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2018-10-11 | 🔗
Andrew Santino is a stand up comedian and actor. You can also see him on PROPS presented by Yahoo Sports, with episodes every Wednesday - https://bit.ly/2NAfM1j
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The Joe Rogan experience the sound of this problem. She does it. Ladies and gentlemen, he just popped open, a makers to taught me for he said over October. Can we liberalism is good for me and that all that does sound lovely This one's for this one's for fat burn. And right now ARI eleven. I have twenty days twenty days, right. Then it should already did eleven. But let me try something. What I've learned from this is. We were talking about before the podcast started. Who want to hear me I'm going to pour some coffee like an alcoholic. This is
it's a fun day meeting I need a cigar or SAM Joe Cigars. Here, don't have cigars there. I do right by the funk. Should there in one of these things. Either. One of the things that I realized is that if you work out like I'm working out like fucking hours a day. Yes, I'm try it literally trying to kill Burt. I want to try to keep up with me. He wanted to die the I'm trying to tell him yeah I'm trying to get my heart attack, because you know what bothers me what it is. This is all we needed this mushrooms in here and there's no signal cigars, all good. Maybe I might have taken about a I don't know the home door still gonna be huge room door for him into a human. What I realized this is what I'm trying to work yeah he likes to pretend that a chef for yes, this effort is spectacular now, thanks to pretend that he
can push himself? They got. This incredible will he's in last place, of course, yeah deadline by quite a bit yeah. Yes, I got one thousand point. It's really sad yeah and you know the takes days off and everybody does and he took it. I took three days off. I went to Vegas, I'm still in the lead, yeah. Well, I you know hit the I've seen I've seen his cooking show on a high, eats I've seen his it's, the blues, man yeah and I was too his body mean he's yeah. I love birds, and this is one of the reasons why I'm trying to tell him. I hate him. Let's fight the son of a just want him to realize like this is not your ten younger than me and you have to take high blood pressure medication. This is all not good yeah. No, it's not you're doing something terrible to body by drinking every night shouldn't do it. Would you do a bottle night? You think she gets down. Dude, yes, daddy, drink, he'll, drink a whole box of wine when those box wines he's right, it's a frenzy of freak he's an animal man, he'll drink a whole Tito's like whole jug. I see that I seen that go down is going on here, he's freaking out
shirt off I think, any see his dick. Do you think he sees his deck and we could search for it. Yeah find it. Hi can go. I see today sure of what's the deal. This is, it is a podcast. I saw this Norton and him he. What was he He was saying on this hold his wife for something to ask about what some about sex and his kids weren't. His kids are in the car. Yet wonderful, yeah any band, any panic. She hasn't done that with no hammered, but Tom lost all wait when they had a weight loss challenge two years ago, not last year the year before I have a score, looks good, so Gora never gained it back now it's staged a little yeah. He looks it looks, fantastic and he's in the hunt. It's, already in him are just behind me or in him are neck and neck. Are, is number two and he's just behind Aryan, then cigarettes when I mean when Bert is way behind it, but we need to lose no weight, zero weight,
he's already thin as fuck he's down. One hundred and eighty pounds said for the first time in like deck, What is the six three full list for six? Four yeah it's going right for, but he looks great yeah Kiesel thin and see I mean for a snarling jewish guy. He looks good yeah, let's face is bad, but his body looks good little angry about a week, yeah that this is how helping him. This is one of the things I was saying is that working out like I'm literally working out two, sometimes three hours a day. You do to you it produced some wonderful session go well, I go ham. Funk I'll just go hard I'll, just mix things up like I'll run and then I'll come back from running and I'll kick box. Then I have to kick box I'll, get on the elliptical machine or I'll lift weights, and after I lift AIDS and then I'll get on the echo bike. You know the echo bike, yellow yeah airline thing, yeah and then I'll get on the versaclimber and then I'll get on the rowing machine. I just do rounds when I can't roll more look at this fucking puddle. I left behind this the puddle on my elliptical machine Jesus.
Yeah, I mean this is two hours on the elliptical machine, and this was I just wanted to see like what spas and then how I felt the next day I felt fine. The thing is, it worked out a lot already so, but now my body is just adjusting to like a ramped up schedule. Higher has already doesn't workout at all. He's worked out in ten plus years. So for him this is like a whole new thing, but he still second place. It's his mind, we have a strong mind. He we'll. So what is just going to finish somewhere in the Middle you never know you think come up. I won't beat me now should be much wishes. You something they're big on the line. Yeah, there's nothing on one I see sells yeah. It should be something big on a lot of finalize that Bell: Jamie some good art work with yeah, some but yeah of folks to get put me on Instagram, so grounded use the hashtag use like at Joe Rogan tag me and if you win I'll, give you five hundred dollars. Ok, look at that.
So people are scrambling for U Penn joins up with the best design will give you five hundred dollars. If I don't choose anybody, nobody gets schitt. We have an Arnold shoes. Anybody you burn the money, that's what Joe is going to burn it yeah we need it. I have an artist is trying to work on it too. So there's a run. There's like there's a mad run here, but the thing was going to say is all bullshit aside jokes and I do love yeah. I do everybody else doing this, but All jokes aside. I have like zero anxiety, zero worries, zero stress like when you burn body out like that, like two hours of working out today, not yet I don't even talk about anything like I'm in traffic people caught. Nothing like give us luck. Good cut me off dykehead. Who cares? I'm not angry like it does now I think what is it because your body so burnt, you think you're, just so fucking exhausted? I think this is my my feeling,
I feel a lot of those. I do a lot of those feelings it would you have whether it's anxiety or stress is this extra energy that your body it's unnecessary. It's unnecessary energy! It's like your body. Looking for trouble. Isn't there looking for danger that isn't there looking looking for something that's going to like stale, food aid, your village village, that we're going kill. My family. I think your body has, they have a certain way were designed right for all the years. We were running away from wild animals and other tribes, and all that shit, I think your body, In your brain have uh certain amount on reserve. Always Looking for some sort of danger, looking like here, see a deer in the wild. That's like look twitchy and yeah they're here napping around his daughter mountain lion. Time outlines that amount. This amount in my neighborhood. By the way it is yeah the neighborhoods by one of the neighbors.
Mountain lion. You got your fucking bow, wow, yeah, good luck, shooting amount in line with BO be fun though huh you'd have to but the odds of you shooting amount yeah. What is that that walks by that lady? Is that a cat? That's a fucking let's not a cat citizen online because of how its tail popped up William Outline, but it's just wait. Casual walking by her she's, give give a fuck it definitely loosely cat, She thought it was a dog kind of Dogs. It's this way to calm the way it walks. Buyer, that's not a wild cat. I think that's a dog man, but it doesn't look like Aug. Maybe a mountain lion. It is that nobody knows what for it is terrifying or not, and wildlife experts are looking at that video and the like that. Is he, like I'm, not a while my fax but I've seen a lot of wildlife detail does not look right. The tail looks like a cat. Does it yeah, it does see it again detail. Definitely, look at this look at dog tail. It looks like a balancing tail I give
look at yes, look. That's a dog though it you know, the trim their dog hair and they make their dogs in fuckin'. Stupid deal looks man. It's like that. It's holding its tail in the air, I'm saying yeah. It is we check the tracks and they were definitely dogtrack see it though. So it's a dog to Fagot dog, It's my dad's for him. I told myself I was going to say the F word anymore and I did it snuck out about dog. It makes its way out: this it. This dog identifies as a cat. It did I heard the dog identifies as a person now that it I don't want to be called Kelvin, that's its name yeah the dog says I'm Kelvin. Well, you have to respect its feelings. It has every. Like to be whatever it wants to be a man Did you just assume that animals I fuckedup, assumed it's
it's a done any yeah! That's up! It's a big mistake on my part. I got a lot of nerve Joe right in to have a lot of nerve. That's I'm a deeply embarrassed by myself You need to go to support group for people who think that dogs are just dogs there more than not even a cat, maybe it's just a sensient being maybe it identifies as like a sensient being just being it's an orb of energies dog, not a cat. Just just to name. It exists, yeah, an we don't have the right to define it. I mean recall something: a cat by who's. My humans judge and that's a feminine word and you assign your site yeah. You say a cat the way you said it sounds feminine. What about a cool cat like if you're cool, black Kyla Kerry's cool black people did their rules on apply that is, they don't use that anymore. Do they cool cat? Now, hardly anybody uses noise and jive Turkey anymore either. I have Turkey was fun. I bet, though, for awhile who do you think was the last guy to say: JIVE, Turkey in all earnestness,
yeah. That's not how I think I saw, I think it's more like a shity movie in the 90s, where someone like a black comic used, JIVE Turkey, oh Nick Cannon, I saw thing and Nick Cannon jive Turkey in a sentence dead, serious it's been such a turkey yeah, but he's probably you can a comedian. We know loses sir. Yes word, he does still sure I understand, I'm comedy special sure yeah, look at Jamie Smirk, yeah, jamies marking it was called his stand up. Comedy specials called stand up, don't shoot really that I'm dead, this stand up, don't shoot any war. You know he wears like a space, yeah yeah, What is it called cat outfit? He wears like a fucking. What is it called at one hundred am indian Head Rism headwear, yet that doesn't he
it's no, no job a job yeah. He was in his job. Yes, he does that's a that kind. No, not but look droning cannon, he job, he wears the and how about it forever, because the queue because he was wearing a watch. It'll be a little combat bro he wears a turban. Are might wait a minute what the FUCK Nick can explains his reason for wearing a turban get to the please on Ellen. Ah, I just don't have any breath in my body yeah, I get. What is it? What is his explanation? I don't remember what he said. He said I don't know some fucking bullshit uh well millisecond! You know me, I'm a conspiracy theorist. I think the government did that they set her up. What is that about Mariah? now some was hold on a second Ellen. Fifty eight then asked Nick about Marias New Year's Eve, televised performance that was marred by technical difficulties in
But you know me, I'm a conspiracy theorist. I think the government did that they set her up. It was a distraction. He's joking yeah, no see, He said he was a comic that was hilarious. That was so good funny. Why does he say like white sponge jacket, I've never seen white. One like that, it's like old school motorcycle jacket, but it's white guys can't wear white jackets at ten. Now they can't sure they can. You can't wear a white leather jacket. I can with hoop earrings ok, yeah go latina, hoop earrings yeah! I want to see you wear those. If I had her, I wear break that should be the best, but you gotta wear with leather jackets and hoop earrings white guys they don't seem to get called out for cornrows. It's really a white girls can't wear cornrows yeah, but like I do you see white guys with cornrows. I don't ever see white guys are looking this Nick Cannon weight gain weight. What the fuck is wrong with people, let the guy gained a little weight. You fucking idiots worry about yourself
but urban, pink bourbon? Where is his reasoning for that urban? I can that picture that I posted on my instagram about the British Iraqi Genderqueer. Whatever the fuck is look at this quantum physics really helped me understand my queer identity. British Iraq gay, a non binary and identified as Muslim. That is real by the way there's a video if you go to whose Instagram James Woods posted on his twitter page. If you go to James Woods, twitter page- and he says That'S- is that right, it's funny or that Sasha this is Sacha Baron, Cohen yeah. If you go to his twitter page and you and it from yesterday. That's where I saw it an there's. An people, video that goes along with it now. Here's interesting when you listen to this person, I don't want to I understand there now just something this something
it seems very intelligent, like very intelligent person, sure but yeah he posts a lot. Does all just drink coffee and talk shit about liberals, keep going down, yeah just keep going, it was some Kavanaugh mixed in he's, got some fake news mixed in it's in there. I like beer, how many like beer now like two days ago now keep going might be in there. No, no! No! I don't think so. Bat admired is Bam. Okay, go live, go large, go large on this go large go online and bring it to the beginning, because this is quite click and hold a brief. The beginning here we go. My name is: I will call the old time radio and I Lamb Realty, that you might categorizes into section. I'm british Iraqi Que no
binary and also identifies with them and the glittering isn't in physics, as we make up I've ever seen on any human physics help them understand this clear identity. Okay, no, listen! She has spoken space cadet. The pictures are inside the listen glorious sect of physics that looks at the subatomic particles that company all wild so inside the neutrons, electrons and protons in looking at the cold slap Tom's, those arms and the headaches, whereas classical newtonian physics is obsessed with the universal formula that govern our reality, it's so fixed on resolute on, says quantum physics. Feels that there is no fixed reality and it's full of beautiful contradictions. Okay, so here's my point, you can keep going on and watch this, but this is a very intelligent person,
sure. So why am I so dismissive? Why? Why can't this person where, like if a woman was beautiful and she wore like a dark red lipstick? But she was talking brilliant science I would have an issue with it, so why do I have an issue with this glam roof fella character glamour Fellow and Unglam Rachel Do I have an issue with the bright blue? glittery lips, the literal rainbow colored eye shadow with glitter the false positive Koshi, sixty nine is that with the existing Koshi, sixty nine- and I think, here's my thing with this whole thing I don't give a fuck what you be who you want done if I, with I'm, for real cool with all that shit. I think this is like peacocking and it is fine. This is calling for attention for the reason that we all are like.
They get mad like. What do you look at? You know some of that when you look at you like you know you, you did the show for me to see what it was. You stay in private and have your own life, but you want me to react. Why do I? like some of it like if there's, seven year old, black dude and he's got like a red velvet suit on. He looks cool to ship right with, like a slick, fedora and he's walking down the street with a fucking snake head Silver Kane, a Joe Rogan. You don't I'm saying if you look at that, guy girl. Look at this cool mother, Fucker yeah, but he's peacocking as well yeah, but it's different. This this is attention grabbing because they want you to these people, the people who do who want to be larger than life, that do things like this to express who they really are, that they want to have a discussion whether or not they want to have true discourse. They I want you to go? What is this. What are you what they want, that they also want, like quote, unquote, inform you or argue with you
out yeah? I said identity yeah, but what that's my whole that? Why can't you just be be the thing you want. I don't you don't eat up so many with at nine labels. Rotting gave british most of us like to, but I just your glam row agree with you yeah, because But I also myself questioning my own judgmental nature. You saying why we prejudge, because I also the roman normalcy it but is normalcy. This is this. Is these are pre plucking, normal, valued sever from from jet from normal standards of what kind of the same thing you've seen for the past? You know right, so we fit in the culture where we don't stand out so we're not asking for additional attention: yeah, no yeah. This is a call to attention. Call two discussion. An again I don't give up. I don't have anything against it's like a person. I know I don't give a shit about him. I just know that this is clearly for. To go what the fuck. That's? Why? I that's? Why
What if I was just exactly like this, but a thick rope chain with a star on it that had all diamonds want me to say something about it? That's why you were that right? you want me to go. Why the fuck you! Why are you wearing that ship right? Why Are you right now right right right? In fact, it would be insane if I sat here the whole interview and didn't and wasn't like didn't do his show what the Fung Wah is STAR, like the size of like a Sadie's, Emblem Roland Diamond and you'd be the asshole. If you go would is this? Do I have to do you have to know my identity with my distant part of my culture? Man, ok! Well, explain it 'cause! I don't get it 'cause, it's not what I'm plucking used to or How about a white guy who dresses like that, but talks like he's, not a white? right right right, like the whole of the old yeah. We'll do this guy here is that we got a total he's a great troll he's actually so good at it. Do you think he really got pistol whipped in Brooklyn and robbed, or do you think about him? So I think that was all big fuckin' media push, but I think he's a genius.
Doing it, because it got him way more attention. I I think I got robbed. I think this kid is is actually very smart. What do you say Jimmy gotta stuff back? They took us and they gave me that and it should back go back. Sometimes Well, what do you know about black culture? Look at jamies opportunities in the market street. Listen guys. Sometimes the chains come back. James Gonna be coming, I'm not saying how they get him back because I didn't die for them back I'm on black twitter. You guys don't know who my black guy mark. I went to the Drake concert relax. I got this. I bought the Carter five, fellas, listen up, Jay Z, and they will no longer speak to Kanye and Kim Kardashian fact, according to the fucking fake news broke news. No, it's just out yesterday that really
yes, yeah yeah. They just quickly disavowed Connie, W and Kim Kardashian because of his position on Trump Jamies gotta, Google, it but you know what Twenty two hours ago, his mother fucker daily mail sever ties? It's in hot new hip, hop dot com. You have dialed is on and m et? What's an Emmy new media entertainments, ever ties sever ties. It's over. We sever ties. Mod, sucker, we're not talking to you anymore. You don't come to our champagne parties over bich matters. People are waiting for that. Album watch the throne to you about an album you know what this whole thing with Connie in this whole push about getting capper Nick to have lunch with Trump brilliant.
I think he used the whole platform of SNL just to get trump to go. I love Kenya. He wants trump to be so in love with the wants Trump to love him so much that he's willing to take a meeting with someone he's been publicly on for for a year now all trucks we Kaepernick is a terrible, represent in this country a bad football player, a bad person, even dumping dump dumping Connie is going to sucker him and twist his mind into thinking. He should actually sit and have lunch with him. I'm I bet my life it'll happen. That trump will go ok, I'll, take a meeting because I love Connie and it's just out of respect for Kanye, so he'll get us up. He'll get him and fuckin' cap in the room, I'm so I swear to God watch and I hope I hope he does. But here's the thing Donald Trump Stock cop he's not shooting.
Black people, yeah. The whole thing is bizarre: it's well yeah! I don't know it makes no sense when capper neck is on his knees during the national anthem. That's bizarre to yeah, because people are just there for a game. Yes, I am. I completely understand that you're disgusted by police brutality. Sure I think virtually everyone is yeah and my take on it. Is it First of all, it's insanely difficult to be a police officer. You have a lot of people that are police officers that have no business holding that job extreme pressure. A lot of them have PTSD and a lot of them their bullies. Get into this position, because they want to be the guy with the gun in charge totally, and then they have an opportunity to pull that trigger and they do and they face repercussions because someone's filming it, and I think that she does happen from the beginning of time. Yeah, of course, there's film, there's a horrible film that we played where there was a guy, I posted on my twitter, it's fucking horrible,
guy shooting a white guy who's crawling for his life on the voice, telling the guy to cry. Towards them. Let me see your hands. It's in Arizona and the guys pants are falling down. It keeps reaching back to grab his pants and he goes he goes. I will fucking shoot. Grab your pants and the guy is going his pants are falling down and try to grab his past the guy like two up in the hallway of a hotel. Just kills am murdered. Him I was crying and begging for his life and the cop was made same crawl, Tord. Some like why the fuck would you ever make someone crawl towards. You insane and he's giving them all these confusing directions. While he is in full riot gear, holding a gun, apparently the guy, I had a fake pistol like a water, pistol or water gun and was holding out the window, and someone saw it and they said, there's a guy the guns that came in there ready shoot somebody already and then they see this guy, but the guy was clearly not threat. We see this in this.
I had already been in trouble for other police brutality and then got kicked off the force you got acquitted by the way with video got acquitted and then they get acquitted of the murder. Yes, a quick email to this guy with the video the with the video got acquitted and then afterwards got kicked off the force for something else. He did right. The guy was just abuse, I've got the time. Bombs appear, he's just going off. There's a lot of people like that in ITALY and there's also some that are racist too. It's not discounting racism. There's some are racist too, but it's just a fucking, insanely, difficult, job, but no one respects or very few people, respect and these people in these situations, everyday, where their life is in danger and their whole brain. Is frazzled, I'm friends with a lot of cops. I know a the cops come from my family. I know a lot of from MMA. I know a lot I've known a lot of cops in my whole life, like my whole life growing up, my my real dad was a cop. I grew up like knowing cops when I was a kid.
And then, in all through martial arts, new cops because cops always taking martial arts to learn how to defend themselves right. It's a insane job man, it's crazy, it's fuckedup and every day they all day, long you're dealing with people that are committing crimes, you're dealing with people that are lying, dealing with people that are lying to you right. You pull people over there line either drunk they're on drugs. They got a body. Rockets just lies it's, not even a simple pullover is alive when you don't faster, going like no nothing else going on forty two years of doing this, but don't overheat. My I'd legitimately had a broken speedometer once and uh. Pulled me over and I go. This is going to sound, so fucking stupid, my speedometer doesn't work. He said get that shit fixed. I go yeah. I should let me go. You know why I'm white dude, my guy and it was only eighteen at the time wasn't able to get out of this looking car he is saying you know it's not even something to joke about. I'm sad that you just joked about it,
oh, but it is fun it up. It's locked up. It is hooked up man, but here's the thing right. Football players like capital people like that, Neil because said they want of what they use their platform yeah. I think I mean I get that everyone should use a platform. Here's my thing now has that helped in any way, no see the problem is, there's no there's no okay. The problem is, if you said the capper. What's your end game to say stop. Police violence is like such a vague, broad thing to do. Yeah just stop it. It's like! Well, that's not that this is to have a dialogue about it was what's in but the problem is they need to have we need. There needs to be a bigger, for why people are kneeling, because the conversation already being had its not like were kneeling. So we can talk about it, we're talking about it. We need used to be some kind of an end game, Ogola point of that. It's not I'm not saying it's she verbal, not necessarily going to happen, but you need you need something to to. You need something to get to 'cause. Otherwise, This is just going to be this weird turmoil between ultimately race people, could truly
people that are yelling about it that are angry. I don't have luck that a kidney. Are they still going to play football? Why do you care the older people, they're, like you, better stand up better stand up. Is it's for America yeah? He is that we're all on the same team. I know it is a few don't want to support the team the wide wide meal dirt, but by then, because just because People are paying attention to exactly right because all the eyeballs are alright, but the idea about a nation, about everybody being on the team together. So we're supposed to support right these ideals. This song is about I pledge of allegiance to the flag, all this jasmine, that's what we're doing right now, but I find it so odd that things have anything to do with one other. I set it on stage one time that I was like it's a game has no bearing on the future of the United States of America. You don't do that for anything else. Right you don't just like a dinner party and play monopoly in someone's, like would you say the pledge of allegiance? It's one thing, the UFC stopped that I really liked was set. I think that they wouldn't do the flock in national anthem. Then what are we doing here for cage fights?
These are just two men competing in a sport, but it was a big thing with boxing and it still is, I think, she's still do the national anthem before big boxing matches an it bowl, visible, see, see people saying and it's when people do that thing with their voice alone? You know try to be to try to try to make before any sporting event in the middle of that whole. That last stretch, there's always like to fifty thousand people go so for the these. The crossover we don't need to be singing about America, sporting events. It doesn't have anything that doesn't have anything to the Olympics at this point Olympics? Definitely that's what it's flocking about this, my controversy, your country, but
during elevation- is about the Olympics. I know, but I'm just saying I get that fuckin' national anthems at the Olympics, that's what it is, but this is just the packers versus Fuckin'. You know the buccaneers. This has nothing to the bearing of american future The soldiers fought for your right to be able to just figure, I feel, do fucking everything to do. Do we have to save it for this podcast right now should ok, we should rise of God. Dam flag behind me know shanty no got damn american flag. Equal. The fans. Don't know that Joe hates the american flag on my phone bitch goddamnit. I can see this is this mother. This is trolling, is trolling. Canadian nobody. No! that shows a Canadian keep it down. Bro conspiracy, Rogan theorists on line like his Joe actually born in Canada. I'm doing canadian propaganda on the sneak tip for years Toronto great city, it's my favorite Reno, I'm looking at you with that maker,
can I know I'm loving every second of it. I mean this is like a is like an ad for again sober October. It's my birthday on Tuesday, I'm not not drinking first get it man. Why should you care what it? What do you think you'd be? You would do you think you do sober October and like take a day off for your birthday and then get back to sober, and then What day, at the end of the month, not a day early, I could. I guess I could do it, but I don't I don't I just I don't not James. Do what you think. I can't do it. Do you you do sober November. What about silver FEB, It's only twenty eight days. That's what's up November, history month. That is the shortest to the this this month I said you say they gave him what, if they put, if what, if there was picked, wouldn't end of Laci P picked it out it yeah just white. If it's Whitey white people be like the desert shortest day, why yeah crack crack as white crusty? Look in bologna, stinking mother? I wish there was a good sulur for breeders. You know for straight people the like double
Yes, something something like you know I mean a big good already one for us normal? She could use it on yourself, nor you fucking normal. You and got damn basic is a pretty easy basic fuckin' breeding as stolen out penises in vaginas Dixie pussies, like fucking Waited losers like in Arcadia, monkeys stupid as sperm. So can you get some other fun when you come inside of women, you fucking loser. We do a bit more people like yourself, you fucking Idiot loser. Could be a word yeah I do think there wasn't- and I put in my instagram yesterday that you shouldn't say pregnant woman. Oh, you shouldn't assume that the gender of someone who's pregnant it. So to say over the post right exam one. That's it people like that's true, all right, that's the onion! No, no! No! No! No! No! We are in the Twilight Zone right now. Here it is said
all genders can become pregnant because people of underscan have the reproductive organs to do so. What in the holy FUCK it says, set instead of saying pregnant women. Try using the phrase pregnant people keep going down because people of all genders can fall pregnant. You can falcon flag, not good enough. Uc falls, pregnant felt gun show. Oh I've fallen pregnant because people of all genders can fall pregnant. Can you call If you're a man, can you call in work and say hey, I'm not going to be in today because I fell pregnant. They do give a maternity leave for guys. Yeah, oh good identifies pregnant I I'm five just fallen pregnant. I needed not coming to work. Yeah how does that work see? But this is what this is see. This is why this is a propaganda. Bullshit lie of like getting us all on the same page of of not all.
Can can have reproductive are, and that's not true did with what is going on productive organize its with this is really so. You can't fabricate that it is too easy to survive or call up with all sorts of different kinds of conflicts that are, rely. I guarantee you all those people that are doing this they're, not working out three hours a day function. They did wouldn't be paying any attention to this ship yeah. It's not like this is nonsense. We have saying women are pregnant, say it is saying: pregnant woman. Try using the phrase pregnant people They corrected themselves. The post should say, become pregnant instead of fall. Pregnant thank you. Are followers have pointed this out. You you put it. You wrote that yourself, the Lang would you use affect the people around you, people involved can become pregnant because people of all genders can have the reproductive organs do so when talking about pregnancy, how to use the language that is inclusive of people of all genders.
There's seventy eight different genders now? Seventy nine Joe don't be so ignorant God. So we do. I hate when I do that. You know it's not what I miss gender. This kind of bullshit is due to boredom. This is the boredom well, it's also weak these people that are doing this. I guarantee you if there, if this is what you're looking for conflict yeah, you are. The whole life is falling apart, you're a mess. This idea that you're proposing that people have bought. First of all, it's insulting to women. It should be deeply insulting. No all of all genders can be pregnant the they can. You know, God damn difficult. It is for a woman. Your wife has been pregnant yet, but let me tell you something: man I've seen a lot of women pregnant. It's rough, it's hard, yeah women get pregnant and it's hard for them. That's really different!
Their whole body goes through these crazy hormonal changes. They gain a shit ton of weight, they get insecure. They have crazy mood, swings with chemicals in the brain changes, postpartum depression where they get suicidal. It happens in a lot of women. The idea that all genders all gender, no no bullshit, bullshit lice biology There's only it only there's only one there's only one gender that can become pregnant woman. Yes, that's a woman and that's the end of discussion, but there's some argument. There's this new way of talking about things. That's filled with nonsense and they this is where the fascism lies. They want you to adhere to their rules. A person and if they don't ride enforced, is what you're the shame you try to go after you. What they are saying is literally against science yeah. It's not.
Scientific, not true. Now, if you want to tell me that some people like to identify as a woman- and you should talk to them as a woman to give them a woman's name short totally, I don't care that you think no problem. If you want it, listen that that's my whole thing. If you say to me, I'm not a man, I'm a woman, I'll go good! Yeah! That's fine! I don't I don't enterprise woman! Fine! I don't give a what you that's fine, but you can stand there and tell me that any The other than a woman can get pregnant, have a child. I did that with. This is now we're talking about like fake semantics. This is phone. That's phony, she's out you've made that up. It's also idiots it's all disease week. People these weak minded the way I describe the lady who tried to bring a emotional support. Squirrels on airplane went what airline was of other spirit here. Well, I was hoping for zero. Nine here, Kanye talks, yeah reason reform which
They had lunch. Ok play this. This is like play this. Please, let's, let's hear some volume here and make more money. That's one thing: I've never stepped into a situation where I didn't make people more money, so we can empower pharmacy. Of course we can not a KIA. We can bring that only Adidas, all sure. If we could break Foxconn to set up a factory, nothing Minnesota, maybe three Wisconsin there were they found the schedule. I love Wisconsin and one of things we got a state is for they had the highest design. This car is the most amazing. I don't really say you don't wanna sing they can afford to travel. We just think positive, lovely divine universal. Ok, stop getting stupid system that she's fussing you dumb, Motherfucker Ford makes dope cars; ok, Mustang GT 250r! That's a dope cost Jamie post up a picture of a Mustang Shelby,
Mustang Gt350R three quickly, Well, the taste of that stupidity is still in my pocket. Brain give me a photo, the new God. That's America right there, you tell me: that's not dope! You, son of a bich cheese come on Son the raptor F one hundred and fifty raptor. That thing is fun as how bout drive the Ford GT, the one that John in is just sold for one point: three million dollars pull up John Cena's, four gt. You don't think that's dope well, I'm not talking to you anymore, because our conversations over now the doors up like an absolute divorce. Jamies! That's what I'm looking at right there go big. If that's not, I don't know what to what you have to teach the We Ford had design
my car shut the fuc up and make your shity slides positive, define your slides that are too short, or these got damn Yeezys it Jamie bought formula, will never wear or had showed Jojo's, never seen that video with little little pump right. The fucking I don't know now showing the picture of the play. It didn't bring it up, no showing the pictures on the picture showing the big suit yeah. He see that this sub box, it's like there were refrigerated box. Ok, so I'm just saying this guy is trying to tell us about the Adobe. This is music. Video chat, Fuckin' car, you don't think that's dope, that might be the dopest car the world has ever known its mother. It's slick is pull up black Ford GT with red stripes. This might see the most beautiful car I've ever it's! Ok! Let me rephrase this most beautiful, modern car. I've ever seen. That's a sexy, fucking so who's at Jj, Fuckin' thing man, look at that thing: good, J, Googly, what a beast of a fun
automobile Kanye that is cold as ice. I think just make up Jamie God. I am you shut up. You shut up to also close to so I think we're seeing the Connie worst give him a spy. The first give us going to be, and then they listen. If you can get tenner, two thousand and twenty words correctly without using the red squiggly line. Underneath the on your phone. Have you the fact that Donald's nodding at him is just like this. I know which guy comes in, he said, they're going to be should be floored should be doping, he's probably sitting there going. How to fuck. Did I get to this position while I'm in the oval office listening because he wanted to see Kim Kardashian so mad? He was like I let this mother Fucker come back its face. Look at Donald's face: yes,
photographers have like man, I've taken things like David in such important rooms and they're like now, I'm here but see. The Connie thing is like Just let him rant about shit, No one goes wait. What Can you send me to take his fat meds he's not taking his fuckin' Mets even said that he stopped taking meds right. Jamie is not the whole thing. It's like yeah. Well meds made him gain a ton of weight and he looked really fucking spaced out. Receive fat Kanye effect. Conyers pull pick your fat Connie with the meds. So what happened was after he gave his support for Donald Trump. He said I did vote but above voted, I would have voted on Trump yeah. Google Biggie got there they loaded him up with pills and when they load him up with pills he vanished for awhile cancellous to war. He was like having a serious nervous breakdown and got big fat. That's used
that's when he was when he was on the pill, so yeah it's mentally fuckin' stable. Now I'd rather be fat in stable. This is where I think, because of sober October, I think he just needs to workout. I was just going to say I don't. I don't think I don't think it's a part of his lifestyle. I think his lifestyle so well. That's not true, because one of my friends was trainer, so he does work out. He had a train, see I feel like he doesn't. He seems like God that just doesn't have he. He had a trainer yeah trust me, Domani lost weight. After all, this bull is a long time ago. He had a trainer, I want to say, My friend was doing this. He looks really good great shape for seven years ago. Yeah! Well, you know I don't want to disclose any train client confidential ship, but who's working out yeah. He was working out, but the point is: look the guys fucking,
basically, a little loony, but that's also. Why he's so fucking creative? I mean that's why his music so good! I mean, I don't think you have to be completely normal look most of my best friends. Rather I can minds if you're not a norm, I'm not! No, I'm not real problem. Yeah, we all right. Well, we all do anybody. That's going to something that I also have a lot of self examination and that's what is lacking. Wasn't myself hardness? Yes, yeah the re. I I examined the things that I think can say and how I interact with people, and I don't always get it. But when I see him doing that, holding court in front of the President United States, with a mega hat on like in front of all these fucking people, taking pictures of them like this preposterous crystal use words like dope, because I try to use only positive, like lovely dump? It's positive, divine! It's dope like you, you send me a text. I sent you text. Let's do one thousand am dope dope dope great perfect, plus great loving son,
negative next time. You text me I'm going to divine. If I, when I saw your car as I do, that's a dope car, it's divine Joe! Oh, it's lovely! It's lovely! It's positive, though It's wonderful, it's wonderful, wonderful few times in all earnest Ian always feel like a masterful. Will you sound like a bitch a little bit a little bit hey how how was your? How was that thing you did yesterday? It was wonderful, ok, it was wonderful. She swallow cock, so it's one of those words that you use when you're hanging around with actors My god was wonderful. He was a wonderful, wonderful, especially talk about a woman. She was exquisite. Wonderful, her performance was so wonderful. In other words, I hazing support of really a supporter of woman. I hate brilliant and the actor can really people say brilliant bothers me. So when they go on my god, just brilliant, you like and less it's brilliant yeah, but the rarity of that word should be. It should be so so it should be used. So less, but you go see Roger waters at the Hollywood bowl in like fuckit, was brilliant, big difference. Right,
of course, that's you, then. Yes, that is brilliant, but that's decades of hard work and and so many things coming together to make. I watch. Do the wall here, what three years ago, at staple center Ann and I was sober, Let's just say that I was sober at go does singing, and I was so british yeah. I wish I wasn't like lit up, but I was like in a good space. It was maybe one of the most incredible visual things. Visual concert. I've ever seen in my fucking life to watch them. You ever seen that they build the wall on stage as he's performing and they tear it down in the middle of it all. Damn it was fucking. It was usually one of the most stunning concerts. I've ever been a part of to watch them make it's not it's a band playing, it was them visual art, while he was telling his story through music, and I was like this is why I'll pay hundreds of dollars to watch? Somebody not not just here for and Tom, petty way. Allow those tickets are,
the same amount of money, but you don't get the show like with water as you get like this fuckin' visual experience he's incredible. Man yeah he's a lot of creating clean, Anti trump shift at his concerts to write with pig heads and she had a lot of government a lot of government schitt yeah. He gets in a lot of bullship, but I mean it's visually stunning, as fees nuts yeah beautifully, right 'cause you. So that's what I'm saying is so, he's beautifully insane. Yes, look at all these airplanes flying overhead and all this they float yeah. They float big pigs over you that drop propaganda, notes and shit. It's dope as fuck dope, it's dope. It is dope, it's fucking, incredible yeah, but I mean that's something visually it's just unbelievably beautiful, so is the blood Jamie you're part of black toner is the our community, abandoning Connie in there. Only white people accepting him now Jamie you're black So I see a lot of the alt all white people. Excuse me. Alright, thank you, say all white.
I don't think James part of White James part of the ultimate alchemist make oh wait. Let's define it right now, what's all white, what would you call alt White alt white would be not right yet they're not there. Yet. Alt white? Is alt batters Batter's box yeah they like on next up with white. What would you call out white who, like give me an example of a person, is all white? Ok, you want whiter, here's one! Here's one come the Fuckin' Dilbert Guy Scott Adams, White who's that he's not all right right is really brilliant guy, but he's like oh the comic seems like yeah. It seems like he had. I, like the guy a lot, but it seems like he had these ideas about
Trump and now he's always just trying to defend them with some sort of circular logic in the area. Freezing and yeah he's a super smart guy. We never says a single negative thing about Trump, which was what was a brilliant negotiator and what he's doing is strategy, and you still you versus way. Sieve and MIKE yeah Izzy is that what's going on, or is he just like flying by the seat of his pants 'cause he's a fuck maniac in. Are you just trying to like sort of just by all the other ship that you said about this really good. That's what they do, because that's what it seems like to me, but people that, like Scott Adams, yeah a lot yeah, I like it I just think he's a very nice guy he's all white they dance on? This line is like that. This is not offensive over my house. Now they just have dinner with them. He's more info guy he's. He he's more into. Does pay positions that he wants to probably admit, but from surface level he's like no, you know like what positions doggie
alt right. Is it non non mission? What's an awkward? How do you think all white people fuck? They don't Falk, they stand up in the shower they they do this the whole time they suck. If you do that, if you fuck with one hand up like Hitler, but that hand is touching the glass in the shower then is that? What race? That's all white! This is all white. I think there's a lot all whites out there, let's, let's figure out who who is all white who's. My best example of an all white person that I know that's: okay, like one of them, one of them hot because it's always talking about white people. Issues is Tommy Laren, Alt alt, what white, yeah, she's old white, yeah all white, not all right, but all white, because you know so clever about that chick that she he did an interview with that Trevor Noah kid on what the daily show and then afterwards they hung out and that Roxy I picture them smiling and hugging and I'll shoot. You know the streets is Hollywood, his fake his.
Like she does this game, but it's like she's, not, and races. She doesn't hate people of color. She likes it. She's provocative provocative. She likes to do a conservative stances. Well, that's what they say about Ann Coulter, then. If you talk to him, call to she's, actually a lovely person. Well, look at it like this there's a map you can bring it up. James Jamie, bring it up. There's a map of categorical porn percentages in the United States and the percentage of white and black porn is in the Is it like? A bible have a bit about it. You did, but I had to stop doing it because it was too true out the n bomb a bunch of times in the bit just didn't go over as well. That worked it worked or it didn't work either crushed or it was dangerous or after the show had to sneak out fast know that there was a there was. It was like in the Bible belt. There is a chunk of the amount of black dudes fucking white, like black on white porn, is in most conservative parts of the country might my take on it. Was it wasn't black guys there watching
of course. I always find white dudes out of that with the right. Okay, great yeah, but I don't be shy, he's damn. I don't want to put our you put that big old LAN do it'll stay in rainy black to my wife, that chocolate sauce, dark thick snake is sticking my white. That's all It is it's all this fuckin', the racial suppression, that's those people that, like that, play the game, that's call Dwight they're, not they're, not all the way, but there you go most search. Terms United States, let's, let's be in Texas, is almost born yet we're all at the end. That's a leri is snatched. The second stop look at this goes scan back in again, so I could see the actual title of this. The most searched for arms in the United States? This is according to point, look at Cortana
Colorado is that what is the up to up on top is at Michigan one of those states and know that no okay stepsister is Minnesota right, that's that's Minnesota, but what is the other to the North and South Dakota? So it is lesbian instead of my own. Which ones Wyoming guys that's Wyoming and Montana Wyoming is the Square yeah. Well, that's the only one is there's two states that are perfectly square, how they pulled it off, call Colorados perfectly square, and so is Wyoming yeah. It's amazing yeah New Mexico almost had it. That's crazy, like How jealous must, like Massachusetts, be with goofy as shape effect M fuq, everybody that Rhode Island in Florida Florida is built like a Can you get a look at Colorado? Go Colorados like a perfect square. Or does the Dingle Berry of the United States. Texas is just chaos. Yeah Texas is just we are whatever the foot we are yeah. It's a boot. Wear a boot so Louisiana is so
one state is black here, which states that Ebony Louisiana Louisiana Black Alaska step mom black hole, Asian. The map that I was thinking of, though there is another one where it was like that it said black on white porn. How recent is this road? I don't go, don't go away, go back. What are you doing, Google for yourself, mother, Fucker, looking stop look at Milh, where's, Milh the one state like Rhode, island. Oh it is Rhode, Island scroll back there keep it right. There don't move. Oh, that is Rhode Island. Look at myself sister is main main got that step sister ship yeah wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait! New Hampshire is cartoon yeah, but the fact that the three cartoon states. Four well, that's Arkansas and Tennessee are cartoon. Two there's a two states there and looks like one state, but this also gives me a little bit of hope because you come from
This was still as be, I know, you're still lesbian, yeah, I'm Chicago. We were always let me know. So I feel really good about my consistency of my state category. Easing how many you're searching for lesbians more than anything and look at Alaska's. Step mom issues. You shouldn't be Wilma DE how high a flight out at yeah was shocked about that age literally about ebony's. Only one state three states now one twelve ebony. I like that term to ebony ebony. I want to turn ebony want to say black, that's funny, people type in black when they type in Evan at the only type in black and one steak. I don't know what ebony means down. Ok Joe, this is proving what we're saying is well proven were saying you know, who's searching for Ebony in Georgia and in what is that an start moving this gold zoom in zoom. This is a fundamental difference. So ebony down there in Georgia an in what is that Mississippi right, yeah,
the reason that those are Ebony and Louisiana's Black is because ebony is searched by black people. Black is searched by white people, That's for sure. One hundred percent now right right. Exactly ebony is a black person who is a bunch of white dudes being like give me black porn right, chocolate, big old chocolate. Is that other ebony up top Jamie? What is the other ebony on the right hand, side? What state is that lol aware. I forgot Delaware State this one. Stick to like that's a state How do we may? How do we still they can just get absorbed by another state? What is Delaware? What's next to Delaware that's right, yeah, I'm thinking about Marilyn's all about the lesbians! So wait a minute there. Have any hard, that's so strange to go back to the scroll, go back to the side so that it before who read all mail is only one state. That's weird that is Rhode, island right, yeah,
little tiny as Bitchass state Bitchass State, how many Rhode islands are in Texas. Look at that! There's dudes who own a Rhode Island in Texas. They own multiple road signs, yeah, one hundred percent. Do you know there's like eighth, I was in ranches, or something like that in Texas, eight thousand thousands of ranch, shan't fuckin' branches. There might be more. Because I was watching this on television show and I think it was an older television show number of ranches in Texas, two hundred and forty eight thousand ranchers ranches, two hundred and forty farms and ranches covering one hundred thirty two hundred thirty million acres, 248Th one thousand farms and rent. I want look at that The commodities is all cows baby. How do you define the division of forming a ranch? That's extremely interesting, interesting. I've always thought them to be the same thing it.
There isn't a ranch or farm. I guess I'm way go back up again. Please stop scrolling two hundred and forty eight thousand farms and ranches covering uh huh. One hundred and thirty point: two million acres is the biggest Phuc Texas, as more women and minority farm operators in any other state in the nation. Go Texas, powerful, Texas, with diverse today, love that go down first, one. Second, real, quick, just a little bit! This thing, that's at America's big ranch, goes on sale for seven hundred and twenty five million. Seven hundred click on them see how many fuckin', what is that fucking place tenth one thousand acres of land, ten thousand mega five hundred and ten thousand acres of log me. Seven look at the size of that place. Five ten thousand acres. This is the kind of money that makes fun of Jay Z. You know like in America where, like Jay, Z's Richard these fucking people are rich. This is well
this is your wealth, the scroll back up to the building. That's a look at that old school stone. Building on the property spread, you know there's a. I. I have a friend who was in at a ranch in Texas and they found petroglyphs in a cave. What yeah petroglyphs like ancient native american petroglyphs of an unknown origin. They don't know who did a man I was like! Well, don't they have historians. Come here and wrote that off like them, they got a lot of it here, it's all over the place. It only pay attention to it. Also, what he's talking about ice later they just don't they don't bother with it ancient petroglyphs to the killing. It click on that the upper left hand corner the one you just had is that New Mexico yeah they have have 'em all over them and it's all over yeah Arizona, New Mexico, Texas everywhere that the thing is no one like you rating them, no ones taking care of them. They just exist on this ranch and the ranch as a hunting ranch that people awesome. They took pictures of them. Where is that Jamie? That's amazing! My friend, Steve Rinella who's new show. Meat eater is now
only on Netflix? It's a hunting, show that's on Netflix and intelligent Really! Well, narrated hunting show that's that's that's done and produced by a link. I've done Steve Renella, but he was in Guy Anna, which was where from Jonestown was when he fucking those people yeah cool aid, and They found these petroglyphs on a rock and they were like what who who made these like? No one has. Any idea is like right by this waterfall. No one has any idea It's a fascinating series using Diana a living with his indigenous. Bill and fishing these rivers for like three days and just they they just live in, and it is three it's three episodes and camp out by this river and use these like traditional methods of hunting that these people have used for thousands and thousands of years, but now they're wearing like like under more t shirts schitt there still barefoot
still strange! So weird yeah, it is weird merging TOMS shoes, but also don't wear any shoes, no, nothing! No one wears shoes anyway, they get all the old shirts and all that, so they had from Salvation Army yeah, yeah wild, so they're wearing like this. This these things from western civilization and like he's got like he's, got these modern Hoyt Bow and there bow fishing in the river. For these things called a Pochu, which is this brilliant red fish, his beautiful red fish and the whole scene is like so crazy. It's like a combination of western civilization, because they've got likes. Western stuff, mixed in with this culture that really hasn't changed that much thousands and thousands of years, but then they find these petroglyphs that are by this water
all, and they don't know- and it is like these like- where do you think these came from is like we don't know? Nobody knows. They say that the the calm like the ancients, the ancients, wrote it. I don't even know the faucet, so it could be thousands and thousands of years old as far the drew these weird faces by this water. Fall and no one's curating. It just is what it is. It's like really priceless. He's just sitting there. Also there, where they hang out yeah just sitting there, you know Just kind of like this, when I was in ITALY, it's kind of like walking by these in structures and you're, like that's just like a part of your fucking life. That is also strange to me. Dude I was in, we showed some photos of the day was in Ravello and there the church? Now, weird yeah, you were there right after me, right yeah. Is it church that was one thousand years old that was on top of a church that was far older. They don't even know how old that church was there's a glass floor where you could look under the church and see the the ancient church that's below it. I went to this
Did you? Yes, you can look below? Yes, yes, yes do! This is so we went to the catacombs. Did you go to any of the catacombs? No, this shit is fucking. I wish I could like catacombs in ITALY, too, yeah man. I wish. I had some mysterious where they have the skulls and all the shit yeah, I'm going to show you the same kind of thing to show you right now. This is fucking crazy, so we went- and so online. By the way, when I looked up like how to get to them, a lot of the on line posts were like this is no- this isn't necessarily safe. What the foreman, what wait a minute said this isn't safe while they were just saying like it go, do yeah, it's fucked! Why? What is this? But with this Rabbit we're seeing here are these standing up yeah, so they have these skulls or what they do is include what they do. Is they reconfigure the bones of the of what they think the human was? You know what they look like and they put him in cloth and stuff and stand up against the wall. Go full screen with that. Let me see that This is what a bizarre if we look at that one with the flesh on him what's happening
the one where your cursor is Jamie. Zap hair on his head. Guys Dennis Fuchs got more hair than me, a Buddha statue with a mummy in it. No, oh, that's right, yeah, they found the statue and they did an x ray of it and found that there was actual skeleton underneath the statue. Look at this. The actual statue is a mummy, so this is in Naples. That's in Fuckin', Naples, wow! Those are all skulls and bones. Is that Fuct one, the cities you heard Florence is amazing, credible. I school too. I, like, I think, southern southern ITALY is my favorite, but this is this is you see this? Should Jamie Southern ITALY like Sicily, Well, I mean his lease, my favorite, that's my apps! That's a family! Consider that in now that their own place- but I mean when I mean southern ITALY, like places like Naples and stuff, like that, when I look down on you, because you have read here when you go to Cecily, they spit on me right away.
No, you don't, you know, was annoying as St Tino beat my last name Centeno, because my pet, my family's from Sicily, and they immediately here at the sentinel, so they don't- and I think I'm gonna speak Italian and when I do they're like annoyed Tamara yeah they're, like Well, no, I went to somewhere better where America, English. We made it out English. I made it scape. That's why I came back here and gave you money money. We also went to Osc, that's so fucked. I do that so for sure, that's a little kid We'll do go to that. This is all in Rome I mean I can they're all over. But that's in Sicily. A lot of crazy this guy, but if I said this guys, like cell phones like what do you want? What do you want me to do? What do you want from Maine we also went to Savoca. You know what Savoca is no, where they shot the God,
Look at this. This is fucking incredible. Do we went to this town where they shot the godfather and save open speed, just a bunch of assholes from New Jersey wandered around this is it. This is right. Where did Nero could wish Coglione not Coglione. Here now, where do I get some gobble Goo Margo come get a picture of me in front of his fucking thing. Come on hurry up, you fat! She! my motherland before King several new fucka model, and so what was this deal? the story of the get a monthly a Buddha it was in twenty fifteen is one of those cuts to longer. First talk about the political. What a like a new yeah, but I, but it's a thing: what what do they know why they did so what do they do? They put like plaster over it and create a? I don't have more of this forty six show, but it really is nice at this early in the morning to have a little bit of it's a little more ice in that thing over there I don't know, I might have another one, one more glass, just one more mile
Well I'm a glass to taunt me October. You man, I can't I I'm a mega numbing. So If the signs of the curious so look, they did an x ray on this Buddha and they found out there's an actual skeleton inside Holyshit. How weird how amazing? It's not surprise, in the southeast that Southeast Asia is home to countless ancient Buddha statues, but one of the statues contents among five monk. That is certainly surprise MO five months. Exactly research is the Netherlands meander medical center found. They placed a one thousand year old chinese Buddha statue inside of a CT scanner. Wow contains the body of, his master name. L. I are you cute, I think one Lee acquire Nuclear Quan Luke one who may have practiced the tradition of self mummification to reach his final race, in place. He's he's like that, I'm wrapping myself out yeah this mother just went hog.
Hog. That's really funny photo strange but going in the machine. So how do you think. They turned him into that statue like what did they did they put over is so hot, and so he probably wrapped himself right and then they could says the organs had been I've been replaced with paper scraps prints were printed with ancient chinese characters. Wow! That's so dumb! This, like a horror movie, India Tune in Stephen King okay. If you warm the one to achieve enlightenment and be revered as a living Buddha self Mummification was your brutal option house. Brutal monks and spiritual path would starve themselves for almost a decade subsisting on order, seeds and nuts, then they'd be sealed inside the statue, an ingest roots, pine, bark and uh toxic tree sap base T for another one thousand days eating in
through a small tube. Eventually, death would come and the monks mummified in this manner were said to have reached. Enlightenment watt talk somebody into that. What the check it out we're going to put you in this fucking thing you have to breathe through it. Dude you can only you could only drink. This toxic t is going to slowly kill you. You want to be a god. You wanna see God dude is wonderful, can see God for three years, you're going to eat nothing but seeds and we're going to wrap you and you're going to to a too tube. It's going to be ultimate panic starve themselves themselves for almost a decade piston ship, while they're in here for one thousand days above yeah, come on? Take a little pull down their mouth but he said the ship mummifies yeah that's the glue? They would stay in the sun, it would fill up slowly with shit.
It's only die. That's it that we took one thousand days to gargle on shift until you finally did it smell shift up to your nostrils. You have shipped right up to the lip of your nose. This is an example of self mummification. Back to his organs removed and replaced paper suggests. That may not be true all right, so this is all this could be bullshit give me some dude just assholes, This is an article toxic t. The toxic t thing, I think, is fascinating. That's just another mind, control way of them. Slowly, killing out people, toxic t, but someone must have probably done that 'cause, like no matter what you Do there's always someone as well and to go further, not present. You know. Do you know they do those ultra marathons right. They run like two hundred miles: yeah they're, trying to work it out nine million miles a day, yeah his was a marathon days, Israel, Sheen, crazy Fox. So what what they're trying
he was going to do. While we're doing all this so back to fitness challenge, he was going to try to get more fitness points than all of us, combined, probably probably to be honest. It easy yeah. He could do it easy, but um. What they're going to do now is a fine five hundred mile race five fucking. My five hundred miles runs too. He runs fast, though, it's all about time that he wouldn't have to run six hours a day he had to when you say no, no! No! This is the. I know they're running as twenty four seven. No, he Thank you guys. Do it it's all about minutes, so you have to just runs three hours daily time. If he's running marathons not run more than three hour marathon I'd love to know, you wanted three hours a day. You know how many miles you know how many, how fast your as eight or nine miles an hour. Do you know what it is? I tell we wonder if it's later he ran his first one hundred or no. When he ran first two hundred Bigfoot two hundred the last couple hours. He running a seven minute mile. Do you know saying that is, do you know insane
that time ten miles an hour, nine and some change, but just just understand how insane it is running for two straight days, comma, to run hot more than a one hundred and seventy miles or, and then the last two plus hours, I think, maybe even more, he probably like it was actually five hours. You know he's talking about he's running seven minute miles. That's fucking insane, that's bananas! No! That's insane! Lou, I run I run five miles a day and that's and mine are, like almost eight minute miles, seven minute miles a good clip. I said it would it's great you could've when you were anyone that runs over anyone, that a casual running. It runs over two or three miles. Their goal. Is eighty nine minute miles to keep good pace. Seven now that you've already run hundreds of miles say, but that was the point is
there's always someone is willing to take, pushed to another place and that's the thing with these Buddhist there was one of the push one guys like, oh, oh, just going to live off seeds for a decade, so I'm going to do toxic team going to live off seeds for a decade. Then I'm going to kill myself in a focus statue that I might drink poison, babe and then I'm going to die. Looking at that on my own shit, why? Because I want to be enlightened. I want to get to the tip top. The enlightenment, understand, suffering at the I like that are like these italian gangsters. Stand on a cell phone deepest level possible, though, when you choke on your own shawna choke on my own pull, but my own self Rep sarcophagus seed eaten to breathe in monthly statue. Well, one of the most iconic images from the Vietnam WAR was the self immolation guys cow yeah, you ever see
video man! That's that pull up the video of the guy, the the Buddhist, lighting himself on fire? It's just sad image. Well, the most fuckedup thing, how does the guy didn't even move? Now? Yes, it's disease in the Lotus position, yeah and he's completely engulfed in flames and he's just staying self immolation. That's a weird bird right emulates to emulate so the the poor, though gasoline the gasoline on them, nineteen sixty three, This is really the start of the war. So the war went on for more than a decade after That's right. He was really early he's like you know what enough Put an end to this imaginative I said to him beforehand: Yo Dude. This is not only just not going to work with the war is going to go on for another ten years ideas stick around and if you play your cards right, you keep wind up inside a statue. This is like
stop before World Jesus Poker. This is so crazy, 'cause, the guys just sitting there I mean covered in flames, not moving a muscle. It's just such a bizarre scene. Look at him here, yeah and at this point he realizes oh shoot. I'm dead. It just falls over what a crazy way to die. So fucking insane all the other dude just sitting around going. I'm glad I didn't do that. It all thinking about lunch like what I'm going to eat rice again. What do we have for lunch? Rice? We have a dinner rice, a some hungry read rise. I think that's crazy! One of them and the match didn't work to feed first few times. You know he was like a family. Let's think about this Fok man, I mean the whole thing is too so that's just what is it? What was a picture of the and what is what is a? What is
ten superpowers and the monks have in real life. I don't know well, there are some monks that can do some pretty cool athletic ship because they don't get any pussy and they just eat nuts and do pushups pushups nuts seeds. But that was like a thing where, like people would go to train, the monks to learn kung fu. Do they really have to privity of like releasing they can't come monks can't come it's a good question. I wonder I want to come in their pants. Accidentally get mad, but you have to write. You know the shift biologically it's a detriment. If you don't know Jack Ulate at some point in your life. You will just naturally leak. This is what your teacher told you. That's a fact. Look that up that's a fun! in fact, you will heat Jamie. Tell him tell him about your thinking about the tantrum people, Jamie NUTS, all the time he tells us about it. Not king he's another Jamie. Are you a nut king
yeah? How much do you not have a week if you had to guess how many times the Times measurement. Yeah, like I would come at how many tables foods and is it salty for for five nights a week for five nights a week seems normal first, maybe seven day this week and maybe a little bit more, maybe yeah yeah it really Randy times, seven nuts, if you lifting weights, maybe it's other right? If I'm, you know what so funny I get way more horny after running running running gets me Forney ship. When I'm done, because my body exhausted. She usually I left, I left a little bit and then I run, or vice versa, or all run in a lift to finish but the the running just like. I think it exhausts my body, and I just want to I just yeah you, my, I think my testosterone is just like I got off. I want to show us not tell the monks directed can trick stuff, for they can like do it without touching
yeah ever heard that before being sting, does that what he doesn't cut? You know he just doesn't come for like nine days. It's gonna be a pervert. You can't do it itself to thinking about not fucking weirdo. It's like people are doing that think about sex way more than the average person it just fuck, I'm just going to hold it in going to have internal orgasm's. External orgasm, so leading back in your system. I hope that base, I hope, you'll cross eyed when you come all the way. So it's like and I go. I was making the fish mouth Imagine if you were a girl is perfect. Everywhere, but when she comes, she would go putting this is great. I can't I had a girl. But I dated I won't. Obviously I won't mention who but sure
years ago. I dated a girl college and she was so beautiful, but when she come, it was so annoying like it was like it was like yeah. It was so exaggerated. I remember catching myself in the mirror. Want I'm giving myself this face out as she was yelling. I was gone. For his role of myself for a buzz like a shut up, but I was also like my dick: isn't a fucking like: don't, let's not play the game like it, so it's not so big just come on. Do the regular fucking talking to this fake? Do you think she was faking it or do you think she was hyperbolizing her orgasm's? I think he's doing Please you! Yes, I think she thought it was pleasing me was doing. The opposite was making me go, oh my god. Just regular, combo consumers with this, she's she's she's at an I'm just talking
I just started. I just start crying she's coming, I'm crying yeah yeah just hold yourself. Exaggerated. I think that's what porn o dot Porn o tricks, people at point, 'cause porn girls like yeah, yeah yeah, it's like! No! No! That's in fuqing insane yeah. Do you ever hear porn and then they do that and you just want to shut it off. I will turn up the volume on like this is absurd, yeah, but then you're going to look at her face and no she's making stupid noises because it's going to be distracting it's already in there like. I can't disassociate this You don't always impresses me in porn o is when, like a girl is taken. Like a fucking twelve inch, Dick, like something they're not being loud like I'm, always like this girl's, a fucking thug would a soldier that she's getting fucked and she just like yeah like it's. No big me think I'd like to
It's looking at you like this there's no way, that's not paying for that's a good point about porn, though right. It's like people imitate like people imitate behavior in films like we're talking about all the those and imitate godfather movies in the sopranos they imitate it. They see it. They want to act like it's exaggerated, emulate a lifestyle. Yeah, that's the same with porn with promises. Sex there's got be a lot of people that are. Emulating. The sounds in the noises in the postures and all that other stuff like when you think people stop regular coming in people's faces. What year yeah. What year, who is the first high nearer that did like a first come shot like in the thirties? You think people not in people's faces out there. Now they never pull their dicks house, they didn't know they did know you could pull out in the thirties. That was M inside people just came inside everybody, everybody had a baby boy
I mean you think, a lot of time line wise, like pregnancy, it for the baby boomer generation, not one person pulled out my mom's gonna, ten kids, whoa Yemen. Nobody born in the fifties was a ball of ever pulled out, I mean, like everyone, that's just what you did and then disease, and then we and then disease in the 70s and 80s spawn this idea. You have condoms and protection, and then people started. Running maybe we'll just not come inside of people. Well, they say that one of the biggest changes in culture it was female birth, control 'cause. Finally, women had control. Of their own reproductive side right, but what comes with that is that they have to take hormones to achieve that. They fucking up there Google, insights, dude. Have you ever heard like what actually happens women. It doesn't just suck up their chemical insides, it Phuc up their hormonal cycle, but it also fox up their ability to discern whether someone incompatible with them seriously yeah
Look up the science of there's, there's a thing that women get like. There's a like. Chris Ryan was explaining this to me. There's actual smell, like women. Smell like when they're not on birth control like if they get guys close. And like the smell guys clothes they can literally, they attracted to certain smells and the men that the smell this way would be more genetically compatible with them. So they the Pheromones literally is: are the Fairmont there's a firm on blocker with birth control them that's kind of what it one fuses their system whole. Also, women who are on birth control are much more attractive tracked. It apparently to alpha male type, characters and aggressive man. Really yeah there's something about birth control that makes them if they're, not sure.
Why hi res their attractiveness towards alpha males, yeah, they're more attracted to alpha males? Well, that's not really a negative thing, I guess so, but but there are more attracted to certain types of people in you got to think like what. What is that, it's like right but I'm not a sociologist or a biologist. I really wouldn't know what the fuck would be the cause of that, but I would think that it would have something to do with their body wanting something different than the baby that they think is inside them, because there must she pregnant, but is the whole reason why you can't get pregnant when you're on control is trying to think of pregnant right, so you're walking around constantly in this state of pregnancy so like. Why would you be more attracted to alpha males or aggressive men. God, look at my brain is like hunting for a while that would even make sense. I think it would make sense, as you want something, even more aggressive, more dominant or more better, more protective. What you've gotten yeah, maybe more protective Do you think maybe it's tools, and maybe it's just like superb nature, like all those nature care
Six of like I'm pregnant, I need old. Protection. I need ultimate aggression, ultimate strength and like These are just all natural. By the way, all the fuckign equality website is probably like me up for that. You don't go crazy. Well, I was read: biologists, account of what's there's a term called hypergamy that it's a natural wait for women to be attracted and to seek out men with higher social status. Higher finance status programming yeah an better physical specimens there, it's just natural state where they're always looking for something. Bigger and better, and it's just a genetic state, and it's not it's no one's fault, I mean in in women. Obviously don't have to give into this, but is a natural. Inclination that they had like if the rock is there right. Here is a perfect example: he's which in his handsome huge friendly and is a giant man and he's prob a huge hog and you're, not
woman is naturally attracted to go towards him. So am I mean yeah the other, a bit about it? But this this state is, it's call I put her to me yeah and that did what I was re, about. Was this woman who had this awful betrayal of this man and the was the biologist was? relating it to the state of hypergamy. There were doing and very scientific sort of technical way. The instead of like look at this lot there. This is a natural state, totally women gravitate towards certain types of males. You know that this is this is not discussed very often right. No no get well physicals. Now we're bending all these rules and names and terms, and all this bullshit like that. No, I think we escape escapism from, like the true nature of of of Men and women know about people want to talk about anymore, like it's doesn't exist the denial of biologists with some crazy well, it's almost like this whole cab,
not saying it all this shit, and I don't even get into all that fuckings a diatribe and nonsense, but the one thing I will say I don't think anybody talks about is the sexual and social psychology of men and women. Nobody wants to talk about when you are. The living as a young teen, especially a boy and you're learning about sexuality and you're, confused and embarrassed and scared, and the way that men and women interact in that year, in those years from like twelve to like sixteen? it's insanely unstable, because women, are not as not as formally aggressive technically at that time that men are right to these men are hormonal freaks. They want to do things with these women, but they're not supposed to kind of, and it's like kind of ok and they don't know how to do it and do these blurred lines of women want to be accepted, and cool in their in their circles. So you know it's like when some hooks up with someone early on when two people hook up young and it's like it's sketchy and weird. Sometimes girl gets labeled us. Let you know what I mean for no reason it's like. Oh, she
Like I remember there was a girl, my when we were watching junior she was dating a senior and they had sex here right she's, a slight like she's, not a slot. Everybody wants to do this thing, but there are these weird subset rules, but every guy that does it. That's just what we want to do, but I don't We there's no explanation over like how we got to the point of getting comfortable there, because men are just these horny freaks that don't know what to do with the thing there are so many blurred lines of sexuality and relationships at that age. Nobody wants to talk about. Well, it's also the puritan culture and religion, all right, the right to things that set women up in this terrible place where they give in to their hormonal or urges there somehow tainted, you know when I was in high school. Everybody knew this. I'm sure you know this to but New catholic School girls with the biggest first time, Adenle Catholic
Carlo first and second time, because they are suppressed. Yes, you're making diamonds. Ok, you taking that carbon, you put it under a mountain at a flash of diamonds going to come out of it. You know I mean it's catholic school girls, right and it's all over the country would grew up Chicago Chicago, Jamie Columbus, Catholic School. I went to Catholic School I'll talk to right yeah. I mean that some J yeah be nice. Nice like what they were in the third jumpers. Sometimes they had shorts on. Sometimes they did yeah yeah but delivers it do is a marked difference, suppression, right between catholic school girls and regular girls, yep yeah. Well I mean I the public school girls around me. What it is, it's a whole different thing. So most of them are private, school rose rose at the biggest freak. The I dated during my high school years was a girl was a wonderful girl, but she went to an all girl catholic scores to suppress complete up yeah yup, so
When you hold someone in a cage like that, what do you think is going to happen? It's like, of course, when they get out get out like wild animals, donuts screw. Those nuts man. She was wild, but that's, but that's so that's what I'm saying. No one wants to talk about and again I'm not trying to die the cabin I'll bullshit, but people are you and they do fucking crazy shit. When you are hormonally at your beginnings and your used and weird, I mean guys, know when guys start masturbating. It's this disgusting, weird secret, creepy gross, sad like under cover secret. They you don't tell your friends, you always show panic off. So in all of It is swirling inside your head over sexuality and then, when you do get a chance with a girl, it's uncomfortable it's awkward, it's weird again, not talking about whatever fuckin'. He did, I'm just saying, you're already in this weird state of men, are up when they're. Actually reaching this new peak of their life that they just want to jerk, often common fuckin'
and how much information are you getting from their parents? Zero? Almost no, almost almost not most the thing, how much guidance, so you don't know realistically, don't know rules, you don't understand, and also our society perpetuates. If you want to be real fuckin' honest our society perpetuates this weird Poland. Push of like you know. No, I don't want You know that fucking song, baby, it's cold outside you know that sound. The Christmas song, baby just stay for and really should go it's cold outside to Christmas, Fuckin' song. You know what is Jamie knows what the final talking about yeah you! Do you sure it's a Christmas song in it call baby. It's cold outside play on Youtube or billion trivially can't stay is an old boats at all. I do know this song. I did. I really can't say she's saying I gotta go home, my parents are going to the whole time. He's like come on. Just have one more drink. Just could stay out a little longer, always trying to fucking luber up. Yes
by the way terrible words of staying at the end, because she she wants to be with him that game right. So the thing that nobody wants to fucking talk about at all and I'm not again, I'm not fucking, saying anything other than this is a perpetuation of. Culture. For a long time of like this, Poland tease, tease is a game that women play and men play. Two of like look at it. I really can't say it's cold outside. Go away this evening has been so very nice. My mother will start to worry. My father will be pacing the floor. I read I read, I read it, I I really be better scurry, maybe just to have drink more. That's finally admitting neighbors might think what What's a what's in this drink. Are you we push. You know I liked I think it's it is opportunistic. I simply must go. The answer is no. The welcome it's been so nice and warm? My sister will be suspicious. My brother will be there at the door. My maidens made is vicious, maybe just a cigarette more so
like no, no yeah, no, no yeah, oh god! Ok, yeah, okay find another drink. Then that took a lot of convincing okay, that's the last word that took a lot of convincing yes. So what I'm saying is that ship? This fall, my God, this gotta be the one thousand nine hundred forties 40s. Maybe people just rape, you five thousand two hundred and fifty two now, but he was the original. My point is: this should have been going on forever and it's fucking and nobody wants that. I had nothing to do with the Kavanaugh thing right and here's the thing about the Kavanaugh thing. You know what I mean by oh no, I did not but here's the thing, but even the fact that you have to be defensive right there, like everybody, has to go to some, but I'm saying what I'm saying: I'm not supporting rape even discussing nearly all people were ready to fucking hit you in the head. Water. Of course, there's no conversation to be there's a woman who had a bruise take on it a brutal there's, two ways: we can look at this there's a woman who had a really Brutal take on this Lee was on Jordan Peterson's twitter page. If you're a George
Peterson's twitter page there's a woman who who is? I don't know what she does, but she talks about how this woman, who is accusing Brett Kavanaugh, goes to this predominantly she teaches at this predominantly women, is college- were seventy. Nine percent of the students are women. The majority, the vast majority of the professors are women and social justice is the number one thing that they promoted. The school ahead of education. Have everything when you look at the schools like list of like what it aims to accomplish and how to educate It's like promoting social justice is one of the primary things. It's the first one above everything else and the idea is that. Why would this woman risk everything and what this woman's take is who's criticizing? This is that she's, not risking anything she's reward. I haven't seen her culture. This is a big deal and she's very cynical about this. She's, like this woman, has no wreck
action does remember how she got home does remember where the party was, but does remember that someone may have tried to do something to her. You know I'm not a big fan of sizing. People who come out and say someone did something to them or try to do something because you don't know You don't know you're on the outside. Looking in and you're trying to pick holes in their story, I don't even know if they know 'cause, I don't I don't hear it is yeah. Feeling you click on the video I can hear some of what this woman says, like click on it and play some with this. One says that we don't have to by the life long friend who supposedly accompanied Lousy, Ford and presumably might noticed and remember. The sounds sounds like Jordan. Peterson get kicked off. Yeah, ok! But the point is that like there's only two people in know what really happened, and they don't even know really happen well
talking about something that happened. Thirty five fucking years ago I mean if he, if she said, five years ago, this guy raped me. Okay, that's a different story. Yeah. This is not what you saying right. What is she saying might from what I understood and by the way is something I distance myself from, because I was just it was so overwhelming, as it all got, God that he her down while the other dude was in the room and he kind of helped him held older down and he had his Pena? on her or is that what he's saying? Let's find this because people got super mad. We talked about this the other day like you should have done. Research free discussed a predator but see that's what you want, I'm not supporting. First of all, I'm not supporting him anyway, I'm not standing there either. None of us, but that's! The thing is like when you talk. Did someone goes your? What do you favor of him cycling? The funk you tired? Just you have a
conversation about what's going on. Otherwise, I'm just ideas numb. This is a giant platform and then, if we're discussing in this giant platform, we should be informed. I disagree with that because I think that we're just having a conversation- you were just talking about something you just happen to be privy to this conversation because millions, I'm not pretending, I'm some sort of an export or that have some sort of information that you don't like that. If you have those missing Let me clear those up right now. I'm a fucking moron another next to another moron Three more runs in this room. They're, all dudes talk, ok with shadow know Jackshit now you know I know I know I know my feeling of the whole thing. I know the feeling of the whole thing is that no matter what anybody kind of like what got in trouble for norm. With norm. Macdonald trouble, no matter what I think here with suffering in a bad bad way here. What it says here show the most expensive real confirmation hearing since Clarence, Thomas and Anita Hill and one thousand nine hundred and ninety one nominee for the Supreme Court was asked if he was a gang rapist and a blackout drunk while defending himself
by describing how long he preserved his virginity his these are described him grinding into their mouth, covering her mouth and fearing that he was accidentally okay well, that's pretty fucking serious. So if he was who is covering her mouth because she was protesting and he grinding entire right, some pretty dark shock yeah so that going down a little bit yeah keep scrolling down. Please all twenty seven years ago, Doctor Blasius psychology, professor in California, treated gingerly and they can Republicans who feared? Ok, this is blah blah blah blah blah, but but that will k, so that was there's a b. She became a very human being telling a terrible story about Judge Kevin on compelling terms. It brought many women to tears, transformed the battle for the Supreme Court. Okay, we'll see
That's all I needed to hear see that the kind of person now look. I don't know if he did this, but if he did do this, the kind of person that covers a Womans mouth yeah, it's crazy shit that's an extra level of darkness, yeah you're right, it's not like trying to kiss her trying to run it against each other covering someone's mouth right. That's rape! If he really did that. Yeah, that's I'm saying if it's all true, that's what that is. That's him trying to hold her back from something so Donald Trump said this. You know this famous quote that it's a tough time for boys. You know and it's time for boys. So a girl, made a song, heard that song song is actually very great song. It's a good song and I'm going to tweet it, but I'm like when I was about to tweet in my people are going to get so fucking mad at Maine her name is on twitter.
Mercedes, L, Y Mercedez Z. She has a beautiful voice the song is it's scary time for do scary time produce yeah. I listen to it a few times. It's really good. Maybe we could play a little bit of it Can we play a little bit of we get kicked off of Youtube now Jamie just shaking his head the function has it's just that it would get tagged because I'm sure she Oh she's probably got a billion views so anyway, her twitter page, listen now and get it, but if this is the thing man in particular, you can hear this. You go all your focus, support news and taught men men bashing sure it gives him a little volume I can go to. When I came, I can't, but it's she has gone on about how did
it is to be a girl and when not a girl, it's not something you consider so all these guys are like sewing truth. She's, like I can't live on the first floor. I can't just leave my window open at night, like all these things are flocking very, very true, and it's a good song that she's got a great, so voice yeah, listen! This is this. Is the thing that I think we're talking about your allow. To see to see truth on all sides of all of these issues. I don't think you ever have to be so. Staunch about anything. I disagree with people that are so staunch about just being like this is the end of the discussion you're. Only this way or not it's like no man. I don't know all the stories I don't know all the truths of of the cabin all bullshit. I don't know all the truths of anything that woman coming forward and to believe a woman. That's going to go out of her way. I don't think she's looking for fame. I don't think any of the girls that came out for Louis we're looking for fame and attention wants attention to have there. Google then come up with this for the rest of their life. So I don't.
I wouldn't say that I see I don't I wouldn't say no one. I think most people don't want that kind of ok. I don't know what you know. Ok, who does want that kind of attention does psychopath with the Donald Trump What's your name yeah, I think all she wanted was attention, I'm sorry I I like well, I think I consensually and all she did was make fun of his like she wants money. Yeah so is making money from it and she's like in her forties. Yes, you still stripping it's sad, it's it's not, but it is under way on kid. Doctor Ford in these other one yeah they're not doing it for the attend they don't. She doesn't want she's doing it, because there is a truth in there of what happened, and I believe that I don't know what it is, but I believe there's something up that went down and unfortunately we we are in the middle of this. What can be done? Who knows? How do we there's? No, evidence of this also gray, like what am I supposed to do this deep? understanding of the flaws of human memory, both his and her
when you're dealing with thirty five years ago. If you try to ask me you know what it happened when you and this girl making out in the backseat of a car thirty five years ago. Good luck yeah. I don't know. If there's a few moments, I remember don't just grow blooming. It was amazing about that. I don't like now I have to remember like very few sexual encounters from high school, but I remember my girlfriend, but I know there was consensual. Yes, there all the time central, but my girlfriend gave me a blowjob on the porch and I came so hard. My ears rang, and it's never happened since never happened since a piece when I was sixteen years old, I'm not it so hard. It was like the best, like literally my you remember, best blowjob you've ever had I wasn't beating off back. Then I was I actually had sex before I jerked off shut up. Thank yeah, really yeah I did and selling had sex real young either. How old are you? when you first walk, I think it was sixteen. How old were you Jamie, nine
you, fuckmachine he's an animal to look at him. Looking over, there is the nut case. Did not get your next, certainly not kidding I can't leave school just lifted up skirts, just send it home. Oh Jones, work biggest dick over at Saint Peters, yeah, that's right! Now You say: how old are you? Do you know? Yes, sing, something that's right! That's average age is man with biggest my God guys balls, that's the real nut that poor bastard there's a bunch of those guys to get elephantitis of the balls. I guess they just don't want to get there. Cut off. There was a hollow in Casares that wasn't US apparel this say, but there's some some men who really do have those ball. You that credit because naked that's a sack. What was the date you with? you ever Juxon had did yeah and- and and so then, when you jerked off, which is, I don't, recommend 'cause, I had zero
I was just going to say it was stuck interjects, woo, hoo ha ha ha. I mean I've. The first time I had text without prove without like raw without a condom was was. The brain was like alright, there's a strap, you do this, you gotta be able to last out the last the moment? It was just like clips yeah. The first time I ever orgasm was a girl. Jerking me off fuck yeah. Well, I guess Mine was jeans? Robin mine was a dry Jamie humping. That should be dry, hump, yeah John. This is right, I'm not from dry humping. I probably had like a little bit my underwear you know like, I used to have a bit about that, like, like you ever take your under often this is stream of sperm that somehow or other from the tip your dick to your underwear like what the fuck is. This I go. That's those green beret sperm that live around the tip, your dick with a knife in their mouth. Don't give a fuck about your plans for the future, those the ones that get people pregnant because they just ready to go when it comes back. You get this right now. This is mostly let's go bowling at the underwear Fuq. This is Jesse. Let's go
they're? They hit that underwear? Sometimes you find come in your underwear, you like what is this yeah what's happening here. Come is the strongest come. That is that that is the most problems. Yeah, that's handled savages, where the hordes barbarian hordes visit book and so wards and pre is like the good, the the what is it I mean berets or whatever, like that so yeah, the green berets lights, because my regular com is like the Navy reserves yeah the Coast Guard did they might come out You guys gonna, make it it not to disrespect the Coast Guard blank, you boy, but woman, yeah man, I mean I didn't get any birds and the bees talk. Did you watt, not even remotely with the fuck. My parents know Fuckin', wait anything traffic, I don't think they really did it in school. Maybe it's like
student teacher, she know man, I don't get each shift. Do you want to know what I got you want to have a king? This is this. Is my father embarrass the shit out of me? I don't know if I've told this on this thing, but the most embarrassing thing my father did to me were eating dinner when I first started jerking off and figuring it out and ship. You know my dad at dinner in front of my home, my family, my dad was like you been spending a lot of time in the bathroom and my mom was like hey stop it and I was like these mutherfuckers have been talking about me. They know I'm jerking off and they've had multiple conversations. No must be wacking off again that little fucking hornball, I would lock the door and go in the bedroom. Bathroom got a stomach ache in my mother ever said embarrass you, oh my god. In for my fucking, it's like my sisters there. I was like. Oh, my god. My mom was like hey like that and my I was like: oh no, nothing, nothing! I just knew it him taking know it was now. Is a man like. I know
that to my son I'll take a shot like that too. It was just a guy shooting. You would tell your son but I would sit on him a little bit too 'cause. It was fun. It was funny. It was very funny in retrospect it was like, like he bought me, a Kathy Ireland poster remember Kathy Ireland. He bought me a cat, the other poster, and he was, I don't think he said something along lines of like don't let this get stuck. Together, and I was like. Oh ok, but I know he's he's just like a real jerk off freak. How is in your room, your Kathy, Ireland Post? Well, because I lied to, I still love her. I thought she was gorgeous. Still hot issues still to be. One of those checks is hanging in there and like she was my or ninety was my ultimate favorite supermodel, Six hundred and eighty years old now looks how old is she now fifty no Kathy Ireland. Today, let's see what she looks like, while still beautiful wait, a minute is that real she looks that good Jesus Christ, What kind of genetics as she have for a recent image. Yeah looks come on five on
recently Kathy Ireland, Kathy Amarula reels. Still gorgeous she's beautiful. You go back to her when she's young Jamie pull up an image and when she was like it hurt when she was like her, Kathy Ireland, that I remember when I was a kid with psychotic. Now those aren't it that's her age. Google. Ninety look at that holy. She was fucking unbelievable through Google, Kathy Ireland, two thousand and eighteen goddamnit she's, my fave. Google Kathy Ireland, two thousand eighteen and she looks like looks like now, video I played over that's real! That was two thousand and eighteen. We just played the New York Stock Exchange. Give me gold images. Let's see after that. Second one went to her with the Red yeah, the one above that, with the the clean it that's and so I mean she's she's, so hot gorgeous, congratulations, lady. She punched a photography. You, click on that funk you up now, I'd like to read more she's got moxie 'cause, they're fucking annoying punch.
Tiger. Eighty seven, ten three cross the line good to suck them the out that by the way, is the ultimate creep move. I don't know I knew a dude who is a photographer yep, I'm using air. Quotes. Yeah cuz really was a weed dealer and he and it will not upload in photography and he would do it for girls who wanted to air quotes again model and he would help them, but he was just. He would tell me yeah you You get him alone and the first time you take pictures with him. He barely talked to them. You ignore them and then, after a while, so you say, come on, you got to give me more gotta. Show me more. I sing in no, you, bang them he's a rapist by the way these are like sort of like you, don't, I think, a planned rape when I was a rape me, but I know this, but you know it's like a rose, he can Sicko that figured out a way to get girls turned out like they wanted to lay him on yeah and if they they buy him ignoring them. This was his move. The aid the move was you take pictures?
Is it the first time and you totally ignore them? I don't even pay attention just take pictures of him like it's no big deal. Ok, Ok, let's try something else. Ok stick your legs in different, like put your foot back there, that's it! Ok, look tours Maine, ok, great, ok, great, and there was no wow you're, so beautiful, there's nothing. There was nothing nothing given nothing and then give him a little the second time and then he would start and he would take pictures with them for free, because child had no money, but they wanted photos and you want to be models and he had good cameras. She sold We had a lot of money. I don't know how difficult photography as you do, it's difficult for sure. Yeah. Want to be good at it. It's what's the name of the Creepo do Terry. What's his fucking name that guy that he got in trouble right, he did like person is that it yeah. He got in trouble for being a creep and he was kind of guy all those photos. He took of, like you know, Well, apparently, there's a giant hog eat. I mean half girl
yeah yeah this fucking guy and right end get in trouble. Yeah you end up getting all sorts of trouble, free, yeah! Well, look at this fucking guy! Look at he looks. When someone says what is a creep look like, I go. Yeah, like a fucking three quarter golden glasses weirdo with a strange mustache or mutton chops. It's this for sure. What's that with a network of three hundred and fifty million dollars. Can you make additional two billion dollars offer retail empire dude she's a gangster according to profile in Forbes magazine, which me Ireland has even surpassed rumored billionaire Jessica Simpson and revenue. Damn Jessica Simpson's, a billionaire chess I am from out from from her from some make up and in clothing and yeah she's a genius. Her was often blow jobs, yeah you keep give suck a billion tag, dicks billion bucks. Imagine damn billionaire
That's crazy! Am I should house in millions, I should say Kathy Ireland side in my dm's. Please lot, income on who cares, but I have to make it happen, find it talk for you, punch in office, the job Jill murder to live across break his ribs, all of them. It's imagine, walking around all broken ribs. I broke two ribs painful playing football and I'll. Never forget! the pain of that I'd, rather I'd rather break any other bone than a rib. Again, you can you can inhale it, you you can inhale them. When you sit down you're like in pain, I from hated Rich, a broken arm, ankle, collarbone, ribs to collar bones a rough one, because Don't sucks. My brother in law had a metal plate put in his shoulder because collar bone was shattered. I was just going to say it's either like motorcycles or skiing or like any anything where you going
thirty miles an hour slam, that's only to break a cholera. There's no one had a fake collar bone yeah because he's because got it by car or motorcycle crash is white. I know he wiped out wiped out. I saw it. I saw guy get hit the other day and it made my made my heart hurt for the cake yeah. He got smoked. I watched it. I watched it happen he was, he was going left through an intersection and I ran the yellow, but he was really running a red. It was red, you know what I mean and he slammed breaks in the car turned a little bit and the bike and he tried to jerk the bike as hard as he could but boom and it made my he was alive. But I was just like: oh probably broken. Oh, he was told he couldn't meet I mean, yeah motorcycles are so scary scare, the shit out of that red light this morning and the light turned green and some dude just with in between me and some guy who is about to change lanes so like
this lane and I'm driving straight, and this guy was about to change lanes as guy went through and I went oh inches away. I almost saw death. I also I gotta get killed in that happens all day every day in LA because they're allowed to cut lanes, but here's the thing, but I risk it yeah. Yep assume all the risk in that thing, where cutting lanes in a guy turns into you and kills you. Therefore it's on you yep. It's crazy, like in Chicago You can't split lanes in Illinois, you're allowed to shouldn't feel that there's no helmet law. I seen that. Wouldn't He is like a little Chicago ships, all these guys on Harley yeah hell mates with their feet up and on the the things yeah, not worn, a helmet about some fun, knowing not some In fact, loaded Pussey scared a head trauma. They should just all be forced to look at Gary Bucy before and after You don't want to work in sure. Did him in oh yeah, he hit a curb skull
to live, is insane doctors yeah doctors should I just smothered with a pillow you're good looking to take you up, dude I was watching something the other day with him really recently talking and I try to be here on Rogan Joey I love you man full of having of having like normal talk, well like theatrical an animated, because I think I think years of acting and stuff laid in his brain and now that he's got kind of like he's off the edge. I think he feels like he. To be a caricature to like feel normal right. I think he's it's the way. He masks the serious brain trauma and pain, whatever pain, really going on. I think that's it. Maybe it's fine! Maybe a medium is. I can plan it up. This is I got what I mean there's a bit, so I think we've got these outside cigarette as we are talking about is a bit social. It's just me doing spoken.
Try to make a living just making money management fuckin' family we can speak is wrong with you, so I got one I just like two inches higher than the other one. That's what he's got now, it's above his eyebrow, it's like where eyebrows should be. It's like way up here. Well, he's go, got caved in and go I mean it was not funny. Never, but my God, just he just looks when you see him when he's young he's like a normal, looking dude in like an ok, looking dude and now you're like Jesus yeah, he's just all squirrelly now, but if you go back to him in like lethal weapon. He was a bad mother. Fucker, look at his left eyes like down. It's like shifted somethings wrong, but when he was young like the lethal weapon like when he played Mister, Joshua wicked. I was awesome that one with two heads scroll scroll down: please photo shop, the one page with a green lettering. It's not now with Photoshop! Well, yeah! Don't go! That's a lot of these answers. Rude!
let's just so rude and ask about the one on the right hand, side with the suit suit on yeah double up below that with a suit the actual suit right there yeah that's a real photo player in silly well, this is back when helmet laws didn't exist yet no home a you try to around away with no helmet with us. You I mean even if there wasn't law, why you want any fuck me. I I I get that it's Ok, I don't listen. Also provide immunity is like you, don't get it yeah bro, you don't have freedom and I, like my fucking up rain yeah. I like I like my brain. Sorry man, I don't like you know, there's a lot of states. Arizona is another one. You see people with no hell, no helmet law, yeah, no helmet, Texas. I think Vegas, have an of ANA. I mean I've. Seen hey guys, I'm back with that one, but I can't tell you what cop would pull you over. You know I mean it's kind of like what do they do? The last thing on their fucking mind in Vegas
Look at me! Just Google States without helmet laws and see how many there are colorado and no you don't have to have one definitely seen peanuts while countrymen. That's they don't give a nope it's square states where stay perfectly square mailing nineteen states required well wow and three one. There is no more cycle. Helmet use law in three states, Illinois, Iowa New Hampshire process. Currently, nineteen states in the Ndc have laws requiring all writers ought to all writers both now, Nineteen states all riders, but three states have no laws Illinois. But what? But some states wait a minute it's only three states where you can wear no helmet. What other states, Illinois, Iowa and New Hampshire, put image Colorado. Maybe it's maybe it's. Maybe the lots new yeah women is just Google laws in Colorado.
Motorcycle, I live scene people ride motorcycles in Colorado with no helmet, although how much are proven to save lives in Colorado. However, if the motorcycle operator passengers are under eighteen, they must wear a helmet passengers. Yeah, that's in passenger law yeah! That's that's but that's under eighteen, okay, under eighteen other over eighteen. They can do whatever the they want. Is that what it says. So there is no helmet law, you just if you're you're eighteen or, if you're sixteen billion yeah, they have helmet laws. So what you're saying is three states have no helmet laws that mean under eighteen over a matter doesn't matter, but some states have laws, but grown adults can suicide, but they won't style and yeah. That's what it is. Yeah, that's crazy, where the people that fight for that they don't.
But that's like saying no seat belt law. That's the crazy thing! You don't wear it, but here's the thing like how is it? Ok to ride a motorcycle ever an? I have to have a seat belt on yeah, like I'm inside a metal cage. That's it Yes, mother, that is a three thousand five hundred cage steering wheel and this mother we got handlebars, he go flying. I don't get that shit. I don't know why you wouldn't want to fucking wear a helmet there's no there's nothing to hold you on your fuct. You get clipped you're done we're going to come time within the next twenty years. Were automated cars going to be the norm and you're not going to be allowed to drive? There's going to be you're, not allowed to drive yourself, but I, but I what you just said was right. There will be state that will absolutely fight again set to make sure people can still drive Texas. That's right! Do it
I think we want yes, la Mister, Tesla man. Listen here, Elon, Musk EI saw you smoke recently, Joe Rogan HOT, on rho gam. You don't know what the fuck you're talking about your brains are rotten out from the inside shooting deal those into space. I know what it's like: you're up to heal unfucking. Shady motherfuck are one of my favorite conspiracy theories with there's an actual man that, like fuckit, Elon's wife that was in the suit of the of the garden started space human. Yeah. He duct tape, your mouth straps, you a rocket. Much you in the space use the oxygen five days. That would be the most, I will let you see space but then you're going to fucking die you're going to die, slow, nuts and nuts and had tea little too of debris, but when you shut yourself and you will die in the space of yeah, there's a guy in that suit- that's a great,
Speech is imagine what a fucking psychopath you have to be to launch a car that you made into space like that. Can I tell you something: is dope car? I think that's the coolest fucking thing any! is ever done in space is much into space. That's in part, that's perfect for someone to find. Imagine if you're an alien race- and your find by bilingual growth. We spotted something, but it seems to be some sort of vehicle coming towards I'll, say: hi, and poison dope car. That's a awesome. Looking Imagine send that thing into space. He saw the Tesla You saw the Tesla roadster huh when that comes out No, he didn't. He didn't know it doesn't come out to twenty twenty, but I thought he has. He didn't bring it was it I was his all. I thought once in awhile, I thought he had another one. I thirty five. I thought he still sure he's got other ones away, but right though it's it's probably fastest production vehicle ever made right, yeah zero to sixty.
In one one point: nine one points at one point, sixty six, something saying like that: word should be absurd. That's looking absurd to go that fast. Have you ever driven a Tesla? Do it I've been in the PDP? one hundred the the the ludicrous mode yeah it's insane too fast. It's weird I would I would die in a car. But it's weird how fast it's it's! It's it's silly! My car is five hundred ten horses. That's fast if your car cars get that rumble. Oh well, I love engines, man. I don't think I'll ever give up engines you know my buddy said he goes. It sounds like a fucking boat. I go it doesn't like about when I was a kid I remember sitting outside on the lake of hearing people's boat number but yeah I like engines, I've always been an engine gas you're, a man like you Santino drink. I can have one poor little more to have one for you. I'll have one for Johnny's have one for Maine. I gotta do two hours of cards for Chrysler and doesn't have a heart attack
I should say I love birds. So much I love everybody in the competition I just don't like defective Bert is on these medications that could all his health problems could be completely resolved. Yeah I didn't drink so much like to take medication so that you can drink. It's, not good, You know I mean I had this conversation along time ago with Anthony Bourdain. He was on statins and he decided to take statins because he to eat. I don't know what it's getting. Statins are for people that have it was that high? blood pressure or high cholesterol. What is statins for he had. Obviously he was drinking constant and he was traveling constantly and wasn't exercising cholesterol. He had he had some health issues, yeah, and so they put him on the Staten's and he started doing brazilian Jiu Jitsu and we started doing just so he lost shitload away changed his diet, radically cut back on his drinking and got off the Saturns
and but statins have like significant health risks attached to them. It's not as simple as they just lower your cholesterol. They also do a lot of wonky to your whole, your whole system, to your mental. I don't how about mental, but I not really right well, he with hands Gracie in New York City right at the hands of grace autopsies on it somewhere one of the best gyms in the world. I know I'm jumping backwards, but you mentioned something that now click and I had with the mediator show that your friend does yeah Steve Renals doing. I think there was a show. I think there was a clip I just saw online of him using rendering bear facts to cook bear. Yes, I just had watched that I thought that was funny. Using cuz, he was like. I mean I've. Never. I never heard that before that you can, you can boil down the bear fat to use as oil to cook the rest of the meat yeah. Is he saying it was so rich that it was almost like. You could fry meat in it. He did for me didn't why people have been using bear fat for ages for lard to cook pie.
Is- and he was actually talking about a podcast recently that he is great podcast as well called mediator, same name and on the podcast. They were discussing how fat, was used. That's him there, rendering this bear fat. This is a particularly interesting up because This was all about bears who eat blueberries, so all that fat had a purple tone to it purple hue to it, because the bears had been. They have been subsisting on blueberries, so they tasted like blueberries how how good visit blueberry fat was it supposed to be incredible and you render it down to make lard out of it, and that lard is good literally for years and use it for cooking and for all kinds of things afterwards but bear lard like I have a my good friends, John and Jenn Rivet who live in Alba and they run a bear hunting operation up there and they eat, bear all the time and they render bear fat into these like jars of bear
A large one have seen you cook. It's delicious, go I'm in Canada next week. Tell them to come, see me and where, where are you in Calgary, that's close to them? Yeah I'll, tell them to come, see yeah. This is there that they're lovely people I thought that I thought I running. Alburnus bird is great country up there, man they're awful man as some of the night and is one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited in my life. I have been the Bam bam. The national forest up there show Could you open ask you a picture of Lake Louise to be AMF is balanced by the farmer BNF banned from the same thing. Now it's not the same, but it is bad as fuck. It's. It's use, negatives, it's divine Divine, look at Lake Louise or look at that fucking place, yeah, that's in Banff, National Forest! God dam! Look at that! oh Canada! Is that there's really a hotel right there on the water that looks like a fucking disgrace? Doesn't it
it's like a nice or they've got damn hotel? Wouldn't they, though people are gross, but how beautiful look at how fucking Gorgeous Lake Louise is fake. That's what I said the first time I went there, I go phony. This looks like a guy made it on a studio like a girl has like photo shop like when you ever see girls when they put that filter on their face where they don't even look like a real thing like we need the following filter. Why? Whoever invented that tricking? You know so funny. It's even grosser guys who use that wild come on yeah nobody, I know, I know I'm really on selfies face filter and you look at it like what in the fuck am I seeing here? What is this? Is everything ok doing with your face match your grandfathers, so fuch happen to your face: farting Korea. So you could fuck with your face, digitally look up SAM cartoon meetings itself, yeah. That yourself looks like it's photoshopped, so pretty in real. But that was the first time in Alberta that I saw a moose I'd, never seen a moose live before
and so I went there and I was like holy sh it's a size of one of those, a dump truck trucks in excites. You know, there's like that. Where the wheels are five feet high, it was like that's a fucking boots get outta. Here I was going to walk me up. Thing runs after you start stomping in their leg in their strides, are like ten feet long. I had I had no idea, I guess as a kid we never saw. The only animals like that? I saw were either deer or the only like its thing I would see in the wild was of dear as a kid in the woods. I look at this look at the Elk. That's not a wall right, that's an enormous animal yeah, but look at the size, the antlers yeah. Huge moves is twice a year towards that to where it's good door by most twice that yeah, so they can simply hired. Two thousand for Summer Sale Buffalo same way in Colorado. I've never seen buff, I mean in Chicago, like only when you go to four a service of the lakes. Do you get to see deer and other than that? You look for, that's it. I don't. I mean there's nothing. I in Illinois. How many people do you think? Every year get up by a buffalo in Yellowstone probably
least of couple: Darius yeah, listen up or get you close. What what Boston Dynamics just released? A new video and it's scary, all this? What's like these function. Freaks come freaking seller. They want to my god it's jumping over. It's got no tires now now Oh my god do parkour it's doing, Parkour hardcore or Boston dynamics. Look at it jump from box to box. Do you guys cut the fox, I'm a lot of people who couldn't do with that. Robot just did why most people you know can't do with that robot just did. I would say that the majority of the can You could never do that. That's insane one more time, yeah. What is name of the videos for people that are just listen to this core et hardcore this is that the name of the robot Alan? Yes, someone is going to kill us all yep, please get a battery pack on the can am just bouncing around like it's not, then you know they had some. They released some voice recognition from him and he was like.
I want to I want to murder everyone most win I'll, stop people coming on eggs, I'm a big fan of Rogan gel, I think you're, the best I will rip your off hot, hot hot. Imagine a machine face to face. If you like, I actually enjoy you as a person. I won't kill you it's going to happen. Yes, they can keep doing it for Fox. I was doing my cardio yesterday. I was watching ex machina it's a great my all time, favorite literally watch that movie at least five times scares me, but I also am in love with it. I love it, but when I'm watch that movie, I'm like how far away is this twenty years. It's got to be less I think ten years I think maybe a decade is when will have that when they look like that, that could have you seen, on the controls that they've already had now Have you ever seen some of these these these, like the mold, that they
make now to make look real already. It is scary to me there's a bunch of people protesting in Houston because they're about to open up the first robot sex brothel wow. That's really interesting. I don't think that's going to do much business, it's a nut, some robot that somebody else already nutted into. I don't know dude a lot. I don't know about in the United States, but I think in overseas I think, looking like japanese love dash, it love you coming in robot, we both gotTA fucking robot. How much do you get paid to music the robot cleaner, just like dead fish loads, wash out portal for the load smell like dead fish when they sit your underwear and steam up just hangs out for awhile yeah, yes or no, no, my gosh! If you jerk off and you don't clean up you just let it go well, what is this sex bra, I thought in Houston. That's the house is actually opening other thought of customer this. This here says that by twenty twenty will be in Houston and nine other cities now did that guy
make that sex robot or is he going to fuck it? He made it any sucking it. What do you think if you had to guess, I think for sure, that's his wife. Here's the thing about the sex, robots, think that anybody is going to make a sex robot? That looks like your average gal. No, oh yeah yeah! Well next week, the next door type yeah well! Well, How many are going look like this girl right here? The exaggerated features- ninety percent of Them- will look like that at least yeah will a girls? Okay, that now, anyway, you see girls on the you know they all look phony a everyone. I have the same lips button every girl on the internet now looks phony as shit. No one looks like a chick anymore, but what is a future going to be for like and when it's not a human and you can do whatever you want with it. That's, find out what people really are attracted to it's exactly right? one of the real sexual psychology of humans when we find out that there's no rules with these things, save all your male feminist nonsense? I just love we're women with broken stocks, yeah a
yeah. What do you when you go to the brothel? What do you ordering up on your Amazon sex really learn about the late charge? Yes, seeds, how weird was happening here? here's, my biggest curiosity, you can a you. Could one of them I was going to get. How do I get a you know they have those? What are those real dolls? Mail, real dolls, I get a male real doll with no deck and no butt hole, no mouth hole either. Just for Jujitsu was like listen Send me one. I don't want anything I can fuck. And they're, like sure so, we've heard this before, but three bottles are going to have a bottle on its side, going to butt hole in its four head. I just don't see a business. I see a business for. I'm creating personal sex robots for sure, but this is a niche niche market. They die
hey it. I know this is like always been a big high for the past couple years of like sex robots. Sex, robots and people like So that's going to be the end it's like now. People are always going to want to ask people. You want to have reciprocation of something there got to be some kind of reciprocation you a dead things like that would also it's like it's like feely, almost yeah, well yeah! Well, it's also. You know. There's no emotions there. It's going to be like playing a video game on God, mode, right yeah. Let's flawless, Toronto's! First sex! brothel has been open for a year. How are they doing with the same company? It's sort of open there, but how would they do is. It is working. That's my curiosity. What's the success rate of a place like this, it's kind of it's Why is this gross me out? Kinky slots, so stalls out. I couldn't read: Tiki domain yeah yeah yeah? Let me get in there love that you have to click. Are you an adult yeah, I'm an adult sure is rent before you buy red,
to before you buy a. They have a loan out system lookout for Jaina, but look how they all look like. Don't any of 'em look like a secretary. No all of 'em look like some super hoe yeah. Right like isn't there one don't have like a Starbucks Bary, stop yeah here's kind of attractive and he's cute sh. Thirty, two hundred look at it. It ties by body heat or voice when it with that. Would it cost to I yes, thirty thousand hundred, it's only thirty two hundred bucks Jamie get one in here, but let me see photos look like, so we can order one, let's order, one, how many people be furious at us. If we had one sitting behind me during the show you just cut and the other camera would cut over there to look here, that's gross school that one which is lying down on it looks so no one weird the one he had just before. No
the one with hurt it's up in the air. Well, this bizarre photos, man that one. What what's that the struggle panic. She looks like a fucking hot. This is awful. Stop fucking me! Please These booms are awful yeah. It looks good, that's wack, it's garbage you're dating a girl, and you really liked her. She just happened. Haboobs like that you'd have to go. Do you do you want to stay? now. You want to get a reduction or maybe like normal yeah that looks, look at? What is the vagina look like? They show it? They don't show it, but look at the waist look at all fuckedup. That is that it will go back real, quick, sorry that image of her waist is like it's like a twelve inch waist I mean that's fucking creepy yeah, but that's what they want. They want like fully exaggerated features. So going back to talking about you want to talk about like this. That goes back to this the core, of course, and a look at our briefs, that goes back here. This creepy psychology of what the figure
men's minds socially with that, like has been pushed out that you want this hourglass thing and do they show video. I want to see video. It looks real that one down the word says new, the first new, the left that photo kind of looks real right there, while the first one did. Yeah, like that looks weird with that real away is crazy, real That was a girls instagram profile. She has an instagram page, this ohmygod company, but then again followers a look at the size of those fake they're. So ridiculous, can you imagine following this? What is your? What is your wife's sake? Well, Isola followed last dollars, a person go to the upper okay, go to the right right hand, side that one with a giant it's that is so ridiculous, but see. Japanese, they love that shift and so hot. I I love you
inside me keep me hot, I'm so hot take off my clothes. Why might hit so bad here? I can just hear like a asian listeners tuning out like this is just I can't take this anymore. Don't talk like this as holes? go to the one in the upper left hand corner the top first. First image of the way that one right there look at that one. What in the fuck man like? Why are they so big? Because this is what they I guess, The idea is that the kind of people that are going to buy these are the kind of people that are either addicted. More anime porn. So we said I would say it's because they don't get anything ever so they have. They have go click on click on the image, one more time, Jamie any of 'em any of am and then click on the likes. Fourteen likes these fucking weirdos yeah click on guys, click on Gonzalo there Roland
is calling you out, calling you bro I'll, be so weird dude what you like and photos all that's a good job, good job. These guys now yeah. This is gross, is getting across. Okay, just for us yeah. They don't even get to see that now, but that didn't see if there's a video of these things moving. This is what I I want to see. I want to see that there, just lying there, I'm thinking that they're inanimate, so these sex robots, when you call 'em robots, do they move know, know, know, know, know, know, know, know, know know it must know they're not called robots that called sex dolls. It's a doll. I've heard about a doll, but these are sex robot.
This is kinky doll. These are sex dolls right, but the ones in Toronto didn't shoot things robot. This is the same company, so this is yes, just sex dolls, so they don't move kinky S, downs of or something like that. So I don't think they'll deposable yeah. What he's doing it hurt? It looks really painful. Please grab it or listen to Maine. Only open your mouth get get this off the fucking screen before I vomit oh, we doing their check to see if the sex robots contacting you. I just got a text as well as I sext I'll talk is wrong with you guys, yeah, exactly fuct I'll talk, they were not the ones that are using it he's drunk folks he's been drinking in my face I'm going to I'm going to drink more in front of Rogan, I'm going to smoke pot. I'm going to set my investors and I'm going to get everybody mad. I have twenty days you, mother, fuckers, twenty
what we really have to do, though, for real is when it's up like the party you have to throw like a huge party, a party you throw party fuckin' when sober October is over, where here bots here. Why us oh yeah. This is what I want for food. I want dogs, kill bossa. These following things I would like to enjoy your party. I like a thick crust pizza yeah, keep they shake their Chicago style. They would go. Get me a polish sausage over there from from from uh, Marco, someone Marco's people, statue in Chicago was really fun because you could tell You were in your element, so much like we're taking deep breaths. I was wonderful, fuckin' Chicago I love it. He went to a bar. We got steaks like man yeah, it's the best part. We walk out of say a good steakhouse in this guy of Chicago Blackhawk, who I'm a huge fan of comes up to Johnnys like Joe Rogan, Joe Rogan.
It could believe you were there any like. What's up man he's like so I'll? Have him would go back again, all right, music, cool you're, like hey man, you turn a menial. Who is the head guy I like that. A fucking Chicago Blackhawks and I was like oh yeah joe- doesn't give a fuck about spot. Just don't know yeah. I know I'm saying no. I was nicely God. Oh you're super nice, but I was like that's so funny to think that, like those guys, guys that How he treated you is how people treat him. Do you know what I mean it was wild to watch how people treat athletes when they're, like probably my favorite, this guy was he became a kid again. He was like. Oh my god, you're broken this restaurant that I fucking love to go to it was. It was cool to be on the excited to watch that happen, especially 'cause. I'm such a Chicago Blackhawks, like I'm such a sports fan it, was just so weird to watch an athlete kind of act like people acted them. Do you know what I mean it was
it was just beautiful. What's the weirdest thing just come out of this podcast is an again. This is not just for men. The podcast is for whoever the fuck likes it, but men don't get a whole lot, examples of men that are allowed to just be themselves yet be guys yeah, just because everybody's worry about getting fired from something yep everybody's worried about saying the wrong thing or like when I said that I like that song that girls sang. I really like it. It's a good song. And I think she's got really good points. Let's saying it so that someone likes me more, I'm not I mean I'm. I'm saying like maybe as men, especially me as a guy with three daughters, you should I should consider, and we should all consider what it's like to be a girl. You know, I've talked to girls have been drugged. I've talked to girls, have had guys creep on them and do creepy shit to them, and girls have been sexually assaulted. I like that I like that song. I like it not that I like sexual, so I meant I like that song,
I like it is, it is going to get out of the context for sure I like I like this, woman expressing herself in an artistic way that represents the real threat that women face and it's also a catchy song. She's got a beautiful voice and I'm still a man. Yes, Ok, so you want these things are allowed to coexist. You don't you don't somehow another becomes some sort of a cock or pussy, or it doesn't mean that you're you're a loser or that you're but we all know when someone is faking something when they giving in total air pressure and pretending, like actors, use the word wonderful describe a woman's performance. We were talking about wonder. We know fake shit. We know fake ship was very good too much. God dam fix it in this world, so one of the more interesting things come out as this is because I don't have it a person telling me what to do, and I can just be myself right. People like guys go. This is like
now. This is like what it would be right if we were just hanging out, but people are listening right, but normal things you don't get to just hang out because some people are listen and then he got a tonal language yeah. Today you can say things don't to careful, don't say dinner for that word, You know why, because there's so much misconstrued nonsense. People because people are allowed to take any of In that you have you, because they don't know your full opinion in a piece of what you think care and they just rip that out and throw that in the space act with its recreational outrage yeah, they're they're, finding a nice little juicy target like let's go after it and it'll, be whatever the it is with whoever's next, whether it's Chris Hardwick, or whoever gets called out for something and someone whether they're guilty or not. Who gives a shit? Let's pile under that mother, Fucker right and ruin their life for a couple of weeks, and this is
What's going on in this world, it's not good for anybody to know for men's, not good, for women. There's only one good piece of it at all. If you're a piece of shit like Harvey Weinstein, if you're a fucking turd in your rape, women, yes, then you're going to get got and it's good that you got got but even him man have you seen the new article. I mean there's a lot of article where the Yemen who is accusing him of sexual Sol, the the da is talk about throwing it out of out of court now, because they, found the computer log, the girl, who was a using Harvey Weinstein, one of them of actual sexual, so I will send it to you. Jamie so that you can pull it up. It was on the New York. Post page six it was on Six yesterday, Judge dismisses one. Is that today? Ok, so this is the decided to dismiss it because This woman had a she
got ahold of her computer because of her former employer or a former employee uh who said look. This is not how this girl described this. So I watch my watch. The video shield boards, a video of them having a conversation right. I don't think so. This is a different one. Is a girl who gave Harvey Weinstein. Blowjob job and she look I'm going to send you the actual thing that I got here Jamie I want so I can do it and her former employee. Or he was like. This is not what she said. This is not what she said, to me right and then- They were saying that it was in danger of being thrown out, and now it is thrown out she lied about what it was? So the judge was like fuck, this shit yeah. Well, they essentially said that this is just look. There are actual sexual assault, victims, sure,
and then there are people there's also people. I think that are easy, but when you do that, you don't have a real, accurate memory of things that have happened and so they can paint themselves as a victim and be deceptive about it involuntarily. I think that's entirely possible sure. Is a certain amount of people that are just delusional and they just don't see things accurately. Did you get the text that I sent you, but but you, but I also still know that Harvey Weinstein is a is a sexual this is too many women that are saying that he forced himself on them yeah. He did tell me you heard an audio of him with a girl. You heard that I I I heard of it. I didn't some of the transcript, but it was also that so good make this bigger. Some a stupid old eyes can see it. You should all eyes I can. I need a bigger to. She accused Weinstein of forcing her to perform oral sex, but a prior employer.
We have Evans turned over personal writing. She'd left in the company's computer, which appeared to contradict the grand jury testimony the writings indicate it was consensual, friendly, a source told opposed to Dez. They split the Manhattan Manhattan District Attorneys office. Somebody the charge should be dropped and there's a problem with this complain: and then I was just so- was dropped yeah they go. Listen to it. It's the whole thing. It's hard, it's hard man because it the, You don't want to say all the girls are all lying because they're not of course, but one of them could be lying sure, yeah and when one of 'em is lying, they've got to do what they did an throw that case out. But then he's going say, look it's all fabricated! Well, there's people that will be opportunists in the face of a scandal. So there's a handle with someone is actually legitimately done awful things and someone is going to stand up and say he did awful things to me when really they just fuck
guy, because the one is Vance their rear, you're right, I would, I would, I would argue, always argue the majority of people that get involved in this thing probably aren't full of there is always going to be people that want to capitalize there's uh. Real problem. Human nature. People do that all the time in every facet in that was just people that lied about September 11th, where they these people are violently lie about every, but I think, there's for for for no, not not. Our the other young Brian Williams, Prime Williams, are yeah yeah yeah, he lied well, it was just Hillary Clinton lied about it to my number yeah. She lied about. Bullets were flying, buyer and people are not enough. No, no, there's no bullets. No! We we do. We have you anywhere near well. Maybe that wasn't there something about. Hillary Clinton lied about being in the middle of a gun, fire situation, looking people the the exaggerate they make things up and some people are just full of and then there's people that are delusional and they have a problem with
Alex right and they might legitimately believe that something awful happen to them there. There are people to do things like that. Thank you. It's it's! Not all deceptive! These people that have legitimate mental issues, They have paranoid schizophrenia to what extent. You know whether it's my or horrible, but they have a visual perception of the world around them. They think people are out to get them totally. There's indent those people get caught up in a mixed there's. Also, there's also selective memory right, there's also manipulation of selective memory. There's there's there's a lot of study about people that have convinced himself that something happened yet really didn't happen right. That's a real thing that you really believe in online and they're, not lying because in their brain, that is good literally with their brain has kind of categorizing formulated. Was that thing did happen. They've told himself that enough for its been convinced in their own, my that it did happen, instructed to someone trying to explain about OJ. They were saying o'jays live so many times about what happened that night, that he,
might in his own mind, believe he didn't actually believe he didn't. Do it that's wild so human memory, like Neil Degrasse, I was trying to explain this to me that when when you were taught when you're talking about memory. You are. We talked about the worst form of evidence that we know of sure yeah. The the your memory, is first of all, your memory really is your memory of your memory, it's even your memory, it's a member of u recounting what used to remember and then sort of re establishing it in your narrative of the past right. It's a recounting of a thing. You tried to yeah, like I'm pretty sure with that girl blew me when I was sixteen. I did have my ears ringing. Remember like wow, that's crazy. It's never happened since, maybe not maybe pretty sure, but probably yeah happened yet so here's what I know she didn't rape me shouldn't punch me in the face and hit
They have the frying pan. Sorry, my you know to my ears rang. She didn't do that. It will be fighting zero hit you over the head winds. It would be funny if my head went to the shape of frying pan like those cartoons and then I had to go as you can see. If it's a rumor back to normal, that's a hard I came, my head was fry, for I don't know man, it's hi. I am optimistic. This is what I think about. I mean them in one when people talk about. The the the the divide between men and women. I don't see it that much in real life and I'll see it my actual interactions on the internet. I see it yeah, that's the problem of the internet. The internet is just right things and you're not being there with the person talking to the parade. So you don't know if the people writing is a reasonable. You don't know if the people are angry, you don't know what
no legitimize, it there's no legitimization to the internet anymore, because it can come from everyone anywhere at any time and the problem I have with this with with these call growth movements that get like crazy is your like. Are they talking to anybody else Is there little internal group like? Are you talking to me the other than the people that you know, because if you're not you're, not getting any sort of outside opinion resources, you're, just listening to people that agree with you already Chamber thing is so annoying to me: there's a noise on the same page, saying yes stop! What with that, that doesn't that doesn't help any case at all? Are you are you actually trying to see what the other side is saying. I think there are some people that do a good job. I don't mention names of like there's some people that I follow online. That, like do a great job of like trying to have good discourse of right and left and Bill O'Reilly, ok, There's a guy, but I just think there are some people that I like online, that, like do have a good day.
Balance. It out. Yeah, but but nowadays, if you, but if you balance like you, you you get criticized because if you don't stick to one way, but here's what's interesting, Bible try. I try to be very, very balanced, but I lean way more left than I do right way more left, but you say that I get way more accused of being someone who favors? The right course left people right then I do being someone who favors a left by right people without outwardly, espouse, left wing ideas, yes like Universal Basic become gay rights, gay marriage, women's rights go down the line welfare food stamps. I I'm in support of all these things, but I get accused way more being a right wing person by people on the left because you even have being a left wing person of people on the right. When I say I'm left wing, that's because that's because you don't you don't complete,
The problem I have with the yeah, you don't comply, I don't compute, don't comply, I don't comply, they could suck my dick that's, but that's my issue with any for any far stretching side of the of political party. When you don't comply, they fucking get and they get mad with, were talking about earlier that that is a form of fascism. Yes, there are you trying to get you to figure out what they want you to be haven like how they want you to talk right. They want you to comply with that. Stick to the script fit in this box, Joe or you're. Not one of us stick to the groove and we won't as we don't do that you don't do that king, but beat also because I know you turn on each other yeah that will internally they've gotten like each other up. You know one is ever progressive enough. No, there will always when they run out of targets that if the whole world was progressive, they would find people who are less progressive. They were fine people, who are not willing to suck that muslim queer gender
non binary gender, sexual, whatever, whatever that guys Dick is because he's a has a penis right here, some sort of a homophobes. Find a resume that I got glamour. They find a reason for him forever it right for them. She them zero, but that's I mean like yeah, but I talk about the on stage in my hotel, my joke, but do what now, but why can't what why the labels yeah? Why the labels just be your your own, because people like to be tribal, he that's right, but but all that does is that categorizes you and then they get mad a category. You want your. You are subjecting yourself. I didn't do that Utah me you're that I don't tell Joe I'm a white straight male, who's, irish and Italian, who loves feet.
And doggy style, and that and I'm also kinda catholic. But you know my mom got a divorce, so I can't be all the way. Don't think that applies to a british Iraqi Gate Non Binary and also identifies as muslim person. I figure out of your line, identify as an irish Italian, straight white male from Chicago who he like. I just said we don't need all these labels. You glamour you're allowed to be whoever you fucking want to be, and I support the fuc who you are always still your ship will. It's almost always people that don't have a lot of other things going for them. Yeah 'cause you have like when someone Stephen Hawking's identified as a British is identified at that right now when he was alive, brilliant british, Businesses, slash header, actual atheist header. Who, by the way, was a with infidelity I've never met a guy, so not capable of cheating and found a way to
cheat on his wife still get it up really, even though his body didn't move, his car still feel things. That was his side. The scientist who used to go to Eric Weinstein told me about this. I was like what is like he's a freak, and I was like wait why? he's like yeah. He used to go to strip clubs and there's like videos of him like rolling into a strip club in the wheelchair, like he would. That was his Would you littered with infidelity? Would you hear that he cheated on his wife all the time we in that open movie. The whole reason that he well, I mean the whole reason that he left his wife as he fell in love with somebody else, but it wasn't like a nurse was taking out was that he was busy one of washing my balls at the nurses Robert. If you will, if you, Google, if you go Stephen Hawking, he was affiliate of, he was always fucking around come on man. He was always fucking around.
Uh yeah, that's once he got to the good life so yeah once you got to catch yeah, maybe that cosmology cash yeah. You know what also decide. We like I, am not going to play by the rules of the world'S dealt me that she is God daily and I'm a super genius. I really is yours, and you know what I forget agree do whatever you want to do. Hey you want to give me a list. You should leave me. Why would you only fuck me yeah, I'm I'm I'm barely here, I'm here, I'm a machine. Now I use this finger to talk now. I thought it was his eyes and his fucking his mouth at subway continues his hands. It was just size right yeah. It wasn't, as I mean like how a thing where he could kind of click he would he would. He would look at. Nothing too. He had a thing where it is taken away. Then He would look at. I want to see your asshole.
Can you sit on my face? Face face, don't kill me, though. Now I have JANET you're out the universe. I felt don't smother me with your. I need to figure out how it stars our black holes real or is it Dave Brown STAR. I want to drown in your pushy, I'm still on the subject of dark matter. I'm trying to figure out the universe before I nut in my pants. That's what that This river is hooked up with was called dark matter, trying to I'm trying to figure out dark matter dark matter. I could see her with big old fur coat hell, yeah I guess you could say for a bagel for Bush to go places with a pencil because Her nails are too long. That dark matter is that possible that you could grow your friend
else to live girls with long nails, a problem, a terrible time text to go. How did they touch with the try to touch with their finger right? But if you have a crazy as long as you be like your voice, tax voice text the whole time. But then you gotta use your nose just again. So, the plug into the microphone thing. That's what this as well just read about how it worked. He had uh infrared sensors on his class see us on channels on as I bells movements in his cheek, which then translated into a software program that a lot of the navigator system about his hands in the turn in to his speak as text to speech, I just want to for can someone faxes, speak functionality, speak functionality, tax, tax, right he's as it turns into speech in his iconic voice yeah. He apparently he like that. Voice and didn't want to upgrade it like SIRI like if you talk to see like who do you have a specific,
kind of cereal. Like my series, australian lady, like hey SIRI, what's crackin bitch, I don't know how to funds to that check the area, but that's I have. I have a Let's see certainly didn't she. Would you like me to search the web for love? That might, as I think it's the same, one is british. I think we have the same one. I have australian lady. They swap me out the new, maybe don't like Australia. The new upgrade his voice in two thousand and four is a good enough yeah with this is how I talk. Will always be this. I am a robot man. It was fun if you heard his voice. He was like yeah. What's up with Steven so yeah hardcore yeah like a super ghetto voice, also don't suck. They talked eg up in this pitch
What's up with this? or come out here drinking Hennessy and Coke trying to find out what the fuck is happening with black mataji. But black matter is his. That's his alter ego black matter. That would be. That would be a great stripper name rules stripper black matter stripper black she's got exist. She does or porn star. First start with stripper. Oh, that's why that might be a better porn star name stripper name black matter yeah. That would be. Actually they used to be be a. I no dark matter. Dark, dark matter, Sarawak Matter, buck manners. Now
as a matter. That's easy! I can't wait to the internet like set up you. Please sure it felt very racist piece of red, headed guard to scare endeavor and red heads, get fined exotic dancer, name dark matter now. It's kind of this is John NASH. Was that listening right now on the Dl Down experiment rhino try to keep it on a stick to act. A rag will probably doesn't limit Lana Strip clubs in the dark black ones. What was it, what to call the like little wing going from money in there? What's? What's the what's, the most popular One, Atlanta Jaime knows, you're there, the black culture you know about black Twitter, your library, Jamie, Jamie I'll, tell us through a famous one right, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, like finance, was our biggest Lana. It's like the most famous one that was of gun, fights there and magic city magic. Magic city movies, one in Atlanta. That's the big one! That's like the one yeah
ladies and gentleman come to the stage dark matter here. A magic see, welcome to magic city. Share it shop shop, let's see what they have, they have daughter will give photos that the photos was. Will the thug? Yes, look in the got a flat, blimp, brimmed hat on get go to photos. The that hell is this, where you want to hello there, all along damn, okay, the dark matter. Dark matter is the one, the third third one with the, but Jesus go to a far right. Far right upper does start manner. That's our girl, cop out What was going on January, look at dude with January twelfth that Snoop Dogg he's the guy with the White Hood, some fake Snoop Dogg, William Thuggish? These are some guessing he's, got a look at that whenever you got people that are stand there with the fanning out a hundred dollar bill,
also like and he's drinking Fiji water. Yes, on my place, our not on my yeah, I like dark matter to the main stage, Doc Mata lives in gentleman dark matter, her yeah. Who do you think was the first guy? They came up with the Strip Club DJ voice. I don't know. That mother Fockers permeated the entire culture. You can't hear that you know Mercedes to the main receives cover the mainstage rain. Ladies and gentlemen, it's river Hobbit are nice round of applause for Lexus. For KIA Sorento. It's weird how things like that happen, like top forty dj? voice very similar to similar voice voice, but that, but that's a weird thing: yeah how did broadcast I did journalist journal is broadcast journalism in college and they teach you that they teach broadcast
Well, I mean they kind of teach about intonation, so I think people get so stuck and that they learn it, and it like this, like like WW, bmwkqx. Ninety five, nine, it's the moose on the radio this morning, Joe Rogan traffic, at nine from LISA Guys today in the it's the same rhythm, they all have the exact same rhythm, and I think it's just because it was learned and then they hear other people do and it's just such a monkey's here monkey do rates it's if there's a comfort level and imitating it will, because it's rhythmic It's really is it true. I mean truly when they teach you in school. They teach you about the rhythm of the voice where they teach you well, they teach you that there's there's make waves to its exact same thing that on air journalist like local news it's the same way when someone goes and on 95th street that it all went down, they teach you about rhythmic waste lead into the next nice. They say it's because teach it teaches the listener or the watcher to get to be prepared for the next thing it's almost like a
God that dark matter So far, there is other other real, serious journalism, not much. It's bullshit give you what you really got a porn star named oh yeah, where she and they just teach about rhythms 'cause it, because it's easy for the listener to here in the morning to hear people go. And- and- and I know no matter- I think so- there's also featuring dark matter and is that a girls name book at Pornhub is just falling apart on us, like a bunch of parody, ok, dark matter. What is there's a thing that people do like James on the phone once getting some tech information from this lady sounds like put her on speakerphone while he's, and she had the most a know that thing that people do. It's called up talk.
Oh yeah up talk is so annoying tech talk, yes, there's a way that they turn that, let's you know here in this like very left wing, technologically savvy way of talking slipped yeah topic, but it's all tech, people yeah, but it becomes an accent like if it was from George or something like that would be a recognizable accent like. Oh that's how they talk in Maryland, United, mean right. I give a talk to someone from Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore. You know you know all right, Brian secular. Yes again, he says: Baltimore Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday, yeah Tuesday, Tuesday my friend John Rolfe, shut up to John Rallies from Baltimore. They have that kind of it's a very rare Boston, very recognizable in Boston. Got that Falcon up talk to you recognisable way of talking
that lets. You know that I'm going to agree with everything that is in, like the site, gangsta right wing progressive, is ending mileage g, it's in the cloud who does that the best Fred Armisen? I think those are the best arson knows how to like Fred arms. Is it apart from Portlandia, okay, but she doing some out of talk on here question. It doesn't bother me that much unless they do it a lot. I think it's really annoying. I'm talking with our Connie Chung focus on the positive things in yourself. Thank you for Model Cindy Crawford she's going to do it again. No, I don't have the opportunities and the popular term, for it is talking everywhere, but you don't have to be a fashion model or a teenager to talk about here, because you can hear it on commercial. I mean it's kind of self serve or even coming out of the mouth of a doctor on the President's healthcare task force is, I think, the problem from a different
she came to the table and said my name is Belinda Doctor Cynthia Mclemore is a linguist in Philadelphia. Who's worked extensively all right this from ninety four, that's a old! This is interesting yeah for her intonation was way more exaggerated. Now it's interesting what they were Talking about in ninety four. He would make pledges. I need your form, not a request for direct response retention with the kind of all may think that up talk, convey uncertainty, but Doctor Mclemore said it can be used in a number of specific way. You can. You can use the rest to convey uncertainty. You can use the rise to hold the floor. You can use the rise to convey Do you understand what I'm saying or do you hear me or do you agree with me or do you approve of me all of those things? That's very interesting here. Knowing was describe what it is because it has it been adopted, see if you can, Google Tech talk, talk talk to those looking for, let's see if we can finally get
because it's way more exaggerated now and the people that you know who I am the woman was talking on the phone, how crazy she it it's weird the way she was talking like presentation too. Jamie. Sorry. What kind are you working on? Beringer accent is two one six I was at it. I felt like we were in a sketch when she was talking to him like this, is an SNL, but she had no answers for him, so it was like she was like bull shiting him, but that's it. That's the placate to pass time. That's like anybody. Anybody in the tech world, like anyone, is helping you. Like any sort of troubleshooting. I find that too well. That with apple when I text them about issues. Everything is like this weird placating. Oh, I know I can't believe you're having that problem. Well, let's just figure out. It's almost like this, like adding you on the head, like subservient like yeah ok in your pond. You need more food in your pod, so you know how we're having that issue with the Sonos player. It's all apple
Apple. Apple apple. Has a You know the Sonos thing works flawlessly with the apple, music, service, loyalty for flawless spot, but when you try to get the shift right off your phone, that's when it problem so they've done sneaky shit that yeah that forces you into using their their subscription service. So they have Jack, Sonos, they've, in some shit, where they've inserted a little funk you into close apple, Dick little bitty apple, Dick. He he make it work better with their home pot, speaker of course probably, chance for someone it's much better alternative, what we suggest you could try switchover to home, and that way you can listen to everything. You say all the
I am listening in yeah when you need us just released a new one. They released a pixel three year with the new Speaker dock mother, of a thing that the new update on Spotify has a built in things like, so you could it's, so you can like ask for a song. We played yeah because it's not probably built and to have your your then yeah, but you have to allow the microphone to be. Of course, it's not a big issue. It's not going to listen to you! Zhirkov did you? Let do you allow the microphone to be on? Why is there a piece of tape over the camera we'd like to see god I like to see on the webcam, want to see your copy machine. That's only the back of your dick. It's on even the front is a front facing you. What's the big deal, it took the phone under my car, so I guess his what's the big deal, if I see your balls yeah, that's what I do. I put the camera right under my sack.
Yeah, I rest my nut sack on the camera down at whatever I'm beating off at so. If you see it, I think you see is really a red screen. And my boss doesn't put your balls like give me Drake your balls like over the light bulb is bright red. They look through my lens mutherfuckers, look ahead, Looking ahead get her name is very it's very fun to play with right, beefy knife stab something: let's rap yes, Santino, let's mutherfuckers know what you doing you got damn hilarious comedy come see my selected dates on the road bro. We had. We had so much fun. We gotta go in the next year, we're going to write a whole new act. I have twenty five minutes right: hurry up. Twenty five, I'm trying I wrote all night last night. I got home after the store,
I did a lot of writing. Yeah I've got almost nothing out of it, I'm not going to talk about. I won't talk about anything but you, but you work. There's a few things that you had that I saw I got some new shoes. Yeah last night was really good swinging swinging for the French. Looking for gems, though, come see me come see me looking for some fake gems. I got I'm in Calgary. I'm Calgary next week and then in New York at Caroline's on Broadway this following week. Yet please check me out Nintendo, DOT, com, cheetosantino on all platforms.
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