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2018-10-04 | 🔗
Everlast is a Grammy Award-winning American rapper, singer, and songwriter. His new project "Everlast presents Whitey Ford's House of Pain" is available now on streaming services and for purchase here: https://fanlink.to/wfhop
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Ladies and gentlemen, my new Netflix special strange times is available right now it's on Netflix and I think it's my best one. A really do I worked hard at it. Four. Basically, two years from the time triggered came out, I was I was on it. I was polish in adding and subtracting and fuckin. Bang it out on the road, it's out, I'm very happy with it. I'm five fucking hate everything I do, but to be honest with you, it's the part of the process. If you are a person, is high standards in you, you you're doing something like stand up comedy in your constantly analyzing in being introspective and going or everything the fine tooth, comb, everything you hate, but legitimately I can say, I think it's my best one. Yes, I hope you enjoy it. Ok, Fox this episode, podcast, brought you by master class. This is opening that. I really love. I lie really love. What they're doing, because I love this pact.
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shave clubs darter set for just five bucks. After your starter set product ship, a reg, price and make sure you check out their new video to that's dollar shave, club dot com, Slash Rogan dollar shave, club, dotcom, Slash, Rogan aright. My guest today good friend of mine, sucking powerful musician he's one of those guys that when I became friends with I was like holy shit, I'm friends with every last cuz. You know growing up in listening to jump around from the house of pain like that, so fuckin best hip hop zones of all time. If you disagree, fuck you about that, but he's just a great guy, smart guy cool all around grounded the earth human being. I love em and I love talking to him. So please give it up for the great and powerful everlasting
experience with german live and available right now, every last Whitey Ford House of pain you answer how I saw, how are you doing less the abrupt gets going? You wait. You convicts Sweden. The five year when we got no part in the night before we win Doyle showed the Berlin Wall. We nobody evanescent but on the on. Where have I feel like alone here, with the headphones? Aren't there we got here we go we're unstinting now we're locked in this is out. This is outright came out about three weeks ago, someone there, maybe more beautiful I've been in Europe for the whole, much restoring. So this is like everything everlasting presents. Whitey wards house of pain. Yet it's not you. It's everything in the tool box. I brought to this record. So that's kind of where the title came from GIS. Spinning year, since my last real studio album. So I figured hey me:
this could be the last one I hope not binds just like. As you know, the Emmy, like you know that my stories like an old within the family, dedicate allow more much honour the family than I you know causes some of the no extra issues we deal with, which everything is wonderful. In great now you known dude, I'm thirty pounds lighter than the last time I was here aren't do that we had started here, because I put out purposely came here that day it was the first if your medicine was while running done, a thousand podcast instead day, but it was a first am I come out they started talking about anything like you know. There was going on in my life into public way. You know I got a lot of my just a day, and I also plan that data to put myself an opposition. The whole myself accountable by this by stating, I don't feel good about the way. I look right now and I reached out for it like theoretically for help- and I got an increase-
the response from the palace ass audience and my own fans maggot offered from everybody everywhere. How to do this? That any other din really need. Deck as within my own circle. Some people stepped up, and I also did it to hold myself accountable to pull in a universe like I've thrown out there. I gotta put it up there on the wall and snow and stamped it said. Here's what I want out of life right now and in those nobody Sabah me, but me sometimes some of the things I used to do you used to get on to see you talking about that. I'm not letting this intervention kick my ass today and I said I just started taking things like that to heart. You know and we're gonna hurt you change. Would you do different start a timer last time therapy. You know I mean it helped a lot for me because I love this. Do you know the added pressures are family faces with my oldest daughter having cystic fibrosis? You know just for a long time, I was just learning how to live life with it. You know that guy heavy there was some real dark. You know heavy
moments. You know scary moments for her in hospital, so we I mean as a human. You know you have this baby and you just try to figure out how to not screw it up with a normal health situation. You know this is added, think so took a law. Time for me to come upstairs at first I got really angry. I got in some real, you know Lieutenant Dan Moore with God kind of stuff. You know at the top of the sail boat. Flipped me out of this. I was there all the way in it got to appoint we're almost I I was at almost got locked up for trying to fight a cop. That was, you know, training just talk to me, about something I just lost my lad. No, so much anger over so much that I wasn't dealing with, and then I found a guy that really got me therapists and, and it began the that that the ball rolling of understanding how to cope with a lot less stuff, while
So as far as like, first of all, you look really good night things. Your face looks great. Your skin looks good. I'm dumb taken a lot better care myself. It looks like it are you? What are you doing different as far as like how you eat or steam cleaner? You know just trying not to let you know to be more aware of. What's in the food and wanting to meet and stuff, you know, I'm still part of the whole partial meet system, though I long to to to get into a situation where I'm hunting and in doing things like that, just we talked about that for why I wanted to try hunting pigs to hone rely eyes. I asked you what would be the best starting point and you were like you know. They got bore up there well to home, and I know some guys and actually contacted them and are not just again this life This is not just this. Is this the daddy stress of light? You know I have a wife that when I go on the road she's, the sole handler of these problems, uniting and so that these things a pile on you guilty stress, and all this you know, and so yeah
since between that, when I'm home, I just invest myself, I want to be home. I want to do as much as I can lift that we, so I gotta get caught about that. And all the things I want to do. I can't do all the time you know me, but it started again now care of myself, like I'm. Actually is about to start gives you again, you know which I'm out, because I would forever ourself can't goddamn fat middle hip escapes we're like united I was hurt, my back or my neck, every other time, which I do I just quit. Right as it was getting. You know I mean I was its will reverse. I was probably pretty close to get new bluebell, about a year in online for lessons a week with just the private. I was mark as the nieces, admittedly Beverly Hills Jujitsu for a while. So now I'm just looking to see what I wanna. Do you not talk to any a few times and talking with few other guys, Kron has Tell you what my way do in any exercise at all. Besides cardio not much waits or anything like that, just you know, keep at it moment to our two hours. I stay tonight right, it's good to do something. First, I feel like
I was tell people like you. Jitsu gruelling that I think of. Why me you could just jump any you will get shape through Jujitsu, but a good thing to do is like find a place that too is you kettlebells and take some kettlebells classes and just just get yourselves? strong enough that it one of these markets used to do brought Marcus is to run me around a Jim for thirty minutes before we could even startled ass. It, like I literally had to puke for the first like months, genocide, Let's go away a lot and then We take so long that he would be like your past puking thing. You ran and interim good, but I would like first I would like yeah really be runs. Allows beauty in the crazy part about this fifteen minutes after you felt great, because when you are doing the less than those in our year, those does the old school Gaza Tubby Do these two one, like all the old school crossing Gore Gracie classes, you know a grueling physical work out first hip escape
sharp, set ups body weight squads. I was different yet up, there's a good thought process behind that not just go. Gets in shape, but also that you learn how to do Jitsu when you're tired. So do you and how to just use technique and not use ideological strive to do. You almost have no choice but to relax yeah there's people disagree with that. They think you learn technique when you fresh the exits and better, but it's just two different schools of thought: you know, I don't think he's either. One is right. It's definitely good to understand that what it's like to be tired and how to how to train and how to how to push yourself. When your tire store I'm excited. I am really looking forward to it like I just started talking about like, but two weeks ago I was with you. So a lot of weight to lose man. That's a big accomplishment. I got fifteen order really to him. My goal, yeah I'm gonna, be to twenty five to twenty five and good way:
You taking vitamins or supplements or anything along those lines like a daily, but I don't have restrictions cuz. I take blood, thinners and stuff cuz. It is titanium heart valve I have so I got to have a vitamin. That's the devoid of vitamin k, a blood clot. So I like a lot of things like the juicing things in like things like that, when you want to go on a juice cuz, I can't do it cuz. It's like a lot of his scale based and, like Hale, is heavy green with its high and vitamin k it or told me like screw up my blood chemistry. What you know cause I'm going the other direction with blood vendors. Three asked Craig. I have to eyes like a clock and hit like stick to that titanium valve, break off and wind up in my brain, and I mean and then some stroked out, that's the last thing. We need fuck yeah. I'm only put the microphone up to your heart and hand it
the outs I'm so so when I mean here I'll, keep feeling like a beat you can hear it anyway is like all through this. I hear it. Twenty is white noise to me. If I want to hear that hearing take my pulse like this. Just by telling you to begin here it in my own skull I can hear it in my bones. I can hear it's in me. How long is it good for forever? ever laws, I take care Maloney there s been twenty years. Literally in twenty eight and ninety in art and ninety eight. Why I just get you knows, I keep the thin blood thinners going in? And you know, if I get checked at you know two times three times a year, you know and then the blood thinners it because if you got a clot, it would somehow know that doc in advance, clock I or or in it it's a titan, involves the clock. It actually form on it. The metal like it could, the blog. If it's the blood to sticky into you know, has too much Clodagh could stick to the bow, then break off and then wind up in your brain.
So what does it mean, avoids low class in general? Yet right? What's the difference between that and break a regular valve? What would happen to the regular another choice would have been a pig valve and those are good for fifteen years they are you held open you up again here I would have had to have a lively do yeah prior right now to be go here. I got yeah, they do that for older people is what they do could like. You know when you get into your sixties, ale, in other really Laura that cause pigs fatal day. You know me round fifty mocking soon out there to save him. For now, yes, oh I'm, scottish Saint Jutes, Saint Jutes, artificial, thou, powerful medical to technology. Any brother gotta, titanium disk in his back now here just had a surgery. This right, yeah act moves around great. It's like he was fully compressed where there was nothing left, was basically bone on bone, whose in pain all the time, and they just open them up and put a fake valve in their crazy or fake disk rather in there, but
articulating. So like moves around like a regular disk he's his doesn't it's not like it's fused interviewer, seen people that are often get the few, run it got Antonia. The super stiff like wherever it is basically locked down. There's no movement to it anymore but eddies is, is actually moves like a real desk to shit, that's gonna become and down the pipeline is gonna, be crazy man I mean, I know, people with fake everything, an appeal with thick hips and thick knees and its fake harville sake. Vows, yams amazing, I mean at a certain point time that's going to replace your whole body. Take the brain out, put it in You need to download your conscious and that's what you are saying. You you're mega shrub mad trouble. He didn't really ass if they made this maids noise, but here's the deal did when you got twenty five billion dollars. All trouble is bullshit truth. So good luck with your trouble here
you're in trouble airline he's out there were two fuckin flame, thrower shootin rocket ships into the atmosphere, throwers crazy Does one every wants man his best little kid you by that is that, like not anymore, you there's one or their character, yeah He saw them all out like em like today's or something don't doubt it I would have had a minute what you can do with them have just fine. It's just you the flame, thrower literally called not aflame, drawer yeah. So amazing, it's basically. What you saw in the movie aliens mow. The second alien wondered shootin flames, the aliens- that's the thing is the scene. Certain just the other day almost like I was here where either you yes at the building up of area that was in here GAD also my instagram madman. The world needs more. Those more people like him, not more flamed drawers,
plenty of flame. So why are you would afford the fighters Wigan super jacked for it man and we got it, show before anybody coming out to jump around I don't know they have to link day. You know I'm wind for Conor. Did you know? How does he not up? That's why he comes out the Sinnate Oconnor right. That he's does like yours we like that into like the notorious song. I write them yeah No tolerance, fat. Who was coming out to jump around Marcus Davis? Did he do I know Cavallo than that. The female writer She said he, I guess yeah veo. Thank you. Yes, I know she comes out to jump right. I met her advice. You supercool soup, to provoke. Quite a few people have come out I think machine came out to it- was really is over.
To a now. I'm not I'm, not really sure they employ. Sometimes, I just think Dana says you're coming out. It's definitely takes away bad choices. Finally, what might be the serb wooden there's really like ear, throw that it and put them down until came out the sweet, Caroline. He came out to work. Was that NEO Colonial diamond yeah. He had the whole crowd sing along when it is crazy, crazy was it was that in boss dinner in that area of the country. Now it was. Where was I fight Chicago Chicago makes sense. No time wasn't in Chicago, they could know. Dallas was dead. That's giants. Heads who came here was weird is weird: it's like you know, that's a big deal, walk out, songs or big
You can have a website also at what the thing for me as when I hear one of my songs, I'm just obtuse. Always like. Oh, please win all right. If you saw it becomes a career here as a man called John anecdotes. Stats on this bombs like how many times people Fischbach Bruce for whether not they want to lose? You know, like Andy ECHO Sanchez broke. The curse is last fight. He fist bumped, Bruce anyway. One so that this guy was a cursed with China figure it out, ok cause. He was like. I think it's like fifty fifty now like whether not people when they fist bomb priests buffer when they went, and there is a bad street for awhile like three or four. People in a row lost. There were fist pumpkin, Bruce, gives you the intro. You know it in and when he gives you the incident in o d, I go a nightmare siren child slaves, artifice bump and if you feel bump and back enough
If you do engage in that, like Annick was like trying to figure out like Annick, is kind of a degenerate gambler in the most Those positive way I mean he's not losing his family are as library, fucking, love, gambling and so he's is like giving you stats on this and that is put to bed or right. I win its name and things he actually bets on, but he's always thinking that way. I would do better to yeah. Could I wonder if you could bet on how many people who fists bump Bruce buffer? You could find somebody to take but the thought process would be you're not totally in the zone if he had time to respond proof buffer machine for by the way, It's also your moment when senior near the end of the I don't know it's strictly Turkey was sounds like it's about even so yeah, just one of them tat. Someone do stats on it, because John Annex only done like you know, just off the top of his head.
We are sorry guys basement right now, starting starting to watch the veneer if ashore write it down. Ok, let's take the notes. Will you could basically been on anything these days right, in Vegas. Pretty much find a lot of things. I like that. You wouldn't bet on you that you can. I don't even bet, but I like the fact you can bet on everything not my honour, Anders COIN Flip, in its also like that, it's freedom. I don't like this idea that people are telling you what you can't can't do with your money like a king Gamble Pneumonia. Well, you have to go to spot the desert like. Why says so do I like it. You can go right here, like any other lady, no liking of scene on every corner. Who cares while people got those are penetrating and laws are family ones? Will they really well? They really is. I was can do it so the GINO, maybe for a while, but then people will be like we shouldn't.
There is much like the infant Tyler cessation of people. You keep them protect them from themselves. You dont, protect them from liquor. Stores are fast. Cars in those things are everywhere everywhere. The appointment I'm with you man. I can never live in Vegas, our american I could live in Vegas enough. It was between Beirut in Vegas figures show. Do it affair it up. But you know just it seems to me like this. Just the whole thing is it's a bill, I mean there's shows in its wonderful news. Neon is great restaurants and all that stuff, but it's also built on you lose money. The whole thing is built on. You lose immigrants, the real population of biggest like a half a million people like that of people that aren't they invest. In gambling and where the fuck we saying yes
guess I half a million people here about your ball right, six, six hunter thirty pretty pretty close dad's, a good guess I would preclude, but I've been with, Would that close enough to win back mean fuel prices right as those you got a real small town there. This act like a city to it's kind of. We won't like what is the problem, malaysian at any given time with all the hotels filled, in writing. This weakens the big we at least dole more that price I'm saying at least even I got off reason all day you're, probably at least double that, but a lot of the folks at work in I guess they live in- like Henderson or small. We can go and nice Nehru kids can ride bogs industry, it's like normal. We have to some are linked to the US really nice over there. Yes, yes, a few, though spots, then I'll ignore actually like stay unaware that red wrong. That's nice, only to strip the flash thuggery man. That's why I like you,
I want to work we'll take a capitalist, Bugger actually comes over forty minutes away, actually says is one that has at any given time. Probably more like that. So far, the fight was about a big fight weekend, but on protection for hotels, many people are another telegrams. Yes, there's a hundred and forty eight thousand rooms. Woe do they might be a hundred forty eight thousand people began to scream, and yet, if you, if you're there this weekend, just pay attention is gonna be bananas. The last for the May when their fight. There is thus a video that someone posted of Mandalay Bay and manually- it was any. The fight was taken place and the Irish had this one hallway complete We filled and they were all singing. There were say: ancestry, analyzer, sixth avenue in New York, don't give a fuck. Now There is one last island, so little island got on a plane to fucking crazy.
And there's a lot of us here too. You know- and I say I got a little in me- one quarter. Does there's, there's so many more irish or irish part irish people in a man, There's more than there are irish people in Ireland. They did a lot of fuckin came over here and a lot of money and they fought and they weren't discriminate about. You know color or create or any other Numa Jamie's gotta notorious he shouldn't with our flag with Eu Savage Zat available at young, Jamie dot com is a link there. If you need, oh, my goodness, powerful commerce I want to try this whisky honestly that he's gotta got it. I got it. I got euro whisky idea I want to. I want to lay hands on it. What's a good whisky, I was actually It's gonna bring you about all of this- and I will next time, but I didn't because of its size, Tyler so brought over, maybe fallen apartment right now. Well, gentlemen, Bert crashes, gonna crews and our should fear and Tom Skirt both gave the green light to drink because
this fitness challenges fallen apart. Meanwhile bird is strongly in last place. All the talk about the Mickey mantle Jean designing close, but what's was fastened, These are issues of fear is very close to me he's only you posted today before my work out the sneaky bitch that he was ahead of me, but that's how close he is he so close tat before his work out. He was like a hundred points ahead of me before my work out rather after his now he's like foreigner points by me, but that's that's close foreign imports is one work out if you're an asshole and you want to get on a fuckin treadmill for two hours, you can hang out foreign appoint
a bank out five hundred today, five o seven at the other work up to European, not least man is boring, regiment watching. I was watching now gladiator, there's little red spikes in my work out where I hit ninety per that's, when the fights were happening, I got apt to pod. Cast wired up month would suck redbreast is my favorite new whisky redbreast makes that redbreast is to take an irish whiskey? It did not bring you by low the twenty year old. It's it's gorgeous too many years, all beautiful. What was I should that we drank with stand up. Those really good was a stand up now. He'll on stay longer or extend home brought it and doesn't some ban make it Florida floor.
A minor. Some should examine it. Is it there's a pop ban? Let me go good whisky, like a country banning country part whenever this man, if you close up she, but you get them fake, Remsen Eugene's! You can go sucker Baghdad. That country does not say that they have that. I don't even know, but you norms and like those fake ribs and the gene drives and have a careful, cribs immigrants being checked. Those fake, ribs drive me goddamn bananas like what are we would pretending that we work hard, What are we pretending that we ve had these genes for a long time in their special to us, or do we just buy them off the shelf at Macy's, pre ripped like assholes, where the fuck did not take place like if our grandparents, who made it through. The depression could come over here and see as buying RIP Jean though they would realise like what is wrong. This nerve,
softened down fuckin shitty country? We live in America too, easy to use to get by wolves in the streets Young Eric you'll be started, can be running around fuck. A vague ribs Eugene's may bring job when one best runs does all who's. This does them the five nailed it and even made a nail. You mean that I just took a while guess I don't know damn thing about these fellows go to that other one. Go to that last picture. If we could go look at look at those gmail, a bigger will, he looks like we ve got it all tat shark. I got some paint you do that. Someone's gray got some fucked up shit. I'm your genius modem, keep a real sad letter
going on them and not come claim my genes here. Listen, I should shut the fuck up and basically, where yoga pants I got these barbel genes on these aren't even genes is a Yoda, passing all genes are made a weird like to think that may well. These don't do this and even Geezer heavily down on these are like they might as well be spandex. I might as well be wearing yoga, but most most answer that now, even the ones that look like dreams a lot of them or that they failed better technology. It's called advancement in human civilization, yet you want to drive a car with least rang like an asshole, some new magnetic Cadillac escalate I'm going to bring your magnetic. You know: crews, through your pants, you wanna Dino, be sweaty the breeze from fake holes. I'll take the sweat, like a man, Iraq, my cuz. I got skinny enough,
where these mother fucker ok. I respect government aware that end Wifey phalanx, these mother well does to two places. Stoneware cowboy boots here, which we russian sneakers for life to offer campaigns hanes, he them cowboy boots, and I just shut my mouth looked down those big wooden heels. I think andreasen knows bit kerosene Andrews Emptiness, but he's got a bit about due to wear cowboy boots. Holy shit is funny alma. Upon the two young enough might not even put it on a special yet, but he's a whole bit about deeds, dressed up like with cowboy hats on cowboy boots, fucking hilarious anyway. But I digress: what's this us a cow skull with the third? I what's that Justice Richard I lacked, looks like it to brand
adaptation. Interest has Faye Colon Elbow Jesus. Sorry dude this. Why this embargo, I'm not gonna, tell the true what is happening with the holes have then happen. What happened to us? Sorry do the disappointing, but the reality is this: what's fucked up? Why does it look better? Kindly does kind of looks better if you weren't a shirt and it's got like even of the New Europe has got like those little all around the cowardly, tiny holes like a little bit a little a reappear, little tiny rip, their wise better. I don't know, maybe because it's not maybe there's some psychological way of ripping things- that some people are more talented added, that they just know where the media who they make. It We would like, if you had like a pair of device that where the knee was given, then we would advance that shit. You know only some cool yeah you would like. If it was, I will. We then do not like rip up like they do now days. Will I like say you
added pair genes, long enough, they are the needs. We get things moving, ripped a little you just gotta run with it, maybe stress and not do that. Little bit more present the one thousand. Six hundred twenty five dollar designer t shirt complete with tears in holes. Ok, we can all agree if you buy that you're a fucking asshole if spent a thousand dollars on a tv show. Your kind of joint good thing about that is, I think, that's a lady to show an M halls around them tat. She has just been overtired. Shoes and it might be a nip slip. There might be a nip poke through write. A book or those holes are quite possibly those today's just now right? You know how that works to act. She might not be wearing that shirt dominated by a person. Who am I the American valid yeah? They do things and they just put different shirts on, should Photoshop mission to Korea, but that's a stupid shirt. That's one thousand there's just like this one, there's a t, shirt that has a button.
Now shirt so to the front of it once dude it was gone. The blogs couple weeks ago, you know what I'm gonna go easy easy. This meagre blogs easing somebody should at least through and shit. So I might be kissing like these crazy designer crazy do air Jesse's. I have a couple pairs. I don't really. Where now much thank you the Jordan Guy, even thought about lightning on fire but sometimes like when you know I do it's kind of vat should crazy, actually say that on his hour day, sales batch crazier than yea and Sarah Paling I'll look at this yeah. That's a real thing. Oh good law! That's why thing, so one side has a t shirt and then the other things sound the front, but it doesn't it So it's hang like it is just hanging there, but it doesn't even look, you're wearing it they say, is today being inserted. Groaning your shirt. What? But Poland go back? That price is oh yeah dollars
thirteen hundred dollars and violent worse than the turkish working environment- oh my god! Thirteen hundred dollars for that do you see con you jumped on table University was time I leave Elon Musk alone. Adieus lost his mind was going on. I don't know a man at that does are speculate miss all I would say this is from me- does ever since that man's mother died he's been on a downward spiral like losing his shit. Well, I think he's suffering some serious, like no bullshit, he did get into a serious car accident right, Moreau his joy but seriously and drunk a few years, but that that is not a joke. Brain trauma and listen, I'm not a doktor! Anything even remotely relate to one, but I've been around. A lot of people have been hidden ahead lot that shit's real, like that. That will change, your brain chemistry. It's an honor percentage like getting here
the head is no Bueno in car accidents will fog people up forever some people? Some people are ok, they did. They recover boy, there's a lot of people to come back for some significant head trauma and does their scrambled man and he might be one of those, and it also might be what I talked about my last special triggered. But you have created bitches loan of get some help. You return by the sole stealing sacking by inviting a true. Do, though, is an amazing again today whilst trying to figure out a way that I get away with make fun of Bruce gender without being called transfer back at a go. A circuitous route brilliant go along rout beside a dramatic hireling first time? Yes, draconian, that to listen
dude every book training anyway. Male that's got into s Arkell absolute. Why everyone laws on all its spooky gathering Morrowed M was like a world champion, ask for player dude and discard crack. Doubt can rewrite Bush. I wouldn't have now Reggie Bush got wise fuckin. What did Ailed he's got my old car he Reggie Bush has my nineteen seventy Barracuda yeah yeah I sold it other dude and so do soldier Reggie and he drives around their cards dope. Car darker, so he's got. Some taste you have any guy wise. Weird things are going on over there. He smashed and bolted, That's how you do it when he says he smash before the fake ass came to the picture to that's another phenomenon. I don't even understand diaper, but it is why what I'd like a nice?
round but yeah I like a Red Montcalm Reggie Bush driving, it was no migrants is now that Reggie glories bastard. You had her first, not really guitar, really going to look at how to get rid of oh yeah. That's the rage, I saw a right wing and innuendo. You go full circle you in one, take second place. Reggie Bush to that guy is built on brick, shit house. You know he was smashing that re whatever he damage. He did that he probably was like a car accident, maybe I'll think ass. She came after him, you get hit by that dude. I read she used to wake up before him and get hothouse ready and put his toothpaste, honest toothbrush, smart Trinity, king, probably just smashed it she's for all day
just delirious, just from other the just walking around bumping into walls and shit? The picture at him and her by the pool- and you look at how many were that guy must be just mash. In that he's, a super athlete mean that guy is built like a fuckin superhero Olenin, that's all they really date yeah right or the most part except Conway. Can you settle down brain behind a basketball player to gratify their best rightlier do dude who was on the show all the time that goes on to show all that I'm crazy live I came in three live in your life but there are in fact public just every fuckin, Betty or business being well, it's also not interesting, but yet additives Well, that you you just go slack John. You just watch assistance. Switch from one state to another, quick enough so that you keep watch it
when it's over. Nothing happened. Nothing like what the fuck did. I do with my hour. You gave it to them they advertise like eighteen and broad I get paid for, and they made a flock and a lot of money when you find out how much their families made you just go. Wait wait! Wait what what what it's it's botanizing can't care hate can ache shouldn't. You should make fun make for an all make fun all days. That's it! That's our God, given right! Yes, When you get that much money, I get that much money ass. I can't even get mad. How much funding may give me what I do. I could be a saint. You still can make fun of me. As I got damage money, nobody, that's just the way it goes yeah and you're. I mean you want to talk about someone out there, those fuckin people out there. They got everything out there and their living like performance the heads like living in a giant glass house on a pedestal in the middle of it
that's where all that comes from those like you know the fake asses and I'll. Add you so you got to keep the spectacle alive. Almost you Naveen. If it's not a spectacle, it's not enter, I guess you have to keep changing things if it's not an absolute spectacle to the vision brain will catch onto the my favorite word fuckers. I love that word to it's. My favorite work so great were ass, a good way. It really is. Great first of all its worthy and get away with no matter what it's not a worthy of you. Eventually, won't be able to use anymore factory is just gonna be around for ever and it is. It is perfect for, like nonsense, My english friends for years were saying factory minnows, that's the thing that net. It's I recently catch non over here. You really know last I d artagnan sometime buses Davies. I beheld puckery turn affair when I started using ice Using a regards to martial arts like fake martial arts. I use it
now kinds of city views it lightheartedly. He feels it seriously. It works. You re wording. This is the first time as just plain over yeah yeah, Maxwell, that's where I got it from sardines. What's the matter so here is described in some fake martial arts talking about Casino Steve's, a blackout, Jujitsu NEWS like ask a lot of factory and what a great weren't pews and just look at this. If there's a good definition- and it says it's also definition- for another word for a brothel fucker fucker. Or do you just like open my new cars that, as, of course they call it? Are you going to reinvigorate galley a brewery flock It's too late for lair. I ever that member to dawn on me it had you not draw the vulgar, slang, uncountable
sexual intercourse, as that which is fucked up. That which is fucked up. Is that which is part of by law lariat. Its definition is a factory is hilarious. A factory I had only used it in its verb form. Yet actually a noun. There is a fucking thuggery a place place we for three years brand literally brand new legislation in the French. I guess French they should have european affairs, Paris did you ever go to that place underneath it has all the skeletons know. I have not been to the catacombs friends of mine have gonna wanna go man, I want to go and see the ensuing tours and all kinds of showing what it was people are dying the plague, so that is, I think, so
buried them very. Do you know them the church put em all in the catacombs dinner one time, Paris had a wolf problem and people getting killed by wolves in recent history. Fourteen hundred tat look at those pictures old skulls, It is a crazy store by having this who is, but whenever I see pictures The remainder is a place in. I want to say what countries Prague, the Czech Republic, I think it's it's called coodent aura Kay, you T and a h, o r. It's like a church building now skylight thousands of full scale. We raise yet it as it places bananas man did you go to that too. I've been there. I haven't been to the pictures of the catacombs, but this places like an entire church decker, and then they have like little dens like place. That, sir, like thousands and thousands, are like border
the spying on all there's another one would like to underline, is well crazy. Is banana continent or, and as you know, you just go to him. I think you pay like a couple of whatever euros and can then I got tons affliction there. It's weird when you go to those places he realized these places. A fat like I was in ITALY, and there was a church that I want to, and there was glass floor. The church was over a thousand years old and has a glass floor. The walk on below the glass floor. Is the old church tat the thing thousand year old church was built on. They have no idea. How old old churches askern yeah church was sin reveal it's at the top of like there's a bunch of cute little shops in little love, thousand, shed our shortcomings in small, diverse there. Yet the did the church, the you can visit is more than a thousand years.
I put a picture, my instagram, of this crazy picture of what thought away. All looked like it was a story of who is that who, by the way on the Bible, Joan Jonah shown in the whale and its like in a mosaic on the wall, but it's like what they thought away, was like before they had photos that some it would like draw your pictures of shed. He saw it. This is what I will looks like my friend and then you know some other dude never saw well we'll make a mosaic of this shit and put it on the wall. Its is so weird at we went to watch the place they got fucked up by the Balkan. Oh two Pompey compare yeah. I was hoping it sounds fascinating tears, crazy, singular, just instantly twenty feet of ash discovered an ash. Just imagine one minute, nothing in international law or claypole why they could see the Vulcan
It's right there, so active here. I don't know I mean I don't think it's a real issue in a long time deceive you find that intervention. Sure about joining the well tat. Scary it's from July, Volcanoes Hawaii. We can go on their yeah. That's not a man to scare you re, getting rid of story like leading touched the lava they just got within like a couple inches of it and like burnt themselves like melted, their skin like off, oh yeah, not even didn't like actually hit by you can buy your shit dissolving even cook. I slap a stake on average. It would dissolve now when it wouldn't. Not the best conductor of heat slab mistake on its sphere. It flip it may take one second There was a some crazy chef did this, where they took Morton iron. They poured down this shoot and, as
is going down the shoot they slap stakes on it like they were cooking on this hot molten iron. That's crazy people get bored whenever tasted any. Protests like shit. I a good states like Malta here, like molten dirt these either audio. The lava consuming that Mustang the Jersey Coast Work hard to see. If you got payments in these four contaminants, cars killing me these payments killing me part that bitch, where without loves cover In Hawaii wants to get melted but The can never imagined, there's a lot of mustangs over there either everybody is latin american cars over there that they they buy a lot of Toyota us because they don't break or small yeah, but also like don't deny, did everything you know everything flown over there, so you don't want anything to break super to beer. Everything!
First, the more expensive there than like any other place, though it was comparable to me, was Perth really work has ever so did psych everything seemed it is the furthest like city like isolated myself in Australia, and I think it may be in the world like real, away from any other major city. That makes sense right, because Austria is as big as the United States and its really the only major city on the West Coast, the how big Perth it's like us on how many people, but it's like a city on you do perform their lot. Not lots been pride. Almost ten years since seven love Australia. But I do not love that Fuckin flight baby food at a rough life eggs a minute I'll get over there sure yeah! You, you land, you wear hammer for a couple days there it is that's a whale. What the fuck is that man, it's like a fish with a lion head like look, that's what they
Joan and the whale looked like an asshole area a thousand years ago strain trying to do try to make a run for it. Look at only I come from. I get the fuck away from this dude kind of those. Like me, little disturbing, like I'm, a get out of here, Bald headed due to beard trying to get away from this line fish with wings thing. That's, but that's what they thought. A whale was craziness. How are you just imagine what it was like live in? thousand years ago, and there was no pictures, the other, that the glass work here. That's me feet right there, so you're in this church, the church, the thousand years old, and that go back that last one Jamie that one? That's that's the glass floor. You look down and they have this entirely different church underneath it that's why
older. They all know how old is been there for ever could be several thousand years old. The churches gorgeous. So there's a lot of those churches and have you been to the Vatican right yeah? That's the mine, fuck of all, mindful, yes, it like Saint Peter Basilica. When you walk around now places like why how? How did people do this retarded man unbelievable Vatican's. No, no power saws, nothing! No! No fuckin cranes. Everything was ladders and shit, the paintings and just say stunning, billions of dollars- were the art and the hall area. The whole Vatican is essentially its own country, so they can keep those kid fuckers over there and they never have to export m yeah yeah
that's the darkest oh, no, no human, nobody can men and they build. Try. People get mad and look I get it. I was a catholic throw a bit a dark dark institution. There is no denying it mean they just Dave just busted another group, a priest and in Pennsylvania molested more. A thousand kids moving them around, urging them organism region in general is the biggest my control. That's ever existed on trying to control populate populations and what's the best way I'll make, you believe a certain thing, and I mean there, but there's theirs, better ones, there's some that you go out for sure you, knowledge or one of the Baptist, have done what have they done so terrible does not bad. Scandals. Large scale, scandals even the Mormons, like they ve got a few like
you want a more than one bride to get green more than a few part of their thing, that's how they still live, but and there's some sex sect. S ease, see, tease that branched off and got real real freaky on the scale of the catholic Church has done things and I'm glad it's unprecedented, unprecedented, completely yeah, because they they actively. Shield these people from prosecution and they got at all events. I mean on people actually getting like, like I've heard some things like they're going after that, cardiac shit like that criminal law. That is why the rising up down the last pope how to step down they want to prosecute him. Crimes against humanity earlier, because he was one the deuce who orchestrated that's exactly the guy right before key moved, a guy who went on to my last two hundred deaf children. Our marine about is dark man. Dark and it's one of those things where people you know it's been a part of our family.
It's been apart of families, families but has been history, they go to church, they pay their respects. Everything's. Ok, they didn't want here. People no one here, but it's over with all the what evidence is so overwhelming, there's so much so much? I almost shit doesn't have I ensures reply emulating grant? No, I just think again. People like you're saying you get. I was raised Catholic. I just by the time I was like then did think confirmation there's a sword like this, a similar thing that what this time, the mere becoming a man whom I congratulate as an adult because it wasn't just member by the time. I did that and realize. Like ok, ok, there's, a lot of you knows well too much. Magic going on for me, you I mean like gone out with this, like I like, just factual, knowledgeable things like If these people really existed, you know and whether they really like I'm buying into the fact in anybody on this earth didn't take a shower
like I took a reality. Take the same shit. It be nice. If someone came up with a good religion, a real, solid, lock, down one I mean there's there is one we Emmy we'd. All just would have to agree on how about just the the golden rule do you know me like a basically be a religion and resolve the church of universal LAW in our dawn to others, as you would have them do under you, and you can hold corporations to that. You could be like I, we start what's what's more powerful than ten million people on a facebook pays it or what seeing these corporations in a minute they say: you're, not given back to the community or take care of the people that are too inquiry. That's easy, we done, but it takes work, good point we done. If everybody in the world just really treated the next person like they wanted to be treated themselves, there you go and it as a law right and then we will help people accountable to the near.
You are not responding to the universal long. Universal golden golden rule Sow Super several, but I took a lot of work, but the principle is simple right and all the other stuff, like all forms of commerce and everything else would still fall under that does it you could do it Have you want as long as you're treating people kindly exactly like? Ideally, commerce and capitalism. Honest have should be real, simple, like you have a great cd want to sell it. You want twenty bucks or at some gives twenty bucks they're happy, you're happy that should be commerce right near it should be. You sell something. People by everybody is good, but any kid greed if we can figure out a way corners market and keep other people from cell on this solemn manner. We got stuff. People from growing nurse, because if they grow this and sell that I'm not doing what you are doing, what you would want them to do for to you, so
You violation the golden rule. If, if that's all I've thought about it Obviously there are like hey man. What would be you know, nothin, like that, be a really cool thing. Do you know that would be the way you know Somebody with enough charisma, you know, could pull it off. You know get people to get by and it s really Ali would take. Is people getting binding yeah, but the problem is that so many people, the just A more were seen this with politics right. I m fascinated by these Cavanaugh hearings megawatts little clips of porridge up to now and talk oil. Merry talk about, fuckers I don't know what I'd do did what he didn't do, but I think, what's happening is more than that. What's happening is first of all, he's involved with. He was a big part of Patriot ACT here, as you know, he's involved in some some issues that a lot of people are very concerned with. In terms of like how his position is stance on privacy and on rights and absolute
disruptive more to it than just did you fuck with someone in high school did sexual assault, someone did you do that when you're eighteen did you do you remember his more within that. There's there's like that. Want a guy in there and then you seen all the people that want to pretend that he's the best I ever and all the people. It's crazy em. It's fascinated to really fascinating. It's fast ain't to watch this essentially liquor, alas, like the clans, Thomas hearings from, was it like the nineteen eightys. I believe Clarence Thomas, like that, was eighties early nineties yeah. Some around their Clarence Thomas that was like with need a hill. Or he had sexually harassed her. They were working together and moving on whatever cove there's something. Do you know that he's now the longest running member, the Supreme Court he's he's now been the Supreme Court longer, I think, read that check, make sure. That's true, isn't Ruth created
kids, we paid or Ginsburg should be on their own longest serving twenty six years as October force, be crane, crazy, so did work need, is held out there. Then, when the man, ray of pubic hairs on coke and a movie now in HBO. Really, oh yeah did you watch it I saw it was? It was little games. Pretty good movie is just we lived through. It sounds like say, addressing movies about like the OJ trial or site, and I make no I saw them. We sought life rather like seven hundred day, I'm always fast, nay by those movies, because a creative licence, like you, do a movie and Richard Nixon right. We You sure he said that or even crazy. You do move Yom Lincoln, but you don't know what the fuck he said you can't be.
I also believe and wrote it. Then you you're having him say a bunch of Shit Data Day talk knows wife and kids. You don't know what the fuck he says it is making this up. This is where the, where allowed to do that, you're allowed to just put some words and George Washington's mouth, like you know what the FUCK George Washington said now this will become out the ass, a symbol, Dick Cheney and do it looks amazingly girls, Donald Rumsfeld, some bail as a fucking, bad mother, fucker. His acting as Dick Cheney is off the charts. He does the voice, he got fat for it, everything! That's him: woe dude! There's the video of first of all him and SAM Rockwell is George Bush he's amazing, to SAM Rockwell's, one of them most under appreciating is moving vice by us
It's amazing dude Samara well nails it as George here play the trailer, but a policy is to know you, son of a bitch if you ve folks who are listening this on you too. We can't play this for you, but my house vice president, that's where they wouldn't want you to like. Lay there trailer wow. They want everybody to go to their trail. True, I am streams actually MIA irreverent understanding can handle the more Monday it system. Good you just as an amazing job of the voice, mannerisms sort of SAM Rockwell, whether the other bolt on credit for several years. You sound Rockwell in that movie, moon. The moon or moon. Sure it's a movie, he is the only person in the movie-
entire movie at? I don't want to spoil alerted, but it has to do with cloning in its him on the moon like him him, like Gore him in space, it's fucking amazed. Some amazing move luxury. We have Paris, yeahs, amazing movie, maneuvered, he's a beast. This King incredible actor, any just doesn't get enough credit. I met he's thinking by be married to her now, but he was or maybe they're still dating, but he was dating Leslie Bib when I did a movie with her and I got a chance to meet him and I was a little bit starstruck big giant, family guy, but he's one of those guys I feel like. I was say: do your fuckin amazing Lugano, Weber's telling you because you're fuckin amazing, because, like you know, you hear about the greater dirty here Daniel Day Louis, you hear Gary Old man. You know you hear christian bail, you here that the great actors
they done away scorning Even if you don't hear about Shamrock well, why not Jamie? Why not goddammit, maybe we'll have to this Maybe you know it has never been nominated. For probably was poets, for moon is nominated, a few things that one came out last year, the three billboards: oh yeah, that's what I was thinking that some remember hearing about him. He was getting. You know, he's just I'm doing today when you that good. Do you bland entities movie so good as are its now? Is not SAM walk? Well right. I really like you and that's almost a compliment to the do now. Should he be more of a leading guy? Doing those big world rings, amazing, antibodies, gotten seized on some really big things: ass, these William, he's just blend took no matter what I ve got Morton's gas psyche. Everything is a huge losing like these, that guy yeah.
The one where he was the for eastern promises, yeah up one of the russian MOB moving s and then what the year of violence that you didn't I was again went out was a good one here. The road freaked me out. Turn it off and teaches how to shoot himself in an office like done. Where do good Anita watch this, the boy learns fuckin crazy. So I heard entered the books too crazy, dark man. That's that state is one of things like a snake, so taste, it stays with a little too long. I wanted the girl who was filled with those movies that are just so depressing when you leave you like what did I do like? I don't wanna, be depressed I know that it was good. I know your name. I know you. You drag my motorways in my life once answer, I fuckin it was I back when you when the everyone, the tower records in those things, are still around like on Tuesdays. The movies and regulate all come out, so we also would stop and viable shit for the bus by recording is about a bunch of movie
not through on magnolia, had just come on. I watch tat now, like oh wow, that was fuckin factor without looking I described the next movie employer Lynn and it was Titus Andronicus, and I don't know if you are aware that we like hip to dislike, wanted darkest Fucking Shakespeare Fuckin place ever about this epidemic. You go step, you ain't, seen it when you ve got to. Without a to sit through some real buck in darkness. Anthony Hopkins is fuckin insane and this movie as tight as Andronicus, luck in. So I watch these two movies back to back and forth to weeks, Joe shake the like. Just rising, like all my God, there's no happy endings anywhere the world's for men on I'll. Only one comedies and fuck in life, ex our move in old Warner brothers out their land. Do I people hang in front of them? Do you want to know if know? What's this right he's about to cut them up?
make dinner out of them and servants whose own into their families sledges it's dark man, it's really door is one that our aid is the darkest Shakespeare. Like thing, I've ever read: Okay, that's, ok, and that was right after magnolia, double whammy, Sobal away Refuge owes oral member that movie twenty one grams. Yeah We swore me off a depressing movies after them of his I left the data like? What do I do it myself? As in such a good mood here? Who wants to who wants to leave a place with that feeling? Don't doesn't isn't life? Give you that enough. I was happy we feel good. I walked into that movie left, go and work in the actual fuck. What am I doing here is dead. A colleague would say, played yourself and or some other people set before him, but he's like known for it. It's funny how that happened. Right, I do just says some: just right,
everybody just connected to him. He had a string of em the launch of the Euro in a meeting neuroses get a new deal see the ages visa fees of bastion of these little say things that people catch onto he's got a lot of good things, gone form his and threatening looking to see how big chubby guy, like him, because that, in a lot of good things, gone obviously like size and advantages galleries is our energy likes. Shining Flash Shit, the latter, worried alike, and you can afford it. Nice hashtag, ball in custody yeah. I guess so that that, like stuff, that's crazy lifestyle colonies, apart that livestock, to write but in a weird way, he's weird parlor lifestyle never been a jewelry. Anyone and are being I mean like, but his big design and Ferrar reason, lamborghinis and beautiful houses, and show that beware of vague wording.
The design, your nose. I know just from what I know, of him that he longed to be raft. Lauren, that's really has probably like you said. Who is your biggest advisers? Who would you Ralph WAR, yeah, that's kind of hilarious bite, love design right, loves, close again ass yeah, I mean why not somebody's gotta hit us, He was known, was literally homeless people's clothing into thy derelict right, african surrender. Listen one video the picture. The Jamie show me he was walking around with slides, easy, slow, it's on, but there were like forces, is too small. I didn't make. Any sense is like heels hanging off the back of em last away. He design exactly that's like he's, probably trying to push, the thing is. I hear tiny, easy, slides too small for your feet to small, easy, slides you go and thus the new look like you know: you're crazy
You might think things like it's crazy of movement, because there is an error of his career that I look at em like well, man there's a lot of genius shit. He was doing musically because he's doing and then I don't know what it is But to me out to me now and then It is really in a judgment away, but he's a professional troll now just like the most successful people and in the entertainment business now if you're, not an amazing actor swear amazing in oh yeah. Whatever is like just keep it He will trawl ever my dream literally dropped a song like at some point like eight months ago, that was a pretty scoop. Scooby puberty, boo, hoo police grouping, The lights went out, and that was the song. It lasted. Dialogue Jamie came in played for me, worry me the lyrics I shut the fuck up. You know what it's like its again. It's like these rights image, Amy used up. What is even my head? It's the spectacle like I mean I mean I made this album here. That's music
Yeah I mean this is music like people don't give a fuck anymore? Will you not? I got you you ve never been. I need publicity guy. What Here's what did it? Here's? What that means is that people will light of broken speculator. By what I do or my career enemy. I'm in a few songs in his life that I could go somewhere and sit down and just sit on a fuckin stump and eat food for the rest of my life. I never worry me like. My family, nor that of a few songs I mean His except love make amusing and of course, You want people this anyone folk in the more people. Are you want? You want a lot of time on it, but I don't I'm not I'm not one the first things. The first time I ever came when you're progresses, like I like, going to rouse and sit in it Of course. Can get my lives. While my songs plan on a radio and a guy stand around estimated, no fucking idea, I dont mind net at all. That doesn't bother me. I love
you're, not a need attention. Kind of a guy in some people are in that sort of part of their business. Like this, Khan Donald Trump thing. I just I wonder if that's trolling but I also wonderful we're talking about early about car accidents, brain damage and one of that's. It gives you a little bit of anything, but also the reason I say its trolling is because there's likes and stop when you get It's a card, dashing canyon, west levels of and I'm sure you know this- just you have four fuckin million is too grand followers. I didn't Jordan. Scram till you told me tat, I know that's what I'm saying is like you. Monetize that shit really easily those four million people you're, not that you're not selling. I shut up these people. They are definitely
on a ties and issued Vulcan when came carnation gets honour, should give you a commercial but she'll tell you I'm just using this new cream on my shit. You know me in here somebody paid out of Pocket fifty grand for their posts. You know it's like that's that's so the more eyes, the better that's really what their monetizing as I can. If I had ten million people on my instagram, I could sell fuckin posts. The real problem, that is, people, believed them like you, but there, eyes are still provide. If I say I like somethin, it's because I like it like I've ever known, this is go back. Choose me. I haven't ads, a single, an answer. Graham, if I tell people about a product and people like what do you do you get paid for this like nope? No, just like it share and saying my thought you might think is cost is a cool pattern in the future, but I used to say I'm not getting fuck and pay. I just tell you now I do now. It is like this mean plus I ain't got enough. Mr Rehn. Followers to keep
I gotta clean and we now need to move any. Seventy thousand. That's the rules at all number! First of us. I don't know, I don't guess. I know you don't give a fuck, but if you did, if you are checked with fake, but you my building ITALY I might add, four million for full hordes of convincing, but you might write you might have twenty. Will you this Kim Kardashian go to hunt eighteen million followers to swap good googly mogul? Ok, let's say what they say if you're, if you're, actually good social media, maybe ten percent a year audience engaged as you, so that still ten million people, so that will engage with her? a lot of people and I believe, through that number out there just kind of sense about yeah lotta, goddamn people who yet we are best this mats famous now when we were young famous, was you know if you on tv, or The radio- you know you know movies did if you did something in life, wrote a book tat wrote a poem,
or a movie in Romania, the plane. That's what guards favours now. You just gotta keep eyes on you, you and fucked up shit. I was worried about that today, while watching gladiator Well, as that movie, I was thinking the in the Roman there was no accountability like four emperors, you could do all kinds of fucked up shit and no one could do anything about it. They killed you eventually or you got away with it for a long period of time, but today you know like there's so much to so much accountability, p, find out what awful things you ve done. They find out they ve, stolen money or had people killed or do not took over this sword dominated to bid like to be a dictator like Kim Jong own, like someone who some on those lines today, you have to keep those people locked up like in he's. Barely
but not together. They barely evidence. You amaze me how they can later. You know like there's, not a whole scene there of people with the internet like sneak in it in, and you know what they did. They, everybody rats and everybody else. There the whole system of Ratan on people. They have culture rats. They believed their leaders, a god or something that they just don't want it. I man, they're, scared and hungry, and there are many power neon of any energy, exorbitant rice and fuckin starving to death, even imagine when they catch those dude that sneak cross the border that make a run for it when they get em and bring to hospitals and patch him up and shed. They find all he's crazy. Parasites, idiom massive malnutrition- and these are soldiers- ignore three soldiers urges all fucked up in this, but that's a window into time like she went back into the roman days this that's ever. He was rock in it. There are dominating the people and indeed an iron fist and keep in I'll keep these generals well. Fed and
the Army welfare NEWS to dominate the civilians and flew at me. I know gladiators just of a movie and just fake, and you no fun, but still you gotta wonder like that. How close was that to life back then, and how bad did it smell how bad the emulate tubes of Judea, assuming it everyone HBO wrong. Languidly. At and they had this one scene. I remember it like where they were all in, like a public toilet machinery, shuddery machinery, and they handed unlike what at the time was up like that paper which was like you know, skin rags or something, and they burgundy, wider ass. They walked out and throw it in a pile is like how could that smell that, if that's accurate, unitary well, that was reared and roman public toilets would go until I got tube and that too would go right down the street near
Imagine how the whole city smile shit. What one the reasons why this people got sick? when a disease would spread through the city you mean there's, no sanitation is terrible. I mean how did the dead didn't have like flush of all things right? Nothing flushed develop aqueducts today to set up a system of flowing water, but it wasn't wool pressurized or anything. So said to pick it up, move are one of the things that there was cool about palm pay. Was they had a sauna? They figured out a boil water and then they have The water would go through the floor in the walls they like, like double spaced walls, so they had one hour sidewalk inside wall and the heat would go through and would go like through sentence. He could go into this sauna annuity into cigarette. Barcelona here and behind his fuckin. There, others pompey sign and that's it
they figured out how to make things pretty cool for what they had but live in back there. But meanwhile tell me: people get a thing like that of thousand years now about us dummies, shit, newest ceramic bone and hidden the water flush way mediates care of Madame was gonna, be like do we we instead These toilets here that a shoot hot water up here, but in others or just cleaning until right. In the whole, what else could shoot right. In that whole, you be careful fill it gives it take a shit to gets up in their view of the shooting it, but now it's just the waters literally getting through the door Clearly it cleans your, but also nice and after you I have one of those who like. Why would I ever he's a regular toilet every time I was like in the nineties in Japan, yes, Japan, that's why experience it do their bit of meat from you just a few years ago, but He says he holds a shit. Correct, preferred reverse at home, why why should home? If you
make sign out to ship? You like? I can keep this one and at bay for me, earnestly earthly army like gives Europe a day, is a normal thing in a hotel room. It's not here as much dishonest good, though I have a bad day, my house, and never used at once. It's a magazine, rack, throw me exist there. What's your hands since this weird. It's weird, it's doesn't work. It is its and then I think it's more for women like now, it's a coup de cleansing, Erika but peers, it's funny like I just did this tour Europe and started notice alike, and I'm not gonna name countries by because I have faith in our mental when to get upset, but we notice there's a different of some countries. Even you get washcloth senior in your bathroom in some countries you don't me and my band Juno came to the conclusion that, from now on, when we come to these countries, where you don't get the watch class in your hotel room, we're gonna go
shake hands with people that minimum objective. Why don't you have watched clause in the rat, thereby don't get it woody washing his brow? Why you watch your hair like this? What are you washing errors with man? Seven, you hang crack up there. I know you do and what do you do and what are you doing? Gravel might have you wash your face with your hands or your Burma from I can't find a washcloth, our little ran the summer. They have garden noses, atossa toilet, don't fuck around. We'll all that hot spicy food. They know it gonna come out messy, so they give you a goddamn garden hose. Your ass always is Thailand entirely everywhere, even the airport, what's the toilet? The airport right next to the Shit Box was his goddamn garden hose, I mean like one you wash the car with, like the pistol one the action where'd, you get that far back now will go. There is right there garden knows.
Bomb gun, they cause long gone. Why has in Thailand keep yourself clean with a squirrel water, yet a squirt that shit that she could move about across a dark now well to do action our conversations taken to task of Russia before a month. A british call, the toilet, holds the bomb gun for a good reason. Nozzle to end the host shaped a bit Logan with a trigger the press, release the water while ground time, Venezuela, obviously it's beautiful there, people are so nice. So what women like friendliest places ever been in my life like universally friendly and everybody likes to June. Did they all do this? They make their hands like a lotus flower. That's what they do. They dont shake hands a lot. They just touch their hands together and in giving illegal about there is there. Is there plus it is tat, their hands or tired from holding onto that hose squeeze net bomb gun, so
but are the food? There is fuckin amazing. If you like, Typhoon man, the you learn like from the way they cook it in the mother land with others. I should really like I love typhoon the Yo Yo by God, you advising them fans being in Thailand. The spot in a place in Melbourne, Australia. We spoke barely huh Ty food. I ever had my light. Like so hot you're sweating, and you can't stop it it because the minute you stop eating it. You're gonna catch fire. Have they exotic tie, overrun winter and woodland hills. I feel like I Super legit, necktie lunch time people run at super nice people. Food is german spot right here, close far from general, wherein Jasmine tie oh yeah yeah and disappointed good tie, restaurants and allay even to work.
Was that place on sunset, it's open real late, all right there of next to early toy tie. It is great to man, that's that's! A great late night spot like legit tie food. You get a tool can a morning. You know after the surgery. I the ties to their amazing that shit's terrible for your diabetic, though there, a God or grams grams sugar, but so do you so delicious, but as you, I dare say I used to drink so much cope in that. That's another! When we talk about wait dust first thing: I got rid of man's drinking Coca COLA. The weight falls off about twenty pounds of the thirty nine crazy now just falls out. You realize, like what was I doing was doing I said that in just a little bit of cardio nose like the other day, like all Simon now I just lost that they, like I said thirty a drop five pounds out on the road that I'd anymore realise not even worth trying wow
continuing, discuss altering that, and I think that food in Europe is a cleaner, just in general, yup up while there, I have a lot of our first while their wheat is like. What you would call heirloom. We then I have a lot of the complex glutinous and are we to make a little bit more difficult to process? This is real thing like people think that some sort of like that people are ignored. Generating the effects of gluten and gluten intolerance. The issue is that at one point time bread was different. It was just wheat was dead, but it was a lower yield, so say like if you had a crew, an acre and you're planning we'd on it. You get way less wheat added agar than you with the newer we and the your wages is more complex gluten in it. You get a higher yields, and so that's what they're looking for in, but when you eat it is hard to digest and assist when I was in ITALY, man, everybody skinny
guy leading bread, their Arlene pasta? There are eating pizza, they're, all skinny at the most these due to don't work out at the most delicate little paunch the most a dragon line. Every night they got a little paunch there's a war more than they also right bikes allow more than us, though, all those things a lot of time and how, in this last trip and Jack couldn't find a fat person did spike in every way like everywhere. There eaten cheese and bread all day, literally every merely Jesus with your mail, but they must be as the weeds legal everywhere else, because people used to go to HOLLAND specifically ever get perhaps over there and there like, gathers there's a lot of fuck with what what's going on right now. There's if I understood you tellin me right, Canada is investing. She tons of money. Would government over there to like corporate bit like stark, growing corporate. We like they're, going to phase out the locals and take it over
I do not always be shot because there did. We Is it legal in HOLLAND, grass decriminalize, if you oh, no we'd shop, you can only have let's say five hundred grams, a time in the shop legally, I if you ever, Good, shot, you're, moving that you know in a fuckin afternoon rat so, and getting. Bringing we to your shop is illegal, like it's like the smuggling or we would have to be in there once it's in there. It's ok wants is in there. You can sell it, but giving it to your spot with its buccaneer legal too, to move that much we'd. It's locked up like that. Guys. I know a couple guys own: a cup of coffee shops in there, just like its fucker Emmanuel, didn't like us constant. There is like hell, but criminal operation, their running and it used to be the you get mushrooms. You should go to get mushrooms he's gonna, get like a.
To shit. Now, King islands, in my hard like narcotics, like Coke, or anything like that, but anything naturally mushrooms, you could get acid when I was first in their well enough. That was legal. Can those really young I just but how is just two: a wild ass place mean. Does the spot, where, like some of the best Kickboxing ever came from it's weird one, spot in Europe and they created Ramos deckers Rob came in our Nestor, whose, like some of the greatest kick boxes of all time, others, one general everywhere everywhere you go, you see them would mega Jim. It's amazing a minute, just amazing that this one place became a hotbed for all sorts of their private high level. Chief followed his pride for boxing across the top two meetings. I mean day literally, have created some of the all time greatest cake boxers and it's not a big country William and some of the great kickboxing coaches as well. It's amazing
really unusual, really unusual that that happened there and its hard to describe. Why like, really be an interesting like doc, there are the router that somebody the silent, you know somebody brought it back, I ll ended up switch to them, put their own little spent on it. Yeah a few Guys went over to Foxen ties up too because what they had done as they, corporate a lot of western boxing like Ramon decorous in particular, is one of the great and what he did was he was a small guy like the same size as the ties which was unused. Work is a lot of the people from Amsterdam? Are big people? That's why those places where I think the average height for a person to Tom like six feet tall, that's an unusually tall plagues liking.
Shit going Fucking Viking DNA, I was watching that show for a while vikings. I got deep into that. Show that shows pretty dark but misses road and got tired of seeing people get sorted up slashed to pieces. She got bored with. It was pretty dark, they would just give deal with arrows cut open and it's the whole show there. I was going to war, but events they did their Viking there and they they took a lot mushroom. Pillage, I believe, is Viking way of life. If you could go one time take if you like a time machine? You go back and watch one time in history. What what do you think he would go to sleep? You gotta see how people lived being very smell, sensitive. It wouldn't be that far back I'd, probably not as such I probably like you know, King Arthur era.
That kind of thing I was heavy dungeons and dragons. Maybe good conceived theirs. Anything tyranny of the dragon, she had gone the grey area that dragged shit. I wonder what that was all based on Why this only dragons in in folk lore in Chinese? folk lore in european folk lore has so many unrelated dragons. I mean you know people in it. I watch learn ancient aliens, so they'll always have an explanation. Man with the air Josie Little weird, Georgia is a park ass a long time ago. I love that guy duties you may- that is my favorite due to their show man he's good dude necessarily agree with everything they say, not everything, but that's, there's coming there's more to some amendments. That is a show. You watch your boys and, like one o clock in the morning, you get baked and everybody laughed. You ever watched the vice virgin. We're like
action brought aggregate. I thought that's like legally plucking nonsense, but is of your eye its work and for the way he came on the pod cast a never seen. Dude smoke more wheat in my life. He smoked by himself of at least six blunts during the package dad, I so hard man. I don't think the weed really folks would have any more american thing. It takes them which we he just kept gone, and I got paranoid just watching them like menace not a little bit with them, but I mean I gotta keep the ship on the wall. Her back. We keep? My has a wheel, sir, like he's kept going, it would that we took a photo of ash tree after was over was preposterous was like look at that? That's one show, he's a crazy game in funding the noise good guy. I love that fuck. That's delicious show now that's a great show without
Alchemist is a good friend of mine. I known him since he was in so they're good, buddies out men in my pond out with a few times really fun guy man Nick idea for a show, because you know action, Bronson used to be a chef now so Seeing him like interact with food and she has occasionally. We really knows about food really understands for you. I think you should have looking, shall we actually can whip up some fucking me yeah right like we like now that Bore Danes gone by we need more? Those kind of shows explore food and boarding show changed. The way I feel about food, I should think of food is is something TAT s really good. I didn't think of it. As an art form I watched his show and the Reverend City had four shafts and for the creation of food, maybe realistic. Oh, this is an art form that I was ignorant of. I didn't think of it.
The right way on all levels, not just like the high chef level, brings it to the like the homefront words like even local, let's garden sandwich magazine, which is yes, no you're right. Man like an and street food level. He lives. It Tony loved street, tacos and shit. You would go everywhere and by street. Follow me honestly. When you cook, and you feel like that. I'm no you just now. I see you cook another time whenever you postmen should never invite me over to have someone else. I was gonna set up here. I was gonna set thing appear, but they ve never figure out how to get ventilation. We have a girl back. There has never been used to sit back, they're gonna, miss he's taken a stake. Nice gorgeous. Is drinking, doing and wonder a wonder why citizens, how stony his show is like they let him wear a shirt that you can't wear, so they had a blur
Sure! That's it just don't you think, gay men. You can't wear that shirt, all your! I got it all this it. This is what I'm wearing so do what you got to do exactly at a file around that. Blur thing drives me nuts, like what is it? What could possibly be it so but it's there's there's times when I see said it back. I back they had a loser. Video. The first thing that comes up on the video is him in a mask. That's blurred, and- and I was like what the fuck. Why would, Where was purposely done like I sometimes maybe it's like. Thirdly, as I was what the fuck is that, as has been a weirdo uber, what makes you go like, but what the fuck is, that he's a fascinating guy to your he's, a devout scientologist yeah, which is
Dad did of is a is an amazing string, arrange your like an orchestrator and he d work. He did a couple like my albums, where I'm gonna had string arrangements stuff railing yet mean he's of the jet musician. Really images musicians mega is is isn't as next. You don't hear about him that and these again another damned thing. I think it's the same kind of thing dude doesn't is not playing the game, which is our making. You know he makes music just an artist. One is music son. There there's still mean In other words, is it for me outside of Europe, but it is not up it's it's like ok, this is a product, this record right, but it's not a product to me. I got to say years of my life, I mean I didn't make it because was concerned about king might. Otherwise it that's why they get the gas. It gotta put a record out every year those are two guys. I'm like all honey. You fucking, that's all that's you know. Bright, takes a lot to put a fucking specially if it's gonna be.
So anyway, they can put out a record every year. That's good! That's next level, yet well! Lucy CARE was doing that for a while. It stand. That is hard to do. George Carlin did it every year George crawling did a stand up every year and to us tat all stand up how much we all get together and talk about that everybody kind of grease, it's almost impossible. He did it, but very few people could do it and a mate and me not to cry Carlin Carlin, did it and pulled it off, but most of I feel like that's not enough time. I can need more time to let it cook need more time to add. Then twist I've never had a regular come out like that. I think that the shortest period would be was two years two and a half years, and that's you promised consular gone anytime. I wasn't touring or something we we're locked in a room somewhere trying to now Would you record when you
Let's see if you're gonna lay down an album, do have everything completely mapped out for you go into the studio or do you fuck around with it, while you're in their world process for this out in particular, was was wild because again, when lay there was born and the dust these we found out. She was diagnosed with says. If I process I actually was planning to not tour any that anymore, but I was gonna, write, songs. I was gonna, go to went to Nashville started hanging out. If you saw writers out and wrote some stuff one of the sides. It ain't easy, which I play years ago on your pack. Ass, is on this album. I wrote some saw the people, but the intention was a z. They're gonna be further people, so I recorded them a very kind of plain Jane Way, not my spare on what they would a ban, and after a few years I got just never really pursued.
It's too much of a sales pitch I had would add yet glad like be that smooth of selling your songs- and I just never appealed to me so for a few years, just I didn't acoustic record, and then I started torn that for a while this old songs, but wreak recorded them acoustically in then, after that was done, and I real is our aid. You know I need to keep workin. Am. I do. I went back or revisited somebody songs, but I realized after we record him. That's why I didn't see that they were my songs, because I recorded in a way that I thought other people would bodies So I went and recorded about five or six of them. That were already here and my buddy ever since from dilated peoples. Got involved with me and we've recorded a few of these rap tracks and it started kind of coming together and it kind of started coming together in a similar way that the original Whitey Ford sings, the blues record did that's why I kind of also named it what it is?
There was a lab similarities and I feel, like I, just pulled everything from every part of the toolbox that I've learned from since I started when it was the ice two years or the house of pain you on the wider forty years, anxious drew on at all and trying to see. What I can say is that the eight years of life- it's not like it, a literal, represent station of, what's happened to me, but it's an emotional journey of like all the kind of feelings and shit that a lot of struggles and letter. It's it's it's it's my best record. You know, but eight years right here, so I never been in a rush. That's a big meant that it's your best wreck my best record over from confident and sees it avail whenever you like. I always rely on a mile Rina shit out of it. I owe my masters at the only man I missed, you get more extreme. Well, if you own your masters, you get
paid out right, like you, know, you're the label on my own label, so the reason that people that complain about not getting paid by streaming or people that are signed to record deals that are getting a small piece of what the masters getting you on the master. You know so streaming is viable for someone on the German is viable period. I mean she's doing that's the way. It is just that it's the future now, but the people who say it doesn't pay therein shady deals Erin Cosette. It pays no. I would like to pay a little better, but it pays Pezara. Who was it? I think I'll? Take a million streams equals out to around eight thousand sounds like you in general, like us, the payment front for what that is too, to enable like it would be around labour yeah yeah, like a million streams, is about equipment about a grand Anna
that doesn't sound like a lot, but a million streams is, like you know, a thousand guy's dead or people fanciers net stream. You shit whatever a thousand a hundred times arrive It goes quickening. Nothing Drake like streamed a billion streams. As first week bright, ass, nice chunky change, David Crosbie was tweeting about Bad streaming deals are, but that is because he has bad deal as he has enormous master yeah? You know these. I'm recording a deal for another record for the record company, and I mean that his older songs, all that's yeah he's probably got shit deals and I mean some a milder stuff. I don't get paid on what I feel like I share, but it's like the stuff, since I'm on my masters, which is the last fifteen years of my life. You know mean it's fascinating for me on the outside, looking in what happens with labels and how that how they do things, it's it's just. It's
raising their swords survival instincts, how they figured out how to whether they enables are signing pod castors now because of streaming streaming take. You should be getting checks from this job. I dont Dunham loudly streaming, but would honestly you could become Andorra Spotify, I say no well, you'd probably have to be. Listen to one of them is that the auto, while either way what they are? Just it's not! Your streaming allege that you're Youtube views are streaming than that streaming. I don't have to be with a streaming servant right you. You should have a day it'll company that is representing you. That's collecting all that if you do no no just make sure yeah, but that's like the charter's dreaming. It's you know that I think the most fascinating about it as it is only Youtube, does the the crazy thing we think about how big the internet is and there's really only one thing like Youtube. It said it was a good man.
They came in a branding and everything they did. I guess I saw I get that no. That was a documentary because it wasn't full length, but it might have been just like a little like feature like it within a news kind of segment thing about. How do you know they arrive? or videos that were huge on on Youtube we're like a kid biting another kid and like their Britain, a first for the longest animals played veil on yes, who was the Charlie bite in the gas Zambia, Charlie Ban? It all came from it almost came from America's home video for your kind of thing you tube candid filled in avoid for a long time what they were means before they remained. There were just viral videos long ago, there was a crazy like a decade ago, I mean the necessity of having to change the meaning businesses, what changed you too. You know they caught on, like alright tv, doesn't play videos anymore, rat and nobody's by an record. So we got a so called the whole thing for
August was like when the bottom had really fallen out for a while of making any money money off of actual records. Was I You can put like my record and you can download my record, but you can't download the teacher Brian, I saw it became, sell the lifestyle, so the music became background music to the dean everything else it was a part of the lifestyle in the cars in this, and all I want you to do is really go by this limited edition. T shirt that I'm selling you right now. You know right, that's what that's the game changed in. When still that I mean that's, why the fuck? in the troll ism and all that, because people want eyes on them, so the next thing they had the opportunity to sell they can sell. Yet that's with interesting to me labels is now labels get a piece of everything they do. These three sixty deals darkest sake, creasy than you give peace. Now my teachers a piece of dig up, he's alive money. Every euro like how it used to be
like I had to pay you are you used to be like a record label, will give me half a million dollars and I'd go and make a record with that at that I could spend whatever I want to make an a record in whatever the rest money left over was mine. That five hundred grand was mine expended all make an irregular August Meyer, fifty grand making a record and pocket the rest that was up to me and then after that, my job, your job as enables the sell that record my job was a hit. The roan go. Tour ran and agro tour for a few years and at first I'm not even Megan money torn you're, giving me money to go out there and swords call to our support that used to be an ad hoc gets added on to your bill. You didn't they paid. No, you would get like money for tour, but like a wooden cover like a bus and abandoned honest, so that right, the label supplement that we, what they called tour support, which would also become part of the debt. You owed the label, but, as you build your live audience. Your guarantees would go up sooner or later. You can stop taken that money and they
your record sales would pay that off. Hopefully, if you are doing well enough and now you got your own stream. A revenue would live tee, shirts, all these other outside shit that it's yours, That's no equivalent. I came up now, it's like that's, not a deal. They wanted all out how they sneak debt in well because when Napster and should drop the bottom out of the record, as nobody was painful records, labels work give you a half a million dollars just for your record, because nobody was buying records they want to sell. Your t. Shirts too, is then amazing. Noted figured out how to stay alive like that, just because they always knew Annabelle, yeah and amuse against It all boils down to this too, and I hope somebody one day like really investigate this and make some sort of like documentary about it is like had so many opportunities to be ahead, the movie industry to take the same hit, they took heads and they deal dealt with piracy, but they the music industry had a moment? If you remember there was like some kids that got in trouble for downloading.
Moussa, music and errors were being held responsible here and the music industry backed off of it, wasn't good, the movie industry never backed off of that kind of shit. Madame you were gonna, fuckin Sue, your life often uses and people did get sued for very many sick. The music industry backed off those eighteen pounds, would have panel down and keep the foot on the neck. Like you, gonna steal this. This cause gotta, remember back If I would have got a half a million dollars. I probably spent up to two of that on a record. To thousand dollars just on the making studio time gotta be involve engineers. Producers, too, Grande on top justice minimum we would have spent on the record and then it gets you go out and people steal it plenty of opportunities to jump ahead of it and be they didn't. There was technology out there already that people were dealing with some bring in its them. Tell them this. My thing became later like okay. This is people were dealing with suffering in its them tell them. This wave is coming so well regulated you look at them money. They were making up the boy bands in Brittany, spears and the moon was rich
hard it how much money was in the record business and they let it all go down the drain because they, when they thought they had all the answers, and they thought it had no money in what could they have done this topic? I'd have to go, but I have some like books on somebody knows tat. You allowed hail of a stream. Knowledge, is out there already that people we're dealing with some bring in its own them tell them. This wave is coming so when the regulated, who was making so much money at that time. If you look at the mountain money, they were making up the boy, bands and Brittany Spears and the moon. It was written. Where did how much money was in the record business and they lead? I'll, go down the drain because they, when they thought they had all the answers, and they thought it had no money in what could they have done this topic? I'd have to go, but I have some like books on something that is taking a lot hale for street, will there were people ready there to help set up things like master and how to monetizing controlling there was ways to deal with it. There would ways to be part, Instead of like wait till it was too late. Moving about the movie the to those that like people want to go to the movies like the experience is not as good
or music saved the music industry like apple it first items Why didn't? I reckon history like there were people tell him. This is coming and I mean interrupt you, but you have the time they could have made Itunes first, not called Itunes, but like the record industry itself, should add digitize and been ready. Roma women. S ample come up with their own version of item and invite and they could have invested a lot more money to music is booming, but artists are losing big because most artists or sign a record deals with just two percent of revenue, twelve percent forty three billion dollars a year was most profitable years since two thousand and six the listeners spending more money than ever lie. Largely on streaming and live music with consumer spending to total more than twenty billion dollars. Last year yet artist aren't feeling the increase of twenty billion music industry entities such as record, Labels took home. Ten billion musicians
take home, just five point, one Billy with a majority the revenue coming from touring in concert sales. It's amazing that's amazing- that the debts like a parasitic industry, so you they don T don't necessarily need them the way they use to me not now than they do. Use too, I was going to display devils advocates, say: well, it used to be that I'm the guy to put up with for if I'm the labour illegal on put not millions of dollars and advanced gambling it on you right now, when you win you wanna take away. My lion's share now fuck you now. Totally different. Now you can do this on your own, I mean you can start in is too great started. You tube start this and you can make beats on your laptop or like chain living wrapper right is not the guy who does everything everything is done is his own share online shore. I don't believe you, when you are exactly Jamie's, got a conspiracy, theory conspiracy, but he's got more support than he would say now he does her now it does maybe but a mean basically become Hugh,
all on its own right and me look it's like so many virus. Music, kids in other, get get big on line just his kids share it and I like it, and then it becomes gigantic like with music industry that the industry, the labels, have nothing to do with nodded there's labels that are doing their thing after that they actually not they're doin in marketing wise and unwillingness to a lot of kids that have been made famous by label so, as some benefit I mean there's latelies that allow the somebody's artists are only seen five point. One minute, they're signed a record deals, you know, the eight only say in five five percent of what you know he's do because he has been in the game on having no and they started out with their own label. They started to Billy weakening Rockefeller record was independent. So that's the kind of you know. Those gonna guys are never gonna lose his eyes, and now they can still make music that people buy
yeah, they figure out a way to rope early to word like, even if your record is successful. The second record you, it's not like you're gonna- be able to be independent. The second part of the deal you there, you for several down alone. Right, usually I mean it used to be. I think the standard we're like eight eight year, yet album That's it's that, but that that's it's it's this misleading, because it depends on your firm to there's also like a few first regulars, very successful and yet lawyer that has any wherewithal you're renegotiate for you to cigarettes. Are you having things you learn, but I guess if your struggling that read a record, thing to also of yields. Study erected, businesses back to like when actually artists used to be built, they like over what nobody expected the First when they do anything like we're assign bands like in the sixties by good. You know they had a plan like by album three and four years where we'll be in, and they re build art as they used to be and are they actually used to nurture and fuckin take care the band for a long time and watch them grow. You know that's the way it used to be until
I can only add, wherever, while Thou the eighties it changed. I had erected deal from a comedy out in nineteen o nine at a record deal with Warner Brothers real record deal with good met with them. They dig promoted it. Don't look the whole deal like. I went through the hole occurred industry business? There was always a comedian or two on labour. Don't have that anymore? Mean because Tommy albums the dual use of well such as that you deaf We can do it yourself, but comedy just aren popular anymore, for some strange reason, because it said that its support is also you. The art form you want. Exact, was about to say it's some, it's a visual that now becoming arms were big. When, We didn't have a tv screen or embryo guys like you, could listen and imagine what we what he was doing or set some guys translate. Super well like Mitch. Hedberg translates amazing to CD devoted to just audio only because his he'd basically just stand there and tells the great jokes
I keep doesn't have like this out its funding. I m more funding, watch em, but once you know what he looks and how he does. It is a kind of cool to listen to it. On the sombre Stephen right, the other NATO, Steve Arrivals, ingenious used amazing here, but dot, thus styles hard to do see what what Mitch Hedberg basically did was do that Stephen right style, but a more stony drug style, but but the drop eggs allowed him to come up with way more those days. Turkey just go on for days, he had so much fuckin material men. That guy wrote constantly. He was always riding till the end. In the end, you know that drugs got to him. Obviously they killed him, but he was his that's a dog, that's a non sequitur style is the hardest style of comedy. You say one thing and they something totally unrelated the next joke and the next jokes
totally unrelated. No sequencing were now man and you You know it's all ways, I'm so no seek where an outlet sequencing I like that they don't do not fit in together in any way way shape or form total non sequiturs. Here's a funny thing I thought of his another funny thing. I thought you know when it's, but His style was so unique. Just the way he delivered things were so unique. He was funny. Just talking about nothing like a talk about anything when my favorite jokes, it has, Somebody asked me if I want to frozen banana. I said no, but I want to regular banana later. So yes, that's it you silly joke, but it's a degree, John Stoner, Joe Man all day he's gallic one of the best, his his albums, with some of the best on immature
of all time. Maybe the bathroom made listen. This is incredible. Man I'm familiar. I just haven't listen to hurt anyone throwing him on every now and again, when I'm on my way, the airport, I used to listen to on serious all the time the comedy channel them the dirtier darker when one and he pop on earth yeah dad. I haven't, had serious for ever distilleries to this now because I didn't hear I dont really the honestly my favorite thing in the car. His silence railing. My myself like I'd I'd. I get a lot of thinking Don driving, I guess or like from I really like stump, while I'm working on a song like because I don't write things down or anything I just I'll get in the car and drive and it somehow it'll work itself out. I can really just relax and behind the wheel There I don't mean unless I'm, unlike the middle of I fucked up a really good night
get in the car. I can drive on an open road and it'll. Just it really relaxes me, I have a car that takes to the comedy store all the time and it's a nineteen. Ninety three Porsche doesn't have any radio no radio manual trends mission, no power steering no air conditioning is its old car and everything like when doing you drive. Feel every bump brown is shifted, but because as of all that, I have to think, and it makes it fires my brain up, cause I'm doing all these different things hidden, a club shifting the gears managing this heavy steering wheel and all that as and when I get the store. My brain is like charged up because of it. It's like I've been doing a bunch of things. Knox or exercising your bed, I'm not like in the back seat, sleep and you know waiting To get to the shown that I myself up, I love to drive, you still get that crazy out, nor in our own eye of a dutch spot, a truck actually and I gotta see LS sixty three ass nice.
Couldn't bring the kids an outing, but I'm actually done MRS so much I'm actually about to get an allowance have a new one of Greece. I, what do you think I'm leaving all right, I got to hit the road for about three months, I'll be back for that car. It's an amazing car yeah! That's a good time! If you're into cars, la crazy, ass, Falcon automobiles now job. When I at our man, I would just like, and I lived much further south. I should lived off the fifteen like below the ninety one and when I would shoot you sometimes out the biggest for fights I'll just jump in the arm. Like on a Thursday night like allow me there might get there like three hours, Jesus, I'm elsewhere on the fifteen. I wasn't coming from deeper lay still Jia back to outdo like a Fuckin box, the whole term at last. That's a four wheel. Drive
are too that the cars glued to the ground he s like on Fuckin rails man's one of my favorite cars, I've ever driven GAD, its DEC, the style legged still relevant, like they ve kept that style, basically with just a little fuel, faceless and improvements. For few years, essentially, like many Lamborghini re same engine? Yes, the guy Argo City mentions a guy or the veto means more than enough power. The crazy thing about today, cars are shot? They have so much power. It's ridiculous like every year, a new, faster, zero to sixty time new records on the regretting inside what are you doing Where are you taking this? What you gonna drive this thing that fast you know it's gonna be teleport exam, Corvette Z, our one has seven hundred and something fuckin horsepower. We had others. How does the cosy mistake barely? Does that one of the driver- from GM one, unlike the head exacts from GM, took on a race track like when they were first releasing. It crashed like immediately.
Spun out slammed in the fuck. A walk, you gotta know what the fuck you're doing. If you're you're throttling me, you have to be able to navigate the throttle with seven hundred horse power is no matter what those wheels or Spinnin Madame especially rear, we'll drive, no matter how much traction control give it. You ve seen a video so fond of fucking in it's a video to watch to let you know like this is a crazy vehicle that you people are silent, you're you're, letting people a car that is so much faster than anything that was on the road five years ago. It's a fucking insane, Moby, an esprit lemonade changed. Our comes in handy Germany, yeah, yeah G am exec crashes, new Corvette Z are one may he got it is before receiving released. This it showed every moment of any man. I got an extra one
they sent me, though tat funny? I'm sorry about this. Guy, like like a picture has so long ago, and I can hear it easily. This guy bow play that again if it was this play for the beginnings. Knucklehead started to quick us, There's more angles are now known leg you this right away. This is this guy, I know how to drive. I'm a fucking executives, his job like an asshole. It isn't drive. These are put the full foot down again he's not fuck he's doing dumb ass, like that, that's a car that you have to know how to navigate once aside when the ass and kicks out too, he was just stopped. In it. The area thrasher he got call it a nice and shaded. The next board made ship fucking car, though good Lord, what
peace to voting rights. However, more than a hundred, I think it's like a hundred fifty hundred sixty thousand, probably fully loaded. Is a monster. They look like that what they ve done to the bodies see, but what you know where you're our aim has a huge advantage. Your heart, you are, it is four wheel, drive car and seventeen fifty five horsepower good Lord good law and from saying good, Lord, but the the problem is its hard to keep all that power down on the on the ground with a real job of car use, can get alot of sliding, and if you know how to drive you like that people who not addressed They want to kick the ass and outside ways, but like if you do I they like say a Nissan Chee Chee hours per, for example, one of the best things about the car a regular person can drive it pretty fast because there's a lot of electronics and whether we call nanny controls it sort of keep everything in order
so that car has been around for a long time. They really haven't changed a whole lot about the way it looks they ve, but they ve made these incremental improvements and performance and to this day that is what they beasties cars you could drive a car is a mother fucker. I ran in one of those in Austin last year holy Was it fun to crazy, like does it defies logic defined physics. That's the new more one, want down unless you want to take it to a track cassettes, harshest fuck, you just want the regular one. The regular one is beastie enough. Their amazing Garza I'll pop up when those truncated by Mobile, like die this mob. I buy it by it, but it really fun. Gonna get a brand new japanese car, the real car to get now the new and assets the new annex x. Teach ideal shy has one he brought him here and I was checking now outside man's got a letter
took engines on top of the regular engines, its it's an amazing car, just fuckin amazing and its gorgeous accurate, they have a two thousand nineteen one common out than is even more improvements, but it's hard for them sell these cars because, like Lydia, could look. How could that box god these little consular officials of the eighty out is a beast love it look. It's just its apples are oranges. Just what you're into tedious got that color to that blue Kebab, pull up two thousand eighteen out of our aid, Imagine all look at that score. Come on son, you gotta, get Saellvertu exhilarating african spaceship. That's a monster car! Look! How beautiful that is! that's the best, looking closer overseeing whether they like a book. Eighty two, some like that monster monster vehicle just ridiculous. Former cigar yeah and easy to drive to it's one of the causes, this system, its glued to the ground.
On four wheel: drive electric power steer electric engines controlling the wheels crazy break systems, amazing, God hundred and fifty nine cheese mose? It's a lot of shatter the town, but it doesnt have sound your car ad see the thing about the outcome as they have that big ass fuck Inv aid or the vitelli, depending on which, once again that we too that's that's a different thing. Man different thing: what is that beast? What the fuck two thousand nineteen are eight Elam ass. Well, that's the race car, that's a monster, escorts,
Pull up two thousand nineteen out of our aid to the people get mad. We talk too much because it could. Even for these cars broke boy. Talk about these close see, cause it's fun. That's there must be the camouflaged one s eyes actually hurts. I sought twitter, someone posted a picture that someone like this driving around with like this weird paint job I've seen that yeah. They they drive all over cities in everything like that's testaments them yeah. They do that for quite a long. I've been around a few those cars they receive the one that they will do it. Geller Cars, I'm everyone, the member, the pity cruiser gas. When I was by blood before it came out like about a year before it came out. I would like to see this ugly fuckin thing DR analyses magnetic like covers all over. I say you couldn't see the car, but you could totally tell what the state was bred spoken hilarious. Nobody gives shit about that car anyway. What they're gonna steal your desire? No one, steel in regard to act,
of one wants. I had my rented one because it look kind, of course, I'll take one of those has kind of cool. Looking, oh, my god, what a death trap How does this thing a zero control, like you can't corner in it the brakes, suck geometry or to look like old surfer with our way? Worse, I rented a hammer it's three once Mary, oh, Good Lord. I took a dirt road, I was in Colorado. We draw up the Salvador every towels around a corner was taken out sideways. Then things like zero traction was terrible. Collier prowler, oh, never things, cyber chip, food design that same guy, who built my barracuda or designed by Barracuda, not built it nothing's disgustingly. I was like that
Will you hated gray? Let's get this one? Will you put a firecracker area gimme that old Corvette fuck, this old thing? They tried those they tried, those for awhile it's an interesting time for cars, though Thou they did mean and people are starting to go towards. Electric cars will be driven a testily. Yet now that's a goddamn space machine. Those things are rocket. Ships there so fast they don't even make any sense they don't make any sense there zero to sixty like two seconds: that's crazy there, so factors and there's no. There is no gears right cause, there's trends the transmissions not the same because there's no it's combustion engine as to feeding the transmission, the club you don't like when you just that roadster press forward on the remote control. Cars ranges exactly just as sense here, just a car. That goes one point,
nine second son, zero to sixty what, in the actual fuck No six hundred twenty miles before you have to charge it. That's crazy! That's gonna, be a monster. Helen getaway, you're. Probably why won't you? Maybe you gonna word in which a body yeah not ready yet two thousand twenty than underpinned start selling them. Don't you think if they do not even in production? Why shot one off into space? Look pretty! It is, though, garment nothing comes out. That's a gorgeous car! This e g. I, though, right now now that real car one they made member had won the shot into space. Look either go faster. Fuckin thing goes one point: nine seconds, tuna, fifty plus miles per hour. I mean what the fuck that's gonna, be one of the most amazing cars ever wants. It actually comes out chemical save up each other to energies, woe to fifty fully loaded wow a quarter.
Rick Doktor said, founders Series reservation, one. Let me yeah deck. I was a weird gotta talk too, because I couldn't get over all the stuff he does MIKE. How do you do all these different things? How do you make these and then you make room panels and then you like drill and tunnels, and then you shoot and Rockets into space basic sir he's doing everything. Since these alien said he was maybe she listen said it was an early. He might be, might be a hired thinking life will. He might as well be right he was an alien and he looked exactly like thou be honest when he grabbed a joint in the wake. I looked at it. I was Caligula seemed kind like a guy was Caroline whom familiar with this practice put off maybe he's so smart that he thought it would be funny if you print and did he didn't know what a joint was? Could
he didn't know what it was. I'm just saying ass. He was about to partake. I had this real inquisitive lake gave it. There was a part. Is a blunt and the almost seemed like you didn't know what a blunt was. I do know I believe that I can believe that a glass tat could have thrown him after that you're. Not enough for me. Not everybody is hip to we culture, man as we think human right, but when he said that Tesla go and pay Private funding secure at four twenty. This is one million dollars for that, joke that Joe COS twenty million dollars, as he said, Madame they find them. With something manipulating relating your start prices a little bit without was one The thing is it on your shareholders into a panic. Jamie was concerned that they were going to contact us and see if we arranged that pot. Smoking part like that Something had been arranged in advance because it crash the stock. It also ensures that was where I was. I shall Rogue
many can know Jesus. We didn't do that, ITALY, we didn't. There was our Folks was amazing. That was amazing, strange that's what this pod causes for the average strange ship humans french moments. I can't get on and Well, you can't even get it on Netflix. You know I mean liquid our Mcdonald's show on Netflix. The keys he's got that thing that he's doing now Lex, is probably the most unrestricted of all networks. Of all things you trying to do and in terms of comedy, does nothing ever been like it's a greatest thing. Netflix restores the gratings ever happen to send a colony, ever never been accompanied by a special you want to give you no feedback, they dont didn't give you didn't fuck with you at all. They don't don't sensor. You didn't tell you what to do. They not me. They have some people said some things they wanted
edit out. What's a number ass to ram hasn't way way across the line for they play that with Joe Rogan numbers. Are they didn't? You know that's when they come in and they said here's a special we're going to do this, but they know what they are: they don't they don't. They know who you are or what you do. They know that, I know what you are doing a special issue, because they know how many eyes you're gonna bring to the channel yeah. They know it's done, but it still that having this ability to have something streaming like there's never been if you, if you If you are personally said, oh, I want to do a show on Nino. This network forget about Netflix, like if you just Besides this almost like, I want people watch this on people. At one time I wanted to be ten p m Saturday October. Seventy than that's it. Cool fuck wants like nobody. You want someone to be at the airport, with their phone and begone ha
I want to go. I saw Chris Rock special. We check it out right now banned amazing, and then you sit there on your own just watch in it. There is no live tv and all its gone by the wayside. Useless its, I see commercials now start laughing You fuckin dinosaurs, when your bullshit asked commercials. I just finished Ozark, Did you finish it the seconds? Even does anything I'm on your side, the sciences and I'm on second apis aid, so good money ever so where they just stated that the deadline for the Handicapped blew the hand earlier dont. You should spoiler tat, sir. What do you know? knows why, when or how don't people out there, I'm just saying Netflix is killing it strange things.
It was not just for the ass, a God Damn Netflix ears would now voices for like for me and my wife s like one of our things, we find a show gas spent some time together cells. We do that Syria Ozark she found like intervene, strangers things. I think I found that we'd. That's that's our thing like will like Ozark has been kind of tough for us because we watch the first. Sort of season to end and I went on to her for a month, so we just while the second one is the leg, and I got leave now so it's like, and we can't. We have time to bend the whole thing. Is there any other good ones? I know about people, occasionally tweet be ones, and I forget, a weird german one called, I think, dark I mean it's trapped, it's it's subtitle stuff, but it's crazy black near, of course ya. Ya. Like me, that's that, watch the shit, but down as a weird one. That's why that I watch like I'm stone a come home from the comedy store and I'm smoking a little weed- and I watched Why am I want someone's going to bed? You were talking.
But then, when the star tricking one and that's what made me go, look at it now. Let me go look at it and exciting I watched in the beginning. I think I tried early on and it was the one where the politician at the foot of the fact that the egg, so and that kind of something I decide whatever this weird shit prizes. Wasn't it as I got honest than that, but then, when you told me about that, when I went back started there and that was the last even then I work my way back and actually got so that once again a relaunched it. Nothing he's pretty crazy, see heavy metal, see that one? That's all the drones. The drones coming after people going well yeah well, does too close to binge watched black mirror pretty tough over it. Two or three day period. Unlike for like a couple weeks, I was commenced. I'm living in a simulation like to watch and especially the dating ones were here. How did just keep it that way? Good, it's blue my mind. A little bit eyes does nothing to you. I must freaked me on about. He was saying type possible.
That we are living in a simulation dude. I've always playing with that idea like. Is it like you, post some years ago of that was like someone over was the truck thing when it was at a real t shirt by its it. Well, it's a real teacher the in by, but it's not from Donald Trump Store. It's a company that sell em. It's like Trump store dot shop. Yes, oh you're, alright we're living in a movie. I was I just get asked someone Amulet Alan! That's you acted. Some people are Duisburg. That's fake news! It's not fake news, it's a real short! I know it's not his but eat the fact that that's a shirt it says I'd like beer Has a guy was wrought amazed to try to put the spanish Supreme Court It's fucking hilarious. The whole world is other worlds, Larry's all yeah, but this is the cool things about black meares, like black, mere showing you like what air? Some things could go in total, stop being way like work to see crocodile see that absurd crocodile,
Gimme, the one where you can? We? U can record memories and they yazzi did I seen our momentous dermatitis, lady member, this lead member this lady with the car accident the beginning and end of company? s members. This is thus the darkest of the dark ones that one was so fucked up down wrecked me. That was the one where the people kid rewinding, for those memories and play back our yeah which is where heart all that is common, that's easily. All this shit is common and there's the. Why was I wasn't super dark where there was ever where the chick was trying to a person. It is in the world ass, yet other stars up the star trek ones. My favorite thing down was fucking amazed go one. It was amazing and just in that is this sort of weird blend of current reality, one in a possibility. Where was the chick regulation, lifestyle nor she is who she is whatever and areas recording
The murders I wasn't really wants to ban is fuckin amazing, show the alley and if you have mentioned the STAR Trek one applying them. What have we been so good there? So many good shows now what else is good, but I'll tell you no about see, that's not show its thing, a documentary issued psychoanalyze half documentary, and then they did some like recreations caught wormwood. Now it's all about the the the acid. A m K Ultra programme agenda, Netflix thing: it's our Netflix S, warm worries, you gotta check it. It's just so. You know what my favorite one. They did. No one operation, midnight climax, says, it sounds, they d ran a brothel and they gave they gave Johns guys come too Valkyrie and they would they would give them acid to run. Son. I loved give people acid Diana fifty cent to know what it is like he's got a worm worthier. It's really good man,
has like a really good actor like doing them playing the main role like when they do. The re creation she'll recognize- and I forgot his name, but he's been in a tough. He was in that movie about the Marines worth with Gyllenhaal where they were in iraqi? Mrs Palacio darted, urging our had not changed our head, his partner in jar head. He was that guy in a lot of stuff I came over. There is really good at this. Is almost too much good shit to watch to the earlier another. When I watch because he was the the documentary? Why? a wild collateral while and then it all started. Conveying I remember that news weary day when I was young, I hadn't gander that at the start of my old man, a kind of remember this- you don't reading could. I just watched, but three identical strangers, dude about triplets. To all due to carry me. I'm not gonna. Spoilers go watch TAT the Netflix intense it it's it's not on their backs. I got it on. I rented on items for like five bucks. Three identical strange
my home you're networks, not out its basic, some triplets that were separated at birth and and does a birth birth at birth, the store that communist, that's the first twenty minutes is amazing, after that it gets crazy like and dark yeah. Ok,. Oh yeah, I'm making a murder is that so is that Netflix three identical surrenders didn't sets as a documentary and could be, but wild while country is goddamn amazing. It was a CNN film, so it could be on net faster, but right now it's on Itunes and you have to run it, so I dont think I founded on that flight. You know it's weird about, while, while country and it's weird about all these crazy sex called like part of it, you go yeah. I think they got some goin on that's right. I can't figure out some
then, my dear little, what I couldn't figure out about that was. Where was the flash point where this guy became this? guy like the thing he did make. Everybody believe, because that was never make clear to me right. I never understood like. Ok, I can understand, we're getting this excited about it, but what was the thing that he did or sad or that man I never understood that part of it. I haven't read in his book and it's actually pretty interesting, actually right here, the art of living and dying, and here he wrote this book outworn yeah. He wrote this book after he became o show, or maybe they published it after. He became ocean, but it's a very good book. It's weird! It's like he had some very good. I know what I think are left at home here. Does he had some very good ideas like it's like you,
philosophically he's a fascinating guy or was fastened guy and there's real good evidence that his followers Fuckin poisoned him like this. People oceans. It is real, good evidence, digital lot of people that followed the case very closely. That believe that people close to him maybe poisoned him and taking his taken his money. So whole thing now mean the whole thing's system massive mine, fuck. Those houses are still there in that place like that that ran that those just set up them either. Out of me, down there. They showed at the end of a documentary, wow there's an interesting now to do it. You may have you ever heard of him. I got him Doktor Molokai York now Is he he started in New York? doing this sam, like sort of islamic SEC thing he did in any prodded intellect aliens in an ancient hebrew start. You, like your
All this stuff together, the alleys philosophies any made this utopian, like society and like Georgia, but I do like doing mad criminal shit God. I don't know. There's any movie about this limit on smile is due as I got bigger. Get hooligans smiley. He is year, it's incredible Crazy story. It they put him away for a hundred and thirty five years. Yet it was those quite like ebb stuff like sex called stuff, was gone out with stuff in it always becomes the bow. Who will lie here. There's letters- and I did so because I've never seen definitive, read this and that so it's like there's more, What does it say it was? I can be set up and I shared net. He had such a perfect society going that they nobody wanted, that they would succeed. You know that same year, but I may I am pretty sure, has been proven that the dew was doing some pretty criminal share. His two things seem to happen. Whenever
Buddy, Bruns any kind of crazy called or any sort of like weird Community outside the norm. Always become sex and always becomes. I do. As you know a word, and I got him admit there. I think that's what kind of trouble You like, I remember some like I've, been some sexual either. What his aunt Amy Sex, godchildren, guess, that's what they buy if they wanted to Boston on something If there really wanted to bring him down, that's what they would accuse him up for me. You can't trust Someone accuses you have sex with children, even if you're not guilty bills, it's gonna on you forever, but the things like These no one has ever pulled off like a utopian alternative society. Never it's crazy! It's really interesting cause. The entire history, the United States. No one's been able do it like they. Try it they'll trifle over and then falls apart. Every single one of them, that's amazing. It's amazing
that no one, whether its way go, no one as it I'd like it. I like the line from the matrix is like you know, where's version of the matrix kept failing, because it was all too good into nice. We had it fuck it up a little for everybody except it. Why it just to me it's it's quite fascinating. Then You know we stick to a standard way of living which seen our modern industrial. Eastern civilization, and that is it in any deviation of that is scrutinised. The point words dismantled and the government steps and they always have guns to those of gun. And which ones of Aragon wait: twenty guns, because there, what do they want, protect their way of life and in someone's bang in people's wives and taken all the money fascinating. It's weird that not one has figured it out. Not one group has just got it nail towards prairie
power corrupts you can't have one person, that's like the almighty know it all overnight of a thing. Cuz he's going to take advantage, and then somebody, smart within the clique is going to say hey. This is not right and it's going to fall apart, and it always is one person or there's gonna be Personally, Neither wants that position is gonna. Do not get it, but it's always like one charismatic person that seems to lead these things like weathers. Jones, town or whether its way girls, Manson yeah, yeah yeah. It's always one one. Do you like this? these societies fucked up, maybe even me why to Hitler charming one guy gets everybody's attention. Next thing, you know Yeah is weird. Is an ant like this desire to have like our big, a big daddy who got all the answers whose better than us, because we're all Oh confuse, it would be very comforting if someone came along a really understood at all. I've got a solution
Lastly, as they have a big ass giant, crazy white beard, like oh show, did, and then they do bout you have or their answers blame the people you want to blame and make you I mean. That's another technique is to make sure I. What does everybody wanna be? Ok, that's where we're gonna be out on will focus our heinous capitalism. But do you know about these things? don't work out because they have to be based on what we talked about earlier yet doing on. Others, as you want them adieu truthfully living that lifestyle. When it doesn't and like that, it's not cats get the power they get in charge. They want to keep their power, they want to stay in charge, there's than they're not going to treat other people, they wait, unwanted they're, gonna start intimidating, be because as to why you keep people alive. Always people want to be. You note subjugated man, like you say they want they want. They want somebody to baby sediment, it no Throbbing guarantees be dumb, ok, cool and if no
was in charge. Someone would come along. That would want to be in charge of someone say. You know the problem disorganisation as there's no leadership. We need a strong leader. We need someone who respects the values In principle, this society was founded on, but someone who also understands how to be a leader, and then people go yes, yes, that make so much yes guide us there's one of its it's it's the same thing that is what goes on in Instagram. Everybody wants to believe everybody's got their debt. That guy's got his shit together at Guy Scottish. It can in fact be like you're, not knowing that, like behind the scenes, these fallen apart, fallen, fuck apartment I know they're just trying to make it look like to get tat. I had a friend recently Names are anything but like a friend in a couple you would never ever in your life. Think what day were the a I mean I was like man. I just wanna have a relationship like you or hear me and no
us or misleading one day, and I just turn around and deaths. Instagram names are different, Nelson about column. What's owns, I gotta we just did work. Who configured in May was. I I don't know if that was a disaster area, but certain events like just shows you none of that action is real cause. We don't put in it. We don't we put our shit moments, but for everybody to see you must talk about that to the people. C on Instagram that you think are on social media. They think are the happiest believe what we d smiles or fuckin struggle in the most for sure, ambled China project that they're, always China project you the best version of what they will have the best response all over my Instagram one post about my family or even our struggle like this rough right now share it. You say on, but we're gonna get through One of the things that people like about you you know
at your real you're, not a million, even though your famous guy has been a success from musicians from our timeless I used but you're better than you you're normal dude take that as the highest compliment you should in his eyes. Can that seriously wrap this pact s up because I have the shipment hearing before we do and tomorrow night, the Brooklyn Bull, fighting August, fear that the Brooklyn Paul you have seen ultimate pre party pity Woodley is hosting o beautiful, yeah psycho realm. I'm a man evidence if you want to get a discount. U S! filters code put it in come see us tomorrow. Night is gonna, be the Bob and get it lays. Gentlemen. Ever last Whitey Ford House, plain available now everywhere. Thank my brother thanks wherever they go buddy for turning into the show, and thank you, too, are sponsors. Thank you to dollar shave club head on a dollar shave club dot com. Slash woke in and
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we're we're right, we're all very lucky and I'm probably the luckiest. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you love you guys Ngos and non binary code in this issue.
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