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#1135 - Ari Shaffir

2018-06-25 | 🔗
Ari Shaffir is a stand-up comedian and also hosts the podcasts Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank & Punch Drunk Sports. See Ari at this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe from August 3-27.
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wells and raise thousands of dollars through this programme, for which we are very, very thankful. That set you fox. This episode, podcast, is with one of my best friends, he's hilarious, ten of comedian and fascinating person and want to smart people. I know give it up for my brother Georgia, fear the job will gain experience? Jon archer fierce be robbing in five for three two one go. What about through their, whether your money, when economic growth, whether become of it but somebody put too, but she had their shells, it's that we were talking about how impressive MAC lethal is. But are you here? We gotta read the words. Otherwise you have no idea as united. We make narrating up talking about it, because no one but the first but the being sold in that sense, and so he's gone too far. He's like triple F tits. You can't sing along with that
a triple after two years after I went crazy, we're like likely boobs. I do like this much pressure. A road building girls who crush beer cans with their fake boobs, seen those who lie upmarket smasher, wait. It's like the most sexy thing ever. It's like this hyper Actuality gets morphed into this weird distortion. Its actual. When you die cut you smoking. That's all! I really like cigarettes are much that you look. It is what ledgers girl, she's dead city, smart guy, your kids! do magic words. There fosters bucket bogot forces us to trail. There is straight from. Does he look at those fuckin he'll get Steve that Harvey show they just want with fosters. Is there he's gotta be Australia. That's fast says that kind of behavior, maybe there's one or big, can because spit, can't yeah yeah. Maybe factors of giant can maybe Budweiser they want
part of it, so we can get a bud tomboy by the way you know nobody Australia, James process? Now they don't write or even have available most bars real It's not even like, but light where nobody really joint supervisory sneaky just marketing everything's marker. What is it here like our beer is perhaps blue ribbon is kind of fun, cause. It's so white trash Yahoo. I can perhaps like Algeria can perhaps at the store. Sometimes I thought- or we looked at the supermarket calling to countries like why you're Flom Garbage Rights Hill, it with flip landlord box, you sure its blockade, wife, beaters, triggered a gigantic We ran a normal Australia life, though that a quarter of the man would do that kind of show their goal of shopping for other snacks yeah. I love it open. The great people there. If you were to ask their bill, I got his baby d b
for if there is another country that would live in besides America or besides, the United States would be Canada. There's another comes live in. Besides Canada, it would be Australia for sure and Canada, because it's right, too cold. Now Vancouver covers took hold as well could handle it son. I could handle your Travelin man, I skipped the Fuckin Winter Zodiac who travel an hour. You are yours. Naturally, I yeah you're right. If you just got there in the rainy season, which is like nine months surveys, do the math under your those like saying how would the actual months of nice it is, and it's really a sixty six. Now even ninth right now, it's not sixty six stairs this rugged days. In those nice months to you now, those like this If you go like it, really, probably nine, but there's three months are super sketchy superscription. Snow. In April. We gets, though, in April this year now that's annoying
I was in Australia and other related snowing in Europe like that's. It infringes on my way. Stone April snapped sometimes knows in April, Russia is more sensitive ones. Now about sadness is to listen to and deliver newspapers there was great Mark Darwin had affair is. Proven wrong. I guess that puts when he died. He died of the last of the eighties aids is that he's been fight and heart because of the monies out of daring lever is trying to everybody, that's how he died from vent and they all died from that stuff. Kills everybody there testing drugs now music vessels. They should do that and they did in Australia when I was there, they do it in you, aid, some places. Will you just come in it the chip off the smallest amount and they text you. It's ok, there's stuff a safer, not who, and that a way safer to do it and you spoke in passing fad. Dammit. They deregulation. They just do. They just need irregular
yeah saving anybody by making drugs illegal. You just made it difficult to get good drugs. That's all you're doing you're, not stopping people from doing drugs. In fact, when they legalise things. Often teen use goes down because it doesn't come so attractive, anymore, He bore stupid era, we wired fucked up and tell us. We can't do something, that's the thing we want to do that. Just how it is. I will say to be fair. I will say: legalization of drugs would make more people do it. I would have to think what so logically, this I know when they ve done it already. Does nobody that there's some people that would normally doable like well, there's a store right. There are advocates, or I don't know about that man I think it normalizes after while I think it starts off like that in the beginning, but I think, but that is the residual effect of making approach prohibited the residual effect, but then wants it comes legal like alcohol. If you want you want, you know,
walk by sea via a single act, beaches go, buy it or who gets whisky determined, but people way more people drink than do drugs right, but they dont do it, because it's a new thing now, neither the zoo so easy to get that has just there. I'm sorry, you gotta pick some people that would never would have done. I have conservative friends rice goal that never would do it, but if it was on the site levels are calling twenty years. There goes my away from the door. I don't know if it's worse Irene We're not worse, I won't say, was obviously there's some people who would, but I think Overall, you end up getting a lot less people like total numbers to do it. I think things would normalize. I really do. I think we have a real, because it is a responsibility that I think this He has to this fucked up prohibition. We know is ridiculous. We have too much information now we know
much about people to make things prohibited when you make other things that are just as dangerous legal rights. What's all fuckin far yet doesn't make any sense when alcohols legal and marijuana isn't or alcohol legally mushrooms aren't you're talking nonsense. People drink themselves too, death. Every letter affects every day, not just liver effects. Alcohol poisoning, thousands of people every year die from alcohol poisoning. Did you can't do mushrooms that you can't die from it can but also stop working on. You want to re, examine the keep doubling the dosage by the end of the week, you'll be doing like a pound of mushrooms and that's fine Let me do that. You're shuttle be crazy, we'll dance! Mckenna I had on last week his brother, Terence COD, that theory about human evolution and it's a very compelling theory and the lunchroom make humanitarian aid might have caused? It might have been one of several factors or several factors, one of them's climate change. The monkeys had a move down from the trees. Because there was no food left in the grasslands had taken over where
the rainforests at that because of climate change. But that was it. In period where all these undulatory lived saw. It cow, like creature, shit all over the place, the motionless rule out these monkeys that Experimental the human monkey started eating these things and then started developing life, which skills more sophisticated hunting, better visual, because visual perception, especially in low doses, it actually increases acuity, been proven and scientific double blind couldn't, Cyber controlled studies, yeah yeah increases regional increases. Ability to recognise when things are shifting like say if you have two lines and one of them slightly shifts. Like maybe half of one percent angle, the people we're on mushrooms could see it see a clock, to see them in a hammer like zone, then we can slow sort to see it move a couple ties, but only when I was little oh, but yeah. That's like that, Canada to re yeah. We can like
my vision, socks now do when I look at o clock. I look like vague numbers like that that clock right now. I go look at that that little one right there I look at those are very numbers you can't see those I could see him. I know that's twelve so? We hope that the European Union are like this bam. Now I could see all the dots. I could see everything that the Surgery- no, it's not that it's it's to close its near sightedness. It's what happens when you get There are just macular degeneration. This is too near, for you know now. The things that are near dont, look as good. That's that's like a good, medium distance, but farther thing Look exactly. As I say, it's a slow degeneration of your eyesight due to age. My friends are not member met, Steve Grand he's an optimal just his ideas. Now, God damn thing to do that doctor stay with it would look here if yeah yeah, yeah skating, he tell me some great advice. I will share with everyone we're talking about my password talk with him about the hours they put it, and I was like, if you putting a ten hours, you can't be as
at four thirty as united. Oh there's, you should never make a doctor pointing in the afternoon there tired, they're, not giving it s work. Is I always make a morning appoint when they? Actually, I just had a coffee like arrive, start dude. I had this guide. Doktor Matthew Walker on couple weeks ago is asleep specialists document how important sea birds and one thing in common with a lot of people who suffer from Alzheimer's is they were getting like three for our sleep at night there were those get up and go take people never. One up short now his aim, it really sleep- is unbelievably import. It's one of those pot cats, you listen to it and it literally change your behaviour patterns of fortune My behaviour inciting sleeps a plug. In my way, I just stay a bed for my five hours a day. You don't I wake up and those with the point you live in a life
sphere and waterways. It's called out. I've told everybody man at all, my friends that you know the quorum quote made it became successful. You went the full hole, hard work to unwanted and ever got caught the trappings. You got snap, you ve said flock and I want to live in New York, lock it I want to disappear in Asia for three months. They tell you to do so. WWW Tv show you like fuck you it's over you're, really human. What everybody wants to do. I have one fuck you moment ever like that. Later, when I had a book deal and I gave him the money back and at night they were trying to get onto the site with it too. Much like this is annoying as an affiliate monies felt great that real control once yeah Roger. He also, I feel more free that anyone arrive look around in the matrix level of like entrepreneurs have one freedom for yourselves. You ve got freedom of all, my friends dogma would burn.
They year there are like where time I won't be envy of each other's lives. You know their family life for my whatever life and they like Barroso. What do you think I envy about? You are in my heart, I my freedom and whose, like I have just much freedom as you like just like what are you talking about fucker you talking, it doesn't make any sense, is that what you may have read as yet, in spite of because per hour he could just from here just go away, not colony, but just go from here. Whatever he's got just go away, you can't do that you didn't tell me you were going any vanished for a few months. I would call the police. We were yeah. Sewed worry about you, but once you tell, like I'm gonna go to Asia. My car, I did a lot guess, I'll talk to you. When you get back, people that software that what happens if we get arrested like I'm gonna, do the time brow figure out a way to get to the embassy. Maybe what? But, if you just vanished, you can have a little bit of responsibility for people who care about you. You don't wanna, hurt there feel
in February the word out: yeah, I'm gonna tell them hey, I'm going! Then they have to deal with. They might miss you. They just have to deal than of like freak out. Let gap and are the actual. My by parents was disappear on, though that's good until your parents, but certain people fuck it little fish it out by magic got so match? Was it you can't not tell me where you're going and appeal to reach her, like a fellow definite kind from doing that, because that's not, I will make you feel, but our motto, My mom had originally does me check that, there's something to what you did, though I think did though I felt you felt like a little differ to maintain back greatly yea! I, like you just now had so many experiences everything fades away. Responsibility was agreed in his book. The talent code you ve heard of it to really interesting book or the analyze performers, indifferent different venues, different things that they do different sports, words different, are similarities, data and Jackson's into that who
Jackson, it's amazing book, I think for anybody, and it makes you really realise? First of all, how many sets you should be doing? This should be done a ton of long sets as many lock them time on stage. You have the better it's very critical, like the longer Isaac long sets because an hour like you and perform. If you had money right, the most you can do those the better. Because you really there that's a different thing when you do weekend. Don't you feel, like you, Thursday, Friday Saturday, at a comedy club Saturday, night late show your fucking come. I am wary of fire I do like the third straight week of five show weekends. That is why the electrical you guys are getting a wonderful, so right, dude, you just get smooth yeah I'd the money Sweden's I ever got was I did that maxim, tour with Charlie Murphy and have run, and do we did twenty two dates in a month or weird about it. We just go on stage like in the Zen state you just
you didn't so much stand up. That's how come back remember yeah you just twenty five countries days, our an and then you like yours, the other tweak it a little. Get home, but like it just like that you're just doing it. And over all the way, I think in the beginning of sand. When you're starting, I think lots of sets, are good. You learn how to win over a crowd yeah budget time, so different rates of renew crowds is better than one forty five minutes, Sally Gray, but then he at once you're doing it longer. It's like look like form your our? But this, what does get into that town? Could book or Yahoo is on development of skills is talk about how many amazing brazilian soccer players came out of this one area. They were trying to figure it out and they realize oh, it was they have this other game that they play with a smaller heavier ball and its harder. So they do that aim and it's like enclosed caught. The dude, unlike above room, like a small room like this room, they'll pay the soccer gang and they get amazing, footwork and movement because that, because there in such close quarters that their very fast
and so they take those skills and apply them to soccer foot football, whatever they call and it it's fuckin them amazing how much they excel yeah visit on I'm talking to some of those roasts battle guys there's always roast battle guys, and you know they're not like as as as develops son stage They are for those rose bowels. Yet some of them might your dost people like that, the kinsmen those roles battles so that its Ike? What do you do us onto Eli Sayers, whose like unify chance, we figure out like you, just take those those rose, jokes and apply them to the guy next year? I or whatever you like you, british roasting any topic. You know that comes up yet he's gonna, leave that that should eventually yet no doubt, I think, there's but ass. The train Austrian. It yeah for sure I think, there's things tat with everything, and I think with you what I was. Recognize. I was like oh he's, just sort of like data crunch, all these cultures over four months, like you came back with like you you had like,
less patients for stupidity and a more like a more expanded to utter it's hard to. Gauge someone's understanding of the world, but we talked about things. They get a more expanded view things you liked why'd. She does America. You know it. You get your ass back. I was lucky guy everybody who thinks that this is the word you crazy. This is just America. We spend so much time and this bubble, but when you are therefore, as well or months, you came back there. It was almost like you like, and I think as a whole. Man is this, and I think this is one of things. It happens bad to comedians when it becomes ass. One wonders why they drop off to get really famous. Really does in this, because they don't take any new experiences in because they don't take any risks because too many people like them when they go on stay. I know that pretty crowded playing out his terrible, but also playing crowd. Is your fault? Here's why you should know if you're stuff is good and you
should be working on it? We should be listening to recordings. You should listen to them and go. Is this summer? that I would want to pay to see where it s not. Let me fix it because lug alike, in the stage right now whether the right a new acts dates were MAX terrible right now I still have the old man. Cereal that I have to abandon when October, comes around the special areas or background, but until then I'm just develop being shared in the new stuff is like I've got six new minutes. Third worth hearing and then a lot of stuff like super clunky. But if you don't do it you don't scare yourself and if you don't experienced, do things you don't have you have to know whether you stuffs any good, ok, and if you, if you're, not Looking at it not paying attention, it happens to a lot of famous comedians, their specials as they get off. There, get softer softened, softened and there's just mechanism. So is my favorite example because he's one of my all time. If not is like prior in.
In Interior, like that's, my mouth Rushmore Lenny. I was just for creating the whole thing, but have an idea when talking about Africa, but when you watch early Kennison, he was off fucking monster. Who is about one zero Tibetans, the best as it was such a short time but with him was like a sustained success, will drop like Are you crazy? You went crazy, he's taken. I would bunch EL the undue and blow and bang strippers, and being that guy, that rock star comedian guy and he didn't right any more. You could tell he was gettin by songs and dances. You know you just like you showing. I was an accurate picture of himself exact over the Todd, oh yeah, so he went crazy Other Todd got me into the store, really he's the reason I got into the store. He told me how to do it. To you told me: you gotta do that, for your friends. Sit next to Missy, you friends on stage you laugh hard and admit you go along with you,
Did he did that he sat right next. I told Mexico's messy this kid's fucking hilarious do not count watch on issues that are believed and got lucky. I too great said, but the tide was probably the loudest voice in the room. He was in the back, laugh and is ass off. Why I do it for anybody in Amerika from required for whatever else anybody you have your. If you're doing viewers perform for Missy, I had Sidney. Committee. I would use to sit next door where my further shook has just so. These fuckin caught blocks wouldn't come in talking true to what are you doing in the middle of sets of forming for their future showcase to the fifty two minutes? There should leave her alone, the union of the block. You get three minutes the queen of comedy and these fuckin cock blockers, so so so all the time. You say that to me just like excuse him in your character self yeah. So you are crazy, but there was before you are crazy. There was a thing he used to do where he would go to the bar tears and taken.
Glasses off and then just like as staring down just Chuck in the garbage so let us use them and then, when you are crazy, I mean literally crazy he's I remember doing that, but different parts you just take them and can look for them in the our average, but not clever, even know. Why was doing it you just like a of apologia versions. Up that's how Kennison was yelling. Again, oh man have rage just yellow was it did make any sense more. There was no point, it was He was just trying to perform and ride the wave there. Let me begin He was angry. You so good who so angry they asked him. How come you don't make fun of men as much to make fun of women does cause a man? Is everyone maybe drive a car into a tree remedies to play that song, while my family, I urge that we find, under a gas drunk at TAT, Gerard blood, fire. It was good, while you believe
did he was a short fat, ugly guy, who was just screaming at the world for all this pain. You news in pain and there wasn't in pain, anymore, wasn't fund the new and pay anymore that he was like uses this superstar. It just didn't work as a superstars weird here suicide allow these guys don't enter into new experiences. You have to have new challenges, new experiences. You have to be excited, It is ironic that new thoughts and I think that much like these brazilian soccer players from what is named Daniel COIL, who or what the authors name Danica when it about these brazilian soccer players, plane is tight room. The skills they developed in this really tight environment help them in the big game. I think life is like what
The training ground for stand a bit and of your life is the same, boring shit calling your agent, you know. What do we got for me? Gotta script, formerly drawing from you, don't have any route which your real world we really had taught by the Holly, which is boring, pilgrim relate to a summit. Would Cathy Griffin, that's all should enhance yeah. I mean that but it's ok for urban. That's her thing she likes to do I like her like it, it's no big deal but not for me, not for me and for you, I wanna relate to up someone coming to see my show. Would you want to relate to yourself to rewrite half things like other Michaud? This with? Yes, you wanna do stand at the EU. Would pay for right, right, roaches, hard cash the audience, because you know there's a d have to figure out. Why you're doing what you're doing to look at my german I'm doing just to get a laugh or am I doing what I'm doing, because I would actually like it it s, because I know it's working doesn't mean it's good without with travelling over whatever it's like half, it was like. Let me get some new experiences draw from it.
Happy system which challenge myself in moments. Yes, like in practice, overcoming things yeah, yeah, yeah, it's crazy business, There are easy business and unless you're, on top of your own thoughts, you gotta be up on it. Certainly like it's a college from high school. Where they'll look, they don't care and college they let you fail to notice it where's our port yeah. You know this is even more intense. Mostly I infer some really high pressure corporate. Would not even understanding if ITALY, psychology, decorators homeward public? Ok, I get that if you like, I can't I've gotta go over. My sir, too late. I remain. Let fly nobody gets one up yesterday, the Arctic up again will not only that who would you talk to try to explain it? There's may be a thousand of us on earth artist. Now the other. They are not real. If you can exercise, we also. My thing is when idea, but if you talk about how many headliners either on earth. Is our thoughts and I'm not gonna disheartened cruise ships not or not, but I met someone who
can get a special right. Resin who commie central would watch or Netflix would waterward category of getting us, but yeah yeah, probably not a thousand, so that's a lot of people. It's a shit small amount of people for an awesome job, so I gotta figure will why and why This is a small amount of people, because it's a bull, Luddy, fuckin catastrophe leading up to success, suffer no chance of money early on not even a chance food and going other measures are. Ok, if you're on a fast track is, can we seven year? Is that your idea of your five year, I, like it ain't around the World ordered and you subject bombing in like jump off Bridge bombing at any one of those years? Oh yeah jump off a bridge, cold outrun explained a somewhat colts. What's were at how it's like he almost out of it in her job, feel the swept it's the shivering. At the same time, yours as for me, lay in bed at night. After the show you going over it
of raw got wrenching embarrassment beyond various him. It's beyond embarrassment, just ruthless destruction of yours. The fuck there's a lot. People that you won't go back after that, why would you? Why? Would you that's what one theory what's before them? hypothesis, this of why this fewer women stand up because my friend, whose researchers like women's development, Rachel, in looks on it. She said that women just herself its- I forget what sociologically or physically possible or are less able to accept rejection early on that doesn't go with it, who they are, and so they just like, don't do those things that you have to push them. If you have daughters had to push them to like try and fail, try and fix failure makes you succeed
but early on instead of its it's only failure. Yeah so four genders less into that was taking that like outside rejection or thinking. I gotta do this damage that we don't want to do it sexist. His flock enough denounce you now publicly. That's where I have to go on Twitter. Tell him about your supporting gender stereo. You gotta, say demolition and have forced women would not be able to accept rejection. Put them in this category where they can accept projection perfect, which proves that we and women are equal, so when they now, when they ve been socialized by a patriarchy, to not accept that we, then they go into my words, only failure and they go. I don't want to do this. I think, if I had to guess I think Stanhope is at least twenty to twenty five percent harder for women. This is, why Think their subjects that especially when you're starting out men, don't want to hear from you in the audience Men don't want to hear about politics, you have a bigger hurdle when it comes to
interview politics or advice. Anything a woman is likes. It like a guy, get on stage and say: listen guys. You want a fucking, Your life in order you gotta, stop blubber button, then the joke set up and then gone, but a woman would have a hard time giving advice, giving up did buy meat. Heads right. If I say this, my sure, because I wanna see young comics does not make it. Doctors, young comics, talking about politics was gonna change. A part of me go like twenty six shows Parliament's shut, the fuck up. You don't know what the fuck your talking about so any when twenty six would have a deal at the innocent. Women have Sup that shit yeah. They have. I wanna hear this from you and then they have that deep into the authorities in forty years. Men do want to hear from chicks about politics. Oh, let me guess you fork and which everyone cheese, that's a shocker there's like this. Andor like biases that a lot of men have about a woman getting on stage talking controlling all the attention they don't like it
A lot of men have the internet sales right or wrong, but I'm just being honest about instincts. There's an instinct not like. It is another reason to its the tailors there, which are like women onstage early on others, whites, harder format just for six months as a whim, ardor ferment, just the first six months, we I use them. People looking at them and for man, it's weird new thing Why are you looking at me strange, showing the first like right away and open MIKE's like early on women? Away more comes one stage, the men for the most part and then that it opens up for those first few months. It's this thing about. This is not a sensible thing. Women It's a negative, a better deal with that their whole lives, but, like people are staring at him all the time. I think we struggle with this idea of like saying that I think is harder for women are thing: it's hard for men cause the generals? There was some it's hard for some minutes. We added forward. That's it! That's that's! When the black and white it that's, when you fuckin ruin all the arguments
I would just like ten percent heart of eighteen percent. I think one of the reasons it harder career wise, for I mean Almost all women is because success too early can hurt you in the long run. If you start thinking, I'm good bringing their terrible. You dont workers, hard lesson Human nature thank wife, more for women than for men, because, where such a category of needing women performers that we go earlier earlier and development in order to put them up her, because I, if I need to put a woman on the on tv, you know and there's up this. Developed, Wemyss Silverman? I do that then. I want to secure yeah sure, ok, see have to get. Somebody had to show must show somebody at home, your own version of yourself right and if his women viewers, gotta put a woman on huh. You know if you have a lot of commerce, but I'm getting this as a single individual performer. If I'm getting something five years and in a circle again, pretty fuckin good onto worked his heart united.
Yet more more things. I work less and less hard to another reason why the Fuckin celebrity commerce are as good as non celebrity. Comics But if you start getting stuff, you start like. I don't need to work that hard to get it. If you want to study for an hour to get a you know, I mean than why would you study for seven hours our gets you they're yeah. So if you start aid successes, career monitoring you stop working this high, on artistic part of it. You can Mackenzie yeah yeah yeah. I think you're a hundred percent right That is the drop off fear. Assorted doesn't do service, as has an individual to get stuff, but the same time you want of so I mean the former Booker has a Booker. All you gotta do is look harder to get qualified. Women could Indianapolis by MS pack no, I mean they're out there, but to prop somebody up who doesn't quite deserve. It only hurt them in the long run yeah. This
doctor? The problem also is that you want to find a certain number like come They should be almost inevitably egalitarian. It should be just performance based may think. If a club as a devout mental project like Wendy. Does the comedy works in Denver then it might not be a bad idea to have all oh classes. I bet that would give you a bump for anybody who feels uncomfortable. And want to learn how to stand up with all that's one of the reasons harder fixed for checks. Early on is because there's creeps and open. My ex oh yeah they're not weeded out like our clubs, clubs or that get out here. We re at over mice, any fuckin freak, that's their and man. That is not a phone expressed its view. It that's why they drive around the most right away. Early on Falco A tragedy, nobody's good and then also I got this fuckin smelly guy, packing leering over me. Yet fuck, this Junta percent honeybees amidst nightclub creeping as plus crazy people say of regular night night club, creeping us and then
Have it open MIKE's do so is a certain percentage of people that are insane and liberalism, Azalea yeah, yeah yeah, and they get the gap for fish like working. What I've tried. Drawing MIKE the same noise. You forget about those work on a ship again off that Michael and open. Like stores buzz you back in the dead in fixed. Nothing with that, my clean that things grow and all kinds of should I LISA D, never foam top like this to hold had a change of foam ones. It smelled, like my breath, was gettin up in nails, a smell of a person on this. Haven't we had read of my it's not so bad, it causes Wigan that I and it was like both like it, was taken as out of it. Like thirty minutes it usually get used to, like you said
made it. I was holding them by different, regular marijuana, holding a different, so we can get away from his nose was who was there before you? I don't know, I think, all of us just hike proceeding on a role. Not you have these foam. Things are disgusting. Some people have those circles. They are those for while the speeches, but it seems pretend, although seem where they seem pretended big yeah. Yeah yeah, though, seem where hop pop filter puff filters that they seemed super pretentious. They seem like what are you doing stupid, but that fuckin, who loop and funnier face so I'd a couple ideas on asset and this music festival. One I want to run via one is fun time by the way, what music Festival Firefly in Delaware, NICE Abbas from New York and then discolour cabinet fucking. Good time enough, I can just
laying down on my back trying to keep my eyes opened. So I can. My friends went off to the bathroom like could be here, but I'll be right here, I'm not going anywhere. I now had so keep my ass. Look at you like what's wrong with, you a few stars and you'd be out of it eyes open, but out of it once I fell in love, music vessels, man, you come out of it in some fucking guy, just like a wooden IMF, Hucks mafia. The clock. I realized tat. I just heard some rigour. I never gonna get that far Finally, as I thought rise idea. You know I do those album breakdowns, manioc us first, some breakdown here I want to do one with you on SAM Chemises, our just listen to it. My talk about data yeah? Let's do it. Let's do louder than hell do no louder than You can't get on CD, you can't it was so Sama homophobic that two people wonder they put it out on Cosette
then they never released on CD and cds came on the like fuck that fat Slavs, while really did you ever get tell you how much he had ago recall. I was around during the pc days of the eighties we're in a pc war. Right now seems like it's just about fields is gone crazy, like this more bombs, goin off pc was never papers. Invested in the idea of controlling behaviour and telling people to do, but back then what's happening to four while yeah with it with neither do I use it without expert or Al Gore's wife, Donald Iris, he's trying to linking relief, but there's something to go too far. Yeah. She was trying to ban, rap music and so things got things got real, we're sign language, overgrown, renewed MTV band Dice
clay for life, because he told some joke about girls and their periods or something I would have liked to hear with. I wasn't see if we can actually like Belarus. That's a goddamn badger courage for a guy like dies. You gave him a gold medal at all, really does for him. He doesn't give a for that guide legitimately doesn't give a fuck that goes out. You're going to be here, round. He makes videos walkin around the supermarket. Talking about his hair cut. I got this new era. What do you think? Another video, this broken haircut guy, doesn't give a fuck, like literally, is doing Whatever dice wants to do, wandering through the world hanging out with his kids so like for him like getting banned from empties prose greatest thing ever this. Is it like it? If I asked you allow that bravado there come on man looks like zero roundabouts brow. He was the best. What the
fuck. You brought me I'd like to welcome you to this. A bank. My name is dies, I'm here to say I was born and proclaim. She said they come a long way, smile gonna, do it they going to do with what is the this plan on Youtube, or is it not to Rio? that look, how fuckin nervously asthma, through my that provides attack as well. Look at loggerheads pills, Hannah shaking guys, I'm here to say I was born in Brooklyn. She said: come a long way to make your smile, I'm gonna do it. They were going to do with you seem so good yeah. It's all bravado Ladys, like I'm doing this way, came spiny, sound endless work. Where's that,
the weirdest kind of that he could do it. They knew what you're going to say. I wanted to hear it common to a complete original, complete original. If you just like people, look Lemme go brutish and disgusting and just a dirty, jokes and massage as all those things are true, but you gotta realized he revolution, I like he did something, but he broke three I may rockstar style, but also, if you look at it completely objectively. Forget about the artistic merits of what he did. He did something very different here, figured out a way to do calmly that people lead Did it really laughed at, even though they knew it was coming that haven't been done before that had been really like that. Never never! No one yells out the punchline front with the crowd Watson, both badge he needed money. Everybody wanted to hear the things that he had already said which never existed before. He can
Fucking tour with that original act right now and people be super that is along with a shared, forgive dies could do ten thousand seed arenas with that original act. What's in the bow, It not model that were nothing comedy was things the little irregular comedies up, it's the here. They are but not much crisis machine thing yeah, but he forces down on people. I saw gaff again in that moon tower once and he did forty five minutes: fines, yes, the old stuff, yet I got here today like that it does. He puts go back to my hotel room and when I say What I say, Bert forces on people and explain what I'm saying like he, that, like that's his signature, I don't mean it like in a negative way, but I mean like he's he's care to not do that wants to do that. He wants them the nomads that machine you want to do their bit everywhere and it feels like they get upset if he doesn't do it so in his head, like he's here,
forcing them? Therefore, forcing on him in this light is developed as everybody knows that if you're a fan of birth Kreischer the better to financing that he says you want to see this yeah, but he's like you want to see them in any so worried about initiating upset that are here, but is not at all concerned with how they feel about him. Pledging ten thousand the charges hospital not doing along just referred, The page, I don't, I don't get a move on asthma completely brought it up, so the best trolls of all time him on children. But I agree that lets your Jerome saying: don't you think that that's a different thing when you, when you have, bit like a signature bet you do every ptarmigan sage. People expect to hear that's a different thing different in the US. Then we are in regular army is like when you're done, I'm watching your sattler save. You have a new bit and I have seen it before I get sighted because I don't know where you're going me down a road limited allowed us to do that, though Bobby Lee, it's like it just goofy swans seem do it now
comic that are just like I acknowledged seeing this over and over. Where others, I not ease in Boston, Boston, like other headliners, would do the same act for I know, that's why fuck all them! That's! Why fell apart right, runaway only lasted for a little while I that that's why budgets, I can't you, haven't written or caves up day, had the opposite of an internet age approach, their age approach you put together a forty five minutes, satin, that's it, and some of em literally only had forty five minutes. They'd been doing comedy for decades. Yeah cause even would die so tat. You can here that music Rev one thing and, along with it, musicians, have new albums and then you expand that catalogue of stuff. You can sing along with, hopefully up to a point. Your point acknowledged onsets rhinestones, put some stuff out today, members, whatever round on Yugoslavia, and we see dance, I heard you could still dance. I, what does the sea rancid
Coney Island Adam he sets up. Then he goes every to some of the new album We must be proud of August. Two thousand and like I heard you can move you want, I'm still doing it went into it. Some of the new one has to be, grows. They don't even like internalize that feeling they want you to react to it that there is such a different thing between feeling something and then forcing everyone around you to hear it and then forcing the artist to react to it as such levels of douche is necessary. Extra, that's mathematical level, fuckin ass. He heard it I thought I could responded so that guy winds in that work
the internet? You can stay up the crowd in a perfect moment of silence. You know what just naturally comes up there. It's that's audience. Member fuckin, Superbowl, yeah yeah, you, cracked one over the flap Patrick feeling was like playing with two. Sonnets. This is like way after his prime minister's travel and how to get a couple Usher Box and Maybe when a title and he went down the lane put up like a finger half an hour later, just cut one of an air Baldwin abounds with a whistle only has one. Bounds, but ever thought was it a foul anything and that the risk is gotten out of. The minutes of silence by France had heard this is some years ago red tie my sports fans, the word air. The words to the worst becomes that shit. It's like David like since day out of a regular job, paid a lot of money to come, see you do that you better fuck and do good. There's pussy does
want to get off the bench new neighbour. That's your town to town! Aren't you it's up fucking Ella rodents right. You know, look at Ellie, Lakers and putting out a shitty product how's your season been these last couple years, he's, if not bad has been terrible. It's been telling you you're very excited all. I love it almost like nothing else. I've seen Judah love it. I even so exciting. All by sports fans like phantom, I'm at most a Laker hater at all their fuckin fads. You guys I'm one of the worst franchise in basketball. People. Look at you when you through them and go what the fuck are you talking about. They leave enjoy Showtime bitches, it's been years as you were in the play. Us no dropped back this year. Why This is our yeah. It's great. I can understand the next big thing is when that rape is gets in the hall of Fame and all the fuckin bloggers here pretended forget about it again. Fuck, all you hypocrites fuck, you bitches all of you Lakers sock and you got to deal with it. This is outrageous
great virus guaranteeing better than yours. What do you mean it doesn't matter. The point is a Laker suck Hell's fan We met his eye around for the first time and how would you like what is Hurricanes New Orleans pelicans? How did you get to be a further because they started North Carolina when I was there than they moved and then they changed goddamn name, it's all mass by idleness day, one a team called the Pelican, not me Joe, the wife of a guy who owns it. He holds good for Jesus. Fucking billion are smart guy who makes a pocket living for himself but he's a dumb fuck. It probably wife you wanna go. The theme that all these men out of pocket support, wow I really would have rabbit. Do you very em, it's fun US various. What would you call it? viewers else bath mats, there's a better fuckin name than the pelicans research all the time, but like vicious pelican baby, what you get behind a little bit since they are vicious belly ducks whole value.
A tall Togo down there, the Duc de Gaulle fuck off. That's why I'm sure I can watch that its great I'm sure we're gonna watch Pelikan Eads Duck, but now I think that what you think of apology, I know you think of like a cube thing that brings babies yeah yeah, but they don't raise well or back there back, are risk and show the got. Why do you know? that sales you get away with it. I think battlemented out either you I got anywhere my biggest made a rubber Asia's holding on let nothing pound on em. That's crazy, shit, the budget. What are evil little fucking animal tests? going pigeons, see noise pigeons out. Jesus, I got one wow that is causing back at it, and all these people just have to
Why are these little kids on fuckin bicycle boats? This is nuts I did not know seagulls did that seagulls, Merk pigeons and eat them. This Fuck and now my God, look his feathers. Our foreign office pictures wait what with words brows, we're both birds. I walked by You almost got away with this. I found a decapitated pigeon. Is you her Joanna he's trying to get away. Look at em, I, the cavern, you bitch, you founded decapitated, one determined did, you know, is usually owls. Do that apparently attack or that they put by their fuckin heads had aroused and so hot I'm sorry gotten anything yet hawks. Do it, though there was out o what happened there. As did the bird get away. It's completely switch to differ. He got away way. I gonna worth that away went after this birds, next buddy, seems like you got away. The only way. I believe that Acta respond much holler nice fucked up you fucked up.
Say, he's swimming away and things right after him. He ain't goin anywhere in Europe, that seagulls walk in there on top of the water hole for pay over those giant fee, no chance that the better they kind of like almost walk and use their wings and again round the water here yet of pigeons fucked? I would love to have flight. What would you give up? Would you give appearing your eyesight hearing you can't to flight without sight, Fucked we could be a bat. Give us one of the whole duck that is fucking insane dude driver mafia, the ducks mad, like some argue backroom damage, is down he's in there came back my friend. Looking to surround us far more time, Macedonian just grab some scope to all about an hour by hour, but the size of that fuckin beak on that thing, what a creepy animal,
it's taken inside of his body, but for now thank you. Thank you. I'm full pelican, each pigeon Saint James Part in London as dark a bit Does it every day, but it looks like a monster. He looks like a motto is of enormous normal animals that looks like an australian type. Animal fear. Have you ever seen a shoe bill? No, there, the creep his bird over there they're a birth. It lives in the Congo in Africa. It's fuckin, prehistoric, dinosaur, bird and There's a video from the Congo, Libya that thing this. Be head on pictures of legal. What, like God, that one thing is a hatchet for effacement that by the way, is pretty much the pelicans logo. Dude full dish it the shoe bill yeah they should evasive. Fuckin bird man there's videos these things, what that? What's it doing it again,
I got sick, kids shifted head back and forth, but you look at its mouth. Its mouth is like a giant Paris, scissors, Somethin's creepy an animal they left the Congo Congo, there five feet tall to two giant as bird sets, a Bobby Lee size, bird wow, that's a smaller, There there's a crazy video of one Bobby Hosbrook Young a snake had they not way that much birds are pretty light. Even like a bigger bird like a turkey that catch african fish in their mother, Fucker was thrown as let them know that it's in the bucket go for, but watch how they wore walk man. They just look creepy over the nightmare of nothing legs. There was a thing that was in North America. Millions of years ago, at least one million. I think they were called terror, birds, ah creepy. That thing is tat. A bird yeah. They were enormous, seven feet tall enormous.
Words and some of them were even bigger than that that were predatory, that could flightless birds. They lived in North America, huge virility, like a big foot, size bird. That would Probably people will die of beaks like big, settle, literally consume. Half your abdomen. There were these creaky fuckin animals, man, and there was a you're one even before that, like one that dwarfed add to those millions years ago tv you find that fuckin thing. That's my favorite thing time travel and they go back into prehistoric times in its obsolete, like everything. Here will kill me every is nowhere to go. I saw Jurassic world yesterday. I was it's fun there. Please and cut the shit moments where This makes sense dear, but that's you have to have those to make one of those move, I'm sorry to appreciate movies, unjust, dumb fund. This is what he looked like like a hush Libya that fuckin thing so that was running around, I think was a north american animal to that looks like it was running after car looks as chasing after Elk and shit, but this look it go
upper right hand, drawing the upper right hand what it shows you how big they were. They were fucking enormous while wavered human yeah and then those ones even bigger than that does the two biggest I like this one because they put the human like the outline of the human but he's holding a machine gun here I sit over them off. She imagined that thing one evening he had a machine gun you go running yeah, look how many of them there were different kinds of enormous birds that giant ostriches and shit. Yeah there that mean Dat fuck thing, the really big one, that's in the foreground, with that british beak, what a fuckin creepy thing that would be your walk into a field, and he saw this nine foot plus tall freaky as bird starin at you. It doesnt fly it's just. An arm was eating machine You can call it a bird, but they can't fly to deny any wings. Really there weird they ve giant talons at what they are as a fucking diet.
Right there. Some weird ass dinosaur that me It too were two thousand eighteen. You know that's like a big theory. That's a big things being debated amongst birds are dinosaur. They do really think that its part quite possible lot of those dinosaurs. Had feathers became birds, they are birds yeah, like all over their body, do like when we look at a t rex and let it be covered and feathers that would be cool we don't know. They know, sir. Muslim deftly, whether their fine, Some of them covered and feathers makes her grave and about still picture up like whack little pretty good. That's not it doesnt pick up too much bullshit and the background we tried other ones that I pick up shit in the back row really much like if you moved simply So here and it's like you- have allowed yeah it's some of them are Jimmy. You can explain what are the ones that are like the literally pick up every sound the room ass if to pick a pattern and what not pre empt on this is a very loud so loud, but it's not so yet this this MIKE needs a pre empt, because it has a very low
nominal level, flight or know that means at all. I am in punk has no idea what you're talking about famous drop in some audio knowledge, so I just want a bite to build. Did a thing: where did you? You talk like a car driven by a lie? We like everyone, it maybe later we'll go to the store them that's out of that size has posterity gobs off as a job. I met with a pan. I could do that right now, but you'd have to do that with software. You wouldn't believe in that would just that might make only and not just the MIKE that's the worst when you think you're fucking the line you like yell, something at them, but then, when you're in the line, you realize all yours, we're doing your shit. What is a view yeah, you have to actually get your body out the window, and yet her otherwise sounds is coming out. Weird way. We're boxy pattern remember dirty work. Dirty word move it gets the norm and are very already does that to a lady like promote them
He made the line already and then to pull over that nowadays, like I was supposed to drive it. Sorry, did you see the pictures of already Been was saying earlier would around his nose off caved in well, I guess he snorted somethin and yet an infection exits. Those with huge was weird, it's pretty big as a while, yet laid it right there that one. What is going with already legs notes. Yeah something's happening in such a good guy, he's a great he's, really good popular the real Israel good he's more
Anybody like refuse to accept that he's famous so like walks around normal and then people subordinating oh yeah like goes away but like here. He just goes in a normal environments. All time he's good dude really is really good guy. He is not making twenty money laundering. So now, where ideas, no no desire to quit does is right. It out did equipped for while they do I think every once in awhile, I don't really know, I think, every once in awhile to keep that he gets clean from rain, but it's like Emily Weiss wants a couple of back a little. Sometimes he's never getting those guys like I've untouched stuff in five years, we're not existed, and that is a joint himself. That's a Mitch Hedberg said before he died paranoia they're. Turning him to clean up you, I'm not don't shit. I like it. It's equitable quit smoking like what. Why am I not desire, including right now? You guys are that's a hard pill for people's while that don't do it.
Yeah. You know like just quit. You should just quit. Do you see this gap to help people on the sidewalk and New York? You know just fucking standing up in those doubted, sunlight that are just like Europe nodding off in their own, whatever take determined like while they are fucked up now that I've done enough drowse, you a realist. Like their loving it right now they are having the best time their peeking. It looks jetty but they're taking when they come to share their pants and nowhere to go the best, but right mama insuperable. Tweaking their experiences amazing their thereof here and losing the sky with diamonds. Ah God Sky Sidney.
So just Tribune O further to this work. So when I was, I was havin some pretty good thoughts on this ass. It was to prevent killers by the way fucking killed, search. You see stuff in like when you're out there like dogs or truth com. Universal truth will you just like? Yes that is reopened right, remember, sent and it's hard to bring that shit back into this realm. You now to understand it and try again take of you. Two thousand are so high. When you come back to like all, saw the truth of something and then you can express it will come back when their around you. They say something like what they like. They realise that get frustrated about, saying it right, ear and slowly going away here. So when I was there in that place,.
Sometimes I try to remember like when you get back say this this person, so that state told me to tell you That Eminem is one of the real steps is knocking argue with that. I dont know what is ethically, but it was Does that could be a funny bit? Is a funny bed in there like about how, like some things are just in moment. They seem sober fact. So we're out of fuck is wrong. With me ever, there was one of the real assemblies, while I would agree with both these very very real seems fairly real
their rights, as I heard it, I was like that's gonna sound dom in the real world, but our Riyadh BT, music awards thing. He did where you like, freeze out in a way left or right. Well, knows I'm delighted at some later date. The anti trump thing everybody gets old, It was always artists get old here, but he was in. He was angry and he had always friends around them. I was the weird thing like, while those do stand kissing up now, those there I'll. Just hang around these cars like in a circle those there are waiting while Eminem wraps he's gotta like all these today, it's the rap cipher they'll take turns
Will they all did it as Eminem Stern yeah, but where's, the other ones the videos ill used to like? Oh, I was far better one guy steps forward. I need understand rap culture, better Devlin, almost had rape, culture are handed out, be worked out. That's how they do it did at the Bt Award showed second thing where they find a parking parking lot and those who were there and buried in a lot but hasn't various different groups of different labels, maybe would have taken to put up their own guys. It's called keeping it straight a bricklayer s interests, obviously or not street You know anything, that's why they have to tell you that
Eminem's weather reels Mcs. I already knew who keeps its street, but that thing was. It was interesting, it's like when people, you know when you create this big explosion. This attack on someone from something that's always fascinating to me to watch that go down like what someone doing here like what's happening here. What story was reported was your take on it. It wasn't is best work right. Where you know I mean I think he's an amazing wrapper, like some of his shit from the past, is fuckin incredible freestyle. Well, first of all not feeling that gold chain Jamie's like, but that is how you doing styles anymore, not another year, restyle she's, not here, was for style things are freeze. I feel, like you made up a lot of us, our united Sovereignty and it's all practised alike, the Cadillac into battle today that I gotta. Honor for re lock on the right here. That looks like what is settling a seventy
something Cadillac that thing's fucking beautiful. I love those things. I don't give a fuck about this route, but that Cadillac is the shit. I got a boner for old cars dude, I'm one of those dude that likes old, music, an old cars. You see that that rapid psycho I forget her was, but it was like sang from the white point of view about what the front of black people and then from the black point of Europe, its former. Why people, and so did he always somebody like lips thinking pretty well like redneck dude, so black people complain about this in this because back he who does young some, but the problem of black people and why people is that people say black people and wipe it has just people such as people? I was watching videos to know video of this lady called the cops and the civil eight euro black girl who some water have seen it. Viral yeah viral videos. That's what's itself
our she's gonna fuck, a police, Saint selling water without a permanent, her mom video tapes her and puts it up and makes it viral in that's one of those videos where its everything's in right place. The white lady is overweight. Angry. Look like you are overweight, white lady, the little black girl, is cute as a button The model is the mom, is talk door in a way that, like not to aggressive she was. She here call calling the police on a little girl trying to sell water. We see you boo, like she's, not being horrible, and everything just fell into place. Dislike perfect example of like what's happening here. Like, is this racism, or is this sum whose just just complains about everything will only be for an eight year old. Now, that's why I hear the argument allowed. Like you wouldn't do this. It was a man you why this was woman. You one of those is black, but it's like you, not basin they set of, but it's just like one example force. One example: will you not prove you
there's? No proof, I will you. Let me help you, whatever Hills Chamber of Commerce and whenever some want a new seeding like like sidewalk stating that is get through, but all it would take us one housewife from the area to get a stick up there ass about the rules and say now not unlike it'll, be done by eight p m. There won't be any info heard on up The people around us one line up and if she goes now that it's like twenty one, more hoops to jump just because he's housewives have nothing to do better than you enforce rules so could be. That could mean fuck you blockades, and are arriving idea. She was on its are on an interview, talk about which is a terrible idea by the way who the White Lady and put all this make upon everything which also it terrible Mimi from drew nourishes. Does this not? Oh, my god? What were I forgot about her, but the whole thing was actually saying that she was working and that
He had the window open. The little girl was shouting and screaming she's trying to make it look batteries possible. Yes, she was a victim and she said she guys to both the little girl and the mob. They won't accept her apology, which is well. You know nothing wrong with it happily some of the potty. Clearly she a done that until eight year old, not sell water and a hot day who gives a fuck like that? Does make Agatha also just going had come on guys to scream by my window. Yet, don't you declare young enough for like maybe she was saying that as a hot day and shudder window rolled down the tables screaming, but apparently she didn't talk to them, should talk to the kid and should intact the mom just call the police. We also see that progress through your so antisocial. Let us go straight to like someone deal with issues that are to say: hey, I'm sick. When you get to know your Parma door, cycling sectors or the front door. You like just come on my part and knock. You ask once just try it Pew, Manly once and then
what are the other step, so they compared her with this. Why chick hit called on Jakarta Kelly's on the barbecue there under the same person? Should not We buy. Yes, I like that, you read, it is vital to double down. Just God bless you look so similar man like in the way the shape of thereby not housewife up its Adelaide White Housewife. It's a fucking shitty, the worse position to be in the world. It is definitely not to do. There look good come on, let's get a job and together they both on the phone with these exactly ambiguous forms like you. That's a woman, but you know the bolt of under their overweight and it just weird it's way. They're, like a clearly there I go on a limb, I dont think most I will say most people that are shaped like that. Don't feel that don't feel good and I'll feel good right there. There are upset at stuff. Never ever have somebody screaming about
they might. So. What is your but doesn't meet them with like what happened to you So my group, but the response of the troika. So why some had some water without a permit, I discussed with someone Twitter way back about that guy, like Brown, I can't breathe some like a brown garner, Zircon yeah any summaries. I get what you understand as I have a business and, like I said this, I sell cigarettes from some its undercutting meet with no permits right outside that really hurt my business there. Ok I'll give you that during the punishment for that to be choking. Someone may be told, I can't breathe our now now. That's too much of a punishment. Ok, here's the problem with that the official version of that is that he didn't only cigarettes on em they do not know yet nothing. He had nothing yet no hear nothing when they they had rested him before for that, but he was clean.
So. I have cigarette whose Tom leaving the fuck alone is. I gallows out your fucking with me to leave me to fuck alone. They started I wanted. A frisk omen for no reason. I can't I'm sick of it is still too much like just get me to take it, yes, they shouldn't touch him, I mean, and he wasn't a violent guy wasn't like like threatening them. Sort of away in, and then they try to say that it wasn't a chokehold, my pitch. Let me put You in that did I highlighted two cops I wanted there were one was set, after that in a Europe which does not show called- and I want- I want to start a sham front with an expert on the subject and he does truck and chokehold choking to death. Like that, I would choke you to death with that How does our national he's got his hands grip? That is like the same for its backwards version of What you, colleagues, Marcello Garcia Guillotine, which means I there certain guys at a really good at getting the blade of the forum across her esophagus, it's very painful and dumb, like some like a mall east, taught me how to do this in shadow too older Colorado,
east in a digital coach and he's got a fantastic guillotine and one of the things about his guillotine, as he knows how to get the blade of It's all right, India, esophagus, it's terrific, it feels terrible and they do it like with a high elbows. He can't escape it it's and it it's an immediate feeling that guy has farm right across that guy's throat you there is no doubt about. If I'm holding that like that and I'm clan, he has his hands clasped together can make a little bigger so does he and his or her right hand resist? Yes, but you could still choke someone out, even if his hey, I can't tell his hands, are connected. I think they are. It looks like he's army and Satisfying garners Alan's honoured, honour percent Hudibras in his arms. Behind his back to the point, is the guy's choke it on the way doing that. You could choke a guy like that with one arm. You even have to that right arm and play. If he's got that left. Are we going to have a man like that? Always dues hook the the back of the head, or the shoulder rather the traps you Is that what you're around a lot from San Jose
somebody shields Joe? You gave me one, I'm gettin yeah Jake. Do anybody like that? I'm TED Ortiz did that in the EU have see before he took seventy out with the one I'm gettin Luke Rocco. Did it's Michael Bishop, You got a minute mounted one armed getting I mean here's the problem, one or the other car hey tony. That's enough! Yeah! You, this man, that's a goddamn chokehold! I know chokehold commentators on for a fuckin living, that's chokehold, and if you don't think it's chokehold, let me put you in it Let me put you in it c mon. You asked what's that fuckin chokehold at a given moment, a break up we'll have the guy's regard you out of you talked about our jobs now fighter which
well be called these have on coal because- and I know, call me- and I also know very well one of copies, really good friends, my friend campaigns. Don't they live in the same town boxes. Follow you with the cause is not as good. It's really I choose to be healer Euro and I would always go here, he's all he'll summit where five got here. You know it's really lairs chill summons mad that I talked about what he does that little those who know that talks about recovery does I go he's having fun I go is playing up the broad, a villain any cell on paper and was about to York. Is there to do whatever the secrets of the business? It's so ridiculous me why he's given up the secret to the business. By talking about me, given up the secrets of the business, it's the domination of all time. I can't tell if it's a work. I can't what he's doing jails, though, if we see these doing, if he's fake upset, there was a pause were chair was the best trash talk in sports ever ya know he was phenomenal. He still is, but the
idea that you bring up the what our Trans Doktor God, it's thunder, when Anderson Silver walks in it sounds like a mouse pissing on cotton I've never lost to fight mother. Never lots of drought of I've never lost one second of one, frightened by law. There is like what about here. What did Mary just kept going? I loved it was beautiful, he's a smart guy, but also getting us to talk about it in getting us to talk about a show which, like him, a plug right now, I'm sure it's great of aerial. How wanting and shit son and have a new show called area on the bad guy and it's you gotta get he has been about, carries the bag, he's great at it great out. Isn't he get he rant and raved about us for like ten minutes, then it did and then Brenda responded in came back with another twenty minutes. You don't ever talk about. The business principle have too because
My job is to call what I see my job is not nets. I even went on promoting things. If, on promoting things, I'm calling what I see If I say Frances and God knows the most terrifying heavyweight contender I say that because they that's what I see I see him put Alice to agreement a fuckin organs inside of it, though you decide whether fighting part. That's your expert that had talked about are reliant on this. Here's a deal jailed wizard you stick to fighting to promoting and let intelligence leave that here too intelligent people you're out of your class fucking deal with it. Won't check your high school dropout. You know it, you know. The trash talk. That's it! Please, your life in graduate from college, now he didn't you fucking job, that high school early like sophomore year, know that guy's dumb broke the chosen is, are you sure yeah how'd you
I don T treat yes here, including two points about retorted backed down. If you can look at one of the points which were points you get when you got a real issue, but let me remind you, ll get the lie that have medically is like, if you are barely retarded you're still, not really retorted I should be more politically correct, with our use of that were mentally retarded, transport transit! That's all! You can say that you can see that it's illegal suggests depending on who's president, you get arrested for that. Come in for you, I, like you a likely does. I have to talk about the fact that someone's is talking shit to build up, but it doesn't stop. Someone from talking shit. It also makes it more fun to watch. I know what the fuck it is, and I, like it, people like it. It makes it more interesting it makes it look. Cough elbows on Jos went into that Arctic on with the weight of not just fighting call be with his considerable skill set has called me, beat him from fuckin
What round? One two round: five most rounds, we're control by corbies pressure, most moments, dose angles he's a killer. He had some very good good moments in the first round, but cobia overwhelmed. There's no doubt about that. So he has skill on top of that, but What was interesting about it was half filled. The soldiers came into there with the weight of all the shit called. We have been talking and that's enough. You carry that man, all dough, Kara Otherwise we can lead vessel job. Then what will you do like a? Let had a lead vest on of the anger. He had just wanted a smash and counter slid the way and check right away. What are you doing? Dropped a left hand on his chin. It was. It was one of those artistic expressions of talking manifest. Looking outside the box behaviour of you know of loss of composure, he lost his composure. Really. The was crazy. He's got four hyper aggressive. Any ran right in a perfectly place, left him, but Anders
sin and chill had that two dimensional far from trade Anderson, so better more with what he was doing. The octagon now saying saying: first, he talked of crime easy mad shit see two people. People appreciate jail as a fighter. What I say is you seem so really good fights and his means that some recent winds at a very good he beat ramp age has a big win, but if you go back watching fight, fighting more court whose name MAR Court was in its prime, he would come over from star force. He was at tat time when already hit a busy just leaving strike force. He went to strike for he became their light with their well too. We champion became there. On seven you over, there was a bit tired, Woodley in this crazy fuckin, Kayo sequence. We blast whether elbow and hits Managua it's one of the greatest Kayo sequences of up to a place. Where you can I meet them. You sit as nay, more court at one point. Time was one of the best. If not the best makes martial arts fighter in these countries. Give us Anderson he never? No. He never found that the? U S,
during his his right. My right, he had already had a shitload of fights outside the of sea, but Atomic got here, and I thank you, probably a little compromise by time you got here just Barnett's like the yeah, don't you know ideology by a servant. He wandered recital in the you have seen when he was tall. Anyone or is the youngest ever. You have to have a more clearly research for lunch. At times we have seen during once did any got Caleb Pedro his own. He be a brandy couture for the title. Josh was a beast man. Josh was a fucking beast. He really was, but so is name awkward in jail, fought, Nate Mark or would make Mart worse mark what was very close to his prime. They went to work or man, they went to fucking war entail nominated original, dominated Amelia, and it we dominated with his wrestling his wrestling because so much shit and because you seem so silly when he says I've never lost our second of our any around in any fight. This is this
the Kayo secrets with Nick MAR Court and do need more court was a Fucking assassin at one point our line eyes. I know guys the train within this dude I never solved. Nate lose a fuckin around. He just wait: just never came together, quickly in the USA, but washed his Caille sequences and set by the waste fighting tyrant, Woodley Boom we catch the buses washes elbow bohme here comes. I was not. The sequence is: is this the sequence towards the end fire, Germany? What we hear this is not there. Secrets whether it was the KO saving just get right to the care I had written started, and this was I the way very different time. Woodley, I should say to this- is pre Duke Rufus. The tyre and when it was just coming off arrest here? It is so heard and without right hand. And he comes in and catches on with a with a big elbow,
way better. If it was just cute up to the care, is not just the chaos sequence. Because I know I've seen it like just as a clip on Youtube, just good ahead, a little there right there, then they markers gray for awhile Dude. I'm telling you so this fight, but what could this boom? come on man, a video game played about that's videogame shit. That's video games. Can I want everyone and again this is, Would that he's a fucking start you're not going to boot. I that shit is insane that's an insane kayo, so jail dominated that wow and dominated him when he was in this era. Tell me why year was this fight and what year was jails, fight against them in the USA, so jail that's some serious scale to particularly the rustling of people. Do you know they can, but the tree talking was why he became famous. It wasn't just that
Now I was charged partners when I became aware, not Google, Nay more courts, he's a lead me to then interest and required was was like nothing. I've ever seen, Anderson and I saw you absolutely sure, I'm we saw a bunch of errors and fights, and we saw but before that, but it was never. It was never that purpose. It was like I'm going to take him down and beaten, so The tyrant would defy was in two thousand and twelve, and when did he fight jail sentences before that see, that's how good chosen, and was he beat that two years before? before he went over to strike force became the well to a champion. So you he fought him in his absolute prime domini. Somebody could people this is. This is no more quickly duty thought everybody lists are silver Jimmy Horn. Now, Kyoto Amy. I went one and punch Romanian, Maya, Chill son and he lit up by Anderson, though Colonel made a fact,
You shall com and underline ground impounded. Am, I think, her own, nay, nay, but Nate honestly, I feel I need at one. Seventy was at its best eighty Kayo Tommy ground upon it. I believe at one. Seventy was at its best. I can you seem in the time. Would they fight because he was big, but he wasn't. Big wasn't too bulky, and he he was a very powerful guy for that way. Class who could kept it that way? Class families must allow. He lost a lot of rights is that's the problem I think he's retiring now, but to an six point. Was it doesn't take anything away from the skill of the guy? When you talk about talking it's fun, it's fun aspect of what it is. Have to talk about. That is not making money off. It is preposterous. That's ridiculous! Aren't I make money if he was saying that I said that he was that it was doing it for paper, view sales and he's like he doesn't get a penny, those paper of sales, but that's a verdict.
Think for maximum say. Do you know he's a dumb guy? His trash talk is just a bit from from uninformed point of view of its great because, like stupid, stupidly like into something like he's not edge get on almost any subject of entire thing. He's a smart guy, not disagree! I talk, My feeling is very intelligent european. Why I'm a guinea harsh told them I faced when I look at all the Jews. One Nobel Peace Prize, the Nobel as science project, whenever it is what is it Nobel Prize for sites, since one by more european Jews that Any other race is an exercise in is not true something any other raise any other. I think they're, like obvious classification, it Never sicilian Italians, there, the words out where we were smart biogas monitor what is not about. I think it's just honestly like this
may the Greek was talking about but like in a positive way, just we're just our brains or just we ve inner for Slovakia were bred for that We don't have any outside genes right so, like you know how some dogs search super like loyal, Rep ray we're upwards agents. Everything else is far apart and tell us that there might be something to that. Why is it racists Why races on wages, they were smarter, say something is less marked by less, but now, where the smartest once maybe say, maybe the Chinese going Well, you know, Asians, is what's really crazy. There's a real issue right now, with Asians and universally Romans particular Harvard discriminate against Asians, because so many apply to so many or kicking ass. He wants to get them out of then yeah dinners. There's like real talk about how this is crazy, because asian people for them
This is a generalization and try not to be racist, but generally speaking, Asia Students are known as working very hard in their very dead. Kid in their very successful and the representation is over Well me in terms of their numbers in the population and their killing the killing and because of that- and they Their mindset is just work really hard. It's not to protest things and not to shut things down. It's just a library and all those protests there has in the library. Therefore, the Indians, while this is all happening, I'm not saying that do not socially conscious, but while this is all happening, do not protesting at the way, maybe other groups that felt marginalized whether as people of color or Trans people, gay people, whatever it is, you don't feel represented or discriminate against, they would be. Shutting down dino com, France is in the area and speakers and shouting out in the hallway, but the Asians
reason why they kick ass because they don't any time on petty bullshit you get that has it that the Harvard Harvard Fuckin Harvard. Hey. We're gonna be racist against. You cause we're not gonna complaint while, while what look at that's, what's pull this up pull this up Jamie, I want you to pull up asian students harder to get into Harvard lawsuit, that's crazy, it's crazy and it's not a small amount there discriminating by their making their great concern literally higher in order to gain acceptance. Real, yes, yeah me because of a natural breakdown of different races. If you can you can't slow. One down users needs, however, would have less less productive graduates, doesn't make any sense, it's a crazy way of thinking, but it's all in this idea of diversity instead of trees. People's individuals. Instead of just ain't, you men, beings. You have to have each class, represented by a certain amount of people, that's an innocent, but it's not anti racist. Like it's not
Racist idea to want everybody to be treated as one it's just it can be done with an eye avoiding all possible racism. It can be done to jump people purely as individuals. Here's the worst that can ever be done. The worst way you tell them more successful people were computer out and at least that they have to work harder. You are getting fact by your genes, you, the people in your past. In your group you little gene pool to good do into in schools where make it harder than it is. For my kids, not literally what people are doing their job, because if didn't target. Would it be like all Asians, Asians, dominating in it very reason why they think they get away with this lawsuit accuses Harvard of discriminated against asian american applicants in personal ratings. Personal ratings are to know what it s meant there, making it more difficult. It says students for fair admissions has accused Harvard of intentionally discriminating against asian american applicants by limiting their admissions numbers,
so they're limiting the numbers I always spent out. I want to spend in Asia and by the way that super hard for, like let's say like the and these are not the chinese or Japanese create a wish to light. We don't know if this is true, we should say you know just to be really where the law is the law. So we don't know if this is true, but this is the comment and is the argument in many many many people have made now I haven't really personally research this, but I know a lot of like legitimate intellectuals of brought this up in debates and conversations they're saying that this is an issue this, is. Essentially this is sanctioned racism against one group because there to effective, so you're living a number you're saying where we're we're trying to get more of an emphasis on extracurricular get in or out based on being asian or based on being european. That's crazy! You should get inner out by you having merit and being a worthy student and difficult schools,
my car voter supposed to be difficult and if the cream of the crop all comes from Asia shouldn't, we look at what the fuck we're doing here, that we can compete with them and what is it that we want a chance to Do we want to compete with the mean? Is it too much? Are they were required to much of their life to be successful with theirs to their schoolwork Armenia had something to if you go, are they silence want to normal life? When I looked out your normal life too, but if you're going to college and everything you doing all day is studying literally you might have some fuckin shitty part time jobs somewhere to make some money for food, and then you're study more right, maybe of apartheid job lot of people done. So if you think about that's not gonna live. I want for my kids data Creasy I know where you especially with, but some of the thing just for four years, some of the things you it's not to anything you really interested in, but you have to get it on you have to be. You know you have to have a fully balanced educate, and to have to take classes, uniting remotely interested in how to do it
It's this one way, and this is how we can assure that you have enough knowledge that we can give you a piece of paper that says you have a degree mean an asian sir Kay I lay there, they are illegally, like that's the game. Ok, ok within those rules, but we'll just gonna work twenty hours, it dude. I my friend junk sick of think. I've told you about him before he was a! U S national type, one Don T member when I was like whose juncture in dogs, Chang, he's career archer. He was gone. We went through his fucking residency who's gonna be a doctor going through it, residency and training for the national team, and he was running stairs running stairs the school in between study, how you do studying the new run, the stairs I you're holding I got back, do you couldn't hold him back? He slept for hours and night. That bet that's true It's the same. Shit is like he was always tired. He's always sorry because it works are welcome. You don't give a fuck. He was always time You just show up exhausted and kick ass well, and it wasn't physically
did either this guy made it to the to the nationals. And he became a national champions and he wasn't even like really really physically talented. It wasn't like some freak athlete that just move super fast. You can't you just fucking unbent legally, smart, unbelievably hard worker, but I saw the way that guy was living as where he was like I was a couple years younger than him, and he was going through is residency and training and doing I was crazy should at the same time- and I was I was like- I'm exhausted just watching you. I can't see how the soup could be worth it to do all this? you're one of those things. Maybe that's what I mean Do you want to do one of those things, but you do Two of them Who is doing what I was doing and then on to There are more and weigh more way, more he's doing school work that was done, deliver newspapers, shit yeah. Do you know what this? If that's happening there? Just say like it's the same thing as like making it so why people get ahead, it's crazy, it's like new loitering laws. Now your rested. If you dont have a job but this is where you could realise that all this stuff is crazy. Yours, you're, you're being wrong
racist against a minority? Think it's! Ok! they kick so much ass because there are, you really like, we can take them down south its literally racist, because you're saying you can only have a certain number of these people in their it's crazy. That's racist! It's gotta to turn to say no we're trying to keep a diverse poppies. So you are representing a population of the best, the best there I mean they should take off. Any their names, other applications or something like that just like to see they got yeah, but I guess they probably judge you base on many things right in other? Try that for the old Daily show it John Stewart just take the names of applicator. We want to see your names just you're running sample, oh that smart gap that smart well, here's what happen, though they hired only white males. Yeah and their John Stewart was. I ok. I guess implied- is not enough, but he didn't
they like. While I just shows the star fall, there's just fuckin randomly we had people, they happened. We. Why do it's? Here's the thing now, if you had movers Ok and you wanted a move, furniture and detested people from and furniture. Is it ok to hire all men? That's ok! Why? Because the physical, stronger fiscally right now is. It's ok to hire someone who you think is going to be the best at the job, or do you have to have a certain amount of women see wooden expected from something physical, remove accompanied but why should it be mandatory for something like a creative was different a little, but because no one except the client is appreciating the movers just like if I'm home it's on the only one who have to deal with it, I saved you were saved. You were doing a show like a woman's show. A woman's comedy show, and what am I may now or my one you'd have alone is ok.
And you want a Europe of female executive producer. Anyone having a female voice to see hundreds hire, some really funny checks in what ties gonna. I know, obviously, that it happens. We a way way way more often the opposite way where women to discriminate against, but what guy I can say, no fuck, that I want a part of this right now. I should have a job Pierre usual patrol patrol equally represented male versus female, because that's what a lot of people feel when it comes to men and women like someone was town bird on his part, cast that the communist or should be half I'm an idea that I just if she has idea what american comedies all about, which you allay yeah yeah she's making it unformed way. The white child does a lot. I mean it's ridiculous. To does not have keys does not that smart, Alcatel that whatever this one is the same as chair where she was like uninformed just going full bore here,
and she was going to promote a thing. She was just doing it because you thought it was right and it's like you, don't really understand how this works. Does a process at airports act. I saw blog ones, that we need more women in like higher positions and, like you mean the head of the com for the head of the fuckin comedy seller had of New York Comedy Club Colbert like there's plenty female Booker's. Like you, don't really know so you tell them that. Then then it's ok. I realize I will do certain things happen. Love to say when they ve done almost no research on what it actually is, yeah yeah, so that where do I Lydia? No clue she just goes on getting in here? I'm a big comic! I'm not getting in here must be it's just not causation causalities, because it must be because of this. I've had my agents colonies that I worked from its when agents urges calls him like an identical fuck off somewhere. We do things here. Did I got an argument, someone about the wage gap they really but leave that men and women work right next to each other doing the same job and the woman is making seventy five cents the guy's dollar one at that
out there is a crazy thing to argue, look if you're gonna, are that you now you should know what that is. You should know that is otherwise you just talk and shit like which we all do sometimes, but you gotta be willing to set aside change. My Lena Assembly, that's in which there is a direct and almost always, zero studies. I like to believe this process. Whatever levelling we're, not charge a magnificent people, love love to put these studies out. You like, to tweet em out without haven't even looked at him at all. It's some of these are set. Their soak there's aims. My studies are that prove you everything wage gap is like so you're telling me. I can get the same. Look I'm a smart business. Man, who's made a bunch of money, and I can get this same level of talent out of this one are better at well, let's say equal, but some Twenty five percent, repetitive parasite ma am sorry or or vehicle are probably better pressing seventy five cents on the dollar and I'm a smart grids,
and I'm not gonna go with the lower costs, equalled talent, better talent. That's that's how can I earn a successful business making that kind of decision? How can you do it they would be hired a far higher rates. Are you can look d? let be like I out just like total jobs or whatever it is again. I raise studies but People who have, I think, you're right, I think, there's something to that. If there we could hear the same people for the same job and get a woman whose just as good out of four seventy five cents, a torch. It though they would all John higher only women to people, don't know what we're talking about. It's all, based on what jobs you choose its like: it's, not the men, don't make more money. Because they do the same job in make more money at that job in the woman? Does they do different jobs? That's where the wage gap, as the wage gap is in the number of hours that men work the different jobs they choose, what they excel in its it has nothing to do with like to people that are both, you know in the same line
someone or something that with the same amount of time in, and they both makes a lot of money in one or Rather, the male makes a dog a dollar from seventy five cents. That's not how the wage gap works. It just did jobs. Okay, so hearing that information, like a man when I first heard it was like you can either go fuck you you just try two fuckin shit on women or you can go ha well. Let me I never thought of that. Let me look into that a little bit and then I'll get back to you, of emails. Acting fuck off, while people get man, I guess not what it is like. Yes, it is what it is laudable wish. If you keep arguing with me, because you don't even know what it is, this is of dumb conversation. Now I can't are, with you when I know that you haven't read any the stuff that studies numbers like look. That's the thing is no one should be like whatever you do whatever it is, whether it is you make incredible sculptures or you bill cars or european or whatever the fuck. It is that you do
one, should be able to say that you doing this. Definitely should make as much money as doing that. Now things are worth There were no you're exactly we remember Tommy, dilutes Bowler yet had someone whose rights, I think, top fifty in the world at his sport yet which is the equivalent of like try and think who would be? Carmelo Anthony Browser right and this guy Tommy deludes at his sport made thirty grand and advocate an and Carmelo makes. You know twenty million yeah. So you're sports, honest popular, that's just not as popular way classes in his popular whatever works that she was not fucking sought after yeah, I could see how you'd want more money, yeah, I'm like us. I get that, but, like there's certainty,
bold that their joy to harder do that job and the reason why they do it is because they know that more valuable, so they work hard at any rate, that job to imagine being a fuckin ceo of a corporation. How will I wouldn't want much. Pressure would be on you all the time being, Fuckin TIM Cook over IT apple occupations, but exemplary horrible. Exactly exactly will that is the same, that the same philosophy The reason why women approach- and I say some women, I should say- deserve psych super hyper, aggressive career or women at work as hard or harder than men, maybe even harder to prove that there are some of the men, but they would take the approach that you and I would take like fuck that life I'm doing that boys. Its statistically more males push them. By working longer and harder hours on purpose. Here I disagreed. It's just a natural thing. They're trying to win the game is a competition. It is patents, points on the board
by their very lives. Amid fools game began to personally, I see people doing that my friend some high school and unlike you're, wasting your life for what four digit number its unity. Anything with yourself. The problem is when they get stuck in this loop of obligation they get stuck in the loop. Children and mortgage and and then once you have a car in a nice house- and you know you maybe get a boat dude, you get stuck, and you have all these p. Immense and obligations and you're not going to have a family. This has, maybe you always wanted to be a rock n roll singer known you, never fucking got a chance to get the blocks in your live in your life in his angry state, unfulfilled angry state, so the advice is for the young advice is for young people, the advice, for people that look at their parents and all these other people to tell them what they have to do. Are they write, on the other. Or is there a fuckin path out there? If you just figure out what you really to do, and just only go that way, because if you go
this way and then went to couple years, often go that way for a while and then I'm gonna, like I'm gonna, go back to school and get my degree just so I have something to fall back on you. Just didn't you don't you didn't get any further, on the road you gonna same spot. You would have been. If you didn't do shit, you gotta you gotta go forward, but there's something forward. Even answer our directors such getting experienced doings, you you're finding out what it takes to succeed in ITALY, they may only decision on purpose out, get somebody think his right. I don't know what it's like, but I think more more people are saying no to this way of doing it will be like I wanna be outdoors. I value friendship over cash. You know things like that experiences over fuckin money. And they're starting to go the other way they started ass for like when they get their jobs, are ok I'll, take this job. I want six weeks off in all take less money, but I want more freedom, people gone for that they are and they should do nobody true value, there's no time, there's no time you gotta do what you like you gotta, do stuff you in
Why that's my vote to New York? I was like us are forty comment and I was like this seems like is any less and less doable here. You know to pick up a move. It certain age range, as I know, but it just seems like that, and so it's like go fuck and do something that you gonna do get going. I want you to exercise more dude for sure away till you're, smart guy in you know you're in your forties, renew forties its super important to keep your body health because he's gonna start deteriorating talk how some s to just start fallen apart. Man started stuff start work and shitty see dude they have. You know. The freaks me out for a resolution is to work out more. Let's do it, command after this fuckin podcast, let's get one ends on Lift Sempronia just each unit. This cardio machines over here of a verse clamour didn't once in a while, but I rather more just bike for two hours, just like you're. Just
round yeah but like fast? That's. Why, like running some outside doing something running radios, cooler, yeah yeah, that's somethin, to running around, I see things are a move in my ear when you're on Jeanne. You just fuckin, unless you listen to do a good book anti or you want it's already. Television show or something like that. It's boring, but when you're running you gotta look about where you stay, where high and watching that some cartoon network shit and run. If you go for ever he could he really cat yeah music helps you go forever like this. Something about haven't like a bad song guilt. You don't hear your own breath puts a pages on. It's like you get a nice rhythm that doesn't freaking
out like a freaks me out. Sometimes, when I hear a rhythm of me really pushing hard cardio cargo goddamn, I'm gone priority should back up. But when you listen to music, you don't you think about you. Just keep going to go a little meditative trick occupies your mind. Some we're way lets you to put like slow extra effort in pretty fun. Plus you go, you have found a camera beyond their right can be anything so it like the forces Europe for clear for a little bit, yea cancer causing shit when your fuckin treadmill asshole people try to talk here in the background, I should like to reiterate that movies, but I like your car and they just like- did not a breath able to talk normal. They did that they do not clubs re wrong. Kevin Smith's first go over southern have desk. That was a treadmill. He had his desk right here. When I first started: losing weight he's gone through a few, two different versions of like dieting in changing it. Diet, yum illegal hardtack, though
I really had hard time when he was filmy. Especial he film to shows were supposed to come to shows filmed one and in between shows how to fucking heart attack, and there was like you're? Having a mass of our attack? We're taking the hoss, prohibits weighing up buildings any had the kind of hardtack that eighty percent of the people get it die. What yeah? It was a big one or total blockage, total blockage of one of his arteries there to put aside dinner, audio and he's lost like a shit load. A shitload was recently yeah. I always lengthy London. As long as yet, unlike air. So this is only last Blas wait before when it first, madam, he was I first he's a out of a guy. You know well a bear. Nor am. I never met a large talk to my mind, a couple times as real quick now soup Smart, like deceptively smote his speeches. It makes a comic opera fucking glorious, now he's a maze he's an amazing and he's a real rules like a genuine sweetheart. So why not when a first madame
get us a sugar thing. He just love sugar is eaten lot candy, it just loved you can. And then, when it Madame SEC time I ran into him. He decided to go on like a bunch of juice, cleanses and shity, just drinking a lot of juice and eating healthy food and lots of fuckload of weight, and that's when he had the treadmill thing, with a laptop on this platform, so he would walk in and do his work I say law that metal like whenever Ralphie gotta stomach statement. Now wireless mouse tiny little face well beautiful, tiny face. Tat, he was there Yeager big levelling assigned you lose out. Wait. You gotta see a therapist a cover up something yeah. Do not allow us to do something to you for sure. You know it's. Just people get in rats man, you know you getting ruts with your food, who'd you get an rights with your behavior, but the food ones, a big one. You know that kind of food, just fucking terrible for your body
You just constantly consuming sugar. You putting your body into state of shock processing the stuff that's never supposed to be in that forms. A Patrice would would like children, candy bars and pass out all his body, which I process it but like like what's going on? Is by this? What are one thing I want to say to you that one thinks it's fun about: You going to New York, as you brought more New York, insult style to our conversation and our hangings does Ella style is like way less insulting, but you like, like our group, tax measures that we have with bird life, everything that's fucking great tax, but the the insults to each other lariat how they're. So
such New York style. Like insult comedy, unreserved, I Freds Amira practicalities allocated your countries always separate before you came there through. Do you, you ve, made everybody more in salty that fire dying is its fine man. I love insulting. Each it's fuckin, fucking, fun, it's silly, a fine man and what someone gets you with a good word its its task. A slight ever in eloquently line of something about how you know who had a great point, on the one side said that that was Patrice between the trees, elevated that level and says he thinks he changed. She really sad issues like I think he changed the frequency of that communism out of my office or right as possible without whether everything honeybees wonderland start Huggin and he started a hug an ally who started hugs. The guy who died in the car set Josh Josh on front,
cameras, name that I didn't know him now, given he brought hugs back, he was from doing that and ask for a spread out over my seeing tat what we always hugged sort of, but he's like constant hugs for hello, where it's a newer, it's weird, I didn't know of him and I independently was hugging for hose, so I should hope- and I think it's great- that everybody was doing patrice- would hear they rose the awesome guy, oh yeah, I didn't know I don't even think I ever songs about, I don't think I ever even saw him do stand up. I think I may be seen at the clubs for a car full of kids. No one says a bad thing that other guy so Patrice would do stuff prohibits like Derosa, walk in, and he would just start make it onto roses- lack of shoulders black used to fuck it. The Rosa, can't we're backpacks fucking foller figures. I favour one further evidence. Georgia was again have a hard time with his father. Got them put its silver slides, he's asked
Oh my god. I was on the phone call in open Anthony once and talk about Anthony's gun collection, and I said you worry like you're caught, because I'm strapped everywhere I go all throughout your house everywhere you go, you strapped was yes absolutely am. I d ever think that, like maybe, You like manifesting this they liked by by car. They haven't guns everywhere. You you're, you're, manifesting potential gun, violence uproot Patrice, goes rogue. It thinks that, kind of sick as he put his magic out their manifestos shit about manifest rockets all of their magic, those fucking, die. My girl here good, like jumping on silly shit. You were sent home again like what's your local, you wear and no seriously enough fucker you wear Kennedy. Go. Are you hard hard? except that it's a joke or you're gonna get bad. Yet I love it dear, as his own version that popular got some.
Told I wanna time. Ideas as market makes a had a notebook networks because leaved we don't want that fucking notebook, Let there be no you're right and Billy Hemingway over here. You know as those fucking things people all right. Then, one day later, but I know you, I get the fuck out of here with a notebook, get the fuck out of here. What the now buck love, or they could see things clear like that, their Taylor, as is there that I love with item your summary sailor. Start writing or they're gonna start working out who's that someone who's telling you they are not working out or are not writing right like what he made, you can tell me, I've been working out, that's a whole, separate thing I hear a lot what people say are about to start doing something that people are doing so game. I started using its power. Ground. For my last special, and I want to tell you that scrivener about over the other shillings easy there are show yeah, how it set up. That's pretty collude it may it's a game, change making the organised stuff in a totally different way it's.
Is to have a little column to the left were put all subject matter and into the right each one of those click and I'll show you all the shit you ve written on that subject out. That's so it's you could move around like you again, you know you could put you're you're sat in order with some like that that, as you know, I tried to do that for this I'm doing the sound trying to outdo stuff you gonna, do the right thing about the demons. Neither dimension her here s cousin without backer forth the abbot and had to be real costs. Like how many like stories about two hollow he's my giving how many like customs, my giving how much my showing that I have expertise on this likened the immediate or writing every like fifteen minutes or so like shows something like not oh, you should believe make us I'm pretty economic, not questioning it wants a top. Doesn't do it Do a story about me and achieve and as I also rightly oh yeah yeah, that's right. This right is well I'll. Have you have the deepest you fuck,
and went to Israel and you were studying how many hours a day like fourteen, maybe you were there literally the asian, equivalent arm of the tower one percent that gets into Harvard buds to studying this text. I know more about the shit that I mean an evil that I now believe me, I know some stuff and learners little bit but like how so de ban that, unlike and I start friends or deepen that we like talk about, sometimes and allows that I just when my friends asked me like. What's what what's this custom I am like, and then I see it as a former fresh point of view for the first time in twenty years of like oh, it's just because it represents that has had things like. Oh yeah, yeah, like just all the stories modest or so like upstart, like there's a story. Poor were Esther. So far back at all these, but one of the first feminists in the tarmac in the Torah itself was the story of poorer
Vashti that the queen of the king, not jewish, was called to say, I come in front of my court and show your naked body well and she refused. No, I'm not doing. That was we of the first feminists characterised by she said no and who banished, and they looked for another princess, and it was this jewish lady. There was an hiding about her Judaism forever it was weird Bay with vastly we always viewed. Hers is great feminist leader who could stand up for yourself and then recently, sparked jewish friend whose deepen their till he plans ignored she had. Herpes should Herpes outbreak. She wash our body just suddenly that without any real that cause, he did more. I need to read all the commentary, the Rashi and all that stuff on there and they break it down, like legitimately just some stuff. You didn't really think about that. Other stuff, you like, oh, There was a story of a rabbi who students were being killed by a dragon, and I read
this and, if not, will see a metaphor. Nothing in this was we metaphor. It's also means something else, act as metaphor, but also be real. So like what's wrong, again. Are you taught months killing students? I shut my rabbi, thus how does one metaphor its jerking off its masturbation flights? They were buying off at night and the robber to kill the drag. It is the best what the rabbit a killer dragged hid under one of the students beds until the dry. Yes, I think what is all this? I guess it's masturbation, ok. Now it makes sense and as an adult, this makes sense to me in a normal way, The only metaphor has to do with that that so in saying they are so now I'm starting to look at all that shit from an adult, remove point of view with an insiders knowledge of it right self, funded to it on stage when you can make a crowd. Who does anything about Judaism, understand it an fuckin laugh at it, while yeah I'm really fun. Now, that's awesome! That's how exciting
I want to see her so you go up tonight. Not fly home tonight. We back July in July. I think I'm a previous shall had your talking about that because we always talked about that like years and years ago. Like you see I'm talking about them, I wasn't good enough. I wasn't good enough, that's it! That's what I'm trying cover all the subjects to suicide. It's not it's weird, because I'm much as they building an hour and also I'll get inside but something else homeless so goes feeding rats outside my fucking building, literally luring rats into my fucking building. Anyway. So it's the eyes of his bit like that. I want to deal but like this won't go on the hour. Was it a homeless? Carlos do now is a regular. It was Lawrence everyone's humanity, mind you live after awhile, my that's so fuck. You too harsh criticism that rapidly rats not pages is bad enough, those care pay. It's all over the city java trash cans. We need to work together to get rid of rats, it's impossible.
Do you can lower your number? You seen the Netflix thing right on rats. You haven't seen him now: oh you, poor veracity York, the war as part of that city, with its in saying this dock. Batteries insane. You offset documentary a whole new understanding. What you're dealing with there's like a little tiny army of creatures that live amongst the new Yorkers that outnumber than you workers July, or lots, I a lot in their smart. And they showed, how are you it's hard? It is to kill them because they send dumb young ones out and to eat the poison first they die, and then they avoid it on that you're getting a cat for my backyard. This is it dude and files ease. Exterminators cats are good. Dude castle help a lot but wait if you're a cat, but you're gonna surpassed all over the past. I want to borrow Catholic a week Piss, although you are you smell funky, but they will kill a lot of these fuckers The thing is, maybe not gonna kill mall you just not
on this half year very arc as a problem there I was walking down the Middle Street, the middle of twelve avenue to extricate. Us, though, is a bought fly that was in one of em. They abide. Parasites tells a story. You walking words on the middle of the street, lock on the subject of the military after the seller late one night like two thirty three in the morning and this cop pulls up behind me and was at an end. I fuck him, That means we need to get on the sidewalk like earlier than your expectations. Rats on the sidewalk and I can't because I think they put the fucking ash out through the small space trash starts to move and Russell, and it's a fucking rat or more, and they just dart and funny you. What am I It wants one. My final text work anymore. I fucking chemo animal all time, so I walk in the street and I fucking yelled list level. So I get into it where I taught myself by other this lever, the cop I can't does rats and whose I cut right. Let me go in them illustrate.
If something should move within it does. Is it at all? And I ve vine by the store got Buller Ass, fuller, rather just one move annually like a trip on shrubs yeah. It's creepy that little vining, that's a creepy ass vine anyway, so I like that that I put aside, I do sometimes, but the rest is like I gotta cover this. Our cover, all the deed. I can't leave anything out, can't leave anything. So it's like yeah that shit sounds perfect for like how much to build in you are. We always talked about that stuff, but it's cool. Now the EU, you, we got it away a little butter, a comic ten years later? Will you, I think it's also learning how to write things and put him in order how to move stuff around and how to set it up. We talking about something that crazy. What do you think of it now like now. You know so much about it and you ve been and whatever you would consider self agnostic or an atheist foresaw. What do you think it in a region? Molly, was remain, was what art and all those religious writings teachings woody. What do you think,
they weren't, you think. Did she finally reach people, whether like that or the town is awaited, your group on, and then you make laws of how to live inside groups, which is a section of laws really rising? I wear Ribby had they agree, Europe's rivalries agreed that this well, that so high is really interesting because they take us from a total this, the pie faith. They take the similarities between all religions, like do not kill is almost all of them, so they got. That must be a truth tray from God and they purchase, sort of disseminating, Madame weird, oh yeah, the churches. What like you that molded, those towards your own, like its population, so like it, Christians, the fuckin from some of the weakest ones, so they can meet the whole. Let it go away like that they have not. Just now Friday the right one, at that for awhile and this fucking weak ass, non religious people, words to have just give up something and that the charges Rather we gonna lose, your will, give it some of them. There's no give
there does this liberal Brad anywhere out right, yeah, some of them have changed holidays. Yes, but you do its control, your own population, with laws to help you don't kill that helps you Bluebird society be ok with each other The high takes a similar urging all them and so like don't kill the story of the flood. That's a real, similar thing alive, religion so that that must be a real thing. That happened and adopt the Donnie PIG, not that's just a Jew thing. Don't worry about that! Think! That's a trick! Noses thing! That's not I think, that's what is the origin right, maybe yeah. I think that outward I am also the shellfish thing because a red tide of they did no one, accurately predicting. Oh, sir, certain times the shellfish are absolutely toxic. Oh really! Yes, because there ever died. Yeah. I don't know why it is one which I was one to know what it is, but you can't get like
clams and muscles from certain beaches during certain times of the year, you can't get his talks, humanity, that's. Why could start for sure Fischler rabbis? It's only the reason we know you pig is because God said right and that's the point of view. I think that they probably ate it and power We try to eat it? Raw and people got deathly ill and children died ground. That sort of thing you know whenever and I don't after enough many generations, they don't say why is it our God? You know period a son rather tight as a phenomenon caused by algal blooms during which algae become so numerous discolour Babar release toxins. It may cause illnesses in humans or other animals. So this for whatever it is. It grew red tie. I'd shellfish. I was trying to figure out. Why not? Is it read Todd Shellfish share? I think they might be talking about slightly different thing now
the same stuff, so consumption of shellfish arc that are contaminated malign the toxins can cause neurotoxic shellfish poisoning and as peace symptoms usually appear when a couple of hours of eating contaminated shellfish and they last for a few days, so that is red tied so most likely some Like TAT. I could see that was the reason why they ve not each salvage and trick analysis. Is really common pigs because they eat everything they rats pigs eat everything they can the ground nesting birds, Doktor Fisher. So that's! Why that's why it's our luck that that an obviously like that, don't fuckin nervous, why that's move yet areas where I'll be fighting Scots. I don't do that, got to stop fucking everybody. Now yeah, there's The sum of them that are real universals right, think they travel from every religions, like people figured out rules that you should operate by. They have a harmonious existence with your name, but then
one such as ridiculous. Another step back about someone asked me about her mark out, just our laugh, you know what the purpose wasn't. How it looks me outside we ve talked about the one in the old testament Worth God sends a bunch of bears down to kill kids because they're making funds guardian bald. What really how these are even now, that's crazy. There is also the best ones ever lie. Is these kids are taunting this guy column Bald, and so God sends these bears, does doing God's work. God protects people had some fuckin. She bears to eat these kids too. Pray, you pull up so that the right here it is our Alisha unleashes a two bears. Maybe a little bare machetes from profits yeah. This is there the way it's described as hilarious, whereas it all up While her glad that illegal by this, what they're saying go up you bilateral him when
look behind him and saw them. He cursed them in the name of the Lord all caps, then too, came out of the woods and tore up forty two lads of their number, and he went. That is king in serious, both the reader to that so now, here's the actual thing tell like something was happening, maybe maybe a different time. Maybe not and then fuckin bears killed a bunch of these people that and they had a red into why the for sure definitely people got killed barbarity, but there is only one side, a whale, It's a miracle and they just said the waylaid, impotent, fuckin swallow and because they're like the Pelican, what the fuck that was operating from not an understanding of how things work like really. Star wars and fuckin. What's they must soon that the rudder is open to space because created no, yet the like out I'll just kill you yeah became, have open to space. You need, a barrier there. Yet I would like to emphasise
degrees below zero way. There's like it's, an open window is fired out here. You can't do that, but we don't know what it meant. It's like that's right, one, levity than a whale like. If you're in space someone breaks the window, she magic. You're in some somewhat, because you know that member that, we ain't that one only movie bullet hole and get dragged out. Those we better but which is Facebook. This is going to offer flights to space. Do you know that like I'm a few thousand nineteen. It's good question I sought out like two days ago. I went into We should be willing to pay. You gonna pay ten grand ten grand wanting effect. I think twenty grand First number, the kinda fifty, but that's a lot is a lot, but for the experience, the out you better be good though he is, it's been get up and go back now, you're right. What, if it's fuckin lamp yet to take ten ten number one flat earth conspiracies too, should be the first one to go for you gotta tell everybody man, you got it wanted to buy what you say
everybody is a ball. But there is no rocket, is I'll, say gee, I everything is I'd. Official we live, it has been proven. We live in a hologram, there were questions were asked about border, but I wanted to talk to you about suicidal thoughts cause you are out of the people that didn't kill themselves a lotta, the one who knows the most bout it in you. You ve, experienced depression, You know when I wasn't close with Anthony more data we like to malign nobody Madame when I'm with you once yeah, when I hung out with him, I really enjoyed it. Didn't show did an episode of a show in Montana, with camping, together or not real. I got fucked up. I can't fire you. I was great. We had a great griddle time what was really fun, but I was stunned when that happened and I don't. I just wanted to know like when you were out your worst when you were having
like really shity feelings like what could have been anything that someone could have done that could have helped you, oh yeah, I think about this too. I lost a friend of suicide if it was like she how you want to stop. Look like what what could you have right here I mean sometimes just health or got me into a therapist that fuck I couldn't afford. You have told us before probably on here. That was like a physical thing to do, but just getting me to go to accept like that may be work I knew when I was talking to. That is a hard thing for you to talk about. So if you bring it up, it's a real he'll issue, yeah yeah, it's a Europe stoic you're! Not you don't come. Wayne about our bottom tabled my negative stuff, these dolls of so our memory or play pool, and I was like, what's matter like this something going on since it was like. You just seem like just unhappy here and so once
We got. You know that psychiatrist and do you popped out of that thing like fuckin sprang up, may let my pills You wouldn't run in like anybody thinks that pills are all bad I don't think anything's all anything having the black and white problem where there people like attractive Benjamin seems like one seems prescribing they work, maybe sake while but probably in the, and he said well, I probably didn't know just because you think the never proscribed rights to stuffed at work and sometimes it works enough for you to just change your way of looking at the world and change a reality, and then who eventually weaned yourself off of on, which is really interesting. Boats sprain of the brain muscle, is what's happened. I don't it's not like a physical like Paul, like that. But that's really what it is just a sprain and so like until you get off it to get on a cast of some way. It's going to be real hard for to heal. You know this is like.
This metaphor works now that does higher I stopped, but then I think it works in the most effective cases. It's yours of medication, so these pills act as a caste and then at some point your healed and you don't need them anymore, but the Parliament is the only way to really know is, if you just gotta, run on it and they have been overcome so hurt yeah during that get often run on a time. Is when you're suicidal thoughts shoot up if they were going to say when they do, we knew off their like. You need to keep up with me. Like anything sought, you got. You need to call me immediately right back, like What was interesting with you is your weaning off coincided with huge success in your career yeah. I got off some. I know where I got off on my second apartment New York. So this was three and a half years ago for
years ago I be around now. This is not happening already on calmly. Central things are going things on your tours, kickin ass, everything's great, and then he released my first hour and my second, our yeah you're, a legit success, yeah, I want I was getting. You aren't billboards here, I'll be out that I was even more importantly was. I was a working comic. I was like AL. I can make a real living at this for the first time, so that was like the best part. Then that had been going on very long right. Well, it was a hot it's fucking, the people to empower people? I know it's a fucking, crazy struggle. The struggle open micro to successful working comedian and everybody's different areas get their own weirdness if they have a have to overcome, but it's a long, ass, bloody struggle by the way. That's why I hate this in fighting in comedy terrible than inside you're. Doing this wrong done. Just success were all up against them. The most monumental odds here. So you write safety,
types of jokes and this guy Rights, Dick jokes, whenever that just like predispositions but like it's hard for all in the same boat yeah anyway, I agree men and in that does it didn't very rarely been the case in the history of comedy that everybody can got along just accepted the fact that Airbus does think differently and not make not don't make deal out of a hat, Rev two factions and sign of our yeah? That's it wanted everyone have so spatial. I get people to want to hear shit like that Ok, how's your minute. Your last night s, fight to have everything he purchased ones. Defensive have also hold ground and stand up for their position on things: Circa, Vienna, Buffon everyone's gonna, because I've tried to
sign of its best time ever really just kick ass, just riding just go up there and do it yet and then it got better, but a lot of that was it will focus. I was able to get cause of these. There was really no not well boots, are tribal boots on the problem of some of these pills, like the side effects are not worth it. So when I tell people like someone had a problem once of anxiety use of health care, negative and arm and his bright, outlining a bombing embassy, and it was I can you want to go on a cruise afraid. It would make him like a zombie and, like all EVA, does just go back off it. That's gonna have to commit forever rat Jeremy just see what the effects are so on. I think well breaching I couldn't come. Oh, it was brush, I wouldn't even say, was anything like her, I think, as I didn't know about that, has a side effect until I was happening with my girlfriend at the time I was like three times in a row. I couldn't come
and then she was like all. Maybe it's those pills and why we really and then I left him to call ya fuking annoying annoying think that's super annoying there was this one called ram IRAN. We think about like how may say gets there. So imagine this so much in their. Nothing is something they get in there and fix. Is this where they cannot take that away? They think, like you, edit, your own Capone, like God like taking those its like you, edit, your own up member when diver of a pc begin to dos ragged. That follows like what you doing so. The side effect on run run these side effects, don't hit everybody the same and what you are looking to fill in is an old saying. So don't just get with somebody else gets you gotta talk at their best, but like Ramrod gave me hyper. Fayza o, which is the inability to be fearful, was so they said, expect to gain fifteen percent, your body weight and I could eat dude. If I got high, I could eat like eight plates a spaghetti,
need. I would eat out my whole apartment holy shit. Everything I've got to the point where I was like Y got one big lesson: peanut butter and some a little bit of cereals and thoughtless do this. It was it was glorious, but that it wasn't help me I was about outside of echo those thin. Then I could have dealt with like we fifteen pounds, overweight set of ten pounds underweight but like it didn't help me mentally. So there is a shock and then I find the gonna want to separate me that was like than it worked as a boom out again, it afraid now a little bit, but oh Brad pressure, so some other state, I'm gonna, hold onto something like it's, not fucking faint but barely ever happens totally worth it. And I saw him is now what I get her. But like do you like dizzy lightheaded guy stand up my real I with flat or earlier some like that or from getting sick that'll happen, but I used to get them high school too. I think I'm already produced.
But they made a little worse. Not not a big deal that so I finally found the one that work from it, but it's hard Do you have it? Your brain is lying to you or is your version of reality. That psych I mean I saw this last night coming home from the airport from Rebecca Airport and some lady picks up in an upper picked up a guy on the wrong side of the fence and you site it's my first time here but like it's one of his little fences, and just step over almost in a and he's like, while everyone else got here- yes, I thought for some of them. Back airport. I can, and you could walk ten seconds towards opening and he's lies a pot. The chalk publish a place like oh you're, crazy from flying. I note that is so your version of this reality. This is a way worse thing that really us safe, Simone, who never gets upset, which, like I know, but they all come around and then it's over it's the same thing with talk. The fitzsimons like you can just
not punch somebody and then forget about it yeah. But you know if you, if you're thinking that angrily I'm it's really effective and the shit makes you think the worst of everything while it psych. Yeah, no matter what it is a little worse there should be. An interesting way of looking at it. He had it just gets tiring after a while and the suicide. Start start happening when you're like. I can't do this anymore, you know. Is it its efforts? Mental effort to just like I just keeps rock on on you the appalling pushing off you at all times, and you just need the game to be over use. The asleep Avanti's have a bit about it, probably going to specialist. By now, but it was like you want that deep sleep that deep sleep tat s where you just want to sleep for ever be just weighed down by autumn gotta time up. These two like get people to give false confession.
By keeping him awake for thirty three hours yak. Until eventually the committee has another fire, did it and stuff they did didn't. Do they weren't anywhere near it yeah, but they're saying? Yes, they murdered summit. Let me sleep, it The version of that you know where you just like He just so sick of it. After a while, I will tell you, That day I have read about it and they say the people who talk about suicide or sort of different people who are thinking about it, quietly change ITALY's way way more often to commit it. I think they say the people talking about as a waiter seek help. So what can you do? The question is: what can you do to help people Is there anything that anybody could have done used to make me mad? When you told me just get out of bed to some exercise, I was like I was like you, don't get it, you don't get it. I definitely don't get it understood at once? She was like talking about that shows that he didn't stand. You can go to your fridge like
size is not even so far from like nothing. No way I couldn't even get out of bed. What do you think was? You were also taken propitious then It had anything to do with its weight. In light of ass of felt sure might of I mean it was right around then, and I think I'm trying to think if I was quitting right, then on it and switch to this, the fuckin spread. Come on stem cell research. What, but I think it was either on it or art or getting off it. For sure for sure could add something to do with a yeah. I think so too is also a live in I mean there are so many things I run that so all takes the sprain. So, like here's a rethink, let's say you lost your job and essential depression. It's not that it's not related a lot of times. It will be related, some mom dies, a dad dies, but let's say the job situation, because you can change this, your dad died.
You'll never get back in how it feels bad and so like it should feel bad. You lose your job, you gonna depression, but now you get a better job. Yeah, I mean not. Are you will? But let's say you did that oppression remains the causes. Depression is necessarily gone, you're doing better than the thing that major Depressed Bastile depressed. Is that brain sprained? So you need a way to fight it and pills, don't work for everybody. So it's fucking disheartening and getting the right, but I had a therapist say was like this with its one pills Well I'll. Tell you and in my head I was just like okay, except it all worked up the courage eventually and that'll be the end of it. I was like what I thought you wanted to fight this. The first place not going to work, but she was the worst. What was it like to get pulled
the clouds like when the pills, the materials that are working at first it? It's like you, dont trust that it's gone. It's like right when the hiccups leave. You still feel like you're, the hiccups right, you know, but I got way longer version of that and then, happens. Weird. Is you start to miss it who cause it became so much of your reality and who you were that, like it's, this thing that's been pulled away from your part of you was gone, so it's weird that you like miss this horrible way of being, because you had to figure out a way to like make a pie
with this- and you see this a lot and like pc culture, we start sort of a bragging about your victimization. That things have happened to you, but like its way to stand out, be especially in a propping the the the negative up instead of incessant gather. Surely you know mister and almost bragging about it, so you start feel like wildly some different, so that can prop you up a little less some unique in this thing like that They make anyone else's heavenly, suicidal thoughts. You know it's almost like if you only element into a band feel better than if everyone else into that same banned. The bandits, the outlines the album, but you like it more because you're the only one right right, restart the odyssey. Uniqueness sites, so maybe was that I'm not really sure, but when I was out of it,
it was missing it a little bit and then followed by a fear that is gonna come back because regulated markets have terrible word depression because it also means just under president right. Clinical oppression is different, but overlaps in I'll just go away. If I'm depressed them cranky I got Thomas of don't be cranky say five things are thankful, for it should be out of. It gets some sunshine. You're fine says like deeper so like then, when you do get depressed like let us say, I've been sidled haseman raining for two three days. You know he does. The little blue you like a fuck it back, you know and then, when it's gonna day, but when its eye two days are far far fuck don't come back here, but that that so about illegal, bad weather, Daggett Set are available, but now that just gives like the normal depressing that everybody gets at, that. I think that really should be two separate terms. Fewer allude fail in Bolivia. Would I want you
you have announced stage in four days. I feel a little blue. If I, if I if I get my underwear out all day too, I can't live and encourage the exact year. Those people get the precedent outside Seattle, drunk it outside. While they get outside with a reigned, yes, which, as I just feel down remembering Duncan our film something up there we're doing a big day. For that I we were talking. This guy was a cop was like this curie guy for the set He was like due to fuckin on the was at the end of like the rain. Season. There was just starting to get warm again, whereas on the New York, my first New York went, it was this one and it wasn't so much middle of March, because I put up, I could I could take it. I took the winter yeah. It was middle April the ground, like a north. Already I put in the Rio months of So then you question as I want, though, where the things you can do what you want, you can t live. I, what skiing allotted thirteen his escape this area when did that around like
that's crazy about, like someone Denver get sunny, sunny, great great, just how much better and sunny it's called out, but it's its Sonny, I give you have to pick warm and cloudy Alla time or cold, and honey. I take cold and sunny all day, long for sure all day, Roger Sonny you're getting outside of the sun when its twenty five degrees, but it's just you know even walkin around yet brisk out, but look out pretty the sky is. Blue sky and fluffy clouds did you know, I think we're day was was depressed. Now I heard with I'm a little. It was a mixture of mixing drugs mission pills an alcohol could have manner. I bow, I believe he was on some sort of malaria. Medication which is dead. Injurious get some people get people his. He would give island in people on malaria, medication, while they were drinking and hold a guy back
from attacking the order, or at least worried about him attacking a report on his friend of mine is very kind friend of mine. Who will I think, whatever in in normal life attack person physically and seem like is about ass, yet makes you think not even nor he was squarely it was. He had to go to Africa, for he had a visit somewhere in Africa and he had to take these pills, and some of them have violent reactions to people. Units was drink first wall and he was drinking mixing. Yeah You know, if that's what he was doing and it makes him out the hall who fuckin know so that could have had one quarter and where it might not have been long term depression, but I know they stare studies on people who got a concussion in football practice and hung themselves that night. I would know history of it, but right then everything I mean it's almost like psychedelic word,
This new reality is real feels real. So the question is: is a sum you could have done. I don't know I don't know what the right I thought about it. I don't want the right thing: it's because you you push away people's help run. I saw somebody posts on Facebook once where was I the worst things about depression? Is everybody going to Gabon through that? So it's not even unique props from my individual Serbia. So then it's like you want to help. I sometimes think I've been through this, but it's like five in helping them, but like cats who the fuck knows what their feeling right. That's the thing about a person's feelings what affiliates it's very personal as possible to describe oh by the way I had modern depression. That's what's out is what you saw was moderate depression Jesus. I dont Oh, what severe depression looks like Jesus, so
don't know man, I don't know I lost somewhere to, and I don't know if I could have said something or you know know Anthony likes to drink. You drank a lot and watching him over the last four years, like you could see, that is, he'd seemed like he had been live in a hard life. You know like it on television to give been living a hard life and he was out there hitting it traveling from country to country constantly drinking constantly alcohol is a depressant and depressant. Instead, you drink alcohol. Time you're not going to come out of it with a sunny disposition is the present. It is a depressant, I mean you can definitely do it and pull it off and we do- and you know we occasionally you'll have a couple of drinks and then the next day you won't, but if you're doing that, all the time, if you doing it everyday, it's been five days ago, a lot of people use that cause the short term relief and oppression long term to present so loud people use our calls in the cover up a depression and when they get clean suddenly,
The shut their sports have been dealing with is now still there and not been covered by alcohol. Yeah he's a fund that comes with a cup The drinks, the there's a funding. Absolutely it's fun! Phuket! Let's stop worrying, spends our dignity. I can't I wish I could do that with cigarettes whenever smokin go right back to a pack. So do you did? Do you do things like what could I have done? No, because I wasn't close enough to him, and I wasn't there if I was there be tortured by here. If I was There- and I was hanging out with them in it- and in those who died of thy tomorrow and then I would have been tortured by yet. I would then with anybody. You know as such crazy decision to make little India stop living when so many people. Do you have this crazy life that that raises the bravest thing to me. Now I can't imagine something: it's that's the only thing how may back, as is the lack of courage to be like just to away
and I thought, if I got your bank dna, is telling you but stop and think about you. What you'd! not doing that. You become wildly successful, hunted, Yan way, happier near you're having a great fuckin time have had a great time that I have the architect of my unhappiness fuckin, I'm doing a well you're doing it the ways both do it but you're. You know you ve. Doing it like this for several years now and of you, I guess, really does matter in the end, but you and your own life you'd, never experienced others too. But if you go back, I do it again essentially were like a tipping point. We're tipping point: you just went that way in your free Just took awhile struggle, but you you are free. I find what one talking comics other comics. Now I feel a little guilty enough: a success around around people that are also quite
I don't have it, and what I found is that it's you get. This frustrating point run around eight nine, ten, twelve years of comedy where, like your skills, have gotten better and your monetary career has not got better your chest, careers booming and then you're, just not making a living, and it's the most frustrating like I'm. Finally, good at open MIKE level. Like your make a good joke, that's a winner zone. I made a good joke tonight this week, one time this month in all, but life there. It's like I'm doing so well on stage of killing. Why am I buy my still working this day job? I am I not even ever on tv. Why am I know, as will frustrating might been around that time to get frustrated with, like you know, I was less happy, but also just not
Sweden, as an interesting how the internet changed everything or fer. You can support people so much easier before it was like you had, the man show you could higher all writer and that's it. That's the only help you could do for someone we are. You know take a couple: people on the road with you, yeah But now it's like go much discussion and I hate disguised under special, hey check out something is going to book. You no change everything here and people. Literally no skin off your back death. It's like motor boats, great! Actually, it's good like I'll. If Tom Papa asked me to promote something he's doing. I want people to go, see em, it's it's good for me. I want him to do good because, I like listening to music watch them. So I want to make more comedy than you. Because I guess you Morgan sailor, comedy person gets a stay at not any needs us, but I am also what weight with Tom that when you
how people bout someone is really funny, whether it's? U or whoever it is, then they trust you I want to see that guy's a fucking malaria burst. They know Did you tell the truth like if I tell him hey Joe Ideas, the foe? these guys ever lived go see him at the ice House one night and come out of it. You you're bleeding your ears, internal bruising, they're laughing. I lived there. Ten people on Twitter. Whatever it's like you don't I guarantee you will have a great night. The someone is an awesome comic Jeff, just there's no, like my friend, it's like just they'll, be great yeah. This there's people you can do that with where there was no ino before was young nature: do set as an ideal times. Letterman people talked about yet a build up places travel to places all the time, so those people would come back every time they came back. You better have new shit. Do I really got think about it? I like, when you start saying that the pressure people like what can I do I do anybody do. Is there anything anybody can do it?
just a little bit like being there, for you. Sometimes is like helpful just be like him and you're, just your good friend. I know you don't do something, but just know like you just like a little bit and dont require anything of them, but I can only be different to but, like I don't know, I don't know. Everybody's on a different trip there the thing it's like. No one knows what anyone is feel telling someone get over. It is not the way to do it. That's that ain't gonna help. The tough loathing is like that. Doesn't work networks for fuck. I'm not! I don't know what it worked for. Not that waste for LGBT gags works for them in some. I don't even think it worse for them. I think that gets people to move sometimes, but it doesn't change the way they think about what they do. Well, you just get forced into do. I know it's like the argument. Well, when I was gonna say, but it's it's you you want him to act, and so they act because of force of your your will write
phenomena scare out into the habit of Duke inspire someone and say to him? Listen, I know you're looking at this way with. This is why this is gonna hurt you by approaching this way. You can do the same thing, but instead of approaching it away approaching and stop and just for a shift in perspective thing about in a positive way, you could do that to people, and sometimes you can actually shift when they look at something because a lot of times the way your protein adopting its piss, you off about rights and the way to get through. Sometimes People is not to tell them. This is the way to do it, but just to paint the picture. Make their own decision near the black. Happened in IRAN. Yeah ok is it is a worn out. Otis! Ok, only or less happy you don't well was like. Instead about you, gotta get out there and run You know I have kids reason is one of the things that I learned that works really good as any time they do anything. I tom I fucked up way worse in you, don't you sort fucked? I said whatever you done. I've messed up way more
everybody, but doesn't answer, don't worry about it. This is a part of being a kid and super proud of you for it hitting that you made a mistake or that you did this. This is great because this is how you learn you're, not supposed to know everything your eight years Although you, ten years old, you didn't it yours to be learning learning about life and suppose people is supposed to be talking about various things you encounter you're not supposed to already know everything your little kid. This is great. So we learn. Something that we not want to do any more. This great. This is an awesome opportunity and nobody. I wish somebody talk to me like that and I'll tell him not to go because I get caught. Stupid and dad or whatever, whatever the fuck it was when I did so with some people talk to kids backed ended in a tiny, even anybody's fault. So does I'm dumb? You know in the nineteen. Sixty to someone tat, they threw things at them. Like my my pants
tell me about six flying across the room: people stop they just fuckin. They little kids were animals back. Then two people are different, so might be that, like someone help me I don't know if people listen to going through it whatever, but like some things that help that I was able to take was had one therapist said. One good thing was like imagine the good things out of the depression. Yeah instead of looking at his only negative. What's it helped her with, and then I was I'll try that and I was like I'm looking at my stand, immature more realistically and darker and that's actually helpful stage. Is a guy called. That's one good thing out of this, and then it just sort of it might help you like it's not all bad adjust the way you approach. Another thing was say five things, and just in the shower, whenever you,
who shower say five things out loud, that you're thankful for the Nazi monumental stuff, just like at seventy five today, that's good. I knew bar soap, that's cool, my friend John in whatever I like him. That's cool lotta have that my life just five thing to say out loud and then after a while some of that, but that in Europe, like affecting my mood, who you know where instead of Foot Cosette, was upon the focus if ever told you thought was a negative thing yes or be like a seventy five to go death is the example you let the seventy five degrees and sunny fuckin everyday Ella. You know and I would be like instead of one like this fuckin rad its February in twelve and I'm fuckin. In short, this is great Instead of focusing on that, I would focus on my car. Has no gas, I got a fucking go get gas, I hate having a fuckin get gas, you gotta pull over.
And so I am only focusing on this fuckin one minute chore after do. Instead of on all the good stuff and serious focus, it just makes focus on this negative ages like Campo. Out of anything you can do to like shift. The focus to the positive is helpful. Do no Tony vs stand of comic from Bosnia. So said as part of a very very funny guy said someone about. He was driving from New York to Boston back and forth like multiple times in a weaker yeah. I go. Do that's long, that's along ass drive and he was yeah, but I just go then just tell myself this: what I'm doing right now we're I just do it yeah, and but thought about data, go yeah. Why don't you just do that to say this is what I'm doing right now, instead of like on far simpler drive this thing so can long would have a false, and how do you make yourself think about positively fuckin hard summit
when I told them I made nor nor core people about certain commercials and then like how does it work unimaginative an agent given ten percent like what He doesn't know the audition thought you hate him. You have ten percent here and you probably got those two from human and you like our amendment thinking like that, it's like, I wouldn't get the auditions without him. Yes, I'm nothing compared to what it does. You want a bunch of people, this people our stand. So it's like dont focus not negative, should focus on the ninety percent. Like I wasn't like twenty, sounds it wasn't even thinking like others such as Saki Thing, when you just had a great way of approaching this. What I'm doing right now so there's one doing can emulate those people. Hard to retire relate them. Then it's like the help. You hear me move the needle little bit yo. So maybe that one day like fuck it. This is the total boulders too hard today, maybe forgot like one nicer thing: they like
I can withstand it, allows a day would commit suicide, maybe like last year, through this, of a culture of attacking and trying to destroy people today that didn't exist. Before my can affect a mood yeah, I think, we're seeing that with people in the news when people do the thing about that lady and the little girl the lay your old call, the cops autumn thing above me out the most is that they didn't accept. Apology for come on. That's the thing about me us and also what she did was growth for sure, but we want people to just suffer forever. Like the pain that lady must have felt from all those thousands it ye males and hate tweets? She got from rat now that little kid that now you know that you do not the pilot. Who knows it she's gotta. She got it she and doesn't get for everybody, that's good for everybody, but you know what else could fair buddy forgiveness, Forgiveness is gonna family yeah. Just you say we forgive you. It's
I'm glad you're only going to it? I pity you know you're wrong, so nobody locked up and spoken. No, she fucked up it's probably hormonal and she's. Probably not you know not thinking so good and not related like you said you said you, sir. It's all bad. She shouldn't never done and who knows if she would have not even to everybody, she said it to the people or hate one on one, I'm sorry it was my bout yeah yeah you people eat, let people learn and grow in on our accept our part. Also, it's like nothing happened to adopt. Russian and get arrested is a creepy expand filled me really is now imagine some fuck you and I accept your poetry fuckin programme. Sing size, white, lady member, that old lady. After that, after the court trial, she punch isolating the phase so yeah
I was a girl. I should like your daughter, didn't fuck your hotlines. I got nothing to rub it in right now, say: you're, sorry, reappear, positive winner, accept an apology of the loser. You man, just people, aren't here for that law, IRAN arouses garbage. Do in that lady was, I have Sarka fights the fuck off, get out stuck my family. It's like you, white trash, well, she's, a super winner, those super winners is taken out and out. I'd heard, if you lose a game or of Michael Jordan, lose a game appeal to you when Turkey for two. We really crazy. If here that you ve heard Chile that right irony that, whereas crazy giant pants just case. Someone ever wants to play. One unwanted cupolas, fuckin, pants off you go visit. Is there a rumor is the bet with Israelis. Will you, where's giant, ass, pants used to pull away, half he's ready
so competitive Houston bet competitive used to bet with recipe whose bag with come out. First, wait like a hundred bucks or thousand bucks, and then the fuckin laid her pay the people at the airport like hey, when my back comes, you need to let it come off first, when that book about tat, he rigged, assist yeah yeah. Was a degenerate, gambler or still is with us. Hundreds of millions of dollars, which is a crazy combination, whether killed his father? There was the rumour right cloud. People say that that's so scary thing true, that it is still having from they just killed. Him does so scary bill. I, while they kill Jordan, unlike as America, their money Jesus Christ did ever castigated killed his dad, don't believe they did they data figure at him guys jail. One summit was contacting me about this guy from jail, not spoken to him in jail about the security of mafia.
I think it was a dude of you watch wild wild countries that the best holy shit. Ok, when you're one or two episodes into that on it for episodes in private preferment. So you can get us how much of you thanks? Oh ducking to start one is a thousand Brian thats on peace and happiness can wear the same shit. It's great dude. I was like these. People's court has talking my friend Todd and he was I do. I I wanted to live up, is a young man. What the farthest read our red. It was that the poorest. Does the sons of anarchy opposite way? It looks like they seem like they're happy. They are happy there have. Good old time. Deplores brothers. May that. Those guys about. That's an amazing. Measuring its fuck the stories so insane, while I'm watching them like how the fuck did. I not now lie not know about it. It was so good.
I thought it was a work for a while. I was like, I think they might be facing this hope. So. How do you see tat broke out talking about an hour? I guess I guess it's happened. I got friend mine is girlfriends. Parents were in that group real yeah and they still they still farther guys teachings still believe in him. The magua, though, show that is now show that it is named as they are. The most. Why wasn't Margarets grumbled is a picture that I had of him that I put up on my instagram page of him, holding this white guys head and this guy like coming in his pants wanta readiest parents like this up Jamie. I love it he's. Just like you got money, you can have a nice things. Julia, twenty two fuckin Roy. What to look at this? Oh you're, the guy, the other guy dodging here, so why AIDS is touching Baltimore, same time left him dude right hand. The girl he's like transmitting
through them through that having them orgasm slick. Oh my god, he believed in it man, you're a fucking guy in person decrease everything This German, I think, attended. I fell asleep, Dare you you believe that shit dude, it's fuckin, amazing man, Alma episode for now, and I don't want to give anything away and in terms of how goes down, but it literally keeps ramp. Up again, more more fucking insane. I I've like what I said- I can't believe I in here about this. How do we know Jones Town, everybody knows don't drink. The cooler was this in Oregon outside of Antelope Oregon too. I don't want to. I can't give too much why, but these people bought a town, they bought the whole town. They got a police force, do the other police force or to that
that something like that is going on. Now it's super low. It super low, because what this is they would the government had stepped in and realize that this sum shenanigans going on and they were essentially, there is no separation of church and state, because the church was the state right. They they had a government and police force was run by the church. They called it the peace force, and The whole call basically ran the town, except for a few diehards didn't want to give their houses up. So there was some folks. Who had been living antelope two whole life. They didn't give their houses up and they telling the story there did not care for this fucking amazing, so jealousy of having seen overlaying ex cop and there's One right is a different one moment. Actress that got the actual results is that's a similar type cult, then, is a deal without actors known or machine that you finally recruit people, knowing you with a sex cult, I don't know that's the same thing as many people
know much about the sex called thing with that actress entity. Other gonna knock on the whole story, so is our Randy their branding people, but she was. She is a part of it. She was recruiting people into a legit Lee. This is what their charging furious more the store than I can tell no man, but it's weird- that people are so susceptible to call that we protect people from calls, but don't protect people from religions to censure the only difference this one guy is Bang in all these people and we gotta stop under that they'd always had a sex crimes. There was like ton, try again there is there was there was illegal. Things were done in this particular one from whatever on an all too much about it, but don't you go to that ocean guy and I was it seemed except for church and state see. The thing is church start run in the police force member and they at these guys walking around with fuckin. You know some out of rifles and high powered machine guns and shit. It was very different, is like ok, you ve
a military force, that's guarding this religious leaders that yeah. So they have these police people at the compound in the hallway. With machine guns. These guys are playing assassin made. They are the police force and up than our private, exactly I was a girl grow, except to anyone give any more away. I want to watch and by the way everything I've said is not gonna. Take anything away from here with your family, your boyfriend. Here, why? Whatever you know lodged with somebody to gather list to sick, find somebody like, let's watch at one every two days is talk about it. I thought I think independent version of that, is in little blips. What goes on with burning man like this end turn it little blip of escape of norms of regular society in these people get there. They were fucking gas, masks and fuck each other and go crazy and do cartwheels in the dirt and they hang out Yet if you dont have a great time and they realise that people can a lease and small bursts Kin, our policies community set up all this temporary art havoc,
time and everybody's like really like, like minded ways out this one place. Well, that's if people want that, the only difference between that and a full time community is that you would have to figure out a way to get, but to get along forever just be a few days. You'd have to graze. Kids together, get your food together. Do by the food. Have our other jobs, keyboard- is a similar. But if you try to do that today, they would stop you, or at least it would become a real issue like safe. You decided you and Duncan got together and you to decide by seven hundred acres in Oregon, and you found some place you at all. For you did a kickstarter and you guess but community out there. You grew your own food. You had your Well you. Never even nobody can be married need fuck anybody, This is how we live and that's how we live in and then use you just right. You like real, loosely based rules, hey when you need something clean up. Your mass giant mess halls filled with people,
people of his houses all over this Fuckin ranch and you you basically established a village. Well, you get gives can't go too far. Yeah, but how are we to get money from them and where we have some breaks, the real law like there's a rape or murdered you'd have to be like nominated gave the kind of Europe's the only way to keep it on. Aren't so do that the aid to keep it legit. I git, have still been jurisdiction. You'd have to make friends with the local Sheriffs. That's about it. Do they would We don't really harm, but one day when Maneater, when some happy I'll call you but otherwise binoculars about you. I would your bank and each other holler I think this language, other crazy, skin and fuckin wild appear son. That's what we do the legal right to leave it a flock in Amerika. I pay taxes, so my my my best but his wife can. My ball ass, Buckingham, like I'll, get her into that. Goes. He likes to suck ball right next to the booty. Oh, I think you'd and problems, people decide that you should be,
unlike the they don't, want people, that's with everything base its with em, that you're not living the way I live Islamic, anyone be into your shit yeah. But it's always like one dude right. That's running things an hour ago, I guess compounds and May Giles, there's always a maying outfox everybody thugs there, but his wife forgetting what if I wanted to make on them, and the only way to do it honestly to do a burning man style. This is my point, is at breyman style would be no leader, no leader air, no leader solve like minded people no leader you'd, have to face the problem is charismatic people can go up that these meetings, one person takes over many years, more desertion nights. You know he's the king of people do or monkeys there. If we can avoid the crave leadership, yeah we'd have to somehow another fine awaited not manipulate the way It is a particular laws on. I gather not those six calls. But they are like. Everyone has a job we're all working for,
we makes money or I brought it- makes twenty bucks a week, whatever it is in a room and board is paid for, and that makes people feel really good. Yeah you that's your also in equal part one guy could be running the accounting for the thing one guy could be taking eggs in a one. Person takes care, the nursery of the kids, but Evelyn joined them. Do you ever see that I Werner Herzog movie life in the tiger called the offence either called happiness? Happiness are happy. Vanessa Todd, salons movie them right, girl, give austrian moose those who were living why's that were like the best. I was crazy. It was crazy, I think it's called happy life in the tiger, about these people that live in Siberia there like trappers and ship, happy people there, though, the like the happiest people on earth
We all have a great time laughin, and this is just how they live all the time and all they do is go fishing and hunting and trample life, but they all get together and drink, and then, in these villages they have fuckin log sleds, that a poem down the road and driving around on jet skis- and this is they live like they live in the fuckin tundra, dude, it's madness out there. They raise these Dore Lyn Legs man there that there were the happiest, nurture exactly rioters. There's a lesson in there and I want a cave were egret fucked jobs. Now, did you the cats. Women anymore has officially broke. I thought about acknowledge that was people around, don't be a thing to do. You wanna get arrested for something that's thing to do. You, ok, I'm a fan of phantom. Allow fan, I'm a real fan. I've read the book slower, I'm supposed to come about egret,
you just get also touch her. Had hey your guys, think about them. We forget now what is active wonderful system pieces. So it s pretty images. Size live terrorists for Jamie's eyes Look over there to show that multinationals Windsor did you guys feel when I was going to all that? Like word was effect on you guys, I was very nervous, has very nervous about you cause. I don't I didn't. What to do- and I knew I could do- I knew I could help you financially- a newer- could do that. So I did that immediately, but I didn't know what to do. I don't I didn't I didn't know about feels like, and I didn't know what would be the path to take. But when you offered that you were having problems with your psychiatrist in the medication- and I said okay- well, let me let me get ahold of Matt
who, I know will know the right people getting about advertising. I see people who don't tell me anything you like I it's like you were you're such a non complainer. There are new ones, are people the story but we're playing pool and are, as liberal the table MIKE what the fuck happened, your leg, MAC, Phuket, spider, biter, sound like a white, let me see your fuckin leg and he pulls his pants Why do you gotta go to the hospital right now? You have a very bad staff infection and this could fucking kill. You come on you're joking, I'm, like I start unscrew my cue MIKE we're going to the hospital, and now it was so bad that the fact that you're so stoic you- you never complained once while you this gigantic. Pulse field on your knees kill those horrible outpost of the nuclear video and there he was like do you know that there are new like I did bugging you now
We were so when you were when you were telling me that you are doing bad it wasn't you weren't feeling good news. You're telling me you are suicide or, as I go k, stop we gotta. Now this is going to figure this out. You know that I know what to do, but in fact this up maybe nervous, because I was nervous that I was gonna be there when you need me to be there and you know, and you I would just skipped, call just get the car I mean as a friend that's. The last thing you want to do is have some situation when you feel like. Maybe you could have called them and you could have made them feel better and you they would have just gotten over that and then they would have been. Ok like you became ok man, I mean you were my most depressed friend and now you probably what am I happy as France, even after I start sooner guide still took months before finding the right pill in the directive.
Surgeon. I would talk to me every like thirty days or whatever it was your memory disk in the process. In one things at whist, disconcerting to me was how random it seemed to be what it meant which pills they chose. It's like their gassing. That's what seemed to conceal I felt like. If you would like save you know, then you had an infection. They know which antibiotic works best on an infection boom that give it to you. But this one wasn't that cut and dry. I was there trying stuff out on you. Yes, I owe you did I reproach, and you have an inflame thing: it'll take it down, but they'd they know generally yeah. This is like there's from what I get gather. This two things could be wrong with their you other too much dopamine too little. Dover me too much mouse or too little some mouse her and said Each of these pills having it into two categories, are for carers and they either they either factually dopamine. Oh, they affect the other thing, either limited or push more n and on the other, the so they don't know which ones doing
two first and then once they narrow that down they got inside. If it's like you, too much or too little, if you're bipolar, two separate they're just guessing and then, while you take the shit, you ve added the horror, bow feelings and then added something awful side effect. This is one things that I really wanted to point out when the one broke Roseanne was going to come on. I want to really talk about medication and how or two were asking this really, you know she's an elderly woman who's, taking an incredible amount of medication, still a lot of shit she takes be in every night, she's drinking she, smoking, PA and she's on a host of meds, and these things are all doing battle in her head, and you know she barely knows what the fuck she sang some of the time she sang it. She's in ambient hazel eyes,
out of and she's open about it. You know she's like I need to get them to just my man's, but everybody is is tat killing her like she can never recover, feel righteous. But it's where, because tourism as such, if at the forefront of putting on like homosexuals into mainstream media, She didn't give a shit and suddenly like knots or God. You're a joke and people like she wasn't Joe, Unlike for sure, she was joking, whether not you think she should have used those words and by the way that that lay does look fuckin jewish shit. She was talking about death like to say, as a joke Let me just explained everybody as a professional comedian as an expert in this when someone says that person looks like a mixture of this and this. That is joke form. That's not it. That's a pure joke that's what that. Is you see that over and over again, you see this person looks like this mix with this. This guy has a work ethic of this week's with it. It's like that's a joke for as clearly
yeah decides racist or whatever, but says on a joke, you being ridiculous. Yet it's obviously joke it. Just you can't say that joke I saw joke as you can't say that joke You have a job, but if she was black should give us a joke. Easy, like give Miss Pat said that choke instead of Roseanne everybody. She doesn't? The planet is related in any way from her fuckin conservative, us? Yes, and well she's, also nutty a squirrel shit? She just is an Cheech. He likes to go on twitter. Crazy stuff. It shed apologize waiting two hundred times a day, George, so I was for common nazi and like so much in still continues to. Tweet is tweeting like crazy. It's all the same, and you got You got. If you do a network thing they take out your France cannot take away or twitter various all that shit like that. You can use your genome is. Can we have you got a hundred people work on that set the autumn, actually going to switch over to they're gonna call some new show. Now the car
but by the way, I don't think of doing that yeah, I don't think they should have fired, or I really don't. I think you got a letter apologize and you know she explains herself and you realize who sheet is and should not terrible person. Snuff so easy to put. Some is one action. This is something on at an biography of hers. Conversations on some Suki Myanmar, the earth. There was like house arrest, but twenty years, a Nobel Peace Prize from press for writing and she was talking about the burmese army, whose torture her had killed and arrested forever. A lot of her like colleagues- and there was like look they're, not all bad. You can't make someone into one of their actions. Sir, because even if you ve committed murder, one of the worst things you can do, that is not who you are you just someone who has committed murder? She does not as a certain point, we have done so much more
that you now are really wholly a murderer, but that's very rare much more communist someone who has killed somebody there now? No longer that person twenty years later of someone who kills you know, and if too, somebody to one of their actions is it's dehumanizing to all of us. It is also there's targets where people see someone who, like as a Roseanne, whose, like some sort of cultural icon, and they like to shifted on them and attacked them. They like to go after that. One some theirs some transgression they done, something which she did do if out upset people, so they want to attack back in a really unbalanced way? I want to end at all for her there's no way you can ever bounced back from the other I want they wanted pylon going to kick people whether downs now is my chance to kick you it's a terrible lack of compassion. That comes from two things. I think one comes from a jealousy, there's a
natural jealousy that we all have forced super successful people when they fail ago ha ha. I knew it. I knew it and now I have a right to replace national tack. You, I think, there's a little bit of that and I think there's also when people feel like shit. They want other people to feel shit to her. You know, and I This is what do I think these attacks on people, these rapid taxes are coming from you. So I come from me we're not scream and for the death of and even the people that are even if you are really say, the mass of people to sculpt, that's fucking bullshit. You did and then the network hears all these people say: that's bullshit! Yes, you know, I think it's just symptom of where human beings are today I think to so many human beings that are hurting and so on. Something comes up gives them illegitimate reasonably have said they just attack it full force, but what to stir me is the lack of an overwhelming voice for compassion, yeah. The lack of
overwhelming voice of people saying hey, look real real racism is awful, but this lady, who probably did commit real racism by calling the cops and that eight year old girl she's just a fucked up person. It's what how do we solve better to justice? Forgive her what happens like here's? I think that mistakes that the left and the right makes when China like when there's an e mob deal, it's they seek to punish over educate, though not looking It's a make. The present change our opinion. They go your ignorant and then they leave it at that. So that probably the thing I got them flash for in my life was the amazing races. Videos chair, wonder why I mean over and over again new people find it fuck you peculiar racist. I have may be gotten three tat, The message I mean I've gotten hundreds and hundreds of death, threats of guns, thousands thousand angry fuck use racist Russie, star whatever, but maybe only through total. I of two of Paraguay
hey just you know. This is why that hurts me, because I wasn't migrant here and then, when I ceased up like this, it reinforces the feeling that a mother foot, maybe that's it- of the thousand thousands of the other way a fuck you so you're, not really trying to address We want to change their opinion. Eurylochus China, like How what is now. I really like that, because we're unhappy- and you find a target and you get a free shot, you will see a guy go down in the ghetto, Garcia fight or a guy goes down. The ghetto nobody runs in and kicked him and had seen. Us a gang of those on street fight videos, there's a bunch of ST five videos and some of the craziest ones are indeed neighborhoods, where someone gets knocked out and then Chauncey people take free shots. Animal is down and ask for shot. There's a bunch of videos like that there, as a person who understand brain trauma its severely disturbing when I've talked to one of these neuroscientist about the aim of these blunt force impacts on the brain. You seen a guys could totally unconscious and they want walk by inside
her kick him in the head, totally unconscious just take turns hitting on full blast in the face and a bunch of people. Do they stop em? They kick em, I mean he's out cold, his pants down their kicking in their head think people realize. Yes, the effects at one of those areas can have on your psyche and having people they see something like the lion guy or the dude who fucking caught the foul bomb, Cubs game or Fuckin That's good or anything like that, or this eight, this lady with the girl. He comes out you from everything everywhere and then put the site like that. This third guy smooths, argue that people can move on thanks amongst their still gettin hundreds of stuff a day sang fuck, you fuck you from year. It still have right, and so you all move on exotic. But everyone whose shit on them a little bit has added to their this. This
overwhelming. Like this thing you can, I still think maskers flailing off that shit up these still trying to find himself all these fuckin attacker some fuckin five years ago, like three years ago, but like you don't just come clean of that was all the people adding like hey fuck, you ve, killed ally and, like you added to their fuckin break in psychology, yeah. It's not an easy thing to get over and you don't see it all, but it's so much Iran is start. I called him and his wife might get off line right now, Ralphie too that's what was happening to him. It was like you, give this is someone else. Could it won't? Do you and if you know, you're wrong, Brindisi apologize. All of us six years earlier said I, but I'm sorry, I lied and we all make fun of that was over. He don't need other people going you like it here and now I told everybody. I know what's wrong with ten thousand, people telling you that you didn't do anything. When you ve already said yes, I agree. I didn't care, though they just want to get the list.
Yeah hereabouts. They are the cultural equivalent to this bar fight. The was knocked out the real lesson there. I want you to know their disappointing new and express their rage. You I'm on following you they're nuts. I just do it don't. Look. I tell my telling Reggio that's adorable. Whenever you know on follow out Jones was right, yeah, it's it's it's not each time. We live yeah. It is another time and it's a time of outrage. It there's there's outrage sport out there to be had
and did you know this legitimate outrage? There's a story like both things. My friend time by these people in DC, pulled over side of the road decently. Busy peiwoh may be sensible of our typing, but not but business like that, but at busy, like thirty three lanceor, three lines there, so he took his walking home a ten year old and eight earls does on their own just walking and his lady pulled over echo. What who are you where's, your parents and their like? I do not think that the rabbit home, not you're sick. What were you going to that? We're going home and they were coming from like we're going for the playground, and she was no doubt UKIP on your own. She called the cops and they got them in our pick them up and down to where they lived and the parents were there and like. What's all this liquid, so your kids walking alone and I go for the park right and they like yeah the care. We taught him how to do that and I would even be taught them. We walked with them from the pocket of times and we took
work has enough to where we trust that they can come home from the popular we ve taught them how to do that. We trust them with it, and if you like, I guess so- and there was a split in the story. Most people read at ninety percent of the people. A radical guess. Parent should be allowed to trust when their kids a train enough to do things like driving at sixteen that's apparent decision. You know ten percent of the people will acknowledge. I wouldn't do that with my kids, that's fuck them and those people reached. On Twitter Facebook and said fuck, you shabby kids taken with you and that ten percent, even ninety percent the perishability took its whatever that ten percent means Thousands of people coming you saying you're, a horrible teacher, your harbour father. Imagine that a thousand people say fuck, you you're a bad father, you're, ruining your kids and it keeps happening. It affects you and they didn't do anything wrong. They did so your ninety percent of people think you're in the right here and you're still get all this negativity. Well, nobody imaging a shit and nobody ever is prepared for the no one's prepare for no one agency.
Agency should have should be on the ready to help their client fucking deal with this It happens. Good that'll happen. Almost everybody. You have something to get blunt proportion, you gotta be where you get offline immediately. They won't do you think that some of it comes from people? Have this feeling that anybody who is in sort of a situation with a clearly wrong, just an open. Cargan target fuck them go off on them. Look how easy it is to a Christianity joke now. Look how hard was back then I told you same thing: Southport broke up and now you're like a brave megaphone Scientology, no Christianity, everybody's doing Obray, some like an easy now do that the sixties. You have a problem, did not get exhausting brave challenge of substances, be funny yo, Pachacama, retrograde, shortsighted covered, because I got a great story goes. How much is of
funny when you made up just or two story like a true story about a good. What is needed to restore where are we desire? I forget: what were you saying, Jamie you forget to God: dammit Fuckin marijuana its side effects, it does have its side effects dabbling doubting that it which argument e rage yeah Maskers Eurasia, pretty rough people and got out of that yeah yeah people fucking, I fuck you. I just feel like worse, stalled out in our cultural evolution in a way that I feel like we're. We're in these movements of change. I think I see a lot of positive things, but see nearly enough like friendliness and compassion. I think we really need more that as human beings, this is not lasting you're not going to last no one's lasting. You know, you're gonna die we're all gonna die.
We're here for a certain amount of times, not permanent while you're here we can make everything better for everybody to be a nicer to each other can be done. I mean it's not going to be done, so I think, but it can be done. Little drop. The. I think what you do is get affect your own life. They can't change of everybody, but what I can do is every time everyone is blossoming. Angry just go. I probably dont have the whole story free on this cuz. That's happened twenty times already out for sure it's like I'm not getting bad. You know, I am I'm sure people taking care of this. What I'm going to do is go outside and enjoy some freedoms. I have like a fucking park. Yeah actually enjoy your life, letting people for can take it down. This horrible road darling your hundred yourself here and you're wrong, holding them get out there just leave. You call a friend could talk about some yeah. It's just a strange time, for you know just four x: pressing anger. Argue you're wrong. Fuck, you fuck! You! You wrong would never had like more of an open
Forum for debating ideas, but people have never been more dogmatic and aggressive above their past too, and the left gets violent. Now. This is a weird thing that didn't used to happen before the sun. Nick hollow get punished in the face by some woman at a shallow self righteous that you feel that he has had a punch him in the face, gonna giant black eye and sick. You can't be violent. Get someone an end they use ago will look who you're what savers I could dice type act. Then some of those people like hard core Kika K, pepper people like local, your family says like that's not. My all atomic aiming to be their right. Well, if you want that logic, some of the people found you guys are pretty fuckin shit. Yeah. I will call on the logic. Is I'm not a hypocrite, but, like your fault but like they are, some of them are again fuckin violent, now, dear little crazy sewing, every speech its it signs of information? It becomes idea, wars and when it becomes dear wars, they get this anything necessary by any means necessary mentality and
They think that the answer as a further means this fuckin professors out there have been quoted as saying that they believe in violence when there is no other solution supporting it. He's an antivirus, disruptive violence into to take away oppressors and that free this is a big one. This is one that has been coming up lately more more often even the ACL. You changes stance on free speech and they they their deeming free speech. Is something that's not hurtful to someone else, but that's not what free speech it's like, what the most recent data heard where they most recent reading about free speech. There's something about they wish yell you stance on free speech. Will you can't french? My belief is again fringe on their faces? Five songs, you don't fringe in the rights of someone else right so that you can learn a flag of you want, but you can't born a flag in my apartment. I don't think I think there Shifting writing today's younger uncertain right through to what harm is an orgy of physical harm or not its area of physical or not. We talk about like slight mental harm. Well, video, racism is clearly emotional harm, mental harm, ear. Your damn
Jeanne someone psyche if you're dead, missing them in a racist way or you insulting them in a racist way. I think that How do I know not? Why not a white people, here's the problem would say. Ok, I've heard this theory the like wouldn't make fun of white people. Yes, missing wife, you took a lucky for you: White Guy, you're, on earth, Well, that's you just put me into a categories: approval race, human. I mean. I know you don't like people do that to use. I don't know why using those methods now to some extent to me well, the tide coming in and out right, the whites own slaves for so long, and it was so fuck and oppressive that now, as it shifted back there still not despair in all black neighborhoods, because a racist laws and things have a balanced out. Yet so you're allowed with family life bugger, see allow to say fuck why people until it goes this way and I swear in any linens, they got to the point we're sitting on Christians and I'm not a crescendo care for them, especially Catholics. Well, were shooting them now, as I cannot leave them alone, there are honest all they do
take abuse now, all they're doing is trying to worship their god. You gotta shitting on them and calling them yokels monopoly them from their down their down. You got him down, you're, not punching down. If you wanna put it, we should honour catholic year unless there kids yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah. Let's go to one of your joint. Why? What don't I'll write you said, which is that it will mean that is one of the darkest fuck. It thinks that their accused transfer people rapes all over the place. That was the pope. Posted organise the guy. You toss the God! Is that so that's what I told him to set any move, somebody who went on to rape, a hundred deaf kids, yeah, yeah hundred yeah, what the fuck man you look into that background Ratzinger and look into the meanest several cases of that there's so many there's documentaries on it. I think speak no evils, one, the documentaries of different priest that we're just molesting test scores of kids.
Damn tat. They interview the guy's, their monsters, so crazy man me they were just that's what they did, that's what everybody to them as they did and they got away with it forever every once in a while seminal point out, some like jewish rabbi. That, like has read the kid or something like that and say see it happens injurious to, but it s a seal, use, longstanding commitment to defending speech. We hate is its recent good. That's why they should be doing is in response to this. So somebody public someone's criticism published anymore two journal is different from those challenges to our work. Her critiques print is predicted are predicated on a fundamental misrepresentation. She falsely accused the issue of having secretly changes policy regarding free speech and of launching
investigation to determine who leaked the secret air quote, quotes leaked and then quote secret document that she claims revealed this asserted change in policy. In fact, the assail you remains fully committed to defending free speech as a document she sites expressly refer expressly reference hashtag, fake news, so somebody put its victims. According to the OECD, good, I heard someone say it's hard to tell: should you should not be able to up just like on something and so on there is violence committed because of your or malaysian. You can no longer stay you're, not a terrorist organization or if no longer say you have the right to protest when it causes violence. And then this is on empires and then the coast was okay. So just you know, though, under than there are liberal group, not crazy, but like liberal Brad,
there's only just so. You know that's not apply the same thing to blacklist matter and they would mean like what that guy killed. Two cops because the black eyes, marriage, if you gonna, say the followers decide whether knowledge than we have their outlaw buckeyes matter, and there goes on now. None are now. We can do that. I wouldn't you can't say Charles was able to have a right to say: go home, cakes, you're, taking our jobs, they can say fine, they can say it sucks yeah all of it because they all of it. You can see even role your eyes and say that as an idiot, that's your right! You don't stop them from talking because in it keeps going to the point where rap is getting fuckin boycotted in America, you can't put shit out because it will always go to a point where be super super repressive. Well, if one person is not doing anything wrong, can't speak! You ve done something wrong yeah. You could easily compromise our group too and turn into a terrorist organisation by if
having some cause violence. They do not give a lawsuit, exotic sentence, amount to cover, comes and unfair fights, and then they get both. As regards this first wife now yeah type, kids that were hanging around and occupy were saying that they would run into undercover agents and undercover cops all day, though they has. They knew we're undercover and they like what the fuck so they're, just like being overwhelmed by people were lying to them and for the government to keep the peace like this. There are secret covert aid Hence hanging around these occupy kids, you know never cease, when my favorites is when Peter Schiff, who the venture capitalist banker g Sk I have ever seen Peter chef. My pack has three times Super Welty, successful business guy and he went down to occupy Wall Street- and he said I don't know, how do you say- I'm I'm a multi millionaire, explain to me what I've done wrong or something on those who are for what is
Actual that's funny to put our all was a great role because he's a financial Jean, since there are no one zero out. They don't know what the fuck are you talking about these like look I've I hundreds of people, I have an enormous business. I a tremendous amount of capital. Why should you make the same money? Is me and forget, tortures these people, because he speaks a divided and fifty miles an hour, and they don't know what they're saying and he says, he's it's very comical to watch it just shows you how people go into these things. With these idealistic ideas of what they say their standing for when they don't even have like a framework of what their against other policies in the back king in the corporations and capitalism in general it out of this. So many people that do people, don't even they are there for the ride. The commission's original text. In fact, the man man we're gonna fix things are so Peterson is the man, so he gets out there.
Amongst them with fuckin beautiful five thousand. Our Sudan probe costs more than those by angry and right now I you're watching videos and eighty two hilarious great. He ought to talk to him he set up shop in Puerto Rico, ripe for the hurricanes in short, shut all the power off he was living in poverty. Apparently a lot of people move to put a Rico, not rich people fuck this year, because it too Is there just like stupid low? My friend is lived there. Yet rosy went to college together, she's, like the power like really in the last month or two just came back on and is being held on by a band aid and hurricanes and starting soon hurricane season It's like it's just going to happen again. So how is a power out for me? some months. Oh my god, they got it back in few places and then a kept going and other post people died because lack a power. Now ain't doing shit. What but its weight is in the eyes of regular people, like most Americans are busy with the right,
the lives and who put a Rico's, not a part of us, even though it s yeah, I love rivers, you idiot Trump Porter Rico is part of our is part of America a real again. You just found this out right now, for I knew it was say: Savage ugh, about Alaska, being frozen. Porter Rico was Niven attached like how's that ours and how is who I argue that fuckin place way over there, but yet all the power that inelastic ripped keep help him. When we look at a different status as they were not a state does put, it does not state has therefore regard as part of their partner at they always wanted this too, and that backlash on things and one narrowed down to one possible thing and it's a gate. One possible thing: it's yours have given up all of it right. You know yet perhaps because they're not why there is a third latino is perhaps it's also mixing without an awful state, which I knew enough about finances to ask the question: is it possible that the reason why these corporations and he's rich Jews wants- and we want to move there and and
at such a low tax rate that they have to pay, is also why they did Have the money to recover from this infrastructure being down. Now that these two might somehow another be correlated or is it just add that to her came, was so fucking overwhelmingly devastating that had just took forever to fix, which one is it? Because anyone who thinks you don't need government and what we have to sit down and talk about it? we're gonna fix things, we're gonna have to sit down and talk about infrastructure remedies elite out some local government, but you what is? I mean like this? No government people are crazy. Today importer ego nine months after Hurricane Maria two thousand six hundred nine six, two thousand six Sixty nine customer still do not power. In many cases, these homes, where more than one website than one person lives it maybe another months before they get it. We're going to tweet about this until the last cost, Where has power- and this is David Ben God- be and not be e g?
beg nod legal clarity. Bonnet David, just read his name data. B e g and a You d have a bigger that French she's real big of Alfred Lesion, David Biennial, that's fucking, great a few days ago to nine months after the hurricane erroneously coming together, comment that far didn't source, which Food Branson he by an island. That goes got completely decimated. I think so. I think the whole island got wiped off the face of the map. I think this, for the first time they three honey there's no human beings live on island. Dude, what the fuck you imagine, and in a place with sky becomes an angry monster and does rips houses apart see some of these bug in Toronto. Raids and, like is team orange light that, whereas I guess going like a drop job get to cover now and if you look at the cover in a minute your honor
where soaked m is through you. All your stuff is ruined too, and then it passes in. Like thirty minutes, Do you remember when we were in Miami? Were you with me when we went Eddie? Bravo was due in a seminar we drove down from what palm billions to Miami. We had a stop on the high ways are much there was so rain. All car stops was organized re wall. It was fucking, crazy and all I could think of Hope no asshole tries to drive through this. Sixty is thus three limit. I can just like Jade Fox on Coke. There was insane we stay put. And in was a wall of water around us. Everywhere we looked fuck man that was insane damn. That's crazy about this world is that you go to different places and chest. My the universe, reeled out your at earthquakes. In some areas hurricanes and others organizational y know tellers.
Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of the volcano, the volcano real other vehicle, anything that today, one time it's fuckin up everything they say could go on for months. It they have projectiles fly to the air that it works. Like fuckin, several hundred pound rock loud hurling through the air landing on shit lighting things on fire. What gathered there losing houses left and right can't stop. It became a slow it down. You just have to get out of there, so they just have to evacuated this arctic fumes and the heirs. Our all round worthy of volcanoes are look at it which, which island see it from some ace? Oh, my god, that's all right guy, I'm fucking space bitch, look at it, What is the main island? The big one where the Big Ireland did its huge, it's a fucking real problem, why look at it will go to scroll back up to the last one that when are they look that shit we're look at this and medical aid, an ocean, beautiful images on Forbes. It's a beauty,
The image of how green and lush for big island of suitable for ninety percent of their name using amazing, but this law ave shooting out of it in its where people live with this house. That were houses down there. So one thing, if it ever Taylor drier that all that stuff to the left that little brown shit that's the little village. Why? Out of those how he's done, yeah saudi TAT Mustang there must be, as I was core Mustang are cooked. It was weird and was weird just watching, consume it ate so much. I kind of nature, so amazing that people with debts how you get an island Don't talk like that? Iceland is all volcano rock and then just started going over the top of it. Just soft grew out of here Dan is literally how the big island was formed. Formed right now, you're freaking out they have essential, come on it's gotta, be bigger, wise gonna, be bigger. You gotta put some tarp what you're flexibility they have this shit there. They call Volga it's like volcanic.
Smart man really fucked with my daughter's head. She gets unawares like Maria. She was to sneeze in a coffin and I was like what's manner and they Said for some people have allergies to certain challenges. You can get this Volga, this weird fuckin fog that comes in its mixed with volcanic vocs panic the either emissions or sent this the lot of a lot of stuff that these p, We are in danger of not just the volcano itself, but the toxic gaps, and so that some others gases that leak from the volcano get in the fog and some people are particularly susceptible to come up with a european one were values like other. Around oh yeah, without the ice on one within you, the one that that was the one that was responsible for that Michael Hastings, guy no Michael Hastings he's that journalists that gave us with his career. No, no. No. No. He over there doing
store on a general for rolling stone in day. Had the volcano happen. Any couldn't fly home for a long time, so is over there in bed with these just for a long period of time and during that time they get a little loose with them, and so being themselves- and they know some general said some stupid shit about Obama, insulted him in some way and they got us and they were the slowly, genoa! No! No! U S general, because this guy was doing worry overseas and as usual story oversees, he got stranded, thereby. Has the vile rack Naga fly over there. So Michael Hastings Rights is very bad story about this general and then comes back, and you know the general gets fired. He loses. Its job is like a beloved general. So, Michael Hastings, then wines of driving fucking car into a tree going a hundred and twenty miles an hour on sunset and the fear that someone had marked them that what they had done They had hired someone to take over his car cause. He's got them more
Mercedes worries hack into an hack anyway, you can force those things to drive him, so you could literally get into the computer in turn, shift the wheel, things found himself on a bus repairs to Berlin with Crystal and his entourage to visit, which was supposed to take place in two days turn into a month, during which time haste thanks had considerable access to the general so that the big conspiracy theory was that he was murdered. While I was the big conspiracy, because his are the engine flew from the car. I mean it was like it exploded like there's something explosion in there and then there was also the talks, call examined. Toxicology examination, I'm pretty sure revealed. We look for the
revealed that he was on some sort of amphetamine, but all writers are on at all, not all of them, but a shitload of em right MIKE Lawrence. It were caught a cobbler festival for smoke impartially pot mexican pot wants is not a small farms at one or two MIKE I'm turning her writing jobs and work at tested it MIKE did Hollywood doesn't test procedures for drugs. You can meet Artic right. There is a starting. I was like they're all long cook who we know they don't test with that proud. That's areas, testing, writing chops, humane! but surely the movies have become so horrible Sailor lobbied, you'll, be awful, is three thirty one gentleman who can bring this bad boy to a close, Thank you all for tuna in parliament, so that the great dotcom good are the greater com, but I'm doing this hour it Edinburgh, that's what I get for the last year and a half to fuck it
Eleven and brought some I've watched them for two time jobs out there and it's kind of got influenced by some of their style of comedy. I think the only problem is that give up. We've talked about as they give the jokes for the sake of a point or a theme, so I'm very careful not to do that to make all this shit work on its own and clubs in America. Evidently predicts a name again bra He burrow is what a lot of Americans go, Edinburgh Goggle an interim broke, sobbing, August. Second, through the twenty six it I've tell your parents were the UK that are now hangs. Am you shouted out irish affair? Jus, six p m everyday, the hive one more time of the dates: August, technological second, through the twenty six, that's insane son as twenty four days. Origin. Fear, that's, like Christmas Fitch come out, enjoy it sleep at all, They are the very dark out, but I would like to point out that I offered our free fanny back. He would not Take it, I said, will not hold that absolutely not really really so proud you like that,
it helps me travelling. You put your keys, you out an area to hold them like fuck, you up a reputation to maintain I'm free and a lot of stuff bring benefits for Fanny Back free Son, Tom Rowan I will be back tomorrow, was on the Morrow Jargon, Hamilton Mars, from vice of we're doing a radio we did one many many many years ago and we got so high. We couldn't talk, I'm here with the drugs from vice we're going deep. We went so deep, we went so deep. I don't even know if I was there and chauvinists here. My voice was mine, barely that it was those close to death, but he's coming back. You to be here to Morrow Hamilton Morris Duncan Trust was gonna, be here. We gotta lotta people come and see you and I think you're ready for tune into the pot gas and thanked her sponsors. Thank you to the cash app download cash for free and the reward code, Joe Rogan, you will receive five dollars and five dollars will go to just in Rennes fight for the forgotten charity think
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