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2018-10-25 | 🔗
Alex Honnold is a big wall free solo climber. A documentary feature film titled "Free Solo" captures his record setting ascent of El Capitan, and it can be seen now in movie theaters all over. http://www.honnoldfoundation.org/
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free solo climber maybe the most famous climber alive he has a movie out right now it's called free solo and uh he is a fantastic inspirational and wonderful young man please give it up alex the joe rogan experience it's been a long time it has been with a guy like you it's so it's nice to see you're still alive i'm tired of hearing shit like that oh care do you get a lot the weirdness of like interviewing with people in there like you know you know you could die is this scary yeah though i mean the thing yeah it's funny touring with film
acute as every night you get the same questions from the audience all the time yeah and part of that it's time to them part of it like the boston questions because their obvious because everybody wants to note this writings and i'm like i understand that one of the weirdest parts of the film is when they're showing all the guys who have died from free soloing and there they didn't all die free cell line that's actually one of the that's probably the only thing that i take slight issue with the film slightly hyperbolic is two of them died base jumping in one of them died rope they all were free soulless which is kind of what the film is saying that they're all free souls who have died but they all died in the mountains doing mountain related extreme activities yeah that's not that doesn't make the story is good you got that's like poetic license yeah i think that sneaky well i mean they all were free solace but yeah that's not the same though yeah no exactly i prefer it the other way
look at it is that no free solace has ever died doing anything cutting edge that's my favorite statistic that mean by no free so this has ever died during hearts soul and basically it free if you freeze all have died falling off easy turn or just following us sort routine or you know i don't know just falling off but none of them have ever died while doing something cutting edge something that had never been done before or something that was hardcore do you think that's because when you're doing something that's a little bit easier you relax i think that's probably part of it but also i think part of it is just a numbers thing you spend so much time doing these stuff and so little time doing really hard stuff that you know it's just sisters tom how much how important is it when when you're free soloing to have that edge to be like really talk cognizant about how intense this is like if you got two too relaxed no i think that's i think that is kind of the concern for sure and i've noticed that for myself anyway and i
why not to do very much easy selling anymore because there is a certain complacency that overtime you just do so much mileage on easy terrain and then you're like this is so easy this is so easy and then you slip and you die you know you know fighters look at things that way too like they do at a certain point in their life they don't want easy fights 'cause they need to get chat inst otherwise they won't trained properly and then they wanted losing to be yeah you should take is there is there yeah well the difference between fighters say when they're not trained and not camp and just their skill and what their body can do without without going through a camp is probably only like seventy percent of what they are when they actually go through everything with full intensity eight we two times a day you know physical therapy massage video z shin
all the all the things that make them who they are the day they step into the cage like when you free solo it's raining that said that's yeah i mean yeah you saw phone that's all exactly now level for version that went into it do you take time off for big free solo do you like the rest the audio at no it's the opposite it's sort of ramping up to it right but do you is there any concern that maybe you haven't given yourself enough recuperative time like for the day of no was so for me anyway it was always sort of the opposite because the real challenge of free selling is the psychological side the mental side of it it's not so much the physical like i don't necessarily have to physically perform at the absolute limit of what i'm capable of but i have to mentally perform at that level and so in the mental side of it comes so much from the confidence and feeling you feeling prepared and so
i don't know so when i when i freeze auto cap i kind of knew that i wasn't actually like i probably already started to decline a little bit physically over the course of the season because the two months any somebody just kind of grueling on her body her body like it all the time i spent going up and down on the wall for preparing it's very very tiring it's our kind of realize that i was starting to get sort deeply deeply fifteen as sort of a week away from like having started to slump right now i'm kind of pooped but the thing is i knew that that because of all that pepper you know psychological as as as good as i was ever going to be so even if i was physically starting to be a little bit tired it's like time to you know it's kind of the the the different curves you have to hit right at the right moment now is your psychological preparation just you getting your mind into it or do you have like specific techniques you use or a form of meditation or anything that you specifically concentrate on you're visualizing success or no when it's not even necessary visualizing success or race or visualizing for me it's visualized experience i sort of imagining
everything will feel like imagining what it would like to place my foot on a hold or what you're grabbing like the sensations of it and the exposure of it you know thinking through what it'll feel like with so much air around me and no rope you know just that basically to make sure that nothing is surprising when i get there to my hands are sweating just talking to you i'm not kidding feel that i feel that and that fucking close right as a clan i've realized it like when i'm talking i'm thinking about you doing this in my hand started bucket sweating you start thinking about thousands be there in early start thinking about chalk and powder and that shit like that god dam dude you ever gone do like a sports psychologist or have you ever like actively tried to coordinate a program from training or anything like that no not really i mean so with with reselling a cap i found that i needed to create enough space
it's not so much mental training but but create enough empty time so that i had so that i was able to sort of process so i don't know like suction on an email i raise my social media i like sort of freedom from the national my girlfriend left for sort of the week ahead of time so that was just totally by myself in my van nothing going on like no distractions and so that's not exactly mental training but it was giving myself to free time thank you to sit around and think about things you know i could process like it in my own terms of my own time when was the last time we talked how many years ago was that hurt so long i feel like that at least four right now is like six or seven i wasn't i think so i think it's like two thousand and twelve or something during that time how much has changed in your life in terms of the way people perceive which do in the amount of attention that you get i would imagine that having alone time now yes my charter yeah yeah no totally it's funny
i've tried to not let my life get busy overtime but it just sort of naturally happens i mean yes yeah exactly someone or talking to you and you know now i was when i was reached out i reach out to a couple times but i was like this guy is probably getting fucked with all the time like someone's probably always poking at you and you're just trying get a foothold like literally just trying to hold on now i mean now i mean i appreciate all the opportunities i have now and you know i mean i'm very happy with the way my life has change overtime but certainly when i look back at ten or twelve years ago and i was just a twenty year old man living in a car like i had nothing going on you know if i had like one interview in a month i'd be like well it's a big month for media and then now on a film tour it's like completely outrageous it's totally another end spectrum now when you're doing this film to when is the film actually come out now it feels like out it's in theaters i can see right now but you can't get on it in seattle so it is oh yeah so so
it did a month of festival circuit you know earlier in the end of the summer and then it came out in theaters at the end of september so it's right now i think this weekend is its widest release is like four hundred theaters all over the country right now wow and then in theory it's through national geographic something will be on television on the channel at some point and then eventually stream somewhere i don't know is it strange all this attention yeah i mean well i don't know it's in some ways it's a natural extension of all the stuff i've had over the you know like having the sixty minutes piece in many years ago was a bit of a light was it was a flurry of attention as a kind of sort prepared me in some ways you know the ominous grammy where you've dealt with zero five minutes yeah but i'm asking like an interesting yeah but i i feel like it comes with what i do i'm in show business in our show business in this you know areas where we you're a climber yeah and the most radical kind of climber
well free solo you think when i think of what you do i think of quiet tension yeah that's kind of fair because it should be it should be sort of meditative and relaxing and be quiet but then obviously you're also sometimes training or higher body you know like trying very hard physically and yeah well i remember one thing he said to me the last time we talked was that it's it's very mellow because if it ever gets intense something's gone horribly wrong yeah no that's that's i still feel exactly someone i mean that's yeah that's always a challenge is to keep it keep a relaxed well for a guy like you my perception of a guy like you who's that that person who's doing that activity then it sort of juxtapoz that with this media tour tie environment and dealing with all these people that that seems to me like it would be really annoying i mean
it's very different than my normal normal lifestyle i guess but the thing is it's sort of adventure and it's an experience in its own way i've been i've been kind of calling it a expedition filmed her because i've done a lot of expeditions in my life like last winter i went to antarctica for a month and and it's not exactly the type of cloud normally do and i don't really like being cold we sort of like oh it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to go somewhere it was like going to mars or something it was totally outrageous experience were climbing big rock walls and in an article just living on the glacier and it's totally different totally crazy you camped out on the glacier yeah we're just in time glacier from now when you do that how how thick a pad use hypertrophic use right in a very very thick sleeping bag do you warm yeah yeah yeah in your seem it's a negative forty degree sleeping bag i mean it's pretty much at all but but anyway i mean so that kind of experience you know in some ways very comparable to a phone i'm like this is going to be a once in a lifetime thing you just embrace it you go with it it's and then the way you normally choose to live your life but that kind of makes it interesting announce something new walk to the magic
it would be very interesting yeah the an artica thing sounds like a trip yeah like you traveling on established stab liszt corridor it wasn't so was this it climbed in the region before but but we actually did tons first sounds like roots and summits that had never been climbed wow that's pretty cool now when you do something like do you map it out in advance like i mean we're not really 'cause i mean there photos of of the formations and people like i said it climb some of them some norwegian said your darien written a book about it but but then it's not till you get there that you can really decide what you're going i mean how it looks i mean ultimately you have to look at the rock and see if it's climbable and so you basically have to ski up and then touch it and see what you can do and then try to climate you ski up because you're living on a glacier i mean you have to ski everywhere why wow that is cool i did i did a month wearing only ski boots or climbing shoes
wow or my bedroom slippers on camp would you feel like actually no we're not really thick socks and then keeping everything as warm as possible but we yeah wearing climbing shoes in an rv gets pretty chilly out on actually is a film about that coming out in a couple weeks weeks i think part part of the real rock here it's like a big film film festival thing or film the sorted out shows shows around the world but it's like a forty minute short the thirty i'm a shot and see any of it those shoes that you wear on normal climb are very flexible or those los partidos that with the with the address with us in our area they're very they almost look like a sock was like a rubber bottom to it we could really kind of great yet it depends so summer super soft like that it depends on what you're trying to climb that summer really regions that you can step on a really small holes in the supports our foreign so
like what i was wearing free solo el cap is like quite rigid actually it's like i'm bored like a platform so that you can put in just the tip of your toe on something really small your foot was to stay flat welcome mountaineering type of a yeah kind of but still also very precise 'cause mountaineering boot you think clunky and big right climbing shoes like a ballet separate like precise and tight but then also rigid sometimes yeah and then also i don't know you know when you're climbing cracks you put your foot into the crack in the torque it sideways to like lock it into place and so the stiffer the shoe is the more it can you know the more that you can lock the shoe into places suppose your foot you basically have to use fewer muscles are you starting a trend are there other people that are following your footsteps now actually what do you think i think probably yeah you think yeah you are sitting there yeah i think there's probably people that look at what you're doing and and in the young kids that think it must be you know here's what i think most people look at the path that the average person takes in life
you know i wanna sell car is going to be an insurance guy i'm going and they look they look at it like it's def if they look at a kid a young kid who's like enjoy playing with his friends or do in sports or playing video games or reading comic books and then you look at what could be the average path that the average person takes in life and sitting in an office all day under fluorescent lights and it looks like death it looks like a slow aching death but then i can someone like you and wow this guy is living of special life is a special
so ideally those somebody would look at it and see that like this is somebody living a very intentional lie for having chosen a certain path yes not necessarily free selling i mean i would love to inspire people to leave an intentional life that they care about yes i don't necessarily feel like people need to go freecell are right well i think that's the that's a very good way of describing it very good way of putting it because i think you should most certainly of influence people in that regard but i think also people must be influenced in in the sense that they see where you doing is men there's moments that you must experience while you are climbing these incredible faces that are kind of magical when you're up there you're one thousand feet up there the view is fucking spectacular and you're doing it and when you get to the top of these things the rush and the feeling of accomplishment in the euphoria and just the glory of nature from that perspective yet or like look at this
you could you wash fucking wash your clothes on the sweat my in my hands right now man stat in st were pictures insane what is the name of this photo jamie is the endura corner can cap that's actually that's a movie poster do man so so that that that is not sitting in a cubicle that is not fluorescent light with that is that is the end of a very long path that you have to choose and and really cultivate you know i mean that's that's for me twenty three years of sort of going into our twenty two years or something of going down a very specific path very specific you know and they're still a you do have a different van are you still in the same van i'm in better than the last time it's moving on it yeah that's really exciting and they have a now
this is actually a real person i live and i live in las vegas now do you really yeah i am why las vegas do the best best for season climb in the country riyadh las vegas yeah there's climbing everywhere and it's super accessible on it's easy and it's like cheap cost of living easy internet traffic like everything is easy about a month ago that's cool yeah whenever i go to vegas i was look at the mountains outside of it the right there and nobody even looks at them yet from my drive where you can see the two thousand four walls are you you can be climbing on a two thousand and four one twenty five minute drive twenty minute drive that's interesting yeah a lot of people like to run those mountains to run those hills there's a lot of trail runners that live in the area as well yeah the west side of town you're like in the mountains i mean i can go mountain biking i can go hiking and go climbing all twenty minutes vegas is kind of a misunderstood place gathering really as ever into things the strip but it's yeah it's not really the strip it's like the mountains all around it yeah biggs is like in a bowl of my i mean all sides of it are surrounded by mountains one of
in general kind of gets a weird yeah because of people think desert in nevada but really is mountains i mean it's like series of mountain ranges all the way across the state yeah it really is everybody lives in reno he lives outside of reno and if you went where he lives he died where we colorado yeah exactly exactly when i'm in tahoe yeah right now is right there and the on track you like donna i mean there a bunch of common areas right there they're great and freaking skiing all winter it's pretty cool how old you know thirty three do you feel any different it's in the way your body responds to doing this on a regular basis now maybe a little bit i'm getting old and everything but but i think especially right now come here with the amount of travel like i'm intentional about my diet and stuff now and trying to get some sleep and things like that so you know ten years ago i you just eat a whole trail
years and be like all right i feel great let's go climb the general be fine you know yeah now michael mann i want my greens movie i want to get my nights sleep and right and yeah i saw but you're not eating meat anymore and that you eat a lot of vegetables and do you get your blood work done or do you have to work with your nutritionist know you do eat eggs yeah ok that's good yeah i mean i have cheese and stuff and and and i mean even meet so i mean i give up eating meat for environmental reasons mostly like basic impact on the earth and so i'm not fundamentally pose you know like eat meat from time to time certainly for cultural norms like i was in japan earlier this year and i'm sorry fish there a bit just because i felt like i was part of the sort of japanese travel experience if someone hung out it would you eat yeah yeah sometimes but the thing is i just don't feel like i need to intentionally kill another creature for me to survive and so if somebody's going to go hunting for me to eat i'd be like no fine
right right but then like on an expedition antarctica i had a bunch of random need just because it's like it's already there other team members have already brought it i'm sort of like well i'm hungry happening right over right um mollusks are actually a good thing for people to look into that are vegan or vegetarian and they don't want to eat meat because they're actually more primitive even than vegetables they're now is like this clams and scallops they're incredibly primitive they they have no feelings they don't feel anything they have no that is that there's an argument that could be made that plants communicate far more than mollusks lobster like oysters rather muscle barnacles yeah crunchy but there's a protein to them that's similar to an animal protein but incredibly primitive working i mean insect protein i think it's sort of a potential future of humanity to yeah
uh yeah i'm not i'm not fundamentally opposed to eating insects but it's just you know they're rarely served but i would just imagine that particularly as you get older like nutrition would be a major factor making sure we get the proper amount of essential fatty acids and making sure that 'cause your brain must be like you have to your brain in terms of like giving your your brain the building blocks for neurotransmitters and all these different things that you're using when you're get this intense concentration from many many hours at a time and you're not eating when you're doing these things but sometimes you do stop i need some yeah i mean you have to i mean if your firm someone why ours is sometimes the bars are you know not better fairmount or not yeah if those f bombs diverted take those that has what is the other great i have a whole box and we'll give you some they sam deer yeah it's called did the call it's called f bomb like fat bomb but it's all like
nut butter and oils and it comes in a package just ripped the top of the package off and squeeze it in your mouth had three it's morning oh wow they're really good it's really healthy i do have tears aren't you have 'em in the back i finished and um yes that is it tell jeff there's a box of them um in my office over there you know where the just run in and grab go run into that door run into the office door sitting right in the front of the right hand side there's a box of them i'll get it we're talking about there not better right the out of those things i eat like three four hundred am in the morning when i'm headed out the door with a cup of coffee i like a lot of that's a lot of bad though this is the other calories i'm doing
it's sober october fitness challenge with my friends i've been working out i'm not not no bullshit as much as five hours in the day i'm trying to win this we have a w w e style championship belts it's as intercontinental champion and so wrapped over or intergalactic champion reserved this over par there does that mean you're not no pot no booze no nothing on yeah here's so you just clean living for all walked over and training for can bring out yeah yeah well we're wearing these things will wearing these these belts that measure your heart rate and they also quantify your performance like how much calories you burned and there it is he could take that the steps to schitt what flavors that one macadamia pick on with sea salt fantastic stuff i like the
chocolate and sea salt twelve i'll look through i'll sample yeah those are good that's cool it's a real healthy it's you know just watch it it's really what you need we actually ingredients are yeah yeah this is awesome yeah he just tear the you use mushroom up any tear the tom just scored in your mouth yeah i do that common a lot i kind of prefer that to to you know gelsor are or whatever you wanna to call it this is pure sugar i kind of prefer to have your fat yeah certainly for climbing it's just not like it's not like cycling or something where your engine is burning on where i need to just like pump sugar into it yes it's kind of a longer slow burn you can use any do you ever mess around with neutral picks at all and i never heard that were heard in the tropics are the are the building blocks for human neurotransmitters it's like they're they're they're of supple instead enhance cognitive function is a some of them are like standard would you get at
gnc you wouldn't think of as a nootropic but they're finding out they are like creatine they're finding out creatine is actually a pretty potent nootropic actually enhances cognitive performance but there's one called alpha brain that my company has a good i'll send a bunch of it to you there's another company called nero one that makes a great one you know bill roman asking is are not sure former nfl player you took a lot of hit a now in wasn't close on the broncos yeah earlier savage grazing and ok and during his day you know obviously sustained a lot of head injuries and um wanted to find some of natural way to replenish his brain function so he created this company zero one and that's this is how i found out about nutro pics is through his his product fantastic
stuff it's as powder he put it in water shake it up it actually has protein and up a bunch of different neurotransmitters in it but it's really good for enhancing function initially yeah from my own of it actually works yeah it does well balboa brain the my company we we had to double blind placebo controlled studies with boston center for memory that showed improvements and verbal memory and reaction time and peak outflows state so what with my weight is pico forster that's a good question you have selected is there to dive into it yeah they're base the all the the if you go to on it dot com all of the tests are available you can go over like what it
means but what what what you find from these another one called true brain that what is that guy's name that we use of gas to the podcast dr andrew no that's in the album there's my point is besides my company is a bunch of companies are making really good ones and they're they're fantastic if you have to give speeches or if you have talk if you do any of the things like that i do like commentary on the fastest rate cocaine you're fired up you just give a great talk anything like methamphetamines you don't get all fired up that would that's a question i had for you to like how many people that are doing what you do or on either adderall or they take things like beta blocker the daughter honestly at the i was so i think nobody but i mean a lot of congress smoke a lot a we'd ordered you know and i don't even know what you do with it could you turn it off oh good yeah you just get you i'm getting stuff together so many like cannabis things now
domino i don't know so i i've never really done drugs i don't i'm not too interested some really know anything about it but i don't know it's interesting because it's not like anyone's drug testing climbers and unless they're competing in the world cup level or it's actually going to be olympics in two thousand and twenty but clients yeah climbing is exaggeration so do they have an event like in terms of like a pathway that you have to go no so it's a world cup climbing breaks into three disciplines like lead climbing which is like a same as indoor wall and then bouldering which is without a rope you know you just climb twelve feet or whatever and then speed climbing where it's like a preset course everyone does the exact same course we just go as fast as you can just against the timer and so normally there's a three disciplines for the world cup but the olympic format combines all three into one competition because their limited by how many medals and whatever because it's like a demonstration sport they're just sort of you know it's it's smaller scale than than some of the others sports analytics but so on yes basically coming to matters just have to do all three disciplines in
see who wins i was watching something on you tube where they have this climbing competition more they like ready set go and then they like shot yes i think that's the speed coming and this lady who was wearing a burqa she is she like fan s or something i don't have it but there are a bunch of the strong running speed climbers and so i wouldn't be surprised if if it's part of that ran up at like a spider was crazy to watch yeah for whatever reason it's becoming is really big in eastern europe and then there are a couple really good iranian speed climbers and yeah they're just it's like it's sort of it's own little niche sport coming out of certain parts of the world that is well there's some strong genes over there and around like a lot of great source code i don't know i don't know if the woman you're talking about is from there and i'm thinking of one specific due to sell home what heroes portrait in speed iranian yeah far not spell that
miles a day zadara i think you pretty much got that yeah wellness video i want to see video of her cuz she's a fucking spider man this runs up the side of that hill yeah he's going to browse the internet yes you could yeah anyway but so with the new olympic style climbing i mean obviously there will be drug testing and without this drug testing but it's fun with the but nobody really uses performance enhancing drugs i don't think they let's one i'm good thank you one one world cup climber had a metal taking away for having used recreational cocaine and he was like all i'm really sorry you know i'm sorry i did coke we use like was more for the party and then the performance you know there she is look at her i mean for a guy
i like you is that impressive like see that play that from the beginning 'cause it's it's it's pretty fast it's not as fast i mean if you watch some of the more elite times it's it's faster for sure women or men both i think someone other things better than that i think so wow i don't know man well you're who had to me that's damn impressive just look up a world record i mean i think the mail records like five point seven seconds or six seconds it's like somebody really really fast now they know this path in advance yeah so that's exactly the same root for everybody always same disk same holds and so basically memorize the sequence and then you just perform as fast as you can see here we go here's a world record as the
so you stand on that thing after the timer starts when you're one foot comes off the timer on the ground and then it ends when you slap the thing on the top so my god oh my god this is unreal yeah look at that five point whatever seconds oh my god that doesn't look real that's like looks like he's just running like on the sidewalk it looks like a camera flat but he's on the ground and they're faking it yeah yes sir now do these guys free solo or they specifically concentrate on there now i would imagine if you are free to look like this you would die for sure that beta blocker would be something that someone who free solos would want to look into i don't even i mean i don't know that it's beta blockers or something that blocks your brains production of adrenaline
but i mean i don't know if you want that though because the things if you have an adrenaline spike it's because something weird going on and you probably want to say i've had a couple times where i like broca hold off hold something like something like i'll send your whole drips off and then you have that super human surge of one rule all had you grab back on yeah you don't want the mellow at that time yeah exactly you don't be like i'm so relaxed as i fall the way to the valley floor you know it's a unit for can hold on one of the things in the films one of the guys who fell and i guess eventually died he was doing it he fell and base jumped here with a parachute yeah he called a freebasing sort of pioneered that sport as it were but good thing to have on your back well not really so yeah i mean the idea makes sense that if you're going to fall off a cliff how parachute the thing is that you need to be on a very specific cliff like what he was on was over so that when he fell he cleared the wall like floated out into space but i think
can you all the walls are slightly less than vertical in general and so means that you just tumble down the wall you know the other thing is that even if you have a parachute parachute function as a when you know they have a direction to them like comes into them and you fly in a direction which means that you have to be facing away from the wall when you open your parachute or else you just fly right into the wall and crash yeah so it basically means that if you fall off unexpectedly then have track away from the wall right yourself in midair you know correct for everything and then make sure you're facing the the right way it's like basically a lot of things that have to go right for the parachute to help you but ok that's not good yeah i mean a lot of people ask that they're like oh wow you were a parachute and you're like well it's basically this ten pound training way that doesn't really help you much that guy just jumped on purpose yeah this is well yeah so so this is on the though it looks like i think and you can yes he's like
something away he's getting a nice controlled opening he's like flying away from the cliff like everything is going wrong form imagine if one of these four just broke and sort of pain bring down the wall it so you never get the separation from the walgreens astor let's just watch stream sports videos and i'll just commentate on them right well this guys surely going disaster well other things from the video when they were talking about all the people that have died um that everybody essentially everyone from the past that was a free so lower is dead and you're saying there's other things that they were doing based on yelling base jumping and and and even there are couples are soulless i mean in the film peter croft is like a legendary soloist any to childhood hero of mine and he's you know i don't say pushing sixty some not sure hold
peter is but he's you know he's an older he's a distinguished gentleman and he's he's living in eastern sierra he's gone all the time he's like loving life with his wife and actually he's increase on its work on indication right now just climbing for two months just for fun climbing with a rope and a great time it's so you know i look at something like peter and he's he was free selling it at the very cutting edge for twenty years basically then and it's still just a happy climber now but does he free solo anymore just climbs well so it's fun so i had dinner with him a couple years ago i was like all peter at what point quit selling it sort of an elite level you know like when did you sort of back off the grades and he was like well actually i did want to technically by the numbers i didn't want my hardest freecell is a couple years ago but it was export rooted is local cry so like a route that he routinely client for fitness they just happened to be a pretty hard number you know like climbing grades are all sort of categorized and so use it yeah technically one of my heart and soul is just recently but it's like a hard
number but not nearly as much of an undertaking some of the big solos that we've done in the past like some of the walls that had sold it and he sent me back in the day you know and so he was like oh it's all just kind of how you define difficulty you know now when you say that there's a number system that sort of rates what like how difficult free solo path is i know did the rates climbing in general with the rubber without a rope is just a just rates how hard aquinas what is el cap was a read that i climbed is is five twelve d for whatever that means or maybe thirteen at depending how you depending on what you want to call it but on what is that mean yeah exactly so the the climbing climbing gray aides are defined and it says it in in america's by the seventy decimal system and it's classification of terrain from one to one to six one emily desk does that sound why do you ask but it's it's other parts of the world have different systems in like in austria
it's just not an open ended numbers from one to thirty eight or something worse i gave to get rid of the harder there it is right here i have here yeah i mean great comparison all this is the that's interesting that one at would like coming culture grew up in all different parts of the world right and climbing culture i guess is a big part of yosemite yeah well yeah i mean climbing as a sport in the u dot s is sort of birth from yosemite i mean the the history of albinism that are climbing rock on anyway she only comes from yosemite in the u dot s is it just because the paths are so cool that they just drew people to it yeah i mean yeah the summits are so striking and i think a lot of it also just had to do with just culture because
a big part of it was people from la in the bay area who probably had some sense of classical albinism from the alps you know people who travel to some extent and then wanted to climb other mountains and then they happen to live near one of the most iconic areas in the world and so then i don't know but anyway so it winds up being called these many decimal system but but yes it basically it's the the it's categories of terrain to one being walking on a normal trail to being like scrambling a little bit three being like scrambling through hands and feet up rocks and then fourth class being like sort of like climbing the easier and then fifth class being actual rock climbing and so then it was five point one through nine depending on how how hard things are here's five point one being pretty easy five point nine being pretty hard like your rock climbing down technical and then a certain point that system wasn't adequate so to start adding your five point ten and then they subdivide into abcd and then five hundred and eleven abcd and the five point twelve and so now it's an open ended system that right now it goes up to five hundred and sixteen basic
whoa matt el cap is really complicated yeah i was there cap is twelve the or five point twelve d or maybe five point thirteen a which is the next great up it's also now but so basically that means that it's it's a v like that's very difficult and something that like your obvious average person can do but it's definitely not close to the physical limit of what's been done in the world but that's with the rope on and that's after you know years of practice and what's the physical and what is the peak of right now the hardest game in the world is 15g which is extremely hard i mean it's totally crazy but there's one guy this check on his done one route that he called 15d it so hasn't been repeated so it's not going to stop consensus but there are several fifteen seeds in the world and there are many fifteen bees in the world where is this fifteen d it's in a cave in norway i mean it's yeah that's the kind of the interesting thing about climbing grades and climbing difficulties that they're all spreader
the world the very specific class because it requires just the right combination of of angle and holds you know they have to be enough things to hold on to but not too many us it's easier right and so as for your only climber their they're searching searching the world all the time trying to find right right mixture of rock wow what a stir change exists it's really it's really really nice yeah it's very unusual now when you hear but it's also going to elemental in a way because rocks are just out there and you're basically going exploring nature until you find the right kind of challenge well yeah it's got it there's some sort of a primal satisfaction that comes from climbing something right yeah well there's certain there's an elemental quality for sure like this is something that just exists in the world and you just yeah this is it this is addison dreams adam honor this channel it coming fifteen god i come out about it i guess no it's already it's a it's a short online actually on silence yes the route he put up he called silence but a if this is the film does scrub all the way to the very oh that's the trailer teaser yeah yeah
you can see he's climbing feet first through some of its totaly extreme so this i am under is is for sure the strongest calm in the world right now like physical yeah physically so he's he put up the world's first fifteen c and the first fifteen d so he's basically push the edge of difficulty for the last several grades wow man and he's just freakishly strong is that that's something that you would have to be to do what he's doing like a regular climber couldn't do what he's doing is almost like acrobatic involved yeah yeah look what he's doing right there is like that this is the world's first fifteen so so the user he did this several years ago but it's like and then you tries that over and over yeah but yeah he's an amazing climber he's really he's like a polymath he's like he's great at every discipline what else does he do was there he
and have you heard of the don wall on okay no sir tom called both you know who he is an unofficial climber he's he's he was honored yeah he's basically one of america's best climbers he did this call the dawn wall which is also a film in theaters or wasn't theaters last month is to sort of random that too big and phones came out exactly the same time but it's just one of those freak things but so the dawn wall was considered the hardest climb in the world to some extent has his thing it was a seven year project for him up up the right side of a the thing i cloud is on the left side ok i'll be coming on the right side which is much harder but he was using a rope and put seven years of work into it an anyway yeah and then this guy adam under who were watching a video of he he did the second son and you put like a month to work into it and then repeated it inner sidewall he's really really strong wow so when you when you see a guy do something like that does that mean
make you think about doing it or do you go that's only something that someone can do with wrought with ropes oh yeah you know in their whole categories of they can only be done with the rope because the news are way too and secure you fall off way too often i'm seems like i fall off doing that like hundreds or maybe even thousands of times i mean so for him to for him to do something at the oh my heart i mean to climb at the very highest levels of human i mean so think about the gym stir something sat him right there yeah that's it so he's free soloing no no no no the harness on a hard okay zero brenda okay yeah no i mean look at what he's holding turn with is one finger no i think this the other one might be on too but basically like a tiny tiny tiny edge this is the crux of one of the pictures on the don that is so insane that guy could probably crush your head by just
ramming it would certainly that he has a certain ferocity has an intensity or you can try with like a hundred fifteen percent is like some pretty sure if you grab your hat and try to start as soon as pop like a melon as the rip strength you the here holding on the such tiny tiny little things yeah he's a very very strong wow man so a guy like that when you see him do these paths these paths are paths you can only do with a rope yeah yeah does he figure three solo as well i don't think he ever has no it's not really his thing and the thing in some ways it's really hard to do both at a high level an i think or at least to some extent it's hard to do both at a high level because so for him for him to climb something that hard he needs that intensity he needs one hundred and fifteen percent effort but if you're trying to free solo well you definitely should never be giving anything even remotely close to one hundred and fifteen percent effort or else i will die for sure yeah
because you're so close that razor edge of failure when you're trying that hard but with free cell you have to always keep it sort of in your comfort zone because you don't to die doing it so i mean i think that i've always sort of kept my my oh like you on your personal barometer of effort i sort of lived between four hundred and seven hundred let's say or like three one slash two and seven maybe where it's like you're never too relaxed but you're also never going to the absolute death or sort of like in the four is a sweet spot where you like i'm climbing i'm having a good time but i'm not like trying too hard and i'm not relaxed but somebody i got monitor tommy caldwell like i've climbed a lot over the years he's great climber and i've really seen this because he thank you like i've seen him just randomly fall off many times because he was just like slip he's like oh i'm so relaxed it's so easy and then i'm like oh i slipped and that's kind of like sort of one where you're like your body is so relaxed if if anything happens in you fall and with the rope on that in some ways that's the more efficient way to climb because you know
you're so relaxed most the time that you're saving a lot of energy overall that every once in awhile when you fall it's like who cares the rope catches you it's no problem but you have to trust those little things that you stick in the well yeah but that's also that's like i mean that's yeah that's that's kind of what is he doing there he's he's counter pressure in his leg into this cracked arrest he i see like pushing his knee into the rock to in order to relax his arms from buddies this whole body is leaning backwards there was hanging upside down basically every muscle in his body is relaxed except for his calf and its calf is forcing his knee into the rock which hold him in place hang in there that is so insane that photo is so insane that's really efficient way to rest with your breast to rest your arms will be good it's really hard to hold on tonight yeah well you know for him it's like for him to be able to rest like that for one minute is an amazing way to restaurants for a minute yeah and then it sort of saps our core and he's cap really tired of it now a does a guy like that does he would lift weights or anything to per
for the sensors on it just i don't know he's there he's he's on his own program yeah but it's it's really common specific you know see doing things with his fingers yeah it's pretty jacked is that even him that's crazy that's weird yeah it's the same it's the same really that's interesting and there's enough for her but i mean i guess you just get jacked from doing that too though just constantly pulling yourself yeah yeah for sure there's a call timing walters like local kids place and i told my daughter give her a hundred bucks so she can all the way to the other side i think it's it's pretty difficult and so she's become obsessed with trying to get over there to get one hundred dollars that's definitely jack i'm looking at these jack you're dying to wind up super ripped it's hard to do magnify tried to do it and i couldn't do it i was like wow this is really hard difficult to do i bet if you tried a bit i mean just because you have such a background in movement and fitness and everything i bet it wouldn't be that hard for you instruction yeah i'm pretty heavy though for someone who's short
that they'll be in issues hanging on to a yeah so in theory climbing should be more in your legs anyway should be driving with your legs round because no matter what your legs are always bigger and stronger muscles in your arms right like that's always what drives you offered yeah and then your arm should only be holding your weight and then keep in your you keep your balance of your feet basically this is interesting that's something that they figured out fairly recently with grappling over the last like ten fifteen years with take two jitsu and things along those lines that your legs it's really important to use mostly your legs yeah totally i can see that i mean that's what's driving you forward and pushing the whole controlling your opponent and manipulating your opponent doing stuff with your legs do you do anything to cross train like not really no i mean i do other mountain spores little you mountain biking or skiing or things like that we do it for fun yeah for fun
and then the only real cross training into do is just sort of like a push up in court type routine you know like opposition training just to maintain healthy health by because you're constantly polling yeah exactly i'm always pulling from a sports and i try to do a little bit pushing in court just to make sure that things that bounced on now is that something you talked to physical therapist about or no this just i mean this basic physiology i mean if you only pull you have to push sometimes or else you want a ball and balance and brian and injured i saw that one of the things in the film was when you were recovering from your ankle sprain and you know you would said that you really an injured in years then all sudden you have this girlfriend and she doesn't climb and you get injured yeah yeah that that actually is just
greek freak timing quite like yeah it's just unfortunate 'cause i think really it just shows that i've been really fortunate for twenty years i've had very few injuries climbing and then you know at some point you just have a few in this i mean that's just life to some extent but when you do have something like that and you feel sort of the vulnerability of your tissue and your do you do you think about like hey what if this happened halfway up some fucking insane path now the bigger thing in the film i have a back injury earlier where i get lowered off the end of the rope and fall i only fell maybe ten or twelve feet you know sort of like the height of this room basically an but i landed sort of like folded over this rock backward it was like totally horror like these jagged boulders and so i didn't go that far but i was like oh you know i got worked and is really a sobering because it made me realize that if i fell from you know forty feet climbing you know you could it could be yeah i mean
it could be a disaster you're basically made me realize just how fragile my body is 'cause i'm like oh i only fell a little tiny ways and it like really hurt you know it's like pretty bad i was like man if you feel much further you could you could you know anything could happen yeah people step up stairs wrong and gabrielle radical the on it soon very strange get the body so fragile it's really zero it's funny but it's so fragile but then also so robust in some ways i mean it's amazing what with the human body can adapt to where we stand but then yeah and then some things just can't yeah that's i was asking about your age as you get older are you seeing a difference in the way you recover you see a difference in the way you know like you the what your body when you feel like your potential is i see yes it's hard to say i think on yeah i don't know i mean does it does the tough questions i mean you know i'm sure you're sure you think about that so if there was a fighter the fight at your age thirty three he said yeah start tailing off
whining three thousand four hundred and thirty five on a fighter hits like thirty six like yikes is that is that like hold for finding out that's pretty old it's very rare there's only a few guys have been able to compete at a world class level past that and mma randy couture stands out in boxing bernard hopkins stands out how old is the floyd mayweather forty or he's forty yeah is he still considered like fighting in elite level well you know when he fought conor mcgregor conor mcgregor was nowhere near his level because conor mcgregor was really a box on boxer and yeah and so floyd just kind of worked him but uh he hasn't really fought at a world class level for a couple years because you know b canelo alvarez several years going to make to canelo drop a ton of weight when he beat manny pacquiao manny pacquiao was quite a bit past his prime
and had a shoulder injury so you probably dealing with like three years or so since he's fought like real world class competition when you say you made him drop bunch of weight i mean like to yeah he has a very clever you know he he wanted him to for right at a lower weight class is floyd really floyd started off his career thing i want to say it one hundred and thirty then he thought it one through five yeah and you know his real is any big how big is it least very small sewing five thousand six hundred and fifty seven maybe she had five seven yeah and tiny little hands like very small hands certainly they hit very hard well he's not a knockout artist he's just a genius box are probably one of the best defense probably if not the best definitely top two or three defensive boxers of all time it's only been really hit hard to the point where it's been wobbled like maybe like four four times in his entire career
it seems like that's that's the kind of box if you want to be exactly going to be like the rocky but put style boxes which is good now the death and then you want to that's boring yeah really that's like freaking watching nfl games with good defense and you're like oh man it's like not the team you want to watch but it's probably the better team yeah well especially with boxing because the consequences are grave yeah i had a lot there's a horrible video that i put up on youtube are on twitter rather that i retweeted someone sent me and it's boxers when they're young talking versus after injuries and you're watching like whoa it's stunning just like nfl stuff too i mean yeah that's right i mean people talk about that with time the girl is such a junior support but the thing about rock climbing is that it's basically a completely safe sport right up until some kind of accident may happen and then many times
die so the thing is you can basically climb at a high level for fifty years never have any issues or you could maybe die doing it but it's kind of a fundamentally save support for the most part posted what we're talking about like fighting or you know football i things like that were like or mountain biking where you're for sure going to get injured like no matter what just by just by playing the game yeah i know what things look like football and fighting the creep up on you like the injure restart a pile well basically just even in practice you are getting injured constantly it's i mean that's kind of messed up is like you know just the price of entry is is going to be you know for can head injuries yeah i went to a football game with a high school football game and one i was there i had a really hard time watching it because every is cheering and i was talking to my friend i'm like you're looking at brain damage yeah it's messed up kids are getting brain damage and this is like
of really nice private school where they pay a lot of money to get the kids into this program and the kids are playing football my this they're all getting brain damage she goes really i go one hundred percent i could you see that collision i go that's brain damage that's definitely yeah which it might not be a lot there might be ok but how many of those are they doing today how many do they do not work yeah how many months how many more ways to human potential right there it really is i mean the problem is it's such a grand part of our history in our culture so it doesn't really need to be i mean not hasn't existed that has yeah no i agree i mean dude i forgot it rodeo radio from like very very close select from the commentators box like above the the pens dear for the fourth of july rodeo in wyoming like two summers ago and that was something that was like this is messed up i mean i'm not like huge animal rights guy but i'm vegetarian obviously in a sort of care and i was oh you know you're kind of abusing these anima
for sport and that's like that doesn't use it that well with me but what was even worse is i was like all these young men are getting worked just like for the is totally like roman gladiator type stuff and i don't like it is weird because it's so cultural you know because and and you know i mean i can i can i'm 'cause obviously i'm doing something that's also sort of blood sporty to some extent inserted for the same reason you're a teenage dude looking to do something interesting and engaging that's that will hopefully get you laid you know it that you just want to i mean if you're from small town wyoming you're like oh i'm good at writing bowls like that's for sure going to be your path and i'm like all it's just too bad that that's your path it's a dark path i mean we watch this guy get freaking thrown off his bowl and i you he was fine land on the ground but then the bull fricano's charging him and the guy i've never seen a human terror like he basic just turned and ran as fast he could be he ran straight into this post like headfirst into this for can steal post like the edge of the because he just didn't you know it was like
the bulls coming at me like turns and runs and he basically like knocks himself out against this person thankfully the clowns start with the ball and then the pyramid technically there is a freaking ambulance basically parked on the other side of the fence from what you read do basically lifting over and put him strain on the stretcher in like right but i was like dude and you know the crowds all like yeah and you're just like that guys like messed up like that you know everything about it made me like feel kind gross you know yeah it's not like good i would never want to pay watch somebody hurt himself is that i don't know what's 'cause that's culturally acceptable but like bull fighting is not yeah when the quarterly draw a line yeah bull writing it's like they're freaking tasting the bowls there aren't they tying off their balls and they're doing all kinds of doing some bad things what do people argue that suppose have great lives you know they feed them well and they get a lot of exercise and they're very happy bowls and you're like dude i'm pretty sure
rather be roaming the open plains like inseminating cows you know yeah that's weird justification yeah we had a guy on fear factor once that was a professional rodeo gayan is shoulder was like a topographic map it was just we had so many scars in his shoulder and he told me his shoulder would just pop out just like he could just pop it out left and right from just being destroyed forward by both falling getting it ripped apart riding bulls yeah i just i just don't get it just wasn't working anymore i mean you bunch of surgeries and they try to screw it back together and tighten things down but it was is destroyed that i'm sure i'm sure bull rider would look at free so long and be like what a crazy do you know everybody looks at other sporting like that's great and honestly i look at fighting and i'm like that seems totally outrageous like why would you want some other dude beat you to death in cage like that it is outrageous it is outrageous but if you can get good enough or you can avoid
yeah i can see now how much yeah and then the told what to let and the damage it's kind of the same but even landing the damage to a certain extent you're like oh you're hurting somebody else for the pleasure of the crowd like that's kind of messed up yeah not you know it's a very weird feeling knocking someone out is one of the weirdest feelings because a part of you is happy that it's not you but part of you is like looking down at that guy that's just got flatlined and you're like whoa that could have been me how much to fighters like hold back because i feel like you kind of have to like go to the death but then if you you like punch somebody so hard they died or something i mean obviously you feel horrible right well you don't look back at all but that's not saying but so it's like you don't hold back at all but then if you actually killed somebody wouldn't you feel horrible it's very where the someone dies in mixed martial arts believe it or not yeah i know i i mean i know that but it blocks ensemble yeah definitely parts and it has happened and it's sort of like it is happened very
very very rarely in mixed martial arts never in the ufc but in boxing it happens more often and with one of the reasons why it happens more often in boxing 'cause you're only punching in me you're taking people down yep you are tapping out because the pm we're great yeah and what's also there's more options you to defend yourself you're not just getting battered against the ropes they're also now days much better at stopping a fight when the fighters clearly compromised when they're they're they're really up in the old days they used to let guys just get battered needs to you know a box yeah that's us that doesn't sit well with me i'm just like i am but those are not fire well let's think about this thing about climbing is there's this real elemental appeal to just you and the mountain and its nature and it's beautiful and it's like very peaceful and calm it's like so different than having thousands of people screaming at you punch someone in the face over and over just like dude that's just that's not my scene
well did you see the conor mcgregor could be normal amount off fight with is the bigger fight outside the cage always does this thing where the guy vaults out of the cage mine starts blowing i was like yeah like w w e or whatever well we're breaking tables over people crazier than that because it was real yeah exactly i was like this is totally outrageous but what's funny is it became chaos because a fight erupted outside of the parameters of the fight it was just more eating yeah he'd seen fighting yeah this is what we paid for ice isn't okay right everybody's like in the fighting in the cage is fine this is a lovely but he gets out of the cage oh my god he's out in the wild the sound in the world fighting and that kind of messed up yeah it's definitely matters special fighter he's fighting like that's what he does it's weird that's the listen this is coming from someone who's been involved in this my whole life it's weird i absolutely all the arguments against it and yet you i want to train when people in the face well i don't punch
the the face any more i still choke people but i think that's extremely fun well the thing about the digits to aspect of it is you you really can tap out and stop and you don't really get hurt the only time you get hurt training to use his accident control for the most part specially trained you're actually better off training with a black belt then you are with a white belt surely because yeah now i get that black they have more control yeah so they'll be fine with you though just just tap you there is a wide blacks in the case in the face like oddly sometimes hard to really strong especially if you get a white balls like across fitters jack really strong guys just what you guys are are just grappling and then is a harm came out and i don't know what to do with it so i threw it away yeah really unskilled guy who's extremely strong who's learning technique and is also likes a spaz is very dangerous to roll on sorry yeah you don't eat meat digits is very not me but if she did with me would be fine
but if you did it with someone who's a real beginner who's you know when i'm saying i'm the strong yeah but the history of ribbon no idea what i'm doing is like yeah but the real problem would be if we're both beginners yeah that would be the real problem like a strong spaz is not really it's not going to work against a black belt that's a that's the learning curve for climbing too you know beginners going out and trying to like cloud mountain together yeah we worry about it yeah i would worry bout that like if your climb do you ever climb like is there chain like one person in front of you when yeah yeah yeah when you come to the rope it's busy two people one goes out first and then brings up the second because you're limited by the length of the ropes of one person goes out in the road brings up the next person that person climbs through brings it up the second so are you to and it upon the holes that they put in when they put those bolts into the cracks and also promotes both and things are put in by the first ascension is to the very first person to have ever climb the route but
and everybody thereafter is able to just clip their their equipment into the bolts or use pre established anchors things like that so all the all the routes are already established and you can like read a book that shows all the different routes so i'll capitan has something like one hundred and twelve different routes up it and wow another one twelve only fifteen or so of them can be free climbed which is different than resoling free climbing meaning just using your hands in your feet and you're still using a rope you still clipping into protection as you go but you're only using your hand in your feet to get you up as goes to like put in gear and then pulling on the gear which would be considered cheating so of the one hundred roots on el cap yes i'm like ninety of them you have to pull on the hardware you have to like little ladders into and step on you know you have to hammer pitons in and then clip into them and stand on them and hammer piton and step on that because there's no foot yeah yeah there's just nothing to hold on to its to hard all wow so then so then there yeah something like ten or fifteen free climbing routes were you can comment and so with my big goal of of trying to free solo
gotta climbing without a rope i was limited to just those ten or fifteen routes that are possible to climb just for your hands and feet and how did you establish the one that you wanted to proceed on yes it basically i just want to do the easiest one his on base it's really hard to freak a cab by any means and so the easiest one wanna being the most secure the the best one for me how many people have done it will free solar free time free solo so i mean the only one of the only one i mean that's why there's the film and everything it's it's a nobody's ever even thought about it you know nobody is considered it's not like something that people are trying to do now that you've done it other other people that are considering it i really i mean i think it's almost more the opposite now that kind of people are like well i don't need to do that every time
there's nobody even playing this game right now really aren't that many high end free solos right now how many are there to one or something really i mean i don't know i don't know if there are any others really right now this guy brad go brighton american guy who's been freezing in a pretty high level but definitely he's a really good friend of mine so i'm not like slandering him but but definitely at a very different level than but he would never even dream of selling all cab so he's sort of starting out was not the starting i mean he's a very good climber have in common with long time and he's done all kinds of very difficult things but in terms of resoling i think he just doesn't need to push it as that so he's almost like he dabbles in free soloing yeah well i mean dabble in freezing as well i mean mostly i'm i'm climbing with my friends doing other things you know i mean i think most almost all climbers only free so i mean freeze only sort of like one discipline of climbing like when you're talking
earlier about the olympics having multiple disciplines you know there are many types of climbing and most climbers do all of them to some extent and free soloing always represents sort of this small specialty like extra style so you do free climb and then you also do the kind of climbing we have to put in those posts and stand on them yeah here are a common artificial climbing so i three time i ate time sometimes i i don't like to because it's too much work too much like construction you know you're like nailing things and standing on its like engineering yeah but i do that because sometimes that's what it requires to get up big mountains and we don't do that and you nail things and stand on do you take them out yes well yeah the second person takes him out so the one person uses them to get up and then once the rope is secured above them the second person joins them and removes them all and then you have all your gear back and then you're able to do it again for the next section how much weight is that stuff or depends so it can be a lot and certainly back in the day when people were doing the first a sense of el cap i mean it's something like forty pounds or fifty pounds of iron hanging off and
nowadays it's all out later and you can use better gear but but yeah i mean it's it's a lot but that's kind of the appeal of free climbing or even free soloing is that you have nothing on you now how secure is that still that your hands hammering in there it depends there certainly stories of people falling into ripping all the stuff back don't but times that's ok because if you're thousands of feet off the ground you can take that one hundred foot fall and not touch anything that's fine yeah but still not really earlier this summer counting on the thing yeah i mean it's all it's all well founded i mean you just gotta trust now earlier this summer i was talking about tommy called one of the best climbers in the country so the two of us did the speed record on el cap earlier this year and so that's the two tied together reason a rope or using equipment but were anything goes you're cheating as much as you can it's just trying to get from the bottle cap to the top as fast as possible this is on a different route than the one that i freeze solid in the film and so
uh we were trying to go sub two hours and we ultimately did it in one hundred and fifty eight is pretty awesome we were really psyched but along the way tommy took a hundred football at one point he just talking about him with the whole one to ten effort he was something that's really really easy and he was probably giving an effort of like two and he just slipped you know and i was like oh anyway he freaking web he felt like a hundred feet straight down the wall didn't touch anything because i'll crap is like a very clean vertical sheetrock how long does it take to fall one hundred feet that seems like yes several seventeen sex no no no no like four or five or something accelerate three long enough to be like oh my god i'm going to die no no shorter than that no long enough so that the reason he fell so far is because we were doing this sort of complicated maneuvers normally would have a belated vice on i basically i would be attached to the rope earlier to like catch him but i'd taken my
device off and i was just tied into the end so basically he fell on all the slack whip through until it hit me at the end of the rope but so when he yelled i basically had time to be oh my god he's falling like brace for impact like knowing that in a second the rope is going to come tide against the end that i'm tide into basically jerked me but then thankfully there's enough dragon the system that it didn't jerked me off the stance that i was on or else i would've gotten pulled like fifty feet across the it was almost up so when he's falling and you're realizing that you're going to get yanked by his fall are you like digging into the right no basically i was like oh my god he's like brace yourself like i was in this position i was actually like facing out away from the wall like facing out towards the meadow because i i ii i was in an open corner like if you look at the corner of the room imagine one leg on each side facing our like pushed into this position because it's like i was about to have to on time
not and retired and do some things and so i was basically like all ready to do some things and all of a sudden i hear these falling and i was like oh my god and then make that is able to sort of like the stick in there jesus but my point is just that taking big fall i mean if you trust your equipment and everything it it can be ok to take big falls like that obviously try to avoid them because you know how do you hit a ledge or something then potentially could have died but because it this is clean there it was ok so if he was in a situation where there was a slight angle and he fell that far that's where it's really dangerous yeah i mean case scenario would be if you fell one hundred feet and seventy five feet down there was a leg sticking out will have the width of this table 'cause then you would just clip it you break both your legs everything would explode and it needs to follow yeah what do you do if you fall in you break something in your halfway i could do so ok same route that knows about cab which we were trying to do the speed record on this friend of mine who i actually previously held
see directly with this older guy hunts flooring who actually wrote the book how to speed climb that i learned how to speak come from many years ago so he freaking exactly what i'm describing sort of worst case scenario he took this twenty probably twenty two foot fall but he was unlucky enough which is totally fine he had a rope yeah gear everything worked exactly the way it supposed to he just fell ways which which is normal but the bummer was there is a little ledge probably twice the size of that box right there like that little wooden box just kind of this little thing sticking out from the wall about this far the base he fell twenty feet hit that broke both of his ankles and then then went off another two feet and so the rope cotton then and you know the fall was exactly expect all the gear held everything's totally normal except that he happened to hit that thing right at the apex of you know it the full force of this fall you know i had that led in two feet below it wouldn't matter at all he would just hit it and jumped off into space but because he already fallen twenty feet broke both his ankles and then
it is kind of horrible i was actually up higher on the wall that dad come in from above to just repel in and work on something and i heard him yelling but i thought he was just in hollering like hey how's it going type deal and then i like it to the summit and then when i height halfway back down i got a voicemail from him saying that i'm being being like hey it's hans i think i just broke my my tib fib you know basically like oh can you can you help her but he already called search and rescue and so or rescues already mobilized but search and rescue it's really there really fast but it's still sort of by the book so it still takes kind of a lot of time and so i was like oh man like maybe i should run back up and repel down and like help my buddy repel down the wall again or some like getting out here faster just because when search rescues no was it's like a long time and i think if he's in a lot of pain on the socks you know yeah there as it
i really had it i i want up calling search and rescue and talking through them to see if there's anything i can do to help but ultimately i want it just going down because there wasn't really anything for me to do so actually just suspending for a while waiting for them to get him yes sir he basically just sat on a ledge with two broken legs for you know six hours or twelve hours or something and then eventually they managed to haul and up to the summit and then i think that helicopter him off the next morning because it's dark by then yeah i know it's kinda horrible but he sort of recovered by now it's been it's been five months or something so he's back always climbing he's a manager of a climbing gym you know yeah it's too broken bounds i mean yeah it's definitely worse it just seems like no graham knows like but that's an example of sort of worst case you know it's bad luck well that's actually not case right now that yeah that's not worst case that's about mark yeah that's
like when you're sitting there if you're sitting there hanging off a ledge like that with two broken ankles for six hours mean that must be grim by you to get to the and swelling and yes i think he is poor and actually repel down a hundred feet to a slightly bigger lead so that he could lay on and elevate his leg and then i think there are some other climbers around the game a jacket you know so you get sort of bundle up and like lay there and sort of manage yeah i mean it seems extremely character building the life you choose yeah yeah no it's i'm like it that is the that actually kind of makes me feel really bad to just because of that like that kind of thing is really close to home yeah because he's a friend and it's just so like that bad yeah i can only imagine now when when you think about your life and you think about the stuff that you do do you d is there a point we've feel like you won't do it anymore or point where you feel like you want free solo anymore or do you look at like your friend who you were
who's older who's still free soloing and doing difficult past you think this is just your life forever no i i don't know i honestly i'm i'm not sure i don't think it's my path forever necessary just because there just aren't always bigger and harder things to do you know i mean el cap purpose sort of the end of this very long road for me i mean i i sold many many things that were all sort of leading towards el cap and then i finally did that not in least right now i can't really imagine anything more inspiring to me in terms reselling the plenty of other climbing challenges that i'm interested in like i was just send you the speed record is something that i did you know this summer but is this like winning big hand in vegas we just like ok we got all the money let's get the fuck outta here no because that's that that is too much luck you know i mean it's like it's more like rising a life dream and you're sort of like okay yeah about our i've seen but i mean you know it's it's a similar idea where like ok well now it's
even i mean it's yeah yeah it's bad now doing yeah i was thinking in terms of like no more big crazy risks yeah that's the thing is that it's not even i was never seen it is a bit crazy risk and i wasn't wasn't rolling the dice i was sort of training for this thing and then i did it and i'm just not sure if there's a bigger thing that's worth more effort you know so i mean it you know as you see in the film my relationship with my girlfriend and she's great and we have this nice life together and there's so much else in climbing you know i mean maybe i'll never never seek out big free soloing challenges again i mean we'll see now you're still relatively young in terms of life itself do you do i think maybe there could be something that you would enjoy as much as you enjoy climbing well i mean so no matter what i'll climb my whole life i mean i figured i love climbing i'm even on the phone here i'm in the gym everyday just for the movement of it just to enjoy climbing but
i don't know i'm i have a foundation that i've worked with for the last five or six years supporting solar around the world and so i could see putting more and more effort i mean that's something that's satisfying in climbing sort of isn't because it actually has a real tangible impact on the world you know me climbing is really fulfilling personally but when it's all said and done it's like it's just me going rock climbing to the right of the matter but number at least working at the foundations i actually doing something real what is your foundation list is just on a foundation but it's a we've been supporting solar all this i mean if you want the the longer version is basically you know i was like looking for some way to do something positive in the world says they're going to support vinyl projects and i was like there's no real point supporting vinyl projects they don't also supports in the increase centered living that i help people in need and that sort of led me to solar projects the solar energy access and so that's what we in supporting last
six years and so what do you do with this project was so domestically it was it mostly it's been my way of donating my money to two other projects that that solar so
domestically in the u s i've been supporting this group could alternatives for example in so i mean i've done a few inst inspirations within an insect mine in my hometown where busy of low income families gets a free home solar system on the house and so it saves than energy bills and then also in terms of you know carbon emissions is just as good for the planet initially green in the grid but on and then the bigger potentially the bigger impacts have been projects we've been supporting nafta give access our solar lanterns or lights beatles shirts cellphones the like small scale systems resist a panel a battery and a few led lights and a phone charger but on to those kinds of things can fundamentally change somebody's life because you know he's african people and spend up to a quarter of their income on kerosene there's just a light their home which is totally outrageous i mean imagine spending not percent your income just to have light
for dark and like in equatorial regions the earth it's dark for twelve hours a day i mean imagine if when the sun goes down your productive hours are done we just like i'm just going to sit in the dark for twelve hours it's crazy you know yeah i mean there are a billion people on earth living without access to power and i mean it's hard not i mean i kind of see that as a waste of human potential to some extent like it's just an unfortunate thing to think there are so many people living without access to power i mean it's crazy it is crazy and it's really crazy in california that there's not more solar when you think about how often it's sunny here yeah yeah i know i mean it's it's totally that i mean at least it's growing very quickly in california at least but i mean really solar should be power in the whole earth mean enough sunlight hits the earth every i don't know that the terms terms it's every like ten or fifteen minutes minutes to power the earth for like the year if you're able to harness all energy is kind of like it's just such a cleaner simple
way of of power in the earth and yeah it really is and i mean one can only hope that that's going to it is it's going to keep contains gonna can can you to evolve in the thing the thing that drives me absolutely crazy is that it's totally obvious that in a hundred years the earth will be run through solar and things like that because it's just so much energy spilling out of the earth and it's free right the technologies only improving everybody is adopting it like in one hundred years no question everything will be run from the sun the thing that drives me insane things that there's so much resistance to it from utilities from from you consumer from whatever else but people just don't totally get it and sort of opposed to it and so you know half the world will be dragged kicking and screaming into the sort of like if you just embrace it and get there in fifteen years instead of a hundred years all all the arguments about climate change all arguments about environmental degradation all these kinds of things would be mitigated to a large extent is sort of like is there inside of that you like even if you don't believe
climate change even if you denial science behind it you think it's all bs like is there really downside to just adopting the future sooner free yeah it's like one of the things we sort of like if it's going to happen events let's just do it now and save all the freaking hassle again there i think it's the momentum of the current system it's very difficult for people to just abandoned a stab lish ways of doing things especially downward so hooked on fossil fuels i know but like it's just such a bummer that the status quo is such a thing you know people like oh well that's the way we do it let's just keep doing that and it's just weird because there's so many things in life that change frequently you know like i mean the world is constant change in your like let's just embrace the changes that matter the most just do them faster well you're talking as a guy who lives in a van and climbs rocks business people that have thousands and thousands of employees praise and millions if not billions of money of dollars invested in these things yeah well yeah that's the
albums yemenite or of the current system i know it's just too bad yeah well it's it is but it's inevitable i agree i agree with you it's inevitable that we will embrace it and change i think one of the things that's almost more frustrating though is because it's inevitable and yet it's going to be dragged out so long they're sort of like why can't people just embrace the inevitability of it and just move forward well i think this lowly are but things like that take time i think one one big thing is going to be if they can ever figure out a way to solar power cars as you're driving them see never i really haven't ever be a thing well figured how to do it with your stereo they figured out how to do it with your radio system and that's a lot different car it is has like a lot less energy but it's just the roof panel the roof panel is not did we they they're weird company though that that's the company that many years ago there was a big storm that hit the east coast and they had a bunch of cars parked at a dock and they all exploded when the water hit them and they
is way way way way you can't get your things drenched in water like when the water a certain level like they had a severe flaw and so they burst into flames exploded and there's this whole like doc filled with these fisker karmas that blew up and they called him karmas which is even more hilarious you watch it explode it's pretty bad that's like that's all bad all the way around yeah i think they've since fixed that but yeah it was a big flaw i was just actually reading reading this business management book but we're talking about the ford pinto with having freaking gas tanks too close to the back bumper is basically your gas tank protected by nature plastic
and you know yeah but that actually i think killed lots of people because they were actually put into production and then there are tons of accidents and the cars explode and you're just like man that's been a bad decisions it in auto manufacturing yeah the pinto was a disaster it wasn't good but yeah i think what they were capable of doing right now i think you're right i don't think you can power a car with solar panels completely i mean you certainly can from your house that was their initial claim when they announced it that it would power the whole and it really was like that's bullshit no that's definitely bush and yeah yeah yeah yeah two years ago they said they could power the whole car with the roof august of twenty sixteen hi i'm trying to find a updates but that seems that seems totally outrageous because also i mean the future of kerr's bar like a smaller car with no like a glass reflect has a style where it's sort of an initial after here solar roof create enough
energy to power the car no other vehicles sold newest ever offered this capability what i mean so that might be true if it just sat parked in the sun for twelve hours and then he drove home run or if you left it in your driveway you worked at night yellow timer well then your commutes really short but the numbers story that worked yeah well you would know better than anybody if you're involved in solar yeah i know but i mean the solar panels of today i mean i have a buddy of mine it does a lot of backpacking and he areas around this it's like a foldable solar charger for his phone and he and you know it up and blaze it out and then puts a archer there and then he uses that charger charges phone but he does know killed go with twenty plus days with just the thank you mister i mention our expedition an article last winter john said as twenty far as sunlight because you're in an article in the in their summer
and our entire expedition was run from solar and so we actually take a generator and the other guys on the trip forgot oil for the generator basically and so is it going to work and so like i guess we'll have to try to use the solar which it sort of in our backup system and it actually we ran the whole trip on solar and everything worked in so they were filming sir bunch of cameras bunch batteries laptops backing up drives by and then they were fun to drown quite a bit for aerial footage is all computer full so i mean they base he ran this whole operation of solar when it when the cameras got probably is a good frontman basically just had to wake up you know every two hours to move the panels around the ten as the sun tracks on the sky you know so that it's always in full sun and you had to sleep with the batteries and things to make sure things stay warm enough but otherwise i mean with us i mean because right really cold yeah it's funny because you put your laptop and stuff into coolers like an ice chests to keep them in late enough to stay warm as opposed to cold water on the outside temperature so cold but it was cool though because
you know that we we didn't have to run the site loud stinky annoying generator it's like you just have your panels working full time yeah that's one of the weird things about like tassels when you drive it and like i don't know yet no that's awesome yeah strange more peaceful yeah i mean but that's the future is like if you imagine a city that's all silent electric cars no missions i mean imagine how much more pleasant pedestrian experiences with yeah but it's not like diesel exhaust right next to you on the city streets yeah you don't hear the car that runs you over right now we still do that because uh something like thirty percent of the noise is the tires yeah it's like you still hear cars yeah but it's just so much more mellow you don't hear like an engine like ripping right by you yeah i think it's inevitable that figure out a way that you can just power everything from solar and including cars as you're driving them i mean it only makes sense as the technology improves yeah we'll see see
i mean there's development in a solar film sort of in windows like so imagine office building where the windows are all producing power i mean if you think about that with the car if it's just like a glass dome over you but it's all sort of reducing power yeah no i mean it's pretty amazing i have a watch that runs on solar power that's not a lot of power yeah but still i mean you don't really need new batteries for it yeah casio yeah i do when i was a kid i had one like that is it yeah that's pretty that's pretty straightforward though it's a small amount of power that it's drawing when got involved in this would do how much preparation did you do i mean what what was what what was the the motivation like how to share the foundation yeah i mean on the sea like i said i was just looking to do something positive for the world and so then i was pouring options you and so i was going to start donating significant percentage of my income to environmental nonprofits and then i decided that i should do it in sort of a public facing way and in the form of the foundation
because i felt like you know i'm never going to have nearly as much money as real philanthropic organization like the bill and melinda gates foundation like i'll never have it i'll never have real dollars like that but i do sort of have this platform like some sort of public you know persona or whatever so i was like well at least if i donate things i can sort of leverage that in the right way to contribute i don't know basically try to maximize the good that i'm doing and so yes and then i just started researching organizations that i felt like we're doing great work and that led me solar research does most your income come from sponsors and from public appearances like having a well this is mostly sponsors and then it sort of has shifted into sponsors and sort of one off thing so like i published a book a few years ago and so there's an advance from that and like the film has made a little money
be a random little things in the now it's also sort of split with my corporate speaking type commercial opportunities as well the sponsorship is still probably the biggest thing for me so i can north is being a bigot sponsor and most important sponsor for me but then now it's sort of split between a bunch of different sources is so the public speaking things of these core appearances you just go and get just talk to them about free solo climbing and you're talking about climbing her operation i mean depends what somebody needs really depends with organizations i've spoke do a bunch of venture capital type firms about risk taking a risk management how that's interesting so they just look at you is like sort of inspiration to mix things up for the company yeah i mean i'd like to think that it's a slightly more interesting talk than the average business speaker in are certainly more beautiful images in her like if i if i give a nice light shone shop for bed it's on you know i mean it's beautiful it's different and
but i think that it still gets back to some of the same elemental issues you know talking about the yeah i mean how do you manage risk in your life and what's what's worth it how do you choose it's it's a smart move to for a company to just kind of like very the kind of input that gets to the the employees i give them something that's kind of spectacular interesting and yeah now when you look at the future do you do you have a map of what you would like to be doing do you are you just sort of enjoying your experience here or do you do you have grand plans yeah i don't really have grand plans i mean i've never really a grand plan it's always been that i love climbing i want to do it well i want to push myself and i think that's my grand plan i mean i'm still trying to be a better climber i'm still trying to for the foundation do something more significant through it get hired a full time executive director this year this woman who's running for me which is kind of awesome so we're actually sort of ramping
little bit that was slightly in response to the film because i sort of figured that you know this is like a moment that i should try to take advantage of it and use it to do something more positive and so is that's that's all sort of exciting for men certainly not a grand plan but it's you know it's just sort of all in criminal incremental progress so when you're doing all these climbs you have a lot of time when you're it takes time to do these things yeah so this when you start thinking about these ideas about thinking about like how do you enjoy being out here nature and what yeah yeah for sure i mean i most of my time in the most beautiful places on earth i mean i'm spending most of my time in national parks and public lands in general and so i'm in all these beautiful places and it's like yeah i mean i care about them i want to if i have a tell me something i want to be able to take my kids to the same places and have them appreciate the land in the same way i mean yeah so
could you send me the last five years frickin the entire forest is basically died from pine beetles well all the pine trees are basically died because of pine beetles and so like just in the last five years let's say that you semite valley floor has sort of transformed from like a dense pine forest just sort of this open oak forest it's like totally different care because all the pine trees have died and then they've been cutting them all down to reduce fuel lid so they're basically logging trucks with pine trees leaving the park nonstop which you know which i'm i i which i totally support not like anti lock in the dead trees because i you may as well use them if they're already dead and you i definitely don't want to see seventy dollars person flame so it makes sense but at the same time i mean you know that's the real that's a very to result of climate change remains ten years of drought in california combine with the shorter winners it's like you just have these beetles decimating the entire forest and i don't know i mean that's that sucks you know like i know i don't want to see the whole force die and it's not an invasive beetle or is it a lot of beetle yet they said well i think it's invasive in that
no specifically with you i mean it could be wrong about this but with a lot of the pioneer problems in colorado and it's more with a shorter winter and and warmer temperatures because normally the larva would die through the winter like it freeze mmhm but you know basically they're not freezing it's the same extent as of the population explode and you wind up with all the trees down yeah we were there and we were in big bear a few years back when they're having having a real issue with it and they were having real significant fire scares it was it was nerve king now you says was like on fire for most of the summer is this crazy for the whole southern part of the park was like burning for months and that's yeah i mean fire is a natural part of the ecosystem and that you know to some extent you're like that's normal but it's like it's not normal right now because the fuel is so high it's like so dry it's just it's too much you know and i'd i just would love for my kids someday to be able to appreciate the park the way i have for so long and i just wanna see don't burn yeah when i was when we were in big bear that's my feeling it was it was it was
add that you're seeing something that was probably this rich green lush forest it that's now oh really weird gray and dry but it was also like you're around kindling like your base quickly in a big step lack of drywood before it gets lit on fire and you're surrounded by and there's you know even if it hits up there it's i mean we've been evacuated where i live several times twice actually and come close couple other times and it's it's terrifying because keep in southern california when it goes it goes yeah and there's just no stopping it anonymous yeah i mean that's so like yeah this is why i'm like this is why we train vision solar sooner because it's like if it helps at all with these kinds of issues then it's like worth worth the effort you know yeah it's going to happen anyway so you may as well just do it now so this thing that you were doing in an artica you're filming something there as well do you do a lot of that now for a trip like that
for an expedition i mean that was the north face expedition and so that's where they get a lot of their brand content and so it makes sense to mature like that and we were somewhere with a nobody ever goes we're doing first sense of peaks in of never been climbed so kind of makes sense to document that to some extent but in general i try to balance my just pure climbing with with yeah that's what i was gonna ask you like you don't want to get you don't have to tell me everything now that i got a letter on your head everywhere you know us of traffickers i'm not into that how but when you're in the most beautiful place it is sometimes it makes sense well we're something with someone like north face mean mean their whole companies about really excellent yeah when you are in that sort of situation where you you're filming these things like is it difficult to be to act normal to be to
yourself or not i mean if you if you saw free solar you know that i only have one mode and that's just that's just maine which i mean when when i see the film a lot of them like oh maybe i need to censor myself like maybe they should be a little more thoughtful about what i say but but no i mean i'm pretty much always i just i just do me and a few other family or not they just get i mean i'm more mindful of profanity in a few things like that if i know that i mean it's right now i'm being watched and i try to be in a slightly more respect especially if i see kids in an audience i definitely try not to curse right but but overall i know i just i just always stay my mind you know well what what would have talking about earlier when i was asking like the difference between you when your your love of this is your love of nature and of being in these beautiful national forest in glands and experiencing these amazing environments but then sometimes that gets sort of perverted when
filming everything and you've got people just everything becomes this sort presentation and everything becomes national and i mean i think that's the risk with filming i think with free solo i think they did an amazing job of maintaining yes the character you know the new on psych not perverting in anyway no i think so it was amazing yeah i mean i think i think they did a really good job of that like it's still it's still sort of understated near even though it's like this spectacular feat still sort of subdued in its own way is to sort of lays it out beautifully lets you just sort of judge for yourself in this well you know it's in possible to be anything but spectacular so you don't really have to dress it up yet but that's the filming anything you summit is that right i mean it's it's honestly is one of the most beautiful but it's under the like putting a pretty dress on a ferrari like leave alone it's it's done you've already got it have you ever thought about doing some like live journal from the fee
field or some sort of a podcast or something along those lines now i mean should i yeah that sounds that sounds like too much work well pod should be easy on over you have to be able to interview people properly no you don't no i don't think i'm past my friend bill burr has podcasts were he just talks he's does amanda fuckin' great but he's a comedian monday morning podcast but you just sitting down i mean you could go off notes you could go off of and just i think people would love that if you just never thought about it i mean in some ways i do have strong opinions about a lot of things like if i just ranted about environmental issues and still learn things that i care about that actually would be kind of fun pretty significant impact to especially you have such a large platform now i don't know i know this is a consider that's the first time in years ever mention i'm sort of like i could you know think about that my
notorious for trying to talk people into podcasts but i really think in your case would be a great idea i mean you really do feel like i tell everyone to do it but you should really do it well people get mad at me she told people do but i think if you if you had a portable unit like one of these three players i mean you can just record a short one really yeah recording phone is very easy you could i mean we've done a bunch of 'em were just the voice notes from the phone just talking into the voice notes from the phone and you can make a podcast and it's really easy to upload but just sitting maybe that's my future sitting in your van afterwards and just talking about things you're working on with your foundation talking about spectac moments during moments during climbs where you're seeing things and you know talking about what it's been like doing this tour for free
you know they're not on the line that's off thing by that i mean that's interesting interesting way to put it out there i mean i think it's great idea man hi how are you sir myrna we'll have to get it out your son the other one p3 recorder we definitely do that but we could also help you like i can promote it for you put it on twitter let people go see if i if i ever actually do anything like that but i'm not interesting idea i mean it's an interesting way to like share ideas better well that's why i'm saying this is because you have this very specific very unusual life and you also have all these ideas about the environment and have all these ideas about using it for positive reasons and and all listing them yeah opener for to make the world a better place and having it making an impact with your foundation and i really think you could look at you the best
thing with your foundation would be to make make it exposed to more people and it would most certainly do that yeah yeah no it's uh i'll talk to director about that here i mean that would be an interesting way to yeah it's really cheap to care about yeah exactly search settings recording like yeah and it would be kind of cool you know like like you the base of a mountain just talking about this and climbing in your personal thoughts in that moment and could be do she but it happened it had to be well done you have to be a douche back for it to be do well that is best for danger that's the danger he just never i mean nobody thinks that they are the douche you know do you think you'd be i'm a douche well you know whatever now you never know when you're like i'm just gonna record monologues of me rambling about ideas that's as you start to trend towards do she has for how well get slippery close you could always review it or have your girlfriend review it yeah that's so you don't to do it live just you know and then she gets say okay
that part we use rant and rave about diesel you might want to make that now i mean one or maybe not yeah i know i feel strongly about iran rate by these for yeah it's just not for us yeah management electric trucks you know like long haul trucking one yeah well my already on there on the ball with that yeah well hopefully i kinda don't care who comes to market first that stuff i just want somebody to start selling a lot of them to answer i just want to change to happen quickly doesn't matter who does it or how it's like it just needs to happen you've got a very significant voice right now you know i'm i really think that you can make a big impact with a lot of people and the thing about these impacts it's sort of like the fly fact writes like you'll never know what it is yeah it is you have no idea how many people are gonna hear do you just from this podcast in the things you're saying about solar about and and people thinking about like yeah maybe maybe i can do something and then boom it just makes these little increments steps and then we carry on momentum
you never know well that's very that's the positive way yeah i just think it would be cool to like notes from wherever you are just mean it does you don't have to have the beautiful thing is to it doesn't have to have any kind of structure you don't have anytime you do one for fifteen minutes if you want people will listen to it you could do it our no that that might be a of the micro hits like little rambles for sure now do it as long as you want and it looks like i said the beautiful thing about things like this is that there's no there's no real structure to it where you have to do something yeah at a certain time or you just decide in a lot of ways that's that's the nature of climbing to we never have to do anything you just fine inspires you you worked for is that you do it when you're excited about it yeah i'm totally into that kind of thing 'cause it's actually that's i've always contrast or climbing from other mainstream sports like that because with climbing it's like the objective is always you're always inspired by you do whenever you're ready yeah as opposed to having to perform on the right day at the right time you
the guy i love that lifestyle real you know today is my day today is not my day right like me right now if if like leading up to are you free soloing el cap if there was a sort of a documented audio journal one of your transmission you can just go watch the film but the people are getting this is your just wetting their appetite meets a beautiful film it's fantastic but there's going to be people like to be sure more stuff interesting and it's entirely up to you what you want to share don't want to share and especially if you do it this way you don't have an executive producer you don't have directores you have trouble with that i definitely can handle that yeah too much just you just you just talking about stuff and your specific vision of the things that you to talk about your specific message that's one of the things that people really really enjoy about something like a podcast is that they know there's no one telling you what to say or what to do that here's our heart
box is sitting in his van you know drinking a cup of tea just with the iphone talking it's hard to imagine they went i'm telling you dude christ i bet the hotel tons of people tell jamie would be listening to it for sure i appreciate that but i'm slightly worried i'm going to be i'm going to miss my plane okay yeah we gotta get you out here thank you very much thanks for being here really appreciated the move was excellent yeah it's fun to find a job because i remember last time was on the show is full experience one of the first times there anything like that and it was like it was pretty mega i was like well i've no idea i'm doing this is so much and like now i feel so much more comfortable and fun chatting like it was great awesome it was really great seeing it feels like coming of age to come back and shouted yeah that's really nice beautiful very cool i appreciate it thanks alex appreciate it thank you thank you everyone for tuning into the podcasts and thank you to our sponsors thank you to the cash app
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