like an older lady yeah he said powerful bert kreischer and he was like whoa he goes that's when i hit maine want the funk i'm reaching like middle aged ladies yeah this past middle aged ladies if she lived to be one hundred twenty the yeah of lady now 'cause we're middle yeah we're middle age if everything goes perfect but with science today i think we're probably not even i think we're probably one slash three aged yeah i think it's one hundred percent easy today that
i'm going to live to be one hundred and fifty i don't think there's any question whatsoever yeah it stems treatments and all this other crazy nut and fifty yep yeah i believe that i believe people that are alive today because i think technology and medical science is increasing its view ability and its potential so fast and there's some people working on things all the time that if you do everything right right now i think we're going to see people that are alive today they're going to hit one hundred and fifty i think the people that are born like five years from now ten years now they're probably to two hundred before we before we go before we go chicago ufc yeah good one colby covington don't snappy where you going to slap maintenance lamp while talking chit she going to slap you so selling the john jones might slap him oh i like kobe i like what he's doing
is talking a lot of shed i'm just saying be careful how you talk shit to talking to jon jones won the battle how far is several well you know he's making a lot of money he's being smart called reason why colby is fighting for the title the reason why kobe is going to fight photos on just for the interim title is not just because he's beaten good guys 'cause he has a beat damien maia but it's more importantly that he's got he's going to put asses in the seats well that's part of the business spotify business now you business now i mean yes especially now pre and post conor mcgregor right and post conor mcgregor bug in game has changed its red panties night baby everything is different it is s it's just i c hey donna on colby for you know you deserve the shot at all i know is he wins one fight he's holding the belt yeah i mean if you look at one more fight now he's pull up his record you see his record if you look at who is
even in comparison to some like there's some people that have been calling him out that can't get a fight with him ga camaro whose wants to fight him and that guy's a beast yeah and then there's some other guys that are re the talented but haven't beaten like any high level guys yet okay so we lost a worley alvez and then look at the guys he's beaten bryan barberena a good guy don kim is a tough guy stun gun came and damian maia that is not really i mean i'm just going to be honest this this is not a resume of someone who would normally see fighting for the title right now i think he's fighting for the title based not just on his beat eating damian maia who's a really tough guy but i think on the fact that he's a controversial very popular
character he talks so much shit yeah an because he's talked so much shit about brazilians and he dominated my missing does illness he didn't mean it was the domination of the dominate him and it's what i was a big victory but that was his only big victory over a title former title challenger who's like a top the guy was also forty years old right i mean damien my is best days are behind him just yeah i see this as a huge damien i fan yeah well i you know i look at is you can't take too much away from coal we because i think of a lot great fighters say so if you say eight s who's been an icon for years one of my favorite of all time he's never fought for title right yeah now so sure if colby got there however he got there he wins one more fight he's holding that belt i think about fight who've come up and maybe
i've been in quieter maybe they haven't sold their fights maybe like as as well as colby has an so they've been grinding it out being good guys maybe because i've taken that slow road maybe i guess lucky one these fights in and catches on the chin and then there are two back in they got grind all the way back up that's a lot damage there taking recall we didn't have to i mean he played the game right way for today and it's paying off has one loss i think it's eleven one now but you know other people would say well look at guys like anderson silva didn't talk any shit just fuck people up yeah you know i'm and became one of the greatest of all time because of that yeah it's true you know maybe you could you could look at it like do you want to get that shot at the title or do you want to be the greatest that's ever done it like how what is the difference i would rather get title and then show the greatest right they're not mutually exclusive now right now so i mean if
he wins then he'll probably get it a fight with woodley right he will die we gotta fight with woodley if he wins one hundred percent right so what if what if that happens in what if woodley showed a video today i don't even know i'm of understand how the you did this but tiring woodley has a video up on instagram with him an a tiki ghosn and is hit the pads he a shoulder surgery yeah i mean he had shoulder surgery like what watch this i mean he had fuckin' shoulder surgery like four months ago and he's firing up the pads i don't even know how he did this where however that one that right yes he looks like a bc is a fucking beast beast he's a nerd a nerd get the fuck out about here just was it icy he said he would
very calm but look you badly god looks amazing he puts people to sleep it's just insane that that shoulder was operated on amazing i want to say like four months ago yeah i don't even understand it better makes sense impressive like four months after shoulder surgery supposed to be like like doing like the little pink way to chase yeah what class suppose we doing this well i don't i don't get it i mean but it's very smart and he's very smart was rehabilitation lessons doing p r p and every and can stem cells everything you can and to rejuvenate all that tissue but that's just that's insane really impressive in less and less that is an old video that he's banked over like pitches i know what i'm going to do maybe i'll even scared yeah wonder boys furious wonder boys furious at colbys getting that shot is wonder boys like are you fucking kidding me yeah how am i not fighting for the interim title you know i just
yeah yeah he just beat jorge masvidal you know those two really close fights with woodley i me he's he's beating you know who's who yeah well it's i get i he's worked out with me you know he's from or from the same town back there is a people like kim leaves a peaceable or whatever like colby covington he's a blah blah blah and it's just like he just doing his job i don't want to be selling duckies game but does not how he is in real life no he's a great guy he's like him and his dad came and lifted with us there the nicest people ever so it's just like it's a smart one guys it's a smart moved yeah it worked he did get hit in the head with a boomerang for it though i hate you take a little you know take care the world's it take your lungs yeah it happens it does
all i know is he wins one more fight and he's got the ufc belt how amazing is that the interim belt hey it's a belt is a i don't care what kind of well tyron woodley calls it the boo boo belt whatever because he's got an injury and that's the only reason why they still super shiny it's very shiny it's still gonna be around his waist if he wins true so i mean it will be in his fucking his trophy cabinet exactly so i think god i'm so pumped i'm not there yet have some fun that's going to be that card pull up that june you have the card that is a killer card um there's some real fights on the card is that the card with derrick lewis and francis in oh god i don't think i want to say it is i don't think i will say it is now what's ones that is that vegas well romero god
jesus make that a little bigger so that he could see what reverses romero i require body he's a freak freaks bro frequently overeem versus curtis blaydes tim park cm punk versus michael jackson guys haleys fighting both guys are zero and one way early homes fighting megan anderson open anderson is a killer bro megan anderson is going to be the first fight in ufc she's a g beast a challenge at one hundred and forty five the card is yammer side back dick versus ricardo lamas that's fucking awesome don't get we got arlovski lead we diverses bobby green well john evans yeah yeah this is good it's real good fight yeah all is good a set of ets versus pettis got god damn yeah this is very good yeah very good
i really hope not not all these fall through like normal well we have only a month and then it will be holy fighting romero that'll be honest left robert whittaker yell over mariliza fuckin' bang and fight for chicago ghadim dough san jose verses covington now that's the fight that's the fight because dosanjh joe's one hundred and seventy has been a fucking monster 'cause he's one of those guys that was cutting so much weight to make one hundred and fifty five he just couldn't take it anymore and it would just be his body up and then he to one hundred and seventy and he looks like a fuckin' killer again he looks like a world beater at one hundred and seventy and he's been trying to fight woodley and he just
this shit out of robbie lawler yeah so that's a big fight for him anna big fight for colby for the interim title yeah wow can't wait can't wait chicago was at the eighth ninth june ninth i wish i could go into a coma till then no you don't have marathons to run oh arrows do that straight away just go shoot some arrows plus direct this up alright folks michael chandler will be here on monday i'll tell you i got a lot of fucking people going down i got a lot of podcast this week in chandler yeah i love him to matt taiyeb will be here this week my friend mike baker i a lot of happen happening will see you soon folks love you bye thank you we want to into the podcast and thank you too athletic greens get twenty free travel tax valued at ninety nine dollars with your first purchase go to greens dot com forward slash rogan and claimed this
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