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#1141 - Theo Von

2018-07-05 | 🔗
Theo Von is a stand-up comedian, television personality, host, and actor. Check out his special on Netflix called "No Offense" & his podcast called "This Past Weekend" available on iTunes & YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5AQEUAwCh1sGDvkQtkDWUQ
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the Joe Rogan experience professional turns up down down ha a non professional or someone who's, half fasten it to keep the phone up really yeah. Have you seen that? Yes, some people keep the phone up check the phone time to check in the mail podcasts Russell Peter Chant leaves phone alone really try again for a hole, Podcast Russell Peters out of checking his tweets, what impossible impossible he's checking things? Sometimes you read off tweets, and so people are Doug Benson used to that. That's why I'm trying to get away from it? If I can I'll find times if I'm going to go, eat now, leave it leave it in my phone in the car. Yes, power move, and I hadn't done that before I
started and it's not even a natural choice. I'm making almost it's like something. I need to do. Yeah it's a chicken ship move right. You're scared scared to leave it in there. Yeah scared scared Lee. That form would have some important outside itself. I need to know, but there isn't. There is a thing like what ifs an important happens yeah. But what is do you think like? When does that happen? Super rare, but if it did happen, while your phone is in the car and somebody needed you you'd feel terrible right, but you got just what is the it's like so slippery, we don't have any way to get in touch with back. In the day you had to yell for help number that they can. You know how yeah, not in LOS Angeles, there's too many people you yell for help in some languages help mean something else. I think it's you know something not good or something in Arabic or something people funk you up just make that up, I'm not sure honestly. I think I might have heard that because I live in
wooden, we have it's very diverse over. There is a lot of people, sometimes yell and stuff in the street. Do you think for real? Do you think help mean something bad in other languages, is unreal. Somebody told me hello, means go to Hell in like Greek or Latin, like um, like politics means like a political like like something like not good, like some tick can't take like blood, sucking really government or some Let's start with one. Let's start with, should we do with hello first yeah, I think because- and I just say things- and I don't even know- sometimes think if somebody just told me to say hello when I was young and I've been saying my whole life. But what is help mean is how mean anything in another language is healthy,
Edward in other languages! Okay! So I'm looking at if the word help means something in another language, not right, there will help and right. You know if the word help means something in another language that awarded it. You have to worry, uniquely, I think, cuz, it's that's a hard one. That's a that's a that's I don't even know anymore now, it's translation. Maybe arabic or something like that- have any sort of alternate meanings. In other languages yeah, I'm not in anybody there. They are whatever and their whatever. Or whatever you know, arabic and Hebrew like those old old languages? Have the coolest letters away. They write things like you, look at some old hindu script or something like that like why, that looks so cool. It seemed like a mystery yeah man, anytime, even russian, when he see Russian written out like whoa,
look at the crazy little letters they have like look at that, like just like some alien writing, yeah I'll be furious, and I couldn't I couldn't Imagine having to learn some of the other languages. You know like I'm, going to China next week to Shanghai and I'm like it's like just me. Looking around different drawings. You know like, as far as even though it words go it's going to be. I think they have a lot of stuff in English. There, oh yeah yeah, but there are a lot of countries where there's a lot of tourism they just put stuff in English. English seems to be a language that most european countries, like most people know you. Could you can kind again by in ITALY, you can kind of get in Germany he just speak English, it's uh! It's It's really interesting man 'cause! It's because I guess there's so much tourism and I guess everyone's worried about us 'cause. We have the nuclear bomb everybody learned English and we
Havel a lot because we have more money here. Probably so we have the ability to go places. Maybe do you like english that's the only language I know yeah so yeah, I like it, but it's just weird how much cooler other languages look when the written out. I guess it's just 'cause what we're accustomed to but look at Thai writing or, like Ok, I was sweating. I try to read someone time and tie. I was sweating by the end of it. Crazy is that I mean that's crazy by seafood like it just like it took me out of my element, man, there's a couple of a couple of words off. You know almost needed help asian characters. Look like if you had a movie like a science fiction movie in the movie, they found a crashed UFO and had some writing on the I beams or something like that. It would asian writing right. It would look like something something crazy from Asia that, like you like. What am I looking at right like Alias using it might as well be alien writing if you don't know it yet
Alien. Writing. You think it's going to look more like something asian writing than it is from American. Writing. Well be weird if it was like comic book font yeah like. If that's how you feeling or whatever yeah it's like wait a minute. Alien speak English, yeah bro! Everybody does What if aliens were like a Boeing shuttle who like what the hell man that's the biggest mindfuck that I ever heard was that because the size of infinity Not only is there another Theo VON out there in the world, but there 'cause infinity is so big. I'm going to butcher this for sure we talk about this a little bit less, always in a good way, they'll, never letting you've ever done. Someone is done the eggs exact same things in the exact same order down to the last millisecond, Do you believe? Do you? Okay? So that's something that you think or that some of the you think that could be really true. I think it could be really true, but
Leslie. My brain is not really strong enough to compute that so I would to take many many many hours really thinking about what that means. 'cause right now. What I'm saying, even when I'm saying I'm like it's one of those whoa dude things like I'm saying it, but I'm not really thinking it through. Yeah like how much how much you really thinking through it is a couple steps you're, not really thinking. Ok, that there's a so then That means for you, there's another there's another man out there who did comedy at last night at the comedy store who wore did the exact same set tripped over the exact same words spilt as well. The same way every it's supposed to be everything not only that the because infinity so big they're supposed to be infinite number of those people out there yeah. I don't want I don't man because that would hurt my feelings on the say you make me feel I think it makes sense. I think it makes sense. I think the universe is so big right. I mean everything so big, just what we know about our
source systems so big, it's so big. That alone is crazy. The idea that there's no end the crazy we're like Non OZ got to be an end. No, no, no, no! No! No! No! It's too crazy, yeah hi, what's crazy? When it comes to the universe, the universe is crazy. There's nothin a out of the mix anybody said it's true. I mean it's so crazy that we don't like to think about it. Last night I was watching the fireworks and the fireworks were going off and I was thinking yeah. This is kind of cool. You know, what's cooler, the Fuckin' billion. Is a flying explosions that are above our heads, yeah the free fireworks that are constantly in the sky. It's like we just will get together, for something made in Honduras, but the fact that there, like I think the stars every night nobody gives up yeah and we like, because the street we, don't see the craziest light show ever, which is the milky way yeah. You know when you draw
Take that drive out to Vegas or or into you driving, Montana at night or something like that you pull over? What is that fireworks from last night wow? That's last night, this from the NBC four helicopter, that's crazy, Pasadena to downtown that's awesome, Those are illegal, so at least at least half of them are illegal. Right I would say most of 'em are illegal, looks like a lot of like a a civil war artwork also spent a dude for a firefighter that has got to be a crazy time, but some of them get all I think, on fires, like some of my thing, they were a little. If I don't think yes well, it's been given that some people that are mentally ill that become firemen, actually start fires, something you know it's not it's not ninety, nine point, nine hundred and ninety nine percent of them, one whatever the numbers, but you kg in every line of working at someone, who's, crazy yeah- and I could see that dude, you want something. Gone and you don't have a lot of money or anything like that. I think,
so that it's also just wanted their crazy yeah. You know, there's just something There's something wrong right. There's, there's connections, They are being made in there and then not. They they're capable of doing things just to deceive people, rip people off or they're, capable of doing things for their own personal gain like lighting a building on fire just so they could put it out right. I just some people that are just broken like there's something about them. That's just not connected right. Yeah, we should shut him down man. I think I think in the future We have to have some better programs to find out who's, just not even who doesn't care about people. Yeah, there's people that yeah. That's a really good state, fair about people who doesn't care about people, because if you don't care about people, then it's just not then you shouldn't be here. You should be somewhere else. You should be in a place where they don't have any people. You know chances a dangerous thing to have around. For the most part, it's fine, because life is fairly
easy in civilized times. Right most of the stuff is fine, most of the stuff yeah without you know the caveat for the occasional chaos, but it's just fucking it's hard to tell how crazy People are until something really happens and mean you really need to count on him and when they, you know in your pinned, underneath the dresser and they look at you and they just run out of the room and just take off and you're, not even going to help me. There's people like that. Do you think some of the people in even know that they would do that until the situation arises. That sometimes well, I would love to have some and I know this sounds a little dark, but I'd like to have some serious stressors in our world to find out, even who I really am. You know like see who rises to like who you are inside right, like what rises to score of my skin and says this is who I am you know like. I got trapped in elevator wants do with like seven or eight people. Okay, in sounds like a small idea, but this is like three hours right and suddenly like at first ' It's kind of verbose bose. He suddenly, like I'm the leader, but
an hour later, he's like trying to fuck a couple chicks that are also stuck in the elevator, and you start to see like ok when he was trying to fuck them like it was hitting on them or he's trying to actually get down in the elevator. No, he wasn't talking over. He was maybe going to come later if they got out of the elevator safely, not like uh or like a guy who's like going to date, him or like take him to dinner and then hopefully have sex with them at some point if they want to as well, but he been on this and they get yeah, consensual sex, yeah yeah there you go but he, but you started to see. Who was who like one guy, was like just literally wouldn't listen. Anyone tried to rip the doors open for two hours and then I just like just like gave up on that. Like one was really scared, like immediately started to kind of fold out who is going to be who you know, I wouldn't know what to do. I don't know if you see, I don't think you're supposed to climb out, though it seems like death right. I climb out of that shaft you're supposed to stay yeah
I yeah I mean they must have some sort of regular, but you know of an elevator fell in one of the UFC Hotels like real far and fuckedup up Cb Dollaway, one of the UFC fighters. His back is fuckedup up from that apparently apparently cylon, and I don't think he fought that day. I think they had to cancel his fight. I think I might be wrong about that, but I know his back was like significantly fucked up from that fall elevators make it too easy man. I miss the old days sometimes when you just be scratched from the fight yeah he's fought since, but and he still having problems with his back yeah it's hard to fix to a back it's one of the hardest one of the hardest things to make better again, it seems like every time people get surgery it's just slippery slope. It's very rare that someone get surgery on their back and they go. Oh my backs great now, everything's fine. It's always like
we got go in again. I got another discount, like oh, the state, they're literally getting their back fused from top to buy no dudes with like four five fake discs in their back Still fighters do ya, know yeah a has several fused in his neck. He has femme shall spacers from where the disks used to be yeah. He has that in his back his multiple operations on his back. Do you think that that, like 'cause People. Think, like you know, a lot of your chi in your like lineup. Is you know like here? Do you think that that yeah that yeah? I don't know. I don't know if that's real I don't know what is that is it? Is it the actual disk gelatin or is the find itself the spinal column, where all the all the nerves are firing. All the way up to the brain stem yeah. This really fucking crazy thing to risk. Have you think that about that, like the connection between your brain,
and then that cord? That goes to all your body and everything moving? And it's all just this back area that very few people ever even exercise which is so crazy every he's doing all this. The shit to get your biceps looking fly and pump your titz up and very few people are concentrating on like lower back exercises reverse hypers, protecting your spine, putting muscle all around that work that core to like kettlebell win. Yeah we do kettlebell, windmills a do. Do that they're, so good, kettlebell windmill, see you like it press the cattle, but you go down. You touch your touch the ground by your foot and then straightened back up again. It's just a million wow for your spine, like all the muscles around your back, that stabilize everything and your obliques in your abs all your core. It's a great exercise. I gotta do more like adult fitness man, I got a g little bit, but that's that's what it looks like damn at all, that's a human
find your nervous system. China next week, you can have dick over there. Somebody said they dude Human, a human way. A buddy of said that and he's eating a lot of? he's eating everywhere is the Andrew Simmerman honored foods, on the podcast yeah he's a chef travels all over the world, really cool guy. Welcome this. That picture is fucking bizarre man to think that that's all the stuff, that's firing your nerves, that's crazy in what is that? What is it even look like it almost looks like a jelly. Fish are like a. It looks like it's reaching for something doesn yeah. It should not for the cosmos on yeah I, the top, is making nuclear bombs. I think at the top is making George Cell phones and forty mega pixel front facing cameras. Think it's
thing is making time machines that fucking thing is making satellite transmission of video signals instantaneously, delivered to televisions worldwide. That's what that thing is making it easier things make it Slurs robberies make it pistols steroids that things make it oxycotton that bucket things make it everything, that's what but about the human brain areas that we doubt that things make it whiskey that things making Chris meth crank that things making nail polish and faked it's. I think that thing is off the chart. If you look at, if you look at the human brain for like all the shiz responsible for you like what that area, all my god and it looks like- something you would think? Maybe wouldn't even do nothing if you walk by that on the street- and you didn't know, was a brain. You be like. Oh man, she is
my favorite out here all the time they gave us. These is Mars attacks with they have their the Expos Brain ACT. Remember that your member Mars attacks, I never seen anything. You never saw Mars attacks and watch. All of this is one of the greatest movies of all time, it's TIM Burton right is that who. If I believe it's a really I'll write it down, because I want some amazing isn't so good dude Jack Nicholson is in it me please to place to obviously different people really, but it's obviously the same guy playing two people. It's never brought up, so it's a great movie mad at me. It is a great great movie. Our lives bad. It's so good. Bizarrely, it seems like it looks back yeah lots here, but it's all on purpose. Yes, on purpose, it's like when the when this it's what it is, they somehow or another captured how we feel about this time period. They captured it with this weird, like Vegas thing with.
Is the President back then, and when these aliens come off this spaceship, it's there's something about The way they move them makes you think, like you're, watching a movie from the 50s, but still really good like just good enough, but what he did by making it affects weird and barely real, Is he almost gave you a nostalgia for like eighteen, sixties, nineteen, seventies movie. I can see that a little bit right here, yeah, but but it's better MIKE. It's way better than anything they were capable of. I mean look. The in the shadows on the head and everything like that, watch a little bit of this real quick when they first land. We come, we come in yet
They came in peace girl from Mars High school. Do you think you need something from me They had like if they had to say this, because I knew I'd like to be a wild of I've. Seen some of you stuff, you eat kind of rare, you eat kind of rare, you not afraid to eat the and would you have say this: they catch a Mars donkey or something you know and they're just they're serving up you don't even know right that would be looks awesome. It eyes wide shut party serving up a donkey from Mars pounds that you are connecting. I would need it no chance. First of all, people, first of all, people are going to be definitely mad at you. You think people are mad at you animals. Animals on earth have magic from space only one they won't be so mad at you
of all I would want. I would not want to be an early adopter of Mars, really want to sit back. I got no look these people that are convinced that meat- I don't agree with them, but there's people that are convinced that meat is bad for you, that meat itself is bad for you, yeah 'cause, a lot of people that eat meat wind up with a bunch of heart disease, the problem Is that they're not really measuring just the me they just measuring people that eat meat. What else do Oh, you eat a lot of sugar. You have a lot of bread. You have a lot of pasta, I eat a lot of this and are you drink yeah? You might via you might smoke cigarettes yeah, so it's hard to tell lane. I think different things are also good for different people But people can't even agree on whether or not it's healthy to eat meat? There's some people who disagree right, which, when you want to wait. To see what Mars me because of what you want to and what I'd want to sit back and really do some good with bison. You can eat those Mars donkeys all day, long
I'm going to see what a twenty year profiled fucking donkeys from Mars eaters looks like Let's start a steak or something out of Mars, they only have one, but I'm saying that one donkey chow, but it could be so like some prions getting your system and you got mad cow disease like, but you could also would you adopt a superpower by eating it? That's good! True! That's one thing that nobody ever brings up with like nuclear energy. Like all this, all these like nuclear disasters, everybody is terrified of mutations and radio active waves and all that is going to suck us up. But nobody remembers comic books where every single time somebody got hit with some radio it they became a superhero superhero. That's never happened here. I wonder if I could handle it,
I had a superpower. I just feel like. I would tell everyone it wouldn't be able to keep it a secret that one biggest fear is you're allowed to just tell everybody some dudes. They just tell everybody right like who doesn't have to keep it a secret. Obviously the thing he can't keep it a secret. What is it at the big x men they're like had to go, but they had hide, but the thing doesn't hide. The thing is just that's. What it's covered in rocks. Oh yeah, oh yeah. I know he yeah, but the yeah giant, Who else doesn't have to hide anything? You can't hide anything. Bruce man Esther who's. Who is incredible, Hulk Bruce banner Bruce, do you know the is a carpenter now. Do you know that when they did the incredible Hulk TV show they changed his name from Bruce to David, because people thought Bruce was gay really yep was a lot of Bruce. Is gay then do that's always been the
The the stereo typical name. How Layman's look on the comedian? Would you hack joke about a gay guy that, like Bruce yeah, Randy, Randy, Randy, really never heard Randy, but Bruce it's always been Bruce's with the name that they would use. So apparently people in and you know what it was. The 70s, when the HAWK Tv show was around with Lou Ferrigno. Oh yeah yeah. They just decided like hey. Let's change this name change it make it David David Banner, and we all comic book. Dorks, like me, were like what How dare you, how dare you change his name? That was the best show ever 'cause it made it feel like a. If you were ugly, you could still be cool and neat stuff I felt like well, it was the revenge of people who are bullied and picked on. This is the idea that you, you could be this nerdy guy and you get picked on by these assholes and you just fucking Hulk out and become bulletproof
I met him at the Post office, one time, a real nice guy. Issues with a lady friend and it might have been his wife? I think he still yoked as fuck is jacked like you know, he looks really good like he looks healthy too it's crazy yeah. I mean the dude's got to be deep into his six but he looks very healthy, he might I wonder who, who I wonder if you're going to start living for like really look at him. There, that dude looks health is fun, and now there he looks a little bit more more reasonable yeah, I mean look. He was a gigantic super sized human. At one point in time. Oh, my god. What he used to look like like white in the fuck is that I could use guys big when you saw him on the hulk? The problem was he couldn't really be that defined for long periods of time in film and television 'cause. It was too unhealthy. Super unhealthy when those guys
or like right about to pose down when they're, but they're on deaths, door, they're, really unhealthy. They get lightheaded. Look at that! Dude old is fun. Who is at old and jacked that Willy nilly looks. A seventy five year old Jack man see them have those you eat that row say that guy get shot and killed. Dude depends how far I am from civilization. Let's say your farm and eat them yeah. I need him if it was whether not eating them or not, surviving getting home to my family or something like that. Ok this, then I'm going to put you under a little bit of some I mind is that okay, ok, okay, so uh one went down a shuttle, an airship or something a plane and like that movie alive right, you're out there. Do you read the chef. You know you're going to eat it. You know you're going to eat. Well, it's whether or not the bodies like the people killed her at it. The real problem is people start killing people needing people. Then you got a real.
Okay people already killed people already dead. As to senior citizens, that's it is a small plane. Well, you got to decide. People can live without food. For several weeks. Specially if you're the average American. You got a lot of fat in your body after a day or so your body kicks into fat burning Quito this mode, but you're going to be hungry, though you're going to be but you will be less hungry, believe it or not. After the first day, once your body kicks into fat burning like if you're Fat burning, diet of just on for a month a little different. You still need a lot of carbohydrates, just cut down all the grains and things like that yeah when you go on a fat burning diet when the first things that happens. Is your appetite just changes radically. It's really weird. Could you just stop being hungry the same way like hunger, is, in a desperation, thing when I know when I'm not Kita Genic, because then my hunger gets desperate like I have to eat. Something like I feel like. Oh, I never feel like that with Keto, it's like I'm hungry, but I'm ok, right,
it's like an through the day, like energy levels are much more stabilized. That's what I feel like I'm paleo. I've never done anything like that. I mean a loss like eleven pounds or something else I was supposed to lose. I don't really have like a plan or anything, but next thing you know like I felt I never felt like I had to eat. I felt like I needed to eat to get to the next few moments in my life, but I didn't feel like ok, I gotta make a big deal about eating. It felt more like a survival technique thank eating all day and and then my mind. I felt I did he feel more energy. I never felt like that ha after eating. Always I like feel I could eat and then still go do something I some go. Play cards or run around or you know, chase a friend or do anything you know, hang out yeah the so who do you eat, so you would have to either have to first of all talk to everybody about how You got like. I said you got two weeks right, you're, two weeks, your body could just go on
that she did an interview thing itself. Sword of your body starts eating itself. Okay, you got to talk to people and said: listen! This person is dead, Okay, this is just meet now that can keep us alive and we can survive and we could see our family and our friends or we can not eat this person and we take a chance on going hungry and we might get too weak to get out of here, like you have to think like what. If what, if you can get say but you have to be able to hike out thirty miles an amount okay. You know you really plan ahead. Then a lot of you have to you have to you. You're you're, either gonna die. Who are you going to live? Okay, these the only two things that could possibly happen: the internet even matter right wing, so you got to figure out. Is it even possible that you can live? Is it possible? Yes, you might be, might not be. You might be in the mountains in the winter. With nothing around you to eat. No way
you get off the mountain 'cause, it's too dangerous because you get Clift out every time I try to go down and then you try to get back up and you can't get back up and you're stuck. You could fall and die. It happens to people all the time. So it might not be that you can make it, but if you are going make it out you're going to want to have some energy and different people have different fitness levels. Easily. So some people like they're, not even gonna, be capable hiking out. Would you take a long term? You want to eat the whole person right then. If you guys could yeah you could you would be mmhm in parts for sure. What would you have you to psychologically devastating the thought of just eating human meat? It psychologically devastating you you're crossing a threshold that you know you're in you're in two dark arts. I mean it's everything. Everything is sad. It's crazy and it's also a rich part of you Know- human adventure. History there's always like to run into cannibals. You know, like a big part
those crazy movies about people visiting the jungle. They got eaten by cannibals, even Brady bunch remember they came across some people think they were cannibals when they, when they came across Cannibal, but like all even cartoons, all of them did. It was cannibals or like Joe versus the volcano member, that I don't remember that I think he came across Cannibal. Well. There is a an in history lot of cannibals. I didn't know that there was some. Cannibalism amongst native Americans, like native Americans, would cannibalize settlers would some of them, like the nest Indians, Steve Rinella, was telling me about that. They would cut dudes up and eat them. Like whoa, that's crazy. Imagine yeah have some do goes down you this and it's up you already know, you like you, like I'm, cutting this dude this and I'm having a little bit of a ligament right here on this hillside rough man,
the GUI killed by a polar bear yesterday in front of his kids in Canada, he was protecting his kids from the Polar Bear and he died. Thirty one year old dude You know what that's a hero, though mean the kids will think of him as a hero. I that he lives in that same place where those people live on that life below zero and it's called Nunavut Yeah people live their lives. Lives. I mean he lives in a really really remote area that has polar bears, polar bears to the most dangerous bear. You could ever into because they're the only animal that all all of them actively hunt people really Nunavut place where it was yeah. They they hunt everything everything that moves. They don't have any vegetables
there, so the only one hundred percent carnivorous bear all they eat is me, although it is meat, every other bear is like eating. Berries and bears are ignore you if they've got a whole field for a berry as well. I want to chase you Assehole and chew your bones and all that bullshit What are those those lazy bears? I do some beers laid on his back. They love berries packages. I'm like giant fields of blueberries, you'll find bears just snacking away having a great time eating blueberries they'll. Do it all day, not polar bears, polar bears, eat your asshole kill. You did, kill everything. Man ha ha. I would hate that did I would hate for someone trying to eat me man I would just be so upset. I thank you now. Do you see that late? that got in trouble. 'cause she shot a giraffe sure I did see that she shot a rare giraffe and so everybody's freaking out on him. It seemed sad man that giraffe seemed like it probably was going to do to her I'm going to do anything tour for sure it's
It is rare for an animal to get that old. It's eighteen years olds, real dark it had scan or something a little bit the old males. They get dark. This super cool one ng, though the people need to know see all these things are complicated to not simple, as everybody wants to think they are This is one of the things that's complicated about this story that that giraffe is killing little giraffes. It's a normal thing. The old bowls like that one, which is a big massive eighteen year old animal okay, shoots huge animal he was not having it with these young ones coming up not having it. What do you It is jealousy or anger. It's just nature. You know they kill. Off the younger males, oh yeah, like Pist at the neighbor kids kind of thing. Do they just don't want anybody taking their spot? They don't know that they're riding off from the sunset, like he's, not a viable breeding male anymore, but still huge, so at eight
years of age. He had killed off three young bulls, so they were going to have to kill him right because it's not did you need the bulls to keep the thing a lot? What was what well, not just that he this is a a species of giraffe. That already has a population problem is on a lot of them and if He's killing off these young bull each one of those young boys could have fathered countless children, so they're missing all these future children for one book, who can't even breathe anymore and he's going to continue to do it. He was, seeking out the young bulls, you already three like this is not a cut and dry thing. I don't think it looks cool to pose with uh rifle and a giraffe, and I mean this Think about giraffes that are so gentle that they let kids feed him. When you go to the fucking zoo right, I don't so I get why people be upset but when you find out what it actually is you go. Oh, this is not. This is more complicated than I'm that I'm seeing
on the surface. It's not simply a cruel, shot a giraffe, and we should be angry at her. I it's like they had to that draft because it was killing other giraffes. So is it appropriate the way she celebrated it? That's when you have to wonder you know, that's it, but they were eating it. I mean the simple things like they got fuckin' eight hundred pounds of meat or something like that out of that. Well, so huge animal. I think it was more than that. Then they say two thousand pounds of meat. I think it's a fourth one thousand animal and they got two thousand pounds of meat which they give to All the villages are people there, and I know people like hey, don't give a funk. You shouldn't shoot a draft I feel the same way 'cause. When I see a giraffe, I don't think of it as something I want to shoot a neat. I think it is something a little kid can feed at the Fucking Zoo, 'cause there's so gentle there's so gentle that they let people feed, 'em, oh yeah, I had a thing by our home when I was growing up. They had a thing it do that a couple giraffes out there, a couple of lambs and shit. You can get out there and buy a little couple. Morning go out there and you,
have to note, like you, have to sign a waiver to do anything even have to be able to read very well and you can feed a giraffe. You know point blank is the only the animal? That is a wild african animal, that let kids feed at the Fuckin' zoo little kids can feed him yeah. I can't believe that there's that much, do when I hear that for one the lady, what did she? Why did she have to put that picture out? What was in it for her to do that? she even knew like she's a hunter, and she was excited that you got to kill big giraffe. You know and the you know it gets its get strange when you just tell a bunch of things and make stuff try movies and you put it in your trophy room and you go well. I want to get it now. I want to get a ram. Ok, I gotta ram. Now I want to get a mountain goat, I'll get it. You got like this menagerie inside of your house. That's. It gets dark man. Now I want to get a mouse now. I want to step dad now I want to get it looking thing is like ok, but if you're eating all of those things- and this is how you get your meat yeah- is that ok
that's, okay, but there's something we it something. We all have a strange feeling about this. The idea is that people are, doing these things and they're getting some kind of pleasure out of it and they're not doing it just to eat it right. It's like! Even if you you are eat it. We don't want you to be really happy when you kill something, that's it too, that's some of it. I think villagers, should it be able to ones that should vote on if it was okay or not in their village. They would right, ok, every time because they get money from it. Then to me, then that seems ok because a lot of times it's like we're, judging things from so far away. We don't even know we'll even know what it's like we're talking about: a completely different dynamics in terms of like the way their culture works. First of all, the money for these big hunt said these people pay to shoot all all these different things down there, that's a shitload of money and that shitload of money for that area. For that part of the world is gigantic fuels conservation efforts. It pays for these people
essentially their version of game wardens. You know, and then they have these different people that are employed by these hunting companies and then there's resources to stop poaching and resources to actively participate in? controlling habitat and making sure these animals are in healthy populations and bringing their numbers up. This is all done through the money that comes from hunting, so soup. It's super fuckedup right, it's weird 'cause. It doesn't make sense. It's like the people, they're paying to keep these animal are also the ones want to shoot right, but what the? But it's not. We would like it to be. All the conservation money comes from people who just love animals and want to keep them alive. But that's not the case. That's not the case. Now the money comes almost maybe psych school, possibly because there are a lot of conservation groups that do donate for wildlife protection and for
Reserving of animal habitats. There are there's, there's definitely some people that donate right, but there's not even close to the amount of money that's raised from hunting tag. This is haunting you on that local level. Like your, you know, like some of these, like these programs, I'm sure there are a little bit more bigger, more blanket. You know, but you get into that local level. Fifty thousand dollars can keep. You know small town or a small habitat around for the yeah, and I don't know how that money to animated yeah. I know how who's getting all that money, but you're right it's, but it still makes us uncomfortable. Rightly so I mean you looking at a giraffe. You want giraffes to stay alive. You say, like that's amazing, but we have to know that the facts behind it in this particular case where they giraffe had go yeah, that's rap is killing giraffes. You ever see him fight, it's the most valuable thing they just head butt each other this way, head like a like a mace, Into each other, it's what a terrible way to fight,
talking crazy suck at fighting esophagus sucking yeah. It's like crystal. It's almost like Chris Delea made fewer in height, and I'm just saying that I love absolutely love. You love's, a Soffa, guess I love Crystal Lia Marie prominent target. If you wanted to hit something. Have you seen her yet this funny thing of this Jack fire challenge, so silly, surprisingly silly. Sometimes you don't really like it like he is he so funny and he's Indiana he's so fucking funny, very good, dude and very funny very silly He said he's got his own kind of his own kind of funny yeah any live. Yeah any so so confident living in that space man, it's kind of yeah. It's been it's interesting that you kind of get silly get to know that guy That's what you know it is with you too. It's like your kind of you. You do your kind of funny and that's a that's an interesting thing like when someone finds there could look we're talking a Mitch Hedberg the other day like he had his kind of funny. Yeah like you can
like you could hear Mitch, Hedberg Joke and you go. Oh that's! That's a Hedberg joke! That's how he does his kind of funny yeah yet so funny. Well, thank saying that man appreciate that yeah. I think it's like as I've gotten a little bit older. It's made me feel more comfortable. Be myself? You know for so long out here. I just felt I was just afraid of him how to say, you know who I was you know it's all those things man, you know it's hard trying to be trying to be confident when you, what you're doing is a confidence destroying way to make a living yeah I get into like, I would get intimidated easily like this is the first time I've. Actually, how can a little bit little bit more comfortable being in here and he yeah? Like I don't know it's not you! It's just something with Maine no! It's just something I don't know. I don't know if it's like, if I feel like, if there's like and more like kind of physically. You know in shape, or so just something maybe inside of me somewhere that make me feel
You know I don't know what it is. It's what people worry about being bullied for sure people develop like I I feel it sometime tomorrow. Big people really all that matters to me. I was thinking about that. You, like hang out around. Like a real rare. You hang outs around some real rare animal humans. You now yes super humans that Daniel Cormier do That's superhuman that big Jon Jones Superhuman, yeah mighty mouse Amy is a small superhuman. George ST they're super human, if you're like an elevator with him or something like a bunch of dudes, just got to fight and kill me over until you anytime. We want that girl. You have to deal with that feeling. It's not the best fit crazy. Well, you're, talking to Frances Inganno did that's always an remember. What you guys were talking about is a part of you that says, if you wanted to, you could just kill me like that. Do you get scared, miss
Sometimes I honestly, like I get scared for you. Whenever you have to go in the ring after the fights. Do you ever get scared a little bit do the first time I ever interviewed anybody ever after a fight. I had an interview Mark Coleman after he choked out dance ever, and this was in like UFC, fuqing twelve, so that was one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven and mark. Home was so fired up MAX. He just one heavyweight title, Fucking jacked. He was so jacked and he was fucking pumped up an he had. No idea bears in that movie doesn't even he was the king of the world. Back then marked Amber Coleman change, the fucking game for the, because he was like a real world class wrestler, in dudes down and just smashing them any was fucking huge, huge,
you know, and so I had to interview first matter interview anybody and he had no idea who I was- and I was like fuck is this guy interviewing, but I asked respectful questions and then gave an opportunity to express himself and then it worked out, but I prepared for that man. I was nervous wow, who I was nervous. That's interesting, yeah, because it to me, I'm like holy this guy. You know this man is going the cage after lunch, yep yep, that's what it is. How do you that's what I felt like me like when you go like you know, I'm not a you know these. You know these guys are. Very some of these men are very fit. Really imposing to me. Like you know, there are so when you sometimes I'm like man. I can't believe that you go in there. Just brave as well. Now one thing that I think they all know and if they don't know, I want him to know that I don't want anything other than them. To shine right. That's all I'm trying to do like when I interview people, but I'm trying to do is give them an opportunity to talk about moments. I just want to give him a chance to
shine show who they are. I want to feel comfortable. I look out for the best interests. I really do. Try to do that with commentary. Even if it sounds critical, my critical commentary is to expose like I look at it in terms of I'm looking at it like it's a math problem or a system, and if I see thing so like this is an issue even if the person can win with this issue, This is a real issue. Like a high level person is going to exploit that issue. Maybe this guy can't do it, but sometimes people get upset at that that that does happen, but I say: listen. I have ticks. Bose it a maybe think I exaggerate, but believe me, those fucking high as killers and see the same ship that I see they're, going to exaggerate that should too that's gonna try to jump on that little hole, yeah there's a little hole somewhere. It happens all the time people get mad. If you point out the holes yeah, it doesn't mean they can't win. There's guys who've gone there, and
higher career, they rarely throw a kick. They never submit anybody, and there are some of the best of all time. Yeah. You don't have to have a fully complete game, sometimes it's better to just be ultra good at one or two things and those other things don't fuck with submissions. You know just don't fuck with any of those. This there's people that are like that, they take someones back. They never choke him. They just keep punching them. They never choke anybody and there's a lot of people like that and then the raccoons on yes, raccoons. Do that give it a record on? You never had a record of me of you all he had the by you to death. Give me one bite you if I have one I've had maybe by Madagascar your bid? I mean I had to get all the rabies shots mean. I grew up in like the rabies bell. You now see you duck you da and they group up constant to reckon there they are. I can't believe we can't shut all that down how many of more roam the streets at night pro. How crazy it are you down. Will you ever Madagascar.
In their everywhere did I lived in. I lived in New Rochelle NY and uh. They used to have these urban raccoons, oh yeah different kind of raccoon. Tunes that live in high density areas are boulder species and they have access to massive amounts of food. They just would lift off the lid from the garbage can lift off the lid they get inside the garbage. Can they tear the garbage bags open and they just be sitting there yeah, just looking jack, look at golds gym tank top on like they were big. I was like how is that a raccoon? That's a big animal yeah, so I bought a blowgun swear. You shoot darts that you really did. I did these mother fuckers wreck? My garbage and you like sheet over and I'd, be sleeping and I have a bag. Look at him, climbing up we have one have one key: what is he doing he's going to get that bird feeder? oh, my god, look how smart he is dude!
this is insane This thing is also look how confident it is in its strength and look at him. Looking over, the Camry knows he's being filmed and look. How is it? I don't think he knows that, but look how goody, is it climbing up? I mean this is crazy. The amount of physical strength is has look at this. Look that just let let's see, go and now he's hanging partying crazy and they fuck to do. You can hear him at night we used to live. We used to hear a bunch of them having sex at night, and you could hear you can go outside and even in a residential neighborhood there's, seventy of them on your block like there's. So the raccoons living amongst us that it's it blows my mind. It is not a bigger issue, pull that up again, look with the video. Do it how many people, even if they could do that if they had the kind of
strength to do that. How many people would even figure out how to navigate that so easily you mad eyes would host this is like American Ninja Warrior, who you telling me that they don't steal some of these games from this this fucker look at. How can we stop going full screen? 'cause he's looking over at oh, ok when it goes full screen start. So I don't know what the hell is happening. Look at this and he said a fake China person or something his fuckin' ability to just hang on there with one arm and then grab his feet. That is bananas. What is that called? in UFC. Have that move? No, it does exist. I guess maybe jump to guard yeah. You kind of jumping to some body like what he can do. His little body is just crazy yeah. How much core strength does a raccoon have to have to do that? so much in the in our village. This is free. May I have possum they can even use paper. How crazy is that? Can they yeah keep going? This look at the look how comfortable he is hanging from his fingers with all four
limbs like he's just chilling, he's not worried that something's going to happen he's like. Let me just scoop. Miass up here climb climb climb. I'm just got twisted fuckery, here, he's hanging on with his legs and he just cracked it open, yeah. I'll. Look at this reverse. Look at the socks, hang on a by noon. At the end of the crazy things you could hold on to that plastic tube with his hands and feet like two of each. Two of his hands or two of his feet, both their hands, look at the size of their body. Their hands at this big are tiny. Could you imagine having a little bitty baby hand and having to do something? I know right, look how much smaller their hand is in their face. You have hands like a four year old girl, open a door, but you can't even open a door. You just have to stare at a doorknob with little Bro look in the littlest hands. Yeah, tiny, the funk you up to those things. Yeah raccoons eat a lot of chickens too. They like to get into chick groups, Phuc up, chickens, jump on your back, it was almost two years the crazy thing I'm about being around raccoons. It felt like they were playing with you
but had an immediate propensity for violence again could go like very quick from finding comfortable to extremely violent noon. A makes sense. I mean what a rough and tumble world the world of raccoons lose mother. Okay live in all right, Look at this way door. Look at this thing somewhere, Pmb! No, I think this is closed door hearing. It opens it again. My grandmother had a friend that had a couple, so he just knows how to open doors, creepy Phuc to something weird about them, strange animal that, like almost seems like it shouldn't, be real. You know like smart, weird animal that lives in the forest, like he expected to start talking to a little kid, that's on a walk, yeah like
who, who are you? Where are you from and it's yeah it's got Dyson its little hand, one dice just turn it over your grandmother won't mind if you hang out with me for a little while yeah come come on, show your house that's made of candy yeah. You want some lipstick, putting lipstick on each other. Creepy animals, but it's weird to me: the weirder animals, the animals that have adapted to living right next to people. That's them there coyotes, that's coyotes, that damn Will you tell me about a coyote you had at your house got a bunch of them at my house. They're. Just in you know in the hill, If you live anywhere around LA in particular anywhere that there's some trees and shit in between the houses. Guess what you got coyotes, they just fuckin' live everywhere. Man. I saw him on olive in Burbank the other day driving up all of us off a king coyotes. I was like whoa
Somebody reported a coyote fight in my neighborhood when I was growing up and it was somebody made that up at the cop still showed up and remember they interviewed everybody like we fucking do anything about it. Dude. You think I always fight. I wonder if they do fight with each other. I don't think I never heard of him fighting at. It must make sense. Someone has to be the boss and the Coyote World wolves, do wolves fuck each other up. Do they really yeah so awful to kill each other? So he's a coyote fights here most intense coyote, five. Oh look at this they're going to war right here is on world star. I think, is this world star sweet drawback right there look at that another one jumped in three coyotes strategically held by Bush: do you fuck their fucking each other up dude? Do you think we could ever get to the point, there. You know that humans fight animals like they did back in the old days. You know, like gladiator style, yeah seriously, though yeah you could do that in another country for sure yeah. If somebody from some crazy country,
where they had some maniacal dicker dictator who's on Crystal Meth and decided to have humans versus lions, give it to a sword and shield, and some armor and having a up a and one hundred percent That goes on. I wouldn't say no yeah, because I think there's people with enough money, like fucking, crazy, crazy, Prince money, oh yeah. If there are prince of some crazy country, these people just probably can't get satisfied. It's not. They've got all these yeah cocaine, Pussey Pussey whole everything, that's islands in France. Like what else do I want what else I want? I want to watch a dude fight, a lion with a sword yeah. This is probably like someplace
You can go right and it's got like drains in the floor with a hose it down from all the blood, and it's like built like a hockey rink yeah, but the floor underneath the floor. There's a zoo just like that they used to do in the roman days It rises up. They let the animal out yeah close it down, and then they open the cajun. The fuckin' dude stands there with the sword and the crowd goes yeah. And there are listening to techno, music and speak in Dutch. And then that will suddenly You know where they are they doing dude in that fucking lion go to war. They go out at man yeah. He think he has like face paint on or anything or he's. Just probably a good move pool face. Paint on you need, edge yeah, you know your fight aligned with a sword, you probably gonna, get killed, you're gonna, cut the line and then get killed. That's what you're gonna! Do you gonna get one good hit at if, if you're lucky probably will really yeah. Yes, so man yeah, you don't have
idea how slow you are until you're around a cat that kills antelopes and chases after wildebeest takes him out with face under that chopper. You have no idea, I think everybody. No, I don't think you get a shot off. I think, with the cat wants to the cats on you so fast, you barely have time to move your arm. That's what I think. I don't think it yeah. I don't think you have any idea how fast, a like a real predator moves and how ridiculously soft human beings are right, especially if you're, not some, I don't fucking Conan. Barbarian duty can actually swing a sword, a heavy sword with some fucking oomph behind it yeah. You pick up a real sword: fish heavy man, it's fucking heavy and it's It's almost scary to have one sometimes like fuc. I would hurt myself ride, cut my cousin up or something on accident or hurt somebody at the house yeah the odds of you killing that lion with one swipe or almost zero you're going to get fuckd up. Ok, how would you
attack then say you're in a place. You got this sword, maybe got one other. In a small web and you keep on your leg or something. The only way that I think you have a chance is if you can keep your shit together and plunge that blade in its chest. As it leaps on you as the only way he would have to be ready to. As it comes out you to push forward. And hold on to that sword with everything you have as it's coming at you in the blade goes into its body yeah. That might be the only way and EVA then it's going to you and rip you apart, to get a hold on the MIKE on him. What you're not going to be able to it's, not possible, I think you could do it. Did nope nope. You don't think you could. No, no! and you would keep both hands on now. That's how you act it out. You keep both hands on it. You are not going to be able to hang on your just not it's a different kind of power. It's like the
power of many many men's like the idea of who Bro do you think you could win a fuckton tug of war with ten dudes? Yes, look yeah bro most guys are pitches yeah give him a chance. There's there's a strength level. You have to be like some Gillian Marius who janowsky type dude some just enormous fuckin' world strongest Van Guy, with chalk all over your hands in a good grip on the blade and maybe tied down there. Rodeo rider plunged into the heart of a lion, and even then I don't think you're hanging on to it. I think that things gonna block and and in you're going to be so terrified? And if it's a male lion, you get a that main in that face, and your your five day are you gonna get diminished, yeah, you're gonna be so overwhelmed with adrenaline your instincts going to be just run away from the thing. As far as you can do, you feel like some truth, as you like, any troops like any innate truths would be revealed as as you're sitting there looking at each other's eyes, and you know that it's going to kill you, I don't think
even there. At that point, I think you're I think you're. It's such a primal experience. I think at that point. You're, probably you're, barely issue woman, you just a series of synapses firing that are designed to protect you from predators. I think you just in full panic full adrenaline rush, full survival mode. Where you don't you don't know what the fuck is going on. I have some friends man. I got some it's got attacked by there. They got attacked by a giant grizzly bear and they found their no everybody got away, survived luck, but they were in there in an island off of Alaska, Afognak Island and it's a huge population of brown bears and Elk and they all lived together. These Fuckit bears are huge and this bear, which is like an eleven foot, bear charging
their camp and knocked everyone over like guys, were flying left and right, one of the dudes, his nicknames Dartmouth. Dartmouth, was riding on the things back. If you want to hear the whole story and it great story, go to the meat eater podcast and I think the episodes just say Afognak Island. I don't know if it says bear attack on Afognak Island, but if you're, if you're, clever, Google you'll find it's a great podcast anyway, Stephen L as a genius is a really interesting guy and a hunter like we just told totally of defies the stereotype to people out before I could do for hunters like super well read really interesting guy, but his depiction of this event. The most striking thing about it was that it fight everything he thought it would be like if there was an actual bear attack, Hemingway Esque, almost in a weird way, because when something really fucking crazy happens, the best casein
Is there someone who actually knows how to write? That's right there when there's something crazy happened. Right in this is the ACE, but instead of writing it he just does a very eloquent job, but as does everybody else there I mean it- was quite a few guys there. My friend Ramie Warren was Aaron Yanis tell us. This is one where they got some false attacked. This in British Columbia. They got false charged. A false charge a bear this in this case it was a bear with cubs and she just wanted to scare them off. So she came running at them. Full clip it's crazy to see 'cause they. Fired near her, but they had the discipline to not fire at her. Why might that is really impressive, because this thing just came fucking running at them and it's huge like here it is give me some volume.
Who doesn't care all I man Callahan says I'll. Never forget I want to give smell now smells now. Lady, that's sentence, Callahan! So that is what he had experienced before, and so he kind of kept his composure in that situation and he's like this other one where the is it literally knocks them over to the did? Did teeth were gnashing ten inches from his face? It was just so many people, the grizzly, probably didn't expect there to be that man people there there's like seven people. There is a one time use only see how many people want to do it at least five people there, and I think,
that's what saved some of camera people to surprise. I was about seven people and I think that's what saved on the fact that this was a giant mass of people and the bear didn't know which way to go. Well and one of the dudes Jan is hit in the face with trekking poles, those tracking polls yeah. He said it was right there smacked in the face and the thing veered off one of the guys Remy he juked it baked right and then went back home. It was just so much going on the bear just ran through it. One of the guys wound up on the bears back for, like ten yards there was running and he was somehow the stuck on the bears back and then fell off this. How big bear was in you I think, when you see a bear menu, don't think it's going to be like that that all intense you know you don't think it cuz the first picture. They showed that bear to make a home there, you know look at that ban. I've seen him in and the worst thing about bears as they advertise a mostly disney movies. How do you see a bear? Teddy bear. You know what I'm saying you know they have fucking bears.
Talking to on the internet. You have all that kind of ship, but it's likely sweeties nothing there, but your buddy there, your body in well how about those little kids that their dad got eaten in front of him. Those little kids were they had a little pet polar bear. That's not outside the realm of possibility with little kids need you get convinced that that's what those animals are look tell I'm not saying you should have a pet stuffed polar bear. The cute some password numb sent a toy. Would you have a little berry thing, Dick or the other, as Pat, no way man really is ridiculous. You seem like a guy that might have a little book that dude fuckit at first of all, they're, not listening to you yeah. Get away with all that they might be your friend. It might be a as they grow older, but you better keep that food around Bich and even if you have that figure out, you can't keep him from killing other. People like there was a guy who had this bear trained? Look at the size of that fucker, oh my, this rise. Definitely probably, oh, my god. This is a game yeah,
you keep this animal fed. There are people that have bears. This is in Russia. Is Russia yeah? So if there's people that keep bears FED take care of them and treat him well. You know, and this is the thing about There's two is a bears, are omnivores they eat everything Oh really danimals vegetables date, everything sitting in yeah, it's crazy. It'll, like people in a lot of way in that there their diet very so they don't have to eat. They don't have to kill things. Didn't necessarily have the desire to chase things down and kill things like a cat. Does, like cats, have a deep desire to kill things right, like cats can't shake that she yeah, I think you could. You could feed a bear well and take care of it, and you could probably avoid most of that, but if it ever feels threatened in any way so Fuct and you think you have any like you might not even notice when that bear feels that way. Well, I wouldn't I'm not a bear expert. I think a real bear expert would see that something is weird bears acting sketchy
and he just singers or bears like yeah they just they start acting irritated. Look at the size of these things, man, this guy, is definitely a pervert. You think so yeah. Who is this? because I think there's got to be something inside of you. That gets off in a weird way to do this. I don't think this feels natural, I think they're intoxicated by powerful and not having these powerful animals around gives them a thrill. Okay. The thrill has to be do you think that that that they could kill him? That's it one hundred percent and also did like the thrill is. They are beautiful creatures, so you do want to be around them like key there. Cool just be around that you can make friends with this beautiful creature that I could just kill a massive people. It's kind of feels fun, dangerous, yeah, it's cool! It feels danger. It's like a celebrities like knowing Elton John or something way better. You gotta pet grizzly, come over my house motherfuck, I gotta twelve, foot dog was my house. You house, like but cats,
that's uh, that's scary, animal! More! Look at these people! These are different animals. This is a different thing, but I think if people have an animal like that they're fucking next to it at night, and they're doing. I think some of this just creepy, probably near it. I don't think they're getting involved with them, but I think they're doing near it, but I think also funk right next to the tiger and get him horny what do Beastie alley needs in depth because I thought this might be geology. Animal food even talk about the sick, but if you have sex with the local animal, some that lives your house, okay, livestock right chickens, some within its. Yeah it sucked up, and it's not you know it. You know it is not right for CS with the specific intention of having sex with an animal. Ok, that's to me! That's still popped up, you know the rules are different penalty. You ask probably locally I'm sure in the US, some places the like to me some money and are you do whatever you want to go? You know, but if you, if you a mountain lion, that's a strong man, That's how that's it you do you never
buy a beer again, you fucka mountain you fucka links, yeah, that to me that's not beasty ality to me. That's like some Ragnar Loft, Brooke type shirt, yeah. The bravest thing you can do. Is Viking ship? Imagine trying to keep an erection and then sneak up on if I can animals, but you have to you, have to figure out a way to hold him down. He think there's! hi the best that amount line and fucked it see, I will not. There might be another thing. I don't think I believe there might be another Theo. On or an infinite number of them out in the universe. Talking to another me, and there were, It is Zach same to exact same notes. I believe that not so I believe any of those people in any of those plans planets ever fucked a mountain lion. I don't, I will sometime ago, you don't think that would know, but there's no youtube. There's nobody to the only person who knows is the other two people people are going to think they're lying, probably 'cause, they're alcoholics, you could fight, I don't think so. Dude, I don't think there's any squirrels have great people either. You know I'm saying I think yeah. I think it's that that's
more likely it's more likely that a squirrel would rape a person. I could see it's cool kind of funk, someone who's drunk passed out in their yard. That's more likely like a crazy Super horni squirrel. Just can't keep it together. He keeps fucking up yeah some kappa delta, just passed out under trucking yard. You know and committee peanut butter crazy. I do not think that a guy could fucka Mountain lion. I just don't think that's ever happened, especially not gay sex right. Maybe female mount line. Might let you she's all wild up and he'd more, are you to and he my friend was a Chris Ryan talked about chat with a pencil. Did he get hurt? So that's right, you did that's what that's a shirt. He did help tells a great story about his cat was in heat and she backed up to him she's like trying to get some dick and he put a pence in there did he really an sexual experience. Was this Kathy backing up on this pencil yeah
did I did. I remember getting like an erection just I members how to hold it against. Did I remember at the library when I was young in this back when they had books. You know what they have now I mean I mean I'm really liking or library still open who's in there. Just people trying to finger each other who's in a fucking library. Can you even imagine I guess people just want books about homeless people there they allow homeless people in libraries yeah. Can we just start calling him shelters? You know what I'm saying and serve lunch, but we're going in there and the only sex you could see at the time was like Rodan or something like that or these old Some of their pain, like a Ruben ask one last year, aiming to be like this yeah and see breasts into one of her hands like to his home has always weird thing with the hands right here. Everything was always this way. Why is that but I remember, I said, like oppose its indicative of a certain time in history: gone: yes, 'cause! It's fucking really hard to draw a hand.
That could be a! Maybe somebody threw me, but it you you felt that it like emperors would stand there and do this to their to their people. Yeah like what did you know how great look just two things to Trump could do that people would freak the out, One of 'em obviously is like a Sieg Heil, that's by the other one that might be just as bad as the emperor, and he comes out with one hand almost like he's holding his Football and the other hand do this and just address the people. People blow a gasket, we want to be the emperor he wants me to Buckingham for Ohmygod. He should start wearing a crown. How great would it be if he started wearing a crown dude, it would be hilarious if we started wearing like a cheap berg. One ounce didn't say anything about it. I bet you will do you think he think he has a sense of humor. He definitely does he he's the first president that is
been roasted on comedy central? Well, that's a great point. Do do you got roasted on comedy central and Jeff Ross even said to him? Look like you're, not laughing at the jokes like a spy laffer, the only don't don't it's. Probably people lie like it better. If you're going along with it, is like yeah, you're right and then he loosened up start laughing at so he's like takes advice from people right that are in the business like they, they told some ruthless Joe. It's about him, man. He hung in there. You hung in Mary handled it. Well, I think he's resilient weather. Not he can feel any of that like 'cause of his, like whatever ego spaces, and I wonder how much that even feels, but I'm only he might be only human in America that could take this much hatred from people at such. Like a that yeah and it it off care, it's weird yeah. It's I mean it's like in it's it's kind of I remember after he got elected driving down the street, mean like holy shit dude. I could be president talking yeah anybody could be
I thought that was what we thought were kids to what's awesome about his and when I say awesome I don't mean good amazing about his abilities like all throughout all this crazy, he doesn't show any signs of being like it is seem to be like freaked out right over the Stormy Daniels shed or over the Russia all the investigations occasionally goes on a mad tweetstorm yeah he's seems to be the same guy, but he was before he doesn't seem to be there. Certain dudes when you see something like um is a good example. Something fuckedup happens to them and you see it in their face and I selected: well, like George Bush, whenever maybe on that video in the nine hundred or whenever they see the pictures when they told him about not well nine hundred and eleven was huge thing, that's why I don't think he knew how huge it was at the time it was all breaking out. You know the that was on here at example, yeah, but yet terms it seems totally unaffected.
He just increasing no more senior citizens on twitter, though that's the thing senior citizens on Twitter is kind of bizarre. Oh there's a lot of them now, yeah, they love crazy. Will they take a break every couple minutes of doing Facebook all day, yelling at people on Facebook, in great everybody, hates the cats or like everybody is, I think, a lot of people like that. I'm wearing right now, 'cause it's so it's just. I feel, like you know what you're going to get. You know yeah. No, it's it's a strange time for communication man. It really is yeah strange time for everything yeah. And it's it's different, it's so different that it's fucking a fastening had they got Jordan Peterson came out podcast yesterday game on your podcast, which is while 'cause, I know his publicist Ann and I reached out an the publicist some
and then it was wild, and so then he came through cuz. I mean a lot of the people. Listen to my podcast her! You know we talk a lot about like being sober like people that masturbate too much kind of weird stuff. You know troubled youths kind of also right, but anyway it was cool because he, like- I don't know you ' known better than I do and he loves you. He said nice things about all. That's nice he's a great guy, he's really misunderstood. Man misrepresented people think he's like some fascists and some not see. I didn't think that he's not by any stretch of the imagination. He just says certain things that people are uncomfortable hearing and whether you agree with him or disagree with them. That's one thing, but that's the demonization is where it gets weird, even if you think is it the what his ideas foolish don't miss represent, who he is as a person yeah they they try to pretend that he's this racist, homophobic, Fuckin', alt, right character, he's not
any stretch of the imagination, he's just a guy that, especially when his principles are being debated or when his ideas are being tested. Like he'll stand, ground he's very firm about what he thinks is wrong about things like equality of outcome making sure that everybody makes the same amount of money make sure everybody achieved the same amount of success like that is a ridiculous the idea that leads to communism and marxism. He gets into it and it made me rethink how I thought about it before then. I thought about it before then like an unattainable goal, socialist lean towards, because it's like the ideal. The ideal is that money is not a concern for anybody and everybody just sort of does whatever they want to do because I enjoy doing it not because they're doing it for money and then all the money is kind of piled in together and we take care of everybody. It sounds great on paper right, but then he starts talking about. No, you have to enforce equality of outcome right. He goes when you're talking about it, there's going to be people that work harder right. It's going to be,
try harder, there's gonna be different, varying levels of effort because we're human beings. You have to take that into consideration as soon as these people don't take that into consideration. It then you're, either trying to stop the people that are doing too well or you're trying to take from them to give to yourself and how you enforcing this, and he just takes you down this rabbit hole of thought and really kind of explain, is the problems with marxism and socialism and I'm sure, there's really intelligent people that dispute his ideas. I'm not saying that his ideas are infallible or that he's the only voice that I would listen to in the subjects, but he's a brilliant guy and he's a very nice guy too really miss a misrepresented and an will fully so a lot. I think it's sad because I think missing between right and the left is how much vit we would probably agree, on just talk about things rationally instead of contentiously, instead of getting into these right versus left debates, which is just way too
comment yet where everybody's on one side is trying to diminish the person aside and and and get angry and they're doing a lot of these in front of big crowds, which I think is also weird because then you're playing to the crowd. I've seen some things that Jordan did with this Michael Eric Dyson Guy with a guy with literally wasn't looking is looking at the crowd. Calling him a mean mad white man, I'm and it's like I. This is right, these kind of things that people are doing it just everyone just dig in their heels and deep on each side and instead of like looking at life like just having open conversation about things that are troubling things where we could do better things were, society needs work or things, maybe where our perceptions are often. Maybe we could look at the other side or look at each other and look at the whole thing better and figure out a better way around things. How doing that everybody's, just right versus left and right in deeper in the trenches and hard and we've got to stop Trump, and I hope we have a recession to stop Trump and people saying
We should praise like everybody supposed to suffer so that you can make one guy feel like he's doing a bad job or it's just not the way to approach it like you seen that what does that one, his name Maxine? What is her name MAX Star Trump, I color dark trunks, she's she's people she's. What Heil people to interrupt people's goals and and good, draw a crowd and, like you know in it, I guess it's in response to what is the most Bing policy was a separate children from their parents and people that are crossing the border, but I think he didn't. He decided to put a stop to that. Then they decided to put a stop to that designs. To put a stop to that? Well, it's definitely scary. If you're doing that border, they did. But I don't know I read that it didn't do anything. I didn't change anything really. I don't know, let's find out what the that means we find out. We would have. I know, Don't do that and I mean I mean: how do you separate people from their kids? You gotta, be you gotta be
trying to send some fuckedup message to scare the shit out of him, so that will keep him from coming over this. The idea, I guess, if you tell him you're, going to take their kids away, they probably won't even try and then, but what about this? if, like you, know, everybody's against, like sex trafficking, and I'm not like what, if one of those people is that scenario and the It's too afraid to say it. I know that's like a maybe more an acute situation, but in that case you be grateful that you separated at least to get each other's point of view to Know- it's a little bit more. What's going on, surely that's like a huge issue, like apparently sex trafficking? You know everybody just bring young women in here to you know from other places for sex I don't see that much of it, but apparently it's the biggest thing in the world. You know, or it was last month, while there was something that was. I don't know. This is true. Either I'm given Jamie a lot work today? There was a smart, though right, sex trafficking,
ring that was broken up by ice and outside of it. These people were protesting ice because of what they were like saying, abolish ice, but meanwhile- It was like stepping. They didn't understand that when you're doing it, what is it immigrations customs enforcement? That would I stay, for what they're doing is not just they're, not just trying to stop people from across over the border. There also busting in this case. Apparently it was a sex trafficking or human trafficking. I don't know if they're using the sleeves of their using them as sex slaves. Well, that's a thing save see if two truckloads of people coming to America right and one is, is you know, adults and children and another as adults and children right and one of them are just actual family, numbers and one of them are sex. You know, adults, you know mean man, to bring in sex workers with that's yeah. We don't.
I mean. How do you know? How do you not set? You know like yeah. You wanna, take a mother from a kid or a father from a daughter right. It's like how do you know what, if you in what? If use don't you know, I don't know it's. It's well. That is the problem with people coming in if they're coming in illegally. You have no idea who they are, what they're doing yeah and that's that's only one problem. The other problem is people who are crime, people who are violent offenders? You know people there's people that have gone back and forth multiple times and got busted in american wind up killing people that happened many times yeah they had that. In San Francisco. I remember that I only shot the are: are a yeah shooting the girl, but yeah I mean it's, you know I'm glad I mean as much as it tactics in us to think about it in here about it. I think it's also need to be alive at a time when you know I'm challenged to think you know, and I'm challenged to to to feel different ways in here. Different voices and opinions about it. Honestly, like I think we, get more of a roll call in America, like you have to know who's here before you can even like, if you're teaching a classroom, if you don't know who
class. How can you even you know, but it's what they should do. First and foremost, is legalize drugs. And the reason being is that they're getting across from organized crime and its building organized crime in Mexico to a staggering degree. The drugs are here. People are selling these drugs. They're going to keep selling these drugs you're not going to diminish the amount of drugs you just not yeah. No one's ever been able to do it. The drug wars are complete, total failure. So how do you code? They love Coke, so make coke legal. You would put a fun Bing halt too so much an if you made coke legal people would die pure coke, you would it would be tested and you could give people drug education 'cause, like everybody knows: ok, how many beers can you drink? If you drink three beers, you probably shouldn't drive a car unless you're a giant. You know like three
Here is your probably over the legal limit or a bear right. Let's just some seven foot tall gorilla type man I'm just out got a lot of by a regular like you are regular guy, you replied period period. You should not drive right. So now stop and think like what is the level for cocaine I don't know, I don't do it. I've never done it, but I don't know what it is like. Maybe we should know that you know you can't have three shots of Jack Daniels and drive okay. But what about? What about speed line to I got two lines of coke. You should not be talking to people yeah. The foreign business should be fun. Calling an architect do what do to put all of his fingers in his butt one time I feel like an eight balakot. How crazy is that so good goal, but this answer look and it's. A little differently and it's at least have a name for what was it called for use in your book is called something it was like called clapper the Liberty Bell, or some some crazy thing, but on Jamie's Google
what is when you have all your fingers in your butt. I think that's called gopher have to be like. How would you do that? You would have to be like lying on your back with your legs, bugs bunny style over your head. You have to hook your life and then like this and it used to be super flexible, pull it off and you're going to the crazy part is, and I've just I've thought about this a lot, but I have thought about this for a little bit, you're going to start with, all his fingers and you're going to be stuck with those thumbs. After going to yeah that's going to be the hard part you're going to rip your asshole part yeah. Well, that's the risk you! like an old balloon and that's that's what it is exciting. I think you know there's no doing some risk of rewarding it. Do you friend must have slender fingers. Will he was farming, look duties on that much cocaine did I'll do it. You know, I said that's the thing dude I got all fuckedup at you know I used to get cocaine and do it by myself at home. You know just to I don't know I wasn't doing that good. Just have some feelings and I remember dude. I would order vest
shut off the internet. I have like. We were kind of vestal all kinds like the kind that we would wear if you lived in boulder with them down, fill Once a patagonian I'm done right. I've gone. That's a weird look. Now, you got the flannel shirt with a puffy vest very common look, but it's like what are we doing here? Well, I want to be warm, but I want a little bit of ventilation in my arms I just a little chill just solid My body, though I like my torso to be warm, I'm talking all kinds: bro I will get the whether I get the ones with the well I mean I have like a honestly, I probably off thirty best at well. I've while I was at the thing you would order on cocaine. It was just something I like to do. Belt buckles have any belt buckles hot, like some that light up different colors shift like yeah, I'm going out with this one of my buddies available said Pussey only on it. Oh nice yeah that guy is gay, but one hundred percent gay is again nope.
What about you but forkball, pushy bro, you know what I do when I get pushy. No, what do you do? I'm sure you bro take your pants off. This answer was pushing First put on Italian, be careful he's like yeah, I gotta. Maybe a tattoo? So let's put so much further push? I got involved back in in old english letters grow. I love so much. I had my asshole turned into a push. You will go ahead, good, it put your bills, just like the real thing, but eight one slash two of your fingers in it. Do you stem cells bro stem cells. Do I got these new stem cells used on my, but but they got yeah I don't know, but they got Jordan. He is super cool man. What did you guys? Talk about you listen to any of his stuff yeah. We had a month, yeah yep. I listen to Europe as a with a mixture from the day before Anne. I listened to, and I've been listening to his book
so that's where I was, and I listen to the monk debate right, the ones where the guy called me mad had white man. I was like this so silly, but found him to be in this. Just are he just seemed like the pure easing completely pure and whatever you know he believed. I think that in helping people like because I talk to about it did start to feel like famous. You know like, because people are really gravitating to yeah an he just felt. It genuinely seemed that he felt just good for people he he was happy to be helping others and that, like it, didn't seem like he had any ego in it. He he definitely does like to help people, but he also feels a responsibility because of his knowledge to explain what he thinks there's a problem with certain types of behavior, certain laws and one of 'em that got him in trouble or got him controversial got a lot of controversy attached to it was the compelled speech, laws for transgender people, the use of
spelled pronouns mean in Canada yeah. So if you decided that you weren't going to be He or she. You could make up a number of different names and they would be legally compelled to use those names Some people are arguing, that's not what it says, and then he was saying. No, it's a it's a human rights violation. If you don't follow along with that like this is this is compelled speech, and this is dangerous because it is what is what it leads to and then there's all these people meeting with him, but then, when you got a chance to see, is with him debating these points with these various intellectuals, including like gender studies, teachers, and should you got to see like oh this This is a crazy idea like these, these people that I think that you should have like seventy eight different gender pronouns and then it's it's tantamount to violence to not use someone's preferred pronoun. You, like, oh, oh yeah, crazy right. This is a mad person wants the world to be different, so you want all new laws attached to whether or not someone calls him,
he or she yeah and they're, getting some traction with it. What is weird in New York, New York I think it's the landlords and it might be employers pores, but I think I'm pretty sure it's landlords. They are compelled to use your preferred pronoun so if your landlord decides to call you a different, If you say I machine now and there's like fuq, U Thein oo you when your theo, your Theo, see what that law is compelled, gender, pronouns law, New York City? But people like wait a minute wait a minute. How many do I have to know right, which ones do I have to agree with you? You start 'cause, there's a ton of them now is there literally is seventy eight different gender pronouns. You know what I'm like I know they would you know for a while. It was like people in certain areas. They don't want to build transgender bathrooms. It's like because there's nine people in this town and we've seen everybody's dick, like nobody, we don't have any. You can't change all the zoning laws for PETE
Not even someone present in some of these areas. I think in some bad ways, they're making people not be accepting of transgender people that they may meet at some point right by creating all of this. This, this red or whatever it is this this it's like some people already fed up and they've never even met. Someone like this so then they're going to have weird they're going to have already like content, views when they do meet someone just 'cause, they've heard so much background noise that it's problematic. You know when it's not that's, certainly possible. It's also possible People will be scared of the backlash, so they won't use, transphobic language anymore. The problem with that is your not encouraging empathy, your encourage ing
your your courage and fear of not following the the the standard line of behavior and speech yeah and that's where people have a problem with that. It's like the real way to do it is to promote empathy to say, like look. These people like this guy's born in the wrong body. Yeah came a woman. You went through surgery. Let him use the women's room, yeah like why not and if they're a bad person judge that bad person on each individual basis. Now when, talking about children. That's what people are scared of that. You know you're going to have some creep, who pretends he's a woman, so he can get in the girls room and he's going to molest. Children like those are the worst case scenarios yeah. Those are, worst case scenarios, but what the hell Is that not going to happen um? How do we protect that? How we prevent that from happening, though those are the questions, but for the vast majority of the people that become trans, do you really think they're going to people? I don't think they are. You can't judge the vast majority based on a few. That's just like
the same logic that says people shoot up people with guns, so we should take everyone's guns away. That's crazy! To know the vast Already. People done guns, don't shoot people, the vast majority. People were trans, they don't hurt, are all they trying to do is just get along and be who they are. This is a comp. Six subject. I like the danger, is when people scared that they're scared or bullied into green with one side to the other side, because then then shit gets weird because then becomes a a battle but becomes a battle instead of sooner yeah discussion, opportunity to to enforce and encourage compassion like that. You can be done both ways. Yeah, I think, to operate. But to look at these people look. Look. It is okay. Why do you care for someone to be a girl? Why do you care if she wants to be a guy? Why do you care yeah like let him do it? Let him be free yeah there themselves. Just
let it do tattoo his face. Let let do whatever you want man as long as you're, not fucking people over and you're, not hurting people. You know they're wrong open people and stealing from people and murdering people as long as that's not happening, yeah do whatever you want that should be our approach, this stuff, that we want to That should be someone the bill of rights or something I knew what I knew a new amendment, be something in there where we think about the wet. Why why we have a problem and how we address the problem soon, as your address the problem with forced force, Ford is forcing return you going to get forced back people going to get there going to want to get ramped up just as much stuff attack you as you attack damage going back and forth left and right and it becomes fuckin' chaos yeah, that's what we have right now when you see the difference between Fox NEWS and CNN the right and the left in the the the everybody dig, their heels and fat and like walk it's, it's not. It's not helpful, not helpful and is also a bunch of people to profit off of this does battle and
yeah. Ok, no New York City did not just introduce a two hundred and fifty thousand dollars fine for any incorrect use of gender pronouns. I did for some use of gender pronouns. I think the question Mmhm misinterpretation of guideline that's already existed. There was a a blog post. I got rid of the New York Post reported on it. There was a touch updated or a change in the guidelines, but it's not supposed to be for like an incorrect or miss misuse of it. What is it supposed to be for harassment and discrimination and meaning that okay, so we're going? list of individual sex assigned at birth, anatomy, gender, medical history, appearance or the sex indicated on the individuals, identification. Ok, the robber. Here's employers and covered entities to you as individuals preferred name pronoun, in title, eg, miss or MRS We are this of the individual sex assigned at birth. So that's it. Ok, these
I'm lines as noted by the commission can impose penalties of up to two and a fifty thousand dollars for violations that are the result of willful, wanton or malicious conduct in. So that seems like they're saying that it is true there are at that. Is the seller is a law, but there's a commission. It's not just like you can't just say it. Not. Someone's gonna find you as to go through a long, lengthy court process. They're, not just finding people right businesses and, like exact I get it. Can you imagine the living room whistling braces all gonna it? Can you imagine the g all this is going to do. Create a tunnel lawsuits just because it's a commission like that might even be worse, that you're bringing it into like you, have to sit in front of a bunch of experts decide whether or not you you someone are you. They were all like at crazy. Just look if someone's gas holder and asshole like what. If what, if you're a Jew and someone calls you a Kike, can they get fined two hundred and fifty thousand dollars? How does that work
and no right, but that's an offensive term for jewish person right. So, if you, if you brought that to court, how would that work? I don't think you get it. It's not like people, it's not like Rights Commission, though that would be like a business being brought there not like just price in order. Yeah, like landlords is one of them, though they brought up like you know like if you, if you would, decided that you would be Jamie still, but now you're the woman, I'm like the fuck here Jamie here, Jamie you're, a dude, give me my money a bit in the the a f. If that was the case, it was an and I wanted apartment that you are offering, and you would give me the part and for that reason or we work together in some sort of way and I'm discriminating against you at work. Miami heat it felt so many. It just seems like a ground for so many lawsuits. What I find is it somebody's, a dick to somebody. If somebody unless somebody in a more something these days with so many camera phones and so many things. Usually it gets brought up. Pretty quick.
Somebody's racist, these days like really devout like in their core in and they like it, gets brought out pretty Fucking quick you're, not always, though not all I'm sure some people get away with it, but you know you learn. You know how to learn in an area group in not to be racist. You hear somebody say something to somebody else that they shouldn't say and they got their asses and and they learn not. Today I mean it was a weird way to learn it, but you learned you learned. It would be nice if people could learn another way to realize how stupid it is to just be racist. Yeah, this plenty of ways you could judge individuals based on their actions and what they've done, how they treat other people, how you know whether or not they're doing things that are illegal or immoral or unethical, that's as an individual, but as soon as you're doing it, based on where they can't control right there. What there are
what they look like where they were born. What part of the world they're from that's just fucking stupid. It's just a stupid. You are judging people on something. Have zero control over you have any control over your color, that's crazy! but there's people that are still doing that that are still living in that space, then it I mean it's something that I think are. Some will just take more time, but I think eventually, some there will be a radic hated it. I think it's based powers, my thing: what world vase bro? No, they were three get away hit, regeneration from all be invaded. I don't think so. You don't know no, not because of places like England and Scotland and Ireland, where it's always rainy. He can it's. It's going to get a massive amount of white people in those spots, no matter what it is, there's no sun, a brown people that move there of five six seven generations in this are pale enough to start a brand new job,
he's from England. That's what it is he really he lies about a lot dude for me. I don't think he does. He just forgets things. Yeah black guy from England like five hundred years ago is full fan, was probably black and then time time overtime. They just turned into white people, just like every other person that moved England, yeah right every human being came out of Africa, a hundred percent yeah, that's the or the the origin of the species. We came from Africa, we branched out into the world and we got to places like Scotland were never ST's, never sunny. We have bleached out people got they turned into like a solar panels for vitamin d as it charges what vitamin d yeah 'cause, if you're black, like you, got so much melanin if you like Congo, Black you, got a dark skin color, that's just awesome for sun, but it's terrible when there's no sun, how to get your vitamin d, do you even if you hug a black person, I think your skin feels a little bit kind of like more moist. You know what I'm saying
these cocoa butter and all that could be a number Ashley Larry. Oh, do we have to do in our neighborhood? His brothers set him on fire and his whole leg was, as she does do Boo Boo Tyson, and he sang it's a different kind of ash He was a full on. Oh yes, just dry skin, but sometimes I feel a little bit of african like in my course and as I lay in bed at night and just like Britain hours in Africa, it's never get your blood tested to see what you yeah. I didn't look at the results, yet he didn't look at the results and scared I don't know- maybe I'm a little bit nervous, but you might be. I don't want to be french, that's what I don't want to be. Honestly. I think your french No! No! I don't speak French a little bit yeah. I think you got thirteen percent don't laugh about that Jamie, how come you don't want to be french of all things what's wrong with that, The bother even a little bit just they made great wine grape.
Painters who create mood to complain a lot yeah. Apparently they liked it fuck. Really that's the word that french people just like to fuck and they think that the way we handle things stupid like they have fares like openly publicly, the lack of the is a little bit politicians. They, of course they cheat they're all animals over there. It is true and that talks plasma apparent he was running rapid through France really yeah it is it Toxoplasma. I think that you get from cats, get it and they get it from rats and it's a it's a parasite that gets into human brains and it affects humans, and it makes people a little bit more. Reckless, like rabies, kind of light, now not rabies more like like slightly drunk all the time, yeah and and this
so plasma. Apparently there was at one point: I'm forty percent of French of France was infected with toxoplasma yeah, see if you find that's true, must've been a funk. Fest I bet fest, wild and loose yeah. You got yeah. He said think that, there's direct correlation between the high levels of infestation, an the behavioral changes of the population, position of what rats and stuff know of this talk. So plasma plasma, apparently fifty million people in this country have it you get it from cat shit or from if you live in a farm. Like you step The field and gets in your skin, like maybe cats, have been shiting with a place or a dog will eat something that you know some catch it. When you get here on the dog, two thousand and twelve analysis, France, where an estimated forty three percent of the people carrying Toxo plasma? this is Gandhi concluded that men with a latent infection tend to be more dogmatic,
s can't confident more jealous less impulsive and more orderly than mine. Fact. Infected women seem warmer more inches more persistent, more insecure and sanctimonious whoa dude I'll get a six pack. Ladies then huh that sounds is that that is already three percent of people carry it Jesus Christ, that's a large number of human beings infected by something that changes behavior or at least leads to trends that are diff. And noticeable more dogmatic, less confident, less confidence in that gandai toxoplasmosis ghandhy associations of having anti bodies to the parasite with bipolar disease suicide behavior even optimistic disposition, possibly related to the parasites of done dopamine. So we gets in your body, and then you just have it for life, wow yeah,
sexually transmitted must be. Then. I that's a good question. That's a very good question. I don't know if forty two percent, people have it. I can't imagine that half of the population is stepped on a you know, fucking. Well, they think they That's a good question too. That's a good question, but I think there's a lot of feral cats around yeah hello. This is true yeah. I think when this place is like Elgato yeah yeah a lot of feral cats running around Reddit to they have that whole movie about that animal of his show yup and what it does to the rats as it makes them get hard ons and they smell cat piss. It really yup. It requires a sexual reward. System serves up way. Late, then testes in large, when they smell cat piss, no get away their hearts on tickets at a a neighborly,
To do this, I will always wish pregnancy. So then it gets to pass through pregnancy to child yeah move there. You go rough. Forty, three percent, a high number, that's uh! It's like it's a lot of people. It's forty three out of one hundred people do two billion people on the planet. Two billion people have. It has forty three percent of those tested in that study and that's all the people that get tested who the fuck I've never been tested. You been tested now how many people been tested. I think that's a rough estimate, man, they don't fucking know. I bet it's a lot higher up. It is a lot of people that have it yeah shiting the blood dude. I probably got it. We had a doctor, Robert Sapolsky, in the podcast. We did one with him, he's an expert in it and he's got a bunch of lectures, speeches on it and he said that when he was a resident that he had her
about a guy who found out that a disproportionate number of motorcycle accidents were attributed to people that were on this talk, so plasma really yeah that they they got this infection and it was causing them to do stupid, shit on motorcycles and crash. I would hate that man it's hard enough to ride a motorcycle and then have like you know just to be being let us buy rare disease in your brain one and a wonder if it varies right or one of the toxoplasma that they get in Paris has the same exact response, the the one that they get in South America most America bunch of variations? Oh see, that's what talking about there's different ones. A long island as a lot of Jesus Christ? There's different ones, fuq see a bit of, What is this, though? This seemed like what is it talks? Well, it's parasite Ok, so we have parasites, parasites, existence
so many animals they hitch rides and then that they've got their ecosystem are ecosystems to to be on planet earth. Their system is to be in planet Theo VON and they just get inside of you have parasites ever change like the kind of the course of history. That would happened with the plague, or is that a different thing? No, the plagues a different thing, but they probably could change the course of history if they really changed that many people's behavior. If you think about Paris there or they're talking about forty three percent of the people. Have this infection? The irony of parasites? How crazy is that that's crazy, it's a parasite! What if they have, could you imagine little french? aubrais lily, I'm going to change your behavior, so you're, going to american, the crazy one man is this aquatic worm it inside a grasshoppers body grows in the grasshoppers body and then it tells the grasshopper to commit suicide ohmygod, so it gets.
Grasshopper jump into the water and then once it grasshopper gets in the water, then it bursts out of its body I'll, take Pinocchio meet some alien. The Movie Alien Sigourney Weaver? It is like Pinocchio It's like the bottom of the whale right in the belly of the Whale yeah movie, alien with Sigourney Weaver, probably my favorite science fiction movie of all time. Oh really yeah, I would say find a pick. One science fiction, horror movie, that was like the old one I'll save that alien, it's kind of cornball when you watch the special effects. Now, though yeah you know and not scary, yeah, there's some space stuff that you like you should know. Ok, this is one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight different times in nineteen? Eighty man, you know it's corny, that's crazy, who is tall and she had curly hair. I remember thinking about her strong, confident sexy. Yes, like you are bucking neck, wanted Thank you. Thank you. Couldn't show her out yeah like if she was she's a powerful.
Like this, isn't a woman that needs a man right if she liked you it's like oh she's, I'm worthy worthy of her. Like she drove a van, but because she had freaking business to do yeah. I think we should have like an old land cruiser like a Toyota Fj40. You know when those ones yeah should be like an archaeologist or some Yeah Jennifer can a axe pickaxe. She was an avatar right in what is this all? That's. Alien, took it that that's too is that what is that a kid alien, alien ' tools, not my favorite, because it's like wait Why is it so easy to kill them all? Are sudden so easy to Cuz, so many of them like a in one that's fucking thing was like it was thinking. Yes, it was. It was ahead of you every step of the way alien to they just became like clumsy and bumbling and you shoot him and there's another one around the corner, shoot that one too it's like. Ok,.
Did. I remember a arachnophobia had me shook member that one when those spiders got that duplex bro. That shit shook me to the core dude. This one is like way deep into the future, like the first one was in the seventies and they're still doing them now That's what's crazy is to ready to bang out new alien movies, now predator coming out, they have a new predator coming out. They do hilarious. Why not make some money yeah? Let's do that kind of stuff on this fun, I can't we burning Shall Italian, would you say: was British English, yeah yeah the came from through England, one thousand years ago his people did. Oh, I thought you meant. I'm resetting white. That's why they call me big brown. Oh really, now man all that out, hang out today, the old one. Here I thought he seemed like you seem pretty white to me when I was right, yeah, a giant white dude, yeah yeah. He love he always has the is the best disposition doesn't break. He just loves to laugh yeah
What do you think yeah, but but you think he feels that I feel like, is a special gift for you can kind of, especially if your body, like kind, joke with him and he loves like he just he knows that you love him. Yeah no he's a great guy. He rolls it off. He's got a great attitude like if more people had his attitude down with life's problems, we have a happier world, he knows our Let things roll right off his back big mark I'm Anna, I always like being around him. Yeah man he get. A hate online, interesting yeah. I think, but I think it's guys that are because when I go on the road I guess one to Bakersfield recently, which is: can we just say it's like the best never came out. There feels like an amazing booty, but I felt like I felt like Hulk Hogan broke people came out, people were crying
someone sacrificed their cousins of God came out of the closet, like all they wanted it. All that happened at the show. You know people are giving me recipes. People will give you don't even know nothing marinate that far down an hour and a half hour. Forty How long does it take to get to Bakersfield from Ella two hours two hours MAX, it should be the new capital bro. It's not a bad spot in people are super nice. Adversary I mean yeah, it was cool man. I really liked it. Although I did turn my sink on its brown ship was fucking. Flying out of the sink. Was like what, if a kiss, this made us out Instagram video of it sounds like Bakersfield what the fuck is going on with your water man to say good, because you know their high school, their mascot called the lawyers, team name, because the oil drillers do you know that That whole area is where there will be blood that
no Daniel Day, Lewis, lowest Lewis movie. I love that guy. That's an amazing movie too, so good that there will be blood is about that whole area. That's where there's apparently look at that. Doesn't my what coming out of my fucking sink. Did you drink any? Oh yeah dude? I just started making crazy noises and spit out brown water. Don in the words you already brush your teeth at the crazy part. Two I yeah that happens because you'll know it first rule it's a funky and that one actually seems like a mall, but I think that I was staying at our super old hotel like real old from the 1800s they like redid it downtown. Yet What is it called things like eight and there's the ACE hotel, the didn't say, God Ray. I didn't tell people where I stood 'cause? I didn't want to be mean to the hotel, the Podre hotel, I think, is,
This is not going to play. Yes, I think that's, it was nice had a nice, it was nice in there is nice restaurant elevator, yeah yeah, but it's just. They got some oldass pipes clean those pipes on yeah something's going wrong. Again. There was staying there so yeah. Mouthful that drank it, but when he died, what if I was just all over myself for the rest of the day and I had to cancel my shows how 'bout that people be. Yes like an angry rightly so this should be furious. Do do you think you will die one day or not? I'm not trying to make you think about it. I'm pretty sure. That's how the world that's how the road goes. Yeah you're, born and then you die. But what do you think I don't know man crush? It doesn't think he die yeah yeah, I think he's just drunk. Yeah. It could be it to end of a shirt on. Do you get to put a shirt on decide if you're going to die or no he goes prove it prove boy. We have
I base this on what we know about people now. I know the people you're used to be alive and now they're, not so what happened to them? The faking it you know. Thank you. Will you be sad if you die, you thank, I think, I'll be dead, bro yeah. What about you I'll, be sad if you died, I think I'll be sad. If you died too thanks man, I would be worried about the end of your life yeah. I worry about it in the sense it makes you really wonder, then what is my time mean? What does your time mean, but what's important to you in this life right now, um, I think, probably being just feeling more ok with myself, probably an trying to have maybe help other people being more ok with yourself. But what what bothers you about yourself, uh? I just wish. I just felt more comfortable bone scan a lot of times. You know 'cause, I feel like I'm. I would be able to be more effective as a person if I could just like
get a will not toll. Will in some of my own, you know, with small self worth issues a warm like lack of confidence. At times you know which I could trust my instincts and which my instincts were like better calibrated so that I knew when I was what if I was doing like okay and good stuff than my insides, like told me, you're, you're, being okay, you don't have to work you know, there's a lot of things going on there right one of them. The big one is almost always from your childhood. Almost feelings of lack of worth and self worth come from that feeling as you're developing as you growing up yeah feel like you're not loved or not not appreciated, or your criticize too much. You feel like you're a loser and really be concise. Psychologically, we very hard to shake, and even as people get older, sometimes they still they still cling to this thought.
Is there a piece of shit, because there a piece of shit in someone's eyes when they were eight? There were ten, that's a real problem with people, man and that's one of the reasons why, when someone gets bullied when they're young, they can be so devastating, because it's happening when you're in high school or junior high school, and it becomes a defining moment for you yeah. Yet yeah? I was scared as one kid really also about this one kid more. The reason I got into wrestling this kid like we had this confrontation in the locker room and I don't think we're going to fight like I was just totally blocked. I don't know what what I said or what he said. I don't remember, but I do remember him getting me in a headlock and throwing me in the ground. And then leaning like he was going to punch me in the face, but deciding not to, and I didn't know what to do. I had no, no martial arts skills. No, nothing right. I have never wrestled anybody before. I didn't know anything so, there's nothing in you,
like new reaction, panicked and no idea what to do, and I think I thought shit I didn't think he was going to do and now here I am on my back- I'm trapped like goddamnit, I gotta learn to wrestle learn some martial arts or something so then I started taking karate and then I started taking wrestling like right after that, but that I avoided and every time I saw him. I see him on the other side of school. I'd like to see you through the breezeway and I'm always knew where he was around. I gotta go around. I want to see that guy that threw me on the ground and could have punched me in the face is almost like more humiliating that he did could have punched me in the face, but he didn't, but that bullying and that guy doing that to Maine, that fear of, like being uhm, just helpless, made me get into martial arts. I was like fuck this, like I gotta figure out how to fight. I don't want this to happen to me anymore, so, there's uh, do you see the benefit mean if it was a lucky situation to like you didn't beat me up it could have been way worse. It was not that big a deal with the EU,
school to go to like my school wasn't hard, even though there was and criminals that were in that school, like some kids get shipped into. There was some bad kids and one of them got charged with murder like right after graduating when low our friend Kevin. We knew that He killed somebody more whoa yeah. Everybody was like whoa that guy killed somebody he was one year older than me, murdered. Somebody like right after high school Football team and then you never think he would murder. Somebody he's a tough guy, scary guy for sure, like a powerhouse of a person like a tank uhm, I didn't know him well, though, but I'd say hi to him but it's one of those things where when something like that happens to you and for me, and it was very minor yeah. I was just scared of this kind of he didn't do anything to me. Horrible just threw me on the ground. So when I said we could beat your brains, I mean if someone could hold you down like that, I could do to beat my face and I been able to ship for you.
Grateful in a weird way that he did not grateful but looking back on her for sure, but it was enough just let me know I was you know- I don't know what I said. I mean it said something stupid. He might have said something stupid and wanted me to back down, and I didn't so. He just grabbed me and threw me on the ground, but the fact that he that he did it and could do it led me to make one of the biggest decisions on my whole life is getting involved in martial arts student want that feeling anymore of like if someone talked like- gives me a hard time. I want to be the one who can decide whether or not this gets violent or who gets hurt. I don't want to leave that with some strangers hands might be a fucking psychopath if it's in my hands, no ones getting hurt we're going to be. Finally there's a video of Matt Serra from yesterday, Matt Serra, there was a drunken altercation with some fucking dude in the food court, Sarah, who is a brazilian Jujitsu black belt, like at one point in time when he was competing with one of the best brazilian Jujitsu artists in the world, then on top of that, if an mma knocked out
St Pierre won the welterweight title and he's got some. Put on the ground and he's just and calm down calm down the guys are going to funk you up, but it's hilarious to watch. Look at this look at play. Gooden play the volume he's going to break your fucking face so he's holding his wrist silo. Here's a shirt on the guys face, he's like calm down, calm down, it's like he's putting crying baby to sleep, and so the security guard comes over and says: let him go. He goes. Okay, you going to control them, Are you going to control the musically you going to control them are you ready to control him like he's, not he's standing up and he's fat,
and let me tell you something: Matt Serra is one of the nicest fucking guys on the planet. Earth. If he has to do this to you in a restaurant and she's, a restaurant he's got full mount on you, you flush up, you fuckedup dude, but see your way her off with Matt Serra in that position than that drunk dude on some guy who doesn't know how to fight. It could be that too, that drunk dude could just be a real mean violent person who wants to beat someone up if he gets him down. So if there's, It's like you know who aren't into that kind of so you found getting in martial arts are really kind of you. You in like a way where you felt more confident in case things got into an uncomfortable situation that you would be okay, yeah, we'll look! You're, always you're, always going to be nervous in life when something is important, whether it's going on stage or something difficult to like you know, difficult things make you nervous. It's like there is anticipation, there's an understanding of the difficulty of something you're
whether or not you're going to fall short. When are you going succeed that ship makes people nervous, but the physical confrontation nervousness is of a bad one? That's it! That's all like that is a pet allies in fear, yeah yeah only to feel being hurt. He can't do anything about that. Devastates people to put him in a deep, deep depression yeah. So it's really important to look. I think I think every young man should learn how to fight. I think that would be way less fights because of it, and I don't think you have to be a mean person to learn more, awards. I think it's a skill and I think you learn it and then once you start getting good at it start actually, so it's actually becoming fun and the people you practice it with you. If you become close with yeah you, don't you don't hate the people that you're practicing fighting with the become some of your closest friends, yeah, and I think it's a just a big. It's a giant confidence boost to know that you can do something difficult and get better at it. That's I think, just data
own. It has massive benefits for people yeah. You know I can since that member watching a video a couple years ago, actually view like getting a belt or something they gave you a some Joe, were not sure what the correct terminology might have might have been v, watching when I got my black belt? Give me but anyway yeah like all. There was a lot of guys around it just, and I know that Coco does it Joey as you know, as long as you do it you're a strapping man. You talk to Eddie, I thirst trap about going to do it one day. I should do it so he said he said yeah, he said come down one day and he'll get me in like one of the beginners class, I think I need a dude fuck yeah you make me feel a little bit more. Like you said, the don't assume and especially the give people get bullied, and then they don't like a brother or they don't have a friend or they don't even have somebody to go like talk to oh man and then their body like it's okay, you know like that see. That's that can make. You know that person gets stuck inside themselves. Just feeling, like you know, like they're, not going to be okay
No, no, it's terrifying and then everywhere you go. You're you're, just scared of running into this guy yeah, very, very bad, You know. I think I should get into the tournament. Do it it's a fucking natural animal inclination to pick on the weak. You know only humans realize it and stop it in actually tell people not to do it and understand the effect that it has on the people that do it every animal. Does it dogs, do it check? Do it chickens have a pecking order they with check in and then they all decided. Well, let's talk with this bit and they all attacker for no reason it's weird man and you see everybody seemed dogs. Do it one pull up in the other dog, your dog okay, cower, and then they decide the pecking order, and then that dog will always go near that dog in Fuch, with him and growl at him. Maybe bite his ear or something like that. Yeah. It's a weird thing that Animals figured out how to make sure that the only ones that get to breathe
are the ones that are confident and powerful and can overcome problems. Okay, and one of the problems is other mating there, viable mails that want to mate with the women that you want to make with like with this fuckin' giraffe We want to kill in those three other giraffes. This guy just was like fuck these bitches coming up, I'm going to sleep my head of these drafts stop 'em. You ain't fucking, these girls. When you get older fucku, and this is just a natural inclination that animals have to find the week and force it out and we don't have it well, we, Do we do? Fortunately we haven't left now I say we realize because of communication right You realize that there's devastating effects this then we have loving
caring communities. We have compassion that you shouldn't do that right, there's an inclination that people have to pick on the weak and attack the week. It's very it's very disturbing, but it's also very logical in terms of like biology, right, we're trying to make it difficult for males to breed. It's not like. We have very few people and we're trying to make as many people as we get. No, no it's like the heist Let us mails in the dominant males are competing against these other males. In order to be able to breed with whatever yeah lizards are wool. Is there any any many species yeah hi status? Male wolf is the one who gets to breed with the the the choice females, and this is how they're carrying their genes on that happens and dear, it happens in Elk. It happens at all these different animals is and they fight. I mean the reason why these these antlers on
elk near those are for fighting. That's all there for the actually lose those fucking things after they're done, breeding really fall often they grow back again. The next year, that is, the fastest body, part growth. Known to man is elk antlers, I mean when you look at those. It looks like it would take seventy years to grow. They grow those mother fockers in a couple of months, and then it will grow bigger next year. Up until a point sometime around age, nine or ten, sometimes a taper off. They start to decline as they get older, their their antlers actually become smaller and smaller, but for the most part they as they that's one of the reasons why people shoot a big male is cause that mail like with big ant, Hotmail spread his genetics for many many years, so his jeans are long past. On he's, probably bread with
dozens of females. All I see so if it has the, if it's obviously been a live a long time, it has that family treat is hanging out of the front of its head exactly and you know, okay, this thing is already it's already prospered, yeah. The idea also, is that to only shoot those mails, those those high status, big males, it's actually better for the population Then the younger males get a chance to become older, because they'll kill him. They they kill young males. If a young male gets fucking frisky and you think she's a badass, the big old bowl fuck him up and one of the ways they fuck him up. Is there hours or longer, so they can get the young one when the young one can't get him nothing. This cat yeah, like your your weapons, are dictated by your age. It's really weird right and your strength and like how fight how how much vitality you have that's. Wood grows your antlers, in that I mean this fascinating. That's how it all it that it's all together like that it is up and they bully the shit out of those young balls.
Chase him away. When you get no pussy those those young bulls, are they called satellite bowls there? So horn Are they is hanging on the outside looking blues? That's why they are susceptible to hunters, 'cause, hunters alike, make a cow calling they may cause side they go. I did want to once and then they get shot yeah. So they get that's one of the things about elk hunting. That's so interesting, so you call the men he makes sounds to try to bring them towards use. They think they're gonna get some or they think there's a fight, that's the other thing you do. You make a bugle. They have these horns, you blow yeah, he's bugles and then the Elko GO. What you want. Some of this pitch will come around the corner like like for yeah looking for another elk to Fuch up and then then shoot 'em. Would you ever get like a suit or anything like that, and do it now? That's trained to be an elf yeah, sneak up on him. They have actual l d chords that they use that they actually put on the front of the blow. So like say, if you shoot
in your bow right. You got your boat here. Extending in of your bow is like a like help. It looks like like, like a female Elk, like a decline, you're actually shooting through her at the Elk. Oh okay, it's a good deal. The you down in front of your bug, your drawing back your bow. We got something here puss in boots and a weapon in it Elk What is this? room that is weird popped up and I think it's a new product was, it say, adjustable fit ball cap. So what is that old? Mask L K, that's a good way to get shot by a dude it's ago, put one of those on one route, two, oh! So that's what that is what it is. It's like an elk head, you know, has one of those John Dudley has something like okay, they you, where you trick in there in him to look at that filter, that's the look like I don't think their vision is very good. I think their vision is. Have you ever watched,
have sex or the yeah yeah, One of them. I saw a male Elk buck a female. He was crazy, it's pretty cool, or is he smashed it? smash so hard. She went flying Ford, which got got tackled, went down our front front knees, just climbed on top and he's a one pump. Chump boom just so let him into it. Could you tell a feel good after you seem like what I tell you scream in it when they're and when they're in in heat in there eating in the right, they call it it's amazing to watch I mean this is something they only do once a year. So for eleven months out of the year: they're cool with each other they're, all just hanging out together in one month out of the year. It's chaos just fighting to the death with other males and smashing into it, and then every girl they get a chance. Look they bang it out. And then when it's over it's over, and this is cycle of life and then in the spring the new calves are born, and then you know they they
oh and then a year later, they're hanging around the pack and then they get older. It is that they get older. The challenge the old bull for dominance, March, chases them away and yeah it's it's a fascinating sort of ecosystem when you want and then you know, there's always wolves and there's always bears and there's all these things are trying to eat. A mountain lions are killing. Am amazing, that's why and as well as? Could this need these so in tune with all of that stuff man that you, you know you're into this world? That sounds like a lot of fun. You know, but it's really interesting. Even if I never ever hunted again, I would still be fascinated by wildlife yeah. It is just it's one of the more interesting things about being alive is. Is there's these other things that are a lot? Two and they're nothing like us yeah. They are nothing like us with outliers, really for sure for sure
but we're the ones who are separated from them. So completely that if we see one, it's like a bird that sitting on a flagpole see you know it's fucking Coyote in your neighborhood. What's he doing here, you know like or a dog which is like our friend no don't even count them as animals. I know their animals, but there are friends it's like when you have dogs, dip on us for food. There are part of the family to totally different deal than like a pet wolf or There are some there's an episode where somebody's dog plays family feud with them. No, I'm saying so: that's a yeah What other animals gonna going to? I that I saw dude on who had talked. Is he trained his dog to get him a beer and he put uh he taught a towel to the door of the refrigerator need say: go get me a beer and the dog would go there she would grab ahold of towel, pull on it. It would open up the door to the fridge should reach in grab a can of beer run.
Over hand, the can of beer to him. He said good now go close the door and she would go close. The door should go grab that towel and use it to shut. That door was like that is insane. That is a super trained animal man yeah. I had a dog, and I were talking last night, the comes to about your dog and you, you know you guys always seem to be super happy like never run and everything we're talking about school. Do you ever have any pets, I never had any pets they're growing up like a lot of responsibility. They had scary, exactly they had loose dogs in our neighborhood like rottweilers and Doberman, you know so like it wasn't. Nobody had a pet like everybody had like. There were two dogs that were like you know. You see him fuckin' and sometimes like attacking So it's kind of exciting, but it wasn't like and then a lot of animals got hit by my house by this highway by trucks and we go bury the animals. Sometimes oh, really yeah. So we go get the animal this little highway and barium, but but yeah I never
but I would like to have one if I can get a home one time. You know a home in like a wife and stuff, and I think I would like to have an animal. You know there. One man be gotta, really know what you're getting into. If you go out of town you're going to need somebody to watch it and feed it and take care of it, you gotta get that gotta make sure you have a big enough yard or your dog and get some exercise and they're going to shift all over the place is going to have to learn how to pick that up. You have to pick that shit up yeah, you know your machine like a hole or something nope nope they shipped wherever go outside, they just find a spot and say this is a good spot to Shin. They just drop logs. Now and then you got logs all over your lawn yeah, and if you go to days without clean those logs, you got eight dogs that have three dogs, moocho logos, so he dogs make. Moocho logs logs gotta, go around cleaning it up
and if I don't clean it up above that smell going, the log will be out in the yard. Looks the really odd smells in the year to get the scraper well scraper and scrape the logs in that, and I have a place to dump them into yeah, scooping up magic. Your grandma's, all over your your on disco out going along just she shifts in the yard, ships on the lawn look. I was out there should I go clean up or ship via a lover, but God I hate cleaning Hirsch, it yeah. I would hate cleaning up probably human ship for some reason, but I remember the dogshite well, when I the kid that a our neighbor name, Mary Mario right, and he and he was due to dying, actually did some pills and drove into an embankment, but he, when I was young, he would shoot his yard. Make me bury it and that's how that's? How is allowed to be friends with him? How did he make you
very it. He just asked me to do it and I was afraid not to do it. I think said: YO dude you're not going to believe this, but I took a shit in its out my ear. I can't even bury it because I'll throw up. He do me a favor go, bury it yeah. He was he did. He was dark man, he had a Viet, a real dark vision and he would he would I mean he probably honestly dude I he probably should two hundred and three times and buried it at a swear to God. Swear to God Dude and he had he not run out of places to make new holes. Did you think you ever dug up old shit to put in new schitt? Oh, Well yeah. I wouldn't be surprised man, we basically like the only set up, I had not even have a strong system the only set up and was like a lot of this plastic. You know beach. Oh, no beach set up. Dude, I'm talking with seven, so wait a minute seven year old is doing this. How old was he he was eight or nine? Oh he's tracking you button older. He was old
in two years when you seven is a long stretch. No, when you thirty to thirty two thirty four I mean whatever dude put seven and nine, that's a big stretch. Yeah you go sit at your house buddy! That's what I tell people, not so you for it what he would do you remember the first there's no way you really remember. I remember when he said: on or what he said, but I remember how did it happen? How did happen when you find yourself with a plastic shovel and another person schitt going damn? How did it come to this? Well, came to it because he, I know my brother part wasn't around and I wanted somebody to play with and he was older. So I was hanging out and he was deviant man how so we just had a little bit of like like he was kind of slither. You know what I'm talking about mom. He knew how to manipulate you. Yeah. He was obviously birdshit. Two hundred plus times like there was he had the same color in the outside of his eye. On the inside of his. I don't take him out demon yeah, like a light dealer diablo,
El Diablo, but also who was in elementary school interesting? he are so when you first found yourself, do you remember them the feeling that you first found when you would dig a hole for a dude like just thinking? What am I, how long can I do? This will be keeps asking. How do I stop this? How do you want to stop in? That's, maybe a better question. You know what I don't remember, how it kind of pan. You know how we kind of yeah Peter, over how it kind of tapered off his parents ever like hey. Do you ever shit in the house? How come we don't any missing toilet paper. What did you know? That's what I think it was. I think he was lazy were you know, use I'm serious and he sat outside behind his slow slide to have a slide in his yard, because that you know a little bit of money and he said outside behind the slide. That is a great word, too, by the way, and it was silky kind of soil and sand and IRA we're going over. Then. I still remember I remember the it honestly? Would it look like I would say, like a taupe,
but a little with a little more brown in it. You can always find coyote schitt 'cause. It has like little berries in a lot of times. Coyotes eat all kinds of things: yeah yeah eat. Some berry sometimes I'll see these logs like these little red berries in it. I'm like. Oh, it's coyote, Schitt's, always a dark brown to their shifts. For consistent, weird gooses have fancy schitt. Sometimes I see him, you mean disgusting yeah. I never lie but it seems yeah and that's a bait and switch my mother nature? 'cause? If you see a goose, you think. Oh, this is fun. This can be exciting and then they'll fucking choke out of infinite, are coming. Gooses are violent, violet, extremely they fight in packs. Yeah yeah. They do. I have a friend who
how to house on a lake and they had a wire all around the lake, and I was like, what's the wire for delegates to keep the goose from going into the water. They don't want him waddle it into the water said. Things like I was like is that electric, like kind of fence? Is that I'm not sure if I'm not sure if it's electric, Kimmel shock. The idea was to try to keep the game because they shipped all over their lawn over here were there in a pond in their yard yeah. The list is the ultimate like that did Mary other site that came area but a bird. Ball in a you and you have a pond in your yard, like you want to go fishing yeah. Let's take five steps out of my backyard. You know I mean that is like the ultimate, but
That's a! I don't think if you have a natural hill in your yard kind of, I don't think that's that expensive to get water put it in to get a pump put in. I don't think it's that drastic man. I would think that would be a nightmare, but they gotta make sure it doesn't leak like you had like, what's going to keep the water there yeah it takes, have a special kind of bottom like when you go to a natural lake like that's, the water is pulled up there for a reason. That's an unusual ground. You gotta realize if you look at it, naturally yeah actual lake the waters decide to stay there. Where is the same amount of water is probably landed everywhere, but it's decided to stay there. So what the hell is between that graph, all the other ground around it. So when you want to make a pond, you just can't make up everywhere. There's a reason why there's not a pond there, so that's not the kind of ground for a pond right, so they have to put a liner in
get a mother. It's like taming mother nature. Almost you have to do something you can't just pour water in there. You gotta do something and one of the things that they do in a lot of places they use, is really thick koi pond liner, it's basically a plastic liner, so you gotta bullshit as fake pawn is what you got. That's going to look shifty go above ground. Yeah. No, this year, the above ground pool of ponds, it's not even organized in a well once they get the the blind are in place, then we put surface levels of dirt and rocks and stuff over the line. So it looks like a regular pond, but the thing is the what's: holding the water in place in some places they they'll use. Those Corp on fever, see you know it quite well. Yeah it's big unit at a restaurant yeah. They have very thick arm liner, that they use for the base of that ship. Is that stuff on float tanks to
A lot of it is floatation tanks, we floated them and uh I mean I've heard you talk about it before the line over those things is the same thing. It's koi pond liner. It's like a real, thick, durable, tough Does it feel like you're alive when you're in the tank you it's like you're relaxing. You know it's a good feeling feels good on your body just alleviates tension, but it also feels like you're in the psych meditative state you relax and think about things better there. When you get a good good thought of. You know what hi, how to look at things from an outside. Looking in perspective, yeah, you get a chance to be away for ' your body really 'cause you're, not thinking about your body just floating. I, like that you're not feeling your body all the water is the same temperature as your skin, so you don't. You can't even tell where the water is and where the, where you, it is I like that yeah. I just feel like you're flying through the air and it's all dark and you don't see anything
hear anything 'cause your ears are underwater. Does it feel dead? Do you feel like you might be dead or not know? Definitely I like that you're worried about the feeling of dead, I'm just worried about how does the fizz any like does your brain, keep going in or whatever it is. That keeps us going in our like it. When you die like our consciousness, does it just leave out of this shell and then we're just part of this straight up. Fucking, I think part of the thing is when we were thinking about consciousness, were thinking about language, so we're thinking about the way we talk and think it's about feeling yeah, because I think what we think of, consciousness when I think of it. With my own limited mind when I think of consciousness, I think of consciousness is me using language to interpret how I feel about different things? I have there's a language attached to it. I think, if something happened when you die in your soul, goes to another place. Let's say a soul is a real thing or consciousness a real thing. I bet it goes there with no language
And I bet that's it's real similar. I bet to what it feels like when you're really tripping. At when you're on some heavy psychedelics and you just melt into the universe, and you sort of cease to exist on some of them. Like five hundred am, the DMT determine all yeah wow melt into the center of the universe. You feel Don't exist anymore, I bet death and it that feels like you're dying to that, is there that's a scary one? Five me o DMT is universally disturbing one. A lot of people have a problem with that one because it really does feel like dying, can senior citizens do it or not? I think they could, and now I think the only problem would be. If you had a heart attack you freaked out, I don't think it's toxic 'cause. Your body makes it your body knows what to do with it too. You know your body knows how to bring you back sobriety levels in like one thousand five hundred and twenty minutes. Do you know when you're going into those kind of when you're on some of that? Do you get a feeling that, if you're a good or bad person does you could do you get like an ant that like
and then we get a feeling if there's things that are bothering you about your behavior, you know if you're if you have something that's haunting you and maybe with a lot of people, it really comes down to life choices, not just in terms of like their behavior, but even like what they're doing with for living and how they're living their life and sometimes those experiences. These psychedelic experiences can highlight these things that are bothering you, but that you're suppressing, and then you realize, like this. Suppressing of these feelings and thoughts is actually making me Lash out in these other ways I've got shady behavior and a grey live in this way, and it's really because this way it's really because of, and then you might. You might also come to realization it's about something that happened when you were a child or it's about feeling unprotected or unloved as a child, and it's just you never developed properly, so you never felt totally secure.
So you want to do something to make you feel secure, whether it's drinking or something and then you'll that in a psychedelic experience, be able to like see the root of it better, oh wow, for a lot of people, its cessation of of smoking comes from that feeling like. Oh, this is I'm killing myself 'cause. I hate myself, like I'm literally poisoning myself like. How can I not see this and then through having a mushroom experience, they've just completely quit really yeah, it's a really common one, real common one, there's a lot of other stuff that I haven't done: That also, like I begin, is a big one for getting people off drugs. That's a huge war! about that yeah, that's a big one. That has an amazing success rate, but it's supposed to be really brutal. As far as like how you feel like like it, it runs you through the ringer psychologically, but when you get through it, it's worth it it's twenty four hours, fuckin' who do you have to go with by yourself
there's a lot of clinics that do it, in particular in Mexico, a lot of people going on in Mexico and go to these clinics in there twenty four hour clinics of this I began experience Jerry Field. But hey man. If you had a son and if you like Joe MIKE my sons, hooked on Oxy, I don't know what to do. I would a hundred percent recommend do that really yeah, because I know so many people that have done it's helped them everywhere. Here's the way your brain connects to addiction really fast. It's a fascinating drug Hamill Morris, who is the host of Vices Hamilton's Pharmacopia Essentia Lee a show, that's all just about drugs. He was talking about last week about how fascinating it is an in low doses. It actually is like a nootropic. It actually enhances your consciousness and low dose.
Makes you smarter, Yalla ya. You know I want to get into some of that kind of stuff, but I mean you know so right now party or anything like that. So I struggle with that. It's like man, I you know, because I don't you know it's tough, because I do. I do want to be able to the do things that are beneficial for myself and things that I didn't have a problem with, but it's just hard to kind of balance. Yeah. You want to stay sober yeah. Well, you know sobriety is a worthwhile goal and if you can go so from being a person who's, doing a lot of drugs and ruining their life to person who's like yourself, that's on a great path and you're sober disciplined. You wouldn't want to break that, like you, don't want to have that bad feeling, but there's ways that you can achieve. Certain psychedelic states, without any drugs yeah one of the big ones is yoga and meditation. Those are two big ones you I mean I don't
do the kind of yoga that gives you a psychedelic experience. I think mostly that's Cund Alini Yoga, but the kind of yoga that I do that be crumb, hot yoga, sh. It's just this this. What it does to your body and chills you out afterwards. I think it has a pretty profound effect on the way the world. The way you experience the world after the classes, so I think that's something that people don't take into consideration like one way in which you can change the world around. You is to change how you interface with the world, how you Experian the world. How are you viewing it? What is your your behavior flavored by is your behavior motivated by frustration and weird? as an insecurity and anger or your behavior motivated by love and confidence and happiness, and are you like? Are you quenched physically? Do you feel good physically yeah? And if you do and if you'd like
experience like a strong yoga class and then you run into someone you might be more relaxed more. Actually more easily and that that will change the way that person thinks You that'll change your interaction with them in the future than it might change your whole life yeah. And if you continue to act that way- and you continue to look at the world through the eyes of this, this very particular disciplines really good for your body really. Can change people yeah, it's a lot of people. It's like there's a a definite, but if effect from that yeah, so if you want to just do something for you, I'm just meditating. Man learn how to meditate yeah. I just got a new meditation chair actually yesterday, so I might have to start getting maybe getting into it dude. Why not mad? I mean if you interested in doing drugs right. Why not just be interested in doing something that you know you can definitely do, and it's not going to suck you up, and it's only going to help you yeah. Selena when you were when you were partying. What was your thing does cocaine by myself at the house, really: cocaine, cocaine, yeah! What about booze, the booze body?
no, I just couldn't have a drink, because I'd be afraid that I would back. I would buy a coat. So if you got drunk then it would loosen your inhibitions and you be like where's, the coke, with the Fuckin' coke yeah dude in code and go back to the vest or men. So here's what happened so on a you know, I'll get I'll. Do some cocaine a thousand put on these different right did you buy again. I don't know. I spent too much on him, but I would probably say the price just one I had was probably about two hundred and ten dollars. Nine hundred am an so I would get Fuckd up and put these vests on put on sunglasses and not know like Buffalo bills ship, but at least partying by myself. You know, and once I was make smoothie. You know because I you know I have a new wonder what kind of blender it is, but it's pretty nice and make it like a nice smoothie and I'm fucking coked up party, and you know, living high on the hog. Two vessel may be right, and I thought I thought I heard some outside right, which is kind of weird, even think of we have a blender going right,
so I'll leave out of my apartment to go in the hallway, lock myself out with the blender going two hundred and thirty in the morning coked up out of my brain right now I have to go to my landlord dude who lives right down the hall and tell him like hey man. During the morning I got locked oh, my god, you must have hated you blender shorts out in smoke happens Fire alarm are going off in the building right as I'm at his door knocking. Oh, my he's pierced and he's like. What's going on? and I didn't know what to say. I told him that I was throwing a late Christmas party. Do it was fun in the January. How old were you the time? Huh? Oh two, one slash two years ago starting so he back to my apartment right door
nobody in there Oh my god like man, but that's it was fun because, oh my god, no, that was fun. How long do you live there, for? I still live there well yeah. We passionately you know we have caught him doing some things. I think we're all. Even how long you been sober for A2 year in two weeks, every two years? What was the big thing where you like? I gotta, get my shit together. You know how it was Opie and Jim, when opened, Norton had a radio show at Sirius and it was actually on its own Aris show that he had. This is not happening and I it doing coke all night driving a taxi. I was in a taxi. The driver, this dude Luigi got me an s.
Or I don't want to ask or were doing cocaine like Harlem or something N. Harlan cab driver doing and I just had. I was taking a cab from a party to my hotel, and so we end up off on this other excursion. Next, you know I'm driving the taxi he's in the back with the hooker. It's five, in the morning, and I got to be on the radio station at six hundred and thirty or something so I get to the radio, and I can't even talk an Darryl Strawberry's, the other guest right, who is the baseball player, who also had. Drug problem, but he's like thirteen years sober, and so it was this weird moment where, like I thought, I was and a cool, but then here's a man who, like I'd always My head, maybe somewhere thought. Oh, that guys like a cokehead within here he is. Eloquent put together successful in here. I am. I can't even talk and with two men that I admire. You know gym
just to be honored to be on the show you know, and so I was like this is not making choices like there's some there's some unevenness here, you know. So what did you do after that? twelve step program joins hosts program, yeah and then so yeah, so I've been in? Dennison Center tell me out, you know. Well, I would definitely say, don't do coke yeah. The problem with drugs is they're all under the same blanket right. You know when someone says drugs, you think of everything you think. I'm pills you think of smoking. It, you think of coke, think a pot think of mushrooms. Think of everything, yeah, obviously they're, not all the same thing. You know it's weird to call them all drugs yeah. They they affect you very differently, a hundred percent. I don't think if you did mushrooms you with all the sudden be doing below an
no yeah. I don't think so either Luigi's cap again right, I don't think so either so, but I think I wouldn't want to be the guy that told you doing and now I don't feel like you are, but you know I I feel like it's something that I think about. Sometimes in but I you know, I don't know because I also do want to have experiences were like I'm able to get. You know unique experiences out of my out of my find and think about other stuff, and, like you know, I remember times where mushrooms would just clear my conscience. It would be like someone came up to the chalkboard where everybody written all these math problems and bulshit somebody drawn a dick, and if somebody fucking cutting off somebody's head, just stupid shit and just cleaned it all off and you're like oh. No, I think so too is relaxing mushrooms. Forgive you will give you for your mistakes. I mean this is one of the reasons why, like
mushrooms and Jesus are always kind of connected in Folkman Alot, a lot of people's ideas, because they're both very forgiving, like here's, the best Jesus story of someone being forgiving, God, dammit coughing, muppets weed There was a guy named general butt naked. You heard that guy real man yeah he lived in Liberia and he's a famous care. In Liberia because of his exploits when he was in the middle of war. He would he would go in and fight naked, awhile anyways, a cannibal. You would kill the innocent children, I'm on their side and two key pieces of their heart and they believe that it would protect him about one talks about it openly after doing this, he found Jesus and he came on here.
Did you have a lawyer- is the actual photos on another's photos. I don't know either so then he became he. I mean he's killed thousands of people always apparently in in war and then according to what he said and then afterwards became a preacher and talks openly about the fact that he's like killed innocent children eat pieces of their heart, but people forgive them because he's a preacher, so his love Jesus is so complete. The people. Forgive him the point of the forgive the fact that he eight kids, while imagine powerful top coffin as a whole, was if he was your. It was your kid that this guy eight then you seem out, preach and now have a pistol very eight, my kid yeah. It is our,
Fuq, but it was a different time yeah. I was a different man yeah, it's crazy, the for travelers guy. I forget what it's called the vice travel guide to Liberia. It is a really really eye opening uhm sort of a view into what Liberia is like Liberia. Is it really really poor, dangerous part of Africa that was originally when slaves left America when they were set free? They went back to Liberia and that's where they settled Bach yeah Dude Africa is always fuckedup. Huh yeah I
sucks man yeah! That's why all these wild animal stories from Africa. It's like there's another one that was kind of interesting. These poachers got eaten by a lion they tried to get ahold of are, I know they were trying to steal, kill this rhino and cut its horns off and they try to sell 'em and just got eaten. That's crazy! Dude! two. That's the way to go. If you could get a animal organ put into your body, would you do it would be the benefit? Who would you get? I do something nice like a hyena well? I already have the butt of a down syndrome boy. So I don't know what I would get man. I would probably get just something: I'd start off with something small, probably like you know, wrist or something like a pinky nails laid out there that we like it sexy. I agree with that stupid splicing genes, man Ma'Am then you be able to do it. People you going be like that
tigrid. What's it gonna thunder cat member, you can be like thunder cat who's. What I don't remember that girl, with the Red mean he was like, never tried that I know it's definitely illegal, but do you think a right I met a guy. Yeah wasn't something that they were trying. Stalin was to do that, which some yeah human, to make some sort of a champ human hybrid yeah, I could see it man. I've met some mutherfuckers dude, some mother, Fucker yeah. Well, I think to be able to do something like that soon. Can you imagine that you follow. Talking to somebody and then they just get into a birdbath. Can you imagine that this is not Humanzi thing so that this claim us lab engineered, Humanzi human Chimp Hybrid one hundred years ago, scientists? this is a really recent article huh. This isn't science alert
this is the sun super sketchy right, yeah that humanity was real weird though the thing walked, upright alot, yeah and they wore a suit. What is that yeah? That's Stalins, humanity, experiment, but that one, it sure is real, not one that one, the one next to the one you're at that one, that's real! That's what it really looked like good thing walked, wrote shorts on yeah little side of his quads on hot mother will tear you apart yeah the thing I think you got very close to the woman to which became an issue look at. That is that who is that that's the Humanzi yeah. This is dean. Martin's friend yeah look is doing coke with what's his effort, Is that the guy from narcos in the background? But I went on the Escobar these figures, but stop look at that language. That's what I'm talking about. Look at the writing tell me that it doesn't look alien like that's from some space ship like what language is that
I don't know, I'm I'm ready for it all day in language is japanese yeah that looks like it should be on yeah. Don't don't go back glass, translator man come here. We go, the language looks it does look like like, from space, but we saw that on. If you didn't know anything about asian languages, do you saw that on a spaceship like? Do you think? Japanese people could from space and not know that they are The people that are really into nonsense. Um, like Zach, buy a sitch in. Do you know about all the Does people that believe there is a planet that's out? far outside of PLUTO. That comes it's a no on elliptical orbit and it comes near earth every like three thousand years or something I forget, the exact number, but it's called Nibiru in on the bureau. There are these people called the on gnocchi and what they are is an in
erase and at this alien race engineered us and they took they took these old monkeys, I got ancient hominids and then they added their dna to him and created a human being. This is the idea and then there's this guy Zachariah Sitchin wrote all these books on this stuff and there's a lot of people think he's full shift, but it's interesting. It's fun. It's fun to it's fun, to speculate, you know, but the idea was that different group people got different level of alien yeah. I could see it will look. Sometimes I'm I'm talking to somebody in like. I don't think this dude, like a full person you know like who, who who we know, don't tell man I don't know if it's anybody that we know I mean Josh Martin- that works. There are sometimes takes you for a ride, but I don't think any only imagine if there was living amongst us
the whole time we just cannot chain. Yanked. Oh, I bet I'm sure, there's some chick out there, that's fucked in alien. I think when I really think about it, I think that that would be the first inbreeding would be. A check with an alien fuccaro would be a dude who fuckton alien girl, oh No, I think now, these days there's us. I could see someone talking to millions. What is not some of the law. The folklore, though some of the stories of male alien abduction, are like female aliens that seduce them yeah how to get your loads bro. Do of species of a given. My right up for free son, Natasha, Hendred Dray is at her last name and strange hundred heavy set and Stretch Henstridge, so a sentence,
Like how many loads can your body make if she was on fear factor, she's, very nice, she's, very nice person, so really matter yeah she did episode of fear factor is hottest football wow. Forest Whitaker was in that movie. Oh, I love horse, damn ghost dog, I'll the hustler, and he's in the last king of Scotland. He was in the color of money, not the You know what movie I like is on that movie, where they escape from the health facility and Michael Keaton's in it, and it's for do they go to a baseball game. Remember that movie! No, no I think it makes me think you probably wouldn't be able to make that movie today, yeah, oh yeah, mental health facility or some people be upset. Well, there always dudes in movies, That would play those guys play, someone who is
mentally challenged. So yeah, like that's a common thing, dude should always do that? Didn't Sean Penn play someone yeah, I am saying challenged. Yeah Dustin Hoffman did do it? That's right right, man, Rosie, O'Donnell, Dustin, Hoffman's. Probably first got it play a super autistic man yeah, and he Rosie O'Donnell. Did it too right? I think so man, that's the last thing. You want your enemies finding yeah dude, imagine out takes readers didn't really get him ready, start laughing imagining Altex. If you start laughing you monster and nowadays you have a real person with the disease on the side of the stage so like to consult yeah fuckit dafuq at is that real yeah, that's crazy man come on really
I'm sure you think they're letting you do that without having somebody there to verify. If it's legit or not well, how would someone verify whether or not like, like like someone going to come up and go? That's that's not how I do it. I just accept this is not your thing. Who is this? That's Rosie! Let me hear this because why would I just made that up DR yeah, but I'm not a funeral even waiting on? Why didn't wait inside of riding the bus with my sister, because I have your address? I do think that you know you just make things harder on yourself thanks. Thank you, whoa, pretty good. I wonder if you could do that movie today. You might not be able to do it like twelve years ago yeah, but that's a different world. Man It's a different world man. You can't even barely breathe out there. Do you know it's tough right, but I do. I can't believe
I want to China in there. You wonder you can do anything. Can you do anything as far as like comedy material, so much trouble, I mean just think of all the different stuff they have. Animals are treated differently. There is true, you know right, but I think, like you get in trouble, if you like Google, certain websites like they have a different version of oh yeah. There, there censored yeah yeah, I'm not going to do anything. Drastic like that crazy. You get sensor, the young people, hello, hello, held you. Do that! That's pretty impressive! You don't remember going when I was a student. We went to Cuba when I was a student in college right now remember we went to a bookstore in all the book, It's just started like a certain year, and that was it like. There was no and it was like in the nineteen whatever yeah when Castro took over, milkshake Rivera is going on today in China, World CUP kiss sparks,
media debate on sexual harassment in China. Wow. Why he's a male reporter in these two russian fans gave him a kiss while he was repairing it's cause like a reverse sexual harassment, debate and transparent. Big deal wow. He looks so what's the big deal that in China, someone like you're not allowed to show public affection like that. Is that the big debate is it came after a bunch of female journalists. In a salted, and so so they started assaulting the dude the other way around. I'm gonna go out on limb, he's going to be ok, he looks fine. Look actually better, then kissed on the cheek by attractive women did not hurt Numb, they can't rape them. I think he's gonna be okay. Let's watch on boy get mauled by these hot russian brides here goes one kiss, not not
sing? Nothing is fine, he's laughing. Ok, we're done he's laughing. We're done stop this people are fucking crazy, the guys laughing. He thought it was cute yeah? Why would anybody make a deal out of that? It's a zero tolerance that girl literally had a plastic red cup in her hand, which is the universal sign being up in public yeah. If you got that plastic red cup in your hand, that checks probably lit she kissed, yeah. He thought it was cute. They didn't move him around or push him or assault him. It was a friendly gesture on the cheek and this love. I think, while trying to shut down people enjoying each other. I think we are anymore. I think I think things are actually things are getting in a lot better place, and it's just in the media. It seems like they're, not sometimes you know. I think that that seemed
did not the fact that someone is making a big deal out of that yeah. That's true! You can't look. You can't compare that to a bunch of guys doing that to a girl, it's not the same. It's not devastating! The guy is going to be fine. It is different. Men and women are different in that case. That is a very clear cut case of no one got hurt there did they? interrupt his broadcast. Perhaps did they ruin what he was trying to say in this? I don't know what he might have a serious message, and these top russian brides come over kiss him on the cheek. Maybe they up his little project and what he's trying to accomplish but there's no crime there, that's not a crime, it's not the same. If there's a bunch of dudes doing that to a pretty girl, yeah some gorilla, looking fuckin' football player fuckin' corn FED Iowa boys came over and kissed What are they doing remember when they were trying to make it a big deal, because Katy Perry kiss some guy on American Idol
Yes, this is like two months ago. She kissed him, Boyd, never kissed a boy. She kissed him. She brought him over and kissed him. There was like oh well. What, if one of Katy Perry and what, if there was a girl she's, not still she's, Katy Perry, and if that guy's really complain that carry Katy Perry took her kids or not my thing. My cares for Soundcloud main dude, no ones gonna love. You shut the fuck up. If you can't appreciate Katy, Perry, kissing you oh she's, pretty too and more people will love that man, because Katy Perry, kissed him idol contestant shuts down Katy Perry They shut down the Katy Perry backlash. He kissed her too. Listen, nothing wrong with that. Look at first of all, homies gay right is he look at him. He could be from Idaho, pushing up shot him and he fell down. That is not a mail. That's not all! He could be ok!
It might be that he's avoiding a that kiss until he really did find the woman that made him feel like you want to be kissed, and maybe she stole that from yeah, see, read or hear a mansion with thirty three year old, male or district in nineteen year old female, or do you do with kids like Katie well imagine that's a different thing. You fuc how 'bout you imagine that's a whole different thing. Yeah! Don't don't pretend that men and women are the same? You fucking assholes. Imagine a Volkswagen Fuct, stepmom. You know what I'm saying. What are we doing? This is stupid. It's just sayin saying man is just sucking, not the same thing: everybody's! Ok, that chinese guy was laughing man. All he probably jerked off to the video of the house. Multiple times
I'm going to park in China to ask him something different fruit over there can, you can imagine sure they have different fruit in Brazil. They have different fruit in England. You get some different fruit. Fachman. Excited I'm excited. I guess I'm nervous, but I'm also excited how many shows you doing over there. Doing three shows, but you know, and not that you know I I don't know, but the promote you know to so that a guy hit me up literally every email and like a while to Nick C. No I'm going but makes you know you got a ball mouse tied up in a basement under a noodle shop. Some more get to eat after Jesus Christ. Are you looking for the food? no man no do not like chinese food. I mean I like about dudes, show me that you can eat animal dicks over there. You can eat fuqing,
although we human dicks, I think you would just joking around, though right. I don't know honestly think about it, think what else you went over there and they said we heard you on Little RD in experience and we have a hockey rink and we're prepared to put on the lion fight. Are you prepared to watch which, if they brought to you to a place, and they said a dudes going to fight align with sword, you could leave if you like, yeah we just day I would say yeah I have to. I would owe it to them if the man's already gonna fight and I'm the only cat many comes the vitamin it nobody's in the parking stadium. Well, you would have to be able to trust the people that are there that they're going to let this guy get ripped apart by a line in front of you and they get rid of a body yeah. Would you eat during it or would you wait to eat after 'cause? The guy depends on hungry hours. They gotta wait,
yeah. If the guy looks over your eating place for reading a hot dog with this guy's getting mauled- and he looks up to you- makes eye contact your spider man, saying mustard on your face and shit. Bartender do that when about like that movie gladiator with Russell Crowe. What is that supposed be how long ago was that was it's. What he based like one thousand years ago or more, I think it was like nine hundred d, I'm guessing or two. Let's go. Two thousand and nine shit dude that ain't that long it says it's set in roman times. Could we get back here? You think yeah, I think man sues. That's not that long ago. People were
back in eight thousand one hundred one eight thousand and eighty I was in Rome couple years back and I went to the Colosseum. It's fucking amazing man, it's crazy to be there just to feel it and the most of its missing, like they stripped down a lot of the stone and people stole things from it, and it's like so dilapidated phone part, but the yet on a tour Lewis, the ticket to the catacombs they sort of explain all the different things, but they have these animals. They got from Africa and it kept them in the the but see that hole in the ground. That's really brief! That's really how they did it man these animals will come out out of a fucking hole in the ground and you see that first layer of people, the first seat, the first row seats they had to put up fucking fences ship, because the tigers would leap through the air and kill the people that are in the first row. Yeah, they were the first people up the stub hope did pass holders will see him.
And you get that nice ticket and you find your buddy funny. You get up to get a soda. You come back in your buddy just in pieces. Do that just the fact that people did do stuff like that, we did that it's in us Do you know that? That's what's crazy man? That's your show makes me think about stuff like that. Like that, there's dna inside of us that remember where's that! Well, I think when people get into situations where they need entertainment and back then right like would you, go to play or see a dude have a sword. Fight against a tiger tiger, yeah all day pending waffles are boring. Couple plays, would be good I mean what what planning Neverland. Maybe if you I mean, if there's a line, and on the left, you get to see a guy fight a lot. Man with a sword and on the right you see a bunch of people pretend to be cast.
Yeah, it's going to say a lot about humanity, drivers salesman or whatever the fuck you're going to watch pitch. I'm gonna go I gotta get eaten you're, gonna, watch it It was terrifying to watch, but the shock in the just the entertainment value before death of a sales Oh, you gotta, go to the fights we are. We got tickets to any the worse. The good stories have been written yet so what the hell do? You think they were doing well yeah, I mean they had great stories and I'm sure they had great stories, but it does not as good like in also the value of human life was so much lower, then right. He bore consul going to war and with the war they fought, they fought with bows and arrows and spears and swords. So there's just a bloody mess: yeah horrible, bloody, noticeably four five Debbie
people on the street at the moment. So maybe you're like I'm not going to go see somebody else die in there. We go see this play and part of the problem was like the way they got rid of their shittim right, like the streets would be contaminated with schitt who should have buried it like we did around my neighborhood. Imagine the blowback. If someone in some country did put together a Colosseum and then people started traveling there and it became like the new, hot spot will pull it in Africa. I would do that because you know I know Some things are so starved they have so many animals. I think they have a lot people believe in reincarnation. I would just do it all a million dollars to have a sword fight if you had a purse of a million dollars for someone have a sword fight and they give him a shield and armor and uh board and a helmet have a sword fight with a tiger. People would sign up for that.
I mean I could you you would know much better than anybody. Could you guys spend more used more time around? You know the closest kind of thing. Maybe we have some type of gladiators modern day. What do you think any of those men? Do it yeah yeah people would do it. What is this Jamie from two thousand eleven man fights lion to boost Egypt, tourism. What come on yeah come on. This is a real asset and there is little plastic launcher got a shield. It's got a spear. The shield is a shady is for what, in the dude hell yeah a lot of room either not a giant line, but is this for this actually happened? It says a hundred percent live like recorded videos on CBS News, Jesus Christ, this guy get jacked. Or what and this isn't such showing it. It must have been a long fight and it was probably subdued they had
that's obviously happening if this guy recorded, then this probably happened scaped he had to do like a two minutes or something with it. I bet yeah. The line seems fine he's going to climb. On top I, when he's around the winner, yeah he's going to do like a fuckin' cage, drop drop. Along that line. Imagine that must be the balls. You would have to leap down with a spear and drive it through the lion brain from the top rope? Yeah played spray all over the place. You could do it. Someone would do it if that dummy got in there. With that line,
you you could definitely get. If you gave someone a million dollars, you gave them a shield and a sword and armor, given some armor, not all armor. Now you know yeah netcast. You can pick the neck of the long piece line with leap on you, so fast you're, just sort of be knocked out of your hand. It would just crush your fucking head with its teeth, but one man would do it. Yeah one man would win. Maybe the the mountain from game of thrones, the giant dude yeah, give that guy, like a battle axe like a fucking eighty five pound axe? Who would you in UFC? Who would who do you think could win? It's not saying that the greatest under the best, but who could do that? It would have to be the biggest guys. Who knows
like the heavy weight champ you have to be like Steve gave me a check or Francis in Ghana, or someone giant would have to be a big powerful person, because you have to be able to swing that sword fast, and you have to be able to take a hit him up five hundred pound cat up either way, though you need what a you, but your bill took. One good hit like you're gonna, take one good hit hi. My just feel like you. Just gonna get up I just don't think you have a chance to debates about this when I was reading earlier, of course, there's a lot of people just as stupid as man Theo Pickle, I would have a good technique, so it doesn't matter if it has good technique. The physic power of a lion, it's just so overwhelming. I don't think people understand how much force it can generate. How quickly can move how quickly he get you would be. It would just fucking spying on you and it would be on you so fast do this.
Video hilarious, video of a bunch of dudes running away from a leopard yeah and a leopard is tiny in comparison. A leopard is what one hundred and fifty sounds or something like that, and these fucking people are running left and right, and this thing is coming after them and you realize, like, oh my god, like look at this. This guy running now watch the Take the corner! Look just look at. He slides the leopard is going so fast, it's running on the walls on the top, like the middle of the wall above his fucking head watch. How has he starts running Ford in the leopard comes into the picture. The lip It is literally running on a vertical wall like watch this watch when it comes around the corner. Look at this it's running on the wall. It's got so much power that it's running on the side of the wall. Like you can't even imagine the kind of physical speed
the end strength did that thing has its body it's bouncing from the side of the wall to the other side of the wall and just try to get some traction so, you get ahold of your Bitchass and wait to get ahold of your pitch. As you have a chance that thing that's a fraction of the size of a lion just a fraction fachmann! Oh Jesus, Christ, gotta, listen to school, oh no! This is a video game. Isn't it look at it climb over the top of that fence, like it, ain't shit, this those video games on the dark web, I think middle school, leopard dude. You find that thing. You just gotta shoot it just gotta shoot it there's not much! You can do. Oh, it's fucking this dude up! Oh Jesus! Oh, oh, my god, don't ask him aboard! It, is better and then ran off. He got lucky yeah.
He got lucky that there's all these other people in the commotion and four million people have watched, so would it so as as people were, to see that four million live safely wash at and they're not cry. The center right now or anything like that you have a watch not doesn't seem real. You know. We watch that if you were there in real life, like you're in the hockey rink who's in those states, excellent gold, star seats, where Cica, I think you're in China somewhere nearby, considering that China is how the suck out the guy here on do wow coming around here. Try to climb the fence
man wow! Look at that Adam down! Oh my god. What do you do it just wants to get out? It doesn't know what it wants right. It doesn't know what the fuck it wants to jump in the water and I think they swim swim. Well, that's not good! I think he's bleeding or not. Yeah he's getting his legs, his arms, his legs. Everything is getting torn up. All that's in the ground. That's blood, it's his blood. I don't want that on definitely like that. I just think we really need to understand when you talking about a large predatory animal, really need to understand what pitches we are. The toughest man that's ever lived is a weakass pitch compared to a leopard just the fact of Jesus through this one fuck man,
who's doing all this. I've seen this one. This is in India right yeah. It happens in this area and these cats they get into these villages to start people up at crazy. Imagine that as a small animal compared to align in comparison anything else here before we were at this big shot and bring it home. I think I've seen enough today, Well, I hope you realize that uh, if you're ever in a confrontation, one of those animals, that's going to be difficult yeah. Do you realize that you have that in your mind now yeah. I think it's not a game as much as I thought it was. It was more of a game. While I think this, I think it would be neat to go out and hunt some type of an animal with a knife to start to get my guard up HUN an animal with a knife. Do you think you could even Hunter raccoon with a knife yeah? Do you think you could
fifty percent? Do you think they're wrecking my funk? You up, though Pokeno man? How quick do you think a raccoon moves like if you don't get that first DAB into that room that you do that double up. How long do you think it takes for the thing is latched ahold of your face, clawing your eyeballs out of your fucking head and you're feeling your my balls getting sucked out of your skull 'cause it tears through your tissue paper, thin eyelids like they're, nothing, and it's just. You rock man, chewing your eyes out. No, I think, if it got on you, will that uh parties if it gets on you, you can't stab it because you'll stab yourself, this is Kevin rose. Who's. Kevin rose, got a raccoon chucked, it downstairs. Did he yeah? He felt that raccoon up the roku was fucking his dog up. That's a guy who,
The dog yeah, he said, didn't realize he was doing it. He was just doing it before even knew what happened, but look how he did it. He he hopped it like a like a pillow wolf which Bam damn. Yes, when after I took angst there, I go out there thanks, Sir yeah. What like you said it's just that the best natural instinct that's the basic entry instinct of a man. You know well what what I was saying was with those guys were talking about when they encounter that Grizzly bear the just. You reach this survival mode at all, like you have and you have your regular operating system and then there's survival default mode when some real shit goes down like a grizzly bears right next to you. Well, I would hate that it will. I think that going back to like we're, seeing like that's the moment, you'd find. Who you are- and I would hate to find out at that moment that I'm not a fighter. You know well that all could be built up right. You can build up up martial, martial arts that you,
like there's, people that are just naturally inclined to never quit, and then these people, to learn it, but you can learn it yeah, I want to start learning some of it to have just a little bit more that just to fill in whatever that space inside of me is sometimes that feels a little bit in fear. I don't need to feel invincible invincible. No, but I do I wouldn't mind getting a little culkin some of those areas where it's like. Ok, if somebody grab I mean like, I know that I'll be able to grab them back right. Yeah man take Jujitsu, it's easy, but you already know Eddie yeah yeah. Why not man takes fun? Take some beginner classes, start slow, it's fun to man. You really enjoy it as long as you're, a healthy guy like mentally, like as far as your ego songs you try to not tap yeah. No, I don't need to win. I've just be, I think, I'd be happy to have a camaraderie and I would be, I think the tapping is
with some humility. That's probably good for you. It is definitely it's just hard to do, especially when you in the beginning you'll try to resist you try to resist an arm bar that, maybe you should tap and you can get hurt. That's how you can get hurt. You get hurt from not tapping, especially other beginners. They don't know how, like a black belt, you're, more safe roll with a black belt in with anybody. Is there going to be able to tap you if they want to and when they do they're not going to hurt you right, whereas like someone you might get in there with some herculean white belt who's, just learning the techniques he grabs, hold your arms like fucking yanks on it yeah you don't even have a chance to tap yeah and you're hurt when you hurt right yeah, that's a good point. I think yeah, maybe I'll If he can help me out to get me, he can yeah. He can last it was weird at the comedy store. Wasn't it do is so weird that fourth of July is a strange night to perform people. Why are we here and you're like? Why are you here? It was a weird crab.
Great Crowd hill good, but they they also felt odd that they were at a show yeah, I didn't realize it until you said that you're, like you're, like yeah. These people are thinking it's fourth of July, with it's not wrong! not right, but it's just like calendar even work. The wheel this crowd. You'll ever experience is Christmas yeah do Christmas shows at the store dude. I did one Christmas show at the store like ten years ago, I'm like well taken this light off for the rest of my life. It's funny crowds, weird man. They were weird. It was more than ten years ago 'cause. It had to be like two thousand and six. You had fun, though. It was weird yeah. That was fine. That sounds fine yeah. I had a good time yeah, it's just it's a different feeling, but I think people are feeling differently about comedy now, because so many people, are really politically correct outside of comedy and almost forced into it. Like you here,
many things about people getting fired from their jobs because of sexual harassment or from a sexually harassing joke, like someone would say, jokes in the office that were inappropriate, so they got fired this happening left and right here, but the guy from Netflix got fired for doing he's. Having a conversation about offensive words that you shouldn't be using in comedy and because of this conversation during this conversation about this subject, he used the word Nigar right because he was in this conversation. Did it one other time, apparently because of that. Not calling anybody that saying it out loud yeah, it was fired from Netflix. That is crazy and less He was saying it like you like having a good time with right like he was like you know. Right now like how was he saying it was that's the thing right, but the thing is
It's very strange that that word is only forbidden by the people that can't it can't be used on right? You can't use the n word on you. It won't work, but if you could use on someone, and they happen to be a person of color, then that person you're not allowed to do that right. It's very. Interesting man, while I remember when I would go when I would ride my bike to school. A lot of my black friends would get on my bike, you know and they get on. And I would ride and it was fun you know, and they used to call me the bus whenever I rolled up, and they would all call me that and I honestly felt- and they were my friends- it was fun right. So but you couldn't say it you know, and I could I couldn't say it and also I find you know when somebody says anything if it's something to do with a race, a gender anything and they have malice or ill intent. And these days I think, if you do, that, somebody's going to correct you really fucking, quick and so
and in a bit, but in a business setting man in that type of setting. It's just yeah, you you make people so aware that they can't, I don't know, that's it. Is it? Is it crazy, but it's also, he was talking about forbidden words in comedy. Business right, but you're saying you can't make a sound with his mouth is what you say you're, not he's not calling someone that name he's using that word and people file complaints about him using that word, so the people that he worked with ratted him out. He wasn't allowed to say the word right like, but the then then it gets real crazy, whereas if you're black guy, you could say it all day and yeah funny yeah. I could say in front of white people and they can laugh right, but they can't see it, but they can't say they can't say it yeah full of you, Chris Rock. You can go over the over our tonight and just have like fifteen different uses. That
word in one slash: two hour set yeah and no never was like. That was great. It was great show right, but then but then be the same people that say we should never say or hear this word: It's interesting, some people learner from different places. Some people learn it from black people. Some people learn it from white people. There's a different feel, a different meaning to it. Wow, and even talking with Mister Peterson the other day, I was saying you know the toughest thing I find it especially company from where I came from where you know there was a lot. Racism is probably kind of once it was popular when I was young, but it was a part of it was part of the lost in the in the in the area. You know it's poor, black and poor, white and bright. You know poor people like to fight, but you know it's clear everything. It's like yeah, hey, let's be on the same team for a minute in now, I'm we can change a lot of that bit. You have about white privilege thanks a million hello areas bit. Thank you. Did you did you come
find it fun talking to someone like Peterson does it was a challenging it was challenging. I felt nervous. You know I felt nervous because you know I'm not as smart as him. You know most people aren't bright, but I also felt you know I know that uhm you know he really. My argue he mentioned, beginning so that made me feel a bit more comfortable because we have something in common and then and then our he's a nice guy, and I thought he is a. I tried as much as I could to wasn't trying to pick him apart. Anything I just wanted to see what he cared about- and he just genuinely- I swear to god- I genuinely maybe more than anyone had ever met. He genuinely, I think, cares about trying to help young men feel better yeah We didn't get in anything political or anything like that. It was mostly about you know. Like take a small step, take a small step and you can change your life. You know if you have a accurate goals
well he's a real clinical psychologist and he understands the traps that the mind leaves for itself. Yeah, we all fall into those traps. Yeah we all? Do you not fall into a lot of them in and you know it so it was nice. I mean you know as you I'm, I think of him as like a thought. A guvera like you know like CHE Guevara, but like Canadian, collect but I know it's not that I wanted to tell him that so bad enough for God Malarious, but you don't shake with Vera supposed to be a murderous monster. Right he's not like that. He's not like a socialist like that, but but he you know he's like these kind of like the dad that bus, didn't here, and we need to hear again and it's like. We need those reminders of some of those things and- and I think he genuinely to me- he genuinely wants humanity. To be well. That's what I felt from him, but the thing is: when you want men to feel better, women will think you want them to,
and this is the problem that we have with this whole right. His laugh male versus female black versus white anytime, there's two groups and there's supposedly pitted against each other. Anything Is it for one side becomes negative for the other side, but I think it's the opposite. I think that if men feel better, there will be nicer to women and I think that if they get their shit together, it's better for everybody and I think that if someone's looking for men's, like look at mens values or mens lives, they're, not disregarding women, but we look at it that way like no. You should be paying attention. Women you're, obviously a misogynist you're, focusing on men's rights like it's an insult
Someone M r, a which is a men's rights activist. It's kind of awareness you know like what is with the but like. If someone was a women's rights activists, would you ever said it would be an insult to call someone a woman's right activists are advocate, that's crazy now, but it's openly dismissed from the feminine side, making fun of the masculine side like men's rights. Device are openly dismissed. Yeah. Really, it's very strange yeah I like to think you know I I I to me, is a lot of women's rights activists and look the strongest the hardest hey man, I've ever known as my mother, you know and I'll Do that to the end of the earth I mean my mother delivered newspapers since I was born still does you know an and she sacrificed a lot of raising her children, he was in there for us emotionally 'cause. He had to work all the time you know she didn't even have should have the opportunity to be, but you want to talk about it. It's like I've, never known one more in my life. I don't think you know
She had to play a man and a woman. You know in a in a lot of instances, and I read the appreciate her love into the into the no. I mean so much to you We start even like I started doing this thing where likely trying like treat a single mom out to like a weekend when I'm out on on on a weekend of shows, you know, pay for this set or pay for the dinner you know and and not to object to. Dad? You know, but you know me like I owe you know like. I was even talking with Mr Peterson. This, like I never got to make. Like the reason I think I got a comedy. I never got to make my mom laugh. You know like she was she's always tired. She was always working hard and tired, and we just didn't have that connection. You know, and so I think at one of the reasons I got into comedy. Only person I've ever really wanted to make laugh is my mother right now and then here I am like just doing all this other chick chicanery on the outside. Your mom thinks you're funny when you were when you first start I don't know. No, I don't think she. I don't think she thought of anything
that my mom literally said to me. I just don't think you're very funny, hot LEO mom I saw that young, the video, the young video usually comedy with the longest hair on the sides and stuff that was a little cutey do that was the yes, it is a really cool video. I was probably like twenty four twenty three may wow, maybe twenty three one two three now somewhere in that range men crazy, but I think up. I'd like to you know a lot of some of these. Do you know how aggressive is sometimes angry? Feminist they're, not mothers, either yeah, that's odd to me, like a bomb, You know people get, you know they they get into something because they feel there's an imbalance yeah and if it's the other zero feminism or they get into being a men's rights activist. I feel bad for those guys to think a lot of those guys just been over by bad relationships.
She divorces or you know the laws in terms of like a child custody and then they you know this is their their response and it's What we would really like is for everyone to be treated as an individual and no groups, no male versus female, no fuckin', right versus left, just all human beings, individuals, and I think, that's like the ultimate goal for a society for a healthy society. It's not it's not eliminate judging people but judge people based on their actions and their words and their deeds, not their sex or their. You know, but then you're always going to have people that want to suck the opposite sex and you're always going to have people who want to suck the same sex to make them uncomfortable like I've, been hit on by dudes before and been made to feel very uh, comfortable yeah. I'm sure you have two. The only difference is, I know how to fight and when it dude was hitting on me. I was like listen cut the shit like this.
This wasn't a scene where you know I was worried. I was going to get raped, it was I was. Going go to jail for fucking somebody up right. I don't have to hurt you man, but don't touch my dick again right. I've been in situations before, but it was never a situation. Where was like a woman, while I was worried, I was going to get held down, someone's gonna, do something to write, but you understand them. When those situations like I can easily see how women feel that way like way worse way, worse, yeah, I get that too. It's like I'll get like Dick pics. Stuff from men in my instagram and stuff and it's fuckin' like awesome. Dudes are aggressive with that, but Do you have any pics, Ot fx0? are you getting it right now here they come. People feel bad for Theo, the something bold about a girl should send you a picture of your tits, those pub I send a picture of his dick is presumptuous as fuck go to asphalt visually. I slap. I fuck you with my dick yeah girls
send you something you're excited to see. Yes, I give a girl sends you pictures of her tests, she's holding him. She was like. I heard you wanted like are those real. This is crazy here. Who I need a gatorade yeah. Somebody gets those let go but sexually harassed by this woman chopped off Focke up your fine Lucy walk it off dude. I yeah it's a it's So true that, but I do know, I start to notice how people feel start to notice how yeah, when that happens like oh, I see how you feel. I see now how women feel if they get that you get there's a door that you could look through where you could see a mile away, maybe where this could go right, but to be the person that feels like a dude once stick his dick in you and shoot loads into your a video you hold games?
No, let me call mister, that's you know, that's the difference between men, yeah, and this is also why there's more anger, because women, experience, so many guys trying to do that to them that they develop this bad taste for men, and I understand that and we need to be better man. You know- and I believe that- and I wanna see that's one of the reasons why you know a this new year show is reasons why you know why you know excited three to listen to Mister, Peterson and reading his book, and you know I do be a better man, it's hard to even better human being everybody does, but remember a woman or whoever you are yeah. We all want to do bad, if you don't want to do better, you're, probably going to have a up life cuz, then you're not trying you're, not perfect, just no way. You're perfect. Everyone who's ever lived have been perfect. I mean everybody yeah and every day you have to pay attention every day you gotta pay attention every day to your behavior, to the way you think, and you have to constantly being
be assessing it and moving in the right direction, and when you are moving in a positive, generous, loving direction, it feels better. You feel better yeah. You feel like a better person yeah. You really yeah. You really do you know, I'm glad that yeah, I'm just glad to Be- to live and be able to like try and like learn about shared. It is exciting, it is exciting and you know I think, one of the things that folks people have more than anything, and this is what I've experienced with so many friends like dude you're thinking about your past, like it's you and it's not. Even if you can't beat yourself up for some you did twenty years ago or the way you were you know doing coke and your life up five years ago. That's all you anymore! Yeah, I did, you did do those things yeah, but that doesn't mean you are, who you want that you're you're, not that person anymore yeah, as long as you decide, but if you get caught in that trap, you'll be that person yeah same person. Again I mean there's. We all know that one. Do they can't stop, can't stop. He takes a few months off, I'm sobering up now, everything's doing,
and then boo off to the races again shows up coked up drunk comes the comedies door, won't shut the fuck upbringing, ship breath and everybody's face Jesus sweat, turn off his ear loads. Seven fingers in his, as we all know that dude there's so many of those dudes yeah they just can't they never break free, they break free for a little while never go wow. I don't want to be that person anymore. They just go well that person this week and then you know they just get addicted to being sober for a little while and then next thing you know just dark arts dark horse. What do you call it dark dogs just because it's anything that takes you out of like your path towards like some sort of enlightenment, a little bit me. That's what I think you know dark arts they got in Harry Potter like
Voldemort and everybody doing dirty spells. I can turn a candy into worms and everything right, yeah, anything that takes you off of the path of enlightenment. Yeah is the dark arts, as most things done right most times jerking off the whole. The entire currents did have come on myself so many times right and when you do do you ever feel good about it? Give a few like yeah! That's why sometimes season like Jose is not even joking, so now they're the holidays, I'm just so filled with joy that the same doesn't get me. Do you know that actually does alleviate anxiety and people recommend doing it before you have a performance you have to perform in front of people yeah I had a house on a an idea of. What's off in your hotel room before you go to a show, like less be like less anxious, I could see that maybe maybe for like a special or something you know
done that three hours was it really wow more than three hours? How long was it three hundred and twenty g first, the ball. More mistakes have ever been late. I'm on this fucking room. Dude some happens in this place. I don't even know how it works. Theovon, dot com, Theo VON on Twitter or Theo VON on Instagram, when you're on the road, I'm actually going to be in ox nard tonight through Saturday, and I'm going to Shanghai it'll, be life, that's a great club! Is it I've? Never been so you're going to love it. It's great! It's a sweet setup. It's fucking awesome crawl, their pumpkins out there yeah. No! It's like a mini Bakersfield. Closer. I like has the closer, though I'm excited, I'm I'm going to try the brazilian jujitsu and I might put gas night fighter,
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