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#1116 - Steven Tyler

2018-05-16 | 🔗
Steven Tyler is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, best known as the lead-singer of Aerosmith. He is also the subject of new documentary called "Steven Tyler: Out on a Limb" available to stream on demand.
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pricing, customer reviews and a satisfaction guarantee so check out Legalzoom today. To see how they can make your life better and make your business better and don't forget to enter Rogan at checkout to save even more that's Legalzoom, dot com my guest. Today is one of the greatest rock and roll lead singers. The world has ever known. That's a fucking fact. Okay, please give it up for Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. The Joe Rogan experience, one thousand, what how many bargains one thousand one hundred and sixty Steven Tyler was the only man to bring a crystal ball here. The first
'cause. You got to bring it with you when you come. Do you bring that everywhere? Yeah I'll bring it with me to Maui. I bring it with me today to Europe, yeah Williams. What is it it's just I'm into crystals? I just it's kind. It's got a when you get the light just right on just like me, and stage pneumonitis chess right, you don't say over there. Do you look fucking fantastic for seventy Can I just tell you I found out you were seven years ago holyshit. You have really good. And here I was going to amazing- thank you. It really does. And I walk around like this and wonder why everybody's talking taking pictures and busting my chops walking through the air, but I actually have a t shirt that says: go fuck yourself, e uh! 'cause you're walking with the dogs or working with the girl. You were and they come over and want to stop taking selfies of it Thank you. Thank you for this good living. So it is well. I don't know I spent.
Thirty years of it on drugs and drunk? So maybe the crystal helped you, I think so I said nicely done something yeah, maybe carry nothing around. I do. It lives in my house. I got. I have one I do keep in my pocket. We do is not here today, all He brings which place Jesus. Christ, joke Then I gotta thing on the way which we just collect, which is what you know. I'm such a country and when I did I every night when I walked out on stage and went Billy Billy Billy, Billy, Billy Animal. Next to Jlo and Randy. My knife was right. My What there's one thing? No fan mail. Okay, Switchblade opened Switchblade open, it's it's a I don't often carry it, but I I thought, because I think you're so fucking cool that I would bring
cool things from my house. So I'm just like that. Thank you. I'm one of those guys who want to leave the house. I guess I said goodbye house, remember. I got a son and three daughters right so an I know. After watching what was it was your last triggered. That you got a bunch of kids too, and it starts wearing off on you. I said I think it's a beautiful thing. I think- it's beautiful here to euros, your wife and two girls. I have three girls, three daughters it will happen to you. I do too oh yeah you're a legit eccentric like there's some people that pretend to be eccentric, who, like a legit one, I am I love it. In fact, I love me more than that. I love us. I love us too. I love us ' hey there! I'm super happy about this. I'm so excited. I got seriously. I got ask you what the fuck do you eat for breakfast how did you get so fucking? Smart? Oh I'm not I just remember things: ok, 'cause difference,
more different stream being smart and just remembering a lot of shape. You are everything yeah, I'm not that smart. Well remembering things is huge. It helps certain But what is smart right, smart is like. Can you solve equations? Can you figure things out that other people can't figure out? Do you know things? Other people don't know know, I just remember ship that smart people already figured out, but who cumulate situations. He also Jimi Hendrix, hear experience yeah experiential. So if you remember those things over and over here become a wizard here is so good. Thank you So that's why I want to show- and I watch beginning right before you walk out on the triggered and I'd say two things that was we came to. My attention was one. You were talking with your this whoever they said there chair, and by the way you bottled waters right there. We need those guys right off for sure and the other thing is. He was sitting on the couch alone. Reading your notes, yeah yeah and you showed,
yeah, it's a beautiful thing. I can't without my notes. I can't. I fly at such a speed such an altitude I can't remember what I did yesterday. But then I have long term where go yeah. That was three months ago, but I thought I would read you a timeline. Ok, okay. As I saw you reading your notes. Ok April 15th, are the kids in Venice, my daughter lives in Venice Chelsea. That's time ago drove to save the world. You know a month because you have a good memory right, all right too old to say any ago that night, so you write things down like after you did them just a. Little them in your head. No, I just came from a whirlwind of press and by Steven Tyler Dan released a documentary. The Kc Tivo did and. All this should happen, and we played the the jazz fest in bottom bottom. New Orleans that happened in the last two weeks and I just said to me
what we've been doing the last. Where have we been right? So San, Diego events, The private show flew to Orlando that night right, ok, private gig, with David. Master Katy Perry, pier from idle this girl was so sweet hum rehearse with the band and during the break from the band I was in Disney world. I rolled my road, my roller coaster and I just got back from Disney World and I rode your roller coaster yesterday. So you know you've made it win right. So let me day before yesterday, so I'm going through this list and I went wait a minute we want, and it was just you know, so rode. The rollercoaster there Ryan over coaster, the mostly rock and roller coaster, great right, twenty two. Things it goes up like that it goes backwards. Yeah, zero, sixty in two point, eight seconds: pretty dope, yeah sick electromagnetic propulsion, dude dude. What are we
doing what are we doing here so then? I went over to the animal kingdom to visit some of my old girlfriends know. I went through a you know to do the avatar ride. I had to share it. I fucking love holyshit. Is that avatar right, intense, the one when you get on the bike, yeah you're like you're flying on the dragon in virtual reality, that's the greatest right of all time. The greatest, I think it's called flights of passage in which we called it might be something now rv. I just got I want to just to fear for a second. I went to Betty Ford eight years ago, 'cause I got sucked up with my foot stuff and just stuff with you I had an operation on my phone and I kept the meds right by the bed. You say: would you get done broke up with my girlfriend, so they were right there and I thought I took one five minutes ago. I want to take another one. Like that happens to a lot of people with those pain pills, so I checked myself into before, but it for you. While I was there they. Let me out a couple times. I saw avatar eight times. Did you get avatar to press
you know what that is. No became her right, not the other one right. The girl. Not that became her next watched, her moves and speed up. I cannot wait for that to come out yeah it's going to come out soon, okay, then we back in we flew right, Rock city after the show to see Bruce Springsteen's, one off on Broadway that night. How was that sick, sick? He so good. Now I'm going to tell you I'm not the biggest Bruce Springsteen fan, but respect. I love his music, I know would be name phenomenon like seventy two like when we did, and sitting there and watching him be honest and talk to this crowd, and sing, songs and play the piano and talk as truth and then he says something like he. As you know, this New Jersey thing with a pregnant pregnant pause. He goes. I invented that
and he knows it. You want my heart because when someone says that It was so real, and so true, but Sinatra was from Hoboken and I'm from Yonkers, ok or the Bronx. I was born New Jersey to or yeah yeah wow Newark, New Jersey, trivia and right, we were born to put an airport. I think was already there so. You lived in the high neighborhood really okay. So then, I flew right, New York City after the show when it's in Brewster, So I said that redundancy and you loved it- I loved it. I loved it uhm then I did the next morning woke up did Harpers. Are shoot for the cover with my daughter live Keith Richards, just order they're, all that stuff after any Kravitz had a nice couple slices with Lenny, my bro
flu muscle shoals right after that and recorded the song with Nuno Bettencourt sick as fuck, so good. So that was that was three days of this. This is a hell of a time line you got going on here. If- and it was the next day I went right to Rick Hall's place. Who passed away like three months ago and his son writing works. The place is called fame, studios and I sat in a room. He took me all over the place and I walked in feel like the demo room. When you could smell the oxides off the tape, we like Percy Sledge Demo. When a man loves a woman through that first ship, the first stuff, a Wilson Pickett I'm sitting in the room with him and I'm telling you man, I started to cry. I welled up three times just be in the room, I'm standing doing the vocals to brown sugar
right were little Richard's right. Where he sang. I see a picture on the wall. Standing right there she's on muscle, shoals yeah muscle shows, did you see that documentary I did. I watched the documentary, for example, I said I'm in what is it about that place that place. Ok, here's what is it survives you're into vibes yeah, if you're into if you're into feeling life, you can always feel sad when your mom dies, but you impact up you're going to feel good when bad things are going. You gotta, thank God when bad, things are going. Are you going to be in the crystals love? You love! You girlfriend try to be happy to find the positive iti in negativity. And then, when you listen to music in your very favorite thing, you close your eyes. That's vibes! That's something! You can't even talk about really it's how you feel. Personally, whatever you been through in your life, those names of those songs, Wilson, Pickett Little Richard Your Allman brothers started there Brent
So when you listen to the Allman brothers, you are you're in the room. We're Greg said to his brother let's do this song, so do you think it is because all those talents people perform their and they they like, let it soak into the building, what it is 'cause there's this place, They do have like a magic to them. Always talk about the comedy store like that, the comedy stores a magic to it when you're there There's something about that place elect. Did it feels like great things happen that place before you feel it in the? Would you feel in the carpet? It's just it's in the you feel like that was muscle shoals was it shoals is because all those great perform there and like almost like the room, has a memory of it. I think so. Causes there's some scientists that think that things have memories. It's it's a weird impossible to prove id ok! Well, when you die, did you know that you that you're on the table you die and if table is you're being way this you dial, it goes down
I'm twenty grams- that's not real! Not right! Now is one of the things that people will say sure yeah, there's no way of really measuring. Oh man just burst my balloon. Think it's just one of those. It's one of those hippie things that people it's one of those hippie things. Be sure pretty. Or Jamie wants Google it I was pretty sure this anyway. I believe in that I do too so I won't in the room and like check this out. So if one of my songs. Well, are you in? Are you experience right? Not necessarily stoned but beautiful, you will welcome- staging go Fuckme these edibles. I walk in here and go fuck me. I didn't do my nails but and these edibles used to do all kinds of crazy shit. What do you mean drug wise? Will you fuck yeah? Of course Well, yeah! Well, we were being born New York City, John Belushi,
not really sure to get some low. I mean we were good friends, we it's what you did back then I believe that- in the spirit of music was think of it. This way, what do you think the call blue spurts and when you listen to your favorite song, you want to fuck your wife. I think that spirits in wherever takes you where you're feeling it is whatever when I went to muscle shoals. I put my hand on the wood I feel the room, because I knew that Little Richard stood right in me right, all I gotta do is close my eyes and go back in time for second, if I I did a song with roots rock reggae play funky music and it was see I don't have a long term memory who did that song come on help me play that funky, music white boy, no, roots rock reggae roots rock reggae. Who supposed
reggae artist of all time. Okay, son calls me up and goes see to do the song I go then they put in they put on the two inch tape oxide, the old question two inch tape and I'm in there ready to sing right, and they still rolling and I'm listening. I got I got everything turned ' and I hear Bob walk into the studio I hear the drummer sit down, the drum set, install squeaks any farts. No, but as you can hear and pick up stix, you hear hear the bass player fucking around with this I talking to Bob. What you talking would you feel? Are you feeling today, man. And I'm in the room with Bob Marley. So what is spirit? If that's not it? I made play that back again for me: 'cause I just close my eyes and you're in the room with Bob Martin with certainly something right when you hear a song, a great song from the past and you get goosebumps and just feel it inside of you just something you get moved, but does it have to do with booze? I think booze
it's called spirits because it puts you in that place right. Foam insulation. Releases innovation, so some great truth, serum isn't it is, but is it false or is it just that it just gets abused? I think it's not false. Exactly it makes you say things you wish you didn't. Then you go. I was lying, I'm always talking around well, you could be for a moment if you you, but you know, fucking fucking fucking main. I would tell me you never don't blow I've never done blow ever now, if drink either I drink, ok, cool yeah, when I was growing up friends, Cozen Coldblow and I saw it disastrous results and I was scared off of it. When I was very young, then I had some friends that, as I grew, third had blow problems. So I never touched it see you one of them and as soon as you're normie? Norm in some ways, but I've done a lot of different, like you said in your last Alaska that last documentary just joking
so far this from the normie. I work with some people. It's worth. You thought not to do that. Yeah, it just seems like one that I would like too much in which one of the reasons why I never talked with speed either I feel like I'd be like now. I can get things done here, but you drew. Yeah, but smiled coffee doesn't really Jack is talking. While this man is just mild, he orders, it chameleon, which changes your fucking skin into another color. This is a cold brew, cold brew, coffee versus coffee. I mean this is really not that it's not coffee is called lucky Nitro cold. Brew, coffee! You might as well just stick this in your arm. I don't think so. Really yeah, I mean I don't know, because I've never stuck anything like that in my arm. Neither of I'm just saying that it's not that it's free! actually is probably not like what I make in the morning as I Kona Coffee, I love Can I fill that fucker to the top? It's so dark. When you pour it, you can't see through the stream yeah when you know you're going on Joe Rogan,
some real hot lava, hot lava so then, so we did that. So we did. To Nuno Bettencourt, and we got. All the players from way back then the horn sections got girls to sing it's just going to be Bobby. MAX headroom, and he did you know, used to love you, but it's all over now sounds right. That was that date, Marvin Gaye I'm in this room with all his tape, so If you're a musician, you feel the vibes. If your comedic, can you go to come ashore. You feel If you're walking around in placenta, yeah there's not a recording spot for comedians. You know you guys have a bunch of performing spots, but you also, recording spots. We only really have performing spots and they were we record in those performance buttons but I'm performing yeah I mean I go into I just had these on last night fixing the lyrics
and when you have him on your listen to the track. It's just something you can't explain. No nobody understands that and it's a into tripping on acid? It's akin to being drunk and sucking face with a girl making out with it's akin to watching you. Kids be born, is an elevated experience. This way, elevated and if you know, if you buy it, and you push the top floor like I do, we passed a penthouse boom. We do you do it, that's what I'm reading this off? Okay, this is a This is a day. This is what was a month. Well, whatever it is, it's you, and also you been doing this a long time. This is like a life. Well, I mean the reason why you don't have any memory 'cause, you probably filled all your hard drive space with crazy experiences. Well said: You know I have forgotten more than most people could ever remember. How could you not wear the fund? Could you
everything I've ever done. She will talk to a farmer about some shit that happened in the 50s or goal that was the day that Carol wouldn't give us milk. They remember Two things going on here: I'm surround people? That always remind me, that's good to you, got a good team yeah, an sometimes are going to be on my client was the tonight show right this thing I did was it with that beautiful blonde? entertainment tonight I was, I just watched it back. I thought that's the best interview. I think I've ever done, because she looked we I she's beautiful. She asked just right questions. It was just perfect. And you had to be on those moments. Yes, so that's what I'm saying me too, do you: do you miss being not sober? Every sometimes yeah yeah. I miss
pros and cons that that, if I do, I will end up doing too much for sure for sure I can't control. It is just the way you are just the way I am and I don't want to. I don't want to push it again, because when I get that way, my kids Talk to me. I get a divorce, I'm throwing out of my own band right. What else I lose everything I mean it's happened enough times. For me to finally realize you know what it's not worth it right. You, Oh, I get it you're seriously yeah and I got a lot of beautiful friends. I got a beautiful, a bunch of friends. To keep me in line. You know I two sponsors, one of the West Coast, one of the east coast. All the time I get. So how does that work? we call them out water, they don't do it. Stephen no, never say fuck dude! I do too, but I keep it together exactly
don't you say what else is new you. You guys ever talk about the way like fat people talk about food they used to eat. No 'cause. We don't do that. What is it called? Looking back in take it into the dinosaur shirt. No, no, but you do. If you go to like an AA meeting, they do get up until awesome stories about getting fuckedup right, see when you get sober If you don't, if you don't have to continue your aftercare, if going to into a couple meetings every now and then you're going wind up using again really especially someone like me who watched channel Joplin up there. Okay, Sixty eight I'm going to high school she's got Bengals and beads, like this shared on she's she's, drinking southern comfort and she spitting in using the F word smoking cigarettes. And you're a her. And she's fucking the power in song That's why I cover that who make
Country, Album, yeah yeah. To this day I listen that song like at least once every couple put that in there, so you see how serious, what's up This can do for you yeah! Well, when you grow up in, sixties and what we did was weeks experimented I mean, if you think, about what they tell us, Christopher Columbus discovered no, the bow of his boat was full of booze and he Queen with whoever shows go good boy, you know, and she sent him on his way with some money and said bring back some countries. You think and by the way he wasn't the first person here. That's why America wants us to believe it anyway. So Christopher Columbus he's got there it's hard to go to go check it out. Right, he's drinking he's. Going by the stars at night, it's kind of like that. It's like you, never took lsd. I've taken acid, okay, so the you you, don't you you look out. We used to gas in high school and we would-
We go to these ski slopes in the summertime right beautiful green hills going up and weed right, chairlift stoned as fuck and we got our stuff from San Francisco from Aussie who I would call him up and go to more colors more colors rate was going to kill me, but that's so you understand that that's just it's like you know, is a up this drugs yeah, but you're also I think I'd love to do. I owe Oscar, but you can maybe my bucket list and that's what I'll talk to my sponsor about hey. I got this I'm in Maui, maybe a here too long, but uhm over in Hong they don't ayawaska. I saw that you were at ROM dos's place 'cause, you were there with my friend Duncan Trussell hell yeah yeah yeah Duncan sent me a picture of you guys together do you know, I went back there to silent auction and I you know I know
and I beautiful jewish kid from Long Island long island. And he became what he did talk about spirituality. So at the silent auction I bought this and that, and this and one of these mellotron type thing that you Squeezebox. She squeezes the fingers and play it, and when I your guy comes over and says you just bought the first edition of his book in his own handwriting, you just bought his. I forgot what the hell, those things called Non accordion Right It's an accordion type doesn't like hoarding. And then I got to listen to our and sat right in front of me. What a trip yeah is a trip. I need to meet him this earth, yeah Duncan raves about so him
doing there do. You have obviously have an interest in psychedelic experiences. But you are wary about attempting them at this stage after your sobriety, what I love to trip again yeah. I would do you think you could do it and you know- maybe it's just like you just don't. Maybe it's getting up! That's the bad thing or just getting up just getting drunk and cooked up in Maybe that's the problem, maybe you know it's kind of shamanic ceremony. Maybe it wouldn't be a problem at all. Here's the deal. It's all one thing, ok in fact up show monic whatever. If you taking drugs and you fuckedup you fuckedup there matter fact show monic or not. If you get high and at that week, that little thing in my brain that goes here. I go.
In your brain high for thirty years, right, I'm from the 60s right with the best of am I got high and it took them down some of the most of 'em. You came through it remarkably unscathed if you think about it, yeah. Thank you, God, it's pretty amazing! Thank you! God! Thank you. Think about that. One yeah think about that. We could talk for two hours about times. I did it and almost died. You know, and then I could also tell you um how Sometimes I took schitt and wrote things like and I'm listening to this guitar electric shows playing. He didn't yeah you can tell you how it is I can sleep, he would play these riffs. When I come down the hallway, because, as I see it course not as I see it, but I see it. We were up in New England and he was playing at a place and I mowed the lawn. My my This place, and I quit my
My husband and I was Fuckking Allahu, Sir I'm crying. I was in no more bands. The dream is over drives up in an mg we go he's playing that night. I swear to God. This happened Ann so we decided to move down to Boston but all in an apartment, because I thought are you one of those bands didn't make it, but I knew in my heart did. If I had obrona band, I can make it a Keith like the kinks yeah David Faivern, ray any of those bands they have. You know to have you guys that were really tight. They feed off each other fair if each other exactly so we moved down there, I got really tight with Joe. I hear him he get week. Social ACT, which would put, so stoned on Boones farm. You know we I mean it's fun. Who I what you say what you say anyway,
who plays licks. It was so fucking for. Every song, you've ever heard sweet emotion. For every one of those Lex walk this way, there's twenty They got lost in the ether Brian, we got lost ether, so I went out and bought a little thing called tape recorder back then remember: this was seventy one unit last. Sure it wasn't: no phones, no cell phones, so I would, that shooting so anyway, where we're going with this. That's that's what that's where these Those came from and stuff would come out of my While I was like sweet, emotion, See so I used that place that you get you go to when you need are edibles. He alright, so many routines on your neighbors will hear you could know for sure well and also check this out. The best part of it is one I got sold
I started writing even better shit. I go room with four guys and say: We're going in the right ahead we're going to say in his fucking room until we do or until we can't stand each other smell. And we would leave in seven hours with a fucking song and a good one and one that would live way. Past Olivet check that shooter. What did it feel like when you, when you did have these drunk and stoned moments when you came up with a song like sweet, emotion, orrery for and then all the sudden you're listening to it on the radio? How fucking surreal is that? What is that like I remember we used to go up to. First of all, most of our first stuff was recorded down in Hell's kitchen hum anyway, for the record plant. You know John Lennon Studio upstairs and we were Studio, a with Jack Douglas and We went from there for the 70s end of the 70s. I do
every drug on the planet that I could because, but it was cool. And if I and I wouldn't be cool and those with people hung out with you can't do that dude fucking man, then early 80s, totally full. Eighty four, eighty five, eighty six lows 80s coke a lot of the hard stuff yeah, and was 60s was weed, getting jiggy with you know with the stuff that was happening with the english invasion listen to Elvis and checking it out right. You know, then, what about the 70s, 70s finally spell sixty five Sixty four I was a drummer in a band at school. You know the Brompton, Tucker Tucker, know schools. Right then of course drums because I was in get looked at and get made fun of him because you know
Lipon Lithuania and copied up after school and, like I thought, if we get a little band together play as lunch. Happy really cool we recall the maniacs, so we played a lunch. And it went Holyshit Mark Marshall Resnick is talking to me now holy ship, and then I feel cool whatever. Isn't it funny? There's always one high school Jill Ellsworth. That was her. She looked at me and no one day before No, it's no different than any other human, so then sixty five six thousand six hundred and sixty seven chain reaction, 68th strangers. Sixty nine was wood stock. I went early and left three days later. I still have a Coca cola cooler with the day it was over. Ok, we tried to start the car in too much water got in the gas we couldn't couldn't get lost, and everybody left and all their tents.
And obviously convex just left. There. Hundreds of acres of tense, there's no pictures on it. I walked around. I thought, I guess I stole a coke cooler and I still at least eleven oh yeah yeah, but it was great from coke, cola. Coca cola, cooler brought your shooting just. You know whether open on the side you, but I walking down this path. Call groovy way and I stole stole this banner off the trees. Which we used for the for errors in the beginning, I had these girls duplicated, so it was. It was two guys looking at each other and smoke joint- and that was the Aerosmith in the beginning, but when I to wood stock, I'm walking down groovy way, and it was where KEN Kizi and the magic
pranksters paddled or buses, some tripping on acid and these helicopters are coming by with five hundred pounds of hot dogs and they're dropping they're dropping them in feeling here this, I'm sure you're, not another giant, pile of pots and pans to cook Hot dogs? I mean disaster area would suck so this right yeah anyway, so I the pots and pans are sorry. Someone walks of his own take another guy comes over and he starts by the time I was done an hour later- there was fifty people. Hang on every pocket. That was a moment and then, when I got up from that tripping my ass off, I walked down the path, I'm walking towards me was one guy and it was
We create my drummer, who I knew from high school, but then I met there. Later on to become I was a drummer for Aerosmith in the beginning, so move forward now, six hundred and seventy oh the bands broke up. I went up to Sunapee. I was mowing the lawn a place called trail recall my family place that I did my whole life. It's what I do is in what country boy, three hundred and sixty acres, the my leaving family bought. The came over in Calabria in nineteen one thousand eight hundred and ninety five brother. There were musicians, so they work to New York city? They made a little money so for grand they bought through an acres. So every Year of my life, and I was born in Fuckin' nineteen for you, I'm going to set foot. How you know I know I was seventy couple months ago, but I feel like I just when people would say that it was like wife,
My daughter, my daughter, Chelsea, would say it the big one dad you gotta stay here. We gotta celebrate it and I I kiss you I have no concept of time. I feel like I'm one hand I've lived through in lives already on the other. I feel like it's just. How does a set number that's a of a big number. It is a feeling. It just happened. To definitely thank you. Do you look back and think of like Aerosmith's, first gigs and feel like kind of it just feels like a couple years ago a couple years ago? couple years ago, so we going to be drove by in his mg these glasses with white tape. In the middle like fun, telling you man, hair down to here. Come America come here, my band, so I wouldn't hurt him. It was Joe Perry Project and I was at the jam band Joe Perry JAM band.
And they were. They only have one son. It was good, I won't get anywhere, but because they couldn't you know they weren't in tune and ship. The plate, rattlesnake shake! You know by Mick, Fleetwood, Fleetwood MAC, and when I heard that I says I sat there, Life flashed all the bands that I was in the I broke up. I know why, and I knew that if I take all should. I know and put it into the try to carve out shut out if we can live together, we together fat girls together in the same apartment, will have it and all I want to do is get my fucking toe in the door. That's all I ever wanted to do. If I could just get into the comedy club look into my eyes now, another film Phuc, yeah yeah so we moved to Boston and I'm the drummer and one day, it's about: dollar guitar player at the time
walks in he goes you gotta friend years 'cause. I didn't really want to play the drums here behind everybody you know you get. So? Your wife wonders why you're not recover! Something right, however, lead singer 'cause, I'm going to. What do you want to do? Well, Tommy Lee was the drummer. Oh well, here it fucking twelve inch cock that helped. Ok, that helps it's good, looking guy too hi. My name is Tommy Lee right what it helps, but they have to see it first to know and believe me we used to, we were up in Vancouver doing our best records, And Nikki Sixx dear friend, he was in Maui with me, and I said you know what man we gotta climb to the top of that hill. You gotta stop smoking and we did we climbed to the very top
right above nude Beach, little beach, a big beach in which fox like this he was like, and so we could smoke and he got sober. We went to a meeting that night and everything I Vancouver and there in studio b, where in studio a he's, is Bob Rock they're producing this album called underwear so they asked me to sing on it and doctor feel good right and the walking record. It was one of the first Times music. When you get your shirt put on pro tools and it fixed you anymore, right. So I'm from the old school, if you practice and get good you're good right. So what you did at comedy sort of first time you could your basement in your kids, be just as good. So don't you think pro tools for musicians. It's like it. It can take your vocal and fix it
you, can take your drums and and fix it to a great. Does it bother you What are you going to do about it, but it does make the music sound better, but never listen to Charlie Watts right right. He drags so beautifully and Keith Richards, but that was my point is there's some missing from that. We think it's, the soul is gone because now it's computerized and even though it's really good, it's still not the same as listening to James Brown. Just think about this yeah. They got a new song. Each round but yeah yeah, if they're all using pro tools and fix and ship yeah, it's the same sound coming out right now, maybe a different singer, but the same feeling right and you by the way you can do it really. In my eyes, some of my dear friends Marti Fredrickson Nuno Bettencourt. These get behind ready for your vocal yeah yeah. I will come up. With hey dj. Did you got your mom
Mister, how much you yesterday child to Maine done recorded, over there they move it there they move it there. They got the drum circle. Listen, we got a song and I go. You think. That's how easy it is right. So we done that many times. Do you miss the raw? No changing no adjusting. No one can sing I've done, many times. Of course I've taken like what did I do that on pink I'm down in Florida one hotel. I'm living in a room, I'm sober as can be. When you say that that means like. When the sun went down, I turn the light on and it start raining pink is. You know you're my new obsession pink
even know, question pink. On the lips here, love her pink what you will discover and I it's just that. I went right. So we did that for until the sun came up after the light off we use that tonight the whole album. That whole album was. I wrote everything at night when I was, I would so tired, I feel stoned and I would write and then I would take the lyrics of Pink and I wrote seven versus which only need three, but I wrote: seven Aerosmith speaker seek row? Twenty one songs, only fourteen on album hello, best, twenty one. You can have a good album, I said you going somewhere for three months right in your new falcon skin, your new skin and you
that you hit on you be doing your edibles or whatever gets you off you hit on three an incredible things: yeah, you write them through. You come and, if you want to you, can do all three. If you want to on your worst day, The worst one is great 'cause you, Joe Rogan already know. What goodies you know what's funny. Is you know how to make that you know how to weave something together. Alright, so I put this would be for pro tools. You thing called a dots, and so the guy that we're working with says sing that course saying that verse And so we already had the course I sang that verse. He just put that verse in, in or world versus go and I listen back and I went Falk. We such a great song. Here, that's how it used pro tools, I don't use it to manipulate I'll, never I'll, never fix my vocal, but your vocals there's something about your vocals that you wouldn't in handsome. If you fixed
like you have a raw soulful quality to your voice that if you fucked with that digitized you'd lose all of it. I'm sure they can do some things, that the real artists, with pro tools and and move things round still sound amazing, but there's no air borzyn you're saying you know, I'm saying any crackle or pop it's just going, be better yeah. Where do you learn that? I feel that, as I was an adult as a person who doesn't look for perfection, you just look for beauty. Perfection is? Not beauty now means it's an unattainable thing chase it and you can get access, So what's wrong with America, right now is everybody's trying to look for that perfection and stuff at Loras. Yeah, never in yeah yeah, but there is no perfection. In fact, this improve stomach infection the first the first album my songs, He comes once a day on the shade on my window,
Boosh it I'm watching Janice shopping. I went with the fuck daddy. A little bit Mick, Jagger and Fucking Little Richard the one, the Beatles are just not hard. You know, ' pause, pause, daughter text me all the time you know when she's beautiful fuckin' minor closed beyond belief, She goes dad's having drinks come on over So this is three nights ago. God require listening. You can smoke and hutches spliff all day here with ten bags coke and I'll watch you I just do it. I understand I got that strength. Thank you, Lord. I thank you Lord. I thank so I walk in and doesn't mean I want to do it while I'm watching this one in that one do it I get it. I want to crawl. Perras, my friend, Doug Stanhope, says he's waiting to do heroin right before he dies. I was fine. I heard some think about. When do they give you morphine right before you die
it's I don't know what that drug is. We had to give you something like everything. I've done that too, when do they give you morphine when you're in pain, exactly yeah, And who were human isn't in pain all the fucking time? Alot of people are there in all time, those that can't get their shit together and I need to go home and they jerk often they drink a beer and they smoke. It mean right. Little hard for people, they don't enough money. They vote for Trump. Whatever what's going on right now, I can't figure it out a lot of like I was when I was younger, yeah girlfriends leave you in pain, the white picket fence in that and the wife eighteen years should leaves her your two kids, I'm a fucking pain, I'm in pain, so, what's the best thing to do is that the best thing No, it's not, but that's why people do it. What is the best thing to do when you're in pain? We have to be a little bit elevated as humans to know what they do. In that case, you listen,
People like Marianne Williamson, I don't know who she is. He shes fucking, brilliant. Do you know she is Jamie? she is fucking, wonderful, spiritual people oh she's, a spiritual person. Then she spiritual when I got. So where I started listening to her tapes, I get on a treadmill in morning because I I can even I don't even feel alive, and this I'm out of breath. That's what I get for being a musician, I lose a pound and I'd say sweating with Aerosmith right, but there was still the next Joe Perry. Really hello cast of the real rock stars use go to classroom is a bad mother. Fucker story you, but he's when I get text messages from a Michael
and I found him and I saw him in the beginning, and I knew he was at least something special. I knew he was that he's gotta he's gotta recognizable, there's like certain people that have a sound you know Joe has he absolutely has a sound. You know as a sound Gary Clark Junior who, like you, hear Gary Clark, Junior play guitar, you go. Ok, that's a Gary Clark Junior. If you know there's certain people that have a sound Joe most certainly has a sound. It's like he's expressing himself through that guitar in a very recognizable way. Yeah you too, together man, what a combination that was with his guitar and your voice, and and here's, the trip, in the beginning, you know the first album people have said. Who sang on the second album Gonzaga now my counseling London England kind of like that pee Wee Herman chocolaty. I I get it.
Put some fucking soul, soul in my voice I knew I had it and enforce it out. I don't know, know know what I learned was. You know right from that King Cole music. I'm listening as a kid. When Natalie. I want up behind her and I went chemo okay, moves stairs stare hi my whole Bang Nip cameo? I love you. She went No one is saying that ever to each of my Daddy Institute had passed obviously way before, but that's those are the I listen to that was not singing his best ship Ann So I want to show you I said: well, here's what I want to sound. I want to see how more like Joe Perry was playing, Oensingen, really sweet and nice? Isn't it dream on sweet nice? I kind of like I went there when we wrote a song on a waterbed, you'll Perry and I were sitting around smoking. A big fatty Ann
mark Lehman? Was there he was our road manager and we can show goes paranoia. Mount Vernon. Lamp Berlin alarm. I don't. Well in Rooney, will mountain building in there anywhere near me baby? Now, man, we need anything, I'm looking at him, and that was a sentence. He spoke to me right. I said we all live on the edge of town where we all live in a solo round. People started coming out with you just agreed and said we gotta move out gold city moving in some sense. He spoke to me and you answer translated it yeah. I would listen to the bit. We would sit around, we would jam, so we did the best and we would greatest music and put the headphones on later, because I'm the lyricist and I written the melody. I see when I
Joe's band, I thought I'm going to take my dad VIC Talerico went to Juilliard in New York and a coping Bronx, six hundred and ten never use Avenue G Department, and I the point of the piano and I listen to my dad would practice everyday Stein Way, so only between the notes, Joe you're insane. I love your name is Joe. I just left Joes talking, love Joe Perry, Fuckin' love You know he's my bro, your h, r, with man. It's always been there so, but anyway,. So I took my melody. You know what I hear when I listen to him playing WO. Should so, which ones did your second album and you did that sort of affectation? Is that how you would call it of new voice digit after you heard it, and you listen to like people talking about it? Did you decide to change it for the next hour?
Wow sending I did just go away for a minute dinner. I yeah. I love it when I do that. Yeah. The the melody they learn from my dad and then listening to the music. We listen to Dorsey and Frank Sinatra and Can colon and then Janis Joplin and Village Fugs, who were the first ones to put and the back of their album lunatic vagina. So who sang the song hit sixty one the mothers of invention. Bands and I would watch so. I thought released, like my dad taught me in notes and write on you know Cdefgabc. You have a fucking wrong wrong wrong not only that, but if you don't put
reflections into it? The right now feeling and there ain't, no meaning I gotta love. You like. I do last time, baby whoops right. Would you say it, but you have to feel it. It can't be something you trying to feel it's going to be something you actually yeah, but I think Joe hats off to him and the way he plays guitar practice at night, not out it would sitting in a chair and the the couch quantifier I walked in with a pot of water he's laying in room so smoke. I want you with the fuck man, get his play, in this riff he turned it into a song in this kind of stuff It happened so much he did it away to me. Obviously you know Tom Hamilton do do do do do do do do do do do do do motion. That's comes together. You know,
and I can't tell you any other way than that magic. Every inch of the way. The reason it doesn't feel like I'm, seventy and I feel that I mean it feels like yesterday. We just started because every time I'm on stage, I'm singing those same falcon songs again same way same feeling same looking same people, different people. Different people, but I'm singing the same songs, Do you know the guy? That's looking anyway. So to answer your question. Second, album sounds a little bit more. Raunchy more in tune with Joe's guitar, and I think We found our sound second home. Third, Fifth, six hundred and seventy eight nine hundred and ten one thousand one hundred and twelve. We got it right, but it took that for problem had songs on it like walking the dog. Because we were, we were in a songs with that was and we played in clubs. I remember we are contract, What are we going to do so? moving out. Penny guys would get stoned and drink boones farm and I go come on you guys we fucked
well, this song fuck, you inflict their joint, so tempest off walking out they hate me when I tell the story, but I number being really fucking, angry walking out his piano and writing one the I don't play guitar and I wrote, but we don't even do not make it ok first one first album so some great shape, because I like you know in anger, you I don't know what to but I just gotta use that so I want to watch songs and I think late everybody's fuse. I think that Joe, certainly let mine Tom. Is as sweet emotion At Tom Hamilton now through throughout this whole time, will you exercising back then? Did you do things around back then or we just live in life. Would you say you you're always trying to be in out of breath? He was doing things visit
No, no. What I'm saying now is like it's like when I started getting sober, I thought fuck treadmill. The shape- and you didn't do that before you got so we're now, because your last two or three feet three shows a week. I was right. Hello in twenty seven pounds as just skinny many interest just trying to there was no MTV right, we had to play by just check this out. You wonder what drugs I took and why people get enamored by there, but take it out of the picture we got high. I got high because manager was getting stoned too, they loved it. When bands were stoned 'cause, they could hear this piece of paper and we would sign it. Oh fifty percent of all of our publishing thanks pal and words like in perpetuity. He's fucking managers back then I can tell you the dark secrets, please Do you do your own here? I just told you the dark secret to get you high and we all get together right, but they knew when you were good, and you here sign this no.
All managers love it when their bands were fucked up. Think about it. Hendricks stoned out of his funk. Now John Lennon thought what was his name: the new broom when you got a new lawyer and Paul was with Linda zero, it's it's. What happens back then you today too. Right I mean the record business is always been that way, always are it's impulsive and they're, not business, wise and people come along and exploit that. Yes, very impulsive. To think of what it takes. If you study this for a second, what he for a bunch guys were not in love with each other. We love. I love I, like, I really love it. You just said: what's your name again, young lady Young, Jamie I love what you just said. Can we talk after this summer come on? We Tell me that again I can write down. So I mean you know so? You get five guys together right to love. What he showed is doing in love with Joey Kramer plays bread with
please give her like a madman, Joe Tom Hamilton. You know. To love with these guys, do and then write songs. Who are we? Who are we? put in writing songs for forty eight years still, When turn the radio on are your sweet emotion and I fucking song What is it I want to kiss your thing I don't to miss a thing I just I turn still turn around here. That will chat one magic. We had what magic. Takes for David Grohl to surround do a scribbling he's a fucking for as old as he is he's twelve. I love her when I watching porn Carney's party. You know uh, and was walking out who's Amy help after Drake was walking out and there was Ringo and it was Oprah and there was
I mean everybody that I live on Maui, so I live there with live in Maui here. Really but you don't get very bad well, because everything is Maui, Maui, Wowie back at seven things that still well. I don't know instead of maintaining things that I could buy, I could buy a case of Maui by habitat, restore mask. I did it all the time from Maui. Heard that name before anyway, everybody who lives there right now. I live there right now, life! Ok, look it! I'm in an old fashion band, we will get paid the same. You, ok, oh what an old fashioned, fuckin' man who does that today, he got Rihanna how much you think she makes tonight, and this and the dancers I don't buy a tool. And Elizabeth Queen well, the band. It's all. We all get paid the same right.
When I took idol coaching start making some paper get that paper. Fuck, everybody made fun of Maine and but believe me just do it just for the money no, but but No, you know, why did it because I thought nobody knew who I was. Everybody knows this guy saying Nobody knew you was a young. Mrs my mom was a human. Passed away. She said she said you know they need to see their side. You as a since the decide that American Idol is the best way to show that I thought was. The first thing was: what else was If I had no managers back, then they had the good sense To offer me anything. I got the offer from Marti Fredrickson I got how long ago was this? How long have you been on this form? Two thousand. Two thousand and ten
one thousand one hundred and eleven or twelve. I got to sit next to Jlo Randy Jackson, that mother Fucker beautiful guy CJ, I need incentive, is it her ass? it was her assets. I might look at all the time, but she say you're harassing me and I'd say who's. Ask her ask yeah, I know, but the funniest fucking thing is: we would do all three, and I think that's missing now, but all three of us. You know to do. American idol you gotta go to DES Moines in Iowa in the gym and you're. Also, Put up with the whole crew and three people with microphones twelve foot mikes hanging down over your head like this and Twelve cameras in high def up Europe was who, and but in five thousand and forty people a day would come through all these,
five thousand and sixty year old, seventy year old little Trollup's would you know, red lipstick on and push up bras going to dream? The american dream would get outta here. You know after the after the 30th forty four you're sitting there doing this right here? we just got to you got to fifteen, either incentive from each other and so, times it will get so? It was just should burned out after the fourteenth person fiftieth person, but that that's what people like, though, the something about American. I we like really talented people, but we also like people who are delusional yeah and we trust me. It took me about two weeks to get into it. Because I told myself I am Never going to tell some young girl can sing. You can't sing it for cat ear right, like that, other guy You know what I was I'm a yes. I mean I don't like your music. Besides, which is
country and our country. I say that that seems not that's true, but that's also foolish he's a weird case. Because he's not a singer! Well, you know he's whatever he is. I said, I'm singer: how can I I have two girls going to be. There may be some days, breast feeding or bathing. What's the saying? Maybe she wants to her baby. Second she's sitting at the on the bed and well, it's the same, but Jlo told her. She can't! I don't have it in me, hi brother little you shouldn't! Have it in you mean that's his stick right. He Nick is to be a mean guy. There is a like that right that they wish. They would say to me it kind of commitment. Take it up say that the producers, if you can send them in on the fun to deal they got me a couple times ago turn it up and then you feel bad about it. Well, you know I mean like.
It would be through the moments were. We were part one like I said: yeah hi. What are some Texas I look over and The bones are going like this right and sir, and they would say number one 'cause it was in the shot. You know you know so I would without my a limerick, you know I don't time for a limerick and stop everybody. Everyone was stopping say something like I know, and once Matterhorn from Dallas she's a dynamite, stick for a phallus they found a vagina in North Carolina in her asshole in Buckingham Palace. And the fucking. You see the moon going like this, the place where It was just enough to bring it up and we finished two morning we leave, but it was fun like that and it was a good payday. So when you asking you have house Maui yeah, I made fun of for doing that. Well made fun of you for doing that.
Joe Perry, didn't think it was a smart thing. He said, that's one step under ninja turtles, bro, and I read that I thought I went with the full committee Joe keep in mind when I'm alone by myself I went. Is he right when I thought to myself good Bob Dylan? Do this? Oh yeah! I had those thoughts right conflict me up for a minute, but then I so Dillon doesn't have a house on Maui doesn't know. I didn't have one then, but I wanted one kind of how smart, how much money that guys, not I'm sure it's getting late. So it's probably going. So I took idol and I never I see, but son. Now we with the money from idle. This is well, we started. You have kids right here on this is war. She just turned eight eight okay, I have I have are much less kids Chelsea in TAJ, we lived in Marshfield Massachusetts and when I could I will take them too to Disneyland or world or Maui
go to four seasons and discuss pitiful right with your kids. Yeah, but every morning I wake up and I would run to the right. And go all the way down to la peruse and run back. I think five miles down files back. How we saw this house. I thought is that where I didn't know who live there, but I thought so What's the in the grateful dead, Jerry Garcia I rumor was he lived there. I kept looking at it just uses beautiful house, but it was ridiculous amount of millions. You know you know you don't have that when you have and band you share, all the money plus management, publishing and then country song, when I mean come on right, so you in MMA yeah. We have to switch to what I said. My beautiful so looking at your fucking, my notes help yourself. I want to talk to you about aliens.
Oh really, let's go with that. I heard where to focus. You got a lot of. It's pretty amazing, most, never even finished that week. That's ok, ok, that's that's what we could do it you want we're good this. This is really she's got so when did you compile these this morning, used to, I finished the vocal last night eleven hybrid Neural Bettencourt's house got to bed at like couldn't sleep till four, I'm going to Rogan Joe Rogan with the fuck what the fuck, oh man, you're, sweet man, you're, sweet too. It's I mean, for to talk truth, not only that when people watch your show, This photo shoot news now, I'm not sure after awhile yeah, yeah, yeah
once you put the ones that were telling the truth, I know that too I think you're taking it up a whole shitload in notch. Well, this is, You were saying about American Idol like that before they knew you was just the guy behind the microphone, use, sing, songs that touch people and move people. He just put it right over there. Oh, she wants a different stack. Ok, damn sounds crazy, but even that, like this, having a conversation like this, it's up, this is not enough of these out there or it there is now. You know now, there's more of them, but the this time. You would never be able to have this kind of conversation because of the same people. That would tell you to turn it up. A notch on american idol did be. Producers around would be people trying to fuck with things adding lyrics regression, and this is my the studio notes. We have notes as what we want you to do Stephen and want to talk about this and stop doing that thing. Where you keep singing people, don't want to hear that anymore, but we want,
do this and for you to speak your mind, like you, do your truth and also across from you speak your truth in their words in any language they want and not be edited or audited. His own is that we're so that that's unusual just think about forty years ago you couldn't You say, ask on the radio, I don't know if you can now. I think you can now, but I hear a shithole on CNN, I watch say that you Don Lemon Don Lemon yeah yeah one, my favorite guys. You know for like three weeks. Quoting Trump missed in shithole countries, scrambling yeah turn the tv up. Well, it is a new freedom in terms of that, but I think it's because the internet people get used to swears they're, getting used to people just speaking, unedited edited getting used to uncensored video they're, getting used to things
Well, it's just words. Yes, uncensored behaviour right is beyond his way past the word fuck shore, the words just representative of thoughts and intent right, just noises. It's like the best way to describe what on on your head is use all the words use. Mall all use the ones that are really coming out of your head. Don't hold them back and give me some watered down version of what your real thoughts are. So I have to decipher it and sort of put it filter and try to figure out what it Steven mean by that God I got so I got so angry at the way things were going about that I want to say: six years ago that I quit management, I got my lawyer Dinella Polt, management management. Well, I gotta that was managing the band right and also going now. God bless one of them passed away. Rest, his soul, he's a good man and the other one didn't have good things to tell them they're wrong direction. All the time an now
my band is with my management, where together afucking again so six years ago, I would talk to pee, so I go. You know what fuck you I'm going on Rogan next week, I'm going to fucking say your name, I mean my built a house up in Laurel Canyon he's fucking, guys I come home in the idle water wall and you know, is Kylie and people come and go and go to fucking tired, and I want to lean back so the water wall, rolls down randallstown and wouldn't spray on the bridge that goes across right, not a chance. So after a year I get there and they go. You know I heard that hired him say: FUCK Tyler, now I'm just saying I'm just saying so: that's the kind of stuff. I want I'm on Rogan here, Fuckin' to spell don't manage your story is a story that you here, if I just heard it from a friend of mine, she was telling me about her manager is given a shed advice and she is
why is this so many people in management that gives shit advice like because out of ten of them to two of know the answers. And they may be, they may be right yeah. List of him know play the game. If you read the book, it's easy, yeah management just gonna but want to hear yeah sweet talk them, well, no, no gallus suit. It's a hard thing to be a managers to manage a band. It's even harder the hardest thing. Is there no direction to look at people's feelings right? No with about why there about to what guy in the band to do this interview? What interview is to do which ones to do which ones not to do right wing is not to do well, don't tell anyone where they're gonna stop it in four minutes. You know those tonight show one. Sometimes you have to that's all they give you gotta. Take. It just seems so forced this weird
this book this dance. For me, I wrote a book I was so fucking pissed. I wrote, Does the noise in my head bother you right to people. I would say that I go what the fox wrong with you. Are you talking about? What do you mean ok, write lyrics. What did you do last night? The guys would give me shit for not right, lyrics are finishing. A song they're upset that you're writing a book. No, no! No! You know back when you're writing song being banned right, yeah we're in a studio we Put the song down. You lay track down, and they see this gotta go and write the lyrics right. If I don't they? What the fuck man ' and I say well, I'm trying to get my wife pregnant. Ok, I have life, I get it What were you doing last night, you know, but These are kind of it's going to shoot. It happens. You get a lot of pressure on you and then because they did that how right and wrote walk this way. Lyrics had him in my bag,
when the whole record gotten a fucking cab, ETA three hundred and fifty one w three hundred and twenty one w forty, the record plant New York, right. Ok, I'm going upstairs when I got it and I felt I went white, I left the lyrics in the cab the whole album and my producer goes. Would you walk this way tonight? So I went upstairs took a pencil listen to the track, like I did the night before that wrote the lyrics. And wrote him on the wall and that's what happened. But woe, but you know no I'm in the band thought. I left the lyrics got those lyrics in that cab, somebody but the words, but he thinks you fucked off. Worst part, yet the yeah right you left the lyrics in the cab? And you know what maybe when you're stoned on Coke and we're still in a coconut things funny, it's really a subcaste rug. That's why I avoided it could for you. Thank you
speed could get you where you want on our little sick to move yeah. But you- this week, but but this coffee right here I have one saying I can feel it Downers for me and how it look at you you're shaking I had stem cell put my shoulder today come on Did they take him out of here? No there's some new process. They do I'm in serious pain right now. Oh man, that's why I'm shake Like watch, I could barely put this in here, so I thought, focus coffee, I'm doing it to look. If you just got me five hours ago about moving like a perfect something like something smooth I'll be able to hear. What do I take for my feet, get you gabapentin, gabapentin gabapentin is greater, it's not you don't get from it, but it kills
is to alleviate some shoulder tears, I some tears. It's concerned you you can see, which is great. Let's go quickly back to Yeah! There's my head bother you! I wrote this. I wrote you little also told me something very sweet, well, you are very sweet, but I'm not using that really. Just remember the less hair. I got the morehead you get, any less hair. You got the morehead, you get, that makes sense, you think love Steven Tile tv time pretty sure I've never said Steve Tyler ever so I don't care, but man. I really appreciate that if you put me down in the worst way, I still love you. I didn't I'm just because of the show. Be cause of the trails you've left in life. I love you I love you too much just tell you. I've been a fan of years, since I was a kid.
You're fucking monumental? I love you man, I want you to know now, she's talking love, you truth, so you want to tell me about this fucking shoulder ship. Why are you so big? It's interesting stuff! You do so let me write it snows. I switch it up mostly right, yeah yeah. For that Oh, are you martial arts? You do yeah, I'm alive jujitsu, mostly well, but my shoulders are they've got some issues from some. Years of abuse and hairs, and some minor arthritis and this one's been. Apparently I had some sort of US separation on this one sometime in the past, I didn't know, there's a lot of tears, so I've had some great success with stem cells in musical moments like a mall, how he said it was like more whether any
stem cells- I had it sucked out of my hip bone hip bone, you know and they put it. My knee had a knee replacement. All you have to replace the whole thing. This is the holy. You walk very well though. Well it was. It was wrong with your knee. It had a nine degree valgus. It was like this from because I do have an ACL reconstruction right. I have both of those done at don't truck, don't believe this doctors don't nine years nine years, pass it for someone like you nine years. No, no. I've won the in my left knee that's twenty four Awesome, oh good for you, maybe not everybody, it's all about meniscus, it's about the amount of cushioning and whether or not they do a good job replacing the ligament, but I had very good doctors on my left and right knee shot. Wow good for you, man, my my it didn't work sir, going in words did you get it? Don't forget what ninety eight yeah mine, was ninety four. I have
audio in ninety three. Actually, I have a buddy of mine who had one done, though, and his knees really up to the point where he is about to get a replacement. He actually got a hip replacement on one of his hips because of the damage in his knee. Yeah, because if the knees going in- and this is pushing that way right going, and I didn't know any of these, yet I just I know it. You take vicodin and percocet. Only that's how long ago did you get your knee replaced six years ago, when I say yeah, it's roughly fifty six, No now I got to get the right one So now I'm going to Europe with my love. It loving Mary band. I got a country album, so you need to get your right I'm done, because what's going on with the left, knee, never hurt right, but never never pinching nerves nowhere nohow right knee it's pouring except that the right side, if it pinches on the nerve. It comes out like that right. I can't be doing stage right, rolling stones, he's talking.
Again look at, do you think there I don't know. I don't know why you know rolling stones, a bunch of different people, though you can't really attribute it. No I'm not worried about. That is where the heart is. Doesn't do you sure that that's the only way to do it? So if you talk to other doctors, because what they're doing now with regedit regenerative regenerative or I say that regenerative. Why did that? One stumble with regenerative medicine, they're able to replace meniscus and cartilage and Roche it might want to hang on to do some shit now, where they can, they can fix things, they've never been able to fix before and every year it gets better and I'm pretty close to the cutting edge of this stuff. Yeah I've had a bunch of doctors on my podcast talk to me about it, particularly doctor, Neil Reardon, who does a lot of work down in Panama, that they can't do in the United States and he did MEL Gibson MEL Gibson's dad. Who is ninety two at the time and uh, deaths door in a wheelchair.
Now he's a hundred and he's walking around yeah. I know I people down there. People up in go go to Panama, but Penenberg is one name They did my knee my knee so far. You wouldn't believe it if you saw it so it's fine moves good the left is good, but the rights or pinches right and then check for company just goes out so He jumping around like a like. I do you know in this other, I'm just saying that I'm going to try to know how your knee is. I don't know what's going on with it, you gotta give me names. I will one hundred percent. You could but there's other options now and there's is one of Things were, according the doctors, I've spoken to the longer you can hold out the more likely you are to never need surgery that there, especially when it comes replacement they're able to do a lot with hip replacements. Now with Rajesh. Keenan, stronger yeah, the longer you can wait, because what they are will do now is different than what going to be able to do in five years and in ten years, the longer
it can wait the more likely it is. They can regenerate tissue, yeah, they're, doing all kinds of crazy shit now with stem cells. So now that they're a lot they're allowing it there's a guy alive that- these into telomeres telomeres. That's your longevity gene and he says that people that are like from the Lord, you can rock bands he's silly guys and shoot silly musicians, Rossilli Fox silly silly me, right, people that are able to let play the childish side of the mountain. Those little Tully was he'll stay longer hold people, they grow. Or at least close to finding that out. So I love love today I love what's going on I will look into this yeah. Please do we'll talk. User names, numbers and ship to look up, but so so, M M looking at it and where to go
It works for me said but that same thing is what you're into right now ma for me, I'm into MMA. Only music, something not something I got into in the last year with my lawyer, Tina pulled and this call I'm sick and fucking, tired of getting beaten ripped off for the songs. I wrote in the 70s and where's the money where's the money, so even a joke right it's not even a joke and now There's a format: that's digital, it's even less of a joke. You want to because mean things like Spotify and they're, not paying their their. Who plays this song. They're, giving you whatever first of all publishers in order to all about one hundred years ago, fifty years ago, twenty years ago, pub
shoes. Take the money we make on toys in the attic millions right they keep that money for a year they put it in the bank? They keep the interest right. Then they pay you after they keep the interest, of course. So that's one of those members before I said there's so many dirty little things. I could tell you how about pointing out managers by first three rows of your shows and get the money the king promoter in the pocket brought to them in a paper bag. You wanna go there that what it does is that would have without some kind of shifting always consider happens in a business, so they buy the first three, rose Mensinger. How simple that is! There are simple, up, the guys, the guys she only to show right if you have a nine thousand and ten deal, fucking great
the manager goes and goes to the first three rows see you later or you know, get air service? Why we don't get Bob Dylan we'll get you a laugh and they're just for depending upon those people to not tell you Yeah, I mean who's going to tell you only fight, here's, here's. What happens? You only find that shit out afterwards. If you're going with the girl that says I'm the one that brought the money back to him. Oh shit, Sally Field, I said how I found out somebody found out that way. So sorry, I heard oh, let's keep it like that this woman is willing to talk about it, but but the deal here's a deal. You know. You know I'd love to get angry as shade about stuff. I love it. I'm italian! You kidding. It was so funny. I got sober right now. What you have an anger management problem Steven once he gets over a funk you what you know what I mean: here's the you know
do you think when you get sober you're off the drugs here, isms are osms right, bullshit. All you're all the reason you drank all the reasons that you drank. They come out even more right. Then you have to manage all this, but you gotta learn how to write its a good thing. Well, exercised well, you know he's going to read certain books pm Ality, you know, forget codependency, no, more she's shift. You know ship stuff, spiritual stuff rise above your your your abnormalities, It's so good to smack your wife. When you get angry, definitely not no. Is a pure learn how to what how to manage that anger for sure wasn't too about it's over eighty eight. So you do the math. 'cause. I had enough for those years right. I was out of my funk. Find eighty one eight thousand two hundred and eighty three, so you got sober and eighty eight files over eighty eight one thousand four hundred and fifteen years Then I had you know the only cure
you don't miss a thing, came out right and I'm up in I'm up in our jumping around with this a great show. Good to use these bites here right. Let's just talk, I think so man we went up to. A place where you never play so what I was getting to be four point, I really want to make strongly no self no MTV nothing. I used to buy plastic stickers. Then I get to go around to each guys room with one thousand three hundred and twenty five comma have Annas. For twenty bucks, and we get box. I get these stickers with Aerosmith on it, and I would put them on peoples, windshields Pisum, the folk off 'cause. It would really sticky- and I put Where you throw the money, when you go through a toll booth right, I so everyone whoops. What's that? What's that mean Aerosmith? What is this error with the name? we just sat around you know: hookers
stains jets. You know that you know we just it's just you throw shade around, and someone said Aerosmith Joey Kramer goes how 'bout aerosmith- I went well Fox at mean, whose name is used. I used to be in a band work with Calder's move for awhile, and so there was, other Aerosmith before Aerosmith. Well, it wasn't what I heard from the drummer who's in man. It was just a really short lived. You know, club is an idea. So maybe there was a band that perform a couple of times called arrows, maybe maybe maybe no, Are they alive still? Well. All I know is this for all the names I heard and thought that's a good one. I didn't see anything into it like I. I have this knack of. Looking at someone and not necessarily remembering their face, but I feel you it's like stupid how to explain this. It's a vibe in parking
But what is you or you don't have one of these? No, you do. I definitely do you do now. I definitely don't No, no me is well. No, I guess I'm again. Okay, leave that I'm going to show up it's yours, but where the fuck movies, so when you kind of I kind of feel things I feel I don't remember, I said Brad Pitt's got this disease. I don't know what the Brad Pitt as a disease he's got this thing. We can't remember people proper phobia, yeah he can't remember faces- is that what it is that's a good thing to tell people if you're Brad Pitt, like I'm sorry man, I have a disease, I can't remember you could probably meet so many people there, like Brad a Fuckin' Matt fifteen years ago. Starbucks, you don't remember, dude expert people come up to me and say yeah, I'm sure, don't remember yeah yeah, you said I have proper flow
here, where I know that everywhere, but radium the starts telling people about that probe for we over here. You can look it up a good office for dinner, this developmental pro, so Pagnell nosy face blindness, yeah bro, that's what I, yeah, but but but you know not on a large scale, but I mean people backstage and they you know it took me twenty five years to be able to. You know I just don't remember filming it here I mean it looked like me, four years ago. Do you know what Dunbar's numbers no, what is a number that you can keep of intimate relationships like friendships and close ties that people that you know in your head and somewhere around one hundred and fifty which they think is roughly about the size of tribes that people lived in back when we were developing the human, the of your jeans really take a long time to change and they think that we essentially have very similar genes to people that live roughly ten thousand years ago. Ten thousand
years ago. That's essentially how people live. They lived in the small groups of people. One hundred and fifty two hundred people man and that sends doc in your head. Then there was another million people here, a million years ago there was another million people. If you don't think so. What do you mean? you don't think there were people here before the last ice age they went underground yeah. That's not what you want don't. You think I don't know Grand Canyon, those caves yet places they went underground yeah. I think so. Well, I'm just talking very much people, just people, people that live ten thousand years ago. Ok, we can go back to the number. This is the reason why you can't remember so many people. Do you believe that what do you believe uh? I feel you feel There were people here a long long time. Long long time ago, I run three Graham Hancock yeah. We need this yeah yeah. He makes all the sense that there's been ads of you know massive loss of life and
you know cataclysms and comets passing by yeah. I believe that, were you having not watched on the knowledge what is unacknowledged, it knowledge watch but knowledge is that one? Ok, you gotta watch him ignore what is it you got a larger numbers? Isn't that Steven Greer movie? No, it is yes, yeah! Listen to me now! No, no! No good! Now Isn't this a fuckin' industry in the industry is in people wanting to get mystery solved, the great mystery of is there lifeout there and nobody has any answers. There's I did this show for Sci FI called Joe Rogan questions. Every before that show, I was a hardcore believer in a lot of wonky conspiracies like Bigfoot and aliens. Love them cuz. They you don't live in. No, I don't believe it's the most plausible. You think yes wow, why because there was an animal called, a the long side, human beings, human beings. As recently as thousand hundred thousand years ago, real
absolutely real animal and there's they found fossilized once these things and they think they found teeth from an apothecary shop and China. There was a real animal, was a gigantic buy Pidal ha, there was somewhere around eight to ten feet tall. So this thing lived at the same time. People dead this is probably the reason why there's this myth of Bigfoot that at one point in time this was a real thing, but what about about that they're walking around now, probably not as sort of most likely. Not. That was what I was saying. Yes, alright was a giant yeah, but there's you know so we talking about about aliens. Tell me about most is a business. Most of it is about what about what about the AIR force general. That said, Cape did that gave it to his wife and said: don't put this out until I'm dead. Did you not feel as though, when he was speaking it was real. I think you see now. I think too many of you soon. I've seen a lot of those have seen a lot of those born in a lot of there's a lot
former military people that say they've seen crazy things that it's entirely possible, that they really did it's entirely possible, but it's also possible that they're crazy, it's all that they love attention and I possible that they're bored is possible. The schizophrenic possible that they have memories, that they've concocted over the years and instance gotten them attention and that's putting them in documentaries and it gets them interviews on Tell engine programs, but that there's no evidence you know and that the problem with all these people's they're all have the same feeling about them and then not there's very few of them to come across across is rational and objective. Most of them come across. Is there something wrong? There's a there's, a wires that aren't connecting if you talk to them about other things in life. If you had a chance to talk them for a long period of time, sit down with him for three hours, ask them about ghosts and psychics and all kinds. Other they almost all believe in that stuff. Is there believers they I believe in nonsense here as soon as that crops up
but it's possible that I not just possible it's one hundred percent likely that there's alien life. Like one hundred percent, when you said more, like scared me for a second. No, I think it's more just love that movie, because it could have had a nice read through the movies horsh it. Ok, here's a lot of those movies that are Horsh it in that guy. He knows some of that's horseshit, like there's a little baby that they had found that aborted fetus I'm trying to pass it off as an alien baby for a long time but You know, leave there were there were hybrids, no Can you tell me about the link what which we monkeys in us. Well, the and the brain or monkey. Well, we are hominids mean we are prime.
And we're just the most advanced prime it. The real question is: how did we get to be so much more than just sex raster? Well, it's more likely that we found fire in our diet, change and hunting, and then the stoned ape theory, which is a very fascinating fear. The stoned ape theory is Terrence me this theory that human beings found sites. Size and that through the use of Psilocybin mushrooms, which in low doses increases visual acuity, produces these extatic states that it might have helped us develop language and communication and creativity and this in turn, was the reason why the human brain doubled in size over a period of two million years, which is the greatest mystery in the history of the fossil record. They don't know why they did it, but it's a very clear path so that we do everything with you here two million years ago, humans. Well, Permanent some form of primate was certainly here claims of years ago, as was dear dear, where millions of years ago. Ok, so a lot of animals
No, it's ok! I don't know. I feel that I feel, like you know Just close, it was an ice age that took part that took it was how many hundreds one hundred thousand years was the ice age. Well, there's been a bunch of ice agents, but the most Recent one ended somewhere in the neighborhood of twelve thousand years ago. It was nothing nothing yeah from beginning to end. So we don't know what caused it. Well, when the ice age exists, we have to remember that some parts of the world aren't experiencing the ice age and then humans thrived in Africa. During parts of the ice age, I mean there's a lot of human beings that live. All over the world. The real question is where they start most likely from Africa, but they could have possibly started from other places too and we're starting to learn that were people go thing right, people who learn it now, I'm not really. I mean there's that too, but I mean mostly just people traveling, but what you really learn from is archaeologists those the people you learn from and biologists people that really understand,
human genome. They really understand the differences between people that emerged from China versus people that emerge from Western Europe versus people that emerged you know or native Americans. I mean there's so many different types of human beings that came from different climates and their bodies evolved from these places and there's real science to that you're not going to get that from these goofy fuqing documentaries. These goofy fuckin' documentaries are basically a business and the business is to a bunch of people out there that want to want to know the answers again? What is the truth, and so reply was aboard the secret UFO. I saw the magnetic controller that makes us travel through the cosmos in bend time and space. It's like a wormhole and they'll say a bunch of sign. Sound and shin, but there's no evidence does nothing. When they talk about there's nothing. Will you let David Wilcock. Black guy says that he
Is the reincarnation of EDGAR Cayce? Do you know that calm? Did you know that I've heard you know what your case are you of course famous psychic who never really right figured out understanding and thought to be a fraud most widely by distance kept drinking too much loud loud calculator, I don't know, I don't know why everything was written and everybody was stoned I can tell the the second side yeah Psilocybin Mushrooms, an obvious lowdham, last hundred years loud loud, everyone was but but look. Yeah there's, you know there's yeah, that's it was in that Japanese they never left the island. Two how Japanese have the same eyes shapes? Yes, they do. Is your reason why
there's a reason. Why didn't leave the island come back after meeting with anybody else? Just a little. Do you think there for mailing? Actually not sure they stay on that that that that plan later sure, But when you agree more Canadians from Asian look very fairly similar yeah. I do is variations in the similarities, but there was similar right. I think it took millions of years. That's that's my take so that I can't prove anything believe it took millions a year. I always finished off by saying I don't see it right. I am that when I go at night, knowing walks walk around? I'm done to see with UFO me too. So are you the second. I see one, the second right that will make clear shift, like you know, the song. I recall back when Cain was able waited for the it was about a mother, ship and ship before I knew anything about Ufos you ever see anything when you did psychedelics when you did drugs with
we did mushrooms. I never saw anything that was in there for him, not the kind of people, I'm not the kind of people. I know People have, though, and the idea is that there are things that are out there in neighboring dimensions that you really not capable of accessing them, but that's where the real aliens live I don't know man, but I just know that all these people that are pushing it they're all they all have this fucker involved in all these people, a real problem, because it's fun it's fun. You want to believe right? You want to believe it is a general out there that seen the spaceship it's under the mountain tell me about the general, and he goes on a lecture tour not be got to pay money to see him and he's in a documentary and there's a lot of the people out there man, I live with it. Who is backstage with Joe Perry. Would you do yeah, well, life yeah I get. What you're saying the wow or the title of the story. But you know people love to tell stories something inside me. That says you know what actually still haven't found that. The missing link that between, if you
talk to biologists, how many porsches, but they do things so badly- have author, Australia, pithecus fossils. They have the things that were like us that are different from a long fucking time ago. They have those, and the size of the brain, yeah, two frontal lobe brain changed. It doubled over a period of two million years. I mean that did happen, but they know what we used to be. There are simple hominids that were, or rather ancient hominids that are very similar to human beings and they slowly became human beings and there's also they keep finding all these. Different versions of human beings like there wasn't just shoe it, wasn't just homo sapiens and, of course, there's neanderthals. There was that with the one from Russia, what was it called? That was in that movie that book hominid what what is that a do you own the t t in I can't remember, though it starts with the d, but it's a one.
That they've found very recently very recently, you find Jamie yeah here it is Dennis Sullivan, didn't dinner, so Dennis Ovean, Denisovan, hominin extinct, species of sub or species of archaic humans they found in 1970s by the russian paleontologist, Nikolai Old off, so there's been a bunch of different forms. Humans, which is the most successful form of human. The idea that it's just only in DNA connected with people. It's sexy, it sounds fun, but there's no evidence I hear you but isn't that what we are as humans? Well, we are mutations. We are an ancient thing, It's slowly figured its way out. We became seeing things would get better at hunting. We became better at harnessing fire. Forty seven free will came from a lot. Don't believe it's real, they believe indeterminism, don't don't
believe that free will is an actual thing. I mean I've heard SAM Harris. Warn it pretty successful that there is no such thing as free will that you are an accumulation of your genetics, your life experiences all the things that have happened to the people who come in contact with That's true, behavioral that four year old psychology think about your behavior and how much of your behavior is shaped by millions adoring fans of people screaming and cheering you on and singing songs that move people into literally change generations, give people goosebump When they hear I mean all that stuff is shaped, who you are mean all that changes who a person is and who you now in the way you behave now is in many ways shaped by your life experiences as. It is as it is by your genetics, and you wouldn't be this person. If you had lived that life and the things that you make from this moment on right now, leave the studio and have a conversation with someone will be shaped, at least in part by this
reservation in mind, will be my my conversation with you. This is the idea determinism, okay, sir, I would ask- was it was who said this? Who was into this many many people that come up with this concept, but I've heard it that way. It was really argued. Me by SAM Harris in the most successful wow interesting. I just wonder why, then you know monkeys certain breeds of monkeys, smart ones, Bonobo's. I love, I love them a bonobo. It have you I'll put a stick in something and pull out shoji, but you know well, that's also haven't taken going. Oh wait a minute now, then they haven't done anything, going past that well, do you know primatology We actually believe that chimpanzees have entered the stone age. This is one thing that's being considered now that they've started to use, tools on a regular basis. They think that they're learning from each other and they think that they're, if if they are evolving right, if human beings of all the repair to millions of years now, actually watching chimpanzees involved in real time
Ok! So too long long process will take millions of years, but they have entered the stone age. So they think that who knows, with a series of mutations and natural selection with a bunch of different things happening. What a chimpanzee is today most likely it will be a different thing in two million years course. It will yeah- and I totally agree right these in, animals they're going to experiment with things here. It is mecox. Often you stone. Tools might have been living in the stone age for fifty years. So for fifty years these animals just fit ok, not actually with that. That's when somebody first saw them using the stone it true. Well it terms of primatology vision, behavior, as you can see it from geologists, have uncovered stone tools. They believe these animals have used so or other humans, yeah or other humans. You can't figure stone out right now. When you look, what do you think about
when you look up internet look at I don't know. The answer is: that's where I got my girls. I definitely don't know the answers either again, because I said I just repeat: schitt smart people figured out. That's all I'm doing what about the stones that are cut up in not much you were up in. I know you're talking about yeah those. You know that laser cuts in well, not laser, but you have very precise, cut yeah yeah, whoever was most likely advanced civilizations that have been wiped out by a cataclysm. That's what I'm saying so my mind goes to yeah. We were here, something went underground, there's place 'cause, I saw movies of it. Where you go into the mountain. You go back three miles in the mountains. Where are you seeing this? the caves yeah, this incredible cases. Looking at this natural cave site rooms like this in there is natural cave systems in Texas. They go back miles so mountains. So I'm just saying that's where my head goes through this. You know ghosts come on. That's your own fear,
I don't know, but you know we were talking about muscle shoals those the feeling in that room. There might be a similar feeling when a violent encounter happens in a house. That might be what a ghost is. What, if ghost is, might be this thing that you can't capture, you can't put it in a box, can't wait on a scale, but you get a feeling when you're in a place where something horrible happened and you could feel it it's not it's not impossible to imagine this is the case and Rupert Sheldrake was the guy that I told you believed that he's a scientist and some people would argue against it, but that he believes things have memory and then it's impossible, it's possible that even this table has memory all the people that have sat where you sat. I think it's got vibe, I'm not sure if its memory knows got memory water. Nobody knows about that yet order. Because it never goes anywhere. You can ever get rid of war is true. You can boil it steam it. It goes up comes back down, so I think when they I got the memory water. I also gotta tell you for the billions of
babies that was. This is terrible. Right now strangled people with their heads bashed in murdered wars. Billions were there ghosts. Where's that where's that Energi. Where is that Nrg? Because New York City alone. There were hundreds of thousands of people martyred. Maybe music department building should be going like this early 'cause. Maybe the cumulation of all experiences positive end. Maybe in the negative experiences are outweighed by the positive experiences for the most part. Most of the time. Life is pretty good What's the time life is not filled with war, life is not filled with cannibalism and murder, and animals eating you most of the time. So most through the memories accumulated in these individual areas were probably positive, but sometimes the idea behind like haunted houses and she'll like that, is that something so extreme happened at the remnants of that experience are trapped in the very fiber
in the room I don't know if I believe it, I don't know we not outside the realm of possibility. I don't either 'cause I'll, tell you who thinks about it. Some human yeah didn't knew that right, here's what test? I would you know somewhere there's some under the murder was taking place. Don't tell anybody unless family sleeping. There see what happens done done, I'm sure they would be cool. Go shows you more notes. How do It's one. To finish that thing about MMA, I want to ask you little today. Yeah I did that for Jamie What is a nine year old ship talker, who flashes money and talks about her Bentleys is Royce, is nine years old, nine years old, it's fake. You know, she's from parents talk radio, so are mma for me is a new Music matters, modernization act, ok, so about five, it's five. Six years ago, hold, and I just started looking at that and she's beautiful blonde
lawyer, woman, great woman, very smart, very intelligent speaks over Brandeis or somewhere she's. My lawyer was the manager for the longest time machine I decided to go to Washington the flash in the shade around saying you know what's fair and what's not, where musicians not getting paid right, so I just thought: MMA is same thing: music, modern I won't forget this. I sometimes forget it 'cause my, but that you can't forget so to attain fair market value, royalty rates and tree and for music creators, the digital era digital? The digital era right now, is where, if I they can play my music because it's digital over air, you know right. Spotify, Analoger paid the artist Fuckme. I got enough money hum a happy is going, you came along, it was for kids to go to sleep right, fucking with a smile on my face. I get to do no fuckin' Rogan. Well, I'm happy you just
I'm going to burn name name Aerosmith video period happy as can be, but I look at these poor fox sick though you gotta hear this well today to they get. Have to give up merchandise. They have to give up a piece of there. Concert sales. They have to give up everything well, yeah. Is going on because there's no more money in actual record sales call twenty four seven or some kind of bullshit, like some crazy thing where they have a piece of everything you can manage your seat may want your money right. Well, they also realize that their avenue of revenue is gone. So then they do locked on to merchandise they logged on to ticket sales, which used to be all yours right, yeah like when used to do concerts back in the day you. To get paid for your record. Even if you got fucked over, you got some money from the record, but then you, all the money for the concerts right but well unless we were only managers, nine ten means we take ninety percent out and those are there, so you make one thousand dollars in company gets it. Oh god, that's different right, isn't a different thing. Well, the record, gets gets publishing.
You know with all these digital outlets, of course, and then then, the record company? company decides to give whatever is left to the artist which is usually little to nothing smokey Robinson, my dear friend, I go up to the trying to go- I don't like you, but I love you Cindy that correctly, all these songs phenomenal this fucking guy, went to the Digital's said you only two hundred and fifty thousand dollars with proof. They often- for this for his music being played there's five years? Why do they own that? Because because he was getting nothing back. Nothing was coming to him. Ok he's gone shake. The coffers are empty. Now it says with the phone right, smokey Robinson I hear my music me. Music is covered by thousands of people
so legally two hundred fifty thousand dollars was owed to him. Ok, ok, he was offered twelve thousand, and he was said. If you don't like it, suet your smokey, you don't have that so what we've done? the smokey Robinson doesn't have that kind of money, so Smokey Robinson should be just wealthy like a king and this is not to say he's not if you had no money at all one of the happiest guy and his wife is the sweetest I made He's a town attained, something you and I don't recognize yet or Mass media he's got something he's rich but when it comes to him getting paid actually for songs. That's really up! So If you do decide to do, I I don't know, I don't know where it's going. I gotta talk to you, but David Israelite, president and ceo of the National Music Publishers, association and we went went to Washington. Imagine this.
Beautiful blonde is talking guy now we're in Washington and me saying: what's up with this. This money is going right out the window and not to the artist these new artists getting nothing. So we excited to do something for the first time songwriters will have. Preventatives, overseeing administration of medical license is an administer so someone's now at least not only complain. There's someone watching the ghost, no no You do in fact legally owe two hundred and fifty thousand smokey camire salmon and for the first time, so this something we're trying to get past in the next? Don't you think yeah? It should be that no, thank you. That's the reason why we're not on that we're not on modifying the reason why we're not on it 'cause it didn't make any sense. They were like want to put you on. It is going to be great for you and MIKE how's it great yeah, you guys, make money like you guys. Making money you don't give us any it's that
streaming thing. Is this weird? smoking mirrors song and dance they put on your going to be a part of something big like. But what are you selling all you sell is artists, work. You don't have anything to sell and I send them artist get paid so little so little. So where is the money going because there's all these in there pockets, public companies and their traded in their worth millions and billions like where's all that money. Where is it going? What's Jenner Only thing you say to them. What, if I'm giving you are motherfucker motherfucker. Well now no nice. Nineteen. The laws were written check this out in one thousand. Nine hundred and nine track paid attention to ok till fucking. Yesterday yesterday I mean five recently So we're trying to get this chick modernization act, gains momentum in the Senate. So smokey, Robinson powerful. Yesterday, Jesus Christ Chamber on the ball:
Wow, so this is it right here I mean you know it's yeah well, yeah, there's been some there's been some legal factory and you know he created magic. I said I said home. What do you I don't like you, but I love you seems that I'm always thinking of you and what the fuc you come up with their life, like I've said to Paul that was what was this. You know he says, Well, I was sent to New York to do some kind of publishing thing with lawyers and I was sitting in a hotel in New York right before I went in- and I thought I wrote, those lyrics Somehow him being yeah. Black men with songs fifty years ago, in New York with lawyers, probably white, not to say he was put in a situation where he had the magic he had the magic. He wrote a paper. I don't like you, I love you. Seems like maybe the hate that he had for what was about to happen created
opposite, no, but actually told me. He said I was down there and waiting to meet my lawyers and I said that you never know when Napster came along walking hated that prick. Yeah he saw what you say they started singing her songs, hear great. Take all the albums we've ever done all the albums, Nuno Bettencourt, Nicole, the albums that you know the rolling stones ever did put him in a box over there. Now, all my We can have access to that box right. No one knows anybody can do it. It's period everyone's sharing songs and I'm sure people are listening to me and say I want to wreck he's. Fucking ritual Phuc right but what's happened is, is it's become the Well, it's becoming the norm. Is that people recognize you can't do that with movies right. They recognize that. You're, stealing movies. It's illegal like if you get caught with a bit torrent account. Bunch of movies on there and you let people download them you can get prosecuted. Let me ask you why so much for that and
for somebody songs. Well, there is a thing with songs too, but it's just not as common right Jamie is that the case of people have been sued for having tons of songs right haven't, but I think for sure, the movie the industry has gone after that. They go in feels amazing. If, if you, if you're, doubling their movie yeah, it's just songs, for whatever reason after Napster became something that people think that you should just be able to get for free and in order to be something you stick in Spotify and what's the other one Spotify with the other, there's another one titles getting in trouble right now, who is title? The company that J beyond with a few other. They get in trouble for streaming to feeding streams and not paying people yeah, I think about some new band, my dog Chelsea she's in a band with John Foster, her husband, they put some turn out is fucking ridiculously great. Was the money go well? This is what I'm saying to you when naps came along and then things change. Do you think? That's why And the music business really got
That's when they really say look, we got it start we're not getting money from record sales anymore. When the record business, they can do this shit digitally we got to get a piece of that concert sales. We got to go to pick up peace, those tickets. We going to get the merge with. Everything. We've got to solidify. We gotta make it still make it a big deal and their extreme pranks in the money grabbers from artists, just re thumped, it yeah streaming through streaming thumped and streaming seems like a more hostile version of it. But let me ask you, who do you think it's running at the end of the day, somebody executives at your ask: it goes somewhere. You know when I Watch this movie called vinyl. You see I think there is a documentary on whatever so and everyone was out for a bit Mick Jagger and How much was a c? We did a pretty good job. They just got
two into the characters: brain going, fucking crazy and not enough of what was really going on with the New York dolls right. Mick Jagger son was called the squeaky parts, the nasty parts, and it shows the managers snorting blow and thinking how they could fucking take this, and that was so easy all the who's coming them in today, he deals with the nasty parts weren't even signed to the label, but you hear the assigned to the manager and the manager and a secret deal right Sony, but you hear that about boxers have in shity. Can everybody creepy managers you heard about musicians comedians you everything it's, I hope. There's kids out there right now listening to this they want to become lawyers and say that it should be the wild wild West. With these nasty canoe, a new type of lawyer, my uncle used to say. Oh really, you have you know another way when I would say things to him, like you know,
what about these lawyers they took on a case find out after a year and a half a case is still going on grand jury, but they find out that the guy that their their handling really murdered the girl. He's not allowed to speak they're not allowed to speak, because that's the way we are yeah It's gotta change; they and they can bow out, but usually they don't. You know you know when when Oj Simpson was was was, was in caught right. A surrounding our dear friend of Aerosmith in we got sober with us over eighty eight all day and if we have a guy to come out with this every month, and we don't meetings and make sure everything was right, beautiful and cool or in Germany how everybody feeling going wrong with you, cool yeah, everybody, really feel like using folk here. Are you going to know? You know shoot like that? Really cool guy He was asked to go in and see OJ toxic psychosis, we're out of his fucking mind,
it's not so much coke and speed? Whoops didn't mean to do that who had toxic psychosis Oj Simpson, he did my god. He's passed away since he's not a very important coke and speed OJ. Simpson, you don't think it was on coke that I know you tell me you tell Maine and while you're the one shut up, it's not out there. I didn't hear Did you hear he was so I never got that far in the dark that Well, I could show you hear say: did I see him myself? No, no my great sense, my guy, was brought in there and I'll. Tell you why because he was one of those AA gurus that court system saw as somebody that if he says, Joe Rogan, he was on drugs at night, didn't know what he was doing, don't dump and now the judge goes. Ok, let's get him into rehab and he's not know that's you know, but you can't do that with murder. Nobody's going to
that toxic psychosis, you cut your wife set off? They he was on drugs or some kind of law and anyway, the lawyers were looking to find someone to say that if he was caught Is it a blood test on him. My oh, my gosh came who's in jail right. My saves fuqing, toxic psychosis is when you do too much ok, no too much speed or too much anything right. You know he also had a history of domestic abuse is very violent towards Jupiter a bunch of times, and he could have just been that he went crazy and just stabbed her, but didn't and all his friends he was doing blow all the time, didn't that, guy that he jumped out the window say he was selling and blow. I don't know how I do look it up. I would have to anyway, so. I'm just saying. Sometimes these things do exist. Yes, that's sad thing, What's going do without managers, I don't know you know, I'm not sure how I got there. It's okay, whose name the lawyer.
There's always going lawyers, so a lawyer brought in Aa Guru, as a guy that knows about drugs and says hey, he was on drugs. I think it kind of Office, the blow of the murder. You know what he's doing if he was convicted everyone, right, so you never You know, look at come on, so that was what they were probably use on appeal. Here. You know, lawyers right in the sentence. Lawyers will bring it bring it bring him in so because, right now, Trump won't say. I apologize to John okay, because it Does and everything else he said, then, right, I don't know you tell me, that's a good point, but he never apologizes about anything. But so what just say he did now. Ok, so he's got lawyers nine of these fucking lawyers They tell him to know, know know know we apologize now, because if you do it's going to red light on all the other sheet. You said about Mccain, I don't think he listens. I think Trump does whatever the fuck he wants. I don't think he's going to listen to any. He said
any two year old billionaire, and I don't think he listens to anybody. I think he does whatever the you want to hear. That's what I think. That's the only thing that explains his tweeting and all that crazy that he says all time perhaps and the missus complete guessing. No one. No one are you in. Did you yeah for care? Does it feel weird? That is a president very. He called okay. Any over there for truth, wife for seven years and then I got her, and I was in my weed sitting on my bed when I get a phone call and song. Jesus Christ is done the phone. Do you say the Donald? she said. I'm just kidding okay in the family, for seven years I get the phone pick it up I'm sitting down and said it was said, hey Dong, because we
I've been down to MAR Lago own offered money to do, shows one offs form and just stuff about been up to this little castle and he calls yeah- and I said Donald, you can't use dream on as for causes, not campaigns, and he did anyway. He did anyway and I Zoomer Dino soon send him a letter c synthesis. I've been through that shit I kind of know where lawyers live. He had his whole worlds round. Balers, Mcdonald's got ninety lawyers that are telling him what the fuck, okay, maybe he's not listening right. When everyone is saying, if you just say it, Mccain is a fucking hero. If, if we don't see. John Mccain is a hero. Then how do you correct any young people who want to ever join the armed forces because for everything they do in bullets. They take they're going to be laughed at Five presidents, like Trump right what fuck. Are you saying Donald well, he said something crazy.
Do you like what you see my like soldiers that don't get caught things he said, but but they do wars, war who wants to soldiers cock? Is they want to exactly so? I, Just tell you that you know he's not saying anything he's being told what to do and see. I think he just does whatever the fuck he wants, and if the lawyers tell him and says you can't play dream on he's like fuck him. I know what he did. He played it anyway, so I had sent him a cease and assist. Then he sends a letter and said what what I'm play and kid rock or something like what did he found about I found a better song. I guess I should we would have to find it well yeah, that's his thing. You know he likes it. So people can, you know, work on it. I see how about how people get off on his. What is this? I get, isn't? Isn't he a present for this time now I mean this is the time we were talking before the show people trying to drag people down and so Media and the so much hostility and people looking to be angry and insult. This is the time for that.
Always, unfortunately, I wonder if he's opening something good, please opening Pandora's box for good, or is he opening Pandora's? It's our choice. I think it's our choice. But these are present in the pc he's a president, but I, we can respond to this bad feeling that we have. Out those kind of actions in a positive way. I think that's there there's an opening think the opening is for people to recognize it going to live forever. An insult people into the grave and feel good when you're dying. It doesn't matter like what makes you feel good right now. Something makes you feel good to constantly be knocking people down and shooting on their grave. You probably have terrible person. Nobody wants to be a terrible person, at least the majority of people I think the majority of people going to recognize this path is a bad one, that it might feel in the short term to say: fuck you yeah we're going to make America great again, I'm going to fucking like the world on fire, but I think after awhile
and the tide goes in and the tide goes out and people are going to realize that this is not the way to go. I hope I hope we're going to learn. I think the world is getting better over. Well, I think there's terrible moments that have always throughout human history, but I think overall, if you look at the period we live in now. You know, and Steven Pinker wrote a great book about this There's a lot of evidence. I figure out his book as long as evidence of points that every now and then I'll find somebody on a breach. Something see something- and I called my managers give me his number called Steven up I'm from. I met him and have lunch he's great at the vertical crab this is, you know bossing. Yes, one of the best restaurants on planet. The barking getting crowded lunch with and my married Robecca. What are fun and slamming guy he's a really common pairs, fuqing smartest and be friendly? This is the kind of people this is this. Is I agree with you when it's time for lifting up yeah. Well, I think that's
it happens. I really don't think it's right now. It's natural, this big, four minus! Well, the more you know the more stupid shit goes on like this. The more people are going to recognize that this is not it's not good. Does it make feel good and it's not even good for conservatives, but conservatives just like it, because it's their turn. Now they returned? They got a bully on their sides, those going to CASS it's going to fucking. Do things the way we want yeah, but even they're going to realize like this, isn't the way you would admire people. This isn't the way to go. This is there's a possibility to be kind and conservative. At the same time, this is possible. I think things will balance out that won't you know only time will tell yeah let him overly optimistic ' time. So don't listen to me. No, that's the best way to be, I think so, you definitely don't want to go into the hole. That's what I'm saying, though I mean look at the music business. You know looking Hunter S, Thompson quote
the music business. You know when it comes to streaming you this one is a cruel and shallow money, trench, a long plastic hallway, where thieves Ms Run, free and good men die like dogs, there's also a negative side. I thought hunter, and I we were good friends for a bit. I love that guy yeah yeah MA giant. Yeah he's a menu here, let's wrap this up right here. Best you're the best I fucking hope this is going to do this. I hope we open up some doors here. We did. We had some doors with me about Ufos insured. On my order. First of all, I gotta rethink worship that, yes, yes, you know what it's totally possible, that you oppose a real, but beware of people that tell you they know the truth, because people want to know the truth, so the people that come along tell you. I know the truth too. Many of full. It's too it's an easy con game. That's my thought. On. Steven Tyler Mother, respect a respect. Goodnight goodnight.
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folks. That's it for the podcast appreciate the Fuckity people, the great powerful TIM Kennedy will be with us tomorrow and for now, bye, bye,
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