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2018-11-30 | 🔗
Anthony Cumia is aradio personality and host formerly of The O&A Show, now hosting The Anthony Cumia Show available at
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Something will trigger a thought in your mind and you go home and then that will trigger action and then next thing you know. Many years later, your world is changed and a lot of what this podcast is was inspired by my guest today, Anthony Cumia, Anthony was part of Opie and Anthony, which is a gigantic radio show at one point in time I used to do the show on a regular basis I always did it whenever I was in New York and Anthem started doing this show from his basement. He put up a green screen and set up this whole stage. And it was calling it live from the compound and that inspired me I thought about it and I watched him do that and why don't I do something like that and now you're listening to that? That is how it started. So please welcome my friend
Anthony Cumia, the Joe Rogan experience, yeah we're lives there. I love it Joe Rogan. If it was not for you, oh my god, this this would not exist, which is insane that is a hundred percent. Actual fact I was watch, you doing live from compound me. Brian Redban were sitting in my fucking living room and, watching you, you were fucking playing karaoke you're singing karaoke with a machine gun in front of a green screen, goes like this guy. This guy just set up his own studio like he already has open at the show it at the time you guys read Siriusxm yeah and he just decided to do this thing in your basement. Just for a goof yeah. It was like a hobby, it's like guys who don't have kids married the who not married. Don't have kids. Have anybody telling them what to do and they also have disposable income? Then you get to see I really want to do. They want to sing karaoke with a machine.
Gun in front of a green screen. Yes, it was a crazy, crazy gun guy karaoke. So I could do that if, if I was married, I would I have a wife that would lose her mind at my living room, like my living room table that you're supposed to the candle on and little skis and stuff is a wide in computer monitor and again ng system right next to the table. I have a gaming computer, that's just unbelievable and I sit there and just play video games, so the people itself as a gaming, monitor yeah the whole table. Well, is one of those touchscreen ones. No, it's a giant wide monitor it's like uh, like forty It is wide. So that's the table. No, it's on table again the tables in busy like heavy metal thing, but but it's just everything, there's VR goggles up on the console by the tv, it's just it's sensors around the room for the VR. It's a
playground and you're absolutely right guys, will spend their money on having fun. If, if allowed to that's this place at this place is insane. I can't own his my house to go to my house. It's my wife's house, see that's how it work. Have one l cat on the wall? That's all I have that's all your allowed. I laugh it guys and they have the the man cave yeah I like do come on down and man cave. The checks are allowed down here. The tv that I'm like. No, you should, Our place is the whole house. She relegated you don't one role, a guy and you're happy about it. You're happy that you've got one rule, happy, wife, happy life, that's apparently a it! Didn't work didn't work. You know the third row quo. But I say way too many times this podcast, but I love the quote: most men live lives of silent desperation, wow yeah. That is true. It's one hundred percent- true it was I was married for time and it was. It was a nightmare. It was a
living hell. For me, the only thing that got me through as many years as I was married because I was nine years, and I don't Remember one happy year of those nine, but I had gotten into radio pretty early on in that marriage, and that was my life. So I dedicated myself no matter miserable anything else. In my life was I doing radio, so I thought it was awesome. I have a theory about that. I really do. I think that Person needs a certain amount of suffering in their life and if you look at some of the all time Great Comics or even all time, great radio personalities like Howard, Stern, Howard Stern during his heyday when he was the fucking man was miserable and right right. He would talk about it. He would hide in his basement I love your story. Lies like here's, this guy he's the you know the big radio personality. Ever he he's huge and yet he's gotta hide and he
Just talking about masturbating and hiding from his wife and you can't get any sex and you like it didn't matter if he was huge didn't matter if he was famous no matter how rich was didn't matter. Yeah he's just hide in the basement and that angst came out on the radio. Like you related to him, you understood it yeah yeah! I get that man worked for May because there was a lot of misery like when I start. And doing really well, we moved back to New York from Boston. After we got fired opening myself, you guys got word for saying that the mayor died so yeah it was April fools gag and because we always It's not the the radio April fools jokes were so stupid and hokey, and we change the format to all Elvis as like, after minutes state, say April fools. Let's just go balls out, say the mayor's dad and have a news guy come on and report it and everything, and then it was supposed to. He subsequently get more outrageous.
The the the show went on so by the end of it there was a Taiwan. Male hooker in the car with them, and they crashed because he was getting a blowjob job is it was going to get really ridiculous, but they stopped it early. Fionan and never allowed us to even mention it, so people really thought he died. Although it's stupid. You got the initial for your news, but back then the inter wasn't what it is now exactly dinner wasn't even was barely I think it was barely a thing 'cause that was nine thousand and ninety seven around there. Ninety eight. What year did you get on? You earlier? I was on really early like the 80s. I was on bulletin board servers and used to play trivia games with a three baud modem with people, and I thought it was amazing. Even then, and then in the when we were up in Boston, I bought a digital camera that was just this giant
thing and I had a laptop another giant thing and I would take shares of what was going on in the studio and then post them that night on a website that I figured I used to code html myself and make the website just to post pictures and links, and people thought it was amazing, like you're, seeing what we talked about that day. It as an instant, but it was pretty cold and I started videos I was able to put video, like maybe eight second clips of nude girl, if they were in the studio and pop that up and people loved it, and then I got a bill from the the company for bandwidth and I didn't know bandwidth, it was at twelve thousand dollars bill for a month, yeah yeah 'cause. I think there was no. There was no compression or anything I'm pumping video out to thousands of people under. Last and ' Apparently they had that happen.
A couple of times, so they told Maine it just don't do it again. They didn't make me pay, which was call why? But at that point I had to learn about you know coding and a compression and things like that. So you just kept doing it and just just put them in some sort of Press one yeah yeah, I did you would use your member back then I'll God. I think it was like for auto, it was real audio, which was hilarious, ride the little player yeah little player, real audio player would pop up and then for video. I can't remember what it was, but it was terrible. It was all pixelated. You know like ten, frames per minute. Things like real audio, which was everywhere just yeah. They just quit. Gave up around still they changed into something else. You know I've got bought out by somebody up, yeah yeah
It happens to everything, but honestly, if it was not for you and your show, live from the common end for open and larious, because Opie and Anthony was the first radio show that I really where ever realized you don't really have to have a format yeah, you could just talk. It was just kind of talk thing. A talk thing was a hang. It was a and a lot of the we were on the same company. It was the same company as Howard, Stern, CBS, radio, a look at that real still here. It's as it makes the worries from your videos and photos now, but this is exactly what it is, The real player automatically makes video stories from your best photos. Sorry, oh I know it. So now it's like a kind of Montajes automatic too, but yeah used to be a good way to watch porn with weird Codex. The code exactly when had a weird codex you know like who compiled it
you'd get it, you watch it on real player like we did get porn from bit torrent yeah yeah and then sometimes you wouldn't have anything on your computer to play. It would say: Codec, not avail. Bald yeah, exactly hissed off, because you're like a fine nail, it five yeah like now that the that was awesome. I got. I remember the first time I ever got a porn video sent to me. I was like this is crazy, yeah, yeah watch, a porn, video was just photos, motos were insane because I guess it was around the mid 90s. My brother had picked up a an apple. Can I don't even know what model it was or anything, but it was. It was pretty good for the time and I just sat in front thing for, hours and hours on end just one porn pic. It was no videos. Just pictures and you know how they used to scroll. Sometimes it was a corrupt file. So halfway down or just turn white,
yeah and pixelated in zigzaggy, but just for hours, just one more one, more one: more indigo dip, tick, tick yeah, he would slowly emerged after cutting. It was very, very compact, laying yeah you'd sit there, just waiting for that. Every d printers faster now yeah that it was downloading photos on a 14k, modem, yeah yeah, it's insane to think the technology end of it 'cause you got thumb drives with more memory than entire computers had just a few years ago, and I remember I guess it was bill gates or something said you'll you'll never need anything more powerful than a four hundred and eighty six years ago, it's like, but a couple of because if memory and it's just crazy the demand for, for a computer power got way out of hand especially with games and stuff. So yeah huge gaming got now you down
a game like red, dead redemption, two or call of duty uhm Anne. It's seventy five to one hundred gig is really those games yeah and it's like that would have been one hundred computers and to think of those floppy disk? I used to get games on. It would been a pallet stacked up like six feet, high of those disks to load it on so I like the old doom games, yeah yeah yeah with the yeah. Yes, we do yeah make those sounds, and hopefully it would work, and yet now You just download him. I haven't been to a a gaming store in years because with a or steam you just down. The game right off of your office, and you want to get rid of redemption too. You just download it you just download it like. I don't know who goes to Gamestop or anything anymore. People still do, though I mean there's one of them all I've seen yeah I've seen I don't know if we used games yet Xbox,
send Playstation Xbox. You could download to yeah yeah and Playstation eggs yeah you just plug back. At six hundred or whatever it was having a conversation with Jordan Peterson about this yesterday off air. I was saying I'm really, I get concerned because I feel, like all of our information like so the vast majority of it is now digital and we have some things that are written down on paper, but even paper. So it's so easy to break and burn and Phuc up I mean we lost most of human beings last most of the information about Egypt when they burned the library of Alexandria? Who knows I mean there could have been also the schematics and some diagrams detailed diagrams how they built some things they built lost it all that easily it happened to us and they would be starting from scratch again yay, now the when it takes some form of electricity to to get to all this information
dependent on that there's going to be power that type of power of forever, and even if we figure out how to reboot electricity and save someday in the future would have we have a massive coronal mass ejection and it fucking nukes the entire the whole grid. In all the satellites go down and we have to start from scratch. So a decade two decades before people start rebuilding computers. Again that actually work we're going to have to decipher all this information they're going to have to figure out those codecs they're going to right, yeah they're, going to get drivers to make all this stuff work miss a lot of it yeah all the info is literally ones and zeros and has to be decoded and and put back together again and some import stuff it's on drive somewhere. I could just get nuked yeah, hey Don It's gone forever, all the things that people figured out gone don't you wish, that would happen. It's not. I don't know
I'm so cynical man. You really have lately more, so I think over the course of the past few years. I've just got more cynical and social media had a big effect on main. Well, you engage too much. Yes, I did I'm off social media now I have been for maybe Months, at least you know the personal choice. Well, twit Kicked me off good times with the kick you off or just dumb shittu. It wasn't. Even it wasn't even that bad, like the last one, it was. I was defending Jimmy Norton girl was on just bashing, Jimmy and I was like look at So I go. I don't even know what you are. First of all, you're either a this girl or a feminine guy and your hair it looks like it- was dyed with period blood 'cause she has and
well, that God they fuckin' permanently suspended Maine, the it bloods you can hear you on the line. It's like you can't make fun of that. You can't make fun of somebody's stand, works if the sexuality in a kind of call Amma of SAM or or a Butch whatever it was ever. Whichever case, whichever is hey and to this day I still don't know actually, but so I get kicked off a lot. I have a twitter account now, but I have not told anybody what the name is at, because I just use it for research for the show right, because Twitter gets the news before the news yeah like that's, where everything breaks now on twitter. You know it's interesting to Maine Lewis, Farah Khan, still on Twitter, it's it's amazing. You ever read some. The city says about evil: Jews, crazy, Anti semitic, unbelief. Yeah unbelievable and for whatever reason, they're scared to take him off yeah. They won't
kick him off. I guess Laura Loomer is a jewish kind of independent reporter girl and the in that case slash nut case, whatever yeah, whatever you want to chain herself, she trained herself to twitter yesterday, didn't solarius. I just watched it on periscope, as it was going on. She got a bullhorn horn is she's yelling at Twitter as well lose me. We got a boost. Mobile you know it's funny. It's kind of left wing tactics. She was using 'cause conservatives, the right Republicans, whatever you want to are pretty mellow when it comes to, they don't demonstrate really they like to just get in there and do their ship. Whatever it is, but liberals really like getting out Aaron, marching and yelling and bullhorns and stuff like that, It was weird like to see that, on the other end yeah, but She just screaming.
And uh? I guess I guess they they unhooked her and uh in arrested. Are so pretty. What did they did? They kick her off of twitter, for they kicked her off for talking about. Islam and talking about how There was celebrating women's day, whatever whatever that was on a certain day, bye, focusing like the picture was of those Islamic. And that got elected to office up in wasn't Minnesota or somewhere. So she said how hypocritical that was because Islam is for female genital mutilation, an uh cancel women's rights and they kill gay people and that's all she posted and she got kicked off for the hate speech. H against Islam LAN. I and her argument was Louis Farrakhan is saying you know, I'm not an anti semite, I'm an anti termite ' Equating Jews with insect. Which yeah pretty 19th these Germany kind of a thing
So you know, while her heart was in the right place. I guess it did come off a little She also had a star of David, Yellow STAR of David on her shirt as she change to twitter and people got upset with that there she is I just thought to tell you the truth. I thought it was a good strategic move because you're going to buy time with that Is the police do not want that optic of a uniform guy kind of pulling a girl off their wearing a star David, they could just picture looks bad It might have bought her some time, but I don't know if that was her motive. She planned it out. Well, she did errantly. It was the number one trending topic on Twitter, which is odd that you know she gets, kicked off and ends up being the the number one trending What's really odd is this is wild manafort may have Jim himself right is going after Trump's. Deeper ties
One is now saying that Trump was in Cahoots with Putin, Given the fifty million dollars penthouse tower in Moscow yeah, you know all that but I don't know that girl PIC Twitter, it sound ridiculous, because I I got like I said I got kicked off and I'm I'm I'm a little bummed about it by it's. What? Because it's odd, it's not just a private company anymore? That can do what they want? I'm not government regulation. So I don't know how you fix this, but Twitter is now a thing where Presidents on it. World leaders are discussing things on it. Urgency management, FEMA and and the weather services? put out alerts in case of danger or or some kind of that's going to happen and because of your political ideology or calling a girl period, blood hair you're not privy to,
alerts and safety information that well it's clear that it's not everyone's, doesn't have to follow the same rules we've already established. With Farah Khan right. We've also established that with Trump SAM Harris been on a he was at least I think, he's abandoned it, but it was on a quest to get Jack to try to hold up. Terms of service agreement and and kick trump off of Twitter. It is likely to do he's threatening nuclear war. Like do you understand that this is the craziest use of twitter ever, I think Jack's position was that it is it's more beneficial to have him on, and it's really we are getting to see his personality in a way. We've never seen any president's problem. Absolutely I mean the the the most ridiculous, petty that he does: okay, tacking Machel, Wolf or because of a White House correspondents. Alright thank their people losers. You know making fun of the girl on Joe's.
Scarborough the girl. He married yeah yeah, saying that she had up plastic surgery, each bleeding yeah yeah, I mean she really really think she should up a mar. Lago bleeding the plastic. Sur the fucking maniac, It really is, meanwhile, that it it it's good for us to see because it Kate's as to who he is as a real person right lot of who you are just gets exposed in those tweets yeah we little bit. You can't know everything about a person from their twitter, but you can get you can parse out little chunks. We get it a good taste in for him it's very, very revealing yeah. It is a weird thing this is with. I think this will be looked back on as a very little moment in american history and in politics where that kind of crossroad happened, yeah, because We're we're pretty satisfied with uh that
political speech thing that and we need to bring up the lower middle class to the and they just go on, and on and drone on. It's this weird speech that no real human being ever speaks like Hillary was hilarious, and why a today is, it was fake. It's fake and phony comes rolling in it's absolutely batshit insane like the stuff he says, like you were saying the other day he's giving a speech. He said that when was younger people said he looked like Elvis 'cause he was doing some kind of a commemorative thing for Elvis down in Tennessee or somewhere, and he He looked like Elvis and we're laughing, as of Mickey that, because no one ever No one ever told me, there's so many things. Then I try
guy. I voted for the guy 'cause. I wanted that monkey wrench thrown into the machine. I felt we had gotten screwed too many decades, and it was time to let Washington node like look we'd rather elect this nut than any of you guys. So I think it proved a point there are enough checks and balances in place where you know the likes of anyone, president really, Is it going to do that much damage? I think he's pulled the cover off a lot of stuff. I think people are trying to compete with him on twitter Politik pins are trying to play his game and it's kind of fun to watch as a comic entertainer, it's gold to see what Tulsi Gabbard said to him, but she's a congresswoman from Hawaii. He said, being Saudi Arabia's, Bich isn't making America first, like that's a congresswoman, say they're, all kind of taking that, things to used to do they and it's odd that a seventy year old guy was the
and that was like bringing social media into this forum. It is on an yeah. You would think it would be some young guy get in there and do it, but I would never do it the way he no that's just like a reckless maniac, it's and that's because he can yeah the guy. You'll, never see a chain of events like what happened to elect Donald Trump The rich guy is still a billion Aaron million. Whatever you want to call me that a lot of money from his dad from his dad and then you know I for him in New York. When I was a kid, it, was always in the news developer? Was always banging heads of politicians trying to get some kinda zoning I'm going or build some other tower somewhere and so we were all familiar with him and we know he was like this piece of SH guy. You know like everyone was surprised like, oh god, he grabbed by the pussy is like we saw
the Daily NEWS, the New York Post every week, Trump was with some other. Who were I said so. It wasn't a surprise to to us yeah, but he got out and it was the perfect timing like we come off the the heels of eight years of a democratic president, and it just was people ready for a maniac to be in line. People were some people are exact. My favorite image of the election was that lady with the sock hat on the knees with the glasses screaming like that to me ushered in this era of outrage in chaos, yeah yeah, it just was it that was like the the the primal scream that set off the domino- and they're all in motion right now. It wasn't supposed to happen it. Wasn't supposed to happen. Hillary was supposed to be president. That's what everybody thought it was going to go.
History is just one of those wacky elections and then business as usual, but you know when Trump won. It turned everything upside down and ripped the cover off of, I think not only politics in Washington, but Hollywood the mainstream media, the news media everything had the covers, ripped off and everyone's now got a peek inside and realized how up everything it. You know you used to assume Washington. At least the people had some kind. Control like they were. They were adults doing the job that needed to be, and then you realize all my got everyone's just a piece of do you here's, a story that disappeared from years ago. Remember the Washington. Madame suicide herself all yeah book filled with politics knows that we're getting there were banging all these prostitutes
and she was going to release everything and she was doing press conferences and then she committed suicide committed suicide. But it's like well case closed, no big deal lost their books, yeah yeah, Whatever disappear. Yeah it disappeared. Things like that happen, like they do. Titian's kill people yeah, there's, there's secret backroom deals that happen and it's crazy house of cards is way closer to reality than people would like to believe. Yeah yeah way closer. We over the course of decades. Upon decades, every year, that goes by, we seem to get a little more knowledge and a little less confident in the government. I watch some shit from the 50s. You know there's plenty of things You too, even even industrial films. Just this thing of how a family how to raise your family, they did it. They had to be a good wife all that stuff, and it was all this weird propaganda of what I'm.
Call wise and then as gears go by you realize? Oh, it was all bullshit like politics we're always getting rich and no one seems to know how or why and These deals that are made aren't always in our best interest. They're. Not civil servants there to represent and help you and as the years go by. We see more and more of this and the past two years with Trump is just been man quite a crash. It really has yeah. It's great. I'm I'm fascinated to see where it goes on from fastened to see if he seems you know I mean they always called Gotti the Teflon Don, but it seems like Trump is the Teflon Don? yeah. He seems it seems, like all these things keep happening and it even because of that, like I remember Justin Martin comedian friend of mine is hilarious. He goes. He was talking about. Stormy Daniels,
he was like she's are Monica Lewinsky she's going to take him down like to fuck. That's not happening. No, you don't get it. He doesn't care that they know he fucked her. Yeah, he doesn't care to understand it's not you have to care for it to work right and that's that people don't really care it's well. Some people don't care. I I follow Rosie O'Donnell's account on Twitter and Rob Reiner is another one, and for two years over two years they have just been, like counting down and the day that so peach right around the corner, so he's out oh they're, going to in prison. You and your son get a cell next to each other. It's like! How long are you going to do this eight years is going to be eight years of you going well any day. Now Keith Miller is going to yeah
do you remember when he was doing that wacky show in a basement somewhere for GQ, like a mental patient, like legitimately like a mental patient. The resistance- screaming. It was like he was doing like it was almost burlesque or something you I'm saying like you know, It was like the the radio version of burlesque yeah ask is like we see a girl doing, burlesque it's like in the row back to an old timey way of doing things like the right handlebar mustache with the bowler Kapple introducer yeah. She is body she has bought DHS. Please welcome madam blah blah and she comes out. I don't know to music that you listen to any more and she's dancing around right. It's very we and they're they're they're, always kind of big girls are not skinny like little strippers. Okay, I have their girls to eat, it's like a throwback to a different time of of rowdiness and when he was in front of that screen like thing this suit on his tie, like though it did, and everything was like
really well written and the like right, he's precise point- and I don't understand like with the Red Blue in the background- was either it's just. It was so it seems like something that someone had set up like better not as good as your compound the yeah yeah based on it live from the compound it wasn't. It wasn't as good as that, it's like that's the background. This is for G Q. Q. Q is like okay, we have thirty dollars We have a dollars. I think I think a Charlie's got a camera yeah. He could bring it in thirty dollars. Good yeah, we have a table. The I q table. That's twelve dollars a year of eighteen dollars left we got in the construction paper for the background. What the is this yeah? I got some gas, blue and and blue and red paint yeah. Yes, there's like a what what is that and then he would just pontificate there and- and he and his last
this thing was like 'cause. The end is eminent there's. No, no reason for me to go on top is finished yeah. What is this? My work here is done play some of this Trump is finished in one year. One year ago, this week, exact wow member eleven, two thousand and seventeen was when he quit getting pardon from Trump or that molar, as I've also reported here, has succeeded in finding a way around Trump's pardon power and either of these near certainties spell Trump's doom. So that's the most obvious of the seven ways for Trump to go now, so we're really will get him on Russia. It will be ugly and it will tear this country nearly apart, but it will be necessary. The second way is, as I have also repeatedly suggested here, that Muller doesn't really need to prove anything about Trump and russian sabotage of the electric. There seems to be so much obstruction of justice for the firing of James Comi to the lies about Trump juniors.
As with the Russians that it's hard to pick out a key player in the Trump Inter Circle who could not be guilty of it? It was so funny lay on a year ago, and it's like you know, I'll go and still going still go and and- and I think it's fake news- yeah and it now fake news- it's a hoax, but it is interesting like more to me, is fascinating because he seems like a ruthless mother, yeah yeah takes his time. He's a good guy says: hey, look at me: I'm gonna kill you that's not going to be today, ok. That's all you need to know so I can be today, but I'm going to fucking, kill you and, like every day, he's plotting on killing you see him drive by your house and way like when is when is the hammer fall and you lookout your window of your office he's out there like that? Guy can coffee? Oh, he has seen some shit. Oh I mean this guy he's yeah, I mean he's a cold.
What it intelligence, agent, yeah yeah, though those guys have seen everything. Aha, he knows the into work is the machine and he knows how you bring a guy like that down and how you it up and he's doing everything that leads me to believe that he's not fucking it up. This is slow play and if there is, if there is anything to the rush, the thing I I you would think something would have leaked out by now. Well, it has I mean is that there is a video the other day of Donald that they just play. On CNN of Donald talking about how many times has actually been to rush Donald Junior and he had that he hadn't been, but then there's another video of him from years ago, saying yeah I've been there many times, DS, five thousand six hundred and seventy eight talking about business, the problem with the people that are going after Trump at that they don't seem to understand the guy right up. Till he became president of the United States was just a private citizen businessman.
So he had a lot of dealings around the world with his realestate, an buildings and golf course. All. This shit happened when he just a citizen doing business now, whether it ethical or not, that that could definitely be brought into whether it's legal or not, I'm sure that they're looking into also, but he wasn't, he wasn't beholden to the people as a public servant. There wasn't a conflict of interest because he was a lifelong politician and using the power of his office to make deals. So and that also goes hand in hand with him. Just fucking around like it like. If he went, from a selectman in his hometown and then years and years go by and then you're the president and you built that career up any at any point in there, they could call you out on being uh
human being 'cause. You, girls are your this, so you'd have shady business dealings, but up until two years ago, just Donald Trump yeah, so it's call him out on even dealing with Russia, because plenty of business wanna deal with Russia and China? I think the question is whether or not he colluded with Russia to get information about Hillary and also to to put out all that prop. Again the against Hillary and also so saying that they're going to make a deal to do the Trump Tower in Moscow? now, this is all while he was running for president, not being honest about it. I think that's that's where it gets again I don't know almost there is anything illegal there. I don't know if there's anything that he did, that is, 'cause, I believe when you're campaigning say whatever they like. You want to anybody, I don't think you're really running running but you're not really running anything that really running the country yeah. If he lossed the presidency, he would still have
have some ducks in in a row to continue his business, so you know, and his son took over that part of of what he was doing so he could campaign. So whether do do Johnny Junior went over to Russia or not. I don't really see it. You might think it's unethical and you might go well. Did he say if we win will do this and help you out so who knows about that part of it? But I don't see a and of itself him going over there being that big, a problem and the fact that you know the Clinton campaign and the Dnc They had a lot of shady deals going on with Russia, also in that crazy dossier and an english spy and a russian like, and that just never seems to get any traction. It's weird well, there's way more left wing media publications in the right way. Abscess is the fact is. Only a few right wing, newspapers and right wing websites are off sometimes maligned treated seriously like there's no right wing news
that's treated with the same amount of respect to the New York Times next doesn't exist. Now, what the the New York Post well this new approach right wing- I don't know outrageous, yeah right wing, don't give a who you are liberal Democrat row, conservative Republican Thank you, some of the headlines that come off of the composer band classic over the years. They're amazing yeah. I liked comics yeah yeah, that's just comedy yeah one was a kind of what I thought was just so do she went Fred Astaire died, it was said: Astaire their way to Heaven that's right and hit, for that is the one thing that I do: love about New York and Boston to yeah. It is a harshness to the comedy yeah yeah people are fucking cold. It's cold in the winter time is calling Thank you that grow
their up there, man, it me it flavored bar yeah Burr was a million guys like that that, like that Patrice that up Tom, A lot of it came out of that part of the world 'cause. That part of the world is different. Isn't that weird? It's it's cold find cold and you think that just makes people angry cold in a lot of people. I think cold and very few people makes people like more down homie and compassionate, and they stay together Hannah, except for a few serial killers, randomly disordered scattered out into the woods yet, but other than that. You get like people that work together and help each other 'cause. They realize they're in this together. Yeah. There is there's a stark difference between New York and Boston, face. Comics and LA based company. To maintain different yeah yeah, and some of them have that cross over appeal. There and they've moved out of the eyes and and let
bill. You know but maintains that Boston sensibility that New York, sensibility, yeah yeah, that's what's appealing about him- is that he still savage right. Exactly yeah, yeah yeah like that you don't grow that out here, it's sunny, every day everyone's, the everyone seems kind of pleasant, yeah out here it, whether it's real or phoniness, but it comes off as pleasant tree and in New York. It's just a grave. S regard for everybody yeah, you literally step over peace to many people, yeah yeah lose their value, yeah like if you have a million pennies and you drop a penniless, whatever right lost a guy on the train, whatever now it is odd when you think about if there was somebody just laying in the gutter of the street in I some small town in Kansas, the police Is an ambulance would be called and people would stop and ask if he was ok,
and in New York. You literally step over those people. You just don't even look in their face. It's a it's an inconvenience yeah that someone is laying on the sidewalk. If you were in the middle of a snowstorm and you were your car broke down, and you saw a guy laying on the side of the road yeah you'd help, of course, you'd like Jesus, poor guy. We we can help him too yeah, hey Buddy, all right, yeah yeah. Not so it's not New York to see him lying in his own piss needle hanging out of his dick yeah. I'm past that it stinks down the subway fuckin' gross. It's fucking disgusting man, yeah combat stink too, though, in a steamy August day, it's the worse and it's gotten worse. Under a DA blouse videos of mayor of New York now and say what you want about Giuliani. Who now is batshit crazy? apple in him- I don't know
there's something blew a fuse he's not respectable anymore he's like some kind of well. He aligned himself with Trump so that immediately gets you put into a category but he's also a little. I think he's got some dementia like. Doesn't seem right now is losses comb over that he had a comb over for what was that like? What's his name with a comb over and he realized? Oh, my god, I'm fucking crazy, samsons hair. It's like that. He he lost the the last wisps. Those this of come comb over that it had during nine hundred and eleven going on yeah he was one point, you know, after nine hundred eleven, they called nine hundred and ten two thousand one. He the piece of shit, no one like Giuliani Hebrew in New York, he ruined. By commercializing it cleaning up all the porn, theaters uh, getting rid of the tunnel bunnies in the squeegee, guys like he went on a tear just gave the police Department Carte Blanche.
To start racking head and taking care of business. It cleaned up New York Times Square. Turned into a Disney type atmosphere. So. The drug addled mess that it was and and people hated him for kind of ruining that, gritty New York that we saw in taxi driver and ship and then nine hundred and eleven. He was America's mayor. That's what they call him a man is mayor, he's going out of Yankee Games into ovations and people he's standing with the other guys come over. He looks so crazy. Person on the right, yeah yeah totally shaved his head, shower and shave. It shave that head motherfucka yeah. You feel good. You feel like a guy who is like her on the side of his head and We do a lot of drugs like Hunter S, Thompson, it's hard right off. You can pull that off. Yeah. This is upper right hand, side! That's a that's! A comb over in the beginning there, above that, above that,
to the right to the right of the suit. Look at that, oh yeah, that's where its first started. That's the full comma! All my god! Look at that! It's working from the back like what did he do? Did he try to get plugs or something in the front? I don't think so. I don't know what that is just rocking out full strong comb over. That is he. He had a lot to do with the the organized crime in New York City, like the mafia, the five families, all that shit was still running. Pretty rampant throughout the 70s and 80s as a kid me, and my brother used laugh our s off we'd open the newspaper, and it was like Johnny the horse was found dead, so we would be laughing our asses off at the names yeah like just those mob names it's hilarious and that scene in goodfellas at the begin when they're just going through- and you know the nose and
killer and this guy and they all have those fuckin' names that are hilarious and yeah was a big part of that. I'm surprised they didn't kill him like he was absolutely responsible. He kept going after them and kept putting away. A with the you know, the new Rico statutes that they have and a lot of mobsters man. So well, you know another problem with the mumps. Is they started wrapping? yeah yeah yeah. As soon as you start writing each other. All your mystique is gone. Your whole, your whole legend is gone. The whole thing is that you guys have omerta. You keep your fucking mouth You do your time like a man right, you get out and you're a hero, and this whole thing keeps going. This thing of ours is sleeping hours, but those fucking pussies I want to go to jail. Isn't that something like the old school guys would be offered. You know you can walk. Or you could get a really easy said. Just talk of fuck, your mother and then yeah, they reached the point where it's like yeah
I'm not built for prison when they would put him in prison, though it was like in good felt they would be able to cook and they paid the guards off without a sweet set up the internet, ruined all that too. Yeah yeah. You want it well, it's probably all dead before the internet put, but you know like Sammy the bull Gravano. He was free, but he did his time that the minimum amount of time he killed at least ten people. Hey I mean yeah, he he he confessed to them. You know talked about the morality did and how he, did them. He wanted something so bad. They wanted daddy. So bad. I mean Sammy Nirvana was a fucking straight up, psychopath yeah, it's total serial killer yeah and they let him walk, and then he got arrested eventually for selling ecstasy in Phoenix. He moved to Phoenix after that yeah yeah, and then he was running shut down there and had it he just not get whacked out like
was, the model is gone. They all were gone is on care hated it all. It all crumbled. It's not something yeah, just like a F proof, one away, I don't think it like, god he was the first one that was like real flashy in public about yeah yeah. They were like that Vincent the Chin always used to walk around like a crazy person. The bathrobe after I was nuts, but he would he would give people directions while he was doing that. But if felt like everything was being bugged, so they would do. Is they bug cars along his walking route? Right they could record now that is hilarious, new what he was doing. Jesus, there's always a way yeah, there's always a way to get you yeah, the mist was gone though yeah. It wasn't really like the and still have the mystique russian mobsters. They are brutal to scary like they are the scary ones, there's there's every once in a worse because, regardless of what it turned into, there was a time where
italian mob did have a line like you didn't cross family things like that, but the oceans, all my god. Will they Phuc up an entire family? The dog everything gets killed. In the worst way: yeah they're, scary, scary, mother. I had an experience? Some out it was uh Broadway, I guess- and they have those pedal cabs that go around and they're all russian dudes big and legs on him. They pedal around and I was looking for a cab, a real cab to take me downtown or going right. Fifteen blocks in uh tricycle with the pedaling in front of me. So I passed by once and said you need the cab. I was like no I'm good. Thanks comes again. I'm still waiting for a cabinet goes cab and I was like I'm not going to have. You pedal me Fucking blocks, no move and- and you could yell at a cab driver in New York,
they'll yell out your window and stuff, they rarely will get out of their car. They know you know you got the medallion right there. You could just call the number and say you were being harassed by a cab driver, so they won't do anything this. Gets off his fucking bike. You have a fucking problem. You have a fucking problem well and I was just like oh shit- it's going down like that guy means and, of course like not not all good, all good. I I thank you. I don't need a cab, you write the mother flock and does it, but you don't fucka Russia, no they're, not regular white people, no they're, not they're, not they're, hard people, yeah yeah! You see that in the UFC there's a lot of bad axe rush. Well, obviously we now we saw that remember enough. Yeah yeah when things on top Conor punch him in the face and let's talk now yeah talk that talk. Let's talk
we talk boom just twist terrific yeah yeah now, and then they got those other videos that you see on Youtube and whatnot of Russians just up in uh steel. I beams yeah like one hundred stories on backflip swinging, doing backflips hanging by two fingers, or is it that I'm falling sometimes falling yeah. My hands are sweating you just talking about that makes my hands. It is so uncomfortable to watch and because there they get themselves in these positions where there's this thin little alcove and and they put their hands against one side their feet against the other. If your feet, there's no, no, will recovering drives me crazy is not look I got goosebumps. Is it weird to get a visceral reaction to just the thought, and I have some friends that just know that I freak out, so they send me those everyday Christ, yeah, there's some things that
our online later that in my God, Ah Oh they are nuts. I can't do this man all look in my hands pouring so yeah yeah. Oh my god, look at this crazy, asshole, olexiuk film, you'll boy, oh my god, boo crazy ship! Oh, oh, oh I'm standing! what does it say: daredevil returns with latest shocking stunt on skyscraper, this fucking mother father, but he's doing a handstand on what is that a three inch ledge four inch ledge he's going around the corner model coming around the corner? What are you doing? Do this? You fart too eight one little one, little fucking miscalculation or
How do you do that? How do you know your center of gravity isn't just going to pull your right to fuc off Jesus Christ? He went around the corner, that's nuts, what this guy's life like if he decides he's going to do this. This makes me very uncomfortable that is so fucking high up so high that is so high. I wouldn't I can't do what he did if he was on the ground right, yeah yeah. I can't I can't do those hand stands the jazz all right round mark out three inches and try to stay on it with your head or market, often enough. So the unit like put pads on to me right right and then give it so I could jump up and grab it and hang yeah yeah see how much that I could do like a couple of things. I could came from my fingers. I might be to pull myself up. But if I got the top a public slip, yeah yeah yeah, either definitely with you like. If you're writing, bike on a sidewalk you'll know fall off the sidewalk right, you could just ride your bike. You don't even have to think about it sidewalk what couple feet wide?
if that was over, like the Grand Canyon, you would you couldn't, It's the same fucking thing: it's just your your perception in the height and you know, you'd be fuckedup. You be like this, I'm going to fall off. So we have that HTC vibe in the backroom here, oh yeah, and there's one game. We have to download that game. We haven't gotten that game. Would you go to the hardware store and you buy a two by four and you lay it down on the floor and then the game is you put the VR goggles on and you're walking? this two by four, only like in between two skyscrapers. Size you're doing it and, like you hear salaries us against them. This is this. Is the the actual game on my God, you step out all there's the two by four. So this two by four is like you an app two by fours right really walking on this, so you're feeling yeah and you walk the plank. Oh, my god.
Oh, my god, and you look down below yeah. What is that thing float in front of you know. Was that supposed to be Jamie? I've never done it. I don't know yeah. The first of all it watching on the screen does v are no justice. You can't really. You are in a space, it's so cold to kind of look around. They. They definitely have more work to do yeah, it looks cool you feel like you're in a 3d environment, but it's not very photo realistic know for kids are addicted to it really run here after school or really put the VR guy. They fight over it and first first and they put the VR goggles on please crazy games? Yeah I have the oculus and the Vive and the Playstation VR at home and best, right now the oculus is the the highest quality of the VR goggles. I think Playstation
Pretty cool games out there, though, and five does too, but I think Oculus is going to come out. Very soon with a completely wireless one. Yeah so is HTC Vive, yeah yeah, so you're not like tethered to anything and tripping over wires and shit. That's going to be yeah that that's pretty huge it's weird because it games aren't conducive to VR and you would think like. I play call of duty battlefield, five world war. Two thing just came out and I love that that game. But I couldn't play that for our because I will for fucking hours on end and to have the gaga on that long and trying to play, a shooter like that. I think we are right now is working. We have two experiences than it is like that. That's pretty much in a game. It's an experience and it is, it brings you into a whole nother with three d world around you, but like is shooter game like battlefield or call of duty. Not
really conducive to me right now, not yet yeah. I think in the future, though, a plastic gun. Yes, like real if you're holding a real plastic, you need that interface. That would be fucking amazing for a shooter game. Yeah yeah, there's a few other id is that they're working on that should be available, pretty typically soon, where the some maps, your house, like the room you're in off of your headset and will for impose things over the couch like it'll, be a ammo crate. A chair turns into a box, ammo crate, so as you walk around the room, it's in your room, but making this VR world that looks more military or like a jungle or whatever it's so it won't be a couch you'll hit it, but in your vision, it'll be a box or an animal, radar. You know what a car something like that, so that's kind of cool, utilizing the real environment around you and then super imposing
over it. You know what else cool the boxing games yeah boxing games, you get it crazy work out. You get a real legit work out because you're actually fake boxing, this cartoon character, yeah yeah, and when you get hit, you see a black, a bright white flash like like, like you got yeah, you got hit like you got your bell rung yeah, but you get you get we'll work out when you're doing this yeah breath I've watched. Might my girl plays that and its hilarious, its funny to watch people? Do the art? That's the stuff like that, because their docking another shooter game that she was playing and it's hilarious, it's like screaming and ducking down and your hand is up like pulling a trigger on a fake gun over something that isn't even there right. So it's it's cool to watch people play
yeah, there's some crazy zombie game that my kids play yeah. It's like that. You get a bunch of guns and ammo and then the zombies are closing in on. You got a gun him down. Yeah yeah, it's just weird I'll, tell you. There are some games or experiences where you're walking through kind of a haunted house thing that are genuine alarming yeah like like he? You don't want to You don't want to go around a corner. You don't want to do it and you know like there's when you watch on a monitor, it's just the monitor there's ship behind you that you're not seeing unless you turn around and look so you hear a sound and be like. I am now I don't want to turn around. I know that things can be right in my face and it's it's frightening. What is the Haley in game? Four is after the Viber Oculus is ever release. Scott Alien yeah. That's that I think it's both for Oculus, it's two o'clock, yeah yeah alien, something yeah, it's the one like Alien the original movie, yeah yeah you're on a ship. It's it starts.
The doors open up in that little thing: drinking the water that little patch key on the on the task and it's yeah gives a good to. Creation of the of the movie, which was awesome, that's one to grace will go down as one of my favorite movies. Also one of my favorite examples. When people talk pushing diversity in movies. Yeah. This movie had a female lead, who's, a female super, STAR, who spoiler alert winds up winning in the end game, time yeah, but you don't even notice now. It never feels like it's crammed down your throat. Right is the last star wars. Videos like out here, Laura Dern, you not run in the empire like there. You like what is this like she's, the head general and then carry fish, there's the other head general, and there telling these men to shut up, and this all makes next to you, isn't that fucking amazing posterous they had. They had one thousand nine nineteen, seventy nine and they had more,
idea of how to present that, then yeah. First of all, Sigourney Weaver is just uh. Bad as as believable movies believe that she pulled it together. She such a great actress, so that's a lie: in dissent. That's what it's like that thing that you did at Disney, though. Oh go to free roaming, the c r go here, yeah that came out earlier this year, Orange California, nine! Exactly for that that would Jamie are talked about that many times. That's the future, like a warehouse like this space out here, but converted into giant VR experience yeah yeah, we're, shaming, Orange California It's not far from here. Look at that, and we need to go to him when I first saw alien back, you know kids. I saw in the movie theater when it first came out their kids that can't find it. I'm telling me it was seventy nine yeah it's hard to believe it was just one of those movies that at the
I'm everyone goes. Oh, my god. You got to see this. Did the chest fuqing burst, seen just slayed people. But yeah. What Whitney when you watch on that, because traditional movies, the guys the hero and yeah. That's what happened when Tom Skerritt gets it you're, just like what weight wise yeah, they just the star, the hero, that was it was Tom, Skerritt yeah as that is like a movie, a big movie, star, yeah, yeah, and but then it I think it was like with the first move really where the spaceship was kind of truck, and it was just thirty and just regular, guys concerned about getting paid and and shit like so yeah: that's why it was amazing, which is one this is summer, covenant in utero cool. Also. This is after the Covenant movie, which is a awesome that's the most recent one. I love this got damn movies, I love they. Could there so good
I like that ship that movie they nailed it. It was just great it didn't. If a woman is running, it was right. They weren't shoving it down your throat now, as I feel like that last star wars, one with Laura, Dern and and Kerry for shows like flying flying Harry Fisher and the yeah. I stopped. I wasn't feelin it I didn't feel like they were looked at Certain women like what is your name from House of Cards the woman, I and they yeah Sean Penn, surprise Ex wife pen. So it's something now something something pan her name and she used that so good, I'm embarrassed right, Robin Robin Wright, yeah, Robin Wright. Okay, in right was plain in general. I believe it yes again right. She could. She could send in some tanks I'll leave. I believe that she would like new coal plant
I'd buy that right. Yeah, Carrie, Fisher and Lori Lori earns like mice who were you doing there. They are running things I I said, I think they've they they're, putting out too many star wars movies to have it that mystique and that kind of atmosphere it was like to go to one of them years ago. It's also it's it's Disney now yeah yeah, which is great, because here it's consistent and it's good right, but it's never stunning it never terrifying. It's never it's never x maka right right, yeah, yeah, yeah. I never up like we leave here going holy yeah yeah can't do that anymore. They are now on polish off the sharp edges and sue the experience. Down to a palatable mainstream appeal, yeah that first the first star wars back in a seventy seven again I saw that in a movie theater with my uncle my uncle Joe took me
and I didn't know star from home. While I remember the trailer playing on Tv- and I was like alright, that seems kind of cool, and then we sit down and that opening scene with the giant ship just does a fly over, and I was just that point on. I was just mesmerized yeah. The illusion of size that they got the ship, and this was an answer- will ship the added out of like plastic, my? yes practical effects? It only took models like they went and bought like a bunch of different you, member those old bottles. We used to do like cars and all we ask them yeah. I don't remember those gloom together, get the bottle glue. Writing I used to love those yeah. They took a bunch of parts from those things and built the millennium falcon. They built those battle, ships from like parts and you could kind of tell 'cause, there's so weird and eclectic, and some of the don't seem to match right yeah. It totally worked yeah. That was you know. If you didn't,
imagine being an owner, those x wing fighters as a kid. It was just an amazing thing: yeah, it's kind of gone shows you how great alien like Ridley, Scott's alien really was. 'cause, all those star wars was a great movie honestly star wars doesn't really hold up like if you watch it today. You look at the special effects, like what watching this is so clunky and, and then the Cantina scene right, that's not yeah. That's always the mouth, don't move like the the monsters It's weird. If they're wearing a mask, it's really obvious, but then you go just two years later to Ridley Scott's alien that mother holds up today. It looks amazing yeah. I got yelled at because I watched it with my kids.
She yeah. I I you because my ten year old can handle my eight year old can not home, and I I watched it a much. You think you can handle it. No, I can how I can handle it or have. Let's see, was going to die the first time the dude got the tongue to the forehead. What the are you watching? Daddy A still remember that yeah, my dad, my mom and my dad took me my brother and my sister, when I seven years old to go, see, Bonnie and Clyde with Warren Beatty and what's your name there, I can't remember who played Faye Dunaway very good. Thank you! Yes, and now it's it's famous for being one of the most graphic Machine gun. At the end of the movie I mean they were pulling up, they got ambushed by law and they just get shot up.
The whole movie, though, as seven year old kid. I liked these people they were funny they rob banks and stuff, but you know they make jokes and they cool you got to know him as a person. So as a seven year old, I was like all these. These people are cool, so then the end of the movie comes and and they're out there and hear the birds of fly away and Clyde, looks at Bonnie one lands missing from his his glasses and it's really quiet and then all hell breaks loose. It's just five guys, shooting Thompsons at both of them and they're being riddled with bullet holes. The scene goes on and their fall going down and against the are the car is just full yeah. It is, It's it's so brutal. It's crazy to seeing the girl get it. Oh yeah, something ruthless about seeing girl gets shot one hundred times, yeah yeah look at her. It was I I I'm,
We saw this at the drive in and I I started vomiting in the car seven years old, we had. We had been to Arby's before so my Arby's was all over the car. I was screaming, crying and throwing up going like what the fuck did. You take me to see. I like to these. Well, I have like a two hour relationship with them and ends like that's, I was horrified horrified as a kid yeah there's certain things, but is that bad? Like ultimately saw that when you're a kid like me yeah, maybe it's maybe it's not good to shield kids from too much yeah, but maybe not to that extent, show me a cartoon first or something 'cause. I don't know, I don't know if it affected me it's hard to tell without knowing what it would be like if I didn't see stuff like that, but the fact that I remember it: sadly, so many years later, maybe had an effect.
Yeah, but is it a negative affect? How does not like with certain experiences that you're you when you can hand like today as an dot, you could see a movie where a guy gets shot and you can handle it doesn't freak you out. Of course, if you saw it when you were four you'd, probably freak out yeah, but is it good to here is that when you're four, just so that you know it's a thing and now we have a different. The world or is it good like you're, not a parent, but as a parent does Is the age old question like how much do you protect your kids and how much do you? Let him break their arm? 'cause, you break your arm, you know if you fall, you break your arm If you everybody's, like helicopter parenting, you constantly, I don't want to die, but I don't mind if everybody gets banged up. Right right? I think you should. I think you should know that if you trip it hurts he found this and is also. You should know that the bullets are real. This is this a real thing that happens like with my kids, Ever since my kids have been really little, I've been hunting
and so I've been bringing home me and explaining to them that I, this is meat from animal that I shot. If you go to the supermarket and you buy a steak that came from an animal, and I try to get this in their head in early age. So then I introduced him to watching a hunting show with me. Where we shot a deer and then took the deer part like you seem like they're watching us cut an apart yeah yeah, my kids watching this and I'm like well. This is where you get meat like when we dinner. If we eat out for dinner, this is exactly where it came from. Shot in the mountains? We cut it up, we packed it out on our back. We put it into a truck, we drove it somewhere and now we're here now we're eating it. This is it yeah. I guess if you present it like that it that I would guess, is a good thing, maybe, but there's something weird about watching a little kid watching. Animal gets shot with at work
yeah yeah they my dad than them. Is that good? As my don't piece of is it like you, animals are, beautiful. Well, animals are hot dog hot dogs, sucking that you want a hot dog right yeah! That's an animal like! Okay, like because most kids, just it's a hot yeah, yeah yeah, it's not an actual animal. They kinda know like if you asked a little kid hey where this cheese burger came from it's from a cow, but that's like yeah, damn that's like saying the moon is one six earth gravity. I know that I don't know what the fuck that yeah yeah, yeah yeah. I know right now. I don't have a real. You cancel to lie it yeah, anything so yeah. So when do you show your kids like, like there a lot of videos that I watch well close. My laptop in the kids come near like violent video, so yeah special, like animals like I was watching this video of these hyenas tearing apart this because AL the hardest, horrific the rip in the guts out of it. Yanking on the guts and this thing
is making these weird noises chunks of its on it like and then my my little well comes over and slammed and she's like what are you watching the hyena rip apart, gazelles guts, she's, like ok yeah yeah yeah. Well, yeah, so, but but what kind of? What's the difference between that and showing you hunting like. Is there I'm I'm doing a quick? It's Yeah! Ok, then, when I shoot an animal, if I shoot an animal with a bow, it's dead in seconds yeah. If with a well placed shot, it's not going anywhere. It's like the last elk. I shot I want to write out there on the floor in front of werewolf. That thing died in five yards. It well. Five yards tipped over feet up in the air, that shot a right in the heart? Wow is perfect shot, so it was almost instantaneous death yeah. It might have lived one thousand five hundred and twenty seconds
and that was it people. I don't know people don't seem to be shocked. Much anymore? I know you don't know trying to keep it from your kids and things like that obviously makes sense it's almost impossible to keep some really horrific shit from people, especially if you give your kid, a phone yeah yeah you're, giving them access to a lot of nasty stuff and like I remember when I was a kid. The big thing was like faces of death. You want to go It faces the death metal watch it it's crazy guys. They beat up cooking and cut his head off and eat the brains and are there like yeah, that's kind of fake and you to tell the stage things and I think the only real stuff was uh. Like news, each of airline disaster, yeah accidents, and so that was one that was real. Were these these guys
is somewhere in the Middle EAST Tide, these guys arms to one car and his legs to another woman. They pulled them apart. I cannot like watch that shit. It's it's terrible and now in stunning hd, you and see in a snuff film years ago, was kind of an urban myth. You know it was, I think, now readily available to anybody in a matter of seconds, and I don't know what kind of effect that has on on people and and maybe society, but and this Nothing you could do. Pandora is like out, so I think it's affecting people, though oh it's desensitizing me and that's the argument about video games as well, right, yeah, yeah, we're seeing so much violence and committing violence in video games like Jamie. What was that video game where the guy got in trouble because he made a video of him torturing, some women's red dead. Two, yes, but he punched launch day,
a woman in the face. That was a protest for women's rights, women's rights to vote suffrage, and and he got in trouble because he posted it and it yeah. It was like a violent thing against women, what it's a thing you can do in the game right like they made it in the game, so you could do that on purpose and once it became viral people started going up to her. Game and doing even more terrible, there's one where a guy ropes her hogties arthro. On the back of the horse right It's hard to his swamp anthro to an alligator which then eats her in and the swamp so crazy. You can do that. Alex gave a ball, the alligator will eat and it's not even a thing like hey. Do this? It's just part of the gay and that they said well. If people want to do it, it's a very open, ended. Aim: rockstar went bulshit with this
It's amazing. This does it always happen the exact same way or do you throw know? There are constraints in the water and she did. The alligator has a different way of yeah. There are different animations for the same thing so and different. Actually, there was one you'll be riding next to a guy that you're supposed to ride somewhere with, and the guy says something like all right we're almost there or something, and if you're far Away from the guy he yells it we're almost there and, if he's right next, he goes well we're almost there like the guy. The voice actor had to do a shitload of tape. Thanks, yeah, based on what the animation is, so I did voice over for the C game right: hey forever, yeah forever. You there for days and days and days reading, every a very ation of head kick to an arm bar to a take down to the ground and pound yeah Tko stoppage to kick
and so one of the nuts like everything and and someone's got a fucking put that together and then it's got to be coded where it plays at the right time. It really is- amazing yeah, it's God, damn amazing I red dead. Like really insane is this: it here's! What is this? This is the Bay area. This is a guy part, but this guy just how to cigar it's so funny. The the things go on in this game: the ability to kill people. I Louis J Gomez, on the show, and he he plays this, and he there's like a morality direction you could take. You could either be a good guy or Dad got really good, really bad and it will affect how the course of the game and and whether you wanted
weather people are nice to you really yeah yeah, like you could do a favor for somebody, you be riding somewhere and someone will go. Please could you help me out yet because the women's rights activists not her but he's going to throw this lady off amount, and this is just some guy online- is done this yeah. I think this is the same. You too bye, there's a he does he's got a lot of. It is right, yeah jeez! He felt different things oh, he felt he felt himself. He was trying to kick her off and go haha, but it was apparently would kill everybody. He killed a guy's dog and skin right in front of him and then shot him in the face like That's really mean I just really need dog in front of the guy yeah yeah and the guys just crying it's brutal. How I mean, do you think that most politicians- are most people looking for outrageous unaware aware of this yet yeah ABS Lee not years ago they were kind of like well, it must be violent video games and it was so funny because, like ten years after doom, like their show,
doom. On tv, like, oh, that's, the bad video games like Jesus Christ, that's nothing! What are you talking about and now like, uh like I said, Otto yeah yeah same guys, yeah yeah GT. I did some of the voices in GTA fifty five. It was hilarious, so I know yeah to do that. I, I think, some of the promotional songs for the beer and Peace Wasser Beer is great. I know Laszlo, who does all the sound for the games, but this thing sold, seven hundred and fifty million dollars in the first three days that way, is Jamie. What happens if you bring a black man to the KKK? They they have fucking Kkk rallies nearly going on yeah there's a part of the game where you have to infiltrate. So what happens when you bring a black cock? Looking at different happened, really look Lansing. Now they don't freak out not not in particularly but the job. I think the mission here is to just kill all the clan guys. It's not like you join up and a good time seems like it would be.
More realistic is, if you brought a black eye to the clan mean, how to kill the black guy right right, but that would be really that would crazy. There are some weird parts in it where they are very misogynistic 'cause, it's supposed to be like one thousand, eight hundred and ninety nine, or something it's very misogynistic, and then there's some race references that they may. That are kind of move. That's bold, like What do they say about black guy like they'll call 'em boy, and some of the a win win, a tile character will pass player, character, be kind of nasty and they never presented in a good way. It's not like you know cool this guy's great. It's always some scumbag character, wow yeah. I love him so did this like the last frontier chaos right now, yeah. It really is, and I think because there's such a lack of awareness on the part of a lot of people like I I get games the day they come actually before I get alpha testing beta
sting I'm playing the games months before they. Really yeah. I love it. I finally get on that you sign up for the ultimate package on origin or steam, and you get access to the games when they when they tested it. Mostly just pay yeah yeah, it's uh obviously they want to make some some money and I want to play the games early bus report bug yeah yeah yeah. They you just play. They automatically kind of have something in place. That will let them know. If there's a problem or you can email and say, hey. You know I died and I'm stuck in a rock. Now up to my waist have you ever talked to some of the people that make those things you ever have a money show yeah yeah Lazlo works at rockstar, he's the sound engineer guy. He records all the sound, but he's involved in like every aspect of all those games from the beginning of grand theft, auto the first red dead red dead, two
and it's amazing I've been to rock star in New York and took a tour of the place, and it's just a bunch of fuckin' nerds sitting around. They have a day where you know you can bring your dogs in it. All wide open, no cubicals or anything the guys that run it are these English guys and they are brilliant or new Zealand or something they have that access. One of those weird accents that you can't tell where it's from work insane hours. Yeah. That's they are dedicated, like a game like like a rockstar game gta or that it's so above other games like like you can't, I play some shity games where I download it. I start playing and within five minutes, I'm like fuck. This sucks, like it just No, it sucks an and games. Rockstar games are just it sounds like I'm doing a spot form, but there so I love everything else? The animation the
The sandbox quality, where you're able to just run around and do shit like that's an appeal that I like feeling like they're, on a track in a game and certain games are like that. Like call of duty is very track based, Now you play online alot against other people. There small maps, but a game like that. You can just go off if you want to, you can just spend time fishing like you could just really get tackle and go to a lake and fish catch fish you catch fish, it's yeah seventy eight hours, just catching fish, just fishing hunting. You go out and hunt. I've heard that you track like the bear and that mother could you saw it like can get you. I love games like that, though I love open, ended, games, I always like that should. Even when I was back in the 80s, my cousin got uh, Tari, eight hundred computer and it had a cartridge for game, called a star raider and this was like right after STAR Wars- came out.
I was fascinated It wasn't just a joy stick and a button that you got on an arcade game. It was you used the keyboard like for warp drive or you had a dock with the space station at one point and your here, put going in orbit around a planet like there was all these things that you used the keyboard for thought that was amazing, like I don't like just a run and gun type thing: being able to use a lot of different keys and have a lot of options. How much time do you spend playing video games so I'm getting the impression it insane there, ten days where I have weekends, or something where I have played from maybe two p pm till three eam like one like twelve thirteen hours of plan, eight no eating yeah yeah. I leave a snack a little snack I'll order, something or Missy make something she
playing video games too, though, like I'll be playing on the computer and that's in front of me on the table, I was talking on living room and then on the big screen, a which is in front of May on the wall, she's sitting in it. Like a folding chair with a tv tray playing red dead mission on the Xbox, so it just got she usually look back how you doing out there are you gotta see this great kills a video of funny video of couple engaged in virtual reality and they're having sex and the girl blowing the guy in the video Joey Diaz comes in the room it's a letter that we have four there was well there is v porn. Have you checked that out? I haven't it's really interesting there. There is some that is pretty amazing. Like ugh, a girl will come up like you're, laying on your back
and a girl is in the room. She takes a close up and comes up on you and gets right by your ear and unlike whisper, something eight and you hear it, you almost feel the breath on you. It's that crazy and and you you feel like you, can reach and and touch, but the others not know when they're but then again you can't even get close to showing what it's like on a regular flat screen, but when you put that in it's a real space, it's three day and they Look pretty real aside from the resolution difference, because when you magnify something that close to your eyes, the pixels get bigger too. So it's not quite there, but you could see where that's going. You get that and one of those fucking flesh flights.
Why you know I used to really early really early version of the HTC Vive. Many years ago Duncan had one my friend Duncan Trussell had one in his house and it was really pixelated and it was very strange. It was just a real, simple game and it was real blocky. Looking it looked like like old doom or something like that, but it was in complete three dimensions and so is looking. Looking around like well, this is kind of crazy, and then I went back to his place like two years later, and there had been a gigantic leap and improvement. And now the leaf is sort of balanced out. It's not has hasn't gotten that much better right. Yet yeah. There are a few games that I love playing on on the oculus, because it's not like flying games are incredible and if you have a really good system with like dual ten ADT Graphics cards. One of them is insane to, and my sister has two of them, and so I can
everything on ultra. So do you prefer videos on a computer via yeah? I I prefer pc but I'll play on Xbox and stuff. It's pretty cool, I'm terra. With a controller? That's the problem! So mouse and the keyboard is so much more precise. I got a yeah, I always say. If anyone ever argues, I go. I've, never missed a folder on my desktop yeah. I've never got oh shit. I missed it, but there's They called on a Paris M apex that you plug into an xbox, playstation and then plug keyboard mouse into it. You're running on Xbox with a keyboard. And mouse so It's so good. I distroy people when I play on that course 'cause it's much more accurate, so much more accuracy and you're, just quicker reflexes and yeah 'cause I came from, the online video game days of the early two, thousands in the 90s like it was always
cms and keyboard was yeah. Was it consul was for babies yeah, not not all they weren't good back then, and now, and now he was terrible yeah. I I went when I play some of the like combat flying games. They have things now That are you look like you're in the cockpit of a plane, all the gauges work. They have reflections of light coming through, I mean the ground looks amazing and in VR, when you pull the stick back and turn because I use a joystick and throttle it's amazing. You can over your shoulder and now you're, seeing your wing and the ground and you're pulling back and you get dizzy like you, get so fucking and crashes are startling. Like like, if you lose controlling you plow into the ground, you kind of jump
good. How yet you're just it's. I think it's a primal party, your head, going like accepting what it what it's saying. I wonder if that would be a really good way to learn how to fly. I would imagine it would be that guy that stole that plane up in was a Portland resale. Yes, yeah land into the island killed himself yeah killed himself. He said he learned how to fly on a similar flight, simulator Microsoft, flight simulator x, is like unbelievable. He was doing like loop, in the sky and yeah he's like. Let's see if we could do a loop and he was saying, is I'm gonna kill myself right, yeah yeah he's like yeah, I think a I'll do a low I'll, try to do a loop and then knows it in and call it a day is like what a maniac but the fact that he could get access and take off like that is kind of scary whoops. We all think you know everything so secure than we thought. Like missiles on the roof of the White House and the Pentagon.
Stuff and then, after nine hundred and eleven like yeah, I guess not yeah. I guess that was all bullship. The actual Pentagon got hit yeah plane by a fucking plane although now you're, going to get a lot of people writing this employee bro was. It was a missile. Everyone knows it. Your gate, keeper yeah, you Rochelle Rochelle, for the um, doesn't the who does your show? That is a flat Earther Eddie? Bravo, Bravo. That's it. I don't know. If you still have flatter you might have abandoned, he might have moved on. Let me think so yes, there he thought the earth is a disk, maybe said I think I don't want to misinterpret what he's saying. I don't want represent the you saying he doesn't know, but he doesn't believe NASA because it's uh only someone's word over. Is there a he likes that he thinks it's fun. He distance They are yeah, they are kind of fun, but that
flat earth one I realized, I was arguing with flat earthers on twitter and when I really started going like what? What what am I doing? Yeah you can. What am I doing? Why am I engaging the act that is like the dumbest were I know you are, but what am I for the rest of time? Yes, so stupid. That argument is it crazy. I was talking. I was arguing with somebody and then I had my show to do and Neil Degrasse Tyson. Taping his show in my studio before I came on, so he was, lobby when I was uh green room. When I was on, I start talking about it and I go. You know Let's get someone in here. Maybe that might have an opinion on this. Neil Degrasse Tyson Gun in and apparently he gets shit all the time from flat. There's, dancing and that it's a you know he's full of you know it all started off as a group. It had to just like everything else that start off on four Chan: did it yeah, like?
free bleeding. Yes, exactly regional areas, people to explain that to people don't know free bleeding is a woman's rights. Thing and it's a instead of using a tampon during their period or a pad. They just bleed through their pants and show it proudly that they will walk. Bleeding and it was for real. It was never real thing and then people saw it and thought it was real like they. They put it out there for Chan and people actually believed and no not just believe it started, he started doing it. Yes, they started doing it had a real yeah. It is actually hurricane to sell women's rights, how ads of honor to have white pants on the giant patch of brownish red in the center, Insane It's crazy just shows you how easily manipulated people are missing. So many things that happen like that on four Chan that turned out to be goofs. They start out as goofs yeah and then they will listen. We're talking about this last songs with you right.
Proud boys, yeah yeah. I got a goof and day became like what the estimate is. They won't let him in Australia. Now, if you seen that no it's it's gotten insane yeah like Gavin, is considered like a war criminal? At this point, I know I've been very well. He used to be on compound media, my my network and that's where the whole thing started explaining a joke. Explain it people don't know it's. It's amazing. When you think about it, because it makes you question everything like how did how did, Nazi Germany Start was that a joke was that, like Stalinism than ever in Russia Gavin, how to show very outrageous. Gavin is one of these just a funny out
he just got his whole career has been based on satire and parody, and yes and he's very much a provocateur right, provocateur, absolutely not yeah. I love she's gonna, be hard to find out where he really how he really feels and when he's playing games right, it's very blurry absolutely so we have we had this employee Ben Ratner Can we actually hired him just because his name was Ratner and we wanted to call him rat like in fast times, they're at to turn on the camera, so it was. It was great. He rat never talked about girls It's like this. Really! Jewish red hair kind of gangly. You know kid and He like going to Broadway, shows and things, and we always question his sexuality and whatnot and Gavin really started hitting on him going. What are you doing like get layed a kid? Your age should be out there just fucking plowing through
see, and that is like around the you know, waiting for the right girl or the so can we continuously go find a so he he would always the Broadway play, so Gavin started getting music from musicals and playing it to him take a look at this. You yeah is this what you like- and one of them was proud your boy. It's a broadway, a song from a musical a Disney musical. I believe, and it's helium all pro but if your boy, it's one of those big grandiose, Broadway pieces of shit and that stuff that stuff that I hate it it's terrible. So we go down about That and then said we ought to make a club called the proud boys and that way you can learn how to be a man, and you know you you'll get checks, Tattoos, and you know drink pee, here and hang out with guys as a joke. It was like this parody
of a mens club and so the top that it was like, I think, part of the way to get eating into this gang this club was that you had to recite. I breakfast cereals, wild, the other members punched you and they would keep punching you until you spit at Seoul ludicrous so ridiculous, such a and slowly. This fucking thing me mutated into something Our members are, they started wearing what are those shirts with the yellow piping on the collar Esta it's a specific shirt that became the uniform Perry Ellis, Ellis Shirts, a specific black shirt with gold piping and on the collar and and the the sleeves, and that became like the uniform and because it was presented, A chauvinistic club like girls are allowed,
nardis are allowed. It doesn't matter who we are, but in since it is a guy thing and we will talk shit about girls and we're going to drink and get laid, hey just a man thing. So they started getting other at bars, yeah now in the area in Manhattan, and how is this organized through his compound media, shallow root. The combat media shows his own twitter account and Facebook, which he subsequently lost. Yeah he's I'll get but persona non grata on social media, but that's how it started and it never was supposed to go any further that Gavin himself didn't really take it any further than that. It's just let's get together every so often we have a good time. We drink laugh everything like that. Well then, this whole thing with a politics got involved because anti fog, which is anti fascist, started. Coming into conservatives that wanted to speak so Gavin
was conservative, is conservative, he'd get speaking, agents at schools Nyu or any of numerous places around New York, city and anti. I would show up to protest him and how to shut down the event. So then, the proud boys would go an protect Gavin so he wouldn't get harmed doing these speaking engagements and that so Then it turned into this because they're fighting with an far must be the Father, the fascist right and once that gets out, there There's, no pulling it back. You could try to explain how you're not a nazi till you're blue in the fucking, face it ain't going away. Especially 'cause, it's a good story, the press likes it says good versus evil thing. They present anti fall like their protest. They always call and the protest were beaten, their fucking, violent, violent group of people that are there to to hit people.
They don't agree with and silence people that want to speak and that's exactly what happened with Gavin and and Sir and Milo Yiannopoulos novelist bench. Here, oh there's, a lot of these conservative people can't go these venues and speak. They get shut down because of a violent group of people called Anti. So proud boys were kind of the answer that so Gavin could go around and actually speak well. When that happened, more people came on board cuz, they kind of like to beat people up. When you have a gang, a group of people, and one of their missions is now to beat up people. You don't with politically when they were stealing house. There's tears to the membership like the highest tier was you fought for the cause right right actually get in a fistfight yeah? Yes, I'm sure Gavin thought was like I've talked to Gavin I like Gavin, I've had given the podcast yeah and the last time I had a mind. I do
I don't know what this whole thing was, and so he was explaining the proud boys- and he was talking to me about going to punch them. We're going to punch people Yes, I well well. Well, I was like: did you don't you can just punch people like they they punch back and then you they get mad that you punched him and they shoot you when you get out of your car right. This is this escalates people, don't just take it well, it was NED. Supposed to be on offensive punching. When, when I would speak to Gavin every example, I would see it was an answer to violence. They they would have violence perpetrated on that a problem. They cancel it out of context and all all need to say is he's calling for violence. That's it and that's what they've said about Gavin over and over again right, taking things out of context and use it as a gamble. The other I'm being that the Antifa people are, skinny, dudes and chicks,
masks on, and they are not really that adept at fighting is a horrible video of this one. Antifa guy tries to hit someone with. It looks like some kind of a stick or a pipe yeah and the guy catches it and fucking blast. I am on the champions put him down and his head bounces off that yeah create unconscious yeah yeah. A lot of people die, yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly that's how people die in fights like? Are we killed with his bare hands, get his head on yeah his on the concrete you get hit by the world. When I see the world right here right background to budge, it gravity has punched you in the back of the head yeah. I saw it. Yes, these people have this idea that they're going to go places. They're gonna show everybody down and because they're in a group, scream and yell and hit people with bike locks and all this stuff and we've all seen weird thing is that that's from the left that was never from the left before I was a kid. I grew up um when I was from age, seven hundred and eleven during the now more yeah I lived in San Francisco and I was
a real hippies. I remember being a little kid, and I remember that many of times like there were flower children I mean they were. They were the hippies and the lefties were love and peace, and no violence, and everyone was doing acid right. Now they're all on adderall? They shouldn't be with bike locks it with yeah. It's a different thing. There was a time where the liberals, the hippies, the you know they they were the ones that when they were the demonstration and the National Guard would show up they'd, be putting flowers in the barrels of the guns, famous pictures of that, and then Kent State was bunch of hippies, literally getting shot by. The National Guard National Guard that has completely flipped, it's the weirdest thing and I don't know how it got distinguished. Proud boys became this evil group of people and an Antifa is the good
group of people now. I understand that proud boy, proud boys were infiltrated by white nationalists. Yes, not see why the is whatever it is, but those were constantly being disavowed by Gavin Gavin, never wanted any of that but is there a way? How do you get in, though? Here's the question, because this is- you saw my last army special, because my criticism about vegans, it's not that they're, the anything wrong with being a vegan right when you have a group where anybody can join you going to a certain amount of fucking idiots right. If you have a million people for sure you have a hundred thousand fucking idiot there's no getting around that yeah. So if you have a group or anybody can join and you have a million people in that group you're going to have a, one hundred thousand fucking Idiot, sucking idiot and those people are going to define your group. The worst behavior in that group is where people are going to call to as an example. That's it. I think this is also a symptom of the social media era today, especially with twitter, because you can
express yourself and explain things, one hundred and forty or two hundred and eighty characters just takes much time, so they can say. Oh proud boys aces scumbag that said Gavin and they are always races, come back, not see, yeah and also it and that's the narrative. Everybody keeps pushing it and then he said he deals of people punching little skinny people all these people. They beat up the ante yeah Gavin's an yeah. That's that's what it comes down to I've seen it presented it will you ask how it starts and how it grows and how you become a member by buying a shirt. That's a buying a Perry, Ellis Shirt and opening a chapter? Two there are chapters worldwide you see it. It's like here's, the the proud boy, is Australia. Here's the probabilities, England, proud boys, fucking Japan, like it's everywhere, and it never was supposed to get to that point- and regardless of how these people act. It now refer Exxon on Gavin, even though he wanted to
I'm out in the bar with a few people. Do is public speaking without being hassled and that's it and and ice. The way the media manipulates things. I've been party to it, myself, and I've seen Gavin presented in knows where you look and go holy fuck its Hitler like like they get him. There's one picture of Gavin that I was petrified he's got his arms folded. He's got a scowl on his face that hair. You know short on the side, long on the top and he's looking like. Like he's angry, and I'm like that, that's not the guy that him and his wife who's american Indian. By the way, his wives, American India he's got beautiful, kids that come over. My house and use the pool and we hang out and barbecue and like that's not that Guy No one knows that guy from the paper there, sing. This impression he's uh, really nice guy he's he's. Generous, just a really cool guy to hang out with and what you
see them do in the media is just crazy, especially when you know he didn't invent some God Dam Nazi group he was just try I have a little outrageous fun and it ran from it got away from the origin of it though the way you're describing that is fucking fantastic in not it's too crazy, that that is what presented it. I mean that emerged. It's hanging out of that. We we with rat all the time because we go you believe the inspiration for the proud boys is this. Little jewish kid. Where is that guys a photo of online? Oh I'm sure there yeah rat, compound media rat you'll, probably find am Does it. How much is this weird you out, though, that compound media was the source of all this? It is weird like, and it's one of those things you worry about like I don't want to then be right 'cause. I know how it works. I love Gavin, but I don't want to be tide, proud boys at this point. You know I got my
unfucking problems through history. I don't not anymore piled on me. What was that thing did I sent you that he is there. He is that's rat. I guess that was Halloween. Look at you That is the suit that was. I was above the mayor from Jaws I was for Halloween Awesome, that's the guy, the proud He started the proud boys. He looks like a great one thousand nine hundred and thirty eight propaganda posters. Little cutie excuses Norman Rockwell, painting, that's it he should be. There was like a like, a guy who is handing him an apple pie, yeah yeah and that's the face of the new Nazi movement. I think there's a lot of mistakes were made. Yeah Gavin's Gavin's made some mistakes in, like his his whole thing. Of not of blurring the lines between parody and on, as he thinks it's fun, it's very punk rock.
He came at last time. He's on the podcast was a few years back. He came on dressed, like Michael Douglas, from falling down had a brief case. He brought suit, like the short sleeve dresses, like that, all the time now like he goes around, I I just I just did a sky. Interview with them yesterday is going from the hotel room, and here he's got pocket protector and the pens and the glasses yeah like falling down. He thinks it's funny people need to understand- and this is true he is the godfather of the hipsters yeah Can you put a godfather of Hipsters Hugo yeah, all of that war drove the guys are wearing that with a look like they're wearing old timey suits with the skinny ties? Yeah, that's Gavin Mcginnis. Yeah literally started that fashion trend in Williams, Burg, yeah, and they it took off from there that the hipster dressed the way people would dress with those we mustaches, and all that shit, you literally came out of Gavin Gavin it, which is amazing. The mother fucker is
he is like a yeah yeah. Well, there's something like magnetic about the guy. He is what a cult leader is like. He could just start a cult which in essence by accident, he did between the hipsters and then this he's one, those guys like like gamble. Why don't you start. Why don't you start a cult where you get to fuck the peoples? Wives, like that kind of cult like you go with. We also did some really good interviews online, yeah yeah, where he would trick these leftists into sitting there. Now with him in interviews and then along the way they were having conversation. It would be exposed that he didn't agree with them at all and they were trapped like this. Hardcore feminist got trapped with them and yeah couple. Other people get trapped in this room with him yeah and they they realize, like half wit like some the line of questioning in the way he's approaching things like, oh, my god,
he's an interesting guy he's very interesting outside of this problem. Was he never never invented that I never did any of that. He would be doing great yeah, although he had a problem with one of his own companies that he made after vice, they bought him out of ice because she and turned more liberal and and it it really? They weren't really meshing anymore over their advice, so they kind of just bought out cabin. He got a lot of money, do is on deck. He had an advertising firm, I guess it was, and then he got the boot from that for making a Trans gender comma well. He was talking about transgender people. Have mental health, mental health issues. He was bringing up all these here's the problem he was. He was saying some things that are correct: yeah interspersed again parody and sarcasm, but in his mind this was like just this is
something you can talk about where it was in the public side, particularly during the Caitlyn Jenner. The whole thing people have decided the trans. Gender was amazing. It's amazing! It's beautiful, she's incredible, and he was No, these are people that are mentally ill and there's and there's a website. He was pointing to, I think it's called Trans gender regrets or something like that, yeah, where they have all these stories of all these men who turned into women then turn back to men again. Now they don't have decks, don't you and they have to take Estos projections and they hate their life and there's a sum of who did it like? their 60s and now they're in their 70s and trying to be a man again and and that Jenn dysphoria was thought to be a mental health issue like Anorexia, like a lot of other right, there's body dysphoria be people have we you know: bodybuilders get it they they they. They never think they're big enough right yeah. I have like weird perceptions of their physical presence in their meetings and some
Oh, I had a psychologist doctor Deborah so who was discussing late onset, gender dysphoria in autistic girls that autistic teenage girls, they don't feel like they fit in an people, can convince them that there a man, wow and so a lot of them start taking hormones and and and going to transition homes as a mass of regrets and then, unfortunately, for women. When is when you're a teenager and you're going through puberty and you take hormones, you will literally start developing male features, you're ace, gets harder and thicker and wider shoulders get bigger. Like the whole, steal your hands. Yeah click gross, a size of a thumb you, so you make these irreversible changes or in less you know, so you just describe them: Jim Norton Stream, girl yeah. This is a perfect Norton? Is I love him to death? He's a perfect example, two of someone who's bulletproof, because that's what he is he's he's charming at like like in his fucking
Bauchery he's a charming guy, yeah girls, love him and think he's a door. All when he saying some of the most heinous on stage and yeah on the air and stuff he's, you know where he's coming from yeah yeah yeah There is no mistaking it like he, he wears every I honestly yeah, so he wrote the foreword in in my book. Oneida permanently suspended, he wrote he wrote. The foreword knows me like it's, my brother, yeah first and then Jim Norton, yeah like Jim knows me really well, where it really good friends, and I love the guy. Why didn't you guys wind up doing a show together when Opie and Anthony crashed. I I I think, look I can't blame anybody, because I think that in the security of a steady paycheck, as opposed to the guy that just got through on off of everything open starting his own thing. It probably Isn't all that appealing to Jimmy who you know you just bought
new place in the city and everything, is it just it wasn't the right time and then as time went on, he became the go to guy. Over it serious from the Anthony, show I would love to, and I do is Chip Chipperson show and we're doing we're doing one in Philly, next week at Shawn, yeah we've been doing these live shows on long island. We did one up in Boston and it's hilarious character. He comes out and the crowd goes fuckin' wild and he's got a be in character the whole time. It's got, kill him. It's got, kill him and it's so much fun to do. I love playing love the the straight guy co to his fucking. Main character but so we've done these live shows and they are really a lot of fun and he's just he's great outfit. Oh my god. It's so ridiculous. He's gotta stay!
those pants. Salarias the places like packed and it's crazy. You guys reading what are the notes so he wanted us to. He wrote he wrote like a almost a play, but it's all just kiss. Chip Sasson, wonderful chip is and how If we are to be there like it's so god damn funny, I love it. He's he's brilliant man he's just a great guy and very fucking funny. I knew from the first. I think that also kind of I'm not blaming Jimmy or anything, but I think that helped to kind of wake up the Onx show in time. I think I'll started resent getting a little bit of that komrad that me and Jimmy were having me Jimmy kind of slowly started, pulling away and doing our own thing like it was and and the humor is you know the more twisted the better? I love
sick humor he does too and we laugh. We did a whole bit on like Lacey Petersen and Scott Peterson yeah and you would think like he murdered his pregnant wife and dumped her in the ocean. What could possibly be funny about that? What people tribute songs with this guy wrote a tribute song to her. Another body, self, centered self, centered assholes. I thought he was going to go viral by making and it we started changing the words to the song to make it just horrible involving weed in and so was terrible, but me and him are literally crying laughing and all just kind of sitting there like not really able to jump in or kind of getting. Why were laughing at this six schitt, so it kind of pushed us further apart at that point, yeah We both as people, changed over the course of the twenty years we work together, twenty five
If anybody do yeah is nuts, you got a girl that suck your dick day for twenty years, you're gonna be like stop sucking my dick, but now it's I think it's all a cross from me. You know yeah, so you're gonna get on each other's nerves, and I I'm not innocent and holding either. But I was I'm a lot more laid back like I I knew what real work was. I work for fucking living I did heating and air conditioning installation and it was freezing in the winter and boiling hot in the summer, and when I got that Geoghan radio because of all I'll always thank him for that. I knew so what it was like to work, and I don't want to fuck that up. So I plastered a smile on my face at every turn. An did the show four hours a day. Everyone has someone at work that they don't get along with. You don't believe your fucking. You know you just deal with it and that's eight hours. I don't know
twenty hours of the day that didn't involve Greg Opie Hughes, so I could deal with it he was more like he had at Express, self a little more, which I guess is healthy in a way, but I didn't need to so I didn't I didn't text him. I didn't call him. I got in an argument once goes dude. You never even been to my house and I go all right. Everyone from the show in here Jim, have I ever been House Nope Travis, no SAM, no Iraq, no I've never been anyone's house. Let me tell you something right now, yeah that some chick check. I know that you have been in my house to do it so My house title: what does it mean when the moon? I never been Africa but that's like you say I never been to Spain. What does that have to do with anything that we've? If you had a problem with
I'm not coming to your house. Why didn't you ask me to come to your house yeah like? Is there like you ask me every day and I'm saying no every time I say no right right what's going on, it was always something like that and believe it I'm not going to sit here and show it on the guy that my shows for that. I'm not going I'm not as young guy, but there were definitely personality quirks at that. I guess we both had, but there was something like if, if I the I I would party all the time and I had to be there at six- am and I'm driving from Rosalyn long. I Clinton New York City, it's two thousand five hundred and thirty miles of just Fox traffic everyday. He had to take you to get there. It could be thirty five minutes it could be an hour and a half based on. If someone pulled over on the side of the road, some asshole crashes in queens, whatever it was, it was It was a ship drive every day and you had to be there at six six o'clock, the show started, and so even at six would be that kind of traffic.
Yeah yeah there's it wasn't as bad as it got it like, seven or eight, but never really knew it could it could. I was never late late, but there were times I come in at five after eight after six This was pretty much as late as I would I would be. It was never more than that, but he would go He never had to say anything like the music star It is a little bumper at the beginning and by the time it starts, I'd sit down and he on MIKE would oh well. I guess there was traffic Anthony just getting in and now the bosses are listening and it was just wasn't necessary to do that. You know it. He wanted something got be back guys. Don't do that guys? Don't do that to each other. You set out don't say a word. No one would know I'm late, you know and that's what happened, and there were instances like that. All the time It's all in my book permanently suspended. There's a book out now,
It's out now a borders. Barnes is noble room. We think we have a copy of the green. Yes very good, but I to my house to my house. I talk a lot about. Obviously the relationship and and with Opie and how it kind of slowly came apart at the seams. I think toward the end. He just had it. He didn't want to do a show with with me anymore. I don't think you want to do a show with him either that didn't last I knew it wasn't going to last long. They I was the buffer between the two of them that ended bad. It really did He really did. If you talk to Jimmy about it like yeah yeah, keep, he doesn't. He doesn't express that kind of not yeah. No, he doesn't like J Jimmy's, a very loyalty driven guy like like take that very seriously and we feel somebody's fucking with him. He really gets Pist. Usually it can get talked out
things cool after a little while, but this one who follow this, this It didn't work. I think, honestly, the way you guys interacted with each other what he was good for was sort of directing the whole thing right. That's the impression that I got in the I mean how many times do I do this show dozens right, yeah, yeah, how many times it did absolutely, but I was felt like what he did really well was like sort of guide things like sit back more, let you guys be funny but but Guide, like figure out like Maybe we need more of this. Maybe we need more of that yeah. There is real value to that. Absolutely. But do you think that's fun when you go out and do an appearance, an everyone's clamoring about a bit? Mean Jimmy, did or something for handy and he's sitting there going like? Well, I I push the button and I drew
the ship and I went to spots and if he knew it's, it's it's funny because, like yeah you're not going to be appreciated as much But it's like a guy who is good at defense, but doesn't score a lot of points yeah yeah yeah you're not gonna, be RON James, it's necessary guys to score the points, though or the ones who everybody wants to talk to you yeah, you ever see. I I I I think hope you like the prestige them prestige with the the two magicians? No answer it it's a good movie at one point because has to use a body double the magician magician's to drop below the stage and the body double comes out and gets all the applause he's under the stage the real guy that did. The whole act is under the stage. He shuts his eyes and put his arms out like trying to enjoy the agile. Shin from the fans. But it's not even
him getting it, and I think that That kind of mindset was there there's and then resent starts bubbling up, and you start doing things like saying Anthony just got in a U haul. Things over people's heads? The contract negotiations were a nightmare every time, OP always wanted a one year deal, I'm like what the fuck you doing. Let's sign for ten years, Who gives a shit you know if they want to. Now you're going to die anyway, contract or not, but let's lock 'em in! So if something at least we have a settlement portion, we can take half the the what they owe us for. Five years, whatever it is not one year, That's all I want, because he always had this delusion of grandeur like there was always something better waiting for us to grow Bob and it's like the truth. The matter was-
The glory years of, though in Asia were gone, the new years- and you know all that crazy, fucking radio. We were damaged goods. To the sex in Saint Patrick's cathedral tobacco? We had a couple of contest where people had to go around New York City and have sex at at various famous locations, with the Hard Rock CAFE and Empire state adding things like that, we had spotters who was comics are people that work for the show follow them sound and they would call us on the show, go all right, we're here at the Empire state Building and he doing it, I'm watching him right now, so we had. Kyrie. Who is a comic and, and he follow one couple around an opiate put church on the list, and I went. I don't know man, I guess it's just to on the air and say like what locations are and when we say church people go like well, that's outrageous, but no one's going to go to church. Don't worry well Paul calls up and goes well where
here at St Pats, an he's doing that the the point conversion. You got an extra two points you are fucking her in the ass at the location 'cause. They all had values for help supplies. I was watching to be sure that when the Us Paul Paul was watching yeah yeah, your spotter was supposed to watch, and so you have to watch this guy has grown the yeah yeah yeah. There was a lot of theater of the mind going on too. We always want to know what they were doing or where I her. I hear it was in the vestibule outside Saint Pat's, but regardless it's sex at Saint Pat's right and we looked at each other. We both had digital delay. Like the delay button, Second, we have like a thirty second delay. We both had buttons in front of us there was another guy in a locked room down the hall that had a button to dump out up 'cause. We constantly doing ship that would have gotten FCC complaints, so the boss installed these buttons everywhere. We both had our finger on it called like schitt. Do we punch out of this? It's hilarious, 'cause
look at his girl in the asset same pads, and neither of us hit the button and the guy down the hall didn't hit it. We just went with it at that I mean it's like that is one of those moments. Like talk about a defining moment, you move finger one inch down and that never happens it's amazing to to think about what year was this to two thousand and two. I believe Two thousand it was yeah, it was nine nine, eleven We we went through nine hundred and eleven on the air and stuff, and then I guess that summer, maybe what year did you guys wind up on Xm, two thousand four, I think it was sweet. We had to sit out two fucking years out of our contract, not working. They didn't to go to mornings 'cause. Your channel radio, which was another radio company- and CBS were were kind of fighting for us, clear Channel. Just to do mornings against Howard Stern, who was on CBS. We
worked for CBS at the time doing afternoons. So we put in a position where they were both when huge amounts of money at us and see Yes was like we can't let them go to morning, so we probably it would be impossible to beat Howard. We would take enough listeners away where you might not be number one anymore, that effects revenue. You know you want the cell, to show, as the number one rated show so CBS was doing anything that could to keep us in afternoons with the same company as Howard. So it was the most look contract we ever signed. It was a three year deal. We find it in. I guess two thousand and one and after one year they cancel the show because of the sex at St Pat's thing that blew
I mean it was in the newspapers. It was. I had a look at old p and don't be on the front page of the old three. I got to read the op. I was so embarrassing, my family and everything was just nuts. So why Cbs was like well, we canceled your show, but we're not letting you out of your contract like what does that mean? We've talked to our agent. He goes well. You can't they're, not letting you work, you'll still get paid and do it I'm talking millions of dollars. This was milieu 10s of dollars that they had to give us for two years, but- Do you think, like? Oh, that's awesome in back, then there was no, that to speak of like, like you, have no way to contact your fans. Well, you could have a website, which is what you wanted, the ways that we became friends. As I wrote about you guys right, yeah yeah, I wrote a big piece on my website about how ridiculous it was yeah yeah a lot of people. Supported us again, but it got in two years you just appear on the radio. It's
not doing a show in your out that you will go away, they will find something else, so we were really worried about that and again damaged goods. So no one was really clamoring to hire anyway, but we went through here's where I was just making huge amounts of money and just buying toys. I would but I went to Atlantis for a couple of weeks in the Bahamas when I was literally, I was pulling my luggage to leave at the the desk and I go to my check. I go. What do we wear? Why we going home? Because, ok, I said can. I have the room for another. Two weeks like ok, went back upstairs just stayed for a month, it's like? I have no reason: why am I going home after two weeks you are so conditioned like hell, vacation is right and that lasted for for two years and then satellite came calling which was we considered radio prison at that point, was radio
male and he wanted it 'cause everyone that fuckedup in regular radio and up in satellite, like no one wanted to be in satellite radio at the time they had no subscribers We sat on the side of the belt parkway once by my house in Brooklyn, and we were like let's see how many satellite radio antennas we seek as they used to be very obvious shark Finn, big antennas aftermarket, they stuck him. Relevant to your roof. It was terrible. Yeah installation process was stupid. No one wanted to get their car up with this dumb antenna so we're looking at me like nothing and then look there's one and you know the money is one thing. Obviously, but as a broadcaster you want to fucking be talking to people. You know you want. You want to entertain people, you want people to say wow. That was good and there just know subscribers back then during our ten? years there. It wound up getting very, very good and and we had a lot of listeners but early on
one, but satellite was calling and we we signed. You know we signed the deal, but we we definitely would have preferred terrestrial yeah yeah, it's interesting now right because now, satellite it satellite became a big thing. When Howard got on it and people were talking about it and then it became a big thing because every new car you would buy. You would get a free ninety days or whatever, but now no one gives a shit. Yeah It's one of the most short lived technologies, not that it's gone I think it will always be there, so here Buddy man, it is fucking clinging by a thread so many other. That's why they bought pandora. I guess oh yeah, for so many other streaming outlets out there and the fact in podcast the fact that podcasts are all free, yeah, yeah and then you could play him in a tunnel I everywhere it doesn't leader out idea, and you know you get that
signal constantly now. So it's it's not like the old days every time, in the car, like your system, identifies your phone and then links a plan commercials. I remember they start playing commercials like what the fuck is, this I'm paying so that you can play the commercials are you out of your fucking mind yeah? That was, it was supposed to be commercial free, they all turn my commercial free and then it ends up if you're listening to 70s on seven. I guess you won't have to listen to it. But even then, I think the of commercial. They started, throwing commercials on everything. So yeah, yes, short, lived a technology, it's weird and then to put all of your eggs in in a couple of baskets that are circling the earth always seemed weird to Maine, will not only that you can't get it in Hawaii. I think so you guys when I went, I went to Hawaii on vacation. I got a car that had serious Xm built into it. It didn't work, yeah yeah, it's like what the fuck is. This
to deal with a satellite orbiting, the you know some to the transmitter on a terrestrial station. They send an engineer up there. He turns a few screws or whatever you know something Fuchs up in uh. This app like what are you gonna do like? Are you going to do? You know how we're going to get into a rocket and fix the fuckin'? It's really dumb tech allergy at this point, yeah yeah, totally unnecessary, unnecessary fact that serious is still transmitted from a thing in the sky down to the ground yeah, and then it's transmitted from the people on the ground up into the sky and then back down to the people on the ground. Yeah that's what's going on, it was just so someone just the people on the ground could just send it to the people on the ground on the ground. Why would you crazy yeah, especially in this day and age with, but they're still doing it? It's very weird yeah yeah. It is they're going to have to do something. Funky model, I don't know like. I said:
my pandora is, you know, maybe start scooping up internet companies, but they're going to do. I think they're going to move towards that direction. Yeah That's all they do you know. What's really. Weird, though, is like the fucking. Am radio is still a thing like like that? the weirdest thing to be the death knell for radio has been it's been forever like, Yes, another technology came out. It was like. Well, I guess I said for radio television, we have an amazing invention. Hat and radio was supposed yeah, but it's just hangs in there. People just can't let it go regular, radio especially am. May I remember as a kid dad having the am like music on the am radio sound like it was coming out of a tin can static and ship that was kind of all you had I drove home a like a year ago and just on a goof I decide to put on AM radio, and I was losing Do am radio show and had a big,
smile on my face, all the way home 'cause it was like. I was listening to the past yeah yeah, it's like a time machine right. It was some weird one of the local talk shows a weird local talk show in LA where they were talking about traffic in the Dodgers game and this and that and it's archaic so strange, like first of all anything with anything that is trying to inform you, just unnecessary at this point. Unless it's fake news, the the big CNN and Fox news everything those will always be a fixture and stuff, but local fuqing, those do you really need the and that cares at six hundred o'clock at its all just shit that you've already seen online there's not one true story that will be on the six hundred o'clock news that I don't already know in depth, the lowest rung of show business in terms of competence, yeah people that there
terrible at it and they're all drunks, it's hilarious, dude! I have never seen a group of people that can drink more than fucking news people. They just get Hamburg really are miserable, I think that's it. I think their miserable. When the whole thing when Roseanne was supposed to be on the podcast and right after she got fired, she announced she was going to come. Yes, these new newscasters started, showing up where our old studio is. Actually they went to our studio and they were parked out front with cameras, and this is where I got. I got upset Life is well, you guys are terrible at this, and, second of all, you just assume that, because you're there I have to talk to you because you see me I'm going to say something to you. Could you put your camera on your microphone or face? It? Doesn't work We face yeah, I'm not going to talk to you, you're, not good. At talking this is the reason why you do this. You don't have a job like a really good job. Doing this because you're not good at this you're not going there. You will
one day get a really good job doing this or you're just not good at it yeah one of those because now you're right here and I'm not talking to you. This is nonsense. You this fucking camera high, were here with CBS in for news like yeah, adding I don't have to talk to you yet it is you have a camera from me. Doesn't might we're gonna have a an interview now, sometimes they feel like you're obligated to address them like trying to come to my house yeah yeah. Yeah I've had that happen, it's not fun. It's definitely not fun. My neighbors, I'm not talking to you. They knock on my neighbours doors and they want to know about me and stuff, and if you think like like we deal with, la or New York. Imagine what the news team in Fuqing E Bella, Bum fuck like that it's got to be the worst. They are just terra so they do local news in some podunk town,
is hilarious. To watch it's one of the things that comics have to do when they come into a town. Let's do local tv shows morning. The morning chat so thing is Shitij. Is you think the view is with the talk is shitij? Is those shows morning, America sucking pens, get together and back these, it shows in like the local one in Boise id or following Dallas at the one thousand. Times worse, worse, just terrible death, and I hate that there's such a double standard when one of them fucks up when new, this person, Fuchs up they just leave me alone like where Everyone with what's his name from from is NBC Brian Williams, well, Brian Williams. They kind of got on yeah, but no Lauer, Matt Lauer yeah, like Matt Lauer. It was in the news or anything, but where was the MIKE being shoved in Matt Lauer's face as he's trying to fucking go home or something there was some of that. I think he just hid. I mean he went straight
long island and went to the Hamptons and he's never left, but where they camping out in front of his house like they did, they weren't yeah, they just he's just been banging divorcees and ride a motorcycle to trying to get back on tv. That is just twisting to me, is how how much money he made. Oh yeah, Like I didn't know he was making that much money like that is insane, and for years one foot he's got like a giant ranch in New Zealand. That's like thousands of acres decide. You need that it's so crazy because he got some access issues like the people that want to get to certain parts of the public land they have to go through his ranch? so there's like an access issue like some sort easement, where these people are supposed to be able to drive through and they're fighting it off. He should just sit at his desk with that button. That opens the door, but it lists a gate up, so they could get through that button. There's a dose
but I'm sure about that, but loved the, but they all had that button yeah. That was it yeah. I was because they had big offices and they want to be able to lock their doors and interrupted on a phone call. Listen to the good bank checks in the office like women executives at that button to follow. Okay, yeah, but that's the thing that sounded very sad and very yeah yeah. His solitary indeed yeah. Well there with the media grabbed on to that, like I got hit a button to lock. It looks like to us in there when I now are being erected and when I stopped going to hit that button and just sucking. Some nervous girl just shows that clearly to be sure there. She goes all funky hit the button yeah There was a lot of that that was like X, intuited, like there was a a one gassed that brought in a bunch of sex toys and he days yeah back and he kept it in his office and he's like. Oh, he keeps a bag of sex toys in his office. This shit in this
office. I got a flame thrower. Okay, Ilan must gave me a flame thrower yeah. What I'm gonna do that it's right. There are some flame thrower in his office. Yes, is this that kind of thing? If someone gave me a bag of, it would be one. Get over there. Next to the flamethrower, has a bag of children less. I made a conscious decision to throw it away or my wife found it would wind up getting tossed, but Matt Lauer decided to keep it in his fucking closet yeah. I don't know. Apparently he gave some people some. I think the guy was getting late. Yeah that's what I think and I think a lot of what else happened that all the details of it, it seems to me that it's all of it is like very blown out of proportion. I don't like that uh
It's happening because everyone is being lumped into the Harvey Weinstein category, which is the that's abuse, is here for the right. There Cosby's the tip right right, because we literally one yeah he's in literally number one yeah yeah. There was a woman who said this on. I believe it was CNN or one of those and talk show she said he may very well be. The biggest serial rapist in history? Can you even talking build card literally sitting back on my couch going yeah and Bill Cosby's the biggest serial rapist in wow at a time, It would be wonderful just to see people's expressions when you tell him like, what's happening in the whole, celebrity of forum like like what have hey. This is a film because we still see a photo of Howard Cosell yet and next to Bruce Jenner and Oj Simpson Bullshit, and it says I've seen the future and you're not going to believe this yeah
I can crazy, as when we were kids, we used to watch the Cosby show when it was when he was bill. Cosby the stand up? Comedian that will go on HBO and everybody loved him? He was America's Father Merrick's, dad right there, the Cosby show revolutionary on television. He was at that time raping ten times during daytimes, eighteen, not just raping them, but drugging the area and it he and and friends do waters, but he knew come on over I'll help. You with your karere wow plop yeah drop two in your fucking drink and you feeling ok put your feet up with your feet. And they would be like Arkham movie like good. That's why I stick my dick in your mouth and that hazy, like a few of am just Haseley regained consciousness for a minute and just remember, seeing oh build pounding away with that fucking, flounder I'd I
you gotta I later in life, yeah yeah line, apparently yeah yeah. I think I'm not sure I thought they were using that as kind of a a sympathy thing, but he looks pretty funny lines and him the same jail. They sent Whitey Bolger all wow. I don't know that my good mags now full right and he he was what ninety five, or so like that Whitey Bulger was he that I think it was that fucking all like in his 90s. That's all that's a grudge someone held onto for quite a while. The guy hated rats, apparently- and that was the thing that Whitey Roger altered his time of running the irish mob was ratting people out there, yeah yeah, that's what was really crazy. He was other guy. Just like we were talking about uh. The fox is name the italian guy. No, the other one Sammy the bull he was. In the mob, ratting out other people in the mob? While he was murdering people, yeah yeah, like the FBI, allowed him to sell drugs and do a lot of he won the lottery twice while
he was doing this. You know how that works. How well, there's no ideas would win the lottery and he would use that as a. Way to show income, so he would pay them for their lottery. Ticket or steal it from whatever color we it and then he would look, I won the lottery and then he would win the So then we would have all this money laundering. You could avoid tax evasion. Charges that way he could have a proof of income doesn't want to get that boat. Where did you get that black where'd. You get that house yeah yeah yeah! That's that's up twice now both ways to win. It twice he was uh he he was the FBI, helping him to I've given up competitor Santa well. They were responsible, probably for some murders, yeah yeah, would bring people to him like that. That was I'm like hey we're, not kill anyone but will bring,
this guy to you. So you could have a little chit chat and get know your driving the guy to his death. Pretty much, so he was living in an apartment in Santa Monica with some girl just talked a lot and apparently she was yelling at and that's how he got arrested like it, the like it. Este had there was like awesome, you scream and yell, and they were weird, and that was what got people looking at them like who the are these people and then they start. I mean he wasn't even the like hide and montana or anything. No now wasn't it right out there on a ranch somewhere in the middle of nowhere with no one's going to be suspicious, he's in fuqing Santa Monica in an apartment as fuckedup I don't understand like how it's got to be the the most stressful life to lead just run on the run. I I watch that. Other shows, like cold case files and when they fight these people brutal prison, hit on Whitey Bulger. What he had to
she pulls out. Oh my. That is my controls, wealthy eighty nine, eighty Jesus Christ, Yes, it's uh definitely got what he had I don't see how anybody could argue that apparently areas so no of the piece of shit. Amazing he's. Eighty nine made it to eight thousand nine hundred and forty nine. He's like forty when he died. Yeah, yeah, yeah how's. That work, I have no idea but yeah I mean he must have been looking over shoulder constantly, while still in his wheelchair, he was beaten to death, with what inmate called call schlock A lock in a soccer is a kind of a doctor, Seuss weapon well in his wheelchair, before possibly having his eyes. Power partially gal, just out with shanks whole flock man that's. Some real challenge tried to chop off his tongue.
Wow, sometimes it works. Sometimes jailhouse justice actually happens you don't you don't think it will, but when it does sometimes yeah, sometimes sometimes sometimes people get to what's coming to him yeah. How do we get The subject I don't know we always just rambling, about stuff eleven zero. Ok, I love that you stab list your own sort of media company. I love He decided to just start your own network yeah, but is it? Is it the other challenges like what we do is pretty simple, because we just put it out there and then we put ads on it right and then or Youtube puts ads on it but is it? Is it challenging to like mean you a bunch of people like when I was there other folks are coming in and they had their shows studio as well and they had you change. Your screen, you know you should change yeah yeah a convenient way to kinda instead of having a different set for every show. It's a green screen, then we just pop-
but in a pop, in the background, we could do some pretty funny things with So we've done that I did reading last week of part of my book and we went establishing shot of a cabin, and I move. To a chair behind the green screen. It's just made by a little, burning burning and I welcome I didn't expect you and you know so it's kind of fun to be creative with the thing uh. Yeah there. There are a lot of challenges. It's I I am not. I am in front of the MIKE Guy, that's it I don't really like any of the other parts of the business. This it's weird 'cause. This is ceo of the business or uh. I'm. The guy Keith, though, is the guy of delegated a lot of the possibility as to the tech end of everything and finding the people need to run equipment and stuff over the course of the years, and it's worked out very well, but it
is one of those things like it's two companies, you have the entertainment, that's going into the the phone and then all the shit. You need to get that to the people and the business model and- and you know, billing and and all that shit that I can't fucking be bothered games to play- I can't be bothered with that shift, so you operate on. It's a subscription people pay by the month and you get a ton of shows. They get. The MIKE Ward show yeah yeah MIKE Ward, was in here last week, yeah and they get Aaron and GINO doing in hot waters are morning show and they're just out of fucking control they're. The ones show that I watch sometimes ago, like oh really, Wow- that's I wouldn't do that. Yeah yeah, oh yeah, yeah, they're brutal. They comics yeah yeah, the comics in New York in the tour around really funny guys
so this is the this is the page will show on yeah I I pilfered Bill Schultz and Joanne Nosuchinsky from Fox NEWS. They used to be on Fox NEWS, red eye and stuff. Really he sighed Dave is a a an insane mother from the old. The RON and FEZ Show. What's in hot water, in not one the morning show that the yeah GINO Kevin, Brandon, who is just a mental patient Kevin scares me he yells a lot. I do the studio, and I just hear his voice booming yelling and I I get an a the attack like it's my dad yelling at mom, back in the in the old days, yeah just a you know we were always looking for a. How many shows you have on shows that fit. I don't know how many is that when there's nobody shows available like to stream like anytime, you want yeah yeah, every show most of the shows go out live. I like the element of just
little danger there of of being live as it goes out. Me too, I like that and I don't know what it is but just knowing you could edit something make you a little lazy as you're doing it. You can't stop using car street with Jamie brought it up like it feels different when we've done shows that aren't live. Yeah yeah It does something happened or streaming at one point diamond head fuckedup and we couldn't stream, so we just edit it and put it on a filmed in advance rather and put it up later but like this feels weird it does it's because there's a net news in down there. You could leave if you had to take a piss you go. I got take a I got in so this is your going out like this. Is it high here it is. I like I like that yeah yeah, yes, something there's a feeling that there's people listening right now, right, yeah and everything's archived. So subscribers can get all the past shows from all the shows,
available? Can they download audio as well as video yeah audio? Only uhm video yeah. It's we get a lot of options. We went subscriber based because when I got the boot from a serious years ago. I couldn't imagine people want me to be hawking their pro. In the first place, and- and I didn't be beholden to sponsors. Right, I can't have Anyone telling me what I can and can't say anymore, just ain't going to happen. But is there an issue trying to get people like? I had a friend who was on radio and they left and went to do a podcast Nana Subscription, Podcast yeah, and what he was saying. Is it's really difficult to grow like you have to keep those people that you have? You have to keep him happy and he they would do things to.
Engage with them and they would do like little events where they'd go to a bar and meet everybody and do a show from there. He said, but it's really hard to grow, because people don't want to pay when there's all these different shows they could just for free yeah. That's that's always a challenge, but there's also the commodity that people can't get anywhere else is entertaining shows like you could have free show that sucks and there's plenty of those out there, but if you're good at what you do, and you already have an audience because I I say it all. The time Corolla had the greatest line once he was being in Didn't someone said how do you? How do you make a six Spell podcast goes, oh okay. Rule number one be famous, yeah you gotta, so I I figured if we get up and running in a month and keep the figure it out, that we could hold on to a lot of the NA audience that
would come over and and he's a subscriber get up quick, get up. Yeah and that's why? Thank God I had that studio already built in my basement. Yeah I was able to all we needed was the logistics of a pumping it out on to the internet in a bigger number than I was doing at three in the morning, and they were doing some of them outside to yeah, yeah we set up. The camera by the poll when I first got was with dice, which was less areas yeah, yeah dice came by, we sat by the pool and then later on, he went downstairs in my basement karaoke stage, and he was singing Elvis karaoke songs. It was hilarious and that's one of those voluntary, like dices in my basement, singing Elvis affected that you know it's like an awesome, yeah, but yeah so so that model works for and it's been working, but I'm I'm kind of seeing you gotta long toes in especially a technology based business. We were just talking about satellite radio. Like you just can't what's going to happen. You really gotta kind of look for,
trends and whatnot and maybe more of a hybrid thing, because It's a balancing act of bringing new people in an like, you said, keep the people that are there already, but bringing people in with some free content. So maybe get tiered subscribe something where there is a free level with sponsors, but then a tiered I am level with the material that already had? Maybe I a past shows or something or extra content, but so we're we're always trying to think of what might be a good option when I first fire this thing up, we had no fucking clue I mean this was used He would kind of do some kind of a research testing or whatever marketing analysis of day parts and she like add- and I just was like. I could be here by four by four pm How long is your going to be six, two hours for six, I could, I could go out,
sex and I don't have to be there until four p pm M, it's easy still. Let's me party, Monday, through Friday, that I want to three day weekend all the time for the rest of my life, so that we do Monday through Thursday, and then we have programming on Friday in the slot that I'm supposed to begin during the week, so it just I wanted I didn't want to be driving myself like that forever, so cut back on the hours days and it worked so you know I'm very happy with that, but again we're always assessing and seeing what we could do to kind of build it 'cause. It is that trade off of audience like Yes, we were not going to get as many people watching on a subscriber base that we would if it was free with spots, but you know, do you want to cut down on the the paid subscriber? and boost it up. And then how far do I go with advertisers, where some
body can call them and fuck me over now and do I truly have free speech now or just free, as I can be with describer based, so it's a balancing act, I see what you're saying what you don't want to totally abandon the subscriber model, because then you're at the mercy of subscribe of advertise advertisers and it gets like we have advertised- is now we have a couple of them that we pop maybe two spots on a show, and I I do it they're all live reads. So I make him fun and funny. And you know people like. I learned that from four years ago, when Howard would spots before it was syndicated to when he had all the time in the world. Sometimes you didn't even know he was still in a commercial break. It was just funny so I try to keep it light and fun and ad and things so it doesn't feel so intrusive, but I don't live and die by sponsors not it's kind of supplements the subscribe. There's stuff, so that works, and I don't know
Maybe I I'm paranoid because of my past that that sponsors might it pissed at what I'm saying, but when What are the shows, especially the shows I've been doing the past year or so they're, not as Marsh's they were. I was really fun angry like five years ago. When I started this whole thing. I can't believe it's almost five years already that I doing this at compound media and I was just and the show was a platform of like venting and and revenge and like I just I wanted to fucking yell and and be pissed about things. In the desk about politics and society, and- and it came off as very angry and then, as as what time went on. I I realize, like people were telling me God dude just be funny like just joke about shared.
You have to be serious, like I thought for some reason, I do almost like a political show because of the fact that you had gone through so much yeah yeah, I was resentful. I was missed and- and you know it's it's those things that really carried over onto the show. But in the past couple years. I guess it's been especially with bring Artie Lange on board for the eight months he was with Maine. It's very difficult to get into any kind of commentary on society with hearty lacking sitting there. How well a was odd. It. It was great, I mean know the the preface everyone gives us fuckin', love, Artie, he's hilariously funny so, quick and and just a goofy knockaround, regular guy, but the demons man, the demons it was. It was kind of to deal with, like I said, I'm a relaxed guy, if already didn't show up one day, myself didn't he do the show with happy for awhile, while he was a
ask Don Opie show an I guess, I'll be approached him to be a co host or something to eat. He said no ok, but yeah. It was never part of the show. I thought he was be part of the show. Yeah there was kind of a rumor going around for awhile when he came on. I was like it's not going to kill me if he doesn't show up well, you know for a day, every so often because I'll just do show myself but it turned out to be a little more than that and there was some that were really good and other days where it was a little frayed around the edges, and you know respondent he's got a different kind of demons. Yeah I like Beelzebub, he's got like the May. He really does man, it's so fucking, sad to say cuz I mean there's! No, in about the talent there he's hilarious and a great great guy. You always hear that yeah. I always hear that yeah I remember when we hired them it was. I was comedy, cellar and Dave Attell came out
so you're working with RT like yeah. It goes welcome to the wonderful world of the three hundred am phone calls and not being able to find like oh fuck? What do we get ourselves into and and that's kind of what we cut ourselves into, but again I had a great time his he's one of the funniest packers, especially on a MIKE like that, the who would think that Jackie Martling left the stern show they'd be able to replace him with somebody that was just funny. Is Michael and Arianna have led legendary shows with with RT on- and you know he- he definitely earned a place in broadcast history, but we just you know for eight months. It got a little too crazy, too unpredictable and you need some predictability. What was what was bad about it? Well, it was The attendance issue was a little odd like a principal
yeah yeah the attendance he wasn't. He was tardy it There were some days he was fucking just most days. It was awesome, but there was some days where you know the heads down. It was kind of kind of a little iffy and you know because I know he knows that too I mean he's, he's he lives in that body. So you know he is it so it was a little odd, an then pick up Dave, Landau who's, a young comic out of Detroit. He filled in a couple of times when We had him as a guest on the show, and then he filled in a couple of times during already few sabbaticals that he was away for a week or so and me and Dave. Hit it off. He's got a great sense of humor he's a little twit Instead he's got a great back story. The guy was just uh can piece of shit for a lot longer. Stories about like drunk driving, crashed every car. He had, he was arrested. Fifteen before he was eighteen, like just
a disaster and You look at him now. He's got a great wife, a beautiful kid he's working comic. And it is awesome he knows how to co host my show he gets it. He we don't step on each other. He knows exactly what throw and when so really happy with the with tape. Landau he's got only did one show with them the I was in town, yeah, he's great he's a good guy or dude. Yes, smart and really decent life. It's so weird the people that you didn't know when they were such ups and up cuz. You know you almost want to go I come out just drink one night. I want to see what a disaster you are. You know because you know you just don't know how right Oct up people can get. But you never know he's he's a he's, a decent guy yeah. His I like I like what you're doing man I love it. I love that you'll you're doing something different.
And you basically, you got put into a corner. Yes, Alright, I'm going to figure my way out of this. It was a lifeboat at first, but you really expanded it now and it's yeah. It's become a really interesting thing, yeah, and I never expected it. I I gave it a lot of thought in queen being fired and when we finally fired it up media. I was like what do I do to Y I go five games by a a ranch somewhere in the middle of the sticks and get on this and write a manifesto or something more. You know I didn't know what to do right. No one was knocking on my door to give me a job, so it went when the idea came to do this. It was pretty much all right. I want to do this and godless of how many subs I I get the over it's going to be barely anything? It's me in my basement doing a broadcast, so
I wasn't really worried about the number of subscribers or anything like that, and when we launched It was really successful. During the course of that year we started getting other shows legion of skanks. The guys out there big percent and at this and know how they have their own thing: Lewis, J Gomez, yeah. They got their own thing, on their own network, but for a while they were doing their show from my house which was so weird. It was like because you need their league, of sweat with they have their part of their show. Is that live audience? So I have people bring into my backyard that I didn't know from a hole in the wall that had driven out Roslyn Long Island to sit on folding chairs in front of the guys and I'm walking around my basement like who are these. But like this is a little weird, it's a little intrusive, but it's cold, but it it really started getting up because during the summer months they all jump in the pool. So now this
I think it might pull people young Jenna Skaggs was in my pool and it was the weirdest. It was cold we'd. All just you know, have a few beers talk. You get to know. People is gas, so it wasn't that bad, no one ever did anything bad. They respected the house and everything which was very cool and the gap it was doing the show we got Gavin on board. From my house and a lot of times. It was at night I'd be upstairs on my couch watching tv or something he'd finish up. Come upstairs and sit on the couch and be like hey man. What's up man, I'm just like. I just don't want to talk. I talked all day. I'm just I want to watch tv so. It became a little weird and and after a year, Keith let's get a place in the city, it's easier for guests yeah, so we got a place at the thirty fifth and seventh right near Penn station, which works great in take the train, and now I don't have a king drive the city, although that's another nightmare. Transit, long island railroad, but it just works out That way it gets me out of the house. It's
separation of personal life and and the the job, so it works I like in my house too, what does my little kids here in the background screaming at each other mommy. She took my thing because they were really little at the time he was doing it for nine years holy fuck yeah. Oh my god, oh time. Yes, I did in my house and then we doing some the ice house, and then I got a got. A place got a the last one. Did yeah yes used one to remember that and then, as the show got bigger just said, let's get a big place. This is insane Joe. I, like I, don't know how much you've shown the People on your. Do you venture out and show him anything 'cause? It's it's insane! It's a fucking airplane hangar! This is giant and everything in every corner is cool like it's all this call there is, it could be a for a for a you got weights and mats in and then that that hunting thing the
Archery game game. It's amazing it's yeah. It is a game to scores, like you put, compete against each other yeah you're, firing of real arrows with your compound bow into what is a kevlar kevlar screen, and the first of the tips are flat like the top of a water bottle, some laps, it doesn't penetrate yeah. I went to a gun range. A couple of times on long island that also used a video on screen that was made with the controls rolls of paper, one horizontal one vertical and a sensor would read the light that would come through when a bullet hit and that would board, where you shot an accurately, show that and then after many holes got in. All you have to do is wind the paper a little bit on each one and it it miss, aligns the holes. So now you got a whole new sheet of paper. Shoot at all, while yeah and and it was very cold to be able to shoot at video
Our gets of you know the bad guys yeah. It looks like they're really good for real life situations, yeah, adding that things amazing yeah, you you're you're, not just looking at a bull's eye like a typical target face you're looking at the crease behind shoulder where you're trying to hit the heart, you nailed that, like the second one you did, it was a deer, just a video of a deer standing there and it's moving. It's not a still picture and you drew that back can hit it exactly in the crease behind the Lego yeah. That was a hard shot really cool. This fucking game is very addictive, though will be out there pulling that boback. You fuck your shoulder up, yeah, pulling back seventy pounds all day long. It gets super addictive, like think about how addictive it is to play video games, yeah think about competing against another bow hunter and you're talking Shit other playing this game of the f here, walking out in the field. Yes, really great practice for actual bow on it, yeah you can
tell it's very accurate to wherever that, wherever that bolt hit is sucking right on the money, very, very cool, though this place is awesome, because The sage has like you, I cannot even you you or to you know you took the ball and suck and ran with it. Man you, I really did. This is amazing, just in using a accomplishment like you're, not you're, the guy like like people like oh you're, going to Rogan's podcast. Oh shit he's the guy. That you're you're like ended up being the guy, because you set ups, cries and also a man because of being the gas on an a and then walk to raise, live in the compound. That's absolutely where it all started. I just want it when I was doing that. I trial and error. I would go to Bnh photo in Manhattan and just buy and home hook it up and go, and I don't quite work, throw something in the closet gay something else and slowly built up what I needed to have it work. My goal was really to
they have lower thirds and video over my shoulder and look into the camera. With the teleprompter, so it looked like the news, but it was done by a draw. Guy? Who is the good go off and sing karaoke horrible language like to me, was always funny like it was a power the other real tv show. I wanted to look good, not just a grainy camera with the Xbox headset I would literally just talking about this at the comedy store the other night, we're watching the news. It was on the television and we're saying how much better, with the news being. If you get a couple of us and get up smoking weed and they just right, but the real news, like actual real stores like Oshit, look what the fuck that guy just did and then of the news, is just with comics like I've. I've actually, after doing that, at the comedy, store and watching that talking to a couple friends, I thought about doing that like having a nightly news check right. Yeah
morning. News show just a show where one hour of the day is just like. You get the a p feed, yeah yeah, all the news, feed and you've got a video to go with it and you do a lot of stoned out or draw new, show yeah. We comics we have a guy Michael malice, that does a kind of a daily wrapup show at one thousand one hundred pm and it hilarious, because he'll put like the other day was talking about Tucker, Carlson and the graphic comes up, and it says Tucker Talker, but it's a picture of Phuc was it Sean Hannity? It was a picture Sean Hannity. Any does like that. All the time and people like to that's not took his wise. Now it's it's. I thought it was a, but he does it on purpose like he talks with the graphics and the the ticker at the bottom and everything, and it's really where it's really funny he's a he's. A smart guy toe he's a a clever little yes, so it the. But that's the is like that
It's great we did. We didn't election show during the presidential election a couple of years ago, Gavin was on that one and we had all the the big american flag waving in the background on the green screen and everything and we were calling it sporting event to polo. Is there an it really turned into like a football game? you're just got all my god. We took out Florida, it was so and it was we were all drinking and and it was election coverage like the news would do, but we were just hammered and laughing our balls off them. What do you think happens to Gavin now uh? Well, no one bounces back from kind of ship it so tough. It's a different kind of ship that he's in right now, cult leader, tell like he's in this they've got David, Iraq yeah as now says he's got the eye of Sauron on him and I think just like it once that's on you, it's very hard to shake that fucking thing off of you. Yet if any
I can do it. It's Gavin he's been really reborn a couple of times like he was supposed to be done after that Trans thing, not really thinking alot of ship. For that he thought they gave us a couple of his company yeah. But that's like professional stuff. That's not like showbiz stuff. Now he's in this weird show biz I'll in place now: yeah well he's on what see our tv yeah, that's still real. He does a show there. Yeah watches that I don't know you know I I I I see clips of him but yeah it's what is that? What is CR tv? So it's another kind of an internet thing, more yeah, but more straight news kind of based. Why would they have him on it He was on there. He got hired by them, maybe a year or so ago, but if they were trying to do something straight he's not like you at least kind of goofy. I think the goofy aspect of it, I'll. Have you know the regular straight laced
Why don't you have my compound anymore? He got a better offer go over there. You know- and I can hold anybody back- why you don't you? It is here, though, because you can be stricken from the record as they showed with Alex Jones yeah they just fuq. Did they just get? of him. He is a non person. They fucking took every aspect. Of his feed off of every bit of social media and it's obviously a coordinated effort. Yeah yeah! This is not just one company that also competes with another company that also they all just universe, we decided on their own independently yeah. Now they coordinated that I can, stand. The yeah I mean I am a a an absolutists with free speech. I, and- and I know the in line- it's a private kip- we needed to do what they want. Freedom of speech is about the government in this, that
it's like yeah, but are you? Okay with that? Are you, okay, with the faceless corporation deciding you can watch and see and hear and who can speak, don nothing, but this arbitrary ideology that comes out of a building like I don't like that. I want Anyone to have the need to speak about anything. They want, no matter how repugnant it is like like meet it with a lively debate, Here's, the here's, a perfect example forget Alex Jones, Alex talk what we talked about earlier. More Loomer versus Louis Farrakhan yeah. You where's your consistency. You gotta explain to me how that works. How does how is it? Okay for the guy on Twitter to be calling jewish people termites mmhm, I mean that that is that something you extra yeah. Yes, it's Nazi Germany type yeah exactly. But how is that? Okay, that's okay with you, but then I mean how 'bout
It's works that way on the left as well like how about that guy that just got kicked off a CNN right. He was talking about the which is really in Palestine and that he's for palestinian liberal. Mission and they were like fuck. You you're done like this decision that or the thought processes involved in the decisions that they make is not based on. It'll thanking an objective reality. It's so arbitrary, you just don't know it's based on which way the cultures swinging you know in the culture is is swinging in a way that avoids any any possible accusations of racism. If you think in the end anyway, right form, you're gonna be thought of as racist. You avoid that because there's a people say horrific. Schitt about white people- oh yeah yeah. They don't get banned literally calling for their death, and
yeah. They don't know that girl that got hired by New York Times. It was a massive uproar because she had so many anti white things on her twitter, oh yeah, yeah, the asian girl, yeah yeah yeah. I mean just all that ridiculous left wing woke nonsense. Elderly you're allowed to be completely racist against white people. Massive generalizations against white men, in particular, yeah it is it absolutely is discrimination and it's absolutely what what you're doing is you're being prejudiced but you're being prejudice with a stamp. A stamp of approval, yeah, yeah you're allowed to be, and I loved the the just rules that are made up. That are ridiculous, like you're, a racist, I can't be a racist right.
I'm in this or that that I can't be sexist. I can't be this, I mean so who's making these foreign rules up exact. How come I I am not privy to any of them. Of course I can. I can call on any of these roles. Did the beautiful thing about that is that hypocrisy will eventually buy them in their and people who are rational? Who listen to the argument against and though you you absolutely can be sexist against men. Yeah absolutely can and you are a lot of feminists- are a hundred percent sexist against men. This is for MR fall. Her twitter picture the image big one. The banner one says trust. No man, ok! Well, good luck! cutting out half the population, don't trust them! How about trust all women Do that will be? Congratulations. Cuz. You got about fifteen to twenty percent cunts and that's going to have to install them yeah yeah. Good luck! You got eighty eighty eight eighty five. Ninety percent, maybe good gals yeah have you got your your polluted? Well got a polluted
population just like men is it loaded. Population of men is a polluted population. Women, if you thought, but you're going to get pure drinking water without dropping in those purification tablets. You're going some in there you're going to get you're going to get sick? that there's no there's no one hundred percent on any of that. So when we saw the whole believe all women things that happened during the cabin on hearings and what not the other. I did I now I'll tell you to offer. Okay, let's say some offer, that's it's it's it's Crazy, like the idea that anyone would say believe all women is as mental, is saying believe no women. It's the same stupid thing, because it's going to be, assholes going to pieces of shit, I was saying on the show the other day like No one really wants equality. No one equality isn't good the the
fight for equality is where it's at and you never want to attain it because then you're not special anymore. If you're fighting for already that you're, always a victim there's, always a an oppressor and you're fighting one equal. You can be called head, you could be called stupid right everything else, you're just another face in the crowd with another stupid voice that probably shouldn't be heard so no one ever really wants equality. It's the clamor, he does get achieved. You're gonna find some reason. Why top right? Why it's not valid, and you can still say that you're you're being victimized by something the currency in it yeah yeah there, there's, there's, there's definitely equity and being dumb and not being equal, yet yeah, but but you're fighting. You can say things that other people cancel right. We see our allies, you can be completely prejudice. You can do a lot of things. You could never do. You were another race yeah. And now you see this- that Avenatti Guy, that lawyer it just hilarious, he made the whole
believe all women and then like a fuckin' movie script, it spins around and bites him right in the s he's like. I didn't do that she's lying in wait a minute. The fact that it happened so fast is like if they I have been a whole areas if it happened two years from now. Yes, but the fact that it happened right after yes, he's just beyond hilarious. Well like that ACR, as you Argento check, right, yeah, the other one, the one who is accusing Harvey Weinstein of raping her right and then turned out that she had. You mean it's basically what it they call statutory rape. When you have sex with seventeen year old boy which yeah, I don't think it is, I don't think you think it is either but the law is the law and the fact that it came out and that it came out that board painted paid this kid off. There's a hold.
And they're all just to believe all women and like we don't believe that one yeah yeah yeah. I want to publish and believe me this is this is a problem. You had a real problem and the fact that all that went down you know I mean it's just when these things play out like this. It almost makes you wonder, like God, I don't. I don't We believe we're living in a simulation. But if we were living in something that's designed to almost it instills. This lack of appreciation for reality. Yeah it's it all seems so bizarre and ludicrous and keep people keep like when when Anthony Weiner got in trouble, pulling his dick out, I swear to God. There was part of me that go This doesn't even make sense like this is so so obvi Yes, it's so like right there, yeah yeah so on the button yeah,
even subtle enough. A lot of that stuff. It seems like everything works out, much like yeah, it's scripted yeah like I, during during Trump's campaign, I kept saying he's got a when I got this doesn't play if he doesn't win races, rocky one. This has to be rocky. Two he's got a fucking wind, it's not about the battle in the bravery and that he's got a win this for this to work to really highlight the theater of the right he's, gotta win, This is the fucking one spot lights in the air. I see the theater of the absurd. I mean that, guy being president with his fake hair, I sprayed down in orange skin with the white around the eyes. It all seems so fake everything he says he says the way he looks like yeah. Everything is insane. I still every time I see him walking down the Stairs air force, one I'm just like holy FUCK, Donald Trump
is the President like what what kind of wacky world of really wacky world really wacky win the other day and I am really wacky world when he was given. That speech Elvis and it's just like people tell me. I look like Elvis that's what people have told. I wasn't blonde, I look like Elvis It's like no one told you that even a little bit, like Elvis and no one ever told you maybe your belly right when Elvis was sit, the ball for the last time, but that's about it how about when that reporter confronted him look at the two of them together come on Well picture people tell me people leg, leg, the king- maybe oh my god, a little bit about upper right hand corner one. Have you have you seeing one anyone trap, Anyone has Badoo, okay. That fat,
I guess, my favorite fat Elvis. Is I love you too much. Baby. Of course, those thousand means now yeah yeah. Have you ever seen someone so committed to a comb over for so many years like so committed? Let's not just a calm oasis. I don't know what it is Shin. It's a little contraption walking up the stairs of air force, one with the winds blow when it behind you see the whole back of his head is bald yeah like where's. The hair coming from it was like a vader as head without the helmet is. I had a look like that weird, like what's going on you never now where it's starting and where it ends in how long it is it's like look at that? Oh my god, that's just a picture. The video is more disturbing 'cause. You see the flaps yeah yeah chaos. Well, how 'bout you know he didn't want to go out there for the fourth of July Memorial because he didn't want to get his hair wet his hair wet in the rain. That was uh yeah, that's what they were saying, but I don't know that
such a weird thing like he was a sever september. Eleventh, that's what was the President nine eleven hours of veterans from where the wells of that Isn't it odd, though, that, like that the president is is a guy, that's so like insecure yeah, that is ever for decades, a dairy, Queen ICE Cream, Fuckin' move on his head every day, so he's fat like if you're. If the thing is like, if you concerned. So much about your looks or why you fat like why you're fat it. I don't think he thinks he's fat, thing is like one of those guys that you to talk about having the body dysmorphia body Dysmorphia just he looks in the mirror and sees Elvis like young blood clad, Elvis yeah he's got this weird thing. You know where he doesn't believe in exercise because he feels like the body is like a battery and if you put any the energy and this is where is it out? Well,
water is up at all hours during during the campaign for the midterms, he was doing three is a day flying all over the country and he never to be like he was falling. Asleep or losing energy. So I don't know he's doing well. Do you know about all that he as I get exercise, I mean I walk, I this I that Trump's once during the office, I run over for building next door. I get more exercise than people. Think I run over to a filtering. Basing my exercise is incredible. He's on allegedly according to one reporter's on on diet, pills and he's been on diet pills forever so there's a prescription that they I mean he actually even cited the exact Dwayne pharmacy where he was supposed to take this for like a while he wanted taking it for years in some form of amphetamines, good for him in this day and age hi. If the you would be stand, if you found out how many Jr
analysts how many people who are writers, how many people that are professionals, how many people at work on Adderall. Ok. We need that. I'm in I mean I live in an area where there's a lot of people that have money and work real hard and because of the fact that they need enerji. I know a load of people taken Adderall, yeah folks that are in Hollywood, folks, that are in finance all sorts of different yeah. I I know how it is. If you also the the hits everywhere man I mean it's, it is such a you know the difference between methamphetamine and amphetamines the difference in math and what you're gay when you get out of raw? Is so God damn close? Yes, so close, but the masters crazy that you take that you're not getting your met TED. The only difference is how quick it hits you yeah, literally the only difference, and then the dose is that you get is obviously regulated if you get after all, right right,
I don't know uh, I'm not I'm not a pill guy. I never have been. What do you got here at Jamie? We pull up Waze, says here by being on a treadmill, awesome I was at a treadmill for the first time actually quite awhile, and it was a very steep angle and I was there for a very long time. He said they were surprised and they said well. You could stop now that's and I said I can go much longer than this. If you want me to take trump, I got a fucking right now. Buddy I got a challenge. Will you join the sober October fitness challenge next year? Man hop on will put that strap on. You will see. What's up, let's see who's amazed. A lot gene, everything is over the top, with Trump Trump so yeah dieted successfully. Before have been more. The believer in Dyett 'cause, I'm strong. You know, I've always been more of a. Believer in diet, because I'm strong, you know, hit the ball far. I mean
strong physically. He said that is so hilarious. We imagine wrestling him how weak you must be able to just a bag of Jello Raval some! It's all good. She bones are barely held together with thread, and I can let you talk about your wrong is hit all far and strong. I mean when he said that he would beat up Joe Biden. That was my though there was like yeah people who do Christmas yeah. It's like what you're going to beat up Joe Biden would go down fast and hard. That's what he said. Do it the fact that they are talking like that again absurd. It's so fucking funny that ball and I said the same thing. I think he hi tech is that he's a bully. When did the Truman and do we trade barbs, like that back in the day, is what is he saying? Nixon and Kennedy make a mistake. They asked me what I like to debate this gentleman. I said no, I said if we're in high school, I take you behind the gym and beat the
Meanwhile, I don't believe that I think Trump will kick his asked. I really do Trump is meaner, and I think Biden would make a mistake yet Trump, better be able to he would swing and he would slip and he would fall, and he fuckes Nia and Trump would kick him in the face. Like a soccer ball, he would get lucky and he would walk away and Biden would be holding his teeth and blood. That his mouth. He, like, I told you in the best the best ever and he get away with it He gets away with a lot of things if you want to kick Trump Sass and get back in time, but it would never manifest it would never come to play. No! It's like. What's going on now, it's like where people thought Stormy Daniels going to take him down, and then it turns out. Stormy Daniels beat some chick up point satin and now she's after Avenatti, also because he apparently isn't giving her an accounting of where all the money that she raised online was going to and he apparently filed. She said he filed that lawsuit against Trump
against her wishes. She didn't want it and now she's not getting an accounting of the money. It's whole Larry Nations who has an estimated one that she lost yet now she has to pay his repair his legal status. So, this Avenatti guys hilarious and he wants to run for president another. Don't be in the mix, another dummy, listen. This is another guy chaining himself to a building. It's the same thing, it's the same bullhorn, but he just wants attention. I had to actually talk two guys in Hollywood. It works in Hollywood, he's like a high level. Guy he's got a respectable job and he's like we need a guy like that, like that, have a naughty guy on our side. It doesn't talk at each it why it doesn't take any shit, a guy who could call Trump out on his full shed and I'm like. What are you talking about man? What are you talking about this guy, this lawyer
this guy is the guy. You think you need running the country. Are you serious? It's a disaster. They wanted to believe that he was the guy right if the narrative like yes, we need a guy like that. We need a good guide like Trump right, but Keith Overman is. This is what all these people are good. Guy who's going to tell him you, fat, fuck, you fucking liar you piece of shit Trump has nothing to lose, is is what it is right like Trump could say anything any does, because what they gonna do when they're gonna tell he's one of the things about diet pills there were there putting about and feta means, never reading down in this article, all of the side effects of- and it's like fashions of grand grandeur, elevate
sense of your place in the world. I, like all the he is, the president will not top elevator of the President wow. That is a I'm, the president of the world. I think he thinks he is, but he is he's he's he's to be visa. President. I'd states you're, basically a pretty much the rest of the world. Yeah yeah. I mean it least. If there is odd number one through ten, your number yeah yeah who's, never totally who's number two who are that is unless two nine nine is Donald Trump Donald, day, one of my favorite recall, has really really simply she was. She said. I would like to be president. That's what she said yeah! I would like him to be president. Well, you should never be president, then, because the that's, not what the job is, that jobs, not some shit. You put on your resume writer I'd like to be present, I'd like to make a cookie yeah yeah, that's what it comes off. As I would like to be the queen. I would like that. I would like, if you kiss my ass
I would like to suck my toes. What would you would like it Trump would like it. I trump comes off as like a just a bad stand up when he those rallies and everything like you could tell. When he's squinting at the the prompter We as Americans must blah blah blah, and then you see his eyes open he's like so to tell you that he's on prompter and that's when I go over here it comes. Comes out a winner and when he, when he talks about ice and he's like the men, women who just amazing people a job that none of us to do. We don't want to do, and then he starts the crowd work. This guy over here. Look at him. He didn't want to do it. She is. Wife knows what he's doing crowd work. Like it's, the president, it's so walking bizarre to member that one, ninety minute speech that he gave this rambling nonsense of people go. This is the day the presidency unravel it was two years ago. It was for
he's still on raveling yeah, it's it's not even a traveling, it's just who he is. Do we go back to the you know this guy the whole end what we need to do: 'cause guaranteed in twenty twenty, that's going to be the pitch against Trump. We need. Return to some semblance of, I feel sorry, it's going to be a young. The democratic socialist type character that says a lot of things. The young people want to hear right and then there's like a completely anti racist, anti homophobic Trans rights. All that stuff right. That's what I think and someone who can hold it together, and somewhere doesn't have a good fucking Beelzebub in the closet. Yeah, that's getting tougher and tougher to find these days, man, there is some shit, just fucking graveyards, falling out of peoples closets and it's the people that want to be in power that all have these fucking skeleton yeah yeah, that's! What's the weird thing is that these people that want to be in power yeah, I think it's
hilarious. Like you look at the politician like you described at a rally or a speech and behind them is just it's. So Oh well choreographed, like every Nationality is represent, and you know you just see. It looks like something out of a Fucking STAR Trek episode that hats from right and all this thing. It's like that to me is just as fake and and potentially like offensive as Is the Trump background looks like white trash is like Laura Dern Running STAR Trek or STAR Star Wars jets, but it's like it's just bring it back. Yes, it's like! Oh ok. I see what you're doing not the Lord earns a bad actor she's a great actress, but then roll this. This situation, when she's like telling the pilot to shut up, don't listen, stop guys. A fucking straight up killer is out there flying a pilot in his piloting, a spaceship gunning down evil robots and want to blow up the plan
yeah he's really gonna waiting imitated by Laura Dern. I remember when we first started running this sample shop. Some the up, jeez Force FED just force, FED yeah there's a chance. So these really obvious just theatrical plays at diverse city, an inclusive, nah yeah rest of nest, and you could tell that they like they pushed every, but there's no. What intensity to their their message now now have to push every correct button. And say all the right notes and make all the right sounds: it's yeah yeah! It's that this thing, they're they're complying. It's a compliance thing, much as it is and express- who they are as individuals yeah. Yeah yeah? You have to be compliant with this new. This new way people are thinking and behaving, but
it's so ham handed yeah like like it's really over the top. It's obvious, it's like a guy name. Weiner point is Dick and not face. Is it still clunky to right on the head? You know what I I heard that some of the movies that are coming out, I think they're, doing girl version of bad boys, which is like why the it's just it does buster ghostbusters, which was such a success. And then I saw this. There is now Milo got kicked off of Twitter yeah yeah like goofing on. What's her name, there Leslie Leslie Jones, yeah yeah. So I read this the other day There's a Broadway show of King Kong is an hour Broadway musical and they have this raising kind of marionette gorilla on the a giant fucking thing and the Where are all the plays a and arrow and now a new girl has been cast she's black. Now, I'm like
yes, the whole gist of King Kong is the fact that it's a white, Yes, like all island is fuller. She is all black chicks. Well, this this marionette king Kong picks her up what's up with face. I don't know they had to make him. You know almost uh Some characters, look in the lion, king, the musical, so weird yeah yeah that that's all a marionette yeah? It's like a fucking, it's on cables and and shit list, working it out. How strange range, if there's a video, clip, of it. You see it kind of move, it's a it is Strauss again I we got to see a video but, like I said, the whole thing is based on yeah. It's the white check yeah like like eight eight, it's Paul part of the story. I can understand you can cast a black actress in a white actresses part, but when it's so integral to the story that so fucking got yeah. Is that sick? That's amazing, yeah yeah. It looks pretty fucking badass but where's his fur, for what do get out of their body.
Wow. This is amazing. Yeah isn't that second, a fucking out a broadway stage. They got all this. Get going on. It really is that really is amazing: they got the teeth, lit up and everything We have a lighting is pretty important as a pretty bad out, so this is the old one. The old one used to be a blonde check in there yeah yeah, no, not anymore, we're gonna get a black Trans man's yeah yeah, I mean the whole gimmick is that Congress spent on this island with black chicks yeah and he sees her and just loses its mine yeah. I have a whole bit a bike. You heard it the other night. It's the brilliant it's so god Damn funny movie is true. It's like that yeah. That movie is like, with the most racist moving alright player,
so crazy. When the remake came out, I think it was Peter Jackson. Remake came out, um Patrice, went off on it yeah and did a whole thing about what the movie represents an what the chick in the gorilla represents, and it was fucking brilliant only. As Patrice, could have done it and he did you know he nailed it. Do you know the the the movie for was in the little kids moving yeah. I never saw it for a girl who can and turning. As in, I think, there's a Disney version of live Disney version that they've decided to do and in the live Disney version there. The girl is now played by a black girl, but it's the blonde girl who lives in like Norway yeah it was when they decided to ever be played by a black or white people went crazy. They said all these emails and like this is outrageous like what do you do and it's like yeah, but I I feel like these companies date. It's there's
too many people involved right. It's not like compound media is just Anthony Cumia, making decisions right right with something like Disney. You have this board and you probably, and in California you have a certain amount of women on the board right. Imagine with that must be like you have to have like you presentation of everyone. Everyone's super concerned about diversity like Parafrasi Pitch a show and when they want walked in there, the first Ashley said he pitched the show they go. Ok, where diversity? Where is the diversity like he? Was Xing sitcom yeah, where the diversity is like, I'm switching you something funny a pitcher of funny. Program, yeah, yeah. Ok, we need we need an asian man in a black woman. We needed this and that and again like we were talking about it's so obvious that it becomes distracting like I don't want. I don't want to have to watch something that diversity is
forced in there, because you notice it and now you're distracted and you can't really enjoy the thing like that. Can con thing like how do you? How do they do the part where the the the natives on Skull island, Kong is just like I get out of here, but this one is like all this. There has to be something different yeah, it's definitely the hair, color and the skin cut it's just what it was its regardless of how horrible it is, or whatever has that's just the way it is throw up right, move on yeah time is passed. You by old man, old white dude, yeah old white dude doesn't like when a black woman gets a roll. It's designed for all black women, there is so many instances where that's fine and no one would notice and whatever I don't I don't have a problem with. Fulton or whatever they want to cast founding fathers black and hispanic dudes, what evz go at it but like when it's an integral part of the store
it's most of the story. That's reason why. The reason really right falls in love with the white check. The time he's he's. On camera in the movie he's They're losing his mind because of the White Chick yeah, just don't make a movie right, then just don't make the movie or don't make the play the idea they're going to make the play, but we're going to have a black woman of we have yeah yeah? Well, whatever color? That's that's! That's. One of my favorite criticisms is how dare to white people. Have this discussion with the a person of color. Well, that's true. Yeah yeah probably best shot for this, but it's from who yeah from those that can go themselves who Preposterous idea, the idea that way hold on Anthony before we go any further: let's bring in a person of color yeah yeah a personal either. How should we
we are. We are too privileged people we shouldn't be discussing. That is true, but you can't even communicate about something now now you can. All we hear about is how we need an open and honest discussion about race and then the second you try to have one wow shut up. Don't talk about here's one that everybody keeps ignoring you that's. Racist Harvard tries really hard to asian people out yeah yeah, making it way more difficult, because asian people are far better at school. Cool. Then white people just the way it is, and they have to balance that they it would be full of so what? If everybody was uh got accepted for qualifications That would be Asian Harvard, but it is amazing that people that are rallying against racial discrimination don't look at that, because that is absolute racial discrimination, but on the other end of the spectrum right right, you're taking these people that are they are minority. There are small
what percentage of the population and they vastly outperform most other groups yeah, and because of that Harvard has made it more. Diff for them to get in and now there's a giant class action lawsuit against one of the most liberal and progressive institutes of learning ever racist, they're, undeniably, races. That is a test yeah. It's rare is race against the superior people. It's absolutely based on nothing but someone's race after background and they're they're doing it yeah well so they're doing for now for now, but but you don't hear bout this from the social justice warriors and not know race baiters, they wanted to go out about white privilege and you know yeah it really. But look I I just like bringing up that. I notice and and if I notice, that they're squeezing diversity into something that doesn't need it, I I I think it looks it's still like. I said distracting it it's out of play. And then other things like the other day. I noticed and you probably even say it that the
Mars probe that just landed on Mars and they showed the control room at jet propulsion, laboratories and they're. All as plotting could pass Lee be the least diverse room. I've ever seen in my life, a bunch of white nerds. That's all Was there a couple of like big women like like, if kind of get a lesbian, lesbians. There we them in there, but for the most part it was every nerdy guy grown up and landing a spec, but billion miles away, Unfucking Mars it it's insane, because when, push comes to shove. You need the people that can get the job done right and if it's that room at people, it's that room of people you can't artificially diversify something just for the check and get the job done. They had everyone in that room had to be there, and I assume it's based on quality,
but if you notice that or mention it, I'm sure I'll be called a fucking racist for that yeah for sure. Don't ever notice things he cats with the rule is don't know, This trends, don't notice things That's going away, though, yeah really do I don't see it lasting. I just I feel like it a bright wave of nonsense. That sitting. And it's going to balance back out and rational thinking. Here's the thing like this is one of the things that drives me crazy. It's, like you, know, address your white privilege, recognize your white privilege. No, hi, I'm not racist, okay. So if I'm not racist, you should be concentrating on racism. You should be concentrating on people who, experience racism because they're, fortunately white 'cause. I did do anything you anything just by being, but what they're doing is they're putting you in a position where you're always guilty and once they put you in that box,
They always can shut you up because they're low, the logic is not very good. Also, the discourse is not. It's not well thought out. It's not really new ones so because of that they want to be able to just push a button and shut you off right. That button is the white privilege button, but that's you're looking at a you're looking at a reality, yeah the white people. Have it easier than people who get race. Discriminate against yes, sure, but the problem is not the white people. Have it easy? The problem is that people that racially discriminate yeah yeah yeah! So you're, looking at the wrong thing, so you're fine someone you want to make them a bad person. Just by being you know the thing that you've decided is the oppressor yeah, it's a race. This. Everything is the same level whether you have an opinion about something just voicing an opinion. About something that involves race or sexual or whatever it is literally calling for vial, against people are sick,
all in the same category, when it's ridiculous, you could have your personal opinion on anything that that is sensitive these days, like I said, race or sexuality, or what have you it doesn't mean anything unless you use some kind of negativity aura, russian or something against the person. Becaus of your opinion, until you do that, you just have a fucking opinion right, and it's not all that dangerous Patrice used to say that to you 'cause. I never met a racist in my life as I never met one never sat down had someone call in the n word or anything like that. It goes on and on that, when he's been the wrong places, maybe they say could take up to some places, but but it's like let let's say have somebody that has a low opinion of of black people and and your went to a bar. You sit down, there's black dude sitting there and watching Yankee Game or something and go up. He
does hair. Look at the Yankees are winning. This is guy, going to turn around go fuck you and when bonds in it or is it going to yeah, I guess so like like there's levels of the heat, have an idea about it, but until you start sizing that I don't honestly see a problem with it this piece and they have discriminate, discriminate discriminatory ideas about all sorts of things. It's just when you allow some but don't allow other. When you allow discrimination against white people, but you don't allow against black right. You create resentment when you allow, discrimination against men, but don't allow it against women because you feel like women have been victimized. So it's our time. It's our turn! Well, no, it doesn't that doesn't work that way, especially when you talk to people that aren't rapists now everybody a rapist and the people who aren't rapists, go ok, so you think everybody is a rapist. Well, you are fucking crazy. Then they start changing what rape is right, yeah yeah! Well, that's what the
and what they've done I mean, obviously, the like. The Kay situation. I know that is so. People are so divided on that one and my minion is if, if he didn't do anything make don't do anything against their will he's just a guy that has a strange proclivity. He likes king off in front of people, apparently the cats out of the bag there, but like with those girl that upset twenty year? years ago, with a that set twenty years ago that that now It's an issue or with a giggling with a lot like. I need to know how they were then, because I don't give a fuck what you think now like at the time was it okay? Was it cool with you? Did you sit there and fucking rib elbow to the ribs with you, girlfriend go look at the sky jerking off in front of us it to me. I don't care what what time is done, because the way something looks the
morality or ethics or respect that is expected in twenty eighteen ain't- what it was twenty years ago right, he can't be held liable for something you did twenty years ago, when it was normal or a little strange or whatever the fuck it was well. I think it's always been weird peed off in front of people. That's an odd thing to do is think about it as though he asked if he could write- and this is something that I've brought up to be bug? Oh, you know when people say, oh, you know he would lock these women in the room and beat off tomorrow. Stop! Ok! If you get, if you get in like push this you're saying that, because that your narrative he's abusive person, who's abusing his power. Now here's another problem with that when this is all going down. He wasn't very famous. No that's! the two. So what power was he abuse and he he was a successful comedian. He was admired by his peers because he was really funny yeah. He wasn't Louis C k like the superstar filling out, my Madison Square Garden, Louis CK, it wasn't the same guy. You know he
he didn't even have all the HBO specials and all the Netflix specials yeah same guy. So he was. Other comic, they like to beat off in front of people, and he would ask first Can you say that he you know these women and wouldn't let them leave. None of them say that in fact he asked and when they said: no, he didn't do it. He didn't oh well good. You don't want me to beat off down make it feel better. When I beat off in front of you shut the fuck up and sit down, he wasn't doing. No, no, he was asking which is just so strange and weird thing: it's not it's! It's not in the same realm as as Harvey Weinstein is not even talk, and now it's not even close. It's not even close, but people don't want you to rationalize. No, I don't want you to grade things. They just want to talk about abuse, all abuse, it's shoveled into this one little pie chart area like this is male abuse
yeah and then they'll put Matt Lauer right next to Bill Cosby right next to Louis CK like well. This seems kinda crazy and then, when you say it's crazy, like Matt Damon said was. I think we should make a distinction. Oh yeah, you can't you become a rape apologist if you say things and that it's weird 'cause, It's odd because even saying the word rape, these days, you eat like a a little red flag, goes only had like how did I say that today, Sir Full did, I say it evil and it was ably sound evil or have you salivating dot right, don't be salivating, don't smile when you say it's very somber and it It is strange it's this. I I use the term all the time, because it's the only one that really fits or well again. Yes at everything is so strange now it if you read one thousand nine hundred and eighty four years ago, you couldn't fathom things getting like that
but man in some cases, it's even worse than than expected. You think there aren't on on nonperson you don't think. There's an unfair Alex Jones, Unperson person, yeah clean from the and that's it yeah. This does newspeak. Words are twisted, like it means the opposite of what it was supposed to mean and and eight it. Something that you never thought would happen. The I I like to read a book like that or some other kind of dystopia dystopian story, you get like a like. An orb- is supposed to be some kind of orb with the government. Looking at you- and don't do that, Sir two thousand six hundred and fifty go to sit down and, and then it's like, oh It was us all where the rats we we pick up our phone and we ran
at each other out and we're big brother like we turned out to be the bad guys. The collective is that the government they've looked like oh boy, you're going to the government's gonna, put a tracking device on you that he comes to my house once, but I'll I'll shoot him. I don't care. Well, you forgot, your phone? Don't don't leave your house without your fucking tracking device, yeah like it's the same thing and they do use those in Cron K, scores. Everything is presented as a convenience. When I first got easy pass, it was like this is awesome. I don't have to wait on a line at the toll booth and throw changing or something I'm whizzing right through, and I see stories like o e easy pass using a divorce case to see what the husband was going here there and it's like. Oh, that's handy, that's handy you see on the insurance commercials. It's like you. The safe driver thing, it goes in your car. It acts like a a plane's Black Box and it, shows how safety driving will reduce your rates. It's like really
it's not going to be used if I'm speeding again into accident for them to go yeah we're not paying your fucking thing, because, obviously we read. You were speeding and and and didn't stop or like it's all. Presented as a convenience. Alexa you your tv's they all rap you out, it's Alexi. Isn't this magic thing that everything happy it's internally. That shifts ends everything you say out records somewhere. And then sends whatever answer it supposed to get back back to it and that's what it is, but everything is saved, Do you really know when it's listening and what, when you're taught you say certain things? add Alexa for a little while I don't know why all I ever did was like Alexa Weather now would tell me the I could have checked on my phone and then started doing. Things like, I just be watching tv and it would be like I don't have an answer for that like yeah, I don't
that shit. I don't know what it's doing. I don't know what it's listening: dialogue from the television from maybe the tv. Maybe it's just listening to every fucking thing. I say I think it's sending it transferred somewhere thing. You say, because then you can go to the app on your phone, an every question, you never asked it is listed there in text. Fuqing form swear to you every conversation you have god. Dam thing is somewhere where you're not doing so bad. What are you worried there? You go well, hey, hey, hey as long as it keeps us safe right right, keep saying about how 'bout yeah, if you're, not doing anything, bad well in ten years. Will this be bad in five years, just like shit that was twenty years ago, wasn't bad! Now it's a fucking crime right, you'll, be exiled from society. I don't know what. If what I'm saying now can be brought- in ten years- and you know when I play video games, I say some pretty nasty ship but yeah. I don't want Alexa or my smart tv to listen to every fucking thing. I say an record trance,
scripts of what I'm talking about importing it in our house, no ones forcing you to put this fucking rat in your house, you for it. Your money and you put it there- that in yourself it's a major using how we went from not trusting anything. When it online shopping for started me like I'm, not put my credit card in there. Now you laugh. What are you kidding? You just drove through twenty, twenty face scanners, license scanners to get here, your card is being biased sensor, so they can target advertise. You in the mall, so there's no privacy anymore, and we love it. We love that there's no privacy! I don't want to go to the mall for Christmas. I go to Amazon and now there's a list of every fucking thing I buy at Amazon, that's being sent to everyone all over the place. You think you got privacy, you you
I can't even move to a Montana anymore in a cabin and be off the grid just doesn't happen so I loved did. You ever see Jesse when it does I'm off the grid I'm going to Mexico and I'm off the grid as like he's got a show called off the grid. Well, yeah you're, on the yeah, you're, right, Viro dime of fighter, governors yeah, he's off the grid, but he's constantly on the grid. There's no the gridding, where there's no grid the whole world going to be on the grid yeah, the whole world. That's attainable and expand these satellite imagery things for for the internet. You doing as well or were they have satellite internet available everywhere, all over the world, all over the world, everybody up to speed and I'm talking about this with somebody else. Isn't it amazing that GPS has worked for as long as it as flawlessly. It's amazing how good is never a problem inch by inch like
It tells you turn right and you're right there and I think we have the dumbed down version like the military. Has that the steam version like sure but yeah by this by the inch- and we have you know by a couple of feet. But to me. It's amazing that, like it, it's worked slot goes out, like all really had it on CD rom in my car in nineteen, ninety eight stylin yeah had the early version of that and it was a big stupid thing that had to sit on the roof of my car to catch up to catch the satellite like a disk or something like some weird antenna that had to go up there. Yeah
I used to have to have to pick up the gps on the satellites aren't any different, but the receivers are like can be a lot smaller, unfucking phones in your fucking subplots in your pocket there tracking you, while it's in your pocket in your car as you're driving course when it's off when it's, I don't trust any of these electrons. I use them. I'm not going to throw my fucking phone away an if I do forget it, there's no more horrifying feeling than driving away from your house and go to? I don't have my tracking device and will turn around and get it because you can't function without it. It's everything to people again if there was that emp or whatever the fuck. It is that just zaps the grid. You would see daemonium in no time well see pandemonium of just the power grid went down for any reason of some yeah like a terrorist attack took out the power grid yeah. We need power way more than we think we do absolutely, as you just think, nothing on
we are in New York. We had the hurricane a few years ago. Five six years ago? I guess it was and the one that took out Jersey in Long island and stuff, and we went nine days without power in house in on long island, and you could see it fraying around the edges, man, society jet the first couple of days, online at the gas station to fill up Jerry cans to take back to your generators at the house and it's like. Oh ok, Excuse me. Oh no, oh you were first go ahead, go ahead by that seventh! Eighth! Today it got fuck you now, I was standing here. Go fuck yourself get to the back of the line. Now. Could you imagine. If that was you trying to get kids medication or something or food like this goes a little longer and now foods getting a little scared, we're going to have a problem, and I'm stunned. It hasn't happened to me
Stan really we saw we saw a close with Katrina. I think and violence started. That was, that was a little out of hand but use app that grid give people they have nothing. I went up to a giant like a cummings generator. This thing, like is for backup power hospitals, So when the power goes out in my neighborhood literally my poop, all is running flood lights in the backyard every tv's on it comes on automatically just sit there as a fuel with it's liquid propane I have two one thousand gallon tanks buried in my front yard. What is okay, would it would it would last for a long time long can time on how much you use, because the more the more draw on it? The heart of the engines got to work so it and if I'm running my whole house It would last a few weeks and it's safe to that propane. To