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#1165 - Tom Papa

2018-08-31 | 🔗
Tom Papa is a comedian, actor, writer and television/radio host. His new show "Baked" premieres on The Food Network this Monday, September 3rd at 10PM.
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Ladies and gentlemen, Toronto September, twenty try to set a million times. I'm saying it again, I'm sorry we're changing venues. This is what happened. I'm at the Coliseum. The show was sold out, but it is a union show union is on strike, I'm not crossing any picket lines: so we decided to move the venue and luckily we got the what's formally the AIR Canada Centre, the Scotia bank arena? That's they call it now. It's one thousand two hundred extra seats. So that's good! If you got tickets for the Ricoh Coliseum, you will get tickets, they will transfer over to this place in the same roughly the same spot and and there will be one thousand two hundred new tickets that are for sale as soon as we get everybody transferred over The new arena is also a union arena. It's the same union. I believe they just have a different contract in there not on strike over there. Ok, alright, the only thing else is available is.
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hilarious stand up, comedian, a wonderful person and a baker. Woo yes, he's got a new show on the food network. It's called bait and his name is Tom. Papa, please, How about a warm round of applause for Tom, Papa the Joe Rogan experience. Talking about moving the woods together feels so good, tiny house, three pairs of shoes, three pairs of pants, maybe two shirts yeah, that's it last clothing. You'll ever buy one coat yeah. Is just out here, chasing bigger and better Tom Papa. Just why why I'm starting to wonder I was telling guys that I was looking at this house is for sale in northern California. In the redwoods it's thirty two no three hundred and twenty feet square tiny.
Football has the whole house is got aloft. The loft is where you sleep in a tiny the tiny thing below it is like a little tiny kitchen yeah tiny, like couch area. That's it like a houseboat like with built in yeah it's kind of like a hobby, so yeah yeah yeah they make those now simple, your life would be, it would be, but would you be content? That's very small you'd be great for a little while that's very small three hours. Xd yeah. That's I want to shower like that. They that little tiny now that spring no come on. That's not the one, isn't that's bigger than that that's a three hundred and twenty foot that says three hundred and twenty foot tiny cabin in big bear. Oh that's a big guy! That's attainable, that's bigger than we need still for sale. Well So this video, let's chip in today, got put up last year. Three hundred and twenty foot tiny cabin in big bear amazing small house look like
Oh yeah. You know we should do Jamie so simple. We should buy that place and turn into our big bear studio. That's what we should do to fucking I bet that shows up there. I bet if we did a show in big bear in the woods like that it would have a totally different feel to it. Yeah 'cause you'd be hearing your guests cream, in the background being mauled by mountain lions. We did do a show up there. How the would you convince people to drive two hours to make it there, people that are training up there or something like that, maybe like a pop, yeah like four guys, canonical Lufkin, Gennady, Golovkin Tito Ortiz or come over every day and then you'd be like ok I get a chuckle Chuck Liddell I get a canal as it boy see I get it. I don't know I mean the fantasy is that that becomes a simple life. You pare down, everything all the aggravation you get. Maybe two bills come to the house. I'll tell you what crazy! If I didn't have a family, it wouldn't be a problem
yeah if it was just single Joe, no family, no kids, it wouldn't be a problem I would just go. I mean I would I really probably think over your. I would already have a place like that up there, where I could just go and chill yeah I just sent. I was thinking of just a little place like that, like a look, a little hide out next to the house like Mark TWAIN
aim had did you have a place like that sounds a little octagon kind of a room and he would leave his house with his daughters and his wife. Anne would go up the steps and go into his little thing. Name on this table was just his pipe, a box of cigars, his writing pads his pen soon, and he just would hang out there and smoke all day and work and then he wouldn't go back home. Maybe that's enough! Maybe that cuts the edge off. It gives you your isolation in your simplicity and then you return back to the people. You have to feed it's a little something that'll work. If you got the people you have to feed, if you don't have yeah, you have to feed straight woods for awhile yeah Cada path. Well, that's gonna be the real trick when the kids leave when they get big enough and they take off and rest down to
when your wife and then the wife wants get like five dogs, which is probably like encouraging you to go, get a cab and get another tong? Let's criminal that I logged on to rescue a dog was adopted in WA yeah. They want to keep you tethered well tailored to little things, sir. The master yep there the nest they've if they've left the nest is empty. That's it's their job. They build that nest once everyone everyone in that nest safe and that's what they're built to do. You see it. Never women that have like a bunch of dogs and you go like you know. You want a kid right, Thank you know you want like this. How just don't have the time for a kid like well, how much time you spend on these dollars? I think it's probably pretty close. No, it's just me my fluffy babies. Now we might just from a dog mom and just flip the baby's name, but what is it about people that want to further complicate their lives like. What is it? Why? Why is everybody always want big? Is that just a part of the the jeans is that what it is like? What is
well, we have, I think, a driving us to always do more, explore more push more something built into human beings. That have that and then we have a system that rewards that and capitalism. So that's the that's the that's the board game that we're all playing. So it keeps you racing to get more stuff from bigger house and more things right. You know I mean like if there was, if that didn't exist, if you aren't able to accumulate that stuff, what would we we doing we'd still be striving, but for other stuff, but this is our reality, so the it manifests itself in more cars, bigger house, you know yeah it's like you, optics, write, you're own, find that always trying to survive, but driving is not that hard today right good point, so you try to instead, because it's not too complicated to go, find your food right. There's not a lot of like puzzles and challenges, shelters,
so you start thinking. You know what just the new car his cars two years old Twenty thousand miles on. This is ridiculous. Why am I driving a car with twenty thousand miles on it smells like wet farts now it makes you yeah you just keep going, but then I think you do that long enough. You start to realize, hopefully that that stuff doesn't really make you happier it's. It does to an extent like when you get out of your poor days more and you kind of like get above water, and you can help your family out. You get some stuff you're proud of, but then you just start adding more stress yeah, because you're, bigger bills and bigger taxes and all the stuff you've got to fill up it. It actually does the opposite. It makes you more stressed, and
not as happy, and then you got a kind of strike that balance. It seems like it's. A Jim Carrey is been on. This check is planning that to people, because you know Jim Carey said at the end I'm paraphrasing, but is it basically is quote, was I wish everybody would get rich and famous, and they would see that? That's not what makes you happy ranked, as you know I think that a if I was rich and famous yeah I would be happy yeah. He said I wish that everyone would get rich and famous, so they realize that's, not the answer. Yeah. What does he say is the answer. He likes to make paintings on people mocking them. That seems to make you mad as art. Yes, I know he painted where's. The peace and love Bro is aggressive. His paintings are all like shiting on people mocking people are better clearly assholes, but I mean it's.
Like he's like trying to accentuate the love in the world. He says shiting all over these bad people. That makes happy yeah I mean I don't know. Is that good yeah? Is it good to focus on that people like this. Anybody changed their opinion based on Jim Carrey's, art I just I don't know, I was like a big Jeff sessions, fan right choice, all these paintings and then yeah Jim Carrey's got him with a giant fucking wart covered dick in and out in front of 'em jizz and all over the constitution this little you head to have yeah yeah, I don't know, that's always a question. It's like how much how much of art that rails again something is effective in changing that thing, that your rate against. Like does it actually have an impact? Is it a slow impact that doesn't change over time?
I don't know pens in the art. Here's an example, I think Tina Fey. Intimately changed the way people feel about Sarah Palin. I think she legitimately may have affected the way people were willing to accept Sarah Palin or vote for because her impression of There was so brilliant. I don't people, remember it! Oh yeah, it was so God dam good. She looked She looked like her attitude and she said things that people eventually attributed to Sarah Palin because they thought that Sarah Palin actually said it. 'cause Tina Fey said it yeah. She, she fucking name
did she is so funny her show to me for Kimmy Schmidt. Have you seen that show yeah a couple of measurement yeah? Well, my favorite show yeah it's so good. It's Tina Fey Show yeah Senate. Sometimes he plays great yeah. All I'm gonna. Stick me get the out here. That is so crazy right now, the audio folks were looking at an image of Tina. Fey is There Palin right next to Sarah Palin and it's being indistinguishable. Almost it's so good well, but did she think she affected people who already liked Sarah Palin sit on. If you, like, Sarah Palin, you don't know what you like suck in mind those people like Sarah Palin they were out of their fucking minds there I mean they're, basically working with less than functional brain. Should you thought that that was a good idea that that lady could be running things yeah like that close to me,
Then she was a construct too. You know he was an entertainer, but not not, but I mean Sarah Palin was a construct. She wasn't what everybody thought she was like. There is like there was one. There's a story, I'm not one hundred percent sure this is true, but it makes sense Did someone shot a at and they drove her to the cariboo, the gave the rifle and she stood over the Kerr and took photos They could show hey, she's a hunter she's make us us regular folk out of your hunting. Karabo find out that's true, just there, public relations. Kind of I need to. We need to google classroom clarification, leave it. You know yeah, of course, You know, that's all! That's the way all that stuff is so. I believe, because I want to believe it. My I'm anxious I wouldn't our is a good telephone number. Yeah they look. She was a governor of Alaska. It's easy, I could be. The government wants to that she had showbiz, ok,
this. After missing five times shown shooting Abu on the latest episode of a reality. Television show ok, yeah, what's amazing is how that she really fell off, like wait, a minute she just shooting at freehand. She said she's, never, rest! Ok, why? Why would you do that? Ok, let me see this show this. Let me see how she doing. Ok, this is fucking stupid, listen folk Yes, the only reason to do this. Does she have a rest, shouted she's, free handing this? How ok look? They got the packs on it now, she's going to rest it. They said I rested tiny little Arabo too. That's why the caribou still around he's just firing. That's a juvenile karabo! No, she hasn't shot. Yet, let's see what we got here, she has. Yeah went down. He took some shots, so she took some shots and missed yeah. Ok, that's why
she free handed it first and then she needed a rest. She should use arrest immediately and I I've shot animals free handing but not never far away. I shot a moose at sixty yards free from a free hand in it. Could you not as accurate now you know with with a blow? Well, you oppose more. I honestly abohar more accurate with a bow at like six thousand and seventy yards freehand not more accurate, but in the range that I am with a rifle with a rifle. When you get out, you could shoot accurately an arrest like way out longer distances, but when you're just holding it up like that, it's based on you, I mean you got to kind of lock it into your body, but it's hard, but isn't a bug? ready, now bo the things about the tension of the bow. Your arm is kind of locked out and attention of the bow. You could keep your arm pretty fuckin', steady Ann. I practice it everyday like that. Practicing
keeping my arm very steady everyday. So all these stabilizer muscles in my shoulder a very strong and having a gun out there just like a little bit so and also because there's like to recall, if you're not used to shooting the longer she's used to shooting right in the media, we go for the rest of the season. Hunter would've will either laying prone or throw their packed down immediately put that rifle over it and settle in so rifles resting on something gotcha, but a lot of times, they'll bring like sticks, but they pod. Fail somewhere, making a reality show for t l c c. But what address, though, that there was a photo shoot they did see it season to find. This is out sick to think that the fighting is fake. Well, they just put a circle around the near, but that's just for the for the for the filming. This the caribou definitely went down what you see yeah, but no I mean, I don't think she shot and they went down
I think it's most likely she shot in new, went down 'cause, you see the way she's reacting and everybody else is reacting. That seems pretty real to Maine, but it's not impossible shoot an animal specially, that's a juvenile. Who see how the their antlers are he's like? Hey guys? What are you doing? That's what we would call if there was an elk you'd call out a spike, hey, look, it's people just think about the production here like there's one camera on her and then there's one behind them. But that means that then have a third, that's focused just on the animal and then it means there's three cam, guys out there with them. That's just sounds like a lot yeah in the campus, like hey, I'm going to be on tv, that's a good point. They might have recreated The the shot is month, it's possible! Yes, alright man, the reality is whenever you're dealing with air quote. Reality shows right, there's massive fuckery yeah and editing them for please, but back to whether you could affect it. Whether or not the art can affect them to act. The way you think that the phones
Yeah I mean what Trump did during the election. You like calling people out mocking them here. Is that art and not? But he was kind of like a the long island comedian like a comic yeah. You know you just let it go in and take a guys, crazy, TED and long water guy, and I mean he was doing act. It was very much entertainment, the Lion TED. Crazy, Hillary, crazy, Bernie. Crooked Hillary Hillary in crazy Bernie, gonna, defend Teddy said at a big rally. Defendum. Yes, these for what further to Texas uh thing is in what Pat a right now with I forget the name, Betty Patio Ok, so he's defending him in what way is going to have a big right, he's gonna hold a big rally for him: Okay, is that if they talk so much about each other than the Congress yeah, he said yeah after says this, for
There was a field hannity or something it's it's father's Zodiac killer would do a major rally for Senator TED Cruz in October, I'm picking the biggest stadium in Texas and fine. As you know, TED has my complete and total spent. I like I will endorse with the capital E. His opponent is a disaster for Texas Week on Second amendment crime, borders military invests he's, you know there was a article yesterday, showing all the times that Trump has been lying at its stunning, but one of the more recent ones was he was. You know he did an interview where he was talking about God, damn it Lester Holt, Lester Holt, that's right whose Lester Holt ran. You know he was saying that they fudge that interview and it cost them badly. So then they put the transcript they wrote. They showed the transcript of the interview they released. The full interview like there's, no fudge ng. Now it just played it, as is yeah like what do you.
Talking about he, but he said he said if, like that right, he said What you saw is not real. The truth is not the truth. Well, that was with Julie. He said, yeah well, that's their it, but that's what they're that just nothing's real, except what I tell you is real. I just think that they realize that there's a certain percentage of the people that are with them. The just need some wiggle room, read somewhere argue? They just need some conspiracy threat, they're, not thinkers right. They just need a little bit of something that they could run with and used to argue. So if comedians come out an attack trump- and you know who's comics that are Bill Maher and all these people that come out and really go against some does it have any effect it has an effect. It does for sure I think AL
Baldwin has the most effect uhhuh that the impression he does the impression of a letter that oppressions brilliant it does. I mean it's makes Trump angry to trusteeship knowledge keeps watching it. You can't stop watching it. That alone has an effect, yeah You know yeah, but it's it's like I've, never in a time where people are more angry at the press in like is going along with the the conspiracy thread of the deep state. I have a deep state trying to take out the Potus a lot of the components to it. Donald stop stop! No! No potice is this that he's going to do this, including the Swamplike Watt. It's Donald Trump like why you say Potus Trump,
Well, some sneaky ship there, I'm not sure what you're doing, but I don't like it anytime use code words. I'm out, I don't like what you doing their agent. Ninety nine get outta here with Potis. Even though, to see how he wears a hat that says forty five on it 45th president hats made yeah. What are the presidents had hats made that has merch selling merch after the show, I'm going to be signing him a little bit stuff in the lobby. I got painters caps, bumper stickers, like this. Looking for a gift is this the trump? This is a good way to get assaulted, merge babies, wear Are these in a vegan restaurant you're sure to get punched this season that guy's gonna get indicted, the guy that pulled the hat off of some kids it through a drink on them in a water bottle burgers at what it was the guy in Texas. Yes, some some dude was awesome. There is get the forty five hats, the whole
various official, it's only one hundred eighty five dollars to fifty thousand dollars by One of it's on. Here's to be twenty eight. Now it's one thousand six hundred and eighty you can get my dvd, you can get. You can get a digital download of my speech tonight. How do you go from twenty eight dollars to sixteen at. Like I want to be in the room with that conversation, let's chat, we are charged one thousand seven hundred and thirty, eight, no less. And we I'll tell you sixteen not too close to one thousand. Seven hundred and forty It just says USA must be a a good seller of U S at the get back from my back. That is holders forty five in the side, trumping back forty dollars for a half day, if they, if they find that you bought that they put you one of the
very special list of morons that they count on whenever there's a rally like if they going to like have like a fake Hillary in a jail cell and they're, going to throw her through a parade now like have run a carton carrier through a parade and man. You don't want president pence. Listen, you know. I mean people that are not happy with Trump got understand. You get come out, it's not like you get Hillary in this work that way, but it doesn't come on at him out of the hallway yeah I don't know, wouldn't you rather have pence, Some people say that, but I just want something somewhat normal. I want someone that help This is not normal. You see what Ben's Ben Shapiro wrote. He put a tweet up with a picture of the lady from the Handmaid's tale when properly really deep trouble, any wrote, prepare for pence
religious nut yeah over the top. Won't be alone in a room with a woman, yeah yeah. I have. Mormon. I just saw on Jay Leno show he seems like a reasonable guy very presidential. Is that cool president, her I've got to be honest. He seems Romney seems like a reasonable man seems kind. He seems like he respects It is a moral he's, a nutty Mormon for sure. You know why all Mormons are nutty. Mormons, just being a Morman's nutty change, the name. You don't call Mormons anymore. We talked about that yesterday, oh yeah, it rebranded yeah great saints calling them a Mormon. It's like calling a small person, a midget! Oh, is it yes so a compliment. No, I don't think anyone's a column, damn it adorable or so not pc. Are you on pc twitter? Good luck! You need to get on pc twitter. Hey. Can I announce my new show now
come on. Now, it's not worth it. It's big! No, to dangerous pawned, it you're taking a chance. Why are you doing this? I know right exactly I'll be fired before it starts risks. He he announced the show on Rogan, and then he was cancelled by the time he got off, that they were talking about midgets their assholes in that Mormons are wonderful people. Once you have a boss, yeah, starts Monday night. The bread show yeah was it called baked ooh I like it, it's baked. Look at that. Look at handsome It started here. Joe. The whole thing started here will smile, it's like I'm happy, but you know pretty spell bread. Do that. I look awful when I show my teeth now, you don't look. So don't you look great. I got this weird Joker smile now you don't, if you just just embrace it
but I like that bread behind you now that amazing I'm in ketosis right now. Well, I knew that now the show the show it's this Monday night at one thousand o'clock e and we were doing New York in Detroit, Dan. Jim Gaffigan joins me in the New York one, it's all very cool, so every Monday, through September, all because of the show and your bad fans. That's right, I'm honestly! That is why this is happening. That's because I talk about bread on the show, that's great man, but I knew you were, and I probably in Keto and but you know, I always like to bring a tree branch. What's this, I didn't want to come empty handed. What is it so six of butter Murphy thoughts, bone marrow- it's elk- oh my goodness, so Elk antlers for- can eat this. You can't now it August former. I mean Marshall yeah. I thought as I'll go crazy with these. Yeah there. That's like one of those might be crazy over those. Did you ever give them yeah
got one at home right now he does yeah. I've got some sort of an antler, it loves it. They go crazy. They just chew all the marrow out overtime. You look so happy when you're your dog. I love that you look so happy, What's your joy and the dog looks happy? Well, he loves running and you know you get a dog out in nature. He and he's like the best art of ever had really terms of like listening and coming to you at yeah always checking to make sure the because he's a retriever yeah. You know so he's like super in tune with you right he's he's so unlike when I come home. The first thing he does. He sees me wags. His tail comes up to me and then he runs grabs a toy puts in his mouth and then comes back. Like he's retrieving, some yeah has these instincts to bring something to me. My black lab has the same thing now. I feel bad if I don't have time to play and start tugging with her 'cause she's, just like it here,
Let's play: let's do when you don't you have to work and you get on the phone or whatever, and they just like, lay on the ground like yeah I came home an adult the other night at like one hundred o'clock in the morning. You know from the comedy store and I sat on the couch to start writing and Marshall just comes over goes two. What's going on? What do we do? It's like, like a roommate, what's happened in Europe? This is crazy. Everybody else is asleep. They've been asleep for So we don't we just going to walk around the laptop. Alright, I'm gonna lie down right here, just slide down it's the best. There is a great feeling when you're writing in the dog is right. Next yeah right, so this fucking fart it you like whoa dude, did you eat a rat outside or something that happened? Well, I hope he enjoys the Elk. Thank you, man. That's awesome. You're welcome, yeah, he's the best best talk about God. Well that one for the Johnny Cash was an awesome dog to look at that face. He just yeah. So happy he's such a happy dog man, yeah
Ok like that. If I could find some good trails, I don't have good trails. I just take him to. Runyon or something you know. Can you just run up run him yeah, you just got to be careful of other people's dogs, like Marshall got bit by one someone's dog once you know some people just have dogs are just are not that. Well, you know and so socialized, yeah yeah, but if you, I'm on a leash for the most part or you find a good spot where you don't have to have one lesion. That's great! It's just that's what I want to do. Other dogs of the issue right and snakes who rattlesnakes rousing, have to be very careful about right around us out here. You guys go out but you're running dog gets bit by rattlesnake, taking your quarter mile from picking he'll, be ok dogs be way better off than people I can run back with him yeah you take him back
yeah. I mean I might have to carry him because it's really steep the stuff that we run on is like literally like super fuckin' stereo yeah yeah, it's basically the last three slash four of a mile is all uphill and it's brutal, but it's great on the legs and fill my answer in top by my aunt happy Labor Day. I feel like when you got hit by as Radler you're supposed to like not moved. No, you got to get out of there. You got to get to medical attention and got to go what it. What it does is here's the thing you can't suck the venom out. This is what people think right. People think all you just cut it suck the venom out with this is what rattlesnake venom does what it does. Is it digests your skin will digest your flash, the venom that, yes, it causes necrosis. So what it would essentially is doing is digesting you with venom,
This is the way they kill rabbits and things with the eat and swallow they bite 'em and then they kill him does venom and it starts to digest the flat and then they swallow it whole in the aids in their processing of this animal lead a minute whoa, so it so. The snake hits on a rack yup. If you were to take his mouth off after five minutes. Would have been partially digested. Yes, are you saying the tissue literally siding starts? It starts digesting yeah, it starts. It starts decomposing in digesting. So when you get bit by a rattlesnake, a lot of times? You need massive skin graphs and you have like a massive tissue loss and necrosis this one guy documented he got bit on the arm and they had a med back, I'm out in the helicopter, and then he had to go through a long series of operations to repair his arm. She,
mesh and skin graphs and all these different things and it still was Fuct up like years later. His arm is fuckedup. So if you didn't get medical attention, why would you die like what it would just spread through organs, and I don't exactly know you, you might survive a rattle snake bite. If you really get medical attention, if it wasn't the the most amount of venom, the real scary things, young ones, young young, rattle, snakes just empty out on you just like and young boys right, you know the first time you ever nutted feel like whoa. Where is all this coming from even store You know how to control it that's how it is with you want the old one drop it like eighty year old man. So if you think
like an eighteen year old, fella, shooting our class bill, Hicks would say: arcing ropes, of gism versus a rattlesnake. That's like thick, like a fucking like a tree trunk yeah I ran over one once this is crazy. I was running with my not the last dogs that are deceased, but my dogs, before that, when I used to have pit bulls- and we ran over what I thought was a large stick in the road in the trail and as I'm running over it in the air. I realize it is a giant rattlesnake, thick figures, my form, oh my god. It was huge, seven feet long, Jesus in the middle of the trail, just completely stretched out like a stick, how my God, just sunning itself and the dogs ran right over it and it didn't strike you that just now the dogs, luckily listen to me and they weren't aware, but it was, but those dogs were crazy. Those dogs have been bitten. Three
oh, my god, my dogs been bitten three times by snakes, so they knew so they just kill the snakes. They didn't give a fuck. Pitbulls are so crazy. They are the craziest dogs. They're. So hard wired for combat right, like the rattle snake, was like in the people's like Fox you crap it's going to kill them. They don't even worry for a second that he got bit in the face and one time he got bit he's been bitten that he got bit in the face. Comma. This is Frank: Sinatra great name, that is correct. What time of the in the in the dogs that crazy started ever had a dog killed everything you could his his main game was. I leave in the yard, try to kill lizards, his main game. It was like a video game. You just walk around the yard. We on the grass looking for lizards in the dive on him. It was like game to him, just trying to find to kill how was it with people. He was wonderful with people who
we never strike out after a person. No, no. He never been a person. He was. He was a little aggressive with his like wanted to play. And a little kind of freaked people out there who would like to play and pull ropes with you like. You want to grab a rope and bring it to you and have pull on it and he would make these horrific noises so you'd be pulling it back, and people like what the fuck man I'm like he's just playing he died. While it's like outlet go, give me curious with portable ac right crazy kisses, but he was so they get a bad rap though fake deserve it yeah they deserve it. There. Now they deserve it. You don't know if you're just walking down the street and you see a pitbull off leash people should be cautious people? Don't wanna hear that because they love their dogs. Like my dog, is don't say that they are bred to fight. That's what they're bred for, that's where they came from, that's where the breed yep, no bullshit. The reason Why there's such great dogs is because they're bred, the the good ones at least have,
no aggression whatsoever towards people so that when the dogs are fighting, they could go in and separate them with no fear of the dogs. Turning on the on the owner, interesting where they do this Ireland, America from Erica, that's what do you think american Pitbull yeah. What, if that's, what it's called Transamerican Pit Bull Terrier, think the Michael Vick thing was all about there's a door been around for a long time, but I haven't sure over one hundred years or more a couple one hundred years, but the you know that was a originally going to be our national animal. Was it really before they went with the Eagle Ben Franklin, sell the eagle I don't know if you know this idea was who wanted the pit bull I don't know, I mean they use those war dogs when they use them in the army. Would've been a cool symbol sorta? But you know what they did. The problem with those dogs is multi fold one. They have a very high prey drive like during the drive to attack, things is very high,
in the more they're bred for that the better like the morning Well, they are the more intense they are if people love them because of their intensity in their intelligence, loyalty. Tord. Their owners is outrageous, so that love is That's right now! That's why the people people are because they really do. If you say anything, you know they get really up in in arms about it. They don't they don't want them to I have a bad rap, but I love those dogs. Don't get me wrong. I love that size, but one of my dogs killed. One of my other dogs are really yes, oh my god yeah you can have two female pit bulls. You can't have that, two females that just go just they never sorted out. They never decide who, bosses! Now they they decide. They start off like they'll, they'll figure, they'll have a fight and and one will win, and then you say: ok well in normal situation, this one realizes that it's the alpha and then the other one will back off no no fucking way now with girls. They won't quit
never quit back to it. What if one of them was Marshall well. She was fine with my male dogs. It was. It was the female dog she want other females around, but It was not fun with my mails. If the mail was getting attention and she wasn't, she would get angry like you're, stealing my attention. Well, she was a prison dog. She was. She was in the animal shelter for many months when I got Bryan Callen's want to talk, mean again: oh yeah, he goes dude you gotta get this dog because I can't get in my yard is too small and his dog is so amazing, so sweet and I want to see- and she was the sweetest dog to people How old was it a puppy Stiller LAW Yeah she's still a puppy, but she was amazing, but there
in dangerous around dogs yeah. You know my sister had a bull mastiff. Well, there's a great great dogs. That's it all kinds of leg loving. If I could put in with children, I mean it's: a big dogs had Islington our heads combine, but other dogs, other small dogs, real. It was bred for that and it would go and just any dog on a leash with an old, let me attach did not on their own and we just pin it to the ground. That's all, and you just couldn't get it out. I mean that it's just in the breed. I have a dog. Those amounts to the just. His name is Johnny. Cash how to put him down now when walk anymore. He was thirteen and like this. The saddest moment, like the last week of his life Marshall, was in the pool
and he was jumping around and playing with my daughters nobody's having a good time and Johnny wanted to come to the pool, but he couldn't walk over, and so he would take a couple of steps and he be panting and his legs would be shaking and cable. Take a couple steps he's panting his legs shake and he was just in agony. So I picked him up all like one hundred and forty pounds of 'em comes a big dog. Every time I run man. I start coughing. I ran this morning and then for the rest of the day. I'm like when I try to talk. I got like in my throat it's the soot it's the dirt, I'm breathing in dust and pollen, and I'm in the bottom of these canyons running through the shift in the dogs in front of me kicking up dirt. I ran on the concrete today and I made my point: is I carried him so I had to carry him over to the pool and I sound down there and he just laid down there and he's smiling and pants? He was totally deaf by the time he died like completely deaf
QB line there. You'd like Johnny, you hungry Johnny, and then you talk to be local, where you come from really yeah. That was a bummer about big dogs. They die so both thirteenth, not that bad. It was Amazing, hey, Ashley, dialing, nine yeah, eight nine they're ready to go so I can't my dogs about eighty pounds and you know it's a big presence hundred forty, that's a big thing in your house and to know that it's you fall deeply in love with it and then it's going to be gone in six seven years. It's hard it's hard. He was the sweetest talk to everybody, dogs, people, everybody just does giant lovable recently at home now so yeah couple weeks ago, I'm sorry yeah, it was rough, but he put, it was really hard seeing him suffer like when I try to bring him in well. The last year was rough,
in the last couple of months? It was when do we do this? It was like: when do we when we put him down 'cause, I don't want to come home and find him dead yeah, but for a year you knew he was kind of it's uh deterioration like I couldn't walk him anymore. That was about two years ago years ago. I just couldn't walk him. 'cause, where I live, is a lot of hills. You just couldn't do the hills, he would just take a few steps and have to breathe heavy and take a few steps have to breathe. Heavy right now is, like God, Jesus. I didn't think he was going to last as long as he did that's good. It's a good life. He was the best. There was a super sweet dog like sweet and kind did you have like he could be eating a steak and you could come over to him and you could take the steak from would be like. Why do you would never growl at you? Look great you let your dog in the pool, oh yeah, yeah! Why not I don't know, I think it's going to be all wet in the house for Cohered rhyme off Bro dogs love to get dried off when I, when I Marshall, comes out of the pool
I pulled the towel, he's like oh yeah college. He comes over and rob him and he's like oh yeah, chlorine or salt water salt- oh yeah, oh yeah, joke doing jobs to get one of the big beach towels and I throw it over and I just start rubbing him down. He loves it. He sees that towel. He comes running through it and he's like massage time fuckery. What about all the hair in the pool? there's a lot here in the pool. Yeah scoop up, yeah yeah comes in clumps, He had find it at the bottom. It looks like like the it's nasty. I've been keeping my dog ever I've been keeping my dog out online ma'am. What would you do that? It's, I don't know la it's hot as let the dogs swim Jesus man yeah yes here in the
who is our first take a shower. What are you worried about water? I don't know it seems like a pain in the end, her dirty water, the hairs in water. Chlorine can get that on the dog skins that are out it's on your skin, just wash them off afterwards going down. Why would you worry about the dog and not yourself, Jesus I only worry about myself and not the dog. Why don't you I get a saltwater thing, free pool so I thought well yeah, it's a whole rigmarole yeah, but it's not that hard. Now I know I got and I'm working on other projects, him you just one of those as a dismisses, important things in your life? Not true. I just put that in the back. So when I get high, I think about it. Incessantly I fux with my head. Is that what happens to Maine yeah? Oh yeah, yeah, that's number one thing every high, and then you realize I haven't been thinking about this at all and then, when you're high. It's the only thing, you're thinking about for sure things that I I you know shouldn't
about like a year ago and glasses. How much is leaking water? How much water is leaking when we run out of water, and I have to think about all the warriors sprinklers broke. If you just do it what's wrong with this? Will just do that we could just make that was. Ours are to meet. That goal it took me out lately emails there's no way. I can keep up it's impossible now. At this point, do you have a number that you try and stay below in your inbox? Now, that's how I do it Now, if I can stay, if I, if I'm under seventy five, I know I'm a I'm on top of it. Seventy five, I'm a show he summons yeah here to spend that number. Where are we upper left? Four thousand six, fifty five in one account. Good luck with those is that also your garbage account. That's just your no no Five thousand emails watts yeah exactly why you doing that too.
So how are you going to do that? Doesn't weigh on? You know, come on, no, like you really like a cluttered desk. Well, I have in one email account. You know the one you have isn't us from managers and close friends, so that and then this is the this one for people to know me forever right. You know, and then this is a business one for people that I don't know that. Well, you know that I like in my inner circle right, but that's that's like that's a lot of emails pro it's a lot, but you're important one. Is your inner circle in business and that's not four thousand. That's a lot, hundreds, hundreds, hundreds and a lot of it's nonsense like it's all nonsense, but then you feel, like you can't throw it out yeah. If I could just keep it, I have a garbage account. I have I mean my one account that is yeah. He go down there. Well, that's not bad! Nine!
nine thousand nine hundred and seventy eight- but that's because I have an AOL account that I just anytime you're in a store anytime. Whatever game you sign up for something, can I have your email? Can I have your email? You met all games that an that's why it blows up, but my private, count, my inner circle, one under one hundred- that's where I'm staying, you got basically about four thousand big dick pill, ads yeah, exactly try this cough drops. He will keep me from coughing. His cough drops work. I can't yeah, they do work, it doesn't I'm not coughing and less I'm talking when I'm talking. I just feel that in the back of my throat it's right. It's like two hours
we're running always up to two hours, maybe after that it sort of goes away. It's like my bike. If you run with one of those masks that they were at the airport, trying to mask yeah, no not be alright. This cough drop coffee that helps coffee generates phlegm pass on article. This morning I wanted to get your thoughts on it. Okay, I was reading about that they're thinking about putting video gaming in the Olympics. Well, yeah, and that way they were talking about at Like this is inevitable, this is going to be in the Olympics. And these kids consider themselves. Athletes, the only hang up that they had on it was it. The video games are violent. They don't want to promote that, but to me well, wait. What is this the sport. This is the Olympics trying to cash in that's all that is, I think I think olympics are dirty. I think it's a dirty business
and this was highlighted by the movie Icarus If movie and you realize how the IOC, is in bed with the world Anti doping agency and how you know how they sort of function together and what it really is all about is making money and anything that compromises that making money they're gonna vote against it. It is just it's not it's a dirty business right and if they did have it in the Olympics, with their we basically do is take these guys, who are making millions and millions of dollars playing video games at a professional level, yeah and millions. They would make them work for free and then they would make all the millions of millions dollars, but it's a bad yeah. You get to be in the Olympics. Right said, dirty business, I think the Olympics are dirty. I really do that's terrible. Yeah well is chest in the Olympic. Now. Why is the wrestling out? But chance you're, actually moving pieces around
yeah, you know just icons on the screen like. Why did they took wrestling out? It took rest. Sing out of they took really took rest. Out of the Olympics, no yeah. No, they did. Yes, they did No, yes, I love wrestling and they took it out. They might brought it back, but it was gone right. Jamie, no, no wrestling's, not out of the yes. They took it out. There was no! wrestling in the summer Olympics comma, I'm not kidding for real for real. That doesn't make any sense. I know that's crazy. Why would I never heard of that? I know there were. There was at one point in time. They were talking about it, but I thought they thought it was put back in was it was out for at least one and two thousand and thirteen IOC voted to drop wrestling from the Summer Olympic Program, effective, two thousand and twenty, is a real yeah. I don't know if it's happened yet so that is it supposed to be for two thousand and twenty. I don't know if it's I'm pretty sure it was in the Olympics in the summer or what's not two thousand and twenty
no, but I mean the last olympics that he saying it wasn't in. I don't think it was yeah. I think it was I don't think it was call Bob Kosta call him now Bob how is your I cured? Bob was an episode. Newsradio kick my ass. That was the episode oh really. I thought he was hitting on this girl that I was dating. I said he beat me up yeah there it is in the Olympics, so I guess Tom Papa wrong again. So that's from the 70s look at that kind of jacket. You see that guys see that represent in the 70s came home last night. Look at that guy, Jesus Christ, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six go back to that and they took it out alright. So maybe it was in last time, but it's not with look at that voted against it now he's trying to look jacked. He is they didn't understand, weightlifting back, then let me tell you something: brother guys, not jacked. He's Jack this Puma,
Greco Roman introduced in Athens. One thousand eight hundred and ninety six going on here, the grab each other by the underwear is a different kind of wrestling. That's ladies Beulah That is a rough fucking spot on my god. I would have found this, though, that they're adding video games to the asian games in twenty twenty two and then it's going to be a demonstration sport in Paris, twenty he's common, this thing out, those guys don't need it. You know on this is my message to anybody's pro video gamer. You don't need those people. What do they offer they offer schitt. They want you to work for free they're, going to make all the money. You were already huge and by the way the people will run that they missed the boat? They didn't see. It coming they don't deserve it. What about the athlete part of it? What about it? You consider it a sport. Well, no, it's a game, but it's a very highly skilled game. I mean it's definitely something valuable like the
used to be thought of as a frivolous waste of time, but now you can make legitimate money with it, but you don't. I don't think you classified as a sport. I mean they call it e sports right. Are they an athlete is, it is. Is the top gamer an athlete the only have ya. Is that its hand, eye coordination right? There is hand, eye coordination and do it. What do you consider a sport? Do you consider something you move your entire body or just moving your fingers enough because, like is pool a sport billiards? Is that right? I don't this game. It's a yeah, it's a good! It's a game that requires hand, eye coordination and control and touch tennis is a sport right. Yeah tennis requires full physical being full mental. Being yeah you're running around you jumping back and forth, you're swatting that ball Shooting at you trying to get out of the way I mean the amount of durance, you haven't stamina and explosiveness all contributes to your game. Would you make
exception for someone, that's really good at Q, Bert. Yes, there I favor subway surfers in subway service, for my daughter plays that should she's a little wizard good, so yeah, not a sport the only one in the Olympics, because they realize there's massive amounts of people that are watching it and playing him now, and they can make a lot of money. No arenas, I mean they're, going to they're filling arenas more than the Olympics. He live part of it is a billion dollar business, Yeah I mean there's a lot of sports that are in the Olympics that no one gives a fuck about if they're, not in the Olympics. Right right like like that curling curling the Ski shoot, one. Game, shooting one where they close at one or pentathlon or yeah. This is the one that Bruce Jenner one, which one was that that's the decathlon. Did. You have to shoot cheddar now throw up spear or something now he did
He did. The javelin javelin is part of it, but technically a spear, but ok, his archery archery in the Olympics and yeah is that a sport um, that's more of a sport right you're using your phone body, well not really mean you are for, like stability, your stable, with your legs, and you have a certain stance and if you're, both heavy to pull back. Then it requires strength, but that's uh, learn the lines? It's descent? I think archery is essentially a martial art with the tool you know and then it near demonstrate, but you could do it on paper, so its target archery but they have a. They have target shooting in the Olympics. Well as part of skiing right and I went- and I think the both they do it in some action girl that was just target just shooting right girl. You tell me about yeah! So that's something I mean that's close to a video game, not really no
No video games are well. I guess maybe, but like for showing it showing that Sarah Palin thing, which was trying to shoot offhand totally holding the gun up that some. If you like that It's more of a sport. How to shoot off hand. What pistol shooting I would say like pistol shooting, would definitely be a sport like when they do those core zero, seen those courses they do. Yeah like for training, already go like goes off, and then you run through a door and the turn a corner, anti tank dying, and then you guys down yeah and some about guys summer, good guys and then some rest. Sometimes they do there's a bunch of different ones. They do, and some of them are just targets, and some of them are targets that are dressed up like PETE right, yeah, that's more sport! Well, that's very physically demanding the Keanu Reeves footage. For John Wick two now, please, God make John Wick Three, please resend them stuff with him running through times square on a horse. Shooting people in the head in John Wick, three yeah
we do. It would seem that no well just show the footage. First of all, the training footage for John Wick John Wick, two man that mother Fucker Keanu Reeves. He gets into it. He was with my friend he Machado in so they just a robot. No here look at him. Give me some volume. So like when you watch him shoot in the movie, he looks very comfortable and even his martial arts, like the stuff that he's doing The movie is legitimate. Like it's doable, it's real he's, really training. Oh you I mean he's not doing anything when you go get the right. There's no roadhouse like, I was watching roadhouse last night, I love road. Have I got home from the comedy store last night and I was going to go to sleep and roadhouse was on like fuc I'm staying up. I stayed up it's the best going in the bar. I watched an hour and a half until he killed the guy grabbing his neck and that's why I did go to sleep
you missed the Big n scene and that's good enough, but uhm so he's on a horse in John Wick. Three now he's the real days like Tom Cruise just getting back on the Chevelle. When you give him or she's Tom Cruise, the nineteen seventy Chevelle is the way to go. Not a fucking horse. So he trains like legit, shooting trains, legit, shooting, legit, martial arts center Jackson is in it. Oh my god, Samuel Jackson, not in is there a list of like ten films in serbian actor until he was late in his career right or late in his age, oh yeah just read some reason: how old was he I want to say forty, but I feel like I might be mixing up with something that might be Rodney Dangerfield The original John Wick is a fucking great movie in John Wick. Two is a great movie that both great I watched two of them back to back. On a plane recently. Is that the one where everything is on fire in that one scene? Where he's like coming out of an apartment?
use one. When he's fighting that Ruby rose check is a fight with Ruby rose ranks. Well, we'll worry Us Kerr. I think that a girl power save it. Take such a good punch, yeah Callaspo, pulling punches yeah he's a legit Tom cruise he trains and does all his real stuff yeah Tom Cruise is a lot of crazy stuff right. The up his ankle, jumping off of a building to another building, yeah climate. On the outside of planes hanging on, he does all that stupid shit, yeah car chases. He does that and does it himself yeah in Dubai hanging off the end of that building? Ok, yeah he's a mania. He is a maniac yeah sign off them Scientology demons or
Using using live angels are just thetans. Daytons are the bad things. Those are things that stick to you right. I thought that was where, like your soul, like that's, who you are, you are a seat and like in the shell of wow. I thought the themes were like the bad is came in here to fend off everything in about Scientology, I learned from South Park right yeah I mean uh from that launch life movie I learned to come. I learned a couple of useful things from learning about it going clear. Did you see going clear documentary yeah? Did you read the book now books, crazy too? I read some of DIA Netex though I did too yeah yeah. I read it when it first LA I bought it order on late night tv yeah. I wanted on my one of my nephews to get to join up to see what would happen when you hate your sister
your brother brother, like one of us, is kind of it kind of be in it a pioneer here? Let's see what this does. One was going to join the call yeah it's too late for me. Get in there see what happens if you seen wild wild. Yeah, I've been reading his book, the art Osho's book, the art living and dying. Oh yeah, it's very interesting. You know it's unique about him. Is that the things that he sang, like legitimately profound and very interesting, an like legit? Am it the deeply philosophical when you're reading and you okay, this is this guy was a real thinking person and he was like deep. Be considering these things from all sorts of different angles an yet he allowed that crazy, Sheila Lady to run his call in poison people.
And what do you want for the nations, but even before that he was collecting rolls royces and he was like he was the love, the love luxury, but the problem, like a lot of people, have good ideas. They try to motivate. People starts out like me, these nice intentions, whatever he wants a taste money, that's it it's over read it just takes you over and you can't shake it. It's like. Why would I be in a in a Ford Taurus when I had a rolls Royce? Well how 'bout just kept one rolls Royce bro. I know what you have to power power and greed, it's and so, pretty, and then you can't shake it all these televangelists when all those televangelists went down like they start off like preaching around the s, dirty like little churches, they start making millions of dollars, and it goes off the rails. Greed we handymen, I'm telling you there's, I guess they're similar, I mean it was like that. Guy from what you're saying he has some good points is something does
there's some stuff in dynamics. That's makes very good sense, but hold on. Don't you think that all that good stuff is negated by a love of objects. I think that it ends up corrupting them and they start making other choices that don't align with what they're preaching right yeah. I think yes, where the where they're human beings, we're all human beings- and you start getting that power and then all All of this money comes in and it it it was also a sax. He was also a lot of sex a lot of sex yeah. That call was a lot about this free sex. Everybody banging their money, it's funny it how it all comes down to those things is always becomes sex, money, our and celebrity like that's a potent comp like they all fall from those things which is great sires. His great benefits to all those things right sex feels great We have a lot of money, you can buy awesome things and you enjoy them and you feel like you've accomplished something if you have
celebrity than everybody kisses your ass and he would walk in the room in his hands class together. Yeah and everybody would go crazy, but it's a different kind of celebrity right. It's not his celebrity, was not just like a there's Tom Papa. Do I love your bread show. Wasn't that right? It was you have the answers Swell man's sure yeah Bob Braun, but that was the issue. That's the ultimate power is celebrity mix with God, mixed with the air. So that's good yeah, good Powershell, now you're off the charts. When you get a little bit of that yoga classes, there was a yoga class that I used to go to where the guy was the instructor was banging some of the students. And he was slimy he was like you could tell he. Would he saying in class like seeing the sons and like a pro, you are killing my buddy yeah, I'm out of there, but your soul. Whites like everything about he was just like. He was a
slippery guy like in his thing, was being this. This really spiritual yoga is forty old women whose husbands retired Fuckin' them they would really cut into him. Next thing you know, he'd be giving him privates air quotes yeah events on March, a comparable, probably you know, talk to them about sensuality and, of course, in there for a we lay some should down about. You know one of the main problems in relationships. Is there the passion, sometimes abs, when there's a loss of respect and appreciation for each other, as in
jewels as unique souls? Yes, I'm experiencing that in my relation, I'm so sorry to hear that so sorry to hear that the boundaries of intimacy should not be related. Is it me, but I feel like I'm seeing the real you that no one else is in intimacy should not be confined by piece of paper. You know I mean it's obviously, that the vowels of your marriage you've already been broken by your husband, who is not nice. Anymore. Let me write down the my apartment in Encino: Sweet, walk around barefoot everywhere, the hot the so in touch with nature, the hot yoga guy he got busted for sleeping with all these women, It was the hot yoga he was the high yield. Was it in the garden that he fucked everybody? He did more and more than that, he was accused of sexual assault. He wasn't like that. Yeah, my guy wasn't sexually assault. Anybody who's a slip in the dick and they were allowing it. They wanted the dick like there's a difference
but then there's some people that say it's a power move. Well, some people say that that's abuse that the yoga guru, who manipulates the and and then Fox or that he is in a way, definitely being guilty of sexual misconduct. And perhaps even like something more egregious because there's a relationship they have between the Guru in the student Ryan, he's violating that trust in that power dynamic. Yes, that's catholic Church but right now. Oh, no, it's not like. What do you mean the forty year old married woman in a fucking yoga teacher is not the same as a little kid in a priest, but it's you
sing power for them to get the same thing. Oh, no, it's not one of 'em is rape and abuse. The other one is a lady wants Dick! Well, you didn't say she wanted. You said you said he said he said he touched her just twisted. This review said that she was wrecked and apologize to all those yoga teachers out there fucking their students. Now that's a violation of yours, a guru, anything that's a teacher and below you're using that you're manipulating that person ok, but wasn't like a big part of like undergraduate students and professors back in the day, they can't do anymore yeah. There was a big thing now. My high school, like the basketball teacher, ended up marrying like his best girl, basketball, player, hey. He's working. It worked out. Well, how old was she in him. He was probably thirty. I'm and she was seven seventeen seven hundred and get my in basketball? I am after they hook up to any school uh
school. Now, apparently it was during and then they ended up. Was it legal then no, no, no, no, no, no it may in many states it probably was legal in seventeen in Jersey. Yes, I guarantee it was what one thousand nine hundred and eighty five, eighty seven guarantee it was seven, yeah. I bet it was legal really. I bet it's about. Sixteen was legal right in the last say that there can't be a happy ending when somebody is teacher no further in your side, I mean it's definitely a violation, but it is a manipulation. What's the age of consent in nineteen, eighty New Jersey, he sixteen years old. Sixteen wow I could have, on this crew. Ok, but hold on a second consent for sexual conduct. Sixteen this applies both headers and homosexual conduct. The general matter. This means that a person who is sixteen years old can jet really consent to have sex with any adult, and this is in twenty eighteen. That's today, that's today, so here's the thing
so thing like you know this Asia Argento thing you know this is going on right now, so the seventeen year old kid right when he sex with her is in California. So he's saying it's sexual assault because she had x with him and then she got Tony Bourdain to pay this kid off three hundred plus, one thousand dollars to shut his mouth, and then it came out that she was a hypocrite because she seduced this hidden faktum and she had played his I'm in a movie ten years prior when he was only seven which is really crazy. These pictures of her in the kid when the kid was up like a little oh gee, she stayed close to him and called them like her son and he would call her mom and stuff like that, and then they got together and she lied about it and said she didn't follow him and then pictures
her in bed with them and then friends of release text messages. It was it was. She was she you agree. She's a monster was in was in no way was he of legal age. When now had sex does my point he was seventeen of the time. So we've been totally legal if this happened in New Jersey, but it happened in California, but it's all going on. While she was making a big deal of Harvey Weinstein having sex with her when she was twenty two like Jesus fucking Christ, that was hypocrites and you know the whole thing is crazy. But my point is, first of all, let's be honest about that situation. I mean 17th he's going to be ok, but I'm just saying even if it's illegal, yeah is not the same for boys, it is not the same. Should she have done it? Yeah, probably not yeah yeah. Definitely probably not, should be lock in a cage for ten years or doing that no she's, a freak. Alright! That lady is a freak yeah
Yes, she was, he was seventeen, but which is more guilty of being a hypocrite than anything. Did she in touch with them all those yes from which she was playing the mom. Yes, the real creepy pictures her in the movie with him when he was like a little kid, but it's not as creepy as Woody Allen when he had his daughter sitting on his lap and then ten years later, that same daughters holding his hand as his girlfriend in the brain in the front row of a basketball game. That's kind of weird thing: that's a little way. Creepier! That's way You know that is so weird. I don't know if it even a and to make that comparison, but uh. My point is that kid would have no case at all. If this is a new
right, it was in New Jersey, which I don't think you should have a case. Does he is he prosecuting like? Well, he apparently threatened to go public with it. He wanted money and they gave him money. Anthony Bourdain did yeah and gave him a lot three hundred three one hundred and eighty thousand dollars a god, and even after he got paid, he comes out that is the most expensive dick that he will ever get then he comes out comes it came out anyway. I don't know why it came out on the who released it Harvey Weinstein somebody. Somebody really I don't know what happened but they're, basically showing is that this whole thing you know of her attacking being attacked by Harvey Weinstein. It's complicated right. Maybe he did exactly what she said. He did it's possible, but she clearly is deceptive. She def lied about this kid. So the problem is the age of consent being seventeen. If it was eighteen or was
if he was eighteen rather or if it was like a New Jersey worth sixteen there's no case, and she just fucked a young kid and I'm just going. To be honest, the only thing that's creepy is that They had this sort of mom something going on with. They talked about each other's mom and said that's weird if she was just a hot thirty, five year old, who had sex with a handsome Eighteen year old boy right seventeens, that's a ma'am, it's not the same thing, it's not the same if it was a thirty five year old man in a seventeen year old girl, she directed the movie two. Does that change anything? and she directed them right and moving to a new one. They don't know that at the moment movie ten years ago, when he was seventeen year old or a seven year old brother, yeah. I don't know man, you know my my. She was seven when he was seven this. Thirty seven, when he was seventeen, she yeah, she didn't make a move when she when he was seven, though no she was waited till. I was seventeen she's, a good person yeah, she was she got close to the wire
she's, like I can't hold on anymore. I ready to New Jersey. I won't well, we just get over here is the issue. I don't. I just don't think it's the same thing now. I think the only thing she's really guilty of here is hypocrisy and deception. I don't think she's guilty of a sex crime, even though she technically is in my mind I mean maybe on my a sexist, I don't know if I am, I am sexist against men. Well, I just think the think the going to be okay I just don't. I don't buy that he was so damaged, but I think that he was that damage from her. He would have been dead. He would have been image from a girl who is his age to have fucked him and then didn't call him right. That's the thing I mean emotions, that's not a crime. You know you hear this argument, it's like well, a boy can be affected or everyone can be affected and when you're forced we're like well, you know in some of these instances where the teacher sleeps with the kid and it's a boy and he's fourteen and people are like come on. He would love it. He said he's a boy now, fourteen
you're still don't know who you are you're, still mixed up and again we're back teacher student. Yes, yes and situation, calculating right. So the question is: is this dynamic equal to the teacher student because who the director and she played his mother and they she clearly had some sort of a maternal love. Like sort of relationship with him early on and then it became sexual later. But then she says he jumped her. She says the Horni kid jump to me. That's what she said in a text to her friend when, she's being honest, oh really, yeah, so maybe he did maybe he was in love and pining for the whole time. Maybe that's one of the reasons why he came out and wanted money in the first place trying to get back at her because she didn't want to have anything to do with him anymore, and maybe they had a cup drinks together and she you know she just didn't what to do when he started making moves on her, and so she fucked him 'cause she's crazy, that's possible too yeah. Maybe what is it? Is it a crime? I mean
you're, telling you talking about a crime where it was two hundred days later. It's not a crime like really is going to learn a lot in two hundred days and laws: the law Joe the law, the law mister dragnet over there, you got it, you got it. You know the laws are on the books for a reason Joe and they lost seventeen doesn't say sixteen in at which is seventeen for region. Johnny lawyer over here: well it really that's what it comes down to it. It's like because it's so because there's so many things that can happen, you really have to be come down too well, is there we should have to pull your pants down. How much proves you got? Let me see what you got, how big your dick, your full grown, the fuck out here put That's a pretty lady bang! Your I had a friend of mine who grew hair when he was like well various little italian kid? He had a mustache full fear that their team I'm sure his pupils were gigantic good
Asia Argento go fuck. That guy faith, get a hair? It would grow back, but it's time to get my car, it was just italian yeah. It's a complicated You know the thing that got hurt too. Is you know she had a consensual sexual relationship with Harvey Weinstein after the alleged incident where he ate her pussy and she didn't want to. Well, that's like the Cosby thing they keep coming back. There was a couple that came back And it's like you, don't wait a minute. Were they aware that he drugged them the first time uh? I don't know the details, it sounded like it it's not like. They knew something was weird, but then they came back anyway, but exonerate someone from a rape just because, after the rape, your friendly with them right, because you know
I told big will impact you don't know. What's going on with the? Not would not just that it's some people they want to mitigate the effects of being raped by turning into something different, so they like it may be, would establish a consensual relationship with a person after the rape them to try to take their power back a little he will not just tax credit relieve themselves of the feeling of being a victim like they almost make it consensual. It's like a weird psychological dynamic that you and I never understand as men, yeah we'll never understand, and now this is not the same. It's just not this! Now, it's not! So! If she went back, you know with Harvey right who yeah, like a woman, can't comes over your house right? Okay, if you're single guy am I in a little cabin yeah, a little tiny, three hundred twenty, if you're in bear in there. You were in flannel, cotton, wood, okay and a girl comes over and you she sucks your deck against. Your will. Don't stop. I can't believe you're doing this God, damn it and and then once
it's over. You like. Well, I don't want to get raped. I'm just going to establish a relationship with this lady he will be like shut the Fuc up Tom Papa get outta here. Was that Michael differences, because you're a guy you're, not worried about your physical safety. This is the real issue, physical safety. I can't get pregnant right. I used to workout, gay gym to work out a gold's gym on call, I say Gay Jim, because it was less like all lot of gay, guys really obvious over tan. You know gay guys like super thin ten, take picture with muscles fuckin' combat boots and real aggressive weather like can paperboy hats on mother working out. I had a friend like in gay, but my point is that, while I was in there working out these guys that hit on you and you'd feel like guys, we're. Looking at you and hitting on you and it may
be uncomfortable, well welcome to being a woman, but not even really, because I could fuck those guys up. So I wasn't worried like if a guy tried to the parking light I'd be like hey dude, we're going to get violent, don't stop trying to block me but you know like I can actually fuck you up, whereas if I'm a girl, I have to worry that I'm fumbling for my keys and this guy behind me in the parking lot, and then you push me into the car and take my pants off. This is a real concern for women that men don't have so our ideas of what it would be like being a non consensual relationship with a woman where she sucks your dick against your will is just not comparable. It's a great point. I mean that's when that Michael Douglas Movie came out an it was. The same thing was the reverse. She forget which movie was She goes down on him and he's like no stop it. It's a work, relationship and he's like stop it'll attraction. Now it wasn't fatal attraction, it wasn't behind the candelabra, It was a. It was another
and it would be came like a thing. It became like a a good joke because, as I'm disclosure, because as I am and who is those darn, Demi Moore Demi Moore that's hilarious, yeah, so she goes down on him and everyone. They were trying to make the case that it could happen. Command to an app that culture was like now? Yes, thank God here it is yeah, she's, a predator, These are created believe this shut up so get over. Who wrote that a fantastic sex thriller masterfully done? That's fake news wrote that well good for them get out there and giving it a try like hell. The always have that, like w C N, some you've never heard of p o what is that dining for any quote whatsoever, so they just take some walkie quote from the
some Boise NEWS Station, some guys drunk when he writes that he's barely paying attention. Now it's just someone with a blague. Yes, like Don's movie hut, he loved it hot in the middle of the forest, and I watch films when they were. Watching roadhouse last night he put a cassette in his Mercedes and his car is playing music shoved. It there in Plano. Like yes, fuckin' kiss said, my daughter got a cassette from one of her friends. A cassette player was looking for cassettes, yet again, I'm like I'm cool something yeah yeah like she has like punch, but they're really pretty obscure. Is a real concern that everything that we have is digital. You know that at moving to kindles and ebooks, and all these different things and then downloadable, music and less physical, music yeah anything that happens that wipes that stuff out. Eighteen, a wipes out the play it, serve the recording we lose. Everything will be gone forever.
All information all of our information is becoming. It'll show me more and more vulnerable, yeah we're becoming more and more aware and more and more educated that were at risk. We're more aware that we're being attacked like We are trying to steal this stuff and we're putting more of our faith in it yeah. But what I'm saying is, as we become more educated, not even with that just more information. We accumulated more vulnerable that information. Is it's not like a book that are like lock, solid and you know they're always going to be there as long as you keep in a fireproof container. No, this is our knowledge itself is way, more vulnerable than it's ever been before yet way more advance. It's another seven before that's really interesting, weird, but isn't well backed up on the cloud. What does that mean? I had Doctor Robert shock on the podcast who's, a geologist from Boston University. Oh yeah, freaked me, the
out talking about coronial mass ejections from the sun and that what it what they believe happened somewhere around twelve thousand years ago. There was some sort of a gigantic solar event that causes lightning storms. You know like when it's a storm and rain is coming down from the sky, like fuckin' buckets of rain everywhere. He said it was like that with lightning and Lightning was literally turning the ground in the glass in certain places. How long who knows mass- intention of animals really like mass extinction of people, if you know like lightning raining down on the whole planet. Yeah. It wasn't like. I don't know. If he's right. Obviously it's a controversial, theory that he was proposing, but it's based on what they believe possibly happened with a corona mass ejection from the sun which can and does happen and has happened past. I always think about that like, what's going to,
like a giant asteroid, all of a sudden like this so far away so far. Is it happening all the time yeah, it's just not big intensity, but why not? Why not one build up and seen a comparison of the earth next to the sun. Yeah when they showed these. The solar flares are hundreds of times larger than the earth itself. It's so crazy like, but it's far way, right, guys, it'll, be ok! We're still going to have a barbecue this weekend, couple million miles. How many miles is the sun away? How many million some. The. How many million The moon is two hundred varies, and you know goes a little. A little further away, but somewhere around two hundred and sixty thousand two hundred and sixty thousand ninety three million miles the sun. No. Let me pull up a comparison. The sun, in comparison to the size of the earth in you realize, like oh it's a million times bigger
I'm million times bigger than the earth employed by big this here's a question say a solar flare, pops If it's that far away you depends on how we know about it. Now it's coming for awhile. You have a couple minutes just now that I'm look at that One point: three million earths: oh geez, look at the earth, though, with the little dot look at least not right there. Oh there. Oh my god. No, no! Look at those ejection Look at those flares, no, how big those flares are and then look at the as the earth. Like those fats common, that's every day, it's happening all the time. Yeah have you ever see video of it? It's amazing! It's crazy! It's amazing like what, it's happening on the sun. Right now should freak everybody the fuck out, and it varies. You know it's like it's a giant nuclear fireball yeah, it's just a constant nuclear
Oh my god. Look at that shirt. It looks so hot. What a ship design right! How are you going to eat everything up? I would just put a big fuckin'. Fireball in the sky. I mean it's basically like like a fireplace How crazy that we're we're. So how crazy that were so good yeah! It's crazy work, so good yeah! Well, it's one of the arguments for that really dumb people use for religion liked it. What are the odds that all this worked out this perfectly that were this course. This I mean come on man, scientists are trying to keep the creator from you? Japan is trying to land an unmanned robot on an asteroid twice to distance of the sun. It's one hundred and eighty six million miles away. Whoa there next month, next month we're going to we're going, try and land on it. Jesus Christ, the japanese no, they were in the space game. It's orbiting it right now period. Will the job
These have the Himawari eight satellite that takes gigantic high solution full photos of the earth from twenty two thousand miles out. Every ten minutes somewhere and yeah yeah, we'll pull that up the Himawari eight. What are the the with the details to him? More a is one of the best things to use against these flat earth dorks like in because for the longest time, one of the things they were saying is that there is no full photos of the earth from space that everything was just stitched together. They don't know Jack Shit, so fucking stupid This is very stupid theory real time, but this is real time. I look it's night time how far away Is the distance the Himawari eight those? So I think it's twenty two thousand miles, Himawari, eight! That's a satellite! Twenty! Two!
isn't it yeah yeah, so the satellites twenty two thousand miles above the earth- and it takes real time, photos every ten minutes in high resolution, the like massive massive photographs, but they use it to pay Dick to weather, and you can like you could literally see storms coming in and share so badass and it's a military zoom in zoom out now I have an idea of the Japanese were doing all the they run the ball son and make the best cars the cars don't break your fucking around with these test Lowe's that she's going to run out of batteries in the desert, really stuck you're going to be chapped lips, like a mad max movie, just shuffling trying to get to Nevada. Please trying to charge my phone with a credit card you can have. My credit cards is doing well either you from California you some kind of career. It work, forward queries up, I'm just I'm listening.
Footprint. We wanted them electric car guys here how that worked out with conflict, minerals, your iliac electric car, you piece of shit, I'm just trying to be nice to the planet, guys. How can those cars not run on solar power? That's what I don't get you especially in cow. Like everything solar? Why don't you have a solar brute panel and so on? itself regenerate. The hood should be yeah you're right. Oh my god Look at all the known asteroids from nineteen. Ninety nine to twenty eighteen Whoa, we live in a shooting gallery. Look at NASA's identified more than eighteen thousand near earth objects, so just floating around all around every rate hold on back that up again to discovery rate averages would say forty per week, it's asteroids, oh my god, literally large, hold it backup, backup chance of a large asteroid hitting earth is slim. What? But scientists
continue to monitor all known near earth objects from a potential collision with us. They say with Slim now what until you know, I was talking this one sign right. I was talking this one scientist and he was like well, you know the We have plans in effect if, if they find asteroids, it's not something that I'm concerned with thirty thinking about that and I think we'll be fine. So then I talked to Neil Degrasse, Tyson, and I said how much time would we need to plan for a satellite or an asteroid hitting us goes at least ten years like what, ten years ago, ten years he goes yeah I go so we're you we'd be fucked No, this other guy lied to me way. What do you mean ten years from one from when you find it to when We could figure out a way to stop it so that it would take us to ten years you're, not just so asteroids coming towards earth. The ten years gap time between record vision, is definitely going to hit earth and have the ability and the technology to shift its direction. Couldn't you just go and shoot
no bro. Why not doesn't work that way? It happened in that movie, which one deep impact or at the Will Smith one right. Oh so Armageddon was a woman, know, Samuel Jackson, which was Samuel Jackson. The president was in Morgan, Morgan Morgan Freeman. Did they give up on the the against him seems like they let it go. I think so yeah login form and they tested the water leave me alone. I don't do it. What do you think about this Louis ck thing you seek? Has returned and everybody came back arms, but going crazy cloud. Dunagan did a go to done against page pull out his his instagram, ok Buddy, who has the best Instagram page the best it's the best. If you're not going there, it's Donald Trump graduating Louis CK. For his return now volume Aloui drop love. What you did the comedy club shut their epic. Nobody did what was happening until you were standing right in front of them spewing
I get the real classy gui will. Thank you, sir. I didn't ask anyone if they wanted to see it, you gave them no choice but to what did you work at beautiful? Just went there to do. Some jokes are good jokes. You know. People are like two soon change forever. She talked about the elephant in the room, though start up with something like it just blew I forget Authoria at Boyer, Biotics, tired, but Jack it up in the air made the whole time. Teriffic everybody was drafted. Their forester watch me best plan. In my life, don't order, where you raise crazy, I a yeah me too jk yeah Larry as you so there's generally Kyle done on my old roommate. Is you really
Oh really, oh- and I for sure, would you guys live together in New York, city and I'll share horrible one bedroom apartment had no doors. I was on a food time. He was in the back. We had no windows. Roaches know sink in the bathroom? Look at you now, read on tv, because I think it's mocking the president and one of the best comedians of our age. It's great oh, what a mess, what a mess! What do you think about this? Some you don't want to come back. Some people think they should. He should be allowed to come back and he served time often then the the argument by a lot of women is yeah, but he hasn't said anything like you had one done anything yeah. What is what you know? What shows that? he's learned anything like what what should you have to do?
I don't know I mean who is very smart, I'm sure he'll. If you want to keep doing it after this reception, he'll probably come out with some statement or do something I don't know, but the reality is what did he lose? They took a waste networks took away his stuff, just some distributors weren't going to put out his film well the film, but as a comedian from by all accounts, the film is schitt. Anybody has seen the film I haven't seen it yet, but I have a few friends that saw they're like it's just so creepy and weird In light of like what he was doing yeah, it's is like no, but regardless there was good or not. I'm just saying like right. The industry said fx that I'm taking this show from you go said- we're taking this stuff up. Netflix that we're taking this offer is definitely definitely lossed money financially. But, and those are entities that okay, but is that punishment or is that them exercising their desire to not work with someone who's been accused of something that they don't want to be associated
Yeah is that a punishment, I don't know, seems to me that they're they're making a decision of who they work with and with the not work with right. It affects him negatively sure, but it's not necessarily a punishment. Well, there's it it. I don't know it. I think, would feel like a punishment sure. But my point is there's these entities that can stay. Prevent him from making a living as a comedian, though he can walk into a garage and if he has fans they're going to come, see him right. He has. He has that under his control, yeah right yeah, nobody can stop that. Nobody, so he can do it it's up to him whether he wants to or not it's up to his fans, they show up or not, and it's up to the people that hate what he did in a really against him to not go right, that's well! That's why this thing was weird because he just showed up at the seller, which is like his favorite place to go, and he just worked out. Material audience like Kyle is saying it's just they're trapped in there. They can't right get out; they, they don't have an option,
to say I don't want to see it's really interesting. All the different spins, though all the different women spends land you know, and what one one really bizarre been that I saw was this. One was saying that this is indicative of the problem of all comedy clubs and aggressive male audience, and women sitting there feeling threatened not being able to use their voice and like user. I was going to heckle, they were saying like you like, you would be more already there are more women, so you could heckle yeah. That's not cool, like you're, not supposed to do that at a comedy club. If you don't like someone, just don't laugh you know, but like it I mean this one was here's the thing: it's not your job, it's not your place to say the You don't like someone when the other people do like it. You know if you were if you're, going to get on one walk out. Yeah. Just like you're gonna, see a movie yeah like you're an audience member right. The deal is you're, not there to perform the audience. Is the
there to just sit there and laugh or not laugh right, but don't be rude to the other people that are enjoying it So as soon as you write your sensibilities above the rest of the audience, will you are problem? You've made If you decide like hey, I mean like this. When I go home and write about it, that's totally your product, that's fine! Get up and walk at all. It's fine go somewhere else to talk about it on stage yourself in the I'm, not nothing wrong with any of those things yeah, but this this one woman's take was like women don't feel like they have a they. Can they have the ability to speak out about it MIKE speak out, like so you're saying like to heckle, hey, I don't want you on stage. I know everything about you and your story. I don't want you to perform in front. Even those other people laughing right, and that is that that that these aggressive men were yelling good to see you back Louis aggressive men like well, okay, that's like there's a framing of this and that with
This is one of its becomes this male versus female. Framing that Louise sort of represents aggressive men, sexual men doing things to women. They don't want the women sitting there in silence. They don't want to be there and they don't have a voice because they overwhelmed and overpopulated or outnumbered for problem is those guys that that Harvey and him and Matt Lauer and people like that they are the the poster boys for that so they're going to be watched very closely and has many more fitting to any. I get confused by this one by all accounts. Matt Lauer had affairs right in the office with girls who worked with them. So what was it propria this he was having sex with his staff right. Right, but he was also hitting on people who didn't want to hit on was in his office yeah. That was the accusations yeah it wasn't. He was dating them. He was also you know,
this thing making weird advancements in the office yeah That is what I mean all these guys. All these guys. You know they're all very complicated, they're, all very fuzzy kind of things, but uh You know those guys are going to be watched very closely, as you see Louis just goes to this little club and does a set an National news and national debate. It's like it's uh, it's heady, stuff, Teddy stuff, yeah What's fascinating! Is that as a culture we're going through this great time of change and his great time of introspective thinking and of observe,
Irving, our behavior and discussing our behavior and watching this is the legacy of the worst case, examples of which my my Cosby worst case example of drugging people area. I mean there's, there's a woman who was on television on CNN. She said something that freaked me out once you said that it is entirely possible that Bill Cosby is the the most prolific serial rapist in history. Jeez that's big statement. I heard that I want maybe she's right, yeah she's right, like how many, how many, but as a regular. Rape is rape before the it caught them. You know, and that just I mean that's the number that came out against them. I'm sure there's other people that, yes, I have. Yeah so that's like the far end of the
right and then, on the other end of the spectrum you got like Lewis, who's uhm did something was definitely you wouldn't happen to your wife. Know your kids, your kids by your friends. I don't know the whole story. You know Kurt Metzger was telling me that one of the girls who came out against him like they had been flirting like the whole weekend and talking about sex like the whole weekend and then he did that and then he had sent the girl a text saying I'm really sorry that I did that and she said, don't worry about it like we were talking about sex all weekend and then, when the accusations came out. Obviously there was more accusations that seem to be more egregious. She threw her hat into the mix as well I don't know if that's true or not, though, the problem with a lot of these stories is your hearing him. Third, four yeah, you don't you know all you know is he said those stories are true and that
recognize that he did something wrong and he was going to take time off so that to me is not a guy defending himself. That's a guy, saying yeah. I definitely fuckedup I'm going to step back, so he steps back for nine month or whatever it was an people saying. That's not long enough. You didn't do anything like you gotta. So what what should someone do like in things that Michael Ian Black said on twitter before they tore his dick off and stuffed it in his nose. It's like that was a crazy thing to watch. 'cause he's like Super progressive, very liberal yeah. You know like that. Me too has to offer men a road to redemption and No and a lot of these women were saying, though, like every road to redemption begins with I'm sorry, which is a very valid point. Yeah a very valid point like you should. You should have to say I'm sorry. You know- and I think he's said- I'm sorry, but I don't know what he said to the women
Nobody said I don't mean you had to one public statement say, I'm sorry and that what public statement that Times article is a kind of like a veiled. I'm sorry, I think I don't know man, I don't know you know, I hesitate to comment on any of it because it's like his mess and like anyone that comments on it or it comes near it or like the the owner of comedy cellar, everyone's got to deal with the aftermath. We aftermath of what this guy did. It's like, why am I You know like this as the owner of the seller. It's like. Why is he have to get brought into Louise? behavior, I saw at least one slash two, a dozen articles written about what a piece of shit Michael CHE was for saying that he Louis deserves the opportunity to make a living right right,
and they were going after Michael CHE and his his useless opinion like well yeah. Well, you know, but look it's their allowed, their opinion that Michael chase opinions useless. I mean this is one of the beautiful things about free expression now complete. That's. Why that's? Why that's where it's kind of the most interesting for maine- and I don't mean that I take pleasure in any of this 'cause- it's horrible for everyone involved. But it's interesting, like I said, like there's companies that probably won't go back into business with him right, but as a comedian, you know he could put a show up in the park he could put up anywhere. He wants it's really up to him, and people can protest that they can not show up. They could buy tickets by the thousands, and it's gonna be interesting to see when he takes that part of his earning in that part of his life in his own hands. You really can't stop him yeah. In that way, it was
it's like it's not how you frame. I don't think I don't think lose a bad guy at all. I think, with Louis is, is a pervert and I think he's you know he's into. I think part of it is like being nobody can do. Something that's forbidden and you know and getting away with it and and it having these girls like him, for being a comedian and then doing that to them. I mean this is my speculation, there's a lot of weirdness to it, but I don't think that he's like, and angry person and I don't think he's trying to be hurtful. I don't think any of that was yeah. I think it's just terrible judgment everything I mean you could say a lot about it. That's up, but it's like what it is is not he's not like he's not trying to hurt people.
I think he's just fucking, weird yeah. I know I mean, let's think about what it is he's asking. Can I Zhirkov in front of you right like it's the whole, I mean it's like yeah when it comes to that kind of creepy shed is like the. Most considerate, way to approach it he's literally asking adorable It's so fuckedup mean it is a mess, I'm not diminishing. The effect would have a woman who respects him once you know she he's our friend and next thing you know he's got to take out like I get it yeah, I'm not! So that's not what I'm saying it's a weird thing, because you don't want you those women were obviously very hurt and there's degrees of like oh, they texted this or they said that to go out and do that to somebody in a power position and come out and say it and know that you're going to get hate from the world
they were, they were in a place that they were hurt enough, that they felt that they had to say something and do something sure- and you just want like on this- In a level, you want them to be. Okay right, you want everybody to be okay, want them to be okay and feel right. They had justice and for coming out being brave, You have to come out and say something, but you also want to protect people from that happening again right right right, the only say. One of the only ways is like you got to kind of you know this, and there was there is there's definitely a feeling. You know the comedy world is like set and we kind of like you know it's a crazy environments and nightclub kind of a thing and what you heard when these these women came out was no. This is kind of inappropriate that girls, women can can't coming to a club and just feel okay like they have to field all the stuff in guys hitting on them all the time, but it kind of made you
Look at the scene and be like all. Maybe this scene could be cleaned up a little bit as well, it's like what I was saying about really a worse version of working out at a gym. Right. If you go to a gym- and you see men leer at you when you get that feeling that these guys would have sex with you and you definitely don't. Wanna have sex with them. Yeah. Is how women feel all the time yeah and you and your coming at the comedy, store or wherever and you're trying to just start out as a comic can try it with that right to big thing already yup, and then you throw a whole nother level later on it yeah that everyone's hitting on you from the doorman to the headline yeah. That's got to be a big thing and it's like, so I think that those women should feel good that it, it definitely
that made an impact. They should know that they've been heard yeah and that they they should. They shine the light on something that even people that were in it, men that were in it work on aware of yeah. They were definitely heard it's it's very difficult for people to consider really objectively consider other people's perspectives like really yeah. You, the people considering the convenient way like you know like they know what they can get away with, what they do. They really consider how the other person feels and things yeah, and you know, and that's on both sides of the mark- there's inconsiderate, women's inconsiderate men and then you know we both do it to each other, and then people develop bad traits and bad associations with the opposite sex, and it's a very common thing that people do I think situations where the discuss, is so emotionally charged like this, it's good for us,
it's good for us. It allows this public discourse. It allows this public discussion of it yeah and there hasn't been like you know, the people that that have gotten hurt by that have come out and said it like in our scene, where they're like nice people and they've, been it's It is very few yeah, but it was like hey there's some big important people in this scene and they're acting inappropriately and in the you know, you're right. I think it's good. It's definitely woke up and moved it further right. I have a funny daughter. I know you have a phone. A daughter who knows if they see our life and gonna go pursue it. You want them to be able to go to a club and not have to deal with a whole number right. So it's enough when you're starting out to get five minutes of good material and to get the audience to like you and get the respect of your peers, then you gotta have about someone following you in the in the parking lot. I have a friend of mine who's comic and she got hit on by this. Other guy was a comic who shall remain nameless and
Show me some attacks that he sent her and I was like holy shit right and one of them was like I'm, the only one that can make you com or something fucking crazy about what she's yeah. It's hey, bro, yeah,. But, like you know like so it was so then it comes down to okay, so these women were heard. Obviously it's created a a movement. You know when it then it becomes a bit on the other side it becomes about, but did this man's? Was he punished enough when our and do you have control over whether or not he's allowed to come back with an audience of like for a woman like the the thing about a guy being angry with you, it carries that threat of physical danger in you know, that's a different thing. I know I was thinking I was I take the other day, and I was thinking about that fine line at the end of the night in a bar, those meathead guys,
trying to like hit on girls and when it doesn't work, they decide. They're just going to fight instead and lesbian, know they're going to fight guys right, like that's, that's a fine line between what I mean they're, both almost violent acts. It's like aggressively hitting on women to be like it's not going to happen. Well screw it. I don't like the way that look at. I think it's just frustration to eat, but you know it's traded, but it but firm up about looking at a male doing that like it is an aggressive. This is an aggressive animal here. One minute we could have been. I could have said yes and brought him home with me or I
now and then he's punching that guy in the park. How often that happens? I don't really a common narrative yeah when I don't get laid the try to hit on girls and they just beat the out of each other yeah. It seems like it happens. All the orders for consumer acted seems like it happens all the time. Well, this section my boat, do you need to be you? Don't you know when you're walking down the in the even in the village you walking down? The street was just like an angry frat group of guys, just like aging drunk, you know, they're trying to get laid at minutes earlier. Yeah male angst, my points, my point being that there's manner formidable the grocers self creatures were gross yeah and they're big in their hairy, and there is why the seven billion people 'cause men are gross. They shoot loads into each other. Everybody shooting loads into people, specially at your weight,
thing Jim. I had a friend I had a gay friend in New York, and that was the name of that gym there, David Barton or something like that. What David Barton, it's like some kind of health club in New York- and it was it was it was mostly gay men and my friend said he said. No, you don't understand it I mean it's to it to the point where, when you're awake working out on the machine, there are pen lights that come right down on your biceps. Thank you. The lighting is made to make you look sexier with a you're working out. It was the greatest of all time They have like specific kind of lighting to expect it was musculature yeah like if I was on a curling machine right now, there'd be a light that came from the ceiling leak in his remarks to make the shadows to make them yeah, that's saxon peaks, look bigger, yeah yeah, so it's about sex, yeah, you're working now it well. If you go to a regular gym, you see people hit on each other all the time. Yeah now, of course, were as I,
it rounded Barton Jim yeah to get a look at what else hi we look at the lighting yelled that dumb bells and all those dumbells ok, this is what is that looks like a bar. What is that? Oh, those are machines, are cardio machines, yeah? How weird sex is a weird thing. It is for sure. Well, it's even weirder when it's packaged with advertising, in sleekness and music and then you see it in real life and people are excels, baby and then on this social media and everybody sticking their asses out, and you know it's like there's so much going on yeah, there's so much were so over stimulated with sexual imagery. You feel like you'll, be grateful in your old and your sex drive is gone, no be almost dead, then. I'll, be like sad Hatesex know it's like
how about sex being bad, it's about being an asshole, and it's also about the ship roll. The dice that you get if you're physically unattractive, what's difficult to get someone who's attracted to you, yeah, that's hard to that is hard. That is an inescapable. Out of the of some people's bodies, ask some people were just they have bad genetics yeah and then they must be insanely frustrating it's got to be frustrating now, but then you go to just find someone else. It's funny, looking then you don't want them, one of the more to hit on you the way she's on Michael Douglas and I'm living. Okay. What your opinion is this disclosure movie? Do you know the people are mad? This Simmons playing the elephant man, but that they're an able bodied person. This is from the most recent pc uproar that they harden able bodied actor to play the elephant. Man. Well, how many eight elephant manner in the
actors, Guild this exhausting it's exhausting, keeping up with everything yeah everything is outrageous. Everything yeah well is the time like you said like getting out. Raging discussions and then it'll kind of come back. Norm, stranger things: okay, alright, adding an elephant man remake criticized by disability charity, but you know what this is. Do you know you need a good actor yeah this you just can't make everybody happy and by the way, here's the thing. No, disrespect to the disability charity, but a lot of these disability charities criticize this just so that they can highlight their charity and it's very good for the charity. If they criticize things because it makes people aware of it, becomes a big public story and then they get donations, yeah it's not bad! For that we consider the source. I mean they probably just artists trying to make the film and you know who knows if they're good people, then you know they're going to respect it and there's no need disability person in their person with disabilities to play a person with disabilities period. You piece of shit,
what is my what actions you shut the up, and I let go of disability speaker, but I for acting thing. How about? I thought I think, we're doing something that you're, not first people of color speak than women of color. Then women, then gays, lesbians to I'm a trans, bisexual, asexual, actual, then you, you fucking white, male, bread, making piece of shit. I just make bread leave me out of all of your crazy sex condom. Not I don't know, what's going on with all you guys, why do you want to be an ally or not you, son, of a bich? Look, I'm just trying to show you the best cupcakes in New York, oh, what are you doing in LA going to film and la yeah? We did because we did Vito's pizza where'd, you go. Where is Vito's PETE, Lido's pizza right by Largo between Largo an is good. Restore so good. Really this guy is a good pizza place in the OS pizza in EL. A telling you how good is. He came from New Jersey, his name.
This is sourdough starter apps in the water. No, he says it's not about the water, that's a farce because you just have to know what you're doing either have good ingredients. His crest is impeccable because he knows how to make the dough really yeah this guy in the water and he's lying about it now, the as the real he does get Trucks of water in his backyard is not telling nobody now can veto. Look at me to the reality is so good. I fuckin' meatball sub. That looks so good, so good. If I was going to go off my diet, I would be not meatballs so so good. He looks very good as well.
Everything this guy makes this amazing man if he literally smelling like a room with this, has only vetoed you, mother man keep does say so very when I got a daughters, Demi Veto come on Joe when you're off it and where the store will go to vetoes, it's literally down the street, I'm on it right now I go on and off go on for a few months ago, a few months months, yeah right, I mean I mean occasionally have a cheat day- saw Bob it'll knock me out of ketosis for a few hours and knocked me back just a few hours yeah right now, I'm in you would call a mild to ptosis. You look at my piss strip and put up on Instagram is a chart that shows you like the darkest The lightest oh yeah, yeah, I'm in like mid ' several been on it for five days days. How do you feel I've always feel good? I get used to doing it.
Used to. It seems weird since I'm not on that spectrum at all 'cause it dried out a little bit before I put it up to what happens if you eat a slice of vetoes, will knock me down to that negative uh was nothing So I would call that one slice yeah I'm somewhere in the range of moderate, moderate, ketosis, but again that I lead pissed on and I let the strip sit for a little bit and tried and looks a little weird, it's disgusting anyway, what it what it does for me, though it's very good for my appetite and cognitive benefits. Like my feeling, yeah mine feels clear yeah, I'm on it. You know it's interesting. I think, there's a certain amount of fog that comes with carbohydrate consumption too much yeah, well, carbohydrate consumption in general, in when you, when you eat carbohydrates, post carbide, your consumption is a lack of lack of mental, clearly got a
down turn of the way your brain functions. When I call that sleeping nap time, sweet, sweet, nap time nap time. Will you and I contrast in many ways, my friend I try and dial it in yeah. I don't eat the stuff all the time, but you know yeah, but look you love it Do like nothing wrong with it. I love it. Celebration of life and one of my favorite dishes on planet earth is linguine with clams when I want to go off of I in ITALY, I was in ITALY a couple weeks ago. Yeah three day, Rebello Rob I'm coast, winter coppery. We took a boat to copy and we ate their and just phucking Fenomenal food. The food was out. Like us, so Frederick lambs with fresh sardines man for ladies starting fillets in olive oil, so the best soccer, my god, damn good call. SAM's the clan everything so much.
Interesting. There were a Valentin Thomas who was a professional Spearfisher person. She was on the other day and she, saying that the oceans in that area are completely overfished, really yeah, that's like it's almost impossible for a regular person to go there and catch a fish that stooges, overfished everything. It's a bummer being alive. Now it's such a bummer that every everywhere you go. It's always the end of whatever is the end of the coral reef. It's of these animals run through the woods the end of such a bummer, and then you know like even like I tried to show my kids like nice. Your videos, like I used to watch with my dad and everyone at the end is like, but this is going away. This is like it's not some of it is going away. Yeah I mean it's how you look at it. It's like we're. Definitely in uh, sustainable path right in terms of just doing agriculturally! If you, if you
the farmers in you appreciate this. What they do with large scale, agriculture, you're not supposed to grow food in the same plot of land for Fuckin' fifty year, corn just constantly soy throwing minerals in the ground and constantly growing, and then you get these minerally deficient plants right they just not the same, and it's just not it's not good for you not yet. The only thing it's good for is, like dear dear, can come by and eat all your corn. We want you get a high population in deer in the area, but supposed to eat you're not supposed to feed cattle corn either. No, it's also like wildlife is supposed to exist in like wildlife habitat, which is like forests and grasslands and meadows right inside the sun fed unfit plants.
Must be wandering around eating, all these things are not supposed to be existing in these massive thousand acre corn fields. So great, it's just weird: it's there you've like white tail deer to a certain extent. This country become like for farm animals there at goal: weird farm animal, that's not a fence right is always around farms is eating farm food. You, like my friend Doug, had this interesting thought about that. He was like these. He goes to my cows or eating grass 'cause. He has a farm and a cow. Eating the cows are natural right. Their orders. Grass, my dear, are eating GMO corn but also the deer that are on my property, that is wild. The wild animals are not organic, that's weird! It's so so we are eating something: that's totally unnatural for them to eat, which is GMO. Corn corn is everywhere, Gmo corn he's growing. This corn, like Monsanto corn,
thanks so he's growing this roundup up sprayed corn. She these deer, eating which is is wild deer, but yet the cows that are in captivity or grazing, naturally on grass and one hundred percent organic she's. It's weird weird weird. I was reading that that the whole fertilizer, thing that we weren't able to get nitrogen out of the air until this one scientist. Did it Fritz Haber, Fritz Haber? does the same guy, who created Zyklon gas, Nazi right, no did. You always choose a Jew in Germany and he was there not german, okay. Well in world war, one he was the guy who created the gas that they use to spray on the allies and he At the same time, he created the hopper method for extracting nitrogen right in the atmosphere which led to they think of the nitrogen people's there's a great radio lab podcast on it. I think it's called the bad show, and
it shows how sometimes good people also do horrible things right and fritz was when the once a they highlighted, but when he was what and they were going to give him the Nobel Prize for creating the Haber method for extracting nitrogen from Mr, the the air around us is eighty percent nitrogen, but you couldn't get it out right, you couldn't get it out. He figured out how to get like when we breathe. We think we breathing in oxygen mostly now. It's mostly nitrogen, and then some oxygen and he figured out how to get it out. And turn into fertilizer in use it on. So and really increased radically the amount of food that people are able to well. He also at the same time figured out how to spray gas on the true so they wanted him for crimes against humanity. They wanted for war crimes. At the same time, they were going to give him the Nobel Prize Home
gas, crate and, and then they used as gas for the Trans on his family on his family check this out and his extended family, because he created Zyklon gas but he puts in Zyklon a there's, a smell that they attached to it, so that you were aware of when the gas was present so like. If you were, working with it. If there was a leak, it was a very obvious. Now the Nazis took cycle. Hey and remove that smell and turned it does I cloud be which they used to spray the the the people in the concert. Woman murdered Jews. Some of his extended family was killed with the very gas that he created. Oh my god yeah, He died, he was exiled from Germany. The whole thing was horrible, a his. He was a Jew. So he tried to stand up for Jews as scientists and his people, and it was like slowly getting pushed out of the Nazis were taking control MIKE
and then he want to believe in the country and he died of a heart attack. He had he had terrible health right in he died like I think he was going to Switzerland for treatment and went up dying. She's lived in his wife kill herself. His wife shot himself shot herself in the chest. In in in front of him. Well, it was him and his son and he left his thirteen year old son with his dead wife and then went back to war on my god yeah she did it because because he was killing people gas. All of his gas yeah used right. He was. She was apparently gravely she was a scientist as well. She was gravely upset at the direction that his science had taken, that he was he was involved in this new thing I mean can match and you're the architect of this new method of of killing glass extermination I, but then here's the here's, the other. It's it's like raising worry it's crazy, but that, but what is what does that mean? Like he's too good at killing people? Are we don't believe in killing people by having them choke together to
death on the fluid in their lungs built up because it poison. We would rather, you take a bullet to the Dick, like What the flock during war, cannons and people have these gigantic fifty Miller. Guns blowing people to smithereens and that's okay. But the gas is not ok like we have rules right now. We're supposed to kill the right way. Stuff Fox were dropping nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Nuclear bombs, that are weekly, indiscriminate, wipe out entire cities kill thousands of people in one blast, yeah, that's ok, but that's clean that gas bro. That gas is dirty urine assehole to use the gas bro terrible stories where it's a very terrible story. It's weird story yeah! So then he created so they took that.
That's were fertilizer came from in you know where he went wrong. He was trying to fund the war effort by extracting gold from the ocean. He was convinced that just like his harbor method of extra getting nitrogen from the air he was going to be able to because the ocean has gold in it. It's very small amounts of gold, but he felt like if you could get it all together, it would be a large amount and he could extract gold from the ocean and then use it to fund the war effort sounds like you and I have a treasure hunt I think I think we know what to do once the bread shows done the gold show with Tom and Joe when I would scuba gear on flipper any bags. The harbor gold process is unique for several reasons it effectively is capable of yielding traction efficiencies with complex ores in the high ninety percent range with gold purity. In the ninety nine percent range pre process, in prior process, we carefully analyze the or for the content.
Other minerals and or constituents. So is this. Is this something they actually use see. Maybe they use it now. I think they use it for other things. Other than gold is cyanide limited silent video. He was a genius well yeah, it was, but I don't. The gold thing didn't pan out wink wink, nudge, nudge and then there's no pun intended get it pan for gold It didn't work, but he apparently worked on that for years and years and it just never ever tried to fruition. Well that was his failure. He's put his big success. He felt like he was going to recreate the nitrogen meth with the gold method writes like figure out another way to just be a hero for Germany, amazing, an amazing story crazy. We're left with corn being fed to cows,
well worn in yeah. It is awful, but here's the thing you know is I read about that stuff, and you know you read about this. It's such an unnatural thing that would going to the cattle to feed them this corn and dualism. But are we at a point with just so many people on the planet, that this is the only way you can do it or is there other ways to do it? Maybe, like I'm, Read you something because people are always complaining about the methane gas is produced by cows, and that was one of the big arguments that people would say with one of the reasons why people should not eat cows is because of you to be catholic. If you are on like that carnivore diet and you're, all you eat is cows. It has, massive negative contribution to the environment right, but Sean He sent me this scientifiche overview and it says in the environmental side of the United States, the entire t of all plants and animal agriculture contributes to nine percent of the total units.
Greenhouse gas emissions. Animal agriculture makes up about four percent and cattle specifically about one point: nine percent based on the latest ep. A data, if every single person in the United States gives up eating me and went vegan and every single animal we're to magically disappear, the overall worldwide effect on greenhouse gas emissions would be about less than one percent difference, but is any spoke with Professor Frank, I sue this guy's name Mitch. Lowe horror from the Uc
Davis now one of the world's leading authorities on greenhouse gases in animal agriculture- and he said putting the blame on meat is a disservice and it distracts from the real issue of our tremendous fossil fuel utilization. Interesting interesting, but there's a lot that goes. It's not just the gas. That's coming off of right! It's! This is the methane question right now, the the the they're the real concerned that keeps coming up like we had this lady on yes and she's on this carnivore diet, which it seems to me that she's got she had some matches. Mass of autoimmune issues like we've had hip replacement you seventeen her ankle, replaced like IRAN, arthritis issues and she's on this. Side of all meat and several other people on this diet as well. The call at the corner were dining experiencing, at least for the short term they're experiencing these tremendous benefits right. So the critics are saying you're contributing to green
house gases in methane, you're, ruining the environment by eating beef and he's saying well not really right. The the the the amount is very small in comparison to all the other issues. It's like right. Less than one percent of the greenhouse gases, but then they also hear that on that argument that it's really oil that is being used right. It's still a carbon based thing, the General Board, the House Trance transport, the food from the farming all the way through the trance writing to to to getting rid of the waste to doing all of it. That there's for now but teslas making semis Teslas they're constructing these gigantic super cool, can fuckin' Tron semis that they're going to operate entirely on batteries, and once that happens, you have automated battery controlled trucks. Then I think the real problem is going to be people out of jobs. That's going to be a giant crisis, even robots yeah once especially for drivers apparently, for
in particular. Some massive number in the millions of of people in this country rely on driving for living like right, is a big part of their job, their yeah Ivers. This it's a dodge. It's a giant industry. Well, they say that's happening now across all industries that they trying to yeah, that automation is putting so many people out of work. Yeah, I'm going to talk to Bernie Sanders about that. Are you know, yeah no way yeah, I mean Bernie been emailing each other really burning. That would be a great one, John Joke Joe. I need to talk to that guy yeah wow. I also want to talk to other people that are proponents of universal basic income and Each line is said that he thinks that this is gonna, be a real factor in the future universal basic income. So this is a test, a truck to we're looking at right now, if you'd yeah, which looks like a rolling. Is anyone in that apple store from yesterday in Iowa? They showed it off. That's crazy, manly, six cameras on board, that's so dope, where's the batteries,
is on the bottom: is the bottom? The batteries is that driving itself. I is there, someone driving that no, the trailer is all batteries. Just wrapped packages in the group thing is the price. The price is supposed to be around two hundred thousand dollars for one of those yeah dude this. What we do we buy. One of those Is that we turn into a roving podcast studio and it drives us across the country that would be cool. If we talk shit in the back, wait it's driving on its own or there is a human driving that one had a human driving it. I don't believe, is in production. Yet so it's still chasing a prototype. The door Chase I get a cell phone on the night of the treatments will come in, so yeah he's run is okay can run to that is the coolest thing I had a gig up in a last minute. Gig in the Yosemite is a casino up there.
To open for smokey Robinson? Well, what was that it was the coolest to meet him. I did meet him. I met him once before. There's actually a cool story about about meeting him, but I was going to take the Tesla up and she was like yeah like I was like trying to plot like do it? Will I be able to do it, get rid of the piece of Shi? No problem, no problem, they're everywhere now supercharger near Fresno, yeah just plan out eight hours in advance, you can pull over eight hours and let it charge up now, when a good movie actors in and you're only going to be twenty minutes of charge or thirty minutes of children. Here, I'm telling you I did walk out of here you stopping for twenty minutes at a time, yeah! Well, if you stop and pee and get a coffee near the book, I could go over your twitter feed. Cars are there charging. It was great damn car like a man who is so great, it's something with rumble to it.
Such a nice drive touch of a mid life crisis or something to tell you going through the the prairie of Yosemite. What, if your bread, sunrise, bread Bridger, takes off features of a corvette you never corvette if you had It's such a good thing to do. She does it to EAST Coast Life dream dude, Tony just got a corvette. Did he really? He calls himself. He says he has Corvette coffin it. When I text him, I text him hashtag corvette confidence, but for real, when you drive a car, that's fun drive it to work. It's a game changer because I'm driving to the comedy store. I get fired up, it's fast rumbled fields, to the ice house 'cause it's further away again that comma? There is something I have a VW bug. That's just shut your mouth, so don't ever compare VW bug telling you just having with Fuckin', Corvette you son of a
just having the engine and you're shifting and the smell of gas. It does something to you for sure, love, VW, bugs I'm just kidding yeah very mechanical. You have an old one hundred and sixty seven. All those are the real ones. Beautiful, sewing machine in the back. It's fun, there's so light too yeah. You know there's a lot of they've done with those they've taken those. Old VW bug and put an old Porsche a engine in the bag. Now, there's a lot of people doing that with the buses to yeah, so they put like one hundred and seventy horsepower old Porsche engine which doesn't seem like a lot one hundred and seventy for a lot, but the car weighs nothing yet more than that yeah, but the gas tank in the front of your car and you get this little tiny skinny as tires on it to spin out all over the place. I think the beauty of it is that you have the original engine and you just kind of puttering along, but everyone gets annoyed. It's like a like a slow clown car people can go up just to get around. So it's don't want to look at you
this day and age. I mean you think about how fast teslas are. Oh, my god. Those things are unbelievably fast. Another sensation. It's definitely satisfying it's not that gas but hot, but there's a This early in the sunrise was coming up and I'm just silent, no other cars around just going through this prairie, please Smokey Robinson. Let me shop for an hour and a half to get some electricity. Oh, I can drive for two hours now pull over. How much time do you plan out. Just charging extra five hours spent a good day up, trying where here's the rockstar move, I admit smokey once or in New York. We did a charity for kids in the arts. I am kid rock kids rock or something kids rocker school of rock some like that
anyway, I met him before so I was excited to take the gig and I figure I'll meet smokey Robinson. It's an outdoor arena, it's an outdoor event and they just use me to burn time while the sun went down so then he could come out at night time, and so I'm sitting there with the guy that I'm just talking to and smokey comes out of our dressing rooms are trailers. 'cause it's outside in this gravel, driveway and stuff, and smoke comes out he's like seventy. Eight now he's in all red red, jumpsuit, red cool jacket, red Bull their boots and it comes out and I'm like I don't know how I get to say, hi to Smokey Suv door opens. It goes right into this suv. Annie drives literally twenty feet so and drop them off at the stage. So we could go right up
at this stage. He didn't even want to get his didn't want to get his boots dirty on the gravel walkway yeah exactly, but it was yeah, so they literally put him in this issue. I'm telling you from here to the end of your studio. They just dropped him off and he went right up on stage and like that, that's Ok, that is a that. Is a kick ass. Rockstar move! That's that's! If you don't want to keep your you know, you want to get your boots dirty. It's good movie, yeah comedian, Think that way, no I'm walking to my address use across the thing. Yeah just get 'em all dirty and fuckedup. I feel like one of the people that way. Yeah right exactly were not rock stars. Yeah rock stars at different thing: Mens Hotely, Totale, specially that that kind of smooths been a rockstar for uh. Long time forever, my parents, listing them when they were teenagers. You know I mean that's a long time that he's been still as the voice still is this cool moves. Easy like.
Yeah. You can move well, totaly wow. It's amazing that this really cool like does he exercise? Do you talked about it now? I would like to talk to someone: that's that old, that's been around for that long see with like Mick Jagger. Apparently it's just an exercise fanatic, yeah, that's what I heard yeah exercise twice a day yeah and realizes like this is the only way. The only way you can keep this up. Amazing. This I mean he's in his 70s anyways bodies going to maintain health. This is kind of like consistently exercise so funny that he's next to Keith Exclusive, but subtle opposite way to go. The miracles look at him smoking. One thousand nine hundred and sixty five sixty five, the picture ready to file already a star. That's amazing god. What is your work today, but similar smokey Robinson in two thousand and eighteen, is that him? Well, that's Bennett and Lady Gaga. So that's probably serious yeah. Let's go to that picture. Make that picture bigger! It looks pretty Damn good was having good lady gaga. Look smoking yeah.
She looks like she looks like sometimes you forget how hot she is she's in so, make sure it's already born. Let me tell you something: she wasn't heart. My picture out of your He said, Lady Gaga, you tell me you wouldn't smash. You ever see those videos of heroin. Was like an Nyu or something like doing just starting out. She's super talented, totally in a weird way. Right, yeah well very her own way: yeah yeah, she's, amazing, a harmful smokey rob look at smokey yeah. We don't have any comics that are that old right now that are like red wings, Yes yeah, once George Carlin died, Carly was like our last great touring. Stand up. That was you know of that age from the sixties, yeah, no now. This is like that that still around now, Joan Rivers gone Rickles you know, who is Bob Newhart yeah still doing gigs he take
long time off and doing it again or something now we just would always kind of quietly. Do it really no kidding you seen I've never seen a now. I actually he was on Conan. The other night and I was going to try to get tickets to see him in the palm. Desert bar and I were planning on going to see Cosby before the scanned Brasilia, yeah, we you know because we had. We were talking one night at the store and we always heard like how good he is. Yeah got to go, see him go see on talk to Chris Rock and said dude. He kill to kill for two hours. He went onstage, no opening act, yeah just walks out there and starts talking, and yes that's crushing, and he goes I was blown away in. Ascendancy goes? Am I want to see? I was like God damn and I'm an amateur. I was like wow all those are who we should go so Brit Band, our planning and some came out. We had to cancel and then right after that, simply click and Something big came out already. Scandal went down, there were like, oh god, that's terrible. I saw some now bill went and saw. I saw him.
I saw my my wife was pregnant with her first baby and we had I was doing Conan and then I was going to have two weeks off before the baby was born. That was going to be the last gig I did were going to take two weeks off and just hang out before this new baby came were living in New York and We went to see. Cosby Seinfeld took us to see because we at Carnegie Hall One and we laughed for two hours. It was a master class. The was so good, so easy and we just laughed forever and when home in her water broke well, wow yeah. We spent like that. All that laugh animator water break but it was a. It was definitely impressive. Impressive, you know is impressive about it. He would tell the stories and build the build it without laughs. There would be like very few laughs for like ten minutes as he's telling the story
and you didn't realize, even as a comic that he was building this tension. So in the laugh did come, it was bigger than you any laugh. You've ever heard. I mean he would just it was the building of it. These the confidence to not feel like he had to go from laughter laughter, laugh every thirty seconds he just, let it build, let it bill and then it would ba boom. Would explode one of these recordings of him later in life like before. The scandal broke like when he was in his seventies before it like I think now it would be impossible. Go to see him? I know he's not performing now, but if you was, it would be impossible. I wouldn't want to go it's like so gross Listen so tainted
and so it's a shame. It's like you have crazy. You have to watch him almost like a scientist and observe him before. I wonder if it would think about it to look now if you watch, even if you want your recording you'd, be watching it thinking. I wonder if he right now in the back of his mind, he's like holyshit, I'm a rapist and they don't know. I know you don't I mean even looked at anything that he's done since then, I mean you know it's. That was it's at such a. He was trying to make a public relations come back last year. He did
see if you find find a video of Bill Cosby Holding Court in the barbershop we're going to Philly. He was at a barber shop in Philly and they were talking about jazz musicians and like he was like giving them like you're, giving him trivia questions he's barbershop people jazz musicians. Then I was reading the comments and the comments are like we love you bill. We believe you bill. You know those accusers are household so curious. Look at this. Give me some volume maybe maybe baby and I'm making up these people now, because you don't have your glasses. Take a two hour shower well, you told Maine, but I said we said this doctor Ghazi. I said that once I take my shower, I'm one of those people yet that white the shower down. I don't want the water running on that. I don't want the mildew I wanted. I wanted. I want to be clear,
when I get out of, but obviously Do you live alone, so you have to clean up. As my father would say, behind the old man. Yes, all right, when I was married. I did the same thing. Everybody buying the house at the Sony, looks really old, yeah. Do you own lease Iser unanimous? What they've, when they left with it, was independently they because they don't know it's weird, to watch him because this life as well he's wearing that hello friend he kept, he would wear, on stage. He would wear sweaters that say hello friend he started saying that cloak dressing up on stage was a krutch, so sometimes he would come out with just like his birkenstocks and just take them off. He just being his socks. He thought that, being dressed up. Was it like putting on too much of a show that you should rely purely on the spoken word of it? Well, I mean I don't buy that
hi, sir, and I certainly don't die, I I don't buy you telling other people how they should do it. I mean the I mean, there's, there's a bunch of ways to do it. Well, of course, if he wants to be comfortable on stage where hello friends sweatshirt will he's fine, but he was big. It telling well how they're supposed to live right. Well, that was going through my Murphy, so ironic about it. 'cause Eddie, Murphy, first of all, would go on stage with fucking. Leather jumpsuits on yet like bright, red jumpsuits is down of the naval yeah and then because would attack him because he dropped the bombs. But meanwhile, meanwhile yeah crazy, so gross well hypocrites man, It sounds strange like that kind of a hypocrite like telling you how to live your life while the raping people and how easy how many women had to come out before it's,
How crazy is Hannibal started it all off right, fuckin' are buddy, Hannibal Hannibal, just did show somewhere and talked about it on stage and somebody recorded it, and then people like wait Bill, Cosby, rape, yeah, you didn't hear right and then, like wildfires read through the culture, but how crazy they like it didn't take just one woman saying he raped right. It had to be like sixteen well, he had settled a bunch of budget cases like he settled on closed close the story. Announcer, you uneasy old, the record right, yeah, not a grocers, yeah, yeah and now, he's suing one of the women whose testify against them, because she's violating the hush payment over yeah, dark, so
sick of everybody else is sex. Hello friend is a nod to his son that was murdered and so like memorial to him right, yeah, there's an article I just found from along time ago, like one thousand nine hundred and ninety three, that he made a jazz album dedicated to him called hello friend. Did they ever find who killed his son and Y yeah? I think they did you like his car, broke down right yeah, but by the four or five or something yeah, and he was like getting out to fix it and someone killed him was it was it a random crime or was it robbery I think it was. It goes. Robbery attempted said: yeah robbery attempt 'cause, he did have a nice car or something theater Mercedes so tell What a tragedy in american tragedy he's an american tragedy. Screwed up across the board to bottom he was so below, then Albert and the Cosby show in the stand up in the,
just think. I'm hearing that guy call him Doctor Cosby yeah. Do you need a doctor anymore yeah? They think they all took him. They took that ship back everyone. Yeah, was an honorary doctorate right, yeah right from different schools, Temple and yeah, name, one honorary doctorate, which, because of Doctor Papa yeah, would you I am now I'm a minister. Are you me too I'm doing right. Feinstein's wedding giants teams and sit next Saturday shot the Falco. My fourth one really done for now. That's beautiful! I marry people graduations yeah, it's a good thing. Yeah, it's a it's really great. I actually do really love it. It becomes very real, very fast. You know I spent a lot of time. Writing it in, but once you're up there and two people are common and you're doing it. It's like no
now. This is a big deal. This is special. This is going to be unique and then divorced, it's pretty great, and then it becomes a disaster. I had known that I married his divorce. Maybe get the magic touch. Bro, maybe you're the secret stopping the divorce rate of fifty percent in America, that's right, but if Chris Rock have a joke, buddy goes and goes, and that's just people who have the balls to leave. It goes what about the cowards, who stay and suffer. This is Chris. This is Chris before he was divorced, which is kind of really, because once he got divorced like he got taken to really take, and I don't think you had a prenup, so he went
and he was on stage he goes. He goes my wife made more money last year. Doing comedy then Dave Chappelle great line, rough man, it's rough! It's really rough yeah, more money from comedy he said: Jeez Louise Tough times out there for people gotta be funny, just enjoy your life, could make some bread. Celebrate with your family man. I might get a little cabin in the woods. Something but out little salad now come on. Little vetoes will sticky buns. Why not how you doing your show. We did eight hundred and eight did you have any say over what cities you chose yeah. Would you go yeah? we went to New York, we went to Detroit last.
Angeles, New Orleans, Cleveland Philly good places, nice all good. We go in and you just meet these bakers, these people that are baking stuff and making amazing stuff to do like four or five stops in each city and they're, all just great people. They just fun families. Just you know Making cakes and feeding the community and it's great and you do a mic with your friends in these towns like if you knew comedians that were in the town? Did you have him come with you now, just you and the speakers. Gaffigan came in New York right, so this donut shop, but he was the only friend that came this season, but I'd like to do more of that. That would be fun now. Your friends with Seinfeld and he's a crazy Porsche fanatic yeah try to get you to buy a Porsche time for now so he kind of like knows I'm not really that big of a car guy have you ever driven one. I did he. Let me drive one one, because I've never driven it
there's like a million dollar car Blue nine, something and it was just in traffic around Santa Monica. It was really a bummer, so annoying is a million dollar car Jesus yeah a million dollar car. The same is another car, but they only made one of it one thousand older car yeah, it's like from the 70s, I think where 80s and it just they'd only made like this- is like the second one or something now it's like if I was into it he get on me and stuff, but but you're only driving around Santa Monica like if you, if you get an open road, it would be amazing yeah. Do you have a Porsche yeah? I got one out there right now. If you want to you, do I gotta race, car now white, one up there. Is that right? Oh yeah. I've seen that it does Jerry Seinfeld I've seen that at the store who that's not what he drove that three hundred and fifty six is not now some million dollar car and that speedsters on million dollar car
I was probably in nine hundred and eleven ask it was blue. It's probably the nine Slash eleven S from the 70s. It was. Those are worth alot of money right now and rs. Oh yeah yeah. I like that one of these got above scroll scroll down that white one the white One that they couldn't get one for awhile or a white one, the White one right there they go yeah that one Brown that's a very valuable car yeah, that's a I I when answering our s, from that's funny woman backs and I'm sure he's did she backed into a corner. Three. Five. Three point: three: five: what million yeah? oh my god, yeah! Well, you know when mustangs are going for five hundred thousand Well, it says no, no Jamie. It says worth between fourteen thousand dollars and three point three: five million for right yeah. So it's only
is backing up the car big deal. One of the right hand corner is a million dollar car below that spider upper right hand that one right there that's a nine hundred and eighteen, is that the one you drove yeah. It looks like that: ok, yeah, that's a nine hundred and eighteen, that's. Electric! Is that you, Tom Papa John's, it looks like me, is a blue car. That is an amazing car. That's a nine hundred and eighteen hybrid that wasn't it ridiculously fast car. But that's an interesting to you, amazing! That's just a boxster! so I get into it. I just don't know all this. You know you got to spend time like digesting that or growing up with it, and I didn't have that you know I like it. I appreciate it. I had a nine point. Nine hundred and forty four poster in my car in my my room, remember those yeah, an engine yeah. Those are you know it. Those aren't like that the best porsches, but that's what I kind of like a cool car, excited about
yeah. We select the very well balanced outside money drove those on a racetrack, oh yeah, I to race those nice yeah, because it's like it's a very balanced car right. He said: deep into it. Like his thing, it kind of keeps him saying. I think it's just that's where he puts is imagine all the extra time stuff yeah, it's kind of funny that they both are doing car things. Let us shows good, have you seen it? I was on it, so you were on it. What are you doing? My one thousand nine hundred and sixty five corvette. Oh yeah brought that on Corvette, yeah I've uh sixty five corvette. That's what you call a rest. Mon, so the the what they do is they take an old car, but they put modern suspension and brakes in a modern engine in it and nice. So it's reliable starts up everytime. It breaks really. Well our guys. Think that that's not pure? So it's not as good, and that kind of thing like what I like to drive, it's like to drive an old car and keep it old. It's to me like. Okay, good luck with that
You have a good time they can fix the brakes. Do they make it so it breaks better. Yeah, definitely do that, right and they make it so it handles better either can or where would I want to do that? That's not how they do. What am I in the Flintstone days about no brakes just give me a whole, so I could take my feet out the bottom, but they get snobby about that stuff. They can fuc off. They do. Not be there's a guy ray who lives of the street from me yeah I had my car and I was watching and he pulled by with the same exact car loan. His was like totally stock. When you look at my and immediately he could tell like you looked at the wheels on his giant. Fat steamroller tires on it? And I mean it's just modern everything is and he looked at the wheels he's like that's not stock. I go no, no, it's not stock and you could see his like We can say it is like when he got in the hood,
So it's a supercharged ls1 with five hundred horsepower son looks like when you got that rickety. Ask looking carburetor driven fuckin' dinosaur mobile out of here with your stock bulshit I'll. Give me the stinkeye. Sorry it's funny. He really did. He was looking down at me yeah, it's like weird, like yeah. So let's talk is you're, not a man. You it's fast and handles good yeah. I wanted to be double to drive, of course, not to stare at you. Damn it doesn't even other old frame so far as everything everything is different. Even the frame is different. Yeah it's going to modern frame, because it's like it's rigid, those old frames like they were pulled together with
gum, Fuckin' coat hangers ship driver real one thousand nine hundred and sixty five car on the highway. You like we're going to eat my folks wagon just has a lap belt. Oh, my corvette is a laptop to really do you ever think about putting the regular belt in now but that you'll keep leaving that it's also carnival ride. Yeah if you're lucky get thrown from the car. How amazing is Leno's garage is, though, it's insane hi yeah. He has a Levin warehouse building, airplane hangar, yeah filled with huge. It's like a museum Crazy should have ever seen that I didn't know like. I knew he had a bunch of cars, but I didn't know- and so I went I was wandering around like whole. We share yeah. He took my father and I threw it let my father come after. He did this tonight. Show an
I'm sorry I was so nice brought my father around and he was just blown away. I mean you go through like miles and miles of cars. Things like you want to see the motorcycles. What, then you go into a whole another place and there's just filled with bikes? He drives everything in there. It takes everything in there on the road. Everything street legal I'm going to take the steamroller and takes a fuckin' steamroller with like rubber on the tires there. It is right there, yeah, Leno's, fucking garage, it's across it's so crazy, gorgeous. This stuff on the walls, all the memorabilia is insane yeah, it is or any a shop he's like full people, their mechanics working on the stuff yeah with 3d printers Can the tools cases in he can literally make spare parts and machine things. Look at that often comma, depending on my friend Jean shirt on Also Konami Tuxedo. You had a right, yeah he's great, he was great It's so interesting. Hearing him swear right, like the people
You never heard the J Leno episode go, listen to it 'cause. He had some fucking insane stories about doing gigs for the mob, really yeah about the mob, guys like yelling at priests and like How intense it was really yeah. It's around he's a lot of gigs I used a lot of gigs thanks all of his all of his money for all the cars all comes from comedy his tonight. The money all went to the bank said seems crazy, like what are you doing with all that money bro it's insane yeah sounds tonight, show for how many years yeah he refused to spend a dime of it through it all in the bank. No kids, no kids. Just keep all that money. Shoot loads in his car. Is that amazing often comedy look at that yeah, that front of that car is filled up with his back to come
Listen to that engine, I'm sorry did you say, runs what that that I'm not a car guy, but that's weird right, that around with them. Imagine that lady is backing up and it was saying it was on my twitter, I'm arguing with people about Trump. You're eighty million dollar cat. I saw Jay once when I was in traffic, I'm a cold water. I just see this man, you know it's all backed up in both ways. It's just tons of traffic. I see this man like running down the center of the traffic like who's, this nut and it was Jay going. He goes past. The car picks up his hubcap that came off and goes running back the other way, he's a bad. He probably has to get that hubcaps, probably no other other hubcap like it right exactly. Yeah knows a lot about cars. It has look at that thing. Oh my god. That guy with them some dude? Oh, that's, rich, rich, Rich Richie
skinny tires of the thing? So, my god, it's so weird, it's a good show. It's roads are h up yeah, so much better for him to this tonight show in that he gets to be who he is yeah can Pleat Lee one hundred percent, so passionate about cars. He fucking loves cars. He knows everything about them yeah. He loves it seven three monster that guy was actually there. While I was there, he was next one after we filmed my episode. He was waiting. He's got this crazy. Seventy three Mazda, that's like fucking super souped up really light to see when he rolled I heard he rolled across see the video. Did he roll here old? I think it was like a truck Seinfeld.
One of the cars tonight, yeah kind of like a baby Roll Seinfeld had a baby roll yeah. I think he went to the hospital off the off ramp. Now I don't think it was a big deal really yeah. Thank you went to the hospital. Thank you almost died now. Well, there goes yeah. Look at that. Oh it's, just a car! That's a Chevelle! Is that what is that Super V started. So Dennis you got it Jesus. Can you hear it? His reaction was funny at the end. Well, no it wasn't US accident occurred while the whole, so little dude should be driving yeah, that's kind of the by the we got Jay was like alright, I mean it literally twelve. What is that kill Jay, Leno too old to drive too old to drive.
Jeez, that's the way it was a while ago. It was several years ago. I think, while it's crazy, he two thousand. Sixteen in this video was put up yeah, while there you gets out okay here to get more exciting than at least until he gets home, where my wife says it looks like an old Barracuda stuff to tell what that car is. General Plymouth. What is that no Barracuda. Oh wow, that's the first model Barracuda, which is a totally different looking car than the second generation wow. The body style is different as a weird looking car there cool, though yeah it's good to have an obsessive hobby, it's good in life. Yeah right. Even if you work hard and do all this stuff, that's still extra time, that's going to put your energy into something yeah for me, it's imperative, yeah! I figured that out over the years of my life like for me, I need mine.
Anti fashion case in the background. I'm not going away corrlinks once in the comments that they just edit it to make it look worse, I'm trying to play it Wait a minute play that I ruled more play back for us. Some people said they saw the unedited footage hold on. Do it again do from beginning looks, is longer, goes because shifting his the flat hit a wheel horsepower no way more than a hundred horsepower, Missus guy not twice with multiple times one little great to now that that is at the same club back, yes, that's it landed that where. Yeah. I think that's true, I think they're, probably telling the truth. I think that thing probably won't flip once whatever whatever once his rough, it's hard to get something to flip a bunch of times like you've, got to be really flying to flip a bunch of times and
flip once by the time all the energy will be dissipated by the time you hit. Bang, Bang, bang, you know be careful out there, kids yeah, I don't especially with those old as cars, especially old, ask cars with old suspensions. That's why I'd, use my shit up with modern stuff yeah. Take that ok, Brandel neighbor that's all you fucking old, dried fucking tires the old, crappy tiredness the tires yeah? No, you tread, you need a hobby, you need stuff, there's it's amazing what you can do all this work and like really hard core your career and the still extra time? Well, not just that I've! doing one thing. Only all the time is not good for the brain. I think it's good for the brain to be excited by a bunch of different. Things interesting? I think it makes you more unique person makes it more interesting with, as a comic is, I think, is very important yeah. Important to have a more nuanced perspective, also have more information to draw from that, like your
you're experiencing more different parts of the em. Also different types of failure. Think different types of failure is good for you. Absolutely windows go failure. Mental fail, your location, Phil is, I think, all that stuff's good for exempting up you're, not good at gas. It's amazing! Yes, it's amazing. How many times you will feel like a beginner back at the same thing. You've been practicing like you are making changes. I, like I I'm kind of, at the beginning of this again. What do you do other than the baking? The baking is the biggest thing the baking is like it's really like my first hobby. I never really had something like that. Yeah, that's put all my time into. It was always just stand up and then, and then the baking and now I'm writing more than ever before. So I'm, like writing, sitting down adding concentrated for long periods? Are you writing comedy or just writing? Writing on it depends. You know I do have that. I'm the head writer for live from here, the Prairie home companion, s as at garrison, Keillor yeah, it's the kicks in
now, try the new thing. Well, he quits he retired before he got in trouble. He retired a couple years before we did yeah and that's why, but once he got Well, that's when the in the in the getting in trouble thing was before he even retired, like it was no incident from both of them. Yes, yes yeah, it was an old thing. It is a kind of a model thing very weird one yeah, but then it you know, but when I had said that on the podcast that it was weird and then he just kind of hard to check in his hand, went on back then someone's sent me an article that there was more than one incident yeah several of them and then you know he'd been and they didn't make them properly and I don't even know what they were. But yeah I know they had to. They did investigate it brown, but they had to end up changing the name of it. So anyway- and I spend a lot of time writing for that, then it went really from writing my book and then I got that gig. So I continued writing at that pace and- and now I'm you know continuing to write like that. So I do if the
Writing is is kind of it's weird, because it's from doing standup writing this is almost seems like something new. It almost seems like another hobby, and you know if you are yeah another different way to exercise your mind. Yeah it's different different sitting there in like writing stuff out like really parsing it, but it does make me think like, and I haven't been able to crack it like. Why not put that effort of that intense writing style into this dammed up. You don't do that, no I'll, I'm looser with it I'll, write it and then I'll go perform it and then I'll come back and edit it, but that currently did that at the end he would just write the whole thing and memorize it. You know he would like like a book and then go present it I haven't gotten. I haven't done that. I do that know no! No. What I do is I do two things one I right premises in word and then I have a program called scrivener and with scrivener does is it? Let's me take things into.
And into categories are into subjects. So I have like, like. I have a title of a set right, I'll call it like my last specials called the one that's coming out. It's called strange times uh huh, so I wrote strange times at the top of it and then I have all these different subjects in strange times right and then I can move them around. I could shift them and each time I click on one. It takes me to all the of that I've written about that subject, and then I also can click on another little part of it, and it shows me a cork board and the cork board there's like these, which call virtual index cards and so of the index cards. I can move around each index card as like notes on different parts of this. Is a very important part of the bed? This is a. This is a note about a study that was on that shows this is real all these different things, and so I can move all those around. But this way I can look at it in the little tiny sauce on the side were all each individual. Individual subject is all in this.
One long column and I could see like the set like this is a whole set right, but then put at it no matter what it has to be really ironed out in front of an audience. Right. I can write as much as I want and I a lot of it is effective writing alone, but it comes to life in front of an audience and changes yeah now change, but how much will you right before you bring it out like? Well, you ready a pages into it or just little depends. Sometimes it's thousands of words for a couple minute bit and you'll. Take that up before you've tried it, you write a thousand yes, several thousand words yeah, sometimes and right, it's just a few lines right and then I just run with the premise. Sometimes I'll, just try to try to era premise out and see where it goes, yeah one I'm working on right. Now that I just I have I have so look at the the the set up of the premise gets a really big laugh and then I don't know where to go
The reason I'm around with it I'm trying to figure out where, where to go with him at all or something, then I'm not going to let it go yeah, but every day I threw a little bit of water on it and I hope to see the sprouts yeah and it's you know if you've got a great premise, is that there is a great. Joke there's something there. Definitely, but it's one of those ones where I know. Ok, I can't let this go. I know there's something there, but right now it ain't shift right in order to take can take awhile. I could be the only one that believes in this yeah. I know it's amazing, it's so funny. I was writing something about a raccoon. The other day I saw a raccoon with their hands and I was As I was writing about it. I was like wait a minute and I look through my notes. It's like I thought I had a really good wreck about a year ago red balloon on the brand in the audience told me this was a very good and I ended up cleaning on it and now I'm like I'm packed with my new rec.
Now it's just sometimes just have to let it go and then walk around it. Look at it from the back and then walk around it look at it from the side and then maybe sometimes something happens, and you go up my packing raccoon bit. You go through your notes, baby back baby. Back baby Tom Puppets clock? Time flies, oh my god. No crazy, Afaq Bro! I know when I was and he was like. I don't know if I got three hours in me today, that's the last thing you said last time we were here. Is it really? Is it really or one of 'em? He said what are we going to talk about? We just start talking. It always flies Tom. Papa. Ladies and gentlemen, yeah baby on the food channel starting Monday Monday Monday December third will be on every Monday to do a lot of press. What's that we do a lot of press. I'm a good amount of press yeah! I've done a bunch, it mondays one thousand pm nine. Central?
in thirty pm come out in Red Bluff, a company and bread. That's all! You need a fighting bread, It's made it happen for real. Thank you brother. Thank, always great good luck with the show, I'm. I hope it runs forever bread do you have any okay slavery as I do. I got a shitload. You even bought freezer bag. Suite, yes by everybody, see next week you Fuchs love ya, bye! Thank you, everybody for tune into the podcast hope you enjoy. This hope you enjoy. Tom Barber. Thank you to sponsors. Thank you to simple They've got a simplisafe dot com, Slash Rogan, find out how bad as their home security system is and again just one thousand four hundred and ninety nine a month, twenty four slash, seven profession,
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And that's one of the reasons why I enjoy doing and people more more famous. I try to get them to. We got gotta mix it up, DOW I'm a page will be here on Tuesday, I'm very excited to talk to Dallas diamond page and not only ca, former pro wrestling great, but he is also a guy who has really changed his life and the lives of many others. With his yoga, Dallas diamond page yoga, motherfucker that'll be Tuesday Labor Day is you were off your off for off so that take a break but other people next week? One. I can't say things already said it, but I can't say it again will see. Alright, we love you much love to everybody. Listening big
Do you have a good by.
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