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#1137 - Duncan Trussell

2018-06-27 | 🔗
Duncan Trussell is a stand-up comedian, and host of his own podcast “The Duncan Trussell Family Hour”. http://www.duncantrussell.com/
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use the code word Rogan and you will save ten percent off any and all supplements boom. My guest today, ok, is a fucking awesome person. He. He is a very, very good friend of mine and has been for a long long time. He is hilarious, stand comedian, a brilliant man and I love him to death. So please give it up for a trust government find gas checking out the Joe Rogan experience trying my day, Joe Rogan podcast by night all day, I'm teaching Dunkin the ways of how windows laptop that can limit MAX keyboards can go fuck themselves, there's a terrable keyboards they're, not designed for comfort and writing. This whole idea of get it thinner. Man get it thinner and thinner get it. So it's a piece of paper
is in magically unfolds. It expands the right side, yeah it's. This is fucking. This is not too thick yeah. How come they can do it? Welcome you guys can't do it. Why? How can we only offer one shitty, ass, fucking keyboard, find out if your macbook qualified for apples Keyboard repair program I don't want you to repair the same shitty keyboard. I want you to make a real keyboard where you have like it's got like little bit of a? U shape to it where you finger that goes into the center. What is that called? How do they describe that? And the keys have like a little a little bit of a dip to them in the in the middle? You feed simple: they are yeah dimpled. Perhaps you feel deal where they are. They have travel so your fingers know what's going on, you get tactile feedback, more tactile feedback. Then this little cookie click thing. Might as well be. You might as well be doing it on a ipad. You know you have. Ipad keyboard and it kind of works, but it kind of doesn't
The fingers are all feeling the same thing every time here want individual buttons. It gives you individual feedback, so you don't have to think about what's happening. You could just think about the words it feel it's like they hired an alien at apple that forgot that humans like to push buttons and we like it. It feels good. It feels good there ignoring like a basic human trait which is like have you seen dumb, cubes nervous people get they've, got like buttons and shit. You spin it around it. Was the same thing. This thing it's like gives you this tactile little thing where you take all that Extra energy and you put it in your in your stress ball. You see people like to punch and press and click and switch, and that's what apple forgot. It's like when I'm typing man, I like that, I like like in the shining when you hear that means I'm typing. I like the sound.
The flutter of the keys is your writing that fucking apple keyboard man, when I went in I was so ready to buy a brand new macbook pro so excited really excited like five mines from like two thousand and fourteen or two thousand and fifteen I mean not to like B get fucking apple fanboy, but I will say that when I went in there with it, instead trying to sell me the new macbook she looked at it. It was like what are you doing on the thing and I'm like? Oh, I edit sound and she was like. I don't know that you that you even need a new one outside of the fact that it's new, whoever you are young, Lady Odin blesses, you owed blesses you and blesses you for your truth, yeah yeah. It was for your wisdom, dude. I was so
shop. How is we don't need this? You computing power, I was stunned. Mac is like a like I've, never end, and not that moment is kind of made me perpetually low of apple 'cause, they're training their employees, not to like, like pressure, sell shit, but to actually help. They were write a stock. You could tell you want anyway, she's just like dude, you don't even want one she's right, quitting she's, quitting think of her job? For the last four days, she's been telling everyone, no matter what they came in to buy she's like you know, you don't need this. Her boss has been saying creepy shit to her she's, ready to quit for awhile he's an asshole, yeah yeah. I know ok, mark. Ok, I'm going to go out in the floor. Mark Jessica, who post your sales have gone to zero and move those new laptops. Well, yeah sure Mark Mark's got a creepy wink yeah. Can you get away with that work? What can you do now, if you
like, hey Susie, make sure you have that copy done to personnel by two. No can't do that can't wait, can go. Definitely can't do the gun poop and less you're doing it to everybody. If you're in a meeting, you could go Pepa Pepa you're a mass shooter. Can you do have to one person to to a group of people? You can make the finger gun anymore, the finger guns gun. He can't do I I you know. I'm were both. We have cool jobs due to like I have to imagine that that's gone like you know my house, that finger guns, not gotta guns, that guys shoot my dogs everyday in front of my wife. I like looking at her cavaliers and being like Bam, Bam dead now. What now? What
he can't even play around. I love those down. It's like there's no room for new ones, because there are crazy people to do shoot people. You can't pretend to shoot people anymore dude. This is it man. This is the exactly the fucking problem of being interconnected by technology is that we are paying for the sins of the small percentile of absolute dumb asses on the planet, and because of that there you know you so anytime. I look at assign any sign. That's got like and uh obvious thing in it. Don't don't shit hot tub are like on the road coaster? Don't don't get out of your seat when I look at that, I think that's because of dumb dumb dumb, because there might be a person who's in the roller coaster is like. Oh standing up will be more fun. Didn't do it mean to do a southern accent by the from the si? Don't think they're all dumb this
there's too many people dogging. There's too many people talking in this world didn't used to be, like This is a new thing. For the last ten years people started talking: yeah nope, the the ' average person didn't have a voice twenty years ago, this great things to anyone having a voice great thing, great great things, yeah but we're going to have to relearn human communication right. We can't use the old rules for today it this can't work. You can't work it's, and it's too easy to be an asshole people get stop seeking that out, like I, the lashing out at people for no reason just so crazy. How many people do it you'll see someone post something and someone would be like fuck, you you. Dumb piece of shit, don't you realize that this is why this is so. That is why that
Steven Kotler he's been on the show a few times. He's awesome and they're doing that he's doing this new psychedelic study psychedelics inflows states, so I retweeted tweet, He's like they're doing research right now. They need people to fill out a survey. So I retweeted that to help Steven out just like a cool yeah. It's a cool thing. I think psychedelics probably do induce flows, states I'd like to find out for sure, but within, like six comments, it's still up there. If you wanna look some dude wrote to me something on the lines of like your hurting people and don't even know it that six down it's like her hurting people. I can't remember what language you use, but it's like what the fuck you this is a survey dude like what are you talking about like is it? Maybe he means by retweeting surveys that sucks 'cause. No one wants to see that on their timeline, but I think he meant you're hurting people by demystifying and destigmatizing
psychedelics yeah little. Do you? No. It's raining cruel funding, funding cruelty. I like how you just said: huh 'cause. I want the explanation 'cause it's like when someone says something like that. It's so tear probably absolutely impossibly wrong from my reality tunnel that it's like and getting their reality tunnel in here, 'cause that guy really that he believes it well or is a troll. It could be he's a troll. It could be that he's had terrible experiences with psychedelics. That's you know, maybe he's one of those guys that had a real look when people get really into something they want everybody to get into it. I'm a terrible exam. I'm telling everybody got do yoga. You got to do yoga yeah. This happens with everything and people that get sober like people that have a real problem. They have like. We all know someone who's gone off the deep end with drugs right when they come
out of that. Some folks turned into a Van JE list for sobriety and it gets super annoy yeah and one of the things they do. Is they demonize all positive experiences, yeah that were with the same subs? This is their negative experience in their fucking, crazy, head they've decided because they had a bad trip. Every trip is bad. The millions people tripping all over the world can mushrooms, finding God and love and companionship and harmony with the universe and acceptance of mortality. All that doesn't count. 'cause Billy couldn't keep his shit together at the pink Floyd can't exist, fucking asshole decided to eat the entire, the entire bag of mushrooms and each ripped his balls off and was screaming. They had to take him to the hospital he called his ex girlfriend and cried to it for hours and her boyfriend
My boyfriend wants to beat him up, but he doesn't remember doing it like that guys, an idiot there's a lot of those people out there, lot of 'em a whole lot of 'em and this people that just aren't geared for psychedelics. For whatever reason you know, there's people that are red green. You close to losing their shit with regular reality for sure for them, it's not a good idea. It's not a good idea. Absolutely that's! Definitely something that, like in my old age, I want to put in like attack bikes in underlying that's what you just said, because when I was younger when you're hunger, and you are in that evangelical part of your psychedelic life, you can become like if you're, not careful ridicule this any responsible, and you start throwing out there this, like idea. That is not only fundamentally, wrong. It's fundamentally wrong in everything. As far as I'm concern which is there's not really one
make your to your troubles, you know what I mean so, but with psychedelics people think this is the answer. This is the answer. This is it. This is what we need and it's like well, it's part of what some people need, but if you've got manic depression, for example, if you've got bi polar, you know dude. I had this moment where this some parents came up to me and we're tell tell about this. They came in to talk to me. It is show- and they were like talking about their kid. Like my podcast And it was really sad because he had been one of my podcasts an I think he had come on stage to ask a question or something or, and they were looking for. A recording of the live show 'cause. They thought. Maybe they could hear him talk get. Some like a sim is laughter or something. But anyway, what happened was he? I think he had some kind of bye,
although I'm not sure what but he's one of my friends Raven he's like his he uses. The term gyro is gyro was awful. Little bit. You know something was off a little bit, but anyway, the kids did Ayahuasca in Peru He did. Eight night when you know how they're doing these, like, I don't know how they every night or every other night, eight night retreat drinking the medicine every night and then after that went to some kind of like other shaman or some woman. I don't know who it was and I'm not sure the deets, but then he came home and he jumped off a waterfall and killed himself 'cause. He. What happened is He Mannix he was in a manic state. It triggered a manic state and he killed himself and. That was ayawaska. You know that
like the Medison right, and so it just for some reason. I think some people are the emphasizing what it means to be healed by a psychedelic or to be worked on by a psychedelic are to enter into that state, because it's becoming thank God D, stigmatized much more. So do you remember how it was twenty years ago dude it was you couldn't even talk about couldn't talk about it couldn't mention it. It was you, it was bad bad, bad drugs. It was heroin is on the same level is like you, if you're taking LSD, that was like Heroin, so people to look at you you're, crazy and then there's also, you know, there's real problems that people have with being tested at work. A lot of people get tested at work and people are worried about losing their jobs. So drugs, don't just become a thing where you could fuck up and gay. Addicted to them, but now they become a thing that could take away your livelihood yeah
Take away your lively check, your p. They put the state of paranoia on their employees. Just imagine that feeling you're working for office, probably don't the gig anyway right and like it. You have to check your pass every now and then didn't you know. When Duncan, can I, for a moment. I Dunkin hi, it's that time of the year random drug test. So I'm just going to have to go with you and watch. You pull your penis out an put it into this cup and give me a little sample of your body. Fluids. Ok, baby, ok, yeah! whatever you want? If that didn't work anymore, to figure a way around it, so they had to collect your shit. I need to see you shit I see your asshole open up and I need to see that tube commanded to this topper wear container yeah, I'm going to be there yeah that be! Thank God. Great, thank God, that's how they detect drugs. Thank God is through the pits. Thank God like. Thank God is not like you. You know Probably I don't know this for sure, but I bet
every asshole has a thumbprint like you know. Everybody has a different thumbprint. I bet like if you asshole prints, every human would also have like a different asshole print and like to match. If that was true, if, like you could see foot in fingerprints like oh look, it gives you the ingredients. This guys like see eighty percent asshole. It says it. We just didn't. Look at this. No, I don't mean asshole, I mean the literal asshole, oh like. If you take a persons Asselin put like in your at the at like at all like an printer rent, a suite on each yeah right now is the brown eye redness skin everyone wow for sure, probably the as a thumb, print and she's likely for sure sure. So, if, like you took second Alex in it, because that from print to change a little bit and that's how they told words. They don't even look at your shit. You just have to they have to look at like your have to scan your ass in, like the print change you didn't. Masculine gods were lucky it's in the piss, but
also if you really think about the fact that we are in a world where people have to go till work, to do a job that, by the way, man, if there is a dude, you need to get on this podcast and there's a book that you would love David Graeber wrote this book called bullshit jobs. This guy is a fucking genius man this book, bullshit jobs breaks down the phenomena of how many many people are working in jobs that don't do anything for the world or the company they're working for? And it's not like this Gmail thing where he's like yeah, that's a bullshit, job you're, a blah blah blah one of the he's, like a anthropologist, he's very precise, but one of the qualifications for your job to be bullshit job? Is you know that it's really kind of a worthless job? It's not really doing anything in like companies have gotten so fucking big that they they end up. Have
I'm like department store people Running Department, store extra employees that don't really need to be there at all and they have to pretend to be to work. That's what he writes about He writes it that if you really want to torture a person, not only give them like the job of, like you, know, pouring a glass of water in an empty glass and pouring it back, but then add to it. Did they have to deceive their boss into thing thinking that they're like doing an important job or they lose their jobs? So these not. Here are these, like some corporations and companies, so scanning your pets to see if you taking a substance that is allowing you to connect with home what you actually are they're, all so demanding that you spend many hours a day lying to them, that you're doing work, that you're not doing if you're a fucking
efficient. You know- and this is another thing Graber writes about. Forgive me David Graeber, fun anyway, I'd misconstrue this I read you writings stoned but the in in, but that that that that the other element to it, that is absolutely atrocious and barking horrible, is that these substances are connecting us to home. They don't want to be in those states and they're asking us to fucking all day, and you know what psychedelic means the myologie of psychedelic. No, it means my find manifesting or soul manifesting right. So a psychedelic connects us potentially with the truth. We are our identity right and these companies they are asking us to lie to be the opposite of our identities, to wear.
You're, weird, a suit or some kind of dress code and to sit in a desk where, because your eficient, you get your job done in forty five minutes If for the next six hours, you got to sit and type and pretend that you're working knowing you're a person and knowing that this is like unethical but if you, if you go and tell your boss, hey man, I do earlier much to do, you might get fired the boss might like in the book. He cites one person 'cause. He did like a survey, any sites, one person who went to her boss and she's like hey, I can finish my job in two hours I need. Can. I have other stuff to do in her boss is like don't talk about that stay quiet about that yeah man, that's the fucking world, we're in right now, 'cause of automation, there's less to do
shooters are making shit. Why are we were working? The exact same amount of time we were when there were no computers, but you have to be there to get paid and you have to act like you're doing something or they can you yeah. So many people right now are doing just that, while the listening to this alot alot, and by the way, if you had to guess what percentage of people are listening right now that are really supposed to be doing bullshit job and they're kind of sit in front of the keyboard, with ear buds on just barely paying attention trying not to get caught looking to pull yeah yeah, I probably all over the planet over a million over one million in the workforce. Probably when do you think companies had to put in rules, you can't look at porn at work like that was nothing thing in the 70s who was that thing in the 80s. It was nothing in the nine right. Then, all of a sudden, you could just find paw
porn online. It's hooked up to the internet like when did companies start going? Oh yeah, we didn't know about that. Yeah! You can't look at that. Dude am, I mean, I'm sure it started with like penthouse right, like you wouldn't when they have- and I was like Penthouse magazine on- like you know, for sure you can. I couldn't bring your penthouse your hustler to work. That's true, but the, but looking at something online is so much easier than going to the store and getting a hustler like the access is universal Insta Tanis. Everyone has the the ability to just go and download. You know if we're gonna like ask questions that are impossible to answers like how many people right now do you think listening the podcast or in their bullshit job jerking off to porn, while they listened at least one dude yeah for sure, that's what dudes do yeah I mean,
is going to get away with it. They jerk off, especially a guy with a bad job who could find a way to jerk off somewhere just five minutes in this bathroom and jerk off. Just something to think about this stupid fucking job dude come on, like that's like sexual assault. I don't think it can often in office. Not in that, if you scream, if everyone knows I'm going to go in there, I'm going to turn it off. When I come, I scream that sexual assault oh well, that is, I fucking feel like suing you right now. Man, that's fucked up. Imagine you work with some guy and he's like three hundred pounds you're, like one hundred and fifty pounds I only came in, I need to figure out how to fix this computer uh we're going to have to unplug everything for awhile. He could say: ok cool, I'm going to go in the bathroom and I'm going to jerk off and when I come, I scream. Dude, I don't know why I even have to add this cream to it. It's like I mean I, I think, scientists even for a dude, it's a terrible Prospekt. I think it's
interesting too 'cause when you consider like the uh of shitting versus the act of jerking off, is like far more like repulsive expelling, like thous telling toxins from your body into that oil. And if you say to your friend, hey I've gotta go. Take a shit man, your friends probably going be. No, you don't need to tell me that like ok, I don't, but your friend is not going to be like whoa dude. What and yet jerking off really, if you think about it, like you're, giving yourself a hand massage the end, with like a little spray of like cream, coming out at the it's like. It's like what in our culture. Wait! No, no! Don't do it at the office, my God John DOE don't do it here, John I'm just picture of John just, which is trigger finger just ready to reach into his pants, no
if you no John, no did you do but again, John, it's a gross relationship that the worker, as now with the corporation and it's an unnatural relationship, it's a relationship that seems to have like dehumanized people to the point of being bottom that don't have a drive, they don't deserve to be able to explore their consciousness and is. Is that a real problem in? What are you told me what you know our study, the Tom Mood and did did for like twelve hours a day? when he was a young man, he told me there was one passage where in one of the ancient texts it was talking about, battling a dragon and there like this doesn't make sense, because everything in here is supposed to be a story that actually happened like what is. Is dragon the
dragon is a metaphor for masturbation. They tell him so the dry and it takes away young boys. This is, it is It is a metaphor for masturbation do about this on the podcast yes, dude It's you know already knows about it. Does anyone you're ever going to meet about orthodox jewish traditions of the yeah religion and the tax, he really did study that every day, twelve hours a day for years in Israel, right, yeah yeah? So when he I was about it and you know he got the train. He got the actual translation of the metaphor, yeah from a guy who's, a scholar yeah. I do yeah, that's a jagged matter for that's like yeah, I think like if I wanted, for whatever reason to dissuade people from jerking off, I could come up with a way better like things in a dragon to represent it. You know there be some other thing. Like
No man like if I what's like what would be like. Creature version of our hold up ball of dried, come that you've thrown next year. Bad in someone walks into your bedroom and sees the rolled up ball of dried cum kleenex, and it just kind of like that's gross. You didn't clean up your com. Kleenex would be like one of them ghost buster villains. Writing some sort of play, as thing that is G is, is all over yeah. You know they did ghostbusters. What do you think? by the Anti FAT movement, anti fat movement, fap, fap, no, no jerking off yeah, no sap, not anti fat, eight that not that different move it. Well there's good and bad? The good thing is sex will be way more pleasurable. The bad is it'll be way more desirable, so like to to mitigate your sexual urges. So you don't do
but things and hang out stupid people have sex with people. You don't really like. We think, are hot, because you're, yeah and they're willing, which is a lot of people they get. They get roughed up these relations, ships yeah these guys and gals that they're not really in love with the app, but they like to right. You know some, you know it's got like what do you think about it? Well, like I think that there, you know what what something always think back on is when you are sponsored by flashlight. It is we're doing the pack as from your house, and I need come to do your podcast and he'd walk away with a flashlight, so I ended up with like Alan of three or four flashlights in my give first, I just wanted, like you had different types and at first I just went for like the one that looks like a pussy right. But then, like you know, like. Oh, I got that one, but then you have like one that was like
I don't know man like some kind of like Garlean the alien thing it was really new or something it was really fucking, weird man, but anyway you know I fucked those things yeah in in in I, when I think back to it. It's like the first time. I did it it's trick to my bro yeah the second time or the third time I did it. It wasn't getting the same effect, whereas when I have sex. With a human. It's a completely different. It feels like it's a completely different, see ease of chemicals that must be being released. In my mind, yeah you're, uniting with someone you're bonding with someone. You certainly get that oxytocin from orgasm in together yeah bonds people, so I've always thought our generally like if I'm in a period in my life or I'm jerking off a lot, it's like
usually like there's something an imbalance in it like I don't mean to apply like as soon to it at all, I'm just saying like personally yeah. It feels a little dissipative when you're doing it a lot. There is this. I don't know that I completely agree the, but that's Bounce, but the balance is also like you don't want to just be all the time now 'cause when you're you make shitty decisions, so you, like date, someone just for sex yeah we need to like I mean, I think that there is something to be said for figuring out how how to deal with like that kind of energy like if you that's it, that's an energetic state like if suddenly you get being horny is energetic state yeah, its energy like, if you really horny and you sit in like watch the the feeling itself. It's a lie.
People, like you, could feel it moving around in your body? It like it could almost make you twitchy a little bit like it's like a very potent energetic state. So, theoretically, instead of Trying to get the question would be. Rather is there a way to release that energy that isn't, through the tip of my dick in the form of dna, is there for me to release that energy in other ways or is the only way the only valve on that to come. That's a question: what do you think I think there's when this natural buildup happens? It makes people more easily aroused it makes people more concerts eating on sex and I think that that can put you out of bounds to you could be put out of bounds polls by two much masturbation you could definitely be put out of balance by too much desire for sex 'cause, you just horny you just
care of yourself. You be relieved and then you think clear. You know I think the body needs a balance right. That's why I'm a big proponent of exercise, a proponent of meditation and minds yes, and just trying to, and it's not, that all. Those are toxic words right now, meditation mindfulness are they have been thrown around by too many knuckle heads I like there's something about it that it's like well, that's kind of a bull shitty word yeah! I mean you look at just about mindfulness like that's what you are good idea, annoying guy, I I'd say I I saw a book just yesterday in one of these, like boutique stores, so many made a sarcastic kids book called the grown ups guide to mindfulness and whoever wrote that fucking book hates the word mine. This is definitely has a knock his friend is in the mindfulness, because the set of the book is just like a first of all. I think the guy, It doesn't seem to really understand what it is in the book like it. He seems a little confused the nature of it, but our
number looking at, that I mean like. I guess, p who are getting annoyed with the word mindfulness now, like the pendulum swinging that way, yeah yeah, it's one of those words that people love to say it sounds good and it makes you seem like like a spiritual person, so wanna work. It moved around and use too much like something happens to where it gets. Icky it's like becomes popular and then people start using it, and then you see like a bunch of phony guru, type dudes at seminars using and what's important here, yeah mine for now, yeah yeah, very important in this, like typically unique behaviors. You know I mean yeah there's there's especially when it comes to like people are full of shit, is like a typical uniqueness, like there's a just a thing that a lot of adopt. It sounds like everyone else yeah, and it's just the way the people get it, and I I hope you under
stand like what are you doing sure why you doing that yeah you're adopting this weird funky thing- and you know I think it's real important. We practice mindfulness falls into that. It falls in that, even though it's an excellent practice. Well, I'm very important, but people, you know it's called, and I I I just and now I took on for lack of better word, I'm working with that actual teacher, of the kagyu lineage of Buddhism, which is like choke him. Trump was of Buddhism and he's amazing any any teaching me mindfulness meditation practice this guy David Nichtern. But how does he deal with masturbation? What's cool about him is? If you ask him he he is tell I'm sorry, there's no like yo with you know that like how dare you ask me that question that I I I think that probably I don't I
it's a ram, I think a phone line with what you're saying with balance you know, which is that it's really like sort of the concept, with? It is the thing that is happening right now, whatever it, maybe you can just you know, apply mindfulness to it. You could apply like at being in the moment and being with the thing, that's happening right now, and so the thing teaching me, I love it so much dude, because it isn't we we or like out they're crazy. It's literally this very simple way that you meditate the way the you said, which is you sit on a cushion. You put your hands on your knees in, and you sit back and that he there word they.
In this kagyu lineage, for it is the warrior pose prose, and what that means is that it's a kind of confidence? It's the way like people who are like confident sit. So you sit like that when you're meditating your legs across you sit in a chair. If you want and look straight ahead about eight feet, nine feet any you watch your breath, Ann and when you're going to your thoughts, which happens. Of course you go, you think thinking and then you go back to your breath. That's it you say thinking you don't say you think it think think thinking just so because what these so like, what what you start realizing when you start this practice and full disclosure here man, you know me Joe. I have problems with discipline and I have problems with like sticking to stuff over and over again and working with this guy's been incredible because it's actually getting me to do it right, but still I have like. I did it today
do it yesterday, I'm just I want to get out there. Some nonsense that I'm like spend all day, long meditating, but what you start seeing is when you're doing it is you real like there's a cycle happening in my consciousness. In my mind, there's a site- what's happening in my life, which is that I kind of blink into the moment following the breath, and I blink out of the moment into the thought round- right we're like little fireflies flies. We into the moment. We're here now we're here, we're not lost in thoughts were not thinking about next thing, we're going to say we're not think about the next thing. We're going to do just here in this moment and then we're off. You know often and running like thinking about the bills forget about the girl thing. About the thing thinking about that and then that leads another thought. Another thought next thing you know you've been thinking for three years straight You know what I mean or three minutes or five hours or whatever, and then you come back and that's
cycle. This is a cycle that happened. So mindfulness is starting to pay attention. N n n n to that cycle book in and the breathing thing is kind of okay, respiratory mnemonic device, which is that suddenly what's been happening me now is I'll just be like walking down the street and then notice my breath shit, I'm back I'm here I was totally over my head. Oh I'm back! That was thinking. You know, that's all it's very, very, very simple, but he's just teaching me the basics shit right now it does. I think it pretty interest on my own thinking about my own life. In observing other people's lives, I've come up with this thing that I bring up all the time. The the momentum of your past, like you're you're, like you mean so many people as they're, going down street, so many people as they're, interacting with people they're carrying the momentum of all the fucked up things that are going on
bills. They have to pay things that they forgot to do and a career every chasing a girl. They never called back and the thing that they lied about it saying they stole and the reason why they got fired from work. Maybe if I call my boss, so you might and all this craziness your bring with you into everything, and that is so hard to escape. It's so hard for people to escape the momentum of the past. You know people sort of to get into this thing of defining themselves by failures by failing right. Never just learning from them go on that fucking loser right! It's a no problem, yes, real problem with people to be able to learn from something into just look at yourself and it's painful to look at yourself. So everybody wants to pretend that, they didn't do anything wrong right. Everybody else is an and and so you, when you do what you're doing by doing that is you're starting your own growth. You feel like you're, protecting yourself, because you protecting your ego. Yeah, like you know, I
Do anything wrong. Fuck him the, but you know you could have avoided that. You know you could have done better. I better everybody has more. It's like that in their life the more you avoid those and don't take credit for the ones you actually fucked up the more you actually hurt yourself in this. I ran thing, because it seems like you're protecting yourself, no you're, hum exonerating myself from guilt, this fuck. It wasn't me, I didn't do it, but you know you did so in your head, you're, the guy who lies about making mistakes instead of you're the guy. Oh man's up to your mistakes, realizes it was a mistake and then vows to do better. Yeah man, that's beautiful, is beautiful. You have to just have to be able to say you're wrong, you have to be able to say, I'm sorry to be able to, and you got to be able to look at yourself like all the time now you just when you fuck up you, you can avoid some of those fuck just just look at yourself critically along the way, but we all have to understand that we are all in.
Evolving process, but I had this conversation with Dennis we can it's a crazy conversation, because it's a ridiculous thing to say he was talking about Donald Trump and I was saying: do isn't it possible that he could grow and learn like? Why We give up on people yeah. Why does a guy get to a certain age and we say he's sixty he's set in his ways? Seventy he'll? Never change will never evolve you don't ever say that about a twenty year old you see some asshole. Who is a twenty year old? You say he just needs discipline it just needs, love finds right. People in his life right person to love, he'll, be okay, he's going to make eventually is going to be a solid man, but you, Sir as we just give up on you. Still alive, but you've passed the cycle that I usually enjoy people to be ready to like sort of interact, It is valuable, creative, loving members society past- that by you're still thinking about yourself only deep in your 60s. This is stupid shit. This is shit you're supposed to do when you
seventeen yeah by the time, you're, seven d you're supposed to be going? Oh, my god! I don't have much time left. Oh my god like what have I done? What here what it? What is it's important? What do I feel the best about a feel, the best about love and companionship and friendship and real, warmth, in interaction between people that you care about this money thing- and this is not. You can't keep chasing this can't chasing power, can't keep chasing money. Is there you're gonna reach a point where it's not gonna matter, because you're gonna die, so you really want to be that guy from the bumper sticker who dies, the most toys wins, because this is literally what you're working towards your working towards a joke yeah. Well, I will let can. I did one thing I add to that. Is that so what you're saying here and your you're right man, but did that one thing I think I disagree with you on? Is it you're, creating a situation where that's it you die and that's, but the momentum smash like the momentum goes into a black hole. It's gone like the
minimum is been like is vanish, is vanishes that momentum right, but the way How does that? Actually? That momentum keeps going that momentum? Is it just stopped because your body stops right to that moment and keeps going? And in fact the what's really beautiful is like this, and it's good that you called my men and that's exactly what it is. What it feels like with me, it's attended see, we have a tendency towards a certain thing. We have proclivities and tendencies and eventuate and if you just kind of like, if you put you and me in a room and put a bunch of different objects on the floor, right you're going to go to it's something and I'm gonna go toward something outs right. You know if there's VR goggles in a in a in a God, damned bad like some kind of like dad asked com. Pound, bow manufactured it fucking DARPA, you know what I mean
it's VR goggles manufactured by Dar, but I don't know I'm going for the VR goggles, your pride gonna go for the cross, bear the bow. So we have proclivities. We have that's the momentum right that is one way you can understand what karma is right. So that's the momentum. That's the moment so that thing that you've, right now, when you begin to we look at and think about it. You could ask yourself: when did this start, this momentum right? When did this? Did these proclivities in tendencies and things that I'm being like sort of push towards they start. A lot of it is that you know your parents taught you certain things, but well, let's talk about super common one, that's horrible cigarettes! You got cooked by that bug. Are you got hooked that bug, red band still hooked Jody is kicked it. You know, that's a that's a really really really common one man. It's sort of defines people on that. Guy was
folks, I'm going to walk in this store and even though I know these things cause cancer, I'm going to buy a pack and I go outside and I can't wait to light it up. I'm just not even thinking that right now, man I'm trying to relax and that thing in your Ask there you go and you you take that drag, and you feel that cancer causing chemical rush, yep and you're. Like all, take it I'm all today, I know cancer free, take a big, deep breath. You blow it out it. You look at the other fellow cancer dodgers and they're. Just looking at do an interaction Moking together and everybody just just really good at dodging cancer. You know another. What one way you could actually say it is like every time you do, that, you're planting a seed, seven tell time you smoke a cigarette, you could imagine that you have this field right in the field. Is your health and in that field anytime, you like
exercise or do some you know decide. Instead, I eat in the ice cream, you're gonna eat the sea. Weed chips are like any time you do that you could. Just imagine, obviously, is not the way it works exactly. We could think I'm planning his seed in this field right. So if I keep planning certain types of seeds and any type of field- and I cultivate those seats, they're going to grow into something yeah right that Carmen. So when you know for a person when the cancer com when the muscles come when the failure when the success comes, if you look at that moment, you realize this is actually the flowering of a thing, been growing for a very long time inside of me or in the world or in time. So that's the idea. People already have within them planted all of these seeds that haven't been expressed yet
the time because they're still inside of them like the dude, with the like imagine the guy with the guy who, like Shah, the guy, because he had road rage. You know that guy for years had a really bad that anger disorder and he knew it. You know there he would. He would think at times in this very calmest moments. I sure get really angry all the time. I don't know if this is normal or a lot of those people were beaten when their kids, that's it dude yeah, yeah yeah, yeah, we're common trauma. So yeah man, that's like cigarette smoking. Any kind of behavior that, like is a or overtime, produces some kind of negative result. It's just planting seeds, you know, and so the momentum you're experiencing right now is this total of all those fucking seeds that you planted and that were planted inside of you over the course of your life. That's what you're you
you're, like a walking field of karma, it's very stages of growth, growing varying types of vegetations and summer. Good and some are bad, but it's like that's what you are right now, an what's beautiful about that is. That means that you can start cultivating that field You don't have to just like let it grow wild and in and pretend every time you smoke. Is you better do some stupid shit you're like an unconscious, far You know right now. I just don't see it everywhere. Why? Oh, my god, what do you believe? drinking and driving again, but we gotta get home dairy, oh shit, oh my god. The DUI plant grew again in the field. I wonder why that thing keeps growing in my field. Well, 'cause! You keep fucking triggered
driving dude. Do you like play out? Yeah god yeah yeah yeah, you can cultivate it. That's what's beautiful about it, you know you can cultivate the field. You don't have to let it just like. You have fucking weird random weed spring up, though let a patcher to have some weeds 'cause. Those are fun. Imagine spending that tobacco money and spending that money. Thinking about all that cancer spending, all that money, God just buying a big castle. It, although cancer money looking at all castle cancer. The people want it. They want it in this country. You've got the freedom to buy what eh what well yeah right, I mean it's a person's choice but but to get back to what We were just saying the attic of the fucking thing? How about this? How many people who run big tobacco. Own stock in companies that make chemotherapy drugs? There is a big question like How many of those people in their portfolio that they barely know about there
like. Well, you know like really big investment. These days. Is our gene therapy? for cancer really is Karen. They are out of hand these days, huh really interesting. I wonder what could be going wrong. The problem with cigarettes at their addictive? Well, just did they kill you, but they're addictive, like I've smoked a cigarette He gives you a head rush more like a nice little weird rush. It's the idea and also that the other problem is nicotine is a medicine and it- and it has like some health benefits if used in the right way and also What's that nootropic? So it's like it's not just like it rush. It's like it's it. It's at sign. Your brand is a little bit. Yeah Stephen King said that was one of the most difficult things when he quit smoking Right was to not having one way right. So that's right, yeah, yeah yeah, because you because that's the nature of addiction at it. What it's like kudzu dies to trees. It wraps around
your favorite thing in life and tricks you into kudzu. Kudzu is uh. Plant that was introduced from Japan and I think from Japan into the south, and it's just the growing wheat vine that war when it ate wraps around trees, and it covers the completely so the trees can't get any sun in the trees just die yet as a native to the United States. So sometimes I don't know. Maybe they took care because he, but when I was a kid you would drive by these beautiful forests that word with the trees were just
covered in fucking cuts it yeah like holy shit, dude yeah, that's crazy. It's like they got eaten in other plant. That's right! Man in those trees are dying. They can't get this son, oh my god. It's insane and that's a great metaphor for addiction or because it is a perfect metaphor. Yeah. Oh my god, that's insane! How did I not know about this? I don't know it's definitely seems like something you know about. Look. It looks like there alive. It looks like people do. There is just too much to know. There's too much cool shit, outta shit out there too much look at. I felt go to the one above that now above that, above that, one right above that that one look at that yeah look up green. That is it's insane dude. That does something weird your brain, beautiful. It's like it makes you feel like you're like you're on a drug yeah like if you were standing there and it was that green and that, like vibrant you'd, be like oh, my god, yeah yeah yeah,
but I would feel so good when you ever see anything that looks like that, I say let those fuckers take over. Let them did you take over jazz trees can fight off the kudzu they don't deserve to live. They have to fucking evolve these cuts, who are cooler offering your cooler look, but he was great. You want to look at your boring, ass, fucking, gray, bars with bullshit leaves on the ground or how about we just take over everything. Mother, Fucker over the floor, yeah, it's like a carpet yeah. We cover the floor and the hillsides and all the trees. Everything green is fuck kind of like flow Green man, like vibrant, green green. If you smoke weed there going to trip balls yeah, look at that. What is that never did statues at a golf stats. You think that just this telephone pole pull it seems like so it could have sculpted that a little bit, maybe or maybe it's just really covering pull yeah yeah kudzu man there you go! So that's like a really funny thing that, like like Alcoholic,
will get their alcoholism wound up and there's social life are like their creativity there creative cycle, so they will think like fuck man without the booze. I don't think I'm going to be able to write as well or you know whatever it is like. Mostly it's just people have this a really smart way to avoid eating healthier or the learning curve associated with getting healthier, and it's a really intelligent trick to playing yourself, which is to imagine that you whatever it. Maybe that's currently out of balance in your life. If you remove that you're not going to be able to be as good as person, you know, there's a lot of alcoholics out there, performers who think. Oh, if I don't drink I I have a beer on stage manner early where it gets hard core is when it's like, actually fucking wrapped up in the uh
start publicly. Like I don't know, if you're aware of this rapper who died named, will peep, you know about lil peep, heard yeah and one of his videos. It just shows like the floor of his car. Just pill, bottles scattered everywhere right so, like part of the identity he was projecting into the world, involve like the romanticization of addiction to mystical medications right, and so that's where it gets really like big comics all their jokes are about being fat yeah and if they want to so what so they they don't only have to like were be about, like you, know, being fat, they have to worry about. If I get healthy, I don't know if my jokes are going to work anymore. So you know what I mean: it's like: that's what that's how insidious it can get. You know, yeah, that's a good one that one does creep in actually heard Kevin James. I heard someone say that to him you lose weight, you're losing rolls
God, someone just told me: it's like you either need to lose fifteen pounds or gain fifteen pounds. If you want to get in the movies that I don't remember, he said that, but it's like yeah, it's like you, know you become this like character or something like that and the next thing you know you're fucking addiction is like just right and you around like a horse whispering in your ear with. Let me won't know where to go and now you're fucked you're, fucked, yumul comfort, blanket yeah yeah when you're all alone, when you're drinking alone in your hotel room, woo, dark, dark, that's dark, but then you get into it too, when you're, not just drinking alone, but you're like tone stores to yourself celebrating it you're, pretending anytime, you find yourself pretending.
Hunter S, Thompson, lookout, baby! If you get a cigarette holder, yeah yeah, unless you're right and like him, you ain't Hunter S, Thompson, alright, you're having fun, no doubt but, I know in my life like the times were up and like that just kinda like Hunter S, Thompson, it's like dude, you need to go to bed like stop you're, like you're tricking yourself. Now You know, that's all just don't trick yourself by the way, if you want to be as self destructive alcoholic. Drug addict whatever it is be that thing, but don't fool yourself into thinking? That's not what you're doing is romantic yeah. Yeah, don't like as you're plummeting towards splattering all over the fucking ground, pretend that you're flying towards the earth? Well, maybe you could Maybe that's actually a cool waited. I waited yeah, that's a good way to think about it right before impact. Maybe that's the water tower guided
yeah dude. Maybe so, but who knows what you see when you do eight days of io who knows what you say that seems like eight days of any potent psychedelic. Done that I've never done more than one day in a row done one day in a row, take a break, maybe a little pot the next year and then don't do anything for like months. That's how I've always done it. I've never done like big session, followed by big session yeah yeah. I you know we can only speculate. I don't know exactly what that would be like I'm not going to imagine couldn't emergent dude. I had this crazy idea. Crazy idea now this is a lens. I don't know if it's true or not, but obviously as far not true, but I got this crazy idea that, like and again like this is with you,
I could just say this and I don't have to preface it, but since people is in your pack as have to preface it by saying, I do not believe there is. I am not going insane, but this is a fun thing to think about you now right. It's okay! Ok to imagine shit in your mind. It's ok like you can imagine with stuff, but so I was thinking like inspiration. It's specifically thing like Jrr Tolkien, when you read order the rings it's like that guy went over there. Writing is so beautiful and so perf
in so like, Inter Dimensional, Daxter, dimensional old. It's all work and it's beautiful is writing yeah, nothing, fat, guy, Tolkien. That inspiration is out flow from the DMT round into this dimension through the through the process service me computer, and this is like a kind of drip coming out of a damn right. The dam is something that's been constructed by power structures who want to keep that brown out of here right and so over there. You get usually a kind of message right and the message is usually something along the lines of we need to love each other. We can love each other here, there's something more important than money. That's to really be very reductive about it, but some
version of that story that usually involves some kind of and dyer to no longer harm people or to reduce suffering or to be a better person or, however, you want to put it right, yeah, so there's a damn, that's been built in the damn is built by the people who will scan your pets for allies. The it's people who have created an intentional legal obstruction between one row, and the other, which is the realm mechanical hyperspace in the round that we're currently existing in, which is where there's a lot of scientific, the realism where people only believe there is only matter here, there's only matter, that's in there's, nothing else, no spirit, no soul, right, the Senate keepers, the gate keepers that I I've been, I used to think of him as gatekeepers. Now, I think of them as Damn builder
right and what happens is from time to time. A big crack in the dam opens up right. That's when someone like fucking Martin Luther King appears in his Stan in front of so many people telling them. I think that were all the same is what I think I think we're all the same and he's doing. It is very courageous, Matic beautiful way right now, that's a big for fucking crack in the dam, because over on this side of things, they don't want us to be all the same. They want us to be separated by a lot of different and things they don't want us to be out the same over here. So the cracks in the dam open up and the big cracks Bam the little cracks there like the good art, the good poetry, the great movies, the good the inspiration
and now what's happening, 'cause the fucking internet is all these fucking cracks adamar are opening up. They can't seal come up anymore. It's like you, can't seal the fucking damn anymore and the singularity that Mckenna was talking about the apocalypse which actually means lifting of the veil. What that is is when the damn reaches like a point where the structural integrity has been permanently compromised in the DMT realm fly. Those into this dimension in the form of some kind of tech, analogy that either unify is all of us or like rips, a hole literally into whatever. That membrane is that separates us from the infinite, and that is
is what, for whatever reason over in this dimension, people been trying to stop so 'cause. It impedes progress in terms of like making money, we're building businesses. You can't be building businesses that people would do in LSD on their brakes. I don't think that's true. I think you could run a wonderful big, no, no, no they're going to come back and they're not going to be concerned with productivity, well I'm not going to know know if we get a group of people together and start building something amazing not for money. Oh no, I'm just being fussy. Oh, I know I know certainly could be done. I'm I'm arguing with the devil's advocate. What ok, let me play the devil nice to meet you. Finally, Can I have my soul back damn it. This whole thing, view, exploring hyperdimensional space and all that stuff. All that does is make you stupider, and you show up at work and you
you're, less discipline and you're not interested in getting the job done. Ok, this company is built on teamwork. It's built on everyone pulling their weight now, if you're off, fucking off in high pehrspace from Friday night to Sunday morning, and you barely get six hours sleep over the weekend. You show up Monday I'm going to test you piss, okay, yeah. If I find psilocybin in there anything else, fucking squirrelly, do you mind? Try show you David NUTS Professor day did not study on the land set about the dangers of the variety of drugs I, like I'm talking to the devil here. Do you mind, I show you this because do if you notice Sir, on this chart again pushed in the Landsat as peer reviewed. This is a very important study. Professor David Nutt, of course, is since think been disbarred in somewhere and accrued. Some kind of horrible punishment for being an avid it for psychedelics, but anyway, Sir forgive me, but if you but you'll notice on this chart?
Psilocybin is considered the least harmful of mind altering not interested in harmful, sir I'm interested in productivity? I want this place to run fast weren't. Petition and we're losing jobs overseas. Do you know they're going to start to make Harley mother How can Davidson motorcycles in Thailand, yes or yeah? What kind of shit is that it's a God, Damn american Bike and they're, making it over and fuck in Asia? Why? Because the people in the factor over here didn't kick ass. Ok, there over in the fucking park, taking magic mushrooms in Trippin balls when they should be thinking about how they keep this company active. This company feeds the house is one hundred and fifty families. You understand that, yes, there now it's one hundred. Are you happy now still want? fucking raise sir. Before I forget, I picked up your prescription for oxy creed, cock I gotta come on speaker. Flickr will take another oxygen bullshit yeah yeah
turn, Adderall your own methamphetamine, one percent well yeah right, so so Devil endeavour so right. So the answer to it is that I'm talking to well here's the problem, sir. You don't realize this, but you're kind of a low low level priest in a in a religion that is spread far and wide right in this religion. It's not really the the any that you're interested in as much as it is the power, because you become a servant of a b being called the demiurge, which is as essentially attempting to create sort of authoritarian hierarchy in this particular alert dimension. That's been separated from another place known as the galactic. You can call whatever the fuck you want, but it's the aliens, it's a galactic civilization that is about to pour
into this civilization, and so it really doesn't matter what you do, because, within the next twenty or thirty years, through technology and through the unification of people, because of the fact that technology we're going to either come to our side or go completely insane, ok, the calendar. That, of course, is the only way you're going to get there. You fucking late Z. Hippies is if we make you go to work and we get shit done and you buy things and you keep this fucking country's economy healthy. That way the technology innovates that way we make the hyperspace gateway. You lazy, fucking, hippies, tripping balls on your lawn furniture, you're, not creating shit. Ok, you shuffle work on time. You get the job done eventually will get our portal, it sounds. Ok. Can I just address something you just said Satan on time time now this is a very funny term. Thank God! Reading David grape here is a great term on time right. So like Thai boss, the problem is that, like the
thing you're doing with time or being on time, that's a relatively new imposition into society and it started with clock hours during the industrial revolution. They put clock towers up so that people always knew What time it was, so they wouldn't be late for going to work in a factory. You see there was a time when people weren't like obsessed with their fucking watch, because the idea that you could sell time, here's what it is, sir, you think you and I have entered into a contract where, for some ridiculous reason, I've agreed to sell you eight hours of time. My time per day, it's essentially a form of slave, it's a kind of like slavery, except I get to go free for a certain amount of hours per week into servitude yeah. We can call it that with like a little like less of the power, I can leave anytime. I want indentured servants, I don't think they could 'cause. They were kind of trap.
You know you're from certain certain job to contract. Well, you quit most jobs. I mean that's kind of the rationalization that People use, is there like? You can leave anytime, you want bud in anytime, you want a hard jobs. Are those jobs where people work for salary and their time? is just whatever the project takes. Like you talk to someone who works on video games right now. I've met very few people, I met a few, but it's like they don't work in the big companies do the hours that they put in before video Game is released, isn't saying a lot of them. Just sleep in the office is right to work in sixteen hours a day, just coding there all living on top of each other dude brutal, yeah brutal- and this the sound of job you're asking for someone's whole life. That's right, you're, asking for the whole day right, yeah. You occasionally can get away from me and go camping. You he usually get away from me, have a picnic with your fam
are you sure I can get away for many many months. I want you all the time I just want you there all the time and in exchange I'll, give you some money so like conceptually. I don't think that this is like a terrible situation as long as the person is really into what they're doing right. What we have is just like a I kind of like I guess you could say say what a capitalist commune or I don't know what you'd call it like a group of people commuting together as seeking to like extract money from the universe, but also like you know what comes to mind sorry. Anyone from blizzard is listening. You like doesn't like your job there, but I got I went to on this tour of blizzard and they fuckin every company that makes video games they make the best video games outside of like the only game. I notch up with it right now, I'm going to God awards so fucking good it pretty bad. It is amazing, it is a major law dude, it's
the first AAA game. I've I didn't sell, along with the triple a case, is called triple a or a triplet. It's a really expensive game to make. It's like it's like a hard core. Big time, pull the video. God of war- God, it's simple graphics are pretty fucking incredible, dude, dude, it is beautiful, don't get me get fucked it alien, damn bullshit, God of war, is like it's. Okay, man and, like I'm, stuck in there right. So you put on the h t c five today, the new one that we have yeah, you can get into a game. Yet there's there's some games in it where you just like whoa. I see where this is going, and I saw that from yours from but yours was when I was a
Your place. Will yet two or three years ago, fry two years ago, conquer the phrase tell us who that is, he said the dirt on his hands. So you watch an episode of. I can do it, it's really good and it's and it's our big chance thing freezing up again here goes so this is actual game plan. Yes, it was is doing that's game play. Did that's game play. That's gameplay, yeah, amazing yeah, it's incredible! It's amazing, she's! So hot! I know that day. Thank you hang out with the check was like cut peoples. Heads off with swords. Yes, absolute! fucking, but it's not just dude. What's great about this game is not just like the graphics which are incredible or the fight mechanics, which are also incredible, but the fucking story is really
good in the acting is really good in, like the relationships between characters are really intense. This game will make you like. Tear up man like it's like Foley Gracie. What you just did chop that dude and half of the MAX Holy FUCK just got smashed by he got smashed. He gets matched a lot, but he's meters, the God of war. He doesn't give a fuck, does not give a fuck man that crap. I wouldn't even show much more of this. It spoilers, I don't want anybody to see any of the characters or to know what's happening. Is it's that it's such a good game most games the way of play, video games that try to rush through it for some reason, which is really dumb to be like? Oh, I gotta win this thing this one. You want to hang out look around see the land Inscape and like you, get really into it. It's a glorious game, but you know to get back to where we were talking about it blizzard
one of the people working there told me we like building world of Warcraft, because we like playing world of Warcraft we've did a dimension we want to be inside of like we enjoy it. They love it like an that's why the game is so good because it's being made by people who enjoy playing the game. So I don't know how many hours they work at blizzard. I imagine it's, it can be a pretty brutal schedule, but in any thing: you do even things you love, I know, become grueling, but I think that example of a company versus a company where you're like either doing something that you don't even need to be there to You are no comparison. No comparison mean it might be massive hour.
David I bet you're having a great time a lot of the time and the the actual results in ST no. I was friends with a lot of those guys from id software back in the quake two days yeah and we played quake three. I got to play quake three before it ever come with you. We are online, that's what's his analyst cliff. No, that was the notes could be be he's it's off its software's doom and quake. Could he be is on real? and now I was with you and Clippy be gave it to her. I didn't see the quake to our service will do both amazing but yeah. We got to see unreal tournament when they were put in that together and they were put into So this new engine that will end up being used in a bunch of different games afterward, but it was fucking crazy. We get to see the graphics like as they're, designing things and same thing with the quake studios, but those guys all crazy gamer. They would they get land parties and sink. Although we played at the in software, we got to play death match
between everybody in the studio was awesome to play quake with the guys who made quake. Fucking will finish it ever fucking cool man- and you know I mean what they did was if you've never played one of those games before the three dimensional game. It's. When you're running down. You hear things over here behind you yeah and you like you you, you know you could turn around and sneak around corners and people are chasing around the map. It sometimes you could walk and it doesn't make any noise or you could run. You can hear the footsteps Cool Focke, it's the crazy to stir. So what Drenalin packed you play as games like these guys, I'm so to, Bible. Putting a land in here in a couple of weeks now you know we're going to you and I are going to have some fun well now or not 'cause you're going to beat me fucking quake. I suck at shooters dude played in forever. Please and put it forever I'll, probably terrible produce the first sixty
If, if I like had a shrink ray in shrunk, you like into like eight year old, you would still be me shooters eye socket fucking, shooters man. I was your thing. What do you like you, like those Roll Codo wanna, say it dude, 'cause you're, going to make phones. I won't do it. I like birthstone man? Was that I don't do you know what it is spell for me? I didn't fall for it, I'm being sincere. I don't know what is an on line fantasy card game? Oh, it's like a furry thing like furries, I love comedian, still not 'cause. It's like, I knew you were going insult me. I just didn't know how it's way. The way you did it was way worse than I expected. Thank you pretend to be a fox right. You like fox skin. Are you uh? You otherkin Is that what it is to just get a kick out of you ever do in your footie pajamas your bunny rabbit tail on
I live in the woods and I'm a rabbit, a fat man. I've gotta be clever to get away from the fall. Right. Well, don't don't change it. Let me tell you something: it's a wonderful game with and it's deep and it's got a lot of strategy and I've. And I love playing it man. I really do I'm not good at anymore. I went through a period of being good, haven't played it in Well 'cause I have been playing I got war about. Look at this. It yeah this looks like death. What is happening? What is happening here? Let's see your cards yeah their cards, you basically like can explain. There was a hearthstone on your show dude, but This is killing me. It's a great it's a great very when Perry, enjoyable, game, good game for nine year old girls. So it looks like get it for my kids,
I'm just taking my card to do is save star craft or I could alive, but I knew I had to tell you the truth, but I knew you were addicted that you had a real problem with that for a while you and I mirror each other in our video game? Addictive tendencies? Rights were both like yeah it could be careful, but do you know this is. This is something I was thinking I wanted to bring up during the podcast man, it's like when we first started hanging out. Are you told me something I've never forgotten, and it's from the book of five rings. Bye, Mia Martel Musashi- and you mentioned something from that book, which is that learn one thing and you will know how to do a lot of other stuff right so the way? Apparently, he would
he was a samurai, and so he recommended for samurai not just to learn the sword, but to learn. Poetry, learn how to paint, learn and do the step because in the meta process of learning you learn you like something in there that bike fits on all forms of learning right. We don't want to be too hard, but you don't be too soft. You want to be a balance right in in a balance. You must be, you have to be artistic and destructive. You have to be loving and hating right. You know he he played games with his opponents like he didn't just fight nobly. He was an asshole. He would like show up hours late for duels and make the guy wait say knew the guy would be freaking out. He would show up sometimes with wooden swords instead of metal swords to fuck their heads. One time we whittled a sword out of an or of the boat that he wrote over to the beach where he supposed to have the sort fight showed hours, late, fuck, dude up with or do
yeah. He would he would play games with people. I knew that there was cycle. Ical warfare in him showing up late right. You know right yeah, he in in. Do you remember the first sentence of the book. I do not remember the quote to you just we're talking about, because I say it all the time. It's like the reason why I have this tattoo, my This is Miss Sasha. You know yes, once you understand the way broadly or once you know the way that you see in all things act yeah, so so in it, which is also as a by so below it's another way of saying that it's like in it. So it's the concept that if I practice some big yeah, very sample like right now, like I'm learning how to do modular synthesis like a modular since their badass, it's like for making music right, I'm forty four, I'm not like thinking to myself like man, one
I'm gonna, be him basin actor. I'm not! You know what I mean, I don't I don't leave the dollar I'll. I I perform live with them after, but I'm I I've I got sucked into it and now I'm taking it seriously, so I'm learning how to do it for like and then that pulls you into like music theory rights, and now you start looking at what what is this song? And why does this song? What why is this song set up like it is water notes and what's a town right? What's an awesome later? What are these things and then like from that you get pulled into like a or Yes, you know like and then suddenly you're like reading, like shit by Pythagoras, who, like I had another great quote, which is do not take the roads traveled by the public, is pretty awesome, which means isn't that bad, but but anyway, the point is like. Because I've been studying like the modular synth size are now.
Really sit down and play guitar like I'm a little better at it, but then, where it gets, fucking weird is when I sit down and play like God of war, I'm a little better at that too, and then like when I'm thinking about cutting tomatoes, for example, something really basic in the pressure I'm exerting to cut the tomato overs of the sharpness of the knife. I think about music and I think about in a weird way. My knife like at this is you one know what this is. Maybe, like my knife, like a cv, gate which is like, if you have a town, lightning war aggregate might on and off, like switch. That makes the town to wobble right right right, so suddenly that you're learning from like and by the way, since down down there, what I just said every it up, I'm sorry I'm learning center, but but but the the point. What I'm saying is it's like what he was set, what he
who's teaching is so powerful, which is like you, don't just get good at one thing, it bleeds in the other shit in your life, too sure is an incredible thing for me to realize man. It's been pretty intense because, like you know, when you like what you're saying you know for a twenty year old, you know people expect you to be learning something this or that. But when you're in your forties, you know you, trick yourself into thinking like I don't need to learn how to do anything anymore and then your basically like turning down all the lights in your life, because when you start working on something even this is going to ask you a maybe a maybe games, video games for sure video games. Do we dismiss them because they were thought of as frivolous? sizes, and we embrace chess go and all that and even poker, because we know that it,
intellectual pursuit or a real poker players are all super fucking, smart guys, the guys they were really good at it. I think that we do that with video games, because at one point in time they were just pong, and then they were Mario brothers and they were silliness and fun. You get the mushroom and have a good time and PAC man all that shit. But now, when you see out of war like okay? Well, clearly, your brain is firing on all cylinders, re doing that that's right, you're swinging that acts and switching to SP year and doing this and jump in there and chop in this student have to get away from the guy with the flying log. Throwing at you that's your brain planes, fire and left and right. The idea that this is totally useless seems stupid, yeah, yeah, so think that that potentially through anything, the problem with video games as you can play them and actually not get bad
hurt them 'cause you just like our slashing and pressing buttons and shit like you have to folk. You can focus, but I think, when focus when your attention and focus gets put on improving any like I, theoretically, I imagine if you just started working on bring a circle here like a perfect circle and just spent day after day, working on that pursuit sounds insane like you look crazy to your friends but potentially other shit in your life. You'd start leaving at two your mind gets a little sharper, maybe maybe just some kind of neurogenesis or something I don't know, it's exercise your mind right for sure that your your brain is very, very active when you're playing a video game. You know I I know when I would play quake. My hands would get so sweaty that I would put antiperspirant on my hands. I would spray antiperspirant all over my hands and then I would blow on them to keep them from getting so sweaty,
because my fingers would barely they would slip around over the keyboard. I leave puddles energies. My mouse would get soaking wet my it would be dripping all over. The mouse pad and the ball would get stuck yeah and eventually became a laser beam, laser tracking first sucked. Then it got way better. First was like you wanted that ball. You wanted to feel The Barney, the mouse 'cause that tactile sensation, but then it got to a point with these laser ones were so much more accurate and they never up. They just became better. It is always been like a really odd to me when you look at a gaming mouse, and it says how precise it is that, like any p eyes yeah, they do yeah yeah yeah yeah, as a member razor mouse had one that was two thousand d pi the mamba. It was crazy. You play with the thing to like Jesus Christ. It was so fast. It was an odd shape. Like was a dock foot, the member that as a way to you, the ones now you'd there's a but not you can switch mid game depending on what you're doing a
what you need to set up your dpi from up to eight thousand and ten thousand two thousand and ten to two hundred one hundred wonder: why would need it slower? Why would you want slower there? Some games like you, don't need to be moving that much might be a sniper's. You need very small adjustments and you can make big moves with your hands. I've still a small just yeah, some guys when the adrenaline would kick in. They would like a slow mouse peed in a big mouse pad and they would move the pad around like that, and they felt more precise. That way, though, they were with a small pad and a high speed 'cause. Some guys used to like do little wrist flicks, like super high, high speed and you would try their mouse. You, like came man, I right you're set everybody set up different and I would try their setup Jesus, how even concentrate this is crazy. It's you're moving so fast. They would have their speed just Jenny without cross acceleration. Six yeah. So if you move faster, actually goes faster yeah almost like you, a whip, yeah yeah. I know
Do you need that in Starcraft like like? Oh absolutely, yeah, that's a very important, getting your mouth set at the right speed and you get used to that speed. So if your mouse is fucked up definitely going to like you're going to make like bad, decisions, but I never got like, I got okay, it's Starcraft. I think I got so, like I don't know, maybe silver league or something like that. What does that mean? So if it's not a big deal. Would you have a purple belt? Well, after out blue? What's the one after that, purple, it's pretty blue blue belt is Bronze League is where I stayed forever. That's the white belt stage, yeah mercilessly getting my fucking ass handed to me in bronze league and then like. Finally, I figured it out a little bit and after I popped into the Silver League, and then you want to go back to the fucking bronze leak. Once you get to the Silver Lake, you can't do a fucking early game Failing rush, you can't like into a thought
you can't do any of that shit and when you try it, we try it they're going to like they're going to make funny. You know they're going to type. Do you like? No, but they're, also going to be a little? What what are you doing you fucking noob fuck you? Why are you doing that? Shit I wanted a real game you're going to do something like. Early game, failing Rasht get you know when people you super mad when they're fucking connection would time out I would be stuck in the game when you fall come up, yeah, Doc, frozen, hey Ash is light him up. You know like you. Sometimes you do use like your smallest gun, slowly, Pickaway their house yeah I'll, peel, piano hm. We were in the old quake games. You could punch dudes yeah yeah, there's some video that popped up with that new game. Fortnight everybody's playing and it's like it was on a like the worst Fortnite player ever because it's someone who clearly got up to go get shipped.
Certainly can, and they do it's like shooting at them and can't hit like a stick is still persist. Yeah man games are back. As these days man. I really love him, but I do like I think to myself. I still in practice, because I'm like an older person. I do think there is like a hierarchy of like what's good to do and I think it's for me it's bad, I like learning music right now. I like sitting down picking some basic thing about me Jake figuring out one little thing about a modular one of my sent sent, what it dies and understanding it in and then like unfolding that Miss something bigger and that can lead to hours of of it worries like if I sit down and play a God of war. You know, that's also going to lead to ours, but at the end of it I'm going to know more about a story. Where's, the other one I'm going to
how sound works in general, which is a fascinating thing there you know. So I don't know. What do you think is like there, a hierarchy of shit to do like? No, I don't think there is, I think, there's a hierarchy and elevated passion levels. It's like what are you passionate about, say if you were doing Some ten and you know you're very apathetic about it, but then there was this other thing. You did that once you start like for some people, it's of the World CUP was on today. I want to get a cup of coffee in the World CUP on yeah and these all these guys are gathered around watch the World CUP he's just some dudes run around, don't know! What's going on how I don't I don't it's fine, it's great, it's good, but for them it was clearly and for the world for other people watching in the stands and elevated level of passion for that now, if that was your thing, I would say: maybe you could be a commentator or maybe you could be uh. Play or maybe you could be, someone who produces. One of those soccer shows or something like that. There's there's plenty of gigs for that. But if that's your thing,
Instead, you get into shoe sales like Al Bundy. You know, while that shit chips away, I like just not what I like right like is. I want to play soccer. I want to watch soccer. I want to talk about soccer. I wanna commentate on yeah. You got to find the and in that yellow gold, not everybody commented on soccer. That is true, but it also a loser mentality like someone can yeah. Not everybody can, but how many people try? That's the other thing like people say not, everybody could be successful. Comedian you're right. How many people try, though right not that many people try yeah now there are more people could do it and then try. I think, there's a bunch be by that they could. I would say about me: I've told you about this guy. My friend Dave Dolan, who is my boss, is a private investigator I was a kid. I get got a gig driving him around. He needed an assistant really d DUI they took his license, we needed driver, that's! He was,
he's got. I have ever met yeah he's right there with Joey DS. Well, so funny man and you know not no aspirations for comedy at all and his cousin was Billy. Downs was one of the owners of the the comedy connection in Boston, so has his cousin was former comedian who owned the comedy club and just randomly became friends of them from an add on, like you know, of those newspaper ads for job seeking private investigators assistant. That sounds like older, uh, wow yeah. So this guy easily could been a comic like one hundred percent could've sure he's he was a funny fucking dude and he was always the guy that if a bunch of people were to Sandra, he would say so like totally ridiculous. Look you in the eye and say it and everybody would be laughing. It was just natural. He is a naturally funny guy Justin DIS didn't do it. Did you like being a private, investigator and loved it long ago, love bustin people yeah
Peter, mostly people who were cheating on their insurance? That was mostly there's a few. He got one guy who kept asking him to take pictures of his girlfriend getting fucked by this giant, bodybuilder dude and after wise, like hey dude enough with this kinky shit, I'm not giving you any more fucking pictures. True attitude he's like get the fuck outta here with this. He goes like what else do you want bro? I got the pictures that are going to get more pictures you fucking Idiot, that's so funny! That's so funny that why did the guy just hire a photographer right? Well, the guy was like really wealthy, but diminutive very non masculine man and he had this bomb show girl that he had figured out a way to get a part of yeah and but she was just kidding drilled on the, side. Did she know he was getting pictures taken? I don't think she did now
because that's what it sounds like to me. It sounds like a fetish game where he's like. Oh it seems like. I don't think it was. I think it was just a week. Guy didn't know what to do, because they would be on the beach you get pictures on the beach making out and stuff. Like you got, you got pictures a lot of these guys. I mean I don't yeah. I don't know manage that to me sounds a little bit like. Well, that's what he thought a little bit. He thought the guy was a little bit of a freak, but at the end of the day he was like. Come on. You know was fucking Heavy Boston, accent problem. I got you you fucking pictures both right right take anymore right as a way to that's a job. I wouldn't, I do that. I'd, love, busting people, that's not his thing. He didn't really like that was rare. Most the time you work for insurance companies most the time was like say, if you were married and you are a woman and you had a different maiden name- you would get injured on the job and then you would start using your maiden name and take a job on the side, while you're getting workers compensation, so people get double pay
yeah and they would have to leave their jobs like people would leave their job super early in the morning. So we would camp out in front of peoples houses where we would get there at four hundred o'clock in the morning when everybody's asleep, we'd sit in the car across the street and we'd wait sometimes earlier, and we wait and we wait and we wait five third roll around and then some light go on a like he's up he's up he's up. He goes he goes. This mother fucker is going to work, and this is a guy supposed to be laid up in bed and we catch him like working as a roofer, hello, Aaron, shingles up a ladder when they're getting disable disability insurance, so is, was really common thing. Most of it was disability insurance man. What a fucked up state of life to get in you are you're doing insurance fraud, like that's a that's a sad existence to like get into that spot where you're, like I'm gonna, get. I'm gonna give it to the man. I've come up with a scheme honey. You know someone
a comedy. Surprise came into their times. It's not like that. Man see. This is the thing like it was nice people, they just didn't, know better and now say that, like their stupid, I say that like they're, just data, I think they're going to get caught. They didn't think it was that big, a deal they didn't think through it very well, but there was One lady was so nice. She at a scam. This was a scam, say your license plate. No, number would write down your license plate number and then write down, one that was really close to it and write down another one that was really close to that and then he would knock on your door and say I uh I hate to bother you, but my girlfriend was in a car accident and the police report where they had the witnesses driver's license. Number some coffee got spilled on the report and they don't know exactly what the license number is dish. Does we've checked these two? It's not them. I have a friend or the DMV and they hooked me up, and then you tell her an injury. Oh I'm sorry. What would happen to okay, she's, okay, but she did this. Oh, my god. I ha
the same injury. You them the injury that they had that's giving them Workman's compensation and yeah. I had to That's terrible! Do you guys want to come in and have a cup of coffee she, prices in the Fucking house strangers. These are people did in the 80s dude yeah. They invited people in the house like pilgrims, these crazy. This lady invited two guys into her house and he spins yarn about his girlfriend being injured, and she said I had the exact same problem. He said what happened. She said. Why was on the job as a flight attendant? I fell down and hurt myself and he goes well. You getting paid, aren't you and she goes? Oh, not home, I'm getting paid, but I'm also working. Under my maiden name in another job, was like oh yeah, great great idea way to do it, ladies so nice and we got out there and I was like man. We can't turn her and he's like fuck her. She goes why she goes she's, a fucking crook. He goes out, ladies of fucking, crook. I know she's so nice. She
It's in her house. She give us coffee fuck. I love that man I like being nice, has some I've become synonymous with not being dangerous or crack. That's a really funny thing. It's like is being nice is like that's like a really great costume on like. If you want to camouflage yourself and you're a predator, you know the way the tiger, he wasn't a predator. She was just a lady who didn't think it was a big deal to rip off a corporation people grow up thinking, corporations or face list, yet nameless entities and you can extract money from them. I think that's what people think of some lab The lawsuits like few slip on some water in the hallway and a big building and you fall down like all I'm hurt, I'm real hurt. Yeah, I didn't protect me. My ballot was compromise. Now in I fell on your ground. Somebody. Somebody put some water, run your ground, I'm not responsible for this, I'm going to sue Sue yeah, it's fucked, it's bad! That woman was making
terrible mistake and your your friend Dolan and my Dick Ulous Dave Dolan, the chrome so help he helped her helped her helped her out because, like that kind of that kind of life like stealing you want to create, like you want to create a version. Of that woman, where, like inside she didn't feel a live at least a little bad, a little better, a little weak, a little off balance course, but but reality reality, is she didn't feel good about that? Probably, and that's not a great way to live man and and so by getting corrected by the universe in those ways you know, I think it's it's it's a good thing. I'm add, you know some things aren't illegal, for example, but they are, you know like obviously, we agree on some of these things right those things it's fucked up to bus people for enough, if you're stealing in an
in in at that. In that way, I don't know man no you're right now, you're right, but I would never turned around said that I can't die, would ever been a good private investigator. I wish I did. I feel like a lot of those people, and I was one knee at the time- twenty one at the time at the most twenty one. I think at that time. I was really well aware of like the The neighborhood where my grandparents grew up right. Like being round them and being around my parents who grew up in the sixties and then my grandpa, she grew up. I mean they. They were here in the depression and they just there was a different attitude about opportunity. Like but he was poor right yeah. Everybody would like take advantage of every opportunity if you got an opportunity to run a scam yeah, you did it yeah. It is this.
A terrible thing that happens in in poor communities is that people do think of. I insurance scams, this cat scan scam. Like you know, you got to think about it like it's a score. You know think about it like it's score. Guys say that to me to me a top, older, italian guys. Look you gotta think about this. This is a score. Ok can't fuck! This up. You got an opportunity here. All you have to do. Is you go to the fucking chiropractor, my back? Hurts. They can't tell you my back hurts. Nobody knows why you fucking it hurts, which is true yeah. You know, go to a chiropractor every day and see my back is killing the energy shooting pain down my leg. They can't prove it or disprove it. Next thing, you know you get a thirty five thousand dollars check in the mail right, yeah. You know man, here's the thing number one I feel like. I have to say this. I would not have turned this fucking that woman if I was not a private investigator course would, but that be in Dolan. Ethically
I had to turn around 'cause if he didn't, he would be guilty of stealing from the person who is giving him money to do the job. There's, never a question right. I mean that's what he did for a living. He was turned around. Yeah, but the main like problem with stealing like you know, sometimes I've been hanging out with people. You leave grocery store and somehow they didn't charge for, like I don't know, a bottle of water or whatever like they didn't see it in the car and the people. Some, people are like yeah. I did it. Free water. They fucked up right in like men. I think those people are unaware of this, like weird law in the universe, which is that you seem to like have to get shipped back. Times three. It feels like, maybe a little bit more than that when you give or take Orton still like if
You steal a two dollars bottle of water. Now this is my superstition you're, going to end up, paying like at least six bucks for that bottle of water in some other way, some karmic was them. Shits gonna happen you're going to get a parking ticket you're going to get some weird fucking thing, so I think a thief is unaware of a metaphysical economy which is, like you think, you're going to get away with that, but you're not like if you could really get away with it. It would give me pause, but like I've notice man, all my friends who are really successful day leave giant fucking tips, crazy tips, crazy tips. You know a few of these people, Joe Tips where, like it makes the waitress try an also I've notice. They will dodge out of a place before they could be acknowledged for
leaving some insanely massive tit tit, I'm right here! You don't have to talk about me like I'm, not here. I just don't it embarrass you ma'am, because it's like you know a lot of you know the main thing is like, but that's a love bomb. That's. Why was called that yeah? You leave a love bomb for the waiter right, but I think, also there's another side to. It is more than just like the feeling you get of knowing you've been generous you're, not better tache, demonic it. No it's that's it's not even that. So if you get an opportunity to give a nudge in apology, they feel good, so the few, if they feel good, good. At least somebody gives you one hundred dollars tip for a fucking cup of coffee or something they get. This feel I'm like holy shit, yeah sudden, a beautiful feeling I have a normal situation, just a normal interaction. I give you this and you give me that, and I say thank you and I go. In that normal interaction, alside boom you get this beautiful gift from a stranger did not have to do that for no reason at all practice a little love bomb, yeah
even better when you're not there when you're in the car driving- and they realize you left at four hundred- am right, see that being right there, man that if you go back to what we were talking about about momentum, yeah puts little ripples out there yeah Those ripples spread yeah and it's not just with that. Obviously were doing. We do it with morning. Now it's being nice to people. Sometimes I've had days where, like I'm just walking somewhere and someone looks at me and they go hey, how are you everything, good yeah man? Everything is good. How you doing I'm doing good, I'm doing good enjoy the day just so nice. Little friendly interaction with some person. You never met before, for no reason just wants to be a nice guy yeah those make you feel good man yeah. Those are those are nice moments and, conversely, weird moments where
Let it distract did in the look at the phone and not paying attention like this dummy that almost ran into me yeah once in. I don't have to think that, whether it's a dumb way to think right, I do think it right special. It's like a kid yells, some kid just trying to push it worth a programmer yeah and they almost run any like hey, do yeah your phone right right. There radiating this momentum right into the world they're, not interacting with people that are there. Yeah verse is a person who's like Jenny, only nice is like just see someone walking down the street and they say good morning, you like good morning yeah and everybody feels good. It's like it's a nice little thing like that's right. Those are those men, those spread that person might do it to the next person they meet and then boom everybody saying hi to everybody- everybody's hugging everybody- this is, it yeah yeah! That's we talk about this, probably every time, because we both agree that this is like. Probably if there was is going to be now nonviolent revolution in this country that was
based on voting. It's going to start with that yeah in in in our in what is that you know in in the to thing. I'm being taught is like that thing. You're talking about it can be cultivated like refined, so you can sort of that's why it's called practice like when you're sitting and you're watching your breath and you're learning how to be in the moment. Instead of thinking. I'm doing this for this reason or that, like I'm doing this, because when I'm like talking, somebody they're going to think I'm spiritual I'm doing this, because I want to be more focused on doing this, because I have an anxiety disorder. I'm doing this because of this or that that's great, but in their is another reason to do it, which is that, if you get really good at being in the moment with people and also when you're sitting with yourself and learning who you are, you have to start applying. Uh lot of compassion to yourself, because you're going to
Hitman and you're going to some shits going to float to the surface of the stream that you were should stayed under some rocks man you're going to see not just shit. That's been done to you. But you going to see shit that you've done other people and you're going to have to deal with that in the and the way to deal with that is is not to do like. I don't know if you do this, lol but sometimes like. I will remember something from when I was very young and be like you fucking, Dick I'll say it out loud to nobody yelling to someone like fifteen years ago, right, you're yelling at you at my has self. Like you, mother, fucker, you know what do you got me into with my memory? Jesus Christ ban? Why were you doing that? Why did you do that and like so that's like the opposite of compassion for this self right so anyway, the point is, if you can like sort of cultivate,
passion, for who you are right now, that's not to say use that as an excuse to not try to become a kind, person, but I'm saying cultivate compassion for the fact that, like men, your dad had PTSD an and your fucking folks got divorced. When you were three an your dad remarried and abusive woman who hated your fucking God for seven fucking years, and she did some really bad things to you over the course of that time. That you are way too young to cross I says: are you? I know are you, I know what way to deal with that and now, when you're in your in your twenty, your 30s, you realizing that you seemed be kind of a selfish cunt, an it's like well yeah, the reason you're being a selfish quote can't is because you had to build up a very high power
defense mechanism to deal with the fact that you are abused for almost a decade when your brain was forming more neurons and it ever will at any other point in its life and now- now we can start having compassion for ourselves instead of thinking I'm a selfish cunt. We could think. Oh, I've got two big, a forcefield up. I've developed a thing to protect me from an environment that I'm no longer in and then the point is once you start becoming compassionate for your yourself of that's when you run into the person who's being a selfish cunt, who you can look at and say? Oh, I see you, I know who you are. I don't know, what it was. I don't know if it was a abusive parent. I don't know if it was a heartbreak. I don't know if it's something you read, I don't know. If it's something I don't know and maybe genetic I don't know, but I know
from looking into myself enough to know that you deserve more compassion than you're getting that's it. So we have this agreement that everybody can learn up to a certain point. We agree pretty much everyone. Who's normal and not impaired mentally can learn how to read. We agree this we agree. I think so yeah we agree to simple mathematics. Everyone can learn how to add, subtract, India and multiply, and after that it gets a little squirrel with division. Sure people can calm, but we're we're agreeing that with minimal paying a ten in school, we can all achieve a certain level. Yes, but there's very little very little attention ever paid too considering how you behave and how you think and how you observe yourself and how you correct mistakes and how you learn in the past yeah? It's never taught it's one of the most important things I've ever learned in my life, yeah is to not clean
on to the past, but don't forget it either. That's great! Remember that you fucked up, don't do it again, but don't live in this war world of twenty years ago or thirty years ago, or whatever that one instance where you wish. You didn't say this one thing to some person or hit some person or drive your car where you shoot and whatever the fuck it is whatever. Whatever thing that it was, you still sit back and go God yeah, you know I rear ended. Somebody wants with my car when I was on my way to selling it, and I was pain attention at a red light and my scars had a think. It was a nineteen. Seventy, eight Oldsmobile Cutlass and the front end. I crunch this guys, bumper with a fiberglass part of my car, didn't do shit to his car. He had a truck yeah, but I fucked up my car on the way to selling it, and I brought to this person in the group it was like half hanging off and I remember in my car just going fuck
fuck, I just fucking I was so broke and such a loser and barely keeping it together and on my way to selling this car. I fucked it up and I was just like you fucking loser yeah, I remember being in my car screaming at myself. You fucking loser and I remember and I bought it anyway. Just took a bunch of money off of it. I forget what we agreed on, but but this feeling would haunt me for months from months. I'd be doing other things and I would think of rear ended that car not paying attention fucking up the 'cause. It was and even like an accident, it was like. I left my foot off the gas and it just slammed into somebody 'cause, I wasn't paying attention right. Oh yeah! No! I love my foot off the break. Rather it was something that I literally defining myself by for months. Sure thinking that I was a loser 'cause. I did this yeah yeah that
get it right there. I was like hey asshole: don't let your foot off the break pay attention, what you're doing you're driving fucking car. I know you're only eighteen but pay attention to what the fuck you're doing it. Wasn't it wasn't that it was you fucking, closer Fucking Loser law, yes screaming at myself. Dude. I was talking to this. Do that one of these rom dos retreats is like in his Denny's in, like I'm really by the way. This wasn't it I'm like really like veiling a person very, very deeply here like. But the point is this: person, was telling me some shitty thing that happened to them when they were a kid right. Anna real young and make it happen like it at doctors, office, the doctor like it, was like a shitty doctor or something I don't know, but the doctor like slap slap, the kid right, she's,
yeah, and so for what reason? Well, there's no reason is though, jail like there's really, no reason to slap, a kid he's coming to a doctors office right so for sure right. What was the reason that that's the thing that kids that's the thing my friend said my friend said well, well. I was squirming around oh geez right. He hadn't considered. He had even considered that he five. So, like I said to him, like hey man, when was the last time you picked up a five year old. Do you know how small five year olds are? Do you understand that you didn't do anything wrong, that that was a shitty doctor. That was a crazy I can doctor in your whole life to rationalize the fact that sometimes big people are crazy and slap little people? You tried to apply some logic or like to will to the act it's
s right now, that's a heavy burden to carry 'cause. If you think you're a bad five year old, you're, probably going to think you're a bad thirty. God knows we're going to take care about thirty five year old. All that crazy shit. You can do when you're thirty. Five, so it's like that mentality looking back on our former self and hating. It is the very same reason that we hate others. It's identical. If I'm going to hate myself, definitely I'm giving myself permission. Eight everybody else around me an that's. So the work is, let's figure out how to like, be compassion it to our former selves and not just when we were fucking kids in a doctor's office and not just. Years ago, and not just twenty years ago, like starting now like right now, 'cause you're sitting, on top of a car house made of memes rewrite, and it's like that, you're the entire thing. So you got a
love it all and then then, if you start doing that shit, I have noticed your degree of country drops buy. A lot is not going to go away. It will definitely at least for me I mean one of the things that I've had. Many guys asked me before like. Why do you Why are you so insistent actions, because it's a big one yeah? I really think it helps you. May I know what helps me. I don't want it's like jerking off, but for the body right like instead of with this, this thing that you get when you jerk off this relief from the need for sex yeah, there's
on and noticed tension? That's constantly in your by that flavors. Do we think about things? It really just us? Yes, last time my daughter was upset at something. Is she a guy until after one of her friends super sad? Really there French is our firm's being mean instant? You know trying to deal with it. We went to the garage- and I said this is go. What will work out? You'll feel better and I put the pads on and we start moving around start, throwing some kicks and punches start breaking sweat, really get into WAP pop up wap and getting wood. This is fun and then laughing and joking around and then we talked about it. 'cause, I'm right now you could talk about it. Rationally 'cause now It's not fucking with you too. You have this Energie, that's just pent up yeah, you gotta! Let that energy out and then you're left with the thoughts, but too many people get stuck with the energy and the thought and the energies overwhelming the thought and there's like all this fucking emotional, it's crazy,
run around the block or a fucking hitting the heavy bag. In the past or skip some rope or whatever you're into take a yoga class whatever you want to drain the stress out of the body and then look at the object to the idea for what it is, and this is a fucking, important method of managing the way. You think about things that people overlook the overlook, the impact of physical tension on the body and your decision making process wow yeah! Do you? Do you believe the trauma is stored in the body? You think that's bullshit, I don't know I mean I know the trauma is something that clings inside your subconsciousness. Your subconsciousness is a part of your consciousness. Your conscious is supposedly resides in your body, so why wouldn't it be in body somehow way, shape or form right. You know there's so the idea that there's parts of your body that retain memory would not just your brain but there's no
once in your body and perhaps they retain memory right like there's a concept that there's apparent, there's some type of neuron in the heart rate. Yes- and this is what a lot of people believe was responsible for this idea of like five slow, your heart follow your heart. Maybe if those are your memories and your database of collective emotional ideas, if there's really something to that and like maybe it's not just in the brain area, but also in the hard area and in all the neurons, maybe we just we just think, because our consciousness reside in the brain that all of our memories reside there as well, and that they're, not in various area, our body right, the people that get transplants man, one of the weird things that they say state they find that they have cravings for things, let the person who donated the organ right right. I don't know if that's really not because obviously have never gone to a transplant, but I heard that shit a lot. I've heard that too, and someone was explaining it to me like well like. Oh god, here comes fucking, BR
Bro scientist trust get ready gay here we come ready, doctor Trussell, I've, gotta fucking masters degree in Broscience, but oh yeah. I do hear you working tonight. You doing, yeah? I do yeah. Why? What's going on nice house, I can't do it. That's okay, I'm! I do thank you so much there anytime. I was just take it right before I do my bro science thing: man, your daughter's lucky Guy Dan, your dad's, like let's go to the gym in the house and fucking kick box. You're upset that super cool man. I was just thinking that the other well, it's only cool if they like it, the thing is she likes to do it. This is one thing: I think, is extremely important. 'cause. I see people that get their son to play. Football 'cause they played football and the kid doesn't want to play fucking football. Man, you gotta, let your kids, because they are, they get super resentful. I've seen people raise their kids and try to force their kids into holes.
To support a man, love him and let him find their path you have to you have to let him find their path. You can't decide they're going to be a doctor or they're going to be a lawyer or decide they're going to be whatever the fuck you want him to be. They gotta be what they are. We are also different and you are literally robbing a kid of their future if you over influence their choice, making it as of like of not following their passion, their or their dream of their ideas. Yeah you you and it can be done. It does this, that is to say that it can't be done, it. Also many people can't do it. So many people don't get their doctorate, so many people don't ever become scientists or astronauts or fuckin mathematicians now. Things are hard to do man a lot of things, but you can't decide the way that kids,
and we're sure not in their right, not in there and it's different than yours right and hers is different and his friend his brother is different in this sister and the moms different at all of them, and you got to let people be. You got a little beat yeah I have to in people don't and those people hate their parents. Those people did that develop. This resent right, 'cause there's no freedom. There, fucking mom is always on 'em mom. I don't want to do that. You just stop. I raised you. I didn't raise you to talk to me like this you're, my son, I want you being a loser tv. How did you understand it like yeah? I don't want to be a doctor yeah, I'm so disappointed in you. I know friends with their parents, don't talk to them anymore, 'cause. They changed majors, yeah. They changed majors dad stop talking to what side. You know you don't want to you don't want to take on the company business. You don't want to take on the come to you, the idea was. We were going to send you to go to school when you're going to take over the company business
yeah made in a band. You loser. Some people have a really gotta be so much kinder to people when you just thinking shit like that helps. You understand how people are like you run into just about anybody man and it's like so easy to have someone in your life and enjoy the idea that Eric Asshole and they deserve it. But if you spend just a speck of time thinking about it, it's like we really it's set in a weird way. It sucks would just wait until you have kids well, it's really really interesting, because you start looking at people like they used to be babies. That's what happened. I got a one boy come in man, you do. I don't I like yeah. This is the first place. I've said it holy like I talk to my wife, be yet that he she said it's okay at you know you get when it when you're in the early monteiro you up. I don't know why, but like you are scared. It's it's a such a sacred thing, yeah
Vulnerable thing to talk about it makes you feel vulnerable. It makes you feel nervous and because of the energy or worried about talking, I fucking love it dude is the most transformative like you know, like you hear all the time to the point where I was like suspicious of it like I was like you know, I don't stand up, is done this joke wow, so I think I'm allowed to say on it. You not shy, not even what what's? What's the rule yeah yeah, he doesn't do any is old stuff he's got some of my favorite job of all time. Many of them, but he's got this killer. Fucking joke about Alva like pregnant people, or like heroin attics. You know there Just try it you'll love, it just try it and then, and then, when you do it like, you know, you're stuck you're trapped, which is how I used to think. But then it's like so humbling to realize that all the shit you heard was true.
In the sense that you hear people say: oh no, it's psychedelic it's psychedelic! Now I I always associated that with like when the babies born there must be some serotonin or dopamine that gets released, not just in the woman. We know the woman's brain is flooded with AC the to send in a variety of things, the mother, the bonding chemicals, but you no, I thought well that clearly would happen for the father, maybe just not in the same level. So when people say it's psychedelic, that must be what they mean. But now I know who you know is the birth is: it adds a happened yet so, but just deal being in the presence of a person who is growing a life inside of their belly. In realizing that, like the bonding, that's happening there and like the sacred duty is coming up of you being a father and that a soul, is coming into this dimension. That is going to be completely.
Depending on you and my wife, of course, wanting to keep her safe and then man it combination of all these things is so incredibly psychedelic in the most beautiful way and so humbling. Because it's like boy, oh boy, Did I fucking tell myself that I'd figured out something really smart and that was like reproduction is a trick of the dna in this marriage thing in the baby. Thing is some kind of vast schedule: societal organ like the appendix we don't need to do that, there's nothing to it obviously it wasn't using that voice, but, like it was such a pretentious fucking pompous ridiculous
place that I was standing at, which is to judge people for reproducing having enjoying the ability to judge, because my parents, reproduced you know what I mean right, so it's so humbling to realize like I was wrong, but I wasn't just like kind like. I was deeply fundamentally completely wrong about this phase of life. In this what's the word for it this time in Hinduism they called in our strong like a monastery, it's called the greenhouse the ice rom, it's like a temple. It's considered to be like a temple, the family holy man, it's real, the robbers hit the wrote and it's like it's really really beautiful, though obviously a little scary yeah. It's love, it's
real love and it's love where you know you know you're be able to love your children unconditionally in a very strange way that we really have our time with other people, and I think the thing about it is not just that your bring a life into this world, which is very psychedelic, but that your love bond with this kid is so ultimate it's. So it's so intense the love the you have for each other to raising the kid together. There's a thing that happens with with with people when they are just really deeply connected at a dna level. Keith. This is a little person that is literally come out nowhere from two bodies, yeah, and it's makes you realize how precious life is. How vulnerable. We all are, and it makes you realize that such as cliched phrase, the act,
will power of love right? And it's not just the love of this kid or the love of yourselves, the two together and the family together and all the other? You know people that you love it's love of all people, it's a love right! It's just! If we just really have a hard time, loving people, We have a really hard time, trusting that people are going to love us back or they're, not going to get in our way, they're not going to be overly needy or annoying or they're, not going to be intrusive or they're, not going to tell you what to do, which is why people hate their fuck. Parents telling them what to do. Love comes with this. Bullshit love comes with this nonsense. Love comes with fucking rules and I have to be annoyed all the time active, wear my suit on Sunday. Fuck love fuck it. I don't want it and that carries on you develop these. The shield that you put up for the whole world because of that, that's one of the most common things that people do when it went in terms of like our definitions of love, we define it by the p we're supposed to be the lovers in our lives, but they're, just on condition
no kindness and love. So so few people are balanced in the beginning relationship, it's just lust and then after are you getting annoyed with each other, and we can't wait to get free and find somebody else is going to make you happy and they don't make you happy either and most of us this in the early years of our lives in particular, we bounce around. You know we try to find a new person, that's going to make us happy, that's right and we attract the kind. People that are the most destructive for us. I mean Some strange reason we're always looking to be distracted and when I think when you look can learn how to ban in that. It's not a learn like now. I know it's. A slow, grad, process where the instances of can occur, less free, only right less and less and less and less frequently to more more more kind? And then you, you know you get it as good as you can get it on on any given day and that's part of being the hairless ape in this string.
Land of land of electronics and and concrete buildings were still trying to figure out the rules to this completely new way of living and part of this completely new. We living shifted over the last ten years and that's where the internet comes in, where one thousand and twenty years, no more than twenty four years the whole world changed topsy. Turvey up to down, I mean the whole thing is just different. Now, yeah, it's a different reality. Anybody from any point in the past, if you transport them today, they would be living in some fucking blade runner movie. I mean it really is a Ridley Scott Film right. You know for sure. If you were living in the 1950s and someone brought you to twenty eighteen and picked you up for the airport Tesla you're on a plane seems normal yeah plain just like planes, one of these screens on the seats holy screens in the seats and someone picks you up in a Tesla doesn't make any noise, it's electric lecture, a giant laptop in the front of it. I shows this huge map when you're driving around and people are taking phone.
Kohl's in the air. You claim what's up MIKE like what you're talking in the car, what the fuck are I've been around to all these places and- and you see the the the mass of humans, the architecture, change and people would freak the out sure to it with the in this is the world the we've totally completely become accustomed to that's right and no one. This is no one's prepared for this. We're all just plain it on here and the the worst aspects of it that some of the k Austin the social upheaval in the way, the info fighting between people, people getting kicked out of restaurants 'cause, they work for the wrong people, and this is Maxine Waters, telling people that if you find people that work for the Trump administration you find them in a restaurant find them anywhere. You go and you get together a group of people. You build a crowd, can you let them know that you don't agree with their policies like whoa. We're calling for gangs were calling for gang
of people randomly industry to interrupt people's meals, interrupt people in stores get a crowd together, don't let them be and still be safe in public, because you disagree our policies, what this is getting crazy and I know one of policies- the immigrants, the children of immigrants being separated from their parents, which I'm one hundred percent with you, it's immoral. It's discuss, eating, it saddens me that it's even considered an option. It makes no sense. I don't give a fuck if they broke the law, you don't take parents and kids and separate them. You just fucking, don't it's disgusting? there's other ways around it. If you say Well, they should have broke the law. Maybe they should have broke the law. You don't get to do something one thousand times worse than crossing a line, the dirt that fucking imaginary line in the dirt crossing. That is nothing in comparison to your crime of stealing a baby from its mother. That's fucking insane! That's not american, two thousand and eighteen that's just in, and we wouldn't be doing that to Canadians. Okay,
Canadians came over here with their beautiful cute blonde haired kids is we're not stealing from the parents and one of the reasons why it's sick, the whole thing sick. It's it's it's chaos, so in one one hand on one hand, I understand where a lot of people are outraged- and I understand where they're coming from you shouldn't separate parents from children in any way shape or form, but the way to fix that is not saying anybody was on that team working for administration should be chased by a mob of street vigilantes, and you should this mom make Kraut get everybody together, make a crowd, make a noise. Let them know they're not welcome like whoa. Well, isn't it isn't like one of the one of the problems with it? Is that we now we have a little bit of a slippery slope like we? Let's you know it. I don't wanna play mob justice. Paying pong with you, because if I start playing that with you they're, not ping, pong could
Angeli turn into a civil war, do. You know there was a recent USA today Poll said thirty: one percent of America thinks that were close the civil war right now. Now that being said, and also people who, like fantasize about a civil war, I don't know if they've really thought it all the way like what that looks like do that for you. They definitely have it right. So we have because if they did and they thought it through and thought it was a good idea there are there King mine's, they're, crazy or they're stupid yeah, but but but the passion about that now, yeah man? Well, I mean because you will you wants to in being a God, Damn civil war, but the the the the you know it's for
he. When I see like that going down, I'm I I see I I've like come up with like I didn't come up with. I got it from the dolly, but I've come up with like a good. Little equation is to go back to which is. Does this reduce suffering right so like? And I don't think it produces suffering, and these people are really upset on both sides of the fence are suffering like we're. Really looking at like a world where a lot of people are deeply upset. Deeply sad Bring in really scared in real. He really really freaking the fuck out in an as I've been watching this they emerge on the internet on Twitter, where people tweet things that you look at it and you think.
It's almost as though you're living in another world than I am like the world that you're you're talking about man, it's fucking terrify like it's scary and it's like it's, it's really fucked up and maybe like the reason. I think that is because I saw doing lsd when I was sixteen. So when I was when I was sixteen, I we are, I became, only aware of the fact that the current government in the past government was repressive and an and in something about that drug, which I do anymore, 'cause, it's illegal! I a crazy kid, but something about that drug. Really shows you the conditioning, right and so I knew from pretty young age I was like oh wow, I don't, I don't think the United States Is- is dropping bombs on countries because of
I or some threat. It appears to be that some for making money off of this shit, and I don't think these drugs are illegal because they're bad for you, I think they a illegal, because somebody doesn't want the heard to experience these states of consciousness because it will make them more difficult to sheer. I had this conversation with Hamilton Morris yesterday in the strongly disagrees, because he's talked to the people actually in the DEA. If she's talked to the people and drug for sure and he said that what really is happening is they have zero experience with these drugs, but they know these drugs are illegal, and so pursue. It is if it's a hello, viable target, and we talked about in terms of like the real problem, with law enforcement being that it's a game. I've always said that, like the real problem, yeah ops is not cops. The real probably cops is human nature. This is a bad guy.
I get a point. If I take him out, you start looking for bad guys start looking for bad guys. I don't even their start, forcing situations yeah, yeah yeah. I know we comes. We are sorry, no go ahead. We get into this a lot and I don't mean the d like I've heard the exact same thing about the d e, a like they, don't they minority thinking, people above them. I have experience with, I'm I'm not even so, I'm not to talk about people bought them. I'm talking about tendency so like if an individual has a tendency right like the tendency. So a person has a tendency that a group of people might have a tendency. For example, if I get a group of swedish people together and I'd bring them to the World CUP, they're gonna have the tendency to cheer for Sweden right, I'm going to be bad on that in game. One and there's a ten didn't see right right. My boss, fucking sucks, he's a fucking asshole right right. Then you think back to the way all your other bosses acted and you realize like wait. There seems to be a tendency when
people are in that position of power to bear even a certain way right, yeah, sorry hard job. So what I'm saying is, is the person in the position of power. Is that thing coming from inside of them? Or is it that there's something like built in the dna of a leadership position? They say that like in the same like when you got a pregnant wife, some new thing kicks and I was reading about it built in it- feels like where it's like I'm getting a fuck security system. I'm fucking, like you know what I mean, I'm I want to make her safe. I want to make sure that, like we're- saving money were like. You know what I mean, I'm working harder than I've ever worked in my fucking life 'cause. I want to make sure that, like there's plenty for her and plenty for the kid and like something kicks in there's a tendency there right. So what I'm saying is there seems to be at tendency that happens when there is a convergence of people in power
it starts behaving in a certain way. It builds walls, it starts taking people to jail, don't belong in jail, it dehumanizes, essentially, that's the tendency right. So when you're taking a psychedelic any look around and you realize oh, I see the government, though it's filled with people who are wonderful there, people in the fucking who listen to your show in guaranteed love the show- and I like you- fucking right man. I don't enforce these God. Damn laws arresting people for a thing that is like being shown not only to be harmless, but potentially therapeutic. There's people in all branches government there's some people just need a job and maybe there's some app those in there some people, the one of bus crack dealers yeah want to bust and killing people. I happen also be drug dealers, and this is part of the job right. So I'm not talking about the individual atomic structure of the power structure. I'm talking about the sum total convergence that just all to fit
eliminates, emanate certain behavior pattern and those talking behavior patterns, those behavior patterns have been going hang on for a very long time and so forever for eh as far as we know, right, there's always been gangs. So now I'm not saying like there for your fear your tears and justified. I just think, maybe because of the garishness of the current administration, compared to like Obama who is like you know, we know what happened with a bomb. In the end, I say we know what happened with a bomb and the drums. We know what happened. Well, we don't know what all the the probably happen with Obama, but we do know with a bomb and- and I remember hearing this in looking it up and looking it up again. He apparently like deported, in fact, maybe please find out if I'm wrong about this, so I don't have to deal with seven billion people calling me a fucking motherfucker for the rest of my life, but apparently he deported more people than any
all american presidents combined his administration did right, deported more people, yeah, yeah, yeah and and and so now, trump him. He. Is at the beginning of the fucking deportation race, like by the time he's done. He might have beaten Obama score by fucking long shot. I don't fucking know, but the The thing is what I'm saying here is like. I think I've been aware of the fact that there is something wonky going on and it's wonky in the most rotten brutal way, it's wonky in the sense that it kills people, it separates children from families not just of immigrants but of far Some people were growing marijuana and guarantee their kids are in foster care. Now, in there in like in jail right. I've been going on and on and on and on, I think maybe now it's great about the fear. We're seeing in the hyper reaction is. If there is any great about it is that people are waking up to the fact that our government right now
the american government is out of balance. We've been at war for ninety percent of our history right and there's a lot shit going on in there. It doesn't need to be gay going on and we're waking up to it. It's just so. People are like they're waking up to it like or sleep in someone threw water in their face and they're like holy fucking shit, all the fucking shit. This is like you know this happened. This sounds kinda sending, I don't mean it to be, but when I was like, like eighteen or seventeen looking at a fucking dollar bill, tripping balls, look at that Fucking green pyramid the weird symbols, and then thinking like wait a minute. This is covered with the occult symbology all over it over in in thinking like wait, a minute. Wait that there's something in they should they should. This isn't really worth anything right. This is just paper and then set it on fire,
You know just to do like the worst thing like igniting joke, obviously 'cause it's illegal to set it on fire right, yeah. Of course it's a joke. I would never fucking do man. No, I I never ever in a million years, would ignite currency not with old glory, not with all glory, not with the money. But I guess what I'm saying is like that. If there is something pop live about the mobs of people, doing this or that or the Paper outrage almost as though, what we're looking at an immune response like that, it's kind of going over board yeah right exactly, but if there's something positive in it, it's that it seems that he Jyj's lots of people, because, I'm familiar with them: machinations of the american empire. Understanding that here's, how it's working right now and well, not only that like this illusion that it worked far differently when Obama was in office like have you seen that video or Obama was running for president and he started talking about how to deal with.
Gration and immigration policies. Now it's a disturbing video, because it's a republican viewpoint, ways talking about it sounds like someone running for a conservative position. Now it's not like this democratic, socialist idea of eliminating ice. You know, there's a out of people that it there'd there'd their ideas that immigration and customs enforcement, those people are monsters and we should eliminate the position we shouldn't have anymore, which have open borders and those p same people would let double Obama in office. You know they would think that you were angry great. If Obama was here boy, it was so much better when the is back play. The video find the video of Obama I think it was. I want to say two thousand and seven or eight or something like that. Something like that. But it's one of those ones where you like whoa, wait a minute. What two thousand and five
you watching you go! What it out like this sounds like a Republican like a mansion. Let's just imagine and imagine this is a young blonde white man who's saying this at two thousand eighteen right, listen, listen! Listen to his position! dude with one of those like square, mostly on the need to better secure the border and to punish employers who choose to hire illegal immigrants. You know we are a generous and welcoming people here in the United States, but those who enter the country illegally those who employ them, disrespect the rule of law. Wait. Can you pause? I'm sorry, I'm sorry mass for pots. What's the date on that video, two thousand five! That's sure the date on the actual upload flashback. Two thousand five center of the sun sender bomb helplessly on immigration anywhere, you thirty. First, two thousand: what is at seventeen? Okay, now here's the thing that his lips look. I know I love my people. I've looked up. The Obama has deported more
than any american president, but we have to be very careful these days because if you look, his lips are tracking all the missing missing yeah I go back and look at that are showing disregard for those who are following the law. I saw a little. We cannot talk about. Yeah does not tracking at all. Well, why? Don't you will someone would know if that a real c span thing? What well at this? I think we need to better secure the border and a punishing poor. I don't think that you choose to hire illegal. I'm not saying this because I'm shocked yeah, but he just off, but it's the same words they all agree He said the same work. Well. Can we good sign a version of it where it doesn't do? Yes, are you guys these days? Men are like no surprise so again. This is all you're right. We're going to deal with even more like and also I sing like you would never do that. I'm just saying like that looks little fishy, but you can just look up.
Did Obama it support more people than I was looking up before yes and find a video and I'm finding various problems and that that statement or statistics of Snopes has a but they've changed it to a mixture instead of being true or false, because the definition of a deportation was chain at some point in the last couple of years. The point is he deported a lot of people, you know, like I don't know like how many or I don't know, wasn't Justin Trudeau. He wasn't open borders that nobody in, but do let's please find out of that funk It was actually something we would know. We would know that clip is bullshit. No way. They would just let it slide if Iraq bombing never said that, there's no way they would just like just like the one. Where is seeing well that and it would you would kinda? No, because it's a pretty famous clip ins gets use all the time artist in the on the go she a she stands website. We all agree on the need to better secure.
Okay, sorry! What's up with the fence, Tyler illegal immigrants! You know we are a generous and welcoming people still off state. Well, so so yeah you guys are also watching a version of going through three different. Are you watching it? Okay, and when was that when was that up? This was up upload. Doesn't five okay, great perfect? are you guys? You got to be careful these days because their function leading out that looks real. It is not I listen to that radio lab one when they were showing how good it is. Today, it's terra content. It's close, it's good to real, close to being indistinguishable special for you, and I yeah you and I have hundreds of hours of us talking and saying things that are ridiculous guide. I mean we have Lewis with you and I together probably have over a hundred podcast So we've done wait to you see this stupid shit. People make us say man, I it's gonna, be so fucking, embarrassing thing! It's embarrassing for you! If you watch it is a million things to watch. You watch people put words in your mouth yeah. You don't have to keep moving keep moving. But let's get back to this like
topic here that we're talking about which is like that this, this there's a product. There is an imbalance here. It is definitely a yeah. I think that a being exposed by people's real opinion in this one of the reasons why actual education, an actual like raising, of human beings, is going to be incredibly critically important, whereas we ignored it as being non important for awhile. Well, it's way more important. Now, because the community is gotten closer than ever the community of humans and by not respecting this community and not really concentrating on the way people behave and think, rather than what they own or what their job title is or what degree they have. Instead of concentrating on one of the things that's most important for us is the way we interact with each other right. We have. Created this issue. Where now that everyone has a word in you, got all these broken people
chime in in a row in in in Seoul bombs and look any time a woman is in the news who does something remotely questionable the caller brigade comes out in full for force on Twitter and it's all these fake accounts and eggs, and some people in real accounts just want attention and they just attack I mean this is just. This is a real thing: it's not just women, but they do it to men too, but to women. It always takes on a particularly vile creep equals like final I get to say this thing and what what has happened there, but somebody got raised badly. Somebody. Somebody me, terrible job raising a man they got into this position with this broken bundle of emotions and memories and they're all fucked up with no self esteem. Maybe find some little target online, whatever it is and fuck you Duncan Trussell you fucking, sellout, faggot and next thing. You know they're attacking you and you might just be about to go to the movies with your wife and you read that the fuck is this guy's problem and do anything you put your phone down
I need to go into that theater and you're all pissed off you, fucking tweet him back, but you shouldn't this! You can't there's too many people. There's too many people too many people and the bad thing is you're going to miss a lot of good people. But the good thing is you going to put a lot out, but you have to put a lot of good out there, but you can't dwell too much in the back. We're going to through this? This is a tumultuous for adolescent stage of human interaction. Yeah! That's right! That's what's happening, we're going to get through this and reach a much higher low. Of understanding of each other in a higher level of understanding of community, and you know this is Why are all these school shootings are happening and all this chaos and people driving trucks into crowds and shit? It's because people are feeling out of this project of civilization and culture, We feel horribly, suicidal and depressed, and confused and hateful and angry and they're filled up with chemicals info
MSU tickles and loneliness and despair and anger and resentment and religious fervor in or whatever the fuck else is push seeing them through this life, and then they react. They explode and this with more explode all over the place, but we got to take away the tools of explosion. No, you got to figure out why people are exploding, how come no one is concentrating on why people are exposed was exploding. Everyone says the women want to go. It's toxic masculinity and the men want to go we're raising pussies, and nobody wants to figure out what the fuck it is, and it just hope that it doesn't have again and then it happens again in the argument starts up and TED Nugent calls everybody at cock and the fucking the people who want to the guns.
They also can store men in the band and they knew they you and shrieking from the senator's house. The two o'clock in the morning Khan Brigade roles in copper grade rolls and this week, Napa County storm, yeah yeah- and this is this- is what we're we're at we're: we're not examining the behavior and the development of the human being. It's a non issue in our culture. It's one of the most important things about being a person. You got to wait to get three thirteen. You take a Anthony Robbins seminar, I try to get your shit together with something voodoo preacher down a malibu. That's doing some rock and Roll church christian thing and all the cool people go. I want to go along. Jesus love you. And everything. So it's amazing the guy plays piano and he fucks everybody. He can it's chaos, This is where we are. This is where this tumultuous stage, where all this information is flowing around and we gotta come up with management skills, manage
skills for behavior in communication, that's right and we have to recognize we're all in this together dude. I love that description. Is such a perfect description. I think that's a that's a that's like the main thing for everyone is freaked out to remind themselves up. It's like yeah, of course, your freak. Yeah. Of course you should be treated the right way to feel in a snow storm. This is you're going to feel like I can't quite see. What's up so definitely I have to be more compassionate when I see boys, super freaking out 'cause, sometimes I judge them and they should be do more compassionate to ourselves, but then so if this is the state of chaos and you're talking about management skills so to speak, this is a thing. This guy Jack corn field of my pack. I sometimes taught me this guy's on him. He's amazing. He's a buddhist teacher pay. He says ten to the part of the garden that you can touch
right, and I think that is such incredible. Incredible. Instructs agree with put it yeah, it's a great way to put yeah. So it's so it's it's like in all that chaos that you just described where, like you see the thing and you realize like whatever it may be, the thing the school shooting the immigration, the bus, that whatever can you really there? You can you get this in sad feeling, there's nothing I can do about that, and so you like end up online you're scared, fear in Buddhism. Is co old anger like when fear gets hot. It turns in anger, so you're going to turn it you're going to be angry, 'cause, you're scared, and then you start firing these like shots on sign in the entire time you're doing that the entire time you're doing that your mother who lives at the other you know somewhere in the middle of the country, is living by yourself in a high
house where she doesn't have enough money in the houses, dilapidated and you haven't been paying attention to her. She needs your fucking help right. It's not time for you necessarily, even though you're aspiration to rebound democracy is beautiful and we all want that your fucking neglecting one of your best friends, not your mom. You know what I'm saying so, someone you know is exhibiting like some fucking behaviors that are like off a little bit or like somebody in your neighborhood or you know. So it's like the whole. I'm your mind through anger is focusing on the fucking press secretary yeah, who, by the way Joe, I don't think the press secretary yeah. I could be totally off on this, but you want to talk about shoot,
fucking, messenger man. Is there when she's the messenger literally yeah? You know what I mean like that that woman, that that is a messenger like is she does she have the most pleasing personality? Do you agree be with her politics? Probably not but like come on man. I'll tell you this. I imagine if she didn't have that kind of personality. Imagine if she was like cheerful and she went up there and Jim Costa was fucking screaming at her. Yes, that is name Acosta. Whatever's name is, but that gets heckled everywhere you go
now they put signs up behind and say c n n socks. There's some really fun things about the Trump administration, some really fun things, and one of the fun things as these people that are journalists. The takes of super serious are the for getting on. For the first time I mean they're, getting let the you know, they're getting called out for some of the ridiculous behavior, like yelling out questions press conference like your questions, more important that all the people around you that might be politely raising their hand. You've decided you need the world needs to know the world needs to know, and they get ahold. These people hold their feet to the fire. Maybe maybe maybe this is not the way to communicate with people ever. Maybe this Maxine waters idea of like getting people to protest people in restaurants and build a crowd, and let them know that they're not welcome. Ok, maybe that's the only way,
right, let's just play devil's advocate. If you look at all these people that are imposing these immoral policies separating children from the parents, which seems to be the most egregious, that's when the bothers us, the most everyone yeah, that's the one. That's most horrific. So how are you I'm the arming them yeah? It's crazy will be done that that's too far away this on here. But how do you stop that if you just let it happen. These smiling demons just pass these laws and laugh in your face and there's no push back. That doesn't work. So, what's the pushback? How do you get pushback? This is where it gets weird. They might have a point. Ok, if you're dealing with something that's that disgusting as long, there's no actual violence, if you're dealing with something? That's so hang right, you're separating poor people from their parents that are just coming over here, trying to take a chance to get a migrant labor or job yeah, trying to pick strawberries or something yeah
We have ice, come in and steal them from their kids and steal their kids from them, and you know you don't you can't come over here, who are you protecting man who's who were they competing with to get these fucking strawberry, picking jobs? Nobody this is bullshit right. How do you stop that from happening? What about what about the law? So in the middle and the what the been to this log? It's changed. We we consider the the two main aspects of this law, how many people's lives are gonna, get real and how many lines of kids are gonna, get dramatically separate from the parents and developed to become a more fucked up person who truly resent Syn, hates the United States and get molested. Buy some ice age. Oh Jesus. Could that happen? It did I'm sure it already happened. I'm sure I'm not surprised. I want to know the story, it's that, but how would you stop that I don't know how you would stop that, but one of the only ways that I could think of being.
Really really effective in getting a message across is to make it super uncomfortable for people that push that message through sure what people that support that policy, people that think it's not a big data Jeff sessions, gave a speech where they made a joke about separating kids. And their families in the audience laughed pull it pull that up? It's on the cover of like every new source. Today, here we go fuckin sessions, but this poor little fuck. It's the same thing with him like this guy he just stopped evolving and he got into this and he's not getting. Information is not getting. It he's not he's not interacting with people involving his idea. Yeah. He stuck on this people who smoke marijuana or bad people face. I would just like some nineteen. Dirty shit. I know he's a moron. You know in a lot of ways- and this is the product of his environment- is a product of his interactions in the Ecosy item that exists in he exists in this bubble, Jeffs
in speaking out about separating families from the other side on this issue, as on many others has become radicalized. We hear views on. Television today and that our own, the Lunatic Fringe Franklin and what is perhaps more galling, is the hip hop hypocrisy these same people live in gated communities, many of them and are featured and add, where We have to have an id to eat come in and hear him speak. I like the little security around themselves an and, if you try to scale the fence believe me them be even too happy to have you arrested and separate right it from your children. It seems like that. Joke was actually written, says the fucking guy getting people arrested for marijuana. What a loon well, you know obviously fucking dummy there's a bigger difference between someone breaking in your house and break it into the country to try to get a job you're, not saying that people
break into peoples, houses. The main thing is Jeff Sessions is represents something in the world and what that thing is is a force that is actively trying to reduce love. In the universe, an it's fucking real, and so that's the if you want to come up with a nice war, our name for what's happening. This revolution, that's happening and it is, is we're pushing back against that. Ok, can I be the devil's advocate I'll, be the devil? Yeah sure? That's not what he's doing he's supporting the law. We have a law in. This is how we keep a beautiful country like America. The reason why we have nice clean streets, the reason why I have cops so security and great is because we have rules and as soon as we just allow people to by pass those rules, people that don't agree with our way of life. Don't they they don't Don't support our way. They just want to come over here and mooch off the system, that's harder for you, it's harder for him.
It's harder for everybody else. All Johnny taxpayer out there has to pay for these Migr so you don't even know they're, not even a part of your clan from another close by Jeff, but here's the bigger problem? This is a big problem in an everything you just said: Mister sessions uh too legit to quit. Hey it's I. It is far as like the rules of the game. It ends in some ways. I I guess it's true but like if we look at it from a bigger perspective which you, your type really doesn't like at all for some reason, but maybe just because you're old nearby you pry hurts a little bit and also that plug that I would bet. Two hundred thousand dollars the I've shoved in your right time. You think, I think, all the time- and I think it's like- I think I I think I get that I get in Big Bdsm five from that. Do
But that's just me, I don't think it's true. I don't know here's my point, man. You either have there's a bigger thing happening and that bigger thing is like our is, is just it's for a lot of people, it's unpalatable because it's so complex and we don't yet know how to do it We live on a planet and use. Take us all the time where we are all people. We are planetarians, we are earthlings, we happen to have been born into a country this country or that country. Some of these countries have big fucking laws around them, because there's prosperity inside that country and there's prosperity in so that country there's not prosperity in other places, and people are suffering their suffering, bad, bad, bad, bad suffering where it's like, there's like they can't can't live in some of these places. Without getting killed for sure the chance of them getting killed is high for
whatever reason and they're just doing what any living organism does they're trying to get to a better spot. Also mister sessions, you probably don't believe in it, but once those fuckin ice caps melt holy fuck when the cities in the next fifty years or so become inundated with water and people have to start move. Sing more and more and more from places that are becoming uninhabitable. What do you think that's going to happen? I don't know But let's just say it's it's it. Let's, let's make a long date. So what do we do Duncan? We just open up the borders for everybody, MR sessions, I don't fucking no, but I can tell you this if we start approaching this from the perspective of love, which is the perspective of like we don't need to separate them from their kid, and there might be a way to do this that eases there suffering a little bit more. I don't know what it is, but from looking what you're doing right now that ain't it and I think we can do it better. I don't know what it is, but I think if we
get a lot of people together and really think about it and and figure it out. I'm not talking redistribution of wealth I'm kind of crazy communist shit. I'm just saying I no for sure we can do better than those God damn aluminum, blankets, you're putting on those fucking kids. Can we get a good our player in here hey. Maybe we can get some bad, in the year. Is there a way to like you know, there's just all kinds of shit we could do. I think that's better. Why would that help, though? the people are still going to come over here. This is going to be imprisoned, so you play the guitar. Is that really good? I'm not saying play the guitar to solve the immigration problem that worked, I'm sure The immigration problem would be solved. I'm just saying that the current methodology seems be a little more sadistic than it needs to be. That's all I don't know the answer, I don't know what the answer is, but I do know we're converging as a species in wood. Imagine that is,
as he continues to connect us. We're gonna be transcending nationalities in a way that are gonna, be palatable to people yeah like Jeff sessions, and I think that that's a that's what's What we do now. What would you like honestly like on I'm, not Jeff sessions anymore me now me: Hey Doug Data. What would you do a quote for okay? I I'll give you my response to that which isn't going to be right, because I don't really understand. I don't understand the issue at level deep enough right. So They just say: like one there's many, it's a complex situation, there's not one answer to it. You just let anybody in who is not a criminal. See how do we see it's hard to get in? How do we detect that white there? We have to have some sort of faith in the records, so we would have to help the record keeping so really we want the really. The way to do it correctly is. First of all, anyone is attached to us whether it's Mexico or Canada make sure the
okay, make sure that they are viable and stable and help them. That's the real thing treat them as there're Colonie, the United States there, like not that they're, not sovereign, that they're still Mexico but like treat them like they are connected to us and we don't want them to be fucked up and crazy set of building up a wall make it so that nobody wants to come over here, like that seems to be the prosperity way to go about it like to say, hey. You know, Mexico's fucking in beautiful, alright, there's a reason why people vacation in Mexico, it's fucking, amazing. You go to Punta Mita or talk in port of IR, Duh or Kobo or yeah to loom. There's it's fucking beautiful. The idea is beautiful and also dangerous and scary and filled with crime. That's fucking stupid! So then you would go what's the problem here. What the problem here is drugs
illegal drugs are illegal in the United States wants to buy a bunch of drugs for all these people, making billions of dollars selling drugs. There's only one do that you got to kill, cops, no kill rats, you gotta, kill, rivals, you gotta, kill, whoever the fuck you gotta kill and you gotta send a message. You gotta hang people from fucking bridges. Yes, you got to do things to send a message that you're ruthless and you get that money and there a lot of that going on, and that is no different than Al Capone during the fucking prohibition of alcohol in the United States of America, the same God. Damn thing you makes nothing illegal that everybody wants and only criminals are willing to sell it and boom. You got a thriving criminal econom there you go so we're stuck next to a thriving criminal economy with no management of it whatsoever other than bullets. So occasionally they throw some bullets into these people, and then they come back stronger than ever. ' 'cause, there's more drug money and there's less of them and the one person get stronger and El Chapo digs a fucking hole a mile through the gets out of jail, get it's. The whole thing is crazy, but the This is what we're next to and so, instead of say,
hey, hey, we gotta make a fucking wall and make it, and what we should be saying is what do we have to do to not just fix Mexico, not just help them and come up with some sort of strategy in a plan to build them up almost as equals, but we gotta fix are fucking poor neighborhoods. We gotta fix these fucking neighborhoods that have been drenched in poverty since 1920s. How 'bout fix 'em fix 'em put some energy into it. Put some planning hire people the same way, Halliburton, hires people to fucking, rebuild shit. We blow up in Iraq. They should be higher NP to figure out how to rebuild these communities figure out how to give people jobs figure out how to develop community center so that kids have somewhere to go there. They can learn to be productive, so you're, developing less losers, forgiving people hopes and dreams, giving them things that they could put their energy to that. Make them feel good about life,
alright, give them skills and games that they can play and things they could do where they get good at it, where they develop self esteem, which is one of the most terrible things about growing up in an impoverished crime, ridden gang infested neighborhood, as you feel like you're, nothing, you are nothing. Your life can be taken away at any moment. Gotta be careful where you go. Bullets are flying, people getting killed, people are killing people over words and insults and fucking territory for drugs and your aunts on crack and your uncles in jail, and it just seems like there's no fucking hope and no one does anything about it. No one doesn't do people do things about it. A lot of people dedicate their lives to it, but it's not enough from a governmental level. No one in the top of the organ is patient, is looking at this big thing and saying they're all going hey. We gotta drill more oil, hey we got to do with the resources, the resources, the. What about are gray, this resource human beings, right. The greatest way to make America great again is to have less losers, the way to have low,
losers is you gotta find the spots that are sick and heal them? Yeah yeah find these communities that are they don't have the momentum of poverty and crime and violence, and it's existed for as long as we can think for decades. Fix them fix them and have a concerted effort to fix them and do and bring everybody together. But everybody to and instead of this idea that we're all separate and were fucking to party right left. Nonsense is civil war and Trump supporters and people want to kick people out of restaurants, how but So I realized that, if we're going to treat each other as Americans, we're going to agree that were on this team, we gotta start acting like teammate. That's it yeah, you, don't like the coaches, saying, let's, let's find common ground instead of always searching for the negative in things instead reinforcing ridiculous ideas, because you know that that's what you're
supports like. I see a lot of people online talking about this immigrant issue in that they either don't have kids or they don't think you could happen to their kids. Their ideas hate should before could come over here You get. Those law broke, the law shouldn't fucking come over here. If you didn't want to get your kids separated. If you we're in the presence of a woman who came over here from Guatemala and she's poor and she starving and they're, taking her baby away and she's wailing and screaming from a primal Apri place in her her dna that the one thing she loves, more than anything, is being taken away, a baby that doesn't freak you, the fuck out you're, not a part of the team man you're missing it you're missing. What are we here for were here for one hundred years of whatever? That's? What we're here for you spent one hundred years here on earth should have Falcon broke the law. I'm I don't want you on the team. You're an asshole right- and I don't give you- I don't- give a fuck if you're, right or left don't care. If you images or I don't care, if you're an atheist. If that's what you support,
you're an asshole- and we don't want you on our team. So, but if you agree with certain economic policies that I don't agree with him, we can have a discussion about it. We can figure out why you agreed and we can figure out why people are allowing all this money to get into politics. Why are we allowing all these special interest groups in lobbyist to interfere with our laws and influence our politicians and create all this shit that we don't want. Well, here's the number one reason can't just vote online? You can just vote. It's not one person, one vote, it's the elect for college and there's a lot of checks and balances that in place. That's all wonderful and groovy, but it's not giving the trust to the people, trust the people that are there in four and they can make their own decisions that more people should be able to make the decision, but they're happening now that twenty eight year old girl who who who, in your hood twenty eight year old, democratic socialist, whether I agree with her,
not- and I don't know if I do or don't I bet I agree with her on a lot of things- I think education should be free. I think we should figure out a way if we could pay for bombs. We could pay for schools. I think this idea that everybody should have health care. It's a great idea who the fuck wants people to not be healthy, who wants? will be hurt and not be able to fix it who wants? Are you really saying that struggling people should have to pay exorbitant amounts of money to get Then we could maybe chip in and help members of our team that stupid to fill it up. Figure it out yourself. I had to you got lucky bitch you got lucky, don't have leukemia didn't break both your legs when you're eighteen, your parents are dead. I got lucky piece of shit, People on our team, I'm not talking about people who are lazy, good for nothing losers, mooching off the system, you're going to have that too. Well, we gotta figure out how to educate people so that that happens less. Unless that's what we gotta figure out, how to do? That's it. You just described. I mean that is it. I don't know what to call that thing you just talked about, but, like that's happening everywhere,
it's not just happening in the United States. That's a global shift, that's happening! Heavy did you! see, the video when she found out she won this amazing put play it. It's like one of the rear, it realesed moments and looked You are angry! Twenty year olds, with the focus she know which she doesn't also learn twenty like yeah, let's find out, let's find out when she learns. Maybe she maybe she knows a lot. That's ridiculous! I like the fact she wasn't supposed to win. I like the fact that the guy who is an incumbent was a ten term and come back and that he spent ten to one verse on her. How much money she spent ten to one and grassroots grasser, elected man at that's. How that can happen too she's a kid yeah that and she's pretty she's a pretty young twenty. Eight year old, I mean watch this watch, this shit, which he wins, play playlist television right now. How are you feeling?
you know, I don't know if democratic socialism is the answer, but I know it's a pain the conversation, and this is the thing that locking out any ideology in this team as part of the conversation like what does democratic socialism entail like what does it entail? I'm I don't I don't buy all this. The market will take care care of itself bullshit. I think there's certain amount of us we have to chip into the community pile, I think, that's real. The real problem is how efficient and good is the community pile? Are they a bunch lazy Kant's the community pilot there, but is there wastin nonsense? Bullshit right he's people that have those jobs were talking about earlier that it'll slow down GL down. I know you could do this and yeah ours, but you can get an eight hour day out of this right. Don't this up how much that's going on! I don't want any of that going right, but if the commute the pile is is is taking care,
put and managed in a in a honest and trustworthy and great for all involved and beneficial to the community and support, we have a community values and love in this idea that were on a team that you're going to be ok. Did you break your leg Duncan? Hey you're, going to be ok and we make fun of Canada's Healthcare and it's not. The best is not the best. I have friends My friend Jenn she broke her fucking need she had to get a acl reconstruction and they kind of botched it and had to go back in and fix it again. Should've wait forever, it's not the best, but it's there it's something and it may be that can be improved. I may be improving that is better. Let me throw this and also have options, but I also believe in options for people to do it better. Like this, versions that you can get in the United States like there's a guy doctor gentleman that go fix. My knee he's a fucking wizard. This guys really got good. It does a lot of pro athletes. I mean he a great fucking job. Reconstructing money he's an artist. I don't think
anything wrong with something like that? Getting paid more? I don't think it's someone like, I think, Lebron James should get paid more for playing basketball than me. If I was playing basketball shouldn't, you put is much yeah sure way, better right, yeah. I think that there's that there's that with doctors as well, I think with everything as well, but I think that it's a lot like there's a a lot of people that are state, funded prosecutors or a defense attorneys? You know where the people can't afford it. You know you get what is that called what yeah. It's a lot of people to really good, really good, really good, hungry young hungry, very good at it. They're they're gonna, put in their time in the public sector or doing it for you for the popular public defender and then eventually go on to, maybe maybe not to that. Maybe they just did they get satisfied. Helping people that don't have any money. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't have high priced lawyers as well and doesn't mean that. We shouldn't be able to pursue excellence and b
rewarded for their excellence and be able to do whatever the fuck they want with it, whether they want to be chaired with that money, or they want to be selfish with that money. If they're pursuing excellence and through their excellence they did they manage to amass an extreme amount of wealth, doing playing the guitar or whatever the fuck? They do. There's nothing wrong with that either we just gotta, stop thinking, there's something wrong with that, but chipping in and every putting it into the company pop is in a sense some form of socialism. Right, like we agree on some, kind of socialism. Is it when you consider looks the fire department these department, like social things right, we put money into it. It's not a total redistribution of wealth I deciding how much rich people should yeah, but it is deciding you got a chip in. We all got a chip in everybody's, sure I just don't feel like the chip in. It is good. We feel like it's all fucked up with How is a bunch of dummies out there, like this Jeff sessions, guy, that guy gets paid from my chip, this fuck dummy and all these fucking people? That are
having the system with their two hour at a with a day, jobs that they're stretching out to eight hours. That builds resentment right. It's poor management and it's also people that are listless and they have these they're not valuable jobs, not like like, like a job that commands. The same sort of attention is like some of the more it attractive jobs that people seek out. Yeah man- I I did all the true. I just think it's it's the. What people think is: let's wait for the government to do this and that's where I the problem is like instead of thinking like okay yeah. All that's true, let's, like figure out a way to get more tax their money out of the military industrial complex out of the prisons and, let's put it in the neighborhoods that need it. Let's get it set. Funding education. All of that is, is really beautiful, but it's still an you want to vote and make all that happen. Grassroots movements all of it, but also
think of the term socialism right just what is it so show? It's like you, don't have to wait for the state to come and start figuring out ways to tax people to That pile of money happen like this is. This is where I think it's an interesting thing to start. Exploring the idea intentional communities? I'm not saying starting a commune or anything like that, but you can actually push your friendship group to the next level like it doesn't just have to be a random group of friends who knows each other, like you can start that pile of opulence with a group of friends where it's like you know what I mean a group of friends can just agree with each other, like hey man. Just so you know, you're not going to be homeless. I got you I'm not going to fucking, give you money all the God Damn time and if you like, you know, if you're like, It's you don't even have to say any of this shit. Sept hey this you're, always okay!
you're. Ok right, do that's what you and I did. You moved in with. I know I know man and they forget about that sometime. I now live together for like six months. I don't forget about it in in in the the the that kind of thing yeah which is What I'm saying is like everyone right now in in. I understand why man, but to me there seems to be something demonic about the public fixation on the state. It's like the state is this white dragon in its like got like it's it? Well, I think it's a daddy! It's a daddy! It's a multi arm, daddy with a bunch of fucking laser pointers that it's got the entire population watching like cats running around right right, we're all like, oh god, they did that all my god. He did that all my god. They did that when will this change? When will this change? Your phones, ringing gas she's fucking, calling your dad. When was the last time you talk to you
dad three months ago, call your fucking dad back the whole time you're, like I gotta draw God doctor the whole time, you're, neglecting your family you're, neglecting your neighborhood you're, walking down the street. Looking at your phone like holy fuck, he said that I'm writing up. Fucking blog about that guess. What you're walking by dude you're walking by fucking plastic bottles, piles of fucking trash, three fucking mathematics in some fucking woman who just got beaten by your husband is now living on the streets for the last couple of weeks and you've got fucking. Forty thousand dollars in the bank account liquid. I like, say ten to the garden. You can touch yes, yes, ten to the You can touch and do an organized way and then, like ABA, but don't you have a garden that you can touch this giant. I think about that think about what you've done during this podcast and some of the things that you said you
basically touched an enormous garden sure that one it's a really easy way to do it, because I'm a yap, you mother, I'm talking about why knowing your life too, but that counts too. I think it does count, but I think that it's, it would be easy, to do things like that and and still forget about something- that's really bad, sick? Which is now that I'm talking about this shit, I'm thinking to myself. Right now, a in my name ahead. I'm thinking like wait, a minute wait. Why am I not doing? I don't know what it is yet, but I guarantee there's something that I could do an end. I like that man, because you know like typing to the church. Yes, so to me that I I think we may have talked about this before, but I get it but like it, I knew that I was always seem like a really boring way to do it like you at the plate, comes by
throw some money and you don't. He goes to church stuff, you don't know, but the idea of tithing I think there's something to which is like if you just kind of look at your income and you all right, what percent of this shit is going to get spent ten percent or whatever you're comfortable with I'm put that in a pile in that pile is going to helping people in my neighborhood or my friends or my family, and I'm just gonna give that away, and I think there's something to be said for that, because right now I think we we were a little too fixated on the daddy state, helping us and I think it's more in the we start helping each other forming communities with that are based on love and friendship, and just figured out of the communities are going fail. Some of them are going to occur all the assholes in there who work on art, centric everybody or lazy people, but the main thing is like, let's start thinking in terms of,
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