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#1174 - Vinnie Paz

2018-09-26 | 🔗
Vinnie Paz is a rapper and the lyricist behind the Philadelphia underground hip hop group Jedi Mind Tricks. He is also the frontman of the hip hop supergroup Army of the Pharaohs.
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if someone doesn't say the word fuck or if their name, is an initial, don't trust them yeah. That's such a creepy. One initials are creepy yeah, but you never know it's like it's not hard fast rule. No, I give everyone a fair shake, but I'm look in them yeah. If the friction of her all the time it's free in this and we're Mickey Fickey yeah. I heard that one time I never heard that one. If someone said making a mother fucker yeah, I wasn't happy about shut. The front door is one like mom's like to do around their kids. Yes yeah and I come from a wipes out for the family. So it's like a Richard Pryor. You know the that it's the seventh, This is on Christmas. Eve is like a region is like over him on the sunset strip. He knows, surprisingly, doesn't swear Teddy ATLAS. I know I've seen you know, animated here? Aren't that history shows very animated, but yeah. He doesn't really it's like Freaking, this and freaking that and yeah what the Frick he says, what the Frick is nuts yeah
you know also doesn't swear Henry Rollins Rollins does now. Does not swear yeah Brian makes note of it. Note that I don't swear. I mean I feel like that happened in the second half of his life, because black flag records not so much yeah. I think he's trying to get but I must say more people to listen to him like trying to be more mainstream but he's trying to eliminate the noise sure and what he's doing sure, no he's a brilliant mind. He is here, yeah? Unlike me, I mean you're really When you get a little a little again yeah Liz Jordan, Peterson Shapiro. Henry Rollins Dennis now dude I love you music. Thank you outta here now we're saying you were saying you know about four cups for the show saying I don't know anybody who's, whose artist who doesn't fuck things up like if you're, if you're really create this. Something about being like legit,
the creative. There has to be something wrong with. We are wired differently, yeah. So what what we perceive as what what people seek perceive as big up isn't to us yeah, so it technically it's a fargo, but in reality to us, is just um, just behavioral. It's just how works six traits, yeah sure. If you work in an office in human resources, you it do you the there's, no way I'd be gone in like three hours, yeah yeah, but before that I probably put a bullet through Grand just give up at that point. Some people can do it, though so people not a problem? No, I I just wired that way from, but I know from such early age now not? Why this way, you know I'm saying yeah me too yeah, I I was terrified again a job all when I was a child yeah, it's fearful, but now Well, you've done, though man, it's, I talk
not much of a fan. I am, but I'm such a fan of how punk rock you've built all of this outside of um. What you were expected to do this show is a fuck you really it's just what it is. You know what I mean. This is the this is what happens when you don't calculate yeah with there's no cat just do what you want to do. This is what happens when people don't have the balls to do that. It's it's a little bit balls. It's a little bit. Fear factor gave me a lot of financial freedom. Sure that was that what that help to shore yeah, when you were young yeah news, I did a little bit, but fear factor did way more just gave you gave me enough money. So I go ok, the money part I got yeah so now. Let's just have some fun sure, but look. What is yeah change. Peoples, lives, man, it's weird! That's the weird part that that wasn't
that wasn't anticipated. It wasn't a part of the plan. It was just supposed to be smoking weed and having a good time, yeah well, you're, not aware until you're aware until people say, yo, you've helped me through tough times this show is got you know. People. Tell me about your show. You guy gets me through tough through tough times and that's what's more important than that. What people need now and then they need community and one of the things that this show. As shown by having my friends on all the times like this is a tight group of people that love each other and care about each other and want to promote that way of. Thinking being that, you can do that. You can get to live in all support each other like this back bullshit, the people get involved in that is so detrimental to you to them to everyone to the sense of pretty that you create around each other. A clip of yours went viral. You talking about just get the Fuckle. Keep negative people flock away from me, an
that around me and it was draining my spirit. You know the these things, but you're living a certain way and everything's fast same comedy and you're on the road. Yeah you're grinding it out. You can't always analyze. You can always step back and say. This is why things are fuckedup, because everything is moving right. You know what I want. I took that time said: there's cancers in my life, they're basically emotional barnacles yeah. You know I mean there and and once you once you cut the cancer out, you see how different things be calm and it's it's kind of I'd I didn't realize it was that easy yeah. You can do it, you can do it, but to them to it's a good lesson for them to be cast aside and for them. If they're smart
or if they have some awareness or some objectivity, the gonna look at themselves and say you know what I am a mess yeah. I got I'm negative all the time and people don't want to be around. I was real negative when I was young, so was I yeah? It's it's a. It's not something, that's insurmountable. You can get over it yeah and it's or whatever. Whatever hand. You've been doubt you have to realize the reality situation, Bro, there's people living in mud huts and places that a smiling yeah, and I have the balls to be complaining about you're right right and not getting enough sleep, or I don't like to travel You just really have to assess that and say this. And the way I should be thinking all processing information because we're blessed
yeah to deal with those, you know I mean you make people laugh grow for a living, and now there's also there's a balance that you can achieve between discipline and the creative people like we're talking about like yourself who are just off. You know, hey Tattoos wacky something about you know this. Like people see. You, though, I think is this guy doing that. Follow you when you walk into a store sure like it's, not there's a balance between that and then real discipline, people like you, know, fucking Navy, seal type cats, you learn from them too sure and you go well. You can incorporate some of that into your life as well and it helps balance not all the wacky creative aspects of it, and it makes you a little bit more productive little bit happier little bit. You know at present. They had a song. Discipline makes things easier. Yes, it's a great song is is a great song. It is because it it's real, it really does.
The plan makes things easier. It is real organize your life like for me, the wet when I'm I feel most at Of course, you know because of how you live, but your body feeds into your how your mind works too, when you, when I'm what I was taught about that those horrible negative years. It was also dictated by parable diet terribly. You know not that I'm in great shape or anything now, but I've changed things and I felt it up here. Yeah you know I mean that's a people. Don't thank you feel in your brain. I feel like a different person manager. I've been thrice bar a little bit or whatever it is feel different. I I I I got more energy where you would think logic would dictate. You would get tired right Now I'm ready to right now, crazy right in order mean counter intuitive. It is it's, but it some. But again, like you said, it's discipline, you know it's
my mother's making gravy and meatballs it's it's hard. In my I don't know, settle down need that once a week sure once did you go just go whole hog? You know I write gravy, that's such a east coast italian word and those of my grandparents in New Jersey is gravy. There is that everyone is not in New York, ground, the Philly, and, It's barely New York. It's like it's, not Manhattan, though right now fight, you know, say it's sauce yeah and it's working great him and not do this. Yeah Navy's New Jersey, New Jersey, like old school, italian, soprano style, yeah. That's that's gravy Phillies gravy. Then he goes S of Philly. It becomes sauce again, yes, yeah. That's good! No model! It is good yeah, his only it's weird how like, if you go to it, have you been ITALY? Yes, the at most a lot of my families to lower their. The food is fucking, fantastic next level, but it's a different kind of food. It's
What what a tie in Americans did it yeah is is a totally different cuisine. Yeah, it's interesting right. What is the meatballs the lasagna this? They want, some in front of you, if you you don't know what it is yeah. Alright, let's have at it. You have the and food in ITALY is lighter. Yes, you know it's a lot more fish and then you have the regions of your loss of use out in here and say gee of yeah. You know it's it's it's yeah! It's! It is our it was culture shock just to think of what I've been eating for. Mothers, food and grandparents. Yeah. I think it's just different. My grandmother was fresh off the boat and cheese to cook. Everything from scratch which tomato sauce from scratch- everything the pasta she would roll. The pasta herself should everything she would make her own bread. She would do everything everything from scratch. The bread wasn't. There was the bread was a cage,
well because a lot of times there was when they lived in New Jersey, there was a store that they would go to a bread place, that you would go an buy fresh bread base the every couple days sure and they would go bad like within hours because it was real bread. The when I went out eight thousand yeah today I had a piece of bread the other day and it was sitting on the kitchen table for like a few hours. I laugh but you was still Softas fuct 'cause, it's all filled with. For us man. Everything is now everything is it's like when you realize that there's fluoride drinking water and people are just all right with that. Yeah. I'm not sure that that's that should be there. I've read that I've read about Floyd in the drinking water like the pros and cons. The pros, don't make any sense, not survey the crusher teeth pitch yeah like and use toothpaste, yeah, I'm not I'm the in. You know, I'm not to sure I'm not this. Rob this tool in the shed, but I don't think it's in a jury. Well, it's the you know
is all you get into all the conspiracy theories. That's when you got to wade through all the bullshit like okay, it was a not the plot to soften minds, and that was it or is it just like I feel like We just got a lot of Florida trying to sell and they got some sort of a deal with the government at all, but it to the water, probably more logical, but did you know the thing is with call back in space. You have to sift through ship because there are kernels in there. That's a problem right yeah. They like that yeah they let the more ridiculous the more ridiculous. The is the better it is for them, because it seems more ridiculous in that you're alone yeah and you mean they government, whoever lovers dumping the floor, yeah, whoever they in bags of Florida menu, grandma used to say they. You go girl who's that right right right. They say that you're not supposed to know who's there who are they, but whoever that is whatever they're doing the more ridiculous thing. It nullify
is some more realistic things like yeah hopping in food into cattle noon, steroids and cattle. Like for Maine, when we were younger, Bro white girls didn't have fat, asses yeah, but they squats. You think I wanted to deal with cattle. I really don't, if you think it's squash, there's a lot of white girls out there with flat asses to this day. There is just lazy. Alright, I'm going to trust you because you doing man, I believe you, you are a gym guy. Most of what's going on with food is not steroids. Most of what's going on through his antibiotics, because they're getting sick from eating corn watch there's a great documentary, King Corn, okay, and it all it documents how, with a lot of counts, have huge issues digesting all that corn, it's not a natural thing for them is supposed to grab right, sure, sure, fatten them. The up make some quite tasty sure. But it's really not what they're suppose beating that's interesting, our our I mean I guess I always start the chemically speaking
but that's what was being pumped into everything now, because it's expensive, I need to do it either like in Mexico. They still do it. That's. How can I woke up with a language, ITALY, yeah and I I air cooled allegedly yeah, that's how we got claims and what is its claim? You all came from the state of Oregon bridge. This are you you can get it from a steak. Unfortunately yeah, not this fight. Is that say I owe no, I train in Mexico. Someone recently said I almost, I don't see his name or fight a said. Yeah I eat it and it's start, cleaning it and they're like then. Why didn't you get poppies? Like 'cause, I don't inject it. That was his line. Yeah well. Without a doubt, there's some shenanigans going on in all combat sports in all professional sports. You get a little edge that just the money involved course being able to
and and Teddy loses mind with that. Yeah I mean rightly so always so. When someone's that passionate about anything I mean the guys just like yeah she's some, and I treasure he is he's an american treasure yeah. Yes, it is, he was great man yeah. He may worry about his dad. The Did you hear it? Did you hear the pipelines half of it, but I read his book. So an you know Teddy Bear Teddy was a goon man. Yeah. You know what I mean. Well, that's where you got that slice inside it. It was hanging his face is hanging off yeah yeah, it's crazy yeah, but uhm yeah. Well, the Jordan Peterson, but I mean I'm in all of that guy yeah he's very really fascinating gentleman, he is, he isn't just scary, smart yeah in I I so I would just crumble, trying to have a conversation you wouldn't, though like and it you would catch up. That's what happens when you read these my friend, but the thing about people like that is like
if you are around a certain caliber thinker than your vibration, sort of matches their operations when you're around people that are way smarter than you realize, like oh there's, some shortcuts to thinking that I'm taking and then there's some there's. Some falls in the way I analyze things, and these people don't have those things and then my Cabulary stunted, maybe I should increase my vocabulary. Read more reading the things that just with most people, it's the same thing as with fitness. It's amount of how much time you put in for how long right and that's the same thing with your intellect same thing with your emotional stability. It's how much Energy and effort and focus have you put into it and for how long, yeah, of course, but like like you, said, though, to be around someone like him. Actually going to fall into a line of thinking where wow this guys got a lot of
right understanding of the hit his calmness man. It's like it's just yeah. I can't see that guy being rattled, I've watched debates and he's just he's so confident in what in what he believes, yeah! You know what I'm saying is thought things through. It's not in a silly person I think I am so that's the problem yeah. I am too Yemen that with watching him it's it's called No, it's some! It's humbling even watch someone like him, that's got it together. An has that level of understanding, because I spend a lot of my life trying to get to that level, understanding so to watch someone. That's there yeah, it's like it. Just humble I'm just curious. Where he's going to go because being known. Uh is relatively new, this this isn't. A guy who's been in couple couple years, right,
what would you call it? A public, superstar intellectual now you're right, that's a new thing. It is really in it really had existed over the last decade or so no hasn't been and now they're starting, and I think because of you to Bin pie. Cast things along those lines. These guys getting super popular Mean selling out places where Fuckin' iron maiden plate absolutely mean he's Salute Lee, it's crazy and he talks about philosophy in life. If you told me that that a place where Aiden, would sell out someone go talk to a modern day villa yeah. I wouldn't believe that yeah, because it's idiocracy now you know he only eats meat solids. Oh yeah, he's on this carnivore diet, really, no vegetables at all, nothing, salt and meat and water yeah he's so wacky with it he I that he had like a glass of cider and he couldn't sleep for twenty four days. Like he's
it's, not okay, he's eccentric, like yard and a heavy way he's a happy guy yeah. But it's it's it's a burden being that guy's a Well, I'm not, and I don't I don't mean that in a negative or derogatory way, I mean you to be that some now, don't you feel historically that people who are the most sad then broken an they know too much there's nothing worse than knowing the dumbest. People I know are happy, is a fucking and right. It's simple people short and obviously his level of intellect is next level, but even if being a bright guy or just being a reader or or reading Kafka. And Salinger and whoever just becoming aware of certain things you realize certain times. Realizations are always the greatest things, but I
say that to that to kids, when I was coaching them when I was coaching martial artist, I would say you're scared, because you're smart, you see these people running. That aren't scared their stupid. They don't stand the possibilities, as are aware of the dangers and all the variables you got put that aside, She just concentrate on your technique in your task in hand, but the reason why you're scared is because you're smart everything, my life exists around via it's not good. It's not how I'm not healthy mentally because of it, and I don't know how to shake that, but it what kind of fear. My father died when I was ten, so I have that like most of my mom's, my best friend, you know and she's of seventy two now so like I just everyday is worried about her now about in every Wait it's not even driven by anything, that's rational! It's like she's, sick she's, the best You know what I mean: she's: seventy to listen to Jay Z and his Jordans,
now, she's she's the best, but is she sing along? Of course I gotta get a video of this no problem, but it's. Fear of not having her fear of what the unknown. How do I feel really, I fear the unknown. I fear what of this all ends. Bryant, I live I've. My adult life is been with what I do, which is music, right and yours is been true. I don't know, I don't know how to do anything right. I don't know how to car right right, yeah. I don't know how to I. Don't know I literally don't have to do anything, but that fears for mechanics too because, like Fuckwitt, if there's no more cars, have these electric cars come along. I don't know how to work a computer. Everything is going to be computer, controlled, mean peoples. Business could think about the poor bastard that open up blockbuster
We got this. We got about this forever right. He just spending money like it's great and then one day, they're like oh, we got this this new thing. It's called a apple tv people like Fuc Apple TV, yeah, mines, gonna, go Michael block is not living in a box somewhere Brad, probably in police, probably sold smart and of the writing on the wall yeah, but I mean there's a lot of things just go away and people find a way to make. Do you get through whatever made you a successful rapper, you could be successful at anything. I don't know that. I want that We don't have to. Luckily I don't. I don't one of be successful mechanic. I don't want it either. I don't want the the fear of not being able to then you the way. I continue. I know again from being a fan. You do what you want. Essentia Lee. Of course work is work,
even though we love it, it's still work and I think we both have people in our lives. Don't get that? Yes, they think of it. It's what when we talk when you were in Philly, I know people hit you up the day of the show, keeping me two patches back but like it's working party right, it should our man yeah, it's, it's are you it's? It's are you in order me pull food on the table and I think there's a disk MEG there with people that don't live in that world, that they think that everything we do is of a party yeah. Well, there sorry goes back to discipline or talking about early that you got to love it, but you also have to have the discipline to get the work done. Of course you know, of course, but I I have a problem with people that don't understand that there is discipline involved. They think that it is not that we got lucky. We didn't Well, we did and we didn't, we did get lucky. We we created something. We created our own luck, though, there's a little bit of that for sure.
Lucky. We live in America. It is also you have to put in the work and you have to figure out it's a puzzle. It says open, ended puzzle, you make what you make it. You turn it into something, but you did it you did it. Started. You got your shot and you took it and had the balls to run with that shot. Some people fumble the ball. Date of death is a lot of fun blurs out there that I found a bunch too. He just get back up figure out why you fumble I've humbled, but I knew that I had to get back up. These people found fumble the ball go into what was me yeah. That was me that can't catch a break you one of ours is out to get me. I can't catch a break, this, doesn't it and that's all I can't they all, but a lot of it is self inflicted yeah is well instead of looking at that way, what they should look at it. Ok now I know how not to do it. I learned now this isn't going to make better. You have to learn. You have to learn from everything that happens. If you're, not it's
so my father would say it's not a mistake. If you learn from it, yeah you have to be able to look, is adapted. I like what blockbuster right so adapted die every things, change with us. You know what I mean this podcast is bigger than shows on terrestrial radio. If you told me that back when I was little Understanding I be like watt. What are you even talking about the podcast? Can? What is a podcast? How could there be in your bigger than radio what person white not that one? I did it too. When I first started doing it, I never thought it was going to be a thing. I thought it was just a goof. I was doing it for fun. Right, like I would like respond to someone on Twitter like just Chuck. It just have some fun yeah but you you change culture, you shifted culture and how people communicate with the show yeah I mean you should be very proud of them and if you're not already, I don't think of I think, if you think about it, you'll trip over
their own feet. I don't think about it. Someone give me the best compliment ever and I'm like I'm a piece of garbage you better off that way just keep pressing forward Joe. We don't have a problem there, like you, were saying about your fear of it all going away. I think that fear is what makes you show up at the studio ten minutes early. That fear is what makes you get out that notebook and start writing. Yeah fears what makes you sit alone, thinking about how you're going to structure this, you know next this or yeah. That's that's a all portent. People think that, like like a guy like you who is a successful rapper or a comedian that successful that you just got. No worries anymore. That's bull have more worries now that I've ever had in my life. I have way more worries. Don't when I had nothing in my pocket high school, when I was rapping on street corners, I think about it all the time yeah our that and then I looked at the worries. I had them in their laughable. Alright, crack up at this ship that used to used to bother me. You know
it's interesting. Could you imagine going back to the first day start node from scratch? Knowing what you know now, how much better you would be? Alright, I can't even imagine but think of that in the future. As of now it's uh, it's heavy yeah, that's heavy, you know if we look back on you sound like if you're a sixty year old man look at back of yourself, you, like Vinny, had the world by the balls. Of course the problem is I have a problem with living in the moment. I'm always thinking about the ramifications of that moment. While the moment is happening yeah and it's it's, it's detrimental to my mental health to think that way, No, I mean I know I can't I see people live in the moment. I see people that just are able to let watch over them, an I'm envious of that, because everything is over analyzing and every way
impossible and it eats at me. You know but I think that that's one of the reasons why your lyrics are so good. It's like As a person, a person has that sort of the this. Over analysing aspect of you is also what makes you go over all these details and find better hooks and find better way to phrase things, and this is like you can't be complacent. You just can't I just wish it could just only exist in that part of my life. I don't think it works man, everybody that I talk to the successful is the same way. Thrall yeah. But what are we going to do about that and everything you can do you just gotta keep fucking you just gotta not give a fuck, keep pressing forward and didn't know that this is just part of who you are. I mean we go back historically, everyone's a loan that was brought his lan and let you know, look like look at all these. You know what I'm saying all crazy. Every comic that's ever lost on crazy. As far I think Stan holds one of the brilliant most brilliant minds. Average. Bat crazy. You know yeah is good, but it
yeah. I know he is uhm. You know you look at. You know whether it's Bill Hicks, whether it's Luis, whoever you know what I mean Henderson I mean SAM was the most troubled. Well, that's my defense of Roseanne. In all these people coming after Roseanne, I'm, like you, don't understand, she's bad she's, not just batch it. She got in a car accident. He she had some brain damage, yeah she's, on all sorts of medications. He has multiple personality disorder, she's drinking she's on Ambien and she seven years old. What the do you want right? I would like one of and this lady, you, you know spoke that way and so did norm. You know norms talked about Lewis and Roseanne and the same way you like YO man, she's back. Should crazy, first of all like if you're going to her for uh if you're going to hurt for political disk,
You might want to reevaluate your life once the problems on you, but yeah. That's your fault! Yeah! It's not hurt you, and that doesn't mean either. One of us agree with exactly what you wrote it just how she got there, but that's also Why is she so funny? You know if you go back watch Roseanne in the early days. Let's show is fucking heavy. There was a great show and her stand up before even before that was fantastic. I put her in the top twenty of all time. She was brilliant. She was brilliant, there's also a monster. Man like there was nobody like her before, like which was. This is brash. I don't give up by yeah. She was like a man yeah until like like a like a like a world fast and sure I mean remember like when that showcase? on just seeing that house. I have never seen a house like that. On television, you know what I mean yeah closer to what we know: yeah yeah yeah, then what I'd ever seen? I, my house, did: look like the Cosby's
you know I mean I was maybe Archie Bunker, You always is a little bit like closer, but it's when people are batshit crazy. And someone reacts to that uh with confusion, not confusion with contempt and, like you understand their batshit, crazy right and it's part of why they got to where they are at yeah. Don't don't surprise. Now that someone said something Looney yeah, many years after you. Don't I mean it's it's it's. It just seems strange to me that now you're blown away, she's been saying back should crazy ship for a long time it's also part of this new culture that we have and we're people just they find a target in the attack. Of course, it's like if you, if you have, if there's any sort of weakness like if you have chickens and one chicken gets sick, that's what that packing or thing is Sean Chicken doesn't feel good the other chicken just like they don't like make
target. Add chicken, so they start sucking it up right and this would happen dogs with dogs, it's a it's an animal thing in human beings we have to. If we're going to be real. If we're going to compare we're really going to be compassionate if we're really going to like try. To engineer a better culture and a better community. We've got stop doing that. I agree. We got just stop it attacking people like she didn't. I believe I talked to her on the just me and her, she did not know that lady was black, Actually, if you look at it, she goes. She looked. Jewish sure looks like me. She does so. She said. I believe you, I believe or two. I think she was just cracking a joke up on ambient short and drinking and smoking weed all night. Your and but no one cares what her intent was right. All the care is, I got a green light. That's a target sure going to go in well
He is my issue with the mod the modern. The modern left is a good. We is the day talk compassion, but they don't they pounce yeah. It's I feel like a man with no country now. Two 'cause, I don't I don't. The modern left isn't something that I gravitate toward. And neither is the right and when I grew, was I'm growing up and listening to public enemy. You know at the end that left of it it it change. It should changed, and I didn't yeah yeah yeah and you have these people. I don't know where I'm at I stand anymore man. Well, I think, there's there's is rational, left, leaning, people that are against discrimination and for welfare and four food look. I was on welfare when I was a kid people say I shouldn't be on welfare. Well what the fuck, my my!
it's RON. Well, no came from a family, we had food stamps and with the eventually they did better. We got off of the shore, but if you want to tell me that that doesn't help that fed me absolutely so, how could I ever go against that? And that was a part of my child? Absolutely I think this this all these things that people want to associate with being. You know like with a door right. I think there's just a gigantic problem with being people being tribal. That's what it's sure I believed him at its at its highest degree, which in my and since I've been alive, I haven't seen never seen it like this before it's I think we know why, but let's facilitated not just by Trump, but it's also by the We communicate instantaneously, of course, without any consideration and you could just tweet something or make a Youtube video about something instantaneously. Shore Roseanne. Ability to tweet that yeah that quickly with the phone is. Why
some Kerr show cost millions of dollars. People lost their jobs, ABC John, you know yeah either gonna do the Connors. Guess what that shows going flukten sink like the titanic cause it's going to Roseanne get the photograph shows with Roseanne without Roseanne Right, three episodes yeah, that's like flavor, free diet, coke taste like water, it just have water, mother, Fucker, diet, coke, but without the flavor. It's what it's true and I don't it's just it's. The hyper it's a tivity, an it's like the ability for anyone right or wrong to be able to say something right, then right where you would have you know if, if you're doing, give factor in rolling stone interview. You there's a thought process there and there's a
being in the you're sitting there and you're talking with a journalist, all of that's gone yeah. It's like it now that that's what it's it's come down to it. You know we all. We all do he was at phones in our pockets and saying something crazy right now, if we stubbed our toe right now, he's started to this. What about about and all the sudden you don? Yes, some is good in that, because the tear any of these gigantic organizations like if they were to radical if they did have an agenda. If you were trying to smear you you're, you had no recourse right and they did that to many. I'm sure? There's unscrupulous journalist sure, but also journalistic integrity, takes a backseat, because now they have to get clicks like these people. Journalists are fighting for their lives. Absolutely because these publications going under real journalism is almost dead. It's not totally dead, but really hurt it's bad. It's hurt, emphysema.
Like the Alex Jones thing right, whether I agree with should he says: are not corporations shut him down and that to me that scary, that The corporations can decide what we are able through share yeah, really well. I was having a good conversation about this last night with some friends and they were talking about whether or not things like you to or twitter or Instagram should be regulated like utilities, ok, where anybody can use it. You know, like you, have the right to get the power like. If you have have a house here. You have the right to the pay, your money, you get, your power turned on. It's a utility, yes may be a channel. Like that, whether it's Youtube or whether it's twitter maybe the channel should be treated like utility, but then the question is like: what is it exactly? That is good enough to get you kicked off.
'cause I've seen some horrible shit. I want people who read or written rather on twitter that and they're still on I've seen whatever he's being whatever you know why he was brought down. I've seen people say the big thing was the sandy hook, and it was that the Sandyhook thing was. He said that he thought that it was fake. He, since disavowed yeah, but they don't care if you disavow things like they have this thing on you now you said that the kids didn't die. They definitely did let's get ready, yeah, but but Are you saying that people aren't allowed to make mistakes? Are you saying that people aren't allowed to evolve their thinking? Are you saying that people aren't allowed to say things that are wrong because a lot of people say things in the wrong, but is it things are wrong about children like we're? What where the line? I don't know where the lines are and yeah and I don't know who's the one drawing both these people that either Are the ceos or the Stockholm
or the you know the CFO's, whoever it is that yeah. That is it that you in the meeting that's dictating the standards they're. Just writing and these are gigantic corporations that we were just talking about this. I don't think they ever anticipated this, I think when they made twitter, they thought- Jamie saying it was a fun way to like tell your friends You know. Vinnie, Paz and Joe Rogan are going to the movies sure and that's what you would do that twitter was. It was just like I'm at I'm eating pizza at the mall. It wasn't anything crazy right and then people started using as a platform for well. Sam Harris has been tweeting to Jack, he's been trying to get Jack to ban Trump he's. Like look ' it's like he's clearly violating your standards of practice. Wow, that's great! It is clearly doing that right. He's like Jack. Just won't respond to him anymore. Wow,
old radio silent already. Yes, I thought I don't need to deal with this in my life. I mean you, don't want to do that right now. Maybe when he gets impeached, then you bantam defect. Your read that guys, twitter, the fact he's took leader of the free world is bad shift. Cory losers, yeah at least the free world, because people loser Loser is threatening nuclear war. I love my favorite is very sad with the exclamation. Yes, okay, yes, that's like my that's my favorite thing. If we get through this without getting blow, So now we're going to look back and laugh at the Trump days, they're going to be fun, I'm just I don't how long way into his presidency when I walked by the tv and hear someone say, President Trump, I still have a little chat. You know it's, it might have been on the lan and might not be a belly laugh, but I still crack up
it's been two years: yeah hi. I know I know by Netflix specials, because my last Netflix Special was exactly two years ago and during that special. I was like we're dot close to President Trump and people are laughing like ha ha ha. I was laughing I was like I went to bed. Well, whatever whatever, knowing that there was zero chance yeah. You know, and I didn't think Hillary was a great candidate, but I thought of fucking. I thought about Cardboard box would be there yeah. I thought I would think of him as more of a liability than anything. But the thing is these people in Middle America just don't feel represented, they feel DIS, respected and not represented, and he figured that out and into that did. Well, I saw Jordan, Peterson say something in this interview and it made me think because obviously joking right now and the joke about his out. Dummy is in Jordan Peterson. The bit. The reason he's in and the biggest mistake Americans have made is uh
estimating him and thinking he's dumb yeah I mean he's not dumb. He just does dumb. Yes, definitely an egomaniac. He I think he has narcissistic personality disorder and that, but that doesn't mean you stupid right. You know what I mean, but he he took advantage of exactly what you said: there's a big portion of his country. You've been there, I've been there with you, These calls Gaiman EAST Coast Guy now we're both on the West Coast. We because of but we do these are the world's we know and what we're surrounded by an that. My how the save you say if you don't live near retired coast you're, I retard and more than in the country hates. I don't believe that my father said it anyway and when go through the middle of the country on tour and you meet people. I've been like yeah. I've never met anyone like this before and not in a good way, or
I just not around I'm not around them and they probably feel like no one has ever spoken for me. Yeah, you know what I mean an even if a dimwit does that's better than no one speaking for me right, that's better than someone. Just calling them fly over station dishes act normal for us, of course not, and when I was younger, I did it's true. I talked that way. Yeah you know when to as we get booked, don't want go there, but let's just use it just it's. Goal of being where you from the east coast. Well, obviously everyone in the EAST coast very proud of that fact. Everyone, the the west is proud, proud of that fact you it you know I don't I don't know anything about Arkansas pride yeah I'm just not able tasted goddess is only one there, but there's no fucking Italians there. I don't know that's what I am yeah whops, my families middle. Even you know so it's
and I even say an it's being an ignorant American. I I spent a lot of time like that. Until I saw the world, not the country, the world, an an being on different continents, it changes your thinking, man and she you know what the thing you were talking about with diet and discipline. Like you know, these people run war walk everywhere, run everywhere. Ride bikes everywhere, Mcdonald's is eating, like once a year is a crazy You know night out, like my son, lives overseas, you know he had Mcdonald's like three times in his life: You know a little kids here, it's like every day, mom. You're going to not get so just that you see, because, cultural shifts. Why there's? No like I've talked to people over there who didn't know what autism was they never heard of it la
Emily, like. What is that and I had to explain it and that she got me thinking. Tool is like all of the okay wow, why? Why is that? Why is that not happening there? What what could be the reason? Artisan autism, artisan autism, Yes, autism, yes, so the disease yeah yeah! Ok, I thought you saying artism or I'm sorry. I was like what is that? I don't know what neither should you were you looking at me. I was trying to think I thought I was trying to figure out if you meant Artisson minecraft is yes, yes, autism, autism Profili access. You know but yeah. Well, you know it's more common, I think now than ever before, but The question is whether it's more common, because it's more diagnosed or whether it's more Because there's more incidents of it yeah there's a lot of
questions as to why one of the big ones is apparently older people having kids people waiting and putting off the children, uh and uh, particularly men, apparently there's a big rig, for older men, older men. A lot of times have autistic kids. I have more than a couple friends with autistic children me too, and uh I just like. Do you remember? We were young, I think. Like the first time, I even was aware it was probably the movie Rainman yeah, I'm assuming funny about ninety two percent. First where did it exists and what wasn't diagnosed, or it's a movie about it? I don't think they made it up for the movie. It's like the disease came along a rapid right right right, but what happened? What happened is a chemical. Is it people that were on drugs? Is it things? What or did it just wasn't undiagnosed. I think this is a bunch of factors I think I'm diagnosed as one of them. I think also the a
did. Exchange information now allows you to be aware of it, much quicker because the internet, because people you know, text and tweet and Dave things on phones. Now you hear conversations about autism and all these different things that you don't hear bout before and then I think it's entirely possible that well, first of all, there's definitely more people now than ever before. So because of more people are going to have more incidences of all sorts of diseases, cancer or whatever it is, and then the question is is it more per capita or more period because more people know that I don't know the answer sure. Well, when you say about more knowledge and information. Being shared Avadis, disorder, it's called depersonalization disorder. What does that do so? basically I'll be sitting here talking to you and I'll. Just my my my my mind body and soul will remove itself from my body. I feel like I'm floating down over my body. I look at my hands and they I feel like mine. Do you smoke weed now? That's the problem it'll it'll trigger it. Well, it yes
right now. If we get high, you would float above yourself. I would fucking take that deer head and put it through my ear. I would lose my shit anil envious. I'm envious of how weed has helped so many people in that it can help Maine. Does it do to you. It may I smoke when I was young and what happened was something triggers Dpd and people it's you know it could be a traumatic event. It could PTSD on SAM Gun, to my head. I would say it was my father dying, but it it didn't happen right away, but he died when I was ten and this started when I was fourteen, I smoked a blunt, a dust yeah and lost my shit and for about eighteen months no lie, I thought I was in purgatory what how old do you fourteen I was running around and we know I'm definitely not
having whatever those might be wow Yo Man- and this is so this is back. Then there is no twitter in it. Even know what it was. I went to a doctor told him what happened and he was like. Oh, it was what you smoked. You know. So don't do that again. And it never left, and then I get these episodes. I'll be in the shower on tour in the Czech Republic. Watch, I close my eyes and I'll open them and not know where I'm at no hello where I'm at and I feel like I'm floating outside of my body. You know when you Here the stories of people dying in an out of body experience. That's literally my disorder. Out of body experience once I took salvia how's it going I was over here like floating above my all you staying by myself now this trip balls. Yes, I gets. I think I think it's it like I'm doing the Fred G, Sanford Elizabeth, I'm coming to see you when you hear those those drug stories where a guy gets fuckd up for like a year, those scared of shit out of me. Well, it happened
Aaron was telling us about that, like he did Coke with SAM Kennison for like a couple of days, they didn't sleep and he was Fuct up for a year. For a whole year. He heard voices, I would trade being fuckedup for a year to do Coke with SAM Kinison. No, but it was like it was like eighteen months of my life and let you know how do you tell you italian mother there? No, you can't keep him show what you when you come from that culture. Man like my family, that, like old school ties, they don't believe mental at you and you have to see right. They believe in cancer because they see it destroy your body right, if you say I'm bipolar, I'm the press. The autumn set my route, I'm diagnosed as depressed I'm diagnosed the day. I take medication for it that still isn't enough for these people, right that it's the it's the shake it off. Right. You know I mean I get my father is my father was alive. He probably throw me this is the brightest. As for that deals, Joey
His calls immigrant mentality. Immigrant mentality is real deal that because they want no for it again, if it's not tangible, they don't believe in it. Right. If I broke my leg, that woman would do everything for me. If I am in the middle of a Fuqing breakdown, she's, like you, want gravy and meatballs I'm losing my shirt. I need to be hospitalised right. Dot, cam process in the best way I love no one in the world more than my mother and she's one has been more supportive of me and that's read through what the immigrant mentality you'd think, I'd get the get a job go to college right and she was like a baby. You do you like. If that's what you want, he does. That's amazing. Do it it you better. Do it right? Don't do it have bass, don't bullshit right now this
drinking 40s, a smoking, blunts rap sheet good looks good in the video got to work. You know what I mean an and it's the work at the you know like Joey said that immigrant mentality, but it helps you in other places, because when you, when you have relatives that didn't have shit and you know there dressed in as you go, I can't let my father down he's not with us anymore yeah, but I can't let him down because um. I carry his name right embarrass him, I don't want to embarrass my mother. I want her to be proud, you know, and that drives everything man like I'm getting choked up talking about it because it's like I do. Everything for her, my son and and when you're driven by that doesn't have to be a mommy. Is it's you driven by something that you care about? It changes everything man that yeah we have people in our.
Industries and Anna Tainment history that just have this fucking sense of entitlement and it's it's plague. I know you know comics with fucking sense of entitlement when they're rude when you go backstage I know from how you are that you shake everyone's hand, say how you doing. Thank you. They bring you something please. Thank you sure you know people don't do that man. I know it drives me crazy when they don't do that. Waiters, waiters and waitresses. Well, it don't say thank you and they don't tip or they don't tip. Well. Last night the bill was one hundred and thirty in the bar, and I gave them two hundred and thirty and the guy like chased me into stop yeah. I think they made a mistake. He did. He said
things like YO, Yo Yo. Did you mean to do this, but you took care of me on that man and I know the people are shooting on you and leaving a dollar or maybe not even that same with waitresses man. No one gets Shitan one of them. What do they get like two dollars an hour or something? You know when you really appreciate them when you go overseas and they don't get tip? Yes, those people barely pay attention. Those mutherfuckers don't care, you'll sit in Amsterdam. They won't even come over to give you a soda for an hour and in ITALY we were eating at some nice restaurants and the service was
terrible awful because they don't give you the exact same amount of their their. Why would they act any different than someone a burger king? You know the lady said to me the restaurant to go see. It is that we don't include a tip, but if you want you can leave once and I said, listen baby, I'm gonna leave. You want extra care of us right k there. We had like a little american exchange, there's only about a baby. I got she. If you set it up. If there's a better hamel yeah, then it works. Yes, are you going to do like when, when they're sit you down to listen, I'm from America we tip in America at the press and said tip, I tip big right. Okay, let's make this wonderful. You said Rogan, president taking care you now. This will take care of us yeah man, but but, but that it's just you know the kid brings in a case of water like man. Thank you. I've had those kids say to me yo. In doing this fifteen years no ones ever addressed me right and I'm like
that's awful a and I'm sorry for that. But it's not going to be for me. It will get the brings the towels for the stage hey. Thank you. Thank you so much for having us. I appreciate you. I hope we did good. I hope I hope the bar did well, because my fans are degenerates I hope this won't. You know yeah and I think I think that goes a long way bro in life. You know I want to get into like a karma discussion, but I think whether it's a car rap up, metal band, People like shift for a long time that gets around bro yeah cock like I'm at promoters know each other yeah the promoters know each other, though Fuckin' call it yeah. This guys are fucking Dick face. I get those stories
you know like I was talking to a promoted the other day and he was telling me about some guy who's, an asshole and it's like yelling at the sound guy at the soundcheck and yelling at the promoter made them fly to New York to for something because the sound wasn't right or he wasn't happy with something- and you know they have to accommodate this guy and but there shaking their head and then every chance they get they're going to tell everybody else, of course, what every Madonna he is- and I don't- and if he's popular right now when he starts to wane those mother Packers will remember that yeah when dudes like me and you, if we start to wane, will still get love because of the way we treated people an that's reciprocated like YO? Maybe he did five thousand people last time this time you know yeah and you, we do have that still going to have you because of the way you behave, see the way you were raised. It's. Also, you got an opportunity when your interact with people like if you working with someone and you guys, are doing something together. You got an opportunity to just put smiles on face.
And they'd put smiles on other peoples faces. Because of that everybody smiling. Then you got a nice little coming back yeah, it's a nice community. It it takes more energy to be Anasol. It does for me 'cause. I can be an asshole an when I am, I feel, drained yeah. It drains the shit out of me. I don't feel good about it. I just have a temper but whop temper, but I try to curb and I realized when I'm I free people, the way that they deserve to be treated. Everything changes the energy in the room changes they. They bring you uh. I don't know if you drink or smoke before you perform both ok, so If on your rider is two bottles of grey goose, you might look over, there might be for just because you are sweetheart not because you ask for it right. It's just little shit, I'm not even saying it's a big deal and its life changing. There's little shit that people will. You know it makes their day just by us being polite instead of the guy
they had the last night. There was a ball breaker and saying the sound man I'm about it first off the guys that don't you don't have a funk with a sound man is a performance I think it will get you that mother Fuckas got a ponytail, he fucking, listen, he smokes weed. The Allman brothers he's been around the block, and people don't realize that ship that mother Fucker is sixty. He mark and listen to the Mc5He fucking did sound. Everybody and worship, he is not impressed he's. Probably, where is bayou is definitely not impressed by main rapper from Philly. He don't give a fuck you don't want to be doing my sound right, so Last thing I need to do is we: are you know SH mohawk? Unless this is done, you know it is a mentality with that a lot of people adopt that when they become successful they want to be a press. They want. They want to. Let everybody know they want to be that guy who yells and Rex Hotel Rooms- and you know
what kind of should I know I do, but, but I can't I don't understand it- I understand it. It's a weakness and it's just they. Waited for so long to make it now they finally make it. They want everybody to suck their dick, but do you think that things like that can be controlled by upbringing They can be, but it's also made is going to have to spend all that. You know I mean it. She me when I'm crap, about a show. I'm leave a torn there's, no sleep, so you talk to everyone of those kids. You sign every autograph and you take every picture, I'm going upside, your head with a wooden spoon and the wooden spoon still has the crack from my head from back then, and it's still the one she starts the gravy with, but it's still cracked, but she said
She said you are here for a reason, and these people look up to you and these people respect you and you do your best to could not just continue that, but to have them think you're a bet. Person than they already do because that's going to trickle down and then maybe they'll treat people better yeah. You said All of this is all this enerji travels man. It does So if someone was in here right now, just all three of us miserable real, quick in some ways in which everyone's out to get me everyone this into at everyone's fault man, except there's. You know, that's not my mother, Fucker yeah, it's never there for every fucking decision they made it self inflicted, but they can't self examine and say: maybe it's Maine, not just give me a maybe motherfucker somebody people. I know that's not even in their head all of us. It's you. It's me You didn't give him a break, you didn't let them on this show motherfucker. Maybe it's you.
Yeah. Maybe it's also our responsibility to castles. People aside agreed as a lesson agree. That's what tribes would do, but when you're talking about a lesson, I think when you're too deep into it, you're, not learning like when you hit a certain age, and you still like that. I think you've done some people just think you don't. I know that's a negative way and we're talking about not being negative, but sometimes just reality is reality. Well, if you being pragmatic- and you want to talk about like good use of your time, yeah you're not going to fix a forty five year old guy who complains everyday. That's why I'm talking about a twenty five year old kid might be gone through some ship. It could be a breakup of LOS of apparent that pattern that they're in these bad Mitchell Pattern and you have to break patterns, and if you don't break them, you end up being that forty five year old man is a shitty friend to people man. I'm I've always been loved like in my twenties and shit. I was just selfish like nothing crazy Never did anything like horrible to someone, but just just I thought about myself person, I would probably like not maybe the like the best.
Do. Some of these deep one, there's still in my life, an I had to make conscious effort to to evolve to evolve and break patterns and breaking patterns as hard as fuck it's hard as fuck, but that's part of growth. And that's one of the reasons why it's important to be around people that are also doing the same kind of thing you feed off of yes, yes, and when you're around people that are just real negative, that feeds off Of course you want to be negative as well and you don't feel the need to break that cycle. Because you're around mutherfuckers that thinking like that too. So it becomes this pity party it's a circle, jerk of misery. You know what I'm saying and uh the circle jug of misery- it's just it's never ending there. So we think things that really expands your understanding of people and life is. Being in a bunch of different places and understanding that, where you grew up is just one part of the world. Yes, world. Is this massive play like I just got back
from Thailand. I was in Thailand this summer. I never been around so many friendly people friendly nice smiling people that I think they call it the land of the smile or land of one thousand smiles, or some shows that it's beautiful, but that's what it's like when you're over there, people just so friendly and I was like wow. Ok if you grew up here, something now, whatever momentum that these people have developed in their culture cultures like smiling and friendly to each other this? Is this is just the vibe the way they do it? But if you around some real Super supershitty insulting aggressive culture than that would be what you had to adapt to grow fairly was voted the most hostile city in America by Time magazine. Oh, it's up there so you know I was I was when I was filling out recently when I said this is how I describe it Philly I said they're, very smart people who will punch you yeah,
yeah. That's not a very smart, very smart media, of average intelligence that will punch, but it's still is a sophisticated city. It's a real city but they're all their hard people whom yeah this is their heart. For people that manly through through a snowballs at Santa Claus, Michael Irvin broke his leg in which it well the famous bill, Burr Rant yeah when they boot DOM Irara and then Bill Burr went on tortured Philly for ten minutes. Yes, yes, I love DOM. I love that me and I mean at the same restaurant working with DOM tonight. Are you guys how's it Peter Little PDA Doms great master best? We did a place called poppies in South Philly and I see him all the time. He's a sweetheart sweetheart great guy man, Legend uh I just saw him on the the Bruce Willis roasting merit on that yeah, but he's great guy I but I've been for who's down for like twenty five years. Have you yeah wow
Philly, yeah, yeah, yeah, okay there's also a level a guilt, though in cutting some of these people off that you were talking about that's kind of hard. For me, yeah 'cause, like loyalty, is a big thing too I'm talking about all these don't tell 'em these part. They don't list the many I Tom again. Then they don't listen. Then you gotta cut him off and you go like I told you that's what's happening now, but I still it's that it eats at me. I feel bad like I should be like a it's a savior, complex you know what I'm saying. I know that I don't want anyone to be up man, man and I have a hard time being like This person is detrimental and they there my Energias fuckedup with them being in my life, but when it's time to cut them off, I still feel like am I being shooting parts of my doing that yeah well, that's what they want you to think.
They don't take care of themselves. You gotta take care of yourself. Before I take care of you, I mean you got at least want to I'll help you if you want to, but if you're not taking care of self if you want me to do it, for you, hey, hey you gotta, get you own shit together. First yeah, please get make an attempt. You can't just ask everybody to carry your bags like they want you to carry their emotional bags all the time and again, like I said, there's no, there's no introspection. There's no well, maybe This many years- and all of this should happen to me- maybe it's me and I'm in there, when you can't see that I feel like I don't know man, I I people because, because it seems very dark and Graham, but I think they exist well. I think you probably have attitude because your dad died when you were young and you were left alone yeah. You know- and I have a lot of that because my father and my mother, lit up when I was real young, and I haven't seen my dad since I was seven. So it's same sort of thing. He be feel a ban
and so you don't want to leave anybody behind. So I was rescued, stray dogs and feral cats and took can crazy friends, and this my whole life has like that you've you in the in the your father, made that decision, and- ways on you and my father made the decision to die. He had he had bypass surgeries, they told him stop smoking stopped. Doing this, stop doing that. He had my older brother, bring cigarettes to the hospital he drug, the ivy down to the bathroom and smoking out of the window he had the young son and made a choice not to live for the brothers at eleven and twelve years older, so they got him the only twenty one and twenty two you know I mean I can, but I can't remember his voice. You know what I mean and that's. It weighs heavy because it's like that he I love me enough to live for me. You know, and those
things manifest themselves in different ways. As you get older, that you don't even know, you're not you know, what's crazy, it's a gift in some ways and they give the gift and a curse yeah. The gift is that you that you have this energy that comes from this lack. This lack of something in your life. Yeah young yeah, you and this is something that I struggle with with my kids. I try to keep my kids. Everything always give him love. Always your around I'm looking on kiss all the time make sure they know we were talking about this yesterday. All my friends that are interesting came from fuckedup childhoods. All my favorite friends right on my face, Friends are life was chaos when they were growing up in and they became these really interesting people. I hate. I hate that. That's what created us, but your you couldn't be more right. I mean you're talking about you're free, I friends that I mean my favorite everything everything it's hard it pain is gas issue in a rock band, all along metal and all of them of walked in. I don't know any well balanced people that that I feel like that guys a brilliant mind. He came from
two parent home in the suburbs of Connecticut. I don't know anyone like that. Pressure creates diamonds, yeah man it bust pipes to it, does bus pipes, but there yeah but uh, but you know, I wonder like how much of That's tough haunts me and you know, like you know your parents splitting and being seven like how many of the the things that go on in your head, now relate back. And you're, not even aware because the mind is so complicated yeah but you know when I started realizing it when I was smoking weed. I didn't really start smoking weed seriously till I was thirty ok and then, when I started doing it, then I started thinking about all sorts of different patterns of behavior and why I was angry all the time and I think a lot of it came from this resentment. In abandoned. When I was young, that was somebody early stuff is fucking stupid. I mean I love, I think, you're brilliant. I love all. Thank you some of that earlier stuff, man, yeah, well young and angry talk places. Also I was
That was also would like. Just a few years after I was done, fighting I got was a different person. I guess I had a different mind shore in the eye. Yeah, that's a very strange transition between competition, and then stand up comedy. This is very different kind of mine said. I carried a little bit too much combat with me when we were still fighting it was. Fighting and some Sometimes when you don't know what you're fighting yeah it's worse, it's worse, then you start internalising it and you don't know what the war would self in the war with self, because you don't you want, This is this: this energy needs to be channeled and how and how can it be? You went back on the mic yeah when really talk with it and I've done that too. But for us to be healthy. His the other question if we were to get healthy, we just suck yeah need to worry about that. When I was young, I used to worry about being
My idea was that if I became somehow, you know quote enlightened right that I wouldn't be funny anymore right all the funny people I knew were fuckedup. Of course, I don't want that. I needed to be a drug addict like damn kunis this drug attic prior with a drug addict. Maybe I need to be a target. You look at these people. I mean historically look at Hendrix. Look at you know what I mean. Look at look at Morrison and yeah and yeah it's a cow skied up to because your mess, the town, drunk yeah and one of the best yeah. I thought and think the same way. I might, I might need to think about just do drink, yeah, just a little bit or shouldn't. I drank a lot and had a piphany. I woke up one day and cold. Turkey did really yeah yeah. I drank for a lot of years, and now you don't drink at all, it's just for the little it's like kind of little bit. You know a little bit little bit little bit, but So it's it's more like when I perform right. You know what I mean
just loosen up yeah, but I was drinking two bottles of grey goose alone. Every night yeah own Dolo every night, seven days a week, that's a lot through bottles to the head. That's Burke pressure, love, part love! The I know that he's got a bottle. His head would he's listening to what who love the bird yeah yeah. You guys are Oh yeah, yeah yeah we're doing sober October, we're trying to figure out the bet welcome to this yeah. Well, we're trying to figure out what to do Thompson. Girls got some great idea instead of yoga classes. There's some app and that you will find are you in on this bed com. I want money on this. Yeah price is going to crack a joke. You you're not gonna, be able to do the part. Now I did. I took the last sober October off the oh man, yeah. I took the whole month of no pot, no, no pot, you don't believe me, I dare you! Well, let's see you looking at me. Looking at you crazy, I'm gonna find the order here Joseph.
Let's see he was sneaking the pot. No, it wasn't family believe it either or he wanted to get me tested, went to yoga class convert two years. If I put money, I'm getting blood wars like we're, going to CVS, we're going to take a drug test today, still going to do mushrooms when he's like camping or something that's. Ok, it's alright that's a lot, so this is what the fuck this thing is it say it's some sort of a heart rate application was a it called my zone My is it's. You wear this thing around your chest and it registers. Phone app, okay, and it gives you points for the amount of work you do. Okay, he and Tom suggested that we were a try how to achieve some ridiculous amount of points for the month? I was like forty thousand points or someshit. This is it you got it I forget the number that Tom said, but we're going to have to agree on this number and what it would.
Basically means you gotta workout, almost an hour and a half every single fucking day of the month or off day no off days or you're in good shape. You can do yeah I'll I'll, be all right. I'll figure out a different to do saw run hills. All kick box I'll do little Ju Jitsu. If I get right on it, you guys can battle how long before I die. Well, you were get out right. I know you do a boxing, but here's. The thing I did I did was in good shape as a kid. Then, when I got right mommy. I did the dumb thing and turned into a fat pig. So late the past. Maybe as I I you know couple years, maybe eighteen months, I'm I'm back yeah action again. You know. So you just regular, hitting the bag in the bag. Cardio skipping rope. I know you a giant boxing fan yeah like obsessive, yeah me too yeah. I know yeah
yeah. I I like to post on Canelo Alvarez and triple g too, that the casual boxing fans of the worst I mean the I I don't agree, it's like it's. It's really like child molesters on there, the word like files of the worst and then casual boxing fans yeah, it's a same with MMA fans, I'm sure those those kids hate me. They just yell at me that I should watch when I post something about Bach. And watch mma fagot, Oman, Yeah know it's so aggro towards me yeah? How come could be a soccer fan, but you can't be a boxing fan. I don't know man how come you can be a basketball fan beat box, I don't know, that's right. The hostility is there man? Well, that's a stupid conflict between mma and boxing. I think it's stupid. It's a deal
a lot of people. You know I mean it's so stupid because so many mma fighters have learned from boxer absolute and let me know MAX and sure yeah max a friend of mine and he's the he's, a big, huge, VOX Yan and then once we train a wild card, he's one of the rare MAC Dance, because one of the rare vegans that competed successfully for a long period of time, yeah may one of the rare These are smart guys how you very yeah, really watched his diet correctly and made sure he got the proper foods and fatty acids and all the different things I couldn't do it yeah well I mean for him. It was a in his mind was an ethical choice. I know there's a of other ones, that are vegetarians that do really well like Jake Shields, he's a vegetarian, but he tags. You know, and milk and cheese and things along those lines, but you have your own stuff, yeah yeah. Do you enjoy that? I do yeah yeah yeah How did you like? How do you learn that process of what you do after the animal?
yeah. I got lucky that I learned from people that know what they're doing but Steve Rinella is a good friend of mine took me for the first time on the television show So the first time I ever wanted was on tv, which is kind of nerve wracking or you don't want. Up a showroom in animal on television, but but what it is to me? It's like I, I saw so many Peter videos some of those factory farming videos. I don't want to be a part of this too. So I was to be a vegetarian, which I tried to be. When I was fighting to do, I was trying to stay at a lower weight class. I was a vegetarian for awhile and I felt like, and then I may have was doing it wrong if you're ready to scream at your keyboard right now? You all know that they're doing right now you can plant power plant based you're going to get it. You know the body but and I started eating meat again. I went up a weight class and that's I became much better. I just my body is
it's better with me me too yeah, yeah me too. I, like I try to to you know I mean I just found that you know making smart decisions forget vegan it. Gerry and army died just making smart decisions right and I Terry decides yeah. You know I mean it was, was the all the day? in the world for Maine like as someone who works out as much as you do. You feel better. You just do yeah it's not a lie. It's not knowing lying to you about it. You just feel better when you workout well think about the fighters and in competition, though it's like, if there's more at stake, because it's not just about feeling better like you have you have an obligation, to your brain to your body into your future, to perform at your best and your life. Yeah, that's not a game, so you don't play MA. You don't play box right, it's true that you can die and people have yeah Cutting weight now have the wrong way right. You know what I mean if you, because this
on the wrong ways to do. You know. We know that Dyer it's all about you coming you know malnourished and someone hits like a fucking mule man. You know, that's no joke! No joke! I mean if you anyway, thanks you play I watch Canelo Alvarez verses. You know anybody where he watch a watch any like real vicious knockout or someone's when he said that stuff can be so. He took James Kirkland Soul, out of his body, how 'bout Amir Khan, Amin, cracked, Amir Khan with that right hand boom I mean we go back to the 80s and Julian Jackson, which is separate people from the from the nude Julian Jackson was a murder. He's he's the hardest. Puncher I ever saw my life here is Amir Khan right here and Canelo right and see. This is oh good, Lord.
That was one of those fights where I short circuited right. He doesn't know his that that's not a game right there, no you're, not playing that it can hold so much bigger than him too. Just so much bigger yeah. I mean he made one hundred and fifty, he's a middle way, yeah and I mean a con- is a blown up well to yeah, but We just separated his soul from his body right there just fucking hammer. Here's one of the interesting things. Then you put this on your instagram about the first triple g fight. He landed on triple g and triple g shut. It off and kept walking towards him. Yeah and he's he is. I was like, oh my goodness, not autumn cleave I mean you're a fight, a man, you hit someone, you bash it and they don't buy a general rule. Yeah especially used to take people out. That's what I'm and everything ships. Well, that's where guile Polly Mellen. Not G has a slight advantage in these. Very rarely knocks anybody else. Yes used to hitting people and keeping go yes. Yes, he's got a bad disease durrance he had bad hand. You had to change his style. You know to be oxygen.
Talk to jab over and over and over throw a right hand every now and then to keep him honest yeah were bad, but the beautiful thing the Canelo did he just he just pod with Qaboos just to draw him down, then came over the town right hand, but yeah beautiful stuff, yeah that fight. I watched it again. Teddy ATLAS! So and I had a podcast, I watched it triple g Canelo fight again score. It nope no idea because what the kids are running around screens- and I asked what is your- I test- stays close fight, close fight. You know, I think, LG came on real strong tordsson fight makes you want fifteen round fight is what makes it does. Yes, it does, but again, dumb mutherfuckers would struggling yeah You know what those fifteen right like the dude cook stuff when Ray, I think, like a lot of that, was because of the fifteen
John, I mean also has a weight cutting back. Then, of course I know why these and it's out same day way in which is in a way real danger. Yes, but our fifteen route, I mean it's fine. We watch fight in any professional fight in combat sports, you see them gas in in, like the second, you know, Larry Holmes had tickets and was going big in years. Gone fifteen easy! Now it's crazy and all it's it's it's just a The human body is understanding how to manage your enerji too. Of course, of course. Of course I mean when you come out in the first couple and you just leading shots fly than in gas in the middle. It's that's not a shock, yeah yeah! That's it can work, but when it doesn't work you're exactly yeah when you I some in the second, you look like you, have a brilliant game playing when you gassed in the seventh people questioning you know
your ability, your ring. I q, your call yeah, it's a risk. It's a it's. A heavy rested, throw all your artillery at someone in the first round, absolutely yeah. It's it's such a fascinating sport you know I'm. I love all combat sports, but one of the things is about boxing. Is it's a combat sport that, as of the longest richest history yeah when you go back and you can watch I mean when Terry was here were watching MAX Schmeling versus Joe Louis Second fight, and you know you can go back and not so much sugar Ray Robinson's greatest Henry Armstrong Man, I mean you get to see the rich history. Boxing and you look at Jack Johnson fighting with those in black and white eight films, Jack Dempsey and Like gene time, yeah man, it's crazy, it's beautiful that we have the same as the audience with hats on What was that about? I don't know like in the olden days. Do Zahl war hardware had like twenty minus yeah strange, very strange yeah
is. It is a history of boxing that no other sport could really come close to agreed. Now, I'm uh always have been a giant fan of boxing before make him around mean. That was really all you had to watch watch a little bit of kickboxing on vision rarely, but it was always bad well. The other thing was those guys were superstars stars. The champ of the world. We were younger was yeah, so if you, if we walked out on the street right now and as someone who the heavy weight champ is no one knows no one knows some of. Say MIKE Tyson well for the the crazy thing was. It was a white guy yeah. I know whenever he's like everybody, where kids wanted a white heavyweight champ, that's why the palm clone just you know Gerry Cooney yeah. They were trying to Tommy Morrison yeah. They wanted it so bad yeah I mean, but I don't know but, like I said, those got like
you know Sugar Ray Leonard was a hero, is on dormant Donald's commercials like those those days are gone, though you know it's been comin each yeah our need sport again, you know, I mean why do you think that is, I don't know I don't honest? don't know. Is it because people got tired of corruption? You know I I I became Q. I've talked to Teddy at fight. You know not let language you did, but when you know, when I go to fighting he's calling them, I always respect, but I'm not sure how or why or when it shifted that shift from the 80s to early 90s and then that's it. You know it wasn't my going to jail. I don't know, was it um, you know DE was huge but I don't know. I don't know why these dudes were like you know. Ali was the most well known. He still belongs. Oh now, delete ever, maybe probably close to it. You know I don't know who else would be to have Jordan by Name
You know what I mean. What was really interesting was when Larry Holmes was a champ. Nobody gave a shit 'cause, he had to fill the void of the only and and he was between Ali and Jason yeah- that that the you know the tool that than to do through. Basically, send it. Meanwhile, the I'll lead that beat the out to Gerry Cooney. Yes, I would love to see him against Tyson me too. That's a different out. I mean not Ali excuse me, Larry Holmes, vs Larry Holmes, a beat the a jersey came out of retirement after that paid a again yeah. You looked out of shape. I'm still look good in the second round up until he got what I was dancing yeah look. I'm Larry gives MIKE problems all day. Yes, a prime Larry was a beast. He was. He was a a special fighter had a tremendous jasmine, the the best heavyweight jab I ever saw when he, the the Ali that far Larry Holmes was an old, broken Shelly. They should never let that fight take place, a shell of themselves horrible to watch. But fat Larry Holmes
that Larry Holmes would given MIKE Tyson fits absolutely different Larry how absolutely he was a monster when he was young, absolute long, snapping, jazz criminally underrated in history, Eddie Futch trained! Yes, I mean that you know you Eddie Futch, maybe the best trained of all time, one of them for sure, but but but again, like you said, if things a time and place man everything you got it. So yeah comedy some some some brilliant comedian slip through the cracks due to what was happening at that time, yeah in comedy and will end with and when Larry, it's like you know, you came after the most popular fighter of all time ever and before MIKE, who you know again to those who transcended the sports and he beat up the most popular fighter of all time. Everybody knew it was long long over yeah yeah. So he can. I'm happy about that, and then he talked yet about Marsciano, which didn't endear him to propose a mistake. He said: Marciano couldn't carry his jockstrap and that's my son's name
and my son's name Marciano so that era, so her login yeah, it's you know, Larry gist. It just had poor timing. Unfortunately, for him yeah, you know- he's. He was very smart with his money, though, because I still seem to fights and yeah he's paid. That's good yeah! It's good to hear as you know as well as I do what happens to some fighters: welded, We own like a shitload of things, Easton PA just took over Eastern. He did bought like car. Dealerships, car washes and ship like that? Yeah Larry was smart man, he still talks Shittu. Does he yeah? I remember when he came back and he box the face, offer a Mercer yeah, so he was older ship when he was for butter bean and yes, he still you still had it and when MIKE Tyson went to jail he's like as long as MIKE Tyson's in jail, yeah, that's great I'll, keep fighting sure, that's hilarious yeah!
Larry Holmes with something special just for a lot of people he slipped through. Crack people in the know know though, and that's what's most important is the day you know yeah, that's true, yeah, that's true. I mean, and then Trevor Berbick Fadali too right, yes, that was like that too much fun yeah second to last, but he was the Parkinson's was already starting now. You know, because you think of a couple years later Tyson when Tyson be, he was trembling. Then you know what I mean like yeah. So that's. Talk about you, don't play boxing, you play me, don't play MA your life, its interest, to the alley. You know I always like to watch that fight with Jerry Quarry, because it was after three years off yeah man and you see his body looks different. It just looks softer if you see Ali versus Cleveland Williams, and then you see Ali three years later after all that time off.
Something like the same. He was never really the same. He was in when you think about why he did it. Imagine having the constitution to give away the prime of your fighting careers. Not do that, Yeah, it's very special. They want him to fight in the Vietnam. War is like this is a Bullship war. Bulshit, none of them ever called he said. Never call me then work yeah, you know what I mean, I'm not going over there to do that. It took three is prime yeah. You know That window is a fighter man, it's like four to six years and half of it was taken is kind of amazing too, that they did that and then they gave it back to him. They let him fight again. Well, I don't know, It was the circumstances like how did they reinstated boxing? I actually don't remember. I don't know either, but I remember when he fought for Asia's like man. I would love to see this fight three years ago, yeah man, because he just was a different guy by it and who is way too flat footed. It just was a different guy yeah. I just hit that like well the Joe what a good job.
Joe and I really hated each other for real for real yeah 'cause? He was highly was saying horrible, horrible Shitehawk, so he's trying to fuck with his head and that's how you do it. He was. The original should talk about how you think about it. It's like Connor and you're like that Sally, oh yeah, you know what I mean for sure, there's a lot of like Ric Flair it's yeah there's a little bit of both of 'em there. Well, you remember when Cooper knocked down Ali. That was like the biggest in the UK? Hurt him bad and then, until Angela Dundee cut the gloves yeah I mean if it was so that move Ali could've LAS? has stoppage in this phone very easily. He got fawking crap, crap fight right on the fucking button sat down. He was on queer St One hundred percent yeah. He had a house on Queer ST. He was picking up the mail here. It is right here boom what's that again again,
I mean that is a fuckin' picture, perfect left hand. I look at him right on the button. He is stagger. Impact his corner and it happened. Luckily, for him, at the very end of the row, also send if you were Mama Lee back then right. This is Cassius Clay correct. So this is before he fought. Was it before you, Fart Sonny was I want to say it was. It was yeah man who knows they cheated him, though they cheated. Him is different, are we gonna change, gloves they came along as to how we got on undo these laces cut his cut. This tape. Brilliant though yeah well a Angelo Dundee. He wasn't on new comer. No, it was not. You know what he was doing. He was great now my favorite stoppage of all Ali's fights is Cleveland. Big cat Williams because he hit him with these. Just welterweight common nations are hitting Bing. He did it pop up yeah I mean he was throwing it really I never saw anyone through
combinations. A heavyweight like that before, like Ray Robinson and the up, this is this was one of my all time. Favorite 'cause Williams was a scary fuckin' dude to who was a big puncher. And I'll lose his light on his feet, dancing and java body, no one does that anymore. Yeah Ann Williams just kept pressing forward pressing forward. Willie Williams is a big punch or maybe you could crack. He just couldn't find Alianne Holly was so loose in front of him. We look at that. You have to bother to the head beautiful the Shelton honor boom check left. Move around and then once once you started Tune come up the javelin body and then back up top is beautiful man beautiful yeah. This is this. Is alright? It's alright because there was never a heavyweight that moved like this. People have to realize. Just didn't exist, man and rarely does exist. The
the guy who moves even remotely like this today is Tyson Fury Tyson we can move, you can borrow and that's you yeah he can. He can as in he's six foot, what nine or eight or some shade. I think he's here. He gets clipped a little too much. For me he definitely gets tagged yeah. He got he got tagged by Steve Cunningham from Philly and dropped. That's the cruiserweight yes yeah even great. I always Chan might not be all that. Well, you know what Cunningham's a shorter guy and sometimes for those really tall fighters is very difficult to punch down. That's how MIKE was getting over. Yes, he was in the chest and he was real yeah. I me mine had meant yeah and the and the people that you know the custom model developed, pull that put the end of that fight up. So I could see the the the the combinations at that led to the stoppage. See once he had Williams in trouble. Go big screen, I mean even their bomb bomb bomb bomb, yeah like once
his face had been jabbed off. The craziest thing, a beautiful the craziest thing about him is: everyone historically has to sit down on the punches together average on he did yeah he's dancing and yeah my momma bomb and or he wasn't trying to knock you out with every punch. He was just cracking you Pepa Pepa and we're getting peppered yes, fucking, yes to deal with yeah So it's frustrating because in your head, you like, if I touched this mother, but I'm I heard him, but you can't touch it and you just keep getting peppered immensely. Your legs start wobbling fight, Willie pep yeah. He had to you know the footwork of really Pabitin heavyweights, yeah unfucking hard, that's another guy people forgot about Willie Pep is one of the rare guys that want around without falling trying to punch. Yes, yes, what the fuck man unbelievable in a day. Go! Yes! Yes! Indeed,
we had a lot of good ones back in the day, maybe not so much now Joseph well, that you know we had a run. We had Lamont, we add on grass yeah, well, the community established to stab Lish the problem. People started doing well exactly and then they get soft exactly exactly the last guy we had was Arturo, really rap and yeah it's it's that's how it goes, though, The early immigrants are the ones that get Shitan here. The ones who come up strong like the top fighters- and then you know now it's Cubans and Russians, yeah yeah. You come from that Russian, programming like there's, no fucking joke right One reason why I love Lomachenko. She lomachenko, because you Alright, man yeah I haven't seen. Anything is uh Maybe thirty years I haven't seen anything like him now remote work. Is ridiculous. I've never seen someone. He,
in a position to not throw a punch and throws a beautiful death. Three punch comedy, I don't even know I mean the Well, they call the matrix are high tech to perfect names, but I mean I've. Never I've never seen anything like maybe um. Maybe Maybe a prime Roy yeah. Baby boy was different too, because it was technically awful. He just had such reflexes when they went that's when he got melted because he, because he never he didn't jab No, he didn't do anything wrong. Hello, Chuck, a lead, lead, lead left hook, what rights from weird angles and it works, because his reflexes were super human, yeah, Superman and then, as soon as they deteriorate little bit an inviting you in the theory, a little bit in baseball you can see here. I think we got Roy would really got Roy. In my opinion, I'm a giant Roy Jones, junior families, maybe one of my all time, favorite fighters. What really got Roy when we went up to fight John Ruiz and then he went back down to fight Tarver. He was depleted depleted
when he went up to fight Ruiz, might have some mexican supplements in the system wink, wink, nudge, nudge, sure yeah, I mean he was like two hundred plus pounds overweight or such an act look good. I think he should have retired after that way. Well, he definitely should have consulted with an endocrinologist to try to figure out what how is system was and then the weight cut down to one hundred and seventy five must have been brutal 'cause. He was smooth. He looked like shit, he lost cause muscle tone he just didn't. He and he was shredded in the 90s, exactly yeah he looked like, guy who's system had been shut down with the thing that these guys, don't maybe don't recognize if they take some shit or if they, you know Even if you just cut too much weight, your body stops producing hormones. Sure your body, is all fuckd up your on your on your way to dye your body telling you what the are you doing: yeah yeah. So if he was two
plus pounds when he fought Ruiz, then he has to cut down to one hundred and seventy five, almost yeah thirty, and who knows how sophisticated his methods were. I mean some fighters today, They are amazing at doing that. Yeah I mean they know how to do it correctly. They know how to rehydrate correctly and boxing this- has the the benefit of not having you Sada in place like the UFC does if she has a real problem with the lack of ivs and these guys can't rehydrate correctly or the way that they want to this dangerous, It is dangerous, but in their defense it's it's also a way that they can detect whether or not someone's, cheating, okay, because when the using I vis, you can mask a lot of right yeah. I don't think about that. Yeah! That's! Why they do it? Okay, yeah they just won't. Let you do it so when I don't know what happened was Roy when he did put in you know, I can't take anything away from Tarver either, because Tarver almost beat Roy the first time they fought yeah, but then him up also check. If I can,
Lewis has now going, and the famous words any excuse is that right right before the fight us on anything like that, he was so confident. Yeah yeah, I think he, This do either now he doesn't. He doesn't. He had some great wins yeah. He had some great wins He still at it to right it, how you live or something like four thousand six hundred and forty seven he popped for, if you eighty five and you're still looking good this some going on the only the only person. I truly believe- and I and I realize you'll You'Ll- think I'm biased because where I'm from, but I don't think but no, I never did anything. I don't eat anything either, but not there's lives clean, not seen him order. Will check in and get chicken that was fried by accident and peel the fry off of it rather than you know just this once I'll. Do it right watched him, take it off just you know what I mean to not eat. That is just insane dietary in the gym in in I agree, but the
will. Smith fight was sad to watch, of course, that was a the cold, will have fight with Santos. I was when I was ring side and I love Cole will live yeah, but it's you know a Philly Legend like man. This is rob you know it's crazy to see how deep into his career he was still successful like I wrote a blog article about the the Kelly Pavlik fight 'cause. I'm like I don't remember how old he was at the time, but everybody had already written him off my brother and I were there like Pavlick's going to beat the dog shop and he gave him a boxing lessons he put on a clinic where people have to realize he was technically past as far as primary fuckedup Tito transmitters, thirty six. Yes, it was thirty six in two thousand and one that was two weeks after nine hundred and eleven. I fight- and he was thirty six. Then how crazy is that yeah? What was unified Joe Smith, five thousand and fifty maybe maybe fifty one definitely fifty crazy. So he was he
I'd say he lasted fifteen years longer than the average yeah. You know well how, when he came back in Box, Troy Junior yeah well wrong. When Roy beat him the first time was beating him with all those reflexes and then, when the reflexes slid off clearly outboxed around the second slide, with just fundamentals: perfect Android didn't have them. He didn't have them yeah, is relying on what was once there yeah, but it wasn't. He was a shell of his former self. Well, was the Glen Johnson Fight, was a scary knock out. He was on Quest Well, he was just flatlined and astral traveling after he, you got knocked out by Tarver. Yeah, then there was not that much time in between those two files. Is the next fight yeah yeah. And that those knockouts where you're out on your feet, before you hit the ground when your head hits the canvas which is two shots and he was stiff and uh uh, it was sad to watch it was it was that was I thought that was going to be the end to me too, and then he started
like in Russia. Yeah sanctioned over. There is a russian citizen. Yes, this is bizarro world russian pose involved. The house out of he's got a total over them, and to do that, for you, Sir Miller Holmes, looked up as we keep his last fight was in two thousand two: a glass water being is fifty one or so, and he put it on but to be. Ten that's crazy being can crack that big. Sucker hit hard, but Larry. Just that snake at snake and through that popped. Every time he tries to come in, that been due to wear those golden palace, yeah Comedy hard was the first person that he did in the title fight. When I was at the first year yeah. That was so weird someone in the UFC two. They wore that shirt on their back. It's odd yeah put on your trunks are going to do it. I guess! Well, you don't get as much money, but it is you. I know Bernard got 50k to put on his back and he
edit it on himself against Tito real yeah, and you know he was a huge underdog every once. Everyone thought is going to war pigs, everyone, everyone You know I was jumping all my brothers couch. He him up Yeah Bernard was a special athlete who really was absolutely special fight, all time, great for sure, yeah definitely yeah and it was too Justin, because I used to watch him when he was in his thirties and he would complain about cricket promoters, always think yeah and my thought was man. It's too bad. This guy, like missed his prime rate, and then you know he did, and they do we did after the after this yeah he's. He got he he, who's in jail for like strong. Arm robbery and got out and kind I wild in obscurity and then his shot was that Roy fight yeah, you Know- and I and so I will I got you got he shot, I guess, that's it. Yeah just got better better with age, just showmance like the rarest
thing in anything, well the discipline that he had that's. What is extraordinary discipline and you know, is his mind set. It should be a lesson yeah to everyone. Yeah. You know the that the discipline and dedication to whatever you want to do. Yeah can be achieved through that still in good shape, amazing shots. The other thing he doesn't really know about. No, never! Never. I see him at the fight. She still the same yeah yeah ask his chubby. Now, yeah, you know But I don't blame those like when the and got really big that do was cutting when he was trying to make one hundred and thirty five and all that he just kept going out. 'cause he's like to eat yeah only fly. And Barkley at one hundred and sixty eight. Is it due to turn pro one hundred and thirty five? Well, I remember when he fuckedup Davie. More almost like God was unreal. What is this because everybody thought Davie more, this young lions being destroyed this old legend and Roberto?
the Miranda, my top five, all time, yeah any weight class yeah yeah? Why was tell people if you really want to watch for birdie got to watch the light weight, Roberto Wall before even went to fight Leonard a black and white fights yeah, because he can and most right mode can be gone? It's beautiful most people in America, think of Duran from like sugar right, one yeah, you want see art yeah and just subtle shade on the inside yeah I did, but he was doing before Chavez yeah a little subtle on the inside and picking all shots to the people. Don't know is defense. He was eating none of those shots on the inside and then bang the body, and in all of that that those fights were. Are you He was great at forty four thousand seven hundred and fifty four six. He did amazing things an against wiser minds at five but you're right. If people wanna see Doran watch those fights at lightweight yeah
came up in wages you get paid. Of course he get a state light weight for a long time, or is it just dominated a bit? I think I still even now that he's the best light we have. While I don't think there's any light weight was better well, he was sh or added back then, yes, is that dark go tee off like the Dell is. I said once I want to post, I said I I'm in a dark alley. I'm more scared of the Random Tyson. Really yes, at all day that mother Fucker will do some shit. That I said I don't know, I don't know MIKE's capable up. There was an interview. Where they went to see him in Panama and he picked up a cat by the tail smashed against a brick wall yeah yeah. I don't want to. I want to see the garden out yeah and the interview like what yeah he is grab a cat chuck against a wall man I mean well, there's a darkness that
yeah yeah. You know a couple, sandwiches short of a picnic and yeah. Well, I mean you gotta, think about a guy. Growing up in Panama when he did your squad fighting for your love, no rugs, no floor. Mud yeah, that's another it's another level of pov that we don't get like when you said the very first thing you said in this We in America yeah. We already had that one step above all these. You know what I mean you're talking about Castro, Cuba like he won't let those damages leave. Broder gone, the Alec had was skate all those do that to a skate, Erislandy Lara, his family. Is there yeah leave their family on a bowl, not a boat on a raft. Yet even because cash rules like no, we want to build the amateur program. That's why I bring on the I like he's, got dudes in like two ' big o. You know you try to make it the one and then go pro and won't let them yeah. The program.
So I don't know if his son, it seems like there's a little different. Now shift culturally. They let you Omer, Meryl Comeback, yeah, you're, well, Romero went back and he was hanging out there, but he said it was very tense. Like you don't talk, you don't say nothing really he's like yeah. He goes because everybody is jealous, they're, all mad, that you get to come back and forth 'cause you'll Romero top UFC fighter. He went back and I will use as I will go back a little You know if I had the WI fi here. You know what I mean it being a top guy and getting paid days yeah. I to stand why he went by. Of course, I understand why I mean, but I mean ITALY. No, we might not come back here. I think that yeah they could have it now. I want pictures right now family and we know what's happened, yeah whatever yeah, I'm not interested in going anywhere. I can't come back now man yeah, but I don't think will ever understand what it's like to to be essentially a prisoner in a communistic.
The ship absolutely grow up to the amateur program and when you all Romero's on the podcast Joey Dheas was translating formal dutiful and he was explaining. You know what life is like in you know these Amateur program? Yes, like you, are sharing time with ten other people that want your spot. Yeah and that's what you're doing all day long you training with ten other guys all uses dome and that's all they do it's all. They know you know, and- and what do you think about There's no scenario: I'm jumping in shark infested waters on a raft right and if and if you're driven to do that, yeah whatever drives you to. Do that must be. Have you yeah, you know and and of 'cause. We don't him telling you that allowed you into the mind of that right. That's a very rare experience that you had to be that he shared that because these dudes! Don't get to tell this story, you know I mean of one of the what it was like, an amateur program being stuck there being a prison and your kid. How one sees these dudes get out? You know like the
Some of them will be, like you know, like they'll, be olympic games in, say Europe and all escaped from there will just dark after the fight that with you. Well that's what this caped in Germany, ok, yeah! So a couple people did it the same thing like Russia, wherever they were after games and got the funk out yeah I mean that that him. Getting in the ring after going through. That is cake. Right you know what I mean yeah, that's this is he's living the dream. Training in a gym in sleeping on a bed sheets- and it's like this is cake. Well, you know that's the ship, we don't. We appreciate when, when I was talking about being a negative person yeah, he he was talking about the amateur program. If you do well, if you're at the top, you get three meals a day. If you don't do so well, you get to thank you're literally fighting for your ability to eat. Since
like we don't we can't understand, though man at any level. Now I mean imagine, that's all you've ever known to, of course, see these slobs in America complaining. You know that's how and I started seeing schitt some of the places Eastern Europe, that weren't were part of the union yet and then and tweet, old, asking me for money. The man like get your together, meaning me right, yeah, okay, a lot here, your way of thinking changes, because this is what this is this for, these kids reality yeah she's a two year old girl or mom's, telling you to come over. You know, ask the for your row, yeah, that's that's a game, changer, yeah and and have any of that doesn't change you that I don't know man this year off the biggest fuck is that if you make thirty five thousand dollars a year in the one percent of the world on people
well, one percent, as you think, about people with yachts and private jets and sucked in diamond rings of notice. Nope. One percent is thirty: five thousand dollars a year for the world to Yemen. Yeah! That's that's over that's scary. Now, when you travel a lot like where's, your favorite places to go yeah- and I know you do Europe, you you, you travel all over the place, your hello, Scandinavia really yeah. What's I don't know, I, like I hate the heat row a deer yeah, I'm like one of those does the error conditions on twenty four hours, and it's and it's thirty degrees. It's mega clean, too yeah super clean, it looks fake. It's, it looks like like a movie set really yeah, but the crowds are crazy. I mean and I'm from ITALY. So of course I love that Australia was incredible, but almost had a nervous breakdown on the flight, because it's too long brawl brawls.
Right now I have man brought his five hundred and five or six hours from Philly and fly out of lax was another seventeen this is seventeen to Australia. If you leave from Philly it's twenty two right Look man. How much is if you go the other way on the play home, on the way home. We were the farthest point in Australia, so the flight in Australia, like six hours. So the time I texted my mom I'm leaving to come home to Philadelphia. I got home thirty six hours later, so they are. Offer me constantly to come back and you know which is what we do for a living. We go places and I might go man that flight nervous breakdown. You added, that what's more important money or your mental stability, I'm already nadia
squirrel shift, so I don't need I don't need anything to push me any further than it's already what's going on in between my Thailand is a similar thing. It's like fourteen another five like was like eleven to go to Europe or Where did we go? I think we went to Taiwan. First and then it was another like five or something or when by the time you're back you're, so confuse. It took me two solid weeks, for I start sleeping at night. Again. I think it took me three I'd wake up like two hours later. I go to bed tired as fuck, wake up two hours later wide awake. It was two in the morning I'm like what is this year, um circadian rhythms, jacked Fuct. It takes forever to get back, yeah man. It took me two or three weeks to we fuckd up my family. We did two trips in the summer we went. Thailand and then we took two weeks off. Then we went to ITALY, so it was just about a double
marker. So was it enough for you to be like I'm not going back or would you know now I, like it and learned how to travel a lot. I really like taking my kids places too. I really like the fact that I like to expose them to Places like Thailand, do like ITALY and take them to different places. I like I like exposing them Costa Costa Rica? We didn't get to do it yeah. I also do the you have the ability to do yeah, it's beautiful for them. You know that that's a lot, that's cool yeah to say that they I'm enjoying it more than I ever thought I would be an apparent to me- is not just a beautiful thing to watch these little people that I love so launch, grow and have fun and be happy it's also I'm getting to experience the world through their eyes. Watch some ride. A elephant tile watch them watch, some zip line with me in Costa Rica were laughing together on the beach and it's intense man
It really is it's intense and it's made me shift my value and shift what, how I think about experiencing things, yeah thing: man they change, they change you in and ways you didn't think were possible. Now you know empathy and I just but, like you said, seeing things through their eyes. That's like the coolest thing, it says we don't have that yeah, it's weird! It's weird man, the it makes you feel super vulnerable to. You know like you're, talking about your mom like worried about your mom. Do you worry about people that you care, but it's way one of the things. That's like a catch, twenty two, it's like if you're on your own, you don't have to worry about nobody, you don't give a fuck about nothing, but you also don't have anything right. When you have all these people, that you love and you care about so much, then you worry about losing them. It's it's! double edge. Sword! Tablet! Yes, when I was alone just wilding, it's like I was behaving. That way, because I had nothing right so you're looking for
then then yeah find it right? All you do is worry about losing yeah, it's like it goes back to talking about earlier, like if you're not scared a little. If you're, not service, a little if you not like, if you don't get a little bit of anxiety, well you're, not paying attention you're, not living your life. Now you're, not saying anything, not putting yourself out there right if you're putting yourself out there going to have some anxiety going to have some fear you're going to have some worries. You know those people that don't have that don't put themselves out they live in a bubble and they're comfortable and even cover gray and dry. Yes, it's that need shoring that Nietzsche, Would you rather live your life in a series of This ties in tremendous lows, or just flatline and these people think flatlining that square life is like. Oh, you know two point five the kids in the house like this. Is it like? No, that's not it man. It's not
It means nothing wrong with having two point: five kids in the house, but go do some shit. No, that's very kids. Go to the woods to go. Rafting sure yeah gets get something done We went white water rafting last year in Montana, that was those kids, shem and glacier river. You know it's freezing cold waters bears everywhere and Schantz NUTS man wow you going rafting down this river and the sea and trout jump in it just given to make. To see them. Experience shaped like we took them to Yellowstone. They got to see bison wild by an up close to their minds blown by this one. Tennessee as much shit as I can show him. That's great, I want him to see. I mean I'm like every few months my five nights now and talk like what are we going to do this summer like we're going to take him
here was Thailand we're going to next year. We gotta take him somewhere else. Weird God bless yeah. It's fine man, it's fascinating! It's a it's a weird life education that I didn't anticipate. Of course, yeah you build it man, you design. Because you did it your way and that's punk rock punk rock is fuck. That's funny when you're traveling, how many guys you bring him with you, it's usually uh so there's three of us on stage. Me rhyming hype, man and a dj, and then a tour manager and a march guy. So usually, five, that's a good thing, but his comics a lot of times travel by themselves right, they get Pred. I know I know I already would talk about it, a lot being alone and and on hotel room in Fucking Schenectady
figure that out a long time ago, though, I sir bringing my friends with me because in and promoters are clubs pay for the friend you wouldn't pay, they wouldn't pay for. So I would just say: look give me a flat rate I'll pay, my open, I'll pay: their airfare I'll pay their hotel. I'd rather lose money for my earlier tours. I was the promoters. Didn't care about opening act I was paying my homeboys to be the opening acts. Just like you have my. I was getting paid. I was handing it to them. Thank you, Sir expiry. It is because you keep yourself safe yeah and you have family in the road like when I go on the road. If I go in there with Joey or are your ideas guys we're family Tony we're having a good time sure you know those are you wherever we are like you? What time you guys wanna eat, let's eat lunch right noon. Okay, I mean you guys down yes or we are going to the gym. All rights go to the gym, so we're laughing and have
a good sure, but in the early days I did a lot of those solo trips. There's a weird empty feeling. You have your band, that's very dark, that's I mean. Is it yeah? Did you see that little episode now that he did about traveling and he's alone Odense whole episode dedicated to what you just said. Yeah. It was very dark. It was not humorous. You gotta, take friends with yeah and I I have friends to this day. The don't do it that way they go on this they'd use local acts in a million and don't do they have. Then I have to pay for his air from I paid the money man sure I know you're going to make less money that way, but you'll feel better. You have to their comes it time where, decisions where you're doing things monetarily they're, making decision based on financial, and you have to worry about your mental stability, more yeah, whatever those are open.
Adam! It's five hundred grand three grand five or whatever it is that's worth having family with you it not only that I feel, like you, Performance is going to be better or worse, because you're going to be with friends, are going to have a good time. You're not worried about the show you bring a funny guy to open up, for you know, he's good, yeah, yeah and then Then more people will come to your next show. It's like it's better for you financially, it's a term investment for long term game. Of course. Of course, that's what these people think the penny wise and pound foolish. You know I mean they don't understand it. When what you're doing everyone is going to kill and then it's gonna, be double the people. Next yeah, you know, I won't it lease everybody's going to have a good time and you're not going to get out of their crazy. When I come Sunday morning. I might be tired, but at least I had a good time sure yeah, I'm not. I don't feel like. I'm gonna shoot myself absolutely now that what that's the real problem with travel- it's depressing, you know, I'm one of the things I read about an interview. Bourdain after
RSI. I read a bunch of shit. He. Add it. Blindsided me, I didn't see it coming and then after he died. I read a bunch of his stuff. Where he's talking about how intense wheel only it was when he was traveling and I knew who traveled with people that he cared about. You know he traveled with people to be like, but I think just traveling, two hundred and fifty days a year period, will fuck you absolutely. I can't say that be people being with me. I So don't feel lonely because there's something there's action to home right there once I separate from that from home from Philly for my mom, you know all of that, once once I'm separated from that reality? It I love having my friends around me and it makes it better, but it doesn't fix it. Yeah There's still this sense of I'm out here alone. You know, there's still a man and I don't I don't. I can't make any sense out of that, because I'm technically not alone
so it's not. It doesn't make much sense, you're, not home, though right. I read some and where you were saying that this might be your last tour. I don't know man, it's common yeah. How old you know for I'll, be forty one and October fifth and he just getting tired of it or enemy minutes forget the physical it's trained in my spirit. It's are the anxiety before I'm leaving is say you getting if it's like three days, before you leaving now it's starting like two months before I'm leaving really yeah when you go out how long you go out for that's changed. To I mean I will go out for six weeks. Forty two shows in a row before you know before now. I got like two two one slash two weeks in me then I'll come home. Then I got like when I when I come back, from Cali, and I go to Europe. You know, but you know
so again like to say last or it's like. I don't want to fucking turn into gene Simmons, where you know what I'm saying where it's like this. Is it so come see me you're, never going to see me again, like I'm, not doing the 1980s, they did there in eighty three or something you know. I don't want to do that. So I don't it's why? close my words properly where it was more like you know, I'm getting rundown and it's you know. Traveling is uh, it's uh, again: it's no different than you is beautiful, being up on stage and people are laughing, you know, but getting there yeah the flights, the this, the that the hotels it's just. I don't You know it's something that you could never explain to someone who doesn't do it and and why exactly attired still when you walk out on stage in Germany or so all goes away and everybody goes crazy. All going away. You know it's still stuck inside of the plan at the side of the planet. It's still it's still the most humbling thing in the world, because it's still in my head, like I'm a kid from Philly, you know like there was rhyming on street corners.
The gentleman Finney passed that could never you know- and I feel great you know it's some almost feel bad for people that will never experience that sure sure some Einfach itself unreal. It's like it's a pinch yourself, yet yeah I know you like we'll have affected the. Sometimes you got to step back. You know, I don't think is people we do that enough, yeah. You know because, we're living in the moment- and I n all right now like is like I've- been a fan of yours for a very long time and just to have this convoy, the you is beautiful and I and it's gonna be a mind later as I think about it right I mean I was on my old friends now yeah, I don't I mean, but yeah right for I've been following. You hold you know what I mean so and been a fan, your whole career. So it's I still get weirded out when I meet people. Ask weird, of course, for a long time by watching their stuff for listening to this stuff, and then you are writing.
I'm like yeah man, yeah like I became friends with Bill Paxton because he like was like an eye out. Can I come to the show on the fan why that guy was great? It is the best he doesn't know what I loved him in? Remember that vampire movie oshit the 'cause that movie car member that was called was that God did you see the city, the rounded frailty see that was that was very good, yeah yeah creepy, very creepy yeah. What the was that vampire movie Janie's got it. What you call is a Jamie, near dark? That was a great that's one of the best vampire movies ever and one of the ones that people forgot about Amy's. Like your fault, this model for Wizard YO man. We like not even finish sentences and shift gears on the boys, while we were working together along time, is telepathic
going on. I got it. Yeah tell much respect man. Paxton was in a gang of good movies, yeah man. He was great bro chat, yeah, you're, stupid, butt, wad yeah. Aliens is an aliens second alien memories. In the first thing, the terminator is the Punk Rock Lane six closed, whether that's right, yeah yeah, yeah I am very sad man that guy went on plucking good morning, America yeah it went good morning, America big me up to like Kathy Lee really like I heard you a hip hop fan is like yeah Jedi, mind tricks. Well, look you want to talk about what the fuck you know what I mean some major one sock on my hair sticking up, it'll Paxton, saying my name on good morning: America. How old was he when he died? using like sixty something yeah man. I was young to have a stroke. He was in the M and and not a dude who, like he was in good shape and the you know lived well.
Six sixty two stroke: Jesus Christ, he had. A young son has a young son. You know very young twenty one. Now it's twenty two, you know so that's yeah, You never know man, you do never know yeah, that's a hard two men that movie star life, maybe poor, baby to movie star. Better days. Are rough man, sixteen hours, eight hundred and sixteen eighteen hours standing around waiting and then you gotta do it again the next day and your worked in six seven days a week. Rarely do you have a day off because their butt It is only a certain amount to get a smash in all. This is only one forty two days in a row or something everybody's on everybody's nerves, on top of people and it's stressful and tense yeah. We have
christian bale rant? Yes, the fucking, sound guy or the lighting guy was in his way you fucking amateur man losing it loses his shit yeah. Well he's an intense mother feel like I brilliant active yeah he's he's one of those almost die apart guys, definitely when he did the the Dicky Eklund them and he watches that almost died well and then the he does a second time you did that I mean I'm not a mechanic yeah machinists machinery in attachments. Really it's a not even a good movie that's probably just the hardest. The harder she see in him, literally yes door, yeah, that's the yeah, I just don't understand. People are willing to do that. I mean just do something else: man, I'm not going to do anything. Dual role, where you don't have to starve yourself, man, yeah. You had to have another script in front of that day
that's. The thing is like do that movie and all that movie is known, for is the fact that you almost died yeah, that's it nobody's like man. The machine is like like when When Robert De Niro gained shitload of weight for raging Yeah, you know he he got a fantastic shape played Jake Lamar was ripped and then gained low load away here for yeah. He was older. Like you go wow. That's some serious God commitment and it's one yeah, that's the thing it's one of the best movies ever but if you do that like Charlize Theron did that when she played Screamworld yeah yeah, that was. And that was even more bold she's, a beautiful woman yeah so for her to get fat and disgusting like that was like wow, yeah yeah, not always great, it was a great It won the Oscar right or she did well yeah. I think yeah she got gross, then yeah, it's a horror movie.
Patty wrote and directed that? Oh really, yeah wow Jenkins in the house, wow, that's crazy! We think about how smoking hot. She is yeah man. She got girl most got rid of her eyelashes or eyebrows. Everything will get it with that Oscar who same person, Holla G. It makes you think all this chubby most, ladies, maybe just maybe they just need a little little motivation. Look like Charlize Theron! Now it's a it's a tough craft that acting you know at some, it's one of those jobs. Where do you know? Everybody wants to do it, but very few people can and when you do, do it it's it's like such a unbelievably grueling grind yeah. You can only do it for so long and if you're a woman man, you gotta,
a few years in your body. A window is very special you're hot woman yeah, there's a gang of those twenty two year old cupcakes coming up trying to take your spot, absolutely just as crazy as you. They can cry on cue and they will always be coming out, always always always always bad parents out there, making good actors absolutely making. Parental decisions and sending kids What it is here, there's a flood of, I mean how often you spend time out here pretty often a couple zero lot of black close friends and in strange places, bizarro world yeah, yeah and and, like really is not a show biz hub now, but there's a lot of gray showbiz, Kevin Hart, show bands music course. Great stuff comes from Philly yeah, but it's Wanna show biz hub. Not it's not. I mean we're ninety miles from New York. So that's like you know, but yeah not close enough, but this is a show. Biz hub
this attracts all the weird everywhere I mean every weight is an aspiring actor bartenders, but I still through all the time. I've been coming here, can't wrap my head around that everyone's, an aspiring somebody one yeah, everyone gets that that's what it is yeah, so please well! The other thing is you get to know like I get to know people when they have kids, your kids become friend their kids sure, then you need to anything the parents, a normal. That turns now you know they were actors that gave it up and now sells. Fuqing, computers or whatever right it's like everyone had this during an absolute come out here. It's I think, if you, if you get approved, if you just took in which count all showbiz aspirations in southern California saw it on a map like a little red light, would go off wherever the showbiz aspirations were overwhelming would be in place like or Boston, where I'm from you don't see much sun
not anyone with an s at anyone with aspirations, sort of self contained yeah, you know, and they they the door to necessary, but you know it's. It's just I've always been intrigued because LA and New York So those places where everyone you ask is it from there right, you know what I mean like. Not not. The girl walking down the street in Manhattan is from Iowa right. Wants to be a model or whatever, and it's like the same thing out here like on from you know from where, like nobody's from me, yeah. Well, not nobody, but you very few yeah very few Yeah, it's a total transient city. You know and Mark is a weird one too, because whenever I'm in New York I go. I look at all. These people are ok. Okay. How do you afford this You see a small walking down the street and I'm like YO a closet here is like five grand a month and you just look. It looks like you just what kind of a sewer like a judge? I don't understand it. I don't either, and you know I talked to
that live there in the nineties in this to live there today, yeah, the like New York City, used to be a lot of artists, yeah and a lot alike. It weird people specially downtown yeah. Now it's all finance people, it's just so J provided, doesn't look like the North New York that we, you know we sent to fight the funding for white people right. It is that's what it is right. Sharks have been unfairly, so why is there a yeah, Whitey's bomb russian places that I used to hang out where you had to speak Spanish to be there and it was the hood and now it's like white people walking They look like they're in Weezer walking little like toy dogs. You know it's affecting my son murder scene. Well, that's a weird thing like Dc. Has that to Dcs in that the hood and the gentrified neighborhood are like a block away from each other really is, and these mother gonna walk. One block on the wrong way before can be had at look have added Ma'Am. Yes, you know what it how? How does that work? Just
people go there for like some sort of a professional gig and they run in a real estate. So they start redoing houses, yeah man, it's like it's basically like glorified slumlord ship. Like you know an you can't you can't displace. People it's not like. They just disappear right. Everyone's gotta go somewhere. You know what I mean, so you just like you're, basically paying playing tetris with you you're moving that this is like one of the worst hoods in Philly and now is bougie. Is that really happening in Philly? Yeah The only city morgue provide. The New York is Philadelphia. In my opinion, that's happy in Brownsville, right yeah, I may be in the stock on the EAST New York in Brownsville. Sedges are bad star. You know you talk a bed Stuy, do or die and now there's nothing more white guys named chip, walking around say what's happening there. So strange It's bizarre gentrification bizarre in general, because I might go. Where are you putting the people that are leaving right? Where are they going? Well?
whose responsibility is it if you like? If you want to buy a building a supposed to think about the people that are poor there, there a suppose, think about your money that you buy the building for the for the people that want to do. It have to be cut from a different cloth yeah and that I'm not come from. I couldn't do that. I couldn't do that, just displaced people, Sure, yes, I don't it's just you have the the it's a there's, a there's, a cut throat, mentality that, to me and and it's needed in the the music entertainment industry that I don't have an it's probably held me back by being just like a good guy. Is there should? I should so like in what? What? What should? What could you have done? That would have propelled you further. Well as far as like as far being more popular. I don't know but decision. I made like one when you said you know you would pay for your buddies to come in and I do too now. If we had like a financial adviser, they will you to a more
thanks for doing that? I would tell them these wrong. 'cause I'll be performing better, to be better shows. Like my lawyers, like you're, the worst client, you pay everyone. You pay them too. Well, you pay them too. And similarly fuck everybody, I'm like YO man like I just now. I don't know if that helps you get by that. I don't think that really advances you like. If you have that mentality I don't think that really advances yeah. I think what advances you is great work and what does it say? What does it take to make great work there's got to be a certain amount. You have. You have kind of chaos, but also certain amount of peace. Yeah. Of course, you you get those from the decisions that you've made that I've made that ultimately you made him because that's who you are yeah well, I think what in order- for me to have altered. Who I am then had to live with that too yeah, I don't
not be who I am because I wouldn't want to do this. Six six says what it mean anything to me. If I got there by not being me mmhm, you have to live with that and that's worse than not succeeding to me. Yeah, I don't know about other people are a lot of people just fake it out who they are and they're. Ok with that, if it comes with success in for me to shift to, I am inherently my fiber of my being I was raised to treat people if I had the shift that and have success. I will the success wouldn't be success to me. It will be on paper, but not rap. Businesses is so strange, right- and I don't know how you feel about mumble rap but mumble rap is one of the weirdest things to make it I'm confused. It's bizarre. It's bizarre what is happening. I just I feel, like I feel, like I don't want to be that dude who doesn't get it
right you know what I mean, but you don't get it. I don't get it either. I don't, but when you start the with youth culture, and when I was the these mumble rap kids, there were older heads saying you know the station before us, the cold crush brothers to the big daddy? things that they probably thought we were doing was crazy. Is that what's happening? I don't know, maybe everyone's like what the fuck is, that it's like, It's to the point where me, where I'm like YO, is that even a genre rap right. Like I almost look at it, I guess I don't I guess I don't have a problem with it 'cause I don't process it as anything close to what I do right it's almost like. He said you know what do you think about Edm I'd about? I don't know, I guess is alright. It's I don't even look at it like I. I can't listen to that and then let him hear big, Daddy Kane thing is the same thing. Well, when we were kids, listen to music right, if you were, you were listening to something that you you enjoyed things you loved was like good lyrics, of course,
you can't understand what they're saying yeah. It's also it's just so, driven by it's like phrase driven yeah say whatever the over and over and over again yeah. I don't know it's like it's just 'cause. These kids are doing Molly or whatever I just as a drug culture. 'cause that's happened before two, so you know one thing creates the uh It's like chicken or the egg. Are these kids doing Molly and make mumble rap where they don't mumble rapping eat molly? And it's all you know the 60s going back to the 50s and beatniks in that scene, in jazz and heroin and what created it, I mean the miles and Coltrane make some of those records because they were on how RON or right vice versa, and it's happened. Historically. Is this just the drug driven culture? I don't know because I I it's I'm detached. You know I'm detaching and not, and you know
I'm I'm a kid who grew up. You know: listen! It's a metal and stuff like that. So I I don't I'm not a shortage for I listen to Slayer hi. This is in the slayer before I listen to that and that's my only option. Right and I listen to Slayer. I mean I listen to black flag, I listen to minor threat. That's what I'll do you know it so there weather however, I feel about it becomes irrelevant when you realize that you have so much good shit out there. So it's like with film: I'm not worried about a bad movie I'll, just watch adult movie. This is so many movies in this throwing them away right. Yeah, and it's like yellow listen to thin Lizzy right. If I don't feel like adjusting, so that you know what I mean and there's other things that we might not
because we're not doing what we used to do. Maybe we were out of the bar the club five nights a week and you weren't married with kids and we were hammered. Maybe it sounds different. You know it's time in place, yet it's like you hear certain songs. You like I'm not listening to my car, I'm running the windows up. If someone sees this, but maybe it effects them differently in a lot of environment or something I don't know, I'm playing Devil's advocate just just just a strange trend where it's a lot of mumbling, What is yeah. I don't know what they're on about cough syrup yeah. I think this is a lean and Riley. I just, and I think that that that drug culture created that I think a friend of mine is a real estate agent. Some mumble rapper was working in the house. And she's, like I literally had no idea what the fuck he was saying was talking to him him talking is a human body mama who is in there, Why is Mama? Is of of of this yeah? I didn't know that mmhm. I thought it was like this now when they run the news is just as one which
She was showing him this Dope house and he's mumbling up a storm wow. So he's like asking her for a jacuzzi and she thinks she's ordering a pizza. I don't know I mean I, you know I love. Listen in the not so not I love listening to public enemy or clean lyrics and had had a hit to them. The there is one yeah yeah, big, daddy, Kane yeah. Of course, that's that's the that's! The son of a police action. Yeah there was, there was something to it, though the You knew that they were trying to get a message across along with the music. Is something cool about it? Yeah? I think I think maybe these kids think you can both yeah and our ever was different. It's like you, people could dance to public enemy and they were talking about what was going on in the urban community, yeah that that Arab you could their web. There were boogie down production, Krs records, you could dance the sound of the police, you can dance to outta here. You could dance that. I think there was a disconnect with these kids.
They don't think you can say something, and I have people, dance or whatever. I don't know what these fuckin' mutherfuckers. They might just slobber in the corner just well. They all have I have tattoos on their face. So yeah, that's another part of the programs like another mockery that at she down, and you know they don't come off right he also like. I think these kids think they can come off. I don't think they care, I just don't think they care. I don't think they're thinking I mean it's all this. I don't give a fuck culture yeah, it's like you just like they're, not trying to get cool shit on their face, they're trying to get like scribbles yeah is not right. You know it won't the you know you you draw on the face of the drunk at the party. That's what they all look like yeah. You know what what they all look like, that, with pink dreads there's a lot of rap music to slip through the cracks to like a lot of people forget about Gang Starr yeah, another. The one great is groups ever yeah, you know, but it's like it's. It becomes you the
the responsibility of the culture to uphold that like when someone. Mitch Hedberg who passed away young someone like Bill Hicks thanks, look the show me. The community is their responsibility, those guys don't get forgotten right and it's the same with hip hop. It's my responsibility to talk about. Gang Stein interviews, so the sixteen year old, kids there so I'll check that out. It's my responsibility to talk about big daddy, rain and cool g rap and these dudes, so people call jeer at lot of people forget about the movie release the greatest of all time. He was one of the greatest for sure. I've listened to so much of his shittim he's the best ever strong cock block,
just ignorance at its finest great, such as those guys stand up and wipe his dick on your curtain might be the best rap lyric of all time. But people forgot about Kool G Rap, but do you think about like hex right? So he was thirty three, and that was like ninety three young kids, that love comedy that don't know about billing. He could influence my life because chords, the end he was doing more social commentary than anything like It wasn't even a lot of it. Wasn't even that funny. Wasn't you it's not morning shows, and it was like he was expanding, is mine. Yeah like talking about that and had Berg was brilliant, like you know, it's it's our responsibility to like carry the torch of of all these people that were great minds that left two soon I will bore Dane. I don't people forget about that guy. You know him so yeah special well. Luckily, we have a lot of shows to watch yeah. His show was so you need to because of his narration was going to be.
Interesting. I have the newest one with W Kamau Bell I haven't watched watch yet, but it apparently is the last one where he as narration, okay and then all the other ones for this season was after he dies. So someone else. No, no! No! No they're, not gonna. Do any narration just going to let the show play itself out, because we, what it is, do I guess somehow, with editing and they're, going to figure it out. But man man punk rock guy to yeah man that got Hong Mann, he went to OJ. If you look at him from like two thousand and fourteen and looking for two thousand and eighteen. So he lived several decades inside of a few
yeah. He went hobbies going hard yeah. I don't know if I recommend it, but you know I mean he said it best. You know life. You should treat life like treat your body like its amusement park. He did yeah I did I mean there's something that we all we all have in common with all these artists is that there's an understanding that we have that they're all living this week, non standard way of getting through this life that they're all living this. This change. Chaotic way through and and creating these amazing things through this strange, chaotic existence and we all cling to it. Celebrate it, and look at it. I mean whether its head, Rollins who travels he did you know his crazy things. It is a pick a spot on the map and travel and stay there for a couple weeks year, his name, no anybody that goes there or with
its board Dane. Who would make the shows about it or whether it's you musicians are comedians or anybody who does he think it's like we are. I think I take comfort in the fact that there's guys, like you out there and that the everybody is not trying to be some. Begin wearing. You button down fake progressive, is just trying to not have people mad at they're trying to say the things that you, I think you're supposed to say so that everybody likes you and then before you know it you're dead, there's no rebellion, no, no personal real, objective opinions on things and everything great. This ever commas come out of about three, yeah, it's come out of a fuck you. If something, if not fuck, you fuck me, yeah like what is this what we doing yeah. I don't know what my life fuck you and with this, if I don't know what I'm doing, then I have to explore everything I can to try to figure out what I'm doing yeah. You know what I mean.
That's the only way The only way to learn is to live in to say I don't know what I'm doing and then and then live in a bubble. Is that's the antithesis of how to fix that yeah now you know now, and you know the the beautiful thing is that a guy like you or me, or other people that live in these different alternative lives? The other thing Do they send a signal to that kid who sitting in his room right now is parents are yelling at him? 'cause he's got all these things like. I can't fucking. Do this, but you know what I really like to do. I really like to listen to rap or really liked it to stand up there. I really like to do whatever the fuck it is. I really like to read books. I just don't want to telling that it's ok is an important part of what we do huge bar tell my kid, this system that they have set up for you when you go through this bullshit education process? The next thing you know you're in some fucking factory job or some nonsense, cubicle. That is not good
right and they're not telling that educational system they're not telling you anything, they're, not telling you about finance they're I telling about diet, they're, not telling you you, they think about what we learned in high school, and and how it applies to almost nothing. Not for nation with no, it's literally like giving you an engine but not giving you driving last yeah and and and think of what they could be doing to prepare you yeah. It's out there like wires. Usually, given these kids Kafka or need she are you telling them that this is terrible for you in this filled with chemicals, and this is yeah this that's information that needs to be out there. As you know, I don't. I have in terms did you have a learning about money? When you have nothing, you have to have it pay bills yeah. I know that your job I yeah, will be a loser right. That's all! I know I'm going to do that 'cause. I don't want to do that. I don't want to be in a cubicle
How do I maneuver this? What do I do? Nobody knows nobody knows and if you tell people you want to try something different like I want to be a rapper, don't forget about, a job, yes yeah! So you're, fine you're, not just fight ng the machine you're fighting people, they love, you yeah, they don't want to be a loser here and it's it's you're trying to do the opposite of that you're, trying to change your trying to break the cycle of this. You know this you know you you go to school, then you get a job or you go to school and you go to college, and then you get into two one of fifty thousand dollars worth of debt to go work, a job. You hate to pay off that to one fifty thousand dollar debt and it's the cycle and that's what counts the cycle of this country and the up thing is: if you want to do something different nobody's, they always got a path for you like. If you say: hey. You know I really love hip hop. I want to be a rapper,
No one says: oh well, that's a viable job opportunity. Obviously, a lot of people are rappers right. You can do this, this You can do. No one says that no one, no one! Now, if you tell them, you want to be a stand up pretty fuckin' outta your mind, your not my mom told me that I never thought you were very funny which I talk about you and all the people out here in the way and the way, the things you did, my those me and Bryan Callen brilliant yeah. But this the alternative lives, like it outside of the Stas straight and narrow structure, yeah that most people follow that's available to people they just have to. They have to have more examples of it. It's it's a if people like us are examples, and they also. There is, though I will say this- you have that balls. Yes to do it and you have to be able to look at things.
Honestly in things that are, of course, an right that I didn't do I wasn't. I wasn't. I wasn't being self aware at certain times and then once you start doing that and say Maybe this is me. Maybe this is me eventually this, you see and instant results. Yeah, how long you been doing it for uh so my first time at nine, but it was like the worst thing ever What was your early influences? The well. My brothers brought home, Sucka Mcs. That was eighty three. Now it's like a little. I played only by Muppets Turntable, an first. Back where I said I want to rap was Lottie. This cuts got flavor. I was like I want to do this, and then I did a member candy girl, new addition. Yes, I did. I wrapped on that.
Star grade talent show really bird gray yeah my mom's got it on Vhs and threatens me with it. I'm like that's, not a threat. Put it up. I'm going to threaten me with that. When I was in junior high school, I heard Sugar Hill gang for the very first time life change and I remember things- whoa! This is a new kind of music. Yes, it's a new thing. Hemp, hop, hippie creativity, hip pop it into the b. Don't stop rocketed! The bank jump bookie crazy yeah. I mean I remember thinking like wow. This is a new thing. Yeah and that's when run D Mc was so hard when it's a gram, Caesar YO. What the fuck is this yeah, because Okay, hello, I love obviously love there again. You know change the course of history, but if they were rhyming over the chic instrumental, you know yeah so, but one second season just drop those drums th. Yeah those hard drives and then being from Philly they're in school. Indian, like you know
these hard records, but like first time, first time, like I rhymed like to record something like like nine thousand and ninety one, you know, and it was awful you know, but some you just work on your craft and hope that you get to a point where it people don't think you're awful. When do you start getting paid Let me see so we put out any pay on our own. We pressed up in ninety six and like where I was like. I'm living off rap. That way yeah nine thousand eight hundred and ninety eight uhm. But what kind of jobs you have before you didn't really have jobs. I like um. A dirt bag, yeah yeah for a couple years after high school just just some scumbag schitt and then the first check
now there's no turning back now and then right, I mean this is the greatest shit ever like money from what you want to do my Jordans from wrapping. What are you talking about? Yeah blow my fucking mind? Man, you know blew my mind, like you know, buying a pair of Jordans with that, it's unreal but yeah like never. If I can die never having a square gig I'll, consider it a success, yeah When did you really say to yourself? Okay, I'm a legit professional. Now like this? Is it there's no turning back, I'm one hundred percent. Now I don't have to worry about this going away. I still don't think that would really I it's the fear again of life. The second. I think that it'll go away. You know I mean they have a big. Our office gets big, the you know the merge visit,
is grows the toys growing. I'm still, the fear is like young um, I'm just lucky I just felt lucky that I'm able to do it, so I never want to think that way. You know, I guess I have to answer the question. If someone a stranger says what do you do? You know I have to answer it 'cause. It is what I do and I made a lot of money and I'm good. My mom is good because of it you know, but I feel like the day that I I feel like that that that that may be. I don't know you know like the philosophy. One of one of fight is thinking of retirement. It means a yes, there is that there are already retired yeah. I had it. I it's sort of applying that logic like the second I'd say you know is not that you know I can praying for seventy five thousand kids in a festival in Switzerland. I still I'm still still going on pizza garb each year. I and that sort of like it's sort of a driving thing with me. You know what I mean, whereas you know
historically rap is just been so ego driven I'm the best, I'm you know it's the cornerstone of it when you run, but some people themselves like that in real life. You know- and I I don't want to be that man- you know it's like I'm so I'm sold scared of of someone ever thinking on that humility. Isn't the most important thing to me and being polite is the most important thing to me. You know, and it is and and and that's not really how people are in this game- right and not just a rap, just the entertainment business, and they want me to actor who's a dykehead right man, you get paid to act, you get that's a blessing, yeah we're lucky to be here right here I'm just blessed to be sitting here, which you man so our. Why would it be anything but appreciative of that? And I don't want to think all this You know that just want to like living being yeah. Maybe when it's over I'll
oh you yeah. I was, but if you don't or if you say you're not going to tour again, do you mean you want tour internationally or you want to? Or will you still perform lokoli like? What are you going to do well? I just landed yesterday from for so what we did We started in Baltimore, Baltimore New York, Philly, Boston of amount and to sell out your hometown, and it's like this. Many years later in. Going to sell out New York and sell out Boston. It's this thing that way. It's still fucking mind blowing right. You know what I mean and it still people cheering your name, it's mine, but I just maybe I Maybe it's more of like. Sometimes people need to decompress, and maybe I just need to decompress for a little bit now completely changed my mind
is not. Is not to our next year or something you know and then maybe I'll be ready. It's just that. I love walking out on that stage. Man, I love being out here. Talking to you, I love you. I would be really yesterday from Cyprus doing his stuff I love all the Smoke box. I would lose my friend I was losing what he thought, that it was just him in there with that bro I don't to tell you that was smoking heavy. I think I walked down zonked just being in the room with him, I'm sure yeah. I was Abt, he's one of those uh hey, dude! Yes, I can't I'm not. I can't do that. So I have too much stuff to do. Yeah sure. Of course we all know he's getting shit done, though you know so it's like. He really is one of those rare individuals yeah. I could stay stoned but yet no, I just I think maybe some decompression, like I think, like
The end Dante's circles, I how I think airports might be on them. There is a lot of them. I hate the whole process and I there is dance like you know what I'd people God bless. People have that price Hedjet money that Elon Musk money. You know what I'm saying like we did, but that's wasting your burning not all that cash sure. If you're making you're in Spain and forty on the jet, like man I rent to, indeed, is just the the the process. Man, it's when you it's talking about being alone in hotel rooms. I hate, I hate the hurry up and wait a lot of the entertainment industry and that's what it's built around it still trips me. When I wake up in the morning and look at the ceiling. I don't remember where I am yeah, Ohio, No, yes, silly! No! No! No! No! No! Yes! Yes!
You know what country am I in that's right, it's too weird, it's very with. Do you think When you take the time off, are you going to still right stop in the studio. I write a right. Five days a week and I record every Thursday every Thursday every Thursday really yeah see right five days a week. Now, what's your process like? How do you write it has to be soon? late at night yeah. I can't I so I really can't do anything going today. Um, I'm just a nocturnal by nature. Uhm. I just sit there with the beat blasting just sit there yeah! Let it come one boy, one boy, one boy: until it's done so, do you have a Robbie beet with no lyrics and then yeah so makes a beat for you. First
I work with a lot of producers, so they'll send them, and when I love something I'll go hi, I'm going to work on this tonight, so you get the beat. And then and then you sit and listen to it, and you start thinking about things that say over actually like. Oh, what's the hardest thing for me is the first line, whereas the hardest thing yeah, I'm sure the authors of this exact yeah, I'm sure I mean the first jokes, probably argues that everything goes off of that yeah. You know what I mean. So it's that that line is super hard and then I love I love being in the studio. I love it the whole! That's why I would be. Unfortunately, because when we were kids records sold right so you could be like. I don't want it or I'm fucking the weather, Beatles resold, Fuckin', one hundred million bucks or you don't They didn't want it or at like sixty seven and they never did again yeah. You know what I mean, but but
It's everything is generated monetarily through Tor in March. You know what I mean, so it's like the ground. Is that and you I don't like to feel, like my hand, is forced ever because that that's when it starts that's that square world and I never want to feel like. I am obligated to do something and that could be some of my animosity towards storing you know what I mean like you know. This is what you do. This is what you have to do. Do you know this many days. This is this like it's it's just a it's just as my brain man, you know obvious We all this sh. It takes a physical toll on you but fries, my brain, where I'm like just completely zonked like uh uh, walking through life. I never like. I never see anything people like how was blah blah and how is the Louvre and like I never saw that she you know. I know how is the Bubba Blah enabled the same shitman, it's like! Oh, how
is my. I never saw Shitman nothing right, no room venue, hotel, room, Van or bus. You know what I yeah it yeah, I rinse repeat you know and people that you know I people go up like I said like I take it is: is the entertainment business in general? It's there's a there's. A a perception that, that isn't work, because it's the work they do yeah. The trial working on a car all day. I might try driving fifty now is with someone who smells like balls in art or van or you know like I tried, but you take it though right take it over a regular job wash now, when you write, do write with a pencil and paper. Do you right in your head? Do you write on a computer? How do you write a role in uh time. Book is like a spiral. Rhyme book forget all my adult,
and then I started not being able to read my handwriting, because I write like a graffiti writer and I'm back. What's this word, So now I go at what I do. I go over my head when I have enough when I have enough I'll type it out. You know and then like gold, my head going type it out. Now it's like clean and organized, which is not me on How long do it that way? Really recent how old are within a year really yeah and you right. Like on Microsoft, word or something like I don't even know what it is. Just like a note thing on the computer. It's called like notepad or something ok, yeah, but like on a MAC no pc, but it? Wouldn't the writing five days a week and going into the and recording every Thursday? only started when I stopped heavy drinking like everything changed, yeah everything changed 'cause, you don't want to
be creative when you're hungover now do you want to sleep? You know what I mean so like I recorded more in the past two years, then the previous ten yeah man, yeah yeah. I have tons of music recorded. You know, maybe it's not all great, but it's recorded. You know and I'm writing him. I've, clarity, on a lot of levels. Is there any window that you could see opening up where you can make money from the actual music itself, because it? This is a. I mean the last couple of decades through the music business on its but there's streaming. Services now and Jamie was just talking about the thing that Steven tie was talking about. It's called M music. Modernization act, yeah yeah, That's a thing where they're trying to get these stream company right because they're giving you a pittance, Dora is a pandora that just sold for means of dollars. It's like what do you do right?
worth billions dollars. What you do, you distribute other people's art right really have don't pay them yeah, you don't pay them. You make all the money yet ok to say pennies on the dollar wouldn't be enough. I'm not exaggerating it's not even no. I'm not sure. If either one of you guys saw the tweet from Crosby from Crosby, Stills and NASH, I didn't see it. It was like a break down. Of what he got pay from. You know a house huge those records worse right and it was like fifty five dollars or something for for, like two hundred million streams and then Peter Frampton responded to him with uh other screenshot is like here's mine and I wanted the biggest records ever Peter Frampton comes over and they were going back and forth and like people in the industry will retweeting it because I mean guys who are
older and be richer than we can ever imagine and they it's important for people like them to speak up like ours. I repeat this streamers, don't pay us for the damned music that we made in all caps. Don't pay us. This is David Crosby, a few tweets that similar yeah there's one with the actual numbers in that yeah. I mean it's dining in. I don't understand how they're getting away with it. I don't either. I don't either and I'm not powerful enough to do that. That's why I don't like him, At one point, Taylor, Swift pulled all harsh it and I was like that's great 'cause she's huge yeah, that's an important statement. You know what I mean it's like. If, you guys, weren't getting paid correctly from uh, gaming service. For you stand up and someone like Eddie Murphy spoke up. That's important, yeah, Afucking Hakon's connected tweeting about it. Well, I don't. I want to put my podcasts on
been trying to do it for years and I'm saying now yeah what do? What do I get out of the right of course? Well, it's just another way for people to get your. You know, there's a lot of people to listen and like these people. Are you listen right? I don't want to stretch it out to me. What will you do? is now and they're blown away that you say no and again, that's why I think your punk rock and whether you do or not you just say it fuck you well. I just understand what they're doing the thieves and they want to put app. It's on it and the most recent thing is that they'll, give you some money but like not compared with you Rankin right, and what are you going to do? While you have is other people's work right other than you just have a bus station. I mean I feel bad for PETE built your own everything, your your own entity I've done the same thing on a smaller level, where outliers Bro, like some people, really need that
yeah. You know what I mean like when they get stuck in the system and then even worse, they become a part of some sort of a network where they have a bunch of executives telling them what they wanted to do it and sign those major label deals that are you know in the videos with the jewelry and ship, not ship, real, it's either fake. Did those cars are rented. I know know what I mean: there's good still living in the projects and then there in those videos with lambos yeah. You know it's like sections become reality through social media. Some people think, like you know, I have rented car and ran a jewelry on that you're worth? listen. I know you don't know the fuckery that that label offered that he's got a three the deal the taking his march to take him. That is that's what's crazy, that they take your march in your ticket sale, especially using company that doesn't have anything to do with performing they take a piece of you perform. Yes, yes, and these things that, like you, things, are
over to me and I'm like YO man, I spent my entire life building this an you you want to so the pie that I baked for no reason. Yeah. I'll share with anybody, but what's the reason for it, but you got be offering something something to the table. To not offering you know, they're not bring anything to the table. What are they saying that we can make you bigger, will get you on the radio, which nobody listens to anymore, like what are they saying right? He listens to the radio, not Maine. Is there any? What is zero big radio station these days that anybody listens to not going I'm aware of, I mean, I know they still exist, like I know the hot ninety seven still in New York, but I don't know anyone listens to it. But where did let's find out about music. Now it's gotta be through the internet. It's still the interwebs. Yesterday I asked the kid The young barber was cutting me and here's. What do you do you you, you musician, you know it seems like casually got into it. I was just making
conversation as a? How do you listen to music use like Spotify, Apple, music and sound cloud? Yeah? Okay? I don't use the any of the three of them, but yeah, but good to know. You know what I mean. It's like it's. I like I listened. I have your pocket asked on again podcast app on my phone. You know I mean and I'm assuming that's what people do yeah a little bit easier to track. I suppose, but again it's like the Peter Frampton and David. Crosby thing like I said it was some number that's outlandish like two one hundred million streams or something any fifty dollars, yeah like How is that criminals? How is it legal it shouldn't? Be they rigged the system they did. They have to right away to quantify it. The same way record sales would have been like. We went to the fucking store, we went to tower records or the mom and pop store, whatever because that's recent numbers per scream Napster was Rhapsody zero.
Nineteen one, zero point, one hundred and twenty five apple music. So get your song, played a million times and get less than five dollars seems fair, since he said that fuqing insane million streams. You get less than five clams man, is insane it's. So small z, Youtube, zero point. Sixty nine is that What is that? What is that? What is that? That's fucking insane one hundred and sixty nine hundred one thousand three hundred that's a hardware to one hundred thousandths of a dollar, I'm going to even That is money at that point, but what does anyone do when they move their faced with the sword? Information, like is anything of change. And if it does change with the new double it? That's what I mean:
that's not where real ten, but that's my worry that it's being brought to the people's attention in my gold. You know the big government might get involved in hello. How much is that going to shift right. Well, this seems like the artist can't pull their music. Using his is owned by the record companies. The record companies are going to and they're not going to pay them the they would pay. Someone buying it right. I know Taylor Swift, pulled her ship for a minute on some making his stance, but, however, it was rectified. She put it back up. He gave her money, probably I'm sure they gave her money yeah. They give people money they're, giving people money for podcast too. They give you money for exclusive use of it for a couple days or something like that, but for two day yeah, something along those lines or they want to put their own ads on its rolls lines, but people can get your podcast We need to do now. Man, just letting someone make some money off you for no reason absolutely absolute. And what we do is like we
control our. Why don't we give that up? Yeah, tell me what that's they need to tell me I would give up control of my shift to you yeah. I can't write There's no logical explanation. Unless we're talking fucking money and you want all your music deal- yeah see that's nice, that's nice and there's not a lot of people that can say that. No, because you know You know when you sign with a major their own, your masters man. So it's like you can't do it. You know. If I want to You know an album of mine that came out in two thousand and say in two thousand and twenty I want to do a tenth three edition on blue Vinyl and all that kind of cool. I can not ask anybody right right, it's like director ownership is basically what I'm doing it's on my merge companies run. You know I try to do that as much as possible because that diy aesthetic is, is important to me. Yet I mean it's the
You know we go out with people in that they seemed untouchable. You know, rockstar! Should certain You know I mean I and I would like to sort of bridge that gap where it's like not come up with a with right I mean yeah. Let's, let's talk, how are you what's your name in do you still sell actual physical. Cds, anymore yeah, we do because there's a niche audience man that, like people you them. Is it like? It's like Well see I press vinyl, I pressed tapes before, but they do it just to be just to be cute. Yeah yeah. I liked me Cujo so now, yeah games Vinyl CD vinyl sells the most, Well, yeah, yeah love, vinyl, DJS, right yeah, it's a big big combat cd. Still there
most died honestly right now. Today, tapes are more popular than cds. Well yeah, it's just like a nostalgia thing and I'll probably go away, but like we discussed not even pressing them, wow yeah like that's how much I did 'cause I'm old school, but we discussed like not doing it, but vinyl still common and strong yeah, do you buy into the sound difference? I do yeah yeah yeah, but I buy into it with first you have to start at the source, like if it's recorded. Amazingly, then I would sound city, it's gonna, sound city right like what I rather listen to the b those on vinyl You know I listen and then Lizzy on vinyl metals. Like I mean a lot of a lot of hip hop ship all kids have a mic and a laptop in the bedroom, and that's that's the recording studio. Yeah, that's not going to make any fucking difference is going to be what Ryan, but bands who care I it's warmer like a violin.
Stevie Wonder records. These are warmer warmer yeah yeah. I've heard the expression yeah, I don't know really how to articulate it, but in my head I know what it means just the baseline drums everything sounds warm to me, can they replicate some people can with electronics. He two a degree you still need to. You still need get analog to a degree. You know what I mean: there's still a few studios in the country, the two, real real, because that sound you can't right, you can't have a fully replicated. You can get close, but you need to go to a real real to really get that you know sound that we loved yeah. Now what about like apple, music and people, buying things on Itunes, things like that that people still do that right, yeah, but that's dropping too yeah.
Yeah. It's it's it's so streaming. There also stream dominated now, because the one people are doing that like buying albums on Itunes, buying albums digitally or on Amazon or whatever. If someone's preferences it was sweet, it was good good money order and then the streaming shift like it. Logically, if you're, a casual music fan, you pay ten dollars a month for Spotify for every album. It's ever been recorded right, really blame the van right. You know what I mean and their ways of the ways of testing music is so different. Like I love bring the vinyl. I love. Reading the thank you's right. I love ' the smell of the fucking cassette tape I loved on who's, an experience going to the store being on the bus with the headphones on the first time you hear it yeah. No, I can tell you where I was when I for when I bought nozzle matic, where I I can tell you all that that's debt, the experience that it's you know boom bond and I have
the album right I mean I got the new Joe Rogan, album right two seconds with a click. That's a weird thing to me: yeah, you know what I mean: it's not I guess it's not weird to them, but even those stores you would go to where there was a little stations. We could press a button to listen to a preview of all these different people. Just stand there all day listening to music all day. That's only get it and they didn't have them. You were buying shiting, guessing yeah, not really bad smelling bad. Should I want to look at a cool. Album cover sounds great yeah. I bought out. You know like metal albums with a bad as cover in a band with just yeah? You see sugar man, yes, how crazy zap, moving clocking crate, I don't know what's crazy at the story. Or that he got big an african language using batch. That movie made me cry bit me too bad, you're, crazy, but just how insane that this guy went on to become like a laborer for a construction. Come they had no idea that he was a superstar in Africa insane and then
goes. There is an older man who sold out stadium and they all know the words yeah. It's beautiful man, that's that is one of the crazy documentaries of all time, searching for sugar man. If you haven't seen folks, yes, gotta see it, it's brilliant well done, yeah, that's a different error too. Yeah. You know that I gave all his money away. I do same. No deals or no joke. Yeah mean he lives like you lived when he was a poor construction worker, yeah, boat, elevated, elevated way of thinking yeah. I think he just got so used to being in that space. For so long and and is music is good, really good. It's really good! I take some, Times man like when that's brought on you you're still more comfortable in that other way. Yeah. Some people don't want to they're, not comfortable, embracing that
You know whether its wealth or fame or a mixture of both I did. I just think he was like I'm I'm good yeah, I'm content and there's people with billions at our content. What's more, there's nothing more important than being good with yourself and he's Good with himself yeah, that is one of the scarier things, someone insanely successful, but never satisfied. I think a lot of people are like that. That's one of the things that I was saying about. Trump like if you who are seventy years old and you have billions of dollars. Why are you you still working. Yes, what do you do? You think something? change and you're going to live forever right? Do you do you have so perception that you literally on the last finger of grains in your hourglass. It's all you got left and you know spent it on a yacht in Acapulco. Getting your dick sucked, a big pimpin background? What's the mechanism in his head? It's this driving is
I think about like that about Warren Buffett. Yeah right keeps you going four nine years old with now do you know how much money but he's a real word? he still lives in and in the middle of nowhere, his estranged brother, regular house yeah, and he his suits, always look like. They were just pulled off the rack at at yeah and one Taylor yeah he goes to Terence Crawford fights always is always there. He was rocking out. Floyd won the money yeah. He he's isn't sure he rips the yeah. He's an interesting guy. He was super interest, yeah but listen man. We just did three hours, believe it or not. Thank you for loving me, my pleasure brother, I'm glad we finally got a chance to. That means, a lot of cool fan for a very long time to tell people how they can find you on Twitter Instagram Box cutter Pozzi on Instagram. What is twitter it's uh.
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