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#1138 - Ted Nugent

2018-06-28 | 🔗
Ted Nugent is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, hunter and activist.
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he is a hunter and outdoorsman conservationist and uh. I enjoyed talking to him and I hope you enjoy the conversation. Please give it up for TED Nugent the Joe Rogan experience. During my day, Joe Rogan podcast by night born arrow's got to be a constant thing. I'm arranging my house to Mister Joe. Have you ever developed target panic you know what I work with John Dudley. Do you know Sean Doors Master, so I use M and Levi Morgan masters are out there. I use one at three two one boom and we're like we're. Just talking about target panic, ladies and gentlemen, for most people don't know about all this, like erectile dysfunction for archery panic, free credit, because you want that arrow to go so bad by the way, thanks for having my pleasure. I understand from all the input I get from all my intelligent friends that you deserve me, oh so
I would say you have a good time with your assistant reached out and said hi my people reach out. She said I think you'll have more in common with TED than you realize yeah. I was always heard that was our pitch truth logic, common sense, physics of the american dream, perhaps controversial in misunderstood people, yes, boy we're surrounded, maybe both clusterfunk ring any bells. Yes, indeed so yeah. So target panic. I got lucky in that. I got hooked up with John oddly early before I developed target. Panic is the master and he explained to me touching releases yeah, shot sequences yeah and let's make this available universally to all of our podcast friends out there. Ok in life, the cluster fuck, to our missions is what we aspire to. Yes, Maximo.
Level of awareness on all fronts. I don't care if you're a welder, a podcaster guitar player, a butcher right maximum efficiency being the best that you be clear, mind clear conscience. True north compass, in the world of archery, because it does consume you- and here I am seventy years clean and sober, because I'm currently and forever consumed with the mystical flight of the air, which is the origins of Zen, the japanese religion, of not shooting an arrow, not being an arrow but being the path of your life. And if you use the gift from God to the ultimate application of efficiency and effectiveness, you can put that fucking arrow right
Right, where you want it to an the baggage that all humans have to deal with in its most painfully manifested in the pursuit of archery, is too many mines you can think about. If you got to think about playing Wang, dang, sweet poon tank, he ain't gonna play it, it better. Just be you an unleash and with an arrow, because you want to let that arrow go 'cause, they shoot. Surgery. I need to put that arrow down there in that Bullseye are in that pump station or that crease of the Buffalo and so you wanted to go because that's what you're here for is to let the arrow go. So you How to tell yourself you can't let the arrow go. You have to shoot so many errors throughout your life that don't know too many minds. Subconscious physics of spirituality, ingrained deep.
Then your origins and aboriginal ancestry. There. It is. If ever there was an aim, small, miss small perfection, it's archery and let me I don't mean to monologue here, but this is so much of my life, no matter what you do and I've done this since the 60s, when the hippies to get me stoned, I'm going to last that what you want to do. What you want to do is get a bone. Arrow which you want to do is escape what you're trying to escape the pressures, the pressures fuct, those pressures you be the source of pressure, not the receiver of pressure, and my dad raised me. My dad was a drill. Sergeant. God bless that sonofabitch. He was awesome. Eight discipline, discipline, discipline, discipline, especially the archery range, and so I learned archery and when I'm playing guitar and I'm playing all this outrage, Chuck Berry Bo Diddley a little Richard stuff and everybody
getting high and drunk, and there great musicians in the more high in the more drunk they got. They became less great positions until the point where they weren't even musicians anymore, and so I would escape that it has one thousand one hundred and twelve. Regional, hippies beatniks and I get back to my little house in Redford on the Rouge River in Detroit and I get little bow and arrow. When I go down to skunk hollow. River rat and even as a stupid, mushy, brained idiot child. I was able to little room the blonde bono recursion. You know I could shoot a rat in the I because
I had no baggage. Yet I haven't developed any social baggage, and that has served me so the many minds. What happened in many Magno minds right. So that's the baggage. Yeah too many mind. I think that that's a thing that people who don't shoot arrows when you start talking about this, they don't really understand what you're saying. I know exactly what you're saying, but for a lot of people, This is a very misunderstood subject. Rank me up that did that did this is a meditation is a meditation involved in the absolute meditate. You have it's out of body the ultimate Errol like the ultimate guitar lick. I suspect, a comedian on stage which I qualify. You can't be thinking of your routine. Slow. I mean I was in the presence of SAM Kinison for five thousand and sixty spontaneous performances.
And Robin Williams at the comedy store and little in and not Richard Pryor, you see member. I won't mention a moment ago. I've been on the mountain top with bills drop in the Broncos. In part, nearly George taught me to race. I played Bass for Chuck, berry and Bo Diddley. I mean I married MRS Nugent. I mean I've been to the peak of peaks. Available to mankind. I one hundred with Fred Fuqing Bear. When did you do that? I may have five or six. I met him he was started. The brand you are to shop in Grayling Michigan. My dad was already a follower before I was explaining to people who he is Fred, bear people or uninitiated powerful story he's like the Richard Pryor of Archery. Yes, sixty, I was expecting his afro to catch fire any moment. I always thought that So I'm already into bows and arrows. I don't know who Fred Bear was I'd really I was just getting you know, baptized by the chuck, Berry BO, Diddley, electronic guitar or and in that late, 40s early 50s it.
Firestorm of defiance and rebellion musically manifested, but Roy Wetherbee, was going beyond the three thousand and thirty which everybody used for deer hunting and it was a good one. Hundred yard for real marksman. Real Zen marksman could shoot a thirty thirty two hundred plus yards, whether open sites are scope. Marksmanship and sniper discipline was a powerful force in a hunting. Family all family every family. I knew we all shot every weekend, pistols, shotguns rifles, twenty twos Hutton, hunting, woodchucks, Freiberg, Pennsylvania, the target: Master Remington Single shot, bolt two thousand two hundred and twenty two shorts: zero dollars and twenty five cents a box at the dry goods store. It is awesome and we'd my debt let me to shoot him in the eye. Aim: Small, miss small, breathe, right acquisition, you ever responsibility to kill that animal out right. If you're going to utilize that precious gift of flesh and fur body fluids and bone, you better kill him.
Clean because you're, a reasoning, predator. You have a moral Intellectual and spiritual obligation to kill your dinner humanely and cleanly the, and so that marksmanship routine was developing with ballistic TED Nugent ballistically maximized firepower. Android stands for. I thought it said bad mother you know that has a ring to it. Maybe that's! Maybe that's what it could alright, so threadbare Fred Bear so Roy Wetherbee, was extending long range marksmanship and developing the the famous Weatherby magnums with more powder, more efficient burning powder better primers, better design, ballistic bullets that would cut air better and go flatter longer, better trajectory and velocity, and so it was fun to shoot that deer or Bullseye in a hundred yards. That takes a lot of trigger control and discipline, but now Roy Weatherby was creating
be magnums. The three hundred Weatherby Magnum shot. One hundred and eighty grain bullet thirty, two three thousand four hundred feet, second, which is unheard of, and so you could same small, miss small, and if you really got that pretty intricate meticulous triggered smoothness, you could shoot one thousand yards once you learn the trajectory of your gun. However, one thousand nine hundred and eleven the last of the Jahani Indians E, she was discovered in Oraville, can't believe. I remember all this in Orville, California, Northern California, and there was a bounty on Indians back. Then you could shoot a man, indian and get twenty five dollars. You should one thousand nine hundred and eleven yep they had bounties on him. Instead of shooting this Yanni this last Indian, they called the local sheriff and took Ishi into custody, and they called some scientists in talent
biologists from or university by the name of our Saxton, Pope and Saxton. Pope came and studied as a as a lasts in Pope of Pope and young that's right, and then he contacted his buddy art young, who also studied in that genre, and they discovered Ishi, and they were fascinated by his stealthy awareness of the wilderness in his archery control. With his funny little this style of shooting the ball with his thumb in getting close and doing our ice cold river bay. Eighteen before the hunt to cleanse himself to be worthy of the beast, so Fred Bear. Witness the film that Pope and Young eventually made of them becoming consumed with the mystical flight of the air Now this was in the twenties and thirties and
Good NEWS real out when all over the country and show this newsreel hunting with the bow and arrow by Saxon, Pope and art, young shooting the bears in Yosemite and going to Africa filling our full eros. They weren't really as good as he sheep fling, alot arrows and these animals were pretty relaxed almost tame because they never been hunted like that before and so red bear come from Pennsylvania around at time, to work at the formal in building cabinets for the who radio they just invented in the wood dashboards for the Ford Motor Company and He was also making bows hand. You would and or Osage Orange bows in this little archery shop with Nels Grumly. I can't believe I remembered nails. Probably one of the greatest boyers of all time. So my dad got the archery bug because Fred defied the trend of easy
deer hunting easier long range. You don't have to be very stealthy issue today at five hundred yards. They don't even know you there I have to do is be a discipline marchman, which is a discipline and a great accomplishment unto itself an it was a new challenge for long range. Ballistic capability will Pope and young and a handful Fred Bear Nels, grumley went and saw this newsreel of these guys, these doctors, these professors honey, all of the world with these handmade bows and Fred was already into it and he was I'll, be damn this. I didn't realize could do that, and so now people after seeing the Pope and young newsreel, started asking Fred to make bows and its spreads. So we started the bear Archery company late, 20s early 30s any move to grayling up northern part of Michigan, with the wilderness was, in their yard, cut down all the trees. So there was this new growth of ideal wildlife, habitat
that many animals can live in an old growth forest and our tools, but you need low level escape sanctuary in browse that the animals can access and so Fred was now promoting our tree in Michigan, one all the national field, Archery Championships championships along with an Marston, it's awesome, and so my dad is a follower because he come back from world WAR two and he needed that escape. He needed that cleansing to get away from that horror, which is why they never talked about it his. So we go up north every year October. First, the Nugent family and Ford Station Wagon, and I have my little with a suction cups and a Jew, stuffed animals off the couch. But my I had walked the woods with his real bow and we'd stop at this little brick shack This said bear archery and I had no idea
and so I was already into bows and arrow shooting all the time I was obsessed. I was in doubt river every day, no baseball, no football, no hockey bosner bows and arrows critters. I think I had songbird world slam by the time. I was eight and so now? I'm eating this tall, lanky gentleman named Fred, Bear and didn't register with me until I started seeing him on the cover of true magazine in sporting magazines and in life magazine with a grizzly bear an elephant and a- you're in a lion in the newsreels and I'm going, I'm shooting river rats which is so thrilling. I can't even describe it and here's this long, lanky tall, lanky guy, that building bows in this rustic shot. But northern Michigan. On my way to my favorite thing in life October, first opening day of archery season as a six, an eight year old boy and we'd have chocolate milk cherry pie with this Fred Bear Guy. Now it's registering this is the Chuck berry of bowling. This is it. This is the so I became enamored with him and he
it's kinda mean you show me stuff, but I got to hang out with them. As I grew by the time I was sixteen we moved Chicago was my dad got transferred, but I got to visit with Fred Bear at least every other October, never hunted with him and I am now I started Amboy Dukes I'd already had a great band when the battle of the bands in Michigan, with the lures we opened up for the Supreme the Beau Brummels at Cobo Hall wow. So now I'm in Chicago shooting, my all the time started the Amboy Dukes playing like Adman graduated in sixty seven went back to Michigan that two years later, and immediately when upgrading we're now there's this huge cathedral bear Archery and Fred. Bear is like that dude he's like the sporting dude, he taught the long range marksman that there is an intimacy there's, a a better learning process in more important lesson to not kill the animal, but to understand your relationship with the animal and to try
to use those God given gifts. I mentioned a moment ago to penetrate the otherwise impenetrable defense system of game because they are sneaky elusive, crafty God made them to get away from guitar players with sharp sticks and so this caught on because people go. You know I kill my dear every year with my three thousand and thirty. Now, with the thirty odd six android rather be long range. I wonder if I'm a badass enough to get close to a deer with a bow and arrow, so it caught on like wildfire and they the first Fred got the first legal season in Michigan the Allagan State Park on November. First, one thousand nine hundred and forty seven, where George Nichols my buddy got the legal buck in Michigan with a bow and arrow on that morning. So I knew these are the guys hang with these. Are the founders these were like? You were. I was at the Concorde Bridge, Archery and so
spreading embraced, mean, is real suspicious of the long haired hippie. Looking you know I can maniac motor city madman, but all of us friends with no no he's not into drugs he's, he's anti drug and he's always morning, arch rash on my onstage forever and stage flame minerals that skulls in a big elite, I think it was a felony, a big turkey vulture, I had stuff, but it looked great back. Let you know, and I'd shoot, that fucker off this app at night, people didn't know whether they should or go blind? Is this wildman screen the bird lands? Yes making all this outrageous rocket? I come up with a born arrow in a flaming arrow and blow up a turkey vulture. What more do you want, and so Fred got look past the insanity of the fear, factor of rock and roll an he finally admitted to me said every sporting good show. I go to TED all the young People anybody under thirty all they want to know is, if I know, TED Nugent because
that was the first time they ever saw bone arrow and they read and you my interviews about the the Spirit, the cleansing of escaping the insanity, of whatever your job description might be mine, being maniacal rock and roll. I need to shut the Focke up. Take a deep breath, get my bow and arrow. Let my guitars breed head back to the woods and and and and remember who I am and what I'm here for, and I never killed a deer just a little too uppity and we didn't know what we're doing back you are too uppity. You think what you mean. I just I'm high energy, so you're too high. Do I wasn't the stealthier about too loud I mean I could walk through. I learn from Fred. I learned to walk to first and I learned to to go around anything. You, instead of stepping over
and to stay in the shadows, so I knew the maneuvers but coming out of it or three hundred and fifty nights a year and then you get a couple days off during November and you get the bone arrow it's hard to go from that to total silence. Yes, but you know what Joe, what I've mastered it I know yeah fine. I mean I did, but I live in yeah, but is it a long time by the sixties? I don't about master you'll, never master it, but I'd mastered. What do you say? What do you say when people like that? One of the arguments about hunting the people bring up? is why would you use in a bow and arrow Bow and arrows not as effective? If you wanted to kill something, you should use a gun, there's people that don't hunt that think that hunting should only be one thing and it should only be killing the animal for meat. Whereas I think that someone who hunt definitely kills the animal from me all, there's more there's more to the whole thing.
You ever seen me expound on that fun. Sport, meat, yeah, trophy you can't hunt without having fun or you won't do it it's fun to chat yourself, it's fun to get up and do some people have a problem with that word right. They can kiss my ass if it wasn't fun, none of us would do it. I understand your take on it. They can kiss your ass, but you it means thing to you, it's not as simple as like you. This is just going to do it deep down is his being the greatest basketball. Three point: shooter is not fun must be disciplined, he will, but it's all it's always fun. It's because it's invigorating right in the bowl. Hunting is more invigorated because it's so difficult, so borderline impossible, fun, sport. It don't think so Hunting is good. You shouldn't have sport. How can you hunt without sport? Don't you think that is too many of these words are poisoned. There's like trophy hunting
it turns, can a trophy. You know what I have on my wall. My northern cabin you're, going to you already are inclined love me, but now you're really going to you're going for you to, but fuck me right here on the well love. Well, it's a metaphorically speaking, that is for some of my buddies anyhow. So on the wall. But my cabin in northern Michigan is my first kill November 15th, one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine, my dad's pre sixty four model suck button buck deer, the story: yeah. Took it to the taxidermist, and I said I want this man said here tomorrow: this way. You'll get over. What button button block is a form of the year of the has little buttons on his forehead, which is a legal deer with a door tag I had that year and I thought he said it's a buck feel he have to feel they had to make sure it is a buck. Is at such a low. It is illegal deer and it's a delicious dear there, dear the years, a fawn! That's why we have
hunting season in the fall, because now they're independent they're, not there been weaned their indypendent animals. In fact, the button bucks are their asses, get kicked by their mother to throw him out of the herd, get the hell out of the way for more breeding, which is what I do, and so I have that button buck mounted well who's going to tell me: that's not a trophy the experience is the memories, the close the bullets. Day, the sunrise, the crew. Who's, the sandhill cranes, the birds, the movement, the anticipation, an I got back straps I had fun ultimate discipline challenge: sport, ultimate meat, ultimate protein, the purest most organic before it was even hip, and if you could, I dare you to tell me that button buck is not a trophy. I got. I have woodchuck. Mounted, I got a shot, a woodchuck in the eye with my grandson. Well, I have, I have Square
It's always a trophy mounted squirrel sure I'm the squirrels are you know when you, when you first start out, you kill that first squirrel, that's exciting stuff, it's always put a square mounted on a on a limb at the in the cabin along with So I brought my son out here is first wood duck that he got very with much effort and we have that wood duck. There's a there's, a love affair with our interests drink, Shewell, stewardship duties the wildlife to service the surplus to make room for next spring's productivity because there's going to be more animals, but there's not going to be more habitat. Hence sustained yield. Successful wildlife management model that is so perfect it defied criticism and less you're a lying sack of sh it have. You ever had to have a reasonable conversation with someone who's anti hunting. You ever like sat down yeah, often absolutely and two
the man and woman I mean Adam it vague and until I explained, well vague, and I like that Vegan vegan water in here. I can't even pronounce it much less, really comes out of your mouth here it out very so stupid by the way. My son, Rocco, who I love beyond description, yep vegan, no He looks like he needs to eat more yeah. Well, when he's asleep, I tried to shove us back strap up his ass, but I'm really he's got more muscles than I do any. My point is: is that How? How did he become vegan? He hasn't died. Yet he hasn't. Jenny is a great hunter. He doesn't like to hunt anymore, he's decided not to he's are killed. Great dear great hogs I've seen them on your tv should actually he's a great hunter, but he just decided He does not want to take part in the harvest, I respect it completely, but
good for you! If you really want to kill the most things, be a vegan, because the farmers who protect your beans kill everything. I kill one animal per arrow. In order to grow tofu, you have to kill every ground squirrel, every vole, every shrew, every snake, every turtle, every frog, every bird, every rabbit anything that gets in that being field, I'm either going to plow and dismember, which is why the crows in the singles follow the the that combines over here and then, if I think, does survive my first slaughter, I'm going to come in with Man Santa when poison the shit out of everything, so you can have a tofu salad and not be responsible for any deaths. Phuc, you that's a really good point and has a lot a lot of people ignore it in a void because it's it's uncomfortable yeah, isn't life full of on comforting thing and you shouldn't be uncomfortable to kill
full game to feed mankind is perfect. To kill cows and pigs to feed mankind, it's the system is often less than perfect, but until someone comes with a better system by salute and genuflect at the altar of farmers and ranchers, and people who kill animals too, stain. My fellow man, I agree with you. I think you and I would probably both disagree with factory farm When you see animals stuffed into cages, but we have come up with a better system. I kill a lot of beer and I I feed more people than any any one. Hundred ever guy kill someone much game of yours I have to I have to I don't how your sharpshooters, like I kill the animals on my beautiful swamp in Michigan, my Texas property that have to die they have to get. Out of there to make room for the next year's phones, so I've soup I literally give huns and I'm a sweetheart, but I'm not an idiot. I keep the Backstrap,
but I give tons of venison to soup kitchens and home shelters in veterans. We make jerky and send it over to the troops overseas. I mean I have to adjust my halo just to get in the room. So what I do Who is literally perfect? Well, the problem is that what you do? Everybody can't do like everybody have your kind of have more people. Could, though, more people could? Yes, you are you deaf I know the hunters for the hungry distribute all times: Honda two, fifty two hundred fifty million Joe two Fifty million meals every year of venison and there are people that would ban that shame on you. Well, I just think a lot of films and a lot of documentaries that portray veganism is being as perfect way of living that doesn't have any death or any right habitat LOS associated with it, and then they look at the extreme of mediating, which is the worst aspects of it. Factory farming, some of these disgusting pig farm
horrible and the upgrade goes on more alarms have been sounded not by paid and not by the humane society. United States, there, just scam, artists by people who are coming to realize that we do not only have a responsibility to kill critters to feed mankind, but it can be done. In an environmentally beneficial way. I mean if you watch my great late friend, Anthony Bourdain. On his shows in Andrew Zimmern on the travel channel. You their shows and the emphasis on environmentally friendly product, more and more organic farming. More and more conscientious waste dispersal, whether it's pig, know
in the reading. We utilize those are in LAS Vegas. They get all these wasted food and they feed the pigs. So what's good food going in the poor taste better? So there is upgrade taking place and here's the ultimate inescapable fact of upgrade environmental is. When I was growing up, Joe Lake Erie would catch fire because of the pollution. It wasn't environmentalists or greenies that sounded the alarm. It was the duck hunters that said you're polluting this area, so bad, there's, no ducks, there's no wild salary. There's no one there's no fish, there's no muskrats for the trappers, hunters, fishermen and trappers of sounded the alarm more often than not about environmental irresponsibility and now Lake Erie that would Fontaine Easley Combust when I was growing up is now the number one walleye and small Mouth Bass fishery in the world, and it's still we're still You still got the industrial revolution going on there, but
she inches. Higher responsible level of awareness is spreading like wildfire across country and I believe, there's no mutual exclusivity whatsoever to productivity and environmental responsibility. I believe that they both benefit each other and I've got so many on unlimited examples. Where that worked from farms. You mean people who live downwind of a painful big farmers are going to be. The biggest squatters, rightly so, yeah and so I see a lot of upgrade going on more organic, more conscientious less waste, it's not it's not as uh get our operating procedures. It should be, but I see upgrade, I see I think you're right and I think that the the thought process behind all these people that are upset about factory farming people even that go vegan the thought process behind it is in the right place. I just think there's a lot of misguided enerji energy there, because they don't really understand where the food is coming from, they don't
stand large scale. Agriculture to understand when you and A large scale. Agriculture is to grow food to feed animals, the presidential and yeah, but it's also wheat, there's also a lot of grain that Peter zoom in that displaces. Thousands and thousands of acres of animals sure and the The process is not a clean process. It's not clean in terms of there's no death, there's no harm yeah it's cruelty free. This carries it. Yes, it's not as if you could possibly go through a day without having blood on your hands. Do you do drive on the highways does any of your sister come on the highways because billions, of animals are slaughtered on the highway. Every day and if you are on planet earth, part of that blood is on your and you got to be who doesn't know. This not willing to admit this. But again, I see an upgrade in level of awareness and put there the chart which began in the hunting fishing.
Wrapping community, because where does there's quality, air, soil and water come from I'll, go ahead and answer that wildlife habitat who is out of the people that are out every day that recognize it. Yeah in more and more you know I used to. I still get death threats because I murder innocent animals yeah, but now I get those two hello, so is just so absurd. I think they're all their heart leg night on the thing right now I don't know what they're talking out there just haters. There was a bit of that how how in twenty eighteen, Do you not not acknowleged barbecue Now in twenty eighteen, do you know now, there's there's a few dead turkeys on Thanksgiving. What if you could be brain dead, I think they're so consumed with hate that they fight ignorance is, acceptable. I'm ignorant when I go to the Indy five hundred, I couldn't tuna cogs worth. I don't. I'm ignorant about cogs worth eight million six to bolt, because you can remedy it with knowledge and research. Stupidity is when you guard your ignorance. If you
I think that we're murdering innocent animals to feed our families with the purest, eighteen available to mankind, balancing the herds with more dear, more elk, more bison, more turkeys, more waterfowl, more more bears than ever in recorded history, except for the bison. But we're way back, we have as many places we can sustain a north America lot of the native american tribes are desperate to get more harvested in an efficient and responsible man. So wildlife is thriving, because hunters implemented regulations for staying healed? How many ducks can we kill? How many will they reproduce where is their habitat were, determines the reprint we must safeguard that delta. Waterfowl ducks unlimited but see this in patient is universally available. But the fake news, academia Hollywood and half of our government is stone cold, obsessed with political correctness and denial. Now so I do what I do and
spirit of the wild showed been number one in outdoor channel is just nine years now wow I'm getting old because we say it like it is we don't play around fun. Sport meet trophy sacred, beast prayer for the wild thing, resource stewardship conservation, wise use, walked the wild ground before you. Comment on the wild ground yeah bill. Well, this is what I'm talking when you're talking about that last indian, but they found the guy he's regulation yeah. You should get it I'd ever study, Ishi, okay, I well, I can't write it down, which is, I suppose, I s h. You have to learn? Also, I'm going to send you a bunch of stuff, I'm going to get your contacts, I'm going to send you stuff, it will explode and your horizons, like you didn't know, was available. The history of modern bow hunting at the hands of Fred bear and Saxton Pope and art young and the families that wanted to get closer to game, not necessarily kill, because ninety percent of time you,
kill squat with a bone arrow, but when you do it's because you dedicate your off to a higher reasoning level. Predator awareness and you put your from God, to the maximum efficiency and again that's welding and carpentry. But you're gonna kill some you better, kill it clean and being human failing failing overall to be perfect, you can be perfect and put that error when you learned read the wild signals that there attitude and the bird indicators when the deers come and you use the the light. The wind, the camo stealthy movements, silence
learned time that shot my average deer dies in five seconds. The the top of the hearts taken off both lungs are penetrated, that deer falls asleep on his feet and there's never been a beefsteak ever had it so good. They also there's a connection So what you're doing that's different than almost any other connection to food, I mean the only thing that's reasonably close and it's pretty far off is when you grow it yourself. So if you grow your own vegetables, you gotta connect. That food, but there are the connection as you. No because you're looking to send an arrow through an animal. You look in his eyes. You looking at but also that you know how difficult it is and when you pull it off this powerful connection between you and that animal you earn you eat, you are narrow board there and when you eat it, you feel that you earned it Intellijoy out of it when Anthony Bourdain, came to my place. He was still a little squeamish with killer stuff, even though he ate dead stuff at every show and got his paycheck from eating dead stuff.
Back with them yeah I did yeah, you know. Greg Manning is a great man, terrible loss, terrible loss, and we talked to at night. I shared my knowledge with him. I'm not have opinion it's an animal, it's dead! You either revere it or you don't you need to utilize with respect or you pretend you didn't have anything to do with it. It's dead, your eating, You should have been closer to the system and the hunters, fishermen and trappers of this country still carry on the definitive physics spirituality that the native in aboriginal peoples called the great spirit. Hence the spirit of the wild. The prayer for the wild things were in a weird place. With with cities right we're not we're. Duration gets right where you were yeah, but I mean you got lucky in that your father was interested in bow hunting and that it gave him an escape.
Which, by the way, it gives a lot of veterans. Today, a lot of veterans and good friends of mine are finding the ELT great relief in both acting as a discipline after combat life. Talking guy. That's shared many campfires with those guys, it's a rare last night, great transition for them. It's consuming Fred Bear uses. Raise coined the phrase and I use it all the time it cleanses the soul. When you leave the pavement when I leave the pavement and I make that transition from modern, concrete jungle, hand to hand combat city. I 'cause, that's where my rock and roll career is the ultimate and you take that deep breath. You literally go back your one. I know there's a highway nearby and I know I can hear trucks off in systems in the train was which is kind of titillating unto itself self
but when I get in my swamp in Michigan or Woods in Texas, to quote Jimi, Hendrix and no life know where I am the aborigine. It's me my resources and the beast, and it's a it's a religious experience. It's the spirit that it natives called the great spirit, they've considered the Buffalo their brother, and it is so consuming that I don't care what kind of stress you could be going through the ugliest voice in the world, and I have you could be fighting against people who don't think that America should be first and you don't need secure borders. And you don't need to earn your own way, you're able bodied, but you want somebody else's income. It just crazy
I have a sudden I get out there and I'm telling you Joe it's perfect yeah, I'm I'm literally intoxicated, I'm I'm drunk, I'm stoned. Trying to pick up all the signals and I do I do pretty good job I've learned over the years cuz. I need that so much to play. My music, like I play it, that it cleanses my soul and I've. I've been contacted since the sixties, with vets who have gone through just absolute torture
In their military careers, an when I get home at a campfire and we go out and ship before the sun comes up. I can't tell you how many times I've cried 'cause, it's good again. It was a great morning. I didn't have any stress forgot all about that bullshit. When I thought I heard the deer, then when I saw the deer, it was perfect, so you've expressed that- and I thank you for that, because you're new to the sport yeah and for you to be an advocate and to articulate you learn because you're already a mature man when you entered it, I was a dirtball, mushy brain kid. Thank God. I learned about that Spirit. I learned about the discipline I learned. Stewardship callings. An responsibility course pounded by my dad. God bless him. My brothers, my sister, we all are happy healthy, successful, hard working.
Any khaki, loving giving people. Because of that discipline that revolved around My family, hunting, seasons or discipline is one of the big word that there was one of the really important aspects of it, because I recognize the importance of discipline and always have pretty much my whole life is a martial artist, especially yeah. So I came into ahead of the curve. Well, when I recognized it, I was like oh, I know what this is a different thing. This is not what everybody thinks it is. This is a. This is a spiritual will experience because you were around the masters Cameron, Hanes yeah. You had John Dudley on here and now is when it got me, Steve he's a Michigan boy yeah, that's that they were good mentors for you. I got lucky you got past the mistaken yet irresponsibly in just
Sleep promoted aspect of the drunken hillbilly science, shooter Hunter well yeah. That stereo type is so ridiculous, mean my friends like guys like Cameron Hands, so God damn alter. My yeah. It runs two hundred forty miles in a week and then you know is on the mountains all four How long they had more form glad he doesn't play. Guitar yeah he's a bad mother fucker across the board, but he's he's an incredibly disciplined guy sure this is his life is a van. He he'll, tell everybody all that stuff. He does all the working out that so he can be at his best in the mountains as a bow hunter sure that he can Here's his true spiritual call- and I can tell you're sitting across from a guy and I'm not bragging, I'm just kinda Sherman. Can you really just in a letter back a little yeah yeah, but it's a celebration yeah. I have been home blessed beyond description to share. Campfires more hunters than anybody you've ever met, because I've been donating
For years I started my sunrise Safaris. I guide hundreds of hunters every year. I don't take them all out to their stay. But we all get together at my Michigan place, have twenty four in a weekend twenty in a weekend and it's a campfire would get down with Uncle TED Playing guitar, but we shoot. Arbo cause we shoot our guns. We set things up lot of more newcomers. I guide my Spirit, wild ranch in Texas. I guide in New Brunswick in, Tariel from their kid rock into bow hunting. Yes, I did. I did there's a great story to, as he haunted yeah. Well, remember that discipline we're working on that, but his girlfriend is a killer He is a killer gorgeous gal, but Audrey is a dangerous bow hunting, woman, I'm usually always killing stuff. It's positive, she's addicted. I get. I get peace from her all the time and never from Bob that's hilarious
he's awesome I'll start sharing that stuff with you and turn you into a higher level of appreciation of finance women with a sharp stick, this gal between my wife, Jermaine and Audrey. I'm telling yeah, but anyhow, the guys you've hundred with you talking about great human beings, yeah men of integrity and discipline in pro activity in the drive to be in the asset column, misunderstood because of movies? Very rarely I get me like. I was not to say I sure campfires with lots of covers because they see this rock and roll guy that they loved me. Music and we sure the appreciation for my american rhythm and blues rock and roll jihad they want to try hunting and they come to my hunt with me or they make a for military children's charity and they've, never Hunter I tell him what to buy and they show up and its natty bumppo man, unity bump. It looks so need to get into that any upside down too,
he had died is about numbers to a miss said that the as James Fenimore Cooper, he was a character in his last Mohican. Okay, as a new Hunter Natty Bombo, it's like a novice or rookie. Anyhow. I get a lot of these people and you know I've never met anybody. It any of my camp fires that wasn't honest. It wasn't friendly, wasn't successful to some degree, whether it's a teacher on a teacher salary, successful their teacher that successful who care deeply about the wildlife in the wild. Grounds? So when you hear about a way drunken bums issued and everything well, nobody spent time with more hundreds- and I have I've- never seen that never even seen it there's some of them do. It exists, yeah, existing sort of priest that, but for kids, you know, but that's not the priesthood right when I hope
so there's always going to be aberrant. Dipshit, demonic, behavior by our fellow man somewhere somehow. But it is so rare in the hunting world that I again I That's all I do seven months or years hunt. Well, I haven't had as much as you, but I've been around a lot of great people, great people yeah, and it goes right back to Fred Bear which is To start off of our dialogue. Here, great man, we hunt, until one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven together in October, and he was on oxygen that he passed away. If ever heard the song, yeah. That is said, bear song and then that song happened with a life of its own because of my love and admiration for the man and what and what he represented. Someone like that that just carries a torch further than everyone that it tells me it was are so important that time where there was
cation the drive half to write the animal rights thing, hadn't really started, meaning flee, yet political correctness, Bush wasn't even queen. There was no fake news. There was the beginning of the attack on hunting from you know, ignorant signified people that somehow believe that their food didn't die. Or they're not responsible for any deaths, and so they would play the holier than now Dishan the move by attacking those of us that actually took part in the process of feeding our families and Fred was such a gentleman and he was so clever and so efficiently. Promoted the challenge in the intimacy of man and why old connection that I he will live in infamy everybody in the hunting world knows that he was a force to reckon with and he's always there and, as the song says, in the wind he's still alive and its power from that was
people know because you are yep, but it could do more. People have learned about Fred from me than from the archery industry. Do you do you this this? Conversation you've been having this conversation about hunting forever. I mean I've heard a lot of these things that you're saying today before from you is this: do you ever get tired this evangelist? No, not! I love but so much and the other side is so dishonest. That I know I make inroads go to my facebook. I'm really dishonest. Do you think they're ignorant? They know that they know that to be new fonts next year, but there's not going to be any new ground. They know with this. They know the venison is good food right, but they don't well they're gonna. Think of it! That's why I continue to do this because I caused them to think I can tell you thousands of examples since the 60s people thought I was
word for murdering innocent animals that can't shoot back. I mean what does that sentence even mean when it? What I mean it? Can't you back and left trigger fingers. Yet jerk so I have taken this on and you notice that I smiled throughout the whole thing. I don't get. Angry So I know that by continuing to promote in the absence of any education in our education system fact is the opposite. Animal rights gets more time in our education system. Are anti education, the media lion, sons of Bitches Hollywood, goofy, half of the government. Out to lunch. So guys, like you and me that know the truth. We should never give up, because there is scourge of political correctness and dishonesty, and that's what political correctness is. It's denial and dishonesty, and I know we're making inroads. You should see the bombard I got a big hunter now he's really a fighter. He speak. Cleverly speaks accurately in and passionately about it, but
there's, a bunch of us out there with the advent of the outdoor channel, Portsmouth Channel the Pursuit network. More and more people are getting. You know wind of what we're doing, I think a lot of it from the internet to end the album monster communication yeah. I think people understand that there's more to it than they thought and if they're willing to just look a little bit for look a little bit further. They realize like well, especially western hunting. Yeah. These guys are running hills in there did their their backpacking too heavy weights on their back discipline for hours and hours every day, just old up to return to the good hike out with me. These were western hunters, man that are going out and move forward while hunting Elk and then packing him out by themselves or a course of five day readable job. I went to Alaska First soon, when I was twenty something I guess I must have been twenty eight. My first Alaska trip. Seventy seven. I was out there for two weeks in a soggy, wet nasty, cold, tent hello, pup, tent
George Faerber and I got a giant karabo. A great black bear in a big old moose and boy hump in them. Orders in that that tundra yeah, I thought I Superman Athletic the amplifier jumping rock and roll see muscle boy yeah, my The movie shoulder all mass graves, a hundred record. Just one big move, yeah it. When you see one in real life, it's hard to believe that that's a real animal, and that goes back to what you said earlier, that when you dine on that and you put that effort forth and use all those days, skunked and wet and cold and nasty enjoying it for what it was. But there's also a pain in the ash camp, get wait to get back to some place with a wood burner, but when you pass it's yourself when you take that sacred flesh off that grill. Before you even finish the first night slice,
all those memories and it just tastes better, and it really does taste better. But with that effort it is a spiritual moment that this, like the native, say you don't kill the animal. You accept the gift. If you put your heart and soul into your reasoning, predator ship and that's always been my mantra and my kids are all raised on venison at we just don't buy meat. That's all! we eat is the stuff we kill, pheasants and quail, and doves and Woodcock and growls, and rabbits and squirrels and ducks and geese and golden rules and snipe and and beavers and deer and elk and antelope and bear and Cougar it's the greatest food. I'm seventy years old and I'm a force to reckon with because of my discipline, diet of the ultimate rocket fuel available,
planet. You really do look good for seven hundred. If I had a fantastic, I had some sleep, I'd be downright handsome, but you think about you know the average person that's been eating the average american diet for seven, by the time you get there. Your age there deteriorating rapidly poison the fructose to the chemicals. The preservatives, oh MIKE gyro if I may, on the Joe Rogan podcast. Please do my friends get rid of the God Dam sugar if you can't pronounce it on the package, do not buy it, do not fear Did your children high fructose poisoning, my God, people, get the poisons out of your blubber. Ish lives, Good food is so simple. By of what catch a fish or firefish
buy some fresh or grow some fresh vegetables put real butter and use the real fat. Don't take the skin off the chicken. That's where all the good that is, that's where all the flavor is and eat real food. While we can for that? No, you can't afford not to everything does diet on it or no sugar is poison. That's not my opinion. It's a chemical reality in when you when you died when you attempt to digest fructose, and preservatives your body goes. I don't recognize this bulshit. We can't process this and it turns in to blubber and here's a little update. Blubber is first, sperm whales, not people. If you have to lift up slabs to I off after the shower your dyott sucks.
I saw you in an interview once along time ago- is before I started watching it. I've done a bunch of I know you have, but when I saw you, I was like how this guy have so much fucking enerji. I remember thinking that, like this guys so far, and then you start talking about your diet. Start talking about. You said: I eat is venison is start going off about backstraps and then I started thinking like what do you think about the dark red meat of wild game and before you became a hunter, and quite quite a few years before I flirted with it for several serious flirted with I didn't have any take me, get a swan dive into it. I got lucky steer no way out city with a mass on his show. How does he doesn't like me, but he's mine doesn't, like you I say doesn't like I've heard comments with his attacking me for the welcome and stack them because it would be much better if I just butchered them- and ordered them, because semantics is so important to the.
The way? You phrase things wackerman, snack, yeah, it's it's fun, I'm working, I'm stacking! I got twelve bluegills, that's a stack shut, the fuck ha ha ha ha ha ha I think that you are outrageous. Behavior is somehow detrimental to the movement of acceptance. Stupid people do who I'm enjoying the sport because of my exuberance, don't well, I would say that God bless, vanilla and God bless Cameron, all those guys, I revere them their masters of their craft. I have caused more young people to become hunters than all other forces in the world case closed because I'm having so much fucking fun. They go hey guys out of control, bows and arrows. Let's get up over there and go kill something they absolutely come to it because of the fun. Then they hear about the discipline and hear about the quality Diat and they hear about their spiritual, trophy weather, antlers or not.
Has guided my passionate life and manifest itself in these, killer, songs in killer guitar licks, not outrageous fire breathing concert they go. I can deal that is to the east. They get a early should get a shock in the start on go to my facebook. I don't know if it's millions but the whole regions and thousands of young people that would be inclined to be anti hunting are now gone. The whole hunters because Uncle TED is having so much fun because I whack them in stock. Well, congratulations with that yeah the the The thing is that they don't get when they hear your enthusiasm, then they go. Ok. Well, I haven't had this perspective before their perspective on hunting. That I've gotten before is that these are cruel, Aasho,
that go out there and shoot animals and they don't care or worse or worst show them. My critics and I won't mention any names, but you know when they're on their hunting tv shows and they're, so ultra cautious, not to ruffle any feathers. They kind of come off, like Mister Rogers, with the Lawrence Welk, soundtrack and young. People think you're a fucking asshole. If that's all, you've got in a fountain of hunting. Is that boring? I think I'll just smoke. Some dope and go you know, crew, tonight, which I know you like to smoke your dope dope in I'll call it dope and go nuts. How do you called me? A call man? Well, I'm a cop yeah there you go well, but hot but I got buddies and I'm not understand me for that. I just don't think that comfortably numb is the way to go. In fact, I have a slight song. I have value nor better song chill. My new record is called uncomfortably dumb. And my point is is: are you a father? Yes You want your babysitter high,
no how about your doctor? No, but while it I don't want my babysitter sleeping either. You don't want to watch sleeping. I want them paying attention yeah. So that doesn't mean that you shouldn't get high ever just means you shouldn't get high when you're watching kids, damn right yeah when you're flying my plane are you related is going to you know I don't usually our minds, we do anything delicate. You know the only guy one high who my comedians it helps like sterile. I was there when Richard Pryor and and Robin will. Sam Kinison, God knows, go ahead and snort anything you got mother, fucker 'cause. I need to laugh till I ship it's hard to come up with that shed sober.
Peter Piper every night, I'm a funny son of a bit you gotta come see. My show I want to. I have so much fun on stage it's stupid. I think that perceptions about potter very similar to the perceptions about there's. A lot of people have used pot. They abused alcohol abuse that people abused, every sure doesn't mean you can't use it responsibly. I agree. Fortunately, in my years of pursuing the Chuck berry Soundtrack of Ultra James Brown type music, I have never seen anything but heartbreak from drugs from the drug use, even Gni Monic New Council by the way working with President Trump to legalize. Medical marijuana nationwide. So I want you to know that, and I'm all for that. That is awesome. I deal with a lot of terminally, ill, kids and there's nothing. That's off limits to take away that suffering. So I need to fight for that. Well, it's great for people with epilepsy as well.
Absolutely not in fact, I got autism. I got my bag out in the truck some guys making water with cannabis oil with the cdb is that part of a yeah and it's Let me relax after my sonic bombast torture test on stage every night. I'm sure it will take out a drink, some of that yeah. Why no you've had some problems with your knees to both new knees, and that was getting placed You have all those apps. I never knew. I never heard the word. Meniscus till my doctor said I had nothing. I have a tear, I just got stem cell shots in the yesterday, like I have two brand new needs and I am dancing like the twenty five year old TED Nugent. But when you walk in for I'm doing fine. So you have a bad lip right from that. Shuffle yeah, and now we were both gone. Steve Tyler was
from Aerosmith yeah. His is gone, he's got a new one, he's got one. No one is thinking about getting another one. I as I to both the same time. Yeah of how long were you down for I was walking the next morning. So what do they do? exactly who are they going to cut your knee open and they get a hammer and a chisel and they found out the old Shitan put in some metal stuff, Have you ever seen this actually available online? You don't want to watch it if you're going to I dunno it's brutal, but I had a good surgeon, and it came out good and the pain gone on stage for so many years since, certainly since the year two thousand, with the Damn Yankees, even what year did you get? It done two thousand. What is eighteen now, twelve, maybe so twelve years of pain, yeah it was. It was more nat, but up
I jumped off those fucking amplifiers, for example your knees out. Oh my. What kind of dirt bag hi. Somebody should have said you have meniscus. Will you know your minutes? Guess Maynard Keenan? lead singer tool right. He blew his hip out from just stomping on the ground, while you're saying just because the music I have a new record called the music made me. Do it the music made him, This music made Steve Tyler. Do when you get up there. It is a world unto itself, it is out of body, is stream of consciousness. It you got to be careful because you think you're invincible, invincible on that stage. With my way, the movie invincible, the use, Ringgold best use of my song ever but anyhow best use of your song Ever- was Randy Couture coming out to strangle hold in the UFC yeah you're, probably right. Yes, I remember that yeah and the Blackhawks in Chicago every gigs for the two thousand five hundred and thirty years, they place drinking
The stranglehold when he beat TIM Sylvia for the UFC Heavyweight title is severe under underdog and came out and the place went nuts when Stranglehold says it all. Here I come again now baby like a dog in heat. It's just telling me about the clamor baby, I'd like to tear up the street. I was smoking for so long, I'm here to stay that you in a stranglehold get the out of my way. Well, I can awesome again: it's a love song get excited, it's a love song, the connection between rock and roll guitarist and bow hunting for most people is like a big stretch. Stretch looks like why. How are those different galaxies, different universes, except for the most important elements, and that is discipline, discipline, yeah the focus to create and I've been so blessed beyond words to have the greatest musicians at my side forever for literally sixty years right now, I got Greg Smith on the bass- guitar, just a God of Thunder Greg Smith
the best like a funk brother in heat and Jason heartless twenty three year old drummer from Detroit is just an absolute animal and every band from royal high boys in the 50s to the Lourdes in the 60s and the Amboy Dukes, and even the Damn Yankees with Tommy and Jack and Michael? Are you kidding me? I've had literally the list of musicians at my side from Tommy Aldridge and Tommy, Cliff battles and Mick Brown and drums and and Cliff Davies. Are shouldn't be Denny Carmassi I mean the best drummers, the best bass players. I've just been the like luckiest guitar player, but it's a weird connection right most people don't think of rock and roll and bow hunting at the say, So you think of TED Nugent. You do you're the only one, but there I was geographically in Michigan, a fire
form of musical influence, all the best musicians in the world. They'll tell you come out of Detroit from Motown Bob Seger. Now kid rock Eminem and just just killer killer bands. Mc five, I got a great queen, Kramer story. He a wonderful book coming out called the hard stuff you ever talk to Wayne. You need to have Wayne Kramer on your show, kisses, isn't from New York MC five Foot Rock city, I'm thinking I'm going to turn you on to Wayne Kramer's gotten good book about his tragic mistakes and near death heroin prison dirtbag maneuvers, but he's a great man a musical authority. In the music of Detroit and, of course, 50S little Richard. How do you not get moved by little Richard and and Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry had had not How are you not touched by that, and then you see him on tv and that it had Sullivan Show, and I don't care who you are by Steven Tyler, Billy, Joel or whoever Elvis Presley
the stones and the Beatles. Are you kidding me on and and Ed Sullivan, and I had a guitar plus I'm in Michigan and I've. Every kid was born. You got a red Ryder, Daisy, Bb Gun, you had a wham o slingshot and he had a little bow and arrow of some kind. I live right next to the router, So I was always down near you know: chasing critters and building forts and crossing the river, an the music and the bow hunting music in the bow hunting I met Fred Bear. I got these great musicians, the music in the bow hunting music in the book, unbelievable, what a life, what a dream, what a firestorm of cravings an fulfillment of those cravings everyday Last night was my six thousand six hundred and eightieth countered. That goes all the way back to Saddam all. Go to all the way back to the nineteen fifties, so that was a six hundred. You write him down. No, I did I did for years. I took out all
the books and started him up, but from the from my musical review with the Royal school of music in nineteen fifty eight and then with Joe Pad or sick from the capital school of the Detroit Fairgrounds, and then we started playing sock, hops and pool parties and malt shops and everywhere you know basement parties counted those those are gigs and then, when the Amboy, Duke started in sixty five. We do three hundred concert three three hundred for many many years, and even with the Damn Yankees in the early 90s, we did over two hundred concerts a year, so I'm all up in last year, was Six thousand six hundred ninety nine in Okinawa for the Us Marine corps, pretty intense and then last night, at the coach House, in San Juan Capistrano, six thousand six hundred and eighty to ninety six thousand six hundred and eighty one series yeah cool I look tired. That's a lot of things that a lot of trystan remedy. How do you have the time? 'cause? I always figure out. I tried
God how I have the time to do what I do, but I think you do more than I do are. I think we can both agree. The greatest philosopher of all times was dirty harry when he said a good man knows his limitations back in the air with the Amber Dukes. We do over three hundred concerts a year and I was still craving my hunting, so I'd I'd car about a weekend in October, and we can remember with my dad, would get out there and hunt, but that was enough about practice time, but with the archery I yeah Boehner on the road like a block card, absolutely you said in a parking lot somewhere more real target yeah. It is it's possible that right, but no I've, I'm border on stage, thousands of contrary, and then I always have it with me, and I always have friends that have bows and arrows wecht. I wish I'd brought it today because I could show you some. This is an of mystical flooded, the era maneuvers hey. I should really light weight boldly through two pounds: yeah, usually it that New Matthews, I shoot the new Triax matter, they're all
there's not a bad role while designing more and the competition is awesome to anybody. Listen, the most important thing he told Joan I love. The mystical flight of the arrow go, get you a bow and Arrow find OSHA, fine, measured, find a bowl that fits you make sure it's graceful enough, don't struggle when you're starting to just got to come back. Mushy archery, is grace, not power and get that Also, it settles back here for hand, eye coordination- and you don't have to struggle, people should start with the two thousand five hundred and thirty pound bow to get that archery thing going, preferably in old, recruiter longbow. If you can and find out where you, point. Where is it arrow going and you will be consumed with it? Yeah
In this way, I can really teach you if, yes, then you have to have a mentor yeah, because if you do it wrong and you started on a bad track, bad habits will play given you a target. Well, it's so that's a problem of martial arts to it's really important to start off with a good instructor. If you learn things poorly first and then try to re, fixed I'll bet, you're still kinda wierd incorrectly yeah and it's very difficult in our trees were alright. That's why America is in trouble, because people are learning at schools, Really good analogy. I mean really learn the wrong stuff. I mean really is what's going on. You know you get taught that life is boring, droning paid into the rules. Show me your box show me a graduate from the american Anti education system that can balance a checkbook. Does people do that anymore? they ought know. Unfortunately, they don't, which the debt you know
this is someone the way of maps, yes in the weather, but you know what I mean: I'd be pragmatic, be responsible and accountable. Utilitarian self sufficiency be the best that you can be All your body to sacred temple that it's supposed to be treated with reverence eat good, be good, be the best that you can be be compare, Live life, isn't fair, get used to it. If you want to excel in If you show up earlier than the competition you work harder than competition, you do a better job than the competition you stay later than the competition you'll end up on the damn company, yeah and learning how to think learning I think in learning how to look at things. It's something! That's never! not in school, and it's one of the most important lessons in your life, and you learn that lesson. I think through doing difficult things absolutely had a conversation about. You want, since I was like wait. What what do you think he's like I go. Look this way you have to understand, forget about all the public shit he's awesome at two things that are really hard to be good at guitar and boho.
Very difficult, both very defensive. You happen to be disciplined. Did you have any exceptional person, especially since you sound like such shit for so long and the guitar there's no satisfaction whatsoever. You go over. How many years took you Here's was the worst all my buddies learn faster than I did in fact, just met up with Henderson, he probably listening right now and he was in a bad called the gang, when I had a band called the lures, we kick, their asses won the battle of the bands in Michigan. When I was about thirteen or fourteen an he and I are still friends and he's. I guess he's going to be seventy soon too, and he played all the burying Bo Diddley, stuff, perfect, and I, stumbling in making stupid noises. But you know what happened because I couldn't you're wrote the exact licks I created my own style and I started playing. People thought I was being clever. I just been doing
but it still had a good rhythm that a kind of cool yeah yeah like John Coltrane, meets you know a punk kid play and Bo Diddley licked, and so I developed my own style and I've had a lot of fun with it. But with all your questions, though, with all your media, all the stuff that you do, your do, your constant, doing, interviews and phone interviews, you're constantly doing things how you have time to do all this so right, music. I have a great team. You were talking about, Linda hold of your team. Linda Peterson, been with me for thirty years I Doug banks been my manager for over thirty years. All my crew, Chris Helms and Jim Nap in my sons and my daughters My wife, Shemane is the goddess and if you ever seen, she made God help me senior show,
oh good and she's cleaning the forest. Here's the queen of the forest full time, not a damn thing. You can do about it and I have such a great team, my crew, on the road right now I leave nothing to chance. I don't have to worry or think about a thing. All I have to do is play my guitar and rock my balls off. So I always had a great team professional work. Ethic monster that are conscientious, dedicated professional, knowledgeable. So there's Loose ends here, so I'm able to do all your this, but you're. Also this the loud voice in the culture war have to be. You have to be I used to, let lies go unchallenged. I refuse to let anti logic go unchallenged anti logic watt. Did you you don't need secure borders really, so the Democrats don't think we need to secure our borders and the Democrats don't admit, there's a difference between legal immigration
and illegal immigration, let me give you a little metaphor: if you go to the bank and withdraw from your account you're a legal banker, if you go to the bank and from someone else's account you're a bank robber. There is a division. There were four legal banking were not for illegal banking, This kind of anti logic is weaseled its way into policy, and it's just tragic, with uh the trillion dollar debt and unsecured border worried about separating families? Was we failed to say if you're going don't come here. Come legally. Or we will send you back. We sent out a message: yeah have added just go ahead from swim across the dam river. Well, do you purse We have a problem when they separate families 'cause. It sure I think I'm a father and a grand father, yeah fuckedup, but the real fuckup starts with the the the insane irresponsibility of daring to sub
your children, to that, I don't think they have any choices in front of the over there. They live in our yes, because Mexico and Guatemala is one big gang, infested. Government military law enforcement. Shithole yeah. If you called a shithole, I'm racist. Well, if it wasn't should they would stay. It is a shithole you ever been there Well, some people, some of Mexico's also some of Mexico, hasn't been raped and pillaged yet, but, given time they'll make it if anyone even Bing resorts there, murdering and raping and and brutalizing people. I mean it's just a hellhole there's. Definitely some bad things happening. A lot of it is 'cause of the drug war out of control and a lot of people think that the remedy did, that is legalizing taxing man taxi man, yeah yeah. I would like to know that mean the same thing with prohibition, I think it would happen in America with the really boosted organized crime and Al Capone and date they got a stronghold because
of the money they were making from illegal drugs. I just called the time. I think that right now that the spoiled brat epidemic in this country, if you don't get everything you want, you start shooting people. Are you cut people often road rage. If everything doesn't go just right, everybody is so touchy and so pussified that when I was growing up the stones, may break your bones, but words will never hurt me. What do you think that's coming from the the liberalization of policy and the the horrible lie of the welfare dream that who need a helping hand, are always given a helping hand by neighbors and family. Friends and if they have am yeah well. The catholic church has eight trillion dollars just in jewelry they could probably provide some sandwiches and blankets. So there's plenty of help available. But when you get into a system- and you you play on
people's emotions, that we need a safety net. These poor people are just too they need help. Ok, let's create welfare where we can help these destitute people. Meanwhile, it's infested scammers in blood, suckers and liars who are able bodied, and they just don't want to stop at the help wanted sign. They want some of your income. 'cause you're stupid enough to get up early and work really hard, and they don't want. That's pandemic, so meanwhile the people who are truly needy they slip through the cracks. We don't even get to know who they are and in the what liberal policy of eliminating the heartbreak in the disrespect of cuckoo's nest. We can't we can't call them mental health centers. We might hurt some feelings so now. What are they doing? They put in spite boards and attacking people walking their dog in LA he said. There's no! place for them to go when I was growing up, there's a place in Detroit called Eloise. It was a nut house and that's the cuckoo's nest that's where if you were mentally ill and you needed help that there was a place for you to go to get
off the street. So you don't attack people with spikes and two by fours we about this bike's into by right here, right down the street here you're one days ago, yeah tax, some fashion, photographer walking his dog and hit him in the head with a two by four the spike in almost killed him in a citizen. I don't even hear about oh yeah, exhausted citizen, jumped up in the air and caught this guy with both feet right in the neck and not beat the shit out of it was awesome. That's nice, but those are rare occasion of justice. Pro wrestling come in handy, but yes, but that incident is not rare. Where you go to San Francisco and the mental health institution isn't supposed to be the each the mess is. It does do that example of too much liberal policy get people that are a little bit to progressive and to a lesser nine regressive, that's regressive federal. How did the ever utilize that Miss bastardized as well dressed
it gets so far that it becomes regressive when you're letting bombed shift all over the streets. But thank you. I think that would be an indicator so like they're. So the idea is that just like poor people leave me alone, you know they're fine. They just you know that it's okay if they live on the streets. But if you go to San Francisco they're very aggressive it's one of the weirder places I've ever been in terms of homeless people and one of the most heart brought on quote progressive places in our country. Yeah, it's one of most progressive cities, heartbreaking yeah. We need more inclusion, as, but even those institutions, the corruption in the abuse of power that runs rampant? A nurse cratchit mean that that that that wasn't just a fantasy, a script that that's happens, yeah your responsibility in in in pharmacy could- buddy, you know they got a mental problem and then they increase the mental problem with big farm yeah. I mean I've had personal experiences with that with the dear friends of mine that we're having
mental problems and they end up in an institution, and then there metal problems are exasperated by chemical warfare upon them: you know when I was growing up fifty usual fifty thousand and when I was going up there is this. This mantra this colloquialism better living, chemistry and in many ways it is? I mean we saved tens of millions of lives in Africa with DDT by killing. This is fly and we save 10s of millions of people and then some environment. Almost came in and the dd he is a dangerous chemical, so he stopped it and we lost the millions of people is better to kill a bunch of cc flies to save human lives, then, to ban the DDT that allows easy flies to flourish and kills people. So now it's gone full circle and that's where the toxins have accumulated in the the whole Rific wasted. I had texted Anthony just before he died, congratulate
Jim hung his hosting that brilliant documentary, if you haven't seen it yet as waste waste examination point what we do work food in this country and of the the self inflicted scourge of of of tax implication of our precious environment. So there's not a lot of easy answers, but here it is 28th of June two thousand and eighteen and here you and I are at least discussing this stuff to millions people I suspect and I see upgrade taking place. I see upgrade made in awareness not fast enough to make me happy, but enough to indicate an upgraded prognosis for people's awareness, accountability. Responsibility where you see in this
our, whether it's you know like I circles, you travel circle, certainly, and we don't waste or one of my biggest pet peeves is little fat, kids that near take a sip two dollars bottle water and then they leave it there and then to throw away- and it did. The waste is pandemic in this country, and I see my dad my kids are like, like storm troopers there, like drill sergeants with that we just don't want to waste and we've always recycled in the jury's still out whether that has any effect at all, but the the the disconnect an unconscionable miss behavior of just tossed scene in throwing away everything. You know what drives me crazy cigarettes out. The
and people just went the people that smoke cigarettes for whatever reason they have any problem, throwing it on the ground humbly, wouldn't litter help out. What drives me crazy. Is somebody still stupid enough to buy cancer yeah, exactly here. Let me invest in the companies that want to kill me here. Here's a couple extra one thousand dollars: Kilmer tell us. Where are you do you have make sure cool makes with her? I don't think so. So much for smoked a cigarette, no drugs, no drugs, no we drink a little wine, though right off that pushy, I'm telling you that it will kill you no purpose, no, not even a little allergic. I'm a big fan, for those who want, but no I I little one. I do drink a little wine, but I don't think that qualifies as a drink, In my basement, glass of wine with the meal, my sons and my daughters, my brothers sisters, they Thanksgiving dinner beer. Beer is better than coke right, vastly sure it's when you're
start to enter the drool zone that I have a big problem and all of a sudden, if there's a problem, I can't lie on you anymore. I want to be reliable, yeah. That's why I have a problem with comfortably numb yeah. I think in my experience you can't wake up the bass player, these comfortably numb, the guys don't show up, he can't tune his guitar. He forgot to slicks were not tight as we could be. You're fired right. I know what you're saying, but this I'm saying to you said this is just a discipline issue and it's not the marijuana or anything that gets people like that. It's a lack of discipline, I can you thank you to world in the digital world is filled with people that smoke pot and these mother work hard, but they will What's the number one karate guy the guy got, it died personally, yeah Bruce? Okay, did you smoke dope?
hash. Eight hash yeah here is in the eating. Half here's my question, but that's not what killed? Here's here's my question to you is: I offer to my son Rocco because he's an advocate I wanna, Yes, okay and I said rocco- and I said I said so. Do you really believe that perfectly clean and sober taking care of your health with a conscientious diet, good athletic, workout discipline, physical prowess do you really think that an outside source, peyote e mushrooms dope, whatever you want to call, do you really think that, with that outside influence, you can do something you can't do unto your God, given gift individual self, I'm convinced Joe, that you will be the absolute best
you can be. You will accomplish what I think is a self inflicted curse of modern man that ninety percent. Ninety eight percent of humanity might be tapping into five percent of their capabilities because the internet treadmill they get in the a paradigm self restricted here. Nine ever so decree scene of view of the world and experiences in the overthrow their destroyed rolled over traveled verses, not only the road, the less traveled, but the non road on travel. That's my favorite! I'm convinced that you, Joe Rogan Will find your superior definitive best without any outside influence? I believe you have the power. I think I have the power when I get on stage tonight and you gotta come you gotta a
witness this my bed and I do like in the now we'll figure out of time. I can't come tonight late. Usually I got orgy sodium problem of human fight. Here we put our feet together and chant James Brown and Wilson Pickett and Funk brothers, and it's like the last who lives on an island gnashing of teeth over the last. Owning shard of flesh. It is it's a it's an out of body, Soaring above life itself experience the we have in us, I don't need anything. I understand me, I understand that, but you don't use anything so you're you're talking from a place of non variance when it comes to marijuana or mushrooms or any of these things. My seventy years, I say at least fifty five of those years from the beat next to the hippies to the to the French, and you got to meet this when Kramer Guy MC five guitars new book, the hard stuff.
He and I were born the same time same influence, Detroit, the swamps, the outdoors but Bo Diddley Chuck Berry, Motown James Brown. He started smoking dope. I didn't, and these are any going heroine, had any prison again stealing and been arrested and I'm having the time my life and he's like wallowing in a cesspool that Dogshite an I'm, not knocking Wayne, I'm saying that he was courageous to write this book. It's a brilliant book. You got never mind you're, going to read it you're going to be consumed by his car. Conversational writing of the b5 Ascension, to the most authoritative power. Warehouse music. I've ever witnessed in my life to a bunch of dirt. Eggs on the downward spiral because of drugs and alcohol
I know that happens but definitely happens, but it happens with everything it happens with people with that they eat too much food. It happens if people's Gambling- it happens with a bird if it thinks, but I think it's because of discipline because they don't have a clear path. I think it's 'cause, they let themselves become self indulgent and they let themselves be weak what I'm saying is that I know a lot of people who use whether it's psychedelics or they use marijuana and they use it to enhance our perspective. It doesn't become the primary focus of their life. It doesn't consume their left and allow it to consume their lives there. A whole other world of discipline marijuana, enthusiasts and they're confused the same way. People confuse hunters the same way: people think of hunters, lazy, drunken slobs who cruel to animals and you- and I know that that's not the case at all- some of them are disciplined focused, best people in the world tense people, because to be to be a Cameron Hanes to be a John Dudley
have to be a superior type of human being super athletes. You have to be able to execute in that extreme moment that moment with that animal walks into that shooting window and you're. Looking at this three the bull elk screaming screaming overwhelming all over. It's overwhelming and it's forty yards away in your center in that pen, it takes magic. Power human being to execute that shot, and I don't think most people are aware of that. Most people don't know in the same way that that's misunderstood. I think marijuana is misunderstood, because there's a lot of dummies in this world. If you get a group of one hundred people, what are the odds that one of them is going to be a dummy fuckin', one hundred sent it out writing more under that now days more than one yeah. Well, if you get a group of a hundred people to use marijuana, the one loud stupid one defies or defines rather what marijuana users are you see that for an idiot is pissing all over himself and fall down so high
catwalk. That's what you think of you, don't think of the brazilian Jujitsu black belt that smoke. Pot and then goes out and strangles fifty people in in class. You don't think the people to take the class I like tying marijuana strangling. There should be a goal: yeah, listen I'm I'm absorbing absorbing in respect, considering your words we can get away from you, yeah you can get away from me all I've ever said everything can get away from you. That's all I've ever seen, but I think it's because these people that consume it, they don't have those other qualities. They don't have discipline and focus. They don't have respect for their body, see the thing with that, especially in the g. It's a community. It's Super common marijuana is really really really really comment. Yeah, I mean there's a show called high rollers with these guys they put together, do tournament. Everybody had to get high before they old and you're talking like elite world
class brazilian jujitsu black belts competing high on marijuana? That's got to be one of the highest forms of disciplines very available. To ask it's a very, very great. There were the campaigns on climbing boys downing call in oak in your lap units, well you're, you're, you're, doing an art, that's designed to break bodies and the two of you are going. Do it together in the whole idea? Is that you're going to get someone into a position where they have to tap or they're going to get their arm snap or they're going to get choked unconscious said intense extremely, vehicle pursuit and a lot of people. Do it under the influence of marijuana. Do you know any of these master Ju Jitsu, martial artists, yeah, that that don't do any yeah, yeah yeah and how do they perform they perform well, do very well there's this look, these elite world class athletes and you get to that You know I want to know if the world champion got high or not Well, I know a lot of you know where I'm going, but I do, but I know a lot of them. Do a lot of world champions. Do I know a lot of like real, multiple
time, world champions their marijuana users yeah. How about world champions that don't get high there's a lot of those too what happens with marijuana is is increased sensitivity that a lot of people talk about me talk. They call it paranoia because there's a lot of things. People put blinders on their life, a lot of people aren't aware, and I'm sure, because of your hunting you're spending time in the woods. Your Looking in all the variables the sound, the win number rate? Are you there right here where there's a lot of people to go through life like this no deal to life like to look into a toilet paper right there in the left, lane right now, yeah and then do not use their blinkers and those people that did those people When they smoke marijuana, they freak out. They get paranoid because what's happening is the I wanna increases. Your sensitivity makes you aware of all these variables and a lot of people consider that paranoia. You start freaking out about all these variables. You start thinking about your mortality and instead of embracing this time as a magical moment, instead of being in this moment, you just start
overwhelmed. You feel your own heartbeat and you start freaking time this all the time. Now it's without anything, it's an entheogen it brings you closer to whatever you are: I will not encumbered by your ego. I will admit inescapable that everything affects everyone differently. Yes, but once you make it widespread, I mean I've studied the results of legalization, for Creational Use in Colorado and how the highway fatalities and accidents have increased. What else is increase the population in Peru, so it causes. Breeding Tus is more people there. More people are there, so you having more accidents there right. The problem is: is a boom of population also boo, the economy a boom in the real estate, real estate's, taking off yeah, there's a lot of losers. There too, there's a lot of hacky sack. Dirty stinky hippies that are wandering around with no shoes on your going to get those you're going to get those
You know if you have an opening, welcome society that doesn't lock those people up you're going to have those as part of freedom yeah, it sucks losers are part of this safe world that our kids are allowed to world wander through. We want the world to be safe, so sometimes things are to say few nerve, the edges and you get a bunch of people that are used to hitting their heads on things. They're not worried about it. If you're going to have these losers, but it doesn't mean that everybody who does it's a loser? I know a lot of like ceos of big corporations that have equal rights responsibilities and they like to smoke a little pot. I get I get punched back off and on this book, I'm a successful guy run my family, I'm a good dad, I'm a good hunter and I'm a I'm a trump supporter and I get high. I was like. Oh God bless you just I don't want your. You know, Davis at my kids, my your hot yeah, but it's discipline. Discipline is the thing that people up in the lack of lack of the lack of discipline, and I think it's a
that's with everything you could be with sex. It could be with gambling. You could be with extreme risky behaviors people could just get real nutty and get carried away with things, and sometimes those things are just a big distraction for the lack of discipline, have been pursuing their own goals in life. I think that that is the real high in life, the real lion. Life is pursuing difficult thing: ratification, yes, getting good at them and then accomplishing your goals. There's a there's a high to that! That's you can't find and pills it doesn't exist in a needle that high is a high of just plan and determination and focus and learning, but there's so much weakness out, especially in a society has been spoiled for so long and control v, if you don't even show up yeah and you can't hurt peoples, feelings and bully, get bully. You cry instead of fighting back means, so many manifestation of a cultural deprivation that runs amok in our society, that my
fear? Is nice studied all these mass shootings, Joe Virginia Tech, shooter high well they're all online high yeah, but online, Ssris, zero on pills and pharmaceuticals, all of us and the prozac in there out there for their parents, are all of our chemical covering up a kid. The chosen through Z, as Matt, called attention disorder. Now I mean if they had that back when I was growing up, I did a play and I don't know what I need to be an allergy, The problem is the word. Drugs like you and I are drinking coffee- were on drugs right now we're on caffeine. This is a drug there's. Some drugs that, if used responsibly okay, a glass of wine with dinner is a drug understood, it's a mild drug, a little tiny toques.
With the MRS that's a little. It makes you more see. I've never smoked because I can't smoke. I might get it when I shoot my machine guns. All I do is chew. On a cuban I don't really smoke. Well, you get a little little buzz decided on a song, love a it seems to go with brass rainbows. When I thought I thought that that Texas site was way faster now also, I have my best my best morning with my m. For it's, a user is a m. Sixteen. You know carbon and I got a p o f upper, it's a piston driven so instead of six hundred plus rounds minutes over seven hundred rounds, a minute and my best, six hundred and two said well This is way too low, but they actually not the original and your Nine hundred rounds a minute and nobody, including sergeant rock, could control that so they backed it down to six hundred, but that's four
five. It's got a whole lot. Lift my two two three am for my best morning. This all could TED Parties Apache helicopter for bags of animal four hundred sixty nine hogs one day we play videos that So in pig mail from a dark lips, no fun at all ridiculous, that is every wildlife guitar, but the big problem is the one that throws in the face of vegans. That's a weird one, because you you've got to do something about those animals. 'cause they're, going to destroy your food sure they're, going to eat every when we kill pigs like that in such mass numbers from helicopters with machine guns were literally saving, the environment, feeding a lot we support that we process
thousands and thousands of people get this pure again at port and it's delicious the best, the wild portrait that white fat that can or dark meat candy, so so we're saving the environment from the big destruction, we're saving agriculture. I ii food production from the big destruction, we're saving tax dollars from hiring sharpshooters. We're were saving all wildlife, because the alternative would been in permanent poisoning campaign and recreating creating a huge new industry of helicopter hog win, win, win, win, win, win, win, Copter Hagen, I mean party time, USA and guess who passed that law you did. Thank you very. Did you get that me and Chris Cole back, we were hunting and we weren't allowed to pay the hill, After pilot by law? You couldn't be a for profit. Outfit. Must the govern paid him, which was so so Une Texas, like so Crisco back. Who is the Secretary of State in Kansas and was running for governor and should be governor of Kansas he's
institutional master and he took the current pig hunting law from helicopters. That was government controlled no no citizens, no commercial value whatsoever he rewrote it. We gave it to then attorney. Gen Greg, Abbott and Governor Perry at the time, and we So this is insane. This can't be Texas, where you get to hunt pigs on our land, but we can't so literal within a week or two. They passed the law where it became a commercial outfit where we, the people, can hunt the pigs out of helicopters and it's become huge success. It's really not the shit out of this dangerous pig pie. Relation in those areas where landowners allow. It then give authorization and it's so much fun it's stupid. But that's what people need to realize that the there's no other way to get to them in certain. In certain circumstances there so acceptable. There are millions and millions of wild pigs, they have three four litters a year and there's no way to take for them. Naturally, machine guns and helicopters, less you going to let hundreds of
since the wolves loose in Texas, I'd, really helps and don't want to wear them from the helicopter. I mean how I mean that's what they do in Alaska, one right there decimate the care, have to the there's, no other way to control these pigs other than killing bless you joy, not many people know that they don't know that and it's a real problem. When you talk to people who are animal rights activists like how do you propose to fix this that will like? Well, you know we shouldn't be here. In the first place there an invasive species that people broke- that's fine, you're right, but their bottom over in the 1700s. So what do we do so arrest, Captain Cook yeah right, exactly arrest, William Randolph, Hearst 'cause. He released a bunch of them right here in California, is where it starts. Things that we wanted to hone ranch came from those pigs down and they worked. Way down and they're awesome, they're, delicious, delicious. The best pork in the world, people who eat normal pork have no idea what the real pork taste like. I smoked some for a friend of mine who smokes insane like this he's like this isn't saying, put it over a good coach
out calls yeah, it's candy Brian did for a few days and here's a little trick for you. I'm a vernors ginger trail Guide, Detroit Brew, bottled and Ginger Detroit Vernors, it's the only ginger ale, with ginger, unfortunately, is full of fructose, so I don't drink anymore, but you can cook with it next time you Brian slab of pork put in a good olive oil and all the seasons you like, but also a can of vernors ginger rail, because it's got real ginger and just enough sugar in it to affect it and soak that overnight in a glass dish covered up in a cool like a refrigerator and then put that sumbitch on some hot orange coals. I don't care apple, Cherry Mesquite, Hickory Hickory, whatever you doesn't matter and let that Sumbitch just singe on the outside? It's it's food sex! It's your! You get an erection, What direction you get a culinary boner, it's soda,
that's what we eat at home, that's how we eat! That's! Why I'm like this? Do you ever use a pellet grill? I haven't know my my ranch manager. Chris has gotten com. He he's a big fan of those things because it's real wood right. It's just compressed compressed wood. It's they take like from making this table that sawdust compress it down, but We have all this timber. We have at our properties, I like cutting down dead trees and making my own firewood Is that what you do you cook over your well? There's a there's something to that right: yep yep! It's real Mccoy yeah, my my taste buds are as secret as my deck. I mean I want to make sure I treat my taste buds really good. I consider my life to be like one big, six foot, two, two hundred and twenty pound purple rim, Dick I'm susceptible to all influences and stimuli, and that's where I get this passion in this I happiness every day as well as am spoiled rotten. I get to huh,
everywhere. That's what crazy and I get to rock my balls off every year, so I'm plugging in yard yard essentially leave your house my swamp in Michigan. I have to close the door quietly because I have tree stands really close to the cabin and it's the swap is it's a miracle? It's just I think God loves me more than you love you, because you created this place just for me and it's it's a glacier cuts marsh swamp fan. You notice fan is no fan. F e n, it's a very unique wetland, habitat, that's a cross between a marsh in a swamp in a blog and its c r v e r habitat that produces the Mitchells sector, butterfly environment, which is the Christmas tree ferns, and on Monday Michigan fan I, of the healthiest productivity of the endangered species, Christmas tree Fern and Mitchell's Satyr butterfly according to the
I'll, just the buttons that visit there every year from universities, because I kill lots of critters. It would otherwise do nude those touchy forth out of wild vegetations in, and that's why I hundred three day up there, I Coombs and possums and skunks and beavers and main- can muskrats and pheasants up the s I I'm the only ground in southern Michigan that has pheasants, because I wage war on varmints. You cannot hurt creek populations, in fact they are drastically under harvested, but on mine I kill so many a great environments that I have best, bio diversity of all, including those endangered Mitchell, Sattar Butterfly and Christmas tree fern, because I miss Steward, who actually walks the wild ground. Unlike a bureaucrat who looks at the computer screen in his d in our office and makes an assumption of what the model might indicate, instead of what the actual wild ground we'll show
if you get the Fuq off your chair and go walk that well, that's a big criticism to people or from people that are especially like people in BC that are now. Part of that Grizzly Bear band believable, it's so dishonest they're, getting I live in the cities that don't have any interaction with these animals and that these animals are trouble. There's a lot of 'em they're, not there can only you can eat them too by the way yeah, you think their steaks bear straps candy specially in if the eating berries and grass, but the perception is that what you're doing is trophy hunting that you know your you're, shooting something you don't plan on eating just wonderwall 'cause you're a cruel person? How dishonest can you be well they're, not talking to the people that are in the forest? They actually people that are on the ground and that's a real part of the problem is that these laws get passed by these people that have no interaction with this actual environment. It's like people who live in a drought vote.
In on. What's going on in your flood plain yeah, you know it's like the people in Detroit voting on wolves in the upper peninsula. You don't live with full with the wolves. You don't get say so yeah. You need to respect the people who live with the walls and wolves. Don't buy licenses, wolves, don't buy permits, wolves, don't pay fees, wolves, don't have Bagley wolves, don't have seasons, they just like to kill stuff, and if you have too many wolves, no really spending money on deer license or bear license or small game hunting in the upper peninsula of Michigan has been abandoned by a bunch of politically correct ignorance, city jerks, who thing we have to save the endangered wolf. I want wolves in Michigan, but not to the detriment of wildlife that actually pays for the game, depart to manage it for a sustained yield productivity da. That's the thing we're talking about here right, like wildlife management like this idea. But you have to manage the population of pigs. You also have to like what you're doing in your place in Michigan you're, mad
aging, this wild life to up the ultimate diverse city. No, that you, even if you don't have to deal with the bulls and if you don't you hire x, paid sharpshooters. They have no respect for the animals, all they're just doing a job of killed and stuff, which is what they do in California, with a mountain lion bill on believe the beer responsible and here's a challenge in a condemnation for the California fishing game society. The whole coefficient game anymore. They caught fish, fish and wildlife. Because of that, how can you go to work every day? Vice deleting your oath to while life science, how can you force mountain lion in the black bear in California into the liability column as a game warden, as a person dead did conservation. How can you vote delete your wise use, oath and t the mountain lion in the black bear into a liability because some dirt and SAM,
Cisco? Think it's unfair to use hounds or bait for bear, and then you to go in and shoot black bears, with tax dollars and I'm in a hole in the ground instead of a family recreational resource You buy licenses and fees and permits guides and outfitters hotels. Food lodging grocery supplies butchers ice taxidermist. None of that happens because some liar has forced the wildlife managers. Wildlife, Misma, engine of California to ban Mount. Line Honey, why you continue to kill them as damage control, instead of manage them as quality control. Shame on the California, while life officers, shame on you for not blowing the whistle like call me at the FBI how where you walk into that building. This is J Edgar Hoover over the top and not feel as the guilt, because J Hoover was one of the biggest criminal punks that ever walked this earth, and now
call me is following in his footsteps. Yeah. I challenge my F B. I bodies. How did you go all these years without blowing the whistles on the corruption, the power boost and the criminality by your so called leaders? I don't know enough about push ceasing to comment, but I don't know yet about what you did to. I do know because he's a liar and he's a he's, a he's, a perjurer and he's a felon and he had uh, I'm really angry 'cause. I work with the yeah I've had to rely on these guys to cover my back on on raids and they're great warriors, and they look away, because they're saving their pensions instead of blowing the whistles on their corrupt criminal leaders, damn them. Well, I don't know how that relates to mountain lions like to bring it all back, corruption is corruption, same thing, like I was saying. I don't think it's corruption. What is wildlife officers didn't get it. I don't think they're getting this conversation
there is some of that they're trying to protect preserve their jobs. They don't to stick their push with a very liberal government, but you know I think, that there's a real problem with education that this conversation doesn't happen in most circles. This understanding of balance of nature, of that you really do have to manage game boards. They know what they study the get degrees in it and they defy it and it's going give out permits after the them, line is destroyed. Millions of dollars worth of livestock and pets the out of people and killed people, then they kill him. Do you know? for they just reduce the depth posed to be quality control, not damage control. They know the system they've abandoned it and they've gone the political, correct denial route in said that the mountain lions are not game animals. That is a lie, so the California game, to part are liars period with the idea of the Mount lines on a game. Animal comes from people that have never eaten one yeah the day, omit Backstrap. Most people don't know I've never eaten. One
But I know I handful that have these are delicious delicious. What do the for you here? You tell it to people that are women. What I can have a lot of people, think he'd bears or sheet bear entered bag doesn't know this. Wake up. A lot of people don't know they're idiots. I've had conversations with people, because I'm a hundred bears that no one has gotten more mad at me. Anything I've ever done, then, when I killed a bear good good for you You must you, take this stuff you're, not busy, not the assholes you're an asshole, but it's people that don't understand what a bear is not around. Then they don't understand. I just recommend shut the fuc up. Go, do a little research, back when you have some knowledge until then suck my dick. Don't you it's better to just blended them. What it is I see it over and over again where they refuse right there. They refused to listen yeah, they like their ignorance. They go to maniacal levels to protect their ignorance, because it feels good because it's boo, boo,
It's really a cartoon. I respect animals, so I'm going to reduce them to the level of a cartoon. But it's also weird too, because it made up. There was a deprivation permit, that was issued for a mountain lion in Malibu, because it skill and got to this alpaca farm and just went fucking crazy and killed like ten packers in Alpaca yum yeah. Just if I didn't need him just now, they lied, lied, lied to kill, I'm big fan, so a deprivation depredation permit was issued so the sooner they destroyed much lives. Taxes. Lady could kill this cat that had been. You know he's qualified, so she going to hire somebody. But then she got all these death threats, which is, which is various, but here's the thing people say they love animals. Well, you obviously don't lie These are part in obvious lions coming in and fucking killing him all the time. By the way they die a slow death, because the lion just bites him and let him bleed to death and flop around for a couple hours and then goes to the one. That's next to him just trying to get away it's the ignorance is staggering,
why I can to fly it. It's a convenient right. It's like I, we love We don't wait till this mountain line. Okay with, if you love animals you'll, let them kill this. Mountain. It's obviously targeting these pets because this is not hunting by the way. You know why there mountain lion is targeting the pets, because there's too many mountain lions and the dominant males have run all the other mountain lions out of ideal habitat into your neighborhood, because you didn't harvest the sir plus now the surpluses coming into your home. Now it's a liability because you were too stupid to keep it in the asset column, it's absolutely sinful. They have the Pomeroys people have accomplished, they have a pond over to hone ranch. They have a game. Cam the trail Cameron that pond they got sixteen different mountain lines on that camera in the middle of doing a damn thing, it's hard to find dear it's hard to find dear here. It's like it's nothing like I mean it. One thing is good. People are dying in car accidents with dear, but if you see a deer in
in California. It's it's pretty rare, but again there's plenty of cat. I fly over California. I love California man. My blood brothers live out here where I'm the greatest conscience of my life. Last night in San Juan Capistrano firestorm tonight, tomorrow night we're in Pasadena, and then we go to Igora Hills, clarity, yeah! Then we go to big bear and then we go back to Reno and we go to Iowa and Ohio and Pennsylvania and over all over the country, and I fly in a little plane over the country and it's God's country, it's wildlife, habitat eternally all across country in California is one of the most beautiful wilderness states in the world and because Mountain lions have been irresponsibly managed? Now you have a distraught. Of the wildlife in the deer category in the small game, another game, because there, mountain lions are in the liability column. If you reduce the
outlying numbers, then hunters will pay for the deer licenses which pay for the game departments and the scientists to manage the wildlife see have balance. California is imbalanced. It's out of balance, because of the lie of the animal rights that have effect how the wildlife officers of this country, except that bullshit, is just a crime. They should stand up and go, you're wrong. This is a renewable wildlife research resource and we're going. You have a season on because now we're killing them is damage control, they're, still dying in the killing. Taking millions of dollars to compensate the llama in the alpaca in the cattle of the sheep and the goats in the horse, millions of dollars. Go to settings and then we're going to kill the lion and bury it. No, you don't get to eat it. No, you don't get to spend any money and provide game department finances. No, you don't
to go to hotels and travel and food and lodging and supplies and sporting goods and taxidermist, you don't get to increase the economy of, Tell your area because of one mountain lion, Hunt we're gonna, take your tax dollars and compensate all the dead read. Our livestock there were gonna have higher, for guy to kill the mountain Lion Joe Dig, a hole which, by the way you can take your dollars to hire a guy with a front. Loader dig a hole and bear Don't do this is new person, animal public perception it's because of the average per and I got you save your dogs. I have dogs, it's not presumption, it's ignorance in its Irish responsible, but this perception that does come from ignorance is that you we love. Animals, like I, have the dog you have dog. I've lived for my dad. I have three dogs. We love dogs, carry without him. He go home. You pat him people that don't of any interaction whatsoever with wildlife. Think of animals like to think of their dog. I don't want anything to die said and then you hear about amount line like a. Why would you kill amount like you're being cruel, but you would
Only killam outline if you're one of those dikla sass holes and once I go to Africa and shoot a line in the head mounted on your wall just because, but this is the thought process behind it and there's no push back because the public speak. Then I push back in the attack mean eight Acura, bring it on bring it up because ignorance bounces off me like personal hygiene from Michael Moore. It just has no impact whatsoever. I think he washes you don't think Michael Moriarty of what a what a swine he as as a sub human mongrel. If I ever saw a man abuses his a pre, he's a liar. What is a scam artist, gun control. Well, how about the fact that he put together that move that so called Doc, Mary. That Hollywood actually give him an award and he copied and pasted out of sequence. The attack on the great chart has claiming he was somehow responsible for the little child, killing herself with your paroled.
Ellen Father's gun and they put it out of sequence and attributed Charlton Heston defending such you're responsible. Ownership. Michael Moore is a line, cruel, stoned, punk, as he's don't constantly all day. All the time I think he uses suppositories. I don't know him, I do and I mean he's a punk have you ever had a conversation. Yeah, it was on his tv show and I was responsible for ending his tv show 'cause. He tried to fuck with me, and I don't know if you notice Joe, but I'm unfakeable, you fuck with me I'll eat, your family tree and schitt sawdust into your face. Ask Pierce Morgan. That seems like I saw
Your compass is not even close. I was an arm wrestling, the torso, well, the piers Morgan. The problem is, he didn't understand the facts. When you talk about gun violence, he didn't understand much of a lady seed new with them. He avoided think. That's absolutely plus explain what we're talking about, because when you say the numbers of gun violence, the a giant percentage of more suicide, a giant percentage of Ammar cops, killing bad guy and citizens defending their family. So all of those are out of the and then accidental gun deaths will Mass summarize it for you. So piers Morgan fancies himself, a clunky rather witty line me easy, got the accent and everything it funny low at night, actually an accent an impediment, but I he came out of course he's going to take on the motor city madman. I mean this guy's going to be easy pickings. He actually wrote Wango Tango, OP, all intellectually, this thing you're doing that's the line me you've got it out just to be manufactured because, confidence based on nothing except in ego, that has
no foundation, in fact, so Pierce Morgan, the CNN exec. So let's put Pierce Morgan on the Motor city match Well, the side they put it in a gun, or to first ask you: do you see the first one at the CNN offices? That's yeah in both of them yeah yeah, that's the best one yeah, and so they think I'm a dirt bag in and a goofball, because I not only wrote Wang Dang Sweet, Poon tank, I meant it, but when they me and they don't realize. I never went to college 'cause. I was too busy learning schitt and, if you take me, on any subject that I am even slightly aware of? I will fuck you up, because I've studied this stuff. I've lived this stuff, I've been with guns, since I could walk. I have had universal unlimited access to firepower my whole life, both in a recreational
eight disciplined a law enforcement, military training and just off family plinking competition. So when every considerable imaginable don't use. I've been sick be eight years of it, so they sick, Pierce, Morgan on me to teach me a lesson about irresponsible gun owners are in that. If we could just ban guns that all the violence would end and, of course, if you haven't seen it how to google it, because what is his what's his take? Well, I've I almost fixed him. Because I so overwhelmed him with evidence that they? Finally research, she realized. Every word out of my mouth was absolutely in dispute or what was most compelling that you were saying to him. I was. I'll summarize it is it. This way like I did peers the
anti gunners have their dream. It exists. It existed in Paris where all those people were shot with Kalashnikovs. Collision contraband they have their dream. Piers Morgan's dream exists, it's called a gun, free Zone, Virginia Tech, Columbine Sandy Hook, Aurora parkland every instance where the most innocent lives have been slaughtered have been in she Pelo Maxine waters. Eric holder, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama's dream. Their dream is a gun. Free zone, but we're free people are forced, forced into unarmed help where the most innocent lives are lost and that dream has proved who's more carnage and destroyed lives than anything in the world compared to the NRA.
Convention where you have the highest incidence of gun ownership or opening day of deer season in Michigan, where you have one hundred percent gun ownership and access where nobody gets hurt. So if know that your dream is a gun free zone and that's the most innocent lives are lost. What kind of demonic dirtbag would actually want more well, let me stop confirmation. I stop being his position or anybody's position on the other side, you would say the real gun. Zone would be no one having access to the gun that killed those people in the gun free zone, yeah, not a gun freeze, and the real in the real answer to dry means in America would be to ban water. Thank you. You work on banning water, I'll work and banning guns will touch base a few weeks and see every day. You can not bad. You can not eliminate guns, Finland. You cannot eliminate guns, Alber, Canada we're the guy who came into the university of everybody up it's impossible. So what you do instead of thinking you could ban water
learn to swim and watch your children by the pool. Call me weird, but the way to handle vial is to carry a gun practice with and when someone brings lethal force against you shoot the motherfucker people are very uh. Double the idea really harm society, comfortable babies, sorry, you're, uncomfortable it go ahead, bend over and die, but you know I'm saying I know what you're saying, but wouldn't it be better if there weren't any concern the the the the the idea is to some are to take away the concern of people being shot random by some psycho that you've got to figure out. If you get all the guns away, how do you get all the guns? We don't know? I don't know, but this is what I'm saying is that you don't know. So, let's just start, it's not try. If it's not that, then everybody's got guns to shoot. No, but everybody will not have lunch. Every some people have guns some people. Here I studied San Bernardino, I started studied roar. I started Virginia Tech. I studied Columbine, I studied sandy hook. I studied a mall
do you know Joe and everybody better write this down, because I'm the only guy that will tell you this. I've studied the cadence, the bullet manufacturers, the rate of fire, the movement of the perks and the movement of the victims. In every instance, including in Connecticut including Aurora, including San. The dean of right here, there were american citizens, who would have had a gun on their person if they were allowed to and they could have we had a meaningful force to at least reduce, if not terminate the violent murder. Threat, but by law we I've, been so dumb down and so forced a estar natural survival instinct to have a will on our belt that in every since were the most innocent lives were slaughtered, those people that would have intervene, with a firearm, not many of them, but
there is a janitor. There was a couple of guys in the office they had concealed weapons permit, but they weren't allowed to have men that building in Virginia tech there guys that had concealed weapons permits, but we're allowed to happen there in Aurora Colorado. Are you kidding me all kinds of people would have had guns, they could have returned fire, but they were forced into unarmed helplessness. Here's the gun, debate in its its computer conclusion. If you are forced into unarmed helplessness, you are unarmed and helpless. What a horrible your responsible, suicidal condition at him. I'm just a guitar player, Joe I've never been unarmed. Since I graduated from high school, I've always had a hanky in a pocket full of guitar picks in a pocket knife and a belt knife and built tool and a pistol and some extra bullets I just had
everywhere I go, I've never been on armed, I find it. How do you travel around? I improvise adapt overcome I've. Luckily I help house resolution two hundred and eighteen, which means all sworn law enforcement officers allowed to carry gun nationwide. I've been a sheriff deputy since one thousand nine hundred and eighty four, an my credentials. Allow me to carry gun everywhere. I go and I carry gun everywhere. I go in fact, even in England, American, enforcement are allowed to carry guns, and I going over there it's just a tool. If somebody comes at me, a gun in England. Yes, it is some dirtbag come Let me with a spike in the board of denture shooting. Why not right? When beat no I agree that I'm just not better to be aren't yeah, so it's better to have it and not need it than to need it not to have bingo the thing that we would all like to have is no school shootings. No mass shootings, no Aurora, no Columbine. No! So how do you stop that? Do you think you stop that with
more guns when you think you stop that with Mental Health education figuring out how to get people off of pills, figuring out how to keep from living despondent lies where they want to just tear it all, now and shoot everybody in her a bunch of people. Well, here we are that's the route right sure. Here we are two thousand and eighteen, so we can't go back in history, an find a goofball from Virginia Tech and what motivated him right can't here, because we have failed as a society to take care of people or respond with any sense of responsibility or effectiveness. To the glaring danger signs most outrageously in parkland, where the guy called kick cops. Forty two times called the b, i3 type that guys going to shoot up the school. Ok will make a note of that. Not the guys going to shoot up the school. Ok will make a note of that. The guy is, bringing a gun to school, to shoot. People here is his manifesto
we've made a note of that. But are you kidding me so now. If we go for them to do something until someone does something which doesn't no, Not, I don't think it's a failure. I don't Forsman. I I had a puts man just a shooting two hours ago, Jesus Christ, another one, five people are dead and before she were at, where Apple a similar Maryland Maryland, where no one is allowed to have a gun by the way into a newsroom and bunch reporters, how many please how much we want to bet? It was a gun free zone, Neapolis, newsroom shooting leaves five people dead, suspect in custody, a newsroom. Well, and then there's my point. So I'm in a newsroom Iraq I'd rather be sitting where you are, but I get for you got me covered, but the point is: is that the cat is is already out of the bag brunch, it's not too late. Columbine guys do clarine signals read alarms going off over Virginia tech. Guy read aloud
I'm going off for years on. The columbine thing is a difficult one, because it really hasn't happened before that you would expect it, but to parents walked through the garage for three years where the bomb making materials were on the able yeah, they weren't the best package. The guys were like zombies. These guys were like dope freaks bonds, Zululand, maniac! Well, he's just he's just different. No he's not he's freaky. We need to sit down, this guy get him some help. The Aurora guy told his psychiatrists The goal is to shoot as many people as possible in the psychiatrist in, say anything really. It's on record. He said it in Newman visits with his psychiatrist that he had threatened his golden it was to kill as many people as possible and he's now got his new Ar15 fifteen to do it with in the psychology It didn't, say anything: I've studied this stuff. We need.
Not only see something say something we're missing the part. The final part do something: when this kind of aberrant threatening, flint red alarm. Behaviors, going off intervene, sit down with this kid at the first instance. Your kid comes home, all glassy, eyed and goofy communicable and in showing weird signs like the sandy hook. Guy did all his life in the Aurora guy did all his life and the part when guys, zombie in our spare, like a wind, blinking, m storm. Somebody I know I would. I mean in my life with his musicians or family members are going right. Is going on you look like you're going to yourself. Man are you okay? What would do have that conversation with somebody like the psychiatrist did to the Aurora shooter demean? How do you fix these people? I mean What you're saying is, if you have no gun free on
so people allowed to have guns at least they'll have an ability to defend themselves. I agree with you. I agree with you on that. But how do you stop it from happening? In the first place, the anti gun people say the way to stop. It is to have no guns available. The civilians that can do things virtually impossible? I just passed so what we're dealing with just pragmatically when you look at three hundred million people in probably four hundred really done well, you haven't counted mine, yet I mean how many guns yeah well for every guy, like you that has HUN have guns, you know Everybody, I know, has hundreds of guns. He does not like a man, I got hundreds of arrows. I have four, I have dozens of guitars. We need to be a more assertive aggressive, compassionate aware society. And when we see these glaring indicator, we're never going to stop at all, there's always going to be evil in our lives, and you can't stop it. Hence you should be armed and prepared and if you're not
the blue being armed by all means, don't be if you don't want to go like I saw. Debate Bill Maher C away, yet can't expect every teacher to have a gun. I go. Who's ever recommended that that's what the yet yet take then people would go wise project should have everybody having machine gun, just shoot it. Everything yeah, that's a pretty good. That quote, for quote what I recommended. I mean if they go to the depend every time they're trying to make fun they trying to make fun of the proposition believe people should be armed talking to protect themselves against killers. There are people, I know everywhere. Teachers grocery shore Store, baggers, you name a walk of life. My Weldon buddy my mechanic, my dentist, my doctor, your doctors, yes, I mean they just they're pragmatists utilitarian Tarian their self sufficient. What? When did that become desirable to be self sufficient?
people, don't think that's the problem. I think what we're saying is that we have such a gun problem, there's so many people in so many guns that people, this one is somehow or another. Do danish the numbers Joe? We do not gun problem. When I was growing up, we had guns in school. During the season rifles shotguns were brought and put in your lockers. There was unlimited you. What is access to fire power throughout my youth, no school shootings, something else has happened and it has to dot do with big farm and the the irresponsible need, are bandied Jenna, gaping wound of a of a my showing you know up uppity child, behavior and all of a sudden they prozac 'em in a riddle in them this stuff turns into a zombie, my dear dear blood brother, Cliff Davies, the greatest drummer on the planet,
listen to what he did on the TED Nugent Album and the cat scratch fever album in the free for all album and the weekend warrior. It mean this guy was a god of musicality. He became depressed and was prescribed an the incident of people being prescribed mood controllers in a Shin controllers and depression controllers the incidents in the consistency with which they attempt to go cold, Turkey and kill themselves? Your brain becomes changed, it becomes altered. Your Odjick meter is off duty. With this pharmaceuticals in your system, cliff came home, decided to get off. The prozac walked out in the yard screaming
thrown his clothes out the window and shot himself in the head and Aurora Guy, all the there all on something it's true at the mothers and fathers out there discipline Is the answer not pharmacy. Cuticles, Conversation is the answer. Probing parenting is the answer. Would like I said when I was growing up. We had a cuckoo's nest. We had Eloise and people show dangerous and uh now, to social behavior. You RV and- and you put him in an inch. Tuition and even that is a mistake because it was always a chemical. Response instead of a compassionate response slapping for speed people do in the head. Yes, you do have to do something absolutely, but there it is argument that there's a lot of people to take these pharmaceuticals and they
no violent outburst, which I agree with two, but the people that do have. Aislinn outbursts are almost universally on something universe, yeah. If you look at the numbers and I've said this many times, I don't think we have a gun problem. I think we have a mental health problem still tries. Does a gun problem absolutely is whether it's someone driving a truck into a crowd of people. That's the same thing. It's the same thing. Do you think after forty two calls to the sheriff's department threatening to shoot the school and three to the FBI? Do you park. Landshuter should have been visited a little earlier than after forty, two and three calls of threatening to shoot up the school. Do you think the authorities should I have the right to go, visit this computer system and get the guns out of there. Don't you think when you say I I'm going to shoot up the school in my world. That would be good enough to disqualify
by that person from owning a gun. I agree with you. I don't know what the circumstances were with the parkland kid, and I do know that the FBI did visit him on one occasion. That's not good enough. You wouldn't know what they went there. It's not like. He was, you know p on the Alamo and just being a dirt bag, he was threatening to kill as many people as possible. That to me is enough: information to disarm the guy, probably institutionalized Murrysville take him in for review to a psychiatric ward. At that point, you can't say I'm going to kill people yet can't say, that D. Are you comfortable with the world where there's so much gun, violence and everybody just has to be strapped or no not? I lay dead. The last thing I I've said one hundred times to say it again. On the Joe Rogan podcast write it down
I do not want everyone to carry a gun. I do not want everyone to own a gun. I don't want everyone to hunt, I don't want everyone to have an eight hundred and fifty horsepower Ford Bronco. I don't want everyone to go on the Joe Rogan podcast. There is a time and place for individuality and individual choices and many people will always be uncomfortable. You know taking a hook out of a fishes lip so don't go fishing and if you don't feel comfortable around guns by all means just don't have one, but those of us that have a hint. Of warrior, instinct and rugged boy scout being prepared desire, don't disarm us were your best and within their they're everywhere there, those teachers in school shootings that were teachers that would have had a gun, but they were forbidden to and there are instances
this is something that people that are Anti gun don't like to talk about, but there are instances were trained. Shooters have stopped mass, things have stopped someone killing people Is there a? Let me come in on the while if get training, let's, let's squash, that myth. Big old fat jewish lady in New York City back in the 60s she was robbed gunpoint knifepoint over and over again remember they had like two thousand murders a year in Manhattan, just runaway mayhem, again. I've said she wanted to get a pistol and she went to the police station. I don't need to get permit while I'm sorry we don't give permission, but I've been robbed so all these times, I'm scared. He comes up back all the time. Ugh onions, good points gun once my money, I'm sorry, you can't have a gun, so he was frustrated. This is a documented case, and so you want to Uncle Joe Joe, I'm scared, I need a gun. Guy keeps going to kill me Joe got tomorrow, got a revolver
we don't I don't like it, just put it under the kind. I don't like that. I'm scared, I don't, like guns, never fired it in her life. No training had no idea, but she knew which, which end the bullet came. Next time she was Rob she shot the son of a she knew. To do. You know what the trigger nope no training. She one shot the yeah that was threatening her life. Now they put her in jail it initially. It's like you know: Bernie Goetz, defending his life, but eventually charges were dropped because it was clear and present she was defending herself from an engineered recidivistic, write that down engineered recidivistic, the system knowingly and intentionally, let's out knifers and stabbers, and rapists and murderers and child lesters. They keep letting them out. Those are the people. Ninety six percent of the time that but the violence. When I say engineer, do you think they do that? Because the prison overpopulation lack of funds or do you think they do it because they want society to be dangerous? I can
a how the motivation I can't imagine did anything. It's just incompetence and and just bureaucratic income. But in Sanitas fusion of responsibility or the predict, the rituals yep bureaucratic, institutionalized irresponsibility yeah in corruption. Use of power? They don't want to deal with it. Well lack of resource yeah cut him a deal. He only shot three people, let's get him on jaywalking. Ok, will cut him in dealing let me serve six years of his life sentence for killing those people. What time and that guys on the street he killed somebody who can't believe it yet arrest record going back to his youth, and it was one hundred pages long. I can't believe you let him out and we let him out. We knew he killed people. In fact, he stabbed two people he missed the artery. So we're going to let him out and see if he can study anatomy enough and get a good stab next time. Court systems are a joke, are prisoner. System is a joke. If somebody stab somebody do you want him you want him on the street with you. If you stab somebody
you are killing that person you're just shitty edit. If you shoot somebody and you miss. That's me. You're, just you're just bad at it you're willing to throw a bullet at a human being. I want him in a cage forever or better yet dead, right there and then, if he's capable of taking an innocent life, I want him out of the gene pool. I don't believe in how do I put it in that one interview? I don't, I don't believe in Repete crime, repeat criminals, I believe in dead criminals. If someone threatens innocent life, get him out of here? I really believe that, and you know who the best person to make that decision is the person about to get stabbed the lady bought to get raped. The guy got to get shot at this all makes sense. I mean I, I I feel what you're saying I think the real problem is: why does it happen in the first place because we're
Why did it doesn't respond to alarming signals in the hope of not hurting feelings instead of saving lives? It's a liberal mantra of feel good in act action versus tough choices in choices that will actually save like what think. It's also a lack of resources to and a lack of these people that are interviewing these cycles before they snap. Based on that really. Psychology, based on my tax bill, I think, have the resources just mismanaged and wasted by the way. While we're doing this can I hit bathroom, really air good for square matter here. That number is we'll be right back and I keep looking will stay a yeah amazing, you're, walking fantastic on those robot knees, man, it's crazy. It's amazing how few people can older pass. Sometimes it comes yeah you've got to understand, yeah
he slammed to waters. This shooting happening while he's on is so appropriate It's so crazy that this this is the time so this is the newsroom room. Why the got do they have a motivation for this guy? No motivation is being interrogated. Right now is what I just read and. It's amazing that these guys, why they get captured, but they don't get killed like the park. Kid in the law. A lot of these people like how they not killing these people when they're when it's happening. Supposedly, why kindness twice? Is it some fake news thing I mean he he shot reporters, you know it to and tell the interrogation comes out. I feel like it's not fair to say, but there are people pointing at things that happen in News recently fuck, it's just so much I mean I hear what TED saying that you should be able to defend yourself, I agree like if you were in a grow,
restore somewhere and some guy came in shooting and you had a gun. I would want you to be able to defend yourself. You know I want you to be alive. I agree with you. I get that, but that's is that the only way I mean or is it just what we have to do right now? I mean, I don't know So what anybody on the other side wants? Other than taking away everyone's guns, but if you take away everyone's guns, Howie, possibly going to do an audit of three hundred million guns in this country, how are you going to find all the illegal ones you have another stored ones and then there's that old cliche. If you outlaw sounds only outlaws, will have guns and it's almost like the same We're talking about one in terms of legalizing illegal illegal drugs and when drugs are legal, they can be taxed and you can make sense of situation you can have treatment centers. The stigma of you know the the the appeal of them of doing something you're, not supposed to do, is no longer there and then you're not fun,
in these illegal organizations. Organizations like you, know the cartels in Mexico or back when it was uh, organized crime, America for alcohol? When the prohibition was going on it's, I don't think that you're going to be able to take away all these since. But I don't know what the argument I would like to talk to, somebody was an argument that you could do it because I know they. Get it in Australia, but Australia is so small that it, and by the way you can get guns in Australia. People use guns there for hunting all the time, so guns are available in occasionally they do have gun violence, but they had like one mass shooting in the 1990s in Australia and they just banned all the guns. Australians, are there different culture to like this fucking culture?
gun happy from all of our movies and television shows, and the solution is always like: bang, Bang, bang, like shooting people as a part of the solution. You know, I don't know, I don't know man, I just no one has an answer didn't know one on that side. No one on this side. Every answer has holes in it, you're laughing what happened and nothing like a good. Yes, I always say I love the. I always say to you know this up. This conversation about guns, you know and- and I don't see an answer- I do I really don't. I don't see an answer, the ultimately, what we want to look, I'm all for responsible gun ownership have guns of hundred guns. I believe in gun ownership, But how do you stop gun violence? And I don't know, I don't know what the answer is, and I think this is ultimately with everybody is trying to find we were talking about when you were gone, the Australians were they,
Ban guns because of one mass shooting and they've never had a mass shooting since May, but their gun crime continues to go up and down based on other social factors. So there's not many of them there's only twenty million people in their entire country. You know I would like to address. Is a glaring beast in the Room of America. Your fifty something right. Fifty thousand fifty fifty one in August, be seventy and I've had a pretty good rate. I get a pretty good absorption factor of information, evidence, experiences, ideas, opinions, activities, what the hell happened
That would allow Americans, so many of us to become so evil that we want to hurt each other and kill each other and they kill children rob and unless you want to make the biggest impact, they wouldn't hurt the most people because they heard, What, where did that delineation from a post world war, two celebration of the freedoms that motivated our armed forces to defeat the worst evil on the planet? Japanese slaughters in the Nazi devils, that it was our constitution and our individual? who writes that motivated these guys to fight harder? And you know, as a martial artist, you have to see beyond the contest an it's almost like you don't
don't make your hit where you want to hit. You want your hip to go past where you want to hit. We were a united nation in one thousand nine hundred and forty six one thousand nine hundred and forty seven is certainly right. Forty eight, when I was born and Detroit was the work ethic productivity epicenter of planet earth universally known. We were the war machine that built the tanks in the bombers in the plains and and pride of ownership and end. You got up early and you busted your asked to be the best that you can be, and you kept your yard good and you keep your house clean and you earn your own way and it was an embarrassment not to earn your own way and you save for Rainy Day and you live within your means, and you discipline yourself. My upbringing was
and was poverty. I was never in need, but you couldn't drink a whole coke. You couldn't buy something cuz, you wanted it. You needed some socks, you, but I got them for Christmas and if I wanted an arrow, I had a you know: go to the pick up, garbage and try to golf balls back in in get deposits on bot and cans and cut warmer yeah. There was a the rugged individualism self sufficiency, the neighbor yes, the giving and caring and you know, didn't take a village. It started with family, but you cared about your neighbors knew what it over each other, and then I saw and with all due respect when the beatniks in the dope, and then the hippies and the disconnect and a carelessness erupted in and a meanness I started. Seeing
meanness in anger and and disconnect and and then after weather was? New deal or the great society, which kind of incentivized not being the best that you can be, and you can actually stay home and get a check and the unions would negotiate not on quality automobiles, but money. That may or may not be there, but will get you some more money and you can make chryslers that won't even start. You can't even drive him there such a pile of SH and I saw this Detroit go from this glowing. Epicenter good goodwill and decency and work ethic to live. Will democrats scamming people, well bribing people for votes by getting you something you didn't learn and then all of a sudden the city burnt down and noted there was couches, in the street in refrigerators on the lawns in it. Just
then do a lumpish. It breaks my heart. I go downtown Detroit now and building these beautiful architecture still boarded up. The sixty seven riots I took my kids down for the forty converse inverse the Amboy Dukes yeah. I wanted to show his beautiful city I was raised in and what happened to it and almost for drum affect almost like Cecil B. The mill was directing us Seen for me to emphasize how deteriorated you try. It got here's this guy in a sidewalk with his pants down taking a dump in the middle of the afternoon and I go well. I didn't actually hire that guy. That's really what's happened here, so If you allow your society to crumble, before your eyes without intervening and go ahead. You can't do that you can't do, and I've done it with my musicians, all my life to got dammit. We were really rock and last week and now you're all stoned and can't even
wake you up, but don't you think that when you talking about one thousand nine hundred and forty six, the United States we were, we were all against the Nazis in the Japanese, we were united, certainly that our lives were threatened. World's future was threatened and people felt like they had a purpose purpose. Do you, member I was in Sept. I was in New York right after September eleventh and one of the crazy aunt and something happened, a friend of mine fainted, and they we had a call fire department. You know EMT showed up and the the respect and the the the happiness that p all had when they saw the first responders I was like this is. This is fascinating, I lived in New York. High point. It was. It was a high point, because people had felt what it was like to be attacked to be a war. I mean that was what the attack on the to the trade center or the the twin towers was we're at war and they've. Felt this and they felt united because of it, and when these people showed up to help, they were excited
to see them. They were like heroes, they treated them like real heroes, and I was like this is a different feeling than anything I've had before, and I had I had to imagine that this is probably what it was like in the United States. I think you're right in the middle of the war. I think you're right when people were, you know United Working together to make sure there's enough scrap metal in enough rubber and they were car pooling, so they have enough raw. Ariel stood to gain twined Alber Bass for their work. Yeah people felt sacrificing for the benefit of their society yeah and they felt like there was something real going on where, as when there is no threat and no worries. I think people get lossed, I think the especially with no discipline, not everybody, of course, but some it's there's a tendency to get lost. Then there's a tendency for people to take advantage of those people that are lost and say it's not your fault. It's the government's fault and the from needs to pay. You in the government needs to help out so wrong, but there's this very strange and see the people have also
So if I may exalt here, I am with Joe Rogan we never met. I didn't know much about. Yes, everybody is bombarding me, so you gotta go on Joe Rogan's, the guys reasonable, sensible, smart and funny promoting honey. Now and I going down, sounds like my boy: let's go do this, you have to admit with intelligent, conscientious well formulated. Prioritization. Twenty eight I we can go on and on about the the problems in the world. Do you know that I'm the happiest motherfucker with the greatest band, the greatest crew, the greatest family love my tv show and New York Times best sellers and successful to some degree and the things I pursue in my passions doing. Your show we're talking about important issues and I have danger zone people that come back stage. We raise money for charities every night. You know Joe, that I can't find a dirt bag.
Your search well, but but pretty big circle, but you're pretty big. Sir again I walk down the street. Here I go to Starbucks to get a coffee, a local dead. They pay they pay for. For me, and LO the spirit of the wild thanks for standing up for our you, God bless you. I can't find a dirtbag, I'm sure I could, but here is a salute on a Joe Rock Joe Rogan podcast to all those people out there that do intelligently and responsibly priority and they bust their ask as are out there, there's monster armies of working hard playing, hard kickers, who sacrifice and take risks and try to a new business in fall down in the arena and stand up and brush themselves off and get back at it.
The people that I want to talk to right now: cuz they're, the best of the best, don't back off, friction, don't back off just comforting and counters. With her with your kid cuz, I've got buddies, kids died of fentanyl great that fentanyl, she was fine, I'll cry for you and you take in your arms and they didn't do anything wrong and they're burying their fucking kid you confronted. You are you telling me you didn't see this man here's my alert to people listening to the uncle TED and Uncle Joe Boogie look harder be more assertive if so, it, doesn't look perfect, look into it and if, if there's needy people instead of
even the money, because your pride by drugs or alcohol to try to get it done. If you make a donation to most homeless people to get your help and kill right now I get a bike. Search, yeah, badger elected employees. We need to have mental health facilities. What what are you wasting money on? You don't need to find out the sex life of a turtle. You need to take those billions. Grant money that you're blowing right now for some jack off and you need we to address the mental health homeless, truly needy, not the greedy, not the scammers were able bodied they just like to stay home. The people who have mental issues in physical issues and the Donald Trump is finally got a point. Time where you can fire a veteran administration, scam, artist punk, who doesn't care about the vets, doesn't show up for work and absconds
revenues that could have got a couple wheelchairs for a legless marine. Now we can fire the bastards, so there is upgrade happening, but those that do know do care, no more Care more in the end. Demand answers whether it's family member. How come it couldn't how come you didn't show up at the family event? What what are you doing? Are you I are you using what do you? What are you doing? I think if we start family name, and don't be afraid to tell you. Maybe I saw your son the other days passed out at the curb. I don't think we intervene like we did back when I was growing up, nobody would have tolerated when I was growing up? They would sound the alarm and I don't think there's enough of that. Neighborliness uhm not afraid to hurt feelings. Well, none of your business
are you wrote, is my business because you can you might hear my neighbor and get your mile on it. I mean I don't think we're aggressive enough. I come from a world of aggression not not being a about But asking questions at some point: you might have to shrug your shoulders and go away doesn't want any help. There's nothing. I can do, but I tried but you'd like conflict. Do you know you don't like it, but I like to I like to read a case yeah I like to intervene to reduce clearly. Did you know that the way you express yourself is entertaining, but it's also polarizing like a lot. Sure you know you're an you. You invite this sort of not intentionally, I think, by being a pragmatist you're going to invite conflict, because some people don't like to hear this ship yeah
Some people don't like to hear the ship, but the style in which you talk like even when, like you're debating Pierce, Morgan, you're, very, very powerful, with the way you describe things, and will you get people that want to argue back with you it's time for that, because I think the gentleman's approach, Mitt, Romney and and John Mccain didn't represent nothing. The reason Donald Trump won because finally, the kickers who work rough and tumble those construction guys outside the the the four seasons, like the four seasons. How cool is that of? busting their there to getting up early in the working hard to go, throw back a few beers and have a little barbecue at night. These are the guys talking about and talking to and and they're the ones who voted for Donald Trump Finally, because he came out it wasn't afraid you sound like a shitkicker voice, sound like them sound like us, yeah, there's a real problem that we have in this country with people that are career politicians and he was really the first
problem, yeah career politicians is the problem status quo. Did you know Donald Trump isn't perfect. I liked in perfect imperfect is cool you and me good, samples, but he came in swinging. A crowbar to this horrible status quo can best be described as well is not presidential you're God. Damn right is not presidential, It's all these pretend presidential guys got us into this mess because they were so cautious and they didn't want to ruffle any feathers. We we want to have a big tent, including all the you know, bad guys in people that don't believe in secure orders. What is that and people who don't believe in earning your own way? What's that people that don't know the difference between Will immigration and illegal immigration? What's that, so there should Chris Farley. Her saw somebody bust in the sky. That's cool you're. Damn right he's not presidential, because president, people got us into this train wreck and we're done with it. So the Republicans better be paying attention, because, if you're status quo. We were not voting for you if you
hum in swing. You have to be rude enough to be screaming and I have to be condemning, but you have to be honest and birth rate in sound, like somebody could have a beer with it, a barbecue and if you sound like a ship kicker and one of us working hard playing on Americans and you address, our concerns will vote for you. If you don't we're going to stay in our tree, stand in November, which is what happened tradition. That's why Michigan Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, with eight hundred thousand hundreds wanted for Trump, because we are a hunters nation and those families were a huge voting block they'd never felt like they have skin in the game. Finally, somebody had skin in the game, including my teamster buddies in my union buddies. Instead of just like puppets pulling that deal, Everly went the Democrats have been lying to me. The Democrats have been scamming me. I'm voting for Trump he's a status quo, Wrecker Yahuza when you say like lying and scamming what? What do you? What do you examples like
good grief but like what gets to you like what is the thing that, when you think of democrats- and you think of lying about this, how about what do you think I don't need to read this we decided to find out what's in it mostly on the house floor with this huge voluminous healthcare bill actually said, you don't need to read it. You need decided to find out. Yeah, you don't remember no, no leash. That sounds pretty ridiculous. She said it and then watch her try form a watch Maxine. Water, desperately
for a syllable, listen to the words out of their mouths. Well, did you see her? She did Greeks. Did you see this thing that she was calling out for people to you see anyone in the administration having dinner routine TED Nugent yeah, bring it on Assehole, disrupt and cause a crowd and tell him what you're not welcome every that's an insanely, irresponsible thing to say it's treacherous every one of my promoters have death threats because they dare to hire me everyone of my bandmates anmic roommates, some guys that are built in this wonderful bell. Amplifier. They just showed a picture on their website with me. Testing the new amplifier and people attacked him and threatened to kill him because they're working with the Coward animal
murderer the the gun, nut gun nut. I'm awesome screwdriver night too, but that's what I'm saying about you being this polarizing figure that people that aren't thinking deeply into it or listening to everything you say, but you can't rush thing. How else can you address it? Because I know that's why I'm asking? Well, I'm telling you you know Joe. The guys have tried to sound very polite and very nonconfrontational got us into this mess it you don't believe american needs secure borders. You're the enemy of America who doesn't know We need secure borders, Nancy Poulos. He doesn't Hillary Clinton, didn't read a Lynch didn't made come on. These people are freaks. America, first pisses off Democrats. How can that be if it's not America, think of it as you're denying opportunity to people that live in an impoverished third world country? That's connected to us now, I think of it as racism
All my ancestors came through Ellis Island as and didn't Now it's their allegiance to where they came from. You can still cook swedish and you can still cook German, but you got it and announce allegiance to come from because you're coming here here is a list of the United States is now just trying not to say they talk in a hard for somebody come over from Mexico and don't you think that the real problem is that Mexico socks that parts Mexico Soccer overall, you know figure out a way to help those people really. The only way would be to make Mexico so hell be and and and a great place to live that it's just like the United States is no reason to come over here, and certainly we have tried. Our policies have been very generous to those countries, in fact we're the only country that has been generous to them, but the rotation, the right yeah. This the questions: yeah massive corruption, tire Mexican Guatemalan, the all those governments are as criminals, Al Capone, Chicago and thirty two I mean so infested
the law enforcement is the current tell the military is the cartel. So so, where do you so that you get that effects? We have the right to secure. This is not my opinion. We in America have the right and the responsibility to secure, borders, if you think otherwise, you're dangerous we need to. I want people who need a better quality of life. I'd welcome them. I got buddy The game like that MIKE my son man, Frank, went through the seven year process from Germany, and now he's legal citizen in America. Why should I be able to swim across the Rio Grande and circumvent all that process. So we know whether you're going to be an asset or a liability. It's not rocket science, it's liability or asset. We want assets and that's why our immigration system is hoar. Riffic
in the legal one, so I know it's a problem but we're putting all these resources and man hours into securing the poorest border. Instead of processing those who legitimately would like a better quality of life in America, but first they have to. We have to differentiate between the protesters, who think that I need to turn over California and Arizona and Texas back to Mexico, so it can turn into a shithole. Of course, they left go. They know it's horrible. That's why they're here? Why would you come here to away from a shithole and then turn the place you came to into the this whole. We have a constitution. We have a bill of rights, you need to. Turn your own way. You need to work very hard if you're in the asset column. I love you in the liability column. I love you if,
having hard times, but if you have squatted intentionally is an able bodied individual. In that liability column, you are a detriment to America and you should get the fuck outta here. That's when you look at in perspective the people. Are able bodied Americans that don't do Jack Schitt Bastard is trying yeah anything they can to get here from Mexico to the point where they were little dying in the the desert yeah and they would bust their ass opportunity and jolted fair? It's not easy. It's never going to be easy complicated, but it is doable but priorities as a government, or so there's so just prioritized that all this efforts going towards secure securing the Rio Grande with people are illegally swimming across and jeopardizing their very life and limb when just down
couple miles, there's a legal entrance and it might be a pain in the ass but you're here with me today, June 28th, two thousand and twenty eighteen have you not put up with major pains in the asses of a martial artist as a comedian. That's not tough life. You got your world carved out because you put with a pain in the ass you over you improvise, adapt and overcome. It makes you happier at night yeah, but I knew them very fortunate. I was born in America. You know I didn't grow up in an impoverished crime bill written community. I just have to deal with gang violence you're, certainly not advocating them coming in illegally. No, I just think there's got to be there's going to be a better conversation about this and I think that the conversation is that if you oppose these people that are illegal immigration illegally immigrating in this country that you're a racist, this is what's going on right now, my bass player Marco Mendoza Mexican. It might be a
Johnny Gunnels, a black guy, but it's simple to call people races to like people love to do that. They love to reduce you now. That is that one word, but it's it's cool! It's it's ignorance of it's a a denial of new one. So that's a that's a tsunami of accusations against me and I've always made it perfectly clear. Throughout my seventy year life I have always judged by the content of character, never by color of skin. I to admit there is a racist element in me, because I'm expect a black guy to be able to play better groove than a white guy. That has been of or there's been overruled over the years, because there's so many white guys that learn from the black masters that now it is race but growing up, I always figured the black guy would be a better musician and in your racist against white people. Yes, in the early days, it was that way, but nowadays
um we learn from those black soul, artists that were the consummate definitive authority of emotional music from the James Brown, the funk brothers and Chuck and Bowen Richard and BB, and Freddie and Albert and all these monster black heroes of everybody's and musician the world that won't admit that. But now, because of that influence, all these years are the white boys can keep right up there with them. In fact, in many this is compared to a lot of the rap and hip hop, there's a whole lot of white guys out there. I think Joe Bonna, Massa and Anton FIG and really Jason, heartless and Greg Smith and other guys in Aerosmith and Z the top? I mean you closure, Eisner's, not there's, not a caucasian to be found in these bands nowadays, so yeah race, the the the the repugnant dishonest charge of racism, is complete.
He is, one that you can't shake. Just someone calls you racist and that I should get heat it people have called you racist. Contrary everybody, everybody the heart and soul knows I'm not in you know you know who the races are people to call me a racist. Those are the races well and dirt bags to be it's just it's an unfair thing to do that. People like to do because it automatically puts you on the defensive you're automatically on your heels, and you have to defend this charge against raising by proving you're, not a racist, which makes people suspicious that you might be racing slide. Oh yeah, I'm just I just live a great life with great people and Grace Creek ethnicity, religion, gender, gender, confusion, Now matters. What do you think about that? I think I think Caitlin, I think when Caitlin? Because I beat him in all the races we raced against? That's what it is. I pray for Bruce Caitlyn, what a great guy
girl. Now I will that's. If that's what she likes, it's a weird right yeah. Where was this? When you were a kid? Yes, it's a different arena of thought. N. Only she can. Make that choice an you have to respect that choice. It's mind twisting twisting anybody says it's not it's not being honest, but but it very strange lights, Diane Sawyer God Lover, but she had the opportunity of a lifetime when she was interviewing, Bruce and he was saying you know for all practical purposes. I am a woman then she said she should've said yeah, except for the deck, but I raced against so if she did say I wish like that man, but I got to be friends, Bruce when he was the God of manliness yeah, you know the goals Greg was done. Everything is just the kind of wheaties the bad,
gold medal in the Catholic hurtled the earth and I raced with them in off road races and stuff, and I was beat him which was just shit. Luck. Is more aggressive and he was a great guy, a nice, but I suspect, but still she's, still a great gal yeah I mean I respect anyone's choice to do everyone's letter writing people natural right into that category, absolutely how many people I have come to you that you run into in all your. You know. Your circles and music like curious about hunting the didn't know start 'cause, that's many things. It comes to me a lot. People like I want I have so many comedians is great. Isn't it yeah and they don't know get started? I'm like man. I wish I had the time to take you, but I don't. I barely have enough I'm going myself. I've witnessed, you articulated you're, doing a great job, and I thank you for that and solution. You've made great progress, inroads in that arena. Of ignorance and prism,
she was miss, but I'm very That's because I'm a loud mouth and I'm alive, I mean I'm engaged. I size my duties as we the people to talk about policies, and the face of my elected employees and hold them to constitutional accountability and I'm like yeah, I missed the Concorde bridge. So I'm here doing this now and I in my everyday walk at the sushi restaurant at the. Gas station at the feed mill at the charity event, people is coming up in those that hesitate, I guess never showed up, because I never felt any hesitation there. Always, genuinely intrigued. They express, confusion, an uncomfortable ness discomfort with the concept of
Celine game, but within minutes when I talk about sustained yield, habitat caring capacity, just simple, readily understood earthly logistics they go. I never thought of it like that before you go they're going to have babies next year and there's not going to be any new ground, we're going to have to grow next year's widely on the existing habitat in, in most cases, reduced habitat, but thank God, the others, can live in your backyard and the bears can live in the cul De Sac in Pennsylvania and coyotes live in your bathroom here. If you don't like the door so wildlife has adapted, miraculously I mean, give and ducks and turkeys are in deer and elk can bear there literally everywhere. You check out in Colorado I mean their land escaping Destructo Derby, so we don't need to worry about
encroaching on habitat because they will adapt and they have wonderful and again, more dear, more elk, more cougar more bear more tricky, more geese than ever in recorded history and we're slaughtering and by the gazillions every year because they grow the gazillions every year, an once. I expressed it to people like that, and then I inject the inescapable truism. You talk organic. You talk close to the earth quake The real food is there something better than venison I've 'cause. If there is, I want some of this conversation is when I'm talking about the people, don't know how to get started. They hear bout that and there's all this talk organic and you know close nature and being connected to your food, but they don't know how. It's pretty easy to start a garden if you have a yard but to to start hunting, that's there's a great barrier to entry. There is, but it's easily
come and go again. Go to my facebook. I mean not to be my facebook, but I am the the glow worm of the Mountain lifestyle I mean people have always come to me for that, because I've always promoted it and never back down in almost every interviewer brings it since the 1960s, because it was the tip of the culture war, controversial war. Controversial really was hunting and hunting guns. Those are the tip of the culture war from the beginning, because people were moving from urban self, sufficient hunting fishing, trapping earthly lifestyles, styles to the city where they were catered to and they didn't hear the chickens squawking. So they can feel possible for its death right. But if you haven't cord on Bleu era, killer yeah, that is the problem when I eat. When I expressed that they go here, you got a point there. I went yeah. I think so. I use blunt street term, nomenclature in ease
only identified colloquialisms of of turn terminology that is timeless and it registers with them quickly now getting over the hump to have access to hunting ground. I also have been effective in educating people on that, because everybody's got an uncle Joe. Everybody's got access to some state or federal, open ground, and even though the hunting isn't very quality on those public areas, often time if you are willing to pursue what should have inspired you to ask about hunting, and that means to go beyond the beaten path, which is part of the. Spiritual experience, leaving the modern push and getting to a wild area, find a lot of my new baptized hunting
young old and otherwise that they like going deep, and they will find that dear. That's, not on the fringes of public ground that have already been you know, so pressured that they moved into the interior nucleus of more sanctuary habitat in these guys. It's him, they almost cried they're so happy, even if they didn't get some because I got in there and it took me two hours to get in it was still dark. And I was concerned about my safety. I'd, never been that deep in the woods before the Manesty National Forest in Michigan or in any wild grass, Colorado, Wyoming Montana, California, and they said you're right TED. It's change my life just watching that deer come down. I forgot to draw my bow so it it's an immediate. Aliveness that is rarely available
in a modern setting, except for great family times, birth death, sex laughter around a campfire primal moments, primal primal moments. Yes, I called a prayer for the wild things. I actually wrote this in the New York Times way back in the uh. I guess it was the 80s. I wrote a New York Times Sunday magazine feature about my Christmas buck and I've written it in all kinds of places. I'm amazed that people still question whether I'm serious about hunting or not. I really kidding me I've written times bestsellers and the number one show on after Jennifer thirty years, almost two questions, one that you're serious about hunting yeah. I did you did someone actually questions on yeah. I just did not sure what it's all about in what they do. No one is saying: don't do any research did the right. My statements are just a. How can you not? How can you avoid that? Well, I mean there's many people that would hear about you and then immediately go all
fuck that guy I heard him talk yeah, I said he said Falcon. He somebody mother fucker. He did something and you've never been on the street. Really destry you've never been on the street. This language. Before you lying sack of shit this polarizing guy, though, does it get exhausting like so many people hungry actual time federated should They are tired, alleges constantly doing well and battle with people, but I don't I don't do battle, I'm merely put out the truth, logic, common sense to science, the it's irrefutable my opinion. I have no opinion, I'm just I like at the altar of truth, logic, common sense of science When I share it and if you can't grasp it, you got it and I'm here, if you need me, but you clearly like it you like, Well, piers Morgan interviews, yes, because without me, who's going to do right, but there lies will stand there there dishonesty in there
mean spirited. Why do you think they have these? Why do you think the guy there's Morgan does he's been so removed? They are so certified that they say five. They think they're cord on Blue didn't die right. They think that they're pulled pork sandwich came like value now in in with, in just minutes, honest person will admit that their tofu salad has a whole bunch of dead ground squirrels in its vapor trail an but in less there unless I tell him then with nobody else can tell Matt well another thing: that's a big blind spot if they don't understand where conservation money comes from when you talk to them. The Pitman Robertson ACT talk to them about what how many billions of dollars every year is it generated
sales of ammunition and hunting gear frozen narrow, and we did that. We self imposed that the hunters dark time but yeah the hunters that was before my time what year was that a hundred thirty certain will through the Dingell did. Robert pitchman, as was almost are, are are Teddy Roosevelt thing, but the real battle cry? Was in my lifetime? Readers know anti no anti hunting. First, ten years, my life, it it was. The concrete jungle certification removal from the system by which we are sustained? That was a convenient disconnect and you could deny it 'cause. You didn't hear the animals die. I didn't see the blood it was nice and cleaned up in the little cellophane package. Then this is new over the last few generations that denial metastasized into a cult of make believe in fantasy, but to their credit,
There is only a lunatic fringe. I don't believe that the animal rights, even though they've succeeded in in California. They are, in two dead in brick, wall everywhere else, even though in Michigan the dirtbags succeeded in banning the hunting of the number one game animal on planet earth. The morning dove where we grow more dubs in Michigan than all the quail. Pheasant Woodcock grouse come and that's a weird one right, because Doug's the people have never eaten They don't bother delicious and you here, but a w. Oh wait! A minute! That's piece! You can't shoot p. This is this is an analogy of everything. That's wrong in America, you're killing piece you're killing piece, but what is absolute? Friends, though it really is the lowest it's it's a convenient opinion. Yeah because it seems like it's until then civil yeah you're gonna die of? What would you should a dove TED in? Like listen, I'm gonna cook up some dove for you. And then you tell me why? Wouldn't you to yeah
ok to shoot a chicken. It's not ok, to shoot it up. Why is it ok to shoot a pheasant? It's not ok, you're much too pragmatic Joe to watch the logic you might hurt. Somebody conversations don't take place. Well, they just thank you. Thank God. You been baptized, because this has a great impact, because your average listener does not come to here. Hunting truth. Your average listener to hear smart. I dialogue in issue review. An intellectual an analysis of life's experiences, all good all perfect, but that you have inflected and injected the truth about conservation, wise use, wildlife management is Hallelujah moment, which is why I'm sitting across from you today, welcome back value there and a lot of it. I got honestly from people like you that were enthusiastic about that got me curious. When I saw how enthusiastic you were about hunting in about the eating of wild meat and how much energy gives you I got very There is many years before I ever started: hunting 'cause 'cause uh
I saw a lot of those pita videos. We see these horrific conditions in factory arms- and I don't want to be a part of that- I was trying to figure out how to not be a part of that and so when I first decide start hunting. But before that I was making two two cells: either I'm going to do this and I'm going to hate it and I'm never going to do it again and I'm going to be a vegetarian or I'm going to become a hunter and the moment I shot that deer and then we ate it. I was like oh I'm doing this forever. Magic Sucker Brook actually came out and admitted that, if he's going to eat, flesh he's going to himself. We did it with the whole year, everything he ate. He killed. You know, and I think that people would have a better understanding of what their food is and when you conversations with people when it talks when it comes to animal rights, ideas and what should and shouldn't be legal now, indeed what five ninety seven percent of the people eat meat I mean it's a crazy number: it's our life support system,
ts, food and people think you're just going to stop that. Listen you're going to get a lot of people that aren't healthy. This is not the way to go, and if some people want to go vegan and they can pull it off with careful study of their diet and making sure they're supplementing all the right things. Good luck, yep go for it. Well, you know you asked you ask how we can initiate this conversation. After my great hero, Fred Bear died in nineteen eighty seven, it was the next year. I started the TED Nugent Camp for kids, which was a movement forward of what he to continue promoting conservation and hunting the way I was so. I started Three hundred and fifty one C3 chair to the TED Nugent Camp for kids, where we're uh Colorado, South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa. Every year we graduated over
sixteen thousand boys and girls between the age of seven and seventeen from great volunteers, men and women from every imaginable walk of life that I asked the vet because it's got my name on it, but a great years of law enforcement, military, just great families, and we teach them the discipline of archery. The discipline of wildlife managed, including if you don't fish Appan the fish, will if they'll overpopulating no die off that you have harvest surplus to make room for the next productivity and wrapping the importance of trapping that that's how you keep disease under control and that's how you keep value, furbearers and that's how you make really great great warm clothes and at laterals and fly fishing in the meticulous detail and discipline. Of tying flies and been clean and sober and being the best that you can be and self sufficiency and rugged individualism. So this going on since one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine and
Still, you haven't read a word about it New York Times. You ever have to word about it anywhere because they're too quick to condemn me, because I'm so good at promoting hunting gun ownership that they be avoided. Me like the plague, but the real tragedy is that outdoor life field of dreams, field: guns and ammo. All these sporting publications, not a word, thirty years of a wonderful charity, crew, buy a household name celebrity about the most important things in life. They just don't care it's. So She mentioned it here on the Joe Rogan Podcast, because my tears have been doing God's work for all these years, and plus people have been very generous to Shikhar Safaris donate money. Every year and people just dig deep and make donations to keep the camp alive. So if people want to find out about that, then go to my website, but it's uh charity for children, about
being aware of resource stewardship and hands on boots on the environmentalism. If you're going to cut a tree, you might want to plant fifty simple. I know you do a lot of that. We do a lot You did not forever planting and you've done every year since sixty nine yeah I've got forest in Michigan I mean giant towering forests is fun to kill deer. Grounds funded Killdeer anywhere, it's exciting. It's challenge, and it's all the good things, but when you do it on your own ground that you earned is really special but you do it on the own ground that you earned and you literally built the forest heads it's spiritual. It's almost like I levitate when I'm in my forest. Well, I remember you had I don't member who was you had some rock and roll guy on your Sebastian Bach? I think one time it was one of one of the guys, but you were you were talking about how someone saying this is amazing. I wish I
Oh, this is great yeah. It was that was Steven, Tyler and Joe Perry. We're like my flight and snorted your own forest. I said you are snorted the upper peninsula. Who are you getting it and they did you Adam on here. He could have bought one hell of an ice ranch. She went on the shore and he would admit that that the life that you live like that life having this year We live in an area in both places when Michigan in taxes you in your own environment. You have your own hunting place, but you're it's controversial, and this is what's controversial about it. The fence, well, the Texas, property is fenced because I have exotic so by law, and why do I have? Hence why do have exotics? Because if it wasn't fence with exotics those exotics would've probably been extinct, now but landowners in Texas. We took the lead from South Africa. A lot of people don't know this In fact, I articulate in an upcoming spirit of the wild show hyphen
Hunting saved wildlife in Africa, because the the development of agriculture in Africa was in total, Conf, with the migration of wildlife. We're talking all those incredible species from e learning, Kudu and win and in Yala and Wildebeest. In in in in the warthogs and in elephants. They would migrate. Every year of all of sudden, the migration came to your citrus grove and destroyed everything get killed all the wildlife, because you want to sell your citrus. Well, the ranchers who value the wildlife more than citrus and there's nothing wrong with citrus. They literally literally said, got damn it every time I purge my. Only a portion of them come back because they all these aggregates urns, are destroying well in the wildlife to protect their agriculture? So I'm since my twenty thousand acres and I'm going to manage it. Twenty thousand acres is huge,
my Spirit, wild ranch, three hundred acres, it still has a finite productivity. Every habitat is finite and so they started selling those hunts for the surplus every year of these magnificent wildlife species. Instead of agriculture, all. Those animals are thriving in absolute natural habitat, as is my home ground. Wild ranch in Texas? You must harvest, surplus fence or no fence in mark my words, people who can M and criticize high fence hunting is not farechase are speaking out of their ass TED Nugent hunt's more days in an average year than most people will, in their lifetime, I hunt hundreds of these every morning, every afternoon the animals have to die. I must make room,
for next year's productivity. In your situation, in all situations, in your situation in particular, because you're only on three hundred acre, that's right have a certain amount of animals and habitats, everybody, even us outside my fence. You still got to kill them. Animals do, but a lot of like purists would look at that and go man. Is that really hunting me your ears, my aunt and ready in area ready, yeah Lifetime experience hunting, you most difficult animals in the world. The most challenging animals in the world pressured are my Richard Animals and Spirit Wild ranch on my open one thousand one hundred acre swap in Michigan, I want to shoot a deer. I can ninety set plus tell you with all my different choices of stands in my strategies of wind and and habitat and positioning bait, no bait just travel corridors. I've been living there. I owned, since one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight in fact, the one place
functions, one thousand nine hundred and seventy. I have like a twenty times the shot opportunity on my open ground than I do on my fenced ground, my high fenced hunting and all the high fence hunting I've ever had is is absolutely pure are chase. Is any wilderness? I've ever been to from the Sudan to Alaska, to Saskatchewan, to Ontario to Montana, to Wyoming to Northern California, it is hunting the role the fence plays. Is zero in killing an animal. It only plays a role in keeping pressure outside, so I don't have to shoot that two or three or four year old buck. I can wait till least five, but I still have to kill those fidget does and it's absolutely pure hunting. I
understand your perspective. The way the way people disagree is that the idea of these animals can never leave their stuck the stock there. So you know they're going to be there, which is the difference between that and like say you go into a back country Hon. You know you, you park the truck in the trail head and hiking twitch, I've Niles and try again, I'm sure you do the these animals. You have no idea, for they are not yes, Sir, what wide rent you have no idea, whether they're not right, for you know you have a lot of them right. You know you have a lot of sure right, it's just it's a different thing to be both! Well again, it's like two people have a problem: fishing in a stock pond or in a pond. It's not stocked but managed on my property so that I fish it adequately enough, so that the basket to be six seven and pounds right. But I don't let him get stunted right. Saying those fishing going anywhere and quite honestly, in those suburban areas in urban areas and even farming across America. Those deer are there yeah, they are there.
And I have no better chance of shooting deer on Spirit Wild ranch in the high fence than I do. Hunting the suburbs of of Columbus. Oh, where those deer can go everywhere, except that there is a highly right there, there's a hospital over there, there's a school over there and there's a neighborhood over there, and there was a factory over here. So every habitat has its limitations Yeah I had a conversation with someone about axis Deer and Lynn. I would just got back from that Lynn. Awesome overpopulated it's crazy over, sir. I said, there's too many, twenty thousand axis deer and three thousand people on this island. So someone says to me What's the challenge in that, I'm, like oh cry, you never seen an axis so wapiti they are why are what are what the most wired species is these side of bongo. And I'm going to say, mature Kudu,
These guys is a tango is a huge antelope. It's actually orange with black and white stripes from the central African Republic Cameroon, and so they involved get away for the lions were, as the axis deer involved, get away from tires. Yep yeah, they just anything that lives around cats, like mule, deer, high country, sure just switched on you're. Looking for my alums Michigan dear because there's you know some is there pressure from the died there? Well, that's the thing about your place in Michigan like in Michigan, it's very hard to find a large, mature deer, not on our property, because I'm just I'm saying we stop. Shooting young was and all the neighbors agree just like they did in Buffalo County Wisconsin, which is all just decisions by contiguous land owner right. To not shoot young Box, because somebody shot at two hundred inch and then went wow. We get that. I went on my farm, so they knew were there. That's why I was so popular because deer hunting was not popular in guys were shoes, six and seven year old mammoths, and so there it started. Deer hunting went well, I'm not sure
at two year old. You know booger buck 'cause go down. The road got a a massive stag, I'm going to wait for one of them and by waiting for them they do get older and they You have that mysticism of stagnant switches for the population better, that guy gets to breed yeah spread those good general. Let's talk about that to let black people go. Trophy hunting takes up the best genes. Yeah know what does it's not. We keep. We keep setting records for deer and moose and elk and Caribou and bear and mountain lion and antelope. Every year we set world records constantly because our hunting system of being disciplined and waiting for that mature animal are hunting system has produced the healthiest most monstrosity specimens in the history of record keeping every year, so we're not hurting anything by being disciplined and patient which, I've learned over the years and my son is very adamant about how many hunters are there's.
Mysticism to that mature stag show on the Brea. Is of our ancestors were the best hunters and they did the breeding because they were more, resourceful and more intelligently connected. The system by which we fed the tribe, so those those killer, stag hunters were always the leader of of of tribes and indeed, and still that way, Today, I'd like to think, and also this pursuit of bow hunting which is more difficult and more rewarding, because it's more difficult is many level. More difficult when you're chasing after a two hundred inch box, so Impala 'cause. This is six seven year old animal, that's been avoiding mountain lions and bears and whatever else is trying to eat it. Years and years, this thing is switched on. They take very clever pass. They let the the does
is the Fonz wandered first and they lay back and typically come out around internal come out about midnight and go back to bed around one. Now there is a variance there in South Texas, where age management was created because they a supplement, may God Center Pivot Agriculture, down the deserts of South Texas and that genetic is a very fortified genetic anyhow, two hundred deer or not, that rare lot of people think all deer in Texas are little but they're not, and if let TIM grow, which Texas pretty much pioneered. Those bucks in South Texas are, they easiest deer on the planet to kill. There's a couple of dynamics, there's just some strange journey, like linneage there, that there are calmer animal plus there on wide open, vast private ground, which means they don't get the public hordes of pressure and once that buck is a button buck the first year.
Nobody, shoots them. So he encounters the smells that person. He sees that person he hears that person no problem. Second year you little buck. You ran into people, nobody brought nobody messed with them. Third year it's got a nice little rack still ran into people. The problem is some corn. Here is where they're wheat field is the I smell that guy, but they'll three years, never bother me I'll, just keep it, for If your same thing, so they reduce their fear factor of the encounter with humans, because nobody shot at him because they're not gonna, show brother sick is that natural, but it isn't wouldn't that be considered. Like that's weird, that's almost like this is a pet. Or a farmer about that, I mean I'm just a relaxed animal that is not pressured, which S relax with a custom to humans. Yes, but they're still a loose. If you're not gonna, walk up to a club. Right though there are so there's a place is down there where they get so relaxed that they do and feed some of the does now big
it's so relaxed. That seems so strange to me. Well, but everybody's got their own little preference and I've. Never thought of wildlife is pat side. Wouldn't own, a deer as a pet. I would you're asking for trouble and it's it's not natural. But if that's what you like, I'm nice day? Well, you know those farms, the deer farms. It's that's, one of the primary ideas of the source of c b c, W d right. No, they think that a lot of it comes from deer farm knows I came from Colorado Department of Wildlife. What do you mean? one thousand. Nine hundred and sixty seven, the injected scrape ease, which is the sheep version of the spongiform stuff, elect me into the mule deer in nineteen sixty seven and they got out that's where it started. Why do they inject? I cannot imagine.
Regrets being assholes, I suspect, and so they're doing some sort of experiment. I don't know the you know: the sheep were more popular in America than cattle. There were way more sheep and cattle until Scrapie's came in, which is that that cwd version for sheep, mad cow in bovines and Crutchfield Jacob in humans and, of course, Crutchfield Jacob was a result. The scientists determined by the scientist Crutchfield and Jacob that the indonesian people It got this this spongiform condition from a mutated prion because they ate the brains of their conquered enemies. What is never a good idea So I'm aware of all this stuff, but believe me, When I tell you like on the Joe Rogan Podcast, the Cwd Hysteria is a scam.
Deer are killed in Michigan every year by feral dogs in all the deer ever worldwide by seed, Badi. I think the concern, though, with Cwd, is that it's spreading it's not my friend Doug, his farm. Wisconsin they're, just starting to test positive for Cwd. What is your do you know why? Because they're looking for well, it's not just that they were they were looking for before, but they think that it's come from animals that get out of these high fence farm operations, where they all feed from the same trough and they they they spread this from there. I think there's no evidence to support that Doctor James Crow, just if testified with me, in front of the Michigan Natural Resource, Commission and Department of natural resources and all the exam, List of studies have concluded that seed you do you can not be crossed us, but species? You can't get it you buy in the first can't can't person can't get it they they had on the
Monkeys get up, that's because the injected massive quantities into the brain of a caught monkey, otherwise they couldn't get in but Cwd W spent seven. The million dollars, I'm not making that number up which constant spent seventy million dollars tried to eradicate certain hers, which is a virtual impossibility by the way, and even if you were successful, the mutated prion. They stay in the ground. Typically through urine yeah and there comes apart of plants as well. There is no evidence whatsoever that Cwd is ever compromised. A servant heard It's snows been no reduce seasons even in the epicenter, the endemic area of Colorado Wyoming, where it started where it's the most prevalent. No have been reduced, Nova reduced in Tags, no reduced in harvest it's in consequential. It
Kerr's? So rarely they've studied the deer Eighteen years in Wisconsin and Deer that had Cwd teen years collared and monitored still haven't Vons. They it always fatal. It is not always fatal. Go to doctor dear r, Slash Facebook, either doctor dear dot com, slash Facebook or, if you're, not worried about it at all. Not what do you think is worried about bureaucrats that have scared away hunters in Wiscconsin and caused butchers quick processing deer because of the manufactured hysteria CW today is not a concern. Buicks more deer than Cwd W it
crash, go in and slaughter dear by the thousands. So if Cwd is killed, fifty eight deer in Michigan, which it has they found uhm, I don't think any of them were fatal. I think they had to kill him, though they did find one in Jackson County. They claim, I don't believe my just don't believe bureaucrats remember. These are the bureaucrats, Joe in Michigan, that that there were quote five thousand to seven thousand russian Boar running Wild in Michigan. Can we analyze that analyze? That claim for a moment? Maybe you can Tell me a what the fuck is a russian bore, I'll, tell you what a russian borders it's a male pig in Russia, yeah, there's no such genus, russian boar. It's all wives tale that was the official statement by a game agency in Michigan Lions, sons and then they claim and here's another one. So isn't it our moral and spiritual obligation to why easily use the animals we harvest. Isn't it yes in Michigan the farm,
chicken slaughter, sandhill cranes, which are known as rib in the sky right supposed to be delicious. It is farmers in Michigan's, can can shoot sandhill cranes but by law are not allowed to eat them. What is this a game department? You can trust, wait a minute. I will not wait a minute. You heard me right, you're not allowed to eat sand. Hearing this game department's going to try to tell me about wildlife manage when they claim they were six thousand seven thousand russian born by the way. Let's say there were six thousand five thousand to seven thousand wild pigs in Michigan. When they claimed it in the 90s. You know how many that would be today show me Some game cameras, eight hundred thousand deer hunters in Michigan. What is their ten? Twenty thousand game cameras, it a lie, see it is a lie. Cwd is killed, fifty eight deer in Michigan, so they claim the DNR authorize the slaughter of tens of Thousands who the
the deer hunter. The bureaucrats are I'm telling you in Michigan they've lost their souls. It's a heartbreaker understand the rationale for not eating Sandhill crane crane is none. What do they say? thing! When you shoot him, you have to just let him rot baby. You have to so a little more shooting them as a nuisance animals at the idea, even if it even if that's that's the idea, but here's the here's, the truth, you're the. There will tax. The guitar player will help out there if there's an said cranes for farmers to shoot open this season sell licenses, create a management plan and shows decency and respect- and let us eat read by in the sky. You stupid, bastards yeah that sense, see I'm confrontational. Now because I've been confronted with a sense of law did for just to utilize God's precious protein
so this is our world that doesn't make any sense? No sense! It doesn't make any sense that the morning dove, you know the picture of the dove on millions of boxes of ammo in Michigan. There's a picture of a governor says game load, but the Michigan DNR will say. Oh no! No! No! That's a songbird. You can't shoot him and eat it's. It's planet of the apes and it's coupon people that don't have any background whatsoever in wildlife or hunt. Well, but their true, biologists listens, different right and their influence by politicians. They are liars that question too wild boar like whenever I go to restaurant? It says like wild boar sausage, like how do you know it was a male yeah
you don't know as a man, why you calling it a board? That's true! It's wild pigs, but it sounds sexy russian boars we have eight thousand russian bored. What are they gay they're out there in the Woods Ban, each other? There's girls say God they're all mails there? Maybe that's what happened? Maybe they did have eight thousand boars and they're all going. Where is the fucking check? But how can the game Department use that the terminology yeah, it's real, proud with a straight face. It's a real problem that when they, when they speak about it, that way, you immediately dismiss what they're saying, because you're you're, not there not being actor in your inaccurate with describing what the animal is and you're inclined to dismiss any so you're only allowed to shoot those sandhill cranes as a nuisance, animal. You can't shoot over Needham, it's unbelievable, that's crazy and there, by the way there everywhere. There's plenty of sand hill cranes in Michigan, open the season and a lot of people go. Let me have talked to senators and congressmen they go away. You can't you can't shoot sandhill cranes when it's a game. Yeah dirt bag. You need to cook it for him. I watched
the episode of Ranallo showing they were cooking. I was like that looks like a sea fish fry red Animal, yes, red meat, yeah, it's just tragic end California can't eat mountain lions. You gotta bury him he's ugly, This are uniquely shot one with a depredation. Permit him that's right, wow, that's that's! In Dc it isn't a sense of waste of the animal. That's why I'm confrontational I'm confronting indecency and trying to get some honesty involved, and you can't do it by backing off and being Mitt Romney like and bring a doily to a grenade fight said to Whaley I'd like to bring an eight hundred and ten warthog to a Porker game TED. We just did three there's like fifteen minutes right, even warmed up just flew by right. This time, just flew by that, because it's a lovefest of truth logic and common sense, listen. Man is been,
a pleasure to meet you back at should be able to sit down with you again and have a good conversation here. My friends were right. You deserve me an I think. It's I think it's a good opportunity for people get a chance to see you in a long along. Conversation rather than the sound bites, they could just choose to hate me, especially when the sound bites are edited and manufacture house. Let's make it perfectly clear, I did not avoid the draft. I did well, let's go that I am not using real quick, the old school story of Ed an interview, supposedly the you- should have yourself in higher ties to a matter by the way, Joe, your your you know me pretty well in the last three hours, if I had she I'm myself to get out of the draft. Do you think for a minute I would did not yet no. I would I would be right. It was a stores at about. I went in and got my dress physical, a by the way when I win in nineteen sixty nine, I was Superman. I literally would her Volkswagen bugs I was.
All muscle and sinew I could. I was Superman. I was the most athletic running, jumping Gazelle known to man and I went in I didn't know anything about Vietnam. I didn't know anything about war. My dad was a war hero, but nobody talked about it. I never heard of the Bataan death March, I've graduated from the american education system, so I knew nothing and there was all protests around me, but I wasn't returned in the protests because I was making every day I mean just obsessed with the Amboy Dukes and playing gigs everyday, and I didn't pay it I never watched newscast in my life, but I was given a draft note I went down. I went down and have my draft physical and I passed with flying cover colors and I got a draft card and mail, a couple months later, through my mom, dad's house and one white, but not a deferment. It's a or the designation. I was in our our local community college at the time. So it was. Why was a student
designation, I believe, but I was ready to rock. I didn't want to go. I didn't understand me, but my buddies were going on a break. My singer had to go Rob Leonard from Amboy Dukes had to go so the only way you could have gone as if you dropped out of school. Is that what it is a deposit, a deferment. No, I would could. I would have been called anytime, so you could have sure just weren't sure and then the Wikipedia claims I gotta 4F4F F as a for effort means you're physically incapable I'm never been physically incapable of anything so they make this shit up. So it's so. I did an interview with high times which, by the way, let's make it clear. I've done this so many times that people ignore my actual statements. So I have been doing interviews all 'cause, then producer run fire and I was just an outrage on stage with the loincloth in the bone, arrow feedback in these killer. Songs in the band was so good this in the world. So I did
reviews all the time talking about the music I loved and then We got anything right. These stone, dirtbag, hippie writers the gas guys in the bands names wrong. They got the facility wrong. They did. Mentioned songs we didn't perform, they got nothing right and every time I'd read the interview. God we were talking about my music, you didn't even get the song titles right, so we started having fun with these interviewers much to the entertainment of my bandmates, who would break out hysterics when I'd make up stories, because I'm not going to even try to be accurate anymore. It was an on going. Maneuver of mine would have these hippie writers come in to take notes and I'd, say yeah. I played his fender strata caster as I hold up my Gibson Birdland, which was known for and they'd write down. He played in Gibson Strata Caster's most such thing as gifts cratic gas. So I was having fun with bag anti journalist. So now I'm invited to high times magazine and I was hardcore anti drug. So I go.
This guy. Is he I am using, is typically so Terra so. Tell me about Deci, Amboy Dukes or what is it like? A band? I went yeah, it's like a band, shop. It's almost exactly like a band for kind of question. Is this How did this so any house started so draft. So anyhow, we started talking about when I'm with the MC five and the stooges, and we would part- and I go yeah man- I was snorting something I don't know what It was man. I just got hired a kite. He goes wow. You think it might have been a crystal meth and I mean yeah, that's what they called it. Never snow, Christy is made up. I just went nuts and I we went into the war. Thing I go, I don't know anything about war, I'm a I'm a guitar player, but I went down for my dress is a when I went into the art to give my urine sample. I major sure I it can food all week. So, instead of piston in the urine cup I took a big dump in it was green, went all over the place and the guy went one
Oh yes, you really yeah really is I made up this story for high times magazine. You know the great magazine of good information and out, and then it turned out that my drummer Cajun night, God bless him. He's actually admitted this in and testified that that's what he did. It is uh. We thought it the funniest thing in the world were teenagers, and this guy went into the draft physical, just an absolute near death, lumpish yet to get out of the draft and we thought find your, how we weren't paying attention to important things in life, and so the TED hate in liberal press started, quote in the high times magazine and quoting an Ex girlfriend who claimed that I adopted her that her adopted my girl If you read that one I did read that when forgot about it,
yeah. We got adopted her, so you could take her on tour with the no, so I could fuck her the story was, but that's a look. Absolutely that's how it works. That's not! I think it makes it easier to talk and once you adopt them, I didn't adopt anybody right. I never shipped my pants since I was, I think, eight months old I've been with an underage girl. Since I was underage, I'm not racist and what else they say all. In the same that the claim that I made Courtney love blow me when she was twelve. I think she claimed that all right yeah, I never met Courtney love. You can tell. I don't have a rash of you. Just got to be kidding me. They just make the should because they know I'm so good at bringing my basic conservative agenda forward.
They have to go full Saul, Alinsky and lie and lie and lie in. If you go to Wikipedia to find out about TED Nugent, they repeat. These lies. There lies and everybody was saying everyone, the thing is, if I had done it, I go yeah. It was awesome, but I didn't do any of those things. Anyone can edit wicopy. He does have a boss very strange. I think she might have better. Yes, so I'm glad we got there. So this thing is just persisted forever. Obviously, it's stuck in your craw 'cause. You wanted to bring it up at the very end of the stick in my craw. It's just it's a fascinating example of the dishonesty in the Anti journalism agenda, driven Anti american Anti TED Anti Second Amendment Anti freedom, buffoonery, exist. I think it makes for an interesting podcast exchange. I think so it's not in my craw Even in my universe, but I notice it it's hysterical TED Nugent German. There you have it.
Full until next week by everybody boy. Do you know folks, TED Nugent's, a normal person, sort of human. I enjoyed that and I enjoy talking to you folks and I hope you enjoy the podcast. Thank you to our sponsors. Thank you to express VPN You can not take back your internet privacy today and find out. He can get three months free when you go to express VP and dot com forward, Slash Rogan, that's e, x, p, r e S, s v, P, n dot, com, Slash Rogan for three months, free with a one year package visit n dot com. Rogan to learn. More Donna were also it's you by the cash app once again back with the cash app, maybe the machap allowing you to do the most with your cash and don't forget when you down
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zip recruiter the smartest way to hire oh yeah baby. That's it! We did it folks, we got through a podcast with TED Nugent Holyshit, good times. Next week we got a lot of fucking, wonderful guests, good googly, Moogly got one, can't tell you about who you can't tell us. Why can't you tell us 'cause, there's a sacred Bich, Jordan. Peterson is going to be here, though Brendan Schaub will be here. Joey Mutherfucking Diaz will be here. Oh that's as good as it gets, and then there's one more. I can't. Yeah, alright folks we're doing great everything's groovy, I hope you're enjoying the show I'm enjoying doing it. I appreciate the flock out of you all and I'll talk to you soon, oh, and
see you better soon. Tucson were coming in hot by.
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