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#1197 - Michael Malice

2018-11-08 | 🔗
Michael Malice is the author of "Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il" and also host a podcast called "Your Welcome with Michael Malice" available on the GaS Digital Network.
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and there's no reason not to add honey to your browser today, especially during the holidays, when you're, probably spending the most money, get honey for free at join honey, dot, com, Slash, Rogan, that's two words join honey calm, Slash, Rogan, honey, the easiest way to save money while shopping online, tat my guest today is in. Author and a self proclaimed provocateur. A very smart man here he's gone before we talked about his book. Dear reader, She is a fascinating in cipher book about North Korea. Really a must read if your interested on the history. North Korea and our interactions with North Korea to try to make sense of this mess. Michael Mouses book is, is an excellent one. I enjoy talking to him. I always do very bright and funny guy. Please give it up for Michael Mouse Logan Exit,
regions around the block ass, my fellow Joe could see about it to see you so is made things talk bubble. One of them is why aren't you ever fuck a blue check? Next, your name. I do on Twitter, where matters, but not against this room. Doesn't matter not well does a start, your hurry. What happiness is like lock in their shade the fuck, I'm just trying to figure out who indeed conduct and I came to LOS Angeles, with sunshine, the shade everywhere, what the Hell's Gaga warehouse decide who gets a blue check mark and who does instance the hardest one really yeah. Would you have to get? I wouldn't know Joe? I wouldn't know I don't have an insect blue check over, curious. Its hurts my feelings, I'm letting a verified on Facebook who, while on the plug but
but until television you ve publish books, yeah what the fuck I these people? This is why we need regulation. The social media giants tsar raged. What do you think about that idea that there should be some sort of regulation like rule so as to what constitutes something that can pull you off of the social media platform by the law. Ass. The last is unconscionable its unconscionable yeah, but is it constable that someone can just decide based on their political affiliation that they don't like the way. Some one is talking and pull them off the platform, I believe in Freedom Association, which means, if you want to dissociate from anyone at any time. Not only do you can you do it you shouldn't, even have arisen. It's up to you has not weapon. Is thou what's happening when you pull someone off over social media platforms, just disassociation yeah, but there is also the problem with that. Is there not being honest front about why they're doing rights of there being deceptive, because they're saying there being
active, if they want to say look the cost of having this person on, outweighs the benefit. Ok, you can represent around about the Twitter Facebook Twitter, specially they say we're not going to tell you what the rules are, because then people will be able to exploit them. It's like If you tell us what the rules are unable to follow them and you're not to live in fear, that is a hilarious where interpreted Pierre would exploit those rules, sets the quote from Jack Dorsey. That is a ridiculous quote. What following the rules and guidelines which will be there, so they don't step outside. Of that that's except right. There's! First, that way, you can also say we're being objective consists like we're following these guidelines that we set that are both in. Do you think, that's pretty something that was brought to them by lawyers with lures like most women, the more you tell them what they can and can't do, the more difficult it's going to be just fine. Someone, I I think they have their hard core agenda and this way they can cover their tracks. I don't think this is losing for them. It blamed the lawyers. That's illegally. We have two x wincey, so you think it's just
They have a very strong political leaning in anything that deviates from that they wanted to get removed from their plan. I wouldn't say political I'd, say cultural and all Sappho, but yeah not that they want it, but they regard as having less legitimacy to see the target, Karlsson, sure yeah, but, of course, the big victims. Jim Acosta, you know. So if these two areas one is you're, not let's go in my house anymore, the other one is, my house is being surrounded by the purge, the clearly the first ones, the nightmare scenario. The gym accosted one strange because Jim costs to like it wasn't supposed to be talking, then right. He was in Iraq ding. He was deciding that he was more important than the other person who's talking right and he was, so decided he was more important than everyone else. The rope and he's so? Deciding that having a white has pressed grand shows a human right. So basically you No, you could everyone you'll never be taken away, but is there's gotta be some decorum right while their argument, I would guess I can speak for Jimmy caustic
speaking normal voice, but they're, arguing that, because the president has made things so lack of decorum when she has shown therefore they're following suit. So I guess that's real leadership, but this monsters realistic, and then you lot at last. After all, I care I got the terrain, says yeah. So yeah, that's it. You know it's unfortunate, I mean look, I think, I've. I appreciate that that he goes out of his way to question the White House narrative and he goes out of their way job yeah yeah, to put the irons to the president and get him to answer questions. But you can't do that, while someone else's talking the other guy had a microphone you're, the guy was supposed to be talking rank. He will. This is why I think he's forgivable, because during the Singapore summit, when you had present Trump and Kim Jong, one from North Korea and they're, making signing a piece of paper and they're trying to kind of hopefully go towards a peaceful direction, a cut
to get up and yelled hey what about out along Beer, Marshall, Kim Jong and what I wonder, it's like you got this guy he's got twenty five million hostages he's called taken the first step to dropping his gun. You like him, but that kid you killed. What about? You know that this is a time and a place. I don't think kinda When speaks English, I'm pretty sure he doesn't. So I think the guy took resting a little too seriously ends owners. I dont know what it is. I mean you know a lot of reporters in order for it. They don't act like this now. I think you large attention and I think he feels like some there's something very significant, but one is doing and he I think he also wants to be harder. He won't wants to be. If you know like every, like you know, he's got the way the world into shelters in, but for him we'd be facing Nazi Germany Yeats its.
The question is like: when does someone get their press credentials removed from the White House when when can they no longer have White House credentials and what one is? What is what would you have to do to the point where every agrees you're a nuisance and you're interrupting regularly seen entities get someone else right who's, not scream out right now, a deterrent block CNN there seem to this guy. Like you, you you're, interrupting like your yelling things out and then would have everyone yelled things at the same time. Are you better than everyone else, because you're not you're, just a person here and if you just decide My opinion in my voice is more say forget that anyone else's will you join you thrown everybody else under the bus, the entire rest, the room in the whole process of iron ore, Leslie style had Trump on sixty minutes, not that long ago, and you know they're going back and forth and she goes all you know a lot of talk about that. Unlike this is the fuckin President Uribe quarter. If he wants to talk about it at the very least can be the President says X Y,
z so who are you to be like Nana shut up when I can talk about this year's like we're fucked you on the president, so I I think there is. I am glad this is happening, because I think, for a long time the press, who has had an agenda since Washington's days as they should have an agenda, pretend it there listen objective and they used a veneer of politeness and civility to be like look. Professional were decent people, but now the mask is dropping and you see that there are no often lunatics, yeah? I was watching this piece on account of a really wish. I remember what it on, but it was on Minos listening to it either way, It was on the news and when the news started becoming an entertainment programme verses when it was just, Here's the events of the day this is in no. This is what the significance of these events could be, and this is the impact it could have on our society. Instead, it just became this really free,
and buoyant wild crazy. If it bleeds it Lee S and it became entertainment right and these these. They really EL. It is down to sixty minutes. There are some ones Sixty minutes became a hugely successful financial sure. What's that seventy seven somewhere around- I almost sixty minutes. It's been around for a long time long on time, but when sixty minutes became a hit. It was a hit, show like Big advertiser money. It was you know the entire country would watch it and then that's change, the way they viewed. The news has now. They viewed the news as potentially profitable, venture and then boy once it realised that people can. Clearly affiliate with one side verses, another side, and they want that their news coverage. Then you get the weird Fox news, Slash CNN bias, which is is one of the weirdest polar like it distinctions. If you watch the news
you watch television during the elections, particular anything. That's really significant going on you go back and forth between the two of you like, or we can accept. Universes area! I Scott atoms. Has that metaphor, which is that we're looking at one movie screen and this too movies on one movie screen random people, see this exact same data and see different conclusion here said, I think that's great, I mean I think I don't think we need to be all united. I think people should like what they like in the idea that we got a green. Everything is to tell him innocent yeah I mean, I definitely think that we should be able to enjoy enjoy, and we should lean whatever way, which I think the issue with the news, those when it just straight up propaganda, yeah like when is when is this actually the real objective of the events or when are they doing eating and editing stuff out and adding things to rights concentrating on one may be possibly insignificant. Think by pumping it up to be more. There is because, in a chair
the narrative for their side. This morning I went after some dim went from innocent from excuse me from any b c, and he goes. This is the worst attack by the White House in the press, freedoms in history, and I go John Adams second present for journalists in jail, so did Lincoln. Linking of course, you could say cases of a war, but they are in many cases of attacks. The press, but of course, because everyone so narcissistic if it's happening to them rights, the worst thing ever- and this is basically the gulag, even though they can go on twitter and have their hundreds. Doesn't followers ever good book deals the consequence Is anybody criticising Jim accosted from the left, as anybody saying, like hey you're, not supposed to do that, like what you did? What you did is out of line. I haven't I I've, been having fun and allay. I have not seen that I think they have been running interference, because I do think that the press core. Like any organization, you work with some a side by side every day, you're gonna be friendly with them, and I do think they there is very much obviously acrimony between
Sarah Sanders and the White House Press Corps and she's very insulting and hostile to them, and you could say it's deserved or not. So of course, they're going to kind of team up together, be like lady we're just trying to do and you're just spitting on our face every single day. Now the question is: do these people should have should have their faces spirit nor not well. I think they, both sock, I think, what she's doing sucks the way she treats people like sums she some fuckin school teacher and seventh grade? That's that's what it seems like one Sarah do in those those White House press things I love So I love that governments have low in both directions, and I d like it because I I think people get over politically by laying let's all get along and then people who don't get longer marginalized and those are the ones who innovate things, that the troublemakers are the ones who move culture and we followed it.
So whenever anyone gets together like old. Ninety percent of us agree, then, where it fits venom. It's like yet, if this country spent at least to culture since the beginning, and it only the state one because one conquered the other and held it in a martial law for decades. There's no reason for us to be one United States whenever an hate each other like hi. Let's have a divorce. What do you mean like just if you want to separate out America to different parts? I think everyone get along a lot nicer. You demean leg, Mig, separate countries out of America, yeah real, of course, like Europe like how like, if you looked at the sight of Europe and the relative size of countries now easy to travel from one country to another. Make a real honest comparison, which, text. Yes, and Jersey. I mean they basically are different countries right. I mean that its trickier because We all speak English, so it seems like we want. But what are we united on and like? Why does it have to be this way
work is Texas start invading everybody kids do that. Man is the lives of others, steel, New Mexico, a goose garden. It hours now and then just start March no way through Phoenix and it's a fucking disaster waiting to happen. I think this is a disaster, that's happening and I think the acrimony which I enjoy some level because I think its honest is gonna, get much worse, really, what makes you things can get worse, because I think both sides are just doubling down both sides left and right yeah are very much doubling down. The right has become radicalized function, a trumpet the left has been radicalized for decades. And there's no look. He cares what happened with Cavanaugh hearings, either
very innocent family man has been railroaded completely by shameless leftist, or someone who is quite possibly rapist was nominate, was put a supreme court without being, and everyone knows it so there's no one between and when you have one event and to completely obscenely different perspectives, meaning each side sees the others have seen. I dont see where you get together. Well, don't you have a different perspective on it? Then either one of those programmes are in it all down. Nobody me with Cavenaugh I my perspective is, I don't agree with the constitution or regard as valid care. I I I don't know how I would vote if I were centre. To be honest, I don't think she was lying. Doktor, Ford, obviously sweat Nick, I think, was lying in the one who's like the era when ten parties and kept getting gang rapes at a certain point. You know it's just that There was two different women than had absolutely fabricated story that, but that doesn't mean that before
fabricated, Russia where doesn't, but it just shows you that that that holds zoo can get pretty ivory smelly. I can't imagine any job on earth where you need to be talking about your yearbook on our side that thirty plus years late already plus years. Yes, so I mean the end, the here's, the issue with Cavanaugh. This is why I think it's really unfair. How come there not asking him to step if, if he had, why didn't? No one asked him to step down from. He was already on the core issues, the Supreme Court, and I believe that this stuff wagging ask him to resign right and necessary and on top of that, why didn't they Really I mean especially the left. Why didn't they go whole hog into all this policy initiatives which are much eat fairer, yet our germanic now Doktor Ford, I her and the sight of a mill carton. The other day, she's vanished, ass soon, ass, her purpose was served. She's gone. You know I wish you'd probably wants to vanish Let it seem like she was really enjoying busting out her. She That letter in secret and then there's a whole
navigation. How did this become public she's got an want this to be public and I believe her she did. I don't think anyone what to testifying from the Senate hearing like that would Nigel rabbits, terrifying. When I would imagine, there's a few people they will enjoy. But you see your pointed out her. She didn't seem lighted and she didn't see, but you know, don't think that she was lying either, but also boy. What if you want to get? you want to go into what we understand. We actually understand about the human memory. Yes, and you want to stand in front of me- many people, millions worldwide with incredible com. Quences on line and relay these. These memories right on thirty, plus years ago, when you mean you're, not even the same human beings as you were, when you were seventeen years old, citys like it's, I don't know have memories of being seventeen. I have memories of things that I've told about my memories. I mean
you know I mean, like you use. Of course you ve never tolerate, organise Ehler yeah. You tell stories of what you remember, but if I had to like give you the real, solid memories that are and unquestionable about my seventeen Fear of life. Did it's fuckin shaky shit, real shaky, obviously, no. We try to hold my mouth closed. Fuck me on a bed in some weird party when I was half drunk, and I really wanted to go home, not that your member- I don't you have a preacher, didn't know, but it Odin contested and in all fairness to her trauma. If there were two blue sleep, Also, things get mixed up with things like that on our little there are people who think she's a complete fraud, and she knew she was gonna, get money from go fund me and I'm like. I don't see it doesn't make any sense to me. I don't think a fifty five year old professor knows how grout crowd funding works here, but you know one thing that I did see that was fascinating, though, was the the university that she tee
is so heavily skewed towards women like it's almost I think it's seventy something percent female students and- high percentage of like predominantly female professors as well, and there the whole thing is social justice. That's like that. When the elder, with it with sir objectives. As far as education, like social justice, is number one number one like the thing that they emphasise the most what's it going to be architecture having well education? Sure I guess, but I think universities are there to promulgate and ideology but they literally framed it as national justice, and that does that turn today is so fraught with peril. Oh yeah, it's the enemy, such a goofy term, like social justice like good. It is so at such a blanket term and so all encompassing and you know,
You here at new start thinking about people banging on Tucker, Carlson's door and saying we know a sleep, that's right here and now no and any here's like. I was just talk about just how the minutes ago, it means ninety percent of people have agreed the ten percent or don't agree need to be shut. Because we're takin a socially just yes. So there is no such thing as individual justice, because that subordinate yeah why? I even know what percentage of people would agree with Bang on a guy's house likes knocking on his door and say we know where you sleep means it is you. This is us form of mental terrorism like you're, threatening him you're scaring him. I don't think most people are capable of empathy by which they mean they can't put them so Tucker shoes, so all they see is someone. I hate had something bad happened if at him good and they don't understand, like when these Republicans are saying that it's ok to torture, terrorists right raw and point to make is: there's people right now
Michael in Black or will tell you between out every day the inner raise a terrorist organisation. So what happens when the government defines you ask? the terrorist. Where are you going and then you may say will never happened to me. That's not how it works. Well, that's the fear! So you we, if you gonna, have principles yet apply them to people that you hate bright, ten and tuck across. It is hardly some Nazi right now it mean with talker. Karlsson is if, if you think that He has ideas that are questionable. The solution is to present better ideas and debate ham and to go back and forth them. But Tucker crosses not leading some hate. Mom he's not the centre peace and Charlottesville Guide for the extermination of the Jews or he's not there radical, no just a right wing guy? Well what they? What what critical theory allows them to do is to say what you can read between the lines in Ascribe intent to the person rights. If you read a book you can say. Oh, this is raised because at the reason so
can easily say well when he says B and C. He means x Y see. So these are all Dodd whistles and you can impugn whatever motives you want onto a person and then at that point you can do whatever you want, and the thing is dad you, so it not only to be comfortable with fucking, we'll talk across this house, you gotta be careful with scaring his kids and- and I think the history of totalitarian showed totalitarianism shows us there more than happy to sacrifice Aids to get their goal. It's really disturbing to me, because I think these idealistic kids who are doing ass. Their mostly young people have a fundamental lack of understanding when it comes to what violence What causes violence is intentional and how how close that scene was to violence. Yes, as you do that the wrong guys door he's gonna come out with it he spoke or a gun in he's, gonna kill. Some people were smashed and people write it it. It absolutely can happen not likely to happen with a guy was Tucker Karlsson. What have they decided?
after the wrong general. I would if they decide to go after the mean, any thinking, happen in these situations, and also those people are gonna get out at once. Those people out at the outrage they're gonna experience is going to be on handle right. It's gonna, be unmanageable. The amount of people there are furious at that group of twenty or what maybe it wasn't. It was plenty, I'm angry minimum. Do anything. But I'm angry, I think, was disgusting if, if I'm angry, how many really loosely held people, people that are dislike really barely keep at it together or read. But here's a scary: it's not those twenty that area the consequences is going to be people who think like them who, having done what they did and now it's gonna be like. Oh, you agree with this. Then I'm gonna do to you. I think it's a b them to the let's get aid policy. I think those people don't understand people gonna find their names, they gonna find where they live, and there's gonna be people that have nothing
to do this, not target Carlsson, and it's not them and its did these people going to seek them out and they're gonna. It's gonna get ugly ugly just bang on people's doors like ten scare them right, because people get furious especially when there's not enough there's not enough evidence is. A bad guy. Tucker crossing is not some evil demon like if you, if you look, debt who he is and what he said. If you pulled out the worst shit that he said and and taken it in comparison to the woman that we're talking about from MSNBC that still in the air right join Reed who lied about her blog being hacked and Twitter lied, yeah just to try to cover up for the fact that she said some blatantly homophobic things in the past and called it in well, then the FBI, which is fucking in saying that, should be a federal crime. Your movie resources right from people that are already
on very serious cases that are already trying to solve real caught real crimes, save people's lives, save people's safety and deciding that your job and envious and b c is more important than that and she isn't even fire Lawrence O Donnell tweeted out not longer something akin to garden trump. If you're interfering with the FBI, that should be a federal crime, and I said she works down the hall. This he's a co worker, but talking, but because she's african american people just stayed there stepping away from there a girl because they don't wanna be called racist, adding up it's that so much as people cover their own. It's a little bit of that, but don't always cover their own. They got rid of thousands, thou sharp, not I'll sharply and put in a frank, and they got rid of him. Pretty work, but that's the Senate on talking, like you, could still left wing, oh yeah yeah that neither cover their own all Emily MSNBC people, but my point is like
I don't know that lady should be fired a thing. She should be able to say she sorry for shit that she wrote that was insensitive you'd. I think there's a lot of people like that I'm Williams goes completely foolish. It is still an air. You not just lie once about some like those woven lines where life, but it's it's the degree of the lie thing to say. Ok, I decided that something be like you know. I was getting shot out. It's like, I can imagine just like my lack of empathy, I can't imagine being situation where I'm on television- and I'm saying things that are so remove from the truth. Right like I'd care about my head around. While Hitler Did the same thing but she's a congenital iris, as issues referred to by the New York Times back in the day and night, we saw, but she people forget this. She did talk about a fire fight that she was invited less under sniper fire and the worst thing about that. The peoples and give a shit about she said when she was in Bosnia, is on a sniper fires like wait, a minute we were throwing secret service and the bus cause what kind of sick
surface- is gonna get the first lady run under sniper fire and there has been an she just basically did a double talk that which has got a lotta whoppers in her name. She said she was named after Hilary, Edmund Hilary, even he climbed Mt Everest after she was born so she's she's. I mean amazing. I love that woman, a lot, her so much she's the funniest person on earth, scary, lady she's, like a slinky, shows down the stairs humorously. How dare you she's a an odd duck? It's one of those where women want a woman to be present so bad. They want one for the team. So bad, and then the so many people from the left to think she has the best chance of beating tramper whoever is on the right one, her so other their willing to exonerate her right from so many different horrendous things. One of things I would point out, like the people, want to talk progressive than what you want. You want to talk. You know that being left wing and She didn't even believe and gay marriage till two thousand thirteen, the best part was. She was
Pierre, which is this far left far right, fridge organization and Pierre Terry Gross and Terry Gross- says used against gay marriage You know your husband passed dilemma which made it a federal law that gay marriage will be recognised by throw government. You change your position like how did that happened? Was it because Americans became a Hilary like well America change their point of view- because I understand american change, appointed What was your mental process and she goes now Terry you're saying that I changed my mind for political purposes and that's not true and I reside. She starts yelling at her and it's like holy Shit, and pr, you think they're too right wing for you, because they're calling on your bullshit, you fucking loon, but the worst it is. I had one need a broader on my show two weeks ago and she's, the one who accused. The raping her- and I asked her- who is worse, clear, or Hilary said Hilary. She said
she's, the one who knew what was going on and let him get away with it. So that was scary to hear the thing to got me was when they were confronting bill recently about Monica Lewinsky. To ask him: do you all an apology right and he was then what it thinks about got out of that free, you're, crazy limitation. I was left the White House, millions dollars and yet and install the furniture and that to return it, the Fernand they stole the what they eluded the White House that the return of the shit they stole come on. There's a buckle, final exit written by barbarous and who died in nine eleven, and it's all about they fuckin stole everything ruin all this have also popped out all the w keyboards. So the George Bush office people can use him yeah they went out there like ass five dollars.
It's actually got a lot of money that has actually kind of funny. That's that's a good little fuck, you yeah, but the idea that this guy would, in especially today's political climate, in dealing with me too in all the various scandal that having gone on rapist, exposed that this guy, who if all that shit was going on today will likely either be under indictment or very least under heavy investigation for sexual assault. Let because so long ago. It seems to be like this weird sort, a grey area though he sang I don't know an apology, but you know if the things that I wasn't punished like you, weren't punished like you worth of millions of dollars. Now how the hell are you
worth so much money. Now, one of the greatest things. I remember the time this has been forgotten. The press likes a throw this under the rug, Superman rug they set at first a modicum of exclusive stocker. All of Clinton's goons would go in the news channels at the time, say: she's a lunatic she's, a stalker than have had an affair and you're sitting there that she's a twenty three. How the fuck do you stuck a precedent that does make any sense if it wasn't for that dress. Let's keep that in mind if you can have physical evidence, nothing what happened to him and she would be regarded as allude to this day and she betrayed a complete pariah, They were already would have never went public, whether it was that other later she was the worst or to go upon now. You can start found her. He subpoenaed her yet, but it was because of that woman in a trap. Linda trip was her coaxing her to keep internet her, yet not just keep the dress, but go public with this, and talk about she was out by drudge. Remember was out before that before The trip was doing all this doctrine. The trip was she coaching her through the whole thing,
Linda trip was coaching her privately. This is our private drudge broke it cause the press, wasn't covering it and they didn't know what to do, because this is big moment. Internet history, were there like this website is reviewed, information and now we're going to talk about. I thought that was also coming from when the trap and I thought literature developing the conversations Linda Trip was taken. The conversations I don't know how I know Drudge was the one who made all the ship public. Maybe she was being subpoenaed private thought she was going to drugs and she was leaking information is that true? Can you look let out about that? I dont think Linda, Europe is looking to dredge, or maybe she was I don't have ought to. The story was now, though I thought the story was the she was coaching Monica Lewinsky and trying to get her to go public with that's possible. Monica didn't go public much force throughout clause in she also did it without Monica consent. As far as the record that Western, and she went to jail for dingy, or she was at least arrested something yeah. She was at the very least arrested for recording that can support that. My point was, like him said
on television, like the lack of insight, the latter Objectivity is lack of personal objectivity that he's gay. Asked this question, do or apology that he can't say look I made a mistake. I should have done it right, it was a bad thing to do, and especially a bad thing to do to a twenty year old girl and have exposed like that is close to my daughter's Asia and for him to did not say that despite some serious sociopath shit involved and he's never mean that's his Emma, he never ever of a loss of your poligized there. You probably legally culpable break as they were gonna get him emerging right, so Paul and apologies acknowledgement, possibly from any. They pulled his legal licence because of this, that is part of a deal of the White House. That's right! That's rather forgot about that. Here, the whole thing's, a mass and then and then when Hitler is asked about. It was that of a some sort of abuse of power, so like no adults. Monica Lewinsky was an adult choose
and hear what it sounds like walking. President the only time there's an abuse of powers when children are about what they re talking at it's crazy. That makes no sense without abnormally that that is the biggest did between and long term the leader of the world. Right I mean there's no bigger gap right, forget like studio executive, an actress we now like. That's that's tiny. In comparison to the leader of the world and an intern, and at the time all the feminists ran interference for him. The only one who did it was the craziest one andred workin, and she goes, we know he's a rapist visited breed of Roderick. We know this was sexual harassment, assault, sexual harassment and everyone's covering for him, and you guys, being complete hypocrites, crazy, it's crazy, the willing to do that verily tribalism. I now, but it's so fascinating when you see it's so blatant yeah and so obvious, but
me you see from the right, I mean sure runner experience for their children or to Laura Yards means, but I think it's the human mind convinces itself. It makes double standards. If I hate you are unwilling to believe I dunno there instead is about this. I hate you. I am willing to believe something negative about you. If I Like you, I'm willing to believe a compliment about you and a more resistant to hearing, so they negative that yes and that's just how our brain filters things. Shore we're all guilty of it, I'm guilty of it with my friends for sure you know, if someone's mad at my friends on my clothes and it's nothing, I can tell you like you. I had someone trying to talk show on my friends and I said: there's nothing you can say that's gonna make me thrown out of the bus to you, so you Meares wasting your breath. You other certain friends like the others. They might fucker but there's still my friend yeah, just it on hearing it yeah and that's people. I know really well the real problem with it. Hold tribal thing is like it. It seems to me when it comes to political tribes,
so invested in winning it's so sports. Like yes, it's this is oh, it's so strange to see a play out. It's it's a disturbing to me also that you think your life is a function of who the president is here, and it's just like this isn't this is I mean things could be good. Things grew bad. This doesn't effect you directly effectually, indirectly it affects you but yeah most day to day lives mean Hunter. Miss Thompson talked about that back in the seventies when he was run it for share for picking county he's, saying local politics really effect like that's. That's really changes your life years, but the day to day happening the White House. Most of it is fixated on these things that really are probably never gonna have any impact, but local local, stuff who's. The mayor has a direct impact on your life. What they can do the streets? Well, it's not only the impact. It's like how much power do you have
fact change at the local level, a lot at the right by house level, very little yeah and we're seeing that, which is what really one the really fascinating things about Trump being President is much is trying to do and how much is not able to do and how much push back there is and how much is able to do and how much outrage there is about it. Now much chaos surrounding the whole situation, yeah, it's fastened to watch this safe check, the Czechs and back answers and the safety seizures at a sort of built into the system of government act out and now that, like he sees the scent controlled by the Republicans in the house, control by the Democrats, like oh Jesus. This is thus helping her chaos as much progress as possible should show and it's gonna be Morbus, should show in the house with trying to pick policies. Number two is well known: you see that tromp was saying nice things about Pelosi. How Larrea? I know it shall she's at heart, woman. She does a great job. I think she really loves our cunt
Another issue, as you say he goes. She deserves to be speaker in the democratic on both for her will throw her republican votes, He said I tweeted out who got half his it's just you just like I'm just going to present buttons and see what they all freak out. It's amazing really is funny no, I thought was really hilarious, actually enjoyed it when Alec Baldwin got arrested and they set a trap our Baldwin got arrested were how do you feel Yos? I wish him luck and you know how I tweeted out a guide, but you see it s going to say Trump refuses to denounce violence in his home town. That's true. I mean the above the fact that this mission like. I wish him luck, MIA look. He does what knocked a home run out of the park smashed every window in the car park. Tat I mean with Bob we're getting arrested for punching someone after all those years of him mob mocking him on CNN and southern live. It's about it's. The
Curse, like everyone goes after him, you know they end up getting destroy like Ruth, Better Ginsburg. I mean she just Fallon broke through perhaps have she gets? Well, that's a purse. It's it's a Trump card old lady just falls down now, but these the timing of these things are so perfect and select collaboration perfect. What I'd Stormy Daniels like that? You gotta pays legal fees like that is kind of her where that she's gonna pay is legal fees no much too, Ben. You gonna do to pay those legal fees. His leg, I don't know I can't sleep These must be through of the liberal group to probably millions downward yup. You I mean it's gonna Asia is darted. Upright shore I mean he's an enormous legal team, they ve been and then how about these but they're gonna turn em, like Michael Cohen, now he's fucked yeah what you going to do now. What does it say we already know that you're paid her off and now known, cares right because this one the case right, and so she has to pay, is legal fees, and now your stuff with nothing you nothing right
and now here he's trying to say Trump saying a trump used. Racist language with me, it's like really took her mothers, supposedly that my mark Burnett tape. Ok, yet Tom argument to Tom Arnold trying to find the right: that's what does that mean Burnett. The guy is marked by the survivor gardener. Protein has apparently very religious, ok and he is inclined to support trumps positions on many things and he just not be released There's no way! Tromp who's running a tv show we look at you, look join Reed he's if he's using racial slurs in front of cameras and cast a fifty, which I'm sure gonna people of color. This is New York, there's no way this would have leaked at the time. That's not true, if he's using the inward does untrue. Now, if there's, if there is a is a sound guy in theirs. Producer and their cluck collecting tapes, and everyone has no, if he's doing this publicly in front of us, is not doing a publicly he's talking to someone in it.
Recorded much like the Billy Bush thing when it was on the bus right, it's kind of doing it publicly, but he's talking to some, I thought his son, anyone thinking ass member supposedly, there's someone I her? Ok, this tape. What are you doing for years is like Bigfoot, it's like that is more angry team, but at the other thing If he's using this language, he would have been using a frequently well. Doesn't it certain words over and over yes, but it could be, he used. It the very specific way like you know the story about the guy from Netflix right or when he hears about the story about the other John John Outrageous, well to explain to people Another story: what is its kind of jurists on that conference? Call with a pr for with a pr- firm- and he said he was saying- we're not gonna like Colonel Sanders saying Blue, Bob lie within the inward, was courting somebody else as an example of don't use this kind of speech, it's really bad and they got all you invoke that word: you're fired
literally, and he is the ceo of the company and he's saying to them we're. I'm going use these words or Can it be like these person, like its Alec saying, Michael Richards, like I like, if I said that I k, I'm not gonna, be like Michael Richards, get on stage in front of everybody drops men bombs, right and people just start freaking out Joe Road, and you said the Edward and then all of a sudden becomes public and then ragged fired, and then you to pull me off and then Itunes pull literally that's. What's like what happened with the pop agenda. All anybody hears is the Papa Johns guy said races, shit! No! No! That's all they hear all they heard was Papa Johns refused to support, calling capper Nick and now there like all right. We're gonna get this fucker and they did that's part of it to right. That's part of it too. Yet there was a. There is already an agenda right because of refusing to support cap ethnic yeah Jesus. This is the whole thing is. Is it's the end, then there's the next sky do no than ever. I think I know this one
What is his name? Why does matter, this gentleman, who is like one of the top dogs at Netflix, says you shouldn't say the word retard, because two people that have someone in their life that has down syndrome its using any does say the onward. He says Nigger in front of African Americans, and he says this in a room filled with People and some of them happen to be african Americans how many of them were retarded, so they freak out that he's use. This word saying that it is just as offensive as using the inward, but he's false, equivalency, they're saying this is worse. No, no, no he's using it in terms of like saying rice, is it bout. My friend Tom, my friend, cigarette has a bit in his last Netflix Special and the bit was about you care.
Use, the word retarded in writing. This is what he says, and he goes into all these different words. You can't use anymore and because he said where Tom's dollars from Budget George Carling. No, that's the George Carlin Bit, though, how what is this in words. You can send television other non EU embassies in its very different when he asked it's a very good bit, but in no way endorsing using that word so, but the fact that he uttered it out loud what this guy was saying was. This is the same thing as someone uttering the inward out loud, but he didn't say the inward. He said Nigger and because he said that, They fired him from Netflix litter. Least saying noise to represent a word. That's an offensive word, and this is, they did
said enough is enough uttered the you said: Abracadabra that is gone. That is a retarded decision. Is it niggardly of theirs? Money does a different were yet they are the people where people are saying you shouldn't say to any more, because it sounds too much like the inward, even though it means stingy right, which is very funding, but it's Moses? That's, not it's not about intent anymore. It's just about netherlanders Adsense, about domination, bright! It's always domination? That's one thing that Carlin, so that's absolutely correct political! Agnes, just fascism, with better language, its all about domination and telling the line and new picking off the people that you need to pick off and making examples. I then for everyone else, yes, wouldn't know you didn't, say better links with fascism, disguised as being polite or some point but the fact that they felt like it was a smart decision to just fire someone, because he said and noise you should watch She'd say is like I understand what you trying to say, but let's just not you
that word yeah you're right done. Not no more job you, you do bad work, you're done! more income public, shaming, get out of here in the past but that were in the room were the ones who turned a man there was some African Americans apparent They heard him say that word out loud and they just saw it as a green light than just went after him. I mean at the same time you have to wonder. If those executives are living in fear, course they are now so they're like shit. We better today really quick, because nothing of never again have lawsuits or what are boycotts involve a lot while the Roseanne thing, the alliance, rigour and now you know much money you can stay children anymore. It sends to close those most especial. Now you considered You can't stay in work and liked. It sounds too much like me. I just got a really emphasise the e r. When the Roseanne thing happened and they d amour. Mediately stepped up. As we know, this is abhorrent. We hate racism, you're fired, they ve lost Oh much fucking money that show is hemorrhaging money, and this return,
the corners has done terror right around the audience. Not just have the audience, but have the audience, and in shrinking every week and its most like. Being cancelled, but this is what I think: people don't get a sensible. The point of a business is to make money. That's what people do business for a lot of people? It's not the people running. These organizations are there to further. There are cultural, it I d ology, so that the profit will be secondary to come, twill, acceptance. Well, cultural acceptance comes along with future profitability. Yes, the lira cultural, things, could be financial ever stating, for, I think that's that's the way there looking part of it but part of it, and also look if you go to if you live in New York Then you go to lefty school and then you become an executive and your entire culture. Is this lefty worldview, you're gonna think this is how all right people's right thinking people act, you're going to act in a certain way accordingly, and not even have consideration for any possible side,
that's a good point, that's good point, but its fascinating that she was not allowed to apologize. Roseanne was on land apologize, but that woman from MSNBC Joint was who said much much more awful things you Roseanne was near. I think she was if hysterical or near tears that day cause she's like care about the crew. They are the ones who are getting fucked. Please, like I'll, do what I want. Not. You know and that's why she led let show going out without her and she didn't didn't it right and an kudos to her she's she's, a friend of mine, she's, an awesome person. She really allies door, her she's, not what anybody is trying to pain her out to. But let me talk about tribalism I remember you remember not that long ago, when her show was on. She had that whole brewer, how the national anthem, oh yeah, another Republicans, rough, blood and now, all of a sudden they lover, yeah and memories, are very, very short. I love her cause. She's controversial speaks remind in both cases
well, she's, also legitimately mentally ill had a terrible car accident when she was fifteen years old was institution laws in a mental institution for nine months afterwards, like as a person multiple personality disorder trauma. Do smouldering personality into disorder has been on. A host of medications are whole lie because that, like might the analogy that I say they asking her to behave normally is like asking a purse with a broken leg. Did not limp yet will end she'd other in one thing of gets through that you can say she did accuse both her parents molesting her, and then she led later. I dont speak for her by she back tracked about a little maid denied a completely I don't For that, but I wouldn't be surprised, did she got brained buy a car when she's fine teen like smashed. I do not have some almost was driving through an intersection couldn't see because the sun glare in the window and clipped her with a car and she was fucked up. I mean she
was. She went from being a straight, a student into being someone who can no longer do math. She detailed it like really emotionally and very honestly and vulnerable she's very volume, one in discussing and on my part ass. It was really scary. She she's such org heart to a real is very very obvious. Whenever she talks and she's on Twitter and she super funny- I mean I'm a big fan, her twitter and I both in that things that she said about that woman. You know, but being a marriage of this and not those are there. Other had landed. Aids are like the worst thing say the the lady looks like the lady from the planet, the aims, I don't give a fuck what you say that and where is even though she was back. I thought that was why I insist right things letter resigned was jewish? She looks like my sister she's ruddy. The government must be jewish. I thought the thing s great about Rosanna. She was on, I think, talk across into shorthand an inch looked he's like you want apologists developed yard. She looked the camera, she goes Valerie
on January. Sorry, I didn't want to hurt you. This is not acceptable, but I also do think you need to bear her. You doubtless there, but she's such sweetheart and- and I don't think that's the thing. I people arguing with me about what doubt it was born IRAN, yes and people like will there? Therefore Blotches born IRAN and lacking in a black people can give birth in IRAN right. That's the thing, and this was wrapped. They can right. There has surrounded the shoes black, but in IRAN her pants for American right yeah, though the whole thing the mass, but it's also one of those things it's fiercely tribal societies has before and then the hour tribe, the tribe of the laughter, the traveller right Our tribe is decided. Your tribe is unacceptable, unacceptable You ve done is just beyond the past, ability of any sort of apology you need to be removed. A significant financial loss and apparently the people that were response. But for getting fired. One of them has already been removed, oh yeah and dumb
how the realising those horrendous decision they went from having the number one show on television to having this bastard Version Haagen family, it's fuckin, terrible man and nobody wants it, and so the they just decided to bring her back and she apologized and everyone sued that over and they could be money, don't you the terrible causes? It could be a teachable moment or learning moment for for everybody for the country up a moment also like like above bonding, where we just abandon these ridiculous idea. There was an episode. I watch the series of music episode, six, her neighbours that moved into the Congress House worth from landfill where Muslims, Roseanne was prejudiced and then she realized she was wrong. Was episode, thus, like stop being so she's, always been very culturally left yeah. She she She is in some ways and she's right in somewhat she's. She means right in some way she's very pro- Israel, yes, like soup
symptoms so much other, should even talked about moving Israel. Yes, yes, because I mean, I think I think she feels I can speak for her. So well that, though, but what you got here, Jim as the ratings ex pretty good the number to show over on a b c and as their top rated com round from where it was obviously but rioting. That has been what are you getting this from getting this from vulture dot com, which is a very levelling show and its probable and we will go to the title of this- go to the title of a tv, show no mercy brand. Lauren Year, one what's that about its anomaly. That goes back to life yeah, but this did the ratings are significantly lower more than fifty percent. Lower than they were with the other show true, but it was also an extreme hit rob it's the same show Jamie there's no way you can tell me. Fifty percent is not a problem.
Yeah, but that's the problem you reading a spin. What you're reading is vultures spin on it? That says it's not that bad there equally the wagon. Not only is it not that bad there they did ten episodes, they ordered an eleventh. Yes, that's unprecedented! What you orders When I was on sitcoms. It would do a thing called the back nine right, so you would get thirteen besides, they would order the back nine, which would bring dated twenty two, which is a full order there not doing it, for this shows dead right, so good and the other thing is you keep in mind. The show is streamlining expensive cause. You gotta pay Loring, that Catholic PRY, the best comedic actress out their yellow those three hundred thousand jobs, women writs more than three thousand Darkshire Gilbert AIR Gilbert, meets one three, and then you get another two and a half a million dollars right away. Just with three members of the cask, then you have production fees. All these other different fees, there must be a billion, a peace in that show it's crazy money, it's crazy money and it could be the biggest show until
and if she was still on it in and the apology was accepted, you're you're not gonna lose viewers. I could have easily done an episode without care. Whether character did that the coroner gets cloud as an asshole ass, a hundred percent. They could have done it worthy. Is there any viewing her outside of the poles? And she says that I see the need for television, they sit. She says it on television and she gets labelled as a racist and then a bunch of people say much really. Does look like that, lady, in this house, we have doubts, it would end with them coming home den closed the door and goes there. She really does look like that, and I well that's the whole thing, but I didn't She was black and white. How could you not know, and then they showed different people that look blagden our black and different people, that look why? But our black Pull up Dan Bonino Veo Angie, I know he's on Fox on his Italian. You add he has to say to her that black. I don't know this guy.
The sea is picture of leniency. Go to twenty three in me, because I'm with Italian too, but I did my ancestry one point: six percent Africa! Oh ok, is so much more than Elizabeth Warren is indian. So much more yeah. That goes back his nose, Italian, no, don't know, don't lie to me. It's true. That's apartment. That guy just gets look, don't look hare, listen brow! The guy is so african, no use. I tell you while this an italian first of also depending upon what part of the moors the moves, meaning probably had some of what, but also ITALY just and if you look at how come ITALY is to Northern Africa. Its very close, like people just came over they day day. But in fact around there were real close to each other to get on boats. They went back and forth If that long distance relationships gives Italians in particular, actually says so that northern Africans or an African did not black there
ITALY's you're right, but it is still Africa sure, yeah african genetic, when also Egypt, with each I also had a relationship new beans, Nubians, eventually conquered Egypt in Ethiopia, is now so is a lot of there's a lot of water. Bottom gonna wait. So what else for you in Europe? I ninety nine point: eight include Anita, jewish or white. There's nothing else in there. Mom, mostly italian, and the other per is irish, but it also could be English. It's one of those outside Europe, but its irish witches were Rogan comes from one. Six percent african and then There is a small amount of asian and there is well small amount of Asian, like one percent plus or minus asian, no native American on four.
Only I love her too. Still, probably more than Elizabeth warned that the best thing that illicit work stuff there's two things. I love that that she takes this test in secret and in writing. I wonder why, but that no, but you took it when she revealed it yeah, she could have seen the results. We like a fuck, I'm not going to talk about this in what has she thought? It might say: zero right and because it said, zero, zero, zero point, one sure it's not even made of American who south American she did like Alec brazilian genes or whatever was neck. Genes Pizarro, do yes, it wasn't native american genes. They didn't find native american DNA to match the best part it s the best part of the best, far trot per year for two years. I put the hottest look ahead of you when you gonna take the test she goes. I took the test by the FARC goes hook. There's a walks away. Yeah he's like each will. She said that he was supposed to pay a million dollars towards charity because she took the test. But if that's the case and that as to actually shows South America,
Can genetics and not native American, to listen that that's over squarely tools like what is native American, I mean, there's this, so many similarities between people from Mexico and native Americans, people from Ecuador and native Americans. Peru I mean there's stream similarities between what we think of as true additional native Americans, and then people lived in South America and then also the actual path they got here in the first place, a lot of have Siberian genetic asiatic? Yeah I mean that's, what's really did you know, story behind how that got discovered. No, it a guy who is a mormon this about a decade plus ago. Who was trying to prove this Mormon doctrine that Jesus Jesus tribe, Kay the evil ass tribe of Israel right to American? These were the native Americans, so this guy for this when DNA tests were insanely expensive. This guy's been a shit load of money to try to test native, remain
Perkins to try to find israelite genes and he found that they have siberian genes. Came across the bearing land Bridge, which was excellent, because it really did proved that theory that people did migrating on foot through. You know that through the bearing land Bridge, it's just so silly, But if you look like like native americans- and you look like some mexicans- go while as a distinct similarity between these two in terms of light features a cooperation like how they looked. Oh yeah, I mean they're gonna, evolve and similar climates, and things like yeah and I think, probably similar origins of Alzheimer's and so she's got a point South Americans, she's, isolated areas. I think she's on the spectrum to probably, but the number of percentage that she has This gene is so fucking small one one thousand twenty fourth
That is so small on one point: six percent right: that's literally what like that ten hundred times as much as her, I think, she's point or sex, so you're, like thirty times let us have thirty times as much african as she is native American and but yet she used to get a job at Harvard they Funny Party. She had, she'd been recipes to a book called powwow, Chow Non Economic and she signed it. Elizabeth WAR Navajo, but here's here's the kicker she played as the recipe for my colors, beautiful, so not only was it not. A fucking native Americans is like a crab salad recipes equipped native Americans reading Fuckin Crab the foot Taiwan's from Maryland, the American. Now the Baltimore ends Thursday, as rights or goods, while that is raising, is just its want. Em, but but again because she has potential in terms of legal issues,
strong woman, she's articulate she's very well educated she's, been professional politician for a long time, people in their laughter not denouncing her guests ass, who how some people were like Kay this that their are articles that go okay, this did not go as we planned because they would like this asian access. Yes and a lot of people are uncomfortable with her appropriating set asides that are for people who are actual supper: minorities billion under no. This is not cool. Yellow that he's got english buying this from small blogs. I'm not seeing this from anything main struggle. Correct cause stream there always going to cover for this that right basement one hundred percent the time they're gonna covered the thing about those blogs is like a lot of them are basing our should feel refers to Miss Lake College papers. Yeah so a lot of these blogs a college student written yet, but there often speaking truth: oh yeah well. I would hope I would hope more would come out and say hey You can't say your native American does like that. Like Jim
as in the outer edge. If I just started, call myself african American we'll do you know the issue, a trump said he said. Well, I can't call her put behind us anymore, cause she's, not an idiot, I like, like we're not worthy He says a malaria shirt. Malea really does he really does he's fucking funny off the cuff? Oh yeah really is and the way goes after people like, even though he's the president, like he still calls people fuckin losers, you mean he still- he still cause them losers on twitter and goes after them horse pay for space. He called Stormy Daniels horse face just think of how repulsive he is physically he's fat is faces. A fuckin hanging off was Oh he's got white raccoon eyes an orange skin, and yet he still will mark. Stormy Daniels and call her horse face some one tweeted,
I forget who- and I apologise to the thing he said they go. Imagine what happens. The trumps, the first person fucked a porn star and she had to be about it, and then she paid him. She has to play your boy. You did pay her right, but what he paid her, what she's gonna have to pay him? is probably like a factor of three of yours way. It's more she's, gonna wanna, paying has four three hundred fifty K. That's all you asked, for it must prove very reasonable that doesn't give you gotta her book. Yes, it's probably like he just wants to regions that yet it just gimme that paper just give me a little somethin uneatable, some from you with this that this slide. I want three hundred thousand year. Yes, pro Euro book destroy all the money. Now she got more than fifty. Do you think I'm positive? How much thinks you got for that? But there are seven hundred fifty, I guess yeah, but you gotta, pay taxes, sure for agents getting fifteen air she's, probably not even bring
three home. So is all that money, Gallia forgot all gone on a percent gone and no one's buying a book for no success, devil its deft air and when it is a shame she said it already. I got fuck the president. That's your book! You book, as I thought, the president, let you know he's too funny private heard you over this people she's make one of his death like shit here, mushroom deck whenever and people like mushrooms, that's what she said and then people were like that. You know what that is fucked up ass. He is its body shaman you really shouldn't make for and she's like. You know what you're right, I'm sorry and then he go hey horse face yours, his can mushroom deck like the next Thursday's back out. It is amazing that the fact that the core, worse face but she doesn't have a horse face, not doesn't matter. I nobody should also. We meet TED crews, listen the Unabomber, whatever the fuck, you said he was already anxiety. I didn't say that that's the name. They see said that you have gay their debts
fucking. It's also crazy. Bell is the best parts of TED Cruises. What was known as the best debate or in the Senate. He had this harboured ordeal whatever debating team, great debater. Everyone recognises this. How the fuck do you play for a debate, be like oh yeah. What will your dad, such F K is equipped with what the fuck is? This savvy? they have to make sense right people, the people that are trump supporters dont want to make sense if we want to win right right, exactly any works. Yes, yes, well he's just how to get singers and oh yeah yeah emits a gross little more than I am, and they don't get that there was this group, my favorite suite of his my favorite, where he goes whenever I speak of the losers in the haters. I do so with great affection. It's not their fault. They were born
backed up so high that are real trouble is the right one of my favorite things whose him at a speech where he was talking. It was two thousand fifteen before even talked about running for president or it was even. I don't think he was a hundred per cent open about running for president, and he said: there's two ways to talk to China: you could eat it could prose things. You could propose things. He says it like. You know normally and then he says, or you could say, listen mother fucker yeah. You heard that no, oh, my god, it's great Buckingham pullet! It's it's fucking great, because everybody starts children yak as it so far bitten in this environment wearing expensive suit. Standing in front of a podium is, as or you could say, listen motherfuckers This is what we're gonna do and everybody sayin it so exciting it so much more exciting. Then Marco Rubio, you know so
boy, Jim Jim, is a waste jam? Is a big fat mistake the way and with the figures do I watch as videos speech to the Germans have wasted June twenty. Nobody said mother when he just just not speech when he's talking about China and he said, listen, fuckers, China, China, China and that was Think planetary when he for now. Let what I've announcing a ban on all moves live immigration moosulmaun here this is a great. What this does is its Eric leadership this time, instead of with his name in gold. If, with his work deserves guessing rack, we build a school, we build a road, they blow up the road, they blocked the school. We build another school, we build another road, they blow them up. We build again in the meantime, we can get a school built in Brooklyn. Did the audiences approval talking all
We have nobody in Washington that sit back and said you are not going to raise that price. You understand. This is a long time thing. Chinese goods ears whether we can attacks you, twenty five percent, while pulls held on Saturday twenty Levin? Is that what it says over their salaries year hosting? But here's Interesting noticed the personal posted the name is say no to racists. Yeah, they probably put it up as a negative thing, but no twenty, and he would have been considered a Democrat, brain under his Jorce Rami Industrial me. Are you prepared to propose that this right is a rate? He was a democrat until what twenty ten prowling around then because he was gonna, run its independent at some point, Trump, two thousand twelve August this is the guy we ve been looking for seven years ago, but its is deplorable. Why
changed the approach of tat. Then I would argue that used in the future, because the seven years to poor of all that's the time travel that had joined Reed, Ah, yes, someone did it. Someone deadly hacked, it suggest hilarious, they didn't give the good version of that either because they believe it Well, not just that cause. You also see if you can find the better version, because he basically prefaces it like you know people than saying like this ragged say it like this or you can say, listen you motherfuckers and that's. When everybody starts cheer, he asked given examples. How do we actually got? You do so easy? traveling twenty five percent tax on This is really the messenger, the messenger one man say: wait. Twenty five percent.
And I can say another this you motherfuckers, that's like Zapruder thrill, go instead, reddish, I know here's your arrest lies on their campaign. He said a point I remembered was the sensibly goes. You better shut your mouth, so he didn't say. The word they believed it and they leave it to make it look like he was cursing unless you guys are fucking shady as hell. That's very shady, that's showed you can just bleep of cause. I pretend that there's some trying and offensive word and their rights. That's really that's just deceptive right and it's pervasive they do it all the fucking time were whose good out there to challenge him their fucked. I thought you know why their fact why, because we ve
we had to happen before the whole time. All those Democrats are fighting each other for the primary for the nomination he's been between the shit out of those debates can be live, tweeting debates and they're. Not can they have to worry about the tax from their colleagues, but also from this, President dope and he's gonna come up with nicknames wireless deck. Denying dick here are my it's amazing. Denying dear Dick Blumenthal, Centre from Connecticut lied about his Vietnam service. No is running, has started, calling him denying deck. He lied about his Vietnam servants or get elected why shameless yeah? How did you like what'd, you say he said he served any didn't look it up. I mean it's! It's It is these brazen wasn't an ambiguous area, I think he's next. He never left America as much and he said he was now. Oh yeah, and then he's fucking going after cabinet, and you get away with it
but how did they all get away with a Dennis Hester was speaker of the house. Dennis has to speak of the house and in fact, how many kids I mean the rustling t any only went to jail for fifteen months for yeah yeah. He went to jail for fifteen months because of a statute of limitations or something ridiculous. Did you go to jail for lying, about paying him off? I say area that divergence and he's out now, which is just insane, and it's no one talks about him leads me to think. There's plenty of this and both sides of the isle of all there must be. He must know where the body is right. Of course, you're speaker, the house. They just gotta, they just gotta, say listen! Fifteen months deal with a cake roturagio, it's ok, we'll get you books hide eyes. We find the hearty that's for here and one will not only that like. When did you stop? Fucking kids read out the real question, because that is that's a sickness that does doesn't get cured rights. It's not like quitting cigarettes or something like that. The recidivism
for people that are molesters is insanely high right. So who knows what that was one of the creep, your things that was a drug. That said, or was it bright Bart? That's the thing was bright bar. That said before, he died at what he's talking about Podesta. This was the one issue How is illegal for my forthcoming book because I could Drudge said how it treats them up. Dried says how John Podesta is not known as an international like child morass, to cover upper completely allude to me, and no one said anything at the time. It wasn't a big deal, Podesta, never sued. And what he might have been referring to was Robert Epstein with pedophile island we're gonna go to like Jeff Epstein, you mixed gives me Jeff, Epstein YA. Go that Island Clinton's garlic! Nine times have you fuck all these under age girls, but then they took it to be as proof of pizza gator. Some like that. Yes
yeah, but here's the thing he wasn't right part only wasn't my part entered by part sweet. But if you look up the what I must now is right and was bright bar I brought you have, I said Roger how just this one those, but here is it can for here's the hang it's that everyone knows historically, that young women went to Hollywood and had to do sexual favours if, since the twenties Does he get their career had right? This is very known: yeah. Why wouldn T happened with young men with older executives? Why would there be any difference, but most certainly, of course, but they like to pretend that you know this is crazy. It's all a conspiracy. It's like what you know it's true. One well because it so blatant and it's so prevalent- that's horrifying right, because there is also the power since that what am I gonna do about it yeah and just knowing how much it did happen and if they did just uncover every single instance of it and that's the only thing it's just like with it with a party wine. Steen, however, knew we all knew and they all
by Clinton and other stuff, it's like who knows whose end whose when you're looking up the other way when it comes to kids, that's so beyond the pale yards starch and yet very dark. So this denying guy the Nang Dick what he is. So what did he say we say and what was online. I dont want to misquote him Dick, richer Blumenthal from Connecticut had a fact. Get real acted as investment. Eta gets a balanced honours, its tribalism you're gonna go blue in Connecticut, but how it? How would they accept him as their candidate because he got? I think it came out once he was the candidate of cheese criteria? That's a big. Man, yet is sullen valor. Nor, that's me forget about, Would Brian Williams did that way? Bigger I get shit for having shaved sides of my hair, like you, I do not know the leg is stolen. Valor like no one is this guy yes, come on a haircut. This is unplug affect our com,
He listened marine corps reserves in nineteen. Seventy until then of five deferments had kept it. Out of the war, getting a coveted slot reserves reduce the chance. A battlefield deployment Blumenthal went through basic, training and serve six years in the Washington DC, Erin Connecticut as Connecticut Attorney general. And saw regulated memorial day, parades and other events at recognise soldiers and veterans and New York Times wrote. May seventy two thousand ten that in two thousand three Blumenthal heads broken at a rally supporting troops overseas, though newspaper reported that Blumenthal, said when we returned. We saw nothing like this. That was, comparison with soldiers who came back from Vietnam, boomed european Lee repeated a similar line, two thousand seven memorial day, parade in Milford Connecticut and at Two thousand eight ceremony for veterans and senior citizens. Blumenthal said we have learned something important since the days that I served in Vietnam, o yep and now look at
Ray Bottom line, although I did not survive yet now. I've seen first hand the effects of military action. Will that story Brother he's alive. What does he think first hand means there. Well, that's he said We have learned something important since the days that I served in Vietnam if they quoted that and that's that's if he said two thousand ceremony, that's a liar. You mean there's just that stolen valor, but the inroads it's it's a lie is does it still as he does have military service which enemy He was a part of the reserves which is important part of the military there's no, it mean don't want to diminish that but lie about having actually been in. Vietnam is its close, the stolen bowers. You can get with actually being a veteran yeah yeah right, yeah, it's like shady shady, but they're dead, dirty people, their dirty people, yes,
worse today. Already business, there are horrible horrible people too. That's why, when people are like venerated, these monsters, unlike the fuck, is wrong with you. These people are horrible, just doing that do not alone, That's what's all areas that he got through the oh yeah, its money. People can get away with zero percent. I'm sorry. She said that what he said Melbury hopes. I did it again made mistakes, and I am sorry I have I have my spoke about my service, and I regret that and I take full responsibility. You know full responsibility means resigning. Does it if you're take? If what is Responsibility mean it isn't. A consequence is well that's good question. What the consequences are public shaming. Maybe he is the best person for the jobs by firstly, lot jack, aided by southern. Our responsibility means in this contact I've taken responsibility. I river, I was a of mine, Jenner Reno. When Waco happened in all those kids,
I know that use aunt. Janet Rina was a friend of yours, no friend, when we talk about what I I generalised powers of Georgia and was a friend of mine, your radio and she went on tv after Waco noticed people died and she goes. This is my fault I take forward on my friends like, then you should be in jail. If you ve ever seen I suppose you're a murder of thousands of people getting killed. You should be in jail SAS watching your has at work just sturdy business. There's a dirty business. Is North Korea mounted us again, I'm glad you're here today has lived. There was something this morning that I was reading. What happened is more North Korea's? Angry? U S so they D cycles, north
we are so they'll do good cut back up and we saw this happened. It was just really amazing to North Korea. Has this weapon that causes everyone on earth to have amnesia comes about their rear, really angry so's tensions as yours, tensions, wrong sites that they have this weapon that cause they would have a national right. So they'll do something that people forget what happened six months ago when the Singapore summit was happening and they were making nice and everyone just like other obliges. Last year they had sentence president trump to death, they were threatening to New Guam, an average. We forget about that and then like ok, we're gonna be nice is like and then hence as a summit, the summit comes back on their feet. It they do this, they ve done this for years, and it's like a if you follow North Korea's. I do it's my You'd see see it coming with everyone's, like, oh, my god, they're mad. This never happened before, like this has happened for seventy years motherfukers. This is their stick. So what is the purpose of others? Just
stay relevant news into alert people that there still conflict between the Euro area is very important for them when they make any sort of concessions to say that there were putting up a fight. We're not we're doing this because we want to knock, making us doing really standing up for themselves. We're not gonna get pushed around because they can't shoot oh submission or weakness in any sense, so President Charleston playing this very intelligently and the rest, then in the corporate precedent, tell you this because the everything's about Tromp Otto VON Care Metropolis context a care with north korean people write the point as they are they'll Rick, their radon wilder Sabre and then they'll be nice the next day, and then they rattled sabre their nights next day. It's it's as night follows day with them, while the cultures of really fascinating culture, the culture of Korea and General yeah yeah? It's there's, there's so much to it that we have. A really difficult time. Understanding! Oh yes, in terms of just
formalities in which you're allowed to communicate with people that did the way that they save face right in what they're doing any time there there's any sort of negotiation that there has to be some sort of. And knowledge: men of their social status rights and their position, yeah yeah, it's their very it inside Korea to so. Yes, as people think South Korea's, like America Junior it's not, there are very good and country from us, and just because there are ally, doesn't mean they're, all good guys too. Reading Malcolm Glad Wells, outliers. Ok, I'm one of things about it is how South Korea dealt with. They went through a crisis of plane crashes and one of the problems, the play crashes was the way the subordinates were not allowed to question the pilot, while when the pilots retired another way they fixed it, they made them all. Speak English,
How do I fix it? Because English is a different Europe, bungler disturbed the structure of this attack, the structure of politeness and deferment in All the different things that unite us. The way you're not allowed to communicate with people in Korean, where there's very strong tradition of sit like that that demand I'm glad what goes into in great detail. Lake superior, bears when they're around their subordinate support it and not allowed drink in front of them. They can't smoke in front of them. They have to turn away if they have a drink in front of them like there's the way they talk to them. They bow to them. They they call them. So and I went through all this entire window. Take window is very soon picture that guy and when I was teaching and when I was when I was working for my korean Instructors- It was always, sir. It was that we have missed Can it was always very far there is always Boeing and it was there was
and this is an americanized version- rain English right, their language with the korean language, they were talking, but all the different, proper forms of communication and the structure that's in place to establish. The dominant person is and who the subordinate persons and in North Korea there's a tense that they use only with regard to the leaders yeah. So they change a language to that extent, even for them yeah so they did, was they made these south korean pilots like all of them English? the primary language of communication. They had to learn English. Now they had learned on their own dime, they learn English and then I think they went with first names, so we and would work together. I wouldn't say MR malice, like is then I would have. I would be discerned yeah, yeah yeah, I would say MIKE. We got some frost and the wing in this plain. We should probably defrost fucker and you- and I would Even though you would be the captain, I would be your co pilot. We would still be able to talk to each other as if we're friends and equals not
this traditional korean social structure- and this happened. America too, like people freak out the trumpets vulgar rising the presidency. But I was a big deal. J caning we're ahead at his inauguration and before they had seated, have a hat. It's like it. It's a vulgar hats yard. Geneva hat was important, yet measure Trump WAR had today will admit that hair I mean he's kind of where it really was the maker merely elegant hat, but I mean like a bolder hat, daddy, I are there or that those weaker ones and an empty aren't gotten shit cause. He referred to all his subordinates by their first name, and this was a huge deal back then. That its interest, a Roosevelt over how the keys of you, so he tried to be informal and regrets that he was being informed guys like so this has been going on for a long time. The lack of formats look up, people use addressing aeroplanes, they ve been suits yeah. Now there I had a situation of plain here. These people are just like animals dogs. What d
dress better than some of these people. While they bring their dogs to so many viable bringing dogs on planes and a New York they started bring them they would you buy new ways? All you do is have as a piece of paper from a doctor says you need help. I dont think they need an hour on the subway. They just taken liquid egg and if I can do about it reeling it obliges let it go to shit. That's a real problem of peace that are scared of dogs, allergic to die or right. You have two dogs are going again to fight or the shitting somewhere. We will do that. We're not we're going to San Francisco. Even if it's true wow what happened, but even with the blog is just basic. Do the fuck you want I'm not going to force Giuliani's like quality of life rules. So the thing, then you think I've started doing this happen to the gym, and this happened. Some fuckin do just playing music and look what the fuck are you doing, and now we have had in the way that you are my point on the small dude. You know I can't go over to the
you know I can't go over to these beasts at the Jim and be like skill. Refer your musics disturbing my work out. What kind of music in dealing with it rap the gem doesn't Jim, have its own music. It does over the gym in the locker room and some fucking do just playing his music and what the fuck are you doing? and they had in the way that you are my point on the small dude. You know I can't go over to these beasts at the gym. And be like skilled me, sir you're musics disturbing my work out what kind of music dealing with rapt. I almost always know. That's it. It's a cat It's me, sir, could have like heavy metal that mumble heavy metal right the governor gave its third on dumping on Tucker Karlsson, you dumping on whom the poor guy he gets a free pass, which Belgium or China drop some sick birds into my prize. I got some good verbiage drop in sick burns. Guys Could you please cut down?
mumble rap, I'm dropping sip and over here day. This is like, along, like ideologies wearing it took a rumour that he killed the had industry will score scroll down. You can see him wearing it he's wearing a most that there has. He gave his speech. He took it off. Ok, back on numerous other interested he did. West Kennedy did not wear that he walked all the way without his hat. That's not what this says. This is from two thousand and seven on Snopes. He was wearing in most of the day. This is like long realities wearing a rumour that he killed the had industry will screws World down, you can see him wearing, it is wearing a most right. There has. He gave his speech, he took it off back on numerous enter like a long woman, has been going on for a year now asking that fella should have had a lot with led her to go to help I wouldn't hurt you wouldn't help the shot to the neck. You took
Looking over Adam and your brother to fuck your wife and you dead, Lyndon Johnson take a shits without the press right in front of them. Let them in the bathroom was drop and logs yeah and he would like, without his dick all the time he was like the horrible first arm for this easy whips, Dick doesn't make a marble purse. No, that's it you're really happy with his dick. That will that's true. That's not does not making the harm. The horrible person is the guy's whipping at his dick and playing music at black room. That's our that's horrible press! If he's playing that lead music in these stroking cock at the same time, that's and he would like, without his dick all the time
music, that's playing music and he's stroking his cock at the same time. It lives. The federalists are. You gonna leave cut Tucker Karlsson Longfellow, while I ever going to hang around us. I I didn't sucker show a few times he I've, never gotten Tucker face settle unterrified hunger face when he gives you there Look I've never gotten he's going after you, yeah he's never done. That's it he's been very respectful because no very few people know North Korea. It's one of their talk about right, said: they're, not I'm not being coming at that from a partisan perspective, it all right, you're, coming to educate, right So I've never gotten hate about that at all. I wonder: what's going to happen with them and all this stuff cuz now that is, houses of people know where his house is. When you come from move, as you know, when you got a summons family that sets off some party, your brain, that something fierce and he's not gonna. Just take this line
down yeah I mean, I wonder if there's legal action Scooby had I dont know how fucked up man this is weakened. It was never at a time where, in my life, where I can remember the left and the right being so combative, not just disagreeing about things, not just a debating things, but this kind of shit like riots like you know, this decided the right was on their knees all this time for a long time, and now they're, like you, know what you people are fuckin terrible fuck you is that the case mean there's. Never is it. The right was on their knees, who has never left wing antifraud type. Organ leaders need to because the right was being subordinated have in many ways like the press had a complete monopoly on speech. The twenty twelve point, twelve Mitt Romney having this too, with Obama, Candy Crowley's moderator, right, the moderator, and she said its arguing with Mitt Romney during the debate here. The Fuckin moderators down and shut appellation arguing about she's, like all you got this, this tax wrong, blah blah blah blah blah
even before the debate she says, I'm in a correct and if necessary, Beethoven, moderators detail shut the fuck up you? How are you post do if she know something's our just now. As I say, let Europe it's like a judge. If, if the judge has two sides at some the lorries lying it's the other lawyer has to break it up. That's good point, but as a moderator aren't you also some kind of an immediate necessarily entertainer, but your ear moving the thing along. If you know something to be incorrect, like if someone says genome James Brown shot. J F K. I am sure that there was a contract that the Romney team and the bomb attack sat down and worked out between them, the comet time for the location. I'm sure that said the motto we're gonna find and on a subject of moderate who's, not can interfere. This no fuckin way. They wouldn't was she. Correct. No, I don't think she was look it up. Ninety nine percent sure she was wrong to that's awareness and he, but he took it,
you just eight, and then you haven't been in twenty. Sixteen, whether it is telling the fuckin report is fuck, you you're, not the holly, talk, TAT crews lost his shit on them. He's a kind of questions. Are these united and the audience cheers NUTS was a big turning point would soon as we are here to see after the attack, you want the rose garden and said that this was an act of terror. You said in the rose garden the day after the attack, it was an act of terror. It was not as well genuine demonstration. Is that what you're saying please pursued by want to make sure we get that for the record because it took the President fourteen
before he called the attack in Benghazi, an active to get the transfer he did and in fact sir, so let me let me call inactive you're right. I will allow the candid work it. He did an act of terror, it did as well take. It did as well. I take two weeks or so for the whole idea of there being a right out there about this tape to come out. You're right isn't that the administration, the administration, indicated that this was a reaction due to a video and was a spontaneous reaction that it took them a long time to say this was a terrorist act by a terrorist group and and to suggest a mine incorrect in that regard. On Sunday, the Here's your secretariat exude me, the ambassador did our nations, but one of the Sunday to television shows it and spoke about how this house a spontaneous. I happen to have a longer compensation about always made, but I want I want to move you want and I'll appear on the other
which she seemed like she was just a green. Seems like she was its Scylla hurl, bright, it's Scylla, her also you're wrong about this you're right about this. In my opinion, but anyway, but I think she said you wrong. Dough ditching. She said that is correct. It took two weeks immature, Basically, there might be wrong. Was there another example of this, because I really there, I remember, got here between the two of them, so I am I am, but I could see use you you being corrected even what she did there in saying that he is correct israeli out of line right yeah. She seemed a little fish. Stood there like not exactly sure what to do and what not to do, but that there have been many example people forgot about. I can see that in Gaza thing was of the same one: there's no volume Boca either what seemed like she's doing the same, but that Benghazi thing that was TAT was so bizarre. People forgot about held that they were,
blame it on that they entered movie yeah with something of a video was called something. I don't remember Hilary. I think at the time was that's your secretary state. She refused to go on and they made Susan Rice walk the plank for that one. There was a weird one: man that move it was weird was so That was almost like a pleasant little. Did they blame in a loose change that the one thing going on? Oh, no! No! No! No! This is the guy who knows a movie. It was like terrible movie that someone had made like tears of the Muslims or something like that. I forget the name but it was so bad. It almost seemed like a parody film or so people had said like this is like this is some CIA production when you know its interest? how memory works, I remembered it being much more combative than it was when we just watched it now- and I would add
sworn on a bible that it was very, very heated and then looking at that it wasn't that he'd. While this brings us back to what we're talking about with cabinet yeah, I'm thinking about things that happen when you're seventeen right and tribal is I mean the memory that we have sucks. Yet Is this shitty? It's just being and being mean. I have some absolute memories about facts that I know it true in terms of like statistics in things that took place in that, I have stored in my memory because of my job because, like special when it comes to fight like I have a pretty good data, ace of five, even then occasional am, I is how it went right What do you think it was a second round ha yeah, yeah memory suck yet does specially? drink boost. Will you tell me about their bows, your drink, I'll God? What to do in this assessment? The arduous march, Ok, this is really exciting. So I went on this rapid whole. I'm not a big drinker right and I-
this, I have a lie to live stream and I tried a different kinds of Heinz catch up, because I love Hinds ketchup and other there's a different kinds. Unlike the outlets, unless dork out I'm going to trial eight in and give my opinion at all, And I said I went on a robber hole and I found all this word liquor. I'm not a big drinker if you guys want to pay for these bottles blow those stupid, Lystra people audience I'll, buy, em and I'll do it and they just kept shipping in. I bought thirty two bottles November. Sixteenth me in six: in my bodies are going to be, and I'm like, how do I return value? Gaza, shipping for these bottles, they go do it with people. So it's me in and six of my friends we're doing, quarter shots and seeing forget through all thirty. Two of these weird
liquors, you can quit anymore shots. What thirty two terms a quarter snapshots. I know that some sand, that's a lot of that's a lot of booze, it's a lot of houses and some of them are really exciting somewhere, not circle. Your mouth is gonna be norm after shot number five and also the different alcohol by proof. Their different everyone's, a different flavour they're, all crazy, so I guess it's just. I M very excited with this organ, restricting it from compounded at my house. I found this one company from this is for cried for people. If you want to have credit This company from Denmark, you pal, haven't heard them called empirical spirits. So the skies like really want this former chef and he figured out new ways to make liquor and he made one that's habit narrow, but the cap say sin doesn't get through the distilling process. So I can't handle heat. I'm a bitch you're drinking
the taste of Heaven arrows without any of the heat was and then he made one which tastes culturally Miguel, the character from fire started Ribeiro Cargo. It's like drinking smoke but its smooth. So it's really cool with a hammer narrow one calls. I hate the main cause, it's so pedestrian, because it's so creative. What he's done! It's called fuck trumpet his stupid fucking wall, no, no yeah! The weight of its got five of them. The whisky is the whisky or bourbon images like, and I dont know what colleagues as its new kind of a girl, a core. I think that were Tech IDA note, the term is because their distilling it in a crazy cipher way, and it's called fuck trumpeted stupid fucking long. That's literally the name look yeah, that's where is it sounds delicious. It is the idea of I'm really excited about the idea of having era without the he. Although I do like he there is a. Unfortunately we do not share this is so crucial see that that is the actual aim of the booze and he's blunt got.
On which is of what's that monetary? What is ok are Denmark. Crop grown growers dinner, crowns, yeah he's got one which is called Suke blend, which is Rostov, Canute which spices mixed with cocoa shells, Jamie orders bottle, is jazz near the town get it for you. What you say you can you can get into the state? So here's the thing there's like to these two stores in America. Have it. I have it I'll get you a bottle website once in Brooklyn ones in Manhattan Island over the other one, is really fun. That is always making one now out of tuna. Tunafish yeah now think how smart you have to be to turn tuna into it. Thinkable liquor? I was I'm Anthony, show Andrea one, and I was one of his boys brought in some beer. That's made with weed. Oh yeah, yeah yeah yeah did the same and this guy I drank some of that was a heart very good day, That is bad, enable fuck you up. There was a
Milligrams in the whole bottle. I drank about a third of the bottle and I was like a fear here. We go as high for a couple hours after the ship. That's that It's no joke now know Joe any edibles or no job man, and that was for me It was possible to October so that we drink was. The first marijuana had had a whole month so kiss your ass. It's pretty good! I'm scared of this I'm not gonna lie yeah. You should be scared, all that stuff fuck Trump and a stupid fucking wall. You should be scared of well that's sweet. Now when I try to do that. When I tried to, can you compare to something it's because he cut, We have an air of vinegar. Also is so it's not a vinegar, kick it
the thing is: when you're really wanted nothing like it right now that it's hard for me to have the vocabulary. Compare these two. It's it's got the Bell pepper kind of sweetness itself. It doesnt have a burn, sets its smooth, the fires that Charlie Maggie's, when I really like the fire one, it's so crazy if you like a dragon. What's the alcohol content and something like those of the Charlie Magee thinks forty eighty proof this one's, I thinks fifty four, proof so its pre, strong, yeah I'll kick. It's got a kick girl. Some go on there. Fifty prove means twenty four then I'll go right now here, man, please wizards today, there doing all kinds of, but I have to say, but I love that this is what drives me. Crazy people like this interesting out there there's your fan of this there's. So many creative people in every field who social dumping interesting upper basic people non consent yeah magazines, yeah yeah, there's a lot of basic bitches and it's someone do there's someone I somewhat isn't in pc.
You do know this mean. Is that assigned Tal thing, no, not play character non could you don't know what this do? I get to tell you that if you see me as this is the most importantly unrelated I'm ok here we go. And down a sort of it is possible to show my age a gun you when we were younger, we play games like final fantasy and ultimate right in and in those games you go to like the armor store, the weapon store and by your sword or you by your armor right. There's I running that store within the game. Yes, he does not exist outside of that store that character. All he does is by armor cell armoury. Doesn't have a wife. Doesn't kid you go there midnight he's there you go there atm he's. There were he's the player characterised you're playing he's the non player character, and the point this me makes- is the vast majority of humans are non player characters they have no prob mind outside their programming, so they call it MSNBC or the call and pc is the network and you'll go and licked or press the black Orangemen bad impeach, forty five, Russia and that's all they.
How to say- and you see this on Twitter, where it's one thing were people, say cliched ideas but they'll, say clearly. Ideas in a cliched way here, and it's like you, have no mind you just repeating what has been programmed to you and your script and as soon as you mentioned, certain terms is a knee jerk speech that they give and once you identified at the matrix, like you see, Asian Psmith everywhere This also weird laziness too, that yes, they day, there's some people that know that that's what that is, and they accept it and they just do it anyway. Right they could say nothing get away with it. Yes, yes, he then journalism to what do I mean the White mean journalism. Are there they had a pull up, run mad and pc, because, as a picture her said tonight on MSNBC Orange Man, bad or like the agri intellectual show? I think they call her it's hilarious and the twitter freak the fuck out and started banning a lot of these accounts, because this is really got calling the bluff.
Who are these people like you, wanted to twitter ban because they say dehumanizing or they can give a reason, but that's the ostensible reason. Theoretically, sir, have explained its dehumanizing to call someone and non player care in a fair way, you're saying they have no mind or soul, but is it ok to Rome, a basic bitch? Yes, apparently the super similar. What about calling someone a fuckin nazi right? Why so easy because you, when you're calling some and not see you are reading them effectively. The human race you're saying that person is not deserving of any semblance of decency of Uranus and that's not an crazier perspective is the ultimate, so human designate, yeah yeah. It's then you Edward right yeah. It is. But it's its wits. Actually, like really easy to say you can pull it out, like not the actual thing you asked for by those means of her as this. Yet that's one, the third one that when that right there, The outrage intellectual show
which really hilarious is listening to liberals go off on her real progressives like Jimmy Door, great Jimmy George Michael Tracy, growing Greenwell. None of them follow me that which they would but there there. I hate when the right things everyone the left the same. There are many people on the left who are not pc who are brilliant. Who have left me, ideas and convictions and they call shit out, but the percentage of them appears in the percentages file? The narrative is so small that we just talk and earlier. Ninety ten, ninety percent of any population are gonna, be Anti sees ten percent over the innovators. Now Jimmy Door goes, Fun, her when I'm doing, whereas the arduous march mean the six friends its J or when whose a fortune Maud my buddy Michael Wolf, strength, coach Matt, whose an immigrant That's ever ginger Samson emigrate, my friend Paul it never name for him. So I said you can be put on deep Smith. We know he's gonna, be excited from the Romney one, and I said Paul had just gonna, say: Paulie pc and he immediately went out and got a grey, a sweat certain grey
scheme ass to where it looked like the name, thousands protocol, what what Romney? When I'm, not aware, Romney's the centre, never knew tat. He does he is he just got unless the Tuesday? How does he go from Massachusetts to Utah she's got his immoral, he's got the matter, but did he moved there? Did you have to move there to get that Utah? Does? I think he lived there before Massachusetts because he ran the Olympics than he Suddenly, I'm sure he's got your mormon. You ve gotten Utah roots, yeah, he's so reasonable in comparison to tromp. Oh, I don't hear people would vote for him now. I think he's got. No. I think he's completely soulless and I dont think people away. I don't need people's offers inability. He was for he he attack. He went to the left of TED candied for gay marriage that he's against it. He sang Romney care where Sir Massachusetts, but what we for America. What the fuck is any wait a minute you lose the two left of TED Kennedy when it became a game area. Look up, Romney TAT, Kennedy, Gay rights, he Emmy he was for gay rights than is against
pro choice provided was his reasoning for going against it, because now he's running it further We can present the guy's a fucking phony he's an odd duck, that's for sure, but he could not be dad's Mexican has does Mexico yeah, that's true That is like born in Maxwell. You know what happened with his dad was Governor Michigan and he was gonna, probably be the republican nominees sixty eight seventy two and then he said he got brainwashed yeah and then it was like what the fuck does that mean Romany I'll, be better than TED forget it's ninety. Ninety four, so what happened?
dagger, bring one of his yet said he was Brainwash. I dont really was a member of the french somebody and there like. Are you saying, you're, crazy, yeah yeah? This was thing so that determine that determine the I can see your Brainwash. Do you hear me say you'll be Saint! I'm impervious! Yes, brainwash me, mother, fucker! You good luck! Twenty five percent tariff- that's delirious! That's a great way! get brainwashed said gravely exonerate yourself. It isn't that it's like you know it all. I talk about this in my next book when people on the left are saying Trump is gas lighting me if you're gaslight? That means you're crazy? ass. Let me someone is making you feel in saying that a definition of that damaged em now that's a weird term, gas or I don't know I have ever used. It have only read it. It's been a movie. What movie gaslight are you know? It's. The term comes from there's a movie from the forties where the husband is trying to convince the wife she's going Insane Cecily change
the light bulbs and like fuckin, with her head so to gaslights. When you manipulate someone to believe they're going crazy, so Hutton but someone say that tromp as manipulating them into believing there I'm crazy. They think did they think that he's making them crazy. He's. Just such an asshole, but he's making them crazy is out where they are. I think they're saying he's such a liar. That he's making me lose my sense of reality, but but The person who is the recipient of gas lighting is not a good play, no matter how you cut it you're it losing such tragedy or doubting things you're losing your mind? You don't wanna, be that guy? Don't they were that girl? Don't you guess what you doc? and don't say you're getting desolate. That's a move from the twenties forties forties. I needed to see that it's a brilliant idea, yeah did sounds like it sounds funny. It's hilarious, throwing funded watch too, like with the time period. Oh yeah yeah.
I think it is. Moreover, I think is an NGO Bergmann. Yet this is a major major film. What a creative plot that is! That's very creative. No it's the most creative show. I think, like one of those creative and innovative shows wall. Time is a twilight zone of putting it out all the different premises they covered in the Twilight Zone like Good Lord, what a bounty of creative ideas right! and every one of those in it like like a twisted in the end that someone is what one every three years they gotta do it every week he nailed it with one, he mailed it with a six cents and then after that is like the village, where they like living in a pledge airlines, are allowed flower, yeah right right, finally, right next to a road you can walk to erode in a day. You know how long that said. That's twenty miles, man. How far? twenty miles from people and you tell me people never got to your village. Did you guess the ending further success
I guess you're right away now I didn't ok, I know, did you I think when you being like, I don't know I was just coming into like I'm a guest of the usual suspects. Also, did you because all those movies it when you come and looking at it from a wider perspective, it's like ok, they, to show their hand in the first two minutes, You could be like. Oh, it's been a lie. The whole time some like watching that I didn't see the one. With a plants come alive and kill people of shirts retarded obliterates bad Jed's. Really, Denmark wolberg right. Yes, yes, movement. It is here to leave us whose implanted apes are wasn't. Wasn't yes, he was born. What are you whenever you think, Charlie Hazard, now that the girl play the Doktor James Franco? He played the die, that's right was he I don't lie to me. I know Roberts the lead and kill anyone on Carter. I believe yeah initiative, the James Franco
was the one who is trying to he trained the champ and that's when the champ, like crazy he was help in the channel. This was going to be the first episode, a joke and without chip Mentions- and here we go to the young smokey MAC we years this. Oh it's the other one, first so the first and then when they brought it back. Really sure there is. Why look at the image that two thousand one read above that the one to the right of that? But when I look at that make up, Falk is Polio: Bessie Gee, I still oppressive. Now it's totally amazing, that's crazy that that was two thousand one. That's right! That's right! So does that.
I feel that this was a totally different one than the one that was from my two thousand ten like almost like. It was a reboot. I don't think there were the same problem Does I think that's true. I do think that users yeah. I think it's totally different thing wasn't this timber and it must in Britain yes, Oh this, in this one Marcie Mark comes to the future. And finds the plan, the apes in the whole deal, but in the night One, the next reboot, which was the James Franco one James Franco, is a part of actual medical experiments at turn sees that appreciable yeah. I guess that's what it was. This will allow a plan, the apes movies, people's academics, there are the we're we're right, really obsessed with chimpanzees. I can't wait for the cross ever with the Muslim Brotherhood movie I'll think about it. They're, gonna culture or religion, while Roger, I think, once the cancer of the corners that when they got
the vine yeah I'll, lay development. How others ten years in between. Yeah. That's what it is this other than the one that took place on time. I wasn't look at that for them. Ok, yeah that one was the one where the experts gained rise online at the air. They give him. The injection in the Chimp get super smart in their eyes change color, those legal members eyes turned blue racist raising? Yes, you have to be. Blue eyed, Miss Marsh Thank you I am so I thank you. Sufficient museum to write, What are we talking about? We got to play the apes like what ninth charm, some alarming down here, a futile. Like zone. You were talking about. You know what one we were then he had. That's good, though, that people and talk about is devil. That's when there
Elevator reverently, divulge with watching haven't seen. I enjoyed that one of my Facebook banner picks. It's me in front of the movie poster for Devil yeah. Ok, that was not bad few. If you're looking for a dumb harm movie like fun, though there was that I actually Chrissy taken at an who she is but she's. Miss she's got Latitudinarians one of those ones that I couldn't recognize her attitude. I couldn't bigger out of a line up, and that is a shame that this is at a knock on her. I just I personally use but she's, I'm out of the loop yeah she tweeted out lino after thinking all this time, I'm going to vote for the Democrats and I just retreated I go yet directed by I'm, not shovel and there's a fuckin twist ending hook. Hollywood lady votes for Democrats. After thinking all this time, I've been thinking for fourteen minutes, yeah What does that mean everything I was lost? If you can do so and speeches and I'm not totally, I'm just not sold, did you learn. Con had some good points, but I dont know: did you
they can do so and Tommy learn were getting into it on twitter. Today, no lecoq like two weeks ago, MR it was this big calf fight, reeling yeah. It was hilarious. With this I like Tommy's, with sub tweeting, her she, when user name She goes. Oh, you know, above all, a is like Tommy Comma, like you're jealous because you're careers disaster, blah blah blah blah the was there was beef, but at the end scenario yeah, that's ostensibly conjured, turned on canned yeah, I'm in the bus tell ya, Can you turned on candles? Oh yeah, he says I'm not involved than uninvolved politics anymore renovated. Turning on Candice cause, she kissed her name in the tweets. What is a case of canvas whenever I find the tweet, if you ever since she was? I do want to speak for her, but she launch this help legs a thing and basically it implied that he was involved in it's like I'm. Not I've been used by people in power, I'm not doing well. Look at her. She went hard, oh yeah, they both I turn on Congo. Now the ship was
sink from the start, but hunger for fame and money was placed over the movement funny how he was a free thinker and quotes before and now oh he's a trader and quotes sounds a lot like a tactic of the left. I like her, she capital as in the after you made your bed now lie. I wish my ethics Mc Lane well maybe not only with the double Entendu maybe maybe be in our other Tommy. I think I can expect speak on behalf. Of people on both sides of the political I'll say. We are sorry about your failed career that this is wholly saying this she's literally had a career in this for about eight months and your fair career. You know, she's to run an anti trump website adopts excite. You mean yeah, yeah the desperation to be relevant again by car.
Gently, subbing me and or packing Cassie Griffin, Weekly, they shared sarcasm, Bode well, for any movement grow up never anyone rights grow up. I always heard and Hartman's voice found tat. This guy laugh is that it did they go to the further or is it just one little bit back and forth here that's so silly went on the defensive Wednesday after West rejected claims that he designed or created blacks it tee shirts. What is blacks it black? Likewise it they could show to call the blacks it yeah that they mean blacks are leaving the democratic down? Why did they do that? I dont you'd have thus Candice and our colleague and I get the Griffin. Why did they did it because of bricks? You have a black sea legs, yeah Blair near
But who are bad black exit give a black sea is also black exit, blacks plantations, movies right, but exit bout acts, I teach marriages, have b, l and then X, I t it's actually better. If you want to be sure precisely spur selling is better, but in terms of how how it said, I think some blacks, I'd! Look. What do you mean? You have listened with my it. I dont think either you don't have to breathe exit, just keep exit in there just be at the beginning of it and it works or it lacks. It also makes this, let's I'd sure, candidacy, you married to your idea of blacks, its knees, let it go. You're, a writer. You know how to kill your babies. I don't have any blackmail
snow. Exhilarating. Writing your darling, kill your darling, you're shitty ideas, yeah the blacks, it's a shitty idea, blacks, it is worth! Is it yeah breaks it blocks it there were right. Do you think that this can be a lot of people, black people eating the Democratic Party? I dont think you know, I think, there's gonna be a few that recognise that it's, a genuine pathway to attention I think this can be. A lot of people are gonna sit home. We're African American there's a view and there is a few on both sides of the isle that are contrary ends hucksters. You now there's just two different types of pollution. The contrarians are people that don't like the fact that they are being told that as an african American, I have to vote Democrat and I have to lean left and then I fuck this
You don't tell me what to do and then they go that way. I think we're getting a little bit of that Franconia West and then these people that recognise that there is there's legitimate pathway to stardom to attention to you. Now you it's just a it's a career, in being reciting conservative talking point of an african American, oh yeah, yeah, that's it! I mean that it is a form of action But it's some especially you now if you can get a little juice on near some. Some argue. With some Tommy Lauren checker any these. I was confused her and more in southern there very different I now, but are both hot they're, both hot bids on? That's all I say I'm narrowly parentage what to say, but there's a day. Well, I don't think it's fair to learn how dare you, but I mean how there has- is Lauren the the
superior to Thailand mechanism. I mean if I win, housing, not fair Lauren so mean Lauren is better than Tommy. I think Lauren Tommy is much someone who's there to have a standard republican point of view when she does well in Russia. Preset Lauren is more of kind of a filmmaker and she's much edgier, me she's. She what, with more renewed Australia, there was always beef being about go in Austria, like they would they want to stop their talks. She's dying, she's going to South Africa do work they want to set out of everybody talks. We must stop Tommy's talks to want to start but no more intolerable, controversial relaunch more controversially real yeah, yeah she's, very anti issues. You know anti immigrant. She went to Europe to see the migrant camps search. You you're, not gonna, see two Lauren really on these mainstream outlets. Why no more was referenced would in a lot of the discussion that has happened.
The people on twitter about people in South Africa who are farmers getting murder. I shed document uncle farmland said yes, that was a weird one where people were angry at me in saying that I was reciting a racist conspiracy theory, unlike ok, but this is a this conspiracy theory that a black person was talking about in front of Congress. This is a black african guy talking about it on television in Africa, the problems with farmers, you know, and then there was that guy who's, that the one who wants reparations Susan, South Africa, whose a very controversial character who was he was kicked out of one of their organization, for doing a song singing about killed a boar. Yes, he's
doing it and making gun sounds in the audience is cheering around along with his song with gun. Sounds it's about killing farmers that term conspiracy. Theory is a tactic that the press, young people used to shut down conversation, if you think about it, hardly one steam was a conspiracy theory. They'll Cosby was a conspiracy theory. Kevin Spacey was a conspiracy theory. Everyone knew everyone out of wedlock. Elderslie through I never get their mouths shut. So the idea that a conspiracy theories, inherently false, is itself inherently. This is just the latest stigmatize, a school of thought or an idea that you want to talk about whilst also labeling it as a racist ideology. Yeah, that's true to you, your immediately re in they also. It was because of tromp reciting. It trumpet repeated it on television talk, you write something in terms of the issue of south african farmers, its but it's one of those things that they were talking about before we're, even if they know that the narrative is not true. It supports what they're trying to
right, so they run with it, and so I just the other way they have double down. I kept person all these different things about. It knows more about this guy talking about it. What about this? What about here's here? Summits so these murders and then the theirs Also the reality of South Africa in General, which is extremely violent, there's a lot of and there's a lot of crime, and some of it has to do with the fact these people that are in these farms are targets, because they're in the an old nowhere in weather. Its racist that they're going after them, because their white that's debatable, but black farmers are also getting intact. It's not simply just white farmers. There is some That was an there's, some of that at least some of them are going after these farmers, because there. Why- and this is the thing that's really disturbing- is our people, a people happier if this is black people killing other black people, the Hutu and the Tutsis. That was about genocide, yes and so yeah. It's a problem when people are being killed, regardless of their race right and tribal, isn't cuts across racial
on the other side, there is also some some legitimate claims to land that was stolen, stolen during apartheid and that the people who are alive today, who might not have been around during the stealing that land are benefiting from the fact that their their living on stolen land, like that's all legitimate as well, so there's legitimate arguments. Firms of like how the land was procured in the first place and how the person whose owning it today how they came to own it? So there's its complex, it's very complex, but it also us do with this culture of violence in Africa in general, right specially, particularly South Africa, with his lot of poverty- and you know these people who out in these farms in the middle of nowhere near their targets, people don't what politics from both sides wants to teach us is that pilot things are never complex bright. So if you have your little package and some things doesn't fit in a package
No to make of it see, wanted dismiss it because you then you're gonna have to do the work of reconsidering your press, your assumptions and certainly don't discuss it. Publicly right where you could be misconstrued or labelled as racist right and I was Looking at all these people. Labeling me as a racist, those I see where you doing, but I'm gonna keep post, these things, because its tsar, what I'm saying is all being substantiated by a bunch of different people, were also black in South Africa, like this. This is a lot of what this discussion revolves around and what trumps done is patent had outward lose a lot of its meaning because, like you, ve just throw that term. Around we nilly than a certain points that go catch the boy graph right right these and determines a very broad terms, its someone's grandma's prejudice and says I want my grandkids dating a black person. That's not the same as advocating genocide when they're both racist, but you can regard them as synonymous? Anyone doesn't necessarily the other yeah yeah it's the fact that racism I mean, I think, that racism
is probably diminish somewhat Your router in terms of work between now and say: look when we're bought year. Were you born? Seventy six. Do you think from nineteen seventy six? two thousand eighteen racism in this country is diminished enormously down Yarmouth. Yes, I think I I don't think it's x, I am from Brooklyn right, so I don't really have friends will likewise be white people. I can't imagine a situation when people are hanging. Out and saying like racist things in a narrow, dynamic it now, but I mean I can't Imagine the serious thing ever look at them like they're, not crazy, right leg. It will just be so shocking and I think forty years ago. That wouldn't be that uncommon. It will address Think this also The reality of social media is that there are absent lately real repercussions for any sort of races out now, yes the Asian, you say anything, that's any any outburst, anything that you say that
terms are like this, you could if you're somewhere- and you say something publicly- that's racist. Someone could tweet and will ruin your life posted on Facebook. It would ruin your life, and I think that keeps legitimate racists from being as out the which reduces racism overall, because I've When last people are doing it, it seems less. Culturally acceptable and then people change the way they think, but it's also it's easier to be racist when you're only talking to people who are like you, but you're in iraqi food from the world, and you like. Ok, this pots, geyser parts but is also puts like the people. I Oh, it's very hard to maintain that prejudice. When you're, seeing people who are acting similar to you cause it's anonymous behind the screen it they turn out to be like, if I may say, the sky, not differ from me. You, that's. The international difference between New York, in LOS Angeles, is the fact that a New York, everybody integrates with everybody on the street, throw yakking today there there are getting on subways together therein, buildings together every
walking around together, like it's a black and white, and Brown, and yellow and everybody's together and allay man everyone's in their cars, and they go from cars to their houses. There go for the houses to their work and is a lot of segregation just in terms of people just not interacting with other people. In a normal data day, commuter type situation. Might my second favorite cities even better than New York about this, which is Toronto, because when everyone's walk in a street, looks like the? U n so it's like and their very, very integrated, very cool. I love city. That's a great said: yeah ceasing to fucking called I've, never been there. I've been there. The winner, it is, is that bad s wrath fucking cold, but but it's a really great city, that's That was the last stop on my tour before my Netflix Special was Toronto eye. When you in Toronto and you're from Brooklyn. You are the coolest person in the whole city, everyone I tell you like at least five or six people made a point. Tell me likely from Brooklyn I'll I've been to William.
Org and I'm like. Do you think this is a Europe of MECCA like there's, a giant stone Q that euro worshipping there and the Brooklyn PETE since Orono is excellent? I went they are being like. You guys are assholes. I try to go. No excellent and oh speak of innovation. There's this restaurant there called the black hook. Did you go? No, they take awful meet. Our affairs organ meat and they make it all. Gore may an amazing- and I was there- are like the creativity in every dishes like holy shit. This place amazing interest rate place Lotta, great restaurants, are it's it's a great international melting pot like a legit melting pot, and it's really funny for me as a troll, because they're all passiveaggressive right, so you can put their buttons and get them to lose their shit. It's hard to do, but even you get there. Ladys freaking out. It's really fun you're one of the rare happy intelligent, well educated, successful people who also considers themselves the troll yeah, I guess
rare yeah, because you do it with a smile on your face and in my heart. Yes, it is a genuine playfulness to it. Yes, right whereas a lot of people it there's bitterness, resentment If someone does not agree with me or I don't agree with them or fighting like their their music or their tv, I wish them well. I wish their family will, just as we can be friends. Isn't me something batch, it haven't you and most people came up. There has run that later. If they think you're different political person. For me, I want you to die, took no. I want you to be well. Just would also be friends in that's, ok, so it's fun, fucking with people, while in my favour, one which is talking about how tromp wants to build a wall in the South Hitler. Built the Berlin Wall. Wake up, people, Adela Kepler, did veld of our more like what he wrote about it, my comp it had the blueprints in it and they start argued for days. To argue with me. It's amazing, while some arguments do go on four days I feel Although a few arguments and I'm not involved in and I'll just go and
my towing Mikey stillborn Christ. Don't you shit to do it's fun? Trolling people until it I'll see, you is taken into account the sheer amount of time and constructing these zingers and these these paragraphs and then and then googling the facts. And posting relevant studies and the fact that people just they'll do obsess on a you know, they're, not just obsessing about over. There sit right. They gave me a gay I thoroughly at restaurants, talking to their spouse. Just wasting it up in their head and trying to figure out a way to win. I dont argue with people really so if they come out me and they asked me or have already think about this- I just got my being detained like that's all I said, and then about said Roger, say now, then that's it Y yeah, but Europe to fuck with them. I do like to fuck me: why do you forget Is it because their non player characters you want to find them up and how bout the walls liquor store
I don't have to visit anymore, that that's part of that could be part of it. I think it's just its it. It makes me it's funny to me how life is a great fun. Adventure remove more war. Many hats in your life serve. I write and you never know, what's going to happen next and if you have the sense of appreciation and joy for it. I think that's the best and right attitude. If you take everything so some some, if some blue, checked Asshole Sweden, myself on Twitter It is wrong. How does that effect to fine, I'm an asshole? What do you care? So it's very to me how easily people flit their shit, and this is the one how people or marginally intelligent, think their brilliant and how quick they are. Some everyone around them. Some more on everyone is ignorant ninety nine percent of human knowledge and because some a smarter than you does it mean they're gonna, be right, an argument they might not have access to data you have where they right, not just, let's see something but people who marginally intelligent, think they know it all signal you don't you know almost nothing it as us do all of us. Yes, that's a really good point.
Most people know almost nothing about everything. Cracked and that's ok here- doesn't make them that people. You don't have to spell it's. Ok, that's the such a great point because Lack- information does not mean lack of and tell us right an, but also the presence of intelligent systems, presence of information right or presence, formation doesn't mean a presence of Intel, correct, yeah, yeah, it's This is why my show is misspelled. It's called your welcome. While you are people correct me, but there actually wrong was the first thing I say, as I Michael Malleson, This be you're, welcome they're wrong and every level, but they still gotta jump in Kennedy. Just read through treated out you're welcome. You know, and then people correcting her like. Don't you think, maybe an author in Brooklyn. Spelling Bee champion? Thank you very much related. Yes, I won Brooklyn. I'm a jacket fits now
when you think maybe I know the difference in your your maybe what year we? U, what what year is a safety five and you were Brooklyn and would know how old we nine that the jacket still fits estates. Now I didn't fit them out to big yeah I grew a little bit also. They gave you a jacket, get a jacket and painting that you would fit into the virtually. No. Everyone gets a sense as jacket cause. It's from like neighbours, tenders, fifth grade so sick. Ten to fourteen once If it's all the doors of Europe football Player or if you are a nerd business about players in the spelling bee, I sure I'm not one, not one set of precious on your part against football. For now I just I was there and none of them were to have them sure. There are no shoulder to be had no vanilla. They had no broad shoulders at this Madison Square Garden and nineteen. Eighty with six of them like that. While you and Mass square garden. Yes, where was why not? Really it would mean it was a political small part. I guess yeah
you know, there's a big party, masses, Madison Square Garden, small like says a small one: in one theatre, masts we're goin, tiny one, because we did the letter. We did a theatre small recently, where there was a year press conference and then away in- and that was not bit I was with is that without with Nat Hughes? No ok, now there was a different ok. There was just last week and I was a tiny one. I want to say, looked like it was no more than maybe thousand fifteen hundred people seem Small seem like a small little, maybe the Hulu, ok, how many seeds that bad boy, I won't say two thousand to two thousand, because I've done the other one, which is six thousand fifty five hundred is it really wow, that's crazy there's more than one theatre, though, but there's a big theatre,
and then there's more than one little data, or am I wrong think so, but the little one that you're talkin about doesn't really come up with, is not tended events added that rights Alla time. Man didn't look like fifty five hundred people looked waste more than that, I could be wrong, but still that's pretty dope when fuckin spelling bee regular champion Thea. Did you stick in an embrace face for a couple weeks afterwards? They might have had a day in my honour, my elementary school, because as the first, whenever do that data are chicks. Looking differently. Do you remember this now? What's recollection have any effect here, I was still talk, total disdain. If that doesn't help being on Fox NEWS, the Czechs will you definitely because the not in a good way, etc. That clears the cry when you're on tv and doing panels, and things like that. You're talking to the women who are not only beautiful,
there also extremely well spoken and great conversationalist, the percent of human? beings who are good conversationalist, is like one percent, so it's very hard to date cause it's like. I don't care what she'll in your office and how she's giving you headaches so a fuck you up and is also to me people, because you know you, you me people in greener was but it's hard for me to be people data day. Yeah, it's tough is hard on there for a pimp Let me ask myself: live headstrong Joe. It's gonna be hard for those girls to write one though they rather the Wall Street Guys job. What do they want to? I mean If your super smart, really articulate woman, whose also as a career of her own and then you ve, gotta, pretend you're dumber than this dude Lucas, because you gotta be smart funny, but you can threaten his mail ego. I've been there, I mean I'm impressed with so many those women I make as they gotta look at me.
In an hour or so funny and quick on their feet and an informed if they ve got the Secondly, I have to ignore the breeze going on between their legs, ordinary, pants I've. I've got to sit in the lecture once when the great bucket list moments of my life here. The lecture and my clothes are in points. Fox news switch the fucking aimed in it when it comes to the yeah, they can wear pants now. Well, it's not just out I'm saying having. Really hot women talk about policy talk about employing area that was Rogers innovation nets. Big mistake. I think they get a bad rap cause. It's like Addis Ababa like bubble heads. These women are very smart, yeah, a curse, the haglund she she was Miss America. She was. A lotta shows with me you and Miss America because of also being able to speak well, it's not just how you look at a bathing suit. These women are all Taipei over achievers. This we haven't miss american now, but now they don't wear bathing suits right, oh god. This is one the jokes like a cut
I tell this year I just saw the USA Lucky sent, I wasn't Kennedy show and they were cutting the misleading sue for Miss Teen. Usa, and I said, can you asked the producers? If it's ok for me to say Germany Ramsay spinning in her grave and candy goes no like now, so I can say that your raw formless ago, on which you want to go, I was indeed I was once and me enjoy. Ideas and Duncan were therefore stand up and that we're stand hotel and in the hotel they were having a little kid beauty contest and it was fuckin Westphalia. I'm Talkin, Like five six year old girls wearing high he'll or ain't make up full horror paint full war paint yeah, they look like drag cleans. It was so It was just ring yeah. It was like that
we're impersonating grown women right and it does it and very sexual last right, it's so creepy to see them little tiny girls will tiny fee trying to walk around stiletto heels right and brown. In summary, I yeah yeah yeah. It's it's it's very with fucking twisted man. Yes, it's twisted. Is it do they look even we're fucked up in person yeah then annuity. He had never seen in person before and then to be around them. Like you fields aired, anatomy- and it's like I could own- has ever seen this in your life of fuckin strange. We are passing by this ball room where it was going on, so there are milling out into the hallways and we were walking through knows like this is fucking strain there were so many of them, and it now and it's like
these fat moms. They look like with your dear Mamma June. That's what they look like. They all looked like that, their Alex strange and they they have too much lipstick on and in their wherein we're closed themselves and they get their little kids dressed up like grown women as its upsetting, there. Also! The and the thing is thus with, even if they are willing to make up its still extremely competitive in your fuckin, with the kids emotions, yes, yeah and its competitive in a way that you, basically just judging them on their physical presence and maybe some fuckin shitty singing yeah they're, doing yeah it's it's and for why would they tap dance or something? the doom sitting that didn't John and do things like this cost for that's even what she's a I think at that bad grandpa, Does that grandma? I was very but these are real- is a real can't, Israel,
contests like this there, but out and turn this off that frosted hair. Good Lord highlights a mom. Yeah. That's one. Those weird traditions were people going to look back in the future and what the fuck were people thinking you know when I had her on my show, Mr Merrick, I ask acquires a mismatch. Questions there used to be a rule that I think is roulette. Fourteen of before Miss America had to be of the white race with hair until not that long ago, really up a better. How ruin, I think, the fifty or sixty any was it wasn't the twenties known and now here and there was drama with best Myerson, who was the first and only today jewish, Miss America, both the drama, lectures, jewish. I think the answer to change her yes or to change her name. This was what something maybe Smith
something a little said, the assembly little less ethnic southern y yeah. Well you're, then I mean steady she's. The forties by looked up share all brown nineteen. Seventy was the first blackness America for their abolish the rule that rule number seven that was instituted during the nineteen thirty. That contestants must be of good health and our libraries are aims Brown to let you can change that name. I mean that's your name, it's which she is the whole package, because she is Miss America, It is this this time I mean. I know you enjoy chaos alone and you enjoy you enjoy. Watchings ships of fools crash into rocks. Oh, yes, you really do so this time fruitful for you, my guy This gets better and better every day I wake up, and I feel like I'm in the small village or something I'm so happy
but do you have any concerns that this is gonna go? horribly wrong, we're gonna wind up in a nuclear war with Russia, our nothing now and I'm, there. It there many times when we could have been a nuclear worth. Russia, during the so called words, are actually stop there. This great stories about that, like the submarine and and and the of course, the cuban missile crisis, I've known, concerted, actually, both Reagan and Gorbachev. This is a great sort. History independently were taken to the bunker and walk through, and both of them refused to press the button even assimilation. They both said. If we get Newt, we get Newtown that fuckin retaliating killing was a people, so I think this idea, member it do that Trump has his finger than nuclear button. He's gonna be new. Can people all the time it's like he's? Never gotten! Fistfight, so it's gonna, be it so latin looks. You know I mean the only countries overlooked. Anyone was us. Remember that two member him threatening Joe Biden said Joe Biden, Joe my by him, and then he said I would knock out Joe Biden. Joe Biden would go down fast and hard, so he said
I talked about and I give you my Netflix pressure, because it was so ridiculous as like our getting his ear to make this happen. You're grated everything you be graded, fighting do it there has never let it thought what he's making funny your kids to old men like Trump and Biden fight yes to the death of your raising. It would be amazing, it probably the biggest paper view event in the history, the word of God being well. What? Let's? Currently the biggest paper view many yeah no fly may, whether the first five ok. This would clearly when I saw these old guys go she's there so to like back in Russia. My motherland, these guys this in Russia that this background pleasant it now. This is a real real fight. Yeah there's a lot of then Russia who fell when he hit em and then the other guys like bitch. I got you, he falls. That's how Ruth Better Ginsburg Broker ribs. They don't talk.
Yeah? She fought with some other birds. Yes, and so do I sort of my arm try to pull a knife and of Jews. Have we learnt movement because you're a good job, but you ve got no balance. Hips are bad to a lake this synchronize now like modern dances, real old dude guys got no shoes onto thus provides doing better notion, grounded better Are you calling this fight, like your city, gather that he's thinking sucker punched him with the right see, but I saw that come at sea. I saw that right. The right job them crowded, Shopton face like, but let's see the guy tightening up put that right side. Yogi, real careful when she got moving funding with the rights arises that car look like. I was a kid I think it said you know this is a man who had like european man sat. Yes, I've got a basin, some, your pink country,
There's a twitter account like something only in Russia and its recent russian shit. I look at how much I thought this is my Jean yeah. You got crazy genes, man them russian people have done some wild shit. It's like dancers, joke about Russia's at the scariest white people, its he's dead his joke. Yes, I'll bet he goes. I moved to bed ambitious butchery cause, I'm not fresher communing Dan. When he goes. You know I moved to this bad neighborhood and I figured out what to do. He got some came up to me again what the fuck, with what you doing goes you think this about neighbourhood, and it goes I just put on a russian exiting from scattering the Russians and the scariest. Why do we not why people and the women of the worst russian women never fucking cut. You laugh at you're bleeding, Well, they're, merciless, my mom!
grandma they would you not fuck around different old country would have a rush woman that you encounter today their worse because their liberated so they're they're they're ruthless, there very hot crazing. They had crazy that yeah, but I can't do it. I can't do it. What a ban that the document was the arrested, pussy riot yeah, but those bitches loved applause free pussy varieties you're, even though they did wrong, but some were in that shirt yeah. That's that its ballsy to criticise Putin Oh, yes, that is due to email, give your banned or your journalists, like whatever you do, that guy has killed a lot, o p, l and laughs about yeah yeah. You know the Superbowl rings. No you you don't how I want here this fine, Google, it's I don't fuck up the stats Sturgeon Simpson actually told the there Superbowl winner who visited Putin and, as is talking about
Putin, ass and see the ranks had super rang and Putin holds onto it, puts its finger walks away Then the guy's that's go ahead of our important bodyguards. Put the Hanover garlic now solver yeah! You fuckin ring this mission with my friend sandy. While we adjust given our rings, showed sandy my ring and decent while she sure to the present I shouted Germany put his arm enjoyed it.
He has his version of it. There there's a version of it in an actual article, that's more detailed or he talks about how they he asked for a back and they were like now. Here's what happened. Other thing is how to troll dangler Merkel. You know the story now. Angela Merkel is headed german Chancellor Germany she's terrified of dogs, so he brings out his giant like black lab the sweetest breed and as far as look up Merkel, Putin, dog and she sitting there terrified to look at it and the dogs sniffing her. It's like a lab, and he just said Fucking laughing like an asshole he's like. Oh, I didn't know she was scared, a for how many Our leaders. Are you bring your dog out to meet other than her and the body language and her yet look at her she's pretty to look at looking at level. Two dogs, either by a lab, come on you're, fucking, weird.
Look at her she's, like not support for an hour now so funny. Now an asshole, but he's its It's very strange. What he's been able to do all you Do you see the assassination attempt with a guy drove into his car full clip change lanes on the highway and went into the oncoming lane into the fast lane? On the other side, full clips? land into his car and killed his driver, but he wasn't in the car. Oh my god! No it's why others shades why It was an assassination attempt, and they just didn't know that he wasn't in the car, but the fact they were able to cut through the lane get into the center where you know their dirt. They have access to the oncoming lanes and pick his car out of all the car me that to be coordinated with someone Rikers, there's gotta be a motorcade cry because it will thereby Yahoo
why that's it already keeps running a by, but just do it from the beginning I e ticket beginning wasn't: growth is a better version of it. Then there's a better version of out there and the better version of it. You see the guy change, lives, foam and slammed men and had to know that, That's where his car was killed. Him killed the driver, but and was not in the car, but it was pollutants car his magic while he just new, probably sought Mozart. I mean he must have a bunch of people, freedom, information, avatars in how many SAS nation attend. Have there been on that guy I mean what about assassination of sun and the President's that we hear about both Obama Trump? There ve been plenty really yes, but what ones just look at I mean they just want Trump guess really resource yes. Downturn is, of course, Gazeta want to talk about it than he the victim and its, and also a you'd, want to give these people attention. In all fairness, I think that's a good move would be like all right. Let's not talk about this,
Look. You want to talk about when terrorist attacks are foiled because then the low ok, this doesn't work. We're gonna try to different way so that smart of the press, I think but mean he's, been able to run brush her for a long time. Oh yeah, I mean he had his number. Does a Teddy Roosevelt tat. He had his number two there's turbulent messy goes, you can we present nose like ok, I've done not gonna be back in because it ok Aragon, Mr Putin, that's crazy got back in and ever is ok and his approval ratings. Like seventy percent and crazy. There's some huge number, the Russians lover do they lie. Of him or do they say they love em, cause they're scared. Now Russians, love aggression, we love someone who is nasty and an asshole. Why is the zionist tempt on Donald Trump? Bigger news was assassination of a twenty year old man in Vegas pullet Gun from LAS Vegas police officer and tried to use as it can rally darker.
Boy, don't tell me rural and of his life. I made that mean. That's come on a twenty years old, probably be now from Britain. I think you need overstate as research, something crazy man here. What did he tramped just giving a talk and those with Trump and sat? There was a boom and he goes. You missed him, We try to pull down from the host of the police officer Trump Rally in LAS Vegas on Saturday. He was arrested later told secret service that he had driven to the event from California and had been planning to kill the candidate for a year, so this it before he was president of media. Two thousand sixteen June June has a few months before the election, but this there's been other attempts on him, the president, so that once this ISIS attempt for this from the daily beasts, whether now can reproach shrubs of their saying and ensure that yeah well
it's crazy that one of the job! Well, it's scary, for I mean it I mean look at gotta gifts in Arizona I mean I don't believe in voting which he had this tweet about like us, she went on voted. I couldn't think that better promoting argument that she kind of like look. You know you don't believe in voting. Now? It is unclear. What does that mean? I don't believe in voting what you mean. I don't think it's! I don't do it. I don't. I don't run article better for the guardian. I just don't think its legitimate voting democracy in what were in any way like the idea that I flick a switch, and someone gets to talk to me for four years. Talk for me for years is make any sense. Will you think the alternative should be freedom? If I want someone to speak for me, I'll hire them and the idea that mean my neighbours have to be locked into some polity, because we're geographically close to each other is
landline technology in a post cellphone world. So how do you think things should be run? You organize, based on how who you want a line with on any given context like I'm aligned with Macy's when it comes to me clothes and I'm aligned with you when it comes to talking. You don't have one guy speak for you, for abortion and for the borders and for taxes, I mean audibly, that stuff. This is very old old model. I agree that it's over old model, but the problem is, we don't have any other on Sherwood. Because I'm one of the other one. Ninety nine percent of our interactions are voluntary and you are you come together. People as you need to, then you go you suffer raise. It is very, very dynamics of this idea that you're stuck with this person has a lot of people like him for four years and they speak for you. It makes no sense to me.
It does not make sense, but it's also, we feel like. We need some sort of a representation of us if you're going to have some sort of a summit with a guy like Putin, sure or someone Kim Jong, Moon or whatever it is, whoever it is. Someone needs to speak for us, right, and I mean in that sense it is a reaction. But the point is I dont have a vast majority of people whose country would not have asked a lot of people say trumps. I president, he doesn't speak for me and they have a right to say that and the idea that, just as someone was a contest, therefore, the boss of me. What do you think about voting when it comes to legitimate concerns like raising the speed limit, reducing taxes, doing this doing that, like fixing roads like certain things that we need to get done? I don't I don't do it. I mean that makes more sense to me because it's a direct representation, but even that should be up to majority rule. I mean people who understand the dynamics of speed limits and cars should have em some say rather than right, but then there's influence by insurance companies, and this is why rates it does what
things change but ensure that laws are but insurance companies are the ones who have the campaigns to force people to vote when we're another. It's gonna be one right. One sides can have much what looked like a barrel One allows you know all these: the tobacco companies trying to make sure that no one is not legal and all these, this propaganda, you have because they don't competitors when you rather have people behind the drunk like its dad's coming home from work I'd. Rather, you had a joint than six pack. I mean this and yet historically just cause our calls been popular that's what legal it makes. No sense, Norma Desmond, drunk driving versus driving, stoned having one Guy's going to slow the other ones you know one's got is probably paranoid to checking every mere checking that, by actual I forgot you arrive, slower, surround Cuba together. Rain aligns right, yeah yeah, I don't, I don't think The system that we have now is great, but to just now
participate at all. Why do participate obviously from public figure and I'm talking rise, participating so just discourse. Yet to some extent I mean I don't think the idea that you're flicking switch means are actually making a difference. I think it you're doing something in secret once every four years you're not actually participating. That's something people like to tell themselves it's getting communion wafer. Do you think that it's our camp also to have this time line of four years and especially when it comes to registering to vote, I think that's the most archaic thing ever they have to go some way to do it, but meanwhile you have a driver's license. Driving around you have a driver's license. If you have a driver's license, you should be able to vote
we're, not necessarily of euro citizen. Now here's your arm, you asked of EU citizens to get it right, and if your citizen and near when you think about criminals being able to just one that's a hot topic, I think I think that there should be more if you ve done your time. Yes for non violent crime right. I think what are really excited about what happened in politics this week was Jeff sessions. Fired because he wouldn't. Let me know this is what the reasons I hit the press. When Kim Kardashian went to the White House, they all clown her Kim Kardashian saved the ladys life. She saved someone's life. So unless you save a life shut, the fuck up you ve, never went. The White House to talk about prison reform and talk about people who are in this in jail right now, and she brought the case to Donald Trump mandatory minimums. Then you tell that, ladies family, we saw the village of them crying. You tell him of ha ha Kim Kardashian kindness
west. When he went to the White House, he talked prison reform. He said people who are not viable le the point is it would be the greatest thing for freedom. If the Republican Party, tradition and law and order party were in a position to be more liberal, about prison sensing cause a lot of people, don't need to be in jail, even if they need to be punished and when you, someone to jail, they're gonna, be terrorized and raped, and, if someone's dealing wheat is that really appropriate. So sessions was when the big opponents of this he's he thinks marijuana and heroin are basically the same. So he's gone. This is a great up Judy for both parties to work together and the ladys people do not need to be in jail and its expensive as fuck yeah. I could not agree more. He also something those more one of the most ridiculous. Things are very good people don't smoke marijuana, that's really of dust! survey like what the fuck are you talking about,
lives? In some nineteen fifties, Norman Rockwell Painting, but in the even a nineteen fifty there are good people smoke, marijuana, Jack, Kerouac, yet a good reason, but Tom Saint, it's like he lives in an idealistic portrayal of life, not life itself, but its end, such blankets. Which usually offender but yeah like fuck you, but he was an asshole a long time ago mean that guy's been a piece of shit for a long time. We go back and some of his choices and some decisions. What decades ago he was thought to be too creepy for the Supreme Court is thought to be too creepy for power. X, you start to make me he's a scary guy. Well, now he's gone, thankfully so people some people supporting him, like the president, forced him out good this. That's the best endorsement, from my fuckin heard and what's amazing is look different states republicans, supposedly for the last. Whatever decades were four states rights with every state decide they can compete. We had that with marijuana legalization, some had full blown, some had medical some
not. This is how the most was to work and sessions is one whose like, even though its still ostensibly legal, the federal levels that self such as Fuck, you federal overrides we're gonna. Have these rates lie finally allow? Let them decide in this? They level, like you, said that, but they never did it won't. I I know a lot about actually backed by Trump good. I know about actually did have some raids. It's saying that you were part the tomb gang and fight in high school right. They did have some roads and his administration. I was on a great age, grand jury duty and I talked to the whole jury to let people off about marijuana stuff because, unlike you, dont have to indict on this. Like Y Y, you gonna ruin someone's life. What was the jury about not even have a bunch of cases, and I said I can get all specific. I was like people are very from all walks of life, a receptive, the idea of when you think about what jail means:
it's so fucked up and people just like was summoned something on which we punished. Even if someone should be punished, the idea that punishment should be jail is not the same thing right and, if If not, when you wouldn't be better, if they are house arrest, for example, why do you need to be terrorized and locked in with a roommate? I don't wanna roommate, Well now that Romania is also locked in a cage, yeah yeah. I know, around other males, yeah. Now it's dark, and you know it goes back to what you're talking about early about empathy, yeah how important that is and about how easy it is for people to just dismiss people right. You know what they call today, the council culture. I feel just one thing cancel just wanting shut him down right, get rid of enforcing out firearm, take away his thing tat always gig mean and then in our put in jail this to put him in jail thing to me. So here's a big one taxes I give you don't pay your taxes that put you in
What a child support like there was. This me myself, whirling of woman disobey child support. She gets a government out. She gets an apartment. He forgot his big shouts where to go to jail yeah you can, earning money from your jail and was not how I got money when you get out who's that helping now it's gonna help some of their dad's jail burden. Is it because the resources available to force. The person to pay does not there is, though they try to make the punishment as terrible's possible, so that you, u motivate them pass shore, but at a certain point it's like it's. I dont think its conscience of to really be sending the jail is so bad. It really needs to be someone who's, a danger to society there walking around. I agree. I agree. Again we even the Martha Stewart model. I would be so much happier for law. These people are just locked in their house. Water need simple, she had to go to jail yet, but afterwards I visited Ankara bracelet. Likewise that, like once, you start asking those questions. What will we do matter for you? It's an anchor break
or if they are in jail, wouldn't matter you ve put em on some island. They couldn't do that and then people only to think of those terms well cause you lose your humanity once you're criminals like you're, not a human being right and and it's like it's, it's wait and wait until this, a joke that, like a concern, but it is a liberal has been mugged and a liberal is a conservative whose head interactions with the law. It's like once you interact, the law FR analyze Orange is a public defender, she's great, it's like It's really easy once the I've saw Iran is on you and your criminal shackles at the window really fuckin, quick in its very scary, right and there's people that are prosecutors, they're trying to win they're trying to win a case and that's what their job is? Their job is not to make sure that everything is being done correctly. I e in that you're being represented accurately in that not enough to do the job is. There is a case. The cases against you you're on trial when the trial right? That's my job. It's again has to be their job, yes, but it becomes a game.
May mean that this is the problem that I've said with law enforcement period when cop see people they think of those people as a possible arrest right and there's a game and they ve been lied to by so many air cause you're dealing with people all day, long they're lying to you meet some new. Person you automatically assume their lying to you as well right and then things get where there is a great video called, do not cooperate with the police and it was like a law professor, I believe, and he had the cops any right next to me told the cup anything I say it's wrong plea jump incorrect me and his broad point, I'll just somebody quickly, as you can't talk your way out of an arrest, but you could talk your way into one. So he's like do not ever talk to them. Just say. Thank you. I know you're doing your job, but I can't cooperate until I have an attorney present. There's no upside and there and they say Do you explicitly anything you say, can and will be used against. You fly cage ok, burlesque screwdriver! I can, and will use it against? You know you cannot bar
Scrooge. I need my eyes yeah the adult ultimate legal case, public legal case or one of the ultimate once is joint Assange. Oh yeah, that's where he hasn't seen sunlight months, No internet access, no internet access yeah they shut and the end of the year and they're trying to kick amount. Now Ecuador pushing go he if he goes, you gonna do with it. What Sweden they want him. They want him in Britain and not of the different charges filed against him here yet technically, what I'm sure they they want is heading a platter, but what they want him for so preposterous it's so nothing. Only ethnic I'd want to write Suffolk upon its tax evasion instead of being a mobster bright but its it it's interesting, because I would think that summit MIKE Tromp, who is such a conspiracy minded person, would actually like Julian Assange. Because I'm sure there's been a by me on what he's ever said in the past by giving us an eye. He was aunt I wish
links from start now, but I he said things about Julia signs that grant. I understand you. That's because there was something Julian Assange: tweed my friend Cassandra, Fair Bank she's, a big support of him and she's like well. There goes the idea of clemency or report in our own area. Tromp tweeted or no. Juliet, I think here is a piece of praise of virtual prisoner like wears an end date stuck and well. He can get visitors, though. Now I don't a cannibal Anderson, yea everybody. We have taken our way that away when I want to stay there. Did it spinner years years, it's been years years to being one building Yannick, he doesn't go outside new more. He can't do want let em, I don't think so.
I don't think he ever could well on the balcony number now. I know he does s sunlight that positive, that's terrible yup, given vitamin d at least know ye. I don't know I don't know I mean he's awfully pale to begin with, but if you don't get vitamin d or give me a really sick without so they do North Korea they get her skin starts falling off. There's been licensed June nineteenth of twelve. Answer, do some of them without that six years, why Why is Christ? How much almost six and a half years June have cell taking a play and you don't even have internet anymore, he's a internet for how many months has been at that time? I wanted it's about about four or five months. It's been a while. It lasted long been in there that around twenty seventh they were suspended the tidings time, eight months for the second time, Toby, twenty sixth FARC.
Who the hell's over Wikileaks still running sure yeah? That's the entering whose hang in there you know that's crazy, like how does that one play out there there there really what they're doing for sure we're talked about punishment being a deterrent in certain situations that is absent. Really a deterrent. They make an example of implementing loser. Oh oh yeah, where's, Chelsea Manning's out now she just had a surgery. What surgery protract centric? She one there she took out. I am. I have a vagina o k, she's out, she's out Zol, Hob Narbonne, and maybe using that thing I met her ass. She came to an event or nice brochure, but she's out she's out he's been out for Obama, pardoned her could hear her sentence. He's locked away forever,
in the embassy and then their Snowden, whose also hiding rotten Russia right. What actually a lot of this year, this taller after almost a decade of fighting through prison, the courts, a hunger strike and through the insurance company? I finally got surgery. This, we not Lasik. Apparently Oh you, some edge swearing glasses, for there was no no he's gonna, be in Russia, Prague forever. In a lot of these farmers from South Africa, that's where they're going to Russia Putin's letting him in really yesterday better learn how to write those hours backward pretty in writing it weird arza? We have to learn the home. The whole language in just a weird ours is yes, Russians, gotta lotta, weird. Once we do, we got the I've barely litter in Russia. Letters, think all letters are fake, but deliver alien language genuinely like so many writing, something that is so a piece of metal from Aspasia
like Snowden is he's fuck to write a mean he can even be public in Russia The writing. I am not sure about him. I know I know sorry. I've been falling Snowden he's deep under when they must know where he is, though I mean there's. No, the intelligence communities doesn't have a fuckin full line on exact. Were that guy That is the big question. Do they know the sufferer they incompetent and there's examples in both directions? Yeah, I've gotta think they know where Snowden is. I can't will only in England Greenwell talks them all the time lingered in Brasilia. That was haggling, world kind of made. His name, I think, whose also great lefty gets it alot yeah yeah, that's just how does I gotta go on like is used in hiding getting his restaurants in. I guess sneaking in like
Where's ranch a large losses. How does it get around here? I don't know and who, as you get his money from these guys food right, what does he do for food letter? Borscht FARC, just look them up the Google's like kind of broken. Here's a example of it. It says when did he die and then it just highlights a day and doesn't say, is not dead, so Snowden Food, Hong Kong, we're here, staying there without was part of his body. He had to go through it heed this whole journey through a bunch of countries yeah we're we're. I think they tackle Thailand or something at some point. It is weird it's like Tsar God, just that's him forever. That's So what does whose nodded gammon he just has to hide. I d think cell or may he safe in russian prudence. Having there's a fuck you to us,
yeah me too, must have something to do with the pollutants. Deciding to do this, you couldn't do it unless some advantage to him. This is strange strange these things just these floating, like a den of like little chapters, stories. They're just you know. We all know about what they don't get resolved, but right doesn't yeah yeah. Now just floating around, and this is think I mean this is why talk or North Korea the time since I've been there, everyone still there. If, when I met and like think about six years, Assange has been in that one building, six fucking its itself and all the people jail also with the jail for six years. As we can't reprehensible Ex fucking near think about where you were six years beyond the gun, where I was six, not just that like six years and things are deteriorating, they want to make of the embassy he's got nowhere.
Ago, if he these he gets arrested, he doesn't have any internet yeah fancy sunlight. Knowing that the most powerful people in the world were doing everything they can to fuck and put you in jail for life, and you kind of already our innocence. I can't see at Julian Assange is never in the rest of his life programme. To be able to like take a jog around a park like ever know, never will walk a dog yeah two over. It Scary and the thing is a lot of the shit that almost all the shit that he put out his true, that's, what's crazy, it's like he's doing with journalists should be doing instead of getting up and the press corps and just pitching a fit, but it is through real repercussions for doing He did and that's what they're letting us now yet and there lay ass the morning matter what the lie as like. What are you getting on for secret sex
prizes advice if it was right, snowed was running. His twitter account says he's the president of something called freedom of press, which is a website and twitter account also of the same name, and they treated this out couple days. Ago sore, I never heard of says the latest case in the Trump administrations crackdown on leaks, Natalie. Edwards. U S. Treasury Employ, was arrested in charge of giving suspicious bank records involving Trump I'm paying associates Paul Manifold and Rick gates to a news outlets in, legal complaint. The Justice Department cited work forward. Conversation see allegedly had with the reporter over and encrypted messaging app, the government claimed it got a hold of her phone and with it her encrypted messages with a reporter she faces prison time to say, like our rapporteur should be using apps that this dismiss all their messages disappear. Like signalling, was out. That's what
this website here, but even then someone can take screenshots. Now. I think something you can't it's disabled automatically room. Even you could take a picture of your phone with. Another phone obviously would signal my friend who student knows more than anything it. Nobody knows curious signal, I compare him would signal and secure jobs, and so what is signal? What do you do? A signal? Basically its encrypted says. You send messages to me like that, for you can set it to vanish at a certain time, and I cant do a screenshot, interesting yeah and it's it's not hackle apparently suggest one. It's more is the better version of. What's up what else Michael discuss, we can talk about real examples, already three clock, because I my book when it comes out, that's coming everyone's, your work
fourteenth, was called the new right. The new right than you right. What's the new right, the new right are nice way seem all right it they're included in that year. I was Charles Bill and I include some Nazis, for it was not like interesting how stupid, whether now not that's the big myth rule in that these people are affected as their bright. It's like any forget ninety percent. What what the Nazis, any Charlottesville or bright, Helen, any population and of ninety percent idiots, ten percent. So there are people in that group who are sophisticated. This is why they're getting traction so as to kid, but fucked up, correct, so evil geniuses I liked referred myself as an evil genius. I know that I want to be a lot of damage that term but yeah. I means- and I mean they're dangerous in that sense: He they are intelligent, manipulative and right and erratic right, and is,
as soon as they start talking. You see them as human beings is very hard to dismiss people and their ideas, and its depressed won't talk about those ideas and solution. One of the rug and they're saying things you never heard before, right away, isn't element of intrigue for the right of such a dirty word now the right like to sing, it's always been Dirty word but its way dirtier now than ever, been before no known so in the past. It was much more so maybe in my lifetime, Russian, yes, but they mean that there's a vested interest on the part of corporate press to make it a dirty word cause. Then it's like well that all the good people on the left and they do it- of persuading. Do you think that's a strategy or regions? That's really. What would evidence do you have the points to it being strategy? Because if you have news articles, they will always use the term far right as an pejorative. They'd never used the term far left true, it's fleet, a symmetry ass, the day for sure and different countries. You'll have all these nationalist movements and they're always refer to as far right. We're not accurate as their youth usually moderates when it comes to things like so security or government spending there. Just on one issue,
nationalist, but their far right. So that the way to kind of love them in with the Nazis and in many cases they aren't at all Nigel fraudulent example this hit when he took over UKIP and the whole british independence movement. He fought against, though not the whites approach because they wanted to get there was none of us are about, and this is one of his big accomplishments and isn't ever getting credit this, while he's just so inaccurate, connected to breaks it. Yes, Anybody thinks about him as racism, that's by intense yet well. I just can't sausages, convenient sloppy lazy thinking by a lot of people where I it's just too many things to pay attention to write. You know, and if you just breaks. It bad will exit racist. The definition of a racist is something that a progressive doesn't like, or some
racist or summers racist sitting there using these two things, interchange of rights, that is a problem that probably didn't love. I remember one ought used to be all used to be like nerds used to be all left used to be like alternative music- all comedy all this, but like Sonic Youth, People say that any more like, even in comedy, they don't use the term all rooms, but all comedy was a thing. Yes, but now people stop using it s all right, they just use the? U C B go gonna use Ebay, they don't say I'm gonna. These ought rooms, but sometimes people do refer. Elegant sometimes is there's like our global residual left over or some sometimes Alex will still use that word, but ought, if some said: oh he's out, you'd automatically assume they were like really low key left wing progressive that was alt. Now all is all right. What I like racist,
Nazi, Milo or the end pc script is all right like if a person is to the right of Hillary Clinton, then execute outright daddy exit and I'm just given the whole speech. So it's it's. I mean the discourse in this country is completely collapsed and I love it why do you love it, though, that with this courses, clock has my right sign up for discussion, let alone a vote. So whenever people sit down and have a talk about my life and freedom, it's gonna end badly for me. So if people can talk to each other about this, maybe we'll go our separate ways and live peacefully. So you'd, rather not talk about it and just go peaceful is always get someone's political opinions and preferences should have as much impact of my life as their sexual preferences. You wanna fuck. Do you want to have a threesome? I don't I care for my friend in that I'm interested, but it's not going pack mean impact me something same thing with the oh. You want more welfare. Great go live your life that were so
coming some shouting match on your front door, an exact here instead of you and you bodies coming up, it's gonna shit out of my kids. You know what I mean very few. People deserve that I was gonna say no one, but very few people deserve yeah, so the disengaging from people gold discourse as a strategy for just overall civility but also worsening political discourse on purpose, to make it so that people can actually form coalitions and anything done. But it is amazing how personal people take other people's opinions on things crazy. It's like the people, gently. If you know it sick when you're dating and you think of this. This girl, like the same kind of music. I do sir we're gonna get along. That is a very we correlation and there's lots of people who are right wing who are good people and as lots of people who are left wing who are good people and there's lots of people who right wing or about people. There's a very we correlation between this. It's a cultural signifier. You cry came from the same culture as people. Just take the culture where they grew up with, but if you're gonna just dismissed
tar schools of thought just cause they vote differently from you is at a personal level. That's your missing on a lot equality, people I couldn't agree more, which brought any with that. Tell me about your book ones. It out, may mania, for teach wanting okay. Well, that's a long time to come back on again when it lives up a loved their luggage. Every shit you buddy, I'm thinking by ready, you have one for turning into the podcast and thank you too are sponsors. Thank you to honey Two join honey, dot, com, Ford, Slash, Rogan, and get honey for free join honey, dot, com, Ford, Slash, Rogan, honey, the easiest way to save money while shopping online. Thank you so to the mother fucking cash, you can use cash. In their cash guards. Save beg you save a buck. Every time you buy coffee cut off,
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