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#1206 - Mike Ward & Pantelis

2018-11-21 | 🔗
Mike Ward is a host and comedian, who performs in both French & English. Pantelis is a comedian, and with Mike they co-host the "2 Drink Minimum" show available now on Compound Media. https://www.compoundmedia.com/shows/2-drink-minimum
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are MIKE Ward. He is a canadian stand of comedian and became famous when he was brought to court over eight what they deemed tasteless, and he has been battling this shit, for what do you say eight years now something crazy like that. Six years, eight years, something something insane. Canada is still battling. It he's an appeal right now: yeah yeah, twenty ten, so eight years, and his friend pen tell us and they have a show on compound media called to drink minimum and they came in and talked about. The state of free speech and Canada, which is very different than the United States in that This is a very important thing for people to understand why? What, by why Jordan Pearson freak out about what's going on can this is why they do not have freedom of speech.
The way we have it in America is not the same, and this this case that MIKE Wards gone through, really sort of highlights that whether you agree with them or not. If, when you hear is point- and you see here, what he was doing an astounding was doing it's hot to imagine that you don't think that their steps to punish him. Been egregious an excessive and pretty ridiculous Make you really appreciate real free speech like we enjoy here and the good? Oh? U S! God damn it. If you are the american flag and who was flowing in the way, right now and national anthem. Plainly girl Jamie. Can you get me some too? We play national anthem, wonder what happens when you put the national anthem, knowing its Matthew, recording all right. If I played some Whitney Houston we get in trouble. Are we don't need that their Canadian give it up to the folks
and to drink minimum. A show that's broadcast through Comp, maybe in the United States of America or freedom of expression still lives for now, MIKE Ward and Petals The job will gain experience to corporate parents. Tell us pet, combat pant, penthouse, tell us one. One word one would like Roseanne or like Mozilla, ok cool. I do nice to meet you guys, nice I've met you ve been nice to meet you. People don't know, let's give them right off the bat yours. Story, what happened you Hagen Trouble and Canada for a joke- real trouble, yeah real too. I got a fine forty, two thousand dollars,
Canadian America, Canadian, which was like now close to forty two thousand, yet again it was some yet, let's aid, like thirty, eight thousand american and there's a thing in Canada, called the Human Rights Commission than ever, province has one of those I had a joke about a little boy that was famous. He was a singer. He was a disable boy and that the joke it wasn't. Even though I mean it was just this little kid, there was disabled and he was he was I would like to make a wish foundation type kid right: news famous in Canada, he was famous infringe Canada. He sang for the Pope and the joke was like. I was super happy for my first, the subtle deaf boy he's dying here. His dream was to sing for the Pope, and then he became like of liquor. Page news on no, you know everywhere. Entry on then he he got a record deal than he sang for the Canadians than he came out with a book and then at the Anna was like why Isn T dead yet like wasn't he supposed to die? That's just the right there,
Does it around? Like he's a little of the Ark joke, yeah yeah like it's. What I do is dark humor like I'm, not I'm not re Romano right, so I did that joke and now in never did that joke on TV. Did that Jochen Especial the dinner on tv? I cut a couple of things out for tee, but I got a letter from the human rights of people saying you. Oh eighty forces they wanted. Eighty two thousand for the job like we listen at a joke, we think that this boys Emily deserves eighty two thousand cause of this joke when a weird number yet- and I thought I thought they were like this- how fuckin stupid? I am when I got the letter and I saw Human Rights Commission. I thought I was in a word or a prize or something design. I do. A lot of benefits would suffer for I raise money for disabled people, so I think it's about time. Recognize we as a good did, sir. I read:
and then I call my manager and unlike fuck, they want eighty thousand and we were like. Ok, let's just get the best laws. We can't so I found the best lawyer in Canada that that does free speech stuff met him. And he told me the reason why it was eighty thousand. Eighty thousand is weird number like if they ask two million you're gonna fight it, but eighty thousand is big enough to kindness yeah, but not enough to really scary. You see your go like look. Ok. Can I give you four me and then they'll go ok. Can I ask you questions or those bit? You said you cut it from the special rights. So how did they know about it? It was. I did this interview on tv and the day the reporter talked about the bit. He had never seen a bit
did he know about someone told him about the bit, but the boy was in the special of in the special. So it was on the internet, I've also, you could watch it yeah, you watch it on the internet and this special had been in movie theatres in Canada, just when we sold it on tv right. I did this in French running a year was in French. That's. I was weird. Whenever people were talking about the bed there were it like. It is she's in Canada. In England, where, where it's very left, leaning people were we're talkin shit about the bit, and I was like you You can't even understand that job. That's in a language, you dont speak about a per and you don't know so they people almost made it look like. I just picked this random disable. Boy and I was making fun of his disability, but I was making fun of the fact that he had become famous cause ever thought he was dying and then he didn't die, which is ugly. You know
for him. It's a dark joke geometers. Yet not even that particularly mean now it's a question. Really you not J, hey. Why don't you die? I spent money you little fuck hen say that now you said puck enemies yeah. Exactly when I did the thing for tv, I cut a couple things out tat. I thought I could get me in trouble because I figured you know when you put out a special and people pay for the special you should be allowed and I still think this. In view of this, I think everyone should think this way if it like, if you put out a special, you should be allowed to say whatever the fuck. You want to say but if you sell your special too, like CBS Re Bc, then of course they're gonna cut catch it. Of course. Here's, your last special netflix it'd be crazy. If Netflix had looked Joe, we fuck and loved your special, but this you're gonna cut this you gotta go. Well to Netflix credit. That's one of the reasons why this amazing they they dont give you Hardly any input at all. There
to go, I really liked it. It's like they don't do anything yet day. You know I had some controversial shit in this one in my last one they just let it go much preceded, yeah. I was really happy when I saw you last special. I thought it was the perfect thing to to come back from a net like the Diana Gatsby Splash that it's an important special. But it's not funny and it's like it's almost. You know what it is. It's her art right, yeah you caught the problems were putting it in this box right you saying that stand up comedy, but if you, do something, and it has some laughs in it, and then it goes on this. This by this journey by graphical journey of your life and your ups, observations, and do you say it in a way that meaningful and people still enjoy it, but it's not funny anymore. It's still, I mean the latter, comics didn't like it, allowed comes, get upset, and I was like. Ok, I get I get. Why you would say it's not comedy, but I dont get. Why
would get upset because obviously people like it like, I don't get upset. If people like certain book, Sir certain songs that they have a good friend who likes fish. You know I mean I don't hate fish, but it's not my cup of tea rights on a bad that makes me upset that your friends and family said, he'd like to sit- and I don't know it already- cyber aim- that's not James is Jamie in dire nothing in fish. I just maybe a needless to high. Maybe I need James has not changed its Jamie like that that Hannah gets based like, I really wanted to watch it cause. I don't wanna, be some guy that listen, rotary minute said fuck, you side did listen to it and I do get why it like it's in an important special and I think it's good for what it is. But I I didn't like the fact that people were saying this is comedy in time. Came out with the less the more hilarious, specials and now
number one time when is like a diversity eliminated ward, total figures, it's all very diverse, so funny people on it. No doubt they can still like these lists. For While these lists are always weird because, like especially when you it's a summons subjective opinion and there's nothing wrong with that, but fuck you. I could see that it's who is this person, I would like to see Chris Rocks list of top ten comedian. The top ten comedy special sort. You know someone like that. Someone who's who They are, I understand their thought process. Maybe this person is a famous writer. I dont know that note their famous journalist I like ceiling, tvs like top ten movies, but it's like a certain tat we get to the top. Things like says who says so. This is also subjective. It's so weird and the calm like that, Nothing is, I need watch it. I've only watch parts of it put the memory, action to it. Was the Marie action to everybody else's reaction. So am I
that's going on here either it's the most amazing thing ever or some sort of an affront to comment. You know and either I think it's a better both going out, because I think it is it like it. It's like a lot of people were saying it's like a TED talk and I think it kind of is it's a funny TED talk. Doesn't run with the eight does not feel I mean this is my point on all. This is like Why do we need these sort of parameters that How has to stay in before we accept it doesn't have to be your kind of shit right for it to be something that people enjoy. Obviously, someone enjoys. It was a lot of people enjoying his is not just some of those when they make those lists. We like, let's include this person. Let's include that we have to make sure we have x amount of women eczema. You could see it is almost like there, the thought process behind creating these lists, but some of those people, will appear on the list over and over and over again? So that means to me for sure
Somebody loves that special like that special is like number one on so many people's lives, not just number two and number three. Its number one, a lot of people's lives, so someone's enjoying it. So it would. I give us What does anybody gives does? My reaction is my reaction. These comics odylic absurdly bought, but why I remember why I mean why they got mad. It wasn't cause, they were saying it's a number. One special is cause. She went on an interview. I think an Australian. Instead of your comedian wholly cares about making people laugh. Then you should stop doing how many you shouldn't be in show business. They should see you publicly. You should give a message right but little. I disagree with that strongly but from her respect if what she's trying to do is like someone is really in Iraq and Road, like Falk RAP Music, a rock n roll on. You know that but their Sammy, that's what she says she's doing I a committed form, Xavier,
an economy that makes me laugh fuck, you can't you I'm in the deep comedy bitch that attack tat. I mean, does nothing but look one of my fate. All time standards for sure is Mitch, Hedberg and Mitch head? had all non sequiturs, nothing was done deep meaning to any of it all. There was succeed or silly and still day like specially government traffic Allison, I should just so silly near you know his fuckin. It was amazing yeah, but it's just that is his expression in everybody's expressions. Gonna be different enough. This is something up. Figured out over the course of my eliminating get it right all the time when I was young, I was like you know I'd. I hated people that didn't swear and alike. There's no way. You talk like that for real there's, no way you talk, TAT for real, then after wiles at what do I care to some of the best? Ever swear Jerry Seinfeld zones where toward the best comedians What time is? It is not even a subjective quest
enemies or opinion. Argue you. Everybody knows what the best ever give a hundred comedians of the best efforts Mary Seinfeld, not that was bullshit, brine, Regan hilarious doesn't swear it off. You know, there's a lot of great comics. Just have their thing like there's, there's comics that have puppets there really fun. I d just because you have a puppet, doesn't mean you're, not really funny, but for a law. Comics folk Humes GO to Copenhagen, weird there you are you held like everything else I on board, I was like you. Do you ever see? Ato and George, what, but that was always making fun of the whole world is thick with, and then I fucking love that get mad at him because his lips moved seated Falcon purpose to save it? Wasn't even try and it was just funny
There is a distant, a few really fun puppet acts. You know means what good is a shit. Don't fuck you like, I think that's a thing now when you're in your twenties that anything isn't like what you do you like is guard. Right there because remember. I was like that too, like a plus like that was, I think I think I've been in your twenties in the nineties because we had just You know Tennyson and- and you know like Bill Hickson, so so, if, if you were doing like like like Jeff Fire Fox, where the where we were judging we should like who gives a shit yeah Jeff Box, where the problems are nice guy in history, the world. Yet he looks nice. I met a large cable guys, nicest fuck he's super sweet. Got super judge do hard. People went hard on him Dave Cross roads. Crazy letter to him like a letter from Dave. Could the desk of days Cross was for it was like tongue in cheek, but it's
The idea was that he was some are another promoting racism. I thank those with people said, he's doing a characters: real name's Dan Whitney His character is really dumb. Guy doesn't have sleaze whose fucking, hilarious and good character his character isn't race No, that's not basis, but you know this like these lands like there's once you run out of, like really hybrid, file targets there actually racist. Then you have to findings are close. Do no use like we say in there what you say about asian people: click, don't do it, don't you fucking. Do I mean there's some there's something you can still get like there's some like absolute realities that you, you can say right, like you could say, asian people in generally have higher accuse Norbert Math as a fact Joe, it's a solid fact. You now, but because the other way, if its positive rating, we can always do Why people as we are not a smart, is Asians, see I could say,
because I'm white, because Asian, why report is not as smart. You know it's true, but in terms right, you test and mathematics in particular, there just fuckin, smarter, there's so much more than you know, they're doing and Harvard yeah Siena shit there they're, making it more difficult. For asian students to get in Harvard harbor a class action, Lhasa because it actually raise the score levels that Asians have to achieve because it's the combating of last resort and I've actually raise this ray. It's fucking racist. So you don't hear leftwing people progressive people calling out that kind of racism, because b As of the way of many asian cultures of sort of structure, their society, people don't complain as much and they work hard and they like I can put their nose the grindstone and they get go on, and this is in its part of their culture, and so when suddenly this happens there it they have. To break out of those norms in order to protest is really obvious racism and be
as they really haven't done that before they just sex or silently working hard harvests. He in too many of you, you fuckin Smarty pants in folk how many seconds that's so fears or a few people have Jordan Petersen has somehow as you know there's a few recognised public mines that were intellectual, such weird word right, public intellectuals, but those guys are deftly public intellectuals. They have these long form discussions on a watch, my internet of doing it yet Bates together fast, and aiding really fascinating, especially specially their discussions about religion, because Jordan is fairly religious, but the got a really interesting way of putting any says he he acts as if God is real, not that he believes God, but that he access, if God is real and he finds great benefit to that which is very arguable right and then Harrison
like not buying off and he's brilliant too, so the two of us get its loud noises of this is a fascinating. Like really a cool high level conversation and you get to sit in on one thing, I like a bad turn Petersen. I've noticed whenever I watches interviews he he thinks like sometimes like. If someone some question. You seem stop and think to really see you know where he's gone, whereas like a dumb guy like me, I just start talking and unlike I'll eventually, loans, are no. He knows exactly what he said. You know, especially in regard to marxist history and things that he gets very upset about. He hits is. He was also he's having these conversations like little on a daily basis, going over a lot of these grievances and allow the materially talks about, goin over a lot. He's got that ship bolted down and he got in trouble too, with the Human Rights Commission in Ontario. Here he got in trouble because they were going to force
bull to use, compelled pronouns, and there are some weird language that he didn't like about the way they could enforce. What they were asking people to do, and then it got to the point where saying We are talking about made up words. Now, like it gets to certain point where people get look. People are fuckin self indulgent. We all know it. We all know and in that, but there is also the other side of it says. Will people also should be able express themselves freely, as you guys get to do on stage. Why can't they do that with their name or their gender or in a whatever the fuck they want, and why do you care have it? So it's so simple. Did you say whatever the fuck? They want you to say just a name right, sir or others this said, but Jordan's like their seventy eight different ones. Now we can do. Like this is this: is chaos unnecessary, like I'm very pro trance like you can do whatever the fuck you but it's the same as like on stage I can do whatever the fuck I want to do on state, but that doesn't mean you have to come. See me,
It's the same thing! If you want to be called sir, I don't even know what the fuck That is so. I'm accidentally gonna call you her or him yeah that'll deck, and we happen you can get upset that no knows the fucker letters and plus like off like it. If you get it wrong, it's an accident, right here. You know if there's a difference between you being on stage. This is like a choice with your life. Right decided to be a convenient. This argument there right Then the other side is, but they didn't have a choice. They there they feel compelled like actually are of the other gender and they they thereby mean is wired like the other gender and their body. Just isn't what they're supposed to have and fuckin with their head got it. Ok, I'm cold that to you know like I, don't It's fine like is as long as you're, not interfering with other people's lives because we choices like of Europe in a fucking with me. I don't have to do anything because she now ok long,
I know your boy. Why would you bully someone on purpose? You know it's gonna fuck with them. His problem was that he didn't want it to be compelled to things get in trouble. If you fuck up exactly exactly in this is this is what he's talking about his no problem calling a male who transit to feed. Girl or she or her, but he's like do you can't uses can compel me to use is made of ports because at a certain point, when the things get rolling, they become contests and they this battle, it's an idea. Battle, which side are you on and they but a win? It's wonderful, I have a police officers and in the court system that what happens and you get a prosecutor and defence tourney is theirs, contacts going on and these guys they involved in this contest multiple times, a week with a bunch of different cases and their move things around all the time, but there are constantly trying to win this. What they're trying to do when a cop? you over and he gets you first,
I think he schriner rest. You shall win like we're playing a game now. You know this. He's allowed to play this game, and this is what he said to do, and he's got every right to do so is gonna searcher hormonal shoot your dogs, you have weed, and this is where all the stuff comes from a come. These this insane justification for these ridiculous acts comes from the fact, even given a set of rules nor to participate in this game, but the guy aim we now when it comes to like things like compelled pronouns and when it comes to Light pushing the envelope further and further further at a certain point: we can say no you'd. You can't make up a new language. Ok agreed, look at you, chemicals, it will let you know to learn you no fuckin, Nike Language and pity language and Tom you so much agree on the words. We knows how many different new words do you have boil down to one get back to me. You wanted A trans person are queer person. You want to call zero every agree, Z, eighty are z,
gee, I get a new think good. I don't give a fuck, but don't say I gotta go I'll go to jail or you can bring me in front of a trial or something beautiful some fuckin tribal Also, what do you do? You know bang drums and decided. I've uttered the wrong phrase, but are these guys to the judge? Also cause might didn't, tell you, but one of the judges on the Tribune was saying: oh you're, a piece of shit for making fun of a kid. After that was found to have kiddie porn. You some kind. A molecular too. He was judged that he was too. She took it over to people that Human Rights Commission in Quebec. There were one of em. What's the president had to resign that he had paid off a thirteen year old girl, like fifteen years ago, did not tell anyone that he had had sex with them and then the one I think he had had sex with was a six year old, like it was a great but these mother fuckers that that's what I hated these these people were telling me. Ok, you're, you did a joke.
Onstage- and that's all, I'm your intent, that's what people forget Oftentime in my intent. Wasn't too heard this look at my intent was to make people laugh, but these guys their intent was to put their dick inside of a child. That's fucking major him and they judge me now. How can crazy, while hypocrisy, know no bounds, and- and I think you know anybody- that's doing anything like that- it's just a sickness that incomprehensible these fuckin guys man. So they put you through some shit like you went through this for a long time. Like my my lawyer went when I first met my lawyer, I told them he was like look. I want you to settle and he goes I couldn't. I could get a reduced get a reduced like twenty grand- and I was I told myself if I do, that, I'm fucking everyone it like any comical.
Canada is gonna, be fun. Cuz, I'm gonna to set this weird president, so I told him I was like I'd rather give you a hundred thousand then give them five. So then he told me he was like we can't win. I didn't go to court. I went to the human rights. Try beautiful, I was judged by the Human Rights Tribunal and the Human Rights Commission was bringing me they're. So is me verses them judged by them, so Call me your defiling gonna lose Tis a kangaroo court yet, but he said use he said them. Appeal and the governor probably accept the two to listen the case again and then goes then you'll win that an, but so I said yes, I was I look I have to do this and a man I loved Rocky,
and there was something weird about I was like this- is like fuckin rocky I'm gonna be allowed to live in an out and out either, but so then I'd like I was something really weird happened to me. There is, I didn't, I didn't think it. It affect me this much cause when I was in court, and I saw this kid's family fuck and crying, and I was like holy fuck. Ok, these people really took this shit seriously and I felt it was weird cause. Might my job my tent was to make people have this kid? I'm nothing gets his kid learned. I don't I don't. I don't not like on my door again, but then to see that they took this this seriously and then the The media was put portraying me like that on in I did a series of shows in Edinburgh and theirs Newspaper Montreal, the wrote MIKE Ward MIKE word is getting rich offer this little boy
and I was doing shows in Edinburgh that no makes money there like. I was paying like the two hundred seat theater and I was like these fuckers are making me look like I by becoming rich, because this little care. You became a target and then click bait, that's how they get people to pay attention and I didn't think it at a fact made. But the thing that I think the reason why did in fact affect me if all you get is hate. You can blockade out its supervisory blockade out an error. If all you get his love that's easy to, but I was getting hate and love so so I'd be like you know, I wouldn't let the hate in, but then someone and show me love side open up and then the hated come in. India was just so fucking weird and ever and I was like googling myself too much. I'd be like. No, I see I be like I'll fuck. Ok, there's an I too call about me in in Russia, and then I Google translate to see that I'm a piece of garbage. So it was weird, and then I just saw I chose weren't
anymore, so I was doing shows and because people were like I'd get these weird hecklers and I was like I don't. I didn't like comedy anymore in this. The only thing I've ever done. My whole life is the only thing I've ever loved, like I don't have kids cuz of comedy cuz I was like. I know I am not the type of person like it like you're, good at organizing your life. If I had, It's like this. The well in my life I'd be a horrible father. So I never had kids Gaza that and then I was like fuck the only thing I liked I dont like anymore and now I dont- have kit This is where, but that, yes, I went to this did it take to get the fuck. I took about a year and a half and I'd told like I didn't have like I make a good living, but I'm a canadian comics. I make canadian comic money So so I had money. I had money to pay like it's cost me a hundred fifty so far lawyer fees, I'd so far
yeah its ongoing peace. Now the appeal is the appeals. Gonna be cheap, that's gonna be like only a couple thousand, but an eye of that. I had I had a Bruce cells from just for laughs at organise. A benefit for me, Bruce is the best. And he re about twenty, I had go fuck me the rays thirty, so I paid a hundred and then I had fifty. I had people helping me and that pretty much got rid of all my saving, so I told my manager I didn't like do shows anymore. So is a book me. The minimum amount of shows that I can you know I can pay my bells cause might like I've. You know my wife doesn't work, so I was she'd book me like a weaker, shows and saw three weeks. The month. I was going through this weird depression, and we got the month of June chose pretending, like everything was okay and that took like maybe a year a year and a half a metre gone through. This really really weird, weird funk, but the thing those guys
I dont meditate, but I spend my days in the bath like I'd just be like line in the bath just stay, at the ceiling drinking wine. Like those drinking wine. In my bathtub all day like at least more hours a day, while and then and I could feel like a like what never know like when you're in a weird funk where the bottoms gonna be, but once you start go back up, then you know. Ok, getting out of this and then, when I started feeling better like goes like a cat, feeling better a little better, a little better and then like six, I've been out of it like six months ago. Call my manager six months ago, and I was like ok, I'm back book this this this y gotta get. You know to get some money, while has the new cycle in Canada gone away from it. Yeah deftly Javert helps to lay a definite like people to fund new things get. This is a thing like people. Whenever people go after you, you idiot
facts you and you remember, and then two weeks later, people don't even remember even pay but I had this woman that she had written me on my facebook, like sixty year old woman. The turf facebook profile is her with a cat. You know a genome The clouds and a sweet old lady and she had written your mom died cause. If she was still alive, she does she'd, kill herself seeing what her son has become, and I was like you fuck a bit, but I started like I. Can I go to her page. I kept on going on page now and legal about a month ago I didn't interview and she shared it and she was like are like, like I was a good person again like this crazy behaviour, There is probably a dwells and, moreover, sailor you and once even crazier is I keep going back to page you crazy that hurt. I'm fucked up she's on the fuckin rose antibiotic she's, probably act out of her head on somethin. You know who knows what she's on
alcohol really helped like. I know it's not good, but alcohol really have now, so you recommended fine value that here, because it's a depressing, but it it's a number it's or to be sad and drunk when just sad interested here and but I knew like and now I sell drink, but I drink like Lastly left I was drinking like a blatant out maybe like for four or five. Maybe six, twenty six ounces of weak, like I was drinking almost four bottle of vodka everyday doubt would be impressive, but yesterday Jake the snake was is not an eighty mile drive with under the giant direct forty, eight beers yeah. Now that's fucking and he did already a beer, so yeah now I ve got a wine, no man, yet in the fact that you just sit in the tub. Just that's in Europe Diabetic right, I'm going about it. You know was we drink, and why are you there?
Are there many carbs in wine like not much sugar blood? That's our knowledge, but you turn around their catch now. But that's why switch divide done. Don't start thinking about my half yeah getting organic smasher. It's organic you'll be fine, exactly Oh, do they give you a tie? I'm where you have to finish this thing, my where it's gonna settle by I just geysers many years ago right what yet started this. This is a joke. I wrote in two thousand and nine, and I did in us Russia was from two thousand and ten. I did a tour two thousand ten to two thousand and twelve So this is a super old joke and what's fucked up defeat, doing something that you wrote ten years ago, like people were like what were you thinking when you wrote that I what the fuck goes like you're, not every year and some one guy Tommy whose, like you know, you can't say things like that anymore nowadays and I was like I know they wrote TAT took ten years ago-
Ten years ago we use, they do say shit. There was a fuckin meaner than that. There's some funny dark. Oaks, you know I always bring up his brain. Holzmann. Betsy did right after turn that suit Smith, Lady, that drown. Her kids do remember yet so crazy shit, they ve. This lady drover car into the reverend is drowned or kids did on purpose and right after it happened, brain holds been goes on stage. The comic story was late in general. Are those a bad kids. They sat that closer to tv didn't put away their blocks, the costly spilling their milk. Those kids will not be missed Everyone is like share, it was so ridiculously mean and funny at the same time, and people have to understand that that's you're in a nightclub people drinking- you are allowed freedom of expression. It is fun. These bad people. Halts was not a bad person. You know about preserve bad people. These people
doing a certain type of art form and here's what we're this type of art for when you do, we say mean shit, you don't really mean for whatever reason you can't do that, because your guy on stage as too much like your actually saying it. You're, saying it in a movie fewer planet, fine, Fine, you played a mean fuckin villain, character, saint awful shit. In a movie, everybody ability, Salmon Jackson's Gray, got hit. It really kill that guy over a cheeseburger mean was just his character. Did that he's a murderous monster, writers, screamin Bible vengeance, Bible verses and then fuckin shootin, this dude, but nobody is appropriate because its Samuel Jackson's. Obviously, an actor and pulp fiction was a movie will have any infusion, killing second set. Yeah a movie or yeah yeah yeah, there's something that's fucked up about Canada, though it does make up artist named meekly Turkey's Sudan five yeah. That's like the geography of make up like despite heat,
EU special effects? I'd make does like more remains up and he did this movie sort of like just like a demo what he can do it was a short film where he had this little kid and he murdered the kid he didn't actually murder the cat and the end then he put that out on the internet with you know his name at the end and the whole who played who and some fuckin weirdo in Germany saw this, and It was real called interpol, Interpol called the Montreal cops mantra. Police went to remain, could house to arrest him for murder and then he said no, but that the kid there we saw the video goes, the kid see the king, in the video he's my neighbors. So they went to meet the murder victim, which was little kid neighbour, and they saw he was alive and they still they they took part. They took him the court because they said what he did: inciting violence,
and then he and end everyone Tom there, like you, you're gonna, win for shirk this just stupid, but the thing is he had to defend himself. He had to go to court and he had to, and when you win a court case like that like if it costs you ve thirty, fifty eighty thousand to defend yourself, the government doesn't give you your money back and that's a stoop. Like my case, I find it is kind of stupid, but his this is fucking retarded cause. No one ever kills someone for and then has third and credits notes. Well, if they did now bill, do it because you said no one ever does amendments, and I would like to point you do a party ass with my ward clearly showed some fucking Psycho Senate has laid establish design challenge except. That is why Jordan Petersen was so adamant that that bill was dangerous, and that would be bad for everybody and bad for free speech when we Look at it. America. I think we have a distorted perception cause. I don't think we totally understand your system governor when it comes to censorship,
don't have freedom of suppression. The way we do in America what's fucked up to about being Canadian is, since all of our tv in all of our movies, our American, like the first thing, ass. My lawyer, I was like what about what about the first amendment. He was yet we don't. We don't have it I would like now. I know we don't. I know we're not America, but we must have like the canadian virgin version about music. Now, there's not like, like people all over the world, the talk shit about the state. The states is the only place in the world. That speech is protected by law, you can still get in trouble by saying shit. You can still get protesters. You give you so Michel, Wolf darkened the president's. Now she d Don Trump Dude since Donald Trump, shit about her, saying that she bomb so hard. Last year at the White House Press correspondence dinner, which, unfortunately, for him, we ve seeing the video and she did Bosnia at all. In fact she killed. She had some funny shit and so,
He wrote today that she bomb so hard there now gonna bring someone like they're, not gonna do anymore they to bring in an author here. It is Let us look at which arouse so comedian, Michel WAR War, so badly ass here in the way, our correspondence do that that this year First, I'm in decades it will have an author instead of a comedian, good first step and come back with dying evening and tradition. Exclamation point. Maybe I will go question mark. She writes you'd be on my side. If I had killed a journalist, hash we'll get she's got two hundred and ninety seven thousand seven hundred and sixty nine likes sixty four thousand one hundred sixty nine retreats, one of which is mine. Now little that shit is hilarious, she's, she's, a savage and he's that silly. What he did was silly. You can't say someone bought, but he does. That's his move right. Just it doesn't have to be real, but you can
shouldn't, say: someone bombed. We can watch the fact that in bomb yeah you pull it up an AIDS, I'm? U why legged wash thickly go she killed and say that those sense, though the people that have seen it no, she didn't bump, but the people that didn't see it now thanks. I dont think in matters I think in the mega mindset. Okay, if you had a mega mindset, it would be a you, don't need any reality other than the reality. The all decide upon any press forward with Fuckin Hasta an american flags and red white hats and you just keep moving. He just keep moving and eventually what you do and as you like hacking, the new cycle cause the new cycle is just so everything last today, maybe two days for days now he's a fuck about stormy day. No stop talking about two. It's over! That's! What's going I mean that's it's in they, ve kind of figure out sort of an odd way. They given impetus- are we danish thanks still talk about it we'll go way it's going away, not only that the fuckin lawyer. Now he got charge with demand
violence, the lawyer for start, I'm a guy area. The guy was gonna run for president. Now he get charged domestic violence and check out a restraining order. It's over baby, so he'd, like you, just keep moving. All they do is just keep moving ski moving and eventually a guy like this like. Yet, obviously she did Nobody can say she did and even she'd dunk them keep moving. It nothing ever sticks because he's caught a wave does the news. I so crazy, everything's, ok, there's nothing stationary that we call can examine for long periods of time everything move in everything is constantly moving. This is no stability, it's k with him in the White House. He know there's no stability, because he actually got to be the president. He figured shield like he treats everyone like a comic, treats hecklers yes and he's
people that that say that he stood he's he's so smart like he figured. He figured all this shit. I figured out that all the protocol that was established in the fucking eighteen, hundreds and early ninety notice. That does mean anymore This is not Harry Truman. Yeah this is not George Washington. This is two thousand eighteen there's porn everywhere, oxy cartons are killing people and no one is talking about it. Cigarettes are killing people no politician ever brings up fact: half a million people die every year in this country, just from cigarettes shut the fuck up, keep moving, and then you know it here that little Jeff sessions, little munchkin workin form forever saying that good people don't smoke by Rwanda like the whole thing's chaos. He knows it's chaos because he's a top guy, you imagine, being the top guy in something as insane as like the United States, governmental system and seeing the lobbyists special interest groups and all the money and all the fuckin Cason, Saudi Arabia's, cut nub journalists and you got it-
if your mouse, it's fucking, mad this and he's the top mad man. No wonder why tweets shit like as he knows, is no rules so crazy. Part any minute, it's so fuckin wacky. I was watching today him pardoning Turkey out and away. They still do this kind of crazy shit. He has probably tweeting about Jim costs to being a fag and in turn around and goes is turkey. Turkey became a illegally, let em it's so still. What did he do with that? Turkey? He just He just decided Turkey is to live here. What happened So those guys you build immediately in the air, the Cambodia for sure they go diamond. I live here, we're gonna! U for Christmas, says so the whole idea. That would be a thing so fuckin stupid, we're gonna decide one turkey, one! Turkey's are good turkey, members save it. Save Nope out with the axe psych just kidding put its head. All log chunk people freak out, but you know it's gonna kill us Turkey,
You have said that I'm Jonas Turkey here but insolvency, you yesterday, he tweeted. He said some ice. Leave Saudi Arabia may have been behind that cautious shaggy murder, like did you just figure that out is he a detective using it took this law. Everybody knew well. Ok, let's examined that. You say everybody knew right now. How much do you really know? Only what Turkey to told us only what everybody tells you say, and I am not advocating conspiracy theories, but anyone who says they know what happened like Jesus. Don't you know what happened are the people who did it and then the people who think they know what happened. One. The people are examining it then the people at a reading. Third, fourth, fifty six and about what happened. The we're just talk it shit. You know they killed him Are. You sure look, I'm sure. That's what I'm sure. I am sure that if you stare the sun it burns your eyes right. I don't try to have a lot of people I'm sure I am sure that if you like, dead trees
on fire. They they becomes a wildfires, very dangerous. I'm sure that's real, who kill them I'm I'm sure someone killed em they're, all admitting that kill them. Pretty sure that British, a ship pretty sure early now, because what they saying that they had the turkish government had recordings, but they didn't wanna show them publicly cause. They don't want the other embassies, knowing how they record this is good you're not supposed to exactly sir that's what they said if you're not supposed to, but I think you're, probably all do it, yet they actually more browsers. This video and audio is what I read, but I'm fester, fucked Y know but when you want to say, are they killed him? If I can kill them said that there is an idea tat, but he wasn't gonna hear it because he didn't wanna, hear toilet to hear you know women. That brings me back that movie grisly man, but grisly man, they had audio the guy get eaten by a grizzly bear. Liveth Grizzly bears forevermore everything's going to be eaten
no one dignity and, along the way, has ever seen documentary now it's Warner Herzog moving its while the greatest unintentional comedies Walter. It's really good! Ok, what get laid, and watch it you're gonna fuckin love it it's a guy who is there's something wrong with them. And right away like you. Do you start making judgments like Z gang? I think, he's gay. I, these gay and heat fighting it and one the ways fights it goes and lives in the forest, not bullshitting, he didn't get. The term bears. No, you saving bears me somebody's, so a feminine and brings this fucking. Cameroon is walk into the forest he goes. I wish I was just gay, but I'm not gay, vows gay then I would just, oh meet a guy to truck, stop or something, but I'm not gay. So I without a fast as south. I, like those of walking around by themselves in the woods surrounded by that areas, go well I'll, just gay or be so easy.
Here. How you're saying it the a stereotypical gave voice is one of the weirdest thanks cause, there's like not a single masculine heterosexual. Male who use that speech pattern. Does each patterns exclusive to gay man? I can not get whatever. We like this speech pattern, that we associate with homosexuals and need You could say someone's prejudice, but you look, you know it's true. You know. That's true, you know here, someone talking and saying homosexual type things in that voice, you're the cellular gig have you ever had had a friend come out of the closet to me and the whole time It was common out. I was like oh shit. I'm gonna have to pretend, like I'm sorry, eyes because he was like look, I gotta announcer of over four. It's weird, it is weird! Well, you know and what it's weird is any discussion of. It is deemed homophobic, some homophobic of over no problems. Gay but
did is weird that some percentage with its ten percent twenty percent, whatever the number is of gay, guys talk? Gay DORA ball they say gay fans. This can have their fingers. Just Morton good friend of mine, gazed, fuck loves it sway, As you know, he swings when he walks sachets, as he walks into a room, his lair, is to fucking funny stand up comic, but he's he you know he will take on those kind of vocal affectations you no negative, there's a common the Montreal he's. A good friend named John Thank Godard he's a good guy, but gay audiences, like em cause he's a guy like he's from a small town in in the manner However, whatever so gay people don't like areas has he's he's a guy guy and then we were target last summer and I was like you
do shown call it no gaze allowed whenever people always goes wrong because they get angry. That's so weird is a guy guy, but he's gay they get mad. But here's what's funny if you is a guy, but he was straight. They pray won't turn him yeah, rising, he should pretend to be a state guy. That's like really easy that turn on mine, who was a make Abarnis super good dude, whose gaze fuck- and it was only tell me about these- who do air tat straight eyes. That would succeed strand, as I have him suck their laugh, although he would give me details, like the people create what is going on. What's going on, they like it, get a thrill at a turning guys but helping to turn. Anyway, I had a friend you step when I first wish to Montreal. We'd he'd be let's go to a gay bark. Is a lot of women. Go there, casino wanna go head on and then he was like. We'll just pretend like were gay.
And will try to have sex with the lady. For the first thing he was really good at a cost languages like super then so he did look like a game but I just looked like a fucking, weird, weird fuck it Chubby straight go gonna get you are like, They have a gay you Billig, but yeah, but I'm surprised whenever I see chubby Gay guys, Randall, leave. I dont believe they're, really gay, as I like that. Ok, I'm a dead man, one fuck, someone shaped like that interesting, maybe they were there, different genes. I see it differently, something about attracted to someone who's alot of natural resource. Historians skin. You know what if it gets he called out disguise entity alive. He could keep me warm, protect me fuckin me. Hang on to him. Did you
I don't know if you were doing archery today, but did you see that tribe this morning I saw that you were talking about it right before the podcast about the the guy? India is trying to convert them unfairly. Jane said they should a full arrows, the one of the last uncontacted tribes in the world. But what I do is, would you think we're gonna happen right, Jamie, guy's been there before I do so. They knew him, though. The guy bottle people kill them know when they say this. Fifty and a hundred people on this island, I believe, CV get a good article, a good article, so they're like fifty fifty two hundred and fifty people do not exactly know in they. They came there say from its size of Manhattan Island and they came there from Africa. Like was sixty thousand years ago, had read of exactly, whereas they are enlisted near India, yeah yeah, someone in India near New, near India, s Island, I can do is trying to bring him to Jesus
they said. If you like, the guy will introduce a tomb. I feel that motherfucker, for whilst in the middle of nowhere, Alaska Tepid in the middle of nowhere. So they came off of Africa. That's crazy! spread around. So you see all that shit, that's crazy, no it's interesting to in England. They call people from India Asians. They think of that, Asia because it and yet it is Asia, but we got weird with oriental at some point time: Oriental became derogatory somewhere well yeah Oriana, was normal bulgarian rugs. There was a thing good oriental rugs, That's like if someone was saying in Spic, toothpaste, hey, hey, mother, fucker, you can search anymore, but at one in time. Oriental was like a total flows, a real thing, ass part of the language,
but so now we see a giant because we try to be politically correct, but Asia is Fuckin giants, there's a lot of different kinds, folks! In Asia, you know what what what those like the people that ended up on that island, one do they not. You know there is little they how the fuck do you running away from something too, Well, everybody's, that's you know. If you read about the migration of but from Africa spreading out, that's a big part of what they're doing is trying to get away from people at a trench, health it's all. Either they run out of resources, the ran a food or their being there being forced out of areas like new people come. Then people escape and survive and turn tire histories. Human beings is like bigger more powerful human beings move into an area and and rape and then spread, spread out and then keep going I'll just keeps garden. They eventually fortify in the distance and get a new city in and try to hold them off and the new people coming through.
Mean they're, so many instances from the Mongols to the Romans mean go back in back of that all through history. But if you broke it down, if you looked at it like a math problem, what's happening here, here's what's happening these groups together, and then they develop some shit that kills other groups, people and they pushing those groups. People, effective checks, zeal their money factor checks either food, and then they do this. They need in, and then people go back and forth and- and this is all people have done like there's, never been time where no one was at war. Like you, ve ever gone through human history. This now it well. There is a period of a hundred years where there is no war, never happen in ever and ever happened here. The biscuit asked about this is an impressive how the built those arrows right. The craftsmanship cause they're Prato, air, what they look like. They have pictures of the arrows, but apparently digestive the arrows hidden them. So the way was thinking it was in order for an hour or two be done properly right and you can even and hit some one and kill him. It has to go through the whole story.
The pelvis nodded doesn't have to. I mean source of the kid hit a bunch of times in other him, a bunch of they get a shot him in the gut easily shitty arrows bottlenecks. Have shitty arrows cause, they need him in survivor, rights or the girl is gonna, be island animals and their hunting these animals. But it's not that hard. For these p, though, in these kind of tribes too, is if they have the proper would on the island it all day they ve been people of and making bows and arrows for a long time and they will use certain fibres from certain trees and they we them together and make a beau string and enough. They have enough good wood and they have good fibre and they have the knowledge mean even if they dont have metal you could still to this day, I found one in Nevada. I found an old, I dunno, what error it's from, but I found day and arrowhead wet. Why was actually bo hunting? I found an actual arrowhead from some native american tribe. They left by an apparently there really really comment,
people find him all the time, because you think of the thousands of years that the indigenous people here and all different animals they shot with bows and arrows. They figured out how to do so. These people must meet nodded to and if they have enough good stone to make something. Flint or something similar to make the arrow heads or we the using something toxic. Maybe they have some sort of toxic plant and they just dipping the Tipp of a shock. Been Tipp into it. If you get the tip in something toxic d, can you eat? That means you apparently boat, but not the area near the arrow estrogen to question but a lot of these tribes that shoot things, they shoot things with poison on the end of their arrows yeah will the idea that they just they want to eat it right, don't if they don't hit it perfectly they're, not gonna wait for the poorest,
shot that is trying to hit it, so they can hit in the ass or in the neck or wherever the fuck, the edit, if their poison nothing's going to die. You know these poison for a lot of weird shit to the use poison to fish through a strange. They take their place in the fish yeah. Yeah, it's crazy. They take this plant and they smash it up and they make it's like this green. I think that was that the YA know MA may of some or maybe Bolivia, sunlight that so one of those tribal people said lives almost almost uncontacted, but still some conflict with Doha. Like under Amr, tee shirts on when we too weird, but they do. You know their barefoot and they take these plants and Africa with the kind what planet as but they smash this plant up and make like this green pop, and then they put this pop in these ponds, and these fishes float it's some sort of toxin and it just fox these fish up and they just flowed up to the top and they go and scoop the fish and take him out of there but elected.
Alas, not toxic. Does I guess how no man I mean? Maybe you re a little, but I guess you, you have to be really fuckin hungry. To think. Ok not killing and offer or getting enough fruits vegetables, I'm gonna poison. These things and I'd rather die being poison than starving to death. Why think these people have been on it? edge of survival. They figured out survival down to you like every in their area. They know what's edible no what's dangerous. What to avoid what to cultivate, what to seek out there. Just then how to do it, so these people were on our if it's a resource, rich island seems in Ireland, the middle of the ocean, is in all killed too much longer
keep a certain healthy population of animals around cognizant of that this? These people is a video. I found two thousand eight worsen fishermen or someone found them and get two thousand cocoanuts wow. So these people, apparently, if you, if you follow the the store sorry. They came from Africa Sixty something thousand years ago and I guess probably but during the ice age the coastline was very different right, the boy levels were way lower. And then, when the ice, all melted, the oceans rose and then we get we got now. So maybe was much larger island, or maybe it was like the bearing landmass. We could get across it fuck.
Must have, but I must speak a language that no one else. It not even close to anything else. Since it's been like so long, fuck man, here's that combined with Lang Throwed hears combined with body language, you seem to have a link, so they were like tone and throw things in the given on cocoanuts. That's pretty cool, it's crazy, how friendlier without knowing the person is and whether from while we do given a free food, I think they're pumped yet a bunch of free, cocoanut, deafening awaited conference upheaval thing I've that guy had cocoanuts. Instead, a Bible Elect a fairly through bibles, like you fuck that shit data via their like mother fucker, look at TAT Magic, some going to show up and given you free food, can you see my dear? What is, but is this video videos rage, aren't as a real shrapnel I really am wooden act similar to a mountain acts of fucking, crazy Logan.
Carried by all men, so they yeah, so they might not even have like metal but seems like if he's got a wooden acts, I wonder if they have what what they're using for arrow heads and so that this can assist the fuckin interest dues fascinating. That too, is its route which weird about it, as you can't really go there like Joe, you guys reed or watch that that movie about The city of Z, the lost city of Z, how it has called it was about poor from England who the way to South America and eventually get eaten by cannibals, allegedly, they think, but he was looking for this lost. My inner aztec city miserly, lost city of Amazon. Yes, he's looking for some apparently and they ve. They know this for sure now, under some really really really ancient cities in
the Amazon and they don't know what they are you dont know from when they don't know who, who built them suddenly roused from holding its culture well to culture. That's long gone, and this the area where they had the city has been absorbed by the jungle, so they they find it. I think either from satellites or from some kind of imagery, where there noticing these really obvious grid patterns that indicates irrigation and that they had fields they streets, and so this there's this English. Explore was the Germans name, Harry Fawcett, yes, the books, not bad Percy, Percy Fawcett, and so this This dude went to the jungles, a buzz preserve multiple times the way for the largest city of gold. Eighty six isa! So here really it's a cool movie but not sought the best movie, but it's cool causes Did you get to see the lost city of z? He found it before he was killed, known,
behind that he found something he found so that we want to spoil the movie but itself it's our ban, where we boots interesting to me that these people, you gotta, put yourself in the mind of people, lived in eighteen, sixty and they they literally had no idea what the fuck is going on in South America. They just but some old come back and it also has a story of his journey. Is down the jungle River and the guy would stand up. We method, uncontacted tribes and they would talk about. I've brought back pol pot, free, and this is a spearhead and- and here drawings of the animals that size. It tries crocodiles, fucking, a giant Parana, shit. There must have been guys the made that shit up the like the difference between the guy that actually had like real pottery and just me, getting my wife hey make love, you know that happened with the dinosaurs. Were the people who pretended to have seen dinosaurs like not really no win when they first discovered that a dinosaur was a thing, some p
Paul, started faking it and they would come up with think dinosaurs. Two disorder like boost their science, credit has a legitimate people are thought to be in other credibility. Accountability rather backed, and this was not what it is today like you, don't I don't think the peer review. Process with sound. This fuckin people maniacs out there just try to pretend that they found dinosaurs they use like that. I go fuck a buffalo, migrant or some shit. They will look at. I found blues riding around just dig it randomly even now that he's around even eat like if you found bones from an elephant and an you like said hey, I dug this out in Vermont people like people be like that camp. But what is thing that's like now. If you love for a little while and then no actual scientists will get ahold Virgo will this is an elephant bone fuckin idiot this as yet ice? but if we were in seventeen forty directs here what year was it when they did that with a dinosaur thing yeah
There was some sort of like a battle against what is trying to discover the latest in the greatest they pay shit together. Didn't belong, it was so somewhere whacking us, but you know what saying to me is that something has to die. In like mud or it has to die, and it has to be the body but the ocean or lake insult something has to happen to preserve those bones, because if it doesn't, then you get nothing, that's why we we don't know Jack shit about what, like Octopus, look like with octopi looked like five million years ago, sixty million years ago like the crack and like that, could have easily been a real thing right of falcons. Super enormous octopus. He could eat whales, cause some big fuckin right, she's a but they don't have there's no bones we just die in mud. I didn't die in something to become fossilized now has weird
when you seeing that fossil. Do you know that that's not really the bone? That is all the mineral that has replaced the bone overlooked. Thousands and millions of years. Whenever taxi, I want something fossilized, we see like a fossil. I like shark tooth and its black, it's it's not the real color, the teeth. It's the color of all the minerals had replaced what the to cease to be as it remains com. Rest and all this sludge and mud and shit over millions of years, pretty freaky shit. So when you see These dinosaur bones like their fossil, a lot of them. Like a lot loans. Are we find of dead things? They ve become like a piece. A rock tat could look completely different. People say that most dinosaurs that we look at now that we think about how they looked. They really have there's more than anything I just assume at the sound of Jurassic Park is correct. Probably one of the four
Secondly, they might not made any new items here. The great dinosaur, fossil hoax child out the new one China has enjoyed unprecedented gold rush of feathered dinosaur fossils. But many are real. Yet there have been some feathered fossils, If you go to there's a museum in Montana, in Bozeman, in the museum is some sort of science museum and they have a well those raptors velociraptor with feathers like a model of it like a life size, velociraptors event like a freaky demon Does my Caesar's thing you ever want to see before you die like I'm off, I'm afraid of birds? So imagine a fuckin big bird like that I'd lose my foot here. It is here's the bone wars degree dinosaur Russia period of intense ruthlessly competitive fossil hunting and discovery during the gilded age of american history marked by the heated rivalry between. Edwin drinker cope drinker
Lambro of the academy, Natural Sciences of Philadelphia and, whilst others casting off sand eel off Neil, I would say that, as you think, those off Neil Neil, Charles March of the people, the Museum of Natural history, euro, each of the two, Alien Tal use, underhanded methods to outdo each other in the field resulting resorted to bribery, theft and destruction of bones. Scientists also saw, to ruin. His rivals. Repetition cut off its funding, easy attacks in scientific publications, so this doesn't seem like these are the people they were using fake stuff The picture. Yes, if this was happening prolific, should people are all crazy man unless those guys like you, and that can tell I first they were real scientists and then they became famous, oh shit, I, like being famous. Imagine if I joy, being famous scientists, scholar both at the Chinese, want. What do you get now from and also chinese item for making counterfeit stuff
notably the article right at the hotel. They make all cities they made Paris. The child is a Paris I was in China. I get a tour China like two years ago and now there's but one of the guys bookoo me. He told me his his girlfriend love France and there's a neighborhood in Shanghai. That's exactly like France, so he broader to France and then choose like now. The chinese ones better will cause it's it's it's exact replica. They do that now in the early nineties. One is better, since these Arab Emirates days, they re, did the day they re did. I think, the Sorbonne and The love like they redid buildings from France so you're in the Arab Emirates and you're, everything is exactly the same as it is in France. That's
Austria, except it's all like Saudis and and people from Kuwait. That's why it's weird thing to do: try to recreate a historical building that still exists. Yeah yeah, profound, every created some. You know why people cop, I think it's because they they like it. It's probably complicated to cause they're like our fuck, we're gonna go to go to whatever country is gonna. Be food? Is a food gonna be how is it going to be complicated to go the mask? fuck it, but just tired with Muslims mosque and will be of oil money floating around, they can build a whole world outline desert taking the Ark City. Here we are near to fake Manhattan, Brooklyn Bridge Camp drivers and their second river fuck. It make a river there such dicks like that, building the biggest building in the world and new by when you go in the elevator, they turned the lights off and and comes kind of like a ride and then it it starts going.
And then it shows ok, we're at the level that the big this building in New York City, like the empire state building, is here at like whatever the three hundred metres and then this is the biggest building in Shanghai, and then they said they were. Just show. Look, we got cynicism, mining the elevator elevator like they're, like let no bitch yeah. As our money says they didn't like the first time. I was in due by the biggest building was, I don't know how big, but they built one in due by and then the year after, Shanghai beat it by like three metres and then do buys like fuck. You were gonna, beat you by five hundred metres so it's like it's a kilometer or almost like, like me, than half a mile high? It's crazy high, more than half a mile high. Yeah, that's insane and the city. What we say that way or- and this We in the nineteen seventies didn't really exist, so is this? Is fucking
same like that their national anthem could be the eye of the time. It's like? I was saying how big it got so quickly, but there also fuckin wretched insane Jim They act as you say that, like I don't know, I haven't register for, but kings Island, which the theme Park in Ohio in Cincinnati area, the Eiffel Tower there there's also ones where else at another's park really, but its exact replica one third replica Eiffel Tower. That's what I've been there but all those range arab countries, would be like, instead of one third devices being made seven times the men of diamonds, you can see, you can see this Eiffel Tower from the moon, Gucci every In conclusion, it's is where people do that when you have that kind of money. Man make me a France. One might wonder how many friends I want the countryside
the whole thing, man and one. That is how I was going to do it that way. You're like make it like now get your pack has gotten so big enough years. I wanna hear drug and felt Rome he's gotta make rob that's why fortify compound somewhere, dont dumped starts. Elinor, freeze, dried food, preparing everybody, no water purification tablets get ready, solar panels, design dishes did you? Is your house? Ok, yeah, we're lucky. Ok, we lucky they did. Someone said Google, there, that Malibu lost six hundred houses. What someone said that data, but everyone's hysterical, it's hard to note the right or not many houses got lost amalgam, because I know a lot of people that allows houses are no at least eight people. The loss houses
How is the evacuation cause woods? It's like airy, like you, you can just grab like one one or two things. I grab my laptop ten hundred structures. Fifteen hundred totally destroyed Jesus Christ. So that the number probably keeps going up, but those are a lot of them are homes. You know how those one thousand five hundred on a how many of mahomes, but a lot of them are a lot of people lost their home it's it's a crazy thing that happens. The wind gets behind that fire and everything's dry and it should go straight to the water and is almost nothing they can do. They lost so many houses on point doom, which you would think the fuckers are fine gonna. Get to that. I give you see what point. Dume is it's like this beautiful area of like very wealthy people live in this. This, like cliff, overlooking the ocean and it's spectacular and like you would never think that a wildfire would get there, but it was raining fire.
That's point- do out there. So so many those houses go cooked man and there's videos. People made of them leave, the horrific there's like fire, ranging from the sky everywhere. You look houses on fire, and this is a super exclusive, really rich area, and no one could protect it. There was nothing they can do. The firefighters did their best. They say as many structures that they can, but it was fuckin raging man. It was a rocks throw from my house when we after we left at two o clock in the morning I was busy night. Air traffic is attacks, always crazy it. So when you evacuated and the traffic's like that, must you must free? down with her with his hairy is what happened to the people in Paradise. California, they were evacuating in something like sixty plus people died in their cars. The fires over came the cars and there is nowhere to go and is stuck in gridlock and the fires literally coming at them, ready for this a football field a minute, that's how fast it was traveling
some one point so mad in Athens over the summer. Efficacy out, there's a town right outside of Athens, Greece, yet wildfires took over the town, was wiped off. In a couple of minutes. People died in there, hours in homes. You couldn't get up, they were just trotting, that's what outlines in Paradise. I think a lot of the drive more than a thousand people are missing parent, yeah, they don't even know, and the problem is they'll never know like do whatever. Was there air is incinerated. There's nothing left there won't be able to get DNA is it's over. I mean it's. The crane yes, fire. They ve ever experienced things the scariest, most historic, California, wildfire ever that one the one down here was nothing compared that one in northern California in comparison, the size and scope and nothing is fucking insane. This fire there's a photo. Of this. One fire fighter is sort of iconic photo
he standing on a rock and behind him. The whole mountain is on fire holy shit and people in friend of Britain. Jobs do show in Sacramento, insecure Manto out his hotel room, the hall the street, was filled with smoke. You could shit he's I did smoke is everywhere they sent me What of the television that was shown? The air quality is very poor. Air quality everywhere all through that areas, is all in red. So was all people walk around with mask sign. It would literally be like you're walking through a fire, the smoke everywhere, not man, and this is in Sacramento. Is it contained no sort of content? I mean the one here is, but
I dunno about the one that's up north, but the real issue is that can happen again like that, like they are there all day sparked up so quick and more hit. What's a plan that they could do to make sure this doesn't happen or is there something they can do? I don't know what they can What is that Jim? The air quality services go so bad being, therefore, a day's like looks working ten cigarettes for Loki that picture here. That's all fire smoke, we're people like where Mass, I guess, people wear masks there, like yeah Yeah Bert Kreischer was walking down the street with a mask on and I texted them out what the fuck are. You doing now as I do that is so bad is so bad here goes you. You can't believe how smoking areas and has just all through San Francisco everybody's offering you wear masks in Sacramento looked even worse, and that is the cash it. You never think about. Yeah yeah, but that's the thing it it just hit. You look at it that its efforts. Right now and, if you don't know, San Francisco
you would not shocking. This. Is you you can't see the hills can't see all those houses on the hills. It's all just smoke from the fire and when I finish the blow out, it looks like San Francisco Super leg, just fine yeah hey. Is that far contained this article, which make up a couple days ago there was at fifty seven percent contain- and I was just trying to google more about that. Only fifty seven percent contained in areas a little clear today that moderate severe what everybody said thing is But these fires, all it needs, is one gust of wind. One new storm, one knew you know. Santa Anna wins pick up some members, a whoosh, this hosts state is just rise. Fuck man to eighty percent, but eighty percent contained in Lorraine tomorrow, nice, hopefully that does it sputtering tonight, isn't it
maybe so fuck em, like everyone, moved out here, like formalities like when you moved here. You you ve, been here for a twenty year. Only yes, yes, you must have been scared. The first four years of earthquake, but you never thought that hey, I might have to leave my house because of fire did have been evacuated three times cousin, California, shit yeah, how many? How many major earthquakes since been none one minor one It was enough to let you know I've. Woe like when it happens and that the house seemed like a You ever get a refrigerator and you take out that Cardboard Box any stand inside of it as a kid pushing back and forth. That's literally walls and my apartment looked like I just started moving like this. I was very different than I thought. I thought it would be like shake rumble? Everything would shake now just like this, I don't do doomed
but it was so. Nothing was a nothing earthquake of five point: five or some shit or five point seven, but it was. Enough to wear when the walls mood, you realize hike! Woe! If a big one happens this! She just falls upon This is now this thing. I'm gonna make it houses far apart. The walls just break were floor. Were you on the second floor, then, what's that dogmas they give you on the ground floor. You go. Ok, I can run out the shamans when they heard tat, but she airlines in your hands are termed in another and I'll fuckin stupid to humans. Are we go like now? I got this, I can. I can run out our second floor. The opposite of think. If I'm going to top for I'll serve my way to the bottom, I land on all that he's not going to make it yeah. It was enough to just let me just realize, like you don't even know what an earthquake is.
Stupid, like my idea of an earthquake was like a cartoon movie wounded earthquake, but a real earthquake is just the earth shifting and actually moves, and apparently the people that were here during the big one of ninety. Ninety three aims at night three summit that the earth moved almost like water, like the you could see the earth just blocking, and moving and he could see like chunks of it like lifting up and it's settling down the people that were there, we talk to them, it's like there's, I mean it's not de I d like soldiers, PTSD or like rape. Survivors are anything but there's this absolutely some pity data comes from natural disasters. This trauma to seeing how fuckin eager you are in comparison to the earth itself, as the earth is moving like thought. They get out of here and then a man
ass accidents like bunch people move to Colorado and people moved all over the Fuckin place, Carl's nice lawyer around us gorgeous yeah. I'm surprised that now, with the wildfires, our people, leaving. California are now I'm sure some are now. The problem is a weather, so good, it's so nice because it never rains, never does anything. Is Ebay. Just lazy, bitch just didn't have to deal with their nature like what you year Montreal right, yeah, that's no job, not having a snowstorm Raina they're called you guys get up, there is ruthless. I'm gonna be in Toronto in December, ok, cloth and therefore you have said No, it's gonna be who has five December it's gonna plus this year's is generally the winners its later than now, and its super call Diana without
global warming, which global warming. Man has the first thing like those fuckin hard core, the writing one do those what, whereas an executive syllable Norman, where's your global warming, keeping that simple bitch. It's burning, the fuckin houses and Malibu something is, and that was really fun is the cultural people. They ve been convinced this whole time the governments try make rain like. If ever there was a time Middle EAST account. Would it be now? You know fuck man, the whole thing is its very disconcerting, because you realize how fragile the whole system is in these in all these people. Work so hard, save everybody they can. We save so much it only gonna save so many buildings can always say so many people, so we ll wake up, call man. She could get ugly and this off topic of off topic of the fires, but caused
yes, we're talking red, bandit store- and I didn't know that when the home and see a thing happened, you were banned the whole crew for like seven years What time do I talked about this too many times go down? They was cause. You took a bullet for like this seven years colleague, you took a bullet for everyone else. Was enough deal that shit. You didn't know at the time ass order. Looking back, I was just like fuck them. Every day it was taken a bull about things that were but yeah. It's a thick subjects beaten down too much you know we're going through a now. That's why us on our end of now, we have the people were making money by still enjoy you have now gone on France again it a French goes. It was not enough with the french common yeah, it's not in in Canada, but it's in France and there wasn't. I only club in Montreal, I band guide this summer he's he had stolen.
I'm sure material. He there's a thing called the genetic comedy club. They did. It a sickly della call. You when you say comedy club when you saying something in french thirst, he does he come at the club yeah, yes, cassettes away. You say to regulate this guy. He had stolen, pretty much everything Deaf comedy jam. I made. Did it there in France, I just didn't with fright: yeah and would not even with black dates like if you're gonna, steal, Deaf county jam, give it to french Baghdad's like their objectives and France, but he was all these arab guys so ever you see it like a ten years in France, whenever you Son Arab Comic, there were all like, like Dave, shut up Those yeah there's something very fucked up and this summer. That, though, is the I was in my club and then I found out I fuckin lost mine. I just I tweeted my door. Guy knows I get the fuck out. Everyone he's with you.
Rome out. I don't want him in the club strangers thing where would comedy yet you're trying to create things and some basic criminal can sneak in the middle of an artist colony and just start profiting off of your work. Yet an intimidating you and make you work for them essentially there's something that sacks of people don't know, and that's what you went through with the What, when, when you called out Carlos? No one cares Who cares like they do now? They do the thing, They go to your situation up, there is different, but the only region in here they are do now, because it looks good but the if, if within light like like banning. LOS now like Carlos meant. He can't work any more than that. It makes them. Look like we risk comedians, but they don't really respect comedians, I don't think we'll whose they
but this summer, dear conspiracy, theory, I respect us man, never gonna get icily. What, whenever, whenever I've I've called out joke thieves too tough. Ass. The walls or networks like ok, yeah, yeah, we're gonna, we're gonna, do something about this and then assumes that blows over. They don't do anything about it are you talking about festivals right now? I think clubs would be much more likely to ban people, especially if someone who their stealing from also works there. That's that's why I could happen special no one in the best case scenario, the person whose getting stolen from is already established and successful, so they could say something about the war. Case scenario, someone who's established steals from open micro yeah, which fuckin does happen, and you know if there's anything that you get someone to quit comedy
might be one of em? Well, you know that might be one of them might be, especially in the beginning. Have it only I only good jokes ill, and I personally doesn't on television, and then you have to watch should. I comedy Central a couple days what's and new members the guy had been in the back of the room a couple weeks ago and watched your act, and yet you like what you can you believe it there's a comic and France named Gardelle Mullay, whose, he's in New York now and he's easy works, a lot in English. He did. He has the rumours and I'm gonna say allegedly, because I dont want. You don't get through the night. He here I know that he has taken a couple at first. He took a couple bets from american comics. Then he got caught suicide stealing from our french canadian comics, and the last thing I heard he did was he had this contest for all. But Michael.
And he was like my next county tour semi, your three best minutes on tape and the best comic I'm gonna book dope. And for me and then he started stealing from those open makers, however, which is that such a garbage move, the wacky, that's uh yeah! Well, I'm sorry good per year. I don't like that's what I heard. I'm not sure it's true, but I some do show once enough in France, and he was like he's a rich. Do he's he's got his own private plain and yeah he's got his. Private plain he was. He was married to the princess, a Monica, so he's got a lot of money and he was ITALY when he was doing a bit about like he's just a car. He was doing a bit about how he can afford. Ford, Erika AIR Conditioner in his apartment and was a motherfucker
there. You have a clear with the princess of Monaco. I can afford like multiple air conditioners, fuck, you, you know it's not. You think that the people like the earth, people do care some people care, here's the thing, the promising, none, they don't get. It sounds like a black sleeper like secession at all why people races gets its. You can say it like. I know the whole thing in France the new generation of french french comics are real. Angry about this and there's a guy there's this you to channel that you talked about here when you had. I think it was Tom Papa those on its com. Copy comic and may take like bet that they'll take a bit from a comic from here and then they
just to show that what's goin on that some waste, IRAN's yeah just to educate the paint me ass, yeah I've I've talked to quantify comics from countries that are bilingual. They say this that is Montreal was very bilingual. Again, in fact, almost everybody sweet french right, yeah yeah, and also respecting yeah. So, prime on the bilingual places but definitely cannon. But there's no place like John America. There's no place like that, North America, you have even thinking North American turns United States like there's no place. It's kind of universally speaks spanish in English, It's like some people speak English. Some people speak Spanish, but very few people. I this number I never like much relic, probably Polly. Eighty percent speak both languages right, yeah, that's crazy, so beautiful city man, it's amazing but you're, fuckin freedom of speech, laws, dogs, his flock here and exist. Well, that's you can create
shitty art when you have that you know the way that you, punish someone who you think is doing something awful with their speech zones and are calling for some to be murdered, something the what away who does you dont go to their show? He say I dont want to support you and then that's it. You don't find them. I think people don't like you in Europe. We have a message of hate and more come out. You'll make one you can you can stop doing that? I kill that. I definitely don't think you should have a message for hate, but I dont think that certain people should be able to side what's hateful, because they keep pushing Dat boundary the same way. They push all the other boundaries. They push the boundaries of what what what is was the definition of prejudice. What's the definition of an Titlement was the definition of you. Are you always coming from a place of privilege? So you always entitled? Are you always racist? Do you have a mean like? Did they have those? They have? The duty of corporations
there's no evidence that it works at all. They do unconscious bias like counselling where they sit town with their employees and they talk about perhaps at this juncture, just racism they might have, and so there is fuck em. I raises go there! So surely it so crazy, but what's crazy about it, is that all it is is low. They needed a response to a perceived situation, which I'm sure the situation in many many places, don't not trying to minimize out, but the response so their response, southern something totally unscientific, not support, but at least they could say there doing something there, you know, racism, biased training and they have these people, sit down and they talk to you about like this is what you do. You know if a person of color walks It also everybody's like chat, and I want to be raised, but I don't think it works man and I think it's it's the way but racism, socks and the way to
stop. Racism is be a good person like the more people we have there will inspire more good people. We will I realise that racism is fuckin stupid and we should treat people as individuals always whether its by gender, sexual preferences, origin, the Euro, your ancestors, I dont care the yeoman, I care forms of like sexual preference. I care in terms, Likewise, I think you're attractive or not. I care in terms of aid, Where decide. You know the two you know like there's some p. Oh, that want to hang out with really loud people, some people too. Want to hang out with people really more demure. Some people who are more interest, backed her wooden legs. Different share your like different shit, but you're not allowed to discriminate against someone and keep them from occupation or keep them from place to live and that we all thought that way and just treating people on the merits of their own individual personality in character, we'd have away,
a world. I think we can all agree. That assumes you. Can these groups of all white people are all These are all fuckin come on man, that's too small that such a gross generalization too small. Denominators too, weird the what what you want like how much of what you wars, where the fuck you're from and shit you can control it coming melanin, yeah you're scared, that's ridiculous! What War is all the things you have you have experienced and all the life you ve lived all the lessons we have learned where you are at this moment. You know, and if I, like you thirty. I might not a light you when you're eighteen amendments fuckin annoying, but I mean you on the authority to my care, you're cool. Everything's great, and that should be ok to its. We have to distinguish between people just being not interested in talking to any one individual and why is wrong. With with
rose, generalizations and then tribal ideas like sticking to only people of european ethnicity, and these are the good folks of Europe, in descent, like your fucking, crazy civilization been down that road stupid and you can't do that shit again. You can't do it for Asians either. You can't do it for black people. You can't do it for anything, You can't say everybody's great in this group because its nonsense- simplistic, it's not just. Plastic is dangerous and it also makes people scared saving about. I want you thinkin. I hate that thing. I, like the thing I like about, not censoring hate speech is, if you let the hateful people say there, hateful things, You know where the dangerous pr. So, if your censoring, like you, can't use s where you can say that you can see that you don't know, who the fuck and weirdos art that hate by boat. They hate gay people that hate the trans that cause everyone's acting exactly the same, like everything's cool and then.
When there are with their friends or whoever the people that they think like them, then there's their spending, all their fuckin hate and yet and garbage. But whenever people can express themselves freely that there's gonna be some sort of suppression, There's some sir suppression there's a resentment, that's oppression and then is like this anxiety in tension. That's like when what its essentially war sayings when you think about people in business meetings how their forced to communicate, how this forced to dress, how the forced to communicate they go into this very professional building. Are the women are dress? Professional men address book snow. They all get together in this conference tables and everyone is agreeing even those who these are sexual beings, who maybe like cocaine in Ireland, they ve been fuckin, know the dish, They ve been the music festivals and maybe even a burning man, but there are contained the can
in this room and they're talking about statistics. They talk about probabilities and then someone brings diversity. Yes, diversity are very important and everyone is behaving in. Super weird world where you can't you can't move outside box even remotely. If you, if you move out box even a little. If you say you know what the guy from Netflix you get fired because he who's. The end word in a descriptive. He was, he was talking about Tom Cigar, Especial we're Thomson There was talk about changes in language has talked about some words can't say anymore. He says, like you can't say retarded. He says this just because he said that, just because he said that people are getting angry at him and protesting and groups were trying to boycott Netflix an embryo right, so this guy members name but He was one of the big wigs at Netflix and he said he was like its likes.
Adding the word nigger to an african american person? That's what it's like to say retarded to affair, we were someone has sown, is down in so he was deafening. Is it was talking about? How offensive word is to people so like this is the issue that we're dealing with seizures? Think about it, a very matter of fact way. They report here for saying the word and he gets fired. And apparently he did this twice. That's what I read in a very complex: yes, the same exact contracts, so is repeating this thought, its he's. Basically having were there during an intellectual exercise. Like is this: is it the same to you and he sang at around african american people, but but in saying it around african american people, just the fact that he said the word uttered it like Abracadabra, just saying it. Was enough for him to lose is very high profile. Job at Netflix was apparently well liked, and really do you think
Think of becoming like this cause. Our lives are too easy. They d like it. If we had to struggle to get food and and protect our families, we wouldn't be- worried about this word or that word or my feelings on two percent yeah. I think we're we're we're seeking out altercations we'd, because I think we're programme for a certain amount of interaction with people, its unpleasant we're, Sir we're rule programme for a certain amount of competition with its verbal or physical, we're we're programme for it. I think it's. What got us too thousand eighteen in terms of the the crazy history of the human species, is March across the world. So imagine leave in Africa where the fuck and what you get skins, in your fate and you walk into what who the fuck were, those people and what kind of people they encounter. That's our ancestors in our
ancestors had just been deal with bullshit forever, when there's no bullshit diverse and pull shit or their seventy eight different gender pronouns, mother, Fucker, and the reason why you don't think so, zero sis, gendered white privilege, precision all white people are racist and then you start tweeting up a storm. Those if you go to the people's page is one of the things that I find a person says like preposterous shit. If I'm not blocked by, then from some gigantic auto blogger, which sometimes they do this block everybody But if someone for their I'm not blocked by them, I will bookmark them. So instead of following them, so they now found. I would just bookmark them. So I just go back, save a file. My computer call crazy the figures, and I will go to this crazy fuck is paid and I will see them goes through these manic depressive states and freak out the world and in every now and then something I'll give tossing there about relationships in the media. I know it is, it is harder for some of them of color like black,
a bird. You know Asian around Islam peep around some people, but saying white privilege like there are a lot of weight homeless men and whenever I say of white homeless dude always want to go money. Go why why privilege to theirs dad there's an advantage in this current climate and world to being white. The problem as the white people are not guilty of doing anything just because their privilege, so instead of calling it white privilege, but we need to go straight on is the people that are racist. That's the only real problems, only problems, racist people and even though, why people get discriminate against less The problem was saying things like black people can't be racist, because racism is a power thing and by people are powerless overlap. People, that's it's it's a fucking intellectual as far as I know, it is when they're saying it, and it's just one thing: they just repeat and you're supposed to sapped it and it's a portable we're talking about earlier, where there's a game that's going on and the game is
I want you to say the seventy eight different gender pronouns. I wanted to say that I want you to do that. I want you to further is that I want to refer to me is this: I want you to do what I want you to do what you stop using certain language. I want you to start saying certain things. That means I, when you have counterproductive, you're, not teaching anyone how stupid it is to just discriminate based on race, all you're doing is blocking out being honest, I think, did that doesn't work anyway. I think what really works is leading by example. I think that's the only thing that works. What I think we learn frowns. We learn from people better than us, you see, someone was amazing and she super smart and really kind of people are cut down, and I don't mean more like her. I think that's where we're missing that aspect of it. That, though the chasse dicing see this is the problem with what goes on with the left. In particular, the brutal mean assault on people, these twitter gangs and Facebook gangs, a tar get someone in the tag them. You are changing anything. In fact, you're gonna get people
who see this horrible shit and they're gonna go fuck. Those people I'm gone that way and they go the other way and you recruited people to be on the right in this literally how Donald Trump became president they wanted. One of the major factors is people worth noticing a trend, and the trend was towards these. I bade preposterous liberals that call everything is racist, everything sexes. Everything is humble, phobic anything and everything falls thousand is blanket of transgression, where there is no innocent and everyone's guilty and then when they find their run out of targets they go after each other for not the aggressive enough. This are calling each other out and find jealousy in the movement that something really makes me happy when I say that people that have been calling people for years and then they get called out, I'm like fuckin. Finally, well, you know I've seen it happen, I've seen it I've seen it happen with with people have seen I've seen them become Jamie. Hosting, is a friend of mine and Jamie.
Steam was at one point in his life. This really progressive activists guy who is like everything he said, had to be like super male feminist and super trans positive and mean he was like trying so are to be examined, but but he super honest about a Tuesday podcast about it and you can people out really mean really vicious, and then he realized. We can all this exciting Friday at a chess twitter all day, you like we walk industry, just couldn't stop like I can use twitter. Soother applies, worries rule whose caught in this weird fuckin hates I wrote you know, even though he was purporting, he was acting on the premise that he was a good person using a call out all these bad people, but it was like a dictator, is weirdness and then turned on him. It turned on him the elect some guy, those accused him of being creepy. It was like super minor like trying to grant aid to people.
I just, but that was enough that it all you need is a one in that world everything that world every one is so hyper Progressive, looking for any sort. Deviation from the pattern dicking attack and they just decided this guy, even though he had been like this model ally for for males Alesmith they'll feminist and for people of color and I gave you stood for everything that they wanted a dozen years of peace, a garbage cause, he's heterosexual. You know- and you know apparently heroic work with this girl or supply, but what it whatever it was. I mean it was the most minor of transgressions was raped. No touching none no meanness. No, it is like an after all, this is done. Came out of the other end in any Indian. Just came clean about like how we felt was doing and why, It is really very brave that he did, but it gives you insight to a lot of like what is wanted,
problems of this on navigated territory of social media. Is that its very compelling to engage constantly inconsistently with people in this This really anxiety ridden way. Of animosity. That's gonna run back and forth between the two of you for no reason ass. The time for almost no reason was freed the nipple big thing here there was more New York like allow gals. Were they decided? They were gonna protest that men can be topless, but they can be a bus and they pass that right. I had a friend the choose timing and we have this conversation and she was like nothing like a female female breasts: Actual shy should be allowed to jump, and I was like look. You know that I know that my penis doesn't, if I'm sorry, if I see tits, my dick is gonna get her, I'm sorry it's not like. I'm. I respect you, but if, if you fuckin pull you tear up, my dick is gonna get
Yes, we are playing with fire out we're dupe. We do for you animals, but you know, it's also that we're just not used to seeing TED's yeah if tits, where all the time they were actually get used to the problem of aging, given that only those people in the fuckin than island they have weird tits garret, setting out it, so neither They mean day which is close to its that's albanian, worse columns, I don't know man, I think they should be, would do tat. They want to walk around topless, but the problem is this? many decades you run into a river of decades. You can try of gloves dream. You that with you to that's funny through your bar of you, go to a bar topless like work days. Chaos I've got to have the rails yeah you devilish should be able to do it, but I don't think you should. If you're my friend, like I save in an ideal world should be able to change Devlin be able to what do I think he's doing? No, no don't do that. People can try to succumb
the internet is a treasure album. That's like its. If someone's gotta touch it, it's it's it's so rare. You have to be like the perfect barn Asheville North Carolina, he can be there from ten to two and no one will touch it. It's like one place, someone can touch your tits people are gross even when Ariane Grundy sang at a wreath of Franklin's funeral, even that preacher tried to touch, to ask those who's, gonna grip, yeah! So imagine. If she had freed the nipple fucking crazy, I would have gotten who'd. You got a problem. But there is no argument and saying they shouldn't do that right, shouldn't be a law. Yet this is almost like make make parallels to compelled speech. I dont think that you should be naked. And just walked on street if your girl, but they should be allowed tat. You should have you're my friend because I would say listen, you're gonna get harassed, it's it's
is way more likely that you'll get raped. I would think I mean I'd like to know if I don't want to do a study, but I would like to know what the status do you mean? I would not like this- that we really are these. These make make these people get raped, like just ground troops are cited as horizontal ordinarily floor of our suggestion raped. You don't want to want to do that study, but I think if you live in a tribe like that uncontacted tribes outside India, they probably super accustomed to seeing people nakedness, they probably abnormal twelve another big deal where weird you know it's like, What's in the box, man what's in the box and we will cover everything that is, are all covered up or feeder covered. A member when we were young like I'd, see just a Sears catalogue, woman in a bra- and I I I and now like it.
Since today, again is used. Are watching point then you're like a fuck. If someone mascara run it's not gagging. Students in ITALY, one murder in this. How can I get heart one on much action? Moving, nobody dies! A bitch ass movies is but where we rose, and everyone has their own weird cork in now, and I think a lot of times, we don't admit, or we or you, then you see someone who's an extreme and you'll go fuc at least amount that we have an intern for var, podcast and he's heart of gold right, but he has a crippling addiction to prostitutes in Egypt. A weird guy like meeting me just a fuckin over the top weird as equivalent can afford it he's a weird, but he just such sad judge a character, so he he picks all hooker is that all still money from your rob, the other day would be for two days he was robbed and pepper, spread
you guys have made document or- and this is a highly reliable pearl and this mother fucker, you get their party row and that's what you do you blow our faces and watch what's his name. Poseidon Poseidon gets his aspect, but there the documentary it'd, be your version of the naked women walkin around trend knock at random and the way he told the story like kings like that. They had taught it to this woman and we're like, but if that's on a real picture urine you're gonna get she's, gonna, steal, she's, still are you sure he was, I think, she's really. I think she's real or like she now real, and then she came over to the house when we were doing spot at the store, and now she she told em it's three hunter He gave her three hundred than he tried to touch and choose like denotes three hundred. Just to me. We need more money. And they went out to like an atm. He got more money, gave her the money she brought as the heat she went back to the apartment and then he pulled
Dick and choose acknowledge what, when I'm in Saxony and then he was like wet and then she she ran away and pepper sprayed. She ran a. He was still make it. So he said I try to chaser bushels given the heels and this new flights of stairs and he slipped on the last ones, because, yes, boxer, short and assume ass, he stood up from the slip. She spread him in the face She ran out. He ran three floors up to get dressed Anyone looking for but he's is like a finer shows up at the store Bolivia, it was he naked when she pepper, spread, and yet also NATO, from what he told us his boxers we're stuck on his foot. What when, when he told us a store, we're like I get, I get why she pepper sprayed because you're like he's a like he's, a big dude Poseidon is like fuckin like three a pound, six, five illegal. And she's che easier, for it says: he's gonna guy, that's like three hundred fifty pounds of rock hard Dick gone
you fuckin- or it's like- I say my arm in arm, so he went out and they said that work is that the urban be the owner, lives right behind and she's very nosey, nosey bitch sheep's looking or doing so in a question. Here in this and she said, be quiet no glitter in the house. Like rules litter- and I think we ve Ok, I mean environmental person and he should news. Glitter remarks gets the fish out, Is that why she's an asian- and we know why- because I was like Y- Know- glitter like who asked. Why am? I was that you want you litter off. Glitter goes into the drain, but glitter eventually gets into the water. Why would like I told her? We're gonna, be three dude renting the apartment. Why would we bring the letter or may as well. This is L a no menu, but we're gone before about you, not it's impossible. For you to be a gig. You deftly connecting
have any like up gay burlesque, but even if I was a guy like five, wouldn't I wouldn't be a gay glitter guy. Liquid bro, you think my high heels energy nets. Glitter you'd go hard in the Danish. You'd have legs. Old time clothes onto, I got Charlie Chaplin Jaeger electric shock homes, the man old, timely childs, Charlie Chaplin gangsta. You know him how hard it must have been in those days to be gay like coming out of the car. As it now is still hard in small towns, but it's already. Even in big cities. Man depends it depends on your parents here, yeah man, troll job on this matter but there's probably a lot of things going on, like I don't think, there's any difference in the number. I bet the numbers, probably a sound. Like this it's exactly the same, I'm sure now
because even now papers and now there are more their more transit in the world there, but there are more that are getting operations by in the old it was the same thing. I'm sure yeah I've got the numbers. Consistent we the percentage point more numbers now, because the more people now, though, probably a bunch of gay goods from the fifties there were actually trans women, but just cause you couldn't get. You know you can chew change anything so you just suck DEC in private it. Whatever is the science of Society Seal rushing red lover, but he had a passion of this action, and so you guys compound media is called its conservation. Ensuring minimum we do shows do two drinks in every show. More than this year we always have to drink minimum. Yet
and we do it on a wandering show now, but we do we do one shots which we do free episodes like I just on Itunes, once a week of the a minute shown than on Fridays. We do the to our show on compound media and it's just compound media such as an end, Anthony call me as yeah thing and Anthony he's. Zella, fuck and fund is a genius, He most. We will know him from such a while men too so closely and Anthony if you're wasn't obedience and if it wasn't for open. Anthony podcast wouldn't exists like the format, podcasting every like a now they're, really good podcast, but the first couple years a pike S like two thousand six, seven, whatever most, I guess sounded like shitty versions of opium, Anthony and now like like others, I was there were trying to do like an hour, long interview, style, podcast and was more like you know some NPR type Dios on like that. And then we
our doing where there would be illegal. Lot of complex is hanging around hanging out a moment when we start doing those which was like two thousand nine ash that was clearly influenced by opening the end. Also, west, even more so by Anthony Coup. Me is internet. Show that you don't like Hong Kong failure yeah, because our that- and this is why the big things it hit me because I realized I could do it because he just set it up in his basement. Emine add some money and he decided to make green screen and it got these professional cameras and I've thought about a wiles watch animals at one I do like. Why am I doing like he's, got this whole set up in a basement and then those what time where he was drunk doing: carry Oki with a machine gun, he's gonna machine, a single he's doing carry Oki, and I remember thinking like this crazy motherfucker. I need to a need to do who show now I need to cause. I now I'm saying this would be a lot of fun and I always enjoy
you in radio shows when I didn't mean I would do em like I would do Opium Anthony, even if I didn't have like tickets to sell This is the year of even it was also now still show up and go hang out. Those girls because it has found a comic stable, like I was actually hanging out just think about this we're doing right now. That's that's. How to happen that would those guys and watching as they do it on his own and become friends with Jimmy you now and then to see and how its fun to just with comics. Did you did Antony show couple weeks and weeks ago, but as an area think they hold onto it next week, when he's he's actually gonna be here? Can the third his his new psychic Dave Landau is fucking, insanely fund He's gonna really really really funny Easy Comic yeah he's a comic from Detroit who now now lives in New York and I didn't know him and like every all of the open.
Anthony fans were like fucker. What why didn't? He Jimmy. Why doesn't have Jimmy? Why doesn't he ever? Why doesn't? Why doesn't own I get back together, but Dave Land and grant any you go. Ok, this works there because I really gotcha his soup Nice guy to First Mart dude. Their set up is great. Green jamming behind em just turns it into whatever the fuck you wants it. To be and I got a little stadium ceilings Howard on the strange people, so is something fun now about. When his shout like the first covered times, I did show when it was in the basement house there's something I like about. Doing, though, shows when you're you're you go into someone's house like I did Stephen how to show like a month ago, and there was something about gone in the suburbs of Dallas in his garage too Do I just want to say where he lives man, because hiding now but yeah but salad, I'm so sorry
Stephen crowded, die and working on. My phone networks in Jos get blamed you that moved around nine out. Yet again, that's true, but number. He did that thing. The barbarous paints Mohammed yeah to tick ball. Yeah in our midst literally something that they're allowed to kill you if you do, and he did, that allowed mean it's strange time, I mean this is also a time where that criticising that criticising anything is Islam. It is very dangerous because people call you Islamophobia and because people and kill you are two different things going on same time: but those same people was no problem mocking Christians. I yeah get that and I'm not even like I'm, not a right wing guy. I consider myself a little more to the left, but there's something I like about right. Wing media, the specially, like the funny type, a right wing media that they take fuckin crazy risks. You mean like coming like, like
whom you like crowd or like a singing craters, really fanatics linked to relax. Gavin Mckinnis, I think, is fuckin hilarious. Evans in the crossfire right now is the eye of sovereign. As upon him he's. Guess it too much to be. Like inciting violence, and now that there's some art saying that the F b I consider them that the proud boys are Hank group, but then Cuming sent me something that he sent him and I'll send it to you. He said it's bullshit, that's the first time, I heard about the proud boys I was doing Gavin shown New York, and now he he was with the Dante narrow we get is a black comic and in New York, and he was like here. Dead a mean him or in the proud boys and those like the fifth suppressed We are using less explain right it. What it actually has a joke. I Fraser was like we don't jerk off, so the will want to fuck our wives.
Like four months later, I was like altogether against quit the proud boys. Well, you know always it today. I thought he had quit that years ago. The post maybe Jamie I'm sending an article two where he's realizing. How long would advocate is connected with these people, and you know, look it's one of those fucking things you want to have a group You can't control everyone in the group, so everybody in the group that does something horrible. I just sent you something pull this up. This gavage response all this to so many people got mad at me that I had Gavin on the first place. I had gathered on because used to be one of the founders of vice also be cabin on before that a new fund to hang out with than when I had a mind. Let me come on. On the last time one of things they was too about was the proud boys. Are you know the fuck? That was, I think, maybe I heard of it, but I thought it was a joke turned out. He used to be issued. It started off as a joke on compound media and Anthea
into a better. He knows the history over, but they were making fun of something, and they just I didn't make a thick mock group, crawled the proud boys. Now the problem with this is when you have a group that supposed to be fighting and tv, and I actually tried, expresses to him when he was on the show, because he was talk about kicking people's ass. We're gonna put you in the face the countries in the face of my ok, that's not how reality works like on of Europe, a punch in the face, or have you been around people that, like to punch people in the face, be not just punch someone in the face? What happens is you happens if, in the face they come back with a somebody gets a knife. People get guns, it always escalates. It's gonna keep going you. Don't just get away with punching people in the face you know, yeah, it's not good that these Antifa people bring bike locks and smack people to head to them. That's kind of the point in that in the first place, those people don't understand what happens. You start the chain of violence. When you start that dog No change did on our stand. What happens? They think that they live in some fuckin book that they love about some rare, evolutionary liberal character that you know
reaches out in an end smashes all these oppressors of social justice. I saw reality and react you just hit a guy will lock was talking to you, you assaulted, and with a deadly happen in the next thing? You know they're going to kill you. Are they going to beat you they going to punch you? So when a guy like you says something like you should punched him in the face understand why he said that, because they were inciting violence, these these anti for people would hit people. Things are worth masks day, some of them some of them we're doing a non violent way. Some of them just wanted what they thought was the right things to happen. But, like all groups, you get a fuckin big Ruby can control everybody and not happen with proud boys too. I think I think he deserves. We have this thing that was gonna. You know me walking we oppose Antigua. Then it became real and then became violence, and this this is. This is just one of the problem, People have one there's: a fucking group of people opposed to another group of people, and you know him
The proud boys is definitely smart, but I think it's going to because now people are there's they're, saying he's a white supremacist and what the perception the people have a view is almost important, almost important what, as what you actually do, is probably even more important almost because not for you enough for me now for people that are good, actually read it but for people on the outside, the priest option of who you are is is is too many things to learn. Ok, he's racist fuck that racist that are people here, that's all they say, and then they keep moving. They want. You got a guy who's Gavin, who First of all is not even american he's canadian second, always Mary Tween native american woman. He is not a racist he's, he's a provocative for a hundred percent. Unquestionably, he says ridiculous shake as he thinks it's please, I always alcyonaria bad situation has almost a troll like there was. I didn't even think I'd like I've. I know him I'd like we're, not good good friends, but I'd I'd like I'm a lot and I'm
pretty sure he's not a right wing. I think he's just fucking definitely fucking with people. Any Daphne has some right wing ideas, but more than that, he does. Like some of the ridiculous aspects of the left. So it's more in it again, I use up more opposed so some of the more preposterous notions are relaxed than he is really right yet, but he's right on some thanks to a right wing on some things, but that is the key onto the show dressed like Fuckin, Michael Douglas, from falling down as a good. If you bought a reiteration everything or a tie and the White Short sleeve, but not sure he did as Guph like that's him, he's he's a weird guy s funny. He says funny ship, but he, but in this, when you hear these two different waiting go through life right, he could pretend put on act or you yourself. What he's chosen to do a little bit of both is chosen to pretend the little bit but also be himself. So it's
for people know where the line is make that's fun, that's if you're getting away with it, it's not fun when it turns yeah, and then you go on that point. I was joking around about people says who like whose whose Right news! Rob I guess it's it gets. It gets real slippery, people, don't actually know who you are where you stand, and I think he was Joe, he thought was fun to fuck with people little bit on with certain things and in this climate man can be fought in dangerous, yeah, Debbie's, Andy Kaufman of twenty eighty who's, not different thing easier, Gavin Mcguinness in Oh- and I really am sad that all this shit has gone down and I hope it passes over in, and people get done or semi sought. Perfect person, but no one is, but what he s an interesting guys, weird says funny shed didn't take a shower,
on the air once on a show, we stuck his finger. Opposition should exercise which is not a bad guy, he's a maniac that there's something weird right now going on, like in two thousand eighteen, that the left hates right, the right, hates the left and were all exactly the same, the difference between what you said. Yes to purely in the group, just yeah the whole group on a hate exactly like the worst comedy, not do the worse common denominator, the worse actors in any group defined that group. So whether a place you now the people around them Move is liable, warn the right who fiscally conservative but their socially liberal, and they just now. They just don't think that you should Ben money like crazy, they believe in discipline they believe and having and in time a financial planning on theirs. There's that as well, as people who are socially democratic and then other rhythm, the socialists, I think you spend all rich people's money
things. Just as many people does like this, a broader spectrum, but you have to pick aside. I think Most of us are like ninety percent in the metal and then there's the five five on even die, or to that they, like you like non more left, leaning men, you see like extreme left and you're like left off. These people care more right. Then you see the fuckin weirdos on the right. You like what the fuck like the there's, there's something very scary on both sides- yeah, When you see that scary thing, you want oppose that, thanks to you become what it's the opt out, you become a left wing person. You decide while we gotta stop tromp more. What whatever is now tromp mean there is a lot lack or not the only reason why I went Mordred the right side is a cause of the free speech thing because I think pretty much everything a more left, leaning except the freeze,
each thing that are more right, leaning, it's insane exemption beer right or left thing. That's insane unto me! That's the left, that's having a problem with free speech. That's what's insane to me because I was taught the left about free expression, intelligent and education and recipe, It also needs to be more about peaceful behaviour. Like the hippies, do. You know the 70s, where everything really changed. The 60s, which really did launched a revolution and changed a lot of America during the sixties in the seventies. A lot of it inspired by psychedelic drugs right, All those people, man nonviolent, those a big part of that whole movement was all love and of the hippies movement of today is not the same, feeble small subset of overall aggressive liberal group. You that thinks that
they ve got a star bout, sexism and racism and transphobia, and all these things and like this, it really aggressive front running. Though the ones you want change, policy and change culture and change society. So when you get an teeth involved and you get people screaming and people's faces and people going to, lectures and blocking lectures, and you know, and threatening violence and like wow, is a very different kind of vibe. Then what change the world? Yes, sixties and seven I used to have a bit about how the best way to deal with hate is with love and that that's. I truly believe that if someone like what a night you do that legos weird, when I was going through my we're face, but now whenever people say I fucking hate you cause, you did this. He did this. I try to understand why they hate me too, and I
to understand, like I'm, not a fucking idiot. So I know ok, yeah, I'm I'm a guy the made fun of a disable boy. I get. I get how you can hate that, but then I tried I tried Instead of going to fuck you I'm allowed doing this, I shown respect, I shall love and then, after, like three minutes are always like yeah, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. If I told you you should do that no use, it's so easy to change people's minds just by gambling and paper, some back No, it's it's also holding you know. Our problem is like these people on. No, you, lying with you to get a reaction and all people one Sancho some people about what is something but most people. If you're, one on one in real life. On the internet on Facebook on Twitter, it's it's really hard to change our people think. But if you talk to People- and you realize ok, this guy's not a month- and this guy's not asshole and because, whenever possible, one umbrella late like if, if, if you but some guy that doesn't like on the internet, the ghost
organs of fuckin asshole. If if you, madam he ones that an end if he did think you're an asshole. He to explain this. Is what I think and then you'd talked him any be like Joe relevant data listening This definitely limited amount that you could get through when you're expressing yourself on Twitter on Instagram or something yet, and people liked get reactions have people, so they wanna get MIKE wards. Goat fuck with you and say mean shit. You and they're doing it because they want to get a reaction and some of em don't even think of you as a person, and I also think of you as an easy target, because you did something mean and because you're, a guy in the public eye and ear professional comedian, maybe the hate their job and like thought and lies, he living his dream. When I have to do this, shitty job yeah yeah, that's a lot of it. So John, it's a shitty, it's a shitty but be dont really because, as though the whole, the whole interaction sucks like
he's wrong. You're wrong everybody's wrong, though the whole thing stupid and interact What people are dying going back and forth of them have done it before it's stupid to do, but it's just a complete waste of energy, did you get along ship? Your last special, no shit. Now that's one article from regions, but in this case real, because, as I said, this is the totally took me out of context- has a year flat and you can't because what they said, he calls beacons dipshit. That's not what I said. What I said was that, majority of regions, I think, are good people who are just try to live their lives without something dying. They just is made as morals worse and then I say, and those people pay for it with them. I'll, throw a sick, the fuck out here, and if I went up you look none of the other, not the other parliaments. Also none of the other part of the joke was used to like
joke was in the rest of you. But a vague and really leaving his Scientology in fighting for their fuckin dipshit. They they could in other due to join the Taliban, who took the wrong exit. Just so the took out. He calls weakens dipshit. Now, one up he's a shots. He asked yes now what I said, but that's the title of the Falcon article. Does the only thing You know what your special and I'm sure, there's other. What one thing about Vegas I spent four hours, looking pictures of people that have weakened, I don't need, and that was it like one would like. I don't eat meat. I don't eat me product, but my dogs and cats do just am I gonna decide like I feel guilty for each state, but my fucking dog doesn't care my dog if I left my dug out of the house without me, he'd in chill everything. So why am I gonna be like? No, no young man, you're gonna eat carrots and dogs can be, again without sighing China, but cats
I can die like in em a month and a half year. That's why we're there yet and Anne, but I didn't even know that people were that stupid, that they they made their cats vigour and then just look at the pictures. There's something weird that like I think, all vegetarians begins. If you look at animal cruelty, you're always sad, but when I was looking too vague and cats in May it made me laugh, I put Duff ridiculous so stupid, because it's such a fuckin glaringly ridiculous pro position aside that a cat is no longer a carnivore. They all looked like Freddy Mercury, the last month of his life, I don't know of framework through last month, go. Go in council need to see this year on his death bed. Is here again it dear count. Em You made me feel like shit. I've got to get. I was like a person
real, follow the probably as arbiters yeah it some gentlemen. If you, if you and explain your comedy well today still get away with a lot, but you just have to. If you take a lot of time to craft your bit here and you get a thing, about what you're saying and how other view, not just whether or not it works. Sometimes things work, but saying things like who got away with the same exact thought and I would have been out been in more pupils brains with a gun and smoother. I did the I heard a thing. I love no Mcdonald, look nor Mcdonald, my favorite comic of our time and he When I was gone through my thing, I saw a thing about him that he said that when he was doing weaken, update, he done a joke about someone just died, and then he got a email from the the people's family about
it was before you, so I guess he got. A letter of facts are with them about how they felt about that joking It was like that made me realize that oh shit, when I make fun of someone there's an actual person behind that directors and that what it's weird, that might my whole court thing like like when I was dead. This was before I went to court. I read norms thing and I was like a fuck. I never got that cause. I was soon jokes about this. This kid, those famous so in my mind it was like make him funded. Justin Bieber was like making fun of whoever whoever, but that, then I really are factors. There's someone behind. You know someone feels what you're saying is exactly what people experience when they hate on new online gear. To exactly the same thing,
Think of you has been a person with Samuel you, nothing of John Bieber's being person exactly the same thing, exactly yeah we're all guilty of it. I think I mean I hope. Ultimately we were getting get past us. I think a lot of what's happening with this is that this is only been around for a twenty there's this internet way of communicating with with each other and only been around the weight is really the weight is now for. Like less than ten yeah. You know, and I think that we do know what we're doing, what we don't know, how to do it. Yet we fuck it up and I think, like four Kommeni for a while when I was gone through my thing, everyone's Tommy, though, like you think this is the death of like dark, humor and- and I dont think it s, but I we're gonna just be smarter, but now you gotta get the fuck out of hand and abroad, but also I mean this is what everybody always says. This is the end. Is the end of this. I mean that's one of the things that I read about the net special. This is the end of comedy like that she's gonna kill cover
we are going to Vienna? But it's so silly like what? Why would someone not want a laugh? It doesn't mean it. That's a good piece of art. With someone not want allow here, and there was no the weird thing that she had interviewed and she said that she was gonna retire unless Louis see cake comes back and does he come in come in some realise our she's out when it work is not done yet most. Fine supernatural fall, that's a real quote! The idea that minority, I think that it any other way, but she might have in time and cheek and was even scenario thing right. You, like you you'd, you say things turn yet I do yeah. She might have very well. You might have been complaining about it and get it. She might have been How can a relic, they might been laugh and should not have been done. I guess my work has not done so, but then you see fire in two dimensions and who knows all about it. I got it. I think I was angry Her too, she didn't. She said she didn't know who normally Donald yeah. I saw it. I was fuck you I saw you know who normally
go out. Maybe she doesn't measure really isn't in the comedy I mentioned. From around him. Thank even though lost wrote those people in that country that left Africa. That word is that they can now huh Mcdonald murmuring Nano, there's a fire. Mastery of any measures on Colombia has do don't norms, definite genius and I'm the best. I can and he was postponed. The pot gas and someone put the compassion him talking to people, she mentioned Lucy K again and possibly that he might not come back. I dont want to stop m. She said it's worth. Just to see. If he does have an audience course, he will there's eighteen. Eighty six loved interview tape, it didn't expected ticket turn mischance, be of course, had other ideas. If he does have an audience, then I won't be quitting stand up this gas. We said quote me on that, if Lucy K finds his audience, I will definitely not quit stand up, because my work here is not done. Ok, but that also, could you say
say I said that with a cheeky smile, she added and left the table so shoes shoes. Looking around. Why does the New York Times still use taped to record about like she said that say that I share it with the cheeky smile, so good ass. I was a little joke as we suspected she was tongue and like literally, she sang cheeky smile, so that's exactly tongue in cheek. It's the same thing so good for her man She'd doing wrong us dealing, who cares anything literally scribes. Let me finally that her act all of it like the animosity, the fuck intention who cares, I heard so unnecessary I've a couple friends cancer there, a lot of canadian comics by by saying that army against her. That's what I'm I don't mean like her animosity towards embryos, canadian comics generally they used to come here to that states, but like ten years ago,
they are gonna, England or Australia, and I know a lot of canadian comics. It knew her and they were like she used to be really funny, and I think it is just this show There was like a more serious show, so maybe in the interviews she just fucking around tending like she doesn't know. Nor could be. This is what you want to do now to you, don't just because you're really funny for a long time mean, I think that something that the fuckers are name One is doing that now too. She just did something wish to interview about that. God dammit the fuckers are name. I got one early this morning. I'm super foggy my kid climbed into bed this morning at five, a dot m and then go back to sleep. She was she said, constant she's, a regular on the Howard Stern, show she's to be really big, so I thought away got her stomach stapled for Ifunny, so he's school district
the queen of mean. Ah there she used to do the Rosalie LAMP and now he's a lap, no solution. Banalities not doing stand up anymore, yeah, I guess she's tired her in people's feelings and tell stories now notion the kind of share to talk about it, so she she she'd changed what she does, which is fine. I guess how to change? What you do is you always waiting? bad and promote reaction, because my reaction to that with like black and then when you said so right, those like all my react. They always well. Most people asked had you guess about it, you got any. You have a brain bid, you gotta know who the real enemies are otherwise you're wasting your venom on the fake ones. No one will want to save your venom for the real Elizabeth so that everybody else you can make the like this. You can make peace with it. You don't need this there. She is Bam, storyteller, social,
corner what does a shrink that shit, downside reader heading the same thing, Tredick sure you dumb storyteller, there is workshop leader, inspiration to millions Y gotta go crazy there I think she's just gone crazy shit. I began. She lost her fucking, my or she's, enjoying yourself very expression. To get a lot of fans should not raise any one was happy. Anson run a hoodie. I don't wanna hear that she'd look very different, strange scalpels on Burma, the pharmaceuticals invoked, she's doing something good for her by her show like it, and story, teller, show its programme areas. I dont think it's gonna. Be that different to what you use your cousin. You know people involved. Of people change and that's normal, like there's nothing Sadder than seeing a comic you saw twenty years ago, and then you see him again this year and its the same fuckin shit. So it's good that
We have the same act. Really, that's really say yes, healer guy from like the the nineties, yeah around and they haven't. They literally have written a joke. Yeah there's those guys are real. I we see them yet. As a scary, there was some light on these last night. The jury. Ross battle before those was a Jeremiah. Did a thing about eighties: comic that it was the best. The oh so funding, thing on the internet that what were when you did a killer, only that programmes that as it may, I think, he's a funny dude journalist I did he shall last night this data the spots on all its Hausa. The show yeah he's got thunder pussy for a little while ago. I think those Brian, the brine, decided called thunder. Pussy voted nay, my belief that democracy is about nine stick with the name: that's thunder pussy, the way better stand upon the spot, he's so literal, okay now, but the problem
thunder pussy is people might not know what it is, but they shared. Why don't they known figured out Thunderbird, thunder pussies, withdrew it had Jeremiah, listen to meet Irma Thunder pussy you he should bring than thunder puss back when the upstairs laudable spot, branding Hoboken stand up, comedy right on the spot. Normal stand up on spot austerity comedy right on the spot right now, that's, namely title now thunder Pussy Bab we're done air rent, but he did do a good impression. We know guys like that who these comics denied in Haiti. It's just. I want a common comic It has been the same thing for twenty years and their open migrants. For twenty years, almost right in they'll go around doing. Maybe an opening spot, someone as the same acts or they'll have reference. In their of stores that don't exist anymore of and so weird. When you watch them, do it, what am I a train wreck of sadness. We get a lot of those in like it in smaller markets.
Israel is a fairly small market on the other side because they are so many french people and like the end, there's no money to be made in Canada, so there are a lot of fuckin hacks he said he comic Summer in Montreal is Many were Soongoora now eight burnt down like a couple months ago. Fine, amazing club that was dealt with Dahlia well happen. What happened it was suspicious apparent detail. But from what I understand and rebuild the building, the Gonna break its legs problem. This close to their Jimbo Fuckin took off Jimbo hee hee hee. Older his mom died and then he sold it. He just close it down. He hasn't he close it down than someone. I opened it a few months later in the same name, couple of people about it. I love the club. He opened it up until when it burned down in your member in the he was a tender desert in Gaza,
partner. He opened it up and budget was such a good guy. Fuckin love jumbo, but he closed that club. Like a fucking piece of garbage, he didn't. Anyone. He didn't tell us staff he'd, he just fuckin. They they showed up one night and there were like ok, other club everything's taken out the club. He left why here must be drunk yet if you use the honourable member, the the first time I saw you was there I see the yards are what a new we're like, and this wasn't like an fuckin like nineteen, eighty, four, whatever Sargon badly but like you were you heard you were doing like big, big, big, big, big fuckin rooms, You were there just to do a chauffeur. You know for the club lie at work, Jimbo forever, so come back and work for free, I did. Did we get form for free ones? I just said just pavement: I got two have some. I just I just I always loved being
he's just ass. He was such a great guy, I'm sure she's alive. If he hears us yes, but he's a great I just joined being around them and as any struggle there was a small room. What didn't have many seats NEA too, floors in nice on the bar downstairs pool table than upstairs their real intimate room great place into me. It was in that place, helped me it was in time when I started doing it was right when my career went from being like a middle act, who's gonna Go on the road in Tunisia, where little gags to becoming a headline aren't getting on television that happen. A lot of it happened. While I knew him- and during that time inside dad taken quite a few trips to Montreal for the comedy first of all to work jumbos place and to go back and forth into a bunch gigs up there and just was it was an important spot for me, like Jimbo, is one of them
guys that he had a real, I feel like he ever he booked everyone before there were famous, then this is for people. Listen this like that, Eighty five, maybe ninety see room like Super small yeah, probably may be able to start a hundred yea be hit daft him in there, but I meant I saw Richard Jenny. There did yeah Josie janitor, I suck it's right there. I saw a Re Romano. Their eyes I saw Chris reactors will I saw Richard Jenny once just level that place during a time where I was minded Unlike for years and a comedy I was, I was pretty new inequality and I was there will you join the festival you're. Just there has done the fact of Al Qaeda, maybe eighty maybe five years may was five years in a comedy and Richard Jenny was a monster man
here, he is the one guy that I just repeat this. Over and over again, I don't think people appreciate out fucking funny he was coming It was kind of an odd guy who is. It was hard to find category where you fit in he was so fucking funny and he does lit that place on four. Remember leaving his set gone god dammit I do I'm terribly sorry by is terrible but absorbed something from it, and one thing was at that: guy exhausted subjects like he would take a premise and exhaustive premise: and smash it to the point where, when he was on like this third wave of observation and punchline you just like you were in any of the fact that is continuing to beat down the subject as you were. The writing in the punchline. It was also like the mastery of his this master a premise and his door, just
dominate all the various take you off guard catch. You I've garb You also agreed. While he was saying it, he was a wizard man. It means is sweet, tight, jokes man, he was so goddamn good. That's how I am Ralphie me like a one hour, member Ralphie. I've. Never anyone get laughs like Ralphie got like heated. I get a series of shows with them like a year or two before he died and the walls felt like there were fuckin shaking like I could an annex I'd go like I was hosting the shown he was. He was closing it and he wasn't supposed to close at first, but then came. He was like it was gone to good data. Had to make him close close and before that it was. I forget who was there was get who Latin America not was in Montreal. The nasty show it just for I forget if it was Jimmy Car,
or it was a Williams one or the other, but they end. Whoever was well whether was brand or Jimmy, said the first night there were like he should. Fucking clothes like he's, got a close and every night I go in the room just to feel the energy that room and since I'm from like a like I've been living in Montreal for twenty years. I know that fuckin I've seen like Marylin Manson in that room club soda nights metropolis so like I have been there room, yeah angry room and that and it felt like the fuckin walls were shake. It felt like the way when you are describing the earth. That's how Fuckin Ralphie founders, endears, kill, there's enjoyed it I've. Never I've never been seen. Joey life dude, in town for we're, leave tomorrow. Well, if Joey goes up tonight at the store of his up, this does a life changing thing. He's the funds
I've ever seen and never see anybody kill harder than Joe ideas. Never gonna get. You have see it. Ok, everything we refuse funny guy Joe Ideas is a force of nature. So different thing, Does it not taken aping, wife, Ralphie, Rochester, Ralph? I'll fuck you up Giroflee show that it is a different thing. Man, he'll he'll, make you just go woe or coca. That's comedy to shit. I fucking love listening Joe, like I've. Never, madam, but I love lessening dump sounds like they sounds like him like that, I loved about him when I met him. The first time I was like you sound like a like a like an old gangster like you, sound, like I love guys it sound like that they should being good, fellows yea, devilish conflict. That worries he's, like legitimately seen more life and more chaos, then probably any random thousand people.
Yeah really serious. As do stories. Manly brings up new I've known the guy forever and when the plot cast every few months, and he has a new story. I'm like how is this possible met and he's not alive people make sure the Tories? Now he doesn't. I've met people to verify the stories he's. Lived a fucking insane life and you can tell one people make up those errors. Fucker he's not a bullshitter nice, not Solaris, though it some. You know it's beautiful job man we get lucky get me to move faster. The people we do so when did you guys are doing is shown compound. Meanwhile, we started doing it about a year ago and we started doing the free show about four months ago cuz we like we want to get people to listen
the compound media. How does compound media work has compound media? You need to be a subscriber to the whole nether all net, where much across a cost. Eight. Ninety five, eight! Ninety five on the? U S and now and how many shows you get? did you call me a short Monday to Thursday you get in hot water. That's an amazing show its Ehrenberg GINO Giscard D. For days a week you get about like thirty or forty shows the others. Quite a few shows, and that one of their hosts shoes on Joanna. Yes, I was, yeah she's a morning with bill shots joint one she's, the Shi. Only female hopes that we have only a lesson has new book There is this thing amazing bed Anthony Komio, like he lay in the old days. I've been Anthony, he was like he helped out a bunch of young comics and now he's China. I think he's dead, that's kind of what he's doing with compound media
and I'm call myself a young comic, even young, a forty five and I'm gonna die for months. But what do you mean? people are on established here is that of young comics, yet eggs, people that are they damage, but funny and he's too, he started doing things like like until base at Montreal, and we were the only show that all the shows doom in his studio in Manhattan, and then here here We need you to do this and I didn't want to move to like guns. I got my way forgot my life from Montreal. I like Montreal rope. So like going to gonna Montreal, but then he was. I do if you do this, so you can do from Montreal and plus I had to do it. How do you have it set up we have a studio in enough like of park, acts which is a neighbourhood with where he's Frampton until People Europe, yet they gotta attack us tell us.
He's a, but he has a studio, and we do this show every week and it's it's a lot of fun You just do they download did you send it uploaded to which and it to them at the age of? Doesn't stream live? Not we we're the only show that is alive and well we never pretended. Listen with demands that until a weird splices we go back in time and change clothes, don't say a word about what is happening here to change t shirt, jumping laughed again and gentlemen to show them recital a that should be your joke, call usually show a hundred percent live. I think that that thing, people like Cosette Oliver Fans are like old, overnight fans, and I think what people like is our shows like not political at all. And now the like, a lot of stuff on compound media is is: is political and like people, the like police, even people that, like
levels of and after a while they're like ok, I get it. I get it ill Risa can't you laugh and then as a boss Combat Mediaset, very right wing right, yeah, there's not! Is there any left wing like Reno? the background yeah we get up we should get a like a Trans third MIKE, where we want to show all trends show here now: ok, we ve now it but it's, not a right wing. Is people, think it s? Well, you know Anthony's right wing, Billy's intelligent he's sensible arguments, whether you agree with them or not. I'm not now the right wing at all, and I like talking to and he super funny. That's one thing where it so people, it's almost like it two thousand eighteen people have forgotten. Like and I say this on the right to the people on the list: shit on Anthony or people on the right of shit. On like comics and I'll. Be like that's funny, that's funny like, even if that's how you think
it's funny bright, like Sarah Silver meant a lot of people on the I should answer some sense, Solomon, is fucking funny chiselers, very, very renewed com, oh yeah, but you know what man they owed their, but their shitting it is only the her political opinions it just it's not toward get into new did what you want. Everybody think to rethink its end again. It goes back to work. I can, but earlier people just get on these teams. They want to hate him but he's on the team, she's on team laughed so fuck that bitch and that's what happens. That's hardly, though, why we got to the top of the food chain, and we group, together, combination, yeah and then then we just ok. Will it's us versus them. So we're gonna went on two percent. We invite hippo goes on my show. Last week wrote a book called the social leap. Yet I listen to that purpose here. The book is essentially all about how human beings really succeeded. By figuring out once we were some sort of weird primate thing that was close to us by bad
being together and working in cooperation and that before me, teams and loyalty to tee He's always rewarded mean. This is what we are politics. Is you in social circles? Even when you know it's like these crazy? for people and and and and proud boys. It's all. The same thing is just tribal behavior you seen I will on the right from the proud boys, tribal behaviour in the left from intifada and everybody. Since the enemy and they lash out- and you know most of it is just completely misguided. Most of all the agreed, and the violence, the haze so stupid, and so misguided and counter productive and even though single occurs in the moment at such an impulsive, childish thing to do the lash out and hit some or the bike locker. Someone sucker punch him, but you all you're doing is the being this fuckin machine, it's never gonna run out of fuel she's gonna. Keep chewing up are our culture gonna just keep going.
It's you knock. It ended in our gonna. If used our punching people, it keeps get your feeding the beast yeah there. Punch back. Then I can punch Batman, they gonna kill you there's a thing I to do a lot of shows fur like I'm. Among the people that, like me, are generally men, like most of my fans are more men than women, so I use it whenever I do corporate gigs, the only corporate gigs I'd ever do we're shows for military police officers or the House angels I know every time and the thing I realize is it: when you talk, took a group of cops or you talk to a group. Dangers. Angels are the same. Fucking guys do this, guys because they got the same exact, fuck, a mentality. Third, the group, the guys that are like Ok, it's us versus them. We do. This are right, but we're doing this we're done this we're gonna neck and differences. You call the cops now compare you angel
What two shells helms, I'm not going to help me with your friends, loom deference I had only hotline replant like motorcycles, rumble of declaring tat the I got into this thing of about fifteen years ago, back home. I did a joke about it. A joke on one of the gallows further for the festival and I a reporter talk shit about me and any was a joke: alma jokes about little kids. So it was now, but it was a joke. I done a joke I mention the little girl that got kidnapped in my job is planned an but that the job here go yet fact always make me feel
I'm gonna give up covenant fuck. You went out Joe Rogan together, so I should commit suicide, telling hilarious level girl victim, but the present period of at the little girl, but it was about a joke, is gonna, say Now we have to explain it, but it was cuz I money into the government, the IRS, the canadian Iris Anna. They seized all my accounts, and I have this little story, and now they are now is that the punchline was like they're fucking, crazy fuel them eight dollars, they're gonna, kidnap your kids to the one that they're the ones that have blood by around the little girl. I now I got it, got a nice laugh and then ended ended. My sat with I got a standing ovation. Gala got good reviews. Everything was good. Then, like three weeks later, this report
rights, an article about how the audience was shocked and offended, and I was like they were shocked and offended. I can a standing ovation, was shocked and offended and then the this french Canadian Guide that Psycho like Larry King type guy he started his show he's like MIKE Ward, made fun of this little girl. Let's call her grandfather to see what he thinks about that so he called the grandfather during the show and turn the show he didn't tell them I use so he is Ok, you know my born the goes. I guess he made your granddaughter and this girl fucking got got kidnap like he was like what what do you think about that he was like Yeah now not isn't core and then people if national law and then people were common goal, fuckin asshole, what he's a garbage and then people you ve got an issue people
I said I'd like making fun the little people lost their fucking mind, and then people were sending like messages to my manager that they knew where I live. There were none a murder me and then I look outside the house and my manager, causing like their people that are gonna, kill you announced they're not gonna, kill me. I look at my house. I see fuckin people lined up outside my house, unlike I'm gonna get murder but, like I was looking at, them and they weren't attacking the house. They were just like in front of my house, looking at my house and I was I'm not a brave. Do like I can't live like I'm, not fucking. You like, I don't know how to fight so, but I was like I'm just gonna go talk to them to suit of what the fuck's up. So I went out and then they acted like that. Just regular guys just hang out outside my house. I was what the fuck and then I found out like two or three years ago that I done a couple for house angels and the Hell's angels had part they they told her did like MIKE Ward?
people want to kill my ward so so watch the people want to kill my word so that that there were the hell's angels like on my head. This is like in the middle of the street people, the other side street and on each corner there were hell's angels watching the people, and I was like fuck the hell's angels protected me. It's uh yeah wacky yeah how's angels are probably good guys there there, like you're, saying that probably sayings the guy's a copy of it again, if you like- and this is the same with mafia guys, if you don't owe the money guys here with a message candidates, that's your business that they like they're, all like like whenever, whenever I meet. Anyone like in the mafia or whatever, unlike gothic, seem like he's in the mafia, is a good guy, but I dont omelette. Nineteen thousand dollar right right. The wound:
you're a lot of organised crime and a lot organise business. They deprive behave, pray yeah, cause its citizens the things they can get away with things they can't yeah. You keep. If you just goes around, go around break and legs and killing tail you yeah it'll, kill your kids. I envisage that goddamn paints a goddamn basil, goddamn business. Our gents rather the job is forever. But when do you think this things get resolved, wit. Does thing that's weird like when I went to court this have fuckin stupid. I am. I thought, it'd be like OJ that at the end of my my trial, they be like case. Stand up and we go, we vote for you, but in Canada they we get there. The verdict like for six or eight months later, some going back to court early January and then I'll probably get the verdict in a year or two like it's really like I'm gonna, be ninety seven. By the time I get them
how much money is his coffee? So far it's gonna cost me like, like I said, Bruce from allowed. The like it's gonna cost, probably two hundred thousand two hundred then- and this is the thing I want to start- I has paid off twenty, I paid after what I could have paid off ten if I wanted to. But the is the thing what I want to do. I was really lucky ain't that a number I then always sees a glass half full, but I was lucky than I have the money to pay this cause. If I was a guy like those three or four years into comedy and someone like some a letter to say, hey, you will always be out, have fuckin either committed suicide, quick carbon end or when we have for years in the comedy, you probably be more inclined to say something in appropriate because he thought it was funny yet be shocking. Yeah right, like you get rewarded What, especially when you do open my knights and you're, just starting out you get rewarded in taking chances, that aren't necessarily funny, but there are shy
yeah you're risky because it might be the best reaction of your set aside might not even be necessarily good, but that the best way. Action of your sectors. Frankly, you're set is mostly dog, shit, right wing, two or three years in right yeah, so imagine that gets on the internet some three year. Old comic is barely at last days lays under M transit, bombs. Just saying something stupid, you think you're gonna be funny I want to. I want to start a thing though I haven't started yet cause. I was gone too. Depression. I ve been talking about this for years, but now, since I'm not in my depression, I'm gonna start a fund for whoever the next guy or next girl, next woman is your broke, some be not to storm of em, but I think could cause a lake I was lucky, I think, of myself as lucky for real cause like I don't, a lot of money, but I had enough money to defend myself. And I didn't even have to go like
got it in any way a raise. Your profile did help you it. It would help me if I, didn't spend all my days in the bathtub crying drinking wine like like. If, if I'd use this I could have, I could have. I don't know if I would have become like super fast. Miss, but I couldn't use this, but I was like I do. I dont want to use this. I didn't want to be. I didn't want to be the guy that made fun of disabled children too late. Yeah I get it man I mean, I think, that's a real, noble idea to start a fund for the next guy and especially, because Canada has such a wonky system just Canada Year, you basically connected world together, we were you guys are right here, we'll walk clarity, firm Ramsay would basically Vermont. With our eyes. You all eleven Human Rights Commissioner, because there's the canadian Human Rights Commission and every canadian province has their human Rights Commission, and there in the world. There are twelve human rights
measures such as the one at the Hague that they go after evil like a war, criminals and shit and then there are eleven in Canada. The go after open makers, Jordan Petersen may go after me. I think this is. We can make comparisons to what they're doing with free speech to what we do, To be the real issues with controlling free speech on internet, Israel similarities. I think how these human rights, its councils committees, people getting too other undecided, they don't want to come off, callous arenas, her you know, and so they can decide. Well, that's gone too far. This is wrong. You shouldn't be will say that That is the number one problem with controlling free speech, and you should be able to say whatever you want and then, if people like you, the now watch you they don't go, see you and you let the free market decide sound about. You know what I'm talking about inciting Hey you're saying you should go, kill people one of these in a lot of people had a problem with with Gavin
was Gavin was actually saying, punch them hit there, that's fucking, because he's not used to be in punch to hit that's what it is: people that around violence a lot don't just Willy nilly advocate violence. You know- and I think he realizes that's probably why step down from this whole thing now realises, like come aunt, Polly hard to see how your perceived when you're, in that Fuckin polarizing opposition as he is that he just was at one point in time. The guy was one of the co founders of vice really kind of weird interesting pro, to our guys very smart. I enjoy talking to him to this guy who's like all right- and you know the leader of a hate group like why that should sticks to you. Man, Mina, said sticks to you, a crazy gloom, yeah, I'm always going do but I think what we're saying earlier so that that perceptions, some sometimes
almost as important as reality and in your case may prove to be until wore off right. Yeah like now, people forgotten and people seek the thing that that, like I said when we start now, the park ass. The thing that kind of piss me off is like in America like that and in Quebec, which is French Canada. They saw me as a guide that that would I do jokes, but I'm on the fence of I'm a fucking dirty comic and I d What I do- and I think I do well to ensure their kind of common- and they do say where they endured gangster. Ah, yes, where they enjoy an guy moving. I'm not like some shitty, like fucking, open, Michael doing right, jokes. If they don't work. If I do raped my rape, jokes fuckin murdered my arab jokes kelp thing: I've won like fuckin, like fifteen, rewards on every ripple, writs rate.
The year we weren't my several of faint but people. People like a lot of the media instead of gone that there's something weird about the government. Does the government judging my case is exact. We like judging a movie sites like saying fuckin, why why They drive in so fast and fasten the furious why they did a very good point. They forgot what I do. Even if you don't like what I do is art and you, you may not think stand up his art. But it is it's a fucking expression and I dare talking with Israeli that it just seems too much like you. Jacking could cause. Then here's the thing whenever you see a comic than that good. It looks easy and when it looks easy, it looks like they just it's off the top of their head and that's what they think and that's a day. I think I'll Jim Jeffreys it said does that he said there are things that I
think and their. What I sound stage are things that I think are funny and that's what we do on stage like it. It's not just those meetings. Doesn't matter had special, exactly synthetic file. You are right, said: Durham. Jeffreys though it was not. I don't these armies, but its everybody says that he had a fucking good bet about weaken cats. When two people watch you show they can see it I'm on Amazon, Prime, in the U S in UK, there's just end up show the its collars ago. It's called MIKE Ward Infamous, and my the first fifteen minutes are about my court case. It's a really good special super happy with this special. It's the exact opposite of net so Amazon Prime Amazon, Prime, a lot of Stana Braids like the retarded version of Netflix, whatever you say retarded yet they live,
and retired not anymore, not not even wider. Really an raises is on the phone right now. What did he say so in three weeks, then I'm gonna be on Hulu any lose very liberal. They have handmaids tail, you fuck, if not we, where we're a Friday Friday. Forty six on compound media doesn't gammons till the show on like see our tv or some shit. Aren't you see our tv? What is still has, I think he still hasn't. I varies, there have been in like over a year, and the last time he wrote me he wrote a funny like I thought it was her. He wrote this weird fuckin thing tat. I could tell that he was drunk and I was like nowhere. He wrote me like a four in the morning. Some fuckin ran vague and I was like- I have idiocy a drink and again
and then he wrote that they stop drinking for while he had stopped drinking forward and then he wrote something like almost insulting me and I wrote ha ha and then he wrote you're too hard to you too hard to piss off. I'm gonna write someone else. So he was just that he was unpleasantly since my name's ward, like I was probably like at the The last though he had the gun, some guy named some Manco or so is going through all of its different fucking. Around tax or nine thousand contacts at finding here are german, thanks. Romania mass likelihood fight, thank you and Canada get your goddamn shit together when it comes to freedom of expression. This Nonsense! You silly goose, geese new, almost amazing country, that so nice up there. It is you're, fuckin, free speech and live by ruddy. This episode of the podcast was brought to you by four SIG matic and theirs.
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