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2018-06-05 | 🔗
Jesse Itzler is an entrepreneur, author, and founder of The 100 Mile Group. Check out his new book "Living With The Monks" available at
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Affordable, timeless gift and again it's a very high quality watch that they look good to fuqing, really nice. They did a great job, v dot com, Slash, Rogan, join the movement all right. That's it hi folks, yes today is the author of two books living the seal. And his most recent one living with the monks and he's a guy that I had heard about, because I knew that he, the seal that he lived with was our friend David Goggins who's been on the podcast before who's a fuckin' straight up, savage and so Jesse, who is he's an entrepreneur or an author or keynote speaker, but just talking and a former rapper by the way I did not know I really enjoy talking to him super super present guy and just has had a really fucking cool life and he's got great enerji really enjoyed it. So please give it up for Jesse Itzler
the Joe Rogan experience hundred mile man or hundred man. What is it one hundred mile man, what is that one hundred mile race so years ago, and I feel like I'm the fucking man. Let me let me grab it if it's available, that's cool that you got it because that's a very popular thing now, yeah run this before or after you did. The book with David Goggins ran it before. Ok, I think it's time when I did it four hundred Americans that ran one hundred miles or something really wasn't a lot. So that's why it was available crazy. How many people do it now yeah? I think I was trying to figure out in my head how do a year and like how many? this hundred mile races is there. Are there something then multiply it out, so probably five or six thousand I'm guessing
six thousand people have done it. I think, probably I think so. Wow Americans yeah it's a long way. It's a long way we're just about talking right before the podcast about how a Miss America, yanked off all Is there no longer judged by their beauty? And I post this because I thought it was silly and this just these fight online? This fucking fights in the comments and fights and people are tense. Yeah People need to go out, run those hundred miles yeah, it listen up fast. I know what the fuck will miss. America is scrapping the swimsuit. Competition would no longer be judged on physical appearance it's literally a beauty contest that is, what it is. What are they replacing it? With? I mean I got think like when Playboy decided to not have people nude right that like, but he
this thing, but no longer judging them on their physical appearance. But what does that mean What does that mean that we are no longer a pageant. Gretchen Carlson says we're a competition. Ok I give up. I don't know I think this might have you know, hurt the ratings a little bit. I think a little bit lower. Not maybe people will get very excited about it. Maybe we'll wrap up yeah get a lot of talk, yeah, maybe it will be Pist off and so they'll tune in. Just I don't know. Where do you stand on it? I don't give a fuck it's so stupid? Miss I mean this is what's really fascinating. To me is that it was a reading the comments. A lot of feminists were angry at me that I was mocking and I saw a few of them.
I don't get it like. Why would you even want to who I'd most like to fuck contest? 'cause? That's what it is. I mean, that's really what it is you having these gals parade around or bikini? It's a beauty contest. Do we Have a Mister America contest like. Is that just the president that the missed american content says I don't know I don't I mean I was trying to ask. You: is someone who's deeply connected to competition and mindsets yeah? I don't I'm not following it that closely. But I am going to miss that part of the competition. To be honest with you, I really, I guess, there's so many opportunities to see people naked today that yeah, but you know as a kid watching the Miss America pageant rose like you know there weren't a lot of options back then yeah yeah kids today are broken sports illustrated and does Rajon swimsuit issue. I wonder if they're going to swimsuit issue murder,
maybe they just see their faces and just have to assume there in this swimsuit and then you know the be like a bubble thought bubble and it will be filled with an amazing quote that they say that will be the new swimsuit issue. 'cause we're just judging them on their minds right and the content. Yes, the content, the content, speaking content living with monks. Yes, what is it called living with the monks living with the monks? This is your new book. Yes Why should I do that and how long you doing for I did it for fifteen days. I will not that's more than enough man yeah. We go like this for an hour. Your finger will fall off, will do it with your finger up and down to some repetition. What did you have to do I live with. They were. They were eight months for which have been there for fifty years. Fifty fifty on a monastery, eight hundred eight hundred five hundred acres kind of in the middle of nowhere- and
I went for fifteen days, so I figured I'd I'd did so much of my life on the physical, I ran a hundred miles and just always active in this and that and have really invest. Did very little on my own inner work and I just like man. I just felt over well with a little bit, and I said to my wife- who are the masters and everything pointed to monks. And I said I want to go, live in a monastery, there's something romantic about that right. It's almost like the guy who goes off into the woods to write a book like, with a with a monk like in just being you know in a monastery with monks, there's something very romantic about that right that you've shared all your worldly belongings and you no longer care about the day today Nonsense that everybody is fixated on just decide to just Yes,
Oh all day, you could do it, you should do it man, you should do it do it. I've lived the opposite of a monks life. My life is filled with bullshit. I get it. Yeah where'd you go so I went. I went to a monastery just s of Canada in the states, uh yeah, but no state is it. It was in upstate New York, ok yeah, Vermont border and it was you know. No phone total kind of separation from my family of four kids, my wife and just got to get to know myself a little bit now now, when you were up there, was there anytime, where you're like what the fuck by doing like one get into it. I got when I first got up there. The main monk, like my go to Monk Brother brother, Christopher, took me to
room. They call the rooms that a cell which is about the size of this table, and I had a bed I walked in. There was a bed. There was a little desk with a knife app on it and nothing on the walls and tomorrow we're going to start prayer, reflection and meditation at seven hundred and fifteen am, and I looked at my watch and it was six hundred pm and I asked him what do we do between now and seven hundred and fifteen am and he looked at me dead in the eye, and he said you think- and I said to Myself- I'm fact because I'm like. I don't really like spend a lot of time in thought. So I went and I Okay, I'm ok, I'm going to meditate. You know like I'm here. Let me start. This journey with meditation had taken a little a course in transit. Meditation, I'm not a big meditation guy other than running and so I set my timer for twenty minutes and I sat down. My chair n. I started
focusing on my mantra and like a media Leon bombarded with how is my wife had the kids, the hawks like all the stuff you know, but the Atlanta hawks. I look at you know about your kind of hog everything's coming at me and im time is going by and I'm just getting bombarded with thought and I'm like. Why is my timer buzzed like it's been been here forever, so I was going to look and reset I think, I'm like that would be cheating. Let me keep going and going and all the time is going by and finally I'm like fuck is going on with my time. Are you know so I open my eyes and I looked at reset my timer three minutes and twenty seven seconds no, and I said to my starting really thought it was twenty minutes I thought was like out. Man I mean, like I've, never really sat in a room like with nothing going on just close my eyes alone and thought and time to stop, and I calculate how much time I have left like fifteen days times twenty four hours of sixty minutes- and I said to myself:
and I'm in trouble. This isn't like like this, isn't what on Gilligan's island. This is a real like I can't get out of here, and I had a really hard time with it. What was the commitment? The commitment was fifty days, so the only you personal yeah. He did it up to you like there, no nothing in writing and did you have a way to escape? I mean I was thinking of escape plans, but On the monastery in this is a little crazy. This, the way the monks keep the lights on. Is the breed german shepherds, that's how they make money, they breed german there's a lot of seen. They wrote a book, they wrote a book. I have the book, it's a book about raising puppies correct the same guy same guys, So they wanted Buddhist, they were russian Orthodox and they raise german shepherds. So they live on. This prop the these eleven german shepherds and at the end of the property? The only way off the property where to
mobile homes unconnected to the monastery at the end of this road that leads up to the monastery and both of those Holmes had german Shep. It is well several territorial, so there really was no way for me to escape. Like I couldn't, I ran one hundred and twenty miles up and down the driveway. While I was there, I couldn't leave the property, so you just time yourself or paste yourself with using an app or something. I said like two thousand steps equals a mile in counted your stepson. Oh Jesus Christ, dude yeah, I counted unmarked, What do they think about you running around back and forth, like that thought? As a fucking psychopath, sounds like you guys have been here for fifty years. Then I'm just trying to get some exercise. What are the guys like that have been there for fifty years. A quiet they were they were, you know, extremely listen and they they were doing. What they wanted to do with their life, so they were
super happy really, yes, super present. I mean very present and I live in the world that to do list right now. They were very present very happy and really really nice to me and everybody who did you talk to them? They speak English. What was that conversation like what it, what it, what do you say to a guy who's been in a monastery for fifty years to stare at the walls? I wonder if I could talk about the pageant that would right? I know you confused when I first got out there, ask me a little bit about my background. I told them. You know house in the private jet business they didn't understand private jets really and then I said I had a coconut water company, they never heard of coconut water. I told I was involved with the Atlanta Hawks and one of long said: I've been to a an expose game and I'm like that's a different sport, they don't play, they don't exist anymore. It is, is
varied like time warp at first. It was really interesting, really interesting. Jesus know what led these get these guys that are fifty years fifty years on the monetary. How old? Were they this? So some of the age range I think the youngest monk was thirty five up until late. Knees, so late seventies, with the guys that have been there for fifty s, yeah the checked in when they were twenty, yeah, the young 20s in the same spot they actually built monastery by hand, they bought five hundred acres. For very, I think it was like fifty thousand dollars or something or crazy, and then they built the monastery by hand, and so it's been passion of love and labor and they've been there since and so they, Val celebs, see the whole deal and celibacy poverty, poverty and celibacy at twenty yeah. They they take about four things of
Celibacy poverty's, they pledge all their personal belongings to the monastery, so they really don't possession is a drivers license obedience instability, meaning we're not leaving. This is what we're going to do. So, let me talk about discipline. Just also trying to do forever forever and what do they get funding their self sufficient? So they stay. Free, german shepherds. They sell 'em, that's kind of an income stream and then their masters, world masters of dog training, training, so every two weeks, they have ten dogs that come in and they and I watch this- I mean literally dogs come in like Spuds Mackenzie and leave like they just left etiquette school like it was like anytime you're in the presence of the people that are the best in the world at what they do. It's fuckin' fascinate, and these guys were masters. They are the masters of
I'm sure there's a lot of people that are great, but in their space of dog training and breeding. What was so it's about the way they trained dogs the command like like they had an nrg that the dogs responded to. I mean like I would walk in the dogs would go crazy, they'd sniff, my nuts they just like they go nuts. These guys would walk in and like they could just sense that they were in control. They were control now and like the eye contact that the everything the way that they talk their toe. On their hand. Mannerisms they just have mastered this and they have a deep connection with dogs. Dogs are weird in that way, like I have a one year old golden Retriever and he has different rules for different people, and he knows We can get away with what with like my wife's mom
has zero shot at controlling this dog like it's like he's like, oh, no, no, no, I'm the boss. I think I want to jump up on you and kiss you and no I'm going to just run around and put a pause on you when you sit in the chair and we're, like Marshall, come on man what the fuck? What is this? You don't do this and doesn't when she's. Here he just decides Matt New set of rules with this lady. She doesn't seem to know what the fuck to do with Maine, but when I had a trainer that I worked with him for in the beginning, when I first got him and when Ryan the trainer comes over. He just like sits down. He super well, he listens. He's like aw. This guy knows the to do yeah. I know that control me it's very interesting he's even different with me then he is with my friends, like my friends come over let me try you out mother. I was on you see what's up and I wish she would be like across the board with everybody, but he's just it's all. Love
so it's not bad. It's just a lovey dog yeah. Well, just like pause on you and shit. You know I'm not really a dog person. I like dogs, but we have one now, but we don't really connect I'm not like instant when they see me the way that they are with other people. But the monks were using that we're teaching me various lessons almost like karate kid style the dogs. So like the first day, I got there Every day I was signed a different role with out of one of the monks and there were eight and they had different, responsibilities around the monastery the first day in the training center with one of the month, was training the dog and my job was to be the distractor, so rainbow this dog would walk around and I would fucking go Adam and jump and run and like try to you know whatever get him to break his goal.
I going. They were kind of simulating a park scene or city scene in making this dog. Not get distracted, so I would go nuts with a pork chop and this and throw it whatever the dog would just go. So unwavering from point a to point b and the monks. To me at the end, just like it's just like life man is like. If you have a goal just like both goals to get from a to b. You can't be distracted in your goal and I was like that makes sense. Some karate stuff. My son yeah like wax on, but all these different, lesson started to emerge. It was pretty interesting, wow that, it's interesting too, that they're doing it with german shepherds are really really smart dogs. I want oak. What's a dumb dog
uh! It's like a generally thought of that dumb dog. Let's think trying to think like. Why would generally be thought of as a dumb dog? There's? No like prejudices, for dogs right is. There is like, like one breed like this dumb fucking breed, I don't think of, Wouldn't you it if you say like a dumb dog, this dumb individual dogs, but I don't ever think of like all that, there's, some dogs that are like spastic right, a Jack Russell terriers are kind of spastic, but that they were raised to kill rats and they just like were they have high, kill, driving or super hyper Blake? I can't think of a dog that's supposed to be stupid, but german shepherds are generally supposed to be smart lists as it in
just bulldogs, but I don't know if that's really really, I think they're just lazy and my dog Brutus is half english bulldog and half Shibu Eno. He just has bad joints and he's just lazy. He just only stupid yeah, he's kind of a dick. He said dick to other dogs, but I just think that this is in pain, a lot. These dogs are super smart they're, so smart man, those dogs, look at you and the sizing. You up checking you out, see what the fuck you're up to making sure you're cool, but there's like this feeling like they know they could kill you like they're, looking at you like. I could kill you, but I'm just checking you out. I had that feeling that they could kill me too yeah. It's a real feeling, yeah yeah, they crap and they were like, I was scared they were sensing had was trying down down play. My yeah, my friend who trains has a dog? That's like he does police work,
it's like a serious fucking dog and he'll attack like thing if you're holding like a stick like on command- and he jumps in one of the things that he does, he buy is the stick and then to pause, go right in your nuts and I don't think it's on purpose, but damn it's an effective strategy like it's like by and then nut stomp, all in one maneuver right yeah, but those dogs are ' you know there are a dog, that's sort of bread and designed for protection, work and police work and stuff. Yeah, they are they. They train their dogs for as pets, so they didn't do any kind of police work or anything like that. So the the eleven german shepherds that were on the property were super well, be I mean like ridiculously well behaved, so well the, are they just train them to make sure that they're obedient? You know
just listen. Watch the house bark at strangers. That kind of yeah hand signals a beating in it, not jumping, but really that you know they know who's in control. So do these guys do do that before they started running the monastery, or was it something that they decided to do while they had the monastery now so they they fell into it. They didn't go up there none of them had any experience in dog training that wasn't the intent. They said we got to keep the lights on here. And they had a dog. They had a dog as a pet and fell in love with the dog, and ultimately they when the dog passed away, they got killed, they wanted dog and they went to a breeder and they got two dogs and they actually just they realize that they once they bred an amazing puppy. I their first litter that and train these dogs that there was demand and they just scaled it like any other business. You know and they learned along the way, trial and error just like any entrepreneur,
I mean these guys, like first of they were monks in there there's for spiritual than religious. They were russian orthodox. They weren't there not Buddhists, an there using entrepreneurs They ran this thing super efficiently, but the but the it would only be to make enough money to keep the lights on correct. So as an entrepreneur, it's almost they're they're limited in their ambition. I think access it's out. There they have excess money in revenue? It's not going material things, but it's for the life and the extension of the of the month not to stay yeah, so they would save it and put it away for taxes or what have you yeah or they Have you know there in the hands of God? They have. They don't have a lot of letters or they don't have a lot of puppies or they have no income right right. That's fascinating! Now these guys what do they do for recreation? They pray Jesus. They think they
read what do they read and they have like amazing collection of books, fiction, everything really okay well read, so they do have some entertainment in like fiction yeah, and you know periods of it and I went up there with no expectation, not the only like I'd heard of monks I've, seen monks in movies and read articles and blogs, but I never. I don't know much about it right about the culture, certainly about russian Orthodox and the different factions in this, and that so I went up there is wide open and but I went up there really just to detach and get away from feeling overloaded and feeling distracted and man I'm a father of four- and I have This is my wife has not entrepreneur, etc, and I just to see like you know this kind of my My journey I learn best by diving into the unknown, just like I did with David and just as I have done in businesses and other things, it's like. I learn best by going in
the unknown. So I didn't do a lot of research around them or how, money or this or that I just kinda, showed up now. That's certain it's a crazy under two. Making. But I guess, if you knew you only had fifteen days at least I, like some light at the end of the rainbow when the 15th day came, and would you get in the car and drive away from that place, yeah how fucking good filter phone to check that felt? Really I dated was going on on Twitter Dave Four and five. I was kind of making excuses rationalizing in my head. That seven would be enough, so I in my head I was going home day, seven, oh! Well, I mean I was like no one's going to know the difference or care. If I went fifteen days or seven days or is that like, if you're at mile fifteen, like that's enough it this same kind of thing, same kind of thing. Until you wake up the next day and like I dropped out right, you you feel, like you know so anyway,
Yes, I did like you know. I'm gonna stick this out and then, when I left is a good feeling and the feeling was proud, I felt proud of myself for sticking through it. You know it's not funny. These guys have been there for five thousand and fifty years. Many look at it. Two weeks, man yeah, it felt good. I've been it yeah, also felt good to go into a bed well, fifty years when you're describing that that seems so once sing to me that I can't even relate, but when you're talking about your fifteen days like man, you poor, bastard- I feel bad for you, the guy, the fifty fifty years he might will be living in. Another dimension is, as I'm concerned yeah I mean and there in his 20s. That is just so, nothing, no sex, no family! No! No neighborhood! Nope, no fuckin' hobbies no drive to work nope fuck
and you know, they're impression of it is like we made this decision. So it's not. We didn't sacrifice it like. We decided. This is the life we want to live, but when he made this decision it was nineteen what nineteen sixty there's some shit? That's just black and white tv. Oh my god! That's a crazy decision! That's crazy! to decide back then, like I I see what's coming and I've had enough yeah I've enough these daily newspapers is just too much information right, exactly that's a crazy time to check out so there know what the going on in the world did you quiz them on? Should I don't really quiz- and I mean the every Sunday night. They have one there's one tv in one back room and they watch the news they get a sense of just like you know, kind of where we are state of the art of war. If there's a nuclear meltdown yeah one hour, about an hour on Sunday one night a week and that's how they tune it, who
who is crazy. I was immediately like my head went to like I'm sure, we're being a right now and I'm stuck at the monster right. Yeah, I'm sure the airlines are flying. I'm stuck here for another thirty days right You know my mind went to a place where I was thinking just the worst of everything. You know what news do they trust I think they trusted all bollywood which channel do they go to. They would just watch like you know the local see the local, so whatever is local in the upstate New York? Ok, don't netflix options. Do they have internet uh I had no access to the internet. I think they have access probably further job, but I don't know actually for the dog training Jesus Christ. It was wild it, but why is that so? Romantic to people 'cause? It is it's very romantic right. There's something about this idea of checking out. Just I had a buddy who did it? Milk
for all. I know he still does it. I lost touch with them twenty five plus years ago, but he was a kwando guy and he started to meditate. 'cause. He was always very nervous about sparring and very nervous about competition. So excuse me he was trying to figure out what was going on. So he said. Let me just take some meditation classes. It took some meditation class is really enjoyed. It got really really into it. And then one day decided to give up all the worldly possessions and all of the trappings of civilization and move into the monastery, and I remember when we met him for lunch. One day he also become a vegetarian, so we only eight
vegetables and we're all just hanging around and he seemed oddly apiece, and it was so confusing to me because at the time I was like probably twenty- and I was just didn't know what the fuck is going on the world. He was maybe ten years older than me, and this guy just decided. I'm I've had enough which, weird to me that he made me nervous like you know, like you made me nervous that, like he was on to something it may be nervous that he was wiser than me that it highlighted how up I am, and you know, especially at twenty years. It's so life is ok. Right no idea what the future holds for you. If it's going to be success,
or failure. If you're going to slip it every fucking banana peel you run across, but he seemed to have it figured out sitting there eating vegetables all common schitt. Where is he now I've? No idea I lost touch with him. I lost touch with them. You know probably like thirty years ago, but when I was twenty, those guys freaked me out too yeah. They must have freaked not just when you do this book, I mean I freak them out. Really I was an alien I'm at came in their high energy. You know raw like we, the only guys ever done that, of probably probably at the at this particular place. I think for an extended period time like that yeah what what what they let you do it well that I had written a book prior lid with a seal and they knew I was coming up there to write a book and I guess they like the first book. Well, I'm sure to be good for the dog business to
yeah yeah yeah, so they read your book. They read my book. Were you allowed to read books where you were there? I was allowed to. I brought. I brought not like a big reader, so I figured two books would carry me for fifty or fifteen days, but I read it like. I read both in like the first day like the first two days, so I was like a. Check whatever they have looked Mary Poppins Jen read this stupid shit yeah. I said I'm good just thinking wow. So was there any point at like day thirteen when you like, I actually kind of like this Yes, I think around age, seven, once I realized like you know, I got the excuses my head, that I'm staying, I'm not I'm not leaving! I mean this. This is what I'm doing. And I settled into it. Like tremendously energized, because, like at the there, you don't make any decisions. Do you eat when they tell you to eat you eat what they tell you to eat. You go to service when the church Bell ring.
You go you out with one out for the showered once so all these all the decision, taken away from you, but when the decisions are taken away from you. It frees up so much energy. So I was getting like super clear and I was like I like this. This is like no one can get to me. I'm not getting, party. No, we can schedule appointments with me. This isn't so bad. Have you ever done, the sensory deprivation tank. There's the thing about the sensory deprivation. Do you know what is right? The thing that's most, interesting about. It is that, in the absence of input, your brain is freer and you can. Decisions better and think about things better, because there's no input coming in you don't think about it, but as we're sitting here just touching this table, is input you when I look at each other across the lights. All this is input, and in that tank there's no input and in the absence of input it frees up more resources for your brain. So in a sense with the
these monks, you're saying or doing by having everything on a schedule. We don't have to think about anything and there's no! even coming in there's no twitter facebook. All that jazz, your you have more resources correct and you feel better. That's exactly that's exactly right, my experience that you know, I think the average American makes like thirty five thousand fifty thousand decisions a day and there's a real call decision. Defeat, fatigue really yeah. In when you eliminate all When I came home, I came home. An the day. I got home. My wife is like sweetie, I'm going to take the kids to school and I'm gonna. Take the blue car. I, like cool, take the car and she came back a minute later, like you know what I don't think, the other because I want to park in the blue car is too big and I was like I could take the other car and then she back in just cause. You know what I'm going to take the blue carbon like Sarah. You using so much enerji or ready, it's seven hundred and forty five am on what car to drive
and I realize, like that happens all the time. You know it's like Austin man yeah, did you No no I'm just saying like when you know I don't have any of that. So it freed up all this in general, is making like massive lifeless. What I want to do, I became very aware of my relationship with time I mean when we think of relations we think of our relationships with our mom or dad or kids or this, and that but like no one thinks of a relationship with time? Now I'm turning fifty the average american list to be seventy eight years old. So if I'm average hope on that that means. I got twenty eight years of life left. If you, Reverse engineer that if reverse engineer it like I just Mount Washington there. No seven year olds climb Mount Washington, the act, the actual years that you have left to be active and should that we want to do they shrink. And efficiently as a percentage as you get older. So once you get
aware of your relationship with time. Everything shifts the item fundamental shift when I came home with as a relates to my relationship with time and who I want to spend it with, and what I want to do. And I want to put more on my plate of the stuff that I love to do with the people. I love to do it with I started getting like a lot of clarity around that when I wasn't getting bombarded with everything else like I don't spend any time alone. The only I spent alone is, if I go for a run, everything else is I'm getting in influence by everybody else and everything else I'm losing my mind superpower. My instinct Have I got a nine hundred and eighty on my essay t man, I survive on instinct and gut and I was losing that because I was so distracted, so as I started to get that alone time. Your total posterity. Do it he's got it in a carving out, a little bit of time for myself everyday. I just started to think
clear on like how do I want to live? Reverse engineer the rest of my life. Do you see This is something you would do on a regular basis now, but it's something that I have an I feel like you know, like I said like going into the unknown. It gives you an edge. You know it gives you I'm out of it a little bit different than you go in and it doesn't have to be a monastery. It could be erased. It could be business experience whatever right, but just doing something different doing it different, because you know so yeah I feel like It's I don't think I would do it again, but I think I have to because I already have. I can tap into that. I need it. You think that'll wear off, though 'cause a lot of times, inspiration for people, it's fleeting, the takeaways, won't won't wear off, like I'm ready back on my phone, I'm back in modern day life, and you know I'm all up again, but the main things like my relationship with time and certain thing
As of you know, who I want to spend it with, and what I want to do and continuing to build when I call my life resume doing these things that build up my my business resume. But my life resume that things that I know I want to do more of, and that will never go away, so you know there's there's things that came out of it that will last forever, like what kind of adjustments did you make when you came back, start saying no started. I just reverse engineer, my life. Let me give you an example: my parents are eighty, eight okay, have a good, spaceship with my parents, my parents are eighty eight they live in Florida. I see my Let's say my parents lived to be ninety two. I hope they live longer, but let's say the little. Let's say they live five years right. I don't have five years left with parents. I see my parents twice a year. That means I have ten visits with my parents, so when I started to look at it like that. I made significant changes.
Okay, I'm get on going plane, see my parents and when I'm in, those moments I feed- on the ground. That's where I am because I only have a limited amount of time with them. He understand it's five years. People know I got now. You know how many times you see a man, you see him too z, you got ten visits, so I I just started looking at stuff like that, became really aware when I'm in moments that are big moments to take it in and take note of it. So it has an impact on me and I appreciate it. Won't you. Did you shift anything else in your life like as far as like what you do with your time during the days I did so I see. Putting parameters around simple things like my phone? So like I? we got the movie theater. I be checking my forgot it being I'd like to look under my shirts. The light doesn't light up and No, but you know well gladly she did that number courteous yeah, that's true, but I put Paren there's, no, nothing, I'm not keeping my phone in it at at at night time and you know seen anything come in a five
in the morning. Nothing at the dinner table with my kids and so like basic obvious things like that As far as my time, I made two really big chain: is one changes and I kind of always been doing this. I want necessarily say it was a change, but I take three hours a day for myself, religiously, a little is new. Just since the monster, it's it's it's kind of like uhm, it's unwavering since the mod it's kind of been in my life and Adam my life, but I just made a pie chart of time. It's twenty four hours in a day we all have the same pie. Chart starts the same and I said I sleep seven, or is I mean sometimes I'm at a balance with them doing something big and put right now six or seven hours. I take three from my it is cumulative, so like I'll pick could be I'm gonna go for an hour run, I'm going to sit in the sauna for twenty minutes, I'm doing nothing but when I'm in my time I'm not mad that I'm not with my k
kids or my wife or or I'm not mad, I'm at my office, like that's my time and when I'm with my kids, I'm not mad that I'm not at work or whatever 'cause. I don't want to resent my wife from a bar, Is there anybody for taking away the ship that I love to do like? If they said you can't run You can't go in the sauna ivy Pist pissed off. I've even hinted my wife I'd be pissed at everybody, so three hours for myself, the average American works forty hours a week, that's eight hours a day, you of six hours left in the day. Now, of course, you have to eat if the commute you family and that, but my point is even take twenty four hours a long day. I learned that running you can get a lot of shit done if you keep moving for twenty four hours, even if you take, the hours for yourself. If you get rid of the stuff that doesn't move the needle in the buckets that are most important to you, you can get a lot done.
So I take three hours for myself and that's been a you know, and I'm not mad about it. I'm not like guilty about it at all. You feel like I'm way out of balance and then the second thing actually didn't come. From the monastery, but it was like kind of an offshoot of the monastery. I was mentioned that I climb Mount Washington Mount Washington in the winter is one of the ten most dangerous mountains. I think the climb, certainly in the states of the highest death rate, because the winds are go to about anywhere from on any given day five thousand one hundred miles an hour: minus thirty five degrees, no visibility, Fuckin', it's just a hundred miles an hour yeah. What the is that like it. I mean I didn't experience. One hundred, but I experienced super high winds like when? Did you experience fifty? I need more five thousand and sixty what is it like? Well, the first I went twice the first time I went to do it. I didn't make it to the summit.
Because it was too dangerous. I top actually timed out, like I don't have time to get back to make it an altitude. No just into the the amount of darkness, yeah darkness. There was gotten to to to to talk to get back down right. I was a five friend is no tour guide. I mean, did everything wrong right and I actually came home after that attempt, which was a year ago, and I was talking to my wife about it- an I was getting- I posted on Facebook, so everybody was blasted Jamaica it. You know not washing his only about four five five miles to the top four point: six miles, just the elements in the weather that make it so hard an. I said to my wife: I failed, you know, like I didn't make it. I feel like an ass, I'm so disappointed. I want to go back and she said well get it four guide, breaking your boots, properly trained for this and go back next winter and check it off your list, and I was like next winter, I'm going back on Saturday. Next,
like who knows if I'm going to be healthy enough next winter right, so I went back next went there, I mean that Saturday with the same guys and we did it and then gently this year I took my son who's eight, not to the top, but like we're, gonna go camp out once you experience this got him a minus forty sleeping bag and all the stuff we went out there with my friend is a police officer and Suffolk County. He brought his daughter and we're sitting out there sleeping outside fucking freezing, fucking freezing and I'm all bundled up, and I turned to him and I'm How often do you do it like this? You know police officer is the happiest guys rock star shape, and he goes. I call it the cabin rule. He goes every here. I go on one trip a year with my college roommate doing since I'm twenty one and then once every two months I take a weekend and I do something I go camping A marathon ago,
a I'll go to me. Whatever with my family or friends- and I said to Myself- if I can't going back to your question about time, if I can take a weekend every eight weeks, once every two once I can't carve out day or two to take some kind of adventure to put on my life resume or to have collect a moment for me my life is out of balance. I called the cabin rule, and I said if I live thirty more years to live to Eighty- and I do that You know. For thirty years it's one hundred and fifty or one hundred basic one hundred and fifty more walking, amazing memories that I'm going to create and that became another one of these time related monastery, related urgency rules. So I just again it just became a real. Big clarity around like man. I want to live with urgency and I do as much as I can put as much on my plate of the stuff. I love to do with the people
love in my life and have it on my resume and that's I live. My life forward, that's very inspiring, so when you, decided to cut out or carve out three hours a day for yourself. What was the first set the eliminated little, just saying no to the request. For my time, like what kind of hey can get Jess you, Do you think you can meet me for lunch? I want to talk to you about it, a business idea that I have in the beverage ace. I know that you had your coconut water. I want to talk to you about that. Now, I'm going for a run yeah! Oh no! I don't want any money. I don't want any I just want to talk to you for fifteen minutes, a friend of mine. No, you think on Friday I can come down for fifth see this, but no because it's cumulative, It's not one, I mean listen. I me sign one person ever no, no! It's going to be one person everyday there so with some new request? So that was the first shift and the second thing is for the
and I put myself first, you know in a lot of times. I don't, but in certain times I do and I realized that I was. This is kind of might be a little bit more specific, but I realized I love football. I watch a lot of football man, I realized that I was watching two Games out game on Saturday, fantasy. Football Sunday, I'm locked in Sunday. Game Monday night Thursday night, and I realized that if at this point, if I lived, eight thousand five hundred and eighty whatever. That would be thirty. Six thousand hours of football. Thirty six. Thousand hours football that I be watch throw in some of the fights that was some of the other stuff. It's like I pulled. I just took the the for the the plug out and I freed up to thirty x? That's not my wife said you won you the we need to live in the mass and like fifteen day
hey sweetie? I just freed up thirty six thousand hours. You get the benefit of that I'm going for fifteen days. So freed up the time by eliminating stuff that, like didn't, move the needle, so you stop watching football told I still watch it, but I mean I became very aware of it and I'll just like. I still watch it I check in I'm not sitting around that you know on Sunday, nothing wrong with it. It's just wasn't moving the needle in my family, my finances, are my wellness. But what about recreation time? A group creation time is valuable, like enjoying things like sitting back and watching movie enjoying absolutely, and I do I do, but I'm not I'm not, you know, I'm asking for myself as much as I'm asking for you uh yeah. I mean I think, you got to be happy and do the things you like to do, but you know again for me: I look at it. I look at it very simply. I got
three or four buckets. I got my family, my wellness, five, my finances and causes that important to me and you if it's not moving the needle nose for buckets, it's really just a distraction honestly and now That doesn't mean I'm not gonna. Go to a movie. That's family! That's! Well! It's part of my wellness relaxing is part of my wellness. You want to go, but you know those are kind of Everything else kinda gets get to know like going to lunch to to to look at someone elses idea in a category. I don't really know much about because they want to maybe get to me or they want my wife. No, no, no! No! No! She make a t shirt. I've said yet. Listen I get it when I was starting out as an entrepreneur. When I was twenty years old, you know, and I was cleaning kitty pools Two in the music business has done all this stuff. I laugh a lot of jokes that were funny. I know You know what I mean to get deals to get stuff out of that
laugh and I'm sick of laughing at jokes. That are funny. That's actually very funny, like you saying that it's very funny, it's a smart thing to do, but in the beginning very hard right because you're trying to get momentum you're trying to establish relationships, you want people to like you, you don't want to dead face a stoop. Joke, it's not having go that Jesse, guys a dick, not do anything with him, so you laugh yeah. So Do you organize your time like very specifically now, and did you do that in the past? I do now I did in the past because you know in the past I do it, I'm not do anything. I say yes to to action, without really thinking them through very often right now, What I do is, I have a third grade: three year old system. I have two notebooks, I'm kind of old school. I don't really operate well keeping stuff in phones,
I just take everything that comes into my head. I put it on. I dump it out of my head to free up space in my head. So I have one journal that has everything I need to do an I just do that to get it, out of my head. I don't remember that I have to get my son's friends. Eight year old birthday, present for Saturday as write it down doesn't mean it goes away, but it's out of my head right, and I have my daily from that list, I picked the most important things that have to get done and then the night before I write him down or the beginning of the week has not come out. Man and how long ago was it that you went to this monastery into this fear in the year one year ago, and has this enthusiasm or this feeling waned at all. Now, wow. That's really interesting. Do you think? Do you convey that in the book? I do I mean I've been living. I feel like I've been living. My life like this, even
for the monastery just reinforced a lot of things, I think combined with the fact that, for some reason you know I'm turning. Fifty it's had it's fucking with me in a way that I do I think it would, and I don't know how do you fifty yeah. So I don't know if you had the same impact on you but, like you know, not a day. That goes by where I don't say to myself man in thirty years you turning eighty but you will look at look at live with urgency. You know all those my enemies for clock. I feel, like my enemies, the clap Ann as a lot of stuff. I want to do in my life and my enemies. The clock. Do you feel do you live in the moment enough? Absolutely you do I do because that would be the worry right like if you're kind, only worrying about damn twenty years movie- seventy
thirty years in the eighties. If you keep doing that like there, there are people that look ahead too much and don't just and I've I've talked to people that are twenty, like. I can't believe I'm twenty listen? Mother fucker you just turned twenty dude relax. You know like just twenty here, a man. Be fuckin'. Thirty and ten years, like you shut the I hope you twenty now. I use it as a motivator. An IRA I remember when I when I was starting out. Twenty one years. Old is a crazy story. I just got dropped from a record label. Signed to a record label called delicious vinyl. Now you do as a Recordando rapper. I was as a rapper side to delicious, with tone. Loke and young MC get the fuck outta here. So my album doesn't get picked. I don't get picked up for a second album. Moved to New York City. Two things on my resume: kiddie pool attendant because I was a kid pool attend and rapper
so I'm staying on my friends, couch living on his couch with his roommate, and he tells on Monday. I got to get out of the apartment, so, instead of going to look for a new apartment over the weekend- go to my friend's Bachelor party on the Jersey Shore, I'm at the Bachelor Party, I'm getting a drink at the bar, and I see this girl. I start chatting with her. She asked me where I live. I told her as of Monday, I have nowhere to go. She takes out a napkin, she writes her address. Napkin, I'm twenty one years old and she If it's an emergency on Monday and your stock, you can come live with me. Monday comes, I get kicked out of my friend's apartment. I have nowhere to go on like this is an emergency I take out, back in, and I live with this girl and her roommate for six months. It turns out that her father is a big,
open, newer business. My owns a piece of the Yankees just like monster mogul. I write this song for the New York. Knicks called GO near co and it becomes a big success. You met song, no That's, ok, that's! Ok! I'm not a sports! That's fine! It becomes a big hit. An I just really is that there's an opportunity to write theme, songs for all these professional sports teams, but I don't have a penny to go in the studio to do the demo is to shop to the team. So I need money. So I go to this. Music got and he says I'll, give you ten thousand dollars to go and do these songs for ten percent of can you make for the rest of your life? He wants to buy me Stop the rest of your life. I'm twenty one is like the rest of your life. Everything you do. I will invest in you on an airplane business. He owns ten percent, yes forever. Yes, you have to kill him. Then yes, yeah, you have to kill that guy, but I need to ten grand, so I say I'll take it so before I take it, I go to this girls.
Father for advice, this business mogul that I'm living with her and I sit down can I go to this guys apartment again, I'm twenty one he's got in his partner, he's got it swimming pool artwork like fancy Phuc women, his maxed out man, it's like I've, never seen anything like this- is a swimmer in Manhattan in Manhattan. I'm just setting the stage of the Chicago station and I go in, and I tell him the story about the time he says to me. Our trade. This is exactly what you said to me. I will trade everything that I have for you to get out of. Dollars less exactly everything I have for the one thing that you have and I'm like man fucking broke what he taught me. I go what's that and he said youth because he had gone through the journey, even though we had everything We already gone through the process. He wasn't
twenty year old, that you're talking about that. Whatever he had gone, he had it all she. She would she is the process, the journey of being you come up to twenty and not not like yeah. Here you are, but it was that those were the years man right. The first fight the first disk like that. That's what that's! What makes you like so stuck with me man at twenty one years old, it's stuck with me and realize Like man, I got to enjoy the process and it's never rubbed off on me in from me? Well, why did guy. How old was this guy at the time the old rich dude he so see you must be in his 60s wanted just douche it to a bunch of shoot. Lounge around is fuckin' swimming pool. Did he did he had an amazing? He was twenty. He had an amazing life. Amazing life, an amazing life. So what did you end? He set the
The second part of that conversation he said: do you? Will you make this work on your own? I said I think I can he said and ask if you can, he said I said he said: will you make it work? I said I will. He said then go tell the guy to fuc off and make it ain't going to make it work, and I did so. How did you get it fun With that I somehow got. I went to the Dallas Mavericks after the Knicks Ann. I told them that I convinced them to give me two thousand five hundred dollars! The next this is the crazy part of my life, but they gave me two thousand five hundred dollars to do the demo and then they bought the song for like one thousand dollars in that funded the rest of the business that I ultimately sold to a public company wow, that's crazy you almost gave away. Ten percent of your whole life that guy wanted. Ten percent is a piece of shit. What up mother fucker, like that's a steal like people, just business,
Charles Business, and I have nowhere to go to. I know he's taking advantage of a twenty one year old kid who's just got. Some dreams need some cash and ten grand things, probably nothing. I called my father, my father on the plumbing. My house, in Mineola, Long Island and during this time in my thing, My father said you know, I love him to death, but he's like you know, do it do what you think is best. You know he just didn't. You know I didn't know the turn to. I don't know what to turn too yeah. Don't don't give up ten percent of your life ever. That is just crazy that someone asked for that But you hear things like I mean this is similar to what they do in the music business like how the music business treats artists. They essentially sign you to these contracts and then take a piece of everything they take a piece of. If you do a movie, they take a piece of your live performances, your merchandise, sales, everything they just say look will will help you out a little bit.
But you know we want you right yeah. I mean at least here in a contract though, but there's some. Creepy contracts of these to do in the old days of Hollywood that were similar to that right? They just take a pcf forever yeah. But you know when I saw my music deal, I don't care you can take whatever you want. Man get me on MTV right, of course, yeah, because it all well, that's the whole idea, the reason why these exploitation contracts work is because, in the beginning, you're just so desperate and what you have is what they don't have. You have talent right. You have as your creative. Your young and full of energy and you've got something exciting that people want to look at and so what they do is they go Oh you look, we gotta fucking. We got away through the door, but we want seventy five percent of the profits. We want a little bit of this and you don't get any money back until we recoup our money that we spent on executives and park
getting in car leases and they calculate all that shit. How much the fuckin' building costs, how much the electricity all that stuff they count Seen those I'm sure, oh yes, contracts, they're, fucking, skyrim, I've sat on my own way now, but you know it's the process and no leverage, no leverage, that's the thing. They've got the leverage but now and now they don't have the leverage, but they still figure out a way to pull it off. It's really weird 'cause without fuckes buying and albums. Now, no one, no one. Yet these red companies are still figuring out how to Klingon. Do you like a lamprey suck blood out, clearly still staying alive and they're fat fingers driving their fat Mercedes Benz. They know how to do it. They just figure out a way to grab people just just getting poppin you know and just sign, and then, figure out a way to get in with these fuckin' streaming, companies have paid
that little bit yeah, that's the darkest it's even darker than the music discs. Yeah 'cause the artist get like no money point. Oh, oh yeah, Steven Tyler was talking about it with me. It's just he was cleaning it and there's a there's, a companies. Actually or the organizations actually called MA. What is something stand for. Musicians for of some some sort of an act. Were there, do you know trying to stop the streaming companies from ripping off these artists music, modernization act now. It's dark yeah, but it's along the same lines. It's like people figuring out a way to just take something from somebody. Cuz you need it. You broke your desperate or something you signed a contract. I logout got a contract,
as soon as it and then music that was invented like how they put led Zeppelin on streaming service. You know they they there was no streaming in that this should be a whole new contract. Right. I don't know it's true with audiobooks too. You know I mean even books now and all these old publications they never envisioned that there would be, you know, I p books and audio books and different distribution areas. I would imagine audio books, probably near the sales of regular books. Now I know so I mean at least in my circle- so many people who just use audio books and hardly ever we hardly ever read and what they have essentially done is taken that commuter time that was just dead air and filled it up with books. I can't when seal, but it is still book. I couldn't believe how many people hit me about the audio
I did my own audio book and I just couldn't I didn't. Even it was your was that came out two years ago and it is dawned on me that people even listen to audiobooks right when it maybe angry that I did the read so quickly, like that's a little bit more time like we've gotten a coach or something right. You know just like Reddit what percentage of your books were audio versus paper? It's a good question. I'm going to guess about thirty percent. Thirty, so would only be thirty forty percent, so it's close and closing. It is fifty now because you know people now speed it up a little bit, so they can get through it quicker and do it when they were. You know they would do that with podcast Riley listen as of right now alone. Listen to us right now, like we're on speed, yeah yeah. Now but when you're done with this book and no you you get back from this monk thing and
you realize that this is made like some sort of a fundamental shift in the way live your life and you put this book out. Is there a real sense that people who read this book are going to get that from you Ann I mean. Are you aware that you're probably going to change the way a lot of people live their lives? I hope so I'm at I don't know they'll change their lives, but I think it. I hope. I hope that it helps them. Look through things through a different lens and you make their own decisions one of the takeaways from. Book, isn't so much a specific around the monastery, It's around this notion of building your life, resume just stepping into the unknown 'cause to me, that's for me. That's where I learn the best I mean you could I could get a traditional code sure, go to seminars or experts, but I just don't learn I learn by going into the unknown, and I hope it just it just motivates people to have a will more urgency and do stuff like that monastery right, but you know, is
old, japanese ritual. You might be familiar with it. I don't know I called them Asogi I thought around them are so G is. It was introduced me to me by Kyle Korver played at the hawks for the Atlanta hawks an v, the notion around the Muskogee. Is you do something so hard one time a year that it hasn't pack, the other three hundred and sixty four days of the year on you that you go so are beyond you know for me, my hundred mile run, I mean I can look back since two thousand and eight I've had moments like that every year, but vote and I believe in that I believe in that and um. I just brought that up, but but it's true and so it's just kind of one of the themes around this urgency and, and you creating memories, etcetera, yeah. I think there's things like that sort of highlight that urgency
that if you just live your life like at the same steady static pace, maybe sometimes you don't feel it as much like, like I'm sure, after you did your hundred mile run like and was over. You probably probably felt so good to relax. First of all for me the the pressure, around completing the run? When I did the run, I I raised millions of dollars for charity an everyone in my world knew I was doing it. I gave myself ninety days to train for it. What's normal, I would say like for the people. Cheap- that I was in going into a probably a year, eight months, six months I mean, I mean myself ninety days, a started in August and the race was ninety days later and everyone in my world was donating or involved or knew about it. So if I didn't finish
it. So much can go wrong in one hundred mile run. You know like Nothing goes running a marathon at mile nineteen. You got it out. You got seven more miles left, you know something goes. The model. One thousand nine hundred and eighty one miles left you can't, but most people can't cut that out. I don't think I could I felt so relieved when it was done 'cause I was like man, I did it and no one can take it away. What was the longest had written wrote not written ran before that. I had two 50s two fifties. Two hundred and fifty milers I mean I never did miles at a time. So I did two hundred and ten hour about ten hour runs twice and fifty miles in those ten hours. Probably around there somewhere in there, so, but you knew that you were at the halfway mark roughly and you could push through the rest. I knew that if I got to fifty mile, if I could get to fifty miles in ten hours, I could basically even injured walk. The rest
right the allocated time now after that was over and after he did do that, one hundred miles How much of a shift did that make in the way you thought about time and effort totally changed. My life completely completely talking about this miss, it completely changed my life that was in two thousand and six hundred. I think that I did the run and it completely changed my life Becaus when I started running my goal was to run two miles If I can run two miles in eighteen minutes, nine minute pace, I consider myself a runner and I work towards that goal like at a college. Like this got out of college and which one one two miles you know like it took me a little to get there in in in I minute pace and fast forward. I ran this. Nothing in my body changed. Is the same legs. God gave me same lugs, God gave me. I'm not very strong. Nothing's changed, but I took
that two mile body and one hundred miles, and I bet almost a lot of people Listen. This could run two miles and with a gun to their head they could run two miles that they had to an the only thing that changed was the way I perceive what I thought I could do in this run and I allies after the race that holyshit, I did fifty axe. What my initial goal was like it was under indexing. Fifty acts in this cat story of my life? The areas of my life Jesse. What other areas of your life man? Are you under indexing in, like okay, if you're sales scored at Marquis jet. My company was twenty Jack cards because I knew I could get it and it was comfortable or should I build and put me on the board for four hello is this month. Let me see what I can do right.
Living in this, like comfort, was going through. Life like this routine and routines are great, but routines can also be a rut. You can't get better in a routine and if you get so when you're in a routine time goes fast. When your ad, routine time go slow. So I was so comfortable Our team is like man fuck it. I don't wanna go through life like this. I want to go through life like this. You know and I was people were listening. You going up, I'm going to most people are listening, I'm sorry! So it's going from people do this all the time this locked. Anyone know where people are listening, yeah, I'm locked into you. I was going flat. You know just doing the same shit I want a nice. Forty five degree upward angle yeah. So this run showed me man. I was under indexing, so much what I thought I was capable of, and it made me think like what else am I capable of what about recovery like what was it like when you were done Well, at mile ninety four
realize that had six toenails in my shoe, so that was an uncomfortable feeling. When I felt them rattle itself and rattle around an when I took my shoes off my feet were so Fuct up. Because your feet swell while you're running and you if you have like a as ten you're supposed to swap out to a size eleven later. Yes, I swapped as one size up, but I blister my bad blisters. My blisters were really bad and put bad before you ran or not him I got him as I was going and they look I got it literally looked like I'd, swallowed, red grapes and they went to the bottom of each of my toe and mean is just so in a wheelchair for four days after the race four days just goes to the bottom of the blisters, and you know, but so for me for me is like a regular guy. It was a is a very powerful moment for me, you know, and it was worth it was worth it
well well, well worth it once I was done. I realize that I'm I'm okay, I'm not shock! dehydrated, I'm just in super pain. That was a great moment, and I have a regret from that race like one of the biggest regrets in my life, like I don't the way I finished the race? I ran ninety nine miles. The last mile took me forty eight minutes and literally had to like grab my show, my brother's shoulders and like I just if I could- all over. I wanted to really finish that. Like a champion, you Know- and I It's very disappointed, I'm very happy about it, but also one of my big Regrets from the race is just that. You know I got to that moment where, I just didn't finish it? The way I wanted to finish what was wrong and my fucking joints my hips and my knees would just like swollen just so much from just so much pain. They were just it was just so at seventy five. I felt I just
like was running and also I was on the ground because, like I just buckled because the damage it was, it was my joints, not my muscles. Just like my yeah, like I said, if you, if you roll your thumb around for twenty four hours, a thumbs, gonna thought fall off right now, it's just stop motion and pounding and an- and I don't know what I was wearing cotton I was like. I did everything wrong, but I did it an when you did get. With that in the wheel chair for four days, how long does it take for your body felt normal? What your joints normalized your hips and your knees and took about two over a little over two weeks, while yeah he's hobbling around for two weeks, thinking about it but still impacted by it. Really how so iraqi huge says, like from all the stress on my on my foot,
making a ham sized when you say you like funk you're holding your hands, you have a scholar, that's right, yeah like like how big was it like big enough? I can't wear shoes what I wear, sneakers that like yeah I'll show you picture it, I got it drain twice and then I went to like a real, almost fruitarian diet and went away fruit just all fruit. Why did that? Do it uh. I I don't know I need to fruits with vegetables or fruits, with anything else, I have for twenty seven years. I've only had fruit till one thousand two hundred o'clock noon. That's all I eat in the morning, but extended that out further and it went away on its own from fruit. I don't know. If that's the reason may be over just went away,
I made some significant changes in my diet, yeah. So, but what led you to be the fruitarian idea? I read a book called fit for life when I was uh right for my first marathon. I was twenty one or twenty two years old, like looking for an edge and in the book challenges the reader to try to eat. One of the principles of the book is the only fruit until noon. We can talk about but it challenges the reader to try it for ten days and then day eleven go back to regular breakfast and see how you feel so. I did like I can invest ten days to try this and on day eleven. I went back to oatmeal and toast or whatever- and I was like- oh my god, man, I feel so sluggish right, bloated and I was like I never went back and and and that that's on wavering, I'm on wavering on that. I run a marathon and never changes for till noon, and so
So that's why now? What are these people eat in the monastery? So they? have a very light breakfast that suited me. Well, they fruit in the morning and then lunch they called dinner, that's their big meal, so the afternoon noon. Meals sup is like dinner and then at night it was super light like soup and salad or whatever she's, really like almost one meal a day or the vegetarian, Somewhere but others weren't, that's interesting, you're all them. Where was which was interesting? Did you expect them to be did. I lost a lot of weight there. I lost like seventeen pounds one hundred and seventy pounds weeks yeah. Why so, we think it's lack of sugar land, no carbs sugar one really don't need any bread or Did I then I'd? I wanted to put a hello, Asterix next time. I think I went. I went in there saying my If I didn't want to have. I want to come back clean, so I really have any grains. I did have some grains, but not not a lot, and I walked a lot
I walked one hundred and twenty miles over the over the time. I was there up and down the driveway an so I lost the lost a lot of weight. I gained it all back, but at the time yeah now these people that live this life do they have. Something they're working towards do. They have an idea that they're working towards the mean, when you press them on it and ask them like why you here. Do you ever plan on leaving? Do you ever see? You of going somewhere else. That's a really good question. I asked him all those questions. So no they felt like that was their calling. The calling doing what they were supposed to be doing and that they were committed to that life dial, so now they weren't there was no thought of going back there, in moncks that have left the monastery? Just wasn't the right lifestyle for them, but the monks that way when I was there yeah fifty fifty years, they were committed and they're not going anywhere one SEC. That's what can
fusing to me like. I understand that they're enjoying- and I understand that they're they they like that life, but that that it's a call in like the calling to do nothing or just think just sacrifice serve. God live a life of purity. This is not right. I understand I couldn't do it, but I think that's kind of the mindset around it step away from the regular life that they were living what's interesting is that they were born into the monitor right a lot of these guys made this decision in their 20s thirties. You know what with the jobs before they did it all over the board, all over the board, literally one guy, I mean one of the most.
The card is a teenager, while I'm just all over the board, so but regular jobs just always felt connected to God, a connected to this higher living, a life. Just you know under these terms, but what's fascinating to me, is that you're saying that there are so happy, because if you Anna Ramsey, how many, how many people were in this monastery? Eight and they're all male? Yes, eight men You get a random men in their you know. What's the youngest age of the guys are thirty five thirty, five of the 70s you get random thirty five to seventy now, so how many of them are happy actually truly happy, maybe two right. How many people do you think are happy or they just did study, as is a famous Harris study on happiness in this country. I think sixty seven percent of people are unhappy that it's here's. What here I did this jail.
This is a good test. Maybe you don't want to do this. I did this when I was speaking at an event for five hundred Wall Street people of recently, and it was fascinating you out I'll, take it through a you could tell me if if you're comfortable with it, but if you take all the areas of your life and put them in a blender okay, so where you live, your relationships, your finances, your health, you everything everything put it in one fucking, big, blender and blend, it up and on a scale of one to ten, with ten the Dalai Lama happiness. And the one being a guy. That's at Aqua, zero being some of this at rock bottom. What your happiness number me! Yeah, I'm pretty fucking happy! Well, I don't know I would do it that way. I definitely wouldn't give it a number okay, because I like that you're making something you're. Turning like a constant state of thinking.
In an expression and consideration you're turning it into a number, and I just I don't like that idea. I don't like that. Yeah, because I think it's a management issue. I think a lot what happiness is a management issue and decision is that you're making right now like you could be in a shift state of mind right now, but you can make some decisions to adjust that in over the next couple, hours you'll get to a much better place, and constant management decisions, they waiver in and out of your life on a daily basis like this idea that you could have a good mindset, then also you'll be happy. That's horsh like it's. That's like it's like the hide. It comes in and it comes out as going to be days where you just not feeling so good physically and that's going to affect the way your happiness level is it's. Never static. It's not exactly the same true, but if you look at it overall,
one thousand feet and you had to give yourself a grade. We happy Asfuck is what I would say. Ok, so happy, ok, so I'll. Take that I'll. Take that most people in that room, yeah raised there So if anyone is seven- and you know for anyone, first that wants to do it raise your hand if you're, you know seven or below I want to put anyone on the spot and majority of the room, stood up being a seven you know, like seven zip, pretty happy number seven my son comes home with a seventy on a test c minus right, an all. I'm saying is what was interesting about the test, though, if you actually go through the process for those I'd like to go through the and get a number in their head or whatever you want to give yourself a grade right, your brain or he goes to a ten and then subtract the two or three things poppin that make you better bring your happiness down. It's a great way to identify. What's you unhappy and that you know what I mean like
I started to like oh fuck, my relationship this or that usually triggers an automatic like this is what's fuct up in my life response and you it helps you identify, but interesting. We have benchmarks in so things in our life give an iq test. You have tax brackets to measure your wealth. Financial statements? You have IQ tests, like I said, get on the scale to measure your weight but you're right happy, This is one of those things. It's like. How do you bench market? You know what I mean a friend of fluctuates and it's like hunger. I mean it's, it's it's it's something that's, goes in and out. It's always there but happy, as is a is a good answer shop, but I do this is something of cultivated for a long time and avoided things that make me unhappy and figure. What those things are and been very rigid about eliminating them from my life and one of the big one, is eliminating interactions with p boulder negative that is gigantic and beak
because I realized that I'm not really as independent as I used to like to think I was, I used to like to think that thought process was independent and that I don't give a fuck what anybody thinks. That's nonsense. People say that, because I absolutely care what people think and it bothers them. So they say I don't give a fuck, but that I don't give a fuck stuff is almost entirely nonsense. You do care and you care and both ways you care. If people critical of you care people are positive you, but you also care if people are living positive lives and there motivating you. That's that's a big one. People are fuel, other people, it's one of the reasons why I like talking to people. One of the reasons why I like to do podcast, because I get a lot out of you know like just talking to you about your time: monastery or your your push to get to that hundred miles. Like you get energy out of people like that, and you think about this energy and you think, This inspiration when you're doing other things and it also sets in your mind that when you meet these exceptional,
people that move you like: what are the characters? What are the qualities that they have? What are the characteristics that they that they possess and those things become significant and import? whereas if you live around a bunch of people that are complaining and bitching about everything and they see the negative and everything and they are always whining those people the opposite of that. Did the opposite of inspiration and they're. Just there mud you like well, it's like you're up your ankles and mud. You try to trudge through life. It's difficult, you're, not light. It's! Not! It's not pushing. It is not a wind at your back the winds in your face, and it's rough. You know, and over time. I've learned that these people, you just you're, not going to fix some. I used to want to fix When I was young, I just want to go. Hey man, I see what you're doing like two do that anymore. Listen! Just try just just do this and
stop doing that and start doing this, and if you just work towards this, you could be successful and then a week later, the guys doing the same you, like okay, I'm wasting a significant amount of my energy on someone who doesn't want to waste any of their energy on themselves, and so managing the community in the tribe that you're in making sure that you're, a good member of that tribe, that you're doing Your part. You know and there's a out of US cynicism in these days about inspiration about motivation because there's a lot of fake shit. You know you can go on Instagram and you see a million of these inspirational quote pages and there were run by people that are probably depressed. You know you see a lot of people that are, you know talking about how to get ahead in life, but they're not really doing anything themselves. So there's not a cynicism involved in that, but there's, also sincerity in it and you can if you just look at it with a pure heart. In a pure mind, you can get
energy out of that, and You around happy operational people that are successful, it makes you feel better an you get inspired, and if you act on that inspiration, your life will be more fulfill and it's not most inspirational in terms of financial success, but in terms of doing difficult things, weather running a hundred miles doesn't pay you a God dam thing other than the the the wealth of the knowledge. You can push yourself to such an extreme. Or anything else, whether it's someone who becomes really good at playing chess or someone is really good at martial arts or or whatever is there's, there's a great feeling in the overcoming these difficult things. 'cause life is never this just can't state of I'm at a nine all day, when I'm with my wife, I hit ten yeah and I stay like that- that's not real! What's real is like you saying that you went to this.
Monastery. Darien felt all this angst about meditating and being alone and not having your phone and not have any input. But then, when it comes out of it, then you have this reward. So you be you push through this and you had these uncomfortable. Feelings, and you came out of those uncomfortable feelings with this new found appreciation for time and this new uh, check for your own existence in your own space and carving out three hours for yourself a day. That's where it all come this from it all, comes from life. Since in the lessons are learned through struggle- and I think that there's a a lot of people out there that think somehow another you're going to get to some place where you live in silk sheets and you get your toes done or someone is dropping grapes into your mouth. I don't want that. I've never wanted that. That guy is not going to be happy is going to be bored hour into the grapes. You can get those fucking grapes away for me. Stop my toes what doing this bed. I got to do something I'm not stimulated. The human
organism the animal that we are needs can't stimulation because it evolved trying to find food and escape enemies and find shell. They are escaped nature escape the elements try to five- and this is the great joy that you haven't taken care of your children. You can protect your from the elements in the enemies and feed them and it's the great sadness that you see in losers, when I see a loser, I see some guy who's three years old lives in his parents basement band fucking hates the world like that was a baby man. This is a big maybe that somebody just gave shiting nutrients to whether it's nutrients in the forms, food or in the form of the thoughts. And ideas and examples, and this kid develop. These hard Apple self, defeating patterns of behavior that have led them to this point. Where there's
middle aged person with no future and no idea of how to get out of this rut and probably never will escape it. It might just up sucking on a gun. You know knowing is this. Is the world we live in today and I think part of that world is because as we have been fed this line of horse, yet that you're supposed to seek comfort- and I don't think you are- I think you're supposed to seek lessons new supposed to you difficult tasks and difficult tasks and and accomplishments. Through those things and through doing things that are to do even if it's just a ninety minute, hot yoga class I do a ninety minute- yoga class mount those last twenty minutes. I do not want to be there man, and I definitely don't to give one hundred percent, and I can cheat I couldn't I could How fast I can I can, but if I don't and I get through it, when that time is up, and the lady says: Namaste and everybody gets everybody. My fuck man I made it. You know I lost fifteen pounds. My fucking yoga mat is drenched
I could literally ring it out, fill a jug up with water, but through that- Google. I will now have a better day and I better fucking. Do it again tomorrow or do something else, because if I just think well tomorrow, I'm just going to coast and eat twinkies and watch tv, oh hello, sadness, my old friend, hello, depression, because when you're not doing anything, feel like shit and that's just part of being a human being We can pretend that were something other than what we really are and we could pretend Non mean man, I'm just cool, just chilling doing nothing. Bullshit you're a fucking human you're human being you, you evolve from the can a hundred thousands of years of hunters and gatherers and people who are struggling, those human Ward systems are carved deeply. Your dna, and if you don't respect that, if you don't respect, mechanism of happiness and fulfillment and what you really need. Need to do in order to feel satisfied in life Camaraderie, love, family friendship, Strug,
testing yourself, learning all those things, Things are imperative, they're, all giant part of being a person. I love it that was amazing and I'm thinking in my head in my checking those boxes as you're talking living my life, like that, you know and yeah. I agree with you sounds like you are. I am yeah now I feel like a waiver right. Yeah have days in and days out absolutely but to be reinforced yep and I feel, like you know, as I'm listing you talk about that, I'm literally going to like the last ten years of my life. You know and when I live with, even when I went on the models with all these things, they're all about getting an edge and doing what you know, and it is it's. I think it's like part of being humid yeah. That stuff makes me feel most the most. I you know like I just met me feel alive. Yeah. You know and also like little improvements over things. That's why doing difficult things as good weather. It's
running so like if you're running and you run, you could run two miles and then one day you get it up to three. So I fucha remember when I traveled with two now I can do four little improvements You know, and you really see that in yoga class and in particular for me, because I'm not good at it you know so when I do a yoga class and I can hold a pose until the you know, your holdings pose for a minute, you could stand on one foot grabbing your other foot, lifting it above your head and keep your arm out straight and your balance in your foot's on fire in your. But if you can get to the point where they say stop you you, you feel like wow. I didn't used to be able to do that. I used to be able to hold it for seconds in our fall down and then I have to start. Over again start from scratch. There's little improve
Will you feel yourself getting a little better at something whether it's is jitsu or anything else? Little improvements, I think, are what life is all about and I think also there are a tool to feed the mind because I really believe the mine needs. These will lessen the mine needs these little, these little tasks, and if you do your brain doesn't get that. I think, get atrophy easily gets depressed and its leaves it's like. I think, that's half of what A lot of people sadness is. Is this lack stimulation and reward lack of these peaks and valleys, and this again this bulshit idea that we're constantly fed that you should be comfortable. So true I mean when, when live with me, his role as we had to do something every day that sucked That is his he's, a master at that. Tell me about it and when you make you do every day, stock,
He did tell me that we could do that five times a day that we know No. I mean I remember one day. What was the first thing we did. Was he came in and he he want to see me pull up I could do so. We can map out the monthly live with me for a month, and I went to all up our and I got like maybe eight pull, which is an exaggeration. I got like four plus a lot of people listening something. And then he said I wait. Thirty seconds go and do it again and I went up on the pull up bar Ann. I did maybe like three or four. He said I wait thirty seconds. I want to do it again and got up on the pull up bar. I did maybe like one keeping, you know getting my damn channel with the bar barely a drop down. It was all jacked up and I said alright what's net disable. What's next is we're not leaving here until you do? A hundred more were not leaving the gym two one hundred more that day now right now right now, so you have like seven I'd like pie, seven ten!
like man, God as that's impossible and I said you know I already. I already know what your biggest problem is and it's like the limitations you're putting on yourself are self imposed, Phuc back on the bar and neither Roger that then, and I got up on the bar and I over over the course of an hour or two. I did them and started our journey of like you're about to go in a place where you've never been mother. You know, and you know, When I remember one day I was sitting on the couch and etiquette, where I was living at the time and on the ticker on the the tv, the emergency broadcast system came up stay inside Freezing rain, I conditions, high winds, stay inside like beeping stay inside and goggans like this, is amazing, let's go for a run and I'm like they're telling us the exact opposite May broadcasting to the
call community to stay inside right, so we go for a ten mile run in the blizzard and we come home and live on a lake and kids are playing hockey on the lake, so we go down takes his hand. He moves all the snow off the ice. It gets a boulder breaks the ice, a little hole in the ice with the boulder, and then he takes his hand. He makes the whole little bit bigger and then he jumps in and then he points at me and he takes his finger any singles for me to jump in I'm not going in the bucket freezing. Water, because my mother told me kid in Long island don't go anywhere near the frozen waterfall in. You have like a minute. You know he's bathing in. So of course I go in and he looks and he's like man you got about in about four to two of two to four minutes: gonna get hypothermia, we just went on a run, we gotta get you out of the lake and Can I go to get out? Goes you can't get out? He goes if your skin, touches the ice. It's going to stick to the ice like the kid in Christmas story is tongue that sticks to the pole. You know so he
my shoes back on my hands and kicks my up and puts my sock put my socks on whatever I could crawl out of the ice, and I run and I see my wife look out the window as I'm running into the house, and we come in and she says to, goggins, you know like what's the medical benefit of jumping into frozen lake and he said to where there's no medical benefits just like this is what your husband signed up for it like. I want to see how far he's willing to go to get to his goals, and I was like fuck this going to be some thirty days. Jesus wow the toughest that you made you do, it was just the consistency of it. You know is this like. I was just like it was just a little. She went everywhere. I went he shadowed me for thirty day, went to business meeting we flew together. He lived if you know of my wife, and I did you think like what the did I sign up for this is back in
two thousand and ten. So this is a you know. Yes, I did. I was in the book came out two years ago. Ok yeah waited five years. I didn't I didn't know, expect expected to ever be a book. It was just you know at all: there was no book being discussed. I kept a little blah about it in now. So why'd you do it I just felt like they were so much in it. There's so many lessons and it was funny fish out of water. Like he's coming into our house, my wife owns spanks, I mean like the dole dynamic of It was crazy, I just felt they were a lessons that can be learned through it and it took a shot at it. Jesus Christ he's a maniac when he did the podcast I got here. He showed up super early and
I got here, he was already with his shirt off doing chin ups and was like. I walked into the back where the gym is an he's in there. I'm like look at this mother. Fucker amazing he's a savage yeah, he's legit but these are all the lessons you know as you're. Talking about you know, and you don't know where the nuggets come from. You put yourself in a position for the nuggets to appear, and they don't be radical positions like I'm going to get goggins, I'm going to live with a radical, but you put yourself out yeah like you were saying, and you live a life where those lessons find you know and then seek them. You seek him yeah. Well goggins stories so fascinating, because he wasn't that guy he was fat and add shape and unmotivated and lazy. An you know talked only about the first time he ran like he quit he was supposed to, and I about three four of a mile I think he said and quit and was exhausted and just drink milkshakes and in all fuckedup Ann
somehow or another decided he's not going to be that guy anymore and went a hundred and eighty degrees, It became this intensely motivated iron man, yeah yeah? I was at the rays. I saw him at the race where he broke all the bones in his feet. You know I saw him. I was at. I participated in that race. The first time I saw it, I'm Adam and two thousand and seven And you know he broke all the bones in his feet. He broke yeah. He was running hundred. I was running this race was a twenty four hour race as a relay team I was with for friends, and the format of the races. You know you run a mile. I ran a mile mother. Whatever team runs, the most amount of miles right wins the race he had. No teammates it sounds like where's the rest, the teams that sounds like him and he weighed a lot at the time. So I know I watched him. I was a body building at the time he was just pay it probably two hundred and sixty
Passmore Deadlifting office, maybe maybe even more so was this the one where he ran twenty four hours, all around the interest to show that he could run one hundred miles and he wound up shooting himself all that yeah. He told me about that. I saw it I didn't know he broke all the bones in his feet. He broke some bones yeah, he didn't. Even tell me about that. Then he ran a marathon. A month later, yeah he's a fucking animal. Yeah yeah I mean he really is yeah, You tell me also so way that your wife, when you say, is coming to live with you. You don't know my wife. This isn't both. I just said it really fat, told Sarah 'cause I flew out. I flew out to meet Goggans the racing on cold calls on it I've asked me how the meeting went and in the meeting you know. I realize, like I kind of want get the secret sauce, like french fries yeah and Was that the idea like yeah? I was like by being
found such an intensely motivated guy, that you would get the rub, get the rub and uh fallen into routine. I couldn't get out of from, and I just you know like. I was like just get me out of my routine man. You know- and I want to- from you and that kind of thing. My wife asked me have a lunch meeting went, and I told her that you know he's come live with us. He's like well. I had this lunch meeting with him and did you were going to propose this before the meeting uh? I went to but what happened was I went to the meeting and with no real agenda other than like. I want to meet this guy man. You know it's two thousand and seven. I want to meet him two thousand and eight something around around. There was ten years ago, an I was just so like drawn to him. You know and I, I went home and then and then ask him to come. You know live with me and, and he said
yes and then I told my wife after like this guys coming in two days, Now. Why did he say yes mean? Isn't he busy? Did you offer him? What kind of this now he was on? He was, he was active still in the military at the time and yeah. I think I don't know Exactly what triggered? I remember asking him to comment. I remember him saying to me: if you're crazy enough to ask God like me to come, live with you, mother, fucker, I'm crazy enough to come ' three days later shows up with one bag. No in him. That is exactly what it would sound like if he said it with those crazy eyes. Jesus Christ sweetie. This is David, why
how did you give him and objective you say: do you say why you wanted him to do to calm or what? What have chat it out at that time? In my life I had a I was. I had a just left. I have my timeline right. I think I just left the my private, this private jet car company. I am key jet? I was just starting out in the sequence, coconut water business and I was in a routine. You know I was in a rut, not That is just doing the same stuff man. I was so comfortable Ann. I was just like this, shake it up man. You know you can travel with me. I got some meetings coming up will live together and it was the book. There was no anything right. The book happened years later and uh. He said he said he would do it that's crazy, that he just run that it by the way it was. Months of my life, I love being on him he's in a easing guy, I loved you know
Jim games will work it out. I was going out need night three in the morning we were running in the blizzards we were in the morning with one one day he's at. Going to run four miles every four hours. Search for forty eight hours So I was like I gotta work. He's like. No, you don't know you don't you can work forty in forty eight hours, so I will wake up at midnight. We started at midnight, we would run will say is forty minutes and then we would come back, we have you know what three hours and twenty minutes of rest and then at four. We go again for miles boom boom boom boom forty eight hours, Jesus Christ, one time suck it a million stories. I mean we went in the signer and we're going to stay in the sauna, for on a guy, I thought I was on a guy by the way I thought I was and
see this is the steam he's going to stay here for three thousand and thirty minutes: eight ounces of water? Ok, we jack it up. It's fucking cooking in there. It's I walk in I like. Holy fuck, it's so hot in here he sits down he's whistling Dixie, You like sitting in the car dealership, I'm like you, know eight minutes into my water. Is God I've already track my eight ounces of water and about Nineteen minutes in I'm, like God, how to get out like you can't get out. I like knowing pass out. I got to get out. It's like you can't get out I might know- and I just I couldn't even wait for him to say no again 'cause, I'm about to I'm about to pass out. I could feel myself about to pass out. I opened up the door all the smoke from the steam room goes flying out of the door. I sit right in the chair, he comes storming out and he looks at me like, oh fuck, you don't look good
now I'm going to pass out. He goes. We got to abort a boy to me Just like we're not doing the rest of the thirty minutes I gotta pass. That was we pass, I got because you almost died in the sauna or the steam was steam rooms different because it's moisture it taking it in. I was taking in like the eucalyptus and getting cooked cooked yeah. I mean really cooked it's not like those sauna, you're you're, getting like kind of dry roasted, but the the moisture is different. Like you can't is hot in a steam room, as you can in a sauna, correct, yeah, so this is a series of these system. You know get poached throughout the yeah He would just make these up like come up with these ideas. It was just constantly like I mean we go to work. We would be sitting at work an I have like a thirty minute break and he be like burpee test. They were I'm at work. He'd like I want to see how many burpees you can do in ten minutes.
I'd like burpee test, and I was like in the middle of work I would like get down take MIKE. You know whatever I was wearing, I'm getting like my boxers or whatever like just to get, and I would do it many burpees as I could in ten minutes and be soaking wet and I walk into my next meeting and everybody knew he like he was. There was part of the thing, so you explain to all these people here. Wow closed every deal I every deal then 'cause you're, so amped up, but but she was there. Who's going to say no is that people are fascinated I walk in and maybe like at the end of the day. At the end of the meeting, I'm like you want talk whenever the funk you guys are in we're in we're in wow the It sounds so much better than living with a monk was somehow better and I miss them yeah. It's you keep in touch Yeah we go,
in a while, but yeah man known of since two thousand seven. Am it's been ten years on yeah? I would think that that would be hard but exciting. Where is the monk thing seems like the drone of it all? just get to you, yeah and, like I can go back to my room and my surroundings. In the monk thing I was, in their world forever forever and they live in the same, did you did they have a little cell as well? Yeah I actually didn't see their rooms, but yeah from what I understand, even smaller than when I was in and out of the smaller smaller than this tape. Of my room is about the size of the winners were smaller from what I Stan yeah how's, it impossible bed cool foot. Is it. Is it like just a little bit This is going to space for Ed Blackout back up
organ drone, drone yeah. Now I think the the four miles every forty minutes or whatever the it is a four miles every four hours. That sounds way better. He that sounds crazy in at a time but yeah how to end it. How many in the thirty days, I left me a note on a post. It thanks! That's it! That's it Jesus this tense. Yes, thanks, one Jesus Christ, my goodbyes, are like long right exchanging planning thanks? That would be an incredible service like if he wanted to do that, just go to like billionaires and just
say you have to do what I tell you to do for a month. I met a lot of people. Would do that, I'm sure just charge charge some stupid amount of money and have him live with you for a you know it's hard at anybody- personality wise overtime, having roommates it's hard. You know what I mean on twenty four slash: seven yeah, it's hard! Do you ever wake you up every day, every day he woke you up, yep, coming to tap me on the shoulder time you get up. Let's do my wife right next to me, Jesus Christ. It wasn't at the time to do this. It was get up mother, fucker, those who say or at least was courteous whispered. It said done with your wife up yet with your wife like what in the fund love doing, she love them, love them, but was she to you like
the Fokker? You doing she said you had your fucking mind, wow, she she said you crazy, but thirty days later, you must have been in six shape ridiculous shape, no ridiculous, I that into anything for six weeks, just to catch up and do anything for six weeks ago. I couldn't keep the intensity up. I just I couldn't do it. Add run one hundred miles of pat on the you know, endurance, paddle, races, I've done all this. I couldn't do it wow. I was just like why you know it was wild. Damn I look back on that stuff man, it's like, I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity. You know what I mean: oh yeah, I said you're around that you're around the best. Dog trainers, you're around you know, and I get to live with it. 'cause my wife. It's an amazing entrepreneur. I get to live with greatness. You know and
you go around these things and it's just these people, it's just stuff that you can learn. If you allow yourself, you know to listen. Jim, I'm not a great listener. I'm learning to be a good list 'cause even like you were, giving that little monologue and we're going through it. I was like yes and that's it is resonating with me on a high level. You put yourself in the and then you have to do. You have to be able to extract it and apply it. Yeah, yeah and exactly. What I was saying is what you got out of goggins you around greatness you around a man who just does not accept mediocrity in does not accept a shity effort. He wants everything your body can do and through doing that, get something more out of your mind: to get something more out of your life, the those hard days the relaxation is earned
you appreciate it. Yes, relaxation without any effort is just bullshit. You feel proud of yourself too yeah. You know like that's, I think, like you know, it's so important to do things that make you feel proud of yourself right You know that's when I left the monastery you asked me like you know. How did you feel when you got in the car and the exact feeling was proud that you did it? I did it wow. This is like proud of myself like, since I stuck with it. I did it an like. Did you have a little bit of Falk that place too? Yes, yeah. So like can I Huber eats when I get home, I'm like stop at the first five guys burger yeah, exactly exactly oh man. Well, listen! dude. I really appreciate you coming in here man. I really enjoy talking to you and likewise function, awesome stories and so the two available right now, anybody could buy 'em. Is there an audiobook of both audio books available
inaudible and apple books, and all that jazz living with a seal and living with the month. Thanks a lot brother I appreciate it man, thank you so much. I enjoyed it. Yeah man! Oh thanks! Everybody thanks for tuning to the podcast and thank you to all sponsors. Thanks to stamps dot com go to stamps dot, com click on the microphone at the top of the home. Page and type in Jr and they're going to hook you up The four week trial, plus postage and a digital scale that stamps dot com and enter Jrs? thanks also to the cash app you can download the cash app for free in the app store or Google play use the reward code, so Rogan one word just Joe Rogan altogether. You'll get five dollars in the apple, send five dollars to Justin Wren's fight for the forgotten charity.
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you get to meet him. You get charged up by and just felt good felt good about our conversation. I like it. Thank you. Bye.
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