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2018-12-03 | 🔗
Tom Papa is a comedian, actor, writer and television/radio host. His podcast "Come To Papa" is available through All Things Comedy on iTunes.
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Sweet setup and again twenty four slash, seven award winning customer support and you can try for free. Oh, what more do you need you fox, and why I'm calling everybody Fox today had a couple glasses of wine with Tom pop I'm getting frisky, anyway for friends head over to squarespace dot com, Slash Joe for a free trial and then, when you're ready to launch use the offer code, Joe to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or Joe main Alright, my guess today is a good friend of mine. I love this guy to death, he's a great conversationalist, an we never run out of cool ship to talk about, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed it. Please welcome Tom popular girl in Minecraft check it out experience join my day, Joe Rogan podcast by night sitting. Here- and I say, did you see the fight on Saturday goodnight and he said the guy that got knocked down: mental Health Guy Mental Health guy, the guy
for a one with mental health. He said. No, I didn't see the fight, but I only saw with only so that this is how narratives work yeah. You know I mean like in this day page, especially there's way too much information out there right like there's, no way you could see every television show or watch every sporting event or no every scandal. So when something happens like the blurb that the Little summary that I have yeah sort of my my one buddy watched it on Instagram. He posted a thing and it was very heart felt that he got up from people have mental health yeah. I read that and I feel like I experienced the whole thing, but you know I don't know if you wanna lost, I know we can draw. It was wrong yeah, it was dry. Okay and I don't have a firm opinion on whether or not the the draw was justified. A. I only watched it once I thought I thought that Tyson fewer one most of the rounds except the two that he got knocked down in Tyson's. The anti
health guy. You know, he's a white guy and he's the white, because the weather got the got knocked down. Okay and deontay wilder is he his? it is he's strange, that he has like the most freaky punching power. I think I've ever seen ever. That's what I heard too. It's not a big guy. I mean for a heavyweight he's, two hundred and twelve pounds. He looks pretty big, though he's Jackie, but he shredded. He has no fat on him whatsoever back is where all the powers- and that's where I was muscle is, like you see, is back it's just fucking, just a bundle of snakes when I saw the clip she's like he knocked him out and then like backed up, yeah and got up yeah. That looks, that guy wilder punches so hard, and that was in the 12th and final round. That was of a fight where he was mostly losing. He was mostly getting boxed up. It was really getting outboxed, but then he would land an. He landed real hard in like what was it like, the eighth or the ninth, something that something like that he dropped him, but that wasn't a big knock
right he knocked him down. We got up pretty quickly was he was okay in the twelfth he in the bowl lasted him right here on the right hand, then, as he is following him, with a left hook on the chin, as he was going down like any, was laid flat on his back was arms down. He looked unconscious, yeah a really did any of the who's like Lazarus Aloul, any look, pretty sharp. When he got out, he won the rest around yeah. He won the restaurant stung him yeah. He he's strong Dante, Wilder it's crazy, 'cause of the mental health. Kids! Yes, he's doing it for the mental health people, you think really what he was thinking when you're getting up off the canvas I'm doing it for the kids would never doubt, yeah I mean. Does he he really does he's he's in a very unusual guy and he donated his entire purse to charity? What I love it like: eight million dollars really yeah yeah donated all of it to charities holy cow yeah,
that's great he's a fucking really unusual guy he's been in here, he was in the podcast when he was gearing up for the fight. So I should call him the super nice mental health guy he's a very nice guy, very nice, guys big, like giant sixty nine, sixth, so sitting here, you feel like issue is a giant but he's a super sweetheart. You are friendly, guy she's, yeah really well spoken, he's got that Heavy travelers accent he's a traveler. Had he made money before Yeah he's a world champion so he's like he was a world champion bank and almost killed himself in a ferrari almost committed suicide. He was just headed towards the bridge just going to fucking, either slam into the bridge or drive off the bridge, That was his name is going to sixty miles an hour like headed towards the bridge and he changed his mind. He's like that's what he looked like before he star ' Please come back what yeah is three hundred pounds. What three hundred plus right? How much did you say was four hundred and eighty five
yeah, something crazy, saying three hundred sense, cuz he's he's, so he was championing, fell off and became a chubby. Well what happened was he beat Vladimir Klitschko? Who was a longtime heavyweight champion? I mean flatter me it was champ forever and he outboxed him soundly outboxed him and beat and then was like now watt and went into a depression start drinking hard, partying, hard lot of cocaine and just fucked his life up This is what achieved what he wanted to. I mean he's, calling it mental health. You know because of the russian knows things but part of me wants to say that a lot of that is, I mean I don't know. Obviously I've never been inside of his head, but when you doing not much coke and drinking that much, that is got to be a major
and why you feel like shit and then the let down of this incredible achievement becoming heavyweight champ of the world, beating this guy, who hadn't been beat in a long time meet many many years, and then you know just partying too hard and then getting into a horrible funk, Well, this will be signing to come back. There's always that part of it, where you know, you know that you have that there are those personalities and there's genetics involved and it gets you into the drugs. But then the drug start going to work on your brain and then it becomes something different it becomes You know it's, it's no longer your own consciousness. That's working! It's this sponge that just absorb all of these Texans and who knows, what's misfiring, what's happening at that point we say as we drink wine. Cheers happy holidays, like whatever I was going to bring you some wine today. This was nice to you to open this. This is good stuff. Whatever this is
you know Jackshit about one. I learned a great method for thanksgiving about wine. I went to this place in LA it's called two thousand and twenty wine. It's like this. It looks like right now. This is the last dark it's on the on the four hundred and five and you just walk in it's just wine, this huge room, racks and stuff. It's so elegant. It's just like this great place to be it's cool. It's like temperature, wise! It's like it's great and it's intimidating because they have. You know. I don't know that much about wine I want to, but- and I realize this is my strategy- and it worked out perfect
I went to the guy who works there and I said okay of twelve people coming over for the Thanksgiving show me a twenty dollar bottle of wine or less than I can buy a bunch of for my friends. That's going to blow everyone away and he lit up like a Christmas tree. It's like this is what he wants to do. It's like yeah, there's. Two hundred bottled dial dollar bottles of wine. We know what that is. I'm gonna come with me and there it is, and he took me into the back in he found these like, this from Spain eighteen dollars, knowing is, it exist the best wine I've had all year. Another one at this italian borola that nobody knows about a little bit this, it's only twelve dollars a bottle, because nobody knows we have extra cases. It became like his. Of course. That's what uh guy wants to do. The line is the one thing that the name is just as important as how good it is sure yeah I when people you know
swine around yeah came is still like. We all know that, because I like the Mercedes of wine, cigars, are that as well. I know you more about to go. I don't know much about cigars, but I know more about cigars that I know about wine and, like everybody wants, a cube, cube yeah old? My buddy wants something that's hard to get yeah, but this was I was like. Oh, this is how you should do it find a good wine shop and go to the guy who's waiting to be asked that question yeah he's so excited to show you what he learned and he works in why shop so he's not spending five hundred. How has a for about either me and my audience yet my buddy Mark Telegraph thing and I were in Florida where he did this very nice time: restaurant bunch, people from the UFC yeah. We just said: let's get a nice bottle one year, have a nice bottle on I'm like I'm, not good, but one minute this place had like bottles wine from the 70s right. So I said alright, let's go crazy I bought a bottle wine from one thousand nine hundred, my god. This is better. This is better cuz this one's better. It was like
It's weird immediately like I guess, if you're a real connoisseur like I'm part of it, is like Roberto Duran was the champ when this with bottle to flex. He was in the third grade. Do something this is a big bill, and but it it was like it felt like it had less alcohol, and I think that's one of the things that maybe happens. The the flavor sorts starts to morph and change it It felt less potent yeah, more watered down it wasn't a good loser. There's I didn't I I enjoyed it, but I didn't love it right and that you know and you we paid a lot for is like a thousand dollars. She yeah, I'm not Joe yeah thing. Was a thousand dollar bottle, one I'm telling you this is too much thanksgiving. We have it. It was eighteen puddles of wines from a building yeah, we better so great yeah there there are. You know I try and learn a and there are certain wines- they say like there's certain brunellos that, like those should
age in those you can go like twenty years, and you know it will get even better at thirty and then there's other wines at that same amount of time. They'll go sour and they'll get funky, so it's so hard to oh so apps, yeah, app that I have I've, never fucking opened at once, but I downloaded it it's like Vinos other another. We almost went down with that. That would have been great on the board. It's got a powerful lid, nice 'cause that was lightheaded the board seems like he's not even drinking. I don't fuck with laptops in front of me anymore. I've learned my lesson. I was doing Saturday. My friend had a laptop. She had a glass of water and a salad, I'm like the keyboard. I like. What do you do? Why would you do that? It's like having a gun in your babies head, sits at the gun here. Rest, your head on the gun, separate it yeah now, but this was this was such a great way to do it I mean there's so like you can focus in on one kind of wine and really had to learn it and that's a lot
yeah. It would be a lot of studying to learn all of wine and like going to a fancy restaurant to be like I'm just going to pick from. You can right right, yeah. I think it's like it's one of those things where you have to you. You really have to talk to. I'm going to put in the time. Yes, Totale. Yeah my bike, is here's something that I know a lot about pool cues right? I know a lot about pool cues right, so you. If you come to me and you you say: hey, I'm thinking about buying this pool cue. What do you think? I'm okay? Well, here's what you need to know like that's, a very expensive pool, cue and it's expensive 'cause! It's a collectors item 'cause, the guy who makes it is dead. However, in terms of like how it plays it does not any better than a pool. Cue that cost one small fraction of what that cause. Then I could turn you onto a bunch of custom pool cue makers. Make a really good q for like a fraction of what you would pay for that q, and I'm telling you like you, would play with this q and be happy with it for the rest of.
Why don't cost you? You know five hundred dollars as opposed to this cues that are fifteen thousand twenty thousand dollars in an op is: are you really ornate and and and beautiful one- and this is a life time- your adult lifetime of learning- about the odd man out in America? I started playing pool in nineteen nine, the S, ninety one, ninety, ninety one, that's when I probably bought my first pool cue. So it's a non asked. What's a good pool, cue for bumper pool, they were my neighbors had a bumper pull day. When I was a kid, it was bad. It's pretty stupid, stupid, dumb games of the the hunt for him, the older brother mark. He was the the dominant one, because I was able to jump over the bumpers again on the other side, heating yeah, the the jumping is a very controversial thing in the world of pool you're not allowed to jump. Well, you can but here's jumping and then there's bar table jumping right like when you play with
going a bar. They think they're jumping in the pool cue. But what they're doing is they did they're scooping under the cue ball with their tip like they go under it and it sort of makes the cue ball pop up in the air. It's really like yeah, Miss queuing is what it's like a half hour, the way you're supposed to jump a ball. He shoot down on it and make it hop over uh. It's my geometry. Seen this before yeah, that's a that's a mcdermitt! It's like called Excalibur or something like that. That's a pool cue's it is, but it is it's foolish. It looks like a sickle that the grim reaper comes to take you away with well. This was a cue that was made along time ago was made back in the fucking 90s or something, but that's not the most expensive pool cue in the world. Does that whole thing the q says it sold for one hundred and fifty great. That's not the most q in the world now now the most extreme have you in the world is a Gina Q Genie. Q is right here in North Hollywood. That's they call it the most expensive car in the world. Is that whole thing, the q? It's nonsense, that's not really stand in a queue, see it's a cue that whole
blades and everything like that. What would you do with nonsense? Nonsense, I'm telling you it's not! Science is nuts, it's not sense! It's like having a car and you decide to glue diamonds on it. So I can stupid is the most expensive car in the Wolf billion dollars. And the key ways: nine one slash two pounds. I said you know what a real cute ways uh a very heavy Q. Very heavy is twenty one ounces like if you play with it like we find out that a pro plays with twenty miles could be like wow thanks man. Rarely a guy will play with a twenty four ounce queuing like wow. That guys crazy was that thing thing. Is nine one slash two pounds: that's two piece of sh: it's like the women that gigantic hefty hippity hops. For tubes and so you're saying that when you're like I get like triple zebu yeah, that's just not a real poop What is the one in in north Hollywood? Well, he makes is in his name is Ernie. There's an, he makes all sorts. I have one of his cues,
oh Ernie right there looking makes, I mean I'm married to share. No that's bona as dead you're, an asshole I got in this podcast now um Ernie is uh. I mean he's like a real innovator in the world of pool cues. He makes beautiful beautiful beautiful, but he had one that he made. That was filled with, like I thought I don't want to say what the material was I believe it handle the hand was made out of solid ivory. I think it had a gold and all sorts of other shipment, but it went for a half a million dollars. It's worth a half million dollars, but I think the deal is that he won't sell. It he's very well. Well, really! Well all that making yeah yeah his his pool, cues like in Japan and also all throughout Asia. They're really revered like heat Lausell, his stuff anywhere. His cues are very expensive in the aftermarket to make some all by hands like that kind of thing,
Well, he designs them all, and then he uses computer controlled machines. They're called Cnc machines to put everything together in peace it so that everything is perfect. Wow yeah, but they're all like his designs and there's like 3d printing. No- No, it's it's what it is like you, have a design and you put it into this computer and you you put the I don't know a hundred percent of the process. But right you put your the specifications like how wide you want inlays to be, and they make him exactly the same size and the points fit exactly the same way: wow yeah price of super complicated stuff. But the point is like: if you were a guy who wanted to buy a pool. Cue- and you just you know, went to a website right Your lost, you lost like me, trying to in a wide shot. Yeah, right exactly yeah, it's weird yeah. This is good what is very good?
this? Is sa to dig new? I didn't know you spoke French, I do do we see fit. Paris is going crazy right now they've been having these crazy riots. Now, what's up every time, I think about visiting Paris, there's some new shoes that goes down over there. I know it's kind of feels like a little like, like a jewel box that is about to explode all that good man. Not good is it workers will kind of right The weird thing is, everyone is riding, is wearing those reflective vests like see that yeah yeah they're wearing yellow reflective, vest and lighting things on fire and smashing store so like who is Eugene Shinn, these these they've been going scroll back up somewhere else is island, says seventeen pictures now it's terrible and it keeps getting worse. That keeps getting worse. I mean it started November 17th when french driver sporting, yellow vests, let it demonstrated. Apparently I still with oil
this is rising: rising fuel prices. Two hundred and eighty thousand people, four people have died, hundreds have been injured. Thousands of dollars with the property has been damaged. The protest started November 17th in french driver sporting, yellow vest led a demonstration of twenty thousand people across the country to push back against the rising taxes. On gas and diesel at french press Emmanuel in menu. I love a nice. My as part of his many economic reforms announced the gas access early this year to minimize Francis Reliance on fossil fuels. That's a fun! shitty way to handle. You know the reliance on fossil fuels. You do the opposite. You face what you don't charge: people money, You know you don't charge people extra money and make it more expensive than the user that you you give them subsidies for electric cars you stupid prick! Yes,
socialist in the american way you piece of a Chinese. I love talking like Willis Arteta about things and I'm not. What is this a quote where I really got their school back to where it was the price of fuel? That's it. Thirty cents, a gallon? They went crazy, thirty cents, a gallon trying to kill people gas already about seven dollars per gallon. With France that. So it's just going to break people's backs. Oh yeah, Dr Bridgeland Bush was leaving office, they jacked the price, a gas way up. Yeah dude this people there were panicking yeah. You know September eleventh, there's like lines everywhere, because we all right- and I just empty- no, that's right, yeah, but the pricing- I don't think it. The price radically went up some places turbo charge like twenty five bucks county. Schools. They should go to jail at somewhere else, but that's kind of insane like that people use to have riots like that when we would spike and people who couldn't eat
this. They like cars online God. That's a shady little car anyway, that probably wanted empire finally he's not even part of protests, he's just happened. Somebody was telling me about this. Somebody was telling me about this. I was out of little kids Party was talking wanted ads. Tell telling me about this thing that happened. This I think it was in northern California. It was a fire fight might not have been n. California was a fire, and the initially they thought it was just a fire, but then ceo and his vice president were both of their houses caught fire So then they thought it was like an attack on both people and then they realized. No is a murder and one of the guys killed the guy and his family and
and let his house on fire and then went back to his house and let his own house on fire to make it look like they were going after both of them and he's, It's arrived, yeah whoops, in in New Jersey, a guy is in New Jersey, maybe that was it got murdered his whole family, no, it's own family, yeah, well and then, at the house on fire, the maybe that's it. Maybe I'm getting a up version of the story. I get drunk a kid parties too. How soon will go by family mask disguise is a massive fire New Jersey, yeah, that's it! This is a story so make that a little larger. Please says there was more than brotherly bond between Paul and Keith yeah. That's right, part in New Jersey. She businesses vacation together. Settle about eleven miles from each other in the suburbs, in New Jersey, but two days before Thanksgiving horrific chain of events would forever tear them apart, brother,
yeah that's what it is. So I am in a really up person Paul. He said that name in the area can aero can hear. Okay, gyro cam hero, the cashier was rather is killing his youngest brother, his sister in law and their children. This is what's up like what what how does a guy go from? Never killing anybody, killing a wife and daughter so killed his brother and his brother's whole family yeah? Oh my I thought his own, then he said his home home on fire with his wife and daughter inside tried to make it look as if the whole family Buntar his family, got out of the home safely. Can you imagine the panic like What's the fire just murdered these people, you want, I don't you right or scroll, go back about you, let your own house on fire, you like! Can you match, like while you're lighting, your house on fire thinking like the the intensity of
This is going to work, I'm going to get out of it. So this is where the plan goes and poof. What's really funny, how does a person kill so. I mean I understand your mad at a guy and you fucking hate each other fuck, you fuck you and you start right and then you wind up killing each other. How do you kill his wife and daughters? Oh, how do you do that? What what which goes on like. Is he just trying to yeah 'cause walking around little go back up. It says it's killed, Sister in law had said Hughes issues. Killing his younger brother, his sister in law and their children like how many children like who he killed, kids So this is a guy was never murdered anybody just walking around Colts Neck Township, New Jersey, yeah he's a businessman. Probably never done anything really major in his life, Right probably like was at a like a business meeting like two days before.
Or with some guy, what the fuck man is living. His life talk about the giants like what the fuck. What is that? His wife and his two daughters. Oh several twists in the case of around law enforcement. He then actually said his own home on fire with his wife, and his daughters inside. Did you not hear me say that I thought you were talking about his brother's family? No, no! He hold his brother's family set the house on family on far then let his own house on fire to make a look that he was being targeted. I knew that, but I didn't know he's he had kids in him him. Yes, houses, wife and his daughters were inside. Oh my god to try to make it look as if his whole families being targeted his brother and him, my god. Family got out of the home safely, wow fucking unbelievable think about his kids right now or like what did dad what what Jesus Christ, Oh, my God, mine was killed before sunrise scroll up there somewhere.
Between midnight and five hundred am Paul. Kenny Arrow was walking around his brothers one point: five million dollar colts neck home armed with a knife and a gun yeah, I was been in front of the White Mansion with a deadly confrontation, unfolded, Paul, fired, multiple shots, striking keys, fark it a you got mad at me for not following the story. Clearly did you feel like you could kill me yet I need I need more Jesus Christ. He walked inside found, his wife found Keith's, wife Jennifer. He shot and stabbed her and then dab their children, Jesse, eleven and Sophia. Eight. What hello. Then he took some documents and set a fire in the basement. What were they doing like the week before and stabbed an eight year old to an eight year old girl in her sleep? How to how to fuck this someone in their sleep? It's a nurse sleep.
Well, it was five hundred AM as a matter man he's there's gunshots in the house, yeah a gun up, oh my god, good Lord, what a monster a monster! What was this guy like the month before, like what the hell is that normal looking house should what is the normal list? Look in normal house ever. Do you believe that there is an always a presence of good and evil in the world like like that? It's not just evil deeds. What this guy did was evil, but do you believe that there is a real presence of evil that it's like a thing that takes over people are takes over. You know what I mean like like like like good and evil. Is that more than just people's actions, or is it like every of a force of nature? Is there a good force of nature in an evil force of nature? That is constant
the using people and using things as as a catalyst, locate instrument, let's break this down, Nature is the right way to approach it because I don't think there's good or evil in nature. I think nature. Nature is actually far more moral than humans are because what with nature is just about arrival right, predators and prey, and they kill things neat things, but when animals in nature, kill like with the call surplus killings were, wolves will kill like eighteen. L cannot eat them, they're, just they're, just going on their instincts. These things are there to be killed and they they can get them cuz. They can't run away. Maybe it's fixed now or something like that, so they just can't help it. They just tear apart cuz. Their instincts are good drive them kill 'cause, that's how they survive. Let's other family survives they're killing in the they're eating these elk, and this is
what they do and even if they kill a bunch of them where they can't eat them. Their instinct is to kill, because that's how they survive it's natural, it's normal with humans. It's very different because with humans, whose consequences right and there's law and there's other humans finding out so there's deception and then there's there's selfishness and is the the fear of getting caught and then there's your own, your own survival instincts in terms like you, don't want to get locked up in jail. You don't want to get caught for something, So I think if I had to guess that this guy didn't think he was going to kill this guy's wife and family, probably don't even think he's going to kill this guy. They probably got into a heated argument and they they're stupid, and he you know, he's a guinea and that's my people yeah they stay do stupid your people to Kenny Aaron. They do stupid. You know they're the fiery people and those those fiery people. I swore off a town girls in those twenty one
italian girl take a swing at me when I was twenty one. I was like. That's it for me, I'm done I'm not hitting one back. This is just fucking cookie, some some. Some men and some women are fucking crazy and I believe in epigenetics I see how wacky my fucking own kids are Whatsapp Edition. Genetics epigenetics. Well, let's, Google, so I don't bust up the the actual definition, but essentially it's a the way I'm using it is that there's certain traits that are not just environmental traits that are inherited traits and that you hear it will pull it up right the study of the changes in organisms caused by the modification of gene expression rather than the alteration of the genetic code itself. This battery is better words in that there's, better, better definitions than that. The study of heritable changes in gene expression? There you go active versus inactive jeans that do not involve changes to the underlying dna sequence, a change in the phenotype.
Without a change in the genotype, which in turn affects how cells read the jeans a great now I know less about it. I think there's traits and this is this- is a very dumb. This is uh controversial, get very fascinating field of study, because what they're doing is they're they're finding out that children that are twins that are separated by a you know when their baby right going to different foster homes and raised by different families have incredibly remarkably similar to live yet loves desires like what they're interested in incredibly simple, yeah and they're, suspecting that a lot of the effort, you you we are a combination of nature and nurture, I think that's safe to say, and I think that there you, certainly a lot of things happen to kids.
When they're young that shaped their life, whether it's physical or sexual abuse, whether it's exposure to violence or whether it's positive things like love and encourage an inspiration but there's certain information. I think that's transferred from the parent to the child. The child is in the womb and one during during during the conception, the child. I think, there's traits that come from the father and traits that come from the mother, biological, biologically This is undeniable across species. I think this is why dogs like my dog, has no fun an idea whose parents are give a he's not looking for, is not looking for a yeah, not on twenty three, not at me dot com. I grab it out of the cities like we run into this and his. We don't have it so far and will watch the the threatening for strangers. No, I haven't, but it's it's about this exact, very thing. Right yeah did you watch it now? I I've started to like watch the trailers and stuff and
it was a good thought it was. I was we didn't, come on Netflix thoughts on Netflix dogs that, like one of my dad, Do it now yeah. Why did he leave me hope, scalar in the woods? No, but he's got Certain instincts like you, lift up his leg. D'apice on things. You know he smells things like the end. He chases squirrels like there's. There's things he's a Retreiver he's a golden retriever, so he brings things back. I mean that's why I had pitbulls before and they'll bring things back. To teach them. They don't want to bring things back. They definitely don't want to so they want to do is play tug of war with shit like, but he let things go and it's like natural for hats off mouth. Yes, yeah! very black labs has the same thing. They hold things gently because they're used to retrieving ducks and animal and pheasants that people shoot that's what they were raised for yeah. So he brings things back when I get him up in the morning right. He stays in this little room and when I get up in the morning at seven to to take my kids to school on stuff like when I open up the door, he whines like crazy.
Crazy, wags, his tail so happy to see you. The first thing he does is pick up. A toy see pics of a stuffed animal when it comes to me with the stuffed animal in his mouth like this is it's something that we taught him yeah, but this is something that golden retrievers all around the world. Doing the same exact thing all around the world. All around the same exact thing, there's certain traits, yeah they've an. I believe that Italians, my my people, my people, I'm not saying this to yeah and years to I'm mostly italian, their savage folk. Just a fact. Man yeah the fact: there's there's a streak, there's a street. It goes back to the Romans, that's what I really. Absolutely one hundred percent believe and I think there are certain civilizations that have a longer history of being civilized and and violence and I think, when you Who are we dealing with folks that have in a real history of violence in their culture
and that this translates generation to generation, transfer down to the children right now. I think this guy his part of that I mean it's like there's not it's not a coincidence that the italian mob so ruthlessly brutal or russian mob, so we actually brutal excuse me know for sure. There's definitely that part of it and then there's the other part of it. That, like you, said, there's a there's, the part of it. Who knows what was going on in this guy's life, that You know okay, so here we have two. And brothers right yeah raise the same way italian, hot streak, all those things and there were other together. One brother decided to burn the house down and slow to the family. Italian guy didn't have that in his to do list not necessarily because I don't know if they planned it out or if he did it just because we had a knife on him and a gun, maybe as long as crazy assholes that brought a knife and gun everywhere who the no nose
but they were in business together. You know people in business together, it's not, they get crazy and they get real resentful. You know they think one person is not doing their fair share or one person fucks up a deal or one person is costing them money. Yeah now, who knows but how the fuck do you kill each other? so there is still have a baby man. How do you stab an eight year old daughter? Will you take it in your hand? Yeah. I have no idea. But the Italians also like wine, more wine, please so much drunk To give you one of these zero percent alcohol Heineken he's supposed to be the most delicious, I've never had it and we try. One of these is supposed to be the most delicious non alcoholic beer Now everybody was recommended. They said that if you want to try I'll try non alcoholic beer that doesn't suck get this Heineken, zero, zero, so Heineken, zero
here is the ship taste like Heineken. Does, there's literally no difference, damn good for non alcoholic beer does now that we're on the line of myself funk to it. It doesn't have that a weird aftertaste. If I was a joy, I would not want to try great opiate free heroin. Yeah, it taste just like it doesn't seem like it would be a smart move, but alcoholics will drink now. Alcoholic beer walk into a liquor store by this non alcohol, you're you're right you literally at the gate of hell yeah and the the the demons a recheck? No, no! No! No! Thank you! Zero zero. We just test myself or clean my hard core taken cvd like because at noon. Okay, question.
Well. The marijuana thing is different because I think for the vast majority of human beings, obviously there's a lot of biological diversity, but for the vast majority of in beings. I do not think that marijuana is physically addictive. I think it's entirely possible for some people, it is, but I think, for the vast majority of people is not physically addictive, it's more psychologically addictive. So I think it's a different thing, so they can see b d? What their real I mean depends on how they're taking of the rolling up a CVT joins dvd with a little extra? Do they do that? Yeah, sure, can and let it be doesn't some c b. Do you have a little bit of change, saying not to go with that right of it? Well, this it has. The tiniest amount of alcohol is alcohol free, but I think it's like What are the calories here? Oh zero point: four: alcohol free beer with.
Flavoring. Do you know a Heineken is one of the few beers that you can drink. If you are a celiac, it does not have wheat, it's not a wheat based beer. So if your gluten free, you can drink Heineken, maybe not if you're celiac, but definitely if your gluten free, it's not bad yeah. I like it, it's not bad at all. It's not bad. The batteries of standard path. The cows have a standard beer, so those other calories are just pure alcohol. Yeah right one of this you know, there's an episode of the opening please show. Oh my god I forgot about that. We gave this gal, they had this. I think it was her name stalker Patti I mean that was really I am really give this crazy that you know I'm radio shows have these regulars yeah. I always come back to hack yeah. Well, they gave this One gal a breast strip like a
under Listerine breath strips, and this is back in the day when I used to get pot breath strips. That would they would fuck you up so hard. I remember I gave a half a one to Tom Segura. We flew to Florida, do gigs and by the time we landed is like dude. I want to tell you something I almost didn't make it. It was almost telling these people to turn this flight around. He started freaking out, freaking out half of a breast. You would put you in an alternative dimension. It was so strong, so we gave this gal a regular. Strip. There's a video of it online. The general it's like an hour, long yeah yeah, don't had no yeah had. No, we so are gave her. This breath strip and then already proceeded to like to talk
and she was like talking about a high. She was just so far that I couldn't go anywhere, who we all knew that she was sober. It's funny how blue shoes, when you're a person who's a like a wack packer right which from this is a high chance. There's something is an issue, that's not being resolved. Yes, This is not much makes it hard to listen to. Frankly, it is not Yes, with window and actualized human being, that would be the GPS is not an actualized. Human brain is not someone's got their shoes. Together, though they're reading self help books and fuckin' getting up at five hundred and doing yoga. No, no, they just trying to get through the day. They're, barely getting through I found this thing that makes them the day they cling to yeah. But it's those characteristics are fascinating to me because you saw you find them in other things, William E those characteristics of these people that find something to belong to, and then they become a thing they become a part of that thing. You would find those people at pool halls? You find those
what martial arts places. You find those people that hang out at comedy clubs, it's like they're, little off, but they find a thing yeah that becomes their the thing that they do all the even if they're not. Like the comedian they'll hang out at the comedy yeah right right? We know those folks right for sure, and I don't like totally get it. I mean that's community, yes, I just want to belong somewhere. We all want that thing right. Just that's where I go and I all those faces, and they know me- and maybe I'm not totally a part of it, but I can go the Pool Hall in yes feel like I went, I was wanted on my home, the pool. How was perfect place, that, because it was a hang out like a lot of people, weren't playing. So if you had like three or four tables going there like so three or four, tables would be like six or eight people playing pool, but there might also be five or six people hanging out maybe playing cards. Maybe just you know, buying
coffee and may be ordered a sandwich, or something like that. Just sitting there eating it's important. You know that that's good. I was reading a whole article about that by David Brooks the other day, and he was saying that that's that economically were richer than we've ever been as a country and even in light couple years, like poor people like everyone's standard of living, has gone up, which I wasn't really clear on. I thought that you know only the rich people we're doing we're we're AG getting richer, but everybody was kind of being lifted up, but we're I'm happier than ever before, and the life expectancy is lower than ever before, and we killing ourselves at rates that are higher than ever before, and he was saying that it's that lack of community and that we don't go to church anymore. We don't belong to those things that gave us me.
Meaning every day in our town and used to go to church and you'd go to the pool hall you go to that. You need that sense of belonging. An work is a big part of it, and people now are in this gig economy and they're working uber, they're working, seamless they're doing different things, they're isolated there by themselves and I'm working with other people and it's. He really believes that it's that lack of community in that lack of institutions. Is why were very, very unhappy as a as a country right now, makes sense to me. It makes sense to me as a person who is a part of a vital community as a comedian. You know like I was talking. Jeff Ross was here the other day with David Tao and one of the things that he said that really struck with me. He said I almost feel comedian more than american one American making a comedian latin American second right he's like yeah yeah, if you, if you're at the airport and you you know you run into Dave, Attell or whoever it is like it's like. That's like there's a light upon them.
Yeah comes down from Heaven, exactly one of mine, hey yeah, you just embrace them. That's why I always always get suspicious of comics. Who didn't face me like as soon as you said, home like was like there's something more real. This guy yeah yeah, something like or comics that don't have any comic friends, yeah There's weirdos there, fuckin' real, strange and they're always super selfish. It's yeah! I can't even like figure out exactly what it is, but it's like, I know, that's not at one of the good ones, especially if someone's like a successful comedian yeah. It's really weird, like you, have the and hang out with some of the most fun people in the World- God you're appear of theirs and you give them a pass. It's like family, it's like you know. If I did this gig in Cala Rado once and just by chance. It was like this corporate thing and there was another comic on the bill.
I won't mention, and I was like: oh that's- cool in the middle of like no, where at least there's another comedian here yeah he did this at split. Didn't talk to me. Just like there was no. I was like I was like your your dog like hey. Let's put was like that guy's weird guys, some and I am it's true. I think less common now than it was back in the day, and this is another thing that I talked about with the with Jeff and Dave is we're talking about camaraderie that there's a there's less competition. Now there ever was before because before there was only a limited number of tonight show slots. There was a limited number of sit com could be on and that's what everybody wanted everybody on their own sitcom. Everybody wanted to be on the tonight show, and there are very few of those very few and every is competing for these very limited slots and there's very few HBO specials. That was not wasn't a lot, and there was a lot of us, and so it
add to a lot of like jealousy lot of corn scratching right now, thanks to many things thanks to the internet, thanks to Youtuber, initially then podcast and then Netflix. It seems like the world's our oyster there's, so much yeah. All you have to do is put a good car. Tent totally and you could have your own audience and yeah could have his own audience yeah. She could have hers, yeah and all exist without having to approach each other's audience. Yeah- and you know I promote look at the beginning of in the. If you listen to us on Youtube, it's not on it, because it's something I do in the beginning of the audio version of it. But I will I'm always talking about people spend rules that are out like that. Now the bumping. Special with Dave and Jeff Ross is out now they're, not paying me to say that Netflix is now play me to say that Christina Pazsitzky? paying me to say that yeah, I'm saying that, because these people are all my friends and I want them to prosper, yeah when everything new I want them to, I, I think,
great? And I want everybody to know that this is great stuff and if you're a fan of comedy, I want to help you yeah. It's like I want to be that guy, the wine store going hey. You want to see an eighteen dollar bottle wine that will knock your dick in the dirt. It's Joey Diaz right. Nobody knows it, but you're going to love it well, more people know how do we now than ever before, because of you enough, not enough yeah. No, I know he's the best ever I've. Never I've never seen anybody. That makes me laugh harder. I don't know if I, if I enjoy him as much as I watch is as much as I enjoy. Did you enjoy him like? It really is such a great thing. It just watch you guys when he's going off and you're laughing at him, it's just it's like. I could watch that I feel so thankful so real he such a. I mean it's just one of those people that you just oh really, especially if I have a buzz. I got that I had a couple drinks smuggle weed and I watch Joey I'm so
Blank forms is like so thankful. There's a guy like that out there, in my opinion, he's the leader of the charge, 'cause he's the most reckless and wild, and even more so now now that he did that Netflix special. All my God, don't go, see him people. He is uh, taking monster right now he's like he's peeking he's better than he was before he was the best before now. It's such a great thing like when you go to any club, and then you come in and you just see whatever random people are there. You know my wife's a comedian before we had kids and the first thing she wants to she s when I come back is who who was there? Who did you see and it's like I dusty barren? I saw the whatever and she's like. Oh, she wants because she doesn't she's, not The community like she is, but she doesn't get to visit yeah. So it's like, she misses that sense and we were very lucky to have that as grown men to be able to like walk into this very fun community that you're.
Part of damage you meaning it gives you a sense of belonging and that's what a lot of people don't have now days, it's very according to David, Brooks, that's the reason for everybody is malaise. I think. Certainly something to that. I think it's weird. Living in places. Where you don't know your neighbors, you know I mean that's. That's fucking weird I mean yeah Norton was telling me that he lives in this big apartment building in New York City, and I think he's I mean it's gotta be huh. People living in that building huge huge building yeah. He does know anybody here it says: no, don't know anybody says he tried to say hi to his neighbor. They looked at him like he's a fucking murderer, nobody friendly to any yeah. This is so weird
they're like you're too loud, stop making noise, that's what everybody does to people, bang on the door, banging the floor, banging the roof on flicked yeah. It's a weird thing, and it's weird, you know my youngest wants to go to church and how old, thirteen and a 'cause uh friends, but, as maybe she has more of a she- has a more sensitivity in like she knows, there's something other that there's something spiritual going on mushrooms. I think that might have been what kick the whole thing on and and she's just she's searching a little bit more and she wants that she likes being able to set some place and- and we go- and it's not like when I was a kid like when I was a in and we were catholic. The place was packed, but you couldn't find parking like it was like. It was a big deal that my father would be like we're going.
Really come on get out of the house. We gotta go spot, I'm not walking from the back, and it was like a big thing. Now: it's like you kind of roll up. It's half full and there's nobody there and it's you know. Of course the catholic church is a lot of prob. And an think, but every everybody everybody mean my problem, but all these religions have had a little no. They haven't really have a lot like the catholic church know. The catholic church is the worst is the worst, but I know, but don't wanna get sick. Ok, I'm sorry, but The thing is, we know so much now and we're able to see that all these institutions are flawed right, that there's problems with all of them. We used to people used to think my grandmother. Just thought church is the best, and this is the best when they didn't ask questions Now we know everything, and we know that all these institutions are flawed and I think we're making the mistake that you can't be a part of a political party. You can't be a part of a community, you can't be part of thing if it's
perfect, but that's not a way to live. You got to kind of be a little ignorant if you're going to show up you got to kind of ignorant but allow things to be flawed or start a new one go on yeah. I mean the right way to address the issues of a flawed institution and not just to accept them, but to try to a new institution that doesn't have as many flaws. I we that's not what we did, but what our founding fathers did when they established the United States. Yeah. The idea was to establish a play, this, where you have an experiment in self government and never existed before in the world, and this is what the United States represents to the rest of the world outside of us yeah. I mean this is what we again. I keep saying we it's not a week, but with the people that, stab Lish, the United States dead was they broke the mold as to how a world superpower or a country it was a superpower.
Not exist, but how a country could exist and then that country I mean I don't It's a coincidence that, out of just one hundred years that country emerged the greatest superpower the world ever known. I think that freedom allows unprecedented active. In terms of innovation in terms of creativity and not being suppressed and not being in total fear for your life for any form of dissent. So any and it and- and this is this- goes back to not just religion but any sort of any group yeah any any any group that's in control of any sort of a situation. As soon as you suppress all the other people, you you limit their ability to contribute right,
right, and this is what is existed all throughout Europe and what existed all throughout Asia all throughout the rest of the world yeah when the United States came along and then when the United States came along all the sudden, you have this unprecedented development and growth in this one place where people are allowed to be free yeah, where we support free expression, we we support free religion, each for your freedom of religion and we separate church and state, and this is one of the reasons why these things are so important. So when you get like which is fundamentalists. Wackos. That say this is country was founded on christian values that doesn't matter it doesn't matter. If you're, peaceful Muslim if you're a peaceful Buddhist, if you're a piece Mormon, whatever the it is. We should all embrace either. We should allow each other a hundred percent freedom and as soon as someone starts, restricting that freedom and restricting people's ability to press themselves. You run into real problems, because then you don't let these things play out in their natural order. You don't let ideas play out we're
people get to examine those ideas and change like look at some of the more suppressive areas of the Middle EAST. The real problem is that these people, not just as many real problems but one of the real problems is people live in fear. So there's no real freedom of expression and is also this, real desire for conformity is real desire to establish that you are a part of the group that is one of the good ones. That's going divide by the rules, and you are going to show everyone else that you were part of his group, whether means throwing gay people off buildings- or throwing rocks at women or is it a saying all that stuff I was just gonna say like your life actually depends. Yes, I was with my friend the other day, who is gay, and he was saying that your gay friend it just stopped the show one just come on, come on show and it really how close is close- comes over your house. So close.
I didn't realize he can't go to half of the planet as an open game. Man oh yeah, he can't go to Russia. He can't go to all of the Middle EAST. There's parts of age like they will kill you if you're gay in those areas I mean talk about, I mean right. What's going to make a city flourish, then gay people coming in with bold ideas. Let's go, I mean I saw them changed parts of New York like it was no these business. Well also, I think that, like the what's great about gay folks is when gay Erm braced in their allowed to be themselves, then they can express that and then you get to see that, like there's a there's such a giant spectrum of the way people, behave in thinking the things that they love and if you don't allow people to s their position on that spectrum, then you don't even know it exists right.
Create all sorts of deviance, because you know you're forcing them into some unnatural pattern, which is one of the things that I think about the catholic church. I think part of the problem is that these people are suppressed sexually, like incredibly suppress not just suppressed in terms of whether their homosexual or heterosexual, but there's no sex you're not allowed Have any sex right, yeah, so he's going to come out, walking insane saying licensing in denial of the fact that you need to drink water, and it's so upsetting, because I'm really end of searching a little bit because I was raised Catholic and I did like going I'll have what she has. I did like going and sitting in the pew on Sunday was different from the other days, and I asked if I got to hear people talk about being the next to each other, and it got to see the people from my town who you saw running around, but now they're just sitting there quietly and praying there is goodness to it and they went FED the homeless. There isn't good stuff that came from it and she wants that. I get
and now you're sitting in an institution though- and you know the back story of what's going on it's- you know: how do you sit there yeah? How do you sit there? Some said to her last night: Just go to yoga satisfy your spiritual side with right, but you know wacky, two men, I mean look. I go to be crumb yoga. I go to hot yoga in ninety minute, hot yoga and that guy, I don't think he's allowed to come in this country. Now we do the guy who made big room now now that I got a not think Kiesel Z, one of US case he will, he got a little rate, be well. He definitely got a little. He took advantage of his privilege his position hour. Well, yeah. I guess
say power, but the reference that people had towards SAM yeah. They felt like he was a girl, and so you get these girls alone yeah, and he would make him saga stack or whatever right, but I think see now this I'm getting. This is a dangerous waters, but I was having a conversation with a woman who is a she's, actually an instructor, and she said: listen that guy is definitely creepy, but let me tell Something a lot of those girls not only knew what he was about, but they wanted to be with him they wanted to with him because of his power and because he represented something special to them, and then, when he just like shot load their mouth and kicked him to the curb then maybe, angry and decided they were molested, they went into it willingly. I do not know if she's, accurate or in well, I was not there and I'm not a woman, but I do know that people have like. I remember women, throw
I'm not throwing themselves but making it like very clear that they were at they had deep, add Shin from my martial arts instructor when I was when I was a young kid and I was practicing Taekwondo yeah. I remember these women. They were so in awe of my martial arts instructor because he represented the a master of something that they were deeply enamored by, and I think that's also what happens with these yoga people yeah. It's seductive. Yes, you know what it's seductive. You know there's and and also with something like that. It's very physical and mental and spiritual. It's it's sexual and sexual, like with yoga, is yeah. Look, I don't. I've never had any sex with anybody, but I'm telling you when everybody's in there sweating and- and you have your most naked eye, one more in these little shorts and the girls weren't as little shorts and and the teacher goes around and she like calls you out. It's like. Oh, she likes me. Yes, I can understand how some of those people get intimate with you
other after this is all over, because they're they're so close to being naked and sweating together right, you know, and your friend is right: and that there were some women, I'm sure who wanted to be with him. Yes, but it really is not dismissing any rate be shed either, but it's his responsibility 'cause. He has the power and knows what he's wielding like in a workplace kind of thing. It's up to you to be the one that puts the brakes on it. That's where it gets interesting, because he does not seem to think that he does have any responsibility at all for the people that are working for him, teaching these classes and like he was he did this HBO documentary was fuckking. They did this HBO interview about him. It was so ridiculous. This is the big one guy. Yeah. He goes there. Women that will pay one million dollars for one drop of my sperm. He says this
Do you find the video so he's fully aware crazy he's willing to occur within our crazy yeah? It was the it and he was. He was listening on the idea that he would. Ever sexually. Call Tony one he's like. Why would I do that? these women that will pay one million dollars for one up up myself and well it wasn't. Why wasn't yeah it wasn't Bryant Gumbel wasn't there did, I think they're, guessing it discussing this seven comment: you gonna to see the guy because he looks like a because he said the comment to a woman and she was.
Like this, she was like what in the fuck did you say you know like HBO's berry, Andrew Krammer breaks down million dollar sperm interview million dollars per. We interviewed this ship that you said, there's some ship. Do you say when people go wait, what the fun holyshit yeah there's some things that are. It's called that you would call beyond the pale. I love. I love just being picked. You hear these stories, then you see him he's like you're like grandpa he's like a loose game in these yeah balding, and but that's the thing it's like when you're in a power of of powerful position like that he's a very spiritual and people will pay one million. What does this say from being circumspect? A real sport
the seven year old went off on a rant, claiming five thousand women a day want to sleep with him. Four have committed suicide over his charms and people would pay one million dollars for a drop of his. See now. Imagine if you lived in that world, I would just shoot loads every day and then retire, if you, if you just drank a lot of a lot of zinc and like what makes those oysters celery yeah it is it really yes, vegan nonsense now began. The celery, mostly celery, adds to the pop what it tells you that the salary people- that's like that's like
celery lobby. Well, it's true celery does. How do you know? I remember read something porn people right: salary, yes, celery, if you know, was jamming area hitting his make a lie in the most beautiful famous reach women in the world. If I have to sleep with women and have to sleep note by thousand gloomy day, five thousand women today want to sleep with you, four of the you're saying that for one current women for different each killed himself, because you wouldn't have sex website. Why? I am too ahead as it women ok has been one million dollars for one drop of my sperm. Million dollar a day, every drop that idiot or dumb to believe those trash to women in the trash yeah I picked them income trash and give them life,
oh my god, who seventy years old, he looks pretty good for seventy year old, that's from selling all that loads, ohmygod. Last very long, get it dry up yeah they get gross. Do you know why and man? Yes, so that spiritual thing like the hotels but that's yeah, yeah, it's like The problem with it is still an animal right. So yeah it's like we're talking about before, with the wolves gone these sir, kills and then kill all these elk and they don't eat em yeah again Wyoming. There was a recent issue: there was eighteen elk that were killed by wolves in these. Sir plus killings is a real tragedy. Who is wolf can't help themselves? It's just there. In stinks, so his instincts as a man. He has instincts to procreate right, his instincts to receive
on two women that are sexually attracted to him, and he teaches these classes in front of hundreds and thousands of people and everybody loves and adores him. So in his foot, twisted brain everything that he said, they're made sense. My favorite part of it that woman Andrea when she, when she clarified so you're saying that four women have committed to it like I want this. Mother fucker has to be clear on this nonsense. I like how she's areas change, your expressions, she's, just so you're, saying yeah. I mean look at that girl right now. He jamming on top of a woman's hips as she's bent over backwards. That girl is like he wants may he standing over me. This is a taking a lot of yoga class, nobody ever said in my hips now they said hey bro, but I do like when you're doing yoga and they come over and they like push your legs down and like it
Well, it's a little stretching both. Should I just spilled, assisted, I spell Jingle wine leave it there bro, let it sink in it's good for the Petina, I'm learning those those terms the Petina So so, when you're in the church, the church of Yoga Home- realtor in you're abusing your power and a different animal because you don't do it abusing with children that so you know it's a totally different animal and we taken six year olds and abusing them. It's a different animal yeah. You know I mean like it's like there's level so right, like the guy killing. His brother is horrific to me in the gut killings, brother's, wife, more horrific guy killing his brother's wife in the kids impossible demonic. It's like that. What you saying earlier like do you believe in good or evil? I don't know I believe in it, but if it did exist that exists in the mind of men, exist in that time. You know it's no or yeah, but you know it's like what I had this,
that I did on my last special and it was about men's rights groups and is, I was trying to figure out a way to say this and make it be funny, but it's so true that I said men, commit most of the murder. Men commit most of the rape men because All the war this is these are facts like the most horrific things in our life. Our war, murder, rape, those are the most horrific things. Yeah in all of life means Jeff pales in comparison, and I think men steal more than women too yeah, but that that's the evil. This is. If there was a demon in the demon, came down to earth and there's only three things that it could get you to do. It would get you to rape, murder and cause war right. So demon was real demon would be men I get. I said this is a joke that I get feminists. The special is like I get it if I was a feminist I'd, be one too and like I can't be one as a man, 'cause they're, not real 'cause like
male feminists, like they just tricksters they're, just like show me a male feminist. That can look heavy things and run really fast. Right don't exist That is if you have a limited parameter where you're allowed in a male feminist but yeah, but I get it well yeah. I look at the actions of men. If you're an objective person, you take a out of the human race and you look at all human beings and look at the horror that meant that women haven't done awful shitan false choose people and killed their kids and would have done all those things sure some women, some but the vast majority of horrors yeah have been have been yeah. I meant yeah. I know it's like. I know it's a very primitive way to look at the world that there's good and evil and it exists in the certain way.
It's good, it's all good, alright, but a little bit of that. Don't get crazy! I'm worried that I won't be funnier after I do this. Let's see me pick up the slack. Do you like Elon Musk, your goddamm pairing pioneer Good James, going to go deeper, jamies going for thirty think Amy has hip problem. If you, if you see a video of the floor, It's really it's the wrong button biggie smalls over there in a cloud of what's in Mays. Amazing, to me is that this is now one hundred percent legal here. Still, not federally right? Well, that's what was funny about the one thing when you on smoked it here. It was like It's totally legal, it's totally, ok, but in everyone's minds there still like. No, it's not yeah. Well, they
need to let it go and this yeah why they need to let it go we're on your side. You know I'm I'm on I'm on it like this. The good people of government law enforcement, fire to part military, the good people of God, I'm on your side, man, yeah and I'm a stoner yeah and I'm on your side, money side, a thousand million percent and making it legal actually helps all that, because so you don't have to go out these phony wars against it doesn't just do that. It makes people more compassionate. It makes people look it's like everything else. You can be who's beating off. You know. I remember when I was one million dollars. A drop one for one drop of my sperm? You know if you're a person that gets obsessed with masturbation, yeah, but you can ruin your life yeah, this Will there be porn addictions where they watch porn, eight hundred and ten hours a day, right. This is like everything yeah. I think you can yourself with sugar. You can ruin yourself with food. You can ruin yourself with
Laziness, laziness. You can get into a habit. Will you just can't get up yeah? You know you can get into a comfort zone. We just want to take baths all right yeah people do shit like yeah. No, I know exactly yeah, there's did Roseanne say she did. After all, over bulshit went down just got in the bath. All time drank wine was there. They said that is their safe space apologize. It wasn't but so anyways. I know it's a very basic way. I mean we've been talking about good and evil since the time of the men were able and women were able to. You know, write and write and philosophizing, but it it I don't know it just seems to me eight he like I've see it feels to me like evil and good is actually a force that were struggling with yeah
no there's, I know, like some people would say. That's kind of you know a primitive way of thinking, but I do kind of feel like it actually is a very a real, tangible thing and that what makes you think this would I assume your personal feelings? Is it based on like your intuition, like what is it I as intuition? It's like a vibe in like a it's just like a maybe because I'm showing up at church and kind of like searching a little bit my cell, the nine. I am very much about good people doing good things and I have just been kind of conscious of it, but then there's always like these. This rise of evil that, like comes up like what sudden white supremacists are these riots were these horrible things against people in different parts of the world, and it's it seems like it's as non RKO. Ing struggle. Look almost like
Why hasn't caught up yet the way you look at the world with a lot of people? Look at the world yeah! It's a lot of you look at the world like like if Tom Papa, you were in charge and if you had to push all the buttons that would sort of decide how people behaved if there was a possible thing, of course, of one for Sea Doos, eliminate all the violence right now all the horrors of the world yeah, and if I need and then also I'm sorry to cut you off. But you also see the all. Those horrors are done by these men and stuff know who, when you sit in a kind of analyze them and they've been the victims of a lot of things and there's like genetic victimization and social, and it's like, Where is that coming from? Why are these this kid? That could have been okay ends up in this life of crime in murdering somebody and where is that coming from? Is this just a genetic mutation or is there like a force of good and evil? I think we're still we're still dealing with the echoes of the past. That's what I really
firmly believe, and I think also the way. Maybe you and I are having this conversation the way a lot of people are having these conversations today, just like us, but basically the same sort of rational people sitting around. With no agenda going. Wise's exist. Why? Why does all the horrors of life? Why are? Why is all this injustice? Why is that there yeah? I think this is a bit we haven't been here that long. I just really think that's that's real. I think we need to observe orb that much better. Our time spent in modern civilization versus the time of life on earth is a joke. The time on life on earth in relationship to the time of the universe is a joke. The numbers are insane. We can't understand that we literally were monkeys just a couple weeks ago right but yeah the bit that I have my act about the United States being found.
In one thousand seven hundred and seventy six yeah. That's three people ago, relatively one hundred, that's three people go really is yeah, that's nothing! So three people go people were these creatures that had to make fire right here, stay warm They didn't have electricity, they didn't have engines yeah, they they made boats out of trees and they use the wind to drift across the ocean while staring at the stars with a fucking. A gigantic harp. Looking thing right was that thing: a sextant yeah the things that you have to look at the stars and figure out where the other ones are. She had trusted. These mutherfuckers had mapped out the universe. Well, so you could make it across the ocean and a lot of people died curvy along the way like Fachmann, that's he's not long ago to that, so God damned recent yeah. When I was listening, Dan Carlin's hardcore history, one of the best podcast ever so I don't know if you're, not so good, but he has this
thing on the Mongols called the wrath of the Khans and would freak me out is not just how crazy, that world was back then, and what unbelievable damage and destruction the Mongols created and how they just conquered empires just moved across the world killed millions and millions of people, but was really fuckedup was, I think, Google, this to make sure I'm not wrong. I think that was only like one thousand two hundred BC. I don't think that was that long ago, right, yeah, We recently that's really recent. I think his son, died in the twelve hundred to five. Remember correctly hundred ad, not b c a d l. What does a BC actually meant a day yeah? I I said I really did mean a d which makes it more race yeah a hundred years, I'm a little stone for for more reasons, but that one thousand two hundred Well, one thousand two hundred cc would still be still be pretty fuckin' recent, but one thousand two hundred ad.
What I meant to say grace so recent yeah, that's just not that long ago, and let's see we one hundred and eighteen years ago, right, yeah, ish other way other way. Seven, nine thousand two hundred and seventy two seven hundred and ninety two years ago a guy killed fifty million people during his lifetime with his actions right, they change the carbon footprint of the world, I mean they. They it's a city. I mean they and you're, saying it's. Alright, your right, so you're saying it's more surprising that we're doing this kind of stuff, and then we have electric, r as in medicine, and all this other kind of, like it's more surprising that we're doing that, then it is that people are running around killing him right, each other. What's Nazi, Germany, two thousand and nineteen 40s, it's crazy, that's maybe crazier than anything. You know if you Carlin has some great stuff on that too, in the history of World war, one and world WAR two, but if you're you're watching
a documentary on that and and you watch those people move around special that won the you showed me Jamie. That's been digitally remastered when you see it in color. Is that k is it can burns into that yeah? I think so. The digitally re, mastered some footage from World WAR one and you get to watch these people move around like in real time you realize like. Oh, these are just these are people there are just like you and me- and this is like one hundred years ago after years ago, were involved in this crazy. War and then a few was later involved. Another crazy war yeah. So why can't we figure it out? because he was present. I don't know, I think I think it used to be the only The people got by, I think, killing each other and I think from going from small groups of people which, like in these small groups of people, they would have interpersonal conflicts, they would have it's with members in the tribe, but they would sort it out and there would probably be some sort of rule that they would all try to live by, but then he would get invaded by people
didn't, have anything and looking for your stuff and they came over the top of the hill in it killed and they raped and they they stole women and I just did that for a long as time man they did that for a long. Asked time race was the history of the steps like that Dan Carlin maps out in this wrath of Khan thing makes you go cheese. Chris imagine being born, FED Ex a mansion, just imagine how quarries them and being a baby that scene Harold flying out of the people who would open to people of lighting people on fire and launching them on to Bruce with catapults over his. This is the footage for, World war, one so look how they digitally remastered it and Peter Jackson's. Teacher action movie, I believe, or a that's the craziest thing. When you look at history and you think that well, that was then it's like no they're. Just us just happened to be there really no different than you and me dude. We haven't been here this long. We have been here this long. This is the thing like people that looked like this, that uh
unlike like uniforms, and that are, you know, have like decent. Nice wheels to their wagons. Although that's real recent man, no, I know it's reaching his Phuc and there's been a bunch of different ways that people have done it you know, even if you go back like the Egyptians, isn't the act of Like okay, so we know like that. Guy with his house on fire, yeah know that is a just instinctual. We know and have known during even all of this history, we've known that that is evil, yeah but you know what I mean like it's insanely selfish, it's not like. We went from having to like eat each other and now we're trying to get our act together. You know what I mean. There is a we all so that that is such a evil. Evil thing it has, I think it exists. I think we have to fight it. Well, it's it is evil, but it's ego it's causing that right that guy didn't want to go to jail. It didn't want to shoot himself. He didn't want to kill him.
Often and didn't want to go to jail, so he does he's going to kill a bunch of people to make up a story. He had a plot in his plot was to save himself right now and that's when people get trapped in a situation where they are allowed to make decisions and they're allowed to you know if not allowed to, but if they choose to make decisions and those decisions are horrific and then they have to somehow another justify those decisions never look at their own behavior. They always judge other people. This is a pattern of people fall into yeah. There was looking for other people to always be wrong right and they never grow, and so, like a guy, like that, if you so so iconic that he could kill somebody, and then he has this decision to make. This decision is to kill the wife and the kids to like he's just like always got to be right in a sense. Iggy's always he's got it. He he's trying to cover his tracks is trying to live, always like this is a the cut type of person,
I could do something like that. This is a horrific pattern, thought it might have been triggered by the murder itself. So it's just a chemical flip in his brain that says now I can kill Thank you. He hasn't done. It is whole life and you just go. I have a subway and get a sandwich with all the stuff on it and just be this like. Why Monday night Football and then the next week is like something flips in his brain is like. No now I can kill I think it's all the people that I know and love, I think, in a fit of rage in a fit of rage. He does something horrific and then I think, he's one of those people that tries to justify actions, so it just totally tries to figure out a way where he can justify it, they're going to be in hell anyway, 'cause the guys dead. You know they'd prob, You know I mean they can match it. He could, you think,
AZ men. They come up with justification yeah, but we came from the city. Like we said before. This is an italian. Do grass is right, but he could have also. We don't know if it's medicated doing now that the it's a it's a big warning came we don't know what he was doing. You know I mean could have been on something which you know makes people do horrific things. Do you think, do you believe in karma. I think for sure that when you put energy out there. It affects things around you in terms of the way people interact with you and that in turn, effects of the way they will interact with other people as well, and I think, there's like there's, there's a certain amount. There's an energy you put out its you can call it but that makes it sound like you got a crystal in your pocket right, not really energies real. It's like Energi
is a real thing. There's a real right. If I was if I was a murderer and came and sat in here, there be a different vibe than what you're feeling from me yeah for sure. You know what I mean for sure, yeah a chronic masturbator? Well, it's also people that are off and then struggling with the fact that they've done something awful because I can enter. Do that yeah, like a being on edge energy, yeah, every crime and punishment, it still cfg I never read that all you should read it. You know it's so he killed someone and he's carrying it's the kill, radius description of the guilt. Just carry now that guy is going to limit in enerji, but you don't think there's karma just for like you do something bad and then so something bad will happen.
I think I genuinely believe in this is no crystals in my pocket. I genuinely believe that if you do something that you know to be awful, that that has of an equal effect coming back at you, like, whatever bad, that you've put out in terms of like doing something evil to a person than the way you feel personally like about yourself, you will take an, equal blow? I really believe that, and was that blow come from. I think, comes from your own introspective thinking I So you don't need to hear a sound worse. You and you might even feel worse than upper, like you say something rude to a person just because you're tired and You realize you said some rude. Not we talk Why did I do that I mean, and then they could be like Tom Papa's, Dick No, not really not. I just I'm so tired. You know and you to ask you some stupid, I'm sorry, but it's like it's hard to
turn that around yeah. You know, yeah might hate yourself more than they even get mad at you. So Karma is really you dealing with the it's not the universe. Saying now something bad is going to happen to you, you're kind of creating it with your own actions in your own stuff, I think it's real dangerous when we pretend that we have any sort of real understanding of the patterns of all the events that take place in the world. So when you to say like someone something capita someone because of karma. That's okay, problem saying. That is what about babies? What about babies with leukemia, where they bad babies, would what happened? Why did they get cancer? Why they die beyond right why they die in car. So they slide today that doesn't make any sense. I've never done anything bad there baby, but that's what you could say that you know batch. It happens to us all, but can you create?
a bad ship Vivek, your marriage possible could too, and it's a it's, also entirely possible that you're creating more bad but feeling bad about yourself, because you've done bad to create more of this negative energy that you carry around with you. I think that's entirely possible to, but I think that what we also have this weird need to define things. You know, and I think that we're we're look into this thing that we're calling karma and we're saying that this is like this is definite correlation between action reaction and between the good you put out there in the good that comes back button. My take is that I think there's definitely something going on, but I don't think I should define it yet because I don't think we really know. I think. As soon as we box set up in and say it's This thing- and this is the absolute reaction that the world has when you put good out there good comes back good, I all the time folks, good people die. I think we're
I think, there's I think there is an energy yeah and you know we know it from the work that we I think is, but when you stand on stage yeah, there's an energy in that room that transference between you and the people that are out there and you're playing with it. And it's a real thing: yeah, it's a very real thing: it's like hypnosis rat, yeah, yeah, it is and and then they can, they can reverse hip hypnotize you they can. This other energy, the other way, so that there is this energy of all of us out there and running around it's it's not that far to think, then there couldn't be good energy and there's bad energy, and there is- and is that, ultimately, good and evil, maybe it is all generated from human beings. Maybe if you educated everyone and they could all be kind and trying coming come at that way? We could actually feel that there was more good with that. Just more good, coming from people
I don't know well, if you want to get really spacey with this, should really really spacey it's the holidays. You go ok! Well, what? What exactly are people doing? That's what you do you, what are people doing? What are they like what what's our purpose to be living here. Look at us from an outside perspective, like pretend you're, not a person. Looking at all the people like what are they doing, yeah they're moving. The fastest spending most their time doing things they don't want to do and they're buying stuff bustling around so because the throne, all this money at stuff, the stuff keeps getting better. So every year the stuff keeps getting more complex and more capable and more high tech and more space age. This is bananas man. I got to watch what you call it like a Dick Tracy man, yeah right yeah, and that as people keep going on and on and on and on with this stuff. This is we need some sort of energy behind this innovation and of the energies conflict conflict in.
Resolution conflict and resolution conflict in victory, victory and defeat, and it defeat makes work harder and there's all these like interacting forces that are constantly moving together. I'm with you and this a lot of it is expressed. The success of this little game is expressed in material possessions. The success in this game is expressed in Hamptons, mansions and private jets and Bentleys and PAM, I'm winning this fucking crazy game of stuff, and there's a lot of value in winning the crazy Gamestop. So we let these people acquire all this stuff, and and all these diamonds and finding that out fireworks key yeah, but this is this- is forcing more stuff to be made better and more innovation which will eventually this is where it gets space just evolving waiting. For this part, this is going to be what people
some people are going to become some sort of symbiotic organism, but something that's tide into electronics and that's happening now happening slowly and we're making it with stuff and as we keep making stuff, it's eventually gonna get to a part. The the thing you like to do more than anything is having enhance your experience on earth right right, I want to be able to take pictures. Yes, yes, I want to be able to email people, yes, yes, yeah, but I also want to. I want to make my experience on earth better. Well, then, we're going to have to integrate with your circuitry Tom, Papa and then live forever. Maybe maybe that's what the organisms are trying, do you want to become this thing that get rid of the monkey that wants to start the wars? All the time right in large that merge that out of our goofy asked us to be evil but if only that would be a great science fiction movie, but this is the future and they probably already made it. But if only some people went on board with the new in light meant that you get from these like headsets on again with a dude from
star, trek Yeah reading bar Levar Burton yeah, if we all had those things on, there is only like ten of 'em what if no sleep on into most people bought into it and those things completely cure you of a Benny EVIL. I just moving along. I think that I don't know I mean there is maybe There is no purpose to us being here, but that's an air filter son. You got that ship from pep boys, Airphil Ter, that's a really the cool air filter, capital muscle car? Isn't it isn't it
come on there is that yeah sixty nine chevy yeah. You are bad, but there have the auto parts store and put in your Toyota, Corolla Dope, old ones. Man, a unease, grew the chrome, hubcaps yeah little out of anything up or down. I always like to good wing that yeah and people don't remember man's people today. Don't remember gas smells like oh man, you could fix your own car. You could open it up and with a screwdriver and a high school education fix your automobile. I was never smart enough or knowledgeable enough to fix my own car, but I could do little thing. I could do as my oil yeah it's a zero. I do a lot of things with yeah exactly since I with the brakes once I did the brakes did the brakes. That's a bold move with your wrong. I was poor. I didn't have money. I just bought him buying brake pads was a lot cheaper than Having some guy. Did you head it
jack? Had you yeah put it up on a jack? I want in a cinder block that held on to me and it was nice. It was a light little car little pads and put them in. I probably had to get it fixed after that, but but yeah you could fix stuff. There was like a time when you can actually, if you felt good about it, but but yeah if you had to choose between one of those fuckin' rickety ship boxes as like a rhinoceros on roller skates versus your Tesla, no, the world things can go fuck themselves, and I wouldn't put- I wouldn't put my kids in one of those yeah we're driving around in those deathtraps dude like no steering no airbags hydroplane at the drop of a hat. We had exactly spinning around. They were so engine heavy. Remember those cars like they had just big gas engines in the front. They didn't know how to make them. We just slide all over the place. It was so easy to slide your car back down. Who is totaly with your friends,
yeah pinning out in this car is a better day. They figured out how to balance them. That's like that's the big deal. Now, if you like, a Tesla or anything, you buy fucking camera, ok, that camera handles play better than a sixty nine Camero Fuckin', no better. I would like to see what the death way better on the roads now with like new cars, it's got to be it. Probably much better. I mean people are much safer than they've ever done it before, but there also driving much faster to yeah, but but you don't drive very fast for it to be fatal screw him not to make stuff, everything was drilling, glass just filled up, cancel, Maryland, Fuckin' sparks and fumes fumes were everywhere he would driving be getting high from the fumes right. I remember when I was working for a fireplace company in the summer in new jersey- and I was in a truck or in this truck in traffic on the New Jersey, Turnpike right by Newark Airport and just the fume
from the city from a car. It was just orange in the humidity of New Jersey. I was like if I get cancer, this is going to be the day that it hit me and it makes people crazy. It's like it's like throwing alcohol and fire breathing that dust dust all day. So disgusting pull up a video of the egg sound of the exhaust of a nineteen sixty nine Camaro. Is something there's something so is this song? The smell of gas is a good smell. It's not just that man is that sound yeah is a sound or how about this one, even better one thousand nine hundred and sixty one thousand nine hundred and seventy Chevelle SS
ask yourself rest of the world. That's it! That's America, Motherfucker is doesn't evil about that sound yeah that is America Drive one of those mutherfuckers around is very cool. I mean american muscle cars as preposterous as they are. They represent in a lot of ways. What's great about America, yeah the excess, Dick Ulous, exactly not giving a shit just so outrageous goal. It's not that I'm giant that'll explosion contained in the front of the hood. That's all but I asked
explosion box. Look at this, that's the sixty nine! Is it no yeah? It's a sixty, nine think there. It is yeah sixty nine look at that. That is insanely beautiful good morning, but you know what this guy this guy. This is gloriousness. You see Heaven on earth right here, one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine Chevelle. Look how pretty that Is man if this is across the street from me and I'm looking out with my coffee out of my window and he comes pulling out without his Saturday morning, you know what I'm saying, but this guys an asshole. Do you hear? barbie with his new car, to say that you say that. But I guarantee you if you were next door and you just walked over and looked at it, it would catch you in its bell, what does the sperm across the streets just racket, Jesus Christ? Why
trying to be so loud yeah. But if you right next to it, you like wow, one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine and you'll start walking around is pretty bad. It's beautiful, yeah! It's not! You can't make a car today 'cause, it's not even remotely aerodynamic. It's not Ironton Hammocks, no, not fuel efficient. It's not safe! There's a beautiful man, they nailed it. They hit this sweet spot in art, an engineering that is the one part of the american experience recklessness yeah. That's what drives everything that there is that element of balls to the wall. Let's see what happens, let's discover and you could get good things out of it right, but imagine this. Imagine something. That's far inferior to the modern alternative, but make you feel in a way the modern alternative isn't capable of feeling we see in nineteen sixty nine, like done up Mustang GT. What was like the big one that year
Gtr Quan was at a mach one. What the fuck was, the nineteen seventy was it a boss, that's what it was. Sixty nine was like a boss and then Other than that they made those Eleanor cars for like gone in sixty seconds. I think those are one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven is really not that body style like if you look at one of those next to a two thousand, Eighteen Mustang, two thousand and eighteen mustangs, look fucking great. They look great. That's it right there, it's a mock one yeah! That's it rice dude, there's a company that Making these now too they're called classic recreations and they're making these like brand new versions of that car. They take. They take one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine mustangs and they rebuild them, but they give him like real break, so they stopped modern suspension. They make it so you could drive it around yeah see, that's that's what I'm interested in that makes sense to Maine, and that makes a lot of
Also a blue bandanna, just pretty Mustang badass tires, but when you look at that How beautiful is that it doesn't look like anything that you can buy. That's modern, like there's nothing remotely close, no, that's like vinyl, they just right there. They just nailed it whatever. What they did they nail all those years later, like goddammit, they nailed it right, but they mailed it. For is a you know. A certain long had from New Jersey that doesn't do that, for you yeah it does but I I don't know I don't know, but I, but I'm you don't know young I would like that. I don't know they're like to start arresting them. If they don't like that, if young boys don't look down Mustang and say good God kredible, if they don't do that, then they should probably go to jail somewhere. That is pretty hot. That's incredibly good! Looking
but it is, but it's also stupid wow. So, sir, it's just metal right in your chest, cavity! No, no air bag we need to do more push glass. Just in your face. It's probably a little bit of that no junk in a car accident drive carefully and it's a wonderful thing to behold. Yeah I just. My buddy had his baffled when we were in high school, but if you saw some like that, but it had air bags would be cool with it done yet. Now I'm cool with that anyway, I'm just busting balls, but I think that so. Look at that. Little orange thing in the middle of that looks closer to what I had a seventy six Toyota Corolla call that up call up in nine, teen seventy six Toyota Corolla with with the racing stripes along the side, look at that bad boy. Look at that Orange one in the second row. That was, it at one thousand nine hundred and eighty four Honda Accord pull it shut up Jamie. Eighty four Honda accord with stuttering spark plugs.
Seventy nine. You need the seventy six. Those are cool little cars, though that's okay, I can fix that car at though that's what I was doing. The brakes on yeah looks like one of those someone who is white. Nice little should be cardigan Legend, who just this tool. I know what a man here's the thing: that's a nice car, those cars drive for ever yeah. Exactly there are the it's amazing how reliable hondas are Yes, so in this scenario, arrival Toyotas, my god, this go forever having a crummy car yeah is a good thing, but so you think look back to your your point of view of the. What are these people doing here so they're building I like, where you're going to make building of making stuff for what? What because things electronically based and is all instinct is or is it being steered by? Something
Finding our way in the dark- and this is what's coming out or is there some plan? Well, that's the heavy question It's really hard to know. If there was a plan yeah I get, I get why some would be suspicious that there would be, but if you just see the cold natured right with the starting off of the tribal behavior in the invasions of the others in the wars that have taken place, sort of non, stop right. Yeah you get this hyper, compare the dev team oriented things broken into countries. Well, I think that with that in this, like constant competition and this constant and then inside your country is constant. Competition economically and everybody striving to achieve and do better and get crazy. In bigger and This is all leading to its just continuing to buy stuff like everybody that is involved in this is buying the newest Iphone.
Owns the newest macbook, the newest. This news that right Xbox into how many ex boxes of the data now fail to say four four yeah yeah the keep going because going to gonna go Xbox five, they gonna. Do you gonna, keep going? That's what everybody does they want better? You want v r one v. I will not hyper realistic v R. I want the with no gear. I want to be able to give me a pill and that pill, releases, a bunch, a nano bots that go through my circulatory system and find my my brain and you set up with some artificial memory. That's what I, and I should about later, like Buckshot sounds like link. Yeah got kidney stones, you shared it out, like Buckshot like little babies coming out your poop. This is I beings always try to find safety right, that's what they want more than anything, they would wanna get killed, they want, they want to be safe and exist, eat whatever, but they just want to be. They want that safety, so maybe Our safety is going to come when we're out of the woods
out of the wild were out of the 20th century and we're just these in so things that never have to go out and about and live forever and just be could be? Maybe that's what all this push of technology is aiming towards. Yeah could be right? You could protect ourselves in these little cocoons and and be yeah. I mean if the ultimate threats, always violence and war mine- does that's the ultimate threat to the organism organism to convince commit by
islands in war against each other, it, which is why we make doors and gates- and you know stuff to keep those things- obey yeah yeah, but it's with the most fascinating things that people are dressed like what would what would cause a person to snap there's? No real, concrete, no concrete answer! What do you think is the difference between and I'm asking this honestly killing when you're hunting and killing a human being, thank you will be a giant difference in terms of the way you felt yeah. How could you articulate it, though? I don't know, I've never killed a human being, but I would. I would imagine that it would be uhm. I mean it would have to be some horrific
situation where you're you're battling for your life. You know which people do the dead. It does happen right. You know we were all aware of it, the worst possible scenario. We would all like to think that everybody that we meet that's of sound mind should be our brothers and sisters. I mean we should all get along right, whether you agree or disagree about certain issues or certain social issues like we should be able to talk as a community but like always hold at the top that we're all in this together and if I think, that's possible, I think that's possible and I think we could still could still satisfy this up desire that we have to constantly compete. We can temper that with, I would, I think, is the most important thing is finding something that you're passionate at, because I think you and I are really really lucky- that we found stand up and threw stand out. We found this thing that we're passionate at and, and we have a good time we have fun. Some people don't have the
so like if I, if you were offered a job as a stockbroker, and this is a guaranteed job- have a guaranteed contract for the next twenty years are going to make five times as much as you make doing stand up. You can't do stand up anymore. You would never take that he's like? Why would he do that? So, even though you're a guy who does well you're, not a business person, you're a guy following your passion, and it's allowed you to live a nice life, but that doesn't it's not same as a lot of people. What a lot of people are. Is just chasing the money, so the the passion doesn't this and they can manufacture that passion when it comes to like some desire to see their team kick that's because their companies number one having be the work yeah it could be, could be really that they aren't
is succeeding in the business world and that's their pack yeah. They lose a lot of people that, like that right, but it's not the same as a guy like David Chou who's like a professional artist, who's making he's. He just follows his passion right he does. What he wants is a different kind of achievement is a feeling that he has the way he interfaces with what he does for a living, that's different than what a lot of people do. So I would imagine that artist would prob less inclined to go crazy and spend all their money on stuff and buy things that make them look better or make them feel better about the fact it works because they're not trying to fill a hole that right right, but if you're just you have a job for a company that you don't really give a fuck about you. Don't really give a fuck about styrofoam coolers, you know you really don't give a fuck about fuqing those rubber bands that people buy when they have causes. Don't give a fuck about this company right you're, just a fucking guy. Who does your business here there? Ok! Well, we can give him t for one thousand, seven hundred and ninety six. If we can work this through, but we're talking about one thousand
I just want to be there like. I want to be fish in like I want to be doing something else. Yeah you don't you they are insanely fortunate that you don't have that in your life, but I think I don't think those people look. A lot of people have jobs that they're not in too, but the Reason we're lucky is that our job is our passion. A lot of people have the job that there may maybe not into, but they love this other stuff that they do they love being with their family and keep teaching soccer, or they love, skiing or whatever, like their passion, is something else yeah it like we're lucky our passion. Is our work like to combine those things? That is a very, very unique thing: it's the most insanely lucky thing and it ever yeah. I know me too, but I think that for people that are like hyper competitive, that don't fine and then they really love
then it really for many of them becomes about pursuing the best stuff yeah and do you. This is what fuels. So many people for like the the status symbols I give you have an Iphone eight with the. If a kid sees you with an Iphone eight and they got an Iphone ten and we're you can basically do the exact same thing. Yeah I phone eight has a killer, Champ Iphone! Eight, you know with like the batteries pretty similar to the does are tiny yeah, but for status, seeking people right very important to have the latest stuff like you can't be walk around like tell the other day with the Iphone to herself laughing yeah really, but he got out as well as a low areas. You know, there's there's nothing about a tell is searching for status now he's like. I was saying that he's like a month, yeah well He is yeah yeah you're right he's smart,
so very smart, brilliant guy. He knows he knows what's healthy form and what's not except other than the cigarettes yeah. It seems like money to help with all his other stuff. Like he stopped drinking and didn't know he cleaned himself up really well and the cigarettes. Only if I see as cigarettes and coffee Hussein, that's advice. He's a poet amongst us like he's somebody that yeah that special, it really is and he's a really good guy yeah, no he's so kind he's so kind just being around in in his orbit. I love her years having here in New York. I love. I love the two of them together, yeah. I know that's really crossing them. It's so funny. I We would have seen that coming when I was when we were all young in New York. I know right never would have thought that those two yeah, I'm doing it. I don't know, what's not for any real, so that we don't see them intersecting. I never would have saw any of us doing something like that. Yeah you doing live shows.
Weather in Raleigh. So that's a great idea. It is a great idea. It's like some of those shows. You see those pictures for the comedy cellar like wanted in the morning, like Dave, spells on stage of Chris Rock and yeah can around. I know there's always like three guys. That's the that's crazy. I know I never. I never understand that either, but being around, to tell like watching him all through the years like he would always surprised like when someone's father died or something have a tell, was always right and center like helping out giving people money like this is a high in this. Don't Jeremy Kind guy yeah, and another force of good yeah, a real force of good and a guy who, like Comic, should really appreciate like if you're a fan of the art form with David tells really someone to appreciate because yeah always creative, it's a It's like it's never do. She is always funny schanks for the memories ice. One of my all time, favorite tv show, is hilarious. That is
It is a whole Larry is C d man. I think he did that in Denver, yeah yeah. I think he did that the How many yeah Wendy's put a very cool yeah, is it. Those are yeah that fucking in Denver, cds, brilliant yeah, he's amazing, he's so good yeah. I mean to answer what you're saying yeah your face. Here. It's photo you're. So silly. I think that was when he was doing insomnia too right yeah. That was the party in days. Yeah he's such a smart guy, like he just decided. One point hey: this is fucking me up no more drinking to no more drinking, no more show I'm not going to do this. It's attracting negativity to my shows and setting me up as a guy. It's going to drink himself into oblivion.
Smart, he pulled the pull the cord yeah, those you you're, the party guy, your life, the party, it's hard to burn the zipper down, yeah what's his game or talk to RON White, he's he's doing it with then run white white cloud bacon. I'll. Tell you exactly RON White's doing he's riding that fucking boat right into the rock. Is he doesn't give a foot writing so he's doing it with the tequila company? Cheers he's got his own tequila company Happy holidays, cheers my friend I set up my train under my tree, new. What does it numeral one that is tequila company? I just said I set my train up under my tree. And you still smoke weed on tequila did you have photos or videos of this train on your tree? I think I did put a on the instagram, probably wouldn't be real. Wasn't that hard. I love it that up in your life, my kids are getting older, there's been and thirteen, and they were
school and I'm setting up the village under the tree and the train tracks and all the people like shopping around the village, and I was like doing it on my own because they don't have time to really do it, and I was like this is how people become the now in the neighborhood, is like bring your children around to look at my train set because your family leaves and you're like. Are there any cheap wondering around. Looking my train set, I could tell I see myself doing that at some point, totaly? Well, there's those do that they go wall close encounters third kind: make that giant one in the middle of the living room. Remember home alone, funny reference the plywood on the horse like the extra yeah. He went crazy and built out in the middle of his house, yet his wife divorced him yeah. You make it rain around that. It's not that far from that
It's true. I can't remember his name, Richard Dreyfuss, to course Jesus Christ, Richard Dreyfuss, a great movie, well, that guy he's been great and so many things he was like, always the unassuming guy Jaws yam and when him is the scientist he yeah he was Spielberg's, alter ego really yeah, be so good, yeah so good in everything looks so young. There was man man, oh man, what a fucking movie. This was cuz. I wanted to believe so bad yeah. I so wanted to believe they got me. Did you talk about Battleborg? Did you talk about that alien craft that came into her? What happened? We tend to our galaxy. It did then, with the hawaiian name. Also it's over. You didn't hear about that. One, the one that looks like a joint yeah looks or a big piece of poo and yeah. That's just a big dude after copter a just a weird rock, I think. Now they said that some, like legit people, said that it change. Speed and went, and
directions. People, people, scientists them guys, said it was a. It could be something moon could be. What is near, the grassy say amount is not talking right now, yeah, I'm a little bit of a cough up all kerfuffle. What this gym. Harvard scientists say aliens, may explain bizarre interstellar object, yeah. I saw that and then I saw someone refuting Hollywood scientists Harvard nobody wants to believe more than me. Bro come on Joe, it's real well. If I was going to mask my spaceship to fly through the galaxy, I would definitely make it look like a big rock yeah like a big asteroid right. Why wouldn't you driving through space? Maybe if there were like look? If we just make this thing drive by them and don't change, speeds they'll have no idea just think their website that we missed them again. Yeah good call, good
Someone just hits the gas I'm tired. I want to fuckign taking too long. Which just side, but you got the fucking the cops are behind this Dave. Shipped Goddamnit Dave you're, not supposed to just take off, told you sixty five, you fuc, let's start throwing this weed out window. Why would it be so hard to believe a space rock traveling through space? That would be the move right I mean if they are so advanced, they can travel through galaxies. They can make the ship look like anything they wanted to yeah. I would need all it up. Radiation sure. The only thing that I work for would be well there's no air and space right. So it wouldn't be Aerodyne. Mix. Would it be momentum now go down a little bit think it answers your question. If radiation pressure is the accelerating forest. Then, oh, my mow Mama represents a new class of
interstellar material. It has a different thing: that's using for energy. What, as to what may have produced previously unseen material. It could have naturally from the debris of the planet, forming disc in a distant solar system going through yet and uh own process, a whole nother way to makes we went from Toyota Corollas. To this thing imagine says we find the only thing, though, thank God, it's done, The the like a rock right, rock hat is not smooth, but it doesn't necessarily need is where I'm stupid. This is one of one of many places where I'm stupid it doesn't necessarily need to be aerodynamic right, 'cause, it's not going through air the vacuum of space right, exactly I'm not wrong there you it could actually look like a rock, The issue would be getting in the space right. The aerodynamics, it is to mean that you shooting it from a planet with an atmosphere and crash, should not be talking about this way too stupid and now, let's keep about if you shot
if you think about launching from earth into space right yeah. What if you had it encased in like outer area sort of like the space shuttle is, but then once you get to place you could jettison the outside of it just like they. They get rid of those IRAN, it's all right, these phone, the first integrated land on people, whether fish and what happened right, yeah, getting killed by a booster rocket flashed face and hit you in the face. I didn't have a great, then they could do that. The release the shell and then they would just have the rock and the rock would move through space it didn't matter, what shape it was because it's in the vacuum of space or just get it up into orbit orbit like a the space station, go and build it in peace. Now and then long SH two remember when that Commander Chris Hadfield gentleman was on the podcast and he was talking out some kind of magnet that they have that collects subatomic particles
there in the galaxy and that we only know five percent of The universe is made from of God about things like dark matter. Anyways five percent is the this space space religion not coming back from six months in space or whatever the fuck. He was there for and telling us really wow talked about that, like you can hang with those guys for a little while and then like I don't understand, what's happening now. Well, it's also the mean it's amazing. What we do No amazing that they can send a guard space and have him fly around the ISS or yeah. I mean we'll talk about what saying about. Why are we here we doing down like we haven't developed yet something that could begin go the the speed of light. We have it right now, but if we do then the whole universe is okay to us. Maybe that's what it is. Maybe the struggle of developing all list stuff his to get to a scientific level where we can really go. I don't think they think the speed of light is even good enough,
really yeah. I think damn that was my goal. I think that, like if you wanted to have options available to what planet you're going to colonize you're going to have to what, if you land on the planet, what do you land on a planet? An it's like, hey, it's! Seventy four degrees out, guys guys it's all. It's a genin nitrogen! Just like earth come on out. Come on out here, but it's only been like that for ten years, and then it's a cycle is really fuckedup. Like thirty years from now it's going to be an ice age and then all the people, move there and they're going to freeze to death is going to be no food at all and plan. It doesn't give a fuck like that. That is all our sites. Let us to that. I don't even know if we can predict here's my question: can they accurately predict the atmosphere in the conditions and like what the temperature would be if a planet is from a son like do they have a calculation where they say. Oh, this son is this amount of big and this plan
this is far away, so it's definitely going to stay within a certain temperature range of the entire time that the planet do. They know that, like within, like a death range, I don't think it's only like forty degrees. They must death range. Is forty degrees, bro yeah you get to one that's a rather you're done yeah. So, like one hundred mb one hundred and forty everyone you live in a sauna you're going to run out of water. I just don't think we're going to make it work, not working and we're definitely not figuring it out. 'cause we're saying this amount of big we're, not even helping were confusing think about that, just as a concept like Maybe that is it. Maybe it's Maybelline baby. All this like we keep thinking- and you know you talk a lot about all the robots in the things that are moving us forward, but why? But why? But why- and I had the cocoon theory before, but maybe that's not it. Maybe it's so we can really go yeah. I've had the cocoon.
For quite a while we're. I think that we are like some sort of an electronic caterpillar- is building some cocoon and then a butterfly is going to merge because when right was a collect live. Like will all be part of this, I don't know, I mean just the innovation in the computers in the ai, in our integration with them that eventually it's just going to get smart even crazier, weirder yeah. I mean it's only matter of time before they make something that resembles a person. It sounds to a insular. No, it sounds too insular that it would just be us to stay here on earth. Well, the universe is so vast right that there may be. I think it's more likely that we're going to go out of this. That's
a very good idea. This is the sort of sense it's kind of a sewer, but is it though, it's amazing? Well, it's beautiful! This parts come on man. We have a lovely life. You ever been to Utah to ski every kid to look at the stars. Look at the the Son Universal's, the beautiful clowns in that kind of day, like today, lovely to go outside this cloud, floating around just gives you just the right amount of sun little bit of contrast is the best lovely like. Why would How could you say this is sewer because it so many parts discuss them, there's so many parts because there's no, because not not not so many parts, because we still have this evil this other stuff, that's log at each other and knocking each other, and it still filled with right now trying murder not right here, right right, not right here, it's only it's in certain spots so. This is the other thing that we tend to do, because we have seven billion people on the planet and cameras on all of 'em
yeah and everybody's, going to Cameron, exchanging exchanging stories stories like you're you're, catching stories from imaginable, number few moments yeah right, and so even if we're looking at just our country to so many people, just to let so many people's twenty million people say what's really amazing. It's really amazing Tom is not just how far human beings have come over the last, you know a hundred two hundred three hundred years, but what's really amazing, as if you just look at the actual numbers of times of people interact with each other and how few of our violent yeah, especially in a place like America in two thousand, Eighteen, I think about that on the freeway. Also many people, this just right and they're all pretty much, acting in an orderly fashion. To preserve themselves and others yeah yeah. Every now and then you have someone, that's just crazy. Just violates all the rules
just weaving in our traffic driving one hundred and fifty miles an hour in a residential community, or maybe it's just a mutation. Maybe that's mutation, you know, I think it is. I think is in the same way, those things exists in like a biological system. Right you can get these little disease is a little bugs it's little things that are off you know, and then you have an immune system that battles the bugs yeah like when you see stuff about chimpanzees or and there's like everyone's getting along trying to do their thing, their struggles, but then there's a real mutation like there's someone that there's one that kills the rest of them and won't be part of the thing. You know: that's what we have. We have these kind of like renegade mutations run by evil yeah we should all go back to. But what's interesting is that it's in large groups right and all of us together, like the a we interact with each other generally nonviolent violent. However, these large groups, will decide by whatever you know,
mothers in charge to attack other large groups, and this is where the big death comes from right. This is where the real toll comes from. In war right so, but if you looked at the actual communities of people, from one side or the other, like the groups to themselves together, are they really in conflict with those other people, probably not nearly as much now, people that are in charge would want them to be which right yeah, which is a very small, that it's almost like the mutation is in charge right because you write you take two groups that are war, you put them together. They just hanging out drinking beer together, we're all the same age that probably have a great time together their leaders, the leaders are, the mutation, that's when things get scary, whether the Hitler or you know what who would have North Korea do. Whatever is run one into the eating places they're talking people into invading places. Yeah wound, that's some slippery justification. Yeah, you know that's
where the world gets very strange, and I think it's interesting that those people in those groups you know all come from all over the world are all over the country, at least all these different place in their brought together right, but look how we've progressed. There's fewer of those kind of conflicts now than ever before, right, but you and I and I think, a lot of other people would like it to be zero amount right yeah. But I don't. I don't know if that's ever going to happen. Man, that's a weird thing to say, because you would like everybody to be in a good place in this world, but you I almost wonder if, like many things, this is like this push of good things happening in bad things, positive and negative, and that is a battle between the two of them is what creates all this momentum and all this movement? That's the good and evil and we're back to the good and evil. So maybe we should go back to church, look at the race and did some weird stuff, namely if it's good people in there more than evil people. Well, the problem is with that church in particular
They're still shielding the people that have done terrible things, yeah yeah, there's just no denying that. There's. If you look at the facts, if you look at everything, that's come out it there's! No denying that it's super unfortunate 'cause. I think the vast majority of the people that are involved in the religion that aren't the people that are the files right, I think they're, very good people that probably think about it. The same way, maybe your daughter would like to think about that yeah place where people can get together and they exchanged a few. Action and camaraderie in this acceptance, something higher than them the tolls and to a certain standard and wants to be good people and that's good for everybody good friend buddy. But if it wasn't for all that kid and all that kid just ruined all that it just yeah it greedily it really is such a sad, sad thing. Google disk, because I've said this many times and I've never bothered looking it up that there. The reason why we can get another bottle down if you want to get sucked up. Ok, so the holidays
Some she had a lot of sentiment. What we just talked about good and evil in the for the priests and the wider ruminating on you said: go get that video with them enough to have a look before reason. Why that's it? Thank you I thought it was gone forever. I voted the reason why they forced priest to be celibate, because what I had heard, oh um, was it so, and this is not know scholarly work of my own. I don't remember even reading the article, I think somebody told it to me that priests, bang into many checks. Bravo, you might as In that way they made a mess out of it, which I think I don't think that was it. What do you think it is? I think it was property. I think that when priests, priests, own property and if they were married and he died, she would keep the property
If there was no woman involved and he on the property and wouldn't be with a woman, and he swore that he was just with Jesus when he died. The property went to the church, yeah yeah. That's, you know which is not much of I mean that's crazy. It's wow that whole other part of Catholicism is the other the bumps me all the time when you go to the Vatican, it's like wow. This is beautiful, but what where they get all this art where they get all these bills, I mean king of I'm really is a dollars with the all stolen from a time where people are starving in the streets. This is powerful religion is. This is how powerful this pull is to search for good be a part of is that thing is in light Of those things that you see the wealth,
going into like a pirate ship and sitting off the ship that they got and then knowing what they do with with these children that both those things are. You should just say this, I'm not being I'm not gonna, be a part of this at all yeah, but the the the the other part of it is so strong that you actually will kind of say? Well, yeah yeah yeah, but I'm still going to go to mass on Sunday I think you know it is you think that, even if a priest is bad, that the religion is still good right, that that the the idea is it. This is like a bad. Guy, who lost his way that yeah the service is human beings that are flawed, yeah, a lot of them drunk to men It's not really worth it.
My grandma's, oh no, my grandma's eulogy, you know her name is Josephine, be kept Connor Geraldine. They had to correct him. It's Josephine like he was. He was saying all these great things about. He knows you have sent or all right now and he had those gin blossoms Jamie brought into the bottle wine. I'm MIKE Savage Savage Jamie Jamie, but the I think you know you take a guy and you put him in that position where you can't have a companion like you're not allowed to have a love. Yeah can have a wife for a has been or whatever you can't have. That you're, not allowable thing to do is all writing major. There's a kid that I went to high school with. That became a priest yeah. We all news k yeah all new like it was. It was like a thing you know, like others, why is going to be a priest? We get it right. Well, that's what a lot of people say. It's like that, the church, the other side of is that the church doesn't create.
The files that, like the institution, attracts them because they know they'll be safe there well, it's possible, but it's also possible that so many of them that are active in the church- and I don't know what this guy story was. I barely knew him, but that he could have been molested. I mean this not it's a small number of kids that were molested so very large, no large yeah, and you would never I mean who the understands what that would be like to be a young boy to have that happen to you and then get groomed and indoctrinated into being a part of this. I think it does that other young boys in the future. Your whole reality, which has to be with some of them, are and they're all doing this under the blanket of this thing called the church, then, when the church finds out about it, the church moves people to all these different various places and they they get these new victims yeah, and this album over and over and over again. You know this is one of the things they were saying about Benedict about the one who writes for the for for calling this yeah yeah yeah he'd actively done that.
Now he was always people yeah, it's part of that, so bad! So bad! and it's such a shame, game. Shame, Mary Catholic priest there, one hundred and twenty in the? U already here's. How was this a new thing? The other article I found said there's about two hundred wow. As of one thousand nine hundred and eighty there was a rule, change or adoption of a rule, change that allowed is. Why is it say this is say Eastern only! Is that what it's saying something in the story out of the video that was corny, but this kind of positive twice, a eastern Catholic Like EAST Coast EAST Coast like ghost, not Mexicans, are not by their website. Together own catholic homes, bulshit Brooklyn married in their house huh one hundred and twenty catholic priests married in the United States. Wow there great to policy change by Pope John Paul
again in one thousand, nine hundred and eighty which offered a path for married episcopal priest or continue their ministry after converting to Catholicism, oh, so you have to be a priest already. If you're episcopalian and then you're allowed to have a wife and kids if you're a piscop aliens right yeah for sure about them, convert so Look at look at that right there, like CAT Catholicism. Is the only one that doesn't now than have sex right. Yeah is the only one with it's little kid right. I mean come out for exactly cut the shit we were at, we actually have mass and he was talking about. There was one thing from the gospel that was talking about being married being with a woman, and then he finishes her answer
happy holidays, happy. He finishes the he finishes the sermon and then the reading. Then he goes into a sermon all about being with a woman, and this is a man that doesn't come close to that. This is a man that has no experience. It would be so much better for the church if he was a married man with children and then he could really talk about being in a family like who are you? You know nothing about what we're dealing with on a daily basis, I never went to the catholic church when I was an adult, but I would it would be curious to be there to be like a husband and wife sitting there. This church listen to do this yeah dude, who who is supposed to be celibate drone on about how you should live your life and what kind of relationship you should have a bitch. Your dress, like a fucking Jean
We have a license to giants Garfagnana you just like the wizard son. This is preposterous. What do you do with that thing on your shoulders for one like that play on silk you wanna, wear on this is really weird. We let people dressed like that, like if you didn't, if he just stood up there and had to be held accountable to get that if the volume of his words were all he had like, if who made all priests, and I mean all priests across all religions if they all had to stand on a flat, Regul stage with not behind them and they dress like a like a regular person like you're dressing right now, no pointy hat, no pointy hat no, no giant in same art. Work behind it around it too confusing yeah, not on a pedestal. All that stuff people up you so there and you see the like you've been around right. Yeah
Basilica DC that yeah you when you go in there, I mean you almost can't believe that your eyes are working correctly right. Exactly you almost like this can be something that someone actually made yeah, this is insane with no machines right, just their hands and thousands of people like that that, if you're in that thing, you're going to be so humbled and so they're, going to get away with a lot more shit. If you were in some weird conference room
You walked into the conference room at the holiday Inn tight little little bulshit ask cups of coffee. You know how you get a coffee machine and they have little tiny bulshit ask upstairs doing like white styrofoam cups a handle on it. The paper handle the folds out and your dress and Joseph a bank one of the handle it not that bad, because they have to be a certain size to have a handle. It's the ones that are little white ones, little white, styrofoam ones. Those are bulshit yeah, but they were put in the plastic, the little triangle and nobody's going to buy your fucking connection to deer. The deer in that place. Right you have to you, have to sell it. You know they're not just going to buy it, like to dress like a wizard, and you stand in front golden podium with a giant huge skull of Jesus nailed to a gas behind you and this certain music playing. You know me too, that's a price! That's up! That's! That's your act, yeah, good actor! That's an act! That's going to look at that
yeah. Well, man! They should make that shyt illegal. The same way they made advertising booze illegal, but you know what yeah pretty. That is, though, it's gorgeous so pretty when If that, if that was like a Christmas mass or some bunch of belly dancers up there and do, This playing bongo drums of people passed around joints place just a big old cannabis. Infused love. Would that be better this bulshit. These are all just grown adults. We can get all those grown. Adults just pass now: we'd singing songs together. Well, what was it in New York was the lime that was hers, church that turned into a club. The all the people in the church, so yeah singing together with that come on man, that's what I was able to, but you know what those people that are in those views that look like a thousand people right, that's a big crowd when those people that are sitting there, they are kind of hi the check
gonna watch right now go when does she giants are going to see nine an hour in a far enough of this guy drone and he's tried Gladys sees drop where they go. Asking this for money again, those gin blossoms all over the face. He looks like wc fields, guys just get drunk shhh shhh. I put you in the basket now they're coming out twice with the basket screw. This guy contest can hear you Scott picked Thomas can hear you. Tim is kind of going for his doctor's appointment tonight. What, if God's, can hear you, but is the van, are you of them having a place to go on that Sunday, even though they hated import. The lime light is a gym now yeah the limelight was a yeah I am a selfish bone of the line to hold on to the limelight. Does the dance club? Yes, is now a fitness yeah? It was a charge. I can't tell if it was a I could it was a church. It was a rock club so. It doesn't last started selling shipping. They should sell. That, should imagine that your house, Tom Papa, it's that would inspire you to get your part.
Roland live in a church and said, is the gym now. Did I work on that church all day, yeah, I don't know I spot. Even if I had a German how sick, I would definitely go to that gym Just for those who feel the juice a guide to help people people the time she's always good, like I like working out like at my studio, but I like going to places too, because when you know you As we go to a place like there's a certain amount of juice, yeah now you're in a new spot, but true people- and you say you don't know yeah you're out you're out, and it's also as a cam I think social interaction is one of the least respected ingredients to our weird sort of stu. Yes, things have come together to make a bit. You got to fill the well with that. With those experience yeah you gotta talk to be yeah yeah. I like reading or just being
in the world. That's important yeah it just all like all those things like reading is one thing you need to do, but I think, like interacting with people just got damn gigantic so important. I do this, I'm the do a monologue each week on out in America on live from here, which is the new Prairie home companion, and I are you allowed to say that yeah yeah, it's the it's the new prairie home. Did anybody else? Call you that, did you decide self that what the New Prairie home companion it is that it was prairie home, so you're actually doing this thing. When I first got hired, it was and then they change when Garrison Keillor, gotten trouble. Gonna now called live from here I was confused, yeah, yeah, yeah and, and I do a monologue each we called out in America hi. My name is doing this about a year. Don't tell me and it's NPR has figured you would now for you all things considered,
don't you Terry gross? I follow the shittu. Do I didn't know? How do you follow the should? I do I'm like that's weird, but my Point is. I do this monologue called out in America, and it's me it's me. It's me glasses, shining, a light on all the good people in America right. I do it every week on NPR, where that suit, like you own it, but the Can? I bring it up, is not to plug it. But to say it made me when I'm out on the road talk to people, I would get in the car and throw my my headphones on. I wouldn't talk to people on flight I didn't talk to that person and driving stay in my room. Do my shift as a comic? Let's go, you kind of your isolated and because I have to write this monologue each week. I need inspiration,
I really want to shine a light on the good people out in the country. I started talking to everyone. I don't take my headphones out. I talk to the driver. I talked to the people next to me. If they want to talk- and it is talk about filling the well for your comedic you know now toolbox, it's the greatest thing in the world. There's billions of people. They all are unique. They all have a story to tell it's foolish with as a comedian, not to talk to this be harsh her in all, have a story tell some of them. They might have a story to tell, but you don't want to hear well, as a story summer during an in store, not all of them and has the story. I got an idea what you're doing a lot of stories they going to be coming your way. They do, though I mean honestly even like the biggest slug you'll, find you talk to them about their family, about their childhood, about where they're growing grew up with there's there is a story there. Here's a way to look at it. You take the biggest fucking, lose
that ever existed on planet earth? If you discover on mars- is the biggest story in human history. Yeah holy cow, true barn find Barney, some guy wearing a donkey mass jerking off with a bathrobe on on Mars. It would be like the most important thing. That's ever happened, yet it's on the CNN remarks. Counted like this can't be real believe it here come here and get closer I'll show you I'm really happy seeing it old man with a donkey mask on beating off if you found an old man with a donkey mask beating off in Venice I'm still impressed, I'm still impressed ideally be shocked like if I said Tom Papa. I want you ever had your life savings. Do you say yes or no. There is currently a man with a donkey mask on wearing a bathrobe jerking off in Venice yeah. I might want to lean. Yes, I mean you might if they're bringing it
so I'd be super suspicious, but that's your question, my favorite, not an underdog on that My question. My question is: do you think that it ever happened? Yes right everything. You comma one hundred percent, confident that someone has jerked off with a donkey ask on one hundred we're like a hotel, bathrobe, actually in Venice, it's all about masks in Venice. One hundred percent, confident that it's a historically yes, everything you can think of as his speech, not Venice, ITALY That is right, right, right, right, no Venice, Venice. Whenever no matter really ITALY with all the right. Well, the catholic stuff, yeah Mahathir's and plus the Watergate nine people. Panic. Can I ask you guys a question sure back to waive the beginning of the podcast when I was talking about wine and how I'm trying to learn about and stuff the one thing I don't know about wine.
Is. When I do drink it. I never feel that drunk and we've had a bottle and a half now do I seem drunk yeah. You seem pretty fuct up, don't tell me anything, you don't want to tell me, Do I seem that different from before I mean you're also Fox up to, but no you seem fine. Yeah yeah 'cause. I always get home and I'm like, I have to say I was kept. My together, pretty good and then I wake up the next morning like now I was I shouldn't, have done that well, times you'll hear yourself like on a podcast. If you get really lit like when That's over October podcast I saw one of the clips. We didn't realize how drunk words I saw the clip I was like. Oh my God were blasted really Orbitz orbitals, listening myself talking like you're, so hammered exposed because I want to be like a gentleman that can drink and justice alcohol and be like sir is your goal. You have achieved. It cheers happy holidays, you certainly jobs. You don't seem
Can you do the more than I did did I'm and you seem exactly the same as when we started, I think, you're projecting. There was one point when, after you smoke you were going with me. That's. Why did why do I could tell it was a bit of a The high with a with a strong I think, there's benefit to it. I don't think this like. I don't think you should do everything all the time, but I think this benefit. I don't think you should exercise all the time either I'll tell you I'll tell you this when I flying back from New York yesterday and knew we had this. When I was on the flight I was thinking it would be so nice to bring a bottle of wine just chill with the guys that would be so happy and now that were in that moment, so happy me too. So happy it's a good place. I'm worried about jamies, hips, jamies hips, so bugging you know. That's! That's alright, actually helped alot, really it's laying on it and
we then and yeah. You know I have not used that yet I bought two of them about one for the house and one for the gym, but that's uh. It's called the so right right like for you, so as muscle, so you lay on it and have it like massage your inner gut area it works. Well, apparently, it's like a muscle that gets knotted up on people. I definitely got it get not up on me when I was. I was running a little too often was running, but for five days a week you start and not up yeah. That's a that yeah. You know like a foam roller, but thank If you could have an elbow on that and you
lay on and on your back in a couple different spots to they have like a spot, your shoulders in the front, but yeah, I don't know whatever my pelvis area yeah that looks to be slow to help right. You feel good, those good yeah! You got up it's weird, the human body's all manipulable yeah malleable! That's why yoga is so good yeah stretching in general, like all that so good, but it's just so weird held like deep tissue. Massage all this stuff works and come home with you, your body like pliable, yeah, break stuff, Lucy. It's we're some things up and someone is really good at it. If you get a gal knows how to use them, elbows, neither man getting there yeah. I started running with my dog with my lab yeah, and but I run on the road in the sidewalk right is on. Do you feel like I feel so guilty? Sometimes it's got a little paws out his running on the road
could what does it hot you worried about like the notes that 'cause it's the hardness of it like streets? Maybe she doesn't seem unhappy. She seems like she's having a blast, but it's definitely not as good as running dirt. Race. Not I mean probably yeah for us either? No, for now it's definitely not yeah. It's definitely not it's weird. You know, there's not as much give. Whenever I see people running in the cities I go, I get it, you want to exercise yeah! There's you decided to make this world! Your gym! That's weird thing I saw some, so I will share the other day. He was crossing Wilshere, just no shirt on T shirt, air buds, just one of them, one of those dudes doing this at the taking those calls yeah and that's like any just runs across the light turns green. He just use in the street. This is like four thirty in the afternoon yeah rush hour. Is using this place is his gym. I that's why
it's getting weird. That's why I like running as soon as you go out, you're doing it any other nice body too. We want to let patches know he did. He was slim and fit I don't get the that's what it was about, probably more than any totaly through well Cheryl Peacock Move yeah no shirt on around you do yoga with your shirt off for ons right off off with all the gals there. They don't give a fuck. Do their suffering, everyone suffering yeah everybody keep my shirt on 'cause. I always feel like as a man, I'm not supposed to be there, so we should just make it less I think, is a man you're not supposed to be there. Even after the remarks you heard by B crumb Well, this is, is the real to be their sperm. Don't put the everybody, just look it's just too fucking hot. It's too! you don't want a shirt on. Is that wet fucking hot thing?
yeah smothering you unless you want to watch other Brian, I do the regular you don't do that hot hot one. I wanna see you in a job bro. Why can't a man wear something that just like like like oh covers, is like a sweatband tests yeah right, it's what it's called yeah. I mean I mean raw okay, you get some okay forgot to wear. Bracelet will kind, is some bracelets yeah, but it's okay a few to wear with them. Tennis risk things yeah. Those like, like a real band yeah, those head bands for your wrist wrist, those ones red white and blue member, those yeah dude. I was there when I was on one of their head. I thought I was the coolest on that I had those wrist bands with red white and blue one, I'm like that's right, two socks, hi yeah, all the way up. Yeah things called would you call bands, like tennis, wristbands, headband in the wrist band and they'd match,
I probably had a headband to I had I had one that was pretty badass. You know what was the it wasn't too, though, you just go the one just go on the left. That was the cool. There was a time I don't remember what the time was that there was a time when violet. That's it right there sock tower. Yeah red Sox, blue baby. Two Peace is large. Yeah son, we're gonna or those. This is a good aware of next time, Tom POP, but I do a podcast and wear them red white and blue wristbands, kids love it be awesome. I literally had that French very fresh is so cool yeah it's real cool, Is it say, though, about going to say something? a wristband, oh goddamnit, this sound marijuana combination, let it being allowed to wear him for a guy working out, sweat, bewbs thrown a lot of information by way of words that yeah. Why is it?
for a man to walk around with no shirt on and women can't. Was that we're going to say? Well this that's obvious, We women just yeah yeah, they definitely can, but that that I've talked about this before I think I said I would just I would recommend to a friend. Well, I really don't go out there TED saying in our house. Yeah, if, if a friend try to ask me if they think they should exercise that right to freedom and like it. So I don't want to harass. You only get harassed right like would you wear like bikini, underwear, walkthrough, gay neighborhood on Saturday night at one thousand and thirty pm when the ecstasy kicked kicked in your piece of meat. How good do you think you'd feel walking through, like a super duper gay neighborhood with like little bikini. The sun simple sentence, and then, if, if for whatever reason, you obviously shave your chest, it's funny, maybe years chest is smooth as baby, but but you're back
as here on it is, I think, if you're setting it up as a predatory kind of scenario, but all I'm thinking is what they think I was okay with their life. They like. Would you be pumped or disgusted? You know, be you don't want the hassle? That's what I that's all right! Yeah I mean yes, understand that there's like a cool movement now and it's a time where women should be able to go out there and dress the way you want to dress it's not their problem. It's the guy's problem, let's correct the guys rather than us. I love that, but there's a lot of guys that have corrected yet who are going to hassle you and follow you in the parking lot? Yeah? That's the problem, those guys aren't oak once everyone is all well well. It'll, be great. Dangerous word is, I feel, like people going to market in the future, woke woke yeah using woke now like unironically, is super slippery. I see a trap coming, you do jujitsu. Partition means like I don't like this move.
This is, I know where this leaves it's probably right now I feel yeah. I see that woke thing, I'm like what are you woke with the fact? Is that even mean it woke up? You woke up. What are you twelve Well, it comes from a sixteen year old, so yeah yeah kids today. But what does woke mean? It means you're, rain is open your open system. Your problem is, there's no real quantification there's, no real, there's no test. You take to show that if you're woke right, right, like if you want to be a mathematician. You have the fucking show Does your math, the professor, your work? Thank you get through like yes, Congratulations, Tom Papa yeah! You are a mathematician. Your phd in mathematics, it says right here on the paper you, like God, damn gonna put this into my walls. His stand. I know how this stuff works, yeah, but woke miss yeah anyway. They can claim to be a master of Wokeness, it's like kung fu. Without fighting it's very dangerous yeah
find. What's working, what's preposterous, no one's to fine, but what's what's just not racist and not six is a non homophobic, open minded and aware of the the the feelings in the s, giving's of all sides all rights in and with no bias right. Is that what because doesn't seem like? It is? Isn't that what I don't think I think you just described with, I thought it was. I would like that be too many people to jump in. There's no is no real, clear understanding of like what makes and constitutes someone being woke like yeah. How many of those boxes do you have to check stop Tom Papa had awoke academy right and you took these It would just be. Do you like bread or not like bread, claiming wokeness do super slippery? What's this Jamie Sixty two New York Times
xena- woke crazy guy. Look if you're woke, you dig it all the press, seven and he's right in there I mean if you're woke, you dig it. That is insane. That was my fax man and you were copping my taste and grit. Why don't jump salty on me? Whoa? Look! How they talk back then they were trying to talk people into talking in a way that made them seem more interesting. I'm going! said the way I would say. If I lived back, then I guess I guess you you'll be the guy on the left, James, no, no, no, the scroll. So we could read that what they were saying: almonds yeah, what he's saying up top yeah? Okay, that was that was my fax
and in your writing that's a my grace and great. So how would you say that now some there was a fox man for my taste and corsets girl Jess? I girl you. Yes, as we say, no so they said, oh, would use words would use today yeah, he would say the fucky doing my girlfriend dykehead. And he said, don't jump salty on me. I would say no worries, no worries, stop being such a bit, so good, so good, yeah and then I'll be like what someone's a bench and then next thing you know people be hitting each other That's a darkness! No men who are these two gentlemen to the right of the left says: Noah Webster. I think that might be like Websters Diction the other guy Peter. What Peter Peter?
in the dictionary this quarterly yeah, the the letters, are all blurred right. I love that. I love that. If you're woke, you dig it yeah. If you're Welke dig it, that's that sums it up man, if you woke, you dig it after. How do you find this and go back to that? Typed? In is sick, know your meme our while so the meaning of the word well yeah wow. They will look at that little in image, though scroll back up with it again. That's so strange, like imagine if that was contemporary. If that was your work like imagine, if hipsters all the sudden started wearing tails, so their jackets, they just decided. This is the next level bow ties and those it would be surprising 'cause. That's all about this time. Doing what you guys! Don't do so I'm going to have what a weird look, though, It is that is so weird. That's a look that like okay, so like the guy
the center. It's like, I don't have it on yeah those two guys, both the guys in the center, those guys a flight today go to really the guy on the left. The book looks like he's dressed. Like he's a that looks like me on the road yeah I mean, but he looks like look. It's a quick turn, Tino movie or something yeah, please, reservoir dogs, totally normal right when the matrix black suit tie that would- or I could go to any restaurant anywhere, an no one would even bat an eye to go hello. Sir. Can I help you boom right in go back to image, keep dying next to him. But those two guys on the end like what in the fuck are, they he's got a coat with tails yeah, an those pants that are like flat across your crotch, where it looks like you have no private here's a good way to look at it, Imagine you're dating a gal and your parents going to come over like you're, really going to love my dad he's an amazing guy, he's real old school
the dress like that would coat tails yeah and you start feeling like you're, like you're in that movie get out. If he's. If he's got, handlebar mustache he's got tales, yeah, weird, weird PAM With the going to funny shoes, you see get out yeah, I finally watch it turns over October? Oh, you did fucking fantastic yeah, that's, but that's what you would be thinking if that guy was dressed like that The daughter was going to lead you to something you have to run for your life. It is weird how like that suit has lasted yeah long time well. This was one thousand nine hundred and sixty. So I'm assuming that it was mocking the style of old. So bye one thousand nine hundred and sixty rolled around the guys in the middle were dressed contemporary, but the guys in the end it like making fun of people with a used to dress yeah kind of in a y, or at least that's what represents those people yeah? This defines their time that guy was probably around the 1800s. For these other guys are. Do you know? Those guys are, I believe, Noah Webster
yeah I've selection. That's why it's got the pen and he's right scratching his head. Is that guys putting out his running so his slang is making web waves there? What the these that's not yeah, you really say it, so it would be like the urban dictionary. Right J mean I sometimes get confused. We have to pull up the urban dictionary and find out what the real word of a word means. So, let's pull up woke. Yeah they get represented today. You know well, no disrespect, no cultural appropriation intended the fact that it was invented actually in the 60s is really weird. It's just making a comeback looking around when I typed it like what is awoke to see. If there's anything if you dig it, you welcome- was it say, aware knowledgeable about your community in the world with the willingness to access an critique systems of oppression, yeah! Well, that,
yeah exactly yeah, so I mean for sure if it really is a system of oppression, but how do we decide? What's a system of oppression, an what is sounds like you need, Jordan weird human behavior, prep since then. What do you mean by that Iraq to each other on a grand scale? Minutes is like I. Yes, there are are some legitimate systems of oppression, yeah furry outside figure out which one it is yeah before, but putting that in, like that's what woke and Slick Willie, how do you do? How do you define what the systems of per like? Where is it? Where is the line get drawn right? Is the line like why do women can have certain jobs why men have certain jobs? How much of that is because of influence? How much that's because of their choices? How much of that is just
is a natural proclivities toward certain things. Well then, you're talking about people that are coming after the hierarchy, an coming up to the hierarchy, who's to say that those people aren't part of the problem. I love Jordan Peterson the way just like hammers just Well, then, what are you? What are you saying then? Who are you? What what are you you're buying into the hierarchy you just love the. Exasperation in his ways. No, but it's true. It's like in this true that that woke definition was like, I'm with you. This is all about being nice and kind, and then, at the end, it's about attacking right, but here's the bad crazy thing is the end part about attacking is where it gets weird, because Jordan Peterson is a guy who gets regularly attacked yeah. I miss represented like it, especially in terms of like that. He somehow another racist, because some racist, like him, I've heard that argument. It's crazy argument does make any sense. Yeah he's not a racist banished
search the imagination. He believes in individuals yeah he's nor I in yeah, then hey. I never say that right. I know her name's, I and Rand, but I would say I am trying to an actual instinct to it up, but it really is like his thing. Is it's like the power for the individual and responsibility and doing your thing. Yes because I understand course, during this time of course, he's under but he's also under celebration. Yeah there's even is been celebrated as well as attack, but much more celebrated eighties under celebration where these under attack. He it's nice to hear that view point articulated in such a clear, concise way. He's a genuine sweetheart of God yeah. I mean, I think if people knew him, I think you know. Part of the thing is some his views or very powerful and polarizing to some folks who have specific idea things are in what things should be and what what represents
transphobia. What represents sexism- and you know these are all fascinating discussions, as long as everybody's, like just being rational and yeah, and being honest about it, but yeah, it's good. It's moving! It's yeah, it's. It's moving the discussion forward. It's like you should hear all sides and you should hear We. What be saying is you know in a lot of ways, is like very true and very real, and it's like right, but the present turn over. In these times. It's like he's very brave, because he knows that anything. He says, there's going to be a shitstorm in response. Well, he's very brave in that respect, but is also very brave in that he's. ' on a tremendous amount of research on all these different subjects he's talking about and when he talks about something from a scientific perspective is not talk about it because it aligns with his beliefs, and he will in fact highlight things that don't line with his beliefs and show that he has a hole in some of his thinking. He'll he'll he'll pause in mid sentence and goes well. I guess I'm wrong then,
you'll save school. Here he does. He is one hundred percent of intellectual honesty, yeah he's just he's not scared to take on this system of the way people think and behave, and this system works both for really progressive, open minded people. That support most of things you and I probably support and also the systems also in place for people that have more stringent conservative viewpoints yeah, and we have to look at everybody honestly right. If you want, debate, whether someone's opinions or one thing or the other, the absolute I'm with you one hundred percent, the problem is we start calling someone a racist a consummate races racist, because you think that racists, like him or calling someone a sexist, because you think that sexist like him, Pmr, because he say's says things that you don't agree with. If you don't agree with them and you just dismiss them at this, like, as is really shallow sexist opinion. The problem is, other people are going to What you're saying they're going to look into it
and it's going to seem silly because the guy has vowed. Volumes and volumes and volumes that you could read, and that has books. He has all these different lectures where he discusses these things. Podcast we're discussing these things and really complex and well thought out ways that you you can't say, is race and what just market what's unfortunate is that he presents the stuff we should. Then our responsibility is to deal with the stuff deal with the ideas. Yeah What does it matter who? He is how he talks when he when you finger and who cares, but the problem is, if we all had won the idea is what we should all then, oh, thank you. Take it, whether you like it or not, take it and then wrestle that idea and move it for one hundred percent. But we also have to be aware that there's a real problem and calling someone a monster is not a monster right because then monsters come along, use that word up right. That's this is like you have to be careful, 'cause, there's
All races in the world is real bad people, so calling someone a bad person just because you don't agree with them. You fall into very slippery ideological trap in London's people. Do it just to get attention yeah they want to throw their hat into the ring. They want their there's there were there say they want. They want to get it out. They want to make an impact. They want that love yeah. They want to be part of the I want to be part of the discussion and they might have very strong beliefs that they think are correct, but I I guarantee you if, if that those strong, so that that Jordan is a racist, you don't know him well well, No way you could write is in there's no way you're really familiar with a lot of the things he says about race he doesn't say anything racist. He talks in terms of I mean he always emphasizes individuals yeah the most important thing that said Ian ran thing: it did it's not about that. It's a it's about the person you responsible for you to hang you. Despite whatever comes at you, cuz
things always going to come at you. It's not a denial of racism. Racism is fucking horrible, but what it is is saying that, like we can, all we can all figure out better way to navigate this, then the shity way that racists and bad people done in the past right. You know it's kind of racist. I was a I wanted to put some African Americans in my Christmas village couldn't and you go online and try and look up african american figurines for whatever It's it's not good. They haven't an about not yet woke. You know they're they're prisoners, there's prisoners, there's like worker like there's, not a lot of like regular families, there's definitely a lot more freedom of white people, let's, let's
I guess this: let's get this before we look it up, because this might be one of them untapped things that people have got to get outraged about. Is it possible that you can buy ceramic slave? Yes, you think so. Well through a store, maybe not on the internet, Ebay for sure really. Yes, you know how much stuff was put out into the culture of like alfalfa kind of representations of kids in slave children. Then how about that there was. I mean I went through my grandmother's like keepsakes at one point they got shoeboxes stuff and she just had a postcard from a friend. It was too like black kids eating watermelons, and I was like Graham, what is what the hell is. This I was like you know fifteen she's like it's just a joke, but she wasn't it. I only bring it up because that was
circulated that was being pumped out all the time in the culture. So there's definitely stuff. You can get second hand on Ebay. He's got. A big smile on his face would be a real problem or a lot of different slaves, stuff like roman slaves and slaves. Long as it white slaves were good. Show me some, like roman slaves, that address like they were in that crowd. Gladiator movie yeah you slave yeah had to fight it from here. Ok, so this is nonsense, not american. So all those slaves like this is an interesting. Like it can't be like it's gotta be like I didn't do it. I don't feel can put them guys, None of my people made them people slaves up that bro right, like you have to middle eastern ancient starts getting a little squirrel, a b c o. Rower rose, but those are white. People heard the gray 3D printed. They have.
They look like Henry Fonda up to the person who buys them. You know to make them as accurate as they right they look like Henry Fonda. Kirk Douglas. They got some witasse features the white hair that white people here you know I mean just put up, the stock yeah he's research shows yeah. Let's just- and this is your call, sir yeah you don't want certain things typed in now exactly you know it's like that. Like that, I think you have an elected home, yeah Lex is listening right now. I know that bitch, my friend told like you really should just you should take that off. I'm like why I'm like it's When I talk she's like no, they listen all the time. There was another murder case and they can't get the Alexa because they know
Alexa will have information from the last four days up to the murder. That's crazy, yeah, that's crazy, but it still plays my music I'm keeping it. You don't tell anybody. So this is what is. Is a doll that you could make a slave? It's like it! That way like it's it's not like play playmobil or something lego. Rip off got lego hands chain around his neck. I'd be mad if I bought I thought it was a lego. That's funny like even it was really cool and you are a kid your parents, like you said, I want legos, and your parents brought you that you like pitch. This is not legos Wack cast is supposed to represent a pirate who was formerly a slave in historical. Context that Solarius it's easy to write that sentence them to make a new lego. Who was a former slave in a historical context come on? That is what does that mean? I don't know that means present a pirate who was a former slave in a historical context. That means he escaped
I know, but it's a weird way to put it. Isn't it yeah? Is that weird. That is so ridiculous. Racist toy instructions, that's a new style the question mark yeah as misleading NEWS, Tyler Racist Toy instruction to after the can be made of fairly light notice. How conservative they were. You know they didn't make him super dark, yeah, I think even they knew that was that we can make him kind of brownish. Like I was, I get a tan, looks like he was a like: a Spaniard, yeah and now, Lego Montoya, you killed my Father prepare to die, that's what it looks like it is. They give you look like a spanner on a holiday. We caught a nice tan, basing even the racist toy maker was like now due to a goth, don't go too dark
Yes, I'm just in the races. Toymaker was like. You know what we just got it. We got to play it safe Scotus color. For Guatemala. That's it! That's all! I'm looking for go mass on Christmas. No, no mass at all, I gotTa Willie Walkers Golden Chocolate factory wow? It's all nonsense, but why would I do that? I don't know. I'm just asking tradition because he grew up. No, I never grew up that way. You can actually yeah we did, but it was for a very short amount of time to say I grew up. That way would be hard because I was out by the time I was at a first grade. Oh you were talking about putting me back in for grade, but we moved from New Jersey to San Francisco. And we didn't find catholic school on a scale. Catholic schools cost money to put the public school after that, but I was just done. I hated it yeah I was in fear of those fucking, crazy people and your parents didn't take it to church or make
they did a little bit. I think the idea was back then that if you had kids who want to kids go to Catholic School, you know there's a lot of people that did that in that neighborhood Well, it's just a normal thing. You did and they were more strict and to do one thing. That was for sure, though, like a conversation, my mom about it once she was like. You know your gray you're way better. When you win your catholic school and also yeah 'cause, it was fucking terrified to get wrong. They beat the ship. I want to live like that. They never beat Maine. They definitely threatened me really yeah. They threaten to make me sit on nail. I'm going to have to set on a nail in the closet, stay here all night. I hope you brought your blanket. They look really mean when you like a little six year old kid, like that's fuckedup, it's just a weird feeling this we stuck with these people for nine months and also for Maine. It's like my parents, are splitting up at the time.
This is very confusing yeah and then I wanted things to have order to them. So I want God to make sense. I remember annoying people with that yeah yeah. Like six years old when we added noise people talking about what God wants? What do you mean like you? Would God says this? God wants that? I would say that you would bug six years old right, because I was a little kid who is dealing with my parents splitting up and there didn't seem to be any order in the world, and I was very nervous right. So when I find when I went to Catholic School, when I first got there, I was happy that I'm going to go to catholic school, but then, as I experienced it at six years old I started doing. This is ridiculous. This make any sense. My first of all these people are so mean. Third, there obviously being mean and nasty they're not comforting right now, seeking as a six year old, comparing them away like my grandma was my mother was like these, and these ladies, are now.
Testing right maybe in so mean- and I'm like these- they don't represent God and was like this is crazy at six and then you can see kids getting in trouble because their parents hadn't paid for their lunch or this, and it was like this really. You tell your father to get that money in like there was a weirdness to it. That just didn't seem, loving or didn't seem like what I thought of when I thought of you know Christ, and when I thought of right, it seemed to me like. Oh no, this is a dark. Little trap man gets sucked into. So that's what's remarkable about that is not just the age but that you went from a really really needing it in a very real way, 'cause. What was happening with your family too, like now, You wouldn't turn that quickly a year that sounds like, but some of yeah it was over the time I was out of there? Usually that change doesn't happen for fifteen twenty years. Well out, side of beating me or doing something sexual to me that this the mind
deal with those main nasty. Ladies scared, the shit out of Maine. After crying they were calling me a baby 'cause. I was crying like whoa, just not knowing how to deal with human being when you're a six year old, and this is going down like what have done yeah I went from always being with my mom or being with my grandma and Gran. Father was like everything is cool and then all sudden you go in school, and this is what you do in school. I adding go to kindergarten. I went to first grade the first thing I want to write. So all of a sudden. The first grade is like instantaneously being connected these crazy. Ladies Jesus was like oh no yeah poor, and then I would think about them. I don't think will kind of like I don't think about why they so mean. I remember being like six years. Thank goodness make them on site. No, we pray loves like they don't get, they don't have a family, don't have what it has to have a boyfriend. I did think of time and have a girlfriend, but maybe they do Holla right, but yeah sure they didn't. The whole thing was that they didn't you know they.
And if no connection with another human being would be lonely or more anger inducing the house is dark, There are loving people. You know any of your children ask about it. They may never get up. We too move talked about God, yeah and I my my basic take is Jordan. Peterson said some something really lovely. He said he behaves as if God is real and he behaves as if God exists, interesting? Not that he believes God exists, 'cause, that's sort of it's a bit of an intellectual trap, orange you believe: God exists like okay, define God the end then you're leaning yeah. Is it do you? Do you think that I think that there's a city in the clouds? No, I don't right. No, I don't do. What do you think that there's an energy like result is if,
yeah, there's something bigger than all this thing. Well, there's bigger than everything like. If you talk to an ant and said, hey man, you think their cities, it skyscrapers and airplanes like. Would you fucking moron get outta here, but I'm trying to drag this dead, but around how how can anyone time for you? If I can tell to talk yet universe, talk at the out here with your five g. I know time Dragon bug yeah, so I mean in our perspective, when we're talking about things. No, it's a queer or so small word the way we interface with reality so crude, even though it's amazing yeah, but I like the idea of the not going into the hole in
actual discussion about God, but just like yeah just you know he not just gonna act like he does exist, it's a great when it does make you it does make you act a little kinder yeah, it's a it's like a parent figure. It's like well, okay, I'm not gonna! Do this because it's gonna make them unhappy. I tried to do what I say the like that when I'm at my best, I try to treat people as if they're me living another life tree treat people as if they just you know, don't think people as a bother or don't. Then it's hard to do it's hard to do, especially when you're busy or when you have your kids with you or when you're trying to get something done or it's hard to do. I try and walk walk around thinking. Everybody is drowning. It in security right that really kind of makes me give people a pass in the biggest and smallest ways: everybody when you see people hustling, do whenever businessman
an business woman looks like she's on top of her game. Yeah person like on the subway is obviously going some place. They don't want to go with no money in their pocket. If you realize were all just drowning in in security, it just makes you just give them a little bit of a a pass that that's been where my head's at not lately, that's a great place to keep your head, because we all are everyone's balled up everyone. Even the person you admire the most is like well, you know we were talking about earlier about the traps that you fall into is you're trying to achieve do things- you also fall into traps, even with things that you love and you can get so it up in! You know the things that you love, that you kind of forget it to keep your you know: you're you're, you're, so you're when you're at your best, like what? What feeling to keep that in
close range yeah. If you feel getting away for you because you're too tired, because you working too much yeah, I was like you pull that back. Yeah keep. But at close range, where you are operating at your best, but be respectful of that right, and I think this is something that I guilty of in the past I wasn't respectful of the uh. Gee that's required to be at your best. I just figured that like I'll. Just do all these other things yeah, but the only. I really firmly believe you only have so much bandwidth in a day, and this is coming from a person who pushes their bandwidth too. Right all the time. I think you only have so much in a day and when you get to a certain state you, kind of diminishing uh a lot, and, I think you want a diminishing a lot of the other things you do like if you, if you have like seven things, took in the background on your phone. It's not going to move as fast allegedly actually does work there. Some computers.
Do people do that too? You have too many things cooking. At the same time, we all do all the time all the time, and then you take twenty minutes of transcendental meditation and take your nervous system and put it on restart and just let it wash out hypnotize me bro this thing and it's freaking me out: let it wash out twenty minutes ok because we're all under that all that I'm one hundred percent frazzled, no matter how hard you're pushing or just coasting three hundred o'clock in the afternoon two hundred o'clock in the afternoon four hundred o'clock in the afternoon that nervous system right we're all the same, how do you do twenty minutes? What you do talk me through it, you take your nervous system and it's the result of it. Is you come out and you've rebooted the system, and you can now have a good, the second part of your day. Do you have a technique used to use an app? Do
to uh. I went to a transcendental meditation teacher, oh and in without the hippy Dippy, that's the biggest part of it, it literally makes you realize just what you said: we're all just frazzled and running out of steam at a certain point, you're nervous. Is shot all that stuff. That happened just between seven o'clock and three clock whatever would happen. You're that nervous system has been dealing with a ton of all day long, that meditation gives you a reboot and you can it's a it's needed thing. That's better than sleep that you that you It actually yearns for. I'm telling you, since I
we started, dialing it in and did it the best way I can describe it is that it added another four hours to my day, whoa yeah. How so because I would just be limping across the finish line, I'd be exhausted, I'd be trying to do and with motivation, and I work really hard I would push through and get to. Maybe you know two hours more of what I needed to accomplish. When you do this effortlessly without struggle, I'm able to just say, like I did, between nine hundred and one thousand two hundred that day really yes, a single percent. Do you think by using this practice your, creating tension, so you're more efficient with your enerji, like what makes you that's part of it, but it really is. It really is taking
this nervous system that is dealing with the outside world, all the time and just giving it a real practical way to shut down flat line and then come back on the grid, yeah yeah and it it like your physical body, needs to rest. Your things need to be reboot your nervous system, is kind of this thing that operates all the time that we're not really that conscious of we're, not really that aware that how hard it's working- and this is a way to pay attention to it and give it a chance to regenerate that's interesting, how long you been doing this, you know I I meditated for, like since college, just out of reading books and then probably about three years ago, my friend said
You always did transcendental meditation. He said, go just see if it dials you in it actually If you're doing the way you talk about meditating, it sounds more laborious. It sounds like you're doing too much work just go talk to this guy and I did for like three four sessions. I went just talk to this guy here in LA who's, a transcendental meditation teacher- and he just explained it and dialed me in on it and for the last three four years I've been just. I haven't missed a day, wow and three or four years yeah day every day, seven days, seven days, no cheating, no cheaty. How long no need for him? It's the opposite of what you want from a cheat day. It's like twenty minutes where
and get two in, that's the best. If you can get one in the morning, one hundred in the afternoon then you're like Superman wow, but if you can get one in I'm telling you start to finish how long two thousand and twenty minutes twenty and you do this every day every day. Every day, maybe that makes sense man, because you want things to be remark about you is how easy going you are like that, like you said, due to lower Tom Papa's on your podcast 'cause. It's so easy like that. You guys gel. So well together, you flow together, yeah. It's like your your then to switch just present together. We're just you know we're both. You know yeah in the event you kind of not struggling right and that's what it teaches you you just can't. This is a big roaring river yeah and it lets you just kinda go underneath catch your breath, and then come back up into it yeah. Do you feel that way? When you exercise, do you feel like when you exercise you get into like
zone and you you reset your brain for sure. I feel less. I feel less depressed when I exercise yeah like if I'm in a funk and I'm like. No, I don't and I go for a run, I'm like my days, different yeah, it's weird. It's almost like that funk is trying to hold on to control too weird yeah so gets tricking. Your brain yeah do you feel like today. That's what got me just put. These got damn shoes on a go run. Yeah. You know you feel so good, but the meditation is different. The meditation is like the the run give me energy. I won't feel so shitty, I'm I gotta, I'm okay! You know, I feel good, I feel alive and whatever, but the meditation in in a very subtle way: five o later when you're, faced with a stressful situation, you don't feel, as stressed as you normally would yeah, because it's just Your neighbor, your nervous system, which is very powerful, has been reboot It is now able to go and deal with another situation. You should go see him. Okay,.
I'll? Do it I'll give you the name of the guy, he's a amazing, I mean he's not amazing: it's not a guru, it's not the one sperm guy. It is not about ham, one million not about religion, it's not about how to people or a drop of my sperm, this guy does. It will not give you his sperm he's is delivering the message of this little practice, which is very, is not hippy dippy, it's very practical practical! You can use it yeah, that's the best part of it. Would you be if you tried to tank before in the float, now. Would you be interested in doing it? You know we have one here, you can use it anytime. You want. I would like. I would like to hear what your take on. It is yeah, especially yeah, especially if you wanted to practice those technique, in there yeah. I think it would be really interesting. It's crazy environment man that would be great yeah. You should do it I'll. Do it yeah sure not today, I'm drunk but there's also there's a bunch of big places around to there's a float lab down in Venice.
And they have one with it Westwood, and then there was the big place. That's in Pasadena has the biggest one of the world, and people come in like a gym young Dolph, lowest yeah, he sign up going there and float pet so he's going to giant yeah just float, Pasadena shoot they don't have like forty fuckin' float, tanks or some crazy shit, I don't know how many they have, but I think they use all float lab stuff too. That would be cool. You know it's another interesting thing. If you get the morning one in you know how sometimes you wake up. You slept. You went to bed at eleven right, you're up at seven hundred, but you're lost it 'cause your night, sleep was restless. You've got up to pee a couple times. Mu knows you look back at your bad. It was just a disaster. You do those twenty minutes before you go about your day, just before the kids get up just get twenty minutes in
it's like a you. It was more valuable than what you tried to accomplish in that eight hours, spinning around in the sheets, especially for someone like you right whose job is to create things yeah right to put Mindset into into a particular place is super beneficial if you just creating things on time totally, but it's for right right right. It's literally like yeah, we're all just human beings just struggling every day, going out doing all this stuff, and it's like you could be you know a single mom living in city, taking the bus to work after dealing with your kids and her nervous system is being bombarded yeah twenty minutes just to kind of out sitting there on the bus? You could do it on the bus by your with all this other. It's not a pristine thing. It's not a hippie thing, it's not and uh. I was going
the elegant, but it is kind of elegant. It's not a um special thing. It really is just like, like a controlled nap in a way an it'll. It just gives you more to go on we're all everybody, no matter what you're creating, no matter, what you're doing we're all under assault all the time. Yeah I mean you know. We don't play to war, but there's like bombardments of energy and stuff. That's coming after you all the time you have to kind of tend to the system. That's dealing with that yeah. I think anything that gives you a perspective. Re shift or re reboot is great yeah anything and whether it's going for us, we in the ocean and what what the it is? Yeah, something that gives you a perspective. Reboot we yeah we get caught some pretty gross ruts Yelm perspective reviewed is a cool way to set yeah. I
think. I am. We have these views of the world sort of. We have this these these patterns that we sort of recognize. We see them they're out there. We locked into them, and we just yeah it is it in the same web sites and seeing the same people and doing the same things every day. Yeah, and sometimes you need something different yeah, some yeah, the knock you out. You need something that gets you to think about other. Stuff yeah, you know, maybe it's going to a place that this is what I travel so good. I used to never get travel when I was a kid yeah, that's a good once travel quite being home, but one of the I do like being home, but one of the things about travel is it allows you experience the feel of someone's culture in real life like you're, walking through the streets of Cologne. Germany, like you like wow. This is how these people live like this crazy, you walk through the streets of Rome. Take you out of yourself yeah. It gives you this. First of all, it gives you this appreciation that there's different rules over here, but these are still people modern
well, just like you yeah and then some of your answers came from here right and but here they are well there's different rules, millions of millions of, and then they got people that are coming into them from Africa and it's like wow. This is crazy I guess this whole thing is like fascinating. This is and then Europe around. You know Pompeii, and you see the ruins that we were the SU vs erupted. Yet all these people are wandering through all this stuff like this is fast yeah it's a long way from thinking about the three apps that you Is it on your phone every day and get your news and get your thing and check your instagram inspection for you? That's a whole nuther holn other mindblower. Oh my god. It's a whole universe of other stuff to think about. Yeah. That's why I love walking in New York, like you, have your routines of like you're walking skit on the other side of the street and go the other direction. You're a wild man. It's a whole mother world but really it's just literally like when you're on your run with your dog and you just look at the
away way from when you normally you're like doing your thing, it's a whole nother perspective. It's a whole nother world, it's crazy but we're literally just looking the other way running the other direction. It's this true, but looking weights, it's good, it's not a small thing, because we like the order we like that, provides. Common safety. If you just going that same route all the time, but then there's a limit, I guess and end up. It starts acting negatively on your life and you're right. If you just a constant vagabond traveling around the globe, let's probably not not positive, either right, yeah, always good. I don't know what having a home, I love home yeah. I love him too. I'd love home, which is so weird in uh in a career where we have to travel so much. But I think that I mean
have to say like quite it's good and evil, but that there's some weird sort of balance in this life and that we do really have to experience negative things to appreciate positive things for what they really if everything is positive, if you're the lottery winner when you're five yeah, you win that Golden Power ticket five hundred. Ian Jammy when you're five years old and it's all made- then you don't have to Jim Grant growing it ruin your like. Listen Tommy. You never have to work again. It would ruin your we talk about. Grandpa bought you lottery ticket when you were five yeah. If you so nice to give us some of that money. That would be nice, but yes, seven hundred and ninety million dollars like what Granpa yeah Grandpa put in a trust and it's all yours and you can have it when you turn eighteen, but you could give us some of it. Now, there's a sign right here: the only be man yeah growing up being like Richie, rich yeah you'd, be a mess like what the fun being masculine, face full of cocaine, chasing
feelings that you can't get just from practical, everyday work, cimagine remember that fucking commercial, turn Richie Rich Comic books every day every here, the Jersey Shore, I get his comic books, he always had new ones. That's got to be one of the weirdest cartoons of all time. A really rich really which all the money in the world all the poor kids would read and go fuck. I wish I was Richie rich man. These guys Everything is a go: Kart we're gonna see in there, Scott got a Sunday chocolates. I want my little dear boy comfy. Well, he takes a nap t. He and he said these are well thanks. Mom, thanks hangover, Kandyan, there's a butler dressed like that dude with the tailcoat, coincidentally, but look at his butt look at it. Look at the name of it. It's Richie, Rich, the poor, little rich boy right, that's what it was the porn 'cause he's not taking care of he's, not happy right, like he's really sad, but first of all look at the size of his ankles.
Kids got out he's got to get his check out for sure, but the dudes got, though the ice cream sundae he's the same dressed the same as go back to the picture. Please do with the ice cream. Sundae is in the very top yeah he's wearing the same, close, that we were mocking another yeah. That's right, right, he's wearing details were known as the whole same jamming whole get up. Let's get up see I used to think about a guy like that, like in the shining or something like that and there's some butler, and I would think of. Oh that's a proper man. That's a man that he's the guy from the shining and he's just going to come over and beat are the normal normal. Then, as I got older, I realize I all know know know know know that's a guy, but it's just This is a guy in this guy's is up job or as to dress like he lives in another time period. Wait out all these rich white people like what in the yeah, that's a tortured man right there, okay
if you were a serious black rapper like when them guys with diamond teeth. Wouldn't you I mean white servant like that guy, that sounds like a tall white butlers just like super super high end guys who England yeah professionals. It's true, I don't think he's a professional but lesser telleria. They love diamond teeth, yeah yeah was little Richie rich. You wasn't happy, Cadbury, Cadbury perfect, ok, very good, perfect Butler, Cadbury, with his butler look at him. Cat perfect butler, bring over that Sunday look at other pork he's old, deformed and ship. He looks like he's involving another. Kid looks like his grandparents were Australia. Pithecus in Richie Rich is like I'll. Show you what it's like to be rich, rich, rich, rich, rich
I never had this neanderthal looking. I never sat at a table before that blow that picture the kid again out. Tell me: doesn't look note. All ask see, as a monkey face can straight up. Does he does he's got totaled, and it's all things. Ours are real low, isn't quite big enough, but they definitely gave him some odd features. He just looked. Yeah he's got a bald patch, the let's see in a bulletproof, just try to scalp, am poor little guy or little fellow who is his name. I don't know clock face, Cadbury and his friend face girl, friends. He's got all these comic book. This look all the girls yeah. That is hilarious. Sit the bills I so is. One of them is the lady with the blond hairs is mom right, a lot of their name, but the good with the black. Here's his mom right little Lada, lotta, lotta
written down little lotta little zero Christ, Christ. His girlfriend little lot. I get it she's big. If we get it, I'm not I'm I swear to God, I'm having flashbacks from every summer as a child. I go to this bookstore in there comic book and I buy these little for it. Yeah, HE rich comic books. You go home and read him like he's looking at his shadow. This is a dollar sales for the shadow. When when? Is God rap girlfriend? When is a badass rapper going to recreate this picture for the covers album? I think that would be perfect for like Gucci, main Richie Rich, oh, come on. Tell me that wouldn't be having Nashua, cuz he's might have already done it. It takes a lot of so this lovely wife. That would be a perfect picture. For Gucci, Mane's, wife, funny dollar bill behind him. Holla Dolla Bill YA
chuck e cheese, so weird right. What crazy idea for a comic Strip Bay Area, rapper, name, Richie, rich so are they go yeah? I don't remember it being like. You were really sing a message like money. Is Important now is awesome when you want to Richie, this is the order through, he could get ice cream whenever you wanted. It was always the thing too they're always getting ice cream, Cadbury, the perfect butler frightfully fit oh yeah. Is MRS Rich one should keep fit. I exercise all the time how interesting Cadburys, that's literally the lines. That's the comedy look at the size of her arms they're, like ham hock? She just mounts yuan, just wraps your head up in those arms and smothers you to death. You try to chew your way out, but you run an air running error. Just shadows, those me flaps,
get over here can and if she's ever in trouble, she could literally leap off a building with those things just glide to safety, capers capers Fuckin' Jackie takes office. Look at him on the left. Checked, it's going into a hot tub, he's got a towel on and no shirt he's ripped when did Cadbury became so and look at him. What uh butler well home. What about strange wait a minute you're putting your! Oh god, look what says there gosh I've been keeping you from bath? Cadbury, I'm sorry, please go no need for LG said someday. I shall relate to this story of how I was once lost all my clothes at the South Pole, and they says what up
Butler as he's walking and walk away with his tiny little towel around his junk. Look at little that towels, where you can find a towel that little. That makes it way all the way around your house. Yeah he's right. It's like everybody telling us that little long tail hanging out son, you gotta, make a choice. You covered your dick. Are you covering your asshole, but you definitely covered both just sat with what kind of strange snakelike towel you possessing across twelve feet, long yeah cat gone the juice started, lifting got a fitness coach. It's so funny that was very homoerotic is weird. They were allowed to do weird stuff back then imagine if you had that cartoon today, Fuckin', Kids show up at your door. He Tom Papa. Let's see your fucking hard drive another one of the pedophile conspiracy, creepy piece of ship, funk you been up to Tom popular podcast is five hours long. How long is
three hours and a half at least right, fifteen W Tom Papa, so easy fifteen do you have anything you're selling like someone about my pleasure, for a while. I don't want you driving anywhere. They can listen to my cast Okay Cummings Opera come to Mama and was the thing to NPR give your from here called live from here from here every week, six o'clock on your six hundred o'clock e on your national public radio whatever, and when are you going to be at the comic store next probably, shipped yeah, you got a okay out some stuff, my drumming out show in the main room, yeah, okay. Tomorrow he pm show on there holler. We have folks. We just made a booking Ah, I'm an alright. Thank you. Everybody bye, bye, thank you who won for tuning in and thank you to our sponsors thinking square space, the host of,
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